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DARDA 1988 Trevecco Nozorene College 333 Murfreesboro Pvd. Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Editors Richelle Drown and Sandra Srapleron Table of Conrenrs Opening . . Foculry . . . Srudenr Life 12 28 Organization Sporrs Classes .... Fearures . . . 168 118 .78 DARDA DEDICATION — DR. MELVIN WELCH The 1988 DARDA sraff was proud ro dedicare rhis book ro Dr. Melvin Welch. Dr. Welch has been wirh Trevecca for a number of years. He wenr ro Tre- vecca as a srudenr and rhen came back ro serve as D irecror of Alumni Services, Direcror of Graduare Srudies, and currenrly serves as Direcror of Ad- missions. Dr. Welch is married ro Joyce and rhey have a son, Todd, who is currenr- ly a junior ar Trevecca and serves as manager of rhe Trevecca Trojan Das- kerball Team. Dr. and Mrs. Welch can usually be seen supporring rhe Trojans and rheir son ar mosr home games. Bur, in addirion ro rhis, rhey also have a wedding decoraring service. Dr. and Mrs. Welch have aided many Tre- vecca srudenrs in rhe planning and prepararion of rheir weddings. Borh have an incredible flair for inrerior dec- oraring and are probably mosr remem- bered for rheir annual Chrisrmas Trees rhar exisr in every room in rheir house during rhe yuleride season. Dr. Welch is grearly respecred on rhe campus of TNC. Dr. Welch is much 2 Dedicarion more rhon jusr rhe Direcror of Admis- sions. He con always be found lending supporr and guidance ro rhe rhree Pub- lic Relations groups, rhe Admissions Counselors, and ro rhe 5.G.A. He has also been especially supporr- ive of rhe 1988 DARDA. So much so rhar he moved our of his office for an enrire day rhis summer ro allow us ro shoor rhe cover of rhis book. As Co- Edirors Richelle and I are very honored ro have worked wirh Dr. Welch and hope rhis dedicarion will mean a grear deal ro him. Dedicanon 3 above — " Only in your dreams, guys! " Directly above — Richelle, please don ' t take this picture! JOHNSO sSmBa above — Look, Mom, I ' m in college! below — Sandra Jacobs gets acquainted with Bob Hoots after the opening chapel convention. above — One little, two little, three little Freshmen . . . directly above — The Three Amigos: Bob House, Debbie Fox, Tammy Marko. 4 Ooeninq above — Some things will never change. Students will always enjoy the fall weather in Nashville. 6 Opening below: No matter how long Trevecca remains, there will always be one in every class. above: Morris Stocks now. below: Sam Green: U had the look! Theirs Was An Age Of Reasoning. Ours IS An Age Of Purpose. It IS A Far, Far, Better Thing That We Do Than They Could Have Ever Done Before. above — " Good thing room check isn ' t for another two weeks, Tina! " directly above — Tammy Marko in a pensive moment. Because, That Was Then And This IS Now. above — Jody Cooper gets a head start on her assignments, below — Chris Koon poses for a picture in PBL ' s recent trip to Anaheim. above — Mac Heaberlin tries to charm his way out of paying for books this year, directly above — We just looove TNC! 10 Opening £ directly below — The beginning of what would become the best-kept secret on Trevecca ' s campus, below — Funny how time flies when you ' re having fun! above — Mitzi Wade shows off her skills at interior decorating, below — " Isn ' t it cool in pink? " 14 directly below — Julie Harless enjoys a Saturday in the park, below — Chelle-bear and Snad: " Adventures in Disneyland " - WW This IS A Changed Trevecca And We, We Are The Difference! - Sandra Stapleton (With Apologies To Charles Dickens And The Monkees.) FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 12 Foculry A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE PRESIDENT HOMER J. ADAMS President Homer Adams has been involved in educorion and administration for rhirry seven years. President Adams has served as President of Trevecca for nine years. When asked what he forsees for the future of T.N.C., President Adorns replied, " I would like to provide more service to the Nashville atea. I also see our enrollment continuing to grow. Since 1983 our enrollment has grown from 900 to 1700 students. I ptay that this will continue. " Some of President Adams most memorable days here at T.N.C. are clearing our debt of one million dollars, the reaffirmation of the Masters of Education program, and the completion of the student life center. President Adam enjoys reading, fishing, and gardening in his spare rime. Along with these hobbies he enjoys spending time with his wife Beatrice, his son Jimmy, and his daughter Sara Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Adams BOARD OF TRUSTEES ALABAMA NORTH REV. D.J. GARDER REV H. LAMAR SMITH MR. FLOYD M RUTLEDGE ALABAMA SOUTH DR. J. DON JERNIGAN REV. JOHN E. POWELL MR. ED A. REAGAN FLORIDA CENTRAL DR J.V. MORSCH REV. NATHAN PRICE MR CHARLES A. DAVIS FLORIDA NORTH DR. EDMOND P. NASH MR. JIM H. HERNDON REV HENRY P. COOPER FLORIDA SOUTHERN DR RODERT H. SPEAR MR. RODERT McDONALD REV. MICHAEL D ROSS MR. HERDERT M. McMILLIAN GEORGIA DR HAROLD D LATHAM MR. DIDD D HENDERSON MR. JOHN FAIRCLOTH REV. JACK DELL KENTUCKY REV. J. TED HOLSTEIN DR. RODERT L. ALLEN REV R. EUGENE FIGGE MR. W. MARK GREATHOUSE MISSISSIPPI REV. LOWELL CLYDURN MR. FRANK W. COWART REV. G. HALDERT JENKINS NORTH CAROLINA REV D. EUGENE SIMPSON DR. ODIE L. PAGE REV MAX S MURPHY SOUTH CAROLINA REV. JAMES M. DEARDEN MR. J.D. HUCKS, SR REV. HAROLD M. LINER MR. RODERT L. PELHAM EAST TENNESSEE DR THOMAS M COX REV LeROY W DAVIS DR GEORGE E. DLANCHARD TENNESSEE DR. TALMADGE JOHNSON MR. WENDELL L POOLE MR. JOSEPH ADKISSON DR RODERT S MITCHELL ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES REV. MYRON G WISE MRS MARIAN JEWELL EX OFFICIO DR HOMER J. ADAMS Board Of Trusrees 15 Vererio H Dillingsley — Direcror of Early Learning Center Robinson T Dlann — Assodare Professor of English Alan Dond — Supervisor of Accounting Services Joe E Dowers — Assistant Professor of Christian Education Lorry D. Duess — Associate Professor of Mathe- matics James IV Caldwell — Professor of Psychology Randy L. Carden — Associate Professor of Psy- chology Hal A. Caurhron — Professor Of New Testament Language and Literature John Chilton — Professor of History, Department Chairman of History and social Sciences Sara C. Chilton — Curriculum Services Librarian Parry D. Cook — Assistant Direcror of Admissions Carole A. Costa — Associate Professor of Educa- tion David Deese — Assistant Professor of Broadcasting and Communications John W. Dix — Professor of Biology, Department Chairman of Science and Mathematics H. Ray Dunning — Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Deportment Chairman of Religion and Philosophy Don W. Dunningron — Chaplain, Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministry Carl V. Eby — Audiovisual Supervisor Carol Anne Eby — Assistant Professor of English Lee Eby — Missions Martha C. Eby — Registrar Stephen H. Farnsley — Professor of Music Phyllis B. Flannery — Associate Professor of English, Assistant Academic Dean Ann K. Fuqua — Professor of Biology Wayne Gallop — Assistant Dean of Studenr Ser- vices Foculry 17 18 Faculry Ronald F. Gray — Professor of Morhemorics William E Griffin — Director of Graduate Srudies and Educanon J. Mark Hall — Medio Services Librarian Pleois Hampron — Director of Church Relations and Development Stephen A. Harris — Dean of Student Services Noncy W Hazlewood — Associate Professor of Education James T. Hiatt — Assistont Professor of Business Everett Holmes — Director of Student Financiol Aid Ray E. Ingram — Journalism Elliot O. Johnson — Assistant Professor of Physical Education Gary C Johnson — Director of Physicians Assistant Program Michael Johnson — Assistant Director of Admis- sions Wilma D. Johnson — Associate Professor of Busi- ness Craig S. Keen — Professor of Philosophy and Reli- gion Brian G. Kilian — Assistant Professor of Music James A. Knear — Associate Professor of Speech, Department Chairman of Communication Srud- ies Barbara L McClain — Professor of Music Corlis A. McGee — Professor of Business, Depart- ment Chairman of Business Gerald Michael Moredock — Associate Professor of Allied Health, Deportment Chairman of Allied Health Fred A. Mund — Professor of Music, Department Chairman of Music Gerard A. Nyssen — Professor of Chemistry G. Lewis Pennington — Director of Teacher Work- shops and Special Programs Lois Perrigo — Director of Services for Women George W. Privert — Director of Alumni Relations Faculty 19 20 Foculry Thomos R Rosenbrough — Direcror of Teacher Education, Deparrmenr Chairman of Education and Philosophy Rick Ryding — Associate Professor of Pasroral Min- istry Alan Smith — Associate Professor of Physical Edu- cation, Department Chairmen of Physical Edu- cation Charles D Smith — Professor Emeritus of Morhe marics Carolyn D Smith — Assistant Professor of Physical Education Priscilla Speer — Reader Services Librarian Annie E. Stevens — Assistant Professor of English, Deparrmenr Chairman of English Morris Sroclss — Associate Professor of Business William J. Strickland — Dean of the College Joonne Taylor — Assistant Professor of Music Repalma Thompson — Typing E. Ray Kosher Thrasher — Direcror of Library Services Ralph L. Ungar — Professor of Microbiology Jomes Warren — Associate Professor of Drama and Communications W. Melvin Welch — Direcror of Admissions Joy P. Wells — Associare Professor of Sociology and Social Welfare Norma White — Associate Professor of English Merrirr L. White — Chief Fiscal Officer Sharon Wilcox — Clinical Coordinaror, Allied Health Arrhur Toby Williams — Professor of History Rebecca N. Williams — Public Services Librarian Gerald Willis — Direcror of Retention and Assistant Direcror of Admissions Lois E Wolfgang — Associare Professor of Allied Healrh Gary S Wood — Direcror Coreer Counseling Faculry 21 STAFF Above: The secretaries or Trevecca help keep each department running smoorhly. Right: The men of maintenance dedicate a great amount of hours and hard work to maintaining a smoothly running facility. 22 STAFF 23 - GRADUATION 1988 The Commencemenr Ceremonies rook ploce on Moy 9rh in rhe Physicol Educonon Center The guest speaker for rhis years service was Congressman Dob Clement ir as was a very proud day for all rhe graduates and rheir families rhar attended The Trevecca Alma Mater was lead by graduating senior, Murphy ' Gill. The srudenr marshals were Kipp McClurg and Pom Day The srudenr flogbearers were Carlo Sherman and Michele Klmbler Dr John Chilron gave rhe invocarion ro srorr off rhe Commence- menr Program The cere- monies were presided over by rhe presidenr of rhe col- lege, Dr Homer J Adorns Above: Debbie Fox and Denise Franklin show how excired rhey really are by rhe big smiles across rheir faces. Left: Presidenr Adorns con- grorulares o graduoring senior on a job well done 26 Groduorion Left: President Adorns congrorulares Claire Flonnery on graduating Summa Cum Laude in her dass. Above: Tim Thomas, from Onieda Tennessee, receives his degree in Biology. Delow: Dr. Hal Caurhron and Anne Fuqua march in wirh rhe faculry. Far Lefr: Presidenr Homer J Adams con- grorulares rhe gradu- ating doss of 1988 on years well spenr to- wards preparing them to carry on rhe Trevecca rradirion of service. Groduarion 27 PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE Srudenr Life 29 MOVING IN I reolize you ' ve only been gone o couple of hours, bur I miss you already. The dorm is beginning ro fill up, and I ' m meering all kinds of really inreresring people. Alrhough, I ' m quickly discovering how much I hare dusring and mopping, a few of my friends don ' r seem ro mind. Also, my suire mare Evie Freeman moved in roday. 30 Srudenr Life Doy, is she crazy! I noriced some girls seemed reolly exdred ro be bock ond hod TNC or busr in rhe bock of rheir cor window. Also, rhis guy named Moc Heoberlin hung around rhe dorm volunreering ro move girls in. You know Dod, I rhink he mighr be a boll player. I also mer some seniors named Susan Cullen and Korhy Duncan. They seem ro be pros ar moving in. I also noriced rhor I was nor rhe only kid having her parenrs move her in. You know, I wish I was srill moving in so you were srill here. I really miss you! I con ' r wair rill break and I ger ro come home. I love you bunches!!! Love, Freeda Freshman REGISTRATION Lines, Classes, People Veil, I survived college registration wirh only a few bumps and bruises. (Ho Ho). Acruolly, ir wasn ' t all rhar bad. The lines were o bir long, bur everyone was so friendly rhar I really didn ' r mind. The srudenr workers were rerrific. I mer Michael Harris in rhe bookstore and Sran Sheridan ar one of rhe regisrrorion rabies. I also mer some of rhe Dorda sraff when I signed up for my picture. 32 Srudenr Life CLUD RUSH 34 Srudenr Life Jusr wonred ro rhrow in o lirrle of rhe Sourhern rwong! You ' re losr lerrer wos greor I really enjoyed hearing abour all rhar ' s going on ar home Ler me rell you whar I did losr nighr or Trevecco. I wenr ro Club Rush. !r was a lor of fun. All rhe differenr orgamzanons on campus were rhere promoring rhemselves and rhe work rhey do I mer George Drarcher and Denise Shelrra who are wirh T.M.A. and MOT I also mer o few members of Civiron, a service orgonizarion on campus. The club members really seemed ro enjoy doing club rush. I mer rhis guy named Sreve Raper who appeared ro have a lor of fun wirh his group, Circle K. I mer mosr of rhe members of Thero Chi, a newer service club on campus. They weren ' r here when you wenr ro Trevecco. My friends and I had a grear rime and enjoyed socializing more rhan anyrhing losr nighr. Veil gorra go, rhe pizza ' s here. I srill miss you, bur I know I ' m gonno make ir rill break Take care Love, Freeda Srudenr Ufe 35 FRESHMEN INAUGURAL DAYS Well, Mom and Dad, ir is finally over! Freshmen Inaugural Days have come and, rhank goodness, gone. You know Dad, rhey now call rhem " Rat Days. " (Isn ' r rhar special!) I ' m sending you some pictures of my friends dressed-up in rheir " rar " cloth- ing. Some of our Sophomore Rar Masters are also in rhe pictures. You ' ll notice that they reguired us to eat off rhe cafeteria floor. However, ir didn ' t make rhe food taste any better! Some of us were forrunare enough ro wear signs. Orhers of us were forrunare enough ro wear ridiculous clorhing. i used ro moke fun of you guys in some of your old picrures. Be glad. You never looked quire like Kelly Ross or Joey Dunn. Their Rar Masrers, Melinda Moore ond Scorr Knighr, had obviously searched for hours ro find clorhing rhar ugly. 36 Srudenr Life Thar Was Then " When I wenr ro Trevecca, rhe only rhing I had ro do as a " Rar " was wear my clorhes inside-our for rhe day. Boy, how rimes have changed. " This remark, made by a long rime Trevecca alumni, clearly shows rhar things always change. What once was an idea has now become one of Trevec- ca ' s greatest and most fun tradi- tions. This rradirion, which starred wirh some mild antics, went on to include strange arrire and cos- rumes and now includes ridiculous signs and rhe infamous " kissing bandir. " Throughour all rhe fun of rhe Freshman Inaugural Days, rhere is a bond rhar forms be- rween borh rhe Freshmen rar and rhe Sophomore Rar Masrer. This bond is sealed rhrough rhe parrak- ing of Holy Communion and usual- ly grows inro a friendship rhar lasrs for years. Freshman Inaugural Days are cerrainly a rradirion of borh then and of now. Even rhough we looked for rhe mosr porr ridiculous, Fresh- men Inougurol Doys weren ' r oil bod There was o beouriful and very meoningful communion service or rhe end of rhe losr day I reolly mode some very close friendships wirh rhe orher " rors " ond rhe War Masrers Besides, some doy I ' ll be able ro look bock ond rell my kids rhor I rook porr in one of Trevec- co ' s longesr rrodirions. I rhink my fovorire porr of " Ror Doys " Srudenr We 07 FALL RETREAT Relaxation, Togetherness, And Growth This posr weekend was great! I rook your advice and wenr on Fall Rerrear Ir wasjusr like you rold me your rerrears ar Trevecca were. The Speaker was Druce Oldham. He ' s really funny and gave us some good ideas on how ro increase our spiritual growth. Abour 35 people wenr, and we had a greor rime playing flag foorball during our free rime Afrer rhe game, we gor rogerher for a group shor. We had a really grown close over rhe shorr weekend 38 Srudenr Life Ir was really nice ro ger away from cafe- reria food for a while Joey Dunn and Missy Whire seemed ro en- joy rhe break berrer rhan any of us. Dwoyne Gunrer was our besr cook by far Of course, he hod some help from Dean Gallup and Sam Green Bur, even if rhe food would hove been bod, I rhink we srill would have en- joyed gerring ro know each orher ber- rer ar dinner. Rerrear was o spe- cial rime of meering people, relaxing, playing gomes and growing spirirually. Thante for your sug- gesrion. I had a blosr and I ' m so glad I wenr. Talk ro you larer. Love, Freeda Srudenr Life 39 HALLOWEEN . Ghosrs, Goblins, And Fun Veil Halloween hos come ond gone! We oil hod o really grear rime dressing up and going rrick-or-rrear- ing in rhe dorms. I walked inro Vonda Sipes room and gor really scared. We also had an all School Hallow- een parry our ar rhe Riding Academy. They had all kinds of games ro play. I really enjoyed warching Julie Hains sruff a banana in her boyfriends face. 40 Halloween 1 We oil hod so much fun rhor I wish you could hove been rhere. You would hove hod ro dress up rhough, so my friends wouldn ' t know. They olso ployed rhis really cool gome where you rry and pass o lifesover ro your porr- ner on o roorhpick rhor is in your mourh Kim Allinder ond her parrner were really good or ir. Guess whar Mom? They served my favonre food ro ear HOTDOGS 1 I ' m going ro hove ro go for now, bur please wrire me back real soon ond rell me how your Halloween wenr. I love you borh, Freeda Freshman HOMECOMING CORONATION Congratulations Queen Denise The Homecoming Coronation rook place on Thurs- day November 12rh. The evenr was pur rogerher by Mardon Day, Junior Class President, and rhe Junior Class Officers. They were assisted by Dr. Melvin Welch and rhe TNC Stage Band, directed by Dr Stephen Farnsley The girls all looked beautiful in their emerald green gowns as rhey made rheir way to center srage After rhe introductions, rhe three Senior Arren- danrs, Denise Franklin, Danelle Hyde, and Valerie Whirtington gathered together to learn who would be rhe 1987 Queen. Denise Franklin, of Tarranr, Ala- bama, received a standing ovation as she was crowned Queen Denise. The coronation was a great success and all those responsible should be congratu- lated for a job well done. That Was Then Tradirion. That ' s where ir all begins. Someone gers an idea or a notion and shares it with someone else and then it spreads and ir grows and becomes tradi- rion. Thar ' s all homecoming is. Irs a rime when those who began many of the ttaditions we enjoy come back ro TNC to see how they ' ve changed and to see what new tradirions have appeared. Tradirion is rhe basis of so many rhings at Trevecca. It ' s tradirion which brings many of us here and begs many of us ro rerurn. Homecoming is probably rhe most special tradirion we have at TNC. It is Trevecca ' s oldest tradirion and is unique in rhar ir has changed very lirrle over rhe many years of Trevecca ' s heri- tage. Homecoming will always be spe- cial whether we experience ir now as students and then as alumni. Pictured lefr is former Homecoming Queen Tammy Lee and her escorr, Bri- an Lee. Denise Franklin Senior Arrendanr Danelle Hyde Senior Arrendanr Valerie Whirringron Senior Arrendanr Leigh Ann Smirh Junior Arrendanr Melinda Moore Sophomore Arrendanr Rhonda Ross Freshmen Arrendanr Homecoming 43 HOMECOMING PARADE And The Tradition Goes On Xasliv i I lc I rol lc ( o Dear Mom and Dad, Ir was so grear of you ro come ro Trevecca for Homecoming. I had o really nice rime wirh you and enjoyed meering some of your old classmares. Since you wenr wirh me ro rhe Homecoming Parade, I rhoughr I ' d send you some of rhe picrures I rook. I gor o really good shor of Queen Denise riding in her car. I also senr you a picrure of Dr. Penningron, rhe Grand Marshall since you remembered him from your Tre- vecca days. 44 Homecoming There should be a really good picrure of rhe Cirde K guys and rheir Trolley Cor. I be- lieve rhe guys hove grown berrer looking and more innovorive since your days in ir, Dod. I senr you rhe mosr adorable picrure of Mac Heoberlin of rhe Sigma Sociery floor. There is also a picrure of Evie Free- man in her Trojan uni- form and rhere should also be o pic- rure of Susan Cullen and Drenda Boyd rid- ing on rhe firsr place Civinerre Floor I Thanks again for coming up here for Homecoming I en- joyed seeing you ond I ' ll see you in a few weeks for Thanks- giving. Love, Freeda Homecoming 45 VALENTINE PAGEANT Valentine Queen Valerie Whirringron First Runner Up Pam Shirley Second Runner Up Melinda Moore The Valentines Pageanr was pur on again rhis year by rhe soph- omore class under rhe direcrion of Presidenr, Derh Henderson. The rheme for rhe pageanr was back in rhe war era and was wrirren and direcred by Jeff Wells. Jeff did a wonderful job, because rhe pag- eanr was a roral success. The Masrer of Ceremonies for rhis years pageanr was Mr. Gerald Willis and his wife. They rruly add- ed ro rhe success of rhe pageanr. The sophomore class did an our- sranding job and deserves a large par on rhe back for a job well done. 46 Valennnes Cindy Shirley Pom Kroemeke Shelley Love Senior from Nashville, Tn. Junior from Nashville, Tn. Junior from Trinity, NC Melinda Moore Sophomore from Charlorre, NC Derh Rice (Ms. Congenioliry) Junior from Naples, Fl. Pam Shirley Freshman from Nashville, Tn. Valenhnes 47 GONG SHOW Gong, Gong, Gong! Hi Mom and Dad, I wenr ro rhe Gong Show, spon- sored by Thera Chi, ronighr. Did rhey hove rhar when you were here? Ir was all kinds of fun. The posror from Colvory Church, Lone Lomon, was rhe hosr of rhe show. He kepr coming our in rhese ridiculous ourfirs. I rhink rhe besr parr, rhough, was rhe judges rhey had. Jeff Wells dressed up as rhe Church Lady, Scorr Adkins did his im- personorion of Pee Wee Herman, and Deon Gallop was Joe Srrair. Whar a group of judges 46 Gong Show Craig Adams, Mark DeYoung, Mark Phil- lips, and Cy Pelron were rhe members of rhe band rhor played rhor nighr in berween rhe acrs. All of rhe acrs were real- ly funny! The girls in Sigma Sociery did a Lip-Sync rourine of some of rheir fovorire singers. Derh and fAice and Rurhann Ring did a really good imper- sonarion of rwins ro- gerher. Dolly Porron was also rhere. Acru- ally ir was Kris Feazell dressed like her, bur she wosjusr as good Over all rhe evening was really a good Pi rime for everyone who porrici- pared or came rojusr enjoy rhe show. I ' m going ro go srudy now, bur I ' ll wrire again soon. Love, Freeda VARIETY SHOW . . . We Hod Music, Laughs, And Fun. 50 Vonery Show There were a lor of really funny ocrs there. For insronce Sigma Soaery did rheir imirarion of rhe members of Circle K by dressing up like rhem and " rapping " a shorr song obour each one. Ir mode rhe audience fall over oughing! Mark DeYoung did a grear job playing rhe guirar and a few guys such os Rob Melron, Tim Pirzer, Kenny Michael, Joel Williams, and Bri- an Drown sang a lirrle for us. I ' m going ro wrire you again real FIFTY ' S PARTY . . 1 Rock Around The Clock. Hi Mom ond Dad, How are you rwo " Hip Dudes " doing? If you are wondering why I am talking rhis way ir ' s because ljusr gor back from rhe fifty ' s parry spon- sored by Sigma Society. Everybody came dressed up in fifty ' s costumes and we ate hamburgers and hordogs unril, I rhoughr we would all get very sick. We all participated in a lor of games. Suzanne and Linda were in a bubble-gum blowing contest, De Wayne Sadler did very well in rhe pie eating contest; and Joey, Stuart and Jeff enter rained us with a song. 52 50 ' s Parry Corrine Burns did o reolly funny imirorion of Shirley from La- Verne and Shirley. We oil loughed very hord. They also hod a besr couples conresr rhere. Rhonda Taylor and Brian Hulse won, bur Carhy Scruggs and DeDe Johnson (alias Dave) gave rhem a run for rheir money All rhe money from rhe nighr wenr ro benefir a chariry rhar was selected by Sigma Society. The evening rook a large amounr of hard work, bur ir all looked as rhough ir was worrh ir. Do you two remember when you were kids in rhe fif- ty ' s? Write me and rell me abour ir. Love, Freeda 50 ' s Parry 53 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES See The " Stars " Shine Hi Mom and Dad, I wenr ro Trevecca ' s very own ver- sion of Hollywood Squares rhis week- end. Ir was sponsored by Thera Chi which is a service club on campus. You could rell by rhe srage appear- ance rhar rhey pur a lor of work inro rhe evenr. They had a varied group of srars for rheir show. PeeWee Herman, alias Scorr Adkins, and Dr Anne Fuqua, alias Karen Miller, were some of rhe parricipanrs. Sam Greene, who dressed up as Mr John Dix and D. Fuqua were a rior rogerher. 54 Hollywood Squares Some of rhe orher " srors " included " The Church Lady " , olios Jeff Wells; Dr John Dix, olios 5om Greene, ond rhe " TNC Trojan " , olios Evie Freeman They were oil a barrel of loughs ro worch. Ir was pur on abour rhe same way as rhe Hol- lywood Squares on Television is direcred The conresranrs would ogree or dis- agree wirh rhe " srors " answers and win x ' s and o ' s on rhe board Ir was o lor of fun ro arrend ond we had a really grear rime. Think of me nexr rime you play ric-rac-roe. x ' s and o ' s, Freeda Freshman Hollywood Squares 55 CHRISTMAS PARTY Dear Mom and Dad, Merry Chrisrmas! Trevecca has def- initely gor rhe Christmas spirit and you con feel it in rhe air. For instance, last night we all went to the annual Chrisr- mas Parry sponsored by Sigma Soci- ety and Civinerres. They had won- derful food rhere to ear and a whole bunch of fun games for us ro partici- pate in. OH Dad, Sanra Clause was rhere tool It was Presron Cannon dressed up like you used ro do when I was little. A whole bunch of my We Celebrated His Dirrh friends were rhere such as Rick Quinn, Rob Melron, Mardon Day, Scorr Winchell and David Winchester. 56 Chnsrmas Parry t rrr I noriced rhar ev- eryone rhere was having a really good rime singing Chnsrmas carols and fellowship- ping wirh each orher Carhy Scruggs found some good fellowship rime wirh one of her favorire people, " Frosry rhe Snow- man " . For rhe final big rhing, Sigma and Civinerres sang a few choruses for all rhose who arrended. They were under rhe direc- rion of Charles " Mr Exciremenr " Brooks I will be home in a few weeks for break. I ' ll see you rhen. Seasons Greerings Freeda Freshman Chrisrmos Parry 57 WIN. LOSE. OR DRAW A Game For The Entire Campus Dear Folks, Well rhis weekend ir was rhe Win, Lose, or Drow gome rhar we all wenr ro see. Ir was sponsored by Civine rres which is a service club on campus. The hosr for rhe evening was rhe club sweerheorr, Wes Nolan. He was very wirry and funny! A lor of rhe differenr clubs on campus and rhe class officers parricipared in rhe show. They also had some really funny commercials done by some members of Civinerres rhar came in berween rhe games. Pam Day, Dobbi Skelron, and Penny Dlier did an acr of rhe " Chipmunks. " 58 Win, Lose, Or Draw DATING GAME Handsome Bachelors And Prerry Dachelorerres Dear folks, Another exciting event or good ole T.N.C. This rime ir was rhe " Daring Gome " sponsored by Sigma Society. What a blast! Many of my friends were participants this year. Larry Whi- raker seemed to to have made the perfecr choice with the smile he had on his face all night. Donna Wray looked totally baffled by the mystery man ' s questions. Chrissy Howell was an excellent hostess for rhe evening of fun. The highlights of rhe evening were rhe rorolly outrageous commercials. Andi Hir- rle and Morio Hall found a sure way ro cure Troublesome acne. The crowd for rhe evening were many and enthusias- tic. Shirley Melron, Craig Keen, and Elisha Keen were some of rhose who enjoyed rheir evening our ar rhe " Daring Game " The whole evening was loaded wirh fun, exciremenr and an- ticipation. Did they do these kind of things when you were Daring Gome 61 CIRCLE K VOLLEYBALL MARATHON 24 Hours Of Rugged Volleyball i Circle K held rheir fifreenrh annual Volleyball Mararhon ro benefit Y-CAP. They raised approximarely rwo thou- sand dollars by playing volleyball wirh various clubs and organizarions for rwenry four hours wirhour a break. Some of rhe members really gor inro rhe spirit of competition by getting their hair cur and having their club emblem pur on rhe side of rheir head. 62 Volleyball Mararhon 1M Various celebriries showed up for rhis year ' s mararhon These celebrities included Gory McSpodden from rhe Goirher Trio, Lisa Vhelchel from rhe Focrs of Life, and Mike English. Some of rhe organizarions rhey played included a semi-pro ream from Ingram Book Company, inrra-mural volleyball champions from Vonderbilr, and a ream from Firsr Church. VOLLEYBALL MARATH( « Thar Was Then . . . Circle K srorred rhe rradirion of rhe Volleyball Mararhon fifreen years ago rhis year. The club starred rhis chariry fund raiser in hopes of irs conrinuing on rhrough rhe years and ro esrablish Circke K as on orgonizarion rhar does do a greor deal of service for rhe community around them. 6G SPRING PLAY The cost for rhe play spenr many monrhs and hours of hard work for rhe smoorh production of rhe play. Picrured here you can see how hard rhey all worked in procrice. 64 Spring Ploy The beouriful cos- tumes were also an- other example of rhe hard work rhar was pur inro rhe play Each of rhe characrers had on very lively and crearive cos- rumes. The play was very enrerraining and rhe audience seemed ro en- joy Themselves very much. Every- one will have ro laugh when rhey remember Andy fturherford and how silly and cure he looked. " Al- ice In Wonderland " will have ro be remembered os very enrer- raining. Spring Ploy 65 SPIRITUAL RENEWAL WEAK Spiritual Renewal Weak is a rime rhar is looked forward ro each year wirh grear anriciparion among rhe srudenrs. Ir is a rime where srudenrs such as Kipp McClurg, Karhy Johnson, and Larry Jones had a chance ro speak ro rheir fellow srudenrs and give rheir personal resrimonies in hopes of helping rheir classmares grow spiritually. This year rhe week wenr grear. The srudenrs seemed ro ger a grear deal our of rhe srudenr speakers and seemed ro respond ro whar rhey were saying in a very produc- tive way. Ar rhe close of Spiritual Renewal Weak ir was easy ro see rhar ir had been a wonderful experience for all rhose rhar arrended rhe services and a large number of lives were rouched. 66 Renewal Wk CANDID5 Top Left: Cleveland carries one of rhe Televisions ro rhe Fine Arrs building. Above: Dr. Strickland and Dean Harris discuss rhe new schedule changes. Lefr: Srudenrs scarrer in all directions after leaving chapel. Dorrom Left: Tim Queener displays whar he rhinks abour Trevecca. Below : Wes Nolan parricipares in rhe TNT weekend by helping our wirh rhe regisrrarion. FIRST SEMESTER HUDDLE Brings The Blankets And The Fun 68 Huddle There was o prerry good sized rurnnour for rhe evenr Cirde K provided refresh- menrs and o film for lorer in rhe evening. I liked rhis evenr o greor deal because ir was o chance for we freshman ro ger ro know rhe upper class- man. Some orher people rhar I mer were Tami McWhorrer and Leigh Ann Smirh. I also mer a really cure couple, Jennifer and Micky. I ' ll wrire you again soon and rell you whar else is happening. Love, Freeda Huddle 69 FALL PLAY . Mouse Trap Dear Mom and Dad; I wenr ro rhe firsr play of rhe year losr nighr. Ir was a murder mysrery wrirren by Agarha Chrisrie. The per- son rhor gor murdered was Mrs. Doyle who was ployed by Gina Smirh. The murderer was ployed by David Denzing who was rhe sargenr investigating rhe murder. Sargenr Trorrer ' s sisrer was ployed by Su- zanne Diffenderfer, who did on ex- cellent job of rhe parr. 70 Fal! Ploy AWARDS CHAPEL AWARDS CHAPEL AWARDS CHAPEL AWARDS CHAPEL Top Left: Korhy Johnson received rhe Religious Life oword from Deon Horris. Korhy also received rhe oword for doss of rhe year for rhe senior doss. Above: Sruarr Gorber received rhe All-School award for scholarship. LefT: Kip McClurg was rhe proud recipienr of rhe All-School award for leadership. Awards Chopel 75 BELIZE MISSION TRIP Our Chance To Serve Orhers Above: Doreen Pearson wirh a Mayo Indian child. Right: Melanie Eby wirh rhe shoe shiners outside of rhe Delizian Airporr. The children came up ro rhe ream and offered shoe shines for practically norhing. 76 Delize Detize 77 JUNIOR AND SENIOR BANQUET Celebrate The Class Of ' 88 For righr: Moc Heo- berlin enjoys rhe roses rhor were given ro oil rhe girls. Righr: Singers from " Spirit Dound " enrerroin rhe crowd ofrer dinner. Above: Denise Franklin, Karla McMurrrey, and Donno Melron ore examples of how beouriful all rhe girls looked for rhis spe- cial evenr. Righr: Lydia Colin, Leigh Ann Smirh, Cheryl Sourh- erland, and Evie Freeman are o few more of rhe smiling faces rhor enjoyed rheir evening ro- gerher. Jr Sr Danquer 79 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS From lefr ro right: Dr. John Chilron, sponser,- Lisa Williams, secretary; Mary Bern Frank, vice president; Donna Doles, treasurer; Karhy Johnson, president-; Cindy Shirley, SGA representative; Suzie Middleron, chaplain Karhy Johnson, senior class presi- dent, is 22 majoring in social welfare. She is a native of Nashville where she grew up as rhe youngesr of five. Karhy ' s favorite hobby is devoting a large proporrion of her rime ro rhe Rescue Mission. When asked whar her year in office has meant to her, Karhy replied, " Ir has honesrly been my best year in college because I gor ro serve as President: Thanks for rhe opporruniry. " 80 Seniors Jeff Allen Pre-Seminory Kimberly Allinder Early Childhood Educorion David Balcom Hisrory Mark Baker Pasrorial Ministry Maria Day Special Early Childhood Educarion Mickie Beecham ommunicarion Studies Joe Bell Religion Rex Berkebile Hisrory James Blackmon Business Adminisrrarion Penny Blier Speoal Elemenrary Educarion 0v3 Donna Boles Communicarions Human Relarions Chrisry Bowers Communicarions Human Relations Melody Boyerre Compurer Informorion Sysrems Presron S Cannon English Hisrory Raleigh Phillip Cannon Business Adminisrrarion Melissa C. Cashion Psychology James Chearham Business Adminisrrarion Scorr Chevalier Communicarions Studies Dan Coleman Religion Donna Crawley Medical Assisranr Susan Cullen Office Administration David Dolan Hisrory Polirical Science Mary Elizaberh Frank Communications Human Relations Studies Sruarr Garber Accounring Business Adminisrrarion Keirh Dance Business Adminisrrahon CIS Thomas Dulan Physicians Assisranr i ■4 " ■% t Jttlltfflkta sis! in Denise Franklin Early Childhood Education Murphy Gill Church Music Bonnie Deese Business Administration Karhy Duncan Biology Evie Freeman Political Science Tom Greene Mass Communications Suzanne Pv Diffenderfer Drama Communications Studies Kris Chamblin Feazell General Science Troy Frizzell Religion Dwayne Gunrer Business Administration Claire Flannery Chemistry Biology Selina Gann Office Adminisrrarion Steve W Hall Business Administration 82 Seniors Donna Harris Compurer Informarion Systems Susan Harris Physical Educarion C Kay Harcher Accounting Debbie Harron Business Adminisrrorion CIS Wayne Henderson Pasroral Ministry Scott Hiser Biology Andrea Hirtle Early Childhood Ed Psychology Jone Hopper Accounting Sandra L. Jacobs Psychology Behavorial Science Priscilla James Biology Sherhea Jennings Communication Studies Jim Jewell Pre-med Karhryn Johnson Social Welfare W. Karen Johnson Office Administration Larry Jones Behavioral Science Wesley Kaney Social Welfare Seniors 80 if B U B ' H fli ii Kennerh Keefer Accounting Marhemorics Michelle Knorrs Accounnng Chris D. Koon Accounring Morgrer Kranrz Psychology Elise Lawson Elementary Educorion Grippie Lee Lowson Jr. Annerre Liles Dillie Jean Morinokis Tammy Marko Jeffrey McGranahan Business Adminisrrarion Social Welfare Psychology Communication Human Marhemarics Relations Srudies Carol McLeod Karla McMurrry Dale Mediate Robert Me on James E. Miller Medical Assistant Social Business Administration Christian Education Religion Welfare Psychology Teddy S Minrz Roxanna Morgan Brenda Morrison Robert E. Morrison Andy Obor Social Accounting Business Chemistry Religion Business Administration Welfare Behavorial Adminisrrarion Science 84 Seniors Marilou O ' Neal Early Childhood Educarion Angela Pinegar Elementary Educarion Cara Paarerson Hisrory Arhleric Training if Kendall Poole Communicarions Business Adminisrrarion Roger Pearson Mass Communicarions Joy Price Accounting William Perhealrh Religion Tim Queener Pre-Seminary Jane Perry Accounring Rick Quinn Religion Derh A. Rainer Social Welfare Paul Raper Business Adminisrrarion Jeffrey Reese Medical Assisranr Srephen Rhoades Religion Carlo Riddle Christian Educarion Tracey Roy Medical Assisranr Gary Scoggms Pasroral Minisrry Sue Senhauser Special Educarion David Shelron Pre-Seminary Cindy Shirley Busines Adminisrrarion Behavorial Science Seniors 85 Kevin Simons Chrisrion Education Joe L. Smith Music Performance Ronald Smirh Communicarions Studies Cheryl L. Southerland Office Administration Tim Sprunk Business Administration Accounting Molly Staggs Accounting Business Administration Timothy Staggs Business Administration » -t Debra Stevens Physician Assistant AAelinda Sturdivant Accounting Business Administration Maria Swiharr Vocal Music Lynette Teubner Medical Assistant Mitzi Wade Social Welfare Behavorial Science Amy Warkins Business Administration Lisa Welch Med-Tech Jeffrey Wells Communications Business Administration Karen Wenger Social Welfare Deborah Whirmire Business Administration Susan Whitmire Elemenrary Education Valerie Whirtington English Lisa Williams Social Welfare 86 Seniors corr Michael Winchell Srephonie Wood Donna D. Wray Aass Communicarions Physician Assistant Business Adminisrrarion CIS Senior Physician ' s Assistants Keirh Alan Shierling Jack Anrhony Srewarr Shandora Williams Seniors 87 JEFFREY LADALE ALLEN Govern oil by rhy wisdom, O Lord, so rhor my soul may be serving Thee as Thou dosr will, and nor os I moy choose. Do nor punish me beseech Thee, by granting rhar which I wish or ask, if ir offend Thy love, which would always live in me. Ler me die ro myself, rhar I may serve Thee, who in Thyself art rhe rrue life. Amen. — Sr. Teresa of Avila don ' r mean ro say I am perfect, haven ' r learned all I should even yer, bur I keep working toward rhar day when I will finally be all that Chrisr saved me for and wanrs me ro be. No, dear brorhers, I am still nor oil I should be bur I om bringing all my energies ro bear on rhis one rhing: forgerring rhe past and looking forward ro whar lies ahead, I strain ro reach rhe end of rhe race and receive rhe prize for which God is calling us up ro heaven because of what Chrisr Jesus did for us Phillippians 3:12-14 TLD 88 Who ' s Who KEITH CARLYLE DANCE SUZANNE RENE DIFFENDERFER A person will ger only whor she seeks You musr choose your goals carefully Know whar you like and whar you do nor like Be crirical abour whar you can do well and whar you can nor do wel Choose a career of lifestyle rhar inreresrs you and work hard ro make ir a success Enrer a relarionship rhar is worrhy of everything you are physically and menrally capable of Be honesr wirh people, help rhem if you can bur don ' r depend on anyone ro make life easy or happy for you Only you can do rhar for yourself Srrive ro achieve all rhar you like Find happiness in everyrhing you do Love wirh your enrire being Make a rriumph of every aspecr of your life — Susan Schurz 90 Who ' s Who CLAIRE LYNN FLANNERY Four yeors . . . Where hove rhey gone ' Or hove rhey gone? Memories mode . . . Why rhese yeors? Jusr memories? Relationships . . . An expression of love, A kind word, A friendly smile, A worm hug All given ... for relationship Why learn? Why excell? Why grow? For relorionship — Sharing wirh others jusr a glimpse Of Jesus Ar rhe beginning Questions . . . Questions . . . No answers came I learned I worked 1 worshipped Answers were vague Myself . . . Myself . . . All was myself. God spoke . . . " Relorionship . . . All is for relationship " listened An answer? Dur how? Friends . . . A church — kids who need love ond o teacher A dorm floor — on opportunity to serve Inner-ciry Chicago — kids who need Jesus. People — Relations lips . . . Jesus died . . . for relationship Ar rhe end Relationship A goal an answer? Grorefulness — To friends To professors And especially ro my porenrs Who hove shown me Jesus Through relationship My proyer . . . Thor Jesus be seen Through my relationship To others An answer? A lifesryle Cloire Who ' s Who 91 SHERPvl DENI5E FRANKLIN To laugh often and much; To win the respecr of intelligent people And the affection of childten ; To learn the appreciation of honest critics And endure the betrayal of false friends,- To appreciate beauty; To find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, Whether by a healthy child, A redeemed social condition, Or a job well done; To know even one life has breathed easier Because you lived; This is to have SUCCEEDED. — Ralph Waldo Emerson 92 Who ' s Who STUART ALAN GARBER " For I know rhe plans I hove for you, declares rhe Lord, " plans ro prosper you and nor ro harm you, plans ro give you hope and a furure. Then you will call upon me ond come and pray ro me, and I will lisren ro you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me wirh oil your hearr. I will be found by you, " declares rhe Lord, " and will bring you back from capriviry. " Jeremiah 29:11-14o Who ' s Who 90 DWAYNE MARK GUNTER " Bur whatever was ro my profit I now consider loss for rhe soke of Chrisr. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared ro rhe surpassing greatness of knowing Chrisr Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost oil things. I consider rhem rubbish, that I may gain Chrisr and be found in Him, nor having a righreousness of my own rhot comes from rhe law, but that which is through faith in Chrisr — rhe righreousness rhar comes from God and is by fairh. I want to know Chrisr and rhe power of his resurrecrion and rhe fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His dearh, and so, somehow, ro attain to the resurrecrion from rhe dead. Nor rhar I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but i press on ro rake hold of that for which Chrisr Jesus rook hold of me. Drorhers, I do nor consider myself yer ro have raken hold of ir. Dur one rhing I do: Forgerring whar is behind and srraining roward what is ahead, I press on roward rhe goal ro win rhe prize for which God has called me heavenward in Chrisr Jesus. " Philippians 07-14 NIV I MAC VON HEADERLIN " ... For I know rhe plans I hove for you, " declares rhe Lord, " plans ro prosper you and nor ro harm you, plans ro give you hope and a furure. Then you will call upon me and will come and pray ro me, and I will lisren ro you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me wirh oil your heart. I will be found by you, " declares rhe Lord, " and will bring you back from capriviry. I will garher you from all rhe narions and places where I have banished you, " declares rhe Lord, " and will bring you back ro rhe place from which I carried you inro exile. " Jeremiah 29:11-4 NIV Who ' s Who 95 JEFFREY ALAN WELLS I Go To Seek A Great Perhaps Rabelais " You know you can go anywhere you wanr from where you are right now, if you only want to bad enough. " Dee Ann Mercalf Proverbs 0:5-6 " Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct thy paths. " Grandma ' s Covenant Verse 96 Who ' s Who DANELLE ANETTE HYDE JAMES FITZHUGH DLACKMAN VALERIE LYNN WHITTINGTON 98 Who ' s Who Annerre Adorns Sherry Adkins Robert Allen Dorboro Dorfield Dociq Deodles Doniel Dloir Lydio Dolin Terry Borders Koro Dowmon Michoel Bracken Kimberly Droyles Anomo Durler Curr Compbell Vickie Lynn Cody Ulf Dohlsrrom Pomelo Doy Mordon Doy Stephen Deol Morry Dennis Karen Duckerr Michoel Eby Theresa Elkins Douglas Farley Edmund Gonyeo Juniors 99 Chris T. Greer Jackie Griffith Carolyn Hall Tim Hanscae Julie Harless Kimberly Harrison Grerchen Hodnerr Tammy Horron Tim Hullerr Christopher T. Irwin Barbara Johnson Amy Keller Derh Kelrner Michele Kimbler Sheri Koch Pam Kroemeke Mark Hilron Lofron Sandra Long J. Scorr Loomon Ronnie Lowe Shelley Love Kipp McClurg Teresa C. McConnell Derh McDougall 100 Juniors Colleen McMurnn Joseph Mirchell Dryon Monks Trocie Moore Gory Mroz Corol Newman Michele Norris Susan Parrish Gregory Pass Teresa Penningron Angela Perry Ronald Priverr Jeff Quinn Derh Rice Amy Roberrson Renee Rozor Janice Rybczyk Lois Shaken Denise Shelrra Sran Sheridan Carlo Sherman Douglas Sherwood David Silvernail David Smirh Juniors 101 Leigh Ann Smirh Mark Smirh Teresa Smirh Jeff Spongier Vickie Sraggs Sandra Srapleron Chnsn Sriles Timorhy Tawarer Kevin Thomas Timorhy Thomas Elizaberh Waggoner Trocey Walker Lance Waller Kelle Warkins Mary A Weeks Larry Whirraker Ralph Williams Janer Wilson Carhenne Wren Sandra Yensco 102 Jumors JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS From lefr ro righr, fronr row: Lois Wolfgang, sponsor; Mardon Day, president; Shelley Love, vice president, Kara Bowman, secretory; Second row : Stan Sheridan, treasurer; Tammy Horron, SGA representative: Mary Weeks, Chaplain,- Lois Shaken ' , SGA representative Mardon Day, president of the jun- ior class, is a twenry-four-yeor-old from Albany Georgia He is majoring in Biology and hoping ro further his educarion in the field of Physical Ther- apy. He has one younger sister, and he enjoys tennis and spending quality time with his friends Mardon is also an active member of Grcke K. When asked whar he hopes he has done for class, he replied, " I hope I have positively influenced my classmates and have proven ro them that SGA officers are nor just figure heads, bur are also productive leaders of the stu- dent body. " Junors 103 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Melinda Roberts, S.G.A. Representative,- Kim Johnson, 5.G.A. Representative; Tonya Pruirr, Treasurer; Jonarhan Trees, Chaplain; Melanie Mills, Secretory; Melinda Moore, Vice- President; Beth Henderson, President Sophomore Class President, Bern ■■■■MHaBMHMHHHHHHMHHH Henderson, is a Nashville narive who arrends Grace Church of rhe Naza- rene. She majors in Psychology and plans ro complere her minor in Profes- sional Education. She greariy enjoys Trevecca and came here in large parr due ro her family lineage. Dorh of Derh ' s parents and her sisrer at- tended Trevecca. Beth is very in- volved nor only wirh rhe Sophomore Class, bur actively parricipares in Thera Chi, a service club, and rhe Student Government Assembly. When asked what she likes best about being class president, Beth replied, " The planning of rhe Valentine ' s pageonr and ban- quet. I helped coordinate several pageants of this nature in high school and greariy enjoyed doing ir. " When asked what she liked least Beth just nodded and said, " Nothing! I love it! " President, Deth Henderson, i.stens as the officers moke plans for the Valentine ' s festivities 104 Sophomores unit " ' Rochel Adorns Jose Alioo Corline Alvorez Finney Moody Alvorez Lee Anderson Poulo Doggorr Debro Dorfield Morlo Domes Elizoberh A Deebe Melonie D Delew Rhonda Benson Dovid Denzing Magnus Derglund Dyron Dowmon Drenda Doyd Darrell Doyd Sharon Droswell George W Drarcher Richelle Drown Carlo Dussel Crysrol Durler Michele Durggraf Michelle Carey Kimberlee Conger Karen Cook Cheri Cooper Dnon Craigo Carol Cunningham Kimberly Curris Merri Davis 5ophomores 105 Glenda Derwiler Anira Donald Shelley Eby Gordon Former Shelli Foster Thomas Fuller Teresa Furr Earl DeWayne Gill Jr. Allen Garcey Julie Gravor Julia Hains Mildred Hale Jennifer Hawk Drenr Hardesry Carhy Harlow Michael Harris Kevin Harrison Tami Hayes Derh Henderson Jerry Holr Christine Howell Cree Ickes Stan Ivester Melissa Javorka Deidre Johnson Gregory Johnson Kimberly Johnson Tim Johnson Sandra Kearon Sharon King 106 Sophomores Scorr Knighr William Koch Cynrhio Loncosrer Aniro Liles Sreve Mackey Carol Molone Lisa Morhisen Gorrh Moyfield Micki McLoud Carol McCrocken Tami McWhorrer David Midcop John Milburn Lora Miller Melanie Mills Marlene Mirrelsradr Melinda Moore James Myers Roberr D Nerrles Rurhi Neumeyer Richard Wesley Nolen Dorris Parron Thomas Perkins Regma Polly Lane Price Tonya Pruirr Timorhy Pullen Lori Randall Jamie Raum Rurh Ann Ring Sophomores 107 Melinda Roberts Ruth Rowan Treco Sayers LaTanya Shelron Drion Shepord Robin Singell Vondo Sipes Dobbi Skelron Jeffery Skinner Troy Smirh Melonie Snodgross David 5peer Sara Srark LauraMary Srowe Robert Thims Julia Thomas Kan Thomas Jeff Thompson Jonathan Trees Stephen Triverre Valerie Tromblee Sandra Walker Teressia C. Ward David Winchester Jennifer Williamson Charlie W. Wilson Jr. Amy Wolfgang Kirk Zuercher David Zvodar 108 Sophomores From left ro right: Michael Johnson, class sponsor,- Greg Gressel, secretary; Dale Benson, president; Beclv Smirh, treasurer; Craig Parker, vice president; Leanne Drown, SGA representative,- Denny Wilson, chaplain; and Joey Dunn, SGA representative. Dale Benson, freshman class presi- dent, is from Homestead, Florida. He is nineteen years old and is majoring in religion. He enjoys playing baseball, tennis, and basketball. He also likes going to the beach and listening to many different kinds of music. He has one sister who lives here in Nashville. When asked about his thoughts of Trevecca, he said, " I like the Christian atmosphere here. The professors are very caring and it ' s very easy ro make friends. " Dale hopes that he has put his best effort into making sure his class has a good srorr here at Trevecca. 110 Freshman Kimberly Adorns Stephen Adams Deanna Albrighr Lori Alderson Bobbie Arnold Doris Doiley Joyce Dornerr Julie Deorden Todd Deordslee Trocy Dechrel Michele Deckwirh Theresa Dee Dale Denson Karen Derry Porrids Diggs Kevin Dishop Sonya Dlankenship Shannon Dorn Marquerre Doudreaux Elisabeth L. Drookmon Pom Drookmon Parricia A. Drookmon Karen Drown LeeAnn Drown Michael Drown Melissa Drowning Cindy Campbell Michelle Carpenter Michelle Chearhom Delinda Clark Sreve Cleckner Mario Clemenrs Timorhy Coleman Chris Cook Tiffany Cox Tina Day Mark De Young Nancy Dolinger Rachel M. Draughon Gloria Duncan Melanie Eby Freshmen 111 Richard Elkins Carlo Ensminger Michael Evans Deborah Fisher Emily Fire Rebecca Ford Roxanne Foyle Dino Frye Thomas Fuchs Michael Furse Jonarhan Garrerr Lori Glenn Drenda Graybeal William Grearhous Greg Gressel Robert Hambrick Donald Hamilron Jr Zach Hare Kim Harrell Timothy Haselden Kimberly Hemby Allison Hendershor Melanie Henry Jennifer Herndon Lisa Houston Karrina Hunter Nora lanuzzi Todd Jackson Rodney Jarvis Linda Johnson Sheryl Johnson Tony Johnson Nichelle Jones Michelle Jones Denjomin Kaney Amy Keener Chris Key Chris Knear Andrew Killerte Laura King Sharon M, LaFave Sonia Lanier 112 Freshmen Anne Lavy Heorher Levererr Paul Logan II Jomes Lunsford Kenny Maroney Jano Morrin Kimberly Morhis Julie McAfee William McCreless Lloyd Meadows Samuel Midcap Gregory Milam Laura Berh Morehead Rhonda Morgan Laura Morris Tamara Morris Darren Moses Rhonda Moxley Sandra J. Myers Mane Nabors Greg Nash Sean Newberry Renee Norcross Lynda Ogilvy April Parker Croig Parker Randy Pedigo Cyrus J. Pelron Brian Phelps Joseph Pinner Kyle Poole Tim Prarer Avis-Ann Price Dana Pumphrey Joseph Purl Susan Ragsdole Russell Randall Greg Reynolds Mirzi Righrmire Tammy J. Roberrs Chrisropher Robinson Tiffany Roby Freshmen 113 Leslie Rosequisr Kelly Ross Rhonda Ross Jodie Rumple Chris Runyan DeWayne Sadler Kennerh Sandel Brian Sayre Nancye Scoggm Catherine Scruggs Wendy Secord Mary Semans Melmda Shaw Brian Sherron Pam Shirley Nicole Shumaker Becky Smirh Frances Smirh Gina Smirh Maria Smirh Nancy L. Smirh Tina Smirh Thomas Smirh Jonarhan Sparks Kimberlee Spires Tony Srogsdill Alan Srokes Irl Thomas Srovall Mark G Sumprer Donald Sunderland Brian Tare Razmi Taurkneli John Teague Melmda Thompson Nicole Turnbow Susan Vanderpool Mary Vandiver Pam Vanrreese Meghan Wade Roger Walker Srephanie Wardlow Brian Warren 114 Freshmen Srephonie Worers Corole Warson Tamara Wermore Meshelle Whire Charles Wilhelm Wendy Williams Denny Wilson Sue Wilson Ivan Wise Belinda Woods Jill Wurzel ■ V A ft FRESHMEN!!! Freshmen 115 SPORTS ATHLETES IN ACTION WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL Fronr row: Priscillo James, Teena Flarr, Annerre Winkle, Belinda Woods Second row: Jennifer Hawk, Sandra Musgrove, Amy Keener, Allison Hendershor, Maria Day Above: The ream purs in a srrong effort ro srop rhe ball from returning ro their side of the net. Right: Players look on as rhe ball finally falls into the net with the lost volley. 118 Women ' s Volleyball Right: Sandra Musgrove, senior, displays her technique on how ro rerurn a volley. Above: Kara Parrerson, coach, shows rhe girls how ro always look ready for rhe ball. Below ■. The enrire ream after a well fought point take a break before rhe next game. Women ' s Volleyball 119 MEN ' S SOCCER Fronr row: Thomas Fuchs, Rob Rogers, Scorr Sondell, Brian Sherron, Sreve Triverre, Tim Queener, Ron Priverr, Roberr Thims Second row: Rex Berkebile, Ty Abney, Magnus Berglund, Dan Scorr, Wade Cleveland, Gordon Farmer Righr : Gordon Farmer looks on as his ream mores make rhe final poinr. 120 Men ' s Soccer Righr Jonas Gryrberg Keeps rhe ball away from rhe opponenrs and scores for his ream Delow: Team members in acnon arremprmg ro score. WOMEN ' S TENNIS Right: The lady Trojans mode a good showing for rhemselves and for rhe college. All of rhe ream members practiced hard and pur alor of hard work inro rheir season. Delow: Maria Barnes warches on as her ream member warms up before rhe march begins. 1988 March 15 15 18 19 22 24 25 26 28 29 31 April 1 2 5 Women ' s Tennis Schedule 200 100 2 30 900 230 2:30 9 11 12 15 16 18-20 21.22 Tue University of South Wed Cumberland Fri Lambuth Sat Christian Brothers Tue Belmont Thu Blue Mountain Fn Freed-Hardeman Sat Christian Brothers Mon Belmont Tue Cumberland Thu David Lipscomb Fn Blue Mountain Sat Bethel Tue University of South Fri Union Sat Bethel Mon Freed-Haroeman Tue David Lipscomb Fri Union Sat Lambuth M-W Ram Dates Th-F District 2« Tourney Nashville ALL DAY Sewanee Lebanon TNC TNC TNC TNC Henderson 2 30 Memphis 9 00 NasrmMe 2 30 TNC 2 30 Nasnville 230 Blue Mt 2:30 McKeruie 900 TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC Jackson Jackson 230 2:30 9:00 2:30 2:30 2:30 10:00 122 Women ' s Tennis Left: Tino Doy disploys her technique during o well played march Above: Maria Dames show her down srroke srroke. Womens Tennis 123 MEN ' S TENNIS 124 Men ' s Tennis Above: Jonas Gryrberg and Urban Hammarsredr walk back ro rhe baseline after winning a well foughr poinr. Righr : Thomas Fuchs prepares ro serve rhe ball. Delow: Ulf Dahlsrrom, senior. 1988 Men ' s Tennis Schedule March 4 Fri Thomas Moore TNC 9:00a.m. 7 Mon Temple N.FI. Jax 9:00a.m. 9 Wed Central Florida Orlando, FL 1:00 10Thu Flagler St. Augustine 2:30 11 Fri Atlantic Christian St. Augustine 8:30a.m. 17Thu MTSU Murfreesboro 1:30 19 Sat Johnson Co. Com. Clg. TNC 12:00 22 Tue Union Jackson 2:00 23 Wed Cumberland TNC 2:30 26 Sat CBC Transylvania TNC 10 2:00 28 Mon Cumberland Lebanon 1:00 29 Tue Belmont Nashville 2:00 30 Wed UT Martin TNC 2:30 31 Thu Freed-Hardeman TNC 2:30 April 1 Fri Western Kentucky TNC 2:30 5 Tue David Lipscomb Nashville 2:15 7Thu Lambuth TNC 2:30 8 Fri Western Kentucky Blng. Green 2:00 9 Sat Christian Brothers Memphis 1:00 12 Tue Belmont TNC 2:00 13 Wed Austin Peay TNC 2:30 15 Fri Union TNC 2:30 18 Mon David Lipscomb TNC 2:30 20 Wed UT Martin Martin 2:30 22 Fri Lambuth Jackson 2:30 23 Sat Freed-Hardeman Henderson 10:00 27-28 W-T District 24 Tourney Nashville All Day Men ' s Tennis 125 MEN ' S BASEBALL Above: The coaches of rhe baseball ream pur a lor of hard work and dedicarion inro producing a rop ream for rhe college Right: Gary Jackson is a pircher from Winrer Haven, Fl. He is a sophomore. H ■ Above: Kyle Poole carches a pirch during warm up before a game. Right: Popcorn Thompson knocks o ball deep inro cenrer field. 126 Oaseball Left: The Trojan baseball ream pur rheir besr foor forward rhis year and had a good winning season for rhe college. The ream and rhe coaches all deserve a par on rhe back. « . ' . • ift -9-5 1988 TREVECCA TROJANS Baseball Schedule DATE DAY OPPONENT SITE TIME FEB 23 Tue Vanderbilt University Nashville 2:00 25 Thu Middle Tenn State University TNC 2 30 26 Fn Lindsey Wilson College 2: TNC 1 00 27 Sat Austin Peay Stale University Clarksville 1:00 29 Mon Tennessee State University TNC 2.30 March 3 Thu Kentucky Wesieyan University TNC 2.30 5 Sat Christian Brothers Co ' iege (2) Memphis 12 00 7-11 M-F Spring Trip — Texas TBA 15 Tue Belmont Coiiege(2| TNC 1:00 16 Wed Lindsey Wilson College i2i Columbia. KY 1:00 18 Fn Lane College TNC 2:30 21 Mon Union University (2) TNC 1 00 22 Tue Tennessee Technical University TNC 2:30 24 Thu David Lipscomo Conege (2) Nashville 1:00 25 Fn University of Cincinnati TNC 2:30 26 Sat Milliken University (2. TNC 12 00 28 Mon Cumberland University ;2i TNC 1:00 30 Wed Olivet Nazarene University TNC 2:30 31 Thu Tennessee Techn ' ca University Cookeville 2 30 April 2 Sat Christian Brothers Conege(2) TNC 12 00 4 Mon Cumberland Univers ty(2) Lebanon 1 00 7 Thu David Lipscomb Coi ege(2) TNC 1:00 8 Fn Lane College Jackson 2:00 9 Sat Freed-Hardeman College (2) Henderson 12:00 11 Mon Tennessee State University Nashville 2:30 13 Wed Union University (2i Jackson 1:00 15 Fn Bethel College (2) TNC 1 00 16 Sat Freed-Haroeman College (2) TNC 12:00 19 Tue Lambuth College f2i TNC 100 20 Wed Austin Peay State University TNC 2 30 22 Fn University of South TNC 2 30 23 Sat Bethel College (2i McKenz,»e 1 00 25 Mon Belmont College f2i Nashville 1:00 26 Tue Kentucky Wesieyan University Owensboro. KY 2 30 27 Wed Middle Tennssee State University Murfreesboro 7:00 28 Thu University of South Sewanee 2:30 30 Sat Lambutn College (2i Jackson 1 00 May 2-7 M-S Rain out week 10-14 T-S District 24 Tournament East TBA 18-21 w-s Area 5 Tournament Tennessee 30- June 4 NAI A World Series Lewiston ID Above: Eric Shellnur is a senior from Fayerreville, Georgia He plays rhe posirion of pircher. Doseboll 127 MEN ' S BASKETBALL Fronr row: Firz Jones, Charles Brooks, Maurice Haleburron, Sandy McClain, Jason Scorr Second row: Coach Frank Wilson, Sran Presron, Scorr Hiser, Mac Heaberlin, Lon Hadwin, Sracy Mason, Todd Welch Above: Mike Carney and Scorr Hiser discuss how rhe game is going. Righr: Sandy McClain demonsrrores how he purs rhe bolt away. Below : Charles Brooks warms up before rhe game srorrs. 1987 Men ' s Basketball TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE DATE DAY November ' 3 Frl ' i Sit ' 9-2! Th.f-Sn December Februiry 35 ThF-Sit i? Sat ; i% Sit Ti Thu 511 Mon Thu Sal Thu Sit Thu Sit Thu Sji Thu Sit Thu Mjtch 3 7 tOTh-M-Th OPPONENT SflltOl C0ft»J( lt MtCl UI rf l Spring Hilt College imomicownoi TCAC Toufhlmtnl Belmonl Towfiimtnl Lincoln Memorial Univtriity Union Unlvf rjity FreedMirdemm CoTTege Belmont College Bethel College lim uth College Bmtol College Cumberlind University Chrijtien Brothers College Dlvlt) Lipscomb College fteed-HirrJewin College Cumberlind University Union University Belmont College Chrlslun Brothers College Belhel College limbuth College Divia Lipscomb College NAIA District }« Touinimenl PIAC! TIME TNC 800 TNC 7 30 Oivd Lipscomb Colege Nishvtlie TNC Jeckjon TNC Njshwlle TNC TNC Bristol lebinon TNC Nijtwitie Henderson TNC TNC . TNC Men- phis McKen ie JlCfcjO " TNC TBA TBA 730 §00 730 800 730 730 700 800 730 800 800 730 730 730 800 800 800 ?30 TBA foTroJAn If Men ' s Doskerboll 131 MORE BASKETBALL ' 88 CHEERLEADERS 134 Cheerleoders Right: Rondo Ross shows her enthusiasm and school spirit for the Trojan fans Delow: Denise Franklin, Rondo Ross, Theresa Elkins, Missy White, Karen Cook, and Pom Kroemeke join the circle of students as they sing the school song Above: The " Trojan " be rr er known as Evie Freeman. Right: Missy White leading the Trojan fans in a cheer of victory for the Trojans. Cheerleaders 105 TROJAN FANS IN ACTION 136 Fons ALL SCHOOL OLYMPIAD Right: Members of rhe different dosses race ro ger rheir egg ro rhe finish line first " . Below: Jeff Thompson, ploying for rhe sophomore class, demonsrrores rhe perfecr way ro successfully roll on egg down rhe gym floor. 138 Olympiad P ighr : Suzanne Diffenderfer gers ready ro rake swing or rhe ball during rhe firsr annual All School Olympiad. Below Wes Cord well pulls one of his ream members ro rhe finish line. Olympiad 139 INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL 140 Koorboll INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL MP?, Above: Evie Freeman and Derh Rice come running inro home base. For right: Kris Feazell (Richelle ' s big sisrer) knocks rhe boll far inro cenrer field. Right: Evie Freeman shows her Technique in hirring rhe ball. 142 Sofrball INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL 144 Doskerboll INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL Top Lefr, Von Srinson rakes a full swing ar rhe ball ro knock ir far our inro lefr field. Righr: Greg Wood, for rhe Cirde K ream gers prepared ro bar for his ream. 146 Sofrball l JFt j FEATURES iA- c IT ' S ALL HERE Feorures 149 By lr All Top Right: Jennifer Herndon waves as she leaves one of rhe girls ' dormirories, Johnson Hall. Above: The sun shines around rhe sides of rhe bells rhar hang ourside nexr ro rhe Adminisrrarion Building. Middle Right: Srudenrs and professors leave rhe McClurkan Building after chapel services. Right: The Jernigan Srudenr Center is the newest building that can be found on Trevecca ' s beauriful campus. 150 Campus Thar Was Then . . . This is o scene of rhe Administration building in rhe early 70 ' s. Some rhings really change a grear deal. Top Left: Many music majors spend a greor parr of rheir years here in rhe Fine Arrs Building which houses all music classes. Above: Locared in rhe cenrer of Trevecco ' s Campus, rhe cascades are a beauriful addirion ro rhe surroundings for rhe srudenrs and visirors. Middle Lefr : Mockey Library is grear place for studying when guier places in rhe dorms are hard ro find. Campus 151 Towards The Future . . . Top Righr: This year saw rhe closing of one of rhe publicly Traveled roods ro insure rhe safery of rhe srudenrs. Above This is rhe firsr year oil rhe girls dorms will hove cenrrol air and hear. Middle Righr: The graduare srudies program grew rhis year by adding rwo new programs. Right: Trevecca has also recenrly added rwo new speed bumps on campus (srriped ones!). 152 Chonges S " -- V . . . CHANGE FOR US Middle Lefr Dr Ed Wirringron, Director of Teocher Wortehops ond Special Programs, is rhe newest member ro join rhe faculry of Trevecca College. Top Above: A demonsrrarion of how difficulr ir is for rhe cars of Trevecca srudenrs ro make ir successfully over rhe new speed bumps. Lefr: Trevecca has invested a grear amounr of rime and efforr inro crearing a new road rhar will border rhe campus on all sides They have also complered rwo new parking lors for rhe convenience of rhe srudenrs. 4 Chonges 153 . . . CIRCLE K BLOOD DRIVE + American Red Cros BLOOD SERVICES Tennessee Valley Regk : A Above: Melinda Show goes through rhe procedures before o person is allowed rc give blood Le f r Greg Wood and Rodney Jarvis rake rime our of rheir day ro pur sgns up ro display rhe Dlood Drive Dlood Drive 155 ACADEMIC Ephesions 5:25 We Changed Our Lives Permanently For The Future . . . Marriage is rhe beautiful blending of rwo lives, rwo loves, rwo hearts,- it ' s the wonderful magical momenrs when a beautiful love srory srarrs. — selected Therefore, they are no longer rwo, but one. What God has joined together, let no man separate. Matthew 19:6 Ephesions 5:22 " Always " -. Girl you are ro me all rhor a woman should be, and I dedicate my life ro you always. A love like yours is rare; ir musr have been senr from up above, and I know you ' ll sray rhis way for always. And we borh know rhor our love will grow and forever ir will be you and me I will love you so for " Always " . . . . WE ARE NOW ONE Left: Shelron and Kris Feazell exchanged wedding vows October 3, 1987 Delow Left: Dob and Sherri Darnharr exchanged wedding vows on rhe rwenry-ninrh of October. Delow : Joel and Lisa Williams exchanged wedding vows on March 13, 1987. The wedding rook place ar College Hill Church of rhe Nazarene. AAornoges 159 Members of rhe English deporrmenr pur on rhis years " Shakespeare Day " for rhe srudenrs. They dressed up in cosrumes of rhis era and porrrayed some works done by Shakespeare The program was under rhe direcrion of Dr. Annie Srevens. Above: Burr Sumner plays a role in one of rhe Shakespeare plays. Right: The entire staff of rhe play works rogerher to enrerrain rhe crowd rhar came our ro enjoy rhe comedy. 160 Shakespeare For Everyone CLIQUES THAT CLICK . . . . . . Here ' s Where They ' re Found If you srop and rake a good look around you con see cliques rhar srand our in all areas of your life. Circle K, Sigma, and rhe orher clubs are some of rhe more apparenr ones, bur such groups as music majors and educarion majors seem ro clique rogerher also. The one rhing rhor is really grear abour Trevecca is rhar we all know rhar we all can belong ro rhar one clique rhar counrs and rhar is rhe clique of Chrisrians. » Above: Chapel rime is a grear rime ro see some of your favorire groups sirring rogerher ro share a rime of fellowship in rhe Lord rogerher. Middle Right: Srudenrs also clique rogerher during rhe rime rhey spend in rhe cafereria earing and socializing. Right: Trevecca ' s srudenrs have no problem bringing rheir separare cliques rogerher ro join hands in fun and rimes of worship. 164 Cliqjes MAYOR DONER ELECTION A Helping Hand From TNC BONO FOR YOR The 1987-88 academic year saw many changes in rhe posirions of governmenr on borh a local and srare level. Trevecca srudenrs proved ro be exrremely acrive in rhe election process by volunreering borh rime ond energies ro rhe campaign headquarrers based rhroughour rhe ciry Srudenrs and clubs, borh social and academic, became involved in rhe Mayor Doner campaign by sruffing envelopes, preparing bulk mailing, answering campaign office relelphones, and acrually walking rhe srreers of rhe ciry involving rhemselves in door-ro-door campaigns. Mayor Dill Doner, a one rime baskerball head coach on rhe Hill, is and has always been a srrong supporrer of Trevecca Nazarene College. TNC was very enrhusiasric abour rhe Doner Mayoral Campaign. Mayor Doner 165 ORGANIZATIONS COME " JOIN " THE FUN CIRCLE K From left ro nghr Kenny Moroney, Rick Deorden, Brian Drown, Rick Quinn, Dovid Winchesrer, Presron Cannon, Dovid Hess, Ron Smirh, Lane Price, David Deese, Greg Wood, Rodney Jarvis, Keirh Daker, Scorr Winchell, Aaron Harden, Parrick Hemmerly, Kendell Poole, Gene Rhodes, Wade Cleveland, Mardon Day, Sreve Roper, Drenr Hardesry, Jeff Quinn, Kenny Michael, Michael Drown, Tim Sprunk, Mark Smirh, Jim Jewell, Rob Melron, Larry Whirraker The Trevecco chapter of Circle K International is com- posed of 25 young men devoted to community service. The club experienced another busy and productive year with activities like, three blood drives in association with rhe Red Cross, the Variety Show, and the Volleyball Marathon with benefits going to Y CAP Circle K 169 CIVITANS Fronr row : Den Koney, Sreve Triverre, Dubbo Gill, Toby Williams, Daren Moses, David Linens, Mark Sumprer, Jeff Thompson Back row: Jimmy Chearam, Ivan Wise, Dob Allen, Denny Silva, Murphy Gill, Greg Nash, Sreve Mockey, Jeff Onsread Officers Toby Williams, sponsor, Murphy Gill, presidenr, David Linens, Treasurer, Jimmy Chearom, secrerary, Sreve Triverre, vice presidenr, Dubba Gill, Sgr ar arms Civirans is on all male service orgonizorions whose purpose is ro benefir rhe community around rhem and rhe campus. They pride themselves on being a close knit group of young men whose main goal as a club is ro glorify Chrisr and ro serve orhers in His name. The club parricipares in various acriviries through rhe year for rhe cause of orhers. Gvirans 17 1 CIVINETTES From left ro righr, Fronr row: Debbie Horron, Dobbi Skelron, Second row: Julie Horless, Drendo Doyd, Cindy Shirley, Meghan Wade, Denise Franklin, Dorris Parron, Michelle Knorrs, Carhy Scruggs, Suzy Middleron Third row : Marlene Mirrelsradr, Heidi McKinney, Donna Harris, Leigh Ann Smirh, Jane Hopper, DeDe Johnson, Sandy Kearon, Grerchen Hodnerr, Sracey Harless, Melinda Roberrs, Susan Cullen, Susan Harris, Penny Blair, Danelle Hyde. Growing in increasing numbers rhis year, Civinerres has been allowed ro parricipare in a variery of acriviries. They have been involved in ruroring ar Y-CAP, a variery of acriviries ar Chrisrmas rime which included rhe All-School Chrisrmas Parry, a Rock-a-Thon for Acrion Aucrion, and pur on rhe producrion of " Win, Loose, or Draw " . Through carwashes and bakesales, Civinerres was able ro finance many of rhese acriviries. Weekend rerrears and weekly meerings helped rhe club grow closer ro God and closer ro each orher. Their main goal is service ro orhers. CivinerTes 173 ROTARACT From lefr ro right: Gene AAcCreless, Craig Adams, Tony Collier, Wes Cardwell, Chris Runyan, Sreve Cleckner, Scorr Sandel, Ty Abney, Scorr Perkins, Brian Lee, Wade Nobles, Dryanr Genrry, Chris Greene, Todd Deardslee, Ves Nolan, Van Srinson, DeWayne Sadler. 0 Roraracr composed of 21 members is rhe newesr service club on campus. The club wos organized in order ro provide male srudenrs wirh another oprion ro serve Trevecca and irs communiry. Roraracr, under rhe leadership and supervision of Gerald Willis, rhe faculty sponsor, is very young bur full of good qualiries and porenrial. RororQa 175 SIGMA SOCIETY 4 ■% Fronr row Mary Derh Frank, Andi Hirrle, Teresa Furr, Karen Duckerr, Maria Hall, Kris Feazell, Derh McDougal Second row: rXichelle Drown, Amy Keller, Rhonda Taylor, Kim Conger, Corrine Burns, Shelley Love, Sara Srark Third row: Paula Daggorr, Melanie Snodgrass, Derh Rice, Chrlssy Howell, Anira Liles, Shelley Eby, Rurh Ann Ring, Lynerre Tuebner Thar Was Then Sigma Society is one of rhe earliest service clubs for females. The club was founded under rhe name of K-erres, bur was then changed ro Sigma Sociery larer. Sigma is one of Trevecca ' s proud rradirions. Donna Melron, secrerory, Andi Hirrle, presidenr, Berh McDougal, vice presidenr, Elisha Keen, sponsor; Lynerre Tuebner, hisrorion, Kim Conger, Treasurer, Susan Whirmire, Treasurer Sigma Sociery is a long sronding female service club devored ro serving rhe school and rhe community. The club is very active in rhe Nashville Doys Club and promoting school involvement by sponsoring rhe 50 ' s Parry and rhe Annual Daring Game. Sigma empha- sizes a strong unity among the members and a growing bond towards Christ. This is a great resource for service in that a group of people united can reach so many more than what a single individual can accomplish. The bonds created between the members will be cherished long after TNC. Sigma Sociery 177 THETA CHI From left ro right: Cherri Cooper, Mario Domes, Carlo Dussell, Crystal Durler, Corhy Horlow, Lorl Price, Regina Polly, Rurhi Neumeyer, Jody Cooper, Derh Henderson, Bronwyn Torum, Glendo Derwiler, Kari Thomas, Aniro Donald, Valerie Chevalier, Kim Johnson, Tommy Morris, Melmda Moore, Lee Anderson, Lori Kesrer, Cindy Lancaster, Laura Mary Srowe, Karen Cook, Carol Cunningham, Vonda Sipes Officers Berh Henderson, Kim Johnson, Corol Cunninghom, Vondo Sipes, Dronwyn Torum, Laura Srowe, Cindy Loncasrer, Glendo Derwiler, Melinda Moore 3 Thera Chi is nor jusr anorher all female dub, bur ir is onorher family here on Trevec ca ' s Campus. The purpose for rhis orgonizarion is ro creare a Chrisrian fellowship for irs members, ro provide communiry services rhar will benefir Nashville and irs area, ro provide school funcrions for rhe srudenrs, and ro provide social acriviries ro enhance fellowship. Thera Chi 179 PHI BETA LAMBDA From left ro righr, firsr row: Susan Cullen, Michelle Knorrs, Debbie Harron, Chris Koon second row: Tim Sraggs, Jeff Wells, Drenr Hardesry, Finney Alverez rhird row: Molly Sraggs, Amy Warkins, Sruarr Garber, Melissa Cashion fourrh row: Valerie Wirringron, Roxie Morgan, Joy Price, Sharon Clark, Sandra Srapleron fifrh row : Tracey Walker, Trina Berlin, Sran Ivesrer, Kirk Zurcher 180 Phi Dero Lambda Phi Bera Lambda is Trevecca ' s business club. The club is composed of business majors and minors. Phi Dera Lambda is involved in annual srare and narional level business comperirions. The 1988 srare comperirion win- ners are as follows: Debbie Harron, firsr place, Melanie Mills, firsr place, Sandra Srapleron, firsr place; Susan Cullen, second place; Tim Sraggs, second place,- Amy Wolfgang, second place; and Chris Koon, rhird place. Phi Dera Lombda 181 TREV-ECHOES TREV-ECHOES Sirring: Rob Dlonn, advisor; Sharon LaFave, Danelle Hyde, Sranding: Ron Lowe, Susan Ragsdale, Teressia Ward, Ediror; Julie Thomas, Presron Cannon Nor picrured: " Trixie " Trev-Echoes is a srudenr publicarion run by srudenrs under direcr conrrol of rhe faculry of Trevecca. Ir is published bi-weekly wirh rhe exceprion of holidays and scheduled semesrer breaks. " Trev-Echoes is rruly an experience for young adolescenrs inreresred in becoming journalisrs. One can learn rhe rrue meaning of humiliry by serving Trevecca ' s sraff and adminisrrorion, " srares Teressia Ward, ediror. Trev-Echoes was established is in 1944 as rhe srudenr publication here or Trevecca. The newspaper has grown through rhe years in size and quanriry. The paper is pur our bi- weekly and serves rhe campus well as one of Trevecca ' s proud rradirions. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION From lefr ro right and borrom ro rop: Danelle Hyde, Melindo Roberts, Derh Henderson, Tammy Horron, Lois Shokeri, Theresa Ward, Karhy Johnson, Sandra Srapleron, Valerie Wirringron, Kim Johnson, Lydia Dolin, Cindy Shirley, Lee Ann Drown, Keirh Dance, Mardon Day, Dwayne Gunrer, Dr. Toby Williams, Dale Benson, Jeff Wells, Joey Dunn, Sruarr Garber, Kipp McClurg From left ro right: Lydio Dolin, secretary; Dwayne Gunrer, president; Sruorr Garber, treasurer; Danelle Hyde, vice president; Dr. Toby Williams, sponser Trevecca ' s SGA is essentially a large group of elected officials who meet each week ro artempt to improve the college and college life in general. Their positions are numerous and their jobs are varied, bur, in effect, they have a common purpose which is ro maintain and uphold the ideals for which Trevecca is esrablished. SGA 185 CONCERT CHOIR Concert Choir is rhe lorgesr mixed choir of rhe music deparrmenr. The choir consists of opproximorely fifty members rhor devote a great amount of time to their share in representing rhe college to others. The choir this yeor traveled to a variety of different places to minister through music. Among these were Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. The group this year has grown closer together and much closer to the Lord through their involvements in Concert Choir and their fellowship to- gether. Concerr Choir is under rhe direction of Brian Kilian. ?rr Choir TREBLE TONES J HA1X Treble Tones is rhe only oil femole singing group or Trevecco. The group is composed of approximately rwenry members rhar represenr Trevecca ro various churches. Joanne Taylor is rhe direcror of Treble Tones. She has broughr a lor of new and fresh ideas ro rhe group. The girls in rhe choir admire and appreciare her very much. The choir as a whole rhis yeor has worked very hard ro accomplish a very good year for Them- selves. They have minisrered ro many area churches and have grown closer ro each orher and closer ro Chrisr rhrough rheir involvemenr in Treble Tones. Treble Tones 187 AMBASSADORS From left ro righr : Fred Mund (direaor), Murphy Gill, Greg Johnson, Drian Shelrron, Srephen Triverre, Ron Pnverr, Dovid Smirh, Russ Rondall, Shane Soddler, Don Dloir, Brian Phelps, Finney Alvarez, David Shepard, DeVayne Gil, David Linens, Darren Moses, Jeff Skinner, Tim Pullin, Cyrus Pelron, Jeff Thompson, Wolly Wilson, Tim Prorer, Jeff Spongier, Dob Allen, Tim Johnson, Denny Wilson, Tim Queener, Darryl Gaulr, Sreve Cleckner, Darrill Boyd, Kevin Simons Who are rhe Ambassadors and whar do rhey srond for? For srorrers, we ore a group of young men who sing rogerher during rhe week, rravel during Spring Break ro churches in rhe Sourheasrern Unired Srares, and ro foreign counrries in rhe summer. Our purpose is ro spread rhe Gospel ro orhers rhrough God ' s message in song. sadors HAND DELLS From left ro right: Pom Vanrreese, Terry Borders, Debbie Fox, Murphy Gill, Srocey Horless, Orion Croigo, David Diehl There are rwo hand bell ensembles each year, beginning and advanced. Alrhough borh groups ore designed primarily as training groups, rhey do some performing. Traditionally they ploy for rhe annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. In addition they perform in chapel, for churches, in Trevecca Towers, and on departmental programs. The ensemble was begin about ten years ago when rhe Trevecco Womens Club purchased a 2-octave set of bells for the music department. Another octave was added as a memorial gift a few years laret. Barbara McClain is rhe foundet and director. MADPJGALIANS Modrigolions is Trevecca ' s newesr singing group. This year the group is in rheir fifth year of performing. Modrigolions is o singing group rhor performs rheir music a copello, or without music. Their main performance rakes place each year during rhe Holiday season. The group performs anuolly at the Christmas Tree lighting, that takes place shortly before we oil go home for our break. This year ' s group has done on excellent job and has grown very close together, but most of all they have grown closer to rhe Lord through rheir friendships and music. STAGE BAND The Trevecco Srage Band is quire different from any orher ensemble on campus Direcred by Srephen Forns- ley, if consists of approximately rwenry musicians rhar have a rasre for different forms of music, such as rhe Dig Band sound of rhe 40 ' s ro rhe upbear sound of rhe 80 ' s. This year rhe Srage Band hosred rhe Fifth Annual Srage Band Fesrival. Local high school jazz bands were invired to perform and be rared by visiring guesr arrisrs. Srage Band is a select group chosen from Wind Ensemble. They also had rhe privilege of performing for rhe Cham- ber of Commerce and rhe Kiwanis Club this spring. Srage Dond 1°1 WIND ENSEMBLE Trevecca Wind Ensemble consisrs of approximately forty of rhe mosr ralenred insrrumenralisrs on campus. To be a member of rhe band, one musr be able to play an insrrumenr and also be willing ro arrend class rime rehearsals and pracrice ourside of class on a regular basis. The band traveled ro Kenrudv rhis year for rheir spring rour on April 15-17. They performed concerts in rhe area churches and spenr a few hours of leisure rime or rhe Louisville zoo. Dr. Sreven Farnsley directs rhis ensemble. TREVEDORES From left ro righr, sirring: Kipp Nerrles, Murphy Gill sronding: Johnarhon Trees, Ed Gonyea The Trevedores is rhe oldesr PR group on campus. Formally rhe " Trevecca Quarrer, " rhe Trevedores have been minisrering for 22 years. They have represented rhe college well. The members have changed, bur rhe qualiry of rhe music has srayed rhe same. The minisrry has also srayed rhe same over rhe years. " I jusr wish I could make everyone on rhis campus see rhar we are nor here ro glorify ourselves; we are here ro glorify God, " says Murphy Gill who has been a member for four years. MASTERPEACE From lefr ro right: Sran Sheridan, Lisa Marhisen, Scorr Knighr, and Pam Shirley. Masrer Peace is Trevecca ' s youngesr PR group. Sran Sheridan shared rhe main purpose of rhe group in rhe following way: " Ir is ro bring people, nor jusr ro rhe awe- someness of rhis grear campus, bur ro rhe realization of rhe power and exciremenr of God. " He goes on ro say, " I know rhar my God has given me a special gift, as well as a bevy of opporruniries and I will use rhem, . . . Tor God and God alone! ' . " The mosr rewarding experience of being on a PR group ro Pam Shirley is " seeing people we sing ro, receive a blessing. " She has a burden for Chrisrians who have losr rheir exciremenr and joy in serving rhe Lord and knows her purpose for singing is accomplished " when rhe services are filled wirh rhe Holy Spirir and rhe people see a new perspec- rive in living rheir lives in rhe Lord. " Masrer Peace rravels on rhe weekends mosrly. Lisa Marhisen, who is a sophomore, says, " Ir doesn ' r feel like I ' m " giving up ' my weekend or breaks. Ir is a privelege for me ro be doing somerhing for my Lord. We rravel for Chrisr firsr and Trevecca second. To rhink rhar God would pick ME!! Whor an honor! " Mosrerpeoce 195 NEW DIRECTION TV ' A i i I » ' »t m2 From lefr ro righr : Kevin Simons, Melindo Moore, Allan Gracey, Joyce Darnerr, Gary McCullough, and Tracey Dechrel. New Direction hos had some changes through rhe years wirh its name and members. Even wirh rhe changes their purpose remains rhe same, " ro be ministers for Jesus, repre- senting our Savior in music first, Trevecco second, " says Allen Gracey. According ro Gary McCullough, who has been wirh the group for four years, " The only reward rhat makes it all worrhwhifle is not the scholarship or rhe prestige . . . but only the humbling presence of God ministering through us ro others and ro us again. It is a joy to discover rhat when people see you sing, they don ' t see you at all, they only see the glory of God unveiled. " This year New Direction has two freshman in rhe group. Doth Joyce Darnett and Tracy Deckel agreed it was nor hord getting adjusted to going to school and traveling. " I love being parr of New Direction,- we are just like family, " replied Joyce. " I have grown spirirually, and I have learned more about myself. I ' m rhankul for rhe opportunity. " HONOR SOCIETY The Trevecca Honor Sociery is on orgonizorion rhor recognizes ocodemic achievers on campus. They may be selecred if rhey complere two consecutive semesrers wirh a minimum rorol of 24 semester hours and maintain a grade point average of 3 5. The club, as a whole, is established in order to promote rrurh, knowl- edge, and the pursuir of excellence in all things. Honor Scoery 1°7 KINGS KIDS From left ro righr : Dona Pumphreys, Daniel Blair, Jerry Holr (director of Kings Kids), Linda Johnson, and friends Do you Know rhe joy of walking rhrough one of rhe worsr neighborhoods in Nashville and have 20-30 chil- dren call our your name because rhey are happy ro see you? Well, rhar ' s rhe feeling rhar people working wirh Kings Kids experience. The Ourreach ministry for children utilizes the free time of Trevecca students to bring joy and laughter ro some children who don ' t normally get rhe artenrion kids should get. The children this past year have seen a pupper show, walked in rhe Homecoming Parade at Trevecca, and have been witnessed ro by rhe loving Chrisrians rhar spend rime with them. By working in Kings Kids one comes to undersrand rhar we are all rhe Kings Kids. Kids Kings Kids 199 MISSIONS SOCIETY i A Lefr ro righr, Fronr row : Michelle Norris, Pom Day, Angela Perry, Srephanie Wood, Debbie Stevens, Amy P oberrson. Dock PiOW: Melissa Cashion, Susan Pagsdale, Melanie Eby, Larry Jones, Tim Coleman, Srephanie Warers, Mickie McCloud, Mildred Hale. The 1987-88 school year was indeed a busy one for rhe Trevecca Missions Club. In irs losr year under its presenr charter, rhe Missions Club was active both in conducting projects and in making financial contributions. Through a combinorion of two major fun- draisers, obour $750 in profir was made this year, most of it being contributed to missions ' efforts. These efforts included sending Michelle Norris ro Urbana ' 87 and donating a good amounr ro rhe Belize Projecr. Beginning nexr year, rhe Missions Club will be receiving o national charrer from rhe Srudenr Foreign Missions Fellowship, rhe Christian campus branch of Inter Varsity Chrisrian Fellowship. They will still conrinue ro offer everyone inreresred an ever-increasing view of rhe World Missions effort. GO Jrojm KANSAS X— V_ A 2 ♦ MINISTRY OUTREACH TEAMS Borrom row: Tim Huller, Demise Shelrra, Marilou O ' Neal, Teresa Smith, Belinda Woods, Rhonda Moxley Second row- Orenda Graybeal, Melanie Belew, Mary Weeks, Rhonda Morgan, Srephanie Wardlow, Linda Johnson, Kipp McClurg, Billy Collins. Third row: Jackie Griffin, Brian Shelron, Sonja Lanier, Mark Beecham, Jeff Spongier, Russ Randall, Rick Quinn, Brian Phelps, Jeff Skinner, Joe Bell, Al Srokes. MOT is an Ourreach Ministry sponsored by Campus Ministries of Trevecca. Teams are made up of stu- dents who want to serve the Lord in various ways and are dedicated in what they do. They volunteer ro visit and serve in special services and ministries in local churches within a five to six hour driving distance from the campus. The teams this year have been involved mostly in youth revivals bur also in children ' s crusades and church weekend revivols. MOT 201 PEP BAND i Above: Some members of rhe Pep Band display rheir musical talents during one of rhe basketball games. The Trevecca Trojan Pep Band is composed of rhose who love ro play a musical instrument and have a good rime while doing it. Being a member of rhe Trojan Bond requires several hours of pracrice, which rhe students donate during rheir free rime. This exrra rime does nor include rhe rime they spend enterraining us at the ball- games. The Pep Band did a wonderful job rhis year morivaring rhe crowd ro cheer for rhe Trojans. WNAZ WNAZ has always been one of rhe oursranding com- municarion parhways of our college. Ir is also one of rhe ways in which we reach our ro people, nor only in rhe Trevecca communiry, bur also ro rhe people all around rhe Nashville area. We are lerring people know abour Chrisr Through Chrisrian music, wherher ir be conrempo- rary Chrisrian music or spiriruol music. WNAZ sponsored rhe " Six Days of Praise " which raised money for srarion operarions. WNAZ ' s direcror of broadcasring is Mr. David Deese. WNAZ 203 NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT 7609 LINDA LAKE DRIVE CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA 28215 REV. D. EUGENE SIMPSON, DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT T U L A A R T ] TO THE CLASS OF 1988 ALABAMA NORTH DISTRICT A GROWING DISTRICT SUPPORTING A GROWING COLLEGE 60 CHURCHES PRAYING FOR AND SUPPORTING TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE WE ARE PROUD OF OUR ALABAMA NORTH DISTRICT STUDENTS DORIS BAILEY MARK BAKER MARLA BARNES JOE BELL BELINDA CLARK JOEY DUNN DENISE FRANKLIN STUART GARBER MICHELLE HICKOK TIM HULLETT BRYAN HULSE DANELLE HYDE LINDA JOHNSON DONNIE KEY CHRIS KEY KIP LAXSON CAROL MALONE KIPP McCLURG KEN MICHAEL MICHELE NORRIS GERALD PRIVETT TONYA PRUITT GREG SCALES MELINDA SHAW STAN SHERIDAN CYNTHIA SHIRLEY PAMELA SHIRLEY JOEL SMITH GERON STORY MELISSA WILLIAMS ADVISORY BOARD: REV. HAYES OLIVER REV. ROY SHUCK REV. LAMAR SMITH REV. GERALD WOODS MR. BILL DAVIS DR. JOHN DUNN MR. KEN KEY MR. FLOYD RUTLEDGE TNC TRUSTEES: REV. B.J. GARBER REV. LAMAR SMITH MR. FLOYD RUTLEDGE REV. B.J. GARBER DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT DISTRICT SECRETARY: REV. LAMAR SMITH DISTRICT TREASURER: REV. LEWIS WHETSTONE DISTRICT CL SS CHAIRMAN: REV. RALPH BROWN DISTRICT NWMS PRESIDENT MRS. MARY SHUCK DISTRICT NYI PRESIDENT: REV. GREG STORY THE ALABAMA NORTH DISTRICT CONGRATULATES THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1988 WE BELIEVE in TNC Our Students Kimberly Ann Adams Kimberly Hope Alfinder Lee Ann Anderson Joyce Kimberly Harnett Allen Barnhart Kara Dayiene Bowman Carla L. Bus ell Steven James Ieckner Kimberlee Faith%gf ei Karen Elaine Cook Suzanne Rene Diffenderfer Michael Paul Evans Lori Gaye Glenn Juliana Renee Harless Stacey Lynne Harless Cathy Ann Harlow Todd David Jackson Anita Joy Liles Kimberly Ann Math Joseph Edward Ruthi Angela Neumeyer Craig Herbert Parker ara Lynn Patterson liam Leon Perhealth Timothy Wayne Queener Ruth Rfene Rowan Treca Ma%e Sayers David Maxell Smith Cheryl Lee Sputherland Barbara Lynne Thims Robert Phillip ¥fnin Mary Ellen Vandiver Stephanie Jo Wood Edmond P. Nash, District Superintendent NORTH FLORID A DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CENTRAL FLORIDA DISTRICT CLASS OF Church of the Nazarene The tourist capital of the world is committed to Trevecca Nazarene College through its consistent support. Trevecca ' s alumni are leaders in the district ' s New Testament ministry! We believe in Trevecca . . . Trevecca believes in us. J.V. Morsch District Superintendent otumhi ©if irmnB na aeene 170 PLAZA DRIVE, SMYRNA, GEORGIA 30080 4 yo3(£j LISON ' PASTOR A (GIR©WHN© CIHITOCIBI IFCD1R A COMIHM© LOIHD Father... Thank You for Your involvement in our lives... in our life as a church and in our lives as individuals. You are leading us. This we know. We do not understand it all, though sometimes we want to. Help us to be content to follow. Please don ' t let us lag behind Your leading. Please don ' t let us run ahead. Father, we pray that you will allow each of us to experience the joy of obedience. As we seek Your will, please give us the joy of seeing you work out your plan in a way above anything we could have imagined. Thank You for Your moving. Continue to guide us. And now we move forward with one accord, heart in heart, hand in hand, towards the unfolding of Your new thing for us - in us - through us! Amen! W1E WillLL HfflEILIP STO1D1EOTS iUDCATO UN SMTONA (D1R ATTILAOTA NAZARENE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Extend Conpratatfatiotig to t ve (jradaatinp Cfass o ' 88 Let us help you build your future. We are a lull service financial institution and can meet all your Financial needs. NAZARENE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION VISA Carry the credit union in your wallet by carrying our fee free Visa Card. TOGETHER - we are partners in a secure future. Home Office: South Central Region: Brea, California Bethany, Oklahoma (714)671-6963 (405)491-1322 Central Region: Bourbonnais, Illinois (815)939-0210 Northwest Region: Kent, Washington (206)852-9223 North Central Region: Olalhe, Kansas (913)764-NFCU (800)421-2758 outside OK (800)423-NFCU outside II (800)522-NFCU outside WA (800)826-4128 outside KS INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL INStllUtlON. NOf AFFILIATED WITH THE GENERAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE. CENTER POINT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 26 Westchester Drive Birmingham, Alabama 35215 Rev. Sam Wood — Pastor Church Phone 853-6047 Home Phone 681-8932 Sunday School — 9:45 AM Morning Worship — 10:50 AM Evening Service — 6:00 PM Wednesday — 7:00 PM Our Trevecca Students Mississippi NAZARENES OF THE MAGNOLIA STATE CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF ' 88 Lowell T. Clyburn District Superintendent -4 ' « — .IS V 1- ' : ' IT ' S LIKE COMING HOME Southern Florida District 1 5th Anniversary Celebration 1973 - 1988 SOUTHERN FLORIDA DISTRICT CELEBRATING OF FAITHFUL SUPPORT TO TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE • $1,386,126 in Educational Budget Payments. • $307,623 in Special Campaigns and from Matching Funds Gifts. • Hundreds of Students and Alumni. • Our Prayers and Total Participation. 15 YEARS Southern Florida District Dr. Robert H. Spear District Superintendent FIRST CHURCH TO THE NAZARENE HOME OF " ST. PETERSBURG ' S WINNING WOMEN " A WOMENS MINISTRY MEETING EVERY 3RD SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH SUNDAY SCHOOL - 9:30 AM MORNING WORSHIP- 10:45 AM EVENING WORSHIP- 7:00 PM WEDNESDAY WORSHIP - 7:00 PM NURSERY ATTENDENTON DUTY REV. RODGER DeVORE • PASTOR 1225 9TH AVENUE NORTH ST. PETERSBURG, FL 33705 CWGlRATriUILATITOHS ' iT G UTHI1E ' CILASS ©IF UViiiS CIIARI.LSTON CALVARY CHURCH OF Til 10 NAZARIiNIi , H ).SK CKKKK, SOI Til I CAK( )l INA PASTOR: REV. C.V. SI ' AULDINC, JK. ClfllTOClfll m TIME M AMI 1101 HONEYSUCKLE DOTH AN, ALABAMA 36301 WE AIRIE 1PHMMJID ©IF dMJlR TTNC STOIDIEIW MA1R1K SMUTO 2 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 X one son GAurcA of Ae D(xzzarene 208 Dopjelson Pike donelson. tn 37214 DAVID BUVCK PASTOR OFFICE: (615) 889-2860 HOME: 883-7620 CLASS ©IF 112)88 FROM FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 600 E. TOMBIGBEE STREET FLORENCE, ALABAMA GENE REYNOLDS, PASTOR J.W. BURCH, ASSOCIATE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 669 Azalea Road Mobile, Al 36609 WE LOVE OUR COLLEGE AND OUR STUDENTS REMEMBER: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU COME AND VISIT US OR CALL (205) 666-0400 OUR TNC STUDENTS: Stephen Raper Ken McKensie PARKLANE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Clorksville, Tennessee CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 88 GRADUATES OUR TNC STUDENTS: Paula Baggort, Richelle Drown Machelle Neyman CONGRATULATIONS DEDDIE From: Cairo Church of the Nazarene Cairo, Georgia FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DUBLIN, GEORGIA WE ARE PROUD OF OUR TNC STUDENTS Maria Clements Julie McAfee T. Daniel Casey Senior Pastor Tampa First And Irs Pastoral Staff Proudly Salute Our Students Attending TNC This Year! KIM BROYLES YVETTE FREEMAN ALLEN GRACEY BOBBY MORRISON BRENDA MORRISON COOKIE NICHOLS WADE NOBLES FRANCES SMITH JEFF WELLS The Happy, Friendly, Singing Church In The Tampa Area " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 5902 N. HIMES AVENUE TAMPA, FL 33614 PASTOR, R.L SUMNER 215 TreveccQ Braclenton 1st Church... Robert C. Simmons Senior Pastor OUR STUDENTS Bruce Dolcom Tracie Moore Rob Melton Cathy Scruggs Dove b Dana Blue Song Evangelists Louie (j Ellen Bustle Missionaries to Equador 1616 59rh STREET WEST — BRADENTON, FL 33529 — 813-794-1685 FIR ST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1 John R Andrus, Pastor Jim Johnson, Youth Minister MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS TREVECCA E. Main and Willow Streets Charranooga, Tn. 37404 Let ' s Shore The Future Together! Firsr Church of rhe No.zo.rene 510 Woodland Srreer Nashville, TN 37206 (615) 255-1289 FIRST CHURCH OFTHE azarene Druce Oldham Jan Forman Doug Runyan College Singles Christian Life Yourh Fred Sykes Children 1 Dr. Millard Reed Pastor Harlan Moore Sylvesrer Smirh Ed Cox Music Visirarion Pasroral Care Jerry Srreer Ourreach Condids 219 » » JOSTENS

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