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ex libris class of randall s. jenkins . . . editor scott teal . . . business manager dr. j.j. wheelbarger . . . advisor student life . . . who ' s who . . . : . faculty staff classes sports karen carter sandie waldrop carol nix debbie clem chris fitzgerld kathy Sanderson elaine cadle kaye johnson clubs index art photography peggyfrench david moore elaine buscaino cathy tubbs vickie goddard danny goddard r.s. jenkins scott teal danny goddard DARDA 1976 VOLUME 52 TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Make a radical commitment to Jesus Christ. Then be willing to take radical action through the church to meet people ' s needs. Try to see people as Jesus saw them. Blueprint For Revolution ' I work as though I might fall, but I rest as though I cannot fall. " J.O. McClarkan — Founder 4 5 The school is patterned after no other. It has a mission peculiar to itself; it does not pursue the beaten path usually followed by educational institutions. J.O. McClurkan Living Waters, September 14, 1905 " There is no conflict between the best in education and the best in our christian faith ' Dean Emeritus Bertha Monroe 8 We are surrounded on every hand by insurmountable oppertunity. Unknown " Mission does not know geographical boundaries. " Franklin Cook 11 " True goodness has roots in the past and branches that spread wide and fruitfully over the tomorrows. It takes time " . Mildred Bangs Wynkoop 12 13 His eyes were on the needs of men around him. He spent himself in service — not clumsily, arrogently, but with a tenderness and embathy and grace that brought healing. gpokm ofJ Q McClurk 15 Nashville, with her teeming thousands, her wealth and want, her folly and her sin, affords wondrous opportunity for religious work. Trevecca Messenger, July-August 1925 table of contents opening section page 1 dedications page 18 student life page 20 who ' s who page 64 senior recitalists page 74 administration, faculty, and staff page 78 students page 122 sports page 160 clubs and organizations page 210 memorium page 255 index and advertising page 256 17 DR. JOHN T. BENSON, JR. for your faithful leadership as a concerned friend of trevecca, we dedicate the 1976 darda to you. i 18 DEDICATIONS DR. MARK R. MOORE for the dedicated leadership you have provided for this christian college, we dedicate the 1976 darda to you. 19 stu WITH BIRTHDAY FESTIVITY What is a birthday without a par- ty? All of this was taken into con- sideration at Trevecca, as she celebrated her 75th year. It was a joyous occassion attended by a large number of Trevecca people. There was a huge banquet, special guest speakers, special music and even a birthday cake for all! I jJJMMtUJUUUt k . 1) President Moore welcomes the guests to the Birth- day Dinner b) " Pek " Gunn, Poet Laureate of Ten- nessee, entertains the crowd with his poetry c) The Birthday Party d) Special guest speaker, United States Senator Bill Brock of Tennessee 3) Stucco officers lead in the traditional " Happy Birthday " song to T.N.C. Opposite Page a) Professor Toby Williams presents Dr. Moore with a collection of old Trevecca publications b) Dr. Moore congratulates A.C. Wakefield on naming of the Fine Arts Blgd. c) Howard Wal (Center) presents tribute at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, for J. 0. McClurkan, founding father of Trevecca TREVECCA CELEBRATES 75 YEARS . . . there were many activities over the 75th anniversary weekend. One was the " Laying of the Wreath " at MT. Olivet Cemetery in memory of J.O. McClurkan. Another was the naming of the Fine Arts Bldg., in honor of A.C. Wakefield. It was a good time for reflecting on past days . . . 23 LYCEUM PRODUCES FINAL TOUCH the Lyceum Committee added a special touch to the 75th anniversary. Jonathan Welch was presented in concert. He is a graduate of Olivet Nazarene College, and a voice major. Before going into evangelism, Mr. Welch sang for two years with the Lyric Opera of Chicago. It was quite entertaining as he changed from a distinguished tenor soloist to a poor man in excerpts from " Fiddler on the Roof. " Encounters also made appearances during the 75th celebration. They entertained for the Anniversary Din- ner. Celebrating in song could well be a theme for the 75th birthday of T.N.C. 24 FRESHMAN DUTIES You never realize the true meaning of being a Freshman, until you have gone through initia- tion. There was mixer by the Sophomore class in which you were placed into a group and called chickens, horses, cows, or ducks. This was an idea to get to know everyone better! Also the Sophomores put on a special program of skits and songs in honor of the Freshmen. The favorite day of all was the final-Beanie Day. What a sight! Clothes on inside-out, wrong shoes, pajamas and faces all made-up. It ' s all in part with the duties of a Freshman. 25 FALL RETREAT: CELEBRATION A celebration weekend to celebrate life and God ' s love was what it was all about. Around 200 students and a few faculty mixed-in, emerged to Standing Stone Park, for a time to refresh. Terry Langford, took charge of keeping activi- ties going. There were campfires, hikes, Bible study, and would you believe pollock baseball? a) Cheryl Heaberlin, the catcher of a mean baseball game b) John Teter and Ken Higginbotham take in a little fishing c) Jonda Dement, Nancy Cathron, Ruth Dougherty, Alice Cook, and Norma Higgibotham, on a wild expedition d) Another group of mountain climbers CHAPEL SERVICES 21 SENIORS RESPONSIBLE FOR GATHERING fliiHii(i}iH|nm Spooks and goblins prevailed around Trevecca at Halloween. It was the Senior ' s responsibility to bring off the Halloween party. The place was the Riverwood Plantation, and the activities in- cluded apple-bobbing, Ridge-Runners and a hayride. Dinner in the cafeteria was topped off with a costume judging. There were all sorts of shapes and sizes of things walking around. V.I.P ' S VISIT CAMPUS Three different groups of V.I.P. ' s visit- ed Trevecca ' s campus this year. These future students came from several churches across the Southeast Educa- tional Zone. The Freshman class pro- vided entertainment through a Variety Show with music and skits. The week- ends were an a ttempt to introduce them into college life. 30 DANNY LEE ESSENCE ESSENCE (Es ' ns) N: the basic underlying, unity, form, and sub- stance of something. Essence is the word not only on the album cover by Danny Lee, but a word which describes him and his group. Trevecca warmly received the concert sponsored by Stucco. Danny Lee writes many of his songs. He combines his talent with the Children of Truth, to put together a rich, young, comtem- porary sound. In the delay to get the concert started, Danny passed the time by singing songs to the waiting crowd. He proved his ability to write songs when he brought Sherry Boyer on stage and worked up a song about her. The concert ended with a grand applause, happy hearts, and enriched souls. i 31 SLAVE SALE AND BLOOD BANK DONATIONS The annual slave sale provides money for the Cheerleaders and C.W.A. The Civitans sponsored the semi-annual Blood Drive a) The crowd awaits a chance to bid on their favorite slave b) Stewart smiles as Allen takes a bid c) John has his blood pressure taken d) Elain and Nathan watch Karen give till it helpes e) Blood donating brothers, Tom and Mike CIRCLE K TAKES PART IN VARIOUS ACTIVITIES The yearly Volleyball Marathon started with a game between Circle K and the Administration. Circle K was in charge of the deal. They were being sponsored by many to raise money for the Alumni Scholarship Fund. Several started out in the race, but there were only very few who stuck it out the whole eighteen hours. After that, three girls and two guys received much deserved sleep! 7-8. Coot K H™ KM. wnn,,,, 7 " c r " . k stuco H0, m " B OmtK lo-ii- T " r - hctlh Circe K Si S„„; 103 Efe-i 1 ■ bfeirl KHL C.UCVE K ™I07 C« b Cum C( ' rc e K dub (afces parf in a Chapel Service b) Schedule of the Volleyball Marathon c) Players in the Volleyball Marathon d) Circle K Quartet sings for Chapel. They are Ed Mitchell, Mark Hendon, Jerry Crummer, and Morris Stocks 33 QUEEN MOE MOOREHEAD REIGNS Homecoming not only includes the crowning of a queen, but basketball games, reunion dinners and a concert, plus renewing old friendships. Miss Alline (Moe) Moorehead was cho- sen by her colleagues as this year ' s queen. She is a Senior, majoring in Physical Therapy. Her escort was Rickey Creel. Congratulations Moe! 1976 TREVECCA HOMECOMING Above Page: a) Homecoming Basketball game Treuecca vs. Mt. Vernon Nazarene College b) Tip-off c) Leighann Smith and Scott Green help in Queen ' s Coronation d) President Moore presents Queen Moe with Bible e) Julian Cowart, representing WNAZ at the game as he interviews Mt. Vernon cheerleader Opposite Page: a) 1975 Homecoming Queen Vicki Wonders helps in crowning Moe Moorehead b) 1976 Homecoming Queen Moe Moorehead c) The Court .15 A LOOK AT THE QUEEN ' S COURT a special phase in the Homecoming activities is the choosing of a queen. The one selected is a Senior, by the vote of the student body. As you look from left to right, you will be introducted to each member of the court and her escort. Queen Moe Moorehead and Rickey Creel, Sherry Boyer and Ralph Swallows, Sharon Brotherton and Jeff Baughman, Brenda Heatherly and Rob Gassey, Fonda and Tim Ferguson, Ginger Golsan and Skye Alison. They are all something special . . . 36 ENCOUNTERS JOIN IN HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES a) Encounters perform joyously b) Jim Van Hook, coordinator of Encounters c) Jerry Nel- son, Arranger for Encounters d) President Moore receives 75th Anniversary Album from the Alumni Relations, Mike Estep 37 SALUTING THE ALUMNI IN SONG 38 the final stage of Homecoming was the Saturday evening concert saluting alumni. The Concert Band, Chapel Choir, and Concert Choir performed along with past alumni musicians. " A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, " the final selection by Concert Choir was joined by all past Concert Choir members present. It was a great concert marking memories of the 7th Homecoming. a a) Stage Setting b) Carl Taylor, tenor, ' 66 c) Judy Steele, Soprano, 75 d) Dan Jackson, Clarinetist, 72 e) Joe Moses, Bass, ' 61 f) Concert Choir g) Chapel Choir REVIVALS INVOLVE STUDENTS AND CHURCH LEADERS Dr. Edward Lawlor, General Super- intendent of the Nazarene Church, was the evangelist for the Fall Revival. Rev. Dallas Mucci gave the opening convocation. Our own senior religion majors, were the speakers in the Student Revival. It was definitely a time of dedication and commitment. L E C T U R E S This year the Staley Lecture Series presented Rev. Eugene Williams, a graduate of Trevecca and the Nazarene Theological Seminary, as the guest speaker. Rev. Williams has always been interested in young people and the stu- dents of Trevecca welcomed him with open arms. No one could be more qualified to speak in the William T. Slonecker Lecture- ship than William T. Slonecker him- self. Dr. Slonecker presented lectures and lead seminars in his vocational field, medicine. Dr. Slonecker has taught various Health Education classes for Trevecca since 1962. He is presently serving on the President ' s Advisory Council. 40 PRESENTING THE FALL FESTIVAL OF ARTS VALENTINE QUEEN KAREN CARRIER TRACES OF LOVE BY SOPHOMORE CLASS TRACES OF LOVE " aded photograph, covered now with ines and creases Tickets torn in half, memories in bits ind pieces Traces of love, long ago, that didn ' t vork out right Traces of love. Ribbons for her hair, souveniers of iays together The ring she used to wear, pages from an old love letter Traces of love, long ago, that didn ' t work out right Traces of love, with me tonight . I close my eyes, and say a prayer, that in her heart She ' ll find a trace of love still there, somewhere Traces of Hope, in the night, that she ' ll come back And dry these traces of tears from my eyes. A : f J V % _ Above Page: a) Banquet center-piece b) Court: Kathy King, Alice Hall, Ginger Golsan, Karen Carrier, Polly King, and Elaine Waters, Miss Congeniality c) Queen ' s banquet table Opposite Page: a) 1976 Queen Karen Carrier b) 1st Runner-up Kathy White c) Gene Cotton d) Margaret Wood and escort Tim Hartsfield e) 2nd Runner-up Sherry Heard 43 7 TRACES OF 1976 VALENTINE BANQUET AND PAGEANT DOWNINGS ACCEPTED AS HONORARY STUDENTS Trevecca fell in love with the Downings a long time ago. So in order to say thanks for the times they ' ve come on their own free will, the Downings have been accepted as honorary students. Sherry Foster, representing Student Council made the presentation. You know of course to be a student you must own a beanie and partake in the big T.N.C. activities. As Sherry said, some of those included, " Sitting on the wall riding the Towers elevator and paying tuition! " This is to say a big thanks in a small way to Paul, Ann, Dony and Joy. 46 SUNCAST, MICKI AND LUBOFF BECKY, NORMAN Trevecca sponsored several concerts this past year. Some of them included Suncast, Micki and Becky Moore, and the Norman Luboff Choir. These were evenings to get away and relax in the spirit of music. Many of the sounds were con- temporary but Lyceum sponsored an evening of a variety in music from the Norman Luboff Choir. PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE IN CHAPEL 48 BENSON LECTURER FOR 1976, BOB BENSON The late John T. Benson Lecture Series is held annually in memory of the late John T. Benson Sr. The family name is a traditional one at Trevecca. Mr. John T. Benson Jr., provides the funds yearly to make this series possible. April 13-16, 1976 were the days in which Bob Benson arrived on Tre- vecca campus to give each time, a special insight on life. Rev. Bob Ben- son is a Nashville music publisher. He graduated of Trevecca and Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, after which he pastored in California prior to joining the family business which he now co-owns. Bob Benson is a noted humorist and philosopher, a very popular speak- er. The lectures he gave were very well received. The chapel would calm down to complete silence as everyone sat intently listening to the soft- spoken, drawn-out phrases. He would get the look of a small child all most on his face and say the unexpected. Everyone was caught in an up- roar of laughter several times. Bob, with his trite phrases and sensitive feelings put a big challenge in many people. 4S) T.N.C. ACTIVITIES ARE NUMEROUS Chapel services involve various activi- ties. One highlight this year sponsored by Stucco, was a beardgrowing contest in part with the bicentennial. An electric shaver was presented to the winner at the end of the two month period. Another taste of variety was Henry Harrison and Dan Wolglenuth, who visited from New York. Bringing the message in song, as part of a fun time Henry attempted to bring out the soul in all and make chapel attenders " black Baptists " Above: a) The beard growing contestants: Craig Clausner, Billy Strickland, Terry Lang- ford, Fred Buchanan, Larry Cummings, Mike Lawson, Terry Braham, and Don McQuiniff b) The finalists: Paul Braselton, Billy Strick- land, and Terry Braham c) Stucco President Bill Boggs, presenting Terry Braham the winner, with the electric shaver d) Henry Harrison e) Dan Wol- glenuth 50 GOSPEL-ROCK CONCERT BY PARABLE Above Page: a) Tommy Bowles b) The listen- ing crowd c) Paul Branon d) Allen Holmes e) Louie Weaver f) Parable, a mixture of T.N.C. ' s own students, performing on a free Saturday afternoon. 51 LOVE TNC STYLE AND PAT TERRY GROUP Twirp week brought on many different spectacular events. The whole week was centered on the girls asking out their favorite guys. It was not unusual at all to see some girl with a different guy each night. It was a good way to show the guys how it really should be done! Some of the events included the Newlywed and Dating Games, concerts, a skating party, " The Cross and the Switchblade " film and the WNAZ Grand Ole ' Opry. All of these activities were sponsored by various clubs and organizations. 52 HIGHLIGHTS OF TWIRP WEEK Above: a) Pat Terry Group b) Rick and Donna Underwood battling in the New- lywed Game. Opposite Page: a) Top winners in the Newlywed Game, Johnny and Deb Bledsoe b) The three dynamite bachelors Byron Mittendorf, Allen Queen, Steve Blakeman c) Pat Terry Group d) Kathy White from the Dating Game questioning the my- sterious bachelors 53 FACETS OF T.N.C. LIFE Trevecca has many little activities throughout the year to keep the action going. A couple are shown on this page. You see Jerry Hull finally getting to drink from a fountain in the ever- popular student center. Phyllis Carter awarded Mr. Hull with a plaque from Student Council for his eager endeavors to see the fountain finally put in for use. Dan Kerston, the champion weight lifter at T.N.C. shows off his strength in the Nashville Pewerlifting Contest. Yes, you see Trevecca has variety! 55 BO JO CELEBRATES TWO YEARS The Bojo Mime Company is a dream of two Treveccans. They are Bob Johnston and Joey Condon. The idea of their ministry is to witness through panto- mining. They celebrated a birthday this year and gave a party for the whole campus with a show included. It began with lively music, then calmed to si- lence for the shows and for a grand conclusion, smiles were passed out to all. It is a unique experience to watch the actors and actresses portray so vividly their roles. It sounds wild but after watching it, you know that Bob and Joey put God in as center of this min- istry. 56 57 RICHARD NORTH REIGNS AS Spring Fling is the major event for the fresh- man class to undertake each year. It takes place in the spring time and includes events like the crowning of a King voted on by the student body, concerts and picnics. The King is a fresh- man and this year found Richard North as the selected king. 1976 SPRING FLING KING c Above: a) Freshman candidate Byron Mid- dendorf and escort Kathy White b) Freshman Stuart Rowan and escort Sherry Manners c) Sophomore candidate Bruce Oldam and es- cort Robin Adler d) Junior Billy Strickland and Carol Ernest e) Senior Rick Fridley and escort Ann Shuman. Opposite Page: a) 1975 King Jeff Pa.dgett congratulates Richard North, b) 1976 King Richard North and es- cort Cheryl Womack c) Margi Davidson en- tertains with familiar love songs. 59 JR. SR. BANQUET HOSTS SAMMY HALL The Junior Class gave a great banquet to the host of guests. De- spite the rain clouds and the cancelation of the river boat plans, the class still put together a memorable event. It all took place at Nashville ' s beautiful Metro-Center. A banquet was served, the Senior story told and topped off with the popular gospel singer Sammy Hall. There were a lot of happy memories made as the Juniors gave the Seniors their final event to remember. 60 Mill SPRING CONCERT a) Chapel Choir sang some of their selections b) The girls of Chapel Choir and Concert Choir combine their talents for a beautiful sound c) Our stout men d) Our stout men invade the " Stout-hearted " number of the men ' s choir. 61 " IF YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE, LET OTHERS The 1976 graduating class made their final march on May 23, 1976. It marked the end of school days and finally the time had come for each to begin a new life as one ' s own individual. There eventually comes a time in each per- son ' s life when they can no longer rely upon the security of home, parents and school. That time has come for the ' 76 graduating class to go forth with their knowledge and no longer depend on others but — themselves Congratu- lations and God ' s speed to you all. 62 LIGHT THEIR CANDLES FROM IT. " b 63 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES BRYAN ALISON Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5,6 64 Who ' s Who M XE BLANKENSHIP Learn as if you were to live forever, Live as if you were to live tomorrow. John Woodan Who ' s Who 65 BILL BOGGS Fight one more round. When your feet are so tired that you have to shuffle back to the center of the ring, fight one more round. When your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hands to come on guard, fight one more round. When you nose is bleeding and your eyes are black and you are so tired that you wish your opponent would crack you one on the jaw and put you to sleep, fight one more round — remembering that the man who always fights one more round is never whipped. 66 Who ' s Who James J. Corbett The thing is to understand myself, to see what God really wishes me to do; the thing is to find a truth which is true for me, to find the idea for which I can live and die Kierkegaard JANICE CARMACK To live is to die to live. Matthew 6:33,34 Who ' s Who 67 PHYLLIS CARTER Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow only a vision; But today, well- lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of Hope. The Sanskrit 68 Who ' s Who LINDA CRAMER You take what you have and what you are — your being and I will take what I have and what I am — my being — and we will share, we will participate in, we will use, we will experience together in common. Bob Benson Who ' s Who 69 STEVE DILLMAN The world floats by like an unguided canoe. Snags of proverty, war, hatred, and death Seem to reach out and clutch at it — Breaking it apart. 0 God, help me to mend the world with love. Steve Dillman 70 Who ' s Who MARTHA GOMER And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 Who ' s Who 71 If today isn ' t, How can tomorrow ever be? 72 Who ' s Who JOY WELLS The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the end of it, because the rainbow is now. And the pot never turns out to be quite what I expected. Hugh Prather Who ' s Who 73 SENIOR RECITALS Four years of hard work all comes together when a Senior music major performs a recital. In honor of all their hard work we present the Senior recitalists. MARTHA GOMER Vocal 74 Senior Recitals RICHARD KIMMERLY Trumpet TERRY LANG FORD Percusion Senior Recitals 75 76 Senior Recitals LOUIE WEAVER Percusion Senior Recitals 77 OFFICE Of Dr. Mark R. Moore, President OUR PLEDGE " When I want to understand what is happening today or try to decide what will happen tomorrow I look back. A page of history is worth more than a volume of logic. " Oliver Wendell Holmes In facing the next quarter of a century, we have endeavored to look back over the 75 years of Trevecca ' s existence. This DARDA preserves part of our history for the benefit of those of the future. When Trevecca began in 1901, our founders were gifted with vision, faith and commitment. We were limited in physical resources, students and size of faculty. We were strong on quality of love, concern and lofty goals. Through the years there have been many heartaches and blessings — defeats and victories. But the purpose of Trevecca, to provide the finest quality education and training in a strong Holiness enviroment, has remained constant. Although the campus has been moved from place to place, many different types of facilities have housed the classes and students, the curriculum has been restructured to meet new and different needs, the loyalty of those who have loved and served her has been consistent with the heritage of Christian ideals and sacrificial dedication to truth. The warning from Will Durant, " Those who do not know history are forever condemned to repeat it, " is certainly rele- vant for us. We know the landscape of history is strewn with the wreckage of nations that forgot God. Today under the constraining love of God and the compelling concern for a strong educationally-spiritually sound col- lege, we as " sons and daughters " pledge ourselves to the task of contributing to Trevecca for the future generations. President Mark R. Moore 80 THE PRESIDENT Dr. Mrs. Mark R. Moore VICE-PRESIDENTS DEAN ' S OFFICE P. Flannery, A.B., M.A. Assistant Dean of the College REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE SERVICES OFFICE Phil Storey, A STUDENT Ralph Wynkoop, Post Office Claude and Edith Galloway, Books 88 SERVICES Margaret Latham, Switchboard Robert Gore, Head of Security RESIDENT MANAGERS Les and Marion McKay, Johnson Hall Ken and Norma Higginbotham, Tennessee Hall 90 CHAPLAIN ADMISSIONS ANI D UBLIC RELATIONS 93 BUSINESS 94 OFFICE STUDENT AID AND EMPLOYMENT DIRECTOR OF TEACHER EDUCATION LIBRARY ANL 99 DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI Mike Estep, Director of Alumni Relations 101 Gerald Skinner, B.S., M.S., C.P.A. 102 DEPARTMENT RELIGION AND FINE 107 MATHEMATICS Clifton M. Taylor, B.S., M.S. 108 HISTORY - Toby Williams, A.B., B.O., M.A.T., Ph.D. Karen Disbro, Secretary 109 HUMAN SERVICES Also: Jerry Hull, B.A., B.D., M.A. Franklin Cook, A.B., M.Div. Mildred Wvnkoop, A.B., Th.B., M.Div., M.S., Th.D. Administrators instructing in this department. Thomas Cloyd, B.S., M.Th., M.A., Ph.D. f } ' ■ ' ■ ■ Jack Jamison, B.A., B.S., M.S.W. no LANGUAGE ENGLISH AND LITERATURE PHYSICAL EDUCATION Alan Smith, B.A., M.A. Debbie Lore, A. A., B.S., M.S. Shirley Sherman, Sec. 115 " Ml EDUCATION AND 117 118 DEPARTMENT BUILDING AND GROUNDS Kenneth Price, Assistant to Superintendent John Wooten, Grounds Supervisor 121 seniors I Bryan Alison Belvedere, SC Religion Skye Alison North Augusta, SC Music Gregg Anderson Highland Heights.KY Psychology Rick Arnott Nashville, TN Physical Ed Paul Baird Nashville,TN Religion Nathan Baker Osgood, IN Religion Gary Ballard Nashville.TN Religion Andv Batton Hillsboro,NC Biology Melinda Beeler Lenoir City.TN Elementary Ed Mike Blankenship Asheville.NC Religion Bill Boggs Nashville,TN Religion Steve Boling Nashville.TN Religion Sherrv Boyer Toledo, OH Elementary Ed Paul Braselton Owensville,IN Behavioral Science Donna Brewer Brownstown,IN Physical Ed 124 Laura Brodien Ft. Lauderdale, FL Behavioral Science Sharon Brotherton Mooresville.NC Elementary Ed Tom Brower Nashville.TN Business Admin Van Brown Nashville.TN Behavioral Science Christel Burnes Altus.OK Language Gary Caldwell Decherd.TN History Garv Cale Windham.OH Religion Jan Carmack Brandenburg, KY Business Admin Phyllis Carter Ashland, KY Behavioral Science Glenda Cass Smyrna, GA Elementary Ed Alice Cook Centreville,VA Elementary Ed Linda Cramer Louisville,KY Business Admin Becky Culotta Lithonia.GA Elementary Ed Byron Darnell Nashville, TN Chemistry Steve Digby Nashville, TN Elementary Ed 125 I Steve Dillman Dan Dyer Darla Farris Mark Farris Randy Fletcher Nashville.TN Nashville.TN Nashville.TN Nashville,TN Nashville,TN Religion Elementary Ed Elementary Ed Religion Physical Ed Jeff Fox Doug French Rick Fridley Dennis Garrett Sherri Gentry Nashville.TN Nashville.TN Augusta Springs, VA Bethel, OH Nashville.TN Math Biology Physical Ed Chemistry Physical Ed Celeste Gillespie Martha Gomer Charlie Gray Linda Grimm Elmer Guthrie Nashville.TN Nashville.TN Ashland.KY Jackson, OH Dickson, TN Accounting Music Biology Elementary Ed Religion 126 127 Randy Jenkins Nashville,TN Business Admin Sue Jenkins Magnolia, MS Elementary Ed Brenda Jividen St.Petersburg.FL Executive Sec Mike Johnson Nashville,TN Religion Pete Johnson Pontiac,MI Psychology Donna Kaney Albany, GA Elementary Ed Alan Keener Asheville.NC Biology Gregory Keller Lewisburg,TN Behavioral Science Debby Kiddy Pompano Bch.FL Speech Richard Kimmery Robertsdale,AL Church Music 128 Barry Kolp Nashville.TN Religion Joe Land Wichita.KS Accounting Terry Langford Lakeland, FL Music Harold Latham Jr. Nashville.TN Business Admin Franklin Lee Nashville,TN History Lyla Livingston Danville, AL Elementary Ed Linda Mackey Nashville.TN Child Care Gary McCollum Nashville.TN Psychology Donald McCrary Nashville.TN Physical Ed Chris McKinney Columbus, OH Medical Tech Donald McQuiniff Gibston,FL Business Admin Stephen McWilliams Nashville.TN Religion Lane Mallette Brandon, FL Business Admin Cindy Milliron Nashville.TN Music Carol Minshall Largo, FL Elementary Ed. 129 Barbara Montague Moscow, TN Business Admin Gary Montague Antioch,TN Business Admin Kathy Mosley Arcadia, FL Elementary Ed Patricia Mulligan Corning,AR Missions Gary Mullinax Zirconia,NC Chemistry Larry Murphy Fairmont,WV Biology Pam Murphy Greensboro, NC Physical Ed Norman Neeley Madison,TN Business Admin Darryl Nelson Nashville.TN Business Admin Suzanne Nix Birmingham, AL Elementary Ed Karl Payton Caneyville,KY Religion Kathy Phillips Nashville.TN Elementary Ed Pam Phillips Titusville,FL Elementary Ed Mitchell Powell Ridgeland.MS Communications Robert Powers Nashville.TN Biology 130 Peggy Pridemore Nashville.TN Executive Sec Tim Pusey Centerville,OH Music Ed Deborah Sumner Nashville.TN Business Admin Cathy Ray Burlington, NC Language Steve Robertson Nashville.TN Religion Vic Robinson Kathy Sanderson Julie Schortinghouse Noah Shao Fred Shepard Nashville.TN St.Petersburg.FL Miami.FL Nashville.TN Nashville.TN Multiple Church Ministries Missions Executive Sec Psychology Religion Ronnie Shields Joan Schultz Kasso Siewnarine Charles Simmons Wyn Smith Nashville.TN Sarasota.FL Nashville.TN Nashville.TN Greensboro.NC Bu siness Admin Elementary Ed Biolgoy Religion Business Admin 131 I Karen Smotherman Mike Spencer Ann Spoon Martha Sprang Ralph Swallows Nashville,TN Nashville,TN Goulds,FL Nashville.TN Louisville.KY Psychology Religion Biology Business Admin Religion Mike Sykes Debbie Taylor Scott Teal Felicia Thatcher Jim Thrower Nashville,TN Owensboro,KY Bradenton,FL Nashville.TN Nashville.TN Biology Elementary Ed Music Ed History Religion Jim Todd Bev Tomblin Darryle Vaught Waco Kidd Ralph Watson Nashville.TN Columbus.OH Nashville.TN Dodge City,KS Mt.Juliet.TN Missions Elementary Ed Religion Bulldogging Business Admin 132 133 juniors Fred Mund Sponsor Doreen Baun Treasurer Ken Higgenbotham Vice President Donna Underwood Secretary Ricky Creel Stuco Representative Grace Walker Stuco Representative Billy Strickland President 134 135 Becky Abbott Doreen Baun Steve Blakeman Steve Bortner Pam Bridges Elaine Cadle Ken Adkins Howard Becker Deb Bledsoe Robert Bowden David Bringer Glenda Caple Don Annis Randy Benefield Lynn Biggs Steve Brannan Larry Brinkman Bonnie Case Denise Barnett McCray Benson Bill Bishop Paul Brannon Becky Brown Cindy Cheatham Gordon Barron Donna Berck Cindy Beardslee Johnny Branton Elaine Buscaino Grace Christensen 136 Donna Clemons Gary Cline Wanda Cochran Artie Collins John Conard Joey Condon Cindy Conine Ed Cooner Linda Crane Ricky Creel Phil Crossman Jerry Crummer Caroline Culbertson Loren Darnell Ruth Daugherty Pat Ensor Deb Essary Bill Fisher Sherry Foster Sue Fox Roger Farmer Jeff Frampton Peggy French Rob Gassie John Gillespie Ed Goff Dannie Gordon David Grant Janice Greeson James Harlan 137 Richard Harrison Bev Hindman Skip Irwin Jeff Kelpfer Larry Lawrence Rene Miller Sharon Hayes James Hodge Randy James Janie Kingery Ken Laymon Bev Mitchell Brenda Heatherly Steve Hood Terry Jewell Ken Kirkland Rhonda Liles Ed Mitchell KathyHerndon Tommy Hudgins Connie Johnson Jeanie Lanham Jan Mahler Sam Mitchell Ken Higgenbotham Bobby Ireland David Jones Doug Lansford Rene Matthews David Montague 138 Victor Morgan Marilyn Philemon Ted Rishel Wayne Rutherford Steve Shomo Billy Strickland Becky Nixon David Pollok David Roscoe Connie Sandifer Donna Smith Morris Stocks Kathy Parker Marilyn Prindle Eddie Roshdahl Kurt Sawyer Sherry Snodgrass Ron Storer Stan Parker Tim Prouse Greg Rosser Don Scarbrough Tracey Spaur Lee Sutherland Rick Pence Mark Pulliam Janet Rushing Tommy Sellers Bob Steele Deb Sykes 139 Kenny Tanner Rick Underwood Robert Waller Glen Wilkerson Joanne Taylor Sharon Vaught Dayle Weaver Mike Williams Steve Tharp Judy Veigl Danny Whetstone Kim Wonders PomarTootoo John Vintson Beth White Martha Wood Charlie Tyler Grace Walker Kathy White Marc Young 140 141 sophomores Robin Adler Stuco Representative Renate Perry Secretary Mike Padgett Treasurer Bruce Oldham Stuco Representative Chuck Green President Larry Cummings Vice-President Toby Williams Sponsor 143 l " Lyn Doerner Richard Duncan Bev Eagle Nelson Eagle Wanda Edge Pam Edwards Fonda Ferguson Donna Ferriss Marcy Fitzgerald Lester Ford Mickey Foskey Marilyn Frantz Jeryl Friend Dorothy Gainer Geron Gamble Kathy Gardiner Lynn Gardner Gwen Graves Jan Glenn Robert Goens Chuck Green Terry Gregory Laurie Guinn Lynn Gunderson Grizzly Hairy Debbie Hack Virgil Hammontree Buz Harrison Judy Haufler Tim Haynes 145 I Cheryl Heaberlin Sherry Heard Wesley Hinton CI if Hofferbert Blanchard Howard Winston Huff Stan Ireland Anita Jackson Gina Jackson Bob Jared John Jeffries Dena Jenkins John Jewell Arlene Johnson Sharon Johnson Joni Johnston Meredith Jones Becky Karrick Melea Kaufman Kathy King Vivian King Pam Kirkland Becky Kraft Tim Lancaster Renee Lawwill Jim Laymon Dave Leonard Mark Leib Gwen Littrell Ruth Lovell 146 Sandra Lucas Sue Lucas Deb Lutton Rhonda Lykins Pat Manning Wendell Marlowe Priscilla Merchant Carol Milburn Bev Mills Victor Mills Dennis Montgomery Carter Moore Dave Moore Rick Morris Cindy Myers Sherwyn Nabors Sue Nix Bruce Oldham George Oliver Martha Osborne Mark Osbome Mike Padgett Elizabeth Payne Steve Pennington Somchai Pensirivarasup Donna Phillips Ron Phillips Gene Pickens Wayne Pittard Bobby Prince 147 1 Alan Queen Susan Rutledge Garry Smith Donna Steffey Bev Stout Charles Toland Susie Richwine Patsy Sharpton Greg Smith Dana Stevens Dennis Stout Esther Townsend Jan Robinson Virgil Showalter Carol Smithwick Fred Stewart Phyllis Sylvis Ruby Townsend Katy Ray Ann Shumans Richard Soloky James Stewart Mike Taylor Donna Tudor Bobby Runyon Robert Smith Tim Spruill Gene Stottele Patricia Terry Paul Turner 148 Sharon Uhles Tandy Vaughn Marsha Underwood Gary Wall Vanessa Van Der Veer Elaine Waters I, I Theresa Johnson Secretary Stuart Rowan President Mike Partain Treasurer Bob Brower Sponsor Ginger Golsan Stuco Representative Mark Morsch Stuco Representative Chuck Lovell Vice President 151 RevaAlford Cindy Baumgartner Beverly Blackburn Betty Boyer Dickey Brown Robin Buchai Judy Anderson Nancy Beaver Tim Blanton Julie Bradley Gracie Brown Ann Bunyasii Ed Baldwin Cheryl Bishop Susie Bledsoe Terry Branham Karen Brown Janet Burton Linda Barnes Sandy Bishop Linda Blowers Rick Brenner Rickey Brown Marie Bush Pennie Bauer Kathy Bixenman Steve Boggan Greg Brooks Janis Buchanan Steve Callis 152 Karen Carrier Karen Carter Patty Chambers Debbie Chaney Celesta Chapman Lonnie Chapman Christy Church Jim Clark Sharon Clark Debbie Clem Victor Collier Mike Collins Mike Conrad Mike Cook Esther Cornett Bill Criss Robin Crockarell Dewanna Curl Margie Davidson Alexis Davis Patsv Day Bill Dent Randy Dodd David Dunlap Jimmy Dunn Pam Dye George Edmunds Carol Ernest Roy Ernest Gary Ewell 153 Theresa Fawcett Pam Foster Pam Gainer Debbie Gibson Joe Grantz Mark Gritton Cindy Fisher Debbie Francis Gwen Gardner Tim Glynn Gail Grecar Beth Guest Chris Fitzgerald Cathy Fulkerson Lynn Garvin Vickie Goddard Joe Griffin Gary Haddix Margaret Fitzwater Ron Fulkerson Janet Gaunce Van Godfrey David Grimes Debbie Hadlock Sandra Foskey Sharon Fulmer Janice Gee Ginger Golsan Jeanne Grimes Terry Hailey 154 Judy Hankins Jeff Hayes Lynn Holmes Peggy Jenkins Byron Jones Joel Kersten Sara Harbin Anita Hazen Terri Hooper Kaye Johnson Jequitta Kain Jon Kersten Carol Harrison Rita Hendricks Pa m Howard Terry Johnson Jim Keeton Becky Kingery Joe Harvey John Hobson Rob Hudson Theresa Johnson Larry Kelly Steve Kiser Bill Haselden Susan Hofferbert Winston Huff Judy Johnston Dan Kersten Amy Knies 155 Reba Knowles Carol Kraft Edie Lambert Beverly Lawson J.C. Lawson Sue Lehman Peggy Lightfoot Susan Lord Debbie Lott Chuck Lovell Debbie Lucas Janet McCrory Dan McDonald David McGrath Stephen Mahabir Rickv Main Jill Malo Sherry Manners Connie Manning Debbie Marklin Ernie Martin Merri Kay Mears Mark Meeks Marty Meeks Keith Merritt Paul Michael Byron Middendorf Brenda Miller Jim Miller Lu Ann Miller 156 Greg Mills Charlotte Mingledorf Nancy Moon Ginger Moore Riki Morgan Valerie Morgan Jerry Morris Rob Morris Mark Morsch Tony Mounts Dean Murray Bill Neal Marty Noblin Gerald Norrington Debbie North Richard North Danny Oaks Mike Oliver Nita Orsborn Philip Osborne Mark Outman Mike Partain Kent Pel ton Bryan Pence Susie Pennington Kyle Perry Mary Pickerill Cindy Pope Debbie Powell Ruth Powell 157 Sharon Quick Stuart Rowan Lynette Schmitt Gene Shell Cecilia Sprang LaDonna Taylor Dale Reddy Greg Runyan Cheryl Schrimpf Marc Sims Scott Stone Tim Taylor Elizabeth Roberts Steve Rushing Joy Seale Clinton Skinner John Stottle Tab Taylor Mark Robinson Beth Rutledge Tony Self Geri Skinner Judy Sutherland Kevin Thomas Mike Robinson Steve Sayre Randy Shaw Jane Smith Lois Sykes Kim Thompson 158 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM This year the Trojan harriers started a new era with their home meets being held on campus. The season ' s running produced six wins and four losses, along with participation in three invitational meets and the N.C.C.A.A. national meet. Team honors went to Randy James as M.V.P. and Jim Haitt as Most Improved. The team would like to express their thanks for student support. a. Last minute instructions from Coach Hull. b. Captain Jerry Jared strides for the finish line. c. The campus hills test the endurance of Rick Morgan, d. It all begins this way. e. Harriers ' course criss-crosses campus, f. Meets were often lead by Bob, Jerry, or Randy, g. Jim emerges from Donaldson street, h. L. to R. Bob Jared, Brian Alison, Steve Bortner, Jerry Jared, Fred Stewart, Randy James, Jim Haitt, Rick Morgan, Coach Jerry Hull. 163 TROJANETTE VOLLEYBALL a) " The Girls " celebrate a victory b) The bench and Coach Lore watch the action c) Up and over it goes for Cindi d) Waiting for the official game decision e) Carolyn gets the ball set-up to her f) " Bench warming " isn ' t all dedication CHEER- LEADERS a) The cheerleaders welcome the team to the court, b) Karen joins the rest of the squad in a cheer, c) Shoot ' em down — right now! d) Spontanious response of the fans, e) Judy encourages the team to score, f) " Straight to the top " shout, g) Amy, Gail, Judy and Cindy help with the cheer, h) Enthusiasm is shown in Beth ' s expression. 166 170 173 d) Left to Right — Dave Brinegar, Blanchard Howard, Rick Furr, Ralph Watson, Dan Beam, Sam Dauis, Tim Runyon, Ken Laymon, Coach Smith, Rick Arnott, Rob Morris, Richard Harrisson, Coach Vail, Gary Harris, Dave Hill, Scott Jami- son, Coach Green, e) Tim waits for the rebound f) Jamison swings down to the front court, g) Up for two goes Hill TROJANETTE BASKETBALL a) Strategy from Coach Lore b) Debbie shoots for two c) Carolyn on the jumpball d) Ball handler Francis makes her move e) Left to Right, Denise Britt, Carol Ernest, Beth White, Terry Haley, Sharon Johnson, Mar- garet Fitzwater, Martha Osborne, Debbie Lott, Carolyn Walsh, Janet Burton, Debbie Francis, and Beu Lawson. f) Carolyn moves to the basket g) The assist by Johnson h) It looks like two points for Walsh i) On the fast break it ' s " Flash " and Carolyn 176 MEN ' S TENNIS This year the Men ' s Tennis posted another suc- cessful season. The overall record was 13 wins and 6 losses. This included a 8 win and 0 loss record in the S.C.A.C. and the conference champion- ship. a) Morris watches Bob carry the championship trophy, b) Senior Bob Blankenship returns a backhand, c) A tight lip helps Morris, d) Charlie tries the two step forehand, e) The follow through by Stan, f) Left to Right: Jim Ackerson, Bob Blankenship, Jeff Long, ' John Bledsoe, Charlie Gray, Stan Dunlap, Morris Stocks, John Gillespie, Rick Creel, Jerry Crummer, Coach Smith and Jon Jewell. 178 I 179 WOMEN ' S TENNIS The young ladies of the tennis team worked hard this year. The team was young but their experience will help in next year ' s schedule. a) Her eye on the ball, Donna makes a return, b) Moe comes down on a serve, c) A forehand return by Carol, d) Left to Right: Kim Wonders, Sandy Lucas, Moe Moorehead, Carol Ernest, Ann Shumans, Sherry Gentry, Donna Brewer, Beth White, Pam Murphy, Debbie Francis, Lois demons, and Susan Lucas, e) With a look of determination, Beth make a return, f) Sherry ' s concentration helps return the ball. mm m a d 180 VARSITY BASEBALL Baseball — 1976, exciting and winners! 32 wins and 21 losses was the result of many hours of hard work by the whole team. The number of wins double the college records for wins in one season. There were 30 teams records set or tie, also. Coach Bill Green was selected as " Coach of the Year " in the V.C.A.C. and the N.A.I. A. District 24 Tournament. Catcher Ken Thomas and first baseman Lonnie Taylor were named to the N.A.I.A. All District Team. The Trojans were Co- Champs of the S.C.A.C. and second in V.S.A.C. Western Division. a) Lonnie takes a cut. b) Third baseman, Tom Hawkins, c) Kenny puts on the tag at the plate, d) Keeping his eye on the ball. Butch works behind the plate, e) Coach Bill Green, f) Red Dog finishes around trip. . J ; m iiiMT M ..iiwi ' ' " aj Butch catches one low and away, b) Taking a look to first, Rob checks the runner, c) Pitcher ' s Kris and Rick relax and watch the game, d) Charlie waits for the ball, e) Coach gesters to the plate, f) Senior Mike Harper tries for another hit. g) Row 1, Left to Right: Troy Whitley, Rick Brenner, Terry Johnson, Steue Rushing, Charles Tyler, Kris Kilgore, Tom Hawkins, Row 2, Butch Ekis, Tab Tay- lor, Rob Gassie, Victor Collier, Mike Harper, Coach Coulter, Gene Watson, Row 3, David Brinegar, Coach Green, Frank Pinson, Lonnie Taylor, Mike Mitchell, Kenny Thomas, and Rick Brown. g 185 the tag at second, c) Watching the batter, Lonnie wait for the play, d) K.T. can ' t believe it. e) Stretching, Lonnie reaches the ball but the runner is back, f) On the pickoff. Rick hurries back to first, g) Lipscomb base runner is trapped by Kenny, h) Harper looks to third for the signal. I) Keeping his eye on the ball, Tommy heads for second. h 187 GOLF a) L. to R. Mark Hendon, Greg Runyon, Dan Beam, Coach Williams, Steve Clayton, Spike Callas, Billy Strickland b) Consentra- tion is intense as Steve putts c) Aiming for the flag, Spike tees off d) Mark lines up his putt e) The sand gives Greg an extra headache f) Billy gets a good tee shot g) The rough hides Steve ' s ball I I 188 INTERMURAL ATHLETICS d 190 193 195 DELTA a) Football team b) Delta A league basketball team c) Jim puts it up for two d) Delta ' s quarterback in all-star action e) Morris watches his team mate take a foul shot f) B and C League basketball players g) Women ' s Volleyball team h) Gamma ' s Bill Spencer rips through the defense 199 h 201 202 8 203 aj Gamma Softball Team b) Spencer escapes Fridley ' s grasp c) A League Basketball Team d) Coming around the end Moore traps the referee e) B and C League Basketball players f) Gamma defender rushes the punt g) Red Dog stretches for the rebound h) Who lost a contact??! i) The flurry of charging linemen 205 ALL Defense All-Stars: L to R, Row 1 J. Fox, G. Griner, J. Hodge, P. Tootoo, G. Wilson, Row 2, R. Fridley, J. Bledsoe, B. Spencer, B. Strick- land, C. Moore, G. Mullinax. Offense All-Stars: L to R, Row 1 R. Shields, R. Underwood, G. Griner, J. Gallup, G. Pickens, j P. Tootoo, R. Soloky, Row 2, B. Spencer, T I Todd, J. Fox, C. Moore. Basketball " C " League All-Stars: L to R, M. Foskey, B. Jared, T. Hartsfield, R. James, J. Bledsoe 206 STARS Basketball " A " League All-Stars: L to R, Row 1, K. Laymon, J. Toomey, J. Hiatt, D. Soles, Row 2, L. Chapman, D. Hall, M. Mitchell, R. Fletcher Basketball " B " League All-Stars: L to R, Row 1, Coach Morris, Coach Furr, Row 2, R. Clark, A. Batton, P. Stewart, D. McDonald, M. Stocks, J. Boswell. Wrestling Champs: L to R, Row 1, R. Soloky, T. Geisley, B. Strickland, D. Brown, J. Colson, D. Kersten, J. Fox. 207 EXTRAMURAL FOOTBALL This year the college granted T.N.C. ' s intermural football champs (GAMMA) the right to play an extramural football game with Lipscomb College. It created a lot of excitement and school spirit. We travel across town for the " under the lights " event. The " Big Green " played valiently, but were overpowered by the Lipscomb intermural champs. WRESTLING Clockwise From Left to Right: Tommy Todd prepares to unleash a pass, Top to Bottom: Soloky gains control of his opponent; O ' dean cuts off the escape route, Coming from behind, Richard North corrals Sitting out Jeff escapes from the bottom; The Brown the Lipscomb ball carrier, Moore leads the way for Bill Spencer, The two brothers show what family competition can be. lines fire-out towards each other. wanted i the stuco gang EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Jeanie Lanham, Secretary 213 CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Jim Hiatt and Phyllis Carter, Seniors Robin Adler and Bruce Oldham, Sophomores Grace Walker and Ricky Creel, Juniors Mark Morsch and Ginger Golsen, Freshmen CONNECTING OFFICERS 216 CHRISTIAN WORKERS ASSOCIATION 1. Wayne Gallup 2. Judy Sutherland 3. Beth White 4. Glenda Caple 5. Kathy King 6. Reba Knowles 7. Beu Cooper 8. Jo Ann Taylor 9. Chris Fitzgerald 10. Bryan Alison 11. Dana Steuens 12. Fred Buchanan 13. Cliff Wright 14. Kathy Creel 15. Edie Lambert 16. Priscilla Merchant 17. Gerald Norrington 18. Jan Robinson W.JillMalo 20. Loren Darnell 21. Skye Alison 22. Rick Main 23. Roger Farmer 24. Sue Lehman 2.5. Lynette Schmitt 26. Marcy Fitzgerald 27. Denise Barnett 28. Steve Peigh 29. Ed Goff 30. Noah Shao 217 MISSIONS IN ACTION 1. Rick Skelton 2. Bill Criss 3. Gary Cline 4. Sue Lucas 5. Carol Sue Nix 6. Kathy Sanderson 7. Anita Hazen 8. Karl Payton 218 11 in w fir MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION 1. Fred Shepard 2. Bill Fisher 3. Gary Ballard 4. Steve Shomo 5. Bill Criss 6. Vic Robinson 7. Lynn Holmes 8. Bill Boggs 9. Bryan Alison 10. Steve Boling 11. Hubert Cunningham 12. John Connard 13. Paul Baird 14. Barry Kolp 15. Carol Sue Nix 16. Larry Lawrence 17. David Pollok 18. Jim Thrower 19. Steve Holley 20. Karl Payton 219 220 PROJECT INVASION 1. Greg Anderson 2. Victor Morgan 3. Valerie Vos 4. Kathy Parker 5. Sharon Hayes 6. LaDonna Taylor 7. Pat Mulligan 8. Anita Hazen 9. Tracy Spaur 10. Bill Fisher 11. Stan Parker 12. Marsha Brodien 13. Chris Fitzgerald 14. Kathy Gardner 15. Larry Cummings 16. Martha Osborne 17. Mark Osborne 18. Dan Humble 19. Bev Cooper 20. Gerald Norrington 21. TimPusey 22. Carol Sue Nix 23. Joe Edmunds 24. Ed Cooner 25. Fred Shepard 26. Steve Peigh 27. Mike Robinson 28. Chuck Green 29. Marty Meeks 30. Jimmy Dunn 31. Winston Huff 32. Dwight Wiser 33. Nathan Baker 34. Joe Bullock 221 YOUTH MINISTERS 1. Kathy Parker 2. Nathan Baker 3. Janice Carmack 222 1. Anita Hazen 2. Tim Spruill 3. Kathy Fulkerson 4. Bucky Burnsed 5. Gene Stottele 6. Karl Payton TREVECCA BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION 223 WNAZ — 88.9 F.M. 16. Mike Padgett 17. Nelson Eagle 224 225 TREVEDORES ! 228 CONCERT CHOIR 1. John Hobson 2. Kathy Parker 3. John Gillespie 4. Martha Gomer 5. Greg Anderson 6. Kim Wonders 7. Skip Irwin 8. Margv Davidson 9. JeffKlepfer 10. Miss McClain 11. Chuck Green 12. PatEnsor 13. Kent Pelton 14. Debbie Sykes 15. Artie Collins 16. Sherry Boyer 17. Bill Smith 18. Debbi Kiddy 19. Scott Teal 20. Janet Rushing 21. Jerry Crummer 22. Tim Pusey 23. Brenda Miller 24. Skye Allison 25. Bev Hindman 26. Ed Cooner 27. Diana Corn 28. Ron Storer 29. Sandy Bishop 30. Ken Higginbothem 31. Debbie Hack 32. Steve Tharp 33. Paul Braselton 34. Wayne Pittard 35. Donna Berck 36. David Grant 37. Alice Hall 38. Terry Jewell 39. Ruth Dougherty 40. Jim Laymon 41. Kathy Graham 42. John Branton 43. Cindy Milliron 44. Ed Mitchell 45. Debbie Berck 46. Greg Rosser 229 1. Larry Cummings 2. Lois Sykes 3. Marilyn Prindle 4. Vanessa VanDerVeer 5. Karen Carter 6. Marcy Fitzgerald 7. Crystal Todd 8. Cindy Meyers 9. Mark Morsch 10. Fred Mund 11. Denise Barnett 12. Carol Ernest 13. Joe Harvey 14. Chuck Lovell 15. Gary Haddix 16. Pam Foster 17. Katie Ray 18. Ruth Powell 19. Victor Morgan 20. Cliff Wright 21. Susie Bledsoe 22. Ladonna Taylor 23. Dorothy Gainer 24. Marsha Burress 25. Bruce Oldham 26. Beu Mills 27. KathyKing 28. Garon Gamhill 29. Joey Condon 30. Lynn Holmes 31. Polly King 32. Robert Bowden 33. Richard Kimmery 34. Fonda Ferguson 35. Mark Gritton 36. Donna Tudor 37. Debbie Lucas 38. Fred Williams 39. Mark Pulliam 40. Bill Criss 41. Dan Gordon 42. Byron Middendorf 43. Donna Martin 44. Joe Bullock 45. Paul Burch 46. Faalupega Faoa 47. Darryle Vaught 48. Gordon Barron 230 MARANATHA 1. Brenda Miller 2. Wayne Pittard 3. Margy Davidson 4. Cndy Milliron 5. Terry Jewell 6. Janet Rushing 7. Ed Cooner 8. Ron Storer 9. Greg Rosser 231 CONCERT BAND 1. Kent Pelton 2. David Grant 3. John Gillespie 4. Ginger Estep 5. Anita Jackson 6. Karen Johnston 7. Kathy Parker 8. Ginger Golson 9. Jeanne Grimes 10. Steue Bortner 11. Mr. Garlett 12. David Leonard 13. Terrv Lang ford 14. Scott Teal 15. Margaret Fitzwater 16. Janet Burton 1 7. Carl Crapo 18. Terry Bowden 19. Kevin Thomas 20. Ricky Morgan 21. Ron Storer 22. Richard Kimmery 23. Debbie Hack 24. Gary Wall 25. Artie Collins 26. Brenda Miller 27. Tim Pusey 28. Tony Self 29. Victor Morgan 233 PEP BAND 1. Ricky Morgan 2. Kent Pelton 3. Debbie Hack 4. David Grant 5. Pomar Tootoo 6. Richard Kimmery 7. Carl Crapo 8. Steve Bortner 9. Terry Lang ford 10. David Leonard 11. Mr. Garlett 12. Ed Cooner 13. Brenda Miller 14. Jeanne Grimes 15. Ron Storer 16. Scott Teal 17. John Gillespie 18. Tony Self 19. Victor Morgan 234 . Artie Collins 2. Ed Cooner 3. Steve Bortner 4. S cott Teal 5. David Grant 6. John Gillespie 7. Ron Storer BRASS QUINTET 235 MUSIC CLUB % r ' h$ FORENSICS 1. Phyllis Carter 2. Steve Pennington 3. Merry Hampton 4. Gary Coulter 5. Kathy White 6. Marsha Brodien 7. Peggy Jenkins 8. Linda Blowers 9. Ginger Golson 10. Debbie Chanev 11. Debbie Kiddy 12. Chuck Green 13. Debbie Clem 14. Jayne Smith 237 j PHI KAPPA DELTA 240 241 HONOR SOCIETY 1. Bob Jared 2. Bill Boggs 3. Steve Dillman 4. Alan Houck 5. Tim Pusey 6. Carolyn Culbertson 7. Rick Fridley 8. Alan Queen 9. Paul Brannon 10. Don Annis 11. Jeff Fox 12. Janie Grimes 13. Bryan Allison 14. Lynn Biggs 15. Debbie Janes 16. Bev Cooper 17. Sharon Hayes 18. Carol Milburn 19. Charlie Gray 20. Jeanie Lanham 21. Sherry Foster 22. Mike Spencer 23. Chuck Green 24. Richard Kimmery 25. Jerry Jared 26. Becky Nixon 27. Becky Culotte 28. Rhonda Wetzel 29. Carter Moore 30. Pat Ensor 31. Charles Simmons 32. Melea Kaufman 33. Morris Stocks 34. Grace Walker 35. Tracey Spaur 36. Mrs. Flannery 37. Bill Fisher 38. Peggy French 39. Bobby Ireland 40. Fonda Ferguson 41. Stanley Ireland 42. Mark Pulliam 43. Steve Blakeman 44. Barry Kolp 45. Gary Mullinax 46. Danny Whetstone 47. Garon Gambill 48. Jim Hyatt 49. Randy Fletcher 242 STEA 1. Kathy Mosley 2. Sharon Hayes 3. Kathy Phillips 4. Donna Farris 5. Connie Sandifer 6. Charlene Williams 7. Lynn Biggs 8. Donna Berck 9. Alice Cook 10. Janice Glenn 11. Becky Culotta 12. Nancy Humphry 13. Jerry Jared 14. Mrs. Costa 15. Pat Manning 16. Sharon V aught 17. Victor Morgan 18. Cindy Milliron 243 BO-JO MIME COMPANY 244 245 CIVITANS 1. Victor Morgan 2. Kurt Sawyer 3. Stuart Rowan 4. Robert Bowden 5. Bill Criss 6. Billy Strickland 7. Tom Brower 8. Paul Braselton 9. Mark Meeks 10. Tim Pusey 11. Dan Humble 12. Chuck Lovell 13. Steve Kiser 14. John Vinson 247 248 CIVINETTES 1. Dana Stevens 2. Marsha Burress 3. Elaine Buscaino 4. Connie Sandifer 5. Becky Karrick 6. Bevely Cooper 7. Carol Sue Nix 8. Kathy Gardner 9. Charlene Williams 10. Elaine Cadle 11. Priscilla Merchant 12. Marcy Fitzgerald 13. Barbara Montague 14. Jan Robinson 15. Lynn Biggs 16. Marilyn Prindle 1 7. Peggy French 18. Sharon Vaught 19. Alice Cook 20. Eunice Hood 21. Becky Abbott 249 K-ETTES 1. Donna Kaney 2. Doreen Baun 3. Sue Fox 4. Kathy White 5. Cindy Conine 6. Kim Wonders 7. Jeanie Lanham 8. " Mom " Storey 9. Kathy Herndon 10. Janet Rushing 11. Brenda Heatherly 12. Marsha Brodien 13. Debbi Kiddy 14. Phyllis Carter 15. Merry Hampton 16. Kathy King 17. Sherry Heard 18. Carolyn Walsh 19. Cindy Cheatam 20. Sherry Boyer 21. Alice Hall 251 CIRCLE-K 7. Tandy Vaughn 2. Larry Cummings 3. Bobby Prince 4. Steve Pennington 5. Jim Ackerson 6. Bruce Oldham 7. Ken Laymon 8. Andy Batton 9. Tim Hartsfield 10. Lynn Holmes 11. Steve Childress 12. Mike Blankenship 13. Bucky Burnsed 14. Mark Hendon 15. Mike Padgett 16. Jerry Crummer 1 7. David Leonard 18. Greg Runyan 19. Dale Johnson 20. Rob Gassie 21. Byron Middendorf 22. Morris Stocks 23. Daryle Hall 24. Ricky Creel 25. Marvin Wells 26. Ralph Swallows 27. Mickey Foskey 28. Steve Bortner 29. Dennis Garrett 253 KARATE CLUB A Memorial to Brian M. Neeley October 5, 1954 June 25,1975 Attended Trevecca 1973-1974 HE WAS OUR BROTHER by Norman D. Neeley He was our brother; his existence so dear. His lingering presence was always near. His life was so radiant, his face was so bright; His actions were thoughtful — his deeds were so right. We loved him dearly; his family and friends, Until the day of his tragic end. A divine plan fo r this, we know was in store Because it seemed that God needed our brother more. At first we were sad; but began to rejoice When we heard the sound of a comforting Voice; " The Lord is my Shepherd, I never shall need. Beside the still waters the Savior will lead. " So we have committed our brother to Him, And also our futures that lie therein. Among the Knowledge these experiences bring, We now know our brother is wearing his wings. dvertisements index in [{ebecca S. Abbott, 207 Wesleyan Ct.. Warner Rubins, Ga. 31093, Junior, Elem Educ page 136 James W Ackerson, 2321 Shady wood Or , Forrest City, Ar. 72335, Sophomore, Accounting page 144 William K Adkins, 60 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tn 37210, Sophomore, Religion page 136 Robin D Adler, 4058 Ferrarra St., Jax. Fl. 32217, Sophomore. Elem Educ page 144 Susan A. Ake, Rt. 2, Box 36, Fortville, In 46040, Freshman, Religion Reva L. Alford, 831 Alluiew Dr., S. Charleston, WV. 25309, Freshman, Undecided page 152 Bryan H. Alison, Ascauga Lake Rd., Belvedere, S C. 29841, Senior, Religion page 124 Syke W. Alison, Box 6162, N. Augusta, S C. 29841, Senior, Music Educ page 124 Greg L. Anderson, 6183 Christman Dr., North Olmsted, Oh. 44070, Sophomore, Music page 144 Gregg W. Anderson, 223 Knollwood Dr., Highland Hgts., Ky. 41076, Senior, Psychology, page 124 Judith L Anderson, 6183 Christman Dr.. N. Olmsted, Oh 44070, Freshman, Exec Secretary page 152 Don E. Annis, Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Accounting page 136 Richard H. Arnott, 5149 Osford Ct., Swartz Creek, Mi. 48473, Senior, Physical Educ. page 124 Paul R. Baird II, 55 Hart St. Apt. 43, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion, page 124 Nathan E. Baker, Rt 2, 641 Short St., Osgood, In. 47037, Senior, Religion page 124 Arthur 0. Baker II, 105 W. Ln. St., Albertville, Al. 35950, Sophomore, Biology page 144 Edgar H Baldwin, 801 Eden St., Cocoa. Fl. 32922, Freshman, Music page 152 Gary D. Ballard, TNC, Box 385, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior. Religion page 124 Linda G. Barnes, 2844 Colonial dr., Nashville, Tn. 37214, Freshman, Medical Tech. page 152 Denise J. Barnett. 705 Ferguson, Caruthersville, Mo. 63830, Junior, Music page 136 Gordon B Barron, 4438 Ashland Dr., Macon, Ga., Sophomore, Mult. Church Mimstri page 136 Anthony D. Batton, 116 Tuscorora Ave., Hills- borough, N.C. 27278, Senior, Biology page 124 Debra K Batton, Rt. 1, Box 420, Fitgerald, Ga. 31750, Sophomore, Undecided page 144 Duane D. Baty, 55 Hart St., Apt. 28, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Religion Susan K. Baty, 55 Hart St., Apt. 28, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Mult. Church Ministn Larry M. Baucom, 2401 2nd Ave. N., St. Pete, FL, Sophomore, Religion page 144 Pennie K. Bauer, Box 95, Aroma Park, II. 60910, Freshman, Elem Educ. page 152 Jeffrey H Baughman, 6409 Julie St., Tampa, Fl. 33610, Sophomore, Religion page 144 Cynthia K Baumgartner, Rt 2, Box 472, Mt. Airy, Md 21771, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 152 Doreen L Baun, 49 Cedar Ln., Newport News, Va. 23601, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 136 Robert D. Beam, 6177 Hilltop Dr., Pensacola, Fl. 32504, Sophomore, Psychology Michael D Bearden, Millwood Apt. G-56, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion Cindy L Beardslee, 809 Hamblen Dr., Madison, Tn. 37115, Junior, Psychology page 136 Grant E. Beardslee, 801 Hamblen Dr., Madison, Tn., Sophomore, Undecided page 144 Nancy S. Beaver, 404 Cypress Ave., Kannapolis, N.C. 28081, Freshman, Biology page 152 Howard N. Becker, 1917 Pamela Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37217, Senior, Religion page 136 Melinda F Beeler, 114 Bussell Ferry Rd., Lenoir City, Tn. 37771, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 124 Timothy E. Belcher, 485 Norwood Ave., Satellite Bch., Fla. 32937, Freshman, Bus Admin. Randy M. Benefield, Auebury Dr., East Point, Ga. 30344, Junior, Religion page 136 Edna M. Benson, 7840 S. W. 98th St., Miami, Fl. 33156, Sophomore, Music page 144 McCray V. Benson, 1816 Anderson St.. Charlotte, Bishop, 0,-202 Chestnut Hill Villa. Tn. 37115, Junior, Church Music N.C. 28205, Junior, Psychology page 136 Donna L Berck, 1730 Loch Lomond Tr., Atlanta, Ga. 30331, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 136 Gary K. Bergen, 6615 Fox Hollow Rd., Nashville, Tn 37205, Freshman, Bus. Admin. Jacque L Biggs, 422 Highland Ave., Lewisburg, Tn. 37091, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 136 Cheryl K. Bishop, Rt. 2, Box 524, Monterey, Tn. 38574, Freshman, Undecided page 152 Sandra K Bishop, 5437 Hickson Rd , Jackson- ville, Fl. 32087, Freshman, Undecided page 152 William R Madison, page 136 Shirley K Bixenman, 1404 Oakland Acres, Madi- son, Tn. 37115, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 152 Beverly S. Blackburn, 7308 Palmyra Dr., Knox- ville, Tn. 37918, Freshman, Accounting page 152 Stephen M Blakeman, 819 Summerville Dr., Lexington, Ky. 40504, Junior, Math page 136 Michael B Blankenship, 85 Morris Ave., Ashe- ville, N.C. 28806, Senior, Religion page 124 Robert R Blankenship, 340 Hillcrest Dr., Madi- son, Tn. 37115, Senior, Physical Educ. Timothy M. Blanton. 3749 Culp Dr., Jackson- ville, F 32211, Freshman, Chemistry page 152 Debra L. Bledsoe, 55 Hart St. Apt. 49, Nash- ville, Tn., Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 136 Floella S. Bledsoe, 1511 Diplomat Dr., Fayett- ville, N.C. 28303, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 152 Johnny M. Bledsoe, 55 Hart St. Apt. 49, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Religion Linda C Blowers, 5627 Longacre, Bartlett, Tn., 38134, Freshman, Biology page 152 Rebecca L. Blue, 9 Middlesex Dr., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fl. 33305, Sophomore, Sociology Stephen R. Boggan, Box B, White St., Parrish, Al. 35588, Freshman, Missions page 152 William M. Boggs, 55 Hart St. No. 56, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion page 124 NAZARENE PUBLISHING HOUSE Lillenas Publishing Company Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City ppct} church EAC°N BIBLE XPOSITIC The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our Cod shall stand for ever. Isaiah 40:8 ' Your Donations are appreciated 1 Mackey Library Dr. J.J. Wheelbarger Director of Learning Resources Albert Pick Motor Inn 320 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, Tennessee 37210 For Reservations Phone: (615)242-5424 Featuring: Plantation Dining Room Heated Pool Air Conditioned Rooms Colored Televisions " Just across Murfreesboro Road From the campus. Close enough to walk if you would like. " Steve E. Boling, 85 Lester Ave.. Nashville, Tn. 37211, Senior, Religion page 124 Thomas M. Bolles, 726 McGavock Pk., Nash- ville, Tn. 37214, Freshman, Undecided Stephen P. Bortner, 1588 Boisseau Dr., Prince George, Va. 23875, Junior, Mult. Church Ministri page 136 James S. Boswell, 418 Beech Ave., Charleston, W. V. 25302, Sophomore, Biology page 144 Robert E. Bowden, 1002 Revilla Ln.. Rockledge, Fl. 33119, Junior, Music Educ. page 136 Terry L. Bowden, 1002 Rwilla, Rockledge, FL, Junior, Music Ed. Elizabeth M. Boyer, 509 NW 15 St., Homestead, Fl. 33030, Sophomore, Bus Admin page 152 Sherry L. Boyer, 2941 Jasik Dr.. Toledo. Oh. 43611, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 124 Julie L Bradley, 4727 San Antonio Dr., Lakeland, Fl. 33803, Freshman, Undecided page 152 Terry R Branham, Box 13, Woodburn, Ky. 42170, Freshman, Religion page 152 Stephen W. Brannan, Box 51, Lk Mary, Fl. 32746, Sophomore, Undecided page 136 Paul A. Brannon, 218 Chanticleer TV., Lansing, Mi. 48917, Junior, Music Wayne A. Brannon, 153 Woodmont Blvd., Nash- ville, Tn., Freshman, Religion Wesley L. Brantley, Senior, Language Paul J Branton, 15 Temple St., Asheville, N.C. 28804, Sophomore, Mult. Church Ministri page 136 Paul G. Braselton, Rt. 2, Box 111, Owensville, In. 45667, Senior, Behavioral Science page 124 Richard M. Brenner Jr., 7909 Cornwall Ln., Tampa, Fl. 33613. Freshman, Phsyical Educ. page 152 Donna S. Brewer, Rt. I, Brownstown, In. 47220 Senior, Physical Educ. page 124 Pamela K. Bridges, 134 Rommel Ave., Garden City, Ga. 31408, Junior, Medical Tech. page 136 Paul D. Brinegar, TNC Box 602, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Physical Educ. page 136 Larry Brmkman, 501 Lynn Dr.. Lakeland. Fl. 33803, Junior. Communications Laura E. Brodien, 131 N.E. 49th Ct., Ft. Lau- derdale, Fl. 33334, Senior, Behavioral Science page 124 Marsha L Brodien, 131 N.E. 59th Crt., Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33334, Sopohomore, Communi- cations page 144 Gregory B. Brooks, 26 Redbankre, Goose Creek, S.C. 29445, Freshman, Undecided page 152 Wanda L. Brooks, P.O. Box 901, Gainesville, Ga. 30501. Sophomore, Accounting Sharon D. Brotherton, 320 Cook St., Mooresville, N.C. 28115, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 125 Thomas W. Brower, 55 Hart St. Apt. 10, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 125 Dickey G. Brown, 7622 Apple Valley. German- town, Tn. 38138, Freshman, History page 152 Gracie L Brown, Rt 3, Eatons Creek Rd., Nashville, Tn 37218, Freshman, Undecided page 152 James M. Brown, 74 Nance Lang ft Nashville, Tn., Senior, Music James R. Brown, 1466 Applewood, Lincoln Park, Mi 48146, Senior, Biology Karen M. Brown, 1327 Douglas St., Sanford, Fl. 32771, Freshman, Bus Admin, page 152 Rebecca C. Brown, 3800 Central Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37205, Junior, History page 136 Rickey L Brown, 7672 Apple Valley, German- town, Tn. 38138, Freshman, History page 152 Terry B. Brown, 878 Kipling Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37217, Senior, Elem. Educ. Van A. Brown, 33 Cameo Dr., Nashville, Tn., 37211, Senior, Behavioral Science page 125 Barry E. Bryant, Box 7, Boonville, N.C. 27215, Freshman, Religion Fred V. Buchanan, Rt. 2, Box 209A, Sylva, N.C. 28779, Sophomore, Religion page 144 Janis L Buchanan, 702 15th Ave. S.W., Largo, Fl. 33540, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 152 Robin L. Buchanan, 2107 7th Ave. W., Braden- ton, Fl. 33505, Freshman, Exec. Secretary page 152 Vickie S. Buchanan, 2107 7th Ave. W., Braden- ton. Fl. 33505. Sophomore, Religion page 144 Atinuj Bunyasiri, 83 Nance Ln. §4, Nasvhille, Tn. 37210, Freshman, Exec. Secretary page 152 Paul H. Burch, 204 Unit His St., Sutherlin, Or. 97479, Junior, Music Educ. Christel J. Bums, 1105 Darla Ave., Altus, Ok. 73521, Senior, Language page 125 George D Burnsed, Rt. 4, Box 365, Savannah, Ga. 31405, Sophomore, Religion page 144 Marsha L Burress, Rt. 2, Loogootee, In 47553 Sophomore, Music page 144 Janet L Burton, 2701 Walnut St., Portage, In 46368, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 152 Elaine F. Buscaino, 810 16th Ave. W., Palmetto, Fl. 33561, Junior, Behavioral Science page 136 Claytie M. Bush, Rt. 5 Box 464, Shelbyville, Tn. 37160, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 152 Brenda K. Butler, Rt. 6, Box 1875, Port Richey, Fl. 33568, Sophomore, Business Educ. page 144 L E. Cadle, 2625 G. Suffolk Dr., High Point, N.C. 27260, Junior, History page 136 Garry D. Caldwell, Rt. 1, Box 191, Dechesd, Tn. 37324, Junior, History page 125 Gary G. Cale, Apt. 133-B, Windham, Oh. 44288 Senior, Religion page 125 Steve J. Calhs, 445 Owendale, Antioch, Tn. 37013, Freshman, Religion page 152 Beverly C. Candler, 860 Murfreesboro Rd., Apt. R21, Nashville, Tn. 37217, Junior, Biology Donna K. Candler, Rt. 1, Thompson, St., Wil- liamson, Tn 37179, Freshman, General Science Glenda S. Caple, 13600 S.W. 184th St., Miami, Fl. 33177, Junior, Elem. Educ page 136 Melita D Capps, Rt. 2, Box 368, Bessemer, N.C. 28016, Sophomore, Biology page 144 Sharon E Carlan, 9256 Orr Ct. S.. Jax. Fl. 32216, Sophomore, Exec. Secretary page 144 Janice M. Carmack, Box 572, Brandenburg, Ky. 40108, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 125 Steve E. Carmichael, Rt. 2, Moultrie. Ga. 31768. Sophomore. Language Karen L. Carrier, 1285 Pixley Dr., Rwerdale, Ga. 30274, Freshman, Undecided page 153 Karen S. Carter. Rt 1, Spiceland, In. 47362. ■ Dublin First Church 312 Telfair St. Dublin, Georgia OUR STUDENTS Jean Harbin Dan Whetstone Rev. Lewis B. Whetstone, Pastor Gallatin First Church 407 N. Water St. Gallatin, Tennessee 37066 OUR STUDENTS Anita Jackson (picture not available) Bruce Oldham Rev. Ronald L. Jordan, Pastor Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 153 Phyllis J. Carter, 3430 Morgan Ave., Ashland, Kv. 41101, Senior, Behavioral Science page 125 Bonnie L. Case, 1033 S. Morrish Rd., Flint, Mi. 48504, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 136 Glenda C. Cass, 2721 Sherwood Rd. S.E., Smyrna, Ga. 33080, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 125 Tippawan Chaichanapanich, 1015 Thompson PI. Apt. M-9, Nashville, Tn. 37217, Freshman, Bus. Admin. Theodore D. Chalfant, 4245 Forest Ave., Cin- cinnati, Oh., Freshman, Music Kim D. Chambers, 139 Sycamore Dr., Summer- ville, S.C. 29483, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 144 Patricia A. Chambers, Box 151, Rising Sun, Mo. 21911, Freshman, Missions page 153 Deborah J. Chaney, Rt 1, Box 393, Hilena, Al. 35080, Freshman, Psychology page 153 Celesta L Chapman, 81 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tn., Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 153 Lonnie J Chapman, Rt. 2, Winslow, In 47598 Freshman, Religion page 153 Cynthia J. Cheatham, 621 24th Ave. N.W., Birmingham, Al. 35215, Junior, Business Educ. page 136 Steve E. Childress, 1283 Oakhurst Dr.. Charles- ton, W. V. 25314, Senior, Bus. Admin. Grace E. Christensen, 5936 N.W. 1st Ave., Miami, Fl. 33127, Junior, History, page 136 Christy L. Church, 104 Karnes St., Prinecton, W. V. 24740, Freshman, Nursing page 153 Barry W. Clark, 305 Blackman Rd., Nashville, Tn. 37211, Freshman, Bus. Admin. James E. Clark, 8400 Idy lwood Rd., Vienna, Va. 22180, Freshman, Music Educ. page 153 Sharon A. Clark, 1399 S. Belcher Rd., Largo, Fl. 33540, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 153 Robert F Clarke, 2726 Larmon Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37204, Senior, History Steven F. Clayton, Rt. 4, Box 116, Hillsborough, N.C. 27278, Sophomore, Biology page 144 Timothy A. Clayton, 424 Stephens St., Lawrence- burg, Tn. 38464, Sophomore, Religion page 144 Paul E. Cleckner, 239 Bell Rd., Nashville, Tn. 37217, Sophomore, History page 144 Deborah R Clem, 11726 Ola. Ave., Tampa, Fl. 336 12, Freshman, History page 153 Donna J. demons, P.O. Box 711, Arcadia, FL, 33821, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 137 Lois K. demons, P.O. Box 711, Arcadia, FL, 33821, Sophomore, Physical Educ. page 144 Robert C. Cleveland, 93 Sargasso Ln., Winter Haven, FL 33880, Freshman, Undecided Gary B. Cline, Rt. 1, Box 744, Cloverdale, In. 46120, Junior, Missions page 137 Thomas M. Cloyd, 4445 Juneau Dr., Hermitage, Tn. 37076, Freshman, Undecided James M Clyburn, Box 433, Sparta, Tn., Senior Religion Wanda L. Cochran, 5602 Craig Rd., N. Charles- ton, S.C. 29406, Junior, Behavioral Science page 137 Victor L. Collier, 658 N. Grove, Land Olakes, FL, Freshman, Undecided page 153 Leonard A. Collins, 75 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Music Educ. Michael L. Collins, 188 Moore Ave., Smyrna, Tn. 37167, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 153 John E. Conard, Rt. 2, Antioch, Tn. 37013, Junior, Religion page 137 Joey A. Condon, 6620 S.W. 20th Ct., Miramar, Fl. 33023, Junior, Mult. Church Ministri Cynthia R. Conine, 3018 E. Norfolk St., Tampa, Fl. , Senior, Speech page 137 Michael K. Conrad, 1860 Monroe, Eugene, Or. 67321, Freshman, Undecided page 153 Alice M. Cook, 14625 Braddock Rd., Centreville, Va. 22020, Senior, Elem Educ. page 125 Michael W. Cook, 618 19th St. E., Bradenton, Fl. 33505, Freshman, Math page 153 Harvey E. Cooner, 23 Hemlock Dr. N.W., Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. 32548, Senior, Music Educ. page 137 Karen Y. Cooner, 23 Hemlock Dr. N.W., Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. 32548, Sophomore, Business Educ. page 144 Bevely J. Cooper, 503 N. Bayou, Cleveland, MS. 38732, Sophomore, Undecided page 144 Diana L. Corn, 61 Laurel Loop, Asheville, N. C. 28806, Junior, Elem Educ. Esther D. Cornett, 803 Laurel Ave., Sanford, Fl. 32771, Freshman, Language page 153 James A. Coulston, 504 Frank St., Shelbyville, In. 46176, Junior, Math Julian R Cowart, Rt. 2, Box 162, Cleveland, M.S. 38732, Sophomore, Undecided page 144 Linda S. Cramer, 5508 Mae Ct., Louisville, Ky. 40214, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 125 Linda J. Crane, 606 Woodrow, Selma, Al. 36701, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 137 Carl D. Crapo, 2503 Hargrove, Memphis, Tn. 38127, Junior, Music Kathy D. Creel, 5300 Lingle Ln., Richmond, Va. 23234, Freshman, Exec. Secretary page 144 Rickey A. Creel, 5300 Lingle Ct., Richmond, Va. 23234, Junior, Bus. Admin, page 137 William F. Criss, 4406 W. South, Tampa, Fl. 33614, Sophomore, Religion page 153 Robin M. Crockarell, Rt. 1, Box 107, Dover, Tn. 37058, Freshman, Biology page 153 Philip E. Crossman, 389 Wimpole Dr., Nashville, Tn. Junior, Physical Educ. Jerry C. Crummer, 1025 Vassar St., Orlando, Fl. 32804, Junior, Church Music Linda C Culbertson, 3 Wendover Dr., Greenville, S C. 29607, Junior, Behavioral Science nage 137 Rebecca R Culotta, 2795 Evans Mill Rd. Apt. 8, Lithonia, Ga. 30058, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 125 Larry D. Cummings, P.O. Box 457, Crawford- ville, Fl. 32327, Sophomore, Music page 144 Hubert D. Cunningham, 39010 Clarksville Hwy. Joelton, Tn. 37080, Sophomore, Religion Dewanna R. Curl, 510 Howard Ave., Albert- ville, Al. 35950, Freshman, Undecided page 153 Beverly E. Dale, Rt. 5, Box 452, Arcadia, Fl. 33821, Sophomore, Elem Educ page 144 Byron J. Darnell, 89 Lester, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Chemistry page 125 Loren L. Darnell, 89 Lester Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Religion page 137 Margaret R. Dougherty, 1481 N. Lincoln Ave., Salem, Oh. 44460, Sophomore, General Science page 137 Margaret E. Davidson, 608 Randolph St., Val- dosta, Ga. 31601, Freshman, Music page 153 Alexis P. Davis, 209 W. 47 St., Chattanooga, Tn. 37-110, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 153 Billie B Davis, 663 B. Parris Ave., Nashville, Tn 37210, Freshman, Religion Samuel M. Davis, 1905 Scott Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37206, Senior, Physical Educ. Patsy J. Day. 4656 Robinson Rd., Jackson, Ms. 39204, Freshman, Undecided page 153 Oliver K. Del ong, 55 Hart St. Apt. 9, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Biology Jonda L. Dement, 29 Richmond Ave., Lexington, Ky. 40502, Junior, Physical Educ. Frances A. Dennis, 77 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Freshman, Business Educ. William N. Dent, Gen. Del., Winslow, In. 47598, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 153 Darlene M. Digby, 3512 Hillstone Ct., Atlanta, Ga. 30319, Senior, Physical Educ. Steve H. Digby, 712 N.E. 39th Crt., Caal, FL, Senior, Elem. Eudc. page 125 Stephen W. Dillman, 2706 Glenrose Ave., Apt. C-10, Nashville, Tn., Senior, Religion pag( 126 Robert B Dodd. P.O. Box 659 Trevecca, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion William R. Dodd, 1435 Jasmine Way, Clearwater, Fl. 33516, Freshman, Undecided page 153 Lynette S. Doerner, Rt. 1, Lynnville, In. 47619, Sophomore, Physical Science page 145 Richard D. Duncan, 799 Old Spartanburg Rd., Hendersonville, N.C. 28739, Sophomore, Mis- sions page 145 David W. Dunlap, 107 Mark Dr., So. Charleston, W.V. 25309, Freshman, Bus Admin, page 153 James T Dunn, 1912 E. 56th St., Savannah, Ga. 31404, Freshman, Religion page 153 Dennis R Dunning, 419 Southwood Dr., Nash- ville, Tn., Sophomore, Accounting Carol L. Durkee, 55 Springdale Rd., Lake Worth, Fl. 33460, Freshman, Undecided Pamela G. Dye, 907 E. Mill St., Malvern, Ar. 72104, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 153 Daniel L. Dyer, 55 Hart St. Apt. 39, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 126 Freddy J Dyer, 1617 Lebanon Rd., Nashville, Tn., Sophomore, Bus. Admin Beverly J Eagle, 55 Hart St., Apt. 4, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Accounting page 145 Nelson W Eagle. 55 Hart St., Apt 4., Nashville, Tn 37210, Sophomore, Religion page 145 Jonathan P. Eby., 65 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Music Educ. Wanda K Edge, 16 Carmalt St., Thomasville, N.C, Freshman, Biology page 145 Carrol I. Edge JR., 16 Carmalt St., Thomasville, N.C, Freshman, Undecided George H Edmunds, 1002 S. Wiley Ave., Donal- sonville, Ga. 31745, Freshman, Religion page 153 Jennie S. Edwards, Box 294, Vass, N.C, Fresh- man, Undecided Pamela J. Edwards, 3717 Anchor Dr., Tampa, Fl. 33611, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 145 Patricia A. Ensor, P.O. Box 163, Jasper, Al. 35501, Senior, Music page 137 Kenneth R. Ernest. 613 Philadelphia Ave., Takoma Park, Md. 20012, Freshman, Unde- cided page 153 Margie C Ernest, 613 Philadelphia Ave., Takoma Park, Md. 20012, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 153 Debra Y Essary, 860 Murfreesboro Rd., Nash- ville, Tn. 37217, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 137 Ginger L. Estep, Alumni Office, Nashville. Tn 37210, Sophomore, Medical Tech. John W. Evans. Jr., 1100 Thompson PL. Apt C-18, Nashville. Tn., Senior, Physical Educ Gary M. Ewell, 829 Deary Ln., Virginia Beach, Va. 23451, Freshman, Undecided page 153 Roger L Farmer, 617 E. 20th St., Healeah, Fl. 33013, Junior, Religion page 137 Darla R Farris, C-19 1100 Thompson PL, Nash- ville, Tn. 37217, Senior, Behavioral Science page 126 Mark E. Farris, 552 Whispering Hills Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. 37211, Senior, Religion page 126 Teresa R. Fawcett, 676 S. Ashburton Rd., Cols, Oh. 43213, Freshman, Soc. Welfare page 154 Fonda M Ferguson, 439 Audubon Cir., Belvedere S.C 29841, Sophomore, Behavioral Science page 145 Donna L. Ferriss, 8903 Bayview Dr., Chattanooga, Tn. 37416, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 145 Samuel D. Firebaugh, 729 Lord Nelson Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. 23462, Freshman, Missions Cynthia K. Fisher, 4453 Cambria St., Virginia Beach, Va. 23455, Freshman, Business Educ. page 154 William R. Fisher, 55 Hart St., Apt. 51, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Religion page 137 Christina L. Fitzgerald, 3236 Denson PL, Char- lotte, N.C. 28215, Freshman, Undecided page 154 Marcella L. Fitzgerald, 3236 Denson PL, Char- lotte, N.C. 28215, Sophomore. Elem. Educ. page 145 Margaret A. Fitzwater, 3373 Grovewood Dr., Cincinnati, Oh. 45239, Freshman, Music Educ. page 154 Randall S. Fletcher, 55 Hart S., Apt. 1, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Physical Educ. page 126 John T. Floyd, 10115 S.W. 85 Terrace, Miami, FL 33173, Junior, Chemistry Lester L. Ford Jr. 1005 3rd Ave., Dothan, AL 36301, Sophomore, Religion page 145 Mickey E. Foskey, P.O. Box 175, Wright sville, Ga. 31096, Sophomore, Religion page 145 Sandra E. Foskey, 604 Briarcliff Rd., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 154 Pamela A. Foster, P.O. Box 4368, Apo San Francisco, Ca. 96515, Freshman, Psychology page 154 Sherry A. Foster, 4931 SW. 29 Way, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fl. 33312, Junior, Language page 137 Charles A. Fountain, P.O. Box 283 Trevecca, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Religion Jeff D. Fox, 55 Hart St., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Math page 126 Sue A. Fox, 55 Hart St., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Music Educ. page 137 Jeffrey D. Frampton, 832 Nellie St., Greenfield, Oh 45123, Junior, Mult. Church Ministri page 137 Debbie L Francis, 204 N. Eden Dr., Cavce, STATE FARM INSURANCE ® Compliments of JohnM. Ray, C.L.U. SC. 29033, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 154 Marilyn S. Frantz, 316 Cherry St., Lisbon, Oh. 44432 Sophomore, Music page 145 Susan A. Hofferbert, 500 Fesslershn G-ll, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Freshman, Elem Educ. page 155 Douglas D. French, 204 Garwood, Nashville, Tn. 3722, Senior, Biology page 126 Peggy A. French, 2015 Dallas, ' Cincinnati, Oh. 45239, Junior, Elem Educ. page 137 Ricky C. Fridley, Agusta Spgs., Va. 24411, Senior, Physical Educ. page 126 Jeryf L. Friend, Box 443, Fitzgerald, Ga. 31750. Sophomore, Physical Educ. page 145 Cathy M. Fulkerson, 3619 Glencreek Ln., Louis- ville, Ky. 40218, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 154 Ronald L. Fulkerson, 3619 Glencreek Ln., Louis- ville, Ky. 40218, Freshman, Religion page 154 Sharon A. Fulmer, 306 lbrch Rd., N. Augusta, S C. 29841, Frsehman, Medical Tech. page 154 Ralph E. Furr, Rt. 2, Box 191-B, Fort Mill, S.C. 29715, Sophomore, Physical Educ. Dorothy L. Gainer, 5240 S.W. 7th St., Planta- tion Fl. 33317, Sophomore, Music page 145 Pamela L. Gainer, 5240 S.W. 7th St., Planta- tion, Fl. 33317, Freshman, Home Economics page 154 Geogory M. Gallup, Nahsville, Junior, Mult. Church Ministri Jeffrey W Gallup, Box 165 TNC, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Freshman, Undecided Geron P Gam bill, 740 Alleghany Ave., Harrison- burg, Va. 22801, Sophomore, Undecided page 145 Kathy E Gardiner, 4 Lynn Ave., New Smyrna, Fl. 32069, Sophomore, Behavioral Science page 145 Alunen L. Gardner, 6408 Hackney Ct., Rich- mond, Va. 23234, Sophomore, Exec. Secretary page 145 Gwendolyn L Gardner, 6408 Hackney Ct., Rich- mond, Va. 23234, Freshman, Medical Tech. page 154 Goerge K. GarnettJr., 2401 21st Ave. W., Braden- ton, Fl. 33505, Sophomore, Religion Giles D. Garrett, Rt 1, Bethel, Oh., Senior Chemistry page 126 Jennifer L. Garvin, 342 N. Madison St., Arling- ton, Va. 22203, Sophomore, Religion page 154 Charles R. Gase, 91 1 2 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion Herb H Gassie, USA Cen. Fin. Europe, APO, Ny. 09403, Freshman, Undecided Robert R. Gassie, USA Cen. Fin. Europe, APO, N. Y. 09403, Junior, Chemistry page 137 Janet K. Gaunce, 1724 Sterling Ave., Cincinnati, Oh. 45239, Freshman, Undecided page 154 William A. Geasley, 407 S. Fisuers, Franklin, Tn. 37064, Freshman, Music Janice F Gee, 6841 School St., Cincinnati, Oh. 45244, Freshman, Mult Church Ministri page 154 Sherri P. Gentry, 2520 Sheridan Rd., Nashville, Tn. 37206, Senior, Physical Educ. page 126 Adrian C. Gibbs, 70 Nanee Ln. Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Mult Church Ministri Deborah R. Gibson, Rt. 1, Gorydon, Ky., 42406, Freshman, Biology page 154 Robert W. Gill, Rt. 1, Box 101F, Ft. Walton, Fl. 32548, Freshman, Undecided John G. Gillespie, 3513 Mt. Vernon Dr., Augusta, Ga. 30906, Junior, Music Educ. page 137 Susan C. Gillespie, 3540 Spring Valley Rd . Decatur, Ga. 30032, Senior, Accounting page 126 Allen D. Cleaves, 321 Walton Ln., Apt. F-88, Madison, Tn. 37115, Freshman, Religion Janice R Glenn, 2454 Marble Dr., Jacksonville, Fl. 32211, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 145 Timothy L. Glynn, 6370 Millington Rd., Milling- ton, Mi. 48746, Freshman. Mult Church Ministri page 154 Vickie L Goddard, 462 Gift Ave. S.E.. Atlanta, Ga. 30316, Freshman, Biology page 154 Cathey R. Godfrey, P.O. Box 582, Goodlettsville, Tn., Junior, Missions Van R. Godfrey, P.O. Box 94, Whites Creek, Tn. 37189, Freshman, Religion page 154 Joseph M Godwin, 3024 Lake Shore Cir., Char- lotte, N.C., Freshman, History Robert E. Goens, 3902 Drake Ave., Huntsville, Al. 35805, Freshman, Mult. Church Ministri page 145 Charles E. Goff, 1211 Clearview Dr., Mt. Juliet, Tn. Sophomore, Religion page 137 Virginia G. Golsan, 2036 Cedarcrest Dr., Birming- ham, Al. 35214, Freshman, Undecided page 154 Martha G. Gomer, 210 Amherst Dr., Nashville, Tn. 16372, Senior, Music page 126 Danny L. Gordon, 10 State St., Jeffersonville, Oh. 43128, Junior, Church Music Jetta S. Gossman, 413 W. Carter Ave., Clarks- ville, In. 47130, Freshman, Medical Tech. Catherine J. Graham, 55 Hart St. Apt. 5, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Music Educ. David E. Grant, 1916 Standish PL, Owensboro,. Ky. 42301, Junior, Music Educ. page 137 Joseph P. Grantz, 643 E. Mam St., Ephrata, Pa 17522, Freshman, Math page 154 Jeanie G. Graves, Box 158 Dry Ford Rd., Whites Creek, Tn. 37189, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 145 Charles D. Gray, Ashland, Ky., Senior, Biology page 126 Gail L. Greear, 224 S.W. 21 Way, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fl. 33312, Freshman, Undecided page 154 Barbara Green, 55 Hart St. Apt. 7, Nashville, Tn., Freshman, Elem. Educ. Charles W. Green, 178 Tusculum Rd., Antioch, Tn. 37013, Junior, Speech page 145 Dan P. Green. 55 Hart St. Apt. 7, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Biology Janice L. Greeson, 1002 Carroll Rd., Henderson, N. C. 27536, Junior, Exec. Secretary page 137 Terry N. Gregory. Rt. 1. Box 88, Big Rock, Tn 37023, Sophomore, Religion page 145 Joe S. Griffin, 5640 Traylor Ave., Saresota, FL, Frshman, Music page 154 Janie M. Grimes, 2107 Summerville Rd., Phenix City, Al. 36867, Senior, Language Jeanne L Grimes, 5075 Tristam Ct., Ft. Wayne, In 46805. Sophomore, Medical Tech. page 154 First Church of the Nazarene 27 First St., S.W. Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548 WALTER R. MINGLEDORFF, PASTOR OUR STUDENTS Karen Sowder Debbie Milman Joe Bullock (pictures not available) Karen Cooner Charlotte Minglidorff ► Edward Cooner FIRST Columbus, Mississippi A CHURCH WITH A GOOD PAST AND A BRIGHT FUTURE Supporting TREVECCA WE BELIEVE ' THE CALIBER IS WORTH THE COST " RICHARD R HARPER, Pastor The message of the CROSS reaching today ' s generation. V First of the Church Nazarene Carl N. Hall Pastor 800 Clinton Avenue East Huntsville, Alabama 35801 Corujratutations C.CHR Class of ' 7 6 Students from Huntsville First presently enrolled at T. N. C. Bob Goens Alice Hall Brenda Miller Beth Rutledge Susan Rutledge Lois Sykes Gary Reynolds Minister of Music John D. Grimes, 2107 Summerville Rd., Pphemx City, Al. 36867, Freshman, Music page 154 Linda M. Grimm, 148 Water St., Jackson, Oh. 45640, Senior, Elem. Educ page 126 Gregory S. Griner, 3319 N.W. 12th St., Gaines- ville, Fl. 32601, Junior, Accounting . Mark W. Gritton, 11885 188th St., Miami, Fl. 33157, Freshman, Religion page 154 Bethany D. Guest, 1339 E. Wili Wili Cir.. APO San Fran., Ca. 96515, Freshman, Biology page 154 Laurie F. Guinn, 1020 Horseshoe Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37216, Sophomore, Psychology page 145 Lynn M. Gunderson, 111 Whit sett Apt. G 13, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Psychology page 145 Elmer L. Guthrie, 115 Louise Dr., Dickson, Tn., 37055, Senior, Religion page 126 Deborah J. Hack, 7017 Heege Rd., St. Louis, Mo. 63123, Sophomore, Music page 145 Barbara E Haddix, 305 S.W. 25 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33312, Junior, Elem. Educ. Gary W. Haddix, 17170 King James Way, Gaithersburg, Md. 27060, Freshman, Com- munications page 154 Deborah L. Hadlock, 4866 Teal Ave., Memphis, Tn. 38118, Freshman, Music page 154 Teresa G. Hailey, 1507 S. 28th St., Arlington, Va. 22206, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 154 Alice M. Hall, 1724 Bide-A-Wee Dr., Hunts- ville, Al. 37210, Senior, Behavioral Science page 127 Darrell Hall, 2201 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, Ky. 40210, Sophomore, Physical Educ. Ritzy D. Hall, 55 Hart St., Apt. 27, Nashville, Tn. 37211, Senior, Elem. Educ. William E. Hall, 550 Whispering Hills, Nash- ville, Tn. 37211, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 127 Virgil H. Hammontree Jr., P.O. Box 713, Ross- ville, Ga. 30074, Sophomore, Religion page 145 Merry F. Hampton, 1760 Hallum Ave., Titus- ville, Fl. 32780, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 127 Gary E. Hancock, 4446 Woodlark Ln., Charlotte, N.C. 28211, Senior, Religion page 127 Judy R. Hankins, 2204 S. Palm, Pasadena, Tx. 77502, Freshman, Exec. Secretary page 155 Sara J Harbin, 105 Mimosa Dr., Dublin, Ga. 31021, Freshman, Undecided page 155 James E. Harlan, 503 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Psychology page 137 Marilyn K. Harper, 235 S. 4th St., Byesville, Oh. 43723, Sophomore, Religion Robert M. Harper, Thompson Ln., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 127 Gary B. Harris, Box 425, Eddyville, Ky. 42038, Sophomore, Physical Educ. Carol E. Harrison, 4896 Klamath Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23462, Freshman, Psychology page 155 Loyd Harrison, 4896 Klamath Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23462, Sophomore, Undecided page 145 Richard G. Harrison, 311 Parrish St., Albert- ville, AL 35950, Junior, Physical Educ. page 138 Everett T. Hartsfield, 7767 Leafwood Dr., Nor- folk, Va. 23518, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 127 Joesph H Harvey, 311 N.W. 4th St., Homestead, Fl. 33030, Freshman, Math page 155 William B. Haselden, 1225 Lyndell Dr., Kis- simmee, Fl. 32741, Sophomore, Religion page 155 Judy D. Haufler, 7901 N.W. 39th Ave., Gaines- ville, Fl. 32601, Junior, Behavioral Science page 14 Bert T. Hawkins, Box 758 Trevecca College, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Physical Educ. Donald L. Hawkins, .5.5 Hart St. Apt. 24, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion page 127 Leroy J. Hayes, Rt. 1, Box 228, Chick, Ga. 30707, Freshman, Undecided page 155 Timothy B. Haynes, 4019 E. Johnson Cir., Chamblee, Ga. 30341, Sophomore, Religion page 145 Sharon R Hayse, Rt. 7, 4608 W. Frontage Rd., Joliet, 11., Junior, Elem. Educ. page 138 Anita K Hazen, 3130 Hewitt Ave., Louisville, Ky. 40220, Freshman, Biology page 155 Cheryl D. Heaberlin, 4915 Danby Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37211, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 146 Sherry E Heard, 1515 Sparrow Dr., Lakeland. Fl. 33801, Sophomore, Bus Admin page 146 Brenda J Heatherly, 5900 Jasmine Dr., Dayton, Oh. 45449, Junior, Behavioral Science page 138 Doris J Henderson, 1209 Ordway PL, Nashville, Tn. 37206, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 127 Harold M. Hendon, P.O. Box 1010, Jasper. Al. 35501, Senior, Biology page 127 Rita G. Hendricks, 2121 Antioch Box 736, Antioch, Tn. 37213, Freshman, Missions page 155 Kathy S. Hemdon, 3501 Santa Fe Tr.. Dora- ville, Ga. 30340, Junior, Missions page 138 Dale A. Hertsel, 1421 Krav, Elkhart, In., Fresh- man, Religion James T. Hiatt, 2804 Meadow Rose Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. 37206, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 127 Kenneth R. Higginbotham, 4807 Floyd St., S. Charleston, W. V. 25309, Junior, Religion page 138 Marcia L. Higley, 500 Fesslers Ln. G-15, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. Daniel L Hilen, .5.5 Hart St. Apt. 26, Nashville, Tn., Senior, Physical Educ. David R Hill, 55 Hart St., Apt 45, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion page 127 David W. Hill, 314 Bonnacroft Dr., Hermitage, Tn. 37076, Sophomore, Accounting Eugene A. Hill, Rt. 1, Crawford Run Rd.. Ches- wick, Pa. 15024, Freshman, Religion Sharon L. Hillman, Rt 3, Box 488, N. Augusta, SC., Senior, Accounting page 127 Beverly K. Hindman, Rt. 6, Box 275, Statesville, N.C. 28677, Junior, Behavioral Science page 138 Jan A. Hinton, Box 486 Trevecca, Nashville, Tn., Sophomore, Undecided John J Hinton, Box 486 Trevecca, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Biology page 127 Wesley R Hinton, Rt. 2, 148-C, Wrightsville, Our Congregation and Staff Salute You, Class of ' 76 Rev. N.A. Ritchie — Pastor Fred Mund — Minister of Music Maynard Miller — Children ' s Minister Frank Bostick — Youth Director Frances Gill — Day Care Director Ann Leslie — Church Secretary Pastor Ritchie Trinity Church ot the Nazarene ' 1253 Vultee Blvd. Nashville, Tenn Ga. 31096, Sophomore, Religion page 146 John C. Hobson, 323 Huffman St., Waynesburg, Pa 15370, Freshman, Music page 155 James T Hodge, Box 677, Trevecca, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, History page 138 Clifton J Hofferbert, 500 Fesslers Ln. G-ll, Nashville, Tn 37210, Sophomore, Elem. Educ page 146 Richard A. Holler, 1914 Kerper, Cody, Wy. 82414, Freshman, Religion Steve W Holley, 513 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion page 127 Joseph H Holloway, 55 Hart St., Apt. 53, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Religion Anthony L. Holmes, 217 Clearlaks Dr. , Nahsville, Tn. 37217, Freshman, Religion page 155 Everett A. Holmes, 217 Clearlake Dr. W., Nash- ville, Tn. 37217, Sophomore, Music Eunice S. Hood, 55 Hart St., Apt. 3, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senor, Medical Tech. page 127 Steve G. Hood, 55 Hart St., Apt. 3, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Religion page 138 Jimmy W. Hooks, 113 Newman, Sandersville, Ga., Freshman, Undecided Teresa A. Hooper, 1114 Ashley Dr., Lynchburg. Va. 24501, Freshman, Undecided page 155 Alan R. Houck, 55 Hart St., Apt. 19, Nashville, Tn., Senior, Accounting page 128 Charles B Howard, 405 Baltimore Ave., Albert- ville, Al. 35950, Sophomore, Accounting page 146 Pamela R. Howard, 1116 Luke Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. 23462, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 155 Catherine J. Howell, 7061 Old Kings Rd if 148, Jax, Fl. 32217, Freshman, Undecided Milton D. Howell, 1209 Kermit Dr., Nashville, Tn., Senior, Behavioral Science Thomas W. Hudgins III, 1106 N. Beddingfield Dr , Macon, Ga., Junior, Religion page 138 Robert L Hudson Jr , Rt 8, Box 527-E, Charles- ton, W. V. 25309, Freshman, Math page 155 Lakita A. Huff, Box 424, Gloster, Ms. 39638, Freshman, Medical Tech. Wade H. Huff, 5405 Old Cheney Hwy., Orlando, Fl 32807, Sophomore. Psychology Winston L Huff. 4506 Lambert Ave., Louisville, Ky 40219, Freshman, Religion page 146 Brenda L Hughes, Rt. 3, B171 Skyline Dr., Floydsknobs, In. 47119, Freshman, Biology Hubert E Hughes, 907 Potter Ln., Nashville, Tn. 37206, Sophomore, Religion Nancy R. Humphrey, Rt. 1, Virden. II. 62690, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 128 Stanley M. Ireland, 723 Cherokee Dr., Rossville, Ga. 30741, Sophomore, Chemistry page 146 Robert P Ireland Jr., 723 Cherokee Tr., Ross- ville, Ga. 30741, Junior, Chemistry page 138 Charles A. Irwin, 810 Ridge Ave., Sharpsville, Pa. 16150, Junior, Music page 138 Claudia A. Jackson, 935 Duncan St., Gallatin, Tn. 37066, Sophomore, Biology page 146 Gina J. Jackson, 36 68 San Viscaya, Jax, FL, 32217, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 146 Nancy J Jackson, 200 Paragon Mills Rd El 7, Nashville, Tn., Freshman, Undecided Randy L. James, Box 363 TNC, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Religion page 138 Annelle J Jamison, 413 Mercomatic Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. 37209, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 128 Scott R. Jamison, 4746A Trenton Dr , Hermitage. Tn. 37076, Freshman, Bus. Admin. Debra G Janes, 1308 McArthur, Manchester, Tn., 37355, Senior, Accounting page 128 Jerry R. Jared, 1251 Dickerson Rd., Goodletts- ville, Tn. 37072, Senior, Math page 128 Robert J. Jared, 1251 Dickerson Rd., Goodletts- ville, Tn. 37072, Sophomore, Religion page 146 John A Jeffries, Rt. 2, Buxkingham Dr., York- town, In 47396, Sophomore, Behavioral Science page 146 Carolyn S. • Jenkins, 420 1st St., Magnolia, Ms. 39652, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 128 Dena L. Jenkins, 3935 Marse Allen Rd., Macon, Ga. 31206, Sophomore, Exec. Secretary page 146 Peggy L. Jenkins, 420 1st St., Magnolia, Ms. 39652, Freshman, Undecided page 155 Randall S. Jenkins, 55 Hart St., Apt. 31, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 128 Donna K. Jewell, 2650 Glenoaks Dr., Nashville, Tn., Senior, Behavioral Science John S. Jewell, Rt. 5, Shelbyville, In., Sopho- more, Undecided page 146 Terry D. Jewell, 2650 Glenoaks Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37214, Junior, Church Music page 138 Brenda S. Jwiden, 4347 56 St. N., St. Petersburg, Fl. 33709, Senior, Exec. Secretary page 128 Arlene R Johnson, 506 Gano Ave., Georgetown, Ky. 40324, Sophomore, Art page 146 Connie R Johnson, 1142 Berkshire Rd., Day- tona Beach, Fl. 32017, Junior, Bus. Admin. page 138 Ellen D. Johnson, 319 Tampa Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37211, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 155 Harvey D Johnson, 11 Edinborough Ave., Checkasaw, Al. 36611, Junior, Religion Michael D Johnson, 3718 Bakertown Rd., Nash- ville, Tn. 37211, Senior, Religion page 128 Peter G. Johnston, 25 W. New York, Pontiac, Mi. 48055, Senior, Psychology Sharon J. Johnson, PSC Box 22558, APO San Franc, Ca. 96230, Sophomore Bus. Admin, page 146 Teresa L. Johnson, 4003 Lightfoot Mill Rd., Chattanooga, Tn. 37406, Freshman, Unde- cided page 155 Terry L. Johnson, 123 Hemphill Ave., Chester, S.C. 29706, Freshman, Biology page 155 Joni L. Johnston, Tenn. RM-217, Sophomore, Elem Educ. page 146 Judy L. Johnston, 9756 Orr Ct. S., Jax, Fl. 32216, Freshman, Undecided page 155 Karen K. Johnston, 55 Hart St. Apt. 37, Nsh- ville, Tn. 37210, Freshman, Music Byron D. Jones, P.O. Box 226, Zephyrhills, Fl. 33599, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 155 David N. Jones, 2550 Dare St., Burlington, N.C.. 27215, Junior, Psychology page 138 Douglas S. Jones, 2865 Georgetown Dr., Bir- mingham, AL, Freshman, Undecided Meredith R. Jones, 2436 Eastland Ave., Nash- ville, Tn. 37206, Sophomore, Missions page 146 Jequitta L. Kain, 6374 Corunna Rd., Flint. Mi. 48504, Freshman, Undecided page 155 Donna J Kaney, 211 Gannon Ave., Albany, Ga 31705. Senior, Elem. Educ. page 128 Becky A. Kamck, 61 Hardacre Dr., Xenia, Oh. 45385, Sophomore, Behavioral Science page 146 Melea R. Kaufman, 98 Evelyn St., Trumbull, Cn., Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 146 Alan D Keener, 69 Cranford Rd., Asheville, N.C. 38806, Senior, Biology page 128 James B. Keeton, 5616 S. 89th Ave., Tulsa, Ik. 74107, Freshman, Religion page 155 Gregory L. Keller, 512 Church St., Lewisburg, Tn 37091, Senior, Behavioral Science page 128 Larry E. Kelly, 5920 S.W. 14 St.. Plantation, Fl. 33317, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 155 Joel L. Kersten, 2136 Ollie Dr., Macon, Ga. 31201, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 155 Jonathan D. Kersten, 2136 Ollie Dr., Macon, Ga. 31201, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 155 Myron D Kersten, 2136 Ollie Dr., Macon, Ga. 31201, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 155 Thomas W. Keyes, 630 Elizabeth Ave., Colum- bus, Oh. 43213, Senior, Accounting Debra A Kiddy, 330 N.E. 7th St., Pompano Beach, Fl. 33060, Senoir, Speech page 128 Kris T. Kilgore, 70 Lincoln, Pontiac, Mi. 48053, Senior, Physical Educ. Connie J. Killen, 1655 Santa Anna Dr , Dunedin, Fl. 33528, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 156 Richard A. Kimmery, P.O. Drawer Y, Roberts- dale, At. 36567, Senior, Church Music page 128 Bruce M. King, 118 6 St., Dunbar, W.V. 25064. Sophomore, Bus. Admin. Kathleen L. King, 300 W. Pierce Ave., Orlando, Fl. 32809, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 146 Polly A. King, 300 W. Pierce St., Orlando, Fl. 32809, Freshman, Psychology Vivian M King, Rt 5, Moores Ln., Franklin, Tn. 37064, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 146 Becky J. Kingery, 22830 Old Dixie Hwy., Goulds, Fl. 33170, Freshman, Undecided page 155 Jame L. Kingery, 22830 Old Dixie Hwy. Goulds, Fl. 33170, Junior, Psychology page 138 Kenneth A. Kirkland, P.O. Box 667, Blounts- town, Fl. 32424, Junior, Religion page 138 Pamela K Kirkland, P.O. Box 667, Blounts- town, Fl. 32424, Sophomore, Undecided page 146 Steve R. Kiser, 1837 Orangewood S.W, Winter Haven, Fl. 33880, Freshman, Psychology page 155 Dianne S. Kisner, Rt. 2, Box 248, Wellsburg, W. V., Senior, General Science Wesley C. Klausner, 3301 Hydes Ferry Rd., Nashville, Tn. 37218, Junior, Religion Garth J. Klepfer, 1380 Deborah, Desoto, Tx 75115, Junior, Psychology page 138 Amy E. Knies, 240 Harbor Dr., Hendersonville, Tn. 37075, Freshman, Undecided page 155 Reba K Knowles, 1202 Coleman Cir., Chatta- nooga, Tn. 37412, Freshman, History page 156 Charles B. Kolp, 85 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion page 129 Carolyn A. Kraft, Box 464, Annandale, Va., 22003, Freshman, Undecided page 156 Rebecca S.Kraft, 593 Rountree, Dr., Sarasota, FL, Sophomore, Undecided page 146 Edna C. Lambert, 40 Monroe St., Harrisonburg, Va. 22801, Sophomore, Sociology page 156 Tim M. Lancaster, 103 Stratford Ct., Tullahoma, Tn. 37388, Sophomore, Accounting page 146 Joseph E. Land, 16205 E. Pawnee, Wichita, Ks. 67230, Senior, Accounting page 129 William B. Longford, 95 Lake Hunter Dr., Lake- land, Fl., Senior, Music page 129 Glenda J Lanham, 117 Queen St., Leesburg, Va. 22075, Sophomore, Exec. Secretary page 138 Doug H Lansford, 3870 N.W. 64 Ave., Miami. Fl. 33166, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 138 Harold D. Latham Jr., 600 Whispering Hills Dr., Nashville, Tn., Senior, Bus. Admin, page 129 Margaret A. Lawhorn, 79 Lester Ave. , Nashville, Tn., Freshman, Undecided Miles E Lawhom Jr., 1713 Delaware St., Ash- land, Ky. 41101, Senior Biology Larry R Lawrence, 319A Gardenview Cr., Antioch, Tn., 37013, Junior, Religion page 138 Beverly J Lawson, Rt 1, Wildwood, Ga 30757, Freshman, Biology page 156 J C. Lawson, 555 Dupont Ave. C-62, Madison, Tn. 37115, Freshman, Religion page 156 Renee E Lawwill, 5100 Cherrywood, Nashville, Tn. 37211, Freshman, Undecided page 146 James R. Laymon, 405 McKenna Ct., Lexington, Ky. 40505, Sophomore, Religion page 146 Kenneth R. Laymon, 405 McKenna Ct, Lex- ington, Ky. 40505, Junior, Accounting page 138 Franklyn E. Lee, 2nd Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, History page 129 Martha S. Lehman, Rt. 6, Box 239-D, Conway, S.C. 29526, Freshman, Psychology page 156 Glenn M Leib, 956 Beaumont Ln , Rockledge, Fl. 32955, Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 146 David A. Leonard, Box 629 TNC, Sophomore, Music page 146 Peggy A. Lightfoot, 50 Luzon Dr., Ft Bragg, N.C. 28307, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 156 Ronda L. Liles, Rt. 2, Hines Valley Rd., Lenoir City, Tn. Junior, Undecided page 138 Bruce . Lindsey, P.O. Box 52, Tennille, Ga., Freshman, Biology Rudy A. Lindsey, 401 Alta-Loma Rd., Goodletts- ville, Tn. 37072, Freshman, Religion Philip L. Lindsley, 905 Edgehill Dr., Lebanon, Tn. 37087, Freshman, Psychology Gwendolyn D. Littrell, 11620 W. 121 Pi, Cedar Lake, In. 46303, Freshman, Biology page 146 Lyla F. Livingston, Box 336, Dade Dr., Danville, Ai 35619, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 129 Susan D. Lord, 2990 Kammeyer Ln., Chamblee, Ga. 30341, Freshman, Religion page 156 Debbie Lott, 201 Hill St., Bamberg, SC. 29003, Freshman, Soc. Welfare page 156 Patty L Love, 264 Bluegrass Dr , Hendersonville, Tn. 37075, Sophomore, Biology C. R Lovell, Rt. 2. Box 125, Canton, Ms.. Sophomore, Business Educ. page 146 Charles W Lovell II, Rt. 1, Box 514, Hazel Green, Ai 35750, Freshman, Music page 156 Bradenton First Nazarene Our Students fit 0 1300 17th Ave.W. BRADENTON, FLORIDA STUDENTS NOT PICTURED George Garnet Melody Buchanon Liz Solinsky DALE KENDALL HERB MCMILLIAN PAT WRIGHT Minister of , Minister of Senior Pastor Music Youth Education Deborah K. Lucas, Rt. 2, Box 348-A, Bonifay, Fl. 32425, Freshman, Music page 156 Sandra J Lucas, 436 Grove St., Logansport, In. 46947, Sophomore, Physical Educ. page 147 Susan J. Lucas, 436 Grove St., iMgansport, In. 46947, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 147 Debra K Lutton, 8026 Columbia, Munster, In. 46321, Sophomore, Sociology page 147 Rhonda F. Lykins, 1 Lakeside Of., Ft. Walton Bch., Fl. 32548, Sophomore, Exec. Secretary page 147 Linda S. Mackey, 1413 Preston Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37206, Senior, Child Care page 129 Noel Mahabir, 55 Golden Rock, Vi. 00820, Fresh- man, Biology Stephen Mahabir, Christiansted, St. Croix, XV. 00820, Freshman, Biology page 156 Jan E. Mahler, 407 W 7th St., Cookeville, Tn. 38501, Junior, Accounting page 138 Ricky D. Mam, 55 Hart St., Apt. 25, Nashville, Tn 37210, Freshman, Religion page 156 Lane S. Mallette, 1704 Wood Haven Dr., Bran- don, Fl. 33511, Junior, Bus. Admin, page 129 Jill A. Malo, 7 Globe Tr Ct., Okeechobee, Fl. 33472, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 156 Sherry D. Manners, Rt. 9, Box 285, Lebanon, Tn. 37087, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 156 Patricia J. Manning, Rt. 2, Box 201, Milton, Fl. 32570, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 147 Deborah S. Marklin, 140 W. Park Dr., Clarks- ville, Tn. 37040, Freshman, Undecided page 156 James W. Marlowe, 507 Noblitt St., Albert- ville, Al. 35950, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 147 Donna L. Martin, 2863 Plaza Terr. Dr., Orlando, Fl. 32803, Freshman, Undecided James E. Martin, Box 668, Athens, W V. 24712, Freshman, Undecided page 156 Phyllis R. Matthews, 2554 Skylane Dr., Marietta, Ga. 30062, Junior, History page 138 Gary L. McCollum, 120 Oak Valley Dr. F-50, Nashville, Tn 37207, Senior, Psychology page 129 Donald A. McCrary, 315 McKennell Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. 37206, Senior, Physical Educ. page 129 Janet L. McCrory, 406 N. Main St., Tuscumbia, Al. 35674, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 156 Daniel E. McDonald. Rt 2, Winslow, In. 47598, Freshman, Religion page 156 Joseph M. McGowan, 430 E. Market St., Lebanon, Tn., Freshman, Bus Admin. David J McGrath, 3533 S.W. 91 Ave.. Miami, Fl. 33165, Freshman. Undecided page 156 Mary C McKinney, 2544 Vanderberg Rd.. Columbus, Oh 43204, Senior, Medical Tech. page 129 George M. McNeill, 362 Monaco Dr., Hermitage, Tn., Senior, Accounting Donald D McQuimff, P.O. Box 734, Gibstonton, Fl. 33534, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 129 Stephen R Mc Williams, 55 Hart St., Apt 2, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion page 129 Mem K Mears, 5080 S.W. 28 Ave., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fl. 33312, Freshman, Business Educ. page 156 Mark H Meeks, 4740 Manchester Rd., Jax, Fl. 32210, Freshman, Music page 156 Marty R. Meeks, 523 E. College Ct., Wrightsville, Ga. 3109, Freshman, Religion page 156 Priscilla F. Merchant, 917 Johnson Ave., Lake- land, Fl. 33803, Sophomore, History page 147 Lowell K. Merritt, 121 Beach St., Jackson, Ms. 39210, Freshman, Religion page 156 Paul W. Michael Jr., Rt. 2, Box 53, Cedar Hill. Tn. 37032, Freshman, Bus. Admin page 156 Benjamin J Middendorf, 289 Comroe, Nash- ville, Tn. 37211, Junior, Psychology Byrons Middendorf, 614 Huntington Pkwy., Nashville, Tn. 37211, Freshman, Undecided page 156 Carol L. Milburn, 2218 Lisa Dr., Marietta, Ga. 30062, Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 147 Brenda J Miller, 100 Smith St., Apt. 2, Hunts- ville Al. 35801, Freshman, Music Educ. page 156 Dale H Miller, 1200 General McArthur Dr., Brentwood, Tn. 37027, Freshman, Bus. Admin. James E. Miller. 4132-4 Keanu St., Honolulu, Hi. 96816, Freshman, Undecided page 156 Jo R. Miller. 1625 S. Pine St.. Ocala. Fl. 32670, Junior, Language page 138 Luann Miller, 749 Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach, Fl. 32014, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 156 Robert A Miller, Box 305, Jackson Rd., Whites Creek Tn. 37189, Junior, Business Educ. Cynthia M. Milliron, 75 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Music page 129 Beverly J. Mills, 103 Horseshoe Dr., Shelbyville, Tn. 37160, Sophomore, Behavioral Science page 147 Gregory N. Mills, 4519 Chippewa Ave., Pasca- goula, Ms. 39567. Freshman, Undecided page 157 Howard V. Mills, Millwood Apts. G-56, Nash- ville, Tn., Sophomore, Communications page 147 Charlotte M. Mingledorff, 32 First St. S.W., Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. 32548, Freshman, Un- decided page 157 Carol A. Minshall. 751 4th Ave. S.W., Largo, Fl. 33540, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 129 Beverly G. Mitchell, 55 Hart St., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Elem. Educ page 138 Edward B. Mitchell, 835 78th St. S., Birming- ham, Al. 35206, Junior, Music Educ. page 138 Michael D. Mitchell, 5017 Hasty Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37211, Junior, Bus. Admin. Sam C. Mitchell Jr., 4 E. Nassau St., Lake City, Fl. 32055, Junior, Bus. Admin, page 138 Barbara C Montague, Box 6, Moscow, Tn. 38057, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 130 David L Montague, Box 6, Moscow, Tn. 38057, Sophomore, Undecided page 138 Gary R. Montague, 206 Tusculum Rd., Antioch, Tn. 37013, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 130 Dennis E. Montgomery, Box 71, Trevecca, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore. Religion page 147 First Church of the Nazarene 2203 DIXIE HIGHWAY NAZARENE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 1700 East Meyer Blvd. Kansas City, Missouri International School of Theology Church of the Nazarene William M. Greathouse, President Nancy E. Moon, 504 S. 4th St., Apt. 10-C, Lake Wales, Fl. 33853, Freshman. Mult. Church Ministri page 157 Carter G Moore, 607 E. 3rd St., Tuscumbia, Al. 35674 , Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 147 David H Moore, 4630 Blm. Beach Blvd.. Ft Myers. FL, Junior, Pscyhology page 147 Virginia E Moore, 4630 Palm Beach Blvd.. Ft Myers, Fl. 33905, Sophomore, Biology page 157 Alline A. Moorehead, 15370 Lincoln Dr., Leisure, Fl. 33030, Senior, Physical Educ. Richard A. Morgan, 440 Kirk Rd., Palm Spgs., Fl. 33461, Freshman, Bus Admin, page 157 Valerie J. Morgan, 310 N. Griffin St., Grant Park, II. 60940, Freshman, Biology page 157 Victor L. Morgan, 440 Kirk Rd., Palm Spgs, Fl. 33461, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 139 Richard E Morris, 616 N. Jones Ave., Rockhill, S.C. 29730, Freshman, Behavioral Science page 147 Thomas G. Morris, 120 Lakevalley Rd., Hender- sonville. Tn 37075, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 157 Robert R. Morris Jr., 223 University Dr., Apt. A-l, Colo. Spgs., Co. 80910, Freshman, Physi- cal Educ. page 157 Mark V. Morsch, 10900 E. Sand, Orlando, Fl. 32810, Sophomore, Behavioral Science page 157 Joseph P. Mosley, 4610 Indiana Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37209, Freshman, Physical Educ. Kathryn E. Mosely, P.O. Box 102, Arcadia, Fl. 33821, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 130 Anthony W. Mounts, 1713 Hatteras Dr., Lexing- ton, Ky. 40504, Freshman, Biology page 157 Patricia K. Mulligan. P.O. Box 433, Coming, Ar. 72422, Freshman, Missions page 130 Gary B. Mullinax, Box 144, Zirconia, N.C. 28790, Senior, Chemistry page 130 Larry E Murphy, Rt. 3, Box 375, Fairmont, W. V. 26554, Senior, Biology page 130 Pamela A. Murphy, 1615 Rankin Rd., Greens- boro, N.C, Senior, Physical Educ. page 130 Harold D Murray, 5003 Treetop Ln., Alexandria, Va., Sophomore. Undecided page 157 Luanda A. Myers. Rt. 1. Circleville, Oh 43113. Sophomore. Music Educ page 147 Sherwyn M Nabors, 82 Lester Ave., Nashville. Tn. 37210, Freshman, Mult. Church Ministri page 147 Kathryn G. Nash, 11726 Cape Horn Ave., Jax Fl. 32216, Freshman, Sociology William R Neal, 110 Baldwin Ave., Henderson- ville, N.C. 28739, Freshman, Missions page 157 Norman D Neeley, 407 Linda Ln., Madison, Tn. 37115, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 130 Darryl F Nelson. 618 Galaxie Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37209, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 130 Carol S. Nix, 1426 21st Ave. E., Tuscaloosa, Al. 35401, Sophomore, Mult Church Ministri page 147 Suzanne Nix, 1998 Shadescrest, Birmingham. Al. 35216, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 130 Rebecca S. Nixon, 300K St. Charles Dr., Tampa, Fl. 33618, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 139 Marty L. Noblin, 6159 Sandy Ln., Flint, Mi. 48519, Freshman, Mult. Church Ministri page 157 Gerald A. Norrington, 612 H. Court Sav. Gdns., Savannah, Ga. 31404, Freshman, Religion page 157 Debra P North, 1733 Faulds Rd., Clearwater, Fl. 33516, Freshman, Psychology page 157 Richard D. North, 254 Blackman Rd., Nashville. Tn. 37211, Freshman, Accounting page 157 Roderick B O. Barr, 4512 New 78 Hwy., Jasper, AL, Junior, Religion Danny E. Oaks, P.O Box 265, Calera, Al. 35040, Freshman, Chemistry page 157 Bruce E Oldham, 516 Cosco Dr., Gallatin, Tn., 37066, Sophomore, Religion page 147 George M. Oliver, 103 Williams, St., Elizabeth- town, Ky., Sophomore, Religion page 147 Mike C. Oliver, Rt 1, Box 183, Pelham, Tn. 37366, Freshman, Undecided page 157 Ronnie D. Oliver, 95 M. Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Religion Vanetta M. Orsbon, Rt. 1, Box 204, Carrollton, Ms. 38917, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 157 Mark E Osbome, 122 Teacup Spgs. Ct., Winter Garden, Fl. 32787, Sophomore. Undecided page 147 Martha E. Osborne. 122 Teacup Spgs. Ct., Winter Garden, Fl. 32787, Sophomore, Unde- cided page 147 Philip H Osborne, 122 Teacup Spgs. Ct., Win- ter Garden, Fl. 32787, Freshman, Chemistry page 157 Mark A. Outman, 3815 Frankmont, Richmond, Va. 23234, Freshman, Undecided page 157 Michael D. Padgett, Rt 2, Rising Sun, In. 47040. Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 147 Kathleen K. Parker, 79 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Music Educ. page 139 Stan Parker, 79 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn 37210, Junior, Religion page 139 Charles D. Parrish, 305 B. Gardenview Ct., Antwch, Tn., Sophomore, Religion James M. Partain, 2278 Capri Dr., Clearwater, Fl. 33515, Freshman, Mult. Church Ministri page 157 Mary J Pauley, 9003 Maryland Ave., Marmet, W. V. 25315, Junior, Behavioral Science Elizabeth A. Payne, 267 W. 7th, Cookeville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 147 Karl E. Payton, Rt. 2, Box 53-A, Caneyville, Ky. 42721, Senior, Religion page 130 Kent B. Pelton, 206 E. Olivet, Bourbonnias, II. 60914, Freshman, Music page 157 Bryan E. Pence, 118 W. Ankeney Mill Rd., Xenia, Oh. 4385, Freshman. Religion page 157 Rick A. Pence, 55 Hart St. Apt. 14, Nashville, Tn., Sophomore, Biology page 139 Sharon G. Pence, 55 Hart St. §14, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Biology Stephen L. Pennington, 514 McDonald Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. 37217, Junior, Biology page 147 Susan M. Pennington, 3193 49 Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Fl. 33714, Freshman, Phsycial Educ. page 157 Somchai R. Pensirivarasup. 511 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Bus. Admin. page 147 Jo P. Perry, 505 Parkway. Fultondale. Al. 35068. First Church of the Nazarene 1998 Shades Crest Rd. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ROY T. NIX, Pastor May the Next 75 Years Be As Good Sophomore, Behavioral Science Kyle E. Perry, 320 S. High, Rising Sun, In 47040, Freshman, Missions page 157 Michael C. Perry. 55 Hart St. 3-15, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Business Educ. Renate K. Perry, Sophomore. Bus. Admin. Marilyn Philemon, 511 Lester Ave. No. 1, Nash- ville, Fl. 37210, Junior, Bus. Admin page 139 Donna G. Phillips, 40216, Louisville, Ky., Fresh- man, Undecided page 147 Lyla K. Phillips, 319 Wimpole Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37211, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 130 Pamela A. Phillips, 3360 Okla, Ave., Titusville, Fl. 32780, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 130 Ronald B Phillips, 3360 Oklahoma Ave., Titus- ville, Fl 32780, Sophomore, Engineering page 147 Boyd E. Pickens, 220 Park Dr., Pt. Pleasant, W.V. 25.5.50, Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 147 Mary E. Pickerill, 1232 S. W. 4th Terr., Pompano Bch., Fl. 33060, Freshman, Undecided page 157 Marvin F. Pinson, 108 Leota Dr., Henderson- ville, Tn. 37075, Junior, Bus. Admin Albert W Pittard, 116 Nicewood Dr., Newport News, Va. 23602, Sophomore, Church Music Qge 147 Howard L Plummer, 210 Seville Apts., Lebanon, Tn. 37087, Senior, Religion Darrell R Poeppelmeyer, Rt. 1, Box 287, Whites Creek, Tn. 37189, Junior, Religion David A. Pollok, 2403 Brasher Ave., Nashville, Tn. 37206, Junior, Religion page 139 Mary C. Pope, 677 Brewer Dr., Nashville. Tn 37211, Freshman, Communications page 157 Debra J Powell, 5600 Sturbridge Way, College Park, Ga. 30349, Freshman, Undecided page 157 Mitchell L. Powell, Box 366, Ridgeland, Ms 29157, Senior, Communications page 130 Ruth E. Powell, 1437 Pine Meadow Rd., Lexing- ton, Ky. 40504, Freshman, Biology page 157 Robert R. Powers Jr., 905B Virginia, Nashville, Tn., Senior, Biology page 130 Peggy H. Pridemore, 311 Smy. Pwd. Sp. Rd., Smyrna Ga. 30080, Senior, Exec. Secretary page 131 Bobby G. Prince, 3811 Bunnell Dr., Jacksonville, Fl. 32216, Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 147 Marilyn J Prindle, 1925 Monarch Ave., Owens- boro, Ky. 42301, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 139 Timothy R. Prouse, 222 Delmont St., Middle- town, Pa. 17057, Senior, Physical Educ. page 139 Mark S. Pulliam, 2723 Truman Rd., Orlando, Fl. 32807, Junior. Religion page 139 Timothy R Pusey. 449-B Ayers Rd , Staten Island, N. Y. 10305, Senior, Music Educ. page 131 Alan R. Queen, 6311 Ridge Terr., Orlando, Fl. 32810. Sophomore, Religion page 148 Laura S. Quick, Rt. 4, Box 252, Bennettsville, S.C. 29512, Frsehman, Undecided page 158 Tim J. Rahenkamp, Sophomore, Biology Barbara S. Raines, Box 465, Lebanon, Tn. 37087, Senior, Elem. Educ. Cathy D. Ray. 711 Maple Ave., Burlington, N.C. 27215, Senior, Language page 131 David L. Ray, Rt. 1. Box 431, Nancy, Ky., Freshman, Biology Katie E Ray, 223 Amherst Dr., Nashville, Tn 37214, Sophomore, Music page 148 Dale L. Reedy, 1670 N.W. 2nd Terr., Pompano Beach, Fl. 33060, Freshman, Undecided page 158 Evelyn K Richardson, Freshman, Invalid Major Susie K. Richwine, 812 N. 34, Pasco, Wa. 99301, Freshman, Behavioral Science page 148 Stephen A. Rickey, Junior, Elem. Educ. Diane K. Ring, 805 N.E. 16 Ct., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fl. 33305, Sophomore, Mult. Church Ministri Theodore J. Rishel. 300 W. Old Pass Rd., Long Beach, Ms. 39560, Senior, Communications page 139 Beverly E. Roadman, 111 N.W. 53 Ct., Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33309, Sophomore, Music page 148 Elizabetn 0. Roberts, 416 Lorna Dr.. Nashville, Tn. 37214, Freshman, Biology page 150 Jerry S. Robertson, 55 Hart St. §32, Nashville, Tn., Senior, Religion page 131 Gregory L. Robinson, 537 N. Girls School Rp , Indianapolis, In., Freshman, Music Jan R. Robinson, 111 Poplar St., McMinnville, Tn. 37110, Sophomore, Behavioral Science page 148 Mark A. Robinson, 12 Harvest Ln., Charlotte, N.C, Freshman, Bus Admin, page 158 Michael W. Robinson, 91 Vaden Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37211, Freshman, Religion page 158 Victor L Robinson, 66 Nancy Ln., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Mult. Church Ministri page 131 Kathy D. Rochell, 323 Gaywood Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37211, Senior, Accounting David L. Roscoe, 12 Poplar, N. Vernon, In 47265, Junior, Missions page 139 Eddie G Rosdhal, 3070 High Point Rd., Winston- Salem, N.C. 27017, Junior, Biology page 139 Gr egory B. Rosser, Rt. 2, Box 853, Maysville, Ky. 41056, Junior. Music Educ. page 139 Stuart E. Rowan, 405 Oakview Sq., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Freshman, Undecided page 158 Ernestine G. Rowland, Rt. 2, Box 135, Wrights- ville, Ga., Freshman, Bus. Admin. Gregory P. Runyan, 1260 Oakhurst Dr., Charles- ton, W. V. 25314, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 158 Timothy W. Runyan, 500 Fesslers Ln. Lot L-10, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Bus. Admin. Bobby W. Runyon, Box 847, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Religion page 148 Janet S. Rushing, 7876 Gregory Dr., Jax, Fl. 32210, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 139 Richard C. Rushing, 2701 Lench, Sarasota, FL, Freshman, Undecided Stephen S. Rushing, 7886 Gregory St., Jax, Fl. 32210, Freshman, Religion page 158 Cecil R. Russell, Rt. 1, Thaxton, Ms. 38871, Sophomore, Religion page 139 Robert W. Rutherford, 2014 Starnes St., Augusta, Ga., Junior, Religion Sharon E. Rutledge, Rt. 1, 103 Cedarama Dr., Sandifer, 219 Morningside Loop, 33594, Junior, Elem. Educ. page Huntsville, Al. 35810, Freshman, Undecided page 158 Susan L. Rutledge, Rt 1, 103 Cedarama Dr., Huntsville, Al. 35810, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 148 Dale D. Saltkill, 507 Acklen Park Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. 37205, Senior, Elem. Educ. Kathy R. Sanderson, 4642-28 Ave. No., St. Petersburg, Fl. 33713, Junior, Missions page 131 Constance B. Valrico, Fl. 139 Mark D. Sartin, 405 W. Hillside, Spencer, In. Sophomore, Religion Kurt E. Sawyer, Box 187, Lady Lake, Fl. 32659. Junior, Accounting page 139 Stephen R. Savre, 4209 Japonica Ln., Charleston, W. V. 253 12, ' Sophomore, Religion page 158 William D. Scarbrough, 1100 Thompson PI. Apt. C-18, Nashville, Tn., Junior, Behavioral Science page 139 Loren W Schaffer, Emminum St., Mt. Prospect, II., Freshman, Bus. Admin. Lynette D. Shmitt, 516 Long Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15241, Freshman, Undecided page 158 Julie A. Schortinghouse, 4925 S.W. 91 Ave., Miami, Fl. 33165, Sophomore, Exec. Secretary page 131 Cheryl L. Schnmpf, P.O. Box 9637, Centreville, Ms. 39631, Freshman, Psychology page 158 Deborah J. Schrock. 1118 Harold, Nashville, Tn 37217. Sophomore, Elem. Educ. Deborah S. Scott, 89 Lester Ave., Nahsvlle, Tn., Senior, Music Educ. Joy L. Seale, 1437 S. 28th St., Arlington. Va., 22206, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 158 Nancy E. Seay, 117 2112 Fiarfax, Nashville, Tn 37212, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. Tony R. Self, Rt 5, Box 347, Hartselle, Al. 35640, Freshman, Undecided page 158 Tommy G. Sellers, 2415 37th St., Shawmut, Al. 36876, Junior, Elem. Educ page 139 Nsah K. Shao, Tiawan, Senior, Psychology page 131 Dina D Sharpe, Rt. 7, Box 310, Raleigh, N.C. 27609, Freshman, Undecided Patsy G. Sharpton, 2020 Larry St. S.W., Cull- man, Al. 35055, Sophomore, Psychology page 148 James R Shaw, 1217 Northview St., Raleigh, N.C. 27610, Freshman, Undecided page 158 Gene E. Shell, Clem Jones Hgts., Apt. 22, Athens, Tn. 37303. Freshman, Behavioral Sci- ence page 158 Jeff O. Shell, 112 Sargasso Ln., Winter Haven, Fl. 33880, Freshman, Undecided William R. Shelton, 104 E. Adam St., Tennille, Ga. 31089, Freshman, Missions J. F. Shepard, 55 Hart St. 5.5, Nashville. Tn 37210, Senior, Religion Page 131 Ronnie P. Shields, 287 Clovernook, Nashville, Tn., Senior, Bus. Admin, page 131 Stephen D. Shomo, TNC Trailer Crt., Nashville, Tn., Junior, Religion page 139 Virgil E. Showalter, 3255 Salisbury Ave., Jax, FL, Sophomore, Religion page 148 Carol J Shultz, 1533 Shelburne Ln., Sarasota, Fl. 33581, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 131 Delores A. Shumans, Rt 1, Box 11, Brunswick, Ga. 31520, Sophomore, Home Economics page 148 Kasso Siewnarine, 79 B. Lester, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Biology page 131 Charles M. Simmons, 95 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn 37210, Senior, Religion page 131 Marcus F Sims, 4512 Lambert Ave., Lou, Ky. 40219, Freshman, Psychology page ' 158 William R Skeeters, 1208 Saturn Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37217, Freshman, Religion Geri A. Skinner, 5441 San Marcos Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. 37200, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 158 Clinton J Skinner Jr., 60 Woodard St., Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Freshman, Communications page 158 Stephen M. Skipper, 2311 57th Ave. W.. Bradenta, Fl. 33507, Freshman, Psychology Elizabeth A. Skolinsky, 5515 2nd Ave. Dr. W., Brandenton. FL. 33505, Freshman, Undecided Carolyn J. Smith, 188 E. Pike St., Lawrence- ville, Ga 30245, Freshman, History page 158 Charles W. Smith, 3269. Lake Crest Rd.. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452, Sophomore, Psy- chology page 148 David R Smith, 68 Nance , Nashville, Tn 37210, Senior, Physical Educ Donna J Smith, 1806 Elm Hurst Dr., Arlington, Tx 76012, Junior, Exec. Secretary page 139 Garry L. Smith, 817 Quince Orchard Blve §24, Gaithersburg, Md. 20760, Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 148 Robert D Smith, Holbrook. Pa. 15341. Sopho- more, Accounting page 148 Wyndell H Smith Jr., 3800 Belhaven Dr., Greensboro, N.C. 27407, Senior, Bus. Admin, page 131 Virginia C Smithwick, 8026 Columbia Ave., Munster, In. 46321, Sophomore, Behavioral Science page 148 Karen R Smotherman, 1912 Berkshire Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. 37216, Senior, Psychology page 132 Sherry L. Snodgrass, 100 Valley Dr., Ripley, W. V., Sophomore, Exec. Secretary page 139 Dean A. Soles, 55 Hart St. 29. Nashville, Tn. 37210, Freshman, Elem. Educ. Richard 0. Soloky, 234 Willowood, High Point, N.C. 27260, Sophomore, Religion page 148 Ernest T. Spaur, Rt. 2, Box 145-A, Louisa, Va. 23093, Junior, Biology page 139 Michael D. Spencer, 55 Hart St. Apt. 44. Nash- ville, Tn 37210, Senior, Religion page 132 William B Spencer, Nashville, Tn., Junior, Lan- guage Ann R. Spoon, 11955 S.W. 217 St.. Goulds, Fl. 33170, Junior, Biology page 132 Cecelia C. Sprang, 5427 25th St. W., Bradenton, Fl. 33507, Freshman, Exec. ' Secretary page 158 Joy E. Spruill, Rt 5, Box 155. Lebanon. Tn 37087, Junior, Child Care Timothy F. Spruill, 244 Clovernook Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Communications page 148 Robert L. Steele. 400 Adamwood HC-10, Nash- ville, Tn. 37211, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 139. Donna L Steffey, 335 14th Ave. S., Clinton, Tullahoma First Church of the Nazarene Polk at Lauderdale Box 687 Tullahoma, Tennessee 37388 Church Phone; 455-5008 GORDON V. WOODS, D.D. Pastor JOEY CONDON, Minister of Music Wade Harmon, S.S. Supt. Mrs. L. Ledford, N.W.M.S. Pres. Sandra Lee, N.Y.P.S. Pres. Parsonage Phone: 455-8629 Ia. 52732, Freshman, Undecided page 148 Dana S. Stevens, 840 Linwood, Louisville, Ky. 40217, Sophomore, Behavioral Science page 148 Fred L. Stewart, 5903 Lemay Rd., Rockville, Md., Sophomore, Accounting page 148 James P. Stewart, 1032 26th Ave., Huentown, Al. 35020, Sophomore, Bus Admin, page 148 Morris H. Stocks, 4809 Nabors Ln., Huntsville, Al. 35810, Junior, Accounting page 139 Scott D. Stone. 6550 Lee St., Hollywood, FL, Freshman. Undecided page 158 Ronald D. Storer, 55 Hart St. 52, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Music Educ. page 139 Gene D. Stottele, 6252 N. Lee Street, Murrow, Ga. 30260, Sophomore, Religion page 148 John G Stottele, 6252, Morrow, Ga. 30260, Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 158 Joyce A. Stough, Rt 2, Box 79, Spencer, In., Sophomore, Undecided Dennis J. Stout, Rt 1, B ' Town, In. 47220, Sophomore. Bus Admin, page 148 William J Strickland Jr., 471 Broadwell Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37220, Junior, Physical Educ. page 139 Ronald L. Stuard, 108 Stuard Ln., Adams, Tn., Freshman, Bus. Admin. Deborah J. Sumner, 55 Hart St., Apt. 50, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Bus. Admin, page 131 Judy G Sutherland. 27 Harpersville Rd., New- port News, Va. 23601, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 158 Layton D. Sutherland, 215 E. Main St., Mun- ford. In. 38058, Senior, Religion page 139 Ralph E. Swallows, 1646 Beech wood Ave. , Louis- ville, Ky 40204, Senior, Religion page 132 Deborah L Sykes, 2318 7th Ave. W., Braden- ton, Fl. 33505, Sophomore, Exec. Secretary page 139 Lois M Sykes, 3803 Williamsburg Dr., Hunts- ville. Al. 35810, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 158 Michael R. Sykes, 2999 Smith Spgs. Rd. C-58, Nashville. Tn 37217, Senior, Biology page 132 Mark H Sylvis. Ill June Dr., Dickson, Tn. 37055, Sophomore, Communications Phyllis L. Sylvis. Ill June Dr., Dickson, Tn. 37055. Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 148 Kenneth E. Tanner Jr., 1130 Lee Cir., W. Colum- bia, S.C 29169, Junior, Chemistry page 140 Debbie V. Taylor, 4921 Grandview Dr., Owens- boro, Ky., Senior, Elem. Educ. page 132 Janet R. Taylor, Thompson, PI. Apt. C-3, Nashville, Tn., Junior, Behavioral Science Jo A. Taylor, Rt 1, Allen Rd., Hendersonville, Tn. 37075, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 140 Ladonna R Taylor, Rt 5, Vanderbilt Rd., Mt. Juliet. Tn. 37122, Freshman, Math, page 158 Lonnie L. Taylor, 245 Constance Rd., Hebron, Ky. 41048, Sophomore, Physical Educ. Michael L. Taylor, 180 Wallace, Apt. F-23, Nashville, Tn. 37211, Sophomore, Religion page 148 Tab S. Taylor, 128 Buval Dr., Tampa, FL, Freshman, Bus. Admin, page 158 Timothy A. Taylor, 219 Broadway St., Durham, N.C. 27701, Freshman, Undecided page 158 Scott M. Teal, 3208 23rd Ave. W., Bradenton, Fl. 33505, Senior, Music Educ. page 132 Patricia A. Terry, 1665 Bimini St., Titusville Fl. 32780. Sophomore. Undecided page 148 James S. Tharp, 12401 Princess Jeanne N.E. Albuqurque. N.M. 87112, Junior, Music Educ. page 1 40 Charles M. Thatcher, 55 Hart St. Apt. 6, Nash- ville, Tn., Senior, Music Educ. Felicia J. Thatcher, 55 Hart St.. Apt. 6, Nash- ville, Tn 37210, Senior, History page 132 Kenneth B. Thomas, 4904 Log Cabin Rd., Nash- ville, Tn. 37216, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 158 Randy K Thomas, Rt. 4, Hitt Ln., Goodletts- ville, Tn. 37072, Freshman, Religion Kimberly L Thompson, 526 Creekview Cir., Birmingham, Al. 35226. Sophomore, Nursing page 158 M. L. Thompson, Rt 2, Box 132B, Wrights- ville, Ga 31096, Freshman, Bus. Admin page 159 Stanley C. Thompson, 220 E. Cypress St., Win- ter Garden, Fl. 32787, Freshman, Undecided page 159 Walter C Thompson, 112 Canton St., Rossville, Ga. 30741, Freshman, Mult. Church Ministri page 159 James H Thrower Jr., 76 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion page 132 Michael B Tingle, Rt. 1, B-119, Appling, Ga 30802, Sophomore, Religion page 159 Cathy J. Todd, 72 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Biology Crystal L. Todd, 93- B Lester Ave.. Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Church Music Thomas W. Todd, 72 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Sophomore, Biology James H Todd Jr., 93-B Lester Ave., Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Missions page 132 Charles H. Toland, Rt. 3, Box 166, Wedowee, Al. 36278, Sophomore, Religion page 148 Beverly L. Tomblin, 884 Scott St., Columbus, Oh, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 132 James E Toomey, 1787 Wather Ln., Louisville, Ky 40216, Sophomore, Physical Educ. Pomar K. Tootoo, 28401, Wilmington, N.C. 28401, Junior, Missions page 140 Ester L. Townsend, 933 Barbara. Memphis, Tn. 38108, Sophomore, Elem. Educ. page 148 Ruby M. Townsend, 933 Barbara Dr., Memphis, Tn. 38108, Sophomore, Business Educ. page 148 Donna K. Tudor, 1705 Skyline Dr., Cookeville, Tn. 38501, Sophomore, Accounting page 148 Paul D Turner, Rt. 1, Box 195, Belleview, Fl. 32620, Freshman, Physical Educ. page 148 Charles L. Tyler, Trevecca College Box 846, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Physical Educ. page 140 Marsha A. Underwood, 140 Lowhorn St., Algood, 38 38501, Sophomore, Missions page 149 Rick T. Underwood, 22995 S. W. 163 Ave., Goulds, FL, Junior, Bus. Admin, page 140 Patti R. Upton, 510 Linbar Dr.. Apt. H-315, Nashville, Tn., Sophomore, Invalid Major Vanessa G. Vanderveer, Rt. 2, P.O. Box 175, Bon Aqua, Tn. 37025, Sophomore, Music page 149 associate FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Orlando, Florida DREW STEWART, S.S. Supt. PAUL KENDALL, Minister of Music DELORES NELSON, N.W.M.S. Pres. WAYNE SHANDS, Minister of Special Music DAVID SHELTON, N.Y.P.S. Pres. WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Minister of Youth SHARON SHANDS, Director of Children ' s Ministeries Congratulations to the Class of 1976 Tevecca Book Store Radnor Nazarene Church 411 Veritas Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. N.Y.P.S. 5:30p.m. Evening Service 6:30 p.m. Wednesday 7:00 p.m. REV. JOHN LAWWILL, Pastor CHURCH BUS COMES TO CAMPUS FOR SERVICES Marc A. Vann, 16 E Orange, Lake City, Fl. 32055, Freshman, History page 159 Tandy R. Vaughn, 1315 28th St., Sheffield, At. 35667, Sophomore, Religion page 149 Darryle L. Vaught, 55 Hart St., Apt. 13, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Religion page 132 Sharon H. Vaught, 55 Hart St., Apt. 13, Nash- ville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 140 Judith L. Veigl, 1803 David Dr. N.W., Cullman, Al. 35055, Sophomore, Undecided page 140 Mark S. Vertrees, 12 Lealand Dr , Clarksville, Tn., Senior, Music Darrel W. Vincent, 3310 Alpine Village Dr 3 Hollywood, Fl. 33024, Freshman, Religion John M. Vintson, Box 851 TNC, Nasvhille, Tn 37210, Junior, Mult. Church Mmistri page 140 Sandra K. Waldrep, 1577 A. Holcomb, Bridge Rd, Norcross, Ga. 30071, Freshman, Psy- chology page 159 Kathryn A. Waldron, P.O. Box 855, Arcadia, Fl. 33821, Freshman, Child Care page 159 Cynthia A. Wales, 906 N. Jackson, Houston, M.S. 38851, Freshman, Language page 159 Grace A. Walker, 3102 Chestershire, Pasadena, Tx 77503, Junior, Chemistry page 140 Gary L. Wall, Rt. 5, Box 379, St. Augusta, Fl. 32084, Sophomore, Accounting page 149 Gloria E. Wallace, Rt. 4, Box 450, Georgetown, S.C., Freshman, Language Robert K. Waller, Hillview Farms Rd. §3, Waynesburg, Pa. 15370, Sophomore, Bus. Admin, page 140 Carolyn J. Walsh, 12061 Claridge Rd., Wheaton, Md. 20902, Sophomore, Physical Educ. Bobby G. Ward, Rt. 1, Box 103, McComb, Ms. 39648, Frshman, Religion page 159 Brenda D. Ward, 1055 Mary St., Louisville, Ky. 40204, Freshman, Biology page 159 Amelia W. Warren, 305 Haywood Ln., Nashville, Tn., Freshman, Exec. Secretary Elaine K. Wafers. 706.53 Way ridge Dr., Gaithers- burg, Md. 20760, Sophomore, Soc. Welfare page 149 Houston E. Watson, Box 184-A Walker St., Man- chester, Tn. 37355, Freshman, Music page 159 Natalie R. Watson, 502 E. Lake Dr., Largo, Fl. 33540, Freshman, Elem. Educ. page 159 Ralph C. Watson. Rt. 2, Old RR Bed Rd., Mt. Juliet, Tn , Senior, Bus. Admin, page 132 Rita A. Waynick, 2720 Elm Hill Pk . Nashville, Tn., Sophomore, Accounting Leigh D Weaver, Box 305 E Flat Rock, N.C. 28726, Junior, Elem. Educ. page 140 Adrian L. Weaver III, 1319 Shcool Ln., Nash- ville, Tn., Senior, Music John H. Welter, 333 S. Federal, Pompano, Fl. 33062, Sophomore, Religion page 149 Linda J Wells, 55 Hart St. §30, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Behavioral Science page 133 Marvin R. Wells, 55 Hart St. §30, Nashville, Tn. 37210, Senior, Elem. Educ page 133 Debra S. West, 9 Crestwood Dr., Madison Hts., Va. 24572, Freshman, Undecided page 159 Donna C. Wetherell, 1416 Gates St., Lynchburg, Va. 24502, Freshman, Biology page 159 Ronda L Wetzel, 1897 Rosemont Ave., Colum- bus, Oh. 43223, Junior, Accounting Daniel K Whetstone, 1709 Highland Ave., Dub- lin, Ga. 31021, Junior, Accounting page 140 Barbara F White, 505 S. 7th St. Ext., Mac- Clenny, Fl. 32206, Sophomore, History page 149 Beth A. White, 1905 7th Ave. E., Bradenton, Fl. 33505, Junior, Physical Educ. page 140 Jean M. White. 493 Acacia St., Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024, Freshman, Language Kathy D White, Rt 5, Box 3, Bluefield, W V. 24701, Junior, Speech page 140 Troy E. Whitley, 212 N. Glen Arven, Temple Terr., Fl. 33617, Freshman, Undecided page 159 Glenn S. Wilkinson, 6128 38th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Fl. 33710, Junior, Religion page 140 Michael H. Willerson, 4467 Mt. Royal Blvd., Allison Park, Pa. 15101, Sophomore, Medical Tech. page 149 Bobby R. Williams, Rt. 2, Box 60, Lanett, Al. 36863. Freshman, Mult. Church Mimstn Charlene H Williams, 55 Hart St., Apt. 16, Nashville. Tn. 37210, Senior, Elem. Educ. page 133 Karen K Williams, 1801 Overton St., Old Hic- kory. Tn. 37138, Sophomore, Business Eeuc. page 149 Marion F Williams, 2706 Glenrose Ave. C-8, Nashville, Tn. 37217, Junior, Bus. Admin page 140 Martha C Williams, Rt. 5, Box 166, Scottsville, Ky. 42164, Junior, Bus. Admin, page 132 Curtis Wilson, 3829 Woodward Dr., Nashville, Tn.. Senior. Biology Donna L Wilson. 647 W Washington, Kirkwood, Mo. 63122, Freshman, Exec. Secretary Emmett Wilson, 1721 E. 65th St., Los Angeles, Ca. 90001, Freshman, Religion page 149 Audrey Windom, 665 Eva St., Memphis, Tn 38112, Freshman, Exec. Secretary page 159 Oral D. Wiser, 60 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tn. 37210, Junior, Religion Cheryl A. Womack, 2003 Denmark Dr., Augusta, Ga. 30906, Sophomore, Biology page 149 Pamela K Wonders, 1433 S. Armstrong St., Kokomo, In 46901, Junior, Music Educ. page 140 James A. Wood, 7171 S.W 13 St., Pembroke Pines, Fl. 33023, Freshman, Undecided page 159 Margaret A. Wood, 893 Perry Dr , Macon, Ga. 31201, Junior, Accounting page 140 Brenda S. Wooten, Box 692 TNC, Nashville, Tn. 37210. Senior, Behavioral Science page 133 Bobbie J. Worrell, 903 Franklin St., Selma, Al. 36701, Freshman. Elem. Educ. Clifton M. Wright, 2817 Union St., Brunswick, Ga. 31520, Sophomore, Religion page 149 Karen N. Yarborough, 2544 Forest View Pk., Antioch, Tn., Freshman, Music page 159 Richard Yardumian, 29 Wilson Dr., Burlington, N.J., Junior. Bus. Admin. Marcus A Young, 569 Dry den Ave., Jackson, Ms. 39209, Junior, Bus. Admin page 140 John A. Yaunt. 1645 San Mateo Dr., Dunedin, FL, Freshman, Music page 149 WE ARE happy trevecca was served the 1 CWURC 14 FOR 75 YEARS i CENTRAL FLORIDA DISTRICT L . 7 yvf U k; , SUPER A TEN PANT Heithercock ' s One Hour Valet Cleaners 108 Lafayette Nashville, Tn. Store Hours Monday thru Friday 7am-5:30prn Saturday 7am-12noon Dry Cleaning Laundry pioneer food Our Students CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Rd. Nashville, Tennessee GERALD GREEN, Pastor KEN PRICE, Associate Minister JAY MICK, Minister of Music RANDY JAMES, Minister to Youth Students not pictured: Barbara Green Don Green 9 1 TREVECCA TOWERS, INC. 1 ! win 13 TOFVFff A IB IB • •- - i 15 R ir, W 51 Hi; — Z. niniKsa j ism T ITi - " I IT ir 3T- — _ ™ ™ tl -r; Jt— — ■• - a mil ■a -1 • " i ---I 533 OH •9 m ire is §iH kh mi 8£ Him " v7? S3j ifefes is; : i ¥i TOWER I ' ADDING LIFE TO YEARS AND YEARS TO LIFE " For Information — T.E.JONES, EXEC. DIR. Trevecca Towers, Inc. 60 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Call: 615-254-6654 COMFORT, DIGNITY SECURITY RETIREES CAN AFFORD 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 i v TOWER II Happy 75 th 274 TREVECCA HEALTH CARE CENTER Anniversary T.N.C. Scheduled Opening — June 1976 5 1 2 Stories — 240 Beds Intermediate Skill Care FOR INFORMATION WRITE: Trevecca Health Care Center 60 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. 37210 275 J EA6T TENNESSEE. DISTRICT SantaFe Circuit Church of the Nazarene I Akin Chapel Hilltown Mt. Wesley J.J. Wheelbarger, Pastor Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts E.P. Boyett, Assistant Pastor 450 Murfreesboro Rd. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE One block From 1-24 1-40 112 Rooms — Dial Phones — 24 Hour Service 100% Color T.V. — 100% Air Conditioned — Radio and F.M. — Heated Swimming Pool — Putting Green Phone (615) 255-7528 r CHURCH o£ +he Nazarene 3 Z HWV. 98 fZ4 WEST M C C0M6 ; M156I5SIPPI 1W George M. Lake, pastor fir. A- D. Efoone, 11 in ister of Music NASHVILLE FIRST CHURCH 510 Woodland Ave. Nashville, Tennessee MILLARD REED, Senior Pastor JAMES L. SANKEY, Education Pastor WM. G. MARTIN, Administrative Pastor FRED HUFF, Youth Pastor V. GENE SMITH, Minister of Music BOB JOHNSTON, Collegiate Minister MIKE MALLOY, Shade Tree Minister W.D. McGRAW, Minister of Visitation W.D. McGRAW, Minister of Visitation L.B. MATHEWS, Visitation Minister Emeritus GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA FIRST CHURCH SALUTES TREVECCA Our 42-year-old church has sent 42 students Not pictured: Greg Griner Class of 1977 Class of 1978 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner, NW 23rd Avenue 51st Street Gainesville, Florida 32605 CONGRATULATIONS for 75 YEARS OF SERVICE from TAMPA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " Celebrating 50 Years In 1976 " CLIFTON B. NIXON, Pastor H. DOUGLAS RUNYAN, Youth Outreach FRANK EIFERT, Musi Our Students TR£ V£CCA. A L U M N oMoouoiijuay IS mn ooaaoo) Vv WET ARE TREVECCA ' S PAsr 15 YEARS QoyiQ touLatioru cm. you-i, 75 uea. ofr de wici. -ft in. the. H I. j r - W TH.M ° Y efo cl Jt Gka ey, Soune iti ten deK District Superintendent Dr. Otto Stucki Congratulations Dr. Otto Stucki completes 30 years of service as a member of the TNC Board of Trustees 16 years as Secretary of The Board of Trustees Eight years as Chairman of the Board DISTRICT OFFICERS SECRETARY TREASURER N.Y.P.S. PRESIDENT N.W.M.S. PRESIDENT CHURCH SCHOOL CHAIRMAN EDITOR " The Palmetto Nazarene " Marion S. Pressley Oscar B. Pullen D. Moody Gunter Mrs. Nina G. Gunter N.J. Lewis Mrs. Marion Love Brian Alison Skye Alison Kim Chambers Wanda Cochran Linda Culbertson Fonda Ferguson Debbie Francis Sharon Fulmer Ralph Furr Congratulations to Graduates Class of( )76 South Carolina Students Sharon Hillman James Hodge Terry Johnson Martha Lehmar Debbie Lott Richard Morris Stanley Parker Laura S. Quick Kenneth Tanner Janet Ruth Taylor . . . CnjjuM. ofr-Uurfl oaqMjuu north florida district . congratulates t.n.c. for her 75th anniversary Jonathan t. gas sett, superintendent barney s. baggott, n.y.p.s. president McCLURKAN MEMORIAL Church of the Nazarene 332 54th Ave. North NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone: 298-1341 REV. HENRY L. MILLS, PASTOR " Your Home Away From Home " TO THE CLASS OF " 76 " AND TO T.N.C. ON ITS 75th YEAR CONGRATULATIONS! FROM ALL THE DEPARTMENTS OF THE GEORGIA DISTRICT CHURCH SCHOOLS Terry Soles, Chairman N.Y.P.S Doug Mills, President N.W.M.S Judy Hadwin, President CAMP MEETING DISTRICT CENTER ADVISORY BOARD JACK H. LEE, Chairman and Superintendent Congratulations Class of ' 76 From The FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MAIN WILLOW ST. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE REV. JOHN R. ANDRUS, PASTOR REV. JERRY R. HANSON, ASSISTANT PASTOR Rev. John R. Andrus 1776 + + + + + + 1976 200 YEARS OF GOD ' S BLESSINGS! CHRISTIAN ACTION TEAMS SUPPORT TEAMS f STUDENT MISSION CORPS CAREER MISSIONARY SERVICE LOST AND FOUND DISCOVERY PLAYERS for information write Richard Gammill Department of Home Missions Raymond Hum Executive Secretary + for information write Roger Bowman Department of Youth Melvin McCullough Executive Secretary " frfor information write 6401 Paseo Lane Zachary Kansas City, Missouri 64131 (816) 333-7000 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BI -CENTENNIAL CLASS OF 1976 AND TO TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE ON ITS 75th ANNIVERSARY NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT Atlanta First Church of the Nazarene bennett dudney, pastor To: Trevecca Nazarene College From: Your Not-So-Secret Admirers Memo: We Love You, We Pray For You, We Support You. s With Us For A Place of Service Rev. Robert Spear Jr. District Superintendent II Timothy 1:7 Signed: Your Southern Florida District P. 0. Box " N " • Boca Raton, Florida 33432 Phone: 305-392-6373 Rev. Jack K. Stone • Mr. Allen Underwood, Trustees Love Portraits Your Wedding Day Is More Precious Than Fine Jewels . . Let Us Keep That Day Alive Forever In Pictures. Call Us Today: 228-8357 MISSISSIPPI NAZARENES JOIN WITH T.N.C. FACULTY AND STUDENTS FOR A GREAT YEAR OF THE SPIRIT IN THE 75th YEAR MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT CELEBRATING 63 YEARS BELIEVING GOD FOR TODAY BUILDING FOR TOMORROW REV. ALECK G. ULMET District Superintendent THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT SUPPORTS T.N.C. WITH OUR PRAYERS... OUR FINANCES . . . OUR YOUTH ... District Secretary District Treasurer Church School Board Chairman NYPS President NWMS President DISTRICT OFFICERS Rev. Riley ; Mrs. Eudi Mr: i Rev. Dewey Mrs. Ale ADVISORY BOARD Aleck G. Ulmet, Chairman Oren Thrasher Coolidge Grant A.A. Farris E.J. Milby Richard Thompson Bob Allen OUR KENTUCKY STUDENTS Steve Blakeman, Terry Branha, Janice Carmack, Phyllis Carter, Linda Cramer, Jonda Dement, Kathy Fulkerson, Ron Fulkerson, Brend son, Deb Gibson, Dave Grant, Charlie Gray, Dane II Hall, Gary Harris, Anita Hazen, Gloria Hazen, Winston Huff, Arlene Johnst Lawhorn, Jim Laymon, Ken Laymon, Anthony Mounts, George Oliver, Ruth Powell, Marilyn Prindle, Dave Ray, Greg Rosser, Dana Steve) Swallows, Brenda Ward. UhzriL there, is ' loneliness v Inside- Aeu) o-f tJagolearV. 5 CAaf sroco tiep. is not iVor, ve«r ' ' " e eqch -Ore. you 9.1 1 j finger Go san o WW 0 ft- -V) 10 • N. " Oh ' BmAAJ ' K " 0 (Q ' ft ™ - 3 «? 5t ■t o f o 2- gtf W«r 4 ,5 , Sunder, or frf( or e ty ( you Aa- " e +° ct(o f Co ( X ' ff £ e -fAj re. ( yss A isV r m s-ms smtw council 296 DODGE ONE HOUR CLEANERS 201 21st AveN. 2116 21st Ave.S. 250012th Ave. S. 890 Murfreesboro Rd We are happy to take care of all your cleaning needs! Cfturcf) of tfje jga arene Corner of 164 Terrace N. E. 4th Avenue Mail: 375 N. E. 164 Terrace North Miami Beach. Florida 33162 REV. LARRY G. SNYDER. Pastor Church: 947-5955 — Residence: 945 1 198 mm i, am .i CONGRATULATIONS TREVECCA ON YOUR 75TH ANNIVERSARY FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Henderson, Kentucky Celebrating 50 Years of Ministry to Henderson Steve Dillman Senior IBM First Church of the Nazarene Henderson, Kentucky Debbie Gibson Freshman Rev. Dewey J. Williams Pastor Inner Courtyard of Church South Florida Heights ah i i 1 CloURCIo of the DAZflRene 3003 SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE, LAKELAND, FLORIDA 33803 Jackson D. Phillips, Pastor Jerry L. Davis, Director of Music Ministeries R.C. Johnson, Visiting Pastor Richard and Peggy Lewis, Directors of Children ' s Ministeries Jackson D. Phillips Pastor BETHEL Church of the Nazarene 409 E. TRINITY LANE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone: 262-3396 CHURCH BUS COMES TO CAMPUS FOR THESE SERVICES: SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:00 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP 10:00 A.M. EVENING WORSHIP 6:00 P.M. WEDNESDAY EVENING 7:00 P.M. REV. BOB MADISON, Pastor HENRY OPLINGER Minister of Youth Music Donelson Church of the Nazarene 208 Donelson Pike Nashville, Tennessee Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. Evening Evangelistic 7:00 p.m. Rev. Edmond P. Cox, Pastor Come Make Us Your Church Vola L. Vaughn, Pastor PARTING SHOTS a) First Lady Drivers: Lee Jones, Larry Tubbs, Don Scarborough, and Ed Mitchell, b) A treed " Foxy " , c) Jan on the quick look back, d) An unposed group shot, e) Stuco at their best f) The T.N.C. kazoo band, g) He went that-a-way. The sights and sounds of a school year . . . how do you remember them? This has been a good year to be Darda editor. A lot of activities, a good staff, and excellent suggestions have all helped produce this yearbook and all the memories it will kindle in the years to come. There are many people to thank. First, the staff workers who have personally created much of the layout and design. Then, our company representative, Harold McGeehee, who has come and helped the staff every time he was asked. Last, but not least, is my wife Liz. She is an unofficial staff member because of her patience with me and her help in typing much of the copy for me. I hope you ' ll enjoy this yearbook. You (the student body) really were the most important element in the creation of Darda ' 76. Without you, there would be no Trevecca and I would not have had the joy of serving you. Sincerely, ft

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