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TH PENGUIN 1948 194 PUBLISHED BYTHE SENIOR cuss TRI COUNTY HIGH 3 js" ' Wisconsin Centennial l848-l948 8 1 LLOYD CONOVER Director The Seuicr Class of 1948 respect- fully dedicates the first edition of the Penquin to the members of the Board of Education, who have devoted their time and energy to the welfare of this school. C . S A LP'E DIFGCIOF PICKERING Clerk MAURICECOON Treasurer HENRY KOLLOCK D1rector 'W .pw '1 is LEROY W OTTO MORELY VAN SANT ARTHUR MULLEN Soc1a1 Sc1ence Pr1nc1pa1 Agf1CU1IUf9 CHESTER SCHROEDER MERHIN SNYDER H1story -Coach Sc1ence GERTRUDE GOULT JANICE TRINDAL LUCILLE HACKER Engl1sh COLUEFCIGI Mathemat1cs GLENN ABBOTT Personal secretary to the Un1ted State Pres1dent HAROLD BARTELS Trunpet tootxng farmer CHARLES CALLAHAN Unlted States Naval Adm1ral A W O L Palm Beach Florlda JERRY CAVES Truck dr1v ng daddy for l1ttle Jackle KENNETH CHANBERLAIN Tr1 County Game Warden JACKIE CHING Pf9S1dEDLOf the Mothers' Club MARY ELLEN CONGELLIERE Presldent of Re l gxon at the N C B I M1nneapol1s Mlnnesota ROBERT CONOVER D1sproved E1nste1n's theory of relat1v1ty at Stevens Po1nt COLLEEN DETLOR Des1gner of pr1zew1nn1ng co1IIeur JUANITA DEHITT Evangel1st LOUf1Dg Amer1ca MILDRED EVERETT Ch1ef cook at the Mhlte House 1D Wash1ngton ROBERT FREDERICK Replaces Frank S1natra DOROTHY FREIGANG Housekeeper for Jerry DONNA GARRETT Co Owner of the Garrett Woodward Ranch ROBERT GILBERT D1rector of the Hancock Experxment Warm LORETTA GOODWIN Secretary of Tr1 Hxgh BETTY GOULT Founder ofthe Conmun1ty Hosp1tal at Pla1nf1eld NERLE HANSEN Wautoma s1ng1ng cab dr1ver JEANNE HETZEL L1notype operator for the New York Txmes RICHARD INDERMUEHLE Math IDSYTUCYOY at Annapol1s KATHLEEN IOLLOCK New York Symphony dxrector at Carnegxe Hall GAYNES JOHNSON Owner of Lakes1de GRACE KOS Johnny' homemaker WALTER LEAVITT Inventor of a DGV9ff8l11Dg bowlxng ball NANCY NICHOLS NOVIO d1rector M G M ORPHA MATHIS Head Nurse at the Commun1ty Hospmtal CLARKE POAD Nan ger of Marshall Wells at Dallas Texas JOSEPHINE POTTON Amer1can Red Cross Nurse DOLORES RANDULA Secretary to the Mayor of M1lwaukee EDWARD RAWLING Great Lakes OreBoat Capta1n BARBARA REHWINKLE Dean of Womenat N C B I MIHHGHPOLIS M1nnesota store at M1ama F1Of1da VESTA SCOTT Instructor of Cf1m1DO10gy at the Un1vers1ty of CHICBQO HARRY SHUKIS Clown for R1ngl1ng Brothers GORDON SORENSON F1rst clar1net player 1D New York Symphony Orchestra PAUL STACKO Salesman for John Deere Inple ment Company ICornwell Manager! JACK SULLIVAN OfflC6f at West Po1nt BERNARD TIBBETTS Instructor at Arthur Murray's GLENN VROMAN Farmer JEAN HALLNER REQISICTGU Nurse and now a Housew1Ie to Gerald ALICE WETMORE Teacher1n Seattle Wash1ngton DORIS w00DwARD Co Owner of G V Ranch DORIS WHITMAN Prlmary Teacherat hancock Grade uchool JEANNIE KRAH R1ght hand woman to the Presxdent ANTHONY KAMINSKI Caplaln 0f 01YmP1C gasket ball Team CHESTER SCHROEDER A0V9f11S1UB AEQUCY for flashy Arrow tres 1 9 5 R C E N S U S O F 1 9 4 8 G R A D U A T E 5 1' .... ,' ', -- , DONALD CORNWELL-JohnDeerelmplement Manager CARLYLE SCANLAN-prOpriet0r of the Gamblesv -9 x WI' If F' il' GERALD CAVES 'Char11e' Band 1 2,3 4 Basketball 3 Baseball 4 Vice President 1 Cleo Club 3 A KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN 911 A 2 3 4 Trac JACQULYN CHING "J8Ck19 " Chorus ',3,4 G A A 1,3, Journalism 1,4 MARY ELLEN CONGELLIERE Band 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4 Annual 3,4 SEIRS CHESTER SCHROEDER Class Advisor GLENN ABBOTT 'Muscles Band 1 2 Forensics 1 4 Dramactics 1 2 Journalism 4, Annual 4 F F A 2 HAROLD BARTELS J0hDl1e nd 1 g 3 4 Dramatics 2 F F A 2 3 4 CHARLES CALLAHAN Chuck Student Council 4, Basketball 4 3 4 Baseball 1 4 3 4 Annual 4 Band 1 A sc sr "" RCBERT CONOVER ' ed Student Council 4, D amatics 1, F F ,2,3,4 Preside g Y c Pres 3 Chorus 3 Annual 4 DQIALD CORNWELL ' Corny A ,dy Q B nd 1,d,3,4 COLLEEN DETLOR HPete nd 1, , w s 1 3 4 Annua JUANITA DEWITT ard 1 3,4, Annual 3,4 HILDRED EVERETT V 1 1 11 9 Journalism 4 R BERT FREDERICK Ffed' President 2, Qtudent Council 3 V1 e President 4, Baseball 1,2, Forensics nd 1 2 3 F A 4 Glee C u 197 3,4, Annual Editor 4 DCROTH! PREIGANG ot Chorus 1 2,3,4 Journalism 4, Annual DQINA GARRETT PUUY Cheerleader 3 Senior Ball Queen 3, Girls Basketball 1,2,3 4 Annual 3 4, Dramntics 1 2, Student Founcll 4, Journalism 2 4, '51 Q, JEANNE HETZEL J'-lllet' Chorus 1,2,3,4, Iournalism 4, Band 1 2 Secretarv 3, Annual 3,4, Cheer leader 1 2 RICHARD INDERMUEHLE 'DICK Band 1, Basketball 2,3,4, Dramatics 4 Student Council 2,3 Annual 4 Vice President 1 A ,2,3 Senior Ball Kina 4 GAYNES JOHNSON 'Hoaey' Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3, and 1,5fF F A 4 Gleo Club 3, Dramatics 4 ANTHONY KAMINSKI 'TONY sketball 2,3,4, F F A 1,2,3, , Band 1, Vice President 2 Chorus 2 Annual 3,4, Dramatics 2,3, Journal ism 2,3 RCBERT GI LBERT " Bob" Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3, 4, Track 2,3,4, Band 1,2,3, Glee Club 3,4, Forensics 2,4, Dramatics 4, President 1,3, Student Council 2, F.F.A. 4, Prom King 3, IIIZBTTA GOODWIN "B1ond1e" Band 3 Journalism 4 BETTY GOULT Sp1 ke Chorus 1,2,3,4, Band 1,g,3,4, Annual 3,4, Dramatics 1,3, Journalism 4 Cheer Leader 2, Cirls Basketball 1 2,4, Student Council 2 MERLE HANSEN 'RUSH' Baseball 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Basketball 2, F F A ,2,3,4, Choru 2,4, Dramatics , Annual 3,4 4'N T4 Wan ulll" CLARKE POAD " be Band 1, Basketball 3, Baseball 3 4 reaeurer 1,3, Glen Club 3, F F 4 Dramatics 4 Forensireg Inurnal ism 4, Annual 4 JOSEPHINE POTTON Joey heerleader 1,g,3,4, Chorus 1 3 4 irler 1,g,3,4, reaeurfr 4 ournalism Yen or Ha Queen g DOLORES RANDULA DO DO Fkorus 4 Journul1Qm 4 Annual 4 A r rx g,J, Cade Dramalicc g EDWARD RAVLING U F F A 2 4 Anrual 4, Fame Flu KATHLEEN KOLLOCK "Katy " fh0fUS 1.2,3,4, Hand 1,2,3.4, Annual 3,4, Journalism 3,4, Student Counril 3, Forensics 2,3,4, Fheer Leader 1, 2, Dramanlcs 1,2, GRACE KOS " TS A Vice President 1 Choruq re: urnalism 4, G A A WALTER LEAVITT 'Dubby Baseball 1 3, Baekethall Football 4 Gen 3 Paper Snaf ORPHA MATHIS Orph1e 1orus 1 3 BMBLIPQ 1 G Secretart 4 Q af::' in Qlr gal 'Nur 1 f" 572,17 'gif GORDON SORENSON ordy Cheerleader 2,4, Dramatics 1 3 4 Band 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,3,4, F 1,2,3,4, Journalism 2,4, Drum Major 2,3,4, Annual 3,4 PAUL STACKO 'SiaCk AL, JACK SULLIVAN " Poke Chorus 3,4, Basketball 2 3,4, 4 Dramatics 4, President 3, Prom Annual 3, ng 3, F F 2 , BERNARD TIBBETS N811 CY Cforus 3,4, Band 2 Dramatics 2 Journalism 4 F F A 1,2,3 BARBARA REHYINKEL Babs CLOTUS z,3,4, Treasurer 3, Annual 3 "Scan CARLYLB SCANLAN Student Council 1, Chorus 2,3,4 F F A 4 Basketball Manager 4 VESTA SCOTT "Scott 19 Band 1,2,3,4, Crorus 1,G1r1s Basket ball 1,2,3, Treasurer2,Pres1dent 4 HARRY SHUKIS "H81f19SS' Secretary 3, Forensics 2,3,4, Glee Club 3, Dramatics 4 9 -0' llllhl i ps W i 'lull H I .us ' C ,4. I 5- II I . . . , A . 4 ' V' X . - Q G' 6 ' ' f4 A R A A ' A 4 5. "f A 71 " ' IIG ll g' , 1171 Ai 3 Z y 1 u 1 ' ll," lvl' tb F.F. . 2 4. fi- ' ?f'1" I , , l " , 9 yll L . 'L sa 'R ' K1 . ..x. ,a 4. Q A A S S H I' , X f I ' ' 19 1 1 I , . . . . V I 3. Ks' T' GLENN VROHAN Hd and 1 F F 1,z, , JEAN WALLNER HBI2' Band 1,2,3 4 Iournalismg, Annual 4 ALICE WETMORE All1e' orus 1 'J 3 1, , DORI S WOODWARD P1 11 Chorus 1,2, Dramatics 1,g,4, Annual 3,4, Forensics 1,2,3,4, Anrual 3 Snudent Courcil 4, Journalism 3 DORIS WHITMAN SUOYY-Stuff Cheerleading 1,2, Girls Basketball 1,2,3, Dramatics 4, Secretary 2 Treasurer 2, Student Council 4 C orus 1,2,3,4 G.A.A 1,2,3, Annual 4 Senior Ball Queen 4, NANCY N I CHOLS Forensics 4, Dramatics 3 4 Annual Assistant Editor 4. is 4. A fi GLENN ABBOTT HARRY SHUKIS HAROLD BARTELS GERALD CAVES KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN JACOULYN CHING CHARLES CALLAHAN ROBERT CONOVER COLLEEN DETLOR MILDRED EVERETT BOB FREDERICK DOROTHY FREIGANG BETTY GOULT LORETTA GOODWIN ROBERT GILBERT MERLE HANSEN JEANNE HETZEL RICHARD INDERMUEHLE GAYNES JOHNSON ANTHONY KAMINSKI GRACE KOS WALTER LEAVITT NANCY NICHOLS KATHLEEN KOLLOCK CLARKE POAD ROBERT YOUNGNICKEL RAY COATES THOMAS GEHRS BARBARA REHWINKLE MARY CONGELLIERE JUANITA DEWITT JOSEPHINE POTTON DOLORES RANDULA EDWARD RAWLING CARLYLE SCANLAN VESTA SCOTT GORDO SORENSON JOHN SULLIVAN BERNARD TIBBETTS JEAN WALLNER GLENN VROMAN DONALD CORNWELL PAUL STACKO ALICE WETMORE JEANNIE KRAH DORIS WHITMAN DORIS WOO WARD DONNA GARRETT W1ll the1r manly physxque to Jack P1erce and Arvzn Bohn W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls halls d1rty W1lls W1lls Nancy W1lls H1115 Ardel W1lls W1lls h1s ab1l1ty to argue w1th Mr Schroeder to Robert P1onke h1s love for Mr Otto to Nancy Pearson h1S endless absence to Rover' F1951 Jerry to V1rg1n1a Grubber all h1s g1rlfr1ends to Tommy Wr1ght h1s red haxr and qu1et manners to Clarence Hartwlg her frequent letters from Chxcago to Phy111s Ell1ott her g1ft to gab to Henry Klabunde h1s 'Pepsodent' sm1le to all the k1ds that go through the of Trl H1gh th1nk1ng that the world has glven them such a deal her matr1mon1al success to Joan Runnels her strength and her ab1l1ty to get the man she wants to Pearson her commerc1al ab1l1ty to Lorra1ne Erdman h1S deep base pos1t1on wxtn the Four T1es 1D Rhythm to Zwetz h1s meekness to Marshall Burrows her sess1ons 1n parked cars along Pla1nf1e1d Lake to Jan1ce Thurston W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls h1s 1ntell1gent answers to Jeanne Rowsam Donna Garrett to the next dr1nk of water that comes along h1s her h1s er on h1s te love for basketball to Arlon Fowler ab1l1ty to stxck to one man to Pat Glaman days present' to Bob P1cker1ng 1ntell1gence to LaVerne Keal1her B1shop to Joan Monroe l1ttle txn ruler to Sandy Alfery whole darn school to who ever wants xt' W1lls the1r pr1vate gab SESSIODS to Earl Morey and Jack Nelson W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls W1lls 11. to W1lls Wxlls H1115 her her h1s h1s her h1s way to handle men to Dolores Newhall long sklrts to Florence Koch way wxth the gxrls to Arlon Parkin Method1st Church secret to Russell Olson ab1l1ty as a leader to Nunzxo Catrone address book to Jack P1erce and Edward Scharf Mary to Cla1re Casler h1s expert way of settxng ha1r to Gwen Payne her fa1thful boy fr1end to Ruth Rothermel the1r ab1l1ty to skxp school and get away wxth Sandy Aliery Bob PICHETIDE and Jxl Webster her head scarf and blue Jeans to Betty VandePo0r her dxmples to Ann 50111783 her he1ght to Rosemary Polzxn thexr man, happy r1d1ng days to Mr Schroeder W1lls C L A S S W I L L ORPHA MATHIS ........... Wills her usteadyn in Milwaukee to Lucy Hacker. .......... ' h ' ' ' . ' ....... ' D ' . ..... ' h 3-C as Q9 KC Row Row Row Row Row 5 fr- -!! Q5 'Q- ,- -I Nelson, J Dohertx, W Runnels 4 row abunde F Sm1 1 so P r n, F voter Realune ooth Ott, av s S we nrex le 70 'naar q. Da R m sker D Iwo 7 ear, J wsam, R nwit, R P er1nn usomtnski, P ongel iere Nfw a love flaske Vrs Gnu t ubber, J King, C ionke V oon, ery nr wlg w n nsel flam r u liven I us and me orenson on r man o nnswortl F Star n OFFICERS president Arlon Parkmn Vlce Presldeng W1ll1am Muscn11sk1 5eCretary Jeanne owsam Treasurer Flanche Howard We are, l1teral1y speaktng the lmrst Junxor class of Tr1 County P1gh School The f1rst day every one of the forty nxne seats was I1 led However, durxng the course of the year, we lost Glenn Bxllman and Kenneth Nelson, but Jenny Musland and Donald Sorenson came to claxm the1r places Thxs year the basketball court cla1ms three of our boys, Arlon Parkxn, Robert P1cker1ng and Sandy Alfery P1ve of our class are 1D terested IU Forensxcs th1s year, Dolores hewhall Patr1c1a Glanan, Jack Nelson, Russell Olson, and Alxce Kollock We hope they all make good Sherry HOIIIHQSHOTIX repre sents the Junxors ID the cheerxng sect1on, re1gn1ng as one of the school's four cheer leaders Rtght now we are busy plannxng our soclal event of the year, the Junxor Prom Marshall Burrows has been chosen Prom Kxng The theme 15 'Now IS the Houru Johnny Nugant's band H111 help us sway and sw1ng on May exghth Row Row Row Row b-2 1 U 8 Feist, D Vroman, D Patterson, J Pierce, C Casler, A Bohn, J Webster, Patterson, J Iunior Detlor, K Whitman, D Barnes, L Goman, I Voizht, E Vusland, S Clark, N Pears I Csona Patrykus, Hakes, M N Cotrore, D Van Qant, C Qpafford Johnson, R Petruskw, J Tibbets, M Lea, B Junior, R Polzin, J Larson, V Fay Monroe, J Runnels, L Shroeder, E Scharf, D Hetrel, D Stainbrook, E Fargo, P Billmon L Frdman, E E Fargo, J OFFICERS Pfes1dent Nunzro Cotrone Vice Pres1dent DIC! VM SUI Donna Hetzel Secretary Mary Detlor Treasurer Our second year of hlgh school f1BdS us aga1n act1ve 1n school af!a1rs Th1s year we have the largest enrollment of any class, f1fty two Sellzng pop hot dogs, and 1C6 cream cones at basketball games 13 qu1te a business, we all decxded Those h 1 ndogg1es' really pay off and help to swell a much needed treasn y Our all sc oo Chrrstmas party was a b1g success Mr and Mrs Santa Claus 4Tom Yr1ght and Katherzne Th t w con lete wrth Wh1tmanb arr1ved loaded down wrth presents for everyone e par y as p hol1da decorat1ons a program of sophomore home talent, and goodxea 'Go down the Y . M1dway and v1s1t the szde shows 'Toss a ball at the dummy 'Dance with your beat g1rl ' nVis1t Madame Sees All Knows All As thms goes to press we are HOPIII to have an all school carnxval to be held 1D the spr1ng 0 h J c E , , E Q - z s f , 3 J f -F -' " .2 ' . L S Q Y 4 ,Y Ai . .1 0 G ' ? , ' 3 ' S , hr v e 3 H , ' Q2 , y 4 c' ' T l- . F'i Q I, , Q 'f f' E, i 'Q K A ' .i 52 R. G. . . ., I . D gl 4: B. . , . . , 5. W i ,, J , , , K Row 3: Viss Hacker, C. Indermuehle, T. Wright, A. Schroeder, R. Pothermel, D. Krah, D. Rumpel, T. Rise ' 2: . . . . . 3 . . . . .W . . . . . 12 . . . . . , . . ,, . . . - l . D ' ' r . '- . 1 Q . . n l . n . 1 . . . in . . Row Row Row Row 5 6 ll? ,fr 5.5 -P ? Holllnsworth, F Bertotto, A Deultr, D Dittburner, williams R Patrxkus, I Pllls D Abbott Footit, V Morey, 1 Thurston, J Thurston, K W1vkholt D G Payne Pa ik, G Meter, J Thonpson J Dubke, J Dubke, G Frdnan N Plahnn, T Doherty Frulber P Franks, QCFUIISL, Ur Snyder Pionke, D allner, F evers, A Fowler, M Relka, G Rozell, J Reid, I Qeeley OFFICERS Presxdent Janmce Thurston Joyce Thurston D Grubber L Ellxs V1ce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Thxs ye1r's freshman class of Tr1 Count H1gh combxned students from P1a1nf1e1d Hancock, and the surroundxng areas w1th a total enrollment of forty elght hllhlh a few weeks, all were fmrmly un1ted1n thexr efforts to make good progressxu h1gh school educa txon As honored guests, thls nzghtgown clad, barefooted, 11pSt1CL smeared fragrant group was 1n1t1ated 1nto the ranks of 1ts superlor at the fxrst party of the year On November 14 the freshmen retalxated wxth a bad1e Hawkxns party, whtch proved a uuge success, and was well attended Throughout the year the fre hnen sold candy from the1r home room tc the school Part of th1s xncome was voted as contr1but1ons for a new score board and class medals Many of the members part1c1pated successfully 1D extra currxcular actxvxtxes such as forensmcs, track, basketb 11, dramatxcs, and baseball . , c o W., f A A A A A 4 ' ' f - .5 3 . " ' 5 la - S D 0 5 g :W A o 9 To U 3 . 0. ap ir fr gg - I I 0 : 0 - -ix ei, Q' s . 'Y , , - 1 J. ' .. . . B. ' G, . 5 . , 1 1, 41 E. , w' . , , , , U ll. "I Q D , -, I Q . I R- A A ' 3: H. 1 . . 7 . ' ., , ev-, , 5 Row 2: J. Lewallen, B. Callahan, A. Gibbs, B. Fitz, H. Scott, R. Swart7, D. Lipke, A. Zwetz. 1: B. , . W , 1. M . . . . ,, , ,, , Y, . 1 l .- J, . . I . . , . i . , . . ' , ' . . . . . . , . . S . . . . . G . . 3 ac.: 4? or ? 56 in 35- 5 'T 6 -as Z' it R Rox 1 Br Otto Onowgr Hrkin PFC, fa latan F Iolnson I 0 Rrw 1 n I nan ar Ov Y' UIHYI WOOQSWHT Y Tkurs n no Afro ar ' 9: SWHF I N Fontrone OFFICERS Pres1dent Clarence Hartwxg V1ce Pres1dent Robert Gxlbert cecretary Donna Garrett 1 eesurer Charles Callahan As tne school year opened, such as decxdzng the school colors of thxrteen members, two from each elected and the other was appoxnted that he have done, w1ll help to mak the Student Counc1l took on many add1t1ona1 problems and the school song The Student COUDC11CODS1SI8 class are ass1gned to th1s task One of the tvo was by the class adv1sor Ve hope some of the thxng e Tr1 H1gh one of the best schools mn our terrxtory T Row 2 D Randula, N Pearson, M Wickboldt, J Potton, L Gonan, M Detlor, J Trindal ow 1 J Ching, L Goodwln, D Garrett, R Rothermel, R Polzin J Fetrel, T Doherty The school paper, the Tr1 H1 Herald pubhshef. monthly by the Journalmsn- Club through the co operatxon of the Advanced Stenography Class and the adv1ce ofM1ss Tnndal, 15 ed1ted by co edxtors, Grace Kos and Donna Garrett and the ass1stant ed1tor, Loretta Goodvun We have xntroduced to Tr1 County, 1ts hrst school paper as a consohdated school and have begun us1ng longer paper to produce the effect of a 'real newspaper" The whole ed1tor1a1 staff ms co posed of Senmors, and we hope that next year, the Junmors V111 carry on and make a better and b1gger Herald J -' c' - ' - - 4 Q v 1 Q K 5 . 4 Q7 '5 ' N - ' 4. I . 0 , Y' X v " E' - ', -A ,. 3 Jn- ' 1. :X Rgw 3: E, Jgfnsun, C. voad, G. Abbott, R. Tibbetts, G. Sorenson, D. Friesang, K. Kollock. R : . . ' . . . , v- .4 - I- - . , . - . .C A ' l 'rw JS 84- Dubke, A Kollork, D Newhall, Row Glaman Row Wright, T Risrh, cott, V Fav, B F z A Gibbs The Dramat1cs club th1s year was ,JI The publ1c speakers of Tr1 H1gh spoke to the1r fellow students1n the1r home rooms on the morn1ng of March thxrd The w1nners of the contest at school gave the1 select1ons for the publ1c 1D the even1ng of March n1nth Mr Norman Knutzen of the speech de partment at Central State Teacher's College Judged the program He felt that we should be represented at the League Contestat Port Edwards on March seventeenth by Al1ce Kollock, Robert G1lbert, Nancy N1chols, R1chard Van Sant, Dolores Newhall, Rosemary Polz1n and Jack Nelson These contestants d1d remarkably well and we came home w1th three A's Wh1Ch meant that those students would represent Tr1 H1gh at the DlSIT1CI contest at Stevens Po1nt on Apr1l second Th1S 15 be1ng wrxtten on Apr1l f1rst so we do not know the result of the contest butwe have great conI1dence 1U A11ce Kollock, Nancy N1chols and Jack Nelson Row Payne, V Detlor, D Whitman, T Doherty, D Wallner, D Zwetv, V Vorey Woodward, N Pearson, Mrs Goult Am A. hu. under the d1f8CI10D of Mrs Goult Dur1ngthe f1fSl semester three one act plays were g1veu W1th many of the dranat1c club members be1ng Freshmen and Sophomores,we are look1ng for real talent from Trl County 1D the future ROD 3 J 9 llivan, B Filbert, H Shukis F lohnson, D Indermuehle G Qorenson, C Pond Row 2 D Whitman, L Goman, B Fitz, W Fax N N1ChD1S, D Newhall, D Woodward, Mrs Goult Row 1 T Wright, P Glaman, V Coon, M Burrows, J Nelson, H Walters a , D - Z5 on 4, , , . . - ,y 1- 7 1 ' ,A L. .T . I . . . . . . M dz? I I W -:- A A K La V . . . ' Y az t v f a . , If ' au .- . A 'W '1 T1 ' F . Q . . . . ,' N al 5 ' ' K' f Y 1 ' . X 3 1 5 n , . . . Y 1 - Q ' . ,g . .K x , Row 4: R. Polzin, K. Kollock, J. Nelson, H. Shukis, G. Abbott, P. Frederick, N. Nichols. ' 3: G. 5 .. . ' . ' . ' . . '. . . - , . 2: P. , J. , . , ..'. D. ,. . . . . 1: T. ' . ., P. S, . 5 . it , . .. . - 3 ac' -4 .ia .. - e f, , ' if, ' : . -u . - , . ., .. . . , , v, , N , , , Row Row Row -.4 v Polzin D ornwell, V lea, ohn, orenson V urrows R o ek Par e s T Wallner Y Osterhaus Hansen, C 0 z1n B rickex 9 e rink W Ubt ongelliere, X Gear T Wallnnr ullixan, Hr Van Cant, Foon Po ton N Qcott F ongelllere, x, u e Du ke, Frdman F Indermueble R Foult Under the SUPQTVISIOH of Mr Van Sant our Concert Band has proven engoyable for all Members Trxps were planned for the amuselrent and 1nterest of our mus1c1ans f1rst one was taken xn March when we attended the mus1c cl1n1c at Stevens Poznt In Apr1l all decked out 1n our fxne array, we gave our sprxng concert w1th solos, overtures, and some peppy marches The last of Apr1l a few mus1c1ans Journeyed to Cl1ntonv1lle to show the1r slull at solos Tr1 H1gh was well represented 1n each class The follow1ng day our whole band went to be Judged on playmng and ma1'ch1ug The outcome 1S not known as yet but we're hopmg that we get an "A" so we can fttend the state mus1cal fest1val 1 1 - - - . . ? , ' 1 F: Q - . : L - 2 5 a , ' V' " at ' k t 2 a V, " O - L a O -I .. ., N . ' ' .. X R - - ' -: A - N' y k is ' 42 R. , . C ', . . A. B G. S . . . R , '. K lli , P. L t l ,- ROW 32 V. Detlor, L. Hooth. L. Pivkhardt, J. Caves, A. Kollirk, W. Dewitt, D. Van San, T. Spees, D. Vallner 2: V. . . P 1 ' . . T Q. .. P.t , , T. 'ri, . V. F , '. . - , A. S ' . . U. . 1: J. u . '.. . .. C ' . V. F85 J. Dbl-1. .I. rw - L. , , .. . . . 1 . . . . . ' . , 0 W- 'Q A G-N Nw HUTFIFQ "'ll-. Annual Edxtor Bob Freder ck Ass1stant Ed1tor Nancy N1chols Superv1s1ng Edxtor Mrs Goult BUSIDQSS Edxtor Jack QU111VaD These three people are onlj a few of those who helped to COHUIIQ our f1fSI annual of the Trl County Un1on Free Fxgh Qcnool Our complete annual staff consxsted of about th1rty flve mexters of the sen1or class and other members of the other classes who helped 1D co1lect1ng mater1al and w1th the art work Thxs be1ng a new school we were forced to dec1de on a new name for the annual DUEQESIIODS were taken and the four classes dec1ded on the name wh1cr you have prob bly DOI1C9d THE PENGUIN Thzs name f1ts 1n w1th the school colors Wh1Ch are black and wh1te Ed . 5: rf? 1 4 . K Ns Z ,k I . 1 4 A ' Ii 1 79' 9 'V' be f . 'W Q sr - , X v fy 3 Z5 5 A 1 ' 1 x ll. u 1 f 4 r O X 'Ti 0 M ... 1 g , -wavy' H u E Q 1' K ,:'5"'A . ,, Row Row Row S9 Ellis, Lx Kealiher, P Sm1th4'M Burrows F Meter, F Klabunde R Patrwkus, R Olson, W Runnels Pionke, A Fowler D Sorenson, H Palik, F Rozell, I Iewallen, R Schulist, F Footit F Morey, Mr Mullen Rawlings, E Bartotto, C Partwiz, D Abbott, J Dohertx, J Nelson R Williams, P Hansen B Pivkering OFFICERS Presxdeut Jack Sull1ven V1ce President Carlyle Scanlan Treasurer Rmchard Indermuehle Secretary Robert Conover Showzng a tremendous growth because of the consolldatmon of schools the member sh1p IB the F F A Jumped from 54 to 90 Th1s enrollment gmves the Trx County Chapter the honor of be1ng the th1rd largest F F A 1n the state At a meet1ng the flrst week of school the of!1cers lxsted above were elected bxnce the state charter rules that a person must be xn the future farmers a year theo!!1cers couldonly come from the old group After the otfxcers were elected the program for the year was la1d out The group voted for seed treat1ng aga1n as the way to raxse funds for the chapter as II not only shows a profxt but 18 a great help to the farmers They hope to top last year's record of cleanxng and treat1ng 60,000 bushels Cont1nu1ng on the1r program of seexng lzsconsxn, the chapter plans on tr1ps to the state faxr and the state basketball tourna ment At th1s wr1t1ng they have attended a boxxng match at the Un1vers1ty 0 5 I -1 ,., 0 f.. I - a V v .- 'AY f -N-. g 4 kg, , I I ,LA e , I : 0 'A' a K .V -1 - ' , 6 4 ' ' 1 Q I I , Q : g c 1 s -. 0 Y h A ' Z F ' . 3 A -- an C' v, 5, 7 1 5 Y 4: L. .x W w '. . . ,. 5 . -D . 5 . C '. .. 3:R. . ,. . ,. ...F .. . ,. . Row 2: J. Thompson, A. Zwetz, B. Muschinski, D. Dittburner, G. Neyer, J. Hollingsworth, G. Erdman, C. Swartz, 1: J. . . . N . V. g' B: FY4. 3 . ' . . , Row Row Row Row Row li -C6 as a Q, q 9 QUl11VHnf 7 Wpbster, D Patter 0 Q'7,-Piercel C Casler, A Bo n, Fav, R Conover, F Qcanlan, B Patrykus Fo st D Vroman, D Cornwell, R Cilbert D Indermuehle, B Patterson, K Chamberlain, G Sorenson C Pond usland, Knight, L Qhroeder, T Wright, F Qvhar , A Qhroeder D lan Cant, J Faves, P Stacko It was also agreed that the chapter should enter some of the contests avail able to F F A students As a part of their semester grades the boys wrote essays on marketting and entered the Swift and Company Contest The results are not in as yet on the entries so it 1S not known if any Tri County member will place The higk light of the year was the local speaking and quartet contest that qualified a quartet and speaker for the district contest at Uaupaca Eight speakers and four quartets showed their ability before a large assembly of students and parents. Dick Van Sant, speaking on NThe Improvement of Dairy Cattlen, won the speaking contest and a quartet madeugmof Henry Klabunde, Bob Frederick, Bob Gilbert and Wayne Runnels walked off with the singing crown. At the district contest the quartet again won and Dick took second in a strong field of six speakers. The quartet now moves on to a regional contest. The quartet with their accompanist and director, Mrs. Van Sant, Dick Van Sant, Merle Hansen, and their advisor Mr. Mullen made appearance on the radio station W.L.B.L of Stevens Point that was also of interest to the community and school. Johnson, F Rawlings, I Junior Tibhetts, J Iarson, B Frederick D Rumpel, D Krah, N Cotrone Patrskus A Faminski, allahan V Hansen, F Vroman, H Bartels B Junior, E Johnson, Q Q 5 gg Y Row Row Row Row hewhall, M this, T , K ck PIOH e, Lea R Polz n, R Rothermel Palne, Morex, D Ywetz, D Whltman, B VandeHoom, F uexer I Reed, T Thurston, J Thurston, Wetmore, D Wallner, D Randula, J Seelex, M Wxckboldt, J Pottnn Plahna, H Rehwinkel, D Whltman, Mrs Xanhant Wa lner, D Qtainbrook, Qcott, J Vonroe, J Runnels, A hollock, F Q erko P Qtilwell A concert was gxven at Hancock and Plaxnfleld on Apr11 hfteenth and s1xtec-:IL Ar. the musxc fesuval and the concert the chorus sang these two numbers Where E'er You Walk" and 'When Day Is Done The offxcers of the chorus are Pres1dent, Mary Loon, V1ce Presxdent, Betty Goult, Secretary Treasurer, Orpha Mathls, L1brar1an, Rosemary Po1z1n Row Row Row 1 Q E hi Fonzelliere, B Callahan, D Friegang, I E dman, A Dewitt, V Foon, B F1 A Gibbs, J Goa vis, N wird, Goman C Det or, Fhing, T Dohertx F Parago, M Belka B Fou Holllnasworth, I Horvel, F Fon2e111aro, Prdnen, D Hetzpl, F Indnrmnu Q 1 Rowsam B flas Q The g1rls' chorus IS composed of seventy f1ve per cent of the g1rls 1D h1gh school It 15 under the d1rect1on of Mrs M N Van Sant The chorus attended the d1str1ct mus1c fest1va1 at C11ntonv11le on May f1rst Several g1r1s presented solos, duets, and tr1os at the solo fesuval on Apr1l tenth at C11ntonv1l1e rl , ' 1 4 .- ., Z a I i d v U vw 5 -N I , A -E ' .D 'ihvfxr 1 f X ' , 4 , 4 1 5 6 - 4' Q :.: M : . 1' 1' ' i 1 -, . K I . Q' M4 in Qi C X . X 4: M. , , , . . , ,. r . ,' . , . nz, . . '. . r. Row 3: R. Hakes, P. Franks, P. Elliott, F. Farazo, B. Howell, S. Clark, D. Barnes, J. Csoma, L. Booth. 2: S. na . Ho: I.. , ,. 1 J. . . .. ' . . , . . ln. zs. .- .. , ,. 5,1.: 1, . , . h1,,'. .. .s.k QC 9' 'bf 36 rw. ,.. Harthig, T Wright Row 4 Urs Van Cant, R Patterson, H Klahunda, J Qullivan, R Olson R Gilbert, F Alfrex Row 1 C Scanlan, W Runnels, M Burrows, B Tibbetts, F Feist, Frederick he boys' chorus, composed of twenty boys, 1S under the d1rect1on of Mrs M Van Sant They part1c1pated 1n a concert at Hancock and P1a1nf1e1d on Apr11 hf teenth and sxxteenth Another outstandxng event was the mus1c fest1va1 at C11ntonv111e 1n whxch they took part A number of the boys took an actxve part 1n the F F A quartet contest The vunnxng quartet, composed of Robert Gxlbert, Wayne Runnels, Robert Fredenck and Henry Klabunde was successful 1n wmnmg the d1str1ct contest at Waupaca The offxcers of the chorus are Presxdent, Robert Gllbert, V1ce Pres1dent, Jack Sulhvan, Secretary Treasurer, Robert Fredenck, Libranan, Gordon Sorenson 'IS gn "' ' Y' ,' , " ,, . XI.. " t ,, 2 , ar' 4 tj' - .' J' I - . v x 1 3 as 1 04 Q - A - , N' 1 x A -' I 5 ' a ,',, I xl- 17 it Row 3: P. Stacko, D. Sorensen, G. Sorenson, M. Hansen, R. Pickering, C. . 1 ': ,. t . . . . . . . , 2 . . . . . . L . 1. . . R. T ' ' ' . .N. Athdatf A it ' 1 'sf xt itanding Nr Schroeder B Pickering, F Callalan, R Indermuehlo, 9 Alferx, J Rauling Manager eatpd err Hfkin Qu iv n A Kam1nsk1 P Hansen Our new coach, Mr bchroeder has led our team w1th real capatxlxty throughout the year True, we lost some of our games but no one can say that our team d1dn't look good l1th th1s, our fxrst year of consol1dat1on, everythzng was dxfferent and more d1ff1CU1I for the boys but they d1d show excellent teas work When you look at some of the scores of the games you'll realxze that luck enters the pxcture For example Hen tello beats Trm H1gh by 1 po1nt U11d Rose shows but by a score of 44 to 45 The great est percentage of our games were lost but towards the end of the season the boys de veloped rapxdly and really began to show actxon Uxth CODf1deDCE 15 our coach and players we gxve them three b1g cheers and hope for greater vxctory next season ff ll V. , vi A 5 I ,. ,' Q U 6 1 6 A L y .1 Ax H . A In , df-. A A L X w ll :- ' xi: 4 " xy' L1 f, XJ l X X J . is X f If xt 22 33 f Y ' ' l 7 7 5 '4 4 A 55 w x , fr, 1 : ' ' ' ' f' I . , M, - 1 - ,: B.G11b ,A.P ,J..11n, . ,, A , ' ' ' l Y , . ' Y . . . . . A- . .- . , n . , , U - I - 1 l Van Qant R Qchul s Seated rdman T F s Fi Patterson F Johnson D Abbott D Rurre Our B Team deserves real pra1se as they won most of the gases they played S1nce tne fellows w1l1 probably be our future A Team we can look forward to many vxcto ues 1n the future years In the few games that they d1d lose they Stlll played effxc 1ent1y and kept the oppcsmg tean from scormg too h1ghly What's the matter w1th the B Team THEY'RE ALL RIGHT! H' ll I 'f as Q ' 131' . Ar ewjx ,Ice AI? yd" EEQ G ' 1- . 1 Y 'Xl' 'w 'P " n i A- ' Standing! Vr. Schroeder, R. Pionlre, G. Hozell, D. Patterson, A. Bohn, R. Junior, D. . . - int. - , : G. FT . .. .lli,, . . ,, T.- . , . , . up l. KN. C' N. K Y xl F7 X Row 3 ansen D umpel 1 r W1 Pansen, Nr Qnx er Row unnels o nson, Patterson T P1erre A Par LH Row ad 1 ert un or Fall man P Johnson Trl County b1gh's fxrst baseball squad undfr the d1rectorsh1p of Hr nyder played a very abbrevlated fall schedule It was a d1fI1cult task to f1nd opponents s1nce most of our ne1ghbor1ng schools are p1ay1ng football Two games were played w1th W11d nose wh1c' gave some 1dea of prospects for the spr1ng season Tr1 County has POSS1b11111GS of develop1ng 1nto one of the powerhouses of the league Playxng the1r fxrst game aga1nst Ylld Rose at Pla1nf1eld the boys couldn't get go1ng unt1l the last 1nn1ng when a deteru1ned J run rally left then a run short 5 to 4 Sxnce W11d Rose had practlcally the same l1neup as they had last year when they won t Q league t1tle the boys fmgured the1r showxng wasn't too bad hltb a week's pract1ce, the teas showed that they were capable of work1ng together as a unlt Takxng an early lead at W11d Rose, they held lt all the way to slap out a 6 to ' wln Wxth two strong pxtchers, Park1n and Dxck Patterson a good h1tt1ng squad wxth f1ne reserve strength the te.m should hang up a good record ,f this N .QQ L ,fa nw. . 3: tr ' ,U I' ,y .' X x 'if G! 1r -I t .k' A' x , J , X 1' ' E . . , X g ,-. , ','H" I A :vt L x .Al A X e- , t, X ,jj r , RX j I 1 X. -' ! X x ' ' ' 1' X Q 1 Q , I K' J 4 44 . I f , xg X 1 - x X ,I a . . , t t Q, xr , I 4 - Xxx . . , A' L, ' X 1 g , f :P.H.,, .R ,'g,v.'-. 1...-fi. 'zz w.R ,,G.4Ihr D. , A , ..1.'. '1: r. Po ,fa dw. , r4.1 1 ,C. ar , '., . . .- h .. , r A . . C Q . . . U . B . is I .- - , - 9 . L. A , ' I l . 7 I -I I I . L . . . . . . , . . . . I ASA - Row 3 G Meyer, B Swartz, A Zwetv, A Bohn, J Pierce, F Smith, H Patterson, J Dohertv, C Pond, V Fag, Mr Shroeder Row g F Bertotto, P Hansen, A Kaminski, A Parkin: V Hansen, B Gilbert, Q Alfery, B Conoxer Row 1 A Fowler, G Rozell, D Abbott, L Fllls, P Junior, F Frdman, R Plon e, The track season th1s year should prove very 1nterest1ng It's d1ff1cult to pred1ct what the outcome of the track season w1ll be at th1s wr1t1ng because we have many boys part1c1pat1ng who have had very lxttle prev1ous experxence 1h track tra1n1ng From past records, we are depend1ng on Ph1l1p hansen, Merle Hansen, and Robert G1lbert 1D the d1stance runn1ng Clarence Hartwxg 1n the spr1nts, Robert Conover 1D the pole vault, Charles Callahan 1n tue h1gh Jump, Frank Smxth, La Verne Keallher, and Donald Ccrnwell 1n the we1gLts A great deal 1S expected of R1chard Patterson, Jack P1erce and Bernard Jun1or 1D the hurdles and h1gh Jumps It 1s very encourag1ng to see the freshmen 1nterested 10 track, for xn the future they w1ll make up our school track team Let's all pull together and do the best Job we are capable of d01Dg ': .. , . ., . . . ., . .K . g , , , , 4 , . . , . f 1. . . ' k. R. Shulist, C. Callahan. . Q . 5 , . . . . 1- tanding B Goult J Fowsam, B Howell, f' Pionke, D Newhall D Barnes I Hacker, Coach Qeated D Woodward, M Coon, D Carrett R Rothermal, D Fetvel The A Team prctured above had a very successful season th1s year For one of the1r games they travelled to Vautoma where they defeated a very strong team by a score of 16 to 13 At Wautoma the B Team showed sportsn.ansh1p, even thoubh they were defeated Next year shows a very prom1s1ng squad, for tne Freshman and Sophomores are show1ng much skxll towards the end of th1s season 1 C J , 4 S -1 I 5- 0 V s S : . . . , . . X , . ,., fled! H! in , 6 il. -45' SEV!-f3 :lk 'aw 9 ll' 'irizf 41' X :ang-wx C..' 'x K . p 5 V, H 'IH

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