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Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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! .,, FiLQ " ,f o P W NA XX X Ns 9 4 1 if Q Af ff .EL4T'74g N 5 xfN' f , T' ,,,,. WW!! jf7l' wp5NvXXNXMQ ' WW 4", 7 'UiZ f? . ffm 'H fm W .yj N X , fff W WI' N W 'f Q W N X . W' 'A X - xv FQ, ffw , T 2 my xxxxv V51 A M x X 'X X Q 5 f W . 'lf' W . j 9, 4' . if hx .IJ 'f Hi, 'iw . 1 1 -i I., .1 ",',"f'-',,,' v ,IA Nw Q 'r's. I r' N ,.'f ,.f 4 1 1 1-.4-' , v ,L 3'- 4 .NUAQ , YH.. P x .wc l. .P ...L , AKYM., , 4 1-V . w,. N S L f H , f fam gl, .. -" 'e,. 1 l .1 , , 5 , ,. 1.. w ". 1,-.' ff L . . ,- x fin., ,W , gif - r 1322 gf . 1 J 5- 9 :va- Weg, if 1, 1 . . VJ.. . , ., ..-5 'f ','..s,' Jw. K 4 ff . 1, L f f UA. ' 4 1 ' -".',' s ' 'Z , r 4-.-. '-1 5 . v- n R V .4 V , , N ' laiflilafiiiil denjfesppcially that of a w11d ariiriizilr A -Brum ' r Q r 4 4 1 1 V X w .L LAIR 197.9 Trevor G. Browne 7402 West Catalina Phoenix, Arizona Janet Henry Editor-in-Chief ggxeblglggrilher -Head Photographers 'll 'WON - x . "fwfr H I B I am as a child, Awaiting my moment of Opportunity . , , Robyn Halvorson See all the little children So open and honest, Hiding nothing, Trusting all. As I watch them Through the eyes of The many artificial masks I Wear, Hiding behind fronts, Secure within the mighty Walls I have built, fyet trapped and insecurej Mistrusting, and hiding much, safe Within my shell. . . I wonder. I Wonder at what I see, the children, so happy, so innocent to the worldls ugliness, and pain inflicting components. . so free. Q . Robyn C. Halvorson xy, LL My X r , 'U k .g w.. 4, ,A Q A ' uk". '. -, ',- .- P -su ln 5 Q H J 'QQ' J:-4 ,,.. X fo S +R e Bien f 4 vw rf x A , 155, . f 'ff WEE., g ., wi' M KWH. 1,345 Y s I Hnd myself climbing, Clim bing so high. Yet, what I am conquering Is still jetting high But ifyou help me. We can win over all. We'll strive and fight To achieve our goal. Yet what is this prize That we work to find, The answer, tis true, Should be known So onward we fight And strive and struggle So that our answer W1'll come with tomorrow Janet Henry Another year of school And trying to act cool,' More new faces, More new places, More happy times when everything rhymes More sad times when I 'd like to give up, But When it's all said and done, I guess it was kinda fun. A Beth Nauta . A-Ll llll um T Hb- if SX e, ' F ,. ' . v A v1 w-1 , v ' . .I K 1 ' . . N X bgyxpqzgx X - Z - f' ,fn 1... wr' 9 2. ,pf 1., Q' I ll- a K:-1 Qgiflfg I . 49 1 ,, xx ' x X . . Z Hu' 1 Aves-gistf s 's fp K Q gf gr fwfl I fa , P .L ,gif F ! ld VW, .yd if 4. , ,li 'fig xx' v QW -rv A Yl xi 'A 1 , f 1, .5 ,J 3 :Ka :bl f W F1 .7 Today I saw the sun rise, As bright as a prism, And as promising as the rainbows reflected. Rolls of white billowing clouds floated slowly Lighting the sky with the sweetness of cotton candy. And while watching the awesome beauty, I realized that there is a time for everything. There's a time for learning, For excercising our minds and our souls. Thereis a time to grow fully to our ability. We step into adulthood grasping youthful dreams, Holding on to those from childhoodg Cherishing memories and moments From childhood days, Hoping to salvage something useful . . . Time is on our side. We, the young people have the time and strength For becoming anything we want to be. We can, lf we think we can. Robyn Halvorson 100 ' neva R 4 'e 3.2"-ey ' ., . ,K . MQ, . y xx wk X I"'I'l gi! 11 IG: .,4v,. .gihk Friendly greetings, Kind words, A genuine smile or two, And Warmth and radiance In passerbys are fe W. Robyn C. Hal Vorson 'gtis JQ 5 Just as a fragile butterfly Fresh from the cocoon Suns himself Gently fanning his Wings Is startled suddenly, And takes flight . . . Robyn C. Hal Vorson J? BN K 'Q .1 XM- 1 ,qu , . L ,qS5B'x I sn V -4. I was Q' 5- Q ' 3 ft f N x eq? 1 5 ' ,QQ hx . : -V :ef Y Q ,,. IX iw A ,Q at , N X E' ff! Qi N K .26 wt,- X. ii X Look up to the stars Think not of what you are dream Of what. you can be. xmf I feel a need to cast away all the though ts of other days. To dream a while - and think and swell with though ts of love and truth and care. I have time for precious hopes of future days endless ways of learning growing and sharing. And with these hopes I echo a life. . . Tom orrow's test begins. Edward A. H olga te .,.-.,.' -in Activities .f mmm i .O hav i.., k 19.4 5 e .1 R, -Q., iw .Sim activity Cak-tiv'e-tej n. pl. l. Brisk or vigorous movement or actiong livelinessg energy. mf Q 4'-'5,f"' ' J,-Y' '..1 - 'I .f,,? Rf' N.. ' if ,., 'S if rf R '55 an ' 5 fu msg, W 41 ,Q .1 5 .f ., ,,,. . . -Q 1 A. 2 - fy: ff? ,W 'A -xi' js x .ALL 1 if , Q, fu .Vx . 1 Y xxx f . V. , -L 15,51 W-'? -rv 4' X iq si'-if :jf , u 4 5 1' in N . s , . .M Qvv. 'ua ' -Q E "f .9 L x x ' 'nz'-.?"'i ar i nw ,ga 1 'iw Spare time "What do you do in your spare time?" That was the question put to several of our Trevor KA' Browne students. What came of it would chill the hearts of all parents. Senior Steve Henry replied "I ride my motorcycle in desert races 'cause I like to play in the mud!!" Sophomore Lydia Sweet- land summed it up by saying "What free time?" These were followed by countless others. But in actuality T.G.B. students favorite pastimes were going to the movies, waterballoning, keggers out in the desert, going to see Rocky Horror Picture show one million times, eating and the ever popu- lar state fair and "Cruising Central." if 77 I play in the mud. 4 f ""'? . A i Li up - ttf: ll it'5j'x!!'r ff 7 ' .IQ x ,TNA J' ' N xx. E, it fi e' 1 'V ' I ' ff f ' i qi, . , 4' ,1- fl . . ,,,...P- 1 1 -,X N. . I . x x .ix ,Xl ,,,.1Ai M., l ., A i f ,ffl ne, i"""' ,W A xg, . '-"""4"'1"l" '-:ian-qp..,m..1.r.,, f M xm I- --Q-as-nv.--., .,.,.,,,.., N., D V M ,,,,4..m-"A, "s, HW..-4-14.-ov-as-ff .Q-4-:sn-f M V7 , ,,,,,..,Vf-"" '-.. ., .W . .X , mu, ,f 'A M 4 N" 'ww-.-.f ,' .. . . . W I . S - - 1.0. s-.NM wi x'--D., xv. N-. Q 'Yu , 24 'Stk-N ,-14" ,,.'f"" The computer age dawned at Browne with registration for the 1978-1979 school year. The bugs won. Hundreds of students found themselves stranded in classes they neither wanted or were prepared for. These same students joined the seemingly neverending lines of the re-registration. New courses and new schedules, new teachers and new books, taught Browne students the meaning of the word "flexi- ble." My name is Anne Frank 5 I Q x 45 Htgg gf Q.. 'W "The diary of Anne Frank" the first dramatic pro- ction of the year was well received in more ways n one. The success of the Diary of Anne Frank had ot to do with the new Director, Jim Hayden. Be- use of his guidence, the performance was exception- -1...-4 I . 'I A 6 Q 7 . L 'R J 7 i' 2 QI I vi .- ,. . , ,. ' 5 '. 4 - J 1- Q 223 r hf Q l X ' : i qv, ' Y' , -P ii K - t 14 tv L N ,T - v r:-Q, . Q gifi x - s' . 1 V-.xg -A x t ., M .rd n......:....::,:, , uf.. Q i ally moving and a great success. Praise should not be left to the director alone, outstanding performances were shown by Sam Beeson, Lynn Hildebrandt, Linda Brooks and Kit Gamble. K! Q r gs ,S l xg , .M A ,H f S? f til ,. ., iiiQ Myrtle Mae Simmons Veta Louise Simmons Elwood P. Dowd Miss Johnson ........ Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet .... Ruth Kelly R.N. ...... . Duane Wilson .......... . . .Laura Nerison"' Ginger Hinkhouse' Michelle Richeson . . . .David Ashley' . . . .Chris O'Brien . . .Terrie Shugars . .Tina Wahlstrom' . . .Michael Myers Lyman Sanderson, M.D. ,...., Mark Proulx William R. Chumley M.D. Robert Buchanan Betty Chumley .............. Cindy Darnell Judge Omar Gaffney ........ John Keppler E. J. Lofgren ................. Brian Love 'Denotes membership in INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN TROUPE 31009 28 4. . nv! A 4 D... N' 4.25. q .Y fl!! " 4, 'Jn 2-9. 5 0 Li-gb ar'-17 171' sv ' ' Q E-tw , 2' S, N S 'I E u 4 1 44, J Jffwj J ' 1'-GLX'-2411 H , ia'g9Q91 34,:,'3.4 A' , 3, 35 gg i VL! A S .1 f., 'Ev if '24 Christmas Song" Brings Yule tid e Smiles Yuletide spirit reigned high as students from all parts of the school came together to produce the most successful Christmas assembly yet! Along with our own, entertaining the overflowing lecture halls, alumni Randy Braunberger brought a smile to all, by singing the favorite HA Christmas song." Outstanding preformances where shown by the dra- ma department, House 2 and 3 and the dance classes. New Stars were born as Cindy Darnell, Cy Joy, Duane Lavery, Robyn Halvorson, Brad Robson, Janet Henry, Donna and Alecia Farnsworth, Phil DeLao and Tim Boling danced, sang, and hugged their way into every- onels hearts. p Y' Ml! xnxx I' -1. W!! 0 X34 1 Free t1me gets shorte ods - 5 ,,4!1'L"'1V , N f.,i.... ,- A , .J 1: .wi ,41- 5 Qt 1-' i l The new seven period day with longer class periods dictated a year with less "free time" for Browne stu- dents. The trees, long a favorite gathering place, has remained important, al- though the library, snackbar, the study areas, commons, the tables and the halls and walkways also have their regulars. "Nothing,' becomes some- thing to do when your friends are around, especially those "special" friends... and Browne is a very friendly place! Sp1'1'jt,s the name, W1.HH1.Hg,S the game vga.. 4, WK is. X.. Spirit's the name and victory's the game at Browne's pep assem- lies. Never before has spirit and participation been at such a high. kits were performed by Student Government, the Poms danced, he Cheerleaders cheered on, and the crowds were filled with spirit. But who wouldn't be? With the winning record of Browne's umber one football team, followed by the many great victories of he Bruins basketball, baseball, and track teamsg who couldn't be ROUD! ffhe dkwo change Students moving in so many creative ways to some of todays best music around is the best way to describe the action that goes on at Browne High dances. The year of "Night Fever" is what has made our dances the best ever. With the birth of 'gSaturday Night Fever" dances have turned into a phe- nomenal amount of talented dancers making their mark on the disco floor. Disco dances are one of the reasons that made the dances after the games some- thing worthwhile to show up for. F fl- I 1 , I E 1 n w u .,, -. ra Lf' ik., ,--'9nN. 'W , . N -ww xx' 5 Alf' ,X 'fs .. Tis Jriii yy'-an ly rd-vp' V, -.V M...-..,,,-be-----aff . ,M ' Qlli"'5'- - wavy ,.. ..,- 'H-Q- W - ' s .N .kf '4 4 " if digg 2 'X I F. Asya.. , . ,L ., Y-...dxf-.ey N O Let it rain on our Parade . . . L v IJ' The night was drawing near, and the plans were set. There was to be an outdoor bar-b-que, floats, fireworks, and, of course, the crowning of King and Queen. But, like most of Browne's Homecoming dreams, this one was washed out. Once again it rained. Spirits went undampened though. The bar-b-que was moved indoors. Be- fore the game, the Poms, Cheers, Football Players were introduced with their parents. 5-x iss As Higgs 2531 ifi 3' V22 :ig fy, , During Half-time, Royalty was announced, ann later crowned at the dance in the cafeteria Greg Hammond and Shelly Smith wer crowned King and Queen. The court was fir orderj Alex Vakula and Donna Farnsworth Vince Perez and Denise LeBoeuf, Charli Mata and Lori Anderson, and John Bear ani Virginia Whitmore. ,Q + ff Y UN- Al' 52" X551 fail X xxx ?Qx . K '45 X -V ff? Y' ' Fw gf! -Q, :" ,' A-.4 -',,1 'Ji ' L V Q 1 :ED X X K ry. x .away-.iii .1-igx iXiN.E. H, ff ' T Up as L Q Z: lu .Sl HI! - M3 i v f '-1.9 Q 5 'f l M1 Honors as ' me 'ff L Qfi' U" 1 vw it Nw 'QL N Xl 4 " n xl 'I-9 , . Q Q ,.1 . s sn' xx ,L mx Lf 3 A 1 f Q' 5 vi A Q .ix Q f Lp v Q v L L . Q X A 4 XR 'Z 3 "'5 o "L : L , A x L L ,mg x 2 i ' ai' . i rx Ci tx 'X L N wx 'wr "' 9, g' Q 7- -fav 7- L 3 ' . ILi 3 A W A 1 Xi 3114 ':'2A .5 g4L'- - f- A X J J A- ,Q 1 ,ai ' L aki L E bneh ,' v , K s ll xx L A Q. N J 'QE y , . . .Q I 'tigfi k w I ,Th Fx, V 4 hon-or fon'erJ L. Esteem paid to worthg high esti- mation reverenceg vener- ationg any mark of respect or estimation by words or actiong dignity. i 1 gaj ji X l 4 B. X Q ia I , 1 5 3 i i I S i . i - ii. Vince Perez and Denise LeBoeuf Virginia Whitmore and John Bear y Smith and Greg Hammond Anderson and Charlie Mata I RX fx , 1 J . I 5 Beautiful People make homecoming more than ez TI3d1.f1.0H Donna F rth and Alex Vakula "Talent brings 1'ecogn1't1'0n i' Quill and Scroll is an honorary or- ganization for those publication stu- dents with a 2.0 or above grade aver- age and are exceptionally good jour- nalists. At the end of the year a ban- quet is held, and there the students receive their well-deserved recogni- tion honors, and awards. members, Mrs. Rosemary Weiler, Ed Hol- gate, Dan DuRocher, Cheryl Fisher, Trent Vietch, Grace Thompson, Duane Lavery, Steve Henry, Deanna Smith, Janet Henry, Sherri Crowther. Knot pictured: Robyn Hal- vorsonl Te- Sei 'l':'6'fAt as 53 61 make it to the top! ' "qi, f,,7' L. R, , l 1m..,.,,...3 1 1, 'X " iiw-W The highest honor in high school is being the top academi- cally in your graduating class. Students who have worked hard and dilligently for all four years at Browne are finally rewarded as the last Grade point averages are tabulated and T.G.B.'s most honored students come together for a final time before going on to college. These are the TOP 61 at Browne, and If you appear you should be PROUD! emawtbb ailallllaiili lanet Henry Duane Lavery irginia Whitmore rina Shafer atricia Shawver Alicia Manion Lori Anderson Kim Boston Laura Murray Vincent Perez Susan Basham Andrea Bailey Dale Snyder Cheryl Fisher Rebecca Dominguez Edward Holgate Robyn Millan Mary Cornell Lynn Sharp Nancy Schumacher Darrel Johanning Ronald Barwick Craig Vrana Mark Barnes Ursula Dees Paul Steele Emilien Sapon Larry Finkelstein Russell Klever .lohn Mure Patricia McCoy Bonnie Barney Dale Dalenberg Amy Hamilton Susan Rainbolt Mitchell Rognholt Frederick Gurney Michael McAnuIty Bill Moran Michael Gregoire Susan Bolding Lance Unruh Trent Vietch Brigitte Rapatz Timothy Boling Melody Young .Iaqucline Maynor Bradley Robson Mary Sugrue Victor Bonilla Floyd Willia ms 'Not pictured: Christine Barnes, Daniel Donner, Randall Eccleston, Deborah Elsasser, Valerie Koch, Steven Nasco, James Steele, Marcia Ward. Seniors A1'r1'Ve With Class! The Trevor G. Browne Christmas Formal held many surprises. Along with the rockinf sounds of Pyramidg Seniors Alex Vakula and John Bear escorted Annette Guerra and Donna Bicknell in high fashion and class in a stunning black limosine complete with chauffer. Top hats and tails fluttered in the cool evening breeze as each headed for the door with cane in hand. The rest of the evening was a flash of color, style, class and beautiful people. Select voting for Christmas Royalty produced Diane Cervaneck, Dick Clark, Bridgette Rapatz, Pat Corbin, Patty Shawver, and Brian Godbehere. 'V f if is WM she- e kbll' sv 4.4 u s IW, Q w ,haf Ns. 1 ,V hcl-Wh 'L 'QM . .R .L A , ,sy 4, T. 4, .M f..-ftmhak L5 I A ,, X x g 'N x 52 tl Music and Speech Honors Fluen t Prose brought forward Upper right: Kathy Finnagan"', Lower right: Cindy Darnell, Bottom: Brenda Ertel. 'Eligable for all state. tx., A . . -9 ' ' " """wwa:.f xx Left: Myra Comer", Top: Dale Da- lenburg, Far bottom left: Alicia Manion, Left: Ben Jones. 'Eligable for all state Leftg MOST TALKATIVE: Duane Lavery and Virginia Whitmore. Far bottom rightg MOST FLIRTATIGUS: Alex Vakula and Patty Shawver. Bottomg BEST LEGS: Greg Hammond and Kim Boston. f Q 3 THE US T Left BEST DRESSED: Bill Niles and Sherry Tinker Bottomg MOST CONGENIAL: Sven Blomberg and Robyn Halverson. 1-4, Q Vi-r'VViiU'il' if. - an . X Upper leftg MOST RESPECTED: Mike Ren- fro and Shelly Smith. Topg MOST TALENT- ED: Lanny Unruh and Bonnie Barney. Left MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Floyd Wil- liams III and Virginia Whitmore. ,fl i ,, i-,La 979 F?Rboo5 PHYS eat phOE04x uw' vi W" .9 ,pl AWMUQJQQ 21 f T G.B. eh not h fqtiio n SJW Q ' Qeexge A 77 x Qe'SQf" ff Q R QQJJZ X f! 1. irevo' 6 BMW A0750 fs wpiiffy I. v Top for rightg MOST ACTIVE: Duane Lavery and Vir- ginia Whitmore. Above topg BEST SMILES: Kraig Kendrick and Shelly Smith. Rightg MOST SCHOLAR- LY: Dale Dalenburg and Lori Anderson. Topg MOST ATHLETIC: Lanny Unruh and Jacque Maynor. -I 7 1 Far topg MOST CAMPATABLE COUPLE: Martin Sims and Jac- que Maynor. Topg BEST LOOK- ING: Alex Vakula and Shelly Smith. Top leftg BEST PERSON- 33441-l.ioh6-4"" i E55 99 ALITY: John Bear and Alicia Manion. Not pictured Cy Joy. Top far rightg MOST HUMOUROUS: Brian Godbehere, middle Denise LeBoeuf, bottom Mike McClusky. Sports honors in crease 2 o P X Y ' 1 6 I 'I' RD y I 1. Pam Schumacher: Softball 2. Jacque Maynor: Volleyball, Softball, Girls Basketball 3 4 5. Greg Hammond: Football, Baseball 6. Rory Barnett: Football 7. Mitch Rognholt: Wrestling 8. Richard Caldwell: Baseball 9. Karen Regman: Tennis 10. John Padilla: Wrestling . Dean Johnson: Golf . Rick Jenkins: Football, Baseball Pat Corbin: Baseball . Lanny Unruh: Basketball, Baseball 11 12. Corrie Ledbetter: Badminton 13. Bill LaCount: Baseball 14. Diane Stevens: Softball 'Not pictured Lori Spiva: Softball is L Sports L x O sport lsport, sp6rtJ n. I. A par- ticular game or play pursued for diversion, especially, an outdoor or athletic game, as basketball, baseball, football, track, tennis, wrestling. Bruins do it this tim e u 'gh wav' CLOCK-WISE FROM TOP: Running for a usual big gain is Rory Barnett. Wally Kepner shows his great skill while mowing over a de- fender. Fading back for another spiral compe- tion is Tim Boling. Preventing a pass is our tough defense. 62 wx... ,gf-,,,v. v. up V -.. ,i,...1N:, fl ff? 6' wr' X '- fS',f'n"xk 3 Wjtq, -3v',2,t,,.. . .,, ,. ,.., A ,. 44, 3213-Q .g N : .' 1N'-T'e"'5+fxf':..i'f1lL"'lig'AA'fc-"la-r:i'f'iQ4 - 'I .1.iT' . - '- a1zv?:f-f1:sf:'fff2s-is : rlfifrxwf is .. - 'QT-.' f"sgdf A -7-N' 4 wt- 2 .Ur 'swf-.-.-L".-ffe.f::5zw:t-tafrmwt-irisww-.- S- 1 W - '-'- -, f . J- - - -1 4... 'e""-iw:-Q.-ca--1'f 'rr Q"-"Is...'.-1 ms. -f S r ,:',, -,4-Pn .-. v ". . ' . 7" " ' - lf! 'f 1' -' ' , ' OW ONE: Ralph Parisi, Steve Hickman, Mark Tuttle, Reed nowlton, Chevy Blomberg, Darren Heath, Victor Jackson, Tim rooksg ROW TWO: Donny Meek, Jim Shelley Marty Marshall, rad Robson, Mike Renfro, Charlie Mata, Charlie Medrano, huck Wetzel, Teddy Reveles. ROW THREE: Coach Taylor, For the first time in the school's history, the Varsity ootball Team made the playoffs. They attained this y posting a remarkable 8-2 record. Opening the sea- n with two big shutouts over Glendale and East, the ruins showed everyone that they were for real. Rush- g for almost 600 yards in the first two games, juniors ory Barnett and Wally Kepner head the best running ame in the state. With upset on their minds, Chandler entered rowne territory only to be blasted out of town with a ore of 41-14. After three games the Bruins had tscored their opponents 90-14. A 3-0 record made the showdown with arch-rival aryvale one of the biggest events of the year. Al- ough fireworks flew on both sides of the field, the W ' ,- - K, J-iv, ,. wif. lr 1 s . Coach Mitton, Mark Gurule, Darryl Grimes, Brian Valora, Rory Barnett, Tim Bolin, Kelly Markland, Mark Anderson, Danny Johns, Coach Harkinsg ROW FOUR: John Padilla, Roger Dy- bas, Walter Kempner, Greg Hammond, Erich Martin, Bill Bai- ley, John Bear, Randy Shaulis, Jim Durham, Rick Jenkins. Panthers got the upper hand and put a wrench in the Bruin Machine. After the Bruins first setback they hit easy street with cruising victories over North, Carl Hayden, West and Phoenix Union in succession. Smashing victories over these opponents raised our teams record to 7-1 overall and 3-0 in league. With a victory over Alhambra, a playoff berth was theirs, and just in time quarterback Tim Boling came alive when he connected for four out of five passes for over 100 yards to coast past the Lions. If the Bruins had beaten Camelback they would have won the league championship. The two teams battled back and forth all night, but in the end Browne just ran out of time. Time runs out When it comes to bringing the people to their feet, the playoff Bruins are among the best. In both postsea- son games, Browne brought a chill to the fans by making the outcomes of the games a mystery to every- one right down to the final seconds. In the first game against Central, Browne squeeked out a 24-21 victory with the help of Ray Alvarez's 31 yard field goal with only 31 seconds left. Choosing to receive, the Bruins took the opening kick-off, and marched an easy 76 yards for the first score of the game. Then the Bobcats took over and shredded our de- fense for three straight touchdowns to build a 21-7 lead at the half. In the second half, the Bruins put everything togeth- er to pull out the first playoff victory Browne had ever participated. With a balanced running and passing game the Bru- ins bounced back for two straight touchdowns to tie the score at 21-21. With the defense keeping Central's offense in check for the entire second half, Browne took over the Bob- cats to end the game at 24-21. In the second playoff game the Bruins batted heads with Saguaro all night long before a mis-direction knocked Browne out of the playoffs. Despite Rory Barnett racking up 213 yards for the night Cover 1300 for the seasonj, the Bruins couldn't contain the Sabercats offense as they kept on fighting back to overtake the Bruins in the closing minutes. Down by three points the Bruins took the ball with less than three minutes left in the game. Carried by the pinpoint passing of Tim Boling to Jim Durham, and a big third down run by Barnett the Bruins were sudden- ly on Saguaro's 9 yard line with 16 seconds left. Going for the touchdown and the victory, the Bruins tried to run the ball but were stopped, and time just ran out on the Bruins marvelous season. -, dv-"".i -J-f ,r - , , -4 . fs ,415 'P' W - E V ' 1 A ' 4 L T '4,jf,,.s114" , ,,, . .. , ' ' , ' -- A v:3'W"""" 'F " f 1 ' .. . . . -' ' fi 'K .',,. 'QQ . .. - , - ,.,g- A, :.f.w" .' A . -- ,.,, -'I. .4 A ,.,- ,,,,.f ,--. ...5, Y ,,,,. ,f--..- -. nf'-' ' ' 1 . -,f:.av'1f, .- tml .. Q,Nv,.,. Q-, . 5 -Q, , V-if ,..' .. ' ,5,g1-g,4s,,s,.f" f, - -'- :Rf Ri ry h,1..',,4tx , --- --v- . .4-i"",. ,. - 'PY'vr,.--101+-"" . ' ,. -- . E., - - ., , W4-ill-,A.f4-if - . . Y .YV jms.-f-A Ar., A xx. V ,I . Q -.. '.gw . J .. V .. - sf - ,g wh" ' .sg ,..3! 1' y 'M' N ,X4 . s Af.. - - ,fiery -"-+..L , .. '- . ffl . -T .f'-r-l'f- ' .W 'A .. A Q A .1 - 1 e...s s. we-:. Y s..- - " -V 'U'-'1 Q 7 - '. . ' -1. 74, - 'f '-.-N:-'rf -4- - - w --P: I f Xu- ' Pg' . . . ' , .1 V'-1 - f'.-""-:.-..-- Qwf "'- ' Q.. 'A ' " ' -- - Q- -W fiff """"":"L ' X7 " ' fs.'fX'+'.i: 'If-.18 3- A- -' 'Hn' , , A 5' rf wr --,asf ' A 'fu..4,:f T351 ,,,,,,.:a- ay' ' " ' -fit, vista -I: ji-1 t .,,m5'J Lqqgm-:gp.,g,3.' -ffl-1--', .T ..f'f" c,g'v15'm,..N --QV l lv t ,Q XA'NunLmm5g 1 r X T, ,. ...V fs. .,.:gi7Zl,4,4 . figwaa , . T ,H A, ,' N J . ,, 1 K Kim, :ag r S l . i 9"' ,,,,,.-...Q-, I-f,., OPPOSITE PAGE: far leftg Durham in for the TD. middle rightg bulling his way for a big gain is Wally Kepner. lower rightg The defense knocks the ball loose for the Bruin recovery. THIS PAGE: top leftg The usual perfect PAT by Brad Robson. middle leftg The masterminds behind it all lower leftg Closing in for the crush is our defense. lower rightg leading the pack towards the big game is Darryl Grimes. JV rolls on J.V. Football had a very successful season with a 6-2-2 record including a 28-6 thrashing of Mary- vale. Although they lacked in size, the offensive line of the team pulled their weight. A very talented backfield makes the future of these players look bright on the varsity level. 9, t .,,i,.w,,,,. ,Q W, 1. .5 N 1 Q ,,. , y ,, - Q 1 f " 'V' , Q ?,9,,v49-39 it Y E 3 x 54 My Q X Chris Junkins, Darryl Thomas, Tom Myers, Mike Bell, Shawn West, Ruben Hernandez, David Kelly, Joey Gustems, David Scott,-2nd John Jameson, Butch Kutts, Phillip Glapipon, Alon Bader, Randy Simmers, Tim Comstock, Matt Stone, Mike Gu- tierrez, George Telez, Rick Pickett-3rd Coach White, Carlos Padilla, Bill Chilton, Kenny Mills, Lance Fisher, Manuel Gurule, Brian Robinson, Alan Head, Dustin Wiley, Scott Coach Larson, Robert Vohmer, Manuel Gonzales, Ton Larry Parker, Brian Rainbolt, Jim Habinacht, Bill Morton, vin Howard, Brian Barnes, Robert Vohs, Buddy Vond, T Pine, David Smith Q U 1 gf-M G M 'v Ki.x ,f,d'ii'." ... , 4 Opposite page: Rick Pickett leading the charge. Clockwise from left: An awesome tackle by the defense. Another downfield pass by Alan Head. Up the middle for a big gain is Matt Stone. ln the air for a spectacular catch is Matt Stone. Ready for another spiral is Alan Head. Sai 'N 87: 67 Football -fresh style Freshman football carried on it's tradition of turn- ing out fine football teams. Heavyweight and light weights combined for a 10-7-l record as their sights of great success in the future look bright. With stiff defenses and potent offenses these two g teams showed the city that Browne will be very effective, when these players attain varsity status. t.. as 'fied f FRONT ROW: left to rightg Bob Graves, John Sourant, Mike Pomeroy, Dan Tejada, Gary Hilburn, Dave Woodruff, Gregg Saldamo, Ralph Federico, Mark Gonzales SECOND ROW: mgr. Lynn Veitch, Rich Fuentes, Darin Tupper, Don Brees, Tim Wedel, Mike Tressler, Jeff Sprague, Joe Vasques, Pete Polifeo, Bob George, Scott Lavine, Coach Art Holland BACK ROW: Mark Chambers, Coach Don Cline, Bob Pittman, Erie Olds, Bob Bowman, Rick Fiels, Steve Muldock. Running, passing, blocking, and scoring their way to a super sucessful season are these dedicated Frosh. When they're wearing different uniforms next year, they will be even more talented and poised. ,YA 'HF R I ww Si ,M Q xv-of if SITTING: Brian Tinker, Michael Johnson,FRONT ROW: Tim Docken, Dan Mills. Charles Spra- gue, Allan Ferguson, Dean l.a- villa, Todd Pippin, .lel'I' Knollhol'I', Cary Cook, Steve Maginclli, Da- vid Johnson, MIDDLE ROW: Coach Zamboni, lidrick Mor- land, Tom Friedman, Mark Hardman, Joe Davis, Alex Go- mez, .lim Burgell, Oscar llcrrcra, Mark Robles, Coach Ingram BACK ROW: Tom Mason, Brad Prince, lde Wayne, George Si- fucnlis, Eric Cline, Carlo Dicrrcs, John Cribbs, Mike Rock, Mikc Meek, Joey Robinson Q.. ,.g.--.w-an 'VNV' ... , ,, .4 , , A ,, , ,,MWi'4Qi 'f 351-fs-w ' ' A , . ,.., nn Q kd?r , rv," . -nsy,-. 1 ff" ' ,, A ,Y -.Jf"'!. A .5 ff' . f., A MM M M M Mhh W JWTY, .., ...., , M . . .. M QL 2 B 4l --..4'.f',, VID ,,.,a-' -N., W' N'-.1 -N M... NN ... R... f -,S-ss-5 -. 1 Asks i L 5 ROW: Lisa Futch, Michele Unruh. SECOND ROW: Lori Spiva, Cynthia Sandy Maynard, Sharon Phillips THIRD ROW: Coach Mass, Shelly Kathy Cornell, Renell Browning, Jacque Maynor, Hilda Ybarra 1--1-gm + . , r : R., . Us-aiu 'rrfrl-Bt' , ...- ,,...-,... in -iris- H is as -W-iv Q ,...-au-"' ......--f" fwfr-M . Y Varsity Works hard for Wins All season long the Varsity Volleyball Team achieved some hard earned victories as they fought their way to a fine season record. Starting slow, and hurting on account of injuries the Bruins made a valiant effort to chalk up wins. Pulling the load was first team all Divi- sional player Jacque Maynor who has been smashing and spiking her way to high honors for the past four years. Named M.V.P. from the volleyball team two years in a row. She has proved that she is one of the best players around. Despite the loss of Jacque, next year's team is sure to be something to watch as there will be seven returning varsity play- ers. Opposite pageg clockwise from top: Lori Spiva smashes the ball. Taking on the opponent with outstreched arms is Jacque Maynor. Confering with the team is Coach Mass. Hit- ting the ball just right is Kathy Cor- nell. Making another easy shot is Jacque Maynor. This page: Saving the ball is Kathy Cornell. Freshman Volleyball opened up it's first season at Browne with a bang! These talented young girls posted a fabulous 8-2 record against their opponents. Their first year proved very successful for the Bru- ins as they did a super job making their first start here at Browne a good one. Led by Becky Joy and Sandy Spiva the JV Volley- ball team had one of its better seasons in '78, posting a 5-5 mark. If these girls are as good next year as they proved to be this year, Varsity Volleyball should be very devas- tating. First row. Debbie Carey 2nd row. Dana Grew, Becky Joy, Kathy Motsmger, Kathy West row: Sandy Spiva, Patti Mure, Callie Hinson, Shari Wilski, Shari Clark JV and Frosh Freshmen Volleyball big success Aff 4 QA 5 -i WE L1 v5! F SML 1 N-ns 1-fa,-L ' 1' 305' X FRONT ROW: Jonny Gonzales, Tammy Motzingcr, Alicia Ferquin, Gigi Gonzales BACK ROW: Trudy Mollinex, Mary Ann Ryan, Lisa Grcw, Kalic Douglass, Lisa Guana OPPOSITE PAGE: Keeping thc ball alivc is Callic Hin- son. THIS PAGE: ftop leftjz Off-balance is Mary Ann Ryson. Qtop rightj: Mary Ann Ryon making a good hit. Qmiddle leftj: Dccp in thc court is Lisa Grcw. lbotlom leftl: Sitting up is Lisa Guana. sl 1. "' Juniors lead the pack " - ...v-N' FRONT ROW fleft to rightj: Rick Rozelle, Martin Sieverding, Rudy Soto, Russ Richeson, Kevin Harkins BACK ROW fleft to rightj: Paul Hand, Steve DeGurski, Coach Brown, Jim Cooper, Billy Clah Boy's Varsity Cross Country had one of its best seasons ever. Both J.V. and Varsity posted 11-2 records as the Varsity eam placed 3rd in the Phoe- nix Division. Outstanding runners for the Bruins were Rick Rozelle, Kevin Harkins, and Billy Clah. Fortunately, all the runners who placed high in the division will be returning next year. On the Junior Varsity Squad, Steve Nevers was the J.V. City Champ as he ran away from the other schools. With such super prospects running for the Bruins, Coach Brown says next year looks brighter than ever. l A .'?y-,,3,,-an-Ii . ,. xi, , Avg X iabv 'T l X-hi RST ROW QL RJ Kevin Bonser, Stuart Maeshiro, Bob Shaffer, Gilbert Romo, Ray artin SECOND ROW QL-RJ: John Redondo, Kent Potts, .lim Barstad, Howard Spra- e Brian Rognholdt THIRD ROW QL-RJ: Mark Fitzgerald, Adam Vainauskas, Coach own Desi Marquez Steve Nevers le , fi" 0- - -Q. OPPOSITE PAGE: Cbottom leftj Bruins runners leading the way. ftop rightj: Tearing up the grass is Russ Richeson. fbottom rightjz Coasting along is Rick Ro- zelle. THIS PAGE: fleftjz Crossing the finish line is Russ Richeson. ftop rightj: In spite of a broken wrist Paul Hand keeps on running. Cbottom rightjz Bruin runners in the thick of the race. If , , - . L"- ' ' 55 'sei ' r.L,f:'l5r:e.'i. N-' ' . .N x X .. 75 Team leaders do the job Pushed by Terri Bell and Karol Doll, the girls Cross Country team did what they could do to Produce a better than average season despite the lack of participation. These girls put out a lot of time to dedicate themselves to this strenuos sport. I 4 -me 4 i' THIS PAGE: fabovejg They're off! ftop rightjz Running on to victory is Karol Doll. Qopposite pagej: Swinging perfectly are Chris- tine Gupthill, Susan Motsinger, and Cameron Jewett. FIRST ROW: Leah Tate, Joanne Gon- zales SECOND ROW: Dorothy Soto, Karol Doll, THIRD ROW: Janet Louth- erback, Terry Bell, Tammy Herjamaki FOURTH ROW: Coach Brown I" .?L'i.s I is v 513.1 ,.. ,. .mv-. iff.. 's ' ,K . lla 5 egg,-.. Ts '. . 'i waits 53l2"s'b'Q My -r: ,. fi . .mx-R ,1 " ,Az ,ik A .A..T.A1'J- X. A AA' , .' 3 ,. ff- A , . kbflkri f"4f'- "f"" 'gjfi , .ff-iix f i , 3 5. if 5, ,A . . - ,X , , . . , , 1 2 ,gwfru f-JN' ,ln ,N .- Q .L-'H f"'..9' Ya f4A"E v L "..'. A' . - 5' ...'uf",- Ji-lff' X K A Qt fx A' xx - l-9, 5 . fu, 1 .f,x'wNP r . 'V ' . 4 . .. , .. AwtkhAA,' A EXQA ,Y AAA: fy . 'fu -su ' rely A 3 my yt, ,.,,, W tr ff, ,.,1m.:,.,r: -- i f 1 v - , , f,. 1 r S , 'l'f!JL52fY'41f1'aIHeffwt 63555 Hg, A 51-"':5Xi7ii7'1'f'f A4 ' "U rr mardi 4530 "ff i if v 4 X: - K .M '.-- 'A My u -2 N. "-. X " P Q - -. rxX, 4 - 'A ' ?iA N 'rs 1 " H" iffi -fri-.1 1 xii iq l i' Y i x' . V Q X N X x 1 XH Xlta' ,F .-.. .At t A '61 ' i 4 NK .5 " ' A .VN Y -. 39'--T-,fi A . ... 1' X '- Wif- A .,. ,AA.AAAw,w,A,A .uf . A ,i - .A vffg. .- - . . 1' 4. , ,- .fs . ,,- A A A .'. A f V. A ' , ii, fir A, . l '-Eg ,' An, --V .- xc-1 -,- Y, 1? Aff v . We fi " 'f L 1, F J .. , lt, l ,-We ,f e ffflxf 1 .-'sir ff ' 0 D Il. , if f qv l , I 3, ,A , f e I Here come Da Frosh Judging from the talent that was put forth by our freshman tennis teams, it looks as if the future of these players are going to have a great impact on Bruin sports in the future. ST H E ,. Q i i l'll xl' ' u'a'a..9s'in-I ' l --A - . 'W'V ,. lv Q 'nf-Q, 4 . 1 5 0 . ' j f 4' if-fr 's f if ' 7' 'S 'B f t' . ,AA .MAA AAA ' KV'-r6.1 nk ,i H5915 --sw-9, , fl Sail L'fn" 4 i Q- . .- uaQ-Louisa-unnuwina -Q-' AQ- A ,QA J.-- A A Q j.f.xA,' . AAA . AA ,mi ' ve: Leg- my ' -1 , I A - - r me 'Y ' e. ,R .-vi it R. f '- , A 1" "3" , '.-Sf' -' , , n. A - .I-" ,li ,Tn 'XA L . 8 . .1 AGA., ,,, ,A uf1 i . , .t . ., ,. "rag . - vk.,7L v ' ' 9 u fqfgt-'K Q- 1 Q-f -' ' g, t " 'glsffrj-5'I"' ,Q 5. I m,'.p,Q15.. 'N-1' ..f 4- A. ,JA -fu., A ,A-,C . AA ' QL -Mi. . i -.f., .' 'Q L ' 4 A .A a , ----A x I 3 .xx - -' ty- - - - L 1' g.Q'f:1'Q..AQ'.!aQA','r . .A , ,E . !nn0' ' Q.-Nga-.QA gg: ,'j":.'Q'AA' . T " ' Q gn- - A.?ss,,zv ., In nfxyitsf A- ,Ai3A.6AAA4.A AAA ,A .V ALA-A :APL at 1 N " i"""'e"e"i-"e 'E' -"e"3 R 'Q"ri3m?ff?g.g-3'M 'Z' ' 'Z -1- .,. u. iv i ' liste, 9. Y A ...Q- FRONT ROW: Daniel Griffith, Randy Hancock, Rick Sprang, Eric Russel, Don Norton, Todd Sayl BACK ROW: Coach Boyer, Mike Budge, Steve Haines, Bill Floyd, David Wyrick, Cameron Jewett, Coach Kessler Cleft to rightjr Caroline Crowley, Linda Selig, Cindy Wright, Susan Motsinger, Rose Montijo, .Iacquie Engelke, Debbie Ve- zie, Christine Guptill, Coach Arle 77 so, b rv ,Q ' ,HI J, 1 ,,,M',, f f , X 1 78 Birdie Hies high The '78 Bruin Badminton teams were a group of girls who dedicated themselves to forming one of the finest teams in the league. The girls ended their season with a fine record as they placed high in their league. With only two seniors leaving, the girls should improve very much next year. In addition to the fine team record, there was also outstanding individual efforts, particularly Corrie Ledbetter who was entered in the state tournament, being only a junior, Corrie should be well heard of next year. OPPOSITE PAGE: Showing her finesse is Julie White. Top: Debbie Hinson makes a great smash. Bottom: On her way to another win is Terri Robinson. SfI'jV1.Hg B1'u1'ns achieve success l t XSLLHH LQ M1-L. wax... There was some great shooting done by the 78 Bruin Basketball Team when they achieved a lot great feats they had been striving for in the past. The biggest feat was the defeat of powerful East the celebrated Christmas Tournament. Coach Ge Hahn was very pleased with their outstanding effc Other outstanding feats included a big 83-50 sma: ing defeat of Alhambra, a triple overtime victory oi Greenway, and the two times the Bruins beat ar rival Maryvale. Excellent shooting and consistent hustling carri the Browne cagers to one of their finest seasons ever E B 'ff' N w,.s 3 Q c v-gf-wav-q.,,.Q I so-Wwsew Opposite page-Bill LaCount, leaps 3 high for a blocked shot. Above left- T -Lanny Unruh battles for the ball. .L Above-LaCount up for the shot. ' 5 ' -2? R I 1- 3 in i:l'2i'fEfi W A el 1 0 4 uvfknww 3. if il' ,, .V V ,.. Q ,. FI' X J, iijqlgch lst Row: Jeff Conway, Lanny Unruh Pat Cor- bin, Kenton Steine 2nd Row: Coach Hahn, Bill Niles, Bill LaCount Brian Godbebere, Rick Gow, Larry Watts, Lary Hoyt, John Budd, Da- vid Hockabout, Ron Croft. 81 'pawn """'l'uqv ww XTX -my N-M. :FX UN D 1 fi i if Great shooters carry team m X fd 1 E I The .IV Basketball team was backed by a host of fine shooters as they ended up only one game below .500. The Grange Team of Freshman Basketball had an impressive sea- son as they chalked up 12 wins against only 5 losses. ln league play they ended up in first place with an outstanding 9-l record. Excellent shooting, ta .464 field goal percentagej was the teams main asset. Bell Floyd, who is Six foot four inches tall, led the team in points and rebounds. Also starting for the team were Robert Schaffer, Tim Wedel, and Dennis Carter. The Browne Team had it rougher. They were only able'to achieve three wins throughout the season. Next year, on the JV level, however, the combination of the two teams should make quite a difference. i E. uf' Girls Basketball starts out wmnmg Girls Basketball made it's debut at Browne this year when girls with no high school experience whatso- ever came out to take on op- ponents never seen before. Coach Johnson is the coach of this new sport at Browne and the season looks to be a big success. ! fy, in .zur f 1 4.4 'S' 7'T1?1f?fE???if"B .sf J - Lisa Futch 5 -i42'i?53f'lLf f '- ' M ' be .lb r Pam Schumacher Katie Douglas W Terry Roberts 'J ' Kelly Hall Sherri Clark Hilda Ybarra Kathy Cornell Jacque Maynor Jill Thornton Dana Grew Coach Johnson M459-f Es' .-4 in-"4 - Rognh 0115 does it again! Wrestling at Browne seems to get better every year as seven made it to the state tournament. John Padilla took second place in the heavyweight division and Brian Rognholt took third in the l4l pound class. Special recogni- tion goes to senior Mitch Rogn- holt who went to the state tourna- ment four years in a row. The state Tournament brought some stunning placed sixth in tournament play. +-.ffggfgtkf f.-1s1.wv5 1 ROW ONE: E..I. Wilson, Justin Norman, Rich- ard Wilson, Richard Carpenter, Roger Wells Brian Rognholt. ROW TWO: Mike Gregoire MAT ss-rd Uelleoiimc li-5Qs,i-mv .mu -ip - fr-can aff-' A , V, .. , . , -. . O , :wif- -vun-.Q -H - . 1 , v f' ,pw ...,,, ,gkgfk 6 -M- fl . .. ,- ex 1 ,.. .. wh Q , min: 'L 1 .465- rf P5 ,. ' Q .. in--my av. ' " 'L' , , 1,1335 ' : ' -' ' 'f--E QXWE -- .. N vm MER .5 ., .ig-utstjf ,l 1 ,-gi..-,Q Y - Ng. I 5.1515 ,,,-:- -W - Wres tiling 1979 NI QRD 'Zs!Z5M vc'J.- , .,,. 1 'g Y, f' ' " -4 W ,, A A Q '- -mf U . 4 A kv ' 5.i A 'TN 434' f J J.V. TOP: Kasey Frain, Al Bolding, Reed Knowlton, Ray Knowlton, Lance Fisher, Justin Norman, Coach Don Palm- er. BOTTOM: Mark Lowe, Brett Benson, Manuel Gurole Richard Carpenter , Roger Wells, Brian Cypert. Freshman Mike Tressler, David Johnson, John Nevins, Dean LaVilla Joe Davis, Tom Friedman, John Mesquita, Robert Graves Rick Saldomo, Mike Meek. , L ,F f ,Mf 4 'fs I "Q FIS- Wi IPP' m,'-f- 92 WffIffffLffl?ff ' Varsity Softball had its best season ever this win- ter by posting a 19-4 re- cord. Outstanding offense fa .311 team batting aver- agej, and a stiff defense brought these exper- ienced girls a co-cham- pionship of the league. Three girls, Jacque Maynor, Pam Schu- macher, and Diane Ste- vens, made the all-divi- sion team, while Lori Spiva led the team in bat- ting with a .528 average. In the Divisional Tour- nament, Browne ended up in 3rd place and in the celebrated Christmas Tournament the Bruins placed second in a round up of sixteen teams. TOP: Kim Thompson, Lori Spiva, Dee Stevens, Pam Schu- macher, Diane Stevens, Dana Grew, Shelly Smith, Valerie Carey, Shelly Nelson, Jill Thornton, Veronica Villa, Ja- que Maynor, Vicki Cline, Coach Taylor. I ' ,.- Jg ' fic?-A 'sf-an Ev I .M M ist.. .1 ' w Softball Makes ' u L M is .yt . 'A-N A Big Hit N U P ua it i 'Ex r XNXE ,Wi f :gl Ist row: Dee Dierks, Jackie Engle- row: Coach Ingram, Lisa ' C key, Debbie Vezie, Terry Roberts, Kallie I-linson, Connie Michele Unruh, Tricia Wilson. 2nd Donna Edens, Beth Thor I' S' . ,f , Q x l'll0I'l ,fa u Y - ypfr' 1 I P . nk .5 . t, 1 - X ,J ' V., vi . ., l , ,! . .e , L I S at 29' I if ,329 ,P l -. ,- . 4-. 1 4 1 1 1'-'fu I .. ,,,. , x,.i,,,, 2, . A P -it gg rx- A,-.K '-xk v 5 ful ,fri f. , 1' twins' v' Q- , -la I 1. . -4 I ms? daisgglruy . J 4-QL. row: Leslie Fyffe, Debbie Carey, Car- llcll Ortega, Julie Williams, Lori Ybarra, ndrea Medrano, Lori Camarillo, Kelly all, Mary Ann Hammer Back row: Cheri Clark, Sandy Spiva, Sheri Pearson, Monica Shelley, Lorraine Hernandez, Kim Crites, Brenda Piper, Limpa Herrera, Paula Perez, Bev Shepard The .IV Softball Teams saw some outstanding per- formances as they chalked up a spectacular 17-2 re- cord. One of the best perfor- mances came from the pitchers, Sheri Pearston and Brenda Piper. These two are considered the best in the state on the J.V. level. The Freshman Softball Team opened its first season at Browne by posting a fine season record of seven wins and seven losses. Their one big asset came from their great hitting as four hitters batted over .400. OPPOSITE PAGE Ctop leftjz Michele Unruh set for a smash Cbottom rightj: Lisa Guana makes a good catch Ctop rightjz Coach Ingram confers with his players THIS PAGE Ctopjz Getting a big hit is a J.V. player Cbottomjz Coach Shepard go- ing over the strategy Varsity Golf had a great season as the team members were consistent- ly inocking of opponents out on the course. Led by all-state golfer Dean Johnson, the team headed into the sports best year. ha55M2Lm VZ' su I MTW-,L , ' 5R"Q .nk .M ,. -we ' fr p fffl-sf? ' 4 , . ."' 'av-rA "t" .ip H aft?-'f?'.f'f4ses Q1-em :- K , ,., . " .a-X , . .1 . . ,,.. , ...xt , WA La, A ' , X N-- -sk -.1 , arm'-eA.f,,'f ' rg l - or 'S"z'4x -A ', ',f'f45.v.1l s.f.H:u' .vkx:'5v5ge.-2 :Y-f.. I ,r ""Qr 5' ' ,""""'-M... , x H' R My ,ff .wkxuun yy , ,. 1. L R ..,,1-1: L.AML:HA A .. H . - '2 -Y, , I. ,-.i -tuvvfs-qa.j,yy.,X y P f .,Z, , . ' .'s9 uf. ' ...s .il -0- gh- - ' ,f""', 'f,'g, ,t f. ,. . t .xfqish-n-lvtgdy ,.. , M, r. -fx '. t.-yr. .. .W - .,',,,,g' -, - .f -'1 -1-.ner fs: ,. "J - W. - "- -4vfmI..:J1f.FH I' na-gvy A. .""'-1-2 - w ,,v .v-,va . 1 Y 1 , ,:4iga'fW,, - 'I Wa' ' ..,-if, ...gil V ' ' 6 ' . .A-. .. -..,,,. ' All , .' -Qff' , W". 1. Ir-92' I ,N dam: ' if? I5' 'A ,Q. Johnson leads team to success Cir A I '-'va -pu- - M1 I ' 4 -5-r3.?Qi2,7Ng Wxifyjavf-.1 i1l".:fi9Q.'Q'gL,j3' .ir- Q ,,, fa -mQ'K .-as A., I . 'LF Av! u , ,1 -, +- ' .,""u1 ,, Xf,-,.?f.- .,,' " ' -we ' 1 . 'Q Jw:-, . A' , f Q -X ..'-fzfi .OU 'v ,ss 9 ,.,. 'N 5. Tgjgk. The Girl's Golf Team con- sisted of one senior, onejunior, and three sophomores. Twelve girls participated in the pro- gram during the year. The Golf Team won four duel matches and finished seventh in Divisional Tournament. .Ia- net Bell and Chris Pamula played in the top two positions during the entire year. Lynette Gardner is a second year varsi- ty letterman. Michelle Calkins and Barb Nasco are first year varsity lettermen. All in all the girls got lots of sun and had a good time. L to R: Coach Bicknell, Barb Nasco, Lynette Gardner, Michelle Calkins, Chris Pamula, Janet Bell Suzmjng and swinging 1 .4.,,agL,f,,2sg,vg,5gsgf,.gggik4 :fssfffd-P' 3' V i-.:,v .1....L:ja- .: f , I .V'..,e4.,y5,,..t.., . y if-"'r!-+f"E'L9s?Sf ltvlft . W f .ri .... 5"?fz"4:4!,"?2' T -' . .f 4- f ".,,4, f .,. 1u.lr1,54f- ,nl A a.:'4..f42-A'5'!QvJ:?fc - ' . 5 'x g 0 0 0 , . -Q 'Q- . Tv., uv., .s , , -- Qm, ' ,F ' 18 if Q 2 if" pa. "Cm, J., I i Kenton Steiner, Blair Rob- fl Ili I f .G son, Richard Perry, Brian ' gi Gentry, Gary Green, Kenny "1-,B-"?,g Perry, Coach Kessler. :gf ,lfr 1 G g tx S SG R Tennis, teams eXceI Boys Varsity and .IV Tennis headed into one spec- tacular season this year. With outstanding performances such as the doubles team of Ken Perry and Kenton Steiner was the big reason that there was much to talk about tennis at Browne. Wyrick, Cameron Jewett. Steve Haines, Dave Fraley, Scott Burkett, Scott Elsasser, David Girls tennis is tops with Regma 'nf .ff ,V w X 'I 'sr--:QF I M Sap? , 15 , K. ' 'QM 71: ,V jg. ' 444,- ' . z, sf ' X :ai N' , vw X ' . VR fy . R N-?+u, .kwiq 1 A - N 'F , . , X . I Q. A I 14. 4-jxvkif. atv! K 'K 1 in If X Q51 . ff 7 W" 3 N614 , x W ,egg-'v 5,-M' awk-'X M li J, f z 1-rv l Q . L. The girls varsity tennis team was one of the most solid teams in the city. There were players with strong forms that could not be stopped. Leading the way is superstar Karen Regman who is rated as one of the top five singles play- ers in the state. Her gracious patterns of play will make her well heard of in the future. iq yr .X kt nfxs, X ik 'T 'XX x Riillx K N - x X X YK K R R 4' Tennis still growing Team members on the JV Tennis squad were very excited about their sea- son. They smashed their way into a schedule of fine performances and dedi- cated attitudes. Coach Arle Belinda Critcher .Iovel Clark Susan Carpenter Darlene Taylor Christine Guptill N k X chery returns Coach Mass, Robyn l Ah i U Halverson, Brenda Kahn, Janet Bell, Juanita, Maryann Hammer, Susan Fisher, Michelle. A The 1979 Archery team made a big comeback from the year before. A strong turnout made this year a successful one. The dedicated girls were filled with enthusiasm and ex- cited about playing. Along with the field events the running events on Browne's track team made the Bruins a definate threat in the division this year. Led by ex- perienced competitors, these men will be well heard of come divisional tournament time. . 4-fx, .1 ,iff ,gwfi at 6 , 4 M Varsity breakmg tra ck records - 'awk ,QM 74. . V 3 -Y an-s 0 rrrr ,-4 "M .i '- JV track jumps up and away ni.. rr 'MM' Track is a sport that takes a lot of work to achieve promi- nence. The men that were out for track were serious about the work that they did. In the near future these guys will be jumping ahead of the crowd. 108 syggsffiii X , 1 Jia Q5 A , , . 'Tl Running away from them all Girls track is a sport that is slowly growing at Browne, but the advancements are dramatic. Every year something super comes out of these girls as they constantly are improving. fi l x r K vid 5 , ak... as 0, V W -- .- ,.....,-.. Janine Loutherback, Lilly Barnett, Jacque Maynor, Renell Browning, Mari Meyers, Janet Loutherback, Michelle Narvanjo, Tonya Randon, Leslie Fyffe, Bonnie Bubsey, Dana Grew, Sandi Maynard, Becky Adams, Becky Joy, Yolitta Russell, Cindy Davis, Monica Shelley, Linda Her- rera. 6 . 536 ,,. .- N 4-'X sh. R-,Hi 'Wfmuvf i Num: , W 1-1 v., +54 Brown, Alyssa Bedun Debble Fraley Lynnette Dunkenson Llsa Guana Lydla Edlc Hegia, Tam: Motslnger Klm Dodge R 0 i Va1's1t baseball ra ted no. 1 again Baseball is the most vital era of the school year. The students love to flock out to the field to see Browne High's great baseball pro- gram. Rated preseasons no. 1 team in the state for three years in a row makes the 79' Bruins a team no- body could miss. The team is stocked with players in all posi- tions. The pitching staff is led by big Greg Hammond, Pat Corbin and Lanny Unruh carry the field, and Rick Jenkins is one of the best catchers in the state. The Bruins hitting is devastating. The players can do everything from bunting to slamming home runs with excellence. All this is brought together by Coach Ken Ashley who's up and down behavior keeps everyone in- terested. Above left: Bill LaCount warming up. Above right: Rick Jenkins slugging an- other one. Right: Pat Corbin home safe. Below: Charlie Mata ripping the ball. EH ,V Cal 'P f' '.iL. .Q ,- , -Ip., t, . ,vi , P, kAjQ'ii',.'iQ9",f ol. tv , x 'wit jf 21 K, ali!! I , Fra? f' i .- - 4 I Y .'. 5 .4 J l - .4 rgitwa jgfkli L wgasirf 5 1 t fffli x x lik W. ' Z .Q as-5 t f rf? is: -Q fl .. . .X X 7 KX " N'lX ' il "wif-. t X ll i'f"xgg::I1Q H,ff'M1f '1' '- 1 ,, 5956-' 5 X xl X I nf.: wif. I-'17, f' X- - I X, . . . .944 f it x f rev 1 l 1' AA ii X X. .J 'ne ! Q, RY H-,. uf- . ' v 1 -sk I .XX A ifteif - .::S'e'fj:-fi ' A4 YQQS- Top left: Bill LaCount pysching up. Top right: Pat Corbin sliding safe again. Middle left: Brian Godbehcrc following through. Middle right: ls Lanny Unruh safe? Bottom left: Brad Robson cuts it close. Bottom right: Pat Corbin's interest intact. , X Jw, N r X, UK gf 114 ' !H'g.-nip. an W ,811 4 ff? x ,j E' wg , 4 . ,'r.z: .v. 1 4 . -. ,, - RID row: Tim Boling, Brian Godbehere, McCluskey, Lanny Unruh, Charlie Mata, Jenkins Richard Caldwell Bill La- Jim Durham Brad Robson Pat Corbin Mike McCluskey, Back row. Jeff' Coach Ashley. milkw N Top: "Use your head!" Middle left: Greg Hammond to be congratulated! Middle right: Mike McCluskey stretching to make the play. Bottom: "Now remember guys. . ." Above right: Godbehere smokin! Above: Lanny sizing up the pitcher. Be- low: Jenkins contemplating. . . Baseball 'HO 2 is. . . as .1-Q X If 991911713 Pase il J at J WmHnqbM'wA,.,L3 , J JV and Freshman Baseball players gf llvs t . poured into the Browne High baseball 43... " program with great results. Both ' ,I , .A teams were filled with dedicated ath- . , 3 . 1 letes who turned in some outstanding M. .- . .r . f' performances. Future efforts on the ,,,x,,'q5,a?i,,f..m35X-fggfatgg',gr B g . w . . . r , ."',.v'.f,5 1,17 -fug' .,-- ,' 1.3 y -.y .,.' hu, , varsity team will still make Trevor ':1J. ' C ,-- fi '. L M., f'..-.gif J y 2.3, , V gg . -. 7 ..-Q . ..- .. N ,U 1 , -,,. . , H, .A . fi li ,. . J., .,.- 2 .,.- .f -, JM ,Jw 1 1 .M . c A-W, .,-1 sn. -V' -F or N . . I N 4 , 'V 815+ ' jvpfi '-L RA44-, ,L Browne Baseball the best in the state. ff? - at-,,. J .. 'W B A .ii ff..,fi.:'.1..a-ii, in 3' U ,v ai. .Aa - K '- ,Qs ... Front row Steve Connors, Mark Ma- mon, John Millam, Toni Myers, Brian hon, John Higuera, Jim Wallon, Russel McCormick, Mike Bell, Scott Reyn- Braunberger, Jack Villa, David Smith. olds, Raymond Molton, Coach Ingram Back row Dan Brisson, Theron Den- J gap .aw -one N iuiagae-3331 v ,qgyp xm Q.-.- .S -5 Almost everything Wen tl From the television screen to the Trevor Browne Stadium Field, Almost Anything Goes Competition made its debut, and it turned out to be a smash hit as all three houses and including the faculty, fielded a team of un- known athletes to pursue the top trophy of strange Athletics. Such out of sort events such as Superman Saves the World and Grandma Maybelle made par- ticipation in these events some- thing that will grow dramatically in the next few years. Y7 ki AV ki J' Q-' ',pJ A ca demics 25 academics fak'a-dem'ikJ adj. 1. Theoretical, as op- posed to practicalg specu- lativeg often used dispar- agingly.. Mr. Black, Principal John Black was a principal for six years before coming to Browne for the position when it first opened 7 years ago. He's been principal for 13 years altogether. He wanted to come to Browne to work because he felt it was a good opportunity that would allow him to start out a school using his own ideas, and to design everyth- ing at Browne that he wished to. He said "I knew that I would never get an opportunity like this again." And so he took the job.' When looking at his views on edu- cation he feels thatthere are 3 stan- dards that are very important. First, you need to understand your history and culture to be able to understand the future. That's history and govern- ment play a very important part in education. Second, you need the basic skills to survive in life, and an educa- tion will fill that need. Last, but not least, education is needed in working towards a student's career. A man with a job that covers many responsibilities is the asso- ciate principle, Dr. Larry Kelly. Some of the responsibilities are building the master schedule, working with counselors in devel- oping the 'regestration system, developing the school budget, su- pervising the campus plant man- ager, cafeteria mgr., and the stu- dent bookstore. He also super- vises class employees Cexcluding teachersj. This involves the in- terviewing, selecting, hiring, and termination of these people. He also evaluates and observes teachers. Dr. Kelly was administratively transferred to Browne, after working three years as associate principle at West High School, and, as he put it, "I have not regretted it. It's a very sound learning experience." He senses a positive attitude and spirit of cooperation among the faculty and staff. "I canlt help believe that attitude carries on and im- prints on the student. The atti- tude is generally carries over." i Mr. John Mansour has be student advisor at Browne for years. He's in charge of stude activities, sales, fat Browne, su as club bake sales, candy salg etc.j ' events that go on Browne, travel, he teaches a bi- ogy class, and, he's in charge 80 to 8571 of student disciplii He works directly with studei in class activities, discipline, a counceling. Mr. Mansour chose to work Browne because it was an oppc tunity to get into administratic He likes Browne, in general, E most of all he likes the stro unity among students, positi enthusiasm, and the faculty cc peration. He did consultant work in I man relations and leadersh he's Executive Secretary of St: Student Council Association a he's "74 years old, has 2 left fe l wife, 3 kids, 1 dog and a I Chevy that just turned l00,0 miles.' Oh yeah, and Trey Browne has a great Yearbo Staff." Q3 One of the busiest men on cam- is is Dick Jacobs, the athletic di- ctor of Browne. His job keeps m busyg going to meetings, and :eping the athletic department in der. He is responsible for deter- ining the eligibility of the athletes ho participate in athletics. He has check up on each athlete to make re that they have had a physical amination, hospital insurance, trental permission for emergency eatment. In addition, he is also sponsible for getting coaches for pervision at all games. Before coming to Browne, Mr. .cobs was an athletic dirin Ameri- n International Schools for 8 ars, 2 years in Afghanistan, 4 ars in Holland, and 2 years in tkistan. Mr. Jacobs chose Browne to -me to because "I wanted to be volved in a school with great po- ntial for the future." He feels at Browne has a great future in l of its activities. i . . P i 4 if t . , L to R: Lynda Strombcrg, Marenc Milazzo, Betty Wiscly, Tina Ochoa Ann Tooms, .lean Perry, Shirley Comstock, Pat Peance The Administrators and their ladies Raymond Flores: House 1 A new face on campus is the House l director Raymond Flo- res. Mr. Flores chose to come to Browne because he feels that the general attitude here is "more re- laxed." "I like the environment. It's not restricting like downtown where I was working." comment- ed Mr. Flores. He last worked at .Phoenix Union, where he worked at a job similar to that of a social worker. Mr. Flores' job as the direc- tor of House one is to follow up on poor attendance patterns, and administering discipline accord- ing to the "Discipline Proce- dures" Book. One of his main features is working with Fresh- man in the English and Social Studies Department. When asked if he had any dis- likes at Browne, he answered "So far I haven't found any." But he does feel that there is a lot of loitering in the halls and wishes he could find a solution. To sum it up, he said with a friendly grin, "The food is good, the kids are good, and I enjoy the people I work with." Mr. O'Connellg House 2 Mr. O'Connell, the House 2 director has been here since Tre- vor Browne first opened.iThe po- sition appealed to him because Browne "Was a school that was going to try something differ- ent." He helped develop the pro- grams that Browne would oper- ate under, such as the House Concept. It originally was planned to create something like 3 small schools within one large one. It would give students a chance to identify with each oth- er and their teachers more, and to increase closeness between them. What he likes best about Browne is the informality. "I like the students. They're pretty hon- est. They either like you, or they d,on't like you, you know right away. There's no game playing." The only thing he wants to change at Browne for the mo- ment is the trimesters. He pre- fers semesters. He added "I wish more kids understood the House concept. It's an advantage they don't realize. The way it is now there's no real house identity. Mrs. Ha wkinsg House 3 - This is Carol Hawkins third year as the House 3 director at Browne. She applied for the posi- tion because she liked the way the House system is organized and the description of the job. Her main concerns as a house director are disciplineg atten- dance, curriculum, contributions to the school as a whole, such as contributing to the policies and applying or upholding the rules. She says that the main differ- ence between the Houses are the staff. Often when the parents of oncoming freshman come down to talk to her and the other direc- tors, they get to know the direc- tors some what, and get a better idea of which part of the staff their child would workxbest with. Mrs. Hawkins is gba ically a nonviolent person, and th e are a couple of things at Brown that bother her. One is the lackXf concern at keeping the campus clean, and the other is the lack of concern is some students towards other's feeling. She'd like for Browne to work toward a better alternative for students that are having prob- lems in school, and do more for them. And she'd like to help stu- dents realize the value of a high school education. HOUSE ON E .. Mr. Raymond Flores . .House director Miss Sue Baumgartner ....... Counseler Mr. Rex Browning .......... Counseler Mrs. Jeanne Stilwell ........ Secretary Mrs. Shirley Docken ....... Attn. Clerk Mrs. Mary Hungerford .......... Aide HOUSE TWO Mr. John O'Connell .... House director Mr. Don Bicknell .... ..... C ounseler Mr. Garry Taylor ........... Counseler Mrs. Ann McCarthy ......... Counseler Mrs. Mitzie Geller . . . ..... Secretary Mrs. Pam Mena .... - ..... Attn. Clerk Erin Walsh ...... ........ A ide HOUSE THREE . Mrs. Carolyn Hawkins . .House director Mrs. Phyllis Becker .' ........ Counseler Mr. John Hughes ........... Counseler Mrs. Gaye MacDonald ....... Secretary Mrs. Nell Robinson- ........ Attn. Clerk f 5 M v Mr. Kessler Mr. Hanely Mr. Tanner Ms. Remender Mrs. King Mrs. McEachen Mr. Woods Mr. Palmer Mrs. Wright The English Department had another fine year of making enjoyable classes available to students. There were many classes to choose from to fit the individual interests and needs. Besides English 101, 201, and 301, there were trimester classes such as modern poet- ry, college composition, career composition, creative writing, short story, mystery detec- tive, and many more. W ix?- Q , fi 1311" English 101 is not alone -'CDF BH 4 4.. ..,U ix f ...i.. f ,FP I 1 " S 23 Ms. Orlich Mrs. Rowan Mrs. Hoiness Mrs. Bogdanov Miss Dinon Mr. Bishop Mr. Evearitt Mr. Fisher Socjalize for fun I ...- ' E l . Social Studies department offers a variety of classes. Just because most of them are required in order to graduate doesn't mean that they're boring. Thanks to a good teaching staff and their creative style of teaching, the classes were kept informative and inter- esting. l. Mr. Palmer 2. Mr. Bagwell 3. Mr. White 4. Mr. Parish 5. Mr. Boyer 6. Mrs. Barraza 7. Mr. Ashley Q" History l ' Yi. 4' A 4A,V' T f L" ,bf , H355 I f 5' 4 A,, f A fiflgi - ,SJ ,pw X , A 1 "ami o ff XX , x f xx N ,J Q - I 1 nil, 3. Mr 4. Ms 5. Mr 6. Mr 7. Mr l. Mr. Cheney 2. Mrs. Bauman Cline Marple Altersitz "J ack Hermanick McClendon ixx X 4.?nvf 'i W. 2- v -1.. Q.: A men I I Y . . . --11... sl , -.i ... Field im portant in Science C urncul um Once again the Trevor G. Browne Science Department was one of the most active depart- ments on campus. Students and teachers alike made use of the facilities during the regular school day, after school, and on weekends. Approximately 1200 students were enrolled in the science classes of Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astromony, Advanced Bi- ology, and Independent Study. Each of the classes are based upon laboratory experiences. Field trips were sponsored by the department to Kitt Peak Observatory and Sunflower, Ari- zona. Field trips were also a major part of the Science Field Club activities. Some of the places the club visited this year were the Chiri- cahua mountains, Havasupi Canyon, Bontanti- cal Gardens, the planetarium in Tucson, and Payson, Arizona. MM W, . QE: 'H t V I -J GAS Rf: w' x xx .- X wr, i fy, .,, . '51, ,W M, 5.1 ff , , f" r ff ,, jf, J ... .. -.,V"1 1' - ' .,,ft , fu-Hgqg ' m. 'S gigfqr kr g ' T fir 'fir .' .'r1.ff,wrq- nn: V, ff, . 1 ,5 zgyg sag, fr. .. ,.4ih,3..g ,mu - ,L fig' 35: ' .. 4- , 1 3 j wagfig ,. I. Q, ' z ,ig-:gf Ya' X- Ola- 'P Q- . Y X 'N S? X . A 2 LII-P-D-NNI'-' ik, ir i.'.!1 --L ' f . ,..,,, Mr Walters Mr Jordan Mr Harkms Mrs Nudo Mr Arle 6 Mr Fourt 7 Mr Walker 8 Mr Barrett 9 Mrs Bender 10. Mr. Casteel im 1. 9 The department of mathematics continues to upgrade its curriculum by the addition of accelerated courses in Algebra 1 and Alge- bra 2. These courses are offered as self paced to allow students who are capable, to com- plete both courses in one years time, if they so desire. The department insists on superior aca- demic achievement for top grades, while spending time with slower students to learn basic skills. Because of a greater emphasis on the part of the teachers, attendance and promptness to class have been greatly improved. rs is 1 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Ms. Mr. Snodgrass Wilson Slocum Demko Hickman Hall Evanstock Meyer Popescue .Q ' ,rv--' H4 1 n v 1 X.- , .. '1 'v I: .av , 3. 4 . f. ,. TW Ai 3 63, , f 4' '-"" pw A,-' Read with Skill One of the main functions of the Reading Department is to better the reading skills of students and to prepare them for the State Reading Exam. There is also a speed reading course offered for students interested in advancing their reading skills. P' ,nd-1'f9'Y"?1 R xx .. if Q , 1 ' J Viffh f K! Variety ea uses Home Ee growth Home Economics offers one of the biggest variety of courses . . . Classes include such subjects as sin- gle survival, Hero, foods, human relations, Personal and social development, children, arts, and you, for- eign foods, and career awareness. Enrollment has increased since previous years, and classes offer a bigger and better variety of learning experiences. 1. Mr. Aragon 2. Mr. Shey 3. Mr. Hill 4. Mrs. Bilse 5. Mrs. Long 6. Mrs. Bradford and Mrs. Deslatte 7. Mrs Matthews 8. Mrs West - a Q n L' LS b U gg IQ 2223242521327 223 293031 c1242. 139 S tud en ts perform Crea tively Performing Arts consists ofa wide field of creativity. Students express their cre- ativity through art, drama, music, and choir. Students work is often submitted into various shows and exhibits throughout the valley, and the drama and music stu- dents, and the choir perform for audiences throughout the year. ,I I Y in .f4""' 'r,l:1E?-" , Ma, A111271-i x I-, , rzpjgjrf jx! nw-""' ,if Mrs. Mcgillivray Mr. Hjalmarson Mr. Boothby Mr. Nunez Mr. Washburn Mr. Black Mr. Hayden Qu.. 141 Mr. Trostle Mrs. Buhl Mrs. Hocken Mrs. Roels Mr. Cavett Mrs. Bondon Mrs. Alvarez Miss Gale Mrs. Perez Business becomes bigger 62 better kg X , -T-A Qt Q i '. U r 0 . Q, mn ,, ' 3 Keeping current and in line with new ecluipment the business department continues to grow, branching out bigger and bigger, and better and better! Many courses are offered which provide excellent experience in the business world. Classes include accounting, typing, re- cordkeeping, jems, office typing, cooperative education, business machines, cooperative marketing, distributive education, shorthand, TABS, Business law, and business english. All are efficient and a big help later on in life. Getting physical Physical education enrollment continues to grow as more and more students are seeking to keep fit. Browne offers a variety of classes according to the individuals interest. Classes include outdoorsmanship, weight training, physical education service class, health, gymnastics, dance, advanced sports, and co-ed physical education. . JV mg if f ft I ' Q ' HKC-sei ' DVS Ks. -'-fi ' gp 1'gg1j!sii'PQWF'F49ff-TQ357f?T'5QfT5f'E'Q?Y YV' WW it V H -.xgitv nys! ,. , ,3,,., 'I v A':G .fe-tai' -a'H""r,, sfkf-I Q, , ., Q ff hiss 0 2 , 'K ' gg Q 3 1: A no who ,,,,..,w.,,.....-wv-' Mr. Zamboni Mr. Ingram Coach Mitton Coach Brown Coach Hahn Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Mass Mrs. Altemus :SNS K: S ,gs- Cv X, , XX,x X M35 X O QL KM ,fx A wi QI X ' xg X gb xxglf fkm Qfffx X . - N LY WW yy by 146 FQX :A-Ag ' 1' ,V rm.fL+:-sf: M. ix. A r l "XA 1 LOOC 'a 'wr ff V LN J ,Q qv U.x'1'lj I RN "-I 7 Xw sw 'fx 1 ff- Y - 1.4-M.:'l v f"i ,SI '59 . T l2 f f QW ,lu X I ... Af ,I 4 A tfyc Q 4. L C Q Qifii CL L AJ V I 23361. :f5L1ez..g"Q2,L, M' The special people behmd our special students Working with students who have special problems and abilities is an everyday job and reward for this department and its staff. These people give their students the ex- tra care necessary to help them complete their high school education and preparing them for a fulfilling career. The Exceptional Student Program in- cludes programs for the gifted, learning disabled, emotionally handicapped and the educably mentally handicapped. 6. Mrs. Schmidt 7. Mr. White fl 8. Mrs. Rideau 9. Mr. Larson KA 69 A l0. Mrs. Lauder " C' il G 55667 all A -BD oy 4-X 68,52 C5285 flap Shop around for 1'ndust1'y and life Industrial Arts continues to offer students a variety of areas in which to learn skills to be used throughout adult life and careers. Courses offered are auto mechanics, drafting, general shop, graphics, metals, woodshop, and plastics. ,Pig 1 ' r Q vi I X22 ', Q5 f l I .- .1 . 4, Q W" ' It u I n R 'xx ' A . .Q df S'-N 'L W A Yu , -N 1 s K. J Uv x 4 I 'N Q, . , Q Kr l x" 1-if K K ' 'i l. Mr. Hoiness 2. Mr. Sheeley 3. Mr. Troxel 4. Mr. Breecher 5. Mr. Zinky 6. Mr. Davis 7. Mr. Morse "M, .1 ' -...I ",lL1'f.i 1:1 if X wf"f.. f ff .,.,. -Wg,,...1.f,-f. f f r....,,r',.,. . W .W f ' W4 W.. vw, ...Q - xg' fix 'v- W Q-' Q1 V I ,..f-...ff n .. , -,., ...,,,,,...--fe' .,,. 44' just ,z-' ia, ! 4 , K ff' pf V'A ' 1 51211111118 f01' . . f M111 tary Careers One of the fine programs offered at Browne is the ,p , Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, headed by Sgt. First Class Fred S. King. The ROTC dept. has a ,gs '-.- , K, W-.5 .Y 1. strong program in training young men and women in leadership areas which will be beneficial in civilian Q 1f,, ,ip , lsa , and military careers after graduation. iff ' i . 1 :le ef Other activities include drill teams fwhich were rat- ed ifl in Arizona and the 4th ROTC region, and won the Panther cup the past 4 yearsjg Rangers, which is for cadets who are interested in carrying out field training exercise and Colorguard. And for those interested in .22,s there is a rifle team consisting of 8 students who polish their shooting skills in competing against other schools. Practice is held at Maryvale High School's shooting range, since Browne has not yet had one built. The Bruin Rifle Team was at one time a varsity sport pen to the whole school, but as it was cut out of the budget, it is now open to those enrolled in ROTC only. Kp ng! Snail cooking taught in three languages Learning about people, their language and culture is all part of the Foreign Language Department course of study. Cooking and liking the language is all a part of the program that offers Spanish, German, and French to the students. l. Sgt. King 2. Mrs. Harthun 3. Mr. Dawson 4. Ms. Freer 5. Mr. Chacon f RETURN Booxs HERE IM C i Instructional Materials Center includes such things as photogra- phy, journalism, the library newspaper, video Production, and Year- book. It is the communication center of Browne dedicated to improv- ing the students awareness of others, as well as himself. L to R: Mrs. Butler, Mr. Corlett, Mr. Sacco, Ms. Carter, Mrs. Strope, Mrs. Wieler, Mrs. Da- lenberg, Mrs. Cribbs. is YOUR Boon Fffflf fill IIS Ifwaf wwf MW HH mu Securit 1. Joan Hoyt 2. Blaine Shipe 3. Ralph Anderson 4. Alex Gonzalez . . , , x Y. .K W-f wr ss? .1 fexlflklii K ', 1, ' 1 fm 2 . w 1 ' .1-1-""""-' I ' . To cater and to serv L-R: Amadeo Saiz, Lynn Allison, Georgene Griffith, Verda Olivia Escobeda, Gloria Bernal, Joyce Wandschneider, Kathy bold, Mary Johnson, Ellen Parks, Marianne Johnson, Tina Alice Braga, Sharon McDaniel, Vickie Giacolone. Right: David C ters, Stanley Kollar, Earl Bergstedt, Richard Cummings, James vens, Larry Hedgpeth. Upper Right: Mrs. Varella 5 e I 1 1 -U' Q 4,5 F, -, . hx! .I 1, V Q I l Q' 4 "'!"'. f"y"N . I ." 'td' ,. L .- Yu. 9.753 gm- Organize: tions or-gan-i-za-tions Qor'gan- a-za-shan. -zal n. I. The act or organizing. or the slate of being organized: also that which is orga- nized. 2. A number of in- dividuals systernutically for some end or work. 158 uperstaff LAIR 1979 LAIR STAFF 1979 John Corlett""""'Advisor "'Janet Henry"""'Editor-in-Chief EXECUTIVE BOARD Deanna Smith-Editor Dan DuRocher-Head Photographer Robyn Halvorson-Copy Editor? Steve Henry-Head Photographer Duane Lavery-Sports Editorw lk SECTION EDITORS: 'Kathy Bernhardt-Clubs Debra McCumber-Index 'Sally McGillis-Advertising 'Lydia SweetlandYBusiness Tina Mitchell-Classes PHOTOGRAPHERS: STAFF Brooks Phillips:""' "'Lori Anderson Lisa Opilowsky Bill Godwin "Kenna Avens Deedra Powell Sheri Crowther Julia Docken Tammy Rawson Beth Nauta Lissa Gaines Karen Raxter Robyn Halvorson Debra Lowe Gail Scherberger Kim Watson Virginia Whitmore 3' Denotes outstanding effort Sheila Hill Donna Zaloga Contributing photographers: Malcolm Nuvamsa, Ed Holgate. For the first time in LAIR history, the year- book to be on time, much less early"! 'f.,,,-.ssxlh-has., book had no problems. The book went into the com- pany early and throughout the year the staff compiled the copy and layouts to end up a month ahead of schedule. Advisor John Corlett was quoted as saying "lt is the first time I've known a The staff did have a few barriers to get by though, fJanet and Dannyj but after all the work was done, and then done again the right way, all came to- gether to make one of the best books fif not the BESTD T.G.B. has ever seen. I1 iii... ,..,........., ...l 1 xr Sieve lThe Mucho Mainl Dun llle belongs to DeDel Robyn HMI is No. ll Kenna 4Blondes huve more l'unJ Sully QA Ding Dong Ciroupiel .liinel QFIEARLIESS Leuderlj l.isszi lThe llying burrilol Beth findeseribzibly. . .J Ciiiil ilireeds Gremlin'sl Crow 1"l.ovc il, l.ove il. Print i lgdiii lShe loves ai good licklel Sheri ll.il1le Drezimerj Debbie ilndex is ai borel Tinii 4. . ,One of these dziysl . ' -., i.. A - --.vii 5 W' 1. Print ilul I . J if if I ik, f if e f D if fy finds out. . .J "Head Sl'll1l0llu of the . .lulie fYou should see her luyouisl . Debra 1Yeurbook'? Am l in that elzissj . Donna iDonnz1 84 llurry 78-795 . Kim LDurkroom Dzirlingl . Sheila fWhul does the future hold'?J . Brooks il wainl ai Pom Pon girl, or Iwo or lhr . l.ori fllurvzird's the bcslj . Kathy fOnly her liuirdresser knows, . .J . viigiiiiii 1I'm ificczuii W Student Government Top: Christine Guptill, Diane Rodriquez, Sue Bashum, Les- lie Capps, Bridgette Rapatz, Beckie Joy, Ricky Rodriquez, Laurie Goard, Vince Perez, Yolitta Russell, Mr. Mansour. Second: Karen Gandy, An- nette Guerra, Virginia Whit- more, Sebastian Calzada, Patti Shawver, Ralph Parisi, Mike Gross. Bottom: Tim Boling, Kevin Harkins, Kathy Finne- gan, Fred Hampton, Lori An- derson, Brad Robson, Duane Lavery. House 1 Yolitta Russell, Sebastian Ca- lazada, Bridgette Rapatz, Fred Hampton, Sue Basham, Karen Gandy. Despite all the good times and all of the bad, Student Government carried out its usual duties throughout the year. They brought high spirits to Browne with such things as Homecoming, Christmas Formal, the canned food drive, right up to the Prom. Above all hardships, this group took on all adversaries to push on through the year caring for that one certain person: the Student Body. 5 2 aww X B- My , ZA 1? House 3 Standing: Brad Robson, Mike Gross, Tim Bol- ing, Duane Lavery, Laurie Goard, Kevin Har- kins. Back Row: Annette Guerra, Virginia Whitmore Lori Anderson, Kathy Finnagin, Becky Joy Leslie Capps, Christine Guptill, Diane Rodri- guez. Front row: Vince Perez, Patti Shawver Ralph Parisi. House i DlSfI1.bUt1'OH is the goal DECA creed tells the story ' xl . - lj n f I '-v ,lv , 1 , , 14 f :'.t L' ' . fy ',, b, . ,H if ,,. ,' ,J ' . - W",ff . ' . f , J ' , , k.4...4..alx-1. S. l II believe in the future which I am planning for 'self in the field of distribution, and in the lportunities which my vocation offers. believe in the democratic philosophies of vate enterprise and competition, and in the edoms of this nation - that these philosophies w for the fullest development of my individ- abilities. believe that by doing by best to live accord- to these high principles, I will be of greater vice both to myself, and to mankind. e in the D.E.C.A. are a strong and proud anization. The D.E.C.A. Creed has a very cial meaning to us for it is our guideline. We always striving to better ourselves and our munity. Our goals are set and achieved ough experience and determination. OFFICERS: President-Ken Perry, Vice -esident-Dave Fraley, Secretary-Carmen amberlin: Treasurer-David Varian: Histor- h-Cheryl Stephens. RST ROW: Jim Anderson, Mike Rebels, nny Perry, David Hartranft, Dave Frailey, lvin Stewart, Jack Gibdon, Cathy Coal, Shar- Phillips. SECOND ROW: Mark Sheldon, ark Gurule, Mark Remien, David Varian, ne Berry, Randy Shellenbaum, Tracy Jacob- fi, Jeff Conway, Cindy Stalica, Mark Tuttle. IIRD ROW: Carmen Chamberlaim, Eunice nah, Cheryl Stevens, Laura Murray, Jerry Wil- ms, Lisa Opilowsky, Kathy Bernhardt, Lori dbetter, Alexia McFarlain, Mrs. Hocken. RST ROW: Gary Hoffman, Penny Makara, ,m Fishbeck, Ada Skiles, Sue Brown, Karen hitney, Shelly Nelson, Darren Heath, Sam oe, Mike Flanagan, Dean Trinka. SECOND EW: Cindy Cole, Kathy Sherwood, Kerry iedman, Ronnie Tryillo, Laura Dekarske, rol Riley, Larry Scarkina, Debbe Edens, Ed- L Worsik, Larry Mathis. THIRD ROW: Lori muelson, Laurie Goard, Lisa Jorgensen, nonard Peneda. RST ROW: Kimberly Bryant, Denise Hafeg, rrie Rose, Doreen Adams, Joy Tubb, Belinda itcher, Tony Zettler, Mrs. Hocken. SEC- D ROW: Cindy Schmidt, George Sumpter, bbie Hansen, Carrie Sprenkle, Kim cCusher, Lisa Gains, Denise Nevers, Julie uglas, David Baldando, THIRD ROW: raron Abraham, Debbie Drinkwater, Eliza- th Hatch, Larry Mendoza, Mike Marin, Dave uca. , 5: 53 2 f :I V I U V V ' lWi'i'7z'5 .1 I if . X., M3TCh1,Hg Bruins The 1978-79 band has a new band director, Barry Black. Under his fine direction, the band received an excellent rating at ASU band day. The popular activities among band members includ- ed decorating various houses with colorful toilet tissue, frequent visits to the local Village Inn, and our ever popular car washes. Some of the other activities undertaken this year were band practices at 7:30 a.m., collecting 100,000 aluminum cans for fund raising, and the wonderful time we had playing in front of Lucky's. The band plans on attending the U of A concert band festival with high hopes of receiving a superior rating. Opposite Page, Top: Debbie Liljegren, Melody Briggs, Bill Bai- ley. Bottom: Bruce O'Gorman. Top: Craig Kendrick. if' 114 l ,Mx ffl +V vtmwyi K Bru1'1i1S march on and on W ,Q,,,,,1.fz lt was another exciting year for the Poms. They did it all from camp to assemblies, foot- ball to basketball, the Poms per- formed with enthusiasm and spirit. From the first time the 78- 79 pom line met at their initi- ation last April through to their last halftime show they have laughed, cried, and worked very hard to support athletics at Tre- vor Browne. The Poms made a clean sweep at camp. They attended a World Cheerleader Council clinic at ASU. They came home with Ever onward Browne High School Strive with power and might. With our loyalty you shall rule The bruins will win tonight. Towards our goal we'll never stop Brown and Orange you'll see When its through we'll be on top So cheer on for T.G.B.! three superior ribbons and where voted by the other pom squades to receive the Pep Pennet for outstanding achievement in spir- it and leadership. To top it all off Donna Farnsworth was asked to be a WCC instructor next year. L to R: Jane Wohlfarth, Pam Se- gond, Etta McKee, Valarie Carey, Lori Parks, Donna Farns- worth, Cheryl Browning, Alicia Farnsworth, Chickie Bolding, Annette Guerra, Shelly Smith, Cindy Betts. we ,M t . 'X ...VV U R. ff ,V H K g A uv Q tr Q Ett?!h,M c Kee 1 1 'Q ff.-+5 Shelly -Cgptai F Cu f X ui...- icikie One of the highest honors which can be earned in high school is a posi- tion on the Varsity Cheer line. As tra- dition eight girls were selected, but only two could survive. Through new leadership the girls have come to know each other under many differ- ent circumstances never knowing whether they were being hustled or hasseled. Their personalities were wide ranged but their concern for each other and the teams they sup- ported was true blue and they enjoyed Viva La ch eers! leading the teams to victory. As usual the Cheers packed up and went off to camp in California. But their stay was short lived, and they all waved bye-bye to four eyes. The Cheers have earned everything from a spirit stick at camp to the respect and admiration of the administration and their loving sponsor Joanne. As shown through their crazy pictures, this year has been a memorable one for the Cheers, and surely no one is bound to forget it soon. Patti Shawver if . qt P T , , r 2 i ' f'w :"'mQ K L?,f P LKKA, fig: ef 6 6 JV strives for major leagues As the minor leagues are to the major leagues in baseball so are the JV Cheers to the Varsity cheers. The JV Cheer line serves as a preparation towards the respon- sability and honor of being a Varsity cheer. The .IV Cheers are the backbone of an ever in- creasing school spirit. As these six girls will agree this year has been a hard one with little recognition, but they have all developed and learned to work as a productive unit, and now they are ready for Var- sity, if they wish to continue. Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world to- gether. r ck ,, f WHERE san FYXZICI' Shelly f t' S tud en ts Explore W1'IdI1'fe The field science club has been very active this year. They have gone on six field trips which con- sists of University of AZ platatariam, Desert Bon- tanical Garden, Tonto Fish Hatchery, Supersti- tion, Grand Canyon-Ha- vasupi Canyon, and Chir- icahuas. On these trips they explore many as- pects of wildlife, plants, and our land. Standing: David McClure, Greg Vrana, Tammy Vrana, Susan Rainbolt, Alicia Man- yon, Elden Walters, Fred Wil- son. Kneeling: Richard Shore, Ron Denslow, Brett Purigriski, Victor Bonillia, Phill Boldwin. year. ' , fxs fx f-"4 i'qI"..i K 'gif' wil. : fu lifjf lgffyf Agfgw ' if r F new r qxatxxqii VX, I X yxvfyxtf ' , ' ' ' uf w . -' Q- . ' i Q f if 'Te ff Qi, T 'QIZE1-iffif ti'rrn ' EFFANC FUCK ik Aerospace Is Flying High -4 ,. 3 . -., --.- 'Pele-J-X 45: or ,A , ,l 1EI4l -- Trevor Browne's Aerospace Education Class is able to experience the thrill of flight as they pilot- ed an airplane on a cross-country flight. Before their first field-trip, the students were exposed to the problems of navigation, students chart read- ing, wind correction and pilotage problems. This program is designed to aquaint students with the aviation industry, its career opportuni- ties, its history and to provide a background for flight. Left to Right: Amy Higgins, Carl Rumplc, Debbie Cutler, Jim Adams, John Keppler, Ernie McCullar, Vic Jackson, Mr. Hermanek, Kim F ., Q J i!-,, . . ks: it ' ,, .-f.Q5.,.,' , .t ' ' 'I -- I 3 5' ' , ' - -----M Kermanek, Ken Owens, Jill Stephens, Randy McLaughlin, Matt Adams, Tammy Hardman. mi R ' X N xi inc at Band ith Every so often a rock group emerges whose dedication and professionalism are guiding it to and better things. . .The 'Encounter' Band 174 N Z f-arm! gf' ,, elp students to choose a career Home Economics Related Occupations QHEROJ gives senior students an opportunity to develope an awareness of leadership and the community while ex- ploring a career field, through the cooperative effort of the class, job, and club. Students receive both school credit, and a paycheck, for working afternoons. Front: Annette Birch, Kim Mahar, Kim Lehmann, Debbie Schilling, Shirley Kruser, Andrea Bailey, Jane Fitzpatrick, Valerie Harmon. Middle: Sara Hill, Debbie Witt, Debbie Stoner, Patti Tichy, Tami Clewell, Kathy Millard, Teresa Schonberger, Karen Howell, Tom Hopkins. Back: Eddie Evans, Kim Deskins, Sharon Paulinski, Beverly Revels, Paula Boyd, Deidra Farnsworth, Kelly Miller, Debra Klosa, Kevin Townsend, Jeff Bool, Mrs. Bradford, Coordinator. 3..,,, gg. The Human Relations club is an organization which attempts to promote understanding, good will, and better communication among Trevor Browne stu- dents as well as among var- ious schools in the Phoenix Union High School District. The members are in- volved in a number of spon- sored activities such as face painting during spirit week, Warm fuzzy sales, and ex- changes with other high schools both on and off Browne campus. Warm fuzzy promotes lov 2 , ttit R iw Tracy Lockman, Mark Fitzger- ald, Robert Chleton, Sheila Leedy, Bill Chelton, Avis McEa- chen, Cyrus Joy, Ron Kelly, John Redondo gp- 367 Thespian troupe 10097994 ,,,,,,u . I , vm. p---...- 4 H me Young actors and actresses come together to ex- press themselves dramatically in Thespian Troupe 10094. Thespians are the schools drama club and produce the schools plays. New sponsor Jim Hayden, has brought many new and innovated ideas into the troupe. This year they sopnsored the first "Drama Exchange Workshop." This is when Thespian troups from other schools come to observe each other doing scenes and pantomimes. Jim Hayden, Angela Egic, Sam Breson, Lynn Hilderbrant, Rob- ert Coker, Mary Ann Meyers, Ginger Hinkhouse, Cindy Darnell, Shawn Love, Mark Proulx, Laura Nerison, Mary Sugrue. H FIRST ROW: Pam Segond, Pattie Echols, Donna Bicknell, Shelley Boston, Janice Ferguson, Laura DeKarske, Ro- sanna Ross SECOND ROW: Lynette Gardner, Marva Whitson, Jeneva Marshall, Colleen Bolding, Shelly Miller, Jay Williams, Vicki Muench THIRD ROW: Mrs. Altemus, Jenelle Fisher, Valerie Carey, Alicia Farnsworth, Donna Farnsworth, Julie White, Lydia Sweetland, Janine Louther- back Self expression Modern Dance is a beautiful and expressive art form. Efforts are made toward helping students to discover movement as a means of expression and development of ideas. A great deal of time and effort is spent each year on an annual modern dance concert. Dancers from all levels become involved as dances are choreographed, learned, and tried-out for concert. Although the dance classes here at Browne require a lot of hard work, they are fun, exciting, and challenging. It also builds stamina and teaches self-control. lf you must dance, you will dance. You will find the dedication to survive. As choreographer Robert Joffrey once said, "Perhaps that's why dancers are able to accomplish such wonder- ful things, unbelievable things, really. They take their bodies and push them to heights almost beyond imagina- tion. They cannot bring themselves to say 'cannot do that." .,. in g "' X ff' .ef v-131' 'Q' Interact , Club INTERACT is a service club. We do projects that help the school and community and the people. We try to promote international understanding and peace among nations by one international project each year. Our motto is, "I shall pass through this world but - once, any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it. For I shall not pass this way again? lst Row: Brian McCormick, Mike Knudsen, Alan Barton, Lori Anderson, Darrel Johanning, David Savela, Duane Lavery 2nd Row: Sevas- tion Calazada, Kathy Goard, Myron Hays, Rex Ruge, Julie Bool, Amy Hamilton, Michelle Grant, Mike Groos, Susan Rainbolt, Brad Rob- son 3rd Row: Debbie Goard, Mr. Browning, Lesur Capps, Bechie Joy, Patty Mure, Barbara Behm, Merja Puijolla, Debbie Savela, Sherry Johnson, Alicia Manion. bandon all hope ye who enter here 't V .J .1 r 'il-xi 3, fra, ,sr 5-. ,.,.. ","n X' 1 'N . " '-. fe. . r.,,. J, A ' 'i if ii ., 1. 1 'lf .a X -, .. .A tt +5 4 S4 EP ,. .1 N. ' HRW' 'B ea., The Humanities Club meets on a regular basis to encour- age participation in and appreciation for the arts. Members attend concerts, art museums, lectures, and dramatic pro- ductions. The City of Phoenix, Arizona State University's Lyric Opera Company, Phoenix Little Theater, and Scotts- dale's Center for Performing Arts are some of the agencies that provide funding that enables the Humanities Club to attend functions at reduced prices. Arsenic and Old Lace, The Phoenix Symphony, Mes- siah, the Nutcracker Ballet, and Shakespear's A Midsum- mer Nights dream are a few of the events attended this year by club members. -7 N , ,, uf' W ?'?'5' . . - W . .fri AST Front row: Mary Cornell, Mr. Hanley, Eileen McCoy, Virginia Whitmore, Amy Hamilton, Middle: Bonnie Barney, Dale Dalenburg, Mark Barnes, Fred Gurney, Ursela Dees, Tim McCreery, Bottom: EA John Kippler, Rusty Klever, Kim Vertich, Mara Hite, Holly Roberts. Orchestra Choir was involved in many activities. They held a Christmas concert and a Spring concert. They also performed in various places around the valley, such as shopping centers. Their reg- ular everyday meeting time is fifth hour. Orchestra was bigger and better than last years. The sponser of these talented vocalists and musi- cians is Mr. Black. L to R: Tony Villegas, Debbie Fisher, T Reynolds, Vickie Carter, Alicia Binkley, .I Werfenback, Gary Green, Debbie Carrillo. pictured: Karen Sturgeon oncert 0131 'H- ROW l: Patty Perkins, Judy Mothershed, Angela Eyic, Cindy Darnell, Lisa Dubo, My- ron Hoys, Mark Musick, Ursula Dees, Ca- meron Jewett, Brian Love, Beth Fogus, Ka- ren Zuppiger. ROW 2: Marlena Gowens, Penny Smith, Vernic Clark, Joni Davis, Pam Townsend, Lori Kranz, James Staggs, David Fifer, Cory Winstanley, David Wandsch- neider, Michele Braunbergcr, Tonya Van- over. ROW 3: Linda Brooks, Cathy West, Edna Duncan, Brenda Ertel, Robin Floyd, David Dalenberg, Chris Conway, Si lmoe, Myra Comer, Bonnie Barney, Cindy Casteel, Juanita McClelland, Christina Perkins, Jac- quie Engelka. ROW 4: Troye Horton, Tina Rushana, Tammy Bateman, Kelly Dumm, Lisa Stillwell, Gail Matraua, Shawn Love, Vincent Townsend, Bryan Zuppier, Suzanne Moser, Denis Hofery, Holcy Roberts, Trudy lvie, Kim Veitch, Maybcl Crosby, Donna White, Maria Adams, Sharon Winter, Leslie Dettinger. Not Pictured: May Menifcd, Lisa Holt, poker: in a foreign tongu ' I Parlez-V0 us f1'anQa1s .Ie Parle Francais. Et vous? To many students, these words are com- mon. To many others they are for- eign. Have you taken a foreign lan- guage? Foreign language at Browne has taken off in enrollment. Students eager to learn about other cultures and people are seen all day long in the carosels of the department. The French, German, and Spanish clubs are among the most active clubs on campus. They visit restuarants of their respective countries. They learn about students in other countries, and they even have an exchange program. FRONT: Myron Harp, Bill Stearnes, Bob Blanchard, Aaron Griffith, Jackie Hill, Deb- bie Newingham, Tina Christy, Ester Little, Julie Weifenback, Mrs. Harthun BACK: Robert Coker, Renell Browning, Sherri Thomas, Debbie Hurst, Michelle Grant, Mike Budge preeh ten - Sie Deutsch if 'I' 7 , , 'V ft' tflt GN-.X ,MK A .A . . A l s f l , X X X' i" i X 54,4 N 4 55 iff "lla V kwin. M v. L, K, , V, X 'W xg' ' .. t xp Se Habla espanol ? Left to Right Douglas Dawson fSponsorJ Larry Gast Carolyn Fixx John Widmer Martain Sieverding Loretta Fixx Crystal Newson Vicki Beasley Steven Thraen Joseph Wegner Tom McCreery Left to Right Back: .Ion Steele, Bryan McCormick Mike Gross Rick Kennedy Front: Krysten Burne Becky Scott Julie Bool VYLCA. One-the-job training a chance to earn pay while learning a trade and get a credit in school is what V.I.C.A. M , 4 is all about. The program utilizes the industries and businesses of the community as training stations. This years V.I.C.A. club was very busy. They used the -j":3-n money they earned this year to go skiing. They are a service club and F i ax, have helped T.G.B. by beautifying the campus with trees and scrubs. Mark Hill, Bobby Raimondo, Brett Garwood, Chuck Radcliff, Larry Gardner, David Hand, Andy Snyder, Kevin Fuller, Jim Roberts, Terry Sprinkle, Carol Ramirez, Gary Kelley, John Kuhn, Carol Browne, Steve Hasselbar, Jeff Youngblood, Don Kessler, Frank Greening, Alex Vakula, Russel Disch, Mike James. U 1 W.-,,,,.,......4 . N7-e-1' ,el uf'- vb!! COE is a program used to pro- vide students with paid job ex- perience in the secretarial field. Students apply and are chosen at the end of their junior year to enter the program. Their train- ing during the senior year con- sists ofthe COE class where they get further secretarial back- ground and a job placement in the business community. This gives the students three hours of credit fl for class, 2 for workl. As a part of the total program these students also make up the COE club whose main functions are to raise funds for the end-of- the-year banquet to honor their em- ployers, perform community ser- vice, and have fun. Some examples of the many activities include a volley- ball tournament against Maryvale's COE and a three- day trip to Califor- nia. Bottom row: Linda Smith, Linda Hines, Teresa Boulden, Mary Rodriquez, Laura Muniz, Agnes Baca, Jane Wohlforth. Middle: Ginger Clay, Beth Coville, Liz Evans, Cynthia Ambriz. Stacey Bielinski, Patsy Sagarnoga, Jill Malone. Top: Deane Buhl, sponsor, Diana Santa Cruz, Cindy Wedel, Diane Hipsher, Cathy Gutierrez, Carol Black, Dianne Hcer, Jackie Smith, Mary Bondon, co-sponsor. Speech course corrects coarse speech Speech is a course designed to teach the skills or oral communica- tion. Among the areas taught are oratory, debate, oral interpretation, and group speech projects. Students are graded on preparation as well as delivery. In addition to the classroom requirements, students are given the chance to participate in speech tournaments throughout the year. Speech teacher Jim Hayden believes that this year's speech class is one of the best. He must be right, because speech student Ernie McCullar won first place at U of A and second at Winter Trophy for humorous interpretation. Brenda Ertel and Cindy Darnell made semi- finals for both poetry and prose. TOP RIGHT: Alicia Manion, Mike Gross, Michelle Richeson, Ernie McCullar. BELOW: Virginia Whitmore, Cindy Darnell, Ginger Hinkhouse, Sam Beeson, Cheryl Fisher, Jim Hayden, Katrina Trowbridge, Mike Gross, Alicia Manion, Royce Winters, Avis McKeachen, Michelle Richeson, Paul Carlson, Brenda Ertel, Lynn Hilderbrandt, Rusty Klever, Ernie McCullar. 9 55 188 Wi ,ML K, an M.E.CH.A. meaning El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano do Aztlan is an orga- nization for the Mexican American stu- dent's to get involved with all sorts of ac- tivities on and off the school ground. The M.E.CH.A. Club is involved in the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Cinco de Mayo is an Independence day for Mexico which is celebrated every year on May 5. In this celebration such activities are held as Mexican Folklorico Dancing and Fies- tas. Also different types of sales around campus were held to raise money for the club. With this money, M.E.CH.A. held picnics and trips. These activities were enjoyed throughout the entire school year, only because we made them fun and exciting. Bottom: Greg Saldana, Jaime Bejar, Rick Rodri- guez, John Higuera, Joe Rameriz, Patsy Sagar- naga, Agnes Baca, Gordie Cabrera, Miss Sherry Marple. Second row: Mark Roble, Ruben Servin, Paul Cota, Christine Baca, Margie Hernandez, Tami Wamego, Margie Servin, Susan Ortega, Carlo Sierras, Ruben Hernandez. Third row: Vince Payan, Bobby Ochoa, Felix Moreno, Vince Bellow, Judy Arredondo, Sylvia Arrendo, Lupe Hernan- dez, Cecilia Almanza, Veronica Favela, Diane Ca- brera, Carmen Perez, Janet Almodova, Julie Ar- tiago. Top: Sherry Almodova, Ben Vasquez, Suzie Tovar, Marc Moreno, Jennifer Quiroz, Belinda Robles. Sal Gonzalez-President Agnes Baca-Vice-President Patsy Sagarnaga-Secretary Rick Rodriguez-Treasurer Gordie Cabrera-Sgt. of Arms Jon Higuera-Sgt. of Arms C6 .I-LA. Stands for. . . Future Home-makers of Am erica i' -arf i 'ii - 'W to Front row: Cindy Gean, Bonnie Van Steenwyk, Sarah Howell, Kerry Freidman, Tom Warmen, Back row: Stphanie Albert, Jo Howell, Darlene Taylor, Lori Gray, Janet Gray, Mrs. Long. Not Pictured: Julie Gean. f9'S""' We are living up to a changing image by realizing that everyone is a homemaker. 1 I The Trevor G. Browne Ski Club this year went to Snowbowl, Sunrise, and hopefully Colorado next year. GO FOR IT! Top: Mike Figerowa, Steve Dunlap, Steve Berg- man, Bottom: Bob Meyer, Cathy Hebert, Snowball Mores. Soccer Club The T.G.B. Soccer Club, in it's second year of existence, was less active this year then last but hopes to participate in more games next year. Top: Jon Steel, Chris Lavery, Greg Col- son, Becky Scott, David Shaffer, Charles Sprague. Bottom: Jck, Jack Altersitz, fcoach-sponsorj, Kristin Byrne, Lydia Garza, Jesse Moreno, Todd Maltby. 'f S 43 Future Chnstzen Athletes Kevin Harkins, Kenton Steiner, David Hockabout, Cheryl Browning, Waly Kepner, Renell Browning, Rex Browning, Robyn Halverson, Tracy 1 . 2 an 1 . 5 I - , fig ' ' 5. 'Q . xi! 5 'Xi - 1 mg . vp-vw---v-.. A iw.. In Ax. 'NX ,. i i 1 I f ., ' N iff' V... Yea! Boosters A small group dedicated to a single goal can work wonders. This best describes the Booster Club at Trevor Browne. They support all activi- ties that are in need of financial, psychological, and personnel resources. Service is their reason for being. They believe in the purpose of a high school and put their time and money on the line to prove it. Ask the participants who traveled to Wash- ington, D.C. supported by some funds from the Boosters. Ask any coach of athletics, band, yearbook, drama, how much their program is supplimented. Ask the administration who they seek for support on community activities, etc. All these groups would give a hearty Yea! for the existance of the Boosters. Left to Right: Bill Fowler, Candy Fowler, Sam Finkles- tien, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Sam Finklstien, Mark Lamm, Karen Anderson, Beverly Donaldson, Jim An- derson, Don Palmer, Ray McClenon, Larry Kelly, Mrs. John Fraley, Mr. John Fraley, Ann Garwood. l,l l ful K ','-' -XZ" I 5 si . X l X W f 'ln-is, 'Q sus 3 ng ,, Tw Jazz-Rock Ensem ble Julia White, Gart Harg, Ken Lil- geren, Mr. Black, Kraig Kindrick, Gordon Frank, Wesley Pittman ...x.,.L,, ,N I ,M M. L., B ' ' B d g T ' ef' Q FRONT ROW: Ester Tittle, Tracy Havener, T It txlitff st Z Rosalind Goddy,Susan omega MIDDLE ROW: " 4 Tim Gibbons, Steve Hill, Ed Navarro, Lydia V W V' 'G Garza BACK ROW: Steve De Gurske, Gary , Nt Humphry, David Erna, unior Monly, Art C. De A il Bora, Jeff Corey I ""l Q"o 'Hsu 'Qilh Shoppmg at the Cubb Hole ,.4"i' B-5 ll cf! i H., 1 11 ' NH s D tis. ll 9 i N? 1' Q' yf H g-, f lvfxifn? of . 545' KP: o-gg!" , ' " -I ax . . cha, x , A , C' 1 fn Q? Q L ".-ii ,'L,' C rs" t :ifi 'lf L ff e A s.xh4 Q M ' ' 'f -Q if ' xii? AQ: ' , i ' ul 1 r ,Q Q 14 0 ,X 5 75 0+ 1 -X f- -,155 -4 33,4 n .i A-a , - :fi 45" li 4 'll' The Cubby Hole is a small retail stores that gives students at Browne a chance to learn how to learn how to run a register, work with people and learn how to meet the needs of consumers that are buying mer- chandise. Also, it benefits the students all over the school so they are able to purchase anything from paper ad pencils to stuffed animals and birthday cards. House 2 Student Council Donna Bicknell, Becky Joy, Kim McCusker, Sheila Hill, Bonnie Barney, Debbie Goard, Greg Cheney, Bill Steners, Ralph Parisi, Kathy Finnegan, Lori Anderson, Susan Rainbolt, Amy Hamilton, Mike Fontaine, David Ritchey. Brmg 112 the music with K TGB Trevor G. Browne is able to enter- tain the school cafeteria with music from our own radio station. This is the third year for this extremely suc- cessful organization. The President is David Richey and the sponsor is Mr. Sacco. B B iii' i Top Bill Latour Randy White Bottom Tom 'Vi Arrico 3 .. - if -v-. -L-.,.:fv-A-1' gf at-mm e V A 5 V . , -,pr-'fyfwf ., fry- A , . ff1:,3,,,1 , ,HL AKA: . .:.:e.,c.V K:,ii.g.f,.31.,,..,1i,-kL.1fgyYL, I ' fe: ig,f'f 231:51-.-, g lllllllfl if tttnaefenklgifqs The eye of a photographer fand poetj sees the images of life through a different dimension. Photographs by ROBYN C. HALVORSON : . xr' Q Iiw I ri, j , P,1'!"fx fi'?f5'l?:. 35 gif? gif -Q' ' 41, , , Igzf-3 J' ,',6.,'j,-' ' r A ,,-"ff-fl. 'igf ' 1, .' ,f' 'I 'I I ' I' f ' .. 11,4 I ., aff, I I J V "",'.'z' 1 , ,. .' , -. ,.v 'C . 1 ,uw Y., if r ,7".n., Q f M7411 .r X ' If f ' , I ',.1f':..f'4' i,z',.g' 1 .. Y.: .4'. r .J Jaw- A ' l'.' .x ' 18" X," 45,1 V' .,' : H. ,x' .lf- ears.. Facts 9 Bear Facts, has done admirably in the service of our students by bringing the news of campus life to the school and community while offering an oppor- tunity for students to express their opinions. fUsual- ly that of the staff itselfj The Newspaper Staff of any high school must walk carefully to avoid censor- ship, apathy from students, and financial disaster from lack of sales and advertising. Bear Facts has had a few problems, stemming from the attitudes of the staff itself. As in past years, the newspaper is plagued by late stories, useless headlines, and copy not yet corrected. The Editor, Cheryl Fischer, has led her staff down the road to journalistic disaster. One of the most interesting parts of the paper tif any are availablej is Cheryl's VIEWPOINT in which she innocently rips whoever she pleases and then absent mindedly for- gets to sign the column. Yet again we will say that "She is well likedf, There are those few staffers who do put in a dying effort though. These are the reporters of tomorrow. The mature journalist does not let personal opinion interfere in the professional work that he or she does. Mrs. Weiler, fsponsorj has been a great help and inspiration to these children. For the first time the paper has come out with the heading date that is the same as the actual date. Even though the newspaper I alv- Eat 1 is small it does have a variety of stories for all. Now as we all look forward to a bigger and better year, we hope and pray that the new aspiring report- ers will strive harder next year, that the "photogra- phers" will learn the basic photo techniques next year, and we all hope that we will get along better NEXT YEAR. L to R: Richard Gow, Hilda Ybarra, Rusty Klever, Greg Colson, Steve Briggs, Debbie McCumber, Alva Ybarra, Ginger Hinkhouse, Mrs. Rosemary Weiler. BOT- TOM: David Ritchey, Robert Coker, Trent Veitch, Cheryl Fisher, Debbie Peirce. --Y' ....-udu4 Classes X .- 1' J N xxx ,.4 K su, Q. .rf i .nl .V .A .,.r JIM Q , Eve, Q clas-ses Cklas-esj l. a group of students under one teacher, or pursuing a study togethergr also a meeting of such a group. 6 e Knife Sedona misuse Matthew Adams Jena Aleshire Allen Floyd Donna Allison Cynthia Ambrez Jim Anderson Lori Anderson Cheryl Atkinson Ken Austin Dawn Ayres Agnes Baca Andrea Bailey Terri Bailey Linda Ball Sherry Bar Mark Barnes Tina Barnes Vicki Barnes Bonnie Barney Jeff Barr David Bean Sam Beesno Kellie Bell George Berneburg Kathy Bernhardt Diane Berry Cindy Betts Stacey Bielinski John Bigar Anette Birch Carol Black Sven Blomberg Colleen Bolding Tim Boling Victor Bonilla Teresa Boulden nl, Chuck Barton Ron Barwick Susan Basham 'sr y if s. if N 1 X 'A-- .C .77 5 'W N. 1 Nm-'xy 5 ff! 'SFX 'qv-T7 C, A so ve' . .gi ii . iiii 2 'S'- .' actss B 1 ff." C. ,y ., B slacc l af-c as - , .lf i ' i ' if? 12? 1 , I in , A D Q, . lf .5..,-- v l Dawn Ayres will to Christeena Carson my old gym socks lm'7l. l Allen Berton all things broken and all things mended to John Bear will all my conseitedness to the Junior class and all women Alex has introduced me to to Dick Clark. Terri Bell will my varsity locker 4757 and all the luck with it t I had. I also will my being the bear to anybody who gets it wish them all the luck in the whole school year. Kathy Bernhardt will a baby girl or boy fwhich ever it will bel Phil Brooks and all my athletic ability to Lori and Sandy 'slie Capps. 1 f "" fag. -- t N A . "' 531, i' l 1' 'Q 'tg 3? i '- - f .Ni . ' 'L -4, L- N .1- qf 1 I y ' .. ff Lori Bowman . v r llaa Rick Bowman , Q Deloris Bowser . i Paula Boyd I' SNC .A . AJ I 1 lmyhitx ji lk' . '.'i' ii ' ggi if I si 'V gr , A Steve Briggs William Brooks Roger Broswell Carol Brown Sven Blomberg wills his great athletic Bod to any female at any school that will take it, and if none will, ship it to Val Carey. I Renell Browning will my ability to drive for one week and not get in a wreck to my sister Cheryl I will my ability to play raquetball to Coach Mitton QI beat him everytimej To Wally who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, I will my ability to sing. I also leave him all my empty pop cans to use as spittoons. To Rory, who thinks he has everything, I will my modesty. Clts the only thing he lacks.J I Buffalowill to Dee Stevensall the trouble I got into, freferals, and ditchingj and my great stories I told to teachers about me being chased by a grizzly bear and thats why l was late but they Zaloga. tb' 'Q from the jerks at Trevor G. Browne Ya Diane Berry will my little sister Bertha the knowledge to stay Blady wills her ability to ditch to her brother, Skeeter, whoever else needs it. She also wills all of her referrals to a Z never seemed to believe me. I will my imagination to her to get out of trouble. Cindy Carman wills her outgoing nature to Kathi Ellis. Shelli Cook will Buffy: all my disected earthworms. Dennis Brown Renell Browning Sherry Brumit Norman Buckner l Charles Buss John Byrne Gordie Cabrera Richard Caldwell - 7 Dalenburg-close-up Lela Camarillo Marylin Cammizzi Diana Carlisle Paul Carlson Cindy Carman Gary Carter Diane Cervanek Carmen Chamberlain Derrick Chapman Barbara Chew Marsha Chlarson Carter Christy Melissa Christy Eunice Clah My high school years were probably not much different than anybod else's, and l am sure it would be impossible to give any sort of complet description of what they were "like." Aside from my regular classes, have been involved in the Varsity band and several Thespian productior Cincluding The Diary ofAnne Frankj. This year, l took a calculus cla: at Glendale Community College for one semester and was happy to get "I ". This gave me an idea of what college classes will be like. l must sa my senior year has been my best year in high school-more for person. reasons than anything else, because it has been the worst as far as classi go. My best experiences in high school probably revolve around tl teachers and classes l have liked best. Of these, my work with Mr. Hi Mrs. King, Mr. Snodgrass, and Mr. Hanley has been the most rewan ing. I can also bow to Mr. Bishop and Mr. Jordan as two ol' the fine teachers in the school. Alas, for the most part, T. G. B. is a mine 1 intellectual stagnation. Much of this, however, is inherent in publ education. My worst experiences in my four years have come from th bureaucratic red-tape and a wishy-washy administration with an unwil ingness to discipline an often apathetic and delinquent student body- short, to actually "educate". My greatest interests are literature and music, and l have done a gre. deal of writing. I would someday like to be a published author. But as fi now, l shall probably begin college as a pre-med student. l have bee aiming to attend Johns Hopkins or Occidental, but more and more late l have been considering the University of Arizona as the most desirab and logical choice. , Gb if 5 x ,X K ,N QR - X S I, I 5 x . .., A f is I ' , .a 3 . 5 I f l T l l .,,.,,X F xi Ni .. ' aw-1 6- Qs 'bwqss I Diane Cervenak will to Sharon Platek everything about me, all we're so much alike. I also will her all of my adventurous here at "Gossip City" Trevor Browne! I will to Roger Dybas of the things that I can do and he can't, but wishes he could. on Rog! I also will to Laurie Platek all of the thanx in the for helping me through the beginning of January. Richard Clark wills that his body be left to Patty Lyno at and that the Browne women live forever because this is the BEST in the Nationg ill party school. I Sheri Crowther will my darkroom cabinet and stacks of to Lydia Sweelland. To Jackie Russell I leave my backstage passes. To Ed, Howie and Gregl leave all my Qenjoy reading themlj To Don, I leave my ability to pass I wish love and luck to Danny. Steve, Susan, Beth, Keith, Gary. I will myself Steven Tylellll I Debbie Cutler will my ability to always make a fool out of in front of hundreds of people to Katie because she'll need to keep up with Tracy next year. My talent for ditching and hiv- I Ginger Clay Tammy Clewell Tammie Clifford Kim Cole Myra Comer Jeff Conway Shelley Cook Kathy Cool never getting caught goes to Erin because somehow she always gets caught. Ursula Dees wills all of her songs she wanted to sing, but was never given a chance to Mr. Washburn. I Julie Docken will my GREAT personality and good looks to Margie Poteat! My wonderful grades and studies to Tim Docken. I Beverly Donaldson will everything I know about being a business manager of the newspaper to Robert Coker"Robert you better do well." I Dan DuRocher in sound mind and body lsometimesj do hereby bequeath to DeDe all my photographic interest, and my camera for the summer. And to Brooks Phillipsl leave the stupid hectic job as head photographer. And to Deanna Smith I leave Steve Henry To Janet Henryl leave all my dirty jokes, a Dictio- nary on dirty words, and finally to my dear friend Steve I leave my knowledge of how crumy Suzuki's are. Paula Copeland Mary Cornell Sheri Crowther Pat Crawford Debbie Craig Sam Culham Dale Dalenburg John Danielson Cindy Darnell Cindy Davis Eddy Davis Lynda Davis Toren Davis Ursula Dees Rita Degrise I Valerie Delaney at S Jenell Elwood wills to Coach Brown and Coach Ingrum to Michele fMickeyj Unruh. I Deidre Farnsworth will to my best friend Kim McClusker, Willy Wong. To Jitdeel leave my Camaro. Last but not least, to my little sister Alicia, I leave Buddy and my ability to dance. To my darling sister Cathy, I Debbie Goard will all my tardy excuses, and to Cookie I will all my secret spots to hide the ub0ttlCS.,' I Sandy Godbehere will to Janine Loutherback my 2 year ld stiff leotards and tights. I Larry Mordon will my size 3 tennis shoe to Mrs. Cribbs of the A.V. dept., and to our T.V. tech, Mark Eldridge all of the broken equipment in the radio room, "KTGB". and to Miss Carter, whatever is left!! I Donna Grcwwill to my little sister Lisa and all her friends, all the great adventures and crazy times I've had in high school, and the hope to stay out of trouble. Good Luck Gals. Allen Della Debbie Desjardins Shery Dettirger Gary DeYoung Robyn Dittmar Linda Dluhy Debbie Dobson Rick Dockall I ,l I Q 'V' -, I Julia A. Hale fbeing of sound mind and bodyj will to An Angela T Egic all the happiness and hope of the years to com To Ang Maria Adams all the musical magical love and joy th will soon come her way. to Ang. Vernie C. Clark all the care an color in the world. And To Bos. Brian D. Love all the jumps an screams of future pokes. To Penny E. Smith a nose pusher for he glasses. And to Jim Haden, I give him all of the crazy and insa drama classes in the years to come, and the sanity and will powld to survive them. I Greg Hammond will Laurie Klosa my happiness and succe throughout high school, along with my arms and legs. But most d allg I will her the rest of me. To Lance "The Fish" Fisher my luc and success I have had in sports, and may he use it wisely. Bi ".I.l'7 Buily my forearm Flipper and the title "The Juice." Chris Hanna wills all his love to Randy Ong. I Shirley James will my Business correspondence course to M Browning, and Congratulations to all the Graduates. Good Lucl+ Y ff' All ,..... Julie Docken Becky Domniguez Reverly Donaldson Benita Doverspike David Durham Dan DuRocher Hans Eberl Randall Eccleston Pattie Echols Carlton Edmunds Ruth Ellis Debbie Elsasser .lay Elwood Janella Elwood Barry Emhoff Rebecca Erno Barbara Ertel Eddie Evans Elizabeth Evans Kristie Eving DeeDee Farnsworth Donna Farnsworth Ernest Fatz Charles Fiedler gr out 1 Linda Fink Larry Finkelstein Cheryl Fisher Susan Fisher Rick Flanegan Betty Fordham David Fraley Cynthia Friesner I Denise LeBoeufwill to Laurie Platek who looks like a Dybas, December 23rd in the back seat of a maroon monte carlo, the greatest dream that came true, and I hope it comes into your life and stays for nine months. I Debra Lowe will Janet Almondova my PICKLE Club, Mike Silva my City and State! Elroy "Juneav" Lamkin may Ho Ho Ho. Sylvia Lujan my Mustard. Shirley Docken-all the bazooka bubble gum in my possession. Julie Docken all the pictures of me. Beverly Gomezall the candies 52.00 can buy. HAIL ALL PICK- LES! We Jacque and Lori Mason leave all our joys to the Trevor Browne Boys who drive trucks like toys, and don't mind us to annoy BECAUSE we don't squeeze or please. Signed your Friendly Trevor Browne Tease. Mike McCluskey leaves his curls to Mill Adorna Shepard. I Mary Murphyleave nothing behind to anyone because I want it all! I will all of my love letters to my sister Donna, maybe she will get a charge out of the goofy sob stories sitting around collecting dust from "Old flames." I will all of my tm expecially CROW, LARSON, and Cheneyto the Phoenix Farm. To Mrs. Weilerl will solitary confinement, God knows needs the peace and quiet. I will all of my EXC USED absences both my brother and sister. They need experience in lying cheating, House 2 knows l'm professional by now. Donna . the voice for telephone calls to excuse ditches. God knows I ma enough. I Kelly Miller will my good luck with guys to my sister Kri My outgoing personality to Pattie, my great ice skating abilit to Murray. To Linda all our good times in Science, and finally DeBe my Mom, cuz they deserve each other. I Kathy O'Brien will to Laurie Platek my ability to be an "I in hoping she will carry it on, also my ability to do so well in at mechanics, because I had such a great teacher. I will my body Jeff McCluskey for whatever he wants. Kathy Finnegan gets 1 smelly uniform and finally Gary Ojeda, I leave you my "luv" y "Macho" man! Barbara Fudge Kevin Fuller Linda Futch Christopher Gambel Sodbehere-close-up igh School was a lot of fun. I met some real good people and I ldn't trade my high school years for anything. don't know yet how my senior year will be yet but I hope to get a :ball scholarship this year and continue in baseball. I really don't want nt to graduate, 'cause I'lI miss all my friends that I was used to seeing yday. complaint I could have is that there isn't enough school spirit in some things. Every home game our gyms and football be packed. QWith our fans, not theirs.J But other than the other aspects of this school were really great. An idiot could from this high school but on the other hand if a guy wants the help or is interested, we have a good staff of teachers. I think it of the best schools in the city. basketball and baseball and was looking forward to a good and basketball team. I really like Coach Hahn and Coach Ashley though they are as different as night and day. Both of them have own unique ways about them, and they are both good friends as well aches to me. eally have nothing bad to say about the school. Ilm glad I got into ts and I really like my coaches and friends. And like I said beforeg I 't trade my high school years for anything. I'll come back many even after I've graduated. Also, I would tell any freshman to be, to BROWNE! t I IU' Beverly Gamez Larry Gardner Bertha Garza Cindy Gean Julie Gean Jackie Geleson Debbie Goard Brian Godbehere Sandy Godbehere Bill Godwin Beverly Gomez Lillian Gomez Mary Ellen Goosem in Frank Gordon Larry Gordon Don Gore Richard Gow Brad Graham Cindie Grantham Kevin Green Rick Green Frank Greening Mike Gregaire Dona Grew Ken Gross Fernando Guerra Frederick Gurnez Cathy Guterrez Mary Guyton .lean Guzman Maureen Hall Mike Hall Robyn Halvorson Amy Hamilton Q' Qin a'i"' , :gr ,-ff: . A or 3 'N -:rf ff ,,. 4' 2, ,I X 2 ct 1 f. Q if I' Q KW. fr' on . . td . x , f A, A Ii. ua. .. . vs .f if . 6 Greg Hammond Chris Hanna Cindy Garjamaki Bill Heathman gg Shawn Hebner Dianne Heer David Hemrishsen ' Scott Henricks M s x E g , ft .-A-S ,L ,E M A XR Janet Henry Steven Henry Mark Hill . A Sara Hill - .X - .-:re ,,,.. 'gl I Janet Henry will my position as "Lair" 1979 yearbook Edi- tor-in-Chief to the next poor insane person who is mislead into taking such a trying, terrifying, and thankless position. I also will my overdressed wardrobe to Lydia Sweetland, in hopes that she will make more use of it than I did. My Photographic excellence and knowledge Land my "V-8 motor drivewj go to Brooks Phillips in express hopes that he will learn to clean his negatives. Finally to .lohn Corlett CCrowJ I leave a years supply of back rubs and 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I John Higgins will my very clean motorcycle to Mike Romero so that he may know what a clean one is. to Mr. Evanstoek, I will my Camero, so that he may know what a truely great car is. To Mr. Bishop, I leave some of my abundant hair. To Mr. Breacherl leave my great knowledge of automobile engines. To Mr. Jordan I leave my right index finger for disection next year in biology. And finally, to Mr. Morse, I leave some of my height! I Debe Klosa will my immense popularity and little black book to my sister, Laurie, and her friends because they need all the help they can get, my ice skated to Val, my Ziggy collection to Kelly, my tennis and raquetball abilities to Chris, and last but not least I will myself to Murray. I Karen Krawczyk will Patty, Kevin, Ned physical fun, thc towel, Johnny, Kelly and Paul's bird, bong, car, keys, music and Sambo's, the Range, Groove tube, Rocky Horror, Frank-n- Furter, Riff Raff, or the brand new Camaro, Vette, or Midget. Thanks for everything. I will Kim a case of Bacardi l5l and a lighter for the empties. Also Mr. Ashleyand my front seat in Mr. Cheney's class. To Big Ash l will a case of beer: his choice. Also a new pole for the one Patty hit. I will Al myself, my sense of humor, 2 quarts of coors, a can of shaving cream, a can of whipped cream, and a big back bag of grapes. Remember all those exciting evenings. To all my friends who like to party, the apartment houses at 24th Ave. and Devonshire. tlt's all guyslj Linda Hines Ginger Hinkhouse Diane Hipsher Ed Holgate fit. Christina Holmes Tom Hopkins Linda Houchen Karen Howell Lisa Huffman Fred Hyer Gary Isit Trudy lvie Tracy Jacobson Mike James Shirley James Susie Jeffers Richard Jenkins Lori Jennings S Barney-Close up , Trevor Browne High School. . .I can still remember when I was in the eighth grade and I was preparing my class schedule for my fresh- man year. I was anxious, excited, and dismayed, all at the same time. The fall of l975 rolled around and I began my first year of high school. It was confusing to be a freshman. The atmosphere and the surround- ings were very different but I caught on quickly. My freshman schedule was freshman block, algebra 101 , home economics and P.E. As you can tell I had plenty of time to sit out by the picnic tables and flirt! I never missed a football game, basketball game or a party. I had several high points during my freshman year. Pam Shumacher, Sharon Phillips and I went to a breakfast meeting with Mr. Black, Our school Principal. We spent the day with him to gather information for our block class project, "A day in the life of a school principal." Ahh memories. . . I played Varsity volleyball and softball when I was a freshman. One day, before practice, a couple of my buddies carried me into the boys lockerroom. They leaned against the door firmly and I had no chance for escape. I was finally rescued by the elderly man who took care of' the cage room. His departing words were, "If I ever catch you in here again, I'll make sure that you get suspended for a long, long time!" So much for my rescuer. Continued On Page 287. li Sv 'CU' I Vince Perez will my Presidency and women killer instincts to next President of T.G.B. Also, my great looking body. I Therie Reding will if you will. I Sherry Renter will all of mine and Pattiescall slips to Teresa amanicgo, and this school to my sister Shannon Kenter, and the ocker we shared to Dona Grew, she'll be here next year. I Teddy Reveles give you people next year the honor of having everly Gamezls beauty and lovelyness around for you all to njoy. So enjoy it while it lasts. Stay away Ruben cuz I'm gonna arry Beverly coming soon. Trina Shafer wills her typing 2 workbook to Debbie Lee. I Patti Shawver will Kathy Finnegain a years supply of plastic lasses so she won't have to drink out of cracked ones any more, "" to Annette Guerra I will my ability to be in run off elections finally win one. Finally to Ralph Parisil will him the use of name to sign the posters he makes in St. Govt. I Deanna Smith will all my tripping, stumbling and falling to x 1.1 Darrel .Iohanning David Johanning Dean Johnson Charles Johston Lisa Jones Treresa Jones Donald Keesler Kevin Keith Gary Kelley Kim Kelly Lori Kinard Debbie Kincaid Deedra so she can make a bigger fool of herself. To Tina I leave all my easy classes and the l's that go with them so she can get out of High school with ease. I leave my ability to leave all my classes without asking and my coming in late when ever I want to, to Sheila so she can have some fun next year. I leave Kenna my chocalate covered grasshoppers so she won't be hungry all the time fshare some with Virginiaj I leave a date to Da vid twhen he gets a car so I don't have to drivel. To Sheila I also leave my gift of becoming invisable, so she can have as much fun in the boys locker room as I did. And all my love to CROW Paul Steele wills his calculus class and teachers to those won- derful, caring, and understanding people at 24th street and Van Buren. I Scott Story will all my Steve Martin jokes and Bob Newhart jokes to one bad sophomore, Bobby G. and to Loretta, Vicky and Carolynn all my finese in anything, and to Karol my little brother. Christina Kerchaff Barbara Klock Debe Klosa Valerie Koch Shirley Kruser Bill LaCount Harla Lane L., , f' 3 I Joanne Switzer will Mrs. Dalenburg - Library Asst. to all of my friends and my little sister. She's a great friend. I Susie Thompson will my friend Robert Wattson to Debbie Pierceto use in any little way her heart desires. I will my talent of ditching classes and ver getting caught to any deserving soul who has the courage to do so. I will to my best friend Penny all my ex- boyfriends! I will to my little friend Kim Sertich my pet "Sir Ritcheyi' the tarantula. I will all my connections to Robert Col- son. I Sherry Tinker will first of all to my little bro, my fun nights and good memories of the Days Inn! Keep to rooms 133, 264, and 266. Be sure to stay out of the bath tub, but if you do go in keep your lips sealed so the giggling won't get you busted. And to the .LA 5'- wx- "1"-M' X44 remaining V's I will the N's great taste and pride. Please use it, YOU need it. And finally to the only remaining N at Trevor Browne, I will Laurie Platek my aches, pains, and bruises, my adventures from the night before. I Alex Vakula will all my old flames to the next Freshman class, and all my empty beer cans and fake return slips to Ralph Anderson. I Tracie Winton will my class ring to Dan Danner, My senior prom date to Ester Tittle, and my ruined dance tights, as stiff as they may be, to Alicia Farnsworth. A token of my hard work. Congratulations to the Class of "79" The year with all the CLASS! Duane Lavery ,K Denise LeBeouf Lorrie Ledbetter Tina Lee Kim Lehmann Barbara Leon Kris Lindeman Delores Lopez IX, Debra Lowe Sandra Lowry Debbie Lyzahub Randolph Mabb its ,. -4"'x . -x A P -it i Q- ,af .f ll? .X ff M I Richard Madge Kim Mahar Tony Major Jill Malneo Kristi Mallicoat Lisa Mandile Alicia Manion Nick Martinico Donna Massey Andy Mason Jacqueline Mason Rhonda Mason Charlie Mata Duane Mattheisen Jacque Maynor Mike McAnulty Tammy McCarthy Eileen McCoy Dave McClure Mike McCluskey Debbie McCumber Paul McCumber Alexia McFarlane Susan McGillis Bob Mclnerney Etta McKee David McNeely David Meiners Charlie Mendrano Theresa Messer Heidi Migali Robyn Millam Kathy Millard Kelly Miller Mark Monell Teri Montgomery 'Xi .,,, ., urph y - Close-up think my biggest mistake was missing a lot of classes, that really my grades. Hanging around the picnic tables seemed to be the .y worthwhile thing in life. It was fun at the time and as far as running ound and being a wild woman is concerned, my sophomore year sur- ssed the rest, Chasing men, cruising Central and going to parties were thing . . , boy did I love to play! But when it comes to being happy with self and doing and learning the things "I" wanted to, my senior year s by far the best. I found a person has to rely on himself and do the 'ngs the things he truly enjoys instead of going along with what everyone e is doing. That's whatis nice about your senior year, you can do K- atever your little heart desires! I fell in love, took up photography, drew s of pictures, got a job, finally made honor roll, cleaned my room a uple of times, took terribly hard classes fbelly button 501, bow tieing l, and sock sorting 4011 and always made sure I was home by 12:30 to tch Barney CAndy Griffithj. All in all it was an exhausting year. I feel though I gained some knowledge here at Browne, somewhere, I just n't figure out what. My four years at Browne have been a pain, but a e pain because Ive come out on top, believe it or not, and the only way go is up. I'm sure at some time of my life I will miss Browne, like 20 from now while I'm sitting by my pool at my California mansion. Oh so much for the four years of vigorous studies and staunch play. Bill Moran Felix Moreno Randy Moreno .Iohn Mundal Laura Munez Mary Murphy Jay Muse Tanya Nagle Beth Nauta Roberta Navarro Vicki Neal Leigh Nelson Laura Nerison M.Ji. Neville Patricia Newell Deborah Newingham Bill Niles Kathy O'Brien Michelle O'Brien Bruce O'Gorman Vicki Ohms Nancy Olive Paula Oliver Richard Olson John Ontiveos Lisa Opilowsky John Padilla .lim Palmer Christine Pamula Richard Paneda RK- I , KN if ff 1 A -fr f m Q. ,Y if 'ji Y f 4 Mtg P Jr ' k ff fi is A f 5 x ,J A . G Afffflif u if 111' Co1e-CIOse- up I think my favorite year of high school was my sophomore year here at Trevor Browne. I could act crazy and sometimes really dumb and I didn't care because I didn't have to act like an old sophisticat- ed Senior yet! l'm through now with all the pushing, laughing, yelling, and explaining that goes along with the four years you spend in high school. It feels like a relief, but then, I feel sad because of all the friends and good times l'll be missing when I graduate. My senior year has been a little bit ofa struggle. l'm always trying to get my work in on time and do it well to make sure I graduate! I have enjoyed Mrs. Wieler's journalism class the most this year, she has made writing appeal to me very much. I often just sit and listen to the stereo while I try to write poems. By the time you become a senior, you've grown out of your little girl or boy ways and started realizing that you have to accept people for what they are way down deep, not what you see on the outside! Its been fun, and sometimes boring, but I will always remember Trevor Browne, the school where I made my biggest accomplish- ment so far. Glenn Paul Maria Perez Vincent Perez Eva Petty Sharon Phillips Merja Piyola Ray Pizzuto Cindy Porterfield .lon Pottle Kent Potts Kelly Prisson Pam Price Chris Prince Bob Raimindo Susie Rainbolt Carol Ramirez Delfin Ramirez Brigitte Rapatz John Redondo Karen Regman Barbara Reichling Beverly Reichling Mark Remien Matt Renfro Laura Reynolds Beverly Revels Mike Revels Michelle Richeson Brad Robson Michelle Roe Mitch Rognholt Mike Romero Donald Ruse Louis Rushano Jackie Russell Emilien Sapon David Sauela Tim Scheave Pam Schumacker Leslie Scott Trina Shafer Synn Sharp Patti Shawver Mark Sheldon Doug Sherwood Brenda Shuck Martin Sims Mark Skaggs Nikki Skiles Janet Skinnell Matt Slinker Brett Smith Deanna Smith Kenny Smith Jackie Smith Linda Smith Robin Smith Shelley Smith Andy Snyder Dale Snyder Martin Sieverding Betsey Squires Jackie Speight Charles Sprague Fats we Sie verding-Close - up It was a kind of hard decision for me to come over here and leave my family and friends back in Germany. When I attended school the first days I saw how I was out from the old world around me, what I was used to . I couldn't find my classes and when I talked to other students I couldn't understand them and they were wondering what I was trying to say. Even to open my locker I had trouble. But after some days I found my way around by myself. I got to know a lot of people and I tried to carry on conversations, it sounded funny. I think after a while I made myself understandable. lt took me longer to find some real friends, I mean people I can talk to about all kinds of things that bother me or them. Since I was alone over here I was sometimes glad that I could share things with friends and my new family. Trevor Browne gave me lots of possibili- ties often strange and new for me, but I joined many of them and afterwards I got to like the clubs and people. I was living with people who have often totally different ideas and then I thought of my own ideas and about myself I discovered more and more about my own personality and about relationships to other people and about rela- tionships between people themselves. MZOGR H915 RRlZOllQ fm, ' Terry Sprinkle Cindy Stalica James Steele Kathy Steele Paul Steele Kim Steindoff Diane Stevens Floyd Stevens Kevin Steward Debbie Stoner Scott Story Joseph Stover Cindy Stump Martin Seiverding Mary Sugrue Mary Suiter Clark Robert Brian Sutherland JoAnne Switzer Brenda Teffer Grace Thompson Steven Thraen Sherry Tinker Kevin Townsend Tamra Townsend Keith Turner Mark Tuttle Lanny Unruh Adam Vainauskas Alex Vakula Brian Valora Patsy Sagarnaga ff 'W "Qan- 4-.fp ' ,f Jesse Valasquez Trent Veitch Marcia Ward Kenneth Walker Stephanie Washburn Julie Watts Candy Wedel Carol Weberg Glenna Weldon Julia White Virginia Whitmore Floyd Williams Jerri Williams Darla Williamson Michael Wilson Tracey Winton Debbie Witt Greg Witt Melody Young Jeff Youngblood 6 sisose misuse Koi !, X 9 1-655. :I l I at ll ' fig x ff ,F,,t, ,.t,a,, . f . M. ,t L. ,ir vi! . ti i, J l x D i . 'R t 1? N lei is . A X rifew. X QW I 1 of S Tl tt- J lt it t tilts I L .. 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Q L Q 'N' 'rio in N., Maureen Ackerman Shawn Abraham Eileen Ackerman Joe Adam Stephanie Albert sax Cecelia Almanza s David Anderson Mark Anderson Sherry Andrus Todd Anronson Liza Anzalone Desi Aroz Sharon Ashley Wesley Ashworth ' Rachel Balli xl J' .Q X g Q. ,r V J m y . . 5 XV, 2 Bill Bailey S ' 'l 1 + T X '-if 'X .ya-S x s. r X .gs 1 5 V7 .iw cf Jana Bills Dexter Black Carrie Blackwelder Tammie Blount Joe Bly Sherry Bohack Laura Barnes Cari Barnett Lilly Barnett Rory Barnett Brian Barnes Rose Bayless Mike Belle l i l Paul Belle Janet Bell Jim Bell Raymond Bell Rob Bell Kathleen Beloit Cheryll Bennett Jesse Bennett Linda Bernal Maryann Bond Julie Bool Debbie Boyac Mark Boyer Ray Bradly Carol Brandl Walter Brandt Paul Bratcher Robert Brand Russell Braunberger Melody Briggs Daniel Brisson Phil Brooks Tim Brooks Julie Brown Sue Brown Cheryl Browning Robin Bru Kim Bryant John Budd Jeanna Bulko James Bullard Patti Bushofsky Grant Butler Diana Cano Valerie Carey Lisa Cary Cristeena Carson Susan Carpenter Cindy Casteel Chris Caulkins Cathy C De Baca Sylvia Chilton Tina Christy Billy Chah Vernie Clark Becky Clayborn Glenda Clemans Vicky Cline Linda Cochron Cindy Cole Ron Cole ,X X -J. A E 3 5 5' all l tbllll 3 it "' iii 1 J by a N 'x Ag SX, Y ' it Q I C, ., J t W elest Q J if 2 ff: 7: ev J Q l C. 1 v- I L NJ 'll fig it - ' , - " . - ta. J l H ' , ggi: . , V , QJWI ' q 'W' reality tiff'- t l. .ti l X H ig my f E gui Wifi , 1 W A X l Q V ,fs:1fAf. g M 'S' -iz Asif' .!. ----- S' K 7 viulmnlfx- Y 1. w. J ilgr- s l we Tanya Colleha Nikki Colson Elvira Comparan Julie Cornell Paul Cota Paulette Courson Catherine Cozens Belinda Critcher Ron Croft Jimmy Davis Laurie Davis Sandy Davis Dean Decker Debbie Delaney Arnoid Dent Steve De Gurski Laura De Karske Lillian Dennis Greg DePuc Cindy De Santi Stan Deshazo Frank Di Modica David Doerfler Annette Domes James Donaldson Julie Douglas Sam Douglas Debra Drinkwater Terry Duff Mike Duffy Dennis Dulong Edna Punsan James Dunshire Jim Durham Roger Dybas Debbie Edens Youssef Elashmawi Jacqueline Elwood Cheryl Engleman Samuel Enriguez 2 John Ested Linda Estep Jodi Evans Lucinda Evans Joe Faherty Carrie Faragher Veronica Favela Herbert Fields Steven Fields Mike Figuerson Loue Fincker Kathy Finnegan Pam Fishback Mark Fitzgerald Mike Flahagan Debbie Flores Robin Floyd Beth Fogus Kasey Frain Nancy Franke Theron Frazer Susan Frazier Elisabeth Friedman Glenn Fyfe Rhonda Fyefle Lissa Gaines Phillip Gallegos Sandre Gann Christy Garland Shawn Garrett Tami Garwood Sandra Gidney Charles Gilbert Laurie Goard Tami Goodrich Joanne Gonzales Debora Goods Frank Gordon Jim Gordon George Gow Michelle Grant April Graves Janet Gray Dana Grew Mary Gross Annette Guerro Luli Guerra J LJ , if 1 Q Ui ,- .Q g, x .if 2 ,Q ,fx K QS? Q Ex Wt' 'K as s. Q 'lg :X ,,,,.5 ' ,L W Y, 'J " I' x tyxx- Q- - 4. Q 59 X , .,. 4 R -nnbgeil sl ,,,.N,, . N. Fx X yy A 1 "i, ev 'X Q s tq 'XY - 4 a--f f a f K -5 , QM - .. : ' ll !- ', x . i ,, ,, g .Q 3, ZA - , M s . ' Y ' , X B X, X Q 'D fl! A . Q, "1 thx gg, S was we 3 p flu an O 4 N r 'fi-M 'K .if . x . " Q i , -:Et I A 5 .gm ,.'., 12 ":' 5 1 'J Q-1 1 , it X4 illicit 5 J f v' 'N N ,ur ,-v 3. .J z y X e Q ' 'C t x I .Li , ly I X"Y fx is ' '-.- if . . l -Q ' F ' lWi1fT,. flwse has i..n. - .C or f A i ' K K , Y 5 m ix , rl V' S libs if . f , its rr ..-my km .,. . -- - Ffmilgfif- . t A 1 ,in 5 5, i .W R A ,I Q .K Q l 1 'ffl' "' d .. T I ll at lf X . 2 N e .. . K - 1- i N t i gi N I N xslt J Q Hemi if 'i 'ii Jeffrey Guest Suzette Gustoms Denise Hafey James Hall Linda Hall Lance Hanifen James Hammer Jesse Hannar Debbie Hansen Victor Harding Scott Hardman Kevin Harkins Karen Haynes Shannon Henry Darren Heath Scott Gerbera Cathy Herbert Kim Hermanek Colleen Hersey Dennis Hess Bruce Hiburn Steve Hickman Amy Higgins Jon Hieuera Debbie Hinson Mona Hite Elizabeth Hodapp Gary Hoffman Gary Hollen Sherry Hoider Marie Hopkins Mike Hopper Greg Howell Jo Howell Larry Hout Bill Huff Debbie Hurst Gina Hurtado Christina Huth Samuel lmoe Daryl J emison Walter Jensen Danny Johns Sherri Johnson Ben Jones Denise Jones Mike Jones Lisa Jorgensen Elsa Juarez Greg Kahslstorf Elaina Kaltenbaugh Lori Karls Debbie Keating James Keeler Kevin Keesler John Kelley W T11 J . "Y-Q , '. xn . iff H We .sg M ,Q ii' 1 Q gk 5 ff 'fax ' Y 4 - M y ,UIQ gi "2i?9:"' , , , ' v"'bQ94f"'fm.,.. t Susan Kennedy -X L ,fe Wally Kepner John Keppler Leslie Kiel Bill Kincaid Dana King Reed Knowlton Mike Knudsen Robert Lafoy David Lageson Yuette Lana Debbie Lee Corrie Ledbetter David Lemon 3 lv lt. Q' E .Q .N , . . . L 5 3 Y A L J L '3- . 5 ggA. f. 1 ,si f J 'I i I l 2 'grassy Q as eeae t U-'li f il fa 3 L A L 1 l .Q K k .defies . :X ' L ll. ' '- A X tw' ' J va J as K g 5 fp, 1 j , S' 4 5 j ,,1 E Q . ,Q - ? ff-'rl jr r vt 1.0,--V I -. l I A at , X L i N t .:- Q r n V X X X t' , iiaa ss W' W K is " , . . if ' 'ii . ' . va ,, . , ' 9 ' -V K 6- L 5, 1 L K+ 1' L - Q -:, bf NJ N 9 s , H .. Mlm. is' " .. l -, .- . F N was 4 " 'I' , . 5 i 1 0 y x 2fL V ' i Xl lx is N i xy! X ,T v . ' "f -v ,A ,X 5, Q Q-Liar ' D l l D ii W l Q l 'W 1- X X , if - a Q N is 1 AN 55X 92- . I ,S 1 . ' x E l we N,,,, K ,,,-on -3 , ' ,xy H S . ., J N wk , k SW 3 ft ... he C Jerry Liewer Debra Liljegren Teresa Lloyd Shawn Love Lyn Lowman Janet Loutherback Janine Loutherback Mark Lucas Vickie Lucia John Mabb Sheila Madsen Richard MacMillian Shawn Mahaffey Jeri Major Diane Malcom Lori Mallicoat Scott Manion Michael Marin Geneva Marshal Martyn Marshell Ray Martin Erich Martin Chamene Martizez Desi Marquez Elena Marquez Brenda Mason Larry Mathis Robert Mattson Chris McCormick Elezabeth McCumber Kim McCusker Garry McFarland Russe McLaughlin David McMullen Angel McMasters James McNeal Amy McVay Don Meek Linda Melton Larry Mendoza Matt Michelson Leslie Millard Scott Miller Shelly Miller Vicky Miller Tracy Montaya Donna Moore Susan Moore Marc Moreno Linda Morrow Suzanne Moser Judy Mothershed Vickie Muench Marianne Myers Denise Nevers Robin Nicholson Kevin Nielson Cecile Nichols Lina Nickalai James Norman Tom Norman Rachelle Northcott George Nowak Lora Nuanez Mike Nydes Josephine Olivas Duane Ott Debbie Otten Tami Panessa Ralph Parisi Lori Parks Tammie Parks Kari Parker Bill Parkerson l t s m x M. 19. fl, it r , , i ., . HNt ,rv 3- A N U Q IN W gl. - ,V 1 ' 4 . 1. , 4-, t si t, s ,F X A EE k .1 N is ,L kv X ,Lg , My P -ew-sax A K ww. 'K L 5 t ,T Q , , C gy ' 1 r ' '3 ! P I xy 34 U fff' I t. : .1 , Sf l E I X R 'H C C M it X. L N .fi l A xi i",!'!" . . 1 m mL A V - Q t f ., I J. . klimsmxt ' - we - - I , Euland Patterson Walter Peniston Laura Perkins Vicki Peterson Carole Penza Brooks Phillips Debbie Pierse Leonard Pineda Laurie Platek Yvonne Posey Darla Porter Marcia Potts Chris Prince Chris Presson Lea Purkins Sylvia Racicot David Ramirez Joe Ramirez Denis Rawlings Ann Reynolds Patricia Reynolds Trent Reynolds Scott Ricketts Carol Riley Holly Roberts Belinda Robles Debbie Robinson Terri Robinson Greg Rocco Bryan Rock Luann Rock Diane Rodriquez Wanda Rodgers Rick Rodriguez Lynn Rogers Mary Rogers Carrie Rose Ronny Rowden Rick Rozelle Pam Rucker Rex Ruge Carl Rumple Ann Marie Rushand Yolitta Russell Frank Salas Lori Samuelson Diane Sanchez Marie Sanchez Larry Scardina Christina Schaaf Gail Scherberger Kim Schilling Kevin Schmidt Dana Schubert Lee Scott Scott Sebotka Connie Selig Marilyn Shapiro James Shelley Kathrun Sherwoo Rusty Simington Jeff Simpson Jess Sixkiller Ada Skiles Michele Smith Penny Smith Kelly Snyder Rudalph Soto Karrie Sprinkel James Staggs Donelle Staples William Stearnes Kenton Steiner Karen Sturgeon Carrie Stutzman Lori Suiter Joseph Sumpter Todd Swanson d LeeAnne Tackanin Mark Tait S '-1 lu- ti :nlllx ,f m K ill' ts ir- k. " x lx 4 , 0 fffx 'E C Q., V j Q Qs 3 . f .K X, Q g il 5 B F , X - in if 3 xi Q' I X . r ' .f,A -A4 1 ,t AIU OU! . q v , . " X I I , . Q i: 1 J .iff 7 1' . x xc ilk Mk s x if X . , I X .X i l R . ff S' ' I' ea- A ?' N 01 L I ,lf 1 A L L 'ls WVA Axfjfi' '- Q x ' 'T 1 x 4 I, A ,K i it WN JP E : Rag 'P .5 -9 - X. X' lyk sf' v 'Q g . timxfyw Q iw... EQ wa t gap Leah Tate Darlene Taylor Mark Terrealt Mechele Thonas Melinda Thomas Jill Thornton Laura Tivis Carol Tovar April Tressler Doug Trickett Dean Trinka Katheen Trowbridge Doug Troyer Ronnie Truillo Dale Tupper Darin Tupper David Vaca Glen Valdez Mark Valentine Susan Van Cleve Bonnie Van Steenwyk Sonia Vasquez Kim Vietch Jeni Vigil Veronica Villa Sharon Vowels Tina Wahlstroh Joe Ward Larry Warren Warren Warers Kerry Watkins Lisa Watkins Terry Wells Mary Wells Weat Kathleen Patrice West Jim Wendelken John Wendelken Chuck Wetzel Eugene Weston Karin Whitney Shoron Wiegel Mark Williams Rich Wilson Rex Wilson Hugh Winters Royce Winters Sheri Winstanley Dan Witt Lisa Ybarra Tony Zettler Brian Zuppiger Mo Gi Q9 QW xxoii' K9 Gi 90 GQ owiv 69 6 Hi . sv 5 'n f-la, sv . KXVV K 3 ' 5 ha - 5, s 5 K A i if as yy A . X . ww 1 if A.. fl ll i tw i ' ii VN.. M Ki.. :Af i. ' .- . iw- + 'zo' , , : V 9 ig E . i, ., .V Li x A Q X X 'C i X x X' if f,. 1 J fy' . 5 A A A' i V ,lf ififuf . Q A al Q Q f. .Yig ' Q x I 5 I. P.-Y Q 'fair . Alan Abrams Becky Adams Karen Adams Debbie Ackerman Toni Agnelli Mike Ainkofer Sylvia Allen Mike Anderson Parrish Anderson Tina Anderson Robert Anziano Mike Allgood Sherry Almodova Linda Armer Q U - Lori Atkinson -' A A Jana Atwell 4 . i Mark Audrey . ' A r Kenna Avens , Tracy Arnold Paul Ashley 9 Yi, X QN' George Avila 1 'li W iw X R. i s L K, A . 4' ' 'QQ is 1 Q. Q- A be 1. 4- '. M D.. .-in 'x r .1 ' p .1 ., q 3. .' 's'5-,agen xif - '-,- '-jx , -2 4 . i 4.2 ' ' -. 4 , . , A Bill Bailey 24 Brian Bartman Brett Babb Christine Baca Larry Bailey Marie Banta Kriss Barger William Barnes Chris Barney Carie Barstad Steven Barwick Diane Basek Shannon Batt Tyler Baxter Richard Begley Barbara Behm Jamie Bejar Brett Benson David Bell Gena Belucia Todd Benson Candy Berry Lisa Beery Donna Bicknell Beverly Black Linda Black Bob Blanchard Harry Bly Phillip Bond Shelly Boston Marylynn Boswell Dan Boudreau 'N Jimmy Bradley 5? X.. ,I -1, ,- A r' To . 5, .KU . f 4.1, 3 1 . XS Q. ,,, - 4- "1 . s X I XX Nw tu s I l t. if A. tg s e 'ii "t xi' to , RQ is 0 sf r W I I N V W in t v i mf t 51 3 . . 1 X S V g? y F sw . Q 5 .5 'x il S ,lf j my ,, It Hx i if .X 'Q-:xihif H' in I ,' -Li i rx. A . Will? Y - S 5 ,i S 1' si i 4- S A ' 7 S S 6 . S '.5 I 5' Q1 X xlib? XX ... ' 11.51 ,ls ills sbt ' ' N ' K S' Q X ss s A g C N 5 : N if --W :ref SX- ' it U I tb J, , li. Q . Y T U r , i C f of S di. +1 . . ff X r ,ll if its R .als lll Martha Brady Lareina Brimhall Linda Brooks Susan Brooks Anita Brown Charlene Brown Scott Brown Trudy Brown Patti Bruce Rebecca Bruner Sandy Bulow Scott Burkett Bonita Bush Kristin Byrne Diana Cabrera David Cagle Michelle Calkins Sebastian Calzadi Lorraine Camarillo Debbie Carey Sid Carlisle Sailor Carlsen Ronald Carter Richard Carpenter Donna Cary Carol Castillo Leslie Capps Caroline Cervantes Diane Chaeon Caroline Chamberline Roland Charnell Debbie Chapman Bill Chelton Robert Chelton Jenny Cheslic Russell Chiron Sheila Chlarson Beatrice Clah Jouel Clark Katie Clark Gale Clay Howard Clell Allan Cline Christy Cole Jean Cole Judy Cole Greg Colson Tim Comstock Ann Connor Steve Connor Mark Coon James Cooper Kathy Cornell Diane Coulter Christine Cox Janet Craig Lynn Crawford Anna Graven Kim Crites Susan Cubel - , s k,,. Y . . I 7 Kennith Cummings . 'Ni .-t1 N 1 g ' 4 . x Brian Cypret David Dalenburg Joey Dalner Sharon DAlzell V J ' 4 T 31' I D . . Angele Darro i i Li ii A jg - - Debbie Davis i s ,J AQ: Us 1 is X Debby Davis Joan Davis Steve Davis Chuck Decker Simone Dees Tomas De Gryse Stephanie Demore Dennis Delafyente Donna Dipple Sandra Dockall Karol Doll Aidela Dominguez Victor Dominguez Juana Driscoll Lisa Duffy Kim Duguay Howard Dulany Janet Dunn Louis Duran Doug Duroucher Lisa Douvia Joe Duran Charles Edmunds Angela Egic - Yttt 1 .2 ' 'Si X If Sa. 'QI . I U S X ls b ' A 1,1 is 1- -so S , X X 1- X Y 1? S, ., .A .1 C + -f 5 it at ,f Ns Q Q. sn N . 3 X " N X 1 .. Xing "' GQ Bm . . X N x Bs 1 o jj 3 y .1 I I tiki ll: Milk! L Lssiss f ses C J V. ' ii ii be C Els.. il 4, Q 'iiio X f C. ff- ,L i L' 1 if'Vf L is f J YQ' I at i. 'ti i t F Q ,K Ov . at ,, , A X X LX A , f ...J ' S , if l . 'E -1 -N 1 it ' X f V' L at 1 S s sr' X L 'H 1' A vi x.f. ,fi Q ix Y 4, T ' '- ' 5 " X A I , ffl . M ' 'f W' V As I Q K M K m Q 'f s- F 1 J will 'l l , ' 1 1 if Q' A 1 K L fs a t 1 L L 1 , in - T KJ -W lm QS' T E X w QQ X f WM in it , PM T l i t LLLL s V t , , Q '! " Q SFS "' 3 a- "' A X K x me T ." 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Q- 2. 24" G-5 he ,.-f- , 1' ' X l S L Q :, 5- 13 A v 'Q B2-A 1, f, l W itli ff'-at L. i 4361611 L. if E, 'a. 5. Q- i'i Af: K gre Q g il' is ii l Xml' 'N '- I i 1 Q ll iii' 1 ..... . . L vi .Sweat 1 1 -s N ,- Q A 'Vl- '5. 5 A rg I X A . af? ' L x Qiyf K i N f 5 fi J , ' 1 .. 1 V Q .56 Q it , tL': as 3 H L X LJ 1 f B B ' N ir, 4 ago 5' ' If KA J C - L ZF . gg Q2 vb Q' ' ,-L U, .5 f :M :S x X K Y . A-L A 1.4 x h Mt! Thomas Hill Brian Hiyett Dawn Hoffman Bruce Hofmann Kenneth Howard Rita Harton Debbie Hoyle Brenda Hubenak Cynthia Hudson Brian Huyeti Jim Hyer Trudy Ivie Laura Jarrett Danny Jennings Leisa Jerrett Jamie Jines Allen Johnson Kenneth Johnson Robecca Joy Brenda Kane Janene Kearns Richard Kennedy Ron Kelley Kelly Kellher Barbara Kelly Morissette Kerry Rebecca Kezis Connie Kinard Charlotte King Lori King Kitty Kinne Butch Kitts Laurie Klosa Mike Klasko Dean Klein Terri Knight Raymond Knowlton Don Koch Julie Koch Kimberly Lackey Laura LaCount Cynthia LaCrosse Chris Lavery M v 'Q Eugene Landree v l l 5 rf ! Desora Lboyd '53 L Shelly Leedy 'Y A 1 fi i z David Leon Kevin Lewin X In xv if X il Q Renee Lizotte xo ' Alex Locascio ik ali T K I Marty Lond Mark Lwe N 2 Jim Loughborough - of Mike Loya fb I Allen Lucero i if Slyvia Lujan Elizabeth Luna ' l v- .Iudy Lysiak 55 , I 9 N is nn John Mack L Tommy Madge - v 4 ,,. Sandra Madrid Dale Malshiro Bryan Mahaffey L Susan Makarov E. 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Pamela Peterson Rick Pickett Robin Pigg Richard Pikul Brenda Piper Sharon Platek Mark Poulx Deedra Powell Linda Powell Jeff Presson June Prewitt Isaac Provencio Todd Pyne Kathy Quattraccht Mark Quela Lisa Raczo Lynn Raimondo Brian Rainbolt Todd Rash Raul Sabari Karen Raxter Tammy Ray Reay Christine Margaret Redfield Cannon Rowland David Reis Shannon Renter Jeff Revels Darryl Reynolds Delia Reynolds Steve Riley Mariseth Riola David Ritchey Antoinette Rivera Russel Richeson Teresa Richardson William Richardsf' John Roark Joanne Robertson Layrie Robie Leanne Robie Blair Robson Brian Rognholt Linda Rosebrook Deanne Rosi Pat Rouillard Kieth Russel Pat Ryan Gary Samaniego Ronnie Sanple Doyle Sanders Jay Savarese Debbie Savella Michele Saxton David Saylor Danny Schonberger Bill Scott David Scott Jeanette Scott Rechelle Scott Juliet Seaver Pam Segond Bob Seils Kim Sertich Margie Servin Moneca Shelly Sreve Sherwood Janet Shoemake Peter Shore Teri Shugars Sandra Siqueiros Debbie Sjoquist Howard Skirvin Pamm Slinker Carmen Slocum Brenda Smith David Smith Kim Smith Penny Smith Robert Smith Tammy Snyder Kim Sorenson Howard Prague Barbara Speight Brian Spurlock Andrea Staley John Satmper James Starr Jon Steele Lisa Steingerb Grace Stewart Mike Stewart Matt Stone Leslie Summer Dale Swanson .1 va 'l P n U tain X , x t at In N 4 tll if X . 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Q 4- . :.'.", ' Charles Guthrie Billy Gutierrez Jacque Gutierrez Jeff Guyton Steve Haines Maryanne Halley Mary Hanmar Todd Hamlet Fred Hampton Jane Hancock Brent Hannold Diane Hanson Tammy Harjamaki Debbie Harnish Jacque Havener Tracey Havener David Hawk Traci Hawkins Jolynn Hawley Kenny Hayes Bob Hegi Rene Henderson Jenilyn Henry Margie Hernandez Ralph Hernandez Oscar Herrera Brad Higgins Garry Hilburn Jackie Hill Steve Hill Vanessa Hill Cindi Hinkhouse Kallie Hinson Ojuna Holiday Bambi Hollander James Holmes Lisa Holt Marietta Hoops Patty Horton Dawn Hotchkiss April Houki Joe Householder Sarah Howell Wendy Howell Chandra Huddleston Robert Hudson Catherine Hunton Jane Hutchinson i 3 E i Monica Hutchins Joe Hurley 5 Tammy Hurskainen D . . Becky Hyde Y t 5' James Ikerd K 3 at 5 Robin Imoe I. . 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MEMBER FDIC X J Congratulations Class of '79 ' 04 L J 'f 'IFR Q- X I A good ,xv - Alb!! ,Wx N '2-'wif education oooooooooooo 1-may 2-li lllIlIlIl1lllliii1r" PHYS Off Al ll nl 4 ihxik l llwtfy FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA O 0000 X, x V ng, ' fl! 03' . A ki f .1151 :N 1 I2-gg 1 , Q Q . X is czjaa ' 1 , i .im LIB I Q f ' '. . ' l .gg , ' I Wm' Xi. Ill ini Mn f hm' Nix? ' i i 1 - X til'-"Aki" 'Ju i '., Jlt i ,X -:III 'Q nl all U it ssl H to A NQllIIlIlllll- If .-gi ff am- Don t Let Dad Do lt' tltyl I ddgs 9 CIS I 5 ' ' fp-345: 0 L Z7 Xx 9 If your father plans to dig holes for fenc p sts, t s or a swimming p I don t l t him I'ft a shovel until a h I ' d th I t' f d g d lf' d bt lb t h t I ph . W Il 'th d t f y t th BI St k U d g d L t' g C t ' y . It's a free e ' . AI y 'tt i i in y If' t d g 'tuation. p . -U E 5, 'N 1 5 Y! SZ' 4 -Y Q, EEK' ,l N, . W' O Keeffe VYIQS IHSUIHHC9 s4o2w INDIAN SCHOOL no Agency df, W 247 6201 2725 W Camelback 5 STATE REGISTERED EMISSIONS ' ' ANALYZER, ELECTRONIC TUNE-UPS, Ph oemx, Anzona 8501 7 QUALITY BRAKE WORK Pick Up 8. Delivery BUY, SELL cHEv. SPEED EQUIP. W Mark Kramer - Owner Paul Machrol - General Manager 83rd Avenue and Indian School Road gh, X X NlcD0naId'S l IQ, We do it all for youw T90 '11 . i 'v I ' 9 3 'z t 'ff I, 1 ' ' . lf? W P , '- 5-, ' f L S -5 x ' ff , f Y. A S s X, , 1 7 QS' e "l , fu? ff A Student Government . . adds I1fe . nl . ,W . .. .. . K , .,i-l',N- - K J, - gk- xkw. K S . . ..,, . - .. Q , 1 at 15" 5' , gT,,'T..T,.,1:" - '- V . ..., . .:. V 1 Q, h Q V 1 in e m.. ' -e - - .if - R .,. ,. ,ef f,U-,,, L A J-Q L3fQ.U- 'ii xx - -A 'vis-.. , ,f ' 3 Lf ' " K . ' 1-IL ,L S- -A E 4 x ',- 9 , f v it vga, 12, nb sug- 'VE' JY! .N tt-?'35F'f '- 'C HIHEIU ORHSHEK 4lZoLuSk'l Tntxs Evexnaaor usreus .' a I IJ ii. Cofmfim 5:7 mfs cffmficref 147' Fan. Hama mnxnna 1.5 Parr QF Eueeruuris manure ' S7219 B9 9015 EC .9100 Hive ou-r H8007' 17. :rouu T05 agus Fo! 5?V0f1U.ZS cwrwmf 9 14" A ' . ' '.. Q, my im? 'f -"' . wth, Q74 'f ---5 4-en-1.4 'Meth is the key to the future." Have a great FUTURE .Ma th Department Because of life I have found Dreams that live on Wishes that come true A happy, healthy heart And hopes for the future Because of you I have found A dream that has died A wasted wish A heart that has been hurt And bitter sweet memories Of the past-RCH- SUSAN For: Kenny The closer we get the farther we are apart dont pain for this is just one of the building blocks in our relationship. The one which will make it strong. So it will stand above anything. lf8f79 LISA Good Bye all Taco Belliens .. Tina Debbie Tracy Chris Julie Donna Jana Rhonda Cindy Lori Love Ya All! Class of 79 s Gonna Shine Your cute your lovable your sweet I LOVE YOU Kraig! I always will so always believe that!! "'Cindy 1 1 1 , . . as 99" 1 1 1 1 1 ik To all of my favorite Taco Bellers I LOVE YOU! Kim Duguay loves Robert Tiechy Chris Prince loves Wendy Howell Greg to let me borrow it! Tola guy that looks great in a pink skirt You'll h Your favorite Guess Wh I LOVE MY TEDDY BEAR To: Sharon Kay QA true friendj Thanks for the laughs and tears we had. GO LUCK! Love Ya Je Thanks for being around! Geri, Vicki, Karen, There Carrie and all you Foxy guys. Love Ya Sunsh T-Bo we always will be to each other. Nothing can ever change what we have been or w L HUNK CITY RU LES!! President-W.K. Lynn, Billie, Annie, and Debbie Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker TAMIE GOODRICH '8 0 tes To: HB Medaglia Thanx for the rocks! JANET HENRY Iluane or. Oh and yes lets not forget the 327 lunches! F-l Lady' hanxifor being such a great partner and Sports Edi- hick Crow Parish Led Zepplin ELO Rafferty Dandy Hollie Skuzy and Mork I LOVE YOU! M033 aines, Keating, Schuberger, Nauta, Smith, Gibbons, To all the LAVEEN BLONDES: whis er: Vacumm p SG 31 'THE IRISH MOB' y hopes and dreams have all come true because . . . verything I ve dreamed about is a perfect vision of . . . oving you. TAZ Chriss Pomla. I miss you take care. Billy Crubbs Storming Norman you made it Roger! Good Luck class of 79! W' h L To the ladies in black, Jim QS, "Have Heart" Cl f 80 love K.C. Steve F, Roger F, T'gi3mf I Howard L, Mike D., and Moffa SL Zooey 4th hour "tray takers' Monday-Janet, alias "Boom Boom" , , , Tuesday-Juanita, alias "Jugs" T03 mY best ,mend Chlcklei , Wednesday-Elvira, alias "most quiet" Your Speclal to me mfd thls Year was really a dream coming true! I Love you Cindy! Bernice 84 Bruce 'lWe'll always be together!" Carolyn - "Puff SL Stuff' THE POMS DO IT BEST! Janet loves Mark: "When 2 hearts meetg love follows"! We ,enloyed dome busmess From you little red "Grem" with you!! Practical Jokers does it all' Association YOUR HONEY I LOVE KENNY RATLIFF Foot - ote cold at night -so long ago when I was not so strong you know a pretty man came to me never seen eyes so blue . . . he s a Magic Man Thanx for giving me Heart!! Fantasy Child l2f8f78 There is a fire And a motion of the soul which will not dwell in its own narrowing being but on fire beyond the fitting medium of desire' but once kindled quenchless evermore preys upon high adventure nor can tire of thought but rest Boo GOOD LUCK in baseball I Love your STYLE! Gork Lanny My man is one Heck of a guy. He ll drag anyone on the court. I m forever Lanny s T z M . T' yl ' . d 1 NEXT YEAR STATE. Z.A. D.A. L.A. To all my friends who ve put up with my craziness even encouraged it Mci7f3 lets do some horsing around this summer like the Mounties well al ways get our man!!! To S M have fun in ORE write me To L G keep cool and we ll something To T G what can I say Stud? Your sweet stay cool To V D Cgreat IHIUHISJ remember fuzzy cap To dedication and professionalism are guiding it to bigger and better things . . . The Encounter band Versitile sounds for all occasions for booking or information call: STEVE BRIGGS 846-5011 Every so often a rock group comes along whose Lanny What we are is what we are . . . what we ll be is what well be I hope we ll be for each other. I love you Shelly To' Lance Fisher On a beautiful day you came into my life. Though first I didnt see you turned my life around. You smiled and laughed and I fell in love with you. We spent many times together- cherished moments. Since then things have changed and I know someday we will go our seperate ways but I ll still cling to those fond memories . . . I will always remember you. LINDA B C what a year' hope the summer is twice as super' To G S I ve had fun breeding your Gremlin Good luck with R P To B N super senior try not to have a hernia over J To the Pass arounds of Laveen tighten up ladies' your in competition with the grand canyon land probably deeperj so you ll win LIVE ON GREEN M 8a M sl' WILD 8c CRAZY!! 9 ' 8L 9 ' a . . ' 81, 9 9 9 9 9 9 , . 9 ' 9 9 , . 9 , . . 9 9 9 , 9 9 o r a or, One of the best coaches, we rcally ha a great season, u The three Ann's . , . . . . , . . . . . , . . n i , . - . , . . . , . . , , ' . . . . , --q n 1 1, 1 - . . . . , . , . . . , . . . . , . . , . . .. Big TlM'S Stude Service Phone 555-3132 Call or ask anytime . . . We love you Tim!! -The Irish Mob Especially for - Him We meet one day and fell in love that couldnt last. We didn t think ahead. We just let each day pass. Together we made a mistake which changed our lives for now two young kids have a baby on their minds. What we did was beautiful but our feelings were only ourside instead of our heads to mine what to do. For we both realized our love wouldn t pull our baby through. But now it isnt we anymore and you have found another and your sure you can score. No more problems for you you can just walk out. Leaving me with everything to be worked out. I have three months to go I ve got to do it all alone. Now when our baby s born I will raise it on my own. be wise. We cried with each other, trying to deter- GORK 8a BOO FOREVER! My Senior friends This is your final year. To be faced with many hopes And faced with many fears. This is my chance To say a last goodbuy. And hope that your memories Of me will never die. You have all worked so hard But the joy that you ve brought Will somehow never fade. You re the ones that I m so proud of You really make life shine. I wish much good luck To the class of 79. 3 9 7 9 9 To make the final grade. 9 3 1 9 7 GG 99 THE U5 were Thnok5 Qov Euan! th' HAUE Thz'iZ5aY"'M'Z l'X!Z.I'Z,ll'X 7C?1f I-WE LOVE LAUGH eh cfth QQ PRIDE fgxatblfuzhaug Yes If 40'-W2 wma A ood UJ 2I'i XIX Q PJCE if 'O wa' hatcfifgl Qffio, 1-UVLi C39 QD" Vp UMD QOFO rr Tw Pbidh-ZOI' 6ZUf,g,Q 'fill 52. U-3 cliglr'ltwCw't0l0fft 'SQAZSZFQ ww M U U E abOU-'t i D Homcomfg TDI LET ctmiea Boar! 0 9525.9 ? QS' of Ps Q, aiu' 'enigma W5 Us Nckxers HOUSE new ws H0056 0. fc' Senior. tis 'O Q V Q as-:ea elif LO 1, aegis 5 M Vw H296 c: se car 7C rem QRADE Bam ADUEAJTURE5 fawzrsome DAQKHEAT Q5 .Q AMKLE SUD our piCD1C CDVOfBdO5 titers 255 U J cmoiaiosb 'Lggyeicop 0 UEISOEULF IRIHLOVELACE t4A1Cfl5loimE,U R-IE l-ATBK ATI' I . s if ' ' Q, X I 4' I K ' Ofd. i 1 46,0 62' 0 4, 3 img' . pf 3 92551 ' AJ 1 R 3 O C i Q6 i I I E N ' 'gill' f Z . . 1, xx Ci - U2 'Q-2 gf I 506 5w6hem comfort: in F2 ti . . K 62 , . , he 'QU ' ec-wc 4 5 '35 m ,Z zz: If Q ' I I? 5 Q . . I 1 5 - 'QB Q3 ,C GX U 5,5 KLA . sq 0 Q90 1977 " 9 Qefd TIL 10 RQYALTY ICO FXGHTS an 1000 worm-.,N 10 000 sn: PACS 046-Mc ,afwlw cffgavifyaeg, Qpfmqvugggjb Zfia.4ff.3aJz,2f022f Ewmwjazwwb 055005, Zffeafwf Eqjesgzdv 'N C3 mm. ku asm Q0 gpmi www ,awww Qmgww 1972,-19 751 -..e LL- Q A- K M V, jf-ne, X Congratula t1ons Class of 79 The Brum Boosters makmg Trevor Browne better today 62 st111 RAN- better tomorrow f .41 9 3 W at -- E ' --f' .jp R ,X ,- X' GN "M if ' 1 .L ' x' '?,'f'f f, 'P Q.',bLj7yg.- M V' V . : 'Q i'-717 ll- H is -. 1 W , ' V f fegnie i fir 1 9 ve g0tt3 h '4 - 5 Qglgbt' A r have Art -xg ERA IHHAROLD HARRIS REALTY Pe o alReaIEsI reSe eS c 1 3 I .5-tr h Lv- affwwweofit zyfiwfdgt ,,-nf' u-dh-or Sp9C1allZlHg m necklaces and earrmg from the world s most exotlc hardwoods Route 1 BOX 791 Master carvers Garth and Mary Shay work on thenr Laveen Az 85339 artlstlc wood creatlons They speclallze ln hand carved 243 4673 doors plaques and statues ln addltlon to fme Jewelry memberofAWA SLNWCA X 1' rf f X v . X rv UIHVV lv1t1mv1S4Im1wNHf1 i 5 Pmwlvwx Anfon 4 fi nr H is ' no "2f"U1 N up y IS n a rvlc H1 e 96 Q 'N u ,,. .,m ' L ,X f 'lx , -- o wi , V '.Zf-.'Y- F' - . A ,W A 4' ' - 1 ., y.' f N -.ii1,'.i'1" - - fs: . 5 . -1 . ' ' .xx I '. ig , 'ls . "W A , .wi ' A L.-L. 'Q'-'.-17. 1 I , g x ,- . ' I ' - 9 s . . . . . . 1 - , - . . . . . 1 9 ' Bonnie Barne ---Close-up My fondest memory of being a fresh- man was when I became Forest Va- lora's girlfriend. He was the big football hero and I fell madly in love with him. Our romantic relationship lasted about ten days. He was my first high school love, it was great! When I became a sophomore I was more serious about my academic stud- ies. My music required intense practice, so many of my free hours were involved in practicing the piano. I began to look ahead toward college and I knew that it would take careful planning to make the right decisions for my next three years. Even though I began to "hit the books", I still enjoyed my sophomore year. I was in a vaudeville show and I played the piano for the Thespians pre- sentation of "My Fair Lady" I also par- ticipated in the operettas "H.M.S. Pin- afore" and "The Mikado." I joined the concert choir and I still played varsity volleyball and softball. At the finish of our volleyball season, the team had an overnight party in the gym. Jenny, Bee- be, Sherry, Cindy and I had a fantastic night. We were all feeling great. We played basketball and watched T.V. We slept on the gymnastic mats and the free throw line. That was a night that I will never forget. I met a very special person when I was a sophomore. His name is Randy and he was a senior that year. Randy is the type of person who gets along with everyone. He was a good friend and a great inspiration. High school offers many benefits for every individual. My favorite benefit has been the wonderful opportunity to meet people. Some of my strongest rela- tionships have developed with students and teachers at Trevor Browne. I grew emotionally that year. When you are a sophomore, you finally begin to realize that there is no turning back. It is a time to face life with more of a mature outlook. I underwent quite a change my junior year. I became very active in my church and I studied my music heavily. I feel that I really "got down to businessn last year. I became very aware of my aca- demic situation and I knew it was actu- ally time to think about college. Many students don't realize the amount of time and energy that can be spent on preparing for college. It's mind-bog- gling! I became very good friends with a couple of my teachers last year. Mr. Washburn, the choir director, is just like a second dad to me. He and his wife are always there when I need them. It is really neat to be able to be close friends with your teachers. Teachers are peo- ple, you know, and they all have person- alities. My sociology teacher has been a great friend. We've had some good dis- cussions and I always learn something from what he tells me. It is very impor- tant to have friends who are several years older than you. You can learn so much from them. Many times, it is ea- sier to talk with them than with your parents or your best friend. Thanks . . . My senior year has definately been my best. I took six classes and they all kept me very busy. Once you become a senior, you feel like youlve reached the top, yet at the same time you know that your life is just beginning. There are several important decisions that you will make during your senior year. You think about moving out of your home and some people think about marriage. There are so many different things that you can do after high school. To me, it is extremely exciting. Many nice things have happened for me this year. I received several tuition waivers from different colleges and I have had outstanding honors in my mu- sic. Also I sing in a new group called "New Beginning." We will be singing in Canada this summer. I've had my humorous experiences too. The concert choir had its first an- nual Rock-a-thon. It was executed dur- ing the beginning of the school year. The Rock-a-thon was thirty hours long but I only rocked for about twelve hours. The location was behind the Sambo's in the shopping center on the corner of 75th Avenue and Indian School road. Several people rocked in their rocking chairs, continuously, for thirty hours. It was wild and crazy! My advanced biology class has been most enjoyable. The class had seven- teen students in it and our teacher was Mr. Jordan. We dissected everything from clams to pigs. I think our toughest dissection was the grasshopper. Instead of cutting the grasshoppers, several of us cut ourselves. tThat does include mel Mr. Jordan also told some great jokes. tHa Hall I have never gotten into any serious trouble since I've been at Browne High, but this year, I marred my clean record. One afternoon, security called me up to their office and I had really done it that time. I parked in the wrong parking lot. I thought that I might have to serve some time but they let me off with a stern lecture and a parking sticker. I feel that I know where I'm going with my life. Often I find myself day- dreaming and reminiscing about the great times I've had at Browne, These four years have been and will always be a great influence on my future. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. "Look to this day! For it is life, The very life of life In its brief course lie all the vari eties And realities of your existence. The bliss of growth, The glory of action, The splendor of beauty, For yesterday is but a dream And tomorrow a vison of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day!" Unknown Adams Karen 243 Index Debbjeis Index Bond, Maryann 232 Adams Adams Agnelli Maria 257 Matthew 173 Toni 243 Ahlgrim Jim Ainkofer Mike 243 Albert Robert 257 Albert Stephanie 231 Aldama Elizabeth Aldana Evonne Aleshire Jena 205 Alexander Mark Alexander, Michael Allen, Floyd 205 Allen, Robin 257 Allen, Sylvia 243 Allgood, Harold Allgood, Mike 243 Allison, Cadenna 257 Allison, Donna 205 Allison, Ladonna Almanza, Cecelia 231 Almodova, Janet 257 Almodova, Sherry 243 Alvarez, Kimberly 257 Alvarez, Raymond 64 Alvarez, Rupert Ambriz, Cynthia 205 XR' mes Brett Anderson Tina Anderson David 231 Anderson James Anderson Lori 43 47 Anderson Mike 243 Anderson Mark 61 231 Anderson Parrish 243 Andrus Sherry 231 Anthony Raymond Anzalone Lisa 231 Anziano Robert 243 Apodaca Lauara Aposhian, Joseph 257 Arbuckle Bruce Arellanes, Beverly 257 Arico, Tom Armer, Linda 243 Arnold, Tracy 243 Aroz, Debi 231 Arredondo, Judy 257 Arredondo, Sylvia Artiaga, Julia 257 Ashdown, Richard Ashley, Glenn 257 Ashley, Paul 243 Ashley, Sharon 231 Ashworth, Rhonda 258 Ashworth, Wesley 231 Atkinson, Cheryl 205 Atkinson, Lori 243 Atwell, Jana 243 Aubrey, Mark 243 Auerbach, Bonnie 258 Austin, Austin, Debbie Kenneth 205 Austin, James Austin, Robert 258 Avens, Kenna 243 Avila, George 243 Ayres, Dawn 205 Baas, Lisa Babb, Brett 244 Baca, Agnes 205 Baca, Christine 244 Baca, Mark Bader, Allen 66 Bailey, Andrea 66, 75, 205 Bailey, Bill 231 Bailey, Bill 63, 243 Bailey, Carl Bailey, Danny 258 Bailey, Jamie 258 Bailey, Larry 244 Bailey, Lori Bailey, Mona 258' Bailey, Sheila 258 Bailey Teresa 205 Baker: Alan Baker, Lorie Baker, Lorna 258 Baker Tommy 258 Baldwin, Phillip Baldando, David 163 Ball, Linda 205 Ballengee, Emily 258 Balli, Rachel 231 Banis, David Banta, Marie 244 Bar, Shery 205 Barger, Kris 244 Barnes, Brenda Barnes, Brian 66, 231 Barnes, Christina Barnes, Laura 231 Barnes, Mark 205 Barnes, Mary 258 Barnes, Melanie Barnes, Richard 258 Barnes, Tina 79, 205 Barnes, Vicki 205 Barnes, William 244 Barnett, Carl 231 Barnett, Jane Barnett, Lilly 231 Barnett Barnett , Loretta 258 , Rory 62, 63, 64, 231 Berrel, Veronica 259 Berry, Bertha 259 Berry, Candy 244 Berry, Diane 163, 206 Bestenlehner, Michael Betts, Cynthia 206 Betzing, Candy Betzing, Gretchen Beyerlein, Jim Bicknell, Donna 178, 244 Bielinski, Frances Bielieski, Stacey 206 Bigar, John 206 Bills, Jana 231 Bingham, Alana Birch, Annette 206, 175 Birch, Shirley Bishop, Tony Black, Carol 206 Black, Dexter 231 Black, James 259 Black, Linda 244 Blackwelder, Carrie 231 Blackwelder, William 259 Blackwell, Carl Blady, Connie Blady, Jerry 259 Blandhard, Robert 244 Blandin, Steve Blomberg, Sven 63, 206 Bloomingdale, Jolene 259 Blount, Tammie 231 Bly, Joseph 231 Bobbin, Lilie 268 Bockmon, Denice Boeman, Richard 257 Bohach, Sherry 231 Bohner, Kim Bohner, Lynn Bolding, Alfred Bolding, Susan 178, 206 Boling, Tim 62, 63, 64, 206 Bond, Phillip 244 Bonilla, Victor 206 Bonser, Kevin Bool, Jeff 175 Bool, Julie 232 Boston, Kim Boston, Shelly 244, 178 Boston, Sherry 259 Boswell, Mary Lynne 244 Boudreau, Daniel 244 Boudreau, Denise Boulden, Teresa 206 Bowman, Julie 259 Bowman, Lori 207 Bowman, Richard 207 Bowman, Richard Bowman, Robert 68 Bowser, Deloris 207 Bowser, Patricis Boyack, Debbie 232 Boyd, Paula 175, 207 163 206 Bryant Boyer Mark 232 Boyles Thomas Boyll Willa 259 Bradley Jimmy 244 Bradley Ray 232 Barney Bonnie 205 Barney Chris 244 Barr Jeffery 205 Barstad Carle 244 Barstad Timothy 258 Bartman Aaron Bartman Brian 244 Baton Charles 206 Barton Xanna Barwick Steven 244 Barwick Ronald 206 Basek Diane 244 Basham Susan 206 Bates Dawn Bates Heather Batt Shannon 244 Bader Kerry Baugh Mark 258 Baughmark Joesef Baum Larry 258 Baxter Dianne 258 Baxter Michael Baxter Tyler 244 Bayless Marcella 231 Bean Russell Bean David 206 Bear John 43 47 63 Beasley Harold 258 Beasley Vickie Bebee Cherry Bebee Lonnie Bedrm Alysia 258 Beery Lisa 244 Beeson Sammy 26 206 Begley Patricia 258 Begley Richard 244 Behm Barbara 244 Bejar David Benson Todd 244 Bereusdorf Cynthia Bruce Patricia Bruen Jerry Bergman Steve Bernal Lmda 231 Berneburg George 206 Bernhardt Kathleen Bradley Timothy Brady Anthony 259 Brady John 259 Brady Martha 245 Brand Robert 232 Brandon Richard 259 Brandt Carol 232 Brandt Walter 232 Brannigan John 259 Branson Julie Braswell Rodger Bratcher Paul 232 Braunberger Russell Bravo Frank 259 Brazil Frank Brees Donald 259 68 Brewer Tammy 259 Briggs Melody 232 Briggs Steve 207 Brimhall Lareina 245 Brumit Bruner Bruner Bryant Sherry 207 Rebecca 245 Willard Kimberly 163 Richard Capps Leslie 245 Capps Oscar Capps Robert 259 Carello Lisa Carello Terry Carey Debbie 245 Carey Valerie 232 178 Carlisle Diana 208 Brisson Daniel 232 Brode Timothy Bronson Kevin 259 Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Phil 232 Lmda 27 245 Margaret 259 Susan 245 Wanda Wllllam 207 Brostoski Elizabeth Broswell Roger 207 Browder Brad 259 Bejar Jaime 244 e e e e e e e e Be e e David 244 James James Janet 231 John 258 Kellie 206 Raymond 231 Robert 231 Teresa Timothy Tony Belle Mike 66 231 Belle Paul 231 Bello Vincent 258 Beloit Kathleen 231 Belucia Gena 244 Bennett Cheryee 231 Bennett James 258 Bennett Jesse 231 Bennett Teresa 258 Benson Brett 244 Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Anita 245 Barbie Carolyn 207 Charlene 245 Dennis 207 James Juliet 232 Larry Lenny Mark Mary 259 Nancy 259 Scott 245 Shelly Stephanie Susan 163 232 Theresa 259 Tony Trudy 245 Browning Cheryl 232 Browning Renell 207 Bru Robin 232 Buchanan Jeannie Buchanan Robert Buck Mary Anne Buck Tammy Buckner Norman 207 Budd John 232 Budge Michael 259 Bulko Jeanna 232 Bullard James 232 Bulhn Roxann 259 Bulow Sandra 245 Bunting Kelly 259 Burch Cathy Burch Marcy Burch Raymond Burden Kelly Burgett James 69 259 Byrkett Scott 245 Burns Ronald Burr Roberta Burruel Veronica Bush Bonita 245 Bushofsky Patti 232 Bushofsky Wayne 259 Buss Charles 207 Butler Grant 232 Byrne John 207 Byrne Kristin 245 Cabrera Abundio 207 Cabrera Diana 245 Cagle David 245 Caldwell Richard 207 Calhoun Ellen Calkins Michelle 245 Callahan Tanya Calvert Brian Calzada Sebastian 245 Camarillo Johnny 259 Camarillo Lillian 208 Camarillo Lorraine 245 Cameron Clifford Cameron Diana Cammizzl Marilyn 208 Campbell Gisela Campus Monica Campos Richard Canlsales Frank Cano Diana 232 Cano Teresa 259 Cantu Sandra Cantu Soma Cantu Syntia Carlisle Carlsen Carlsen Carlson Carman Carnall Sidney 245 Donald Sailor 245 Paul 208 Cynthia 208 William 259 Carpenter Estela Carpenter Richard 245 Carpenter Susan 232 Carr Donald Carrillo Angelo Carrillo Deborah 259 Carson Carson Carter Carter Carter Carter Carter Cristeena 232 Thomas Dennis 259 Gary 208 Ronald 245 Tracey Vickie 259 Cary Donna 245 Cary Lisa 232 Casillas JoAnn Cassel Pam Casteel Cindy 232 Castillo Carol 245 Castillo David Casto Kim Cater Kerry 259 Cervantes Angel 259 Cervantes Caroline 245 Cervenak Diane 208 Chacon Diana 245 Chamberlin Carmen 163 Chamberlin Caroline 245 Chambers Samuel 259 68 Chambers Wendy 259 Chapman Davidl Chapman Debra 245 Chapman Derrick 208 Charlton Charlton Charlton Charnell Charnell Chelton Debbie Edward Marlow Diane Roland 245 Robert 245 Chelton William 245 Cheslic Anthony Cheslic Jenny 245 Chew Barbara Chick William 259 Chilton Sylvia Chilton William 66 Chiron Russell 245 Chisholm Bonnie 259 Chisholm Susanna , , , , 245 , , 9 ' .9 9 , ' 259 , , t 9 J 9. 9 , 9 ' . ' , . , . 9 . 9 9 9 9 Q , , 232 Q . , c , , - , . J . . , - 9 . , , 9 9 , , 9 ' 9 0 , , 9 9 , , 9 I 1 9 I 9 1 . 0 . , ' , . , l 9 , , 9 . 9- .9 9 5 9 9 . 9 9 9 9 9 2 9 , 0 , I 9 9 9 9 3 . 9 9 9 9 , 232 , , 1 9 , , 9 9 . , 9 9 9 s , , 9 9 9 ' , 9 9 , . . 9 i , 9 7 9 . , 9 ' 9 . 9 l , ' 9 I I 9 , . . 9 I ' . , ' 9 ' ' ' . 9 9 9 , l 9 u 9 t , , 9 l ' . ' . 5 9 . 9 ' ' , ' . 9 1 . . , ' 9 ' '. . ' , ' Brooks, Timothy 63, Caulkms, Chris 232 , ' 232 , e , Q , n n , ' ' ' . ' . I , 1 Y , 1 , , . , . 7 . 9 . . . F 1 , n , q , B ll, , , , B 11, , , , n B ll, , ' , ' , B 11, , ' , ' , G B ll, , , , 1 B ll, ' , ' , ' , B ll, , Q , . U , B ll, , , , I H9 9 i 9 i 9 B n, ' , , f , B ll' , , 1 'I a , v v 9 9 9 9 ' I 9 , , 1 , . 259 ' , 9 J 9 9 ' 9 . ,' 7 , . , . 7 . . 1 , 1, p , s , , , 1 , I I 232 ' 2 ' . ' , , , , n g , n ' 2 ' . . ' , q 9 f 9 Chlarson, Marsha 208 Chlarson, Sheila 245 Chris, Patty Christian, Laura 259 Christy, Carter 208 Christy, Melissa 208 Christy, Tina 232 Church, Bruce Cisneros, Eugenio 260 Cisneros, Raul 260 Cissna, Edward Clah, Beatrice 245 Clah, Billy 232 Clah, Eunice 163, 208 Index Comer, Myra 209 Comer, Regina 260 Comparan, Elvira 233 Comparan, Tito 260 Comstock, Tim 66, 246 Conley, John Connor, Ann 246 Connor, Steve 246 Conwa Christo her 260 Y, P Conway, Jeff 163, 209 Cook, Cary 260, 69 Cook, Cindi Cook, Ra ndel 260 Cook, Shelli 209 Clah, Herb Clark, Jalan Clark, Cheri Clark, Ed Clark, Jimmy Clark, Jovel 245 Clark, Katie 245 Clark, Kemper 260 Clark, Maureen 260 Clark, Richard Clark, Robert Clark, Vernie 232 Clark, Vernon Clarke, Katherine Clay, Gale 246 Clay, Ginger 209 Clayborn, Rebecca 232 Clemans, Vicky 232 Clell, Howard 246 Clemons, Jerry Clewell, Tami 175, 209 Clifford, Tammie 209 Clifford, Tim Clifton, Sephanie Cline, Allen 246 Cline, Erik 69 Cline, Vicki 79 Cloud, Beatrice Cloud, Debbie Coal, Cathy 163 Cochran, Janice Cochran, Linda 232 Coffelt, Calvin Coffelt, Chris Cool, Kathy 209 Coon, Mark 246 Cooper, Curtis Cooper, James 246 Cooper, Lynette Copeland, Lorrie Copeland, Paula 209 Coplen, Susie 260 Corbin, Pat Cornell, Jeanette Cornell, Julie 233 Cornell, Kathy 246 Cornell, Mary 209 Cota, Paul 233 Coulter, Diane 246 Coulter, Mike Courson, Paulette 233 Cox, Christine 246 Cozens, Angela 260 Cozens, Catherine 233 Craig, Debora 209 Craig, Janet 246 7 Crank, Donald Crank, Yvette Crary, Charles Craven, Anna 246 Cypret Jack Dalenberg Dale 27 Dalenberg David 246 Dalmer Joey 246 Dalrymple Doug Dalzell Mark Dalzell Sharon 246 Danielson John 209 Danson Diane Darnell Cindy 27 210 Darro Angie 246 Dart Glenda Daugherty Cash Dees, Ursula 210 Degurski, Clay Dekarske, Laura 163 Delafuente, Dennis 246 Delaney, Debbie 233 Delaney, Kenneth 260 Delaney, Scott Delaney, Valerie 210 Delao, Phil Jr. Delgado, Richard Della, Allen 210 Denman, Anthony 260 Denman, Theron Dennis, David Dennis, Eddie Dennis, Lillian 233 Dennis, Teresa Dennis, Vicky 260 Davenport Randy Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Cindy 210 Clifton Cynthia Debby 246 Edward 210 Denise Jimmy 233 Joan 246 Joseph 260 Kelly 260 Laurie 233 Perry Sandy 233 Steve 246 Terrie Toren 210 Denslow, Ronald 260 Dent, Arnold 233 Dentler, John Derteen, Debbie 260 Deskins, Kim 175 Desjardins, Debbie 210 Dettinger, Leslie 261 Dettinger, Sheryl 210 Dever, Sidney Dewey, Danny DeYoung, Gray 210 Di Monica, Frank 233 Dice, David 261 Dierks, Dee 260 Diggs, Karen Dipple, Donna 246 Disch, Russell Dittmyr, Robin 210 Crawford, Colleen Crawford, Lynn 246 Crawford, Marie Crawford, Patricia 209 Crawford, Tim Crawford, Walter 260 Crea, Fra nk 260 Cribbs, John 260, 69 7 5 3 209 I 1 1 1 7 7 7 , . 1 1 1 188 7 1 7 7 7 7 9 7 1 7 7 , Q . , , 69 7 D 9 Davis, Lynda 260 7 1 7 1 7 7 7 7 7 1 7 7 7 1 .7 178 . 1 7 7 7 1 7 7 7 1 7 7 7 1 1 7 7 7 1 7 Coker, John Coker, Robert Cole, Kim 209 Cole, Christine 246 Cole, Cindy 232, 163 Cole, Eric Cole, Jean 246 Cole, Jon Cole, Judy 246 Cole, Ray Cole Ronald 232 Colleha, Tanya 233 Coleman, Mike 260 Collins, Catherine Collins, Larry Colso Colso n, Nikki 233 n, Robert 246 Critcher, Belinda 233, 163 Croft, Ron 233 Crouch, Franklin 260 Crow, Laurie Crowley, Caroline 260 Crowther, Sheri 48, 209 Croxton, Amanda 260 Cubel, Susan 246 Culham, Sam 209 Cumings, Kenneth 246 Curtis, Jon Cushman, Tina 260 Culter, Deborah 173 Cygan, Lisa Cygan, Tony 246 Cypret, Brian 246 DeBaca Arthur 260 DeBaca Cathy 232 DeBott1s Mark DeGryse Rita DeGryse Thomas 246 DeGurse Thomas 260 DeGursk1 Steve 233 DeGursk1 Thomas DeKarske Laura 233 DeLuc1a Christopher DeLuc1a Gena DeMore Stephanie 246 DePue Greg 233 DeSant1 Cindy 233 DeSanti Neil 260 DeShazo Ray DeShazo Stanley 233 DeYoung Garry Dean Danny Dean Linda Deason Josh Deaurski Clay 260 Decker Charles 246 Decker Dan 233 Decker Kathy 260 Dederick David Deela Allan Dees Simone 246 Dixon, Lorre 261 Dluhy, Linda 210 Dobson, Debbie 210 Dockall, Brian 261 Dockall, Richard 210 Dockall, Sandra 246 Docken, Julie 211, 159 Docken, Tim 69, 261 Dockery, David Dodge, Kimberly 261 Doerfler, David 233 Doll, Karol 246 Domes, Annette 233 Domingues, Adela 246 Domingues, Rebecca 211 Domingues, Teresa 261 Domingues, Victor 246 Donaldson, Beverly 211 Donaldson, James 233 Donat, Charles 261 Donat, Pamela Dorsey, Kelly 261 Dorsey, Leeta Dorsey, Lysander Douglas, Julie 233, 163 Douglas, Katie 261 Douglas, Samual 233 Douvia, Lisa 246 Dovespike, Benita 211 L la '13 l ,li.....- rl i x Downs Dale Drake Tommy 261 Drinkwater Debra 233 79 63 Driskoll Juana 246 Driskill Deanna Driskill Sandra Driskill Walter Drummond Mark Du Puis Greg Du Puis Kathy DuRocher Danny Durocher Doug Duccato Maddelena Duff Terry 233 Duffy Lisa 246 Duffy Mike 233 Dugauy Kimberly Duhantell Robert 261 Dulaney Howard 246 Dulomg Dennis 233 Dumm Kelly 261 Duncan Edna Duncan Kayleene 261 Dunksoeh Lannette Dunlap Steve Dunn Janet 246 vii Dunshie James 233 Duran Joseph 246 Duran Louis 246 Duran Marky 261 Durham David 211 Durham James 233 Durham Tamara Dyer Michal Eaton Gloria Eaton Maurice Ebarb Ludry Eberl Hans 211 Eccleston Randall 211 Echols Patricia 211 Eckard Jerry Edens Debbie 233 Edens Donna 261 Edens Reed Edmunds Carlton 211 Edmunds Charles 246 Edwards Kevin 261 Egic Angela 246 Eicher Beth Eichhorn Scott El Ashmawi Youssef 233 E is Dawn 247 E is Kathryn E is Lannette E is Ruth 211 E is Ursula Ellison Donna 247 Elsasser Debbie 211 Elsasser Scott Elwood Jacqueline 233 Elwood Jay 211 Elwood Jenelle 211 Emerson Brian Emerson Timothy Emery Johna Enhoff Barry 211 Engelke Jacquie 261 Englebright Mike Engleman Cheryl 233 Enos Barbara Enos Sherry Enos Toni 261 Enriquez Dennis Favela Veronica 234 Federico Ralph 68 261 Feick Tam Marie 261 Ferges Jeff Ferguson Allen 69 261 Ferguson Janice 178 247 Fiedler Charles 212 Fiedler Christopher Fields Herbert 234 Fields Richard 261 Fields Steven 234 Fiels Richard 68 Fifer David 247 Fifer Julie 261 Figueroa Maria Figueroa Mike 234 Fincker Louise 234 Fink Linda 212 Finkelstein Larry 212 Finnegan Kathy 234 Finnin Deanna Fishback Cindy 247 Fishback Pam 163 234 Enriquez Samuel 233 Epperhart Ray Erhardt Roy 216 Erno Cindy 247 Erno David 261 Erno Rebecca 211 Ertel Brenda 211 Ertel Ronnie 261 Eskew Jorri 247 Fisher Anne 261 Fisher Cheryl 48 212 Fisher Janell 178 Fisher Lance 66 247 Fisher Susan 212 Fisher Suzanne 247 Fisher Thomas 261 Fitchett Arlene 247 Fitzgerald Bill Esperage Brenda Estep John 234 Estep Linda 234 Etheridge Allen 261 Etheridge Eddie Evans Evans Evans Evans Evans Evans Evans Ewing Eddie 175 211 Elizabeth 211 Jodi 234 Lucinda 234 Neil 247 Rollie 261 Scott 247 Kristie 211 1 l if . il 2 Sr 1 l I . 5, ' sq. 4' bi 3 6Xv , 1 ' ' I I 1 1 Drummlond, Jamie Dybas, Rojer 63, 233 ' , 48, 159 , ' 1 178, ' 246 , 1 163: ' 261 ' - , ' Faharty Judy Faherty Charles 261 Faherty Joe 234 Faragher Carrie 234 Farley Angela Farley Robert Farley Tony 261 Farmer Kelly 216 Farnsworth Alicia 79 178 7 Farnsworth Deidre 212 Farnsworth Donna 43 47178 212 67 Farraday Judy 261 Fatz Ernest 212 Favela Sammy 1 ll , ll , ll , ll , ll , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 , 247, , , 16 1 1 175 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 Fitzgerald Mark 234 Fitzpatrick Jane 175 Fixx Carolyn 247 Fixx Loretta 261 Flanagan Mike 163 234 Flanders Bil Flanders Keith Flanigan Richard 212 Flemming Mark Flemming Ronald Fleshman Joyce 247 Fletcher Lorri 262 Fleurquin Alicia 261 Flores Debbie 234 Flowes Lisa 247 Floyd Robin 234 Foewler Tony 262 Fogus Elizabeth 234 Folsom Danny Fontaine Karen 262 Fontaine Michael 247 Ford Tami 262 Fordham Betty 212 Fordham Linda 262 Foster Tona Fowler Billy 247 Fowler Michael Fowler Tony Frain Kasey 234 Frayley David 163 212 Fraley Debbie 262 Franke Nancy 234 Frass Heidi 247 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Green Gardner, Nolan Frazer, Karla 247 Frazer, Theron 234 Frazier, Gary Frazier, Susan 234 Freitag, Eric 247 Friedman, Elizabeth 163, 234 Friesner, Cynthia 212 Fritch, Patricia 247 Fritch, Sherrie 262 Frost, Rhonda Fudge, Barbara 212 Fudge, Theresa 247 Fudge, Tim 247 Fuentes, Fransisco 68, 262 Fuller, Kathy 247 Fuller, Kevin 212 Fuller, Leanne 262 Futch, Linda 212 Futch, Lisa 247 Fyfe, Daniel Fyfe, Glenn 234 Fyffe, Leslie 247 Fyffe, Thonda 234 Fyffe, Shari 262 G Gaddy, Rosalind 262 Gaines, Lissa 163, 234 Gallagher, Daniel Gallardo, Joe Gallegos, Phillip 234 Gamble, Christopher 27, 212 Gamez, Beverly 213 Gamez, Sandra Gandy, Karen 262 Gandy, Robin 247 Ganis, Steven Gann, Sandra 234 Garavetto, Lisa 247 Garcia, Brian Garcia, Mary 277 Gardener, Larry 213 Gardner, Lynette 178, 247 Garjamaki, Cindy 215 Garland, Christy 234 Garland, Steve Garrett, Shawn 234 Garrison, Paula 262 Gartner, David 262 Garves, April 234 Garvey, Faith Garwood, Brett Garwood, Tami 234 Garza, Bertha 213 Garza, Lety 247 Garza, Lydia 247 Garza, Manuel 262 Gast, Larry Gates, Larry 262 Gaudet, Bruce 247 Index Gaudet, Charles 262 Gaudet, Renee Gaumnitz, Mike 247 Gauna, Lisa 262 Gay, Tammy 262 Gean, Cinthia 213 Gean, Julie 213 Gean, Tim 247 Geleson, Jackie 213 Gentry, Brian George, Robert 68 Gerbera, Scott 235 Geske, Julie Gessler, Sherry 247 Gettinger, Tammy Gibbons, Timothy 262 Gibney, Scott Gibson, Cheryl Gibson, Jackie 163 Gidney, Sandra 234 Gilbert, Charles 234 Gilkey, Lynn 248 Gilman, Brian 262 Gilsdorf, Timi 262 Gilsdorf, Roi Gimeno, Donald 247 Gimeno, Lorraine 262 Ginter, Timothy Gooseman Mary Ellen Gordim Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Julie Bryan Frank 234 Jim 234 Larry 214 Gore Don 214 262 Gorman Thomas Gow George 234 Gow Stephen 262 Gowens Marlena 262 Grady Harry 262 Graham Bradley 214 Grahom Wendy 248 Grant Joseph 262 Grant Michelle 234 Grantham Cindie 214 Grantham Jim Grantham Sandra Graves Robert 68 262 Greeno, Jack Gregoire, Colette 248 Gregoire, Michael 214 Grew, Dana 234, 214 Grew, Dona Grew, Lisa 262 Griffith, Aaron Griffith, Daniel 262 Griffiths, Mary Grimes, Darryl 63, 65 Grimes, Diane 248 Grippando, Michele Grippando, Tom Grogitsky, David 262 Grogitsky, Lucy 248 Groseclose, Connie 262 Gross, James 248, 188 Gross, Kathy 262 Gross, Kenny 214 Gross, Mary 234 Gross, Michael 248 Grubbs, William Gray Cary Gray Janet 234 Gray Jeff Gray Lance Gray Lori 262 Guerra, Annette 234 Guerra, Fernando 214 Guerra, Lourds Guerra, Luli 234 Guerra, Sergio Guest, Jeff 235 Givson, Sheryl 247 Glapion, Phillip 66 Glenda, Darl 262 Glenn, Marty 248 Goard, Cathy 248 Goard, Debra 213 Goard, Laurie 163, 234 Goble, Kimberly Gober Eric 262 Green G reen Green Green Green Dennis Gary 248 Kenneth Kevin 214 Ricky 214 Green, Vaughn 262 Green, Wade ing, Frank 214 Greenwader, Tom 248 Godbehere, Brian 213 Godbehere, Sandra 213 Godinez, Anthony Godwin, William 213 Golian, Thomas Gomez, Alex 68, 262 Gomez, Becky Gomez, Beverly 213 Gomez, Johnny Gomez Julie 7 213 7 7 7 7 213 7 7 7 7 7 9 Gow, Richard 214 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Guptill, Charles 248 Guptill, Christine 262 Gurney, Frederick 214 Gurney, Susan 262 Gurule, Manuel 66, 248 Gurule, Mark 63, 163 Gurule, Tina Gustafson, Roberta 262 Gustems, Joe 66, 248 Gomez: Lillian 213 Gomez, Monica 262 Gomez, Vernon Gonzales Evelyn Gonzalesi Gigi Gonzales, Jenny 262 Gonzales, Joanne 234, 248 Gonzales, Manuel 66, 248 Gonzales, Mark 68 Gonzales, Robert Gonzales Salvador Gooman,i Mary Goodrich, Tamie 234 Goods, D ebora 234 Goods, Michele 262 nonnwmw --Q Q H T Q , 1-7 4,11 ' n -' '.r.-- - , , J -, f V - 1 1 7 4 0. . ,.,.f ,, A 4 ' Y 'l V f ' 1,5 .F ' ,,..- ,,Y..... .,,,,...- - , , W ., , . . V ,M . , - - f.f,,!7,' x ,.,,, j ,, , i 1 1 ., vw..-W -...,-V 'A -" - . I '- ' -wr-, TS' Q N I 4 .. - .. J ' f V , ' , ' ' Gustoms Suzette 235 Guthr1e Charles 263 Gut1errez Cather1ne 214 Gut1errez Gerrl Gutlerrez Jacque 263 Gut1errez M1ke 66 248 Gutlerrez W11l1am Guyton Jeff 263 Guyton Mark 248 Guyton Mary 214 Guzman C1ndy 248 Guzman Jean 214 Habenrcht James 66 Habo1an L1sa 248 Hackett Br1an Hackett Lynn Hafey Demse 235 163 Hafey Rob1n HHIHCS Steve 263 Ha1nl1ne Conn1e Ha1n11ne Theresa Hake Pamela 248 Halanek James Hale Pat Ha James 235 Ha Kelly 248 Hal L1nda 235 Ha Maureen 214 Halley Maryanne 263 Halvorson Robyn 214 Hames Larry 248 Hamrlton Amy 214 Ham11ton Blllle 248 Ham1lton B1lly Hamlet Todd 263 Hamlet Troy Hammer James 235 Hammer Mary 263 Hammond Greg 47 63 42 215 Hampton Fred 263 Hamshaw Ward Hancock Jane 263 Hancock Randy Hand D3V1d Hand Paul 248 Hanes Caryl Hanes Douglas Hanes V1ctor1a 248 Han1fen Lance 235 Hanna Chrrs 215 Hannold Brent 262 Hannold Sherry Hansen Debb1e 235 Hanson Dawn Hanson D1ane 263 Hard1ng V1ctor 235 Hardman Jeff Hardman Mark 69 Hardman Scott 235 Hardman Tamara Harjamak1 Cmdv Harjamakl Tammy 263 Harklns Kevm 235 Harmon Valerle 175 Harmsh Debb1e 263 Harper Klmberly 248 Harper L1sa Harrls C1ndy 248 Hart Gary 248 Harton Rlta 249 Hartranft Dav1d 163 Harvey Mark 248 Harwell Patr1c1a Hasenauer Steve Hasenauer Tammy Hasselbar Steven Hatch El1zabeth 163 Hatf1e1d Annette Hauer Jeann1ne 248 Havener Jacque 263 Havener Tracy 263 Hawk Davld 263 HHWKIHS Trac1 263 Hawley Jolynn 263 Haynes Karen 235 Hays Francls Hays Kenny 263 Hays Myron 248 Head Larry 66 67 248 Head M1che1le Heath Darren 63 235 Heath Laurle 248 Heathman W11l1am 215 Hebert Cathy 235 Hebner Sharon 215 Heer D1anne 215 Heg1 Ed1e 248 Heg1 Robert 263 He1nr1chs Jocelyn Helselman Ph1l1p Hellum Mark Hellum Nancy 248 Hellum Sharon Hemrlshsen Dav1d 215 Hendr1ckson Rene Hendr1ckson G1na Henr1chsen Dav1d Henr1cks Scott 215 Henry Erln 248 Henry Janet 48 215 158 54 320 Henry Jemlyn 263 Henry Shannon 235 Henry Steven 48 215 Hensley Kev1n Herberg Scott Her1ty Lynn Hermanek K1m 235 173 Hernandez Annette Hernandez Avelardo Hernandez Chrlstopher Hernandez George Hernandez Kev1n 248 Hernandez Lorra1ne 248 Hernandez Lupe 248 Hernandez Marg1e 263 Hernandez Ralph 263 Hernandez Ruben 66 248 Herndon Ronald Herrera Benny Herrara L1nda 248 Herrera Oscar 263 69 Herreva Ray Hersey Colleen 235 Hersey Sandy 248 HCftZlng Scott Hess Denn1s 235 Hlburn Bruce 235 Hlckman Steve 63 HICKS Kathy 248 HICKS Robm H1gg1ns Amy 235 173 H1gg1ns Brad 263 H1gg1ns John Hlgglns Tracey 248 H1gg1ns LOTIC H1gglHS Teresa H1ght Greg H1guera Jon 235 H11burn Bruce Hllburn Gary 263 68 Hlldebrandt Allen 27 248 Hlldebrandt Lynn 188 H1 Jacque11ne 263 H1 Mark 215 H1 Sara 215 175 1 Shella 248 H1 Steven 263 H1 Thomas 249 H1 Tracy H1 Vanessa 263 H1nckley Florence H1nes L1nda 215 HIHCS Tony H1nkhouse Clndl 263 H1nkhouse Gmger 215 H1nkhouse Rex H1nkofer M1chael H1nson Debb1e 235 H1nson George H1nson Kallle 263 Hlpsher Dnane 215 H1te Mona 235 79 Hochstatter Randall Hockabout Davld Hodapp Ellzabeth 235 Hodges Kenny Hodges Ray Hodgk1nson Carr1e Hoffman Dawn 249 Hoffman Gary 235 163 Hofmann Bruce 249 Ho1der Sherry 235 Holder M1ke Holder Sherry Holgate Edward 48 215 Holgate Pamela Hollday Juna 263 Hollander Bamb1263 Hollen Gary 235 Holllday Tammy Holmes Chr1st1na 216 Holmes James 263 Holt LISH 263 Holt Sandra Honaker Jlmmy Hood Carr1e Hooper Br1an Hooper Darryl Hoops Mar1etta Hoover Stephen HOPKINS va HOPKINS Mar1e 235 HODKIHS Tom 175 Hopper M1ke 235 Horton Faye Horton Patty 263 Hosfleld Rochelle Hosk1ns Carla Hosk1ns Ed Hotchk1ss Dawn 263 Houchen L1nda 216 Houde Don Houk Aprll 263 Householder Joseph 263 Howard Clell Howard Kenneth 249 Howard Melvm 66 Howell Greg 235 Howell Jo 235 Howell Karen 175 216 Howell Sarah 263 Howell Wendy 263 Hoy Vlfgll Hoyle Debb1e 249 Hoyt Larry 235 Hubble Carl Hubenak Brenda 249 Huddlestun Chandra Hudson Cynth1a 249 Hudson Robert 263 Huff Wllllam 235 Huffman L1sa 216 Humphrey Dor1s Hunton Catherme Hurley Joseph 264 Hurska1nen Tammy 264 Hurska1nen Wend Hurst Debb1e 235 Hurtado G1na 235 Hutch1ns Monnca 264 Hutchmson Jane 263 Huth Chr1st1na 235 Huyetl Br1an 249 Huyett Br1an 249 Hyde Becky 264 Hyde Ronn1e Hyer Fred 216 Hyer J1m 249 J . ,. . , I - , I J . . ., " , . ' . 1 1 1 . 1 . 7 . , .' , , , - - l 7 . 1 7 D 7 7 ' 1 l l 263 1 . 1 . 2 7 7 I 7 , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 9 l 1 I 1 . Y 7 ' 1 9 ' 9 9 7 D ' 7 . 7 I H , D , , 263 1 n , 1 , - 1 , , ' , , 235 G , E ' 7 7 9 248,. J, In . ,216 1 l 5 . . . ' ' , , 7 ' . 7 7 1 ' 1 ' . . ' . ' 7 7 , 1 - 1 , a I , 1 z . . . 1 . 1 . . 1 ' 7 I 7 .7 7 v . , , u 1 ' . . ' , 7 , . , , I , 7 ' 7 7 7 11, 1 , 1 1 1 ll, 1 . 1 1 . 1. 1 1. ' 1 .111 1 . ll, 1 1 1 .111 . 1 . Hall, Michael 214 163 ' H11l, Mlchael Howard, Robbne 1 ' . . .ll' . , , , , H-11, , , 1 .111 1 1 ' , , -ll, , l 1 I I .' '. .IL '. . ' 1 I .' , . 1 1 1 f I ' 1 .. f 1 1 1 ' . ' . . ' , , 1 G 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 , ' ' ' , -188 263 A 9 l' 7 . l 7 . 7 , o , v 1 , n ,u 5 ' . s . . , , , . 7 , . , . J . , . 9 7 . 7 ' 7 . , , ' 1 , , 263 y 7 7 7 7 7 7 7- 7 I I 7 . 7 . . 7 7 7 7' 7 . y . 1 1 1 1 . 7 . 7 . 7 7 . 7 . , , 1, u a , 1 1 1 '1 . , ' , 163 ' , . , ,I ' 7 7 7 7 7 7 ' 1 . 1 1 1 1 . , . , s , u 7 n 1 1 1 1 9 7 . 7 7 ' 1 1 1 1 1 Ikered, James 264 Imoe, Robin 264 Index Imoe, Samuel 27, 235, 163 Irwin, John lrwin, Tom Isit, Gary 216 Ivie, Trudy 249, 216 Jones, Gary 264 Jones, Kathryn Jones, Katie Jones, Lisa 217 Jones, Michael 236 Jones, Reginald Jones, Rick Jones., Shelley 264 Jones, Theresa 21 7 Jordan, Greg Jordan, Kenneth Kettner Burton Keyes Billy Kezis Rebecca 249 Kiel Leslie 236 Kim Kyum Yi Kimble Mark Kinard Connie 249 Kinard Lori 217 Kincaid David 264 Kincaid Deborah 217 Kinvaid William 236 J Jackanin, Lee Anne Jackanin, William 264 Jackson, Harry Jackson, Victor 63, 173 Jacobs, Mike Jacobson, Tracy 163, 216 James, John 264 James, Mike 216 James, Shirley 216 Jameson, John 66 Jarrett, Leisa Jeanpierre, Lisa Jeffers, Susie 216 Jemison, Daryl 236 Jems, Tina 264 Jenkins, Dennis Jenkins, Richard 63, 216 Jenningo, Danny 249 Jennings, Lori 216 Jensen, Judo Jensen, Walter 236 Jerrett, Leisa 249 Jimenez, Margaret Jorgensen, Lisa 236, 163 Joy, Cyrus Joy, Rebecca 249 Juan, Monica 264 Juarez, Elsa 236 Juarez, Rudy Juedes, Sonja Junior, Jaime 264 Junkins, Chris 66 K Kahlstore, James 236 Kaltenbaugh, Elaina 236 Kaltenbaugh, Eric Kane, Brenda 249 Kane, Judith Kanitsch, Brian Karls, Lori 236 Katz, Steve 264 Kearns, Janene 249 Keating, Deborah 236 Kindrick Kralg King King King King King King Kinn Charlotte 249 Dana 236 Grady 264 Lori 249 Thomas Tina 264 e Kitty 249 Kmse Marvin LaCount Bill 218 LaCount Laura 249 LaCrosse Cynthia 249 LaFoy Robert 236 LaMay Don Labron Carmen 265 Lachman Tracy 264 Lakey Kimberly 249 Lageson David 236 Lageson Michelle Laing Karen 264 Lamb Shelley 264 Lambert Richard Lambertson John 264 Lambertson Prisilla 264 Lamkin Elroy Lana Yuette 236 Landree Elissa 264 Jines, Jamie 249 Jines, Robyn Johannes, Jeffrey Johannes, Judith Johannes, Rudolp Johanning, Darrel 217 Johanning, David 217 Johns, Danny 63, 236 Johnson, Allan 249 Johnson, Anita Johnson Bryan 264 Keeler, James 236 Keenan, Kim 264 Keenan, Richard Keenan, Steve Keesler, Donald 217 Keesler, Kevin 236 Keesler, Richard 264 Y Johnson, Carl Johnson, Charles Johnson, David 264 Johnson, David 69 Johnson, Dean 217 Johnson, Jacqueline Johnson, John Johnson, John Johnson, Keith Johnson, Kenneth 249 Johnson, Lydia Johnson, Michael 69 Johnson, Sherri 236 Johnson, Timothy 264 Johnston, Charles 217 Johnson, Willie Jones, Ben 236 Jones, Denise 236 Keith, Kevin 217 Kellener, Kelly 249 Kelley David 66 Kelley Donna 264 Kelley, Gary 217 Kelley, Jon 236 Kelley, Kimberly 217 Kelley, Mark 264 Kelley, Ronald 249 Kelly, Barbara 249 Kempner, Walter 63 Kennedy, Laura 264 Kennedy, Richard 249 Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Susan 236 Kepner, Wally 62, 236, 65 Keppler, John 173, 236 Kerchaff, Christina 217 Kern, Tim Kerry, Morissette 249 Kershaw, Terry Y Kirby Matt Kirchoff Christina Kitts Charles 249 Klahn Brenda 264 Klasko Jim Klasko Mike 249 Klein Dean 249 Klever Russel Kline Keith 264 Klock Barbara 217 Klock David Klosa Debra 175 217 Klosa Laurie 249 Knaack Debora Knau Dan Kneisel Andy Knickerbocker Joseph Knight Terri 249 Knollhuff Jeff 69 Knollhuff Michael Knowlton Raymond 63 249 Knowlton Reed 236 Knudsen Mike 236 Koch Donald 249 Koch Julie 249 Koch Karen 264 Koch Valerie 218 Kohls Lisa Kotrosits Rick Kral Greg Kral Jeff Kranz, Larry Kranz, Lori 264 Krawczyk, Karen Krisell, Becky 264 Kruser, Richard Kruser, Shirley 175, 218 Kuhn, Chuck Kuhn, John Kuhn, Judy Kutst, Butch 66 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Landree Eugene 250 Lane Lane Lane Lang Harla 218 Karen Leaanna Sheree 264 Langham Dewey 264 Lard Danny 265 Lapinske Jameo 264 Larsen Chriss 265 Larson Connie Larson Scott Latour William Laverna Lee 265 Lavery Christopher 250 Lavery Duane 48 218 Lavilla Dean 69 Lavine Scott 68 265 Lebron Carmen Ledbetter Corrie 79 236 Ledbetter Lorrie 163 ee Drbra 263 ee Laverna ee Tina 218 CC Todd Leedy Sheila 250 Lehmann Kim 175 Lemon David 236 Lemon Doug Leon Barbara 218 Leon Danny 265 Leon David 250 Leoy Matthew Leusch George Luesch Kristina Leusch Roy Levario Jeff Levengood David Lewin Kevin 250 Lewis Laura 265 Liewer Jerry 237 158, ' ' Le Boeuf, Denise 43, 47, 218 218 i ' L , L . L , L , 21s ' ' Mabb, Jon 237 Liljegren, Debra 237 Liljegren, Ken Lillie, Robbin Lindeman, Kris 218 Linder, Robert Lindley, Scott 265 Litewski, Tom Litewski, Wally Lizotte, Renee 250 Lloyd, Debora 250 Lloyd, Teresa 237 LoCascio, Alex Logo, Michael 265 Lond, Marty 250 Long, John Long, Tonya Lopez, Dolores 218 Locascio, Alex 250 Lottes, Randy Loudon, Debbie Loudon, Laurie Loudon, Robbie Loughborough, Chareen Loughborough, Jim 250 Loutheback, Janet 237 Loutherback, Janine 237, 178 Love, Brian 265 Love, Shawn 27, 237 Lovelace, Kim Low, Dennis Lowe, Debra 218 Lowe, Denise 265 Lowe, Mark 250 Lowman, Lyn 237 Lowrey, Sandra 218 Loya, Anthony 66 Loya, Edmund Loya, Jay 265 Loya, Mike 250 Luallen, Mark Lucas, Mark 237 Lucero, Allan 250 Lucero, Moreen 265 Lucia, Cris Lucia, Vickie 237 Luepke, Cathy 265 Lugo, Gloria Lugo, Mark Lugo, Micheal Lugo, Tina 265 Lojan, Sylvia 250 Luna, Elizabeth 250 Lysiak, Judy 250 Lyzohub, Debra 218 Mabb, Randolph 218 Mack, John 250 MacMillan, Richard 218 Mada, Larry Madge, Richard 219 Madge, Thomas 250 Madrid, Sandra 250 Madsen, Sheila 237 Maeshiro, Dale 250 Maeshiro, Stuart 265, 75 Maggard, Blanch Maggard, Debbie Maginelli, Steve 69 Maguire, Terry Mahaffey, Bryan 250 Mahaffey, Shawn 237 Mahaffey, William 265 Mahar, Kimberly 175, 219 Mahon, Kimberly Mahon, Mark 215 Mahone, Lenora Mahomey, Kevin 250 Major, Jeri 237 Major, Jon Major, Tony 219 Makara, Penny 163 Makara, Scott 265 Makarov, Mark Makarov, Susan 250 Malcom, Diane 237 Malocanca, Sheryl 265 Mallicaot, Kristi 219 Mallicoat, Lori 237 Mallon, Lauri 265 Malone, Jill 219 Malone, Tim Maltby, Todd 250 Mandile, Lisa 219 Manes, Morgan 251 Mang, Tony Manginelli, Steve 265 Manion, Alicia 219, 188 Manion, Scott 237 Marcantognini, Christina Marcantognini, James Marcus, Sena Marin, Michael 163, 237 Markland, Kelly 63 Martinez, Richard 265 Martinico, Diane 251 Martinico, Nick 219 Marx, Cynthia Marx, James Marx, Robert Masch, Deborah 251 Mason, Andy 219 Mason, Brenda 237 Mason, Jacqueline 219 Mason, Kim 251 Mason, Leona Mason, Michelle 251 Mason, Randy 251 Mason, Rhonda 219 McCormack, Roxann 266 McCormick, Chris 237 McCormick, Jack 251 McCoy, Patricia 219 McCoy, Rosanne 266 McCreery, Thomas McCullar, Erneset 173, 188 McCullough, Michael 251 McCumber, Debbie 220 McCumber, Elizabeth 237 McCumber, Paul 220 McCusker, Kim 163, 237 McDaniel, Richard McFarland, Gary 237 Marlowe Rick 251 Marquez, Desi 237 Marquez, Elena 237 Marquez, Jessie 251 Marquez, Sandi 265 Marshall Geneva 178, 237 Marshall John Marshall Kasaundra 265 Mason, Tim Marshall Thomas Mason, Tom Marshell Martyn 63, 237 McAnuIty, Michael 219 Marshell Maurice 265 McCartney, Tammy 219 Martin, Erich 63, 237 Martin, Lori Martin, Patricia 265 Martin, Ray 237, 75 Martin, Shaun Martin, Sherrie Martin Susan McCaskill, Jessie McClatchey, Steve McClelland, Juanita 251 McClure, David 219 McClure, Jeff 266 McCluskey, Jeff McCluske Mike 219 1 Y, Martimez, Chamene 237 McCormack, John McFarlne, Alexiz 163, 220 McGillis, Sally McGillis, Susan 220 Mclnerney, Bob 220 Mclntryre, Sean McKechnie, Liz McKee, Leah 251 McKee, Wyetta 220 McKenna, Barbara McKenna, Traudel 266 McLaughlin, Dave 266 McLaughlin, Randy 173 McLaughlin, Russell 237 McLeod, Ricky McMasters, Angel 237 McMasters, Todd 266 McMullen, David 237 McNeal, James 237 McNeal, Tami McNeely, David 220 McQuarrie, James McRechnie, Liz 266 McVay, Amy 237 Means, Sue Medina, Ponciano Medrano, Andrea Medrano, Charles 63 Meek, Don 237 Meek, Donald 63, 65 vleiners, David 220 Melton, Linda 237 Melton, Valerie Mendez, Mark Mendoza, Amanda Mendoza, Jackie 266 Mivdrano, Charlie 220 Mendoza, Larry 237, 163 Meng, Larry Mennitt, Wade 257 Mercurio, Susan 266 Merrifield, Margaret 266 Merritt, Darlena Messer, Theresa 220 Methvin, Steven Metko, Michele 251 Metz, Garrett Metzger, Shelley 251 Meyer, Robert Meyer, Thomas 251 Michelson, Matthew 237 Middleton, Sherry 266 Miele, John Migali, Heidi 220 Mihok, Jan Mihok, Joe Miles, Dwight 251 Miles, Samuel Milford, Randy Millam, John 251 Millam, Robyn 220 Millard, Kathy 220, 175 Millard, Leslie 237 Index Minton, John Miracle, Andrew Miranda, John 251 Mitchell, Fred Mitchell, John Mitchell, Mercedes 251 Mitchell, Tina 251 Mixey, Robert Mobley, Robert 266 Mock, Joyce 251 Mohney, Curt 251 Mojica, Patty 251 Molck, Greg Molsinger, Susan 266 Molz, Clifford Momrey, Louise 266 Monarrez, Pete Monchamp, Lee Monchamp, Patty Monell, Mark 220 Montano, Richard Montgomery, Terri 220 Montijo, Annamarie Montijo, Rose Marie Montoya, Tracy 238 Mooney, Bobbie Mooney, Sandy Moore, Brian 266 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moran, Moran, Madonna 238 Michael Russell 252 Susan 238 Joan 252 William 221 Moreland, Eddrick 266 69 Moreno Moreno Moreno Moreno Moreno Moreno Moreno Moreno Morgan , David 266 , Felix 221 Laticia , Cecelia , Janis 266 , Jesse 252 , Marc 238 , Randy 221 Deborah 252 Morgan, Denell 266 Morgan, John Morgan, John Morgan, Mark Morgan, Robert Miller, Jaime 251 Miller, Jerry Miller, Kelly 220, 175 Miller, Kristy 251 Miller, Scott 238 Miller, Sharon 251 Miller, Shelly 238, 178 Miller, Vicky 238 Miller, Warren 251 Mills, Dan 265, 69 Mills, Howard Mills, Kennethe 66, 251 Mills, Robert 266 Minard, Shawna 251 Minton, Charles 251 Morissette, Kerry Morningstar, Julie 266 Morris, Karen 252 Morris, Sam Morrish, Ed 266 ' Morrow, Carrie 252 Morrow, Linda 238 Morse, John Morton, John Morton, William 66, 252 Morven, Sheryl Moser, Suzanne 238 Mosqueda, John Mothershed, Judy 238 Motsinger, Cathy 252 Motsinger Susan Motsinger Tammy Mowrey Louise Muench Vickie 238 Muir Pandora 266 Mulcock Steve Muldock Steve 68 178 ' ' ' , 266 Musick, Mark 252 Music, Trina Myck, Lisa 266 Myers, Ina Myers, John Myers, Marianne 27, 238 Myers, Thomas 66 Mulla Ronald 252 Mullenix Trudie 266 Mullens Ray Mundall John 221 Mundall Virginia 252 Mumz Larry 252 Mumz Laura 221 Mumz Linda Mure John Mure Patty 252 Murillo Sonja 266 Murphy Lisa 266 Murphy Mark 221 p y Michael 252 Murray Keith 266 Murray Laura 163 Muse Jay 221 5 1 7 9 9 7 9 I 9 . 9 1 7 Murh, 3 9 9 Nagle, Tanya 221 Nagle, Tina 252 Napoles, Kathaleen Nasco, Barbara 252 Nations, Kerrie Nauta, Beth 221 Navarro, Edward 252 Navarro, Roberta 221 Neal, Vicki 221 Neese, Paige 252 Neitch, David 266 Nelson, Byron Nelson, David Nelson, Laurie Nelson Lengh 266 221 Nelson Shelly 163 Nemmch Shtreen Nerlson Laura 221 Nert Tma 252 Netson Jeff 266 Neu Danny Nevers Demse 238 163 O Leary James O Leary Shaun O Merra Thomas Ochoa Ochoa Ochoa Ochoa Ohms Bavtctrl Manuel Glorla 266 Robert 266 V1ck1 222 Nevers Nevers Nevrlle Nevms Nevms Newell Llsa 266 Steve 252 75 Marljane 221 John 266 Melame Patrlcta 222 Ojeda Gary Olds Ertc 266 68 Ollvares Michael 252 Ohvas Josephme 238 Ohvas Mxke 266 Orr Steve 267 Newgent Karen 266 Newmgham Deborah Newmood Albertta Newsom Crystal 266 Nxchols Annette 266 Nlchols CCC1ll3 238 Nichols Frank Nlvhols Marte Nlvholson Brlan Nlcholson Davld 266 Nrcholson Robm 238 Nlckalan Lma 238 Nnelson Kevm 238 Nlkollc Desa Nlles Wllllam Nlssen Debra Noble T1na Noggle Laurre 266 Norman Clmt Norman Dallene 252 Norman James 238 Norman Tom 238 Norrls Klmberly Norrls Wtlllam Northcott Rachelle Norton Donald 266 Nowak George 238 Nuanex Lora 238 Nutter James Nuvamsa Malcolm Nydes Mlchael 238 Ollve Nancy 222 Ollver Cathy 252 Olxver Karen 252 Ollver Paula 222 Olhs Roy Olsen Olson Olson Olson Ron 266 Bonnle 252 Rrchard 222 Scott 267 O Meara Thomas 252 Ontlveros Johnny 222 Opllowsky L1sa 163 Orozco Ortega Ortega 8 Ortega Ortega Ortega Ortega Osborn Ph1l1p 267 Adam Anthony ve Joe 252 Mlke Susan 267 Rachel Osborne Cathy Osborne Tammy 252 Ott Amanda Ott Annamarle Ott Duane 238 Otten Debble 238 Otten Theresa 267 Owens Ken 173 Owens Steve 252 Owsley Roscoe Oxford Norman 252 Ozuna Mxcheal O Brlen O Brien O Brien O Brien O Brlen Chrls 266 Kathleen 222 Mlchelle 222 Tum Tlm O Connell Kelth Pack John Packard Ted 252 Padilla Padnlla Padrlla Palmer Carlos 66 Davxd 267 John 63 222 James 222 O Connell Robm 252 O Connor Ann O Connor Katre 266 O Dell Mlke O Donnell Dee Anne O Gorman Bruce 222 Palmore Greg Palmore Rhonda Pamula Chrnstma 222 Panessa Tamn 238 Parts: Ralph 63 238 Parker Cynthia 267 Parker Emory Parker George Parker Karl 238 Parker Lawrence 66 Parker Stephante Parkerson B111 238 Parks Karen 252 Parks Klm Parks Lorl 238 Parks Tammne 238 Parrlsh Klm 267 Patterson Eulanda 239 Patterson Susan 267 Paul Davld 267 Paul Glenn 223 Paulmskl Sharon 175 Pavan Vmcent Peak Jernann 252 Pearson Raynard 267 Pearson Regma Pearson Reglnald 267 Pearston Shen 252 Pemston Walter 239 Pemston Zelean 267 Penza Carole 239 Peplton Robert Perez Marla 223 Perez Paula 252 Perez Rrcky 267 Perez Vmcent 43 47 Perkms Laura 239 Perkms ea Perkms Mlke 267 Perkms Patr1c1a 267 Perkms Pau Perkms Russell 252 Perret Danny Perry Kenneth 63 Perry Rlchard 252 Petary Tammy 252 Peters Alex 267 Peters Dan Peters Mane Peters Theresa Peterson Gmger Peterson Pamela 253 Peterson V1ck1 239 Petra Vmcent Petty Eva 223 Phelps Yancy Phxlllps Brooks 239 Phtlhps Sharon 163 Plckett Rrck 66 67 Pnerse Debbre Pletsch Dawn Pletsch Donald Pngg Robm 253 Plkul Rlchard 253 Pme Todd 66 Pmeda Leonard 163 Pmeda Rlchard 222 Plnkerton Kathlene Plper Brenda 253 Plppm Todd 69 267 Pnttman Plttman Plttman Plttmar Charles 267 Robert 68 Wesley 267 Barbara 267 Plyola Merja 223 Plzzuto Joe 267 Plzzuto Ray 223 Placeres Srlvla Platek Laurle 239 Platek Sharon 253 Plunkett Mlchael Plunkett Susan Pollfko Peter 68 Pollfko Walter Pomeroy Cheryl Pomeroy Deborah Pomeroy Demse Pomeroy Mxchael 68 Pomeroy Renee Ponder Jeane Ponder Mlke Pool Momca Pool Rlchard Porcano Lrsa Porter Darla 239 Porter John Porter Richard Porterfxeld Cynthta Potter Thomas Pottle Joe 223 Potts Kent 223 75 Potts Marcla 239 Poulx Mark 253 Powell Allce Powell Powell Powell Powell Powers Powers Deedra 253 Dlana Lmda 253 Tma 267 Jerry 267 Rodney Prater Clndy 267 Prater Kenneth 267 Prerss Bruce 267 Presson Presson Presson Prewntt Chrlstopher 239 Jeffery 253 Kelly 223 June 253 Prlce Pamela 223 Prleto Angel 267 Prince Brad 64 267 Prmce Chrls 239 223 Prltchett Danny Proulx Mark Provenclo Isaac 253 Pruitt Gayla Punsan Edna 233 Purskl Lea 239 Purlgraskl Larry Pyne Todd 253 Quatttrocchn Gary 267 . , . 7 7 7 7 7 , . . . 7 7 7 7 7 . . , . 1 , , 1 1 , 1 1 , , , , 1 267 H , 7 7 A 7 - 7 7 7 7 ' . 7 l 7 . 7 I U 7 1 ' 7 7 . 7 ' 7 7 l ' 7 Y , a I , 1 , a 1 - 7 l. 7 . 7 I 7 7 7 . ' 7 I 7 I 7 7 1 , Q 1 , 1 ,I , 1 7 . . - 7 7 7 ' . ' 2 . . ' . ' . ' 1 . ' 7 - 7 7 . 7 1 1 1 7 7 7 . 7 . l 7 7 D 7 . 7 . 1 7 1 1 , 1 , 1 , - 7 7 . 7 7 7 7 7 7 . . , . . I , 1 1 , , , 1 1 , 4 a , 1 1 , , 1 ' 7 ' 7 7 7 . 7 - . . , . ' , 1 , 1 , . , , 1 , 1 1 , 1 7 1 , 1 . 7 . . 7 7 7 J ,. . I , 222 , 223 a Q , 223 NISKH, Kathleen 252 Orte a, Carmen Perkms, Chrlstme 267 Posey, Yvonne 239 1 l , E ' 1 1 1 l 1 ' 1 L A 1 , 1 , 1 , a I 7 1 , 1 1 ' 1 1 7 y l 7 1 7 . 1 , 1 1 . , . 7 , , . 1 , 1 1 , , , A , 1 1 , 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 238 , , , ' 7 , . 7 . , , 7 7 ' ' J . . , 1 1 9 9 l 9, 7 , , . . 7 1 1 1 1 7 . 7 o P 1 . 1 . ' 7 ' 7 . . 7 7 , . . 1 , 9 1 1 I 1 . 1 r ' , , 223 i , . ' 9 ' 1 . 1 1 1 9 ' , , 253 , , Q , , U , , . , 239 . , , 1 1 1 9 1 ' ' 1 1 I 7 . . 7 7 1 ' ' . ' . , . . . . . 1 1 7 9 , , . . 1 9 7 ' , . . . , 266 , . , 7 3 7 ', Quattrocchi, Kathy 253 Quayle, Mark 253 Queen, Cody 267 Quintana, Frank 267 Quiroz, Jennifer 267 Quiroz, Joseph R Racicot, Judith 267 Racicot, Sylvia 239 Raczo, Angela 268 Raczo, Lisa 253 Radcliff, Charles Radford, Deborah Radford, Larry Raimondo, Bobby 223 Raimondo, Lynn 253 Rainbolt, Brian 66, 253 Rainbolt, Susan 224 Rakestraw, Debra Ramirez, Carolyn 224 Ramirez, David 239 Ramirez, Delfino 224 Index Reynolds, Kim 268 Reynolds, Laura 224 Reynolds, Mitch 268 Reynolds, Patricia 239 Reynolds, Paula Reynolds, Renaurd Reynolds, Terese 268 Reynolds, Trent 239 Rice, Christine 268 Richardson, Teresa 253 Richeson, Michelle 27, 224, 188 Richeson, Russell 253 Ricketts, Laurie 268 Ricketts, Scott 239 Ramirez, Gloria Ramirez, Jesse Ramirez, Joe 239 Ramsey, Robert Riggs, Bobby 268 Riley, Carol 238, 163 Riley, Dave Rile Jo Ann 268 Y, Riley, Pamela 268 Riley, Steven 253 Riola Maribeth 253 Ritchey, David 253 Rivera, Antoinette 253 Roark, John 253 Robert, Clark 228 Roberts, Holly 239 Roberts, James Randall, Michael Randon, Tonia 268 Rapatz, Brigitte 224 Rash, Todd 253 Rawlinfs, Donis 239 Rawson, Tammera Raxter, Karen 253 Ray, Tammy 253 Reay, Christine 253 Reay, Scott 268 Rebels, Mike 163 Redfern, Kirk Redfield, Margaaret 253 Reding, Sherrie Redmon, Julie 268 Redondo, John 224, 75 Reese, Donald Regman, Karen 224 Reich, Dana Reichling, Barbara 224 Reichling, Beverly 224 Reis, David 253 Remien, Mark 163, 224 Rendel, Sopaporn Renfro, Matt 224 Renfro, Mike 61 Renninger, Robert Renter, Shannon 253 Renter, Sherry Reveles, Teddy 63, 175 Revels, Beverly 224 Revels, Jeff 253 Roberts, Janet Roberts, Jeffrey Roberts, Roberta Roberts, Rod Roberts, Terry 268 Roberts, Tracey Robertson, Jeroldine 268 Robertson, JoAnne 253 Robie, DeAnne Robie, Laurie 253 Robie, Leanne 253 Robinson, Brian 66 Robinson, Debbie 239 Robinson, Joey 268, 69 Robinson, Keith Robinson, Kevin Robinson, Leon 268 Robinson, Paul Robinson, Stacy Robinson, Terri 239, 79 Robles, Belinda 239 Robles, JoAnne 268 Robles, Mark 268, 69 Robson, Blair 253 Robson, Bradley 63, 65, 224 Rocco, Greg 239 Rock, Bryan 239 Rock, Luann 239 Rock, Mike 69 Rodriguez Irene 268 Rodriguez oe Rodriguez Rebecca Rodriguez Rick 239 Rodriquez Diane Rodriquez Mary Roe Cheryl Roe Michele 224 Rogers Beth 268 Rogers Lynn 239 Rogers Mary 239 Rogers Paula Rogerson Roseann Rognholt Brian 253 Rognholt Mitchell 224 Romero Michael 224 Romo Gilbert 268 75 Romo Sally Rose Carrie 239 163 Rosebrook Linda Rosi Deanne 253 Ross Larry Ross Rosanna 178 Rosson Ronnie Rouillard Patrick 253 Rowden Ronny 239 Rouillard Patrick 253 Rowden Ronny 239 Rowland Missy 268 Rowland Cannon 253 Rowland Cheryl Rowland James 268 Roxas Sherri 268 Roxas Terry 268 Rozelle Ricky 239 Rucker Pamela 239 Rucker Sheila 268 Ruehle Theresa Ruge Rex 240 Ruland James Rumple Carl 240 173 Ruppo Pat 268 Ruse Donald 224 Rushand Ann Marie 240 Rushano Louis 224 Russell Eric 268 Russell Jacqueline 225 Russell Keith 253 Russell Renee 268 Russell Yolitta 240 Russo Denise Russon Tony Rust Kristine Rutherford Dennis Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan John Joseph Mary 268 Michael Patrick 254 Revels, Michael 224 Reynolds, Ann 239 Reynolds, Bernard Reynolds, Daryl 66, 253 Reynolds, Delia 253 Rodg Rodg Rodg ers, Jeanne 268 ers, Kim ers, Wanda 239 Rodriguez, Diane 239, 268 Sabori, Raul 253 I , u ,J 7 268 1 1 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 , . 1 7 75 , 1 7. . 1 7 , . 7 1 , ' 253 1 1 1 7 7 7 7 7 7 1 7 1 1 7 1 1 1 1 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 1 1 1 Y 7 7 7 7 7 7 Saccucci Belinda Saccucci Brett Sackuvick Denise Saenz Jimmy Sagarmaga Larry Sagarmaga Patsy Sagarnaga Rachel Saillant Ron Sais Raymond 268 Salas Frank 240 Salazar Martin Saldano Greg 268 68 Samanlego Gary 254 Sample Ronnie 254 Samuelson Cheryl Samuelson Lori 240 Sanaski Tracie Sanchez Diana 240 Sanchez Marie 240 Sanders Doyle 254 Sanders Mike Santa Cruz Camille Santa Cruz Diana Santa Cruz Marc Sapon Emilien 225 Sargent Timothy Sarno John Satala Carmen Savarese Jay 254 Savela David 225 Savela Debra Saxton Michelle Saylor Todd 268 Sayre David 268 Scardina Larry 240 Scarkina Larry 163 Schaaf Christine 240 Scheanor Tim 225 Scheel Russel 268 Scheid Gene 268 Schellenbaum Mark Schellenbaum Randy Scherberger Gail 240 Schiavi Timothy Schilling Debra 175 Schilling Kimberlee Schilling Lynn 269 Schlake Kevin Schmedding Pam 268 Schmidt Aaron 269 Schmidt Cindy 163 Schmidt Kevin 240 Schmisle David Schonberger Danny Schonberger Terese Schrader Edward 269 Schreiner Susan 269 268 ' 163 ' ' Saylor: David 254 269 i 163 i 240 i 254 ' 175 ' Schubert Dana 240 Schultz Scott Schulz Greg Schumacher Nancy Schumacher Robert Schwmg Theresa Scrsm Lelgh Scrsm Ellabeth Scott Becky Scott Davrd 66 254 Servm Margaret 254 Servm Ruven 269 Settmerl Phllrp 269 Setzer Carol Shafer Trma 225 Shaffer Shaffer Shaffer Shaffer Shaffer Shanley Shaplro Davld 269 Dawn Juamta Lowanna Robert 269 75 Starlene Marilyn 240 Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Jeanette 254 Lee 240 Leslle 225 Rechelle 254 Robert Wnllnam 254 Scrlvner Koberly Seals John Seaver Julrete 254 Sebotka Scott 240 Segond, Pamela 178, 254,166 Sells, Robert 254 Serverdmg, Martin 227 Selrg, Connle 240 Sellg, Lmda 269 Serby, Kelll Sercromsu, Sher: 269 Serrato, Catherme Sertrch, Klm 254 Sharp Lynn 225 Shaulrs Randy 63 Shaut Vlfglflla Shawver Patrrcra 225 Sheldon Davrd 269 Sheldon Mark 225 163 Shelley James 63 240 Shelley Momca 254 Shelton David Shepard Lane Shepard, Jxm 269 Sheppard, Gordon Sherrnl, Kam Sherwood, Doug 225 Sherwood, Kathyn 163, 240 Sherwood, Steve 254 Shrpman, Bruce 269 Shoemake, Janet 254 Shoemake, Thomas ii' A..." "7f!"f'1'7- Shore Peter 254 Shore Rlchard 269 Shuck Brenda 225 Shugars Terrre 254 Shultz Barbara Slerras Carlo 269 Slfuentes George 69 Srgears Debble 269 Slkes Clndy Sllva Mlchael Srlver Elisa 269 Slmrngton Rusty 240 Srmonse lngrrd Srmonson Krlstl 269 Srmpson Greg 269 Srmpson Jeff 240 Srms Martrn 225 Summers Randy 66 Srquerros Sandra 254 Srtton Wrll S1xK1ller Jess 240 Skaggs, Mark 225 Skrblckr, Anmta Skxblckl, Juamta Skrles, Ada 163, 240 Sklles, Nrkkl 225 Skrles, Robert Sklles, Wllllam Sklllman, Rrchard Skrnnell, Janet 225 Sklnnell, Mnke 269 Sklrvm Howard 254 Skjordal Deborah 254 Skousen Vonda Slmker Matt 226 Slmker Pamela 254 Slocum Carmen 254 Slusher Smith Smith Smith Smrth Smlth Smlth Smith Smxth Smrth Smith Smith Smxth Smrth Smith Smith Smlth Smith Smrth Smlth Smlth Smith Smnth Smlth Smlth Smrth Smlth Smrth Smlth Smith Smrth Smlth Wllllam Allce 269 Becky 269 Bradley Brenda 254 Brett 226 Cheryl Chrrs 269 David 66 254 Deanna 48 226 Gary Jacquelme 226 James 226 Judl 269 Klm 269 Laura 269 Lmda 226 Mrchele Patrrcna Patrick Penny 240 254 Robby Robert Robert 254 Robin 226 Scott 269 Sheely 42 43 47 Sherri 269 Thomas Wllllam 269 Wllllam Snider Dale 226 W Snlego Snyder Sndyer Snyder Snyder Snyder Snyder skr Arnold Andy 226 Kelly 240 Tammy 254 Terry 269 Vrckle 269 Wllllam Sobotka Joseph Softley Theresa Solankr Prrsca 270 Sommer John 270 Sorenson Klm 254 Soreson Phllllp Soto Dorothy 226 Soto Rudolph 240 Soto, Teresa 270 Sourant, John 68, 270 Spenght, Barbara 254 Spelght, Jackre 226 Spencer, Jeffrey Sprva, Lorl Splva, Sandy Sprague, Charles 69, 226 Sprague, Howard 254 Sprang, Rlchard 270 1 1 9 ' 1 7 . . , 1 V Q 1 - N . 9 'us' -1-1.-.,,.. f vs ,V ' v,, V , . ' . 1 ' -T 1, , , WHMH 'fuk' . ' ' , , Av., l , V ,Krr V, 1 , 1 I . . rf-. . , 9 Y 4 1 y 1 "' 1 1 .1,-V l 9 ' 7 ' f-1 A V " 1 . I A 1 fx. i - - -o W .ie ' K: '-2, 5 .K A, i D 1 S' 'N - 1 ' Q- ' ' -- . .' r 1, 1 1 - -. 1 , . W -- ' ' v 1- 1 . . 1 , . I , . . 1 - , Krmberly 254 1' v 4 . 1 s , ' ' ge- ,Q ' M Y.. I I , AQ ' ' 5 , 240 1 , in 1 1 1 9 9 1 1 9 . A 1 ' . ' , 1 1 1 1 , , , 226 1 1 1 I ' s ' 1 1 1 ' , 225 , A , - , - - 1 , I , . , . . 269 1 , , , ' , , , 269 ' 3 1 9 , , , 1 1 , , 1 9 , , 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 , . ' ' . ' . . . 1 1 ' ' . . 1 1 1 1 v , , ' . . ' 1 1 I Y Y 9 , , 1 1 1 , , i ' . 9 I 1 1 ' 7 1 1 ' 7 . 1 1 Index Springfield, Anna 270 Sprinkle, Carrie 163, 240 Sprinkle, Terry 227 Spurlock, Brian 254 Spurlock, Karen 270 Squries, Betsy 226 Staggs, James 250 Staey, Andrea 254 Staley, Perry Stalica, Cynthia 163, 227 Stalica, Tim Stalter, Kris Stamper, John 254 Stanley, James Staples, Donelle 240 Stark, Esther Stark, Joey Starr, James 254 Starr, Jimmy Starnes, Mike 269 Steele, Stearnes, William 240 Steed, Glory 220 Steele, Cathy 220 Steele, James 227 Steele, Jon 254 Kathleen 227 Sturgeon, Karen 240 Sturmer, James Stutzman, Carrie 240 Subrize, Robin Sugrue, Mary 227 Suiter, Lori 240 Sutier, Mary 227 Sullivan, Lori Sulrize, Robin 270 Summers, Julie Summer, John Summer, Leslie 254 Sumpter, George 163 Sumpter, Joseph 240 Sutherland, Brian 228 Sutherland, Gina Sutter, Ann Swanson, Dale 254 Swanson, Todd 240 Sweeten, Sharon 270 Sweetland, Lydia 255, 178 Swem, Vicki Switzer, Joanne 228 T Steele, Paul 227 Steinberb, Lisa 254 Steiner, Kenton 240 Steinhoff, Kim 227 Steinhoff, Lisa 220 Stephens, Cheryl 163 Stephens, Franklin Stephens, Jill 173 Stephens, Scott Stroer Sterrett, Morris Stevens, Patrick 270 Stevens, Cheryl 163 Stevens, Dee Stevens, Diane 227 Stevens, Floyd 227 Steward, Kevin 163, 227 Stewart, Paul Stewart, Grace 254 Stewart, Michael 254 Stilwell, Lisa 270 Stokes, Sharmain Stone, Matthew 66, 67, 254 Stoner, Cheryl Stoner, Dave Stoner, Debbie 227, 175 Stoner, Scott 270 Storm, Troy 270 Story, Kelly Story, Scott 227 Stover, Bill Stover, Joseph 227 Stover, Tanya Strain, Cammie 270 Tina Tackani n, Lee Anne Tait, Mark 240 Tait, Marty 270 Talbert, Jill Tate, Leah 241 Tate, Max 255 Taylor, Darlene 241 Taylor, Debbie 270 Taylor, Janet Taylor, Patrick 255 Taylor, Robin Taylor, Tracy Teaque, Keith Teague, Kent 270 Tedrow, Chris 270 Teffer, Brenda 228 Tejada, Daniel 68, 270 Tellez, Angel Tellez, George 66, 255 Temples, Bobby 255 Temporado, Mark Tenson, Todd 270 Terreault, Mark 241 Terreault, Theresa 255 Thomas Vaca, David 241, 163 Strough, Susie 270 Strutton, Phillip Stubblefield, Steve 270 Stump, Cindy 227 Thomas Thomas , Brenda Brian 255 Thomas, Darryl 66 Thomas, Elaine 270 Thomas, Jackie 255 Thomas, James 255 Thomas, Mechele 241 Thomas Melinda 241 Thomas: Richard 270 , Sherri 255 Thompson, Diane 270 Townsend, Tamara 228 Townsend, Vincent 255 Tresenriter, Tamara 255 Tressler, April 241 Tressler, Mike 68, 270 Trevino, Margie 270 Trickett, Douglas 241 Trickett, Scott 270 Trinka, Dean 241, 163 Trowbridge, Kathleen 241 Tworsbridge, Kevin 255 Troyer, Doug 241 Troyer, Scott 255 Trujillo, Charlotte 270 Trujillo, Frederick 270 Trujillo, Ronnie 241, 163 Trubb, Joy 163 Tupper, Dale 241 Tupper, Darin 241, 68 Turnage, James Turner, Kathie 270 Turner, Keith 228 Tuttle, Markum 63, 163 228 Tuvell, Juanitta 270 Tysor, Denise 255 U Unruh, Lanson 228 Unruh, Michele 270 V Vahover, Tanya 270 Vakula, Alex 43, 47, 22 Vakula, Christine 271 Valdez, Glen 241 Valasquez, Jesse 229 Valdez, Wayne 271 Valentine, Mark 241 Valora, Aaron 271 Valora, Brian 63, 228 Van Cleve, Susan 241 Van Natter, Tom 255 Van Steenwyk, Bonnie Varian, David 163 Vasquez, Ben 271 Vasquez, Joe 68, 271 Vasquez, Sonia 241 Veitch, Kim 241 Veitch, Lynn 271, 68 Veitch, Trent 48, 229 Velasquez, Toni 271 Vezie, Debbie 271 Vigil, Jeni 241 Villa, Jackie 255 2 Villa, Veronica 241 Villia, Jackie 255 Villegas, Antonio 255 Villela, Phil 271 Vicela, Joe 271 Vohmer, Robert 66 Vohs, Robert 66 Volmer, Robert 255 Vond, Buddy 66 Vowles, Donna 271 Vrana, Tammy 271 W Wagner, Jim 255 Wahlstrom, Tina 241 Walker, Allan 255 Walker, Kenny 229 Wallen, Makr 265 Wallus, Mike 271 Walton, Terrie 271 Wamego, Tami 271 Ward, Joe 241 Ward, Marcia 229 Ward, Pamela 255 Warers, Warren 241 Warman, Susie 271 Warren, Bobby 271 Warren, Larry 241 Washburn, Stephanie 229 Watkins, John 271 Watkins, Kerry 241 Watkins, Lisa 241 Watkins, Martin 271 Watson, Gregory 255 Watson, Kimberly 255 Watson, Lorrenia 255 Watts, Julie 229 Wayne, lke 69, 271 Weat, Kathleen 241 Weberg, Carol 229 Wedel, Cynthia 229 Wedel, Tim 271, 68 Wegner, Joseph 271 Weifanback, Julie 271 Weiss, Marie 271 Weiss, Robin 255 Welden, Glenna 229 Welle, Litewski 271 Wells, Charles 271 Wells, Mary 241 Wells, Roger 255 Wells, Terry 241 Wendelken, Jim 241 Wendelken, John 241 West, Patric 241 West, Shawn 66 West, Tim 271 Weston, Eugene 241 Wetzel, Charles 63, 241 Whallon, Jim 255 White, Debbie 271 White, Julia 79, 178, 229 Whitmore, Virginia 47, 43, 299, 188 Whitney, Brett 271 Whitney, Darrell 255 Whitney, Karin 163, 241 Whitney, Marcia 271 Whitson, Marva 178, 255 Widner, John 271 Wiegel, Sharon 241 Wilcox, Ron 271 Wilde, James 271 Wiley, Dustin 66, 255 Wiley, Linda 271 Wilkinson, William 255 Willey, David 271 Willey, Tamera 255 Williams, Floyd 229 Williams, Jay 178 Williams, Jeff 271 Williams, Jerri 163, 229 Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Joey 255 Julie 255 Kelly 255 Mark 241 Richie 271 Susan 271 Williamson Darla 229 Williamson Rhonda 255 Willingham Dabra 255 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Edgar 271 Michael 229 Rex 241 Richard 241 Richie Trichift 271 Winstanley Cory 271 Wmstanley Sheri 241 Winters Hugh 241 Winters Robert Winters Royce 241 188 Winton Tracie 229 Witt Danny 241 Witt Debbie 175 229 Witt Greg 229 Witzigman Shelley 255 Wood Kimberly 255 Wood Susan 255 Wood Travis 271 Woodruff David 68 271 Worrell Shelley 255 Worsick Eddie 163 Wright Cmdi 271 Wygal James 271 Wyrick David 271 Ybarra Hilda 255 Ybarra Lisa 246 255 Yocum Gerry 271 Young Melody 229 Zuppiger Bryan 241 Zuppiger Karen 255 Zweygardt, Tommy 255 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , c 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 Shaving Cream, Chickens And Superman Were you one of the lucky ones who got shaving cream all over you or perhaps a rooster in your locker. Were you shocked to see guys in dresses on slave day. We bring you this page to help you remember those happy times. Such as the library being floodedg Going to Magic Mountain in stead of going to Disneylandg football team almost making itg getting hit in the face with a water ballong speed bumps all over the parking lotg Superman returnsg Styxg Linda Rondstantg Kansasg if you didn't remember these things, you do now. A , . l 1 i L 4 A Gazing through the windows of lost timeg We can only hope to find A place to start, A place to begin, A place to go. Just sitting, gazing, losing time won't help you find that place you need to go. 3 Each one of us has to cope with everyday problems and frustrations. We have to learn from our experiences and go on to new ones. We can't stop because we're not sure. We have to keep pushing forward. For the past I0 years, we've had an advi- sor, John Corlett who has done just that. He pushed us on in his own blunt way. He's always been the type of man who has stuck with "if you can't climb over it then go around it. Then if its still in your way don't give up you can always dig under it." ln ,N other words do things your way, use your own ideas. Use your potiental to its fullest. Don't let anyone make you what your not. Its your life, your an individual. Your own piece of clay not someone else's to play with. Any- one can be anything they want to be, if they are themselves. THANKS for the years of experience CROW! Your yearbook staff 'xii Y 'Q . O .s Q r- , 'lr 8 gd f s . K o 2 , ' 'S '50 f' -", U X 4 P 1 QR A N 2, 'Tp fgty :1-. 3 5 1 no Aim-xx' Q w Y 1 I ' in-li' I embarked upon a journey With only e naked truth to shield me I Will not turn back, Knowing that- time is on my side. nu- "" ' Teenage life may be carefree Here you test what you'11 be. But have a reason Why you're here Life is precious, so dear. Maybe next year I '11 see See What's behind that door. The door called life. 'Su .q 5. . A N 1-. .qf . 1 9 M FK A . W fx The many precise, uniform diamond scales slithered slowly, And paused for a mom en tg sizing up his intruder. Kill or be Killed. . . that's the rule. In the long run, only the strongest survive. Yet, in the hands of Chance and Probability lie His destiny. Robyn Hal vorson Mgr "x is 3' Q9 K SZ 'r 1, f ag 1 4 ' 5 ,,, Nw. 33 I 'se ,? 'A .. A-.q J Irv? ' M N I 2 r H A -'X Q. 5 11 T33 M aff 'QQ' V 5 A - 'wr AA 'W 'fx :Li '- if if ' X A N I .s,... 5, A 9 5' 1,-gn .i wi, af-fs. -w k 1 Qi R 'Ill ,Qi ' V , x .w l Ag ' .. ' ,' b " 1, 4-2 ""' ' ,J ' . ,af A N Q-4.,, 11 5 A Tm .R -sw' -.. ax. - 535.3 ',-' ..'5 , Z "Q W -f. ' 2431 wif: f "-N as 5, gf 1 M - f 5 ,, A V if b W' QT! ' - 121' :vig for - 'F' 5.3 -'23 . EW 5 - k I' v 'P ' -, 5, it X A W' M41 ri ,I N -3+ ' Q- if , 'f +- , :-- -Q , W M ' ,fi n ' X " .1 'W 'r N ' a' Q51 5, ' x. My . V' W My 1 Q-, ' xg pai ,f ,ff 1' , V 2 - 3'-.2 ' ' I' Q 1 , J' -Q . ws' 'K . , .t I 1 ,Hx A .Q L '5 X 7' ! e fi -A4 R ' 4 ss '-Q X, 5 G f -W 5 A . . x .Y L, X5-,"' 'I-5.4. Q S V .7 :Maxi lla.. x 3 X F, A. . E. gx X ,. gi .7 'S .- 1 X X 'Q " , . W1 ff" 1 K W ZJV- p fl 1 K,,1 , J,xA , . E - J " ':zH".:+' , K Eikfpggl. Today I began an unknown trail, Left my thoughts behind me And with my love, friends, and freedom ' We headed ever foreward. While clouds bent overhead And sunlight Hltered through the trees, f We reached the top l i Watching watery reflections f Heap the autumn sky. Edward A. H olga te x J O ,,f-ff' ,f Joyous laughter and Silly giggles turn to sohs Of despair too soon. Cheryl Fisher 315 I t t , My f ' . E Y .4 f' ig. 'x .,, 1-an-.-.-........ -......... ..,.. fi' -4-. 'T' Aegis!! 'Ni x A ,,,, 1. .H ::- Q M- , 'L YA- Late one night I 'was walking, I heard the dark sky Whispering, talking. The silken tenor of the moon said, "Won't you, Star-God play some tune?" And then it came, a soft reply- The harp of Star-God through the sky. His tune was Wonderful, sweet and light, It spread and Hlled the lonely night. The song went on for hours 'til It stopped, and then the earth was still. And now, when I walk in the night I watch the stars in endless flight, And hope for Star-God to play this time In the endless halls of space and rhyme. Cheryl Fisher A dark cloud came into my life today And hovered bleakly overhead. I didn 't curse this peculiar omen, But welcomed the promise of rain instead. I neededfto grow. . . ---..... A. 2 Wm i UM' J islyf wif, rom new friends and friendships nto new freedoms and failures. es, I needed to grow myself to reevaluate ideas, change opinions, and dust off the miscellaneous files of my brain. . . Edward A. Holga te , ,. X, was iiQF'f. 4 ,f ,,1-,f"lw44f5' .Cx . "HA ",- v -, 1 ' . . 1 1. all v. EA..-:ak mf- ' ' f-fix 55? J .-if ff: Wig," X W ' i 2 1, , iris ,3d,di,a15f3,-gk. L . '1 5, Z X- rw Y N' '-S Q, -I glxlf, X ' "2"-A- sg., Q, gb. .- .' 'Qi to -1 who of ltd' behmd My my ' r 1979 Lair to thank those few 'me in the clinchea thanks go t my right hand man fo Knot to mention th patience fwhat's lel is attributed to Bruce II his guidance and undel my yearbook cd deepest appreciatio solely responsible fo involved in yearbook' fwhf him for that, I'll neve A. Whitmore fo photographic knowledge ani views about yearbod -you Bill, your helph? thanks are reserved for Thomas A. Medaglia, any Q.CrowJ who gave nil "Lair' M , n NM , mx V JL 5D VL my pb 1 Xu NF X EY ,fi ' .u xv I X Xu GX N51 WNMJQMJ ' A!V,lLL"3 g VJ VJLNM xXvV V 1 mv WM fu Q QU? U 9 Wx 4 f X XJ JT f M ff , fb V ff!! YM CTT J W9 XM 6 X V . Q f NJ N , f I .J 4 X A r 1 fr f, , J M 'H N 'JR p , A I 'J ,K 'Q , -fr' "QED D !,'.f U-5-LZL7 Yi KAY ,.-, -f H LL! i , , ff f x XKVV QT K N . A i 4 N f fQ f5 l fx,f1wN My Kyfjgdf rvbjwzfu 551 fn r x 7 1 ,WA 5 ' KW FL If ,Q f f J ,7 W5 ,f W W' fl gf Qi f In MA!! 1 A 1 J 'VM' L I fx, ff!!! Jwlf P ,W pf I ,MA if MD' rw wa -W ' ' , fy' 4, -1 J kj ff KJ ,ff Ii 1 1 AKAI! A1 JUL 'f L! M 'X if+,'JW' AE M N Ll fc if WL px 'XVXL I vwffqfff - f -L ' 7 ij! x ik I 6 V k A I7 4 W I 60 W V 910 Q4!6pM'W ' My JM jp WML M MW ,,QfJV'yJQ1jyJ f qi! X W! M JL Magi VW f f1,,.Qwg j l in 25,41 X 1 ZW F ' ,Z ff A X N N X N 5 1 ,,4, , xwx,X bx xx f ffff -7 k NK X NX X Uwws Nw f Q f 2 ' ff fP 'f ' 'f VFX W1 '+ , ff,, M W w 5 ' f ', Xa. W WY mx gff- , A V 'IAI Xl ffq Q7 SX f ff lairl Clarj n. A resting place or den, especially that of a wild animal: A Bruin.

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