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Dig itized by 1 the Internet Archive ■ i n2014 https: details darda1975trev c OUfG£ Chives 1 975 Darda Volume LI Published by Associated Student Body Trevecca Nazarene College Nashville, Tennessee DARDA STAFF Editor Brenda Wooten Business Manager Randy Jenkins Sponsor Johnny Wheelbarger Classes Sherry Snodgrass Kathy Sanderson Organizations Connie Sandifer Sports Bill Dillon Faculty and Administration Sara Poe Index Cindy Wilkinson Art Joy Spruill Photographers R. S. Jenkins Ken Moses Scott Teal 2 Staff Table of Contents Academics 33 Activities 69 Who ' s Who 107 Classes 119 Clubs 183 Athletics 229 Advertisement and Index 281 Table of Contents 3 4 Dedication DEDICATION It is rare to find a man with the intelligence, kindness, love, and devotion of Mr. Wayne Gallup. We at Trevecca would like to express our thanks for all the " little extra things " you do tor us and mainly for just being a friend. It is to you, Wayne Gallup, that we dedicate the 1975 Darda. 1 975 . . . The Year of Prepara 6 Introduction Introduction 7 We can never know about the days to come, but we think about them anyway. Introduction 9 10 Introduction And I wonder if I ' m really with you now Introduction 1 1 Or just chasing after some finer day. Introduction 13 Anticipation is making me late, Is keeping me waiting. 16 Introduction Introduction 1 7 Anticipation 18 Introduction Anticipation 20 Introduction 22 Introduction Introduction 23 24 Introduction Introduction 25 I would not anticipate the relish 26 Introduction nor feel the weight of any misery, before it actually arrives. Shakespeare Introduction 27 28 Introduction Introduction 29 30 Introduction Introduction 31 . . . and stay right here, ' cause these are the good ole days. Carly Simon Everyone, including Pop Storey, enjoys a practical joke. 32 Introduction D M S Academics 33 Office of President Mark R. Moore TOMORROW A family stood in my office. The mother said, " Jan will enter Trevecca within four years. Two years later Bill will come. They an eagerly awaiting the day. It is not WHERE they will go to college, but WHEN. " Most of the events of life have three distinct phases. There is anticipation which involves vision and planning. Then comes tht celebration of the event, followed by memories which bring reflective enjoyment or sadness. It has been said that the pleasure of an event is sometimes greatest in anticipation. Perhaps this is true if in retrospect one suffer; remorse. But, with the Christian, as millions will testify, the walk with Christ through each phase of life gets better and better. This happens only because of faith in God which undergirds our lives enabling us to build from one event to another with fulfillment. It is with excitement that we look forward to the 75th Anniversary of Trevecca Nazarene College. In vision and faith we know that what happens will be for our good and His glory. And in the days to come, when we remember ' THESE DAYS " at Trevecca, we will understand that the anticipations of " The Year of Preparation " were only stepping stones to more useful, enriching and rewarding experiences. President Mark R. Moore 1975 34 Academics President Academics 3.5 Board of Trustees Our Board of Trustees is made up of many district superintendents, pastors, and laymen, who are very much concerned with Treveeca and its students. These men have many important decisions to make which affect all of us at TNC now and those who will come to TNC in the future. We should all stand behind them with our prayers and support as they endeavor to guide Treveeca in the right paths. Academics 37 The Office of the Dean of the College William Strickland Dean of the College Mrs. C. Scott, Secretary 38 Academics Registrar E. Drell Allen, Registrar Gerri Teter, Secretary Sandy Stewart, Secretary Academics 39 Academics 41 42 Academics Services Bill Campbell, Stan Kasakevics, Austin Swallow, Pioneer Food Service Academics 43 Resident Managers 44 Academics Academics 45 Admissions an Violet Weeks, Admissions Secretary W. D. McGraw, Wills and Annuities 46 Academics ublic Relations f— Karen Johnston, PR Secretary Harold Latham, A.B., Director of Church Relations Larry Leonard, PR Assistant a Melinda Ragland PR Secretary Academics 47 48 Academics Academics 49 Student Aid and Employment Gary Ballard, Director of Student Employment 50 Academics G. Lewis Pennington, Th.B., A.B., M.A., Ed. D., Director of Teacher Education 52 Academics earning Resources Donna K. Farris, A.B., M.L.S. Circulation Librarian Academics 5 3 Business 54 Academics Department Lucien Dale, B.S., J.D. John Teter, B.S..M.B.A. Peercy Academies 55 Bob Brower, B.S., M.A. 56 Academics Mathematics Clifton M. Taylor B.S., M.S. C.B.Smith, B.S.,M.S..Ph.D Academics 57 Education ar Francis Dennis, Secretary 58 Academics .Norton, B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D. Kenneth Slit ' er, A.B., B.D., M.A., Ed.D. Academics 59 Fine Fred Mund, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. 60 Academics Bev Richey, Secretary Jim Jarrett, A.B., Mus. Ed. Academics 6 1 History C. Edwin LeJeune, A.B., M.A. Toby Williams, A.B., B.O., M.A.T. 62 Academics Human Services Jack Jamison, B.A., B.S., M.S.W. Adrienne Phillips, A.B., M.A. 64 Academics Phyllis Flannery, A.B., M.A. Academics 65 Physical Elmore Vail, A. B., M.S. ■ Bill Green. B.A., M.A. 66 Academics Education Ahn Smith, B.A., M.A. Academics 67 Religion Jackie Turner, Secretary 68 Academics rd Theology Mildred Wynkoop, A.B., Th.B., M. Div., M.S., Th.D. William Strickland, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. Academics 69 Science Gerard Nyssen, A.B., Ph.D. Marsha Fountain, Secretary 70 Academics Department Jerry Costa, A.B., M.A., Ed.S. Ann Fuqua, B.S., M.A., Ed.S. Academics 71 Marvyn Bacigalupo, B.A., M.A. Ann Thompson, B.A., M.A. 72 Academics Maintenance John Wooten, Grounds Supervisor Academics 73 Maintenance 74 Academics Activities 75 76 Graduation ' 74 and a new class begins. Freshman Recognition 77 Rev. Gerald Garsee Fall Quarter opened with the Religious Affairs Convocation. Gerald Garsee, Dean of Students at Mount Vernon Nazarene College, was the speaker. Several others, including Encounters 2, helped start the year with a spiritual emphasis. 78 Fall Convocation Everybody ' s Favorite Peck Gunn Aunt Francis helps Peck with the " nervous politican " . Peck Gunn 79 Fall Revival Mr. Ken Tippett, Song Evangelist 80 Fall Revival Activities 81 Stueo President Mike Blankenship presents Minnie Pear! with a certificate making her an honorary student of Trevecca. 82 Minnie Pearl te Pearl As a student of TNC, Minnie Pearl is presented with the Freshman TNC beanie, complete with her traditional price tag. Dr. Moore presents Minnie with an award. Minnie Pearl 83 84 Benson Dedication h dedication of Benson Hall These people braved the freezing weather for all of the dedication service. Benson Dedications 85 86 Cascades Dedication 88 Cascade Dedication de Cascades Even with the miny weather many people came for the dedication, which was shortened because of the rain. Cascade Dedication 89 Home " The Wc Ml V f| li - 4 , 1 p Queen Vickie Wonders 90 Homecoming tying ' 75 o e Were " Homecoming 91 Junior Attendant Sharon Brotherton and Escort Jeff Baughman 92 Homecoming Senior Attendant Vickie Boone and Escort Steve Archer Hornec General Superintendent Emeritus Hugh C. Benner was a special chapel speaker. Chapel 95 Valentine Banquet 99 100 Forenacs II Awards Forensies 101 Our Soapy Cascades Activities 103 104 Tro-Jollies Tro-JoiSies Variety Show 106 Tro-JoUies AMERICAN COLLEGES Skye Alison • ' But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy, and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. " James 3:17 108 Who ' s Who Vickie Boone ' You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. " Kahlil Gibran Who ' s Who 109 Sam Bowers Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me; for of such is the kingdom of heaven 110 Who ' s Who Matthew 19:14 Linda Brower I am only one— But I am one. I cannot do everything— But I can do something; And what I should do and can do; By the grace of God I will do. Who ' s Who 1 1 1 4 Ron Dalton Teach me Thy way, 0 Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of my enemies. Psalm 27:1 1 NASB 112 Who ' s Who Tim Ferguson " That which does not kill me, makes me stronger. " Nietzsche Every experience in life is an opportunity for growth. Who ' s Who 113 Carl Hall Sink or swim the CHOICE IS MINE. 114 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who 115 Angela Stocks If I can stop one heart from breaking I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain; Or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. Emily Dickinson 116 Who ' s Who Beth Sykes TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER Help us,0 God, to treat every human heart as if it were breaking, and to consider the feelings of others as we do our own. Help us to be gentle, and to control our tempers that we may learn to love one another. Give us the grace so to live this day, in the name of Jesus, who loves us all. Amen. Peter Marshall Who ' s Who 117 118 Student Life c L A S S E S Classes 119 Janet P. Adcock Skye Winston Alison Jacki Kay Archer Stephen Wayne Archer Betty Lansford Beardslee Joyce E. Bickel Lana Gail Bogie Vickie Lynn Boone Seniors 121 122 Seniors Seniors 123 Ronald Thomas Dalton Steve H. Digby Mary Frances Dillard 124 Seniors Janice Cuervo Garcia Benita Gail Graham Michael Graham Diane Nell Graves Seniors 125 126 Seniors Seniors 127 Rebecca Ann Lovell Robby C. McLaren Retha Joan Mathis Gary Wayne Neeley Linda Sue Mackey Nancy S. Matthews Larry Edwin Murphy Carlotta Nesbitt 128 Seniors E. Gwen Newman JohnC. Nix IV H. Roxroy Parham Brenda Joyce Patterson Sharon Petry Sara Lynn Poe Melinda Ross Ragland Paul E. Rainwater Seniors 129 Donna Ravey Larry Wayne Reynolds Edward Lee Richey Walter L. Robinson Yvonne Louise Robinson Deborah Sue Scott 130 Seniors David Andrew Shaw Joseph W. Smith, Jr. Loretta Soward Linda K. Speece Lester C. Sprang, Jr. Kenneth Alan Steele Seniors 131 132 Seniors Seniors 133 134 Seniors Vickie L. Wonders Patricia Gail Wood Seniors Not Pictured: Carla Maxwell York Karen Vale Annis Daniel Lee Hilen Michael Dwight Rogers Brenda Jan Archer Ron Lewis Hood Gary Rohman Michael Kevin Austin David Lyn Jones Zebra Ann Rone Ammorelle G. Bailey Barry Landis Donald Lee Rumbley Ronald J. Black Larry Eugene Landis Mark Roy Seitter Leonard Harold Bradshaw Larry Wayne Leonard Michael Aimer Shirley Donald J. Brummett Don E. Love Kasso Siewnarine Lester George Cline Judith Ann McBride Cynthia Ann Spear Terri Lynn Coulter Donna Marie McLemore John Steve Stewart Richard Allen Curnutte Geraldine Nelso n Ruth Wright Sudduth Darlene Digby Elva S. Pauley Jerry Lee Sudduth Terri Ann Dodd John Edward Phelan Jr. Debra Marcene Thomas John W. Evans Andrew C. Poteete III Terry W. Turner Pleas Thomas Godbey Dennis Wade Powers Donald E. Twining Jan Kaye Hagemeier Michael K. Rickey Mark S. Vertrees Carl Nelson Hall Jr. Nelson Ridley Janet April Wilson Donald Lawrence Hawkins Linda Pugh Rogers Steven Ray Wise Seniors 135 Too Busy 15 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Alison, Bryan Anderson. Gregg Baker, Nathan Batton, Andy Bearden, Mike Beeler, Melinda Bishop, Allen Blankenship, Mike Boyer, Sherry Brewer, Donna Brodien, Laura Brooks, Gerald Brotherton, Sharon Brown, Rick Brown, Terry Brown, Van Burnes, Christel Cale, Gary Carmack, Janice Carter, Phyllis Juniors 137 Houck, Alan Hudson, Melissa Humphrey, Nancy Hunt, Celeste Juniors 141 142 Juniors Juniors 143 144 Juniors Juniors 145 146 Juniors PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE W0TO_ AVAILABLE Fred Agee Kathy Allen Donald Annis Paul Baird Gary Ballard Denise Barnett Gordon Barron Doreen Baun Cindy Beardslee Howard Becker Randy Benefield McCray Benson Sophomores 151 Too Busy Robert Bowden Terry Bowden Paul Braselton Mike Brinkman Christino Brown Robert Burch Darryl Cade Elaine Cadle Garry Caldwell Beverly Candler Glenda Caple Beverly Carter Cheatham, Cindy Childress, Steve Christensen, Grace Clemons, Donna 152 Sophomores Joey Condon Cynthia Conine Ed Cooner Sue Cox Linda Crane Carolyn Crapo Rickey Creel Jerry Crummer Linda Culbertson Loren Darnell Sam Davis Jonda Dement Robert Dodd Daniel Dyer Patricia Ensor Debra Essary Roger Farmer Charles Fountain Paula French Peggy French Sophomores 153 Marcia Carver Robert Gassie Joan Gibbs John Gillespie Melba Grant Tami Graves Dan Green Janice Greeson Barbara Haddik Merry Hampton Sharon Haney James Harlon 154 Sophomores Barry Hathcock James Hathcock Bert Hawkins Sharon Hayse Brenda Heatherly Kathy Herndon Ken Higginbotham Beverly Hindman James Hodge Steve Holley Donna Hood Steve Hood PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Marsha Howell Tammy Hudgins Pattie Huff Joy Hulett Robert Ireland Charles Irwin Randy James Terry Jewell Sophomores 155 Brenda Jividen Connie Johnson Dale Johnson David Jones Donna Kaney Kermit Kidder Debra Kiddy Calvin Kidwell Jennifer Kidwell Kris Kilgore Janie Kingery Eva Kinker Ken Kirkland Ron Kitchen Wesley Klausner Jeff Klepfer Linda Lanham Doug Lansbord Joyce Larsen Larry Lawrence 156 Sophomores Sophomores 157 James Miller Renee Miller Ed Mitchell Gary Montague Victor Morgan Ken Moses Norman Neeley Darryl Nelson Rebecca Nixon Willard Painter Stan Parker Charles Patton Mary Pauley Rick Pense Raymond Perrymon David Pollok Jeane Preston Marilyn Prindle Tim Prouse Mark Pullman 158 Sophomores Deborah Randolph Stephen Rickey Theodore Rishel Melody Robinson David Roscoe Eddie Rosdhal Greg Rosser Janet Rushing Cecil Russell Wayne Rutherford Connie Sandifer Mark Sartin William Scarbrough Danny Schiock Cathy Seaney Nancy Seay Sophomores 159 Tommy Sellers John Shepherd Suzanne Shields Linda Shipp Steve Shorn o Donna Smith Karen Smotherman Sherry Snodgrass Deb Soles Tracy Spour Joy Spear Ann Spoon Joy Sprvill Robert Steele Star Steele Morris Stocks Ron Storer Kill Strickland Layton Sutherland Tom Swinderman 160 Sophomores Mark Sylvis Ken Tanner Janet Taylor Joanne Taylor James Tharp Mel Thompson Crystal Todd Thomas Todd Pomar TooToo Joyce Turner Patti Upton Sophomores 161 Valerie Vos Grace Walker Jim Ward Cheryl Watson Debra Watson Jacki West Ronda Wetzel Daniel Whetstone Beth White Kathy White Glenn Wilkinson Lonnie Williams Martha Williams Craig Williams Doug Wilson Glen Wilson 162 Sophomores Sophomores 163 James Ackerson Robin Adler Greg Anderson Arthur Baker Jeff Baughman Grant Beardslee Barbara Bennett Bill Bishop Daniel Blankenship Rebecca Blue Bill Boggs Tim Bohannon Debbie Bolton Debra Born Jim Boswel! James Bozenian Freshmen 165 Cindy Bradshaw Steve Brannan John Bratton Paul Branton Kathryn Bridges Pam Bridges David Brinegar Debra Brinkle Al Broadnax Steve Brock Marsha Brodien Wanda Brooks Fred Buchanan Vickie Buchanan Bonnie Bullard Paul Buret) 166 Freshmen George Burnsed James Candler Melita Capps Sharon Carlan Sharon Carmack Evelyn Chambers Kim Chambers Dennis Clark Tom Clark Steve Clayton Tim Clayton Paul Cleckner Lois Clemons Nance Clevenger Wanda Cochran Lisa Cody Freshmen 167 Sandra Coleman Leonard Collins Karen Cooner Diana Corn James Coulston Charlotta Courtney Tom Coverdill Julian Cowart Teresa Craft Cynthia Crenshaw Philip Crossman Larry Cummings Hubert Cunningham Beverly Dale Paul Davis John Dix Tammy Dodd Lynette Doerner David Dove Janet Dove 168 Freshmen Pat Dougan Denise Duktig Richard Duncan James Dunn Dennis Dunning Carrol Edge Wanda Edge Pam Edwards Jerry Elliott Gaye Ervin Jerry Ervin Barbara Fannin Fonda Ferguson Donna Ferriss Carol Fischer William Fisher Freshmen 169 Marcella Fitzgerald Rhonda Fletcher John Floyd Lester Ford Mickey Foskey Sherry Foster Stephen Foster Marilyn Frantz Dorothy Gainer Greg Gallop Geron Gambill David Gamble Elizabeth Garber Kathy Gardiner Lynne Gardner George Garnett Cindy Gaumer Janice Glenn Joseph Godwin Robert Goens 170 Freshmen David Grant Jeanie Graves Thomas Gray Charles Green Gregory Griner Lauretta Guinn Lynn Gunderson Sheryl Hale - r Gone fishing ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE MADE a. ■ ,1 0 8 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Darrell Hall John Hall Loyd Harrison Robert Harvey Judy Haufler Timothy Haynes Cheryl Heaberlin Sherry Heard just camera shy Richard Hertsel Catherine Hess Wesley Hinton Teresa Hobbs Freshmen 171 Joseph Holloway Allen Holmes Larry Howell Karen Huff Wade Huff Kathy Imes Stanley Ireland Gina Jackson Mitchell Jakes Bob Jared John Jeffries Danny Jetton Arlene Johnson Sharon Johnson Joni Johnston Meredith Jones 172 Freshmen Leslie Joseph Rebecca Karrick Melea Kaufman Sandra Keeney Kathleen King Pam Kirkland Michael Knap Glenda Lanham Renee Lawwill James Layman Mark Leib Barry Lell David Leonard John Lesner Shelia Lester Gwen Littrell Tim Livengood Patty Love Ruth Lovell Sandra Lucas Freshmen 173 Susan Lucas Debbie Lutton William Luttrell Rhonda Lykins Michael McClain Ann McCoy Joseph McGowan Cathy McKain William McKinney Sybil Mackey Patricia Manning James Marlowe Phyllis Mathews Michael Merriett Carol Milburn Beverly Mills Howard Mills David Montague Dennis Montgomery Kathy Moody 174 Freshmen Carter Moore David Moore Woodrow Moore Richard Morris Alice Moser Jamie Mullineaux Lucinda Myers Sherwyn Nabors Virginia Newton Carol Nix Bruce Oldham George Oliver Ronnie Oliver Tim Orsbon Michael Padgett Joy Parmer Freshmen 175 Chris Patton Elizabeth Pavne Barbara Pennington Stephen Pennington Somchai Pensinvarasup Joy Perry Renate ' Perry Marilyn Philemon Ronald Phillips Gerald Pike Wayne Pittard Patricia Pound Guy Priest Bobby Prince Alan Queen Tim Rahrn Ramp PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 176 Freshmen Katie Ray Deborah Reed Susie Richwine Sharon Rider Beverly Roadman Jan Robinson Tim Runyan Bobby Runyon Susan Rutledge Julie Schortinghouse Deborah Schrock James Searcy Naomi Sharpe Patsy Sharpton Virgil Showalter Delores Shumans Carolyn Simpson Stephanie Sink Bill Smith Greg Smith Freshmen 177 Carol Smithwick Tim Sprvill Julia Stephenson Dana Stevens Fred Stewart James Stewart Gene Stottele Joyce Stough Donald Studdard Mary Stuartz Mike Sullivan Deborah Sykes 178 Freshmen Phyllis Sylvis Lonnie Taylor Rebecca Taylor Patricia Terry PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE James Toomey Connie Tripp Donna Tudor Debbie Turner Paul Turner Charles Tyler Theresa Uhles Marsha Underwood Rick Underwood Vanessa Van DerVeer Tandy Vaughn John Vinston Cathy Jo Waits Gary Wall Carolyn Walsh Barbara Ward Freshmen 179 Gloria Ward Elaine Waters Rita Waynick John Welle I Deborah Wetzel Barbara White Michael Willerson Karen Williams Marion Williams Cheryl Womack Margaret Wood Terri Woodworth Clifton Wright Mitchell Wright Julie Wright John Yount Pam Yu 180 Freshmen Student Life 181 Alien DuVall May 25, 1952-June 4, 1974 DEATH BE NOT PROUD Death, be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so: For those whom thou think ' st thou dost overthrow Die not, poor Death; nor yet canst thou kill me. From rest and sleep, which but thy picture be. Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow; And soonest our best men with thee do go- Rest of their bones and souls ' delivery! Thou ' rt slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men. And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell; And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well And better than thy stroke. Why swell ' st thou then? One short sleep past, we wake eternally. And Death shall be not more: Death, thou shalt die! 182 In Memoriam John Donne Kenny Moses November 13, 1 953-December 16, 1974 HE IS NOT DEAD I cannot say, and I will not say That he is dead. He is just away. With a cherry smile, and a wave of the hand, He has wandered into an unknown land And left us dreaming how very fair It needs must be, since he lingers there. And you— oh, you, who the wildest yearn For an old-time step, and the glad return, Think of him faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here Think of him still as the same. I say, He is not dead— he is just away. James Whitcomb Riley In Memoriam 183 184 Student Life u B Clubs 185 Student A.S.B. President Mike Blankenship A.S.B. Executive Vice President Bryan Alison f 4= 186 Stuco 188 Stuco A.S.B. V.P. of Intramural Athletics Jeff Fox 190 Stuco Religious Affairs Council Inter-Club Council Stuco 191 Junior Representatives Joy Pratt and Gary Mullinax Senior Representatives Dennis Conrad and Jerry Heatherly 192 Stuco Freshman Representatives Marsha Brodien and Fonda Ferguson Sophomore Representatives Billy Strickland and Jerry Crummer Stuco 193 Introducing . . . Encounters II A re-creation— new— but to carry on a great Trevecca tradition. Eleven personalities-each unique-each refreshing-but blending to create an exciting sound. New arrangements by Dr. Jerry Nelson of Denver— trained and directed by Prof. James Van Hook, creator and first Encounters director. Recorded in Oklahoma City— Minneapolis-Nashville. During the school year 1974-75—25,000 miles in 150 concerts to thousands in churches, civic clubs, stadiums, retreats, and on TV. Summer 1975-cross country coast to coast. Encounters II— part public relations, part student recruitment -professional, lush,— but all a ministry to people of God ' s love and healing grace. 194 Encounters Encounters 195 erf Band The Concert Band, made up of thirty-five mem- bers, under the direction of Professor Robert Howard, is ever growing in importance at Trevecca. This year they performed in the Homecoming Con- cert, the Fall Festival of Arts, off-campus concerts, and several times in Chapel services. They play stan- dard concert music, using styles of classical, religious, and contemporary songs. The Concert Band builds cooperation and togetherness among students as well as helping to make the Music Department one of the finest at TNC. 196 Concert Band Pep Band Charlotta Courtney Dave Brannon Louie Weaver Ken Steele Jeff Rigdon Dav ' d Grant Steve Bortner Dorothy Gainer Scott Teal Chuck Green Gary Hancock Tim Robinson Pep Band 197 Concert Choir 198 Concert Choir First R i Linda Brovver Kathy Lovell Jerry Crummer Janet Rushing John Gillespie Kim Wonders Martha Gomer Terry Bow den Darla Farris Skip Irwin Pat Ensor Second Row Sherry Boyer Debbie Berck Mike Graham Joy Pratt Ed Cooner Judy Steele Chuck Green Sherri Gentry Aitie Collins Debbi Kiddy Marvin Wells Third Row Alice Hall Jeff Klepfer Ted Richel Paul Brazelton Vickie Wonders Tim Pusey Bev Roadman Ron Black Scott Teal Debbie Downing Bill Smith Donna Berck Greg Rosser Fourth Row Ron Storer Sam Bowers Ken Steele Brenda Warren Keith Currie Debbie Launius Mark Seitter Chuck Thatcher Terry Knight John Wilson Ed Mitchell Cindy MiUiron Skye Alison Concert Choir 199 Chapel Choir is made up of 50-60 students who sing regularf during the Chapel services. Their songs demonstrate a variety of fas tempos, anthems, and contemporary Church music. This year th Choir has extended its performances to include the Fall Festival o Arts and the Homecoming Concert. The most important purpose o Chapel Choir is to add new dimensions to the services held durin Chapel and to create an exciting spirit for those who listen to th praise through song. Chapel Choir 200 Music Ensembles Trevadores Mark Vertrees Ed Mitchell Steve Digby John Gillespie Music Ensembles 201 Diakonia Sherri Gentry, Vickie Wonders, Kim Wonders Ministries of Music The New Song Joy Pratt Kathy Lovell Mark Seitter Brenda Warren Music Ministries 203 Sharing . . « Music Club Officers: Standing- Chuck Thatcher Pat Ensor Skye Alison, President Kim Wonders Seated- Tini Pusey Celeste Hunt The Music Club is for anyone who is interested and enjoys music and the fine arts. Its purpose is to provide fellowship between members, educational opportunity through a magazine containing many of the new and old innovations in music, to aid the Lyceum committee and serve the student body. Student Tennessee Education Association Connie Hayes Steve Van Allen Kathy Mosley. President Ruth Sudduth Sharon Petry Mrs. Carole Costa. Sponsor Sharon Hayes 204 Music, STEA Achievement . . . National Honor Society The Honor Society recognizes students who have demonstrated high academic achievements and qualities of leadership, service, and character. The Society ' s services and activities include tutoring, extending library hours during exams, and sponsoring a Midnight Breakfast at the end of each quarter. Members: Celeste Hunt Jeff Klepfer Ron Black Rhonda Wetzel Charlene Hare Peggy French Joy Pratt Valerie Vos Tim Pusey Debbie Taylor Chris McKinney Corlis McGee Peggy Holt Vickie Boone Linda Brower, President Mike Clyburn Brenda Warren Steve Dillman Mike Spencer Donita Knight Terry Knight Mike Graham NHS 205 The Ministerial Association The Ministerial Association consists of those who are called to either the preaching ministry or to any other full-time Christian service. TMA provides our ministers-in-training the opportunity to hear representa- tive speakers from various fields of Christian service. TMA also offers its services in various religious functions on campus. 1. Fred Sheppard 9. Chuck Case 2. Ken Kirkland 10. Rich Wagoner 3. Ronnie Oliver 1 1 . Jackie Nix 4. Bruce Oldham 12. Rev. Hal Cauthron, sponsor 5. Bill Boggs 13. Craig Klausner 6. Nathan Baker 14. Larry Murphy 7. Barry Kolp 15. Hubert Cunningham 8. RonDalton 16. Carol Sue Nix 2(36 Ministerial Assoc. nvolvement . . . First Row 1 . Ricky Morris 2. Darla Farris 3. Mark Pulliam 4. Don Kintner Second Row 5. Bev Roadman 6. Becky Nixon 7. Patsy Terry 8. Steve Brannon Community Services Program Community Services is a coordinating and placement agency for student volunteers serving in a wide variety of Metropolitan social services. Placements include services to delinquent youth, fatherless children, the handicapped and retarded, ex-offenders, and the elderly. Volunteers also serve as tutors as well as troop leaders with the Boy and Girl Scouts. Left to Right 1. Donna Clemons 2. Lois Clemons 3. Kim Wonders 4. Brenda Patterson 5. Beth White 6. Jonda Dement 7. Sherri Gentry 8. Donna Brewer 9. Cindy Beardslee 10. Debbie Lore, Sponsor Fellowship of Christian Athletes CSP,FCA 207 aring • » • Youth Ministry 1 . Sam Bowers 2. Deborah Wetzel 3. Linda Speece 4. Rhonda Lykins 5. Ed Cooner 6. Danny Stroud 7. Becky Lovell, Pres. 8. Carol Sue Nix 9. Wayne Rutherford Trevecca issionary Fellowship 1. Jo Worrel 1 4. Sandra Lucas 2. Kathy Sanderson 15. Sue Lucas 3. Linda Speece 16. Karl Pay ton-Public Relations 4. Esther Grimm 17. Shiela Lester 5. Junior Edge 18. Crystal Burns 6. Debbie Clark -Program Dir. 19. Benita Graham -Secretary 7. Renee Law will 20. Mike Graham 8. Joy Perry 21. Jim Todd -President 9. Kenny Moses-Internal Ministry 22. Crystal Todd-Treasurer 10. Mary Swartz-Social Chairman 23. Elaine Cadle 1 1 . Russ Dorsey 24. Larry Murphy 12. Renata Perry 25. Paul Buchanan -Vice-President 13. Carol Sue Nix (not pictured) 26. Robert Norton-Advisor 208 Ministries Silent Sermonetfes . . . BoJo Mime 209 Dedicated . . . 210 Circle K Circle-K Seated Steve Childress Johnathan Nabors I mm s w lit %w First Row Dale Johnson Donnie Scarbrough Rick Underwood Morris Stocks Carl Hall John Wilson Rob Gassie Ronnie Shields Second Row Ken Laymon Jeff Fox Jerry Crummer Andy Batton Louie Weaver Tommy Todd Tim Hartsfield Third Row Mark Hendon Alan Smith, Sponsor Ralph Swallows, President Stan Dunlap Mike Blankenship Circle K 21 1 Service . . . 212 Circle K-ettes Front, Left To Right Ronda Liles Debbie Downing Margaret Wood Alice Hall Back, Left to Right Donna Kaney Joy Spear Kim Wonders Debbie Thomas Phyllis Carter, President Jan Mayler Dianne Hall Jackie West Cindy Cheatham Janet Rushing Merry Hampton Kathy Herndon Donna Smith Cathy Seany Sherry Boyer Sue Cox Darla Farris Cheryl Watson Circle K-Ettes Circle K-ettes 213 214 Civitans Civinettes Front Row Barbi Haddix Vickie Wonders Linda Slnpp Debbie Stewart Esther Grimm Liz Spencer Marilyn Prindle Debbie Taylor Cindi Box Connie Sandifer Corlis McGee Back Row Martha Williams Chris McKinney Janet Adcock Joyce Bickel Sharon Brotherton Crystal Burns Linda Mackey Charlene Hare Janis Carmack, President Linda Speece Peggy Holt Barbara Montague Eunice Slappey Alice Cook Miss Barbara McClain, Sponsor Civinettes 2 1 Reaching Out . . . Christian Workers Association 2 I 8 CWA 1 . Carol Fisher 2. Victor Morgan 3. Debbie Watson 4. Mark Pulliam 5. Renee Lawwill 6. Mary Swartz 7. Geron Gambill 8. Shiela Lester 9. John Yount 10. Dana Stevens 1 1 . Crystal Burns 12. Russ Dorsey, President 13. Roger Farmer 14. Dorothy Gainer 15. Noah Shao 16. Larry Murphy , Vice-Pres. 17. Lester Cline 18. Joy Perry 19. Jerry Flliott 20. Fonda Ferguson 2 1 . Kim Chambers 22. John Weller 23. Jan Robinson 24. Buzz Harrison 25. Ken McKinney 26. Danny Stroud 27. James Thrower 28. Ronnie Oliver 29. Tim Rahenkamp 30. Hubert Cunningham 31 . Michael Oliver 32. Renata Perry 33. Fred Buchanan 34. Loren Darnell 35 . Jim Coulston 36. Greg Smith 37. Danny Whetstone 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. Ken Kirkland Steve Clayton Wayne Rutherford Bryan Alison Pomar Tootoo Rob Gassie 44. Bill Smith The Christian Workers Association is an organization dedicated to ministering to the spiri- tal needs of Nashville ' s people. Founded in 1901 as the first student organization at Trevecca, te Christian Workers Association now operates eight outreach ministries utilizing all 120 .W.A. members. We praise God for the privilege of sharing Jesus Christ with the people of ashville. CWA 219 Experimenting . . . Front Row: David Everson Carolyn Crapo Renee Lawwill Tom Coverdale Diane Kisner Carl Crapo, President Grace Walker Back Row: Gary Mullinax Cindi Crenshaw Sharon Carmack Phyllis Sylvis Dr. Joe Guess, Sponsor Byron Darnell Tim Prouse Debbie Bolton Science Club 220 Science Creativity . • . Home Economics Club Bev Hindman, President Diane Kisner Pam Kirkland Gwen Litrell Lynette Doerner Milea Coffman Jan Robinson Cindy Bradshaw Linda Mackey Janie Kingery Cindi Crenshaw Donna Tutor Marcy Fitzgerald Carolyn Crapo Tina Brown Renee Lawwill Phyllis Sylvis Donna Berck Debbie Berck Janis Glynn Becky Culotta Home Ec 221 WNAZ Staff 1975 could well be termed the year of anticipation for WNAZ. Plans for increased power and new studies in Tidwell Hall figured heavily in all major actions in management and programming. College Hill Church services were aired for the first time in early winter. ABC News continued to come every hour on the hour, and WNAZ was always on hand with all home sporting events. Ever growing, ever improving-your campus radio station, WNAZ-FM. MANAGEMENT ANNOUNCERS AND SUPPORT 1 . Karl E. Payton, Manager 1 Joey Condon 1 3 Renate Perry 2. Larry Landis. Program Dir. 2. Julian Cowart 14 Bobby Prince 3. Bill Dillon, Music Dir. 3 Ricky Creel 15 Mark Pulliam 4. Bill Boggs, Asst. Music 4 Caroline Culhertson 16 Alan Queen 5. Ronald Black, News 5. Dave Everson 1 7 Ted Rishel 6. Gregg Anderson, Sports 6 Darrell Hall 18 Nancy Seay 7. Jan Carmack, Office 7. Barry Landis 19 Tim Spruill 8. Diana Corn, Secretary 8 Renee Lawwill 20. Gene Stottle 9. Gary McCollum 21. Terry Turner LO Dennis Montgomery 22. Gary Wall 1 t Bruce Oldham 23. Mike Willerson 12 Willard Painter 222 WNAZ Trevecca Broadcasters Association 1 . Karl Payton 2. Mark Sylvis 3. Ricky Creel 4. Alan Queen 5. Joey Godwin 6. BiU Boggs 7. Kenny Moses 8. Bruce Oldham 9. Mitchell Powell 10. Renate Perry 1 1 . Dave Everson 12. Caroline Culbertson 13. Sharon Carmack 14. Celeste Bradshaw 15 . Stephanie Sink 16. Naomi Sharpe 17. Phyllis Sylvis Not Pictured - 18. Tim Spruill TBA 223 Trev-Echoes Staff ! . David Montague 2. Debbi Kiddy 3. Gaye Ervin 4. Linda Cramer. Editor 5. Melea Coffman 6. Lois demons 7. Sue Coleman 8. Katie Ray 9. Tom Keyes 10. Denise Duktig 1 1 . Barry Kelp 12. Bracken Ingram 1 3. Cindy Conine 14. Cathy Ray 15. Franklin Cook, Advisor 16. Larry Murphy 17. Kathy White 1 8. Grant Beardslee 224 Trev -Echoes Darda Staff 1 . Connie Sandifer 2. Scott Teal 3. Randy Jenkins, Business Manager 4. Kathy Sanderson 5. Dr. Johnny Wheelbarger, Advisor 6. Cindy Wilkinson 7. Bill Dillion 8. Brenda Wooten, Editor Not Pictured - 9. Sherry Snodgrass 10. Joy Spruill Darda 225 Experiencing . . . Oral Interpretation of poetry, prose, and drama . . . dramatic due interpretation . . . oratory . . . debate . . . extempo- raneous speaking . . . State oratory champions . . . trophys, trophys, trophys!!! 1 . Joey Condon 6. Kathy White 1 1 . Annette Simpson 2. Chuck Green 7. Cindy Conine 12. Merry Hampton 3. Phyllis Carter 8. Gary Coulter, Judge 13. Debbi Kiddy 4. Deb Soles 9. Sherry Foster 14. Carl Hall 5. Jo Waits lO.GayeErvin 1 5 . Star Steele Not pictured - Bob Brower, Judge 226 Forensics Representing . . . Pi Kappa Delta Tennessee Mu Pi Kappa Delta is a national honorary fraternal organization for intercollegiate forensic competitors. Its purpose is to promote scholarship, especially in the field of forensic speaking in senior American Colleges and Universities. Kathy White, President Oebbi Kiddy, Vice President Cindy Conine Gary Coulter, Sponsor Phyllis Carter Merry Hampton, Treasurer Annette Simpson Carl Hall Chuck Green Joey Condon Star Steele Phi Kappa Delta 227 Action . . . Public Affairs Club Connie Hayes Bill Dillion Bracken Ingram, President Bill Strickland Russ Dorsey Steve Van Allen Paul Cleckner Gary Caldwell Ed LeJeune, Sponsor The purpose of Trevecca ' s Public Affairs Club is to promote an interest in both current events and historical subjects, with the hope that the participating student will be able to broaden his educational experience in these areas. Club Bobby Ireland Greg Griner Gary Hancock Cindy Conine Stan Ireland Terry Langford F ' red Lewis Fred Stewart Robert Powers 228 Public Affairs, Karate A H L E T C S Athletics 22v Gamma No. 230 Gamma Football Gamma Football 231 Alpha No. 2 232 Alpha Football Beta No. 3 234 hie;a Football Beta Football 235 Delta No. 4 236 Delta Football Delta Football 237 Jeff Fox-Back Billy Strickland -Back ball All-Stars Defense Nose Guard Billy Strickland Hack Ronnie Shields-Safety Mike Harper-Linebacker Pictures Not Available Pat Dougan-End Rick Curnutte-Linebacker Charlie Tyler-Line backer All-stars 239 Alpha Basketball 240 Alpha Basketball Alpha Basketball 241 Beta Basketball A-Team Beta Basketball 243 Delta Basketball 244 Delu Basketball Delta B-Team Gamma Basketball Gamma B-Team Cross-Country Team Cross Country 249 Ladies Collegiate Tennis Pan Millei Beth White Tennis 25 1 Men ' s Collegiate Tennis 252 ! ennis Tennis 253 74-75 Trevecca Trojans Head Coach Elmore Vail 254 TNC Basketball TNC Basketball 255 TNC Basketball 25 7 We Won One!! 258 TNC Basketball TNC Basketball 259 TNC Basketball 261 262 TNC Basketball TNC Basketball 263 264 TNC Basketball TNC Basketball 265 266 TNC Volleyball TNC Volleyball 267 268 TNC Haseball TNC Baseball 269 270 TNC Baseball TNC Baseball 271 272 TNC Baseball Ladies Basketball Ladies Basketball 273 Trojan Cheerleaders 274 Cheerleaders Circle-K Volley Gymnastics is a fairly new activity at TNC which is lastly becoming popular. 280 Student Life Advertisements 281 Ackerson, James W., 2321 Shadywood Drive, For- rest City, Arkansas 72335 page 165 Aciiff, Shiriev Walker, Box 36, Trevecca Nazarene College, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 134 Adcock, Janet P., Rt. 1, Box 501, Adamsville, Alabama 35005 page 121 Adier, Robin Danese, 4058 Ferrarra Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32217 page 165 Alison, Bryan H.. Box 6162, N. Augusta, South Carolina 29841 page 137 Alison, Skye Winston, Box 6162, N. Augusta, South Carolina 29841 page 121 Anderson, Creg Leslie, 2236 Emerald Springs Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30032 page 165 Anderson, Gregg W., 223 Knollwood Drive, High- land Heights, Kentucky 41076 page 137 Annis, Donald Eugene, Box 613, Trevecca Nazarene College, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 15! Annis, Karen Vale, Box 613, Trevecca Nazarene College, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Archer, Brenda Jan, 55 Hart Street No. 30, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Archer, Stephen Wayne, 610 Fairmont Avenue, Albertville, Alabama 35950 page 121 Arnott, Richard H., 5149 Oxford Court, Swartz Creek, Michigan 48473 Bailey, Ammorelle G„ P.O. Box 1973, St. Crory, Virgin Islands 00840 Baird, Paul Reid, 120 Millwood Drive, Apt. 168, Tennessee page 151 Baker, Arthur Odean, 105 W. Lane Street, Albertville, Alabama 35950 page 165 Baker, Nathan E., 641 Short Street, Osgood, In- diana 47037 page 137 Ballard, Gary Donald, 1221 Semmes, Memphis, Tennessee 38111 page 151 Barker, Rebecca Diane, R.R. 4, Box 174 A, Franklin, Indiana 46131 page 165 Barnett, Denise J., Ill Pine Street, Caruthersville, Missouri 63830 page 151 Ba rron, Gordon Benjamin, 4438 Ashland Drive, Macon, Georgia 31206 page 151 Batton, Anthony Douglas, 116 Tuscorora Avenue, Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278 page 137 Batton, Debra Kay, Rt. 1, Box 420, Fitzgerald, Georgia 31750 page 165 Baucom, Larry Marie, 2401 Second Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33713 page 165 Baugess, Dairen K., 4570 Anglebrook Drive, Grove City, Ohio 43123 page 165 Baughman, Jeffery Hunter, 6409 Julie Street, Tam- pa, Florida 33610 page 165 Baun, Doreen Lynn, 27 Harpersville Road, Newport News, Va. 23601 page 151 Bearden, Mike David, 420 Foeming, Morehead, Kentucky 40351 page 137 Beardslee, Betty L., 554 Whispering Hills Drive, Nashville, Tennessee page 121 Beardslee, Cindy Lee, 809 Hamblen, Madison, Ten- nessee 37115 page 151 Beardslee, Grant Eugene, 809 Hamblen Drive, Madison, Tennessee 37115 page 165 Becker, Howard Neal, 1917 Pamela Drive, Ten- nessee 37217 page 151 Beeler, Melinda Fay, 114 Bussell Ferry Road, Lenoir City, Tennessee 37771 page 137 Benefield, Randy Michael, 1980 Washington Avenue, East Point, Georgia 30344 page 151 Benson, Edna Mae, 7840 S. W. 98 Street, Miami, Florida 33156 Benson, McCray V., 1816 Anderson Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 page 151 Berch, Debbie Lynn, 1730 Loch Lomond Tr., Atlan- ta, Georgia 30333 page 151 Berch, Donna Lee, 1730 Loch Lomond Tr., Atlanta, Georgia 30331 page 151 Berkland, Marcia Garvin, 342 North Madison Street, Arlington, Va. 22203 Berkner, Michael Thomas, 1618 Woodrow Place, Macon, Georgia 31204 Bickel, Joyce Elaine, 2122 S. Clinton Avenue, Tren- ton, New Jersey 08610 page 121 Biggs, Jacque Lynn, 422 Highland Avenue, Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091 page 151 Bishop, Beverly Ann, 5437 Hickson Road, Jackson- ville, Florida 32207 Bishop, Bill R., 2703 Lumar Lane, Nashville, Ten- nessee page 161 Black, Ronald J., 3700 174th Ct., Apt. 50, Lansing, Illinois 60438 Blakeman, Stephen Mack, 819 Summerville Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40504 page 151 Blankenship, Daniel Boyd, 28500 S.W. 147 Avenue, Leisure City, Florida 33030 page 165 Blankenship, Michael Boyd, 85 Morris Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina 28806 page 137 Blankenship, Robert Roy, 813 Lemont Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37216 page 151 Blanton, Janie Marie, 2107 Summerville Road, Phenix City, Alabama 36867 Bledsoe, Johnny Martin, Fayetteville, North Carolina page 151 Blue, Rebecca L., 9 Middlesex Drive, Ft. Lauder- dale, Florida 33305 page 165 Bogie, Lana Gail, 78 Nance Lane, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 121 Boggs, William Marvin, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 165 Boling, Steve Eugene, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Bolton, Debbie Delores, 1705 Sigler, Avenue, Mobile, Alabama 36605 page 165 Bomba, Juliann Kay, 250 Spring Forest Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 page 151 Boone, Vickie Lynn, 113 So. Locust Street, Mc- Comb, Mississippi 39648 page 121 Boonpalah, Prapin, 213 Pibuiwatana Prapa Samsen, Bangkok, Thailand page 122 Your Donations Are Appreciated Mackey Library J. J. Wheelbarger Director of Learning Resources Congratulations Class of ' 75 Ye Olde Book Store Mr. Mrs. Claude Galloway Managers 282 Advertising First Church of the Nazarene Hunlsville, Alabama Bortner, Stephen Paul, 1588 Boisseau Drive, Prince George, Virginia 23874 page 151 Boswell, James Shreeves, 418 Beech Avenue, West Virginia 25302 page 165 Bowden, Robert Eugene, 507 Alma Drive, Brandon, Florida 33511 page 150 Bowden, Terry Lee, 507 Alma Drive, Brandon, Florida 33511 page 150 Bowers, Samuel Ray, 701 No. Buchanan, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205 page 120 Box, Cynthia Jean, 1417 Lynch Lane Apt. 34, Clarksville, Indiana 47130 page 122 Boyer, Sherry Lynne, 2941 Jasik Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43611 Braden, Sue M., 919 N. Henderson, Galesburg, Il- linois 61401 Bradshaw, Celesta Lucinda, Rt„ Box 289-4, White Bluff, Tennessee 37187 page 166 Bradshaw, Leonard Harold, Rt. 2, Box 289-4, White Bluff, Tennessee 37187 Brannon, Stephen Wayne, P.O. Box 51, Lake Mary, Florida 32746 page 166 Brannon, Paul Arthur, 3035 Kingfisher Drive, Orlando, Florida 32806 page 166 Branton, Paul Jonathan, 15 Temple Street, Asheville, North Carolina 28804 page 166 Braselton, Paul Gregory, R.R. 2, Box 111, Owensville, Indrana 47665 page 152 Brewer, Donna Sue, R.R. 1, Brownstown, Indiana 47220 page 137 Bridges, Pamela Kaye, 134 Rommel Avenue, Garden City, Georgia 31408 page 166 Brinegar, Paul David, Trevecca Nazarene College, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 166 Briney, Beverly Byrd, 528 Singer Drive, Madison, Tennessee Brock, Steven Thomas, 914 Winthorne Drive, Nashville, Tennessee page 166 Brodien, Laura Ellen, 131 N.E. 59th Ct., Ft. Lauder- dale, Florida 33308 page 137 Brodien, Marsha Lois, 131 N.E. 59th Ct., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33308 page 166 Brooks, Gerald Eugene, Rt. 15 Lover ' s Lane, Bowl- ing Green, Kentucky page 137 Brooks, Wanda Lynn, P.O. Box 901, Gainesville, Georgia 30501 page 166 Brotherton, Sharon D., 320 Cook Street, Mooresville, North Carolina 28115 page 137 Brower, Linda Page, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 122 Brower, Thomas Wayne, 6009 Wood Haven Drive, Lakeland Florida 33803 Brown, Christina Dee Ann, Rt. 3, Box 353-A, Mooresville, North Carolina 28115 page 152 Brown, Donald L., 1015 Thompson Place, Nashville, Tennessee page 122 Brown, James Rick, 1466 Applewood, Lincoln Park, Michigan 48146 page 137 Brown, Rebecca Claire, 3800 Central Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37205 Brown, Terry Benson, 878 Kipling Drive, Nashville, Tennessee page 137 Brown, Van A., 55 Hart Streef, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 137 Brummett, Donald Joey, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Buchanan Jr., Fred Vance, Rt. 2, Box 209 A, Sylva, North Carolina 28779 page 166 Buchanan, Paul Daniel, 512 19th Street, Bedford, Indiana 47421 Buchanan, Vickie Sue, 2107 7th Ave. West, Braden- ton, Florida 33505 page 166 Bullard, Bonnie Carole, 5119 Robert Scott Drive South, Jacksonville, Florida 32207 page 166 Burch, Paul Herbert, Box 666, Sutherlin, Oregon 97479 page 166 Burch, Robert Grady, 1049 Harbison Drive, Colum- bus, Georgia 31903 page 152 Burke, Diane Willis, 168 Hickory Heights Drive D-44, Nashville, Tennessee Burky, Rose Marie, P.O. Box 48, Berlin Center, Ohio 44401 page 123 Burnes, Christel Jean, 1105 Darla Avenue, Altus, Oklahoma 73521 page 137 Burnsed, George DuWayne, Rt. 4, Box 365, Savan- nah, Georgia 31405 page 167 Cade, Darryl Anthony, 2826 Blue Brick, Donelson, Tennessee page 152 Cadle, L. Elaine, 2625 G. Suffolk Drive, High Point, North Carolina 27260 page 152 Caldwell, Garry David, Box 191, Decherd, Ten- nessee 37324 page 152 Cale, Gary G„ Apt. 133-B, Cloverleaf Road, Windham, Ohio 44288 page 137 Candler, Beverly, 860 Murfreesboro Road, Apt. R-21, Nashville, Tennessee page 152 Candler, James Roy, 860 Murfreesboro Road, Apt. R-21, Nashville, Tennessee page 167 Caple, Glenda Sue, 13600 S.W. 184th Street, Miami, Florida 33157 page 152 Capps, Melita Darlene, Rt. 2, Box 368, Bessemer City, North Carolina 28076 page 167 Carlan, Sharon Edna, 9756 Orr Court South, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 page 167 Carlson, Karen Louise, Rt. 6, Lake Hill Circle, Lewisburg, Tennessee 37210 Carmack, Janice Marie, Box 572, Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108 page 137 Carmack, Sharon Jean, Box 572, Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108 page 167 Ca rmichael, Steve Eugene. Rt. 2, Moultrie, Georgia 31768 Carter, Beverly Gail, Box 123, Rt. 4, Albany, Ken- tucky 42602 page 152 Carter, Phyllis Jean, 3430 Morgan Avenue, Ash- land, Kentucky 41101 page 137 Cass, Glenda C, 2721 Sherwood Road, S.E., Smyr- na, Georgia 30080 page 138 Chambers, Kim Diane, 139 Sycamore Drive, Sum- merville. South Carolina 29483 page 167 Advertising 283 = wear o 0) 100 OAKS QELlt M6AD6 RiVERGATE MALL MELVIN McCULLOUGH Executive Secretary Cheatham, Cynthia Jean, 621-24th Avenue, N.W., Birmingham, Alabama 35215 page 152 Childress, Steve E., 1283 Oakhurst Drive, Charleston, West Virginia 25314 page 152 Christensen, Grace Ellen, 5936 N.W. Ave., Miami, Florida 33127 page 152 Clark, Deborah, 3069 Stratford Drive, Largo, Florida 33540 page 123 Clark, Dennis Keith, 324 Greenwich Circle, Dan- ville, Virginia 24541 page 167 Clark, Marilyn Ann, 230-52nd Street, Newport News, Virginia 23607 Clarke, Hazel Ruth, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 123 Clark, Robert F., 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 Clay, Celina M., 1704 Ashwood Avenue, Nashville. Tennessee 37210 Clayton, Steven Forrest, Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278 page 167 Clayton, Timothy Almon, 424 Stephens Street, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 38464 page 167 Cleckner, Paul Edward, 239 Bell Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37217 page 167 demons, Lois K., P.O. Box 711, Arcadia, Florida 33821 page 167 Clme, Lester George, RFD, New Matamoras, Ohio 45767 Clyburn, James Michael, 3445 S. Orange Bl. Tr., Kissimmee, Florida 32741 page 138 Cochran, Wanda Lee, 5602 Craig Road, North Chas., South Carolina 29406 page 167 Cody, Lisa Anne, 1499 Rockwell Drive, Xenia, Ohio 45385 page 167 Coleman, S. Sue, QHS K, USNAD Crane, Indiana 47522 page 168 Collier, Victor LaMar, 658 North Grove, Lando Lakes, Florida 33539 Collins, Leonard Arthur, 75 Paris Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee page 168 Condon, Joey Adolph, 6620 Sw. 20th Ct., Miramar, Florida 33023 page 153 Conine, Cynthia Ruth, 3018 E. Norfolk Street, Tampa, Florida 33610 page 153 Conrad, Dennis L., 702 Brace Street, Schofield, Hi, 96557 Cook, Alice, 14625 Broddock Road, Centerville, Virginia 22020 page 138 Conner, Harvey Edward, 23 Hemlock Drive, N.W., Ft. Walton Beach, Florida 32548 page 153 Cooner, Karen Yvonne, 23 Hemlock Drive, N.W., Ft. Walton, Beach, Florida 32548 page 168 Corn, Diana Lynne, 61 Laurel Loop, Asheville, North Carolina 28806 page 168 Coulston, James Aaron, 504 Frank Street, Shelbyville, Indiana 46176 page 168 Coulter, Terri L., 1334 Winthorne Drive, Nashville, Tennessee Courtney, Charles Michael, Box 945 Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115 page 138 Courtney, Charlotta Kay, Box 945, Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115 page 168 Cowart, Julian R., Rt. 2, Box 162, Cleveland, Mississippi 38732 page 168 Coy, Sue Ann, 5433 Princess Anne Road, Va. Beach, Virginia 23462 Crammer, Linda Sue, 5508 Mae Court, Louisville, Kentucky 40214 page 138 Crane, Linda Jean, 606 Woodrow, Selma, Alabama 36701 page 153 Crapo, Carl, 2503 Hargrove, Memphis, Tennessee 38127 page 138 Crapo, Carolyn Diane, 2503 Hargrove, Memphis, Tennessee 38127 page 153 Creel, Rickey Alan, 5300 Lingle Lane, Richmond, Virginia 23234 page 153 Crossman, Philip Edward, 389 Wimpole Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37211 page 168 Crummer, Jerry C, 1025 Vassar Street, Orlando, Florida 32804 page 153 Culbertson, Linda Carolina, 3 Wendover Drive, Greenville 29607 page 153 Culotta, Rebecca Ruth, 2795 Evans Mill Road, Apt 8, Lithonia, Georgia 30058 page 138 Cummings, Larry Dale, P.O. Box 457, Crawfordville, Florida 32327 page 168 Cunningham, Hubert Dale, 3901 Old Clarksville Highway, Joelton, Tennessee 37080 Cunningham, Kathleen, 224 McGavock Pk., Nashville, Tennessee Currie, Keith Waldon, 109 Daleview Circle, Col- umbia, Tennessee 38401 page 123 Dale, Beverly Elaine, Rt. 5, Box 452, Arcadia, Florida 33821 page 168 Dalton, Ronnie Thomas, 1636 Hearthstone Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45410 page 124 Darnell, Byron James, 89 Lester Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 138 Darnell, Loren Lee, 89 Lester Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 153 Daugherty, Ruth, 1481 N. Lincoln Avenue, Salem, Ohio 44460 Davis, Paul, 505 E. Brummitt, Owensville, Indiana 47665 page 168 Davis, Samuel, 1905 Scott Avenue, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37206 page 153 Delong, Oviler, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 138 Dement, Jonda Lou, 29 Richmond Avenue, Lex- ington, Kentucky 40502 page 153 Dennis, Frances, 77 Nance Lane, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 Digby, Darlene Marie, 3512 Hillstone Court, Atlan- ta, Georgia 30319 Digby, Steve Harris, 712-N.E. 39th Court, Ocala, Florida 32670 page 124 Dillard, Mary Frances, 802 N. Spair Street, Thomasville, Georgia 31792 page 124 Dillman, Stephen Wayne, 2564 Oldfield Avenue, Bethel Park, Pa. 15102 page 138 284 Avertising Dillon, William Ray, 95 Lester Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 124 Dix, John Mark, 76 Paris Avenue, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 168 Dodd, Robert Bruce, 1435 Jasmine Way, Clear- water, Florida 33516 page 153 Dodd, Tammy Sue, 354 East Milly Avenue, Cincin- nati, Ohio 45215 page 168 Doerner, Lynnette Sue, Route 1, Lynnville, In- diana 47619 page 168 Dorsev, Russell Gene, 519 E. Division, Boonville, Indiana 47601 page 124 Dove, David Lee, 8490 7th Lane N., St. Petersburg, Florida 33702 page 168 Dove, Janet L., 8490 7th Lane N., St. Petersburg, Florida 33702 page 168 Downing, Deborah, 2615 Glenn Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47711 page 124 Duktig, Denise, 630 Elizabeth Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43213 page 169 Duncan, Richard Dean, 799 Old Spartanburg Road, Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739 page 169 Dunlap, Stanley Ray, 107 Mark Drive, Charleston, West Virginia 25314 page 138 Dunn, Janes, 1912 East 56th Street, Savannah, Georgia 31404 page 169 Dunning, Dennis Ray, 419 Southwood Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37217 page 169 Dyer, Daniel, 7444 Hwy. 70 South, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37221 page 153 Ebv, Susan, 1905 Omohurdro Ct., Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 Edge, Carrol, 214 Charles St., P.O. Box 678, Havelock, North Carolina 28532 page 169 Edge, Wanda, 214 Charles St., P.O. Box 678, Havelock, North Carolina 28532 page 169 Edwards, Pamela, 3717 Anchor Drive, Tampa, Florida 33611 page 169 Elliott, Jerry, Rt. 1, Winchester, Tennessee 37398 page 169 Ensor, Patricia Ann, P.O. Box 163, lasper, Alabama 35501 page 153 Ervin, Gay, 1939 Brewster Road, Birmingham Alabama 35235 page 169 Ervin, Jerry, 1200 Foster Avenue, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37211 page 169 Essary, Debra, 3504 Cinderella Drive, Dallas, North Carolina 28034 page 153 Evans, Deitra, 4032 Nebraska, St. Louis, Missouri 63118 page 124 Evans, John William, 2728 Auduban Drive, Mid- dl etown, Ohio 45042 Everson, James David, 2405 55th Avenue W., Bra- denton, Florida 33507 page 139 Fadahuns, Roseline, I, Market Street, E. B. Lacos Fannin, Barbara, 1620 Garland Avenue, Gastonia, North Carolina 28052 page 169 Fannin, Meta, 1620 Garland Avenue, Gastonia, North Carolina 28052 page 125 Farmer, Roger, 617 E. 20 St., Hialeah, Florida 33013 page 153 Farris, Darla, 8220 Spruce St., Manassas, Virginia 22110 page 139 Farris, Mark, 1215 Bedford Lane, Lakeland, Florida 33803 page 139 Ferguson, Fonda Marie, 439 Audubon Circle, Belvedere, South Carolina 29841 page 169 Ferguson, Timothy, 439 Audubon Circle, Belvedere, South Carolina 29841 page 125 Ferriss, Donna, 8903 Bay view Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37416 page 169 Fielder, Cynthia L., 2736 Jones Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37207 Fischer, Carol Marie, 4004 Ralph Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40211 page 169 Fisher, William, 121 Symmers, North Bend, Ohio page 169 Fletcher, Randall Scott, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 139 Fletcher, Rhonda Kay, Rt. 1, Box 39, Stephenson, Virginia 22656 page 170 Floyd, John Thomas, 10115 S. W. 85 Terrace, Miami, Florida 33143 page 170 Force, Carla, P.O. Box 141, Cherokee Village, Ark. 72542 Ford, Lester, 1005 3rd Avenue, Dothan, Alabama 36301 page 170 Foskey- Mickey, P.O. Box 175, Wnghtsville, Georgia page 170 Foster, Sherry, 72 Nance Lane, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 170 Fountain, Charles, General Delivery, Angeles City, Pompango, Philippines page 153 Fox, Jeff, 23130 S. W. 162 Avenue, Goulds, Florida 33170 page 139 Frantz, Marilyn, 316 Cherry St., Lisbon, Ohio 44432 page ' l70 French, Douglas Dewitt, 55 Flart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 139 French, Paula Jean, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 153 French, Peggy Aliene, 2015 Dallas Avenue, Cincin- nati, Ohio 45239 page 153 Fridley, Ricky Carlyle, Augusta Spri ngs, Virginia 24411 page 139 Gainer, Dorothy Lee, 5240 S. W. 7th Street, Planta- tion, Florida 33317 Gallup, Greg Mark, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 170 Gallup, Wilma, 333 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Gambill, Geron, 740 Alleghanny Avenue, Har- risonburg, Virginia 22801 Garcia, Cynthia, 1630 Huntington Street, Lake- land, Florida 33801 page 125 Garcia, Janice, 1630 Huntington Street, Lakeland, Florida 33801 page 125 Gardner, Kathy, 4 Lynn Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32069 page 170 SetVing the Chunk THROUGH THE PRINTED PAGE NAZARENE PUBLISHING HOUSE LILLENAS PUBLISHING COMPANY BEACON HILL PRESS OF KANSAS CITY 1 Advertising 285 r lardner, Lynne, 6408 Hackney Ct., Richmond, Va. 23234 page 170 Garnett, George, 2401 21st Avenue West, Braden- ton, Florida 33505 page 170 Garrett, Giles Dennis, RR 1, Bethel, Ohio 45106 page 139 Gase, Charles Robert, 998 Hicks Blvd., Fairfield, Ohio 37210 Gassie, Robert, USA Central Finance, Europe, APO New York 09403 page 154 Gentry, Sherri, 2520 Sheridan Rd., Nashville, Ten- nessee 37206 Gibbs, Adrian, 70 Nance Lane, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 140 Gill, Frances, 2700 Berryvvood Drive, Tennessee Gillespie, John, 3513 Mt. Vernon Driv e, Augusta, Georgia 30906 page 1 54 Gienn. Janice, 2454 Marble Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32211 page 170 Godbey, Pleas Thomas, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Goens, Robert, 3902 Drake Ave. S. W., Huntsville, Alabama 35805 page 170 Gomer, Martha, 210 Amherst Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37214 page 140 Graham, Benita, 1505 Bluegrass Ave., Louisville, Kentucky 40215 page 125 Graham, Michael, 341 West End Avenue, Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091 page 125 Graham, Sandra, 503 Arlington Avenue, Ten- nessee Grant, David, 1916 Standish PL, Owensboro, Ken- tucky 42301 page 171 Grant, Melba, 422 Avondale, Georgetown, Kentuc- ky 40324 page 1 54 Graves, Diane, 1564 Girvin Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32225 page 125 Graves, Jeanie, Box 158 Dry Fork Road, Whites Creed, Tennessee 37189 page 171 Graves, Tamara, P.O. Box 883, Gallatin, Tennessee 37066 page 154 Gray, Charles David, 3418 Morgan Avenue, Ash- land Kentucky 41101 page 140 Green, Charles, 178 Tusculum Road, Antioch, Ten- nessee 37013 page 171 Green, Dan. 2620 Pennington Bend, Nashville, Tennessee 37214 page 154 Greeson, Janice, 1002 Carroll Road, Henderson, North Carolina 27536 page 154 Grimm, Esther, 820 Wells Street, Sistersville, West Virginia 26175 page 126 Grimm, Linda, 148 Water Street, Hackson, Ohio 45640 page 140 Gnner, Gregory, 3319 N.W. 12th Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601 page 171 Guinn, Lauretta, 1020 Horseshoe Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37216 page 171 Gunderson, Lynn, 1410 Terra Palma Drive, Ft. Myers, Florida 33901 page 171 Guthrie, Elmer, 115 Louise Drive, Dickson, Ten- nessee Haddix, Barbara, 305 S. W. 25 Avenue, Ft. Lauder- dale, Florida 33312 page 154 Hall, Alice, 1724 Bide-A-Wee Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35801 page 140 Hall, Carl, 1724 Bide-A-Wee Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35801 Hall, Darrell Hadley, 2201 Dixie Hwy., Louisville Kentucky 40210 page 171 Hall, John, ' 4377 Mallouy East, Memphis, Ten- nessee 38118 page 171 Hall, Dianne, 660 Woodsmil! Road, Gainesville, Georgia 30501 page 140 Hall, William, 2201 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, Ken- tucky 40210 page 140 Hambrick, Jimmy, 243 Hickory Blvd., Ashland City, Tennessee page 126 Hampton, Merry, 1760 Hallum Avenue, Titusville, Florida 32780 page 154 Hancock, Gary, 4446 Woodlark Lane, Charlotte, North Carolina 28211 page 140 Haney, Sharon, 13955 Zaremba Drive, Brookpark Ohio 44142 page 154 Hare, Charlene, 1315 Longs Peak Avenue, Long-| mont, Colorado 80501 page 140 Harlan, James, 503 Lester Avenue, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 154 Harper, Robert, P.O. Box 284, Selma, Ala., 37210 page 126 Harris, Hayden, Box 153, Petersburg, Pa. 16669 page 126 Harrison, Loyd, 4896 Klamath Road, Va. Beach, Va. 23462 page 171 Hartsfield, Everett, 7767 Leafwood Drive, Norfolk, Va. 23518 page 140 Hatchett, Dennis, 3063 Fairborn, Memphis, Ten- nessee 38118 Haufler, Judy, 7901 N.W. 39th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32601 page 171 Hawkins, Bert, Sunset Drive, Blacksburg, South Carolina 29702 page 155 Hawkins, Donald, 1605 Broad Street, Bristol, Ten nessee 37620 Hayes, Connie, 811 Turley Avenue, Flatwood, Kentucky 41139 page 126 Haynes, Linda, 227 Sun Valley Drive, St. Albons, West Va. 25177 Hayse, Sharon, Rt. 3, Joliet, 111. 60436 page 155 Heaberlin, Cheryl, 4915 Danby Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37211 page 171 Heard, Sherry, 1515 Sparrow Drive, Lakeland, Florida 33801 page 171 Heatherly, Brenda, 5900 Jasmine Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45449 page 155 Heatherly, Jerry, 5900 Jasmine Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45449 page 126 Henderson, Doris, 1209 Ordway PI, Tennessee 37206 page 141 Hendon, Harold Mark, P.O. Box 1010, Jasper, Ala. 35501 page 141 student mission corps career missionary service personal commitment to a world of need DEPARTMENT OF WORLD MISSIONS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WRITE! Rev. Richard Gammill Candidate Secretary and Director of SMC 6401 The Paseo • Kansas City, 64131 Dr. Jerald D. Johnson Executive Secretary 286 Advertising II n §§ 1 ft 1 1 1 5BS © § ® 1 § ■ I S S I S S I P f 1 312 Highway 98 West George M. Lake, Pastor lene Howard, N. Y. P. S. President Hendricks, Rita, 1287 Currey Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37217 Herndon, Kathy, 3501 Santa Fe Trail, Doraville, Georgia 30340 page 155 Hess, Catherine, 3754 Maple Leaf Cove, Memphis, Tennessee 38118 page 171 Hiatt, James Thomas, 2804 Meadow Rose Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37206 page 141 Higginbotham, Kenneth, Box 638 Trevecca Nazarene College, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 155 Higley, Marcia, 15 Howard Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104 Hilen, Daniel Lee, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 Hill, David, 3712 Premium Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37415 page 141 Hill man, Sharon, Rt. 3, Box 488, N. Augusta, South Carolina 29841 page 141 Hindman, Beverly, Rt. 6, Box 275, Statesville, North Carolina 28677 page 155 Hinton, John, Box 148c, Rt. 2, Wrightsville, Georgia 31096 page 141 Hinton, Wesley, Rt. 2, Box 148c, Wrightsville, Georgia 31096 page 171 Hodge, James, Rt. 2, Fort Mill, South Carolina page 155 Holley, Steve, 901 Kirby Drive, Tennessee page 155 Holloway, Joseph, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 172 Holmes, Everett Allen, 217 Clearlake Dr. W., Nashville, Tennessee 37217 page 172 Holt, Peggy, 311 Smy. Pwd. Sp. Rd., Smyrna, Georgia 30080 page 141 Hood, Donna, 101 Park Wilson Drive, Athens, Tenn. 37303 page 155 Hood, Steve, 3226 Marlies Cr., Macon, Ga., 31206 page 155 Hooke, Mary, 213 Garrett Drive, Tenn. Houck, Alan, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 141 Howell, Deborah, 6880 S. W. 90 St., Miami, Florida 33156 Howell, Larry, Chenlot Drive, Pontiac, Michigan page 172 Howell, Marshall, 662 Zion Church Road, Con- cord, North Carolina 28025 page 155 Hudgins, Thomas, 1106 N. Beddingtield Drive, Macon, Georgia 31206 page 155 Hudson, Melissa, 2919 Honeybrook Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37214 page 141 Huff, Fred, 1150 Vultee Blvd., Ga. Hulett, Joy, Rt. 4, Box 24, Gatlettsburg, Ky. 41129 page 155 Humphrey, Nancy, 607 W. 3rd, Centralia, 111. 62801 page 141 Hunt, Susan Celeste, 3540 Spring Valley Rd., 30032 page 141 Imes, Kathy, 4011 Plantation Drive, Hermitage, Tenn. 37076 page 172 Ingram, William Bracken, 1301 E. Church St., Greenville, Tenn. 37743 page 126 Ireland, Robert, 723 Cherokee Trail, Rossville, Ga. 30741 page 155 Ireland, Stanley, 723 Cherokee Trail, Rossville, Ga. 30741 page 172 Irwin, Charles, 810 Ridge Avenue, Sharpsville, Pa. 16150 page 155 Jackson, Gina, 3668 San Viscaya, Jacksonville, Florida 32217 page 172 Janes, Debra, 1308 McArthur, Manchester, Tenn. 37355 page 142 James, Randy, Rt. 2, Middletown, Indiana 47356 page 155 Jamison, Annelle, 4746A Trenton Drive, Her- mitage, Tennessee 37076 page 142 Jared, Jerry, 1251 Dickerson Road, Goodlettsville, Tenn. 37072 page 142 Jared, Robert, 1251 Dickerson Road, Goodlettsville, Tenn. 37072 page 172 Jarrett, Theodore, 1810 Osage, Nashville, Tenn. 37208 Jeffries, John, 19373 Pasadena Avenue, South Bend, Indiana 46614 page 172 Jenkins, Carolyn, 420 First Street, Magnelia, Miss. 39652 page 127 Jenkins, Randall Scott, Rt. 1, Bellville, Ohio page 142 Jewell, Donna, 2650 Glenoaks Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37214 page 142 Jewell, Terry, 2650 Glenoaks Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37214 page 155 Jividen, Brenda, 4347 56th N„ St., Petersburg, Florida 33709 page 156 Johnson, Arlene, 506 Gano Avenue, Georgetown, Kentucky 40324 page 172 Johnson, Connie, 1142 Berkshire Road, Daytona Beach, Florida 32017 page 156 Johnson, Harvey, 11 Edinborough Avenue, Chickasaw, Alabama page 156 Johnson, Michael, 3718 Bakerstown Rd., Nashville, Tennessee 37211 page 142 Johnson, Peter, 25 W. New York, Pontiac, Michigan 48055 page 142 Johnson, Sharon, Rt. 6, Box 18 Bichel ' s Mobile Home Park, Corvdon, Indiana 47112 page 172 Johnston, Joni, 9756 Orr Ct. S., Jacksonville, Florida 32216 page 172 Johnston, Karen, 1911 Saxony Rd., Leucadia, Calif. 92024 Jones, David, 120 Oak Valley Drive, Tenn. page 156 Jones, David, 2550 Dane Street, Burlington, North Carolina 27215 page 156 Jones, Douglas, 3284 Niagra Ct„ Nashville, Tenn. 37214 Jones, Meredith, 120 Oak Valley Drive, Nashville Tenn. 37206 page 172 Joseph, Leslie, 1800 Williams Manor Ave Orlan- do, Florida 32805 Advertising 287 Southern Florida District Supports Trevecca and Congratulates The Class of 75 Rev. Robert H. Spear, District Superintendent Box " N, " Boca Raton. FL. 33432 ph. 305—392-6373 Rev. W. Byron Strange, District, N.Y.P.S. President 3031 Ave " 1, " Riviera Beach. Fla 33404 ph. 305—848-4657 Kaney, Donna, 211 Cannon Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31705 page 156 Karrick, Rebecca A., 61 Hardacre Drive, Xenia, Ohio 45385 page 173 Kaufman, Melea Ross, 4420 Tilley Rd., Matthews, North Carolina 28105 page 173 Keener, Alan Duane, 69 Cranford Rd., Asheville, North Carolina 28806 page 142 Keeney Sandra, 920 Hallbrook Drive, Columbia, South Carolina 29209 page 173 Keyes, Thomas, 630 Elizabeth, Columbus, Ohio 43213 page 142 Kidder, Kermit Leroy, 914 Winthorne Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37217 page 156 Kiddy, Debra, 330 N. E. 7th St., Pompano Beach, Florida 33060 page 156 Kidwell, Calvin Douglas, 415 Bourbon Street, Georgetown, Kentucky 40324 page 156 Kilgore, Kris Thomas, 70 Lincoln, Pontiac, Michigan 48053 page 156 Kimmery, Richard, P.O. Dranery, Robertsdale, Alabama 36567 page 142 Kindall, Gloria, 7588 Middle Street, Clinton, Ohio page 127 King, Bruce, 118 6th Street, Dunbar, West Virginia 25064 King, Kathleen, 300 W. Pierce Ave., Orlando, Florida 32809 page 173 Kingery, Janie, 22830 Old Dixie Hwy., Goulds, Florida 33170 page 156 Kinker, Eva, 216 Grandview Ave., Waverly, Ohio 45690 page 156 Kinter, Don, 9350 Franklin Pkwy., Munster, Ind. 46321 page 127 Kirkland, Kenneth, P.O. Box 667, Blountstown, Florida 32424 page 156 Kirkland, Pamela, P.O. Box 667, Blountstown, Florida 32424 page 173 Kisner, Dianne, RR 2, Box 248, Wellsburg, West Va., 26070 page 142 Klausner, Wesley, 3301 Hydes Ferry Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 37218 page 156 Klepfer, Jeff, RR 1, Box 496 A, Shelby ville, Ind. 46176 page 156 Knight, Donita, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 127 Knight, Miriam, 1593 Walter, Memphis, Tenn 38108 page 143 Kolp, Charles, 2839 University Ct„ Mitchell, Ken- tucky 41017 page 143 Kraft, Rebecca, 593 Rountree Dr., Longboat Key, Florida 33577 Landis, Barry, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Landis, Larry, 3730 Orders Rd., G rove City, Ohio 43123 Langford, William, 95 Lake Hunter Drive, Lake- land, Florida 33803 Lanham, Glenda Jean, 124 B Apt. 4, Washington Street, Leesburg, Virginia 22075 Lanham, Linda Sue, 124 B Apt. 4, Washington Street, Leesburg, Virginia 22075 page 156 Lansford, Doug, 3870 N. W. 64 Ave., Miami Springs, Florida 33166 page 156 Larsen, Joyce, 29 Van Cortlandt Ave., Staten Is- land, New York 10301 page 156 Launius, Debbie, Bransford House, Apt. 7 page 127 Lawrence, Larry, 60 Nance Lane, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 156 Lawwill, Renee, 5200 Dunnellon, Memphis, Tenn. 38134 page 173 Laymon, James, 405 McKenna Ct., Lexington, Ken- tucky 40505 page 173 Laymon, Kenneth, 405 McKenna Ct., Lexington, Kentucky 40505 page 157 Lee, Franklin, P.O. Box 2736, Csted, St., Croix 00820 page 157 Lee, Jungsoo, Box 167 Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. Leib, Glenn Mark, 956 Beaumont Lane, Backledge, Florida 32955 page 173 Lell, Barry, Rt. 1, Box 251, Pilot, Va. 24138 page 173 Leonard, David, 1510 N.E. Park Street, Okeechohee, Florida 33472 page 173 Leonard, Gay, 500 Fesslers Lane, Nashville, Tenn. page 127 Lester, Shelia, Rt. 2, Box 317-A, Vinton, Va. 24179 page 173 Lewis, Frederick, R. R. 2, Princeton, Indiana 47670 page 127 Libick, Charles, 4601 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 page 127 Liles, Ronda, R. 2 Hines Valley Rd., Lensi City, Tenn. 37771 page 157 Littrell, Gwen, 11620 W-121 Place, Cedar Lake, In- diana 46303 page 173 Livingston, Lyla, P.O. 823, Springfield, Tenn. page 143 Love, Don, 408 Saffordview Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37013 Love, James, 2249 Mason Drive, Savannah, Georgia 31404 page 157 Love, Patty, 408 Saffordview Drive, Antioch, Tenn. 37013 page 173 Lovell, C. Ruth, Rt., Box 125, Canton, Mississippi 39046 page 173 Lovell, Kathleen Kay, Box 514, Hazel Green, Alabama 35750 page 157 Lovell, Rebecca Ann, Box 514, Hazel Green, Alabama 35750 page 128 Lucas, Sandra, Grove St., Logansport, Indiana 46947 page 173 Lucas, Susan, Grove St., Logansport, Indiana 46947 page 174 Lutton, Debbie, 8026 Columbia Ave., Munster, In- diana 46321 page 174 Luttrell, William, 1200 Foster Ave., Nashville Tenn. 37211 page 174 Lykins, Rhonda, 4319 Dauphine, San Antonio Texas 37210 page 174 288 Advertising Lytton, Gerard, 1516 16th Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37208 page 157 McBnde, Judith, 200 Haywood Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37211 McClain, Michael, 2306 Seifried St., Nashville, Tenn. 37208 page 174 McCollum, Gary, 512 Edwin Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37207 page 143 McGee, Corlis, 1414 W. Chaloner Drive, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 27870 page 143 McGowanan, Joseph, 430 East Market Street, Lebanon, Tenn. 37087 McKain, Cathy, R. R. 6, Seymour, Ind. 47274 page 174 McKerlie, Peggy, 4416 19th Ave. West, Bradenton, Florida 33505 McKinney, Christene, 2544 Vanderberg Rd., Col- umbus, Ohio 43204 page 143 McKinney, William, 146 Dickert Drive, Lexington, S. C. 29072 page 174 McLaren, Robby, 3216 Sutton Drive, Orlando, Florida 32810 page 128 McLemore, Donna, 1735 Gibraltar Drive, Jackson, Mississippi 39204 McNeill, George, Rt. 1, Troy, Tenn. page 143 McQuiniff, Donald, P.O. Box 734, Gibsonton, Florida 33534 page 143 Mackey, Linda, 1413 Preston Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37206 page 128 Mahler, Jan, 401 W. 7th Street, Cookville, Tenn. 38501 page 157 Mallette, Lane, 1704 Wood Haven Drive, Brandon, Florida 33511 Manning, Patricia, Rt. 2, Box 201, Milton, Florida 32570 page 174 Marlowe, James, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 page 174 Mathews, Nancy Susan, 4252 Florida Ave., Cincin- nati, Ohio 45223 page 128 Matthews, Phyllis, 2554 Sky Lane Drive, Marietta, Ga. 30062 page 174 Mathis, Ret ha, Rt. 6, Fayetteville, Tenn. 37334 page 128 Merchant, Rebecca Clare, 917 So. Johnson Ave.. Lakeland, Florida 33803 Middendorf, Deborah, 614 Huntington Pkwv., Nashville. Tenn. 37211 page 157 Milburn, Carol, 2218 Lisa Drive, Marietta, Ga. 30062 page 174 Miller, jo, Rt. 4, Box 30, Easley, S. C. 29640 page 158 Miller, Katrina, 900 Lvnwood St., Winchester, Tenn. 37398 Miller, James Ronald, 601 Joyce Lane, Nashville, Tennessee page 158 Milliron, Cynthia, 75 Lester Ave., Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 143 Mills, Beverly, 103 Horseshoe, Shelbyville, Tenn. 37160 page 174 Mills, Howard Victor, 103 Horseshoe, Shelbyville, Tenn. 37160 page 174 Minshall, Carol, 751 4th Ave., S. W. Largo, Florida 33540 page 143 Mitchell, Edward, 835 78th St., South, Bir- mingham, Ala. 35206 page 158 Montague, Barbara, Box 6, Moscow, Tenn. 38057 page 143 Montague, David, Box 6, Moscow, Tenn. 38057 page 174 Montague, Gary, Box 6, Moscow, Tenn. 38057 page 158 Montgomery, Dennis, 5854 Ardmore Drive, Cleve- land, Ohio 44144 page 174 Moody, Kathryn, Rt. 5, Box 432, Lake City, Florida 32055 page 174 Moore, Carter, 607 E. 3rd Street, Tuscumbia, Ala. 35674 page 175 Moore, David page 175 Moore, Woodrow, 410 Bell Road, Nashville, Tenn. page 175 Moorehead, Alline, 15370 Lincoln Drive, Leisure City, Florida 33030 page 144 Morgan, Victor, 45 Lester Ave., Nashville. Tenn, 37210 page 158 Morris, Richard, 616 N. Jones Avenue, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730 page 175 Moser, Alice, 10 Paulmar Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn. 37415 page 175 Mosle , Kathryn, P.O. Box 102, Arcadia, Florida 33821 page 144 Mullmax, Gary, Box 144, Zirconia, North Carolina 28790 page 144 Mullineaux, Jamie, 106 Beverly Ave., Morton, 111. 61550 page 175 Murphy, Larry, Rt. 3, Box 375, Fairmont, West Va. 26554 page 128 Murphy, Pamela, 1615 Rankin Rd., Greensboro, North Carolina 27405 page 144 Murrell, Douglas, Rt. 1, Box 150, Oakland, Tenn. 38060 Myers, Lucinda, Rt. 7, Circleville, Ohio 43113 page 175 Nabors, Jonathan, 66 Nance Lane, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 144 Nabors, Sherwin, 82 Lester Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 175 Neeley, Gary, 407 Linda Lane, Madison, Tenn. 37115 page 128 Neeley, Narman, 407 Linda Lane, Madison, Tenn. 37115 page 158 Nelson, Darryl, 618 Galaxie Drive, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37209 page 1 58 Nelson, Geraldine, Rt. 1, Box 148-A, Brighton, Tenn. 38011 Nesbitt, Carlotta, 608 N. 5th Ave., Hopewell, Va. 23860 page 128 Newman, Gwen, Rt. 6, Franklin, Kentucky 42134 page 129 Newton, Virginia, 3808 15th Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee 37410 page 175 Pioneer Food Service Bill, Stan, Austin Congratulation 75 Graduates THE BANKERS LIFE © Claude W. Diehi, Jr. 718-B Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, Tenn. 37210 255-0421 Claude Diehi Advertising 289 r Nix, Carol, 1426 21st Ave. F.., Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401 page 175 Nix, John, 1426-21st Avenue, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401 page 129 Nix, Suzanne, 1404 Miami Circle, Birmingham, Alabama 35214 page 144 Nixon, Rebecca, 3005 St Charles Drive. Tampa, Florida 33618 page 158 O ' Barr, Roderick, 9512 New 78 Hwy. E., Jasper, Alabama 35501 Oldham, Bruce, 516 Cosco Drive, Gallatin, Tenn. 37066 page 175 Oliver, George page 175 Oliver, Ronnie, Rt. 2, Hillcrest Rd., Bow ling Green, Kentucky 42101 page 175 Padgett, Michael, Rt. 2, Rising Sun, Indiana 47040 page 175 Painter, Willard, 311 Prince Charles Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28213 Parham, Roxroy, 75 Lester Ave., Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 129 Parker, Stan, Rt. 1, Box 102, Johns Island, South Carolina page 158 Patterson, Brenda, 302 Sunnyside Lane, Columbia, Tenn. 38401 page 129 Patton, Chris, 1200 Foster Ave., Tenn 37211 page 176 Pauley, Mary, Box 15053, Marmet, West Virginia 25315 page 158 Payne, Elizabeth, 267 West 7th Street, Cookeville, ' Tenn. 38501 Payton, Karl, Rt. 2, Box 53-A, Caneyville, Kentuc- ky 42721 page 144 Pence, Rick, 118 W. Ankeney Mil! Rd., Xenia, Ohio 45385 page 158 Pennington, Stephen, 514 McDonald Drive. Nashville, Tenn. 37217 page 176 Pensirivarasup, Somehai, 1006 A, Clifton Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37204 page 176 Perry, Michael, 1019 Patricia Drive, Va. Perry, Renate, 60 Bush Apts., Nashville, Tenn. 37210 page 176 Ferryman, Raymond, 712 Clematis Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37205 page 158 Petry, Sharon, Rt. 1, Box 97-A, Crowley. La. 70526 page 129 Phelan, John, 7530 Charlotte, Nashville, Tenn. 37209 Philemon. Marilyn, 442 Brighton Ave., Orange Park, Florida 32073 page 176 Phillips, Lyla, 319 Winpole Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37211 Phillips, Pamela, 3360 Oklahoma Ave., Titusville, Florida 32780 page 178 Phillips, Ronald, 3360 Oklahoma Ave., Titusville, Florida page 176 Pike. Gerald, Flood Trail, Portland, Tenn. 37148 page 176 Pittard, Albert, 116 Nicewood Drive, Newport News, Va. 23602 page 176 Poe, Sara, 1202 Second Ave., Charleston, West Va. 25302 page 129 Poeppelmeyer, Darrell, 514 Rocky Fork Dr., Gahanna, Ohio 43020 page 144 Pollok, David, 707 West South St., Mason, Michigan 48854 page 158 Powell, Mitchell, Box 366, Ridgeland, Miss. 39157 page 145 Powers, Dennis, 171 Robinhood Circle, Hender- sonville, Tenn. 37075 Powers, Robert, 709 Ronnie Road, Madison, Tenn. 37115 page 145 Pratt, Linda, 209 Lesene Drive, Sumter, South Carolina 29150 page 145 Prince, Bobby, 3811 Bunnell Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 page 176 Prindle, Marilyn, 1925 Minarch Ave., Owensboro, Kentucky 42301 page 158 Prouse, Timothv, 420 West Penn St., Ext., Bedford, Pa. 15522 page 158 Millwood Apts., 24th St., Miramar, Pullitnan, Mark, 1015 Wiley-Lewis Rd., Greensboro, North Carolina 27406 page 158 Pusey, Timothy, Box 314, Ft. Knox, Kentucky 40121 page 145 Queen, Alan, 6311 Ridge Terrace, Orlando, Florida 32810 page 176 Quevedo, Stanley, 520 Whispering Hill Drive, Nashville, Tenn. page 145 Ragland, Melinda Ross, Nashville, Tenn. page 129 Rahenkamp, Tim, 6910 S. W. Florida 33023 page 176 Rainwater, Paul, 217 Linden Street, Corodova, Alabama 35550 page 129 Randolph, Deborah, 2525 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach, Florida 33444 page 159 Ravey, Donna, 5375 Balsam Avenue, Melbourne, Florida 32901 page 130 Ray, Cathy, 711 Maple Avenue, Burlington, North Carolina 27215 page 145 Ray, Katie, 223 Amherst Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37214 page 177 Reed, Connie, 606 Long Ave., Cordova, Ala. 35550 page 145 Renfrow, Jerry, Rt. 1, Co. Rd. 63, Spencerville, In- diana 46788 Reynolds, Larry, 877 Furlong Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40504 page 130 Richey, Edward, 1475 N. Hamilton Road, Gaham- ma, Ohio 43020 page 130 Richwine, Susie, 812 N. 34, Pasco, Washington 99301 page 177 Rickey, Michael, 73 Paris Ave. Rickey, Stephen, 9300 Kimbark Ave., Seabrook, Md. 20801 page 159 Rider, Sharon, 1502 Staunton Drive, Southaven, Miss. 38671 page 177 Ridley, Nelson, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF THE AZARENE NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE -U ' .li... ' . ' } ' ■ - ' ' ' ■ ' U ' - •HI--:!: ' 290 Advertising Bethel Church of the Nazarene 409 E. Trinity Ln. Nashville, Tenn. Phone 262-3396 Boh Madison, Pastor Rishel, Ted, 300 W. Old Pass Rd„ Long Beach, Miss. 39560 page 159 Roadman, Beverly, 111 N. W. 53 Court, Ft. Lauder- dale, Florida 33309 page 177 Robbins, Felicia, 6668 Manchester Road, Middle- town, Ohio 45042 page 145 Robertson, Jerry, 207 Truetland St., Nashville, Tenn. 37207 page 145 Robinson, Jan, 111 Poplar St., McMinnville, Tenn. 37110 Robinson, Melody, 68 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 page 159 Robinson, Tim, Adak, Alaska page 145 Robinson, Yvonne, 1019 Hill St., Pineville, North Carolina 28134 page 130 Robinson, Walter, Adak, Alaska page 130 Rogers, Linda, 55 Hart St., Nash., Tenn. 37210 Roscoe, David, 12 Poplar St., N. Vernon, Ind. 47265 page 159 Rosdhal, Eddie, 3070 High Point Rd., Winston- Salem, N. C. 27107 page 159 Rosser, Gregory, Rt. 2, Box 532, Maysville, Ky. 41056 page 159 Rowland, Peggie, 623 Murray Road, Fort Valley, Ga. 37210 Runyon, Bobby page 177 Runyan, Tim, 1218 Ellen Drive, South Charleston, W. Va. 25303 page 177 Rushing, Janet, 7876 Gregory Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32210 page 159 Russell, Cecil, Rt. 1 Thaxton No., Thaxton, Miss. 38871 page 159 Rutherford, Robert, 2014 Starnes Street, Augusta, Ga. 30904 page 159 Rutledge, Susan, Rt. 1, 103 Cedarama Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35810 page 177 Saltkill, Dale, Acklen Park Drive, Nashville, Ten- nessee page 145 Sanderson, Kathy, 4642-28 Ave. No., St. Petersburg, Florida 33713 page 145 Sandifer, Constance, 219 Morningside Loop, Valrico, Florida 33594 page 159 Say, Joy, Caracas 1359, Buenos Aires, Argentina, S. A. Scarbrough, William Donald, 24500 S. W. 167, Homestead, Florida 33030 page 177 Schortinghouse, Julie, 4925 S. W. 91 Ave., Miami, Florida 33165 page 177 Schrock, Deborah, 1118 Harold Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37217 page 177 Scott, Deborah, 72 Grant Street, Newark, Ohio 43055 page 130 Ceany, Cathy, 550 Rural Hill Road, Nashville, Tenn. 37217 page 159 Searcy, James, 1517 Marwood Lane, Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 177 Seay, Nancy, 407 Circle Drive, Clarksville, Tenn. 37040 page 159 Seitter, Mark, 600 W. Grant Ct„ Box 2026, Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 Sellers, Tommy, Offutt AFB, Nebraska 68113 page 160 Shao, Hsiao, Taipei, Taiwan page 146 Sharpe, Dina, Rt. 7, Box 310, Raleigh, N. C. 27609 Sharpe, Naomi, Rt. 2, Box 64, Swansea, S. C. 29160 page 177 Sharpton, Patsy, Rt. 1, Logan, Ala. 35098 page 177 Shepard, Fred, 55 Hart Street, Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 160 Sherrill, Frieda, 55 Hirt St., Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 146 Shields, Ronnie, 297 Clovernook Dr., Nash., Tenn. 37210 Shields, Suzanne, Rt. 4, Hickory Flat Rd., Alpharetta, Georgia 30201 page 160 Shipp, Linda, 4205 Cottage Hill Rd., Louisville, Ky. 40299 page 160 Shirley, Steven Lee, 531 Perimeter Drive, Erlanger, Kentucky 41018 Shomo, Stephen, 75 Coulton St., Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 page 160 Shoun, Janet, 125 W. Marthunna Rd., Nashville, Tenn. Showlater, Virgil, 4324 Salisbury Ave., Jackson- ville, Florida 32216 page 177 Shultz, Carol, 1533 Shelburne Lane, Sarasota, Florida 33581 page 146 Shumans, Delores, Rt. 1, Box 11, Brunswick, Georgia 31520 page 177 Siewnarine, Kasso, 4644 Catokoau, Nash., Tenn. Simmons, Charles, Shenandoah, Va. Sink, Stephanie, 6338 Chappell Lane, Doraville, Georgia 30340 page 177 Singuefield, 2421 Cabin Hill Road, Nashville, Tenn. 37214 Slappey, Eunice, 2130 Walden Road, Macon, Georgia 31206 page 146 Smith, Charles, 3269 Lake Crest Rd., Va. Beach, Va. 23452 Smith, Randy, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Smith, Donna, 1806 Elmhurst Drive, Arlington, Texas 76012 page 160 Smith, Ernest, Rt. 1, Manly Rd., Box 404 Thomaston, Ga. 30286 page 177 Smith, Joseph, 55 Hart St., Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 131 Smith, Wyndell, 3800 Belhaven Drive, Greensboro, North Carolina 27407 page 146 Smithwick, Virginia, 1211 W. Alden, Valdosta, Ga. 31601 page 178 Smotherman, Karen, 1912 Berkshire Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 page 160 Snodgrass, Sherry, 100 Valley Drive, Ripley, West Virginia 25271 page 160 Soles, Debra, 11031 102nd Ave. No., Seminole, Florida 33540 page 160 Soward, Loretta, 8310-83rd St., Seminole, Florida 33542 page 131 Sparks, Asa, 845 Fitdhland, Vandalia, Ohio Spaulding, Sharon, 1214 Westerfield PI., Olathe, Kansas Spaur, Tracy, Rt. 2, Box 145-A, Louisa, Va. 23093 page 160 Spear, Ann, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Speece, Linda, Box 224, Greensboro, Pa. 15338 paee 131 h 8 Spencer, Elizabeth, 6431 Adahi Drive, Indepen- dence, Kentucky 41051 page 146 Advertising 291 292 Advertising Miami Central 1300 N. W, 9S|h St Miami, Fl. 33147 We Support Christian Higher Education Rev. C. D. Acheson, Pastor Steve Gunnerson, Minister of Youth Jennifer Wilson, N. Y. P. S. President CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE EAST POINT, GEORGIA Advertising 293 294 Advertising CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF " 7 5 FROM EIGHTY-SIX CHURCHES AND ALL DEPARTMENTS OF GEORGIA Ja c k H . Lee Supe rintendent TERRY SOLES Church Schools DOUG MILLS Youth JUDY HADWIN Missions Qur Congregation and Staff Saiute You, Class of 75 Je w ' • T f v Rev. N. A. Richie — Pastor Don Brown — Asst. Pastor Fred Mund — Minister of Music Frank Diane Bostick — ]r. Director Frances Gill — Day Care Director Ann Leslie — Church Secretary Tnnitv Church of the Nazarene 1253 Vultee Blvd. Nashville, Tenn. Pastor Richie Spencer, Michael, 407 Willow Drive, Glasgow, Kentucky 42141 page 146 Spencer, William Bowers, Rt. 1, Vanlue, Ohio Spoon, Ann, 11955 S. W. 217 St., Goulds, Florida 33170 page 160 Sprang, Lester Clair, 5427 25th St. W., Bradenton, Florida 33507 page 131 Spruill, Joy, Rt. 5, Box 155, Lebanon, Tenn. 37087 page 160 Spruill, Timothy, 244 Clovernook Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 page 177 Steele, Judy, 7017 Heege Rd., Afton, Mo. 63123 page 126 Steele, Kenneth, 719 Lausanne Drive, Valdosta, Ga. 31601 page 131 Steele, Robert Lee, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 160 Steele, Starletta Gay, 190 S Craig, Lake City, Florida 32055 page 160 Stevens, Dana, 840 Linwood Ave., Louisville, Ken- tucky 40217 page 178 Stewart, Deborah, 975 Norway Ave., Huntington, West Virginia 25705 page 132 Stewart, Fred, 1900 Viers Mills Rd., Rockville, Md. 20851 page 178 Stewart, James, 1032 26th Avenue, Hueytown, Alabama 35020 page 178 Stewart, John, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Stewart, Sanford, 3516 Brailsford Ave., Brunswick, Ga. page 132 Stocks, Angela, 4809 Nabors Ln. N. W., Huntsville, Alabama 35810 page 132 Stocks, Morris, 4809 Nabors Ln. N. W., Huntsville, Alabama 35810 page 160 Storer, Ronald, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 160 Stottele, Gene, 6252 North Lee Street, Morrow, Ga. page 178 Stottele, John, 6252 North Lee Street, Morrow, Ga. page 178 Stough, Joyce, R. R. 2, Box 79, Spencer, Ind. 47460 page 178 Stout, Morris, Rt. 1, Brownstown, Ind. 47220 page 132 Stover, Janet, 416 Glade Rd., Anniston, Ala. 36201 page 132 Stover, Larry, 3419 Trolley Line Rd., Aiken, South Carolina ' 29801 page 132 Stover, Rodney, Bluford, 111. 62814 page 132 Strickland, William, 471 Broadwell Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37220 page 160 Stroman, Elizabeth, 6422 So. Fresno, Ft. Smith, Arkansas 72901 Stroud, Daniel, 1001 Justice, Hendersonville, N. C. 28739 page 132 Studdard, Donald, P. O. Box 206, Parrish, Alabama 35580 page 178 Sudduth, Jerry, 518 30th Ave. East, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401 Sutch, Andrew, Rt. 1, Hollowsburg, Ohio page 132 Sutherland, Layton, 511 Leser Ave., Nashville, Tenn. page 160 Swallows, Ralph, 1319 South Second, Louisville, Kentucky 40208 page 146 Swinderman, Thomas, 419 Ellen Ave. S. W., New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 page 160 Sykes, Beth, 55 Hart Street, Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 132 Sykes, Debbie Lou, 2318 7th Ave., Bradenton, Florida 33505 page 178 Sykes, Michael, 504 Pineridge Trail, Marietta, Ga. 30062 page 146 Sylvis, Phyllis, 111 June Drive, Dickson, Tenn. 37055 page 139 Tamberino, Margaret, 1012 Draughon, Nash., Tenn. 37204 Tanner, Kenneth, 1130 Lee Circle, West Columbia, South Carolina 29169 page 161 Tavernier, Robert, 636 Studebakerst, Mishawaka, Indiana 46544 Taylor, Debbie Vinecke, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 page 146 Taylor, Janet, Rt. 5, Box 413, Huntsville, South Carolina 29550 page 161 Taylor, Jo Ann, Rt. 1 Allen Rd., Hendersonville, Tenn. 37705 page 161 Taylor, Lonnie Lee, 245 Constance Road, Hebron, Kentucky 41048 page 179 Taylor, Rebecca, 19 Nevada Ave., Asheville, N. C. 28806 page 179 Taylor, Susan, Rt. 1, Box 259, Valrico, Florida 33594 page 147 Teal, Scott, 3208 23rd Ave., Bradenton, Florida 33505 page 147 Techathanalerts, Silthichai, 55 Hart Street, Nash., Tenn. 37210 Terry, Patricia, 1665 Bimini St., Titusville, Florida 32780 page 179 Tharp, James, 12401 Princess Jeanne N. E., Alq., N. M. 87112 page 161 Thatcher, Charles, 359 Brandtson, Elvria, Ohio 44035 page 133 Thomas, Debra, 14245 Yacht Club Blvd., Seminole, Florida 33542 Thompson, Melvin, 55 Hart Street, Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 161 Thompson, Roy, Rt. 3, Box 300 Harper Rd., Joelton, Tenn. 37210 page 133 Thrower, James, 1133 Bunker Hill Blvd., Jackson- ville, Florida 32208 page 147 Todd, Crystal, 1118 North 7th, Temple, Texas 76501 page 161 Todd, James, 93 Lester Ave., Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 147 Todd, Thomas, 424 NW 60th Ave., Miami, Florida page 161 Tomblin, Beverly, 884 Scott Street, Columbus, Ohio 4322 page 147 Toomey, James, 1787 Wathen Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40216 page 179 Tootoo, Pomar Kori, 2805 Morgan Street, Wilmington, North Carolina 28401 page 161 Townsend, Ester Townsend, Ruby, 933 Barbara Drive, Memphis, Tenn. 38108 Troutman, Deryl, 627 Trevecca Nazarene College, Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 132 296 Advertising Tubbs, Larry, Box 212 Trevecca Nazarene College, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 page 133 Tudor, Donna, 1705 Skyline Drive, Cookeville, Tennessee 38501 page 179 Turner, Debbie, 2207 Croydon Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32303 page 179 Turner, Joyce, P.O. 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Royal Blvd., Allison Park, Penn. 15101 page 180 Williams, Jackie, 55 Hart Street, Nash , Tenn. 37210 page 121 Williams, Karen, 1801 Overton, Tenn. 37138 page 180 Williams, Lonnie, 3141 Wayneville, Jamestown Road, Xenia, Ohio 45385 page 162 Williams, Marion, 100 Princess Ave., Greenville, South Carolina 29611 page 180 Williams, Martha, Rt. 5, Box 166, Scottsville, Ken- tucky 42164 page 162 Williams, Ronnie, Box 443, Wrens, Ga. 30833 page 162 " Congratulations Class of ' 75 " Grace Nazarenes— PRAY Regularly . . . BOOST Enrollment . . . PAY Money . . . For " OUR " Trevecca. Grace is thrilled with the large number of students who choose to make this church their church home while at Trevecca!!! Grace Church ol the Nazarene Gerald Green Pastor 2518 Gallatin Rd. 889-7462 227-4931 Advertising 297 Williams, Thomas, 977 Ott St.. Orangeburg, S C 29115 page 134 Wilson, Douglas, 93 Lester Ave.. Nashville, Term. 37210 page 162 Wilson, Glen, 1636 S. W. 2nd Ave., Ocala, Florida 32670 page 162 Wilson, Janet, 1886 Fairview Ct., Salem, Ohio 44460 Wilson, John, 647 W. Washington, Kirkwood, Missouri 63122 page 162 Winsinger, Paul, Box 62, Davao Citv, Philippines Wise, Steve, 55 Hart Street, Nash., tenn. 37210 Womack, Cheryl, 2003 Denmark Drive, Augusta, Ga. 30906 page 180 Wonders, Pamela, 1433 So. Armstrong St., Kokomo, hid. 46901 page 162 Wonders Vickie, 1433 So. Armstrong St., Kokomo, Ind. 46901 page 135 Wood, Margaret, 893 Perry Drive, Macon, Georgia 31201 page 180 Wood, Gail, 893 Perry Drive, Macon, Georgia 31201 page 135 Wooten, Brenda, 55 Hart St. Apt. 3, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 page 147 Wooten, John. 55 Hart St. Apt. 3, Nashville, Ten- nessee 37210 Wright, Clifton, 2817 Union Street, Brunswick, Georgia 31520 page 180 Wright, Mitchell, R. R. 7, Box 144, Albertville, Ala. 35950 page 180 Wright, Julie, 511 Lester Ave., Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 180 Wubneh, Alga, Hart Street, Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 162 Yardunian, Richard, 1012 Alladin Drive York, Carla, 75 Lester Ave., Nash., Tenn. 37210 page 135 Yount, John, 1645 San Mateo Drive, Dunedin, Florida 33528 page 180 We Are Proud of Our Students Jeff Baughman Pam Edwards Victor Collier Don McQuiniff Cindy Conine Becky Nixon Rick Quevedo Tampa First Church of the Nazarene 5902 N. Hines Ave. Tampa, Fla. 33614 Clifton B. Nixon H. Douglas Runyan Frank Eifert Pastor Minister of Youth Minister of Music and Outreach 298 Advertising Gallery 299 Some of us try to get rid of our problems. Some of us run away from our problems. Some of us meet our problems head on! Gallery 301 J AS Photographic Studio A Moment of History. . . " Weddings. . . Casuals. . . Portraits. . . Special Occasions. . . Lee Jones 297-3300 302 Advertising Tennessee District We are supporting T. N. C. r This year is a year for outreach through home missions. H. H. Hendershot District Superintenden Advertising 303 We want the students to know. . . North Florida District is concerned about their school in the years of preparation for Christian service. Dr. J. T. Gassett, District Superintendent C. D. Acheson, District N. Y. P. S. President The Nazarenes of. . . East Tennessee District are supporters of Trevecca G!en Jones, District Superintendent Richard Reed, District N. Y. P. S. President Mrs. Glen Jones, District N. W. M. S. President Merle M. Mead, Church School Chairman Advertising 30? Kentucky District. . Supports the students of T. N. C. Rev. Aleck G. Ulmet, District Superintendent Rev. Dewey Williams, District N. Y. P. S. President 306 Advertising NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT LEADERS: N. W. M. S. President— Mrs. T. C. Sanders, Jr. N. Y. P. S. President— Rev. Winston Hatcliff Church School Chairman — Rev. Aubrey Smith DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD: Chairman— Dr. T. C. Sanders, Jr. Rev. Loren E. Schaffer Ira E. Fowler, D.D. Mr. Odie L. Page Mr. Bill Tate " To everything there is a season, and a TIME to every purpose under the heaven: " Ecclesiastes 3:1 Dr. Terrell C. (lack) Sanders, |r. I )isl ricl Supei i nlendenl Advertising 307 South Florida Heights Church of the Nazarene We believe in Trevecca enough to send students. Our Students: Sherry Heard Terry Lanford Janice Garcia Cynthia Gacia Rebecca Merchant Congratulations ' 75 Graduates Rev. Paul Bickes, Pastor 310 Gallery Winter Quarter Students. Ralph Swallows, Mark Hendon, Rita Hendricks, Janie Blanton, Becky Kraft Advertising 313 r SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT Congratulations to the Class of 1975 Trustees Officers D. Moody Gunter Marion S. Pressley, Sec. J. B. Hucks, Sr. Oscar B. Pullen, Treas. Otto Stucki D. Moody Gunter, N. Y. P. S., Pres. N. J. Lewis, Church Schools Nina G. Gunter, N. W. M. S. Pres. Marion U. Love, Editor South Carolina Boosts Trevecca! Palmetto Students Bryan Alison Skye Alison Bill Boggs Steve Brock Kim Chambers Charlotta Cortney Mike Cortney Ricky Morris Linda Culbertson Fonda Ferguson Tim Ferguson Sharon Hillman Sandra Keeney Ken McKinney Mike Merriett Stan Parker Troy Seybt Naomi Sharp Mary Swartz Kenny Tanner Janet Taylor Fred Williams James Williams Joy Pratt Dr. Otto Stuki, District Superintendent 314 Advertising Advertising 315 CONGRATULATIONS TO TREVECCA ON YOUR 75th YEAR AROUND THE CORNER 75th YEAR! That is three-quarter time any way you look at it . . . and the way FIRST CHURCH looks at your 75th year is with gratitude for all you have done for the church. This is being written a few days before Valentine ' s Day. The practice of placing an ad in the newspaper telling someone how much you love them is getting more popular every year. In a way, that is what we are doing . . . placing an ad in the DARDA to tell TRE- VECCA how much we love and appreciate you. FIRST CHURCH AND TREVECCA go hand in glove. You help supply many teachers for the Sunday school. Many have served and are serving on the official church board. You provide workers for Outreach Children ' s Church. You are right in there with the bus ministry. Special music and talent for the choir. Special programs and just about any- thing there is to be done. You attend services and add much with your support and witness. You pray with seekers around the altar and help those in need. From time to time, occasion calls for the TREVECCA ALUMNI present in the con- gregation to stand. We are always amazed at the large number. So, we feel we are inseparable. We need each other and we try to help each other . . . all for the Glory of God! Now you are in your 75th ANNIVER- SARY YEAR. As one who has grown up close to the campus I am reminded that, " THIS IS THE TOMORROW WE PRAYED ABOUT YESTERDAY. " Take POP STOREY ' S HALL OF FAME for example; the new BENSON dorm. In this photo, FIRST CHURCH members HOWARD JARRETT, right; JOHN STARK, NYPS PRESIDENT and ADRIAN JONES, our Out- reach Minister who barks up the RIGHT tree, view the painting in the lobby. I understand the students decorated the wife. Extracurricular activity. If you are not attending a church regularly and are looking for a church home away from home, we need you. This is our PASTOR MILLARD REED and family. Left to right: Paul, Stephen, Pastor Reed, Barbara, Debbie and John. They will greet you warmly. You know BOB JOHNSTON and his wife KAREN. BOB is our College Minister (he spells it KOLLEGE). JIM SANKEY, ex- marine, is the Director of Religious Educa- tion. If you are looking for a place to serve, outside cube lights with " polka dots " . . . and gave the ha J 1 a name. All in fun, of course. The cafeteria, rebuilt after a fire . . . the physical education building . . . new apart- ments . . . the library . . . the science building . . . bus . . . landscaping . . . and more . . . plus operating in the black. Talk about FAITH- PROMISE! We are happy for the distance run . . . for all these improvements, but the people make the college what it is. I used to work for an e mployer who hired Trevecca students, " Because they are de- pendable and give a good day ' s work. " At a department store, a young man load- ed my car, then handed me a tract and asked about my faith in God. " I ' m from Trevecca College, " he said . . . and I felt proud. Some of you get more than book learning at TREVECCA. You leave with a husband or JIM carries applications in his pocket. FRED HUFF, Youth Minister and Trevecca grad- uate, needs you in the youth work, and V. GENE SMITH, the heavy in our music- department is always looking for talent. ADRIAN JONES, Minister of Outreach needs those who will help take the church to those who won ' t come inside. DR. W.D. McGRAW you know. He is working with Circles of Concern and helping us get to know each other better. EDWIN FULCHER needs help with the rapidly expanding Cassette Minis- try. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! HAPPY 75th YEAR! IN CLOSING: The things that are impossi- ble with men are possible with God. — Luke 18:27. Walt 31 ) Advertising We ' re Backing T.N.C. Congratulations to Our Students r TREVECCA TOWERS, INC. A Christian Retirement Center Comfort, Dignity Security That Retirees Can Afford TOWERS I Adding Life To Years And Years To Life For Information — Write: T, E. Jones, Exec Dir. Trevecca Towers, Inc. f 0 Lester Avenue Nashville, Tenn 37210 Call 615— 254-6654 TOWERS II 318 Advertising TREVECCA HEALTH CARE CENTER T. E. |ones Assocs. Developers Scheduled Opening — June, 1976 5 1 2 Stories— 240 Beds Intermediate Skill Care For Information Write Trevecca Health Care Center 60 Lester Avenue Nashville, Tenn. 37210 BRINGING NEW DIMENSIONS TO THE TREVECCA COMMUNITY Advertising 319 It ' s really hard to say thanks to everyone who deserves it for their work this year. Besides saying thanks to my complete staff, I would like to thank Ron Storer, Lee Jones, and Sam Trent for their photographic contribu- tions. I would also like to thank my husband for his patience and long-suffering during this time. And I want to give a special thanks to my mother for all her help while I was sick in helping us meet our final deadline. In closing, I hope the anticipation has been worth every minute of waiting. 320 Closing

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