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No Boundaries Trevecca Nazarcne College Nashville, Tennessee Volume 61 Beverli K. Lindsey, Editor NO BOUNDARIES Infinite. Perpetual. Boundless. These words all have a similiar meaning — continuation without limits. When we think of concepts that are infinite, perpetual, and boundless, our minds become somewhat confused. Continuous numbers, the limitless space of the universe, and eternity — all leave us with a feeling of awe and won- der. The love of God is also an infinite wonder, but this love is in- comparable with other infinite enti- ties. The love that only God can possess has no boundaries. It ex- tends to everypart of God ' s cre- ation to all types of people. It does not differentiate between indivi- duals. God ' s love extends to peo- ple all over the world. From the microscopic embryo of an unborn child to the aged person, God ' s love extends. Whether Democrat or Republican, conservative or lib- eral, God ' s love shows no distinc- tion. It doesn ' t matter who we are or what we have done, God ' s love remains the same. There are NO BOUNDARIESio the love of God. Suzanne Diffenderfer, Rich Wonders, Mike Miranne. and Shannon Saddler enjoy time together in the cafeteria. — above 3 NATIONALITY God ' s love is not measured by na- tional boundaries. TNC has repre- sentatives from countries all over the world. In the faces of these people we see that His love is touching the lives of people that are from different places: Jamaica, Panama, Trinidad, South Africa, Syria, Sweden, Nigeria, Kuwait. These countries give us evidence that nationality places NO BOUNDARIES to the Love of God. 4 Melinda Nabors smiles as she is caught on her way to class. — right AGE Trevecca ' s campus is a place that exemplifies the love that is known to all ages. Kindcrhaus, Trevecca Towers, and the Health Care Cen- ter bring TNC ' s campus together to form a unified appreciation for all ages. Through these endeavors, the community is aware that age places no boundaries on the love of God. Two children from Kinderhaus enjoy playing in the playhouse. — below IDEAS For the 4.7 billion people in the world, there are 4.7 billion ideas. Each person sees the world through his own eyes and ex- presses his ideas through what he perceives. Although there are nu- merous ideas that man possesses, there is only one love that God gives to each person in the world. Man ' s ideas place no boundaries on God ' s love. 10 ary for registration. — right Becki Loar speaks during Spiritual Rpnr ' iiv- ' .f Week — below WORTH God ' s love is not based on who we are, where we ' ve been, or what we ' ve done. Paul gives us an exam- ple of this in Philippians 3:7-10. " But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I may gain Christ, and may be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own dervied from the Law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the rightousness which comes from God on the basis of faith, that I may know Him. " NASB Steve Stone, Tim Smith and Joe Bell participate in chapel services. — right 11 Mrs. Wilma Gallup 1986 DARDA DEDICATION 12 Not only are there no boundaries in connection with the love of God, there are also no boundaries in connection with many staff, admin- istrators, and faculty members. One such lady, Mrs. Wilma Gallup, has had dedication that has known no boundaries. Even while receiv- ing calls at all times of the day and night, she has kept her loving atti- tude and willingness to help. When we asked students, facility and administrators how they would describe Mrs. Gallup, we received simliar report. One report from a student stated that Mrs. Gallup was " One of the most caring, under- standing, and compassionate ladies on campus. Jesus can be seen through her hard work and caring ways. " It is with much love and gratitude that we, the Darda staff, dedicate the 1986 Darda to Mrs. Wilma Gallup. Mrs. Gallup takes Alan Messenger ' s temperature Student LiSe Mylon LeFevre. Leslie Phillips and Randy Stonehill. Moody Gunter. Metropolitan Choir. Student speakers. Films. Club Rush. Vari- ety Show. Twirp Dates. All these and much more are examples of the ongoing chain of events on the campus of TNC. Each event adds a new perspective to the composi- tion of TNC. There are no boun- dries to the fun TNC students can have. Top — Homecoming Queen, Melinda Nabors, and her court. Top Left — Kristen Helmer participates in All Student Mixer. Top Right — Billy Crockett exemplifies the " Carrier " . Middle — Listening closely to Steven Wesley Bridgewater, from WLAC 106. Bottom — A group of TNC ' s participating in Halloween. ALL STUDENT MIXER Top left: Take it quickl Bottom left: Patrick looks thrilled with the pan game. Top right: Stan, Janet and an extra pair of legs Bottom right: Amy and the guys " mixing " CHURCH RUSH Church Rush is a time when churches in the Nashville area come to campus in an effort to promote their church. Church representatives pass out food, drinks, pamplets and Bibles. This is an excellent opportunity for students to see what various churches have to offer to help them choose a church in the area. Left: Carol Sue Nix manning the Trinity booth. MI ' I Middle left: Free lemonade and cookies at the Donelson booth. I Middle Right: Bell Road features Dunkin ' Donuts. Left: The College " Chill " Snowman looks very appealing to this little one on a hot day in September 17 FALL RETREAT The guest speaker for Fall Retreat was Stephen Wesley Bridgewater, WLAC-FM announcer, and music was provided by Mitch Rayburn. The group sessions were very live- ly with the theme being the strug- gles a Christian faces. Bridgewater shared some of his experiences both before and after he became a Christian. All participants in the re- treat had an opportunity to be- come closer during a sharing time on Friday night. God ' s handiwork was evident in the beautiful sur- roundings of the Tennessee Dis- trict campground. Above: Mitch Rayburn leads choruses with his guitar. Top: Retreaters prepare to sing and share during the Saturday morning session. Bottom: Allyson tries to get the potato to cooperate. 18 FALL RETREAT BILLY CROCKET The Billy Crocket Concert was both exciting and inspiration. The evening started off with Billy ' s Mexican act and of course with the famous Mexican sombrero — all which got the crowd on their feet. Billy Crocket performed many of his hit singles — some included were " Love Waiting " , " He is the Wind " , and of course, " Carrier " . The concert end- ed with many tears, as well as laughter, while Billy Crocket captured the hearts of all T.N.C. students. RANDY STONEHILL AND LESLIE PHILLIPS The Randy Stonehill and Leslie Phillips concert was very entertaining and spiritually rewarding. They sang many of their famous songs and got the crowd on their feet. A great time was enjoyed by all worshiping together and praising God. It was a tremendous spiritual renewal for the crowd. Above: Leslie Philips surveys the crowd. Left: Leslie and Randy praising the Lord in a song. 21 HOMECOMING 1985 HOMECOMING COURT Lori Clements, ecorte by Stuart Garber, (far lefti and Anabela Simon, escorted by Jeff Allen, ( e ) were two of the three Sen- ior representatives. Amy Waters, escorted by Keith Draper, was the Junior Class re- presentative, (bottom left) Mickie Beecham, escorted by Kent Buess, was the Sophomore Class representative, (bottom middle) Shelley Love, escorted by Rob Melton, was the Freshman Class representative, (bottom rigfit) HOMECOMING PARADE On the afternoon of the big game, the Homecoming parade took place. All the Trevecca clubs, organizations, and classes showed their spirit for the Trojan basketball team by placing floats and cars in the parade line-up. The parade gave a boost to the basket-ball players and the students for the game that night. TREVECCA VS. PIEDMONT SIX DAYS OF PRAISE Six Days of Praise was sponsored by WNAZ to help raise money for new equipment. Many singers and entertainers donated their time to this event. Such people as Scott Wesley Brown, Pete Carlson, Bobby Michaels, Michael Card, Scott Rowley, Angie Lewis, Geoff Moore and many others were willing to help in the continuation of WNAZ. 26 SIX DAYS OF PRAISE VALENTINE ' S BANQUET The Valentine Banquet was a special event to all those that participated. This year ' s banquet was held at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in downtown Nashville. The formal event featured an excellent meal prepared by the Radisson chefs served in the Radisson ' s main ballroom. For en- tertainment, the sophomore class spon- sored Kenny Marks in concert. Both the banquet and the concert were a memo- rable experience. SUZANNE DIFFENDERFER 1986 VALENTINES QUEEN Winning the honor of Valentine Queen, Suzanne Diffenderfer along with nine other girls that were chosen to represent their class experienced all the nervous- ness, joy, and excitement associat- ed with being in a pageant. The theme was We ' ve Got Tonight. Master of Ceremonies was Don Garrison. We congratulate Su- zanne for being chosen queen and Danelle Hyde along with the Soph- omore Class Officers for making this a splendid event. Suzanne Diffenderfer in her crown and modeling fier casual wear. — top left and right Donna Crawley gives congratulations to the surprised Queen. — above Don Garrison and Danelle Hyde — above Joel Smith and Tommy Morris participated in the pageant. — middle Arlene Talley and Lori Clements sing to Andy Rutherford. — middle right Valentine Court 1986 - right 30 1986 VALENTINES PAGEANT TRICK OR TREAT Although TNC ' s students are a bit over the age of ghosts and gobblins of Halloween, once a year they revert back just for fun ' s sake. This year provided new costumes and excite- ment for those brave enough to ven- ture into the halls of unknown dorms. Doreen Pearson is ready for battle. - right Getting ready for Trick or Treat can really take some time. — far right Loretta Hudson, Ani McDougail, and Kelly Henderson smile as they show off their catch. — above The new style for the year 2700? - above 32 HALLOWEEN PARTY The Halloween Party, sponsored by Senior Class, is a great time for stu- dents to relax and enjoy good old fashioned country fun which included a hay ride, games, and fellowship. After the hayride, students enjoyed a time of fellowship. — top Kelly Henderson and Jeff Bambling share an apple. — middle Donna Wray and Jimmy Cheatem play the apple on the string game. — bottom left Bobbing for apple was a popular game at the party. — bottom right CIRCLE K VARIETY The Thanksgiving Gala was held in the cafeteria on November 23. It was sponsored by the Freshmen class. The evening turned out very special with talented performances by the Freshmen. President Homer Adams gave an inspirational talk and Bill Sin- clair was honored for his many years of service. The event gave everyone a last chance to come together as a school before Christmas break. All the students, faculty, and administra- tion left that night with a thankful heart and a full stomach. (top left) Micheal Myhlousen presents Bill Sinclair with a plaque for fiis years of cafeteria service to Trevecca. He was honored at the Gala. (top middle) Carla Sherman and David Linens enjoy the Thanksgiving meal. (middle left) Singer, Elisa Lawson was one of the many talents that made a performance. (middle right) Kevin Stokes provides original entertain- ment during the meal. (bottom left) The Freshman class officers are from left to right: Kristin Helmer, Michele Norris, Laura Burt- hart, David Thomas, Donna Crawley, Shelley Love, and Larry Jones. 35 FALL REVIVAL The Fall Revival was set on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Services were held in Ben- son Auditorium with morning and even- ing worship. The speaker was Moody Gunter, District Superintendent of South Carolina. His services were mean- ingful and each night brought in a good crowd and a good message. The stu- dents and faculty were all up-lifted from this special revival. 36 STALEY LECTURES Reverend James Earl Massey was our speaker for the Staley Lecture series. He had very powerful messages each service. He received quite a warm welcome from the Trevecca Community. FALL PLAY SPIRITUAL RENEWAL WEEK Spiritual Renewal Week was held on January 27th through the 30th. Six students were chosen to speak each day in chapel and in the night services. Each speaker served their purposes well. Bech Loar was Tuesday night ' s speaker. She is a Junior and is majoring in English. Rich Quinn spoke Wednesday morning. Rick is a Junior and is holding a Pre-Seminary major. Melinda Nabors, our ASB president, delivered her message Thursday to close out the week. She is a Senior this year and is majoring in Psychology and Social Welfare. SPIRITUAL RENEWAL WEEK Claude Perhealth spoke on Tuesday evening. He is currently serving as President of Religious Life. Claude is a senior and his major is in Cross-Cultural Communication. Arlene Tally is a Senior and is majoring in Business Administration and Communications and Human Relations. She gave her message on Wednesday evening. Craig Winsett was Monday Night ' s speaker. Craig is a Pre- Seminary major and he is graduating this year. WINTER PLAY A Doll ' s House, by Henrik Ibsen, was this years fall play. It was the first contemporary play ever written for theater. The play had an excellent cast and was under the direction of Jim Warren. TACT worked hard for yet another great production. THE NEW METROPOLITAN SINGERS 44 WACHTEL LECTURES Reverend Roy Nix was the speaker for the Wachtel Lectures this year. He was made most welcome on the campus of TNC by the students and faculty. JOE ENGLISH BAND ALLIES CONCERT GONG SHOW The Gong Show was sponsored by Trevecca ' s Concert Choir. Along with the cooperation of the student and faculty participation, it turned out to be a huge success. The winners were: Freeform, first place; Chris Chamblin and Henry Sowell tied for second place; and The Bud Girls won Third place. MYLON LEFEVRE AND BROKEN HEART 48 BENSON LECTURES Reverand Harold O.A. Perkins was the speaker for this year ' s Spring Revival or better known as the Benson Lecture Series. Reverend Perkins is pastor of the Moscow Church of the Neizarene from Moscow, Idaho. He delivered very powerful messages during chapel and in evening services throughout the week. SPRING RETREAT VOLLEYBALL MARATHON 51 SPRING PLAY: BRIGADOON SPRING FLING Softball tournament, frisbee, fun, picnic, fun, volleyball, and lots of laughter were all characteristic of the SPRING FUNG. The event was an all-day affair beginning early in the morning until late afternoon. FAMILY FEUD 56 JEFF STEINBERG Jeff Steinberg performed a special service. His concert touched everyone present by his songs and special message. It was indeed one of the best chapel services this year. 57 JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The Junior-Senior Banquet, sponsored by Junior Class, was held at Opryland Hotel. Entertainment was provided by Kim Noblitt. Trevecca ' s own Gerald Wil- lis was the special speaker. GOD AND COUNTRY DAY God and Country Day brought a new awareness to the campus of Tre- vecca. The combined efforts of the choirs and bands enriched each heart present. The special speakers were Dr. William Strickland, Congressman Bill Boner and " Pek " Gunn. Congressman Bill Boner 59 GRADUATION 1986 60 I ■ f Commencement ceremonies took place on June 7, 1986. The guest speaker was Dr. Steve Bell, ABC commentator. Melinda Nabors received the citizen- ship award. Baccalaureate was held the evening before at College Hill Church with Rev. Bob Mitch- ell as the speaker. 64 TREVECCA HONOR SOCIETY Left to right — First row: Mrs. Phyllis Flannery, Donna Harris, Melba Ferrell, Margaret Gentry, Biliie Jean Wheet, Laurel Mingledorff, Tammy Eby, Michele Humston. Second row: Lisa Gunn, Anabela Simon, Molly Watkins, Amy Watkins, Greg Lovell, Stan Davis, Denise Franklin, Susan Cooper. Third row: Wendy Smith, Cindy Barber, Cynthia Whetstone, Claire Flannery, Angela McCown, Becki Loar, Shauna Knox, Becky Gresser, Linda DeYoung, Patti Jo Gainer. Fourth row: Mickie Beecham, Karen Hunt, Jeff Wells, Stuart Garber, Tommy Morris, Ginger Berger, Gina Johnson, Sheila Sturgill, Sandi Henry, Amanda Hestla. Fifth row: Jeff Smith, David Maynard, Brad Neff, Danny Eaton, Art Roxby, Don Orr, Mark A. Eby. J. P. Parker. Sixth row: Art Ratcliff, Scott Stargel, Darryl McKinney, Steve Perry, Chris Koon, Greg Tinker, Mark E. Eby, Keith Tolar, Andy Napier. 65 CANDIDS right: Allyson Banks. PEP BAND 68 AMBASSADORS Pictured Above — First row: Paul Osborne, Fred Mund (director), Bob Allen, Tim Quecner, DeWayne Gill, Bob House, Rex Berkebile. Back row: Joh n Hunt, Kevin Stokes, Murphy Gill, David Linens, Jerry Wheeler, Tommy Mimbs, Lee Spur- gin, Jeff Spangler, Joe Mitchell, Henry Sowell, Da- vid Smith, Mike Good. TREBLE TONES Back row: Beth Faulkner, Kim Harrison, Ka- ren Wenger, Marsha Cowan, Amy Keller, Jackie Griffieth, Janet Wilson. Left: Denise Trapp, Shelly Lykins, Yuvon Stanfield, Robin Malone, Susan Middleton, Leah Mason. Right: Tammy Marko, Rachel Adams, Patti Jo Gainer, Shannon Sadler, Debbie Hatton. CONCERT CHOIR Row 1: Vicki Staggs, Karlenc Sherzinger, Tracey Moore, Tammy McPherson, Dannelle Hyde, Beth Purdy, Stacey Harless, Anoma Butler, Mary Langhans, Lisa Brown, Christy Bowers Row 2: Chris Greer, Scott Adkins, Joel Smith, Maria Swihart, Debbie Patrick, Cara Patterson, Debbie Fox, Lisa Cooper, Angela Perry, Susan Cooper, Kelly Young, Lori Cosby, Julie Harless, Michelle Buess, Rae Harding, Beth Patrick, David Jenkins, Tommy Barrs, Stuart Garber Row 3: Andy Rutherford, Larry Jones, Tommy Morris, John Wilson, David McCullough, Joel Williams, Jeff Wells, Tom Gray, Steve Stone, Tim Smith, Gary McCullough, Tim Pitzer, Jimmy Blackman, Don Perrigo, Michael Clyburn, Michael Vuytecki, Don Patton 72 MADRIGALLIANS Murphy Gill, Debbie Fox, Stuart Garber, Scott Adkins, Shelly Love, Christy Bowers, Leesa Brown, Tim Pitzer, Barb Tharp, Ed Wynn, Maria Swihart, and David Jenkins. THE TREVEDORES 74 NEW DIRECTION Gary McCullough, David Jenkins, Amanda Hesslcr, John Wilson, Kelly Young, Jimmy Blackman, and Maria Swihart. CIVINETTES Pictured Above — First row: Sandy Henry, Maria Swihart, Donna Harris, Stephanie Wood, Debbie Hatton. Second row: Linda De Young, Priscilla James, Lori Palmer, Susan Harris. Back row: Melissa Quarles, Becki Gresser, Sheila Sturgill, Denise Franklin, Sonya Patrick, Heidi Sublett, Mary Gay, Sandra Jacobs, Susan Middleton, Cindy Shirley, Tammy Lee, Susan Cullen. OFFICERS — Mary Gay, President; Lori Palmer, Vice-President; Donna Harris, Secretary; Tammy Lee, Treasurer; Maria Swihart, Historian; Sandra Jacobs, Chaplain. 76 Pictured Above: Brian Casey, Tina Weeks, Keith Dance, Jeff Alford, Matt Baldwin, Jimmy Cheatham, Burley Harris, Tim Pitzer, Paul Osborne, Keith Draper, Mike Dees, David Jenkins, John Goode, Murphy Gill, Phillip Cannon Pictured Left: Jimmy Cheatham, Historian; Mike Dees, Chaplain; Jeff Alford, Sergeant at Arms; Burley Harris, Treasurer; Tim Pitzer, Secretary; Matt Baldwin, Second Vice- President; Keith Dance, First Vice- President; Brian Casey, President; Tina Weeks, Sweetheart First row: Randall Campbell, Kevin Grain, Chuck LovcU, Greg Wood, Brad Poe, Steve Hoskins, Randy Hulse, Kendall Poole. Second row: Larry Roberts, Scott Steinmetz, Michael Mylhousen, Brian Poore, Patrick Hemmcrly, Jim Jewell, Randy McDougall. Third row: Kenny Whitmire, Mike Miranne, Larry Whittaker, Rob Melton, Kenny Michael, Scott Winchell, Rick Quinn, Jeff Bambling, Billy Yon, Tim Falrcloth, Preston Cannon, Phillip Johnson. Officers — Left to Right: Brian Poore, Larry Roberts, Randy McDougall, Scott Steinmetz, Jim Jewell, Rick Quinn, Chuck Lovell. SIGMA first row: Kim Allen, Rhonda Peters, Barb Tharp, Tricia Moore, Susan Stanford. second row: Ani McDougal, Dawn Gregory, Andi Hittle, Evie Freeman, Leslie McDonald, Debbie Whitmire. third row: Tammy McPherson, Melinda Nabors, Kelly Henderson, Freda Wilson, Richelle Reed, Loretta Hudson. 79 PHI BETA LAMBDA Row 1; Laurell Mingledorff, Cynthia Whetstone, Amy Watkins, Molly Watkins, Tim Staggs Row 2: Diane Simpson, Donna Wray, Pam Petty, Linda DeYoung, Ginger Berger, Row 3: Tommy Mimbs, Stuart Garber, Roxic Morgan, Tammy Marko, Joel Williams Row 4: Brad Neff, Brian Casey, Chris Henson, Paul Osborne WINNERS OF PHI BETA LAMBDA STATE COMPETITION: Brad Neff, Cynthia Whet- stone, Glenda Miller, Ginger Berger, Joel Williams, Bob Wankel TREVECCA MISSION SOCIETY TRE-ECHOES Pictured Above: Steve Perry, Billie Jean Wheet, David Midcap, Pres- ton Cannon, Cindy Wright, Joe Bell, Kevin Stokes, Nathan Hyde (Editor), Michelle Kimbler, Roger Pearson 83 TREVECCA MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Pictured above: First row: Tim Thomas, Tim Queener, David Shelton, Jeff Allen. Second row: Paul Osborne, Curtis Koscheski, Gary Scoggins, Tom Marshall, Regina Dillion. 84 85 THEATRICAL ARTS CLUB OF TREVECCA TREVECCA ADMISSION COUNSELORS 87 DARDA STAFF first row-. Julie Harless, Christi Stiles, Carol Eby, Beverli Lindsey, Steve Perry, second row: Evie Freeman, Susan CuUen. third row: Stan Sheridan, Ken McKenzie. Beverli Lindsey — Editor, Carol Eby — Sponsor, Stuart Garber — Business Manager. Allyson Banks Susan CuUen Claire Flannery Evie Freeman Julie Harless Susan Harris Sonya Patrick Ken McKenzie Kenny Michael Rick Quinn Stan Sheridan Christi Stiles Mitzi Wade STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Melinda Nabors A.S.B. President Brad Poe Executive Vice President Denise Franklin Executive Secretary Jeff Alford Executive Treasurer Stephen Perry Attorney General Claude Perhealth V.P. of Religious Life Scott Winchel V.P. of Social Life Becky Loar V.P. of Academic Life Cara Patterson V.P. of T.I.A. Beverli Lindsey Darda Editor Nathan Hyde Trev-Echoes Editor Michael Mylhousen Senior Class President Lori Clements Senior SGA Rep Debbie Patrick Senior SGA Rep Joel Williams Junior Class President Rob Melton Junior SGA Rep Glenda Miller Junior SGA Rep Danelle Hyde Sophomore Class President Patrick Hemmerly Sophomore SGA Rep Cindy Shirley Sophomore SGA Rep David Thomas Freshman Class President Kristin Helmer Freshman SGA Rep Larry Jones Freshman SGA Rep Gerald Willis SGA Sponsor BUD ROBINSON Dorm Government — Annette Liles, Sheila Sturgill, Dinah Galloway, Kathy Allred, Tammy Pope. GEORGIA First row: Kathy Johnson, Patti Jo Gainer, Lois Perrago, Katie Perrago, Doreen Pearson, Amy Waters. Second row: Mitzi Wade, Claire Flannery, Don Perrago, Diane Simpson, Carla Pulliam. JOHNSON Amy Watkins, Pam Day, Tammy Lee, Julie Dubbel, Laurrel Mingledorf, Cara Patterson, Ursala Simon 92 I ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE First row: Shauna Knox, Becky Loar, Lori Clements. Second row: Scott Atkins, Lannay Sproull, Jim Jewell, Jeff Smith. RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE First row: Doreen Pearson, Anabela Simon, Michele Norris, Arlene Talley. Second row: Tommy Morris, Rick Quinn, Dean Deihl, Jeff Allen, Murphy Gill, Claude Perhealth. 94 STUDENT LIFE COMMITTEE Steve Perry, Brad Poe, Dannclle Hyde, Kristin Helmer, Glenda Miller, Scott Steinmetz, Randy McDougall. TREVECCA INTRAMURAL ASSOCIATION Kendall Poole, Bob Barnh art, Bob Allen, Steve Perry, Coach Alan Smith, Willie LeGrier, Chris Kahl. Second row: Karla McMurtry, Donna Hepple, Ed Blain. Third row: Paul Osborne, Linda Wright. Fourth row: Karen Crockarell, Pam Petty, Michelle Buess. Fifth row: Amy Watkins, Cara Patterson, Micki Beecham. 95 KING ' S KIDS Left to right: Les White, Laurel Mingledorff, Roxie Morgan, Carla Pulliam, Darren Warster, Droeen Pearson, Jane Cooper. 99 ATHLETICS As has been proven in the past history of Trevecca sports, there are no boundaries to the achieve- ment that our sports program can attain. Varsity sports, such as ten- nis, basketball, volleyball and base- ball, provide spectator fun and ex- citement. Intramural sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, vol- leyball, racquetball, provide a chance for involvement and soci- ety competition. These programs are proving that there are no boundaries to the excitement that can be generated and involvement that can be provided. 100 CHEERLEADERS Alpha Kidd, CI Michael ny Wh Cannon ALPHA m Alpha - First row: Tim Hullet, Carmel Johnson, Norman Callis, John Boyett, Chris Lucas, Steve Bryant, Mike Barnes. Second row: Patrick Woefle. Third row: Bob Barnhart, Preston Cannon, Steven Perry. ALPHA FOOTBALL ALL STAR FOOTBALL BETA BASKETBALL Beta " C " — First row: Bryant Gentry, Scott Winchel, Tim Queener. Second row: Randy McDougall, Mike Smith. Third row: Tommy Mimbs, Bob Allen. BETA FOOTBALL 109 INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL ACTION DELTA BASKETBALL Delta " A " — Chuck Kissee, Chad Davis, Lem Catlin, Gary Frisby, Frank Wise. Delta " B " - Wally Wilson. Don Per- rigo, Billy Yon, Mitch Reed, Jeremiah Grant. 112 DELTA FOOTBALL Delta — First row: Wayne Henderson, Robin Star, John Yingling, Gary Cook, Ron Privett. Second row: Mitch Reed, Greg Dorsey, Walley Wilson, Frank Wise, David Thomas, Robert Buck, Kenny Michael. GAMMA BASKETBALL Gamma " A " — Kevin Simons, Mike Toomey, Jeff Allen, Chris Greer, Sandy McCall. Gamma " B " — Kendall Poole, Steve Crews, Larry Roberts, Patrick Hcmmerly, Greg Lovell. BASKETBALL ALLSTARS SPORTS ACTION WEIGHTLIFTING 121 BASKETBALL Left to Right — First row: Todd Welch, Reggie Tiller, Charles Ware, Anthony Gonzales, Avery Patton, Brad Frisbey, Danny Turner, Mike Goode. Second row: Coach Wilson, Stacy Mason, Scott Heiser, Stacy Simms, Mac Heaberlin, Randy Waddle, Tim Bell, Tommy Baker, Assistant Coach Harris. MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM First row: Pelle Narkestam, Ulf Dahlstrom, Richard Knowlen, and Jeff Boyett. Second row: Olof Lundin, Magnus Berglund, and Alan Smith (Coach) 128 WOMEN ' S TENNIS TEAM Corinne Burns, Annette Winkle, Pam Petty, Sandra Musgrove, Russell Buchi (Coach) VOLLEYBALL Left to Right — First row: Tracy Flatt, Laura Tansil, Terri Amador, Annette Winkle, Chris Chamblin, Lisa Lawson, Mary Ann Schilling (Coach). Second row: Tammy Roberts, Beth Rice, Linda Wright, Michelle Buess. Third row: Cara Patterson, Jan Tylor. BASEBALL First row Dwayne Gunter, Alan Sipc. Jason Smith, Popcorn Thompson, Neil Helton, Orville McCollough, Randy Harpster. Second row: Doug Thompson, Randy Cash, Brad Wood, Gary Cox, Vince Insogna, Brian Voss, Eric Lavoie Tim Bell. Third row: Assistant Coach John Berti, Mike Adams, Chuck Lawrence, Steven Smith, Tommy Baker, Marty Wood, Dwight Rowe, Elliot Johnson (Coach). 140 141 Faculty And Administration Sleeping overnight in Tidwell to teach classes on a snowy morn- ing, hours burning the midnight oil to grade papers, developing projects and programs to en- hance student growth, counsel- ing sessions that take away time from the busy schedules. All of this and more are descriptive of the dedication that faculty and administrators show. There are no boundaries to the services our faculty and administrators are willing to provide. Dr. Jim Quiggins being welcomed by Fred Mund, Dr. Rosebrough and Dr. Dunnington. (Top left) Dr. Buess attempting to get his point across Dr. Privett, Dean Strickland, and Bill Sinclair at a banquet in cafe ' , (middle) Professor Knear shares a quiet moment with his Lord during chapel. (Bottom left) Ray Thrasher, Corliss McGee and Dr. Fuqua chat during a reception in McKay parlor. (Bottom right) Carolyn Smith looks a little puzzled during Freshman information time. (Top left, right page) Claude Diehl, Dean Gallup and Dr. Adams enjoy fine dining in the Apple Dining Room. (Top right, right page) Dean Gallup on the way to chapel. (Middle left, right page) David Deese restates his point, (middle, right page) Barbara McClain and Fred Mund during Bar- bara McClain Day chapel service. (Middle right, right page) Walter Heck and Stuart Garber cutting up (Bottom left, right page) Dr. Gray encounters " Greater Thans " (Bot- tom right, right page) BOARD OF TRUSTEES Left to Right: Row One - Herbert M. McMillian, Marian E. Jewell, B.W. Downing, Homer J. Adanns, J.V. Morsch, W. Talmadge Johnson, Jack Dell, Harold D. Latham, Row Two - Aleck G. Ulmet, Michael B. Ross, Frank W. Cowart, R. Eugene Figge, Robert H. Spear, B.J. Garbcr, Denzil R. Huff, Row Three - G. Halbert Jenkins, Roy T. Nix, Charles A. Davis, Samuel Pickenpaugh, J.W. Lancaster. Oval L. Stone, Wendell L. Poole, Robert S. Mitchell, D. Moody Gunter, Robert J. Andress, Odie L. Page, Jonathan T. Gassett, John E. Powell, Joseph E. Adkisson, W.M. Tipton Row Four - Ed A. Reagan, Robert L. Allen, Don Jernigan, Floyd M. Rutledge, W. Mark Greathouse, Joel E. Love, Doyle C, Smith EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. Homer J. Adams, President Dr. J. V. Morsch, Chairman Dr. W. Talmadge Johnson, Vice Chairman Dr. J. T. Gassett, Secretary Mr. W. Mark Greathouse, Treasurer Mr. Odie L. Page, Member at Large Rev. Roy T. Nix, Member at Large Trustees ALABAMA NORTH Rev. B. J. Garber Rev. Roy T. Nix Mr. Floyd M. Rutledge ALABAMA SOUTH Dr. J. Don Jernigan Rev. John E. Powell Mr. Ed A. Reagan CENTRAL FLORIDA Dr. J. V. Morsch Rev. Nathan Price Mr. Charles A. Davis Mr. Joel E. Love NORTH FLORIDA Dr. Jonathan T. Gassett Mr. Jim H. Herndon Rev. Samuel Pickenpaugh SOUTH FLORIDA Dr. Robert H. Spear Mr. Allan R. Underwood Rev. Michael B. Ross Mr. Herbert M. McMillian GEORGIA Dr. Harold D. Latham Mr. Bibb B. Henderson Mr. W. M. (George) Tipton Rev. Jack Dell KENTUCKY Dr. Aleck G. Ulmet Dr. Robert L. Allen Rev. R. Eugene Figge Mr. W. Mark Greathouse MISSISSIPPI Rev. J. W. Lancaster Mr. Frank W. Cowart Rev. G. Halbert Jenkins NORTH CAROLINA Rev. D. Eugene Simpson Dr. Odie L. Page Rev. Robert J. Andress SOUTH CAROLINA Rev. James Bearden Mr. J. B. Hucks Rev. B. W. Downing Mr. Robert L. Pelham EAST TENNESSEE Rev. Doyle C. Smith Rev. Denzil R. Huff Dr. George E. Blanchard TENNESSEE Dr. W. Talmadge Johnson Mr. Wendell L. Poole Mr. Joseph E. Adkisson Rev. Robert S. Mitchell, Sr. ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES Rev. R. E. Tarter Mrs. Marian E. Jewell EX OFFICIO Dr. Homer J. Adams 145 OUR FIRST FAMILY DR. AND MRS. HOMER ADAMS ANN BALCH, Kindcrhaus Curriculum Coordinator, B.S , M.S. TEE BILLINGSLEY, Director of Kinderhaus, B.S. ROBINSON T. BLANN, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M A. ALAN BOND. Supervisor of Accounting Services, B.A., CP. A. JOE E. BOWERS, Assistant Professor of Christian Education, B.S., M A. PAUL D. BROWN, P A. Clinical Coordinator. B.S. LARRY D BUESS. Associate Professor of Mathematics, B.A.. M.A.T., M.S. JAMES R. CALDWELL. Professor of Psychology, B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. RANDY L. CARDEN, Associate Professor of Psychology. B.S., M A. HAL A. CAUTHRON. Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, B.A.. M.A.. M. Div., Ph. D. JOHN F CHILTON, Academic Department Chairman of History and Social Science, Professor of History, B.B.A., B.A.. M.A., Ed S., Ph.D. CAROLE A COSTA. Associate Professor of Education, B.A., M A 147 DAVID F. DEESE, Assistant Professor of Broadcasting and Communications, B.A., M.S. CLAUDE DIEHL, Director of Corporate Support Church Relations and Development, B.A., M.Ed. JOHN W. DIX, Academic Department Chairman of Science and Mathematics, Professor of Biology, B.A., M.A. H. RAY DUNNING, Academic Department Chairman of Religion and Philosophy, Professor of Theology and Philosophy, B.A., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. DON W. DUNNINGTON, Chaplin, Associate Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministry, B.A., M. Div., D. Min. CARL W. EBY, Audiovisual Supervisor, B.A., M.A. CAROL ANNE EBY, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A. LEE EBY, Instructor in Missions, B.A., M. Div. MARTHA C. EBY, Assistant Registrar, B.A. M.A. RICHARD E. EGNOR, Registrar and Director of Institutional Research B.A., M.A. STEPHEN H FARNSLEY, Associate Professor of Music, B.S., M. Mus. D A. PHYLLIS B. FLANNERY, Assistant Academic Dean, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A. 148 Dr. Quiggins ended almost ten years of service to Trevccca this past fall. He graduated from Trcvecca in 1971 witfi a B.A. He then earned an M.S. at Illinois State University in 1972. In 1976 Quiggins earned his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas and came to work as a communications professor at Trevccca. Dr. Quiggins has been an integral part of the Trevccca community and has put into reality, in perhaps a new sense, a phrase he has often been heard saying, " Words don ' t have meaning, people do. " The caring attitude and the concern for students which Dr. Quiggins possesses is very attractive to his students. He has had meaning for most of the people at Trcvecca and the " Trevccca Experience " wouldn ' t have been the same for them without him. Attendance at the Jim Quiggins Day chapel service showed in some way the deep respect and love the people of Trcvecca have for this wonderful man of God. Top: Dr. Quiggins addressing the congregation during the Jim Quiggins ' Day chapel service. Bottom: Melinda Nabors and Brad Poe present Dr. Quiggins with tokens of appreciation at the beginning of the service. WAYNE GALLUP, Assistant Dean of Students Services, B.S., M A RONALD F. GRAY, Professor of Mathematics, B.A., M A , Ed. D. SHARON F GREGG, Associate professor Business, B.A., M.B.E., Ph.D. PLEAIS HAMPTON. Director of Development and Church Relations STEPHEN A HARRIS, Dean of Student Services, B S , M S NANCY W HAZLEWOOD, Associate Professor of Education, B.S., M.Ed. Three new degrees have been earned by Trevecca ' s faculty and administration this year. Mrs. Joy Wells, social sciences professor, earned her second masters degree. This degree was in Social Work, and she received it from the University of Tennessee. Mr. Claude Diehl received his masters degree this year in Institutional Advancement from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. Mr. Stephen H. Farnsley received his Doctor of Arts Degree in Music History and Musicology. He earned this degree from Ball State University. Dr. Farnsley ' s dissertation was on Gunther Schuller. Left to Right: Claude Diehl, Joy Wells, Steve Farnsley WALTER L. HECK, Assistant Professor of Music, B.S., M. Mus. JOHN WESLEY HEMBREE, WNAZ Station Manager, B.A., M.Div. JAMES T. HIATT, Assistant Professor of Business Law, B.S., J.D, EVERETT HOLMES, Director of Student Financial Aid, B.S., M.S. DONALD F. IRWIN, Director of Management Information Systems, B.A. ELLIOT O. JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, B.A. M.A. GARY C. JOHNSON. Director of Physicians Assistant Program, B.S. MICHAEL JOHNSON, Assistant Director of Admissions, B S. WILMA D JOHNSON, Associate Professor of Business, B.S., M.A.T. CRAIG S KEEN. Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion B.S.. M.A., M. Div., Ph.D. JAMES A. KNEAR, Associate Professor of Speech, B.A., M A. RALPH G. LEVERETT, Professor of Special Education, B.S., M.A., M.S., Ph.D. BARBARA L McCLAlN. Professor of Music, B.A., B. Mus,. M. Mus. CORLIS A. McGEE. Associate Professor of Business, B.S., M B A. EDMOND P NASH, Executive Assistant to the President for Church Relations and Development, B.A.. M.Div.. D. Min. GERARD A NYSSEN, Professor of Chemistry, B.A . Ph D G. LEWIS PENNINGTON. Director of Teacher Workshops and Special Programs, Th.B., B.A.. M.A.. Ed.D. LOIS PERRIGO. Director of Services for Women. B A.. M.R.E. GEORGE W. PRIVETT, Director of Alumni Relations, B.A., M.Div., D. Min. JAMES G. QUIGGINS, Academic Department Chairman of Communication Studies, Professor of Communications, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. THOMAS R. ROSEBROUGH, Director of Teacher Education, Academic Department Chairman of Education and Psychology, Professor of Education, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. GERALD D. SKINNER, Academic Department Chairman of Business, Professor of Accounting, B.S., M.S., CP. A. ALAN SMITH, Academic Department Chairman of Physical Education, Associate Professor of Physical Education, B.A., M A. CAROLYN C. SMITH, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, B.A., M A. PRISCILLA F. SPEER, Assistant Librarian in Reader Services, B.A., M L S. ORPHA M. SPEICHER, Professor of Allied Health, B.A., M.D. ANNIE E. STEVENS, Academic Department Chairman of English, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. MORRIS H. STOCKS, Associate Professor of Business, B.S., M.S. CP A. WILLIAM J. STRICKLAND, Dean of the College, B.A., M Div., Ph.D. E. RAY KOSHER THRASHER, Director of Library, B.A., M.L.S. 152 Three awards are given annually to the faculty of Trevecca. The categories for the awards are Teaching excellence, Scholarship, and Faculty member of the Year. Mr. Randy Garden received the Teaching Excellence Award which carries a $500 stipend. Dr. Don Dunnington received the Scholarship Award with its $500 and the Faculty Member of the Year Award. Randy Garden, left, and Dr. Don Dunnington, right, recipients of the 1985 awards. EARL E. VASTBINDER, Academic Department Chairman of Allied Health, Professor of Allied Health. B S., M.D.. M.Sc. HOWARD T WALL, Director of Admissions and Public Information. B.A.. M Div. W MELVIN WELCH. Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. JOY P WELLS, Assistant Professor of Sociology, B S , M A MERRITT L WHITE, Chief Fiscal Officer, B A NORMA WHITE, Direector of Developmental Education, Associate Professor of English, B.A.. M A. Awards are presented annually at the President ' s Dinner. The Faculty Member of the Year for 1985 is Dr. Don Dunnington, the Administration Member of the Year is Pleais Hampton, and the Staff Member of the year is Charlotte Scott. Left to Right: Charlotte Scott, Pleais Hampton and Dr. Dunnington with their awards. i SHARON WILCOX, Clinical Coordinator, B.S. ARTHUR W. WILLIAMS, Professor of History, B.A., B.D., M A T., D A. GERALD WILLIS, Assistant Director of Admissions, Director of Retention, B.S., M.Ed. NOT PICTURED: MARY B. BATES, Assistant Professor of Music, B.S., M.S. WILLIAM J. CALKIN, B.S., M.S. Director of Career Counseling PATRICIA COOK, Assistant Director of Admissions, B.S. ANN K. FUQUA, Professor of Biology, B.S., M A., Ed.S., Ph.D. FRED A. MUND, Professor of Music, B.S., M.S. RALPH F. UNGAR, Professor of Microbiology, B.A., M.T., M.S., Ph.D. JAMES H. WARREN, Associate Professor of Drama and Communications, B.A., M.A., M.A. J.J, WHEELBARGER, Professor of Education, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., M.L.S., Ph.D. FRANK L. WILSON, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, B.S., M.S. LOIS E. WOLFGANG, Associate Professor of Allied Health, B.S.N. , M.H.S. MAINTENANCE CREW BOOK STORE Left to Right: Art Cornett, Mrs. Richie, Carol Sue Nix POST OFFICE Left to Right; Curtis Koscheski, Roger Pearson, Bonnie Hessler, Melanie Walker, Grippie Lee Lawson, Mr. Johnson 156 SNACK SHOP Library Staff Floy Adkisson, Elisha Keen 158 Marsha Berck, Vickie Freeman, Doreen Farnsley, Trina Daily, Glenn Ellen Darnell, Ka- ren Jones, Glenda John- son, Vickie White, De- lores Green, Charlotte Scott, Pam Boatright. 159 Classes At first glance the multitude of stu- dents that pass through these classes appear to be normal stu- dents. At further glance one can see that although these are normal students, no two students are alike. Each student is reaching and pur- suing different goals. These goals place no boundaries to the student but extend insight and imagination to the highest potential that they can dare to achieve. Who knows? Out of the pages of faces that fol- low what each individual will be- come. There are no boundaries to what each individual is capable of achieving. Brad Poe and Melinda Nabors sample the spaghetti at the Leadership Conference. — above I Senior Class Officers President, Michael Myhlhousen; Vice President, Annette Field; Secretary, Janet Poe; Treasurer, Brad Neff; SGA Representatives, Lori Clements and Debbie Patrick Rodney Scott Adkins Christian Education William Ray Alexander Business Administration Jeffrey Wayne Alford Business Administration Computer Information Systems Cathryn Diane Allred Medical Secretary Denice Margaret Bailey Religion — Pastoral Ministry English Jeffrey Paul Bambling Computer Information Systems Business Administration Cindy Dawn Barber Elementary Education Special Education Earl James Barber Religion — Pre-Seminary 162 Terry Nelson Barker Religion Ginger Gentry Berger Account ing James Fitzhugh Blackman Jr. Business Administration Church Music Edward Eberlin Blain Religious Studies SENIORS Danny Wayne Coleman Marjorie Estclle Collins Joetta T. Colquette Delana Jan Cox Pre-Seminary Business Administration Special Education Early Medical Assistant Childhood Education Keron Denita Cox Philip Mark Craig Warren Arthur Cranford Karen Lynn Crockarell Elementary Education Computer Information Behavioral Science History Behavioral Science Systems Drama Stanley Byron Davis Mathematics Mark Edward Eby Religion — Pre-Seminary Lisa Jo Figge Medical Technology Russell Eric Dickenson Physicians Assistant John Steven Ferraro Religion Behavioral Science Cynthia O ' Dane Fisher Biology Danny Thomas Eaton Accounting Business Administration Melba Angelyn Ferrell Mass Communications Spurgeon Robert Freeman Religion Mark Asbury Eby Communications Annette Denise Field English Brad Alan Frisbey Accounting Computer Information Systems 165 Diane Gay Frost Business Administration Office A dministra tion Micheal Paul Good Athletic Training Jeremiah Grant Pastoral Ministries Jan Lee Green Elementary Education Earl Childhood Education Gary Lynn Gunter Computer Information Systems Annie Elizabeth Hamilton Christian Education Donna Ilene Henderson Secretarial Administration Kelly Renee Henderson Business Administration Suzanne Elaine Higginbotham Elementary Education Steven Ted Hoskins Religion Religious Studies John Edward Hunt Business Administration Computer Information Systems Karen Brittain Hunt Computer Information Systems Office Administration 166 Nathaniel Joey Hyde Music Gina Marie Johnson Business Administration Amy Margarett Jones Drama Paul Edwin Jones Music Phillip Byron Jones History Political Science Christopher Kevin Kahl Social Welfare Behavioral Science Margaret Kathryn Krantz Psychology James Keith LeGrand Business Administration John David Lighty Pastoral Ministries Shari Anne Long Office Administration Business Administration Johnny Lum Physicians Assistant Rhonda Jean Marsh Social Welfare Behavioral Science 167 SENIORS David Lee Maynard Psychology David James McCullough Church Music Leslie Jean McDonald Communications Behavioral Science Lori Annette McGahey Elementary Education Early Childhood Education Anne Gail McLeay Physicians Assistant Susan Ellen Merrill Physicians Assistant Glenda Joy Miller Accounting Sheila Gay Miller Physicians Assistant Lori Diane Milliken Communication Social Welfare Thomas Edward Mimbs Computer Information Systems Donna Betty Murphy Meidcal Assistant Melinda Joye Nabors Psychology Social Work 168 James Andrew Napier Mass Communication Brad Frank Neff A ccounting Business Administration Johnny Smith Nou lin Physicians Assistant David Welsy Orner Pastoral Ministry Deborah Elaine Patrick Elementary Education Elizabeth Joye Patrick Speech Sonya Maria Patrick Office Administration Pamela Jane Petty Business Administration Janet Louise Poe Medical Assistant Phillip Lynn Potter Business Administration Computer Information Systems Melissa Renee Price Medical Assistant Carla Annette Pulliam Computer Information Systems 169 SENIORS Deborah Louise Rexroth Computer Information Systems Benita Kay Roberts Physicians Assistant Timothy Wayne Rose Youth Ministry Ron Keith Seany Anabela Anita Simon Donna Renee Smith History Chemistry Biology Behavioral Science Social Welfare Jeffrey Gait Smith Dana Sue Snider Brian Robert Speer Chemistry Biology Business Administration Business Administration Lydia Darlene Rutledge Mass Communications Gary Blake Smith History Timothy Henry Staggs History Political Science Cynthia Gaylc Stalvey Computer Information Systems Business Administration Crystal Linn Starr Physicians Assistant Robert Alan Steiner Physicians Assistant Arlene Norberta Talley Business A dministra tion Communica tions Barbara Ann Tharp Music Education Gregory Lee Tinker History Randy Joseph Trudeau Physicians Assistant Gary R. Ungar Physicians Assistant Melanie Cecile Walker Business Administration Tina Lorraine Weeks Business Administration Cynthia Kaye Whetstone Business Administration Kala Dawn Whitaker Secondary Math Education 171 SENIORS WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGE STUDENTS l|yAN WESTON DIEHL f 1 id grow . Woe to those who elands within ,. — Mcurtin Heidegger today: Lord, redeem these wastelands. JOHN i ' ' ■- » fM»se4ais inh€r life to Jesus in rfW ' T • --ir A I ,,r;1I. f l1 ii ii i.ik if iimII anyone anywhierl ex- ret nee arid t vill ' tell you what will ' e.v0 (eir- th an . " Almost MATHE ATICAL " V ' . ISICN. .Such perso will be V " . ! i44 x r-, cfrapgfti, profoundly changeJlLjt|ara€- - » " .i, ;%v ■ " yo - f NATHANIEL JOBY.HYDE ' y a, pan wc uld reach a reatet height if He h d njore d6f th,; ' ' yn - ■ - ■ MELINDA JOYE NABORS " I have to lose my faith continually if want to save it. Not that I can simply " lose my faith. " But I have to lose the limits of my belief which , imprison my faith. It ' s a task I must keep taking up always, a task which makes me pass continually between the feelings of error and liberation. " — Gregoire Lemercier E RAY PiRHEALT ower of ship of ing like ehow, to ttain to the resurrection from the dead. Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold pf that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. " Philip- pians 3:10-14 JUNIOR Michael David Adams Jeffrey Ladale Allen Robert Eugene Allen Victor Alexis Aluarado David Bruce Balcom Matthew Von Baldwin Allyson Kimberly Banks Joseph Bell Tammy Louise Benson Stephen Eric Bryant Matthew Patrick Burris Jenifer Louise Buttrey Andrae Carlene Bynum Clifford Wayne Carter Susan Renee Cooper Marsha Elaine Cowan Donnie Ervin Davis Michael David Dees Ernest Glenn Deese Linda Marie DeYoung 192 193 JUNIOR David Neal Faircloth Paul Wood Finch Jr. Lora Jeanette Forrester Darrell Clay Frazier Troy Theodore Frizzell Mary Jean Gay Samuel David Green Rebecca Joy Gresscr John Carl Grimes Geri Lee Haddix Stacey Lynne Harless Linda Adele Hemmingsen Sandra Leann Henry Peggy Lynn Hensley Christopher Mason Henson Amanda Ingrid Hestla John Garrett Hestla Jane Elizabeth Hopper Lisa Marie Huffman Paula Jo Hunter 194 JUNIOR Grippe Lee Lawson, Jr. Tammy Lynn Lee Willie Lee Legrier Annette Lucille Liles Beverli Kay Lindsey Rebecca Lee Loar Cynthia Kay Lykins William Thomas Marshall Sonja Renee Martin John Wesley McGranahan Wesley Paul McMurrin Tammy Renee McPherson Robert Dale Melton Kenneth Eugene Michael Jr. Susan Middleton Karen Suzanne Miller Laurel Denise Mingledorff Theodore Shane Mintz Michael Frederick Miranne Melissa Ann Morrow 1% 197 JUNIOR Stephen David Perry Rhonda Dawn Peters Timothy George Pitzer Bradley Eugene Poe James Theodore Pollitz Timothy Wayne Purtee Timothy Wayne Queener Arthur Philip Ratcliffe Richelle Lynae Reed Tammy Joy Roberts Randy Wayne Robertson Arthur Thomas Roxby Andy Leon Rutherford Gary Michael Scoggins Diane Lynn Simpson Joel Wesley Smith Kathy-Lee Smith Tracey Wynn Soles Stephen Dale Speer Lori Jean Standley 198 Susan Carol Stanford Crystal Linn Starr Scott Lewis Stcinmetz Stephen Dennis Stone Heidi Louise Sublett Reginald Maurice Tiller Bill Keith Tolar Michael John Vuytecki Amy Lynn Waters Lisa Ann Welch Karen Erma Wenger Jeff Alan Whitacre Deborah Jo Whitmirc Joel David Williams Richard Daniel Wonders Linda Evelyn Wright Jeff Wynne 199 Joyce Sherry Adkins Kimberly Hope Allindcr Kelley Yvonne Babione Timothy Mark Baker Mickie Bonita Beecham Penny Lynn Blier Donna Jean Boles Christy Ann Bowers Hal Gregory Boyd Linda Kay Brawley Tannette Renee Brawley Robert Joseph Buck Michelle Eloie Buess Donna Carol Bunnelle Preston Sherwood Cannon Raleigh Phillip Cannon Melissa Charlise Cashion Jane Roderick Cheatham Susan Faye Cullen Keith Carlyle Dance 200 SOPHOMORE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary, Patti Jo Gamer; SGA Representative, Cindy Shirley; Vice President, Sindy Fernandez; SGA Representative, Patrick Hemmerly; President, Danelle Hyde; Treasurer, Suzanne Diffenderfer; Chaplain, Tommy Morris. Carolyn Sue Davis Chad Gwynn Davis David Lee Denny David Matthew Dolan Cookie Lorraine Dowhower Keith Alan Draper Kathy Elaine Duncan Timothy Ben Faircloth 201 Sindy Hilda Fernandez Claire Lynn Flannery Irving Ford Debra Kay Fox Sherri Denise Franklin Evie Michele Freeman Patricia Joy Gainer Selina Paige Gann Stuart Alan Garber Margaret Anne Gentry Murphy Lee Gill John William Goode Tom Lee Greene Lisa Diane Gunn Rachel J. Gunn Mark Dwayne Gunter Steven W. Hall Donna Lynn Harris Susan Renia Harris Charlene Kay Hatcher SOPHOMORE 203 Sandra Louise Jacobs Priscilla Eunice James Sherhea Kay Jennings Kathryn Leigh Johnson Wilma Karen Johnson Melissa Joy Johnson Wesley Stuart Kaney Troy Allen Knudsen Chris Dewayne Koon Elisa Blondell Lawson Steven James Maine Tammy Lea Marko Gary Wayne McCullough Karla Denise McMurtry Dale Allen Mediate Brian Leroy Merrill Thomas Martin Morris Mary Elizabeth Morrison Roger Allen Pearson Zoraida Maria Perez SOPHOMORE 205 William Paul Rondeau Dwight Eric Rowe Cathy Renee Sharpe Cindy Renee Shirley James Edward Sinn Ronald David Smith Cheryl Lee Southerland Jeff Lee Spangler Cynthia Stephens Debra Faye Stevens Geron Ellis Story Sheila Kay Sturgill Robert Luther Sumner Maria Irma Swihart Kristy Lynn Thacker Tim Andrew Thomas Melisa Gay Toney Nancy Catherine Trevorrow Karen Joy Wall Bill Lloyd Waters SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN Annette Maria Adams Elizabeth Dawn Adams Rachel Lynn Adams Terrie Marrie Amador Ellen Marie Andrews Janet Lee Anthony Wesley Clark Arrington Barbara Jean Barfield Michael Hugh Barnes Don Wayne Baucom Edwin Lee Beadles Stephen Ray Beasley Pamela Jean Beecham Wanita Ellen Benjamin Tamara Dawn Blackburn Lydia Lee Bolin Kara Daylene Bowman Jeffrey Len Boyett Sharon Renee Braswell James Patrick Brown 208 Leesa Marie Brown Linda Maria Brown Robin Dailcne Buck Lucinda Jane Buckner Laura Leigh Burkhardt Anoma Rebecca Butler Robyn Lynn Calfee Kathy Jean Campbell " RESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Michelle Norris, chaplain; Donna Crawley, Secretary; Shelley Love, Treasurer; Laura Burkhardt, Vice President; Larry Jones, SGA Representative; Kristin Helmer, SGA Representative; David Thomas, President. I 209 FRESHMAN Kristina Roquel Chamblin Todd Frederick Chunn Regina Lorraine Claxton Vickie Lynn Cody Pamela Ann Coffey Candice Faye Coseboon Donna Lynn Crawley Ulf Lennart Dafilstrom Doris Benita Daly Kevin Scott Davenport Pamela Jean Day Martin Dean Dennis David Jay Diefil Elizabeth Ann Dollar Wyvonnia Lynell Dowel! Karen Ruthann Duckett Theresa Ann Elkins Elizabeth Eugenia Faulkner Kelly Annette Felker Theresa Marie Frey 210 Barbara Jean Frizzell Bryant Hickman Gentry Earl DeWayne Gill Jr. Dana Lynnc Greene Christopher Todd Greer Jacqueline Corin Griffith Julie Ann Grinnes Mildred Mae Hale FRESHMAN Carolyn Maria Hall Carole Tracy Hamer Rae Thyra Harding Juliana Renee Harless Kimberly D. Harrison Kristin BIythe Helmer Debra Janellc Higginbotham Philip Wayne Hise Sharon Denise Hobbs Gretchen Leigh Hodnett Debra Lee Hogue Alice Bernice Holder Tammy Lee Horton Dana Lory Hulse Stephanie Laverne Irby Christopher Todd Irwin Kimberly James David Robert Jenkins Carmel Lee Johnson Rhonda Faye Johnson 212 FRESHMAN Rodney Garland Letterman Jerry Grover Levy Amy Elizabeth Lewis Michelle Judy Likens Heidi Trinetta Lilienthal David Wayne Linens David Alan Lord Shelley Renee Love Robin Denise Malone Leah Michelle Mason Billy James McAfee Stephen Kipp McClurg Delana Michelle McDaniel Beth Rochelle McDougall Robert Kenneth McKenzie Carol Diane McLeod Colleen R. McMurrin Larry Allen Messenger David A. Midcap Shirley A. Mitchell ■Ll X Am 214 FRESHMAN Karen Arlene Peacock Renee Charlene Peacock Amy Ranae Pearman Angela Pauline Perry Tammy Jo Pope Regina Lea Poston Ronald Christopher Privett Beth Marie Purdy Julie Ann Quick Janelle Beth Reading Beth A. Rice Lori Lee Rightmire Todd Alan Risser Amy Suzanne Robertson Ruth Rene Rowan Tracey Lavone Roy Judy Renee Rozar Shannon Elizabeth Saddler Karleen Kay Scherzinger Renee Mechcllc Scouten 216 FRESHMAN Jason Todd Smith Ralph Mark Smith Michael Alexis Smith Stephen Craig Smith Teresa Ann Smith Timothy David Smith Sherry Lynn Spradling Donald Lee Spurgin Jr. Cynthia Kay Spurlock Vickie Lynne Staggs Christi Lynn Stiles Benton Kevin Stokes Laura Ann Tansil Lynette Katherine Teubner Robert Thims David Lowell Thomas Denise Andrea Trapp Richard Ungerbuehier Jr. Brian Voss Elizabeth Anne Waggoner 218 ADVERTISEMENTS Hi III PII f lii 1U One Of Kentucky ' s Fastest Growing Churches Capital Church Of The Nazarene Frankfort, Kentucky Senior Pastor: Kevin Ulmet Associate Pastor: Philip McMurrin Backing TNC 100% FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 669 Azalea Rd Mobile, Alabama ' We Support TNC " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 312 Telfair P.O. Box 489 Dublin, GA 912-272-5470 Pastor: T. Daniel Casey Our Students: Jimmie McAfee Holly Harbin Donelson Church of The Nazarene CARL M. SHERMAN, Pastor 208 DONELSON PIKE NASHVILLE. TN 37214 Office 615-889-2860 Home 615-883-7620 FIRST C:-i JRCH OF THE NAZARENE 49-32nd Street Gulfport, MS 39501 (601) 863-5809 Congratulations Seniors!! Supporting Trevecca . . . And Christian Education tkes otnt C!li:|urcl| of nmrent 4308 Taylorsville Rd Louisville, KY Larry D. Morgan Pastor Our Student: Jim Cheatham JASON CHAPEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rt 1 Box 325 Dickson, TN We Congratulate The Seniors Of 1986 227 SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE District Superintendent: Moody Gunter South Carolina ' We Are Proud To Be A Part Of Trevecca! " EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT Supports TNC With Prayers, Students, Finances Doyle C. Smith District Superintendent Congratulations Seniors! KENTUCKY DISTRICT CmmCH OF THE NAZAREta OH! KEtJIUCKY Rev. Aleck Ulmef, District Superintendent A Special Group Of People Appreciates A Special College .jVojUAy ojUc oy Q CA UcI - AuJtcAy yVa €[J €n 4608 N.W. 4 1 ST STREET GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA 32601 904-372-01 14 JONATHAN T. GASSETT. SUPERINTENDENT Jonathan T. Gassett Super in tenden t Samuel Pickenpaugh Secretary L. Manolia Jones Treasurer Clare St. John CL SS Chairman Grace Pickenpaugh NWMS President Billy Williams NYI President ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS Henry P. Cooper Jin H. Herndon Edward Sawyer H.G. Snellgrove FORMER TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE STUDENTS SERVING PASTORATES Richard Waterman — Blountstown David Denson — Daytona South William Sessoms — De Land H.G. Snellgrove — Jacksonville Central James I. Tripp — Jacksonville First Samuel Southerland — Jacksonville Grace Douglas Hendon — Lake City First Dennis E. Fink — Lake City Trinity Robert B. Dodd - Ocala First Carl C. Pratt, Sr. — Orange Park Oliver Huff — Panama City Parkway Henry P. Cooper — Pensacola Ensley Samuel Pickenpaugh — Pensacola First Donald Henderson — Perry ' ' We Support Our School ' ' Chiirch of the Nazarene The tourist capital of the world is rommitted to Trevecca Nazarene College through its ' consistent support. Trevecca s alumni are leaders in the distria ' s New Testament ministry! We believe in Trevecca . . . Trevecca believes in us. J.V. Morsch District Superintendent ALABAMA NORTH DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD Rev. Roy T. Nix Rev. James Walker Dr. John Dunn Mr. Bill Davis TNC TRUSTEES Mr. Floyd Rutledge Rev. Roy T. Nix Rev. B.J. Garber Rev. Ralph Brown, CL SS Chairman Rev. James Hill, NYl President Mrs. Mary Shuck, NWMS President Alabama North District Supports Trevecca Nazarene College In The Southern Tradition District Superintendent: Don Jernigan, Sr. D.D. DIST ADV. BD. John W. Banks Jack Nix Ralph Smith TRUSTEES: John Powell Ed Reagan CL SS CHAIRMAN Dewayne Burton NYI PRESIDENT Anthony L. White NWMN PRESIDENT Betty Sartin We Congratulate The Class Of 1986!! We Appreciate Our Students 233 CFirsl Church of the NA2ARENE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodland Street Nashville, TN 34206 MILLARD REED Pastor TIM WHITTAKER Associate Pastor JORDAN CONGER Music SYLVESTER SMITH Visitation FRED SYKES Children DOUG RUNYAN Youth RICK RYDING CoUegiates Singles en i o rS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE III I R ill iM.ii.iij.itiijiiiimiii 1201 Haywood Road • P.O. Box 5773 Greenville, S.C. 29606 • 233-4890 Ray D. Moore, Pastor • 268-3872 " Come Follow Christ With Us " Our Students: Donna Boles Susan Hicks Brock Hughes Wesley Kaney Diane Simpson Beth Wagner CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 4635 Stage Road Memphis, Tennessee GALLATIN FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HERMITAGE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Dr. H. Harvey Hendershot — Pastor Eddie White - Youth Pastor Wayne Gallup — Minister Of Music " The End Of Your Search For A Friendly Church. " r 407 North West Water St. P.O. Box 8079 Gallatin, Tennessee Pastor — Jack F. Swartz Our Student — Steven Jackson 237 TENNESSEE DISTRICT Is Proud To Be A Supporting Link Of TNC W. Talmadge Johnson District Superintendent NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE D. Eugene Simpson District Superintendent " Congratulations Seniors! We ' re Proud Of You! " " Your Home Away From Home " Serving Trevecca Nazarene College Since 1924 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Main And Willow Streets Chattanooga, Tennessee Rev. John Andrus, M.A. Pastor May The Richest Blessings Of The Master Continue To Be Upon Trevecca! J 241 TreveccQ Si Bradenton 1st Church... together grouuing, building, teoching, serving C.E. Winslow Minister of Visitation Trustee ' 42-52 Dale Kendall Minister of Music Class of ' 74 STAFF Robert C. Simmons Senior Pastor OUR STUDENTS Herb McMillian Youth (S. Education Director Class of ' 68 Ellen Bustle Louie Bustle Class of ' 64 Class of ' 65 Missioriaries to Ecuador Bruce Balcom Rob Melton Trade Moore Amy Pearman Larry Roberts Donna Robertson Scott Steinmetz Millie Wood 1616 - 59th Street West • Bradenton, Florida 33529 • 813-794-1685 HOLTON HEIGHTS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " 8 4200 5th Street, N.E. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Pastor: Joyce S. Clifton We Support TNC " Congratulations Seniors! " CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE P.O. Box 4311 Princeton, Florida 33032 305-258-318 Pastor: Myron Wise We Are Proud Of You Graduates! ' ' EDITORS NOTE Dear Friends, Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of serving as your Darda editor for another year. I think back over the past two years, and I see how much growth we have experienced, how our insights have expanded, and the closeness we have developed. There are surely no bound- aries to what we can accomplish or goals we can achieve. Now as we stand with another year of our col- lege experience completed, we can look and see all our successes and failures, fun times and sad times, friendships gained and lost. I hope that in the process of looking back, each of us will evaluate those experiences and hold them close to our hearts never to let them become lost in our repertoire of memories. I hope that each glance of every page In this book will retrieve a memory that will live forever in our minds. In closing, I would like to say thanks to all those special people that gave of themselves to the publication of this yearbook. To Mrs. Carol Eby, thank you so much for your patience and gentle guidance. To Steve Perry and Carl Eby, thank you for your prompt attention to last minute picture deadlines. To Carol Sue Nix and Betty Ritchie, thank you for putting up with my contin- ual pleading for you to identify pictures. Last, but definitely not least, thcinks to my steiff eind others that assisted to pull us through rushed deadlines. I could not have done it without you!! Each one of these people have made this year- book what it is to you. Thank you again for a great year. " Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. " - Joshua 1:9 (NIV) I Love You, Beverli Beverli Lindsey — Darda Edit ' i JCMEN5

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