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Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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X 1 1 I N 5 w w N 1 1 y 1 I v 1 . 4 J l 3 F 1 Q V f F 1 l 4 4 , J F 'L Eiiggii ff E 23 525 aj? a 2 552322 Ca i N322 K a 2? . -XX? ' H, .., l l H V J ,il K Libbie Sparks, Editor X Dr. 1.1. Wheelbarger, Advisor Carl Eby, Photography Advisor Photographers: Gary Dicken D G A d lj h D MCC Mack Murray Pam Street Karen Wilson john Yount Advertising Editor: Frank Lykins E.THE DARDA A 1979 j Trevecca Nazarene College Nashville, Tennessee Volume 55 Z Litpigf of Self Understanding and QOmmltmaent2r mm w p p M Jnmthe presence of God,we W fp 53 1 m,Q.C1QlQ?7V16dg8 our heritage, H our faith in the Gospel, r 2 E p -p ff. p oornmie otirselvee to God's purposes for us r' 5- 14' 1 ss 2 W -5 E rx ms- ' nm- rx- ss-Q - ss . . E - we 1 --E Q -E W ss B as Qf higher learning rofjhat part of the Univergal HChurch in called. the Church of the Nazarene. X E ss-ss ss W gaj M- Students: H uri M 2 Z2 We are the Church- :E H We come out of many backgrounds and conditions, if but we seek to live in harmony with each other. H nge: We are the Church engaged in a specific and temporary vocation We are students. d dr Precious " Years of our V lives will be i spent here under the tutorship and influence of this school. L, ap L 1 ss We desire to know, therefore, What are her aims and goals. na society. p A4 Preszdenh if Our goals are very high but they are more than paper and ink to me and the administration: - H believe that the goals andssobjectives of Trevecca College l the needs of students- p preciselyfbecause they' those personal and spiritual values which alone healing are rofoundl relevant to , and Our ' 1, if 'ii' K-M-M4 mx J H rv We offer the students ourselves Chris w A PQTSOQS, and g1V6 all that we are, ChI'1St1EIIl schblars and was a mamma ss zz me We seek to be growmg scholars m our sgjferal We seek to be growmg Chr1st1an PCISOH Z? N mvolved Wlfh ou and for ou III the le E -Y-1 , v. -,,,,,,,,f me g proc ms-ss Em E an a E . a :mug mTm ms a ss aman- nm zz ss a ss Q. mum ummm nm- - E mmf: a as-ss nw mmm: mn A ss ss L, y . . I MJJJ' 'V ,- 1 ox" 1v.f.'7Yf?l"'- 325 5-EA ..,-Nw-.,f, , ,MEL 'g-af ' ss .1 E . mm E. mam nm M zz educgto dis ' cg lin .Y m xnmusw M-:mam ss- n 5-ss,-' sf- ss- um .fm 5 V' -M. 1, I ' if' 1 ,Q sw mmm L. sf. E. -ss an -sf mx -1: X -5 ss new ms- -sa-gs mm- sx: zz E, -sg ss m ss-1 is ss -as Mx- ss-ss um- m-ss mmm E. -sa -m ms: ss-K umm -5 -mu me ,121 11,1 .lf 1 my ,wil TW- ,-In 1 A w-we w . JL ,. 4.51 E? :QUE :Tl Q 5? ,H ' K 'TW' an .E. .E. uma 2 a ss nm- nm ss E. ms an an mu ms xmw nm-mms-ss H EE 5 Dean: We offer you, the students, pur- poseful instruc- tion and creative participation of the classroom and lecture hall. We recognize that our proving ground is the classroom. We are nothing if We are not a c Christian college. ollege, a Q l LL We realize that the profound dif- ference between secular and finally, in the Christian education teaching is found, encounter. xy 'x. 7 We pledge to .s you Om best efforts there, and will seek to present a broad range of the arts and the sciences Within the framework of the Christian World view. l Dean of Students: We offer you the enrichment and the disci- pline of community living. 'F' i uf", The piupose of all campus regulations is to foster adjustment and cooperation in the develop- ment of a serious learning community. N o regulations will knowlingly be made which tend to undermine self-respect, or to place un- natural distance between teacher and student. l have-it A - -... ---4, E H Hwi'H"'-vwNM1!!?1.U-VM' ,. . . . 5' W E .M . . . H U WWMMMWWwwmWWmWHWwMMWwMWM HWImqMI.uI H K ? I 5IIIH I5III gI2II E, Z I N SS sp - E H wuWwwWHYf-,W -mf wmmqq- - .H- MW w-H is EER ME H L .H mi H NMNwmMMWWWMMWWMm m'H'IwMm Maw-..mIQ MMWII I I --wg 5 II . III I , H Q an E H ' lllln' H E -m 1---1yq-'- M. - ' M - gm ZH Z is -. H B wmmmwmmwm w , ,Q W I H HW M I II II . I I VVSOHC1' TC 3.I'Ch3. GQ E -uII Im wg w I :xp H I WWWWWWWWNWW , mmmwmm H. u,u, R -,. wg, m.wI E BEII n.If Em I M H - .E pra er an wo p H K I 7 W E , an HE an NE an E Wwwwwwwwwmmww W-1 - vw MH.' H E- Nw mx Km E H H M. ' fjmf - 1: c,I1x5lr1.A 1 E H E HE , E ' ' 0 ms VII ,.- - w I I - ' M!u-WwwwH-EHnullHHHllllll""'uw"""" "IIIa1nd"' M10 w . g ' V Y V SS SS - -w COIICCIIIS - -- Wwwmwwmmwwv W ,I I I o H I 2 H- HIQ.H- ig Ng EI I 3 3 E 5 y H E E I -U - -h, . W MWMWWIMWWMMMWMH ,Vu F , M .I I w -,I51'. 1 fn' in! f yww-NNW 'M-.. Q'-.'-'I-Sv. WMMwIMMmmWmWMw ww , .,. . ' ' 'www' ' iff' x I In: -. . I, II I ' ,' .' Mwmmmwmwwmmwwm. mg ff I w mf-Wwmnwwwwmmwm ' M- mbmwwmuus 1 I I . Www WW w,m M , w,MWWM.mW qw H 5 I E WWMMMmmWMmwmMW-gI I H. WMWWWMWWQ-ww E- I- H , S ., ,WR mMwwmMw'HxH Wm ' H mu' ' III H w ww M E ,I ,, -- 1-7 11 'wmwwwmwmmwi If-Q-N H. -f ,. H HE E -bf II my B Q -gg wmm mws If S H- H -SS " E H H H E I L I mx and " in Van H an H- , ,,.. I,E HE EI H A SSE B 1 f 5 Q ,M -m- H,m . , H. Q - g -E. MI NIH IWI. I H S87 H Q-SSB H S8488 'N , HE Us E an E N HEI xii- QW?- Bmwgw mass- wmgiw xg E H Han iam H K MQNH mm Us .muwwm ,K S mmm SSXX11 BBE Bm - N an I mm .1 . I HWNQI wmwwsw --E H , . W I 1 ss '-!virf ss ' " I . I .1 ss ' III3QIIII - -Y , iw. .I.. 0 XIII c I? ,SIE EBI I I, 5 II W K, SS O1 ev O OID WGSSMOJ CVHII 6 SUI H M E ms H H 3 . 7 -ss 0-ss m- m Us EI OIII Q X H2 - f Ee --S . J' A .W I, , I, M- 1, , Val ,- If A ws ss- -km . H II I 1: UII-B II H H. , K E wp , I I I I Mn . W- H H1886 Hare to W C'Pl1l'pOSC of - !i ff-S8 Q41 - ri 2 . '7 Y 1' ' W an W EW M an H. :Es .f. Q-5 W .1 -S. ss- nm- :fm gum Q M Q- w I SS BSS :Xi 1-SS - -3 H Q an I TGV 0 Cg8 Q 5 BH . IKX- -W Z M - 'Hm.-, L55 .MKWQH . wal .V 2' . W U H23 was H H.-N is-N Wa- HIIII E Ywj II j . ,N- Ksx mn E- .E - II -I - K 1 E . . U -1 L H ,E Ei gm HIE I an wx Inu- II In 2 , I -E'-Wa -xx: nm I nw I ua mm-,F .IEW E ,W M ,HA .WL was as -MI ,. , ..E .HN Ig, I II II -.Q EI, IW.M W N an I III FII ww ns- " W - an I I WE vm w'i1'fuai"'ma-1 'mi www "UN M' H ' " I III I sw- -ha -X A I - ss II x . 54? mxm?Qf ffIIU wig I NUR mfs EQ I U H H- I H.aja gv-2.x XQIHQH gs- Q, -QQ H.u.PH Q - Hg- f17.U vl- H N -in -IM II -N 3 mf II I . I - , B, Q E f E E I . 3 II I W -MH .mu H- MJ. NM. - -H -H W . ww. -uw.. Liv- . -N-f. , -. :saw ?3:,,K,.g,I.g- HZQSIIUFIIQ-'fMIII,7 7335.-, ,II -X-,I I wh Wi XXX! A ' X! EU Z W L - W ' -1 'E NLE .73 . . .I -QQ - min -H -H 'ig f 5- mnQHJ 1? 2. 35 fi GH- W. 3 K SS A HS , xi KX N Z V ,s , Q as E- . I . U. Ls- .,?.-X- 27 H222 5: E15 W , . ,, Wagga QUIK-A I-,E ss-Him :XIII ss-um --Q.. ,III-U :.- : III mm- '-1 H 5 jim 55 X I , h - Q M : - ,. ' , I its :su dl, -in ' ,,' e ' n, . w l ' . , jf., ' .gf 3 ..- .,.1g?'..2'I 1 i , - "Q, . pg, , Faculty and Administmtwkm: Through the academic disciplines a of the humanities and sciences, the creative expression of the arts, the team spirit of athletics, donnitory and campus associations, involvement in prayer and Bible study groups- through these and a htmdred other ways We seek to teach, to train, to influence, to build into your lives the goals to which We have a common commitment. in -Sa. .2-5-xgi1 fNj'ff'zw 'f ffl! - - ' Q 1 3 a I V 4' . , ,, , ,Tk lf'-: 'J 'A K ' A "Q-Fi -I , x x A -f if But We cannot dedicate our lives to the goals and dreams of other people in other Hines, We are not content to perpetuate a heritage. believe in the ' God of today who is the God of the future. What of the preSC11t? What of the future? 10 'ri W fi le, 1 W -Q l Students: We have heard you speak of the ' goals and ideals of this college. . We honor the men and Women Whose faith and commitment have brought the school into being and sustained it through her history V 1 1 w :Q ch, 5 s' www sf 9 mn f . o cf U W Faculty and Adinmittfatlanf We faogntafzt at is in an 2 Q is a the focus of my Us .HH mm wana s.s.a.s .MX O - nl HHH EH -H-SSB rim'-HLA -Sw Mg H , Us 1 E my an o If hQ1dS alls llpfwtgand at Q all the futiire rriust Eomef U W ,M mm 4 iz - f: susan 5' m'm'U C OIIOI' K' Ci HS mms E H 222 Z 2-M H X , -m , 5 ' fOI' WC IlC6d the W1SdOIIl of 1tS - ., ,r3.z1".. , is y' - .. -'- U, Hg. 9 was rm Q . W1 1-1:24 , 'A was-W mm .AY -4 A ,,,v.,, H- ns.H.mM was W Ham' i' ,lx A3 .. , X . -M -5- ww' 'iff . - .. . . ' ...L-'-3.-'r V - is ' 'X ,' 3, I' " 1-iff.-" 1 .-:HTH 7 ff ' . H1-L1--" at E H .-ug: 5- ,g Q mg.--' ,,s H -N., , J .- .--' ' -nf LN' fn. me 11' v y 1 ,rf . . .1 ...H fl, V, -IE.: - .-,..,- , mg , H,- ,.j - '- V :ti ...r 5.5 ,nlgp - .ll . . . , W- vs is - an l gfiq A ,,,.igfL.5Q: etefjilm H H55 WHERE -ffmsgsu Q. ms fi , .- .- . .. -1 -- .-:1..'..- 1 1 ---..,-..-, W H E 5.5.21 - - .-,, -v.r.- : -w 1 phvhen . -,R-'zv ' ...,... I,':v 'gg 3.f,4H,, lin, 3511.-,gl"1i: ,cl -H: ,fijl ,. ' fl .N --L, ,::'- ,ff -A , ' . .ff : 15 . -' uw ' v ,- N , . 2. -, "' , -' . rf. 4- - -N , --",,g'u' 'WV Lvl.-1w,,n vifgx -avr 151: .'i'i3Z'T2:il5' ?'1 V ,fir 1 -lift, fir' D. ' 5 'Aft T uf 4 .- 51-Zigi' ' " 1' .-i',1' ,- , :.' 'R .-'-- ." gi " pf? .Q-13,.f',x.,4 !,.f "- s ,1 , --,A '11 'Q Qc. i 41:5 5 am., .efw 481 EEQVA - fi? ' ff-. . '3 A 'sz -1 Q, 5 s -Q X' But we are committed tow the and in faith We lookito the futureifim Q We have made the goalsmof collegegoiirl-iibvsme by our free and personal commitment. They no longer symljblize tlieiipastxffor They call us to deep and discipline inygolvengient in the present and in the Efutuie. it fi . W W ' ' Y - 'V - , -,:f'1'3735" W if, f is We now challenge you to make this sanffe free and pdiisoiialliff H5 commitment E sz-si 'We ask you, as partners with us in this felloviishipf of ti Will you be loyal to the spirit and purpose of this eggs, is .4 - is is n is sm? U. rm -mmf Q , A I 4? A -jc . X O ' m w- XX K-,tx re Saseito ibe our real selves us: as wwe grow toward matunty an ss ss an ss Us , ss -w ss- -Q ms La- H -me U ,QM ---H -1-N' Q H ,ss ss ms -Q w- if -Q 1- - st .-A me - ss - - ss Q n 4 -1 - M - mx if X A an eu x 5- 1- E N- mn -Q ,-M -an fm 5 M E - sw -Q - : nu ss B - In E ut we ask Oll tf- ICIIIC be th H E E W WE nl . Aer H att. mn B ss N ss'-Wm my mf H -ss E 5 ss-ss ss A ss-ss 5 we , ss ss ff if 111 0 estefda, ,S H - ,X 0 MK- Sigma M sn - ss m ---ss mx- ss -Q an is-X f 'W ss ug ss ss ss- ss --5 w' E5 .E. . Q ss-ss -fx ,4 E. . - ss- ss X Wu ms. QE , . H .K . H. W Q. an is ss Q , ss - an Z1 n ss Mm ms mf ws ss-H ss -U an x:mg'm nm'm 'H' af,?'E ' sw ms Kms ss 1 H .M fm -.H .M '- H at VVS- U .gn WW-H X' ms - ., - M me M E f 1,- 31 - an H -ri . . E , , , mlm mu H D ,, s N - wwe NB . HW A NNE xxmsx E sw mi -1 1 ss- ss- mm mums X V1 A ss an 'N f ,r ss-ss mms ss- E - me -in -Q Y V, 'H 7 , W in H W vu .- ss- -3- -H -ss E ma I5 ' H-m miss mg: ns- ' 1 E sw Q- 5 me mu , ss , ms - ss- - A 1'-, ss-ss ss-U ss.-,ss -m- q - '. ' H. .M H .gn H .E Y .. -Q - an - H H 'i ss ss an , -H - Z sw ms sw sw E nm is-sm - ss mm ms --ss ms ss- sw ss QW M H mfg! -1 QE My -Z gs sm W W Im-ss e -A I --X ss an is u S8588 , E - , E , ss ? -:asa HM all 0- J a en H - B Y M- B C H1 NIH C our BZ' T E - ,. ss E E -Q ms 1 M o and never it perfect. net ask too mmuch of us too soon ms ss nm ss ms an ss mums nm mmm-ss a me - ss ss mn ss - ss -5 --E M ng- Hre- E . m E. -ss -Hn ss ss - ss ss-H B um-H mf- sa ss ,S . 1 - Q ss ss nm E. a ss akama- - K ss nz ss mm -w a a ss a ss ss w-n nm- me .g. -ss msn E ss-sf a ss ss-ss was ms ss ss ss-ss .E. .,. nm Q ms - ss x is a ss-xx mm 2 ss M ss E'-an N' sf - sa fx: Q E. UE - va W vu m K E own ersonal search for truth real but sometlmes lt wavers E ss .E .E Q M 1 M .M F at H G . . . . " 'H H "+I: M. ,,Tf?':q M5217 ,V ., ,xx gi-in mms wwf- 1. Wil .SMT ,,,,. .,,TM.: m:"i ,M M.MMM,M.m.MW.M.M. .A , MMM 5- M mlm ,Sign KM! GM 3? ,X ,Q fm, ,eg , ' 'E 'YA Nh ' um: 'Q , M C Oll, a en '- M - 9 .M mn .M .M fu .gi ww W V , Q .M E gfgw 533, Hmmm mmm E,2ggW,g:i W1 I-ISHN ' - amiga-wg-ws-231 WE:5M?gjQj::f:j?'gm -Him-Mwrfi ,Q M wwwm M A M fm mm., M, Huw mmm WM M, mn Wm , M, W l W u . B E e too are ' what real 9 9 Mm W umm g M ,Wm mmm X E-ESQ mlgafm Eswlgumxx n--as 88:5 0 MMR MMU- .mwmmfl MM HMV mm,,.m.Mm.w M-M H -mn ms- lm W mag-mamma-mu -E ,j 5 ss lm mmsznrs um E- M M. My . 'sm .Q W H, E M I ' ' 2 ' H MM .5 e V f ms? 'vw H 2353:-vu H' ww gig- WQM-www-mmm-553532518 EMM mfgijmw mqgj ,-.W MMM M -H Egg-H MQW. N wif Wgjm W M E M. E generatlon Ore. M . M M M M mm WE M MM Eg? M,-M MMM mfg . E.. ,Mm www gs'-H . HAH Qjgggjggfgem ME. ne ,- ni. jg ss ss ss E-may E Q-mx -Q-ss E-E B B ' SS-S8 , . - -S8 I ESRB H-S8 E E M. M W Wm M M MM to OIL 5 .ass Mm m,-.mamaw-M? H mum-wa W M MM my MEMMMM-MM H E E ---wg :La.M.M Q55 .V'.33 '.MS: I . .WT ' ' Q' WMWT . LLM as I is n E 1 mn a ss mu HE agiikss vs ng, M M., eve e ess -We e ' -M . 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E W , MM Q III C111 H1311 M ,E . 0 HE :M uma ,H Huw QE, E-.NM Hgggyfggngmmuw j'Xj?Qm-M:.m.E - nm may-gr -1 I Wg-Mk' Ml ' ' aw:-ng-K , , .M C H C S1 CEIIICC MM W gf B ,ff o w Q: -gs M Y ,MM an M. N' 0 , K' M HR? Hmm iff? M-H WWW? nam NLE' fx-MMMQWMMNH FEI www VE' nm-ms m'5"v -ss Sian WTS o H-L is-sw fs- H- III a ' gmen p ur - H ZR H My R E. 5 ss-as 0 , A Hmm am VB H--mmm me-E Y ss. . . 3 . va-www-H-f.5MM lm- ufnmmswsuh H in Sign- Q-Uguw W' M M., Mm YM Nj T M C0116 C We M IQVH ecca gw-M ' Q- KNEW mm UW Huw mm BH m-28.53 H,-,HH 1 H-E MM MMM N4-M Mf WU MM MM My HMM www. Hmmm mmm: HMEMUH H. mm M .mm MM WM Bm ss-:as Q-san Ji- m-an -mg as mn -Y ' .H -H .2 QQ? H ENE mn -Q-I W -mu ummm M Q ,gs H-H may gn Hiya ms- -kss M -ss-sa-za' 595' -.Q Wg- KE-mm num-ss Q 7 H www HMM my N .M Wm Hg 9 M M .M M H HJ' -mgw H E MW magnum ,VEB m.g3Efg::gmsgM:m Mzmggvgg-:gm 'gpm gf-W sm''E M A v 13 1 ss-ss u H ss E . ss vm n a ss miss 5 E an o ss E . - fs ss ss ss mum -mn an 1 JE xx Wm rm aan W -a M. . . ua-ana N get E .5 Mm -a BE m.,.g.,. - 1 g Ki ana-in sms mo E Y-mu Hgh H i 0 B m- asaa Q- awaa -w a - . KISS-RS!! XSKX -Y f a-w-ast1a- -Ura , H ., fri. 1. 0 MW iw, C HOW HCC 2. C ITIOITICII . 1 N '4' . .- ,E Bw ng na Q .X Q U U Q We have stated our gO3.lSQQ,1'1dm Zobjeictivefsi and have renewed coinrriitrrleliif toiitliierfifn ei we ow W was Hans -asH.H Hmggligegagagigigfgagigr1 Engng . H mm' . mum ' :na m-:usa xxm-mx1mum- xwium . - ne1 er e mms on ' L1-K sus: nor e stu ent ' an-J, sms -milm-zz ifxiksvmm-iiixxm Q 1 uma m I - -mf' ways ve up to eupromises H E as 1 0 as ww H. wow 1.5. .E was if-if-io api as f...':v . a an is-.Q-is -is-an ,zw W 71, E ww H ,X X Our human-ness ,is with us noizif. . Failure is waiting at f H 3 tl1e door. Q m U as-m ., ., we zz - Y -n-m-sw -m--r sm L: um ri Q nm of trust, HOW, than Shall We Proceed? , i i I :T e r rrlutual forgiveness, We Shall proceed with limiting Dae both repentance y I N A al and resolution! l more highly ' COIICGITI "' , ,Vh,3"' tbff and faith! y l Let there be among us but to think with i sober judgment, r each according to the measure of faith which .33 i . ,b God has assigned him. For as in one body We i ' have many members, and all members do not Q have the same function, so We, though many, gare one body in Christ, and individually membbrg it one of anotherf, QRomans 12:3-55 5 i 5 a - I Unison: ff .Q t. "Now to him' who by the fdwer at gyvorlim With1'n to do far more abundantly than fall that We orj. thirik, i to him be glory in the church and in Christ Iesusijg y to all generations, forever everiibirnen. r fEphesians 3:20-21? .5 . g E 5 Adapted by -Reuben'1WeIch,fQilI Boggs and i.llibbiefSp5arkls,3 15 Table of Contents Features, p. 20 Classes, p. 80 and Chapel Dorms C I Index I Faculty and Staff, p. 144 X S Ons , 177 Advertisements p ' p 1 , Groups, p. 241 p162 5125 CHUR NAZA O TH 1979 Darda Dedicated Ron Bargatze Phyllis Flannery In Memory Eugene Steele Dr. Homer 1. Adams Friday, March 2, Dr. Homer Adams gave his first official address to the Student Body as their President. During the chapel service he shared one of his major goals-that of entirely elimi- nating Trevecca's short term debt. In an interview with the new president, Adams stated that he also wants to begin as soon as possible to work on the building of the new stu- dent chapel. Adams also shares former President Mark Moore's hope to close the streets which cut through the TNC campus. The priorities of the new president include both a bal- anced budget and a strong, spiritual atmosphere on campus. Dr. Adams stated that he wanted Trevecca to maintain her high standards of Chris- tian influence, so as to be of fullest service to the churches of the denomination across the Southeastern Zone. Adams had been commuting from his home in Stone Mountain, Georgia, to Trevecca. Wednesday, the 7th, an Atlas van was seen near the Presi- dent' home as it was filled with new furniture. Adams received his A.B. de- gree from Trevecca Nazarene College in 1947. He then went on to complete his Master's degree and Ph.D. and be- came the first Trevecca grad- uate to earn a doctorate. 2 it Q 5 .xv . . s rl if ,r L 7 - s . Adams graduated from the Navy Midshipman School in .1944 with the commission of Ensign of the naval reserve. . A 'Qi ' iw-3-D He has served as both high school teacher and principal, as well as dean and college professor in the field of history. For the past three years, Adams has served as Vice President and Chief Adminis- trator of DeKalb Community College. Adams is also a member of the Kiwanis Club. Dear Student, Sewunderstanding and commitment are powerful words. Socrates said, "know thyself , and Solo- mon warned, "Lean not unto thine own understanding. 'i Were these two wise men in contradiction with one another? Probably not. One of the pleasant pursuits of higher education is to learn to know one's sem This is accom- plished by taking certain courses, engaging in reflective, prayerful thought, and soliciting guidance from friends. You might gain a frank revelation regarding a flaw in your personality from someone you did not know was your friend. You have probably noticed that brothers and sisters will give unsolicited analysis of your faults. Learn to accept truth wherever you find it, painful as it may be in its initial stages. To face one 's need for improvement frankly and taking systematic steps toward achieving this goal is an evidence of maturity. A favorite topic in college circles these days is "student-development." The term "Dean of Student Development" has gained usage in some colleges. This indicates a concern that we in Nazarene Colleges hold, that the college experience be one of development for students, development physi- cally, mentally, socially and spiritually. Moreover faculty members and administrators learn right along with you and, indeed, through you. As you gain selflunderstanding and use this insight for personal improvement you are on the road to being an educated person. One of the noblest words in the English language is "COMMITMENT," This is defined as, "a pledge or promise binding one emotionally and intellectually to a course of action. i' In a Christian college, your commitment should be made to: A Life-Long Search for Truth. When you and I view the vast sea of knowledge into which we have scarcely embarked, we are prone to breathe the sailor's prayer, "Oh, Lord, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small. " A Sense of Responsibility. Much of the trouble in the world can be traced to man's unwillingness, or inability to assume a rightful responsibility-the need to defend the right and cry out against wrong. A strong sense of responsibility leads us into paths of service. Total Commitment To A Faith Centered in Christ. The most important thing on earth is to be totally committed to Christ and to live a life that makes the world a better place because you passed this way. Christianity is personal but not private. We must share our Christian faith or lose it. Christianity is not just what you believe but whom you have received. . I trust that all Trevecca students will seek the wisdom of sefunderstanding and live with total commitment to Christ our Lord. , Sincerely yours, ffm iles Homer I. Adams President B l may I President Moore Resigns Takes Position in Kansas City aff l it 1 H F' 29 'xl At the farewell banquet Mrs. Moore receives a gift from the Trevecca Women's Club. Behind Mrs. Moore is her son Brad. it -it at . A-.L ' .,,tt,a? .t-1- lt.. th.. .-1 Quite a few changes since 1968, as these ' photos portray the dress changes, accomplishments tabove right-celebration for the accreditationl and personalities. ,I-""X FEBRUARY 8, 1979 The snow that halted the city of Nash- ville seemed to have little effect on the number of people that filled the banquet hall. Faculty, Staff, Administrators and friends of the college gathered to honor Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Moore. Over the past ten years Dr. Moore served as their president, but more than that, he and Clarice served as their friends. It was a difficult task to wrap ten years of "Thank You's" into a bundle, or to en- grave on a gold plaque the feelings of all the lives that had been touched. Difficult as it was, several individuals were cho- sen to do just that. Dr. Charles C. Child- ers led the way by presenting a tribute from the faculty in his inimitable style. He described Dr. Moore as a dedicated man of courage with a saving sense of humor. Closing his tribute he stated, "Dr, Moore has a human touch which helps us to see the ordinary human being peeking through whatever official dig- nity he may be clothed in." Ken Price interjected humor throughout his tribute, but spoke sincerely, "I feel that Dr. Moore has elevated the staff po- sition at Trevecca College to a position of importance where one can have a high level of self-dignity." Claude Diehl, as an Administrator, entitled his remarks "A decade with one of God's true Churchmen." He referred to Dr. Moore's administration as one of optimism and vision. Toby' Williams, as director of East Campus, thanked Dr. Moore for not only allowing him to serve TNC but, in his words, "Having enough confidence to throw me in the midst of East Campus and say 'Go at it'." Dr. Moore has always been close to the heartbeats of the student body. Student body president, Byron Middendorf re- ferred to Dr. Moore's dedication and concern for the community of Trevecca. He specifically said that the understand- ing between the students and Adminis- tration had been caused by the open- ness between the two. Representing the Alumni, Herb McMillian remembered Dr. Moore's ac- ademic accomplishments when he said, "You helped bring us academic credi- bility. We feel pride and we are grateful." ENROLLMENT 1344 1300 1200 1 'IOO 6 mo' 1051 ' 1000 900 - . f 856 762 760 766 770 793 800 648 150 ,Q 0 0- : I I I I I I I I 1 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 It was a night of honor for Dr. Moore, but every presenter realized that a large part of the President's success was due to the lady that sat next to him. Mrs. Moore, was presented with a special gift from Mrs. Pauletta lanaway who repre- sented the Trevecca Women's Club. Bringing the time of tributes to a close, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. H. Harvey 0 Hendershot, presented Dr. and Mrs. Moore with a check for 51,000 from all of the districts on the educa- tional zone. A plaque was also presented which read, "Deepest appre- to President and Mrs. Mark R. ciation ' Moore in recognition of dedicated ser- vice to church and college." As Dr. Hendershot finished reading words the standing ovation those seemed to signify that everyone was in full agreement. Many of those present had been with Dr. Moore his full tenure as president. Even those who had been at TNC for a short, time had seen Dr. Moore's love for and dedication to the college. It was time for Dr. Moore to address the Trevecca community one final time. Never again would that group be to- gether just as it was. The President ap- proached the podium with confidence. The same confidence displayed during his tenure as President. He told of a gen- tleman that had asked him what his greatest contribution was to Trevecca. Me replied, "the greatest contribution that I made was not so much the build- ings that were built or the finances that were reaised . . . but it was the spirit I tried to leave. That spirit of working to- gether, of creative vision and a positive approachff He was not without emotion as he spoke of the Trevecca family. He mentioned how it had wrapped its fin- 1 BUDGET GIVING 645,919 55600,000 547 759 A ' -1' s500,000 I 5939879 ' ' 438,999 5,400,000 - 1 . 247,682 402,400 S300,000 mm , 335 653 S200,000 H9-837 ' - 181,471 ' , s100,000 I I I 1 I I I I A: I Y I 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 CAMPUS PROPERTY VALUE 56,000,000 55,000,000 54,018,491 54,000,000 ' A, 44 s3,000,000 AY -f S2 000 000 if ' f f 53,242,797 - 11,000,000 'Zi 7 I I I I 1 I I I I 68 619 70 71 72 75 74 75 76 77 78 gers around their hearts. His love for TNC was very evident throughout his closing remarks as it had always been throughout his tenure as president. Dr. Moore spoke of the past ten years, the accomplishments that had taken place, and the philosophy of his administration. While he reminded all of the past, he looked toward a bright future with the new president. Anyone spending any amount of time with Mark R. Moore knew by heart the statement he would conclude with. It had been his motto and his reply to many on several- occasions. "Do what you can with what you have where you are ..." He left those words as encouragement and as a challenge to the Faculty, Staff, and Administration as they looked forward to the days that were ahead of them. For more than a decand TNC was privi- ledged to have Mrs. Mark R. Moore as her "First Lady." Without reservation, she loved Trevecca. She graced every occasion with a quiet dignity. We'll never forget the Bus Campaign and the thousands of trading stamps collected. Under her leadership the Trevecca Women's Club was organized. Because of her dream a cookbook was published to honor the 75th anniversary and the proceeds went to purchase handbells to form our Handbell Choir. Some of her other endeavors were the "I Care" cam- paign, Bloodmobile, Clinic, and Campus Beautification. She loved the Trevecca Community. 23 features awffffnfffv mimi Zifbwwv ocjfgfamfwwmw 650 UZ . mcmfm !W6MlN i lm le? g.f Q I ,,. . jf Af, I .1 Bob Brower, professor in Commun: cations, offers advice and answers questions for students and parents at a reception which was part of the ori- entation for freshmen and new students Prof. Barbara McClain was the coordinator of the Fine Arts Retreat held at the Tenn. District Center in Dickson. Saturday included many hours of choir and band rehearsals. Choral Society practiced their upcoming presentation of "Greater ls He" which was performed at the Homecoming Concert. They did not have to work all day. Some of the activities included volleyball, exercises, and drama. After each group had performed for the rest, the drive back to "the hill" followed, leaving behind some fond memories. Qbelowi One of PETRA's members, Tommy Bowles. A graduate of McGavock, and TNC student before joining the group. 'GW l lqi l 1 I ln their return performance, PETRA presented a very impressive show that the audience seemed to enjoy. Their "jesus rock" style was apparently popular. The concert began with the title cut from their latest album, "Come loin Us." Most of the concert's program were songs from that album written by Bob Hartman, lead guitarist Steve McElyea, tlefti on the Keyboards, was the most impressive of the group with his fantastic style with stage ethics. The group used a combination of 50's, 60's "funky" rock 1"Holy Ghost Power"i, and Spanish songs. 'IJ -I A in-,,f . Mary Ann Booth just got through eat- ing some kind of cafeteria concoction that was thought- fully placed on the floor by a Rat Days Make 1 Memories sophomore 1 28 Marci Fitzgerald gets a little T.L.C. I-L.. fulflg Right at the beginning of the year, we began to love Tammy Powers and her sense of humor even though it might be ratty. t" ti 7 You don't see Cheri Thrasher, but here is Mark Bane already on his knees. Perhaps it's a proposal, perhaps a poor "rat" begging for some affection Gary Dickens is giving a rendition of the Freshman Song written by the Soph- omore class at the request of his suitemate, Tracy Tucker. To the present sophomores, Trevecca's 1977-78 Rat Days are an amalgamation of pleasant and not so pleasant memo- ries. During the dates iSept. 21 -225 des- ignated "Freshmen Recognition" the sophomores find themselves on the other side of the fence-as this year's freshmen undergo the annual, zany Rat Days in the hands of the experienced. Rat Days kicked off with a banquet in the cafeteria for the freshmen. It was there that the neophytes were informed the name of their "big sister" or "big brotheH'- the one sophomore who would be their partner-in-peril through to the following night. They were also presented the Freshman Fight Song. Thursday, September 21, is a wild Dress- Up Day, Beanies are sold to the fresh- men Qsource of revenue for the soph- omore classy to be worn that special day. They are asked for required per- hapsj to attend classes dressed in out- landish costumes inside-out clothes, painted faces,-creations of their big brothers and sisters. Thursday's festivi- ties continued with a freshmen picnic and concluded with a cartoon marathon in the McClurkan Auditorium. bla, ear? David Tucker and Sheri Acheson survived Rat Days to be an important part of our campus. The freshmen class seemed to have taken their time on deciding who they would elect as their officers. Finally, after three sets of ballots were cast, Mike johnson from Mississippi was elected president. iMike is one of our five dis- trict superintendent's sons who attended Trevecca this year.i Finley Knowles and Kim King were elected class representa- tives on Student Council. The other three officers, electedon a second ballot, in- cluded Chonda Courtney as vice-presi- dentp Sheila Apple as secretaryg and Nancy Nickell as treasurer. Mike johnson speaking in the freshman class meet- ing. Spring quarter he ran again in another election for STUCO rep. for SGA according to the constitu- tional revisions made in May.J The new officers were a very active part of campus life and an important addition to the Student Council. Some had parts in "The Phantom of McClurkan." Some were a part in pulling off a successful Andrae Crouch concertg some were on the yearbook staffg and one had a charming part in "The Music Man." Finley Knowles was elected to represent his class again as a sophomore STUCO rep. in the spring election. 29 Did Sandra Goodin, sophomore send this freshmen girl to whisper sweet nothings in this young mans Frisbee Tourne '-:v..'- :ag . V 7.2. ., Z .M ,ll . A 1 if--1.'q'-.y, at "H ,I A l ','-57 p ls str, 4,2 .. 'A .f ' ' ' "1 - - The test of skills, with the illustrious voice and humor of Rick Soloky, referee, in- volved guys and girls fling- ing the frisbee in freestyle and through the hoop. A modest crowd of specta- tors and quite a few con- testants gathered in the warm fall afternoon. We didn't exactly rent an elaborate hoop from the National Frisbee Associa- tion, but the circle chosen was sufficient. Rick Bartlett is looking on. Scott Lewis demonstrates his expertise with the frisbee, just like he mas- tered football skills. 30 - -1- i Ill :S P-as ' J '-'1iA"ff2'vP3-53 . -ffl .5 4 ,tl 'Z '-12. '1 ' "-. , ..,- ,ravi-4-4-.w "-4' , J-4: sl A J, Q- v if fathr ga., .vu V : " . . . , ,,,, ' 5 ' '-1 - -:FY Concert with Truth Fall Retreat . . . 'f 2 nf' 1 Cools Bod , Warms Soul The student body enjoyed a relaxing weekend at Standing Stone National Park for Fall Retreat. Friday night was packed full of fun and games such as Beat the pan headed by Bert Runyan. Despite the very cold temperatures and lack of electricity in some of the cabins, everyone awoke Saturday morning full of vitality and ready to hit the trail for hiking. As Saturday night approached, the dining hall was filled with people eager to hear the word of God as the revival speaker Ron Richmond shared his message. lt proved to be a beautiful night full of testimonies. i. miiiiiiiis'iiiiii ll.-llili'iif 'CLSXL I -:g -. . , , - -15-gzfzvr, ae.. .. - are. ' :TEE 1.-V-":.r 1 :J--. -- rag -:tg . -.,. ,A . - ,Ill 1 The brassy sound of Truth filled the McClurkan Auditorium one night. Different or- ganizations sponsored the concerts and usu- ally, a sneak preview was given to those in chapel the day of the concert. lucly Cochran and Promise ludy and her group provided another of stage with Cathy. The rest of the group the concerts during Fall Quarter. was made of talented guys who covered tAbovej Judy Cochran, on the right, on the keyboards, drums, guitar and brass I Slave Auction Auctioneer Sherwyn Nabors gets a bid for Wandas Willis. Below: Kay johnson patiently waits for her "master." One of the yearly activities of the cheerleaders is their fun- draising Slave Auction. This year provided some changes for the squad. Following the approval of male cheerleaders by the Ath- letic Board, selection for the male squad for the 1978-79 year began. The four guys who were chosen included Tom Baker, Chuck Lovell, Rob Morris, and David Tucker. Rob and Chuck were only able to attend the home games because of their work schedule. Tom and David trav- eled with the cheering team to the away games. The new additions were a great asset to the squad, roviding strength and sturdier bases for some of the new, more ad- vanced stunts fPictured laterj which the cheerleaders mas- tered during the season. 32 Bridge! Ib he Solornon's Porch and College Hill Spelunk Together . f l "Q A ' .. jr. fi 515 f X -:e lr fi, 1 - V: , ut, gg.: ' , ll' 1 A 252. 'fltff Ili' ' 'IT' -' fc 1- i " f A, M, A ,u.,.,., 1, , ilfilif 3+ 'T -' 5' ilbf if flgllb' 'li' " x ' :-" . f' li '7' " . ."' 'a ' "L-, -' if" HQ' ' - 11 -" 'S '17-J. 1 . "l'llll,l" -' 'HKQTN ' ' wxalwi i f, 'f 'i-G' -1 .-f:- ' ru '. w -.4 I .,. - 31,1 -, J '- N' ll, . I.: if , we . w K A .,- .eff A , ' ,- 'f: ' ,' tl 7' n- T V - . .. X- , N L, . wg' an I-: A. 53.,w.E.,,7ru-rf - ., . 'Y - I 1 23 V, 15 A L l!! rl' e elllw ' I. gk. - 3 lr'?'lr:f - " ' Cll'fZ?"4 ' - . A . ,V Q, ASHA A I -1543,-,,, Q 1 , , ' L..,,,A:' ,ll,, , .Nl N A lil - - ' fl' izx.. . x , X P . .A . ... .C , .'I N Bill Mauch was the co-ordinator for the overnight spelunking trip which included hiking and Qbelowj sleeping in the cave. TNC student, David Walker, to Bill's left and qbelowj one of the teens from College Hill goes through a passage. Mike Estep and his Admissions staff successfully improved the 1978-79 VIP Days. In additions to the usual activities, such as class visitation and departmental displays, there were also such ac- tivities as the "country-eatin" meals in McClurkan Auditorium, and the Andrus, Black- wood and Co. concert in the gymnasium. Vis- itors received a small taste of dorm life. Old friendships were refreshed and new friends made as the VIPers enjoyed campus atmosphere and school spirit at the Purple 84 White Game. 'lm r Lil Ja-is Q J ,Lb A nu. 5143 , ,yu I , ig, ' t . 1 I 1, Q- ,. F 5 - .,-,J I, :vm 4 Q -.. , -.4 ,Q H3 v, 35 i , , J., 5 -Q., I ls. 3 Lots of Treats A Lil1Ie of Tricks A-1, ,-"',',-'or'-T 1- wav 75 .if 1 5 x I . "x !y"x1l A Xxx," ' Ya 11 x , -.QL :, W yi, 3 i ei'-ff fljfw rf: +12 F: Porch Celebrates Grand Opening "GRAND OPENING-1978" read the banners flapping in the wind outside Solomon's Porch on October 7. It had all the excitement of any grand opening as Dr. Mark Moore cut the ribbon, which began the Porch's new year of service and entertainment to the campus. And the people came. Wall-to-wall from 9:00 to 12:00, enjoying the music of former WWGM Radio DJ. Benton White, the "Winston and Lewis Expedition," Mary jo Cagle, Mike Wilkerson, joe Lovell and Mike johnson, the humor of Vic Collier and Keith Smith. A night jam-packed full of entertainment, and the college community obviously ate up every minute of it. The crowd of students was spilling into side rooms. Many students, as well as President Moore, discovered the second exit out of the window of one of the side rooms. Unfortu- nately, a Darda photographer assisted him and we're un- able to provide a picture! Howmumnmg 1978 The Court Betty Boyer, Queen Chris Fitzgerald and Doug Williams Rob Irwin 40 f-fi-A ludy lohnston and lim Williams The competition for the crown of the 1978 Homecoming Queen was close among the senior contenders, Betty Boyer, ludy lohnston, and Chris Fitzgerald. Tension eased as Betty Boyer, escorted by Doug Williams was crowned Queen. Other members of the court included junior attendant Becky Rowan, escorted by Mike Vollmanp sophomore attendant, Kay Mills, escorted by Donnie McKenzie, and freshman attendant Karla Oglesby, escorted by jimmy Taylor. Escorts for the other candidates included Rob Irwin with Chris Fitzgerald, and jim Williams with judy Johnston. The 1977 Homecoming Queen, Miss Sherry Heard, escorted by alumnus Dave Moore, crowned the new queen as A.S.B. President, Byron Middendorf assisted. Following the ceremony, the queen and her court, seated on the designated platform, watched the second half of an exciting game between T.N.C. and the Vikings of Lee College, who unfortunately beat the Trojans. tBelowJ Bob Davis adds variety to the Homecoming Game in the traditional Trojan uniform. 0 Y H251 v . -' LH- l '.Y T f axssiil' r -Q-ML ' IT, 2 ,, 1- -9 ini- 56: . ' Q llrmr- f,4Ln 4 5, 35,3 , , ,,..-.,,, ,n A Q 1'-yllgis.-2k3,A - J 1,2 Becky Rowan and Kay Mills and Karla Oglesby and Mike Vollman Donnie McKenzie jimmy Taylor Bl- ff- Qabovej The Choral Society presented a musical for the Homecoming Concert the night after the game. Some of the special soloists were staff members Wayne Gallup and Mike Cork. Ron Storer ffar lefty of McClurkan Church of the Nazarene was also fea- tured. frightj STUCO's float took first place in the contest. 42 V.-. N' A-V , Ai ug ."" . - - 1 -,---' , J...-.--,V-.-.-,.. .. Y,,.. Even our real live Trojan did not in- timidate Lee College who proved to be tough competition. We fell to a 58- 64 loss after overtime. Equal opportu- nity cheerleaders added four guys to their squad for the '78 season. l H, " , , ,Q f. i W- -' ., ilu ,ll . A Chaplain Bill Boggs was the narrator in the mu- sical. fabovej Dan Wilkinson, member of Concert Band, takes a pause during the concert. Qleftl Susan Strickland and Rick Stalvey demonstrate another aspect of Homecoming-it's Fallg time for sweaters and disturbing all those piles of leaves that Maintenance rake. 43 The 1979 Valentine Court On Friday night, February 9, the annual gala affair of pageantry was once again brought to the community by the Sophomore Class. the pageant be- gan as the contestants plus a crew of four young men, dubbed as the "Bet- termen Quartet" presented a group number to the theme of "An Old Fash- ioned Love Song." A tie took place between Beth Werstler and Karen Carter, who were es- corted by Mike Bearden and Larry Smith, respectively. Kay Mills, escorted by Donnie McKenzie received first runner-up. Mike Cork, the emcee, announced the 'I 979 Valentine Queen-Peggy jen- kins, escorted by Mark Lancaster. Peggy was brought center-stage for the traditional crowning and presentation of the regal robe. We can see an ex- cited Peggy in the above pictures along with Becky Hulstine who was in charge of the successful production and Brenda Miller, the 1978 Home- coming Queen. ln the upper right corner Peggy is doing a rendition from "The King and I." The other candidates and their escorts were: tupper left to right next page, Melody Hendrix, escort Mickey Brown, Marcy Fitzgerald, escort Mike Geasley, Carol Ernest, escort David White, fmiddle left to rightj Beth Werstler, Sue Welk, escort Herb Cassie, Kay Mills, Diana Appleby, es- cort Rob lrwin, Karen Carter, Mickie Patton, escort Cary Van Atta. 3 QJXI . 1 I Qfi "W, E' . . 12K I if' V 4, . w l 63-1 4 A 1 JJ. As.: ,I Wm + f -, Y -i.,..,,, NvV.Y, my .'f.' A ' Q' - ,pf ' . pf. xufqc , - Nr .9- 4 N.. 'lv'.',,f'u 1 H- . In ,'-' . '? N" r'-Q 1.14 . '-A-xx A 4- WA f "s'J"'r J- 'Vg' 'ff B,-. '.: -1,2-' ll V a, Melody Hend I 5' 5' , C 1, E L li Q .1- v ' 'A I- L-n 'H 0' WMP la. ..x..l4 ,A -L P? ii.. I ,.ag'1i' , -.ic Y: . , -, ,, fi f ' J"1-L' 'w- , . 'Hn 1 if Nashville Provides Another White ' , , "" ', Y -"'x4"' ' -41 -1' .M , -lv" .-. -. - .. F P , ' ""' f','i . A 1 '.. -'A 7 I 4 I. ., V 1. E F T- f 41:' I 7 ' ' 1:1 'W' A ' il", ' ' ' I. x 1 wx.. india- -pe-Qgknx -:fl l M ' I SY '- One day on the campus of dear T.N.C. We were walking along, just my friend and me. When out of the sky came a great big, white blob. When the pain subsided, we went looking for Rob, For who on this campus has an arm like that? -Becky Hulstine Above: The creative artwork of -e--- -.-- ' 1'-L. some young men in Benson modeled this mammoth snow woman. To get an idea of Ber- tha's size, look at the figure be- side her. Right: Cindy Gillespie, in the center, gets kissed by a snowball and it looks as though David Walker is going to deliver an- other in her direction. . t fy f li-' ,'., inter Quarter ..' -f QQ 5 P,-E N -, ... 1133517 ,sez ' ".'QI4',-1 if QUE!! rgwyggx.-Q - .4 1 1 L I- - - X . U V, if . -fa . i Q , , Q , F -fa' . - ii rn ff: A 4. " :L 1 , .L '-:Mr 4-pl - , , 4- f - .f ' VH, AJ t- 4 'nw .. V1 ' J A - ' -' 'l V n ' -ll' 'f ' , fb- , . 1 , 73, .Q A . 4 ' - ' ' "gi , 7 rs ' ,. ., . ' Nbr uv' , f'-li, 1. ' jf ' . N ' - . -t .A E-fx: wi-N '- . 1 f.':,,g, . H V -- q1,',,,z1 M Y' 5--K VNQ:vi'.'- -'Lvl , .' ' ',,,gx. ., .na Q, l U55 T g -,A-,7g:- ,QI gy ,. ,' ", 'vzilha Lf.f:ii.!,L'j . Q. A ce ig-AW. '- ' f' vt. 4' .J-saith "'lQ.'-f?u2ii."11,l'!L:ll' - X ' ..-'.L.... ,fr ' Q'-'ar HHH jvQ,,m,pgj,-',g,iggQ -n X nun. 1-'-'auf-fy 'tw Ii .1'. Ts ai QU: I J, nf-l A it --.Mn X!!..IE fain ' K Mu, J? ,-I Top left: Cindy Parrott with a das- tardly grin winds up for the pitch. Top right: Chonda Courtney gives the photographer her latest com- edy routine, Hlmpersonating a Snowman." Lower left: Phoebe Baker with devious triumph paints Steve Tay- lor's face with white. No wonder he grew a beard. Lower right: A solemn wink from the hibernating frog at the cascades. Left: Anita jennings pauses for air and a smile. 47 C' Q.-u S I' O Perf OH ti F3 GHG A C0 Nashville Based Re' Derric johnson's heavily booked contemporary group entertained the Trevecca audience with their cheery smiles, stage personality, and smooth flowing music. Growing out of the nightmares of the past the Re' isa counter-statement to visualize and verbalize oneness in a strong heritage of faith and freedom, a musical unit that emphasizes positive attitudes and actions. They sing to over a million people in 500 performances annually, have appeared over 300 times at Walt Disney World. They have 28 albums to their credit including one gold. "' Y 'Q i .Q , K bt K " up,.,w S Aa . 'ik I. if 4 I Q I 5 i P 'n l '. . F17 p Q-1. iq? Q 5 V x 'Il n V' 42 4 I Q 1 1 .4 xiii Q n '. Q ,z ,. -"-1 r . . 5, Right: Students who participated in the lock-in were visited by two young men, seen leaving, who thoughtlessly brought pizza in an effort to intensify the impact of going without. Far right: Spoons were thrown in heaps, soup, loaves of bread, and water was the menu for those in the center, while those in back were served in style by Civitans and Civinettes. Below: Bill Mauch, Bill Boggs, and Steve Rushing grimly dish out soup. hifi Last january, the biting winter cold was coupled with biting-yet-unfamiliar pangs of hunger as well over one hundred TNC'ers participated in a thirty hour fast held january 24-25 in order to learn first- hand the plights of the millions of unfor- tunate people on earth for whom hunger pangs are a way of life. The entire student body experienced chapel services and saw films and dra- matizations concerning world hunger the month preceeding the two days of fasting. Conceived by Steve Rushing and Bill Boggs, Trevecca's comprehensive world hunger seminar was held in con- ilflilulwt Students Get Hunger Pangs gli s. Q1 I It i-'A.,,.- -.-, 4:-ua f J .B wr- junction with World Vision International evangelical organization which channels over ninety-nine percent of all of its monetaiy contributions into food and other provisions for hungry natives of Asia, Africa, and South America. Trevecca's fasters were sponsored by faculty members and students thus rais- ing much-needed funds for the world's hungry. The TNC fast concluded with a Thursday afternoon communion service and a celebratory dinner. Many of the students who participated in the two-day fast claim that they were GFEZF SEF'1'l una Sam. fn! . changed by the unusual experience. One fellow remarked that, for the first time in his twenty-one-year life, he had gone to bed hungry, and someone else com- mented that she realizes now how pre- cious food should be to us, "but how wasteful we are in the cafeteria! H Winter Quarter 1979's world hunger study and fast probably will prove to be a high point in many student's remem- brances-because it helped many of us to realize fully the dire predicament of those less fortunate than we-and they constitute the majority of this planet's population. Gpera Comes To Trevecca Friday night, February 23, at 7:00 P.M., Trevecca's own Opera Workshop proudly presented two fine operas with an "all star" cast. A full house awaited the opening cur- tain. Students and faculty alike had joined together for an enjoyable and of- ten humorous evening. john Hobson, who was the star of W.A. Mozart's "Don Giovanni," played the part of a very confident and sensual ro- manticist. Tim Elliot has been noted for his superb ghostly appearance, thanks to Nancy Cauthron who was in charge of make-up. Kent Pelton, Sarah Adams, Pam Cowart, jack Murray, john Yount, and Brenda Miller were all important parts in the presentation. ,Rusty McCorkle displayed his fine talent as accompanist. Following a ten minute intermission, the evening was topped off by the perfor- mance of Charles Eaken's work, "The Box." The Cast included Mike Wilkerson, Kent Pelton, Margi jared, Marilyn Frantz, and Brenda Miller. The presentation proved to be a learning experience for members of the cast. Chief among the lessons learned was Marilyn's as she learned never to faint in an Elizabethan "hoop" skirt. The accompanying orchestra lended its touch to the humorous play and the crowd responded well. The hard work of everyone involved, especially Professors Mund and jarrett who organized the evening, proved to be well worth it, as the presentation turned out to be a success. Left: Cast members Mike Wilkerson and Margi jared perform in "The Box." Be- low: A scene from "Don Giovanni" with Kent Pelton and Sarah Adams. S I G3 P K e 'ff N I. U! I Top Entertainment at Valentine's Banquet The attenders of the Valentine's Banquet benefited from several things. Firstly, the thrill and accomplishment of having a date with someone they wanted to be withp secondly, the healthy experience of dressing sharply and looking pleasing to oneself and others. Other benefits were the luxorious atmosphere of the Hyatt Regency of downtown Nashville and the entertainment of Chris Christian, a former associate of BJ. Thomas. The sophomore class not only sponsored a spectacular pageant-they did not over- look providing a warm experience for those who went to the Valentine's Banquet. ww' Rook Tourney Won Support Below left: A jubilant Karen Wilson finds some trumps in the kitty. Below right: table and plans his strategy. Robert johnson eyes the Late january found the Student Center packed with "card sharks" as the First Annual Rook Tournament on the Tre- vecca campus and sponsored by the Freshman class began with an out- standing turn out. The tension mounted as the number of eligible teams dropped from 30 plus to only those who were able to work up to the top nine positions. Finally, following a tough game, Carol Ernest and Dean Murray came out on top. Mel Thompson and Finley Knowles came in second with john Dunn and Robert johnson working in a close third. The next six teams were Byron Midden- dorf and Daryl Willis-fourth, Mark Grit- ton and Carol Wright-fifth, Kim King and Lil Fortner-sixth, Howard Wilson and Kent Pelton-seventh, Mike and Doris Courtney-eighth, and Terry john- son and Reba Knowles-ninth. Plans for the Second Annual Tourna- ment are under way. It will be sanc- tioned by Parker Brothers and the win- ners will be eligible to compete in the national tournament. 53 I ,V J ' nl M - - fini'-' ,- ,.-3.-. :,g.:'- v .' " ' iv..-5:55 l'-T' ' ' , .,:-lv ,-V -. .J 5 3 Siliklii. 1 -'qi-1 .3,rr.:A-i,. '-J.. t-,i, ., . 1---5, .' --:Jesu-A-,a-V,5.1,' , a- .,, -N - K "'-f.:,'-- , The phrase "choir tour" brings to most of our minds sudden recollections of rigor- ous vacations and rhythmical sequences of exhausting con- certs. New recruits see the sojourn as a chance to travel, and to leave behind home or school, veterans observe this occasion as "just another tour." But whether novel or monotonous, each escapade is characterized by individual rememberances. When someone speaks to me L o '-A Choir Makes Spring Tour of Concert Choir's spring tour, several thoughts leap to my mind. l reminisce of our visit to the archaic French Quarter of New Orleans and contemplate the possible nocturnal fate of those mem- bers almost abandoned in that Gomorric city. Neither can I but recall the hours in- vested by lames larrett and his associates in writing out parts, and arranging an offer- tory featuring Brenda Miller on the piano. Least of all could I forget the chilling cir- l cumstances supplied by the dormant bus heater and the changeable Nashville weather during our polar trip back to Trevecca. Another member might recall one of our best concerts given to a diminutive au- dience, or the hectic week- end schedule, consisting of hours of driving before and after both performances. A stalwart member might de- scribe the tour as a brief plunge into the icy waters off Fort Walton Beach, Florida, as well as kite flying, swinging, and picnicking at a state park enroute. Naturally, choir tour means something special to each in- dividual who was involved, however, we as individuals cannot forget the unique ex- periences that we as a choir have had-together. E54 54 i' -18" l l If i t .., .- .. . 'V -I . 'v-.'-1 7 J,:i4:...,-, .,"., ,K ' B HS. '- if-A .v,, .J . 3 "' W, 5 A h . . , , M . in - ax, , Q 4 4 MQ g . i U4 1 ff' Q , . , 4 I . , .. ll la -1. . - 'I a .. , p h ,, - ,lv-if ii' 7 W.. H E 'J A gv l 3 tiki' i f we fi' J .W u . if : A A -3' "aff qi :.', W - ,'..:- , , I ,,.4- up 4.1, ,L xx- 1,.....,,,V.',q- 1.-,.l.,.:- 4 . N 0 I. , . 3- -L . l, -. A .-N5 naw? - 17,11 1-3. . . .-" . "'.'- K , Hi -J""- vs ,, ,, . .v Above: QLeft to rightj Chuck Lovell demonstrates living in the streets of New Orleans. Center: Tim Elliott flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Lower right: Dean Murray and Carol Ernest take a break down in the French Quaner. i ,Z 4 l 4,9 , 'if ' i i -.1 . 1 S. -. A - i 1- I 'f' I L ! t 1: 1 'f f , 'Q '-15-Hill 1 ' .,1 gi' 6 . I ..-in 3 ,, wr..--' 4 . - - , - . , 3 .. fl ,,, 5- Q' ' it 'F ' -AV '- f el: Q A, M sn, 4 E ye? hh.- N ix25,..X ' WN Xi 'W' ' , ' N . -N --- , , Y 4 av g !! xl: , .h ali V 'ii' .. ' l l i - , H 3' --w w 3 N 31 4 ,lf - . +-- :- JM . g- ' 1""'l' V f l' 4 3 ., :,gE:,f 15f. yr' Q A L- Tziikiwfzrnxsn-u'...p:f.:n:Q1Z1'2vSP' 11-' 'L Circle K Raises S2500 In Over S2500 was pledged for Multiple Sclerosis in response to the work of Circle-K for their sixth annual Volleyball Marathon. This marks the record for the most money pledged. Last year Trevecca's Circle-K club was noted for raising the largest amount of money among any of the Circle-K orga- nizations in the state of Tennessee. They are in hopes to break all records again this year. Byron Middendorf and jimmy Taylor tied for the most money raised at 5314.50 per hour. Both lasted the entire 24 hours. Others who also went the entire 24 Pledges for M.S. hours included Greg Brown, Bob Davis, Faalupega Faoa, Danny Gray, Don Kirby, Chuck Lovell, Danny Oaks, Howard Wall, and Doug Williams. The 24 long, gruesome hours began at noon on Friday and lasted through noon Saturday and were spent competing against such apt competitors as Third Floor johnson, Georgia Hall, "The Bombers," and Kettesf The toughest competitiors according to the Circle K members. Among the easier teams, in Circle K's opinion, were "The Clowns" coached by Niel Nielson, FCA, and the Southside Police. Each team paid an en- try fee of S25 which also went to Mul- tiple Sclerosis. Over twenty gallons of Coke were con- sumed by those hot and thirsty volley- ball players. All the money received for the drinks also went to MS. The Marathon attracted many spectators who were either astonished at the en- durance of the suicidal competitors, or entertained at some of Circle K's strategy in their games against some of the girls' teams. Some of the spectators spent the night cheering the teams through the wee hours of the morning. 4.4 Above left: Competitor Randy Pertuset sends the serve. Above right: Coach Greg Brown demonstrates "How to ap- pear not alert but actually alert and ready" stance. 56 l Right: Doug Williams gets prepared with perhaps some assistance from Danny Oaks. Far right: judy lohnston keeps an attentive eye on the game. Below: Looks like Howard, Danny, Dean, Faoa, and Greg have already put in eight hours of volleyball. -3 5 .,f fy. F if T,QlU7V -- f am sw ge- cul- ' if QQ- -.9 Q1 ,L , l Ss, V l gy l 'A .5 A l . I cf. ,gg The undefeated champions from left to right are: ffirst rowl Ronnie Boswell, Chuck Lovell, Sherwyn Nabors, jimmy Taylor, Howard Wall, Greg Brown. QSecond rowjz David Goodin, Greg Runyan Danny Oaks, Tim Blanton, Greg Daily, Faoa Faalupega, Don Kirby, Byron Middendorf Dan Driskell, Bob Davis, - Doug Williams 5 Boggs Goes to California Friday, April 13, closed out the Chaplain ministry of Rev. William Boggs at Trevecca Nazarene College. Rev. Boggs accepted the call to pastor First Church of the Nazarene in Los Angeles California. Los Angeles First is the "Mother" church of our denomination, and the pulpit of this church holds much prestige. This is Rev. Boggs' first senior pastorate. "Bill" came to Trevecca last summer, and revolutionized the Chapel program at Tre- vecca over the past months. Every Chapel became a wor- ship service, with all parts of the service carefully laid out and planned by the Worship Committee. He also served as a professor in this coIlege's Religion Department. Make Me Laugh Show ....... A 5 Rev. Boggs was a graduate of 1 Trevecca, serving as Student 'iq Body President while here. He then went to Yale Univer- 1 sity School of Divinity, com- pleting his Master's degree one year earlier than average , Lt in that program. ' l 3 To Bill, Reva, and his family, we said good-bye in that Chapel Service on Good Friday, April 13. We will all never forget, or cease to real- ize, the tremendous impact the Boggs' have had on our lives. Chaplain Bill Boggs and his library stretching from wall to wall in his Tidwell office, was graciously stacked by Huey Davis, Barry Bryant, and others. The books were sent with Boggs to his new home in Los Angeles. IN cARo n rs si mi J ,ep ,, 's Eve., 1. -- The talent of amateur comedians john Jeffries, Tammy Power, and Don Garrison, was featured in "Make Me Laugh." The event was similar to the popular T.V. show which gives the comedians 30 seconds to make the contestants laugh. The show, sponsored by the Freshmen Class was held after the final round of Regional Quizzing. Left: Riki Morgan 84 john Jefferies. Above Right: Don Garrison 8t Kat Pace. Spring Clean Up Day '1'.5'g"bf?Ai2-,Flux ' if-4.-.l , ginsg- Y A 5.-, tea. - 4 Ni--. '9 .-gift? -31? v 1 yy .-,J r7. 1- ry s . W S- '-sx-,.,.--'f'- , 5, swlab ,H W' . i 'ii' ,Ar :L 'iz xv, I ff' Z' A .M-',. If , If I . ..- -vlki. QI.: - Q- -' LU :S ' -. fix -a .,,,I HK. ' .,. ,. Below: Sherwyn Nabors in the foreground gets some instruction from Ed Barton of the Maintenance Department. Faculty and students responded to President Adams' idea of the Spring Clean Up in an effort to Beautify the campus. Left: Becky Hulstine works in the area in front of the Administration Building. STUCO and Circle K were the most involved groups. Circle K Variety Show Above: One rather snazzy Ron jones wails out a song to the beat of drummer Howard Wall in the background, Left: The variety show featured the talents of the group who serenaded the girl's dorms at midnight with some good old-fashioned love songs. '59 Andrae! l V 4 si: ,,,4, 5-.2-.'...:ez -fi '-v'- ""'-'-' ' , A . . l . . if-'aff tif? zfzzivrvfazf rf! ffl airy y 6f2 dfms 4, -HA-251 Umfdff 6Q ' ,dlsaftby SIKA U Qlfffd-Q' GOCQQAA Qbmgvf C2WnmmH2LJ 'T ff- K VV ' 2111! Jccfzi .Yin fi V.-' fjfjf WAIIIFA 'g,7,QQy fQmnnl6kbnnkmf f:fhmQJm My pp, fffgffffqg 'ztyaedu - f f44.141fs,xcirzxSn2-filo: MM, 006'- fliff riff 'VV9 - f , . 1 L.,,,4 i , L. ' 31159 -' ,aff A., pn., 16.411 -.Zfuf lv 'Q .w ' - Blflhunf ha-mfr frfufvu-u, " uufdnaf " '-. ' . V Qedru fbvbzdoimwa Hlffll I, M74 'allldldfyprdiksib LAMAR ' u 6 9-adv fiscal-'ll mudaalu, an .f aw iii J I XSXXHSX K Q m liQ It all started that cold Decem- ber day, somewhere on the North American continent. Wherever that genius, unique mind of Greg Page was en- lightened by a bulb of a new color-at that moment the dream was just beginning. The dream?-to bring Andrae Crouch and the Disciples to Nashville. To bring the bi- ggest event in the history of Trevecca Student Govern- ment to this place to go beyond the normal ordinary to bring in the fantastic and unbelievable the be- ginning of the dream. From those .humble begin- nings, the success of Friday, April 6 rose. The city of Nash- ville now knows, if they didn't before, that Trevecca does exist, and is alive! Three solid months of work by com- mittees, student council as a whole, and several dedicated students turned into a night we'll never forget as a Tre- vecca community. More than 3,200 people filed into Municipal Auditorium Friday evening, and as Found Free took the stage, a special Y ". 42: A'-01.4.24 If .. xc.: .' 4, -' ,., .ufdvff G5 .. ,pf I finaly.: 5, 1 fwfr,-.1,, L.r,f1 :zfvnsd G, ' ':7l'.'4.'f1- "Af'r'i dl C951 ffaf Q.-.s-.k,.-41-.91-,,.,:'f-4.-0:4 5-my K 'Ga f r 2 -7ff:fr-.arns mrafnafmwh ARCH 8,1979 'Jaffa 49d 'Qdmawy Llp naman Siwcudb 60911 iam-vu 6,06-nf -fglifuav nor...-.m.a.v.'.-f Mu-r - catba.raudLauu3 A841 -Bill!-oalrfbafzhau zidlzzld 'alll-Da labor tom GH sense of excitement swept over the throng. The volume rose, the movements in- creased, and the excitement neared as Keith and the '-sg ffeiigiffiiii QNDRQE -' 'A'Q-- CROUCH if-uit i u lx V V if B. I 0- Andrae' 'Win ' QE ff group blasted out their unique gospel sound. The decibels increased, as did the spirit of the evening, but all was preparation for the next event. Even Keith, himself, said, "You are about to hear some of the world's greatest music." That feeling became the expectancy of all. As the loudspeaker blurted ...U "J "W Y. ---'-"'i out, "Ladies and Gentlemen- Andrae Crouch and the Dis- ciples!" the already rocking auditorium suddenly became a madhouse of people thrilled beyond words. As An- drae hit the stage, his backup vocalist and bands began blasting, and the words of songs that only Andrae can 'write suddenly poured 'ik . . 1 if through the speakers. An al- most unreal sense of God's presence began quietly creeping across the au- dience. As the music contin- ued, the crowd became more and more uncontrollable, and the frenzy grew. This was ex- citement in its purest form. This was excitement moti- vated by the presence of wwf fl' if jesus Christ in the lives of thousand of people and in the lives of the group appear- ing on stage. Upper left: Kevin Ulmet pauses from his work in the box office. Lower left: Found Free await their cue in the backstage lounge. 61 Andrae! It all ended as soon as it be- gan. After two encores, with three thousand people on their feet clapping the au- dience filed out. The auditorium then seemed al- most desolate with empty seats which so shortly before had been filled by rejoicing people. ' The audience participating in the concert made up the larg- est crowd to attend any Tre- vecca sponsored activity. But, only many, many weeks of hard work by Greg Page, StuCo, and other participating students made the event, as well as the crowd, possible. With the cost of the concert reading 510,000 and StuCo's budget totaling less than 62 53000, financial wizardry was necessary to cover the ex- penses. A loan was obtained from a Christian businessman in North Carolina. To be sure StuCo could pay for their bills in case the concert ticket sales flopped, several Chris- tian men from across the Southeast Zone were located who agreed to cover up to S1000 each in the event that StuCo lost money on the concert. Marc Vann, A.S.B. Treasurer, worked endless hours dis- tributing tickets and handling the financial matters of the concert. Needless to say, Marc and Greg were ecstatic when final calculations showed a net profit of almost 53400. A Andra6! .++- ' I I .1 x vf 1' . , X' -A .ri 1 'f 1 , ,, 1 N Q -3 And then it was over . . . ff...---1 Spring Retreaters Spend Unusual Easter r N J 1 .2 Ahhh Spring Retreat. lt couldn't have been a more perfect weekend-with Easter, the more than perfect weather, the perfect park, the perfect people .. . well, maybe not the perfect people. Anyway, it was noth- ing less than great for the 50- plus retreaters. After our little red Chevette made it through hill and dale Qand also through "the fog" which must have been a leftover from fall retreatj, we arrived safely at the pompons and previously 64 Eff l pretty Pickett Park for the be- ginning of things. The ping-pong freaks quickly staked out their pongs and started their threatening chal- lenges. The food freaks quickly put their stomachs into neutral and anxiously awaited evening grub. And then there was Ricky Bartlett who finally made it after driv- ing two hours out of the way. fEmbarrassed Rick?j After munching down, alias chow- ing out, things really got roll- -L o 3 1 f- - ew ft w f ,. . '-,, .., Q J, ,f,., mfg -1-Tgja.,-4,dv" , - V-.,,, - ' ..--'-31. A .1,,1x g,,- ....,. ' 3-2 -.LL ' ing with the semi-annual re- treat films. Well, how much can you say about those, huh? So after a short nap things started taking their own course. Some of us sat around and talked, some sang, qBruce always seems to be there with his guitar when you need him mostj, some of us continued to hog the ping- pong tables, and some of us were not seen for an undeter- mined length of time. One of the main highlights of '55-let' . .,. 'x r 'fa 7'.L if vt. Q i L Ai ,4 .. .-.-gtglhe -- g,. E 1: 1 .... :-ua-.ff-V-' ""r , ...J -43154 the entire weekend was,Gary Henecke, the speaker. After playing "sing-along with Bruce", Gary came to us and spoke of miracles and having giants in our lives. Having the kind of giants that keep us from being the kind of person Christ meant us to be when he died on the Cross. Gary seemed to bring the word of God right down to where we were and where our lives were going. After an extremely restful night, we woke up to HOT water fOh, the painful memories of fallii and set out for the new day. Many took walks, hiked, and some even caught a few z's so they could rest up for the night's events. Of course, what retreat would be complete without the ever-popular Pan Game? In Game 411, the emerging victors tliterallyl were Gary Henecke and Cathy Cooley ftough toenails, Donl. In Game 412, Brucie and Huey fwho apparently didn't care what he had to do to winj, came out on top-again, liter- ally. There was also a contest of stacking different boxes without using your hands. The expert-box-stacking duo of Denise Patnode and By Middendorf demonstrated how ingenuity can make you the winners. Denise cleverly used her teeth and By clev- erly used his nose. Late that night it got a little strange fshe said with tongue ff ff .f in cheeky while several were seemingly trying to sponsor a "No-doze" marathon, the quartet of Lynn, Velda, De- nise, and Bev continued to amaze the masses with their vocal abilitiesf?j on the microphones. After a very restful and full weekend fgood food, Rayj we started packing up. Sev- eral felt led to take a dip in the water fall and one felt the call for his "Rough-age". 54 It was a good time for reflec- tions and fun times with friends-some old and some very recent. Through all of this I can't forget the words of Gary Henecke-Christ didn't want us to be the ordinary person-He wanted us to live up to our potential as Spirit- filled Christians. .65 i I 1 The Ball Park". Maestro Danny Gray astounded the crowd with his mu- sical proficiency on the kazoo. Bobby Milburn was next with a medley of three BJ. Thomas hits. The air grew thick as every female heart melted and several girls found a new singing idol to fall in love with. The candidates were up next to present their ta - ents. First was Finley Knowles who per- formed a song which he had written. Bruce Thompson then presented his version of "Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head", as he was showered with a water pistol by Rick Bartlett. Mike Wilkerson made all the girls swoon as he serenaded the au- dience with the Com- modores hit, "Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady." Darlin' Della Qalias Tammy Powersj with her favorite dummy, Don fGarrison, that is,j mounted the stage next. The ad-lib routine kept the crowd rolling until the court was ready with their formal wear. The final decision came with Mike Wilkerson winning the pageant by a narrow margin. ff- 1-is .fp ' K a' 4Q,f"f a.-- 5 ,I tif 2 Upper left: The class presidents and their escorts. Upper center: Bruce Thompson and Vicki Hemby. Upper right: Finley and Reba Knowles. Center left: Don Garrison and Tammy Powers. Center right: The King, Mike Wilkerson and escort, Carol Herring. lower from left to right: Danny Gray and Stephanie Stocks, Terry johnson and Cathy Clarke, Bobby Milburn and Bev Fulkerson. Above: Pam Crews, Debbie McPherson, and Kathy Creel take a break while others organize. SCENE XXXVI fthe hallway outside of Rock's roomy Rock, Tom, and Randy sneak out. Rock and Tom are all dressed in black and Randy is in all white, with white shoe polish under the eyes. Rock tsees Randy in whitey Heyl Why have you got white on? Randy Well, I thought that since you were white and wearing black that I should try to achieve some sort of color balance. Rock shoves him back in the room. He comes out again dressed in Black. They lean back against the wall as a guard walks past with a doberman. Then they lay down on the floor and sneak under the electronic eye alarm. On page 68, the stars and their escorts and chauffers all make a big appearance at the premiere showing of the "Phantom of McClurkan." Upper from left to right: Bobby Milburn and Bev Fulkerson, Finley Knowles and Stephanie Stocks, Rob Morris and Kim King, john lefferies and Terry Nichols. Center left: loanna Perry and Scottie Lewis. Lower from left to right: Mike johnson and Sarah Adams, Buz Harrison and Linda Blowers, Kerry Roberts and Oileen Young, Don Garrison and Becky Boyette. O 'A' M A, .-, C 5 s .1571 V' B. H .f .az-g - - Phantom Listen to me for a while, please. tHe pauses for a ming Have you ever felt like you never got a fair chance to show what you were ca- pable of? Think now. Have you ever had something worthwhile to say and been denied the chance to say it because people are too self-centered and quick-to-judge that they don't care. I have no in- tentions of inspiring horror or fear. I do not intend to use this outfit to do anything other than meaningful purposes. I have no friends here, other than you. No one has ever given me a chance. l'm not a great-looking popular guy and so l'm not given a chance to get any tlirther than a very brief 'Hi, how are you?' from anybody, I hurt. I feel emotions and have no one to share them with. No one cares. So I choose to wander by night and spread my loneliness under the stars. 31:53 I I j . I lf' A . l' fl-1. . il- A 4' 'xl Top: The program gets prepared for the premiere night. Center left: Pam and julian Cowartp Robbie Little and George Cowart, Center rightp Beth Rutledge and Tim Hendon. Lower left: john Jefferies busy splicing and staying up till 4:00 AM gives the photographer a quick glance. Center: Finley, alias the Phantom sneaks down the balcony in one of the .movie scenes. Lower right: Rich and lohn work hard to meet the goal of the premiere. 69 TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE Lyceum Committee ' presents THE MUSIC MAN by Meredith Willson and Franklin Lacey CAST OF CHARACTERS Harold Hill .... Paul Montemuro Marian Parco ..... Carol Herring Marcellus Washburn , ......... Karl Oelke Mrs. Parco ...... Ruth Herring Winthrop Parco .............. Ken Whittington Tommy Djilas ..... Chuck Lovell Mayor Shinn ..... Jeff Thompson Eulalie Shinn ........ Lena Hegi Amaryllis ........ i. Lara Jarrett Ethel Toffelmier. . .Brenda Miller Alma Hix ......... Margi Jared Maud Dunlop ...... Pam Ccvvart Mrs. Squires ...... Sarah Adams Jacey Squires . . .Mike Wilkerson Olin Britt ......... Kent Pelton Conductor ........ Buz Harrison Evvart Dunlop .... Buz Harrison Oliver Hix .......... Kevin Poe Zaneeta. Shinn . . Chonda Courtney Gracie Shinn ..... 'Clarissa Davis Constable Locke ...Bruce Oldham Charlie Cowell ..... ,Bill Keaton Barney Hix .......... Mark Eby Davey Dunlop ........ Mike Eby Eigkgittle Ladies Marsha Burress Pam Kemp Tamara McGill Judi Grimes Vicki Green. 'Velda Mullinax Denise Beattv Marilyn Frantz T.Ol7LQSDiQPlQ Wendell Overstreet Joe Harvey Tom Rucci Byron Middendorf Workmen ....... Winston Huff Greg Story PRODUCTION STAFF Director .......... .... M arcus Sims Musical Director ..... . ...J im Jarrett Faculty Consultant ..... .... R obbie Little Stage Manager .......... . . . Julian Cowart Assistant Stage Manager .................. Brenda Broclien IW ini I VI . ill!! itll' ni ,,-. nl I ,. tv fr, Ex I' X I I ,J 1,3 W hx 'I ' ,ffywf , I Milf' A it e I' I ' , lf Ig 4 A joyous Fourth of july Celebration Penned by His Honor, The Illustrious MAYOR GEORGE WASHINGTON SHINN, "Father of River City" Fellow citizens of River City, Iowa, that grand- iloquent, momentous, paramount time of year is upon us again. This week, every patriotic, God-fearing American will observe the one hundred-thirty-sixth birthday of this, our ma- jectic and splendacious country, these forty- eight United States of America. Always re- member, my friends-the United States of American is the greatest country on earth, Iowa tThe Hawkeye Statej is the greatest state in the uniong River City is the greatest city in Iowap and George Washington Shinn, your humble mayor, is the finest mayor ever. That slightly confutable statement readily can be averred by a consideration of my pro- digious-nay, Herculean-accomplishments during my illustrious administration as the Honorable Mayor of River City, Iowa. During my tenure as beloved Father of River City, I have erected a pulchritudinous statue of my venerable ancestor, Martin Bellsize Shinn, who was known throughout the Iowa Terri- tory as an accomplished equine-peculatorg and I have appointed my charming wife of twenty-one years and River City's First Lady, Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn, as the town's offi- cial Guardian of Culture and Morality. Your cheerful attendance is expected this july Fourth at the Village Green tor Madison Gyn- masium, if it 's precipitatingj for River City's annual Independence Day exercises, spear- headed by yours truly and my enchanting wife, Elalie MacKecknie Shinn. - E J 3 ,flgsifx F .I , 35 X jf? ' J ff' fp X.l L with I Kr,- 'bnam-N ..,. Ah M3 :E 'L Music Man A Success On May 3, 4, and 5,1 "Sev- enty-Six Trombones" and "The Wells Fargo Wagon" came to TNC-and the Music and Drama Departments' highly successful production of Meredith Willson's Broad- way musical comedy, THE MUSIC MAN, came off with no "trouble" at all! The Lyceum Committee- sponsored the musical com- edy about a soft-hearted "con" man in 1912 Iowa and the gentle librarian who wins him, played to a modest opening-night crowd on Thur. night May 3, and to full houses on Friday and Satur- day nights. Ticket sales went toward the financing of the musical and toward the Ly- ceum Committee's projected campus cultural events of the 1970-1980 school years, which included concerts and another full-length ibut non- musicalj play in the spring. THE MUSIC MAN was di- rected by twenty-two year old Marcus Sims, a senior communication major who acted as assistant director of Trevecca's 1977 production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC and director of the last spring's humorous one-act play, THE FLATTERING WORD. james larrett was musical director both vocal and instrumentall. Robbie Little served as Faculty Con- sultant to the production. lu- lian Cowart, a Trevecca grad- uate, was stage manager for the musical, and student Brenda Brodien acted as as- sistant stage manager. The sixty-member cast was peopled primarily by TNC students, although one staff member and five children also appeared. Heading the talented cast were Paul Mon- temuro in the flamboyant, demanding title role of Har- old Hill, the Music Man, and Carol Herring in the romantic, challenging part of Marian Paroo, the prim librarian who confessed starry-eyed to Har- old that she has sung "Good- night, My Someone", and "Till There Was You." Other River City, Iowa couples were Mayor George Shinn fleff Thompsonj and his wife, Eulalie fLena Hegij, Marcellus Washburn lKarl Oelkel and Ethel Toffelmier fBrenda Millerj, and Tommy Djilas fChuck Lovellj and Za- neeta Shinn fChonda Court- neyj. Ruth Herring played the part of Marian Paroo's lightful River City Barbershop mother who seemed quite Quartet, Mike Wilkerson, Buz anxious to marry off her Harrison, Kevin Poe, and Kent daughter. Portraying, the de- Pelton. 73 Pat Terry Performs at Banquet i 'fr It was a night to remember good food, good music, good times. On Sat- urday evening May 12, the 260 person crowd gathered at the reknowned Opr- yland Hotel for the annual gala affair. Many juniors and Seniors gathered for what was to be a night to remember. Beginnings .... the evening began as the guests filed into Opryland's elegant Memphis Room. The service and food proved to be par excellence. After the evening meal was taken care ot every- one settled back for the superb slide show coordinated by Tony Lindsey and narrated by Greg Page. We watched with amazement the pictures of our friends go by and wondered how some of us could have actually metamor- phosed into the butterflies Ui that we are now. There was a sense of anticipa- tion in the air as this years' Senior Super- Iatives were announced. Voted as Cutest Couple were Carol Wight and Mark Grittong the Most Athletic were Carol Er- nest and Rob lrwing the Wittiest, Chuck Lovell and Pam Cowartp voted the Most Talented were Brenda Miller and Richard North, Sandra Foskey and Dean Murray were elected the Most Studiousg and the Seniors of the Year were Betty Boyer and Byron Middendorf. The evening entertainment was provided by the Pat Terry group. These three tal- ented musicians brought us their unique message in song despite some over- whelming sounds from next door. There were many people who made this night enjoyable as well as one to re- member long after the last centerpiece was put away. Thanks Howard and the junior Class for a very special evening. F - 44 l -' 'A 1.1 if! V Top left: The Pat Terry Group and their 1 W ,gr N .1 1' contemporary gospel music. Top right: Tim .4- --. Q l Taylor, the Senior Class President gives his f.-if E .QTY g p l remarks to the crowd. Above: The head r".Q U , -' T, V table with Bob and Linda Brower, Elmore if l"'A " WA ' . . . and leanne Vailp Dr. and Mrs. Homer 5 1 C, Y l Adamsp Kathy Creel tand missing-Tim ' l l' . Taylorlp Pam Scott and Howard Wall, ' . fgx.f5"1,',i-j' T A junior Class President. , 'iz ' ' .'i"'14N - 1 I i,,t , 7' rli"' .S-r i '-u Drama Recital ln a drama class V taught by Robbie Little, students were required to perform in a recital and trighti is a scene from "Cupids Bow", with joy Sims and David Blowers. Pictures below are from "Arms and the Man" with Candi Deuby and john Walker ttopj and Linda Blower and Candi Deuby tbottomi. Scenes from other plays not pictured were: "The Odd Couple," "She Stoops to Conquer," "Pygmallion," "Waiting for Godot," and "The Glass Menagerie." ffi Q'- Lim. Eby, Norrington 'Chase' to Easy Victories .Za The First Annual Trevecca Chase was held Saturday, May 26, at 10:00 AM. Mike McAdams pulled the trigger, and forty-four charged-up "Chasers" at forty-four different paces started down the hill onto Murfreesboro Road. About one mile along the way, the women veered from the men to finish their 3 miles, as the men ran on to complete a five-mile course. The race went without any complications or injuries. Gerald Norrington dominated Position I with a fantastic time of 32:26. Riki Mor- gan crossed the finish line second at 35:26. Ronnie Baile surprised many of the oddsmakers by finishing 3rd with a time of 36:16. Beth Eby took an early lead and was able to hold it to break the tape at only 25 :36. Her closest competitor was Tracie Stover, who sprinted across the line to take the time of 27:00. The 3rd place in Division Il was Susan Strickland with a time of 28:39. Gerald and Beth each received a pair of Niki running shoes from the Athlete's Foot who co-sponsored the Chase with the Freshman Class and StuCo. Circle K, Senior Class Honored at Awards Chapel Circle K proudly accepted the Club of the year Award and in turn they presented a local representative of Nashville Multiple Sclerosis Society with the largest donation ever raised at Trevecca. Alpha and Beta tied to re- ceive the T.I.A. Society of the year. Peggy jenkins proudly an- nounced that the Senior Class was the winner of the Class of the Year Award. Tim Taylor, "Trevecca Trojans, Class of 79, "and the center of the banner was graced by the Trevecca emblem. Freshman john Dunn, re- ceived the Freshman Chem- istry Award from Dr. Nyssen. He came toward, wearing a wide grin, to accept the Award Scroll and its accom- panying magazine subscription. Tammie Crews received an impressively large copy of The New Testament in Greek having the highest grade in Greek. Lynn Holmes was awarded for composing the winning sermon in the Senior Sermon Contest. Professor lim Knear came to the microphone to award the Sr. Class President, came for- ward to accept the award. Then he introduced his fellow class officers to help him bring in the Senior Class gifts. The seniors presented Dr. Dunning with a refinished pulpit for the new chapel. The seniors also presented Coach Smith with a school banner to drape across the score table during athletic functions. The purple silk banner read in white print- Foresics Team Winners. He gave a brief synopsis of the events of the year, and then he awarded Ginger Golson, Phil Lindsley Cheri Waldrip, and Lena Hegi, for their out- standing speaking abilities in different areas. Dr. Rosebrough, of the Edu- cation Department, proudly presented the Teddy Award to Karen Carter, who also re- ceived the honor of being Civinette of the year. Barbara Lynch presented the STEA award to Allen Gammel. The Allied Health Awards honored two 1978 graduates of the Physicians' Associate Program. The recipients were, Alfred Thomas and Dr. Doug- las Henry. l l Miss Brenda Miller received the first presentation of the Musician of the Year Award from Dr. McClain, and jim jarrett awarded Kent Pelton for his achievements in Con- cert Choir. David Graeser represented the Chapel Choir's gratitude to Professor Fred Mund as he presented him with a large plaque. Paul Monternuro and Sharon Laurendine received ovations as they ascended to the plat- form to accept the Phi Delta Lambda Award for their out- standing compositions. 3 . jim Quiggins, head of the Communications Depart- ment, presented Certificates of Recognition to all those who worked at WNAZ this year. He also announced Bobby Milburn as Disc jockey lAnnouncerj of the Year and gave plaques in ap- . l preciation of services to WSM staff members and WSM director Tom Slifer. Keith Gibson also gave one of his spectacular "trip" Performances. "Burt" Runyan was awarded Circle K Member of the Year and Circle K-ette of the Year was awarded to Sandie Wal- drip. Head-Cheerleader Wanda Willis, presented a large, white gift to Carolyn Smith in appreciation for her sponsorship. Riki Morgan, president of the Christian Workers Associa- tion, gave Certificates of Rec- ognition to all the committee chairpersons in the club. He also presented trophies to CWA vice-president, Ray Bouchard, Kevin Todd, and Laura Long, for their dedi- cated service during the year. Darda editor, Libbie Sparks, presented engraved desk weights to her staff photogra- phers and business manager. She announced the dedica- tion of the yearbook to Ad- ministrator Phyllis Flannery and Coach Ron Bargatze. The decision received a standing ovation. Finley Knowles presented Nike Waffles to Gerald Nor- rington and Beth Eby for their divisions in the Trevecca Chase. The Alumni Award was given to Rob lrvvin and Peggy Jenkins presented By- ron Middendorf with a plaque in appreciation for his outstanding services as StuCo president. She also presented a rose and gift to Denise Pat- node, an important worker. The award for Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities was given to ten out- standing seniors of1979. They were Byron Middendorf, Ka- ren Carter, Betty Boyer, Kathy Creel, Peggy jenkins, Danny Oaks, Lynn jones, Steve Rushing, Stewart Rowan, and Brenda Miller. The All School Awards were presented by Dean Strickland and Dr. Adams, the Lead- ership Awards went to Byron Middendorf and Betty Boyer. Scholarship Awards were given to Sandra Foskey and Dean Murray. jill Malo and Marc Vann were applauded for the Dependability Awards. Ruth Herring and Howard Wall were awarded the General Activities Award for their participation in school activities. The Reli- gious Activities Awards were presented to Steve Rushing and Tess Cox, while Sherwyn "Super Trojan" Nabors and judy johnston received the School Spirit Award. Awards Chapel 1979 will long be remembered for its uniqueness - a sharing of joy, praise, tears, and comradeship. 77 r A ll Adams Officially lnaugurated It was an historic moment. The crowd had gathered, the dignitaries were in their places, and the expectancy was high. Dr. Hanley Hen- dershot, Board of Trustees Chairman, and Dr. William Greathouse, General Superin- tendent of the Church of the Nazarene made it official, as on Saturday, june 2, 1979, Homer james Adams, Ph.D. was sworn in as the new pres- ident of this institution. Dr. Adams becomes the ninth 78 individual to hold the office in the 78 year history of this college. He was elected in February of this year, and of- ficially took office in early March. Much of Dr. Adams time has been spent in the Wipe out the Debt campaign across the 11 districts of the educational zone. We welcome Dr. Homer Adams, now officially in- augurated, to the office of President. We wish him our best in the assignment, cer- tainly not envied by everyone. One highlight of the cere- mony was the fact that on the platform were two former presidents, Dr. Mark Moore, and Dr. William Greathouse, representing presidential leadership since 1961. Both men expressed con- gratulations and belief in the ability of Dr. Homer Adams to handle the massive responsibility. In the very enjoyable 'in- augural address, Dr. Adams emphasized the problems facing education on the col- lege level today, and the stric- ter challenges of the future, but expressed optimism of grappling with these in a posi- tive way, and winning the battles laid out before us. Dr. Mark R. Moore and Dr. William Greathouse, both former presidents of Tre- vecca, returned to TNC last weekend to participate in the graduation exercises. Three Presidents at Graduation .e. r N' -.Th .- V? , 1 J, . -rv,-45:1 ' ,rgafau :r1y," "T 'Q 11 . .-' ' -1:9 'I I 4 5' , T1 11.391 lf' --12,1 bi'ffEiSit3s-.- ns.. '1g"3'5'ii, Sir-sr. -. , --S51-CL E-ng' -. Q, , 14-5-av ps3g,h..R 5, U ' -, , .A Qngj. .. QL I, F, -- nh. gk iff-gt. fr! Xt , 4, ...W -tYvf,b JA, fa. Vi- 1. A . .ivan 'J' 'U n' -' T . ' ----A '--- T-' il-71'?f"" ' .rg ,H ' t 4"u.4:,1 , ' 'f-Q., -.urn ry, -1 ,L-3, .., ra' T. d' I A IA - 'Ziggy h, " " ' I XY 9 tvv-, :sh Na 4 ' J 'fi' 4- 1, '-.. . 3. : gal . M- .T 1 ' ' as N Il, rl' S v Z NH. Former President Moore spoke in the Baccalaureate Service which took place Sunday afternoon in the gym- nasium. Moore served as president for Trevecca from 1968 through 1979. Moore was recently appointed to be head of the Department of Education and the Ministries. Dr. Greathouse, the guest commencement speaker, served as President of Tre- vecca from 1961 to 1968. Fol- lowing his years at Trevecca he served as President of the Nazarene Theological Semi- nary in Kansas City, Missouri, where he served until his election to the General Su- perintendency of the Church of The Nazarene at the 1976 General Assembly. Excitement grew as the gym began filling up by 9:30 in ea- ger expectation of the commencement. One hundred eighty graduate candidates marched down the aisles as hundreds of fam- ily and friends looked on. Following Dr. Greathouse's address the class scholarships of 51,000 were Mark Myers was the recipient of the sophomore scholar- ship. Kathy jenkins received the junior Scholarship, and the Senior scholarship went to Sandy Foskey. presented. Peggy jenkins, the '78-'79 A.S.B. Vice-President was presented the Citizenship Award. The award is voted upon by the Student Council and goes to a graduating se- nior who has proven through- out his for her, as in this casey college career to be a dependable worker in a vari- ety of school activities, well- l ag... rounded academically, of Christian character and integ- rity, and who has generated enthusiasm and served as an inspiration to fellow stu- dents-a description well fit- ted to Peggy jenkins. Diplomas were then presented and mixed emo- tions swept across the group as they realized their achieve- ment yet also realized that this was the end of their col- lege careers. 79 4' Debra L. Abbott Medical Assistant '1 J . t ,vsp . yi: ll, si' as ' Phoebe Carol Baker Business Administration ' Edna Mae Benson 'l gl-lui. A if mt rr 4 .I-, 1 .l v rl U - 1 , N, A , , - ' x V .t , '-' ".l" . -any . -.4 lacqueline I. Allen Chemistry .,l V Teresa L Anderson Elementary Education Q ll l ?a - ,. 1 9? ' 14 -sa. . t ., ,,,e All tm Q 'sw Toshihori Araki Business Administration Timothy Barber Religion-Religious Studies .,..-5, J . l Ray Bouchard Religion-Pastoral Ministuy Richard Brantly Religion-Pastoral Ministry ' A li.. F 1,5 'gf - X Wm is xx - V 1. . Ii. V -- ' 'NCUUA "" TTT3' 5? 3 Cynthia K. Baumgartner 'If EJ 5 Physical Education ul' ur, - Elizabeth M. Boyer Communications-Speech Brenda Barnard Elementary Education lulie L Bradley Elementary Education Lynda Brinkman Be aviorial Science 3,1155 rl' 5 . fi 7'2" ' 1 F ,Ab. 3, y W :J- Tippawan Chaichanapanich 7 N: 'S Debbie L Brown Behavioral Science L , , 47 !,, - ww' Dennis K. Clark Business Administration .Fl ,of 'Q-1 ' A do lui' Beverly Shawn Cooper Elementary Education l 4. NH-sg Ni Arthur Cornett Religion-Pre-Seminary .YE Karen S. Carter Kenneth A. Carruthers Biology Rosamee Choonthong Business Administration Mltsy Collins Socia Welfare Elementary Education ,H- Valerie I. Channels History jr, .tx H, , .nf SQ 11, -i:'1 gf if Q jill ef, V. Sharon D. Clark English 5 2 i iv: -I I' lg- - , , Pamela Ann Cowarl Music Education :ev-ft Q. w ' 'f' '. I Huey I. Davis Religion-Religious Studies William N Dent History .V V . 'K ,ii-I ' X-if Margie Carol Ernest Physical Education yr t if if-ew Kathy Creel Nancy Dell Elementary Education W? . 'ttt vlzgif X J Gary M Ewell Business Administration "f!"tf1t Business Education Alexis Pamela Davis Elementary Education fa! 11 Z7 ix F, . , , ian w. :E if 1 .:'I .,1: in 1 fr ' X -r.-.15 .,i f, we L! .- n -, vm f 1 it LG' 21 -N 5 1' Y em , ff' F'-1-f W. f-F. A ,T iq. A Fifi, L A 'eo I iglisxi . 5 id gw' blsf' . HE f,,,, .1-.. Iii f 1 - - 5. 5: - l- I-uv' .E nl. 112737: fx -Q - '-1 L .sig I -1 ri 122 has ' .Iii -fi.: A' -k, Pam.--1 '21 1 ue- 'J W" W W XN!-- 1 gf use tw ,,h'f'famk-N 'N . iafvrff' .W y Q X ,iw y s V s vv H , 4 i ' V ,midi i . I r '-. my Q- A , , 1. 4" Re' w. ., Q ATAX, mu V W ' K xiaqfut ., 1 . M-.E ,L L ,-as lv" '-X ' fe ' V Christina L Fitzgerald Business Administration Marcella L Fitzgerald V W. '-V l if .. 1 r i y -"ws t 1 Lester Ford Religion-Religious Studies V V if iff Y 2 'H J! ' R 4 Mark Forrester Religion-Religious Studies Elementary Education 'QM "li: Kawai. Pamela L Gainer Elementary Education Qvs, K 2 .' :Z Marjorie lynn Gibson Elementary Education lanet K Gaunce Physical Education Cynthia D. Gillespie Business Administration Danny E. Goddard Religion-Religious Studies . W --sag Dorothy L Gainer Music Education A Ks' Rob Glass ' History David 0. Graeser Multiple Church Ministry Susan Ann Gooding Religion-Religious Studies Buz L. Harrison Communications-Speech ladonna Shiga Hendon Special E ucation Marquita l. Hicks Medical Assistant Carol H. Hobson Mark W. Gritton . Religion-Religious Studies ludy R. Hankins Business Education 4: Q Anthony L. Homes Religion-Religious Studies 2 u 1 l l f I, ag p ! 'iw J ,A M ri .13 C' ll ' ,V -v.1g5gf"'Mi' , Mark A. Harris Physical Education . 173s loseph H. Harvey Mathematics , V:-'Z --:I ilil' fww ' xiii H il. Qt Urn 4 s-l?Z57'5 ' 11 1 H I' A Rosemarie A. Henningson Physicians Associate . ggi E, Fog if--' y P sl1 'e P -lsl 1'.iV ' 11: -1o, iii ,a r -'a, . T i"1'5f'-'TW . ' 1 - A 2-i f 7 ' fi: .aeffiliaif-A191 Wade H. Huff Psychology Psychology att " Sk: -- lp' 4 r '- ' T' 1.1 Ls, 1 'F' tr L-w .,, qu- ,,. Robert B. lrwin Physical Education .I , . rw' r V .11 k 1- f' 1- e J -1 ' :-"k" : 'EIL 1 1 Lv '-1 H if ' A., . ll . ' f Q L " " ' Lynn tones Elementary Education Reba K Knowles History iii: -.,-A-:,. is 1 1 . 1- , ' P., ,. 1 , . - 4 Al ' 3 ,JU Peggy Lynn jenkins ' Psychology 81 Communications ,Lx- VX 1 11539 ' . . ii' ' 4 Margaret D. jared Music Terry L. lohnson - Chemistry , ludy L. Johnston ,V ' Physical Education W af ir iq . Sonia Darlene jones Behavioral Science 4 1 fit y 1 ,n 1 , fa' . -mr 1, iff.. ,,.., . .EE V ' 41 'Y .v' . ur, I "" ' if: 4 v1 vu , ry Carolyn A. Kra Psychology , Pennie B. Lawson Elementary Education Barry M. Lell Religion-Religious Studies Marsha Lee Child Care -Q I 'I' v, "i. , n ', Q Anita jackson Medical Technology . Hi t is mt Y, U QTL: if-5'5"' ll - - - .yi , l I, W in 1 .ll , ' 1 1- ,JN . wx xt. 1- K A , , 171 I' F rig, V vw, E 'AIS-. ,, New I re- .ftfrffm A - S6 1' -' ' rm' ' 1 'x i Veronica L Karwandyar Business Administration . - 3 Q 'R H, WH . it .'.' LJ 'TJ' Y 4 it 1 1--Q David A. Leonard Music 'UQSR Katherine Mn Social Welfare .-1 Uh' Shri. 15 M... l J. l l hs. Mcrri K. Mears Early Childhood xii? - ' rf' , ' I l ' ' I . A44 X lt 'xii Peggy A. Lightfoot Business Ad. 81 Elem. Ed. as-5 ,ws lill A. Malo Physical Education loseph McGowen Business Administration ' 1 A Ji-f .. C- . I .N ' , I ' ', V . I0 f' A Paul W. Michael Business Administration Byron S. Middendon, Comm.-Human Relations Robert R. Morris Brenda I- Milllfl' English-Spf-qqh Music Education Susan M. Leonard Physical Education Susan D. Lord Multiple Church Ministry David I. McGrath History 4.4 an ,, QQ.. i ll' L ifiikfd wi ,A 1 A l in 'l - I '. 1 w . l 1 -, Kiki 3 .- , J 'V K' 'iii' v H , , F vii., W ' 'N' '-' JJ W 'Z aa mf' "' 'H .1-2,51 '-'. 150.211 Mark V. Morsch Psychology Harold D -Murray , Chemistry Anthony W. Mounts 1 f. , Biology 84 Chemistry Gerald A. Norrmgton Religion-Religious Studies R304 .Q - '- ,Q '-U W 4.34- .P In Mi' 'Q if Fifi Hi 2 - V Ji' I ,E 'J Q Dann E 0 k . ,. . a s V' " E" St' Chgmistry "non" I Mike C. Oliver Physical Education -nln fia- 'li v 1 if Rachel B Osborne Biology J. " imp? ,r f A-:5 f . .tw M t E . r' f , 'Y 7 n:'i'i U Somcha: R Pensnrwarasu Business Administration Pamela Roslyn Phillips Early Childhood Penny C. Porter Missions Loretta G. Price Communications-Speech J Q ,i vga 3, if! 'l -A 1 w . w - 1 ,,.,5'ef ' rv T' . Atl . I 1 t V N 5, ' ? "- --' IW..-"'i af' f if P-J A, 3-wwf' v ll i ' i "" ,V Claudette F. Mosher Business Education M ., 4m Richard D. North Church Music Kent B. Pelton Music Education -L I l i H w 4 Communications-Speech ' ,g lg I 1 X t Stuart E. Rowan V0 l Y if ii 'Pha- loy L. Seale Physical Education if Q T1 Stephen S Rushing 1... Religion Religious Studie ' -QIWID4 if s 'il W up-L L te-I-' J w 4 ss,...ji 6. .' "wus , Helen S. Rushing E- Accounting . t l Cecil Russell Religion-Pastoral Ministry Lynette D. Schmitt Bus ness Administration 1 . l ' ,..' 4'-. -gp 'Af' QQ L ge - P N. if I:-ggggf .V 1' ' '-t 'Q r mis 5 our in-I Gene E. Shell Delores A. Shumans Physicians Assistant Marcus D. Sims William R. Skeeters Creative and Perfom1ing Arts Religion-Religious Studies Multiple Church Ministries Loren W Schaffer Business Administration Eem A - -H. at 4., at 5251"-tpaf' Q, it-wljlzlw 1 g., , J: . C- t Gregory P. Runyan Business Administration X- M" " vi" ' ,V - Y dflut.. 'I' Www' ,K .uns . ' Y., 21: Sharon E. Rutledge Business Administration udith Dianne Shao entary Education .P-f' " ES . 1 f . .fly ,ff xv- . N A' " nf. , hX x,,g'a , , 1 X 5 HL N !. V .1 y 'j Charles William Smith Business Administration . 'x 1 'P ,gi - . .' gf, "1 - 1 ' Y ' hw 1 . 1' , X 1: V ,. - ,Rh ,. k 'v1'V"'Q': I . it-.19 Connie K. Stewart Accounting ludy G Sutherland Physical Education Walter C. Thompson Multiple Church Ministries '-.f 1-I V Marsha A. Underwood Elementary Education 4... t tuanita Tease Retail Management A-nan .- .. Esther L. Townsend Elementary Education 1 t l Richard 0. Soloky Religion-Religious Studies Deborah I.. Spruill Elementary Education m -1 .GI . lf..-5. . I, my R ...Qn"" Q I jr! 191 ""!p- and 'lin "5 t - A L5 . 'i ,.1', -1 MCT i 11 'YC , -i ,-143-P ' ' .' . 7 vi' . '14 . . t'74Fr' A Y i if - T T ' Q-fi tilt- Phyllis L. Sylvis Elem entary Education Timothy A. Taylor Multiple Church Ministries Iames E. Toomey Physical Education Ruby M Townse Biology ""'u-uv .fv- WDW . .. .,-I ... , L 1' ii l Gary Leonard VanAtta Physical Education at ri.. , l I 5 It . it 4 . K- .J ,ni -. I 'V y - Li a Brenda Ward Physician's Associate l lfgtin A'- fe at 'vaio -af' I lx.-' '55 Carol P. Wight Physical Education as 1 t li if ,. Vi la l' H J .. -19 : -L 1 ' I .4 x ,, U 34 ' A , l,.v I ., lf' L F.. al sy I .N ",'!-"ffl ' 1L'!"3fw Ann Yin English ' skin 'V 5 ti Vanessa Gayle Van Der Veer Marc A. Vann Elementary Education Accounting Sandra K. Waldrep Chris Waller Secretarial Administration lohn H. Weller Religion-Pre-Seminary -1.1 'K t' , . 3- F Audrey Windom Business Education ,.-. . , :ff 4. --1 L Psychology Susan Carol Welk Business Administration -if 'J' '.,' W' A cg l K 5, ' fu' C5215 ' if!-'iff' ,SH AQ . Sharon R Wright Medical Assistant its l 5' i ig ,ge . f 71' ' WJ 1, nur L ' 1 "' 'f. ' if , -f. ill - ' -. ,QI .1 " , - 1 , Q 1 rl, . jf' u - -I i 'i I My-7 gl it lit it m :J VTP? it ., ,, iq W Q-1:'.'.,,qui ' .' f . A Htl- ,gf 1 A, , -wk Stephen Douglas Williams Behavioral Science ? Eugene Watson Accounting Xi-"',f:Q 'IF l ' -r : Hx...- lls-Hifi! lohn Allen Yount Music Education Hg: 1 R. 'Q 3311- it -, t ' -L fel .1 W, ,rr x Who's Who These Trevecca students join an elite group of young people selected from more than 1,000 institutions of higher learning in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and several foreign nations. ..-" "Whenever l approach a child, his presence inspires two feel- ings in me, Affection for the way he is now, and respect for what he may one day become." -Louis Pastuer Karen Carter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Carter, is from Spiceland, Indiana. She is an Elementary Education Major who hopes to obtain a teaching position after graduation. While at Trevecca she was involved in many things which in- cluded: Darda Editor '77, '78, Chapel Choir, Project Invasion, Student Council, Community Living Council, Student Life Committee, Civinettes, Resident Assistant, and Student Teach- ers Association. i . li: ' "Tl . All 4. 1 Kr . "'The best way to be filled is to be hungry" -Bob Benson "Try hard to show yourself worthy of God's approach as a labourer who need not be ashamed, be straight foreward in your proclamation of the truth." Il Timothy 2:15 Lynn Holmes, A Religion Major and Business Minor is from Nashville, Tennessee. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Holmes. His future plans are to go to Kansas City to semi- nary and thereafter go into the pastoral ministry. While at Trevecca, Lynn was a member of Chapel Choir, Project In- vasion, Circle K, Sophomore Vice-President, Ministerial As- sociation, Honor Club, and a Resident Assistant. l !"1l"1Ai Q Y W- vu-L - -1 ,.-. sita . ist!! .-.3 ' 'f dw. 4-LJ 'Fl . xx "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."-Helen Keller Stuart Rowan, son of Rev, and Mrs. T.E. Rowan, is a Com- munications Major and Political Science Minor. He is from Warner Robins, Georgia. While at Trevecca he served as Freshman Class President, Sophomore and junior Stuco Representative, a member of the Communityliving Council for two years. Stuart received his pilots license and the Big "T" award. He was a public relations person, and served as an "I Care" student. Concert Choir, WNAZ, the Music Man, and Phanton of McClurkan were also part of his activities. I l l l "All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for what I have not seen." -Ralph Waldo Emerson Kathy Creel, a Business Education major from Richmond, Vir- ginia, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Travis L. Creel. After graduating, Tim Taylor fSenior Class President, and Kathy will be getting married. She has been honored on the Dean's list. Her activities at Trevecca include: C.W.A., Circle K-ette Trea- surer, Senior Class Treasurer, Trev-Echoes Secretary, Admis- sion 8f Retentions Committee member, Dorm judiciary Com- mittee member, Head Resident of Bud Robinson Dorm. 93 Hold high the torch! You did not light its glow-'Twas given you by other hands. yours to pass on when you no more need light, For there are other feet that you must guide And ef- forts which we think are not worth- while, are sometimes just the very helps they need, Actions to which their souls would give most heedg So that in turn, they will hold it high And say, "l watched someone else carry it this way." 94 5. Peggy lenkings, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Halbert jenkins, is from Magnolia, Mississippi. She has a double major in Psychology and Communications. The summer following graduation she will partici- pate in INTERSECT, an inner city mission team sponsored by the General Church. ,While here at Trevecca she was Vice-President of Honor Society, President of Pi Kappa Delta, National Semi-Finalist, President and Vice-President of Dorm Council, member of Civinettes, 1979 Valentine Queen, Chaplain of Concert Choir, Stuco Executive Vice President, Stuco Rep. '78, Stuco Parliamentarian. ,' if .j ' i s gr - til. - N ff , . . .-fsi...w,,.1 rs., .Wai .-. ff-,Q Q- '- .,,.,,:-gs., , Q. w 1 M - . , . .' - 1 .- Q .-C S-' ,. ' Q , ' ,yfqxx QQN-an-I-,, :mf I, ,- , , 'hx'-94-xg-S11 ia. A 'YI r 41 , I XX , 2.24 um " 'k Q ' ,Lf i 'f'x.. xx ,N 'X ,'. tiff V Q QA li 'N C74 'Alf f ',.i.,P ' .. ' , . as sw--V.- x. . ' f' ' ' 7 . .-- 55-5" "V -- Perhaps the future seems dark because the past has been so bright. We get caught up in the memories and accomplish- ments of yesterday, so we fear reaching for higher goals that carry with them the potential of failure. Father, help me to let yesterday go and dare to face tomorrow. -Steve Rushing Steve Rushing, a religion major from jacksonville, Florida. He is the son of Rev. and Mrs. V.S. Rushing. He plans to get involved in a church before entering Seminary. While at Trevecca he was a member of the Student Government as Religious Vice President, and the Ministerial Association. "Ideals are like stars, you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you will reach your destiny." -Carl Shurtz "Real isn't how you are made, it's a thing that happens to you It doesn't happen all at once. You become." -Margery Williams Danny Oaks, a Chemistry 81 Biology major, is from Calera, Alabama. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett E. Oaks. The double major is his preparation for entrance into Medical School. Hopefully, he will set up a practice and then join the faculty at a Medical School. While at Trevecca Danny was in- volved in the following: Trev-echos Staff, Darda Staff, Circle K Club, Lt. Governor of Kentucky District Circle K International, and President of the Honor Society. His honors include: Fresh- man Chemistry Award, Honor Society, College Bowl Team, All School Award for Scholarship, Departmental Assistant, Aca- demic Council, Presentation of a paper at Alumni Chemical Society Meeting. "So don't be anxious about tomorrow. God will take care of your tomorrow too. Live one day at a time." Matthew 6:34 L.B. Brenda Miller, daughter of Mrs. Martha C. Robinsan, is from Huntsville, Alabama. She is a Music Education major with no immediate plans for the future. While at Trevecca she was ac- tive in Concert Choir Q4 yrs.j, Maranatha, Direction, Concert Band Q4 yrs.j, Choral Society Q4 yrs.j, Brass Quintet Q3 yrs.j, MENC Q2 yrs.j, and the Music Club Q2 yrs.j, She was on the Valentine Court two years and the Valentine Queen her junior year. Brenda participated in The Fine Arts Workshop, Lyceum Committee, Faculty judiciary Committee, and in "The Music Man." 95 "Happiness is neither within us only, or without us, it is the union of ourselves with God." -Pascal Betty Boyer, daughter of Mrs. Viola Boyer, is a Communica- tions major from Homestead, Florida. She plans to remain in Nashville where she will work for awhile before starting a Mas- ter's Program in Social Work. While at Trevecca, Betty was a member of K-ettes, Resident Assistant in johnson Dormg ASB Secretary for her junior and Senior year, and a member of the Community Living Council Committee. She was selected as Homecoming Queen her Senior year. 96 "Some people fall asleep and life passes them by, I fell asleep and it ran over me." -Byron Byron Middendorf of Nashville is the son of Mrs. Genova Middendorf. He is a Communications and Behavioral Science major. After getting a Master's Degree in Education at MTSU, Byron hopes to go into high school counseling. His in- volvements while at Trevecca consisted of: Circle K, Freshman Studies Group Leader, Sophomore Stuco Representative, So- cial Life Vice-President, Student Body President '79, and Com- munity Living Council Chairperson. He received the Depend- ability Award in 1977. Classes Senior Recitals i 4 99 Richard North, a guitar major, per- formed works by Albeniz, Villa-Lobos, Tarrega, and Logy. He plans to be a min- ister of music. Rchmaninoff, Debussey, and Bach were featured by Brenda Miller, piano major. She is considering further graduate study. The Recital ists David Leonard played works by Ram- sey, Prokofieff, Croft, and Tcherepnin. This percussion major also plans ministry in music. Marilyn Franz, soprano, sang works by Faure, Schubert, Saint-Sens, Mendels- sohn. She plans to be a performing artist. Selections by Beethoven, Puccini, Kent Pelton, baritone, selected works by Handel, and Schubert were sung by Mozart, Schubert, Faure, and Holst for Milfgi lafed, 50P"an0, and future his senior recital. Kent plans to combine teacher. teaching and ministry in music. Pam Cowart sang from Mozart, Handel, lim Clark, pianist, played selections from Schubert, Massenet, and Strauss. The Bach, Debussy, Chopin, and Mendels- soprano plans graduate school leading gghn, He plans a career in private to music ministry. A teaching. - l 'l0'l Dorm Life Living groups. Coping with damaged lights, stopped up toilets, messy, messy room- mates, irritated R.A.'s, joy in finding new friends, group identi- fication, concen- trated effort to study, and last, learning about oneself. The following pages con- tain those dorm floors that we associ- ated with. .V fl. to r.j joy Wells Sponsor, Teri Dula- Chaplain, Bev Fulker son, Ruth Herring- STUCO reps, Sharon Wright-Treasurer, Te resa Burke-Secretary Becky Rowan-Vice President, Howard Wall- President Rick Ambler Diana Appleby . 'xx 'l I Q' i ' 'li t W' Arif N., . f ,lf " :JA SiN? ,- , VV'-5 " g '-, 3 . ' ' "'. 'e f A' . jerry Armstrong Ronnie Bailey Glenn Baun Peggy Benson Tim Blanton Linda Blowers Danny Bradshaw Greg Brown Barry Bryant Tommy Bryant .-Q 'I dl' ,,x 2 '32 fi' -'Y :flu K -. 'N -lvl., Mary Bryant Randy Burgett Teresa Burke Tom Cantrell Miriam Champion Lydia Chen Victor Collier Cathy Cooley Cindy Cooner Tess Cox Fe Lg. 104 P O Wise Front Row lLeft to rightj: Faoa Faalupega, R.A. David Blowers Lester Goode Second Row: Tab Taylor David Tucker Tommy Bryan Wise Queen Sh Troy Whitley Steve Tate, R.A. Third Row: Mike Rohlmier Eric Baldwin eri Acheson qWise Mascot Queeniey Pete Stewart Fourth Row: john Crapo Dave Wurst Tim Patterson Top Row: Randy Brightwell Bob Amity Brenda Crawford Tammie Crews jeff Croft Dale Crum Patsy Da Ron Dewitt Theresa Dula joe Edmunds Tim Elliott Ruby Evans Y 5...i if Q.. -f-1 'MEL '2"'! -'Y 461 W Ctk ,vw 105 Susan Figge Wanda Fleming loan Frank Clara Frey Dianna Fritz Bev Fulkerson Debbie Gibson Danny Gray ludi Grimes Kevin Hamilton 106 Benson If First Row fleft to rightl Loren Murray joey House Howard Wilson Ken Schaffer Dale Crum Frank Lykins Robert johnson Second Row Mark Harris Mike King Bobby King Mark Gritton-RA George Gill Lynn Riddle Robert Morrison Mark Stevens Tracy Tucker Larry Lasher Kevin Ulmet Wayne Lowe jerrell Harris Lloyd Hayes john Hembree Ruth Herring Yovetta Hire john Hobson Karen Hollett Vickie Houston Melinda Howes Mark Iobst 36' 'F 3 'awed' .af Benson First Row Ueft to rightj Dwight Gunter Gerald Norrington Steve Newcomb Bill Dent Second Row Mike johnson Mark Myers Wes Schaffer Steve Peigh Dan Driskell Tim Henley Doug Williams Jerald Harris Gary Sloan William james Brenda lanes Mary Beth leffries Kathy jenkins Kaye johnson Karen jones Bill Keaton james Keeton Tim Kiger Brian Kilian 108 439 fleft to rightj Danny Oaks-RA Greg Story Bobby Milburn Tonv Denny Rick Soloky Mark Iobst Claude Sturgill Odean Baker Lloyd Hayes Mark Lancaster- RA Vic Hicks Bob Culbertson Dan Carpenter Doug Hendrikson David Byers Steve Parks Andral johnson Don Kirby Dianne Knox Larry Lacher Mark Lancaster Carol Lands Sharon Laurendine Susan Leeper Debbie Lell lohn Letterman Wayne Lewis f Benson 4 ' 'l i 1 i fax AV' IA 'ff' ' . .fx l , ' 31 .5. 4Tll Under water Qfront row, left to rightj Don Kirby, Danny Gray, Byron Middendorf, Greg Runyan, David Goodin Second row: Rick Bartlett, Ronnie Boswell, Tommie Clouse, Greg Daily, Doug Poe, Benji Young Third row: Chuck Lovell, Kevin Cook, Rick Stalvey, jimmy Taylor, Donnie McKenzie, Steve Fry, Karl Oelke Fourth row: Ron Newcomb, Dewayne Dryden, Scotty Lewis, Curtis Daily Fifth row: Tim Blanton, lohn Dunn, Scott Kenerly, Don Garrison, Stuart Rowan, Mark Morsch Sixth row: Van Garner, Tommy Smith, Ronnie Bailey, Tom Baker, jeff Bryant Seventh row: Tim Taylor, lohn Weller, Bob Amity, Howard Wall, Finley Knowles, Randy Percy, Greg Page Tony Lindsey Chuck Lovell Barbara Lynch Bill Mauch Terry Maxwell ill Candy McClure Sharon McCormick Tammy McCue Edward McGrath Debbie McPherson ,--J . X ,QQ A Georgia 59 Q fig, Carol Wight: P IQ Q - H Q: Twenty years from now what do you think you'll remem- 1 sv V ber about being an R.A.? 5 Q .. lo A: Passing out the toilet paper. 47 K8 X V ., ? my I Q W L 1 'P ' 1. Sharon Laurendine f y' 1 2. Ginger Colson f ,f 3. Teresa Fawcett 4. Kaye johnson . 5. Ruth Herring 6. Debbie McPherson ma... gg 7. Reba Knowles 1-wiftrz' -' M" Pl' ' . 8. Sharon McCormick .L ' 9- Carol Ernest l 10. judy Sutherland, R.A. 11. Brenda Miller 12. Marsha Underwood 13. janet Gaunce 14. jill Malo 15. Peggy Lightfoot 16. Peggy jenkins 110 Patricia Meade Riki Morgan Vicki Morton Karen Michael Sherwyn Nabors Kathryn Pace Greg Page Stephen Peigh Roy Philemon Mayra Pinto 1 r Georgia at f ' ' 1:-iffwg 4 i f, It ,t .1 I Kathy Creel: PQ ?ffQ What are your best experiences as an R.A.? Living in Bud with freshmen. Watching them be new and learn their way around. Your worst experiences? Knowing secrets you can't tell. 41 Q gn 0 Hifi DX -12' 2, in 13 1. jennifer Dunn 2. Phoebe Baker 3. Diane Fritz 4. Brenda Crawford 5. Gwen Finch 6. Cheryl Harrison 7. Dana Turner 8. Denise jackson 9. Tess Cox 10. Pam Bortner 11. Becky Halstine 12. Pam jenkins 13. Lena Hegi 14. Martha Bailey 15. Velda Mullinax 16. Stephanie Stocks 17. jenny Runyan 18. Lil Fortner 19. Bev Fulkerson 20. Carol Wight, R.A. 21. Kathy Creel, R.A. 22. Mary Beth jefferies 23. Beth Rutledge l r Wendall Overstreet Brian Regis Sabrina Roberts Glenn Roll Becky Rowan Pamela Scott Karen Showers Libbie Sparks Stephanie Stocks Fred Surges, jr. Georgia 3I'lD Sandie Waldrep Q: What role do you feel living in the dorm plays in the college life? Az The main thing is that it gives a chance in living with other people, sharing your experiences, learning how to overcome conflict and growing through it. ltgl S if f il, 4- .4 'U . ' If l f , 'l'l2 fQLlQfC-U1 229 an T 570951 - ,QM Q - 1. Debbie Tanner 2. Kayren jones 3. Marian Champion 4. Cherry Westfall 5. Peggy Benson 6. Mary Bryant 7. Loretta Lobb 8. Pam Pendleton 9. Helene Smith 10. Linda Wilson 11. Cincy Hassall 12. Cindy Young 13. Cindy Boyette 14. Kat Pace 15. Vickie Morton 16. Terri Nichols 17. Sherry Manners 18. Karen Thompson 19. Lynn Gibson 20. Sandie Waldrep 21. Susie Daniels 22. Pam'Scott 23. Carol Herring 24. Pam Goodman 25. Dewanna Curl 26. Patti Carroll 27. Libbie Sparks 28. ladonna Hendon 29. Sarah Adams Ken Tanner, lr. Angela Teal Mary Templeton Tim Templeton Mike Vollman ":1r'f'!' i Howard Wall David Walker Larry Ward Brenda Warren Beth Werstler eo: .Pg x. Y, Timothy D. Whetstone Deborah Wilkerson Wanda Willis Darlene Woody Don Zeiler -a 421 lx 51m 4' - ' 1-SMR Sandy Foskey: ll il ,U Q Q Ll-1 fl .V Q: What are some of your best experiences? I L 5 1 H Q Q Q1 A: Having the girls come share their happy and sad times with '5 'Z me. Feeling like l am needed. 'HN Qt It Q: Anything else you would like to add? B22 A: l did not like feeling as if l was over anyone, but a part of fl Q Q3 them. l would do it over again if I had a chance. Z7 M rf' X c 1 X C Georgia Paula Berger Diana Stevens Lynn Sweet Vickie Underwood Cindy Kiser Kathy Fields Nancy Coleman Kathy Clarke Kathy Welch Patsy Day Pat Donson Pam Hopkins Cindy Trogdon Jeanette johnson luanita Hawk Becky Boyette Mary Phipps Rhonda Rogers Sheri Acheson Darla Brower Cindy Bryant Debbie Godby Melanie Fox Glinda Watson Shelley Crawford Linda Underwood Cheri Thrasher Sandra Foskey Terri Blatney Polli Rychinski Cindy Langston Donna Milam Mary Beth Carlson 113 Sophomores 114 -s. Was: h I A H 'S 1 Officers are: Qleft to rightj Becky Hulstine STUCO Rep., Tracy Tucker-Chaplan, jennifer Dunn- Treasurer, Ronnie Boswell-President, Kevin Ulmet-STUCO Rep., Cindy Parrott- Secretary, Fred Mund- Sponsor. 1 David Allen ' in I W 1, K! ,v .visa 5? -il Ernie Arnold T s U N O 0 QW. ' Q l L 1 l is .Ei is I . il 93 cv C9 p pdl johnson 1. Marci Fitzgerald 2. 3. 1 ,,. 4. O 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 . 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Penny Porter Vicki Green Marla Green Myra Mills Teresa Burke Karen Hollett Cheri Waldrep Susan Strickland Melinda Howse Brenda lanes Karen Sorrows Nancy Sprinkle Nancy Nickell lacque Hopkins Penny Elder Susan Figge Wanda Willis Beverly Waldrep Chris Fitzgerald Annette Sandifer Obayode Ayewa Tom Baker Martha Bailey Rita Bechtelheimer Donna Beckham alla' Pam Bortner Ronny Boswell Brenda Brodien Roosevelt 4-F Burrell Mary jo Cagle Q W 4 P' , as hs,-l ' "ff if ' , 'gif -- ' P 9 Jil. lx L '- 7 tg- - I i :V 5 . il, Q .Y Y 'Q tw- 'A 3 HEI: to 'L U1 .f .1 vt, . V, j , .. Betty Boyer: Q: What made you decide to be an R.A.? A: Because l appreciated my R.A. in my freshman year. I wanted to experience getting to know the girls as she did. Q: Name some of your most memorable experiences. A: Getting caught by the dorm mom. Super parties the girls gave me. Our prayer meetings. Made me not want to be a mother. johnson ' ND 1 9 ,Q O pQ4,g9H69w0f0M EQ? Cl ox Betty Boyer-RA Sonja jones Terry Erickson Patty Childers Connie Manning Teri Dula Allison Yarborough Brenda Barnard Robin Kelley Robbie jones Tammie Crews Rita Bechtelheimer Debbie McGraw' Beth Werstler Theresa Prevett Cathy Davis lanice Carter Patti Carter Reeford Chaney Patti Childers Tommy Clouse Loretta Cobb Greg Daily Vickie Dalton Susan Daniels Bob Davis johnson 3 RD . .Jil 4r""9 .wiv 'X X .3 Karen Carter: ' Q: What role do you feel living in the dorm plays in the college life? A: A very important role. Living in the dorm is the starting place for the development of lifetime friendships. Q: As an R.A. what experiences do you have that you might not normally L., ai ff-'l 3 ?m'Y9f0iPr0H A: You deal with 30 girls during times of -happiness, depression, excitement, fgl KQTQTQ-I u 4 S tears, and the fun of the normal changing young lady. -ZX GC? EJJFFX- L: 4 have? 116 1 2 3 4 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 . 12. 13. 14. 1 5. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. janice Carter Christa Stanford Kim Walker Sue Rucci Cindy Yateman Tammie Power Diana Appleby Denise Patnode loanna Parry Beverly Cooper Connie Dalton Cathy Cooley Karla Oglesby Anita Thompson Kim King Kathy Hatchett Karen Michael Karen Carter-RA Vickie Dalton Darlene Woody Beth Eby Shelia Apple Marilyn Frantz Beverly Bandy Sharon Miller Cathy Davis Valerie Davis jo Dean Dan Dorsey Karen Dotson '-17' Dewayne Dryden jennifer Dunn Frank Eifert Penny Elder Carol Ensor 3 4e-19 Tennessee ludi Grimes: Q: What was your reaction when you knew for sure you were going to be an R.A.? A: Excited. The impact of the responsibility didn't hit me at first. Q: What are some of your best experiences? A: The main thing is being able to get to know girls on a one-to-one basisg knowing that you have made new friends and not just acquaintances. Long lasting relationships are reciprocal. I have learned patience along with the girls. 1.-v st 37? si' za ll G X l o1P5k to l i6 PO meg IDWSQI q 3l08I?2Q yx 3 g 5.3 W Annette Stone Cindy Parrott . judi Grimes- RA Ruth Scott Cindy Baumgartner Kathy Fidelman Chonda Courtney Lynette Schmidt Susan Gooding Stacey Slay Rhea Parks Kathy jenkins Gay Lortz Theda Sorrell Brenda Brodien . Judy lohnston Brenda Peterson jo Dean Debbie Abbott Sharon Brumbeloe Nancy Mathis Gwen Finch Sam Firebaugh Vickie Fowler Melanie Fox jim Gainer Van Garner Mike Geasley Sandra Goodwin Mike,Hart Cindy Hassall Tennessee 2 n d 118 Yi l, 1 li julie Bradley: Q: What did you dislike about being an R.A.? A: Getting up and having to check rooms. Q: What pant of being an R.A. made it all worthwhile? A: The R.A. meetings-plus the donuts. lk OQUQVQWSH Us w U 1021: 1-P f1.Wf3 lftlf 3 Klllli vi Q7 Cty! f C57 C . joy Seale . Sarah johnson . Karen Wilson . Candy Denby julie Bradley-RA Tina Williams Cindy Kulick Lisa Havener Margie james Melanie Hendrix Paula Goodin . Wanda Fleming . Beverly Capps Becky Bell Kim Harris Alysia Ramona Yates Loretta Price 19. jackie Allen Becky Gillespie Melinda Hawk Linda Cox Cindy Gillespie Diane Redcock Debbie Killian Kathy Hatchett Randy Haviland jeff Hayes Lena Hegi '- Doug Hendrixson jane Ramseur Herbst jeff Herndon Wally Holmes joey House . Vivien Hsin A .kill ,.f LX. . ,, 3rd Floor Tennessee Becky Rowan: Q: What did you enjoy most about being an R.A.? . A: Being able to talk to every girl on the floor for the first time. Having the privilege of talking to and knowing every girl individually. Q: In twenty years from now what will you remember about being an R.A.? A: The friends I made answering echoes in the hall after 11 PM, and not having to check my own room if it wasn't clean. l 41" .-1 V '28 .J Q5 1 rd Pat Meade Pam Street Mayra Pinto Becky Rowan- R.A. Donna Heppel Sara Joslin Wanda Weathers Sharon Wright Pam Smith Micki Patton Darlene Medlock Kathy Matlock Tracie Stoner Denise Maddox Shirley Ferguson Pam Crews Tammie McGill Ann Shuman Robin Mayberry Sandy Williamon joy Sims joni jones Esther Woodcock ffl 5 T Zi U' juz 1513-5354? T91 fgllg F91 V637 mug it li f2lf,'1l't Sul L- , Ill 'ai Becky 'Hulstine Rick Hutton Hana Ibrahim Pam jenkins David johnson Vickie johnson Robbie jones Ron jones Robin Kelley Robert King Tim Kyle Gary Langford Greg Leeper ' Frank Lykins Denise Maddox f"'o I 5 is Ki if 1 - ,. X x g 1 I. . i Jr, . s , A ll ...H Chapel In our services there were special singers such as this trio labovej of Buz Harri- son, Alice and Tim Smith, plus many other groups and solos by Richard North, and more. We had Brian Kilian fabove middlej and Rusty McCorkle as organists. Dr. and Mrs. Moore fabove rightj were attenders. Wednesday morning was Faculty Chapel and this group was found frightj at Solomon's Porch. Local and out-of-town ministers visited our platform. Far right is Don Dunlap of Col- lege Hill. 'W , 'Atv 1 .,. 6- a 'lr MQ! Q.. be FS Bl Mike McDonald Debbie McGraw Stan McPherson Karen Michael Bobby Milburn William Miles Bonita Miller Sharon Miller Kay Mills Myra Mills Paul Montemuro Diane Moss jack Murray Mack Murray Mark Myers -.,x f-of af--r '53 C127 41' QP? cf f 'lil 1 at I 77'eveccd 77llfF5Q4-Y M0 V. 16 00r 06 of .se QEhVlfl8S will cofzcfwfeywfgff auf,-,mmf ll ,fl Me McC'!ul'kzzfz War Cfgoe wx may Cqlm M176 ZYPOMDUIF rrbnaipr 0 sperm! f7Pf1 ,ar l,'v.sf!y wrself' Afo tymu,-'rs Myer full merge ,davse T615 Iliff! be 0. wiffaefmlsa experfkvrce f'0f yay, Chine mdfz Qwfikfhpigfwy am? wmfzmff fm My zz MW Dr. Homer Adams was received well in his first official chapel in which he presented "Million Dollar Day" in order to pay the school debts. School spirit was restirred as everyone saw the need to raise money to meet the large debt. 122 Ellen Oliver Phil Osburn Rhea Dawn Parks Steve Parks Cindy Parrot T 4 'f joanna Parry Tim Patterson Randy Percy Gaylon Perry Brenda Paterson F1 Kevin Poe Bill Poling Teresa Prevatt Doug Reynolds Pat Rider rl U", l I Q? 4.7, il -.., 3 . f 'P ft. .7 ,1"iu,7 r'l M f. ll i l .HLLQLV ' There were outdoor chapel as we see Fred Huff speaking below. Special speakers included Jeannie C. Riley and the delightful Minnie Pearl. W' I M,- f is ' 'i , ..l ,J l . , y A R sim l l ,L+ RX . T T. R : s , J . - .K ' N .. Mfg: -s...1'.f 8 Peggy Rigdon Kerry Roberts Vicki Robinson Mary Kay Rogers Kevin Sanderson X -.QX Annette Sandifer Ruth Scott WN Kenneth Sheffer Karen Sorrow Christa Stanford Dixie Stanton Carey Stegall Mark Stevens Annette Stone Mark Stone Slonecker Lectureship Dr. Ralph Byron, Chairman of the De- partment of General Surgery at the City Of Hope Medical Center was born in Los Angeles in 1914. At present, he is a Clini- cal Professor of surgery. Over the past 15 years, he has written regularly for POWER, a Sunday School paper. The lecture series is sponsored by Dr. Wm. T. Slonecker of Nashville. 471: 7 . Q---V Staley Lecture Series Dr. Lindsell brings outstanding creden- tials to the lecture series. He is presently editor emeritus of Christianity Today, af- ter serving as editor of th distinguished evangelical periodical from 1968-1978. Previously, Dr. Lindsell served in various faculty and administrative positions in several colleges and seminaries. He holds four degrees and has published numerous books and articles as well as being editor of several publications. pf '44 its .,,,x Wachtel Lecture Series Dr. Edward Lawlor was born in Yorkshire, England and moved to Canada as a youth with his family. He was converted through the witness of a Salvation Army mem- ber. In 1960 LawIor's strong inter- est in evangelism was recognized by the general church with his election as Executive Sec. of Evan- gelism. ln 1968 he was elected General Superintendent until his retirement in 1976. He continues to evangelize throughout the U.S. and Canada. C3 lohn T. Benson Lecture Series Rev. Pal Wright presently serves as pastor of the second largest Nazarene Church on the S.E. Zone, Bradenton First. He has been a frequent speaker for youth camps, revivals and conventions. He attended BNC and Miami University. 123 Greg Story jimmy Taylor jeff Thompson Tracy Tucker Dana Turner Kevin Ulmet Steve Vernier Cheri Waldrip Charlotte Warren Cherry Westfall Above: Minnie Pearl a dynamic stage personality tells students to "do the best with what you've got Right: Holland, one of many groups that came to our campus gives a preview concert in chapel Next Page: Bill Mauch married students and worker with College Hill youth, delivers some sort of a concoction mixed with a message. 124 Dan Wilkinson Sonia Willerson Randy Witbeck Doras Wu Benjamin Young Oileen Young Pat Yovanovich 4 V' Fliqvf ai Freshmen Abney, Michael B, Rt. 1 Box 154 Ralford, FL Freshman, MUS, p. 106 Abbott, Debra L 207 Wesleyan Ct. Wamer Robins, GA junior, M-AS Aboli, Mahpari 276 White Bridge Rd. Apt. B21 Nashville, TN Freshman, B-AD Atcheson, Sherilynn F. 162 N.E. 122 Street Miami, FL Freshman, SWEL, p. 126 Akranand, Ratagorn 1113 jetton Dr. Murfreesboro, TN Freshman, UNCL Adams, Sarah B. 333 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, TN Sophomore, ECHD, p. 126 Albertson, Robert Freshman, p. 127 Alemzadeh, Arezoo Taj Ave. lran, Tehran Freshman, FENG Allen, David Edwin Roural Route 5 Box 70 North Vernon, lN Sophomore, CMYM, p. 114 Allen, jacquelyn j. 1111 Hennepin Dr. Louisville, KY Senior, CHEM Ambler, Ricky D. Box 0105 Nashville, TN lunlor, HIST, p. 102 Amburn, Sharon Lynne 4429 Roxbury Drive Evans, GA Sophomore, BIOL, p. 127 Amity, Robert Louis 1001 NW 74th Terrace Hollywood, FL Sophomore, B-AD An erson, Krmberly.Anne 125 Eastlawn Drive Post Office Box Goodlettsville, TN Freshman, RMGT Anderson, Teresa L. 55 Hart Street Apartment 49 Nashville, TN Senior, E-ED Andrews, Richard Mark 331 E 45 St. Hialeah, FL Freshman, PSYH, p. 127 Apple, Sheila A. 330 West Chester Drive Madison, TN Sophomore, MfTE, p, 127 Appleby, Diana Sue Post Office Box 366 126 Columbia, KY junior, MATH, p. 102 Araki, Toshihori 22-10 6-Chome Arakawa-Ku Tokyo japan Freshman, B-AD Armes, Roger Dale Rt. 432 Box 107A joelton, TN Freshman, BIOL Arnold, Ernie Lee Post Office Box 652 Beattyville, KY Sophomore, R-PS, p. 114 Armstrong, jerry W. 55 Hart St. Apt. 32 Nashville, TN junior, R-RS, p. 103 Aichley, Barbara j. 12532-82nd Ave N Seminole, FL Sophomore, PA, p. 127 Ayewa, Obayode 29 Wire Rd. Bemin City Freshman, M-TE, p. 115 Bailey, Martha Faith 1619 East St. Clair Vincennes, IN junior, S-AD, p. 115 Bailey, Ronnie Lee 5929 Horseshoe Drive Raleigh, NC Sophomore, PE Baker, Arthur O. 105 West Lane Street Albertville, AL Senior, PSYH Baker, Audrey G. 2201 Dixie Highway Louisville, KY Freshman, CMSP, p. 127 Baker, Phoebe Carol Route 5, Box 84 Conway, AR Senior, B-AD Baker, Thomas Edwin 403 V1 Aversboro Road Garner, NC Sophomore, SWEL, p. 115 Baldwin, Eric Frank 106 Marion Road Oak Ridge, TN Freshman, UNCL, p. 127 Banbel, Ezekiel N. P.O. Box 12064 2103 Honeysuckle Dr. Nashville, Tn Sophomore, PA Bandy, Beverly Sue 102 Rock Castle Court Hendersonville, TN Freshman ECHD, p. 127 Bane, Mark jonas 612 Sedgefield Drive Newport News, VA Freshman, R-PS, p. 127 Barber, Timothy Rt 1 Box 49 Wurtland, KY Senior, R-RS Bargatze, Malinda F. 4501 Chandler Road Hermitage, TN junior, SWEL Barnard, Brenda 403 CIS Central Ave Zephyrhills, FL Senior, E-ED Bartlett, Charles R. 623 Briarcliff Road Wamer Robins, GA Sophomore, M-ED Baumgartner, Cynthia K. 3793 Baker Road Westminster, MD Senior, PE Baun, Glenn 49 Cedar Ln Newport News, VA junior, M-TE, p. 103 Beasley, Pamela E. 1260 14th Ave. So Nashville, TN Beatty, Denise R. 1103 Sunnymeade Dr. Nashville, TN Sophomore, CMSP Bec telheimer, Rita Fay 1314 5th Street Zephyrhills, FL Sophomore, MCM, p. 115 Bec ham, Donna jean Trevecca College Post Office Box 0718 Nashville, TN Freshman, p. 128 Bell, Cynthia K. Freshman, p. 128 Bell, Rebecca Sue Box 646 Lancaster, KY Freshman, MCM, p. 127 Benson, Edna Mae Miami, FL UNCL Benson Pe 1 ggi' Route 3 Box 238 Shelbyville, TN junior, BSCI, 103 Berger, Paula . 601 joyce Lane Nashville, TN Freshman, PA, p. 128 Berry, Cynthia R. 2608 Crump Drive Nashville, TN! Sophomore, UNCL Beyer, David 103 johnston Rd. Pearl River, LA Freshman, UNCL, p. 128 Bevels, Donna Gail 811 Netherland Dr Murfreesboro, TN Senior, MCM Bickart, Charles Bernard 3835 Priest Lake Drive Nashville, TN junior, B-AD Bevels, Wm. Ron 811 Netherland Dr. Murfreesboro, TN R-PM Blakney, Terri 1. 1604 E Bougenvillea Left to right: Sponsor jim Knear, President-Mike johnson, Vice-Pres.- Chonda Courtney, Secretary-Sheila Finley Knowles, STUCO Rep.-Kim King. Not pictured- Nancy Nickell, Treasurer Sheri Acheson Sarah Adams Tampa, FL Freshman, MUS, p. 128 Blankenship, Karan june 1165 Hunters Lane Nashville, TN Freshman, PA, p. 128 Blankenship, Ronald R. 813 Lemont Dr Nashville, TN Senior, B-AD Blanton, Timothy Melvin 3749 Culp Dr jacksonville, FL junior, R-PS, p. 103 Blowers, David Eugene 2524 Countrywood Drive Greenville, MS Freshman, UNCL, p. 128 Blowers, Linda Carol 2524 Country Wood Greenville, MS junior, M-AS, p. 103 Boggs, Reva G. 6001 Old Hickory Blvd. Apt. 339 Hermitage, TN Freshman UNCL Booth, lanice Marianne 4531 Northwest 32nd Avenue Gainesville, FL l Freshman, PA, p. 125 Bortner, Pamela Sue 3209 Norfolk si. I A 5 Hopewell, VA Sophomore, PA, p. 115 Boswell, james Shreeves 2999 Smiths Springs Rd Harbour TO Nashville, TN Senior, BIOL Boswell, Rita S. 2999 Smith Springs Road 74-D Harbour Town Nashville, TN Senior, PA Boswell, Ronnie Taylor X 115 Revielle Court Franklin, TN Sophomore, CMSP, p. 115 Bouchard, Raymond P. 72 Nance Lane Nashville, TN Senior, R-PS Apple, STUCO Rep.- Boyer, Elizabeth M. 509 NW 15 St Homestead, FL Senior, CMSP Boyette, Becky Grace 106 Eldorado Avenue Centerville, GA Freshman, UNCL, p. 128 Boyette, Cindy A. 104 Eldorado Avenue Centerville, GA Freshman, PA, p. 128 Bozeman, james 2131 Elm Hill Pk B-34 Nashville, AL Senior, PE Bradley, julie L. 4727 San Antonio Dr Lakeland, FL Senior, E-ED Bradshaw, Daniel W. 510 Southwood Madisonville, KY junior, BIOL, p. 103 Branham, Terry R. Trevecca College Post Office Box 0731 Nashville, TN i.,.7 A . Y' . L ,, r-aw, 4- 1. ,,.1 if Robert Albertson Sharon Amburn Richard Andrews Sheila Apple Barb Atchley Audrey Baker Eric Baldwin Beverly Bandy Mark Bane Becky Bell junior, R-RS .Q fu-r , T x., . - ii".e1.. L Il. L'- Brannon, Brenda K. Freshman, p. 129 Brantley Richard Lamar zou Caldwell Drive Columbia, TN Senior, R-PM Brenner, Richard M. lr. 7909 Comwall Ln Tampa, FL Senior, PE Bridges, Teresa A. 55 Hart st Apt 29 Nashville, TN Senior, MATH Bridges, William R. 55 Hart Apartment 29 Nashville, TN junior, R-PM Brightwell, Randy E. 12 Buchanan Drive Cherry Point, NC Freshman, UNCL, p. 129 Brinkman, Lynda 501 Lynn Dr Lakeland, FL Senior, BSCI, 82 Brinkman, Mic ael Ray 501 Lynn Dr Lakeland, FL Senior, M-ED Brodien, Brenda Sue 131 Northeast 59th Court Fort Lauderdale, FL Sophomore, CMSP, p. 115 Brooks, jamie William ' I Q . 906 Potter Lane Nashville, TN Sophomore, HIST Brower, Darla Sue 6009 Woodhaven Drive Lakeland, FL Freshman, UNCL, p. 129 Brown, Debbie L. 55 Han st Apt 45 Nashville, TN Senior, BSCI, . B2 Brown, David eVarren Route 5 Box 544 Mooresville, NC Freshman, UNCL, p. 129 Brown, Gregory 1931 Meadow Ln Topeka, K5 junior, CMSP, p. 103 Brown, Michael Vernon 1327 Douglas Street F-2 Sanford, FL Freshman, PSYH, p. 129 Brown, William j. 55 Hart Street 355 Nashville, TN junior, R-RS Bruinbeloe, Sharon D. 1032 9th St Pleasant Grove, AL Freshman, E-ED, p. 129 Bryan, Tommy Allen 102 Oak Hill Circle ADMINISTRATION BUILD- INC 119441 was one of the three buildings on the site purchased in 1937. The origi- nal structure was destroyed by fire in 1943, and the build- ing was rebuilt one year later. Remodeled in 1965, the Ad- ministration Building now houses offices. .-fi, L 4'--I 1:-rag ...-. .. .L ' W Y-V, .lt Lebanon, TN junior, CMHR, p. 103 Bruner, Hilda Nell 2705 Westem Hills Dr. Nashville, TN BSCI Bryant, Barry Edward 1723 Hillmont Drive Nashville, TN junior, R-PS, p. 103 Bryant, Cindy jane Route 8 Box 403 Columbia, TN Freshman, M-AS Bryant, jeffrey Lynn 101 Ridgedale Drive Wamer Robins, GA Freshman, BIOL, p. 129 Bryant, Mary E. 8303 Vanden Drive Union Lake, Ml junior, SWEL, p. 104 Bulla, Daniel Elon 924 Cantrell Avenue Nashville, TN Freshman, R-PS Burgett, Randall 2621 Colbert Dr. Nashville, TN junior, B-AD, p. 104 Burke, Teresa A. 2529 La Wsta Dr. Burlington, NC junior, E-ED, p. 104 Burrell, Roosevelt 1018 Chicamauga Avenue Nashville, TN Sophomore, PE, p. 115 Burry, Lisa R. 23535 SW 162nd Ave. Homestead, FL Freshman, BSCI, p. 128 Byrum, Elmer Wayne 811 Maple Crest Drive Lebanon, TN Sophomore, R-PM Cagle, Mary jo Rt. 1 Box 1088 Oakman, AL Sophomore, BIOL, p. 115 Calkin, Carol 113 Balsam Drive Erwin, TN Sophomore, PNUR, p. 129 Cantrell, Tommy H. Rt. 1 Box 164A Chesnee, SC junior, ACCT, p. 104 Carpenter, David joel 2346 Airport Rd. Adrian, Ml Freshman, R-PM, p. 129 Capps, Beverly jane Route 3 Glasgow, KY Freshman, SWEL, p. 129 Carlson, Mary Elizabeth 9015 Revere Court Munster, IN Freshman, SWEL, p. 130 Carrol, Roberta Louise Freshman, CHCR, p. 130 Carroll, Patricia May 9306 2nd Ave. Silver Spring, MD Sophomore, PE Carruthers, Kenneth A. 1300 Tremont st. Apt. D Nashville, Tn junior, BIOL, B2 Carter, janice laine Route One Spiceland, IN Sophomore, SWEL, p. 116 Carter, Patricia Ann Rt. 7 Box 357 Fayetteville, TN Sophomore, PE, p. 116 Carter, Karen S. Route One Spiceland, IN Senior, E-ED, p. B2 Carter, Davie L. 535 Summer Pl Nashville, TN Sophomore, CMSP Cawthon, Aubrey Martin Route 8 Murfreesboro, TN Senior, PA Cathey, Rickey L. 1200 Foster Ave. Nashville, TN Sophomore, BIOL Chaichanapanich, Tippawan 157 Surasongkram, Lo buri Thialyand Senior, B-AD, p. 82 Champion, Miriam E. Rt 1 Arrington, TN junior, E-ED, p. 104 Channels, Valerie j. 55 Hart St. Apt. 14 Nashville, TN Senior, HIST, p. 82 Chaney, Anneliese Marie Chaney, Reeford L. 3910 Monza Dr. Richmond, VA Sophomore, CMSP, p. 116 Chen, Lydia 73 Paris Ave. Nashville, TN junior, SWEL, p. 104 Childers, Patti jo 8806 W. Manslick Louisville, KY junior, BIOL, p. 116 Chiang, Ching-Lin 2 Chu Lin Road, Singapore B Repu ic of Singapore Freshman, B-AD, p. 130 Chopfield, james 500 Hazelhurst Avenue Richmond, VA Sophomore, R-PS Choi, Kyu Nam 5007 Marchant Dr. ENGL. Clark, Dennis K. 324 Greenwich Circle Danville, VA 127 l Cindy Bell Paula Berger Lisa Burry David Beyer Terri Blakney Karen Blankenship David Blowers MariAnne Booth Becky Boyette Cindy Boyette Senior, B-AD, p. 82 Choonthons, Rasamee 115W SOI Ronnachai Samsennai, Bengkok Senior, B-AD, p. 82 Clark, james E. 131 Elm Hill Pike Sterling, va Senior, MUS Christenson, Richard Lyle 1005 Priory Place McClean, VA Freshman, B-AD Clarke, Cathy A. 4004 Arendell St. Morehead City, NC Freshman, UNCL, p.130 Clark, Sharon D. 100 Connie Dr. Hendersonville, TN Senior, ENGL, p. 82 Clayton, Timothy A. B2 Lester Averue Nashville, TN Senior PA Clifford, Walker o. 1045 Edgehill Nashville, TN Freshman, B-AD Clouse, William Thomas 113 Amherst Lane Oak Ridge, TN Sophomore, CSCI, p. 116 Cobb, Loretta Ann 1705 Woodfield Drive Columbia, SC Sophomore, SWEL, p. 116 Coburn, Terrie C. 2757 Prospect si. Sarasota, FL junior, EXSC Coleman, Nancy j. Blue Ridge Sanatorium Charlotesville, VA Freshman, CMYM, p. 130 Coleman, Richard Bruce 4204 Selkirk Drive Fairfax VA Freshman, PENG Collier, Vic L. Trevecca College Post Office Box 0686 Nashville, TN Sophomore, PE, p. 104 Collins, Mitsy 55 Hart Street Apartment 18 Nashville, TN Senior, SWEL, p. 82 Coltharp, Sue Murmy Lane Route 3 Brentwood, TN Senior, E-ED Congleton, jeffrey Stuart 600 Arthur Avenue Lehigh Acres, FL Fres man, PSYH Congo, Carolyn 3208 Pulaski Pk. Huntsville, AL junior, BSC! Cook, jacquelyn A. 2009 Otter Valley Ln. Nashville, TN Sophomore, B-AD Cook, Kevin W. 1203 Magdalene Groves Avenue 128 Tampa, FL Freshman, R-PS, p. 130 Cooley, Catherine Anne 151 Pringle Circle Biloxi, MS junior, MATH, p. 104 Cooner, Cynthia Diane 23 Hemlock Dr. Fort Walton Beach, FL Sophomore, B-AD, p. 104 Cooper, Beverly Shawn 1233 Talbot Avenue Tallahassee, FL Senior, E-ED, p. 82 Copeland, Donald Lee Rt 3 Mayfield, KY Freshman R-PS Cork, Mark Byron 4512 Willow Lane Bridgeton, MO Sophomore, B-AD Copeland, Martha E. Rt 5 Box 54-A Sumter, SC Freshman, 130 Cornett, Art ur 391-8 Wimpole Drive Nashville, TN Senior, R-PS, p. 82 Cottle, Debrah Dianne 295 Elysian Field Road Nashville, TN Freshman, B-ED Couch, Thomas R. 2043 Young Memphis, N Senior, R-PM Courtney, Charles Michael Shingle Apts 39 55 Hart St. Nashville, TN Senior, R-RS Courtney, Chonda Ruth Route 6 Box 35 Ashland City, TN Freshman, E-ED, p. 130 Coward, Pamela Ann 75 Lester Avenue Nashville, TN Senior, M-ED, p. 82 Cowart, julian Roy 750 Lester Avenue Nashville, TN Senior, MCM Cox, Lynn M. 3944 Keeley Dr. Nashville, TN MUS Cox, Theresa Darlene Post Office Box,158 Pineville, WV junior, PA, p. 104 Cox, Linda Gail B7 Ranger Dr. Charleston, SC Freshman, UNCL Cra 0, Carl D. 2553 Hargrove Memphis, TN Senior, M-ED Crapo, john Howard 2503 Hargrove Ave. Memphis, TN Freshman, UNCL, 130 Crawford, Brenda . Rt 2 Box 310 jamestown, TN I . TT X - Y 1 .' 's "TI J . junior, ART, p. 105 Crawford, Shelly Elizabeth Rt 2 Box 310 jamstown, TN Freshman, B-ED, p. 131 Creel, Kathy D. 5300 Lingle Ln. Richmond, VA Senior, B-ED, p. B3 Crews, Pamela j, Rt 2 Box 472 Albertville, AL Freshman, UNCL, p. 131 Crews, Tammie Elaine 2157 Pierpont Avenue Charleston, SC Senior, R-PM, p. 105 Croft, jeffrey 55 Hart Apt. 19 Nashville, TN junior, R-RS, p. 105 Crowe, janice S. 7230 Wat Cott Dr. Nashville, TN Senior, E-ED, p. 83 Crum, Dale Martin 209 S. Pegasus Av. Clearwater, FL junior, BSCI, p. 105 Cruver, Ira j. 1607 Horseshoe Dr, zephrhilis, ri Freshman, MUS, p. 131 Culbertons, Robert Lewis 3 Wendover Drive Greenville, SC Freshman, UNCL Curl, Dewanna R. 510 Howard Ave. Albertville, AL Senior, E-ED, p. 83 Daily, Curtis L Freshman, B-AD, p. 131 Daily, Gregory Scott 309 Year ey Ave. Lynchburg, VA Sophomore, B-AD, p. 116 Dalton, Carma L. 306 Vaught Street Somerset, KY Freshman, ECHD, p. 131 Dalton, Vickie Lynn 306 Vaught Street Somerset, KY junior, M-TE, p. 116 Daniels, Susan Elaine 6881 Mother Goose Road jacksonville, FL Sophomore, E-ED, p. 116 Darling Edward Emmett 2921 aslight Drive S. Daytona, FL Freshman, R-PM, p. 131 Davis, Alexis P. 209 W. 47th St. Chattanooga, TN junior, E-ED, p. 83 Davis, Cathy 3420 North Armistead Avenue Hampton, VA Sophomore, MCM, p. 117 Davis, Elma A. 1--W 17 17 ,M fdfp I 1 - 'Q' A 209 West 47th Street Chattanooga, TN Freshman, ECHD Davis, Huey j. Trevecca College Post Office Box 0306 Nashville, TN Senior, R-PS Davis, jerry L. 55 Hart Street Bush Apartment 352 Nashvil e, TN Senior, M-ED Davis, Robert A. 5817 Mojave Ct. Virginia Beach, VA Senior, B-AD, p. 116 Davis, Robert joseph 1118 Farman Court Louisville, KY Sophomore, UNCL Davis, Valerie Linn Rt 3 BX 840 Apopka, FL r . 'Q iff! N r Il 900 Brown Avenue Rossville, CA Sophomore, PE, p. 'I17 Del , Nancy 2541 Tebeau St. Waycross, GA Senior, E-ED, p. 83 Denby, Candy Lee 'K Sophomore, BIOL, p. 117 Day, Patsy jean 4656 Robinson Rd. ' jackson, MS junior, MCM, p. 105 Dean, jo Doreen - ' fi'T,... Cm'-1 'L ' .' IH " ' ' '-mf" ,,g,,, - ,.-:er - ' , ' 4. I all-l1i'f I W is x . , ...W .?i.s:-ai-me , -re tail" ' 1 I 137. 'Gal f, fi, . ' Aj - 1.13, .:, Q1 , 1 N Q -X Il' ig P I fa. .s . 'la :' r, ' , it D ' 'I L ' L1 A X l '- I l 1 .. .N 5, , X r flfaml 2-Y ' Ei I ' . Brenda Brannon Randy Brightwell Sharon Brombelow Darla Brower David Brown Micky Brown Cindy Bryant jeff Bryant Carol Calkin Beverly Capps 908 E. Rich Ave. Delano, FL Dennis, Carl Victor Apt 41, S5 Hart St. Nashville, TN junior, HIST Dennis, Robert Michael 75-1 Lester 'j , "1 'Gif ug .ff . '1'. K1 'ff -4 'grae N--v 1 IN L ll . r ,, .. rg' ' 'I X I p,1 K Tt .iagsrssg M Nashville, TN Freshman, MCM Dent, William N. Cen, Del. Winslow, IN Senior, HIST, p. 83 Dewett, Shelby Freshman, p. 131 Dewitt, Dennis Lynn 55 Hart Street Apartment 57 Nashville, TN Sophomore, R-PM Dewitt, Ron D. 17 S. Main St. Carthage, IN junior, R-RS, p. 105 Dickens, Gary Edwin Rt 1 Box 225 Hamilton, VA Freshman, BIOL, p. 131 Diehl, Timothy A. 2223 Aubrey Court Nashville, TN Freshman, PA Dodd, William R. 3140 Shakertown RD Xenia, OH Senior, MCM, p. 83 Dooley, Vera A. 933 Barbara Dr. Memphis, TN Freshman, MCM Donson, Patricia Elaine 1060 Half Acre Road Aubumdale, FL Freshman, M-TE Dorsey, Dan Paul Box Alma, GA Sophomore, B-AD,g. 117 Dotson, Karen Eliza eth Route 1, Box 172B Benton, KY Sophomore, PE, p. 117 Driskell, Danny Allen 3226 Pickfair Street Orlando, FL Sophomore, MCM Dryden, Harold Dewayne Post Office Box 176 Albany, KY Sophomore, PE, p. 117 Dula, Theresa L. 117 Baywood Avenue Cleawvater, FL junior, BIOL, p. 105 Dunn, jennifer Hope 1002 North Vail Street Alexandria, VA Sophomore, ACCT, p. 117 Dunn, john R. 909 Brentwood Dr. NE Cullman, AL Freshman, PMED, p. 131 Dyer, Freddy james 214 Old Hickory Boulevard Nashville, TN McKay Hall l1937j, was named after Lula May Tidwell McKay, who was a missionary to India. The building known as McKay Hall was one of the three original buildings on the campus when it was purchased in 1937. In 1954 McKay was partially destroyed by fire and was rebuilt in 1955. The former dor- mitory presently houses the campus print shop, Solomon's Porch, and a Iaundrymat. 'll 42- I x ' ', gX -J5 f-L, vel: junior, BQAD Ebersole, Russell Edgar 3939 Apache Trail Apartment E-12 Antioch, TN junior, PA Eby, Beth A. 1905 Omohundro Court Nashville, TN Freshman, UNCL, p. 132 Edmunds, George H. 754 Argfyle Avenue Post O ice Box 0761 Nashville, TN junior, R-PM Eifert, Franklin Earl 1040 Lake Welclona Drive Orlando, FL Sophomore, CMHR, p. 117 Elder, Penny jo 8012 Northern Spy Drive Louisville, KY junior, E-ED p. 117 Elliott, Timothy n. 419 Parkwood Dr. jeffersonville, IN Senior, R-RS, p. 105 Ensor, Carol Leigh Post Office Box 163 jasper, AL Sophomore, MUS, 117 Ernest, Margie Caro 613 Philadelphia Avenue ,Takoma Par , MD Senior, PE, p. B3 Evans, Ruby Lee 51 Arbour Court Nottingham, MD Sophomore, ACCT, p. 105 Errickson, Theresa D. 1705 North 10th Street Zephyrhills, FL Freshman, UNCL, p. 132 Errickson, Warren Lamont 1705 Not'lh 10th Street Zephyrhills, FL Sophomore, B-AD, p. 132 Ewell, Gary M. B29 Deary Ln. Virginia Beach, VA Senior, B-AD, p. 83 Estep, Ginger Lee 239 Bell Rd. Nashville, TN junior, M-TE Faith, Cloyce Frederick S5 Hart Street Apartment 51 Nashville, TN Senior, BSCI, p. 83 Fada, Faalupega 2163 Quesada Ave. San Francisco, CA junior, HIST Farmer, Dale Bryant 100 Cole Drive Fairfield, OH Freshman, UNCL, p. 132 Fawcett, Teresa R. 676 S. Ashburton Rd. Columbus, OH Senior, SWEL, p. 83 Ferguson, Shirley F. 28 W. Acre Terrace Prescott, AR Freshman, ACCT, p. 132 Fidelman, Catherine R. 113 Gucy Street Walbri ge, OH Freshman, B-AD, p. 132 Field, Mary Katherine 3411 Carden City Blvd. Roanoke Roanoke, VA Freshman, UNCL, p. 132 Figge, Susan L. 812 Mason Street Mayfield, KY junior, M-TE, p. 106 Finch, Gwen Marie 4834 Montgomery Millington, TN Sophomore, ENGL, p. 118 Fire augh, Samuel D. Sophomore, p. 118 Fitzgerald, Christina L. 3236 Denson Place Charlotte, NC Senior, B-AD, p. 84 Fitzgerald, Marcella L. 3236 Denson PI. Charlotte, NC Senior, E-ED,JJ. 84 Fleming, Wan a Karen Route 8, Box 136 Goldsboro, NC Senior, M-TE, p. 106 Floyd, john T. P.O. Box 2622 Miami, FL Senior, PA Floyd, Thomas M. 205 Donna Dr. Henderson, KY Freshman, UNCL Floyd, Rhonda Sue 2116 Grantland Avenue Apartment A Nashville, TN Sophomore, UNCL Ford, Lester Lathan 517 Lester Avenue Post Office Box 0743 Nashville, TN Senior, R-PS, p. 84 Forrester, Mark 2423 Kimberly Dr. Nashville, TN Senior, R-PS, p. B4 Fortner, Lillian S. 622 W. Oak St. Carmi, IL junior, PSYH Foskey, Sandra E. 604 Briarcliff Rd. Warner Robins, GA Senior, E-ED, p. 84 Fowler, Vickie Lynn Rt 1 Old Milner Road Bamesville, GA Sophomore, E-ED, p. 118 Fox, Melanie joy Rt 1 Box 194A Beattyville, KY Sophomore, SWEL, p. 118 129 Mary Beth Carlson David Carpenter Roberta Carroll Ching-Lin Chiang Kathy Clarke Nancy Coleman Kevin Cook Martha Copeland Chonda Courtney john Crapo Frantz, Marilyn S. 316 Cherry St. Lisbon, OH Senior, MUS Frank, joan Elizabeth 3502 Templeton Court Louisville, KY Sophomore, E-ED, p. 106 Frey, Clara M.K. 350 Old Shackle island Road Apartment B-20 Hendersonville, TN Sophomore, PA, p. 106 Frazier, Clayton Wayne Freshman, p. 132 Fritz, Dianna Ruth 5021 South 25th Street Arlington, VA junior, ECHD, p. 106 Fry, Steve C. 220 juniper Dr. Frankfort, KY Freshman, BIOL, p. 132 Fulkerson, Beverly lt. 3302 Trout Creek Drive Louisville, KY junior, CMSP, p. 106 Gainer, Dorothy L. 120 Millwood Drive Apartment P-86 Nashville, TN Senior, M-ED, p. 84 Cainer, james Howard Murfreesboro Road Millwood Apartments Nashville, TN junior, UNCL, p. 118 Galla, Monica j. Galner, Pamela L 120 Millwood Dr. Apt. P 86 Nashville, TN Senior, E-ED, p. 84 Gallup, Wilma M. Box 165 TNC Nashville, TN Freshman Gamble, Horace 1617 Lebanon Road Nashville, TN Senior, B-AD Gammel, joseph Allen Q Agfa 'Q' 1 ,r-rw 1-J' 513 Lester Nashville, TN Senior, E-ED Garner, Tommy Van Crossville Post Office Crossville, AL Sophomore, CMSP, p. 118 Garner, Terry G. 1701 28 Ave. Hueytown, AL Sophomore, R-RS Garrison, Donald L. 124 Duer Drive Williamsburg, VA Freshman, UNCL, p. 132 Gassie, Herb H. 2131 Elm Hill Pike Nashville, TN junior B-AD Gaunce, janet K. 1724 Sterling Ave. Cincinnati, OH Senior, PE, p. 84 Geasley, Michael Dean 407 South Figuers Drive Franklin, TN Sophomore, B-AD, p. 118 Geasley, William A. 55 Hart Street Apartment 38 Nashville, TN junior, MATH Gibson, Deborah E. 409 W. Main St. Thomaston, GA junior, E-ED, p. 106 Gibson, Marjorie L. 5518 8th Ave. Dr. W. Bradenton, FL Senior, E-ED, p. 84 Gibson, Michael Keith Route One Box 229A Meansville, GA Freshman, CMHR, p. 133 Gill, Raymond George Rt 1 Box 101 F Fort Walton Beach, FL Freshman, M-ED, p. 133 Gillespie, Becky j. 6119 Luna Drlve Columbus, GA Sophomore, PE, p. 133 Gillespie, Cynthia D. T n Steps to utritio No. 1 No. 4 , No. 5 rt , ,- r,-. rv" No. 2 J. ,qw-v ..+, 177' I1 if -. ...U J" i Q No. 6 jf '7 . .L '- '. ' IKM . ,fl . A ,f xl Q ,Fig t . -' R, -A ,! H .5 ' .Ill jf ' I lx me ' 6119 Luna Dr. Columbus, GA Senior, B-AD, p. 84 Gladhill, Ricky Lee 2104 Sunnybrook Drive Frederick, MD junior, B-AD Glisson, Ricky Lee Rt 2 Box 328 Clarksville, TN Freshman, UNCL Glass, Robert Hargrove 2423 Kimberly Drive Nashville, TN Senior, HIST, p. 84 Godby, Deborah Annette 1560 Thoreau St. Titusville, FL Freshman, UNCL, p. 133 Goddard, Danny E. 462 Gift Ave. SE Atlanta, GA Senior, R-RS, p. 84 Goddard, Vickie L 467. Gift Ave. SE No. 3 No. 7 W- Pam Crews Shelly Crawford Ira Crurer Curtis Daily Connie Dalton ,- Ed Darling Candy Denby Shelby Dewett Gary Dickens john Dunn -F ,.. QT' forma, av 'J 4-f-A-9 Nia f ag.. -it Bud Robinson Student Center t1954j, was named after "Uncle Buddy" Robin- son who was a pioneer evangelist in the church of the Nazarene. The building was remodeled in 1965 to house the 250 seat cafeteria on the main floor while providing resident housing for women on the second floor during the fall quar- ter of this year. The rest of the year it was used to house visiting teams. No. 8 .. Y-W 4 1512? Lt' I7 as ' Atlanta, GA Senior, BIOL Godfrey, Robert Van Box 94 926 Potter Ln. Nashville, TN junior, R-RS Goff, Charles E. 1211 Clearview Drive Mount juliet, TN Senior, R-PM Goff, Cynthia Lee 55 Hart St. A t. 56 Nashville, TNp Goff, Roger lee 55 Hart Street Apartment 56 Nashville, TN junior, R-PM Golsan, Virginia G. 2036 Cedarcrest Dr. Birmingham, AL Senior, E-ED, p. B4 Good, Gaylan L. 340 Weatherly Woods Drlve . Winterville, GA Good, Lester Freshman, p. 133 Goodin, David Cecil Route 8 Box 202 Vicksburg, MS Sophomore B-AD Goodin, Paula Donita Route 8 Box 202 Vicksburg, MS Freshman, S-ED, p. 133 Goodin , Susan Ann 3913 Flilyd Drive Biloxi, MS Senior, R-PS, p. 85 Goodman, Pamela IC 1662 Alcazar Way. St. Letersburg, St. Petersburg, FL Sophomore, PLAW Goodwin, Dennis 1605 Broad St. Bristol, TN Senior, PE Goodwin, Sandra Darlene 1605 Broad Street Bristol, TN Sophomore, CMSP, p. 118 Gossman, jetta S. l lf! egg- . No. 9 Freshman, ACCT ,..., No. 10 413 W. Carter Ave. Clarksville, IN Senior, M-TE Graeser, David O. 306 Morrison McMinnville, TN Senior, MCM, p. 85 Graham, Michael 20 Peachtree St. Nashville, TN Senior, M-ED Gray, Daniel M. 3418 Morgan Ave. Ashland, KY Senior, HIST, p. 106 Gray, Donna jeanne 4001 Anderson Road 81- 53 4 Nashville, TN Freshman, M-ED, p. 133 Gray, Robert jeffrey 1344 Golden Forest Dr. Bessemer, AL Freshman, UNCL Green, Marla V. 2201 lris Drive Columbia, MO Freshman, SWEL, p. 133 Green, Vicki Annette 178 Tusculum Road Antioch, TN Freshman, SWELML 133 Grigsby, Leatrice ai 108 Faixi Street Apartment 2 Nashville, TN junior, PA Grimes, judith 1034 Mojave Tr. Frankfort, KY junior, SWEL, p. 106 Grilton, Mark W. 11885 SW 188th St. Miami, FL Senior, R-RS, p. 85 Guess, Richard Beckman 7502 Claudia Drive Columbia, SC Sophomore, UNCL, p. 133 Gunnells, Greg-tory jarralt Route 7 Old illsboro Road Franklin, TN' junior, PE Gunter, Dwight M. 181 East Selwood Lane Columbia, SC Sophomore, R-PS, p. 134 Gunter, Kelly P. 4108 Moss Rose Dr. Nashville, TN CHEM Hamilton, joseph K. 55 Han st. Apt. :M Nashville, TN junior, R-RS, p. 106 Hankins, judy R. 2204 So. Palm Pasadena, TX Senior, B-ED, p. B5 Hardin, jack Michael 1216 Vintage Place Nashville, TN Freshman, B-AD, p. 134 Harned, Kelly Alan 216 Donna Drive Madison, TN Sophomore, MATH Harper, Howard Gregory Route 3 Box 142 Lanelt, AL junior, R-PM Harris, Deborah Elizabeth 461 Surreygal North East Marietta, A Freshman, B-AD, p. 134 Harris, Fred William 907 1st Ave. South Nashville, TN Freshman, PE Harris, jerrell R. 110 South Valley Road Hendersonville, TN ' junior, PE, p. 107 Harris, Kimberly j. 610 Riverside Drive Wurtland, KY Freshman, MISS Harris, Mark A. Rt. 1 French Lick, IN Senior, PE, p. 85 Harrison, Cheryl Lynn 6613 Stoney Point Road North Norfolk, VA Sophomore, S-AD Harrison, L. Buz 4741 Windermere Ct. 102 Va. Beach, VA Senior, CMSP, p. 85 Hart, Michael Lynn 8234 Darlene Warren, Ml - Sophomore, R-PS, p. 118 Hanley, joseph H. 311 NW 4 St. Homestead, FL Senior, MATH, p. 85 Hassall, Cindy Lou 3107 Tournament Drive Chesapeake, VA Sophomore, SWEL, p. 11B Hatchett, Kathy Denise 6793 Seven Valley Drive Memphis, TN Sophomore, BSCI, p. 119 Havener, Lisa M. 11320 Ford Warren, Ml Freshman, S-ED, p. 134 Haviland, Randal Lee 6483 Zephyr Street Arvada, CO junior, ACCT, p. 119 Hawk, Melinda julia 111 Crestline Dr. Charleston, SC Freshman, PSYH Hawk, juanita Kay 5724 Wynnedale Circle West Palm Beach, FL Freshman, PE, p. 134 Hayes, Carol L. 55 Hart St. A t. 73 Nashville, Thi, Sophomore, M-AS Hayes, Leroy jeffrey ss Hart si. Apt. 23 Nashville, TN Beth Eby Terry Errickson Warren Errickson Dale Farmer Shirley Fergusen Catherine Fidelman Kathy Field Clayton Frazier Steve Fry Donald Garrison junior, ACCT, p. 119 Hayes, Lloyd H. Route 8 Box 445 Florence, AL junior, R-PS, 107 Hazen, Anita . . 1020 Thompson Place Apartment D-29 Nashville, TN Senior, PA Hegi, Lena jane 1727 Clifton Street Conway, AR junior, CMSP Hembree, john W. Route 1 College Grove, TN junior, R-RS, p. 107 Hemby, Vicki G. 6236 Hen Ford Drive Nashville,llN Freshman, UNCL,Sg. 134 Hendon, jadonna aye 707 Crestview Dr. Madison, AL junior, E-ED, p. 85 Hendrix, Melody A. Route 2 Box 127A Plymouth, NC Freshman, ECHD, p. 134 Hendrixson, William Doug 5777 Brewer Road Mason, OH Sophomore, ACCT Heniely, Timothy Brooks 328 rail 2 Burlington, NC Sophomore, ACCT Henningson, Rosemarie A. 39 West Camino Real Arcadia, CA Senior, PA, p. 85 Heppel, Donna L 357 Mossy Creek Dr. Marietta, GA Freshman, PA, 134 Herndon, jeff A an 3317 Oak Street jacksonville, FL Sophomore, MUS Herndon, Kathy Susan 87.3 Beth Drive Nashville, TN Senior, MISS Herndon, Sherry L. 3501 Santa Fe Trail Doraville, GA Freshman, EXSE, p. 134 Herndon, Timothy Neal 3317 Oak St. jacksonville, FL Freshman, B-AD, p. 135 Herring, Carol L. 811 Oak Tree Rd. Kennett Square, PA Freshman, B-AD, p. 135 Herring, Ruth Ann 811 Oak Tree Rd. Kennett Square, PA junior, B-AD, p. 107 Hesson, Dawn Daphine 326 jacksonian Drive Hermitage, TN Freshman, B-AD Hickerson, Katherine 110 Bth Avenue Southeast Winchester, TN 132 Freshman, L-SC Hicks, Marquita 55 Hart Street Apartment 7 Nashville, TN junior, M-AS, p. 85 Hicks, Ronald V. 1325 McKinley Avenue Huntsville, AL Freshman, R-PM Hill jr., Eugene A. 55 Hart St. Apt. 44 Nashville, T Sophomore, R-PS Hin le, Bruce Wayne 55 Hart Street Apartment 17 Nashville, TN So homore, PA Hinlzle, Deborah 55 Hart Street Apartment 17 Nashville, TN junior, PA W , Hinton, Wesley R. 517 Lester Ave. Nashville, TN junior, PE Hire, Regena Yevette Goodlettsville, TN Senior, ECHD, p. 107 Hobbs, Leigh Ann 1303 Non Pennsylvania Roswell, NM Freshman, PNUR Hobson, Carol H. 55 Hart Street Apartment 47 Post Office Box 0645 Nashville, TN Senior, PSYH, p. 85 Hobson, john Carl 55 Hart Street Apartment 47 Nashville, TN junior, CMUS, p. 107 Hogan, james Dewayne Box 262 Beattyville, KY Sophomore, PE Hol ett, Karen E. 8773 Eighth Avenue jacksonville, FL junior, E-ED, p. 107 Holmes, Anthony L 80 Lester Avenue W1 Nashville, TN Senlor, R-RS, p. 85 Holmes, Calvin Lydell 665 South 6th Street Nashville, TN Freshman, PE Holmes, Walter Grady 538 Dimmick Avenue Cincinnati, OH Sophomore, R-RS, p. 119 Holt, janet Louise 506 West Radnor Street Nashville, TN Freshman, E-ED, p. 135 Hopkins, jacquelin L 14504 Southwest 76 Street Miami, FL Freshman, B-AD,'Ja. 135 Hopkins, Pamela ay 14504 Southwest 76th Streets Miami, FL Sophomore, E-ED Horne, john F. 1718 Coll e Ave. aiuetzetdfafv Sophomore, HIST House, joseph Anthony 1024 Burchwood Avenue Nashville, TN Sophomore, M-TE, p. 119 Houston, Victoria F. 12317 Constitution Northeast Albuquerque, NM Senior, PA, p. 107 Howard, Christine Anne 555 Oradell Ave. Oradell, Nj Freshman, PA Howes, Melinda j. 1412 N. 4th St. lronton, OH Senior, HIST, p. 107 Hsin, Vivien Fei Chen 81 Delancy Street 314 New York city, NY Sophomore, PA, p. 119 Hu f, Lakita Anne P.O. Box 7326 Apartment D-3 Nashville, TN junior, BIOL Huff, Beverly Blackburn Trevecca College Box 555 Huff, Wade Howard 93 Lester Ave. Apt. C Nashville, TN Senior PSYH, p. 85 Iobst, Mark B. 125 South 12th Street Emmaus, PA Senior, R-PS, p. 107 Hutton, Richard Foster 1975 First Place SW Vero Beach, FL Sophomore, R-PM, p. 120 Irwrn, Robert B. 907 Co sewood Dr. Bethel Bark, PA Senior, PE, p. B6 Idrahim, Hana 13 jL Kemurnian Seletan jakarta Barat Sophomore, p. 120 jackson, Claudia Anita 935 Duncan Ave. Gallatin, TN Senior, M-TE, p. 86 -1 Nashville, TN Senior, ACCT Huff, Dinah K. TNC A L 55 Nashvige, TN Sophomore, S-AD Huff, Denzil Ray 2304 Highland Avenue Columbia, TN Sophomore, ACCT Hu f, Winston Lee 4506 Lambert Ave. Louisville, KY junior, R-PM Hulstine, Rebecca A. 108 Maple Street Hendersonville, TN Sophomore, CAPA, p. 120 McClurkan Hall l1943j, was named after the founder of Trevecca, Rev. j.O. McClurkan. Today the building houses our chapel, post office, bookstore, student government of- fices, DARDA and TREV-ECHOES offices and classrooms. jackson, Cherri K. jackson, Larry D. 55 Hart Street 4336 Nashville, TN junior, PA jackson, Sharon Denise 153 Weathersby Dr. Magnolia, MS 'I Att i"'1' '-. J f -5 J 'I f f 'J F t , ,YO ggi. I D, s it -t -, tj fl 4,1 344' r 0 '.- .' -1 - rt V, Q A, ' fu. ' 1 l l I t' ' - 1 Q t 'H 5 -1, Keith Gibson George Gill Becky Gillespie Debbie Godby Lester Good Paula Goodin Donna Gray Marla Green Vicki Green Richard Guess r 'T' - 1 v ao- fi Freshman, UNCL, p. 135 Freshman ECHD, p. 135 jnkeg, Gary W, james, Wlniam l. 334 Brick Ch. Ln. 6605 Fleetwood Dr. Whites Creek, TN Nashville. TN Senior, R-RS IUHIOY, Prihp. 108 james, Margie Lou IMIUS. Bren 2 I- Post Office Box 22 1300 McArthur St. Oak Hill, WV Manchester, TN '47 eff -3 1.214 'YV' Li, .I 1 J' Senior, E-ED, p. 108 jared, Margaret Davidson 79 Lester Ave. Nashville, TN Senior, MUS, p. 86 jeffries, john Allen Box 470j Yorktown, IN Senior, BSCI jeffrles, Mary B. Route 2 Box 570-j Yorktown, IN junior, ACCT, p. 108 jenkins, Kathy L. 2604 Hickory Dr. Springfield, TN Senior, MATH, p. 108 jenkins, Pamela joy 420 First Street Mag-lnolia, MS SOE omore, R-RS, p. 120 jen ins, Peggy Lynn 420 1st Street Magnolia, MS Senior, PSYH, p. 86 jennings, Anita Carol 3783 Orchi Road Memphis, TN Freshman, BIOL, p. 135 johnson, Andral 305 So. Poston St. Shelby, NC Freshman, UNCL, p. 135 johnson, David 4003 Lightfoothill Rd. Chattanooga, TN Freshman, HIST, p. 120 johnson, Ellen Kaye 319 Tampa Dr. Nashville, TN Senior, PE, p. 108 johnson, james Edwin 319 Tampa Drive Nashville, TN Freshman, CHEM, p. 135 johnson, jeanette Lee Pauline Court Apartment 1 Charleston, WV Freshman, R-PM, p. 136 johnson, Michael Talmadge 1460 Wingfield Drive jackson, MS Freshman, CMHR, p. 136 johnson, Robert A. Rt. 4 Box 250 Post Office Box 0042 Citra, FL Freshman, M-ED, p. 136 johnson, Sarah Grace 18795 South West 264 Street Homestead, FL Freshman, SWEL, p. 136 johnson, Terry L. 123 Hemphil Ave. Chester, SC Senior, CHEM, p. 86 johnson, Vickie Gail 3932 Lynda Lane Kingsport, TN Sop omore, ACCT, p.120 johnston, judy L. 6405 Shrewsbu Drive Rt 3 Valentine gr. Maryville, TN Senior. PE, p. 86 jones, Bobby C. 242.3 18th Ave. North Court Nashville, TN Freshman, PE jones, joan Lou 991 Wylie Rd. Lot 7D Marietta, GA Freshman, MISS, p. 136 jones, Karen E. Rt. 1 Box 60 Doyle, TN junior, EXSE, p. 108 jones, Lynnette Sue 4516 Wayfarer Place Orlando, FL Senior, E-ED, p. 86 jones, Robinel Post Office Box 38 Hazelwood, NC junior, CHEM, p. 120 jones, Ronald Keith 60 Lester Ave. Apt. 106 Nashville, TN Freshman, B-AD, p. 120 jones, Sonia Darlene 824 Shelton Beach Road Saraland, AL Senior, BSCI, 86 jordan, Robin arainne 809 Holiday Drive West Memphis, AR Freshman, SWEL, p. 136 joslin, Sara j. 2405 East Newton Irving, TX Freshman, B-AD, p. 136 justice, Neil Post Office Box 71 Clyde, NC Sophomore, R-PS Karwardyar, Veronica 93 Nance Ln. 14-B Nashville, TN Senior, B-AD, p. 86 Keaton, Cheryl A. 2414 2nd St. SW Vero Beach, FL Freshman, EXSE,Tp. 136 Keaton, William . 2414 2nd St. SW Vero Beach, FL Senior, MCM, 108 Keeton, james ryan 401 Mclver Street Nashville, TN Senior, R-PM, p. 108 Kelley, Robin Donna Route 7 Orr Street Rome, GA Sophomore, SWEL, p. 120 Kemp, Pamela Sue 520 Hart Street Apartment Post Office Box Nashville, TN Senior, ACCT Kenerly. james S. 326 Norton Circle Smyma, GA Freshman, CMSP, p. 136 Kennerly, Calvin E. 838 S. Magnolia Mooresville, NC Freshman, PE, p. 136 Kiger, Tim F. 55 Hart Street Apartment 24 NaShville, TN Senior, M-ED, p. 108 Kilian, Brian Q. Capetown South Africa Senior, CH-MUS, p. 108 Killen, Connie jean 1655 Santa Anna Drive Dunedin, FL Senior, ACCT Killion, Debra G. Rural Route 5 Box 428-A Evansville, IN - Freshman, MISS, p. 137 King, Kimberly V. 8008 Harding Road Nashville, TN Freshman, B-AD, p. 137 Kings? Michael Thomas 13 11th Street jasper, AL junior, B-AD King, Robert Dennis 4325 Fetrow Drive Orlando, FL Sophomore, R-PM, p. 120 Kinlter, Eva L. 216 Grandview Waverly, OH Senior, BIOL Kirby, Donald B. 5703 Everggeen Portage, I junior, HIST, p. 109 Klakamp, William Glenn RR 5 Seymour, IN Freshman, PSYH, p. 137 Knowles, Reba K. 1202 Coleman Cir. Chattanooga, TN Senior, HI T, p. 86 Knowles, William Finley 1202 Coleman Circle East Ridge TN Freshman, UNCL, p. 137 Knox, Ruth Dianne 4929 Rainier Drive Old Hickory, TN junior, PA, p. 109 Kraft, Carolyn A. Executive House P-22 Nashville, TN junior, BSCI, 86 Kulick, Cindy Ilen 2063 Lomalinda Way Clearwater, FL junior, SWEL Kyle, Timothy jay 319 Woodfield Road Belton, SC Sophomore, BIOL, p. 120 Kyzer, Cindy M. 2906 SW 14th Street Ocala, FL Freshman, BABI, p. 137 Lacher, Lawrence Arthur 2200 West Pierce A-2 Dwight Gunter jack Harain Deborah Harris Kim Harris Lisa Havener juanita Hawk Vicki Hemby Melody Hendrix Donna Heppel Sherry Herndon Carlsbad, NM junior, R-PS, p. 109 Lamp, Vernoica jaye 93 Nance Ln. 14-B Nashville, TN Senior, B-AD Lancaster, William M. 1724 Bide A Wee Dr. Huntsville, AL junior, R-PS, p. 109 Lands, Carol Marie 79 Lester Avenue Nashville, TN Senior, PA, p. 109 Langford, Garry Clark P.O. Box AD, 7555 jefferson Avenue Victoria, VA Sophomore, HIST, p. 120 Langston, Cynthia Renei Rt. 6 Box 371 Brewton, AL Freshman, M-AS, p. 137 Laurendine, Sharon Gay 37 Oakcrest Dr. Laurel, MS Senior, BSCLE4 109 Lawson, Alan . TNC Box 367 Nasvhille, TN Senior, HIST Lawson, LC. jr. 1723 Conn. Avenue St. Cloud, FL junior, MCM Lawson, Mary E. Lawson, Pennie B. Trevecca Nazarene College Post O fice Box 0367 Nashville, TN Senior, E-ED, p. 86 Lee, Marsha Taiwan Sophomore, ECHD, p. 86 Leeper, Gregory Eugene 55 Hart Street Apartment 33 Nashville, TN junior, ACCTMJ. 120 Leeper, Larry . P.O. Box B826 Orlando, FL Freshman, UNCL, p. 137 leeper, Susan joette 55 Hart Street Apartment 33 Nashville, TN junior, CMSP, p. 109 Leil, Barry M. 55 Hart Street 36 Nashville, TN Senior, R-RS, B6 Lell, Deborah . 55 Hart Street Post Office Box 0025 Apartment 6, TN junior, MCM, p. 109 Leonard, David A. 55 Hart Street Apartment 39 Nashville, TN Senior, MUS, p. 87 Leonard, Susan M. 55 Hart Street Apartment 39 Nashville, TN Senior, PE, p. 87 134 Letterman, john C. 625 Market St. Oxford, PA junior, R-PS, p. 109 Levi, Charles Houston 1310 Elliott Dr. Murfreesboro, TN Sophomore, PA Lewis, Arthur Wayne Trevecca Nazarene College Post O fice Box 0004 Nashville, TN Senior, PA, p. 109 Lewis, Delenah I. 1500 Huntington Lakeland, FL Freshman, E-ED, p. 137 Lewis, johnny 109 Hickory Street Rossville, GA Freshman, PE Lightfoot, Peggy A. 1226 Poplar Street Nashville, CA Senior, B-AD, p. 87 Linville, jerri Freshman, E-ED, p. 137 Lindsey, Byxin 2413 Kim rly Drive mania Tim Herndon Carol Herring Yvette Hire janet Holt jacquie Hopkins Denise jackson Margie james Anita jennings Andral johnson Eddie johnson r kvflr dr '59 Jl "C gf! S l. l. 'Z Nashville, TN Senlor, CHEM, p. 110 Lindsley, Philip L. Box 615 Lindsley Rd. Lebanon, TN Senlor, CMSP, p. 87 Lockhart, David M. 333 Lockhart Road Harvest, AL Freshman, PE Long, Laura jean 203 Randy Circle Warner Robins, CA SCIENCE AND BUSINESS BUILDING l'l969j houses the science, business, math and al- lied health departments as well as labora- 30.115 Reima Apt' 237 tories, classrooms, and faculty offices. Nashville' TN junior, HUMN Looman, j. Scott Trevecca College Sophomore, R-RS, p. 137 Lord, Susan D. 860 Murfreesboro Rd. L- 22 Nashville, TN Senior, MCMEQ. 87 Lortz, Martha . 251 S, Greenwood Wichita, KS Freshman, ACCT Lory, Delores Elaine 120 Millwood Apartment BBQ Nashville, TN Sophomore, PA Lovell, Charles W. 316 Shiloh Road Hazel Green, AL Senior, MUS, p. 110 Lovell, joseph Louis 3710 Forest Hill Road jackson, MS Freshman, MUS Lowe, Charles 58 Martisa Road Ft. Walton Bch., FL Freshman, B-AD, p. 138 Lunn, jeff Edward 641 16th Street Apanment D-81 Windom, MN Senior, PSYH Lyklns, joseph Franklin 1 Lakeside Court t Nort eas Fort Walton Beach, FL l Sophomore, B-AD, p. 120 Lynch, Barbara K. 55 Hart Street Apartment 30 Nashville, TN junior, ECHD, p. 110 Ma, Katherine Chun- Chow Flat 932 Block 11 9lFloor Lower Ngau Tau Kok Kowloon, Hong Kong Senior, SWEL, p. 87 Maddox, Cheryl Denise f,- 1-jr lkil.-' f ?"'? 264 Peachtree Circle Wamer Robins, GA junior, M-ED, p. 120 Maggio, Tommy j. Post Office Box 147 Sebring, FL Freshman, R-PS, p. 138 Main, Connie A. 55 Hart Street Apartment E Nashville, TN Freshman, ART Main, Ricky D. 55 Hart Street Nashville, TN Senior, R-PM Malo, jill A. 7 Globe Tr. Ct. Okeechobee, FL Senior, PE, p. 87 Manners, Sherry D. Rt. 9,p Box 285 Lebanon, TN junior, E-ED Marklin, jimmy Donald 140 West Park Drive Clarksville, TN Senior, B-AD Martin, Timothy G. 55 Hart Street Apartment 34 Nashville, TN junior, B-AD Masencup, David Edgar Box 502 Highland Drive Highland Springs, NC Freshman, E, p. 138 Mason, james H. S40 Pine St. Winnsboro, SC Freshman, UNCL, p. 138 Mathis, Nancy L. 25245 SW 137 Ave. Princetrzn, FL Freshman, BSCl,'p. 138 Matlock, Kathy D. Route 1 Williams Ferry Road Lenoir City, TN Freshman HIST p. 138 Mauch, john William 718 Setliff Place Nashville, TN Senior, MCM, 110 Mauch, Margo . Maxwell, Terry A. 730 Marble St. Charlotte, NC junlor, B-AD, p. 110 Mayfield, Kenneth D. Freshman, p. 138 Mayberry, jean Robin Box 30 Old Williamsport Pike Columbia, TN Freshman, SWEL, p. 138 Mays, Diane Carol 122 Tapawingo Road SW Vienna, VA Freshman, HIST, p. 1,38 McAdams, Michael Eugene 4040 Matilda Nashville, TN 37207 Senior B-AD McCann jr., Donald Clinton x if 6720 Liberty Rd. Powell, OH Freshman, R-PM McClure, Candice Lynn 86: Murfreesboro Road -2 Nashville, TN Sophomore, E-ED, p. 110 McConnell, Pamela j. Rt. 1 Box 670 Freshman, PSYH, p. 138 McCorkle, Paul Duane Route 1, Box 3990 Mayfield, KY Freshman MUS, p. 138 McCom1iclt, Sharon E. 7627 Hillside Dr. jacksonville, FL Senior, BIOL, p. 110 McCue, Tamra Lynn 189 Shamokin Drive Akron, OH junior, B-AD, p. 110 McDonald, Michael Eugene 55 Hart Street Apartment 3 Post Office Box 0176 Nashville, TN Sophomore, CMUS, p. 121 McFadden, Timothy E. Trevecca Nazarene Collegfe Post O ice Box 0774 Nashville, TN Freshman, CMCE McGill, Tamara j. 405 Lewis Avenue Thonotosassa, FL Freshman, MUS, p. 138 McGowan, joseph M. 430 E. Market St. Lebanon, TN junior, B-AD, p. 87 McGrath, David j. Trevecca Nazarene College Post Office Box 0701 Nashville, TN Senior, HIST, p. 87 McGrath, Esther P. 55 Hart St. 3243 Nashville, TN junior, E-ED McGrath, Edward V. 2570 Murfreesboro Rd. Apt. A-23 Nashville, TN junior, B-AD, p. 110 McGraw, Deborah L-e 102 W. Cleveland Monterey, TN junior, PMED, p. 121 McGuire, David Wayne 3527 8th Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL Sophomore, B-AD Mckenzie, Donald 2915 Venice Way Lakeland, FL Solphomore, M-ED Mc herson, Debbie E. Rt 1 Twin Splgs. Dr. Brentwood, N junior, B-AD, p. 110 McPherson, Stan Clay P.O. Box 577 'Pearl River 135 Jeanette johnson Michael johnson Robert johnson Sarah johnson joanie jones Robin jordan Sara joslin Cheryl Keaton Calvin Kennerly Scott Kenerly Pearl River, LA Sophomore, HIST Meade, Patricia Rt. 2 Box 632 Sumter, SC junior, MCM, p. 111 Mears, Merri K. 5050 SW 2B Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL Senior, ECHD, p. 87 Medlock, jacquelin D. 6332 SW 21 Street Miramar, FL Freshman, BIOL, p. 138 Meredith, jesse R. Rt. 4 Tipton, IN Senior, CMSP Michael, Karen Ann 1787 McMullen Road Curley, AL Sophomore, SPED, p. 121 Michael, j. Smith 2956 McGavock Pk. Nashville, TN Michael, Paul W. 55 Hart St. Apt. 16 Nashville, TN Senior, B-AD, p. 87 Middendorf, Byron S. 614 Huntington Pkwy. Nashville, TN Senior, Communication! gehavioral Science, p. 7 Milam, Donna jean 2676f12th Street Vero Beach, FL Freshman, MISS, p. 139 Milburn, Robert Edward 2218 Lisa Drive Marietta, GA junior, CMSP, p. 121 Miles, William A. 461-l Mashannock Village New Castle, PA Sophomore, SWEL Miles, William Lonnie 711 Ward Street Nashville, TN junior, PE, p. 121 Miller, Bonita K. 3766 Amity Lane Middletown, OH Sophomore, UNCL, p. 121 Miller, Brenda j. 95 Ott Street Logan, WV Senior, M-ED, p. 87 Miller, Dale Hemmerly 93 Lester Avenue Apartment C Nashville, TN junior, B-AD Miller, Sharon Elaine 202 Neely's Bend Road Madison, TN Sophomore, EXSC, p. 121 Mil s, Karen E. 6704 Kury Lane Houston, TX Freshman, CMSP, p. 121 Mills, Myra Ellen 508 Patty Lynn Drive 136 '33 'pf f'v Y -is KA T17 X. Tallahassee, FL Sophomore, S-ED, p. 121 Milton, Robert C. 653 Declaration Rd. Virginia Beach, VA Freshman, R-PS, p. 139 Mitchem, Steven Craig 55 Hart 440 Nashville, TN Sophomore, R-PM Montemuro, Paul Ralph 108 justice Avenue Salisbury, MD Sophomore, HIST, p. 121 Moore, Steven L 2115 Cordes Road Memphis, TN junior, B-AD Morgan, Richard A. 440 Kirk Rd. Palm S , FL Senior,plgfOL, p. 111 Morris, Lester 1720 Fifth Avenue North Nashville, TN Freshman, PE Morris, Robert R. Rt. 1 Box 45 L Oswego, SC Senior, ENSP, p. 87 Morrison, Robert K. 3609 Tampa Circle East Tampa, FL Freshman, R-PS, p. 139 Morsch, Mark V. 10900 E. Sand Lake Rd. Orlando, FL Senior, PSYH, p. B8 Morton, Bryan Croft 713 Richmond Avenue Rossvllle, CA Freshman, ACCT Morton, Vicki L, ' 611 Eastview St. Albertville, AL Senior, B-ED, p. 111 Mosher, Claudette F. 2919 Kinwood Dr. Nashville, GL Senior, E-ED, p. 88 Moss, Diane Gayle 4850 Crestbroo Drive Pontiac, Ml junior, CHCR, p. 121 Mounts, Anthony W. 1713 Hatteras Drive Lexington, KY Senior, BlOL,CH EM, p. 88 Mullinax, Velda Lynn 7 Cateham Way Taylors, SC Freshman, M-ED, p. 139 Murray, Harold D. 5003 Treeto Ln. Alexandria, 6A Senior, CHEM, p. 88 Murray, Loren P. 2746 Adele Rd. jacksonville, FL Sophomore, UNCL, p. 139 Murray, Phillip Mack S003 Treetop Lane Alexandria, VA Sophomore, CHEM, p. 121 -11-1 l i f pb' 137, 4-as sf'-Je. Debbie Killion Kim King Bill Klakamp Finley Knowles Cindy Kyzer 'fo' Cindy Langston Mike Leeper Delenah Lewis jerri Linville Scott Looman ""lwr 'Y-b . , .J .Ai I l Uh? . lv 'MI Murray, Stephen jack 5003 Treetop Lane Alexandria, VA Sophomore, M-ED, p. 121 Myers, john Mark Route 2, Box W-64 WAKEFIELD FINE ARTS BUILDING 119541 The November 1975 Founder's Day activi- ties included the naming of the Fine Arts Building after Mr. A.C. Wakefield, a long- time song evangelist, for his contribution to church music. lt houses classrooms, the 225 seat Wakefield Auditorium, band and choral practice rooms, private music practice rooms, and faculty offices. -- --ff' .' "Ti-"'i""-' 'Tm aff"-off.. .e -' l 12- -'."-52,42-'--, 5-L, 'L 45' 75 1743 ,Ja -f -v .1-Q ff' 'iv N---v Orangebzizrg, SC junior, A , p. 121 Myers, judy Renee 1575-A Holcomb Bridge R . Norcross, GA Freshman, B-AD, p. 139 Nahors, Sherwyn Marc 82 Lester Avenue Nashville, TN junior, B-AD, p. 111 Neff, Randy Reed 55 Hart Street Apartment 10 Nashville, TN Senior, PA Newcomb, Ronald Wayne Post Office Box B85 Victoria, VA Sophomore, MISS, p. 139 Newcomb, William Steven Rt. 3 Box 131 Keysville, VA Freshman, B-AD Newman, Stephan P. 55 Hart Street Apartment 58 Nashville, TN Senior, PA Nichols, Terri 6510 Tearose Drive Louisville, KY Freshman, S-AD Nickell, Nancy S. 5805 Sullivan Rd. l ""' I jupiter, FL FRESHMAN, UNCL, p. 139 Norrington, Gerald A. 612 H Court Svannah, CA Senior, R-RS, 88 North, Richar D. 254 Blackman Road Nashville, TN Senior, CMUS North, Richard Norman 1733 Faulds Road Clearwater, FL Freshman, B-AD, p. BB Noshad, Parvin Nye, Patricia A. 3014 Boulder Park Drive Nashville, TN junior, M-TE Oaks, Danny E. P.0. Box 265 Calera, AL Senior, CHEM, p. 88 Oden, jack C. Rt. 3 Eatons Creek Rd. Nashville, TN Freshman, R-PM Delke, Karl E. Spring Valley Drive Belle Mead, Nj Sophomore, R-RS Odrgie, Osazvwa Emmanuel 2024 28th Ave. N. Apt. j-5 Nashville, TN Freshman, CMSP Oglesby, Karla 3730 Pecan Grove Drive Huntsville, AL Sophomore, PNUR, p. 139 Oliver, Ellen Marie Rt. 2 Bellwood Lebanon, TN Sophomore, PE, p. 122 Oliver, Mike C. Box 183 Pelham, TN Senior, PSCI, p. 88 Osbome, Philip Howard 110 River Road Hendersonville, TN Sophomore, CHEM, p. 122 Osborne, Rachel B. 110 River Road Hendersonville, TN junior, BIOL, p. 88 Osmer, Lorie N. 9501 Coomer St. Morenci, AL junior, PA Otto, Dennis Eugene 3605 Hewlett Drive Nashville, TN Sophomore, PE Overstreet, Wendell 6024 Port jamacia Dr. Hermit?e, TN junior, MSP, p. 112 Owens, Alvin jean Rt. 2 Box 493 Brighton, TN R-PM Pace, Kathryn Elaine Route 3, Box 511 jasper, AL junior, PSYH, p. 111 Palmar, Randy Freshman, p. 139 Page, Greg A. 1200 Weststone Dr. Charlotte, NC Senior, CMSP Parker, Gerald Randal 208 Kenneth Dr. Nashville, TN Freshman, UNCL Parks, Rhea Dawn Rural Route 4123 Petersburg, IN junior, M-ED, p. 122 Parks, Steven Ray Route 1 Gaston, IN junior, E-ED,cp. 122 Farmer, Geral Randal 208 Kennith Drive Nashville, TN Freshman, UNCL Parrott, Cynthia Anne 14 Carroll Drive Sumter, SC Sophomore, PSYH, p. 122 Parry, joanna May 14003 Kingston Bay Boynton Beach, FL Sophomore, B-AD, p. 122 Patnode, Denise E. 670 Northwest 17th Street Homestead, FL Freshman, B-AD, p. 139 Patrick joseph jay 5172 Ashley Dive Nashville, N Senior, B-AD Patterson, Brenda Sophomore, p. 122 Patterson, Timothy jay 1661 Northwest 2 Terrace Pompano Beach, FL Sophomore, R-RS, p. 122 Patton, Clara M. l , 2213 Roundtree Road Knoxville, TN Senior E-ED Peacock, Nancy Diane 5993 Lannie Road jacksonville, FL Sophomore, E-ED, p. 139 Peigh, Steve David Post Office Box 95 West Montgomery Crossroads Savannah,'GA junior, M-TE, p. 111 Pelton, Kent B. 146 Arnhym Drive Orlando, FL Senior, M-ED, p. 88 Pemberton, Greg L. 8221 Gordon Lane Hermitage, TN Freshman, PE i Pendleton, Pamela Marte Rt. 1 Box 586-A Columbia, SC Freshman, PSVH, p. 139 Pensirivarasup, Somchai R. 511 Lester Ave. 137 Wayne Lowe Susan Rucci Tom Rucci Rusty McCorkle Tom Maggio David Masencup james Mason Nancy Mathis Robin Mayberry Ken Mayfield Diane Mays Kathy Matlock Pamela McConnell Tamara McGill Darlene Medlock Nashville, TN Senior, B-AD, 88 Percy, Randolp Arthur 2408 Eldorado Avenue Avon Park, FL Sophomore, R-PM, p. 122 Perry, Gaylyn Sue B65 Cable Dr. Birmingham, AL Sophomore, RMGT Perry, lane Lovell 316 Shiloh Road Hazel Green, AL junior, PE Perry, joy Olivene 505 Parkway Fullondale, AL Senior, MCM Perry, Kyle E. Trevecca College 1318 Stratford Ave. Nashville, TN Senior, MISS Pertuset, Randy Eugene 2006 North 3rd Street lronton, OH Sophomore, B-AD Peterson, Brenda Sue 4834 Montgomery Street Millington, TN Sophomore, B-AD Pewitt, Shelley Ann S111 Briarwood Drive Nashville, TN Freshman, PA Philemon, Roy W. 442 Brighton Ave. Orange Park, FL PHYSICAL EDUCATION CENTER H9691 includes a gymnasium, olympic swimming pool, handball courts, exercise rooms, a number of classrooms, locker rooms, and faculty offices. --rf" 3412 16th Street East Louisville, KY 2742 Combs Drive Anaheim Hills, CA Donna Milam Bob Milton Robert Morrison Velda Mullinax Loren Murray Renee Myers Nancy Nickell Ron Newcomb Karla Oglesby Randy Palmar Denise Patnode Diane Peacock Pam Pendleton Billy Phillips Mary Phipps junior, PA, p. 111 ,-,pr -V Phillips, Billy j. Fres man, p. 139 Phillips, Pamala Roslyn 248 Sunrise Avenue Nashville, TN Senior, ECHD, p. 88 Phipps, Mary E. 1916 Holland St. West Columbia, SC Freshman, SWEL, p. 139 Pinto, Mayra Enid 1108 Highview Road Lantana, FL junior, PA, p. 111 Plttard, Albert W. 060 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, TN Senior, MCM Poe, C. Doug 611 Arlington Wat Memphis, AR Freshman, ACCT, p. 140 Poe, Kevin Ford 5112 Wire Road Zephyrhills, FL Sophomore, M-ED, p. 122 Pol ng, William Alan on il ' ' ,ft 1' v-4' My - Bradenton, FL Sophomore, B-AD, p. 122 Pope, john H. Porter, Penny C. 503 Broadway Elizabethtown, KY Senior, MISS, p. 88 Powell, Mark K. 53 Hart si. Apt. 42-e Nashville, TN junior, BSCL Power, Tamar Lanell 205 Pinecrest Drive Bennettsville, SC Freshman, BSCI, p, 140 Praltyhongmanee, Harnarin 1421135 Taksin Rd., Bkk 6, Bangkok, Thailand B-A Prevatt, Teresa jean 4 Ocean Trace Road 12117 St. Augustine, FL Sophomore, BABj, p. 122 Price, Loretta G. 5901 Milan Ct. l f . v" itll ' 4-A 'Cm' I . 'Y ,,..z. li-1' 7 f .. Senior, CMSP, p. BB Pulley, Willis Andrew 770 Huntinlgton Parkway Nashville, N Senior, PA Ragsdale, Gary David Route 1 Box 733 ,White Bluf, TN Freshman, CMSP, p. 140 Rajbundit, Pornchat Ban kok, Thailand Freshman, B-AD, p. 140 Ramseur, Helene jane 115 Thomton Dr. Greensboro, NC Sophomore, PA Regis, Brian A. 617 Blair Ave. P.O. Box 895 Gallatin, TN junior, ACCT, p. 112 Reynolds, johnny O. . . "'-rf' .wi 1' -- .. Spb V' . E., Ig f f 'vs -to ' A , 'rf' .... J -ss: 51. E A . X A 1 95.7 .,ai'?tl' . L4 I .Q "'-a. ,gif Sh it - l K 1 F " -ai H: , N. Nashville, TN Freshman, PE - Rider, Patrick james 2124 Sunrise Dr. SW Vero Beach, FL Freshman, PHYS Reynolds, William Douglas 66 Nance Lane Nashville, TN Sophomore, R-PS, p. 122 Rigden, Piggy Porter 503 Broa way Elizabeth, KY Sophomore, CMSP, p. 123 Riddle, Lynn R. 302 Adair Street Tullahoma, TN Freshman, R-PM, p. 140 Rigdon, Linda D. Rt. 1 Box174-A Henderson, KY Freshman, RBRC Roberts, Kerry 1643 Keats Rd. jacksonville, FL junior, BIOL, p. 123 Rivers, Marsha Lynn 247 So. Audubon Rd. indianapolis, IN SWEL Roberts, Sabrina j. 332 South Woodward Ainsworth, NE junior, PSYH, p. 112 Robinson, Victoria TNC Box 839 Nashville, TN Sophomore, ECHD, p. 123 Rodgers, Carol L. 6425 Ashland Court Riverdale, GA Freshman, M-TE, p. 140 Rogers, Gloria janlce 177 Andover Road Ohio Woodsfield, OH Sophomore, PE Rogers, Mary Kay 2708 janellon Dr. NE Atlanta, CA Freshman, B-AD, p. 123 Rogers, Rhonda R. 816 Ambassador Loop Tampa, FL Freshman, PA, p. 140 Rchlmeier, Michael C. 6470 Stonebridge Lane junior, B-AD Roll, Glenn D. P.O. Box 36 Kurtz, 'IN junior, E-ED, p. 112 Rosdhal, Tony Lyqn 3070 High Point Road Winston-Salem, NC Freshman, UNCL Rosen, Mitzi Gay Lake Ozark, MO Freshman, BUS-AD Rowan, Rebecca M. 405 Oakview Sq. Warner Robins, CA junior, PSYH, 112 Rowan, Stuart . 405 Oakview Sq. Wamer Robins, GA Senior, CMSP, p. 89 Rucci, Susan jane 734 South Commercial Street Neenah, Wl Sophomore, CMHR Rucci, Thomas L. 734 South Commercial Street Neenah, WI Freshman, R-PM Runyan, jenny L 1218 Ellen Drive South Charleston, WV Freshman, E-ED, . 140 Runyan, Gregory 361B Route 7 Rabel Mountain South Charleston, WV Senior, B-AD, p. 89 Runyan, Timothy W. 1218 Ellen Dr. S. Charleston, WV Senior, B-AD Rushing, Helen S. 120 Millwood Apartment j-69 Nashville, TN Senior, ACCT, . 89 Rushing, Eddy 1287 Old Hickory Blvd. Nashville, TN Senior, R-RS Rushing, Stephen S. Roun Tree Apartments 33 Nashville, TN Senior, R-PS, . 89 Russell, Cecil raymond S5 Hart St. Apt. 318 139 Doug Poe Tammy Powers Gary Ragsdale Pornchal Rajbundit Lynn Riddle Carol Rodgers Rhonda Rogers jenny Runyan Polli Rypchinski Mike Sanderson Gary Sexton Stacie Slay Keith Smith Lance Smith Pam Smith Nashville, TN Senior, R-PM, p. 89 Rutledge, Sharon E. Rt. 1 103 Cedamma Dr. Huntsville AL Senior, B-AD, p. 89 Rypchinski, Polli I. 6 16 3rd Street Court West Bradenton, FL Freshman, S-ED, p. 140 Sandburg, jess j. S5 Hart St. 4220 Nashville, TN Sophomore, R-RS Sanderson, Kevin Ray 1753-B 57th Terrace South Saint Petersbulg, FL Sophomore, P , p. 123 Sakarapanee, Vasna 4813 Cimarron Way Antioch, TN Freshman, B-AD Sanderson, Micheal C. Route 1 Goodsprings, TN Freshman, PE, p. 140 Sanford, 333 Murfreesboro F-2 Nashville, TN PSYH Sandifer, Annette Dawn 219 Morningside Loop Valrico, FL Sophomore, B-AD, p. 123 Sartrn, Mark D. 405 W. Hillside Spencer, IN junior, R-PS Schaffer, Loren W. 1753 Valleywood Court Columbus, OH Senior, B-AD, p. B9 Schmitt, Lynette D. 516 LongqDr. Pittsburg , PA Senior, B-AD, p. B9 Scott, Pamela S410 Barton Dr. Orlando, FL junior, SWEL, p. 112 Scott, Ruth Ignette - 346 Ladybir Drive Nashville, TN sophomore, PE, p. 123 140 Seale, joy L 1436 S. 28th St. Arlington, VA Senior, PE, p. 89 Sexton, Gary Edward 924 Meadowbrook Dr. Box 0001 Birmingham, AL Freshman, SWEL, p. 140 Shao, judith Dianne 503 Lester Ave. Nashville, TN Senior, E-ED, p. 89 Shariati, Saeld Niavaran Ave. Tehran Freshman, PSCI Sharifi, Saeed 913 1Bth Ave. Nashville, TN Freshman, PENG Sharpes, jo Ellen 740 Allegahany Ave. Harrison urg, VA Senior, PSYH Sheffer, Kenneth Lyle P.O. Box 803, 9N Avocado Drive Indian Lake Estates, FL Sophomore, R-PS, p. 173 Shishechi, Alireza P.O. BOX 17532 Nashville, TN So homore, FENG Shell, Gene E. Elm Hill Tr. Ct. Lot 24 Nashville, TN Senior, MCM, p. 89 Shobe, Rebecca G. 55 Hart 317 Nashville, TN junior, R-RS Showers, Karen Sue 721 Richfield Drive Nashville, TN Senior, PA, p. 112 Shumans, Delores A. Rt. 1 Box 77.3F Brunswick, GA Senior, PA, p. B9 Sigalo, Barida S. Sims, joy Gay 4512 Lambert Avenue Louisville, KY Freshman, RB Sims, Marcus D. 4512 Lambert Ave. Louisville, KY Senior, CAPA, p. B9 Sims, Oliver A. N1--.J All. 'nik - .. 210 Sealey Dr. Madison, TN Freshman Sircy, joseph Herman 2815 Surf Drive Nashville, TN Senior, B-AD Skeeters, William R. 4828 Materhorn Drive Old Hickory, TN Senior, R-RS, p. 89 Skinner, David Nathan 1917 Karen Drive Nashville, TN Freshman, UNCL Slay, Stacie Monique 1 4108 Murphy Road Nashville, TN Freshman, B-AD, p. 140 Sloan, Dianne D. 2008 Rolling Ridge Bethany, OK Freshman, UNCL Sloan, Gary Bob 2008 Rolling Ridge Bethany, OK junior, BSCI Smith, Cameron S. 4701 Elk Road Middletown Freshman, UNCL Smith, Charles William 55 Hart Street 27 Post Office Box 0189 Nashville, TN junior, B-AD, p. KJ Smith, Hallet Keith 105 Hughes Rd. Wayesvrlle, NC Freshman, CMSP, p. 140 Smith, Herbert Larry Route 2 Box 281A White House, TN Freshman, B-AD Smith, Horace Dewayne Star Route Chavers Rd. Albertville, AL junior, PE Smith, Lance T. 2715 Whites Creek Pike Apt. 29 Nashville, TN Freshman, ACCT, p. 140 Smith, Michael j. 2956 McGavodc Pk. Nashville, TN Freshman, UNCL Smith, Pamela D. 4361 Northwest 14th SUSE! 'D -vim as 'v 4 ' Lauderhill, FL Freshman, UNCL, p. 140 Smith, Tommie L. 4008 Tucker Rd. Nashville, TN junior, BIOL Smith, Helene R. Freshman Soloky, Richard 0. 315 Louise St. High Point, NC Senior, R-RS, p. KJ Sorrell, Theda jean 6103 20th Avenue Langidale, AL Sop omore, UNCL, p. 141 Sorrow, Karen Marie 6651 Lake Blue Drive rsmallli Lakessllslst 123 o omore , . Spal-ks, Elizabeth Ang 1812 5th Avenue Southwest Decatur, AL junior, PSYH, p. 112 Speth, Deborah Lee t. 7 Box 315 Augusta, GA Sophomore, E-ED Sprinkle, Nancy A. 16970 SW 264 Street Homestead, FL Freshman, RMGT, p. 141 Spruill, Deborah L. Route 4 Nonaville Road Mount juliet, TN Senior, E-ED, p. 90 Stalvey, Richard Dean 4205 Cecil Court South Nashville, TN Freshman, B-AD, p. 141 Stanton, Dixie Lynn 2795 Galleon Pl. Sarasota, FL Sophomore, SWEL, p. 123 Stanford, Christa Michelle 4895 Chesterwood Court Memphis, TN junior, PA, p. 123 Steele, Eugene Slegal, Carey Alan Post Office Box 306 Hiawassee, GA junior, MATH, p. 1B Stephen, Patrick Arnold 109 Northeast Bedford Drive Port Chariotte, FL Freshman, M-ED Stevens, Dianna Lynn 2B Elm Street Bluefield, WV Freshman, CMSP, p. 141 Stewart, Connie K. Senior, ACCT, W Stevens, Mark aniel 223 Elm Street Bluefield, VNN Freshman. R-RS, p. 123 Stevenson, jeffrey P. 3854 Priest Lake Dr. Nashville, TN Sophomore, RMGT Stewart, Peter A. 1711 Cook Avenue Orlando, FL Freshman ACCT, p. 141 sriffrer, Rollerl P. Freshman, 141 Stocks, Step anie R. 4108 Grizzard Road Huntsville, AL junior, BIOL, p. 112 Stines, Thomas L. 55 Hart St. 3313 Nashville, TN Sophomore, UNCL Stone, Cindy L. Bush A ts 41160 Nashville, TN Senior, ECHD Stone, Kay Annette 512 Shaftsbury Road Lexington, KY Sophomore, ECHD, p. 123 Stone, Keith Allen 6550 Lee Street Hollywood, FL Freshman, BlOL, p. 141 Stone, Mark Anthony 13490 Southwest 249 Street Princeton, FL junior, R-PS, p. 123 Stoner, Tracie Ann 109 Oakdale Drive Warner Robins, CA Freshman, S-ED, p. 141 Stoltele, Alan Helmuth Story,'Gregory William 205 12th Avenue Midfield, AL Sophomore, R-PS Stottelle, Gene D. 6552 N. Lee St. Morrow, GA Senior, R-RS Street, Pamela j. Pat Stevens Theda Sorrell Nancy Sprinkle Rick Stalvey Dianna Stevens Peter Stewart Bob Stiffler Keith Stone Tracie Stoner Pam Street Susan Strickland Tim Strouth Claude Sturgill Debbie Tanner Steve Tate 2712 Dickerson Road Nashville, TN Freshman, SWEL, 141 Strickland, Susan . 5520 Hillview Drive Brentwood, TN Sophomore, UNCL, p. 141 Strong, Reuben T. 55 Hart Street Apt. 1 Nashville, OH junior, B-AD Strouth, Timothy E. 609 Oak Road Raleigh, NC Freshman, M-ED, p. 14 Stu ill, Claude j. 973 Repp Road Burbank, OH Freshman, CHEM, p. 141 Surges, Fredrick M. 2516 Alvarado Dr. Kettering, OH junior, R-RS, p. 112 Sutherland, judy G. Route 1 Box 1 Crowley, LA Senior, PE, p. 90 Sweet, Deborah Lynn 1 Hy Yu Drive Asheville, NC Sophomore, CMCE Sylvisf Phyllis L. 2706 Glenrose Avenue Nashville, TN Senior, E-ED, p. 90 Tanner, Debbie j. 925 Robin Hood Trail Aiken, SC Freshman, PNUR, p. 141 Tanner, Kenneth E. 1130 Lee Circle West Columbia, SC Senior, PA, p. 113 Tantisook, Klatisak 1926 18th Ave. S. Hendersonville, TN Freshman, B-AD Tate, Steven L. 4321 Freedom Drive Charlotte, NC Freshman CMSP, p. 141 Tattrie, Robin Lee Rd. 3 Post Oltice Box 86 Valencia, PA -AJ. c.,.fv r- I1 .3 "5-'IT A 'G' 1 qw fri' Sophomore, PLAW Taylor, james David 1527 Northland Drive Cayce, SC junior, BIOL Taylor, Tab S. 128 Duval Dr. Tampa, FL junior, B-AD Taylor, Timothy A. 219 Broadway St. Durham, NC Senior, MCM, p. 90 Teal, Angela W. 55 Hart St. Apt. St28 Nashville, TN Senior, EXSC, p. 113 Tease, juanita P.O. Box 221 Lawrenceburgig N Sophomore, CT, p. 90 Templeton, Mary K. 55 Han st. Apt. 42-ta Post Office Box 0001 Nashville, TN Junior, BSCI, p. 113 Temnleton, Tim j. 55 an sr. Apt. 42-B Nashville, TN junior, ECHD, p. 113 Terry, Thomas lulian 4702 Kenwood Drive Huntsville, AL Freshman, B-AD Thomas, Kenneth B. 4904 Log Cabin Rd. Nashville, TN Senior, PE Thomas, Randy K. Rt. 4 Hitt Ln. Goodlettsville, TN Senior, R-PM Thompson, Billy Carl 13623 Hill Side Apt. Nashville, TN B-AD Thompson, Bruce E. 7193 Harper Road joelton, TN Freshman, UNCL, p. 142 Thompson, jeffrey Dillard 6807 Pennywell Drive Nashville, N Sophomore, CMSP Thompson, julia A. Post Office Box 146, Hi hway 421 Colgx, NC Sophomore, CMSP, p. 142 Thompson, Karen Renee 17 q 'X 526 Creekview Circle Birmingham, AL Freshman, ECHD, p. 142 Thompson, Melvin G. Rt. 1 Gay Winds Dr. Mt. juliet, TN junior, R-PS Thompson, Steven Charles Route 5 Box 306A Pulaski, TN Freshman, B-AD, p. 142 Thompson, Timothy Earl 55 Hart St. 41:12 Nashville, TN Freshman, R-PS Thrasher, Cheryl Yvonne Post Office Box 1111 Homestead, FL Freshman, MUS, p. 142 Thompson, Walter C. 55 Hart St. -1348 Nashville, TN Senior, MCM, p. 90 Todd, Kevin 1609 South Linwood Evansville, IN Freshman, R-PS, p. 142 Todd, Thomas Wayne 204 Gawvood Drive Nashville, TN Senior, BIOL Tolbird, Michael N. 2601 Hillsboro Rd. Apt. Stl-9 Nashville, TN junior, M-ED Toomey, james E. Trevecca Nazarene College Post O lice Box 0939 Nashville, TN Senior, PE, 90 Townsend, ster L. 933 Barbara Dr. Memphis, TN Senior, ECHD p. 90 Townsend, Ruby M. 933 Barbara Dr. Memphis, TN Senior, BIOL, p. 90 Toy, Michael Shayne 4219 Blossomwood Dr. Louisville, KY Freshman, B-AD Trogdon, Cynthia Ann Post Office Box 76 Kistler, WV Soahomore, ACCT, p. 142 Tuc er, David Kenneth 4908 Zephyr Lane 3. . Charlotte, NC Freshman, PE, p. 142 Tucker, Tracy Lee 608 Azalea Avenue Ft. Pierce, FL Sophomore, MCM Turner, Dana Lynn 2549 Ernest Street jacksonville, FL junior, PA Ulmet, Kevin Mark 1821 Tyler Lane Louisville, KY junior, R-PM Undemood, Linda 140 Lowhom Street Algood, fl' N Freshman, SWEL, p. 142 Underwood, Marsha A. Box 140 Lowhorn Street Algood, TN Senior, E-ED, p. 90 Underwood, Vickie L. 22995 Southwest 162nd Avenue Homestead, FL Sophomore, S-AD, p. 142 Van Atta, Gary Leonard Route 4 Saundersville Ferry Road Mt. juliet, TN Senior, PE, p. 90 Vanags, Susan L 2529 Edge O Lake Drive Nashville, TN Freshman, PA Vanderveer, Vanessa Gayle Route W2 P.O. Box 32175 Boca Raton, FL Senior, E-ED, p. 90 Vanfossen, Daryl Gene 5699 Lindenwood Rd. Columbus, OH Sophomore, B-AD Vann, Marc Austin 16 E. Orange St. Lake City, FL Senior, ACCT! Bus. Ad., p. 90 Varnaseri, Faraiollah 6700 Cabot Dr. B-2 Freshman, PENG Vernier, Lorie N. 55 Hart Street Apartment 15 Nashville, TN junior, PA Vernier, Reginald 55 Han Street Apartment 15 Nashville, TN junior, BIOL Vernier, Stephen L. 9501 Coomer St. Morenci, Ml junior, BIOL Vollman, Michael William 3006 West Brook Court Evansville, IN junior, PMED, p. 113 Waldrep, Sandra K. 1577 A Holcomb Bridge Rd. Norcross, GA Senior, PSYH!Bus. Admin., p. 90 Waldrip, Beverly A. 3231 Velmagi Street Memphis, TN Freshman E-ED, p. 142 Waldrip, Cheri Yvonne 3731 Velmagi Street Memphis, TN junior, CMSP Walker, Carl john 1012 Oconee Avenue Rock Hill, SC Freshman, UNCL Walker, David C. 3102 Chestershire Dr. Pasadena, TX junior, MATH, . 113 Walker, Deborali Kay 1904 Hutton Drive Nashville, TN Freshman, S-ED, p. 142 Walker, Kimberly Lynn 1101 W. Sunflower 1101 W. Sunflower Rd. Cleveland, MS Freshman, B-AD Wall, Barry Leland TNC Box 0681 Nashville, TN Anita Thompson Bruce Thompson Karen Thompson Steve Thompson Cherie Thrasher Kevin Todd Cindy Trogdon David Tucker Linda Underwood Vickie Underwood Beverly Waldrip Deborah Walker Don Waller johnny White Brad Whitlow Freshman, B-AD Wall, Howard T. 548 Rural Hill Road Nashville, TN Senior, HIST, . 113 Waller, DonalelJPercy Freshman, p. 142 Wallace, Christine Marie 2822 Heanhstone Way Orlando, FL Freshman, SEED Waller, Chris Senior, S-AD, p. 90 Ward, Brenda Darlene 1055 Mary Street Louisville, KY Senior, PA, . 90 Ward, Larry 10714 jefferson Ave. Newpon News, VA junior, B-AD, p. 113 Warren, Brenda j. Rt. 1 Box 255 Ringgold, GA junior, PA, p. 113 Warren, Charlotte Annette 4925 Forest Hill Rd. Germantown, TN Freshman, BSCI Watson, Glinda D. Rural Route 1 Box 124 Victoria, VA Freshman, SWEL, p. 143 Watson, Houston E. Box 184A Manchester, TN junior, BIOL, p. 90 Weathers, Wanda A. 107 Leeward Rd. Columbia, SC Freshman, PNUR, p. 143 Webster, Carolyn E. Welch, Kathy R. 3703 Pecan Grove Drive Huntsville, AL Freshman, M-AS Webster, Kenneth Dale TNC Box 0637 Nashville, TN R-PS Welk, Susan Carol 110 31st Ave. N. 371207 Nashville, TN Senior, B-AD, p. 90 Weller, john H. 3450 Northwest 113th Awinsle FL Cora rin s, Senior, 'R-PS, p. 90 142 A9 f -rg e gi. '.f--r . ,,. , x Mr ra , .0 gl.. fiizlf 1 'i 1 Werstler, Beth M. 2350 Larchmoore Parkway Canton, OH junior, CMSP, p. 113 Westfall, Cheryl Ann 17 Clover Street Hampton, VA Sophomore, R-RS Whetstone, Timothy D. 1609 Roberson Dublin, GA junior, B-AD, p. 113 White, johnny Wayne 1011 Hill Street Pineville, NC Freshman, MCM, p. 142 Whitley Troy Emerson 212 N. Glen Arven Tempel Terrace, FL junior, HIST Whitlow, Brad Carlton 720 Newman Drive Bowling Green, KY Freshman, UNCL, p. 142 Wight, Carol P. 265 Lee Drive Orange Park, FL Senior, PE, p. 90 Wight, Henry Clarke 265 Lee Drive Orange Park, FL Freshman, UNCL, p. 143 Wilcox, Sharon H. P.O. Box 854 TNC Nashville, TN Nashville, TN junior, PA Wilkerson, Deborah juanese Route 2 Box 383 Electic, AL junior, ECHD, p. 113 Wilkerson, Mike Charles R 321 Box 1689A Coca, FL Freshman, M-ED, 143 Wilkinson, Daniel elvrn 307 Roney Drive Hopkinsville, KY So homore, M-TE Willerson, Heather Hope Nadia S5 Hart Street Box 32 Nashville, TN Freshman, UNCL Willerson, Michael Howard Trevecca College Post Office Box 0032 Nashville, TN junior, CMSP Willerson, Sonia Renae 4467 Mr. Royal Blvd. Allison Park, PA Sophomore, S-AD Wil iamson, Sandra Route 4 Box 229 Seneca, SC Freshman, PA, p. 143 Williams, jim Preston 106 Pembroke Ave. Nashville, TN junior, CMSP Williams, Stephen Douglas 1412 Southwest 18th Court Ft. Lauderdale, FL Senior, BSCI, p. 90 Willis, Daryl K. 6004 Frontier Ln. Nashville, TN Freshman, UNCL Willis, Wanda B. Rt. 4 Box 850 Mooresville, NC junior, SWEL, p. 113 Wilson, Deborah 3191 A Parthenon Avenue Nashville, TN Senior, PA Wilson, Howard joseph 552 Hi Crest Drive Lexington, KY Sophomore, B-AD Wilson, Karen Elaine Rural Route S21 Box 1388 Kingqman, IN Fres man, SWEL, p. 143 Wilson, Linda D. Rt. 7 Box 207 Ferron Street Orlando, FL Freshman, BSCI Wilson, Linda Sue 1327 Kermit Drive Nashville, TN junior, ACCT Wilson, Orvel Winston 83 Nance Lane Nashville, TN junior, R-PM Winchester, Bill Gordon 3308 Sparrow Dr. Clarksville, TN Freshman, B-AD, p. 143 Windom, Audrey 665 Eva St. Memphis, TN Senior, B-ED, p. 90 Winkle, Gerald L. Box 199 TNS Nashville, TN , Freshman, R-RS, p. 143 Wise, Henry Eugene 504 A West Morton Avenue Nashville, TN Freshman, PSYH Witheck, Randall Stuart 144 Fern Valley Brandon, MS junior, R-PS Wolfgang, Robert G. Box 68 ' Woodlawn, TN Senior, E-ED Woodcock, Lillian Fsther Route 1 Box 129-B Lovers Lane Long Beach, MS Freshman, SWEL, p. 143 Woody, Darlene Ann 7290 Miami Lakeway Miami Lakes, FL junior, E-ED, p. 113 Wright, Sharon R. 2817 Union St. Brunswick, GA Senior, M-AS, p. 90 Wu, Dorcas Y.Y. Wurst, David T. 443 57 Street North West Albuquerque, NM Freshman, ACCT, p. 143 Yarborough, janet A. Route 4 Box 32 Hansville, SC Sophomore, BSCI, p. 143 Yates, Ramona Yvette 3022 Montrose Ave. Richmond, VA Freshman, B-AD, p. 143 Yeatman, Cindy j. 8325 SW 161 St. Miami, FL junior, ACCT Yin, Ann 32-I Ln 103 Chin Shan St. Taipei, Taiwan Senior, ENGL, p. 90 Young, Cindy Rt. 1 Benvvick, PA junior, B-AD Young, Bergamin 3013 Car inal Avenue Belmopan, Belize Freshman Youn Eric Edward 112 Sargasso Winter aven, FL junior, R-PS Young, Oileen Virginia 30132 Cardinal Avenue Belmopan, Belize Sophomore, B-AD Yount, john Allen 709 Barbara Dr. Ti City, OH Seelior, M-ED, p. 90 Yovanovich, Patricia A. 2811 Brandt St. Portage, IN Freshman, RMGT Zeiler Donald William 3 Valleyview Drive Rockaway, Nj Senior, GS, p. 113 Zinaman, jo Ann 607 McDonald Court Nashville, TN Senior, BSCI Glinda Watson Wanda Weathers Mike Wilkerson Sandy Williamson Karen Wilson Bill Winchester Gerald Winkle Esther Woodcock David Worst Clarke Wight Alison Yarborough Ramona Yates RQ! rl!-Q 5,1 'I 'ii 54. 11' 'SF' '-mfg' , 'w i 1 UFWF-.L.l R .,. Q, nv -- .IJ X if -. 'i W U w w w 1 'Q' 1 w w w w P .54 FW X ff! nf ff l 75? ff, " - lj F ' ' If ' - If ff U , f I f I X. fl! , ff- X I WY!! ! V E. Drell Allen William M. Boggs Eugene Davidson Registrar Chaplain Chief Fiscal Officer 5 VVSQ i 1 K 3 1 if F Claude Diehl Mike Estep Everett Holmes V.P. for Financial Dir., Admissions and Dir., Student Development Church Relations Fiscal Services ADMINISTR TIG V A ,lf Wayne Gallup Pleais Hampton Associate Dean of Development Student Services Fred Huff Career Planning and Placement ima , G. Lewis Pennington john Stark Associate Dean of Director of Career Extramural Studies Planning 84 Placement Elmore Vail Dean of Student Services William 1. Strickland Dean of the College Other Administrators pictured elsewhere in Darda: Phyllis Flannery johnny Wheelbarger Thomas Rosebrough Ronald Gray William Green Alan Smith john Pope Robert Brower Dr. Homer Adams, ex officio joe Adkisson, Tennessee john Andress, North Carolina Dr. Robert L. Allen, Kentucky Board of Trustees john T. Benson, jr., Tennessee Lowell Clyburn, Alumni Rep. Frank W. Cowart, Mississippi Dr. john R. Dunn, Alabama Dr. jonathan T. Gassett, N. Florida D. Moody Gunter, South Carolina G.W. Harrell, South Carolina Oscar Haufler, N. Florida .J X -t .. l -' rj 5 ff' ' .f Dr. Harvey Hendershot, Tennessee Bibb Henderson, Georgia j.B. Hucks, Sr., South Carolina Oliver Huff, Kentucky Y Y . ..-. ,Y A ,- l 11 -rzmui 4 -lnzg. au 1---gn Halbert jenkins, Mississippi Herbert McMillian, jr., Alumni jack H. Lee, Georgia - Larry Leeper, Central Florida Rep. S, ' l 1 . 'Y N, PQLTJQ l 1 if 'iff 5 ' I l .-'rf ' E .1 ,, V.H. Lewis, General Superintendent Ralph Marlowe, Alabama Don Moore, East Tennes Dr. j.V. Morsch, Central SEC Florida 1-'.!. 3 Dr. Edmond Nash, Tennessee Dr. Charles Ol Odie L. Page, Charles S. Patt Not pictured: Roy Nix, Alabama, joel E. Love, Central Florida, Henry P. Copper, North Florida, Dr. Robert H. Spear, I Southern Florida, Gaylan Good, Georgia, Terry Soles, Georgia, Aleck Ulmet, Kentucky, Richard Thompson, Kentucky, Talmadge johnson, Mississippi, Dr. Glen jones, East Tennessee. iver, Alabama North Carolina on, East Tennessee Frank Scott, Central Florida lr., 1 Nz, i - . his , i- -.,-i -, i, rs. 'W x "r-wrt'-1-ff-ff li, - :pf .,L,.a+fT I al w TJ I, L16-ifff :gag fam' ,V , 't A5513 ft ack K. Stone, Southern Florida Bill M. Sullivan, North Carolina Allan R. Underwood, Southern Florida f . LAIIW taff Pai Braelwn Marsha Burgess Denise Cork Eileen Cornett Development Business Tidwell Business AA . s Jug,-gy' .:.. IQ 'O .1 Nix Q 'E ...s.xU ...I Gladys Comett Peggyrcmft Mary Davis I Debbie Dennis Business Physical Education Extramurel Studie-sv Fine Arts -1 I i . ' I ii 'I '72 , 1 ' i . . 'y , -1-'N 1 ' f"'? 1 , 5 2. , I , iudy Dewiu Mfiflv Ebv , Lacwen Hamilton Ruth Henry Alumni Extension Studies Tidwell Finance "C'7' Debbie Holmes pam Hgward Business Business , P.Qa S 'll' f, .,,, 5 ' I 5 , S' If 'Glenna Johnson Sharon johnson Pennie Lawson Sharon McDonald Presidenfs Secretary Business H ' - Fine A,-ts in 6 .fqpkx Honey Vee Michael Kathy Moody Linlefi Newman lodene NOFU1 Student Employment Financial Development Science Science XXL V T-xi jenny ,-0 Cn3fl0ff9 SCOU Dianne Stevens Cmdy Stone ReSi5tfa" Dean of AC3demiC5 Career Planning Admissions ..4 w if K V Sharon Thompson Jeanne Vail Business Admissions Staff Personnel Mary Lewis Edith Galloway Carol Winkle Switchboard Bookstore Bookstore ' m y 7' K , alan :- 'L 'f W' '. i. 'iii' al If U , l Gordon Woods Noah Shao Dan Poset K.W. Phillips Post Office Print Shop Cafeteria Library X,-, . iff P Paul Brown jerry Winkle Carl Eby Don Dunlap Clinic Bookstore Libra"Y Alumm 152 I. s W' '. u , Qs. Mike Cork Mildred Brinegar Church Relations Clinic I . W- rriff- Qi J it gr- fi is ,""' .X-,A ,. A x ' '- ,Vs Earl Hyatt Fred Huff Security Career Planning Wilma Gallup Bruce Oldham Clinic Church Relations john Pope Maintenance ffm Ed Barton ' Ken Price Maintenance Maintenance Chet Seaney Maintenance Coach Ronald Bargatze, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, re- ceived his B.S. from Belmont Col- lege in 1966 and his M.A. from Middle Tennessee State the same year. He teaches athletics and also coaches the Trojan basketball team. Mr. Bargatze has taught at Trevecca for one year. Mr. Robert Brower is the Title Ill Coordinator and also the Assistant Professor of Communications. He earned his B.A. from Trevecca Nazarene College in 1972 and his M.A. from the University of Cincin- nati in 1973. He teaches communi- cations and is closely affiliated with WNAZ. Mr. Brower has taught at Trevecca for four years. 154 1 1, f. Dr. lames Psychology, has taught here since 1974. He received his A.B. from Eastern Nazarene College in 1951, M.A. from Boston University in 1954, and his Ph.D. from the Uni- versity of Southern California in 1969. He teaches general and ad- vanced psychology courses. Mr. Hal Cauthron is the Assistant Professor of New Testament Lan- guage and Literature. He received his B.A. from Bethany Nazarene College in 1967 and his M.A. in 1969. He also has a Masters of Divinity from the Nazarene Theo- logical Seminary and is a Ph.D. candidate at Vanderbilt University. Mr. Cauthron has taught at Tre- vecca for seven years. l Dr. Charles Childers, Professor of English, has taught at Trevecca for twenty-five years. His B.A. is from Howard Payne College and his M.A. from the University of Louis- ville. ln 1959 he received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. Dr. lohn Chilton has a B.B.A. from Emory University, a B.A. from Tre- vecca, and a M.A. and Ph.D. from George Peabody College. Before coming to Trevecca he held a vari- ety of jobs from accountant to public school supervisor. Dr. Chil- ton has been teaching history and education for three years. Mrs. Maylou Cook is an Associate Professor of Education. She re- ceived a B.A. from Pasadena Col- lege in 1957 and a M.A. from the University of Northern Colorado in 1978. Mrs. Cook has taught at Tre- vecca for four years. Mrs. Carole Costa is the Assistant Professor of Education. She gradu- ated frorn Trevecca with.a B.A. and went on to earn her M.A. from George Peabody College for Teachers in 1966. Mrs. Costa teaches courses that prepare stu- dents for careers in the field of education. She has taught at Tre- vecca for six years. Mr. lohn Dix is the chairperson for the Science and Mathematics De- partment. He teaches subjects in general and the advanced biologi- cal sciences. Mr. Dix earned his M.A. from George Peabody Col- lege for Teachers in 1950. He has taught at Trevecca for nineteen years. Dr. Ray Dunning is the chairperson for the Religion and Mission De- partments. He teaches Theology and Philosophy. Dr. Dunning re- ceived a B.A. from Trevecca, a B.D. from the Nazarene Theological Seminary, a M.A. and a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. He has been at Trevecca for fifteen years. Mrs. Lois Eades received a B.A. from Olivet Nazarene College and a M.A. from University of Florida. She had the honor of seeing several literary works published. Mrs. Eades has taught English at Tre- vecca for seven years. Mr. Carl Eby has a B.A. from Tre- vecca. He was a lr. High teacher for a number of years. He is cur- rently working on his masters while supervising the Audiovisual De- partment. Mr. Eby has been at Tre- vecca for eight years. 155 Mrs. Vivian Felix is an instructor in English. She holds a B.A. from Olivet Nazarene College in English and is doing additional graduate work at Middle Tennessee State University. Mrs. Felix has been teaching for three years. Mrs. Phyllis Flannery is the Assis- tant Dean of the College and Assis- tant Professor of English. She earned a B.A. from Trevecca Naza- rene College in 1964 and a M.A. from George Peabody College for Teachers in 1971. Mrs. Flannery has taught at Trevecca for nine years. 156 Mrs. Anne Fuqua is the Associate Professor of Biology. She earned a B.A., M.A., and Ed.S. from George Peabody College. She is also a Ph.D. candidate at Peabody. Mrs. Fuqua has been a member of the faculty for nine years. Dr. Ronald Gray is the Director of Developmental Education and a Professor of Math under a Title Ill sponsored Basic Skills Program. He holds a M.A. and Ed.D. degrees from the University of California at Berkley in Secondary Math Educa- tion. Dr. Gray has served as presi- dent, academic dean, and depart- ment chairman in Nazarene col- lege. He has been with Trevecca for one year. Mr. Bill Green received a B.A. and a M.A. from Colorado State Col- lege. He was a high school teacher and a principal before coming to our campus. He is presently teach- ing health and physical education while coaching the baseball team. Mr. Green has been at Trevecca for ten years. Dr. Douglas Henry is the Assistant Professor of Allied Health. He holds a B.S. from Muhlenburg Col- lege and an M.D. from Columbia University. Dr. Henry has taught at Trevecca for two years. X I Mrs. Nancy Hazlewood is an Asso- ciate Professor of Education. She earned a B.S. from Radford College in 1957 and in 1968 received her M.Ed. from Middle Tennessee State University. Mrs. Hazlewood has taught at Trevecca for one year. x Mr. james larrett is the Assistant Professor of Music for Trevecca. He received his B.A. from Olivet Nazarene College in 1965 and his Masters of Music Education from the University of illinois in 1970. In 1976 he was selected for the Who's Who of Music. Currently he teaches voice, conducting and chorus. He has taught here for six years. Mr. lim Knear has a B.A. from Tre- vecca and a M.A. from the Univer- sity of Missouri. He worked with Forensics at Bethany and pastored prior to coming to Trevecca. This is Mr. Knear's second year to serve as Forensics Director and as a mem- ber of the Trevecca community. Dr. Richard Lewis is the associate professor of Christian Education. He holds a B.A. from Bethany Nazarene College. B.D. from the Nazarene Theological Seminary, a M.R.E. from Midwestern Baptist Seminary and GS., R.E. and Ed.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Lewis has been at Trevecca for seven years. Ms. Robbie N. Little is primarily known as "the Director." She teaches in the Communication De- partment in the area of Creative and Performing Arts. She earned her B.S. from Trevecca and is work- ing on her M.A. at Tennessee State University. This year she supervised "The MusicMan" and directed the student movie, "Phantom of McClurkan." Nashville First Church used her talents in their Christmas musical, "Noel, jesus Is Born." ."H -4 Dr. Barbara McClain is the chair- person of the Fine Arts Depart- ment. In addition to this, she is a professor of music. She earned a B.A. from Olivet Nazarene College in 1951, a B. Music in 1954 and in 1956 a M. Music from the Univer- sity of Illinois, and in 1976 received her D. Music from Trevecca Naza- rene College. She has taught at Tre- vecca for 23 years. 157 Miss Corlis McGee is an instructor in Business Education. She holds a B.S. from Trevecca Nazarene Col- lege and is doing additional gradu- ate work at the University of Ten- nessee. Miss McGee has been at Trevecca for three years. Mrs. Kathleen Nielson is an in- structor in French. She has a B.A. from Wheaton College and is cur- rently doing additional graduate work at Vanderbilt University. Mrs. Nielson has been teaching at Tre- vecca for one year. 158 Mr. Neil B. Neilson is an instructor in Philosophy. He holds a B.A. from Wheaton College and is doing additional graduate work at Vanderbilt University. He has taught at Trevecca for two years. Dr. Gerard A. Nyssen is a Professor of Chemistry. He received his B.A. from Olivet Nazarene College in 1965, and his Ph.D. from Purdue University in 1970. He has con- ducted post-doctoral research at Oklahoma State University, Oak Ridge Laboratory, and Vanderbilt University. Dr. Nyssen has taught at Trevecca for ten years. tit? Mrs. Deborah Peercy holds a B.S. from Trevecca and a M.B.A. from Middle Tennessee State University. She is a certified public accountant. Mrs. Peercy is currently teaching business administration and ac- counting at Trevecca. She has been here one year. Mrs. Adrienne Phillips has a B.A. from Trevecca and a M.A. from George Peabody College. She has done additional work at University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University and in Mexico City. Mrs. Phillips has an interesting past, during WWII she was in Washington D.C., decoding lapa- nese messages. Mrs. Phillips has been at Trevecca for 28 years. Dr. lim Quiggins, associate profes- sor of Communications earned his B.S. here at Trevecca in 1971. He received an M.S. from Illinois State University in 1972, and his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in 1976. He is a co-author of instruc- tors' manuals for two textbooks, and has contributed to Probe and TYPS. Currently he teaches inter- personal communications and is affiliated with WNAZ. He has taught at Trevecca for three years. n- xl tg' 'vP..ff.X:'. Dr. Tom Rosebrough holds a B.S., M.A. and Ph.D. from Ohio State University. He received the Out- standing Student lnstructor award during the course of his study. He was the Dean of Men at Mt. Ver- non Nazarene College for several years. This is his third year at Tre- vecca in which time he has been the chairman of the Education De- partment and the Director of Teachers Education. Mr. Gerald D. Skinner is a profes- sor of Accounting. He holds a B.S. from the University of Omaha and an M.S. from the University of Kan- sas. He is a C.P.A. in Virginia and Tennessee. Mr. Skinner has taught at Trevecca for ten years. Dr. Kenneth Slifer is a professor of psychology. He has a B.A. from Trevecca Nazarene College, a B.D. from Vanderbilt University, a M.A. from Austin Peay State University and an Ed.D. from Auburn Univer- sity. Dr. Slifer has been at Trevecca for nine years. Coach Alan Smith is currently the chairman of the Physical Education Department. Mr. Smith received his B.A. from Asbury College in 1964 and his M.A. from George Washington University in 1966. He is the men's tennis coach and also teaches athletics. Mr. Smith has taught for seven years. K'-"N 5 L AHQQL Mrs. Carolyn Smith is the Coor- dinator of Women's Intercollegiate Athletics and assistant professor of Physical Education. She received a B.A. from Asbury College in 1964 and her M.A. from the University of Kentucky in 1969. Mrs. Smith has taught at Trevecca part-time since 1972 and full-time for the past year. 159 Dr. Orpha Speicher is a Professor of Allied Health. She has a B.A. from Pasadena College and M.D. from Loma Linda University. Dr. Speicher has been at Trevecca for two years. Mr. Morris Stevens, Instructor of Music, is the director for the Con- cert, Stage, and Pep bands. He earned both his B.S. and M.A. in Music from Middle Tennessee State University. He has taught here for two years. 160 . 4 - 2 l rl Q24 , f-+- I5 ff. . r.f555'f H .-9 R Mr. Clifton Taylor is a Professor of Mathematics. He earned a B.S. from Vanderbilt University in 1953. He has done additional graduate study at Vanderbilt University. Mr. Taylor has taught at Trevecca for sixteen years. ' at l Dr. Ralph Ungar is a Professor of Microbiology. He holds a B.A. from Northwest Nazarene College, a M.T. from the Montana School of Medical Technology, a M.S. from the Medical College of Georgia and a Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Ungar has taught at Trevecca for three years. Dr. Earl Vastbinder is the Director of the Physician Associate Pro- gram. He teaches Allied Health courses. Dr. Vastbinder has a B.S. from University of Dayton, a M.D. and M.Sc. from Ohio State Univer- sity. He has been a member of the Trevecca community for two years. Ms. Priscilla Merchant, a 1978 graduate of Trevecca is now the Circulations and Periodicals Librar- ian while continuing graduate work in Library Science. Not Pictured: Dr. C.B. Smith is a Professor of Mathematics. He earned a B.S. and M.S. and a Ph.D. from the Univer- sity of Florida. Dr. Smith has been a member of the Trevecca commu- nity for ten years. 13' Mrs. loy Wells has a B.S. from Tre- vecca and a M.A. from Middle Tennessee State University. She re- ceived the Outstanding Young Women Award and Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. This is Mrs. Wells' second year at Trevecca teaching Sociology. Dr. IJ. Wheelbarger is the Director of Learning Resources. He is a Pro- fessor of Education. Dr. Wheelbar- ger has a B.A. from Bethany Naza- rene College, a M.Ed. and Ed.D. from University of Virginia, a M.L.S. and a Ph.D. from George Peabody College. Dr. Wheelbarger has been at Trevecca for eight years. Mr. Michael D. Malloy, Assistant Professor of Social Welfare and Di- rector of Christian Counseling Ser- vices at Nashville First, is a gradu- ate of O.S.U. He continued his education at Southwestern Baptist Seminary, and the University of Texas. Mrs. E. Ray Thrasher, a graduate of TNC and Peabody is the Assistant Librarian in Technical Processes and an Assistant Professor in Li- brary Science. She has been work- ing at Trevecca since 1965. Mr. Fred Mund, Professor of Mu- sic, is a graduate of Olivet and stu- dent at Butler and Peabody. This past year was his eleventh at the school. Mr. Mund, in addition to academia is the Director of Chapel Choir and chapel services, and a very involved member of the Chapel Committee. Dr. Norman Henry, has served two years at Trevecca as an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology. He is a Bethany Nazarene graduate and has an M.S. and Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University. 161 CALVARY'S CUNTRIBUTIDN T0 TNC Calvary Church of the Nazarene 630 Richards Road Antioch, Tennessee -rfr up Pastor Minister of Music Minister of Youth and Children T. Larry Williams Frank Bostick Donny Biggs Illmf: I I C71 162 1 T STUDENTS ALUMNI FUTURE STUDENTS Maryville, Tennessee Charlotte, North Carolina CHURCH GF THE THOMASBORO CHURCH OF NAZARENE THE NAZARENE 1610 E. Broadway 4228 Hovis Road john Abney, Pastor Randy Berkner, Pastor ' -V! ' M? f' . ,,,. a ' - ' ' " "' M' J J '-, " - V, -' ' N "- V, ff. D ,CCEHQCRCIA y FIRST CH U RC H or NAZRARENE X N1 XX li' G Rik. . X' YA 600 N. Hamg:l,tQ.!Lg!gaet xx ,f . rl "j, -f--s.........,--W Yly' if ,E H W -,,,,,Ww xi. A Q ,C , V A H iii 3"1'T'r-WV--V., I 'f' ,I -N V ,,,,,,,,w, has ' if 5 i 5 For I Q A 1 . -L . f -1 ,Q ' '1,f,i.Q 3 ' ' 'J Q : , 1 . Y 'si -gif H me 1a:.Ui:51m,Hseg1i?5 1 1113111 H 1 , 1 use tgfgjsi If 1 ii W5 'J fi fi" , it Lk-ff' 1 0 2 1 f ' i"""W 1 M' at Q 0 ' . A 3-mg if Lf-WJ 'IFREVECSIA ALUMNI a ROM d,Q1AiroN 1 45,1-LI-tl: f---' I ' 4 ' "--'vt 1 ' . 'W .. . A V N , 1 V 7.11-IT' 7. F . rn,..,L4, '14 G ks 2 Am ,cv J V -W K,.qgf1 ,Mg , 4- . D "' ' 1 - . sms '54 W 7 F1251 VR05ert Medlm y y R h"'h"' , - " Anne Hawkins ,Miles , 1 ' Kathleen Wiser A V ' A 1 1 Myron Wise' ' A 4 164 TAMPA, FLORIDA DUBLIN, GEORGIA FIRST CHURCH OF THE FIRST CHURCH OF NAZARENE THE NAZARENE Clifton B' Nixon, Pastor Lewis B. Whetstone, Pastor Ed Spangler, Associate OUR STUDENTS Not Di joe B Dale Whetstone I SUMTER, SOUTH ORLANDO, FLORIDA CARQI-INA Central Church of the U O F Nazarene THE A NAZARENE CONORATUL TES G.W. Harrell, jr., Pastor jasper Albrooks, Assoc. P t George Geddings, Chm., B d f Christian ie Margie Gedding, Missionary re David Fl nce, N.Y.I. Presid t OUR STUDENT Dr. Homer Ad Our Student Pat Meade Mark Morsch and Pam Scott Gur Famlly Iv-1--.I DR and MRS HOMER ADAMS SARAH and IIMMY PRESIDENT TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE IS Your Family I 285 EAST NEAR COVINGTON EXIT Atlanta First Church of the Nazarene C C Q fl - u at I J' V I ,RL Q f -, all x I V I 'I ' xx jx if A X-ffl xv. J' I V ' 1 ' NN . A tx. 1 . Ez , I I I I ' X- ' 1 'xi I V V ,.'.,: If fi 2 21211 A " ' ,,r2 I 42515 355 ' ' , - W ! ,P l 'arg' !.',Zl gn- -, H ,V f I 2 gr, . Q Eiillilszlee-' 'U-5:4 1 I: ' I " J C I , ' I I I ' 0 o 0 - , A . - .Mi-, -, - - -- -H'-'H Lakeland, Florida Church of the Nazarene Senior Pastor- Rev. I lohn Gardner Associate Pastor- Rev. Rodge DeVore Minister to Adults- Rev. ' R.C. lohnson ' Minister to Children- Mrs. Peggy Lewis Minister of Music-Mr. jerry Davis iii Mooresville, North Carolina Church of the Nazarene 127 East Wilson Avenue Rev. james C. Whitener, Pastor Our Students: David Brown Wanda Willis NASHVILLE TENNES EE TRINITY H R H FTHE NAZA Norman A. Ritchie, Pa t xx FORT WALTON BEACH FIRST CHURCH CF THE Wayne Lowe I I I Frank Lykins SOUTH cARouNA DISTRICT District Superintendent: Dr. Moody Gunter District Secretary: Rev. Marion S. Pressley District Treasurer Oscar B. Pullen Advisory Board: Rev. Harold M. Liner Rev. Ronald Wesley Lt. Clarence I. Coleman Mr. 1. B. Hucks, Sr. District Christian Lite: Chairman: Rev. NJ. Lewis District N.Y.l. President, Rev. Larry Williams District N.W.M.S. President: Rev. Nina G. Gunter CFirsi Church o the NAZARENE Qiliullll ' A LW,,Iuuumn 1lff . , il E ,i.,, iii.. li , ,.. L Hill: N ll : ulnmn! V I i I l nu mum L: H , , . f X f - ' 510 woodland Sireeiffliashville. Cfennessee 37206fl615l '2.55"1289 :ml if Millard Reed! Karen Dean! James L. Sankey! Senior Pastor Youth Education L. B. Mathews! William G. Martin! Gary Reynolds! Visitation Emeritus Administration Music Claude Galloway! Sharon Bowles! Fred Faith! Visitation Children KDCfPreschooI a Me Wea, aff77? 9Mf'Wwf!'1Mffvfm KNOXVILLE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLES PATION, PASTOR CLAXTON TRINITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LOCATED THREE MILES SOUTH OF BELLVILLE, GEORGIA ELDRED L. STARKEY PASTOR FIRST COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI A CHURCH WITH A GOOD PAST AND A BRIGHT FUTURE SUPPORTING TREVECCA RICHARD R. HARPER PASTOR CONGRATU- LATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '79 'MZ TREVECCA I COLLEGE I BOOKSTOREI ii!-V L52 CAROL WINKLE, MANAGER BEST WISHES TO ALL TREVECCA STUDENTS w , f f f I 'lf' iff I E- A 4 : -:, III N i s I 4 4 " I .4 I . KENTUCKY DISTRICT CONG RATU LATES CLASS OF '79 DISTRICT OFFICERS Board of Chrlstlan Llfe Chairman Rev Ray Glbson N W M S Presudent Mrs Aleck Ulmet NYI President Rev Bobby Grant Treasurer Mrs Eudall Mllby ADVISORY BOARD Rev Coolldege Grant Dlstrlct Sec Mr El Mllby Rev Marvln Appleby Dr Robert Allen Rev AA Farris Mr Mark Greathouse The Bluegrass State ,zips L.-f gf W-af Rev Aleck G Ulmet Dlstrlct Superintendent . , . . . . ll ll Es: 'Til WI-g ' . F75 ,Irv Wx. A :p A .C --' .lf X -, - 4 TF U ,f , , X! I ,f ' "X q-fr LEBANGN, TENNESSEE 1 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 900 North Cumberland Street E. Wayne Byrum, PASTOR Phil Lindsley Y l.W. QBILLQ LANCASTER Minister RANDY DILLARD Minister of Youth 81 Children C.H. PEARSON Minister of Visitation Cheri Lindsley john Hobson Carol Hobson Sharon Wilcox H U NTSVI LLE, ALABAMA Mark Lancaster Karen Michael Beth Rutledge Stephanie Stocks ORLANDO, FLORIDA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE r And CHRISTIAN SCHOOL CONGRATULATESI ALL TNC STUDENTS I - Tina Wallace isfi I Q55 . .ii 'I . .I I, OUR STUDENTS Frank Eifert Mike Leep Greg Le p Susan L p Peter St rt L E L p P t I L yP pp Princip I!A t Pa IK d II Choir Dir t r, C L B. La C I y Ella Pr tt Mary Smith NYI Presid t NWMS President Director o I fC h'Idren's Ministry 175 W Il I 5.I3IIfn.'Z"'9 KI ngdom and you are only a block away' WCQQIULD DEQ 5923153535013 0 Dlscovery 0 ISM 0 InterlSect Inner Clty Contact Acts 29 A I M Llvlng Word Response FOR CAREER SERVICE CONTACT Department of World Mission Sponsored by Department of Youth MIH1StF1ES De artment of W ld M1 p or ssx Church of the Nazarene 6401 The Paseo Kansas Clty, MO 64131 SPORTS TTIIA ll: U Ulf lI3A IL lL The first football game of the year ended in a scoreless tie between Alpha and Gamma. The game was charac- terized by fumbles and penalties. However, Terry Max- well for Gamma did manage to scratch out around fifty yards with nineteen carries. Mike Geasley, an Alpha, was elected player of the game by virtue of hisfour tackles and five assists. The second game was exciting in that afternoon was exciting with a good combination of offense and de- fense. Delta was victorous over Beta by a score of Twenty-two to zero. Kerry Roberts had a fine defensive game, but the undisputed player of the game was Bobby Milburn. He led the game in defensive plays in addition to setting a new TIA punting record by booting a punt of sixty-nine yards from scrimmage, kicking it about 80 yards. The season continued with Alpha securing the top rank. Crutches flourished. Howard Wall, a Beta player had knee surgery. Pat Rider caused concern when he hurt his back. The football field is active with T.l.A. but do not count out the Sunday afternoons with "Touch Football". Huey Davis could gather a bunch of guys and gals, then teach the girls some tricky quarterback plays. Later on a Powder puff game was organized where the girls got "formal" training from coaches john jeffries, Vic Collier, Troy Whitley, Greg Daily, and Bobby Milburn. ug-nv 1 It .lt ll 22 A . H wh! W fn 1 l 'iv . fl . -.,.. . mt, ' 'K " - 1 - - ut- 'H f. t.:uxt,z':f -4.1 I Lthg , , .T Q, . K F I Q' - , T x We Ju - 4051324 ' J .. ,J -.-u. .. . ,,l,.V i . . . ., ' lu I -- 'riff i ' """ .Am ffvrrf W' All Star Offense T E RB T QB RB RB Center G G E Greg Daily QDJ Dennis Goodwin QM Randy Haviland QAQ Bill Klakamp fGj Scottie Lewis QDT Bobby Milburn QD, Loren Murray QGQ Tim Patterson TAT Kerry Roberts QBJ Charlie Thompson QDQ lay Toomey QAQ All Star Defense DE Noseguard LB DB DB LB DT LB DT DE DB Odean Baker QGJ Greg Daily QDJ Mike Geasley QAJ Dennis Goodwin QAQ Buz Harrison QAT Bo Kennerly QBJ Bill Klakamp QGJ Bobby Milburn QDJ Bob Milton QGQ Kerry Roberts QBQ Tommy Todd fGj nf , ,, .-1.1 . ff MA , il f Alpha 1st Delta 2nd Ronnie Bailey David Blowers Mike Geasley Dennis Goodwin Buzz Harrison Randy Haviland Dave johnson Robert johnson Ron Newcomb Tim Patterson Greg Story Bruce Thompson Tim Blanton Danny Driskell Tom Floyd jack Hardin Don Kirby Finley Knowles jeff Lunn jimmy Mason Pat Rider Gary Sloan jay Toomey David Brown Ken Carruthers Clayton Frasier Tony Geasley Mike Lawson Scottie Lewis Bobby Milburn Doug Poe Rick Soloky jimmy Taylor Charlie Thompson Greg Daily john Dunn Dwight Gunter jerrell Harris Mark lobst Tim Kyle john Letterman David McGuire Pat Stevens Billy Thompson .- 'Ui . ., . :iff 1'f"559':4 Lt rr' ff-T ',f'22,sQ.g4-4 'f-'r.E,."1"f" 'w b 180 G Pg, Gamma 3rd y Beta 4th George Gill Terry Maxwell Stan McPherson Loren Murray Pete Stewart Mark Stone Tim Strouth Claude Sturgill Steve Tate Rich Andrews Odean Baker Terry Gardner j.D. Hogan Bill Klakamp Bob Milton Tommy Smith Tommy Todd Tom Baker jeff Bryant Dan Dorsey Sam Firebaugh Gene Hill joey House Bo Kennerly Steve Mitchum Gerald Norrington Randy Perteuset Kerry Roberts Wes Schaffer David Tucker Vic Collier Russ .Ebersole lim Gainer Herb Gassie Mike Leeper Wayne Lowe Scott Lowman lim Marklin Rich North Steve Peigh Cary Stegall Howard Wall ?Q?Q52 ?E?? 55551 iii? johnson 84 Bud-Score: 0 Top Row: Bottom Row Qleft to rightj Qleft to rightl Greg Daily Tammy Powers Cindy Yeatman Carol Lands Linda Blowers Karen Dotson Karla Oglesby Susan Figge Barb Atchley Debbie McGraw Denise Patnode Beth Eby Bobby Milburn Cindy Kiser Mary Beth Carlson Eta mf: Georgia 84 Tennessee-Score: 6 Bottom Row: fLeft Cindy Parrott to rightl Debbie Godby Paula Berger Sandy Williamon Dewanna Curl joy Seals Victor Collier Polly Rypchinski Troy Whitlow Cindy john lefferies Baumgardner Second Row: Third Row: Annette Stone Libbie Sparks Brenda Barnard Karen jones Ruth Scott Cathy Fidelman Donna Heppel Cindy Hassall Fourth Row: Carol Wight Marion Champion Tracy Stoner l .Ae 5 I 183 Alpha Girls B Qleft to rightj Denise Patnode Lynn jones Tammy Powers Chris Fitzgerald Lynette Schmitt Linda Blowers Vicki johnson Annette Sandifer Floor joanna Parry 2 mmf! ' 1 1 .,, V l Z Alpha Guys A 4 Z f Z X Z Z Z Qleft to rightj Greg Story Mike Wilkerson Tim Blanton Robert johnson Dennis Goodwin Second Row: Bruce Thompson Buzz Harrison M'ke G I i eas ey jimmy Mason David Blowers ALPHA Beta Girls Qleft to rightj Brenda Brodien K D t n aren o so Marcy Fitzgerald Cindy Yeatman Becky Hulstme Ann Shumans Second Row Susan Daniels Cindy Parrott P K m am e p Donna Heppel Beta Guys Qleft to right, Randy Burgett Terry johnson Eugene Steele Rick Brenner Second Row Lester Ford Bo Kennerly Wes Schaffer Monty Errickson 5 X X ! X ? X Z X Q Z K Z G Q X X X X X X X X X X X 5 X i l Dl:LLA Q i i S S A X X R S X E Delta Girls Peggy Lightfoot Karen Sorrow Carol Lands judy Johnston Roberta Carrol Kathy Creel Vanessa Van der Veer Delta G uys jimmy Taylor Byron Middendorf Dean Murray Bobby Milburn Marc Vann Kevin Sanderson Faoa Faalupega Tommy Bryan Second Row: Greg Daily john Letterman Toby Sircey Rick Soloky David Masencup lim Williams Phil Osborne Bill Dent Ronnie Boswell l7 ?? ilu VN vw fu l F, F... AD-- 5 vvlvff , , .' 1, . PROJ ml YI, 1 i i Gamma Girls X Ueft to rightj C IW' ht aro ng Phoeba Baker Sue Rucci Dewanna Curl Mary Kay Rogers Brenda Peterson Theresa Prevatt Gamma fleft to rightj Bob Davis Ed Darling Bob Milton Mark Stone Richard Andrews Second Row: Claude Sturgill Tim Strouth St M Pherson an c Loren Murray Mike Rohlmeier Steve Tate GAl'i'll'ilA S Tlllllk D SKIET ALL A LEAGUE D. Smith T. Smith Terry Maxwell T. Strong B LEAGUE Shervvyn Nabors Mike Oliver john Weller Odean Baker Gamma George Gill lFront to backj I.,to r. Patti Carroll, Mark Stone Dewanna Curl, Theresa Prevatt, Carol Howard Wilson Wight, Stephanie Stocks, Rachel Bobby Milton Osborne, Phoebe Baker Ed Darling " ' ' fi -. '- Bob Davis Loren Murray J. Crapo Mark Lancaster Mike johnson Greg Page Claude Sturgill Randy Percy Tim Strouth Reeford Chaney Mike Rohlmeir .lil Q! T IIA ASKET ALL I "F agr- I-X -V -ve- 71-1 ...J it Q, ., V WW", T --,' ' W UW V R I Q. . ,-....- ...IV-Ae A -W -- .'.bMA,A ff . .f,--am - . -':i1.5 ---' -'1 '-H' I-f-infigg r ' .lggiigjl V i i lfi-Lx. "J: 5, . -'.'3,,,,- .-.,.:, ' -'-- -'Qlfl-" rf, .-. ' 'i,,.mf"r - A 1,4 V B -' ' V - W "E ,A . U ,- 1 , ' ' 'QQ .. .'5.TfT" ' A V- asf " H 'raeswf , 351:35 , . . A. 4 1' "' .V I- '- J ,- -gi-.xr 'W , X , " na- ,""' ""'Fr: " p kg 'rj'.',.I, , ' K" . ' ' . 'bf "1'i9.2Qp A .4 Ll'f'7i-L. ,...d..." iam,-Tl 7, " ' " M : V fralrfssfr - -95-if ' flfii' i 84.4 ,K . vb. . . 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Goff jimmy Mason A LEAGUE THA IASKIETIALL r I ., W' I Q, U X 4+ .Y U fl 'Q , -Liu Beta fFront to backi I. to r.: Cindy Parrott, Ruth Herring, Cindy Yeatman, Pam Kemp, Janice Carter, Ruth Scott, Brenda Brodien, Carol Ernest 7,-95 Terry johnson Kerry Roberts Tony Lindsley Mike McAdams Ron Blankenship B LEAGUE Wes Schaffer David Walker Randy Pertuset C LEAGUE j. Marklin Steve Peigh Mark Harris Tom Baker Dwayne Dryden D. Willis Rick Stalvey Herb Gassie Steve Mitchem Wayne Lowe Mark Gritton E. johnson Gerald Norrington David Tucker T IIA liAXSKlE.'Tl' ALL Delta Qback to frontj l. to r.: Kathy Creel, Pam jenkins, judy Johnston, Cathy Fidelman, joy Seals Il' wg, v"' f - -:YL ,. 1 A LEAGUE i Dave Graesar Phil Osborne Kenny Carruthers Bobby Milburn Tim Kyle Kent Pelton B LEAGUE - Dean Murray D. Bradshaw David McGuire Faoa Faalupega Mark lobst Toby Sircy C LEAGUE ' Bill Dent Doug Hendrixson David Brown Kyle Perry Jerald Harris Eric Young A Rick Soloky David Masencup f 191 is TIA Softball 0 ,- ga v ', - - -. - , JV- .h .v, V . 1 x . .., u'- .. -ul I . 3 . . sr slr it .N Q .if "' ff. Q '-. Lf-Qi is ..'1. '- ' 514: 'IR -V-ukfaigllg 4-ilikr: 'Q ',.'i'lJ,1A. .'7':"' "--'-3 -v. 'ji' 'nil 4 f. 'IWW 'A 1' -' ,- ,fifliiagrt-l'-af-3lQs.i.,Ke.',3,'. lr," :T '- ..-..- V- . H"-134 "Cl'.lW'rF1 f'1""f4?.wIi" 'bi J V .il , - Y,, 1 T.,-fi-Jig?-. yu-Pl'-1' TIA softball began with Alpha playing against Beta in the first round of play. Alpha led the way in the beginning but couIdn't seem to stay on top as Beta went ahead to finish the game 5-3. Pitching for the Alpha team was Mike King. Glen Baum took the mound for Beta. Gamma was up against Delta in the second game. Delta took a sound beating in the beginning of play as Gamma led 10-2 in the bottom of the fifth. Delta seemed to come alive a bit, but not enough to overcome Gamma's lead. 192 ., 4.. fi' 25 1 ,Ms ti , i. l. J. pgs: i .Za t -D .l-. - 'A-Eig, .iv V- .Q 5 ,'wrv,..5-31. -. Y 9135-Sill? I Left: With such concentration, how can Bruce Thompson be anything but a no hit pitcher. Above right: The photographer catches the bat just before Mike johnson swings and sends the ball to the outfield. Above left: With Herculean strength, Burt Runyan heaves the twenty-five pound softball. .,1' tsl .pxi nt.. .. Above right: Randy Percy, a student who was involved in nearly all TIA activities, gives full attention to the pitch. Lower right: lerrell Harris gets ready to connect. Lower left: Bobby Milburn makes the out on first. Above left: George Gill grins back over his shoulder as he heads for home. 193 Women's Varsity Volleyball Front 1left to nght1 Lil Fortner Patti Carroll Second row Carol Herring Sabrina Roberts llll Malo Susan Vanags Kim Harris Back Alice Smith Cindy Baumgartner joy Seals janet Gaunce Center Carol Ernest Leading Scorers 1 Cindy Baumgartner 2 Patti Carroll 3 Carol Ernest Leading Servers 1 Cindy Baumgaitner 2. Carol Ernest 3. Patti Carroll Leading Setters 1. Patti Carroll 2. Ruth Herring 3. Cindy Baumgartner Leading Spikers 1. Carol Ernest 2. Cindy Baumgartner 3. Lil Fortner Leading in Dinks 1. Carol Ernest 2. Cindy Baumgartner 3. Lil Fortner 148 points 146 points 145 points 221 good serves 194411 215 good serves 182 A1 206 good serves 19071 512 good sets 199711 234 good sets 197111 110 good sets 197'Z,1 272 good spikes 188911 193 good spikes 190711 146 good spikes 17421 21 good dinks 191 9 good dinks 18221 8 good dinks 189731 .-. nu fii I' rn -h X 'U no 5 O sv 3 2 1. :r co 0 U5 l'O' 4 Ei : E rn 2 no N4 rn F P oo :r FF Q :1 Q. -4 ou su : 3 oo na 1 : rn '1 5 O 7 fim- +...? Z ,ff 'Y 1 fillhwig 135' 1 ff Q-i Q ij 'va-. r:1"Ki' KX , " 'V 'rd-I -and ai -4-...L 31' -3 5 eground was 100 percenter -uf 1 li"' lvl" 11 J' In . X ' . ? ' . , V- N, g -' ,ML -fc-51, ,N 4- . H E ., ESQ!! I -xi... , 4. ,H fguf -f ,P we. - ' Qgfgfii ' 'L 5 'N -13542 -, M V -A-.1-N..,x ,, A -, ,ff ' 'n li ,F-:QA ' 1,5 rgftjipq-kj:-:, .V Q-X f " , ' "wp ., ,,,-,ffm ,1.--' , ,ff44:,-,pix-Y, fi- ' , ,-,, e-.,-,ff A---2 ,g- .,.,:n-za' 'v' ,,,..f- - --L.- r' f - -ffl., A TR' -13' K Y " . - . , ,,,, V ..., ' 'f7IJf'FH'.', fm: --QQE:-: "Y .4-.f , ew- 'Y-wr.-,. , 1 ,4 1 ' , "'lFfL' 1 Y- ' ' 0 1' -M "ff" 'fkgit-Ebfx' . -wif: ' 5 . v, V - ,..A...' 5 f , - ' - XXX ' , . J 1 ' 5 - .. 4 if' .MQ 'W .X ' -: 1 - "' :gi-I L ,- .po fa, g V- L ' if "' ' - -3 ,. 5 ,W '- . - , ... A 1 V , 3 --' b " .-. .fy --.' -'- . f -' ' W- Q' ' 'i' L ' ' 2 1 1' I I 3' 'M -- ' ' ,-if-' 4 , ffl- j' " p my : . . , . V - -- ,I , F . ,--Tk. : ..,, Q- . f - ,H-J ff- fgQ5f,J.T"""-c3Q"'H "' I -- if- .:.' ww .,-sig, wwf -vs 3 1: 4,4 55 1 -I I 1,1V,,'g -':,.-L gg .. ' W -1-:Lt :ax-'54 A, -Li? rf: '1:51f, A- '-5 1 - 1' - - zur' :Jigi - 5 ' I' Q V Ag 1 ' ....3:fs. 1... 4 ,H A 1-, ,. F11 lc- - , 4 , L2 . . . I . . f I 1 L7 - ' ' 4 -F 4- 'fmvf -, :V -Av 4-fqw 9' A 0- U- V v r ' . -'ff '- I- ' :le M NE, . Q . ,,- 1' - t. rw 45 - A . av Lg, ,. Y M V , Q, ,- . , V z , 1 , . 4, VI-, fig Y .3 .' 8 M z . xiii' - Ivy, at ,-.g- I 5 A' ' ' ff-I Y H V ' rea., '1 ' H5 - 'W . ,Z S ln! ,ff A . 4. N 1 g- , . R ., 1 If , I f r . -' ii 1 f I I Wx I - I gf . - . 4. , u .V . n j V ' a V 5 . I 5 RH, . ' ' ,ti , Y ' ' ,il 1 , ' 1 , I x ' ,f 4 ' ' ' Flrst year player Sabrma Roberts goes up high for the return 434 Above A well posed serve by Kam Harrls who was recognized as the Most Improved Player Left Third year player and Captam Carol Ernest IS In practice servrng TNC vs Belmont at Belmont Sept 19 won 1511 15 0 TNC vs Freed Hardeman at home Sept 22 won 15 6 1512 TNC vs Vandy at home Sept 22 lost 915 6 15 TNC vs Mllllgan at home Sept 23 lost 815 15 0 415 TNC vs Vandy at home Sept 23 lost 015 1215 TNC vs Southwestern In Lambuth Invltatuonal at jackson Tn Sept 30 lost 1115 215 TNC vs Chrustlan Brothers un Lambuth lnvltatuonal jackson Sept 30 lost 615, 1215 TNC vs Vandy In Lambuth lnvltatlonal at jackson, Tn Sept 30 lost 515 615 TNC vs Lambuth In Lambuth lnvltatlonal at jackson Tn Sept 30 won 16 14 15 8 Tnc vs Freed Hardeman un Lambuth lnvutatuonal at jackson Sept 30 won 15 2 915 TNC vs Sewanee un Lambuth lnvltatlonal at jackson Tn Sept 30 won 1511 1513 TNC vs Freed Hardeman at Freed Hardeman Oct 30 Won 1512 1614 1513 TNC vs Austm Peay at Austm Peay Oct 5 won 157 153147 TNC vs Bryan at Chattanooga Oct 7 Lost 1614 415 1215 TNC vs Covenant at Chattanooga Oct 7 lost 1618 13 15 Tnc vs Flsk at Fisk Oct 10 TNC vs Oct 12 TNC vs Oct 12 TNC vs Oct 17 TNC vs Oct 17 TNC vs Oct 20 TNC vs Oct 20 TNC vs Home Oct 24 TNC vs Oct 24 TNC vs home Oct 24 7 13 15 won157159 Covenant at home won 1614 15 8 Belmont at home won 1510 51515 3 Bryan at MTSU won 15 11 1513 MTSU at MTSU lost 10 15 7 15 Austm Peay at home lost 715 7 15 Flsk at home lost 315 13 15 Western Ky Umv at IOS 415 1511 1315 Sewanee at home los 1 15 9 15 Ch rlstlan Brothers at lost 315 141616 1415 TNC vs Carson Newman IH VSAC Toumament at Mulligan College Oct 26 lost 3 15 1315 TNC vs Kung College ln VSAC Tournament at Mllllgan College Oct 26 won 15 7 150 TNC vs Lambuth In VSAC Tournament at Mulligan College Oct 26 lost 815 415 TNC vs Sewanee at University of the South Oct 31 won 1513 815 1512 TNC vs Covenant at Umverslty of the South Oct 31 lost 15 7 6 15 1416 TNC vs jackson State Unlverslty at University of the South Oct 31 lost 1215 415 UHIVEFSITY lnvltatlonal Tournament Nov 3 lost 515 1015 TNC vs Lambuth at APSU lnvltatnonal Tournament Nov 3 lost 158 715 815 TNC vs Lambuth at APSU lnvltatlonal Tournament Nov 3 lost 158 715 815 TNC vs APSU at APSU Invltatlonal Tournament Nov 3 lost 4 15 16 18 TNC vs Southwestern at APSU Invutatuonal Tournament Nov 3 lost 158 615 415 35 matches 13 wms 22 losses . . : - 5 - . : - 5 - . . : - 5 - . . : - 5 - . . : - 5 - - h i , , . . : - 5 - . . : - 5 - . . : - 5 - . . : - 5 -5 - . . : - 5 - 5 - - - I ' I - . . : - 5 - - - I - 2 - i 5 g I . . : - 5 - , - . . I ' , - . 5 I- F - n u n . . . " , ' , ' 1 .Y ' . .. . I . . . - , - . . . jifif ' g TNC vs. Vandy at Austin Peay State . . : - 5 - S ,,5,,5: 1- Q . i ' M , I .Y V ' V v Q v' ' K' J D- . . . " , ' . . : - 5 - I i ' - . . . - , - 5 - . . . : - 5 - 5 . . l ' . . . Tn. , - , - , -, - - - - f . . : -5 - 5 - . . . , . . ' . . : - 5 - , . , - , - . . - 5 - . . . , . ' . . t: - 5 - 5 - ' ' I , - . - . , l . . : - 5 - 5 - . . . , , . . t: - 5 - 7 h . . : - 5 - 5 - . . . . Z - I ' F ' F ' - - 3 ' F " I ' I ' Trojan Basketball ,- Y 7- .,,,, - Y., v X T' , I .1 '-.E -1 -. , ..-14' - 1-it , kilt" .- iigf' jg ,vi 5 uni l' ' ff lla 'I l 1 1 1 7 , .1 9 1 . 1 ' 3 4 F ' V 4 l, ' wrt . ,V 1-Q 'P , A. , - -Av kg 5 f , f' - --6-e?"".1 1 L' is . as 'T' --9 . Yr ,. ,y ll it . , , ,N -9 ,i , .V N Q .-,f - N f ji ,, I f . .asf "" .rm . -.1-' -. .sp Front Row: tleft to rightj johnny Reynolds, Mike Sanderson, Lester Morris, Brad Whitlow, Fred Harris, Gary Van Atta, Roosevelt Burrell, Lance Smith, Don Zeiler. Back Row: Terry Compton, Claude Sturgill, Calvin Holmes, Larry Smith, Steve Thompson, Coach Ron Bargatze, Greg Pemberton, Kelly Harned, Kevin Smith, Mike Vollman. , Trevecca Trojan Final Stats 1978-79 Roosevelt Burrell Kelly Harned Fred Harris Calvin Holmes Lester Morris Greg Pemberton johnny Reynolds Mike Sanderson Lance Smith Larry Smith Steve Thompson Gary Van Atta Brad Whitlow Don Zeiler Totals Opponents Games 31 9 31 20 6 31 31 32 11 8 30 26 30 21 32 32 Field Field Percent Free Goals Goal Throw Attempts 88 158 . 42 0 4 . 2 195 420 .464 90 53 103 . 47 2 4 . '0 123 251 . 24 53 94 . 37 220 468 I . 66 1 4 , . 2 6 10 ' . 5 36 79 . . 27 19 41 N463 12 89 190 7.468 79 23 51 .451 10 899 1866 . 440 902 1850 .487 439 37.0 'C ' Free Percent 'Rebounds Aw 6-rage 1 hrmx Rebound Attempts I ' 54 .777 , 122 319 4 ' .500 V 4 , 0.4 127 .708 205 6.6 61 ,770 41 1.9 0 , .0 2 ' 0.4 . 42 .571 1 173 H 5.6 59 .672 138 4.5 86 .767 160 5.0 3 .667 4 0.4 11 ' .455 11 . - 'l .2 39 .692 80 ' 2.6 22 .545 '29 'l.1 . 108 .731 52 1.7- 15 7.667 43 2.1, - Q59 .L .694 1064 1 3319 V611 1 .718 .. 1186 - Personal' ' Fouls 89' 'f 2 66 l 79 68 67 2 7 . 45 39 '97 31- 632 704 Total Point-. 218 2 480 153 4 270 143 506 4 17 99 50 257 56 2238 2243 'M t'' Nsslwis 7.0 3.3 0.2 2 l5.5 70 7.6 .ll 0.8 l 8.7 24 4.6 l7 15.8 -l-l 0.-l 8 2. l 0 3.3 9 1.9 I5 8.8 135 2.6 l 69.9 377 70. l -- lurm 30 3 69 3.1 3 44 28 58 I 2 2 23 I 8 88 20 456 Bargatze's Alterations Have Excited Trevecca Things will be a lot different for Trevecca Nazarene basketball coach Ron Bargatze, now that he has moved across town from Vanderbilt. There will be no more crazed crowds of 15,000, no trips to ma- jestic Rupp Arena, no chatting be- fore games with fellow coaches like Denny Crum or C.M. Newton and no recruiting trips to find the likes of Leon Douglas or lan van Breda Kolff. Nevertheless, Bargatze's move to Trevecca has put new blood into a floundering program that pro- duced a 4-21 team in 1977. The former Vanderbilt assistant has also put new uniforms fboth players' and cheerleaders'j into the pro- gram, a new sport information di- rector, a new practice schedule, a new nickname, "The Nazarene Machine", and most importantly, a new team. "There really is a lot of excitement here," Bargatze said, "They said Trevecca had good crowds last year, even with a bad year. This year, the way people are talking about the opener QNovember 10 vs. Lee Collegej, we should draw even better." Known as an outstanding recruiter at Vandy, Bargatze knows he may come under some heat if his Tro- jans improve too much. "That won't bother me," he said. "There's no way they can call any of our players outlaws. They all have good grades and are eligible. As an NAIA school, we can recruit as many as our money permits, for- tunately we have a lot of local players and some don't cost us much scholarship money." Fred Harris, a member of McGavock's state title team and back-to-back MVP winner at Cum- berland College, and freshman Mike Sanderson of Giles County are expected to do much of the scoring. Freshmen Greg Pemberton and Brad Whitlow and returnee Gary Vann Atta will help, too, along with 7'2" transfer Don "Dr Z" Zeiler. -... l l ' , . ' l l ' ' '2a.u-9235? M.. " J -. ,L - :bali A f - 'V 5.4-i 'z . I ,J . A l . t I i 4 1' I .ij i . 1 .1 h, 1 l it 'i .1 . Y - , A J li A -qv ' , .P . A, ' .' 'L"7's ' . ' -1-1 . yi- -ill r Y. I Y L. V: . , 'il - .V i . j :",.:'4i i , " l J. fi . i . ,i i " i Top Left: Coach Ron Bargatze makes a point during a closed practice session, while an interested spectator catches a look through a door. Lower Left, Don Zeiler decides it's rejection time for Kelly Harned's shot during a spirited Trojan practice session. Mike Sanderson and Brad Whitlow look on. Top Right: Kelly Harned yanks down a rebound and looks for the outlet pass. Above: Coach Bargatze casts a long look at his youthful Nazarene Machine during a pre-season workout. 199 Trevecca Falls to Lee In Bargatze's Debut Visiting Lee College withstood two frantic come- back efforts by Trevecca last night to claim a 64- 58 victory and spoil coach Ron Bargatze's debut with the Trojans. It was a gfutsy inside game and a poised Lee de- fensive e ort that eventually ruined the evening for the homecoming crowd of over 1,400 in Tre- vecca's gym. "We used everything we had to come back," said Bargatze of the second-half rallies displayed by the struggling Trojans. "Being a young team, I guess we had a tendency to relax a little in some crucial situations." Trevecca does have the rare opportunity to gain quick revenge for the loss however. The Trojans host Lee again this afternoon at 2:30 for a rematch. Lee, from Cleveland, Tenn., fell to a lo- cal school, David Lipscomb College, Thursday night in overtime. "I told our team that we're fortunate to get the chance to make u for tonight so quickly," said Bargatze, who took the Trojan job last spring af- ter serving as an assistant at Vanderbilt. "We need to concentrate on certain areas of our game, and especially work on shutting down t eir tLee'sj inside game." The Vikings' inside game, manned by 6-8 David Lattimore and 6-5 Herb Parker, came up with several clutch rebounds and tip-ins down the stretch negating Trevecca's furious rally. Lattimore led all scorers with 23 points and re- bounders with 14. Parker chipped in 11 points, and Paul Cretton had 12. Hampered by poor shooting in the first half, Tre- vecca fell behind early, by as many as 11 points, and trailed 37-30 at halftime. A slam dunk by Mike Sanderson ignited the crowd with 16:48 left in the game, however, and a spirited defense helped Trevecca to the lead 147-46j at 10:48. But the cool Vikings quickly regained the lead and streaked to another eight-point advantage in the closing minutes. , A rash of turnovers brought Trevecca back to a four-point deficit, but Lee held on for the win. Sanderson, a freshman from Good Springs, Tenn., led Trevecca with 16 points. Teammates Fred Harris and Roosevelt Burrell each had 12. Above left: Dr. Z and Coach B. almost never see eye-to-eye, especially during Picture Day. Above right: johnny "Olaph" Reynolds hammers a slam dunk to impress the Picture Day gathering of sportswriters and photographers. Right: Trevecca's always loyal, always vocal fans, show why they've earned their nickname, "The Zoo." 200 Times Change for Trevecca It didn't take long for Ron Bargatze and his Trevecca Nazarene Machine to discover the difference in winning and losing. The coach and his squad returned to the Trevecca campus from Lip- scomb's McQuiddy Gym Saturday night after a rousing 70-64 over the Bi- sons, and met an unexpected wel- coming party. They were greeted by a boisterous crowd of about 200 Trevecca stu- dents-and the flashing blue lights of the Metro Police. The students were gathered to cele- brate the Trojans' upset victory over Lipscomb, the first win ever over the city rivals. The police were on hand because some concerned residents of the nearby T. Towers mistakenly thought some trouble was brewing with the strange late-night congregation. Celebrations did not use to come of- ten at Trevecca. "It's sort of an awakening," said Bar- gatze, whose squad lost its first four games this season, including one to Lipscomb last week. "The people at Trevecca have been starved for a team to do well. This really means a lot to them. They're really excited." Bill Green, the Trevecca athletic direc- tor, called it the biggest win ever for a Trojan team. X5 fiyllli? 3 ' a ' fx ' ,nib-:" The game lay mainly in the hands of freshman point guard Brad Whitlow, who hit 18 of 18 free throws and had a game-high 26 points. But Bargatze pointed to the psycho- logical edge of inserting senior Gary Van Atta into the starting lineup, creating an aggressive attitude for the young Trojans. 'Other standouts were Greg Pemberton, guard Fred Harris, and seven-footer Don fDr. Zi Zeiler, who produced some key blocked shots. Left: Sophomore Roosevelt Burrell gets ready to lock on to a rebound as Don Zeller comes down court to the scene of action. Above: Cheerleader Kay Mills stirs up a little noise during a Trevecca home game ' 'N ' 201 Quick Starts By Trevecca Defeat CBC Trevecca Nazarene spoiled homecoming for Christian Broth- ers College February 4 in De LaSalle Gym before 1,600 with an easy 77-61 victory. The Trojans, in their fifth season as a member of the Volunteer State Athletic Conference's Western Division, are making waves under new coach Ron Bargatze. "We have a young ball club," said Bargatze, "But we're im- proving. I started four freshmen today." Trevecca has 9 fresh- men on a 14-player roster. The win kept the Trojans in fourth place in the West with a 5-4 record and only a game off .500 at 12-13 overall. CBC slipped to sixth in the league with a 4-6 record, 5-15 overall. For a half CBC stayed in the game, trailing only 26-24 at inter- mission after Trevecca had jumped into an 8-0 lead. The Trojans opened the second half with another 8-0 spurt and this time CBC had had enough. Everything was downhill after that. "I told them and told them to move and pass the ball around," said CBC coach joe Nadicksbernd. "I said they could get the ball inside and score, but they were content to do what they wanted to do." Only two Bucs managed to hit double figures as jeff Sanders and Scott Santoro dropped in 27 and 10 points. Sanders was named the game's most valuable player. "One man just can't carry the load," said Bargatze about Sanders. "You can't depend on Sanders to do it all." The Trojans' Fred Harris wrecked the Bucs with 31 points, 23 coming in the second half. "He's tough when it comes to one-on-one," said Bargatze of Harris. "That's why we put him down low the second half." Most of Harris' scores came from the baseline, or at the free throw line. Brad Whitlow and Mike Sanderson each had 14 points as Tre- vecca shot a blistering 56.3 percent compared to CBC's 44.4 percentage. . Y. . ...,..?f W.-- ., .-,., 4 Top right: Pep band members, Dave Graesar, Dwight Gunter, Fred Surges, Susan Strickland and Brenda Peterson keep up the noise level that's such a part of Trevecca home games. Right: Freshman Greg Pemberton arches a jumper as Roosevelt Burrell and Mike Sanderson guard the glass for rebounding positions. Above: Rob Morris takes a break before the big game. -ik -1 1, -Q Q . J 1" i . -1 Pi ni W-' , , I ,, 5,4-f . rs: ,i Iwi" liz ti. in , ,am , 1 -'S s -Q F w I I 5 - 5 tr 'fn' 1 i r S Y I-4 Q . wry F? .,Y., tr -,. mfg' 4. ,- ,.. A. f, W ...., 7, FALL., E he 3 1. .l .A P941 Fil!! . --in N , 417' rf' V-.MM g ,- ers., 5.51. J,.....,,,...-, i' "'+-lu no -tll 4 . -A -.. ,5 t, .. ,i "-51-,,,.: 1 . ' V -' 1,3-1 4 r . .. 1 rn T, .V t,-,.'.,i l X . V-rf 5 'T-.:- V ""1-':.- "H-f. '1 .g.iJ..'-gay. .x,.g1,. ,ff f .1 sit 4173341 - f' I:f"x1c u'L"1'x:gj-. sfiffe 51. . . t ' ':31l5fF3Z'1:ii E' Qr3".'.9j Lf - 1'1"-g.jf'k.-, gil . 1,4457 ' Sxzfzi- - -4 -Sus. ' -no If V april, i lgiffl ' "" 'I ' I in .-:Piggy I ,ur i '?r-f-- 9 Y 'il - x A .v f, ,5,, , A. ff' l tl A f .l ,, I ,..,4 fi if it ,- 'V K ye t ! " LJ: 1. " 1 if ' . li 5 ' l Top left to right: Calvin "Offense" Holmes sets his sights on a free throw . . . turns it loose . . . and gets the desired effect. Left: Mike Sanderson passes down to the low post while an opposing player blocks his path to the basket. Enemy defenses couIdn't contain the lanky forward as "Satch"averaged15.8 points percontest. Above: After being ignored for years by local television, the Trojans became T.V. stars as sights like these became more and more frequent during Trevecca home games. 203 ,. - -3.1. . 1' -f. . ,--9,-, g-gs . Ham. f " ws --2-2'?'3-'-. "!..krt..u.m' tar . :'.' '-itfgnwg-. "V L Top left: Trevecca needed a little help as they prepared for Belmont, so to the rescue came "Super Trojan," really mild- mannered Shervvyn Nabors. Super Trojan delighted fans for most of the season with his flying antics and his go-rilla dunks. Above: Frosh point guard Brad Whitlow directs a teammate while maintaining his dribble against Belmont's Ricardo Patton. Whitlow, from Bowling Green, Ky., lead the team in assists with 135. 204 Trevecca Claims Historic Win The sign outside the Trevecca dressing room read: 'Our record against Belmont is 0-1 7'. But the sign came down one memorable night. The Trojans' Nazarene Machine slpilled the city rival Rebels 73-70 t at night in a fast and furious con- test at the cramped Trevecca Gym. It was an historic win for coach Ron Bargatze's squad, marking the first victory over Belmont since the two schools started playing each other 10 years ago. I But it wasnt easy. Trevecca found itself in a nip-and- tuck affair with the sharp-shooting Rebels and had to display a brilliant bit of markmanship of their own. Trevecca hit a sizzling 63 percent from the field for the game, top- ping a 52 Jnercent effort by the dis- appointe Rebels. Trevecca hit 60 percent in the first half, but still trailed by one Q41-40j. The win avenged an earlier loss to Belmont this season and matched the first win over another city rival, Lipscomb, early this season. The Trojans got a balanced effort from its offensive performers. lu- nior guard Fred Harris led the team with 16 points. Freshman Mike Sanderson added 15, Greg Pem- berton 14, Brad Whitlow 12, and Calvin Holmes 10. Greg Pemberton takes to the air to claim a jump ball against Belmont's Harrison Crabtree. Pemberton's 11 points were a vital factor in Trevecca's first-ever win over the Rebels, a 73-70 decision. Trevecca Works 4 0Ts To get .500 Mark First-year Coach Ron Bargatze and his Trevecca Trojans waited 28 games to get back to the point they started at fsame number of wins and lossesj, so a little thing like four overtimes didn't bother them. It took FOUR overtimes before Trevecca's Calvin Holmes canned a jump shot with two seconds left to defeat intra-city rival Belmont 76- 74. 8 p.m.-Ball game starts. 8:32-Sanderson, the game's lead- ing scorer with 28, hits his 14th point of the first half and starts Tre- vecca on a six-point spurt that pushes it ahead 29-27. 8:36-Half ends 29-28. 8:59-Second half starts. 9:18-Harris, 21 points despite a sleepless night because of father's death, hits a jumper to put Tre- vecca up 40-38. 9:19-Trevecca goes to the four- corner to protect lead and re- sponds by scoring 11 of the next 17 points to lead 51-44 with 5:39 left. 9:28-Belmont's lay Stapp, 15 points and 11 rebounds, scores and the Rebels press full court. 9:35-Belmont down 52-50 with ball and 58 seconds left. Time out. 9:37-Ricardo Patton, 17 points, fol- lows up his missed shot and scores to tie it at 52 and game goes into overtime. 9:41 -Patton makes it 58-52 and the Rebs appear to have it but three straight misses on one-and-one QBC hit 10 of 18 from the linej gives Trevecca a chance. ' 9:45-Roosevelt Burrell hits two free shots to tie it at 58 with 42 sec- onds left and Belmont's last-ditch effort fails. No. 2. F - ..s. 1 'S-,Q lI'f 'P . 5. K' .htg A fvinuu' . - ' , .. If there's safety in numbers, then Trevecca's safe under the board with Brad Whitlow f14j, Greg Pemberton f31j, Fred Harris Q15j, johnny Reynods Q25j, and Mike Sanderson t22j. 9:55-Randy Salyers hits two free throws and Belmont leads 62-59 with 1:50 left. But Trevecca ties it on Steve Thompson's crib shot as Bargatze's lapel carnation wilts. No. 3. 10:13-Salyers drops in a short jumper to make it 68-66 and Tre- vecca calls time with five seconds left. 10:15-Brad Whitlow trips, but lunges to tap ball to Harris who throws up a 40-footer. BINGO. No. 4. 10:27-Sanderson breaks 72-72 tie with a tip-in, but Stapp answers with a lay-up and TNC takes time with 10 seconds left. 10:29-Holmes drives to the middle and drops in the 10-foot winner that sends Trevecca fans into jubi- lation. of I 205 an +9 L -fi ' lx! . - :- if .. I E Season Ends 14-18 "Those kids came a long way in a short time." That's how first year head coach Ron Bargatze summa- rized the 14-18 record of his youthful Trevecca Trojans. Nine of the fourteen players on the Trojan roster were freshmen with senior Gary Van Atta being the ranking member of thee unit. Transfer Fred Harris supplied the spark and leadership for Bargatze's crew. Christened the "Nehi Grape" by one sportswriter in Nash- ville, the Trojans won a place in the hearts of their fans as well as the local sports pages with their hustle and never- failing desire. After a rocky 0-4 start, the former Vandy assistant got his first win as college head 'vig ily -. coach by downing arch-rival David Lipscomb 70-64 on the Bison's home court. The win, Trevecca's first ever over D.L.C., touched off a mass student celebration in front of the Phys. Ed. Center. Others firsts for the year in- cluded whipping cross-town rival Belmont not just once, but twice during the season, breaking a long losing streak to the Rebels. Bar atze's troops broke even in 'ie Vol- unteers State Athletic Confer- " 1 .Y . U. i Q sa Q .Mya 'A rats, f - , . "1 'lla has I ,. -1 ' Q.,-. :T i l vu- ence with a 7-7 mark. Probably the highlight of the season came February 12, as Trevecca and Belmont slugged it out through regu- lation time and four over- times before the "miracle Trojans" pulled out a 76-74 heart-stopping win, on Calvin Holmes basket. Harris, who was a question- able starter because of the death of his father the night before, made the miracle possible with a 55 foot jumper at the end of the first overtime to tie the game. Harris ended the marathon night with 21 points, trailing only teammate Mike Sand- erson's 28. The Trojans lost their next four games, including loss to Belmont in the first round of the V.S.A.C. tournament to wind up at 14-18. Bargatze built his team with mostly Nashville-area players as only two, Brad Whitlow and Don Zeiler were from outside the state of Tennessee. 14 yr. L. .Q I .J V my . rf- ' I , if " Q.. if ,,V I - J ff R A l 7' H 'I x . C. A ,WHS ' if ,A-Q53 A 3 '33 ,L ' 4 ' 6 ' - A , 5.15 7 ' ,ff f. X A 35., ' 4 'fav No less than eight players on the 78-79 team were from the immediate Nashville area, making the team a real draw- ing card at home. Record- breaking crowds jammed into the tiny T.N.C. gym time and time again to yell for their Trojans. Senior Gary Van Atta sum- med it up best by saying, "The crowd support was out of this world al season long. We had bigger crowds at Lip- scomb and at Belmont than they had. It was a real lea- sure to play for fans like tEat." At times, Bargatze would start a lineup of three and some- times four Freshmen, with Harris as the onl up- perclassman in the lineup. Roosevelt Burrell played ex- ceptionally well in a variety of ro es, both as a small forward and a big guard. Point guards Brad Whitlow and Ca vin Holmes made for a run-and-gun pair. The light- ning quick guards often ran opposing teams ragged on the full-court press and fast break offense. Bigc men Greg Pemberton, Mi e Sanderson and johnny Reynolds along with Harris supplied the bulk of the re- bounding and scoring load throughout the 32 game season. Steve ThomJJson, a 6-7 post player ma e great strides throughout the season in a substitute role. Trevecca had several people play big behind-the-scenes roles in their success story. A --U, L -1 ,B i - rw. Assistant coaches kevin Smith and Terry Compton of- fered their services free of charge and were big helps to Bargatze. james Dyke was a constant friend to the basketball pro- gram, offering advice and counsel to his long-time pal, Bargatze. Marilu White, john Carpo and Brenda Brodien kept up with all the seasonal statistics and helped form a game night crew second to none for schools our size. Trainer Mike Vollman and manager Claude Sturgill were invaluable members of the staff. The non-starters, Lester "Cream" Morris, Lance Smith, Kelly Harned, Larry Smith and Don Zeiler were always hus- tling in practice and in their court appearances. Bargatze, who since season's end has accepted the head coaching job at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, will long be remembered on the Trevecca campus for his outstanding qua ities, not only as a coach but as a man. Trevecca basketball grew out of the cellar of the V.S.A.C. under the leadership of Ron Bargatze and for that, the new respect Trevecca has earned, we'll always be grateful. The "Nehi Grape" are no longer the rookies of Ron Bargatze, but with nine fresh- men coming back for next year, the program has been eft in great shape. P' GAME SCORES TNC Opp S8 Lee College 64 69 Lee College 72 46 Lipscomb 57 59 Belmont 64 70 Lipscomb 64 73 Cumberland 72 54 Lee College 60 68 Southwestern 71 fi 80 Covenant 57 76 Bryan 66 74 Lincoln Mem. 63 58 Bryan 62 85 Messiah 89 78 john Wesley 72 94 Lambuth 103 63 F-Hardeman 55 64 Bethel 72" 71 Union 68 78 LeMoyne-O 79" 73 Belmont 70 57 Southwestern 62 72 C.B.C. 56 81 U. of South 70 87 Lambuth 94" 77 C.B.C. 61 42 Lipscomb 61 78 F-Hardeman 76 76 Belmont 74' 78 Bethel 84 78 LeMoyne-O 88 64 Union 71 59 Belmont 64 'Denotes overtime Final Record 14-18 Step 3 Cheerleaders Step 1 Si Step 2 A A 4 1 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 .-,fn T- -f-1-.5 -Sr ' 1,1-'ii r W4 F 55rf':":'.:f' f ii ,i V, ..-,.-1 , ,,.,:l,5. 5 iz fi -. f.,-4 , . 'lj ' vn"'l I .3-:rii F ' rf 210 I Men's Tenni , V , N U V 1 1 S' Y ,J I H I r' I 1. N, 1 P .2901 A . gl AY-,,A I f' I' N nu -.W . 5 '17 'Q -n, 7:25 l 'ffff lun'-if i i .qw- K 0 f 'f , K Left to right: Tony Lindsley, Ron Blankenship, Lester Ford, Tony Sircy, Dan Gray, Greg Daily, Coach Alan Smith FQ I SINGLES Toby Ronnie Tony Greg Danny Lester TOTALS W-L 8-11 11-9 11 -10 8-12 8-11 13-7 59-60 FINAL SEASONAL STATISTICS PLUS VSAC TOURNAMENT 6th PLACE Confernce Record: 6-6 Overall Record: 10-8 'KI Games 'XI 3-Sets .421 154- 194 .442 5- 0 .55 199- 179 .526 2- 2 .523 228- 229 .498 2- 3 .40 197- 230 .461 4- 4 .421 215- 231 .482 3- 7 .65 222- 167 .57 3- 3 .495 1215-1230 .496 19-19 -..... Unix, f M' Coach Alan Smith and his No. 1 player, Toby Sircy and No. 2, Ron Blankenship Tie-Breakers 1- 1 1- 4 - O- 3 2- 1 4- 1 8-10 ,hah vw -1 .. f J 1 "- Wa mi l.4li.'1.5'f. e --- 'N gf----'ffl 5 -155' If-, l' l' -A., -.5-freak: edt fo.-27'-"Q Q-.1 ,ff ,ff 5 . i 4 gil se 1 Q 414' 4 1 XS 'Hr-..... Toby Sircy .Lf Greg Daily Doubles Toby Sircey Ronnie Blankenship Greg Daily Danny Gray D-L Tony Lindsley Lester Ford T-G Totals 212 1 W-L 8-11 8-9 0-1 1 0-8 1 -0 27-29 -'K l , J, , E . "- -x-, V ,,.--.L-V V i' -lr f, Q:-Q-'Lia off' -:H ,gf gf "or : WMF ',!f:,.i 5 ll hj 1' E in : 7 -9- 1 ' -'g .' l 'fI5v5,'.1l-. 5 ' . ' A , I 'D .. ' f - 'T ' 1 ' "rl-if 1 .gala it Q,.i3.f1w?. wi?" "1isfi:aa.'2?i55.f1 - ' .' f"l1"' 53, 'N ' -'i1'5l11lil' "lk ,7 - f 1 ' if g ,aw ,g 5 -9 , . ..l. ilpklgji . I , 4 3 it 6512'--' Y , I as ii? ', .T ' A K- . .grtgf .i . V. if 7 ' xy 4 E L--4 .J . Ronnie Blankenship Tony Lindsley Percent .421 .470 .555 .1 00 .482 -N"" ---.. Danny Gray Games 209-216 201 -197 4-12 187-180 12-7 608-61 2 .-.f"' - .4 2 K . Lester Ford Percent 3-Sets Tie-Breakers .491 3-4 1 -4 .505 2-5 0-3 .250 -- -- .513 4-1 4-2 .630 -- -- .498 9-10 5-9 Women's Tennis Q11 1Left to rightj Kim Anderson, Lil Fortner, Dana Turner, Ruth Herring, Carol Ernest, Patti Carroll, Coach Niel Nielson Best season record Best tournament record Best overall record Best games wonflost fseasonj Best games wonflost ttournamentj Best games won! lost toverallj Best tiebreaker record Best 3-set record Women's Tennis Stats 1979 Singles K. Anderson 11-0 K. Anderson 3-0 K. Anderson 14-0 K. Anderson 114-44 17220 K. Anderson 38-16 174771 K. Anderson 152-60 17221 D. Turner 2-1 C. Ernest 2-0 K. Anderson 2-0 D. Turner 2-0 Doubles Ernest-Carroll 10-0 Anderson-Fortner 3-0 Ernest- Carroll 3-0 Ernest-Carroll 1 3-0 Ernest-Carroll127-71 16420 Ernest-Carroll 40-20 166211 Ernest-Carroll167-91 465711 Herring-Wight 3-0 Ernest-Carroll 5-0 +Wi fff Ht-Y ' ,,vV' ,. 4. gel. l ..f-.4-0-- -71.-. -f-r .. gf-, ,c '. . ,Y- "rf-v .,,x., .a , -. " .4s.., 4 -or 'Q 213 Trevecca Women Claim VSAC Tennis Crown E' . ll . Q, W, . A w,- Singles it 1 -Carol Ernest i112-Kim Anderson W3-Lil Fortner 44-Ruth Herring fl-i5-Patti Carroll 46-Dana Turner 416-Carol Wight Totals Doubles 4121 -Anderson-Fortner 1752-Ernest-Carroll W3-Herring-Turner il:3-Herring-Wight 31 -Anderson-Herring 412-Herring-Carroll Totals Overall lsingles 84 doublesj 214 Season Record 8-3 11 -0 4-7 9-2 7-4 3-5 1-2 43-23 6-4 10-0 4-3 2-0 1-0 1-0 24-7 67-30 jackson-Winning one singles and two doubles titles yesterday, the women's tennis team of Nashville's Trevecca Col- lege won the 1979 Volunteer State Ath- letic Conference women's tennis tournament. Trevecca scored 26 team points while Crosstown rival Belmont College of Nashville was the runnerup with 23 points. Kim Anderson of Trevecca won the No. 2 singles title by besting Karen McWhirter of Union 2-6, 6-2, 6-1. Ander- son then teamed with Lil Fortner for the No. 1 double crown and the duo of Carol Ernest and Patti Carroll won the No. 2 title. I Carol Ernest Kim Anderson Women's Tennis Stats 1979 Season 8: 2, Tournament 2, 732, 10-4 712, 1 002, 14-0 1 002, 362, 5-8 382, 822, 11 -3 792, 642, 8-5 622, 382, 4-6 402, 332, 1 -2 332, 652, 53-28 652, 602, 9-4 692, 1 002, 13-0 1002, 572, 5-4 562, 1002, 2-0 1002, 1 002, 1002, 772, 29-8 782, 692, 82-36 692, ls Q' if l Aii' N., .,-- J-+ TiQ114f7lil1Q1iQlfll li l Jiri? ll-Trulia -l'st'l'tl:j T T l T ll? la, tefrsssfslil 4 4 i alllat--ll-,,ir:ll-slits, 2nd in conf. tournament 1st in conf. tournament 3rd in conf. tournament 2nd in conf. tournament 3rd in conf. tournament 3rd in conf. tournament Lil Fortner Patti Carroll Singles 41 -Carol Ernest 112-Kim Anderson 43-Lil Fortner W4-Ruth Herring :FFS-Patti Carroll 46-Dana Turner 4126-Carol Wight Totals Game Record 1 04-65 1 1 4-44 75-80 1 25-80 1 22-75 65-79 27-34 633-457 Ruth Herring 'Za 62'Z, 72'Z, 49'Zw 61 'Xa 627, 4579 44'X, 587, Carol Wight Game Rec. fincl. tourn.j 1 37-90 152-60 1 02-102 1 53-1 O0 1 43-91 84-107 Same 771-550 A.. 'Xi 602 727, 50'Z1 607, 61 'Xi 4471 58'Za Tia Activities: A Summary Women: First-Beta Volleyball Second-Alpha and Delta Third-Gamma Men's: - First- Delta Second-Alpha and Beta Third-Gamma Coed: First- Delta Second-Beta and Gamma Third-Alpha 216 Basketball Women: First-Beta Second-Gamma Third-Delta Fourth-Alpha A League: First-Alpha Second-Gamma Third-Delta Fourth- Beta B League: First-Alpha Second-Gamma Third-Beta Fourth-Delta Individual Awards Women's Volleyball: Sportsmanship-Marci Fitzgerald Most Valuable-ludy Johnston Men's Volleyball: Sportsmanship-Wes Schaffer Most Valuable-Faoa Faalupega Women's Basketball: Sportsmanship-Teresa Prevatt Most Valuable-Patti Carroll Men's Basketball: A LEAGUE Sportsmanship Most Valuable- B LEAGUE Sportsmanship Most Valuable- Football: Bob Davis Ken Carruthers Mike johnson' Gary Sloan Sportsmanship and Most Valuable-Bobby Milburn MR. TIA-Wes Schaffer MISS TIA-Brenda Brodien iris- Racquetball Open Mixed Doubles Wes Schaffer! Brenda Brodien College Mixed Doubles Schaffer! Brodien College Women's Doubles loy Seals! Cindy Baumgartner Open Women's Double No Winner Women's Single Open-Cindy Baumgartner College-No Winner Open 84 College Doubles Marc Vann!Wes Schaffer College Men's Single 81 Open Wes Schaffer Tennis College Men's Doubles Lester Ford!Wes Schaffer College Men's Singles Lester Ford Open Men's Doubles Morris Stocks! Randy Carden Open Men's Singles Randy Carden Faculty Basketball , I 158141 Hi fi E ' W ,T T f ' A 'M A rift. 4 .n if, R , fr! - . 1 in - V K ii R .J, " We not only meet our professors in the classroom, but also a church in Sunday School, the choir, and etc. And here on the gym the teacher relates to the student in a competitive way fthen the students hear complaints of sore muscles in classy. The top picture has Niel Nielson, Philosophy professor, john Stark of Career Planning, and lim Quiggins, Chairman of Communications. The lower photograph captures the tough competition between Niel Nielson and Odean Baker. 217 . V ' V A 'T 45. Jll ' 1 The Trevecca Trojans of Coach Bill Green proudly pose with their second straight V.S.A.C. Championship Banner. The Trojans who finished 20- 20 overall also posted a second-place district mark, behind eventual National Champion David Lipscomb. Left to right are Coach Green, Dave McGuire, jimmy Mason, Rob Irwin, Greg Gunnells, Mike Vollman, Rick Brenner, Bob Amity, jay Patrick, Tab Taylor, Kevin Sanderson, Terry johnson, Mike McAdams, David Masencup, Roosevelt Burrell, Mike Rohlmier, lim Williams, Randy Burgeft, Troy Whitley, Dennis Otto, Billy Miles, Tommy Bryan, and Rick Gladhill. 1 Trevecca Nazarene College Final Baseball Stats 1 979 5-1 1 -79 OVERALL w20 vsAc W10 vsAcm vv 1 NAIAQTQ vv 3 NAM E p Q AB R H B A PQ A 3 FA 28 1272 249 339 867 955 348 92 934 D. one 6 40 141 26 32 227 54 82 24 050 B. Amity 4 24 84 14 24 286 16 13 1000 2B 3B HR TB SB Sac HP BB SO RBI DP LOB R. Irwin 0 40 143 37 46 322 05 3 9 906 6 1 2 46 3-6 4 2 32 24 24 33 M. McAdams 3 38 127 26 31 244 193 16 6 972 4 2 34 3-3 1 3 3 17 20 G. Gunnells 5 40 154 25 46 299 45 77 12 910 9 3 5 76 3-3 3 2 23 24 20 33 l. Williams 9 40 149 36 44 295 48 3 9 050 5 1 4 50 0-1 3 2 33 17 16 39 R. Gladhill 2 40 134 25 38 284 268 24 6 980 6 1 2 60 3-3 4 1 20 20 26 40 M. Rohlmeier 7 24 43 7 7 163 24 5 2 935 3 2 3 59 2-2 10 1 13 19 20 28 T. johnson 4 34 104 23 26 250 94 60 11 924 7 0 69 20 23 29 33 T. Taylor DH 29 101 14 25 248 78 7 1 988 7 1-2 2 2 21 7 6 33 R. Burrell 7 27 68 14 16 235 42 2 6 080 6 42 0-6 6 2 16 9 12 30 B. Whitlow 6 0 20 2 4 200 7 1000 1 2 32 1-1 2 1 20 18 1 7 27 D. Masencup 9 2 1 2 26 5-5 2 1 15 29 6 18 li Mason 5 1 7 2 13 2 1 R. Burgett 1 3 25 2 943 B. Miles 1 8 12 2 909 1. Patrick 1 1 12 1000 T. Whitley 1 1 3 1000 K. Sanderson 1 3 2 3 2 71 4 R. Brenner 1 1 1 1 1000 1 49 9 31 506 29-34 45 14 128 207 211 338 218 .gi Below: Shortstop Dennis Otto takes to the air to try and haul in a wild throw against National Champion David Lipscomb. Above right: Senior hurler jay Patrick of Nashville loosens up in the bullpen during the V.S.A.C. Tournament. Above left: Second baseman Terry johnson readies himself for the pitch during the Trojans V.S.A.C. Tournament win against Tennessee Wesleyan. ' ' .- flaw YIEIQ ' ,, " ' ' ff? X. iff, 5A,.FL2,,"f'hl ""'e'.b -'-. mr. lf' -.---.Q ,,, fa- - . . ,t , . . .f 4h,4i.-7,55-Ili, 'f . li: if-A 'A 1 5 - , -H A ff' C A ' if' .-"Zi-, f,"'f' -'Q ' - ' ' .-5-:pi-t'7'2 up 1.1-Q ' I' ', -f -fr'-:ar-dv f 3,193-'Q-'g". 1 K ' r- -1 fffi. . i ii' . Q . V P H437 :V f "' X 4 J' 'AQ-4 Q! ' 'Mamie if ::,. - "+?'E4m"-E ,ta-P Liu ,. sX15,s. ,. ' '1-:W eir-vsel - . 1 . ' ,t hy 45,-5, V-' ,:.. -. - . 1 Emotions Peaked As 1 NAIA Came Near "Three-cornered emotion" is how one of the coaches in the NAIA district baseball tournament sized up the college event at Lipscomb. The three corners-Belmont, Lipscomb and Trevecca-had plenty of reasons for excite- ment as the double-elimination event opened Wednesday. The trio of city rivals have all made the District 24 showdown, along with a formidable outside foe, Car- son-Newman. "lt's going to be an emotional week," said Trevecca Nazarene coach Bill Green. "Any- time you have three teams from the city in the same tournament like we have, you know it's going to be interesting. lt'lI be three-cornered emotion." Green and his Trojans have been busy con- vincing folks they didn't "back into" the tournament despite their overall losing record Q17-181. Trevecca was declared co- champions of the Volunteer State Athletic Conference when rains washed out the final two rounds, leaving the Trojans and Carson- Newman as automatic qualifiers for the dis- V trict event. "We played under the same conditions as everyone else in the playoffs," said Green. "We were ready to play. We had already beaten the No. 1 team from the Eastern - . Division." "All I know is our team has won 11 of its last 15 ballgames. We certainly don't think we 4 .. backed up to the pay window." . gg 219 H ' E 'i vi " Ili lflg fi' 'Un - ', l ' . F - - , 1- . 'e-, w I V. H1 a- ,i , J':fl. .: ... ' --- . . . , 4 -T -, 5 ill N -ll-..l'.f,Q.Y.Qfm"W" . , ' ' 'A - all .ll..'.llZ'g.lli:l V fl - "T '4'il',l5' ul 'PER , if, In ' ' , I A ' jfl- ill. 'Q1L""f . , - --1.l"fbFF ' fl , ,. 'liilil ," I V- - " f-'R waz, -Pg - 1 1 V 1E ll ' lll' " . V if--'lt 1 i T, by , . A. 1 gg, . E . 1 Q .. .AME l T zfviwsafrt - ,. H . , i- . "f" ' . yi Q-h4,c,c,T pw- g 52335-1 - 'f ' " , ' ' Q. ' ' . V .f :rf -- -:r'-- . :IH "i-ir' 1- V .H q -.. .'--M-.. "1" ' LQ... Ls.. i,.' 1 g Q '--. - 'B ,, :F ' L'-:nl 7' 31 ' ' -1 -8 A VA - I - I ' 1 11.1 , -w . 1 ' 'r-1 J- ,, - Y , " .. ' f . Fl -"'E"'i-'J"lV- ul - in : R F4 S5 tT'F ,l 1 X m'TT""fi ,a..5""1 "' it F' - V . ,. 1 ---- A -' '- - - -'rw-L r-L1 --. ft '-1 - -. , . . 1 Q . .. V N----....!y- 5- m , , , I , V. - , ,,-..."--- W' it - -s 1 'H .1 -V . - .. 1 ' ll 315 ' 4.-rf ' 'V--:xr-of ' . .A , FP -C, ' ,,g:, -fr I u ' - , --- er -H:-'R ' '- -- - - U an-If 'T-t'!l.f'1 Q seg-1 ! 45' ' 5' - --J-1' '--- -- --za--f' -- - -V -V 'V ', ' ,," fi, - 1251 l' , " x ,.-, f" , " IL.-Q. I ' V fi' gi L jf' 353.,-,!:!,.,. 45,233 h Y sn. ..L. .-,-.--Qgigaw, . ' V 'AY' ' - "'f"f'+13"'-V?.f'1'-1 g4?L.T'5Tf3feT ...f'T3'9f4Z-i'- ' f . ' ii' ' 1 , , , V gy- ,.,, ,, . . . ith .,a, ,,... i .-. , . .441 - ,, - f, - was -, 1 - .,,::, , , V't-'15--wg.gwf-it r .i 72 ,e -' - - .:1.7.., ,-, 'V 17 , .1-4 I .5 - . . -V ,, 'A - f- "J 'Q ?e r"V""'fi :l iz -Riwff-f a ' 'W - -5' A' ' f - . .f. 1- -4 -4, 4- ' en'-2 --4-fr - ' 'I v x M . - ":""ME-LQ " si-2-ew - -- .- - V - s.. -- 4- .1 . '. -:-f ' - . f-W".'3 '- V '- at 3 L I at g .V . N .K-,LQ1.Jg:.A:'idx:-'A' wg 5'-,,y.. 1 4.,,r' -..,-xg iv, 5 - .1 gi: .N Y -. . . ' - 'T' .. i , , ,gwrw '. .- F'-'S ' 36' 555' - 4- : JA.-ff?-.5 1 R1 --J - 'V . ,M , - Vw., ,..,,g!g11. ,,fV..r. v , wr 1, --4-','rfVJ--., , - ze. - , -A -. :-.-.4 ' -- , ..,,3-- , Q.. , -L, I karl-I. ,rj r ,gy Q- 4 51. ?e'93?Ta-2 . "' X E -...e....--V W' 3+1QeS'1.iut.1 fa 1 ff VF' 1 1:5213 . fee- ,. Nl- ' , --- ,s-. ,L . f" --u ,.t1..a:a-Q.1'l5f' 1 . ,A ' .- '- , .1 T f-?S2. -. :s'V v '-1- - :wmfs-1-1- 1 .. " - - ' - . -' 1, L 5 U -- 1 s a- .M - ' -- A P-551 Vg: fra, .W-' f e. 7Q!f'J -, .uc- 1. , -. :2'f15-'SJr2 5'S4 ,e4f.vQ'.l','f'51f'fQ':'f':?4l2gEfZ Magi - A xr .. ,I L - , mvwgd : ew 1.9 V , I. I - -4 B , i . - -.- if I ,gif -- f l--f f," f. M -,.,tg,6 . Q -H. ' 1 ..-A Lex 1.1-fi,-'I -. 65 ". fy5f1,. - --" -. Vw - -f-- -." H- sin' f -1? -1 .A Vu., . -M --M:'?33,v . V . v w-494' . -- ewan. -:war .4 .e-. -1' f. X I , 5 f 4g,. U.' -- V s .. . H, ,gf , . . K , M, mqhxf- E 1' J 1 --.. i'i'?Hf Q.v'V . ff1' t?f:: - .Y V y-..s.,f:zfQ:Q..yu.' 'V.- " l ' mi , .- V -tw 7 V- ' "fe ., . , ' W V .glut .A - : E . v-y "t- ' fw,ggiIPw.1. H J . ,,,r3h . .- . A., 4!,.h:,,,,d,g-Z3 sf'-.ff-'.fV, , - ' "'1..,.- ' -. lil livin' 'F gs- .1-.,, ,X , ' V - - 'X ' 1, , M,-, , 1 , ,, ., , ,441-4 , , -, r... 4 . , .,.,. 2 'f't1"x"'j55'-.,.ff'4 f, , 1- -" ' Q get f' ' '-' ' N 'f-4 - jf-045' p 'rt - ,, . tru ' 'V'1fi':l','4:l-. 11':vm'31Vf fy L Q f I-1 ' ' F ni' -if A A' 'A ' - c ., 1 in .. - 'V -"t rn- ' f?5'M q .. a.. '-C51- slifvf.-Jn' ..,...-IL? H '- Trevecca Wins In VSAC Meet Trevecca, defending tournament champion, outscored Tennessee Wesleyan 17-8 in its opening game. Tennessee Wesleyan was eliminated from the tournament by Belmont 9-8 in a 13 inning game. Rick Gladhill, Trevecca catcher, belted two homers and drove in four runs as the Trojans pounded out 18 hits. Rob lnfvin, Tab Taylor and Greg Gunnells also smashed home runs. lnfvin went 4-for-6 and Gunnells had three hits. Randy Burgett coasted to the victory, allowing 14 hits as he improved his record to 5-3. 220 Above left: Coach Green paces the sideline during a hectic moment against Belmont. Above right: Crowd support was a big factor in Trevecca's extra inning win over the Belmont Rebels late in the season. Above: junior Randy .Burgett follows through as third baseman Greg Gunnells looks on. 'L A.. c I ii x . T vw.. X s jg, fr 1 ' If f "" 1 f,'f',fL, . Q - .f QQ! ,X I V ,. ' vi -. Left: The invaluable Roosevelt Burrell attempts to drop a bunt against Tennessee Wesleyan in the V.S.A.C. Tournament. Burrell won a starting position mid-way during the season and was a standout performer. Below: Pitcher and sometimes first base coach Billy Miles offers a word of advice to Dennis Otto after an RBI double against Tennessee Wesleyan. Bottom: junior College transfer Greg Gunnells, shown here batting against Belmont, was a solid fielder and a clutch hitter for the V.S.A.C. Champion Trojans. ll s .,.-.hd . ,., 1 . , . -'iff ...- .1. 1 .. K4 1 4. . ,I b V . A wr, .l - 1 -Q.--.. '- T Si., -- . . Q .ts x Ml ., -. X . ,. 1 .XE . 1,5 ,. -' ' . L. ' ' ' "' ' fit" -- . . . - J Y W Q H. PITCHING R. Burgett QRQ B. Miles QRJ 1. Patrick QLQ R. Brenner KRQ K. Sanderson fRj T. Whitley QLJ D. Otto KRJ l. Williams IRQ Totals L SA IP 4 91!1 3 6312 4 57!1 2 11f1 2 45 4 3272 3X1 1 1672 20 20 321 X1 Pitching Stats AB R 402 46 39 3.84 49 88 293 48 34 4.81 25 44 260 44 23 3.61 30 34 64 20 1 713.50 9 5 191 24 1 6 3.20 15 42 1 74 36 21 5.79 33 18 18 4 4 1 0.81 5 4 78 1 2 7 3.78 6 19 1 480 234 161 4.51 1 72 254 ER ERA BB SOWP H 75 77 58 23 38 37 3 19 330 2 1 55 61 39 17 33 32 2 12 53 .ft 1 R ,S XX x left top: Veteran centerfielder Rob Irwin steps in against David Lipscomb as Rick Gladhill ton deckj and a throng of fans look on during the N.A.l.A. District Tournament Trevecca finished second in the tournament, losing only to eventual National Champ Lipscomb left bottom: Randy Burgett cuts loose against an unfortunate batter. The Nashville native led the nation in total strike outs as a sophomore, and was Trevecca's leading strikeout artist with 88 above: Former Trevecca All-American Kenny tK.T.J Thomas returned to the Trevecca uniform this season, not as a player, but as a volunteer assistant coach. Thomas, now a Metro Nashville policeman, has his uniform number U91 retired after a glorious three year career Trevecca Stays Alive, Belmout Gut In NAIA Trevecca and Belmont made the first day of the NAIA District 24 baseball tournament look like ex- actly what it was-survival of the fittest. When the last out was made after 27 innings of play at Lipscomb's Onion Dell, three teams were left standing. Belmont was eliminated from the three-day event. Carson-Newman opened the pro- ceedings with a dramatic 6-5 win over Belmont, a harrowing affair which saw a three-run ninth inning rally by the Rebels end abruptly with the bases loaded. Lipscomb humbled Trevecca 8-0 in the second game, displaying a home run barrage that included a towering grand slam by Mike Cunningham. Then Trevecca bounced back with a 6-1 victory over Belmont behind the seven-hit pitching of right- hander Billy Miles, ending the sea- son of Coach Dave Whitten's Rebels. Lipscomb, looking to repeat as champion of the district playoff it has owned throughout the past decade, rang its bats the loudest. The Bisons made the most of eight hits, ripping three home runs off Trevecca hurler Randy Burgett as Lipscomb lefthander Tim Pardue went the distance in an 11-stri- keout performance. Little Terry Moore, a 5-7 freshman infielder, belted the game's first round-tripper over the 330-foot mark of the temporary picket fence stretched around left field. Cun- ningham highlighted a five-run fifth-inning rally with his first grand slam as a Bison, sending the ball high over the 360-foot mark in rightcenter. Designated hitter Steve Baertschi capped the long ball derby with a solo shot down the right field line in the sixth. Trevecca's Miles was no more obliging to the Rebels than Pagula. He went all the way, raising his record to 5-3, and struck out eight Rebel batters. Z ' -'-lf,"- ,ig ml -- fl f - lf. friglz.-LQ , L 'Tr :vi .f 5-wr .7 - , A-.'f.,x'.5,..i i'N.""'-'7"'.uA.-. f..s'f' ,J -fb. -- - - - ..r- wr.. 4,,D :s.s-. Above: Four year man Terry johnson takes a spill on the base pam against Belmont. johnson overcame a shoulder separation mid-way through the season to regain his starting position at second base. Above left: Pitcher-first base coach Billy Miles offers congratulations to Mike McAdams after "Mac" hammered a single in the V.S.A.C. Tournament. Miles also has a cute smile for the cameraman. ' 223 Trevecca otches Highest District Ranking . av n.-tif?-Q . M, N ,- gg., Na' - . 5. 4 ra Right: Coach Green takes a break during practice to show off an interesting sidelight, his yo-yo talent. Above right: Trojan Kevin tChincoJ Sanderson, jay Patrick, Tab Taylor and Troy Whitley make up the bullpen. All are pitchers with the exception of Taylor, who designated himself "pitching coach" during the V.S.A.C. Tournament. Tab also supplied a monster homer to brighten the faces of the Trojan pitching staff. Above: Lipscomb's Mteve Liddle applies the tag while lim Williams takes it on the chin. Looking on are Greg Gunnells, the man-in-blue, and Tab Taylor. Top Left: Sub jimmy Mason is a study in concentration during a Trojan game. The Freshman established himself as the team's trivia expert and number one batting practice pitcher while playing behind Cunnells at third. 224 :- bl 4 . ' fw .u- r I i '1 nn- .4." L' 5 iw if ' .,. Y,7,,,,Jfk: , A fl' 'flE'7L:4?1l'7' 4 f. .-. - mt ' rg--g ,-V.,--, '. ' Lwufffzf 'l' 11:5-nf .r ..,J6"F-' '.',.-,.:g.i.,1s :QD 1Z':f::+' r. in - .',n- 'qi' 1-,j , ,.. ' f 1 .. ' 1 gr.-,-l-f f,'..',9.g . .',-.. ,',,UI,fiW, I f. Y I1 Hr-, ig :Z-Z-sr-:f.fiss?I'iii.4i. i IN." I i-.n.A.. .. vi" 1 , ,., b.,,,.-. rl., 11. .' - ' 5 ,, f - it .,-,1.:,:,13-llifigil i . 4 I :l', 1 "HV, A355 . nh,-l'v gi 1 1v55f1fyg'fn:""' ' 1 I' - -"if. X , 4 nm... 1 i,. 4 f --X.. , . .'.'.:"5?f2.2If'-' I: kr '."!:1i1'-I". - '.. n..'- .-'.llgfh1,'. if- .' X, ', , . fi, .. lf.-1.4, My.-,. . . new -. , H. i' ,.',-,'1.if'.'f,15' tx Y tw Ali, QQ-QFi:": H- . 1 J" ' so.-i r - ll H if . . . "i"'i':'i 'A1'!'l'-9l5s'.'k-5142-'Ev.'i..'f in 11 s . 'u ,ui i,'I tum-f -uw, - M 91 ' " rl, .U 4---'JH -'3'..'. 'fi"'!fti"QV"i'fin' 3 ' 1 '- l 1 Hill 5iIf:5!,-jig,-,-V 'lg 'til-I -:hill 5 i ,I . Ai.ek!,uvg,iLl1.e.. i'ZQ'.l.- A- .J i Below: Senior Mike McAdams gets himself together before stepping to the plate against Belmont. McAdams, a junior college transfer, split time between first base and designated hitter after spending his junior season at third base. Right: Rob Irwin manages a stolen base against David Lipscomb in the Trojans first-ever win over the Bisons in the semi-finals of the District Tournament. KK I .'g' . X X fl Two in One When people look back on Trevecca baseball years from now, they'll look at that de- ceiving 20-20 record and say, "An average year." Not so folks. According to Bill Green, coach of the Trojans and founder of the baseball pro- gram, "We really had two seasons." ' "We started off at 4-16 and in some terrible shape. But the guys reached down and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to finish the last 20 games of the season in fine fashion with a 16-4 mark." Trevecca also accom- plished several firsts in the 1979 season. The Trojans de- feated David Lipscomb for the first time ever, who by the way, went on to win the Na- tional Championship. Trevecca placed second in the District Tournament, their highest finish in the school's history. Green's bunch brought home their second straight turned to school to post the team's lowest earned run av- erage, and Mike Rhlmier came to Trevecca from Beth- any College to help out in the outfield. junior hurlers Randy Bur- gett and Billy Miles led the team in most wins ffive eachj nl-w I ., Volunteer State Athletic Con- ference Championship after finishing second to Belmont in the always-tough V.S.A.C. Western Division. Other notable achieve- ments include defeating three nationally ranked teams on three straight days in the Dis- trict Toumament. After losing the opening game to host Lipscomb, the Trojans reeled off impressive wins over Bel- mont, Carson-Newman and Lipscomb before bowing to Lipscomb in the finals of the double-elimination tourna- ment. Seniors Rob lrwin, Rick Brenner, jay Patrick, Terry johnson, Mike McAdams, and Troy Whitley supplied the nucleus of the team that surprised all the "experts" and in the words of one local sportswriter "became the most exciting college baseball team in Nashville." Transfers had a large part in the team's success as former junior college players Greg Gunnells, Dennis Otto, jim Williams, and Rick Gladhill earned starting berths. Kevin QChincoj Sanderson straight- ened out his eligibility and re- and were 1-2 in strikeouts. Sophomores Roosevelt Burrell and Bob Amity made vital contributions to the team as Burrell became a golden glove outfielder and Amity led the team in hitting and runs batted in until an ankle injury sidelined him. Tab Taylor filled in at first base and as designated hitter for the Trojans led the club in game winning hits. Freshmen Dave Maencup, Brad Whitlow, and jim Ma- son kept the team loose while gaining valuable experience. Team trainer Mike Vollman and Manager David McGuire helped tie all the loose ends together on what turned out to be the most successful sea- son in Trevecca Baseball his- tory, all things considered. After 10 years, the baseball 'program is on a par with any team in Nashville and the V.S.A.C. The traditional groundwork has been laid for continued baseball success at Trevecca Nazarene College. 225 advertisements Mackey Librar Dr. 1.1. Wheelbarger Director of Learning Resources Ms. Priscilla Merchant Circulation and Periodicals Librarian Mr. Carl Eby Audiovisual Supervisor Mr. Koy Phillips Archivist Mrs. Ray Thrasher Technical Processes Librarian ll ll Donations are appreciated SOUTHEAST EDUCATIONAL ZONE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Sewing Nazarenes in the Southeast Board of Directors: Dr. 1.1. Wheelbarger, President Dr. Ronald Gray, Vice-President Dr. W.D. McGraw, Treasurer Wayne Gallup, Secretary Mrs. Bonnie Rosebrough Dr. Harvey Hendershot Dr. Homer Adams First Church of the Nazarene Decatur, Alabama Ken Michael, Pastor Libbie Sparks Our Student CALVA RY Church of the Nazarene Memphis, Tennessee Our Students L. to R.: Anita Jennings, David Blowers, Linda Blowers, Beverly Waldrip, john Crapo, Carl Crapo 4635 Stage Road Memphis, Tennessee 3812 Phone: 19013 386-8988 Pastor: Rev. Bob C. Viser 228 ,X HIMESVILLE Church of the Nazarene Hwy. 82, Lynchburg Pike Shelbyville, Tennessee - . ' ' Vi it S1T'.PET!IE'f'E'llf'f55W Pastor-Merle M. Mead Christian Life Chm.-Harry E. Phillips NYI President 81 Director of Youth Ministries-Mrs. Annette Woods NWMS President-Mrs. Effie Story Student at Trevecca Ronnie Boswell Pine Haven Church of the Nazarene lamestown, Tennessee Rev. 81 Mrs. Armond Congratulations to the Class of '79 From Albertville Church of the Nazarene Bollinger and Emmett Street Albertville, Misty Wood Collins Shelly Crawford Students First Church of the We love and support our Nazarene Christian College 407 N. Water Avenue Congratulations fo all F Gallatin, Tennessee G raduates Doyle C. Smith, Pastor David Haynes, Director of Music Tommy Hiett, Chairman, Christian Life In appreciation to the former president, Dr. Mark R. Moore, in commendation to the Board of Trustees for selecting a successor with such high qualifications spiritually, academically, and administratively as Dr. Homer l. Adams, and in congratulations to President Adams, the Gallatin Church of the Nazarene pledges its continuing prayers and support to the administration, fac- ulty and student body of TNC. ' And in turn we ask the Administration to train carefully our scholars, to spend conservatively our dollars, and to mold con- sistently Christ's followers in the "faith once delivered to the saints, as taught in the Bible and outlined in the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene." 1 If XX Vx Alabama We are behind you, TNC f" Brian Freeland Anita jackson Students Doyle C. Smith Pastor 229 Princeton Church of the Nazarene Congratulates The Class of '79 I lack K. Stone, Pastor Princeton, Florida First Church of the Nazarene Main and Willow Street Chattanooga, Tennessee john R, Andress, Pastor li I" ls. Q ' - . . 1" "IW ,C Hgf"',ff"f .n any i3 M H Q.-.i -.Q 3-s..fwt ,rdf 'ff' . X ' ii? ' ,. 'rf 13. I X 3' I 31 Mx-R -:ir ,g.f.i,TQi :5 -'xl ,fain- Qi-1 . qs.. :"3.1f . 0 . A Y xR,i MMA Q -+EQiie4Z1'.12f 5'-ff f a ,A ti ,-M " l L 51275 C 9" 53352 -fgff- ' A , -if ,NH ...W 5 -4 14' 1, -A --Q -s , 5 s f f, 1- .J f -5- nnanens EE 'L El m! of mr. 21- A - f-f Fri' f . 2 """ " li """'1""w lil -MP! r '-W-Er 'W 'W .PQ-at in 45 :rr 'CVT' ,mfr tg , my ip I-I if , 'A , -, .Ar ' , Z, L ,-I Y 1, l 151'-,3 5- 3 -S ,S S Fir... 2 X U Z A? -'fii ys' ' -- ,J -T-1 vi i ' 'j j i Ili gr ' A -L ..- - . - ' P - - -. ..:- J31"'9'- Lf, f r -V .:: -'Z' ' , 'J Q - Q' if ft lit., S B- E as gi' '1 , - .G A555 , 5+ - 7, ::: i EI ? no A. ' lug zullllr' ln:-,I ' , "5 QTL NE " "4 "L -'-:E . "Y7lllli"' 5' -:f -1 - 11. , V- , . 23 wifi - f f Eu. V - "tif .il l'l fti,s f ,,?iT lll 4w 'm jlH 2. V14 L f -15.1,-'-:El 'Lf-, , , .V .A ' llhhlxr . ',ifh,. ...,,. N. . lr f .jpgg '. . :I l LL,-'I ,f1,,g:l1:':e-U-bf-:1N:g,,Q,I-.I4 .. 4-"'f 7' -, Sf - ' , -- -"' wrt" ' ' ' C-C 4 .:, ,, ' --i-'jr-1--' Reba Knowles Class of 1979 1979 Trevecca Graduate and faithful member of Chattanooga First Church pmst Cborzcb op the nalanene 285 Victory Dnve Nlarletta Georgna 30060 ,xg 'fuel S Il E N 'X ar r 'QI X " ' Q F SPI' u.IIIQ 7 i 4 LD G 55 I.. ff' Q. I I' I -L LA aa, ' Q4 5'-df-AQ T-1 I 6 II,- tug 7 AH: Lowell T Clyburn OUR TREVECCA STUDENTS TIM KIGER SENIOR BOBBY MILBURN SOPH DEBBIE HARRIS FRESHMAN DONNA HEPPEL FRESHMAN IOAN IONES FRESHMAN 'H ,...r"' dns ., L Pastor Assoclate Music Mm Chairman BCL NYI Pres NWMS Pres Lowell Clyburn Robert E Milburn H Douglas Askew lrm Cheatham Roger Hord Dorothea Dorman BUILDING TO REACH YOUTH NEW FAMILY LIFE CENTER SCOTT KENERLY FRESHMAN I 1' I I L' -kr fl. 11. Q Q UI. Ni . -I gui- A FQ? .gs , 'Q - , 'LS f J 5.5 ' 1" . - - S a S , 'P .. I 'LQ P wif ,I .V Sf , f ,S - I 11 XI- .-:N-T-.-. -. III y Ii 'T'?',qTE ..I I I 1 1, . . F xr . ,AM 44 g - ,, I ,X 'I'3 I I ' r -- IW N 'Fsi?'. I I I 1 ' I I no . V- -A - 4 ' I . 44, 'Y' -ff:-'41 ' I. I , I r' Fin -ISI III' rl P If"1I'Il"" fl' - - . -'L'-.. ' II' ' :I .-S x - I ' . .p-" 4 I -- - . 'I'--... .571-M5 - .1 I T? ' : il' rl ry! - 19 , . I1 'dlgfl FIV' ,- ' 2 , 5 5 df 'p Fr r f - 5 - ' - 'I 1, 'I I 5 . 5 5 ' V l'j .Im . 2 3 2 g I ' ' l' 'V ' , I 2 2 1 2 I I1 ? . I f ' ' , ' . - 1 s 25? U f i 'I . Q f 1 IPM gf sl- 2 I - 2 JP.:- , Ii- T1 i 5 :I - -4- 535' A - , . h as-1-M: L-A If I -, Q65 2 is If ' "T ' ,'I'I' i j ' J.--Y A - I U I . gliff Jasgiailsagl 5 1,15 X A . ' 9 5 ' I I , ,gg at--, 4 af I -ff ko vi' -7 , I tM,1:gj!l3'fT where where where where where There us There really ought to be a college Csomevvhereb munds are tranned and character IS developed the faculty are Buble believing men and women the rlght facllutues coupled with a hugh standard of educatnon IS offered all actlvltles sponsored by the college are geared to Christian youth Trevecca Nazarene College 1 entral Florida Dustrlct 10900 E Sand Lake Rd Orlando Florida fThe future home of Chrlstlan Llfe Worldb flf christ is exalted, and the Bible is taught to be me word of God A l I I Y DISTRICT CONGRATU LATES The Graduating Class of 'I 979 h I Ol, AND WELCOMES COLLEGE PRESIDENT W.C ares Iver D ' H r Adams District Superintendent Trevecca Trustees District Advisory Board john Dunn Elders Ralph Marlowe LW. "Bill" Lancaster Roy T. Nix Hayes Oliver W. Charles Oliver T.A. Shirley District Department I' Ome Laymen Bill Davis Ralph Marlow Howard Stocks Leaders N.W.M.S.-Mrs. LaVerne Oliver Board of Christian Life-l.W. "Bill" Lancaster N.Y.I.-George Beasley, lr. District Treasurer-james H. Perry 112 churches with 8600 Nazarenes support you with our prayers, finance and students. P I - Q ' 5 , - 2 .,rZ4f5?ft:4:-QZLEQ. : 9 ,.. ' g 4:11 nz, -- Q ".1..T'-S' I-2 9.5 K ' --1 f fm wi Q ' -...L illll 'U - 33 1 I , I-95.1 I . 1 ' ' ' -342 1 qfsat ' I I I ll as -1 11.14 . H I 1 I -' "'- - - - . ' I I - -Qi' I. :Q , T. - I ' ' - Ci. ll' 1 K I , A 5 .I 'Ig' Y Y ' 1 -3 I T .',- 'ii " , ' -s n H- -- Y ,Y L -USR' ,V pn... COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZAFIENE Dr Edmond P Nash Pastor C R Thrasher Pastor of Senior Ministries 'X fvhy 'K C4 'H A' aa vs y I' J NSF R MT' lex .l IIIIIIXIXXXXIIIIIIIIIXXXXXXWXNXMTKRHXlWWKWVHRWkWNm .mx I -va-up-' 4014 PROPOSED NEW SANCTUARY AND EDUCATION BUILDING VIEWED FROM THE NORTHEAST ON LESTER AVE I l - - 1 , . , . . . . . , xl!- X, all , N.,-I V- I . gfxs'-an 77 -' ilif Q - 'M -!?.' 5. -. , . .H . , ' .T V - - xx ,, -.Z . ' .lsr : I 5551, 'di es I 'K,'g".'1p5 .il 9" 1 'lg ,1-.1--A - ,4 2-V. .-- H. gs- 5' . .' . A I' ' ' - 'e ' -I -.' "T g ' " .,- ' '.. . 'P fam - ' 2 7:5-it .' fp , V. -I , mm- Q , 1- , h 1 , V ,. ,-l,. - ..,,,, .,I, ,-,.,,f,U - , 1 , 3 T', ' - 175' I ' " ' y I' 1 '- I ' I - v , . Mr. uni., 3' 'il' . .-?i'+fmn"-"il .sl ' ' Q .1 r.. ' : E - .- , ' ' Han-!v"itg . f. '. - 'A :T -F" , ' -- . ' 13.1. f. ' : ' ' I- . 6 eff--gilt C it as I-Iilil su- C A T. "." ' . ' ll .7 -' '- 2 . fl 'ET' - I '- - ' . A' I '.. - 4. - Q 1 '-. , V5 ,f .Y-1 , - ,, . h A - . ,,, - A .. - ,.- - - , - .- . - : 4' . ' C" '.- I " " " , -- " ', 7 ' -. -I ! , P- -" ' E' I- ' ' ', . - , I In 'Q' -t Iii 4 . ga-,. .-,. . - ..s - --1 ' I L. . , . L - P.- " """'zf -We. . - ' ' ' N nb ' 7 , 'f:ms...,, ia .-Bunbeg , - ,. - Sebring Church of the HOPKINSVILLE CHURCH Nazarene OF THE NAZARENE Sebring, Florida 709 Country Club Lane Hopkinsville, Kentucky GREETINGS TO T.N.C. Diana Couchman, Christian Life Rosa Schewe, Missionary President Angela Schewe, Youth Leader Tom Maggio Randy Percy j.D. Benson Pastor Melvin L. Wilkinson Dan Wilkinson Pastor Student First Church of the Nazarene Calvin Milam, joe Koyon, Pastor Christian Life Pat Ryd na i a Vero Beach, Florida B .Y t Tl' 53. Bill Keaton A Rick Hutton Georgia Pastor's Wives at Wilcon Manchester, Tennessee Church of the Nazarene Our Student Brenda Janes Bobby lanes Pastor Supporting TNC jack H. Lee, District Superintendent SUPPORTING TREVECCA Wrth Prayers Budgets and Matching Funds Flrst Church of the Nazarene Henderson Kentucky Serving Henderson Smce 1925 ll fff :mica QW 3 Henderson First Church of the Nazarene Inner Courtyard of the Church N 3 We Rev Dewey Wllllams Pastor GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE GRACECHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ., ,S ,F N b Id g ffBriIey Pk ytP gt Dr. Harold L th Pasto Groups ""E" ., ,,.,- ,.. , , F , ,, i,g..x - ,-- " -f QR' F' ,- .f . fs it--Q Q, he me ss- H .mu tm J K . . -.Wy -.-v-1' ',,'..:r, v,L.-' ' " ' - , , ,sv K , 9'fA ,I ,f-f"""'.,. " ...oi -' .1 wwf ' 4-' fw... w.l"' , .1 -.--- , , xg -H: J Af V, .f--f' 1 V' L . .4-4: ,-Q ,,r,, 1 , , .. A 4 ef, 'iw' ' - , '- 'fc X .f "-33' "' ' -- . ' . -J' '.,4' " ', .. A ,, ...:-- " .' . Q v , . Ay, . , q1gf.,.-fkE -J ,, ,, 4- gg 1, V- iw., ix tt '--it s-is new H-Em if a .K B sais I ak-H .. ,vue ,am A -E -it -fum Q : Q w-'ss :mn -is in is , me w mls M ms- L 58.2.3-H , ss-w Wm K-is A is its M few. .:u' -H 242 Chapel Choir vi I' L Els, . ,, ',- i i,. T v-ec .gel Members are: Qleft to rightj First row: Mark Myers, Frank Lykins, Eric Young,-Kevin Ulmet, joe Lovell, Mark Bane, George Gill, jerry Davis, Cheri Thrasher, Sharon Wil- cox, Bobby Milburn, Carolyn Kraft, Lynn jones, Rick Bartlett, Fred Sur- ges, Second row: Dave Graeser, Steve Fry, Don Garrison, Linda Blowers, Tess Cox, Annette Stone, Gwen Finch, Mitsy Collins, Brenda Crawford fupperj Nancy Nickell, Terri Blatney, Qlowerj Sue Rucci, Ruth Scott, Pam jenkins, Carol Hobson, Donna Gray, Denise Pat- node, Denise Maddox, Pat Meade, Bottom row: Cary Stegall, Tim Strouth, Tim Kiger, Tracy Tucker, Pam Kemp, Mary Ann Booth, Pam Smith, Brenda Peterson, jeff Her- ndon, Fred Mund, Sponsor. L, H-r-ri-2 Concert Choir lllltt Row 1: Ueft to rightj Byron Mid- denforf, Tim Rucci, Kevin Poe, Mark Gritton, Mike Wilkerson, jack Murray. Row 2: Robert Walker, Ruth Herring, Kent Pelton, Carol Wight, Chuck Lovell, Sarah Adams, Greg Brown, Carl Crapo. Row 3: Dean Murray, Tim Elliott, Velda Mullinax, Stuart Rowan, Wendell Overstreet, Mark Morsch. Row 4: Clark Wight, Peggy jenkins, Denise Beatty, Carol Herring, Dan Wilkin- son, Karen Blankenship, Mike Hart. Row 5: Marilyn Frantz, Brian Kilian, Larry Ward, Patsy Day, Bev Fulker- son, Teresa Fawcett, Mike McDonald, Becky Bell. Row 6: john Yount, joe Harvey, Beth Werstler, Lil Fortner, Vicki Green, Dorothy Cainer, judy Grimes, Rusty McCorkle, Brenda Miller. Row 7: Becky Boyette, Carol Ensor, Susan Strickland, Tamara McGill, Kim King, Carol Ernest, Cathy Clarke, jeff Croft, Karen Thompson. w ww gr ww ww ww B BEE HB ww Euwww ww w- W ww gag w lg ww H ww yifwwwww HEEE M w W wwwww SUB EH H -A www Egg www-Q55 fir., www w w www www swan www me -w ww w wwww www -w Bm www Circle K Ts? -1 B, iw ww ww w N' E, nw www ww ww W W' w w Him Hmnlwg www Q: H w.ww if ww Em wwww ww E w ww ww w www www ww www www ww www mums E H wwww w E www E ww wwww E mf? wwww mx www::2g?Ew ilfiiwiwf H H dw-E ms w wwaww wwww Q ww Mm- Him www ww wwww ww ww ww w w ww ww www www www ww www w ww E wwwww mxw www www REBER iw E E -ms wwwww B- Bmrfw iw-www? 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XVEZE anaigrss- sr rr-Sgiiffzm firm-auga - manning - - -1 r an w un an ri il xt A , i snf 5, Members are: fbeginning bottom left to topy Lynda Brinkman Carol Ernest Sandra Foskey Sharon McCormick Ruth Herring Christa Stanford Cindy Parrot Marcy Fitzgerald fbeginning top right to bottoml Corlis MCC-ee Betty Boyer Sharon Wright Pam Kemp Mary leffries Melinda Howes Dixie Stanton Chris Fitzgerald Wanda Willis Kathy Creel Becky Rowan Sandy Waldrep Diana Appleby l rf 0' .v N N X QA: .X 'f' :wg . 1 r I-Jgia I a-a-a X . 2 Q .E Officers argrj 2:3 Q Corlis McGee, Sponsorg egg . - RurhHHerriH'g,' schaplaingj ' Kathy Creelf Jreas. ' Sandi Waldfepf Sec. ll B Wanda Willis, Vice-Pres? 52 I Becky Rgggag, Pres. an-1-an rr H-K-a-anna ua-N-a-a a a ua a:M wma a anangum-R ' 'E-h-a- aa-m-w pan air .a aw Mylan ,HH a Madam . . Spf-M H-Same :I Mms:1g1Bf:.yi Im,-IU-YZLTBS-W 3 mimaraa ,- -mmana- H .M. Q -wma x-an a -me m-Q-m-m mmfafa-ma mmaqm qwW.g w 5 Civitans .,,. Q L, X -ny. ' Members are: 1. lohn Yount 2, David "Radar" Alien 3. Gary Dickens 4. Howard Wilson Dennis Clark W Steve Peigh . Steve Parks 8. Kevin Ulmet 9. Geraldi Norrington D 6 7 .10.f .Kevin .Tqddz 5 11. johnny White i Officers are: deft to rightj john Yoqnt, Treasurer . David Allen, lPresii:leht Gary Dickens, Secretary ,,- a,Q,Q2.'57 . Qu Members are Libbie Sparks Myra Mills Penny Porter Karen Carter Minnie Pearl Marion McKay Cindy Hassell Debbie Gibson Vicki Morton Miriam Champion Ginger Golson Peggy jenkins sm, H , xx-. B vhs? . wwf ...Mx an M H-W-,:f.Qn-m 2- . --fr-ig Wi mln S awp .V :ne LWM3:.,w XM -xx K' Ti.L.W -H 8 -f WH V-11'!L'S1 .CVS . Wg., W ,,Li,,,:A .wffy .rx M -,rm-ri-H .1-f""?'55fE?iiY:fVHfT,.?i'i'i -.-w.ef.Lg.fjrf.z5y" ...Nr 'ji ,M A n Q Q-jh,,:'.31,X.i any E H552 E-535-exif Wm Km B1 fx 1 W 3 M if N.. vm mg wx Vwwf .. si" an A HE wwf My ,... L, ,. .V tix.. y 1 . v ,-. lv ,.,g.- r 1" es. ig .gn . 11 . .A li y H . fr.. 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Jgikgijifwf5,151wwwjffffMw'fffg,4 -,-QLQEZQXQ H - g 3 5 5 - if iKarenH'.EEartier 4 Presndeni--5 if ae A - W-1 'mn EQ .E Ginger Golson -Cha iam., kiwi: vin .3 l H Qaida. if H ludy lglankms Secretary H 'A' V ef--ie,.sf,, .QBICU GBSUTEFEQ Q ngggfg-V uvmaiggsg- effliiiiff.. 'SWK A333355 .M vi. ..,. fd rE'ZY4..lf .IQ Kiwi! . ,ell E A M 'gmfigj ill 35.255 2629. M xii -'gl M .1 if gm 'X 3-Mm i,'.'.r 'X V , .. EIU A, . if Q .r - 4 1 -W-R4 :Huis . H QT!! gmt... wir... ...H fa H a mms me-if 1 5L'var EM.: w . :ir XT--nm .A f mn og M12-if!! " :' ss- was W A u agffwfsww.. gwg?gQQagqQfi.m vivgx is 523511 EM bien :N W I fl ee.. my 4' MM H mr ,H xw, ss Q M sexe M . aa ffj 'Q if W. gifml xxfix Vw 5? as WL, WM. ,Q 63323915 rr-:.T.f We A-:IHS if H 2 H Kxv .W M HHN., H 158 hi gp B Egssmgggm Wlfiiigi Q New Wwknm symqw me asm www iii-Am wen .ea in-an xrx .Maw 247 ss.. - ss ,aa Qgsnz Bam B asa Hamm ,S . an - ss mam has E a an .ss . 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L. -J '- fe. t . if X . 3-...L- iv.. 1 fx M' '-v-pn., ' Q -V-..,. Hand mm-.M-H m-wanna ,IQ A-IK " ,L ...ll IB., " ' 1 -, if ' 15 vq Q, , 'f.":. -V ."" .7 -'R-Q a, 1 - . -'-17-VJ-l e' .fa if xm- ' sin.. e 'wk 'A ' G ' 1 ' fill t X , gg - F.fii.,a:a.u,k:e-. - . Hmw':VHmffw-. HibfIhifGf5f7MW2e' V U '19 'f A , I AQ "-g....4':.LE -1 p-.- Q L4 fx xx :Q a xx 1 ,, umxm H w 'HH 'FQEQHEHWY 'C' K. ss nm-mags-fwfnmmu -ss-girl'-W5-xx Hyman gxxaxgs H -1-E Q-www. :-n-miglfxmammal.emwwuwn:eggELw - HB-Qfm-Ein-E nmuw-uf wwf-ggglmx-mam-,U-M-mumgu nxshgyingg -Hamm-:7gMf51-,Emu 'UMM ,ii Q -,mmwi -Q-gi A ,,. ,-. .., -. H E5 U U 1 ,, 'J .J M 2 - . E Members are' ' N R VM C kl usy c or e Pat Meade - f mCarolqEnsQr .Q I nfxii -.Z E Chuck Lovell . Q Manyn Frantz H H ar frapo mf uw5K?U'E'? ' 'Hg'- X. . MiMLM3 Q mass jug- N Q NW EQJ. V mama In E 'Emma fffgfg ULw.d.Q M -ss-mam ss ss xx-an 'Wx' 'Bmw Am ' ,,,. 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Second row: Gwen Finch, Debbie Kilian, Nancy Cole- man, Gerald Norrington, Tammy Crews, Kevin Todd, Karen Wilson, Diane Moss, Sheila Apple, Anita jennings. Third row: Sandi Dinby, Brenda Peterson, Becky Bell, Jeanette johnson, Tim Elliott, Claude Sturgill, Suzanne Bouchard, Ray Bouchard ll, Becky Rowan. Fourth row: Mickey Brown, Eric Young, Anita Thompson, Rick Soloky, Rita Bechtelhei- mer, Cindy Hassal, Pam Street. Not pic- tured: Laura Long, Secretary-treas., Pam Bortner, Publicity. w ,gamma Ministerial l ssociatio -0 . Qtop row left to right, Randy Percy Mark Iobst Gene Shell Mike Courtney David johnson Ed Goff fMiddlej Tim Elliott George Edmonds Prof. Hal Cauthron Lloyd Hayes fBottomj Ray Bouchard Gerald Norrington Tammy Crews Kevin Todd ,X V' 'mmf WB snag ' B is B sms: X H ms.2aN"'tf'M .- LEW ww? . s "2EH?T'fZil. HX B f WMELELEWH-az-:mass wt ----- :iz-W 2 E sm-s? 'D M V'-gas:-W. -.,.,.m.,wsa,2sw ,QM ,, H Q. W. -. 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A' L , Xfftwil .ii Forensics Team ,xx 1 43: , ar 2 I' f"'f?'Q?i' Clockwise: Lena Hegi, Ginger Golsan, Phil and Cheri Lindsley Coach jim Knear Not pictured: Diana Stevens, Paul Monte- muro, Laura Long 545 N ' ' o M: . .fat P -.-vf' - 1-V e A .. 1 - - A 11.4-ug.. ' ' 47'-A - ' . 4 - ., ' , r ry.. o ' 1 ww-'F , 4:'A-tv r-'-v'17-1ef11',- -5 .-1. . .".,7-.40 JH. "-.,'.-', r 5 , I im is E wa mama rggrw mam gg aussi is m ms ummm: is-mfg-ss mum HWEE HBE-EEE BH!-XLS' 5 .mm H mssamies Mgr: m.ffQWg.x QMHW myfa E ms um 'wg mnwnm BBWEW is Bmz5im"1-is-an M as WLZWSQB New E Effie ,m,,,g E me-seiw'-,,.M,,iw E mf-as-M .ma .,.,mfQ1f3MLQ- is is efmfrnm NJMWQWM E Hv3E3g5,Qfg1g:m1? ffwenglgga- , Hr-rggiavaaa fig-sig sa an irraaaasimmr mm a grim g 0 9 H- ' Xa E E H M E WWW V all v , BSS 'l M me V i . Ugg," I , ' ,lr 3,3-cf-1 .rf ,. ,-.I-.1,:f:ugL, , . -. , W - t t , V I .- Hg. ' - ' 1 r ' rf ff' :.- -zu'-4. Q. ' V 1, s ,- Y - - - .-.air"n'Z.--,-A-J!-L-42--Af-'mi-.,,l.lwi,.-,. X E H H E 5 H M E H it E M E H ma E E K E E E E M Members are: ileft to rightj First Row: David McGuire, Ken Sheffer, Tammy Crews, jennifer Dunn, Kathy jenkins, Peggy Ben- son, Angela Teal, jackie Al- len, Phyllis Flannery, Pam Kemp, Ruth Herring, Sha- ron Miller, Reba Knowles, Peggy jenkins, Libbie Sparks. Second Row: jo El- len Sharpes, Lena Hegi, Cindy Gillespie, Rita Bech- telheimer, Melinda Howes, Sue Welk, Christa Stanford, Vicki johnson. Third Row: Paul Michael, Cary Stegall, Mark Stone, Mack Murray, Bobby Milburn, Danny Oaks, Tony Lindsley, Marc A. Vann, Dean Murray, Art Cornett, Doug Reynolds. it 4 K E ark mam angie emma- 5-gw-an ,EE is-is E E E mamma: mamma aanmms Wm Pj E E E Office m.HE,,1EW.,.,s NE-Mcwml-AL mi wlgsxlas M rsi QQ? jleft jennifer: E Dunn Tre HEPES , Dem. HTMUFQYE 'A H Pre Pm W Fax H f 4 3 :Sue .W9l!95SggLiefHfYf anew- M :engjigwgmms amass Hzfssiiigisiifegafg-Tir: xii-fignmumx xxx e,,,,,,.m . 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Fowler, Barbara Lynch, julie Bradley, Deborah Vyalker, Miriamiglhampion, Cflifnn Roll, Penny2iElder," Marcy Fitzgerald, Tim Templeton, ludyf Hankins, Allen Gammel, Phylis Sylyis, Steve Parks, Ginger Qijlson, Tracie Stoner, Vickie Morton, Dewanna Curl. Middle Row: Debbie Gibson, Teresa Burke, D Karen Hollett, Bev Cooper, . .,,-. - liaren lC9ftf2r, ,Qgwa .Ffl12,, Kiji1ette'Sfone. Front: Myra Mills, Victor Collier. 256 STEA Officers: Back row left to right Allen Gammel-V.P. of Programming Dr. Rosebrough Sponsor Barbara Lynch President judy Hankins VLP. of Publicity Debbie Gibson Sec-Trea. SoIomon's Porch! 5, Members are: fleft to rightj jeff Croft E Kathy Davis Peggy Kroft Q Karen Wilson i l Lisa Burry Q David Allen i C STUCO Members are: Seated Qleft to rightj Finley Knowles Tim Taylor Mark Gritton Marc Vann lbackj Doug Williams Byron Middendorf Greg Page Steve Rushing Kevin Ulmet Standing: Kim King Mike johnson Peggy jenkins Betty Boyer Ruth Herring Howard Wall Bev Fulkerson Becky Hulstine STUCO Committees v . ' uswtng R Steve Wing Ruth He ncasxgf L21 Ray BCROWW Religions Lifel Becw Committee ' Q I C Student Life Committee First Row fleft to rightj: Finley Knowles, Libbie Sparks, Peggy jen- kins, Beth Werstler. Second Row: Diana Appleby, Kevin Ulmet, De- nise Patnode, Lynn jones Student Activities Committee Kim King, Greg Page, Mark Morsch, Bev Fulkerson N . TI Gfficers fLeft to rightj Alan Smith, Rick So- Ioky-President, Brenda Brodien, Dennis Goodwin, Gerald Norring- ton, Cindy Parrot, Wes Schaffer, Bill Dent, Debbie McGraw StuCo Officers Byron Middendorf Peggy jenkins Betty Boyer ' -. 11' . A ' Q i i Marc A. Vann Greg Page Steve Rushing he . Bh- .- ,Al Byron Middendorf, President, Peggy jenkins, Executive V.P., Betty Boyer, Secretary, Marc A. Vann, A Treasurer, Greg Page, Social Activi- ties, Vice-President, Steve Rushing, Religious Life Vice-President Tre -Echoes 5 fir W1 S film... l W-ll ATO, as flflanl dfb I If lleft to rightj First Row jimmy Taylor Diana Appleby, Editor Kevin Ulmet Second Row Sheila Apple Anita Thompson jeff Thompson Finley Knowles Mike johnson Ara, radcly lv lu, +0 mdkl. Trl NAZ Staff members are Qleft to right, Front row Rich Coleman Andral johnson Second row: jeff Thompson Beth Werstler Lynn Horton Cindy Kyzer john Walker Third Row: Clark Wight Steve Fry Tom Maggio Bobby Milburn East Campus E 5' . M..-.-- -.1 llllll 3 I IIIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllll i I ' .. I ljjjn ' l 'I I I l f r'II.,',l, Emi' Imiumlw-'wr' 'I nl' "l frwflfiffnlflfflfmi I I ffl ' ' I 5' 'WWllulllllllwlWlulmllllllllllllllllllllullllllllllllllllllllllllllttf I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -3 .gif . . , Ili I " Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll - :Sass-35EEE22E2I3?e::-s-- 211- ' " ' . -.-.1 . 11. I , - 'I "'.' , s5zTSs5E?'?E?T 3533' .ta "II '.'-I'!"1it.. ' " , 'yflivl' UI- II '! . ' ' ,, f,-Ffgiatfgiiii II , '-' .-I"-I-'tl " I I .w I :III In l l' 'fi' - . T4 , . 'I wi: tin : I" 'II :gi nu ll'. 1 - J: --::1'1"- 3251: vf-.. t' ' -QL. 515.2 .l"l'! ' I..-lah.----1-J fLh5iC'VT7'fT ' "B !'J! 1 ' fi3r'f'I'2-5 - 4 '. "I Q F D , gf ' :"' - -f T' . xi 5, , L . ' ' , A . ,-,ts r!-. - , 4-.1 x . E2-EQ: . Xii1l.f' 5:' g' Dll g' K 4- 4--'eTiZf'i'f' 4"' -'-1-M -ff-ff" . - 1- -iii.-. ' '- REE . 15-2132 3.22-2-f:"5T --13-r " A AAI- ,-fi-,"', 'L-f 3 ' 1.-' . L9 ' . -'if?f'iiL ' f--f-4 , . , "i-f a g . is.-14 , -f , C .,. ,ze --af--'QI-vc., ..,-D g n ..,. -Q ,,s--Q.,.?zif-- ,glffj A 29750.53 wiv E i " V iff-A ' "'?,!'f:ij,UxI -X" ff' E., sz- - , sg Jw. Q -'J S ff- ,s -E : -- f y - J sl tv' 1, , QQ Iwiwhlw qlfffgiiljwfzb' The third floor of the Tennessee Hospital Association Building is now occupied by Trevecca Naza- rene College East Campus. The space is fully covered in plush, deep pile, gold carpet. The walls are covered in a rich, mellow com- bination of wood paneling and vi- nyl and the windows are fully draped. The building is ideally lo- cated between the center of Nash- ville and the Airport. Nashville East Campus exists to meet the needs of adult learners in the community who, because of work or other scheduling conflicts, are unable to attend the day scheduled classes at the central campus. Most academic programs described in the Trevecca Naza- rene College catalog are available. Faculty members have either full- time, part-time, or adjunct relation- ship'to the college which provides an educational opportunity for all who desire post-secondary educa- tion in the tradition of the Liberal Arts within a Christian context. Tre- vecca's Liberal Arts tradition is per- ceived to involve total personal de- velopment and life preparation, including career and professional education. The Christian context is interpreted in the Wesleyan tradi- tion as emphasizing Christian love as the norm of all human relations. The community attempts to foster a climate where development and integration of these areas can oc- cur through a Christian perspective on faith and living. This mission is guided by the educational philosophy, doctrinal convictions, ethical commitments and social sensitivity of the Church of the Nazarene as the sponsoring de- nomination. Most East Campus classes are held during the evening or week-end hours. f' N, O O I A l T cw , , , .- f 1 5 1 '- , , f i Upper left: Theresa Privatt, TNC student and part-time secretary. Upper right: Peggy Cardwell, Personnel Director Above: joy Perry, TNC student and Admissions secretary ,IJ 5"' Sfifffixm , I A ' X? ' Y ,X A X ,X ' ., 1 X Audrey Hall, Assistant to Coordinator of Prison Program MP-it lo Toby Williams, Director if X 'WMI QF A iff! 5 i?' 3 i 1 V' t I J -2" 'l- ' 1 gf" !6e' ...w L -' ,-'IQ -ffm 3','-fit - .. .1.' f 3 2 . gf gg 6 1' -W ,-in aiiriw- Mildred Smith, English professor 1 ,tiff vefj, , , g -,.- .4u.',,' 4,5 U..-NL, fy .-.-'-1,,,w-sn' ' :offs - " ' 'VH ' . 1 4 1L , ' -sf' ., A , ll! '.' J A1 ' ra-.Y .ff J, f' .v ...X ff nr- Wx bgl be E' I z'.,.,..-g3r l If RQ-.s 1 ily ,Qi jay-. x ' E55 ,J zu ,. .., , fr. :!- if! f65WW3 Y' " ll 5 1 -.1 E HQXW O Q --2 : H fg 1 9""i W ,-?- ,fge igfk Q 3' ee in -1- " 9 nn: 1 Mike Lane Admissions Officer Q Skggnw-'vQ'2D?,'25.x, . ' l - ., ,. hifi' ' p-A I 3 S'-,,x Qi' ik. 7. U If .ul N" 12 ' :lv 1'-Sl.. . Llll. ill l-all. 'M ' 4 s , Q w- 1 V1 1 be l I f,2mf' .fi I 1 Georgia Gleeves, Secretarial Skills below top: Kassie Freeman, Coordinator of Prison Program below bottom: Fred Tucker, Assistant to the Director below left: joy Wells, teacher on Trevecca's campus hands out tests. fk' -.1, of' ,,.4" U? 2 ,. sf' 267 HNIT WlH.L ElCIIS.I.fIO ,.8ll CINELLXEI .LSHW SElHl'1.L3Id CIEIEVIH PLEASE REIVI- SAPIBONS TO AVOID SMEARING ' -' ' TFHM LINE' BLEED LINEQ . .,,., , ., Aw H-7 I Ihrs ougr- typed HERFF JONES YEARBOOKS VSDECQ' Hm!"": ' I L. Sparks i-..,,,.-.L - i TYPE SHEET f I doubh- page apr I 268 Trevecca 0419 School Nome job :: I LEFT RI -.- mos v PAG CODE sms rvpewmren LETTER Hzxriml Khlum-I .lvlzn lilmm I.c.If. lin- liI'Sl :Km-1'iu:I1: :I:.lxw-11.1111 In nvI'lIiI IIN- cuartll. llurin A 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72 78 84 B COPY C TYPE BLOCK PICA vvvewnnerz ETC SIZE WIDTH . , 4 , Marino CoIc1:'wI Jolm filmm wma IIIL- '11'::I Emu-1 ll'-III .1.4LI4uI1LnL1I. tc- orbit th Y Y V 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 7q I A 18 7 Concluding Remarks l I B 8 23 I am so-o-o thankful for the help I received -I from my parents, brother, and sister when everyf- 5 thing E to get to Montgomery. I rm Jadonna and Kat pose with me below. I was ' T' feeling about as old as I looked in that picture. II They were there to listen to me when I had good ll or bad things to share. IActually, Robbie Lit- , N III tle had just finished getting me ready for a gjujsflq II role in "The Phantom of McClurkan."J . 4 IJ The three men who were most instrumental in ll the completion of this yearbook were: Dr. J.J. I4 Wheelbarger, Advisor: Carl Eby, Photography Ad- l'3 visor Iwho came up with solutions to continual- lfv ly changing photography problemsly and John T. I7 Benson, Jr., who assisted in the contractual a- 'U rangements with the yearbook company. I am V' grateful for their help. 20 Thanks to Don, Gary, and Andral who took 3' care of shots even if I forgot. They would rune 13 and grab film and camera with just a moment's 15 notice. 2-I 35 C 8 13 These are the last pages of a yea - ff' book which required a lot of crea 17 tivity, but that is only in desig 38 -- the real challenge was to re- A +1 5 39 cord -- record as many faces, Jwi 'J11 30 groups, and happenings as possible. 31 The goal for the 1979 naraa was up leluf 52 fulfill its purpose -- to be a 53 year book from the beginning with 54 Freshman Orientation to Graduation. 45 Enjoy this book, the DARDAC T Kings ih 4:31, meaning "a wise man"xJ it ati- 37 'tempts to show the Trevecca of '78i-79. S8 W Yours truly, -10 . I Kiwi 6-JL -I2 -H Libbie Sparks, -H Editor -I5 -Hu -I7 -I8 -W '50 Sl H TRIM LINEQ BLEED LINE Q SCHOOL, 4rUh-9654, 7 1 nge - EVEN PAGE NO ClTY, STATE N ' 'A ACCOUNT No. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS , final lay M.-.ngamfym-va ' .BLACKINK ONLY COLOR 9X12T i 7 1 I 1 oo 1 2 3 4 5 a 1 s 9 I0 11 12 13 I4 15 1s I7 I8 19 zo 21-22 -23 29-25' as 27 28 29 ao 31V1.i3gfW34 32 355314311-ig? 593153 43 4fn4fAflg,4?o I .1 1 ' I - 1 , I 2 Im ' 2 1 3 , 3 1 1 4 ' 4 115 5 I6 1 s 7 - 7 a MIB 1 - 9 I 9 1 10 ' 11 I2 ' I2 I3 'I13 I4 'Im '5 H515 1 1 1 ' 1 Y 111.11111 Jw 16 I ' ' Job No I Page IPosition Density 17 17 I 1 , 1 1 I1--11 1 18 IOLI ICI Q1 III 1 I9 I ' I I I I 1 I V I If iii H19 11 1 I1 'II 'A 1 2, I. I I I I 1 21 22 -- I- I 'I' ' IIZZ ,Q ' -V 23 -24 --25 Vg A 26 Job No. Page Position Density I- 27 1 LI 257 ,51 '11 28 0 --129 1 -1 so QI, W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3, e v-Q -g i---M--177.7 F-iqisz 21,1 -.M-- ------A 3 1111 1111111 1111 111111-11 4 giant' I' I-. --IY A---mn 35 I I11, 1 1Q 1 1 1.11 YI1 11111-35-, 111.1 111.1 -1.1I111111 39 11111111I1, 1 11111 1 7 I I I 40 1-11. ..Y,gI .!--f- J- 11 41 I I - -I1- I--IA-I 1411- az B2 I I A i A 43 43 ' ' ' ' i' 'I ' I I 44II f,11.11 1 I Y-I lm 44 45 1 ---1 I I- -1 -I 45 as " ' '97"ff 46 ,9 I X1 , , 1 g I 'I49 .-f f A I " 'X 1 1 MI.. so 50 -7-4:-124?1?- , - 'V I' .1 X' 'fif"i'f?f1f.1ilf1f 1 I 1 51 11" If I Position DGUSIW ck 1'I 1' 'I " I Mug 5' sz Cn A-PI fi !.4"l Page -44,,1'I5'H fx I 1" XX 52 1 L 1 Job N0 3 I ' If AM- 53 53 1' 11 1 I 1111 2 I I - 1 1 54 - -Vw -1 -11 -. 111-1 - -1 1 'jx 1115, Rfk-ri-Z 'R' , 1 54. 1 11....- 11 -.-A 11. 1. I Ji' -I-Q -Q 1 I' 1 ' X, I 1 uni .1 , I fr 1 11 1 1I1I1 1II If 1 I I WI 1 l 1 .' 1 if 1 Y U M I .-P 51,0 w ' ' I 'if ' 21 I 1 Iss ' .I 1 I 'J' 'I -SBI I I " I I 1 Is, J 1 9 n I I ' - SBI 1 1350 -1--1 I . ' L I I I I '1 L :T -- IGI " 1 i T li . . . . . A , I62 1 5 - 1 1 . Q - - 1 e x - II I I 111. I 111 11 In 1 2' ' .. -.14 I - 1' 1 1 2.1 1 1 I ' N' ' I Mfsao 1 I 4 5 as 1 B-. 1I1 1z1s141s1s111a1s zo 21 22 232525 26212132930 31 32 33 343 I asus 4763i ,V 1 ., 1 .. ,, . I, . .. 1 I1 I 1 4 . II. , 1. 1. 1 . I. .... .1. . I .1 .,.. I111,T. . 1 ...I. -I1 I--- 1-I 1. 1 1 I I 1 1 1 N I 1 I I1- ' 1' --1--1 1 I I 2 I 1 1-11 ff 11-P-1P"r 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1, 1 ,,,,, 11111 11111 11 11,11 1 11,1 11111 .1 1 11 - .1,1. 11 1 11111. 1 ..1.11 ..,,V 1 1+ 11 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 11 I 110 Iwd1Wf11111I:1f1 11112 Iv 1121 111 1I 11111 1 1,11 IH. 1 I. 1 , .I I .I I I I. I I.I1., .11. I 11,, I 1.1.., 1... I I .I I1 ,I I I. I I I I I I I I I .. I- 1. 1 111 1 11 1 11 .11 I11 11 1. 1. 1 11 11 111 I1 1111 I 1..1.,. 1.I 1.11 12 "1"'-M If11P31111I'Hi111:rf11i1I?I'11-'51"I11- I'1I"1I 1 I I I I 1 1 1 1 . I. '1 1A,I 1, I I' I 111' 1 11. 1 V... I, .I .. 1 .1 11 '41 .I.. I . ., I I I I 1 1 1 I I 1 - I I A I 1 I I I 1 I 1 'Ia . Credits Torrimy Bryan The Nazarene Weekly Walt Moore Tennessean Mike Morrow Banner Kent Heitholtz Trev-Echoes Murray Phillips jeff Thompson Kevin Ulmet Bev Fulkerson Anita Thompson Diana Appleby Howard Wall Treveccan Mike Cork 5 . '13, V 1 x I - ' X .

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