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r i DAbDA 5- Trevecca Nozorene College Nashville. Tennessee Volume 61 Beverll K. LIndsey, Editor TREVECCA SHARES Flash those pearly whitesll 2 lntroduction Throughout our lifetime, we meet people with whom we shore the some emotions, goals, and experiences. From the time we ore nursery age until death, we will always associate with those that ore like us. We have come to college and met with those that share these insights. The students, faculty, administration, and alumni all shore these common bonds that keep us tightly woven together as one unit. Some of the common bonds that we develop at TNC are academic, physical, spiritual and social. ACADEMIC We share bonds academically. Each individual comes to TNC with the same goal. Although our one goal may diverge into different fields of study, our ultimate goal is to get a college education. To attain this college education, we have to spend countless hours studying, reading, and researching. The time spent on our education makes the academic bonds tighter, bringing us closer together as one. PHYSICAL Kim Allinder, the future ' s next lightweight body builder champion. Richard Knowlen takes a swing at his favorite sport. The weight room is an active place for those shaping up. 6 lntroduction We share common bonds physically. Trevecca keeps physically fit by lifting weights, playing tennis and racquet ball, jogging, and various other recreational activities. While doing these recreational activities, bonds are formed between those involved that enhance the routine of a college schedule. SPIRITUAL We share bonds spiritually. Some of the strongest bonds we share are the bonds we have as Christians. Through chapel, prayer and praise, revivals and floor devotions, our spiritual bonds are strengthened. We lean and depend on each other for strength and encouragement as we walk in our Christian faith. Introduction 9 SOCIAL Ragedy Ann is in need of Tim Smith and Pedro Vazquez desperate help! give a look of fear as they prepare to brave the Benson hill. 10 lntroduction We share bonds socially. During our stay at Trevecca, we make friends that remain with us throughout our lifetime. These friends may not always be a part of our life; yet, they will remain in our memory as part of our college experience. As we reflect in years to come, we will never forget the bonds we created with friends while taking a class together, talking over a major problem, or even playing jokes on each other. Introduction 1 1 BONDED TOGETHER IN CHRIST Classes are a necessary port of the academic world of Trevecca. 12 lntroduction The body is a unit, though it is mode up of many ports and though all of its parts ore many, they form one body. So it is with Christ, But God has combined the members of the body and has given greater honor to the ports that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its ports should have equal concern for each other. If one port suffers, every port suffers with it. If one port is honored, every part rejoices with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a port of it. 1 Corithions 12; 12, 24-27 Jenny Lanhann wonders if this is the right book. George Gonzalez studies intently. Scott Lowry speaks to TNC students at fall retreat. Introduction 13 In Dedication To 14 lntroduction Upholding the ideals of Christian education, she has instructed hun- dreds of students throughout her years of teaching. Her mastery of English has resulted in honors and recognition, but more importantly students have benefited from her genuine concern and interest in them. Those with personal as well as academic problems have found in her understanding and encour- agement. It is with love and appre- ciation that we dedicate the 1985 Dard to Mrs. Lois Eades. Introduction 15 Just as the founde of Nashville left an imperishable recor for all time, so may this book record th activities and reflect the ideas of Trevecca Nozarene College. May it breathe the spirit of a new era of unprecendented progress and help you to look into the future to the TNC of tomorrow. Darda Table Of Contents Advertisements 245 Athletics i -19 Classes 77 Faculty 55 Organizations 71 Student Life 19 STUDENT LIFE 18 Student Life student Life. It was usual and unusu- al. From registration to graduation, stu- dent activities were a mixture of the ordinary and exciting. Many events, such as Homecoming, followed the same usual pattern. Other events, such as the dedication of the Jernigan Student Life Center, added a new as- pect to TNC ' s campus. student Life 19 Jemigan Student Life Center At long last, the Jemigan Student Life Center has been completed. It has taken a little over a year to get the building ready for use, with completion deadlines falling by the wayside since August of 1984. The student life center, named in honor of Dr. Don Jernigan for his financial and moral support of the college, was dedicated October 16, 1984, at elev- en o ' clock a.m. Several hundred guests and the student body attended. Among them were a few highly honored guests, such as Congressman Bill Boner. The building, costing a little over 2.3 million dollars, will serve students for years to come. Money come from many sources, including private and corpo- rate gifts, loans and grants, not to mention a one million dollar endowment from Dr. Jernigan. The Jernigan Student Life Center has been worth the wait and has been in full use since it opened on October 12, 1984. This fine work of modern archi- tecture imposes a unique contrast on the existing buildings throughout the campus. Club Rush Club rush is exact- ly as the name de- scribes it — different clubs and organiza- tions rush freshmen, transfers, and nonin- volved students to join their club be- cause it is the best. Short speeches and sale pitches play a major role in the suc- cess of recruits for the different clubs. Style as well as origi- nality ore displayed by every club in- volved. REAGA A group of students fellowship at the Club Rush 22 Stuclent Life V 4 a Freshmen Mixer The incoming fall-quarter students were welcomed to college life at the New Student Mixer held in the Kinderhaus annex. Sponsored by SGA, the mixer was a big success, giving students a chance to devel- op new friendships and to get a glimpse of the excitement of fellow- ship at a Christian college. ABS presi- dent, Rondy McBrayer, introduced the activities of the evening as well as the members of the 1984-85 Stu- dent Government Association. Me- linda Nabors was in charge of re- creation. Evie Freeman shares her excitement at the beginning of a new year, Evie Freeman shares her excitement at the beginning of a new year. Mac Heaberlin and Laurie Rogers shore a story during a game. Andi Hittle laughs at the fun the Freshman Mixer offers. Student Life 23 Steve Green A quiet, yet well dressed man stepped up to the microphone. As he introduced himself, he also intro- duced his Savior. His face shone with happiness as he told of Jesus Christ. Steve Green did not sing to per- form; he sang to get a message across to the audience. Each of his songs had a message about Jesus in it. There was much to be learned from what he had to say. Mrs. Green got up and told of the unity in their family. Together they sang a song about a godly family. Both of them seemed to love their Lord more than anything else in the world. Then, Steve shared a short sermon with us. Thus we saw how a concert can be entertaining and still teach us more about the One who died on Calvary. Each of us grew spiritually through his concert. Connie Scott On the night of September 6, many of Treveccc ' s young people gathered in McClurkan Auditorium for a gala event. It was the first concert held by SGA this year. Pastel balloons lined the stage as Connie Scott made her apperonce. She was a smashing success. When Connie asked for volunteers, hands shot up all over the auditorium. Three young men, eager to partici- pate, quickly ran to join her on the stage. Cheers arose from the audience as Connie ' s amateur chorus made their debut. The crowd laughed until they cried. A few more songs and choruses, and it was over. But it was a great concert, one to be remembered for years to come. We thank you Connie Scott and may God bless you. student Life 25 Stalnecker Stalnecker provided lively entertainment for Trevecca once again. Each song was filled with excitement as the group shared Jesus Christ through music. Circle K Variety Stiow The annual Circle K Variety Show provides entertain- ment for students and visiting VIP ' ers. This year Ken Pear- son (pictured bottom left) served as MC. Various stu- dents entered the shov offering their talent. The acts ranged from Leesa Jernigan ' s impressive display of ven- triloquism to the riotously funny antics of " cheerleaders " Larry Roberts, Bob Dufresne, and Randy Hulse and the Singers Dave Privett, Tim Haines and Jeff Whitacre. Fall Retreat Scott Lowry — Speaker Fall Retreat 1985 was the best retreat Trevecco has experienced in a number of years. Rev. Scott Lowry, NYI President of the Georgia district, pro- vided the speaking. Each person that left for retreat on Friday, returned on Sunday with new enthusiasm and determination to live the powerful Christian life. New friendships were made and old friendships strengthened. The activities, games, and special times created bonds between each individual and brought them closer to God. Scott Lowry studies to bring the message the Lord has given him Megan Spruili provides the special singing for retreat 28 Student Life Halloween Many Trevecca couples made the trip to Riverwood Recreation for an evening in the country this Halloween. The evening included horseback rid- ing, the film " Phantom of the Opera, " hot dogs and candied apples. Irish Wade and Bob Spear enjoy each other ' s company. Jeanna Skinner put on her best smile for Halloween. Kelly Henderson made a friend at the Halloween Party. A group of students wait to ride the horses. Freshman Class Officers organize the Thanksgiving Gala. Thanksgiving Gaia The new student life center appeared as a fort as students entered the door through a teepee and received a warm welcome from the " pilgrims " of the Freshman class. Held on November 17, the Thanksgiving Gala, with its theme " Give thanks unto the Lord " was a true celebration. Students enjoyed delicious food, the performance of Silent Witness or 6 the mu- sic of Rejoice from Grace Church of the Naza- rene. Both groups performed with the beauti- ful, nighttime skyline of Nashville in the back- ground. The gala united TNG students in a true spirit of thankfulness. Silent Witness performed mime for the Thanksgiving crowd. We should all give true Thanks. The Gala was decorated with the look of the first Thanksgiving. Student Life 31 Fall Revival Dr. Talmadge Johnson Dr. Talmadge Johnson spoke for this year ' s fall revival. Each ser- vice lined the altars with seekers for encouragement or spiritual help. This revival v ill be a special memory for many years to come. Dr. Johnson gives spiritual advice to Trevecca. Many concerned individuals pray for the Lord ' s leadership. Students offer each other prayer support. The William L Sloneclcer Lectures Bill Wode — Speaker On October 24 a nd 25 of 1984, Bill Wode was the speaker in two chapel services. These services, designated as the Slonecker Lectures, were very unique. The Slonecker Lectures is to bring Trevecca in contact with distinguished community leaders, and Bill Wade is one of these leaders. He is an officer with Third National Bank and was formerly a quarterback for the Chicago Bears. He quarterbacked the team to victory in the 1963 superbowl. In his services. Bill Wade related many spiritual truths to his football and business careers, and in doing so he enriched the life of Trevecca ' s community. Charley ' s Aunt Each year TNC puts on several plays. TACT sponsored the production of Charley ' s Aunt in November 1984. This English farce written by Thomas Brandon in 1935 shows two college men trying to impress two young ladies. This very popular play was well-attended by the Trevecca community and provided an evening of comic entertainment. Director Jim Warren shows his frustration at rehersal, 34 Student Life student Life 35 I Russ Hollingsworth Warming up for Stalnecker, Russ Hollingsworth pro- vided entertainment for TNC students. His style of sing- ing was enjoyable to all those that attended. 36 Student On January 11 1985, twenty six students from Trevecca headed to Haiti as part of a seminar in Cross-Cultural Communication and a work and witness trip. The Trevecca com- munity contributed over $5,000 to build a chapel in a rural area known as Sedrin. Haiti Phillip Potter attempts to communicate withi a child. Expressing her love, Robbie McCaskell holds a young Haitian child. Student Life 37 Homecoming 1984: Homecoming Queen Miss Jeanna Caroi Sicinner 38 Student Life Vicki Hall and Stephanie Lawson Hoskins (pictured left) were elected the senior representatives to the Homecoming Court by the Student Body. Below from left to right are Melinda Nabors, junior representative, Lisa Dickson, the Sophomore representative, and Beth Helmer, the Freshman representative. Homecoming Homecoming. The most exciting and anticipated event of the year. Alumni, students, and faculty all pack the gym watching as their Trojans battle the opposing team. This year ' s opponent was Tennessee Wesleyan. Once again, Trevecca came through in triumphful victory. 40 Stuclent Life Christmas Lighting Ceremony Even though it was mid- November and the tem- perature v as still in the middle fifties, the spirit of Christmas was felt by all who att 3nded the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. A number of students gath- ered in front of the Ad- ministration building for fun and fellowship while the Madrigalians and the Handbell Choir provided a variety of musical selec- tions congruent with the Christmas spirit. After- wards, a communion ser- vice was held in McClur- kan Auditorium, 42 Stuclent Life Fifties SIcate It was almost as if the hands of time had been moved back as a number of students donned ducktails and poo- dle skirts for the All- School 50 ' s skate. A good time was en- joyed by all. Beauty School Dropouts? Teresa Young and Greg Kenerly demonstrate the uniqueness of Joel Williams, Greg Boyd, David Faircloth, and Rob Melton eagerly their relationship. await their dates ' arrival. Student Life 43 Valentine Banquet A group of students enjoy fellowship with one another while awaiting dinner. Middle below — Zoraida Perez and Sam Green Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel was the location of this year ' s Valentine Banquet. Everyone that attended remarked that it was one of the best banquets Trevecca has ever had. Thank you Sophomore Class for the hard work that was spent in preparing for this evening. Top — Millie Wood and Stephen Perry Above — Michael Clyburn and Kothy Lewis Rick Quinn and Beverii Lindsey 44 Student Life Banquet Entertainment: Tmtli Truth provided the entertainmer(t for the well-planned Valentine Ban- quet. Through their songs of praise, each heart was lifted closer to ex- periencing the one true love . . . the love of God. Si A Night To Remember " The 1985 Valentine ' s Pageant was indeed " A Night to Remember. " The girls chosen as representatives of their respective classes displayed their beauty in costumes designed by Wendell and Marsha Overstreet and entertained the crowd with their talent. Emcees Cindy Holmes and Mark Hodge integrated charm with spontaneous humor to keep the show flowing smoothly, Junior Donna Henderson was selected as the 1985 Valentine Queen. Teresa Bailey Donna Bunnelle 46 Student Life Angela Goode Amanda Hestlo Danelle Hyde Marce McSwain Glenda Miller Megan Spruill Anabela Simon Student Ufe 47 The Glass Menagerie " The Glass Menagerie, " written by Tennessee Williams, provided dramatic entertainment for all winter quarter. The cast consisted of Suzanne Diffenderfer, Philip Craig, Dave Privett, and Becky Clem. Rick Harvey Spiritual Renewal Week The purpose of Spiritual Renewal Week is to provide a time of heartfelt renewal. We suppose this time (formally Student Revival) means so much because it is students ministering to students. The student speakers ore selected by the Chapel Worship Committee from the nominations of RLC, SGA, and the Religion Department. It was agreed upon that should a name appear on all three or two of the three lists, that person would automatically be selected to speak. There were five such nominations and two others were added. This says much about the confidence placed in the speakers by both the faculty and students. This years speakers were Alan Foster, Julie Ann Runyan, Kathryn Lewis, Michael Joseph Boswith, Jeff Allen, Rick Harvey, and Kent Hughes. Kent Hughes Student Life 51 Michael Joseph Boswith Reuben Welch Dr, Reuben Welch, guest speaker for Spring Revival Benson Lecture Series April 2-5, is currently a professor at Point Loma Nazarene College. Dr. Welch, through his simple analysis of our complicated lives, inspired us to depend upon God for our every need. Dr. Welch is the grandson of " Uncle Bud " Robinson and the author of several books, one of which is " We Really Do Need Each Other. " 54 Student Life Earl Lee Dr. Earl Lee, guest speaker for this year ' s Staley Lectures, was formerly pastor of Pasadena First Church and had a son named Gary who was a hostage in Iran. Dr. Lee challenged our minds with his messages and even dis- played his musical talent on the trum- pet. student Life 53 Wachtel Lectures: Chic Shaver Jeff Whitacre talks to Chic Shaver. Chic Shaver is enthused by Alan Foster ' s comment. The annual David K. Wachtel Lecture Series on Evangel- ism, held on January 8-10, was led this year by Rev, Charles (Chic) Shaver, associate professor of evangelism at Naza- rene Theological Seminary. Throughout the series Rev. Shaver shared valuable insight on personal evangelism drawn from his experience at NTS and from serving as minis- ter of outreach at Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene. These annual lectures are made possible by a fund estab- lished by the Wachtel family in memory of Dr. David K. Wachtel Sr., a man whose life was dedicated to promoting the cause of evangelism. Rev. Charles Shaver gives lecture on Witnessing. M Student Life Mylon LeFevre And Broken Heart Mylon LeFevre and his band. Broken Heart, testified of the trans- forming power of Jesus Christ in their unique form of Contemporary Chris- tian music at the first concert of Winter Quarter. The concert, held at Tennessee Performing Arts Cen- ter, provided an uplifting exper- ience for all v ho attended. Many were exhilarated by the upbeat songs of praise and adoration. Le- Fevre kept the audience captive, not only while performing, but also while he shared his powerful testi- mony of his salvation from a life of drugs and with the authoratative way in which he shared the Gospel. student Life 55 All School Lock-In " In the Gym, " sponsored by SAC, provided a night for fun and gomes for those attending. | Swimming, badminton, board gomes, films, and I refreshments made this evening on exciting change from the usual college schedule. Spring Retreat Finley Knowles Packed with fun, Spring Retreat provided a great time for all those who participated. Finley Knowles spoke during the times of re- newal. He inspired all who attended to live a more dedicated Christian life. Finley Knowles and his wife share a few moments together. 58 Student Life Russ Taff Russ Taff, in concert in the Trevecca gymnasium, inspired us all to a new realization that life is so short, and we must give every day our best. The band ' s theme " We are His Medals " honored Christ for his hero- ic deed of dying on the cross to redeem us from sin. 60 Stuclent Life m Imperials The Imperials performed at TPAC on April 26 to benefit Trevecca ' s radio station, WNAZ. They featured songs from their new album such as " Let the Wind Blow " and " In the Promised Land. " Those who saw the concert left with a new determination to let the power of God work in their lives. student Life 61 62 Student Life student Life 63 Western Extravaganza Sponsored by the Freshman Class, Western Extravaganza was a smashing success. Dinner was served at the Picnic Pavillion with the atmosphere of western life. After dinner games were played to enhance the Western festivities. 64 Student Life Spring Fling ' 85 Beginning early Saturday morning witli tlie Trevecca chase and ending late that evening with a film. Spring Fling provided a full day of activities for everyone. The Spring Concert en- hanced the day with choirs singing, people laughing, and music playing. The events of the day made a great ending for the school year. Awards Chapel 1985 Commencement i Top: Seniors wait in anticipation for the graduation ceremonies to get under way. Above: President Adams presents Darrell Caldwell with his diploma. Top: Dr. J.V. Morsch, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, con- gratulates the graduates. Above: David Fleet receives his diploma. 68 Student Life Top: Dr. Willis Snowbarger, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Top; Graduates look on as the long awaited event is about to begin, i Olivet Nazarene College, delivers the Commencement Address. Above: President Adams congratulates Alfonso Roggiero. I Above: Bill Sharpe, President of the Senior Class, addresses his fellow classmates. Student Life 69 ORGANIZATIONS Clubs. Committees. Organizations that create bonds of dedication and friendship. Club and committee mem- bers shore many of the same goals, attitudes, and commitments. These or- ganizations work toward a common cause. They develop friendships that will be remembered long after the members have dispersed to their dif- ferent communities. Organizations 71 Tau Epsilon I First row: Millie Wood, Amy Waters, Becky Gresser, Mary Gay Second row: Allyson Banks, Dorlo Murphy, Patti Dowtiower 72 Organizations i National Honor Society Row one; Karen Brittain, Theresa Elliott, Shauna Knox, Becky Gresser, Melba Ferrell, David Faircloth, Lisa Royden. Row Two: Julie Runyan, Kathiy Lewis, Sandy Henry, Linda DeYoung, Alanda Jones, Susan Cooper, Nora Taylor, Becki Loar, Melanie Clark, Lisa Figge, Michelle DuFresne, Glenda Miller. Row three: Allyson Banks, Beth Tucker, Rod Haviland, John McGranahan, Par Magnus Norkestom, Suzanne Higginbotham, Steve Perry, Danny Eaton, John Wilson, Kaye Lin, Cindy Barber, Mary Gay, Carlo Pulliam. Row four: Mrs. Flannery, Jeff Smith, Nathan Baker, Randy Robertson, David Maynard, Andy Napier. Stephen Speer, Mark Eby. Row five: Joel Calkin, Jim Jewell, Greg Stoggs, Todd Glass, Sam Green, Jerry Dunn, Keith Tolar, Organizations 73 Forensics 74 Organizations Organizations : Ambassadors Left to Riar t - First row Murphy Gill, Phil McMurnn, Scott Adkins, John Wilson, Tim Queener, Second row; evin Simons To Eby rJx BerkSb e Chr ucos Jerry Wheeler, Ken Walker, Warren Wlarr s, Larry Mathis, Greg Kenerly. Third row: Jo " Hun , Tornmy MorrrTonTHood Mik G Wesley McMurrin, Everett Meeks, Edd.e Marcurr.. Fourth row: Rick Harvey. Enc Miller, John Grote, Paul Osborne, Todd Glass, Tim Rose, Kent Buess. 78 Organizations Trebletones Pictured above — First row: Yvon Stanfield, Iris Painter. Second row: Sonyo Patrick, Susan Cullen, Patti Jo Gamer. Ttiird row: Kim Grain, Debbie Wtiitmire, Susan Harris, Gena Albright. Fourtti row: Kristy Thacker, Tammy Lee, Stieila Sturgill, Marcia Hunter, Tammy Halloway, Organizations 79 Concert Choir Left to Right — First row: Amanda Hestia, Gwen Rogers, Paula Green, Melissa Nabors, Danelle Hyde, Stacey Harless, Donna Bunnelle, Christy Bowers, Melinda Nabors, Lisa Johnson, Donna Hatfield, Second row: Michael Vuytecki, Pedro Vaquez, Beth Patrick, Dionc Driggers, Melody Hubbard, Angela Smith, Kala Whitaker, Michelle Buess, Cara Patterson, Lisa Berg, Robbie McCaskell, Maria Swihart, Dee Metcalf, Jerry Dunn, Rob Melton. Third row: Brad Jones, Everett Meeks, Brian Merrill, Stuart Gorber, Brad Guthrie, David McCullough, Joel Williams, Tom Grey, Steve Stone, Donnie Davis, Kevin Mimbs, Tim Smith, Daren Krauder, Lee Lawson, Jeff Higgins, Alan Foster, Rich Wonders, Mike Clyburn. 80 Organizations 84 Organizations Phi Beta Lambda Left to right — First row: Sonja Martin, Laurel Mingledorff, Kathy Metcalf, Gina Burry, Karen Brittian, Susan Cullins. Second row Linda DeYoung, Jenny Fislner Savage, Debbie Rexroth, Marjorie Collins, Dee Metcalf, Nora Taylor, Stephanie Waller. Third row John Hunt, James Wilcox, Bob Wankel, Keith Dance, Brad Neff, Ron Boniol, Carl Davis. Organizations 85 Beta Gamma Chi First row: Ben Norton, Bri- an Casey, Jeanna Skin- ner, Toby Williams, Tim Leap, Second row: Matt Baldwin, Tim Pitzer, Jim Warren, Paul Osborne, Burley Harris, Warren Cranford. Third row: Rick Traegier, Steve Keller, Mike Dees, Rich Wonders, Jeff Alford, Teddy Mintz. Left to right: Matt Baldwin, Chaplain; Burley Harris, Treasurer; Steve Keller, Secretary; Ben Norton, President; Jeanna Skinner, Sweetheart; Brian Casey, II Vice President; Tim Pitzer, Historian; Toby Williams, Sponsor; Tim Leap, Sgt. at Arms. 86 Organizations Circle K Left to right — First row Patrick Hemmerly. Joey Storey, Rick Quinn, Jim Jewell. Scott Winchell, Mi- chael Myhlhousen, Jeff Bambling, Randy McDou- gall. Paul Frank, Chuck Quinn, Brian Hulse, Billy Yon, Scott Steinmetz. Second row: Michael Cly- burn, Dan Moore, Larry Roberts, Todd Glass, Ken- ny Whitmire. Third row: Randy Hulse, Brad Poe, Brian Poore, Jerry Dunn, Rob Melton, Marty Thompson, Kenny Mi- chael, Andy Rutherford, Chuck Lovell. Fourth row: Kendall Poole, Jim Hiatt (sponsor), Larry Mathis, Mark Williams. Civinettes 88 Organizations Sigma Left of right — Floor: Kim Roberson, Jackie Roy. Rhonda Peters. First row; Susan Stanford, Gwen Rogers, Karen Miller, Stephanie Waller, Ani McDougall, Stephanie Hoskins, Loretta Hudson, Richelle Reed, Laura Sweet, Renee Herdon, Melissa McLeod, Leslie McDonald, Jeanna Skin- ner, Tammy McPherson, Fonda Nester, Marcie Hunter. Second row: Freda Wilson, Melindo Mabors, Kelly Henderson. Officers — First row: Melissa McLeod, Sec- retary; Stephanie Hos- kins, President; Freda Wilson, Sponsor; Jeanna Skinner, Trea- surer, Second row: Lo- retta Hudson, Chap- lain; Renee Herdon, Vice-President. Sigma participates in the Homecoming pa- rade. Organization 89 WNAZ Left to right — First row: John Wesley (John Hembre), Ann Ferrell (Melbo Ferrell), Jody Hobby, David Deese, Paula Kingrey. Second row: Jay Andrews (Andy Napier), Carl East, Michael Kerstetter, Vince Wil- liams, Brad Card Third row: Ron Alan (Alan Knowles), Ed Marcum, Scott Winchell. 90 Organizations Fellowship Of Christian Athletes Left to right — First row: Jeff Allen, Kevin Daven- port, Keitii Hester, Steve Perry. Second row: Mar- garet Gentry, Arlene Tal- tey, Kathy Duncan, Third row: Richard Knowlen, Mil e Lynch, Steve Keller, Mac Heaberlin, Tim Bell, Tim Smith, Elliot Johnson. Elliot Johnson, Sponsor Tim Bell, Vice-President; Steve Perry, President; Mike Lynch, Treasurer; Steve Keller, Secretary. FCA Purpose — " To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving and serving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. " 92 Organizations Trevecca Ministerial Association Row one: Ken Pearson. Phil Mallot, Jeff Allen, Mark Baker Row two; Mike Sellers, Tim Queener, Phillip McMurrin, Mike Deese, Gary Scoggins Row three: Dorrell Frazier, Claude Perhealth, John Haun, Rick Quinn, Tommy Morris, Michael Clark Organization$ 93 Trevecca Mission Society Left to right — First row: Anobela Simon, Robbie McCaskell, Kathiy Johnson, Beth Helnner, Second row: Caroline Bernard, Mary Vann Third row Joel Calkin, Jeff Smith, Bill Perhealth, Claude Perhealth. Organizations 95 TACT — Theater Arts Club Pictured above — First row: Dave Privett, Pam Youngblood, Lynne Scrivner. Second rovi : Karen Wall, Christine Elsaieh. Third row: Philip Craig, Pedro Vazquez, Karen Ragsdale, Diane House, Jerry Dunn. 96 Organizations Admission Counselors First row: Preston Kunda, Joel Williams, Second row: Gregg Tulowitzky, Michael Vuytecki, Scott Steinmetz. Organizations 97 College Republicans Pictured above — First row: David Fairclotti, Bill Sharpe, Carlo Davis, Glendo Miller, Rtiondo Peters, Joel Williams, Kim Allen, Second row: Betti Helmer, Tammy McPherson. Andrae Bynum, Treble Kingery, Karen Miller, Paula Hunter. Third row: Bob Barnhart, Joey Storey, Kendall Poole, Dee Metcalf, Rob Melton, Andy Ruttierford, Harold W ilson, Joel Calkin, Steve Raper, Brad Poe, Paul Frank, Jim Jewell. Everett Holmes. 98 Organizations student Government Association Left to right — First row: Brian Ca- sey, Junior Class President; Dan- elle Hyde, Freslnman SGA Rep.; Rondy McBrayer, President; Rick Horvy, V P, of Religious Life; Melin- da Nabors. Vice-President; Alan Knowles, V P. of Social Life; Beth Helmer. Freshman SGA Rep.; Kothy Johnson, Freshman Class President; Beverii Lindsay, Darda Editor. Second row: Nathan Hyde, Trev-Echoes Editor; Phillip Bhagoutie, Treasurer; Kelly Bow- man, V.P. of Academic Affairs; Darrell Caldwell, V.P. of T.I.A.; Warren Williams, Attorney Gen- eral; Leslie McDonald. Secretary; Claude Perhealth, Senior SGA Rep.; Bill Sharpe, Senior Class President; Michael Mylhousen, Ju- nior SGA Rep.; Brad Poe, Sopho- more SGA Rep.: Joel Williams, Sophomore Class President; Gregg Tulowilzky, Senior SGA Rep.; David Faircloth, Sophomore SGA Rep. i 1 00 Organizations K Dorm Governments BUD ROBINSON — First row; RIchelle Reed, Patty Cook, Donna Henderson. Second row: Karen Crockarell, Dee Metcalf, Lorl Fortner, Celeste Put- nam. GEORGIA DORM — First row: Don Perrigo, Lois Per- rlgo. Second row: Ana- belo Simon, Cindy Fistier, Daria Murphy, Tina Weeks. Third row: Arlene Talley, Doreen Pearson, Gina Johnson, Amy Wa- ters. JOHNSON DORM — First row: Sherri White, Ursala Simons, Cathy Lord, Sec- ond row: Beverii Lindsey, Tamm.y Lee, Becky Sim- mons, Becky Arpino, Millie Wood, Lynnette Tullar, Cathy Hooper, Melanie Walker. ■102 Organi2ations TENNESSEE DORM — Don- na Murphy, Joann Gaf- ford, Jan Phelps- Adam- son, Kim Roberts. BENSON WISE DORMS — Warren Cranford, Ga ry Scoggins, Phil McMurrin. Dave Privett, Teddy Mintz, Doug Earnest, Rob- in Star, Daryl Frazler. We will drop no fine before its time. All major credit cords accepted, bribes ore expected (donuts, pizza, etc.). Remember, the buck stops here. Organizations 103 Executive Committee Mellnda Nabors, Phillip Bhagoutie, Warren Wil- liams, Leslie McDonald, Rondy McBrayer Phillip Bhagoutie, Danny Eaton, Jeanne Skinner, Ron Bonion, Jeff Alford Financiai Affairs Committee 104 Organizations Trevecca Intramural Association First row Norman Cullis, Veneda Jordan, Willie Le- grier. Second row: Ronnie Simons, Karen Green. Third row: Michelle Du- fresne, Darrell Caldwell, Pom Petty. First row: Leeso Hubbard, Amy Waters, Anabela Si- mon, Don Dunnington, Kent Hughes, Rick Harvey, Alan Foster. Second row: Julie Runyan, Kathy Lewis, Claude Perhealth I Religious Life Committee Organizations 105 Donna Murphy, Tina Weeks, Warren Williarms, Melinda Nabors, Michael Myhlhousen. Not pictured — Donelle Hyde. Kenny Whitmire, Megan Spruill, Rob Melton, Mi- chelle Buess, Alan Knowles, Bryan Hulse, Paul Frank, Keith Draper. Student Life Committee Sociai Activities Committee 106 Organizat(ons Academic Affairs Committee Keith Draper, Michael Myhlhousen, Danny Ea- ton, Kelli Bowman, Janice Kllgore, Brad Poe. irtfctrttii ■-ai I Organizations 107 Christian Woricers Association Left to right — First row: Betti Helmer, Kay Stevens, Carolirne Bernard, Mike Seller, Shelly Humston, Bill Perhealth. Second row Phillip Mallott, Diane Frost, Craig Winesett, Anabela Simon, Phillip Potter, Wendy Kirkland. 108 Organizations Jail Ministry Left to rigtit — First row: Tim Pitzer, Steve Keller, Tommy Morris, Rex Berkebile. Second row: Kelly Bobione, Lisa Lawson, Melissa McLoud, Greg Kenerly, Melindo Nabors, Ttiird row: David McCullough, Amanda Hestia, Rick Harvey, Jeff Smitti, Phil Smith, Alan Foster, Kent Hughes, Gary McCullough. 1 10 Organizations Danny Eaton — Business Manager 1 12 Organizations Ministry Outreacti Teams Marilou O ' Neal, Demise Franklin, Tammy Lee (captain). Tommy u Morris, Rick Harvey. | Ronnie Simons, Rick Quinn, Dan Moore, Sonya Patrick, Billie Jean Wheet, Amy Waters (captain). 1 14 Organizations Kenny Michaels, Linda DeYoung, Becky Gresser (captain), Ed Blain, Debbie Hatton, Lisa Huffman, Warren Cranford. Firsf row; Beverii Lindsey, Stan Davis (captain), Kaye Lin. Second row: Jim Barber, Tommy Meadows, Organizations 1 15 1 16 Organizatioi ' is _ . .. ,,, X T r , u. Firstrow:StaceyHarless,ArleneTalley, Second row: Wesley McMurrin, Mike Craig Winesett, Millie Wood (captain), Tim Faircloth Geei Steve Perry Organizations 11 7 11 8 Athletics Athletics. From intramural football to varsity basketball. Trevecca is actively participating. Baseball, volleyball, and tennis add to the excitement of a well- rounded sports program. Each game ployed by the Trevecca teams creates a special bond to the players, coaches, and spectators. Each of us will think back in years to come and remember the bonds that were created through the excitement of a gome. Athletics 119 Cheerteaders Cyrisse Bianco-Eby Angela Goode Marce McSwain Maria Podriquez Lori Clements Patrick Hemmerly James Miller Susan Stanford Karia Davis Stan Jones Brad Poe Arlene Talley 120 Athletics 121 Basket ball 1984-85 BASKETBALL Tennessee Wesleyan College Cumberland College Drury College Tournament Brescia College Allen College Jacksonville Tounament Alabama Huntsville Union University Alabama Huntsville Brescia College Arkansas State University Gardner Webb College Milligan College Belmont College Lambuth College Freed-Hardemon College Christian Brothers Bethel College Christian Brothers College Union U niversity Lambuth College David Lipscomb Cumberland College Belmont College David Lipscomb Freed-Hardemon College Bethel College erall Record rSAC Base Left to right — First row: Mike Lynch, Dwoyne Gunter, Jeff Allen, George Gonzalez, Norman Lopez, Carl Woyton, Gary Frisbey. Second row: Chuck Lawrence, Troy Haydel, Marty Wood, Randy Harpster, Darin Muzzarelli, Brad Wood, Jim Dunlap. Third row: Elliot Johnson, Dwight Rowe, Andy Humbles, David Donald, Tim Bell, Steve Tawa, John Jarnagin. 126 Athletics ball Asst. Coach — John Fernogin Coach — Elliot Johnson Co-Coptoins — Troy Haydel, Mike Lynch Athletics 127 Men ' s 130 Athletics Tennis 132 Athletics Left to right: Steve Harris (coach), Sonya Frye, Yvonne Anderson, Corinne Burns, Gloria Rogers, Brenda Frye, Pam Petty, Sandra Musgrove, Randy Garden (asst. coach). 134 Athletics Temus Athletics 135 136 Athletics I 138 Athletics Athletics 141 Beta A — First row: Tim Smith, Darrell Caldwell, Second row: Rich Wonders, Ron Smith, Donny Henderson. Beta B — First row Dale Schneidmiller, Second row Tim Rose, Doryl Murray, Kent Hughes Third row: Andy Rutherford, Bill Sharpe. Delta A — First row: Gary Gunter, Mitch Reed, Second row: Todd Delta B — First row: Jeremiah Grant, Ken Kennerly. Second row: David Glass, Lyn Whited, Brock Hughes, Lin, Joel Calkin, Phil Smith, 144 Athle ' tics Foo t I ALPHA — First row: Greg Tinker, Darryl McKinney, Marl Painter, Norman Callis, Steve Wiliingham, Steve Perry. Second rov : Randy Parmer, Bob Simmons, Tim Faircloth, Steve Glover, Alan Massingille, Tim Eby. Third row: Clay Gassoway, Joey Murphy, Bob Allen, Bob Barnhart, Allen Harrell. BETA — Marty Thompson, Kevin Barnett, Larry Mathis, Bill Shorpe, Billy Eaton. Second row: Danny Eaton, Geron Story, Alan Foster, Keith Dance, Ron Smith Third row: Darryl Murray, 146 Organizations ball DELTA — First row: Dan Ventling, John Houser, Jeff LoChonce. Gary Cook. Glenn Anderson. Second row: Guy Almon, Billy Yon, Tim Queener, Kenny Mi- chael, Todd Sharpe, Robin Starr. 148 Athletics Athletics 149 Weight 152 Athletics FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Leaders. Faculty and administration play a vital role of Trevecca Nazarene College. Not only do they do their re- spected jobs, but they also go far be- yond their job designations. Faculty and administration hove spent cou nt- less hours counseling students on mat- ters other than those pertaining to education. During the hours of teaching, coun- seling, and talking, bonds are created between the student and faculty member that will be highly cherished by both. These bonds add to the en- richment of a Christian education. Faculty And Administration 155 Our President- Homer J. Adams ROBINSON T BLANN, Assistant Pro- fessor of English, B A., M A ALAN BOND, Supervisor of Ac- counting Services, B A,, C P A, JOE E BOWERS, Assistant Professor of Christian Education, B S , M A. PAUL D, BROWN, P A, Clinical Coor- dinator, B,S. LARRY D, BUESS, Associate Professor of Mathematics, B,A,. M.A.T,, M S, JAMES R. CALDWELL, Professor of Psychology, B,A.. M A,, PH D, WILLIAM J. CALKIN, Director of Ca- reer Counseling, B,A,, M A. RANDY L. CARDEN, Assistant Profes- sor of Psychology, B.S., M A. HAL A, CAUTHRON. Professor of New Testament Language and Lit- erature. B.A., M.A., M. Div . Ph D. Faculty Administration 157 JOHN F. CHILTON, Academic Department Chairman of History and Social Science, Professor of History, B.B.A., B.A,, M.A., Ed.S., Ph.D. CAROLE A. COSTA, Associate Professor of Education, B.A., M.A. DAVID F. DEESE, Assistant Professor of Broadcasting and Communications, B.A,, M.S. DIANE L. DELK, Kinderhaus Teacher, B.S. CLAUDE DIEHL, Director of Corporate Support Church Relations and Development, B.A. JOHN W. DIX, Academic Department Chairman of Science and Mathematics, Professor of Biology, B.A., M.A. Top: Earl Vastbinder Above: Jim Quiggins ISS Faculty Administration H RAY DUNNING, Academic Department Chairman of Religion and Philosoplny, Professor of Theology and Philosophy, B.A., B D,, M.A., Ph.D. DON W. DUNNINGTON, Chaplain, Associate Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministry, B.A., M.Div., D. Min. CARL W. EBY, Audiovisual Supervisor, B.A., M A CAROL ANNE EBY, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A. MARTHA C. EBY, Assistant Registrar, B.A., M.A. RICHARD E. EGNOR, Registrar and Director of Institutional Research, B.A., M.A. STEPHEN H. FARNSLEY, Associate Professor of Music, B.S., M.Mus. PHYLLIS B. FLANNERY, Assistant Academic Dean, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A. ANN K. FUQUA, Professor of Biology, B.S., M.A., Ed.S., Ph.D. Faculty Administration 159 1 60 Faculty Administration WALTER L. HECK, Assistant Professor of Music, B S , M.Mus. EVERETT HOLMES, Director of Student Financial Aid, B,S., M S. DONALD F IRWIN, Director of Managennent Information Systems, B.A. ELLIOT O. JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of Ptiysical Education, B.A., M.A. GARY C, JOHNSON, Director of Physicians Assistant Program, B.S. WILMA D, JOHNSON, Associate Professor of Business, B.S., M.A.T. CRAIGS. KEEN, Associate Professor of Phiilosophy and Religion, B.S.. M.A., M.Div,, Ph.D. JAMES A. KNEAR, Associate Professor of Speech, B,A., M.A. RALPH G. LEVERETT, Professor of Special Education, B.S., M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Faculty Adminstration 161 BARBARA L, McCLAIN, Professor of Music, B.A., B.Mus., M.Mus. CORLIS A, McGEE, Associate Professor of Business, B.S., M.B.A. SUSAN JOHNSON-MILLER, Director of Kinderlicus, B.S., M.A, EDMOND P. NASH, Executive Assistant to ttie President for Church Relations and Development, B.A., M.Div., D.Min. GERALD A, NYSSEN, Professor of Chemistry, B,A., Ph.D. G. LEWIS PENNINGTON, Director of Teacher Workshops and Special Programs, Th.B., B.A. M.A., Ed.D. Top: Lois Wolfgang Above: John Chilton 1 62 Faculty Administration GEORGE W PRIVETT, Director of Alumni Relations, B.A., M Div.. D.Min, JAMES G QUIGGINS, Academic Department Chairman of Communication Studies, Professor of Communications, B A,, M.S., Ph D THOMAS R. ROSEBROUGH, Director of Teacher Education, Academic Department Chairman of Education and Psychology, Professor of Education, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. GERALD D. SKINNER, Academic Department Chairman of Business, Professor of Accounting, B.S., M.S., CP. A, L. ALAN SMITH, Academic Department Chairman of Physical Education, Associate Professor of Physical Education, B.A , M A. CAROLYN C. SMITH, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, B.A.. M.A. PRISCILLA F. SPEER, Assistant Librarian in Reader Services, B.A , M.L.S. ORPHA M. SPEICHER, Professor of Allied Health, B.A., M D ANNIE E. STEVENS, Assistant Professor of English. B A , M A., Ph.D. ! Faculty Administration 163 Top: Annie Stevens Above: Toby Williams MORRIS H. STOCKS, Assistant Professor of Business, B.S., CP. A., M.S. WILLIAM J. STRICKLAND, Dean of the College, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D. E. RAY KOHSER THRASHER, Director of Library, B.A., M.L.S. RALPH F. UNGAR, Professor of Microbiology, B.A., M.T., M.S., Ph.D. EARL E. VASGBINDER, Academic Department Chairman of Allied Health, Professor of Allied Health, B.S., M.D., M.Sc. HOWARD T. WALL, Director of Admissions and Public Information, B.A., M.Div. 1 64 Faculty Administration JAMES H. WARREN, Associate Professor of Drome and Communications, B,A., M A, W MELVIN WELCH, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. JOY P. WELLS, Assistant Professor of Sociology. B.S.. M .A. J.J. WHEELBARGER, Professor of Education, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., M.L.S., Pti.D, MERRITT L. WHITE, Chief Fiscal Officer, B.A. NORMA L. WHITE, Director of Developmental Education, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A. ARTHUR W. WILLIAMS, Professor of History, B.A,, B.D., M.A.T., D A, GERALD WILLIS, Assistant Director of Admissions, B,S., M Ed. LOIS E. WOLFGANG, Associate Professor of Allied Health, B.S.N., M.H.S. I Faculty Administration 165 1 66 Faculty Adnninistration Executive Committee Dr. Homer J. Adams, President Dr. J.V. Morscli, Chairman Dr. D. Moody Gunter, Vice Chairman Dr. J.T. Gassett, Secretary IVIr. W. Howard Mards, Treasurer Mr. Odie L. Page, Member-at- Lorge Rev. Roy T. Nix, Member-at-Large Dr. W. Talmadge Johnson, Member-at-Large Trustees MISSISSIPPI Rev. J.W. La ncaster Mr. Frank W. Co wart Rev. G. Halbert Jenkins ALABAMA NORTH NORTH CAROLINA Rev. B.J. Garber Mr. Floyd M. Rutledge Rev. Roy T. Nix Rev. Oval L. Stone Mr. Odie L. Page Rev. Robert J. Andress ALABAMA SHOUTH Dr. J. Don Jernigan Rev. John E. Powell Mr. Henry Osborne NORTH FLORIDA Dr. Jonathan T. Gassett Mr. Jim Herndon Rev. Samuel Pickenpaugh EAST TENNESSEE Rev. Doyle C. Smith Dr. Don M. Moore Rev. Williard C. Johnson SOUTH CAROLINA Dr. D. Moody Gunter Mr. J.B. Hucks, Sr. Rev. G.W. Harrell, Jr. Mr. Robert L. Pelham CENTRAL FLORIDA Dr. J.V. Morsch Rev. Nathan Price Mr. William Elkins Mr. Joel E. Love SOUTHERN FLORIDA Dr. Robert H. Spear Mr. Allan R. Underwood Dr. Neil B. Wiseman Herbert M. McM illiam, J. GEORGIA Dr. Harold Latham Mr. Bibb Henderson Mr. W. Howard Marks Rev. Myron G. Wise TENNESSEE Dr. W. Talmadge Johnson Mr. Wendell L. Poole Rev. Robert S. Mitchell, Sr. Mr. Joseph E. Adkisson KENTUCKY Rev. Aleck G. Ulmet Dr. Robert L. Allen Rev. R. Eugene Figge Mr. W. Mark Greathouse ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES Rev. R.E. Tarter Mr. Edward H. Wittington 168 Faculty And Administration Left to right — First row: Doyle Smith, Robert Mitchell, Sr. Toimadge Johnson, Herbert McMiilion, Jr., Moody Gunter, Denzil Huff. Second row: Robert Andress, Sr., Robert Pelhom, Aleck Ulnnet, Oval Stone, B.J. Gorber, B.W. Downing, Horold Latham, Frank Cowart, J.V Morsch. Third row: Samuel Pickenpaugh, J.B. Hucks, Sr., J. Don Jernigan, R. Eugene Figge, W.M. Tipton, Gary Streit, Edward Whittington, G. Halbert Jenkins, Wendell Poole. Fourth row : J.T. Gassett, Ed Reagan, Robert Allen, Odie Page, William Elkins, John Powell, Myron Wise, George Blanchard, Jr. Fifth row: Joseph Adkisson, Roy Nix, Homer Adams, J.W. Lancaster, Floyd M. Rutledge, Robert Spear. Faculty And Administration 169 Maintenance 170 Faculty Security Faculty 171 Cafeteria First row: Henry Gilliam, Don Simpl ins, Emma Dixon, Second row: Pot Marlowe, Donni Troutman, Bill Sinclair. Snack Shop First row: Regino Dillon, Lisa Lowson, Pop McKay, Mrs. McKay, Joy Dunning, Second row: Claude Per- heolth, Wesley Brew- er, Steve Marinikis, Wendy Kirdland, Tere- sa Fields. 172 Faculty Bookstore Left to Right: Karen Green. Carol Sue Nix, Mary Gay, Greg Kennerly, Betty Ritche, Arthur Cornett. Post Office Left to Right David Reichert, Christy Bowers, Melanie Walker, Horace Johnson, Debbie Seller, Tommy Morris. Faculty 173 staff Left to right — First row: Marcia Berck, Sandra Hunt, Second row: Floy Adkisson, Jan Adam- son, Karen Jones. Vicki Free- man. Third row: Martha Robin- son, Elesha Keen, Trina Daily, Ann House, Left to right: Wilma Gallup, Reno Irwin, Cindy Wells, Janelle Steele, Nora Taylor, Left to right — First row: Freda Wilson, Elaine Toomey, Susan Miller, Beth Ray, Faye Dowd, Second row: La-Tan Murphy, Eloie Stirsman, Patty Cook, Joan Skeeters, Carol McGuire, Irene Allen, I Left to right — First row: Eileen Cornett, Debbie Smith, Pom Bootright. Ruth Foster. Second row Charlotte Scott, Irene Spruill, Glenno Johnson, Doreen Fornsley, Delores Green, Print S hop Ken Kirkland Faculty Administration 175 People. Each picture represents an individual — but only for a moment, for each individual is continually changing, physically and mentally. Each person had a place. We were a part of Trevecca — whether we wanted to be or not. We were one, but at the same time, we were many. Often we dressed, sounded, and looked alike but there was always a separating characteris- tic that set each of us apart and made us unique. Although each individual was unique, we were bonded together as one. We shared a common bond. I Classes 177 Senior Class Officers President, Bill Sharpe, Vice President, Darryl Murray; Secretary, Kathy Fondren; Treasurer, Caroline Rhodes; Chaplain, Julie Runyan; SGA Representatives, Claude Perhealth and Greg Tulowitzky; Sponsor, Prilla Speer Katherine Elizabeth Abney Physicians Assistant Scotty Duvall Adkins Music Education Guy Wayne Almon Religion-Pre-Seminary Elizabeth Ann Anderson Physical Education Becky Lynn Arpino Elementary Education Sharon Annette Bailey Business Adminsitration Teresa Elaine Bailey Business Administration Nathan Bryant Baker Religion-Pre-Seminory i78 Classes Evelyn Renee Ballard Business Administration Office Administration Pamela Diane Barl er Elementary Education Carolyn Jean Barnard Cross-Cultural Communication Phillip Albert Btiagoutie Computer Information Systems Business Administration Lindsay Kerr Bistiop Physicians Assistant Rhonda Ann Blanton Accounting Judith Karen Blowers Speech — English Education Ronald Eugene Boniol Accounting Kelli Sue Bowman Communications Psychology Helen Avis Brown Early Childhood Bonnie Elizabeth Caldwell Medical Assistant Darren Eugene Caldwell Business Administration Classes 179 Seniors Sherry Lynn Caldwell Communications Melanie Lynn Clark Social Welfare Behavioral Science Gordon Howard Campbell Physicians Assistant Michael Edwin Clyburn Church Music Randall Eugene Campbell Biology Frederick Wilson Coburn Religion — Pastoral Ministry Lemuel Thomas Catlin Jr. Physical Education Marjorie Estelle Collins Business Administration Gary W. Cook Rebecca Baker Crapo Betty Ruth Culbertson Carl Sidney Davis Biology Computer Information Special Education Early Accounting Computer Systems Mathematics Childhood Information Systems 180 Classes Karia Gail Davis Special Education Early Childhood Laurie Ann Davis Physicians Assistant Donaldo Pablo Delgado History Barry Quentine Dickens Physicians Assistant Russell Eric Dickenson Physicians Assistant Kandra Jane Drake Early Childhood Robert Michael Dufresne Communications Theresa Rene Elliott Psychology Christine Alana Elsaieh History Douglas Robert Ernest Business Administration John Horry Euton Psychology Susanna Maria Parish Early Childhood Classes 181 Kathy June Fondren Psychology Alan Wayne Foster Religion — Pre-Seminary Robin Boone Foster General Studies Timothy Scott Foster Mathematics 182 Classes Jonathan Edward Grote Youth Ministry Bradley Eugene Guthrie Church Music Vicky Lee Hall Christian Education Ricky Wayne Harvey Religion — Pre-Seminary 9 P Rodney Allen Haviland Mathematics Troy M. Hydel Physical Education Timothy Briley Haynes Psychology Donna Louise Heppel Medical Assistant Renee Elaine Herndon Communications Rebecca Jean Hill Elementary Education Catherine Louise Hooper Social Welfare Stephanie Renea Hoskins Early Childhood Classes 183 John Lewis Houser Business Administration Dan Carlton Hubbard Religion — Pastoral Ministry Harold Kent Hughes Psychology Mary Catherine Jons Physicians Assistant Mary Ann Jared Vicki Elaine Jenkins Leesa Jayne Jernigan Dick Ingnar Johansson Office Administration Medical Technology Broadcasting and Broadcast Physical Education Journalism Jeffrey Thomos Johnson Llwayne Derek Jones Phillip Byron Jones Gregory Michael Kenerly Religion — Pre-Seminary Business Administration History Youth and Music Ministry Christian Education 184 Classes Janice Marie Kilgore Business Administration Comnnunications and Human Relations Gordon Franklin Killion Religion — Religious Studies Paula Beth Kingrey Special Education Elementary Education Laurene Lonkford Early Childhood- Kathryn Gay Lewis Christian Education Alice Kay Lin Medical Technology Alton David Lin Social Science Connie Sue Linson Behavioral Science Cheryl Nadine Little Office Administration Michael Edward Lynch Business Administration Eddie Roy Marcum Youth Ministry Larry Kent Mathis Youth and Music Ministry Classes 185 Seniors • • • Karia Frances Maurice Medical Assistant Rondalyn Kaye McBrayer Communications Laurie Ann McCollum Business Administration Computer Information Systems Ctiristina Lynn McKenzie Accounting Melissa Anne McLedd Business Administration Computer Information Systems Philip Lee McMurrin Religion — Pre-Seminary Marce Dawn McSwain Elementary Education James Everett Meeks Business Administration Religior — Pre-Seminary Dee Ann Metcalf Accounting Eric Todd Miller Ctiemistry Kevin Joe Mims Religion — Religious Studiej Daria Jane Murphiy Special Education 186 Classes Joey Max Murphy Computer information Systems Business Administration Fonda Lee Nester Early Ctiildtiood Benjamin Harreil Norton Elementary Education John Glenn Osborne Youth and Music Ministry Robin Lynne Osborne Debbie Mae Otis Special Education Christian Education ■ Claude Ray Perheolth David Myron Privett Religion — Pastoral Communications Ministry Cross-Cultural Communication Sonya Maria Patrick Michael Ivan Patterson Medical Secretary Physical Education David Ershel Queen Charles Randall Quinn Communications Biology Chemistry Classes 187 Seniors Karen Melisa Ragsdale Computer Information Systems Pierce Douglas Reid Jr. Religion — Pastoral Ministry Cheryl Diane Ringham Social Welfare Communications Frank Philip Roberson Accounting Business Administration Deborah Louise Rexroth Computer Information Systems Business Administration Alfonso Enrique Roggiero Physicians Assistant Damon Patrick Riddle Computer Information Systems Lisa Asberry Roysdon Communications Dwight Jasper Roysdon Music Education Julie Ann Runyan Social Welfare Behavioral Science Dale Drian Schneidmiller Religion — Pastoral Ministry Curtis Alan Seller Physicians Assistant 188 Classes Wayne Scott Sharpe Drama Jeanne Carol Skinner Accounting Susan Shaw Simpson Smallwood Ptiysicians Assistant Angela Janell Smith Music Psychology Bobby Daniel Smith Business Administration Lisa Michelle Smith Business Administration Communications Phillip Jason Smith Religion — Pastoral Ministry Timothy Earl Smith Physical Education Megan Lynn Spruill Behavioral Science James Gregory Staggs Biology Richard Dale Stahl Physicians Assistant Robin Lee Starr Business Administration Accounting Classes 189 Seniors Jona+han Dirk Steenbergen Youth Ministry Psychology Joseph Dole Storey Business Administration Accounting Hendrick Frons Sumter Business Administration Laura Claire Sweet Communications Christopher Otis Taylor Elementary Education Nora Down Taylor Accounting Computer Information Systems Joetta Lynn Thompson Special Education Early Childhood Marty Joel Thompson Computer Information Systems Mary Elizabeth Tucker Psychology Lynnette Carol Tullar Early Childhood Gregory Keith Tulowitzky Religion — Pre-Seminary Melanie Sue Turpin Physicians Assistant 190 Classes Mary Katherine Vann Christian Education Brian Dean Wtiite Physical Education Gabrina Ann Williams Physical Education Pedro Vazquez Drama Harold Lynn Whited Christian Education George Allen Williams Physicians Assistant Melanie Cecile Walker Business Administration James Steven Wilcox Jr. Computer Information Systems Business Administration Marl Stephen Williams Business Administration Computer Information Systems Stephanie Marie Waller Business Administration Computer Information Systems Deanno Allen Williams Music Warren Lewis Williams Computer Information Systems Classes 19 1 Seniors Cathy Burke Wilson Business Administration Barry Neol Wright Physicians Assistant Harold David Wilson Business Adm inistration Computer Information Systems Robert Richard Zseltvay Physicians Assistant Todd David Wiseman Religion Religious Studies Darryl Keith Wood Computer Information Systems Vicki Hall is escorted at Homecoming Megan Spruill shares in song Philip McMurrin studies in the library 192 Classes r f f t Bradley Guthi " Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore, seek not to under-] stand that thou moyest believe, buti believe that thou moyest under- stand. " St. Augustine o 196 Who ' s Who Rondalyn Kaye McPrayer David Privett " Behold where he stands — The God! Where? There, do you not see him? He is the God, and yet he hos not a resting-place for his head, and he dares not lean on any man lest he cause him to be offended. He is the God; and yet he picks his steps more carefully than if angels guided them, not to prevent his feet from stumbling against a stone, but less he trample human beings in the dust, in that they are offended by him. He Is the God, and yet his eye rests upon mankind with deep concern, for the tender shoots of an individual life may be crushed as easily as a blade of grass. How wonderful a life, all sorrow and all love: to yearn to express the equality of love, and yet to be misunderstood, to apprehend the danger that all men may be destroyed, and yet only so to be able really to save a single soul; his own life filled with sorrow, while each hour of the day is taken up with the troubles of the learner who confides in him! This is the God as he stands upon the earth, likenjnto the humblest by the power of his omnipotent love. " Jphannes Climacus Philosophical Fragments Jecama Carol Skinner X ' Mi CfTcan make yourself Into the kind of person whb con spread love around, apd nothing could be more im to the world than that When you know that you are a faith-building, cheer-spreading, hope-generd encouragement-offering perjpn You will know how wondopu l y For the person who oi ves ldve. falls in love with lif You find that living con be ence. ihg living with a- heart full of love " for others! " — Robert Schuller Todd Wiseman it lltlc$in « t illl[ fSf|f £ child of unbelief and doubt, and I know that I shall remain so till the grove. What fearful torment this thirst to believe has cost me, and the more arguments I find to the contrary, the stronger it becomes in my soul. " — Dostoyevksy Scotty Duvall Adkins William Ray Alexander Jeffrey Wayne Alford Marvin Glenn Anderson Anadelia Arias Margaret Denice Bailey Jeffrey Paul Bambling Cindy Dawn Barber Earl James Barber Pamela Diane Barker Ginger Lynn Berger Gregory Aundra Bess JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Michael Myhlhousen, SGA representative; Pam Fisher, Treasurer; Kelly Henderson, Vice-President; Lon Clements. Secretary, Anabela Simon, Chaplain, Brian Casey, President 208 Classes Timothy Wayne Bradley Allen Gordon Branch Ruth Idelle Boyett Karen Denise Brittain Kent Duane Buess Matthew Patrick Burris Jackie Brian Casey Michael Grady Clark Lori Susan Clements Danny Wayne Coleman Keren Denita Cox Philip Mark Craig Classes 209 Warren Arthur Cranford Stanley Byron Davis Dean Mark Diehl Lisa Marie Dixon Michelle Rene Dufresne Danny Thomas Eaton Mark Asbury Eby Mark Edward Eby Melba Angelyn Ferrell Annette Denise Field Lisa Jo Figge Pamela Diane Fisher " Hello, how are you? ' 210 Classes Lori Ann Fortner Brad Alan Frisbey Diane Gay Frost Brenda Kaye Frye Sonya Lee Frye Karen Lynn Grockarell Angela Marie Goode Gary Lynn Gunter Geri Lee Haddix Burley Milroy Harris Troy M. Haydel Donna llene Henderson Ron Simons enjoying life. Classes 211 Kelly Renee Henderson Lisa Ruth Herd Suzanne Elaine Higginbothom Cathryn Louise Cooper Laura Allison House Loretta Lorraine Hudson Lisa Marie Huffman John Edward Hunt Marcia Elizabeth Hunter Nathaniel Joey Hyde Cynthia Koye Ireland Dick Ingnor Johansson 212 Classes Gina Marie Johnson Kenneth Eugene Keefer Stephen Brent Keller Doniel Ray Konow Margaret Kathryn Krantz Mary Marks Lee James Keith LeGrande Willie Lee Legrier Shari Anne Long Charles William Lovell Gregory Scott Lovell Rhonda Jean Marsh " Take a moment to enjoy nature! " Classes 213 David Lee Maynard David James McCullough Leslie Jean McDonald Dee Ann Metcalf Glenda Joy Miller Sheila Gaye Miller Lori Diane Miliiaen Thomas Edward Mimbs Donna Betty Murphy Melinda Joye Nabors James Andrew Napier Par Magnus Narkestam Roy Queries and Jennifer Buttrey l eep the cafeteria running. 214 Classes Benita Kay Roberts Tammy Joy Roberts Donna Renee Robertson Timothy Wayne Rose Lydia Darlene Rutledge Anabela Anita Simon Stephen Ray Sloan Jeffrey Gait Smith Dana Sue Snider Robert Allen Spear Brian Robert Speer Timothy Henry Staggs jjjj I found them in the Closet! 216 Classes Crystal Linn Starr Arlene Norberta Talley Steven Edward Tawa Barbara Ann Tharp Marty Joel Ttiompson Gregory Lee Tinker Johnny Lum Gary R. Ungar Trisha Doreen Wade Lori Yvonne Wal eham Melanie Cecile Walker Nita Jean Watson Hovj ' d you do on your Chemistry test ' ' Classes 217 Olive J. Watson Tina Lorraine Weeks Jeff Alan Whitacre Kola Dawn Whitaker Sheryl Louise White Kenneth Warren Whitmire Anita Lynn Whitson Sheryl Dean Williams Gina Sharon Wilson David Craig Winesett Martin Lester Wood Mildred Jean Wood Kathy Fondren shares with students at the New Student Mixer 218 Classes Classes 219 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Front row; Joel Williams, President; Karen Miller, Vice- President; Second row: David Faircloth, SGA Representative; Lisa Dixon, Secretary; Brad Poe, SGA Representative; Glenda Miller, Treasurer; Amy Waters, Ctiaplain. Amanda Faith Abney Gena Annette Albri ght Jeftrey Ladale Allen Robert Eugene Allen Norma Jean Aubrey Mark Timothy Baker Allyson Kimberly Banks Joseph Elwood Bell Timothy Evan Bell Tammy Louise Benson Damon Patrick Biddle Marcia Gay Blanton 220 Classes Andrae Carlene Bynum William Joel Calkin Vonda Renee Carroll Clifford Wayne Carter Bethany Carol Caudill Susan Renee Cooper Kimberly Jo Crain Donnie Ervin Davis Tammy Leann Davis Kimberly Ann Day Michael David Dees Linda Marie DeYoung Classes 221 Mr. Johnson, " I think it should be like this. " Reginc Gail Dillon Patricia Ann Dowhower Jerry Paul Dunn Carl Randall East David Neal Faircloth David L, Fleet Lora Jeanette Forrester Darrell Cloy Frazier Carol Jean Furr Mary Jean Gay Thomas Horace Gray Samuel David Green Left: David Faircloth — member of the talented Brady Bunch. Below Off -campus Halloween festivities. Rebecca Joy Gresser Tamaro Lea Holloway Stocey Lynne Horless Donna Sue Hatfield Wayne Edward Henderson Sandra Leonn Henry Amanda Ingrid Hestia Charles Anthony Hood Lisa Diane House James Edward Jewell Timothy William Johnson Alanda Sue Jones Below: Steve Marinakas and Billie Jean Wheet in Angela Lynn Jordan Shana Chantiel Key Treble Dawn Kingery Wendy Ellssa KIrkland Alan Coulter Knowles Shauna Lynn Knox Abner Louis Koehn Jennifer Ann Lanham Cynthia Darlene Law Grippie Lee Lawson Timothy Scott Leap Tommy Lynn Lee Amy Waters diligently at work. Tammy Renee McPherson Johannah Meeks Robert Dale Melton Susan Middleton James Ervin Miller Karen Suzanne Miller Laurel Denise Mingledorff Theodore Shane Mintz Michael Frederick Miranne Thomas Scott Moore Michael Samuel Myhlhousen Melissa Jane Nabors Scott Adkins, Becky Loar, and Lori Clements participate in Halloween festivities. Rtiondo Down Peters Timottiy George Pitzer Van Kendell Pole Bradley Eugene Roe Carolyn Celeste Putnonn Melissa Jean Quarles Timottiy Wayne Queener Gary Kevin Quinn Jocquelyn Jean Pay William Carter Rhodes Gvi endolyn Diane Rogers Arthur Thomas Roxby Reginald Maurice Tiller Richard Steven Traegler Daniel Turner John Michael Vuytecki James Lee Warden Amy Lynn Waters Anthony Reece Watkins Molly Margaret Watkins Lisa Ann Welch Deborah Jo Whitmire Bethany Elaine Wilbourn Joel David Williams Vincent John Williams Ken Willington John Mark Wilson David Thomas Wolfe Richard Daniel Wonders Angela Maria Woods Linda Evelyn Wright Teresa Kay Young Classes 231 Sherry Joyce Adkins Cynthia Lyr r Albright David Lee Aldrich Kimberly Hope Aliinder Anna Yvonne Anderson Yohannes Asmelash Kelley Yvonne Babione Renee Sherrelle Barco Robert Allen Barnhart Michael Paul Beavers Mickie Bonita Beecham Eydie Dawn Benson Lisa Dawn Berg Karen Kay Bohannon Christy Ann Bov ' ers Hal Greggory Boyd Michael Theodore Bracken Linda Kay Brawley Michelle Eloie Buess Donna Carol Bunnelle 232 Classes FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Danelle Hyde, SGA Representative; Beth Helmer, SGA Representative: Suzanne Diffenderfer, Vice-President; Kathy Jotinson. President; John Chilton, sponsor, Patti Jo Gainer, Secretary, Scott Winchell. Treasurer; Keith Draper, Chaplain. Tommy Reno Camp Boice Lee Canen Raleigh Phillip Cannon James Roderick Cheatham Sandra Michelle Cosnahan Delano Jon Cox Susan Faye Cullen Trino Faye Doily Keith Corlyle Dance Kevin Scott Davenport Sandy Kay Denby Classes 233 I Gloria Lorraine Dowhower Keittn Alan Draper Kathryn Elaine Duncan James Ferris Dunlap Cindy Lynn Dunman Timothy Ray Eby Timothy Ben Faircloth Sindy Hilda Fernandez Thereasa Reno Fields Claire Lynn Flannery Debra Kay Fox Sherri Denise Franklin Raymond Houston Freeland Yvette Michele Freeman Patricia Joy Gainer Dinah Jane Galloway Stuart Alan Garber Donna Lynne Garner Brian Reed Garvin Margaret Anne Gentry 234 Classes I Classes 235 Dawn Renee Gregory Lisa Diane Gunn DeWayne Mark Gunter James Alfred Gustke Jonathan Keith Hage Suzanne Marie Haight Holly Michelle Harbin Donna Lynn Harris Susan Renia Harris Deborah Lynn Hatton John F, Haun Mac Von Heaberlin Beth Marie Helmet Patrick Dale Hemmerly Donald Leon Henderson Jr. Susan Jane Hicks Warren Lee Hicks Comina Adell Hills Andrea Mary Hittle Jody Renay Hobby 7 1 i.rl i 236 Classes Left: A Student enjoys refreshments at the New Student Mixer Below left: Dorryl Murray, Patrick Hemnnerly, and Andy f?utherford. Below Kathy Duncan diligently searches the card catalog. Melody Denise Hubbard Myron Benjamin Hucks Brock Alan Hughes Michele Leann Humston George Henry Hunley II Danelle Annette Hyde Sandra Louise Jacobs Priscillo Eunice James Classes 237 Kathryn Leigh Johnson Melissa Joy Johnson Wilma Karen Johnson Stanley Neil Jones Wesley Stuart Kaney Kevin L. Kerr Wallace Edwin Kirby Troy Allen Knudsen Nathan Eric Kolbe Chris DeWoyne Koon Darren Paul Krauter Andrea Lynn Lankford Blondell Elise Lawson Luis Arturo Mairena Sheri Lynn Marl s Robbie Dean McCaskell Angela Dawn McCown Gary Wayne McCullough Jack Lee McFarlane Terri Michelle McGee 238 Classes Classes 239 Rachel Ann Ott William Leon Perhealth Tracy Lynne Peto Ellen Jo Poff Kirk Bradley Price Melissa Renee Price Richard Thomas Quinn Dwayne Wesley Radcliffe Paul Stephen Raper Arthur Philip Ratcliffe Mitchell Byran Reed Ethel Lee Reese Carlo Denise Riddle Paula Deonna Roberts Lauri Ann Rogers Benjamin Roldan Dwight Eric Rowe Gary Michael Scoggins Tommy Juanito Scott Ruby Lynne Scrivner 240 Classes Lannay Sproull hard at work. David Storey snoozes in between classes. Mac Heaberlin trying to " break " on the ice. Paula Darlene Sessions Todd Paul Sharp Anita Mae Shirley Cynthia Renee Shirley Joel William Silvers Rebecca Jo Simmons Brian Wayne Smith Jerry Sterling Smith Classes 241 Kathy-Lee Smith Ronald David Smith Wendy Sue Smith Cheryl Lee Southerland Jennifer Dawn Sowder Lannay Sue Sproull Debra Faye Stevens Christi Lynn Stiles David Darrell Storey Geron Ellis Story Dorothy Virginia Strickland Sheila Kay Sturgill 242 Classes ADVERTISEMENTS 244 Advertisements 1 Community. Webster defines it as " the people living in an area or the area itself. " The people of the Nashville area have pldyed an important role in the lives of TNC students by providing jobs, recreation, and worship. The people on the Trevecca Zone make up a much larger community. The churches across the zone support Trevecca by sending students and fi- nancial aid. Trevecca has a common bond with the Nashville community. The bonds created have helped Trevecca be- come an outstanding college. Advertisements 245 TreveccQ Si Bradenton 1st Church... together grouuing, building, teoching, serving C.E. Winslow Minister of Visitation Trustee ' 42-52 Dale Kendall Minister of Music Class of ' 74 STAFF Hugh L. Smith Senior Pastor Class of ' 63 Herb McMillian Youth Education Director Class of ' 68 Miriam Smith Director of Children ' s Ministries Class of ' 62 OUR STUDENTS Ellen Bustle Louie Bustle Class of ' 64 Class of ' 65 Missionaries to Ecuador Bruce Balcom Rob Melton Scott Stein metz Leesa fernigan Hubard Larry Roberts Millie Wood Steve Keller Donna Robertson Teresa Young 1616 - 59th Street West • Bradenton, Florida 33529 • 813-794-1685 246 Advertisements LOUISVILLE TNC And Scott, We Support You. N Church Of The Nazcrene 3960 Cane Run Rood Louisville, Kentucky 4021 Pastor: Rodney L. Shonner 4 ' 18-2851 Scott Hiser Freshman EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT Supports TNC With Prayers, Students, Finances Doyle C. Snnith District Superintendent Congratulations Seniors! Advertisements 247 SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT CHURCH CF THE NAZARENE District Superintendent: Dr. D. Moody Gunter Christian Life Sunday Scliool Chairman; Larry W. Spraker NWMS President; Nina G. Gunter NYI President: Johnny Wallace Trevecca Trustees: Dr. D. Moody Gunter B.W. Downing J.B. Hucks Bob Pelham A T a L A R T G I N O C o N S TO THE CLASS OF 1985 248 Acivertisements GRACE CHURCH OF TH£ NAZARENE 2302 Highland Ave. Columbia, Tennessee 38401 Phone: 615-388-4788 Donald L. Dixon — Pastor Timothy Dalenberg — Associate, Music , Youth LANGLEY FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Highway 421 Langley, South Carolina CHAUUiS A. FOUNTAIN. SR.. Pastor GREG BROWN, Youth an.l Music SO-l-SSS-SSaS or S0.1-593-6C57 803-593-3523 or »()3-593-6220 SCHEDULE OF SERVICES Sunday School 9;45 a m Morning Worship llioOam Evening Evangelistic Hour 5:00 p.m. Midweek Service (Wed.) 7:00 pm Youth and Children (Wed.) 7-00 p m Congratulations Seniors PARK LANE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1303 Ft. Campbell Blvd. Clarksville, Tennessee 37042 Pastor — Barney S. Boggott Our Students: Jessica Neyman Andy Riggins V I Af r. OLIVE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rt. 2. Box 148 C Wrightsville, GA 31096 Pastor — Walter R. Mingeldorff Our Student — Marty Thompson We Appreciate Our College And Congratulate The Class Of 1985 Advert lsements 249 Compliments Of JONES CHAPEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rt 1 Thompson Station, TN 37179 CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1300 N.W. 95th Street Miami, Florida 33147 Ronald J. Keller, Pastor Paul M. Smith, Associate LONGWOOD CHURCH OF Wf NAZAR « Longwood Florida Pastor — Calvin Milam Student — David Reichaert Lauderdale Manor Church of the Nazarene Dr. A. J. LILIENTHAL, Pastor Church: 763-3404 1518 N. W. 15th Avenue Parsonage: 764-0897 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 Congratulations Class Of 1985 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE A. 700 Yale Street Cleveland, MS Pastor - William O. Hull 1 1 1 i ill I I.IJl.ii.1.1 II l.i.iiii 1 1 1 1 1 105 Haywood Road • P.O. Box 5773 Greenville. S.C. 29606 • 233-4890 Ray D Moore. Pastor • 268-3872 ' Come Follow Christ With Us Our Students: Susan Hicks Brock Hughes Wesley Kaney Diane Simpson Congratulations To Ttie Seniors Of 1985! CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 4635 Stage Band Memptiis, Tennessee 38128 Pastor — Ron Jordan " A Growing Congregation Serving A Growing Community " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Birmingham, Alabama Roy T. Nix Pastor James Boardman Associate Pastor, Children Bruce Oldham .... Associate Pastor, Youth Tim Godby Minister of Music We Support Trevecca Because Trevecca Supports Us! Former TNC Students Now Making An Impact At Birmingham First! Trevecca Equipping Pastors And Laymen Is The Local Church ' s Lifeline 1998 Shades Crest Road • Birmingham, AL 35216 • (205) 823-5788 Advertisements 251 251 FIRST CHURCH CF THE NAZARENE 312 Telfair Street P.O. Box 489 Dublin, Georgia 31040 Myron G. Wise Pastor Our TNG Student — Holly Harbin We Support Zrevecca! NATHAN PRICE. Pastor § Phone (B13) 688-4191 3003 South Florida Avenue • Lakeland, Florida 33803 252 Advertisements ALABAMA SOUTH DISTRICT P O BOX 607 GREENVILLE, AL 36037 IVe Support Trevecca Nazarene College 100% Educational Budget Paid In Full District Superintendent Don Jernigan, Sr., D.D. Advisory Board IVIembers Phillip Sessions John Bonks Jacl Nix Ralph Smith N.W.M.S. President Betty Sortin N.Y.I. President Anthony L. White BCL SS Chairman Dewoyne Burton GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2620 Pennington Bend (Near Oprylond) Nashville, Tennessee 37214 " Sharing A New Song " Charles E. Jones Pastor Bryan White Youth Keith A, Sho waiter Music Advertisements 253 254 Advertisements 324 EAST BROADWAY LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 40202 R. Eugene Figge, Minister 4401 Accomack Louisville, Ky. 40222 Off. (502) 585-3994 Res. (502) 425-9815 ST. CLOUD CHURCH OF THE NAZAR S 18th, And Michigan Ave, St. Cloud, Florida 32769 Phone — 892-8184 Pastor; Charles Copley Sr. CONGRATULATIONS Class of 85! Please include us in your future. We care about your tomorrows C L (ton All Otnar SiMW Nazareno Federal Credit Union Advertisements 255 A SPECIAL PEOPLE APPRECIATES A SPECIAL COLLEGE District Officers Christian Life Chairman — Earl Rowan N.W.M.S. President — Retha Lancaster N.Y.I. President — Mark Lancaster Advisory Board Richard Boone Henry Greer Jimmy Morris Lee Hightower THE MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT CONGRATULATES THE 1985 GRADUATING CLASS Rev. I.W. " Bill " Lancaster District Superintendent 256 Advertisements Congratulations to ttie Class of 19851 Hemiitage Ctwrch of tfie Nazarene Saundersville Rd. . Gen. Kershaw Lane Hermitage, Tenn. H. Harvey Hendershot, Pastor Wayne Gallup Minister of Music Eddie White Youth Pastor ' Ministering to East Davidson County and West Wilson County " Supporting ( ' cca Ndzarcnc C i CLARKSVILLE FIRST CHGRCH 150 Richview Road Clarksville, TN Advertisennents 257 ALABAMA NORTH DISTRICT 100% sm T OF TREVECCA NAZARB C mEGE 1984-85 — " OVERPAYING " its Student Lite Center goal witti 140% payment, — " INCREASING " Its Education Budget payment 50% above a year ago. — " PLEDGING " 100% payment of tfie TNC Education Budget 1985-86 WE SALUTE YOU GRADUATES OF 1985 Christian Life Chairman Ralph E. Brown MWMS President Mary Shuck NY! President Bruce Oldham TNC Trustees Floyd Rutledge Roy T. Nix B.J. Garber Advisory Board Roy T. Nix James Walker Howard Stocks Dr. John Dunn B.J. GARBER District Superintendent District Treasurer O.W. Wilson District Secretary Roy A. Shuck 258 Advertisements FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Main And Willow Streets Chattanooga, Tennessee Bll Lawson, Chairman Board of Christian Life Pom Frye, President Nazarene Youth Institute Sherry Flegal, President Nazarene World Missionary Society John H. Bilbra, Jr. Minister of Music Dr. George E. Blanchard, Jr. Chairman Church Board Claire F. Goodwin Church Office Secretary May the richest blessings of the Master continue to be upon Trevecca! Advertisements 259 i i MILLARD REED Senior Pastor 228-3485 TIM WHITTAKER Associate Pastor 833-3278 JORDAN CONGER Minister of Music 832-0300 FRED SYKES Minister to Children 292-6193 SYLVESTER SMITH Minister of Visitation 254-9020 DOUG RUNYAN Minister to Youth 833-1124 RICK RYDING Minister to Collegiates and Singles 331-1601 BIRMINGHAM iMEMPHIS Our 8:30 A.M. and 6:00 P M. services are broadcast live over WNAZ, 89.1 F.M., and we encourage you to listen when you are unable to be with us, and inform others who may be interested. C irsl 6 hurch of the {a arefie Sio(WooMandQS)treet Cashville, ennessee 206 " j Ad vertisements Congratulations Class Cf 1985 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Sandersville, Georgia 3 1089 Pastor: J. Emory Lindsey Student: Beverii Lindsey " We Support Trevecca " FIRST CHUCH OF THE NAZARENE 3120 Kay Street Columbia, South Carolina 29210 Phone: 772-2461 Staff Senior Pastor — Ronald Doolittle Associate Pastor of Visitation — Luther Jenkins Youth Pastor — William Vinson Chaplin to International Students — Yohonno Byo Minister of Music — Jock Preston Church Secretary — Sheryll Loging Newsletter Editor — Tom Totum Students Paul Frank Keith LeGrond Kevin Marshall Gary Marshall Dorrell McKinney Joey McKinney Angela Smith Knight Stargel Scott Stargel Down Tombs Advertisennents 26 1 CHURCH OF mf NAZARB« P.O. Box 372 Sebring, Florida 33870 Phone — 8 3-385-0044 Congratulations Class Of 1985! Congratulations Senior Class 85 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 109 Darran Street Gulfport, Mississippi 39503 ....-s otnt d]urrl] of asarcnc Supporting Trevecca With Students: Lisa Berg Deanna Williams And Christian Education Pastor Larry D. Morgan Louisville, Kentucky 62 Advertisements KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE UCKY Rev. Aleck U met, District Superintendent A Special Group Of Peopie Appreciates A Special College y ' y y y y y y y y y ' y i y y y y y y y y y y y y y ' y ' y ' y y y Aclvertisements 263 TENNESSEE DISTRICT Is Proud To Be A Supporting Link Of TNC W. Talmadge Johnson District Superintendent TREVECCA ' $ MILLION DOLLAR OLUB PURPOSE: " Trevecca ' s Million Dollar Club " exists to promote higher education in a Christian environment at Trevecca Nazarene College. It shall enlist interested and dedicated persons who will provide a strong and continuing base of financial support for the College, providing funds for special projects. Active membership will consist of those who contribute $1000 or more annually through this club. PICNIC PAVILION The Picnic Pavilion was built in 1982-83 with funds provided by " Trevecca ' s Million Dollar Club " AMPHITHEATER " Trevecca ' s Million Dollar Club " — Project for 1985-86 The " Million Dollar Club " contributed $15,000 toward the purchase of the organ for the Eva Benson Auditorium and $12,000 to build the jogging track. OFFICERS Mark Greothouse, Chairman Larry Tarter, Membership Chairman Larry Cummings, Vice-Chairman Pleais Hampton, Secretary Advertisements 265 Darda Editor Beverti Lindsey Dear Friends, As I think about this year, I can see that in every way each of us shared a Common Bond. A bond that held us together Academically, Socially, Phys- ically, and Spiritually. This bond helped us stand to- gether against all the perils that came our way and rejoice over all the elated moments of joy and ex- citement that kept us going from one day to the next. Once again another year has flown by leaving us to reflect on friendships gained, moments shared, and successes and failures we ' ve mode. It is my hope that every moment we have shared will be- come an intricate part of us throughout our lives. This book will remain as a reflection of these memo- ries to be looked upon in the future as a remem- brance of our college years. We hope that it will bring you tears of laughter and joy as you reflect upon it in years to come. In closing, I would like to give my thanks to all the people who mode this DARDA possible. To Carl Eby, Brian Hulse, and Stephen Perry, thanks for your coo- peration in the photography of this book. Special thanks goes to Steve for working long hours over- time in order for us to make our deadlines. To Mrs. Carol Eby, our advisor, thank you for your support and encouragement. To Teresa Young, my room- mate, thanks for acting as my secretary when I was not available to answer DARDA calls. To Claire Flan- nery and Danny Eaton, thanks for all the hours of work you ' ve put into the making of this yearbook. To all my staff and others that helped us out when we needed some extra hands, a tremendous thank you. Each one of you had a special part in this production. I am looking forward to working with each of you again next year. Sincerely yours, Beverii Lindsey 266 Darda I ' T PSTENS

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