Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY)

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Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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WN ff ., K Lv. Q MW x M QE W T , Q, ,hm 'QW '10w.,,...WJWw...r , WM, W., ,..,. 5.. .www wfmwqnmwf- 1. W-1-'w-L-'I' IP I' IW' ' H I, M ,M WMI: I . wIIIn1,I,I1mf YIIEM,,?'H1 W .fn 1 H v I ' f Wm I r v 'Q f' 1. 1. I I JFK I- I I F' 'fifff I do I 1I I., 11-,II '1 ww - wi, ' www wms' 1 ' my A 1-Tw , ' ,III 'I' I '-W I I 'ILIIWI' ,- . 1 , , 1' 1 1 ,, I. I M1111-M-' 1 W 11 1, 1 Iii:--1 " - -ff .Q-2: IIIII II F5723 'BZ 'DEF 1 W I , I ' 1 1 31, WV" N , -1 ' -1 1' 1' 'M' '41 I 2 ' fiygmnm 1 1 ,2L,1...uvAk6 1 "ms N :SQ J G22 I 5 -L . -X.. , , D ,,..5r- , ,- h al. " I I I ,1Q"""' VII' YO I1 If vI..'xi?W Q. IQ M y , I 1 1 I1 , ' " x 1 . ..,,' g J ' W I 1'-, 'MN' ' , I .1 'ff-1 , 1 : I-, ' ,I ' ", ,, 4 ,KImI'e1""n . 1 ' 1',L A 'if 11-1 1 U 1. ,J , . IIMI III I1 y' f , vw' 1 M, ' ' My -I , - My I N120 I W If .. , -I 11 I - , 1 IIIIIQMMIIQ Ilwww WWII' If -., ' -If I-W I ,. If' - W, Me. 1 1 . . ... , , , ,, H, X"' 'l' ' , ' II' wi :. 1 ' I 1 Im- x xlx M I T 'Qu - I m Y - I fWw'1,'11:iI1,,'7' . ' "II ,IW :E Q f I 1, , , V 1.-Qr1y'1'x, , I I -11 11 ,1 31, 1 W, ,I-1 1: I11 11rI11Q,,1,"111-1a1,'If1iM . ,EIIII I I1II,,Q,'11'A 'I 'I1 ,1IIIU1 I '1I,,"pfI1II,fIT f,T ' IF , W-I-IIII-1,,,s,-I'I-11MIM'I'I:I LI'-1-, , '1 II' IW: I, '11Iy,11',I:1' - I ME 'I 11 1IG1W1wG1W,,INwI' IIw1w111vWN'vI':4"' wi 14:1-W" 1 I' 1- Q ,, 'H11I': 1-uw ,vH.,N' . my MI5'WfI'II11 11-'1:'I1 W W111m,',I1 ,I 1' 'IWQ'I"'1IIfw5V'II'v ,-4 ?'11w 1"H",I'1If 1" WI' II I, 1'II13I1:'IIIQ 1' " 'V I ,1 ,,,11,.1,w ,. 1, . , .1111 I, ww, , -M 1- 1 , 1 ,, sw, ,,1,- Q My ,, 1 .11 OM , .x 1 WW , 1 1:Is wM21, 11Ibg , ,, ,J, Y 1!,w,,"-I1 ' ' 'M' "WI "W 'I' 1 ' I H Q' 1, '1 I1 19 I111 , X,,"I','-11 sww 1 .M Y-1 bg .4 " 1 I5 ,II A IMI ,xyx ,, .1.MI ",41 .42 IMI , 1 , , . V, A . N . A 1, , yo, ,,,w?.,.,MVWJ uu l TRI V LLEY SCHO 5 UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTIQICI ' 'I TOWNS OF' NEVERSINKNA FALLSBURG. SULLIVAN I - U' 'I I FY' and , DENNINQWAWARSING f,ROCHESTER.ULSTIf , I GRAHAMSVILLE. NN. I CHRISTENSENQNIELSEN ToueHER HEATIN1 ZPIUPIBINZSW SCHENECTADY. Nx ALBANY. N v, GENERAL CONTRACTORS HEATING f, VEN', LILATINQ . CHASSEARGENT E. SON ECONOMY ELE ITRIC C' MoNTlcELLo,N.v ELLENVILLE, rw v, PLUMBINGQDRAINAGE ELECTRICAL1 -IA1LGv'7'.-If-'.--- OFFICE OF WALTER IZRPEMBERJ rchifed 34 JAMES ST new cousuuawrs ALBA JY, N,Y CONDON 8. WAKEFIELD 'I --f---w-- ...........,,,, W I V i 'L 4, T X 5 1 ' w 51 2 5 l , I 1 'x ' w 1 W , I - , Q ,.,.1"" 1 31" gf- " ,P Au .lv ' I' W W 4 W W NX + , w L N 'f. 1..d ' " ,-":5u-.WHS .H .. -u,1Qff',1".f',,g , 1 , .14 :.,3.,,I,..I gvgll, r, '1 'A - K-uhv"A'n"iif'-"ffl" 4 ' ,-,,,lf','..d,',f .iff .'1'. , ?.'f.'41g.11,'3guf,J,11: , -'n 1. 5 X, ',.' 15:1-,f,-.g, a'.jw".'.:'n , W ,Hu .. , 4 rr .4 , 'p ,VL 1, sf.: , --, A A 1 -N., ml., mx Y nv 11.v,Y Y A H- W 'iz-.' 113- , n . X .17X" AV. I ,IAQ 'nl ' ',".1.,, ,Lau-1 ,- ' Y "!1f'1'f ffvmI"' W KH. 1 11 ' w, 1 1, si N84 lg' fl , - . - -1 XX' 15:5 QQ: 1 .N lily.. -'mx A P M will' 'im , 1' -U N' 1' , . 'ug' 'ln , YK. in y 5 ,L T utr' y ...-, . am yu, 'Q-. ly' f W. y s LW- "' - I 1 , L.. . T T -If lley Tri Va at BS gt gill 2 IB -S GD GD -S E-1 3 Foreword The Senior Class is happy to present the eighth annual yearbook, "Ursa Magna '59. " For our theme we have chosen "The Changing Times at Tri-Valley. " This book commemorates in part, our debt to the past and obligation to the future. The wish of this class is that many glorious chapters may be added to annals of the Tri-Valley Central School and that its students will have as full a share as we of its rich and sustaining memories. Dedication This book is dedicated to the unquiet mind of man which forever seeks for light and new dimension, and to those who seek to keep this flame alive. We further dedicate our efforts to the hope that Tri-Valley will always stand as a beacon to those who seek refuge from the dark- ness of prejudice, ignorance, and ill will. Prllnczpalgs Message One of the greatest distinguishing characteristics of post-graduation days in comparison with those of school life lies in the making of decisions. What have ap- peared to you as major matters for decision--whether you should go to a dance, or whether you should join a sports team, and so forth--will begin, after graduation, to pale into inconsequentiality as each day goes along. Now, you will have to make de- cisions more implicating, more complicated, more consequential for you. Marriage, work pursuit, raising a family, investments, personal health--these factors of life do not lend themselves to quick, easy decisions. To the future "decision-makers," may we offer you the advice of the poet who said: "If you think you are beaten, you are, If you think you dare not, you don't, If you'd like to win, but think you can't, It's almost certain you won't! If you think you'll lose, you've lost, For out in the world you'll find Success begins with a fe1low's will-- lt's all in the state of mind. If you think you are out-classed, you areg You've got to think high to rise, You've got to be sure of yourself before You can ever win a prize. Life's battles don't always go To the stronger or faster man: But sooner or later the man who wins Is the man who THINKS he can! " May one of your decisions of future days be thatof visiting your alma mater, to say "hello" to those of us who remain behind with fond memories of your days at TVSI God speed you! Sincerely, W. E. Ross ,...,.,,......,....w..,..........,.,..n,fi.,,..,,..,.,W....w..,W,,. ,,,i-..i,,..i,..,........i.,...,..:W, .....i..m.W,..,.M..ww ROSS, Supervising Principal ff' Q 'asf 1 iw. Administrative Ufficers W. MORRISSEY, Elhmentary Principal Staff Assistants Board of Education Faculty f' W K fi! g fx! fgx xx lf! X ? X5 KL? J' f if f 222 if 2 X A Tiff X RXXX X ? ? 'ff--U15 A7 ' I i V l 1 3 I I - 1 1 1 ud- 1 MISS ACKERLY MRS, ANDERSON MRS. ADAMS MR, ARIELLY MR, BERGER MR. BONCEK MRS. BOWERS MR. CERATO MRS, CERATO MRS, CLARK MR. CONDON MR, CRISPELL MR. CZUTNO MR. DAVIS MR. DI VITA MISS DOETSCH MRS. DOHERTY MRS, HILL r - - - - AA-74-F L A --.--Q 4 f 1 '1 4 .1 .1 'C MRS, HORTON MR, HURLEY MISS KELLY MR. MCCARTHY MRS, MARSHALEK MR. MATZ MR. MURRAY MR, O'DONNELL MR. PARROW MRS. SCULLY MR. STRANGEWAY MISS HOWELL MR, TELFER MRS, VISSCHER MR, WAKEFIELD MRS. WEST MISS WHITE MR, WOITOWICZ Custodial Staff Andy Du Bois Ralph Caldwell Earl Terwilliger not pictured Jerry Crum Lawrence Smith Roy Campbell Cafeteria Staff Q Mr, and Mrs, Shulte Mrs. Hamilton Mrs. VanWagner r 1 . . Nuff' ."v ful' lulflhl W- fyrxfw 'f1'..l,S ., . 1' ' II' .I'.:',:Ql5' 15531 VI, I - 1 U. wif I.- ,. 'RQ' X-51, . inner' I . A MYRMA ALT MANX BEVERLEY ALLEN BROOKE ANDERSON A zz, K . O. a 1, ' . L .gg ,i "!""""1"l" ,Em PATSY BANTA ROSE ANN BOWERS DANIEL BOLOGNA MARY CARR JOHN BUSWELL FREDERICK CLARK iii' M ,f ..-dhtml' DARLENE DECKER 'Qui JACOB FRANK FRANCIS DIST EL Q! h V L, JEAN GOODE WILLIAM GOLDSMITH ' ' SHARON HAMILTON ROBERT INGRA M MARY LEONARD JAMES KRUM up-W - if T HERESA MCGUIRE MARY MCGUIRE ,H-nv.. 'W- IULIANNE NASH 6' CAROL RO SENT HAL PHILIP WEST LILLIAN SMITH Class Highlights The Class of '59 began its odyssey in September 1946, in the old school, which has recently come to be known as the "A g. building", the following year we attended second grade in the Child's building, which is no longer standing, Third grade found us in the Whitley House, now the Wm. Goldsmith residence, and the "Ag, building' again welcomed us in our fourth year, Fifth grade marked an important advancement in our education when we moved into the new building. The rooms weren't finished fno heat, only beams for ceilingsy, but we were certainly proud of our new home, Before we entered high school we had visited Hyde Park, home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Vanderbilt Mansion, Washington's Headquarters in Newburgh, and West Point, All of these trips were both educational and enjoyable, In our first two years of high school, we sponsored traveling bake sales, which were very successful, Our Junior Prom, 'Japanese Nocturne, " proved to be one of the most outstanding and elegant events of our high school career, both financially and socially, We changed tradition by surprising fellow stu- dents, families, and faculty with a buffet supper. Norm Loeffel furnished fine music for dancing, which was enjoyed by everyone. This, our last year at Tri-Valley, has been a truly wonderful one, and we have many pleasant memories of it to carry with us in the future, Our play, "Charley's Aunt, " was another unmistakable success, under the excellent direc- tion of Mrs. Hill, We worked hard, but we were well rewarded and we had a lot of fun doing it. On December 15, we gave the Graharnsville Fire Department their annual dinner, Mr. and Mrs, Schulte and Mrs. Hamilton, of the cafeteria staff, Mrs. Allotta, and Miss White helped to make this a success. Again we worked hard, but it was a lot of fun as well. "Winter Wonderland, " our last outstanding activity, added a great deal of Christmas spirit and a good time was had by all, The Tri-Valley "Ballroom" was artistically decorated and Norm Loeffel again furnished the music. Through all of these "successes," there is one person who seconded us all the way, Mr. Condon. His encouragement, as our homeroom advisor for the last two years, is deeply appreciated. Now we are approaching graduation, Although we have decreased in num- ber, our class spirit has increased through the years, To those who read this book, this page may not seem very important. But to the Class of '59, to those who have laughed and cried together in the face of different situations, it is very special, This is OUR class, and we'l1 never forget it. , 0 Classes If .xx X 1 I It x Q w ff , gfif s s V A W XX Vi a . s s 1 E! X - XfiiifQxXX N 1 Xxgglf M! i CFA ff R ' fry! hr ' sf .1 If -1,-L - 'I Nl! My Ei2lv Q! x Nw in X .lfsss ' Ia af 'I N ' ' 'Y s s , . M X, sg CH ph!! I 1 4, I T 4 ,, , X x if XX A Juniors 'il 'W Sophomores Freshmen Grade Eight Grade Seven Grade Six Grade Five Grade Four Grade Three Grade Two Grade One Kindergarten Neversink Extension Senior Album Mk X it Q x ' f 2 x xx 'M - Xgv- . XS? s Q , s g , -Q! - x X 2, 4 . X u Hi, A Z - xx ,iv 4 x i ' XX X - S , K I ff , YN C - Z4 sv is - X X Z - S X Q , Z X - XX Y 'QA f 'f?Z'f l? jslxx N s X if 3 f X Sf.: XX xv 7 xxx nf, xt N x . X L X f .A Y 4 , i f 4 , ffqff :jjgfgflj I .-- X ' - U E f -fzzajrgffff ,,4 f 1 365: Q X K- , ' X X '53 f X x 'N 0 ? Xf X A-Li Q!!! Q4 s ,fz4 ,'fV ,Q ffjfg .x . x , fffpfff Jr V4 ,i- Xzffrx ' x , 4 r r ' gz1Q:1f2g ' ,if-fzzf' .X hx A K Q xx ,XXQTQ fi- ff 'L ,V Q: X43 ski' X X 4 1 ff X XX :tx Nm ff if K .1 QQ I z 2 7 Z wg , X3 f , X S Z NX 1 ff 1 X N ff" . f ',f',11f 2- : Q. Y , fx fr fj jf, 17' ,jg2,f,f X K ' , Af'ff,1f,?1Lj2fSf'? I X ,Q 12514 ' ' Xxx X , f ,g,f'! ' X W f Qff' -f ,L ,T Z bd ff, , fff g- X 1K4 f , ff' Q, "Charley's Aunt" A PLAY IN THREE ACTS by Brandon Thomas Directed by Pauline Hill Charley's Aunt - ------ Bill Goldsmith' Spettigue ---- Mr. Chesney - - jack Chesney ---- Charley Wykeham Brassett ----- Dona Lucia - - - Amy Spettigue - - Kitty Verdun - - - Ela Delahay - - Student Assistant Sharon Hamilton "Brimer, you're INSIDE the - - Bob Ingram - Philip West - -Jack Buswell - - - -Jim Krum - - Francis Distel - Theresa McGuire - - Rose Ann Bowers - - Carol Rosenthal - - - - Patsy Banta 'Are you sure this is a waltz? "Problems, Problems! " bottle! " "No! Allow me! Fanny Babs, you duffer! " "Take rne to your leader, cha -cha -cha " "You wou1dn't hit a Grandmother would you?" 'Ta -Ta, I'm off" But girls you don't know the REAL me! " Y "We11, I don'r see much in that "Oh, Auntie!" lim S The cups Dona Lucia, where are the cups?" "Grandmother, what big eyes you have! " "What did you expect, a Bikini? 'Have you been drinking?" Class Will Brooke - bequeatheth her poetry books to James Magie, Dan - leaves his sleeping pills to Bill Hombeck. Jack - leaves his Hollywood Mufflers to Miss Kelly. Mary C. - leaves her caloric counter to Mr. Hurley. Fred Clark the Fourth - leaves to Fred Gilles the Fifth. Francis - leaves his initials on every third desk, Jacob - wills his repair manual to Dick Forest, also a set of plugs. Qercheronsj Bob 1. - leaves his quiet ways to Clara Cuttler. flid. For what?J Bill G. - leaves his sense of humor to Craig Duncan. Bev - leaves her needle to Betty Clark. Myrna - leaves her worries about little things to Earl Coddington, Patsy - leaves the horse postal to Mrs. Anderson. Roseann - leaves her twenty study halls to Linda LaPolt. Darleeue - leaves her smile monopoly to Joan Grey, Jean - leaves her ability to ride horses to Mr. Condon. Sharon - leaves her philosophy to Gene Walter. Jim K. - leaves his punctuality record to Bill Holmes. Mary Mc, - leaves her ability to chatter to Joan Bowers, fWho needs it?j Theresa - wills her dignity to Lorraine Demetry. Julianne - leaves her athletic ability to Clark Brown. Carol - leaves her formulae to Miss Clairol. Lillian - leaves before the auditors come, Philip - leaves his rechargeable flashlight to the Science Room. Mary L, - leaves her purple nail polish to the purple nail eaters. The Senior Class - leaves its solemnity to the Juniors. In Addition, the Seniors leave their roadmaps, trysting places, smoking gowns and all other academic paraphernalia to the unwary. Q"Foo1s rush in"J As a final bequest we leave the leadership of the high school to the Juniors 'All hope abandon, ye who enter here, " Seniors GZ Work Class Prophecy As we look into the future we see the Class of '59 carrying out their daily schedules in the Space Age. The first scene we look in on is the office of Myma Altman, Dr, of Psy- chology, assisted by her competent nurse, Bev Allen, trying to find out what makes those little green men tick, Visitors to Mars can spend a thrilling evening at the biggest night spot in the universe, Jack Buswell featuring the great comedy team of the "Merry Marys" fMary Carr, Mary Leonard, and Mary McGuirej, and his soloist, Patsy Banta, who has the number one tune on the Mars Hit Parade, "Glow Little Earthling, " Also featured at Jack's Moonlight Hacienda, is Dan Bologna, who has just won the universal sleep marathon. He is known as the "Rip Van Winkle" of Mars, Theresa McGuire is found designing those newest fashions of the Space Age, in the employment of LM. Krum Uim to usj. Of course, Jim picks the Models! ! ! Brooke Anderson fthe speedy one of typing classy is found skimming over the keys of her platinum typewriter, in the Ingram Cosmic Insurance Agency. Bill Goldsmith is selling slightly used rockets from Clark's Rocket Follies. Rose Ann Bowers is seen cheering for the World All-Star Basketball team in the lnterplanetary Playoff, with the first female "hoopster, " Julianne Nash, who holds the Wor1d's Foul Shooting Championship. Jean Goode is now manager of the Jeanie -Ed Riding Academy. Lillian Smith is hostess of the Martian Naval Entertainment Program. She is assisted by Sharon Hamilton and Darleene Decker who are universally known for their bewitching smiles. Carol Rosenthal has opened the first Betty Crocker Kitchen on Mars, lacob Frank is hamessing the sun's energy for a special solar range to re- place Carol's old -fashioned electric one, Francis Distel is checking his trap lines, only this time, they are on Mars, His Martian mink skins are made into lovely Space coats for J, M, Krum's models. Orator H. P. West is now lecturing on the topic "Eighteen foot Martian citizens should be given the right to vote, " 5 1 x S e n, i 0 r 5 Cl Z 1 u P l cz Y I I 7 5 I' l .4 X YEA RBOOK STAFF PROM NIGHT '58 THE DEN .33 CLASS OFFICERS Activities junior Chorus Senior Chorus -.. ,fff me-wmv' 11 Junior Band Senior Band Art Club Math Club Model Club Q FAgMERS OF 9? ,ji " f 4 z?fs'T-if ' "Li"11f111Q, Q mzfmnqq? 2 '4Tf- nj Future Homemakers Athletic Club N Q- M -V az-,,,-:,.1-:,':::: K wif -E Bbw 3 ., .r, is if if 7, -4. Library Assistants Audio- Visual Club Sports Varsity Football Senior Stars KRUM CA RRIES Manor vs. Tri- Valley O'NEIL TARRIES .Qi H Jim. VARSITY Basketball JUNIOR VA RSITY If i 0 n CZ I N Cl T T' 0 s iw S b Ll, T 8 P GRADE EIGHT Junior High Basketball GRADE SEVEN 9 A , . J... .K" R S cz n ci r 0 Z m s P 0 1' FOI 1 I I i I 1 1 w li E i , v ...- SAN FRANCISCO, 4 I i 2 1 I I -r, PJRAGDM 1 8Lll'L. DUN CAN , Commander, Il AT PIER NINE, EA.ST.RIVER. gl Q 'IRB GRIP YILL - CLEA! T0-KORBOYL uaslgffrl mummy 1 noted wma u mu " Mlllofluli Thhnnyforu lsumunobilhllhdinl S Gil ll llllxdln tho vommxh ? g, mx rosrn A Nxcxnsomluouzh mm. 3 1 FOR SAN FRANCISCO. 1 ms nm -nova rm summ smr Francis P. Sage, A WILLIAM R. ROBSON, Commander, . vm. nz nnmr to nlcsrvm rumour Il A nur f hp, all 11 hu the :ban port with lmmodillp dispatch. IM!! A Illllohknntnuaasblonul. 1'orwhIeh,nnlyu. I no I mos. P. snxrrou. so emu sa. 2 FORSALE. Q 'nm sruznmn luv cum-ln. 'muun 3 1' .Munn qvmzswf lcnsr Af llYlUlYb6R1', una.. or Wihf I ml, Ill!! eonn intend, luhhd ll'lhl bg! mnnnor thnuhti. nl ulldlnhn A nprlqr vuul. llulnlof W an-. sm ma: pun. no an 1 -ummm umm. 1: mf j kph. lnfuttlqwlaz uhh :MII poop unngnl md lnhhsdls 1 hasnt llpotll Ill- hon tht exnylam. nodal of mu huh, 3 IUIICQIOIWKUIINHQIIOIXIUQIIDIHIIQOYLICIIK' 1 lhnl thu Il hllllfqulhln il is Mt ueslld byuylhhg llld- fIl1lU'FI'lkIlllQ qplylo ' 11 nm qu J. gunna A oo.,,mauu uma. 1' In bi .ann an ram wmv. an-my.. DzflAPA"l'C n la I xv Is FOR SAN FRANCISCU. ' 'ml UIQIYALI-KP ll! UUQUAI-1-ll ll' .full IIT'-T CLIP!!! ml! W 0 ro vw-H - -S -4 "- -- GW Uirnfrly of tl X Mnvmnsuwg GEROW Ford - Lincoln - Mercury Liberty, New York Compliments of FRANKEL HAR DWARE Liberty, New York Compliments of STICKLES PHARMACY SINGERS Tel. 52 R ESTAURANT Cor. Main and Chestnut St. Liberty, New York Liberty, New York Phone 878 56 So. Main St. SEIKENS LINGERIE AND SPORTSWEAR Liberty, New York Compliments of WOOLWORTHS Liberty, New York Compliments of Phone 599 EDDIE E. SPITZ LIBERTY EDDIE MUSIC STORE ANTIQUE .TEWELERS Records New Stereophonic 74 No. Main St. Liberty, New York 13 South Main St. Liberty, New York Compliments of NEWMAN'S Liberty, New York A. STOECKLI .TEWELER Fine Watches and Jewelry Repaired At Your Service 22 So. Main St. Liberty, New York BERNERS SPORTING GOODS STORE Liberty, New York SHILLERS PHARMACY 18 So. Main St. Tel. 42 Liberty, New York C ompliments of THOMPSON'S PHARMACY Liberty, New York Telephone 10 1 9 3-B DRY CLEANERS, INC. Quality Dry Cleaning 412 N. Main St. Liberty, New York R OBER T EICHENAUER BERNAR D HARR IS C mpliments CLARK KRUM AND SCNS Flour - Feed - Grain - Hay Straw - Cement T 1 81 L berty, New Yo C mpliments f C g t 1 t t the THE C1 of '59 SULLIVAN COUNTY SULLIVAN SURPLUS NATIONAL BANK Rt 17 and 42 L berty, New York L b rty, New York - .-.ggi ,L - -a-aH-- - 1 Congratulations to the Class of '59 y My ik --.LN Compliments of HILLSIDE GREENHOUSES Flowers for All Occasions Will :VW 'V' f . MJ Tel. 291 l No. Main St. Liberty, New York Tel. 62.1 Liberty, New York APPLIANCES and FURNITURE 199' So. Main St. Liberty, New York Kelvinator Finest in Furniture Open Daily 8 to 6 Fri.. Till 9:00 P.M. Open any evening by appointment Free Parking Free Delivery Easy Terms V' 4 LIBERTY PUBLIC SERVICE GAR. , INC. Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Sales and Service S. Main St. Liberty 828 C ong r atulations to the Class of ,59 MAIN STREET C. E. HALL GREENHOUSES AND CO. Phone 541 Jeweler Liberty, New York Liberty, New York NATIONAL BANK OF LIBERTY Liberty, New York When You Come to the End of Your Rope Tie a Knot In the End and Hang On Sincerely BENTON BROS. Frigidaire Appliances Stromberg-Carlson HiFi DuMont TV Phone 12.29 Liberty, New York Compliments LIVINGSTON MANOR ff. " ' - 1. - X3 - Eiis 'I UQ lf' gf... l -. .A 7 W4 fe A 3 A -" - . x i V ' Liberty, New York Tel. Lib. 2400 - 2401 Liv. Manor 229 LEVYS SHOERY 270 Broadway Monticello, New York ' 'Everything In Footwear ' ' Compliments of CONCORD FARMS Compliments of ELEANOR AND ABE GODLIN DON-EL DEPT. STORE Tel. 922 WOODBOURNE PHARMACY Tel. 1077 Woodbourne, New York Compliments of ELLENVILLE NATIONAL BANK la!! Member FDIC 1 FRIENDLY SERVICE STATION SEGERMEISTER BROS. Dresses - Hosiery Route 209 W Sportswear - Lingerie Ellenville, New York Phone 972 150 Canal St. Open 24 Hours Ellenville, New York EDDIES TENNENBAUMS COUNTRY FAIR for Television - R efrigerators SuPe1' DePt- Store Washers and Appliances at EU-enville Ellenville, New York Devoted to Youth and Progress Tel. 798 .. 799 Lowest Possible Prices Compliments and Best Wishes to the Class of '59 JOSEPH RAFFA THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. Ellenville, New York Serving This Community Since 1863 Rose AND DOUGLAS CO. ELLENVILLE Plumbing, He ating , Hardware Paints and Oils, Housewares BOWL-O-MAT Electrical Goods Stoves and Ranges Air Conditioned Mill Supplies A, M. F. Automatic Phone 143 98- 100 Canal St. Pinspotters Euenvlue' New York Fountain Luncheonette Compliments of KRUM AND SONS TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT CO. Allis-Chalmers Sales and Service Welding Repairs Chain Saws Utility Equipment Route 55 Neversink, New York Phone Liberty 821-M2 Compliments of KNOX AND POMEROY C omplirne nts of ACKERLEY'S SERVICE STATION Grahamsville, New York VAN WAGNER'S AMOCO STATION Firestone Tires Hood Ice Cream Curry, New York EDDIE'S GARAGE EDSON CROSS, Prop. Sunoco Gas and Oil Repairing of All Kinds Tires - Accessories - Tubes Phone 1127 Woodbourne, New York MARSHALIK BROTHERS Shell Service Station Woodbourne, New York Tel. 1190 Congratulations to the "Class of 1959" RUBENZAHL BROS. CHICKS Neversink, New York LUClLLE'S LORON H. DEAN BEAUTY SHOPPE Woodbourne Rd. GENERAL S T ORE Grahamsville , New York Tel. 2679 Tel. Grahamsville 2359 Compliments of TRI-VALLEY DINER Grahamsville , New York "Have a Coffee and Sinker at the Red and Yellow Blinker" FINCHES RESTAURANT Cor. Route 55 and 42 Grahamsville, New York Compliments of LEE DAYTON Grahamsville, New York CHARLES CURRY HARDWARE Grahamsville, New York Best Wishes to the Class of 1959 ALBERT ROSE'S GARAGE Woodbourne Road Grahamsville, New York Phone Grahamsville 2125 Compliments and Best Wishes to the Class of '59 From the NEVERSINK GARAGE AND GENERAL STORE JAMES B. MARKS, Prop. Garage Repairs Bryer Ice Cream DuPont Paints Telephone Liberty Z 376 Compliments of THE RAYMOND KRUMS , R5 . , 1 5 M 1 , gs' t N' K f - ,f T4ffiTff:Qi, 'h A f V -- ,av Compliments of NEVERSINK ,, ,Mi- PATRONS Turetzkys Lebed's Drug Store Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allotta Mr. and Mrs. William Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Archie Dean Sr. IN APPRECIATION Our thanks to: Mr. Wakefield for his help on the artwork Jerry Parks for the Senior portraits Bob Demetry for his excel- lent pictures and cooperation Our subscribers and adver- tisers for their support Mr. Condon for his friendly assistance The Senior s COMPLETE GRADUA TION SERVICE . Class Rings . Commencement Announcements . Caps and Gowns . Medals and Awards . Diplomas . Taylor-made Yearbooks Jim and Gus checking in at Taylor Yearbook Seminar in Dallas. L. G. BALFOUR CO. BENTLEY 8: SIMON TA YLOR PUBLISHING CO. Your Representative HODGKINS OF BALFOUR "GUS" HODGKINS, BOB GRAY, DON NASH, JIM GERDING AND FRANK HANRAHAN P.O. Box 9, Schenectady, New York, Phone Express 3-5374 f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" A ,NXw,,,1g.X:, M , M fu. P' - . 4 4- . 4 9.-" , , .. . ,FV 1 :qv 4 ..,, thi, 1 I N ,.-...-... N 'Q-,,,.... Q . Y 7 0-ff?" P...----J 'I - F ,itil x . X , 1"'f' it , , 'Q 1: ,N L -,.,.- K . I W, WX 'ir I f 7 I 1 Y , ,-.N,.tv ..,. ' un A M ' 9 -wr-vw-fv mf.. ,, 11 . ,, 1 . , Ii M Ni. N ? Y' N 1 ' A Im. ,w,.M,,,pp' M I iv' E? ,MIN '-Mr! W !f 5- q ' 1 ,M W W . . M-+ W . ww w " "7?"ra,.A ' ' ' dv ' If W N - -.1--41 f , ' ' W I ,N M , A J . 'wf N' ., ' ,Q . 'IN . 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Suggestions in the Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) collection:

Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 33

1959, pg 33

Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 50

1959, pg 50

Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 69

1959, pg 69

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