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.DEDICJQ 'J' ION i 1 I WE, THE 1947 ECHO STAFF, DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO UR PRINCIPAL, MORLEY VAN SANT, A MAN OF GOOD JUDGE WENT, WHO IS JUST AND FIRM, YET ABLE TO ENJOY A JOKE AND WHO ABOVE ALL, UNDERSTANDS AND BELIEVES IN BOYS AND GIRLS ,I .a 'Gif i 'H-if HIGH SCHOOI j-','XCUI'j'Y Miss Janice Trlndal Commercial Course itewatsr State Teacher's College Good natured, yet a little stern Mere trlfles do not reach her At typing, shorthand, business too, Miss Trlndal's one grand teacher Hr Merwln Snyder Chemistry Biology Science Algebra LsCross Teaoher's College Herwin Snyder's a family man His children number three, He deals with bugs and test tubes, And makes the atoms agree Mr Morely Van Sent Principal Math, Science, Band State Teacher's College, San Diego Cal University of Southern California Plattville Teacher's College KB E J University of Wisconsin KM S 7 Mr Van Ssnt's our new princloal '4 uv He helps us one and all, He's tried to lead us forward, Since he came to us last fall Mr Arnold Leaman History Oshkosh State Teacher's College S Degree Social Science, History Our new coach is Arnie His hair is so curly He's grand in athletics And rises quite early in .41 Arthur Mullen Agriculture University of Wisconsin Whenever Arthur's present, Interest does not lag, For he's an A 1 expert When it comes to teaching nAg Mrs Gertrude Goult Engllsh Lawrence College, Appleton Working with nouns and pronouns, Lively as a colt, Trying to save the K1ng's Englis That's surely Hrs Goult. "' u-I . 9 ' ' f 1' , . ' 4 ' ' ' J 1 , . . , ' . I A by -. an el. .'. I 0 I tb R ' -' V B. . , l I Q 0 I 0 1 0 GK,- A Mrs Thelma Lauer Fourth Grade Waushara County Normal Mrs Caves Central State Teacher's College Iva wears a smile Thelma teaches fourth grade, The whole day long, Her room is sparkling neat And happy are her pupils Each busv at his seat X Mr and Mrs Btebnitz Hrs Zlta Selling First Grade Oshkosh State Teacher'e College Ben and Viola Now, please to meet Zita Selslng We like her lots and lots, They keep us warm Third And our school house neat, Oshkosh ggate Just C8.h't be b88t Dorothyia busy SCJ-1001. FAC ULTY f- Mrs Florence Rothermel Seventh and Eighth Grade Central State Teacher's College Florence has been with ul For a long, long time, Bhe's a really good teacher She t680h0B BGVSUUH and 01Ehth And nothing goes wrong And makes them tow the line 17 Miss Dorothy Radtke Grade Teacher's College as a humming bird Flltting round the third grade room And queen of the little tots From morn 'till dark Hrs Lois Conover Fiftn Grade Central Stats Teacher's College Mrs Phyllis Noordhoff Lois is our chorus teacher, Second Grade HP' Timm She directs us on each day Osnkosh State Teacner's College If you'll do the best you can, To quench our thirst for knowledge Youure sur, to g,t grade :Aa gh. We go from History room to Gym, But But to satisfy our hunger, gh, We go to Mrs Timm Nay oame to us Miss Claassen, before the month was done, changed to Mrs Noordhotf, vasn t that some fun? -Q S f -Q L H I'-. , 1 E' A I . Nigx f I ' , 13' 1 I Q ft s ' A t 5 W I , -1 . I g r ff ,I - I EL N.: Q D , rg' Y ' . I . For ehe's the soul of good nature, ? i nappy dl a lark X. 9 ' ' 73 a . M4 f 'V' Y fi? 4' S I It gy 11' fl ' 1 ,I X jg Ai of ' -f 1 4 5 if ' W X Elizabeth Webster Always happy, never frownin Pat's a darling little thin So you see, we weren't astonished By the bright engagement ring George is a He's dark and tall and thin And you just go ask Bonnie, There's nothing wrong with him armer, ! .- Mary Weseli Jolly and gay in a friendly way. Laughing at life this a way. full of pep watch her step, That's Mary wesell. SEN I JJSS tny Keenlance everyone likes Dorothy She always wears a smile And is hapoy all the while Myrna likes her school work And sne's as ouiet as a mouse But we all bet that someday She'll get noisy with her soouse It's hard to make him stop But when it comes to studle You'll find him at the too Marvin rv is the star our basketball team, can play the guitar, make any girl dream. Marjorie M81'Jor1e has cute dimples, Her t0'!YP0!"e always sweet. And when it comes to shorth She really can't be beat. chek She's kind and good to eacn of Susie keeps clicking his camera s and , ,,. 1 ,??,iVj P P l '! S- s. ' gl ' ' I Myrna Feist , 1 , nk ' ' ' ' A ' '5- j. tt I Ma Of He To H Lover o3oEgg:'tse Margare Doherty A Btgr on our team Margaret studies her lessons Of course, 1t's Bob Hetzel 151136 inytgirl Omer' who else could we mean? n s e a es to forensics Like a duck to the water Bonnie is so small and short, George is big and tall, When going together and having fun Size makes no difference at all Ili? Joyce Wing sne'a our 11tr1e red head steamy,saggijliuifzlfbook with freckles and green eyes, He,S get ryth m in his feet when She goes to Bookkeeping Class' And when it comes to teasln ' lrls We can hear her daily sighs He really can,t be beat 3 S Betty has the blackest hair, And also a contagious giggle You look around and she's everywhere, It must be her perpetual wiggle Raymond Kelley Patricia Vroman Pat's the pitcher of our team 5118 KIIOWB DOI' CB-T5 from 5 to Z, His arm is full of that stuff called steam, Let her drive yours and you will see, He's handsome looking, dark and tall Just ask her boy friend, he sure knows, Go get him girls, he's best of all. One day she nearly broke his nose. AV ASV. A ,N 1 it S l ' r , A , ' V. Bonnie Abbott .. N, , wi ,V, .l , "l W, V 6 , . I V ' Q , V y Sv if -wg Richard Marsh Diok is president of our class, He's liked by every lad and lass He works hard and sets the pace To keep the Seniors in their place Luella Liesberger Lou's the star Df our girls' basketball team She's really on the beam Joyce Turner Joyce is plump And not so tall, She likes to dance And is liked by all James Rowsam J1m's apt with sick motors, And tinkers with rhyme, And browsing in books Is his favorite pastime Lt G nevieve Pionke Gen'e the gal who's sweet and gay, And at the switchboard she sits each day Bhe doeen't plan to sit there long 'Cause that diamond from Harry sure hit the gong' And when it comes to bookkeeping, Douglas Rehwinkel Dove Dlaye basketball He's also good at track And when he's on the dance floor It e hard to hold him back Joan Wanlchek Joan takes life With the greatest of ease, But she surely gets busy Richard Glaman Dick is good at oarroms As well as Chemistry and Ag And when it comes to social He surely does not lag life up .' Ji' ' . , I . ' x ' K 'Fla , x , Kg fight . 3 . K ,, J ' ll D On the typewriter keys. I il' . N . " y f' s " fi: ' .S J U. : 'A f g',-f How DeWitt, B Rasmussen, J Potton V Scott, M Congelllere, D Woodward Hetzel Frelgang, L Goodwin Row Stacko, B R8DW1HK6L B Goult R Conover C Detlor, M Everett Adviser, Mrs Goult Row M Hansen, A Bartels K Kollock, J Sullivan B Tibhetts D Indermuehle C Callahan JUN IOIS' President Jack Sullivan Secretary Jeanne Hetzel Vice President Robert Conover Treasurer Barbara Rehwinkel A Junior you say? Well, how could I tell? She looks just like a society belle And there a Beau Brummel comes into v ew You're sure he's only a Junior, too? Bows red, bows blue, bows every color decorated the high school student on Septem- ber 2l 'Bow Day' was initiated by the juniors and we hope will become a tradition 'Buy a tee shirt, complete with 'Eagle', the school embleml' cried the junior salesman 'Hot dogs pop, ice cream barsl' Again the juniors have something to sell, this time, at basketball games Because we have a larger enrollment than any other class, thirty four, we know we'll need a bulging treasury if we expect to go on a class trio Mr and Mrs Santa Claus lyerle Hansen and Beverly Rassmussenl arrived loaded down with presents for everyone The all school Christmas party was complete with holiday decorations, prog am and goodies 'Uncle Louie' and his troupe of actors and musicians entertained a large audience in March and augmented our coffers. Larry Woodbury will 'make with the music' at an Easter dance and a month later Ton Temple will 'give out with the swing' at the Junior prom. This last event, of course, 1s the highlight of everyone's junior year. 'I'm Always Chasing Rainbows' is to be the theme song and at present writing we have great plane for turning the community hall into a rainbow with the authentic pot of gold for those who follow the rainbow. 5 , 0 o . ' 3 3 e.. 5 4 B X f 'J I 1: J. . . , . . . , How 2: J: Wallner, G, Sorenson. D. Garrett. C. Scanlan. A. Kaminski, G. Abbott, D. . . 5: P. . , . . . , . . , 4: . f ', . . , . . , . . I 4 , . P . . . Row Row Row Row H Hetzel S Hollingsworth, P Hansen R Leavitt E Stacko, Mucnlnski, G Billman, P Glaman Rowsam, M Burrows, F Alfery M Coon E Congelliere, Kollock J King, L Erdman Booth, L Wallner, J Doherty, A Sullivan, P Elliott Adviser, Miss Trindal H Walter, F Smith R Olson, L Kealiner W Leavitt, H Jay, V Grubber GA-IM O Kr. sl President Mary Coon Secretary Phyllis Elliott Vice President Jeanne Rowsam Treasurer Virginia Grubber The pensive Sophomore's pensive mlen And lofty look, calm and serene Suggest that he doth contemplate Uoon his far off future fate Welcome, Freshlel Will you be our gue t September thirteenth? Our party given in honor of the class of 1950 included all students and was the opening event on the so- cial calendar. We knew from recent experience what it means to be a stranger among sophisticated high school students so tcled to make the new comsrs feel at home. Nickels and dimes quickly add up to dollars and lt d1dn't take a mathematical whizz to figure out that our financial condition after a bas etbell game was much better than before the game. Selling pop and hot dogs is a lucrative business. We know we are growing up when we have to make important decisions. One of those decisions was what kind of class ring to choose. After inspecting the jewelry sales- man's samples, the majority of the class decided on an attractive design and in the fall you will see us flashing shiny new class rings. 3 4, 1,3 . . , T, E 2, - xt-1 b ' Q, 1 .11 J A 4 .- 1 ' ri ' 2 I 59 -' 12 P. , . . , . , . W. . . . 22 J. . . , . . . A. , . . . 5: L. .... , 4: . . . , . Q' " "C .J 1,15 Row L Goman R Petrusky R Palik G Fleet D Rumpel R Rothermel L Schroeder M Detlor Row M Lea, D Vroman, C Casler J Webster, J Junior H Polzin, C Indermuehle Row Adviser, Mr Snyder J Lamb D Hetzel R Lewallen R Van Sant, N Pearson, B Hakes Row D Stainbrook B Junior C Spafford, A Schroeder J Huber P Hillman H4551-IMFJI President Arleigh Schroeder Secretary Carrie Spafford Vice President James Huber Treasurer- Bernhard Junior Freshmen here, freshmen there And always smaller every year But all the same, they're just as bright As if they had a g1ant's height The traditional 'green' frosh were missing when the class of 1950 entered high school last fall because the previous year we spent our free hours in the same assem bly as the high school students We were well acquainted with one of the high school teachers, Mr Snyder, because he taught us science when ve were eighth graders A school bus bulging with 'freshlesn took off for Oshkosh on October fifteenth. Mr. Leaman, our pilot, conducted a tour through the museum. It was here that we dis- covered many exhibits which were helpful in our citizenship study. Why we were taught general business was clearly shown us during the afternoon. We saw the First National Bank making use of many of the facts we had learned and some of our difficult problems were solved easily when we could actually see them worked out in the bank. Our social life centered around a weiner roast party the last of March. Mr. Snyder, our advlseq helped us make it a success. The memories of our first year in high school are happy ones! 5 2 i it g I ? g il QQ' I 'Qu Q J . 5 H , g U N - Qi 'P nf' fl . ' 3 as I X 'I q In ' K 5 1- Q 'wL:g 12 . , . , . , . , . , . , 2: I . ' ' . ' , . . , . - 4: I ' , . . ,. ,. " X -J ul JL now 1 R Lewallen, R Rotnermel, M Burrows, G Blllman, Adviser, Mr Mullen Row 2 D Indermuehle L Llesberger, M DeWitt, J Rowsam, K Kollock IUD1-.NI 'OUNCIL Plainfield Hlgh's student council took ite usual place among the governing groups that control the school Under the leadership of its new president it carried on its usual dutles such as running the magazine campaign, organizing the traffic patrol and keeping the honor role up to date The year's greatest accomplishment was the addition of a student court In the past, discipline in Plainfield High was handled by the faculty members The students had no art in the government Now, for the first time, the students have some of the P ilit f r kee ing order and reporting breaches in discipline It is expected responsib y o p the court will be very successful in the future as its faults little by little are t in co-o eration being ironed out as the court proceeds with its work and the studen s, p with the court, become used to its methods and principles gy! .. - , -- g 1 if Ay I f :Z I I Y' "' ' auf 'Nui K Il 61' L1eer:erzer,M VVCPGLD, J Wing, J Hetzel J Potsnon, J Wallner 1 Wanicnek, M 'flanl nek, D Indermeuhle, M Doherty, M Congell ere, Rasemussen Vroman D Frelnang, D Maren D Rehwlnkle, R Kelley, J Rowsam, Glaman, J Sullivan R Stainbroox Sorenson, H Bartele, C Detlor Mrs Goulfs J Turner, L Olson, D Woodward, U barren, L, ballahan, H n' Amman B Weldon B Rehwinkle M anse , , , M Feisb, L Goodwin, K Kollock, E Webster, A Kaminski, R Hetzel, C: Pionke, B Goult, B Aooou., J Dewitt., D Keenlance t Editor-in chief B 1 nk U us ness Manager Geneviefetggto 6 Q Robert Hetzel r Assxstan rv-' G Czlaoinski D C 11 R Coates l 'f E, Agj,-2:31-1 L Woodward I E. Meyers W Fitz R. Pickering fi 9 - f A ll . 4' .. 1 - - 3 1 ln - . ,D X . - . . . . . . 4 Q -4 0 0 , s n , . . C . . . . . . . . . J- . . . . . . H . , . . . ' . Q . 1 -J. ' . ' . . u Q l 0 F n 1 n Q ' ' 0 . . . . f ,. ' J. ' . ' . . -. . . . . . . . . . . 0 s I Q 1 . . . . . - E. " , 3-1 4 ii .., Q . F Y ,su X 4 N I., I O- 1 '4 . ' .. K 0 ,. 4' .. . , .,,-, . - - v Q Kaminski Row l R Van Sant, L Goman, M Feist, B Rassmussen, J Rowsam P Glaman, Doherty, D Woodward, R Marsh, L Llesberger, Adviser, Mrs Goult Row 2: L Booth, M Dewitt, A Kollook, R Olson, K Kollock, R Polzin, C Casler. AJKEI ISL.. Forensic interest apparently is seasonal because we don't do much except in the spring At that time you'll hear embryonic orators mumbling to themselves as they prepare for the contest to be held in the main room The program was given on March twelfth The Noble Profession ORATIONS A Fruit Rat's Llttancy Our Delinquent Children Let's Face It lOr1g1nalJ I Give Thee Back The Little Kid He Loved Me Truly Witches' Sabbath Dark Victory SERIOUS DECLARATION HUMOROUS DECLARATION Mother at the Swimming Pool Uncle Reuben at the Theater Mother takes up Slang Robert Makes Love The Waltz Ransom of Red Chief Lorraine Goman EXTEMPORANEOUS READING EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING Alice Kollook Kathleen Kollock Russell Olson Luella Liesberger Beverly Rasmussen Myrna Feist Doris Woodward Patricia Glaman Margaret Doherty Donna Garrett Rosemary Polzin Claire Casler Lorene Woodward Marvin Dewitt Lucille Booth Richard Marsh Richard Van Sant The Wild Rose contest gave 'B' ratings to Richard Van Sant, Alice Kolloek, Lucille Booth, Doris Woodward, Margaret Doherty, Luella Liesberger. This snows that Plain- field was able to hold its own when pitted against six other schools. Y ? --6 Deltor, L Goman J Wing, B Weldon, D Hetzel B Abbott, N Pearson Potton, R Polzin, V Grubber, L Lea, K Kollock, H Rothermel Indermuehle, Adviser, Miss Trindal Rassmussen, P Webster, J Wanichek, M Doherty, Turner M Wanichek Row 1 ow 2 .DU .IQNJ-XLlb.M This year the Journalism Club published many issues of the Gazette' This paper S 1 Class had written in carried poems written by the students, stories which the en or English and miscellaneous items, such as gossip, sports, grade news, and editorials 'Candyland' was the tneme of the party sponsored by the club and was a gala affair Two hostesees Nancy Pearson and Mary Detlor, appeared in candy striped costumes Q if Q . " 3 5, J l 'I Q 3 - nv , I 1 n- i ' 4 2 :L , h 4 Q ' K X ,x Y 4 ,f K ' e ' v , c I . v 'Q : Ma . 0 S 0 . 0 ' e I o ' I R : Ja . e ' o ' To . 0 ' 0 5 C. ' . 2 B. ' . ' . ' . ' J. 5 .. . p , at l 0 1 ' Q i Row J Huber, D Rumpel, H Jay, R Palik, B Junior, T Kaminskl, C Scanlan, L Olson, B Nuschlnski, G Billman, G Abbott, H Petrusky, L Schroeder Adviser, Mr Mullen, P Hansen, W Leavitt, J Webster, R Olson, F Smith, Casler, G Gear, J Sullivan, D Rehwinkle, R Stalnbrook, L Ksaliher Row Stacko, M Burrows, D Vroman, H Glaman M Hansen, C Callahan, Junior, D Indermuehle, B Tibbetts, G Feist, S Alfery, J Doherty, Schroeder Row Van Sant, D Marsh, M Dewitt, J Rowsam, H Kelley, R Hetzel, Sorensen, D Lewallen, B Conover, H Bartels E FA. President Hay Kelley Vice President Robert Hetzel Secretary James Rowsam Treasurer Marvin Dewitt Reporter Robert Conover Watchdog Gordon Sorensen Keeping up their program of expansion, Pla1nf1eld's Future Farmers, under the gui dance of their adviser, Mr Mullen, for the first time included every boy in high school The club is now 5 years old and has reached a peak in membership and in their program that will be their goal to hold in the future Treating and cleaning 6000 bushels of oats last year the boys made enough money to finance their biggest program of educational and recreational trips since the c1ub's organization. Last August 36 members attended the state fair on Monday and Tuesday. This was a new experience for 52 of the 35 boys making the trip. Other trips made during the year included one to Madison to take in the state high school basketball tournament, an educational one to the University farm where Vilas Mathias, the organizer of the Plainfield F.F.A. and now manager of the farm, showed the boys around, in the after- noon of the same day they attended a University of Wisconsin baseball game, then to complete the school year they again returned to Madison to take in the state High School track meet. This summer 16 of the boys will Journey to Jag Lake at ioodruff to spend four days in a cottage owned by the state association of Future Farmers. 'he boys are looking forward eagerly to this new experience. I J i 'II J , l R011 2: . . ' . ' . ' . ' . . ' . ' Ce ' e ' e ' 0 ' 0 ' . ' 3: Pe . 0 ' 0 . 0 9 ' . ' . Je ' e ' I . 0 . ' 0 ' A. - 4: D. ' - A ' - ' - ' - ' - ' G, ' 9 ' e ' 1 0 ' Row Row Row H L Wallner, alto, M Congelliere, clarinet, R Polzin, baritone, B Goult cornet, M Burrows, clarinet, L Olson, cornet, R Stainbrook, bass, G Gear, clarinet, M Lea, tenor eaxaphone Director, Mr Van Sant, H Bartles, cornet, M Feist, trombone, E Congelliere cornet, J Dewitt, clarinet, P Vroman, cornet, M Weeeli, cornet, C Indermuehle, trombone, C Polzin clarinet, D Wallner, alto, Assistant director, G Plonke, trombone, J Lamb, bass, L Booth, flute, V Scott, tenor Saxaphone A Kollock, clarinet, K Kollock, alto, J Wirg, alto saxaphone, B Weldon, cornet, J Duoke, cornet, J Duoke cornet, Row G Sorenson, drum major, H Walters, twirler, J Wallner, clarinet, R Van Sant drums, M Hansen, drums, L Erdman, drums, B Trickey clarinet J Potton, twirler, M Coon, twlrler SLN IJK EJAJID Boom! Boom! BOOm4 goes the big bass drum The other thirty eight instruments make sweet music while the drum section beats time rhythmlcally during band period Our maestro, Mr Van Sant, has unlimited patience with the off key offenders A scath ing glance from his dark eyes, a scowl on his b ow, a nod of his head and we know something is radically wrong with our musical efforts CHQ might blame our lnstru ments but that wouldn't be sporting, now, would 1t1l In March, thirty of us crammed into a school bus and spent the day at Central State Teachers' College The college band played tournament pieces selected from all four classes and we heard how our Class C selections should sound Je returned to band class inspired and hope that our music will sound sImIIar when we go to the band tour nament Two weeks after our Stevens Point visit we had the opportunity to practice what we had learned The farmers who attended the Institute were very generous with their ap- plause and we felt encouraged after playing for such an appreciative audience Our high stepping drum major, Gordon Sorenson, and his maJorettes, Josephine Potton, Mary Coon and Henrietta Walter, have mastered the fine art of baton twirling and add color and dash to many parades. All seniors apparently have the same bad habit they graduate. We will bid fare- well to seven this year. Next year the Juniors will be seniors and so we'll never be without band members from the fourth year class. P C - 232 J' l I ax? " 'Q FH5 J 6535 5 f.. I 2: ' . ' - . 3 . - . 5: . ' : ' . 3 . ' 4: I ' . - . - . - . it CM SCM an Row D Trickey, clarinet, J T1mm,cornet T 8pses,basa, K Sels1ng,clar1net, H Potton, alto, P Curr1er,cornet B Hakes,cornet, M Wa 11er,c1ar1net, Row Director, Mr VanSant, J Pickhardt cornet S Petrick, clarinet, R Coon,bar1tone, D Wallnsr,cornet M Det1or,clar1net R Caves,saxaphone, Row 5 L Goodwin, trombone, H Bartels,cornet, G F1est,cornet, C 'as1er,saxaphone R Stainbrook Saxaphone, L Erdman, alto J UN lofi BAN D Every morning as you enter tne ecnool building you can near olasts and shrill sounds coming from tne band room Mr van Sant is patiently coacning the beginners We're telling you now tnat's why he's got cotton in nls ears the first period! lnrougnout the day you can hear the same sounds as these fine young musicians practice every spare moment Every now and then a student hears tne sweet sounds that his classmates can make and he gets the urge to pick up a tromoone, clarinet, or some other instrument Lo and behold! all they get are a couole of grunts or scueaks but with Mr. Van Sant's patient guidance in a few days, they too, can play songs witn a good tone. Yes, tnese young people are discovering that they can seen ano find, 'Fun and Popularity Through Music. Mr. Van Sant is giving individual lessons oecause an accompllsned musician will soon oe his reward. - 6 fr' '7 4, Q .5 , 1 . ..- 4, ' - Y - Q A Q f - I a I 1' a A .o Al X., vu ' --,, , .A , , K Q ol . ' 1 - t . W A ,f tjvbflfz, ' I' V lo e . u n s Q s , o Q -v . - . 5 . - . l z - 20 Q 1 o Q e , , a . 0 . . n o , o , n : o ' s ' o ' o J I Q o 5 0 1 I e . 1 I -. Q Row L Booth, N Pearson, B Rehwinkls, C Detlor, L Goman, P Glaman, J Lamb, M Weeeli, B Goult, B Abbott, J Turner Row D Stainbrook, E Btacko, J Pctton, J Hetzel, B Weldon, P Vroman, B Hollingsworth, D Hetzel, L Wallner, P Elliott E Congelliere, A Kollock, J Rowsamg L Erdman, M Doherty Row D Freigang, V Grubber, M Coon, M Lea, J Wanichek, K Kollock, M Wanlchek, D Keenlance, R Polzln Nu .Flo fl The peculiar sounds you hear as you pass the English room are the voices of the thirty seven female warblers If you glance in you will see Mrs Conover waving her hand in the 811' trying W keep these squeaklng voices together Just look a little farther and you will see Margaret Doherty making the keys come lose and the piano JUMP This year we entertained the public at ChP18tm8B time Dorothy Keenlanoe related the ancient Christmas story while members of the chorus sang appropriate carols During the second semester we worked on selections for a concert with Almond and Hancock It was a fine program and was presented in each of the three towns Next year the chorus will greatly miss Bonnie Abbott, Dorothy Keenlance, Joan Wanichek, Mary Wesell, Myrna Feist, and Patsy Vroman, our high pitched sopranos We will also lose Marjory Wanichek, Betty Weldon and Joyce Turner, some fine alto singers Margaret, our piano pounder, is forsaking us for a teacher's training course and will leave the Plainfield High School piano for another nimbled finger accompanist 1: 0 ' o ' 0 ' 0 . 0 ' 0 I 0 , 2: : .' o . ' I ' 0 ' 0 . ' . Row 3: Director, Mrs. Conoverg M. Feistg C. Bpaffordg R. Rothermelg M. Congelliereg 4, 2 . . ' . . ' . 0 I . ' . , ' . rn! I ol 9 s e 1 -8 'i'!vl"i wig .nn ' e Ol! ll M . O C C ' Q U W e 3 e - 3 I1 . 'Q I 5 W 1 X: ' , 'W d , 5, . .- m 5 H 0 . m , F' 5.4 , ' e , ? a . 5 e e ' 1 . U . UD rr ' X' zz' ft Q '- F' m d . 5 ' ' .. ' . 1, , - , I ' Q ' E - Q 'I L . e Q e Q f ' .. . ., Ir- M V I O . , ,V o f . . I ' ' sf f V., V1 Row 1 J Rowsam Manager D Indermuehle R Stalnbro k R H t l G Ge 2 Kelley' J Sullivan, D Rehwlnksl, c Scanla3,,Asst emigager, A afesman, oac Row 4 D Lewallen, M Dewitt, A Kamlnski, C Callahan, R Marsh, ' " 5JA.,K1:1'.-JALI Thirty two eager candidates answered Coach Leaman's call for basketball players on November first However, although Pla1nf1eld's squad was long in number it was shor in men with game experience Six veterans had graduated from last year's squad All ear this weakness kept popping up as the boys lost games they shouldn't have because Y they just d1dn't know what to Q0 at a given time Starting the season well, Plainfield defeated Wild Rose and Almond easily and lost a heart breaker, 50 to 29, to Port .dward s veteran five, who even tually tied with Adams Friendship for the conference title It looked as if Plainfield wasn t going to do too badly thi luck hit Bob Hetzel and Ray Kelley dropped out of competition for nearly the rest of the season with pneumonia and a bad knee respectively Losing these two veterans really wrecked the team From here on, the boys hit a losing streak, which they snapped only twice, by beating Almond in the only conference game they managed to win and repeated their win over Wild Rose 26 to 23 Next year Pla1nf1eld's fortunes should take quite an upswing from the won 4, lost 17 record of this year Although Hetzel, Kelley, DeWitt, Rehwinkel, Marsh, Gear, and Glaman graduate, there are six to eight good underclassmen returning The Eagles can look forward to flying quite a lot higher next year At the close of the season the basketball team elected Jack Sullivan as their honorary captain for the '46 '47 season Jack, who is a junior and will be back next year, was the one high scorer for the Plainfield Eagles t '1 .. Q ' f 4: 'Y Row 1 Coach, A Leaman, R Conover, J Webster, M Hansen, W Muschinski, G Billman 'T' .BASKE IBALL The B squad made up mostly of Freshmen and Sophomores with a sprinkling of Juniors and Seniors at times showed more basketball ability than their big brothers on the A squad Often beat but never out fought the boys definitely give hopes of their fit ting in well with the returning members of the A squad Dick Lewallen, Glenn Billman, Don Rumpel, Jim Huber, Dick Van Sant, Bob Conover, Jim Webster, Phil Hansen, Bob Pickering, Bernhard Junior, Ray Coates, Bill Fitz, Merle Hansen, Sandy Alfery and Dick Indermuehle all showed possibilities among the under classmen These young eagles really look like they should develop into something a lot tougher and stronger O PLAINFIELD H5 X 'S I 3 - R -A I Row 2: J: Huber, 5. Van Sant, F. Alfery, D. Rumpel, P. Hansen. I P 0 e 5 Row 1 R Schullst, J Lewallen, H Kollgck C Erdman, G Bozell R Pionke, Coach Mr Hullen ROW 2 F' Lewallen, D Abbott, B Currier, H Palik, L Lewallen GRADE ."5'AS'.K."SJ'BALL Hanging up a terrific record of 17 wine and 6 losses, first place in one tourna ment and a second in two others, Pla1nf1eld's scrappy little graders proved the sur priee team of the year. Always underrated because of their lack of size, the boys made up for it with determination and speed that wouldn't be denied. After dropping 3 of their first 6 games under their new coach,the boys finally hit their stride to run up a string of 12 straight wins before Wautoma stopped them in the finale of the Westfield tournament. This was quite an improvement over their record of 6 wins and 14 losses of lest year. Continuing their good play in tournaments the boys won 6 games and lost 2 to complete a very successful year. The ten boys that carried the main load were Les Ellis, Bob Plonke, George Rozell, Gil Erdman, Ray Schulist, Bill Currier, Jack Lewallen. Floyd Lewallen, Lloyd Lewallen and Henry Kollook. The outstanding quality of the team was a wonderful sense of team play that left a lot of other teams puzzled as to how they did it. If these boys will stick together with the attitude they have towards each other and keep their seriousness for basket oall Plainfield is going to have the team to beat in the conference before long. , . f 'C 5 , 4 . . - . 1 I 4 , A 0 I . ' . ' . Q , ' , 3 ' . 1 - 0 ' e : . ' . ' . - , - , , . D 4 - B J Turner, J Rowsam P Rothermel, D Garrett L Llesberger, L Erdman, V Scott, W Weseli, N Pearson, Miss Trindal, Coach I u RLS nr SAF .df We donned our tee shirts and shorts one w1nter's day and invaded Wild Rose The speed, power and strength of our opoonents were ton much for us and we had to admit defeat, 14 to 5 Our next Journey was down Hancock way Our hearts were broken when we looked at the final score, 19 to 20 The game was a thriller but losing by one point is hard to take just ask the boys, they know how we felt We are to play return games with both of these teams We'1l be out for scalps this tlme so watch your step, Hancock and Wild Rose here we come! if J' Donna Garrett, Sherry Hollingsworth, Josephine Patton CHEERLEADERS fl N' Hx ' 'rx - i 'gg I r .1 ' do V ,L .M 1 1 ff A Row How Row Row Casler Glaman Vroman Rumpel Q' R Conover, R Indermuehle, 4 Dewitt, A Kaminski, C Scanlan, R Pallk G Czlaplneki, J Huber, R Van Sant J Doherty B Junior, Coach, M Snyder, R Stainbrook, J Sullivan, P Hansen, G Billman, C Callahan, R Hetzel, M Van Sant R Lewallen R Marsh R Kellev D Rehwinvel G Gear M Hansen The fall baseball new men making their classical old rivals difficulty in taking P1 "I" P: .of 2:1.'..uA...L season was rather short and snappy for Plainfield with several appearance in the nucleus of last seaeon'e regulars We met two in Hancock and Almond in regulation competition and had little home the victories In the Hancock game Plainfield got off to a bad start and ran into trouble against Hancock's bats right away, with a deficit of five runs to overcome in the fourth inn ing The opponent's hurling wea'ened in the fourth and the locals were able to touch the best they had to o fer for nine runs, which gave them the margin of 9 to 5 at the close of the contest DeWitt, stepping into Adame's berth behind the plate, turned in a good performance and we hope will develop into a steady head for the spring League play Blllman shows a good deal of promise on his appearance in the field Kelley on the mound recovered after the first two frames and worked a steady game. The second tilt with Hancock turned into quite a rout, with Plainfield taking every advantage to roll up a score of ll to 4. New entrants into the lineup were especially proficient with the stick, Indermuehle driving in a run in the second, Lewallen re peated in the third, and Bernie Junior in the sixth. Callahan turned in a sensational performance at center field in a tie with Kelley in hitting honors at 750 per cent. Almond fell before the Plainfield combination in the laet game of the eeaeon October 16, with a one sided count of ll to 2. Although the home was only able to p11g up gn aggregate of 9 hits to A1mond'e 6, they came at the right time to produce a landslide for P.H.B. 1 ' if J f ' ' ' 1, 3' A Q Q ,1 ' s 5 Je S SL - .2 I "Q- . D ' If 5-. , G .ft tif X 'l ,- '.' wx xx, ' ,nf 1: C. 3 . ' . ' I. . ' . P . ' R. 3 . . 22 D. g . ' . ' . 5 . , g . ' D. . 35 e ' e . e ' . ' . ' 4: : : .. .: .. : . : .. . Row 1 Row 2 Row 5 Activity 100 dash Hansen, B Tibbetts, R Coates, D Rehvinkel, B Junior, J Webst r, Vroman Kelley, E Meyer, G Blllman, F Alfery, J Junior, J Huber, J Dohert Van Sant, R Petrusky, Mr Leaman Rowsam, W Fitz, R Marsh, M DeWitt, R Hetzel, Callahan, R Stainbrook r ll .f 1iAv.A. wls Rapids Timm Dewitt Callahan Westfield Invitational Timm M Hansen Marsh Westfield Conference R Lewallen, Wie Rapids District State Y: 40 dash Harsh 1 Marsh 2 Sullivan Tibbetts Marsh 2 dash Hetzel Hetzel 2 Stainbrook Hetzel 3 Stalnbrook hetzel V118 wun 1 Hansen l Stalnbrook P Hansen Marsh 3 P Hansen M Hansen P Hansen Marsh 5 P Hansen Broad Jumo Harsh Conover Billman Stalnbrook Marsh Billman Hetzel Marsh Hetzel High Jump Pole Vault Polzln 1 Timm Rehwinkel Polzln l Polzln Polzin Polzin 2 Polzin 1 Polzin 2 Polzin Polzin 1 Polzin New record for Class I lol C 5 Shot u Folzin 5 Cornwell Maves Folzln Dlscus Polzin Dewitt 5'W1tt Hurdles High 6 Low Dewitt 2 Timm 3 Rehwinkel 5EWlzz 1 Tlmm 1 Dewitt 2 Timm 2 DeWitt 3 continued on page 51 Tlmm 3 lov D. . : R. . , , , . . D. . , , : J. . . . , , C. . . ' u 'll yd. 260 yd. dash I B. Hansen , I 1 yd. seo a. ' so Y If 1 1 11 P t ' 1 e il ! - -4- ' Row Pearson M Everett L Wallner, A Sullivan, L Liesbergsr, Wesell, J Turner Row Kollock B Rasmussen, L Erdman, R Leavitt P Hetzel D Hetzel Row Doherty, P Webster, J Wanichek, K Kollock, V Grubber, King Miss Trindal Row Stainbrook, E Stacko, C Indermushle, J Wing, S Hollingsworth, Glaman GIRLS BASE. 55, LL 'Casey at the Bat' cou1dn't hold a candle to the Plainfield batters when we trounced Almond Lady Luck frowned on ue when we met Hancock on their home field and we came home with heads hanging But skill and expert coaching by Misa Trindal rewarded us with a victory over our epponents from the south they were snowed under on our own playground Spring is here and with it new hopes for fun and success on the baseball diamond 'Y .4a. 4- ' ' ' l N 1: N. . . . . . . M. . . 2: A. , . . . , . , . L. Goman. 5: M. - . . . . J. , . 4: D. . . . . P. ' 'X D S NAJSJ-lo IS W C994 ,64oaf7.6....df.Ja.?v?Ad QM, Jff-ffwfff 5 if? fn EL' A-8',E,-n.4,!f Za, .al Ngnzzduolxf Wal 4 i a 194-ffcz.. Z,-91 AQu,,,,, J56,,,,1,f JLMMV -9-na-uf J -f - .1 U If i Q b bn 'hi' 4 .K .,,,,,f V + p k, ' A -4 1' wfiggz' , f M' " SH , hy y . . . , :, , . 1 wr M1 !6'477'f""L f ,,7,Q.4z44fff M... 77'7""'m" .1 Q I ' .f :ff ' 'Q 'Zag ' A ' A N. f 3, n , i Av . K 44.0.7 , 'Lizzy 7-c.a,ar,. ar. 174221 WMMMW CA-4"'y,4.a-red! Jmygf .FFP XXMJVJWM U nf 4z.....4 ,zuwfwdf ODA, Top Row Lewallen, R Schullst, E Footlt, P Hqtzel, C Wagner, R JohnB0D Everett, B Johannes, J Osterhaus C Tibbetts, J Lewallen, Lewallen How 5 Rozell, B Muchlnski, D Wallner, R Ellis, M Belke, D Grubber Erdman, H Pionke, H Kollock, E Cyzlaplnskl, G Meyers Row Hathermel, T Doherty, J Reid, H Pallk, G Rozell, J Dubke Krumwiede, G Junior, P Franks, J Vroman, F Tlbbetts Row Coon, J Dubke, J Hollingsworth, L Woodward, D Lamb, W Currier Callahan C Polzln, B Trlckey U 'D I 4' 7'.fr.l 0 .l'.r.l uairwf Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse had spent the delightful summer of 1946 quartered in the light, spacious, sound proof band room and looked forward to the month of Septem- ber with more than a little mlsglvlng The morning of September 4th arrived and Mickey and Minnie grudgingly retired to the northwest corner of the band room behind the book case and anxiously waited Mickey, 'M1nn1e, here comes someone ' Minnie, peering out with beady eyes, spied a 'stout old girl' entering the room 'She aets as though she owns the place and intends to stay here,' said Minnie 'Here come some more people Look at them come,' said Mickey, 'and they seem at home,too ' 'You count them, M1okey,' said Minnie, 'because you know I can only count to twenty five and it looks like there'll be two times that many ' Mickey started, 'One, two, three,' until he finally reached fifty one, then stopped Counting to fifty one is not a bad feat for a mouse, and there were to be several other things nearly as spectacular occurring during the year When Mickey had finished the counting for Minnie, she assumed a very worried look while saying, 'Where, Mickey, are we to live in this crowded room? You must find one less crowded for we could never have a family here, the children would soon be tram- pled to death.' Like other hen peeked husbands, Mickey searched nightly for a more favorable, less crowded place. He finally discovered the history room on the second floor. There did seem to be more spacewdthln Mr. Leaman's room, so Mickey and Minnie moved in and all went well for a week or two. One morning at 8:60, Minnie was astonished at the commotion, and peeping out beheld boys, girls, desks, and Mrs. Rathermel, all moving into the room, and Mr. Leaman, and all his belongings, moving out, and down to the band room. 'I just won't move aga1n,' said Minnie, 'I hate moving and besides, what good does it do, there just is no place in this whole building big enough to - continued on page 50 1 - D ? i 3 .' X I Y Q V 3 ' ,Qc ,3 ,v as e h 1 : f 3 . ' 'il '.dH,x ' 5 , g f , l : Le e e he ' ' 7 A. . . . . . F. . . : Ge e U ' ' ' ' Go e e e e I 2: F, Q e e e 0 I J, .... e 1: R. a Q . . e 9 B. 1 - ' 0 I Ol l r' 5 f ll I Waupaca was a v1s1tor at Plalnfield ton1gnt and nad the privilege to Crx L !.'. .Url .IQ NOVEMBER We went to Wild Rose and our team came out with flying colors' What a thrill The team played a game tonight at Port EGWBPGB and after a close and thrilling fame were defeated by only one point A game was played at Almond and our team finally, after a hard and bitter struggle pulled away to wir the victory The Journalism Club gave their first party of tne year 'bandy Land' This turned out to be a success Westfield came to Plainfield tonight to win a victory over tne Plain field five even though our feam was fighting all the way say UHSY defeated our team Tnenksglvlng is here once more The part that all of the students like is vacation from school and all of the luclous turkey dinners DECVMBER At Plainfield a non conference game was played with Wautoma The Plainfield fans were disappointed to lose by only one point Plainfield went to Green Lake and had tough luck Ray Kelley twisted his knee and the day after the game Bob Hetzel became ill with pneu monia This was quite a loss to An easy victory was won to night is much improved since last year Montello were victorious as they The Senior Class sponsored a Har the team over the Wild Rose team This team came as visitors to Plainfield tonight Times Party which was one of the 4 most successful things of the year The orchestra was Henry and His Melody Kings and the good music was enjoyed by all At Westfield tonight the basketball team was defeated The Juniors were very busy to day getting the hall ready for the Christmas Party this afternoon Everyone had a very enjoyable after noon, especially knowing that they were having a vacation for a while JANUARY Happy New Year' Slinger and Pewaukee basketball teams arrived this afternoon Pewaukee boys were guests of Plainfield students and Sllnger players were entertained by Wautoma Slinger romped all OVSI' UB w8UtOlll8 V8.8 V1CtOl'1OU8 We went to Wautoma and suffered another crushing defeat by Pewaukee Wautoma redeemed the 7C conference honors by whipping Slinger We kissed the boys goodbye and will look forward L0 getting our r venge next year when Nautoma and Plainfield are scheduled to invade Sllnger and Pewaukee Almond hit the dust tonight, 31 22 Joe Ellies arrived with his Lyceum program on the Island of Java. Several students were dressed up as Javanese. Some fun! Over at Wautoma the boys had a real battle losing oy the narrow margin 50 28. Were they lucky! Semester exams finally through, we look forward to the next semester, 29 Old Man Winter howled today, school remained closed except for a few brave skiers. 31 Omro came over to win a close game, 23-21. 12 .ll ' 15 Q 19 ' l 20 ' ' 22 27 4 g ' . 23 g "5 6 U . 0 .15 V' 14 20 ' 2 . . 3 4 . . 17 26 23 84 FEBRUARY Another good game Adams Friendship defeated us by a 42 56 score The seniors came all slicked up as the graduation pictures were taken Oh' those Christmas neckties Our final game at Port Edwards, we took quite a beating 32 46 The seniors had a Masquerade Ball, it was a great success Larry doodoury furnished the music Prizes were given for the best costumes First game of the tournament We played Marion, we were behind 10 points at the half, but came back in the last cuarter to lose by one point We played Iola, another close game with us on the bottom 29 63 Torrens and Phvllis Vveryone was entertained by the tricks and drawings MARCH Grade Tournament at Westfield Our slick little team cleaned up on 'ontello 26 8 Next, they played Oxford and walked away with high score 54 l6 The toughest competition was hautoma, who beat them and therefore, walked away with the championship Plainfield held second place This is the day Nr Krueger came and took the group pictures for the annual All day long students were slipping back and forth to a mirror to make sure every hair was in place and their neckties were tucked in just rlght It was really a hard day's work to pose and pose for so many pictures, buf we think that we were doing it for a very good cause, Our Echo Student court members were elected from the various classes The Rowsam, Juniors lnthony Kaminski and Seniors Vargaret Doherty These people have the right to ntlcketn an offender upon the request of any classmate The court is ln the experimentation stage but we hope it will succeed We had a very lntere ting forensic contest here at school There were 14 contestants Of these, 6 were selected by the judges to re present Plainfield in the contest at Wild Rose Our representatives mere Oratory Luella Liesperger, Ertemporaneous speaking Alice Kol lock, Extemporaneoue reading Richard Van Sant, Serious Declamatory Doris Woodward, and Margaret Doherty, Huroroue Declamatorv Lucille Booth We think they did very well and hope they win honors at Wild Rose next Monday The Junior Class sponsored the 'Uncle Louie Show' with a dance after ward It was very much enjoyed by all and the Juniors profited by it. The FFA boys, under the guidance of Mr Mullen, boarded a school bus and went to Madison to watch the championship basketball games between Beloit and Hurley and a consolation game between Madison East and Neenah They enjoyed a long day, since it was 1 40 Sunday morning when they landed back ln Plainfield Today was forensic contest at Mild Rose We were well represented with speakers and interested students and parents We did not win any high ratings, but our speakers were given an opportunity to hear other school contestants and practice speaking where the competition is keen The Student Court held its first session today It is just getting under way and we think it will be a really good court working for the betterment of all 26 Circus Day!! At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, we all went down to the hall to see the circus. It was a very splendid performance and was enjoyed by high school and little kids alike. 7 . fl . ' ' 13 15 . 20 . 21 ' 24 ' 7 ' H Il . I - ll representatives are: FreshmaneR1chard Van Santg Sophomores-Jeanne 12 14 ' 15 ' 17 ' 18 rl UM " K Ray Gustln Tell me does your lipstick -' come off easily? 1 Pat Glaman , I always put up a fight GGQ91' Carol Indermuehle A man tried to kiss me last night Marjorie Lea Did you slap his face? . . Carol Indermuehle Yes after he got j through ins. S, VS f f .1 l5A5ggQf fx N If sli::::lP fl " Sf J .Jli w Laverne Kealiher What is the date teacher? Mrs Goultz Never mind the date finish the exam Laverne Kealiher I just wanted to have A something right on my paper Seventh and Eighth Grade 'Great news,' shouted Mighty Mouse, as he darted into the room, 'the graders have won second place in the basketball tournament Hurrah! for the graders! Hurrah! for the coach, Mr Mullenl' Then off he flew Days crowded into weeks, spring came and Mickey and Minnie took a three day vaoa tion Upon their return, the blackboards, walls, and even windows were covered with drawings and pxctures made by the graders Minnie eavesdropped to learn that an art exhibit was approaching The best of the pictures were to be selected by five judges and be sent to the Milwaukee Journal Contest Those having pictures sent were Donna Hetzel, Jeans Dubke, Jane Dubke, Carol Polzin, and Barbara Fitz lhile Minnie fumed about the crowded conditions, five students withdrew and this helped some April 2nd arrived and while Minnie was preparing breakfast and Mickey was still sleeping Mighty Mouse arrived with, 'Hurray, old friends, housing conditions will soon improve for the Union Free High School was carried ln the referendum vote. Get up, Migkiy, you-lazy rascal, and keep me posted on big events among these graders from now un June. ' J ix Qlglls 1 2 2 . 0' CL as we s ,Q !g ' XII' an 'E' pf 5 1" I , 4' Q I 91? 5 8 , ff 2 I Q Q ' V 6 7 Ii 3 "5'2 IQ i':'A :2f:? 'f' in 2:11 421555: ":.ZI7' 15:5 "22j:5'53.3:f1fil'i:5f' -. ,,, , '- '-:iff Q' f iff? , 4:23 ' 47 Iflill 4J ', I 9 N Marvin Dewitt: I'm going home for a dark dinner. Dick Marsh: Why a dark dinner? Marvin Dewitt: Because I had X - a light lunch. 9' Mary Coon I always stand in front of the mirror with my eyes closed Jack Sullivan What for? Mary Coon On I just want to know what I look like when I'm asleep lliiil Nancy Pearson Should I tell my boy friend that I'm ticklishf Rosemary Polzin No, 1t'e more fun if he finds out for himself iii!!! Track Relay Hansen Hansen Hansen Scanlan Hetzel 1 Hetzel 1 Hetzel 1 He zel 1 Polzin Polzin Polzin Polzln larsh Marsh Marsh The 1947 track season is just beginning so you'll have to However the track men now faithfully oractlcing daily at the gym are C tes 440 yard dash, Marsh wait until next vear for Lewellan lOO yard das , , Stalnbrook, 880 run, Hansen, mile run, Hetzel, Marsh, broad jump Re w , Jump Conover, Tibbetts, Callahan, pole vault, Fitz, Coates, Kelley, shot put, Dewitt, Kelley, Coates, Fitz, discus Deiltt, Blllman, hurdles a I . 1 2 I ' . I - ' 1 O t the results. . , , K : , h' Stainbrook 200 yard dashg Marsh, oa , ' ' ' 3 h inkel high I . AU'IOGIxAPJ-I

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