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k I O 7 4 ' r I ' 'IA -1- ' Q i gigs. " ' p-uvmB"' can l -n ov .V .0 0 .' 'y ,-442' A-:high I s 1 I Q 4 4 1 5 3 i I THE D RD 1984 Trevecca Nazarene College Nashville, Tennessee Volume 60 Shelley R. Archer, Editor GY gf Activities Athletics Organizations Academics Classes Contents Advertisements And Index page 18 page 64 page 96 page 136 page 176 page 230 TREVECCA A TRADITIO A senior, looking back. What does he remember, what did he learn at Tre- vecca? There was a TRADITION there. The Spirit of friends, classmates and professors, working together for a com- mon goal. People united behind an ideal, an institution, a TRADITION. A TRADI- TION of Achievement, in athletics, in classes, in friendships, in everything to do the best possible as an individual and as a community. A TRADITION in Lifes- tyle, to exhibit those qualities taught by Christ, the very best of men. In Academ- ics, to give our time and energy to ex- cell, to strive ever to improve ourselves for the benefit of our common future. A TRADITION of Fun, to give ourselves to the relaxation of enjoying and cherish- ing that greatest of gifts, life. The place where lasting friendships are made, great victories are remembered. : 'ii Using any means possible, we reach for the sky. l 35,5 Excellence ln All A senior, looking back. What does he re- member? Not to be number one, the best of all, but to be the best he can be. Not to climb the ladder using others as rungs, but to rise with the help of, and giving help to, those others. There is an idea, an ideal, called Excellence. lt does not mean to con- quer, but to live a life of goodness, and love, and sharing, to give in order to re- ceiveg to serve in order to leadg to die in order to liveg and, through these things, we do not destroy our competition, but rise to succeed together. Spirit Sherry HaIl's smile shows that true TNC spirit. Angela Winkle, Sherri White, and Becky Arpino enjoy the spirit of unity in dorm life. Mm? h QQ 'Wir' " My 'Wi' Chris Taylor seems to have the Trojan Spirit, but what about the rest of the fans? i Did Dorcus Smith make an A on that paper? Cyrisse Bianco has that "R-E-D red, H-O-T spirit it takes to be a Trojan Cheerleader. ,,.i,iavf"' .-A-lan , '- an ww., " ' ' ' fwafqt, ? 4? Marcie McSwain helps to boost the spirit of fans at one of TNCS home games. 1, ho Achievement . . . Karen Miller, Amy Waters, Rob Melton, and Andy Rutherford provided some entertainment at the successful Thanksgiving Gala. Fall quarter, a good time for friends to meet and discuss their goals for the upcoming year. E :" I '..: . flip. -Nb, H -. Go for the "goal," Avery! ,, ff. 4 ,gr S ,y ' 1 n ,""fwn9 "Well, bless," there's Sammy Jones working on a computer program Good Luck. wp--wwf-www-mpmmmm Friendships are very important for Jeff Allen and Jolene Helmer. Hey Cleodisl Did you achieve the high test score you had hoped for? -wif., 4 if 4' xr' V H La'tan Roland's beauty, charm, and sunny personality helped her to achieve the title of Trevecca's Homecoming Queen, 'Me 'S' If: f w 1 Christian Prayer and Praise, a time to listen to God's words and to make commitments. 4 2 At fall retreat, Todd Wiseman had many uplifting words to share with those who attended. Kathy Lewis finds solitude outside, where she can meet with God and hear what he has to say. , u Lifestyle ii ii 1' Al' if fi if 5 , Hey, Jerry, you don't have to climb trees to get closer to heaven! At Prayer and Praise. everyone joins to sing and wor- ship together. i X?- TT , ii ff' , N f- Chapel time at Trevecca is a time to learn and enjoy. XQA . 'ml Academics . . . "What did you say God did next? ,K Y, Q vas 'R-.E 'V ' :Z-f. 2 4 M,-4 .ff's see, whats this? Penicillium, Aspergillus, Phialophora Verrucosa, . . . Hours in class - wasted time or a means to a better future. an-w 'MMM X JN 1 1Lw 415ZEgQV ,Zim Wg ' 'W e x Angela and Donnie Ward enjoy watching a game of tag football at retreat. Vicky Hall likes chewin that strawg what about ou 9 Y 1 M Keith l.eGrand? M W 692' Mr' . dig.. , . y4v".s,.g, mf? 5' 1.1-.W ,. r ' 1- ., . ii' -'U' , . . H -j'i'r"" Wjptziz' W lj, '-ZR-'rp A -, '-M, , .. .. .vc :'f'?fr '. ix I l riff ' .at Halloween was a time for Glenda, Tanya, and Lynn to dress up and look pretty rediculousl Fun That ride didnt last long. K eri. .ia ,g-, ff -'A A . y y f 1 ' . 17' A A ul , 1' x Rat Days -- an enjoyable time for Freshmen. Just think you were able to eat on the floor. MILDPF-'D n ln Dedication Mrs. Mildred Brinegar for your humble service to Trevecca Nazarene College and the friendships you have shared with her students. To a woman who took the time to listen to all, and to give them faith in TNC and in themselves. lt is with the deepest respect and admiration that we, the staff of the nineteen hundred and eighty-four Darda, dedicate this book to Mrs. Mildred fMom 'lB"J Brinegar. Fx Q1 xvrrlgs 1 984 Freshman Mixer Where New Friendships Begin : 41-14, QL? This years New Student Mixer was once again a giant success. Everyone had the opportunity to have fun, meet other students, start new friendships, and enjoy Christian fellowship. The nights activities included the traditional shoe game, pan game, and refreshments. The evening concluded with a short devotional lead by Julie Smith. Ghosts . Ghouls Cioblins . Greg Kenerly looks a bit on the green side. Jody Hobby goes Trick-orTreating. SID VICIOUS for is it Larry Roberts??j . . . AT TREVECCA. i L . WM G 7 Halloween 83 A Time For Punk Rockers, Preachers, And Tramps M d P K tt' Q t T Guido Sarduccl, allas Mark Painter, spreads peace to Trevecca at Hallow' aan 3 6 6 O O FEVECCB. ly Archer and Todd Glass, winners of th - ea es con es . 2 This weekend full of excitement officially began Friday, November ll. 1983. Trevecca Trojan basketball hailed in the weekend with their season opener against Cumberland College. At halftime, Miss Latan Roland was crowned the 1983 Homecoming Queen. Others who represented their classes were: Seniors Bev Adams and Nancy Abell, Junior Jeanna Skinner, , 'fA"'WW HW 1' ! .. in 'Q' 'Z' I if 'I EW .- Xp 5 Wffgw 5 H M ' YWQ " -an-1-,-uw-.WW . . finnumwuw, Y fx .fs 4 Q?" ,fi . 1 4 , 4 S "1 i a If af im L ., H 3 , f- .fu-Q, we fx The Homecoming Court: l wslmmrm Prnnvz-sx Gwen Rogzhrs escorteld by Tum Pune-rg Snplwonmrn- pllHK't-'SS Jolslnv Helrner Gsrorted by Phllllp Jolmnsong .Junlol Prlnmws Joanna Sklnnffr escorted by Garry .lone-sg S4-nior Prlnvess Nanny Abell Pscorwd by Steve Davidson, Svninr Pnrwu-ss HPV Adams Psrorted by Bill Shdrpvi And the- N383 llome-romlng Queen La'Tan Roland esrortwl hy Joey Murphy I '., lg-l . 3 if Rrff 'Www' , M, eg, M m f-,M 5751 N nw N... Y '.', 'Zi' ,mt Rats Love . Milk, Air Raides, And Sophomores!!! This year Rat Days took on the theme of baby day. The events of the day allowed the freshmen to become aquainted with the "Trevecca Experience," making them well-rounded squares. Sponsored by the sophomore class, Rat Days are provided to promote unity among the freshmen. The activities concluded with a freshman-sophomore Communion service. T Y. 'sim Rats : Rats '1- And More Rats Rat Randy Hulse stands PROUDLY by his big brother, Scott Wiseman. In the cafeteria, the rats must sit on the floor and seranade their wonderful sophomores. Miss Karen Suzanne Miller 1984 Valentine Queen Through the Years was an accurate theme to describe the 1984 Valentine Pageant. The contestants appeared in the opening as flappers and preformed a medeley of hits from that era. The girls were joined at one part of the opening by the Trevecca Trevedores, who serenaded the ladies with a selection of love songs, done in four part harmony. 1' V -W Q- 'lat' 15 - The host and hostess of the evening were Mr. Micheal Johnson and Mrs. Joni Clark. These were the people who kept the show running smoothly. The pageant contestants were judged in five categories, including casual wear, formal wear, talent, impromptu quese tioning, and general appearance. When spectators were asked to com- ment on the pageant, the statements were all the same. One upperclassman stated that this pageant was "the most organized and smoothly ran event to take place during my years here at Tre- veccaf' The Valentine pageants at Trevecca have always been a special part of the experience, but the 1984 Valentine Pag- eant will always remain in the minds of many. Through The Years Pageant Contestants Fresh men Karen Miller - Asheville, NC Lyn Slonecker -- Nashville, TN Sophomores Lori Clements -- Toms River, NJ Melinda Nabors -- Nashville TN Juniors Stephanie Lawson - Goodlettsville, TN Megan Spruill -- Nashville, TN Seniors Beverly Adams -- Crossville, TN Starlet Knight - Richmond, VA Tambrey Tanner -- Aiken, SCI Tammy Weaver -- Rockledge, FL 29 Megan Sp,-um Lori Clements Gorgeous Women Fabulous Talent Scott Wiseman and Keith LeGrand enjoy the natural surroundings, of the Tennessee District campgrounds, while others enjoy playing volleyball. - up A - x . . !,,, ..,- 'i,w"., Jzw V. .. : M 5 ww ' - Q 'W' :V Yi 9' ,gf in fy- Ole Blornberg and Julie Smith give spiritual guidance in the services at fall retreat. Ground-breaking And The Student Life Building Excitement about the new student life building began at the ground- breaking ceremony. As the building began to progress in its stages of development, expectations grew for its completion in the fall of the '84-'85 school year. Holiday Celebrations The Christmas spirit invades Trevecca in November, as students gather to sing carols around the lighted tree. Andy Rutherford, David Faircloth, and Rob Melton Create an authentic mood for the annual Thanksgiving Gala, sponsored by the freshman class. 4- , Lisa Welch carries in the traditional Tom Turkey. -... YL fig 5 , .5 w X I ,Q .fy wg 1 f' 7,,:" 1, Ml, ..... MP gm, wi A ff, QM "VW M fr-1 4' ,fhlbw few Z if ff-M fu F' wg.. r , if ' i M ,ma xx AV 3? P Q xg! QL-iffmt i E. H 3 The Second Annual The losing team . . s 0, ,' .+A f 1. s Melvin Welch demonstrates amazing finesse in the dunking machine. Will Danny Ball have mercy, or won't he? l'd hate to be in her wet shoes! 558. Y 'Ni ,Q Si. Western Extravaganza! - 1- v , + Q .,: ..v if ' 5 i e "' Q, Qt j 'V "' at aa aa 1 he 1 an . R 4 A A I, K , . , te? gifs-Ft as is wa ggnliw The authentic American range rider, Eddie Goode. .ra ' Q Gwen Rogers and Karen Miller pose as pretty cowgirls, "Meat" struggles hard but must surrender to the inevitability of defeat when competing against Circle K. ,,,. W ,, -QI ' ,ff ,g 64 77 Our Town Thornton WiIder's "Our Town," the fall drama production, spoke of enjoying each minute of life, taking no moment or person for granted. The scene set in Grovers Corners, NH., Emily Webb iAmy Joynerj and George Gibbs iPaul Jonesj participated in the daily joys and sorrows of life. 66NOah77 Noah was played by Joey Condon in this story of Gods great power and love, The rehearsals were many, but the rewards far great er. claimed the cast as they completed another suc- cessful play, P lll ' , llll il W The drama and movement of "GodspelI delighted and held the audience. The life of each character was woven through the play. Leon Patillo And Scott W Brown Concerts play an exciting part of Trevecca's social life. Her reputation for hosting quality concerts is reflected in these photos of college favorites, Scott Wesley Brown and Leon Patillo. The thought of these fun times is sure to bring back good memories 44 'T' 'ff'-K I J Circle K Variety Show This year's Circle K Variety Show was a tremendous success. Trevecca students enjoyed themselves as they watched their friends perform on stage. As in previous years, all the money raised went to benefit T.P.S. The variety show is a project of Trevecca Circle K and is performed on an annual basis. Z iyyy 38 Naam, . if . A Uris. W' ' HOLLYWOOD OR BUSTY Snow! Mark Hulse and Larry Roberts - the guilty parties? Glenda Miller, Lee Lawson, and Terry Williams - typical snowpersonsl x ww my Viliut. ',. : " 4W,,.. an ' This year Trevecca had an abundance of snow. Many of our students took advantage of this and went tubing, sledding, and built snowmen. Some professors may even have let out class for their students to enjoy the snow. Well, I doubt that, but the thrills and chills the wet, icy stuff brought was worth a missed class or two. WN 1 el' 5 L. Q, E 3 3 5 18 www If K - -'V-'F' S9--ap-.,. . . ' "W EE I H 'EIT Y' it H '5! ,.:""- 5 2 i s YY M M MM KW-M ., A ,,,,, .,,,,, ..,, 5 . ' ,,,,, l , ' " T' ' ...... 'Y' l Junior Senior Banquet A Memorable Evening David and Sherry Caldwell stroll down the stairs of the beautiful Two Rivers Mansion, the setting for a lovely banquet. C' H ,nj-Y 1 K lb' Wil ,, f K7 ,,.. My 'WW If if M- ' -..."":W,m .f.a:.:. V 1 - ., - ., ,,,, . Q 1 . . Dean Bushnell, Dave Queen, and Ole Blomberg chat in the entranceway after the delicious meal. Susan Myers provided the evening's entertain- ment by singing "Friends are Friends Forever," the theme of this year's banquet. eek During Spiritual Renewal Week, January I6-20, many of our students participated by speaking in our revial services. The speakers included: Rick Harvey, Julie Smith, Darrell Wright, Kathy Leiws. Todd Wiseman, Rob Eicholtz, and Mark East. This week of spiritual renewal served as a great revival for winter quarter, and the Lord's presence was really felt. "Good Answer!" Darryl Murray was the host for Treveccas Family Fued, sponsored by the Civin- ettes to raise money for charity. '4--nhulii ' ff Yiwfe-MM X aa The team from Trevecca Towers became a real family as they worked their way to the top. Spring Retreat This year's Spring Retreat was great. The fellowship was uplifting and the spirit, beautiful. A lot of fun was had by all attending. Above left: The world goes by Above: What a pitch! Left: You did WHAT!?! Below left: Who done it? Below: Great Catch!! Trophies And Honors Given In Awards Chapel Mom B received a standing ovation as she received the 1984 Darda dedication. Sammy Jones is honored with the Civitan award. Sigma president Wendy Whitbeck presents Lisa Jernigan with this year's outstanding club member award. Circle K Volleyball Marathon W.. 'fri f. it ,+ . ky, "LQ --and p.....,, ,.,. V gm ,,,. A 1-W N - -- --., i f'N,5 ,, .. Ct, The Circle K Volleyball Marathon once again was a successful effort, raising over 52000.00 to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Members of the Circle K began the games at noon on March 9th and ended them at noon of the following day. Two club teams played around the clock against forty-eight different teams from the college and surrounding city. Each club member had the prior responsibility of soliciting pledges and recruiting groups to play. Vrgg I . 12,5 xg' X And Commencement Accepting the challenge of the alumni, Rob Eicholtz answered for his class as they entered this new adventure of life. The Commencement Address was delivered by Dr. William J. Prince. the president of Mt. Vernon Nazarene College, Baccalaureate was held in the College Hill Church Sanctuary. 1 Effie ,Q W , 1 0 U . 53 , , ue 7 7 .fflw . QM , K 4 4 ' "H" "M 4:4 un U . LZ 5 A 1 . wnueqnwm, W 1' 9 H 7 I A i iw 1, if Zil! ' ,:"'iL . ggi A 1? Z ,Q 4 Vw gave,- wa ffm' W Q' :OV 4 :mmf :iam rr' KB! 3 , ':,2 is wx-W1 W we 1 1 xx R 1 S' Q' w . 5, . , Q, N31 225 2? is mags? 32 g' is E 'fe S51 'f' , -x J gi , . N 9' gesaiegg. -- K ' f X551 .1 'fa W ,ii sv gf Q A W"' X V 1: 1 X W ,Jn rf f :-ww .JA f , , ,,,L Mm---Vg V :,,wf:a,f3i?' ' ff: 9?2iii?' ' - ,,,, N Q s .W- ximilim ' W- Z. ,, Vi i. XM N'i.,,, , W Hgwx im XS Bt., -N Wir nw. QQ., A - M, 2 .. K ZW.. if 1 fl? , PKEHlfTKf 1984 Toe-crushin' And Head Slammin' TIA Football - Beta Bottom: Jon Coleman, Ole Blomburg, Dean Bushnell, Bill Sharpe, Darryl Murray, Alan Foster Middle: Kevin Barnett, Jeff Bambling, Bob Allen, Larry Mathis, Marty Thompson Top: Mike Myhlhousen, Keith LeGrando, Randy McDougall -an - .lt TIA Football - Delta Bottom: Mike Patterson, Billy Yon, Steve Bargatzi, John Houser, Tim Smith Top: Tim Mitchell, Robin Starr, David Daily, John Gaus, Jeff LeChance TIA Football - Gama Bottom: Dave Privett, Greg Ruff, Randall Campbell, Bill Rhodes, Steve Davidson Top: Paul Lawrence, Todd Jasper, Dennis Moody, Jeff Lampy, Mike Toomey, Phil Visser, Ronnie Simmons 65 TIA Football - Alpha Bottom: Brad Wolfgang, David Hunt, Bobby Smith, Danny Parmer, Jimmy Dick Middle: Tim Bouley, Randy Parmer, Joey Murphy Top: Kevin Kidd, Norman Callis, "Bear Bryant", Richard Driggers, Jackie Conner TIA Football 1983 u 'WM Helmets crash and guts smash as TIA football gets under- way. Football Buddies, Paul Lawrence, Steve Davison, and Dave Privett after a good play. Flnal Standings: Beta 3-3 Delta 3-3 Alpha 3-3 Gamma 2-4 ,,,, t b..,...,N....,.. N, A ,, S-O-C-K-I-T Sock it to em. This signifies the END of the 1984 TIA football season TIA Basketball 1 aff , .44 Y-2 i7gg"i iii it it To ,q ,. , T E ummm ALPHA - A League - Tim Lee, Steve Marinakus, Ken Whittington, Jeff Whitaker, Craig Winesett, Doug Reid. in ?' N. ,, DELTA - A League - Tim Foster, Glenn Anderson, Teddy Mintz, Phil Smith tan. 'Gil' . . if-.. W l 1 3 1 Y 49 1 'k 3 'Q 'sf 2 rm . I , Q5 if ,W ..,,. ,, , 49' if R ALPHA - B League - Todd Wiseman, Scott Smith, Randy Parmer, Kenny Whitmire, Chris Cahl, Trebby Hicks. gf ALPHA - C League Y Steve Perry. Terry Gunn, Roger Hopkins, Norman Cailis, Max Moser, 1Not Picturedj Steve Farmer Good Season, Guys! vim, BETA - B League - Greg Clyburn, Robbie Jarrell, Pat Biddle, Bill Sharpe, Kent Hughes, Darryl Murray, Tim Rose. t"-'7 A ,.....r, BETA - C League - Preston Kunda, Larry Mathis, Bob Wankle, Bob Allen, Dale Easter, Randy McDougall, Alan Foster, Marty Thompson. -4" 'N a-Nxw M -an DELTA ' B League - Joel Calkin, Carl Davis, Chad Davis, Paul Osborne, Todd Glass, Everett Meeks, Tony Hood, Kieth Gray. We vi' -'iii DELTA - C League - Eddie Marcum, Steve Hoskins, Thor Simonson, Robin Starr, Steve Bargatze, Ed Blain Good Participation Makes For M, iiia 3' iii 'I' 1 QQ an 'I' Q9 GAMMA - B League - Steve Jackson, Scott Morre, Eddie Savage, Greg Lovell, Kendall Poole, Randall Campbell, Les White. GAMMA - C League - Willie Legrier, Phillip McMurrin, Scott Adkins, Gary Marshall. A Successful Year! lib Qvwwgp Pam Petty, Ann McLeay, Veneda Jordan, Lyn Slonecker. Michelle Dufresne, Karen Green, Karen Crockrell, Sandra Musgrove. N 5 I x 2' '.' 5 kr SJ xxx w Nc 'wi ,err vw-on ff fr . A' jc fxx e xi, Trojan Cheerleaders Bottom: Geron Rogers, Brad Poe, Arlene Talley, Tammy Tanner, James Miller, Tim Foster Top: Angela Goode, Tammy Weaver, Marci McSwain, Susan Stanford, Cyrisse Bianco, Karla Davis VM--..-..... Even pain and suffering didrft stop our fearless cheerleaders! l l w WN . I 5 fn i if ll l l . : f l ik Marci gets kicked out of the huddle. Beautiful Angela Goode shows her school spirit Trojan Basketball 83'-84' Bottom: Jessie Woodard Reggie Tiller Avery Patton Brad Frisbey Willie Baxter Top: Reggie Suddeth Steve Tate Lem Catlin Tim Bell Llwayne Jones Bill Alexander smwratwwtt r,,,,, ww TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC wg 79 82 87 78 89 95 92 74 73 73 7l 88 65 73 80 64 82 93 72 99 53 77 94 76 es? SCOREBOARD Cumberland - 5l Birmingham So, - 76 Tusculum - 65 Lincoln Mem. - 86 Tusculum - 83 Talladega - 53 Brescia College - Union - 87 Brescia - 53 Birmingham So. David Lipscomb 64 --Bl -77 Bethel College - 77 Belmont - 60 Lambuth - 66 Freed-Hardeman - 96 Christian Bros. - 6l Union - 78 Lambuth - 83 Ala. Huntsville - 73 David Lipscomb - 86 - 54 Belmont - 76 Cumberland Freed-Hardman - 81 Bethel - 87 72 1 Q4 I WW Coach Frank Wilson celebrated his l0Oth win at TNC this year. Congratula- tions! an Q. 'J lem Catlin' Show us your DUNK SHOT!! 5 Good Job'Y 2 Let's Pla Ball! Aa., +- Senior Sieve Tate shoots for two , 'A- ,Q 78 while Brad Frisbey shouts commands to his teammates . , . and Jessie Woodard confuses a Lambuth player. 11 Evading his rival, Bill Alexander displays swift agility in maneuvering the ball. 8235? X ,eiililnl A behind the scenes look at "Cry Baby Baxter" and "Sexy Suddethn. ,,,,,,,M,,.,N- WMA W M.,-...t, ,.s,- ,,,.., ,. , ,,,,,, ,,,.,. ,,,.N,,,a. ,,,,,.4,,,,.N Women's M-M, h,VN. , ' 1 Bottom: Karen Green Gabrina Williams Karen Crockrell Cara Patterson Top: Lesa White Ann McLeay Allison Banks Jan Taylor I Dana Moore Michelle DuFresne Coach: Randy Buckner Randy Buckner is Hthe man with the plan. iv .ma Ann MCLeay prepares to return the ball back across the net, Volleyball X T , K xl fn .i i ,ttl :Q , , llwzlllll lll' A ,,'lli L, ,l,, , 1 A good Trojan always ends a game with a handshake f V -r 1 f , f A f 7 L9 4 ,, , lr an Q 5 5 4 The players sure know how to return a volley! Gabrina and Coach practice before a game. TROJAN BASEBALL K Mfg QW .U H NNNC As American As Apple Pie Coach Johnson guides Troy Haydel around the bases w'u,.n',.4e A-iw - ml Q-,:, w. ,, ,-fnw pm . Q .V -W MENS TENNIS Sophomore Pele Narkestan hits a backhand return K , :',n- Women's Tennis 'ffm we ,mimi Lesa White, Ann Driggers, Pam Petty, Coach Steve Harris, Lyn Slonecker, Sandra Musgrove, Valecia Ladd, Sonya Frye. is 'W-'iw. "-we ,mf ,, V I E f 1 sg., 1,1 it v ' PM f 1, C J ' , EH . ' M1 in 3 an Y 'sw 1- ' Wg V' I "Wa -2-, Q wit, !, mi' 7 Athletic Awards Banquet 3 mu Bl-EN i'- Around The Gym 55r'1?FL' Kevin Mims and Danny Eaton are Iiftin' and laughin' in the weight room wuz - - N ' 1 , , . J .Z M gl 5 4 , . zf- Rs! .. .F , , , 4 mwfssizsfxsnawl ' Basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, cheerleading, Weightlifting, raquetball, swimming, and gymnastics are among the sports our gymnasium and athletic program offers. T R 0 J A N SPIRIT 9 fs Q? GPXNIZATIQ 1 984 i Pictured Above: Randy Lewis, Eddie Jones, Kelly Bowman, Rob Melton, Rocky Jenkins, Daryl Murray, Melinda Nabors, Ani Arias, Julie Smith, Bill Sharpe, Shelley Archer, Bev Adams, Paul David Frank, Edie Schultz, Karen Miller, Lee Lawson, Dr. John Chilton, Linda Dickens, Rhondy McBrayer, Nancy Abell, Ed Savage, Laura Sweat. Not Shown, Rob Eicholtz. CD 1-1- C Q- CD 5 4-1- D AO .IS U we ssv DO uouel ssociation ent OVGITI t ED ud St 'ff Shown Above: Elections Committee - Sammy Jones, Tarnbrey Tanner, Paul David Frank, Kandy Archer, Howard Wilson. Shown Below: Religious Life Committee - Lee Lawson, Melissa Nabors, Todd Wiseman, Rick Harvey, Kathy Lewis, Steve Marinakas Mark East, Kent Hughes. Not pictured, Julie Smith. f "',L3"il X Y S., 'C' W L. 99. il CD 1-1- -1 K4 Darda Staff i may Shelley Archer, Editor Carl Sparks, Assistant Editor MX ,e,ei NS Amefzafaivg A J-1918 QPJQG U: CU 4-J CD OES -ech GV Tr Pictured Above: Cleft to rightj Bob Wankel, Donna Murphy, David Maynard, Starlitt Knight, Steve Per- ry, Lessa Jernigan, Sherri McMurrin, Linda Dick- ens, Editor. 00 4 Qt fifg,fQ9ii 1 Pictured Above: fleft to Rightj First row: Rob Eicholtz, Melanie Clark, Millie Wood, Darlene Grimes, Denise Haddix, Phil Mallott. Second Row: Teddy Mintz, Kathy Lewis, Arlene Talley, Angela East, Teresa Young, Marty Woods. Third row: Dave Queen, Dirk Steenbergen, Rick Harvey, Mlke Vuytecki, Phillip McMurrin, Phil McMurrin, Mark East, Doug Reed. ai IS O SU 291111 ea Lp onor Society Pictured Above: 1Left to Rightl First Row - Marc Hodge, Kathy Lewis, Monica Scott, Lisa Figge, Vicki Jenkins, Melba Ferrell, Melanie Clark, Second Row - Andy Napier, Michelle DuFresne, Judy Doener, Robin Osborne, Cynthia Ireland, Danny Eaton, David Maynard, Jeff Alford, Third Row - Gina Johnson, Cheryl Davis, Jeanna Skinner, Pam Stone, Brian Casey, Dean Phyllis Flannery, Loreen Lankford, Suzanne Higganbotham Dana Snider, Greg Lovell, Jeff Allen. First Row: iLeft to Righty Dee Metcalf, Eddie Jones, Cynthia Ireland, Karen Brittain, Cynthia Lykins, Prof. Corlis McGee, Mark Gricewich. Second Row: Carl Davis, Joel Williams, Joey Storey, Keith l.eGrand, James Wilcox, Third Row: John Hunt, Phil Potter, Joey Murphy, Brian Speer, Sammy Jones. SERV CE Hd SS3890 63 llfld 19 Q12 QPCI .WJ ,- at leven members attended the State PBL Convention in Gatlinburg associated with a campus organization dedicated strictly to business. during the first weekend in April. Dee Metcalf was elected to serve as ' ' ' ' b l ced first in business Phi Beta Lambda has been formed to allow business majors to be E l b ' e were invited to speak at meetings from diverse State Chapter President and six mem ers pa Loca usinessm ri ' ' ' ' ' m etition. 1984 was the second year of existence for this club. professions such as publishing and recording companies. co p 89F NAZ QNX U4 Pictured ABove: CLeft to Rightj First Row - Darlene Rutledge, Carl Turner, Melba Ferrell, Professor David Deese, Tim Smith, Andy Napier, Michael Kerstetter. Second Row - David Queen, Ken Kennerly, Kris McKenzie, Jeff Wynn, Greg Tulowitzky, Reed Mosgrove. "Our Music Says It All" ED Q. O E 5 CD Q o 3 'U on :s K4 Y' . 'A ' ' -.... H M, ... ' AY 'S-......,.,.,', i f .. . + , Q . A CD CU -4-I -i-I CU C IE i M561 I' .gavlv arc Pictured Above: Qleft to Righty First row - Sharon Bailey, Melanie Walker, Gina Johnson, Aletha Gordon, Judy Doener. Second row - Nora Taylor, Diana Givens, Lisa Smith, Janice Kilgore. Third row -- Donna Murphy, Angela Mills, La'tan Roland. Fourth row - Suzanna Farish, Cynthia Ireland. Top - Patty Hamrick. yr...- 'w if wg, Club members babysit during home basketball games Meldme Walker receives the Civineltes yearly award from president. Patty Hamrick. E: :S FD 4-1- 4-0- CD CD i Ch 3 Ga ta Be BTX M17-MMV! ry, M, 4, t , , 4 HM, PICTURED AT RIGHT: CLeft to Righty Greg Ken- erly - Secretary, Brian Casey, Keith LeGrand - Sgt.-AtAArms, Jeff Alford - Chaplain, War- ren Cranford, Second row: Burley Harris, Daryl Woods - ll Vice-President, Miss Tambrey Tan- ner - 1984 Club Sweetheart. Third row: Carl Sparks - President, Ed Savage - I Vice-Presi- dent, E. Blain, Ben Norton, Sammy Jones - Treasurer, Terry Williams - Prospect Counce- lor. Not pictured: Steve Keller, Harold Wilson, Paul Osborne, Matt Baldwin, Tim Pitzer, Dr. Ar- thur fTobyJ Williams - Sponsor. 67 51 li B i I.. i N 4.-...M lm .-,,,t,..... The Trevecca Civitans-Beta Gamma Chi celebrated their second year of exis- tance this year. They sponsored an all club lock-in which included food, fellow- ship, and fun. Civitans played an impor- tant role in the operation of both area and state Special Olympics, acting as buddies, huggers and whatever else was asked of them. The most important ser- vice, according to Carl Sparks - Presi- dent, was the twice a week visits to a public school, here in Nashville, to ready the students of the special educa- tion classes for the Special Olympics. The Civitan motto is "Builders of Good Christian Citizenship". W il an D no an O ET iety OC aS Sig its PICTURED ABOVE: Stephanie Lawson, Wendy Wit- beck, Deanna Williams, Starlett Knight, Vickie Hall, Teresa Bailey, Melinda Nabors, Dee Metcalf, Rhonda Blanton, Leesa Jernigan, Michelle Dufresne, Angela Smith, Laura Sweat, Megan Spruill, Leslie McDonald, Tammy Weaver, Leah Browning, Kathy Fondren, Ani Arias, LuAnn Yount, Loretta Hudson, Cyrisse Bianco, Laura Bradley, Carla Scott, Kala Whitaker, Marcia Hunter, Barb Tharp, Jeanna Skinner, Laurie McCol- lum, Melissa McLeod, Renee Herndon, Stephanie Waller, Cheryl Thomason, Kelly Henderson, Bev Ad- ams, Angie Brown. 'PS' il The 1983 Club of the Year was hon- ored with the award for the second S0 co Dog Q I A19 year in 1984. Sigma Society became club of the year because of their out- standing service record and willing- ness to work. They sponsored an ac- tivity every Sunday evening in the snack shop, with such guests as Mel- vin Welch and his musical accordian, Dave Privett and Company with their puppets and much more. The club considers the work done with the Tennessee Preparatory School to be their most treasured service. 9 i , Wk! ' Ewk k , ' jg .yiffifz-1, . 'rw- tf X lf" AT :zo N 1045 X7 ,nl 1' "mx I I Q' N 1 X x xx 'Q' ,, ,, ff' fl ircle Pictured Above: Brian Hulse, Victor Collier, Randy Hulse, Phillip Johnson, Jeff Bambling, Dean Bushnell, Brad Poe, Ole Blomberg, Larry Mathis, Keith Grey, Danny Coleman, Thor Simensen, Ran- dall Campbell, Eddie Goode, Joey Storey, Chuck Lovell, Todd Bowman, Paul Frank, Randy McDougall, Marty Thompson, Mike Mylhousen, Darryl Wright, Kenny Whitmire, Andy Rutherford, Tim Mitchell, Mike Whitehead. Right: Thor Simensen and Randall Campbell make a position change during the Annual Circle K Volleyball Marathon for Mus- cular Distrophy. Xue dfdas b Q "1 Q rn 2 S Kid King's Pictured Above: fleft to Righty Melba Ferrell, , QX , ti ,, . " ,..,. . L, ieh Yei: rri, J , , - re' ' ' is ww Chantiel Key, Gina Wilson, Jenny Fisher, Lynn Younger, Beth Tucker, Doreen Pearson. Second row: Tim Bradley, Mary Gay, Malinda Nabors, Kathy Vann, Marie Bohannon, Johan- na Meeks, Denice Vann, Jody Hobby. Third row: Claude Perhealth, Donny Bailey, Mike Vuytecki, Ken Lay, Dale Ries, Steve Marina- kis, Kristi Branham, Carla Pulliam, Steve Kel- ler, Les White, Jackie Conner. X i 1---....,., .s .nu nf,-4... RMQW' my fr.: QM.. ff ,,,k I w .w 5 M- - mf! f cn CD .Q .E U cn CI .Q cn .EQ Pictured Above: fLeft to Righty First Row - Katherine Abney, Nancy Jo Pahle, Sandy Chappell, Gordon Campbell, Cathy Jans, Rick Stahl. Second Row - Kim Roberts, Laurie Davis, Dick Zeltvay, Phil Gardner, Melanie Turpin, Johnny Nowlin, Cheryl Goodman. Third Row -- Dave Stodgin, Curt Seiler, George Williams, Lindsay Bishop, Barry Dickens, Al Roggiero, Barry Wright. 'U D' 24 Q. Q. on D SV S6 IS CIHID 1LIQ1S' SOCIHUOI1 Workers As s: 'E -4-I Z2 s-. .C U Valentine Pageant Queen Karen Miller signs her talent portion of the competition. PEPUQD GS Trebleton Pictured Above: fLeft to Righty First Row - Brenda Peterson, Keron Garner, Barbi Cash, Denise Ritter, Kim Crane, Barb Tharp Tammy McPherson, Lora Forrester, Twyla Coleman, Kathy Fondren, Jackie Ray. Second Row - Kelly Bowman, Susan Middleton, Cara Patterson, Victoria Davis, Ann Jared, Janet McKenzie, Shiela Cooner Shelley Archer, Beverli Lindsey, Martha Dale. Third Row - Tonja Mulder, Elizabeth Koehn, Debby Otis, Marcia Hunter, Julie Petrie, Angela Woods, Chris Baer, Jan Jared Nora Taylor, Lyn Slonecker, Stephanie Waller. hcl: -.-.if WN., ,-.. -.M -,. 4 -..M..w:-1.5 .... N sv- mx , f 1. ix. gf ' we tw., H. W N Q.,-w A ,H v.,,,Nh N- S-N""'s. ' N. A -4 S W, A .su 'W-.j,,m' - 'M H gag Pictured Above: CLeft to Righty First row: War- ren Williams, Jay Winkle, Eric Miller, Kevin Simons, Jon Grote, Everett Meeks, Larry Mathis, Kent Buess, Barry Reid, Greg Kener- ly, Ken Lay, Tony Pangle. Second row: Phil McMurrin, Phil Craig, Tom Baader, Brian Blankenship, Tim Rose. Third Row: Wesley McMurrin, John Wilson, Todd Glass, Eddie Marcum, Joel Calkin, Tony Hood, Scott Moore, John Hunt, Ed Wynn. Fourth row: Paul Osborne, John Osborne, Scott Adkins, Tim Queener, Tim Haynes. Pictured left: Ambassadores 1983 Summer Tour in Rome, Italy at the Coliseum. Choir rt CG Con , , ,,, - - Y' ' r Pictured Above: tleft to rightl First row - Randy Lewis, Stacey Harless, David McCullough, Jolene Helmer, Tim Smith, Carrie Bradshaw, Joel Smith. Second row - Scott Adkins, Monica Scott, Terry Williams, Melissa Nabors, Donnie Davis, Gwen Rogers, Ronnie Simmons, Donna Henderson, Tim Pitzer, Donna Hatfield, Sam Green. Third row - Jeff Johnson, Paula Green, David Hoover, Melinda Nabors, Brad Guthrie, Trish Becknell, Marc Hodge, Alica Stone, Lee Lawson, Donna Robertson, Michael Clyburn. Fourth row - Mike Vuytecki, Debbie Patrick, Jerry Dunn, Dee Metcalf, Pedro Vasquez, Kala Whitaker, Rob Melton, Phil Robertson, Angela Smith, Alan Foster, Beth Patrick, Brad Jones. Pictured Above: CLeft to Rightj First Row - Pedro Vasquez, Alica Stone, Deanna Williams, Marc Hodge, Debbie Patrick, Lori Clements, Michael Clyburn. Second Row - Ed Wynn, Barb Tharp, Scott Atkins, David Hoover, Denise Ritter, Sam Green. Third Row - Chris Baer, Sheila Cooner. DJ O- l II. CQ Il? Q SLI l'lS Relatio .2 .Ti :s o. New Direction - Seated left to right: Jeff Johnson, David McCullough, Sam Green, Melissa Nabors, Donna Henderson Marc Hodge, Brad Guthrie. Trevedores - Standing left to right: Jeff Alford, Steve Davis, Tim Pitzer, David Hoover. H9198 Ullqnd O SLI OHS Relati .H T: I5 D.. f,A.. .. f:., . e e if 'U Admissions Counselors - First row fRight to Leftj Kitty Waldrlp Edie Schultz Rhondy McBrayer Second row: Joel Williams, Mike Berger. Not Shown: Brian Casey. 'Wu A Q 14 130 fL..:..S K t Q i " I figs. WM -ws. Cir , If '6 4 1 f 57: 'I 7? ' ,,' 1 1 33 M.. :jg ' WACA K, I 4' L - . :, , ,: , .. . f- My f -,-L,f ' 1-,- Q,-fav :N , .. N . A ,-. eg ,.., 5- ,ff,k,, 4, V, m L,,, L ?f aiffgii CPXDEMIQ 1984 Our President: f"""--1 J 140' Q Dr. Homer J. Adams + ,,i4'wN" f I X: A ..Lk: - K V . M S ki , Q 2 ii' In . f 'L - p L- Q ' 111 1 K raaq. mr Q . 15 i La.. s as I E ,D , f . J .. , H Q' - Q1 1 M V N... F f X 5 Q ua e Board Of Trustees Dr. Homer J. Adams, Pres., Ex Officio Dr. J.V. Morsch, Chairman Dr. Moody Gunter, Vice-Chairman Dr. J.T. Gassett, Secretary Mr. W. Howard Marks, Treasurer Dr. Odie L. Page, Member-at-Large Rev. Roy T. Nix, Member-at-Large Dr. W. Talmadge Johnson, Member-at-Large Alabama North Dr. B.J. Garber, D.S. Mr. Floyd Rutladge Rev. Roy T. Nix Alabama South Dr. Don Jernigan, D.S. Mr. Henry Osborne Rev. John E. Powell East Tennessee Rev. Doyle C. Smith, D.S. Dr. Don M. Moore Rev. Willard Johnson Central Florida Dr. J.V. Morsch, D.S. Rev. Nathan Price Mr. William L. Elkins Mr. Joel E. Love Georgia Dr. Harold D. Latham, D.S. Mr. Bibb B. Henderson Mr. W. Howard Marks Rev. Myron G. Wise Kentucky Rev. Aleck G. Lllmet, D.S. Dr. Robert L. Allen Mr. Mark Greathouse Mississippi Rev. J.W. Lancaster, D.S. Mr. Frank W. Cowart Rev. G. Halbert Jenkins North Carolina Rev. Orval L. Stone, D.S. Mr. Odie L. Page Rev. Robert J. Andress North Florida Dr. Jonathan T. Gassett, D.S, Mr. Jim H. Herndon Rev. Samuel Pickenpaugh South Carolina Dr. D. Moody Gunter, D.S. Mr. J.B. Hucks, Sr. Rev. G.W. Harrell, Jr. Mr. Robert L. Lelham Southern Florida Dr. Robert H. Spear, D.S. Mr. Allen R. Underwood Dr. Neil B. Wiseman Mr. Herbert McMillian Tennessee Dr. W. Talmadge Johnson, D.S. Mr. Wendell Poole Rev. Robert S. Mitchell, Sr. Alumni Representatives Mr. R.E. Tarter Lenior City, Tennessee Mr. Edward H. Whittington Nashville, Tennessee Academic Services And Richard E Egnor B A M.A. Registrar and Director of Institutional Research William Strickland B.A. M.Div. Ph.D Dean of the College Norma L. White, BA., M.A. Director of Developmental Education J...1. Wheelbarger, B.A., M.EId., Ed,D., M.L.S., Ph.D. Director of Learning Resources Student Services George Privett, B.A., M.Div,, S.T.M., D.Min Dean of Students Dlrector of Retennon and Student Development Wayne Gallup B S.,'M.A. Assistant Dean of Student Services Wlllnam J Calkln B A., MS, Career Counselor Steven A. Harris, B.S., M,S. Financial Services Merritt L. White, BA Chief Fiscal Officer Director of Management information Systems Donald F, Irwin, B.A,, Pleais Hampton Howard T. Wall, Jr., B.A,, M.Dir,, Director of Admissions and Public Relations Church Relations and Development Director of Development and Church Relations Edmond P. Nash, A.B., M,Div,, D. Min., Executive Assistant to the President for Church Relations and Development t :ix f. Melvin Welch B.A. M.A. Ph.D. Director of Alumni Relations . 'N' "'3g,,,1' Claude Diehl B.A. Director of Corporate Support Staff Z8 Q2 W 4 W, gg, K sg w tw- in V. ' fa sn ka Mn-'A NM v i ' .,"' ? V 41. , , o fa . 'f ?'?f..."'2..K"' 4 Allied Health Earl E. Vastbinder, M D Department Chairman 8 Professor of Allied Health Paul Brown, B.S. Instructor of Allied Health ER R l 2 li S A Y X W X A X eekefx X XSQ . N xQR'NN A x Xkxxx X XS SSQX Gary Johnson, B.S. Director of Physician Assistant Program Lois Wolfgang B.S.N. M.H.S, Director of Medical Assistant Program Orpha M. Speicher BA. M.D. Professor of Allied Health Communications Studies Robinson T, Blann B.A. M.A Assistant Professor of English Carol Anne Eby, B.A., M.A Assistant Professor of English James G Quiggins B A M S Ph D. Department Chairman and Professor of Communications Ns ww ff 1 44 'i"' I , ya, ,,wms,w1NCMssps+v- ssss A 'N' . X, ,,,,, ' if ,E Lois B Eades BA M A Assistant Professor of English Martha C. Eby, B,A,, M.A Instructor in English Mm 'Wu qui-wg, x David Deese B A Dlrector of Broadcasting James A Knear B A M.A. Associate Professor of Speech JW if James H Warren B A MA. Associate Professor of Drama and Communications Business Gerald D, Skinner, M.S., C.P.A. Department Chairman and Professor of Accounting Corhs A McGee BS M B A Assxstant Professor of Business 3 Morris H. Stocks B.S.. C.P.A. M.S. Assistant Professor of Business Physical Education Alan Smith M A Department Chasrperson 5 Associate Professor of Physical Education Carolyn C Smith BA M A Assistant Professor of Physical Education Elhot O Johnson BA M A Assrstant Professor of Health 8 Physica! Educatlon Science And 'MA' fMQ"W""9""Q Ann K. Fuqua, B.S., M.A., Ed.S., Ph.D Professor of Biology Gerald A. Nyssen, B,A,, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry X, f Z f 4 ff John W Dlx BA MA. Professor of Biology and Department Chairperson Ralph F. Ungar, B.A., M,T., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Microbiology Professor of Mathematics Buess conducts class Mathematics Ronald Gray, BA., M.A., Ed.D. Dr. . Larry D. Buess, B.A., MA., Ph.D,, M.A,T. Associated Professor of Mathematics 4 Education Ralph G. Leverett, B.S., M,S., Ph.D., M.A. Professor of Special Education Carole A. Costa BA. M.A Associate Professor of Education Susan Johnson Miller B S M A Director of Klnderhaus and Instructor in Education gym Nancy W. Hazlewood, B.S., M.Ecl. Associate Professor of Education Psychology James R. Caldwell, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Assistant Professor of Psychology Randy L. Carden, B.S., MA. History And John H. Chilton, Ph.D., B.B.A., B.A., MA., Ed.S. Professor of History and Department Chairperson Arthur W. Williams, B.A., BD., M.A.T., D.A. Professor of History Social Science Joy P Wells BS MAT Assnstant Professor of Sociology Robert Cornett B A M A Instructor In Political Science ia, 1 Religion And H Ray Dunning PhD BA BD MA Professor of Theology 6 Philosophy and Department Head Don W Dunnlngton BA M Div DMrn Chaplain Associate Professor of Preaching 8 Pastoral Ministry Joe E. Bowers B.S. M.A. Assistant Professor of Christian Education fl ff Philosophy Hal Cauthron, BA., M.A., M.Div., Ph,D, Associate Professor of New Testament Language E: Literature Craig S. Keen, Bs., M.A,, Mow, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion Library Science Prlscnlla F Speer BA M LS E Ray Thrasher B A M L S Assistant Professor of Library Science Assistant Professor of Lnbrary Science MF Carl W Eby BA MA Assistant Professor of Photography M25 gh vvyhuvoww' ff 3556 447 Stephen H Farnsley BS MMus Associate Professor of Music I n 4 , .E , WM ,A , 1 , ' v e X 1 If M V, Q 2, ,, A - . - -. ' - Music 161 President, Kelli Bowman, Vice- President, James Wilcox, Secretary, Stephanie Lawson, Treasurer, Starlit Knight, SGA Rep., Rondy McBrayerg SGA Rep., Laura Sweetg Chaplain, Kathy Lewis. Senior Class Officers President, Rob Eicholtzg Vice-President, Tim Lee, S.G.A. Rep., Randy Lewis, S.G.A. Rep., Eddie Jones, Secretary, Terry Williams, Treasurer, Harold Wilson, Chaplain, Todd Wiseman. .-w . 'ay . . -s f "N, , il 'W Y f lll - , F Junior Class Officers Sophomore Class Officers ii!! Ns Grlltlmi Freshman Class Officers President, Edie Schultz, Vice- President, Donnie Davis, Secretary, Lori Clements, Treasurer, Brian Casey, Chaplain, Melissa Naborsg SGA Rep., Ani Arias, Melinda Nabors. President, Rob Melton, Vice- President, David Fairclothg Secretary, Gwen Rogers, Treasurer, Glenda Miller, Chaplain, Jackie Ray, SGA Reps., Lee Lawson, Karen Miller. Securit fa ,!i ff' H V ' ' f fin Y I - ,, lf . , Q4 if 4- If ,ffl W Maintenance Mi ""' 4 ,V MWM. I I f ' 721: Q A 'V H A Q 4 Znn Q . 4 nnnnn , Q, f Resident Counselors And Assistants A t Audio-Visual Pictured Above: Carl Eby, Mark Hulse, Larry Roberts, Bob Spear, Beth Simons v , Q :Wgf I r I ygngjgg x, f ff K, fn XL' ?f9i9fisL T? f 'L in ' W- -f,.,qW,V,,,, JW!! 4 1 7191 4. -as mww' ' ' Li an M"""622,M I 170 4 Food Services 5,4 u g, l l 545 44 5 2 i i ia Q fi f Bill Sinclair 2 2 4 Y if 9 A 95 iz Ze' 'Hb 'V ' 'lb ., W? Q' jg ff 5 'V Post Office Q ? dl-:lf S. 92 Q.. ai ,,,' . ,,,,N ,, x,,7, V Book Store F 173 V 1 f Q , 6 , , . Elm-BWV A Y J i 4 4 4 4 ' f .L iw I V 4 ' Q Y. M 5 1 - ' 1 ' - , K ,- . J ' sh A V KL 3 Y Mg P I . ' 4 ' , 1 V a . .f ' .11 n sk ' . 4 1 Q 'pvc 4 ' -ir' ' ff '4 af 'I ' ,,qW"'Tg' A 'Kg 'Pe 4 4 1, 0 . S , 1 wi' 1 ,fav , ,wi , r' xv, ' 1 af' 9' me if "i ,JW XJ: 'gp 1 , 1 Q ag' .114.n'iln ample! fm ,f i 0 ' u 5 J Rm, ' ,k ,ny .5 04 If if' 'A L 9 1 , , g W A yn " 4 4 ' f Q wx ,VJ in .iw I . 'aa 1. W , X fu 'kv as- tm ,L 1? W: M . - 7 I f nik A - 1 'Q' 3 1 w 4- vf Q I .WW Mum., QLJXSSEQS 1984 Seniors at .,q,5f,q-F 12. y "N MQ. 4' di!! W at Q Nancy Louise Abell Business Administration Beverly Jane Adams Mathematics Deanna Allen Williams Music Shelley Renee Archer A ccoun ting Polly Denise Arney A ccoun ting Adrianne Yvonne Austin Psychology Linda Denise Bacon Physician 's Assistant Donnie Leslie Bailey Computer Informa tion Systems Evelyn Renee Ballard Business Administration Stephen Ray Bargatze Elementary Education Dean Alan Beach Physician 's Assistant Patricia Evelyn Becknell Church Music Michael Scott Berger Pre-Medicine Phillip Albert Bhagoutie Computer information Systems Cyrisse Rhea Bianco Medical Assistant Brian Eugene Blankenship Religion-Pre-Seminary Olof Lowry Blomberg Physical Education Laura Alice Bradley Medical Secretary Dean Wesley Bushnell Behavioral Science Tanya Lorie Butler Music David Bruce Caldwell Accounting 1 A U- , . .il J . rt :is Q M1 ll' sh- t 'R 4-:PES ...Q ff . S-uwpn, l'TrlrL Kenan Murat Cetin Physicians Assistant Rhonda Sue Chanler Church Music Beverly Jo Clark Biology Melanie Lynn Clark Social Welfare Michael Edwin Clyburn Church Music Jonathan David Coleman History Alan Bruce Corbin Physician 's Assistant John Howard Crapo Physical Education Mary Lee Cudd Physician 's Assistant Martha Antionntte Dale Medical Secretary Cheryl Renee Davis Elementary Education Jerry Leo Davis Religion-Pre-Seminar y Laurie Ann Davis Physician 's Assistant Linda Michele Dickens Communication Studies Judith Carol Doerner Special Education Lori Jean Dumas Physician 's Assistant Mark Allen East Religion-Pre-Seminary Robert Leonard Eicholtz Business Administration William Lewis Elkins Religion-Pre-Seminary Christine Alana Elsaieh History Susanna Maria Farish Early Childhood Susan Kay Fielder Business Administration Jenny Lynn Fisher Accounting John Norman Gaus Youth Ministry 'rf A A IQ 1 'it'-A yi. lf n if il nin ll ll li if li lj if 'I K fin 'T 5 SQxwPf0 Giirif P? 3 Todd Farryl Glass Biology Craig Allen Goff Religion-Pre-Seminary Phillip Edward Goode Communication Studies Keith Elisha Gray History Mark W. Gricewich Accounting Mary Louise Groves Early Childhood Bradley Eugene Guthrie Church Music Sherry Lynn Hall Communication Studies Kenneth Ray Hamilton Accounting Patti Lynn Hamrick Early Childhood Sharlee Marie Haynes Elementary Education Timothy William Haynes Youth Ministry Ronald Keith Hester Computer Information Systems Robert Jeffrey Hiatt Religion -Pre-Seminary Marc Thomas Hodge Music Jeneva Maybelle Holt Elementary Education Catherine Louise Hooper Social Welfare David Allen Hoover Music Grace Marlene Houser Business Administration David Mark Hunt Accounting Robert Earl Jarrell Psychology Allen James Jedd Physician 's Assistant Rocky Stan Jenkins Computer Information Systems Jeffrey Thomas Johnson Religion-Pre-Seminary MDX 'il 11' X55 W- an so -at Lisa Mick Johnson Elementary Education Bradley William Jones Accounting Edward Wayne Jones Business Administration Samuel Dwayne Jones Business Administration Christopher Wade Kaplan Physician 's Assistant Caryl Lauren Kennedy Physician 's Assistant Michael Victor Kerstetter History Gordon Franklin Killion Religion-Religious Studies Ywana Lynn Knisley Business Administration Timothy Ray Lee Religion -Pre-Seminar y Alice Kay Lin Medical Technology Cheryl Nadine Little Office Administration Larry Kent Mathis Youth Ministry Cynthis Diane MaGahee Elementary Education Roxeanne lline McGuire Physician 's Assistant Sheri Lynn McMurrin Early Childhood John Charles Miller Business Administration Harold Woodrow Mitchell Social Science Herbert Clark Modesitt Sales Kenneth David Mortimer Religion-Pre-Seminary Reed Wesley Mosgrove Communication Studies Kevin Gene Mounce Physician 's Assistant Anthony David Pangle Music Education Mark Wilson Parker Religion-Pre-Seminary IPF' gl Al' u 1 v 1-uf '26 Q 1 X -...KN Gerald Randal Parmer Behavioral Science Brenda Sue Peterson Social Welfare Julia Lynn Petrie Religion-Pre-Seminar y John Darren Phipps Psychology Treila Michele Pruitt Medical Secretary Lori June Rainer Elementary Education Douglas Pierce Reid, Jr. Religion-Pre-Seminary Denise Winifred Ritter Business Administration Frank Philip Roberson, Jr Accounting John Geron Rogers Religion-Pre-Seminary Vickie LaTan Roland Elementary Education Edward Ray Savage Accounting Carla Suzanne Scott Medical Technology Curtis Alan Seiler Physician 's Assistant Wayne Scott Sharpe Mass Communication Donald Keith Shelton Business Administration Thor Alexander Simensen Mathematics Monica Dawn Slay Business Administration Cameron Scott Smith Physical Education Dorcas Dearlove Smith Secretarial Administration Lynn R. Smith Business Administration Patricia Jeanette Smith Elementary Education Diane Marie Spaur Physician 's Assistant Theron Michael Stevenson Christian Education iv! nm P Avi. 11' 'Y' 1' -'C 72 f-f'4""" Q. u-v-"" ,F- i T Alica Wilene Stone Social Welfare Joseph Dale Storey Business Administration Reginald Ayres Suddeth Social Welfare Mark Sylvis Sr. Mass Communication David Maurice Taft Early Childhood Tambrey Elaine Tanner Computer Information Systems Lisa Kay Tate Office Administration Steven Wilson Tate Business Administration Kathi Riley Taylor Physician 's Assistant Nora Dawn Taylor Accounting Cheryl Faye Thomason Pre-Law Lynnette Carol Tullar Early Childhood Vance Phillip Visser Biology Terry Anne Walton Physician 's Assistant Angela Hightower Ward Business Administration Perry Don Ward Pre-Medicine Jeffery Paul Waterbury Business Administration Tammy Jo Weaver Business Administration Susan Denise Wilkerson Elementary Education Mark Stephen Williams Business Administration Terry Michael Williams Business Administration Bobi Renee Wilson Biology Harold David Wilson Business Administration Todd David Wiseman Religion-Pre-Seminary ,aux JC' A41 , if X Q 'VH f Jaws, A95 fv- nv 4: W f 'K V f lt. M. ,: ef l W "lk Wendy Ann Whitbeck Physical Education Darrell Lane Wright Religion-Pre-Seminary Sheryl Pearson Wright Psychology Mohamad Salih Abdullah Physician 's Assistant Steven Wayne Davidson Accounting Davie Jordan Edmondson Business Administration Kandale Joy Archer History Cynthia Lane Clark Elementary Education Vicky Lee Hall Christian Education Kenneth Randall Lewis Communication Studies Zibari We would like to apologize for any inconvenience wi might have caused to the abovf six persons who have appeared om of sequence, due to a cole processing error. Who's Who These Trevecca students join an elite group of young people selected from more that 1,000 institutions of higher learning in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and several foreign nations. Darrell Lane Wright Darrell Wright, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wright, is from Youngs- town, Ohio. He is a Religion major. While at Trevecca, Darrell was the president of the sophomore class, ASB President, and a mem- ber of Circle K. The Road Not Taken "l shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence. Two roads diverged in the wood, and l, l took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost x Robert Leonard Eicholtz Rob Eicholtz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eicholtz, majored in Business Administration. Because his family moved so frequent- ly, Rob claims no home state. At Trevecca, Rob served as chap- lain of his sophomore and junior classes and president of his senior class. He also was involved in the Ministry Outreach Team Program and intramural sports. "Though the fig tree does not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines, the produce of the olive fail and the fields yield no food, the flock be cut off from the fold and there be no herd in the stalls, yet, l will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. God, the Lord, is my strength, He makes my feet like hind's feet, He makes me tread upon high pIaces." - Habakkuk 3:17-19 If 'j I x'if"! fl 3 . .'fl.+j,l,' K1 Ii' ,fi Nancy Louise Abell Nancy Abell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grigg Abell, is from Hen- derson, Kentucky and has a major in Business Administration. While at Trevecca, Nancy was the SGA secretary, a member of the 1983 Homecoming Court, and was involved in King's Kids and Peer Counseling. "Cherish those who have touched your life, for in so doing, they have pressed you into being what you are today." - Robert Conklin "l thank my God Llpon every remembrance of you." - Philip- pians 1:3 Rocky Stan Jenkins Rocky Jenkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jenkins, is from Monti- cello, Kentucky. He majored in Computer lnformation Systems and Business Administration. Rocky served as an Admissions Counselor for two years, Student Government Association mem- ber for four years, and Associated Student Body Officer for three years. He also participated as a member of Phi Beta Lambda. "Anyone can complain, but to see precisely what is wrong is a gift, accurate diagnosis comes from a unique power of vision and indicates an equally unique capacity to remedy the fault." - William Ernest Hocking Marc Thomas Hodge Marc Hodge, son of Major and Mrs. Thomas W. Hodge, is from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Marc participated in Concert Choir, where he served as treasurer his senior year, and Madrigalians, where he served as president. He traveled with Trevedores for two years and with New Direction for one year. Marc also served as Prayer and Praise songleader and participated in the plays "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" and "Carousel" "Joy is distinctly a Christian word and a Christian thing. lt is the reverse of happiness. Happiness is the result of what happens of an agreeable sort. Joy has its springs deep down inside. And that spring never runs dry, no matter what happens. Only Jesus gives that joy. He had joy, singing its music within, even under the shadow of the cross. lt is an unknown word and thing except as He has sway within." - Samuel Dickey Gordon Olof Lowry Blomberg Ole Blomberg, son of Major and Olof Samuel Blomberg, is from Martinez, Georgia. While attending Trevecca, Ole was a member of Circle K, Highest Praise Trio, and Student Activities Commit- tee. He also served as vice president of the Ambassadors, Fresh- man Class vice president, and Junior class president. "What's to say that hasn't already been said?" - Ole Blomberg P.S. Thanks Mom and Dad, l love you! WUT? David Bruce Caldwell David Caldwell, son of Drs. Jim and Shirley Caldwell, is from Nashville, Tennessee. He majored in Accounting and Business Administration and minored in Computer Information Systems. While at Trevecca, David served as treasurer of Circle-K for two years, V.P. of Social Activities, Freshman Class President, Honor Society member and Phi Beta Lambda member. "Satisfaction and self fulfillment can't be given to you, instead you must work to achieve them. Along the same line, happiness can't be bought at any price, but instead it comes as a byproduct to those who show love and kindness unelfishly to others. You can never truely "get Ahead" because there will always be someone just a little bit better, but you can always benefit those who are behind . . . if you take the time and look." Kandale Joy Archer Kandy Archer, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Verlin Archer, is from Albertville, Alabama. While attending Trevecca, Kandy was the chaplain of Civinettes for one year, secretary of Christian Workers in Action for two years, and a member of the Bo Jo Mime Company. Majoring in History, Kandy says she is one of those rare students that just came to college to learn. "A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness . . . blow the rest away." - Anonymous W Starlet Kay Knight Starlet Knight, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, lrving Jones, is from Richmond, Virginia. While attending Trevecca, She majored in English and minored in Music. Starlet was a member of Sigma Society, Concert choir, Concert Band, Madrigalians, Woodwind Quintet, and 'lPromise". She also served as English Departmental Assistant, and was on the 1983-84 Trevechoes, as well as a contestant in the i984 Valentines Pageant. "Behold, we know not anything, I can but trust that hood shall fall At last - far of - at last, to all, And everu winter change to spring." - Alfred Lord Tennyson Mark Allen East Mark East is the son of Lewis and Marie East, and married to Angela Roberts East. While at Trevecca, Mark majored in Pre seminary Religion and minored in Philosophy and Greek. "One should be transparent for no one has from himself the truth which he teaches," - Paul Tillich of St. Anselm , j g , Edward Ray Savage Ed Savage, son of Rav. and Mrs. E. Ray Savage, is from Glasgow, Kentucky. Ed served as SGA-ASB Executive Treasurer, and as chairperson on the Finance Committee. He was also a member of Honor Society, Ambassadors, Phi Beta Lambda, and Beta Gamma Chl. "The person who advances is not the one who is afraid to do too much, it is the one whose conscience will not permit him to do too little." - B.C. Forbes Carla Suzanne Scott Carla Scott, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Daniel E. Scott, is from Huntsville, Alabama. She majored in Medical Technology. While attending Trevecca, Carla was a member of the 1982 Valentine Pageant, Student Life Committee, Honor Society, and the Nation- al Dean's List. She was also president of Sigma Society and served as a Freshman Studies Advisor. "Whatever the heart gives away is never gone, it is kept in the hearts of others." - Llnknown xl Rhonda Sue Chandler Rhonda Chandler, of Charlotte, North Carolina, majored in Music. While at Trevecca, she was a member of Honor Society, Treble Tones fChaplain and Presidentj, and was Sophomore and Junior class Scholoar. Rhonda was the Junior Marshal of 1983 and the Music Scholarship Recepient for 1981-84. "Your value becomes real and marketable when you learn to reach within yourself and utilize the enormous potential that is there." "l am the only person who can use my potential. lt is an awesome responsibility." - Zig Ziglar l'll see you at the top! - Rhonda Chandler Beverly Jane Adams Beverly Adams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Adams, is from Crossville, Tennessee. She majored in Math and minored in Professional Secondary Education. While attending Tre- vecca. Bev served as ASB Executive Vice President and was a member of SGA, Sigma Society, Honor Society, Tau Epsilon, National Dean's List, Student Life Committee and Administra- tive Council. She was also a member of the 1982 and 1984 Valentine Pageant and the 1984 Homecoming Court. "l rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. lt is a sort of splendid torch which I got hold of for a moment, and l want to make it burn as brightly as possible before turning it over to future generations." - George Bernard Shaw "A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." - William Shedd Jenny Lynn Fisher Jenny Lynn Fisher daughter of Mr, Marshall Fisher, Jr. is from Pineville, North Carolina. While at Trevecca, Jenny was secretary for Trevecca's Alumni officeg coordinator for King's Kids, and a member of Phi Beta Lambda, Community Living Council and Student Life Committee. She was also Junior class secretary as well as Senior Homecoming Attendant in 1983. "So much has been given to me, l have no time to ponder over that which has been denied." Helen Keller ln Loving Memory Of Woo-Sun Yu our In The Fields With God The little cares that fretted me, I lost them yesterday, Among the fields above the sea, Among the winds at play, Among the lowing of the herds, The rustling of the trees, Among the singing of the birds, The humming of the bees. The foolish fears of what might pass, I cast them all away, Among the clover-scented grass, Among the new-mown hay, Among the hushing of the corn, Where drowsy poppies nod, Where ill thoughts die and good are born - Out in the fields with God. . WM - Anonymous Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and com- plete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-A Juniors i if ' f Fin yvf-In Scotty Duvall Adkins Guy Wayne Almon Marvin Glenn Anderson Becky Lynn Arpino Adamu El-Wazir Atiku Christine Marie Baer Sharon Annette Bailey Teresa Elaine Bailey Pamela Diane Barker Carolyn Jean Barnard Kevin Scott Barnett Rhonda Ann Blanton Judith Karen Blowers Danny Ray Boatright Robin Jean Boone George Malcolm Boothroyd Kelli Sue Bowman Leah Annette Browning Danny Gordon Bunnelle Randall Eugene Campbell Donna Jean Cartee Melanie Lynn Clark Gregory Thomas Clyburn Frederick Wilson Coburn Juniors ,J-ME., 45' Danny Wayne Coleman Marjorie Estelle Collins Sherman Jackson Conner Gary Wayne Cook Sheila Allene Conner Karon Denita Cox Rebecca Jean Crapo David Alan Daily Carl Sidney Davis Karla Gail Davis Donaldo Pablo Delgado Kandra Jane Drake Elizabeth Ann Driggers Richard Weldon Driggers Julie Elizabeth Dubbeld Robert Michael DuFresne Timothy Wilard Eades Dale Edward Easter Mark Edward Eby Douglas Robert Ernest Juniors 1 la 5 i Rod, Beth, Darla, and Gary - Trevecca cooks of the year .- :O 41" Q .3 , 9 J. ul M 8 5 . 4 6 Vi O o 1, 0. . " . 9 0 9' i v ' n . "5 Q 0 0 . 9 ' X 1 as 1 . 9 0 A 4 a 4 4' Cynthia O'Dane Fisher Kathy June Fondren Lori Ann Fortner Alan Wayne Foster Timothy Scott Foster Paul David Frank Brenda Kaye Frye Carol Jean Furr Daniel Richard Green Karen Lynn Green Jonathan Edward Grote John William Gunn Geri Lee Haddix Ricky Wayne Harvey Rodney Allen Haviland Marylyn Poteete Hayes Donna Louise Heppel Renee Elaine Herndon Trebby Dean Hicks Rebecca Jean Hill Jayne Marie Hoover John Lewis Houser Dan Carlton Hubbard Harold Kent Hughes Juniors V .A ., .w , ,gunning- -.71 ,rw nr' ff 1 Jan Lee Jared Mary Ann Jared Vicki Elaine Jenkins Leesa Jane Jernigan Dick lngnar Johansson Paul Edwin Jones Gregory Michael Kenerly Janice Marie Kilgore Paula Beth Kingrey Laurene Lankford Stephanie Renea Lawson Kathryn Gay Lewis Alton David Lin Laurel Esther Long Catheryn Elaine Lord Michael Edward Lynch Eddie Ray Marcum Timothy Edwin Marks John McCIendon Laurie Ann McCollum Daryl Murray and Bob DuFresne get ready to lead the traditional "pan game", l 206 Juniors . k np, 19 David James McCullough Christina Lynn McKenzie Anne Gail McLeay Melissa Anne McLeod Philip Lee McMurrin Marce Dawn McSwain James Everett Meeks Ella Charlene Merritt Dee Ann Metcalf Eric Todd Miller Susan Miller Wade Alan Miller Angela Marie Mills Timothy Lynn Mills Kevin Joe Mirns Tonja Alisa Mulder Darla Jane Murphy Joey Max Murphy Daryl Ray Murray Fonda Lee Nester Benjamin Harrell Norton Celina Chinyere Okpaleke David Wesley Orner Robin Lynne Osborne Juniors is WMA? 1 in C ' ,---lg., 1 "ar 1---up W! .Q 47 Debbie Wae Otis Lori Lynn Palmer Elizabeth Joye Patrick Sonya Maria Patrick Michael ivan Patterson Claude Ray Perhealth Mark Lindsey Perry Phillip Lynn Potter David Myron Privett Charles Randall Quinn Karen Melisa Ragsdale Nathan Scott Ramagos Barry Lee Reid Deborah Louise Rexroth Janet Caroline Rhodes Dale Wayne Ries Cheryl Diane Ringham Gloria Janice Rogers Dwight Jasper Roysdon Lisa Asberry Roysdon Lydia Darlene Rutledge Monica Elaine Scott William Lee Sharpe Jeanna Carol Skinner Juniors ,,-1 JUL K 1 Megan Spruill - official dishwasher for the 1983 Fall Retreat. Angela Janell Smith Gerald Smith Julie Ann Smith Lisa Michelle Smith Patricia Jeanette Smith Phillip Jason Smith Timothy Earl Smith Dana Sue Snider Carl Lynn Sparks Megan Lynn Spruill James Gregory Staggs Richard Dale Stahl Robin Lee Starr Jonathan Dirk Steenbergen Pamela Lynn Stone Theresa Rene Sulser Hendrik Frans Sumter Laura Claire Sweet April Gloria Talley Steven Edward Tawa Juniors Christopher Otis Taylor Joetta Lynn Thompson Marty Joel Thompson Eric Lavern Totherow Mary Elizabeth Tucker Gregory Keith Tulowitzky Melanie Sue Turpin Mary Katherine Vann Pedro Vazquez Daniel Ray Wallace Stephanie Marie Waller Melanie Cecile Walker Robert Harry Wankel Jeffrey Paul Waterbury Olive Watson Kala Dawn Whitaker James Steven Wilcox, Jr. Warren Lewis Williams Jeffrey Lee Wilson Barry Neal Wright James Edward Wynn "Thanks, Lord" Juniors 'P ..- E-s...Y ,mo ' 1 rf Sophomores 'R lx if: Amanda Faith Abney Katherine Elizabeth Abney Rodney Scott Adkins Jeffrey Wayne Alford Robert Eugene Allen Barbara Joy Andrews Anadelia Arias Jeffery Paul Bambling Earl James Barber Cindy Dawn Barber Wendell Scott Baughey Damon Patrick Biddle Edward Eberlin Blain Marcia Gay Blanton Edwina Marie Bohannon Ricky Dean Boone Melody Lee Boyette Ruth ldelle Boyette Timothy Wayne Bradley Kristi Rhea Branham Julie Elaine Brittain Karen Denise Brittain Angelia Elaine Brown Kent Duane Buess Matthew Patrick Burris Jackie Brian Casey Barbara Ruth Cash Lori Susan Clements Patricia Lynn Cleveland Philip Mark Craig Warren Arthur Cranford Karen Lynn Crockarell Carl Turlington Davis Donnie Ervin Davis Steven Paul Davis Victoria Suzanne Davis Kimberly Ann Day Gregory Franklin Dorsey Michelle Rene DuFresne Danny Thomas Eaton James Charlie Elliot Patricia Diane Fallwell Steve Charles Farmer Melba Angelyn Ferrell Annette Denise Field Lisa Jo Figge Pamela Diane Fisher Diane Gay Frost Sonya Lee Frye Jo Ann Gafford Ginger Lynn Gentry Diane Pauline Givens Michael Paul Good Angela Marie Goode Aletha Faye Gordon Pamela Ruth Gray Deborah Joyce Graybeal Gary Lynn Gunter Denise Elizabeth Haddix Tamara Lea Halloway Sophomores Q. ,- W QPPIQ 5 ,wo Q X Q J . si' ww S 5 St?:?i Allen George Harrell Barry Dale Hartley Jolene Kay Helmer Donna llene Henderson Kelly Renee Henderson Susan Lyn Hewitt Suzanne Flaine Higginbotham Sheila Gaye Hood Loretta Lorraine Hudson John Edward Hunt Marcia Elizaveth Hunter Nathaniel Joey Hyde Cynthia Kaye ireland Gina Marie Joi' ison Philip Wade Jotinson Kenneth Eugne lfwrfter Stephen Brent Keller' Lisa Ruth Knowles Margaret Kathryn Krantz Valicia Lane Ladd Paul Mark Lawrence Anita LuAnne Lawson Kenneth Charles Lay Rebecca Ocie Layman James Keith LeGrand Willie Lee Legrier Darla Kay Leib Shari Ann Long George Steven Marinakis Mary Elizabeth Marks Susan Rebecca Marley Rhonda Jean Marsh David Lee Maynard Randall Quay McDougall Cynthia Lee Meadows Johannah Meeks Lori Diane Milliken Thomas Edward Mimbs Donna Betty Murphy Michael Samuel Myhlhousen Melinda Joye Nabors Melissa Jane Nabors Sophomores . , 4, 1 ilil iliii M lsii Q 1 K K - V ,ll flff iiil lllli , iliiilll 1 iill rll L QW! 'sian if L QE James Andrew Napier Par Magnus Narkestam John Joseph Obrien Iris Joy Painter Leea Faith Painter James Daniel Parmer Deborah Elaine Patrick Pamela June Petty Janet Louise Poe Ginger Kaye Poole Timothy Wayne Purtee Cheryl Lynn Rivera Benita Kay Roberts Donna Renee Robertson Timothy Wayne Rose Edria Marie Schultz Ronnie Lee Simons Jeffrey Galt Smith Joel Wesley Smith Lori Kay Sparks Robert Allen Spear Brian Tobert Speer Timothy Henry Staggs Cynthia Gayle Stalvey Paikin Straight Arlene Norberta Talley Sandra Gayle Taylor Barbara Ann Tharp Ellen Kaye Toney Trisha Doreen Wade Lori Yvonne Wakeham Kitty Lynn Waldrip Nita Jean Watson Candy Lynn Weaver Tina Lorraine Weeks Jeff Alan Whitacre Sheryl Louise White Sheryl Dean Williams Gina Sharon Wilson David Craig Winesett Jay Martin Winkle Scott Timothy Wiseman Mildred Jean Wood Jeffrey Charles Wynne John Patrick Yingling Pamela Michele Youngblood Sophomores nr' s wwe LP I W if in Freshmen l Lori Sue Acheson Jeffrey Ladale Allen Carmen Mafary Anderson Alicia Zulay Arias Wesley Dayle Armes Norma Jean Aubrey William Thomas Baader David Bruce Balcom Matthew V. Baldwin Allyson Kimberly Banks Wesley Morris Brewer Richard Wayne Brown Jacqueline Rae Browne Ronald Allen Brumit Gina Carol Burry Andrae Carlene Bynum William Joel Calkin Vonda Renee Carroll Angela Suzanne Carswell Clifford Wayne Carter Diane Elizabeth Cash Bethany Carol Caudill Donna Jean Clark Twyla Coleman Susan Renee Cooper Robert Cory Angela Jean Crook Timothy Dalenberg Chad Gwynn Davis Michael David Dees Linda Marie De Young Robbie Lee Diehl Regina Gail Dillon Allison Marie Dimbeth Lisa Marie Dixon Beverly Dodd Patricia Ann Downhower Shirley Arlene Duncan Jerry Paul Dunn Carl Randall East David Neal Faircloth Nancy Jenise Felker Tammy Fields Malinda Star Fivecoate Lora Jeanette Forrester Darrell Clay Frazier Mary Jean Gay Richard Darrell Gipson Ronald Wayne Gleaves Steven Craig Glover Becky Lynn Goodrich Samuel David Green Rebecca Joy Gresser Darlene Grimes Terry Joe Gunn Sheryl Louise Hall Jeannie Hamblin Stacey Lynne Harless Donna Sue Hatfield Sandra Leann Henry Freshmen Jody Renay Hobby Paul Ray Holman Charles Anthony Hood Lida Diane House Sandra Lynn Houston Sherran Lynne Huffman Marty Hughes Natalie Hughes Mark Randall Hulse Charles Preston Hunley Wendy Elissa Jennings Shelli Lynn Johnson Alanda Sue Jones Angela Lynn Jordan Richard Maurice Keen Michael Shattuck Kelley Shana Chantiel Key Trelbie Dawn Kingery Micki Cheri Kirby Richard Dale Knowlen Alan Coulter Knowles Shauna Lynn Knox Troy Knudson Preston Bowen Kunda M. 'R Andrew Lampe Joyce Ehzahwth Landers Timothy Lee Landers Jennifer Ann Lanham Cynthia Darlene law Gnppie Lee lawson William Lee Lawson Txmothy Stott Leap Tammy Lynn Lee Bevltrll Kay Lrndaey Rv-betta Lee lOdf .Jeffrey Neal Lmvelaf tl ffyntnua Kay lykins Phlllp Pfathan 'Wallott Sonja Renee Martln Stephanie McAvoy Darletta Sue McCandIish Kathryn Denise McGill 'll John Wesley McGranahan Janet Sue McKenzie Joseph Alan McKinney Wesley Paul McMurrin Tammy Renee McPherson Doris Jane Meadors Robert Dale Melton Susan Middleton Glenda Joy Miller James Erwin Miller Karen Suzanne Miller Laurel Denise Mingledorff Theodore Shane Mintz Timothy Lee Mitchell Thomas Scott Moore Thomas Dale Murray Sheron Thomasine Neighbors Mary Lou Nichols Paul David Osborne Cara Lynn Patterson Doreen Bernice Pearson William Leon Perhealth Linda June Perkins Stephen David Perry Rhonda Dawn Peters Timothy V. Phillips Timothy George Pitzer Bradley Eugene Poe Van Kendell Poole David Price Monica Chestine Pruitt Carla Annette Pulliam Carolyn Celeste Putnam Melissa Jean Quarles Timothy Wayne Queener Dwayne Wesley Radcliff Jacquelyn Jean Ray Richelle Lynae Reed William Carter Rhodes Kimberly Joy Roberson Larry Wayne Roberts Gwendolyn Diane Rogers Arthur Thomas Roxby Marion Elaine Sandifer Gary Michael Scoggins Rebecca Jo Simmons Kevin Jay Simons Diane Lynn Simpson Per Eric Skohlundh Susan Lynn Slonecker Timothy Smith Timothy David Smith Timothy Scott Smith Stephen Dale Speer Susan Carol Stanford Scott Lewis Steinmetz Jenny Lynn Stillwell Martha Sue Stocks Heidi Sublett Kelly Jean Swope Freshmen N ,ip ti JV .., and Martha Ann Templeton Thomas Thompson Robert Roy Thorne Reginald Maurice Tiller Bill Keith Tolar Richard Steven Traegler Patricia Ann Tucker Michael Vuytecki James Lee Warden Amy Lynn Waters William Lloyd Waters Anthony Reece Watkins Molly Margaret Watkins Cheri Dee Ann Way Lisa Ann Welch Joseph Michael Whitehead Bethany Elaine Wilbourn Joel David Williams Vincent John Williams John Mark Wilson David Thomas Wolfe 35,4 Richard Daniel Wonders Angela Marie Woods Teresa Kay Young Martha Lynn Younger rrdrr d wg fn ,WM 'Oc oiif, 3 ': 'if 'z F, fun n- uw . 4, 4 ,-w 'Sf Sffif , 4 i img lx -K gf 'AAF' Voices Being Heard Faces In The Crowds Compllments Of Dr Byron V Bush, DDS Nashvllle TN 37203 385-9400 2802 Bransford Ave. KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH GF THE NAZARENE CH D ASp pOP p APP P C I""' -V V .... R Al k Cllmet, District Sup t d t l Cnrou f l t A S l ll g 3732 N.E. Se enth St eet Ocala Flo 'da 32671 OCALA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE v r , ri Rev. Leon Patrick, Pastor ' n nov sv l U Q I stu I W E, ai . H I H -1 nn sv 1 N-i- '- ..- -l- 4.,4P 4 f' ----- fi-.IJ sr5l?1un B - - ' I. .f -- - ' - '-' 4 1-' .1 lm 1 j ' . . . ll .3-:vo I I .I I H ui '-----v--v-1-Qfaf IVZII.. .. ..-ll-ll T 'iThe Church Where Yo A N ver a Stranger. Compliments Of . . . Ray D. Moore, Pastor Ed Key, Youth Associate Gary Gentry, Minister of Music Rev. Chang-Sup Lee, Korean Pasto Greenvill South Carolina gzssnuiffs Qizif CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE i 'E' ir-1 " ul I I lil Il.l.ll,Il.l.lIIl.l,IIIlllllll HIKES POINT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Supporting Trevecca . . . Our Student - Deanna Williams Our Pastor - Larry D. Morgan . And Christian Education. QCTTT 'Ti 1 71 1 l --1 -1 I l - I S -1:13 l ' I GTZ l 1 ' l 125-11 ' : ,:o:', - is , if 2 '?EZ17Nl 1:1 1 1 1:2 FA'f5Q I l22s15?g2g11f 1 is - ravi! li' : Q19-'-! 2 l l 1 i l i 5 Lal I 1 'j l 1 l I We've Traveled A Long Way Together! 1' . .Y R. . .NLE l 'l'lll'IYl'Il'1'.i i'Ul,I1I'IliI1I U0Sl'l'1l1 'l'lil'l'K llvre it 1:4 ul lnsl' l'urc'l11m1'1l ixllli Ul"l'AflON SU.-Xl' UUUVUNS1 112,uw11 111 1111-111 '1'111 1- 1111s11111 11111 11.111111-111 11111111 1111 111 11111-11 T1111 1111 1111. 111111111 1 11111 1111- 1-11111-1 .11111111111 1.1111 111- 1111111- 1111- 111-111111 11111 llx 1 11 1 1 11 111 1 1111-111111111-111111111111 '1'111, 111- 1111111111 11 1 1 1 11 1 .1111.1 w111111 11111 11 11 11 Q 1s 1111 1111-1111111115 11111 1111111111111 weel 1 1111g1111,1111111-11 1 1111-.1111111111-k 11111111-11111111-1111111 11111-11-11111-11 1111111 111111 111111 -1-11111 1111 11111111110 111 1111111111111 1 111-1-1-1 11111111 111111 1111-1111 111' 11111 1111. 1111-11 115 111111 111111111 11111111-1 Vullllly illltl Slilli' lllsllltlllllllr-1 Hilti lluslillitla ND 0111: llltw ll1'6'!l llurl 1111 1111 111111-1111-1 11111111 111111 111-1 11-11111 11 1111-1511111 111111 11111-11 11-111 ue. vw 1111511 111111 111111y 111111119 11-1111111 11-1111 111 1111e 111111111- 1-11111 111 11111-- 111.1su 111:13 111-1-1111 1111 11115 new 1111111 1111111111 111 111111 111111 1111 111111 1111111 11e111e11 111 '1'111-1 11 11 111.11111 111-w 1111111111-1 11111-11 .11111 1111 111.111- 1111111- gave 11. 1 111.1111 111111 11111111 We 111111111 like 111 111111-1-11 111 1111111 11111- 11111111-1-111111111 1111- :111-1g 111 1111-11 111-11111 as 111-11 .11 11111 11111111. T111-1111111 111111 11111-11 11-1-we 1111111 111111-11 11110111 111111111 1-11111111111 Trevecca Gospell Truck Purchased With Soap Coupons - 1932 1' 1 sf- SYLVESTER SMITH Minister of Visitation Yes, the WAY has been long, but we have traveled together . . . in J.O. McClurkan's Gospel Wagong in N" Trevecca's Gospel truck purchased with soap couponsg in the Blue . Gooseg in any means available, but always together. First Church thanks the faculty and student body of Trevecca College for their "service in helping to build the Kingdom. You are always welcome! Senior Pastor tg Old First Chuch Sanctuary - Now Wise Chapel l 111 1"1 , if -1111 will lllli 1 is QQ 1' if 'EEZ' 1 1- 111,111.1 vvx . ' ll 1 JORDAN CONGER Minister of Music 111 1 uwnm 11 , N 1, 111 1 -ei' FRED SYKES Minister to Children ' 'ilu , W 1111 11 MW DOUG RUNYAN Minister to Youth FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARE E 510 Woodland Street ' Nashville, Tennessee 234 Broadcasting Live Over WNAZ-FM Sundays 8:30 A.M. 8 6:00 P.M. Alabama North District Celebrates First Year As A New District 1983-84 OVERPAYING its student life Center goal with 1057 payment INCREASING its education budget payment 87 PLEDGING 1007 payment of the TNC Education Budget 1984 85 We Salute You Graduates Of 1984 B J GARBER P District Boa d f Ch stla Life Chairman Ralph B o s ctNWMSP d Gle aGarber Advisory Baord TNC Trustees Roy T Nix Floyd Rutledge James Walker Roy T Nix Howard Stocks B J Garber Bill Davis S6 1? ' ' ' 1' o . bl 17 ' ' 1 o. LL 1? ' -" o District .Su erintendent ' ' r o ri ' n ' ' ........................,............. r wn District N.Y.l. President .................................................., Philip Crittenden Di tri . . . . resi ent ....................................,.......... .. nn 0 X " t l 57 . Elgin I Il H . Congratulations To The Class Of 84 From . . . CHATTA CDCDGA FIRST CHURCH CDF THE NAZARE E T A ll llllll 'M ig X - If Q -'fij 'T 3-gg h ' , ,nf E esssase, - i Q. '. 1 fsiifsesffsa - ,, 1 p. . .T , -,, 3' , ' Racke - S- - ' ff' '3f"' .uf i 5 ,. Amie...-fkff,isf,,, , V -- f H Leg 3 , if xx, L-:fr :gf .vgesfxg ., wg ff nf : fiat, ev , fax - iff? J' ,M 'K if -: FW i t,lfl"""i Z F 57? X T' :EF T 'T P J 9, :li ' 1- ,I 2' f lAzansns'- ' W " if - 'Fw - .. .V -ff' ' - ffl' 1 ' HF FH? A 1 .u Q .,-.r , Q it ....v.....'-,..!.-.u I ,FW H , , V- E we-,J H rf FCI' Egfr? W" -f is-al f ii' L L 1 - fl e 9 ff- gg' ' 7 .. A' f1"" ' "" . -. ,lgT'i"l F " E .:: -12' wi 1 'f Z ? .f,F - - - ' .2 T. -: 1 G -2' 5:5 - ,ft -1 hai ll N E -5 Taxis?-1- Q-74' ,N ,,i..q3ug'ulnull my it ll 3' E A r ,,.. 5 '31 F... W -. -L U Mun... ....,,. gn TEL- -i . iz, I. ff?-Fe ' . ' - f - ' -' " -, g P- -v5t:"t'i1L diff' A lf- 'ln i l i 4-,L L ,L+ , ? ,357-51?u A ', . ' -. LL . ., .A P .,'L.l'..L4 . ""' 'T Y i ig? -,,..,, ,.... .. 'Turin'-l , I a E. Main and Willow Streets Bill Lawson, Chairman Board of Christian Life Pam Frye, President Nazarene Youth institute l Rev. John R. Andrus Pastor Preaching Sherry Flegal, President Nazarene World Missionary Society Salvation Since 1906! Chattanooga, Tennessee John H. Bilbra, Jr. Minister of Music Dr. George E. Blanchard, Jr Chairman Church Board Claire F. Goodwin Church Office Secretary ha rles E. Jones GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2620 Pennington Bend flhlear Oprylandl Nashville, Tennessee 37214 "Sharing A New Song" Keith A. Showalter pastor YouthfMusic Congratulations, Class Of 1984! Celebrating Christian Holiness FORT MILL CHURCH CDF THE NAZARENE 109 Harris ORTH FLORIDA DISTRICT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984! Jonathan 71 Gassett Superintendent OfHcers L. Manolia Jones Treasurer Samuel Pickenpaugh Secretary Trustees Jonathan T. Gassett Jim H. Herndon Samuel Pickenpaugh Advisory Board Members Henry P. Cooper Jim Herndon Aubrey R. Pounce, Sr. Edward Sawyer N. If I. President Stanley Wade N. W.M.S. President Grace Pickenpaugh Christian Life Chairman Clare St. John EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT Doyle C. Smith District Superintendent Supporting TNC With Prayers, Students, Finances. CHURCH CDF THE NAZARENE BETHEL CHURCH CDF THE NAZARENE f 55. "ll ,f Y. Q mg ,.. C, ,, T 2 -J 'CC T' f ll Il,.,,.,-.ff 1 f 1 f 7 'y 1 - v WJ N G 5 . 4 934 ' ' Congratulations, Graduates! Gerald Parmer, Pastor John Taylor, Assoc. Pastor Greg Brown, Music And Youth F1Rs'r QHGRQIH or THE NAU ' Bradenton We're Proud Of Our Trevecca Students Bruce Balcom Steve Keller Rob Melton Leesa Jernigan Donna Robertson Larry Roberts Mille Wood Teresa Young Scott Steinmetz Congratulations - Class Cf '84 st." "Fulfilling the Great Commission S ncoast to the Spacecoa CENTRAL FLCDRIDA DISTRICT , O "The Best Gf 293' w Both Worlds '9 GJ? afar 'Fixx WR l FIRST CHURCH CDF THE NAZARENE 669 Azalea Road Mobile, Alabama 36609 L l S l E ff""' C 'wie ' sg., 35? A if , GRACE CHURCH GF THE NAZARENE Memphis, Tennessee J Believing In Trevecca Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow ALABAMA SCDLITH DISTRICT Supports Treveeea Nazarene College 1007 1983 84 Edueatlonal Budget Pald In Fu P S yOb RPS B R lphS th D t tBCLfSS Ch tNWMSP t BtyS D A th yWht T O D trict Su erintendent Don Jernigan, r., D.D. B d fT t J h P' l' H Q' . Ad ' y B d J-h B k Q J.w. C1 D y B t D' t ' 'd I t' ' t' t NYI P 'd t We Salute You, Class Of 1984! Oval L. Stone District Superintendent Robert Andress, Odie L. Page Trustees . F1RsT CHURCH oF THE HAZAREHE Sandersville, GA J. Emory Lindsey, Pastor Compliments Cf: Mr. Oscar Harris 9 VIDECOM ' , Graduations, Easter Plays, Christmas nventions, Special Services, and other T.H. Elder ,....?" Congratulatlons To Our Student Body Presldent Elect Rondy McBrayerl BRANDON CHURCH GF THE NAZARENE 114 Klngsway Rd Brandon Florlda 33511 John M Gardner Pastor We re Proud Of Gur TNC Students JoAnn Gafford Becky Gardner Marion Sandifer Molly Watkins Jeff Whitacre O O , o rt 45,4 C f 3 f 1 tssr Mooresville, N.C. Youth Department Chuck Fountain, Pastor l O C 7 ' 7 7 I O SOUTHERN FLGRIDA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Robert H Spear Jr Supenntendent P O Box N Boca Raton Flonda Phones 43055 392 6373ff813J 465 OO11 326 South Crest Rd Chattanooga TN 46155 629 1202 Alan Knowles Scott Klng Productions .ef-, Talmadge Johnson Dlstrlct Supermtendent Congratulatlons To All Treveczca Graduates' We Love And Support Gur Chrlstian College D I C 0 S H F I C H C H E T "A Church With Vision J CHURCH FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Dickson, Tennessee And Hope For The Eighties" Supporting TNC With Students: . . . . N T l , J h G , D E Guufport, Mlsslsslppl ora ay or o n unn anny aton CENTRAL LONGWOOD CHURCH CHURCH GF THE OF THE NAZARENE "The Singing Church" Miami, Florida 33147 C t I t. ona . e er, Pas or Keri? Higgnsiuolfhaiin, Associate u a - I ' .. 1 I- To All our students. 'P-li l ' Calvin Milam, Pastor T Longwood, Florida ALABAMA NGRTH District Church Cf The Nazarene P.O. Box 1647 Cullman, Alabama 35056 TLIL A A R T ff-R I TO THE CLASS CDF 1984 J-X Thank You To Our Patrons Rev Harold Derryberry Mrs Margaret C Brown Flne s Body Shop B Garage Dr George E Blanchard Jr Mlss Margaret Fussell Great Expectatlons Halr Styles Mr Wllllam W Combs A Fnend Mr. Melvin Derryberry A TRADITION GF EXCELLENCE qi!!! Ll After the game. friends unite in a circle to sing our Alma Mater. The picnic paviiiion provides a piaCe for crackling fires, hot chocolate, and warm hearts. IR xx: xx A1 'Alf you'd stop giggling, we might get something accomplished." Through the warm seasons of the year. the Living Waters Cascades run down Trevecca's hill. m'hk What better example of spir- it than good sportsmanship and a smile. The spirit of Trevecca's home city, Nashville, is cap- tured in its skyscrapers and country music. SPIRIT XKSUIJ' ..-"T: 9""-mad ASB President Rocky Jenkins served the students as a leader, yet lead them as a servant. i ACHIEVEME Hard work and determination won sophomore Lori Clements recognition in the ice rink. Circle K achieves through service. l 257 4 ax 5 2 X 'xx 'f Yr - ' Y f ' -wi? - vx ., , ' 13 J Q. .ff .- :, f . . - , QQ, fi. . 'I ,.f .3 .4 M ',.-a- 1 K ' .1 -f,'nf". Wg-mf' Q, . A91 1 I , ,wwf J .X ,J .V . fc-1,2 3 - x5L2:u,r-,- ' '.'.."'ig .5 , 1 . ,wk . ..L.,.5 gf ' f,, 'TQ .U Q 9. A f S I 5 M WA 'YI ,fu ,, .V ,Q 1 -W1 2 ,."." .b xx .1 55 W. H . x 'gr v, ff A, ACADEMICS Greg Kenerly displays his fi- nesse in frisbee catching, Family ,,, what Treveccas all about. A Tradition of Excellence. That is the theme we chose for the 1984 Darda. Looking back over the past year in the light of this theme, l feel l can say this tradition was again upheld at Trevecca. As the freshmen came on to campus they were quickly caught up in the lifestyle and ideals of Trevecca, adding their own unique characteristics to our community. The sophomores and juniors continued to grow and learn as they used their special abilities to carry on the TNC Tradition of Excellence. As for the seniors, although they made definite and long-lasting contributions through their years here, they took with them a part of our social ideals which will be carried over into their future. lt is my hope that we the Darda staff have upheld the Tradition of Excellence. We have worked hard and sometimes long in our attempt to depict the past year at Trevecca. This book is the result of our efforts, we hope that it provides you with years of memories of friendships, spiritual growth, academic successes, school spirit, and, above all, personal achievement. We have designed this book with this aim in mind and feel it does and shall accomplish this task with excellence. ln closing, my thanks is due many people. To Carl Eby, Scott Wiseman, and Brian Hulse, thanks for your cooperation in the photography for this book. To Mrs. Carol Eby my advisor, thank you for your encouragement and faith in us. To Todd Glass, my new husband, thanks for writing the yearbook theme and for your hours of tedious work as business manager. And finally, a big thanks to all my section editors and staff for pulling it all together. All of you are the reason this book will be a success. Sincerely yours, Qyagwmytw Shelley Archer Glass P.S. lt was all because of you, Rocky! 105TEN5 if 33 3? Hu 253- ' ' 2535 1.335

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