Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ)

 - Class of 1980

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Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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Q 'af .fm 1 X ,. X Q, ff 1 W-.. J .. ey , L ' 1 s f 5 XE' -X Q H . :FE , V 7 fx " ., . ,W A. N N 'x ., A gl 9? ,, ., ,.. f 'L V J 1 x GUM I , fi., fi, M fi f M fd ,Q if ' L' 51 f fi if f fx ff f ' W MW , ff , .nf ff Aff 1. , D ' 5 Lffk ,f L I ,A 6- 51 , f SA, 1 , af E fp N N' Q, p I L .,,. 2.1 Vw.," K7 .xx f. . ii W fm 'bi , A x, Lg . f "QH Q14 ,H . ' fra! fi I "fw-m1.,,45 ., 4' k 905. X Mi, WL ' O GN Ta. , 1 an 4 tk! V' , J I 6 M Zjx 'mx' . If My fkwjj Pj! My by Q J'f17'2fgiL W WL ' 4' J' J004, Cl! I :bt ,M xii if fjjff Mffd ' jk MQW' W afyfy f fi A A iffy' f' - of W y ' Q , 1 ff - ixlfifgiyw U jyly glib, To Rid, Mfg was YHCQ. sgfxi P pei'-9001 I iq .X Q,.,ff A Hn fE!AV an VGXQ E " Q fly' :J Md I ' F ryivg Jlfs ,l Wf ,J f'?f'4f"ff 'Q ff' f A f j JQAKJQ FWQIMY :JG MMWA WJ QMML J, Afwmf ,L yew., WWW Kwfwm VOM? ,Q WQADLWQ- ym, , i J' I WW N Q QQ XX H U- 3 Kg'2ffXJ.,X, wp. Tv ' J' 5 ' ,lM'MmCf XM Qi '-420, X4 5 Q N: - X7 + Xa 1 ms ' 157 X 3 1'-955 Axfnaxqgf-Q uygmw 91 .gf 4.1 . f' 6 T' 5 fl n v 4 f"l mln 7980 ASQ. g 1 Q sf It yi' K K , S-, L .x , k. WX fvauggv NYY k,?i:,Mfm 1. .xx . s - gil" ' . mf 'fn -' -fx-.L f' wr' '- ' ,X a- - A , .V M, , y'gq,g,X. .A , iw yi, M., Q7 'ff Afffxqg w 7 f , 3 Y f- ig, ff y v 4. . ,Q- i , -swam:-R.5 - war 'm 4fZQfnff:z:wiw,- 'wwiig 'Wd QE Agn 1M,f..fJ,:1i:, 'W 4 A2 4 3,3 X :JI U5 ff 1-...,Q..1.:m- Q NE Table Of Con Acrivfffes Honors 7 F 5porr5 Uosses Orgonfzorions I, . 7 7 Academic + Ads l'Gf7l'S 79 37 57 773 205 7 247 287 fm!-H ,ilu ,X ,W f' f , ,- f , ,, ,L ,Y If ,, , . , I f A! ,r ,rw ff " 1 -- W . , , ,f J 5 ! 11.- , ,Ma . " ww W 'Mm """"I4' , 31W .1 9 If ra il 5 1 2 2 PL , ,aw J: ui 3 We Xu N 5 Q FA CES AND PLA CES We've gane many places seen many faces. Gaad rimes and bad we'veseen and had The srrange rhings we've done we've iasr ana' we've wan. The lars af rnings iise cruisin and rings, parries and fairs aur mascar me bear Our friendship wiii iasr foals ra rne furure remember rne pasr Eaie Hegi Ana' Arlzana has same grear places Arfzana Sunsers. . . as beaurifu! ana' mare rekevlng rnan an early marnfng sunrise as ir glances safr ana' sudden aver rhe haze af a darlsj dsranr hanzan. Sunsers. . . have a mysrenausly rare and srrangely Calarful peak af beaury a peak af beaury rhar vanishes. As swffrly as a spnngrfme gusr af wind A avfferenr parrrair af beaury 'sunsefj afrer sunsefi afrer beauriful Sunset 6 Dennis Hess Xi Q I 'H .41 'Q .hnmnuvrm 'im -3 K4 K 4 1 Coming home. . . Q queen, 0 game, and the parries it df 3 ,. ,ik , ' n 1 U 1 I 5, WN .Dfw I EW? . -11 NWI VIS! DUNN TD GD L ' QR r W I y' 6 A eq"F8 , 4158 I i " mf f 'ff Y J . , T4 , 1' 2 M , 1 fl ' W - Ag 'T' ,X , - W- N - 04" .,w. 3 'tif Super reom robe-5 school splrir and purs Browne back on rhe mop UIGI' srore of .-iQ' m .1 Aa15f L 5:525Lf1r, , ' 'S . " 'f , ff if 1. -1 .,, . j , L H ' ,, -P , in 1 , Y gi! 1. A fiigJW '4xl2,.,,5,f J M 1 xy' pw: , ,gg 557 -V 1Mw:t21,,1:Q,,. .-sZ,.,- ' .p- ' X X' 1' TP 5' fgfg ,- V' , ' V We 5 ..: f' 1- . f 2155" Q A . Q! ,, 1 'rrfjisif kvjgk 4 5 -1 ' ":?:f1-f wt VN' f 11, 1 vs x I sir olone our I om nor Ionely I Isren ro rho Sounds oII orounof our I oIonT heor rhem. I IooI4 or oII rho people poss by our I don? see rhem. Q I jusr sir here In my own -5iIenCe feehng very ,oeoceful E oIe I-Iegi 13 ey' Ah 535 4. l , if 'E, s if 4-wr www, xxlxt- 1 - nv 4 , Lkgm Y!,, F W Avi? 'CDU 'iii 1 an W1 K x, ij?- WV Even rne narma! 15 bizarre rhe murrner af rhe crawa! seem ra Clase in an me even rhaugh ir 15 nar loud I sir here auier and rhlnking e of haw rhmgg really are e 15 normal buf bizarre. V . The shufmng af same Vpaperg r ' and rhe Canfusian all araund me Eafe Hegi ii J' e ,W was, if . 3' 4 ystru, - ng,-'Q' '. ' 41 , , .. W 'E v U 1 3 K :Ek Q X ' ,silgg ' i ' L 1 fi as Asa T4 Q-. v ,...-,1.w',s,., - sv Q . fi'5ZaQbSf 142,55 , a vi f s . ,WF-x r.. -. 1 f Th. ' 2 .r ., :-" 15-1 A ...iff 11,4,:+r: twig: It 1 , :3. mis. i.w-3,zQ.,,f-1f- ,- J k'TpL'ggA2Sg'j,,gj,' veg. 4 -f 'w 1 . f' osx. -fs s' V -mmf-,. - ,, - s - -,gf V. rg. ,I sn.-..N , ,saw J. ,.,.s - vim? mfr fs 'rid'-'a:?'1':ft'2frs2r2i4 'S " 'M C ov if -'s',m-xy - mai. 1. f e'.:5a'gf.-egg-':a,sg1H.Q f 'N gqf' Tffef "Z'5"'s .i .M LL if' 351-1s2i'fff5gf"7: 4- 15" " -fm iff .wi Eg.,-4, .f T wr " s i . - T ' . A i9.igf:Q'gi55.f' gg, J vi . v '5 '55--."izv.'f'. tk:-Nsf'-'T 5 '3'L"lff' 'Bit' 1 'fwfr'-7':i?i" -as . '-.f.mL"?e'f5l. in 4.x 1- ' - F" 1 e,Lx:'5,fi'. .33 waqry' 345,421- V 2, sas sei- . 5 ,sy .fxjzigaigfg ,Z awtvixigjfs ia, Q x E V in s,g.i,l Z 1 '- X, lgcypw xfgfshg. 4 .' QS N '.5"'- 2 'L s " hi! 3 7-.. Q Q33 V "f . ' rf? ,. . jf 'M 'Y-M qc fs ' K' hsirgih 5 . 1 R5 1 ' : 5815-virqhi-his-,-fs M ,ivy fL.s:M5,2'5z,ti M M: s 1 s. 4 I 133' , 'ax I, 'X' s , , I.. ' Suv s hs. ' :YQ ' X-Q. .. s MQ. " ss "'f.g,'55'r HK. J fb? sv- fm., A ii p'g-'S-4,..ssQsgiwm,1:v:.' - ' '. T -is X Q 5 v ,, st, 'gilx i -1. X. 'Q Q 3 :F ' ,- L' I-f'z"g"u 51" , r 7,5 W? .W Q ,- 5 'Si ,K T' -fl H E ". , - 3,443 'Y W f. T sh M 'es 4, Q -ug it . 4: 'hh 3 gi T at , ,A sg N , Lfsren. . . ,TS gerrlng berrer Hove you ever rol-zen rhe iime ro Iisren ro vvh0r'5 going on oround you? Thinls obour ir, This is ihe decode of music There ore plenry of differenr types of music for every ones erqoymenr Disco, couniry, clossicol ond jozz come ro mind our rock ond roll is srill rhe mosr populor ond is growing srron ger every doy This yeor olone we sow the Iilses of Von ilolen, Journey, Bod Co, The Cors, lsonsos, Peier Frompion, Heorr, Mor sholi Tuclser, Superrromp, ond Fleervvood Moc We even sow some of Arizonds "home grown" musicions such os Jerry Rio pelle, Srevie Nicks of Fleerwood Moc, ond John Srevvorr, who used io be vviih ihe Kingsron Trio Roch ond Roll is exponding every minure ond is becoming on indusrry in Arizono Among fovorne conceri fociliries in Phoenix ond Tempe we hove rhe Civic Pinzo, The Coliseum Grody Gommoge, ond 'ihonlss io Doug Clorls we hove rhe Celebriiy Theorer ond our newesr fociliry, our only ourdoor fociliry, Compion Terroce So lneep on rockin' Ir's geriing berier ol! rhe iime QQ f -f' E we i +P U new 1' 'ig W N F M Z" 5 it r i..' ' - 5. ' o V . 'N fs 7- Q as 1- ,gg V' , ' 1 :xi '-l- , .1 ' Q3 ' 2' QW' . .4 'T' , x V Aw ,, , 3' .V A . , N 'f gn - ,L ,T 'fri ssl- 5 i r r' n l Q- 111--T 4 r 'W s VN, - X G ' i . 0:19:21 gf-vi P' . f ' ' -gut". 7 ' 1 s Q . I ml K .1 wus sr' 'n I i 0 Q U ,. Q , i . ww I S4 g , Jr ' 4 J . - . - ,aI, 1. 5 Q ff! ,R x. J 5 9 I 5 A l v I f 4 4 Y 1 1 G f E s A A A 4 9 I 5 J Q r 4 1 K V 1 1 1 1 L. w 41 x L. 18 M 1 712 If x Y I 'Qu W2wg f M - V JS' E?-2X,. Yffakf H4 N 4? Spfrfr Week Brings Our The Crozfness ln Everyone Brovvne's Spirir Weels vvos o big rime for oll, vvirh o very big rurnour. There vvos Disney Doy, vvirh lirrle Minnies ond Miclsies running ground vvirh rheir eor hors, Lilse every yeor, vve hod o nifry fifries doy, o rogo doy vvlrh people dressed in sheers, covvboy doy ond olso rhe rrodirionol brovvn ond oronge doy. Lilse olvvoys ir brings our rhe spirir ond croziness in Trevor Browne. Lunch rirne spirir gomes included o chocolore covered rnorshnwellovv drop, hurnon pyromids, hor poss, life sover poss, ond o bolloon sirring cgonresr, vvirh o lorge rornour for rhe pie eoring cone resr. We hod o pep ossenfibly our on rhe foorboll field, The cheers ond ponds from losr yeor come our ond donced ond cheered for us. The pep ossembly vvos ro ger Us reody for rhe big Home Corning gonfie rhor nighr. Opp pg, Top. Kevin Benner, Miclsy Mouse, Porns rednired, Porry More ond Pluroi This pg- Volerie Corey, Cheryl Browning, wi? T, iz. Yii f pai AIT! ,C Q ll 1.5, , S f ' if -af ws 1' , rv, 1 ui X A W, '34 VV 9' M bl X I 'N ., . , 'N wr rx ix , Q' Q A 1 1. 'ivn-,x y A 2 1 ,Ni "vu-...u lu f -. .,,,w, , f 1 , MJ, -ri? ff S, , A. I fm v ,f .ff ju "li, " 2, 3, 5.41 H n ,,v f ss.-vt V. ,A " A' mf"-2' , Q.: . ' ' u 3 4,1 Y J I Y f I 4 f -ff, IMA. if Q is Wu , 3 6 9' A ll 1 f f ' i g. I as ,I .,4. ff? 4 2 5 f v X K . V . Q 5 - .,,. Hx Wnm""M ,., Q 5' 6 anwv' Znmvu A .al 1 Qi! 23 la E Chf1Srmo5 "Cheer and Sonre Gow makes ff OA' Werrh While Y' 'x ga. ff, .5 The ChnSfma5 Forma! fh15 year was auife fhferesrfhg, Nor as many people showed up fhaf was expecred fha cake was gaaaf rhe haha' was had and fha rayafry-we!! rhe formal' could have been berrer Haweyea as ak social gafhenhgg many af fhe Couples lefr eady fO ergjay some arher rypes af ehrerrafhmehn Of WI K. - .f ,wmv E -Ll Arsenic Ana' Old Lace Arsenic and Qld Lace is a delighrful play abour rwo old women, They poi son men wirh no families, feeling ir is a mercy by purrina rhem our of rheir misery. One of rhe ladies nephews, Morf rimer, finds our abour rhe ladies poison ina rhe old men. He doesn'r lsnow whar ro do because he doesn'r wanr ro aer his aunrs in rrouble. Larer, rhe ladies orher nephew, Jonarhon, comes ro yisir his aunrs. Jonarhon is a vicious lsiller and a nuisance ro rhe family, One day rhe police were coming ra rhe old ladies house ro ralee away one of rheir orher nephews. His name was Teddy Psooseyelr. The police were coming ro false him ro rhe nur house. When rhey saw Jonorhon rhey recoq nized him as being a criminal, They roole Jonarhon ro jail and foraor all abour Teddy. ln rhe mean rime Jonarhon had found our abour rhe ladies poisoning old men, When rhe cops rools him away he decided ro rell on his aunrs. The police didn'r belieye him. The old women finally admired ro rheir crimes Lr. Rooney rhinles rhe women are crazy and ralses rhem ro rhe nur house wirh Teddy, The play was well arrended and eye eryone enioyed rhemselyes, CAST Two women Abby ,..... .... Marrha . . . Morrimer . . . lonarhon . . . Elaine .... Teddy ..... Dr Einsrein Mr Gibbs ...... Officer O'Hara . . . . . . . Miss Klein ...... Lr Rooney .. Lynn Hildebrandr . .Suzanne Moser . . . ,Marls Proulx . . . .Shaun Love , . , . .Sherri Johnson . . . . .Miran Hays . . .John lseppler ...,....T1onCole Roberr Buchanan Meg Merrifield .......JeffDenr v '-" N. " --'Qi'-..,.,,,,3,,,, Q f.. ,f"""'w'Q Q'-.'S US 1-5 l L - -L - K ,,f.,,.,,g ' - f A - f :.: ,....f: 1 f--. Drama Gives Hrsry R are Performance This year Trevor Browne's Drama Depr. pur on fheir mosr successful musical ro dare. Wirh a casr roraling 100, 56 acrars, and rhe resr musicians from Alhambra, Wesr, Kofa, and Browne, rhe musical delighred young and old for four consecu- rive nighrs. . "Guys and Dolls" is one of rhe mosf exhilararing musicals ever wrirren. lr ralses place on rhe island of Manharren, chiefly New Yorls's rhearre disrricr. The colorful characrers included gamblers, boolsies, nighr club enrerrainers and a few members of a "Save rhe Soul" mission. Our drama srudenrs gave excel- leni performances of a play wirh happy compromises and a happy ending. . l ' J QE, 4, 'V :lk g il , of n - V fir' ' V l . , Q . ' , -A 0 v ""' e Karen Oliver - Tour group Desiree Hillborn T Tour guide Lisa Savarese - Tour group N 1 Nicelyllicely Johnson . . . Benny Southstreet Rusty Chorlie .... Soroh Brown ...... Arvide Abernothy Mission Bond . . . Morrione Myers Sherri Johnson Agotho ........ Horry The Horse Lt. Bronnigon . . . Nothon Detroit . . Morls Proulx Angie The Ox . . Miss Adeloide . . Slay Mosterson . . Joey Doltimore . . if ond Liver Lips Louie . Mimi .... ...... Generol Morildo B. Big Jule ....... Society Mox .... Drunls ...... Woiter .... Announcer .. Hot Box Doncers . . . . . Doncers . . . . . . g.Jonnes Stoggs .......Silmoe" . . . . . .Broin Love' . . .Suzonne Moser . . . .Shown Love' . . . .Meg Merrifield . . . . . Angelo Egic . . . . . .Don Corlson Robert Buchonon' . . . . .John Keppler . . . . .Myron Hoyes . . . .Denise Nevers . . . .Chris Conwoy . . John Keppler A ond .....MorlsProulx' . . . .Edno Duncon .Lynn Hildebrondt' ........JeffDent . . . . . .Mike Gross . . . . .Dovid Fifer . . . .Richord Fort . . . . .William Storr .Roseonne McCoy' Edno Duncon Judy Mothershed' Joirne Fuller Tino Rushono Tino Wohlsrrom' . . .Liso Gorovetto Sondro Siqueiros Sherry Andrus Christy Gorlond Sfond Up And Cheer Sorrrr hir rhe highs or Trevor Browne. Wrrh rhe wihhrhg record of Browhes 41 foorooll reorh, wirh Cheers Cheeriho ohd rhe oorhs dooc- iho, rhe Crowds ore sore ro oe filled vvirh sorrlr, h-A61 Qvzvx 5 rf ,AAL 45 ,ff- .-f, HJ I, I 3 fair' P 4 wmv' ,L , ,ff W' x Q ma. N ., ,I 5? I Q '-18. Q9 Khomefhll- Sror of '7-leoredn R ollyllf The sruoeors or TGB supporreo We Khomemi pur oowp Compogoe oy ouromg o dummy Cfefbow sruoeori, proresmog possipo our Mmsey Mouse Hyers ooojusr over oN oesrroyiog We omororors' oveooy poor moge, ...Ti 0 EHQSS., ue , fu - ,. I Ii N A eppo I-Q o peoe M- Q PQ A o OUf?f 'i? W n 5 igiiit p i gf If . h .ufgl .k,:u 3 5 kim, - e O3 . nk ,LKL Q .ini l ig ne S TS , 4 F.. 'fl' Q I 5: ii ' , , - . .gan 'f , 'fxf ' .4 A QQ - its Q A 2 -x M 3 .. N. I A -ilxb V Q5 E3""Z' ' xv 65 3, ' 'fy' . sry 'V Sk A ' A in K Q xy 5-K "' 1 I Q .2Y' , if ,Q . ,- 'gx 'gffg-"'51' gs-, ' ' "' ,. 's 0 " -:Q 5' .Siu 6 'X . x ?"'fYx4':'Q 'ff V. 158 an ,N . .X 'fn fm ':""i"""' M 'fawit BQ A MQ at 'fx X k i A W l fn- HW .W . . H'-QR . 4' ik J, 5- fa 3. 1 ..1...g2r-W-'-ff 4 :' 1f 5 4 ,.' ,F i 1 .ff i ,' ' ,,.' ' . ,,. 3- -- .. .g'i. , ,. ' f Y 1 3115, ,Ji Mu af i 9 'A Q Wx N 4, nf A -ix f -s ?!.+ , Q , , X R ft' mf - 1.dg:gfz51"" 5 5 iii 1 ' Y ., , 5 f E 5 s Q f Vu. -.F 'iw f . Honors 1 'L X 37 A Mghr To Du Meel-O KVONQVNQ Corey G Roger Dybosb i Q f iii QQ' 1 , "jf3?f'f'gL-'f ,,, iw. A h spam -at I , f 1 In M' K , ,ggqiwigg Weromcc Wir: G WQEW Kepmem R emember I k w W r T ff' CTOVTNQ Jim Shelley? ian" Clmrhy Fummegom C1 Rowdy Whireb Chrbrmas R a yalr y Tnws Page I4aren Cuandy Bnan Jann5an Sreve f-hdsrnan Lan Fincher Randy Wwe Opp Page Eddae Telbez Snaran Bakjrna 40 Rf ,l x Bo Derek lsn T The Only ir VW Top 702 Of 7979-7980 John Keppler Michelle Gronr Sherri Johnson Lourie Goord Doug Troyer Lilly Bornerr Chorles Werzel Kenion Steiner Amy Higgins Youssef El Ashmowi Suzonne Moser Kim Hermonels Mono Hire Elizoberh Friedmon Williom Sreornes Scorr Monion Donis Rowlings Lynn Rogers Glenn Fyfe Roloh Porisi Denise Hofey Louro Delsorslse Leslie Millord Lorry Scordinci Rex Ruge Suson Brown Rochelle Norrhcorr ln The World Dovid Voco Korhy Finnegon Lynn Bohner Dovid Wondschneider Deooro Goods loner Groy Corrie Ledberrer Morrhew Michelson Thomos Penslso Shown Love Morcio Poirs Kevin Horlsins Kim Veirch Dexrer Block Riclsy Rozelle Lynn Hildebrondr Annerre Domes Shelly Nelson Viclsie Muench Dorren I-leorh Vernon Gomez Jomes Goy Porricio Smirh Crisreeno Corson Kimberly Bryonr Ricls Rodriguez Liso Jorgensen , A i y, Lilly Barnerr Kimberly Bryanr Laura Delsarslee Belinda Crircher Yaussef El Ashmawi Elizaherh Friedman 1 A z -2' ., ,.,..-o-'- 'Q .Q , 1 ,, 4-6 Noriono! Honor Sooer y Narional Honor Soaery is an arganizarian for rhase honor srudenrs ar Trevor Browne. Mem bership is acquired by invirarion only, A srudenr musr mainrain a 4,7 grade average for a Junior and a 4.5 average for a Senior. lnducrion is based an Characrer, service, leadership and scholarship. Glenn Fyfe Laurie Goard Michelle Granr Amy Higgins Mana l-life Sherri Johnson John lseppler Scarf Manion Suzanne Moser Ralph Parisi Danls Rawlings Shelly Nelson mmmmmm Ride Rodriguez Lynn Rogers William G, Srea Kenran Sreiner Doug Troyer David Vaca Charles Werzel V095 Qui!! Ano' Scroll You couldn'r rell by looking or rhis diversified group of srudenrs rhor rhey ocruolly survived rvvo hecric yeors in rhe publicorions deporrmenr. Quill 6 Scroll is on honorory orgoni- zorion rhor consisrs of srudenrs who hove vvorlsed on eirher Nevvspoper or Yeorbools sroff for o leosr rvvo yeors. Their iournolisric rolenr is obvious by rhe quoliry of rhe rvvo bublico- rions of Trevor Brownef The Beor Focrs ond The Loir Yeor- lf bools. Xb A Members ore: Hildo Yborro, Kim Bryson, Diono Normon, Kim Serrich, Kenno Avens, Sheilo Hill, Tomie Goodrich, Annerre Domes, ond Lori Fincher, Lydio Svveerlond, Moggie Wise, Broolss Phillips, ond Sheri Winsronley 1vs1uh. ...ia miami' fr -17r- --rl Srudenr Speeches The speech honors for rhe 1979-1980 school yeor go fo Nlilse Gross ond Morls Richords for rheir oword win- ning ororories. Milse wenr ro semi-finols or Norrh High chool wirh his speech on the Moonie Culr. Nlorls Rich- rds olso ochieved rhe semi-finols ororory round or Alhombro High School, Borh of rhese srudenrs should oe congrorulored on doing such on oursronding job. Bring R ecogniivon To T GB. W 45 il i- ee - Jryr- - " wuz -5 , ,, Q , - I' kf"1 ' -M, tU.:,,,. M... 3. ..,.,... 5mL,L,vW,Wwu57 "h' I "k" Q fi 2,5 - Volleyooll lit? 1 Q A 31 8 Qi Q ii' l l . 1 ll 2 T' .- 1. L . MVP - M.V.P. - Jill Thorron "'M.I.P. - Dono Grew Sporrsmonship - Debbie Edens Sofrboll , ff' W' 5 i , . Z. ,a ff? fwy gf e"' Z 5, ai. A ' i John e Riciilnozeiieifffiff llllllee i illy Cloh i l om- Ali? Division Jim Cooper e e e lil'l ifii,efLeQQevinieHod4ins i, H L 'is I 'iEiIi'i L -'fi -:":i'!!'," .7lLi?f1"k 3'-:ff-':'l'i 1" f qw ff S ff 1 p ' X V ' I-53? ' X4 3 "k' - lf f 'N fl' ' ' when 'fl' 2151 af 21211 Z 'ffifif f M53 ,H 51, . .. Hlfjf f,fi"'Qf " , w Jwfiaif, wwf: Q ' S -. " -I 2-'xii "'k .,,:f,f'5wM1,s,q,Ks wx , . ,km . .- X ,' 3 .Q K it ' A .X H , .. f 'L K ' ' " " H A ' sg, "-- 1 ' Y -V K, 1 K :E . ,, , f 155:34-, A .I , . ' xx 1 1 . . Wim "fy ,A N K ' mn H a +5 M Nw! Q. grjsrw gn 1-L K-422, My Y' We ww' .fy .E-sf 9 N f B: 3 A 'G + 5 Z I h r ' Ii Jug, w 971, I YQ 4 .r 3 s gg? A ' -:Qi-.glam-wifi. aw, s-14.4. N A ' L ' 'G -K 'V W, My-azz' IEW! may of r r r r we no nffdf 1 'M' ",x if K 'LM r , ' s 52? f"- "2 nylkiniis W From Lefr ro rrgnr Dowd Doerfber, Mike Aligood, Doone Orr, Lenny Albgood Jonn Pool, Ricky Esreeo. '33 N LI'L if ' ,Q 'fx ' 'L Mzfzfm U F The nign scnoor drogs vvos one of rne eyenrs, rnor sofne of rne guys from Treyor Browne roole oloce in, Doone Orr fools rne Ieano of rne nill rroony. Mrlee ono Lenny Allgooo oorn re W Ceryeo second oloce rroonues rn rneir diyi 9 r Srons, n ' 1. 9' u -,,k fi' Ya S f F5 1 ,rf 1 , N5 K, ,gg Q f 1 N 1 32,591 Q 2 . ,M , Q 5 , , jf a H ,ggi 2 ' L Y .Q Mi Q kin Nwgx my 1,5 , .-JWQ LAL sf .p ,.+,, ". Q M I ' Q , ' J. K 3' Xu M - , 5, ,iw f' ,. ' ,. -1 '. 1144 -.Q 'K vw 1--1 . V A - -N ix Em ,g f ' ,, 'Ex m x ,.. , .4 . X- R ' ' MQ , , f ia as 1 . - :-.1 -A a K' . wg a ' ff- ,ff Qi fig uf if -uv.. , 45,0 ' gil ,. .1 MLM, Wm. W mf,-H qgmwwmmm-1yLw,W, , , ..-effwv 50 X X Y.. Q Mg ,. 5 OR 715 Vor51Ty Fooroo!! I is.. pfnpyv 'FT ' V Q ai QM- 4--:nw 4 q V. quam-Q f.-was - -my X b 5 'Mgfv W 5' , 1 Q . ., -Qf.S'x '-'ffgf fl'ff-'fs Jawmiwa A 4. l, I -xgi ' . N V' L,LL 19? M K X aarr r V. NK-ns... .f-.,,,M Cloclswrse from roo, Jim Durham showing his skills oy gerrrhg oosr rhe oefehse. Wally Keoher sreooihg over rhe goal Hoe for ahorher roach- dovyh, Wally Keoher holoihg off rhe oefehse for Roger Dyoas ro pass. Rory Barherr for o big Qarh our, rohhihg ihro some rrouole, Opoosire page oorrorhz Coach Mirroh gerrihg a closer look We Almosf DIC' lf This Drive! L 4 1 l , Dovid Solomon, Monuol Gurule, Scorr Reynolds, Tom Meyers, Rolph Porisi, Deon Klein, Rick Pickerr, Alon Heod, Tim Brooks, Tim Comsfock, Rondy Simmers ROW TWO: Roy Alvorez, Mike Bell, Jon Mooo, Phillip Glopion, Sreve Hickmon, Doryl Jemison, Lonce Fisher, Mofr Srone, Robert Volmer, Shown Wesr, Will Sirron, Rene Ledesmo, Corlos Podillo ROW THREE: Cooch Horkins, Dove Smirh, Don Meek, Jim Shelley, Monuol Gonzoles, Morry Morsholl, Reed Knowl- ron, Cooch Mirron, Chuck Werzel, Dusrin Willey, Mike Loyo, Ken Mills, Cooch Whire, ROW FOUR: Rory Bornerr, Rondy Shoulis, Wolrer Penisfon, Lorry Porker, Bill Morron, Bill Boiley Eric Morrin, Wolly Kepner, Brion Spurlock, Jim Durhom, Rogf er Dyoos, Brion Bornes, Mork Anderson 1 Congrorulorions fo rhe 1979 Trevor Browne Vorsify Foofpoll reom. The Bruins ended rhis seo- son wifh rhe oesf winning record ever Q1 ir olso eorned rhem rhe Phoenix Division A Tirle. The Bruins won every gome owoy ond rhe only loss of rhe seoson wos given oy: fhe Mory- vole Ponfhers, 24-22. The owesome Bruin offense scored 281 poinfs ogoinsf fheir opponenfs. Fulloock Wolly lsepner rushed 1008 yords ond goined o rofol of 12115 yords in fhe seoson. The Burin defense held rhe opponenfs offense ro iosr over Q poinfs o Qome. Posf seoson, ln fhe firsf gome of fhe ployoffs rhe Bruins were mofched ogoinsf fhe Cenrrol Boo cofs. ln fhe firsr quorfer Roy Alvorez kicked o C38 yord field gool, SAO Browne, ln fhe second quor- fer, Bruin Wolly lsepner scored on o 1 yord run. CRoy Alverez kick wos QoodD, Browne 1OAO. Tref vor Browne wenf on ro win if 1047. As Trevor Browne odvonced slower fo rhe Sfore chompionship rhe Bruins foced rhe Apollo l-lowks. The score wos 14-14 wifh minures remoine ing, jusf offer o 18 yord run for o rouchdown by Wolly kepner, As fime wos running our Apollo kicked o field Qool, rhe finol score wos Apollo 17, Browne 14. Browne 23 Gfendole 72 The seoson opener wos oloyed of Glendole. ln fhe flrsr goorfer oofh reorns held eoch orher scoreless, our in fhe second goorfer fhe Bruins scored fwice wirh o 415 yord ron oy Ricle Piclserff ond o Roger Dvoos ooss TO Jinn Dorhonn, The Brolns confrolled fhe seconded holf wlfh o 418 vord ron oy Wolly lseoner ond o 37 vord field gool, The flnol score wos Browne 23, Glendole 12. Browne So, Eosr O The Bruins sfill ploying owoy frorn home rhis firhe of Eosf. The Bruins defense were on fhelr foes fhe whole gonne ond didn'f ollow Eosf TO score in fhe gorne. The Broln offense olso showed rhelr slsills wlrh scoring runs ov Roger Dvhos, Rlcls Piclsefr, ond Roloh Porisi. Also o scoring rhrow TO Wolly lseoner from Roger Dyoos ond o 20 vord field gool oy Bovid Srhifh. Browne 23, Cnondler 27 Cfhondler hosfed Browne whlch wos fhodghf fo oe o runeoewoy oy fhe Brolns. Af fhe holf, fhe Brolns hove o sllghf leod 1418 ond fhe score sfoved fhof woy Unfll fhe fourrh goorfer. Chondler scored nexr ond gof 8 oolnfs for ll, our fhe Brolns conne oocls wlfh o 111 vord scoring ooss fo Jinn Dorhorh frorn Rodger Dvoos. Wirh seconds leff ln fhe gonne, Bruins Roy Alvorez lsiclsed o BB vord fleld gool ro win fhe gonne. Browne 22 Moryvole 24 The Brolns flnolly oloved or honne ogoinsr fhe rlvol Moryvole Ponfhers. The odd nnolsers sold rhof Trevor Browne would uoser Moryvole. The Ponfhersjornoed TO o ld-O leod over fhe Bruins, our fhe Brolns conne oocls ond rhe score or rhe holf wos 1410 Ponfhers. ln fhe foorfh guorfer fhe Bruins wenr oheod on o l yord run oy Bon Meels. Moryvole come oocls wifh o BO yord fleld gool ro cnolse fhe score 24122 Ponfhers The Bruins hod one more chonge wlfh seconds leff in rhe gorne. Roger Byoos senf oll hls recelvers our ond rhrew UQ o oroyer, The crowds were silenr os rhe ooll flew rhrew rhe oir our os ir come down o Moryvole Ponfher wos rhere ond inrerceofed lr. The flnol score wos Moryvole 24, Browne 222 'R I , F j R' ' g,.r k qv- --' uy..,. q,.VViq'-x , , J, J M V 8, A 'R RR L'r" c my .R L , 'f Q-M, me - 'li ls: , f ' 'A " iff' 'fin JP,"-ff'i ..'- Vlf,,,'g -:4:, 'f2',., "'1' "Al ,. i,f!ffif l f ' f'9 f- 1 2 7 13 A - 14 53 Q , 4,1 .gg i L QQ , 1 S iw , fi My I ,wifi " Exif l,Tc l'l, llll' l" .. f -,ve-Y.. sy, 1 1 or N t gg L 1 Mmww, M., 2 . W-A-.wwwwfrms T Browne -40 Norrn 72 Norrh hosfed Trevor Browne whlch rorned our ro oe o high scoring gorne for rhe Brolns. The Brolns scored on olovs hy llfTT Dorhonn, Wollv lseoner, ond Bon Meels. Browne foooled Norfh wlrh o score of 41012. il X 'I X ' My Browne 34 C Hayden O The Brulhs dll hosred Carl Haydeh oh Seprember 28. The mighry Bruih defehse showed Carl Haydeh who was boss, by holdihg rhem scoreless rhrew our rhe game Wally IQGQOQT had his besr game of rhe year wirh 3 rouchdowh ruhs ahd ohe scorihg pass from Roger Dybas. Bro woe 35 Wesr 0 Trevor Browhe showed rhe oppohehrs rhar rheir home field advahrage didh'r malse ahy differehf, The Bruihs played ar Wesr arid scored 35 poihrs oh plays by Doa Meels, Roger Dybas, Wally lsepher, ahd Ride Pideerr. Fihal scare 357 Bruihs. - s H '1 li? EF-I' 'WT I i G. Bro woe 492 P Ualoa O The Crowd lshew wheh Phoehix Uhioh wallsed ah rhe field wirh less fhah SO players rhar rhe game would be a ruh away by rhe Bruins. The Bruins scored every rime rhey gor rhe ball up ro rhe middle of rhe rhird auorrer, Trevor Brawhe scored oh plays by Dah Meels, lim Dure ham, Ride plClSGff, Wally lsepher, Alah Head, ood Marr Srahe This was rhe biggesr scorihg game af rhe year, Browne Z Alhambra 3 Ohe of rhe roughesr games af rhe year was when rhe Brulhs played ar Alhambra, Browne scared firsr wirh a o7 yard ruh by Ride Pidserr lm rhe secohd auarrer Alhambra lsiclsed a 29 yard field goal ood rhar was rhe ohly scorihg ih rhe game Fihal score, 78 Brawhe Bro woe 72 Camelback 7 The pre seasoh came ro ah ehd playihg or home agaihsr Camelbocls, lf rhe Bruihs would wih rhis game rhey would have eamed rhe Phoehix Divisioh A League rirle ood would have rhe besr seasah ever. lim Durham ihrercepred a Camelbads pass ahd rerurhed ir for a rauche dowh lm rhe secohd guarrer Wally lsepher scored oh a 5 yard pass from Roger Dybas, The fihal 12 7 Trevor Brovvhe if sr" ,. . K- T- my 'wuts- W4 J V Foorboll ROW ONE CL TO RD: Dovid Woodruff, Deon LoViIlo, Joy Mc:Mosrer, Oscer Herreo, Milse Johnson, Brion Tinleer, Edricls Moreheod, Joe Dovis. ROW TWO: Rex Bohm, Dovid More eno, Milse Tressler, Brion Johnson, Jim Gonzoles, ROW THREE: Cooch Lorsen, Milse Rods, John Mosquedo, Fronls Fuenro, Milse Meels, Jim Holmes, Bob George, Cooch Cline. This yeors Junior Vorsiry reom ended rhe seoson wifh fhe oufsronding record of 8-2. The owesome defense wos only scored on fhree rimes rhe whole seoson, NEXT yeors Vorsify reom will consisf of quire o few of fhis yeors JV. feom mem' bers, oecouse of fhe omounr of groduoring seniors. 1.8 iv 'K 'W V- .ir ROW FOUR: Gory I-lillburn, Scorr Lovine, Dorin Topper, Sieve Mulocls, Joe Vosquez, Rolph Federico, Corlo Sierros, George Sifoenres, ROW FlVE1 Phil Villelo, Milse Troop, Don Brees, Ivlorls Chombers, Milse Pomeroy, Mil-xe Polmisoino, Jomes l-lorr, CNof shown: Greg SolonoD U ! 56 , My as v. N ' f , , .1 vw UlENUA!f - 9' A! kd, s . New lv , I I '-" 3 ' ' ' ' M ., Q , ,sw f ' ,ff 7 Mum ,.i 2 W ., ,J 5, My, X t,,,!ii" ,, R , Q N W wi, ,, L f f , V ,I WT, 5 ,e SVN 45- 4, ,Q ' ' , in -f ' a fw a , , , ff "' , ,W , ' g ".. 4. ff 3 P V1 1 P au . ? Q5 X .PC .- ,. ,C --5,,..,,, 'wa ,- ,I ' 'Jr fni.. 6 ,W 'ef 1 - I J - W -xr 'il . l 1' '- V .. ', V I4 wF"rJ . I 7 1 D ' ,L V X K K , ,,,,, k 'g A '4 ' sf ' , N ? " ' , . V wi n V , ' if 'J - Y f 1, , ,,, . , ,, J , 7- . ' 5 is ' 5 Froshmofi Foorbo!! MP3 li! Hr'-ug r ROW ONE CL TO RD: Tom Lirisorw, Dom Monson, Joe Bedmozyk, oiorid, Jomie Meek, Tom Soricriez, Rooerr Fomey, ROW THREE Rooerr Wiegle, Greg Brooks, Gory Schroder, Todd Jooos, Eddie Coocri Hoiiomd, Wesly Booer, Lorry Seogrooes, Mike Troop, Sieve Teliez, Tim Blomoerq ROW TWO. Mike Sorirocroz, Jim Morgori, Rivers, Roddy kirrs, Jerry Sworwsori, Dowd Soilivom, Sieve Lioyd, Mike Wesr, Mike Borooon, Jim Shworz, Morry Demrier, Bobby Coe Cooch Irigrom, S Lighrweighr Fooroo!! 'ww W' AMW Q, , , 7,5- '.A' . K Row One CL ro RD. John MCGiiyery, Jerry Bicknell, Ron Soeighr, Lorry Loose Lopez, Bennie Werzel, Tom Gregoire, Siode Chegrnor, Monny Sromfoll, Eric Horris, Kevin McKee, Wiiiiom Goidry, More Mircheil, Gbrnny Roymond Qrregoy Terron Kennedy, Morcnoli Conigolles, Greg Cochrow, Row Two Dowd Pierce, Hoffmon, Jeff House, Jeff Phiiioo Romero, Dennis Corris, Johnny Porrer, Robby Joyner! Dovid Gosr, Edoordo Trgollo, Riggs, Loren Fincher, Benson, Jim Hoixe, Acey Horris, Pooi Sroryy Cooch Zomooni. Morrin, Lonce ODonnei, Row Three Cooch McKee, Sreye Hegi, 'S 4 , 74 in aiu till: W W , tg ,,' h f 1-E3 . ,N 5 - f 5 . i . Qi ug Q, A ' 'ttw V P X' , ,,, H ,.,, .W , .M - . '-.1 -2-....,,. 4 I JJ' 45 5 , M , , 1 ,J if A 6 as JJX -L fo fa... xy 1 1' 1 xx LL, 42 -.HH M M 5 X . , A A M q XM, in 'un' R Aff' , ww- J.V, VOLLEYBALL TOP ROW CL TO RD: Ms. Treegoob, Alicio Dedrin, Korie O'Conner, Liso Gouno, Tricio Wilson, Cheri Clorlx, Korie Douglos, Terri Roo- errs, BOTFOM ROW: Gigi Gonzoles, Tonya, Diome, Edie Hegi, Kolli Honson ,4--1 Bruin5 Mn In The Lon g R un This yeors Cross Counrry reorn hod o soecroculor seoson ond did very vvell in divisionols, Their record for rhe seoson vvos 160, UNDEFEATEDI When rhey vvenr ro divisionols, rhey ron very vveil ond Come in HFIRSTH. Then rhey vvenr ro sroie where rhey suorisingly didn'r finish in ihe roo ren! Row One, Jim Cooper Gilberr Piorno Ride Rozelle Rovv Tvvo, Billy Cioh Sieve Nevers Kevin Horlsins Cooch Brovvn .2 . 4.1 . will A 'H i QA 'QR 9 P 'fm Q10 .4 at J: S du 321 .W Viz, v f Ig' Y fog VV Sf,-,ii 'fo nj ig ,pile , Q -W. gig Q im.. if, Q ,mf Y. Borrom iefreikicle Rozelle Dorrorn righr-Billy Cioh Ooposrie poge: Center-Giiberr Piorno Borrom iefr-Jim Cooper Q. 6 Kevin Horlsins ' 43 " 9 , Q-QS. K A .Mo A . N., A ,a QQ iff, Y. J. L Li , w. 4, i 1' 'iv' s 'gi , ,x,,.fh' , . u t 114. QF- M 1 - ww. E", ,ie-Q, "' H .mswffl Boys JV Cross Counrry Row One: Dovid Johnson Tony Villegos Dovid Moob Som Ehlers Howord Sprogue Row Two: Cooch Brown Robert Shoffer Psichord Chocon Dovid Edmunds Kevin Bloncherre Ken Mobley Nor Pictured: Anrhony Dominquez The boys JV Cross Counrry reorh hod o oreor seoson rhis yeor ond finished rhird in divisionols. By nexr yeor rhey should molse good Vorsiry runners 5' .2 .fm 525.1 ni ,JQ4 .X t Y of .RR Q, ' X ,,. 3, ,t 1 ik J aw, 1" f E m ir . ,V J7 f i s srr J f - 1 ,,h: . ' A kin Va i: Q., ' f BASKETBALL 80 E E f ,bw 2' fi' EE' ' ' W 6' 2 my D' ,if 'Nllw v mi,-sf! ...J -as!!! w -,m1-AWK, +11 .V ,MNA E what M, ...i ln experfen ced Team Srrfyes For Success Y' - aft 1, 4 ,K A,,,, Q uw :us ' ,gg 1 Tne Varsity Boslseroall reom nod o very rough season rnis year, p1oyinQ 10 of rne QQ gornes vwrn reams rnor were in rne rop ren ln rne srore Tne reonw was very inexperienced and playing on exfrerne4y duffucolr scnedole Lorry Hoyr oe carne rne no. 11 scorer and no 5 reoodnder in school nnsrory Mm Dornom and Jonn Budd oeconwe rne no, 10 scorer ond rne no 7 reooonder respecrwely rn scnooi nusrory Isenron Sreiner nos 17 free rnrows in o row, second 1n scnool n1srory, He frn1sned nwruno 85? frorn rne Mne, wnlcn us second 10 rne scnoo!'s nisrory Sreiner also was rne no, 5 in oss1srs for rne season Tney nod o oreor deol of difficolry snoomno and nad o nord rirne conrrolung rne boards, Tney ended rne season wnrn a 517 record. M 1 win r L T .....-A tr C M., N gf gi C ,.. U 2? .' any , -N, M Row One, Jrm Wharroh Larry Hoyr MQNVIO Howard JNVTN Darharh Johh Dodd flaw TWO, Coach Chehey Roo Hyde Em Frerraa Cuary Frazrer Coach Iryrhe '-N-N18 if 1' ' Mraole lefr Errc Freuraa oasmhg rhe ball ro a ream mare Borram lefr Johh Dada ralsnha rhe bali ro rhe oasleer Above Jrm Whalloh oo for o shor my X, .Up ,M ,V ie., ,,,Isg32f - W' fl' 'www -r ,f -.41 im: . ,w, N , ., 1 :sf 4. 4,1 'vi ,if f ff Wai-fr' BASKETBALL L. u....A.....,u., ,f-""""" Top. James Horr, Middbe Sreve Homes up for Q .j--- shor. Borrom Curris Mosby gers me upper hand on rhe ripfoff, 1 HK Q' A W1 A ,ffr Q 0 ..r' I Row One: Dennis Correr, Dovid Spohr, Curris Mosby, Jon Mojors, More Pirrmon, George Sifuemres, Row Two: Jomes Horr, Tim Wedel, Dorin Topper, Roberr Shoffer, Jeff Revels, Jeff Lowe, Mork Chombers, Tim Johnson, Gooch Cheney, we T 44 5 A 1 L.,m.,,,,f4osm-A. . 'A' 'N' Q E-' B 1 ' H. . The J.V. Boslserboll reom hoo o slow srorr our ended very srrong They won eighr of rheir Iosr eleven gomes. Teom srondours were Tim Wedel, Rooerr Shoffer, Dorin Tuppr, Jeff Rev- els, ond Jomes Horn' 15. 69 Fresh on Boslferboll fx' - , .:Ef5V:Zi'9f" dx Q m P3355 we i ,ff gig! 3,5 1 E331 ew Wa? .af 35? w xe 2 i Af Xxx " av ffm 3 rn ax 1 if 5 Fresnnfwen Boglserboll Row One Lorry Srogroves Rondy Kms Poo! Doner lm Wnwe Vxrgml Conwnnlngs Cnns Kose! ROW TWO Kon Porrer Jonwe Meek Ruben Moldonodo Eddwe Ayolo Mudsey Monne Row Tnree Trdds Roonnson Jeff Dem Snown Aoroe Todd Monknon Por Wee Ben Werzel Coocn Connunonorn A 1 X The Girls Kna W Ha W Ta Pur if in TGP ROW: Lisa Farirclw Par Ebarb Sherri Douglass Sherri Clarls Lisa Gelssie lsarlwy Cornell Jill Tlwarrirari Hilda Ybarra Daria Grwe BOTTGM ROW: Kelly Psaberrs Mellisa Hiclsmari Pearly Sixlsiller Demise James Daaaa Grimes A The girls baslxerball ream gar aff ra a grear srarr, by winning rlweir flrsr game. Masr af rlwe players had already been irwalved ia sparrs and didrfr need ra wasre time Qerriag in shape. 72 as E is .g I - M....4 5' . A I - ' Q 4 as V L ' T i gvx Y Al f , is if r B r W V Q ,V M si., 'its H-A-41" ... NWA 4 1- ' ww x l I I I APU ',,..-n. X5 L.. 5,-eil' Wresrhhg -mnhunuxeqgpww' - W .. N" -6' -, , ,Q ,i , ,, W ,V , Mxfwffq f 'N 7 The Few The Proud -r , ,. s ' r e Bro ve This yeors Vorsiry Wresriing reonfi hod o soecrocoior seoson wirh o dooi record of oO. They wenr ro rhe diyisionois ond ro srore ond finished Weil, In diyisionols rhey corne in rhird our of eieyen schoois. In srore rhey finished very weii wirh o renrh oioce finish oor of fifry schoois of wresriersi Cooch Horcherson soid rhor rhe reom did oirighr oirhoogh nwony duir during or before rhe seoson srorred. The reorn coold'ye been srrone ger if rhe people hodn'r ooir. Brion Rognholr, wos rhe fnosr oursronding wresrier on rhe reorh ogoin rhis yeor, In diyie sionois he wos rhe 138 los. chornoion, in srore he finished second in his closs. Row One, Doyid Johnson Milse Benson Ricis Morrinez Ei Wiison Monde! Guruie Rich Wiison Brion Rognhoir Row Two, Cooch Hurcherson Roger Weiis George Teiiez BrionCyorer Miise Loyd Ken Miiis W. 'X 5 77 Row Omen Roger Werrs Muse Tressler Deon Lovebrc Coocrw Perz ROW TWO, Joe Dcvrs Lorry Srumfolr Joy Mclwosrer Mmm, Q gf, X' 1 ,, , ,.,,, ,xr .EW 1' w '4- V+., A f f 7 Y, I 315 11? " 6417 mf- ,ff W QW, ,war U 'WH .wav 'ff as .Q 2 Bulls Eye! This yeors Archery reorh hos o few exper- iehceo ployers our rhe ih experiehceo ployers ore very good, rhey DESC some polish. They shoolo hove o super seosoh lsoihy DQCISGO Michelle Wolls Brehdo Klihe Mory Ahh Horhmer Joohiro Bush Srephohie Aloerr Jorhie Dolly Ms. Moss V s Stagg. '31, E V9 f Qing S Experience I-lelos The oodminroh reom fihished this seoson wirh rhe oesr reom recorded ever. The Vorsiry reorh hod o record of 7 wins ond only 5 loses. The TQOFTT vvos o very skilled one, vvirh 7 rerurne ing ployers from rhe previous seosoh. The Bode rhinroh lnviroriohol Tournomenr vvos hosred by Trevor Brovvhe, ohd included reoms from oll over rhe volley. Trevor Browne did vvell or rhe divisionol four- homenr. Corrie Ledoerrer quolified for srore os o singles oloyer for rhe second seoson ih o row. Corrie vvos on oursrohding member of rhe reom hoving been oh rhe vorsiry reom for four yeors. U HOFSIHQ J Around 1 My Pays Off M ' NISSEN '50 ' e wa Row One, Lounem Beasley Lance Young ROW Two, Mike Flomomgom Giem Fyfe Dcvud Romsrez Coach Zombom fe? 3 y I 5,31 -I 1 , '-.' NNI! . wk W3 gui Mau' W""f,f iii, The ayrhhasrics ream have srarrea aar a sehsariahal year by raleiha secahd place ih rhelr flrsr meer. Dae ra rhe lacls af parrlapa rlah ahd badger, we will har have Qyrhhas rics ar TBA hexr year. The area rhar really excells ih rhe pro gram is rhe Horse carhpeririah, , W ,ww 2 J wnwl Mi,-'iii-iii, ,,' Ak MMU ' Qs , f. - ' ,,,, K f f N V - l ' .. ,K -.."h my .. , - Tim Geon Jim Wilde Som Douglos Roger Dyoos Roo Schumocher Cooch Brown The Vorsiry Goif reom ioolss Iilse rhe besr reom since rhe 1976 reom, when rhey won divisionols. Leod by senior, Som Duglos ond junior, Tim Geon wirh rhe heip of rwo sophomores, Roo Schue mocher ond Jim Wilde, rhe srore chompionship loolss good for rhis yeor ond o cerroinry for nexr. Golf warring Good 4. I 1 1 RY' 2 Y an mf 0. V1 I 31 1' 'x ,S , sm -, LQ, , , , Ar ,T . c is ,, - c , - i fx u ' VZ , .,f, yl'4 ' f ' ' Ay 3,1 4 f Q , H is Q 1, Lf gfth k vzcikb iii f fi 'A u wg 1 4 V.,:,f ' ' fn ' ",b , ,L 4 K M KW c ,f ii , I 5 J W, k Ss F ...., l K if ssgv 94 xi' ,ix ,if in il -919' A 'mm Nw! v K 1 ' sa EJ' 4 9 'Kfi , -f X-93 4 K, " x N- ,fw- riig X 5 4 ,K ww J- J x' tl 14,v 1 reikxhg Y' he 1 fi. -f. i'f"f"9 is .fl QF ' .fi om l ' ' TY. N H . .v , n' ' x X s , ' ,sf 'xiq'-r' I , :X x of 'S xmiir? J x H251 I V Golf Up To Por? N will Nt kky K Q2 V 1' Vi. r 9 L. ..,., ,..... w.- 1 A Wy. Jerry Bicknell Dowd Youngblood Rlcnord PICMG' Jeff Porrer Ricnord Spring Cooch Brown A Jlfrkxey 'E-,gf V Q.. r 33' 5 .f , f 'Q M Agsfwffw 4. Vi X s v" , . E , 'Q . V ' KA 5 My , V, r ., 1, y K , ' v K? H, 'Z x ,. r r 14' 1 ' I x 4 H if wfmyw f670lH4QIwAiIwh4y' W , ,. , ff www, wowvunwm. The golf reorh is hor very ofreh seeh or school our ours ih over 25 hours of orocrice o weels. The 1980 JV Golf reorh is Ieod oyjuhior Richord Piclsel ond Richord Spring which could moise Vorsiry hexr yeor. f if if s M , ig 4 ,, ,JE w 'fn ws,.,,,,, K, 44. , ' "1--.-..............i, Who Weors Shorr Shorts? This yeor's Vorsiry rehhis reom hod o slow sforr due ro rhe bod weorher. They missed o rorol of 15 doys of procrice doe ro The roih. Afrer four losses, rhey woh rhe hexr rwo morches ih which they oeor Wesi ohd Ale hombro, Borh reorhs ore respecioble reoms, Isehroh Sreiher, who is leodihg rhe reom, siorred lore ofrer wihhihg o boslserboll lerier. By rhe ehd of rhe seosoh he should he rhe oesi ih rhe disrricr. Five of six oloyers will oe rerorhihg hexr yeor. Picrured Below: Psichord Perry, Gory Green, Sreve Hines, Bloir Robson, Piohdy HOOCOCIS, lsehroh Sreiher Boy? VOVSIT y Tenn1S Thoris Who 1 ! Girls Tennis Scores Mrh 'E 4 ' a 'U 3 Teom Members Are Korhy Fumrwegorw Sherr Thomas Terry Psobnnson Soro Howell Jocque Engelke Corolyn Crowley Chrrsrnme Goprnll Poulo fm 4 5 .mmvff .Jaan M, vl"" ww ,4aIf""' . juan ,,-,' My 7- ef ,fum v V. uma L, ,W,,,,,,N ,,.Q,,- ,, wh "' . -I -V I ww ,,.. ..,,mWw'fv- .mW.m V W m""""""'-wmamm Young Nerrers Neeo' Encourogemenr The JV renhis reom rhis yeor wosn'r roo exper- ienced. They woh rheir losr rwo morches offer losing rhe firsr four They beor Alhombro 5-'I ond Wesr l-ligh School 442. Scorr Elsosser is rhe number one Junior Vorsiry ployer rhis yeor ond hos woh his losr rwo marches, Four our of five ployers will be rerurnihg nexr yeor. Teom members include: Scorr Elsosser, Fronls Dilvlodico, Tony Villegos, Cory Cools. Por Gionnini 'ff ig 2 f Q' ff , Ll 1 JY: 1 'iw LJ' Soccer Club Mrs Becker Lise Yobore Lydre Gorzo Keren Newgemr Sherry Andreas Dome Grime5 Kim Alverez Kali Henson Terri Pxoberrs 5 'R ,vcfq , ll nm I 10' A y r sr y . eyryy ss I it ,G Q 1 n V' ,g fm ml new sf if I Afjw : Egg s wfwg J in 'NE 'ist ' ' g f ' f.f'?'- '. , ,1r,,., E Viv gk? VZVV ,A f y : l f f Af L,.f1 1'-ff T fy 47 r ' V' ,1,, s Y s , s.. K 3 1 I . N A. 'fiif "W' n Glrbs Varsiry Raw One Psanwana Kung Krrsri Sirnansen Raw TWO Debaue Barrerr Wendy Wirey Marr Myers Karol Ball Caacn Drawn Nor Prcrarea, Peggy Beasley Susan Zannbanl Trrna Tare Girls Srrlde Hard Ta Mn Tnis years girls Varsiry Crass Caanrry rearn nad a gaaa seasan wrrn a 78 record. Despure rne lads af aarrisraarian rney did very gaad Wnen rney wenr ra aryisanars rney finlsn IO faurrn place. 'K Q.K f is r s 4 f s' "' s Q ' , as 1 1 fp is"5iWWQTg?g E V ww Q- Q-,. ' if KQJ .1 S T X . T . f f3Qfi33f'if?lw2--iM9?iisfeg4p' 'A 'ff 595. ' 5 - ' s T . . O FL f T O ' 2 if SP3 fsf::sfs'sT'4f-Wes? --F i s X . T 5 be ' 1 , 'Y' Q sf T ' ' ? F X iisi s-fQ'i'if" ff' ' 'E s T 'T O .' O f Q s T T A 5' T we T. ' fl-f .ls Q51 '-:.. 3 A ' l A l ll :,: ' ., - 1, ' fxvxf-f all' L l. T ' "3 ' if - ' kigsfff T' .isii ii 5 91' T -f Tiff-s'P4? W4"1S? i5"'i is X Ai .1 T L f' ' 7 f'..S"Q:.!Q3' "l'elfi?'f" fisi?-'ggi QQQQ QA! w'Q'9,y he ' Q . gv'w.,.f, - is 1631 S55-.s QTQAQQWSQXQQ .vQf1's,,-me O sr fy L.-d15"s s Jv??'s f T is 51Q'f1B',sy,Q4+iiivv'nY T W-sv? Qfiuvw s i5Ei+'S,s?'cif.:'lig5ffz,?,g53y-Silfrgi 2.39 Ss:.F.,,'E.y 2 s:ff1f,gg':f'?,-:'TQffff?Ls,'3i,3g ,H 8 ' 417 il eww? s- wSf1ff+", lv w rf H '1?i'sf'4iJ "-71551 W i V T f 3' gi 5 :f.f5gffffv,g,5 T3 if "- , f O ssis 1 , ' , fs ,, is 5 S aff H , M , ,SE .. YQ, .. J A 'fe V l The yarsiiy safrball rearh had ah almasr aerfecr seasah, 18 wihs aha ahly ahe lass rhaae ir rhar way. Twa games were called ah raih They placed lsr ia diyisiahals, The reams M VP, Was Dee Sievehs. lah Saiya was rhe ream Capiaihi SOFTBALL 'free VARSITY SOFTBALL: TOP ROW CL TO RD: Brehaa Piper, Dee Sieyehs, Debbie Eaehs, Caach Ashly, Shelley Nelsah, Lori Spiya, Jill Tharhrah, Daria Grew, BOTTOM ROW: Andrea Medraha, Debbie Drihlswarer, Julie Williams, lselly Hall, Sandy Spiya 1 The girls JV, sofrooll reorh hod o good seosoh. Wirh o lor of rerorhihg ployers. - 6 B, They hod o good TUVO our for rhe reom. Their Iosr rwo gorhes were colled oh roih. Due ro phorogroohlcol error ho reom plcrure, rhe mem- bers of rhe reorh ore, Dohf ho Edehs, Tricio Wilson, Mohico Shelley, Michelle Uh- ruh, Leslie Fyffe, Melisso Hicjlsmoh, Jehhy Gohzoles, Kollie l-lihsoh, Sohdy Moy- hord, Shelly Rooerrs, Dee Dierks, Liso Guoro, Tereso Hoys, Tereso Behherr. I ' W f ,sm .Min -N W f" A Nm...-,L ,,, f -L , L ...M4Jv. ,4 r . -"tin, ' The freshmeh sofrooll reorh hod oh oursrohdlhg seosoh of 15 wihs ohd 2 losses. They didh'r ger ro fihish oll of rhe seosoh due ro oeihg roihed our The TQOVTT hod rwo mosr yoluoole oloyers KATHY LACOUNT Amd VELET PIPER. FRESHMEN SOFTBALL: BACK ROW CL TO RD Susoh Croyroh, Korhy Locouhr, Yyohhe Duroh, Pehhy Sixleiller, Dohho Driohr, MIDDLE ROW1 Veler Piper, Doho Disher, Sohdy Bohd, Por Eboro, Sherri Veroho, FRONT ROW: Tommy Torchih, Tommy Behherr, Joher, Joclsle. l R unners Lead Track Sauad Ta Grear Season ,lf id?" W www ,. 2 l Lefr ro righr Too row Coach l-larlsins Alan Head Ricls Piclserr Carlos Sierras Dennis Currus Franls Barela Brian Johnson Dave Woodruff Charles Blaclsourn Sreve Floyd Lance Pusher Kevln Harlslns Jnrn Cooper Lefr ro rrghr Fronr row Joe Hurley MIIGG Bell llrchard Chacon Dave Maob Chrrs Clizoe Cullberr Homo Rlcls Psozeelle Joe Gusrerns James Donaldson Currls Walrer Lefr ro nghr Mlddle row VIII Cloh Sreve Hlclsrnan Marr Srane llooerr Weddigen Sreve Nevers Dusrrn Wrley Marrln Marshall Dese' Marquez Melvrn Howard Walrer Pennusron Wesley Ashworrh Blll Balley Coach Larsen X X I' . 4, 'Q 6 '- X4 pr ' gf' - L: u.: 1 NI 2, -a I 1 x ua v X. , -4 wh- Xb?" "-'Y . 'Q"".':."P:Z. - " Pg Q it S. A 'L 6 My .i ' 2 1 1' M PZ. -ff h ,-of -"""""' ","""" 6 1? .1 Q, b ' ' 'gi I: ' -' - 7 , ','5'gp-..-f..-uw-4':?'f':vi:r-"..4n ' :Ai z . . bfeh ' ' P'1'.l h'hf'3i'1v:1"7"'M3f A ' K . . - 1 0 ,m +9 ,. . .. ' if ' 1 1' , .QE -'F'4'S5'8g 33 "'4"f.i ,,-we-Q. ffm. ff-:lQff2H ' g , jfs: , '-xX -. .H-rg X4 Q 7 'mr - h . . g. Q. ' ' ' "" 'A-..r-U' F 1 n, " NH ,g,N. img-..w....N , 'V , -f , 1,,,gw M , , V ' f ' ' f, , A f.-V 'uf' gan M' , .f ,V ff QM ww. fr ww, 4 ,, 'af f .w w , 1 ,lm x APFQQ -Q-4 q, I fav' M , J .af .f A " A f' f paw, f V ' f 'ffm ffif'- - V F ' "J" . r,niZl.u:,4'?f'.,a2fL-wma'-f .'4"'9'ig1- Alan. e V" ' ' 4 - ...' .J - ' l we w.u,,,5,' Q "Wil, The TFOCIS redm gor off ro o fdlse srorr by losing ro Edsr ond .A+ Mdryvdle. The reorn is gerring stronger wirh every procrice ond should finish in rhe rop 5. TOP ROW: L ro R Cooch Whire, Mory Ann Meyers, loner Lowerbocls, Dono Grew, Beclsy Joy, Edie Hegi, Mory Brown, Sdndy Bond SECOND ROW: Wendy Weily, Lednn Fuller, Liso Fredrick, Arline Cirizen, Lindo Hererd, Monico Shelley, Cooch Treegoob BACK ROW: Alicio Bedrin, Dono Fisher, Michelle Ellingron, Por Eborb, Sobino Gonzolos, Suson Zornboni, f 1... --Y.1r. 14. sg,,,,' . . f ,, nf---M--G' 5+ ,., , ,, T., -4 f ,, .A T X , ' "' as .,.,-A-1-kt.: -',.-.Ls v'- r ..JQT.M... ,A W, J: 4, W. W, , My ,,,, V-. ,ww-, .f K ,W v' .W V ,, V hwy ' ,,f K ' If I K if 4' L' , V w,w,,Q, , ,f , JUZW' 4,4 , V. -fgg, 5,eMg?fw . ".j,fj,:iz ,q,zf'Q .ww , .M , . ff 11 1 .H ' H. .,- 'fy fr' ff'X,m 'qljr A W,,h7,!!,J,. Aff , ,' I , , 4, ,VI git, KW. f 3 , , , .www , - , " ,H . 'fh 'X' 'L ff ,,,-wfnf fm, M ,ff . New 1' ',' - M -. 4, , ' J , H ffi.,,yf 4 I , ,f. ,, g ,W-V .f1,"'f,, ,. . .R ' xx, M ' .gff f wz' ,, ,, , , ,, ' . ,,,,. -f , ,M ,r fn, VV. .' if f ,gg 7,1 'If' r . 1' , of 1 gm , W . , 4,524 ,ffm , ,eg 1., X f-MLW y 3 N x , um ,ww ff' :MF 41, ,,,W. .,,. , .-Q., 5 Y , ,Zi I . . W. WML.,- z I 1 5.13-s -5- r- , , V W.. 3... LQ, r ,..,,.........l A. ,Q-61135 " ' , , , . Nw W Sf' -,1L'f-5, 4 5' ...- . A mx W"-0?-i'f?'+ir,Zf17'15w ,j " ' if. L. gr . ,, 1. ..A-:QI I A , VV ..,. -.V , 4 X A . fi... , i 45' ' V ag, i K 4 x 5 M 5 MQQ . . ,. -- . W,-f-vw , - if'QQ"Q"' 'f4'f'Xf-f' i1ifi5'i ", . K M' K. More VC1"Sl7'y And I V Track ,m ,, .g . , 'il l F "ii ! 3 miifi-FW F? HT Wil? A fx ,gram ,,-.9 U L I ,X E. V, 7 Z I . .. nr 5 K .., ..,,V EV, K . , I 4 5 5. I Q 1 Q I , A,. , ,, A, Q . . M----Cl 5 .-M 'M Til W Q "LA ,Em?F"'g ,mm yihryrxxv W 'M 'F U wif AA' M k,-- Tzi- Q 11 A ,KVV X W J . I K ' gm J.. .. , .. ,T-4-,Z ,iii 103 Vorslry Baseball R eo!! y I-Hrs Home 4, L H L' ' f - V L , "'- V L, Q., ,., ,. .M Q f W rv, ,W ,A I , A k , .A ,ff f f L , ,uf ,g in K H L . I g5:,,,ug,,y t M A 2- L -W 1 L "T7"'1'K7 " ' ff' 'W 'f -f ,-,L- M 'gf' 829' 'gf V. f M' Q 'fl f d ' fag' ' WK C, v ' "if ' l 4 fi ff Q if A 4-' H V 7 V V 0 I NV !YW,,w,Qi,, Him I , hyk A I ., j g 1 Wfz'a,.F ' my 4 I I . xy ,kv jk V Jr 7 1 ,1,,y,rL.L f f, , LV L , Q M, , , ,f,, ,,L, V L , LA LL vm Q, V L ew W L f f My .f f ' rf 1 .4 ,4Mw.M,,dau?L wwf, L ', Mfiwn L M-if mf 6' fe ,t .,-is ' Q- ' , .. Q X, 1 4 W ' 1 gi., gm :ar . Q ..,s: 1--sg .3 y , if Sieve Connor Reed Knolron Jeff McCIosIsey John Higoero Mike Morin Deon Loyilio Jim Dorhom Theron Denmon Scorr Reynolds Rondy Whire .. W 5 Ri , my .y Roy Knolron J - x si Qhnk W f f Russell Broonborger ,ws . ,..,, If- " -Q N- V . R 1 A y ' s 7 y Milse Engleorighr W y y Donny Brees V is J 'r"' J Jocls Brissen 23 rsrrs . 1 , 4 ,Y y J '11' 2 3, A Milse Bell ssfs T T T is Cooch IOQVOW - J - rrr 'i" J , Q- - Q. T J T T sssrs - rsls T is .rrr .s,r " . Q it i - if is or J W' ,r rxl ' ' T'72"'T. 'L-1 f . rf my 1 ii M, W if 191 f L ff -rr - . I 1" I 1-- M.. .. . . if 1 X3 N ,eu -'..-.f :.s,.sm..f,,f1e:-1, .,, ,J ,M f ,, . . , W-,kgs "A. g 5 i Vkky f N---k f we J: 1- if-fi fwsfsw: me f - - , . A,,,,: ,,., ., my "' " "1-' "" f N 'we-ir -N --fr f fr ,, ,, , ss, ,Wi-sf fs .iszaaz V i-emffffm s.. in , W kg.. sk, iw, .. pgs.: IS WMJ, Willy K: JK V twink ji 5 s,,. is if f--y. ',ff ,,,. .-,a,,s so Eff, -Q91 x N' is 145, if 1 . rw, V , ww f "The enrire division is weois exceor for Cori Hoycien Thor meons rhor ony reom is oole io moise ir ro rhe oloyoffs. Those who ger rheir ocr rogerher rhe fosresi ore going ro oe rhe rooghesrf' soid Cooch Ingrom. We hove oosicolly o senior reom oirhoogh rhey iocls experience on rhe Vorsiiy level, They hoye rwo rerorning ployers, Jim Dorhom ond Jeff McCIos Isey. We hoye ro coonr on inexperi enced people, which inciocie o yery inexperienced oirching sroffi They hoye Weois pirching our srrong hirring Qssssfennianefasssfsegwxgggxzxgcw-,,J1mmswmf,ma-.mesa ' i5?9f9 k if: 0 mph I 107 A z:--- ,412-',, -- V, .R Q .tc fgyf f 774. ji YQ! if 22vq9ffJ',f .5j,,f- bg, gy, , Q. J 4 we qw J by ffffzff hmm J I ,V N gi, 2. I 6? ,,. ' . ,'V- jfvgtf V moi O5 9 C7 f 1. if af, W, ' ,gm 590111, Row One, Deon Lovilio Milse Fowler Ed Schroder Joey Robinson Judd Jensen Tim Duclsen Tom DeGursIsi Row TWO, Milse Meels George Sifuenres Miise Throen Jonn Bronnigon Loon Robinson Jeff Toylor Mike Guiruirez Scorr Lovine Dove Sonor 'libr- nv' ,J V" N M -3- . ,a , ,,.,4m 3,95 .a.,. 1 ' .f - . 1, - A V- . ..,.i ,- ,Q . , , x, mm 1. ' ' ' 'N " 4 Q ' ' ' 1 -I 1 ,., gn. .sz-.K , r jfq A V + 1 'Kid fu., , ,, a M- xxx ,U "- 1 . r 1' . Q , ,p Q f ,- -Q-M. f ..4. f f .. M . . b"Pf,.,, ,ff , 1 'L an . ,k,. ,k,1,,3, ,, 1, W, 4 , K, ,V,k, KK LM, ,K x .A , 5,1 gsfff'-,I+ . 5 - w 'K 1. lr . . f 1 nc , "- . y,.,--g."'- fr- E. V V5 4 ,. ' ., f A - uf - ' K-A ,Q . J' -,K,, , I an-f W K' ' - v- -, .n, ' ' ,.:' - - . . A .. . Q I .E J K4 K K . K , I .S .W , , 4. p . ,' "'f.' ' - 4 ,.K.....,.. ,, ,K 'K .KKK K - ..l, '. . - fs -f 71, -' ,f,f,i,., f . A 41 Q, M , .,Q.Q 1 . .,. P4 V .,: af .,.'.KjA My - 'A Q Ju -Z 4 ., , , , . Q., -5 . , xv n , , "4-',5' " f fn, 7 .ww . ' v 1'--. if In ' . . Q' , W 1 4 J' T f ,,.-"'.,,,,KK-,J HK fi . ,, j . K , , ,KK,7,K5'5K, -M A ,a JM . ,-41' - MX ' , N. - ' .+fj'1' 249 1 . 5, 1 '4 M19 m3..,fa. , L "'.'1,',, H. ' -. " +-'WX 1 1 ' .1 ,haw KL 7- - A . .' x ' ' ,I .Cs ,- 2-ff.: fl ks., v '-A K, ' JF' i ' - A ' 'auf K.-I ,, ...K . ,'TfffAK,- K K4 ., . N L ' K " xQ,'7'f. ' f 71. ,-'iq 4 , J A'-,,fx.. Q .- . K . V ' I ' g' 4r":- apt. ,157-?" 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Porlseosoo Kofi Porlser Lori Porlss Tommie Poms Euloodo Porrersoo Ron Peorson MlcheHe Pelfrey Louro Perlsms ,fx-f elfzivr Will 79 O l Eric Cole wiil all of my phorographic paraphernalia ra begin ning Pharo, My '74 Vega io Jackie Thomas, and ro Susan Srillwell I leave my inresrinal forfirude and dedicariong To Ann Marhis I give a very special kind of love and oppreciarion. To Lydia Sweerlond I leave all of my grocery skills and know! edge ro succeed. E Laurie Davis will ro Sandi, Clndi, Monica, and all rhe Brevvin' Buddies rhe oorrles rhar never broke and rhe good rimes l had from rhe ones rhargciid, M l Annerre Domes filed? will ai! of my ernpry Bacardi and Thunderbird loorrles ro .ianice Ferg, To Michelle Unruh I leave my wonderful aoiliry ro do Geomerry, and ro all rhe under ciassmen of TGD, l leave rhe knowledge of how ro parry like humans, To Sandi M , Cindi l-I, Monica S, and rhe resr of rhe Brevvln' Buddies, I wifi my permanenr place asfirsr in line for rhe keg, Also, ro MY. I-iickman I leave all rhe proofs I never figured our how ro do l Jodi Evans will Greg Brooks my lirrle sisrer Wendy Wirh hope for happiness and love forever. - ' I Lori Fincher will ro David Sioner a grear Senior year in hopes rhar he will have an even oerrerane, and I'il leave him my Free Enrerorise Workbook ro help him our Good Luck David! lliaihy Finnegan will ro rhe next President of TGB, fhe parience rofendure rhe job and my hopes thai you will remain of least half way sane rhe way I have rried ra Good Luck! lLourie Plarek will ro Sharon Plarek all rhe skill and looks I was gified wirh Uphold rhe name and image if possible, Love you l Tamie Goodrich will my ororher Tim my worldly possessions such as my wirr, charm, orains, looks clear skin, and a hell of o lor of luck, To Janice Ferguson I will my large American I2-'S and ENB To rhe Drewin' Buddies ivvill lhe aoiiiry ro parry cause your rhe only ones lefr ro carry on and all of mine and "s empry kegs, cases, oorrles and cans. I Kerry Friedman will ro my baby brorher Tom, all rough dralrs and final copies of essays rhar Mr Bishop and Mr Hanley have had rhe pleasure of gradlng, I also will Tom rhe choir I sir in on graduarion nighr in hopes rhar he will molse ir, And lasr bur nor leasr l leave Tom ro Lori Gray l loner Gray will ro Milse Gross oil of my clever commenrs and snide remarlss, To my baby sisrer, Lori, l leave a brolsen pencil. To Gail Marracia, I leave a ser af sharls reerh lrheyre so sharp, dear? To Mr Bishop I leave rhe epiiaph I wrore abaur him To Mr Parish I leave rhe hope rhar he may someday have srudenrs who are as fanrasrrc as Kerry, lsim, and I were l Chucls Hamlin will Coach Ashley more srudenrs lilre myself and my firsr weelss pay from rhe Dunes Nighrclub in Las Vegas l Kim Hermanelr will my car ra anyone who can afford rhe gas. . .l will cerrain parrs of my body ro Pam Mure and Lynerre Gardner because ITAS noi fair for rhem ro have such nice ones My middle loclrer rhar l had for 4 years ro Kelli Hall so she can our away her ladder, All my office excuses rhar are erasable wirh a variery of signarures ro Monica Shelley- use rhem well l will all my chemisrry papers ro anyone who is crazy enough ra fills? rhe class and rho class of 'Sl lseep up rhe rradirion of good rimes, 'cause ir's going ro be hard ro bear rhe class of '80, I Dennis Hess will all of me, seelng how rhere is so much of me, ra all prerry ladies. l Leslie Holrz will ro my reachers all my rardies, and books Lang may rhey remember ihem. I Chrrs llurh will my smile and anyrhrng else he wanrs ro Phil Broolss To Laura Jarreii one rerired Taco Deli uniform, aiar or No Daz and a hell of a lor of parience To Paul Ourler I leave my "smile lsr" use ir wisely I Andy Ledesmo will my life rime supply of clearasil and arher acne goodies ro JM 9330 l Shawn Love being of nearly sound mind will lsermri io llosonne C may God help her l To lsorhy and Lone I leave my guiding spirlr Finally, ro my brorher Brian l leave my srage -'iiunf presence To rhe orhers I leave my love I Jon Mabb well Mr Evansrocls all my charm Cries srsli a bachelorl, Carlos Padilla my brains, for l won'r be around ro do his homework, Eric Marrin my weighi, and io Mrs Palmer I leave a scorpion I James Pr Mclsleal will my sryle, pizzazz, class, above over age good Ioolss, grear menral obrlrries, my magneiic srars, and all rhe resr of my rruly magnificenr personal assers ro Wes Pirrmon 6 the resi of rhe younger brorhers I Marianne Myers will my second Senior year io all lncoming Freshmen l George Nowalr will all of my brand name leans ro Rose-ann McCoy, all af my disco rapes ro Allen and lsris Hildebrondr in rememberance of Lynn. all of my greai science inrellecr ro Craig Robinson, my grear srudenf assisranr slsrlls ro Mrs Piper and lass bur nor leasr, ro Mr Harlrins, my abiliry ro laols lil-re lm doing samerhing when l'm nor, I Jeanne Ponder will all rhe bad lucls ro odminisrrarion for rheir srupidness and ro "Jugs" all of rhe fun wirh rhe guys by Mrs Bondon a brain for reaching. A l Chrissrne Reay will all rhe lucis I have had ar Trevor Browne ro my brorher Scori and ro rhe people of Laveen rhar ride rhe bus, I give you my paiience frhe lrirle I have lefrl l Pam lsuclrer will Suzanne Fisher all my lecrures, l will Mr, C. my lirrle sisrer Sheila as hrs personal secrefary, I vvrrl Milse Whelan my body I James Sroggs wrll some advice ro rhe srudenis or Trevor, ' The only rhings you really lseep in life are rhe rhings you give away " To Mr, Washburn l will my old rux And ra Mr Demlso, my old compurer log on T106 l Veronrco Villa llsoclsyi will ro Paulo Perez ifvliclrey Mousel my oursianding sofrboll abiliry rn hopes rhar ir will live an forever Good Lucid I Dave Zaloga will my absences and rardies io Mr Shay and leave all my problems ai Trevor Browne W' 96 I, fl i ,J 3,- K Mgr? I ' . ' lv ed! I Leo Perlsuns Broolss Philrrps Leonord Pinedo Lori Plorels Jeonne Ponder Monico Pool Dorro Porrer Yvonne Posey Mordo Porrs Jeff Prorer Cnrrs Presson Chris Prunce Dovid Psornirez Jorie Psoynor Cnrusrrne Pseoy Morr Renfro Fousrino Pseyes Porry Reynolds HoHy Rooerrs Terri Psoornson WWA 'gnix '5- N ' if 1" E' K 3:5 +5 , laws wwf lin ieff - . is Q' A 5 , sssr ' X og si QNX 1vrv'rn"'Y Rooio Rooloerr Bellrwdo Robles Drone Rodrlguez loner Rogers Mory Rogers Alfred Boldlrwg Rex Ruge Corrie Rose Rosorwrwo Ross Riclrword McMillorw Shown Mohoffey Peggy Roysrorw Pom Ruclser Arm Morle Rushorwo Yollrro Russell Arwrhomy Somomiego Lorl Somuelsom Morle Sorwclwez Sorwio Soodovol Lorry Scordlmo Chrisrine Schoof Cindy Schmidt Kevin Schmidt Ron Schmoldr Dorry Schoiier Pioberr Scorr Connie Selig Rondy Shoulis Jomes Sheiiey Korhryn Sherwood Ado Slsiles Micheie Smirh Poiricio Smirh Jomes Sroggs Andreo Sroiey Done-lie Sropies Kelly Srory Tonyo Srover Koren Srorgeon Lori Soirer 5- " " XL Lia ,vi .7 KB Q f ' .F S Ag 11:73 W' , 4 if 4 iv 4,3 ff' .. 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Claris Kerherme Ccrree Aron Crrrwe- Morgy Crowd Chrrsry Cole Jeom Cole Rondo Comos Tim Comsrocls Sreve Comer Korhy ComeH Jomes Cooper Chmrine Cox CI'weryN Cromo Diomoo Cushing Brion Cyorer Shoroo DoIze4I Angie Dorro loom Dovws Sreve Dovus Snmooe Dees m 2. 2 . 55 ,, g.k..i ,F K E' 3 , . I gn We fi-5 lr L. Thomas DeGryse Scorl Deloney Geno DeI.ucio Snelley Denr Sonoro Doclsoll I4orol Doll Aoelo Donfwlngoez Vucror Dornungoez Llso Douylo Liso Duffy Klnnoerly Doguoy loner Dunn Joe Duron Doug Dullocner Pool Eoglin Perer Eoglin Cnorles Edmonds Angelo Egue Kornl Ellis Snoron Elluor Scorr Elsosser Bororo Enwuglw Cindy Erno Jorri Lynn Esi-zew Micneile Esouer Neii Evons Eiizooern Eyernorr Sniri Foin Jonice Ferguson Doyid Fifer Cindy Fisnoods Tnonnos Fisner Corolyn Fixx Joyce Fiesnrnon Biliy Fowler Heidi Fross Gory Frozier Biiiy Frederids 137' 8 4' Q' f 5 ff' 1 . X, i Mix Porrioo Frircb Doo Froriger Tbereso Fudge Korby Fuller Liso Porch Sbori Fyfe Leslie Fyffe Debbie Golligon Robio Goody Liso Goroveife Lyoeire Gorooer Mory Gorcio Leiy Gorzo Milee Goumoirz Cberyl Gibson Corby Goord Jooooe Goozoles Moouel Gonzoles Weodie Grobom Cory Groy Gory Greeo Wode Green Coierre Gregoioe Diooe Grimes Micboel Gross ?"'iif..,,.. 3 I y ,g ! a. ,Q 'gif 'Q' ,,- 7 Q Q Mal-xe Guirerrez Cnarles Guprrlk Manuel Gurule Joey Gusrens Jann Gurnerie Marla Guyron Mary Guy Cindy Guzman Lrsa Haonan Pom Halee Jeff Hamehn Larry Homes James Hammer Parry Hancock Dawn Hanson Teresa Harder Kim Harper Gary Harr Marla Harvey Jeannine Hauer 4 ,wx 'M -4'-1 q5,.,,,9, Fronos Hoys Men Heoo Lourre Heorb Edie Heoa Noncy Helium Errn Henry Kevrn Hernonoez Lorrorne Hernondez Lupe Hernondez Ruben Hernondez Lindo Herrero Sonoy Hersey Desiree Hrlborn Allen Hiloerbrondr Sneiio Hn! Tnornos Hal! Debbie Holmes Down Hoffrnon Jxm Honer Rrro Horron Debbie Hoyle Cynrhio Hudson Bnon Huyerr Joon Jonsen Louro Jorrerr Leiso Jorrerre John Jenkins Don JevyeIJ Rondy Jirnnners Eric Jlron Droooiois Jirdee Judy Johonnes Mon Johnson Kennerh Johnson Reoecco Joy Corio Koionder Drendo Kone Ride Kennedy Becci Kezis Connre Ksnord Chorlorre King Ksrry Kwnne Deon Hein Don L I4JwnQ5hei Doyid KJOCIA Loorie I4Joso Roynwond Knowiron Don Koch Juiie Koch Louro LoCounr Cindy Loifrosse Jocisie Lopoinre Chris Lovery Kim LeRoy Sheiio Leedy Kevin Lewin Ken Lihegren Deoro Lioyd Maris Lowe Milse Loyo Aiion Lucero Juiie Lunsford John Mocls Sandy Madrid Dale Maesniro Bryan Maboffey Mark Mahon Kevin Malfioney Laurie Malrngren Todd Molrby Diane Marrinico Deborah Masclw Kim Mason Michelle Mason Michelle Marlwis Tracy Marbis Susan Maison Ellen Marrer Gail Marracio Andrea Medrono Mirclwell Mercedes Torn Meyer Karby Minm John Millarn Sharon Miller Ken Mills Leslie Mircbell Tina Mirclwell loan Moran Jesse Moreno Debbie Morgan Karen Morris ggi X F Q ,-W' J e , f M ' ff' Q , . r A Hr Q A Kerry Morasserre Cerrre Morrow DHI Morrom Dorwerre MUHOQH Lcnrry Mumez Perry Mere Merle Musrcls Juorwrro McCIeHcmd Bryon MCCormrcIs Sorwdro Mcfnrrwry Morrow McKay Lech Mcl4ee Borboro Nosco Drone Novorro Porge Neese Felecrc Nersorw Tmo New Robin O'CorwmeH Am Oforwrwor Jeff Ogrerw Corby Ofrver Korerw Orrver Borwme Orson Anrnony Orrego Carmen Orrega Joe Ortega Tammy Osborne Annarnarle Orr Norman Oxford Carlos Padilla MIISQ Palnnislano Karen Parlss Jerlann Peals Snerl Pearsron Paola Perez Plass Perlslns Pxlcnard Perry Liza Placzo Snaron Plarels Pxids plClS6ll Pxlcnard Pllsal Brenda Ploer Milse Ponder Deedra Powell Diane Powell Lnnda Powell June Prewlrr Cnrls Prince Marla Proulx Isooc Provencwo Todd Pyne Korny Quowoccrw Merle Quayle Lynn ROIFYWOVWUO Orson Rovnbolr Tommy Roy Karen Raxrer Dowd Rews Jim Reeves Morgnrer Vkedfmeid Sopoporn Rendel Jeff Revels Moria Rwcnnrds Tereso Rwcnordson Jon Riggs Berny N010 Joanne floberrson Deonne Rome Loorie Rooie Leoone Rooie Bkour Robson Bryon Rods Brwom Rogohoh Lindo Pxoseorools Por Roomoro Kewrh Russell Pomde Ryom Poo! Sooori Dommo Sode Vwxom Soinz Homme Somoie Gscor Soodovoi Joy Sovorese Deleoe Soxron Dowd Soy1or Doo Schoooerger Dovio Scorr Jeonerre Scorr ,vida wsu nn A YW? ? +1 ,SN Fsgxiixf i K ,fi R w3+-5 wf 1' ,I ,Q A'L 4 , A fA ' 44 ,PKK Kna- X. 1 S , .. . 1 . on 'mr S ,6,.:,,. .1 KX 'Mg 2 2 5? Pomeio Segomd Debbie Seiberr Bob Seils Km Semch Morgorer Servim Momco SI'weHey Sreve Sherwood Pe-rer Shore Terrie Sbugors Will Sirroo Soodro Sioueiros Debbie Qoqoisr Howord Slsirvim Pomm Sllmlser Cormeo Slocum Brenoo Smirh Kim Smirh Peony Smirb Roberr Smirlw Pxobioo Smith Tommy Snyder Dovid Soiomori Borboro Speigrwr Sorwdy Spivo Brion SpUrIocI4 Perry Sroley lorries Srorr Lucy Sreele Liso Sreiriberg Morris Srerrerr Miise Sreworr Poui Sreworr Mori Srone Dove Srorwer Corrie Srurzrriorw Lori Suilivorw Dole Swenson Mex Tore Debbie Toylor Jeff Toyior Porricls Toyior Therese Terreoulr Joclsie Thomos Sherri Thomas Greg Timdeil Torwerre Tivis : Wm ,,Wik ix xx Rm WL-1 ' wr www,- N? Lorr Townsend Porn Townsend Vrncenr Townsend Kevin Troworroge Scorr Troyer Dennse Tysor Dowd Vorney Snonnon Veno Jodsre WHO Tony Vrllegos Vkooerr Volrner Jrnfw Wogner Aron Worker Sneree Worsku Greg Worson Kim Worsorw Corol Wedoigerw Robin Weiss Roger Wells Slwoori Wesr Moryo Wirsorw Dusriri Wiley Chucls Willeirwsorw Jolie Willioms Tomero Willey Justin Wilson Michelle Wirzigmorw Steve Wolf Suzy Wood Shelly Worrell Berr Yorlorr Hildo Yoorro Lori Yborro Milse Youell lllorio Zegrerri Joy Zielwoooclw Tommy Zweygordr Poolo Scorr 'i I fm db 4 L Q 'z , q5?Q5,ti 4 ghd' QW, 6 A 1. Q A TM Uilgff- sw My A ww M95 ff,- 1 my ,gm M 'N A 5 N W SQA 5v1vq X m2Af,1wf,QW Mi? 1 w,:,?f'H m,,,. P' 5 r Wu S?ZQL53,,'w 'sz if-'ff ww gm Egg' M MVP 4 '76 vw! sf , 5, V VV Vf,k5s'A,4.1 NV' , -5.581 ,Q ' fr, Aflwi-5, , . . .. T:,:l,kk5,5gi:Li I 4 A . A, , M-I , ik! 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Ms .C,. 2 S 'Qfw ' H -my Joclsie Connor Cory Cook fXondeJ Cook Aniro Coome Gonl Copien Chrisrine Comwell Angelo Cozens John Cozens Fronls Creo John Crroos Fronls Crouch Corolyn CrowJey Gregory Crump Lynn Curry Joseph Dovis Tom Dovues Korhy Decker Cloy Degurslsi Torn Degurslri Ken Deloney Anrhony Denrhon Vrcisy Dennis Ron Denslow Deoore Derreen Roy De Shozo Leslie Derringer Dowd Dice Dee Dierlss Tommy Dieyerr Doroie Dirrmor Loire Dixon Tim Docl-zen Kim Dodge Slwonno Dominguez Kore Douglos Ploberr Slorer Kelly Dumm Lonnerre Donlseson Moria Duron Denise Dullocner Ludry Eborb Donno Edens Kevin Edwords Pom Eldred Ursolo Ellis Jeff Emory Jocquie Engellse Dovid Erno Ronnie Errel Poulo Esguer Dorrin Esres Rolli Eyons Micnoel Eyereir Judy Fonerry Tony Eorley Cnorles Former 'CJ Iv Xl JN' 'Q ..... N L ky.k'b-, -l .Y Rolph Plederico Tommy Feicls Nlelonie Fiedler lliclsy Fields Julie Fifer Anne Fisher Debbie Fisher Lorerro Fixx Kelly Fleshnwon Alicio Fleurquin Torni Ford Lindo Fordhom Michoel Fowler Tony Fowler Debbie Froley Liso Frederide Michoel Fredericls Tom Friedrnon Sherrie Frirch Le-onne Fuller Plosolind Goddy Joe Gollordo Koren Gondy Dovid Gorrner Lorri Gosron Chorles Guoder Liso Guono Julie Geslse Por Gionnini Tim Gibbons Alex Gomez Grigi Gonzoles Jenny Gonzoies Jimmy Gonzoies MorI4 Gonzoies Michele Goods Korny Gordon Tom Gormon Joey Gronr Lori Groy Doniei Griffirb Keirb Green Doyid Grogirslsy Koiby Gross Cnrisrine Goprill Soson Gurney Cnods Gorberie Bill Gurierrez Jeff Goyron Sieve Hoines Debbie Holi Mory Ann Hommer Fred Homoron Joyne Honcocls Randy Hancacls Maris Hardman Penny Harringran Tammy Haqarnalxi Debbie Harnislni Jacque Hayener Tracy Havener Traci Hawlsins lalynn Hanley Teresa Hayes Kenny Hayes Michelle Head Bob Hegi Jenilyn Henry Charles Hensan Anrnany Herrera Sieve Heyne Brad Higgins Gary Hilburn Jacqueline Hill Sieve Hill Vanessa Hill Cindi Hinlshause lsallie Hinsan DJ. Holiday Bambi Hollander Lorry Hollelr Llso Holr Polly Horlon Aprll Houn Joe Householder Soroh Howell Wendy Howell Chondro Huddlesrun Plooerr Hudson Corherlne Hunron Joe Hurley Wendy Hurslsolnen Monlco Hurchlns Jone Hurchinson Becky Hyde Jlrn Ilserd Robin lmde Joe Joclsonin Milse Jocobs Nordso Jolrne John Jonwes Judd Jensen Tino Jenson Reoecco Jewel Bryon Johnson Doyld Johnson 204 x l J. x -v9'5 m""ln V at 6' Wea v , 'i wlucdi. 329' , l ' . il vw! up 'W J 5 X XJ S s N., - 1" if K , fs' -, . s emi: ,, i xl, wx.. " J .f ",' ff 'Ti Johnson Lydio Milse Johnson Gory Jones Shelly Jones Rudy Juorez Sieve Korz Rid-2 Keesler Donno Kelley Louro Kennedy Dovid Kincold Corlo King Grody King Tino King Dre-ndo Klohn Jeff Knollhuff Koren Koch Jonerre Koelpien Lorre Kronz Becky Krisell Denise Krysrynols Chriss Kulond Trocey Lochrnon Shelley Lomb John Lonwoerrson Priscillo Lornberrson Morlon Londren Sheree Long Johnsron Longhom Koeryn Lopsiey Deon Lovillo Scorr Loyine LoVerno Lee Volorie Lemley Donny Leon Horrier Lewis Lorri Lewis Roooin Lillie Sherry Lindsey Ron Lirchfield Russ Long Jimmy Lopinslsi Brion Love Denise Lowe Joy Loyo Corhy Lueoke Micheol Lugo Jim Lunsford Gregy Lymon John Modden Sroorr Moeshiro Sheryl Moionco Louri Mollon Tony Mong Sieve Monginelii Kosoundro Morshoil ,1 David Morsnoll Eyerer Morrin Parry Morrin ilidsy Morrinez Cynrnio Morx Jarnes Marx Liso Massey Denise Mosrers Lisa May Porn Maynard Sandi Moynord Jon Mayor George Mays Susan Mercario Meg Merrifield Snerri Middleron Joe Minors Dan Mills Iloberr Mobley Barry Mofferr Cliff Molz Micneoi Moore Eddrids Moreland David Moreno David Moreno Enrique Moreno Jonis Moreno Julie Morningyoi Ed Morrisn Jonn Mosquedo Pondoro Muir Sieve Muicecls Sonic Murillo Arrnur Murphy Keiin Murroy Kevin McA!isrer Milse MCCorrny Rosanne McCoy Commie McEocneorn Voniro Mciiiniy Liz McI4ecnnie TroudeJ McI4enno Dove McLoughlin Joy McMosrers Jomes Mc Quorrie Semi Mdkeol Morgue Novorro Dovid Neirn Tereso New Liso Nevers Jonn Nevins Meione Nevin5 W J x 4 l we If' lioreh Newgehr Crysrol Newsom Ahherie Nichols Michele Noriego Clihr Norrhoh Dorn Norroh Psichoro Nogehr Chris O'Brieh Isorie O'Cohhor Milse Olivos Roh Olsen RQVWGQ Olson Scorr Olsoh Philip Orozco Sosoh Orrego Thereso Orreh Amohdo Orr Sreohoh Poclser Dovid Podillo Pool Polomolei Cyhrhio Porlser Sreohohie Porlser Kim Porrish Dovid Pool lloyhord Peorsoh Pseoiholo Peorsoh Zeleoh Pehisroh Pom Perlsihs Chorles Phelps Lindo Phillips Todd Pippin Cnucls Pirrmon Wesley Pirrrnon Joe Pizzyro Sylyio Ploceres Pere Poliflso Jeff Pome- Milse Pomeroy Richord Pool Bill Poole Jeff Porrer Morgie Poreor Tino Powell Ken Prorer Bruce Preiss Jeff Presson Brod Prince Donno Price Angel Priero Adoline Proyencio Todd Pyne Gory Quorrroccni Cody Queen Pool Quinonez Jennifer Quiroz Judy Piooor Glorio Romirez Cindy Randolph Tonio Rondon Johe Rednnon Krnn Reynords Te-rese Reynolds Cnrrsrrne Rrce Bruce Rncney Isris Rucnrns Loorre Rrdserrs Boooy Rrggs Alon Rrgnrer Jooon Rrrey Aorrr Rryers Denver Rooerrs Terry Rooerrs Jeroldune Rooerrson Donny Rooinerr Joey Roounson Leon Robinson Joonno Rooies Moria Roores Mrrse Rods Brron Rodeorl Jeonne Rodgers Drone Rodrrgoez Bern Rogers Poulo Rogers Gilberr Rorno Cannon Rowland Cheryl Rowland Terry Roxas Sheila Ruclser Par Rupp Eric Russell Renee Russell Mary Jane Ryan Ray Sais Lisa Salupo Teresa Sarnaniego Cheryl Samuelson Camille Sanra Cruz Debbie Sayela Todo Saylor David Sayre Porn Schmadoing Russel Scheel Lynn Schilling Aaron Schrnidr lsaren Schneoo Cuene Schneid Debbie Schoonoyer Ed Schrader Susan Schreiner Cbrrs Scbrerfels Roberr Scborrwocber Ybereso Scbwrrwo Lrodo Sereg Tereso Ser Pm! Serrrrwerr Dowd Sooffer Roberr Sboffer Selroo Sboor Corby Sbeoberoer Rrcbord Sberros Rucboro Sbore Corlo Srerros George Srfoeores Debbre Sroeors Krisrr Simoosoo Greg Sampson Mnlse Skoggs Lon Stselrom Rlcboro Sliirrmoo Mncboel Skimmer Debbie Slsjorooll Be-clay Smrrb Cbrrs Smrrrw Joon Smrrb Looro Smrrb Koreo Smrrh Kim Smirb Sberrr Smrrh Tara Smirh Viclsie Snyder John Sooranr David Spahr Charles Sprague Richard Sparang Anna Springfield Karen Spurlocls Milse Sreames Carhy Sreele Lisa Sreinhoff Lisa Srillvvell Cheryl Sroner Scorr Sroner Robin Suorizo Charles Sarron Sharon Sweeren Chrisropher Taylor Debbie Taylor Chris Tedrow Danial Tesada Elaine Thomas Richard Thomas Diane Thompson Milse Thraen Berh Thornron Brian Tinlser ,gf 7 1-'fa X...----" """,f ri A x if fwy-Y' .g X ,f4"" if I! l Q E'-n"j., -W 5 Qb-: , WY'f Yf- ""1 W --"i---- ' i , .fi 1"1 .L . .L is m"""""' is T x my ,W i Zwwfhwf Esrner Tiirle Toner Tivis Brion Tomlinson Sondi Tornlsins Susie Tovor Milse Tressler Freddie Trujillo Dorin Tupper lsorliie Turner Juoniro Tuvell Michele Unrun Woyne Voidez Aoron Voloro Tino Vongorder Tonyo Vonover Ben Vosquez Lynn Veirelw Debbie Vezie Tonyo Voss Donno Vowles Tommy Vrono Micneol Wollus Troy Wolrer Susie Wormon llxe Woyne Tim Wedel Joseph Wegner Marie Weiss Tim Wesr Debbie Whire Donna Whire Michael Whire Brerr Whirney Marcia Whirney Sandy Whirney John Widmes David Willey Jim Wilde Eugina Williams Jeff Williams Regina Williams Rich Williams Edgar Wilson Michelle Wilson Tricia Wilson David Woodruff Cindi Wrighr James Wygal David Wyricls To Van Xa Gerry Yocum David Youngblood Danny Zard Colleen Zirlsle Lisa Zulli rm i W,,,,, k,,. .i .,.,,....c,,, ,,,, A . Q kr Mawr! '." J J WWWM D l'iWfi W--Emma 3- 4 H loner Aoron Jeff Adoms Showne Agroe loner Albin Eric Aldrich Gwendolyn Allen Boy Allison Debbie Anderson Tonyo Anderson Begino Arnspiger Eddie Ayolo lornes Bolser Sheryl Boiley Angelo Bolli Milse Borobon Norno Bornerr Boberr Borrerr Curris Borrmon Wesley Bower Lourien Beosey Morio Becerro Chrisrine Bednoeczyls Joe Bednorczyls Tommy Belcher Arny Belle Borboro Beloir as vngy Z1 Wg -if l FA l wr-,Q.,, Ernle Bella Tammy Benaa Blll Benlarnln Helen Bennerr Tammy Bennerr Mllse Benson Wayne Benrley Tanl Bernal Jeff Bells Jerry Biclsnell Kenny Birch Maureen Blrd Parry Blalsman Tray Blaise Tlrn Blamberg Snaran Balduna Tracy Balr Aprll Band Sandy Band Marls Boswell Llnda Bowman Mary Bayll Baberr Braswell Marla Brava Roberr Brrra Greg Broolss Chrisrina Drawn Raperr Drawn Sracy Drawn Eiaine Bruner Danna Dryanr Sreven Baclsner Karhy Baliiner Paul Barler Rebecca Camarilia Jeanerre Cameron Susan Campbell Marciai Cani5aIes Wiiiiam Cannall Perer Carisan Cheryi Carnail Lari Carrer Sheiia Cary Dawn Casrle Scarr Caaaler Jesse Chacan Richard Chacan Jangrais Chaplin Brian Chapman Virginia Charpeneaa Anrainerre Chavez Jahn Chavez fdmm Piicnord Cnelron Slode Cnesrnur Corlo Cicogni Donnie Cobb Erils Cline Doug Cluff Jornes Cocnron Donno Colburn Joclsie Colburn lon Cole Bobby Cooelond Lonerro Cooelond Pioberr Cornwell Kinwmie Coswell Tino Crovvford Suson Croyron Dovid Cribbs Virgil Cummings Noncy Curry Rochelle Doniels Louis Dorling Gwen Dorro Ken Dovis Cnrisrine Dovis Melinoo Dedericl-1 Tnereso Delsorslse Decky Deloney Mory Denr Morry Denrler Lindo Dick Vondo Dixon Scorr Diuhy Doyici Dodge Renee Doerfier Tony Dominguez Mike Donohue Doyid Doogherry Sherri Dooglos Sherri Dougios Troci Dubow Mike Dumoyich Joe Duron Yvonne Duron Por Eborb Eric Eckerr Som Ehlers Souzy Eioshnnowi Michelle Eiiingron Edword Eilis Joey Eivvood Lindo Ernigh Cynrhio Esh Joe Eyons Byron Fornsworrh Andrew Feroson Crnoy Frsnoock Loren Fincher Dono Pusher Poolo Frsher John Fnrzgerord Pere-r Flernrng Rod Frorence Morro Flores Ruchord Forr Krrsrr Forrrer Dowd Fowler Deoore Fronlsrrn Rooerr Frrzzel Lnso Frydrych Jonnwe Folie-r Lrnoo Forler Lrnoo Forler Turn FoHer Wulrrorn Forrer Lon Porch Sherry Fox Done!! GoHoroo Helrno Goroo Mommy Gorcio Lori Gorrisom Coieem Gosiorowslsi Jeff Gosi Rommie Gemriie Dovio Giomey Joe Gooro Liso Gociowsisi Tormmmy Goosoooorels Koimieem Gomez Cmrisiimo Gomzoies Lericio Gomzoies Lomo Gooch Tirm Goooricm Wemoy Gooom Somdi Grooo Tomo Gromom Wemoie Gromorm Sosom Gromr Scoir Groy Deooie Greemimo Tom Gregoire Miilie Gross Wiliiom Guidry Cmiisrime Gooiiii Morimo Gorierrez Sheri Guy 5 if oiii i n 'Wx f, i ia .6 z 55 C 'iq-v fit'-'c af Jinn HoI4e Lori Hoil Dovid Holler Pony Honcocis Tim Honson Anthony Horgis Jinn Honornoisi Cori i-Iornisn Dovid Horris Erils Horris Gienn Horrford Bonnie Hoynursr I.uAnn Hoyier Leslie Heod Moria Hebensrreir Donno I-ieer Angelo I-ioines Ernie I-lernondez Morgie Hernondez Morrin Hernondez Rocheiie Hernondez Meiisso Hidsnwon Cindy Hides Krisren Hiidebrondr Torn Hill Jomes Hoffnnon Borry Hofrnonn Mory Holier Roorn HoJJer Jeff House Keyrn Hooser Joe Howord Terra Hughes Toni HLJrsKoJnen Drono Horsr Georgio Joclsson Dono Jorrerr MecneJJe Jennings Eleno Jirnnner Kerrn Jrron Pooi Jononnrng Todd Jonns Jono Johnson Jeff Jonnson AJIon Jones Crrsrol Jones Mory Jones Robbie Joyner Normo Joorez DonJeJ Kefnlrng Terron Kennedy Lorr Kirnoroogn Cnonynn Kung Ronwono Krng Volerre Kung Down Kinswood KyJe Kassel Cnrrs Kisser Pxondy Kurs Mmnehne KJo-eoer Donny KononeJs Tuno Knere .qi Y Yvonne Kudrey Korhy LoCouni Jon LoFoy Roberr Lomberron Kirk Loncosrer Dovid Lone John Lopoinr Dill Lopsley Julie Lorour Trudy Lecisbee Michelie Lee James Leedy Scorr Lehmann Michele Leon Jeff Leslie Terri Leyer Terri Leyen Sreve Lloyd Morle Lobensrein Corole LoCosCio Morio LoCosCio Dorrin Long Ricboro Long Williom Long Bobby Looper Louise Lopez Lorrie Loudon Shelly Lough Joonn Luero Morli Loyeloce Doyid Mobb Kris Mods Dione Mooge Kim Monoffey Todd Monlom Elizoberlw Mononey lonn Mononey Ruben Moldonooo Sborun Mollicoor Doniel Monion lleyels Morcos 'Mita ,,Lie J ,-..,,, 'Q' N. VXA. i X Ai 1.4 Acey Mama Dana Mascrw Sraa Masam Mackey Mamae Tammy Maaaa Melkwssa Maaaaaa MscheNe Maaahaa Ama Maxwell Wayae Mayhaah James Meek M1QheHe Meaaaza Mama Mega Keamerh Maaleraa Chrwsmaa Mdhwzer Sazaaae MvHara Taaa Mmer Amy MMS Dawn Mwaaer Daaaa Mwraaaa Marc MwrQaelN Kea Mawey Karen Majwca Doa Maasaa Ram Maaraamery Melwssa Maare Barry Maare James Morgan James Morgan Terrl Morgan Cynrnla Mundall Yverre Marlllo Cnrlsrlne Myers Zachary Myers Wendy Mciarrny lllcnard McCoslser lon McGlllirroy lieyln Mclsee Clndy Mclselyey Kenny Mclsnlgnr Clndy Nagle Snady Navarro Tyler Nlelson Karen O'Connell Ben O'Connor Todd Odell lselrn Oglesoy Dolores Ollyares Rodney Ollis Craig Olson Raymond Orrega Parrlcls Orr 'UN NX , Nw 'I L? iv Y if '-f -f 5 ,a., i. tv ar L.. Carlas Pacheco Amanda Pacheco Carlos Parazzalli Jim Porlss Chris Parrish Pam Parran Sheri Peals Terri Pedersen Susan Pendergasi Susan Pendergasr Paul Perlsins Teena Perlsins Cheri Perry Barb Phelps Bonny Pierce David Pierce Rhonda Pierce JoAnn Pifer Velyer Piper Linda Pirrrnan Paul Poooff lsarl Porrer John Porrer Dwayne Possey Simone Preusser Chris Prince Jeff Quayle Greg Quigley Lisa Quinones Pour Quinonez John Qurnrono Morgorer Iloczo Drone Romsey Jodr PQovyIing5 Bedey Roy Ebrzobern Recror Gory Redfreld Make Reed Meiford Reeves Kenny Renrer Crysror Reyels Bern Reyes Par We Jucnrro Rrdes Kenny Rrggs Krrn Rrple Don Rrscn Roberr Rryerc Sreye flryero Sherry PxryerO Doyie Robbrns Crorg Robrnwn Curr Roberrs Grorg Robrnson Jonn Robrmon lr Y-.1 JL r. wd! Q 'V 4, if 114 M033 I 4 K-7 C Tommy Roorrwsorw Crooy Roooem Syrvro Pxodrrooez Breoo Roe Korr Rogers More Rooew Aorbofwy ROWYQVU Promo Roooero Hero: Rofomemrrrrwe Susr Rooorgrw Sooro Rouse Joroes Flowers Dororwr Pxyoo Keorwerrw Soreorooro Anger Sorooo Ammo Sorwcoez Toro Soochez Mrlse Sooro Cruz Porrwelo Sorrrrw Lrso Sovore5e Tom Bowyer Torore Schrrrrrwg Scorr Schroeder Jrrrw Scrwworz Mro Scorr Jomes Scorr Lorry Seogroves Eoore Sereryo Weooy Seirers Deooroh Soogger Greg Shorrrs SoHy Sheword Down Sherros Crrwdy Srwerrull Doome Shoerrwoker Connie Sregol Berh Sreigerwold Pxooerr Srenner Andreo Sreinoorn Piicjhord Simpson Penny Sixlsilier Brerr Siairvin Solly Sleword Adonn Smirh Corrino Srnirh Sherry Srnirh Torn Srnirh Debbie Solirheno Dionn Soiornon Dionn Solomon Noroiie Sorelo Suson Soohr Rooerr Sporlxs Ronny Speighr Anno Springfield Cori Sroples Joy Srorr Sron Srores Angelo Sieele Judy Sreele Koren Sree-Ie Torn Sreele Tlooerra Sreyens Tammy Sriii Micneie Srover Susan Srrouan Carroii Srruoie Larry Srumroli David Suiiiyan Jonn Summers Damian Sumner Randy Summer Cneryi Surriii Jerry Swanson Liesl Sweeney Randy Taciserr Vicroria Tafoya Tim Tallenr Vicisy Taioya Jann Tamenbaum Trina Tare Graaory Taylor Bryan Teoo Eddie Teiiez Rooerr Weddigen Ben Werzei Jili Wnire Jim Wnire Lisa Wnirney PooNo Tnofnos Donno Thompson Mono Tinnfner Jofnes Tomlinson Ed Torres Fwdel Torrez Freddie Tovor Knsren Townsend Esrner TnnwoNe Deooue Trojwo Eddme Tromo Mrlse Troop Tofnfny Torrcnwn Monon Turner Moria Voinooslsos Ron Vonderwwlr Luo Volennne Monwco Von Doro Usd Voognr Anrnony Veiosooez Tommy Vwgnl Yvonne Vmoloondo Horn Ann Vweoos CMT Vooe Snen Vrono Down Wolleer Sion Wolsefnon Snen WoHser Roy Wo!!-ser Corus Woirer Snone Wolron Doug Worers I4eNy Wodgn Scorr Woyknnd Morrnew Woyne swf 22221 wi: .lam '-'if 3 Boooy WNQQGY Wehdy Wdey Chh5hheWmH4whsoh Mwke WaNey Wehdy Wwey JUSUO WHMOVTNS Shem WwMvof'h5 Richord Wwkhofhs Deberro Wwhrer BMI Wwzxgrhoh Tohy Wolfe Edword Wood Knsmhe Wook, Chrssriho Wright Lohce Yoohg Sosoh Zorhoohu Borooro Zoporo Hugh Zehfworosrw Dwoho Zwudser N I I cw 3 x gn 1 EA T IONS Srudenr Go vemmenr In A Crfcnfff 43' ,...-..w!' 1 L SECRETARY 5 W, 5. Z ,I 1 J ...K G J 5 I eff, if TOP LEFT fFor bodv, Mike Gross, Bobby Copemmd, Jofme Fwlerm Susan Gurfwey, Bebble Corey, Lofrmme Hermf-,deg TMTUGTGJ, Pom Segorwd, Joe Bows, Korem Gomdy Bonme Arebuqvf, Becky Joy, Swarm Dendergosr, Mlchelle Moghofw, Mme Grow, Fred Hompmm fieoredn Lowe Goordh Sobosmm CQMQOO, Korrwy Ffmmeqom, BQTQN Paw KLYTOQJV Maisy Mormeg TOP BTGHT Joe B0 ws, Swscm GLJVOGY, Borwme Areboda, Fred Homprom BOTTOM LEFT Bclph Pmmsw, Lowe GOOVO, Kemw H0rTm5 BOTTOM RIGHT Keren Gomdy Correspomdemr Secrerory, Muse Gross Treoswer, Becky Joy Becordwrwg Secremry, Soboanom CQTZQGQ Vme Preswdem Komy Fmme gon Presmjemr Droculo And lnrerocr Gives Blood Once ogoin rhis yeor rhe lnrerocr Club hod rheir onnuol Blood Drive, which showed ro be o greor success. This yeor rhey rried somerhing differ enr, Droculo helped donore ro rhis greor couse. The lnrerocr Club olso hos o lor of fun such os rhe yeorly "Gong Show". Srudenrs rhroughour rhe school porricipored in rhis evenr jusr lilse rhe fomous "Chuck Borris Gong Shows" Chris Lovery Beclsy Joy Gino DeLucio Rex Browning Simone Dees Boyce Winrers Sherri Vrono Bill Sreorns Velver Piper Liso Goroverro Fred Hompron Bryon McCormocIs Korhy Fuller Kim Horper Pier Pluge Amy Higgins Chondro l-luddlesrun Michelle Gronr Milse Knudsen Bob Blonchord Morgorer Broolss Tommy Brono Cherri Johnson loner Henery Edie He-gi Milse Gross Suson Gronr Folph Proesi A Xa' aff A fa ,QP Leorn To E orn I Yx a W x is 3 pf 3 G 6 if C' " A ' "'wC'M"' M' Row 1' Corny Hebert, Nilslsi Colson, Cindy c KQV' DeSonri, Jornes Keeler. Row 21 Vicror Hor' ding, Jesse Honnor, Jerry Miller, Gronr Miller, Donny Wirr, Phil DeLoo, Suson Kennedy, Vickie Cline, Row 3 KC Boyer, Dovid Scnrnislsie, Gorry Mdforlone, George Gow, Scorr Riclserrs, Morls Volenrine, Sreve Dune lop Row 41 Mr, Sneeley 'eh-...g,, new Tamarra W 5 I-lamemalfers Are Tadays HER 05 In addirian ra rhe dass Waris, dab QVOJGCTS, and iab slsiiis, rhe members af HAEPNO. have had many arher abbarraniries far ieadershib GXQGV' iences, Examples indade inyaiyee menr in cammaniry and srare can yenriansg alang Wirh ane narianal Canyenrian. Cn Campus yaa mighr idenriry rhe members Wirh brerzels, ree shirrs, and carnarians. Same highlighrs af rhe year Were gerring ra meer Mrs. Caraiyn Warner, Psira Dayenbarr, and arher V,i.P.'s ar rhe AWards Assembiy ar Grady Game mage Aadirariams Jadi Evans-Hisrarian Tamie Gaadrichepresidenr Daryi Jemisaneisebarrer Cynrhia Vasaaesepabiic Reiarians Kim Schiiiingireasare Janer GrayfSecrerary Carrie SbrinisieeVicesPresidenr Debarah Gaads Carrie Sbrinisle Sherry Dahach Carrie Psase isenea Haii Mariena Gawens Shirley Dirch Cheryl Young Ja i-iaWeii Janer Gray Kim Schilling Amy Higgins Cynrhia Vasquez Tamie Gaadrich Kim McCasIser Tracy Higgins Jodi Evans Alfred Daiding Janer Laarherbads laiie Hanlan Daryl Jemisan Jeri Maier Mrs. Dradfard CDE Cooperorfve Ofhte E ducoffon LesTTe I41eT Lon Keds Crm Hurrw Semdro Gndrwey Mercre Corrs Terwye Srover Lislie Mdlerd Dems Pxevmrrgs Gino Hurredo Leo Browm Lmde McATTsrer Maisie Muerwch DerTerwe T0yTor Come Ledberrer Tim Tkekbmserw Mrs Burwi Crws Schoof Jem MTrwo!e Mmrwele Smirru Demeiie Srepkes Dorian Perrer Cmsreerwe Cersorw Terese Uoyd V Mk'-vm ,,.,, Securir y- The Force Thor En forces nl-""""""' V l 'xx ,Y-W fp' gl f ,M f' 71 5 Mory vole Yourh Cenrer r --wr rw'-rr., , ' ' f , Jimgwz' -,g,,w1' I Q Q.- 'ix , U' fbffw ' 14 'Q gg, L", e -'rr--rr , r - A in 0 ,V l M '- gf.'f2' W W J, up Pfgggffi. ' A- A TN ,ig , W ir gl Q 5 . ?is.4.g:s A ,Mr --:.'p L 1.,.7g, M- 4 yr' .1- 2-f"'?x.f if ie- f fa' 15+ '.f?i' af I ' li-3 'f-53. ff' ff' ' ' '41 :fd-, . 1 1 ,fri -1 V' P 27" , T'f eaf?'1ffl'4 ' - " -r . '15, 53" , ' r .1 , ff - '. A A--'-gt Ai, V I, . Q, ' --f' , f ,Wi r "f3r ".u,W. ,V ,Q . 1, 1 aw Li, A I ,A,. , .LX , 'A ' 'H -' ', 4.-v' .- '.f' ' L ' Q rg L, '- r rfll 3 i rr,, r r A' ,,,1:1"s" Mi ? 'v7lV1L.4.u , . I f , r ' 'JA " 1 'Hif,.slQ3"r:2,,g. , I ' '. "fig-, Q, 1' .,,'gm'v .. af'-. 'x ' I V' f7.,,: A QV June 1, ., 1. ,. 1,3 xr: gk V I T, I .',g-- M32 ' ' 24 ff ' 'VN L 1513 .gf,,.r1+ 'iklf ' vi' '- '7' .ale H.. f f., if ' he-A iv i v ., ,A V gl , Y r. ly. , W ,T r . Q P5 V A M. , x ,V 4 g v , . . w -1-1-. ' A , ,ff 4 Q V V NAU A fi qw, 41.1 X, ,., v MSF. , ,f, 'E , rm ' N f 'il 12 K c " Sourh of Trevor Browne, o popuf lor ploce ro hong our for some groups is rhe Moryvole Yourh Cen' rer For erwjoymemr rrwere ore oosleer boil courrs, o Qreor srereo, pool ro pies, Pirwooll mochioes, ond Ier's mor forger rrwe porries! The Moryvole Yourh Cenrer is on occepred ploce ro ger M EL-LO W Con Iifeh. DECA Rored Mosr A crfve ln Service And Experience Drsrhourrve Educomoh Cluos of Americo orovmdes for rhe devemoomehr of meodershro ood orher rrorrs essehrrol ro o successfum coreer IO morleeruhg ood drsrrmourroh Thus oosr veor DECA held rheir secohd oohuor Muscumor Dvsrroohv Dohce Mororhoh Thev hod o fohrosrrc rumour AM of rhe duo members were ocrrvelv mvolved ohd rhe duo officers our ro o mor of rime ood efforr ro moke mr rhe greor success rhor ir vvos. Throughour rhe veor DECA members from oll over rhe srore gor rogerher, Th1s veor DECA's regmohol Cohferehce vvos held or rhe Ponhre Resorr, Feoruorv QQ vvrrh oooroxm Af? 5' 1 ' 'Yr CL is .f J I ii V, f K 3? 1 1' L'-' ' 43' Q ,M ef every! Q, N f A1 f - s 5? f V ,ax 'T X, W -L ,,,s mr, r X, , , K 31- yy AV . 1 g5,,k Eg! s x ,wikiw Swim, srsss za fm Ql:-l3f2fi5ifl- i , ii- , 5 S-:,,.,,,, , Q i 'ellijlts Y - Af, i' 1' , can cs morely SOO srudehrs from rhe Phoemx, Yumo, ohd Flogsroff oreo. Ih Aorul rhe Coreer Deveioomehr Cohferehce vvos held or rhe Civic Plozo ohd Adoms Horei vvirh over 2,000 DECA memoers orrehdmg from rhroughour Arizoho A , ffmoms VY' CfJr're5'J1'rwf Smeg Rrck Kemecy Jerrne Dem Reef QAM, L' b" BMP Qq, , .LA V Jw, lr e rieremecez Dmr- Hs" 'XGA Snr Rf,rQ"'?NCj1T Sew Wood Mccre rrw Mm Srowe Sr'f1'rrwrrBc,:r' 'lrcP1n'C Ferry Svxe fu' 're' DQ. C V "'f' 1 Y 'rye' 1""1E?6J.L" Rc 3, Swez 'Meg 321A Ewfee 'rl ,We the S,f"' rw Q- Fie- X -"' Gif... Ee .Degeii "fi,Dm,-11 ryrfjf,e G e Q , Figxye' Miiqfje Drk' X, y Smeg ffv" Sew, Jie, 'er' 'VT' Gegve .76 Mtv Mc Cre Cecy Erwi, mr: Dc Dovicrcpisegv' GC1'y Greerr Srrerrr Trworfog Kowwy Cisrmer Lrso Dfy Bod Deoore Merger Toed Bees? JCN-er 5:3.crese Ke-.y L Kelerxer Tw er Bcwe' Cry P93254 Karen Ove' Means 'fi Mme 'UMM' Eecer awe' .4 ,1 Shown Abrohom, Mrdme! Bcnxrer, Krrrw Dry crwr Crrwdy Cole, Mre Douglas Mrlee Home gow Kerry Frredmcrw De-mae Hofey Deb be Hcfser, Derrev Hecrh Sommer irvoe Lfdc More-Q Larry Mervjozo Leonard Prw eds, Lori Sorrmehen Crfrdy Schrmdr, Kerrwy Sherwood Porrrcrc Smrrh, George Surrwprer, Lorr Taylor Deon Trrrwko, Karen Wrwumey Helo' Scfence The Field Science Club is in lrs 8rh yeor or Browne, ond ogoln hos been yery ocrlye, This yeor rhey wenr on such rrlps os rhe Grond Conyon, rhe Super- srlrlons, Mr, Lemmon, Flondrou Plonlrorlurn ond Poy- son, jusr ro nome o few, On rhese rrlos rhey ex' plored oll ospecrs of Biology, Geology ond Asrron- omy, Though lr is o science club, equol rime is soenr on Ieornlng more obour rhe world we live in ond hoying fun. Boclsr Mr. Wolrers, Croig Robinson, Jon Mobb, Suzonne Moser, Lilly Bornerr, Morr Michelson, Ver- non Gomez, Youssef El Ashrnowl. Fronrz Donlel Monlon, Cloy DeGurslsl, Tommy Gos- bedericls, Rlchord Shore, Suson Gronr, Myron Hoys, Scorr Monion, C .. wwf A Look Ar Life bv w " fx purv- Wargames Mr Cody General Lee General Jocleson Chief Joseph General Gronr General Sherman General Beauregard General Cusrer Sirring Bull Geronimo T Qp-Q-., X .5 , . A Wy' 'kr Tl? A X timflil The Thin Grey Line H05 Norhlhg On Us. A Proud Troohvcn Comm ues Ar Bro Wne E' X14-wVg f 7 f4f z Qffwff-QL ZW 344711, 4gwWff,4f,, f, L4 cr! 4' s..J .. .hc 5 ,r .' , is-V:-4 ""c"twm. The 7rh Borrolion, one of eighr ornwy oorrolions in Phoenix, Arizono is conwnwonded rhis veor by Senior, Williorn "BiII'l Sreornes o coder mojor. He is ossisred oy his execorive officer, Bicls Bozelle ond o sroff which includes Bill Boiley, Shonnon Henry, Jorhes Gov, ond Dexrer Blocls, The Trevor Browne Coder Borrolion hos oeen consisrenrly nonned 'lHonor onir wirh Disrincrion" unril losr veor when enroll- menr dipped oelow 100 coders. This yeor enrollmenr in JBOTC is on rhe rise ond TGB., ir hos more rhon 105 coders. The coder connnnonder UBill" Sreornes is confidenr when he soys llThis veor we will win oocls rhe rifle, 'lHonor onir wirh Disrincrionf' Eoch yeor rhe coders srond o fornfiol inspecrion oy o reom of officers who corne here from Forr Lewis, Woshingron. These officers ore on ocrive dury wirh rhe US, Army ond ore speciollv chosen ro inspecr JBOTC onirs, Losr yeor Trevor Browne ploced second or rhe onnool fornwol inspecrion wirh o score of 94.78. Coders ore rored on leodership, perforcnonce, odrhinisrroe iion, looisiics, lesson rerenrion ond personol oppeoronce. A possible score is 100. The nwoin rhrusr of rhe progronw here or Browne hos oeen ro provide o leodership Iooorororv experience for rhe srudenr inreresied in rhe developrnenr of his leodership ooiliries. A proud rrodirion or Trevor Browne High School for nwonv ' 'M f YQOTS. 3 , , g'fijff'f.l , V fa Z ,sxfwgfyf V',, .,, V' ,l', , ,L Fr 219 QQ ,,,. . 1 . 4 A zzo. ' J , 1 X F v ' x N up-Q. fix 2 JAW- 3 I 1 I Bruin Ne W5 ....-'XA' Demos Hess Julie Rayner Travis Wood Alex LCJQOCNO Psefwdy Whlre PCM Gamer Bull Lorour SQ0msorMr Fmsofw Amd orher commburors N 1 Parlez- vous Francais? slr V . German Club ,-'33 QQ?-, A J as his Z 2 khrg df Michelle Granr Boo Blanchard Boo Scarf Myron Hays Cynrnia Vasquez Susan Granr Cynrlaria Beyersaorf Srwerie Smlrn Tracl l-lawlsins Ester Torrle Cralg Robinson Joe Wegner Vlclsy Beasley Lilly Barnerr Fred I-lamoron Mr, Don Dawson Check More!! Mr. Worker Sreve Borwrde Rooerr Cnerron Myron Hoyas Ons Hrgnrower Jonn Keooler Mike Knuosen Dovno Jonnson Dowd Mooo Jon Mooo Rex Roge Jornes Srogo 1., -01:5-..-:....4 E! MO VlfT7lGf7l'O Esruokynrfl ' yT""'n1'zmasa1aw if 41 V- f ' A, A'f Blah Bli ss .2 , ll 'mf ' il 455533 14 , , ,I x my may ' .ff-ww f'f- 'f izzwmnimng-.. Hx -M-'f:fff:f-'W Mull ' 'f fy f2 4 f45WW J - Chicono De Azrlon - Afi.ECh.A. l -yi ' swf' WWI? rf Opposire Poge, Borrorn Joe Arriogo, Syiyio Rodriguez, Sondy No- yorro, Freddie Toyor, Suzie Toyor, Veronico Foyeio, Cecilio Almonzo, Diono Noyorro Middie Eddie Seisios, Mori-s Lowe, Tornnwy Vigii, Morie Rooies, Miise Perkins, Snerry Airnodoyo, Dione Rodriguez, Judy Arre dondo, Becky Comoriilo, Morc Moreno, Jonice Moreno, Adeio Do nwinguez, Ruben Hernondez, Bode: Doyid Boldonodo, Joey Ronwirez, Lorry Muniz, Cnucie Werzei, Mike Loyo, Doyid Moreno, ond Lorry Mendozo This yeor M.ECnA '5 biggesr eyenr wos o low-rider cor snow neid in Feoruory According ro Presidenr, Ceciiio Alnwonzo, ir nos been o iong iinwe coming Tnere were rropnies oworded for ine bear poinr ioo ond ine besr oyeroii, Tnere wos oiso o cor-noooing conresr Tne cors were provided by ine Arizono Low Riders Associorion. Our Srudenrs Do lr Berrer And Fosrer ln Orcles A vrrroolly orwlsrwowrw Celeorrry or Trevor Browne r5 soorworrwore, Tomy Forrey He ooo M5 ororrwer, olomrm Boo Forrey, roco srreer grods Cora Boo Forley hos oroced or roces Moro or Morwgorwrro Sooeowoy A5 me Forle-ys pro gressr roooo forws coo oe 5ore ro rweor o Qooo oeol more of rrworrw ro rrwo forore y ',Z',f,,? V '75 E fig , on r f fft ff r A' -5 r ,ir M 24 75 W 5- L 17' r 5 z r,.,, rfr. L," 'Q' ig, ,, Y ' f", . f f Ioliilrf 'N . ' r . --:-iq--- , r 4 ' ' N ,3 'g vrb ' rd 4' : 'VT .1 ' v X X f-Y ' H5 7 X 1. -1 1 'la -.4 I Hymn I , TRQWD H I 'arf -...wr o 7f gf or 2 7 W w w- ,f-X1 4 WNf,,,,f W b QM A ' orrj rf'5fM rrrrr or ,rrr rrr r fi I o rr .rf f ' ,, , f-. pw., 1:,g:: ilr,V 5' hVl! i Vfz W J X fi oo m A!! Thor JOZZ! , ' 111- . Xl L.-Q if Kapflx .f paw' is lb' yf 55" X" '. 1 "Pix: A I ' jffl I 7.3 ' UUE. G , , W 1 , ' I. ' 'I 'lviv 2014 1" 0 " F In x ligx' tg? 3 ,Q s 4 . . ., 11 " .lvl 4' .-a 1 ' 32 N. 4 1 A W 49 Gwrcjorw Hcma AUQIN H+lcjcHOrc1rucjl Lflffy Cjclul XPC F-Mmvrly Jcnhm Jcvwmv, Gary Hum Rclrwciy Www Hcwvwv Bwvvnrw Korn Lmgvmrw Mlcvw Wfnlwr A ,, EQ Q lg ' 1 W.W,,.TT"fl'l53 f w- 5 , 1 1 S E .1-yt. 55 ef . 5 5 1 5 . 'ze ei 1 2 228 3 W E 5 2 A ei Q fa 54 I Qf N L,lL 'nh dll' Z 1: 4 ,X , up YI X6 'JH ' M no 'X iw .Ni '4 .' W Q . 1421 i 3 1 Officers Secrerory Lynn Hllclerbromdr Premem Srwcwm Love Treogure Mark Prouix Vue Preswderr Two Wowsrrom Gow Judy Morhershed ET' I QWV7 -0645 5 AMW' fjffiowf 'UP"53m'K?'4 wcjvafl PQ ,4Zfaf4'f1f afgw, 9' 4 . , X A, ,. , LLZ4"'v1f50fff'4f'?'9!"'7m7L"! ,Aw-ew-free ,J , fsazzffffwf, f!Q Cf""V . . aff? , 44:1 U, 1 f, 1 1?-' I ' X ' ' W7 j4fz0wf,64L A l'i'?X55324U35fLYEJ2 ttf' 1 P2 Q N r ,M - 4 e Ax f fa, , N. fr -,Z -'fl' tl!! gn Y an I-leedecheg Heerrbum And Hayden Make Greer Prpducrfen These wedy crpzy people pre rhe phes VGSQOVWSN' we for oil rhe pPpy5 phd 'xrheomcpl prpduchphsw here or Brpwhe, They owe QM rhelr hhesse rp rhew spphserh Mm Hpydeh Wwhpur hm, hprhihg wpwd ger dphe phd sprhephe else wpufd Qer rp pw up wwh rhe hepdpches php heprrppfh fhpr rhese pknys pw pw. Thphks, Jirh' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 :LX J 'J Q. 5 1: K , ,N xi .5-25.992 K iw. -- fb Con cerr Band ln Tune Mich The Dmesf 5 , X. n 41 . , ' ,x ,J f, I ...n xv 9, ry 5 Eric Aldrich Tracy Arnold Brenda Barnes Jeff Berrs Dexter Blacls Jolene Bloomingdale Tina Canfield Donald Carlsen Scorr Caveler Angela Cozens Brian Cyorer Joe Davis Lisa Daffy Lisa Duffy Denise Darocher Yoaseff El Ashmawi Tommy Feiclsalslsarhy Finnegan Debbie Fisher Tom Fisher Gordon Franls Rosalind Gaddy Larry Gasr Scorr Goodman Sreve Grose Marrha Guirerrez Billy Harnilron Gary Harr Traci l-lavvlains Jane Harchinson John Jenlsins Eric liran Iseirh Jlron Lisa Johson Ben Jones Michelle Lee Ren Lilgeren Diane Marrinco Debbie Masch Vanira McGinry David Moreno Robin O'Connell Dee Anne O'ConneIl lseirh Oglesby Anrhony Grrega Wesley Pirrrnan Tron Podgorslsi Jeff Porrer Delia Reynolds Doyle Robbins Denver Roberrs Tamie Schilling Wendy Sellers Beclsy Smirh Penny Smirh Roberr Smirh Eddie Tellez Esrher Tirrle Allan Wallser Marie Weiss Randy Whire Cindi Wright I '-1 .u . X x . . . X' J'- if . Marching Bruins W -- L.. x I l I u 9 ll R' . F .ng 4, lg x Q N ' X S ? I X X3 Q -4 " im- bil'-3 dw t ,os ., , N .X f r a - D 'l 'X s x 'en d' .-H . 'Sl kgs? I Q Keep The Beer Min Block Erlc Aldrich Trocy Arnold Drendo Dornes Jeff Derrs Dexrer Dlods Jolene Dloonnlngdole Tlno Conlleld Donold Corlson Scorr Coyoler Angelo Cozens Drlon Cyorer Joseph Doyls Llso Duffy Donlse Dorocher Yooseff Ashnwowll Torn rnorle Felds I4orhy Flnneoon Deooue Flsher Thorhos Flsher Gordon Fronls Rosollnd Goddy Dowd Moreno Vkooln O'ConneIl lselrh Gglesby Anrhony Orrego Wesley Plrrmon Tron Podgorslel Jeffrey Porrer Dello Reynolds Doyle Robbins Denyer Psooerrs lomle Schllllng Wendy Sellers Declsy Smlrh Porrloo Srhurh llooerr Srnlrh Edoodo Tellez Esrher llrrle Allon Wollser Morne Weuss Rondy Whlre Clndy Wrlghr lorry Gosr Scorr Goddrnon Sfeye Gross Morrho Golrrlerez Bllly HOVTWIJFOO Gory Horr TrOCl Howlslns Deoole Hoyle Jone Horchlnson John Jenlslns Erlc Jlron lseurh Jlron Llso Johnson Den Jones Mlchelle Lee Ken Lllgren Ron Drchrleld Dlone Morrlnlco Deooroh Mosch Doug Mosch Vonlro McGlnry '79 - '80 Poms Did lr All!! .28 .. 'j ,xj75'fy,,-e' 6 s x X . f, T if 19791980 vves 0 greer yeer for rne Trevor Brovvne Porn lane Tnev eerned 0 supenor ond rvve exCeTlenr5 er 0 Ccrrnp rnev errend ed er A S U Tear sunnrner A5 rne foorbQTT seeson srerred, rne Penns began vvorwng wnrn rne bond er 7 OO every rnormng, ond even dunng rne surnnwer NOW THATS DEDICATICDNT A5 tveskereell season reTTed Ground, rne Poms srrTT nung in rnere ond enrerrouned rne Crovvds or nolf rrne IQNEELTNG, Perry Mere! Lora Perks CCOprn D, CnervT Brovvnung CCG Ceprn D, VQT Cerevr ATTQQ Fernsvverrn STANDING Donno Brcknewm Jenice Ferguson, Fern Segond, Merve Wnrrgon Deebue Cerev 4 P a ri ff Aff , .f,..,1.....,,, , ' Rf FP gwwv V 9 .. ,,M5W,W,A 3 6' 115' 'JM-.MM..,.Mf.M4f Q I 2 Q ff ,avr k h5 A3555 4393 T' X 7 'WV 66 wg,-gui 716 . Cheers '79 - 'BO - xY' ga A Q L W, , '52 - ,f A . S - -k ff? S 4 Q-ax.. . A fa -J I L I Tm, ycrcurm Chow-, was boom an Im of fum Thom wore GCHVITIGS rcmgmg mum docwrcwmcg H1Qfcucnrbc1H IOCUVTWE room to dressing up if Pl wpww won-In M NCIS Dorm Qurw mm Oxpewcxmcc for UN of WG QNI5 II wfmd iw drfTwcLJ1l rm GUQMQCJIO H10 fum !lfTNCW Ihoyvo mud They MwMc ww Hwy cfmcirfl Mauve fund Cl DOHQI wmv Ilwclm IHC P0015 Mmm Mild ww Mcfhwnng IMOITW chew on rho Bruins' K f wmv., ? GQ For llif 25, VV Q11 YL-N -f . ,gg H ."'fy V f' rf-:gp wif- , , A H M - Ty I'-Wal l U gm-..w,,,.X . f1't3g4g'A 'Q 5,0 E. 3-. ff' ,iw .. 4 .. ' ' ' . 4 ' rw' , wif W ? W, . ,m.,, , ., M i I f- , - V-,W , I W. ,. Mn I My 'Nw 'V - f ., T"-'M 1--- 22: Wm 'Q 10791080 Cheek Oefr ro rrghrl Debbro Vezue, Shelly UOSIOO, Kam Smurh, Becky fxdorm, Chm MCCOUWCIQ, Korom Parks, cmd Yolmo Russel? J ani ' ,W 'q 241 Bear Focrs LL Q ...--1' "3-u..-.....,,, 3'fn"o-f Q, I M I wk. -if i' 1 f if fs' 4? N 6. , , 1,3 Tne Dear Facrs sraff srarred our me year wirn a fairly new and inexperienced sraff. Afrer several sraffing adiusre menrs, rnev began ro produce one of rne oerrer newspae pers Trevor Browne nas nad. Ediror, Kim Serricn and sporrs ediror, David Jonnson worieed wirn rne sraff ro reacn rnem rne differenr aspecrs of purring our a paper. For me firsr rime in Trevor Drowne's nisrory, Dear Facis worised rogerner wirn me Yearooois sraff ro improve ine ouriools of rne paper. For rne wnoie vear no major fignrs errupred oerween ine rwo puolicjarion sraffs. One rning rne sraff didn'r iearn was now ro malse deadlines, our rne paper Came our anyway, STANDING Margie Cioud, Sreve Haines, Dawn Hoffman, Howard Sprague, Carny Oliver, Karen Spuriods, and Ron Drirron MIDDLE Kim Serridw, Mrs Weiier, Jennifer Quiroz, FRONT: Maureen Ciaris, David Jonnson, Giloerr Roma, and Don Hoops. ,714'-.. , -86- , MJJ6, VXJANW 454, ,, --ff, ffljfffif JLG f -212.4115 L- Tau rj, fi h,,,f,3 fl, -1 f fl ,f g ff xi 41 J I. mil, ipyy? Lf fi f il f' RJ? ' " We Soveo' The Besr For Losr Lydio CDeoe Le Srronge? Chuck QHeovenLs Josr A Sin Awoy? Chris CSIeepin' Singie In A Double Deo OIivio's Gone? Kim CCon'r Boy Me Love? Dennis CDirry Whire Boy? Robby Cl've Gor The Knock? Richord CTip Toe Through The Tulips? Greg iDisco Socksl? Tino CUQ In Srnoke? Donno Cwhiskey Drinkin' Womon? Deedro Ckoil On, Dig Monwo? Moggie I CToke Me Horne, Coonrry Psoods? Dione CSweer Home, Alooornol? Moggie II CMogQie Moy? Annerre CGive Me Some Deer Drinking Mosic? Lori CEvery Which Woy Doi Loose? ioiie CShinin' Sror? Kelly Clr Don'r Feel Like Sinnin' To Me? Isenno Cpoor, Poor, Pirifol Me? Sheriiwosred Doys ond Wosred Nighrs? TomieCDeer Drinkers Moke Derrer Lovers? Sheiio CDO Yo Think I'm Sexy?? Nor Picrured, Crow CI've Aiwoys Deen Crozy? koren -CToke The Money ond Ron? A VVDD , ff? i isr fig: "" fi pl X 41 'Tier' 7 A ,Q 'Qnq,-l X' hub., if. ,, 9 ,, . , -fi 'NN it 436 H , Bw 'N W1 zn, C" 1? .d""'r N -in WW Xiu 245 QV 30 . x 174 X A, 3 N fi "-"' N 3 ,M irAA fd M -' I t . ,Q 0 3. Q9 .?!I,lQ"L 1 f"1'..'-f , 'lfk wwf: 7 io" ,,,. o,'x f 'wb 3, Wa :ans x BKQ s AY ' 'ffwnq J A"-vi: Af " x 2.18 M -. 'ini u s'u'T ' .. sg, fi .J Q :Ru 'Hs' . . ff-'Y"2, , .0 4' , av wing: ' T , ' ..':ffi3f'ifef r ' ia ' ' , . MW Q we ff: A 4 A K W ' if" QTTEQ' ..,M1'.'.A?Q1wv. , -mm:--.s. . g'fis'gl2if2s9 ' I A F . ' Q' 31.8 J it 5 .cgi f Q N iii, 9f5Q3,siiN,gQ4 if ' gi, . ,s His, ,I f . qfix, .. qs ,rw . , 'wax' Mr John Block Mr. John Blocls hos been our orincipol or Trevor Browne ever since ir opened, He is rhe very besr rnon for rhejob becouse he's been o school piincipol for o rorol of 14 yeors, One of rhe reosons for his ossignmenr ro Trevor Browne wos becouse ir wos o new school ond becouse of Bruwne's uniqueness he would be oble ro use his own ideos ro run rhe school ro rhe besr of ir's obilirv. This yeor rhe House sysrem ond rri rnesrers, iwo of rhe rhings rhor mode Browne differenr, were cur from rhe progrom. Mr. Blocls feels ihor "o greor deol wos losr in losing rhe Houses becduse ir brolse down rhe big school inro rhree nninischoolsf' To Blocls rhe besr porr of Trevor Browne ond irs progrorn ore rhe oursronding foculry ond rhe srudenr body. He feels rhey ore rhe "heorr rind soul of rhe school" ond rhey ore rhe reoson for him coming our here. We ore luclsy ro hove o principol lil-ae Mr. Blocls ond lools forword ro mony more yeors of his good worl-a ond confidence in rhe srudenrs. i ,.f, 4 f-',.'0luqd ,. . .,,. 4 i T A i i l I i l , g,.,Q l -far: mu- l -wtnii Qjuggg l r 1 4 i i l i l l l l l i , l 1 l i l l l l l i l l l l i l l l ? i i i l i i 4 l l l Three Heoo's Are Berrer Thon One House Director Moves 'Up 'T Mr. O'Connell is in chorge of othletics ond discipline ot Browne. O'Connell enjoys the students ot Browne but feels thot there is o negotive ottitude thot disrupts other lsids who ore willing to ottend ond worls ot molsing Browne o better plocei "Trevor Browne is o greot school but the lsids need to worls together ond show enthusiosm ond teom spirit." O'Connell wos not thrilled obout his promotion to ossistont principol ond feels thot discontinuing the House system wos bod for the students. He stored thot "with the House system, teochers, students ond porents were on o closer relotionship with the school, if there were ony problems the Houses offered their ossistonce. This wos either lost or confused in the chongef' 'Ho wk" Helos Disciolne Mrs. Howlsins wos one of our House directors lost yeor. Becouse of chonges in the school she is now one of the C85 I three Administrotive Assistonts ossignedfoiheprincipcrld-lef job deols with student discipline, student funtions ond Trevor Browne's colender of events. Mrs. Howlsins enjoys her worls here ot Browne ond feels thot the school hos o lot going for it. The one thing thot Mrs. Howlsins feels should be chonged is the ottituded the students express for eoch other, the foculty, ond the school itself. She feels thot the students should be more unified ond show more enthusiosm for their school. Kelly Active Mtn Students Dr. Kelly is the odministrotive ossistont in chorge of otten donce ot Trevor Browne, His duties hove chonged o greot deol since the 1978 79 school yeor. Kelly wos our Assistont Principol until the boord decided to chonge Browne's for mot, Now thot there ore three ossistonts in chorge of their 1 vorious duties Dr. Kelly hos hod more of o chonce to get to lsnow the people ot Browne, Dr. Kelly hos olwoys been very helpful to the students ond plons to remoin in contoct with our problems Kelly's office is still locoted ot the Adminis- trotion Offices, unlilse Mrs. Howlsins' or Mr, O'Connell's which cite locoted in the Activities Office. Kelly- wonts Browne students to feel free to come see him whenever they feel it necessory, Q H 9 John onsour Aflonsour Borrles Mrh Ever lncreosfng Absenses Mr Monsour is in chorge of orrendonce or Browne ihis yeor. Along wiih reoching o biology closs ond odvising srudenr governmenr Monsour nfiusr mol-xe sure siudenis undersrond rhe orrendonce policy ond molse sure ir is enforced Some of his dufies include norifying porenrs obour coniinuous obsences, Providing heorings ff iv siudenrs who hove been dropped for poor orren fifince ond counseling srudenrs oboui Iocls of oiren rinnre or conrinuous rordies Mr Monsour feels rhor Browne is o good school wirh iii sod fociliries, sroff ond STLJUGVUS. ln oddiiion he feels eiini Browne provides good opporiuniries for irs sru clririls And lseeping up wiih rhe Virol srorisrics on his prize possession, Chis corbl lsnown os rhe "Green lionsil' ii lusr iurned 117,000 Jocobs ls Busiesr Mon On Compus Mr, Jocobs srill holds rhe record for being one of rhe busiesi men on corhpus He is rhe Arhleric Direcior for Trevor Browne Besides going ro nweerings ond lseeping ihe oihleric depori ineni in order Jocobs is responsible for geiiing supervision for our oihleiic evenrs ond deierrhining ihe eligibiliiy of Brownes oihleres Mr, Jocobs olso hos ro rnolse sure ihoi eoch siudenis poriicipoiing in ofhleiics hos oll rhe poperworls filled our, such os iieolih ond occideni insuronce, physicol exorns, poreniol per mission, erc, Jocobs hos been worlsing in ihe oihleiics field for rriony yeors ond hos hod ihe opporruniiy ro worls in oiher four iiries liicllicl ing Polsision ond llollond, Jocobs Q, vs-di aww wi ' .-j 1 ' ' T W his f . rf - T,-. 2 4 K ,.', M , , ' A , ' X , ,M he M f 1 . f-'f I ' 3 ff F I, ,x xi aa .hd .4 ,T Y i s igijiig. 'Tiff 543' , 'f nv e. - 'ig 3, y 'V Zkrfggz' Msspfr I 4. seggivk we . . fffa'ffxwif." " 'fs I ' ff ' 0 1 V - ' ' f. a'.1u'g-'J as hast.. 2 my :mf D x 7 .s3,i2f.w:f55:s! VP? w.r.f,,- -. - ' f.- . J, Fa 8 -is-2 'T:'.-ilu .' ' NM911-TI.'.1i2. -., .- -9 x Is'i55.13.gvnf4 Dv" ,ow ev!-Qtr.-.v ,f . ' f,P.' -.,11v, aiyisf 31. 3. ,., 2' "Qu-- -:sv ' . . ix-B 11? :qs-A ., ,. : it .- UIQ' Women Behind The Scenes These ore rhe women behind rhe scenes. The lodies who keep everyrhing organized for rhe odminisrrorors, Whenever onyone hos 0 problem rhey ore senr direcrly ro rhese helpful people in seorch of onswers ond guidance. Their jobs moy vory in mony woys buf ore bosicolly the some, lseep rhe boss sone ond do whor needs ro be done. Moybe rhor's why rhese lodies live by rhe old soying, 'llf onyrhing needs ro be done. . . Do ir yourself!" Left ro right: Ann Tooms, Nel Robinson, leon Perry, Shirley Comsrocl-2, Moxine Mllozzo, ond Berry Wisely 5'-rl 45313-'z , A 7."g::Z2Z:ls5a+Q-T ' awmfw-T 'i 'Q" i ffm A 251 ,,..---.qgfgnpu 5, Q . -Luc-',!,1 '2'529l'f'H75 r7-1 h is'21:1:?YLll9j- .ms 5-iizfsffi'-f' I 9 2,5 ' 4 I-Mary i x Q' gi 'MSO' ' M- New .nas ' ' 'Q dir ,.." lilifl Ne W Social Srudes Deparrmenr Trevor Browne has a new aeparrnwenr rhis year. lr's rhe Social Sradies deparrmenr, Ir is rhe frrsr 5.5, deparrrhenr since Brawnes opening. The new aeparrrnenr arfers classes in American I-lisrary, Saaalaay, Hanwaniries, Free Enrerprise, ana AmericanfArizona GOVQVOIWWSOV. lf 5 1 f - V fx ,,, J. ,, . V , ' fr W 4,., 2, 2 V- -474.1-4, 'wiyxa , ,55V3m+ ,, ,. 4 ',' ,?2' 'i"'., ',lf,'wr Wg- , .frfr are r NYi3wY rf Q' Y + . .. 7 X5 'X - JF Ax ali' ' " ,Q fy , K . " "' My Opp. Pg, Tap, Mr. McClendan, Ms. Mar' ple, Mr. Herrnanefe, Mr. Cline, Mr, Bag' well, Mr. Parish, Mr. Kessler, Mr. Cheney. The Posr Shapes QUF Furure S .K 'x Q , K M5 Mr Mr Mr Mr Mrs BOVGZZO Boyer Wmo Aywlfxy Cctdy Glworf .1 ,, . ,f r- " ,,"' ' 4 ,-f 'I 'MMM I ,N A ' -N.Q"" in-A "X Amit!!! is There is A Ne W E nghsh Deperrmenr Opposire pogeg Top Mrs. McEocherw, Ms Boumorwrw, Ms Bogdorwov Ms Srevvorr This page Top. Mr Horwrey, Mr Fisher Mrs Kung Mrs Horrwess Mrs Farwell. 257 Gerring lr All Togerher There's o new English Deoorifnenil Since our school hos opened we hove olwoys hoo houses which meonr oll rhe English Closses were soreod in oll differenf ooris of rhe school. Now, rhe English Closses ore oll iogerher, The English Deoorinnenr siill offers rhe some closses. Theres English 101, 102, 100, Coreer Conwoosirion, College Compo- slrion, Moss Medio, ond rhony more. iZQ?77,s Xi' 5, , 1651 'Nba T' X X 'Wx 'X I www Opposwre Paige, Yop Mr Code-rr, M5 OVMQH M5 Dwrwom Tm Page Top Mr D4-essNer, Mr Bshop, Mr Power, Mr Perersom X 1 ' 259 Aflorh Teachers 5 4 I' we E' flx Q b e A Q ,ff , . any ix x fr Q as- T 1 Na x-ff ,, 5 if K 3, v , gg v S Navi 'S , .f 1 A 3 T ri " iff: Q S . I 3-an 2 :-e,...p . , :jx -' Q Q. as 2 .-v W T ,gy r- +1 ,m b ,Ex X in .... ' ' -vw-7'-f:,.w fi 1 - .xc-r . ,Q J' The y heb Us aahfe ve rap grades The Deparrmehr af Marhemarics ihsisrs ah superior academic achievemehr for rap grades. The rharhemarics deparrmehr offers courses lh Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. They absa offer Calcblas, Geheral rharh, Sehiar Review, ahd Ihrra Algebra 1 ahd Q, H-ff' Opposite page, Top, Mr, Grassarrh, Mr. Demlsa, Mr, Evahsrocls, Mr. Wild sah, Mr. Hiclerhah, Mr. Slocum This pageg Top, Mr. SOOUQVGSS, Mr. Hur- Chersoh, Mrs. HaH, Mrs. Pace, The oesr in rhe 5fOfG ine Science Deporrmenr is one of ine cnosr progressive science deporrmenrs in ine srore of Arizono, Tne deporre menr, wirn excellenr fociiiries ond on exceiienr sroff ro use rnese fociliries, prepores our srudenrs ro cocnpere wirn ony sicence srudenrs in ine counrry, Gfren considered ine nondcnoiden of nwornmorics, science on our compus srrives for individuoliry ond ouoliiy in irs srodenrs ond rneir worle. Top: Mr Jordon, Mr, Foorr, Mr, Woilser, Mrs. Bender, Mr, Wolrers Opposire Poger Mr. Borrnerr, Mr. Cosreei, Mr. Monsour, Mrs. Durron Mr, Horisins Q . nz? Qc sa reg K MA. I 3 inf. .9 OE Q QF 'xx sis fs, 'Q fl 0 i is 4 x ,gg mv sw .M-, :SSX X Q Q 9,1 1, fl 3. ik- Q From BISCUITS To T-Shffrs 'QP' gms' .41 . ........-...-apr , K - "E N if 264 3-55- -51, --'M , .H,,,,i ...Adu A --A1 -mu --qu , -.MN 'x , nw 1, x A A ,wA....,,A 1,, I Ns 1. . , , fx ' - :avr ,ffl wmcreks I ., V., f-C EVM. ! ,kyf ig' t 611 .. ,A f f : X a 5' W l .X ,, if ,,,. I .., 4, , 2 rffvfw3g,e'jf ' V ff , ,-fr ,,fF?ga. is gfggiif' ,,. A. A , ,. ,-, H ., A'i"' a 1 If i . T Q"f't'hi'f' ' ..,gg.' j,.3t,Zn' 1 " Opposite Poge, Top: Mrs, Long, Mrs. West, Mrs. Deslotte, Mrs. Brodford, Mrs. Motthews. K N ., 4 - Tomefw Wfllbll HERO. TE Qi B Honne Economics is o very busy deportrnent this yeor. There ore mony octiviries. The HERO closs went to the Aword Winning Club Conven- tion which wos o lorge octivity. Foods is rnolsing onything from bosic biscuits to preporing o dinner for SO. The Clothing closses ore doing things lilse stitching Tshirts to individuol projects. Single Surviv- ol teoches you oll the slsills to help you molse it on your own. Child Development operotes o ploy school twice o yeor ond Hurnon Pselotions puts on mocls weddings. The news this yeor is Crecitive Hondicrofts such os rug hooking, nfiocrome ond weoving. HIRE, is orond new ond it gives you honds on experience in the hospitolity industry. Q Q1 I K ,ah ,... kx.. -if .7 In is H , 15 - -Q y 3 4 i ,, if , 1, fx, fgygfg fu ,yfyy W In ff- J1, , ijgi i, Ya ? lag i ff, Q ,, ,l ' A. f -M Q, wifi 5, X 5 i ' m' 4 r 1. av ...Q , fy- yigb , - .5 M. fw Q , f-ew Learn A Living The Business Debarrmenr is alive, well, and srill grawing ar Brawnelll This year braughr many new adyenrures far srudenrs. They learned new slsills in rybing, machines, sharr- hand and general business fields, Business in rhe srudenr srare, The Cubbyhale, was baame ing, serring new sales records. Cammunlry businesses Canrine ued rheir aursranding subbarr af our yaungsrers by employe ing ane hundred and ren af aur Business srudenrs an rheiabl Sraff naw numbers ren in rhe Deparrmenr, all enrhuslasric and ready ra helb srudenrs 'learn a Living," Obbasire Page, Mrs Buhl, Mrs. Baels, Mrs. Hadeen, Mrs Swanson, Mrs. Murray. This Pagegz Mr. Trasrle, Ms. Alvarez, Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Bandon, Mr. Cayerr, lndusrrfal Arrs The lhousrrial Arrs Deoarrrhehr cohrihues ro rhalhralh a full rahae of classes rhis year, which ihcludes elecrrohics, auro shop, woooshoo, ihdusrrlal olasrics, arafrihg, graphic arrs, ahd lhdusrrial Cooperarive Educarioh which allows sruaehrs ro worls a half clay oh rhejoo for school credir. These courses, lm a varlery of areas, cah oe useful rhrouahour aaulr life. Wrxlflll if Opposwe Dogs-W Top Mr Shedey, Mr Zmky Mr DQv15,Mr Troxel Thws Page Top Mr Morse Mr Dreamer, Mr Robmsom ' ,.-, . Srudeaf la volvemenf Makes Performing An Exaffaa Thing. Holfrlmes, plavs, coacerrs, fesrlvals, palrwrlrwg, and draw lag are oalv some of rlwe acrivlries rrwar raise place for sroderwrs la performing Arrs. lmaglrwarlorw and crearlvlry are srresseo la rrwe dolly classes im Performing Arrs. Sroderwrs have rlwe opporrorwlrv ro perform or marry levels aaa represerwr Trevor Brovvpe rrwrooglloor foe srare. Srodear lpvolvemepr ls We lsev l'O malslrlg rrle Performlrwg Arrs deparrmerwr ap exarlag place. s " 2 Q' Q!?"l Opposire Page, Top: Mr Boorhby, Mr. Block, Mr. Wash bum. This Page, Top: Mrs. Moc Glllwory, Mr, Nunez, Mr, f-UQ! morsom, Mr, Hayden. I ,- Qu nw H, , if auf , O xx W .Wy Q. . af 7 Y vwL,,,f' we W' fy' ' 'fy if .,, . f, S Physiral E ducaribri Physical Eaacariari erirallmerwr Cariririue-5 ra araw as more aria more sraaemrs are seelsirig ra keep fir. Ir prob ably bas Samerbirwg ra do wirb rbe varied Classes being offered alsa. There-'S Qymriasrics, dance, aurdaarsmari ship, weigbr rraimirwa, physical eaacariarw service Clasg, beairb, advanced sparrs, aria cbea physical e-dacariarw. ig, . ia... Q- 'YW Xxx rx. 1 ,E Opposire Page, Top: Mr, Fromz Mrs. Moss, Mr. Perze, Mr, Brown This Page Top: Mrs. Hoeffe, Mr Holm, Mr. Zomboni, Mr. Mirrom Mr. Irvine, Mrs, Alremus, Teachers Heb To lmpre ve Our Skills The Needing Deperrmerwr Qrds swderwrs rrw Qcjvorwcnmg rrwerr ierwguege srsrlls end rmcreesurwg rrwerr vecebulery Crue of rrwe furwcrrorws of rhe reodumg depcnrrmerwr IS ro ready sruderwrs for me Srere Pseedrrwg Exomrrwermom, whrcrw rs requrred for Qroduerrorw The deporrmerwr else offers edverwceci reedmrwg clesses for rrwese who desire ro rm prove rrwerr reedrrwg slams and nrwcreose rrwerr speed. 596' ,Av v r r .uf if ,f f ' ' r r rrr r Wij'i':zf5, !H M fe ,g gfe, 42. " wi - vi' L .3 ' I ..- 'wr' ,A 414 ,,, " V1 , by ,,,' ,- fa- 1 4 I ,N r ,. rr - TH 4 r, , ..- r J, 'Q ... 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'X Y:-my ' 5- pbkx N. it -Q55 is .Aff Afxiiw wk'- Counselors Trwe Arrwerrgorw Poolrc School Sys rem rum oaaorrweo the rrwojor rexoorw srorirry for uooocorrrwq yoorrw rrwro soo ery A5 Arrwerrceor: SOUCIY hos oe Come more corrworex, II Mos de rrworwoed mor rrwe :Umor ossorrwe more ooo more rcbwhomnouinry for me rorol eooaorroo ooo welfore of yoorrw ooo rrwor rr orovroe oroooer ooo more exrerwarve servuges We oerreve rrwor me Meysrome of rheae servrcgea rs prowoeo ro arooerm so rrwceursrrwcg Crnorpee-, ooo oeomoru oooor rrwerr oregeor oeraorwor oroolerm ooo forore qoola We oerrever or Trevor G Browme rrwor rr 15 mor me oroo Ierm mor eooses rrwem qreor ooxr ery Coorwgerrrwg ooo goudorwce no rom Mohr r5 rherefore rwor Joy me worle of o few our rorrwer o service from rhe eorrre 5crwooI Hoff Mr Browning M5 Uoormgorroer Mr Buclsoeli Mrs Srrooe Mr Morrurw Mr Reuliy Mm Becker Mr Cormrwuoghom Mr Hughes " fn, 0. wq,i2.s f'1:::,v :ttrywwm ' f s :Nw Q' ,l rw .y, 5. w 2.1 N ., ,s ,,,,o0 5 gms mini' A ,-fum lv' , N it Q.. I 5 ly: fi f MV, zdffw, , 'nu ' - a Q I ,.,, V' .NI si Sgr. Ising heoos one of rhe finesr Pie serve Officers Troining Corps in rhe srorer Sgr Farsr Closs Fred S. Ising cores o lor oooor rroining young fnen ond Women in Ieooershio oreos which will oe oeneficiol ro rherh offer groooorion, Sgr Ising is in chorge of rhe drill reonw, rhe Psongers, The orogrorh is for rhose inreresreo in rhe Colorgooro ond fieio rroining exercise. The orogrofn oiso offers o Chonce ro innorove your shooring sisills, They hove o rifle reorh who Conwoeres ogoinsr orher schools for honors ond oworos, 3-f . J lm rf- Xe .i 9' r g N. ff!! ,fffl I fill!! fl lnlpnfgg ll' by I.. !g..y. O !:,.'El: l:.'l"'i ' 0, . W lj' , ,'.., 'lax 9 Q39 gnu Q Q 5 U" or hun ll '60 g::"9Q'.gXU' pun: u 'Ui 5, "0lQ.Y .XD e Illl nu, 'lg ":Ullg' ' Suu ingu lllip,""'l:gig'.yguL fxqrl, "'ffva.,"A ,QSUQL 'O' "l,l'l .'v,a', , a , x x Qian' 'lQ", l::,,,,, ,," , I A Y .gulf Ill. lpljgz . L- 101141, 1, ,A hifi. Q 'Mu ' 'I 9' 'lflllla 1 I li. 'l, . ' vu lfllll 'I 'II ' lla: J 11 , 7 5' H XIYIZII, 'l "' 1' gfaiulclvilai 5.lx'l' lx, ' lu, fig",'f "1:::::ri.'u:"O: ' 5' lu 9,lll'9l nana1n4, II: ' no,!::'u ff '..Q' 'fy aun,, n., o, ,gs,,m' il "0 fr -,Q Q Hp, . 'lou' 'l ,ff 'g', is lQ,f , I W 'Q' N , U9 Q e Mfg U5 0 ' ' r no Q r r fly Q gi 'X' mfzfid ,ua Q rrgg. .Hnfi - 4' ' QU Farergn Languages Learhrhg ahaar rheur rahgaage aha Carrare is all a parr af rhe Farergh Lahgaage DGQOVFTTTQOV coarse sway The aeaarrrhehr affers roar years af YOOQUOQG sway im Frehch, GGVYTWOO, ahd Spahrsh, Classraarh acrwrrres ihclade rhe Carrarar aha Hhaaisrrc elerhehrs ar rhe rarger lahgaage Tap Lefr Mr Dawsah, M5 Fahgm Mrg Harrhah Nor prcrared M155 Evahs ,gf K 'i Q!! I X PM . Av' "K W: . ' x ,, X, 1 . 'f Q ,f ' , If 'ad ,,,., He. l X . lf 3 ,n ' 1. , if ' ,x v 5 X' . , I 1 H, ,Rx .wr ta 5 1 Y 1+ ' ' .A mf ' K' 278 L PX A .L V , "2 V is V 3' g.L Q Y. X, YIZV A 1' y ffixiiufd I?v f ss X ,, .or-we The exceprlonol Srudenrs Progrorh is in irs fourrh yeor of operorion or Trevor Browne. During rhe posr four yeors rhe progronw hos direcrly served severol olfferenr corogories of exceprlonollriess The progrom includes closses for rhe glfreo, leornlng inpolred, ennorlonolly lnpolreo, heoring ond speech lnnpoireo, ond rhe nwenrolly llnnlreo sruoenr. The progrocns hove been highly successful in screening ond ploclng sruoenrs so rhey con orreno o regulor 'gh school ond porricipore os much os posslole Opposlre Pogeg Top- Mrs, Spelrs, Mr Whire, Mr Koworo, Mr. Pseole Thus Poge, Top Mrs Flcsher,,Mrs Louder f 1 all ,7 rf ff ,W T l C GYM' 7f!ynl1Vjl jj X .f lv 57 4 Qflkill Jfjfffk f 194' . X jffffj 75 : 1, i 'If fp lffff? T J ,Q 3 by ff f -rf fif, T These People Are E Xperrs When lr Comes To Giving Specfol A rfenrfon. Qs seg, -..V- X.. jfq oc M5 J IQ ,f in rhe regulor curriculum. A iii, ,bfi W' , J 27 ,sfefisf l- LL' , , N4 M : ,. TN' 'l uf? f A fs jf f XM' gil: fly GUM ,SZ X :M X fm' :L 'UL ' , V739 ,V V!-ll9f'U X r ww llrf our lcffffdl kf ' W l fx. 279 .sw aw Q. fl Q ' x "" tub! Q mn , Top, Mr, Larsen, Ms Sped, Ms. IQHNQ. Opposire Page, Top M5 Schmid, Msi Tucker, Mr, MCCOI Nouhg, ,.w..- . r , ff W "F f r .- A 1. , ,J , if V ,f"' 'A 1 l N 1 f 1 , pf! ,Z 1,6 Some More Experrs ,, J, x I J QQMM m jf ep! M11 jf in pf!!! Q M' f M14 X 6 ,filo J 1 1 VIZ v 165 W f , Z Av 'fx ff' ff W' QU M fwfdfdlbfwn 1 C X V fly LU r ' 4 J YU W, M1 DedCored People 1 1 I' The IMC sroff is dedicored ro servihg rhe foCoIry ohd srodehrs ih orIhr ohd hohormred medIo, The IMC feorores o fully equiped TeIee VISION srooio, o rrodiriohoI Iihrory ooo olso o rholri rhedio Ieorhihg cehrer. The IMC olso Ihclodes such CIosses os phorogroohy, joorhoI- ISTTT, rhe Iihrory hewsoooer, video orodocriohs ohd rhe yeorbook. CX L1 sm has V, Mk, . A s ,ns ...T smug X i 4 hw it 0: Oppcslre Page-g Top: Mrs. Weiser, Mrs Bmer, Mr Sacco, This Pogem Top Mr Corlerr, Ms Cools, Mrs Prison, Mrs, Doiem burg, Our Services Ar TGB Wirhoor rhese ladies we would nor have our hor lunches Bocl-Q Row Olivia Escooedo Sandra Zimmermon Teresa Clifford Gloria Bernal Francis Leavirr Karhy lkeinoold Joyce Wondschneioer Marie Harbour Fronr Ellen Porl-rs lrene Gonzales Marianne Johnson Tino Lloyd Sharon McDaniel Goodes Pro video' ln C ubb y Hole .Q Y 4 . , w QL NJ X. J C '-ig X ' 11 , d A T i Is far 5 -f 2 iw , 14: j . , 3 Q W T 'ham we his if iiii s ,'f,' ii ke' 535' i if I 1 Q27 'A 5 1 :wi ' 1 i f nf: ,Eglin ,Li The Cdbby Hole, locored in rhe business building, is 0 smoll srore run enrirely by srudenrs in DECA. Trevor Browne srudenrs con find ony of rhe imporronr lirrle irems rhor rhey mighr need during rhe doy, The Cubby Hole corries onyrhing from condy bors ro cords, poper ond pencils, ond even orhleric Uniforms or Bruin poro- phernolio. The Cubby Hole provides rhe DECA club members wirh working experience ond reoches rhem how ro deol wirh people ond everydoy problems in rhe reroil worlds -if. Y. , ,mp as sms T " 'TW ADV R TISING Kam Bryson, Torme Goodrich, Ammerre Domes, April Rw- ers, Koreo Srorgeorw, Kim Bryson, Korerw Srorgeomg Adverrising Edirors 3 v4""'!' nixfdsutwni 83rd Ave. Indian School Rd. Q 1 MCDOl16iCl'S U UQ f"" 1 i Sruoehr Goverhrhehr hos oohe oh exceprioholjoo ih hovihg srudehr ocrrviries Sruoehr Goverhrhehr spohe sereo Homecoming, rhe rocle group FreeWheeHh', ooo o lor of orher ocriviries. Oh Aroor Doy Sruoehr Goverhe mehr piohreo frees oh rhe school Qrouhds. The Srudehr Goverhrhehr rheers rhird hour every- doy oho discuss orfferehr ocjrivlrres ooo how rhey Coh help our school. 288 in KM vw' A ,Q UFORD rmiaz-anim! w f Sunland Lincoln Mercury Inc. 9898801 Easr Valley Areas 247 5828 4700 W Glendale Ave IQ V X Zgxfk CX 'jf Q5 4 'fa-222' FLOWER WORLD Floral arranaenvenrs far all Occayans We send flawer5 warlawfde C5024 W Camelback lid Glendale, Az 85007 05029 84a 4267 Insurance or Automobiles Motorcycles Home Business G dStd D thly P y Youthful Drr vers Our Specialty ST URGEON INSURANCE 4719 W Th ol I . oo u ent iscounts Driver Training Discounts Mon a ments II ' I o I I . omas Phoenix, Arizona 269-8327 E 6 J FLORIST Wishing you a successfull Future. . . Looking for a Profession Why not try Floral Design Call Waldron School f Fl I D n o ora esrg 2473947 te' ff W' 4 Q Qi' " I A - xc 7 cl .F P V: ' THROUGH THE SCIENCES WE DE VELOPE SKILLS FOR SURVIVAL THR OUGH THE AR TS SUR VI VAL IS WOR TH WHILE THESPIAN TR OOP ii 1009 ARE Auro PAR rs b - C 5' G AUTO 5UPPLY FRONTIER CLEANERS Mafhine 59fVfC9 Professional Fabric Cleaners n I - mxf ' WO O d C Q5 5 V Do r v r e 247 0480 6808 I don Scn Pnoe ' Arzono 85083 O ed 5 pe V9 y 414 N 51V A Q 84647080 n G Ma y MTCVWGH MQ y QNQ Te rQC 24 HOUR SERVICE KEITH 'S BODY SHOP M sc Boo! s Accesso es MELODIE RECORDS 24 Hr. Towing 9045 W, Indian SCn A Locared Inside Bayless Phoenix, Az. 5Qrn Ave, in Comeibocls 93976711 8401691 N Records, Tapes i S , O .JL DS fi -N W HEY GOOD BUDDY' BASKIN ROBBINS You th rhe roll CB omremmd Keep wr lo We drvlrug or compmg under po er Ines Am omremmo touching 0 I1 e ure com isll Keep olerr ond Ive 4021 N 75th Ove a 846 2944 CIS Q - ff. ex ' 43- U TQ 16 "31 Flavors :Ja 1 Whe ver you ll ve work or travel rn Arrzona rheres a Valley Narronal Bank near you Nlwllll. BMIK We go our of our way for you VALLEY NA TIONAL BANK Arr ona Member of FDIC I I I 0 2 BILL oAsroN JEWE1.ERs C0f'9f0dUl0fi0f1S Diamond Sales 6 Services XXI, Dramond Seffers watch 6- Je wlry reparr 5018 W lndran Schol Rd 247 0001 247 0049 I Maryvale Terrace Class of 80 e T hannls 453 1 W Indran School Rd. 272 7101 " II 54 ,. 4 N, .ssl if . 31, 45 Q' tx X I I frm wx 51754 2195 , Yu jr K 1 ......-1.57 . I, L- 1 r' I ' ,, 1 'r HW' L. ,L I I .E 16 G IBHAROLD HARRIS REALTY 9 l I , 294 Baskin Robbins 31 Ice Cream Havors 5334 uf Came-fbgfff rad, Glacier Ice Co. Purer rhan rhe wafer you drink - 2782170 or 278-7713 Vi: , s 9379043 K- Aff unit 5925 W. Van Buren Z. -F 1 MEA T BLOCK Fearuring Black Angus Beef Homemade 5au5age5 Remo, Ceme, 84617658 6546 W. indian Schooi Rd. h ' QF' ,Q V frv-f sea: ff ' We renr a!mo5f anyrnfng for rhe homeowner We ako do repair nz, N Ds- Maryvafe Terrace 5006 W, Ind. Sch. Rd Q47-0052 51... True Iove is horo ro find Perhoos ir exisr only in rhe Bur While you ore seeking Thor oerfecr more Enjoy vvhor comes by Or ir moy oe roo lore mind 74 LLQUJRULIQ LA CMM Kermir here! 1 TO MY ONE AND ONLY JACOUIE TO WHOM I GIVE ALL MY LOVE JAMES 2 DOWN 2 TO GO!!! 82 FOR YOU!!! STRIDER miss im. 480 RULESD FURD IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN ALL OF US. B.P.Z. AND ATR. FOREVER III Love You Forever MEEKER Red xk "' P I We WGS X v Q mu h Foor DON T STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH!!! CLASS OF 81 WILL NEVER STOP. . . VIVA LA HONKY DEEDRA Impressions on rhe svveer chomode- And rogerher our heorrs become As one rhrough ererniry Srrong ond secure ore vve forever This my Iove I om reiling you This is rhe vvoy rhings occur ro me Ir is reoliry ond I Iove you. ERIC 8 JACKIE AND HE IS GONE A SMILE A SIGH ANOTHER GUY AND LIFE ROLLS ON. M since Q-2278 KRANS LIFE STORY RANDY I KNOW ILL NEVER LOVE THIS WAY AGAIN! BREWIN BUDDIES BREW BETTER, LETS PARTY AT THE POWERLINES LETS BREAK OUR BOTTLES! WE RE JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE JANICE THE SIX PACK A SOB, A TEAR, A SAD GOODBYE PARA MI AMOR DE CASHION I AM FOREVER YOURS LOVE NUI- vLizoNicA WE RE GONA SMOKE AND DRINK AND FOOL AROUND WE RE NOOKY DOUND. WE RE THE FS OF T.G.D, TAMIE G RED G LISA G SUE THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT TIMES AND TIMES TO COME, LOVE YA ALLIII CHRIS' Roxonne, Jerry, Looro, Lennerre, Miise, Doo, Drenr, Jeff, Bruce, Tim, Bondo Vol JUIie, Joyne Jono, Sondy, G., Mrs. Dohi, Shonnon Donno Jim, Tiny Srevie, Kenny, Roy, Ed, Crisreen, Dono, Leiso, Joe, Milse, Sron Tom, "Griff", Dennis, Tino C, Todd, Chrisry, Phil, Jim John, Rhondo, Lori, ond everyone eise, GOOD LUCK TO US ALWAYSI CHET TEDDY ILL ALWAYS LOVE You. Um KELLY GOD MADE BUTTER GOD MADE CHEESE GOD MADE GIRLS FOR GUYS TO SOUEEZE I KNOW THAT YOU BELIEVE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU THINK I SAID DUT I AM NOT SURE YOU REALIZE THAT WHAT YOU HEARD IS NOT WHAT I MEANT, To Jerry 5 Kids Goofy Tomonrho G M5 Bocordi Dreorh We ve hod some good rimes or rhe oovveriines fond vvili conrinue hors Tim We hove hod some good rimes or oorries rhey vvouid hove been oerrer our Ieove ir do ro Jod rhe Ripoff ro ruin o good rime If we collecred oll rhe money G Colcoiorors rhor vvere msploced we would oe rich Good Lode Lodies Long Live rhe F 5 oe DUFORD I LL NEVER FORGET ALL THE GREAT TIMES WE'VE HAD ROOM 3416 AT THE POINT, SNOWDOUND IN FLAGSTAFF, YOUR PAR ENTS CADIN IN SEDONA, AND ALL THE HIDDEN HICKIES LET'S STAY TOGETHER FOREVER I LOVE YOU "OUR LOVE CAN SURVIVE THE TWO HOUR DRIVE " SEXY G SEXLESS For My Milse Jomes, I'm Yours Forever I Love Youll Donno TO STEVE RILEY WITH ALL MY LOVE D L 5 doing so D Don'r forger RG G T P DUoonr's Apr "The Neigh Life is o 8 eeee for o Freshmon Tim Goodrich 83 Roses ore red violers ore blue Freolss smolse dope our covvboys chevv, Milee Srevvorr Billy Chiclss Morls Quoyle Borry Mofferr. Miss Perfecrion AG , for 3 long yeors I vvoired, ployed your gomes ond sroyed oround, Becouse I lsnevv one doy ld be revvordedl Well l gor ir our l'd hordly phrose ir os o revvordl You see vvhor you led us oll ro oelieving vvos gold, vvos iusr recycled rin l'm glod ro soy ir wosnr enough. You see l vvos our gerring o lor oerrer from o lor vvorsel from rhe C Livin Low. V s G Ns G TGB To my oesr ouddies in rhe whole vvide vvorld: Beclsie llooin l-lorlo lsorhy Sherrie ond lsim H. Thonx Love Edie Allon G his GTO Tomi G her Dorsuns ond Tomero vvirh rhe guys, You mode ir very soeciol. lsorhy 8 Milse I4 Some oroleen heorrs never mend some memories you vvill never die Love Corhy G To my Mon You hove mode me one hopoy lody. l hope we ll be for eoch orher. l luv you Hoss. Hugs ond Kisses Forever Borrel To15ue Kim lsorhy Denise G Porriz Thonx for oil rhe good rimesl l3omel3om Angels Sues Apr. Bools vvorm oocle hole CFronlO rvvig Sisrers --vvorer oowfoovv. Coingioos oicrures A vvheelin Porries ond Booies ond very much rhonls ro Brod, Too ood rhings oren r lilse rhey were rhenl Moyoe somedoy?l Good lucls ro oll of us in oll vve o. You roo Tomie G Annerre LIVE LOVE G LAUGH. Lourie Plorels oll rhe deserr oorries Isegs of micheloo EJ rievvheelin rhrough rhe river, Cond gerring sruclsb Bye Jonicel Roh! Roh! The Fse Annerre G Tomie Freezer Buddies Forever Pironho Bulooche Billy Jocls Shovvn Eddie Sommy Closs of Were srill crozy ofrer oll rhese yeors, Tomi G Annerre To oll my beer buddies: lr's been fun l'll never forger i,81,, I f 1 i 1 r 1 r never end. Some reors vvill never dry. My love for To Den, A real special guy I care for a lorl And vvho's friendship I ll alvvays cherish' Talee care in Iarrer life. And Please never forger me, Love ya Susan DV, A y- SO, uel m We vvere blessed vvirh rhe gifr of love. Lers share our gifr forever. I love yal Love always Valarie Digger Sray neer and svveer. When vve move in ro your Com Do We vvell Iseep D.T.d and GTD. vve always fell on our ASS on Fri. and Sarurday nighrs. Love Mooch Too bad you suclsersl Donr borher G III They re lilse me. 2 8 if be good girls, Remember Dennis Holden Alvvays. Love you borh, Povver house I Cindy c. 80 To rhose in high school vvho never fir Donr worry Irs all iusr a bunch of bullsh-. Ps. Olslahomal Here I come! TINY Tami G lsarin W Shelly M To rhree rerrific friends rhrough rhe years Good lucls Love ya all Paulerre To Mr. Durlse my anrhropology reacher, rhanls you for rhe grear year our of all my classes yours vvas my favorire, As a marrer of facr I gor a head in only your class. CI vvonder vvhy.D Thanx again M. May 80 To Dill D. your such a svveer and nice guy. Sray happy and lseep smiling, To all my friends ar Drovvne ro MK. your really a super special guy, Keep in rouch Good Iucls ro nexr years Seniors. I hope rhey have as much fun as I did rhis year. Sincerely Dasiene T. Class 80 TGD -lil ics, I love you Tamie We made ii. . . Debbie l4ayz Linda Derry Susane. To Red 8 Iloosrer have a good onel Ill miss ya. Come up 8 parry. Wirh mel I Susie Collegel Lo' 80 Togeiher vve are. . . Forever vve vvill sray Sharon Ml se I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II I VI 1 Al Silence so golden ond free Floods soorhing peoce upon me Aches rhor will nor disoppeor Remind me of rhe love i feor F Times rhor were so good for me Show how life oin'r oil ir seems ro be Fields of solid gold Where no spoon or needle could be sold Kisses from omberegrey eyes Covered up his meloncholy lies The summer of rhor Senior yeor Reminds me of rhe love For which l'll olvvoys shed o reor. Tiny A llFflK"l, , ll!!! 1 ' . .... ,......- lr Wosni' Eosy if we hod only known whor we were gerring inro. We were rwo junior edirors rhor hod ro work wirh on inexperienced sroff ond useless deodiines. Ir isn'r eosy when you hove six closses, o boyfriend, ond ojob. Being ediror is ojob meonr for o responsible ond dedicored person. Wh y Us? Bur We Dio' llil e Speciol rhonlss ro: Crow Codvisorb, Chuck Bloclsburn Ooe Phorob ond the resr of our sroff. And rhonlxs ro our porenrs for purring up with us when we hod 0 deodline ro rneer. Mr. ond Mrs, Ken Avens ond Mr. ond Mrs. Jonnes Hill. e We hope we Oh, Crow The We've rroveled mohy mohrhs rogerher And we knew rhe doys were foduhg fosr We reminisce ond wonder Wherher good rhihgs ever iosr Oh, for rhe memory! You've done so much for Us You We fT1OdG Wernever Tove goop, D009 1 ofrerhoohs ploy our runes, forty cehrs Oh, How been' Iilse rhis W,-ff ever orouhd bore mass you IO rhe group ond grabbed behuhds o fun rime we hove hod' ir, doh'r mess rr Us ro rolse o me so once' shows l l l it-5493 VT. Pi, fr Q I 1. t' z .3, ima fi' is Jr 9 5 fl l ll il 9 .14 " if T 4, -. . 1' 3 ir?" ' -Wylie ! Raw " ,if sl Q 4 'is 1 1 f . s x ly 'figs v 5 -is , i i I I i I I l l l l l l l l l i l l l 2 304 K 1. al use ,N in , , 2 A 'A cg Q L- Q 'li f"+4 Qgl-1 ,, k Q, M, , is , Yesrerdoy o child come our ro wonder Coughr o drogonfly inside o jor Feorful when rhe slsy wos full of thunder And reorful or rhe folling of o sror Then rhe child moved ren rimes round rhe seosons Slsored over ren cleor frozen srreoms Words lilse, when you're older, musr oppeose him And promises of somedoy molse his dreoms And rhe seosons rhey go round ond round And rhe poinred ponies go up ond down We're coprive on rhe corousel of rime We con'r rerurn, we con only lools behind From where we come And go round ond round ond round In rhe circle gome Sixreen springs ond sixreen summers gone now Coriwheels rurn ro corwheels rhru rhe rown And rhey rell him, Tolse your rime, ir won'r be long now Till you drog your feer ro slow rhe circles down So rhe yeors spin by ond now rhe boy is rwenry Though his dreoms hove losr some gronduer coming true There'll be new dreoms, moybe berrer dreoms ond plenry Before rhe losr revolving yeor is rhrough And rhe seosons rhey go round ond round And rhe poinred ponies go up ond down We're coprive on rhe corousel of time We con'r rerurn, we con only look behind From where we come And go round ond round ond round In rhe circle gome 5 -',Q,. A ,qv L70 2 f ii? Q 05 lzzlgmiljqg A1-Ovvwb I MW VW ,QT v Am '7V'7W MW1WM'g9M'H'x . 'MLk1XAA9LV' ' Awww W '

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