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'xy O ,X Cijf C35 n ,MgZq QA A A by - N45 X W C xi Him 'Xa 4 N Sb Ts wig ' f ibn MQ QQ CTW R M CN A Y . Q AX P xii A Nix ' T3 TQ 2, ,mail AKQ MKG X O KJX ggim iq X Bum Jr cpm? 'W , 5? . ,, FN A --fi in U X I -' ,K YE. X Q? .X 5:1 AM I The Lafr 7973-74 Trevor Browne High School 7402 W. Cafafma Dr. . x yi ,s vu. Phoengbc, Arizona W r, of 'K 3 2' yi Q H M .P3?4-iff' Pqi New ez' TG Refreshing might be a word used to describe the in- dividuality of Trevor Browne. The open concept, just beginning at other high schools in the district, allows an air of freedom among students and faculty. Team teaching, block classes, and free periods are all part of the newness that Trevor Browne represents. The Com- munity School program attempts to tie the surrounding community into the curriculum through night classes and the planned park next to the school. Another "new" just this year is landscaping as shown on these two pages. Tall palms and green grass have trans- formed the front of the school from a would-be prison to a modern building. 5 sf H . Q 4 g' A0 cwaidw , TQ cwmx A Uf,W15 m?QC. To CQ J'NMLLf Q 1 Krug H 41' 'Q VT:-fLl75ii'YQ M33 L 4-jfddy C-dd! 0Kr"'Q ' ,Q Q VM om L X, - Q ' Q Q QQ My 401 Vwggww ' aw! if fgqfzcf FJ 4. aw 4 N bww 'M W A A Q1 W 1 250 -- ' ' MQ 40 C' 0 O0V xMCW'S SYQWA I0 CQQQQ ' iff 'xl ,A f' A! , -3. ,Y NX HCV u M o 5- ff QQ, , , +i:XW W Q 'ffkjf Vxffcfo ff X VW .- 4:52 -: ' T '3. -gg J 5 Av 6. ,S e I ,P y .9 JV Jef Q ,Ab X. 5 ,W Q vQs,fXMt QQ in 252129 .,.,, . , ,, , , ,.. 1 17 , - I W n 10 M JQ' T, TQQ 42 lik! X dw . .N Q Qfiswx RQ W J a i 2 ffm 0. Cm' CSU3' jf ifrzmwtf, jgifia Q Q'SLf1P ,X7l 5yQ4g5,iD DQ Oli? f is 'S 1 , , " f7'6"1f"'W'1fffy 6QZf1l,'Lg7f.I ls I -Q1 lQJ.CQg:H, - K1 ,fy ,iffy fig-A X X la? gg X Y 44f'fff" hm-D--M-had-- -T 1- A q A xx ww A Qrovvne. .. Activities .... Honors ..... 1 Organizations D Academics. . Faculty .... Classes .... Introduction .......... Sports ........ ..... Advertising .... ..... 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 4 Page 14 Page 28 Page 38 Page 76 Page 112 Page 126 Page 140 Page 200 Introduction-3 . . . landscaping Trevor G. Browne High School is oi of the newest and most modern hic schools in the Phoenix Union Systei The architects, Guirey, Srnka, Arnol and Sprinkle, designed the school resemble a ziggurat iBabylonian ter The auditorium consists of four Ie ture halls seating 200 students each the science department the stude work from laboratory units each servi two students. These are equipped wi a sink and outlets for gas and ele tricity. This department also includ . y .. , e . I . . . I . . . . . I c rr 4 ple.l r l faculty offices a dispensary stud project rooms and rooms for compu terminals The IIVIC in addition to t library contains a television stud production center for instructional ai audio-visual center, seminar roo conference rooms, journalism cent photography laboratories, for language instruction carrels and fices. 4-Introduction . . . architecture ,845 -we 'lbqhnhhm Browne has been organized using the "house plan." Three small houses each with an enrollment of approximately 800 students, are clustered around the instructional materials center. The classrooms in each house open into a large resource center in which the counselors', teachers', and house directors' offices are located. The walls are formed by moveable panels which allow the classrooms to be as large or small as desired. The open concept seems to be very flexible at Browne. Introduction-5 ..securf'ty... This year we have a security chief, Mr. Anderson, and four security guards, Jesse Martinez, Alex Gonzales, David Garcia and Joan Hoyt. Instant radio communications keep the security guards informed on what is happening throughout the school. Within the Phoenix Union High School System security guards have reduced nighttime burglary to over 851 across the district during the first three quarters of this year. 1-v Z' . t Y 6-Introduction ff' iff K f -' ' z ,LEP T r V V, LVVV i ,. V W . " FV" X. , - fi ' , 'A , M Zsffffft'-1' 593' ' 15" ..-...-4-qw-45 A recent book, Future Shock by Alvin Toffler poignantly captures some of the rapid changes that are occurring in our society and their serious implications for all human beings. Public education has not escaped this change. Our schools are becoming larger, more complex, and unfortunately more im- personal. We need to make efforts to per- sonalize education and help the student establish a home base within our schools- a place where he feels he belongs. The homeroom can become this home for students. Each student will have an op- portunity to relate to a significant adult and a group of significant students for the entire four years of high school. Student govern- ment, intramural competition, a big brother- big sister concept for new students, orien- tation program and other types of activities can be initiated through the homeroom period. The homeroom period can also provide some of the needed guidance and ad- ministrative services such as registration for next year's classes, schedule changes, college and scholarship information, career information and various other guidance func- tions. The more complex or individualized situations referred to the counselor assigned to that particular homeroom. Introduction-7 Trevor G. Browne is de- signed to be a community school. It is involved with the whole community. lt includes a required and optional school program. The required school program is only for students who are required to attend school and take classes required by the state. The op- tional program not only in- cludes high school students, but the residents of the entire community. An important part of com- munity school is the city park between Trevor G. Browne and Estrella Junior High. This is for the use of the entire com- munity, anytime day or night. Even though it will take seven years to be completed, it will include tennis courts, a baseball diamond, an archery range, swimming pool, lagoon and amphitheater, and a picknicking area. Completed so far are the tennis courts, baseball diamond, and the light fixtures. lVlr. Don Cline, Community School Director, and lVlr. Mike Whiting, Recreation Coor- dinator, have a joint respon- sibility for scheduling school and park facilities for after school activities. 8-Introduction .uconwnunhy school 2 f 1 l . 1 5 i l 1 wwf I-axon fl. time 'he f' +5 K , 3' V .-t.-t. L. .-.------ ----- - -5 A I atlf. -'qiff' 4 ,J Q .QHQBQ , M I Jay' J.. 1-,f'Qyf." .tffagvh T 1 ' .' c." . sv " 1 Tsai ' , 5,551-az ' 3+ J, gwtg. st 41 ima' A -T ' , 1 jet. F ,4 'fb ,:1.- ' . I qi. K. J., -.Sp?:n5l5Ly.,ad: -Ld, A ws, . , :lb M .V LEA' :Q ...t t,v7 ,-Hi' 1 Jn, ,S as Park site to be eompfeteo' 177 seven years H44 1' '- N- Community school is offered at all hours of the day and evenings, weekends and summers. Through surveys from the com- munity, the educational and recreational activities are determined. Some classes of- fered are karate, which includes a wide age groupg yogag and wig grooming. Others in- clude football fundamentals for womeng decoupageg folk guitarg and cake dec- oration. The first Girl's Club in the Maryvale-Phoenix area has classes offered at Trevor G. Browne and Borman Junior High. Some classes offered are crafts, rap sessions, auto mechanics, and judo. Introduction-9 Student participation in all phases of school activities is one of the goals of the Browne philosophy. Students who run their own store on campus, have a local broadcasting station, set up and participate in assemblies, intermurals, and student government are just a few of the areas where students are en- couraged to use their own ideas, initiative and creativity in producing a program for others to enjoy. The Cubby Hole is a good example of student achievement. Operated by students in D.E.C.A., the mini-store sells items like posters, records, books and jewelry. Q l . PNK, A 3 X 'ls 10-Introduction airftficipa wi n C, 0 ., Student ,M.m,.,..... The Electronics Club operates the school radio station and students are encouraged to bring favorite records and tapes to be played for the campus audience. inter-house competition in sports such as flag football, volleyball, basketball and other sports is com- pletely organized and operated by students. Student support has added humanities to the curriculum. This course encompasses history, phil- osophy and art. lVlr. Fred Hanley teaches both classes and students in- dicated approval for the offering. Yoga, a popular community school course, was requested by interested Browne students last year and the karate course was also requested by students who wanted to take the MW, COUFSB . Introduction- 11 12-Introduction 'Y Q - Yin M A L":-1-... t-JAM The 7'.G In a new school, with new students, there are some areas that are undiscovered to the uninitiated. An "unknown" to most students on campus are the inner workings of the boiler room. Here furnaces, air con- ditioning equipment and computerized temperature controls are installed. Water and sewer lines that regulate the school's very heartbeat are controlled from this building. The catwalk in the auditorium is another of the places that most Browne students do not get a chance to visit. This catwalk is used by drama and others requiring special lighting for the auditorium stage. Tunnels under the school that are used for electrical wiring and pipes is another of the "secret" places around Browne. l New at T.C3.B i i i ii Activities :V 8 .kd .pi Activities Assembfres Get Off to Slow Starz' Right: Pom-pon girls lead Bears in a rousing dance during one V of the after-school assemblies. Lower left: A candidate for of- fice gives his campaign pledges at an assembly. Lower right: Two thoughtful Bruins contemplate the candidate they will vote for at House elections. I l r Pep assemblies at Browne have been changed from after- school on a shortened schedule to voluntary assem- blies that are held after the regular school hours. Although this has a tendency of cutting down on attendance, most students still find the after- school assemblies ' enjoyable and entertaining. 16-Activities Q ---as M Energy Crisis Concerns Students it As you can see, Trevor Browne's faculty and students have been greatly concerned about the energy crisis. On Thursday, December 13, 1973, Browne held a "conserve oil" day. Everyone was encouraged to get to school any way that would not use precious gasoline. Students' and facultys' imaginations soared. Some rode horses, some walked on stilts, some rode bicycles, some walked, and others even rode skate boards. E RVE Di, xii - . TSV 1 G Ori l.. l Activities-17 CAST Nora Connie Jenkins Torvald Helmer Bruce Brown Mrs. Kristine Linde Pam Mosier Dr. Ftank Skip Chasey Nils Krogstad Eddie Brogan Helene the maid Lynn Carlson Anne-Marie the nursemaid Student director Sue Wysocki Director Barbi Finell 1 Joannie Jones 18-Activities . , .W ff:w?iQm,Millf'r W - - it is-1,ziiwwilill'i+"lWfJ-mpg M liniiiiiimiiillilg to i Ffrsz' Play Of The Yeer Greet Success Trevor Browne's first play of this year was "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen. Production was back in the 1600's about Nora Helmer struggling for equality for the female sex. Little brothers and sisters of the members of Thespians were used as the Helmer's children. This was the first play directed by Barbi Finell and it went well considering it was a pure drama. Activities- 1 9 Bench' Mike Dubois Pam Mosier Johnny Foster Donna Beatty Richard Remien Rope' Susan Wysocki Skip Chasey Chris White Bruce Brown "Paperwe gh! Connie Jenkins Eddie Brogan Larry Leker Laura Halajian 20-Activities 1 B N huunuwwv' Three For One The second production of the year were three one act comedies. They were "Three on a Bench," "Not Enough Rope," and "The People in the Glass Paperweight." "Three on a Bench" is the tale of two young sweethearts having an argument. "Not Enough Rope" is about how people in the world are selfish and simply don't care about others. "The Peo- ple in the Glass Paperweight" is about two people that are hiding from the world and how a visitor changed their lives. Each play had its own student director and Barbi Finell also directed this play. Chorus did excerpts from "Fiddler on the Roof" for their Valentine's Concert. The entire performing arts department worked on this production. Activities-21 The Browne campus was bless- ed this year with many fine ex- periences brought onto the cam- pus by visiting dignitaries of city and state-wide importance. Cultural, evaluative and learning experiences were possible through the cooperation of these people who gave their time and energy to teach Browne students something about the world outside the Browne campus. Right: The Honorable Governor, Jack Willams speaks before a group of Arizona Government students. Below.' City Councilman Gary Peter Klahr ad- dresses a group of Browne students in resource area. Below left: Judge Lorna Lockwood debates points of juvenile law with government students. Below right: Phoenix mayor John Driggs emphasizes point to Mr. Parish's class. rf. l I .JNA . 'h fra mmnn ,ns V Activities xf-xc' lsltors Ado' New Dimensions To Campus Top left: As part of the Career Week activities sponsored by the vocational division of the Phoenix Union High School District, Browne students got career information for many different vocations. Bottom Left: A new cultural experience for many was a dance lecture performed by the Metropolitan Dance Troupe. The lecture- demonstration introduced a brief history of modern dance. Below: Trevor Browne, left, namesake to the school, attends the opening dinner for the North Central Evaluation team. Below right: Unidentified speaker for American Airlines visits one of the business classes to give students an in- formal talk on the airline in- dustry. 'lllililrvooobisl Mwoclmooe Activities-23 i 4,!f'r'?,j M , f, Yi ivan... ,A 4 X 'I JMW' 'I H-,. :Vo V w JN ii M" mm .-fw"'+"'ii:wifiif w. .P i Above: Caroline Kent dressing like the 50's for school s irit. To Right' D P - Mark Ramsey rounding the bend in the tricycle race. Middle Right: Parnassus float homecoming night. Right: Who says girls don't have big mouths? 24 Activities K X N 1, 'IL K Bruins Romp Homecommg Week Tricycle races, cookie-eating, egg tosses, floats, human pyramids, strange fashions and many other novelties were exhibited Homecoming Week on the Browne campus. Student government organized Homecoming Week this year. They promoted contests between houses during fifth and sixth periods each day. House 2 triumphed in the interhouse competition. Friday night the culmination of activities in- cluded judging of floats that were built by clubs and organizations on campus, and half-time crowning ceremonies. Left: House two's human pyramid in the making. Below: Egg toss on Browne - very delicate operation -the yolk's on you! x M 'X Q. S, 4 hw Activities 25 'ew'-, Wi' Spirit Week Enlfvens Campus Below: during the Wednesday pep assembly, Varsity Cheers recruited eight boys from the audience and taught them a cheer. Bottom: Tom Reese shows his interpretation of the 50's look. Right: Monday students were to pick one of eight pairs of legs for the Mr. Lovely Legs contest. Below right: Friday Poms sported matching skirts and bobby socks. pun 26-Activities Zill- Left: Patty Madge models for Backward Day. Bottom left: Poms show off chorus girl style during Friday's pep assembly sponsored by Poms and Cheers. Below: Pat Perez an- nounces Josie Rodriguez as Miss Persuasion. Ill M N ""--an -... ,,,,...vw , . January 21-25 Student Government sponsored Spirit Week. The Mr. Lovely Legs con- test began the week. Students were to put money in the box ' under the picture of the prettiest legs. Coach Zamboni was an- nounced Mr. Lovely Legs. Tues- day the Miss Persuasion contest kept many girls frustrated. The girls were supposed to per- suade the boys to talk to them and if successful, the girl took the boy's tag. The girl with the most tags, Josie Flodriquez, became Miss Persuasion. On Thursday, Backward Day, everything was supposed to be backward-clothes and behavior. Time was turned back twenty years on Friday. l Students dressed in 50's and attended a Nifty 50's dance Fri- S S , ...,. - .W ..... . day night. Activities-27 f X . A V 2 rw-Nm' J f m N 'rw' w W'-fr V TW,-,, M1fWx.wvwiwwm.arx.g,Ww Q .JE N , M M .5 ""s! ' .J ' X ,v w 1 . . K 'M ' . 1 v 'X 1 ' .J , Y . . :Rim W ,I , .E .A . ,fa , ww" 'Of- 1 X If - .f fx If Q ' '5?L QLM ,1i ' .5 ,Mg 3. f' 'ME V. '-V MI. ,W H ,- fav 4 , xc. ,LQ F , v X .wan ...Honors Honorse 2.9 Homooommg Hoyalty ,Z,A ' I 7. V, K .. A V ' Qlggf Y K if ,lil H x-43:1 . ' 1 N 1. I Q! 'vw - mfr 'f m as I 'Q w ,Z m f , , ' is Tk . A X V ' kg ' o A A 4,'l ' A m .dfrfff Q 'sk Q5 f ,L ,"' Y . I , 2 V , m ' 2 ' A r, ,Jag L M ,4 Q of In ' X Q43 o I ,, , , Ki I Ouoon...Daroy Romero John Vaoarro...Kmg 3Q7Homecoming Royalty 5,1 3. I Thrrls McCormick Paz' Perez Mary Sammons Byron Flanders 5 a t 3 r l 5 Xixxokkr gr M X Peo? f' Z-am 52 glifri Bob Jonas Sue Tagalaskfs Chris Donahue Lisa Figueroa 4 Homecomino Rovaltv-42 -ww 'WIMW ,FQ ,' grx f Q ,kay 5 'f 'i :Leaf y, W A "-W Q .N 'S-D' M 11 'N' f . M 2, W' :tug xi ggi I P 'JL n,,, 54 W 'M f M N. Q Was' . a -w MM WMM ' ' M 'F M- . 'Wx ' ' jvwa 1 i iw Y h gg: Xl.n.:1-wa. f 5 , Chr! SZ7776-78 R oodm A Gibbs Connors agalakis afty Top Five Percent- Seniors , fb? O 34-Honors if Row 1: Cynthia Marler, Mary Ann Haws, Nancy Sayre, Nancy Larson. Row 2: Gary Coldiron, Dale Weckbacker, Rosene Glenn, Art Diaz. Row 3: Sue Tagalakis, Kevin Carver, Jim Nader, Carl Nakazawa. .av A MMT? iafii 1 f FT?-' Jiww jwugv , W, T., Q ,if I 1 :M n w ' 7? Q: nw , Kagtwt - .nw w J WW? Q .mm 2 2 .QU 'iv , Q ,f ' rw M ,N My fy., - sp X wan w5v g 5' 9 A 1 i nm., sf,-M 'F 1 The Best of the.. Netfone! Honor Society National Honor Society-Row 1: Debbie Cornell, Rosalie Banasiak, Nancy Sayre, Nancy Duvall, Danna Jarvis. How 2: Mr. Woods, Byron Flanders, William Barton, Bruce Brown, Kathleen Steiner, and Mr. Sacco. lli wwf! Pernessu ' l 1 A NL K! Parnassus-Row 1: Nancy Sayre, Nancy Duvall, Lisa Watts, Rhonda Hickman, Debbie Mclntyre, Lisa Scheid. Row 2: Suzan Warner, Eleanor Swelkart, Debbie Cornell, Jill Barney, Rosalie Banasiak, Patrick Whipps, Monica Scheid, Jean Steele, Dale Blankenship, Bruce Brown, Katherine Fowl, Rick Wezdenko, and Mark Gershman, Mrs. Judy Bogdanov, sponsor. 36-Honors Best ! , 424-Q . E Mlm!!-,Jo ' fi W' l 'sf All-S tate All-State, Painters, Above left: Lucy Renner, Anne Major, Donna Beatty, and Florine Jones. Sculptors, Middle right: Johnna Forgey, Margie Joy, and Karina Russell. Potters, lNot Shownlz Fred Valenzuela, and Rosalie Banasiak. Middle and bottom left: Donna Beatty and Johnna Forgey are hard at work doing their art projects. "'1".Y':au' Suzy Morgan-Violin. Pete Christofolo-Football. Honors-37 -Z' ws., ir W siswflfj 4 1- V ,W W ,. ,, , is XV B IS llllll 4 . 'du MMWQ I f Mmm K N M MM M' mmf 1 -ve"""' ' V M W ...E 5. MM' W .M .A . ,Y ...Sports Spdns-39 Cross Country - First Row: fleh' to rightl Sam Rector, Craig Cushman, John Clark, Paul Winton, Charles Lamb, Doug Roberts, Jim Sanders, Tony Davis, and Ricky Wezdenko. Back Row: Bill Steele, Doug Cochran, Dirk Ftommeswinkel, Jim Kirkpatrick, Coach Brown, Neil Skousen, Bruce Schumacher, David Thompson, John Foster, and Byron Flanders. Fifth out of 40 - Sports Above right: team starts everyday with exercise- Above left: waiting for the bus to go to a meet. ' a l ,,, 1 .b ,yn 1 : 3: A .A I J,,s....4, 'E ' I , N i A ' W' 3t....'- Y ?"3i':u... 'Si 3 I E25 1 3: ffii f' - Q Q lv ,, , . My l gk ,W A 4 VW LN W K Mk, , ., I -gi My-Q54 y v A M4 S v vi 1 b .R , 2 . ,AAI Q, 3 Q , J 4 . 1 ' 'r 5 Q 4 '- f it 0 Q t ' ',.,..- .- i,,.-,-9,W m,,..,, ' , ,,,,,, 7 W A V, '4...V?:f . 2-d ff - A ,,,,,.,. -3.7 2, if f gm'-for-1 fs M- " " iaf ""'ff- A ..-' - .W '1 .-V Q ,I , . Q, fh " '-:UN 'QI' 4'L A . .L-.. :V -'Y - 573. 'vi , L. 1' 1, an ' 'S-"Mi -M-gfgg A r- W- Li-wfi'f'f1'3', ' M ,,,""f f r.,'--Eff 'i Yi-'i 'f' 'ii' ' , if' 'As 4 ,tie VX V ' ,:'Z,.i-my ' A ,gpg , Af- . AJ Siva' 1 f-TEC, , it',rf.fx':s:f:fs,fJtKf1-stir-'15f?mMQt?n1f1u?irii' wsiiiiitf Varsity Cross Country 39 Marcos DeNiza 18 49 Glendale 15 50 South Mountain 15 70 North 1 5 70 Apollo 42 30 Maryvale 25 47 Alhambra 16 44 Phoenix Union 17 20 West 36 31 Camelback 24 23 Carl Hayden 32 the running. . . Strength and endurance are the keys in this year's cross country team. Up and down hills, along canal banks, through the desert and even just around the campus the boys run to prepare for this year's fall season. This year's leading runner is Kirk Flommeswinkel with Bill Steele, second, and Byron Flanders, third. ln this year's division finals, the team was fifth and in the state finals, they placed twentieth. lf you were looking at the score box, the lower wins in cross country running. Coach Brown taught the team this year and put in many hours late into the evening during the season. . l i ' l ' S - A Q .J--v . - .. g X 'A "' I V W V N 1 ,. A." "'k S A. -., , s , L' X 'Z , , sw nj W , ' Q, ,,1 ...V J ufkf' LZ Mn . lla! 3 VV fs S' vin-V .ar f- - S V- V , M .. -. , 1 aj , Q , Ag: ,V b v we a - , '.,..,,.ft' -if 'E-,,,..f-..f. 44.4 S, ' . A VV ,gg I li -f ti i ek, ,.,.,,,,,f , r.. V 1 A - r f " "" vw' V V ' , .- 4' ,,,, ,,, - - . -I 1 -' . V a ua VV 3 , .5 r . xg ELK Q , p, I, - VA I Q I .,, . pi 'I A 1 , J T ' :Liars Z K q . K Y J- . v' , J , .I , - . ' -, K Y Y A . - . " ' A -fs sg'-tlffi I ,I .4 5 ' f' X l " " I-flfw 'W :""',,..,... ..... , . 'V Q ' - ' - ., tis . -Hail. f . 'L "tw 1 fi f .. V- "' " 'Q' - 2 Jfw++"j2.'-gigs Q, - ' ' . I mf? '-"' 'Y':!":'W"fffff-iii, , ' f . -' -. if - .- ,sat-rg ..p s.g', '-'i2+H.,1.7mf,"2, ::V- wg., r -1 , - V-', -- vs 5 19T2k1if3t7'ffra'Wf'Q,'W-f',fif ?'f Iffihff S' Qfiff . ful i ,V Q , ..V s Above: Bruce Schumacher strains for finish line. Above left: mark . . . get set . . . go- Left: Bill Steele and John Clark running on makeshift track behind Browne. Sports -- 4 You Can? Stop 42 Sp 1 , 1 ,xx i ,x 311' at 25 ne 1,.,..':,. arg-1+ x x N , , 2 Q aj 5 ' ff 5 i The Bram Machine! iw Trevor Browne's Small Slie Tells ln Fmel Record Bruins '.G.B. O 22 23 ".G.B. 7 '.G.B. 7 .G.B. .G.B. .G.B. 7 13 ".G.B. O 16 26 '.G.B. .G.B. .G.B. Below: Varsity Football Team First row: Rob Lincoln, Mike Gibbs, Ronnie Jones, Bob Jones, David Steele, Steve Ran- dolph, John Southland, Boyd Connor, Pete Christofolo, Gary Rodgers, Greg Bolan, Mike Kusche, Darrel Goodin, 5 1 t,'j.ix,g',gg it ' 1' if Opponents Marcos DeNiza 40 Thunderbird 15 South 29 North 23 Maryvale 8 Phoenix Union 14 Alhambra 25 Camelback 28 19 26 Carl Hayden West Mike DuBois, Carl Nix, Keith Kirland, Second row: Ben Watts, Mike Frye, Joe Padilla, Tim Tinsley, Greg LeBoeuf, Mike Perez, Don Parks, Chris Donahue, Rick Franke f . 1 1 ' w l A . li , ' 1 i li i it 1 Q li ill lr A ., . ,Q ' " , :M ' Q., tmf ' M 3'i 2' , , , ,, A , . ,, ' ' , f, . . V 1. - .Wy f.,., ' X QQ: ' 'H"'tAe," -, . - "MA vw- v j 1 'r ' Q -. W- ,M ,WNW 4 - , ka if , 4, um at ,. 5 ' iw t, 4-iam y J4a"fif.?4t is . . 4 st - Above: Bruins strive for pass receptio Maryvale game. Browne went down to d in a very close contest of 7-8. J , i 1 v , fl ' ' , ,'li ,. ,, gi i I ' ' 2 l, gs Ldft wi-N S 4 A time are about to burst through spirit sign. Trevor. Browne cheerleaders and pompons whip it up as bove: Trevor Browne defensive man moves in on opponent for nother snap playg Fright: Sexy casts of the Trevor Browne ounded are revealed as one cause of the less-than-exciting rowne record. Trevor Browne lost their season opener to a sur- prisingly strong Marcos de Niza team. The Bruins were unprepared for the shattering 40-O score. Browne won their first game of the season when they challenged the Chiefs of Thunderbird and easily romped over them 22-15. The South Mountain Rebels ground down a stubborn Bruin team in the last seconds of the final quarter, 29-23. Top-Ten rated North High handed the Bruins a 23-7 score. Bivalry between lVlaryvale and Browne reached fever pitch with the bitter clash on the gridiron that found Nlaryvale winning with a two point con- version and an 8-7 score at the end of the fourth quarter. wif Amd. ,- -.wt W mf., pw MW' if ff 'Ju Above: Between yells, Trevor Browne cheerleaders contemplate the Browne offensive attack in a close game. Below: Coach Mitton works on winning an argument with the referee. Right: Trevor Browne scores once more. 46 - Sports The Bruins shock Phoenix Union with a tenacious defense that holds P.U. to 14 points. Final score is 14-7. Alhambra scores early and goes on to defeat Browne 25-13. Looking ahead to Homecoming didn't help the Bruins as Camelback hands them a 28-0 loss. Injury-ridden Browne fights valiantly at the Homecoming game against Carl Hayden, but are given a 19-16 defeat after a tough struggle. Carl Hayden gains revenge for their homecoming defeat last year. Trevor and West battle down to the wire in an exciting contest that ended with a close 27-26 score. The lack of a field goal kicker hampered the Bruin effort. W Mike Perez shows his kicking style while executing a field goal attempt in a football game. reshman A football team Left to Flight: First row - J. Brown, . Hockabout, T. Newman, G. Lippig, Coach Tucker, Coach ancey, Coach Castell, Second row--T. Durham, E. Beatty, K. ilkinson, J. Dybas, F. Valora, S. Malernee, C. Hillman, D. allrad, Zedekg Third row - Fl. Gibbs, D. Donahue, K. Johns, B football team Left to Right: First row- L. Sierras, Connorst, Cushman, E. Wall, Nl. Taylor, B. L. D. McClusky, Gordon, L. Kapitan, J. Connor, Second row- J. Mendoza, J. , M. Kinnie, K. Newton, L. Agnew, B. Linde, D. Rognholt, J. Calkins, D. Baylor, Third row - D. Tracy, D. Blount, G. Maver, V. Taylor, F. Yberra, B. Wezdenko, T. Flyan, J. Can- delaris, B. Hagen, Wysocki. G. Todd, J. Surette, Helmuth, J. Boling, M. Finklestein, S. McGee, Fourth row - M. Schriver tmanagerj, R. Fleinbolt, K. Olson, K. Bell, T. Olivares, T. Basham, F. Keller, Fl. Dunham, S. Evans. M-my 954.93273 Freshman "B" football team or the lightweights as they are called, put out a fine effort this season although showing up with a final 2-9 record. Dave Tracey played first-string quarterback. Mitch Bycura was the outstanding player on the squad, according to coach Zamboni. Coach Zamboni predicts that the team will improve greatly for next year. i i i I l inns.. 48 - Sports Badminton is in the Svvihg Sedera Peterman was this year's leading player on Trevor G. Browne's Badminton Team. Although the team lost the majority of it's games, they ranked fifty in singles and eleventh in doubles in state. Ms. Mary Jane Bird taught the team. The team really learned from her and she said she enjoyed coaching them. First row: Jacque Fiuehle, Dawn Olson. Second row: Debbie Belisle, Rhonda Tysor, Gail Hebner, Yolanda Olivas, Leda Reinhardt, Ms. Mary Jane Bird. Third row: Kathy McCloe, Sue Gregoire, Jennifer Jar- vis, Jill Brooks, Paula Pyne, Sedera Peter- man, Pam Pyne, Patti Madge. - df rf. Above left: Sedera Peterman the teams leading player. Above middle: Patti Madge waiting for the return. Above right: Jacque Fluehle practicing the serve. Left: Team members watching Coach Mary Jane Bird. Sports - 49 Frosh Promise Good Future Above-Row 1: Michael Meek, Danny Trasente, John McCormick, Todd Cushman, Mark Bouley, Steve Love. Row 2: David Pool, manager, Luise Ross, Richard Tichy, William Lindhe, Dave Durocher, Ricky Hart, Richard Branson, James Johnson. Row 3: Rick Delaney, Mark Allinger, Allen Frank, John Quijada, Marty Finkelstein, John Brown and Mike Kinney. 34 Above left: Richard Tichy, 34, crashes with a South Mountain player. Above right: Casey Smith, 35, and Rob Will, 34, rebounding South. Right: John McCormick, 35, takes a high jump at a clear shot at the basket. 50-Sports U With a won-loss record of 9-7, the freshman basketball team is very "youthful" according to coach Gary Taylor. Although young, by most standards, the team continued to im- prove throughout the year. Fine spirit and good leadership made the difference according to the coach. This was especially evident during the triumphant victory over Maryvale 45-40. Individual success stories for the Orange and Brown teams include a mention of Jim Tooms for the break- ing of the freshman school record for scoring at 216 points. Dennis Hockabout is also outstanding this year for his 178 rebound plays. citing game. Above left: Danny Trasente rebounds the ball right out of the grasp of two South Mountain players. Above: Jim Tooms plays hard-to-get during an ex- Left: Freshman Basketball Team-Row 1: Kenny Olson, Robert Will, Jim Tooms, Randy Rainbolt, John Thomp- son. Row 2: Jim Calkins, John Laird, Jeffrey Connor, David Baylor, Clayton Taylor, Dennis Hockabout. Row 3: Coach Garry Taylor, Stephen Garday, Mike Trujillo, George Maurer, Craig Hillman and Casey Smith. Below left: Mitch Meek shows good dribbling form during home game. Below right: Jeff Connor, number 43, and Dennis Hockabout, number 31, vie for a loose ball. Sports-51 y J. V. 'S Play Work Hard ? Above left: Jim Brown is seen guarding his South Mountain opponent in this picture. Above middle: Junior Varsity player, Jim Ash- worth leaps into the air for a loose ball. Above right: Jim Calkins shows an energetic layup in this picture. Junior Varsity Basketball Team - Row 1: Jim Ash- worth, Mike Shumacher, Brian McCusker, Rick Coffman, Tom Klever, Darrel Gow. Flow 2: Ronnie Brooks, Ben Watts, John Haggard, Tom Donithan, Dan Bergman, and Coach Ken Ashley. 52-Sports E l i l SS i'f:i'i ,M rr i text fx Spfrfz' ls Success lvitiililiwi- wt' ,M -ty ..,, :-. ., , ,, ' lllllliiwifiiillffl-itll't1i..1t'll' .f W " -!-- it t, NWNW ,Q ,. ,- l W W ll ii? iilqllt,4ia?7iilg u 1 W: wl,v,,t,t,,, . , , , , WN WW.: M...M.......,,.,,, W. . n. w""Ri' -Sk A 'ik ,Q W5 " . Q ,, 4, I ' .f 4V"""l1nne f -' ' . VV j 411 ... 1 "T g ' M-gy, A ,W J" M ,lf ', , - 1 f K . H . . ss- f ... Ml . ,,, l "T" J kt' , lu I .-MMWW. WM..W,,.mm , im H ,.....a '45 .N Above: Rick Watts and unidentified East High Longhorn vie for the ball in a jump shot. In that game Boyd Connors scored 11 points and Watts, 10. East was later in the state championship finals. Varsity Basketball Team-Row 1: G. Magnus, A. Hawthorne, R. Franke, M. Martinez, D. Kohlstorf, J. Southland, C.J. Sells, C. Nix, and J. Elwood. Row 2.' C. Freitag, L. Jones, R. Watts, D. Jones, B. Connors, J. Urick, and Coach Hahn. Despite the dismal statistics of 3-7 for league play and 8-11 for overall play, this year's varsity basketball team has many commendable assets. Going into the state semi-finals in a tie for fourth, Coach Jerry Hahn proudly pointed out that at the beginning of the year, Browne was predicted to be last in AAA competition. "As far as we are concerned, for a second year school we are very successful. We're not satisfied, of course, but we've got tremendous team spirit. The reason we feel successful is that the team plays well together. All 12 kids in their own way have been responsible for success. lf not in the games, then in practice." Outstanding players this year include Boyd Connors and Rick Watts. Citing the example he remembers best, Hahn explains how Boyd Connors sprained his ankle the day before the North game and Brian McCusker made his first varsity game appearance. He made 13 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists and played a tremendous game. He played a fine game for a seasoned player and in a game when the team was slated as the underdog, even without the high-point player, the game was won. This year's junior varsity coach is Ken Ashley and Freshman coaches are Gary Taylor and Jimmy Johnson. Sports 53 Spf!!! High for Maryvafe Match Above left: Toilet paper and shredded scraps are recycled on the Browne campus to help Bruins remember the day of the Maryvale basketball game. The rival school was guilty of the papering deed. Above right: Bruins scramble under the basket after trying to sink a shot in the game against Central. The Bruins upset Central 49-47 when Central was ranked 10th in the state. Right: Rick Watts sinks another shot. Rick ended the season the leader in points. He scored 31 points against Chaparral. 54 -Sports iw t , it , , x, W ,z..,.,., ,.,, , im, i -',.,.,.-........--- gm.. is . 1 1 3 B-4 rul- -- ,IQ -. W1 - . , .. i.,-,aw-2f1fw"' I"f -, -l , , "W i" 'l'mlwi."ii. ,wltwif,fl..l- ' si' Mfr:-.. mul, -f",,ii 2-lr V .ur 1 N -. qt' '. Above left: Rick Watts vies for the basketball in the game against East High. Above right: Rick Watts, jumping, Doug Jones bat the ball around a little. Below left: Rick Watts and Carl Nix, number 35, vie for the ball against the Central High Bobcats. Below right: Jerry Urick, left, and Carl Nix, 35, watch as Rick Watts jumps for the ball. , 1 H. if r l gi l 1 t N 1, r 1 , 1 v A 1. Ll 49 5X ,ini mn, ,...A java-1 0 i J' f -5 il vw '14 '1 l gg '1 . 3' 'fi I. qw .L li, 'N or P ,tg it 235 if if ' 4. I ii Q' 14M ,ga ...msuw -fs' .. ,V Hn yu . .-.f 1? ff if Q Sports-55 Above left: Paul Whit- son, sophomore, demonstrates the referee's position in the second round of a match. Above: Forrest Valora, freshman, wrestles his opponent to the mat. Above right: Ron Whitmore, freshman, tries for a pin in a match with Peoria. Junior Varsity Wrestling: - Row 1: Doug Howe, Keith Johns, Tim Olivares, Don Fiognholt, Bill Griffin. Row 2: John Surrett, Tom Cozens, Ken Bell, Terry Basham, Kevin Foster. Row 3: Forrest Valora, Steve Mallernee, Steve Evans, and Tom Olivares. 56-Sports Wrestlers Prove Amazing Agility N , 6 ' , .J 'llnnn Wrestlfhg C lose-ups ., in-N ,Q-' Above left: Darrel Goodin, senior, does an acrobatic aerial as his opponent upends him. Above right: Paul Whitson shown cradl- ing his opponent in the divisional tourna- ment. Middle: Darrel Goodin tries a pancake hold on his slippery opponent in this shot. Below left: Scott Armand demonstrates the half-nelson on a willing subject. Sports-57 Above left: Nick Vakula has a death grip hold on his opponent. Top right: Nick Vakula shows the opening stance at the beginning of a wrestl- ing match. Middle right: Scott Ar- mand takes his opponent down, but the slippery fellow makes an escape. Right-Varsity Team--Row 1: Nick Vakula, Scott Johnson, Roger Gregoire, Scott Armand, George Snodgrass, and Ronnie Whitmore. Row 2: Greg Bolen, Darrell Goodin, Joe Dybas, Jim Whitson, Craig Smith, Steve Vakula, and Paul Whit- son. 58-Sports ,.,.s,-asb4 P"ea 1 Wrestlers C ontort Lllce ,,,,E y l i - QE ,. we .2 W' w.3:t'Ptim V, new V A ' -.nie . . i... 1 -it W... WW, Mml... ..,.....w X l.l....l l......-na-1-n-u Pretzels Four consecutive pins against Central High is the rnost memorable experience varsity wrestlers give for the '74 season. RogerGregoHe,ScoHJohnson Nick Vakula and Steve Vakula all pmned thmr opponmns Hlthe Central match. This was the most outstanding performance during this year's 3-7 wrestling season. Darrel Goodin in the 188 pound category placed 2nd in the Divisionals. Above left: Paul Whitson "stacks" his opponent. Above middle.' George Snodgrass is seen cradling his oppo- nent. 1 Above left: Referee calls equal position tno one has controll on Nick Vakula, on top. Bottom left: Two unidentified varsity wrestlers are tied up at beginning of a match. Above: Ron Whitmore wins his match against Peoria. Sports-59 Women 'S Lib Strikes! Below: Laura Sam- . I , mons. Bottom: Cindy B Franke. Right: Cindy : McFarlane. Bottom right: Sandy Foster. 60-Sports x, v Below: Peggy Turrentine. Bottom: Cheryl Mallernee. Below right: Sue Tagalakis. Bot- tom right-Row 1: Shelli McFarlane, Peggy Turrentine, Cindy McFarlane, Tracy LelVlieux, Karen Cunningham. Row 2: Sue Tagalakis, Jackie Williams, Becky Soren- son, Cindy Franke, Gail Ritchey, Laura Sam- mons. gl S. S 't . Up to now, girls' sports have not had equal representation. A separate but equal girls interscholastic program in the Phoenix Union High School District has been set up. Provided there is a coach and sufficient interest, several sports will be phased into the program. ln the district badminton, tennis, golf, gymnastics, archery and swimming are now offered. Eventually there will be field hockey, softball, basketball, cross country, track and field and volleyball. This means separate inter-school competition state-wide for both boys and girls. Girls will be able to earn awards and recognition for their sports ability. l --,K Sports 61 i 3 Q -' , luv-my-X.-lsls ,,,, N-,r:,::l,.llgg,3 nL22"Ffc' ':n:lLg1'ggl,jQi , 5. U is I v 5 I f. :Q 5 F' 'M Pg 5. in L. gf . 3 X , 3' ' , . ..--..,.----- . - - F . ' Y li' w fra 'Fflw.KM , ' IQ I S N -,Exim E 1 Al l nfl A ' ., ' '- -W" i M . W1 'ifrml ,, .X-v 5 ,.: 2 A, .M ,lr ll A.: r a : 29- lr?-fx l. . X mn. ' S,"w'-ll., " '.".x..,:n 4- ' - it ,Q-.'l,x,x f ' f 'fl' rxfw l lSw,-l,wr,1W,7l.5-arg 3, ' .arrmrmr-A M H X- , ,X AJ--. X .xr-'-N V 1 1 xN'4f:mf-fa ,xpwgfs -AX QX 5,,N.v,Um A , , X., "W: -W ,nf T33'3W-"J- '3'-Y W Y1 '- 1 3.XY'CfT"if'fij:jg:pffffwngf.. la, , l..., V W. V, ' Q! ll" Lv.sfqQ,l ,gw wl r i 'T Q- X' f' Ks-ixieaif-3' AJR - fr lr.l,r1+l:+:.fl:,1ll1,'1'l3-lg-flggglv 15"-ukAwfawarixlll' iii. 1 Migfwfmw WF 'Q-WT'iK3'-g.5'5.S" 'f.?"'14 fQ, ' 'lsiga .V 'w'NM5,,W.:f32. . N igx H at , AQ. A g gi, K , 'fP""""- , 'H rw: ,,vl M 'A V, af l f of if l l if M . f "Lv ll .wx if -, is FQ? ml Left: Craig Hagerman. Below left: Brian Cail. Below-Varsity Tennis-Row 1: Brian Call, Kevin Carver, Kel Whlsner. Row 2: Gary Clap- per, Nick Sancho, John McGrath, Gary Dukarich. Not pictured: Craig Hagerman. Bot- tom: Kel Whisner. V l js. s K AA ...w......v-H , ,.,,,..,.-M' ' ,,....-.vvf"" .Q J gg v AMS!! si! 62-Sports -. N7 . +0131 Future Pros Possibility ,Wm i is Bottom left: Vicki Blackwell concen- trates on her swing with encourage- ment from her "caddy." Below: Gail Wargo looks down the fairway to see where the ball went. Below middle: Cheryl Perrigo concentrates on lining up a putt. 'wr i,,,.-f,-,- f M Below: Mrs. Matthews, girls' golf team sponsor, strides across a green to give support to the girls in an afternoon round of golf. Below right-Girls' Golf Team-Row 1.' Gail Wargo, Cheryl Perrigo, Mrs. Matthews, and Nancy Sayre. Row 2: Caren Navallo, Vickie Blackwell. . ,W -,N ily .Q is rt t-:Wing :jlflflyg i,ue'::y?mM i 5 4425 3. S 11 Y li '-1 7"'li7,'f'5l'5'i ' me -iff ' Hieitlfis-1:11 gig. "2 j - ses ' - ' . 4:3 sf 64-Sports - . ' .1 '75 l :.' ' .1 f. ."-.5 ' ', A Alf" i' 3 . ff . . - mr- -B , , 5' - ' lg-j. l, ',,, . '. 1-A -5- - f' fx - ' .Q v"r' , K 1 t L v . . 5 Q 15 U - A V ": ,ui A l WW :Ji NW 6 'i v fl. , J in at-Mile? qv , W if" , Boys' Golf Above Per I I ,Wm 5 t. Q . Mt tt. g 'M t t 'li 1 Top left: Bob Blanton lines up a putt on a chilly January morning. Bottom left: Kevin Blaich smiles before putting ball into the little hole. Top middle: Art Diaz prac- tices near a water trap. Bottom right-Boys' Golf Team-Row 1: Art Diaz, Frank Dybas, Tony Staslk. Row 2.' Coach Casteel, Kevin Blaich, Keith Kirkland, and Bob Blanton. Spons-65 J. V. 's Have Enthusiasm Above left: Charles Tucker expectantly waits for a pop fly. Above right: Here he leaps high to catch a fly ball. Below right: Robert Will prepares for a grounder. Junior Varsity Baseball Team-Row 1: Bill Wiede, Steve Barton, Art Ramirez, Mike Cook, Tony Olivarez, Mike Mahoney. Row 2: Eugene Mullenlx, Tim Durham, Rick Cauff- man, Paul Whitson, Charles Tucker, Ruben Moreno. Flow 3: Wayne Marcus, Mitchell Heintz, Mike Schumacher, Jim Whitson, David DePue, Ray Delaney, Dan Bergman and Coach Garry Taylor. L B ,f"' ,me X! , . V .Nix 66-Spons Good Fielding Helps Brum Defense Coach Garry Taylor predicts a very suc- cesshn seasonforthe huuorvarsny basebaH team. With a 2-0 win, loss record at the beghwung ofthe yeah Tawor opUnnsHcaHy predicts that the team's "fine fielding led by Tim Durham and our hitting should eventually come around," will lead the Bruins to many more victories. H Dan Bergman, C.J. Sells and Steve Barton will lead the offensive attack with the prophecy that they should win 12 to 14 games this season, according to the coach. Left: Rick Cauffman tosses a ball to Coach Taylor in warm-up for practice game. Sports-67 Varsity Baseball , Team-Row 7: Fred Cano, Ron Jones, Gary Eslinger, Tim Tinsley, Pete Christofolo, John Southland, Art Carpenter. Row 2: John Quijada, Pat Whipps, Carl Nix, Garald Naglehout, Greg LeBoeuf, Phil Stika. Row 3: Coach Ken Ashley, Doug Howe, T Flobin Tschilar, Gary t Hammond, Boyd Conner, Greg LeMieux, Rob Lincoln. 5 Below left: Greg LeBeouf, catcher, prepares for a high ball. Below middle: Tim Tinsley, pitcher, puts effort into pitch. Below right: Phil Stika, second base, tries a steal. 68-Sports ,,,, 'X I' ie i. xl M 0 ' Varsity Faces Tough Year With Only Two Senlors T-Q' Left: ,. Above left: Art Carpenter and Fred Cano, student managers, br- ing out equipment for practice. Above right: Catcher Greg LeBeouf, and hitter Flob Tschilar, prepare for the next pitch. Below left: Rob Tschilar and Greg LeBeouf finish the hit. With only two senior starters and seven un- derclassmen, this year's varsity baseball team has a tough schedule of 18 games. Three losses at the beginning of the season make it doubtful that the team will reach the tourna- ment play-offs at the end of the season. Players on this year's roster include: Catchers--Greg LeBeouf, Doug Howe, Greg LeMieux. Pitcher-Rob Lincoln. Managers-Art Carpenter, Fred Cano. 1st base-Carl Nix and Garry Hammond. 2nd base-Phil Stika, Pat Whipps. Shortstop-Boyd Conner, Tim Tinsley. 3rd base-Gary Eslinger. Outfield-Pete Christofolo, Ron Jones, Johnny Quijada, Garald Nagelhout, John Southland and Rob Tschilar. Pat Whipps, runner, and Carl Nix, playing first base. Freshman Baseball Team - Row 1: David Koksaka, Alan Frank, Luis Ross, Jeff Connor, George Maurer, Latricia Todd, Craig Pippin, John Laird, Steve Mann, Rick Fran- cisco. Flow 2: Sam Volrich, Roger Beckett, Robert Coldwell, Robin Gibbs, Terry Basham, Tim Olivares, Danny McClusky, and Eddy Helmuth. Row 3: Craig Hillman, Mit- chell Meek, Robert Will, Marty Finkel- stein, John McCor- mick, Steve Maller- nee, Kenneth Bell, Forrest Valora, Keith Johns and Coach Roger Williams. l. .K F i i 70-Sports we -la- Above left: Mitch Meek gets into position to catch a grounder. Middle: Robert Will shows the proper release position. Right: Robert Will begins his windup for a throw. Botton right: Steve Mallernee expresses determina- tion during practice. Bruin Thinciads Show Their Stuff :Nt sflx i- X. -.lg XM., F L W l ww, v, i. iv ,V- ,, 1 W-,. Q . 4 warg, - - 1 film . .,t ra- uv nvmimh. . Q-4' -, ' . . - i L wgmi 1 .'f.4'5-Y. - , H.-.t. . -3.-luv vw... M ..... --.4 i- ' ' Q ' ,. " . 'f-JV? D . ' -M'.- Y - ' 45. . ,. , -u""i ' az,-it ' W..-f f.'a.f" Above left: Doug Cochran runs across the tape. Above middle: German ex- change student Uwe Weihert puts some muscle into the shot put. Above right: Greg Bolen runs the hurdles against West. Varsity Track Team - Row 1: Mike Johnson, Dave Marella, Dan Watkins, Byron Flanders, John Clark, Bill Steele, Mike Abraham, manager. Row 2: Tim Barnett, manager, Uwe Weihert, Greg Bolen, Mike Frye, Doug Cochran, Tony Piz- zuto, Jim Sanders, Dirk Rommeswinkel. Row 3: Craig Cushman, David Steele, Mike Kusche, Craig Smith, David Fisher, Bruce Schumacher, Coach Brown. Not pictured: Mike Gibbs, Glen Counts, Richard Watts, Mitch New- some. Sports-71 With the track season just beginning as the yearbook is being finished, it is difficult to predict how well the track season will succeed. Coach Brown, varsity track coach, feels the chances for success are better than average. Facing a difficult task without adequate track facilities, Brown cites the following youngsters as showing great promise for the '74 season: Mike Johnson - sprintsg Mike Frye - hurdlesg Dirk Rommeswinkel - mile and 2 mile runsg Jim Sanders - pole vaultg Mike Gibbs - shot putg Mike Kusche - discusg Doug Cochran - middle dis- tanceg and Craig Smith - long jump. Right: Glenn Counts, Richard Watts, and Mike Johnson are the Bruins that are racing in this match with West in a 220 yard run. ,,i,,...-11:1 V ,, ,,.-,,, A i'f"s.:,f..nfr'L-'nf . Above left: Dan Watkins hands the baton to Jim Sanders in a 440 yard relay race. Above middle: Glenn Counts is getting the handoff from Mike Fry in the 440 relay race at West High in this scene. 72-Sports " Mil , "E,,gyf.., f ! V i--, X 1. 1- ,tgfltlt if , ff fig, 'V' if , yr i f ' I v I Q '5 - "J " "' ' N Q . ...A I, 3 A aillllli HQ, if . . y J . 4 . -f .Q ' v, I l 4.........,......, , ., V . ' 'ii-N . ' N -was ' at-,. V K' - . IF' Above: Richard Watts is shown in a sprint race. Left: Mike Johnson is shown on the blocks preparing for a relay race. Left Mike Johnson is seen finishing his effort in the long jump. Middle.' Richard Watts shows his form in the long jump. Left - Freshman Track Team - Row 1: Rick Delaney, managerg Charles Kamb, Paul Winton, Mike Williams, Rick Mounts. Row 2: Steve Garday, Mark Allinger, Richard Branson, Tim Ryan, and Mike Kinne. Row 3: Steve Love, Mitch Bycura, Casey Smith, Randy Rain- bolt, Todd Cushman, and Don Rognholt. Not pictured: Steve Evans, Dennis Hockabout, and Tony Davis. Left: Craig Smith makes a two point landing in the long jump. Below: Jim Sanders, pole vaulter makes a mighty effort to clear the bar. Willy! .. it 1" A ff: N ywm Q .f ' 4 1? ,Af L t K ,av A fn..-f . iw- it RS i Q X, ll .- X These Events Take Strength Above left: Mike Kusche makes a mighty effort with the shot putt. Above right: Mike Gibbs shows good shot putt form in this valiant effort. Below left: Mike Kusche gets ready to release the discus. yi' 'WE if' ill Below middle: Jim Sanders gets ready for a mighty jump. Below right: Wheel seems to be what Sanders is saying as he clears the bar, in the pole vault. 74-Sports iSlli"""l Y X12 T 'W - :SPT at V, l Wm, F af-A ' 1' 'ail- I2-2 ww Jie ew' alfa- - ' af' ' i 1' ,, lt . .Q-ni -Vwl. v .t -A 4 . Own- ' ' 4. L' .414 ff. LQ: "-3"'fH'.l .6 , J ,-:, eu' 3: .tefifig-we' "7 ,l'. 1 li-. f',f-.-Lf.. if lu. 1, , A ,fi xp lf" 1 2.3 fr Mr J' C 59' Kr. 'ff-,A M ,,i " Ai.. iwm-Qtifll-w..ZffQ+E I t an J, n 1 . 1- L' Q ..' ',..g.-Avi. ' ' Above left: Dirk Rommeswinkel looks fatigued in the mile run. Above middle: Todd Cushman bites his lip as he wonders if he will make it over the low hurdles in practice. Above right: Mike Frye seems determined to do his best in the high hurdles against West High. .i Trecksters Run, Leap Lllce Deer Above left: Byron Flanders prepares for the grueling mile relay race. Above right: Hand-off is to Dan Watkins as Flanders rounds the turn. .4 V . !Ww WW' hs.. on ab.. 3. ..- I . ii ku T 'fi 5 L TW? . ws. 1 ,. s X. M.. f .f Q B f .+ 1 N 'Wt Ex , .- Q if 3 ? Q 55.5, 55533. 4-5. , .ff , li in , 1 ' Q4 l f. Q ' J ' "" XE wk vs P ggi .xg'1f1f..5r52fIs. x . . N 2 55? Q A 1 ggi... 542.5-fi:-Q' - Q 12 'Q x '3'x'.a. Qfiff' x i g , A I 5 ' 4 9 if "' ' if q -Lf?-3 ., ',f'. -f 55. K - .1 K - K k X W f- 9 X A L 93 ' ' V .EI L F?-252 . P A 113' ' -5 'LTI 4... 151, rff-gy... ' - A .. .- . -eh- "" k 1 ' . -,vfx . ...Organizations Organizations-77 ....... . N if 9 Trumpets left to right- Greg White, Craig Brown, Marla Rector, Steve Segond, Fiich Beaver, Kevin Comstock, Lon Mclvlillan. Not Pictured- Kevin Newsom. .......- ..-.-- uf. .U ,... ....-.---..--.........-.............. Flutes- Lisa Watts, Marta Mclntyre, Lorelei Wood, Cheryl Mallernee, Natasha Straub, Jill Barney, Nancy Duvall, Connie Pitman. V Percussionists- Byron Flanders, Galen Herod, Mary Haven, Gary Coldiron, Dan Watkins, Colby Smith. 78 Organizations Bram Many weekends will find Bruin band members attending events such as the ASU Band Festival. The fifty members of the group find many activities to fill their time. An eight-member band council decides which activities should be tackled by the always- energetic band. This year Browne's music department is offering individual vocational music. This new of- fering prepares serious music students for advanced music study. ln addition to the new course, the full program offers credits in varsity band, junior varsity band, and stage band. lvlr. Lewis Finell, music director, also helps in orchestra and chorus classes. ln addition to at- tending classes, the students in band put in long hours of prac- tice for football games, concert dates, parades, plays and other Mr. Finell-Band Director. Below a Watts-Band President Doug Maior requiring musical ac- ment. Many mornings in the pre- awn grey, band members can e seen marching on the Estrella chool grounds practicing their outines. During basketball eason, the band offers musical upport and during concert eason the stage band performs r the enjoyment of the students nd parents at Spotlight per- rmances, concerts, musicals nd other events. All is not work, however, as and members find ample time to ttend band parties, go caroling, , play tennis and go skating. support their activities by ling stationery, car washes, sales, booths at the fair and other fund projects. This money to pay for uniforms, ac- , for busses to various scholarships at the of the year and an awards for outstanding band BIYIUBYS. M Band Marches On Clarinets- Barbara Bool, Debbie Cornell, Debra Lueck, Shari Steele, Linda Craytor, Stan Almon, Mark Gershman, Marcia Skousen, Cindy Bejar, Patrick Whipps, Rhonda Hickman, Bruce Brown. if Unusual Woodwinds- Brenda Mclntyre, Debbie Gordon, Sue Warner, Cindy Franke, Steve Mallernee, Cindy Jones, John Quinn, Regina Bolen, George Gray, Jean Steele, Don Tuley. limit f 125 V " N' Low Brass- Mark Ramsey, Bill Kidwell, Kim Baker, Joannie Jones, Jeff Connors, Derrel Selleys. Organizations 79 Urchastra Mr. Bagwell John DeLao Kathy Fowl Ron Pikel Kim Somka Debbie Lueck Jayne Halpaus Dennis Bool Cindy Jones Regina Bolen Stage Band Mr. Finell Greg White Doug Cochran Steve Segond Lon McMillan Mark Ramsey Steve Mallernee Debra Lueck Byron Flanders Gary Coldiron Terri Keasler Rhonda Hickman Brenda Mclntyre Debbie Gordon Steve Evans Regal Russell 80 Organizations Smaller Musica! Groups et Trevor Browne Left: beginning chorus left to right- Craig Fogelson, Phil Patton, Miss Patterson, Greg Martin. Lower Left: girls chorus left to right- Row 1: Deborah Porter, Michelle Villa, Sheila Schonberger, Mary Lou Downin, Cheryl Namovig, Sheryl Fiozelle, Kendra Drumtra, Linda Barnes, Fiow 2: Susie Cheney, Becky Kitts, Linda Deela, Karen Miller, Terry Maurer, Elaine Lyerla, Anna Chirilag Row 3: Nancy Sancho, Mae Underwood, Karen White, Patricia Guy, Mary Fortney, Cindy Gibson, Marva Martin, Susan Black, Toni Seaton. Bottom: concert choir left to right-Ftow 1: Bill Springs, Arlin Smith, Preston Hill, Joe Stasik, Charles Walker: Row 2: Patricia McNeal, Pat Thompson, Lisa Watts, Chris Steiner, Susan Cheat- ham, Brad Cunning- ham, Beth Bergstedt, Janet Tacia: Row 3: Dixie Patterson, Kathi Cady, Josie Morgan, Carrie Holgate, Sandy Foster, Joni Jones, Snowe Browning, Pen- nelope Amosg Row 4: Eddie Brogan, Kerry Miller, Phil McCul- lough, Skip Chasey, Allan Edmunds. Organizations 81 New ls... :il ,ti K E if fi ill fw -iq .. Y V, ,f l Above: Edette Pool and friend work out on uneven bars. Top Right: Doing a press to a handstand on the still rings is- Eve Weihert. Below: On the side horse doing a simple travel is Tom Fitzgerald. Below Right: Jube Russell practicing iron cross on the still ring. M i, V v el . S iw if it :Mt 5' Wi at W 33,3-'t jk , i ng, , ein 1' f Li Mi it in 2 www ' G' f?vlf,,M'WI5' W fl '. W"W Xia. A ill- ,.sif'., f FT' l , f . i . 5? "MT filz. ,wi A X Mit 1 l. . yi., M ' '4 if .' x 'I 'I r ' v .N lv it 'VIP J , , Mil vp W i 82 Spons 4 W L... 'fl ,WWW ,WW . . ,i .,,,fw.w .am-,w,.-,-.,,t,,...,. UH TEAM lleft to rightj Row 1: Gerald Zamboni, coach, Tony Atwater, Ewe Tom Htzgeraldg Gilbert Martinez, Row 2: Steve Andeling Mitch Bycura, Brian Row 3: Arlin Smith, Mark DeKarske and Jube Russell. A Team For the first time, gym- nastics will be considered a team sport. Starting the season March 12 against Mesa, and then competing in eight other meets, the neophyte team will face stiff competition. The boys will compete in the same events featured in the Olympics, but the-girls' team is still awaiting appointment of a coach. Events that the student gym- nasts will participate in in- clude the floor exercises, sidehorse, high bar and still rings. Not having facilities to use the high bar and still rings have hampered efforts to prepare for this year's season. Ewe Weihert, foreign ex- change student from Germany and experienced gymnast, will add depth to the team effort. Ewe is one of the few seniors on the team. Coach Zamboni has high hopes for this year's team, although their inex- perience in competition will probably be against them this first year. Far left: On the parrell doing a hand- stand is Tony Atwater. Left: Coach Zamboni helps the girls out a little with their practice. Sports 83 Right: irow 17- Linda Bauer, Jenny Brown, Susan Rothg irow 25- Cindy Connorg Crow Si- Shelli McFarlaneg irow 43- Debbie Considine, Claudia Kolstedt, Caroline Kent. 84 Organizations Tmy Se,ohemereseAe'e' e Zee! 4 To Vers!! y Cheers X -4-'Q 94? Bottom: Left to right- Cece Connors, Cheryl Higgins, Kathy Dannk, Mari Farrier, Diane McNeal. ' fr 1- ff ,ff:W' Gil: K 4 -QM 1' gfWfZ'y'?f"! fkyge ,M .,.,:5?':.fQ'f" 'v ,7 . ' .4y'fff "foie V J V S Cheer I U' M'9I:??'?.' . --B - ' ii X . A. T :L m 'wr-.KN " 'K '.'.-N kiifi' - 165 Q . 4, , .ia ' ,W For Freshman Team i u H 0, 4 '- ..- . , A x .' i-. 1 i - , ' w .. , - .ni n -' f K s. -.u v, - , wi! Ximian- .4 'bv if X 'N e 'wx' 1 Z' ll: "f" Q il, Q Organizations 87 I ii New Uniforms Spice Pom Lme mum, umm.- nslhnn 88 Organizations u Bottom: left to right- Lori Higgins, Mary Palmisano, Cindy Rogers, Nancy Paone, Marlene Howell, Jane Graves, Mary Ann Haws, Mary Sammons, Carrie Waugh. ...-.l.. l-,,..l 5-4 L. ...J s to L. l U 43- -e W -girv lv 3-lr-ml 5 -a. lv lvbiw irny W, W- , , l g ' ' .ini f' .M 'M L - 12? JMX '45 I M Organizations 89 RO. T. C. 82' 7f GB. Above right: Flow 1-Drill Team-Joe Dent, Jim LeRoy, Melvin Watkins, Richard McCortg Flow 2--Walter Hartranft, Willie Barton, Casey Bartlett and Mikey Joe Silvernale. ' Lower right: Cadet Lt. Larry Landry com- pleting a rigorous inspection during sixth hour. Below: Cadet Melvin Watkins stand- ing at "present arms"g a standard position for the Drill Team. Q 90-Organizations R.O.T.C. or Reserve Officer Training Corps, provides students with a program where they can earn elective credit and have fun at the same time. Consisting of color guard, a drill team, a marksmanship program, Rangers and Sponsor Corps, ROTC offers many activities to enhance the program. Coming under fire for militaristic overtones this year, ROTC counters the charges by offering a program which includes bowling, billiards and other social activities. ln charge of raising the colors every day and at football games, drill teampalso participates in in- ter-state drill-offs which bring many trophies to the school. The Rangers group or the elite branch of ROTC cadets, learn basic desert survival skills. The Sponsor Corps or feminine counterpart to the program assists and enhances cadet activities. 5 Left: Color ,Guard-Row 1-Gilbert Martinez, Audy Nations, Joe Haunson, Row 2-Charles Dobson, Steve Bell, Donald Stoney Row 3-Louis Diallesandro, Harold Huffman, Mark Olsen. Above left: SPC. King is the Commandant of Cadets at T.G.B. and seems to be musing over upcoming ROTC ac- tivities. Above: The Rangers are shown executing the push-up position for the calisthenics practice which keeps cadets in top physical condition. Besides physical fitness, cadets learn first-aid and desert survival. Organizations-91 1' A 'Lim- 4 .gi This year "The Bear Facts" staff is entirely female with the exception of their photographer. This doesn't mean that they don't work hard anyway! Some of their activities include attending con- ventions such as the AIPA Publications Workshop in Tucson and J-CON day at ASU. They also have fun activities such as a party at South Mountain with the yearbook staff. This year they were priveleged to have Jack Marcks working with them. He represented the On-Site program at ASU. Below: Jack Marcks, Mrs. Jean Powell, Sandy Foster, Mike Irvin, Cheryl Mallernee, Lisa Watts, Terry Schultz, 'Lora Richardson, and Diane McNeal. ear Facts Mostly Female Left: Mike Irvin rides joyfully on the bus to the AIPA Convention in Tucson. Below: Lisa Watts, editor, working on newspaper copy. Below left: Diane McNeal working on the Christmas issue of the Bear Facts. Below right: Mrs. Jean Powell discusses art work. Newspaper 93 Unffaggmg Devotion Marks Staff N . , N, . . .. ..!. I, x .,l:..,-,Wx-,,,.ff, ..,,N M ,Am Vi , X 2f-fkxgs.Q'f,115,.:J-55.r:a,r5g:-!1Qg.CxQX?i,,.AN,QgfgR',g:r:.f.wAg,-:-1.-.W 1,411 .1 ' 1- 4: -X . : X Y -,rx .rr ixv-ir-.'N'.'r- - : V . f H 1 -r,x4o,fB.1u '-sa X -pg, AQ. 5 1- -153: XvrQ?1s5xg,,5.-:bgw F V. - :'f,.o,'Q:X ,,-:rm-y..v,1pg,W,vrW.-Mi' fr ,,,,. -. : . , gg P ' . K5 - gms H , Mn., ' -. gy, , . , :mx " .wi X .-f-rpm. 4.r'wg:mg. g:,'-gf' . umm J-" , A , , 5 'Y -ff, v, ' 1"i'YSNS?: :,,,L?XX -. ' .EB3v?Y,1-' G:. fri fa-"-Arfrzgk :r ffsxvsw-:Q-:.1.Q...T'5y,1ff.aWTr-wgfqf'' n ,ff 'If .gf 0'Qkv.Q':,W.3,5m 5 ' a 3, X:--4'9" '-x'v'1Bf "iw -'11,-1: 52341412 Li- I5 I --L-T-M5 VN.: 'ix -wx QR . N X f -. ,Km xii, 'I'1-'giiiiggift-'41F1142-'o:w?.9'. . Q-X' -RNS. ff'f,1ni-1.-ff-wigL--iii-rf -,41'.1N.'iV'V+'X ' Hx ar xv 'QQSNQXXXNXN Q- Q- . 4: wry' kv if-ts.-'Az-ia-,wig-5.g,,:5-.5,9rg-.5332:15, :Xxx-,-yy..r -L3,3,1Lr-iffy W g.-,Q 4' . ' ,-MN Q5 -Vpfv,-.,,'.fQ' A ,fQ.5gy-- A 4 ffm-.x.NQX,x v" ,A X v . 4r"qf'-,Q-:-3'-,.-as''ww X '-A ig- -",,:'4.:Q"-1 1 ' .'w1,M'X5 ' Q--1. " - - Xv1-iS-:f:1a:-'arm-vQ:w-NG:-www X-V H'Lf2-W-.-'CUPSQWA-:-1 vw.-arm.. x ff- .- .Q W- Ma Q ,r -W vvxn AM. . Mu, 4.5-f Wm.-.-,.:41-,-,..,.2-Q-,r,.,.m-,QNX-r -M Q ,A ,-...,,fa.-A-:,,',.,f, , X 'z 1 1, ,. ,tfgkxwbsqkxx .Q Q ' ,- .- f ix Mm ,a'.-iQIkN-"-'I-25.3531-.C-I.f'1:-'-Y"'Wuxi-."1f-4 .3,-1AQv'mM -g,. -rw. N. - ' ' -e f .G-av-1:.:.'q:-:Qfa-lnemwxrNk,s?S1'.-A,eXq:.'m'yxgw'4.-g " Q f ,ggf'W . 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At Trevor Browne, the Lair is supported completely by students. Students do everything from taking and developing pictures to drawing layouts to delivering the book at the end of the- year. In addition, they attend conventions such as the AIPA Publications Workshop in Tucson, J-CON Day at ASU, and AIPA Summer Publications Workshop at NAU. Next year, the Lair staff plans to host the State AIPA Convention here at Trevor Browne, which will accommodate over 700 students. The staff consists of five photographers and approximately eight staff members, who devote time after school and school holidays to completing the yearbook. They also have en- tertaining activities such as a Christmas party, a party at South Mountain, and an awards banquet at the end of the year. Yearbook staff members are Bruce Brown, Sharon Nunez, Don Stone, Bobbie Wentzel, Terry Turrentine, Debbie Border, Forest Smith,,Connie Breitbarth, Paul Fleming, Craig Brown. "' .lm Above: photographer, Bill Whitmore Below: photographer, Mark Schmehl Gov't. Sponsors Verieo' Aoz7'vf't1'es TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Government .... ...96 81 97 Biology ............ ..... 9 8 Earth Science ..... .... 9 9 Communications ...... .... 1 00 Chess ................ .... 1 00 Minority Student Union . . . . . . . 101 Model United Nations .... . . . 101 G.A.A ............... . . . 102 Bruin Power .... . . . 103 Girls League .... . . . 103 French ........ . . . 104 Spanish .... . . . 104 F.H.A. ...105 F.B.L.A. .... . . . 105 Ski ...... . . . 106 Dance... ...107 D.E.C.A. . . .. .107 V.l.C.A .... . . . 108 Thespians. .. . 109 Booster ........ . . . 110 Bruin Buddies ....... . . . 111 Above right: House 3 officers left to right- Nancy Sayer, Preston Hill, Chris Steele. Right: House 2 officers left to right- Pat Perez, Bruce Schumacher, Linda Bicknell, Greg Meek, Linda Barnes, Darleen Romero, Tom Fitz- gerald, Jim Tooms. A iii, 96 Organizations Student government is attempting to establish a totally new and unique student government concept. Here at Browne, the division of the schoolinto houses has made it impossible for the student government to be organized along traditional lines. Despite the drawbacks, student government has organized a number of activities this year that have involved large numbers of students. The student constitution had to be changed to allow cooperation among house representatives rather than having three separate student organizations. Homecoming Week activities and half-time show were organized by student government. In January the Snowball Dance was sponsored by this group and they hope it will become a traditional event. They also sponsored a full week of spirit ac tivities before the Maryvale basketball game by selling kazoos, spirit buttons, sponsoring the Nifty 50's Dance and organizing activities like the Lovely Legs Contest, Backwards Day and Nifty 50's Day In April a trip to Disneyland and an all-school picnic were main items on the agenda. May brings warm weather and student government sponsored projects such as the Junior-Senior Prom and the All-Night party. ul r mmmm.gmmml'WW -umnymqi 'VT pi . V viral xt: r i Hi 1 X M l SL H it Y gr Q K t' , V 1 , Htl 1' t rt H " i YA 0 1 , i' t . ' ' L 'Ai-El? il tttl L ' Mr Renate'-3iif5z:l." t tw.-I t. 'mirfvrt ' 1 . ' " it F EW 't . 'rltiiltl if , ,,, r-'flirt-hslisiathaffv Af' Vicar' ' -S,-till-filsrtr tl' wit' 1 ,MW 1 - " . 'Yibif'Wm.w1m ,. f itil' " P9 ' ' 1 Writ tt 5'l?'Q"i?f?5'? fnf,t'f4gw Q53 w il l . . .. 1 ,. it .. Mitt' r 1 "film i i 'ltr A. l 'it 'tr ff r . I . it i A-A WF nj :ty tg, Y was t Y Y ,N , 'fk3Q.,.!.,,,. t. ..,, . .... ., .... W " t " 1 g rw" E wi-it gr Ti i li f - . , :M , gf 1- v V X' g H 4- .. .mf t , di- -- V 1: 1 1 i " ' l ' ' W ' W ' ' I' Mt it ' 1 1 4 it vi, iw' ,i . 1 Q' ' " ' v :ii W d it ' x 1 , H 'M' :wi Ni. " - 5 i Q N' if xxx I xt W 2033 ' N, fy, 9- ' ' W W' M,-lp. , ' ' ' K .A We t ,, M 1 iw... X. ' M N 't"m, Left: House 1 officers left to right- Laura Sam- mons, Darcy Romero, Byron Flanders, Archie Wright. Above left: Chris Steele attends one of the seminars at the Student Government Con- vention held at Mesa High School. Top right: Student Government officers show off their skills at rope jumping in the Howard Johnson's Hotel parking lot. Above: Officers take time off to pose on one of the many balconies on the campus of Mesa High. Organizations- 97 Biology Club- Row 1: lleft to rightl Debbie Alvarez, Paul Banasiak, Ron Pikul, and Mark Flemming. Row 2: Mrs. Bender, sponsor, Teri For- manck, Carrie Holgate, Ros- alie Banasiak, Treasurer, Rick Graham, and Mrs. Bur- ton, sponsor. Row 3: Patty Haven, Secretary, Susan Pontius, Presidentg and Con- nie Thomas, Vice-President. Below: Ardent Biology Club members trek into the Superstitions on one of their many hikes and outings to learn about ecology and nature first-hand. Biology Club . fm. 9 '?3'4,?f 1, VA ,,w,,,, ,, 'J ,,,., K A fa. i . JS ,, W 4 k V 'Wu w 'z f- "z:f", Q, - 5 en' "' , 4 M egg ,l .f',.-. if , 'l T"'55n 1V, , , my ,I l ,- , M , f 'ww-22 W'-' 5 5 " ' f ' 1 ff -f "mi Wzw. A S- . 4 "TlT',ya.'lr'-f-EL.,-2. w5'.f7t3.2i23?gi'2'f"'i'f'- ' "' 'fi y M ,gg mf M,-,Q , iisffrmj gp 'jwlv e ' ,- , f ,I I , 'i ' " We at . -, t ,,gn,,,,,,,,g Mamiya M M , , A. M15 wif'-1 ' "' , QW", G M if W , 'fifafi "5 ' - ' - t, -I-' ' V f' 'GZ 7 is A lv ,, if 2 ,. ff :.,.- 1- ,M H-M-W-.raw-Wt, c , I ,utgg 55'ff4,g'ffy,,Wv't 7" M" Qwiw, Wynn, ' ,Qu-xv-Q44.i',:'f!'l X ft- , ,X 3 Ura, W, A M 1 1 W 2' ,f V f ,f A , -, W A' , 1. -s K .' V. , ,L v A f ,T lyl, V nf, of f freak QZf l'2 ridnbg u g' t .M-,, V... ., -it 'W H M K l r I 4 , , , , I M I A K , M, 'ww -I -, -. -4 ' gi, ., L A ' I W, ,I u Q kk' ftffg' WA' . aflmaff 175' ' 4 , '2'fr.qi f A ',,,, .g,,,,r-Q"3Il' if " W ' Il' M, ff Aff U, A ,, V ,,,,,,u1z4' , ,,.,.,,, 'ff A . . - A -.43 " A "' rf ff lm "' W QW," 'f ' if ' 'rv-Jw? -. .1409 'Q rw. 5 W . fr 1 ' 'S f' ,rw " V ' t ' 4 if no Ay'-tQAQ'., JS 'aw wi .M ' 1, ,, ,, V , we, l f 1f,f. f ' ' V-A M , , I, g M., 1' I 4 ,. by-Ui,-,,1 V, , V . ,Vg , M, ,.,,wwM 4, w I, ,wx 5,x:v . M ,I , J ,ff ff -W.: 3, Him' , . -T 2, ., 4, " 'flaw N ,V 98 - Clubs E arth Science Club Earth Science Club- Flow 15 Cheryl Craytor, Debra Washburn, Jody Stone, Monica Scheid, Cathy Murry and Mike Murphy. Row 2: Mr. Walters, sponsor, Duff Galda, Donna Norby, Lisa Scheid, Eleanor Schwei- kart, Debra Kilmer and Dan Hall. Clubs - 99 Communications Club Row 1: Cleft torightl- Bob Fikeg Rigel Russell Matt Schmehl, Presi' dentg Gary Dukarich Row 2: Steve Pursel Tom Cozens, Krist Felts, Steve Sharp. Rom 3: Tony Wright, Mark Story, Dale Gibson, Dave Brooks, Dave Davenport. Row 4: Jeff Sharp, Sam Rector, Tom Rees, Brian Phillips, Jim Ed- mondson, sponsor. Chess Club Chess Club- Mr. Phil Evanstock, Chess Club adviser, comments on moves about to be made by Mike Schu- bert, left, and Mike Porterfield, right. Chess Club members are preparing for the state chess tour- nament, to be held in the spring. 100 Clubs C ommunioa tions Club 4 I We 4 P 2 l LW rr E i. i if .lr M Ml f it iii: A f 'll . i lim A. Minority Student Union Minority Student Union Officers- Standing left to right: Penny Wright, President, Sandra Nelson, Vice- presidentg Mrs. Bernard, sponsor: Terry Ortiz, Social Chairman, Willie Ameth, Publicity Chairman. Seated are Lattice Perkins, Secretary and Pat Gilmore, Treasurer. Minority Student Union-Row 1: Jerry Richardson, James Taylor, Curtis Robinson, Chino Apodaca and Johnny Martinez. Row 2: Teresa Lucero, Yolanda Olivas, Joe Padilla, Lisa Lopez, Ruben Morino, Joanna Lopez, Janice Hoffman, and Cathy Woods. Row 3: Cheryl Webb, Georgia Van Woesik, Rosie Tellez, Jesse Guerra, Donna Baxter, Cedera Peterman, Crystal Blabour and Winfred Young. Model United llletions Model UN Delegates- Row1:Nancy Duvall, Byron Flan- ders, Roberta Brassfield, Nancy Sayre. Flow 2: Bob White, sponsor, Rich Wezdenko, Kathy Steiner, Darcy Romero, Jody Stone, and Monica Scheid, and Marv Boyer, sponsor. Clubs 101 Girls Active fn G A A Sports G.A.A. Officers-Cindy McFarlane, Pam Pyne, Sue Tagaglakis, Miss Johnson, sponsor, Paula Pyne, Debbie Considine, who are this year's officers. G.A.A. - Row 7: Robin Hubenak, Sherry Spiva, Denise Goins, Dot- tie Vogelsong, Susan Roth, Caroline Kent. Row 2: Patti Madge, Sue Palmisano, Lisa Stone, Donna Leach, Mona Higgins, Sue Fthodes, Patty Agnetti, Rosie Salinas, Jill Brooks, Terry Maurer. Row 3: Susie Cheney, Cathy McCloe, Jennifer Jarvis, Sedera Peterman, Linda Barnes, Darlene Smith, L' a Jenkins Carol Richardson ind , , Danette Dupree, Pam Menard, Tena Akers. 102 Clubs Q 'D 1 i l Girls League- Row 1: Chris Ahlgrim, Carrie Chris Wilkerson, Linda Craytor, Susan Brim, Roberta Story, Peggy Kral, Laura Sammons, Mrs. Barbi Finell, sponsor. Row 2: Peggy Turrentine, Patsy Rios, Vera Peters, Wanda Kane, Terry Turrentine, Vice-President, Cheryl Olsen, Kitty Sammons, President, not pictured are Cindy Kral, Janet Levy, Vice-President, and Debbie Gordon, Treasurer. Left: Bruin Power- Row 1: Karen Truit, Debbie Villalobos, Terry Ortiz, Rosie Saldonyez, Linda Barns and Kathy Donk. Row 2: Diane Gordon, Cindy Crow, Patty Madge, Vickie Melton, Nancy Sancho, Darlene Romero, Gail Wargo, Cheryl Parego, Susie Chaney, and Colleen Frey. Above right: Couples dance to music at the Girls League-sponsored Christmas for- mal, "Color My World." G.A.A. - Row 1: Yolanda Olivas, Barbara Jackanin, Paula Brown, Diane Dobson, Danna Jarvis, Vickie Fellers, Kristi Serby. Row 2: Pat Dupree, Janet Pitrat, Terry Jacque Wayne, Karen Lowe, Ruehle, Chris Steele, Jayne Vickie Halpaus, Terri Keasler, Melton, Carrie Holgate, Debbie Alvarez, Debbie Mathis. Row 3: Smith, Rose Howcroft, Jenny Lilly Kenne, Gaylon Jackson, Cindy Mooney, Mari Farrier, Jacque Warriner, Cheryl Higgins, Claudia Kolstedt, Debbie Corkin, Shirlee Corkin, Darlene Olivas, Vickie McDowell. Clubs 103 Spanish Club Spanish Club - Row 1: Rick Wezdenkog Tom Fitzgerald, Row 2: Carrie Holgate, Patty Warren, Treasurer: Gail Wargog Janet Brims. Flow 3:. Mrs. Freer, Sponsor: Kel Whisner, Vice-President, Jeff Sharp, Bill Miele. Flow 4: Debbie Porter, Lynette Jordan, Secretaryg Pam French Club Knecht, President. -rwfg an The purpose of French Club is not to learn the language, but to learn and understand the 'f 'Y' 'Wg' 'il French Club - Row 1: Cathy Mure, Gina McCarthy Kris Steiner, Linda Adams, Susan Warner, Linda Craytor, Lynne Carlson, Karey Fach. Row 2: Monica Scheid, Jody Stone, Jeff Miller, Donna Norby, Pat Whipps, Don Corona, Dale Blankenship, Kathy Steiner, Bruce Brown, Sandy Foster, Mrs. Mary Harthun. 104 Clubs customs of France. Some of their activities are eating Escargots, French dinners, and French cheese. They also go ice skating and trick-or-treating for UNICEF. Pictured left are some French students giving a going away party for Mrs. Thanh Mougeot, a foreign student teacher from Viet Nam who assisted Mrs. Harthun in teaching French. FHA. Future Homemakers of America this year has been very active. They have gone to the regional meeting in Gilbert, and have had many money raising projects. Their main project this year was selling popcorn and peanuts. This all female club is for any future homemaker that is interested in lear- ing more and having fun. Left - Flow 1: Mrs. Betty Bradford, sponsor, Nancy Demorascki, Mrs. Renberg, Ellen Kelly, Sherri Steele, Regina Bolin, Cindy James, Kathy Fowl, Brenda Mclntyre. Row 2: Carrie Holgate, Debbie Alvarez. F.B.L.A. Above: Initiation for 1974 F.B.L.A. officers includ- ed an evening candlelight initiation. F.B.L.A. Members - Above left- Row 1: Mrs. Bondon, Caron Souza, Donna Hassell, Patti McAlister, Lynn Dekarski, Debbie Hassell, Mrs. Wager. Row 2.' Pam Vowell, Mary Kimbell, Pam Maxwell, Cindy Marler, Debbie Lippig. F.B.L.A. Members - Left - Row 1: Cindy Bejar, Flosie Salinas, Luci Ortiz, Mary Lou Ortiz. Row 2.' Nadine Salinas, Caron Souza, Jacque Oliss, Penny Cox. Row 3: Ward Harbin, Bobbi Page. Clubs- 105 Ski Club -S Q, it f ,fi l.'f7'1,f,f I iii, i I J r,.-',dn'- ,,,,.---- 1-'hunt " 7 QL ' ,Q '. " QXQT ,-lf . 3. I, ' , - -'-' Qs ,I .,,. 4, mgxr . W., ' V ."??G:'e. f ' . VH Mi Y, It W I W Nba: Above: Mr. Cline showing President Rick Cervenak how to correctly put skis on. 106-Clubs ,, 17515 ifaggt- Psfps it . l . . rfb-Y "Qian-ff "i i ii i iiw+' :, 'w "1i'i 'if 'i i"'iwl"Q' i i w'5-,mi'- 4, ' xl V ,, 753, ti l ii ,, , -,LLT WVMLML: iEl Ct-Lili L. in wh M , 1 1 wmmfwhl-1. The ski clubthis year has been busy raising money to go on ski trips. They hav gone to Sunrise Ski Resort to learn how to ski, but first, ski instructor Jerry Clyne fro "Alpine Ski Keller," came to Trevor G. Browne to teach the ski club dry land skiing i the House 2 commons. Above left: Ski club members getting ready for the snow Above right: Members attempting the slope. Below - Row 1: Robin Dwyer, Kris Felts, Karri Fellars, Lori Kellerman, Margret Chevrefils, Connie Breibarth, Debbi Border, Laurie Williams, Lisa Stoner, Kathy Shellenbaum. Row 2: Dawn Vincent, Kat Emmons, Dennis Matterson, Curtis Basik, Glen Neves, Robert Dawson, Darien Romero, Barbara Barker, Abbey Reqhae, Terry Dechane, Mrs. Cheri Dowd sponsor, Gail Wargo, Rick Cervenak, Craig Gilmore. x ri Dance Club This year's Dance Club has many activities. Other than hav- ing bake sales and performing dances, they have also sold carnations on Valentines Day. Dance Club is for anyone who likes to dance and wants to learn more about it. Left - Row 1: Karen Bushofsky, Linda Bicknell, Renee Beauvais, Laura Halajien, Nancy Gephart. Row 2: Cheryl Crayton, Sue Gregaire, Donna Mackarau, Sally Favela, Patty McNeal, Don- na Davidson. Row 3: Darla Peterson, Mike Frye, Cecil Favela, Rose DeFazio, Pat Perez, Rhonda French, Gary Rogers, Bobbi Washburn. D.E.C.A. Left- Row 1: Mrs. Paula Hocken, Rhon- da Overfield, Judy Sterrett, Debbie Knollhuff. Row 2: Shane Markley, Eddie Jenkins, Betty Pyle, Sue Schellenbaum, Penney Wright, Marcella Reynolds. Row 3: Bill Resser, Theresa Mahoney, Joe Braga, Glen Counts, Chuck Gilland, Jeanette Brown, Debbie Koschel. Left - Row 1.' Sue Miele, Diana Gordon, Jill Brooks, Sue Lemon, Debbie Mitchell, Rhonda Shelby, Cindy Rogers, Sue Wagner, Connie Keller. Row 2: Carl Beebe, Sandy Michaels, Cheryl Hawkins, Terry Shelton, Connie Gridley, Sheree Adams, Paul Whitmer, Jerry James, Mary Cousins. Row 3: Rick Franke, Ed Roberts, Mike Peters, David Anderson, Don Stone, Brian Casteel, Sam Austin, Carl Kleinart. Left - Flow 1: Mark Greely, Carol Thomas, Collene Flannigan, Debbie Cooper. Row 2: Debbie Gordon, Debbie Woods, Renee Riegal, Diane Rice, Cathy Farrell, Ruth Spencer, Jesse Fuente, Mrs. Roels, Randy Roberts, Greg Magness, Jim Whitson, Jerry Swaim. Clubs-107 cn QQ' V.!.C.A. On-the-job training, a chance to earn pay while learning a trade and get a credit in school is what V.l.C.A. is all about. Mr. Dick Trox- el, V.l.C.A. sponsor and Browne industrial arts department head, explains that students in the organization work 15 hours a week on the job for two credits and get one credit for classroom instruction in their vocational area. Bricklaying, welding, auto body repair, painting, baking, photography, cabinet-making, meat cutting and other areas that are not offered on campus enable students to enlarge their oppor- tunities in various vocational fields. The program utilizes the in- dustries and businesses of the community as training stations. ln April an employer-employee banquet is held. mx Below left: The new industrial arts building, slated for completion by September of '74 is seen as the prefabricated walls are hoisted into place and adjoined to the roof and floor structure. The new building will add 16,400 sq. ft. of space for classrooms and labs and a 12,400 sq. ft. area enclosed service yard. Right: Diane Den- son applies fake sideburns to Bruce Brown, who plays the part of Thorvald in the Thespian play. lil I fl . 2 li 1' if Above - V.l.C.A. - Flow 1: Members for the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America are from left: Mr. Troxel, club sponsor, Charles Brown, Secretary: Gary Clapper, Treasurer: Mark Remsey, President. Row 2: Mike Bock, Historian, Darrel Reynolds: Linsey Cheatham: Bill Fish and Mark Tucker. Thespians Act fi Dai .i Thespians - Row 1: Mrs. Barbi Fin- nell, sponsor, Crystal Barbour, Adams. Presenting three plays, participating in Spotlight entertainments and sport- ing new royal blue letter sweaters this year, Thespians are involved in many activities. The two major plays that the group participated in included, "A DoIl's House," and "Three One-Act Plays," and one spring production. Mrs. Barbi Finell is the drama coach this year. Funds for the productions are provided through admissions to the plays. Other activities that Thespians sponsor include cast parties after each production and a Christmas party. Thespians belong to an international organization to promote world theater. Thespian members must earn 10 honor points to join the organization through participation in play productions and must earn 30 honor points to earn a letter sweater. This is the first year Bruins have worn Thespian letter sweaters. The 20 to 30 members of Thespians also hope to have an awards banquet in the spring. Secretary, Susan Wysocki, Vice- Presidentg Diane Denson, treasurer, and Skip Chasey, president. Row 2: Johnny Foster, Vera Lottes, Dianna Gordon, Nanette Culp, Tom Story, Chris White, Donna Pellegrino, Con- nie Jenkins, Eddie Brogan, Ray Har- vey, Terry Bergstedt. Flow 3: Korina Northcott, Lynn Carlson, Richard Remien, Linda Maroney, Terri Monk. Row 4: Mike McGivney, Kathy Swingler, Phil McCullough, Nikki Gliniak, Karen Burghard, and Carrie Lower left: Connie Jenkins, who plays the part of Nora, in the Thes- pian production of "A DoIl's House." Right: Nora, plays with the Helmer children in a scene from the play. children were the brothers and sisters of Thespian cast members. Clubs- 109 The Bruin Booster Club is a service group comprised of parents, teachers and ad- ministrators. Objectives and goals of the organization are designed to assist all academic and athletic activities at Trevor Browne High School with financial and personal support. ln its two year existence the Booster Club has donated over S3500 in financial aid. Among athletic donations are a spotter table for gym- nastics, headgear for wrestling, a blocking machine for football, and nametags for basket- ball jackets. The Booster Club sponsors several sports and academics Awards Banquets throughout the school year. Other donations ln- clude support to the yearbook, newspaper, band, drama department, and Poms. The ma- jority ofthe money is earned through a conces- sion stand operated by Booster Club members at all home ball games. Boosters Assist Brum A cZ1'vf'I1'es 110 - Organizations Below: Bruin Buddies left to right - Row 1: Pam Moore, Cheryl Perrigo, Debbie Rollins, Teresa Leach, Karri Fellars. Row 2: Mrs. Joy, Cheryl Spears, Denise Jones, Kris Steiner, Cheryl Mallernee. Left: Cindy Stephan keeps score at a wrestling match. Bruin Buddies Assist m Sports Organizations New at T.G A, , . Q.. A J ' . . - ,XM W , X U , Ax a I? , i -nyffl 1 '. - N BN-. 1N"Ny-.N --...ns-K ., ,X 112 Academics an kw- 0.285- QW, iw. ,. . ,,, X Q12 ,. . I x '1 Hi Hs. :if ' . M , ' w N X ww NA ,W W 1 hu WWW' 4, W J, f:iW2r:?33 , .. .W V Q N1 MX s ' h 's ge K 1 3 -. ,I W --q. .gg A. X I X xxifffa N X xxx A N, , -P .X , .l'- M K 9- 1 , 'N ,sf 1 4 I-f 'a a if , r K' if x I 440' ' 'Wing'- xx 2' Wx" X QW ff? 1' f . J, ,W , , V ,W rvllif-":.!l,f 1 ,, W K X ' wc? M 11 A 5 vlwwrs XR! M 1 A - ,hw , , ., X , ., 1 Ep ,M .A . K x divx. , 21 ,l,Lq4,-gf-Li" J' X: N r h NQQXS mx f in gh, km 1-gh Z "Q, -Y . . . V V I . 'S:'-..w- - , . . 1 , 'W' ' " H , fm Ar 'N ' I. - 114 Academics Our high school cour- ses include several foreign languages. For the student who wants to become a bi-lingual, French is offered, also Spanish. Many of the Mexican-American stu- dents take advantage of the Spanish classes to learn the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary of their "spoken lang- uage". Next year we hope' to offer German also. Foreign Language Science Department W l, .ms f Y I ? ,.4.....,. v .... , ,,... 4... fill! Mx , , nn? Q lu. 4 x 111' K T Ex 2 .ff g jug, ax ii ll ,. Y 3 'Ili X 9.4-F f R. uma.. 'tk if. 3 .. W. l i l l l ' vi rum ,JM L. Q Trevor Browne's science building is based on the open lab concept. There are four desk areas clustered around a sink which provide gas, electricity. Biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science ,classes are offered. One year of a lab science is required for graduation from Browne. Next year astronomy and second year biology will be offered. WWWWMWWWNQ wai6 Academics 1 15 En gffsh Trevor Browne's English Department is a very im- portant part of the curriculum of each student. To read well, write well, and gain a knowledge of the literature, old and new, adds to the individual's learning, and helps to mold one's life for the future. Some of the classes offered at Browne are mythology, Bible as literature, mystery and detective, sematics and logic, individualized reading, mass media, world of the theater, basic, intermediate, and advanced composition, and children's literature. mix il 1' . : l ti' 'W 1 l Q V 1 5 1 5 if l . , img if ff ii... v my I Wx .4 A M. 116 Academics ' El lil it Nw Performfhg Arts Department This year at Browne the performing arts depart- ment covers a wide variety of classes. Marching band, J.V. band, jazz rock, orchestra, vocational music, concert choir, girls choir, beginning art, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, graphics, photography, and drama are included in these. The department produced a number of evening programs 'entitled "Spotlight", displaying portions of the entire performing arts area. ln ad- dition, the drama department produced three plays throughout the year, and the art department has a number of displays in the cafeteria. I ,V fl 'Q E i , , , ----- ff ----if -- -e -4-- Q---H Academics 1 17 Mathemazvcs The phrase "reading, writing, and arithmetic" is as important a part of our studies as it was many years ago. Math has become one of the main subjects that affects every life today. Economics, the space programs, the vast engineering fields all depend upon high school math. Trevor Browne offers ad- vanced classes such as calculus and computer math for the student who would like to pursue this type of a career. ,J M 'hh 'WWW Wm , wh x ,. ' ' . 1 ,,,,..,...-.--v1i'ifm-fv"'v"f"""T,.,,,v.,,k,k.,. ,, .., X qwxxwv, ..,,.,Ll,,-t, S :1 , J .iii 5' N Q l .A 'iff 1. 'Q if is 3 M"A" S 0 ofa! Studies At Trevor G. Browne the required courses for gradua- tion in social studies are American history, American government, Arizona govern- ment, and free enterprise. In this era of change it-is im- portant for each student to know and appreciate the history and government process of our own country. In addition there are classes of- fered such as humanities, sociology, anthropology, and Latin-American and world history for the student' who might want to major in one of these areas. p-,, ii. Y muww t H Academics 119 Business Department Trevor Browne tries to make available to all students a business education suitable for today's needs. There are courses offered in shorthand, typing, business machines, record keeping, accounting, and business law. There are also courses in marketing, distributive education, and cooperative education which provide on the job training in the student store iThe Cubby Holel and throughout the community with various companies. DECA, COE, and FBLA are a definite part of the curriculum in the business education . 5 W v ,. -'ii ' , 1 - department at Browne. is i l .fi z 4 1 i ,lf 120 Academics Ki !"""' W -L., Academics 121 Home Economics Home economics classes at Browne used to b mostly for girls, but now you see as many boy taking bachelor survival as you see girls takin other home ec classes. Home economics include not only traditional clothing and foods classes, but also child development, human relations, interioi design, and H.E.R.O. Classes in clothing include beginning to advanced construction as well as in- formation about textiles, design of clothing anj fabrics, and color coordination. ln foods classe emphasis is given to nutrition, food preparation meal management, and menu planning. Courses ir interior design provide the opportunity to Iearr about various types of home furnishings, coor- dination of colors and styles of furnishings, ano how to plan a room arrangement. Child develop- ment even has children in the classroom to ob- serve. Human relations gives you a chance to Iearr what you're about and how to get along witl others. H.E.Fi.O., in its first year has a differen' slant than other home ec classes. Students ar preparing for a career of their choosing related t home economics. lt's not only a class but also job for several hours a day. Bachelor survival i not just helping a guy survive, but you might jus' find him enjoying learning how to cook, clean, sew and budget. This helps provide for a new role ahead. 122 Home Economics 9'-1' L, ,,,,--""' " 'll! 1 X Q QQ! A L- SXSW ' 1 .W X553 ff ' L . 53,5 5 . . Home Economics 123 !no'ustrf'a! Arts Department At Trevor Browne, the industrial arts department offers classes in drafting, plastics, electronics, woods, general shop, power mechanics, metals, and auto shop. This year and last, classes were held in the gymnasium. Now Browne is obtaining a new industrial arts building. lt is being built on the north side of the academics building, and will accommodate nearly the entire industrial arts department. The total cost of the building will be S600,000, and the programs will be centered around the open lab concept with a large resource center. Presently there are plans for only one new program: in- dustrial plastics. With proper in- struction, the building will be involved in the CommunitySchool program alsol wr, .gn gt.ff.r'.ll.. tt Q Q ..,,, WM. Mm ,.g . T ,.,, . 4? ' ffltifgmf if 124 Academics 5 'llll T14 ff "'W"' '1 M Mvmvw-v"" :man NWN 'W l P. E. Department Although not a required course, many students at Browne are enrolled in the physical education program. Classes are offered in health, dance, tennis, golf, track. basketball, football, and Academics 125 Q ,ww ,Muff IVV, ...f '-WX fins iff' E4 Dr. Lanny Kope, Assistant Principal Mr. John Black, Principal -is Q ff' if ' ,iii ? X i si 3 28 - Faculty Mr. Don Cline, Community School Director Q13 Mr. Tom Armand, Activities Director, Q23 Mr. Pat Aragon, Reading, Q33 Mr. Ken Ashley, American History, Q43 Mr. Lee Bates, Industrial Arts, Q53 Mr. Barr Bishop, English, House lll Coordinators, Q63 Mr. William Bagwell, Music, Q73 Ms. Maryjane Bird, Dance and P.E., Q83 Ms. Dorothy Bergamo, Art, Q93 Ms. Sylvia Ber- M st kt' 2 nard, Reading. W++ P' Qi, it at 1 l 1 Q x A :TN Q v l R t . L t ,cl ,Q tt ,,,3333,3, , fix, Mg' 1551 3 , , , i l - n 'U Q Q, irq, 1,112 i ffm Faculty - 129 Q1 J Mr. Boothby, Art, Q21 Mr. Brown, P.E., Q33 Mr. Boyer, American His- tory, i4l Ms. Mary Bon- don, Business depart- ment, Q57 Ms. Betty Bradford, Home Eco- nomios, i6l Mr. Gary Brennan, Free En- terprise, Q75 Mr. Chase Bright, P.E., C83 Mr. Carroll Breecher, Auto Mechanics, Metals, Q91 Ms. J. Bogdanov, Soph. English. 130 - Faculty ,,f""'r Q17 Mr. William Cavett, Business, Q23 Ms. Meg Burton, Science, Q33 Mr. Thomas Casteel, Science, Q43 Mr. Dave Carpenter, Counselor, i5J Ms. Diane Dauten, Business, i7J Ms. Nancy Corey, Science, i8i Ms. Nancy Clinton, Math, Q93 Mr. John Corlett, English, 1103 Mr. Doug Dawson, Math. X .-.'f ,Q was ,, , . , ir ,,. , ,Q , ., ,. ,. , M N i- V 1 i tg -- I . , , Q- A S f A, ' " K5 Si . N 'xr if , Q, , ,, , , .5 . ,Q 1 - - his A., ,f ,A rr- - .. ,ff gif ,ai ,zh ' , Q, its ix If ' T S' , i ' 'x 2 52 F i f if Q ' if ., B QQ J ' i ss r -- - i 3? F iiii Y , f , Q , ,,7,,,.,,,, V., , Q 3-M' M r 4,-fi if-EZ XP' 'E WH K V , Q13 Ms. Cherie Dowd, Reading, English, C23 Ms. Vicky Dinon, English, C33 Ms. Barbi Finell, Drama, 143 Ms. Trudy Freer, Spanish, Q53 Ms. Carrie Evans, Spanish, Q63 Ms. Berniece Gunn, Home Economics, Q73 Mr. Lewis Finell, Music, Band, Chorus. 132 - Faculty 'VM ss? . a 1. ,VM ,Q ,X . , B9 ' 6 . .- .... .ye :ic fag -.Q w is I-0-N Mx 8 ,. x Q' Nzxfi ii is WL li.. S lr 51 lll Mr. Fred Hanley, Social Studies, 129 Mr. Jim Hayden, English, C35 Mr. Gordon Hill, Science and English, Q45 Mr. Jerry Hermanek, Social Studies, Q55 Mr. Al Harris, Probation Officer, Q65 Ms. Mary Har- thun, French, Q75 Mr. Francis Hahn, P.E., Coach, 483 Ms. Paula Hocken, Business, D.E.C.A. L .aff 2 'fir lffaill. 32535: if i 'ls ff' .'?,iiQ4 5 gel W 1 if, yvgsx. if . 3 ',""S.En i 9. rg. 355:-s ,R . . V. 4 ,, -Kgs: 5 ,paw i i ' i25,.'iF2?f?s. .aflfy 'lf i 17, I is X I 2.1. - .4 Faculty 4133 l 1 ss 3 2 f s Faculty ,.o 9, ' -,A .- .r Q a A ' xg' I . in ...fart 113 Ms. Joanne Johnson teaches Girls' PE this year Q21 Ms. Jackson is in charge of American History and American Government C33 Mr. Johnson teaches Electronics ll and Study Hall Q45 Ms. Jason teaches Sophomore Block American History- l5J Ms. Jones teaches H.E.Ft.O. and Supervision Q65 Mr. Jordan is in the Biology Department l7J Ms. Joy teaches Freshman Block English ll, Mystery and Detective Stories, Ind. Reading Q83 Mr. Fred Kessler teaches English IV, Basic Composition, and Creative Writing. ku uv-as-mu' if . R1 Q .' ju W. + A 5 A .1 Wt 0 ah,- , I U .v 2. , X Su" t ff K Y Q 6 YQ 'br isk A it-3 . Q Q t xias g X 3 Q 5-sux 1 VVV' ff . ' Tiki an-ax AIIQW 'i it at ,.,y W til Ms. Matthews ist in the Home Economics Department and teaches Bachelors Survival C25 Mr, Ploeser teaches Woods ll, and General Shop Q35 Mr. Parish in House lll teaches Free En- terprise, and Freshman Block Free En- terprise Q47 Ms. Remender in House l teaches Mythology and English ll 455 Ms. Perez in the Business Department teaches Short Hand ll, TABS, and Ad- vanced Short Hand i6l Ms. Powell teaches Journalism, Publications Newspaper, and Photography Q73 Ms. Mooningham teaches Freshman Block English ll, and Publications Yearbook C83 Mr. Mitton teaches Health, Advanced Boys' PE, and Boys' PE Q91 Ms. Ftoels is in Business Department and teaches Office Typing, JEMS, and Marketing. -R., me C33 NNI:- ,Q 5 . ,, , LL. .air , 9 .ng Faculty -- 135 UJ lVlr. Shay is in the Reading Department Q25 Mr. Taylor teach- es Current Developments, Sophomore Block American History, and Arizona Government Q33 Mr. Troxel teaches l.C.E., Plastics, and is in the Industrial Arts Department Q53 Ms. Selluck teaches Math, Free Enterprise, and Vocational Shop C71 Mr. Trostle is in the Business Depart- ment and teaches Accounting, and Typing. Q45 Ms. Wager teaches Typing ll COE, and Supervision Q63 Mr. Russell teaches American History, Arizona Government, Current Developments C85 lVlr. Walker teaches Chemistry and Physics Q93 lVlr. Walters teaches Earth and Space Science. :WHY- x 'Y 1 5' 3 t Xx- it 1 fu' 5- uf git rx. up , its Ms ex - pg Mc mt- ? R' A tb i Q1 J Mr. Waugh teaches Boys' PE Q27 Mr. White teaches American Government Q3l Ms. Williams teaches English Q45 Mr. Williams Arizona Government and Freshman Block Q55 Mr. Whiting is the Parks and Recreation Coordinator Q69 Mr. Woods Bible Literature, and Mythology Q73 Mr. Zamboni teaches Health. 49' Faculty - 137 115 ...J -fe ,fd-me 41,9- 3 3 5 I 9 Q11 Ms. Alma Kleiner is the director of house one. Q27 Mr. John O'Connell is the director of house two. Q35 Mr. Kenneth Ridenour the director of house three. He has a large domain over about 13 of the schools employees. Q41 Ms. Letha Barrett is a counselor in house three. She helps many of our students here. C51 Mr. John Hughes is our new counselor here in house three. Q65 Mr. Don Bicknell is our dual purpose man here on campus. He is a student advisor and part time coun- selor. 138 - Faculty Q sg Q Fr X. t 4 time Q77 Mr, Mike Carpenter is a new counselor here at Browne this year. We haven't had a chance to ask him what he thinks of it yet. 185 Ms. Arline Brehm is a counselor in house two. Q95 Mr. Flobert Martin has been in house one for two years here at Browne. He has seen it form from the start. 1103 Miss Sue Baumgartener was here at registration last year. It was a hectic time but she pulled through. C13 Ms. Butler is the head librarian here at Browne. She has been with us since the school has opened. Q27 Mr. George Atkinson is the police of- ficer here on campus. He works with the students who have problems. l3J Mr. Stu Traines is the man who is' responsible for the running of the t.v. production room. l4J The Math group consists of all of the math teachers here at Browne from right to left they are Mr. Snodgrass, Mr. Dawson, Mr. Evanstock, Ms. Hall, Ms. Hicks, Mr. Black, Ms. Clinton, Ms. Fike, teacher aide. C53 Mrs. Ruth Askins is the nurse here at Trevor. She has all kinds of emergencies such as splinters or bandaids for blisters. l8l Mr. Frank Sacco is in the library here at Trevor. V Faculty - 139 COO ms .'- 'bs 1 5 ' 1' U. 11" ' lid? ' JAN F ...Classes CIHSSGS-1 41 I' - 'f 142 -Seniors W- -' W M3 Z. " its ,1- ug,,W',' mfg if ana ,,.., an .4 , '. . "gf" A -I .gr 1 A if ... j J. ' Wx k , Q A ,X ,. , 4: . KNJ . b K A y V 4 ,.L V -1, X X Q' ,hx xt? . 'N , 1' X 3' Q x ' 1 V ' ,. A Q, V , ,A gi, X . K' .x 1 j 33' - - fW2.1i ' 1 .. . ' 'if gf ,. - v. lv - V - W -' -3 " y iff. V . ' ,A k ' 1 L - H fx! .' 'Q it .H REF x Q 34 X A , A v ' 5' "mf gs 5? X K 1 X 4 V Fx Q- 't 4 ,, of . 1 as i ,J . 14 Rr xl A F V X K " . , 1 -A s S , Q I .1 A g q 'Q N .' ,fa if Qs J Q 'lm i S , . 'Aw x 4 'X' 'S O Ng .Y r 5 ' 'Wx - i , A LX' an A, . 'I 5 g L S, R . U Y VEWXN Seniors 1 n Q.. A.-1 'F JH as N Sheridan Aker Karen Alexander Weldon Almon Carol Anderson John Anderson John Arthur Cindy Ashworth William Baker Bruce Barnes Jeffrey Barnes William Barton David Baxter Donna Baxter Donna Beatty Kenya Binder Seniors--143 Q- 2 5 A Al' 72 SWK A ' -- , rv . 3 fl?-"fi x if, .V I. vvj Kin. -. X X QR 'mmf . QNW f g 45 'sk . A ,. :Qifx 33 E ,, f, qw-my wif Q5 A ., Aj ' Q X-3.x xii 1 X , O Y x Y 6 Rosanne Campbell Eric Cannon Kevin Carver Pascal Cashwell Skip Chasey Terrigene Cheatham Mike Childress Anna Chirila Don Christ Peter Christofolo Theodore Christy Gary Clapper Vicky Clark Seniors-145 1 win, , 5 if , 'Wai Jw.. Steven Comer Boyd Conner Cindy Connor Sheila Connors Debbie Considine Glen Counts Penny Cox Kim Craig Joi Crask Cathy Cunningham 146-Seniors Susan Cleven Gary Coldrion Mary Collins it Margie Joy is par- yf ticipating in one of the if Community School Yoga classes. O I lil 'Ol if 'Q kts' :ak -Cf, mi 154' M, , ., 4-. Governor Jack Williams comes to Browne to speak to American government and history classes. Sheryl Cutliff Verlene Davidson Michael Day Michael De Pue Arthur Diaz Chris Donahue Marlene Donat Elynor Lynn Donka Sharon Downs Patty Drinkwater Debbie Dus Jim Elwood Deborah Enquist Gary Eslinger Dean Evans Randy Fach Rodney Falberg Karri Fellers Dee Felty Seniors-147 Peter Fenton Elizabeth Figueroa Michael Findley Bill Fish Byron Flanders Denise Flanigan Kathleen Flannigan Paul Fleming Johnny Foster Debbie Fregin Perez Leads Students m A ctfvitfes Joanne Fulton Gilbert Gandara Aurelia Genini Kathy Gephart Neil Gershman Mike Gibbs Chuck Gilland Fredrick Gilland Kathy Gleason Rosene Glenn Darrel Goodin Glenn Gormley Roger Gregoire Grace Guzman Michael Hallen 148-Seniors Brenda Hamlltor. Mary Ann Haws Charles Hockaday Barbara Holloway l T' is U WT All ,Q Q Fl l ,, A 1. , H" ,l T' ,....ou fllwllallq Lmfqxbnfeq ,. ,, ... ,li Q 'xzrgnggg il H Qlillll-.llq M, Wx l lvl, l-. ,llllyw ' A U l , N' 'wl.llll""ll uf Ala w, ': f"f:lE'rf9f53 F7632-l l f y-ravl ll ll l ll llf lvl flrlllllll gn xl iw' W 'l,,lw 'li lekmll'-M ,LL f !.rW?5glz,s:,, M ..m.l".' inn' .l Sensors-149 Bob Jones Joanie Jones Leonard Jones Dave Kahlstorf Don Kampa Timothy Keen Lorrie Kellerman Ernest Kelly Dan Kimball Mary Kimbell 150-Seniors l JM 1 .,. --f r r I ' 7 l l i Hx I 1 lf ' N! Lv, lv V 0 N- 'TT ' 'fff-rm ,FA -1' .f-UWA. W -. if we .N M iqri I "L, fri r ,,,,, W iw , , O wr 5 .. it ' . Keith Kirkland James Kirkpatrick Dan Kirsch Janet Kleinert Judy Kline Pam Knight Scott Koesterer Larry Landry Don Larson Marie Lazor Steve LeBoeuf Sandra Le Faivre James Le Roy Donn Lewis Mary Lewis Seniors-151 'if fm , QW kia ? rf 'wif nf 1m ,' 1 L 'ii' sv ,,-W, , .- .Q 21? 2344? A ' A 1 1 re, 5 if I , ,M as . 4 is , wiv 2? . , ,AM , 1, , M 'w v 1: 4 .Y fn if ,fa Chris McKee Greg Meek Patty Meyers Deborah Miller Karen Miller Kim Miller David Moffard Pamela Moore Roberta Morales Raul Moreno Cfass of '73 ls 70? Larger Than '72 Bonnie Mulquin Cecilia Murphy Jim Nader Becky Nelson Kevin Newsom Donna Norby Caren Novallo Marylou Ortiz Ronda Overfield Robin Overholt Joe Padilla Bobby Page Mary Palmisano David Patterson Judy Patton Seniors Jo Lynn Pease Michael Perez Pat Perez Sedera Paterman Elden Phelps Connie Pitman Susan Pontius Mike Porterfield Janet Prinster James Pyon 154--Seniors un Qui 'ii t AW -at W ,, 'W U- JU T h ll., 'N 'ix' ' l'l'7 1' -v+-me 26915- lqkg Linda Quant John Quinn Ralph Quintana Arlen Ramey Tom Fiandl Bill Fieeser Susan Reeves Mark Flamsey Lucy Flenner Kurt Reynolds s ,ug s 1 . .4 t Brenda Yanez Gene Yates Uwe Weihert Dean Weir Michael Welch Flandy Welch Rod Werner Debbie Westoff Patrick Whipps Kristina Wilkinson Scott Will Darline Williams Richard Williams Toni Williams Jacqueline Winn Sandra Wooden Penny Wright Seniors-157 3 1 . Q ,gg .xiiiy MW w,A,h Mwmmjwg Junior . . . 1-Wi" X M ir Q., , , ' X. , . W, 'M ,U ' ' 1'T5f1'1EW'i37""."f" u ABQ! Dan Abbas Sheree Adams Tina Akers Peggy Alexander Sherry Allen Pennelope Amos Jim Anderson Demselightathawng class pictures taken. Dave Barry Casey Bartlett Linda Bauer Stephany Bear dslee Richard Beaver Russel Belisle Steven Bell to say Deborah Bolton Ken Bolton Dennis Bool Debbie Border Rudy Botterweg Rena Brand Roberta Brassfie Gloria Arellanes Kenneth Baker Jeanne Bailey Rosalie Banasiak Tracy Banick Charise Barbour Naomi Benge Dawn Bera Mark Bernhardt Beth 'Bergstedt Linda Birchfield Greg Bolen Id 'boys'to g Connie Breibarth Glennette Bright Edward Brogan Theresa Brogdon Barbara Brooks Daniel Brooks Bl het' Juniors--159 , 1.,,x.W:amz:v.:'...,.....,,.f,..n,, .Wwwl-Twewwmn-mmm-' il Si ...auf J 'Q" is 5 A A S? r 'i,li3lisQQmmmmwMm S, W, Www , ki , ' 3 ' Emi , l lg H 1 X, 5 Y ...' WWIAW kr ,W ,J MW' wut - . - its 'l'lHRgQ!ttl'2'Wg'1 ni tfrilfl A, ' Sheree Adams and Connie Gridley stand behind counter in the Cubby Hole awaiting customers. Kathi Cady Sandra Campbell Eligio Canisales Alfred Cano Author Carpeter Kevin Carpenter Mary Carpino Patricia Carrillo David Carter Brian Casey Michael Charlesworth Bill Chasey Kathy Chastain Susan Cheatham Margaret Cheutefils Jean Christ Sandra Christenson Genie Clark Nancy Clark Shirley Clatone Jill Brooks Bruce Brown Donna Brown Eula Brown Jenny Brown Lisa Brown Michael Brown Snowe Browning Shauna Bru Wendy Burger Bruce Brown Gets Lead m I-lrst Play of the Year 'A Do!!'s House' Juniors--160 Debrah Cool Debie Cooper Mark Corder Deborah Cornell Frank Coupe Richard Cox Tina Craig Teresa Crandall Helen Craven Mary Cronaver Donna Crow Rhonda Crow Teresa Cutliff Cathy Dahnk Dennis Deal Arthur Debrito Diane Dechaine Terry Dechaine Clowns put on plays for the children and students in Miss Dinon's childrens Literature class. 4' , AJ- ,S xi .,' .125 all '7,h5b1ii-R A Linda Deela Mark Dekarske John Delao Ronald Dent Diana Devereaux 'Kathleen DeYoung Deborah DiFrancesco Ginny Dillon Charles Dobson Sandra Dolfay Cathleen Dudley Danette Dupree Juniors-161 162-Juniors Ronald Durham Nancy Duvall Terry Edmiston Doug Eiclthorn Jerry Elword David Enhleman David Engstrom Melinda Enriquez Katv Emmons Mark Ernst Mari Farrier George Farry Cecilia Favela Celia Favela Colleen Flanigan Lisa Foster Kathy Fowl Richard Franke Stephen Frass Rhonda French Douglas Fry Free periods turn into a game of chess for these guys. Mike Frye Dianne Fulton Mark Garcia Nicky Gliniak Cynthia Goins Rodney Good Gary Goodfellow Diana Gordon Nancy Gorla George Gray Connie Gridley Jeanne Grogitsky Jesse Guerra Mary Guerre Dennis Hall Ann Hammer Mike Hamilton Debbie Hancock David Hanson David Harmon -Apleigh Harrett . we F '-1 lg, ' 2 I ,,,.,- lm. Bobbie Wentzel and Bruce wn reading the "Razz vue Magazine" at a con- tion held in Tucson for all Publication staffs in the te. Next year the con- ntion will be held at our hool in October 74. ur A P I Walter Hartranft Pat Haven Cheryl Hawkin Gary Hebner Patricia Hebner Karen Helium Shelly Hess Cheryl Higgins Denise Hight John Hilsinger Michael Hitsman Denice Hoffpauir Patty Houchen Douglas Howe Kimberly Izzo Jerry James Danna Jarvis Connie Jenkins Lynda Jenkins Ed Johnson Melonie Johnston F . r ' fl! ' 1 li, mtl in ,gulli- dv B Denise Jones Ronald Jones Michael Irvin Gloria Kaiser Sheree Kauffman Lori Kapitan 'Terri Kesler Colleen Keller Kathy Keller Donna Kelley Caroline Kent Roger King Linda Kist Robert Kokaska Wflwdlllilt www Juniors-163 Steve Kozimor Kathy Kozlosky Karl Kleinert Cynthia Kral Michael Kusche Mark Laramore Randy Leach Greg LeBoeuf Gregory Lemieux Jeffrey Leonard Janet Levy Flobert Lincoln Cheryl Lipari John Long Vickie Lowe Delbert Lowrey Theresa Lucero James Lysiak Mark Madge Patricia Madge Greg Magness Houses Compete for Chemmonshfps 164-Juniors Tammy Matherly Mary Matlack Flay Maxon Phil Means Becky McCutcheon Cynthia McFarlane Brenda Mclntyre Deborah McKinney Diane McNeal Sandra Michael Lynne Michelson Susan Miele Cindy Milam Jack Miller Houses I, ll, and lll had games ar' contests during homecoming wee Here students are building pyramids see whose would last the longe Other games were played like pass t potato, tricycle races, three leggeu races and egg toss. Phyllis Miller Dale Minns Mary Miskovich Debra Mitchell Debbie Mitchell Beverly Moncrief Joni Monick Robin Moore Richard Moore Rick Moreno Josephine Mogan Debra Morgenthaler Doug Fry teaching children how to play in his children's literature class. Doug made hobby horse he is riding. Linda Morrow Pamela Mosier Eugene Mullenix Michael Murphy Garald Nagelhout Josie Nardo LaWana Noth Jenni O'Connor Kim Pace Nancy Paone Donald Parks Donita Patton Sondra Paul John Pegram Lynn Pellegrino Michael Peters Darla Peterson Cynthia Pisapio Sharon Pitrat Cathy Potts Jeanette Preiss Juniors-165 Randel Roberts Leilani Robinson Roger Robison Cheryl Robling Cynthia Rogers Ben Romanski Bill Ross David Prince Pamela Pyne Paula Pyne Michael Quegan Mark Ramsey John Reavis Thomas Rees l Juniors Sometfm es Work? Richard Remien Charles Reynolds Jerry Rhodes Lorabell Richardson Timothy Riches Vickie Ricketts Ed Roberts 2 Students try to catch up on homework in Science resource center durinci free hour. as 1 W Dana Salsman Katherine Sammons Mark Schmehl Matthew Schmehl Sheila Schonberger Teresa Schultz James Schumacher 166- Juniors Jeff Rose Susan Roth Penny Rucker Dean Rude Cindy Rupp Scott Rupp Rosalinda Salinas Vivienne Slavik Barbara Small Marlin Smith Willie Smith Kim Somka Sandra Somka Jan Southerland 1 John Southland Lyle Southwick Ruth Spence Richard Sprinkle "' Brian Steele Shari Steele Kathleen Steiner af pn Deborah Scism Marty Scott C. J. Sells Jeff Sharp Rhonda Shelby Teri Sims James Siverd Tina Slavik Free periods leave some 5 Juniors climbing up the walls l literally, Steve Segond, T junior, demonstrates. Dan Sutherland Janet Tacia Cheri Swaim Bill Taylor James Taylor Rosie Tellez Robert Thomas Cynthia Stephan Phillip Stika Mark Stokes Donald Stone Cynthia Stonebraker Thomas Story Linda Strohbehn Juniors-167 The varsity band show's new de- fensive play to the football team during half time 168-Juniors Timothy Tinsley Sandra Tolbert Karen Truitt Joan Trujillo Petra Tucker Don Tuiey Gail Turner Terry Turrentine Gerald Urick Nick Vakula Richard Valley Jonathan Venable Mary Wagner Bruce Walberer Bandy Waller Yolanda Ward Susan Warren Debra Washburn Carrie Waugh Michael Webb James Weeks Mike Welnick Bobbie Wentzel Ricky Wezdenko Penny Whitaker William Whitaker James Whitson Beverly Williams David Williams Laurie Williams Michael Wright Darryl Woods Deborah Woods David Young Winfred Young W a' v. 1' ,Q ,J I wt in m 5' 7 . 5 x? 1 323' 1'..-xr xi ,P Juniors-169 7 W A 1 "" WW .--4 Na Clendon Barnes Jill Barney Debbie Barnhart Tina Bartholomew Steve Barton Britt Baxter Yvonne Allen Deborah Alvarez David Anderson Cathy Apodaca Stella Arellanes Scott Armand, Jr. Carolyn Adams Linda Adams Reania Agnew Christine Ahlgrim John Ahlgrim Guadalupe Armijo James E. Ashworth Tony Austin Richard Baehre Kimberly Baker Sheldon Baker William Baker Gary Ball Curtis Banick Barbara Barker Bonetta Barnes Denzil Bayne Cherri Beachner Terri Beall Kristi Beals Tammi Bean Charlene Beardsley Jim Beeson Cindy Bejar Cathy Benge Della Benites Debbie Bennett Karen Bennett Donna Bergman Bobby Besco Susan Black Sophomores-171 Vickie Blackwell Charles Blake Cindy Blunck Charles Bock Regina Bolen Barbara Bool Rexford Boring Karen Bosch Deatra Bowman Jeff Boyles Craig Brendel Janet Brims Nancy Brims Barbara Brooks Flonnie Brooks Twila Brosius Gayle Brown James Brown Julie Brown Tanya Brown Brett Bru Jeff Burt Karen Bushofsky Brian Cail Julie Calhoun Flobin Calvert Merry Campbell Myrna Cannon Audrey Cantu Constance Carlsen Benjamin Carrillo Larry G. Carter Jim Cearley Rick Cervenak Jim Chaney 172 Sophomores James Bruen Tim Brusseau Frank Budd Shawna Burd Allen Burgess Anthony Burns Donald Burns Lillian Burns x ir A'A A WW ti iii? Taking time off from band to read a joke Hickman tries to hide her smile from photographer. 3 Tommy Chapman Cheryl Chavez Susie Cheney Cindy Christenson Carol Christofolo Melody Christy Helen Church Donna Clark A Ray Delaney Gloria Dell Nancy Demorascki Steve DeMore Diane Denson David DePue Robert Devinney John DeVore Donna DeYoung John C. Clark Kim Clark Dwight Cleven Gary Clevenstine Thomas Cliflord Richard Coffman Maria Comparan Sandy Condon Anita Connelly Cecelia Connors Bill Cool Kerry Cooper Diane Corkin Randall Cox, Jr. Penny Coy Thomas Cozens Iris Crawford Linda Craytor Craig Cushman Robert Cutler Robert Dalmer Tommy Dalmer Mark Dalrymple Donna Davidson Brett Davis Richard Davis Cheryl DeGuski Lynne Dekarske Ruehle ls G olddocks on 'The Three Beers' Sophomores 173 Mark Fleming Gregory Flemming Kim Fleshman Thomas Fleshman Timothy Fleshman 174-Sophomores - lvl -. es. V All ' Cheryl Diehl Robin Dillon Kim Dluhy Daniel Donahue Tom Donithan Don Donka Bruce Doverspike Vickie Dowell Shavone Drenten Jim Dunkl Dan Dunlap Tim Durham Rod Eden Carla Egan Don Enquist Dwanne Erwin Kelli Ewing Leslie Fauset Daniel Fazio Vicky Fellars Kristy Fells Robert E. Pike Homer Findley Thomas Fitzgerald i i ummm il i-:ai qdnlmump l l 1 S Sharon Nunez demonstrates an innocent lookq one of her many facial expressions. lg, .1 ,w7'5ji50Wllff'l ' A , ' ,If so Teresa Formanack Sandra Foster Theodore Fowler Ronald Fregin Gina Frost Colleen Fry Donna Frye Peter Gilmore James Glenn Tina Glover Cynthia Gobble Keith Good Saul Goldfarb Mellissa Gomez Terry Frye Maria Gaines Gi ' na Garcia Kim Gardner Paul Garza Gary Gerken Mark Gershman Greg Gibbons Sophomores Recover From Freshmen Yeer Student with super- vision reads sophomore English book two feet away David Gordon Flobin Gormley Darrell Gow Ftenee Graham Jane Graves Lynda Gray Suzanne Gregoire Sharri Green Charles Greer Donovan Grill Michele Grogitsky Tom Groseclose Danny Guenther Micaela Guerra Katy Guzman Judy Hagen Sheldon Hagen Craig Hagerman Marcia Haggard Mitchell Hale Daniel Hall Sophomores 175 Lori Higgi ns Barbara Hill Mitch Hintz Debbi Hobbs Mike Hockaday Judy Hoftman Carrie Holgate Darrell Holt Cathy Hornecker Robert Horst Cynthia Howard Rose Howcroft Kathy Hamilton John Hand Ward Harbin Debbie Harrington Dan Hauser Teri Hawkins John Heifley Rhonda Hickman Susan Heisel Vicki Helton Mark Hernandez Rhonda Hickman 176 Sophomores Marlene Howell Brent Hubbard Harold Huffman James Hughes Ricky Hyler Jamie lkerd Chris lsit Barbara Jackanin Wanette James Jennifer Jarvis Eula Jennings Sheryl Johnson Cynthia Jones Eleanor Jones Jackie Jones 4 ll: 1' 4-'rr Jacque Ruehle portrays Goldilocks on GAA homecoming float "The Three Bears." Timothy Kauffman Robert Kennelly Ronald Kennelly Dale Kennow David Kent Karl Keppler Kyle Jordan Lynette Jordan Marilyn Joy David Kampa Bob Kanitsch William Kidwell Lilly Kinne Cindy King Ronald Kirchoff Tom Klever Pamela Knecht Ross Kneisel Mark Knox Tanya Koesterer Claudia Kolstedt Theresa Leach Richard Leon Mark Leonard Wendy LeRoy Jerry Lewis Pat KOSCheI David Kramer Billie Kraus David Kriete Debbie Kroff Chris Larson Cathy McCIoe uses her free time wisely! Sophomores 177 David Longo Lisa Lopez Vera Lottes David Loutherback Kenneth Lowe Linda Lowery Lisa Loyd Deborah Lucia Donna Lyons Rhonda Mac Millan Mike Mahoney Mike Mahoney Lilly Main Terri Major S , Shelli Mc Farlane Annette McKinney Flondi Mc Kinsey Lon Mc Millan Patricia Mc Neal Kenneth Mc Rae Bennett Means Pam Menard Irene Mercado Karen Michelson Deanna Miller Jeff Miller Donna Makarov Gheuyl Mallernee Wayne Marcus Mary Marler Kevin Marshell Gregory Martin Arthur Martinez Johnny Martinez Nori Martinez Salinda Martinez Betty Mattson Tom Maxwell Debra Mc Alister Ricky Mc Bride Gina Mc Carthv Catherine McCIoe Tony McCumber Brian McCusker Della Benitas portrays Eliza in the students presentation of Uncle Toms Cabin during sophomore block class 1- it i v 4 X I l i 4 , Janet Nulph Sharon Nunez Glen Oakes Rhonda O'Connor Pamela Ohms Cindy Ojeda Mark Olsen Cheryl Olson Dawn Olson Casey Ortega Tracey Orthoefer Rick Overfield Becky Owens Ralph Paavola Tony Padilla Cathy Patterson Phil Patton Linda Pearson Christina Perez Lattice Perkins Cheryl Perrigo Kerry Miller Lani Miller Alison Mitchell Kevin Monchamp Jim Monick Sally Moody Ruben Moreno Dennise Morrow Joseph Morrow Laurie Mulcock Cathy Mure Patricia Murphy Donald Murtishaw Jackie Neis Sandra Nelson Janice Newgent Jimmy Newman Sheila Newton Ruthie Nichols Suzanne Nimz Lisa Nix Sophomores Act Out Slave Play A' L' Relaxation is vital to Mark Gershman for concen- tration in science class. x nz. Nx, - I Sophomores-179 Raymond Potts Margaret Powell Kathleen Price Steve Pursel Tim Rapson Maria Ramey Robert Ramirez Kenny Reed Richard Reeland Kelly Reeves John Reeves, Jr. Leda Reinhardt Ronald Remien Jane Requa Bernadette Reveles Elizabeth Reyes Ellen Reynolds Donald Rice Teresa Richardson Vickie Richie Deborah Ricketts Eddie Risenhoover Teresa Risk Pamela Risner Debbie Roberts David Rogers Debra Rogers Bill Rojo Science Cfesses Test Hamsters' Environment 180-Sophomores James Phillips Donna Pierce Ron Pikul Claudia Pitrat Mary Platek Edette Poole Deborah Porter James Porter Darlene Romero Dirk Rommeswinkel Alan Ross Bruce Rothamer Jacqueline Ruehle Sandra Ruiz Sandra Rutledge Kevin Ryan Henedina Salinas 4-W1 NJ' Linda Adams samples a cookie' made by stu- dents in Home Econ- omics. I X i- Laura Sammons John Sather Flick Saylor Jack Schieber Gary Schlake Charles Schoville Jack Schroeder Darrell Schubart Michael Schumacher Edward Scully Toni Seaton Susan Segovia Karen Sertich Christine Sherwood David Shown Jayne Showalter Adrian Sierras Mike Sifuentes Michael Silvernale Jerry Sims Marcia Skousen Dann Slinker Darlene Smith Dora ' orest Smith Lois Smith Scott Smith George Snodgrass David Southland James Springs Anthony Stasik David Steele Jean Steele Kristin Steiner Diana Stephens Sophomores 181 'VJ -ii Michael Vaccaro Steve Vakula Debbie Valley Carol Vanderwerf Elvira Vanosdell 182--Sophomores Elena Vasquez Bernie Velez Cindy Velez Dawn Vincent Anna Villa V 1 y A Robert Still Kim Stokes Deborah Stonebraker Daniel Stoner Jody Stout Lianne Sutherland Martha Tagaban Alan Taylor Sterling Taylor Cindy Tejada Patricia Tellez John Thomas Will Thornton Michael Tietz Scott Toms Todd Toms Joe Torres Bob Trujillo Danny Tschilar Charles Tucker Peggy Turrentine Cindy Tuttle Rhonda Tysor Diane Underwood 'l ll.. , W C T - ... i 'li Poms perform at one of the pep assemblies after CII 4 school l IWW t I p 0 'o 'o U," 4 ' X , M ,N lm q. A student greets one of the hamsters living in a hamster apartment. The apartment is set up in the Science Lab to test the hamster's adaptability to the en- vironment of the apart- ment. Bradley Von Rueden Steven Wade Ann Wagner Charles Walker Karen Warfel Gail Wargo Suzan Warner E Patricia Warren Melvin Watkins Sandy Watson Benjamin Watts Kathy Webb Bill Weide Morris Weir Michael Wendt Flick Wenker Cary Werner Bob Westhoff James Weston Kevin Whisner Bill Whitmore Paul Whitson Christine Wilkerson Brian Willard Jackie Williams Donna Williamson Fay Willis Bill Wilson Lanny Wilson Paulette Wood Kathy Workman Eugene Wrzalinski Stephen Wysocki Anthony Yarina Sandra Yeary Terri Yip Don Young Mike Zerbach Kenneth Zysel Sophomores-183 -,, """""'T. 184-Freshmen l.9'a'vqN WW' Q' . Freshmen... Jayne Adams Mark Adams Yvonne Adams Judith Addie Don Addis Lyle Agnew Denise Alexander Pam Alexander Mark Allinger Debora Allison Stephanie Amsden Steve Andelin Del Apfel Lawrence Apodaca Joe Bejar Debbie Belisle Kenneth Bell Valentino Benavidez Eunice Benge Janet Benny Terry Bergstedt Penny Berry Kurt Bettenhausen Lynda Bicknell Debbie Biggs Jane Black Sylvia Apodaca Mark Arnold Gary Ashcraft Cynthia Baker Damon Ballard Paul Banasiak Eva Banta Crystal Barbour Sallie Barger Billy Barnes Tim Barnett Toug Barr Terry Basham David Baylor Amy Bear Earl Beatty Renee Beauvais Roger Beckett Jerry Beckwith Tammy Beebe Barbara Beiar fr Freshmen-185 Richard Bolin Barbara Bowman Kellie Bowman Linda Bowman Ken Bradley Anabela Braga Mary Blanton Jane Bligh David Blount Bill Blunck Donald Boehning John Bolding Richard Branson James Bratcher 44 Mary Braun Cynthia Brendal Daniel BreweT "'5hu-,,,,h.,,,,hmM M Wdlvw .'f?x ,f . Karen Brewster 186 - Freshmen . X . Paula Brown Sheryl Brown Steven Brown Steven Bruen James Briggs Bert Brimhall Jack Brooks Craig Brown Deborah Brown John Brown Tommie Burke Debra Bush Mitch Bycura Mary Camarillo Cindy Campbell David Campbell Susan Campbell Joseph Candelaria Tom Carioto Lynnette Carlson Michael Carpino Flodney Carr Lisa Brusseau Gary Buchanan Shelley Buck Kevin Burbank Karen Burghard E l 'Xi S' ,- -x - it K , l ' t Patrick Carson Joy Carter Larry Carver Phil Caspar Mine Castellon Nina Castellon Kim Caverley Shelton Cheatham Tom Cheatham Jodi Cherry Greg Chesnut Susan Chida Debbie Chlarson Betty Clark Dawn Clark I.inda Clatone Barbara Cleaver Darlene Clure I HL jsmijxgpl 'hmm 3 l Steve Coleman Bobbi Collins Margaret Collins Rodney Colson Robert Colwell Freshmen-187 - l '1 ,pt xx X Tony Davis Paula Daxley Rick Deal Steve DeBruyne Linda Debus Rose DeFazio Mary Dekarske Ricky Delaney Carol Dent Donna Devereaux Christine Dewitt Grant Dillon Diane Dobson Elise Docken Mary Combs Grant Comer Kevin Comstock Patricia Corder Joyce Coupe Rebecca Courson Joy Cox Tammy Craig Cheryl Craytor Jeff Crow Kerry Crowther Nannette Culp Caren Cunningham Mike Currey Todd Cushman Dan Davenport Freshmen-188 l .l Paul Donka Wayne Dorsey Brian Downey Mike Drenton Gary Dukarich Pat Duncan Rick Dunham Jennifer Dunn Patti Dupree David DuRocher Dawn Dwyer Joe Dybas Christine Eaton Penny Eaton - t t ,i Sheila Edwards Ricky Ellis Jeff Elwood Luella Emmons John Ernst Joe Ervin Rhonda Estep Marty Finkelstein Mike Fish Betty Fishbaugh Sarah Fitzgerald Robert Flannigan Douglas Flint A -' .Adu Vickie Flint Warren Fogus Richard Folk .111 aff' Ricky Estrada Steve Evans Karen Fach James Fazio Jennifer Felts Cindy Fenner Diane Figueroa Frank Fourqurean Andy Kist, Kurt Bettenhausen, and John Thompson in deep concentration. Lisa Fouts Alan Frank Cindy Franke Ana Franks Daryl Freeman Ellen Freitag Duff Galda Anthony Garavetto Brenda Garcia Stephen Garday Flobin Gean Leonard Geiser Robbin Gibbs Cindy Gibson Freshmen-189 1 in 'x Denise Goins James Gordon Theresa Green Ronald Gregoire Robert Griffith William Griffin Walter Grogitsky Louis Groseclose Sylvia Guerra Larry Gurule Patricia Guy Bert Hagen Darrell Hagen Laura Halajian Teri Haley Val Hames Kathy Hannar Tanya Hensly Eileen Hanson Terry Hanson Robin Hardil Ginger Hardin Lori Harper Rickey Hart Ricky Hart Michael Hartranff Glenn Hasse Donna Hassell I, . Bobette Gill Terri Gillam Craig Gilmore Patricia Gilmore Ricki Gilmore Joey Gilsdorf Roberta Girk Freshmen Boest of l-lfgnest Cless Enrollment i A ,I l . f N 1 ,H , .V .SN A Y L 5 190-Freshmen N Ar. X 2 - 'x X 1 Mary l-laven Sherre Head David Heathman Debbie Hebner David Heer Jovita Heinrichs Donna Helm Ron Herberg Chris I-lernandez Galen Herod Mona Higgins Preston Hill Craig Hillman Deborah Hines Lolita lsit Cynthia Jackson Gaylon Jackson Jerry Jacobsen Kenneth Johannsen Keith Johns Darryl Johnson Kenneth Johnson Oswald Johnson Jane Johnston Cheryl Jones Wallace Jones Lester Jorgensen Wanda Kane Larry Kapitan Eddie Karls John Keel Jim Keller Ellen Kelley Vicki Kelly Tom Kennedy Dena Kilmartin Debra Kilmer Debbie Kimbrough Flon Hines Kevin Hitsman Steve Hockaday Jo Hoffman Peggy Hoffman Tom Hoge Leslie Hoke Danny Howard Glen Howart Martin Howell Joyce Hoy Troy Hubbard Doug Huff Greg Huyett Arlene lllgen ti if tt. I Freshmen-191 Mike Kinne Andrew Kist Becky Kitts Joe Klasko Wendy Klever Brian Knecht Mary Knight William Knight Mark Knollhuff Dave Kokaska Sam Kozdruy Anthony Kozlosky Peggy Kral William Kruser John Laird Terese Lake Joan Laverdure Bill Lawson Donna Leach Scott Lechleitner Bill Lee Tracy Lemieux Carol Leusch Gina Levario Alvin Levy William Lindhe Steve Lindley Mark Linebarger Glenn Lippig Chris Lond Gregg Long 192 Freshmen Karen Low Karen Lowe Sandee Lowe Carla Luallen Bobbi Lucke Irma Lugo Lulamae Lumley Tom Lyeria Doug Lyon Judy Maasch Mark Mack Jim Madge Keith Major Steven Mailernee Jannette Mallow Joanne Maloney Stephen Mann Tammy Markland Marva Martin Eddie Martinez Joe Martinez Valorie Martinez Charles Marx Janet Mattheisen George Maurer Betty Mazurek Irvin Mazurek Mark McAIister David McClatchey Rod McClelland Danny McCiuskey John McCormick Kathleen McCoy Valarie McDowell Steve McGee Patrick McGrath Marta Mclntyre Dino McKeIvey Mitchell Meek Loretta Mendez Kathy Mendoza Nicky Mendoza Evangelina Mercado Michelle Metli Cynthia Mickey Patricia Miele William Miele Ana Mihok Karen Miller Ellen Minns Mary Misko Kathleen Mitchell Busy Schedules Confuse Freshmen Cheryl Namovicz Audie Nation Samuel Nation Steve Neis Donna Neitch Terrie Nelson Lora Neu Ronald Newell Tom Newman Flobert Newton Korina Northcott Kim Norton Lea Noth Marty Nowlin GSL 194 - Freshmen Bill Molck John Monachelli Derek Moncrief Jill Monick Cindy Mooney Rosemary Moreno Suzanne Morgan Linda Moroney Randall Morris Lori Mothershed Patrick Mounts Cathy Murray Jenny Murray Jeff Myers Anthony Nuvemsa Michael O'Brien Martin O'Connell Linda Officer Deborah Oless Tim Olivares Olivas Yolanda Irene Olivo Kim Olson Scott Olsen Teresa Ontiveros Terry Ortiz Sheila Owens Melvin Pack Meg Porter Susan Potts Gina Powell Susan Preiss Leana Proffitt Robert Radcliff Randy Rainbolt Katherine Randi Ronald Raxter Marla Rector Karen Revels Scott Rhodes Sue Palmisano Kathy Parkin Julie Parks Roy Paul Todd Payne David Pelfrey Derek Pelfrey Dawn Pellegrino Donna Pellegrino Marta Peluso Kellie Penquite David Pietsch Dennis Pietsch Pat Pitman Janet Pitrat Cindy Pitts Anne Platek David Pool 3 af Freshmen 1 Luis Ross Louis Rouyer Don Russel Tim Ryan Kim Salerno Patricia Salinas Jeff Salsman Nancy Sancho Darrell Sann Lisa Scheid Kathy Schellenbaum Mike Schreiner Eleanor Schweikart Julian Scott Mary Scully Stanley Secord Darrell Selleys Kristi Serby Kelly Sertich Susan Shaffer Billye Shangreau Stephen Sharp Donna Shelby Sherry Shoemake Laurie Short Donald Shuck Louis Sierras David Silvers William Simon Ralph Simpson Roy Siqueiros Patty Robert Arlin Jennifer Lenore Robert Sheryl Valerie Slater Small Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Mike Sniegowski Mark Snyder Helen Solorzano 196 - Freshmen Susan Rhodes Carol Richardson Rickey Ricketts Dean Riggs Gail Ritchey Steven Roberts Edward Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Nellie Rodriguez Don Rognholt Paul Rojo Mary Romanski Carmen Romero Angela Rosenberger Mike Southwick David Spain Sherry Spiva William Springs Charles Springstun James Staggs Joseph Stasik Leah Steele Mark Steele Mike Steinberg Dale Stephan Arthur Stevenson Dana Stoner Roberta Story Natasha Straub Debbie Straube Lori Straughan Carol Strohbehn Debbie Stubblefield Donna Stubblefield Danell Stucker Deborah Stump John Surette Rick Sutherland Kathleen Swingler Martin Tagaban W' " MMM C' My 'Ck "x ' Freshmen-197 i" al, sign, 198 - Freshmen Cindy Tanner Clayton Taylor James Teffer Debbie Thomas Barbara Thringer Richard Tichy Nadine Tillett Jeff Timpson Glen Todd Latricia Todd Craig Toney Jim Tooms Jeff Toy David Tracy Dennis Troyer Mike Trujillo Sandra Tubb Gail Tucker Forrest Valora Russ VanCleve Georgia Van Woesik Lenore Vargas Victoria Vasquez Michele Villa Doug Voelker Dorothy Vogelsang Mark Volrich Philip Walberer Maria Waller Ed Walls Sue Wandenwerf Jacque Warinner Bobbi Washburn Cindy Watkins Theresa Watts Cheryl Webb Tim Weide Janet Werner Winnie Westover Robert Wezdenko Christine White Danny White Donna White Ken White Karen White Ron Whitmore George Widmer Dina Wijt Kurt Wilkinson Robert Will Alan Williams Katherine Lisa Michael Pam Williams Williams Williams Williams Vernon Wilson Paul Winton Charles Witt Lorelei Wood Mary Woodall Barbara Woodward Archie Wright Wendy Wylie Dan Wysocki Frank Ybarra Jim Yoakam Alvin Zettler Alison Zinger ,l V W. WM., l sw im, :mv-.. " Freshmen-199 ' - j 51 '-f '-A I ,-snr W Z M-7" 9:-' - '- ., , . M ' . .,. M... TW "" g... W - ' X ix fl... . K i, 5?-s5.:p'..,. f k ' mil f ,,. T... W W' "jk " 'VW' an "H....w ' qu -H ,, .'- ' if 1 ,. ' V - . . , , Q Q ,, .M A .- fn 2. NWN' MW ,V ,, - ' A lu ,J 4 'N - 4 . A , 1' ' . ' - . . Y We Cin W- 'wi Q 544 1 iw 'w"?" . .4 .if 'Qi 1 ll gl A , nf W I fini: ,." x m uwlgn gf 4 y L.. a ,A u-n"w"'r1W-we wk' -H-' Q '.. ...Advertising Advertising-201 Valley Bank finances more cars. We pay interest to more Arizona savers. Valley Bank has far more offices in Arizona. More Arizonans carry Valley Bank Master Charge Cards. Valley Bank checking accounts are the most popular. We approve more home modernization loans. More Arizonans depend on Valley Bank for trust and estate matters. Valley Bank lends more money to help Arizona's ranchers and farmers. More business and professional people benefit from our unique business systems. Valley Bank approves' more student loans. We've helped thousands of young Arizonans get an education. We're sure we can do more for you, too. Just ask. Valley National Bank M.mbe,F.D...C. Equal Housing Lender While you were burning the T0 midnight oil doing homework, H we were burning the midnight Insurance oil, gas and coal to make I for Automobiles o Motorcycle electricity to light your way. Home ' Business YO U R Congratulations on your HOMEWORK! . 'C 'QN- graduationl 'A' Good Student Discounts ir Driver Training Discounts qk D Monthly Payments "Youthful Drivers Our Specialty" Sturgeon Insurance Agency 4719 w. Thomas Phoenix, Arizona Telephone 269-8327 202 - Advertising It Was A 'W P+ u g h 53 """ I Flght, 939 ' 1 M 506x533 xr , "' D a x.: 1 V fa But you ' made it! Brui B CI b Presd t Bill D h Vice P d tT C p ter Treasurer Dave Craytor Secret fy Joan S h Congritulations Class of '74Ad nm Congratulations Bruins Raipn i.. Lincoln dwg State Farm Insurance 5222W..,.dIanS.,m.Rd. 6718 West Indian School 247-1771 6 Auto - Fire - Health - Life The Valora Family STATE FARM INSURANCE G 204 - Advertieing ir Conditioning - Engine Analyzer Brakes - Tune-ups KEITH LENZNER'S - -. f ii:-1. .SM-RTS-ILSZS-:1:1:1bEi3:-:?:n N 'STS'-74I-vzcgz-gvfoqg-:-gfqzgf ' ' Eg-' ggggggfg: SERVICE 6555 W. Indian School Rd. 846-1923 Phoenix, Arizona "Be Careful What You Set Your Mind On-For That You Will Surely Become." - Emerson few o Q Best Wishes Lair Yearbook Staff Sag 'IQ is g et . N i skiing, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA ' Q C Wifi' .Vvvvu O4 it Q , ,A if mv" N .121e21Ea:..,.1 529' .x js T -ggizzaisaisag Q 'S-1-I X --::: 'E--ze" S. 'xtff-1.-fflgg: ' :EIA Q N 'Y "' 's',"' E521 S i- S- ,.,.7.':5 :th ' . , 1 .- 's':'l?t' 3'3" Q f r. 'f 4 3:99 xc.:-If 1 Faculty In dex Aragon, Patricio: 129 Armand, Tom: 129 Ashley, Kenneth: 129 Askins, Ruth: 139 Atklnson. George: 139 Bagwell, William: 80, 129 Barrett, Letha: 138 Bates, E. Lee: 129 Baumgartner, Sue: 138 Bender, Dorothy: 98 Bernard, Sylvia: 101, 129 Bergamo, Dorothy: 129 Bicknell, Don: 138 Bird, Mary Jane: 49, 129 Bishop, Barr: 129 Black, John A.: 128, 139 Bogdanov, Judy: 36, 129 Bondon, Mary: 105, 129 Boothby, John: 129 Boyer, Marvin: 101, 129 Bradford, Betty: 105, 129 Breecher, Carrol: 129 Brehm, Arlene: 138 Brennan, Gary: 129 Brown, John: 40, 41, 71, 129 Bright, Chase: 129 Buehler, Marilyn Burton, Margaret: 98, 131 Butler, Emma J.: 139 Carpenter, Dave: 131 Casteal, Tom: 47, 65, 131 Cavett, William: 131 Cline, Don: 128 Clinton, Nancy:131, 139 Corey, Nancy: 131 Corlett, John 131 Dauten, Diane: 131 Davis, Richard Dawson, Douglas: 131, 139 DeGrof1, G. Michael Dinon, Victoria: 132 Dowd, Cheri: 106. 132 Edmondson, Jim: 100 Evans, Carrie: 132 Evanstock, Philip: 100, 139 Fike, June: 139 Finell, Barbi:102, 109, 132 Flnell, Lewis: 79, 80, 132 Freer, Trudy: 104, 132 Gesell, Michael Gunn, Berneice: 132 Hahn, F. Gerry: 53, 133 Hall, Loretta Hanley, Fred: 10, 11, 133 Harris, AI: 133 Harthun, Mary: 106, 133 Hayden, James: 133 Hermanek, Gerald: 133 Hicks, Charlene: 139 Hill, Gordon: 133 Hocken, Paula: 107, 133 Hoffman, Mary Holm, Gordon Hughes, John: 136 Hurlburt, Carl Jackson, Diane: 134 Jason, Kathleen: 134 Johnson, James: 134 Johnson, Joanne: 102, 134 Jones, Alice: 134 Jordan, Leon: 134 Joy, Betty: 111,134 Kessler. Fred: 134 Kleiner, Alma: 138 Kope, Lanny: 128 MacGillIvray, Joan Marcks, Jack iOn-Sltel: 92 Martin, Robert: 138 Mass, Ella Mae Matthews, Patricia: 64, 135 Mltton, Herbert: 135 Moonlngham, Laura: 94, 135 O'Connell, John: 138 Parish, Guy: 135 Patterson, Miss: 81 Perez, Rosalee: 135 Ploeser, Wllliam: 135 Powell, Jean: 92, 93, 135 Remender, Lani: 135 Renberg. Sandi: 105 Roels, Roxle: 107, 135 Ridenour, Kenneth: 138 Russell, John: 136 Sacco, Frank: 36, 139 Selleck, Brenda: 136 Shay. Garth: 136 Snodgrass, Hiram:139 Talak, Mary Ellen Taylor, Garry: 51, 66, 67, 136 Traines. Stewart: 139 Trostle, Dale: 136 Troxel, Richard: 108, 136 Wager, Lola: 105, 136 Walker, Cecil: 136 Walters, Eldon: 99, 136 Waugh, Gerald: 137 White, Robert: 101 Whiting: 137 Williams, Joyce: 137 Williams, Roger: 70, 137 Woods, Ted: 36, 137 Zamboni, Gerald: 48, 82, 83, 137 Zancy: 47 Student A Abbas, Dan R.: 159 Abraham, Michael D: 71 Abrahamsen, Arne Adams, Carolyn: 109, 171 Adams, Charles R. Adams, Jayne: 185 Adams, Linda: 106, 171, 181 Adams, Mark L.: 185 Adams, Sheree R.: 107, 159, 160 Adams, Yvonne N.: 185 Addie, Judith R.: 185 Addls, Addis, Don: 185 Joyce Agnetti, Patricia D.: 103 Agnew, Lyle: 47, 185 Agnew, Patricia R: 171 Aguinaga, Ray L. Ahlgrim, Christine: 102, 171 Ahlgrlrn, John: 171 Aker, Sheridan R.: 143 Akers, Tena E.: 103, 159 Alexander, Debra: 102 Alexander, Denise R.: 185 Alexander, Karen S.: 143 Alexander, Pam M.: 185 Alexander, Peggy J.: 159 Allen, Allen. Allen, Allen. Allen, Allen. Cheryl A. Clinton C. Frank: 50, 70 Lee Jr. Michael D, Sherry L.: 159 Allen, Yvonne: 171 Allinger, Mark K.: 50, 66, 185 Allison. Debora L.: 185 Allsho use. Stevan Almon, Weldon S.: 79, 143 Alvarez, Deborah: 98, 105, 171 Ames, Gary Adna . Ameth, Willie: 101 Amos, Pennalope J.: 81, 159 Amsden, Stephanie M.: 185 Andelin, Donald Andelin, Steven: 83 Ander Ander Ander sen. Harold sen, Jerald son, Carol Anne: 143 Anderson, Darrell D. Ander son, David: 107. 171 Anderson, David E. Anderson, Dennis M. Anderson, Jeff Ander Ander Annor Apfel. son, Jim: 159 son, John M.: 143 eno, Lynda K. Del J.: 185 Apodaca, Cathy: 171 Apodaca, Lawrence: 101, 185 Apodaca, Sylvia: 185 Arellanes, Gloria J.: 159 Arellanes, Stella M.: 171 Armand, Scott Jr.: 57, 58, 171 Armljo, Gualdalupe: 171 Arnold, Mark D.: 185 Arnsp lger. Roger D. Arthur, John Mark: 143 Ashcraft, Gary A.: 185 Ashworth, Cynthia Ann: 143 Ashworth, James E.: 52, 171 Atchison, Darold L. Atwater. Tony: 83 Austed. Allen Ray Austin, Samuel A.: 107 Austin, Thomas W. Austin, Tony: 171 Avants Ayers, George J. Bacak, David L. Bacen, Jack Baehre, Richard F.: 171 Bailey, Jeanne: 159 Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker ,Cynthia L.: 185 , Kenneth W.: 159 , Kimberly: 79, 171 , Lynricla T. Christopher C. Sheldon: 171 :Willlam:171 .william M. 14a Ball, Gary L.: 171 Ballard, Damon C.: 47 Ballard, Kendal C. Banasiak, Paul W.: 98, 185 Banasiak, Rosalie E.: 36, 37. 98, 159 Banlck, Curtis J.: 171 Banlck, Tracy L. Banta, Eva M.: 185 Barbo Barbo ur, Charise N.: 159 ur, Crystal N.: 109, 185 Berger, Sallie L.: 185 Barker, Barbara: 106, 171 Barnes, Billy R.: 185 Barnes, Bonetta: 171 Barnes, Bryce V.: 143 Barnes, Carlson L.: 171 Berne S, Clendon M.:171 Barnes, David Barnes, Jeflrey Lee: 143 Barnes, Julle A. Barnes, Kyle 0. Barnes, Linda D.: 81, 96, 103 Barnett, Tim C.: 185 Barnett, Tom: 71 Barney, Jill: 36, 78, 171 Barnhart, Debbie K.: 171 Barr, Douglas J.: 185 Barrick. Byron K. Barry, David B.: 159 Bartholomew, Tina: 171 Bartlett, Casey L.: 90, 159 Barton, Joan Barton, Lynda Barton, Ralph Barton, Steve: 66, 171 Barton, Wllliam G.: 36, 90, 143 Basham, Terry D.: 47, 56, 70, 185 Basik, Curtis: 106 Bauer, Linda L.: 84, 159 Baum, Glenn V. Baxter, Britt H.: 171 Baxter, David K.: 143 Baxter, Donna M.: 101, 143 Baylor, David A.: 47, 51, 185 Bayne, Denzll: 171 Bazan, Cindy M. Bazan, Dino R. Beechner, Cherri: 171 Beall, Terri L.: 171 Beals, Kristi L.: 171 Bean, Michael E. Bean, Tammi:171 Bear, Amy E.: 185 Beardslee. Stephany J.: 159 Beardsley, Charlene: 171 Beatty, Donna S.: 20, 37, 143 Beatty, Earl W.: 47, 185 Beauvais, Renee M.: 107, 185 Beaver, Richard G.: 78, 159 Beckett, Debbie D. Beckett, Roger: 70, 185 Beckwith, Jerry J.: 185 Beckwith, Ronald J. Bednarczynk, Mark R. Beebe, Carl R.: 107 Beebe, Tammy G.: 185 Beeson, Jim: 171 Befort, Michael A. Bejar, Barbara A.: 185 Bejar, Cynthia: 79, 105, 171 Bejar, Joe A.: 185 Belisle, Debbie A.: 49, 185 Belisle, Russell: 159 Bell, Kenneth P.: 47.56, 70, 185 Bell, Steven E.: 63, 91, 159 Bell, Walter L. Bellentine, R. Douglas Benavldez, Antonio S. Benavidez, Valentino: 185 Benge, Cathy M.: 171 Benge, Eunice J.: 185 Benge, Naomi R.: 159 Benites, Della S.:171,178 Bennett, Debbie: 171 Bennett, Karen L.: 171 Benny, Janet L.: 185 Bera, Dawn M.: 159 Bergman, Dan: 52, 66 Bergman, Donna: 171 Bergman, Roy A. Bergstedt, Beth A.: 81, 159 Bergstedt, Terry D.: 109, 185 Bernhardt, Mark E.: 159 Berry, Jeffrey S. Berry, Penny: 185 Besco, Bobby: 171 Bettenhausen, Kurt: 185, 189 Bicknell, Lynda M.: 107, 185 Biggs, Debbie R.: 185 Biggs, Mark A. Bindner, Kenya H.: 143 Birchtield, Linda S.: 159 Bird, Philip M. Blabour, Crystal: 101 Black, Jane E.: 185 Black, Susan M.: 81, 171 Blackman, Bonnie S. Blackman, James R, Blackwell, Vickie L.: 64, 172 Blady, Michele M. Blaich, Jeffery D. Blaich, Kevin J.: 65 Blake, Charles: 172 Blakely, Karen A.: 144 Blakeslay, Bill L. Blandin, Pat A.: 144 Blandlna. Plneda: 144 Blankenship, Dale C.: 36, 106, 144 Blanton, Mary A.: 186 Blanton, Robert S.: 65 Bligh, Jane: 186 Bligh, Paul: 144 Blount, David K.: 47, 186 Blunck, Cindy A.: 172 Blunck, William L.: 186 Bock, Charles M.: 172 Bock, Michael N.: 94, 108, 144 Boehning, Donald D.: 186 Bohrer. Diana L.: 144 Bolding, John C.: 47, 186 Bolen, Gregory Z.: 44, 58, 71, 159 Bolen, Regina: 79, 80, 105, 172 Bolin, Richard L.: 186 Boling, Karen L. Bolton, Deborah K.: 159 Bolton, Ken L.: 159 Bolton, Robyn Gail Booker, Joni M.: 144 Bool, Barbara J.: 79, 172 Bool, Dennis J.: 80, 159 Border, Debbie: 106, 159 Boring, Rexford A.: 172 Bosch, Keren: 172 Botterweg, Rudolt F.: 159 Bouley, Mark: 50 Bowman, Barbara J.: 186 Bowman, Deetra: 172 Bowman, Kellie M.: 186 Bowman, Linda J.: 186 Bowman, Thomas Boyd, Randy Boyer, Timothy J.: 144 Boyles, Jeffery D.: 172 Bradley, Kenneth N.: 186 Brady, Sue Braga, Anebela: 186 Braga, Joseph: 107, 144 Brand, Rena K. 159 Brannigan, Jerome J.: 144 Branson, Richard D.: 50, 73, 186 Brassfield, Roberta G.: 101, 159 Braswell, Rey Bratcher, James L.: 186 Braun, Mary: 186 Breitbarth, Connie J.: 106, 159 Brendel, Craig R.: 172 Brendel, Cynthia A.: 186 Brendel, Earl R. Brewer, Daniel: 186 Brewster, Karen S.: 186 Briggs, James K.: 186 Briggs, Sandra K.: 144 Bright, Glennette Fl.: 159 Brimhall, Bert B.: 186 Brims, Janet: 104, 172 Brims, Nancy S.: 102, 172 Brist, Darlene Britton, Linda C.: 144 Brogan, Edward E.: 20.81, 109, 1 Brogdon, Theresa A.: 159 Brooks, Barbara: 172 Brooks, Barbara A.: 159 Brooks, Brenda Brooks, Daniel F.: 159 Brooks, David: 100 Brooks, Jack H.: 186 Brooks, Jill D.: 49, 103, 107, 160 Brooks, Katherine L.: 144 Brooks, Ronnie L.: 172 Broslus, Twila G.: 172 Browder, Susanne M. Brown, Bruce D.: 18, 19.20, 36, 7 Brown, Charles J.: 108, 144 Brown, Craig S.: 78, 94, 186 Brown, Deborah K.: 186 Brown, Diane Brown, Donna J.: 160 Brown, Eule M.: 160 Brown, Gayle L.: 172 Brown, Harold D. Brown, James: 172 Brown. Jeanette D.: 107, 144 Brown, Jennifer L.: 84, 160 Brown, John W.: 47, 50, 186 Brown, Jolene M.: 144 Brown, Julie E.: 172 Brown, Linda A. Brown, Lisa A.: 160 Brown, Michael R.: 160 Brown, Paula: 102, 186 Brown, Rex Brown, Robbin J. Brown, Robert Brown, Sheryl L.: 186 Brown, Steven L.: 186, 192 Brown, Tanya S.: 172 Browning, Berdenna B. Browning, Snowe: 81 Bru, Brett: 172 Bru, Shauna R.: 160 Bruen, James: 172 Bruen, Steven W.: 186 Brusseau, Lisa R.: 187 Brusseau, Tim: 172 Bryant, Matthias Buchanan, Gary L.: 187 Buck, Jim J. Buck, Shelley C.: 167 Budd, Frank: 172 Bullard, Marla L. Burbank, Kevin E.: 187 Burd, Shawna: 172 Burger, Wendy: 160 Burgess, Andy M. Burgess, William A.: 172 Burghard, Andre: 144 Burghard, Karen: 109, 187 Burke, Tommie R.: 187 Burns, Anthony: 172 Burns, Donald L.: 172 Burns, Johnnie R. Burns, Lillian M.: 172 Burns, Terry Burt, Jeff: 172 Burton, James D. Burton, Tammy Busalacchi, Paul J. Bush, Debra M.: 187 Bushofsky, Karen: 107, 172 Bycura, Mitchell Fl.: 48, 73, 83, 18 C Cady, Kathi K.: 81, 160 Ceil, Brian: 62, 172 Calhoun. Julie: 172 Calhoun, Steven W.: 144 Calkins, James: 47, 51 Calvert, Robin: 172 Camarillo, Mary H.: 187 Camberlain, Tammy L. Camp, Steven L. Campbell, Bob L. Campbell, Cindy S.: 187 Campbell, David W.: 187 Campbell, Merry: 172 Campbell. Rosanne: 145 Campbell, Sandra K.: 160 Campbell, Susan M.: 187 Candelaria, Joseph: 47, 187 Cangelosi, Llsa M. Canlsalas, Eligio 59 9,106.108,16 7 A.: 172 M.: 106. 109. 187 A.: 63, 187 62, 63 R.: 145 J.: 160 ll: 18, 20, 33, 81, 109 44, 145 108, 145 Clark, Betty A.: 187 Clark, C. John: 40, 41, 173 Clark, Dawn M.: 187 Clark, Donna J.: 173 Clark, Eugenia L. Clark, John S. Jr.: 40, 41, 71 Clark, Kim: 173 Clark, Victoria L.: 145 Clarke, Nancy J. Clatone, Alice M. Clatone, Linda K.: 187 Clatone Cleaver , Shirley L.: 160 . Barbara: 187 Cleven. Dwight J.: 173 Cleven, Susan M.: 146 Clevenstine, Gary: 173 Clifford, Thomas W.: 173 Clure, Darlene S.: 187 Cochran, Douglas W.: 40, 71, 79,80 Cochrane, Don Coffman, Richard A.: 52, 173 Colbert, Catherine Coldiron, Gary L.: 34, 78, 80, 146 Coleman, Steve R.: 187 Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Bobbi J.: 187 John H. Margaret: 187 Mary E.: 146 Collins, Terry Colson, Colwell, Combs, Comer, Comer, Rodney A.: 187 Robert F. III: 70, 187 Mary J.: 188 Grant R.: 188 Steven G.: 146 Comparan, Gilbert G. Comparan, Maria: 173 Comstock, Kevin P.: 78, 188 Condon. Sandy: 173 Conley, Cynthia Connell, James E. Connell, Peter D, Connelly, Anita: 173 Conner, Boyd L.: 44, 53, 146 Conner, Jeffrey D.: 47, 51, 70, 79 Connor, Cynthia Ann: 33, 146 Connors, Cecelia: 84, 86, 173 Connors, Kevin J.: 47 Connors. Sheila: 146 Considine, Debra Jean: 84, 102, 146 Considine, Nancy Louise Contreras, Bill W. Conway, Ronnie R. Cook, Michael D.: 66 Cook, Michael M.: 66 Cook. Scott A. Cool, Bill: 173 Cool, Debrah J.: 161 ' Cooper, Debie L.: 107, 161 Cooper. Kerry: 173 Copeland, Lesley L. Corbin Debbie A.: 173 Corder, Mark H.: 161 Corder, Patricia L.: 188 Corkin, Diane Corkin, Debbie: 102 Corkin, Patricia M. Corkin, Shirlee A.: 102 Cornell, Corona. Deborah J.: 36, 79, 161 Don Jr.: 106 Corona, Kenny Corrales. Joe M. Cota, Manuel C. Counts. Glenn B.: 71, 72, 146 Coupe, Joyce A.: 188 Coupe, Lewis F.: 161 Courson, Rebecca A.: 188 Cowens, Bernard A. Cowens, Paul C. Cox, David K. Cox, Joy F.: 188 Cox, Norita G. Cox, Penelope K.: 105, 146 Cox, Randall Jr.: 173 Cox, Richard G.: 161 Coy, Penny L.: 173 Cozens, Mary E.: 107 Cozens, Thomas J.: 56, 100, 173 Craig, Kim L.: 146 Craig, Tammy: 188 Craig, Tina M.: 161 Crandall, Teresa A.: 161 Crask, Joi A.: 146 Craven, Helen E.: 161 Crawford, Iris V.: 173 Crawford, Richard D. Craytor, Dave: 203 Craytor, Cheryl A.: 99. 188 Craytor, Linda: 79, 102, 106, 173 Cronaver, Maryann: 161 Crook, Karan S. Crow, Donna L.: 161 Crow, Jeffrey R.: 188 Crow. Julie A. Crow, Rhonda E.: 161 Crowther, Kerry L.: 63, 188 Cruse, Robbie S. Cruze, Robbin C. Culp, Nannette J.: 109, 188 Cunningham, Brad L.: 81 Cunningham, Caren A.: 188 Cunningham, Cathy S.: 146 Cuntz, Cristi R. Currey, Michael: 188 Curtis, Richard S. Cushman, Craig A.: 40, 47, 71, 173 Cushman, Todd C.: 50, 73. 75, 188 Cutler, Robert T.: 173 Cutliff, Sheryl D.: 147 Cutliff, Teresa L.: 161 Cygan, Drew A. Cygan. Todd A. D Dahnk, Catherine E.: 84, 161 Daley, Paula Dalmer, Robert: 173 Dalmer, Tommy: 173 Dalrymple, Mark: 173 Daly, Robert Darro, Anthony Davenport, Dave: 100 Davenport, Dan A.: 188 Davidson, Danny W.: 173 Davidson, Donna M.: 107 Davidson, Verlene J.: 147 Davis, Brett H.: 173 Davis, Daniel Davis, Richard: 173 Davis, Stuart A. Davis, Tony R.: 40, 73, 188 Dawson, Robert T.: 106 Daxley, Paula: 188 Day, Michael J.: 147 De Bruyne, Steve M.: 188 De Fazio, Rose A.: 188 De Herrera, Richard P. De Karske, Lynne M.: 83, 105, 173 De More, Steve: 173 De Pue, David: 66, 173 De Pue, Michael A.: 147 De Vinney, Robert: 173 De Vore, John D.: 173 De Young, Kathleen A.: 161 Deal, Dennis N.:161 Deal, Richard A.: 188 Deaver, Benny Debrito, Arthur: 161 Debus, Linda K.: 188 Dechaine, Diane: 161 Dechaine, Terry A.: 106, 161 Deela, Linda R.: 81, 161 Defazio, Rose: 107 Degurski, Cheryl: 173 Degurski, John F. Dekarske, Mark B.: 161 Dekarske, Mary K.: 188 Delaney, Ray J.: 66, 173 Delaney, Ricky V.: 50, 73, 188 Delao, Doris Delao, John M.: 80, 161 Delao, Shirley I. Dell, Gloria: 173 Demorascki, Nancy: 105, 173 Demorascki, William J. Dennis, George Denson, Diane C.: 108, 109, 173 Dent, Carol A.: 188 Dent, Ronald J.: 90, 161 Desanti, Benjamin Devenport, David Devenport, Emlly P. Devereaux, Diana L.: 161, 188 Devereaux, Donna L. Devore, Mona F. Dewitt, Christine: 188 Deyoung, Donna: 173 Di Allesandro, Louis J. Jr.: 91 Di Francesco, Deborah A.: 161 Diaz, Allred C. Diaz, Arthur Joseph: 34, 65, 147 Diehl, Cheryl D.: 174 Dietrich, Marlene: 89 Dillon, Gilbert I. Dillon, Ginny I.: 161 Dillon, Grant I.: 188 Dillon, Robin: 174 ' Dluhy, Kimberly: 174 Dobbs, George T. Dobson, Charles E.: 63, 91, 161 Dobson, Martha D.: 102, 188 Docken, Elise C.: 188 Dolfay, Sandra L.: 161 Donahue, Chris A.: 31, 44, 147 Donahue, Bill: 203 Donahue, Daniel D.: 47, 174 Donat, Laurene Donat, Marlene C.: 147 Donithan, Tom F.: 52, 174 Donka, Don A.: 174 Donka, Elynor L.: 147 Donka, Paul H.: 188 Darnseifer, Erwin J. Dorsey, Wayne A.: 188 Doughty. Robyn S. Doverspike, Bruce: 174 Dowell. Vlckle: 174 Downey, Brian D.: 188 Downin, Mary L.: 81 Downs, Sharon K.: 147 Drenten, Mike D.: 188 Drenten, Shavone M.: 174 Drinkwater, Patrlcla D.: 147 Drumtra, Kendra L.: 81 Du Rocher, David F.: 188 Dubois, Michael J.: 20, 44 Dudley, Cathleen R.: 161 Dudall, Nancy: 78 Dukarich, Gary S.: 62, 100. 188 Duncan, Pat E.: 188 Dunham, Rick L.: 47, 188 Dunkl, Beverly A. Dunkl, James: 174 Dunkl, Michael C. Dunlap, Dan: 174 Dunlap, Robby E. Dunlap, Thomas G. Dunn, Jennifer A.: 188 Dupree, Danette L.: 103, 161 Dupree Patti E.: 102, 188 Duran, Tillle O. Durham, Becky S. Durham, Ronald C.: 162 Durham, Tim: 47, 66, 174 Durocher, Dave: 50 Dus, Debbie C.: 147 Duvall, Nancy L.: 36, 101, 162 Dwyer, Dawn M.: 188 Dwyer, Robin: 106 Dybas, Frank Jr.: 65 Dybas, Joe M.: 47, 58, 188 Eaton, Christine E.: 188 Eaton, Penny K.: 188 Eden, Rod: 174 Edmisfon, Terry L.: 162 Edmunds, Allen: 81 Edwards, Sheila: 189 Egan, Candice L. Egan, Carla J.: 174 Ehringer, Barbara J. Eichhorn, Douglas J. Ellis, Bernard F. Ellis, Ricky: 189 Elwell, Chris A. Elwood, Jeff L.: 189 Elwood, Jerry L.: 162 Elwood, Jim R.: 53, 147 Emmons, Katheryn A.: 106 Emmons, Luella A.: 189 Engleman, David C.: 162 English, Bill W. Engquist, Deborah R.: 147 Engquist, Don: 174 Engstrom, David J.: 162 Enriquez, Melinda M.: 162 Eramons, Katy: 162 Erli, Laura M. Ernst, John E.: 189 Ernst, Kathy Ernst, Mark J.: 162 Erskine. Ronald Ervin, Dwanne D.: 174 Ervin, Jo L.:189 - Eslinger, Gary: 147 Estep, Rhonda F.: 189 Estrada, Ricky T.: 189 Etheridge, Edward J. Evans, Barbara L. Evans, Dean H.: 147 Evans, Steve L.: 47, 56, 73, 80, Ewing, Kelli: 174 F , Fach, Karen A.: 106, 189 Fach, Randy S.: 147 Falberg, Rodney L.: 147 Farrell, Kathy: 107 Farrier, Laura A. Farrier, Mari E.: 84, 102, 162 Farry, George R.: 162 Fauset, Leslie C.: 174 Favela, Cecilia M.: 107, 162 Favela, Celia A.: 162 Favela, Frank Favela, Sally: 107 Fazio, Daniel: 174 Fazio, James T.: 189 Fellars, Karrl J.: 106, 111, 147 Fellars, Vicky S.: 102, 174 Felts, Jennifer L.: 189 Felts, Kristy: 100, 106, 1.74 Felty, Dianna S.: 147 Fenner, Cindy L.: 189 Fenske, Cheryl J. Fenske, Linda L. Fenton, Peter T.: 148 Ferguson, Rebecca S. Fields, Nancy J. Figueroa, Diane J.: 189 Figueroa, Elizabeth A.: 31, 148 Figureoa, Steve Fike, Robert E.: 94, 100, 174 Findley, Homer: 174 Findley, Michael J.: 148 Finkelstein, Marty A.: 47, 50, 70 Fischer, Lee L. Fish, William G.: 148 Fishbaugh, Betty A.: 189 Fishbaugh, Vincent W. Fisher, Deborah L. Flsher, Dave: 71 Fisher, Michael A.: 189 189 .189 INDEX-207 Jones Eleanor: 176 208 Fisk, Bill: 108 Fitchett, Marvin E. Fitzgerald, Sarah R.: 189 Fitzgerald, Thomas: 82, B Flahaut, Kevin R. Flanders, Byron T.: 31,3 Flanders, Robert 3,90.104.174 6, 40, 41, 71, 75, 78, 80, 97, 101, 148 Flanigan, Colleen A.: 107. 162 Flanigan, Denise M.: 148 Flanni Bn Kathleen' 148 Gonzales, Laurie Good, Keith: 175 Good, Rodney D.: 162 Goodfellow, Gary D.: 162 Goodin, Darrel G.: 33. 44. 57. 58, 59. 148 Goodland, Roger L. Gordon, David: 175 Gordon, Debora K.: 79, 80, 107 Gordon, Diana L.: 107,109,162 g , . Flannigari, Robert F.: 189 Fleming, Mark: 98, 174 Fleming, Paul R.: 148 Flemming, Gregory: 174 Fleshman, Kim K.: 174 Fleshman, Richard J. Fleshman, Timothy: 174 Fleshman, Tom L.: 174 Flight, Mickey E. Flint, Douglas S.: 189 Flint, Vickie L.: 189 Fogus, Warren H.: 189 Fogelson, Craig: 81 Foley, Rodney F.: 189 Folk, Richard E. Fordyce, Pam D. Forgey, Johnna: 37 Formanack, Teresa J.: 98, 175 Fortier: Kelly F. Fortier, Kevin L. Fortney. Mary: 81 Fortner, Shirley K. Foster, Johnny B.: 20, 40, 109, 148 Foster, Kevin: 36 Foster, Lisa A.: 162 Foster, Sandra: 81, 92, 106, 175 Foster, Steven L. Fourqurean, Frank C.: 169 Fouts, Lisa K.: 189 Fowl, Katherine E.: 36, 80, 105, 162 Fowler, Theodore Ill: 175 Fox, Frank F. Francisco, Richard: 70 Frank, Alan J.: 189 Franke, Cindy K.: 79, 189 Franke, Richard P.: 44, 53, 107, 162 Franks, Ana R.: 189 Frass, Stephen J.: 162 Freeland. Richard H. Freeman, Daryl L.: 189 Fregin, Debbie A.: 148 Fregin, Ronald E.: 175 Freitag, Craig A.: 53 Freitag, Ellen G.: 189 F French, Rhonda L.: 107, 162 French, Samson Frost, Gina: 175 Frost, Wayne E. Fry, Colleen D.: 175 Fry, Douglas G.: 162, 165 Fr e Donna R.'175 Y . - Frye, Michael D.: 44, 71, 72, 75. 107, 162 Frye, Terry L.: 175 Fuente, Jesse: 107 Fudge, Hubert Fudge, Lawrence W. Fuentes, William F. Fuller, Dale Fulton, Dianne M.: 162 Fulton, Joanne: 148 Gaines, Maria: 175 Galda. Duff C.: 99, 189 Gallaher. Mark D. Gandara, Caroline Gandara, Gilbert: 148 Gappa, Larry H. Garavetto, Anthony M.: 189 Garcia, Brenda A.: 189 P33 Garcia, Edward Jr. Garcia, Gina: 175 Garcia, Mark G.: 162 Garcia, Robert D. Garcia, Sue K. Garday, Stephen J.: 51, 73, 189 Gardner, David S. Gardner, Kim M.: 175 Garland, David A. Garza, Paul: 175 Gasko, Karl Gean, Robin L.: 189 Geiser, Leonard A.: 189 Genini, Aurelia: 14B Gephart, Kathleen A.: 148 Gephart, Nancy J.: 107 Gerken, Gary: 175 Gershman, Mark P.: 36, 79, 175, 179 Gershman, Nail M.: 148 Gibbons, Greg A.: 175 Gibbs, Michael R.: 33, 44, 71, 74, 148 Gibbs, Flobbin N.: 47, 70,189 Gibson, Cindy: 81, 189 Gibson, Dale C.: 100 Gibson, Tony Gill, Bobette A.: 190 Gillam, Terri L.: 190 Gilland, Fredrick C.: 148 Gillard, Chuck: 107 Gilmore, Craig O.: 106, 190 Gilmore, Patricia D.: 101, 190 Gilmore, Peter I.: 175 Gilmore, Rlcki J.: 190 Gilsdorf, Joey B.: 190 Girk, Roberta L.: 190 Gleason, Kathy M.:148 Glenn, James: 175 Glenn, Rosene: 34, 148 Gliniak, Nicky A.: 109, 162 Glover. Tina: 175 Gobble, Cynthia D.: 175 Goins, Cynthia J.: 162 Goins, Denise L.: 103, 190 Goldfarb, Saul E.: 175 Goldman, Alan B. Gomez, Melissa: 175 Gomez, Val -INDEX Gordon, Gordon. James G.:47,190 William T. Gore, Gordon M. Gorla, Nancy J.: 162 Gormley, Glenn: 148 Gormley, Robin: 175 Gough, Russell J. Gow, Darrell: 52, 175 Graham, Renee N.: 175 Graham, Ricky P.: 98 Gravening, Richard L. Graves, Jane A.: 84, 175 Gray, George S.: 79, 162 Gray, Lynda D.: 175 Green, F. Blake Green, James E. Green, Sherri L.: 175 Green, Theresa: 190 Greene, Todd E. Greenwell, Mark A. Greer, Charles J.: 175 Greer, Vicki L. Gregoire, Roger J.: 58, 59, 148 Gregoire, Suzanne M.: 49, 107, 175 Gregoise, Ronald H.: 190 Gridley, Connie J.: 107, 160, 162 Griewahn, Susan J. Griffin, Billy R.: 56 Griffin, William M.: 190 Griffith, Robert O.:190 Grill, Donovan C.: 175 Grogitsky, Jeanne: 162 Grogitsky, Michele: 175 Grogitsky, Walter: 190 Hawthorne, Andy E.: 63 Haynes, Rodney L. Head, Sherree A.: 190 V Heathman, David P.: 190 Heathman, Kenneth E. Hebner, Debbie l.: 190 Hebner, Gary: 163 Hebner, Gail: 49 Hebner, Patricia L.: 163 Hebner, Theresa Heer, David B.: 190 Heffley, John W.: 176 Heinrichs, Jovita: 190 Heintz, Mitchell: 66 Heisel, Susan M.: 176 Helselman, Mark D. Helium, Karen A.: 163 Helm, Donna L.: 190 Helmuth, Eddy: 70 Helmuth, Robert E.: 47 Helton, Vicki: 176 Henrichsen, Keith T. Henrichsen. Kirk M. Hensley, Tanya M.: 190 Herberg, Ron P.: 190 Hernandez, Christina: 190 Hernandez, Mark A.: 176 Herod, Galen S.: 76, 190 Herrera, Carla J. Hess, Kathy A. Hess, Shelly D.: 163 Hickman, Randall R.: 149 Hickman, Rhonda: 36, 79, 80, 172, 176 Higgens, Lori: 89, 176 Higgins, Cheryl L.: 84, 102, 163 Higgins, Jeff D. Higgins, Ramona: 103, 190 Hight, Denise M.: 159, 163 Hill, Barbara: 176 Hill, Dan: 99 Hill, Preston J.: 81, 96, 190 Hillman, Craig B.: 47, 51, 67, 70, 190 Hilsinger, John: 163 Hines, Deborah M.: 190 Jackson, Mark F.: 149 Jacobsen, Jerry A.: 191 James, Cindy: 105 James, Jerry A.: 107, 163 James, Wanette: 176 Janssen. Antoinette M. Jarrett, Theresa M. Jarvis, Danna G.: 36, 102, 163 Jarvis, Jennifer: 49, 103, 176 Jenkins, Constance: 20, 109, 163 Jenkins, Eddie: 107 Jenkins, Franklin A. Jenkins, Lynda K.: 103, 163 Groseclose. Louis M.: 190 Groseclose. Thomas R.: 175 Gross, Michael Guenther, Danny: 175 Guenther, Roger D. Guerra, Jesse: 101, 162 Guerra, Jesse: 101, 162 Guerra, Mary: 162 Guerra, Micaela: 175 Guerra, Sylvia P.: 190 Gurule, Lawrence F.: 190 Guy, Patricia A.: 81, 190 Guyer, James E. Guzman, Grace: 148 Guzman, Katy S.: 175 Guzman, Socorro P Gwyn, Ken R. H Hagen, Bert K.: 47, 190 Hagen, Chipper B. Hagen, Darrell L.: 190 Hagen, Judy: 175 Hagen. Sheldon: 175 Hagerman, Craig: 62, 63, 175 Haggard, John: 52 Haines, Tracy L. Halajian, Halajian. Darryl D. Laura D.: 20, 107, 190 Hale, Mitchell D.: 175 Haley, Billie J. Haley, Teri L.: 190 Hall, Daniel Fl.: 175 Hall, Dennis E.:162 Hall, Gail D. Hall, Tim B. Hallen, Michael Fi.: 148 Halley, Cathy Halpaus, Jayne C.: 80, 102 Hamas, Rosemary A. Hames. Valerie J.: 190 Hamilton. Brenda J.: 149 Hamilton. Kathy D.: 176 Hamilton, Michael G.: 162 Hamman, Pauline Hammer, Ann M.: 162 Hammer, Mary P. Hammond, Gary W. Hines, Ron D.: 191 Hinkle, Carolyn M. Hinkle, Donna Hinkle, Martina I. Hintz, Mitch N.: 176 Hiskey, Jo Ann Hitsman, Kevin F.: 191 Hltsman, Michael E.: 163 Hobbs, Debbi R.: 176 Hobbs, Thomas Hockabout, Dennis L.: 47, 51, 73 Hockaday, Charles D.: 149 Hockaday, Mike: 176 Hookaday, Steve C.: 191 Hockersmith, Carol S. Hodge, Floyd: 149 Hoffman, Janice R.: 101, 149 Hoffman, Joanna R.: 191 Hoffman, Judy: 176 Hoffman, Peggy: 191 Hoffpauir, Denice R.: 163 Hoge, Tom D.: 191 Hoke, Leslie K:: 191 Holgate, Carrie S.: 81, 98. 102, 104, 105, 176 Hollar, Philip L.: 149 Holloway, Barbara M.: 149 Holm, Lynette Holmes, Howard F. Ill Holt, Darrell L.: 176 Hopp, Jim J. Hopper, Kathleen Hopper, Trudy L. Hornecker, Cathy: 176 Horst, Robert: 176 Horton, Vickie L. Houchen, Patty A.: 163 ' Howard, Cynthia L.: 176 Howard, Danny D.: 191 Howard, Robert J. Howart, Glen Z.: 191 Howcroft, Rose A.: 102, 176 Howe, Douglas T.: 56, 163 Howell, Gerald W. Howell, Marlene J.: 176 Howell, Martin K.: 191 Hoy, Joyce M.: 191 Hoyt, Phiiiip v. Hradil, David Hradil, Robin Hrebicek, Sharon Jennings, Eula M.: 176 Jensen, Joseph Jimenez, Benny Johannsen, Kenneth E.: 191 Johns, Keith R.: 47, 56, 70, 191 Johnson, Darryl K.: 191 Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, James: 50 Johnson, Gail M. Johnson, lrvan E.: 163 Johnson, Kenneth D.: 191 Johnson, Michael: 71, 72, 73, 75 Johnson, Oswald G.: 191 Johnson, Perry W. Johnson, Regina Johnson, Richard A. Johnson, Richard K. Johnson, Sam L. Johnson, Scott R.: 58, 59, 149 Johnson, Sheryl L.: 176 Johnson, Velma A. Johnston, Melonle R.: 163 Johnston, S. Jane: 191 Jones, Barbara J. Jones, Brenda J. Jones, Cherrie E. Jones, Cheryl D.: 191 Jones. Denise L.: 111. 163 Jones Douglas B.: 53. 55 Jonas E. Cynthia: 79, 80, 176 Jones Jones Jones Florine Z ' 36 f Joanna ifynn: 79, 91, 150 L. Jackie: 176 Jones, Leonard H.: 53, 150 Jones Robert L.: 31, 44, 150 Jones Ronald I-44 163 Jones S Wallace 1,91 Jordan. Kyle J.: 177 Jordan, Lynette S.: 104, 177 Jorgensen. Lester P.: 191 Joy, Anna M.: 37, 146 Joy, Marilyn: 177 K . Kahlstorf, David D.: 150 Kaiser, Gloria: 163 Kamb, Charles R.: 40, 73 Kampa, David: 177 Kampa, Donald J.: 150 Kane, Wanda K.: 102, 191 Kanitsch, Bob: 177 Kanitsch, Mike L. Kapitan, Larry J.: 47, 191 Kapitan, Lori J.: 163 Karch, Christopher A. Karls, Eddie D.: 191 Kauffman, David D. Kauffman, Sheree C.: 163 Kauffman, Timothy D.: 102, 177 Keasler, Terri J.: 80, 102, 163 Keel, John S.: 191 Keen, Timothy: 150 Keller, Colleen M.: 107, 163 Keller, Jim W.: 47, 191 Keller, Kathy: 163 Kellerman, Lorrie M,: 106, 150 Kellermaw, Amy C. Kelley, Donald E. Jr. Kelley, Donna L.: 163 Kelley, Ellen M.: 105, 191 Kelley, Ernest R,: 150 Kelley, Ralene M. Kelly, Brenda L. Kelly, Vicki D.: 191 Kennedy, Thomas A.: 191 Kennelly, Robert E.: 177 Kennelly, Ronald E.: 177 Hancock. Debra S.: 162 Hand, John W.: 176 H8l'll'l8l', Belinda J. Hannar, Kathy L.: 190 Hansen Hanson Hanson , Carol A.: 149 David M.: 162 Hanson, , Eileen M.: 190 , Terry L.: 190 Hubbard, Brent 176 Hubbard, Troy D.: 191 Hubenak, Robin: 103 Hudson, Regina Huff, Douglas: 191 Huffman, Harold L. Jr.: 91, 176 Hughes, James L.: 176 Hulse, Donald Kennow. Dale: 177 Kent, Caroline L.: 84, 103, 163 Harbin, Ward: 63, 105, 176 Harbour, Henry N. Hardin, Ginger A.: 190 Harlow, Christopher W. Harlow, Michael D. Harmon, David W.: 162 Harper, Lori: 190 Harper, Vicki: 149 Harrett, Arleigh E. Ill: 162 Harrington, Debbie K.: 176 Hart, Rickey: 190 Hart, Ricky R.: 50, 190 Hartranft. Michael F.: 190 Hartranft. Walter H. Jr.: 90, 163 Harvey, Raymond L.: 109, 149 Harwood, Clark A. Hasse, Glenn R.: 190 Hassell, Debra L.: 105, 149 Hassell, Donna J,: 105, 190 Hardil, Robin: 190 Haunson, Joe: 91 Hauser, Dan: 176 Haven, Mary A.: 78, 190 Haven, Patricia E.: 98, 163 Haven, Timothy A. Hawkins, Cheryl: 107, 163 Hawkins, Teri E.: 176 Hawks, Dennis D, Haws, Mary A.: 89, 149 Hunt, Beverly J. Hunt, Matthew J. Hutchinson, Christine Hutchinson, William J. Huyett, Gregory A.: 191 Hyler, Ricky B.: 176 lkerd, Jamie S.: 176 lkerd, Reda D.: 149 lllgen, Arlene M.: 191 lllsley, Donald L. Irvin, Michael H.: 92, 93, 163 Irwin, Debra A. Isabel, Garry lsit, Chris: 176 lsit, Lolita M.: 191 Izzo, Kimberly A.: 163 J Jackanin, Barbara: 102, 176 Jackson, Cynthia A.: 191 Jackson, Gaylon S.: 102, 191 Kent, David L.: 177 Keppler, Karl J.: 177 Kidwell, William M.: 79, 177 Kiel: Bruce G. Kilbourne. Jessie Kilmartin, Dena L.: 191 Kilmer, Debra A.: 99, 191 Kimbell, Lewis A. Klmbell, Mary S.: 105, 150 Kimble, Daniel E.: 150 Kimbrough, Debra: 191 King, Cindy L.: 177 King, Roger A.: 163 Kinne, Lilly: 102, 177 Kinne, Michael: 47, 50, 73, 192 Kirchoff, Ronald: 177 Kirk, Phyllis L. Kirk, Richard J. Kirkland, Keith J.: 44, 65, 151 Kirkpatrick, James A.: 40, 151 Kirsch, Daniel D.: 151 Kist. Andrew J.: 189, 192 Klst, Dennis L. Kist, Linda M.: 163 Kitts, Becky A.: 81, 192 Klasko, Joe S.: 192 Kleinert, Janet A,: 151 Kleinert, Karl W.: 107, 164 Klever, Tom L.: 52, 177 Klever, Wendy L. Kline, Judy: 151 Knecht, Brian A. Knecht, Pamela A.: 104, 177 Knelsel, Ross: 177 Knickerbocker, Robert L. Knight. Mary: 192 Knight, Pam J.: 151 Knight, Wllllam R.: 192 Knollhuff, Deborah J.: 107 Knollhuff, Mark A.: 192 Knollhuff, Richard M. Knox. Mark: 177 Koehler, James D. Koesterer, Scott R.: 151 Koesterer, Tonya: 177 Lyons, Donna: 178 Lyslak. James S.: 164 Maasch. Judy L.: 193 MacMillan. Rhonda:178 Mack, Mark R.: 193 Kohlstort. Kokaska, Kokaska, Kolstedt. Koschel, Koschel, Kozdruy. Kozlmor, Dave: 53 David: 70, 192 Robert J.: 163 Claudia J.: 84, 10 Debra A.: 107 Patrlca: 177 Carey M.: 192 Steve: 164 2, 177 McMillan, Kozlosky, Anthony P.: 192 Kozlosky, Katherine: 164 Kral, Cynthia J.: 164 Kral, Peggy L.: 102, 192 Kramer, David: 177 Kraus, Beverly R.: 177 Krlete, David L.: 177 Kroff, Debbie A.: 177 Kruser, Wllllam P.: 192 Kusche. Michael: 44, 71, 74. 164 L Lacy, Carol L. Lageson, Marc A. Laird, Hope E. Laird. John W.: 51. 70, 192 Lake. Terese: 192 Lemon, Sue: 107 Landota, Elaine D. Landry, Larry F.: 90, 151 Langford, Roger T. Laramore. Mark L.: 164 Larkin, Tim H. Larson. Chris: 177 Larson. Don M.: 151 Larson, Jay B. Larton, Nancy J.: 34 Leverdure, Joan I.: 192 Lawson, Bill M.: 192 Lazor. Marie G.: 151 Leach, Teresa: 111 Le Boeuf, Gregory M.: 44. 164 Le Boeuf. Stevan P.: 151 Le Faivre, Sandra A.: 151 Le Roy. James C.: 90, 151 Le Roy, Wendy A.: 177 Leach, Donna L.: 103. 192 Leach. Randy: 164 Leach, Theresa, 177 Lechleltner, Scott A.: 192 Lee, Bill J.: 47, 192 Leker. Lawrence J.: 20 Lemieux, Gregory R.: 164 Lemieux. Jacqueline Lemieux, Tracy L.: 192 Lemon, Daniel R. Lemon, Susan K. Leon. Richard L.: 177 Leonard, Bonnie G. Leonard, Jeffrey S.: 164 Leonard. John J. Leonard, Mark: 177 Leslie, Franklin C. Leusch, Carol S.: 192 Leusch, Nancy D. Levario, Gina L.: 192 Levario. Steven J. Lever. Wllliam M. Levy, Alvin Levy. Janet E.: 164 Lewis, Donn W.: 151 Lewis. Jerry L.: 177 Lewis. Mary A.: 151 Libbey, Joe Lincoln, Robert L.: 44, 164 Linde. B.: 47 Lindeman, Bob: 152 Llndeman, Kurt A. Llndhe. Wllllam D.: 50, 192 Lindley. Steve L.: 192 Llnebarger. Mark S.: 192 Llparl. Cheryl A.: 164 Llpplg, Debra L.: 105. 152 Llpplg, Glenn A.: 47. 192 Little, D. Larry Lockart, Kevin R. Locklear, Roxanne: 152 Locklear, Wllllam D. Lond, Christopher M.: 192 Long, Gregg L.: 192 Long. John L.: 63. 164 Longo. David R.: 178 Longo. Steven V. Lopez. Joanna: 101 Lopez. Louisa: 101. 17a Lottea, Vera A.: 109. 178 Loutherback. David: 178 Love, Steve L.: 50, 73 Low, Karen D. Lowe, Karen S.: 102, 193 Lowe, Kenneth W.: 178 Lowe. Sandi: 193 Lowe, Vickie L.: 164 Lowrey. Delbert R.: 164 Lowrey, Linda J.: 178 Lowry, Debra J.: 152 Loyd, Lisa A.: 178 Luallen, Carla M.: 193 Lucero, Sally A.: 152 Lucero, Theresa M.: 101, 164 Lucia. Deborah A.: 178 Lucke. Bobbi J.: 193 Lueck, Debra L.: 79. 80, 152 Lugo. Andy Lugo. Irma Y.: 193 Lumley, Lulamae L.: 193 Lyerla, Elaine M.: 81 Lyerla, Thomas: 193 Lyon, Doug L.: 193 Lyons, Davld W. Mack, Steven J. Mackarav. Donna: 107 Maddock. Madge. J. Gayle S.: 152 Mark: 164 Madge, James A.: 193 Madge, Patricia A.: 27. 49, 103, 164 Maggard, Gary D. Maggard, Marcia A.: 175 Maggard, Richard H.: 152 Magness. Greg W.: 53. 107, 164 Mahoney, Mike: 66, 178 Mahoney. Mika G. Mahoney, Therese J.: 107 Malrt LIII . 178 . Y' Major, Elizabeth A.: 37 Major. Keith A.: 193 Major, Terrl A. Makarov, Donna: 178 Mallernee, Cheryl D.: 78, 92, 111, 178 .' , . 80, 193 Mallernee, Steven L. 47, 56 70, 79 Mellow, Jannette L.: 193 Maloney, Joanne F.: 193 Malooi, Robert R.: 152 Mann, Stephen R.: 70. 193 Marcantognini, Angela Marcantognlnl, Pamela Marcus, Wayne: 66, 178 Marella, Dave: 71 Markland, Tammy J.: 193 Markley, Shana A.: 107, 152 Marler, Cynthia Ann: 34, 105, 152 Marler, Jeffery Marler, Mary H.: 178 Maroney, Linda: 109 Marshall, Kevin: 178 Martin, Carl R. Martin, Gregory S.: 81, 178 Martin, Marva L.: 81. 193 Martin. Valarie Martinez, Arthur T.: 178 Martinez. Belma A. Martinez. Edward: 193 Martinez, Gilbert: 83, 91 Martinez, Johnny D.: 101, 178 Martinez. Joseph: 193 Martinez, Lllllan D.: 152 Martinez, Manuel J.: 53. 152 Martinez, Norl: 178 Martinez, Richard M. Martinez. Sallnda: 17B Martinez, Valerie J.: 193 Marx, Charles W.: 193 Marx, Thomas E. Massell, Debbie: 105 Matherly, Tammy L.: 164 Mathis, Debbie A. Mathis, Kim L.: 152 Matlack, Mary F.: 164 Matthelsen. Dennis: 106. 152 Mattheisen, Janet: 193 Matthewson, Devon Mattson, Betty A.: 178 Maurer, George E. Ill: 47, 51, 70, 193 Maurer, Teresa Y.: 81, 103, 152 Maxon, Ramon M.: 164 Maxwell, Pam L.: 105 Maxwell, Tom: 178 Mazurek, Betty J.: 193 Mazurek, Irvin R.: 193 McAIister, Debra: 178 McAIister, Mark A.: 193 McAlister, Patricia A.: 105 McAlpin. Dave R. McBride. Ricky: 178 McCarthy, Gina M.: 106, 178 McCauley, Marlene K. McClatchey. David M.: 193 McClelland, Rodney J.: 193 McCloe. Catherine: 49, 103. 177, 178 McCIuskey, Brian: 52 McCIuskey, Danny C.: 47, 70, 193 McCormick, Christine P.: 31, 152 McCormick, John M.: 50, 70, 193 McCort, Richard A.: 90 McCoy. Kathleen A.: 193 McCullough, Philip C.: 81, 109, 152 McCumber, Tony T.: 178 McCusker, Brian: 178 McCutcheon, Becky D.: 164 McDonald. Eddie P. McDowell. Valarie L.: 193 McDowell, Vickie L.: 102 McEntire. Debra K. McFarlane, Cynthia R.: 102, 164 McFarlane, Shelli: 84, 178 McGee. Steve C.: 47, 193 McGivney, Michael: 109. 152 McGrath, John F.: 62 McGrath, Patrick W.: 193 Mclntyre, Brenda L.: 79. 80, 105, 164 Mclntyre, Debbie: 36 Mclntyre, Marta M.: 78, 193 McKee, Wllliam C.: 153 Mendoza, Kathy M.: 194 Mendoza. Nicky R.: 47, 194 Mentkowskl, Susan Mercado. Evangeline J.: 194 Mercado, Irene: 178 Methvln, Debbi J. Metli, Michelle J.: 194 Meyer, Michael Meyers, Patricia Meyers, Patricia M.: 153 Michael, Sandra K.: 107, 164 Michelson. Karen A.: 176 Michelson. Lynne M.: 164 Mickey, Cynthia: 194 Mlcklos, Paul Micklos, Ron J. Miele, Patricia L.: 194 Miele, Susan J.: 107, 164 Miele, Wllllam L.: 104. 194 Moreno, Richard L.: 165 Moreno. Rosemary G.: 194 Moreno, Ruben A.: 66, 179 Moreno. Ruben Solarez Morgan, Josephine E.: 81, 16 Morgan, Suzanne: 37, 194 Morgenthaler, Debra: 165 Morlno, Ruben: 101 Moroney, Linda M.: 194 Maroney, Steven J. Morris, Michael R. ' Morris, Randall E.: 194 Morrow, Dennlse L.: 179 Morrow, Joseph M. Jr.: 179 Morrow, Linda S.: 165 Morrow, Steven L. Mosler, Pamela K: 18, 20. 165 Mosley, Richard M. Mihok, Ana M.: 194 Milam, Cynthia E.: 164 Miller, Deanna: 178 Miller, Deborah M.: 153 Miller, Jack: 164 Miller, James A. Miller, Jeff: 106. 178 Miller. Karen D.: 153, 194 Miller, Karen R.: 81 Miller, Kerry C.: 81, 179 Miller, Kimberly I.: 153 Miller, Lani: 179 Miller, Phyllis L.: 165 Mlnns, Dale A.: 165 Minns, Ellen M.: 194 Misko, Mary E.: 194 Mlskovlch, Mary A.: 165 Mitchell, Alison: 179 Mitchell. C. Larry Mitchell, Cynthia A. Mitchell, Debbie P.: 107. 165 Mitchell, Debra K.: 165 Mitchell, Kathleen M. Mitchell, Kathleen N.: 194 McKeIvey. Dino: 193 McKinney McKinney McKlnne . Deborah A.: 164 , Dennis J. Michaelene J. Y. McKinnon. Annette: 178 McKinnon. Micheal R. McKinsey. Rondi: 178 Lon: 78. 80, 178 McNeal. Dlane M.: 86, 92, 93, 164 McNeal, Patricia A.: 81, 107, 178 McRae. Kennth: 178 Means, Bennett: 178 Means, Phillip V.: 164 Meek, Gregory V.: 96. 153 Meek, Mitchell M.: 50, 51, 70, 194 Melton, Victoria: 102 Menard. Pam D.: 103, 178 Mendez. Loretta A.: 194 Mixey, Charles D. rvlixey. John B. Moakler, Linda Mofford, David R.: 153 Molck, Blll R.: 194 Monachelli. John R.: 194 Monchamp, Kevin: 179 Moncrlef, Beverly A.: 165 Moncriel, Derek J.: 194 Monlck, Jlll M.: 194 Monlck, Jlm: 179 Monlck, Joni L.: 165 Monk, Teri G.: 109 Montoya, Eloy Moody, Sally E.: 179 Mooney. Cindy M.: 102, 194 Moore, Pamela A.: 111, 153 Moore. Richard J.: 165 Moore, Robin: 165 Morales, Roberta M.: 153 Morelll, David A. Moreno, Patricia G. Moreno, Raul W.: 153 Moreno, Richard L.: 165 Moore, Robin: 165 Morales, Roberta M.: 153 Morelll, David A. Moreno, Patricia G. Moreno, Raul W.: 153 Mothershed, Cheryl Mothershed, Lori, 194 Mounts. Patrick: 73, 194 Moya, John D. Mueller, Greg L. Mulcock, Laurie: 179 Mullenax, Harvey A. Mullenix, Eugene L.: 165 Mulquln, Bonita J.: 153 Mulquln, John M. Mure. Cathy L.: 106. 179 Murphy, Cecilia M.: 153 Murphy, Michael R.: 99. 165 Murphy, Patricia A.: 179 Murphy, Susan C. Murray, Cathy L.: 99, 194 Murray, Jenny K.: 194 Murtishaw. Donald L.: 179 Myers, Jeffery L.: 194 Nader. James A.: 34, 153 Nagelhout, Garald J.: 165 Nakazawa, Carl: 34 Nakazawa, Christine K. Namovlcz, Cheryl L.: 81. 194 Nardo, Josie M.: 165 Nation. Audie R.: 91, 194 Nation, Samuel L.: 194 Navalla, Caren: 64 Neis, Jacqueline: 179 Nels, Steven: 194 Neitch, Donna E.: 194 Nelson, Becky L.: 153 Nelson, Brian R. Nelson. Sandra: 101. 179 Nelson, Terrie J.: 194 Neu, Lora L.: 194 Neuroth, Deborah S. Neves, Glenn: 106 Newell, Charles G. Newell. Ronald A.: 194 Newgent, Hadley D. Newgent, Janice A.: 179 Newman. Jimmy L.: 179 Newman. Tom R.: 47, 194 Newsom. Kevin J.: 153 Newsome, Mitchell R.: 71 Newton, Kenneth R.: 47 Newton: Robert F.: 194 Newton, Sheila I.: 179 , 5 INDEX-209 Pitman, Connie S.: 78, 154 ll l Nichols, Ruth A.: 179 Nlcks. Carl:55 Nlmz, Suzanne K.: 179 Nlz, Carl W.: 44, 53, 55 Nix, Llsa G.: 179 : Nolan, Ryan A. Norby, Donna A.: 99, 106, 153 Northcott, Korlna K.: 109, 194 Norton, Kim: 194 Noth, La Wana D.: 165 Noth, Lea: 194 Novallo, Caren B.: 153 Nowlin, Mark L.: 194 Nulph. Janet: 179 Nunez, Sharon: 174, 179 Nuvamsa, Anthony E.: 194 O 0'Brien, Michael J.: 194 O'Classen, Frank O'Connell, Martin E. Ill: 194 O'Connor, Jennifer L.: 165 O'Connor, Rhonda K.: 179 Oakes, Glen S.: 179 Officer, Linda M.: 194 Ohms, Pamela L.: 179 Ojeda, Cynthia: 179 Olar, Wes A. Oless, Deborah M.: 194 Oless, Jacqueline M.: 105 Olivares, Raymond Ollvares, Thomas: 56 Ollvares, Timothy: 47, 56, 70, 194 Olivariez, Tony: 66 Ollvas, Darlene: 102 Ollvas, Yolanda B.: 49, 101, 102, 194 Ollvo, Irene: 194 Olsen, Mark: 91, 179 Olsen, Scott R.: 194 Olson, Cheryl P.: 102, 179 Olson, Dawn M.: 49, 179 Olson, Kenny J.: 47, 51 Olson, Kimberly J.: 194 Ontlveros, Teresa L.: 194 Orabuena, Lorraine H. Ortega, Casey M.: 179 Orthoefer, Tracey F.: 179 Ortiz, Luci: 105 Ortlz, Marylou E.: 105, 153 Ortlz, Terry E.: 101, 194 Overfleld, Rick: 179 Overfield, Ronda A.: 107, 153 Overholt, Robin D.: 153 Overstreet, Rlchard A. Owens, Rebecca J.: 179 Owens, Sheila K.: 194 P Paavola, Ralph: 179 Pace, Klm: 165 Pack, Melvin L.: 194 Pack. Robert W. Padilla, Joe Jr'.: 44, 101, 153 Padilla, Tony: 179 Page. Bobby J.: 105, 153 Palmlsano, Mary: 84, 153 Palmlsano, Sue K.:' 103, 195 Pamula, James V. Pangburn, Sherrl L. Panozzo, Joseph W. Paone. Nancy P.: 165 Parago, Ceryl: 64, 111 Parkin, Kathy D.: 195 Parks, Donald J.: 44, 165 Parks, Julle A.: 195 Patterson, Cathy D.: 179 Patterson, David L.: 153 Patterson, Dlxle: 81 Patton. Argll P.: 179 Patton. Donlta K.: 165 Patton. Judy A.: 153 Patton, Phil: 81 Paul, Roy L.: 195 Paul, Sondra: 165 Payne, Michael B. Payne, Todd: 195 Pearson, Llnda L.: 179 Pearston, Kathy Pease, Jo Lynn: 154 Pedlgo, Starla D. Pegram, John M.: 165 Pelfrey, David: 195 Pelfrey, W. Dereck: 195 Pellegrlno, Dawn M.: 195 Pellegrino, Donna C.: 109, 195 Pellegrino, Lynn Dee J.: 165 Peluso, Marta L.: 195 Pennington, Jody A. Penqulte, Kellle L.: 195 Perez, Christina M.: 179 Perez, Mlchael A.: 44, 46, 154 Perez, Patrick B.: 11, 27, 31, 96, 107, 154 Perkins, Lattice: 101, 179 Perret, Gary M. Perrlgo, Cheryl A.: 179 Perry, Brant G. Perry, Dorothy Perry, Jody A. Person, Donald R. ' Peterman, Sedera C.: 49, 101, 103, 154 Peters, Micheal E.: 107, 165 Peters, Vera: 102 Peterson, Darla S.: 107, 165 Phelps, Elden: 154 Phllllps, James A. Phllllps, James B.: 100, 180 Plcklnpaugh, Mary Ann Plcklnpaugh, Susan D. Pierce, Donna H.: 180 Pletsch, David: 195 Plkul, Dennis A.: 195 Plkul, Ron: 80, 98, 180 Richardson. Jerry: 101 Pitman, Patricia G.: 195 Pitrat, Claudia L.: 180 Pitrat, Janet G.: 102, 195 Pitrat, Sharon R.: 165 Pitts. Cindy L.: 195 Pizzuto, Anthony S. Pizzuto, Johnny Pizzuto, Tony: 71 Platek, Anne M.: 195 Platek, Mary C.: 180 Polifko, Vir inia POI'ltlLlS g E. , Susan R.: 98, 154 Pool, David W.: 50, 195 Poole, Edettes 82, 180 Poole, Neil P. Poone, Nancy: 59 Porter, Deborah A.: 81, 104, 180 Porter, Frank C. Porter, James: 180 Porter, Luther L. Porter, Margaret S.: 195 Porter Ronald N. Porterlleld, Michael F.: 100, 154 Potts, Cathy D.: 165 Potts, Raymond W.: 180 Potts, Susan M.: 195 Pounds, Robert L. Powell, Powell, Preiss, Preiss, Gina: 195 Margaret M.: 180 Jeanette D.: 165 Susan: 195 Presson, Kathy S. Richardson, L0rab6lI: 92, 166 Richardson, Teresa: 180 Riches, Timothy J.: 166 Richey, Charles W.: Richie, Vlckie L.: 180 Ricketts, Barbara H.: 155 Ricketts, Deborah L.: 180 Ricketts, Rickey l.: 196 Ricketts, Vickie J.: 166 Riegal, Renee: 107 Riggs, Dean E.: 196 Rios, Patsy R.: 102 Rlsenhoover, Eddle D.: 180 Risk, Teresa M.: 180 Risner, Pamela L.: 180 Ritchey, Gail T.: 196 Roark, Charles R.: 155 Robbins, Donna R.: 180 Roberts. Charles W. Roberts, Debbie K. Roberts, Doug J.: 40 Roberts. Edward L.: 107, 166 Roberts Randal J.: 107, 166 Roberts, Steven W.: 196 Robinette, Connie R. Robinson, Curtis: 100 Robinson Lei L.: 166 Robison, Roger E.: 166 Robling, Cheryl L.: 166 Rodriguez, Edward P.: 196 Rodriguez, Marla: 196 Rodriguez, Mildred Price, Kathleen A.: 180 Priddy, Scarlet A. Prince, David M.: 166 Prinster, Janet J.: 154 Proffitt, Leana: 195 Proffitt, Mary L. Proffitt, Randy J. Puente, Jesse C, Pursel, Steven: 100, 180 Putman, Matt C. Pyle, Betty: 107 Pyne, Pamela K.: 49, 102, 166 Pyne, Paula R.: 49, 102, 166 Pyon, James C. M.: 154 Q Quant, Linda M.: 154 Ouegan, Michael E.: 166 Qullada. John G.: 50 Ouijada, Lenlce P. Quinn, John T.: 79, 154 Oulnn, Mary A. Quintana, Ralph: 154 Quintana, Rueben Ouintero, Mark S. R Radcliff, Robert: 195 Rainbolt, Randy L.: 47, 51, 73, 195 Ramey, Arlen: 154 Rodriguez, Nellie J.: 27, 196 Roe, Debbie Ann Rogahn, Dino J. Rogers, Cynthia L.: 89. 166 Rogers, David J.: 180 Rogers, Debra A.: Rogers, Gary A.: 4 Rogers. Robbin D. 180 4. 107 Rogers. Thomas A. Rognholt, Donald: Rognholt, Steven: 47, 56, 73, 196 155 Rohrer, Douglas N. Rojo, Paul J.: 196 Rojo, William: 180 Roll, Mary A. Rollins, Catherine Rollins, Debra: 111, 155 Rollins. Donald L. Romanski, Ben F.: 166 Romanski, Cynthia J. Romanski, Mary E.: 196 Romero, Carmen P.: 196 Romero, Darcy A.: 30, 97, 101, 155 Romero, Darlene M.: 96, 106, 180 Romero, Ronald J. Rommeswinkel, Dl Rose, Jeffrey: 166 rk H.: 40, 41, 71, 75, 180 Rosenberger, Angela M.: 196 Ross. Alan D.: 180 Ross, LOYRG H. Ross. Luls F.: 50, 70, 196 Ross, William: 166 Ross, Wllllam Roth, Susan E.: 84, 103, 166 Rothamer, Bruce: Rothamer, Jeffrey 180 M. Schovllle, Charles: 181 Schrader, Colleen K. Schreiner, Mike H.: 47, 196 Schroeder, Jack: 181 Schubert, Darrel L.: 181 Schubert, Michael G.: 100, 156 Schultz, David Schultz, Teresa M.: 92, 166 Schultz, Wllllam W. Schumacher, James B.: 166 Schumacher, Bruce: 71, 96 Schumacher, Michael: 52, 66, 181 Schumacker, Brocke: 40 Schwelkart, Eleanor K.: 99, 196 Sclsm. Deborah A.: 167 Scott. Cathy L. Scott, Jullan A.: 196 Scott, Marty D.: 167 Scott, Stan S. Scott, Susan M. Scully, Edward A.: 181 Scully, Mary S.: 196 Seals, Bert W. Seaton, Tonl: 81, 181 Secord, Stanley H.: 196 Segond, Steven V.: 78, 80, 167 Segovia. Susan M.: 181 Selby, Mlke L. Selley, Ricky James Selleys, Darrell J.: 79, 196 Sells, Clarence: 53, 167 Serby, Krlstl L.: 102, 196 Sertich, Karen L.: 181 Sertich, Kelly: 196 Shaffer, Susan: 196 Shangreau, Billye: 196 Sharp, Jeff K.: 100, 104, 167 Sharp, Stephen R.: 100, 196 Shelby, Donna L.: 196 Shelbv. Rhonda L. : 107. 167 Shelton, Fred D. Jr.: 155 Shelton, Terry M.: 107 Sherbo. John Sherwood, Christine: 181 Shoemake. Sherry A.: 196 Shoemaker, Charles C. Short, Laulie K.: 196 Showalter, Jayne C. Shown, David N.: 181 Shuart, Robert J.: 155 Shuck, Donald D.: 196 Shultz, Nancy E Schumacher, Mike: 52, 66 Slerras, Adrian: 181 Slerras, Louls M.: 47, 196 Slfuentes, Mike M.: 181 Slkes, Nancy A, Siler, Kent Silvernale, John L. Silvernale, Michael J.: 90, 181 Silvers, David L.: 196 Slmon, Wllllam: 196 Simpson, Ralph E.: 196 Simpson, Vlckl Ann: 155 Sims, Gerald L.: 181 Slms, Terl S.: 167 Slqueiros, Roy: 196 Slverd, James D.: 167 Skousen, Marcia: 79, 181 Ramey, Marla L.: 180 Ramirez, Art: 66 Ramirez, Robert P.: 180 Ramsey. Mark D.: 79. 80, 108, 154. 166 Randi, Katherine M.: 195 Randl, Thomas G.: 154 Randolph, Steven E.: 44 Ranf, William J. Rant, Michael J. Rapson, Cynthia J. Rapson, Tim R.: 180 Raxter, Robert A. Raxter, Ronald R.: 195 Raxter, Sandy A. Reavis, John E.: 166 Rector, Marla B.: 78, 195 Rector, Samuel M.: 40, 100 Reed, David R. Reed, Kenny BI 180 Reed, Lorna J. Reeland, Richard: 180 Rees. Thomas R.: 26, 100, 166 Reese, Keith Reeser, William K.: 154 Reeves, John T. Jr.: 180 Reeves, Kelly : 180 Reeves, Susan E.: 154 Rego, Robert L. Relgel, Renae A. Reinhardt, Leda: 49, 180 Relnke, Kevin E.: 195 Relsch, Charles L. Rouyer, Louis D. IV.: 196 Rowden, Carolyn S. Rowden, Robert J. Rozelle, Cheryl A.: 81 Rucker, Penny L.:166 Rude, Dean A: 166 Ruehle, Jacqueline R.: 49, 102, 176, 180 Ruge. Randall J. Ruge, Robert W.: 155 RuPD. cindy ics Ruiz, Mark A. Ruiz, Sandra J.: 180 Rupp, Scott M.: 166 Rush, Donna R. Russell, Don F.: 196 Russell, Julle: 81 Russell, Jubalalne K.: 83 Russell, Karena K.: 37 Russell, Rigel T.: 80, 100 Rutledge. Sandra: 160 Ryan, Debra J. Ryan, Kevln T.: 180 Ryan, Timothy: 47, 73, 196 S Salerno, Kim V.: 196 Salinas, Henedina: 105, 180 Salinas, Patricia G.: 196 Salinas, Rosalinda G.: 103, 105, 166 Skousen, Orval N.: 40 Slater, Patty G.: 196 Slavik, John D. Slavik, Tlna M.: 167 Slavik, Vivienne E.: 167 Sllnker, Dann M.: 181 Sllnker, Scott A.: 155 Small. Barbara K.: 167 Small, Robert C.: 196 Smith Smith Arlln D.: 81, 83, 196 Colby: 78 Smlth Cralg A.: 58, 71, 73 Smith Casey: 51, 73 Smith Darlene: 181 Smith Darrell J.: 155 Smith, Dora A.: 181 Smith, Forest J.: 181 Smith, Jennifer R.: 102 Smith, Jean: 203 Smith, Karen E.: 155 smith, Kathy Smith, Lenore D. Smith, Lois: 181 Smith, Marlln C.: 167 Smith, Robert C. Smith, Sandra Lee Smith, Scott W.: 181 Smlth. Sheryl R. Smith. Steven J. Smith, Valerle Smith. Wlllle Jr.: 167 Snlegowskl, George L. Remlen Remlen , Richard A.: 20, 166 , Ronald G.: 180 Ramsey, John M. Renner, Reghae Renien, Requa. Requa. Resser, Lucy M.: 37, 154 , Abby: 106 Richard: 109 Abby R.: 155 Jane A.: 180 Bill: 107 Salsman, Dana L.: 166 Salsman, Jeff L.: 196 Sammons, Katherine E.: 102, 166 Sammons, Laura: 97. 102. 181 Sammons, Mary M.: 31, 33, 89, 155 Sample. John E. Sancho, Nancy: 81, 196 Sancho, Nicolas R.: 62, 63 210 Plneda. Blandlna Plppln, Cralg A.: 50 Plsaplo, Cynthia J.: 165 - -INDEX Reveles, Anthony C. Reveles, Bernadette A.: 180 Revels, Karen F. Reyes, Elizabeth B.: 180 Reyes, Victor M. Reynaud. Joseph T. Reynolds, Charles D. Reynolds, Darrel V.: 108 Reynolds, Ellen L.: 180 Reynolds, Kenneth M. Reynolds, Kurtis R.: 154 Reynolds, Marcella M.: 107, 155 Rhodes. Jerry Lee: 166 Rhodes, Scott P.: 195 Rhodes, Susan M.: 103, 196 Rhodes, Thomas: 155 Rice, Diane B.: 107 Rlce, Donald: 180 Richard, James A. Richardson, Carol D.: 103, 196 Richardson, Faith A. Sanders, James L.: 40, 71, 72, 73, 74 Sann, Darrell L.: 196 Sapcn, Rost P. Sather, John W.: 161 Saylor, Rlck: 181 Sayre, Nancy E.: 34, 36, 64, 96. 101, 155 Scheld, Llsa M.: 36. 99. 196 Scheld, Monlca R.: 36, 99, 101. 106, 155 Schellenbaum, Kathy I.: 106. 196 Schellenbaum, Susan A.: 107, 155 Scherberger, Peter W. Schleber, Jack B.: 181 Schilling, Dlanne Schlville, Chuck: 63 Schlake, Gary A.: 181 Schmehl, Mark H.: 95, 166 Schmehl, Matthew P.: 100, 166 Schmlskle, Darlene L.: 155 Schneider, Mark: 155 Schoenradt, Michael C.: 155 Schoenradt, Norm A. Schonberger, Sheila M.: 81, 166 Snlegowskl, Martha J. Snlegowskl, Michael G. Snlegowdkl, Stephan P. Snodgrass, George E.: 58, 59, 181 Snyder, Mark J. Socausky, Debra K. Sokolls, James K. Solorzano, Helen Solorzano, Martha Solorzano, Ralph E. Somka, Klm L.: 80, 167 Scmka, Sandra L.: 167 Sorensen, Becky L.: 155 Southland, David: 181 Southland, John A.: 44, 53, 167 Southwlck, Lyle D.: 167 Southwlck, Mike D.: 197 Souza, Caron E.: 105, 155 Spachtholz, Kevin K.: 156 Spain, David W.: 197 Spears, Cheryl L.: 111, 156 Spence, Ruth L.: 107, 167 Spiva, Sherry L.: 103, 197 Springs, Blll: 63 Springs. Deborah A.: 156 Springs, James O.: 181 Springs, William F.: 81, 197 Springstun, Charles D. Jr.: 197 Springstun, Cynthia R. Sprinkle, Richard A.: 167 Srooks, Ronnle: 52 Stacey, Dannle Stacey, Donald Ray: 156 Staggs, James M.: 197 Staslk, Anthony L.: 181 Staslk, Joseph M.: 81, 197 Stauffer, James Steele, Bill: 71 Steele, Brlan K.: 167 Steele, Chris: 96, 97, 102 Steele, David A.: 44, 71, 181 Steele, Jean L.: 36, 79, 181 Steele, Leah C.: 197 Steele. Mark D.: 197 Steele, Sharl A.: 79, 105, 167 Steele, Wllllam H.: 40, 41 Steinberg, Mark A. Steinberg, Mlke G.: 197 Stelner, Kathleen N.: 101, 106, 167 Steiner, Krlstln L.: 36, 81, 106, 111, Stephan, Cynthia A.: 111, 167 Stephan, Dale A.: 197 Stephens, Diane C.: 181 Sterrett, Judy L.: 107 Stevens, Floyd E. Stevenson, Arthur K.: 197 Stevenson, Earl J. Stewart, Steve P. Stlka, Phllllp P.: 167 Still, Mlchael L. Stlll, Robert R.: 182 Stokes, Kim: 182 Stokes, Mark A.: 167 , Stone, Donald L.: 92, 107, 167 Stone, Jody A.: 99, 101, 106, 156 Stone, Llsa M.: 103, 106 Stonebraker, Cynthia L.: 167 Stonebraker, Deborah J.: 182 Stoner, Cynthia L. Stoner, Dana M.: 197 Stoner, Danlel C.: 182 Story, Mark P.: 100 Story, Roberta D.: 102, 197 Story, Thomas M.: 109, 167 Stlyout, Jody: 182 Stovall, Raymond D. Straub, Natasha L.: 78, 197 Straube, Deborah K.: 197 Straughan, Lorl K.: 197 Strohbehn, Carol A.: 197 Strohbehn, Llnda R.: 167 Stubbletield, Deborah M.: 197 Stubblefleld, Donna L.: 197 Stucker, Danell L.: 197 Stump, Deborah M.: 197 Stutzman, Paul D. Sullivan, Larry D. Sunderland, R. Jeffrey Surette, John L.: 47, 56, 197 Sutherland, Danlel G.: 167 Sutherland, Jan E.: 167 Sutherland, Lianne M.: 182 Sutherland, Rick E.: 197 Swalm, Cheri L.: 167 Swalm, Jerry: 107 Swlngler, Kathleen A.: 109, 197 Swelkart, Eleanor: 36 Swygert, Leonard M. Sylvla, Kathy J. Sylvla, Kenneth J. 1. Ta Gaban, Robert Tacla, Janet J.: 81, 167 Tafoya, Mary J. Tagaban, Martha: 182 Tagaban, Martln A.: 197 Tagalakls, Susan O.: 31. 33, 34, 1 Tanner, Clndy A.: 198 Tate, Caury Taylor, Alan: 182 Taylor, Blll G.: 167 Taylor, Clayton E.: 51, 198 Taylor, James M.: 101, 167 Taylor, Melvyn R.: 47 Taylor, Paula M.: 156 Taylor, Sterllng L.: 182 Taylor, Terry K. Taylor, Vince M.: 47 Teffer, James H.: 198 Tejada, Arturo F.: 156 Tejada, Clndy S.: 182 Tellez. Patrlcla P.: 182 Tellez. Rosa M.: 101, 167 Temple, Doug L.: 156 Temple, Michele L.: 156 Thacker, Dallas Dean Tharp, Diane E.: 156 Thomas, Carol E.: 107 Thomas, Connie S.: 98. 156 Thomas, Debbie L.: 198 Thomas, John K.: 182 Thomas Leanora S. Thomas, Robert J.: 167 Thompson, David L.: 40 Thompson, John D.: 51, 189 Thompson, Patricia A.: 81, 156 Thornton. PamiF. Thornton, Robert W. Thornton, Wlll M.: 182 Thrlnger, Barbara: 198 Tlchy, Rlchard M.: 50, 198 Tietjens, Laurie Tletjens, Mlke: 182 Tletz, Michael E. Tletz, Suzen, L.: 156 Tlllett. Nadine: 198 Tilley- Mary Tlmpson, Jeflrey A.: 198 Tinsley, Tlmothy E.: 44, 168 Todd, Glen R.: 47, 198 Todd, Latrlcia K.: 70, 198 Tolbert, Sandra J.: 168 Tolmachotf. Edward J. Toms, Sammi Kaye Toms, Scott: 182 Toms, Todd: 182 Toney, Craig K.: 198 181 02, 156 Tooms, Jim T.: 51, 96, 198 Torres, Joe L.: 182 Tothlll, Mike W. Toy, Jeffery: 198 Tracy, David W.: 47, 48, 198 Tracy, Jon: 156 Tracy, Mlke Trasente, Danny R.: 50, 57 Trouerbach, Blanka: 156 Troyer, Dennls P.: 198 Trultt, Karen L.: 168 Trujillo, Bob R.: 182 Trujillo, Joan Trujillo, Jody A. Trujillo, Mlke R.: 51, 198 Tschllar, Danny O.: 182 Tschllar, Robbin F.: 156 Tubb, Sandra S.: 198 Tucker, Charles: 60, 182 Tucker, Gail M.: 198 Tucker, Mark: 108 Tucker, Petra Tuley, Don A.: 79 Turner, Gall L. Turrentlne, Peggy J.: 102, 182 Turrentlne, Terry L.: 102 Tuttle, Cynthla: 182 Tuttle, Pamela Tysor, Rhonda: 49, 182 U Underwood, Ada M. Underwood. Diane C.: 182 Underwood, Mae: 81 Underwood, Robbie S. Urban, James D. Urdinarrain, Robert W. Urlas, Lupe Urick, Wm. Gerald: 53, 75 Vaccaro, John C.: 30, 156 Vaccaro, Michael R.: 182 Vadnals, Marie P. Vakula, Vick: 58, 59 Vakula, Steven M.: 58, 59, 182 Valenzuela, Fred: 37 Valley, Debbie: 182 Valley, Richard L. Valora, Forrest: 47. 56, 70, 198 Van Cleve, Russell F. lll: 198 Van Natter, Llsa G. Van Ness, Debra J. Van Woeslk, Georgia E.: 101, 198 Vanderwert. Carol A.: 182 Vanderwerf, Sue Vann, Jeffry: 63, 156 Vanosdell, Elvira: 182 Vargas, Lenore V.: 198 Varula, Nick E. Vasquez, Arcella M. Vasquez, Elena B.: 182 Vasquez, Jackie Vasquez, Patricia Vasquez, Victoria F.: 198 Velez, Bernard: 182 Velez, Cynthla: 182 Velez, Donna: 156 Velez, Kevln R. Venable, Jonathan A. Villa, Anna: 182 Vllla, Michele: 81, 198 Villalobos. Debi A. Vincent. Dawn: 106 Vincent, Greg P.: 156 Vincent, Jody L. Vincent, Thelma D.: 182 Voelker, Douglas G.: 198 Vogelsang, Doroghy L.: 103, 198 Volrich, Mark S.: 70, 198 Von Rueden, Bradley T.: 183 Vowell, Pamela Ann: 105 Vowell, Richard W Wade. Steven E.: 183 Wadsworth, Melvln W. Wagner, Ann M.: 183 Wagner, Mary M. Wagner, Sue: 107 Wahlstrom, Robin G.: 156 Walberer, Bruce A. Walberer, Philip' A.: 198 Walker, Betty F. Walker, Charles D.: 81, 183 Walker, Deborah: 156 Waller, Bandy L. Waller, Maria C.: 198 Walls, Edward A.: 47, 198 Walls, Jlm L. Wandenwert, Sue: 198 Ward. James R. Ward, Yolanda M. Warfel, Karen D.: 183 Wargo, Gail S.: 64, 104, 106, 183 Warlnner, Jacque L.: 102, 198 Warner, Suzan L.: 36, 79, 106, 183 Warren, Patrlcla C.: 104, 183 Warren, Susan l. Washburn, Bobbi J.: 107, 198 Washburn, Debra D.: 99 Watkins, Cynthla: 198 Watkins, Danlel D.: 71, 72, 75, 78 Watkins, Melvin: 90, 183 Watson, L. Sandy: 183 Watts, Benjamin A.: 44, 52, 183 Watts, Lisa R.: 36, 78, 79, 81, 92, 93 Watts, Rlchard E.: 53, 54, 55, 71, 72, 73 Watts: Theresa G.: 198 Waugh, Carrle L.: 89 Wayne, Terry G.: 102 Weaver, James E. Weaver, Janle M. Weaver, Jenny L. Weaver. John J. Weaver, Terrance W.: 63 Webb, Carol J.: 156 Webb. 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Young, Don E.: 183 Young, lditris Young, Winfred A.: 101 Z Zedek, Bob A.: 47 Zehrbach, Michael A.: 183 Zettler, Alvin E.: 199 Zinger, Alison J.: 199 Zysek, Kenneth J.: 183 i vi 5 r 4 42 A ff r , ,f . M 1 t W .pm 212-Graffiti f Swelled heads-nature's way of filling vacuums. 5 E W Q Big mouths are always attached to small minds. """'M aaat fW53Mf U M151 ,,... Z 'txt iw Write your own graffiti! it i Graffiti-213 w Iffff ,,.i, Underclassmen - Get us stadium! 'LH ? , , ' ' 4, , rf' 3 ?n 44 1 U 'Q' I V YV' o'v ,' ' 4 I In al L.l 0 . O ' U 5 I ' Af , ,Av-iv Q Q A s v n ' u , s 4 ,Q , Q i l n n K Q Q . e , V Q I. ' Q , I M s 'u 1 WM Q ,rea lrfrufffiw knqir' ? gf' 5 WW 5 Q 2 www I I fl'l 5, W: Q , 1 yfvyw ,, , My ,ww , fi is an -5 uk. , L mv' ir. 3 wa f.. - .o 'N . 'B if, jf .v ag, I X , 1 .. v 'mm Teachers Go On Strike-Please! Graffiti-215 New of T.G.B. is... In planning this book, I hoped to illustrate all that is new and changing about Trevor Browne. The whole concept of our school is new-architecture, curriculum, and com- munity school. Besides being new to the dis- trict, in its second year, Trevor Browne was changing-new buildings and landscaping. An important part of a school is its developing and bettering. Now that we have finished the book, I believe we have shown that Trevor Browne is part of a developing and bettering school system. I would like to thank the few remaining staff members who worked hard and didn't give up. Thanks to the Administration Office and coaches for all the information. Thanks to the Art Department, Fred, our custodian, and Mrs. Mooningham for keeping her cool. I es- pecially want to thank Bruce D. Brown, my right-hand man, for all of his support. 'S , 'X 22 .,...,,.,,,,. . . , ,v M QM, CMG? GWQQSL if Lat - 'Skt 73iZiZUaZJQG Vbygdg 9346 ji M Jw Q MMM E223 Qi Q26 333252 AQ ffff fi? if 'WQQQQQ ff Q. 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Suggestions in the Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

Trevor G Browne High School - Lair Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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