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Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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mm- JMW MW M f4QOLCfL Qf i R V X NX Thaw Of WMA CML M U MLLQQ, QJZJLUUW fi WM 0 Iwdfltr 8 ji lpmffafg Ageing' ii 5 dJf,jCQ'1fff?gZo'1fff4,k xg. ig 4 Q QL Y, f X dx gp ? , , QQ hg qfs' f v X f E 7441 QQLLAQX Z X744 IL 71- F' ak I 5? E Q-I Z 4 4 N Sunkjqlkfe 'Ao S Sf-cgifvli Egfr Ag, Q 3 X any A 'xl A-402,64 hee Kr- 0 ' E7 Z to 7 ' 8 Q on 6"6djcfX . K ai 2 1 'AAS 7664 N51 yi! 75" ifff Q'cD?'T EY ' . fQ O 'T .5 A 1 ,pg f PM A N P a+ n, MJD F? , Q? E Q1 S '- bm Q fgwi N N gQxEff?4 df 5 Year m walk . ,CS Cf 3' fam asllmg pe -Q. L, ,iv , Jlkffd- qiwgfvonf U Q5 LQ , Q3 Q-N -5 3 ,.- vwmuvwmd Xiyekfq S L has-4 nnlc-f b'U""1'1'f' 'E A Q VJ-iv-K T 7 73' j mend ,. tx me Q 2 1 I U E19 E 5 ffl gb -N fl mk'fi 'L J ' f 5 3 f If P 'w ,N 3 C 3 12 E, 5 gf ,B F Q., - gf k L 'Q x. T V3 :S gf -1G . Q, 53:3 TP QHPX3Ur+5-'N Q, 3 :V n fn. i ia 1 s 5 1 5 LAIR 1984 Trevor G. Browne 7402 W. Catalina Dr. A Phoenix, Arizona 85033 Editor-in-Chief ,nnn A Bob Sertich Assistant Editor Scott William: Head Photographer P6111 BOYSI Advisor Hal Hjalmarsor t 1 I, Nb Y- Q95-,rx lf JUG'- JCOO' NQXOQQ J of 'wig vi 02595235 X1 . 'K 5:0 QOH- Lx? of Q,353'QNO!iJj5J-.513-9" by ob I My S5ax9x.C LS U by by yy ,Q YC QQ' Om XA ww MQW 2 Qijlfgxfgqfw 90 'TX U M A xx., Table of Contents Activities Honors Sports Organizations Academics Seniors Iuniors Sophomores i Freshmen fymfissm , In years when We are old and gray We'11 look upon our yesterday With smiles of our long remembered youth. Mer, 5-em WN fp' f ' 1, , A f. , , X f f , ,, J Fbvimfb V XIQ-gpg,-,1V,,f!LCV C' -- eq, I ',,i'-1-IPIVIMJ EA My , fr f ,lx I if, tt if if kgQyey35'.LJff 5 .V,'!,d' tml a X13 E ' ' u ' " fa '1 ffii J- ff' ..-fe-,U RQ ' ,N tx f ,, K I X, gMV,f4ijli,.XJ iajuc f--y f ' . -. ' :X ' N g X .V V x !' I I,fc.,, A ' K L r, , ,. ft Lf - N t A X ,, on., imwt I I ,' rr'X:.O,1glfA,lL4N.J 4 5 3 ., tj I 'Nl '-2 1 Ja U a t . , 1 fl tx H? YK' iff T ' ,. A I, 1 H 1 'L 3 ' t tw it ff .W -' J -' C W! , K ,, f' 1' f" fl 5' N? F t Ei' nw a Q- UW' . fx 5' I , AJ 1 4 Opening tt 'U fa- 'Nm My i i W K MMQ pgs Xiwdvky MU A NWV Remember not when friends are dead pi ff Vwlq ' All the things that once were said Q V i 60 w x VA lx X XP ww XX x XR J NW X N F3 X X3 ' S STXD y X KY Q ,ef Y M Q w X r 'Q Xi X 'x A XV N D W' Y X JE if Q K' xx xy my X Wi w X N. 'v y Y X xy XJ XXCYN 'V , ,pi-" . w ig, A x .5 Of them and all the joys of yesteryear. Opening 7 'X pen Remember all as we grow old ing The memories and what was told Of our adventures and our times of Cheer. ,, - - 'WL-,g.,, 1- , Ope g9 .x, I f 1 s " 1 .1 , . V, 1 , p . Q 5 K ,M If I . I vm., 'Win- il' M111 .R 5 'Q ' xx. J , U Q L A., .4 I . ' V5 .sv Q . ' 1' 'f S ,-1 I-v ' vs. -S X , Q Q . i 's I J- ' T? v KM ' L ',,',-Qi' 3.,'.,4. i.:,,,-'V LQ., W . ' ' I . - -'Mg-2-A-M':'5 J 13' '9?.f'4?1'f'2f' -H" ' J, .V - mf ' 'f l- V kf gfi - K' . Qg , ,v ., , ,f ,x iii . 5, ..,,I.!25,.,5,?. ,. , ., .Q ..,, M... A x . ' ' V ff I K A .5--.527 -infill f . ' -- ',: ,-,.,: . -' 4 . M.-J A33 -, .- , I- 1 N ,A ' - 11- ' jg fx f'-3.1 Q , s M,. fE1.:.?E,' 1"lf-,V Q ' Q -7 w ' 2 ' W 4.1 ' jLf.13,fg::1 '. - r -wg.. , ' 4' 5 '- .' H, gy. llv iixgu-31.r1...N K -1 I - Y . ff: x-v 2:'l.?93"J ' ' f 391.5 G., . .A cn! ' . , I . ' A 5 'K - . .1 52 . -1f"fsf' v. M5 3,15 'iiyppff' Q 'Q " c 1 - A. f.". i, Y. ,r.N.f'.--- 4 ., V, lj il! .r -"!. '-S I-1' V. 5' . , . 1 QL... -..wg-Q .V .. in x l' wifi' KM g O90 ' Q I 'WWW' .. .U ' -v . . 5 0 W h N -4- 1 annum ' X W' pa? ..xJIL,'. x ' A 'PJ 1 4 1,1 , W 'gig' . x X 4 A lv U M Av W t V VZ. -fx . if 1, A as I Y S M Y f V., .Q A 11' 4"--V "1 lunar 4 X X 4 'lm P pen Md,.4- W rllfx-x-NNSX When life begins to let us down We must remember not to frown ing ..--, I 1. ' Q ,I l It , lx :VF ' X N ' . 1 2" an A wa- 1 ' 19 K. V X 1 f A " , J'-.QQ-f' x ' W. ' f f :j.4 , f- -- -I-..q . xx 5' 'mm kgnf"3"'-Ai x Q 1 x 5 yf u I o.. Y, , . ' f -I1 ,...-' QW 'T A 1512 'r . 2' V 'lflfifsi HMM! 4 V C 14 Opening Remember all the friends we've had Remember not of what was bad In times when all our memories were good. ,7 . . j , , , ff X, A ,,,, D, n-' f rf A ll ,vw ,rl I .jr 54,41 Q, ffiefqdy an f LC if X75 +C X ' , , I , - pf' f r f7"J! ,V 'ff ??1g,1gfi' fQ!Q,JfC:r4' aff Gfffedij Q Cff' Aj fcfcdfc. fi 'ZLLL CA' 4.9--ri Aqlx fi? Laci. 22, L,gQ16Qfc,,-fifg, 'V 'J' LJ ' ,J 6gCZ2Q,1s45 , fi, fl-rf-VL XXL ck.. 4.56" GL 55 -L Ls Ti' D! V if ,V N rv V ,M ,Af off. wfsmfx . H lxufjsii 5 is'u-.k.l .rfl-Us , gi, 1 V! U flu GJ? rw a-'A X, UN QjJL,'rQffLf'Qs-LfffWU fx U ' 1 R5 X! 1 if 1 , 1 X C3 ixilwff 4- jk Ca LA L Va' A f f' tp ' I 'H A X VSV V, X.-'K.,,fCl' lx ,,,.. vdl- L k fc. P l'i-we cl- Opening 15 5 an K 1 9" -. F ' . 1 1 547' W s. r X A W , Jawa 'V 1 'Y 4 , I if OFM . nl 5955 xx - , , R I ,! 'ff nn N 4+-. -uv-. , 'i ,H V. 'L ww 'M mga.. 'M - -A ew. PHt:""'f"f"""mm """"+-W., ':x:39f.u,, my 4 A 1-z., . -' : ..... --- -n.-,.,- , ......- - .za-, - P- . , , ,,,,f,f,r -' , ,- ' A- mm My inf ' '-j5i:,,:?4EQi'gf35,jti,Q-yy3ffQM.f ff Y K5 Wf..1,,w,, . ' "N-My ' 'W!3x1":'1 , ,. Mn gan mm A ' QW A uw u 1 1 - ,56."'??WWaUwx.H-fn W, ww, Q K . , M,.k,. , hwmvmfgnwmmnhw Wm, ,. KWWQ " Qt" ,-,'f,Y V M H 'fa X , , .W f:"V'-'M A ,sq ,- v ' V- V , , , 'wr--Jr' 4 -Zvi, ' '. K f. wg- -et' 4 V, ,Z '! 'I 5 ' ' X ' Kirk. , ,fy-Lge: ,1 V- ' ' jxlgfg ,V 'Joi I 5a 'q We X! Opening 17 V2 K. V223 .4 .fi J, ng HW fx-., f -. '+g,'gM,A U, V o-.ob 1 if T xps wx 4"f' Q 5 ,N mm ,, w KP' W f Z MA M Nw M Miiwfzn www' T' GAIM, 'wfeefwgfw , lf, T""""N1 1-.,, . ., .E Q isa. K, 1 I N N r fjiss f W iw' 1' bf' yn an 'w M 'gf , . bw f . i tiwf if z6,L iff? f' if '02 2 'D' VL f v- f VNLXS 1 ljaf-'X , ,,. , . fc A waxy vmce, xy QQ-1-My CERN X vwdg' vm W fXX CO-X M ws, xx 1 sf LRLX5 "K QQJVKX NU sxviow yosx Ql',Xvk5'i V Cya? Q QDXXXXX7' XNX X APN Y 'fx X LE 'j Q: xi HJSAQ -x mx. 'X XD' 'gkksx LXQQX 1 A., L X , ,X ., LNCfQ'2X X Y. J. SN-NI QQLJLN Q f Mhxi QW , ' A if 1 LN N 4 4 "V L tv-JlNv7?5 x cv X 1 f SS ki Opening 21 ,. my wg ff S W js Z f , Zh? X g 4 Q f 4 W WZ! 1' fi' Zn f 4 f 7? 'WZ' N . . K A+' XXX CJD 4.1 K f ,M W JZ ,M if ww , ' f MW ,EiVW,,,, V : A , M - gl W1-f ,, IUCKEFVS GND S Wm ff K K , ,f N,,, .mow TA1 ,,,,, J Mgh,g,1,,,,, ,,,, MQJM Opening 23 2? 1 'Q 5' Y 5 w 2 - gg ,, 1' fav' is -v 45 I 5 R 5 3 I' HM 5 my E -.. 1 , .- -......W.... .,.........,. wwwifi . ,am 11. LW" ' ?"l,'1- --1 'A 1.--.-'ev-1-vnu.,-..-nw-fvw..Qafapv4' ' ' 'f - - -W fd'-. " N 1 1 , Nsmvwf ,af-13" 40,1 mf , QS G ,f 'Z ,.f""' ,,f .ne Wm WN.. sr ,A Lm..h . A S' ,V .viii f- fm f 7 Mk 1 'D 'Nw I 1-' 5518 if 3' -,va .4-:L f , ..'. Egg ng fl, .g,'i9v,."41,,52' ,.,'. TL lw f ' ,Lim if KIZ. V7 loaf 7'lfL5 Pb 0'f!9f-yfjipy fa Q f 0 27 Homecoming reigns at T GB 4. fi -L I King and Queen Traci Mang and Greg Vinas i idk am1AAl4 - - 0 Kim Peterson and Hector Gonzalez H A is 5. ., 'Tfki-uwfi' ,,, 2 - First Runners Up Second Runners Up fe Tian: r1-,-i ,,,, -,-.1 n,,:-,- l:,,'L , , ,. . A 1 . fd' ,Q I-K ' xl ! , Fourth Runners Up Third Runners Up Mary Herrera and Todd Hopper Felicia McGinty and Jeff Sing w , , Mags JN ear! if 'if' : is Xrvkkf-NF4-J M, K A . A i K LVLX Xa- pf JK 5 1 ' K 1 'f e ' + 4' 1 L 0 . 3 M f if? 17' ,K 2""'Qm" X 14' 7 U 3 , P , a lf A LK A 'T RZ fy fe y f Q 5 f TW Opening 29 Y .,LL Q xx, 'J Wk ,.....- 30 Aciiviiilis . --A .15 ' MHA WA? 5: 6. us L...-i- LM V . . K ' 2 x ' K f'55',' , . A 5 X, 'f' X V V21 I "5" .Q V f QY Acti ities " fr ' fgiswil Activities 31 32A We feel good h We feel so good LE. wi 5 I 7' ,. ,4 Activities 33 Q if Y"" X E XX ' x 'X 1 , 1,-A Q:u ff f ff f 0 z. M 2' ywy ff, f , N, f ,Nh - ,wmv AU ff he memories, the faces We maj m my ey. y K M' Students 'Go Trevor Browne's Thespian troupe's first production of the year was Agatha Christie's "Go Back For Murder." The play, set in London, is one of mystery and in- trigue. It begins with a young woman's search for the truth about her father's murder which took place eigh- teen years prior. She seeks out the help of the lawyer whose father had prosecuted her mother for the murder in order to help her prove that her mother was innocent. The conclusion of act one is spent with the woman talking to all those who could have had a hand in her father's death. In doing so she finds out many things about her mother and father and also uncovers many peculiarities that took place eighteen years before. Only one problem remained: if her mother didn't do it then who did? The play's second and final act brought all the characters to the house where the murder took place. Each participant gave their rendition of what had hap- pened on that day. In doing so the past was brought back to life in order to be studied more closely. It is discovered that the woman's mother was innocent and even though the real murderer cannot be punished she has learned the truth and can now be at ease. ..,. vvlt W . ig 7. WW. Zami' ' 36 Activities Buck For Murder ti if ,eff ' QL . W ' ffvir., . in first production of the our A Turnball .............. Carla ....................... Philip Blake .... . Meredith Blake ........ Miss Williams .......... Angela Warren ........ Waiter ..................... Caroline Crale ....... Amays .................. Jeff Rogers ..... . ............... . Lady Elsa Melksham ........ Cast of Characters lustin Fogg .............................................,...... Steve Mitchell Sandberg .........................Teresa Bratcher . .... ....... . ........ lim Yielding QPQITIZ-fxk,...Danny Ashlock Chad Halvorson Shelly Les Perance ...........Me1lody Young Natalie Chrisman .........Matt Sandberg ...........Chris Pirkey ........Ken Van Horn Activities 37 Brums act thelr Wa George Bodell ................................................ Steve Dentler Norman Reese ............................................. Mark Nehrbass Mrs. Garnet ....,... ....... F elicia McGinty Tony Dennison ...... ............... M ike Gipson Muriel Foster ...... ........ P aula Poindexter Kate Ault .......... ......... C athy Watters Marge Benson ....... ......... S andra Lavery Dottie Coburn ....... ........ D eanie Copley Mr. Coburn ........ ....... D avid Williams Mr. Kenny ....... ......... M att Sandberg lst Officer .... ........ M ellody Young 2nd Officer ..... ...... M ike Bellavoine S?" Qxf- N 38 Activities Out of the Frying Pan' UQ i"'Wbu-uw The Trevor Browne Thespians second production of the year was the hilarious comedy "Out of the Frying Pan" by Francis Swan. The play is the story of a group of six actor friends who all live in one small apartment. The group have had a run of bad luck in getting acting jobs and were all faced into accepting the kindness of their confused but generous friend, Dottie, whose father pays the rent. lust below their apartment lives a famous producer who they hope will hire them. After endless attempts to get the producer to see their performance of his play, the group finally succeeds. As it would go, everything that could possibly go wrong did. In the mass confusion, however, "improvisation" prevails and they convince the producer to begin a road show starring them. Amongst all the acting, arises romance and the story of Dottie's father trying to take her away. The play ends with two happy couples, six happy actors, and several characters who are in utter confusion. fit 39 ig Q Q. -Q K .5 MQ git. fs- N . S . .,kk A S A QS 5 K 55,1 . 1 , .,.,,.,Q . - gx . Q 3 2 K kkjnwmv-N -WN w. il, --f. , ev at .g w Vfkgijx K A , 13 30 3 E' Q5 E X -Q x , X S .L - K- K L S ,. mg g....4ru-. rf 1' Q 3 5 v 9 iw Q . " . gm S WTA, fag 455- W... N. , S A' , LM.,-GX 5 ff I s W gr fx. Q- ? 8 S :Qx A I ,- e? X.gA Q LE X-S sk . J t' Q M X., Y X . ,A is ixth consecutive year Browne 7 7 3 13-30. Sohuoro 7 7 7 O-21 Browne's quarterfinal game was against pass happy ucson Sahuaro. The Bruins overcame the Cougar's air aid with a 30-21 victory. At halftime the score was tied 14-14. Sahuaro was the irst to score, but Browne twice marched down the field nd Mark Tressler scored on one yard touchdown runs oth times. The Bruins started off the third quarter with a 30 yard ield goal by Ray Federico. Sahuaro, however retreated ith another TD. The fourth quarter brought Browne's ability to stop the ougars. With Sahuaro trailing 23-21 after a 21 yard run by leff Sing the Bruins held them on the goal Browne then went 92 yards to score, the last 35 on Tressler burst off left guard to put the game out of Browne 7 0 7 0-14 McClintock 14 7 7 14-42 Browne's fourth trip to the semifinals was a disappointing one. The team couldn't seem to get going as the McClintock Chargers cruised to a 42-14 win. The game started out on a good note with a Bruin touchdown. On the opening kickoff, Iason Wilhite took a handoff from Newell Randon on a reverse at the Browne 10-yard line and ran 66 yards to the McClintock 24. Seven plays later, Mark Tressler plowed through the Charger line into the end zone from the two on a fourth-and-goal situa- tion. Browne's only other score came on a 4 yard TD run by Lenny lohnson in the third quarter. 6-0014 f cc Activities 43 L4 Honors 1 -m,v,,w gr .r 2? . 4 f' 4 fi " 1 i n Q Q mg A' vwvwn-..,,.- . "" v.., . rl ..,,, , -, 'iv-N . , an ,, . sg ,I Nik ln. QA ' 11 w4?ff i 'WQ if f ' 4 n is: .ix Wei, x v 1 1 1 x 9 Honors XJ! 5 .Af g ' up ,li 46 Honors X if X. f NX Christmas Royalt King and Queen Ioe Bushong and Mary Herrera bite Senior Attendants Junior Attendants Greg Vinas and Traci Mang Tom Long and Nancy Alvarez x-f Xin-f Sophomore Attendants Freshmen Attendants Bob Baraban and Kendra Kemarly Ioel Sing and Nikki Moore Honors 47 otionol Honor Society honors Browne's soholors 48 Honors lean Ackerman Nancy Alvarez Dawn Archuletta Danny Ashlock Joe Bushong Toby Campbell Elizabeth Conner Wanda Downing Melissa Elmore Karrie Erickson Donna Gott Steve Harder 'Q Leslie Hargis Elizabeth Harris Warren Harris Tim Hattendorf Lisa Holland Desiree Keane Dennis Keith Tina Kemarly Gina McAfee Marla Marshall Randy Merrill Wendi Morfitt Kenneth New Terri Niska Keith Pekau Bobbie Penquite Chris Pirkey Lee Rohrman Christina Sauer Robert Sertich Theodore Smith Rachel Steele Cathy Watters Melody Young Quill and Scroll brings uality to Browne's publications v' one Paul Boyer Stacy Settle Robin McKinley, Danny Turner, Nancy Schroeder, Scott Williams Shawn Gates Not pictured lana Griffin Gerry Springfield Row two: James Caron, Bob Sertich, Auerbach. Quill and Scroll is an honorary organization for publi- cation students. Membership is open to the exceptionally good journalists who work on Trevor Browne's two pub- lications, the Bear Facts and the Lair yearbook. Without these dedicated students neither publication would be possible. Quill and Scroll members often have to forfeit their personal time in order to meet an important deadline. Their journalistic talent and hard work is shown in the quality of both publications. M40 or Z 50 Honors Bruin academics are the tops Warren Harris Keith Pekau Randy Merrill Robert Sertich Ioe Bushong Terri Niska Ken New Christina Sauer Top 5070 Steve Harder Mellody Young Rachel Steele Elizabeth Harris Andrea Guest Diana Hoffman Melissa Elmore Tina Kemarly Mary Herrera loy Cox Elizabeth Conner Drew Towns lean Ackerman Donna Goff Elania Schoonover Kim Fournier nn ma 3:1 amnu...w,M. UJMQ P1 52 Honors Bruins make speaking easy 'Tm'- ROW One! Tina K9maI1Y- ROW tW01 Gefifgia YOUNG, SfeVe Mikfheu, Stevens, Chad Halvorson, Cathy Watters, Deanie Copley, Ayesha Mellody Young, Ken Van Horn, Sandra Lavery. Row three: Tony Shabazz, Outstanding Speech Students Melody Young Felicia McGinty Theresa Bratcher Danny Ashlock Deanie Copley Theresa Bratcher-sixth in Drama Tony Stevens-sixth in Oratory Ayesha El-Shabazz-third in Poetry Chad Halvorson-Semi-Finalists in Humor Theresa Bratcher 81 Mary Herrera-sixth Dual Acting Felicia McGinty-Semi-Finalist Theresa Bratcher-Semi-Finalist in Drama Sandra Lavery-Semifinalist in Poetry Mary Herrera-Semitinalist in Poetry Rotary Oratorial Contest Finalists I Tony Stevens Georgia Young Steve Mitchell Cathy Watters Danny Ashlock Rene Warren Mellody Young Randy Merrill A11 'vi' A econd Base 11' r .W ,.,,,, : ,K ,,, ,m1i r .Maw hw Q ww ' f e m'T2g?fg,g,gg o11e Second less Robert Second Defense Hector Brian Iohnson Offense M ,-.,,, ention e en n ,V H 1 ,,,' ,V diff W wf .W ., L5 MN Trevor Browne senior - Q w. x 5-452. Best Looking Most Likely To Succeed Greg Vinas and Kari Gentry Tina Kemarly and Ioe Bushong Biggest Heartbreaker H' . 5 J . leff Sing, Sonya May, Kari Gentry and Hector Gonzales ff' f ta , K V5 54 Honors Greg Most Spirited Most Athletic Thraen and Felicia McGinty Tracee Mang and leff Sing have the 'most' Most Talented Laurie Michelson, Terry Merrifield and Mellody Young Most Compatable Couple Steve Terreault and Tina Smith Biggest Airhead Lori Meek and Bryan Airheart Most Humorous Best Dressed Most Flirtateous Kim MCReYI101dS and Todd Hopper Greg Thraen and Iane DeRosa Greg Vinas and Tina Hughes fm. Honors 55 +R QQVJJ4 X ' Best Legs Best Body Rosie Gregoire and Ieff Sing Mary Cagle and Greg Vinas X 56 Honors Most Scholarly Terri Niska and Warren Harris Most Respected Ioe Bushong, Iohn Patterson and Tracee Mang Most Creative Matt Ecker and Melissa Strough Most Confident Lori Meek and Jeff Sing Best Smile Mike Hernandez and Iane DeRosa .JG XO'-A, sf Q- .sg Most Talkative Larry Black and Tina Hughes Most Congenial Tracee Mang and Lee Draper Most Active Ioe Bushong and Felicia McGinty Honors 57 58 Sports 4 'ld ig We J' .,'3 5 , 's x 2 Sports i .,, N J' 'X' Q-. is Q , QF -ii. .3 2 5 1,55 ,f'7 -lg Q l- ,JO 1 3 Q CQ rl 5 . S ,4- 0 -Vi NK ff X X -iQ,gbQ:'ff 1 k Q. f-ffsf ' -Q 5? A. . 5 3 X if ' 5 1, N X.'1s..-117 x .f .-'Af' .X 15 31 QM 's f ' S Q 5 95 Q' I x is 5, x xx 0 Q . X -.L , VW. ,K .. 4! 4' A f f f' f M N if , .,, i n A ,. j ., I ,,, Q in - 3 Sim MQ. Z E fl 2'Q 5 73g'82Q2B QSSQQIS ' Qfrfglvgg "U5,q2,?g 5f"l4 4?3'345Q4fJ'0"g14 1? 579 '?, in 'H"'3i'e?'1'fE0'?6"'SEf ovc ,s4 IE '15 aa 77 gr gm? 35? 1-,,f231 , wQ F . 791 if . , Q X x fl wx X rf sl? 5 9 2 5 S' S -'fl wi 'Q Q W Ot 'iff' xt, 0 X 'C L' , vfilff -. N -Aware .T,....f.....wmwf'HmvQ'l ni 1q.X I-Ji '4' ,Q -Q 2 .1 my X 1 ,I .xy 1? Browne Opponent 14 Coronado St. Marys Shadow Mtn Cactus Agua Fria South Mtn. Alhambra Maryvale ' Camelback Central Q an , 'Cr A 64 Sports Talented IV f1H1S Row one: Eric Noyas, lody Williams, Luis Tijerina, Mark Nixon, Dave Lane, Doug Clouff, Rod O'Del1, Brian Armor, Marty Diggs. Row two: Coach Hollen, Gus Bolles, Iim Barnett, Shane Bushaw, Eric Kutter, Rick Carter, loe Pacheco, Iohn Iones, Chuck Lazzar, Robert Madril, yu ai: i xg. Revay? ex . K ' f it fan 1. The lunior Varsity Football team bounced back from last year's los- ing season to end with a 6-2 record this year. Considering that most of the players were sophomores it was quite a feat to turn the team around. However, a lot of talent guided the team to a great season overall. 3 r ,Q l ig Fresh gain experience for future ps .. aa. ow one: Nelson Gaseoma, Chad Harnes, Eric Rose, Edward Spencer, evin Kane, Hector Gasper, Ernie Ortega, Phillip Hernadez, Ruben 'adilla, Richard Sardines, Larry Madrid, Dane Wood, IR McCoy, Mike lynam, Bill Thompson, Victor Felton. Row two: lackie Muterspaugh, ohn Evans, Lonnie Gooch, Danny Koowell, David Aguilar, Auggie dendoza, Kenneth Luquez, Iessie Ballesteros, Mike Rodriguez, Mike "Veever, Orlando Gonzales, Rick Smitt, Billy Peters, Bill Wosky, Troy ,,f M, ti A z Fuller, Eric Rolenger, Eskia Hollina. Row three: Coach Zamboni, Tate Mitton, David Maynard, Iohn McCall, Brett Turley, David Trinidad, Pete Rosales, Iohnnie Balldenado, Iim Passarelli, Andy Wilson, loe Worack, Bill Fox, lason Iones, Michael Ratzel, Coach Sharp. Row four: Houston Spurlock, Darren Wing, Pat Gigueve, Tyrone Breez, Chris Oless, Ioel Sing, Sean Maher, Chris Roberts, Chris Dominguez, Robert Walton, Gilbert Rivera, Not pictured: Arnold Mejia. Set The Freshmen Football team ended their season with a 3-5 record. The teams outstanding players were: offense--Ioel Sing and Mike Binam, defense-Chris Oless, lack Muterspaugh, lim Passarelli and Robert Walton. The players constantly played good ball and the coaches are looking forward to a very talented junior varsity next year. Sports 65 v ff K X fl!! 2 xq .A X fs: we ,. VX 3 A 3 l"Q Oi J""?" ff Q fff ' if xkif AX . J 1 ...,, Q .gl A 4 fli fy Q hx q if A .. ' r 3 fn--9.4, -cun- 35 x 'f ,hh , 5 LLC -mfr' J IV ends with fair season This year's Iunior Varsity Volleyball team had a fair season. They ended with a record of six wins and six losses. The returning players, Michelle Hollman fcaptainl, Tony Mahlman CCO-Captainl and Lisa Mcliteynolds, contributed their effort to the team. Coached under Bev lohnson the team tried their best. With many talented players they hope for a better season next year. . 1 -J wg 2 ' .1 A I '. . ,. ,... 1 , , , .-y-' 1, rilt e irri it H . Hnzuwk-,,.Q,, 'wg WWE Z '-A 68 Sports L Q P. L . Qi .5 J, f i l 5 K J A - we M , ,,,, ,M 3 V i . A ..,bb L , 59, . ,Q 1 .- ' - 'S 6 :- Q 44 1 1 A f .wld t Q- 3435542-59' -19 Wu s 4 I z as-A s Q 2 f 'Eww 4 100' E,'-www Row one: Michelle Hollman, Kim Fletcher, Cindy Bates, Lisa Mclieynolds, Donna Taylor I two: Mrs. Iohnsori, Christine Stanley, Sandra Hoskins, Ierri Sue Collins, Tammy Wittman T Mahlman, Chantel Eldridge, Not pictured: lulie Pendergast. 34,1 f' 3,5-'gym' ff, 'W ' Q ZXXLQQ1 , Off ww- 9616? ' ' ,, ' ww' ,. T y""W . 4 4 , r 4 The Fall of 1983 represented a record setting season for the Trevor Browne Bruins Freshman Volleyball Team. Through intense dedication and constant sacrifice, these ten young la- dies produced the first undefeated season for freshman volleyball here at Browne. Practicing everyday during the early morning hours eventually paid off when the girls finished their season with an eleven wins and no losses season. Receiving awards for the freshman were Cynthia Hamilton fMost Valuable Playerl, Charmane Polmanteer fSpark Plugj, and Pat Quinones KMost Im- provedj. rttw-sf Boys and Girls Golf end season This year's Boys Golf team with only two returning lettermen fin- ished the season a surprising fifth place in the divisional tournament. Lead by senior Mike Kuhlin, the team's most valuable player, they moved from seventh the first day and finished fifth. They missed qualifying for State by only three strokes. Solid performances were turned in by Keith Pekau, Donnie Kerksiek, Dan Larson and Dean Donovan. Other members of the team are Mike Caputo, Lee Caputo, Sean Green, Bob Briggs, lohn Clements and Devin Samuelson. Mr. Goto enjoyed coaching this year's team because they never gave up and continued to improve throughout the season. 70 Sports Xt' , i xg X' Row one: Dean Donovan, Daniel Larson, Lee Caputo. Row two: Keith Pekau, Mike Kuhlin, C Goto, Donnie Kersiek. Not pictured: Devin Samuelson. C' T CxCZfQ This year only two schools in the Phoenix Union High School Dis- trict, Trevor Browne and Camel- back, had girls golf teams. Browne defeated Camelback and competed with teams from Mesa, Tempe and Yuma. The team, coached by Fred Hanley, worked hard to become one of ten teams to go to the state championships. Team Captain Debbie Tooms fin- ished the season in the top half of all players in the state. Diane Pekau and Annette Slack also fin- ished well at State. The team played in two matches every week during the season. The pros at Maryvale Golf Course, their home course, were extremely helpful in training the girls. .ffwyv 72 Sports Bruin Varsity Badminto Trevor Browne's Varsity Badmin- ton team had its first winning sea- son this year. The team won eight and lost only four. The lunior Varsity team had a 7-5 record. At the Browne Invitationals they placed second out of twelve teams. Tammy Turner and Becca Dierks took second place in doubles and Dawn Archeletta and Vanessa Keene took third. Browne finished second in their division. Turner and Dierks also placed second at divisionals and Archeletta and Keene placed third. The two doubles teams that placed in divisionals qualified for State. The team placed tenth out of seventeen schools. With all players returning next year the team is looking forward to a very successful season. ,, ...g V ,M --.,,.c...,,, qw N-..,,., N., Row one: Nancy Alvarez, Becca Dierks, Sherry Turner. Row two: Mary Ann Engleke Archuletta, Vanessa Keane, Tammy Turner, Coach Hassel. N 'N' Q--Q.-- . -t .A I I C9-pda eaches success iv", ww -M k ,VVy, nf' Ir, Q-,ww n""""'mW,,1w' , 'L Sports 73 wwf i Q .XL , J ,, . -,M f 74 Sports IV Badminton provides support f , v' Q5 " .' f V, -1" ff ww fu I eff ,gm V4 sf' A i 554 X, ' .,,, ,, 3, ' rimxifi ff r Q, , ,a ,,,. , 1,,,, ,. f ,mi qw J Q ,,v,- -,,, my 5 or improving varsity Row one: Kelli Kilmartin, Kelly Aubrey. Row two: Mary Herrera, Tammy Yates, Lynn Skinne Mary Garcia, Coach Hassel. filf f lg Blow one: Sam Saluano, Connie Stanley. Row two: Cindy Muterspaugh, Keeley Brown, Ralph inkler. Row three: Coach Hahn. Not pictured: Todd Kemp. Freshmen Tennis 1983 brought the return of Fresh- men Tennis To Browne. The team con- sisted of three boys and three girls. The team served its purpose of teaching the players the fundamentals of the game and preparing them for playing varsity and junior varsity at the end of the year. Sports 75 76 Sports The Trevor Browne Boys Cross Country Team had an overall disappointing season with injuries and illnesses coming at the wrong times. The loss of Lee Draper at the start of the season to a back injury exemplified a season that could have been. The team did manage to finish with a 4-7 record, however. The top runners on the team were seniors Robbie Bates, Todd Brown, and Iohn Patterson. The promising runners returning next year include Toby Campbell, Bret Kaiser, Dale Rogers, Scott Miller and Bobby Brady. Injuries and apathy il Q. - - ES Row one: Robbie Bates, Dale Rogers, Toby Campbell, Cam Cline, Scott Miller. Row two Brown, Bret Kaiser, Lee Draper, Tirn Booth, Ed Sprague, John Patterson, is , Wt H tw- ,t,,t,x,,,, , The Girls Cross Country Team had a disappointing 1-5 season, mostly due to problems getting enough girls together to make up a team. Those who did go out worked very hard at their training. Freshman Dana Wood looks to have a promising future. .naw ' tv,, iv Bruins end streak in Wi ' M-, 5346 i 5 if LLQL5 L25 WW fx Although this year's Varsity Bask- etball Team had a losing season, they did manage to break the forty- one game losing streak which was the third longest in State history. Their only victory was against the Maryvale Panthers, 79-65. The au- dience attendance at the games this year was much better than the last two years. Outstanding Players were David Nash and Newell Randon. This year's team was coached by first-year Bruin coach Mike DeBenedetto. Next year's basketball season will be much more rewarding. Sports 79 gg cz: lm.. """' ,gk S1 WW 'W Q1 'QE-if WW W 2.2! ,,,A" ,,.p-ff' Row one. Iohn Shatter, Ieff Slng, Derlck Bolton, Charles Murrell. Row two. Coach Newell Randon, EI Armstrong, David Nash, Murra Singleton, Kent Lavine. wi 'J sill? iiiggyv l S-L... aa 5 , 80 Sports ,xxx Nxt to X pi UW an a .MM --.W 3334, -1-N.. WWWQ 'unc' Q' xx 'ev X Ku ' -4 Q, figif , J rf -xg, ,, f WW ,, ld' ,. , , "S h ...,,,M m A, LW WX E --3 -,T ES N... . W +5--.-.........-v "'5la:.J..xL-fm, -K ., x W .. Q. - .M .ilu . . 21 ,an ,f Q, gf 9 Q, -R ,, 1- , 5 .40 . Ng IFA' Ya... if fa 1 I Q-...--ff A f ,- ef K X if QF Sports 81 . , k IV builds for uture The lunior Varsity Basketball Team ended their season with a 3- 14 record. Outstanding players were Brett Valentine, Nell Morrell, and Richard Soltero. The team this year was made up of mostly fresh- men and sophomores because they wanted to build for the future. The team was coached by Mike Hassel. He said that this year's team never quit, they were always working hard, they had a good atti- tude, which was a plus, and they had hustle. ' sv. In . Pie-. - ' - -1 'Dunan- .Qs S. iw A 6, 1. Q.-f Row one: Ruben Lopez Nell Murrell Bobby Briggs Richard Soltero Row two Tyrone Darrell Elkins Boyce English Brett Valentlne Coach Hassel F rosh accomplish goals E?Hw-s,- one: Chris Roberts, lason lones, Hector Gaspar, David Aguilar. Row two: Billy Black, Thor Chris Oless, Pat Holbert, Coach Torres. At the beginning of the Freshman Basketball season, Coach Torres stressed the importance of, "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game." He also stressed that it was important for the players to develop their skills as basketball players to help them play in the future. He felt that this was accomplished, as even though they had a losing season, every- body kept playing their best and no one gave up, Billy Black was the team's leading scorer and Hector Cooper was a very consistent ball handler and the team's floor leader. Al- though these two shined, everyone on the team played outstandingly. s"""Iw 'Www Sports 83 The Trevor Browne Varsity Wres- tlers had a good season. They were 5-5 in season matches and 5-3 in league. They were better in the sea- son than in league. Due to inexperienced wrestlers and injur- ies, the team didn't do as well as expected. Team honors went to: Rob LaPreze fMost Valuablel, Charles Campbell fMost Improvedl, Mike Hernandez fOutstanding Seniorj, Anthony lohnson QOutstanding Iu- niorl, Luis Tijerina fOutstanding Sophomorej, Richard Sardina fOut- standing Freshmanj, LaPreze fMost Team Pointsl, Danny Stone fFastest Pint, Lapreze QDivision Placerj. Most of the wrestlers were all young and Coach Goto said they should have a pretty good team in years to come. o s 1 . ' u .U -..-m....... ...,. , . Q s wg, A 2 The IV Wrestling Team had a 50X 50 season in terms of matches won and lost. Several of this year's IV members should work their way into the Varsity lineup next year. Some of the top wrestlers were Danny Stone, Larry Madrid, Ierry Robertson, and Vince Moreno. IV Wrestlers se af? 5 S e Row one: Larry Madrid, Shawn Gardner. Row two: Ierry Robinson, Coach Hutcherson, Moreno. v w-M M! tw.. V " ., M., w O 50 season WWF? f, fx L , , 454 , f " x", . Nt ky I 4 " V f r WB? 22 3 ff Q , gf N. , v.Qf'f 2 .mx 17, Sporis 87 fy, ,J . . lu k fi g, '-if u 6 nl, is Vw Kr- ' . ,V 3 gh Z jg: , mf ,, Q R -I A it - fm- 0 ' , Wu f W, 2 .., 1 firm .fn 5 fi I"'zjf,.13fQ,5,,,'?4gJj?1f'?'1fi"w,Q Tikififi' ,Q V K I K A , -' :xf-xeuwwstl 'U--f' 7 ,, N. ,, 1 f g ,mlm ' . vinwm p-.--1 ,. , Y Av-5 2- if QM ,1-N A jig FW ,, a N . 15 x ,,l.v.,M 'Vi w V an gb V V , Ha A V i r- gl .f 4- A 1. 4' ,e f 4' ,. ,L A-,, .gw , 1 ,W E, QQ ff s .V-zppnwwonqapvfftb K K fm :4 f Q 2 22?A'Wf"'7T'Ti'i"" ' rf argl vi'- 1 ,R+ X Sr ' zxgxxh, 21 . -W. r - gig N, 2 dw Aj' -L - f. 'Q ' x ix IX-:M -" N ., Kmw iN,wQ, -'S N Xkxk 'fy ,X ig I PM H V if ,gx ,. . :ts ,,-53 , A . kfu .152 . X ,lq+ - ' 'r Q M N? ji N W -kg K -Q 4 'sSef:', in 8 A K K L iff Y . f K Li -g'f H Gfx SQSYX .XF ' fshxix AX 2 , af9fx f'fwgm idx ,xhf : 31 N rx . 'X ,-' ,. ,M , -in 5 X: 2 '- A ' K-N 5 ' , f, 1, V xg? K 4 X , Vx, ii, - f 'Q IQ -f i. 5 ' .xjs5, Q 0' 5 Eg fefi? . A .gm E-.5 M, - -A. .,.. .-,gf-1 K f X .. frfvxxi sw , A . , , + AQ C. 3. Q 75 'sf5f5'?E -i K. . I, ' :iff ms. ,AL - M690 x xy 5 , an Wu 'f- v .,,, A .., .. wa f v ,, 12, Q ff, , ,, '96 f wr- ' if A ' , 1 A , , Ae: ym'n' Lf' 1 fi: A ' , W' X Q 1, ' M, 2572 Q f + Mwwww mfausx Q ,,":'w,:17g,,,L vw- w Q A 4 ' K, ' "'1:WL1 if , H,1? if Q?gfwgQgH ' '? ' , 'f' W, M 'uf I " "' 2 K Q z 4 C' Q M My M QMMWMW w,h M 2 u ' M ' N iw, H Q7 ff fm, x. - f f if Q 3 ' x i" I " ' . f I , ' fn, 4 Z 1 ,, 4 f , rf ,ff gy H 1" 'K' " , , J In "tw ' V New , V V ,, 'fi , 1 7 ' N- A, f I A." iw ' ' ' ' ' ' wif ' f f 'f few- ' I f ' ' 2 H 'V - V M , - QQ aff , , ,iff-H ' , K -. f - -, x , 4 A' f' ' , ' ' , If 4 J V ,V L,,, W , , , ,, 1 90 Sports Best IV team ever ends 14-1 Left to Fight! COBCI1 BYOWD, TBIDMY Roman, Diane Pekall, T0I1i Tammy Wittman, Jackie Lopez, Iulie Pendergast, Lisa Mclileynold Mahlman, Michelle Hollman, Christine Meyers, Christine Woodard, Marlene Muench, Not picfuredg Christine Pricketi, This year's lunior Varsity Softball Team had a very successful season with fourteen wins and only one loss. They started off the season by defeating Cactus 14-1. They ended the season with a 8-4 victory over South. Some of the more notable players were Toni Mahlman, Iackie Lopez, Tammy Roman and Lisa Mcliteynolds. The infield also made a great contribution to the winning season. Coach Brown said it was the best IV team we've ever had at Browne. Their future as Varsity players looks very promising. . L ' ' frosh Nineteen girls composed the 1983-84 Freshmen Softball Team. Although six games were completely rained out, the Bruins still finished their season with a to- tal of six wins and five losses. The team consisted of several out- standing athletes. Among the top players were pitcher Lisa Gauna, catcher Sheri Turner, first baseman Iennifer French, second baseman lody Martino, Shortstop lanet Scheid, and third baseman Stacy Arce. Characteristics of the team as a whole was their super spirit and contagious enthusiasm. ,,.-vw L'-W, .gn-"""'W"fm",,I X5 P ' ' ,, ,W:,ff,M, l K 6 I. l ...Q X . ,, . Q X' l ' V Q no A 1 A ' ly?,.,, ' A ii -on Girls' Basketball shows pois I my N.. 92 Spori V' g 2 , , , V,'V"-,vw UMW ,jj 'N M Y 'VY N'-""'n.' T, 5 9 VM-""" V peed and mtelligence ef? Z gif? one Lori Sharp Sugar Garcla Carolyn Hamilton Donna Martin Row two Coach Hassel, The Trevor Browne Varsity Girls' Basketball Team was looking forward to a very productive year. There were five returning starters from last year's successful team which missed the playoffs by only one game. Caoch Hassel hoped to end the season over .500 and ex- pected to make the playoffs this year. They had a lot of poise, speed and intelligence, but their lack of height was a definite hindrance. Outstanding players on the team were: Lori Sharp fcaptainj, Sugar Garcia, Tammy Turner, Chris White, Carolyn Hamilton, Teri Mang, Donna Martin, Michelle Hollman, and Lisa Gonzalez. ZW f V J" , r-,' ,., A ffl ,MMX-fy ,Q Browne's Girls Iunior Varsity Bask- etball team hoped to have as successful a season this year as last year. Many of the players were members of last year's 12-6 team. Coach Reichow was the team's coach again. IV players on the uprise are: Stephanie Abrams fCaptainl, Sheri Turner, Lia Guana, lacie Cox, Cynthia Hamilton, Cathy Hernandez, Sondra Hoskins, Gina Tietz, Paris Morrison, Angela Bacca, Dreisden Ground, Patricia Daniels, Charlene Canty, and Angie Castle. Iunior Varsity hope 1 Q , I r . Row one: Angie Castle, Sheri Turner, Iacie Cox, Cynthia Hamilton. Row two: Coach Reichow Gauna, Stephanie Abrams, Sondra Hoskins, Patricia Daniels, Charlene Canty, Paris Morrison ie' I Z fl I kk., A...f s wfjjy 1 , , 'wif' f H 7 V' , ,f f ,. 3 he .AM NnfZgQVg4'9i1 ' 1 ,L ' ,,, ' if ' i n W, ' V4 fb, or continued success .W fsyi ol xl fa ltbtvm Q taoibqg 11 1 I M :aa '13 f M . 9 .V QE. 3 f I ai ' Q W ' W .X , NWN 1 ..,..s.,,gaa L f Q, j yfff ,I H 2 ,'.n5K., g k ff? 'fi 1, Sr: 'Y I hu--"" W., Y,,,,,,N, I I - - x X .R X ,q k k 9 k k ' - ' .k.. gi X nil X3 K Q ' NM 'W-x-QX.,,,,i' Enya kkk. XA V X A X V Zi ""'uk,. Nw.. Q. 'x - if Sports 95 rx F Fast learners and good spiri :gas a 'I 3 sfff, X i "3 1 A . . . ' Q 5 y . . 3 s tx 3 Et! i ' G ff' 1 Trix nt, wwff ,, Kxss t' Kffmt ap A Mx 1qg..f'xp.- ,QM ' T A will W T N 'x.kV,.L.V1',xfx1v, c 12,7 ,Q x Vvnflfl ,- hx X K -tix K . K fjLWt,QV,s'kLZA A . t ivy , 8 tw Q ,,g, Rexx X , A. .X I K i,,V",A , ff' f" -K my SWT r LQ L- r ' r . . 3 4 1 1. 1- 4 5 A "K S. f 2. I k x f' " w ,Q,, . - t - . f marinas. kit: T e . K ssfmrr-' e f i W D' fifth Trevor Browne's Boys' Varsity Tennis Team started off slow, but was expected to finish strong. This year was a building one for the inexperienced team. The team had three returning players: Steve Beery, George Isaac, and Iames Hopkins. Coach Kessler felt that the team learned fast and had good spirit. Mi i f v. rx, ,rl . fl rx g nk x x x 1 x a 4. s xx x ,N 96 Sports f Z , a sw QW 1 ,. . Q, v 1 V ,, ap, 1 ive hope for building year V -4 a 'ieiliisggi one: Coach Kessler, Iusiin Coursey, Lanny Backes, Dean Cavin, Steve Beery, Ice Bushong, Charlie Gunning, George Isaac, Missy Heit. Row two: Scharonne Ericksen fManagerl, Iames Hopkins, Conner fManagerJ. Not pictured: Geoff Saari. H W, 'if .5 Jw, ' ', 'K GWR -, M, w., n 'nz s,,z , , , .V a 4 + . 1 , , , A '2 ,A',zf,,,,f"'x L 1. as 1 11, f, f fin, ,522 ' K 1 4 f , no ' 7 ' f ' ' fm,.,1, ff Y 1 ' A , me 4 1 ,',, 5 , A Q V ,Inga-fm'-1-a,Ww'q.,, W4 ' 4 4 , 4 1 . , ' ' W? f' iwlwwvaam' ' " af "fb", y . , G G' .V'.4.., L , . A H 1 V 3744 4 U , Mr I 2 if 1 2, f V ' ' 4"lzf, M , , 4 W Vg, 4 V ' 2 8 7 , " X ,iw :Z . , V f E : g , V A 1 4 a x Q 1 ,, 'r ,, I if irfkaivkw f' ' A Sports 97 -Www MZ.. 0 F0019 jfo6 f"f ffl fi I! wcqljnvvf' li . LA T1 WWW . I WM Row one: Tessa Romero, Tammy Yates, Lisa Saplen Ovianagerl Chris Parks Miyuki Okamoto Manora Bandz Lynn Skinner Michelle B-PO Sauer fManagerl. Row two: Coach Sharp, April Long Annette Slack loAnn Noble W Nancy Alvarez, Leslie Hargis, Tammy Roman Kahni Stanley Susan 521 Vmmq Og' This year's Girls' Tennis Team Cvwjjb tO got off to a great start with a full 5-IXf'OfN4 Varsity and IV squad. Coach Sharp Dr,-7 expected a winning season, and to KYUKMII go further in Divisionals than last ECP year. The team sold jewelry in or- PAAPO der to raise money to purchase new yqyqei uniforms. Ang-DXM1 This year's outstanding players Xmoqsgax were Tammy Roman, Miyuki Okamoto and Natalie Chrisman. Q-QLJO 'Q Most improved was Nancy Alvarez 7rfYUN1N'eQft'fw 'ft' 9 gmwwfo mm we ff L Ha X xfx M, waamlh sf-mmf awww ,' Wm wt wg 'dew UWWWDU LWTV RMU' le me ww fflmw QS QQ el? Www MCT 7tMfWf1. .,. pmnmogl ip 91149 98 Sports Uvpc QW- QM .QAKQTVOZAJ ,QPQCYLQ if 0 a smashing season 4 W' W ff 9' A ,,,, 1 ":,'- 4 1 65 4 5 M 4, W - a Sports 99 ,w Young team starts tracl Row one: Kevin Kane, Santos Gualdez, Scott Miller, Chuck Lazaar, Chris Smith, Dale Rogers, David Wood, Chris Schmidt, IR McCoy, Ia- son lones, David Aguilar, Dane Wood, Matt Bishop, Hector Cooper, Troy Fuller, Mike Franzen, Ed Barajas, Coach Cruickshank. Row two: Coach Ehlers, Ralph Winklers, Eric Rose, Dave lones, Art Dahnert, Lee Draper, Matt Morris, Martin Diggs, Eddie Head, Steve Stone, Trav- This year's Boys' Track Team was young and did not have much experience. Coach Cruickshank said that this was beginning a year and he hopes to start a track and field tradition at Browne. The outstanding members of the team were: Dray Ground, high jump, Travis Fuller and Brian Airheart, shot put, Lee Draper, long distance runner, Lenny lohnson and Newell Randon, hurdles and sprintsg left Sing and Tim Glapion, sprintsg Todd Brown, middle dis- tance runner. is Fuller, left Sing, Brian Brookman, Andy Wilson, Rusty Askia Halim, Charles Adams. Row three: Lynn Lightfoot, Bearden, Eric Carlson, Andy Kline, lirnmy Barnett, Steve Anthony lohnson, Tim Glapion, Bryan Airheart, Dray Ground, T Tirnms, Vincent Villegas, Ron Orozco, Greg lones, Lenny lohnson, die Poe, Charles Campbell. if We wi" + ga it-te? Q 1" 'wil . M xg! 'ft radition at Browne .Q 84 , - wc"-Q faq H-af fm.. M B- , W 4. 71, ' A-ww AH V awp, 2 i df Auf A in 'W s aw- xwkbu 19" .u-'N , uv - c GV' +. x v, ' ,V,V 4 7 W W X,:' 'f a mmm 1 a f, rj 5, ,au Sports 101 Xfb Spirit and desire bring v """"-X - was -7' 1 ,uv Q -s- , . I , . V , 4. N..,Km.- K A . , ...wi iw, x ,if N .W,.i Q M , 'ii i , wrorvwvi V A an W,,,,v,,...,... x wx his W 7 ' ,gs .Q N - -1, ,KW .. x . 34... ... nn. 5 4' ' A .g f.. W- YHA ., ,guy N - 'Q Q,w...,..,....... """?1?'-731' M ' if. AQ- L ' ,QM I if ,.,. gfz. , M .Q K 3' K -N A-msn - ,F V 72 -N X 55 ,ik gyafgg, .1 +V 5 P .gs - 4.- M..-. N X ,- X . Q qvr . 1 sf Q ,x Q'-gd, K , . WA Xi A i ,. ,- XiL,f.Sx 1 W-N. -.-...v...,... M.. if gr, 3" , fii ' L is' 3: ' -r i- if 'Y ' ' 4. 1 W. Yi + A pq if 99' ii? - 3 33? 'FWD nf., 41 ., Q- if ,un wzigfxfwfniiggw .Rf-,zu V Q .1 4 'af ww, Q ..-. f .Nm fi, vm am' is Q ,Q W ,fr mf -mummy -4-ff' a 'w,,f1 4 A f,.gf,,, -'Wi 'v---fB,4. .- "'. --Nig- If 53 ,rii 1 eyebrow raising season .a gigs.. fx: is MM ft W ow one: Natalie Schettert, Tonya Doerfler, Sharon Hill, lanet Scheid, hantel Eldridge, Coach Nobley, Laurie Michelson, Cindy Bates, Lisa cl-leynolds. Row two: Diane Bauer, Iodie Bottoms, Coach Scott, Stacy 1 dill' 'iii W"ii21s:,":ii2s1a N reviews ,-, 4 y. a , . K . A 4 -ann? Acres, Cecelia Peniston, Lisa Gale. Not pictured: Caron Armstrong, Zeborah King, Sandy Kurtz, Charmane Polmanteer, Donna Taylor, Carolyn Bell, Elayna Dale. . . . . 1 . E. .k., P 3 L I . - -, . - fl: f -wie. W J' i,,,.fii kph- ..,.- v - 53" L E A buff .'-' ,,. '11 - - s r Q 4 A fr 'S ' k k- 1 -. A-W ,iff - . -+s,.s':.'1 Y . r-N K fs -q Ab K A ' ft Q., K7 4-:g1v9" '. ,- --e- '- ' ' - 3: to .f- . --Q X ff sw --A- s"':.4wu The 1984 Bruins Girls' Track Team expected to have an exciting season under new coaches Scott and Nobley. The team lacked depth and experience, but they showed a strong competitive spirit and a strong desire to win. The girls started training in February, working very hard and hoped to raise some eyebrows in the league. Returning lettermen this year were senior Laurie Michelson, long jump, high jump and 400 relayg junior Natalie Scheffert, 400, 1600 and 1600 relayg and sopho- more Cindy Bates, 800, 1600 relay and high jump. spans 103 ,en This year's Varsity Baseball Team looked to have a promising season. Coach Massingill said the team would have to play as a team if they wanted to be a success, they couldn't rely on individualism. The team was willing to work to win a game and had a lot of potential for a winning season. Massingill said, though, that they would have to work hard to gain that potential. Outstanding players on the team were second baseman lohn Patterson, pitcher and first baseman Dave Nash, first baseman and outfielder Mike Kuhlin, and catcher Tommy Dominguez. Browne has an outstanding base- ball program and the players are very proud ot be part of it. an .1 ' N 'Q .. ' ,5"',. ' N' as ,".' K X' -- . n -, ,,,,P'Sf- fp-I 5. .. Q, 'haw .Q , W is 104 Sports 0 Varsity potential -.QS A L t X .fi ,Q ww Mwff W1 N' J' xx' ff, A v ,ff,.f: jeyrg Ai' t tt as Q t 1 A -- ff 5-PQQQQ . AQ J gmsmli M f Q1 f - XXI: f i Q L , , L L -.v...,W ,,i. .th, L .. , Lt -MN -L L L L , -' -avr Q- . .Q r x. cw M, , f . - M ,,,- L ' -' if , .,-. K Mb- -- ...I 't'-if 4. W ' g ""'i" V 'M L-K Nu?tgf"5s.4 --- J J' :"' L .. . ' , Q '."'.E- mf -3 f . . f v-...'.i .-. ' f . ,- '- ' -9'-X1 - ' . fi M 1 - VRUUQQ , .. 4 - ' -L --'wif '-'A-A gQ-.' 'VN '-. .,1.,. A' s .N 5 . K t .457 f.-' 3 smfv-.W-' ' ., rp f"-gr 4, Aa L 4 iq A . .Q 3 V 4, :W in ,N 4 Nigggq'-f.,,-f'.' 5 Q , 'fr -v'1:gi.gjjfii::5'f" Tfeffgg-K .4 "5-0 MQ? ',,. ' f' Y ' ' .. ', - X A ' " r 4' " "nf '-"""x-'f'f' 1.77. .":'1l-LQ ',1.-HAL' -.-A... I 'H' """ f ' ' - V m . L - ,Lff,y5,.:tL,.t,-s1fz.'iS2..g-L,.., -At, 1 wmv , k V A V in . t f, . f ' . N- -1+ nf ' ' A, f ,'-f'-L., waht " Q L1 QL. , K . ,Sag Ls .avi Vx A .L X X K X .V L- ibglgigk f 4, ,f,Mr4,. f N... 7' Ay, ff ,, IJWZ. A-. L, M . K.. ,W , ,M W ,. . tyijisitsf 1 tg i5g4,g-5 , L' a1s,1,,4 --xig.LZ'5q-,g ki .Li tgiigiix 7 1 , ,, M, M. tg.-W'4'M:.alW1t45fff4g:? , M ,, L, A nw, 3. 141: I QM ,L A, fn. in - f K A if 'X t??S"1 1 -fry QQ. 3 . ' 'f Lf 't11,""'f' ,1 ' ' ' 'J'g1f,- ' ,, .- ' - f . .f-'1-gif: . ' f-,yt if f. ,..v' 'I ,J -f 3 fi ,"ri', ' ' Q-wn'g, L K X. th QL, LL . M,L:XNN,3 LTL, .kLim,AL M Lgfximtk it .XLL as ,A V, ,, , L6 L ,L My Q may at ,W q,4,,-,LM ' L f - ' A ,A-"fu,,4i41:,w,mvf Mg'ff:,,.4.Q ,MQ JJ. ' 3 'f 4, V . . . ., H ,K f 5 gL,g'g?. i ,fs L-L95-L S gk H ' ' K -- 'Q ,, v' ,L ., . N- - ,g, ff w - Q es. X L? .wif wsmi. in tkgwg is 1, , V wal A ... L, M WALZ, - L, V v Y v A ' f Q --- KW ' 'lx Sfffif H1 M "' . , " " - ,- 'f ' '1'-- ' '7 . Q. Q., .J 'F :iff - st ft . 1 L ,Lf 9 Y .. Q J .7 - Lx . If a 'Y' J J . : ' Lvl 1" J . J! ri- ff Y.-f L I, .. . ,. lj i J fijii' L1 Q f1'ILf",r"JL Lf 1" 1' L: 5 ti ,nj I' gf Lv' . ti J' I L1 L: Q 3' L! 1' v s L 5" Li' Lx' Lv 1 4 2 51. ' 'Q ta , i gmt t 1 Us .W-W' ,dzffw r - r ., 'Q 52 f ft ' V YQ Q ,v W' r, Q A A it ,Set it L , gt, the 4 ,QQ U s I -vu-v--..y., , 115 af Vt 6 L! L gjfivff ' , Q! L my tt' , fu 13333 ,, tw - va f X ww ffm ' i . . . ' . x h ,ff Q. Q g Q51 - f if QD, I V ff' 1 5 . . , xr - A bi " " A 'ff N , W N L 1 L L L ' L L K' N ," x ' my ,. xt- qw ., KN -QLQWTNYJK ..g1...f -N, VM, qgetq- vt Ar , 1 NW!! 1 K as 1 - -f J- nw..-s u M I W I L, ,L A 3 A ,.'.-'T'-fwv-, L ' ' ' ' af- V- fu lv juniors lead IV fling. Row one: Shane Bushan, Bobby Briggs, Tom Yarlot, Sal Rivera, Bob Madril, Lee Caputo. Row two: Coach Hann, Richard Finn, Gary 2'4 lr P 503 2 , HWY - A 'mblwlf The 1984 Trevor Browne lunior Varsity Baseball Team had a lot of team leadership. Iuniors Greg Medrano and Greg Soto helped the team a great deal. The team had a strong infield and a good pitching staff. Coach Hanna said his goal as coach was to prepare the Players for next year. He said the record was unimportant but he hoped to finish with a .500 season. 106 Sports Frosh polish basics fl. s ,..., one: lohn Martinez, Larry Madrid, Mike Caputo, Iayson Auroyo, Martinez, Travis Strickler, Richard Sardina, Roland Gonzales, es Zweygardt. Row two: Gilbert Rivera, Richard McGee, Ray K :ff - . "N" by Q N 2 J, Q fv. - . 4. W1 L X "'.. TM' s. ,3,,Y ,A MMM, 1 ,, cv-W 1 8 - 1' f , , 4,,, elf. f ....,.. .M .f Q - Q , ,:uA. J, J, A ,,,,, ,, ,M -, s v Mft- - ,f f it A . 7. i -. -. . -"..-f ,J M91 ' - :TTL 'li' at . rip,-1" ' " f .' 4' if ' ' "1 l'fqg:.,n75:.,.i'f'l,,'1 ,g3y,,.-,'f,1',,,: 5: Etfne-f-45 ' as ,.,.' V . .......-efw ymilftwwf felis?-W?" "ffl -1, 9.4 Q"'2'f ",5."l','I,T,'.fv:.f,'.'Q-W ' jf' " "f V ' - ' f' ' f 57 ',A1:f'!5L'?32fq'i:3l'l 'M .4 H. , . 4 f f .. f mf .Y Q 179:14 "Jr" 'si' -A f V-Q 1' ..-fwvgg f'f.f,gif,,, ,sy se'-' . ff' , .,,.,,.....-nv- ff yn. -f, , ,-'..A -my , . - f s' . are" ,,qg51wfgg7U.,,,,,. I wr 5. .Q , 'L ' MW- ,Q Yf . ,,, QM if ,, rw M 5 . ,Mi f, 'ff-wwlff , ,- A. .- jgygfi ?j,,e:4755f:ff5tgp5.y,e?f5 f,,,gi,.c,,:1 ,. ..r , . . W Hutchinson, lim Passarelli, Mike Reveston, Trevor Meyer, lody Eastman, Kelly Leonard, Chris Roberts, Mitch Hollabaugh, Coach Al- len. The main objective of this year's Freshman Baseball Team was to work on basic development and the fundamentals. They really wanted to emphasize the ba- sics to help the boys prepare for futures in Varsity. The team was looking forward to a very good season. The players were very dedicated and all looked like fu- ture potential for the Varsity team. Sports 107 08 Organize! Organizations Browne DECA is mo 'I in I' it x Q ' 1 Row one: loan Schemenauer, Debbie Kral, Rachel Steele, Kim Coniglio, Sabrina Harris, Diana Hoffman, Keith Parkinson. Row two: Mrs. Paula Hocken fadvisorl, Traci lones, Lori Mettille, Brenda Edminston, Randy Bettis, Tracee Mang, Kim McReynolds, Lance Distributive Education Clubs of r i' America is a youth group designed to produce future leaders in the field of marketing and distribution. Some of the activities Browne's DECA sponsored this year includ- ed: a slave sale to raise money for - St. Mary's Food Bank, their sixth annual Super Dance for Muscular Dystrophy, as well as a Christmas party for the Beverly Manor retirement home. They also hosted the state-wide DECA Winter Conference. Browne has also been awarded the chapter activity award for being the most active chapter in the state. DECA Officers President .................... Tracee Mang lv Vice President ........ Ross Bergstedt Secretary ...................... Debbie Kral Treasurer ........ ...... R andy Bettis Historian ..... ........ A pril Long s lt 1 Y ' Y 'X X 110 Organizations Shuck, Martin Madrid. Row three: Tracy Neill, Michael Remie Gregoire, Ross Bergstedt, Kim Stevens, Steve Mellor, lenniter Ray Tallent. Not shown: Lee Draper. I1 Q vb 3 Rochelle GBICIG luhe Plper Tracey Showalter Row three Apnl Long, Sean Rebero Tom Long Tony Jones Dawn Archuleta Carrle Cash Cheryl Borrego Becky Blowers Budget Row three Shelly Leonard Sharron Croft George Isaac Enk Benton Tracey Aker Row two Tom Gomez Gma McAfee Con Pam Whitney Mlke Rayburn Kent Lav1ne Ray Sm1th WW Cavett Lana Fmcher len Stearmen Tlna Setzekorn Katle Whxte fadvlsorj, ak 3-'UA A Y-E-L-L Being a Cheerleader means more than just smiling pret- ty, jumping up and down acting silly, and entertaining. It's hard work and dedication. The 1983-84 Cheer Line put in their share of long hours by starting practice in the hot days of summer to get ready for camp. But, long hours pay off. The Cheer Line attended a cheer camp at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Among the awards they won were: eleven ribbons, Award lor Excellence, spirit frisbee, spirit firecracker and they placed second in Grand Champion Competition. Taking the ideas and cheers learned from camp back to Trevor Browne, this year's Cheerleaders raised the Bruin spirit. x l 12 Organizations wa fm dfiaiwlw mf M W'h 4fIf" -if Z K m j 41, , A ,,v,,,g, ,, ,W L M, ' 'W 41 M If -.Q MIS, E Organizations 1 13 114 Organizations A new beginning This year's Pom Line was off to a new start. With only one Pom re- turning, eight new Poms and a new sponsor, many things had to be learned. But learn they did. Practicing, sweating and working hard lead them to a successful sea- son. This summer the Poms attended a pom camp at ASU. They learned many dances and spirit ideas. They also won a spirit stick. The Poms raised money by selling suntan lotion and having carwashes during the summer. Wearing brown and orange on Fridays was one of the many ways they showed their spirit towards Trevor Browne. 'im -...ff 'R1choun 'R .xy 'V it :big ' fr vw 3 YA . 4w uae nu, Ffa is ,ons . ig-an ,,,,....- 1" X1 A 2 0 ff' a , w ff X XX, sd Kg 0 Q? ,mug 44 ' Eg V1 f Rf . wg. , ' , i f A y in , L. han blow their horns . 5' is I . 3 A .1 ' X R ,,. I 555' IA gp. we: iw' ., af Q1 :vi if I '2 H, ,v ,,1'11 ' I 'QL En 2' 4ll"""' 2 1pff'ff.?5v3f, X Q vw", v Q.. 'N' I ."f WF-"iff S 1 ,ff rig ff 1 . xi" f rf? 41 Organizations 1 19 Chair learns ta vacalize Concert Choir is a performing vocal group. This year the choir had a new director, Mrs. Edgar. This year's performances included concerts here at school, at shopping malls, and at the State Capitol. In April the choir visited Magic Mountain in California. Funds were raised through car washes, bake sales, hot chocolate sales, and candy bar sales. Concert Choir Officers President .............. Chad Halvorson Vice President ....... Mellody Young Treasurer .................. Tammy Yates Sponsor ................. Charlotte Edgar Row one: Ann Epperson, Debbie Cushing, Chad Halvorson, Rae Ann Halvorson, Lorrie Row two: Elayna Dale, Tammy Yates, Lorane Revels, Cynthia Higgins, Lydia Valenzuela Edgar. Row three: Torn Swigart, Gary Sibly, Terry Merrifield, Tammy Worley, Kim Keiper, Long. Not pictured: Mellody Young. Orchestra has a musical year The Orchestra at TGB is growing and had its best year in a long time. lt was under new directorship, Mr. Black. As a first, the orchestra combined with the jazz band to form a full or- chestra for concerts and festival participation. They also combined with the jazz band to form a "Stu- dio Orchestra." The orchestra held five concerts and participated in two major festi- val events. 120 Organizations Row one: Sharon Hill, Mellissa Donat, Angela Parish, Chris Prickett, Susan Barrett Schwalroff. Row two: Dennis Keitb, Tim Maguire, Mr. Black, Becky Rau, loel Ann C Ayesba El Shabazz, Dwight Tacia, Martin Wegmueller, Ingrid Ericksen. g Hey, pssst! in A. .. . Left to right: Mary Herrera, Lynn Skinner, Hal Hjalmarson, Shawn Gates, Danny Turner, Scott Williams, Carl Roberts, Ken Barrier The first year of the Pee Wee Herman Fan Club rned out to be a surprising success. The club itself as started late in the year but that did not stop the embers from seeing their idol. The club went to many omedy shops and also saw Pee Wee while he was in hoenix. They also made several trips to Las Vegas and ake Tahoe, raising money by selling "squirting ties", nd shoplifting. The club also spent an exciting evening at the Nevada tate lail. Their night in jail came about because they ere jaywalking to where Pee Wee was appearing live. ee Wee also made a surprise visit to the Trevor rowne campus after a few members broke into his ho- l room. He seemed to enjoy his day at school, his manager, however, was a bit annoyed. Even though they are not affiliated with the national Pee Wee Herman Fan Club, they still feel that they are a vital part of Pee Wee's life. Next year's club is plan- ning to go to New York to see Pee Wee perform on Sat- urday Night Live. Pee Wee Herman Fan Club Officers President ......................................................... Shawn Gates Vice President ......... ........ D anny Turner Treasurer ............... ....... M ary Herrera Secretary ...... ................. K en Barrier Sponsor ...... ........ H al Hjalmarson Organizations 121 Concert Band expresses music with talent and sl-fill Stephanie Abrams lean Ackerman Danny Ashlock Kari Barger Patty Blatnick Lori Bentley Charlene Canty Dean Cavin lohn Clement Beth Cloud Dorene Coniglio Beth Conner Melissa Conner Andrew Cox Michael Crary Sharon Croft Donald Dederick Lisa Dennis Glenn Dion Melissa Elmore Ingrid Ericken Karrie Ericksen Scharonne Ericksen Denise Esh Patrick Feick Robert Flenner Valerie Fritz Michael Gracia Charlie Cunning Kim Gustafson Sonia Gutierrez Melinda Hill Suzette Hill Lisa Holland Cindy Hunt Eugene lennings limmy lohnston Iuanita lones Kim lones Nicholas Langley Sandra Lavery Launa Lathrop Debbie Leonard Gary Linville Vicky Lucero Dennis Keith Marla Marshall lohn McDowell Wendy Morfitt Brook Morris Cindy Muterspau lackie Muterspau gh gh Wendy Muterspaugh Marni Nixon Tom Olivas lames Passarelli Steven Pittman Susan Parks Diane Pekau Chris Pirkey Felicia Pollard Conwell Ponath Traci Redtoot Sal Rivera Ed Roberts Pete Rosales limmy Roush Mike Royal Devin Samuelson Cynthia Sannar lesse Sausedo Michelle Shrum Shannon Simmers Carmen Soto Bettina Smith Constance Stanley lanel Stringham lill Stringham William Thompson Ken Van Horn Steve Veatch Greg Vinas lanet Willistein - Charles Wyatt Marvin Wyrick Bonnie Zimmerman 122 Organizations jazz Band has rhythm one: Ioel Ann Oswald, Sal Rivera, Marla Marshall, Mike Royal. nings, Michael Crary, Charlene Canty, lim Passarelli. Row four: two: Dennis Keith, limmie Iohnston, Wendi Morfitt, Patty Devin Samuelson, lohn Clement, Conwell Ponath, Pete Resales, Mr. Jackie Muterspaugh. Row three: Don Dederick, Eugene len- Black. G1 The T.G.B. lazz Band is made up of special musicians that are picked out from the concert band or or- chestra. The band consists of nine differ- ent instruments: the sax, tuba, drums, bass, trombones, trumpets, piano, the vibes, and the rhythm sets. Each member plays an instrument. Every Tuesday and Wednesday tbe jazz members played long and hard to work their way to perfection. In spring they put to- gether a Spring Concert. The jazz band was sponsored by Mr. Black. Organizations 123 Hard Work and generosity all part of an Interact member's do Row one: Bobbie Penquite, Wendi Morfitt, Nancy Alvarez, Danny Ashlock, Lisa Holland, Karrie Erickson, Chris Pirkey, Debbie Leonard, Elenor Bandi. Row two: Manora Bandi, Susan Nunez, Amy Dekarske, Desiree Keane, Chad Halvarson, Susan Parks, Marla Marshall, Gavin Borowiak, Leslie Hargas. Row three: Shirley Solanki, Dennis Keith, Interact Board of Directors Chris Pirkey ....... Wendi Morfitt Nancy Alvarez .... Karrie Erickson. Lisa Holland ....... Elenor Bandi ...... President ........Vice President Treasurer Historian ............Recording Secretary Danny Ashlock ....... .. ...... Corresponding Secretary Senior Representative Bobbie Penquite ......................... Junior Representative Debbie Leonard . 124 Organizations Sophomore Representative loene LeDrew, Warren Harris, Michelle Walblay, Leticia Compara Missy Elmore, Steve Dentler, Cathy Watters, Cindy Sannar, lea Ackerman. Row four: Iohn Clements, Iohn Nehrbass, Rex Brownin Iohn Shaffer, Darrel Elkins, Randy Merrill, Ken Van Horn, Bobbi Holabaugh, Paula Poindexter. The Interact Club is an international service organiza tion dedicated to the betterment of school and communi ty. There are approximately tour thousand Interact Club worldwide, with branches in every free country. The Trevor Browne Interact Club, sponsored by Mr Browning, participates in many projects, community ser vices, and fund raisers every year. This year the club held a candy sale in honor of Ran dy Hickman, with funds being contributed towards th purchase of land for a three million dollar life-care fa cility. The annual blood drive is another important projec that the Interact Club sponsors. In October eighty pint of blood were donated. Another blood drive was held i April. In March the club sponsored a gong show an donated the money raised to the Amazon hospital-boa Esperanza. Also during the year the club went Christmas carol ing, visited nursing homes, and held canned foo drives. one Tun Maguire Amy Bell Tern Niska Mr Forrest Row two Iohn Nehrbass, Marissa Illar- Ken New Mrs Burton Wanda Downing Warren Harris Iohn Niska Not pictur F1eld Selenee explores the nature of things The Field Science Club explored and studied much of Arizona this year. The members examined many differ- ent areas of the state. The club, mainly interested in biology and geology, collected many specimens for the Science Department. The specimens were used to help the members and are now on permanent display. The club is the only science club representing Browne. They held many activities to raise money for their trips, most of which were one day, short distance, weekend trips. In early October the club went to the San Francisco Peaks area. They visited Payson and Kohls Ranch dur- ing winter recess. They also visited Sabino Canyon, Tonto National Forest and the Apache Trail second se- mester. In May they went for an overnight trip to Greer. The club was sponsored by Ms. Burton and Mr. LaRue. The two sponsors did a lot of teaching in the field. The club had about fifteen members, all of which voted on where to go and what to do. Field Science Officers President ....................................................... Kenneth New Vice-President ....... ............. T erri Niska Treasurer ......... ............. W arren Harris Secretary ...... ......... W anda Downing Organizations 125 T r ing to do it ull! Student Government Row one: Trish Bauer, Felicia McGinty. Row two: Paul Dumm, Lee Poindexter. Row three: Chris White, Dean Donovan, Tehran, Valerie Brown, Irene Leon, loe Bushong, Iana Auerbach, Chrisman, Lee Draper, Martin Wegmueller, Annette Slack, Iohn Debbie Tooms, Nancy Alvarez, Sabine Steinborn, Iennifer French, Angie Cahill, lan Kerber, Todd Hopper, Andy Wilson, Chris Wood Charmane Polmanteer, Miyuki Okimoto, Donna Goff, Paula Row four: Tina Hughes, Mary Herrera, Lynn Skinner. This year's Student Government kept very busy. Under new advisement, Mr. Evanstock, they went through many changes. Homecoming was held earlier than usual this year so student government met before school and began to start planning it and other major yearly events. They planned spirit weeks, assemblies, dress up days, the Christ- mas Formal, the Prom, the senior slide show, Springfest, and other various activities. In order to raise funds for all those events they sold hats, bumper stickers, spirit shakers, cups and carnations. They also worked in the concession stand at home football games. ,ass - Student Body left to right: lohn Iones tTreasurerl, Lynn Skinner tllecording Secretaryl, Felicia McGinty tPresidentl, Mary Herrera tVice Presidentl, Tina Hughes tCorresponding Secretaryl. 126 Organizations "k- S 'gf-ftesmcafi - s i n s Class row one: Debbie Tooms Cfreasurerl, Donna Gott QVice lana Auerbach fllepresentativej, Miyuki Okimoto fforeign ex- student from Iapanj. Row two: Todd Hopper Cllepresentativel, Wegmueller ftoreign exchange student from Switzerlandl, Lee Teh- Ctoreign exchange student from Francej, Ioe Bushong fPresidentQ, Lee aper fSecretaryl. t X 2 t 5 S E I .1 5 Q Class row one: Angie Cahill fSecretaryj, Nancy Alvarez fVice Sabine Steinborn fTreasurerJ, Annette Slack CPresidentl, Paula fllepresentativel. Row two: Chris Wood Glepresentativel. 1 Q E 1 Q l st it if si . It G Y SN! Ka..-fi A 3 Sophomore Class row one: Natalie Chrisman fTreasurerJ, Chris White fVice Presidentl, Irene Leon fPresidentl, lan Kerber fSecretaryJ, Paul Dumm Qllepresentativel. Row two: Trish Bauer Qllepresentativel. i 3 5 E ,gf fi z 6 Freshmen Class left to right: Valerie Brown fVice Presidentl, Ienni- fer French CSecretaryl, Charrnane Polmanteer fPresidentl, Andy Wilson Cllepresentativej, Dean Donovan CTreasurerj. Organizations 127 RCTC developes oung mind 128 Organizations HWY Left to right: Marvin Hernandez, Iarnes Hopkins, Stacy Settle, Eugene Iennings, Vonnie Iohnson, Sgt. Miedowicz, Ed Roberts. or leadership training .J 7 t x 'l vs I Q 1 . ? 51 . ft Q. r. QA, -'g 4' 2? E5 ., ' ' f . if - :If if .4 3 V Q' A , g 1 5.1 1- X. I 1 fi ' 0 . if" . 1 ' 3 V ..h V, . fy. 3 3 1 9 4 . JJ A.. 'ks 1 f .JL 3 ,. . , 1 13: 4: ' -gf ,f '23 . r - " .-1? - A W ', . 4 1 I f. Yi, M . - a ,T ,' . yr 1' . gf - -'A s -, ' 4 1 ,. w -. 3 f f is ' V 1. A 5, . ix, .' by . .jg u, Xt ti ii 'lt is 3 if . gf My as Q , W The purpose of the Iunior Reserve Officers Training Corps is to develop young minds for leadership training. The cadets' training includes extra curricular activities such as Male and Female teams which perform in com- petition representing Browne, Rangers adventure train- ing, Color Guard which performs at various ceremonies, and performing in rifle matches. Besides leadership de- velopment, the cadets learn first aid, map reading, history, M16 rifle, and much more. This year's ROTC kept itself very busy performing, learning and helping others. They raised 5610.34 in the Gompers collection in October and collected over 6,000 pounds of canned food in Browne's Can Drive. The Rangers went on a trip to Reeves Ranch in October and all the cadets visited Fort Bliss in April. They placed sixth in the Veterans' Day Parade and the Drill Teams performed at the Brigade Drill Meet at Browne and the Black lack Drill Meet at ASU. The cadets also demon- strated rapelling techniques down the Arts building in January. Organizations 129 Students Search for quality in education Students for Ouality Education, an organization created last year at Browne, is dedicated to protecting the rights of students in the Phoenix Union High School Dis- trict. SOE members are always present at board meetings to find out what might affect the quality of educa- tion in the district. They are also helpful in letting the board know what the students think and feel. If any student is curious as to what changes are coming about in our school and our district all they need do is consult SOE. SOE Officers Chairman ................ Randy Merrill Co-Chairman ............... Terri Niska Secretary ............ ....... J ohn Niska Row one: Robert Copus, Ianet Thompson, Mike Hilher Row two Randy Merrill Terry Niska K New, Fred AmAnte. Not pictured: lohn Niska MX , ,1f S if l 2 130 Organizations DECA brings 4X4's to Browne 2 at gs. Xi v t A Al Lg Q .awww In lanuary Browne's DECA chapter sponsored a 4X4 Show in the football stadium. There were seventeen participants in the com- petition and four other trucks that were there just for show. The six hour show was high- lighted by a visit from KUPD disc jockey Dave "Rock Me Baby" Pratt. Trophies were also given to the top 4X4's. DECA also aided in a bigger and better 4X4 Show in May which was sponsored by Arizona Offroad Mag- azine. ,Q-E Organizations 131 its H Spring eaneert highlights year for performance dancers Row one: Amy Dekarske, Dawn Foley, Cathy Devenpeck, lane lones, Lori Meek, Mrs. Altemus Greg Vinas Laurie Michelson DeRosa, Donna Herzner, Lisa Parra. Row two: Kari Gentry, Vanessa Perez, Ronda Piergallini Dawn Archuleta Keane, Ienna Owens, Rose Gregoire. Row three: Sonya May, Cindy In lanuary of each year auditions are held for performance dance for the following school year. Any sophomore or junior who has com- pleted beginning or intermediate dance is eligible to try-out. The performance dance class is involved in many performances throughout the year both on and off campus. The school year culminates in an elaborate dance concert. The entire dance department is involved with student from beginning, intermedi- ate, advanced, and performance dance included in the production. The concert is always exciting and entertaining. 132 Organizations XJ ' W VICA teaches needed sl-fills to interested students w one: Dawn Foley, Tina Brown, Kevin Scott, Steve Terreault, Rich nslow, Greg Hayden, Viki Deason. Row two: Michelle Lee, Kath- n DeGrise, Andy Harris, Scot Oglesby, Michael Shore, Allen Mills. VICA stands for Vocational Industrial Clubs of lmerica. VICA is the club and ICE is the class. Both the class :nd club teach the students responsibility. It also pre- tares them for the working world. The sponsors are elpful in finding the members jobs. Trevor Browne's VICA has recently attended state 'ICA elections in Tucson where Scott Oglesby was lected as regional historian. I The club went into cooperation with Maryvale's VICA ub this year. The two clubs acted as dummies in one a local hospitals disaster drills. They also aided Mr. avis in making "toys for tots." Row three: Mr. Troxel, Bill Witzigman, David Cronauer, lohn Wright, Mike Godbehere, lohn Root, Walter Neitch. VICA Officers President .............. ............................ ......Steve Terreult Vice President ........ .............. V iki Deason Secretary .................... ..................... M ike Shore Treasurer ....................... ....... K athleen De Grise Reporter Historian ......... ......... S cott Ogelsby Parliamentarian ......... ...... W alter Neitch Sponsor ....................... ....... R ichard Troxel Organizations 133 Guild brings bizarre World to Trevor Browne The Guild is a new club at Trevor Browne. It was created by Mr. Black, social studies teacher, several years ago at Maryvale High School and in a short time attracted considerable attention due to it's outlandish activities. In one year alone, the club organized an as- sembly to promote school unity and understanding against student violence. Strange and unusual art by members of The Guild was featured in the library display windows at Maryvale, statues of famous people in history along with flags, helmets, minature battles of famous historical clashes, and military uniforms of the past were displayed for the entire Phoenix Union High School District to observe. The Guild consists of several mini-chapters an members may if they wish engage in any, all, or non of the activities proposed by the various mini-chapter The mini-chapters consist of The Arts 61 Crafts Guil which displays works of arts S! crafts made by th members, The Guild Little Magazine which will featur thoughts, opinions, poetry, writings, etc. By member and The Bizarre Guild which encourages independe thought, creativity, and sheer zaniness through "secr missions" known only to members of the club. Row one: Maridee Langston, Eric Iones, Ayesha El-Shabazz, Chris Row two: Michelle Jones, ShiIl9Y S016-mki, Dee DHHS, Lisa Dennl Boblet, Carl Roberts, Chuck Wyatt, Melody Gracy, Iuli Mitchell-Rupp. Tina K9m'31'1Y, Malt Eckef, Rob Marsden, MI- Black, Jimmie lOhl1SiOl1, 134 Organizations Learning to lead o est. one: Lori Foote, Missy Porter, Cindy Hernandez, Antonia Macc, Debbie Cushing. Row Pam Kigbt, Monica Delahanty, Tina Ramirez, Chandra Horne, Lynn Brown. Row three: Kaiser, Robin Espindola, Karen Peter, Tracy Iohnson, Susan Avila. Row four: Michael Newell Randon, Raymond Federico, Maria Marshell, Terri Proulx. Not pictured: Lisa r, Donna Herzner, Iudy Nuanez, Mrs. Bradford. ne: Kris Krisell, Nancy Tovar, Gina Martinez, Bill Clark. Row two: Connie Van Michelle Winetrout, Tammy DeGurski, Tammy Mason, Tina Smith, Erica Gibson. Row Robert Higgins, Tony Charbeneau, Ferrell Dees, Kathy Swarthout, Cindi Iones, Belinda Row four: Billy Wamrnack, Kyle Kissel, Will Martin, Wes Bauer, Dan Crawford, Mrs. HERO I Officers President ........... Deborah Cushing Vice President ....... Tracy Johnson Recording Sec.Monica Delahanty Corresponding Sec ...Lynn Brown Treasurer ........... Cindy Hernandez Historian ...................... Susan Avila Reporter .............. Robin Espendola Public Relations ....... Terri Proulx Sponsor ................... Betty Bradford HERO II Officers President ....................... Kris Krisell Vice President ........... Nancy Tovar Secretary ................ Gina Martinez Treasurer ..... ............ B ill Clark Sponsor ...... ..... E leanor West Organizations 135 Students become skiers in Browne Ski Club Ski Club Officers The Ski Club is a new club on campus that was orga ' d th' b M M M Sh k d D President ............................................................ Steve Beery H126 is year y r. orse, s. an an ann Treasurer ................................................... Candy McCarty Harris. The club took various school trips this year t Secretary .............................................. Michelle Gammon Sunrise and Purgatory. The members of the club paye their own way on all of the trips. - The club had an enjoyable year and the trips wer O7 successful. I-I-sbefmfuxw he.i:vrw3utouww closw 'Elmo '. I'm - " I y x Qgoto 1 took. hwmomdabg even x-Q ds Ju-ml' I D+ -be 136Og QA 4-0,9.JcQ'fD1-AGMQQ-Sakai CSE bunxensweulwnabn Ujgoqcj I.'oI Ulf-l 430 V K11 4-Lwfue Etvwfvw am - HSLQ gp Q' Clegg ON ss' I' t Searching for humanity lames, Marissa Lana Fincher, Carelli, Scott ow one: Lisa Ayala, Tom arrison, lared Coursey, Tina artin Wegmueller, lim tljsee: The Trevor Browne an organiza- -sq, ,Wx Hutchings, Drew Towns, Terry Niska, Andrea Guest, Matthew Ecker, Lee Draper. Row four: left Klever, Brook Morris. Not pictured: Trini Gallegos, Stacy Rieter. Humanities Officers ,on dedicated to the through President .................................................... Matthew Ecker xposure to the many developed Vice President ........................................... Tom Wilkerson nrough the ages. Treasurer ............... ......... J ared Coursey The 1983-84 club met ev- Secretary .................................... ......... A ndrea Guest ry school day during fine literature, Sponsor ..... i ........... E .......................................... Fred Hanley +aintings, sculpture, The club 'Z' ,VA 4 Iso placed an emphasis of the history " 'XMLJ ' "' 12110, urroundinggbboth famous artists res onsi- JJ F WWW' ,VW JK -' le- 2 ff .v limb ll Ly WM 5423 55 'C 3 NJN' claim dw WWW gl-IL-,,,g,L-if ew M qfgjfff, 1 , J xx M N -Ofgir.-Qw,fa1Qgw QMM A 'A 4 25655 Us W , 2 5 ,Q T V '6 5 if I jf 'l ' i yrfl Organizations 137 i"i 9 J' gl D i We ill' M T' 1 4 5 T U J Students View government 'close-up' Row one: Kathy Dykstra, Felicia McGinty, Bobbie Penquite, Leslie Hargas, Cathy Watters. Row two: Lisa Hancock, Margie Trujillo, Ran- dy Merril, Elenor Bandi. Row three: Robert Copus, Eric Benton, Heidi Close-Up is an organization designed for helping stu- dents learn about their government "close-up." The Close-Up members spent most of the year raising funds for their trip to Washington DC in April. Some of their fund raisers included candy and bake sales. They also participated in a bike-a-thon in Ianuary. In preparation for their April trip the students attend- l38 Organizations Bryant, Mike Hernandez, Ieff Sing, Ken New, Terri Niska, Christin Pirkey, Paula Poindexter, Mr. Smith. ed an Arizona Close-Up workshop at West High Schoo In March the group visited the State Capitol to becom familiar with it. In Washington the students toured the city and spe an entire day at the Capitol Building. They learne about our government first hand. They also got to me the representatives from Arizona. Club shocks Campus 4--T"m T to right: Kelley Leonard, Scott Squires, Chuck Ford, Eric McCollum, Mr. Robinson. Not pic- lohn McCall, Troy Fuller, Mike Belleavione, Gary lemison, Edward lohnson. 'B The Electronics Club is new to Browne. It is for students who are interested in high tech electronic fields. The club explored all aspects of electronics which included building things like anti-theft devices, burglar alarms and other hardware. They also worked with a micro processer computer trainer. The students learned vital infor- mation about a growing work field. They were encouraged to accelerate as fast as they wished. Organizations 139 Cooperative Office Education is a work study progra Students learn office skills g in COE program Row one: Evelyn Valdez, Kris Purchase, Vada Kainak, Lori Zapata, Tina Hughes, Amy Dekarske, Donna McKinney, Kristine Kupar. Row two: Michelle Pryor, Donna Gott, Ianel Stringham, Iulie Eaggy, Teresa Hebenstreit, Iulie Beem, Ingrid Van Woesik, Lesa Cook. Row three: COE Officers Lori Zapata ...... ................................. ............. P r esident Tina Hughes ....... Amy Dekarske ...... Veda Kasinalr ....... Kris Purchase ....... 140 Organizations Vice President ...... Treasurer ................Secretary Social Director Tonya Reasons, Kris Vasquez, Becky Taylor, Sharon Ertel, Debbie Murrell, Mike Camacho, Rhonda Horn, Rene Knowlton, Roberta Thys, Liz Taylor, Mrs. Bondon lcoordinatorl. for seniors who have a career interest in office educa tion. The program blends afternoon on-the-job trainin with a related class. Students receive one credit for th class and two credits for working. The student gains oc cupational guidance, saleable job skills, wholesom work attitudes and habits, and develops a feeling of sel worth and achievement. As a part of the total program, these students als make up the COE Club whose main function is to rais funds for the end-of-the year banquet to honor their em ployers. Other fun outings and a three day trip t California were planned. UN ker. on Checl-fmate!!! e: Erik Ciiizen, Warren Harris, Heather Magill. Row two: Mr. Iohn Nehrbass, Tim Hatiendorf, Drew Towns, Tim Far, Mr. Wu-W X H ffmyp 'yay 4 if q,Mf,,1 T W1 f 5 W WL fyfvfrvsaryiqi Wx fffyfjfpi I fy jd, 17X , if V Vim x WI if .Diyif 'nj Sify if Wfi' if XV Chess Team Officers President ...................... Warren Harris Vice President .......... Tim Hattendorf Treasurer ..................... John Nehrbass Secretary .................... Heather Magill Sponsors ....... .................. M r. Gibson WWF-lissonl and Mr. Walker DIS G ft' lr Howz 60 .'HEu.O'f Ste X700 QFL Lvokdlgf Q Sa Q WTQWQG l ,- L N ' Organizations 141 J' u ative American Club explores Indian culture m af 1 3 1 g 3 ts 531 '35 K Q--fa 5 E N... ,, Row one: loe Barret. Row two: Edison Haskie, Sandy Smith, Eliot P311-Ielion, Mrs, Ram-gk, Bi11B15i1-I Tim Booth' G1-eg jones, Lalo, Carla Harvey, Dailene Begaye, Bonnie Zimmerman. Row three: Native American Club Officers Presidents ................... Dailene Begaye and Tim Booth Vice President ............................................... Sandy Smith Secretary ............. ....................... B onnie Zimmerman Treasurer .................... ............................... E dison Haskie Sergeant-at-arms ............... Greg James and Bill Blair Sponsors ......................... Pat Helton and Arlene Ranck 142 Organizations The Native American Club at Trevor Browne gives dian students a chance to explore their culture. club participated in many activities this year that het them to better understand their ancestors. Some oi the were: the San Diego Indian Fair, youth leadership NIE Arizona Indian Market Day, the Scottsdale Pow Wo and the Fort McDowell Apache Pow Wow. The club helped other schools with their Indian ct tural days as well as having their own fashion show ar pow wow. They helped the prisons and shared the culture and also performed services for senior citizens the Phoenix Indian Center. The club gave its members a chance to get togeth and share their experiences while learning abo themselves. ull Riders Rodeo Club keeps on buekin' w one: Vance Acton, Scott Schroeder, Rick Amundson, Carl berts. Row two: Bill Brown, Danny Rosenau, Greg King, Carla kins, Charlie Needham, Lisa Foley, Lori Kinsy, Greg Gunsch, Mary bbs, Angie Sandstedt, Mark Boswell, Iulie Schroeder, Steve Grier, Rodeo Club Officers esrdent ..................................................... Wendy Tolliver ice President ....... ...... M ark Boswell reasurer ............. ............ L isa Foley cretary ....... .................................... C arla Jenkins ctivities ....... onsors ........ reg Gunsch ott Schroeder ark Boswell my Cicogni d Davis eam Roping ark Boswell sa Foley harlie Needham reg King Julie Schroeder ......Bruce Sharp and Tamra Wright Photographers Carla Jenkins lulie Schroeder Wendy Tolliver Bare Back 8: Br Mark Boswell Charlie Needham Greg King Barrel Racing Lisa Foley Dresden Ground onc Riders Lisa Shaw, Suzanne Wade. Not pictured: Wendy Tolliver, lvy Her- sey, Iackie Frazee, Yuki Langston, lim Cicogni, Tad Davis, Dresden Ground, Tom Iohnson, Mr. Sharp, Mrs. Wright. The l983-84 Rodeo Club is in its third year running and they're still buckin! This year they sponsored their members participating in the AIRA Rodeo and also High School Rodeos. In order to sponsor riders, the Rodeo club pays as much as possible ot their rodeo entry fees with the Ro- deo Club funds. The money raising activities they planned and participated in this year were, bake sales, car washes, carnation sales, and various special message sales. Organizations 143 Lights, Camera, action t my CAMERA I The cast and crew of the Bruin News is made up of students who devote some of their free time Cand in most cases their sanity, to make a news program. Each show is de- signed to present stories that are both informative and entertaining. Producer Ron Kuhn Editor and Anchor Tina Kemarly Reporters Chad Halvorson Felicia McGinty Cathy Watters Camera Men Tim Maguire Hobie Iohnson James Garrett Sponsor Mr. Frison 144 Organizations NNW C'est la vie ow one: Richard McKinley, Natalie Chrisrnan, Kevin Hunt, charonne Erickson, Cindy Hunt, Mrs. Harthun. Row two: Renee This year's Trevor Browne French Club has had a ide variety of experiences to obtain better knowledge f the French people and their customs. Mrs. Harthun ok her club to a French restaurant, the art museum, nd even treated them to a French dinner in her home. Warren, Trish Bauer, James Hopkins, Renee Allen, Lorane Revels, This gave the students an opportunity to taste the tradi- tional French food and study the unique French art work. This club served a very good purpose. It gave the stu- dents a better understanding of the French culture. Organizations 145 We act not what We are my We say not what We mean Row one: Paula Poindexter, Cathy Watters, Tina Kemarly, Chad Halvorson. Row two: Mellody Young, Ayesha ElShabazz, Kendra Kemarly, Deanie Copley, Diane Childress, Bobbie Penquite, Sandra Lavery, Matt Sandberg. Row three: Georgia Young, leanette Yielding, Thespian Officers President ....................................................... Tina Kemarly Vice President ........ ....... C athy Watters Treasurer .............. ........ D anny Ashlock Secretary ..... ........ P aula Poindexter Historian ..... ....... C had Halverson Sponsors ...... ....... P hyllis Bromley Theresa Carolan Vicki Dinon 146 Organizations Teresa Sims, Mark Nehrbass, Lee Iohnson, Ron Kuhn, Teddy Smith Row four: Ms. Carolan, Ken Van Horn, Mike Gipson, lim Yielding Steve Mitchell, David Williams, Erik McCollum. Not shown: Ms Dinon. Thespians is a group of students that are learning t be actors and actresses. They also learn stagecraft an other theater techniques. The Thespians keep themselves busy throughout th year. They participated in Open House, helping to mak it a great success. They also built a float to Homecoming and it placed third. But, most of all the Thespians perform plays to earn money to do more plays. Browne's Thespians is a strong group and is very re- spected by those who understand them. German club investigates Culture af far away land cl, A X fn, fiiflsf 105' s -ta if m Hattendorf. The purpose of the German club is to promote a bet- r understanding of the German culture among the stu- nts of Trevor G. Browne High School. The members study the various aspects of the German -eople including their language. Their year was spent etting to know the culture through many different nurces. one: Lisa Hancock, Kathy Dykstra, Cindy Sannar, Mrs. Glazner. two: Wanda Downing, Ted Smith, David Burns, Steve Dentler, President Secretary . . .yi , X .. Q. X , I Q. x 2, .swf Y . . . X an V . n . ., f,.-...,..s 1 , . . . , .N . J . M . A 1 E ,X . - 19, ip ,- - r K 5 at 'L .' ' - 'I'.. vt- n .-M. s German Club Officers Kathy Dykstra ........Wanda Downing Treasurer ................. ............. T ed Smith Historian .................... ........ S teve Dentler Sergeant-at-Arms ....... ............. C huck Lazarr Sponsor ....................... ....... F raulein Glazner Organizations 147 M vjjf,lJffff?Jlfjf?ff'JV WWW WW.. tjflfiiwg tin' ya f ul WW Model UN Officers Randy Merrill ...... ............... P resident Danny Ashlock ....... ........ V ice President Cathy Watters ........ ............... S ecretary Paula Poindexter ...... ..... T reasurer Kathleen Barraza ........ ........... .Sponsor - A Q Row one: Robert Copus, Bena Patel, Bobbie Penquite, Kathleen Barraza. Row two: Warren Harris, Tina Kemarly, Ken New, Heather Magill, Ken Van Horn, Danny Ashlock, Cathy Watters, Row three: 148 Organizations Politics and peace de Model U delegates students with the opportunity to learn about the pra tices of the United Nations. The club gives its membe experience in political decision making processes a helps them to better understand the problems, issue and conflicts that other countries face. In an annual event, held at the University of Arizona clubs from each high school in Arizona come together 1 h The Model United Nations is a club which provide c 1 n form a mock United Nations session. Each clu researches and represents one or more countries. At t conference, the clubs try to vote and function as the adopted countries would. This year's twenty-six member club, sponsored Hjalmarson, Gambia at the U of Kathleen Barraza and Halldor France, Finland, Panama and conference. 1 1 X.f.elP" Conwell Ponath, Randy Merrill, lohn Niska, Terri Niska, Am'1-inte, Georgia Young, Keith lames, Theodore Smith, Poindexter, Richard Solter. Dungeons and Dragons brings ole-playing adventure to Browne w one: Mr. Sacco, Ryan VanDeurzen, Ronnie Faulkner, Ioe rvantez, Mike Connard, Iohn Nislra, Gynn Van der Muller. Row o: Randy Merrill, Bob Wells, David Brown, Terri Niska, Janet Dungeons and Dragons Officers esident ................................................................ Ken New ce President ........ ...... ....... R o bert Marsden cretary ........... ....... J oe Cervantez easurer ........ ......... T erri Niska r l Thompson, Ken New, Rob Marsden. Row three: Chris Love, Chris Walene, Ms. Mangan, Paul Schmidt, Philip Mandell, Mark Green. The Dungeons and Dragons club is composed of stu- dents who enjoy role-playing games. In addition to Dun- geons and Dragons the members play Star Frontiers, Gamma World, and Champions. Organizations 149 Spirit and wreestling giv Row one: Lynn Skinner, Nancy Alvarez, Felicia McGinty, Lisa Lough, Lisa Sapien, Debbie Montgomery. Row two: Susan Parks, Michelle Wrestleretts were a group of girls that promoted spirit and provided the wrestling team with support. They did this by cheering at matches and invitationals. The Wrestleretts raised funds for their uniforms and transportation by washing windows, selling balloons at football games, selling carnations as well as other activities. Requirements to be on the Wrestlerett squad includes tryouts at the end of the year, maintaining at least a 3.0 grade point average and lots of school spirit. The captain was Felicia McGinty. Rosalinda Padilla, Chris Sauer and Lynn Skinner were co-captains. Wrestlerett Officers President ........................................................... Chris Sauer Vice President ........ ....... R osalinda Padilla Treasurer .............. ............. B eth Conner Secretary ........... ................................... L ynn Skinner Co-Secretary ........ ..................................... N ancy Alvarez Sponsors ............ ...... M r. Sharp and Evelyn Gonzales 150 Organizations Cheeche, Missy Connor, Beth Connor, Susan Harris, Chris Chris Hedstrom, Rosalinda Padilla, Suzie Hill. ....f" restleretts C1 reason to Cheer .v .V J , W-W-w1"" wa,-N 060 Mm Staff learns journallsm acts The Bear Facts staff is responsi- ble for keeping the student body informed about the school and com- munity through the production of their newspaper. The students in the newspaper class must do everything that is necessary to print the paper. This includes taking the pictures, writing the stories, typesetting the copy, selling ads, and pasting down the layouts. Bear Fact's stories stretch from sports and features to editorial and hard news. This year was a building and training one for the staff. Under editors Robin McKinley and Chris Pirkey and advisor Mrs. Ranck, the class learned most of the fundamentals of journalism and newspaper technique. N SgK ,, ESA z as ggi S- 39+ oss Cb V' O Hrv- S S91 33.1 N x sv "1 -' gg' ml-IL 'ls x 32 E ' x S XS x it X r Q T 'R s " Q X X 5 U EE? 3' ? ' X he 3.150 UQ E1 xx .- g,mg5,fe2a'?a51g59v QD ' ' X 5.5-""55553f"r?5'5 Q X NX n5PegQ?U28Q?,e.rf15.'Plff ' u'i'h:1E?-2.'-T"i22ml'-5 N 152 Organizations Z5 Deadline? What deadline? ow one: Andrea Tatum, Ken Barrier, Carla lenkins, Kelly Huff, loy Scott Williams. Row three: Andrea Guest, Michelle Malsch, Maria ueller. Row two: loy Cox, Warren Harris, Shawn Gates, Deanna Rogers, Brian Brookman, Mr. Hjalmarson, Carl Roberts, Bob Sertich, obison, Tisa Dunn, Wendy Tolliver, lulie Schroeder, Mary Herrera, Cindy Herzner, Paul Boyer. Not pictured: Lynn Skinner. x R The Lair staff is responsible for the production and accuracy of Trevor Browne's yearbook. The stu- dents must do all the layouts, copy and pictures themselves. This year the Lair continued its photographic excellence. It was also larger and included more color than the books of the past few years. The staff members had to contend with a tempermental editor, but still managed to keep their sanity and got the work done. Organizations 153 is Q 5, L.: 54 I K V ,, 31Hf"5"m -I 1 'WL 1 wdsgba .1 , fv , frm, W m'5f+fgfwf 2' f5,'f22",,iJ .ew ' ' am, A Al - Acad mics A Moten proud of successful your Dear Students, This has been a banner year for Trevor G. Browne High School. You have made all the difference. Numerous teachers have given you many, many reviews for the outstanding quality of academic achieve- ment you have attained this year. They have indicated that motivation levels have been high, and that you have been working hard. That is as it should be because the school's main goal is to see to it that you are a different person when you leave here than you were when you came. We are going to do that by giving you an educa- tion. We expect that education to help you grow. However, the most important thing is not the education, but in your discovery of its meaning. It is what you do with the education that makes the difference. No amount of education is worth much if it is not used. We are 156 Academics hoping that you will use it, both for yourself, and your world. In order for you to get the knowledge and skills b , , h h 1 v need, you must learn to seek out resources. You must awake aware and action oriented. You must learn to persistent, not give up easily if you want something. T things you want are moving targets. You will have keep aiming at them until you hit the bull's eye. Abo all, you can't expect anyone else to see you as ten fe1 tall, if you see yourself as three feet tall. We are proud of you and your success. Many wonder ful things have happened this year. Among them ha been the building of greater student responsibilit which, in turn has helped the maturation of many stu . . .S dents. This 1S one of the reasons that we can label thi year a BIG, BIG, success. Assistant Principals help lead Q :W-'fi kisses? I .s 4. - if A ""' . .1 i I - .-:sexe 3. ,wk up , .V ak M' ff-fa john O'Connell Another year draws toward a new beginning-especially for our graduating seniors. Each year I am more impressed at the quality of our Trevor Browne stu- dents-their attitudes, their behavior, and their successful achievements. A new Trevor G. Browne is emerg- ing. Others are beginning to recog- nize the quality of our students and the dedication of our staff. We are seeking ways to reward excellence in the classroom and student commitment to learning. Let us continue our search for excellence. Ierome Siegel The opportunity is yours at Trevor Browne High School. The opportunity to learn, to participate, to prepare, to meet new people. Your future is in your hands but the faculty and staff are here to assist you in every way possible. These can be some of the best years of your life Qin preparing for your futurej if you had or will take advantage of all that is offered at your school. Reach out and ask for assistance. My door is open to you! Philip Berra It bas been a great pleasure to be here at Trevor Browne my first year. The students, teachers, and staff have been great to work with, and have belped me to adjust to Trevor Browne. I am looking forward to many more rewarding and satisfying years. Academics 157 Secretaries keep BroWne's odmlmstrotion running smoothly ff 'QMHU' H, 4 ,V VW Left to right: Anna Tooms, Shirly Comstock, Sudie Hancock, Mitzi Geiler, lutta Coe,Penee Piper, Christine Perez,Rache1 Munoz The secretaries in the front office are all-important in keeping order in the administrative department of Trevor Browne. They keep things running smoothly for the administrators and keep records of students. These dedicated women are always willing to help students and faculty and are indespensable to their employers. 158 Academics W5 ' I Elaine Robinson Athletics ,J 1vw!Pl'k"'Q9 EZ, leanne Stilwell Activities Ready and Willing to counsel Rex Browning l IBI I Barry Neisent I IF' I Monica Lowe lack McCullough Theresa McDaniel ESP-EHSC "Y-R-P" ESP "D" M. iiio. s in ' I . p . Y ww y ' e.,i -5. i ii T.. , L? YVV, Ag: , V . ' ' . inf f W V my in j uf! I-53119 f George Torres lenny Whalstrom . Secffifiryyj T .1 "A" Career Center l ' ,A ,,.f"f fn 7 The Counseling Department is a very important part of every student's high school life. Counselors are ready a t and willing to help students with schedule problems as 5 well as problems with family, teachers and friends. They iii H VA I T are also essential in helping students prepare for college by providing college and financial aid information. . New counselors this year were Mr. Neisent, Mrs. " McDaniel and Mrs. Lowe. ' f if ' E oy lvl Dvl X., 'Aix' xl,Q all 1. Ilji, , K6 is I We 1 . . I L. Ag by x 5 -- X K a. A ' lffz Qi? .. T, .99 ,WX BTX KAAT X 1 Qbll L7 O I vol ly ff K l . N X ' ' D xx' 1,1 0, 5,-L' X Qllx ,. ,yew X Maxine Williams Albert Zuvers 4 ' kt HEII nl-111 T9ffLWfe'c!wMl7, 'fpzwa Mfawwfffwefw W 5 Academics 159 gg WSH mmf ' Wetyffr w4wtllMt'Q7,jEngl1s Qnartliifient prowde WJWWEQ Qftswr QT W .iq W fqgfvl ,wg WW W W MMR QMWWWJE K swijfif fa 229- N 4 2 Barbara Baumann Barr Bishop - English 5-6 English 5-6A, English 7-8 vt'VXt,C,lb'V' Wad i A ,npnlmnum mu, K . was ---ew? B jf' fifyfu-1-e, fp Y ,AL ajwudbl , pw,-J .. M t .1-grand H' IA Y l V W Q jwg -A r X c,,, M ' A ,QI JM MMLQQ 'ff'fLfff'4 '5 ': .V ?f"'M4' DZBFAM J lack Gibson Fred Hanley I J, Q English 1-2, English 5-6 Dept. Chair, AP English Q AILC4 Q VGJM., Q-,J ry ,,,. --Ve.J- C , In order to provide students with a more solid 4 L., fkffuffgg W' background in traditional English studies, the requirements iw ZA-JMB for these classes have steadily risen in the last few years. f f This year's graduating class was the first to be required to ' , , Aj take four years of English. This is now required of all stu- ' dents. Because of this emphasis on traditional English, X Q elective English classes such as Short Story and Mythology ffwyjgf V MXDJ ' have become virtually obsolete. f ffvay, Yearbook, Newspaper and lournalism, popular remaining f ,,,,J,U v electives, offer interesting ways for students to use and develop their English skills. Advanced Placement English , Aja' provides challenges for the senior English student. DLCMM Gu W 'Vt' The English Department acquired one new English , . ,,-' teacher, Mrs. Hyde, and two returning teachers, Mrs. wwf, Banck and Mrs. Mooningham, this year. l60 Academics XJWVZA7 .Q-. , a , Victoria Dinon English 3-4, English Maria Hyde English 3-4, English 7-8 Fred Kessler English 3-4A, English dents cl solid background Xu. Q1 n X., , Laura Mooningham English 5-6, English 7-8 N A Ileana Orlich English 1-2, English 7-BC Philip Peterson English 3-4, English 3-4WE af f' if I 1 V 3 1 Arline Ranck Marcella Stewart William Tanner Eng. 1-2, Iournalism, Eng. 5-6, Eng. 3-4WE, Eng English 3-4, English 5-6C Newspaper 7-8 Academics 161 if", Wiiw N Making Social Studies bearable Ken Ashley Arizona History f Government Michael Cady World History, Amer. His. This year the Social Studies Department added three new teachers to its tal- ented staff: Mr. Ranshaw, Mr. Black and Mr. Smith. This staff makes required classes such as Government, History and Free Enterprise bearable. Classes offered in the department are: Ameri- can History, American Government, Free Enter- prise, World History, World Geography, Arizona HistoryfGovernment, and Humanities. 162 Academics eei Kathleen Barraza American History Gerry Hermanek Free Enterprise, Amer. Govt. MQ ,s 21. ir, S: ,, - --.. , ,G X .11 if ,- 1.,, ?:i3Sg,,?,-,isis-A . 5 Guy Parish Ed Ranshaw Doug Smith Dept. Chair, Amer. His. Free Ent Amer Govt Arizona H1storyfGovernme Awtseefwffyk . eswwtgfgwiisivegi' N ew changes strengthen Science Dorothy Bender Meg Burton Chair, Biology l-2 81 Biology 1-2 Sz l-2A ,fix -J M ,, ,,,,,L"? 'eff L 55-K Orrin LaRue Mary Paulaski Earth 81 Space Science Secretary Coleen Roth Cecil Walker Biology, Gen. Science Chemistry, E. 81 Space Science My If Richard Harkins Mae Iones Biology, Chem., Physics Earth 61 Space Science There were many changes in the Science Department this year. Mrs. Bender became the new Department Head and there were several new faculty members. Mr. LaRue came from Carl Hayden and taught Earth and Space Science. Mrs. Jones, from South Mountain, taught Earth and Space Science, General Science and ESP Science. Mrs. Roth, from Alhambra, taught Biology and General Science. Other classes included in the department are: Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Biology and Advanced Chemistry. The science faculty planted a live Christmas tree in memory of Mr. lordan. We if Wi? fiftttw , .g ,W Academics 163 D656 MIJCISSQ Computers bring gm lJ9llawoflll7e4Y 'I' in- wif! P107 lag W7 45:5 Q, 4.p..cmeM.5 mf artsffgf fe 164 Academics 3 loseph Demko Computer Math 1-2 81 3-4 1, Q Q Rob Forrest Int. Alg., Comp. Math 1 Gerald Hickman Dept. Chair, Geom 1-2, Alg. 1-2 L t,,,qmxM H Phil Evanstock Alg. 1-21-1, Geometry Vernon Grossarth Alg. l-2, Int. Alg. 1-2 8: 3-4 Q: 8 31 E15 Charles Hutcherson Int. Alg. 1-2, Geom. 1-2 Int. Algebra 1-2, Gen Lewis Foote Loretta Hall Alg. 3-4, Cons. Math, Geom. 1A Alg. Peggy Pase 1-2 S1 3-4, Int. Alg. 1 Deborah Shank Int. Alg. 3-4, Gen. Math Betty Bradford Child Development Eleanor West HERO, Human Relations, Foods BreWne's Math Department as . A wi V I , , f 2 ' -ge , . Bruce Sharp Hiram Snodgrass Consumer Math, Gen. Math Int. Analysis, Algebra 1-2 Marge Hewette Patricia Mathews Clothing Foods Home Ee teaches useful skills Classes in the Home Economics Department are de- signed to develop skills that will be useful in the home and in occupations such as food service and child care. Classes included in the Home Ec Department are: Foods, Clothing, Child Development, Human Relations, and HERO. A new teacher at Browne, Mrs. Radell, teaches clothing. The Math Department is growing thanks to the computer classes. There were five computer classes taught this year, including a second year class. Other classes offered in the Math Department are: Intro Algebra, Algebra, General Math, Geometry, Consumer Math and Analysis. Miss Peterson is a new math teacher at Browne. Academics 165 ESPgives dedicated care ww z .J ' ' 1-Q. ' 5 .Q L' n in V l -' 55' M V Q44 i 'Y . 3 . X ffm ' l David Cruickshank Eng., Math, Free Ent., Health Phyllis Bromley English, Basic Health Allie Hardwick Basic English Dean lones Eng., Am. His., Az. His. The Exceptional Students Program is designed to meet need specialized instruction the needs of students who to complete their high school education. This department provides programs for gifted, learning dis- abled, emotionally handicapped and mentally handi- capped students. These programs allow the exceptional student to participate as fully as possible in high school life and society in general. Mr. Cruickshank and Mrs. Bromley joined our dedi- cated ESP staff this year. l66 Academics Elsie Freeman Roger Goto Basic Reading, English Voc. Prep., Math, M3 Charles Kane Marjorie Lauder Consumer Math, English Department Chair 'lzllll f Avian iff- ' , f-""",ff . S'N" ,555 yyxiif N?-sq.. ,.,, ,,,, , V . rl In Steve Massingill Tom Reale EHSC Work Experience Arts re ine students' skills Vicky Altemus Int. 81 Per. Dance af' ' .. I 4--.. Charlotte Edgar Concert Choir lohn Boothby ,f"x-N 04" F ,V fs .S ff l Barry Black Concert Band, Orch., Guitar Richard Felix Mixed Chorus, Piano Lab Evelyn Meiners Art, Ceramics, Drawing Photography, Drawing Teresa Carolan Eyvonne Carter Drama 1-2 St 3-5, Speech Beginning Dance The Performing Arts Department at Trevor Browne of- fers many ways for students to refine their talents and gain experience in performing. This department offers a wide variety of classes including Drama, Speech, Dance, Stagecraft, Marching Band, Concert Band, Guitar, Piano, Orchestra, Concert Choir and Chorus. New teachers in the Performing Arts Department this year were Mr. Felix and Mrs. Edgar. The Art Department gf 4 provides an opportunity for students to develop their artistic skills. Stu- dents can study Drawing, Ceramics, Painting, Crafts, Photography, Ad- vertising, Design and Be- ginning Art. Mrs. Meiners was new to the Art Department this year, teaching Pho- tography and Drawing. David Nunez Drawing, Art, Pntg. Crft. Academics 167 PE helps students stay in shape lohn Brown Frank Gallagher Wgts., Health, Adv. Sports Health, Weight Training One of the most popular departments in this school is the Physical Education Department. P.E. classes provide ways for students to get in shape and stay that way. Stu- dents are also able to improve their athletic skills and learn how to keep themselves healthy. Classes offered include: Gymnastics, Weight Training, Advanced Sports, General Physical Education, and Health. Mr. Baker joined the P.E. staff this year. 168 Academics at Ld! .'Sl,,.LA A 1411123 .X 1 sf K , 3 "i' l yE'ii,,.. . LV wr ,, Gerry Hahn loanne lohnson PE 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 Gymnastics, Wgts Q, ASX if tfs .2 '55, A Q nj 3 x 51,6 Q3 Q . . as Lucia Iones Ella Mass Health, Gym., PE l-8 Health, PE 1-8 OC Bill Mitton lerry Zamboni Weight Training Health x NX! ML fl Reading expands students ,, , WN - ,g 1, Patricio Aragon MRT, Reading Skills Betty Werland Linguistics Aide Frank Cozzi Study 61 Opportunity Hall M- ,Xl A f 1 M... A , Q 0 minds Ioan Monihan Garth Shay Tamra Wright MRT Reading Skills, ESL Basic Skills Center Reading Trevor Browne's Reading Department provides classes s which help students to improve their language skills ' and increase their vocabulary. This year Mrs. Monihan , joined the staff in the Reading Department. These teach- ers urge their students to read more books in order to 4 expand their minds and pass time creatively, and also to , do wel on tests. X 2 N W, , . W Mefdtsaffwe wh 04,3 ,vb-91.0 fQv1fv4 Oy f B fwf r siiiiisi Op I-lull helpxsfggontrol Browne's discipline Opportunity Hall is a program designed to isolate stu- dents with disciplinary problems from their regular routines. While in Opportunity Hall students must stay quiet and busy, working on assignments. This year Marilyn Frantz was in charge of Opportunity Hall. Academics 169 Training for the business World Mary Bondon Irene Garcia Typing, COE Bus. Machines, Marketing Typing Phyllis Olin Cubbyhole WW New if if 1 gravy, if p W 170 Academics ff r Rosaline Perez Robert Salviano Shorthand, Typing TABS, Typing The Business Department at Trevor Browne offers a large variety of classes designed to help students plan- ning to enter the business world. Classes offered are: Beginning and Intermediate Typ- ing, Office Typing, Beginning and Advanced Accounting, Business English, General Business, TABS, Beginning and Advanced Shorthand, Business Ma- chines, Beginning and Advanced Marketing, and COE. Paula Hocken Advanced Marketing, : . -l Ns X x wi, S. 2 , ' 'QQKW' X e , 9, . R- i Beth Swanson Business Eng., Typing Dale Trostle Dept. Chair, Accounting Industrial training taught 'Q-.- Richard Davis Woods 1-2 81 3-4 Richard Troxel Dept. Chair, ICE ,,.,,,,-Q-, ta SFC Fred King Leadership Development - sv , . g .1 W .3 1 ,Q K . , K . f' . M: , .. ...H , ' ' ,p . ,555 N, ft rf, . ' .A 'idd Gary Morse Frank Ragan Drafting, Metals l-2 61 3-4 Auto 1-2 81 3-4 Industrial Arts classes are a good opportunity for stu- dents to learn how to work in areas related to industry. The classes offered in this department are: General Shop, Electronics, Woods, Metals, Auto Shop and Draft- ing. Mr. Ragan is the department's new Auto Shop teacher. RCTC grows King and SFC Miedowicz. SFC Norbert Miedowicz Leadership Development Donald Robinson Electronics, Woods The enrollment in ROTC this year improved greatly, from about eighty last year to 139. Four levels 'of ROTC are taught in five classes. Classes are taught by ,SFC Academics 171 The IMC has it all 'Ns ,. - 5 Q MVS! V , Carmela Baldwin lanet Cook Library Library The Instructional Materials Center at Browne is dedi- cated to providing faculty and students with the informa- tion they need. Besides providing informational books, the library has a large selection of books that can be read for enjoyment, and also a well stacked magazine rack. Adjacent to the library is the Audio Visual Center, which provides classes with video taped materials and gives students the opportunity to learn about producing television programs and broadcasting through firsthand experience. Exhibits of hobbies, crafts and collections are present- ed in the library whenever possible. This year the library had a new circulation clerk, Miss Baldwin. Teaching a new tongue The Foreign Language Department offers students a chance to learn a different language. Knowing foreign languages can be very useful when traveling. Besides that, learning a new language is fun, and some colleges require that students can speak at least one language other than their own. Our department at Trevor Browne offers two years of Spanish and German, and three years of French. l72 Academics Carroll Frison AVC lanie Perez Computer Lab -L lerry Mangan Library 1 I s ii H frank Sacco 'x li-ibrafy loyce Glazner German 1-2 81 3-4 I ' Harthun l-2, 3-4 81 5-6 Uur Bruin services v v Security loan Hoyt Evelyn Gonzales Ralph Anderson Barbara Peniston Danny Harrison Cafeteria Tina Lloyd Ellen Parks Billie Sumpter Karen Bruner Marrianne Iohnson Annabell Braga Olivia Escobedo Lois Berghouse Eileen Cajthame loanne Noble Debbie Welker Kathy Reinhold Lori Bibilloni Custodiuns Robert Vasquez Curtis Rhoden Robert Quihuis Robert Martino l.B. Griffith lohn Hamko Kieth Pike Nurse Lanny Dewberry Academics 173 S Q16 355255 1 5 g f Q5 :Q ' Q ,.,1.Nm YW-my Y fs, r K ,pg ..., r-N--L ,M . ,, ,3a,,M ,J ,s WX 1 553 ,R 5 f fu 41 5, .-I' 3 15 ,Q MAE N. A M- 1 Mi? . fk W ff A , ,. rx 1 X Q ,jvof -'Y' r W "W Tx ""'7'3-Zaii ff Qi , F . fglffz. 'X S ' 5 X X Y , Q N 1+ pf' M 1 . . 1 . X, - Q X511 X nj ,J -J ' 'il ,M- 1 Classes 4 1 ff gf Cl sses Seniors al prix -QVGA- Iean Ackerman Sukyonq Ahn Bryan Airheart David Aldridge ' , ef E , A Y YN, W, !x- A 1 E I Armstrong Iana Auerbach Ianet Bagget David Balboa .BMX W sf! n.. B 'ma Eddie Balboa Jennifer Balzer Elenor Bandi Kari Barger ! , N Susan Barrett Iulie Bateman Tammy Bauer Wesley Bauer Rf"-xx' Seniors 177 178 Seniors Ty BaXieI Iulie Beem Steve Beery Ross Bergstedt Randy Bettis Larry Black Starr Blair Chris Boblet Mark Boswell Steve Boulden Amy BOWHIHD Paul Boyer "'2"' Eli Brito Ioe Brookman Karen Brooks Todd Broster x,g if Lynn Brown Marianne Brown William Brymer Kelly Bryson Tina Brown David Burns l oe Bushong Mary Cagle Veronique Carlson I im Caron Mike Camacho Frances Carreon Todd Brown lanette Burton Buckley Campbell lames Castillo 4 Seniors 179 180 Seniors . - N,. R ' - if ' ,i11' X! ,Q N . N R X all s 5 X X , 3 X if X X N , is ff i t sts . 1 Ricky Cessna Richard Chacon Russel Chapman lack Cheatam Steve Chestnut Sonja Christianson Rauna Clark William Clark q Y C aa., m , X agats.s Q P K K at 5 Cameron Cline Doug Cluff Kim Coniglio Beth Conner -...X Lesa Cook Deanie Copley Lynnette Cosper Iarrod Coursey Ioy Cox Iohn Cozens Cheryl Crary David Crenauer Debbie Cushing Ramon Daniels Liz Davenhauer Barry Davis Dawn Davis James DeLong V X Tad Davis Kathleen DeGryse Tammy DeGurski , , 7 Q , J lane DeRosa Vicki Deasen Amy Dekarske Seniors 18 1 182 Seniors 1"""'? 1 , ,1 1 s lf. .. Tina Denny Cathy Devenpeck Allison Dishman Lee Draper hlzrvr ,yr . 78 uV.,..f- ' '7 Kathy Dykstra Iulie Eagy Matthew Ecker Melissa Elmore Maryann Engelke Sharon Ertel Robin Espindola Raymond Federico X F ' . 31 A4-f . ' 5 .1f' . A ,X Andrew Ferguson Donna Fipps David Fitchett Keith Flemming ' 'F 'T SY mx ssys H S ff :si f I Wendy Floyd Dawn Foley I Lisa Foley Kim Fournier Michelle French Valerie Fritz lohn Gallegos Lisa Gallinger Chris Garavetto Kari Gentry Erica Gibson Michael Godbehere X 5 X . 5 Q2 E s w Hector Gonzalez Karen Gore Ioseph Gough Rosie Gregoire Seniors 183 184 Seniors Dray Ground Andrea Guest Kimberly Gustafson Rick Hammer Steve Harder Andy Harris Sabrina Harris fa! James Hart Cyndi Hawley lim Hart Iohn Hathaway Gregory Hayden Bain Hearn Warren Harris E, 7 f Michael Hawk Gary Heathman Teresa Hebenstreit Maureen Hennessy Cindy Hernandez Ismeal Hernandez Marvin Hernandez Michael Hernandez Terry Hernandez Mary Herrera S., . Donna Herzner Mark Hester Brian Hicks Cynthia Higgins lim Hoff Diane Hoffman Lorene Hook Todd Hopper Seniors 185 186 Seniors Ronda Horn Steve James Aubrey Johnson Chandra Horne ff J '.-, 4 Y W e f! ,f ,, Mike Jenkins 'f I ' Terri Horwath Michele Hughes fix 5, Sharon Jennings Don Jines David Johnson Kevin Johnson Jim Johnston Donny Iones Eric Jones Gregory Jones Jeffrey Jones 1.3 K Ray Iones Traci Iones Lora Kaiser Vada Kasinak Desiree Keane Iodi Keeney Lisa Kelcoin IoAnne Kellerman ,....n ...nuke Tina Kemarly Bryan4Kidder Pamela Kight Kyle Kissel Jeff Klever Rene Knowlton Debbie Kral Kris Krisell Seniors 187 188 Seniors Y Mike Kuhlin Ron Kuhn Kristine Kupar Diana Lancy Danny Leon 3 my Eric Lowe Ramon Lucero Martin Madrid Bryan Maguire David Lobenstein Dorrie Lulek wwf Colleen Mahoney Rob LaPreze :Q Mark Lobenstein Antonia Macon Michelle Malsch Margaret Maltby Angela Martinez Victoria McCreery Kim McReyno1ds Tracee Mang Daniel Martin Donna Martin Gina Martinez Sonya May ' Ioe McCarthy Kevin McGinnis Felicia McGinty Donna McKinney K 5 Lori Meek Terry Merrifield Lori Mettile Seniors 189 190 Seniors V 7 Law K Laurie Michelson Annette Miller Danette Montgomery Marie Moreno Paul Morrison Paul Morrow Debbie Murrell Wendy Muterspaugh David Nash Tracy Neill Walter Neitch Barb Nelson Robert Neville Ken New Valerie Nielson Terri Niska I ack Noble Chris Odom Mike Olson Denise Pamula ludy Nuanez 'QUJWHIIYF' Scott Oglesby Frank Ortega Keith Parkinson Xa 5 Susan Nunez Sylvia Ochoa Qte- fy ir- N Miyuki Okamoto Monica Olivas I ohn Ortega Vicki Ortega Tina Passarelli I ohn Patterson Seniors 191 192 Seniors Yvonne Pena Shawn Penn Kim Peterson I eff Pittman P . 1 A N. YQ -. .' , 1 .rx - K is I' - Missy Porter Iain Power -A1 Paty Perez new if David Plouff i,,, ,, '4, W , vn.'u Tim Price , f I 7, , , I 1 1 !"f"',,! Michelle Pryor Rodney Pucket Kris P11rChaSe H x Karen Peter Iames Porter W Yvonne Price Tina Ramirez Rebecca Reilly Ephriam Rodriquez WN! Pam Rose Michael Remien Maria Rogers Tanomchart Rendel Carl Roberts loell Romero Angelique Rouillarcl Terry Roxas lohn Root Mike Royal Kim Rydeen Lisa Sapien Larry Sawyer Robert Sawyer Seniors 193 194 Seniors A iwfw' t ...I Ioan Schemenauer Kevin Scott Elaina Schoonover . f Stacy Settle Nancy Schrader Lori Sharp g Iacque Shields Lance Shuck lim Simpson fi iq: .."'-xx jf I gf Scott Schroeder Bernadine Shields left Sing Wendy Slusher Tammy Smith Tina Smith Correntia Snyder Shirley Solanki Evelyn Soto Matthew Stalder Ianel Stringham Ray Taylor Robert Stenner Bradley Swanson I W . Tim Taylor Eddie Sprague Kymberlee Stevens P A T Sharon Swingler Adam Tellez Don Stacy Matt Stewart Elizabeth Taylor Steve Terrault Seniors 195 196 Seniors Randy Thompson Greg Thraen Roberta Thys Debbie Tooms Veronica Torres David Turtchin il Kris Vasquez Ion Veiich Connie Van Steenwyk Ingrid VanWoesik ,D Jw" Roger Velsaquez LN , ' f ,,,..,,, of , Robert Verville Marisa Villa f"'f,.r..., ,,..,, Anita Villapando Veronica Verdugo gn 'H' Greg Vinas Iohn Vonlteeden Iames Wall Bill Wammack Nancy Waters Martin Wegmueller Kathy Welsh less Wilhite Tonya Willey Travis Winton Terry Woodbridge Gaylene Wyatt Mellody Young LOIi Zapata Kimberly Zard Mary Z011 Keith Pekau Seniors 197 Being of sound mind an I Tina Kemarly being of relatively sound mind and body, do hereby leave the trials and tribulations of Troupe 1009 to Cathy, Chad, Danny, Paula or whoever else is crazy enough to take them. I leave to Lori B. some good common sense. To Mark, some faith and some patience. Ayesha, I leave you a little tolerance for other people fwe're not all that badll To Miss T., I leave a little good luck. To David and Lee the ability to not make everyone's life so miserable, I know it'll be rough! To Matt and Georgia I leave the possibility of becoming an upper classmen. Mike, I leave you the ability to graduate and to Eric some driving ability. Finally, to my little sissy Drada, I need to leave only the good times, and the talent for having fun. She's got everything else. Good luck T.G.B., you're gonna need it. I Margaret QGaretl Maltby will to my brother, and sis- ter, and ones to come to T.G.B., all the fun times they can have while passing all their classes. Make Mom and Dad proud of ya. To Munchkin and Muffy thanks for all the good times we shared. We had our ups, and our downs, but if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't of made it this year. Thanks for being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. To all my friends I love ya all, and thanks for everything. To Mrs. Dewberry thanks for my last year. I hope ya have more aids like me. I'll remem- ber you always. To all the teachers I've had thanks for the good years. Last but not least, I want to thank my parents for 4 good years of high school, I love ya both. To everybody good luck in the future, may all your dreams come true. Long live T.G.B. Love, Midget "84" I Kathleen De Gryse will to Wendy Floyd my white kitty and all the great times we had in Colorado. "Don't forget about Hawaii." May our memories live on! To Greg Vinas, a real sweetie, a dozen Snicker bars fre- member 240 calories, to save for a rainy day. To Rachel, Brenda, Laurie, Rose and Sharon, thanks for all the memories. To Barbara Docken, thanks for all the talks. To Christina Prickett, the awesome and crazy weekends we had. Especially all the C.P.'s fHa!Ha!l. To Scottie "Ioe Driver" lohnson, I'm sure you won't forget all the good times we had in Physics. "lust Right" weren't they! To Ioe Bushong, thanks for being a true friend, To Ken Skehan, a pair of Levi's one size bigger! By the way Ken, which way to the beach? To my friends at T.G.B. I say goodbye, it's been real. Keep Smiling Kathleen De Cryse "84" 198 Seniors I Kathy Welsh of sound state and mind will. Michel French the ability to make spaghetti with Vince Neil e ery night for dinner. To Rachael Wrbelis, the ability find her own boyfriends. To Tammy Long, forget abo lohn, he's just a lifesaver. To Sharon Clark, my car, know how much you hate to walk, GOOD LUCK! lohn Moran, my ability to get through four years of H. look where you ended up-BALD. To Bret Bartlett, I leave my love and especially my honesty. To Ralph Ar my hair, I know how much he dreads getting sheere And to all under classmen, the luck I never had wit school. I, Lorene Hook, being of sound mind fValerie don laughl and sound body do bequeath: To Tammy Roma the gorgeous shelf in my locker so that each time s puts her books away next year she thinks of me in so far and distant land fA.S.U.l To some kind an courageous soul I leave the difficult task of reading t announcements to a group of people who DON' CARE!! To Mr. Frison I leave the hope that he will fin someone else to embarrass and confuse after I'm gon And to Mr. Cady and Mr. Hjalmarson I leave m admiration and thanks for the influence they have ha on my life. I, Valerie Fritz, leave to Susan Parks my mallets an my bells, a roll of quarters to beat the sock off anyon crazy enough to challenge you at a video game. To Ci dy Muterspaugh I leave all my mosquito and ant bite my insect repellent and the locker all 4 of us shared. T Sal Rivera, I leave the cleverness to pack the bus an not to let anything fall on you. To Kevin Collins I leav a healthy supply of pens and correcto-type. To Gle Dion, I leave my bag of excuses about being late t sectionals. To Mr. Ashley I hope you get another stude assistant to do all your dirty work for you. To Bar Burner, I leave the long homework assignments, the fu of being a wanted male and the wish to have a ver wonderful and prosperous senior year. To Mr. Bishop, leave a special thanks for being a truly great teache To Lorene, I leave a friendship that will last a life tim and the memories of a "different" kind of year. I, Ross Bergstedt, will to the 84-85 DECA Chapter a the patience and sanity remaining in reserve falthough believe that this will not exist by the end of this yearl. also will to Mrs. Hocken and the next Chapter all th fun and love that stems from the wonderful organizatio To all continuing and incoming students, the energy t succeed and be happy in life. And finally to M Demko, I will my diskette with all its great progra that no longer can be accessed on directories i TRSDOS. ody I hereby will . . . I, Deb Tooms, will to Lynn Skinner my brown and or- nge shoestrings and all my Teddy Bears, also all my reppy clothes along with my penny loafers. And my bility to get the pennies out. I will to Christopher my eight to play basketball, my long legs to play soccer, nd my ability to play softball and when she finds time, play golf. I will to Irene Leon fauthorized personnell y Sun City Cheerleader outfit and my killer books. I ill to Annette Slack my H1 position on the golf team. I ill to Nancy Alvarez all my brilliant ideas. I will to Dr. an my locker all my markers and my locker cleaning bility. I will to all the treasurers Uohn, Natalie, Sabinel e ability to get their reports done on time and a alculator so they will always be correct. I, Rosie Gregoire, being of sound mind jno thanks to revor G. Browne H. SJ will to incoming freshmen the asing I once had. To upcoming sophomores, I will all e new experiences. To upcoming juniors, I will all the artying I did, and all the trouble I never got caught in! o all upcoming seniors, the knowledge to live it up, ecause once it's over, it's overg make the best of what's ft of your high school years. I will to all the girls, bet- r looking guys with great personalities, fthe kind at ther high schoolsl. I will that all who are younger rothers or sisters, are not reminded of it, like being om's little sister for God knows how long. The best of ck, make Trevor Browne the greatest. Rose Marie Gregoire I, Kris Krisell, will to my little brother, Iimmy some of y brains and the ability to stick with something that e's started. To Teri Lapinski, I will ALL her blonde reaks. To Michelle Hollmann, a big, heavy jacket to ear. To Greg Soto, 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. QI'm break- g them before I goll Fix the dents on my car, too! To om Long, my dogs' sharp teeth if you come to my ouse! To lim Lapinski, my love forever! I, Lee Draper, being of very fast body and no mind ill the following: To Toby, all the girls that used to arm me. I also leave him the ability to train over the mmer. To my brother Chris, the ability to study as lit- e as possible and still pass his classes. To Student overnment, another sucker who will be willing to drive nywhere anytime for the good of the school fhopefully obyl. To Erick McCollum, my quick thinking and hope at he'll quit watching Dr. Who! To Mr. Sharp, my junk od lunch. To Mr. Bishop, fno I'm not leaving you hair r turtle waxl an umbrella to cut down on the glare hen you are in the sun To Mr Hanley fWhy was Kreughel such a schmuckl?l four more jokers that will ass Humanities! I, Mary Herrera, will to Sabine Steinborn my position as captain of the Cheerline, and my jumps, also a fan- tastic year. To Teresa Bratcher I leave you all the clowns, smiles and happiness of all the world fl can't forget Stella, Blanche and my backyardl. Thanks. To Lynn Skinner, I will you a lifetime supply of our Student Governing Board's sandwiches, cookies, and apples, my position as Student Body V. P. and our song for the an- swering service in Yearbook. Natalie Chrisman, our songs, and a clean room. Teresa P., I leave you all the shrimp and Tabs of today. Lisa Berlanga a good time next year. To Mark Nixon, I leave you 1,000 dogs and the New lam song. To Christine Woodard I leave you something 2 years from now and tons of fun. To my French buds a knowledge of what we're doing. To next year's Yearbook, I leave someone just like me who can't get their copy in on time. To everyone I forgot, a better senior year than I had. Hi ya'll! I, Tracy Neill, being of drugged mind and thin body, do hereby bequeath, bestow, give, throw away, junk, get-rid-of and so forth the following: Since I have no surviving brothers or sisters at Trevor Browne my locker and books are up grabs. Warning! The locker is fried-it only works when it wants to. To my teachers I leave the following: Mr. Bishop, a trip to a hair re- placement center. To Mr. Ashley, an official Taco Bell sign for his adobe shack. To Mrs. Hocken, the lady with the Mercedes, I leave plenty of Tylenol for the head- aches ahead. I can't think of anything to give Mrs. Olin of the Cubby Hole, so I'll just wish her happy years ahead. Now, for the students: To anyone who has Mr. Bishop for English, I leave a pair of sunglasses to deflect the glare. I leave the Cafeteria to anyone wanting to die young. I leave El Oso Park to all who wish, need, want, must have a little partying at lunchg watch for the cops. I wish every student still attending Trevor lots of luck. You'll need it with all the budget changes and class-program changes and all. All I can say is put on your leather and party as much as possi- ble. It's the only way to survive 1984-85. Have fun and hopefully I'll see you at the top, or the bottom, whichev- er I end up at. Bye Ya'll Tracy Neill I, Mellody Young, being of twisted mind and body, leave Ken Van Horny a lock of my hair to use as a moustache. I also leave you a can of "RAID" toifight off all the girls. To Danny I leave anything and everything green. To Tina And Brian, my wishes for a most happy life together. To my sister Georgia, I leave the hope of someday finding a boyfriend who resembles Billy Idol, Huey Lewis or Def Leppard. Lastly, to all the Thespians, I will the hope that someday people will pronounce the name of our organization correctly.- Senior Wills cont. on p. 259 Seniors 199 Juniors ,,, Q ,iff 2 a A, ' 1 M ,,.,,A 9 . .r 5:-nw v -.1 -- ,,, , J, 5 , 425 W . ' X -rf ' 5 , if , I ,M ,j i l l' 1 .X :Q - 3 3 r lv f' 1 If J A ' it . .,A, gy . :H I i r L,,k I V V: V, A ,,,,, tfgririr g ir eb, x 1 nm A Aw me 1 JW if T' A sw , V V 5, XM r si 1' A Michael Abmont Charles Adams Tracy Agnelli Tracey Aker Mike Allen Renee Allen Rosemary Almanza Nancy Alvarez left Amaral Dawn Archuleta Caron Armstrong Harry Armstrong Danny Ashlock Kelly Aubry Lisa Backes Melissa Baker Amber Bakken Manora Bandi Ella Barker Debi Barocsi Brian Bartoszek Amanda Baxter Rebecca Behrend Debbie Bell Neil Benizar Leman Bennett Ierry Bills Mathew Bishop Lewis Bitani Iamie Biver Becky Blowers Cheryl Borrego Renee Boucher Steve Boyack Bruce Boyd Michelle Brewer Charie Brooks Teresa Brower lulie Brown Heidi Bryant Richoun Bryant Denise Bull Misty Bullock Melina Burdick Barry Burner Beth Butler Mary Byrne Angie Cahill luniors 201 5 2 5 5 YE Sally Campbell Toby Campbell Lee Caputo Murray Carbonneau Lisa Carpenter Orlanda Carr Edward Carrillo Carrie Cash Renetta Cason Quentin Caswell Steve Caudle Sue Church Erik Citizen Rhonda Clayton Iohn Clement Cori Colacito 5 I me -4 XS' ifsvqw "W Virginia Cole L Kevin Collins - ' E asf.. I C . 2? 3 if 33 202 Iuniors Michele Collins Elda Comparan Letecia Comparan Rhonda Conard Pat Considine Rodney Cook Lynn Cowell Robert Cox Veronica Cozens Leon Crabtree Lynn Crinklaw Sharron Croft Yvonne Darro Bill Davis : his W 1 X S .L -041 i Xw 'RF ef' ,, e ...Ng W i vi 3. X E N X N mx r ring 5 X A G S if Y 1 M an X xl" tlbt 3 'fl D mfg , 3 X X lg X X Q X mi is Q is sis L 'Q NN muslim 'km Nr X Q X E -YRIQ X x s 7 Q' I f fi f'E :-' Q 5 K E E Egiq, E11 ,QI Q fi 1 ,"'- 5 'i i E':' 'f, : .. K Sandra DeLaGarza Carmen Delagado Dewey Denham Lisa Dennis Kevin Dewey Mike Dewey Susan Dice Becca Dierks Teresa Dievert Timothy Dittes Barbra Docken Tom Dominguez Wanda Downing Chris Draper Steve Dunn Debbie Ecelston Troy Eckeri Bart Edwards Sheila Ellis Bobi Elwood Arthur Emery Tina Emigh Manuel Enojos Karrie Ericksen Irene Escobedo Denise Esh Richard Evans lohn Fahrer luniors 203 204 luniors Scarlet Farnsworth Mike Favela Richard Federico Pat Feick Cathy Fetcie Lana Fincher Patty Fipps Robert Flener Ioan Franzen Naomi Frazier David Fuller Travis Fuller Bill Gabbert Caroline Gallardo Trina Gallegos Michelle Gammon Rochelle Garcia Sugar Garcia Gene Garrett lim Garrett Terry Garrison Shawn Gates Mike Gibson Tim Glapion Richard Gomez Tom Gomez Fred Gonzales Lisa Gonzales Sergio Gonzales Britt Gore lenniler Gorrie Frank Gough L6 'A J , X 3 X X K X N X -- as ei m X KE 12- wig I K f , .- ii' .K .f tii- t ,. the - .X 5 c r ,Lk L- gg, X :,,, in K . 5 N xi if -X if "--...f l fy N NN' x I f f awk as Xt N 1 .ll Wav'- shi' .si Af li? M e ii' Ns y ' x Xf"s-M Kenny Green Ron Greene Steve Grier Robin Griffin Allen Grimes Charley Gunning Greg Gunsch Mike Guptill Sonia Gutierrez Ronald Hahl Karen Halvorson Carolyn Hamilton Brian Hancock Trina Hardwick Leslie Hargis Michelle Harlan Craig Harms Susan Harris Lus Irene Harrison Edison Haskie Tim Hattendort Eddie Head Diane Heather Christie Hedstrom Tracy Heidel lames Hennessy Carol Hernandez David Herod Beatrice Herrera Cindy Herzner Debbie Heuer Tracy Hicks Michael Hillier luniors 205 206 luniors Debbie Hipsher Lisa Holland Michelle Hollmann Rickey Horton lacquiline Houlsworth Clinton Hunton Lisa Hurskainen Iosh Irwin George Isaac Iackie Iames Keith lames Lester Jennings Kim Iergenson Anthony lohnson Darryl lohnson Ed lohnson Mike Iohnson Lenny lohnson Scott Iohnson Tracey lohnson David lones Tony Iones Vanessa Keane Clinton Keeler Dennis Keith Wendy Kemling Kelli Kilmartin Dee Dee Kimbrough Greg King Butch Kloeber Steve Kurtz Rick Kwaad Susie Lancaster left Lang Maridee Langston Vonda Langston X X Sf L' X as R EY 1: R 5 S ' ii. f is s a X je .SAN ?'ir1I!'Rfif s R I ..... z ra-. Ll : -35. ,f wi if X X 'QS' by J . l. .525 iw fi grit- AMW Tyler Larabell Sandra Lavery Kent Lavine loene LeDrew Shelly Leonard Le Ann Leslie Lynn Lightfoot Dayna Linne Ron Littleton April Long Tom Long Monica Loya Reynaldo Lugo Leslie Lynch Heather Magill Tim Maguire Alicia Malloy Kirk Malthy Robin Malz Mark Mandrino Teri Mang James Manis Tom Marin 208 luniors V ..'., Tom Marquez Maria Marshall Rhonda Martin r- Michelle Martinez Ynez Martinez Robert Martino Mike Marvin Cheryl Mason Michele Mason Wi Gina McAfee Cindy McAnly Darrin McBreen Candy McCarty Connie McCarty Ann McCrory Richard McKinley Nina McMasiers Sonia Melendez Tony Mendoza Kristi Menzler Sylvia Meza l :EZ A YL fi Norma Millan Gayle Miller William Mimm Mike Mohler Margie Montgomery Mario Moreno Vince Moreno i Wendi Morlitt Tammy Morgan E u' P Mali Morris gr r, Sam Morton Theodore Murillo Ivan Murray Kenneth Musser lohn Nehrbass Richard Neill Lori Nelson Eric Nieme Iuniors 209 210 luniors Lori Noriega Audrey Nutter Bridget O'Connor Cecilia Ochoa Thomas Olivas lenna Owens Robin Owens Irene Pacheco Sonya Padilla Lisa Parra Scott Paulsen Gary Payne Theresa Pease David Pendergast Bobbie Penquite Nadine Peternel Ronda Piergallini Teresa Piotrowicz Iulie Piper Chris Pirkey Paula Poindexter De Shawn Pollard Walter Pollard Conwell Ponath Michelle Powell Karen Price Teddy Price Christine Prickett Mike Quihuis Ricardo Quintero lulie Ramirez Lisa Ramirez Lori Ramirez ln-...H xv-3 3 I sss ayyyee rcrc 5 A H r .,:El E5: ,L 4 1 X 55 3 N X XX X S Q t S Q E S N X X Qs X E H P S Q Q-wr W "la if New X 2 3? ii' ,. 6 Ll if 29 P J S 5 ffl? has ea? Ai w e I N S3 'i was r at gigs 1 -. qx.. ' K. ,,:. ,rr ' Patricia Ramirez Mark Ray Patty Ray Michael Rayburn Sean Rebero Chris Redrino ' L' - Thelma Reeves F I ir, agrff I v Q- Don Reitz 1m 1ce :.: Robert Marcela Rivera US' A Ramon Rivera R . .ii Lee Rohrman Q Qia r Mark Rojo 5 Teresa Romero Q Deborah Romo K ,S Michelle Romo VX 3 X X RS xl? X NN 'XX I 4' we " 55' sk. X We Shawn Rosbury Ingrid Rose David Rourick lames Roush Ginger Rutledge J Geoffrey Saari 1 luniors 21 l Devin Samuelson Lynda Sanchez Frank Sapien Paul Sartin Chris Sautter lesse Sausedo Natalie Scheffert Marvin Schlief Eric Schlundt-Bodien Earl Schrader Michelle Schwegler Tina Setzekorn I o Ann Shadle lohn Shaffer Sherrie Shipman loe Shoemaker ray, . tit as IR ibm , z,f"'! ,, ,, ,V ..-rt-,g...,w Tracey Showalter Zara Sims Murry Singleton Lynn Skinner Phillip Skrypt Annette Slack Anthony Smith left Smith Raymond Smith Sandra Smith Teddy Smith Pete Solarez left Solimena Greg Soto Gerry Springfield Mark Squires leri Stearman Sabine Steinborn Iuniors 213 Elizabeth Stewart Steve Stone Brian Stout lim Strong Mark Summers Robbie Sumpter Dwight Iacia Patrick Tatro Andrea Tatum Paul Taylor Darryl Thompson Tyrone Timms Mike Tindell Troy Titsworth Wendy Tolliver David Townsend Michelle Townsend Celeste Trujillo Darlene Trujillo Margaret Trujillo Danny Turner Tammy Turner Heidi Unruh Donovan Valora Tom Vanover Ricky Vara DeWayne Vardman Chris Vasilakis M. mc. 'facet ,wwf T 1 541 If 1 . Q Q. it fa Xa E FTM 4 ' v t -I i, ..., ' - K ' t.. .5 . Ei4?fLQi Sifwms A mtv fm M E fqik QS, ttig fiery X .. 3. , 'Q if Zi'- games S211 .'f: i5.f?? sssto if ..,. 5 xii ,Q EK A: :X ,gg , vga fi RK We 5 5 .5 X 'mf . .,... -1 "' 72 X-Z S-' if f pf t 2 s1EEEQ S f fg I Q., IRS C 'k ii sqm. ,e if i ex. 2. .wet . il' 8:22. X -f .. 'fx . 1 QA is 'Q 'Q 'Rf V ,.::. I . Xft ii pf-' ,Xl 'T1'-argl , c :Q l :QE I' Q X xx X . It -. -. f K Q A. K' Q r QQ fi Q 'it its is Qi X, iw xi K 2 ' R U in ,, . I ..--1... -'---5 fa., i David Vasquez Collins Villamor Michelle Walblay Connie Walker Wade Walther Mike Walton Cathy Watters Ronald Webb Kelly West Renee Whallon Pat Wheeler Susie White Pam Whitney Iason Wilhite Trisha Williams Melody Wilson Ian Woll Troy Wolf Frank Wolski Chris Wood Walter Woodard Chuck Wyatt I ill Zamboni Gale Zembruski luniors 215 96,599 1' QR tr sig 'ms S NRS X ht ii ' M .W 31 9 2 KP Q 1.-Yvi , Sh .ik if lk,L.- .ga 'J fy if f 1 if it K vs X 3 if , N-S.: ' ...::Q.Q y 1 H J' X ,, 1 at sf- 'Of y - . A - - fe- A 3 D 9' IE 'J it r N 1 is - Q if is if P' F .- 5 1 Y ficipz X, ge r ! J. X W P by if '-CTV Eric Alderman Anna Alexander left Alexander Fred Amante Rick Amundsen loseph Anderson Brian Armer Nicki Armstrong lames Arrowood Arthur Bailey Charles Baird Bob Baraban Howard Barker luanita Barker limmie Barnett Teresa Bartlett Sheryl Bateman Cindy Bates Diane Bauer Trish Bauer Floyd Baxter Peggy Beam Susan Beedle Iodi Beem Pat Behl Chris Bennett Karen Bergstrom Armondo Bernal Stephanie Bills Robert Black lohn Blakely Patricia Blatnick Chris Bojorquez Susan Bojorquez Augustine Bolle Gavin Borowiak Ken Bowden Cliff Bradley Danny Bravo Robert Briggs David Brimer Laura Brock Brian Brookman Patricia Brooks Stella Brown Lorrene Buehner Iulie Burden Shannon Busalacchr 218 Sophomores Shane Bushaw Noreen Cararena Charles Campbell Pat Campbell Charlene Canty Dina Capello Rick Carter Trina Carter Mary Caruso " X if em, Ri' ms wwf- yff 5, N X i x s N x 1. rrr' X Michael Cash is Marie Castillo Angie Castle Iames Castro Dawn Catchings Dean Cavin Albert Cervantez Ice Cervantez Michelle Cheche Don Childers Natalie Chrisman Dawn Christian larnes Cicogni Alma Cisneros lohn Clawson Teresa Clay Diana Clement Scott Cluff lerri-Sue Collins lf M is if it ll, 1 if ri.r . 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C i f X C il' .' 3 1,-lr' xl Km f X 1 Robert Congdon Dorene Coniglio Mellisa Conner Kurt Connor Penny Copus Patricia Cordi Penni Costanzi Patrick Cota Iustin Coursey Kelley Crabtree Iason Craven Catherine Crinklaw Alicia Culbert Tammy Cutbirth .loe Cywinski Elayna Dale Terri Davenport Chris Davis Nancy Davis Tony Dawson Don Dederick Sophomores 219 220 Sophomores STeve Dentler Marty Diggs Glen Dion Tonya Doerfler Melissa Donat Dee Duits Paul Dumm lKason Dunn Tisa Dunn Anna Duran Kim Earle Chantel Eldridge Darrel Elkins lames Ellis James Elmore Ann Epperson Scharonne Ericksen Thomas Escobedo Danice Estes Erin Farmer Diana Felix Richie Finn Kim Fletcher Steve Flood Charles Ford lackie Frazee Michelle Frizzell Gary Gabbert Matthew Gale Kevin Gallegos Pete Galvan Michael Garcia I E at 'Z 3' Wi, r ' f I 0 v' 'X '!r I li Y x , :,. I I . . N .EM W... e e g ss g g g egg XXX , M- W 38 N sf he 1 . Q qi'-aww. K ESE .- , - . K v sf iss s X-ra gk shark L ass X Ns 'Mr X -si F Z.. V ' e e 5 -J .ps a., sa U X an .QLQQ r I Rueben Garcia Sean Gartner Kim Gavazzo Jeanne Gehr Chuck George Mary Gibbs Craig Gibson Tony Gibson Eric Glenn Gary Goforth Iayson Gonzales Beatriz Gonzalez Zoraya Gonzalez Cathy Goodwin Margaret Gouman lames Gothro Sean Green Alan Grey left Gruver Darren Guthmiller lose Gutierrez Coleman Hall Chad Halvorson Rae Halvorson Heather Hancock Kris Hancock Kimberely Hansen Kim Harris Stacey Hathaway Charles Hayes Mel Hendershot Cathy Hernandez David Hernandez Sophomores 221 222 Sophomores Piyanee Herndon Ivy Hersey Shane Higginbotham Melinda Hill Susie Hill Bobbi Hollabaugh Mike Hornbaker Sondra Hoskins Greg Howard Angela Hubbard Cindy Hunt Donna lcenogle Monica Irving loseph Ianrovitz Carla lenkins Richard lohnson Rhonda lohnson Vonnie lohnson lohn lones Kim lones Victor Iordan Bret Kaiser James Kaiser Brian Kanouff Charles Kanouff Kendra Kemarly lan Kerber Amy Kight Han-lin Kim Dawn Klink Don Konopusek Bill Kreck Larry Kuhlman Erick Kutier Isabel Lamb Kim Land David Lane Kuki Langston Daniel Larson ,M M , X I Q rj My, 'IPX e 2 - wiv? 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V :Q K -rr Y: :I Ron Lawton Chuck Lazarr Becky Lee Christopher Leedy Irene Leon Debbie Leonard Liza Levario Stephanie Lewis Gary Linville Luis Lizarraga Bill Long Becky Looper Ruben Lopez Lisa Lough Monty Loveless Dennis Lucas Chuck Luepke Robert Madril Sophomores 223 224 Sophomores Robert Maldonado Susie Maltby Benny Marquez Lorie Martin Theresa Martin Randy Martinez William Massie Iohn McDowell Kenny McElroy Melody Mclntosh Bruce McQuarrie Lisa McReynolds Trudy Mendoza Ron Menees Angela Meron lay Metzler Christine Meyer Kevin Miller Nina Miller Richard Miller Cindy Miner Kimberly Minyard lennie Miranda Joanne Miranda ludy Mitchell Steve Mitchell Debbie Montgomery Laura Montgomery X .. .. 5 . fi g X N f 1 1 X :X X r 35.35 , S ' .fa . jk W e x mr Y :X , ' Q X Z? ii Ex Sig X ,.., f X rg x ef K X: X it x 5. ,,,.f-.-Q 4 YI' wr-: ri Q Q-I rf -g qi SMS: K ' asf SLD 10" K X 1 Q -W I e X--, Q. Hg-4 if.: . ., , , iff. i , R 9 V N Qs, . .,, x 4 4 -4 Brian Moore Stephanie Morales Paris Morrison Michael Mount Iulie Moy Iames Mrazek Joy Mueller Marlene Muench Roxanne Muir Renard Murphy Sherri Musser Charlie Needham Mark Nehrhass Tyrone Nelson Iohn Neseruck Tina Nevers Ierry New Michael Nielsen Patrick Nielsen Iohn Niska Mark Nixon Marni Nixon Gregory Noga Eric Noyes Rod Odell Kim O'Donnell Lonnie Oliver Kimberly Ojeda Joey Pacheco Cynihia Orozco Susan Parks Crystal Parker Angela Parish Christa Pariseau Albert Padilla Thomas Pacheco Sophomores 225 226 Sophomores Sharon Pastian Diane Pekau lulie Pendergast Carrie Phillips Kirt Phillips Craig Pierce Steve Pollard Damian Popowych Fiona Power Tony Price Christine Pritchett Angie Pryor Charlene Quick lohn Quick Edward Quinones Lorenzo Quinonez David Quiroz Mike Raimondo :fm tien- xxzbu - Kevin Rausch 1 R QWQI of KW ' of lu Michelle Rebero FV W N Q! xxtg- i , N, ,xl Traci Redfooi ' Wi AX 4 V ., L, oi A .2 llfnf 0 UQ Ricky Richardson Sal Rivera I , lerry Robertson ' V7 NQJ Ginger Robinson J Shaun Rodenbarger .fl NX William Rodriguez 1 XG! D Op? 'N ' fl P ci X Glenn Roeder f' Tammy Roman 'X ,J R fl Rosemarie Roth 'X mjCV QXJJNQV ii 'i r 1 Cf R " sfoooy Royston ff ii- 1 I Alice Rucker ' 54 J N ' bf U Iohn Ryan ' I E 'S iii? Y YE Xi Ra lf' Kfiigfx xl' J UW fwl R i X A A - 3 ,f 1 fl lllilaijialginchez U 'X ww Angie Sandstedt bf 'X V ,, .N mm fl L' T W ,Sk lr f'L?fljy ,dxf if 'x Nefyf KarrigSandy,-- -V-V V, Xlkorj X!! it X ' . l x' ' . gnthladS,a-n,ner,,,o,n .,., li aiid' Santa Cruz X, ,, 1 I . X fl- ' Sf K l ku L, K R lsophomofoo 227 228 Sophomores Carlos Sauceda lulie Schroeder Travis Sellers Ioey Serio Todd Seymour Michelle Shrum Gary Sibley Celia Simpson Roy Sirakis Bill Sjoquist Iohn Slusher Carole Smith Edward Smith Iames Smith Lisa Smith Scott Smith Stephanie Smith Keith Sola Sheila Solanki Richard Soltero Carmen Soto Ienny Soto Carrie Spencer .sr ff- W i:QN y, 0 f Xu 4 Q -ip if x j we gr na. 1 Q .Q Denise Spiegelhoff Christine Stanley Robert Stein lill Stringham Dan Stucke Triss Stumfoll Donald Suiter Lisa Sumovich Sieve Suiiill Dallas Swearingen Darrell Sweei Mitchell Swigart Noel Swiqart Craig Sypherd Cecil Tafoya Donna Taylor Tim Taylor 230 Sophomores Kimberly Thomas Patrick Thomas Henry Thompson Jeff Thompson Bill Tichy Luis Tiferina Lisa Titsworth Susan Tiernagel Tracy Tompkins Heber Torres Tonya Tramel lim Travis Cindy Trew Tina Trotter Rachel Turner Inez Vainauskas Brett Valentne Lydia Valenzuela Ken Van Horn Robert Vaughan Steve Veatch Chris Velez Mary Villegas Iohn Vrana Suzanne Wade Sandy Walker Gary Warnmacl: 8 I lf. 'va N.-A N 'ug -ffl , V , t' 'V .. .M 1- I , K ' 0 'fb X .!.,X,,v'x Renee Warren Deirdre Warrington Donna Waikins Kay Whipple Chris White Lisa Wildman Sharon Willet Kim Willey David Williams lody Williams lamie Willis Glenn Wilson Sharon Wingo Tammy Witimann Christine Woodard Collyn Woods Rachael Wrbelis Daphne Yeager lames Yielding Lori Zamenick Cecilia Zamora Luis Zeballos Bonnie Zimmerman Sophomores 231 Freshmen 5 r g .-.. 1 'Tr' .N F5 +86 3 QV X X X X ff tg S NW ,Q if x A 'C' W . A it 23 l wut JW.. ,S ,L si x sp.. E 14:-., QP' ffx . ,- K, Q s , .' ' .N , at , N f x O 5 'Ll 1 Q ,' 'A . ' ? 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Q 5 :... Q :V A S T--. K Of lr rg., E in x 3 1: HN JC . 1 - ,..t,,: ., I i'.Q Q 2 -,X fl GE" f T'- A Iiig M 7' 'Qi fgkfxif , E 0 NY f ga -s . X fw' I' S A?" W ua- fi - 5 5 l gf ' h I if 4 ,Z I Q X 2:34- :PQ- M - ff: 3 M , am f MMM: .alms . X XE .... QR sf- 5 X ZZ . its ff, Sallie Cavalet Ahn Chang Elaine Charbeneau Lilly Charles Kenneth Chasse Diana Childress Kellie Christian Susan Clark Barbra Clement Renee Clements Beth Cloud Samantha Combs Olivia Coxnparan Anna Contreras lolene Cookley lerry Cooperrider lacie Cox Michael Crary Ken Crosby Michael Cross Monty Crouch Carleen Crum Curtis Culbert Lane Curry Art Dahnert Patricia Daniel Sheri Dauphinais Lorraine Davenport Kristina Davis Shelly Davis Karen DeYoung Anthony Delco Suzanne Dennis Freshmen 235 236 Freshmen Belinda Denny Gregory Derhaag Brian Dobbins Frank Dominguez Ioe Duarte Kelly Duffy Dana Duits Rudy Durazo Lance Sworshak lackie Earle Jody Eastman Yvonne Eckert Eric Eddy Deana Edwards lackie Emerson Sean Enfield Boyce English Angel Enojos Ingrid Ericksen Stephen Emo Fermin Escobedo Robb Evans David Farias Misty Farnsworth Ronnie Faulkner Manuel Felix ' Clarence Ferguson Iulie Fetcie Donny Fisher Melinda Fixx Gregory Foley Bill Fox Chuck Franzen Michael Franzen Tracie F reistroifer Iennifer French W me Y X533 X Q Q xg' Q , 'Rss X Fw s - .... 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Ext' X . ig 1 -11 ' was s aws- f Sai' 57 'S--2 is'-T--.Qviv i wlf Rosemary Fuchs Sandra Fuller Troy Fuller Teresa Fulper Paula Fulton Tammy Gabbert Lisa Gale Steve Gallardo Kenny Gallinger Jonathan Gamble Mary Garcia Alyce Garrett Lisa Garrison Nelson Gaseoma Hector Gaspar Lia Gauna Pat Giguere Tracey Goldshot Donnie Gomez Salvador Gomez Rolando Gonzalez Lonny Gooch Gracy Garrett Tony Grandolfo Steve Grant Mark Green Kim Grier Reyes Gutierrez left Haines Michelle Hale Cammie Hales Edward Halford Askia Halim Sharyl Hall Barbara Hamilton Cynthia Hamilton Chuck Harm Chad Harms Carlos Harris Freshmen 237 238 Freshmen Carla Harvey Crystal Heidel Paul Heit Todd Hermanek Philip Hernandez Ricky Herrera Vincente Herrera Maureen Hester lody Hiatt Dennis Hilborn Randy Hill Sharon Hill Chip Hirsch Rose Hochevar Angela Hock Gina Hodge Robert Hoff lacque Holder Mitch Hollabaugh Bonnie Hollien Steve Hollis Tersa Holmes Melinda Horton Frank Horwath Dianna Hotaling Stephanie Hovey Kevin Hunt Brian Hurley Ray Hutchinson Tammy Hutchinson Tom Iddings Garianne Inman Lisa Irwin Lena lackson TI Iamsgard Thomas Iennings ,VJ J Q sf Irltirtlig. 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K 1 i ee i X! ,ga L in ' Cheryl lohnson Kelly lohnson Keri Iohnson Marienta lohnson Phillip lohnson Stacey lohnson David Iones Donna Iones lason Iones luanita lones Kim lones Mary Jones Sonja lones Kevin Kane lodie Keir Todd Kemp Lona King Michelle King Zeborah King Shawn Klair lackie Kloeber Celeste Knickerbocker Eric Kobet Scott Koenig lohn Kontra Tina Kranz Charles Krukovsky Kimberly Kueneman Kim Kuhn Sean Kuhn Debra Kurtz Sandy Kurtz Kathy Labbe Lalo Eliot Pam Lambert Nicholas Langley lason Layton Melvin LeGrand Tom Ledford Patricia Lee Missie Lees Tony Leetch Cynthia Lemons Kris Lents Kelly Leonard Pam Lewis Kellie Lillie Laurie Loga Freshmen 239 240 Freshmen Michael Logan Iulia Lopez Stephen Lopez Chris Love Victoria Lucero lulieta Lujan Ken Luquez Larry Madrid Bruce Magee Michael Magee Sean Maher lackie Mahler Cymantha Makely lennifer Mallicoat Myle Mara David Martinez Elizabeth Martinez Gilbert Martinez Ramon Martinez Yvonne Martinez Jody Martino lack Mathews Dave Maynard lon McCall Marie McCartney ludy McCarty Angel McCord Richie McCord Alfonso McCoy Leticia McCullar Kevin McGowan Tricia McKeon rip r K . X ! K, ii' ,f x, ilr' J L r ff' S 5 Y W1 Mins f he I if is Is: ight .-Q-1 rw Q "" . P 1 gil l? a 'f 'vw A ' X 11 X , " f., SJ, Q .L We - S X H X X W N 3 rl 'LQ X hog R l x :W ph, .ang-L R if f 4 Q 19 .ts , if , i. - i .X W M ... 'X N ,X-sf, maj? v ,,,, .. q- -2 of W m .. . .s X X xt W YK "5 Y f 1 5 5 ' Ur. Q Q5 is it Gifs .ES Q- .sr ,fu i I Y K A .T Q ,.,. J a Q V if. T., If f 'E Q., - N X I 1- ...X N V r on Karen McKinney Linda McLaughlin Rita McMillon Arnold Majia Marcos Mejia Nato Mejia Auggie Mendoza Diana Mendoza Linda Merkling Wendy Merkling Deanna Meyer Trevor Meyer Crickett Michalka Michelle Mila Darren Millam Ronald Miller Scott Miller Robert Mitchell Justin Mitton Paul Montez Paul Montgomery Craig Moore Nikki Moore Eric Morefield Paul Morgan Mike Murchland Cindy Muterspaugh lack Muterspaugh Iudy Myers Raymond Neipert Kim Nelson Valarie Nelson Samantha Newman loseph Niemi Tina Noble Mark Noga Freshmen 241 Gary Nolan Travis Nolan Michelle Nunez Erik Ochoa Max Ogas Chris Oless Nancy Olsen Tammie Olson David Ornelas Ernie Ortega loel Oswald Bridgett Overstreet Lawanda Owens Theresa Packer Olivia Padilla Feridun Palankali Theresa Palmer Bill Paskiang lames Passarelli Robyn Patonai Sherry Peabody Cecilia Peniston Steve Pennington Maria Perez William Peterson Steve Phelps Dan Phillips Derek Phillips Salvador Pineda Ronald Pirtle Steven Pittman Bianca Pitts Charmane Polmanteer Marcy Power Shelly Prescott Tony Provo left Purchase Allen Purlia Nici Quaranta Shannon Quihuis Patricia Quinones Arthur Ouintero Ben Ralston Mike Ratcil Rebecca Rau Mike Rausten Anita Ray Iohn Rendon 4 ' 7 " lil 1 ,,.A'f-FMT - . xv , .. 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Brenda Renou Yvonne Revels Chris Roberts Randy Robinson Deanna Robison Michael Rodriguez Iannie Rodriquez Dale Rogers Mike Rogers Ron Rogers Eric Rollinger Pete Rosales Eric Rose Heather Rose Dan Rosenau Chelsea Roulhac Anthony Rourick Brenda Rouse Karin Roy Lorrie Ruiz Catherine Rupert 244 Freshmen Bob Rupp Diane Rutkowski Michelle Rutledge Samuel Saldano Kim Salyers Mati Sandberg Richard Sardina Sharon Sawyer Kristine Scarleilo lanet Scheid lanice Sheid Earl Scherrer Tonya Schlundt-Bodien Rick Schmidt Kelly Schroeder Nanetie Schroeder Terri Schwakopf Marie Scoit Gordon Shellito Kimberly Shelton Wendy Shoemaker Dennis Shore Tammy Sikora Shannon Simmers Nikki Simpson Trina Simpson Michael Simrell Teresa Sims yr - N. 5 J ii- .1 P Sli .ff -, xma., 1 S W . . rirr i - :-Asfiz Nb 4, 'ren 5- - f-in A A. s, it it if if v 'sa 6' X 1-ou. in so Nx. -I so '- .V r. ips Q n K I 4 ni k N t I I Mary Skehan Mark Sleeper Denise Smiley Bethann Smith Charles Smith lenniter Smith Tiffany Smith Kristie Snyder Himbler Soto Tracy Spahr Melissa Speegle Edward Spencer Scott Squires Todd Squires Lisa Stalcup Constance Stanley Kathy Stanrich Karen Stearman Sheila Stecher Rob Steigerwald Roland Stenner Anthony Stevens Patrick Stewart Danny Stone Raquel Stonehocker Kevin Stout Travis Strickler George Stroh Allen Stuckey Lorretta Sumpter lames Szoke Becky Taft Norman Taylor Bill Thompson Christie Thompson Cindy Thompson lanet Thompson Paulette Thompson Tammy Thompson Chuck Thys Bobby Tice Ginamaria Tietz Andre Tolliver Leticia Torres Robert Towns David Trinioad Candace Trotter Brett Turley Freshmen 245 246 Freshmen Cecil Turner Mike Turner Scolt Turner Sheri Turner Scott Twiford Deborah Ulbricht Michelle Ulrich Sanlos Valdez Sonia Valdez Carlos Valenzuela Esther Valerio Ryan Van Deurzen David Vance Claudia Vara Kathy Venneri Lydiett Verduqo Renae Vonau Tina Vondra Roger Vonseeburg Tanja Vulovic Kicheko Wade Christopher Walene Larry Wall Shari Wall Richard Walston Darren Walther Cam Walton ,,.' ,Aer , 5Amu'g"'W M it .J Iy' 5 if X 'SQQIEQ ,r fag was Eg X si Nw fr X X ,I . f"' fi R m r-: X of gil Xe Q S if K, . X . Q ,W sewage Q .. r ,X to Q ttttg '--..,, --.. I. gy L S I I as ' l .3 -... is W as R .r s 'R 'NT fu N i G. . , . Qrt. ,gf g A i s I s Ng. 9 s r , 3' :Q .,v, If 3 - , 5 .fs gf ff: 11- , b s'lf x .lg gs ig r X R Rs ,fi . 'Lis' f N ee' "J ffr 'K " '- , , W . lamie Walton Robert Walton Dion Ware Michele Warmath Mike Weaver Danny Weber William Weiss Robert Wells Sean Wheeler Bill Whelchel lohn White Brenn Wilkins Robert Willard Chris Willey Kristina Williamson Ianet Willistein Dawn Willmott Steven Wilson Andy Wilson Leann Wink Ralph Winkler Roy Wisenbaugh Bill Wolski Dane Wood Valerie Woodbridge Ioseph Worack David Wright Robert Wyatt Marvin Wyrick Ieanette Yielding Georgia Young Tom Ziegelmann Wesley Zweygardt Freshmen 247 .,Wf0""' l 248 Advertising Together McDonalds 8rYouW Going to McDona1d's is almost as much a part of school as going to class. You've made us the place to meet, to talk, to have a good time, to celebrate your victories and forget your defeats. You've made McDonald's more than just another place to eat. And that's why at McDonald's, we do it all for you. McDonaId's I IC? 8220 W. Indian School Mu.. E ax 5 . Xl., 0 '. l.,fl" . 5 xt. .HQ O X 0' , O ' 5' . Q . fs U X' ..' Vixvq. -:gag rfgl'-g'.g t 1 L .Q on-.uxiffx . 5 1-so Qs V' 'W sr , . Q 1553 ghd' O ,Q of U . ' off" 0 Advertising 249 Bus.: 1602, 247-1771 STA K PIII Iggy Nfl C9 RALPH L. LINCOLN Agent 4130 N0. 67th Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85033 Master carvers, Garth and Mary Shay, will carve to your specifications. They carve fine jewelry, miniatures, portraits, doors, mantels, and church carvings. Grocgries-I-gsalggware RL 1, Box 79-I C 5 is ' d W D bb, Laveen, Az. 85339 orner lst. ve. an . o ins 237-4673 Laveen 237-4420 In just 10 minutes, you can have your cake At Baskin-Robbins we not only create some of the world's most delectable desserts, we have a -real way with words when you're in a hurry. Give us ten minutes and we'll put any message on any of our delicious ice cream cakes. BASKINHUBBINS gi :cn cnnmvr sron: ...... , ..,. OIORIASKIN-lJllllSlZEOREAl NV 4021 N. 75th Ave. 846-2944 and read it, too W L . 250 Advertising The Dream Builders DISTINCTIVE SUUTHWESTERN HOMES, LTD. if 4-Lflzafirxx ' ' We . I? ' .ina fn. 'L 7 , -, for f-fr ' -. .. Ib ,M ' 9531 .'i'f":f3'x, "'jxf1'7:' W' L,fwff5Zf'f?w3"?, I xi ,,.., ,,.,f', gem , : L-. , , I, ft In A.: fr A 5 55, Jw' ., ffrff gi fe E' L ..,7,f:' ff I ff I "4H I- 3? f 'C if L mil ' .:'S .,,.wr65v72'ii'2f9:?5E'5..i4.E,f3ff'I'1:-:w"'vWV? 5 gi' It I, Iwmgi Eid ' :1Y :gif Qiiigrt I f: - ff QS- ' 5- . pri" ., . I, . 1, I2 'I I, 4 f,:2wff:-v: rf . - ' 2. ,L '15, : 1 I " .42 ' I I ir It -'.,'?"iQLi31f' ' . 14 I I U54 r' e I so . e e, ff I """'- ' i ' ' -Q4- E eAe ' I ' W' I 7725 V1a De Calma Scottsdale, AZ 85258 . "5-R+., , -1-..-i Q-Q Ban Lair Patrons -1- E SLUT CAR VL 111 2 - LARGE TRACKS PARTS SI ACCESSORIES Bob and L1z Cole 602.93,-,,557 Mr. and Mrs. D010 8816North43rd Avenue GIendaIe,Arizona85302 jenkins and Carla Mr. and Mrs. Iames K. Button and RELIABLE EXPERIENCE - QUALITY Vint Fetters Young Radiator Service FREE PICKUP AND oELIvEnv Arnold and Ioyce 1401 E. Camelback jenkins and David ?ITg2i?Q Advertising 251 'E WEQIREZMQRE THMMTA ga, ING , 4: E G Q W f i7fX 'WE 4333, MOVIES ' ARCADES FOOD 84 BEVERAGE ' SPECIAL EVENTS COIVIIVIUNIW ROOIVI Moll Hours: Mondoy Through FricIoy1OAIVI To QPIVI, Sofurcloy 1OAIVI To 6PlVI, Sundoy NOON To 5Pm. I.C. Penney, Sears, Diamonds, and 90 fine stores. WHAT EVERY NOSE SHOULD KNOW! Natural gas is one of our safest servants when properly used. But a gas leak can be disastrous.'If you smell the odor of gas and can't locate and correct the trouble right away, call us immediately. There's no charge for gas leak investigations. If you are not familiar with the odor of gas, call us and ask for a free gas "sniffer" card. APS. Arizona Public Service Company MAKE YOUR -fi ' .M and Qanu Wa: DANSKLV F LE x A r A n nv.-si La Mendoza 7 -- . HEADQUARTERS ' .af Y' nf' 'f 'x N ,: , ' 1 ONE OFARIZONA 's LEADERS IN DANCEWEAR- 5, FREE MAILING SERVICE 'L l' 3 IN STOCK f f Y I gg TM! YW. UNI Ol MILLNI 705 b NIVASUITS 61 COLORS IN HOC! Q 0J!l150ST1l!SOfL!0mmb12S1YlD0lMlm1rrvm0runmbou DANCESMOQS sfuosm mscourm 'A 247-7939 835-7888 WESTRIDGE MAIL uosm FIESTA MALL 1611 W THOMAS lb ALMA SCHOOL RD I FREEWAY 360 MESA WE oo You oo LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS ATTENDED AT ALL TIMES ALTERATIONS D.J.'s HIGHLANDER CENTER 4124 N, 74TH AVE TOM 8: DONNA SOLOMON AT INDIAN SCHOOL RD OWNERS B o P sco S o 16021846-2459 P oe I ARZ 85033 Congratulations to the graduating seniors -v,Z5 ' F f- 2 . 6-' - ff v-1 ff W" '84-'-lg QQ? Qlgixjf ' flllf Igltfjj , .jls QSM? 'l - biifflwl V45 MAGNAV. ATCGZOOX HONDA FOLLOW THE LEADER HONDA HOUSE 4440 West Peoria, Glendale Az. 85302 931-3696 Advertising 253 Student Government 51. O O O S l ...ti . W3 A FP t if S Q ,WW ls.. , mm M I f f 'ftf M .,,, W' "W-M 1 f fm 'WW MMM ., V M 'ln W, A I W MM N tfft,t,,,, E 1:1-:zu V , "W Q Qu 4 :K ' 1449 ?-,,': W mm, mm WW . ' Wt wa ll - , ' 'WW We Q hum- W -A WM WW, Home " " I 'Nil s . M, ,M mum Wt! WU!!! f ' 'mv W. V - , Q- at, x The T.G.B. Bear Let me see you Booga1oo!!! 254 Advertising Wi H ard at work!!! fs ,W fm . f I V Decisions! Decisionslf 1 - ' .N ,N ,,,, A , I "v ,.. I, ,A 1 J. . f, , f,, , f 4 Advertising 255 ff, , I. f , 1 74' f D' 3' .- 1 X suv! I The 1983-84 Wrestleretts Row one: Suzie Hill, Lisa Lough, Lisa Sapien, Felicia McGinty, Susan Harris, Susan Parks. Row two: Tracy Tompkins, Yvonne Pena, Beth Conner, Chris Sauer, Michelle Cheche, Hosalinda Padilla, Sherrie We, the 1983-84 Wrestleretts, would like to thank all the Wrestlerett parents and especially the following peo- ple for all their help and support during the 83-84 wrestling season: Mr. and Mrs. Sauer, Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales, Mrs. Lough, Mrs. Schoenradt, Mrs. Tompkins, Mr. Parks, Mr. Garrett, Mr. Massingill and TGB maintainance. The two most important people in this group are our sponsors, Mr. Sharp and Evelyn Gonzales. Mr. Sharp is a very busy person, involved with other activities, yet has taken time out and given love and support to the Wrestleretts. Evelyn Gonzales is another sponsor who means a lot for all the support and time she has given. Without these two people, Wrestleretts could not contin- ue. Everyone has worked very hard to make this year a successful one and the results are rewarding. 256 Advertising Shipman. Not pictured: Lynn Skinner, Missy Conner, Debbi Montgomery, Nancy Alvarez, Christy Hedstrom, lulie Beem. Sponsors T a Evelyn Gonzales Mr. Sharp is Vice President President Secretary Treasurer Captain E11 Chris Rosalinda Lynn Beth Felicia Sauer Padilla Skinner Conner McGinty is at rrrrr t rs tr W'-sPJsa.QvqoNF'i'i TIHCY Missy SUSSII Sherrie Nancy Michelle Debbie Yvonne Conner H6IIiS Shipman Alvarez Cheche Montgomery Pena Scorekeepers n ' t 5 is: 4 wir: gigs W Y XV tie' ' X3 X trer r ft? ew Lisa Lisa Suzie Susan Sonja Bridgette Natalie Lough Sapien Hill Parks Padilla O'Conner Chrisman Best Legs Most Va Ie X W sift Ei? Q. if ' V, ' 'il 4 X Q M Missy Conner Mike Hernandez Michelle Cheche Rosalinda Padilla Advertising 257 L 4 0 Senior Wills continued To Keely Brown I will the ability to handle all the .S. I put up with this year. To Andrea Tatum I will the bility to find someone to get along with next year. To y brother Mikie, I will the brains to pass all his lasses. To Mike Rogerson I will the ability to finally mear Wade. To Mr. Ragan I will all those grass spider ebs in my auto's locker. Also, thanks for making my enior year the best yet. To Billy Black, I will the ability be the best basketball player Trevor has ever had, at shouldn't be too hard. To Ken Barrier I will the bility to be the future "heart throb" of T.G.B. someday. 0 Iennifer Balzer, even though you're graduating, I will e ability to put up with Lain. To Michelle Malsch, ven though you're graduating I will the ability to beat ou-know-who in you-know-what! Good Luck, and have n in all you do! Maria Rogers I, Rachel Steele, will to Rosie Gregoire l new car for very football game next season 'cause you wrecked I t every game last year. To Sharon Ertel all the Izod hirts in California. To the bum in Whataburger, I will a ew set of teeth and a blanket of his own. To Steve erreault I will a pair of dark sunglasses to block the lare of Mr. Bishop's head. To Mr. Bishop, I leave l ex-ed class 'cause he needs it. To Mr. Ranshaw I leave fingers and Krissy K.'s body when she turns 18. To y best friend Brenda I will a 2nd white wedding ress-I won't ask why you're wearing it this time-and e best night ever on September 23rd. I think you'll in the contest. And to loy Cox, My brain to do with as he sees fit. I, Robert G. Verville leave everything I had in High chool so I won't have to remember it anymore. To Dan- y Turner, Beth Butler, Mary Burne, Teresa Bratcher I'll t you have anything you want because I told you I ould. The only thing of value that I will leave anyone my life, and I leave that to my girlfriend, Sherrie hipman, soon to be Mrs, Sherrir Shipman. P.S. loved oing to school here at T.G.B. Thanks to all my wild ind craz teachers. Love ya. I, Mike Kuhlin, being of sound mind but not body -:ill to the following: I will to Eddie Head all the lunch- Eme' partying we did and all the Shasta he wants. To hristine Meyers, don't forget our joke about your rlothes. To Toni Mahlam, try not to burp in public .nymore. To Dean Donovan, I will all the Copenhagen e wants, so he doesn't have to ask anyone for a chew. Also to Ioel Sing maybe by the time you play varsity rlasketball they will win a game. And finally to Karen alvorson, anything I got it's yours. The Budacas thanks or all the good times we had, including all the inci- lents we had through the years. I, Todd Hopper, being of 507: mind and 252 body will to all athletes all my surgeries and aches and pains. To Eddie Head, I leave the famous sandpit guard. To Tommy Marquez, I leave all my so called flirting abili- ties. To Sabine I give all my love and anything else she takes. To administration I will the ability to see things the way we do and the ability to remember you are here to help not to imprison. To the Budacas, I leave all the memories of the girls, minor conflicts, and all corn hauling. There is plenty more to come. And to T.G.B. I leave all the fun possible, a State Championship in foot- ball and baseball, and a winning season in basketball QIMPOSSIBLEJ. I, Scott Willians leave to my old chums and chumetts the following: To Brat Gates I leave the job that I got her. You had better not mess it up or I'll tell everyone that you know your a "NC,NB,BB,W". Shawn just think of the fun you'll have with "Boy Ha1". To Lisa Berlanga, I leave "woo-woo hey sexy" whenever she needs it next year. To Kelly Huff, Aubrey, Porter I leave the ability to respect Shawn. To Vermon I leave nothing. To the girls in my sixth-hour class, I leave all my home-ec talents. To Danny Turner I leave this message: "Nobody Likes a brat." To lulie "Slash-oh I cut my finger!" Schroeder, I leave a box of bandages and my job on the Yearbook, whatever it may be. To Ronda Pergalina I leave Shawn, "the biggest weinee of T.G.B." To Carla Ienkins, I leave my ability to spell. To T. Dunn, I leave a smokers kick- it-kit and a bus pass. And last but not least, I leave these words of advice to Clinton Hutton, "GET RID OF THE SCARF-YOU LOOK GOOFY!!" I, Paul Boyer, being "here" leave Chris Draper, Troy and Ian Wolf many library memories, "You're outta there." To Chris I'll leave my favorite slides, a trip to "Alpine," and an easier way up and down the Canyon Trail. To Ian I'll give a lighter back-pack, "a quart?" and a night out with Virginia. To Troy "the freeway walker" I'll leave Mike at Mac's to deal with, Chris' big slow dumb feet, "ouch," and 7th hour cookies. To all three of you, two rolls of movie film, headphones, so we'll all agree on music, and the ever present and dear- ly beloved laewee. To Mr. Hjalmarson another year with the "Motley Crue," And to Shawn luck with this yearbook thing. I Bob fMister Bob, Captain Bob, Beakerj Sertich do hereby leave. . . Advertising 259 Wacko, You're the best friend I have ever had or could ever have, you're the greatest. Don't let anything ever happen to break up our friendship, it's lasted for so many years, let's make it last a lifetime. You are my bestest friend. Your Barroom Buddy, Wacky Michelle 81 Sharon, I don't know what to say besides thanks a lot! We've had lots of fun and I'm looking forward to the times to come. Good Luck Always and Stay Out of trouble. Love ya, Kathy P.S. Scorpions, Van Halen and Motley Crue Bret, This past year and a half has been great. Your a fun person to be with as long as you don't spaz out. It would be a great experience to spend the rest of our lives together, but first you need to learn to be loyal! I'll Love You Forever, Kat Triple I 81 K, We had some great times together. Especially our trip to Tucson, and our river trip. Let's all keep in touch. Love ya all, K To all my friends, fthe few there are!! I love ya'll. It's been another great year. Deb and Deb, you're both pretty crazy. I guess I fit in good! We all have a lot of party years left. To ev- ery one at the bleachers-YOU COWBOYS ARE CRAZY, but us cowgirls love ya for it! I hope we can all have twice as much fun next year. Lots of love, Cynthia P.S. Don Williams number one! D.H.-Thanks is all I can say. You're a great friend. Willie, Billy, lilly, Sniffing folder, Tucson Rodeo, Don Williams number one! Goober, Lying B, Eat- ing at Grandma's, Lonny, sandwiches, "root" beer, GCS, Poncho and Lefty, Kickin' "A", Firemen, Touchie-feelie, Holey underwear, cowboys, Ford trucks, 4-wheelin', AVC, country music, 51.05, Golf course, hairy backs, Rolling logs, Lae poo poo, hanging punks Uillyl, oink-oink, Because I love you, OKAY! Flying cigarettes, droopy drawers, Iimmy I, high pockets, How could Iilly go out with such a loser? Got a quarter? Cheap boots, tootin', armpit rings, I love your eyes, brar'ds, It wasn't a party! smack me, the Fly, Bargins, Boogers. Teri L.-Do you want to go to Maryvale Mall and then to'Valley West Mall? Toni M., Heidi U., Michelle H.-California misses us! We've got to get back! Qto play ball, of course, why else?l Mr. Sharp-Guess who I'm not marrying?! UR, Ieri S.-Don't forget to call home to excuse yourself from first hour! Gerry S.-no more notes on my truck!! Sonya-Watch out for garbage cans and keep your pepsi bottles. I'll get sick at your house again sometime, okay?! Tammy W.-I hate T.W. Celeste and Rochelle-Remember Metro? Robby Neville-I bet you're still all talk! Lori F., Pam K., Missy P.,-We're still sexy!! We're going to lunch again sometime! Elania-So, who are you going out with? ER! We've still got a lot more fun ahead of us. Tracee-Congrats on Homecoming. You were THE FRIEND at times, thanks. . .love ya. Last but GABE, not least. . .lim Lapinski-I Love You!!! But. . .IO Remember what I told you. more years Maynard. , Someday, you and me Kid!! A Luv ya all, K Beefy fKrisl 260 Advertising I Don't Wanna Go!!! How am I going to live without all the people who have been so kind to me for Qmost oft the last four years? Who will make me laugh hysterically until I cry and turn as red as a tomato? Who will laugh at me when I say stupid things that make no sense? Who will make fun of me and pick on me? I will miss you all so much!! I want to thank, Mr. Hanley, Mr. Corlett, Betsy, lane, Ioy, Tina, Paul, Bob, Scott, Shawn, Mrs. Naderer, Greg, My Parents, Matt, Ieff, Brook, Lee, Roark, Iustin, and all the other friends, kids, family, and teachers who have made me what I am today. You've created a monster. Good bye, take care of yourselves and please come back for Homecoming. P.S. To Ron Ertel-I made it through high school without a beer!! Cremember dumbnut?l Andi P.S. Ie taime Quaral van, It's been a great couple of years. I've learned a lot thanks to you. I'll miss you next year. It was a fun party and I enjoyed it. We'll have to go adven- turing again. But now I am off to the Multiversity and you to the Academy, so until we meet again, remember me. Ie Tembrasse Gillian To Valerie Fritz and Terry Merrifield, Ito be read separately and far apart from each other.l Thank-you for being my friend For helping me again and again and again The football games, lunch hours and wand'rings through the mall Together we've had fun and done it all Remember, from now on and forever we'll be TOUIOURS AMIS!!! Mei Lang P.S. I finally learned how to spell my name! To Miss Carolan. I'll never forget all you've done for me. I love you. Always, Mellody To all my friends, Mellody you are my bestest sis. You know I love ya even though I never tell you, I don't know what I'm going to do without you. Van Horney don't walk Barefoot in the Park. Randy Merrill, sorry I was always such a pest. I'm glad I got to work with you in a play. And even if you didn't leave me your smile its ok. Miss T. you're a great teacher and a pretty ok adult. ha ha. Chastity you're so sweet and you have the luckiest little sister in the world cause you love her sooo much. Tina and Kendra hope you both have happy lives. You're both really great. Steve M. please marry me. Father lim you have a real great personality. I hope you never change. Thespians, Fee McGinty, Mike Gibson, Mark N., Deanie C., Cathy W., Danny A., Bobby P., Steve D., Ayesha, Ron K., David W., Debbie B., and Robert R. good luck in the future. And I hope someday you will all be rich and famous. Love ya all Georgia Young P.S. Pointdexter grow-up you're such a child To the guy I love: I want you to know how much I love you and I hope our love for each other will last. Thanks for all the great times that we've had to- gether. I will never forget them. I love you Your baby To all my friends: Thank you for all so very much for another great year. Thanks for all the memories that we all have had. I especially want to thank Fish, Wade, Amber and most of all "Todd". I will never get them. Take care and have a great summer. Yours truly Kelly Aubrey Eddie Tafoya, The nicest guy on this campus. Thanks for keeping my secret. I was really sweating it out in December flf you remember what I meant Keep in touch and let's party sometime. Rosie Advertising 261 Sharon Ertel and Rachel Steele, Miss those great times we once had! We'll never forget our junior year especially. Eric Hasenberg, and the Alhambra studs. Let's go to Whataburger in Tucson sometime fWe'll give the bum a blanket this time, oh, and let's not get stranded eitherllj Take Care, Sharon enjoy California. Rachel, hope Dearest Christopher, I'm so happy that we met this year. You've made me so very happy. Darling I Love You much more than I can ever show you. I know that we will have a wonderful life together. I hope all our plans and promises come true. Someday maybe you can build the house you've drawn for us. to see you more. I Love You Love All My Love Rosa-Colletti fha,hal!j Forever Sz Faithfully Bridget A Place to Stay Enough to Eat Somewhere old heroes shuffle safely down the street. And you can speak out loud about your doubts and fears. What's more you never haar their standard issue kicking in your door. You can relax on both sides of the tracks and no one blows holes in bandsmen by remote control. And no one kills the children anymore. .1 Good-Bye, Melody Young, Tina Kemarly, Ron Kuhn, Randy Merrill, and Felica ,McGinty. I'll miss all of you. Thanks for making my freshman year so fun. Good Luck in the future. I Q ' Love Ya All ' Georgia Young 1 1 We're finally escaping from the "Asylum!'l We're certainly no saner than when we came. We have all been "Dreamers" but "The Eye in the Sky" watched over us as we climbed "The Wall". Our "Innocent Age" has ended but we'll all "Take the'Long Way Home". I'll be the marathoner linked to the P.L.O. Catch you later, Perv Treasurer Waldo You are the most important thing in my life, I'll always love you. I hope all the promises you have made to me will someday come true. The memories we have shared will last a lifetime. You will always be my one and only. I love you, Margie To all my "goofy" friends, and Debbie Debbie, you are the sweetest sister fbut then I al- ways did liel what will you do next year without your buddies? David and Ron, you are the two most goofy friends l've ever had. It will be boring next year without you guys. But then again I won't have to listen to your dumb jokes. Bridget, I will always owe you a thank you for listening to all my prob- lems. I wish you the best of luck with Chris. Hope you last forever. W Best of riends 61 Best o Luck, Ma ge To Brenda, Lori, Rachel, Walter, Scott and Shawn. You guys are terrific. You guys made these four years a cinchfwell easier anyway. Thanks, Love, Ioannie To lack Thomas I Love You Very Much! Ioanie 262 Advertising BCL don 't Cut it! Shawn, Bob, Paul, Hjalmarson, and newspaper, Remember Spook Fav? And how about the Pee Wee Herman Club, was it a hit or what? Can't wait till next year, we'll be the publications. How about when you loaned everybody S, Primo. And to Bob thanks a lot for the book job. To Scott it was great. Paul yes you're right, I am too much. Hjalmarson thanks for everything. And last to the annual paper thanks for attempting to put out one I really appreciate it. So thanks and thanks again. Later and Pssst, Danny "Too Much" Turner Laurie, Thanks for making this year such a blast! Qlunch hour and Englishj Some day we'll understand Greg and Butch. Thanks for everything. You are a really special friend. Bye Robin, Mr. Bishop will never forget you. Goodbye to everyone in 3rd hour weight training. Cindy and Alicia call me any time for a game of raquetball!!! Goodbye to everyone in BLISS AND WOE Always remember and never forget: Beeker! Beeker! To be or not to be? "GREAT!!!" How Sad. "LIKE!!!" For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. "PRIMO!!!" Bridgett Samantha??? "My photographers have a prob1em." Clown??? "We dare to be different." special talents." Nikkor 300 f2.8 "I have to pay for this QHSW1. I'm not gonna advertise for it." Vide 1 . 51 772272 ff W!! SPOOK1 --I believe those kind of Pr0Ple hav Concepts and Karmelcorn. The 19th. "He's character." Coit??? "C'mon I'll buy you a Coke." Pee Wee. SURE!!! To all of my Weenie buds that I'm leaving this year, thanks for the memories: Vannessa "You Ugly" Keane, Ronda "Buhweet" Piergallini, Teresa "My Child" Bratcher, Caron "Crayon" Armstrong, Lisa "Scooby" Lough, Tammy "Hideous" Wittman, Michelle "Mith-Math" Hollman, Tina "Bojangles" Setzecorn, Lisa "HI!" Bakkus, Robin "Hail To The Redskins" Griffin, Gerry "Uncontrollable Liar" Springfield, Tracey "Cowboys" Tompkins, Kelli "Lush" Kilmartin, Ella "Beagle" Barker and all the rest. Thanks SO MUCH! Also a "SPECIAL GOODBYE" to "Scary" Mary Cagle, Kari Gentry, Sonya May, Scott Williams, Paul Boyer, Iohn Patterson, Tom Wilkerson, Tina Hughes, Iana Auerbach, Robin Sage, Lee Dra , loe Bushong, and Debbie Tooms. 84 FOREV . Luv ya! I lane "Weenie Mo" D .QU aw ,wi J! f W f Interact. Next time we go on a boat trip, Chad we'll let you take your Vanilla Waffers! I love you all, To Bob, ul, Scott, an a ny Desiree ell s it en eat what? kno . P.S. Scott, Paul and lane I'll never forget you guys think t has b fun, orable. I t bad fy' in 2nd hour-"I got a l00!" U a three ou a aving. t hey i as A een rfeally g eat. 'I think the ries y E 1' that wo ot have een w' u me. e m , 'i Bob u w l ver' orget eak' 5 ll ' ' ' ! J m e aul f i n olljgit 'la YS to lhe I can't beli s pla Q ll Too many memories . . . ' ,, f . . I , , , V1 s e!!! ott t o houl Ju try . If these wer f- -3. years of my life then Im in i I e in e ' al I lze . h n t b I f trouble. Scott, out for those flying books, for - u havfnggio d'a1 wit L gut e 1,6153 i they'll get yo ' e erytime. Shawn just remembe Y I g 4, ' , . . a ny boy no here ome e or es, Pee that Im no afraid to go to the movies alone. 'N , I KN . ., Wee I pook , an do t for lu ch at e ' 2 years was just too much, too bad its ove ot K , 6 . ,, . ,, P b -, . e o of fun s. Bu . Well gu 1 as reallyj. Turner, Just one word, enjoy . Tr , Ian, ,W 1 . I . e n b never forget "the foot" or our "econo-shuttl Chris, a trip to a certain canyon is due summer, maybe I'll drive fHA!. To m rother who probably won't read this, thanks 'all t help you've given me, I don't thi cou made it without you. And everyo se , hom I've been associated with for t past ur yea Thanx KI thinkl. rea Y r1mo Bu WShawn HOLD EwT uc QQ hate your fa Ever ing w 1 ork out n J y ... Vw of ,Q 5!!2 , ' a PM H ff?h"F! I' .1v" A f r A , B ' . ..... .il es fl fl W t WS! J! G ft! V f A The years have now slowly passed And memories are all that last Of days when we were all we meant to be. W All the things that we once l-:new Cf growing up and thoughts of you y In times when only eyes could see. We think back to when we were young When children laughed and songs were And all our thoughts were only dreams. But now ifve know how tortures time It drys our sl-tin and dulls our mind And all that glitters is not as it seems. sung i 'Goodbyet F arewell, and Amen' Oh well! What can I say? I had hoped for a SUPERBOOK, but it didn't quite happen. It was kind of hard to do here at "The School That Apathy Built." I tried at least and I think it's pretty darn good fwell great actuallyj. For those of you who are going to complain and I'm sure there's plenty, tough! You aren't going to find one better. lust remember it's not that easy to put out a 272 page yearbook and still try to live a halfway normal life fwell live "a life" at leastj. So I don't want to hear it!!! In a year when everything went fwrong and somebody was always trying to ruin my life falways blame it on someone elsel there were still lots bf firsts fgloat timej. I did what seems to have been impossible here at Browne by actually being "Editor-in-Chief" of a publication for two years without burning out or going crazy fokay, at least I didn't quitj. In case you lcare the twenty-four pages of color was more than any Lair fthat's the name of the yearbookj has ever had and the total number of color pictures is almost three times as many as any be- fore. The black and white 'ain't too shabby either fso I'm stuck on myself, someone has to bel. Anyway, I hope that most of you can find it in your hearts to appreciate the book if nothing else fat least it isn't bluej. I fwej tried really hard to get all the names correct and I think we did pretty good. I made a lot of small mistakes, but after all I am almost human. It should be better, but hey I'm not getting paid for this. If it wasn't for a lot of people I would have had to work even harder and I thank them. Hjalmarson, thanks for giving me the room to do things my way, I know it wasn't easy. I owe Shawn Gates for putting up with the staff fand me! and getting them to do their copy. Paul Boyer, what can I say, if it wasn't for you I would've died taking all those shots of things I didn't want to shoot. Scott Williams fthere I mentioned your namej, thanks for doing whatever it was you did. Mary Herrera and Lynn Skinner, thanks for Mary being so peppy and Lynn being so confused. To the fest of the staff fyou know who you arej, thanks for at least trying to understand the way I like to do things and letting me do it without too much of a hassle. My very, very special thanks go to Valerie Fritz for being so wonderful, inspirational, and helpful. , To all those faces of the past who without which I would be nothing, hey look at me know. Well Robb ftwo b's no y, right!! what do you think? Corlett thanks for teaching the ultimate art of pushing film instead of "FLASH" To all of the yearbookies of years gone by, thanks for not dropping by to remind me how great the book you worked on was. Finally, tp my dear, sweet fha! hall sister Kim, who I'm sure will Hind more faults than anyone else, thanks for anything and everything I should thank you for. I Well guys it's been great. However, I must admit I'm glad I'm finally leaving. After four yearbooks and four years of the excitement one brings, I think I've hae enough. There are plenty of things that I'm sure I wil never forget: single assemblies in the gym fBrowne's Cai of tuna imitationj, all of my friends for should I saj those of you who actually talked to me and didn't throv stuff at me while I was standing down on the footbal fieldj, shooting things that most students don't evel know exist fBrowne has a badminton team? You sure you're not thinking of the football team?j, those crazy forgetful student government people fOh, were we sup posed to have spirit games this week? Oh welllj, Bol Wilcox Studios fSure we can take 2000 students picture! in one day.j, all of the teachers who amazingly got thei picture taken by dozens of yearbook photographers ffunj ny, there's only two of usj, journalism conventions fDon' be afraid to use a flash. My photographers have a problem. and Daring to be different.j, Phoenix Gazetta and Arizona Republic photographers fYou're dressed uj like Santa Claus and you're laughing at me.j, printing after school fl always thought that you were supposed tm leave school when it was still light outside.j, Hostes: bite-size donuts and Coke fwhat a nutritious lunchj, ad vanced classes fWe're advanced. We don't have home work.j, hams fTake my picture! Take my picturelj, Africf fthe slowest version ever known to manj, deadline: fWhat deadlines?j, not going to State fit would havt made a great color spreadj, people who just can" understand fWhy?'j, signatures fat least three for everj page, that's over 800j, the memories fthe one thing tha can never be and never should be forgotj. If I've of fended anybody I'm sorry. Iust sit down, take a deej breath and calm down. I really must apologize for some of the things tha came about because I decided that just maybe I shoulc think about myself instead of the yearbook. For all o those pictures that aren't quite up to my standards ant for all of the things that resulted from throwing page: together the day they're going to be mailed I do humbly say I'm sorry. Yearbooks take up a lot of time, especial! ly when you like to do most of it yourself. If I let any one down I apologize. I know I let myself down a little Not because the book is bad, because it certainly isn't but because I know that I could have done better Somewhere along the line with everything going wronf I lost a little bit of the enthusiasm and I looked arounc for encouragement and it was rare. Never-the-less the book is done and what you see is what you get. It's time for me to go and I could say I quit, but think Huck said it best fright Corlettj: ". . . so there ain't nothing more to write about, and I'm rotten glad o it, because if I'd 'a' knowed what a trouble it was td make a book I wouldn't 'a' tackled it, and ain't a-goimf to no more . . ." W Editor-in-Chief Bob Sertich v sri' x V. I, . -N .,,.w. I1 -Q-1 - M " "U ,'-U' W " . Q ' f QV Ly- -35 1"'!4'f U. 'A n' "Ninn M -Q . V' 1, 4 ,- . A 1 y ,iynl , Ex h s s .D kv, SV1., 'Lk' , sl' , Q' ,J V I . V x . 5 N U .f- +52 A-Tw .Www -ew, +if.,af4"' F' 5 I-if - .-f '1 vu . . A , , ., I 7,411 ' . k ffl, 1,11 Q. 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Suggestions in the Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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