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f x NM xf, ! ,,,, ..,A , . .,.,,., . . ... , . - .-...--m--w----- f ' ' 15 M H f - M 125 H Q pq U qftiwrflf 1 H 1 U I xl 1? 1 w X . Q55 5 Qgvyf gms 5 - 9 f if Q - Q5 5 Q' , 2315 ,gigiws S555 iwbpx Q gs- E X O. Q , ' 023 3 ng MQ WMM 8? 0 WQOOEQ Q0 WY JM W ' RQQEQJX JU! if ' X G3 M WW" fbofffffff K 6350! GQDQW , X. wwf '- SXEN fAf'f'?k X Sei 3 935 T3 N E "R ml Q-5 J Q: . 'X 33 -N Nqif 'NOVA :S Xofw ui? 'Jw Q SEQ J kj QUUUAWK W QLM L Wil Q J 3153 X5 JCQUJ U' O LX XJ' JC? LW X Q Q f 5 XJ i . 5 x mm VH vb, Ur- ,, f OC! V,YvxJdww, 55 3 Ri LW Wzvfffx' QL 'mf 'bQ'Pbx4J" J 4 N J C, if ,ay V M 91' B,E J 5 if ,NIL XE N3 ix gl JEGUQMCQLX iffy? L' TAYNQFKLWNQ X J U Y U3 V, My QQQ J 5 W ,Q Jw, WAX PW YJ fx- OWOJQ W w 9 V I 'L ' "W X V ' Jrkmgu -Xb Q :X R X X ,554 tx dx U ,' X Q9 Q ywfubp Miffwu - QM xx QQXCQJQ3 Qw9fFwiwWi JF' W6 w A W Us ' MP WWW FW c Q9 V AAL H LW! W ,KRW j L! oigypjyyw JR my VM , iN Evjtufgbp z I D Lvp 0 clzmgfnil Aw QW? W3 Mfwwwfsffh W M M W,l'Zfff , N3Yipiii39pi ' ffi ci Wmfwfff W Likpli Q15 . '15 if Qfvqiyqi ip Q QYNQfu,QQQAx - A 'V ww OJLQ Q Wag f4LwQZL , f?+A3 JL 'KUFQ QMKN gwa, Lgmik Lwvfd GLCQ MIQSEI-iTx' IRM xx iHff 53iLW,VfMy, II Yu, 4"2l' 'ly UJ xx WMM W K 01 MYWNMVMDLQ A A6 kpflv, Q 5 fm Q .Nr 'N I 3 U A5 IZ X QW ' J 24 W QW 45' C 4 Q AQ, MW P ll Jw' dz 5 6 UQSEOQ Ajflv 63,131 74414 ffm-7022? .iiZx?'c7ff'7i, JZ Yyffiilfivj, fu ff! A,-mf 1425! fm! ffmi' 7 if-Q ,wi 11 Jam' Q . riff frffc 47Z5,m2Z7vf' LQ Llffqfg X314 Muff? ,flid-Z at Lzfpzffvfylql' f2QffzzfiZ,Q, :wwf .4zfc:5-'VS cibffg yan' ffqfiwuq 224 XFMYQLLQ . ZJKZUZ? 4 ' If , A yi 7 f,,- ff A 'A ,,,- - -r y,,:,,44Q fpfjjd 52,11 .04 ffm 5, ff4,f,n. ,,47Lf1f.k.. 7'X2ijff,0c'J274 I 7, -z f.ifL ff 1'-ffyfg 62 , I , Q? fffywy I ff .I j 50' 1 I A X QL? r k 7 qflww gf JWff1cfC"54'! Q jjwgif ww? WWJ1 . MA' MMMZM J nfffvk 4 ,!u2fffW1mAm,bf Ja QQ ive K W W l , f L' I x l Q5 I I I I 1 .L S P, l ffZZZ0J2,,z. Viyafpf " Qfiaaacaxci MOJJAAODJ f4'5ffz1f4'9Zc.4-aff 1 M V VA f ',w!LfK?'Z!g vStiMw wLnpL +0.QLbOAi5uQfO ' Uwwxddllombffv Q . 6Q.,QYQg QJLLQU UULud,vgf5,wLI'CLaJMiQkUUj. X ,L'QJL,132W,r e 1 fr k. i 5 3, 3 ! H, I ',4'. .1 1 22 I .., K, I 1 ,., AQ' ' x i . LAIR 1 . ..:Y'ii',,, han. lk if 'L :ii 6 f . 1 ' v V 5 1, 1 , V fl, , cf 5 1 2 L E 5 I F :- 2 , . 6 A? 4, .. ,'f,.ijl5n: gi- V Q2 h-'g'?If- - , ' " " 47' -A ,,,. ---11 , L . -. ' Q w w 1 W' "'LH.i-A Va:-1 'MIME' 1 f .A-, .Ni . ,, V ' 'if' I U I E. I l R s is . 3332 ggi gl Ei 22 Ei R Q SEE 3 -- Q3 3-153 R ' PhOe35,VZ4,ffQfYZ,geDr 3355 Q iffllffs fc E33-iggiigg 5 Zifgtigf 1 5312233335 iii? fi 553333. E Q53 Jac 5 ,jh ap Activities Make Education Almost Fun 4 9 553 55? S5 Q 1 T-2 A , . ' 4 'v- --yy 2 W--4' 'QM -A-ow -1. Sai X, si? ,J x A 5325 Si? SJ 55255 5 Q5 We've got it ' SPIRIT Spirit is yelling and having fun, Spirit is the way you prove you're number one. Spirit is always in a crowd, Spirit is jumping and cheering real loud. Spirit is showing off your pride, Spirit is at that moment of victory when you cried. Spirit makes school a better place to be, Spirit lets you be you and me be me One last word about Spirit before I go Spirit is something you should show Making a new and unique world. as 'S nn n n nnnn , . Meir K as 4 . - . ,wi S -, -,,'f,xhy32f2 :sf -H .-I JU 1' fs! fi K I .-..-alll" 199 ,ure 'Qfx Nw fm .Sb 2' E-.PN 1 -u . .1 .' . A , , - 14 3 h I . , ' ' 'H xi' Y - - '1 "52- , ,f, , ,L ik, . V ,ar-. ww. X, I Xi 1- 'Tx .L 1 . . ' yi .xy Qjif - f , 15, Es. Q ' " 11+ M. n 'Q P4 1974? If 4 255 95. tiff? L 9 Q x 5' I " 7 .XTR 1 "' ' "..fg23 ,. K -, E g, vb ' ' Q fr 12 I V- Q ...ff ,Lu Bw 3-1Q. ' sm.. ffi lfq 1 wing ag? ' 4 F 'X me 1 0, r--if I RX 'sian Surrounded by people, loving every minute of it, We all need the security of having a close friend, lt's fun to be able to look back at all the fun you had with your little crowd, When you're amongst all of your friends, make the best of it, Someday they will all be gone. by Cindi Hinkhouse The Way We Were . W .,A, 1. tex . , ,M .,,e , X1 1., 47, XP' Xmfiom 'K 1' R? Memories light the corners of my mind. Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind. Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were. Can it be that it was all so simple then or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all again tell me, would we? Could we? So, it's the laughter we will remember. When ever we remember the way we were. 13 J f ,, 1 4 ' ' ' ' l ' 1. ,v fl' ' frli i 5 my e r Y- 1 f5!'f'f' ' 7 If" sihkfgf f' .v'?' x 1 Q' K . lx i F Q U 5: is fail X.. J , . . , . Eng 2 o i 1, is 4 fs , Xi.. 1 141 - Q H wi f, g fi if -v . nigh 3 I Q ' T' , -, f ewvwvfl? - 1 1' i i :R ,fx i , , ' fl.""ii?1 ' , ' in J n M g, '+V ig, .Ji , i y-' gi 2 . 1 - "- 4 -1 fr 'f' - s f ir N 2 44 ,V qs N- -'Z if i ' ' K txt :yy ,Q . . if N. .Llrr .6 W 1' li. 1,23-1 tv' , its 1 ' if' . I 5 3? . M1 . J . 1 ,., ia ' :bxw:izve.a1z.M' ' 1.1253 1 1 . 4 , Best of Browne Comes Alive Homecoming week was full spirit. Students dressed up nerds, tourists, punkrooke slobs and people from thie 1 ties. In the eyes of the voters one deserved to be King a Queen more than Tim Dock and Debbie Savela. v -There was a great turn out of floats, with D.E.C.A.'s float "Over the Rainbow" winning first place. Followed by the sopho- mores version of "Tarzan and Jane" taking second place. Third place was filled by the Junior class, with a "Journey Back to Childhood". i 2 H. Cf., afks I l Some days it's best to be alone , AJ f uw ,1- wm ,f ,fr1:"4M'W f ' xx 'S M ff .711 4 H' X 2 , -4 ,, Q . 2 lim m Q fsiwql Qsmwgu Li .Q-2 -z L , .L,LL,,1 J, '. it ,nag 1 ,es .C ' i ' e ' W ' ,. KJ-"F gf: , flfff 9 I ji r J I. V . 90 ga- .9 ' :- Q y e in.-nv "The Women" Mary .................... Crystal Allen ........ Nancy .............. . Peggy ..... . Sylvia ...... . Edith ....... . Jane .................... Miriam Aarons ..... Countess De Lage .... Mrs. Morehead .... Little Mary ........... Roseann McCoy Jaime Fuller Lori Bentley Monique Berry Coleen Gasiorowski Pamela Green Barb Phelps Linda Dick Tracy Debow Cheryl Holden Kim Coniglio "The Women" was the Thespians' first production of the year. The play is a story of five women who have been friends for years and how divorce affects their family. lt's a good example of how women can overcome their problems. There were 44 cast members in the play all of which were females. This was a first for Browne. 19 Penelope Sycamore ....... ...... Essie .,.....,............... Rheba ...........,......... You Can't take it with you Diane L'ltalien Linda Dick Felicia McGinty Paul Sycamore ....... Mr. DePinna ......... Ed ........................... Donald .................... Martin Vanderhof Alice ............,.......... Henderson ......... Tony Kirby ........... Boris Kilenkhov ...,.. Gay Wellington ..... Mr, Kirby ........... Mrs. Kirby ...... Three Men ...... Olga ........................ 0 Mft' U Y G 5fi.g:?+ ,cfsrzg To 'gs 'T K C lui' Phil Dechaine Danny Ashlock Ted Smith Raynard Pearson Jeff Johnson Coleen Gasiorowski Mike Gipson James Leedy Dave Woodruff Wendy Morfitt Brad Higgins Tina Kemarly Eric Fuller John Allen Barry Moore Suzanne Williams "mi -49 A S ig ! ,,, rf' il Q1 u 59 U xiii V M :gg All fl! ig, i but Xu Xiu eco semi ales mme, ses vane? T.G.B, PERFORMING ARTS DEPARTMENT Presents "You Can't Take lt With You" Anyone who didn't see this zany comedy missed a treat. This, the second presentation of our drama department, was very well done. "You Can't Take it With You," deals with a family in the mid 3O's. The Grandfather, in the play, is the main charactor. Grandfa- ther refuses to pay his taxes and decides when his family can have children. All the characters are all very well portrayed. Congratu- lations on your second success. ta" 'a Q t 2 ' f S . V. R ,, . , ,wi l i s " 4 N, i Z I .,. rs 4 - , H, ,. N: if: ur lb AN 'xi IN ri Ht w'. wh ,N WI v ui' xiii . nv W 4 dl V in Stir' Q61 " wr' ' , 81 339 uf W A. my ' N A A V A 'X.,, . Q- 'w er Nfl my V m'm3?-1 A 21 44- " i Playoffs N--. .1 f' J Number One In State x Xe , ,E .nie-" V v, My ,k Vi ., V Mk, 4 ,-an-...q 195 .09 , ,, 5 ,A,...ff 4: 1 H Free times are the best times X01 JW" I ,uf . ,,.,..-M' K' agmw ll- a..--- Af"' QQQ lv, Wx AQ 1 ,,,,14" LABEDU Jeep I X ' 1 K 1 I 1 l x ' K J., 1 N 1 . T i V, S , W 1 x 1 J4 f I ,.,. , Ng, ,.,.A 'Kas-. ,115 4 - - ...,.- -,---,-a.,i-in-S'-.,. :df Homecoming Royalty Tim Docken and Debbie Savela ff? Carlo Sierras and Lisa Ganna Bob Hegi and Donna Edens 'Z Scott Lavine and Debbie Vezie Darrin Tupper and Zelean Peniston ...av 4' JT ' W 28 , Hugs' .. Christmas Formal that almost wash t The Christmas Formal got off to a bad start this year. Rumors flashed around campus that the dance would be cancelled if enough tickets vveren't sold. Although attendance was low, the people that participated made the best out of the situation. There was a variety of music played from country to punk rock. Refreshments were served to quench thirsts. Santa also made a sur- prising appearance to brighten the evening. Fun, trolic, and Christmas cheer was had by all. ...F Ki f of iiiA J 'l N V W i ' .,..' .r i ' iii' 5 4 sfi f.r i'- gf i fe? I .sal-A V National Honor Society The National Honor Society CNHSJ is a group of stu- dents who show qualities of leadership, scholarship, character, and perform services for our school. This club meets every week on Tuesdays. The club earns money by having bake sales, selling candies, and Christ- mas ornaments. They would like to put great emphasis on their student tutoring service in which students who are having trouble with their studies are tutored by N.H.S. students. Teachers submit the students names to Nlrs. Becker, then she matches the students' names up with the names of the N.H.S. students. , 1, y 8 ls R. 'X fs Top Row: Loretta Hall, Chris Schreifels, Jeff Porter, Sally Route, Millie Chamberlin. Bottom Row: Tammy Vrana, Chandra l-luddleston. Q 'll d Scroll Kathie Turner, Mary Hammer, Brenda Klahn, Pam Hopper, Debbie Solimena, Robbie Schumacher, Cherene Williams. Jim Wilde. The Quill and Scroll organization of Trevor Browne is a group of journalists devoting time and energy to publications and school newspaper. Using stern judgement and a quick hand, furnish quality writing that we so much appreciate. 32 l i l Iv r 1 J Speech Honors, 1 -2 I fx W! -1' X Xi f j .V WLOJCL f N A. ,l 'WVIL Ei Us , Jn aff, A V,i!5Q',.f W' ,, Nl, ,ill f7lIV1L,, A .,' f L, Vy M y ' El CV' S,-l FQ? A 'U ' Y 1 , .xy A I V, 'l 1 1 ,, sl,,1 W 4? mi., lf' f-9 ' M HM G iz lllw D 'i W J I I Ify V at V ' I I of LJ ni RJ l 1 p fx 1 'f ffl ,S v ' ,. , bf, L I7 our ir? fa M Laura Christian - placed 3rd Serious Pros Lori Bentley - Placed at Semis everytime Felicia lVlcGinti - Placed in Semis Casaundra Marshall - Placed 6th in Oratary Joel Kaufman - lst in Semi Finals 81 5th in Oratory J 33 ART HONORS Tom Stephenson - Blue Ribbon Finalist, Scholas- tics Art Competition Kim Smith - Blue Ribbon Finalist, Scholastics Art Competition CM ,A L Ang. ,, 5, f' L C fi l' fn il fi N32 J 5 W Lisa Davidson - Blue ribbon Finalist, Scholastics Art Competition Musio Honors Meg Merrifield - Choir - Optimist Club Arts Award for Out standing Senior Terry Merrifield - Choir Lisa Holland - Flute - Band Chris Prickett - Orchestra - Violinist ing Flute Solo 'Ha 35 Becky Smith - Maryvale Womans Club Award for Outstand- ROTC Honors David G. Brown Level 1 ROTC Cathy A. Devenpeck Level 2 ROTC Anthony D. Dominguez Level 3 ROTC Mike G. Stearnes Level 4 ROTC Honorable Mention Gregory Taylor Level 2 ROTC ' 1 , 1 , ,f ,,-..,. ,- . .wg T R' -N! ,ww F 'ff st OUR OUTSTANDING ATHLETE'S SOFTBALL Melissa Hickman i Jr. - First Team All-League Catcher All Division Catcher Mickey Unruh - Sr. - 2nd Team All League First Baseman Tammy Bennett- Sr. - 2nd Team All League Second Base- man Angela Marine - Fr. - 2nd Team All League Pitcher VOLLEYBALL Michelle Unruh - 2nd Team All Division - League B WRESTLING Martin Black - lst Division - 4th State - lst Moon Valley Tourn. Stoney Wilson - 4th Division Joe Campbell - 3rd Division Most Team Points - Martin Black Most Valuable - Martin Black Most Pins - Martin Black Fastest Pin - Martin Black, David Gartner Outstanding Senior - E.J. Wilson Outstanding Junior - Joe Campbell Outstanding Sophomore - Stoney Wilson Outstanding Freshman - Tim Vanover im E V A Y' T I O it -gm ig , -. - , A :ig bi ,kg I . if ff ia: Q ln I I ,N Q g 'F I . V 7 nb Qt Q 'Y 37 .vi All State xl' ' 3 l' L92 ""TiF5522i':1?.,5fi?J1e- It I3 x ALL STATE lst Team All State 2nd Team All State Honorable Mention Player ofthe Year Coach of the Year .-1 1 , ,M . Ralph Federico Mike Pomeroy Darin Tupper - James Hart - Mike Meek Eddrick Moreland Jeff Sprague Darin Tupper Coach Bill Mitton !, Mu .- - 4 ,, A 38 5.1.- isis Wm P X I , .... . . g -.............. "-"f5P':1.?f.-'fi ' , S ig wma, f Y 1 fk-W.-ng f ww, li ""' ' " A :----' f , L 'xg -1142471.14 ""'- ' m ?5'5f3 , X .Z 34' 4' 'A --r-'9 3 X A gimzx! ,,l:'k ' inf .n if,f:i ,.s 4: . 'nog 'i",eg.i?f,2'.' ' .. .surf 4' ' 1 429' 'QA w3f'r4yf.'-,414 v 1. 64, 4.32 ss. .Mm 'v"Y'33fiLS:. Wkg' - Jag' wrgzii ' R ' Tf'f1Y1":Qf:. ' .3552 Y ,-W ' ' ' , M, N Y 5, 11? ., , Zi,j"Fs-- 1 "A 'F W . ' 2. 9, Q 1 ' yt K K i V ' !"ssgy.. f -A "7 ,Aung . Fw K x ,K X , ffmunla -ff n x We 're Awesome Trevor Browne's Varsity Football team had a banner year, finishing the regular season with an 8-2 record. Big victories came against high ranked Moon Valley and rival Mary- vale. The victory over Maryvale allowed Browne to keep the traveling trophy. Browne missed winning the league title by losing to Central the last game of the season. They had the ball inside Central's 20, but couldn't make the touchdown. They advanced into the state finals at the University of Arizona by having victories over McClintock, Scottsdale and St. Mary's in the play- offs. The team was led by Coaches Mitton, Harkins, and White. Outstand- ing players included: Ralph Federico, James Hart, Dean Lavilla, Mike Meek, Edrick Moreland, Mike Pomeroy, Robert Sprague, and Darin Tupper. Browne led their opponents in total offense 3607 yards to 2075 yards. MG" fi, '35 Row one: Eric Harris, Arthur C. De Baca, Tyler Nielson, Dennis Curtis, Steve Hegi, Jeff Sing, Mike Tressler, Eddrick Moreland, Dean Lavilla, Mike Johnson. Row two: Don Munson, Robert Forney, David Moreno, Rex Bahm, Scott La- vine, Steve Mulcock, Adam Smith, Carlos Sier- ras, Darin Hughes, Phil Villa. Rowthree: Coach White, Scott Brown, John Anderson, Kevin McKee, Jeff Sprague, Bob Hegi, Tom Gre- guire, Joe Campbell, Mike Bariban, Steve Lloyd, David Padilla, Richard Walker, Coach Harkins, Coach Mitten, Row four: Tim Wedel, James Hart, Jaime Meek, Eric Johnson, Art Johnson, Frank Crouch, Mike Meek, Darin Tupper, Ed Schrader, AI Kessel, Mike Po- meroy, Ralph Frederico, and Keith Jiran. . me -Q, f iff--vnu -,-. we ' , Ai- . N xapkli-ow , K fllisfiarifw fgk 'ln-.f f 323' 41 Tough But Not Tough Enough Rig! F3335 if 3" '4 'U 3'-at 4 "'s'Ag"i" rf-an-L i v-...QF , .M V so-u i -r 'V+ . --"-'M ...i ,L .QQ-,W L ,A The Junior Varsity football team had a dis- appointing season. The team that was led by many from last year's undefeated team had only a 4-4 record. Their last game against West was can- celled because West's team had disbanded. So, some of the J.V. members moved up to Varsity team to gain experience. Next year's Varsity team should prosper from the player's experience and again Tre- vor Browne will be Arizona State football champions. 42 INQ ' 'T V . ,W Y, L . QM' xx? -any-i.. ,M ""13i'! ,ass K 2 tw X T6 , c . l, "tl , t , wwf' 4 Top: Hugh Zembrusski, Lenny Johnson, Joe Bushone, Robby Nevell, Jess Wilhite, Newelln Ramdom, Joe Washburn, Ty Baxter, Mark Tessler, Robert Hally, Joe Brookman, Steve Chestnut, Randy Totty, Adam Tellez, Ray- mond Fredarecko, Mike Herrandaz. Middle Row: Kevin Johnson, Mike Turley, Rob La- praze, Ray Jackson, Hector Gonzales, Todd Hopper, Bain Hearn, Ben Williams, Steve Harder, Bottom: Eddie Sprague, Andy Harris, Jim Simons, Robert Higgins, Whiteshoes, Ken- edal Morland, Charles Macatney, Greg Vinus, Derek Eberl, Martin Madrid. Coaches: Mr. Hanna, Mr. Holland. Frosh Fight For .500 Season tj , First Row: Zarra Simms, Donovan Valore, Brett El- der, Tom Long, Steve Stone, David Pendergast, Richard Fredirlco, Robert Martino. Row Two: Murra Singleton, Anthony Smith, Barry Burner, Jim Strong, Steve Kurtz, Jerry Bills, Greg Soto, Dwayne Scott. Third Row: Matt Morris, Thomas Domingeuz, Jeff So- Kms.. limena, Anthony Johnson, Eddie Head, Jeff Greer, Toni Maki, Jerry Calemese, Daryl Hohnson, Dent Le- vine. Fourth Row: Coach Zamboni, Steve Cooper, Butch Kloeber, Edward Manes, Travis Fuller, Mike Bejar, Robert Cox, Mark Ray, Marc Mallon, Jeff Amerall, Freshman Football Coach Gerry Zamboni led histeam to a 4-4 record. They defeated the teams from Alhambra, Carl Hayden, West and Central. Out- standing players included Jeff Green and Butch Kloeber. With the experience the players have gained. they will aid in making a better JV team next year. 43 Varsity spikers rule Trevor Browne's 1981 Varsity Vol- leyball team ended its season with an 8-5 record. The team was led by Coach Ella Mass, four year varsity members Michele Unruh, captain, and Katie Douglas, co-captain. They placed second in the Central Divisionals Tournament, losing only to Alhambra in the finals. They lost to Maryvale in a tie-breaker game that decided who would go to the play- offs. This year's Most Valuable Player honors went to Katie Douglas. Melis- sa Hickman was chosen as Most lm- proved Player and Sportsmanship went to Sheri Vrana. Both Katie Douglas and Michelle Unruh were chosen for the Metro All-Division sec- ond team. With the experience the Junior Varsity players have gained and the knowledge of the six returning varsi- ty members, next year's team should improve greatly. ,i XT' gn x l"" X ee' X i"' C Lg .. -C. g av ' l - A. 4' 3 .4-N. Row one: Kathy LaCount, Sabrina Gonzales, Mi- chelle Unruh, Alicia Bedrin, Sandy Maynard, and Sheri Vrana, Row two: Coach Mass, Kelly Young, Katie Douglas, Katie O'Conner, Lisa Gauna, and Melissa Hickman. ...ww-.7 -.-,.. , ww ' ., N, .-um New .:, 3 , -Q. - ' 'fx 3, K xanga Q 1 ,fa sag... J. V. sets up winning season The Junior Varsity Volleyball team had an outstanding re- cord of 11-1 during the 1981 season. Their only loss was in their last game of the season to Central, who they had defeated earlier in the year. There may not have been a freshman team this year, but that didn't stop freshmen from trying outfortheJ.V. team. The ' ' if three freshmen that made the 't team were: Teri Mang, hitter, V b V V X Angela Marine, hitter, and Heidi Unruh, setter. ' Other hitters were: Pam Hop- ' per, Tracee Mang, Lori Meek, ' A and Wendy Slusher.The setters 1 'i K also included Elania Schoon- Ps ' g' , over and Kris Vasquez. T' i But, without the efforts of the g 5 1 ff 'J rest of the team members and my i S' the patience and support of ,ygel g gi, ,M Coach Irvine the success ofthe 7 V f l F Q 7 -f team wouldn't have been possi- ble, Row one: Kris Vasquez, Heidi Unruh, Debbie Kral, Lori Michelson, Tracee Mang, Lori Meek, Pam l-lop Elania Schoonover, Kris Krisell, Angela Marine, and per, and Cgagh Irvine, Mary Cagle. Row two: Teri Mang, Wendy Slusher, The Final Game We walked on the court ready to win, with our heads up high, the competition would soon begin. The whistle blew and our hearts pounded fast, the game was important since it was our last. What went wrong, please tell me why, why did we lose, why did I cry? It meant so much more than any other game to walk off losers was such a shame. The season was fun, the team was great, next year, coach, l promise we'll win state. The memories of practice, the silly things we did, they're not meant to die, they're only meant to live. We were the team that couldn't be beat, until our last game we never tasted defeat. But we're the best, and always will be, we're eleven and one, we're the mighty J.V. Pam Hopper 46 'Y ov 33 Goto Leads Golf To State. -" -.v.:,' .'l2' - , Jim Wilde Ed Trujillo Rick Unterseh Jeff Porter Jerry Bicknell Mike Kulin David Turtchin Coach - Roger Goto Y We 4. F f 4 w Thanks to the instructional guidance of Roger Goto, the team made it to state for the first time in three years. Coach Goto is new at coaching golf and apparently was the deciding factor in the teams success. The last few years the team had bad times especially when up against their arch rivals Maryvale High School. This year was dif- ferent though and the team had consistently better scores than Maryvale. The teams record was 10-4 and they took fourth at divisionals to qualify them for state. L I I, 3 5' ff. 8 D 'F Cameron Cline, Robbie Bates, Charles Wyatt, John Clem- Chestnut, Coach Brown, Loretta Barnett Wendy Wiley ent, Lee Drapen, Joe Goard, Gilbert Romo, Ron Ryan, Slade Barbra Barnett, Dan Risch, Manny Garcia Romo leaves pack for course record The Trevor Browne Cross Country team finished with a 1-8 record. We finished 14th at divisionals, where senior Gilbert Romo finished 8th overall. Gilbert went on to run state. He also tied the course record for our course 14:55 for 2,95 miles. The Girls' Cross Country team finished O-9. The girls only had 3 members, Wendy Wiley was the girls number one runner. 'iffff CQ ' 'Q . . -. A. . ,Q ,A ... , .-. " ' .'sf""'. gi ' , .'1m':f"-' 44+ 2-v - ,- ::.f"' -.. - -5 - -,.,kJ.x Ns., or . . , .A +0 ' '-ev iffy sm.: . 4 I Q-ffl if R.. ,. .WN- H.-.. sxswn Ms, jf' 5435 Q, . . - A .,-w4.gzf?fsJ"'1n, Q ' ,,-qi: . af , U f 4 - ' nw. , 'NQ .Q 1 ,s1',"'-Q Q -f , f - . Nffta'gj?f'f 1-ff? , if , wear- .K -"gg, fl , Nan. -mf' sf , . ,fi- WW.-4-1 KR 5 1. a H A+. . Q-. M. Q., Q... I 4 -mn' -wa lx ' "' Aan-'-Why nf v fu, ,f Lf?w221'3 .gm . U. New ,,,, .wa - -' mi: W. .,,1.,M. .fn ,M ka g.' 1"f'a45 ,3:3:.'fgT' v .X M -'K-V 511. . M N,,.,,, w3f31:',.i.x:af! 5' ,.a-gmgmw-7122 ,. . ' up 1- ' Ti Ba dm in ton B ' d ' The badminton team had a lot of spir- it this year and they tried their hardest to represent Trevor Browne in the best possible manner. Unfortunately, the number of losses outnumbered the wins. At the beginning ofthe season there were very few players, but as the sea- son went on, more players joined the team. The most valuable player was award- ed to Jacquie Engelke, and the most improved player was Kelly Dumm. Kelly aided the varsity team's winning per- centage as did Dawn Archuletta for the junior varsity team. Hopefully, in the future years, there will be more willing players trying out for the team, to bring it to a winning season. Row one: Stephanie Harrington Nancy Alvarez Dawn Ann Engelke Lori Barber Sarah Howell and Felicia Archeletta, Cynthia Mundan and Coach Hassel Row Mcginte two: Jacquie Engelke Kelly Dumm Becca Deirk Mary 50 LATE START HURTS CAGERS This years varsity boy's basketball ended their season with a 7-15 re- cord. Outstanding players were Da- vid Spahr with a 15.59 point average, Robert Shaffer 13.61 and Tim Wedel 11.33. David Spahr broke the school re- cord for most field goals made in one year, 153. Tim Wedel had outstand- ing records in rebounding. In one year he had 239. Two years totaled to 366. His career ends with 377 re- bounds. The team lost 8 games by five points or less. Poor free-throw shooting hurt the team. Also, be- cause of football three starters were late coming out. Coach Irvine said. "We started playing mid-season form at the end of the season." We improved but were about two months behind all the other teams. ym,,,,,.,4 'S' T Haw. Ny. A f'5"Fws.f -- K Qi X ,gl time e 'tiff' l Qifi gi 671126 3 TOP ROW: James Hart, Tim We- del, Art Johnson. David Spahr. Arthur Murphy. Coach Irvine. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Shaffer. Jamie Meek, NOT SHOWN: Paul Butler, Ralph King. MANAGER: Tyler Nielson, Dennis Curtis. David Spahr: 1st Team All-Divi' sion and 1st Team All-League. Robert Shaffer and Tim Wedel: Honorable Mention All-Division. 51 More Basketball kr rf 5 Z A- iff v -tx Upper Left: Art Johnson awaits a re- bound. Middle left: James Hart goes for a block. Lower left: Authur Mur- phy throws the ball in. Upper center: Robert Shaffer for two. Upper right: James Hart slam dunks, Lower right: A good jump by Spahr. NO CONCENTRATION, NO WINNING SEASON! The Boys Junior Varsity ended their season with a 5-14 re- cord. Outstanding players were Newell Randon, Kevin lVlcKee, and Phil Romero. Coach Cheney said that mental errors hurt the team more than anything, "The team had the ability just didn't apply it." Because of important players still involved in football, freshmen had to be brought up in order to form a team. Freshman Lenny Johnson played the entire season and did a fine job. Highlight of the season was the victory over Maryvale 67-58 at home, and the victory over Alhambra, The team members include: Virgil Cummings, Lenny John- son, Don Stacy, Kevin lVlcKee, Mike Godbehere, Jeff Sing, Jeff Klever, Phil Romero, and Newell Randon. ' MMIII! PWIILL Willnfl' Q7 , . ,, ,Q Y C . 'TT ' 3 3 44 U' UUE? FROSH HOOPSTERS "HANG IN" This years Boys Freshmen Basketball team ended their season with a record of 3 wins and 12 loses. Out- standing players for the team were Kent Lavine, Nlurra Singleton, John Shaffer. All three players are guards. Coach Zamboni took the team this year with the assis- tance of Bill LaCount. Bill is a student at Grand Canyon College and was a former player at Browne The team started the season fairly strong but lost several players to the J.V. team. Coach Zamboni says, "Although we were losing we did improve." They ended the season with a victory over Central 7O-69. Central had the best record in the league. Team members include: Pat Concidine, Ron Green. Anthony Johnson, Kent LaVine, Robert Moreno, Vince Moreno, Greg Nledrano, David Rourisk, John Shaffer. lVlurra Singleton. Mike Walton, and Greg Soto. f lu..- '1- 1 --"2 1 "Ni tl , 1 ffl . I . ,Qhv 'i"' fw'-""' 'C' 5, , , 1 .An S' - ggflvlvi' f ' - fr "T, f' '5 dxf" ' , ,J-M 'W'-ax Girls Varsity Basketball An interview with the coachi Q: Mr. Cheney why did you decide to take girls basketball this year? A: l wanted to develop my own basketball program. Q: Hovv does girls basketball differ from boys? A: Boys are quicker, jump better, but girls don't form as many bad habits, and are eager to learn. Q: How does the team look so far? A: Strong offense, but still a lot of work to be done on de- fense. Q: Does the team consist mostly of seniors? A: No, 3 Seniors, 4 Juniors, and 3 Sophomores, Q: Do you think there should be co-ed basketball? A: No, because girls haven't been in competition long enough. Q: Do you enjoy this job so far? A: Yes! C"Ask me at the end ofthe season".J We, the Yearbook Staff, wish you and the team the best of luck. Katie Douglas Angela Franklin Coach Cheney Pam Hopper Tracee Mang Pat Ebarb Missy Hickman Donna Bryant Michelle Unruh Monica Prewitt Girls .LV Basketball The J.V. Basketball team is looking forward to an outstanding season. The team will rely on quickness and a wide open offense to off- set their lack of height. Expected to lead the team are Freshmen: Sugar Garcia, Tammy Turner, Carolyn Hamilton, and Teri Lavine. The Sophomore leaders should be Elania Schoonover and Lori Sharp. i in . L l ' N 4, ' -H. ' ' A in A . ., , X, I Q X Xxx , 5' f' Team members include: Carolyn Hamilton, Jana Auerback, Lori Sharp. Coach Irvine, Elania Achoonover, Shawn Gates, Becca Dierks, Anita Villaponda, Sugar Garcia. Marlene Braswell, Kathy Mueller, Dora Lopez, Michelle Holloman, Teri Mang, Cindy Herzner, Tammy Turner, Heidi Unruh. of ht? Sv Q. Barrett speaks - team listens 3256 5 J -'gym E 'rv' 5: A4 4 od-:sav:.'.:. , M ' ' ' . Q. -M I f.. . Wg-,. r... K K Top Row: Scott Stoner. Chris Scheiffels, Phillip Baldwin, James Leedy, Mr. Barrett. Bottom Row: David Sayre, Richard Unterseh. Shawn Penn. George Issac. This year's Boy's Varsity Tennis team was made up of something entirely dif- ferent. It was made up of both Junior Varsity and Varsity. It has just about as many inexperienced players as it had experienced ones. The coach this year was Earl Barrett, star tennis player. The boys intended to have another winning season. especially with a star tennis player coaching the team. .A A 'SRV-P :A lf! E ., K - 1 ' it 'mr r - ' -., . .L . V 57 ,ggggw . .,,,,,-,, ,..W, ., .- , .. me . ,jg NW, . 1 Mas. ,,aeX,k' Q, ,,.W ww fa..- X 1 ff 58 .f.., '41 I : 4 1 A , , -,-mw,:w2"'3' ,Awwgwefzwmwfwwb " .. 1 .www A ......,f-r J! p r-M 1, , . - f ti if ' ii' WZ , P P Qi Q ff .f if If , 2 g, Ak 5 Q1 Ei ,Q :Q ,g rg .R 1 T f 1 K. T f Mr., Mi ,mg -. ,.. ..Y4,....- -,-,4.- -., My an-grit,--I ,gg -.?,,-,fg:V-.?r:iz,..?f- .,,, fn-x -M ,Tw A..,... ..,, iz., 7 .1 ' 1 . . f '1 3 if H 1' A f ll 'Y vf li ' . V' .M,.-4L.. ,., 1 .'.. L' ""'4:'xizfil-.13t.L"'TftiI'TLi'Li1:..fx:::L1::'::1T:i1:'..iTiTLD ,IL Y-f.. ,SLAM .Z , .2 ' t. 1 1 ' '1 'Z V . Q' M , ? w ' - I , Qs A , - , ,.::5533333T+Mf4g?-,-:-::3f-g5ggf- -ig:-g:"' I ,f":'fiT"gi':,..1:::'::g "" '.Z!I'1f' 3 K" IL tiff: f 5 Q 5 Q se V ,J 11 ij ' ' , :1ir.::,::fQt.:Tiiti:ff:g ggi 15:3 I 'lifffv " 'Titri1ri,5g2T.,4:'ff:'::f,it ,L xt? :Z "Hit " I 3: K ' Q . 1, ' s . E5 S, 7 , W I 1 . --"jLi:::f:" gglwrrxtgfg :Il 'mtzitif 1 , :gp ' if 'W 1 H if V , A V ,ll , .Q ,. . Www 4 .4 . om- , 9 .w 13 hs: W , .I ,.., W , ,KN I ,..?A bv f if .Q , x .vzwki f, Wk, + 'ff-.0 X . 1 H s. wwf, -. . , www. , W f., Love isn't enough 532241. 'I MM, 'f'M"" , Q1 K Q . - in 4 '. - W 'Li a ,K gk , i -.., , ,jffazz X 4 I 'fi , :-A 5 fig ' ' f s ' A yy, fkqtkt ' iam 85255 Mx-rad 4,5 A i -:kr 'L yi' 4 5, ' L" 'Hg' 'QZ'i,f.' " 1 F f . Vs ' 'ILQFL ' K gi, r : , , . F' -a -L.. sximfii gl.-1-wi i. hvfei fnfff' Coach Douglas, Venesa Keene, Dawn Archulleta, Debbie Joseph, Sara Howl, Kim Valentine, Jackie lngalky. R uf-, f.,......m....... , 3 -ff MW,,,.,'iK:vs1'ZKW1ii2ww .-----...... 59 Watch Out McEnroe For .LV Tennis Q54 + MWMW -42 J. 'Y' Win ---.Q -... Mary Herra, Manora Bandi. Elenor Bandi M5395 KTvO:3k,X 5 60 Warm Up With A Wrestler if Row 1: Rob LaPreze 145 Stony Wilson 119 Martin Black 112 David Gartner 105 Mark Lindsey 98 Row 2: Dean LaViIIa 155 Joe Campbell 167 E.J. Wilson 126 Mike Benson 132 Joe Davis 138 Bob Hegi 179 'fi 31 main. , Q ... ' 'Tina -ps-. g J iiqit Gary Brisson Adam Tellez Tim Vanover Lauren Beasley Mike Turley Mike Hernandez Eddie Wood Jay Starr yfE'5cw?' Boys Track ,, Q I 'ax L x x .. .f ff 1 5: T 1 In First Row: Robbie Cox, Julius Afful, David Pendergast, Kendall More- land, Laurien Beasley, Gilbert Romo, Chuck Wyatt, Robbie Bates, Tony Dominguez, Toby Campbell, Todd Brown. Second Row: Manny Garcia, Rex Bahm, Brian Hicks, Tom Wilkerson, David Wingo, Dennis CUrfiSi Derek Eberl, Tyler Nielson, Antony Johnson, Bob Hegi, Charles Spra- asus-0, '?'j'.! . ,.k,,ZL gue, Jeff Porter, Lee Draper, Slade Chestnut, Carl Dale. Third Row: John Carpenter, Dray Ground, Dan Risch, Randy Larsen, Art John, Walter Neitor, Robert Weddigen, Coaches: Vito Perrone, Ron, Left Side Coach: Mr. Peterson , s c. ,.., L Q 53 WA-vein-L.. -Y -M -48 'wmlm W: .eq 'ivy ,. , , r , sf Sf.. sm: mm uwian' 9 wwlq Wi' iff'1lm5"'f" if W' M M I -r w"""i'f':" f Q' , S W S ',5vnbi-X . I 1 Q Q0 ,ny mer. 1- -nf a 1 4 , L. ' , A - V, I L -f-fy-M ," B ' .H ' , 9'fi,jfx'! ,V , "" g g ,. ' '- ', V s R Q v 4 1 Qs .Q fail, W ,V L -Q-fe 'vw-122' it -9 Ywvfw .FAN-,,.. 1 L I - L mf - xg, ,A .5 Q . ,,,:5f - fi.V,Z'7T'::Kv'w - -Lf 'LYS A. ..lW'3v5gf W - ' 1i.,ffwZi,.,,2 M K .3 412 More Track X , " S ,i W, wr .' Ai if ,. fm 1-, R N .A W1 U ' M-, ,, .qv- if 'Q J.:-iw. 9 : Girls Track Team Although there was a lack of partici- pation of the girls track team, the mem- bers still expected to have a good sea- son and were enthusiastic. It was a small team with a big heart. Girls track was enlightened by state contenders Wendy Wiley and Juanita Ricks with Loretta Barnett as top sprinter. A new- comer to the team, Laurie Michelson, has a great future in track. All the pos- sibilities point to next year with a AAA Championship a real possiblity. D Row One: Coach White, Peggy Sayer, Lorretta Barnett, Barbara Barnett, Denise Palmula, Wen- dy Wiley, Laurie Michelson. Row Two: Barbara Phelps, Lore Barber, Cynthia Mundall, Susan Pendergast, Juanita Ricks, Brenda Edmuston 66 M ff? swf ' -I ' 'J'-W , T : Ei" , 'RA' H - - My L. gt: , 5Q23 , k .uf fm iq ff? ii- irffz- -JL 'if 45- ' 'Cf . 'L-1 4. fT"V??l5"f:' 4' 6735 A fn- fs. Q 'K' ., I wQ1.Q:w ar X qi A 6 'HA .ff l tl .I .,,. V L1 4' .iii 7. v gi, ' 1 MQ' -f ,+G ii! 'nn 67 Varsity Softball "racks 'em up" The Bruin softballers had a very successful season finishing second in the Christmas Tournament and qualifying for the District playoffs. But this was a building year for Coach Ken Ashley, who used three juniors, four sophomores and a freshman in the starting line-up. For the next three years, Bruin softball should be AWESOME. In fact, Coach Ashley is boldly predicting a state championship inthe near future. Top Row: Coach Ashley, Rene Knowlton, Donna Edens, Pam Hopper, Tracee Mang, Kelly Young. Mellissa Hick- man. Bottom Row: Vada Kasinak, Tammy Bennett. Sheri Vrana, Michelle Uriruh, Angela Marine, Janet Aar- OPI. F'225,, 3 ggi in f , 1, ,kQQIV fu, -'vm ifwfmq 6k,,4F3!'s' mY 6 SOFTBAL x ,...-fJ ,,i..-ff' . f , ,..-nil 2 .V A Real Hit!! As a result of the loss of all freshmen sports in our school district this year the Junior Varsity softball team consist- ed of both freshman and sophomore girls. Competition to make the team was very intense. The squad had a suc- cessful year and proved to be one of the better J.V. teams in the valley. Many of the girls on the team will continue in the program and should be standout play- ers for Trevor Browne's Varsity in the future. Top Row: Mary Cagle, Kim McReynolds, Kim Jer- genson, Karen Halverson, Coach Brown, Elaina Schoonover, Teri Mang, Lisa Walton, Sylvia Ochoa. Bottom Row: Debbie Kral, Heidi Unruh. Tammy Turner, Robin Griffin, Krisy Krusell, Dayna Linne', Evelyn Soto, is 1 . up-un sun li x 'X' . M N .:., l 'sas lui 1 ",...Nw.2 .N M., X .. sw . W., '-If-1 , " Varsity Baseball Prepares For A Winning Season , , S., I ig '95 i ' 'as Q u .,,,Q.l.',A,,,,,,,,,. . , Y -, W g,,4.,,"', 'A " , ffm - Q, . A f' N ' ' 'A ' " gen. my Air 1 . ., ,. --1 Q. f. 4,-A A. wx, ' -' ,. 'L.f:u4 M , fi' 9, , V- ml .. ., 4, ,--,1'x8. fb ,1 Q, Y .. . y, " A., x A -V. VNSWQQ 41.2 ' , r .e' . ' ' '. er Y.. "., aff- vP.v.-- - as ,' ' .1.'.:1' px rn.. in More V Baseball The 1981-82 Varsity Baseball team had seven returning lettermen, Scott Dluhy, Dean Lavilla, Eddie Trujillo, Micky Marine, Ed Schrader, Joey Rob- inson, and Dave Spahr. New Head Coach, Steve Massengill was impressed defensively with a sound infield and re- turning outfield. Massengill was also im- pressed with the hitting and overall speed of this years varsity team. He also felt his pitching staff: Donnie Brees, Dave Spahr, Harvey Villineva, Jim Burgett, Tim Docken, George Si- fuentes, and Jaime Meek would be a key in winning a Divisional title. Round- ing out the starters were Kurt Rogers and Tom Degurski. tt M' Jan '59,-,-,ai 1M y g AL , ., , In Action , , f ffl. Row 1: Eddie Trujillo, Dean Lavilla, John Patterson, Joey Robinson, Scott Dluhy, Tim Docken, Scott Lavine. Row 2: Coach Massengill, Micky Marine, Tom Degurski, Robbie Joyner, Acey Martin, Ed Schrader, Kurt Rogers. Row 3: Jamie Meek, Donnie Brees, Harvey Villanveva, Jim Burgett, Tim Wedel, Dave Spahr, Judd Jenson, Mike Thraen, George Sifuentes. .V Baseball A . S .f- .- vn u , -. ' - K -1 2 ,gf , , 'rivals A2 W ,wyvfr 'T , fa' .. ,,, g Wea, - N51 Q " - ,,l,w,-V .-1 . . , .rf,'? V '+ we V. Q L, ln if it if K ,Si gh Wa rug, 35,51 4g,,., V .- "n"- -A 1-ff' , 5,524 ' 14- v? Nw Vi ff" ' ,.v A , . 4 .. ,,-, A . r , . A - ' ' .'. A ,P SH ' ' i qs, '1 ff' ' jj." Y' ' C. . Q If A Mx' f, , , 5 ' ,Lf .,, '1v-is ,p.?':H:f 17 Hide Q71 ff!" Q' ul " r'fr.'-fgs? ' if f' -Wi - 'Q 1 - '-' f'a,:,af, fs tri- , .mb i v .c- -, 4 P - - - W ya .. 'K 'H 1 - ' -. ' X- ' - '11 4 ll J 'f E, 9 1 4. . ' ,fir-' . ' .4 f- .V i . ! .4 " ' ' ' .A .J .. - 'L' 2 V . V ,. H 1 ,gg '- ' M ,L ,mu I v My . ii ' 'Til "VI r . i C R f' 4' I A " " .aw ,. " ' ' - f - 4'-r T i , fe H 1 , ' W . , , l , ,EE C I y , 5 3 , , wif '- ' l ,Ar A ' ,Z , 1 W ..-f A X, W i 1 r -l ,, 1 F .ig 'T V W1 F4 , ' ' V K 4 1 , I 'L 'C .grin 15.,x A , F , Z A X , ' A Y, E f 5 , . Tlx. f K 1 X , l -Ev!! mg: V 5 XA A 3? ' W f ' ig A , ', - 'W f y f I Q ' A f :fa 1 5 , - y, ' 'Y A l S f - I , fe- 4. 'lf 'f ' ' ' T ' ,wg Q 5 3 if fl A R f . if - R 1 ' A llvl ' x' gui 7, F Q ,L ' ' in V VL I I a .va in J i l f' O. m T Xi- l!'f",3i? g X 'F' f I' f . 4' ww W", A , . J - K m'.f75fww fi wifi?-.': .Q wx' shiiligifiii'il,M+.'?W:645:3i5+fe3?,"-H 1-'29i3X'fh1i"L'3. Qi 5' "1 Q 'M W,X' ,dis-' A- ,,,mf.,, J, ., al?'71.f,.q:.-rL'Z+iaiWaaf , 4 . a- if FRONT ROW: Doug Cluff, Gabe Medrano, Ty Baxter, Todd Hopper, Mark Porter, Eddie Sprague, Billy Clark. SECOND ROW: Coach Lemon, Hector Gonzales. Robert Halley, Joe Bushong, Dan Shockey, Mark Tressler, Ronny Gentile, Mile Kuhlin. f .4 fi 1 ..-.....,.. U Jw- . a:u v., A i Q2 fl. ,hm , K.-A, wulgs' 1-fa.. ,A-14, Nr ' '9MY?i,'P,7'1 wwf aw . will ,lfjjw - E.: :Minn mn ' 311492 1 4.11 3 J' f uf", .--'iw T J 3 1: u as A-A ..Wa-.. .4 5 of 3 . ., "f - 4- dvi. r':.PS.a-uw we. -1. . - .V 1-- a':'2Li,?q3g,.13iQ.'5jimxg.',3?- ,, 4. , , . H, . Q, Q 'S :ij ' .2 " TQATJ' T - , .. ff -lj' v rr 'xgv-sbfhmflvrzf Q . 'KH 2' xg '- -2.32-' ,ffm C 'f"""",:f 1F :L'f1w1' f 7.5512 L K fa f ggi:-o:fff:'f'+ 1?-r g' 'fl A ' K I iw. A -L-W, 4 ki: W. . wi fm., --'Ref' ' "' i'-,, bfi " N' - .- -rf' P, if .s. LPi:rf?4 or ' ,,,, , , LAM 5- yt... i ,gm .,-, M142 K K V mg., YA ALS O I ,-, W 3-aawwvz -- W -ffl. . , f ' -V, 4, ,J ,pf ,, .., .mga , ,is-Q sissy qehtfwff, ' '-: - R A . M- -:ff-iw yi , .1-L . 'aww T-"H -Y an -jfgsrag,-' iff- Asa N ' 'rf V 'xii yr '35 311533 -35, fuer :viva V. MLW, MQ. .V - . ., :,.f.iZ , i'j?vfi?7f'- wif ,ef ,T 2 4, ,H+ 44-1 'f .f b,,:',,-,,.r' f . f, ,Q gpwfi-W M . 1:35 1:-2 ' , fg"'f4'1' ff-ffl'--45-il 4? 4, ., " -. J, , fl 4' A "T5,"1.f., . . , aggy,-+'w'fj'L 131. if gee If ,. A, , , y . ,,,,. A zl..,w' new - ., 'Wx' ' . A r " H7 CW i"Tiw.Y'Lf-:"Ff?"A f' ri 1?'g,.'1NfwQi.wq g:,5Ls3!h5"'3"r? .. -- ,,, J M KC, we , , A '-Q Y'f':-'54, K,-' si f 1 if 35. , H ers. mai-ws'-ffl:-'555 Jaycf, .gov -, 'wp 49? . A -' A '. ,f ""':'f, '- a+.-fffa .M N - fl V, ,mf 'f"PsAy-v-"1-V, ., --1 A ',-5 jf? X' .,'-?- ,gf an - ., af T my f , .RM ., ,, 5: -R -u T' -v fr: We X Aa: W' Ki! 'ta' .wif-,x,Q, ffm- W 1 in ff- Qgwylg f ,,,, 0, HY" 4..- .u.1 T 1 2: if ,. 'O in FROSH BASEBALL t 4k t J -fa -5161 4 ,V ,br David Rolloe, Frank Marin, Brett Elder, Jeff Amerall, Kent Lavine, David Burr. Tom Long, Tommy Domen quiz, Steve Stone, Robert Flenner, Steve Candle, Jesse Sausedogre Soto, Don Cooper, Mike Madrono, Richard Fedirico. Kevin Collins, Coach Maiernee. "': lmeaaawa-slu..4. lil-' . 4 X , vu.. Y W t Q 'Lf' 'L' , t .-Ji,-Qew1. ' . K 'S3'iWLi , , L W .V wal- v,,,,, 515.74 ,, , ff ai ff ,,,.,. .A 7.1, A he 'WY X ' T' A 4.1, 1,t'm I- A, N. V M' A , Y 'lui' J , er as a - .,.pt1gwi'M '-fmgbif , -as 4' ' K ,c-,':-"-A-'-1-ef V L 1- imirvvimsesw W' t ' . ' wr-2:3'1i'w i elif. ,ff ,,, ' QQ-5, 'W' :iii '?lgi2v,T 1.1 ,J-25' .V J. ,kwin i f? Q V kr . Tx- .35 e w 4. :iiPQ.?.if'lf -wi , 1- Writ . I i fvflf. F' avi f fy . S -PM 'M ,v , gt we --1, q M.- ?fa"4?f T ' 'tw " ,522-155,-9 , A i 1 ,ff i" Q7f?"i". gag' 3..i.,5m-gg'4'ff'l'ff2f,J.,g,T.1' 4 it ' it . ' Ufft. W 2, sw- ' - , V iw , 1. ' 't'5?0- A '. , R " io " - ,,,. , ff -..Q..E? Z gh Al' A L M-4, ,Q,3,'t3Qi rig" vi.- -0"'V"'0!"?u ,Snwr ,npcs- Niw, ,. ,rm W ey'- Q an we I QSOJSYFD S 23 Q OSS? Nyggiyyw yy? sw we Q QW sf QR -fi .74 929 wcg I N X 5 '7" .. ,A , . Q3 Y E Y L, C Lim Book Work is Exhaustmg!! lk 155,115 f The yearbook class found out why work is a four letter word this year as many brought themselves to the brink of nervous breakdowns and ulcers. Cre- ating a book of memories out of the mass of photographs, words, and lines on layout pages, this dedicated group spent many nights wondering it it was all worth it. It Was, but barely. Jamie Bailey, Susan Barber, Kenneth Delaney, Cori Gilsdorf, Mary Hammer, Cindi Hinkhouse, Kallie Hinson, Nli- chelle Hollmann, Pamela Hopper, Ste- ven Katz, Wendy Kemling, Brenda Klahn QEditorb, Randall Large, Kristi Menzler, John Porter, Lee Rohrman, Debbie Schoonover, Robert Sertich, Jeri Stearman, Angela Steele, Susie Strough, Kathie Turner, Kelly West, Cherene Williams, Shereen Welter. Y gi ' Y' 1751 1. K' 1 Di i I q"""""'4 .lawma- K 'C r . Ss 0 ,N if MX Ni.. - , L'1'm'+- . .s . 76 V U. sf' X Bear Facts tells all about us. ear Facts ,- Bear ltr- lillfacts 93 T' FEI C t i"""",' ' ' ,,..,g.,,i' S v i me in issue: mm. c eww Vxiqivsemmi ounemtwf ismasi Edltor Debble Sollmena Assistant Editors Don Hobbs 4- -- 1 Flobiri McKinley Y ' ' ' - ' U0t'k0t1. havvlu Hmmm-tl Business manager Dawn Walker . ' ' H If ' We are very good SPOHS EGIYOV Chaflli SDVBQUG ' Q1 .gg:'2f1wW' 1 I l , ,,,..- , ,en . , ,W and we proved Sports Writers Ed Morrish L A ' " 'W I E H d ' Q Wggtpiw., we are. ' l me ema ez - tr M 4 MW ' A mi W VMI Reporters James Caron s t I :tm -Coach Bill Mitten Lime Hendricks f'f' is - r l ' , Allen surber ' V Ji Artist Lance Hendricks Y his V, K Y l 5 Circulation James Caron ' A A ,' A W X 2 Layout Allen Surber A Rl 'M 45 gt g t" Photographer SootOglesby V N t Q ' ' Adviser Arline Ftanck 4 'V , W Publisher Doris Moten 7402 West Catalina, Phoenif, Arizona 85033 ' This is an ollicial Trevor Browne publication l i A L x 15 W 1 Q. ear fl3sFacts vsiumu in issos s mmf G ammo mgri sown: i..i-im, :ft tear Students Scramble To Beat College Deadline v he f. A ,A 3 FM? F015 i r Y fu. W -v 1 ,, As p lt 4 - sr ,rt jg, .:,i,mt'm. 4 . ,7'1" .Q ' . E , C AX ,X , , .. 0 es c favvz 77 D.E.C.A. Strives For Success ln Business The purpose of Trevor Browne's D.E.C.A. CDistributive Education Clubs of Americaj club is to teach seniors and juniors skills in the marketing, manage- ment, and distribution areas. Junior members apply these skills in their work in the Cubby Hole. Seniors are placed in jobs with firms in the commu- nity for which they earn pay and credit towards graduation. The club members also participated in many fund-raising activities. These activities included holding their fourth annual Muscular Dystrophy Dance Mar- athon and a slave sale in which they collected cans and money for the St. Mary's Food Bank. This year D.E.C.A. members even found time to build the first place homecoming float. D.E.C.A. officers for this year were: president, Sandi Maynardg vice presi- dent, David Moreno: secretary, Debbie Fisherg treasurer, Sandy Rouseg and historian, Jodi Rawlings. " x ez ...Me v , .. ' l 'TF' I list L l i Row one: Tonetta Tevis, Kimberly Jordan, Julia Artiaga, Karen Spurlock, Brian Dockell, Barbara Dittmar, Mrs. Hocken, David Moreno, Cary Cash, Roy Tischler, John James, Lisa Zulli, Sherri Middleton, and Debbie Fisher. Row 78 W two: Annette Nicol, Sandy Maynard, Julie Fifer, Lisa Nevers, James Marx, Erik Cline, Gilbert Romo, and Joe Pizzuto. Not shown: Leonard McCrory, William Poole, and Christine Rice. ow one: Cathy Sirakis, Bill Witzigman, Jodi Rawlings, Sheri nandez, Sandy Rouse, Michelle Owen, Yvonne Kudray, Eliz- ,rana, Helen Bennett, Loren Fincher, and Ed Trujillo. Row abeth Reyes, Brian Keith, Tracy Bolt, and Barry Moore. Not wo: Mrs. Garcia, Maria Flores, Cheryl Suttill, Rachelle Her- shown: Frank Cash, Jana Johnson, and Robin Rutkowski. one: Martha Gutierrez, Milli Gross, Olga Rodriguez, Stegal, Tammy Robinson, and Bonnie Shoemaker. Row Emigh, Christine Davis, and Lisa Frydrych. Row two: three: Scott Cavalet, Craig Robinson, John Tannenbaum, Hocken, Troy Blake, Coit Burner, Scott Dluhy, Connie and Dan Kemling, Not shown: Steve Hegi. Cheers 81-82 iff. ' r -L Bottom Row: Susan Pendergast, Mary Herrera, Debbie Vezie, Patty Begley, Top row: Jamie Bailey Ccaptainb, Debbie Solimena, Dora Lopez, Sabrina Gonzales. This year's cheer lines made an out- standing effort to bringthe crowds to their feet. After spending one week at cheer camp, the girls, both varsity and J.V. start- ed the year off right by performing skits and cheers at assemblies, They showed spirit by dressing up in brown 81 orange on Fridays, and lead the school in cheer at football and basketball games. With their cheers they carried the Bruins to many victories. By showing outstanding effort at cheer camp, they brought home the Spirit Stick, which is now in our trophy case. This year has been a fantastic year and the girls have had great fun cheering our Bruins on to VICTORY! .ll Cheer "OH YEAH" We're as bad as they come, OH YEAH We're two to no one, OH YEAH We've got strength, OH YEAH And speed, OH YEAH We're the best in the league, OH YEAH Kari Gentry, Carol Bahm, Sharon Bolding, Kim Peterson. , I f -W F fi-K f ' 'i -V lv' "Y" - '5A+ ., JN Wh' Q .:J"' . 1. ,A ., .,,..w, ,. . . S... K . -.. .Ai ., .... -. M .2 , .Vg Y ,YM V. X h"4 wg ' fi5'fBj!'gr',- x, x ' . 42.5.7 . fi 5 ' s, 1' X k iw. 'S -4: ?f7iT--jx W, " " , ' ,..:.A --Qf..Q.A,, z ! L i"" ' 5 1 , A ---s--Nag y' Y. ,, " 5 , 'T-A55 : . - H Nr v. . ,Q , U . , 5 I 6 4 , a, -4. . '-' -- -- ,,., ,Q ' ' -' . xl -we 4'-av -w,x...- -f. , .K "xv 5 1 . ' " ' J ..qtYl.. , A . 5 ' .7955 E.. ax' 4 A Evm - Q KL fx' ' f AAf. 5 K' +1 1. , ,. f , K A :SJ in 4 . f -Y: Tj-I ! -kfii, 17 sf . L ' wifi T' r-""""" V Q ,A K ' F .i f l ' AMW M75 ff!! ' Xi ' . 'Qu ' 7 R.- J 2 z - K 1 453' ,, , , , N EJB Zu... few , 'TQ in 1 SPEQSA. 'Niff-M"""" I if aff? 1' I .ff -'r -iw' A J. Sf X 5 .gn 5-6-7-8 Here Come the Poms! -Q' ': 7"-A Qiiaw x Q. 'S 1 .. . v ' . ft, a v ' I "4 ' 'A' ,nf ,. ,-ug, . 3 Wi, vb r. t . , vfvg- Y'.,u1p ' W- - ' .s..,.-Q-Q--'15 - ,i,, -il i's,.v,' 'hy".k1, -. ,wh t-. - , Q- - . 1--, '- -fa, 1 we-me .- ' I 4.1: :mv-.i -. 2"-in W '- . ,. '-. .. , ' -fr ' , r"'?f"'ia'-ifl.".r r'-1 .4- .. -M '. '- 3" Debbie Savela CCaptainD, Sharon Swingler, Mellissa Maughan, Sherry Rivera, Susan Craytor QCo-Captainb, Danell Gallardo. Heidi Rommeswin- kel, Lori Meek, Tammy Turtchin, Carla Cicogni. not pictured Angie Steele. The Poms went to N.A.U. for a summer pom clinic where they had a great time and learned important skills. They learned a total of seven different dances in only four days. They were taught different types of spirit raisers and routines appropriate for the many different events of Trevor G. Browne. The week was very strenuous, but it helped 3 unite them. The girls realized that every min- kg ute of this year was worth their time, be- cause ot the fun. The experience, and the service to their school. A .t f fi T .. A J-owl! fa f 41: iv'-Y 5" 1-jvrffvff :mega X1 4. 1 731' . LQ www gi, -in f H -'lf' 2 ' ff ,ii-if ' Y.-T L, 'lfil' H elif . , is fl, K i ' 1. V3 ,My . gl , , f ,Z N, . ' ' 2 Y V-i""i ,Iii 4, fi- h Lf ' 1-K 1 ,f f in A gi ' ' 5 :QQ ff -5, "f iff f -. fn, x . ., . ' , .1-Lu A 4'5'fiZ'.l1t.Hj-. u ' 4 . f,, 'K: 'ik , V f .nf l 4,d5Ii. ' V x ' A 3, A -yi rl J 1, lr . sigh. . X u asf?-'YA IX 1 A New Look And A Bigger Sound 5 gg --, , - f- ' ',f'x ' .W 1 X . I 9,3 ' ,, 1 5. : Q f' wk : N. , W 5 Y x 'x,f,v1-N- x EQ R fiff ' .alv,.',- , 1 'ff wi " .af - gl x 5 . 1 f , 5' 1 i H iw , 4. f -n.35-PA if A: U, , y - .nu mr f ,gamer b. g........., '1Qg.:....u N, ,,, gs' I V X 'X .i' .':U5,.,k Q .. ,h , , , " L E '.fTfQii !f1 fggn X , vii, 'T j ,' Y X N ' 'Y v W " f 'f f"f A M ,.-f, , . ,,,i.?, , cf 'S Ashlock, Danny Ackerman, Jean Barger, Kari Betts, Jeff Cavalet, Scott Chick, Billy Clement, John Croft, Sharon Conner, Beth Daniels, Rochelle Dykdtra, Kathy Esh, Cindy Esh, Denise Ericksen, Karrie Feick, Pat Feick, Tammy Fisher, Debbie Fritz, Valerie Gross, Steve Ground, Drey Gustafson, Kim Gutierrez, Martha Hart, Gray Heuer, Debbie Holland, Lisa Inman, Charles Jennings, Eugene Jiran, Keith Johnson, Lisa Keith, Dennis Kight, Pam Littler, Kenneth Masch, Doug McKinley, Richard Morfit, Wendi Morris, Brook Olson, Mike Ortega, Frank Peterson, Kimm Phelps, Barbra Pirkey, Chris Pittman, Wesley Podgorski, Tron Porter, Jeff Roberts, Denver Roberts, Ed Roush, William W 'G'-'N'-AOCR , Rosas, Carlos ng Q- Rouillard, Angeli ue . Ryan, Durant E Samuelson, Devinae .315 u Shugars, Jennifer U-o.k vvx gm Smith, Becky Smith, Bettina Mel dLCC1..-fxd Smith, Sherrydfb-vQj NV-R Soto, Teresa E :lkstaiter Debbie Stringham, Janelb O'vNQ 9' I! I Tanner, Daina Q-wx Tuttle Esther viiiegas, Ruth LS-:N--19 . Vinas, Greg Weiss, Marie Walther, Curtis Wiley, Wendy Williams, Kim Woodley, Debbie Yates, David Muterspaugh, Wendy um-Q, Dm gl V -i 5'11'4ffa' . w li, ln ,a Q 1 1 ik ,..,-Y- - 4 ff' NI 'no mix .LF?.0.7fC. AT EASE The 7th Battalion JROTC is under the supervision of SFC King. Sgt. King and his assistant, SGT Nliedowicz, train and supervise the cadets into becoming future leaders. This bat- talion is under the command of cfmajor David Mohler. This year the JROTC had 110 cadets. The rifle team, consisting of 5 members, placed second in a Brigade Rifle match at South Mountain. The Drill Team prepared for state-wide competi- tion in which they will defend their positions as the number one team in the state. The Rangers are a group which prides itself in physical fitness. This year the Rangers are involved in repelling and orienteering exercises at Papago Park. The orienteering team took first place out of 21 teams. ..-I w, Na., i 'f V YVXNSYX JR :ag , f Q fs' m' is fifmf is g. f tis X L - 1. - KW. "' Q, .g,,,,-.....i..A ' . ,i . , A W 'T lk' m A , v it f x A Y 'J V. Q 1 A X... 5 Nxxkx, .Wi -Wi 50. mg , 574, kiwi '1 .:," 'F Q 'f Tx 'V .A vw -. ,X xi XA. x Q r 6 QJQSOIX r 5 t N LD,3N?wgQfl1'?Q ggxoxcglxb Q vga VXOJ XYO A X 5 A ' tat f JHA H JH at ,gf mb A A X We SCX xjxoxbx OX kr h L Q, Ut Q P XXOX V Tr ' ' ' Q XG 'wr P Dix 50 X VX Q5 Qi 5-fx O X e . vp W . f Nab X0 O 1 pw X , ,O I 5 ft 50 wxxmx X ft? GK OX Ch 56 'JX O A x Q1 BM LQQJAQ XQKJQCJVJX CX XX 20 XXOQ RLL QQ, LX? 3 X Q UC ,ZA D Zr X O OO MRO Q Q00 5 9 XLIL 6 M N fx, ' l LQ! xx X Zy 0 'Z ,Ox xt L, , X! ,W Q X x X10 NNW Vi of QQOOXXQQX V 60 6766 Wg Dixie? xii Q 60 Q5 xx kfA..' SAN Y' f f L be Standing: Bnan Hearn, Robert Brown. Row 2: Richard Mc- muelson, Frank Ortega, Gary Hart, Jeff Betts, Greg Vinas. Kinley, Victor Dominquez, Curtis Watter. Row 1: Devin Sa- fp N, We 're something new. Following the football season, the band turns from pop music to serious concert music. Concert band takes most of their effort and most of the year, but is the least heard, This year's concert band was the best yet in TGB's history! Y., ,451 ,,,n W.:-Ms...-,Q x -1 I 5 nv - , THIRD ROW: Cornwell Ponath, Bay Tallgnt, Mike Royal, Rob- lene Wyatt, Tracie Augler, Peggy Sayre, Millie Chamberlin. ert Flener, James Fuller. SECOND ROW: Mike Ross, Melissa NOT SHOWN: Steven Bailey, Heather Barker, Michelle Atkinson, Melanie Nevins, Felicia Pollard, Wendy Muter- O'Brian. spaugh. FIRST ROW: Debbie Heuen, Dresden Ground, Gay- ' x i We , were sf . , wif ywggjger Get sew We play for perfection Trevor Browne Concert Orchestra is quickly becom- ing the largest orchestra in any Phoenix school, we proudly claim the future is NOW! The group has played a tremendous variety of music at many different places, including a historic serenading ofthe "Burros" at the Grand Canyon. f. .1 - frtfgyttl N J FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Naomi Frazier, Terese Reyn- Joseph, Wanda Downing, Cheryl Joseph. STANDING: Eliza- olds, Kristen Cherry, Tim Maguire. SECOND ROWS Susan beth Conner, Randy Cook. Robert Marshall, Cdirectorj Brad Barrett, Chris Prickett, Annie Binkley. THIRD ROW: Debra Higgins, Sherry Smith. CHOIR: Keep Them Singing Standards of Excellence! The Treavor Browne choir always ready to sing beautifully in various styles and places, always improving reaching for that elusive goal of perfection and enjoying the stretch it requires. 9 . Gary Jones, Barbara Kessel, Lori Kimbrough, Diana L'ltalien, Kevin TOP ROW: Chandra Huddleston, Tammy Vrana, Delberta Winter, Mr - McGinnis, Terry Merrifield, Terese Reynolds, Ron Ryan, Edith Euberjahn, Marshal. BOTTOM ROW: Meg Merrifield, Debbie Cushing, Tammy Bate man. NOT PICTURED: Julie Bateman, Margaret Brooks, Billy Chick, Kim- Robert Wahl. mie Cowell, Cynthia Esh, Wendy Floyd, Cruzita Gutierrez, Brad Higgins, HERO is s senior co-educational elective which includes one period of related classroom instruction and a minimum weekly average of 15 hours of on-the-job training. Stu- dents receive for the year, 3 units of credit as well as the prevailing wage paid by the employer. Arizona HERO has 45 chapters of students across the state. Over 1,000 students are enrolled in the occuational and leadership training program for Arizona's future. 94 HERO xw, , Front Row: Robin lmoe. Karen Nugent, Jacque Havener, Second Row: Jeanie Bevington, Lisa Steinhoff, Julie Redmon, Adaline Provencio, Tracy Havener, Michele Goods, Sarah Howell. Third Row: Becky Jewel, Donna Kelley, Richard Martinez, Susan Ortega, Lisa Briegel, Becky Krisell. Susie Warman. Fourth Row: Betty Bradford Qfloordinatorj, Mike Meek, Phil Dechaine, Julie Geske, Ludry Ebarb, Lynn Schilling, Robert Mills. iff M t mfs, '53 Front Row: Gerry Yocum, Sheila Bailey, Diane Hanson, Debbie Taylor. Second Row: Elenor West CCoordinatorJ, Zelean Peniston, Jerrie Robertson, Sandy McGinty, Annette Hernandez, John Bell, Robert Shaffer, Bobby Ochoa, Ron Ertel. Third Row: Jim Burgett, Marie McKenna, D.J. Holiday, Stepphanie Brown, Dan Griffith, Maria Adams, Debbie Barrett, Nancy Brown. Fourth Row: Todd Pippin, David Woodruff, Jim Lapinski, HUMANITIES CLUB Front Row: Phillip Baldwin, Charlotte Hale, Mr. Hanley, Becky Hyde, Chandra Huddlestun, Cynthia Marx, Cindi Hinkhouse, Tricia Wilson, Sherry Bailey, Traci Hawkins, An- nette Nichols, David Padilla. Second Row: Ron Litchfield, Randy Large, April Bond, Frank Fuentes, Mike Rock, Brett Whitney, Chris Schreifels, D an Q 3 4 I The Humanities Club is dedicated to preserving the youth of America's appreciation of the Arts. The class traces art from before the birth of Christ to the present. The club also reads great works like those of Shakespeare and Henry Blake. We pretend to do it better. lui' FRONT ROW: Suzanne Millard, Monique Berry, Roseann Mc- Walters, Laura Christian, Monica Olivas, Suzanne Williams, Coy, Michael Wallus, Theresa Carolan. SECOND ROW: Brian Pamela Greene. FOURTH ROW: Paula Powdexter, Jamie Love, Tina Kemarly, Eric Fuller, Margaret Matlby, Felicia Fuller, Ron Litchfield, Mrs. Dmon, Traci Dubo, Terri Marri- McGinty, Cynthia Beversdorf, Patty Ray, THIRD ROW: Cathy field. A Thespian, meaning actor, is one out of many people here at school and elsewhere who enjoy per- forming for an audience. The drama club here at Trevor Browne puts forth three to four plays every year. They put in extra time after school having re- hearsals, making props and costumes, raising money and other club activities. The club is sponsored by Theresa Carolan and Vickie Dinon. X 5 ' T 1 W7 gif X97 l as li T X . My F7 K? ef aj L7 W i ,Q CQ Cl COE COE is a program used to provide students with paid job exper- ience in the secretarial field. Students apply and are chosen at the end of their junior year to enter the program. Their training during the senior year consists ofthe COE class where they get further secretarial background and a job placement in the business com- munity. This gives the students three hours of credit C1 for class, 2 for workb. As a part ofthe total program these students also make up the COE club whose main functions are to raise funds for the end-of-the -year banquet to honor their employers, perform com- munity service, and have fun. Some examples ofthe many activi- ties include a volleyball tournament against Maryvale's COE and a three day trip to California. 'Lira N FRONT ROW: Jackie Hill, Christine Guptill, Kim Alvarez, Lisa Stillwell, Cyn- Settineri Tina Canfield Chris Taylor Mary Jane Ryan Bambi Hollander thia Beverstorf. SECOND ROW: Diane Thompson, Beth Rogers, Sharon Mrs Buhl Sweeten, Debbie Harnish, Renee Russell. Kim Dodge. BACK ROW: Phil Interact on the go. I . K' 45' ., V x an JV ' v ti., T, 2 -,,,-, Q5 RJ The Interact Club, a community service club, has been very effective and a hard working club this year. The club supports the school in many activities and in many com- munity projects. Some of the community projects include the "Erase the Disgrace" program along with Interact Annual Blood drive. This year's turned out to be the most successful blood drive in the schooI's history. Interact is an "On the go club". 98 President: Chandra Huddlestun Vice-Pres: Margaret Brooks Treasurer: Christopher Schreifels Corres. Sec: Jo Chaplin Historian: Sheri Vrana Row 1, Sheri Vrana, Birdie Stevens, Chandra Huddlestun, Jo Chaplin, Christopher Schreifels, Margaret Brooks, Tammy Vrana. Row 2, Chris Taylor, Dawnell Jerome, Tina Crawford, Angela Cousins, Bar- bara Phelps, Deborah Stalter, Bryan Johnson, Sandra Lavery, Lisa Foley. Row 3, Chris Pirkey, Rex Bahm, Terry Merrifield, Fred Hamp- ton, Frank Fuentes, Rex Browning, Ed Reilley, Robert Weddigen, Phil- ip Baldwin. Student Government Does lt All TAKE A GUESS AT YOUR STUDENT GOVERNMENT Tammy Bendo Carla Cicogni Velvet Piper Donne Goff Janna Auerbach Joy Johnson Michelle French Sandy Smith Kim Riple Rex Bahm Chris Taylor Debbie Vezie Susan Zamboni Mr. Thompson Bob He-gi Jeff Solemena Debbie Solimena Robin Griffin Robin McKinley Debbie Savela Robert Weddigen Beverly Arellanes Kathy La Count Bonnie Auerbach Michelle Mason sjft lh i Set em up and we'll knock em down Phillip Script Danny Kohanik Jean Ackerman Tammy Vrana Christi Hedstrom Becky Smith Kelly West Sandi Kellner Michelle Gammon Lori Fredncks Karen O'ConneIl Diane Martinico Kimberely Gustafson Debbie Conners Mrs. Merrell Robbie Turner Renee Doerfler Margaret Brooks Kelly Aubrie Tammy Vrana Mr. Robinson 100 Wi it . N , ,4 I i i l 3 , Bowling is a popular club at Browne High. Competition has improved scores and made for a great time for all members. Competition with other schools is a possibility for the future with the club attaining full AIA team status. Feature Homemakers of America ffl. 4631 X1 Yuonne O'Perina, Manora Bandi, Kelly Waogh, Pat White, Lori Kimbrough, Kerrie Smith, Ida Lebron, Shirley Solanki,Eler1dor Bandi, Mrs. Mathews, Mrs. Descatte. 101 The winners tell jokes and the losers say "move darnlt move"' This years Chess team did an outstanding job, they placed 4th in the Tempe Tournament and were District II Co-Champs. David Johnson was awarded the best of board 2 and the best of board 3 went to Craig Robert- son. In the District II Qualifying Tournament Craig Rob- ertson got the best of Board 3 and Shaun O'Leary won the best of board 4. The season consisted of 16 team duals played as 15 Double Quadrangles and 1 Dual Meet. The team partici- pated in such meets as: Dual Individuals Invitational Tournament, One Team Individual Tournament, Dist. ll Teams Qualifying and Individual Tournament, State Team and Individual Tournaments VARSITY David Johnson David Mabb John Nehrbass Shawn O'Leary Craig Robinson Danny Tejada J.V. Joe Bednarczyk Erik Citizen Warren Harris Rick Mascia Keith Parlsinson Ted Smith Drew Towns Robert Weddigen Deborah Woodley Directors: Theresa Carolan Vicki Dinon Tournaments: Oct. 10. Nov. 14 Dec, 12 Feb. 22 Mar. 20 Apr, 24, 1981 1981 1981 1982 1982 1982 Participation: Lori Bentley Monique Berry Cynthia Beversdorf Teresa Bratcher Christina Brower Laura Christian Ayesha El Shabazz Tina Kemarly Felicia McGinty Kasaundra Marshall Speech Club Paula Poindexter Kim Riple Cherene Williams Suzanne Williams At the Oct. 3 tournament the following girls placed in semi-finals: Christina Brower Laura Christian Lori Bentley Ayesha El Shabazz At the Nov. 14 Tournament the follow- ing girls placed: Laura Christian placed Third in drama Cynthia Beversdorf made Honorary mention Lori Bentley made Honorary mention ,.-.W gy Felicia McGinty made Honorary mention Chris Brower made Honorable mention Tina Kemarly made Honorable mention At the Dec. 12 Tournament the follow- ing girls placed in semi-finals: Laura Christian Lori Bentley Kasaundra Marshall Felicia Laura Christian Lori Bentley Kasaundra Marshall Felicia McGinty Kasaundra Marshall received 4th place for oratory. .xy 1 Front Row: Laura Christian, Felicia McGinty, Tina Kemarly, Poindexter, Lori Bentley, Monique Berry. Kim. Riple. 5931 Kasaundra Marshall, Cynthia Beversdorf, Suzanne Wil- ed: Theresa Carolan. Not Shown: Cherene Williams Iiams, Ms. Vicky Dinon. Back Row: Teresa Bratcher, Paula Dance ... A Step Ahead 59 ' w 9' 3.4, . 104 1' if Row one: Linda Dick, Lori Loudon, Wendy McCarthy, Deb- Lindsey, Angie Steele, and Chris Wright. Row three: Anita bie Savela, Debbie Vezie, and Lisa Valentine. Row two: Tere- Coome, Debbie Fisher, Jenilyn Henry, Cynthia Marx, Mrs. sa Bennett, Patti Perkins, Chris Rice, Sarah Howell, Sherry Altemus, Jaime Fuller, Susan Ortega, and Cynthia Staples. ,sf M. ..,L...L ...f f"s'ff if rv '?.' Lsifirf ' . ,,., 3- 1 ,M Q. , 9 Q Hilfe'-fri.. IQ!!! X, S F' I av 5 5?w1'5 cs" I- st' ' . I 82's FIRST SINCE 75... BULL RIDING Billy Chick Tad David Scott Schroder Tim Fuller Greg Gunsch BRONC RIDING Wayne Tolliver Billy Chick Darin Mahoney BARREL RACING Roxann Bulmahn CLOWNS Barbra Moltz Wendy Tolliver BREAKAWAY Kelly Bryson TEAM ROPING Kelly Bryson Kevin Redstrom MECHANICAL BULL Tim Price Donna Golian - President Billy Chick - Vice President Tonya Willie - Secretary Andrea Tatum - Treasurer Ken Middleton - Srgt. of Arms The Rodeo Club was a newly organized club on cam pus. Even though it wasn't very big they were busy Their many activities included Bull Riding, Bronc Riding Barrel Racing, Breakaway, and even Clowns. I 105 WCA Vocational Industrial Clubs of America CVICA5 is an organization for students who are enrolled in Industrial Co-op Education. These students are introduced to vocational occupations by working for business and industries in the com- munity. Not only do they get on-the-job training but, they also have the chance to earn pay and credit towards graduation. Members of this club earned over 3515.000 during the first se- mester. tgps' -. Row 1: Allen Cline, Mr. Troxel. Row 2: Freddie Trujillo, Gary Cozens Mike Skaggs Loretta Fixx Roy DeShazo Row 3 Joe Hilburn, Chris Richins, Joe Aposhian, Reggie Pearson, Chuck Grant Gene Scheid Richard Shore Ron Denslow Fred Hamp Pittman, Roxann Bulmahn, Sandy Whitney, Lori Gray, Angela ton, Rich Barnes Sherrie Fritch Mike Moore Larry Hollett TREVUR BROWNE IS NOTHING T0 OINK AT! 107 Wrestleretts sit out the action This year the Wrestleretts are the largest cheerleading squad in the Phoenix Union High School District. The Wrestleretts provide spirit and encouragement to the wrestlers. The girls raised money to buy their uniforms by selling candy, selling balloons at the football game, holding car washes, bake sales, and air fresheners. The Wrestleretts plan on staying as a group throughout the year to raise money for next year. The sponsors did a great job with the girls. Thanks to Evalin Gonzals and Mr. Sharp, for all the help. Not in the pictures, Mr. Sharp, Evalin Gon- zals, Mark Tressler Cmanagerj, Angie Martinez, La Rue Johnson, Lorene Hook, Robin Sage, Diana Perkins, Connie Vanstennwyk, Sharron Clark, Tersa Hebenstreit. 4583 4' K t.. if " Top row: Lori Leeper, Judy Nunez, Nina Lansbury, Joan Schemenauer, Rosalinds Padilla, Shelly Lough, Susan Harris. Middle row: Renee Doerfler, Sandi Kellner, Yvonne Kudray, Nina McMaster, Michell French, Dorrie Lulek, Mary Ann Hammer, Tereasa Bratcher, Lynn Skin- ner. Bottom row: Amber Bakken, Sabrina Harris, Christy Sauer. Lisa Sapiun, Julie Beam, Kim Coniglio, Karen Gore, Andrea Williams, Felicia McGinty. 108 my Xt' i S f . 4:1 'fn lx Aerospace: We fly higher If you dig high rides, want to be in the fast lane, explore new and exciting places, take one step for mankind and one giant step for yourself and join Aerospace Club and classes. Fly a plane all by yourself. Go on venturous field trips and learn more about the world above us. Meeting new people, and reaching for higher goals is the thing to do, and you can have this and much more. lt's all at the start of a motor . .. Aerospace Club has it all in store for you. Black Student Union J 3 'i Y 1 .1 2 1 Y e J' l I . a 4 N - ........ ---H l A 4 .....L.., -. .. ft z...' , t H, , .NW . , 'NH ' "' ', Q 'F .,, - K ' ' . '. .- n,a','n..vv, Row one: Mr, Sharp, Shanna Estas, Carolyn Hamilton, Michelle Powell, Soyna Reagan, Tracy Johnson, Mrs, Penniston. Row two: Orlanda Carr Felicia Polland, Stafanie Royston, Chouny Bryant, Eric Johnson, David Annette Hernandez, Joslyn, Lisa Johnson, Tracy Johnson, Felicia Wingo, Zealean Penniston, Mauretta Holet, Walter Polland, Carl Bale, McGinty, Calla Barns, Monquie Berry, Robbie Sumpter, Lori Sump. Black Student Union CBSUJ is still working strongly together at Trevor Browne. The pur- pose ofthe group is to raise the interests of Browne regarding Black people. The mem- bers participate in fund-raising activities to provide money for the future of the club. Membership of the group has greatly im- proved, almost doubling the attendance rate since last year. President Vice Pres: Secretary: Treasurer Sponsors: Lisa Johnson Tracy Johnson Felicia McGinty Monquie Berry Mr. Sharp Mrs. Penniston g . f f Nik Field Science proves interesting x E325 l The Field Science Club is an organization that has an open mem- bership, which means anyone that is interested in science and wants to join can. The club concentrates mainly centers around the sub- jects of Astronomy, Archeology, Biology and Geology. .4 if 'wgfk FIELD SCIENCE CLUB Mr. Walters Mrs. Burton Sheri Vrana Phillip Baldwin Kevin Dewey Tammy Vrana Dan Rsch Joene LeDrew Jeanette Cameroy Jerri Niska Christopher Schreifels Warren Harris Randy Merril Manuel Enojos Robert Weddigen Chris Pirkey Barbara Phelps Jaime Fuller San Morton Simone Preusser Danny Ashlock Ramon Rivera Ken New To All Our Young Lovers Remember: the night we went out just like a dream if .' sawn' But after a to an e I knew It uve up, 1 . 112 X' Klfw S? Wim Q. fa! 'r 'Q A I H51 ... V is g ll' v'4 f 3 ?lQ'i'v?l , Q. ,,, J ' 1 W x g.1V GQ' -.. K. 'cw' 4 Special Person Leads Browne .mei K' 1-my 1 ggigi 1- fweiwfl .. M. ,L ed There are millions of teen-agers around the world similar to you, but there is not a single one exactly like you because you are special. They cannot see a rainbow exactly like you, or hear a bird sing exactly like you, smell a rose like you, feel a tear like you, or taste an apple exactly like you. That means that you are, and always will be, unique. ' This uniqueness makes you special, because no one can contribute exactly like you. Whatever you do to make the world a better place, you must not hold back, because no one else can give what you would have given. Each day of your life you are given an- other opportunity to reaffirm the essence of that special person - YOU! . . . 'EIT Asst. Principals do 2 ww , - 'WQY' , .3sMk:w f WQS , V "" i .,,. g " ,lt ,V . rf . , i"w :4 ' "f, . , D ffo..!g Q, . 13 A i "3L., A ' -". 1-vm" K' ' V I ,r 'XT'-3 If-t x .V A, X ml 'x idx, tl , X My ,f -. . 1 Mfrg i 1 , ' ii X . 5 35 XbQig'1L 1 r .H "M, P "tQtl 'f fi mx'- rki?!M i'f1G. +.l ' iiilliih lift tt f. 2 9' tsyj E , S lu , ,, i""tm::-f fr-f' 6 t 1-rf, r .,g3,,'svv,,': 1 - ' M Ya, L X-Higgs ,Q V Xx I . l was liigfli T , John O'Connell Carolyn Hawkins JGVVY Siege' This is my tenth year at Trevor Browne. All of the years have been good ones but this year is by far the best. Student behavior has greatly improved and our students are developing pride in their school because of the excellent staff and, of course, our State Football Championship. Browne's future looks bright and I hope that I will continue to be a part of it. "We struggle to make a world in which it is safe to be human." Secretaries Mrs. Hawkins is a familiar name on campus. If the students don't know her personally they know her from afar. She has been at Browne for six years and is in charge of discipline and atten- dance for juniors. She always gets in- volved in Spirit Week, assemblies, and in school clubs. Her main ambition is to let students know that she is near whenever they are in need. Mr. Siegel is a new addition to the faculty of Trevor Browne this year. As Assistant Principal, Mr. Siegel is Direc- tor of Athletics and works with the disci- plining of students, he believes in disci- pline strongly, but only if the student deserves it. He is very impressed with T.G.B.'s facilities and the vast majority of students who really want to gra- duate. His door is always open to stu- dents who have questions or problems. "Teenagers keep me young at heart, old in appearance." Jean Stillwell Elaine Robinsor 5 Bea Stark Jenny Wahlstrom Sharon Werland Mitzie Geiler Pene Piper Shirley Comstock Marjorie Joyce Sudie Hancock . b LQn.,.,,.,' .ht K ,, ,Y 5, . Counselors 'Neg in-. Mike Cunningham Maxine Williams Ed Reilly Ruth Kennedy-lwai Rex Browning Phyllis Becker Don Bicknell Not Just for Schedule Changes Many students seem to think that the counselors are here for one reason, schedule changes. Well, that's where many of them are wrong. The counselors are here for other reasons. They are here to help students when they may be having problems with teachers, friends, family, you name it. So next time one of you feel that you need someone to talk to, simply talk with your counselor. wrig- Q59 Dale Trostle Business var' T 1 f sf, .Z Irene Garcia Mary Bondon Diane Buhl fi IW r . 'QW f. 3 3-,43 ,,,, Bill Cavett Paula Hocken Rosalie Perez Beth Swanson 41,7 Phyllis Olin :MAJ as MWMM 5 ffxlff fl. f'AI"'?"K f71A7 I X C' 1144.1 ML 1 7,,,,,,x, f-Vx4., 'X' at 4 . . . 'XAJXX ' They Make it Their Business Mme. 2 Wai f Q, The business department of Trevor Browne runs its classes much like A LZ-AJ a regular business would. A student gets points marked off when tardy J or absent just like your pay would be docked if such actions were done on a regular job. The business department offers courses such as: typing, accounting, shorthand, TABS, GEMS, Marketing, and DECA, Paula Hocken received the Teacher of the Year Award for 1981. The department chairman is Dale Trostle. 117 X' , AA WC fl M afdefff 0-2 LQQCLMVLVQQL W? 2 I, WW? Wg libljkizif me Fred Hanley Barbara Baumann Barr Bishop Judy Bognadov George Brown Vickie Dinon Mary Harthun Mary Hoiness Fred Kessler Jacque King lleanna Orlicnflyofi f' Phil Peterson ry '. Uv AA XLR W1 l ff " 'i l ' ' 10 - l 7 r ,N will-f If, 4 M , J 5 ' .lv ' NK' X 1, 1 W X waffle , ,er gym Mil grlf fl ll.J' V' A!" r ua 'A I I lvlarcella Stewart 1,3 Linda Parker More English .K ,T . ,,m V . .Q :fx-V. '- f K 5 'i '-1f?Q'f9'?5? U -Q Yi i " William Tanner Barbara Schwerdtfeger The Answer To English ls Simple English teachers hear the same questions every year, "Why do we have to learn this stuff? " Well and answer is very simple, "Because" The English dept. ofT.G.B. has a great selection of courses such as English 1-2, 3-4, 5- 6, and now a 7-8 class, Career and College Composi- tion, ShortStories, Senior Writing Lab, Yearbook and Newspaper. The department is led by Mr. Fred Hanley. Reading r J, Arline Ranck Reading stretches one's intelligence. Now a days the television has over-powered books. Mr. Hill, Mr. Aragon, and Mr. Shay encourage their students to read more books, hoping to increase their vocabulary, amuse them and to simply pass their time creatively. From Left to Right - Pat Aragon, Gordon Hill, Garth Shay 119 Social Studies Guy Parish Kenneth Ashley Kathleen Barraza Michael Cady Greg Cheney Gerald Hermanek Hal Hjalmerson History Present and Past. Paul Revere, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Thomas Edi- son, people who have made our lives what they are today. The social studies staff realizes this and teaches or has taught all of us this at one time or another. The department is under the supervision of Mr. Guy Parish. Roy lVlcClendon Clay Thompson E.S.P. ,424-Q fry .. K my E, ,Q , 9,2- ,,,,,..-v 1' Leslie Brown Marna Daggett 1" Marjorie Lauder Lorraine Briggs 47 ' out u.. i Martha Fischer Roger Goto ,M "'w..,,,,,. ,, swf' -' :Egfr ,. Sanford Kalwara Loretta Hall Dean Jones N Jean Klink Linda Larsen Daniel White If :As K . 121 More E.S.P. Bill Weaver Jack lVlcCuIlough Sandra Olson Programs have to help The Exceptional Student Program is available to any students who may have academic disabilities, learning problems, difficulties in speech or hearing, physical dis- abilities as,well as emotional disabilities. The program pro- vides a full spectrum psychological service, vocational education, and also work experience for the students. The teachers encourage and coach their students to partici- pate in the Special Olympics, also. Q., Y Jeri St. Clair Tom Reale I. M. C. spells Library Frank Sacco Jerry Magnan Joyce Dalenburg Janet Cook ge- T. Q 4 Mai st' 5 3 y f 1 fr 1 at I J--' l 'fi i x 5-I-uu,,iwa,sv'4 , 1... AZ 4 l NS: , 1 ,syn if , 7 ,.-Q.. ,Wm ree .51 4.145 61- feeff' 444-eff 1 o-1 pls. our 6?e.-1-fg,ifW4f'1KCAi55- yo" A VL Q yd, 4111-4 f4f'5"k- 7pm 3L..,-!.J,.Zfj7fd' S' "'W"""' 1044- I by ye ,+,4sf,.,mM 1 www flkg fi NF' av tv is Ui l llwixt ' 2 fs I ' lil A Jerry Hickman Shigeo Blackburn Debra Perry Joe Demko A -'K ' 1 5- .51 i ' gg? x ' L , s Y ' Y I N ,-'ers-to W AX 1 tu Phil Evanstock Robert Forrest Vernon Grossarth Bill Hutcherson FW Ria' Margaret Pase Bruce Sharp Hirlam Snodgrass Loretta Hall MAKING IT ALL COUNT Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculas, and Algebra are a few of the math courses which may scare most students. When a student enters the "lVlatho Turf" hopefully the feelings will change. The teachers are kind and always willing to help a student with a math problem. 123 M M44 Leon Jordon . ' i TL Science l M i ,X , Q ' ff r Earl Barrett Dorothy Bender Meg Burton 5 A M , my: me-t i -. A i 1, ' kiggzftff Q15 . , W ' , if 3 6 " ' gl , t l 3 Us . ...qw mm f jf, Q 'r X i my V A y ,LI b gm K , s t' fwg9,:, r if I , -.L i M 1 in I " V A s.z,,'.. wf'N it ,K We - if at Q 4 , 'tt ff 3? I A S in, wi., . , H ' sf , s-4 1 x X i ' " ? J ya 'ki i Tom Casteel 124 Richard Harkins Cecil Walker Eldon Walters lt's all in the chemistry The science department at Browne is one of the finest in the state, teachers and supplies wise. The department is led by Leon Johnson, former teacher of the year. Experiments are performed daily, maybe not always successfully, but the sutdents find enjoyment in the ma- jority of the experiments. P.E. of NN ffm! if-we r l X John Brown Jerry Hahn Bernadette Hoeffel if f :Mft Fark' zk. Rifles J V - , - .al It it , sk Ji Joanne Johnson by-, Bill Mitton Jerry Zamboni l xl wl , , M l QM -V, 1 Let's Get Physical My Y Volleyball, mushball, badminton, bas- ? ' ketball, racquetball and tennis are to MO! name just a few of the sports which a stu- l dent plays during the course of P.E. Stu- ' dents seem to be more energetic while in 9-1 7 the gym, but sometimes it turns into a social gathering. Complaints go to the of 1 coaches everyday. lt's either too hot or too cold, will the students ever be satis- fied? lily "tl-Qt. Jim Irvine 125 Industrial Arts rn? lrimwty Melvin Crain Richard Davis Michael Miller Gary Morse faster ?f5tfgi5gs5 ttiffftifirw 126 Wx Donald Robinson Richard Troxel Industrial Arts go co-ed Woodwork, auto mechanics, metals and welding name just a few of the courses that are offered at Browne. Over the past few years more and more girls have been taking Industrial Arts classes. Whether it is to look at the guys or learn a skill, co-ed Industrial Arts is a growing department with a lot to offer all students interested in a career or future. Performing Arts xt ff ' it" ,N . , '- Vicki Altemus John Black 353 'T-if John Boothby Yvonne Carter Mr John Corlett Robert Marshall lf' WL J' 'jjj AIN i W Art performs at its best UM L Aly MMM Q, Many of us do not realize it, but we have some very V W f talented students here at school, especially in the art department. Sculpturing, sketching, painting, ce- ramics and more are some of the specialities. Mr. Nunez and Mr. Boothby supervise and encourage the students with their talent. Wgtwlo Wpfol W MWVQ W rr tjtrur WWW Wt M trwirrffr 127 tl Home Economics k L Betty Bradford Judy Deslatte The Home Ec. department here at school offers courses for bachelors, future homemakers, students interested in Home Economic careers and so on. The H.E.R.O. club was very successful with selling pretzels every Wednesday and having weddings in the quad. The chairman for the depart- ment is Ms. Deslatte. lf you are able to speak a foreign language already, con- gratulations. Many of us are not so lucky so we have the choice to take a course in Spanish, German or French here at school. Taking another language looks very good on your transcripts for college and is very useful fo traveling. Q. N Opp Hall E-in B E 0,1 -4"'-- 4 . vo? fl' , , "2 H, 3 , U jim ,zur- li Carol Bilse W ,. f Colleen Roth The Opportunity Hall is for the students here at school who may be so unfortunate as to have to be in the class for getting a referral. The students are expected to stay busy all hour with homework from other classes. Mrs. Roth and Mrs. Bilse are the supervisors for the class. 7TG.B. Services Security Frank Chavez Joan Hoyt Ralph Anderson Evelyn Gonzales Stella Moreno Danny Harrison Barbara Penniston Not Pictured - Frank Marr Custodians Ron Porter Ross Bergstedt George Brunicon Jack Almon Matthew Payne Ray Granado Richard Spenser Garry Rodgers -4 J.B. Griffith Cafeteria Lois Dearth Jan Kurm Beverly Sorenson Linda Purchase Kathy Reinbold Joanne Blackman Marianne Johnson Joanne Noble Tina Lloyd Roberto Vasquez Irene Gonzales Ellan Parks Vicki White Olivia Escubedo Alvin Howard Alice Braga Not Pictured - Carol Roman Georgene Griffith -fe-4' Nurse Lanny Dewberry ' x . . ,xp E Browne High salutes John Black, First principal ano' sohool founder on our tenth great year... A 134 at Q O I Wxw X A ,, N, W' APS-1 3 ,, Wg, 'xx Z1 Tilliill' "TS Q, 1 6 1 X F Q f 'S- f Q . if T SENIOR MOSTS a Q . 4119 ff : , "ff C43 C57 Q62 , Q -,gy J 'QS ,, ,,Lv4,,L. a 4' V - 'X 1."a9:? ' f Ii " I , 1, - N A rx 1'-1 , ' . W v V- MZ. : I 5 . , ftej? tg I ii ,f Q2 1, 1 , N. v4' , 1 . ' L, 'whit ff ir, 3. I , - ! ,U A LL QNNQX3: L Ji N ' . '- , , - S X5 I A VER HA' , X, -Q, 4. . , x P ' . V . 51. .ff .xx :Q ' ! ' I' ' , PN, - ' - f N., 4 'V J if 17" Nr in fc? C99 I OF BROWNE C107 7 . G , r ers S - J C113 Af i Bei, 4 NOT PICTURED Most Scholarly: Tammy Vrana Chris Schrifels Best Dressed: Beth Rogers Rex Bahm Most Likely to Succeed: Rosanne McCoy Bruce Preiss C125 12" 'S' Lxbf . A efiigalifcm -45 , T ,Tag , I gf, , . 4 1'1rt'- , 111 as gs: f 1- 52,1-1 , l N, X ,-Q' .. il Jil 112 313 34 U5 H6 Most Athletic: Michele Unruh Tim Wedel Most Compatible Patty Begley Scott Lavine Best Looking: Cindi Hinkhouse Teresa Bennett Karen Newgent David Spahr Best Personality: Kallie Hinson Bob Hegi Tom DeGurski Most Humorous: Margie Poteat Tim Docken Most Congenial: Kallie Hinson Tom DeGurski -A Couple: W 117. Most Flirtatious: Barbie Dittmar Bob Hegi 118. Most Talkative: Sandi Maynard Tim Docken 119. Best Legs: Lisa Guana David Spahr 1110. Most Respected: .Debbie Vezie Mike Pomeroy itll. Most Talented: Meg Merrifield Raynard Pearson 1112. Most Active: Debbie Vezie Chris Taylor 41113. Best Smile: Laura Christian Tim Wedel i 133 Sm ' rs S niors Seni rs S ni rs S nio Sherrie Abercrombie Robert Adkins Kimberly Alvarez Joe Aposhian Beverly Arellanes Julia Artiaga Bonnie Auerbach Rex Bahm Jaime Bailey Mona Bailey Sheila Bailey Lori Baker Tommy Baker Phillip Baldwin Emily Ballengee Loretta Barnett Deborah Barrett Joe Bartel Tammy Bateman Javier Bedenbender ,4.s....A. 'rig 1, ' h Q , i 1 ni Q I B . ,. I' Il fu I Nev' irb- -QQ. 'aan YV' f5sS'?1Qf?' 5 r if mfg f rim: ,a..,,i,f .. . , M. ..,. 5 ..,.i 1.-1. - my rl' ,S . Q K xg? ya gn 'if' X31 3 1 , is K, in 5 I ix J , MI is fi , fi' Q . , if' K Q" A v .J Q Q 1 is K 6 ,V Q:5L.,, .1 'xg '1t."""-2339-'Z 51" , 4 f ' fl? ' gg-H245 1 . g S' s ,tw A ef. ' 4, lf-A , lf -ol ,gi .J ' , I ' i- ,le S S niors S niors S niors S niors L.. , . Q , If I, AJR 3 1 V4 l 33, J, 4,-.....,, '..a -fe, .- --Ld haf K' Patricia Begley Teresa Bennett Jeanie Bevington Alicia Binkley John Birnie Martin Black Claudina Blair Lisa Bolt Kelly Boyle John Brannigan Donny Brees Margaret Brooks Christina Brower Scott Brown Patricia Bruce Roxann Bulmahn Jim Burgett Julia Burton Tina Canfield Dennis Carter Sen: rs S ni rs S niors S ni rsS nio Vickie Carter Frankie Cash Debbie Carrillo Tony Charbeneau Billy Chick Bonnie Chisholm Laura Christian Maureen Clark Arthur Code Lynn Coker Tito Comparan Jackie Congdon Cary Cook Randel Cook Anita Coome Chris Cornwell Angela Cozens Tim Crawford Frank Crea Frank Crouch 50.3 fa-"9 Nm.- yn .v 40" Yu...-' ,...v- fxyf' V7 f an 44 i rf r 'K for E by V MX. ' , , 1 1 ,.- A at i 1' 'W niors S niors S ni rsS ni rs Qi' 'Z sk " Gregory Crump Joseph Davis Barbie Dittmar Kathy Decker Ken Delaney Dee Dierks Thomas DeGurski Mary Desjandins Brian Dockall Katie Douglas Kelly Dumm Mark Duran Donna Edens Pamela Eldred Jacquie Engelke David Erno Tam-Marie Feick Daniel Felix Anne Fisher Loretta Fixx S fill enlors S niors S nlors S HI rsS HI Alicia Fleurquin Michael Fowler Tony Fowler Ralph Frederico Glen Frick Jr. Sherrie Fritch Leanne Fuller Curtis Garnick David Gartner Lisa Guana Julie Geske Patrick Giannini Lisa Givans Ritchie Gonzalez Michelle Goods Thomas Gorman Stephen Gow Stephen Graham Joseph Grant Lori Gray 138 'TW77 L. r pa ,i e. iii: 'Vs 9-if-2 as... -sr' fmrsfb ,XJ 5.1 , ,J-5 vi' niors S ni rs Sen: rs S ni rs lx Troy Walker Pamela Green Q, 7 Donnie Greer '-- Daniel Griffith X -.e Christine Guptill I X- 1 Charles Guthrie -Q--w Jacque Gutierrez X' Mary Ann Hammer 4- M, jfiqu- K QI, i'?SQ5?.sE,iiP, - 1 if-' W1 2131: Start: V - i ' fr-:E gy 'T Fred Hampton V ' Jane Hancock Egg .b,, V9 Steve Hanes Diane Hanson . W X' f , "Lge L - 3523 Tammy Harjamaki Christie Harrison A, Gary Hart .James Hart David Hawk Traci Hawkins Kenny Hays Craig Hendricks B...,,, x N l 1 fx, ft S niors S ni rs S niors S niorsS ni Jenilyn Henry Charles Henson Annette Hernandez Anthony Herrera Steven Heyne Brad Higgins Cindi Hinkhouse Kellie Hinson Bruce Hoffman Lawrence Hollett Chandra Huddleston Catherine Hunton Jane Hutchinson James Ikerd Joseph Jackanin Mike Jacobs John James Rebecca Jewell Arthur Johnson Brian Johnson niors S niors Seniors S nl rs David Johnson ,ga Lisa Johnson Sherry Lindsey Gary Jones I, Shelly Jones Rudy Juarez -1, , Richard Keesler Q' la Donna Kelley I V fxx ,L ., Laura Kennedy ,gg Brenda Klahn Karen Koch Becky Krisell it- ' ,Q,,a,W Marian Landren Sheree Lang Todd Larabell Randy Large Alberto Larios Sonia Larios Chris Larson Dean LaVilla xx ffx in Snl 142 rs Se Scott Lavine Laura Lewis Daniel Linden Ron Litchfield Nina Lounsbury Dennis Low Catherine Luepke Jon Major Santiago Maldonado Lauri Mallon Alicia Mallou Tony Mang Stephen Manginelli Jeanine Marcille David Marshall Kasaundra Marshall Everett Martin Patty Martin Ricky Martinez Rosann McCoy ni rsS ni rsS ni rsS nio LJ S itiA4,t X 1? Af 4 '11-ff 01" K eo 1'8- -,T 4? Y, G' FD 1 I 'T 7 ,af-5 ,-,,.,4' -sf' "'5.'3' enlors S nlors S HI rsS nlors 142221-4 hah? 32 3 -L - J ' -A if , we ,hi N---.a 'No' -A -J' ,Q-1-'vu '-JJ Yu? Vanita McGinty Leonard McCrory Liz McKechnie Todd McMasters Mike Meek Meg Merrifield Sherri Middleton Barry Moffet David Mohler Clifford Molz Brian Moore Mike Moore Eddrick Moreland David Moreno David Moreno Janis Moreno John Mosqueda Pandora Muir Steve Mulcock Liz Muniz Sm niors S niors Seni rs Se-ni rs S ni 144 Brian Murphy Donald Murphy Lisa Nevers Melanie Nevins Karen Newgent Richard Newgent Crystal Newson Annette Nichols David Nltch Michelle Noriega Katie O'Conner Scott Olson Duane Ott Stephanie Parker David Paul Zelean Penniston Johnny Phillips Linda Phillips Timothy Phillips Terry Pinzon sl ,-.ff ,.g E , iii Y-JD' HA '- Jef , gwmni ,NGK "vb..f". -dar Yi niors S niors S ni rs Sem rs ,fwft qu ,ff 1 M .Li K -A La ,l fir 'Qu fc Va A . , I.-5, : ..,,'3 .:?'e , 14--if . a l l :Fr , W : mm . -.Mp , "' X f" ' .10 f--..-gy nr-"' in-ur X. .gn-4, J Wesley Pittman Peter Polifko Mike Pomeroy Bill Poole Jeff Porter Tina Powell Trevor Power Bruce Preiss Monica Prewitt Brad Prince Adaline Provencio Veronica Ramirez Tonya Randon Julie Redmon Mitch Reynolds Terese Reynolds Christine Rice Bruce Richey Mark Robles Albert Robert I 146 rsS n1rsS ni rs ni rsS nio Denver Roberts Joey Robinson Paul Robinson lll Diane Rodriguez Irene Rodriguez Terry Roxas Renee Russell Mary Jane Ryan Ray Sais Cheryl Samuelson Bobbi Sarles David Sayre Aaron Schmidt Debbie Schoonover Christopher Schreifels Margaret Servin Richard Shields Terrie Shugars Carlo Sierras Greg Simpson -Q r"4P buf'-J gggif 3- .A1 V ,iw 1 5. If 5 I x ,Q "-v- up KIT? Q31 an ni rs S niors S ni rs Seniors Mike Skaggs Robert Slater Becky Smith Karen Smith Kim Smith Patrick Smith Scott Smith Tara Smith Vicki Snyder Prisca Soianki Timothy Sorah Teresa Soto David Spahr Jeff Sprague Mike Stearnes Cathy Steele Sheila Steeiey Lisa Steinhoff Lisa Stillwell Cheryl Stoner niors S ni rs S ni rs Seniors enio Scott Stoner Susan Strough Kimberly Supina Dale Swanson Sharon Sweeten Marty Tait Christopher Taylor Debbie Taylor Daniel Tejada Richard Thomas Michael Thraen Roy Tischler Esther Tittle Tonette Tivis Mike Tressler Darin Tupper Kathy Turner Michele Unruh Richard Unterseh Joseph Wagner niors S ni rs S niorsS ni rs ' an . G- 47" Vx 'vm -4f"'l'n TQ 'svL,, -'64 1,,h...-nd as .W- N Q' , .tf 4:- X X-X e Michele Walls Laura Wammack Susie Warman Tim Wedel Marie Weiss Tammy Werland Brett Whitney Marcia Whitney Sandra Whitney John Widmer Jim Wilde Susan Williams E.J. Wilson David Woodruff Michael Woodward Cindi Wright David Wyrick Wayne Valdez Tanya Vanover Debbie Vezie Sn: Sni rs S nlorsSen1ors eniorsS ni 150 Tammy Vrana Joseph Vuocolo Tu Xa Bridgette Yeager IVY si ,fe . Kenneth R. Amaral X" Mary Brown -. Terri Young ri, Phil Dechaine -1. ,, -N, 1-...N wma .VX Eric Cline ff' Tim Docken Karen Gandy Lisa May Kris Richins Debbie Savela I Tum Docken wull my wut to my beautuful suster Barbara Lord knows she needs ut Mr Cady you werea super teacher good luckunthe future Mr Cunnungham thanks for the great counselung I mgoung to muss Joey Tom Jum Steve Steve etc Ill muss you all P S Dont take too many Fluntstone Chewables you mught end up luke me Thanks for a great 4 years T G B I ll muss you Sugned Captaun Spurut I Rex Bahm beung of unsound mund body and soul hereby wull to the next unlucky St Body Presudent all my unwanted headaches problems frustratuons and above all Mrs Hawkuns I also leave a busted but well used gavel un the Presudent s desk I leave 28 unworkung spuruted ambutuous poor excuses for students that next years St Gov twull produce I leave a mucrophone used only at assemblues where you are to be ruduculed un publuc I also leave to the next Presudent my doctor s name and it so you can get your pulls and your psycho logucal treatments on tume and easy I also leave my straught jacket my mother got me for X mas Along wuth all thus I leave the uoys of accomplushments and success that I have had For beung Presudent us an unreplaceable fantastuc experuence I Mary Ann Hammer beung of sound body but not mund I leave my loud mouth to Shelly Lough I leave my brother Ruch my photographic abuluty I leave Crow tMr Corlettj my abuluty to talk I Kum Smuth beung of sound mund wull my unusual body to one lost and lovely guy Dwayne Posey I wull whats left of my 69 Nova uf ut s wrecked agaun t anyone who has enough gull to look under the hood To Tom F and Kevun B I wull my most favorute rubber ducky To Dawnell I wull her Mukey And to my mother I wull her a respuratuon machune when I go to college I Randy Large leave Steve H a paur of beer free tennus shoes To the other Steve H I wull some fureproof haur at least when he us partyung wuth Donny To Captaun Bob I leave a padlock a chaun and a doberman he can traun humself I leave Katz the deed to a loan company He ll make out luke a bandut To Brenda food we ate 5th hour And funally to thatgorgeous blond un Yearbook I hope she has fun un Yearbook next year If she us crazy enough to take ut agaun next year I Cundy Marue Hunkhouse wull my younger brother Darun the abuluty to dutch my classes confront wuth offucers of the law and have wuld partues wuthout gettung un trouble To Kallue Hunson I wull the abuluty to be a stranger at least 2 months out of every year and also the abuluty to rude an ATC better than her To Muchelle Unruh I leave my present 346 beer caps from the weekends of 1981 To Sandu Maynard I wull my abuluty to get on everyones nerves whule untoxucated and my shapely 18 hour fugure To the class of 83 I wush them a Muller Hugh Lufe I Connue Dennus wull to Footey an Egg McMuffun and lots of luck un the future For my suster Lusa a telephone and a lust of avaulable guys Cmake sure you share ut wuth Yvonnej To Cow Patty l leave a bottle of 8 year old Scotch and a box of half eaten Suzy Q s Cguess who ate the other half7J To Mussy Huckman I leave 4 rolls of Charmun a bag of pop cans Cgotchaj and my blue flannel shurt For Katue Douglas I was goung to leave a Burruto Supreme but I ate ut Funally to Yvonne I leave my deep love and gratutude my Bob and Carlo puctures and the back seat of the car wuth you know who' I ll take E J ' Have fun' P S Bogay you re not forgotten I want you to have my Stevue Nucks shurt tl knew you always wanted utj and my love and best wushes I Susan Elaune Strough wull to my luttle sus all of the accomplushments I ve had at Trevor Browne Good Luck Muskrat' And keep up the great work To Brudget and Tegwun I leave my great attutude and the abuluty to put up wuth teachers I don t care for To the class of 83 I leave all of the memorues of the class of 82 We had a blast Thanks to all who made thus year the best there has ever bee' Love ya Susue Q I Kathue Ann Turner beung of sound body but not mund leave my brother all my dutched and undutched classes I leave Monuca my grades and my correspon dence courses I leave Crow my beauty and truth l leave Evelyn Gonzales all the partues fun and all the memorues we had together even uf we don ttalk I leave the sweetest boyfruend I have ever had and wull have Ccause I plan to keep hum forever J my body and everythung attached I Patty Begley wull to Mr Sharp all the ASIW he can drunk To Susan Pendergast I wull all the dents and scratches on my car To Debbue S I wull all those great tumes we had on cheers HA' HA' HA' I Margaret Brooks wull to Mr Bushop 3 unches of my haur tl can do wuthout utj I wull to Mr Huckman my sanuty qwhat I have Ieftj so he won tgo crazy un general math To my susters Karen and Patty I leave my sweet reputatuon so they wull have somethung to work for Cor agaunstj I wull to my master J H my love and thanks for makung my last 2 years so great' I Susan Ortega leave all my dance skulls to my only suster Vucku I leave all my exposed fulm to my brother John And most of all my love to Paul Martunez That s all folks I Joey Robunson hereby leave Krus Krusell my most treasured possessuon The most valuable the most greatest the most fantastuc the most athletuc and best lookung thung I own M ' I Katue O Connor wull to my luttle suster Brudget all the fun I ve had un class to Sherne St Blbble all the empty tea bottles to Tegwun Margue 8t Brudget all the borung bus rudes to St from school And my buddy Angeluna all the fun un Volley ball that I ve had Last but not least to Heudu R all my green MGM s talkutuve ness un class and all of the fun of the results of the M8tM s plus all my Ko Rec Type' Love ya guys' I Jamue Lynn Bauley wull to my dear brother Steve all of Mom and Dads lectures about school and good grades I also wull to hum a paur of well used ear plugs Qkuddungb To my fruends I wush them all the luck un the world To Al Ccakesj I wull hum all the love un the world for the love and memorues we ve shared thus year have been just terrufuc Remember He Hulk n She Hulk Forever' To Muchelle H 8t Cathy D I wull my terrufuc dance coordunatuon Cha hah and to each a purple leg warmer To Loru Lee Kumbrough my terrufuc memory for locker combunatuons my duet wuth Debbue and hopefully another ten years to abuluty to drunk mulk all the spoons full of peanut butter she can eat and Mr B to hug once un a whule To Bug Ed All of my Mondays and all my smules' To Interact Musuc Love and Togetherness You re the best"' And funally to my Rex a La My hugs and my tears and everythung else because you are so very specual And to al Jesus Chrust for He us all you need In Hus Love Chandra I Kallue Hunson wull to Cundu Hunkhouse the chest she never had To Sandu Maynard all my cowboys To Muchelle Unruh my abuluty to go 4 wheelung un the desert under the unfluence Much Kloeber my strong cheeks and to Darrun Tupper my abuluty to get along wuth horses' I Darrun Tupper wull my posutuon to Robert Forney and my abulutues to Jeff Sung My haur to Mr Bushop and my mund to Mr Jordan To Heudu I leave my body and everythung else she wants I Alucua Fleurquun wull to my brother Frank the abuluty to get good grades to keep Dad happy To Steve Stone the freedom of goung to Calufornua when ever I want To Lusa Whutney my Algebra grades To Corlett all the fulm I ruuned un Photography and my empty cassettes And to Pat Ebarb I guve my FANTASTIC car And lastly I guve to Kathy LaCount my abuluty to play racquetball wuthout huttung the ball or the wall four tumes a game I Katue Douglas leave to Kathy LaCount my outstandung abuluty to cheat Iue and steal wuthout gettung caught I also leave her my excellent backhand fun racquet ballj To Kelly Young I leave my brothers Olympus OM 1 to take all the puctures she wants of Paul Butler tblack whute or colorj To B B tPat Ebarbj I leave my 50 lb weught set for when you get SERIOUS about luftung Funally to Vanessa Vogue qDonna Bryantj I relunquush the posutuon of head unstructor and top model at Vogue Inc To all of them I wull the best of luck un theur senuor year I Joe Bartel beung of demented mund and even worse body do leave all of my bomb collectuon to the freshman class To the uunuor class I leave the detona tors I Sandu Maynard leave my great partyung abuluty to Pat Ebarb my abuluty to be normal even when I m not Cundu H 81 Kallue H twho wull probably be here next year anywayl St to Muke Pomeroy all of mel' - I . . . , . . T V Y A . u- , . , . 1 O V , V . and Susie, I leave them Alka Seltzer to help them calm down all of the Taco Bell get to know each other, To my Blrdleez All my hours of giggling, my tremendous Y V . I. Y . , . . I ? . Y . h . V - ' 151 Jeffery Adams Steven Adkins Roy Allison Brenda Amante Cheryl Anderson David Anderson Deborah Anderson Julius Afful Sheryl Bailey James Baker Susan Baker Michael Baraban Lori Barber Donald Barger Calla Barnes Shelly Barnes Robert Barrett Wesley Bauer James Beasley Laurien Beasley Maria Becerra Daniel Bedard Christine Bednarczyk Joseph Bednarczyk Tammy Belcher Barbra Beloit Tamara Bendo Helen Bennett Tammy Bennett Mike Benson Yvonne Berlanga Monique Berry Jeff Betts Jerry Bicknell Tamara Bills Kevin Blanchette Patricia Blasiman 152 ,,, WW1 .J 'fit . ' X' 1 ix ,ai ..- 194: emi KJ ' .- 4 ,-xi is .rl l . ,yy F 4 ,93 , -fi A l l l l F -A 1 I .f 1 ,3 Y A -f l .Q Li? i with 45, fi i, 3 ' vm ,, .t ,JH .. .. .X .1 ,, J f 4 -Q tv -wfrix. ,fi 5 'i ' Ji' inwjggig f, X, df rff J tl f T7 l fx o 'D' 'if . .4 , X. X is X, - as X. , - A 'Sf ,J A ii! ' I f ' 4 -I' i In dv Sharon Bolding Tracy Bolt April Bond Sandra Bowling Linda Bowman Pat Brannigan David Breedlove Kimberly Brimnall Gregory Brooks David Brown A.. C yfff1'iw- : K , -1. Q-.1-J X 4, ' 'Lf KK C , A A., i- . eh S .avi V 4y af 1' -. f , 2- .Q .2 Nw l 1 ,JN vl- N i l ' x . X 1 i J Q- Robert Brown Stacey Brown Kathy Bulliner Elaine Bruner Donna Bryant Coit Burner Genaette Cameron Joe Campbell Susan Campbell Lori Carter Scott Cavalet Ricnrd Chacon Dennis Chamberlin .longer Chaplin Antoinette Chavez Richard Chelton Slade Chestnut Danna Chiavetta Carla Cicogne Donald Cobb James Cochran Jackie Colburs Kathy Colyer Bobby Copeland fl j f-1 ful U , , 1 Q, IEEE ' .-I 3 I A ' . lv um, , l' gf' f l X., 4 1, l 91 A xt 9 ' ' if e . it M ra?" . ':::5 'f. to 4 f .az r C51 - 5 lk ' Y we , rm. asmiiwf F l v - i izli l' Kimmie Cowell Tina Crawford Susan Craytor Virgil Cummings Paul Salzll Rochelle Daniels Eugene Darling Gwen Darro Kenneth Davie Sean Davis Linda Dick Scott Dluhy Renee Doerfler Tracy Dubow 154 vb v . H , .x , , :ug if fl Xfi -C45 ff, - 'ft R Xu ' X1 Viz. I X 1 XJ' ' .E , .PX 5 X l- -Q ' 'ff L . L I. ' V tJi l l x l 4 N K . -Ax . ' . . i H' "3 "- 5 f -f .LJ lj-tkliil-i?r.5 y Y l i YQ' i efnnlun - is . , J 5 Ml 5 , f " -17 F ' N . ' two X. Vi: V: A in A F' L15 Eli W gf V: far-5, ff- f 'S i' ' " . I ?::L55?i?f." ' J gg. x' Q le if' i I ,: 4 . iff. . S' I , .X Q, Q KS .., 434, - fu. f,. ...i hgall' ? if K 'Gif' Qu. 1 5 w in-v .fgz 1 --11 Joe Duran Dawn Davis Samuel Ehlers Edward Ellis Joey Elwood Linda Emigh Edwin Erwin Cynthia Esh Joe Evans Andrew Ferguson Melanie Fiedler Loren Fincher Peter Fleming Robert Forney T.J. French Darren Frick Lisa Frydrych Jaime Fuller Linda Fuller Timothy Fuller John Gallegos Helina Garcia Manny Garcia Coleen Gasiorowski Jason Gipson Lisa Goclowski Christina Gonzales Leticia Gonzales Sabrina Gonzales Wendy Gough Joe Gourd Susan Grant Judy Greer Steve Gross Cruzita Gutlerez Martha Gutierrez Tim Hanson 155 Anthony Hargis James Harjamaki Carl Harnish Hank Harris Glenn Hartford Darin Hauer Donald Hathaway Mark Hebestreit Cheryl Hendricks Ernie Hernandez Rachael Hernandez Mitchel Hester Melissa Hickman Mary Holler Chris Hollis Bertha Houghton Darrin Hughes Diana Hurst Charles Inman Scott James Mechelle Jennings Keith Jiran Paul Johanning Erick Johnson Hubart Johnson Jana Johnson Jeff Johnson Tony Johnson Crystal Jones Venard Jones Robby Joyner Brian Keith Al Kessel Daniel Kenling Terran Kennedy Lori Kimbrough Ramona King 156 gl, -- 1. We , .,,, sQ-f 5 'Tina L ' FEW! 1? 2 . M. It ,gil N zW yrk D'-IL' i Q...- ff , Wi' K i ,s i-,. My . ., ,. -f, . ,, . qf','.'.'.' Q.,- rbi L0 R ' , ,vi 1, rf, 3 ., M Avg., 1 ,A 1 5 Q . ,pea S 3 5 - are 5 ix ft: s 51, . M L 5 7 Z4 l' 7 4 13ifl'7 fi:-in 'fa TIT Randy Kitts Kyle Kissel Danny Kohanek Yvonne Kudray Kathy LaCount Kirk Lancaster David Lane John LaPointe Julie Latour Michelle Lee James Leedy Tina Lefler Terri Lever Danny Lonrengel Kim Lond Richard Long William Longenecker Bobby Looper Zethina Loydon Mark Lovelace Shelly Lough Lisa Loy Joanne Luena David Mabb Kristine Mack Kim Mahaffey Todd Mahlman Darrin Mahoney 157 Renee Maki Rodney Malloy Sharon Mallicoat Micky Marine Marsha Marcum Acey Martin Clayton Martin Doug Masch Mellissa Maughn Michelle Maughn Anita Maxwill Wayne Mayhaugh Brian McKern Kevin McKee Susan McClellan Wendy McCarthy James Meek Todd Miller Gerald Mills Christine Milthzer Christina Minesaki Mare Mitchel Barry Moore Donald Monson Ruth Montgomery Jim Morgon Catherine Mueller Cynthia Mundell 158 +1 '--.J li 1 X 39 Ai l X A , f JJ' ... T255 ,via 4 I J r 0- fg Ti X Q32 i' 5 iff M i I I ,, f .ae W4 Q me J Qi i A ix, X 'A swf I ,I xg" " l if 'M i i B -Tqw ggi r "E 1 bl 1 x - -i rayolaa CfffiYfDN5, 'QQJGT i'f, 1 - 2 9 ax, ...J fl Al. , if 4 li ii t ef, at . -A i A3395 if 1 f 'lt I in s ggif l., ..,. 1 I 1' 153 11 'X 9 i F455 3 -"Q ,iv N K be 5, fl l 4 A X i ' ri. Y ffl W 1 if 4 .4 " -Q. ...Q pg?1fG?:9:???2 ri 'S l if 5'9" r mt it xi ww si. . .V 1 1 vw- I 3 gi, ...-,,35 , 'if e K g N X 1, -f 1 ,X A A Yvette Murillo Aurthor Murphy Zachory Myers Randle Natoons Tami Nelson Lance ODonnell Dolores Olivares Ramond Ortega Patrick Ott Amanda Pacheco Pam Patton Susan Pendergast Barbara Phelps David Pierce Rhonda Pierce Velvet Piper Linda Pitman Daniel Pitt Tron Podgorski Jamie Pollard Kecia Powell Jeffery Quayl James Quick Raul Quinones Margie Raczo Pat Ramesy Jodi Rawlins Gary Redfield Mel Reeves Thomas Rowalee Kenneth Renter Crystal Reyekes Beth Reyes Patrick Rice Debbie Richardson Juanita Ricks Kim Ripple 159 Daniel Risch Robert Rivera Sherry Rivera Craig Robinson Tammy Robinson Mark Rodger Kurt Rogers Lucinda Rogers Phillip Romero Sandra Rouse Bill Roush Eric Rumple Durant Ryan Todd Saf Kenneth Sakakibara Angela Salupo Kathy Sanchez Thomas Sawyer Peggy Sayre Dennis Schroder Larry Seagroves Sally Sheward Dawn Shields Dan Shockey Bonnie Shoemaker Richard Simpson Bret Skirwin Adam Smith Corrina Smith Nancy Smith Sherry Smith Debbie Solimenia Natalie Sotelo Ronny Speight Jay Starr Patricia States Angela Steele 160 Judith Steele Tom Steele Connie Stegal Beth Steigarwald Andrea Steinborn Roberta Stevens Paul Story Martha Strain Larry Stumfoll David Sullivan Randy Sumner Kenneth Surber Cheryl Suttilh Jerry Swanson Liesi Sweeney Vicki Tafoya Timothy Tallent Diana Tanner Trina Tate Gregory Taylor Ray Taylor Kathryn Thistle Paula Thomas Maria Timmer Wayne Tolliver Edward Torres Kristen Townsend Tammy Turtchin 161 Gwen Turnage Maian Turner Mike Tuten Esther Trimble Kevin Troendle Eduardo Trujillo Mark Vainauskas Lisa Valentine Ron Varderbuilt Sheri Vrana I 'f 1 I fix, Anthony Velasquez 'i f - .- Edith Ue Bergahn Ruth Villegas Cliff Voge 3 tai , , ,- -, 'X l. -v -ef L W - ' lil , Q SN f I' to W A il it Dawn Walker Kelly Waugh Robert Weddigen Ben Wetzel Troy White Lisa Whitney Robert Wiegel Wendy Wiley Delberta Winter Edward Wood Colleen Young Kelly Young Susan Zamboni Barbara Zapata 162 Q' q AL Hugh Zembruski Diana Zwicker 'Sz 2 gn. Jean Ackerman Robert Ackerman Douglas Acton Darla Adair David Aldridge Merry Alexander John Allen Theresa Alspaugh Joe Ambriz Tammy Aposhian Ralph Ard Melinda Atkinson Jana Auerbach Lisa Ayala Carol Bahm Steven Bailey Kandice Baker David Balboa Eddie Balboa James Baldonado Jennifer Balzer Elenor Bandi Kari Barger Barbara Barnett Suzie Barrett Julie Bateman Denise Bauer Tammy Bauer Julie Beem Dailene Begarje Randall Bettis Susan Beyerlein Garry Black Larry Black James Blair William Blair Jennifer Blazer 164 ,JJ Nh,-x A 2 ??iE ' A . 44" 'lil' FN K !!'Afl'!,:i! M qv ,' J gb yi ,. l E " i X fam gs. xx 'ff s, ,if . ,J iii .- 'P "q ,A gq,NA"s' P21 pi ' '-,gi lt 5 I 1:52- Sph "S- inenwfi is-.r .NV ' 154: 'gun . . fu' xi ' gyrus' ,if ii L ,xllfiiluu . , ri p als - ix 1" 1 .1 -wi ,. , D lEi'lW'A', - r , ..- ,J ff! 277 5.-Q..-Q4 ,W ' i A D - A . v. Margaret Bosecker Steve Boulder Amy Bowman Paul Boyer Cheryl Brees Ronald Brookman Chris Brooks Todd Broster Judith Brown Lynn Brown ,, it K ,dx fi i Q, Mary Ann Brown Tina Brown Tim Buehner Valerie Butler ., Joe Bushong Bill Brymer Kelly Bryson Tommy Bryson Mary Cagle Brenda Campbell Glenda Campbell Frances Carlson Veronique Carlson James Caron Billie Carpenter Michelle Carter Eddie Cash Marcia Centini Rick Cessna Michael Chamacho Richard Chavez Jack Cheatman Kristen Cherry Steve Chestnut lg i,., .. , I E, mu rv ia AT E5 2131 i T E F r X 'S 5 ev 'vet I-i , :Ei "4 P 4 mf 'sh ' 1 N x "Qi, G 5 - . 1 i f 'Mu ' 4- xx . ,W-v A '?' : mp. if 5 fgtqgggt ,, ,lg .wr ,Am ttwanar . .. .,.. r M .e . 5 'B . i' Kevin Chlarson James Cischke Billy Clark Cameron Cline Kim Coniglio Elizabeth Conner Scott Cook Ed Courier Tarrod Coursey Joy Cox Cheryl Crary Daniel Crawford Diana Crooks Doug Culham 166 'uw ,Lx Q.: H i if L 'S ' A .ai i l G ' , ' Wvlwii lair .i gf G vi ' Vi, ,.., L, ,...: ,, .J , f G. 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'S Deborah Cushing Ramon Daniels Kimberly Daugherty Barry Davis Tad Davis Kathlene De Gryse Tammy De Gurski James De Long Jane De Rosa Vicki Deason Ferrell Dees Tasia Dehalle Amy Dekarske Monica Delhanty Marie Denny Rich Denslow Cathy Devenpeck Theresa Diana Lee Draper Kathy Dykstra Julie Eagy Derek Eberl Mathew Ecker Brenda Edmiston Shannon Emerson Sheryl Emerson Mary Ann Engelke Sharon Ertel Rena Errin Robin Espindola Greg Evans Kevin Evans Jeff Fanty Raymond Federico Diane Felix Donna Fipps John Fisher 167 David Fitchett Cynthia Fitzgerald Tracy Fleming Keith Flemming Wendy Floyd Patrick Fodge Dawn Foley Lisa Foley Lori Foote Clifford Forney Kim Fournier John Franzen Thomas Frazee Michelle French Valerie Fritz Kelly Fyffe Lisa Gallinger Christy Garavetto Mary Garcia Jamie Garrison David Gentile Kari Gentry Erica Gibson Tammy Gibson Deena Gillham Mike Godbehere Hector Gonzalez Karen Gore Troy Gray Rose Gregoire Julie Griffith Lane Ground George Guana Mike Guarino Andrea Guest Kimberly Gustafson Chris Gutierrez 168 Mike Hall Robert Halley Rick Hammer Steve Harder Anthony Harris Elizabeth Harris Sheri Harris Warren Harris Michael Hawk Cindy Hawly Penny Haynie William Hearn Gary Heathrnen Teresa Hebenstreit OFGS James Helm Maureen Hennessy Mike Henry Cynthia Hernandez Luis Hernandez Marvin Hernandez Michael Hernandez Terry Hernandez Mary Herrera Donna Herzner Mark Hester Brian Hicks Robert Higgins Julie Hock 169 Lorene Hook Pam Hopper Todd Hopper Ronda Horn Chandra Horne William Houde Michele Hughes Tina Hughes Ray Jackson Steve James Paul Jarvis Gary Jemison Bruce Jenkins Michael Jenkins Sharon Jennings Dawnell Jerome Don Jines Aubrey Johnson David Johnson Kevin Johnson Richard Johnson Tracy Johnson Cynthia Jones Denny Jones Eric Jones Gregory Jones Raymond Jones Traci Jones 170 .i .4 Bm u ' riir L M K ,geg K ,fi I F Fl E r ' , -" L i s 4- " ' , - M- V f' 1 A A ' ff I , v I .JR A AX i A D . L ' L L ,Q '5 1 4:-of ' 4.- V 1' 6 ' , X Leg i Q it , . l . 7,5 . . .gk 4? , vi V s n N 1 . V- 9 ,, Q f x P H 5 K ,J ' ,M , I, sr td' 'fum K fi , 5 Q, 'I' if i X af wel gJ V. ' , 1 5 'XMI' kim.. Debra Joseph Lora Kaiser Vada Kasanack Desiree Keane Joanne Kellerman Dean Kelly Tina Kemarly Donnie Kerksieck Barbara Kessel Bryan Kidder Bebe Kinne Pam Knight Rene Knowlton Crystle Kolander Debbie Kral Kris Krissel Donnald Kruser Mike Kuhlin Robert LaPreze Miliwida Lebron Paula Linville Ken Littler Dora Lopez Rosario Lopez Michael Lon Patricia Lucas Chris Macaw Martin Madrid Kennith Mahoney Michelle Malsch Richard Manche Tracee Mang Bryan Maguire Mardis Marshall Maria Marshell Kelly Martin William Martin 171 Angela Martinez Cynthia Martinez James Mascia Dwayne Mason Sonya May Layna McAllister Linda McAhIy Regina McBride Mary McCall Joe McCarthy Charles McCarty James McCubbien Kevin McGinnis Felicia McGinty Robin McKinley Donna McKinney Kimberly McReynolds Gabriel Medrano Lori Meek Jim Merculief Terry Merrifield James Merrith Randy Merrill Lori Mettille Laurie Michelson Annette Miller Carl Mills Glen Molck Kendall Mooreland Rose Moreno Darlene Morningstar Brook Morris Paul Morrison Elizabeth Mosley Richard Murphy Debra Murrell Walter Neitch 172 'G' 'az 2+ ,ioii,ioa, lf, . -.5 3 xi, ii l r 0 5,1 MN 5 li i x if ii 'lx 'fi' ws! ' :G- 'iw Qa'l:7'.,?1f f. "sd 51 .til rl w., Mawr 'fav' r ph ores S up , we Mya Qi K xi M El n-any ov' i .3 N R f , . iz: fs 'CE V A r , J. ,. ? fs' f "va, 4 , 4 Y f' ii , X. Q, Ns. , X liiiiiff K l I I l 1 QL, ls ,U li mm. .. ,x 3 ,.a,,v,' 7 ,f :nf Li 3 vs ly 932, . . DTYZTILTD :Cf .si-Srl x .1-,AMN .,. f , Q6 xx .',L , 7iS?'Qf,, f?J"'7ff7f'f if +- 'vw W fi" 51 -nik -.rf ag fifff F J -'wi -4 Brenda Nelson Kenneth New Joseph Newharth Robert Neville Terri Niska Jack Noble Judy Nuanez Michele O'Brien Silvia Ochoa Christopher Odom Scott Olgesby Monica Olivas Mike Olson Christine Ortega 'jqgfafe W4 9 41" , X' I -aff: H A' .17 J ' 1 .'f M 4 il Y Q 1A ' N--fini' " ' - I J' ' tr k ., Y- 5 V l 5 V . V it Frank Ortega Vicky Ortega Rosalinda Padilla Denise Pamula Regina Parsons John Patterson James Pavelich Yvonne Pena Shawn Pena Shelly Pennington Patricia Perez Karen Peter Kimberly Peterson Bobby Phillips 173 David Plouf Mark Porter Dawn Powell lain Power Tim Price Yvonne Price Michelle Pryor Rodney Puckett Lori Purchase Carlos Quihuis Alex Ramirez Newell Randon Clark Rauna Ronnie Redmond gg, g . Kevin Redstrom Rebecca Reilly Michael Remien Terry Renfro Jeri Reyes Melissa Rhodes Kathy Richardson Becky Ritchie Clay Roark Carl Roberts Edward Roberts James Roberts Annette Robles Bernadette Rodriguez 174 If N1 1 5 f-' N, , A as we., ,, - 'l 4 fl M x i X.. gall fi 5- ,Wi vw ,km r 1 if I its r 'gf ,4,,,.,i- we ,gi -...I Wi wi ores S ores S ph . 1 " R N ,'4" 7: .. Z. i K FC' Q at A ' 'fe A' Ei X n -. V, p rlx l gy M ,if xl ,, -V fs t 5 gf, A4 E , ,, x Y' If fy 1 lt, gg ffl . A xl , A i f my to S If 'N gl C : Q 'lg 'K ,ia ,W ., 5 FN i l v, , ,wg ..:1, Ni R. 3 .s.. N 'l ills- - ,f . .4 'xv -515+ 32' 3 W . 1, .f p. F l' wig ,E 1 i f u A tiff' .I . -. 3 it 1' . it if K ,f Q L Z ,. ., , 'W ,v ,-f . Yi . -.,, bg A t 5 yn! F r- , 5x W ,. '-'': ' mat. Wuzia i fi I, 3 ,Q val ,- an v . y t ' :sg z -.F ,, s-,f Maria Rogers Willie Rogers Joel Romero Douglas Root John Root Pam Rose Michael Ross Patrick Ross Angilique Rouiiiard Mike Royal Stefanie Royston Ronald Ryan Robin Sage Armando Saenz Robert Saenz Wendy Santi Lisa Sapien Christina Sauer Joan Schemenauer Elania Schoonover Nancy Schroeder Kevin Scott Robert Sertich Scott Sheward Jackie Sheilds Michael Shore Lance Shuck Jim Simpson Jeff Sing Wendy Slusher Bettina Smith Shawn Smith Tammy Smith Shirley Solanski Evelyn Soto Genaro Soto Richard Soza James Spahr Edward Sprague Don Stacy 175 Debbie Stalter Tammy Steed Carol Stenner Kym Stevens Christy Streeper Janet Stringham Kathy Swarthout Sharon Swingler Ed Tafoya Antony Tallent Michael Tanguay Rebecca Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Tracy Taylor Adam Tellez Steve Terreault Arthur Thompson Randal Thompson Priss Tom Deborah Tooms Veronica Torres Randy Totty Drew Towns Kris Treat Mark Tressler David Turchin Micheal Turley Robbie Turner Evelyn Valdez Kim Valentine Terry Vanover Ingrid VanWoesik Rosa Vancila Kenneth Veatch John Veitch Veronica Verdugo Robert Verville Marisa Villa Anita Villalpando Vincent Villegas Craig Waldrep Lisa Walton Billy Wammack Pheriba Warman Robert Washburn Kelly Waters Dwayne Watson Kathy Welsch Barbra West 176 ,-.W - 'T ' , K tg QL X.. - if f , V ,Q-t in J 'LW 2 J 'Rx ,- i M B fax D V 1 X it ix D D it i X, if yf pw l y, 'T' 1 fs .". lf'n3 i x fy. JN 'hy vkid "i, "xz,. '75 ' X W ,..-..,,,, X? P ,-:,'l1fR V '----- v- t A...V A xii., ., r vw 3 -T 5 's 'xii 1- Q Q tw ., G if to 2 gf ,X .1 , 6 t K D 1 if T X I Q gf I 1 ,i-5eggg.giL::5L,f3:.9- a,,,.1Ff'l"' r .s A W . t' -K 1 L fi? ' f ' V ' o A , ent V "as: S K 25 l, fra ,, I I 7.54 t '15 ' f,c' N I X , Z3 f .1 .vi I I if 1 ,Hill it -.1 , .4 1 ,I 'W' l " 49 1 ' ' .li ' A ' ' ' Q., , ix, , A. C 1 'F A. ' N ff . , f . W R ? 4, . , , gym, VST, 4... 'M f QM t f f Ry, A., at ,. ,Y Q'-ff, l 5 ,U 1 i I N oresS ph r SS ph H,H MARYVA F WG Li 'sl' 5.1.1 gi Y Y - 1 .J ' ,an -ff ,,.,,, ,, h lt. 1 -. " QP 1 v 4 .- cn""""" ,,..-v-- ' if ifffiifhz' ' fs Lb ' fi 5, Q, TF V xi , il Terry West Sharon Wheeler Theodore Wheeler Lanetta Whitney Tonya Willey Jess Willhite Andrea William Ben Willians Cherene Williams Scott Williams Stony Wilson Ana Wood Terry Woodbridge Gaylene Wyatt Carol Yarlott Charles Yeager Melody Young Russell Young Lori Zapata William Zard Mary Zoll Charles Bowden Lisa Cook Jim Grothe Gregory Hayden Patrick Fudge Alexander Russ Raymond Taylor 177 Tracey Adams Tracy Agnelli Rosemary Almanza Nancy Alverez Chris Andrade Mary Arbuckle Dawn Archuleta Danny Ashlock Kelly Aubrey Traci Aulger Daphne Baker Amber Bakker David Ball Mark Balser Manora Bandi Susan Barber Debi Barosci Beverly Barter Amanda Baxter Ralph Beasley Mark Beiar Jeffery Bench Leman Bennett Lori Bentley Janna Berghouse Marty Bernal Gerald Bills Aileen Bishop Jamie Biver Crystal Blair Robert Blount Becky Blowers Renee Boucher Steven Boyak Bruce Boyd Marlene Braswell Teresa Bratcher 178 rs. '- Y -5? A pix .f ff? 17 I me v by 4 1143 I ., rf Ti '1 I 1 V,-"I T PF 51' 321.2-xr. . 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' , - my. ,v in ,igem X ig.: NK N Carmen Delgado Irma Delgado Sheila Dempsey Dewey Denham Lisa Dennis Sharon Dennis Shonn Deskins Kevin Dewey Michael Dewey Susan Dice Rebecca Dierks Vanola Dixon Barbra Docken Randy Dominquez Tom Dominquez Wanda Downing Chris Draper Lisa Dugan Lori Dugan Jeffrey Duncan Ryan Dyer Debra Eccleston Bart Edwards Brett Elder Shiela Ellis Sherry Ellson Ayesha EI-Shabazz Bobi Elwood Arthur Emery Tina Emigh Manuel Enojos Karrie Erickson Richard Federico Patrick Feick Jeanette Felix Rocky Felix Gracie Fernandez Catherine Fetchie Steve Fetchie Lana Fincher 181 Patricia Fipps Tina Fisher Troy Fisher Robert Flener Patricia Flitsch Gregory Fogelson Traci Fraga Naomi Frazier Lorie Frederick Leonard Friedel Jon Frizzell David Fuller James Fuller Laura Fuller Travis Fuller Billy Gabbert Caroline Gallardo Trinidad Gallegos Michelle Gammon Mary Garcia Rochelle Garcia Gene Garrett Mary L.ynn Garrison Terry Garrison Patricia Gastelum Bernie Condron Staci George David Giambattista Cori Gilsdorf Wayne Gipson Tim Glapion Clem Godinez Tom Gomez Fernando Gomez Lisa Gonzalez Rita Gonzales Sergio Gonzales Kim Goody Britten Gore Frank Gough 182 3.9 'lf iii- A we , 1 . 51 , if r' zezi 4 2 l K i gm Lflff aff? Angela Grady Ronald Green Jeff Greer Steven Gregory Bobby Griffin Robin Griffin Dresden Ground Sonia Gutierrez Ronald Hahl Timothy Haltendorf Paul Hampton Nancy Hansen Trina Hardwick Leslie Hargis N X M. xx ,bl ug' 6-gy Xxjfvkp -,Qy be l MQ QU 5 gal 8 OW Qlqile Dio .300 1 Michelle Harian Kenneth Harrington Stephanie Harrington Leis Harrison Kirk Hayes Eddie Head Chris Headstrom David Heidel James Hennessy Catherine Henry Caron Hernandez Wesley Herndon David Herod Cindy Herzner 183 Debbie Heuer Charla Hill Donna Hill Micheal Hilller Debbie Hipsher Fred Hoadley Cheryl Holden Lisa Holland Michelle Hollman Tony Holmes Mauricetta Holt Rickey Horton Kevin Hoskins Donald Hotaling Ill -5, .ii ,,.,-,.....-,J X A S1 P mi e ' Ai 1 , y,,f,.- 1 ' ip, W 5 shm n Fr shm Freshm nFr shrr Vicki Hughes Clinton Hunton Stephanie Ingram Josh Irwin George Isaac Jackie James Lester Jennings Kimberlie Jergenson Anthony Johnson Edward Johnson Joy Johnson Leonard Johnson Marc Johnson Michael Johnson 184 ills ,f '9T!'!l'Z'3 I ..-2 ..,, A 1? rw if f t-525'-'F 'Si ,K e '. 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' .Q ,hm n Fr shm XJ:-i.. -I es ty C L. -ft ., ' ess Y ' '.,. ,a JI w 1 ,..g.3' was 5' t -J... . 'it t S 2 'nr W crm. .X . Cammie Voge Connie Walker Harold Walther Mike Walton James Webb Ronald Webb Tim Webb Kelly West Renee Whallon Patrick Wheeler Kathie White Susie White Pam Whitney Jason Willhite Pat Wilson Frank Wolski Christopher Wood Lorie Wood Walter Woodard Deborah Woodley Bonnie Wright Charles Wyatt Liz Williams Trisha Williams Archie Yates Tammy Yates Caroline Young Jill Zamboni Gayell Zembrauski Pearl Zimmerman llylwbtwl tim U 0000 fl VNV X ' fn Ycf 41 t SAW A U V UQEKNQ REQ? Q 6 ul a W YW v if W iw 194 To all the business and parents who partici- pated in this section. A special thanks to Harry Bandouveris who wrote the beautiful letter the staff sent out to the parents and to Eddie Wil- liarns, who donated close to 3,000 dollars in services. We are glad to have worked with you all and we look forward to working with you in the fu- ture. Cherene Williams Ad's Editor Yr? f... fl ' i fi. '1 . xx -. kk: ai. 'F ' K, r - ,LI A Q! .ig - ..iy-A, 4 x iriiiig, . s ',r ,Aff -I .M . 'ff' ' I 2- N Master carvers, T' s I ::i3o,:a:1'::.i'f I w , 'ffl'-6' ,Wet 1 I Mid E as Caesar ax, ". s',:?' Garth and Mary Shay, display rheir narianally acclaimed carved vvaad crearians. They specialize in hand carved doors, plaaues, and sfarues in addirian ra fine ievvelery. Specializing in necklaces and earrings Route 1, BOX 7QJ from rhe vvarld's most exotic hard- Laveen, AZ. 35339 woods. Outside the sky is watercolor grey Newspaper says to look for rain today No one around for company So I turn to memories to pass the time away How strange to think I-low many friends were lost somewhere behind Where are they now Howl miss those companions Who walked the canyons of the night By my side Where are they now Like so many crazy dancers Who live only for the answers in a sang But that was long ago Where are they now? When love was new and wonderful There was no word impossible The future we saw with our minds Was something of our hearts design Between today and yesterday Life came between us all Where are they now? Howl miss those companions Who walked the canyons of the night By my side Where are they now? Like so many crazy dancers Who live only for the answers in a song But that was long ago Where are they now? LAIDLA W FOUNDATION 2525 E. PRINCE TUSON, ARIZONA 85716 PH. C5025 795-3276 BILL LUKE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH! l PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85015 l N N 1 1 N A Dear Graduate: y Our family has served your family for 54 years. I sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity of ' providing you with your transportation needs in the months and years ahead. 1 l In the meantime, our very best wishes for a happy and i I prosperous future. Sincerely, V' X ,L OSX-,,LL,f4,O' Don Luke 11.512 i ,322 Y' . r-.5-ifzlfif' Ku K,dM,..-f.- , :avi Q' Uv A , 1 I 3 -QQ--1--Mf"f'w A Sift? L 'Q ,rrp I! M jg A ,,,.v V -4- ggi- '- -, SEAT: . si-?w?.,:FT'f'f'5H53 . '13 'iff X5 5+ -1, 3,4 pg fi? air-sggmfrvf-Siv. 2 ' pv .5 1 few il Qfri:'?fi,yfsf+5if5,E'91'--',-.,1 V f'f'f-K J-'aff, -rc. , , - a 4' 'vii Fsagf? 'f lxfwzez-a'f ' . ' ,-f - N' K 1 I 51?sf-4f,4f?"'F'ft.3,t5,gLy-A--A-A --, -T-.Q-fr 5 :,ff, mms.. M.. Q CHRYSLER i BESTWISHESFROMUSTO YOU M M Q Z 6 Z Nlx FIBRE' Wff'W MWWW x , 2 , Wfnw - PHOENIX G ants TOMOHDWS Malo! Leaguers TODAY! isa, X O X QQ 1 ,. ":': 2:1 om r L gue AYf i Www I PHOENIX "1'Q:1-E1 11, 1:2- - l Giants Tomorrowb Major Leaguers TODAY' Xa b I - A 21: "" , M wb :ZA E: 'V:: '-:. I PIPQ ,A, :::: :' L agu rs TODAY! '2' ' 7 WfjlX I PHOENIX S mam okrr w' a' r br ' Tmo o sM1o Leag esTODAY The Hyoii Regency Phoenix rises io ony occosion. An iniimoie dinnerforiwo. A rneeiing for 200. A wedding recepiion. Sundoy Brunch. A room forihe evening or The week. Whoieverihe occosion, rely on The Hyoii Regency Phoenix io moke ii rnernorobie. For resenfoiions or informoiion, coll 267-'I 4 'IO. ml!!! 90 1' HYATT REGENCYG3 PHOENIX Volidoieci porking oi 2nd Sireei 84 Adorns. Advertiser: Hyatt Regency Phoenix Agency: Phil Motta G Associates Contact: Ron Edwards Q602D 266-3800 b o.' O8 6 Jo N . 2 Size: Full Page C8 x lOD Publication: Trevor Browne H.S. Yearbook Color: BGW Firsts. Eg lin the blunksl First School -ii, First Prom iii First Teacher?-.11 First Steady-T.? Ji' First Kiss -l.+- First Dissected Frog , l toto is First Football Game i. First Car-.?i- First Date First Bank sl? lla? Frrsl lnlerslale Ban Formerly Frfsl Nalio Throughout the Valley to serve you. . "' oFF norm CENTERS .u4 L 1 5 ef- T L, At - fff -1 545 , -X A .e . 4 JN 1 2- FIN .-'ef s + 'A 8 l. x First Interstate lr olArizoria N A Member FD I C ' Federal Reserve Syslem nal Bank olArizona Equal Opponunily Employer WHAT EVERY NOSE SIIDIILD KIIDW! Natural gas is one of your safest servants when properly used. But a gas leak can be disastrous. If you smell the odor of gas and can't locate and correct the trouble right goo ies SERVICE STFITIDNS A Division of EHIIIH industries, inc. "Moving forward with the Southwest" away, call us immediately. There's no charge for gas leak investigations. lf you are not familiar with the odor of gas, call us and ask for a tree gas "sniffer" card. Arizona Public Service Company THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ORDINARY HEADPHONE RADIOS AND A MULTIPLEX? WESTCLDX True multi lex stereo in a headphone radio . . . for about S31-OOO. Thats the I-Ieadhuggeri by Westclox. Thatis right, Westclox. The people who have meant good products at good pnces for almost IDD years. THE DIFFERENCE MULTIPLEX STEREO MAKES. Listening to FM stereo in a Multiplex I-Ieadhugger is a total experience. The sound is separated like true com onent stereo sys- tems to 've ou unhear f and l , dp d th 'ty Unbeliegzlablsel And the Hcdadliijigger coinags with a headphone jack, so you can use it with your home stereo system. L' s o.m..m.,n mama i.m.'c.w,-.,f..i..m A Lui-V :mum :K-mmm Nnrtmss GA som TI-IE DIFFERENCE BE I W EEN URDINARY CLOCK RADIUS AND EXTRAQRDINARY QNES? WESTCLCX AGAIN. We have four new clock radios you have to see and hear to believe. Better speakers. Better features, like a touch Drowsen alann bar and automatic I..E.D. dimming. Make sure you ask for the name you know. . . Westclox. Congratulations Class of '82 You have earned your independence Now, insure your freedom . . . . . . Register 84 Vote Republican Arizona Republican Party 4O E. Thomas Rd To Register to vote Phoenix, AZ. 85002 Call: 274-2284 '1 American Airlines ger 16021 252-1773 wssrznl gi Industrial Enterprises, Inc. ,rife 1 f ? D WESTERN JAEJMEQEY - PHX HDO W 3. - wssrenn SANITARY suPPLv - vum ' Generll Ofllcas: P,O. Box 25029 RON HARTN ETT 501 scum nn sum Phoenix, Arlzona 85072 U.S Anyilme 5 Our Cake and Ice Cream Cake makes a great binhday dessert. 1 K ,-"" I, 31? NA ' BASKIN-ROBBINS on gg ICE CREAM STORES NMEL gig-IZQXAE INDIAN SCHOOL ROAD 02 258-6985 American Plumbing Supply Co. BUILDERS EMPORIUM - FOR - PLUMBING 5 HARDWARE 0 ELECTRICAL 2950 GRAND AVENUE PHOENIX, ARIZONA S5017 wx, OUR YEARBOOK PA TRONS Axel Transmission "Cuz and Janet McKinnty "Cuz" Earl and Beverly Bergsteat Betty Jean Frazer Ray Wood Joc and Bertha Ambrly John and Corry K ward Mary Lou Kinn Harry and Carolyn Tolliver Leonard and Retts Skaggs Robert and Martha McKee Walter and Kathern Jekins William C. and Connie J. Sweenly Richard and Lupeo Rodriguez David and Barbra Craytor Ken G. and Margaret M. Weiss Eddie H. Williams lll Donavon and Sandra Klahn Raymond and Sandra Jenkins Gerald and Renee Zamboni Nacy E. Peternal 36 O4 wx 112 'St' 5 Hifi' pc , , 0 431211 'max fifjlfw . It 1 :iff, -nun, ziggy VJ fx M fs fi V.,,..,,y-,.'-r - 'Y' 'r 3 -':' .,, .. :Lk wi .2N.1,. i R sw pu x '. , , ,F 'um 1 'hp -35? A ,JJ Q' x W M -' I . ,45-M. THE MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN by walter d. wintle If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don't. If you'd like to win but you think you can't, lt's almost certain you won't. If you think you'll lose, you've lost, for out in the world you'll find Success begins with a fel1oW's will, it's all in the state of mind. If you think you are outclassed, you are. You've got to think high to rise. You've got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win. Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. The Best To You In The Follwing Years. I if-7 1 . KX 2CgQfLv 2 bd A-ee -2 ATS-Word Center Financial Center N.Ce tr Sui 3443 n ai- te1509 Phoenix, Arizona 85012 160239574584 Eddie Williams 20 . 5 Q M , rx A J 'H"30?m1lvO4bO1wf' C A an-on-aaa' 3, www new-sm-1. ,V ...Q P... ,X I, , 5 i 'gif T , 4 3 L XXV? ami.. W 1 W l7Q"J,'4:t Ayesha Michele Felicia Calla QQ ,... in Felicia Judy Ortanda Cherene THE BLACK STUDENT UNION Congratulations to the entire graduating class of 82, Espe- cially Lisa Johnson and Zealean Penniston. Good luck. Love, all of us Walter Monique O6 4 , . ' 9 3 li: e 1 5 z ' A r I I F ,lsr-.. ., I N n Lisa Lori Mrs. Penniston Mr. Sharp Congradulations Class of 82 from Laveen Pest Control Co. 23 7-4601 Termites Peys Weeds G. savela 4531 W. Siesta Way Lic No. 462BCE Laveen AZ SNACK TIME SUPPLIES 8g EQUIPMENT 3416 w. FLOWER s PHOENIX, AZ 85017 SNACK BAR I CONCESSION SUPPLIES POPCORN I CANDY I PAPER PRODUCTS FUND RAISING CANDYS TELEPHO COLLECT 16021 269-5997 Salt River Project WATER O POWER , , 0 LQEQQL 2 SIZE' W 9 'sa ,f . , , sl: I a 4-X Ti? U iiiirfiw 0 McD0naId'S I I ce lVlcDonalds does a little more for its public than put two all beef patties on their Big Macs. At Trevor Browne alone they helped raise transportation funds for the poms and cheers to travel to and from games. They donated three trophies for football and for the second year in a row they treated the football team to a sirloin steak dinner. They bought 40 commemorative glasses for the band and gave an athlete of the week award. lVlcDonalds supported Bear Facts and Lair with ad- vertisements and discount coupons, and gave away free hamburgers for the annual gong show. They promoted the Booster Club and gave a tour of their place and lectured to the H.E.R.O. club. For seniors they gave a S100 scholastic and athletic achievements. The Mc- Donald's which supported Trevor Browne for the 1981- 82 school year is located on 83rd Ave. and Indian School Rd. .1 .nxt y M .ii. -'V A it ' in ,. -X 5 Gxxxiihk , :S .4 N 5. .W .... Zi y Mgr K '. , 'QV i't. 541 55: Q - 1 iff' 1' .f ff' .... . i .,4.:- f f' ,i fr:-:f -tt-.1 ' fi . Q . X-, f,f,f' 1 . 'U 1-wish-1-. in , ,yy gi . ,, . .,,,t Wtifkrf-if I , f f ff ,4 L . I we-...., 2 'sqf- E . e,.A,, ...A Amber Nichelle Julie Nina 'san 'im mm-' Mynette Dorrie Renee Connie Y. N1-----rr' Lynn Susan Lisa Christy J .. ,W qw my Theresa Sandy Nina Yvonne L X-'f 'F .va -.f 210 nr? ,K .5 'W , yi' Rf gi out .L . 5. Us s ff' 3 5 Q ., fag ,ff ! ,ii ff A ,Q -4Qs. 4 Hg? 'n W4 e A M 4 is Hifi fix M '- . -,Q -"v WRESTLERETTS OF '82' 'S 's...DI" Rosalinda Laura Lori Diane Vicki Lori Aundria Joannie V, ke- K f iv' Q tv . 75 f A V Y J v W if , f 9.-fyx - nw' .a ,L its M Judy Sandy Maryanne Christy Karen Dezeray Teresa Mary More of '82' VVRESTLERE TTS THE NRAD'QN5" du Lfagmmnd TQAVIS Ulm mix Hevnogy J Jawa. ' Bmw CJQNNOQ ZITU Bemis 'dau 'WM O? KEITH bmldsl CU VY NPSA MQMLYN NXONQOE H1 62 Qu IQSD E411 users' Q lf. 1? ll +hc umia m stour N-Fe GH- there. bccausz 'aw' WWC dfmun -Num -Eh L 'Hwtm UQYXOH 'Aon do wi-Eh Rs mums- choice! 'Tisamr -io qi! mst ?rir.n4S: 5'l5's Huh, -' V50 CLA ,MQ a,ndbL,l7nufa?-ms' ghtind' 1,,,j,4 and .,yuA1u0x,h.0 Jaw gud L1 CQU-Q. I aww Ibn going +0 rms: cf!! you good-fookvy 9"'f5 M ytarbpok and Z5 L9f'f I hope you win fha f b' ym 30,49 fo mf! Ouf whqf your mfssffljf 'WM To Bvdhv awp , Your a.. Srgaff' -Y-'mind To ,NNN - Vg wlyrx 1300- 0- uJonde.v-9-A Summer vmcxh o' TX . Love , TN, P0153 M'n'w Omd Bo.Xe'H'a. 95016 Lyn, .64 ,amp-z4,f,qf,.v,2hz44f,,fz.0uf' Lfzfpawfw www Haw 3C45UlL0gQQU.O N USD ww Mwyaglm N MMO plum 'Pom NN 'Dygggklcs oowi Rub ,o. 'gf 304 'WG Schr F Unofkugg Jam an for-uit! wav wAL1zg-Mew You cm Rout INNO noLL 1 H IGH ff von.'rAeE -Us fY1ac,helZc,5fcp49uig dlfjff Ejfiux 65711 +75 good ffmf5.f oA40.,?cabJ-,wifi f,m.f,y 5fmM, ,offjmggj +56 firgf 60 af-fofq ffd fWou4!f,fw5 - ?Cm6mb6e mg..BufPFgdI mg. Goo Z, f'0'?.4001f Ja 6ao0f 77717-Jwecf 765423, iffy. zofag 7-5,1J1'Cf Good' ZULKIU All Iliff. pmuufffefrof , mf- dv' 534 Lwdj hgadjf lnsh+Dl6ZChapmvAsb1 To :LN rmj -fm'-ds, Thugkl ixmj mag qw, 1 wah good luck +o GLN O? SOIL-- 1+'3 bggn Srgaf. 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W"W'U4-U' mg, o-l-by:-r Friends. ,TO QW ' QDM Ww In Vu mlm, Halls, I can hwesyy Sly H04'LVU'1 Casanova orValm- bfno than Hold a Candle-lo ybd. And 1 gun. NN dcmal revel Hnwv BJ Tywf, S-we m.,6,,g4s+M, C94 :TONY abarirx, E-J',,Skw4H,, 'Dan And Qvwawg Cv-404,Dave - 1 w"' low Md yvw' bodb QFOUQF! 6 W an tw Wfg ofix clo'8'b" E3 ewlob Qflfbg Jy 5 xfxpnlfwgg "Each of us wishes 74:03 P'- -an ,.,...-g h ya! y X M ,.- . :K A w, . Vw., N. A." 4 . I, ii . to leave a mark 1 , V99 .4 5' . gg, K . A A 'Ley . xx -f 1,1 Z X, ,. . ' dk, I: ka a f ,-a, aQa .qv 4 X , V, I ' "li X 'ft' ug A .1 I , f -. S w . , ,- 216 i l i l i l i l .Q i J J - -ZX i :,jl'jgTif' 3 fx, V '4 E ' 3 iff 0 W tlyj fl M 'ss to . R c t t, K if L fffrtows E 'K K 7' rt .0 .Nil xii I, Q -X it Nl5v lvmtewiilr Something to remember that we were there Everyone tries to leave a mark, To remember each and everyone Something to remember the little red haired girl The boy next door, what used to be Things slip away from us. We lose control of events And time passes us by. Empty streets and crumbled buildings Remind us of what was and what will become Each of us trying to make a mark So someone will remember Our class, our time, each of us, Unique and important. , t - br' JO 'le ,LQ rw, 2 f K ,. wf iw Stl' ,..4w-lr,--H fm. " 1 A-M' W GOODBYE LlTTLE CHILDREN Our elders say slow down a bit And enjoy the youth we own. Sit, listen, and realize Together we are alone. The fads today emphasize Maturity and "Iove." However grown-up we want to be, We cannot rise abovep The fun of T.P,ing, Cheering at football games, Trying to remember your Spanish words And laughing at the funny names. Spirit Week comes, and we go all out, Trying to top each other. The days go by like a lighted matchg There'll never be another. This senior year is the time to say Goodbye to the children we were, Juniors, sophomores, and freshmen now, Youth is a long-lost treasure. Mary Margaret M ffm. wwf' Fxfs- I made the most of lt' I did it!!! As a surprise to many people I finished the book. Although I didn't realize it at the time but, this was going to be an unforgettable year. The book took up most of my free time, kept me from attending classes, and prevented me from having lunch. My second home was not an easy one to live in. There was never a moments peace and just when I thought I had completed all the work I found another page that needed copy or pictures. It wasn't that I didn't like the job, it's just that if I had to do it over again I would do it differently. There were only a few things that kept me together this year and they were my parents CDonavon and Sandi Klahny, my advisor Uohn Corletty, and my staff. They all put up with me through my worst of moods. I appreciate all the patience and support I received from them. I thank you. ' In conclusion, I make no apologies and have no regrets. I just hope that you will enjoy the book now and in years to come. I know l will. Editor-in-Chief Brenda Klahn NN! an Mae, 772 , ftffwfz 2 tx 1 N v Wi? ijw 0 M V125 ZW WW 0 My Q WW ff iwifffmm GYM lfQFWM"4k5J 6M?R9HNy iii Q 'wyvgofyy Wvfwiof wi ,Q OQUWQ5 L A KQUEJ - 5U5gyL,06b990Q5i5mLk,1x SGQJYX sfEWV3WQ5Umf0ff5q29 9 'SWQCS yxEQO5WQbQQiiQCyQfxdwQy wySfpy UWFJJWQM 050 UQy?MQ5f9J5?qy3WE uf Z5 is , wsffas gf fy My Qwlw ' Y D' wg n 'EO . fx NJAQD fQb327 '5 ,Hg 5 1? EQQSJVGO ff in X -L KJ sf fx XM a 39359 Q' 3 Q5 ff' Q5 ,285 X . A AAf f ' Xp X 53 RQQNQN A ,A B76 Chief A X7 , 5 4+ Ayxmo hgfxxii Q' 'N lx 'js L67 f N X A f-fx 5 J W f f dx Q 37 AA' f'XTfXfHW1R2Q w Xmx A m-Q gyms fy RfQ 455wdm9 W 5 f f 5 Asif? RSX 1 Q1 N Q, FT . rQw fgitgif 5 fx 'XX Q ww Q X fb 221 WYMUMQCL, 504 ' ' , XJ -,,X X X ' v HN M ,.. I 4 jx X, x C QX X21 KLM pX,5 LEUUX skwdk Qmw g , N QKUNG A I fx 1 f, , X .. h A K wg ,M UQJ4 K XNLJL XXAQXJUQ Qk QYQQQ KXYQQXA xi xml S QQOJM Q5 1, Six, Uk A wi K xW XCLQNQ Gy WWW fuvwk y ' N 4 Q fWOX I aff QP QW? 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