Tri County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Jamesport, MO)

 - Class of 1957

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5 1 is fa M- :lk -fi! in 4 'HH R 1 -mm a+ W 1 1 Rf sf 4-N' im I M2548 A ,,., S v .J 2 5 A ' if " 2 PRESENTED by THE SENl0R CLASS of TRI-C HIGH SCHO0L Left to Rlght Randall Mlnnlck, J 4 Thompson, Marvln Fender Nevln Smlth, Orvllle Burton, Sldney Lockrldge, Don Richmond, Suwerlntendent, Ezra Foster dent eflnten fl! d Suv Ma 7-, Don Rmcb-'non 'SeCI'et'ar 'lefvln 0 gon O I F' S vada PHS ' wif' s,,,l'i'2def'1, S B V h P 5 S 1' -Zoe bride Pj-ea S81 SU1-e S725 Don R1ChmOHd Superlntendent U iv f B S In Education Eva Trimble Eng11sh, Speech B S In Education ilfaculig 1' James T Montague Principal, Science D T , Biology B S In Educat1on Norman Pearson Muslc B S In Educatlon ni'1f" Mizella Pearson Frank lowland Commerce Voc Agriculture B S In Educat1on B S In Agriculture fx TW" ii vf! X. Ogaretta Greenwood George Kling JGPFY Greene Voc, Home EC, Social Studies Soc1al Studies B. S. In Education Coach Mathemam-CS M. ED. Univ. of MO. B, S, In Education B' S- In Educativn 'L 3 I n I ':N Q 'R f 1 iff. wx V! jg X ,J X' ' uwjlnfj ' Eligu I .- f.. bs ncr, B. , - 71? n . ga 1 M. A. n . 0 K. c. it S 'S f Q' . . . . . gm . . Ig?IEfff,i Q 5ff n I 5 4.9: if ,eww F AM' X 3 . . s Q t" 4 -,VJ Q IEIIIIJI' -:P J L Eckelberry WI'm a smart guy, but I have a hard tlme COHV1HC1Hg anyone Class Vice Pres Class Play 3 Chorus l,2,n, Joe R0b1HSOH WHe suffers from hlgh blonde pressure Q K o en 1 Class Presldent WNo slnner, no sa n Basketball 2 3 h perhaps, but then the Softball 2 3vh Class Play 3 very best of chaps Chorus l,2,3 h Student Body Pr-esldent Annual Staff Basketball l 2,3 Paper Staff Softball 2 3 A Class Play 3 Band 1,2 Chorus 2,3 A Annual Staff Jeanle Carpenter ...df N ersonality plus and intellectual mlnd nlcer glrl you cannot flnd W Ruth Lent Class Sec 5 Treas Basketball 2 3 A WI never thlnk of the Class play 3 future It comes soon Band 1 2,3 4 enough Chorus l,2,3 A Annual Bus Mgr Student Councll Rep Paper Staff Chorus l 2 3,L Annual Staff Paper Staff Elwood Black nThe harder I try, the gooder to be, the worser I am.W eQ" Student Council Rep. Class Play 3 Chorus l,2,3,h i f A -, '4 r f I . .Q H ' g X . .-o .' CR L ,5,q o c , fx? Q Y 5 K :Q TSU I I ffzo ' fy I Til Qs! 'lj '80, ' Q, gtg if Basketball 3,4 , is M9 n flfiqgg . A C L go . 1 ' ." ,Pg '1 . " l , A f?" 1 t 9 9 , 9 n . 9 Q :I+ 1 1 9 P ' ' ..-a 4 ' Q - n 0 ' , n 7 . 2 9 .71 , O C 1 i Colleen F1tch WChase me, boys, 'm full of fun at Basketball 3,L Chorus l,2,3,L Paper Staff if Larry Bashford Wwhy work longer, 1t' any 'K t1me to play chorus l,2,3,l+ ---N Paper Staff J W Garllck HBeware, I may yet fi? S I ' E . 0 U! 3 5 C'-11 M P '17 - 1, B Q : X ,fr EET. XX . L kyxr , rl for ----V 1 5 V a.. as my X at Q 2, ggw, V f ' s l , y , .N M ' -4, if do f Q l some 1n sensa iona . y iqgfwzkg th' 5 U 1 H 4 M,r2.MwM ?5?'TEQ2 "'- ' . , . km,- 'i?1g'f5gj V". x V ,K . n . 5 ' C , 'v ' X 1+ P7 A XNn 1 V as A -f ' D I . ix fy gk :fs Class Play 3 Chorus l,2,3, in-fws, We Sharon H111 'uw nHave a good time wh le 11v1ng because be dead a long you're you'll t1me H Chorus Annual l,2, Staff Paper Staff .4llllllll i'l ,152 Mary Jo Stlth WLaugh E the world laughs with you, cry k you cry alone Class Play 3 Chorus l,2,3,b Annual Edltor Paper Ass't Ed Rex Garr 'Someday I may be ambitious W Basketball 2,3 A Class Play 3 Chorus l,2,3 L Paper Staff , ax -sf' Wayne Sutton Ulf you've got the money, honey, I've got the time.n Basketball 3,h Chorus l,2,3,b Loreen Gould 'A young lady who blushes lS better than one who turns pale W Class Play 3 Chorus l,2,3 I+ Paper Staff Jlmmle Offleld nHe's certaln to be seen wherever fun and m1SCh1ef beam Class Play 3 Chorus 1,2 3 A Annual Staff Betty Waterbury 'Don't be too serious for it's wrong Take l1fe easy and you'll l1ve long W :vu Ah Class Reporter Basketball l 2 3 A if Softball 1,2 Band l,L Chorus l 2 3 L, Annual Adv M r in-1" 8 Paper Staff Betty Marie Stoller Nwith her talent success has an easy path.W Class Play 3 Band 1,3,h Chorus l,2,3,L Annual Staff Paper Staff Maxine Cox UHonor 15 her standard perfectlon her goa Class Play 3 Band l 2 3,A Chorus l,2,3 A Annual Ass't Edltor Paper Ed1tOT if., 7 ' 1 Y! C I 7 , . . . . A , ,, N V U Y I Q f Q 1 1 l u I 'Zilla s 9 1 8 -i Ji,f"A , , , .. Q AV ' 5 ff' A fy Qgr 725 Q5 +P Mavis nLike often Neese a wise old bird ' seen but never , X 'J 6 heard.W " Frances Huston 'A good g1rl 1 qulet H Chorus l 2 Paper btaff 4110 vga ..-sv r Chorus l,2,3,l+ 'd 'I' ....,,,, always R N Peggie Macrander nHer heart 15 like a trolley Always room for one more Chorus l 2,3 1+ "A Annual Staff au, Paper Staff Freddy Lawson WA qulet man he doesn't snore 1n class W Class Play 3 Chorus 1 2 3 4 'Women dlstu not H Chorus 1 2 I BOU1t8 Thomas -, WEat, drink and be -qgr merry, for tomorrow we d1et H Chorus l 2,3 L Paper Staff x I I . 3 2 , .M ku . 11- , I 7 "M" , . .S 1 , .M va dm D I Q 6 'Yr , Ira Woody ' ' rb me . k - , ,3,1+ bil ' ew 3 P Y X 0 9 l Ann Maxwell nIt's nlce to be natural when you're naturally nlce H Class Play 3 Chorus l,2 3,4 Paper Staff Janet K1mberl1ng 'Sugar and sp1ce a everythlng nlce One be sprlnkled w1th r1ce Chorus 1 2,3 L Paper Staff Leah Ann Urlck Ulf sllence 1S broke W Band 1,2 Chorus l 2 3 Annual Staff Paper Staff vold, 'm Mary Anna Call NI don't know anythlng about anythlng, yet, but I'l1 soon flnd out ' Band l,2,3 Chorus 1,2 3 A Annual Staff Paper Staff Mrs Trlmble NF1rst word what page9W Senlor Sponsor . . . 7 1 1 7 lf gi ' .' nd of these days she'1l - ' . . . n u 9 Q ij I . 1 I , ' ,M Y 1 7 LP n QQ? JUNIUR Larry Llrda Donna Karen Brown Burton Coober Cooper Pat Dunham Leland Foster J1m George Janet Gould Judy Hagek Frances Hover Jerry K61+h Flora Lee Sylvla Matthews Joyce Maxwell Gloria Pittman Delbert Reeter Delores Reeter Gene Urick Bob Waterbury Larry Whlte Donna Wllson Not Shown Larry Osborne B111 Carpent r Mack Jones J1m Honey D1x1e Booth Robert Taylor Bill Trimble 1.1.5 i -ve' 4 .M 4 T 'bv' fi 605 1 'O' 'UK Larly Baxter Pearl Bryan Erman Call Pat Carpenter Charlotte Coy Janlce Fender Marllyn Fltch Iargaret Garllck Glen Deen Gates Garland Groom J1m Harrlngton Albert Howland Luella Lockrldge Cllfl Mchahan Charlotte M1115 Iona NcKown Evelyn Moore Larry Nowland Harold Offleld Dee Plxley Barbara Robertson larvln Saul Wllbert SISVCF Lyle Splllman Wllma Stlth Duane Thompson Charlene Thompson Allce Utter Cllff Utter Janet w118S Mr Greene lSponsor5 Mr ontague KSponsorJ We all M61V1H Akers Carolyn Allen Janlce Barnes Donna Dix ftrly Doughty Robert Foster Deanna Gordon Sandra Gott lrl arper 'alen Henderson Barbara H111 Ruby Huston Pat Kearns Rose Lam on Olen Lee Betty L nt Karen NcCrary Loren DcCr ry Mayne hlnnlck Darrell Prothero Jerry Reeter hartha Saul Jerry ahlers sue Waterbury Harold Wllson Br Nowland Not Shown larry Ball arry Eads J1m Odell Blackle Reed K' 45 fa RPM' FA CU r 'QS' FHfFF ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Vlvian Eads Maryville State College Grade 6 Mary E Clark Southwest Baptist College William Jewell College Grade L Lola E Rlchards Northwest Mlssouri State College Grade 8 Marie Estelle Ware B S in Education Warrensburg State College Ele. Princlpal Hazel Lee Planck Maryville State College Grade 1 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RICHT Frleda Mae Neely B S 1n EdUC8t1OH Trenton Jr College Kirksville State Teachers Grade 2 Joyce Dixon Trenton Jr College Maryville State College Grade 3 Helen C Muller Friends Universlty Eldorado Junior College Grade 5 Peggy Smith Central State College Trenton Jr. College Grade 7 College if , ,. 1 4. RV L f-.M14 5 N za , y Lu it ' , . , A Y V" 'M' N, ,,, , , fx. , .,, . tj u s ' Q O O . . I O O O I O O Wa J 'FV N1 'X Hazel Lee Planck lTeachersJ Flrst Row L to R Richard Maxwell, Dav1d Coy, Dav1d Crltten, Larrie Terry, Ervln Dean Crltten, Roger Gutshall, Gerald Ray Souders, Alan Terhune Second Row Delores Lee, Maglel Smlth, Dav1d Fender, Larry Nancy Thlrd Jlmmy Dean Tague, Deanna Eckelberry, 'llma Bontrager, Schrock, Llnda Macrander, Teresa Ehly Row George Berry, Jlmmy Ranes, John Grady, Lonnie Henson, Tedlock Frieda Mae Neely f W First Row L to R Roman Schrock, Billy Joe Lent, Billy Hill, Keith Terry, Harry Dale Boyle, Donnie Harrington Second Row Vada Ruth Lollar, Deanna Gould, Kathy Davis, Donna Rlchmond, Margaret Spears, Jo Ann Ranes, Jerry Craven, Cheryl Williams, Rhonda Watson, Linda Earles Third Row: Karen Chrlstopher, Stephen Henson, Troy Harrington, Marjorie Saul, Vicki Smith, Albert Terhune, Kenneth Lockridge, Wayne King, Johnny Huskey, Larry Stith. 0 1 4 9,3 Q-Q4 VI., 'Q 1 L IX c I ' 'M Q x J 4.4 'fx b . Qliufv ', ,,' ' ' Q . , A - , 33,, t.- ' ll I go N hd' 'I " "' L T H T X' ' -- 'M vi. Q "' '20 A 6- : .7 A s-N'V ' +5 ' 'lk ' 1 ., I - . " fi? ago , qt. , 4 I ' ' ' - 1' eww Joyce Dlxon CTeacherD " F1FSt Row L to R Jerry Smlth, Tommy Uilllams, Rolla Craven Danny Gordon, Mlcheal Spears " Second Row L to R Danny Lockrldge, Frleda Ann Slever, Mary Ann McCray, Susan Mllls, Judy Kllngensmlth, Ellene Langford, Elaine Langford, Lora Peters, Ronald Clevenger Thlrd Row L to R Rltha Souders, Connle Grady, Carl Terhune, Dav1d Prothero, Dw1ght Miller, Tommy Henson Not Shown Nevln Crltten Y Fl! JUS Mary lTeacherl Flrst Row L to R Eugene Kime, Steven Utter, Harry Lockridge, Earl Dean Lockrldge, John Rlchmond, Kelth Fender Second Row L to R D1x1e Waterbury, Nancy Mllls, Betty Saul, Dora Schrock, Brenda Harrlngton, Ina Macrander, Joyce McCrary, Judy Grady Third Row L to R Mlcheal Ehly, Jerry Barnes, Dennls Knapp, Rex Offield, Ronnie Terhune, Dav1d Berry, Micheal Huston, Homer Lollar Not Shown Ol1n Bontrager, Jewell Craven - 0 . n i , I - 7- ' -.' f, 6553, . : . . . x lf' ' ' ' x ' A I . 1 af' . . ' U 1 "5 3 fs if- , , b r qv 1 V " 'fra ' - " Q' .lx 1Qg - Q . J e 1654 4. Jw fu 1 5 R L -X ,4 'W .v s I 5. 'QQ' s 'M M 1 5' - 4 - .1 "- '., f Q l. P Seq , 4 V N.. -as ' N' ' b +9 1, 1- Q4 4' .. H 1 '-' Q Q K. If X121 -:- ' x' I., f . . . . O . : ' ' Helen Muller, teacher F1FSt Row L to R Jonas Schrock, J1mmy Schof1eld, James Grisamore, Dennls Gutshall, J W Brown, J0hI1 Dlx Second Row L to R James Coy, L1nda Reeter, Judlth Lee, Llnda Tol Sharon Earles, L1nda Slmpson, Carol Tr1mb1e, Walter Kearns Thlrd Row L to R Jlmmy Rader, Rlchard Spears, Alan Nlckell, Gary Stith, Frankie Husky, Larry Souders, Bobby McCray, Bllly Garr, Gary Zuber 10 ol! Vlvian Eads, teacher F1rst Row L to R Leland M1ller, Gary Simpson, Robert kann, Larry Saul, Jackie Henson, Jack Wiles, Nichael Downey Second Row L to R Jeannie Hamllton, Charlotte Mart1n Carolyn Berry Beth Long, Lena sem-oak, Gayle 11113, Llnda H111, Sinai H111, ' Sharon Foster Thlrd Row L to R Darryl Wllliams, Larry Jones, Anna Berry, Linda Utter, Joyce Wiles, Donnie Fox, Rex Nowland Iii i - K 0- -' r 0 - 1553, M' gg 5 'A ' , 'V "c-All 1 y, " . t f -- nts ' ,, "' ' A ' - QQ, , - - 'I ' QXZ? , f V Y y 067 ' ' A w f .fl ' ,JS ,Q J. y 1 D4 r V .1 V. - iq ' " ' 9 I A - . U I 1 t K I fi - 'fl' J. '. if D , Q- ' . lx psx I J , KQIL A . ,I 0 . 'XX KY Peggy Smith iteacherl F1rst Row L to R Melvln Saul, Roger Maxwell, Ronnle Scherer, Jerry Huston, B111 Bear, Alan Fender, and Leonard Long Second Row Jackle Hanes, Carol St1th, Nancy Waterbury, Betty Rader, Karen White, Dorthy Moore, Rosalee Lent, Mary Bontrager, Mary Brown, and Kathy Lockrldge Thlrd Row Margorie Lollar, Cynthia Zuber, Donna Klingensmlth, Mary Wlles, Mary Dix, Sharon Utter, Angelyn Saunder , rry, Shirley Crosky, and Nlna Prothero Norlne Te 9s W e ,Q .. wot?-Y wmenvll Lola R1chards lteacherl Leroy Mlller, Forrest Reeter, Junior Rader, and Danny Johnson Second Row Patty Saunders, Barbara Zuber, Violet Neese, Gene Black, Roma Crump, Karen Nlckell, Patr1c1a Nowland, and Frances Thomas Thlrd Row Duane Knapp, Owen Dale Osborne, Stephen Henderson, Marva Harrlngton, Rlchard Berry, Joyce Bryan, Betty Earles, and Ernest Utter . g . ' 4' Q9 Y r? I First Row L. to R: Robert Kearns, Gary Pittman, Pete Huskey, ' ' ,, . . HOW WE LO0KED THEN 2. il W IZ' HEW WE LO0K NOW .... ,4 '7 Q' Q x Qbm GRADE ELL Mildred Doughty N W State Collegen ww 4? Zelda Lockridge N N State Collegen U Fld GRADE Thelma McCray NN W State Collegen WW1l11am Jewell College WCameron Jr College l. Josephlne Greenwood WN W State College WK1dder Jr College U10 Wesleyann ggggoglfigley Mary Lawson B111 Dixson COOK BUS DRIVER BUS DRIVER V1 N :'. ,, .. o n . I vl. nUniversity of Mo.W N 1 l W l.......n l Q3 ni S- 'Bai-Xmzibah ront Row 1 to r M166 e Row 1 to r Mar11yn Fitch Lxnda urton oria Yittman Char otte Malls Ju ag Loreen Coul eanxe Carpenter anet N11es Betty Waterbury ce Utter Colleen Ext Frances Hover Janet Gou Back Row Center Coach K11ng 3 Hajek Waterbn u Judy C0-Captain Betty Co-Captain cond conference ga very News, ,All 4'-JAIBSBW The story ol the Jameson Trl 1 Count! zirl a X me a itlli different ll t on the winning end At t hs 28 minutes the score w Sz A two minute over tl I 4 played nly to sae the scor gain at 1 494 We than pl sudden oath Trl L. got the tlpf er and 1 kept control of the b Hajek poi' hlt a lay up makmg scorn 06 34 wlth Trl C ont Hayek was hugh f esport i'g:::?To J 24 porntn Ilaylor :gh for W S. on wxth 0 Domts xi Trl Coimty boys held' xnty aggrs vl wrv ann fmnl . - 177 ,,l. '1 ' , r X I ' .I J .o ' El .. . fl Er' :-I ' - ' sl ' , F L f I '- 'M 1 1 -- ' L . . I , A ' I d x A x fr l - 1 , ' Xu, 1 ' ' . L G 2 4 1153 . V '. 791 'h 'Q Bc V I a ' , Ti 't F' Ares' MM if Va fiom m' ,Q D A Aa i J v 3 l , J . D . . . fn. core was olen rac p Z5 Jamespofh ed Wmston Dom fu, md. e ua e 1 9 points In 3rd ory wal: the :pmt x 'ln4'l'0W' murneyed to I. to see a amesport. vs Hmrniton ecloee t 1 ht 1. gurl S game was won thmughfmg QQ w. a g..N 24 lead llajek was hr fmag qc fe Hayffzn on top Tolen for Tn C wrt B kelberrv 18 IW' acked u high for H ami Ito buses elimination 'mm mumam r niny Lathrop ndav n Qgmfwrt V Q to mrksvnlle, '55 amesport fans freezmg ram last fhursg to support ffl local wnh tonrna School game I M9 I0 'HZ point score Allhnugh hid out JMIH- nnft 'mlwllh me ton le tonk SCOFF KVHSV' over the lead tof the lead through mo nm, gm, Kly hung Kly Tolen llilfl 'Q .'., ffom from them ln thel nge form IDD 'U WOW" 27 P0 Jlmespcrt an -d 22 and Txndall ming, for nrksvxlle 'form hm lV9f'l!9d 33 game lo 15 this and names this set! Mm. me """""e0rd for lndlvm.. Ucnflnll Slncn the scheduled wrth Scheduled 1' om. mama nu been cancdled ha' bn" ' llddn will ally hero February 5. 353099 Basketball .SW-ff,,.,,..-if Row 1 to Front Row 1 to r B111 Trlmble J L Eckelberr Rex Garr Wa ne Sutton Delbert Reeter Joe Roblnson Lyle Sp111man Tolen erry Keith Bob Waterbury Coach George Klxng inf Joe Robxnson Co Captaln If K Tblen GoGmmmn Top r - Efrp ?",AA , D . .Y Y ,K T KL Y W . K . as - J ' A . . l , -ffm-5,1 ' 1, i A . A 9 . Em . k 'ix 4 4 5' Q ,fp A- ,I I Q, x X M X- L N N n l ! ,ig 0 3 5 z Q 7 , 2? WNW Back row 1 to r Owen Dale Osborne Ernest Utter Pat Kearns Steven Henderson Coach Kllng Ronnle Scherer Jerry Huston Bob Kearns Front row 1 to Duane Knapp Larry Eads Blackle Reed Wayne M1nn1ck Larry Ball Jerry Wahlers Olen Lee " HQ Cheerleaders Karen Henderson, Beverly Dought Janlce Barnes, Sue Waterbury ff" W' Back row 1 to Joyce Bryan Barbara H111 Janlce Barnes Beverly Doughty Coach Kllng Karen Henderson Nancy Naterbury Front row 1 to r Betty Lent Mary Elleen N1l9S Donna Dlx Barbara Zuber Sondra Gott Sue Waterbury Roma Crump Patty Saunders as 'Wifi may wax n 1 , H i' I 1 I X 6 f . W , 'I I M Jggi :Tai ' f It ,ml 4 .7 , ' ,' ,I To gg ' 'A'f7R7' nv ' 'K K 'I i ' W as X ,ff f , ..,, ,f . , V ' 7p , rf , I f Mp! M 1 M K 171 ? H L 1 ' ' : I'2 Danny Johnson Donna Klingensmith r: 'X , - . ,. . XX X l , ya QYA w'sr 1's' K cf2,gFQ 1 gW,n sfmt KKWWQ ' C m " . ' 1 ,nn1. 1 1 ' A ' M N 'E . 'W ' l D ' A , ' ' f ' 'Ai . 3 K 1 ,. A I L W K ,ff I 'CRAZY BUT CUTL' Leland Foster Frances Hover Larry Brown B1ll Trlmble Judy Hagek Dan Dover Mrs Dover Mr Dover Uncle Joe Oscar R G H1 by Gene Ur1ck 'F Susle Hlgby Llnda Burton Phyllis Blake Gloria Plttman Kathv Brooks Joyce Maxwell Mrs Dooenduffer Pat Dunham Gladys Dopenduffer Janet Gould Klllo Bob materburv L CLASS PLAYS HBOYS ABDUT BCBBBTTBW Robert Blaylock Donal Worthlngton June Blaylock Suzanne D1ck1nson Bobbette Blaylock Myrle Porter Mrs Raddleball Miss Blodget Mrs Washlngton Socko Pleface Shammyneck Ophella Yoko Mrs Stockdale Mrs Clarence Frleda F1sh Mrs Poo Squlnt Neva Faye Royston Margaret McNew Carolyn Saunders John NllSOn Robert Reed Kenneth Odell Janle Sooter Delbert Prothero Gracle Marlln Louise Provance Jeanle Cooper Ozella Huckleberry Kenneth Jhltley i A 'NV' 'Q 79 ' ........ , ..... u . '-"" 111111i111113i3111113 Y. ' C 'MJ ---zfffzffffffzfz-"- - b Q ------nu . . X 0 """"' 0 """""' - 2 l . ---------------- Q . I 4 V 4 "' . X. , lf. fa, N Af l ark? , ,M Begg 1 ,' Z 5 y ' fg , M --....,,I'-D In f.zf ', , 3 ..4 ,, . .1 , 1 - l Emil y . H- .. r,u. on. I f -1 - .- js --------'----'- 1 ' K ' y . A ----------- f M ' 11i1111 ?1111111111 V Y V Qiiilkf ? dl W I ,. A n 1 ,Ag y ,Q I "1g '-H . -, M Qs I is ' 4 bfi - 2 gb F ,rg Q. I I E ' 1 2 1 . G1 ' ix: ' V .1 Y ' I 1 . FUTURE HOMEM KERS of AMERICA 0 W XXQMAKFRS 3' D- L1 D ll A f ff P' X oi' Q- NEW H0 F. H. A. officers L to R: Mrs. Greenwood CSponsorJg Pat Dunham CSub-District Historianlg Judy Hajek CSong Leaderlg Alice Utter CHistorianJg Janet Wiles CTreasurerJg Jeanie Carpenter CPresidentJg Betty Waterbury iVice-presidentlg Maxine Cox lReporterJg Janet Gould fSecretary2. ff ffomemakers L' ass X is, O A 'W'Lwr MUSICAL ACTIVITIES QQQO MUS C SENIIIIIS xv if S558 0 my K 114160 ,L 0 aa'L4'!f'C'?5f?n2:'S 00 1' "fs ngawn ra G EE CLUB 0CAL GRLLUPS n QRRW Hnqf .lUNl0R HIGH CHORUS QUARTET GLEE CLUB 'nfl L C4 Y L A . K 1 I ' A " 'A 4 , 5 'p Y ,A--f' - . 4 'L' , 1 x x A 'X GIRLS SEXTET v L L 9 'Y ' JA L .5 0 A A gq L fm ' .5 3 ,RNA A' 'V 1 V' Laila yy xg! ,' L 5? , z, M157 gin- 'J3,AN A123 N L 'wr' 'v A 4.1. f -. zz- . .L + IL" . , .4 4 A 3, 7- 3' 0 igtslxg fl YW be-N-fd JM' l" Y ,far 4 lk "M'5 ililk L49 Mr R1ChmOnd KSponsorD K Tolen lPres1dentl Pat Dunham fV1C9 Pres D Verna Lent CSec and Treas J Y, 4: 4 --1 'Vr 'Q Mrs. Trimble fSponsorJ Mary Jo Stith fEditorJ Maxine Cox fAss't. Ed.3 Jeanie Carpenter QBuS. Mgr., Betty Waterbury lAd. Mgr., Ars rearson CSponsorl Maxine Cox cEd1tOP, Mary Jo Stlth fAss't Ed P Loreen Gould fArt Edltor, J' 134,44 LUNDP ROOM LJ COOKS Mrs. Scynthia Brown Mrs. Cleo Shriver CUSTODIAN Mr. Guy Pittman BUS DRIVERS From L. to R. John Brown, Ralph Harrington, Kenneth Miller, Paul Lent, Bill Dixson, Charles Lent, R Olen Pursley cAF ET :RIA no L 1 L . L L- .,,. - ' 2, ggi, f L E X . N P 4 T' f I - , U I W 5- Y 1 U ' Q F X i , L. ,ug , ' X , U' ' 4 L Future armor of Amerrra Q A' ix if f ra Hx bf ,SAOFX A'-' , Q, l f :Bu 5 hr' F. F. A. Officers Top row L. to R. Larry Nowland, Reporter J. W. Garlick, Treasurer Loren McCrary, Sentinel First row L. to R. Wayne Sutton, President J. L. Eckelberry, Secretary Elwood Black, Vice President W! X f ..4v"' ,Mal !,, ,--'A' , 3 5 7 6 eg e XuS1l ACf1U1f1B5 1' 65mm e-9096 Om xveri eww QB 1 yi 1393 ie 1111 Know Txgvecg 8'3- QO Q we the Sen KITCHEN KLATTER Over the room fell a silent hush, As the crowd stra1ned to see the new klng blush BARNWARMING FROLIC Lads and Lassles with bales of hay, Made the evening happy and gay. '05 1 -Q3-Q 'cffxax' 85 ix? S-Q 'mea O Q! G1 5he 530g q P-100 00 XR e SYKOXR gf XAZXOW' Vx 90 'S-O1 863,196 0' 6 h 117 t Op O his Y of L 5 CHRISTMAS BAINQUET This joyous festivity is an annual event, ep t Pon t and omega? gene qlleen Nu. And everyone regarded it as time w ll t e spen CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Tonettes, trumpets, and sleigh bells too, brought the Chrlstmas spirit to me and to you eXX , 'e ev: 6 vuXl S900 'o L Xxie Be PM at vo a1X , N Ch vi YL'-ve ca Toe VY01 Not. only n Laker baske e ?A.e meni QTY B and at n eXX mo 56 ne C? Z proud and ever one Q3 Q 01-'ani n'CA.'g Honor Dax! K s Z' A A 11 'bile and 8 few tea P5, but W e '11 rememb er lt for -5 - I C '-eQ,m. K M , .X I , Vg VA X v A, 1 'Y 8 , . I , . - e I .L Q l 85 0 Y ET v Q O 'E I 1 ' Q ., ' 1 fw . n -'X ., . .., .Xi . if n fi if 4' 'V e , ai -1 W . "IBA ' wwf! 1- n w 5 DVEHTISIH6 Home Exchange Bank Hobbs Beauty Shop Spillman Insurance Mallory Service Station Roberson Funeral Home Farmers Produce May Oil Company Tolen Grocery Saunders Cash Store Campbell Barber Shop Niles Drug Company Herrs Home Appliance Ideal Produce Burton Typewriter Company, Chillicothe, Missouri Frangkiser and Hutchens Kansas City, Missouri Trenton Coca Cola Company H. H. Greenland Son, Lock Springs, Missouri Linton Music Company, Chillicothe, Missouri B. R. Harris and Company Chillicothe, Missouri hunters Hatchery Jamesport Nevs P C O'dell, Realtor Henderson Grocery Standard O11 Company Sensenich Lumber Company Jamesport Tobacco Store Farmers Mutual Auto Insurance Lads and Downey Garage Ward and Tolen Garage Calls Hardware and Leathercraft Barnes Studio Litton Insurance Hover Oil Company Jamesport Plumbing, Heating and Hardware Farmers Produce, Seed and Grain Division Lucas, Eisen 6a Waeckerle, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri B and W Sporting Goods Company, Maryville, Missouri Postma and Company, Kansas City, Missouri N..,1 R C0 A P Kansas Cnty - LLEGI TE 'e IL.-'V3,'1'." H11-E Phffui' NUM? FFNQ

Suggestions in the Tri County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Jamesport, MO) collection:

Tri County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Jamesport, MO) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Tri County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Jamesport, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 12

1957, pg 12

Tri County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Jamesport, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 28

1957, pg 28

Tri County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Jamesport, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 34

1957, pg 34

Tri County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Jamesport, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 48

1957, pg 48

Tri County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Jamesport, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 25

1957, pg 25

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