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Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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1974 Darda Volume XLVX Published by Associated Student Body Trevecca Nazarene College Nashville, Tennessee We work side by side to achieve goals that are much the same . . . 3 We speak of love with great piety . . . I 9 US be the torch-bearers for humanity. 10 11 and seek a better, brighter future. 14 15 17 18 We can easily f orgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. PLATO Dedication For all the love and hard work you have given Trevecca, we the 1973-74 DARDA staff, dedicate this publication to you, Coach Bill Green. v vvvv V V ' f, 29 In Memoriam Dr. A. B. Mackey April 16, 1897-Sept. 3, 1973i , •••ii li ■■Yt Contents Student Life 34 Organizations .82 Sports 124 People 180 Advertisements 268 - • .. ' . ' .;,.(••,.• .• ' !,j-5t ' i •iifiiMi- ' ■ " ' : ' ] " ; ' s| ' ; estudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestud 35 36 37 38 39 Lyceum 1973 Freshman Recognition Week 42 43 45 The Senior Class presents " Seven Rooms of Gloom " The Freshman Class presents The Christmas Party 48 50 51 Hats Off to Dean Parry Day 52 The " Something Extra " College The ' " SoinclhiiLg Kx Ira ' (a vague, infaiiitiglcsj ' lag), if llial is wlial TNC uiiii|M( ' iit s IS siijiposcd lu lir, must srfk lor the " extra in other directions than mere difference. The extra must come out from the shadows, shed its indefinite " Somethingness, ck-arly identify itself so that it can he descrilx ' d, proclaimed, put into practice and called to account for its progress or regress on its own terms. Vagueness simply will not do. STUCO 72-73 54 f i t 1 WW H «iP » I 56 58 I 59 60 Homecoming 1973 1 Beth Greathouse (opposite, upper left) Sharon Brotherton (opposite, upper right) Carol Love (opposite, center) Joy Pratt (opposite, lower right) Deb Soles, 2nd runner -Up (above, left) Sue Cox, 1st runner-up (above, right) i ' , Phyllis Carter, (lower, left) 1 , ,Jan Hegerneir, Queen (lower, right) it 69 Who ' s Who in American Colleges a Dave Foltz " to be nobody-but yourself in a world which is doing its best night and day, to make you everybody else-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. " e.e. cummings i Herb Agee " Love seeks one thing only: the good of the one loved. It leaves ail the secondary effects to take care of themselves Love, therefore, is its own reward. " Merton evin Beard " Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. " Matthew 6:33 Pam Runyan " It asks a little of us here. It asks of us a certain height, so that when at times the mob is swayed To carry praise or blame too far, We may choose something like a star To stay our minds on and be staid. " Robert Frost 76 Randall Morton " Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend, do it in the name f Heaven, you can justify it in the end. " One Tin Sole r Without truth and honesty, there is no justice. Beverly Amburgey The great use of life is to spend it for something that will out last it. 79 Don York ' Low, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. " Matthew 28:20 80 1 clubsandorganizationsclubsandorganizationscl|i 82 lir. Eorganizationsclubsandorganizationsclubsand STUDENT GOVERNMENT Trev-Echoes Staff 1. Larry Murphy 2. Danny Stroud 3. Gary Hancock 4. Kenny Moses 5. Janice Carmack 6. Kathy White 7. Carla Max well 8. Diane Kisner 9. Barbara Montague-Asst. Editor 10. Donna Smith 11. Beth White 12. Joey Condon 13. Tim Pusey 14. Linda Cramer— Editor Darda Staff 1. Randy Jenkins, Bus. Man. 2. Rose Burkey 3. Cindy Wilkinson 4. Ruth Ruttan 5. Gloria Kendall 6. Pam Phillips 7. Mary Lou Pennington 8. Eddie Johnson 9. Sara Fortenberry, Editor 91 Trevecca Athleti c Association 1. Larry Cook, Vice President 2. Mary Lou Pennington, President 3. Dan Blue 4. Gail Ellis 5. Coach Smith 6. Carey Behrendt 7. Paul Gerard 8. Nancy Mackey 9. Jim Marklin Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1. CoUeen Seitter— Vice President 2. Vickie Rone 3. Brenda Patterson 4. Donna Clemons 5. Beth White 6. Ann Wells 7. Debbie Lore 8. Linda Brumalow 9. Eva Presiment 10. Rose Burkey— President 11. Donna Brewer 12. Nancy Mackey 13. Janice Carmack 14. Carey Behrendt 15. Kathy Pedon 16. Melody Anderson Ministerial Association 1. Larry Williams 2. Dr. Strickland, Sponsor 3. Doyce Wheeler 4. Andrew Such 5. Paul Baired 6. Ron Dalton 7. Sylvester BaUard 8. Barry Kolp 9. Larry Murphy 10. Nathan Baker 11. Jackie Nix 12. Charles Golf 13. Eddie Ritchey 14. Tom Hudgins 15. Tom Keys 16. Jeff Frampton 94 Christian Workers Association 1. Sharon Petri 2. Steve Blakeman 3. Elva Pauley 4. Richard Kimmery 5. Sherri Snodgrass 6. Candy DeHaan 7. Darrell Vaught 8. Tammi Graves 9. Lauren Darnell 10. Sharon Harney 11. Jeff Keptler 12. Mary Pauley 13. Mike Clydburn 14. Tammy Dodd 15. Lester Cline 16. Shiela Clydburn Pep Band 1. Bill Carter 2. Mark Vertrees 3. Ken Steele 4. Louie Weaver 5. Alan Keener 6. Terry Langford 7. Eddie Johnson 8. Les Sprang 9. Steve Sparling 10. Wyn Smith 11. Terry Turner 12. Tim Robinson 13. Steve Bortner 14. Matt Jenson 15. Bob Ireland 16. Paul Gerard 96 Home Economics 1. Janice Greeson 2. Kathy White 3. Brenda Heatherly— Secretary 4. Deb Soles 5. Linda Mackey 6. Patty Upton 7. Valerie Voss 8. Star Steele— Treasurer 9. Debbie Berch 10. Brenda Dillion 11. Jerry Heatherly 12. Carolyn Crapo 13. Janet Wood— Vice President 14. Bev Hindman President Science Club 1. Carl Crapo 2. Diane Kissner 3. Byron Darnell 4. Doctor Guess, Sponsor 5. Kenny Moses 99 Bicycle Club 1. Cindy Beardsley 2. Melinda Ross 3. Connie Johnson 4. Sharon Hayes 5. Linda Mackey 6. Valerie Voss 7. Don Kintner 100 Varsity Pep Club 1. Ron Kitchens 2. Tina Brown 3. Linda Ship 4. Jan Price 5. Joy Hullett 6. Lynn Biggs 7. Zebra Rone 8. Rhonda Lyies 9. Alice Cook-President 10. Peggy French 11 . Mary Lou Pennington 12. Linda Mackey 13. Beth White 14. Don Kintner 15. Victor Morgan 101 Choral Society 102 Chapel Choir I. Brian Allison 20. Guy Priest i Marilyn Clark 21. Vickie Lee I j. Jeff Klepfer 22. Norma Singleton l. Tim Prowse 23. Steve Sparling ' ). Donna Ravey 24. Beverly Hindman ). Tim Robinson 25. Kathy Herndon " . Paul Troutman 26. Mark Seitter !. Terrv Dodd 27. Lynn Biggs ). Donna Hercke 28. Barb Haddox ). Jerry Crummer 29. Debbie Launius [. Rachel Potter 30. Chuck Gase I. Vivian Fowler 31. Paul Berch j. Debbie Bercke 32. Karen Wall k Cindy Cheatham 33. Joey Cordon ). Rob Gasse 34. Jolui Wilson i Mariyn Prindle 35. Pat Ensor ' . Crystal Todd 36. Skip Erwin !. Sue Cox 37. Ken Higgombothim ). Janet Rushing 103 1. Ed Cooner 2. Sherry Gentry 3. Kathy Lovell 4. Larry Tubbs 5. Keith Curry 6. Kim Wonders 7. Debbie Downing 8. Alice Hall 9. Ron Storey 10. Debbi Kiddy 1 1 . Skye Allison 12. Don Kintner 13. Dale Kendall 14. Rae Hendricks 15. Terry Knight 16. Pam Runyan 17. Tim Pusey 18. Phyllis Carter 19. Mike Mort 20. Martha Gomer 21. Vickie Wonders 22. Les Sprang 23. Mike Graham 24. Diane Hooter 25. Lana Bogie 26. Grieg Rosser 27. Mark Vertrees 28. Rick Funderburke 29. Joy Pratt 30. Kathy Jones 31. Ed Mitchell 32. Ron Black 33. Jana Wells 34. Brenda Warren 35. Dr. Patterson 36. Debbie Hack 37. Vickie Boone 18. Linda Brower 39. Sam Bowers 40. Vic Robinson 41. Cindy Milliron 105 Maranatha Sob 1. Mike Graham 2. Kathy Jones 3. Chuck Thatcher 4. Alice Hall 5. Vic Robinson 6. Cindy Milliron 7. Martha Comer 8. Ed Cooner 106 ilinistries Easter Co. 1. Terry Langford 2. Ted Marshall 3. Eddie Johnson 4. Angela Stocks 5. Ken Steele 6. Bill Carter 7. Debbie Hack 8. Mark Hendon 9. Les Sprang 10. Judy Hack 11. Randy Jenkins 107 Civinettes 1. Vickie Boone 2. Charlene Hare 3. Debbie Vinecke 4. Corlis McGee 5. Sharon Brotherton— Secretary 6. Peggy Hunt 7. Joyce Bickel 8. Eunice Slappey 9. Chris McKinney 10. Nancy Craft Civitans 1. Carl Pratt 2. Paul Winsinger 3. Bobby Bowden 4. Tom Brower, President 5. Phil Bowles, Sponsor 6. Randy Jenkins Student Mission Corps ' 74 1. Larry Tarter 2. Karl Peyton 3. Crystal Todd 4. Jim Todd 5. Larry Landis 6. Don Kintner 7. Debbie Hack 8. Paul Buchannan Trevecca Missionary Fellowship 1. Vivian Fowler 111 1. Ronnie Shields 2. Louie Weaver 3. Tommy Todd 4. Jonathan Nabors 5. Buddy Hunt 6. Stan Duniap 7. David Foltz 8. Mark Hendon 9. Ralph Swallows 10. Paul Gerard 11. Les Sprang 12. Larry Reynolds 13. Carl Hall 14. Mike Blankenship 15. Rick Quevedo 16. Curtis Sellers 17. Terry Langford— President 18. Steve Childress 19. Coach Smith— Sponsor Circle-K 113 114 Circle K-Ettes 1. Gayla Anderson, Vice-President 2. Cheryl Watson 3. Merry Hampton 4. Cathy Seaney 5. Jan Hagemier 6. Donna Kaney, Secretary 7. Cathy Jackson 8. Charity Waddell 9. Helen Herring 10. Linda Lanham 11. Ellen Skolinsky 12. Cathy Selman, President 13. Phyllis Carter 14. AHce HaU 15. Debbie Bishop 16. Ann Spear 17. Debby Thomas 18. Vivian Fowler 19. Sue Cox 20. Doreen Baun 21. Ramona Batton 22. " Dawg " Not Pictured: Bev Amburgey Jeannie Lanham Dona Batton Ronda Liles Denise Boone Zebbra Rone Debbie Downing Pam Runyan Debbie DuVall Donna Smith Vivian Hatley Cathy Thomas Bev Herring Dianne Walls, Treasurer Donita Knight 115 Youth Ministers a. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Chris McKinney— Secretary Eva Priesamotil Tracy Span Carla Maxwell Don York Steve Skeen Victor Morgan Kenny Moses Ken McKinney Ruth Wright Treasurer Ken Taiuier Roger Farmer Don Kintner Martha Gommer Vickie Wonders Becky Lovell— President Joan Mathias Vivian Fowler 1 16 Afro-American Society 117 Student Teachers Education Association 1. Donna Chambers, President 2. Sharon Petri 3. Linda Harrison 4. Kathy Mosley 5. Yvonne Booth 6. Sharon Hayes 7. Ruth Ruttan Honor Society 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Brian Allison Ron Black Ted Marshall Mike Clydbum Beth Greathouse Chris McKinney— Vice President Terry Knight Peggy Hunt Debbie Vinecke— Secretary Rhonda Wetzal Charlene Hare Jan Price Corlis McGee Celeste Hunt Linda Brower Sheila Clyburn Mike Spencer Dan Boone— President Randall Morton 119 Forensics 1. Mark Graham 2. Gary Coulter— Sponsor 3. Jana Sloan 4. Sharon Williams 5. Merry Hamptom 6. Kathy White 7. Herb Agee 8. Debbi Kiddy 9. Carl Hall Public Affairs 121 WNAZ 1. Mark Sylvus 2. Kenny Moses 3. Karl Peyton 4. Larry Landis 5. Mike Brinkman 6. Ricky Creole 7. Mark Graham 8. Gregg Anderson 9. Gary Coulter 10. Patty Huff 11. Jackie Stephens 12. Ron Black 13. Terry Turner 14. Bill Dillon 122 sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssporti 1973-74 Trojan Basketball Team I L to R— Assistant Coach Brent Godbey, Nelson Ridley, John Evans, Larry Hatfield, Michael Griner, Ralph Watson, Randy Smith, Sam Davis, Gregg AndersoiijJte ' Wise, Randy Fletcher, Dan Dyer, Bob Jerles, Dennis Powers, and Coach Richard Haynes. i TNC 88 Harding 94 71 Belmont 99 70 Belmont 93 64 U. of S. 69 66 Covenant 62 71 Lambuth 108 82 Union 120 58 Lee 87 78 Lambuth 94 64 U. of s. 94 90 S ' western 84 95 Bryan 109 64 Harding 92 72 S ' western 74 TNC 69 Mulligan Olivet Tournament TNC 64 Northwe_st Nazarene 64 E. Nazaren 71 Bryan 64 Covenant 63 B ' ham Southern 58 Lee 77 Union SCAC Tournament 65 Lee 75 Covenant e { Denotes Southern Christian Athletic Conferenc an 126 137 Trojan Baseball ' 73 .1 141 I 142 146 Trojan Men ' s Tennis Left to right: Cloach Smith, Billy Strickland, Bob Blanitenship, Kick Qiievedo, Carl Hall, Larry Tarter. Ralph Swallows, Keith Isner, Steve Rickey, Jerry Crumme March April May ' 74 Schpdiile 9 111. Benedictine Home 12 Olivet Home 22 Peebody Away 26 Lambeth Home 27 Belmont Home 29 Fisk Home 1 Lipscomb Away 5 Peabody Home 6 St. Aguinas Away 8 Union Home 16 Belmont Away 17 Univ. of South Home 18 Lipscomb Home 20 Southwestern Away 22 Union Away 24 Fisk Away 27 Univ. of South Away 30 Temple Home 3 Southwestern Home 4 Lambeth Away 8 St. Aguanis Home 11 Temple Away 150 Trojan Women ' s Tennis Left to right: Dotina Chambers, Moe Moorehead, Donna McLemore, AHce Hall, Nancy Mackey, Beth White, Coach Debbie Lore March April i k_?Cllt U.Ulc 26 Fisk Away 28 M. T. S. U. Home 29 Lambuth Away 30 Austin Peay Home 4 Un. of Tenn — Martin Away 9 Calhoun Home 15 Calhoun Away 16 Peabody Home 18 David Lipscomb Away 19 M. T. S. U. Away 22 Fisk Home 23 University of the South Away 24 Lambeth Home 25 Peabody Away 26 Un. of Tenn. — Martin Home 30 Austin Peay Away 151 Trojan ' s Golf ' 74 Left to right: fioach Strickland. Keith Currie, Les Sprari};. Stanford Stewart, Alan Kenner, Dennis Conrad, Mark Hendon, Paul Gray, Randy Burknerjerfl Higginbothem i I 152 ■ — Trojan Women ' s Extramural Volleyball • t ■ • h to right: Front: Alice Hall. Jane Shelton, Kathy Thomas, Uonna Chambers, Moe Moorehead, Brenda Patterson. Back: ( oach Lore. Geraldine NeL«on, Donna B ver, Janice Carmack, Hose Burkey, Carey Behrendt, Donna McLemore, Coleen Seiter 153 Zebbra Rone 154 Debbie Bishop Beta Football 6-0 Basketball 5-1 159 Alpha Football 4-2 160 Basketball 2-4 161 Basketball 2-4 Women ' s Intramural Sports Linda Bumbalough Eva Prisament Janice Carmack Vickie Rone Donna Chambers Coleen Seiter Alice Hall Jane Shelton Marcia Mathews Jan Taylor Nancy Mathews Charity Waddle Brenda Patterson Ann Wells Kathy Peeden Cindy Wright OUTSTANDING COLLEGE ATHLETES Alpha L to R— Donna McLemore, Melody Anderson, Donna Brewer, Brenda Patterson, Marcia Mathews, Nancy Mathews. STANDINGS VOLLEYBALL 1st Place BASKETBALL 1st Place SOFTBALL Played in Spring Beta L to R— Nancy Mackey, Donna Phillips, Cindy Wright, Vickie Rone. STANDINGS VOLLEYBALL BASKETBALL SOFTBALL 3rd Place 2nd Place Played in Spring 168 Gamma L to R— Kathy Thomas, Rose Burky, Ammorelle Bailey, Geraldine Nelson, Cheryl Brannon. STANDINGS VOLLEYBALL BASKETBALL SOFTBALL 2nd Place 3rd Place Played in Spring Delta L to Mary Hampton, Pam Phillips, Barbara Duke, Sara Fortenberry, Mary Lou Pennington. STANDINGS VOLLEYBALL 4th Place BASKETBALL 4th Place SOFTBALL Played in Spring 170 171 172 173 Football All-Stars Ronnie Shields [,arr Reynolds Glt iiii English Gamma Beta Beta Offensive End Defensive Back Offensive End 176 Barbara Duke Delta Senior Ammorella Bailey Gamma Junior Nancy Maekey Beta Senior Geraldine Nelson Gamma Senior 178 ilepeoplepeoplepeoplepeoplepeoplepeoplepeopli 181 REACH FOR THE STARS Dr. Mark R. Moore DARDA-1973 74 Mv philosophy seems very simple— " Do what you can— with what yo have — where you are — ! " At first glance this appears to make minimum demand. Some mav see i it a type of fatahsm. However, through the years 1 have liad occasion to giv serious thought to this statement and have concluded that God will no require more of a Christian nor be pleased with less. " DO WHAT YOU CAN " -there are needs so great and challenging tha each of us could profitably give ten lives to the conquest of them and sti need more. Since we have only one life, prudence requires that we give it i wisdom and with enthusiasm. George Matthew Adams said, " Enthusiasm is kind of faith that has been set afire. " Faith on fire m akes the difference. Th lukewarm attitude of one church provoked these words, " I will spue thee oi of mv mouth. " Paul ' s enthusiasm and faith on fire communicates confidence and hop when he said, " 1 can do all things through (Christ which strengtheneth me. " WHAT DO WE HAVE THAT REALLY MATTERS? An education, physical bodv, the accumulation of things, goals, ideals or dreams? The value we hold in part determines what we have to work with or at least determine if our work will eiulure. God asked one man, " What is that in thy hand? " H further instructed him to lake what he had and use it to fulfill his assignmen We too are challenged lo do our best not merely because the work is worth il but because we are. We have spent manv months in these halls together. It is here that w have learned to know, trust and love one another. It is here that we hav made or have failed to make use of the many opportunities to do what w can " WHERE WE ARE " . One ' s education will be nearer complete if he ha learned that it is here and now that life is being lived and it is in this plac reference that one makes his contribution. Demosthenes emphasized thi when he said, " Small opportunities are often the beginning of great entei prises. " Set your goals high! REACH FOR THE STARS! But, remember that i will be step by step; one small goal reached after another that builds ti satisfying living. This, my philosophy, " DO WHAT YOU CAN-WITH WHAT YOl HAVE-WHERE YOU ARE " , measured in the light of Christ ' s will for me becomes the most expensive life that I can live. It has and will cost me my all The justification for paying such a price is the rich fulfillment of life now an( the sure hope of its eternal continuance with Him. The Office of Dean of the College 184 Admissions And Registrar Mrs. Weeks, Secretary of Admissions 186 Teacher Education 187 Office of Student Affairs Board of Trustees 190 Public Relations and Development 192 193 Religion and Philosophy 197 Science Department Jerry Costa, A.B., M.A., Ed.S. 198 Ann Fuqua, B.S., M.A., Ed.S. 199 Business Department Gerald D. Skinner, B.S., M.S.. C.P.A. 200 John Teter, B.S.. M.A. 201 Education and Psychology 202 Carole Costa, B.S., M.A. 203 Fine Arts Pauletta Janaway, B.A., M.A. 205 Health and Physical Education 206 Alan Smith, B.S., M.A. Carolyn Smith, B.S., M.A. BiU Green, B.A., M.A. 207 History and Political Science 208 English and Speech Charles L. ChUders, A.l)., B.L)., M.A., Ph.D. PhU Bowies, A.B., M.A. Paul Cleckner, A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. 211 Mathematics C. B. Smith B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Clifton M. Taylor B.S., M.S., Chairman Missions, Anthropology, and Sociology Jerry D. Hull, B.A., B.D., M.A. Paul W. Beals, A.B., M.Div., M.A., Ph.D. 213 Library and Learning Resources Mr. Ebby, Listening Librarian 214 Campus Security and Maintenance 215 classesclassesclassesclassesclassesclassesclassescli . ■ i ' 216 lassesclassesclassesclassesclafs sclassesclassesc 217 218 Herbert Agee Larry T. Allen Beverly Amburgey Marion Amburn Gayla Anderson Danny Baker Sylvester Ballard Kevin Beard 219 si. David Berkner S. Yvonne Booth Cheryl Brannon Cynthia Brown Sam Carlan Donna Chambers Robert Clarke Susan Cleckner 220 SheUa J. Clyburn Michael E. Coffman Rebecca D. Cole Luther Collins Beverly Cope Terri Coulter 1 Linda G. Ellis David Foltz Sara Fortenberry Diane Gabriel Pleas T. Godbey Mark Graham Mike Graham Sandra Graham 223 Julia McKinley Nancy Mackey Jimmy Marklin Martha Menefee Judith Miller Edward M. Millraney Dwight Modesitt Michael Mort 227 Carl Pratt Edward Redmon Nelson Ridley Barbara Rohmann Harold D. Runyan Pamela Runyan Ruth Ruttan Coleen Seitter 229 Barry C. Sellers Catherine Selman Daniel Seybt John Shaum Jerry Shelley Kanchana Sirichpiyanat Jana Slone Henry Spaulding 230 233 234 Janet Adcock Skye Alison Jan Archer Stephen Archer Ammorelle Bailey Ramona Batton Betty Beardslee Dale Beardslee Ronald Black Vickie Boone Sam Bowers Cindi Box Linda Brower Don Brown Joey Brummitt Paul Buchanan Karen Carlson Marcia Carr Marcia Castle Sifhipom Chaickow 235 Marilyn Clark Donna demons Mike Cole Pamela Conner Dennis Conrad Ly nn Crum Ron Dalton Steve Digby Mary DiUard Bill DiUon Russell Dorsery Debbie Downing 236 Meta Fannin Tim Ferguson Jeff Fox Cindy Garcia Janice Garcia Dennis Garrett Diane Graver Beth Greathouse Esther Grimm Carl HaU Mike Harper Hayden Harris Connie Hayes Jerry Heatherly Beverly Herring David HiU Sue Jenkins Donita Knight Nancy Kraft Terry Langford Ken Latham Kathy Lay 238 1 Fred Lewis (lay Lynch Kob McLaren Linda Mackey loan Mathis Caria Maxwell AUine Moorehead Larry Murphy Jonathan Nabors Carlotta Nesbitt Gwen Newman Jackie Nix Sandy Oliver Roxroy Parham Sharon Retry Pamala Phillips Jack Powers Rick Ouevedo Paul Rainwater Larry Reynolds I 239 240 Ken Steele Debbie Stewart Angela Stocks Janet Stover Larry Stover Danny Stroud Marcia Theall Debra Thomas Ray Thompson Paul Troutman Terry Turner Don Twining Ann Wells Shirley Walker Janna Wells Brenda Warren Janet Wheeler Ralph Watson Steve Whitehead Louis Weaver Kathy Wilcox 242 Cindy Wilkinson Janet Wilson Vickie Wonders Gail Wood 243 Ken Adkiiis Bryan Allison Melody Anderson Nathan Baker Denise Baldwin Andy Bat ton Melinda Beeler Carev Belirendt Joyce Bickel Debbie Bishop Mike Blankenship Paul Braselton Doiuia Brewer Laiirie Brodien Sliaron Brotherton Qiristel Bums Glen Caldwell Janice Carmack Phyllis Carter Glenda Cass 245 James Clyburn Alice Cooke Linda Cramer Carl Crapo Byron Darnell David Deas Karen Deas Debbie Debord Stephen Dillamn Karen Disbro Bob Dodd Shelia Durui Carey Dunning Robin Dye Beverly Fannin Roger Farmer Mark Farris Jeff Frampton Doug French Rick Fridley 246 Rick Funderburk Beth Gamer Cindy Geasley Sherri Gentry Martha Gomer Dennis Grady Charhe Gray Linda Green Carol Griggs Alice HaU Merry Hampton Gary Hancock Charlene Hare Cheryl Harrison Tim Hartsfield Barry Hathcock Betty Hawkins Mark Hendon Ray Hendricks Bob Henninger 247 Jim Hiatt Sliaron HilJman John HintoM Arnetta Hodges Peggy Holt Doiuia Hood Melissa Hudson Celeste Hunt Annelle Jamison Debbie Janes Jerry Jared Randy Jenkins 248 Dale Johnson Cathy Jones Donna Kaney Alan Keener Tom Keyes Richard Kimmery Brent King Don Kintner Terry Knight Barry Kolp James Laing Doug Lansford Pamela Latliam Patty Leffel Gary McCoUum Carol McCulIough Wilbur McCulIough Susan McDonald Corlis McGee Brian McGuire 249 Chris McKinney Joan McNichols Ted Marshall Becky Merchant Dan Milliron Kathy Mosley Gary Mullinax Darryl Nelson Jim Orsbom Kari Payton Ed Ferryman Kathy Phillips Mitchell Powell Joy Pratt Jan Price Tim Prouse Mike Provance Cathy Ray Connie Reed Tim Robinson 250 Eddie Rosdalil Melinda Ross Nora Ryun Kathy Sanderson Ronnie Shields Steve Shomo Steve Skeen Eunice Slappey Wyn Smith Karen Smotherman Liz Spencer Michael Spencer Ann Spoon Jackie Stephens 251 Dennis Stout Ralph Swallows Mike Sykes Frieda Thompson Mel Thompson James Todd Tommy Todd Darryle Vaught Judy Veigl Debbie Vinecke John Wallace Diane Walls Jimmy Ward Ronda Wetzel Becky Wliipple Dena Williams Glen Wilson Susan Wilson Paula Wright Alga Wubneh 252 253 254 Scott Acuff Kathy Allen Terri Anderson Gordon Barron Steve Bartner Dona Batton Kaye Baugess Dawn Baun Randy Benefield McCroy Benson Debbie Berck Donna Berck Lynn Biggs Steve Blakeman Johnny Bledsoe Tim Bohamoa Julie Bomba Bill Bone Robert Bowden Paul Bradford 255 Mike Brinknian Rebecca Hrovvii Tina Brown Linda Brumbalough Robert Burch Sliaron Burton Garry Caldwell Michelle Callins i Beverly Carter Deborah Chambers Cindy Cheatham Grace Christeasen Mike Clark Wanda Cochran Edward Cooner Sue Cox Beverly Craig Carolyn Crapo Rickey Creel Philip Crossman Jerry Crummer Caroline Culbertson Laren Darnell Candace DeHaan Janda Dement Tammy Dodd David Elliott Pat Ensar 257 Debra Essary Samuel Firebaugh Marcy Fitzgerald Vivian Fowler Peggy French Greg Gallup Paula Gaunce Arthur Gifford John Gillespie Melba Grant Tami Graver Kathy Green Janice Greeson Laura Griner Debbie Hack Barbara Haddix Sharon Haney Cindy Hawkins Tommy Hawkins Linda Haynes 258 Sharon Hayse Steve Hood Brenda Heatherly Mary Howell Kathy Hemdon Tommy Hudgins Beverly Hindman Pattie Huff James Hodge Joy Hulett Bobby Ireland Skip Irwin Terry Jewell Connie Johnson Debra Kiddy Jennifer Kid well Janie Kingery Kenneth Kirkland 260 Dianne Kisner Ron Kitchen Jeff Klepfer Linda Laiiliam Ken Laymon Vicky Lee John Lesner Ronda Liles Barbara Linder Jim Love Kathleen Lovell Rhoda Lovell Paul McCullough Ken McKinney Jerry Mabley Brent Mann Malinda Matlock Renee Miller Ed Mitchell Barb Montague 261 Gary Montague Paul Moore Carol Morgan Victor Morgan Randy Newby Willard Painter Cheryl Patterson Rick Pence Donna Phillips David Pollock Rachel Potter Jeanne Preston Guy Priest Marilyn Prindle Eva Prisament Tim Pusey Ralph Raeper Stephen Rickey Gail Rodgers Vickie Rone i, i 262 i David Roscoe Greg Rosser Janet Rushing Connie Sandifer Mike Sartin Cathy Seaney Nancy Seay Noah Shans 263 Linda Shipp BiU Smith Bobbie Smith Domia Smith Ernest Smith Lynette Smith Sherry Snodgrass Debra Soles Steve Sparling Tracy Spaur Bob Steele Denny Talbott Morris Stocks Kenny Tanner Bill Strickland JoAnne Taylor Cindy Swisshelm Sharon Thompson Mark Sylvus Crystal Todd 265 Pomar Toto Rick Underwooi! Patti Upton J ohn Vintson Grace Walker Karen WaQ Bill Watkins 266 Danny Whitstone Glenn Wilkinson Craig Williams Howard Williams Martha Williams John Wilson Timothy Wilson Kim Wonders 267 T STUDENT DIRECTORY Aaron, Teresa; 704 Poplar Street, Albany, Kentucky 42602 Acuff, Scott Emerson; 1205 Birch Street, Benton, Kentucky 42025 Adcock, Janet P.; Rt. 1, Box 501, AdarnsviUe, Alabama 35005 Adkins, WiUiam Kenton; 2026 Waikiki Way, Tampa, Florida 32619 Agee, Herb T.; 1803 Colonial l ive, Barnwell, South Carolina 25812 Alison, Br an H.; Box 6162, Ascauga Lake Road, North Augusta, South Carolina 29B41 Alison, Skye Winston; Box 6162, scauga Lake Road, North Augusta, South Carolina 29841 Allen, Kathy Ruth; 2520 Royal Oak Drive, TitusvTlle, Florida 32780 Allen, Larry Thomas; Main, Mowrys- town, Ohio 45155 Amburgey, Beverly Sue; 430 South Queen Street, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky 40353 Amburn, Marion H.; Rt. 4, Loudon, Tennessee 37774 Anderson, Gayla Lynn; 202 Harris Street, Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715 Anderson, Gregg; 223 Knollwood Drive, Highland Heights, Kentucky 41076 Anderson, Melody L.; 1539 Union, Xenia, Ohio 45385 Anderson, Terri Elaine; 2320 Dart- mouth Dr., Birmingham, Alabama 35226 Archer, Brenda Jan; 1423 W. Pall, Fresno, California Archer, Jacquelynne Kay; Box 826, Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050 Archer, Stephen Wayne; 610 Fairmont Ave., Albertville, Alabama 35950 Arnold, Linda Denese; Box 13, Moss Road, Antioch, Tennessee 37013 Bailey, Ammorelle G.; Box 19, 73 F ' sted, St. Croix, V.L 00840 Baird, Paul Reid, II; 55 Hart Street, Apt. 16, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Baker, Danny D.; R.R. 2, Rising Sun, Indiana 47040 Baker, Nathan E.; R.R. 2, Osgood, In- diana 47037 Baldwin, Denise; 3699 Robindale Ct., Decaur, Ga. 30034 Ballard, Sylvester; Box 157, Route 1, Flora, Miss. 39071 Barron, Gordon Benjamin; 4438 Ash- land Drive, Macon, Georgia 31206 Batton, Anthony Douglas; Box 594, Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278 Batton, Dona Lynn; Rt. 1, Fitzgerald, Georgia 31750 Batton, Ramona Demi; Rt. 1, Fitz- gerald, Georgia 31750 Baygess, Dairen Kaye; 4570 Angle- brook Drive, Grove City, Ohio 43123 Baun, Doreen Lyrm; 27 Harpersville Road, Newport News, Virginia 23601 Hayes, Sandra Kay; Rt. 1, Box 217, Orient, Ohio 43146 Beard, Kevin Dale, 55 Hart Street, Apt. 20, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Beardslee, Cindy Lu; 809 Hamblew Drive, Madison, Tennessee 37115 Beelex, Melinda Fay; 114 Bussell Fevey Road, Lenoix City, Tennessee 37771 Behagg, Suzanne Elaine; 3125 Wein- bach Ave., Evansville, Indiana 47714 Behrendt, Carey Lynn; 228 Naylor Ave., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577 Benefield, Randy Michael; 1980 Wasliington Ave., East Point, Ga. 30344 270 Benson, Daryle; 1816 Anderson Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 Benson, McCrag, 1816 Anderson Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 Berck, Debbie Lynn; 1730 Loch Lomond Tr. S.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30331 Berck, Donna Lee; 1730 Loch Lomond Tr., Atlanta, Georgia 30331 Berkner, David RandaU; 1618 Wood- row PI., Macon, Georgia 31204 Bickel, Joyce Elaine; 2122 S. Clinton Ave., Trenton, New Jersey 08610 Biggs, Jaque Lyrm; 422 Highland Ave., Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091 Bishop, Debbie Annette;, 6222 Maney Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 Black, Ronald J.; 3647 173ct., Apt. 5A, Lansing, lUinois 60438 Blakeman, Stephen Mack; 819 Sum- mervUle Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40504 Blankenship, Michael Boyd; 85 Morris Ave., AsherviUe, North Carobna 28806 Blankenship, Robert Roy; 813 Lemont Drive, Nashville, Temiessee 37210 Bledsoe, Johnny Martin; 616 Green- land Drive, Fay etteville, North Carolina 28305 Bloom, Byron Leon; Blue, Daniel R.; 9 Middlesex Drive, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33315 Bogie, Lana G.; 78 Nance Lane, Nash- ville, Tennessee 37210 Bohannon, Timothy Harold; 1020 21st Ave. E., Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401 Bomba, J u harm Kay; 250 Spring Forest Ave., Jacksonville, Florida 32216 Bone, Bill Barrett; Rt. 1, Box 289, Lithia, Florida 33547 Boone, Dan Lee; 113 S. Locust, McComb, Mississippi 39648 Boone, E. Denise; 110 Middlesex Drive, Charlottesville, Va. 22901 Boone, Vickie Lynn; 113 S. Locust, McComb, Mississippi 39648 Booth, MitcheU J.; 827 N.E. 22 Drive, Witten Manors, Florida 33315 Booth, S. Yvonne; 1289 S.W. 21 Ave., Gainesville, Florida 32601 Bortner, Stephen Paul, 1588 Boisseau Drive, Prince George, Virginia 23875 Bowden, Robert Eugene; 507 Alma Drive, Brandon, Florida 33511 Bowers, Samuel Ray, 701 N. Buchanan, Dttle Rock, ArL 72205 Box, Cindi Jean; R.R. 2, Flouds Knobs, Ind. 47119 Braden, Sue M.; 919 N. Henderson, Galesburg, Dl. 61401 Bradford, Paul K., 2606 Mt. View Drive, St. Albans, W. Va. 25177 Brannon, Cheryl Louise, 1435 Lost Mtn. Road, Powder Springs, Georgia 30073 Braselton, James Timothy; R.R. 2, OwensviUe, Ind. 37665 Braselton, Paul Gregory; Box 368, OwensviUe, Ind. 37665 Brewer, Donna S.; R.R. 1, Brownston, Ind. 47220 Brinkman, Mike Ray, 3735 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40220 Brodien, Laura Ellen; 131 N.E. 59th CL, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33308 Brotherton, Sharon Delaine; 320 Cook St., Mooresville, North Carolina 28115 Brower, Linda Carol; 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Brower, Thomas Wayne; 1232 Wood- land Ave., Lakeland, Florida 33801 Brown, Christina Dee Ann; R.R. 3, Box 353-A, Mooresville, North Carolina 28115 Brov ai, Cynthia E.; 66 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Brown, Donald; Park Ave., Ludlow, Kentucky Brown, James; 4024 Hooker Road, Chattanoog a, Termessee 37410 Brown, Rebecca Claire; 3800 Central Ave., Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Brown, Shelia Anne; Rt. 3, Royal Oaks, Columbia, Tennessee 38401 Brovm, Terry Benson; 1654 Wigwam Tr., Xenia, Ohio 45385 Brown, Van A., Shingler Apt. 8, Nash- ville, Tennessee 37210 Bruder, Vernon Frederick; 55 Hart Street, Apt. 49, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Brummett, Donald Joe; 313 Vine, Monticell, Kentucky 42633 Buchanan, Paul Daniel; 512m 19th Street, Bedford, Ind. 47421 Bumbalough, Linda Kay; R.R. 7, Sparta, Tenn. 38583 Burch, Paul Herbert; 204 Unittcio St., Sutherlin, Oregon 97479 Burch, Robert Grady; 1049 Harbison Drive, Columbus, Georgia 31903 Burke, Diane W.; 550 Harding Place, C-117, Nashville, Tennessee 37214 Burky, Rose Marie; Mock Road, Berlin Center, Ohio 44401 Bumes, Christeljean, bl9 Crocus Ave., AJtus, Oklahoma 73521 Caldwell, Garry David; Estill Spring Road, Tennessee 37324 Caldwell, Ralph Glen; 3692 Robindale Ct., Decatur, Georgia 30034 Cale, Gary G.; Apt. 133-B, Windham, Ohio 44288 Campbell, Thomas Ray; 7409 Eliza- beth Street, Cincirmati, Ohio 45231 Caple, Glenda Sue; 13600 S.W. 184th St., Miami, Florida 33157 Carlan, Samuel Alan; 9756 Orr Ct. S., Jax, Florida 32216 Carlson, Karen Louise; Rt. 6, Lake Hill Circle, Lewisburg, Term. 37091 Carmack, Janice Marie; Box 572, Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108 Carr, Marcia Gwen; 4406 Rosecrest Road, Roanoke, Va. 24018 Carter, Beverly Gail; Box 123, Rt. 4, Albany, Kentucky 426002 Carter, Gerald H.; 146 Wirmet Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45415 Carter, Phyllis Jean; 3430 Morgan Ave., Ashland, Kentucky 41101 Carter, William Cox, 2507 Proctor, Sarasota, Florida 33581 Cass, Glenda C; 2132 Beech Ave., Macon, Georgia 21204 Castels, Vivian Zita; 3750 N.W. 21 Ct., Miami, Florida 33142 Castle, Marcia; Rt. 1, Box 329-C, Catlettsburg, Kentucky 41129 Chambers, Deborah Rose; 1788 M.W. 8 Terr., Homestead, Florida 33030 Chambers, Donna Ruth; 1788 N.W. 8th Terr., Homestead, Florida 33030 Chakhow, Sithiporn; 363 Siphaya Road, Bangkok, Thailand Cheatham, Cynthia Jean; 621-24th Ave. N.W., Birmingham, Alabama 35215 Childress, Steve Edwin; 1283 Oakhurst Dr., Charleston, West Virginia 25314 Christensen, Grace Ellen; 5936 N.W. 1 Ave, Miami, Florida 33127 Clark, Deborah Louise; 3069 Stratford Drive, Largo, Florida 33540 Qark, James Michael; 10408 Ventura Ave., Tampa, Florida 33619 Clark, Marilyn Ann; 230-52nd St.. Newport News, Virginia 23607 Qarke, Hazel Ruth; 14 Malibou Cir., Sau., Ga. 31406 Clarke, Robert; 365 Iroquois St., Chickasaw, Ala. 36611 Cleckner, Susan Jeanne; 239 Bell Road, Nashville, Tenn. 37217 demons, Domia Jo; Box 711, Arcadia, Florida 33821 Clyburn, James Michael; 3445 S. - Orange Bl. Tr., Kissimmee, Florida 32741 Clyburn, Shelia Jacqueline; 511 Lester, Nashville, Teim. 37210 Cochran, Wanda Lee; 5602 Craig Road, North Charleston, South Carolina 29406 Coffman, Michael Edward Hiram; 384 Albemarle Ave. S.E., Roanoke, Va. 24016 Cole, Michael Wayne; Rt. 3, Hender- sonviU, North Carolina 28739 Cole, Rebecca Diane, 933 Shwarmee Ave., Lakeland, Florida 33801 Collins, Luther Timothy; 3714 South Park Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40219 Collins, Michelene; 4905 Johquil Ln., Knoxvill, Teim. 37919 Conner, Pamela Lyrme; R.R. 2, Box 409, Nicholsville Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45106 Conrad, Dennis L.; 702 Braff St., Schoffielo, Hawaii 96557 Cook, Alice Marlene; 14625 Braddock Rd., CentrevUle, Va. 22020 Cook, Larry Alan; R.R. 1, Mt.Gilead, Ohio 43338 Cooner, Harvey Edward; 23 Hemlock Dr., N.W., Ft. Walton Beach, Florida 32548 Cope, Beverly Ann; 85 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Coulter, Terri L., 2520 N. 63rd, Kansas City, Kansas 66104 Courtney, Charles Michael; 317 Cedar St., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577 ( overdill, Roy Thomas; 6222 Money Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 Cox, Sue Ann; 5433 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 fj-aig, Beverly Ann; 464 McMurray Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37211 Oanier, Linda Sue: 5508 Mae Court, Louisville, Kentucky 40214 Crane, Linda Jean; 606 Woodrow, Selma, Alabama 36401 Grapo, Carl David; 2503 Hargrove, Memphis, Tenn. 38127 Grapo, Carolyn Diami; 2503 Hargrove Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 38127 Greel, Rickey Alan; 5300 Lingle La., Richmond, Va. 23234 Grossman, Philip Edward; 389 Wimpole Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37211 ]rum, Laura Lynn; Rt. 3, Jackson, Georgia 30233 iaimmer, Gerald Carl; 1025 Vassarst, Orlando, Florida 32804 Gulbertson, Linda Caroline, 3 Wen- dover Drive, Greenville, South Caro- lina 29607 lundiff, Susan Mae; 2312 S. Patrick Dr., Satellite Bch., Florida 32935 lamutte, Richard Allen; 93 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 ilurrie, Keith Waldon; 109 Daleview Circle, Columbia, Tenn. 38401 i»aggett, Thomas Marion; Eldon, I Missouri •alton, Ronnie Thomas; 1636 Hearth- I stone Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45410 ' amell, Byron James; 811 Brookfield Dr., Murfreesboro, Tenn. 37130 arnell, Loren Lee; 811 Brookfield Dr., Murfreesboro, Temi. 37130 avis, Kay Louise; 29102 Newcastle Road, Howard, Ohio 43028 lavis, Samuel M.; 1905 Scott Ave., Nashville, Tenn. eas, David Andrew; 312 Vivelle Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37211 eas, Karen Leigh; 1301 35th St. W., Bradenton, Florida 33505 ebord, Debbie J.; 1 Shelby St., Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. 30741 eHaan, Candace S.; 7430 Angling Rd., Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 sment, Jonda Lou; 923 Cramer Ave., Lexington, Kentucky 40502 ;nnis, Frances Ann; 77 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 ;nny, Talbott S.;6239W. Harrwood, Orlando, Florida 32808 ;Sha, Celeste Qaire; 633 Hidden Acres, Nashville, Tenn. 37115 ■Sha, Roy Clarence, Jr.; 633 Hidden Acres, Nashville, Tenn. 37115 jgby, Steve Harris; 712 N.E. 39th Grt., Ocala, Florida 32670 ard, Mary Frances; 802 N. Spair ?t., Thomasville, Ga. 31792 man, Stephen Wayne; 2564 Old- leld Ave., Bethel Park, Pa. 15102 Hon, Brenda Sue; 509 N. Market St., isbon, Ohio 44432 on, William Ray; 509 N. Market, isbon, Ohio 44432 bro, Karen Sue; R.R. 1, Rising Sun, ndiana 47040 ' dd, Robert; 2863 Plaza Terr., Wanda, Florida 32803 |dd. Tammy Sue; 354 E. Mills Ave., Gincinnati, Ohio 45215 nahay, Terri Ann; 562 W. 56th ' lace, Hialeah, Florida 33012 naldson, Mark H.; 1309 Summit St., indlay, Ohio 45840 irsey, Russell Gene; 519 E. Division, Joonville, Indiana 47601 Iwning, Deborah Ann; 2615 Glenn ive., Evansville, Ind. 47711 Iwning, Michael Wade; 1103 Rice oad Drury, Ruth Kaye; Hickory Hills Mobile Home Park, Lakeland, Fla. 33803 Duke, Barbara Jean; 71 N.E. 163 St., Miami, Florida 33162 Dunlap, David Roy; Rf. 1, Box 229, Cairo, Ga. 31728 Dunlap, Stanley Ray; Rt. 2, Box 446- R, Charleston, West Virginia 25314 Dunn, Shelia Paulett; 106 Woodall St., AlbertvUle, Alabama 35950 Dunning, Williajn Carey; 419 Soutli- wood Dr., Nashville, Tennessee 37217 DuVall, Deborah Ann; Loin Hall, Apt. Duvall, Leslie Dean; 3544 Western Reserve Rd., Canfield, Ohio 44406 Duvall, Lewis Allen; 3544 Western Reserve Rd., Canfield, Ohio 44406 Dye, Robin; 5012 E. Fountain Blvd., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916 Dyer, Daniel Lee; 7444 Hwy. 70 Soutli, Nashville, Tenn. 37221 Dyer, Freddy James; Amaros Ave., Rt. 7, Box 116, Orlando, Florida 32805 Eby, Jonathan Paul ; 65 Paris Ave. Eby, Susan Claire; 1905 Omahundro Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Edwards, Juanita L.; 2300 N.W. 88th St., Miami, Florida 33147 ElHott, David Jay; 2868 Washington Lane, Davenport, Iowa 52804 Elbs, Linda; Rt. 1, WallacevUle Road, Rossville, Ga. 30741 English, Darryl Glenn; 1003 Oakhurst Dr., Charleston, West Virginia 25314 Ensor, Patricia Ann; Box 163, Jasper, Alabama 35501 Essary, Debra Yvonne; Rt. 1, Dallas, North Carolina 28034 Evans, Deitra Kay; 4032 Nebraska, St. Louis, Missouri 63118 Evans, John W.; 6340 Histaneo Drive, Middletown, Ohio 45042 Fannin, Beverly Jo; 204 E. Carroll Street, Cherryville, North Carolina 28021 Fannin, Meta T.; 204 E. CarroU Street, Cherryville, North Carolina 28021 Farmer, Roger Lowell; 617 E. 20th Street, Hialeah, Florida 33013 Earns, Mark Edwin; South Highway 27, Somerset, Kentucky 42501 Feasel, Rose Marie; 2809 Crystal Lake Ave., Orlando, Florida 32806 Fellers, Joan Louise; 159 B. Thomas Drive, Flemaont, Ohio 43420 Ferguson, Timothy Keith; 439 Audu- bon Circle, Belvedere, South Carolina 29841 Firebaugh, Samuel Dean; 729 Lord Nelson Drive, Va. Beach, Va. 23462 Fitzgerald, Marcella Lynn; 5520 North- stream Drive, Chariotte, North Caro- lina Fletcher, Randall Scott; Rt. 1, Box 39, Stephenson, Virginia 22656 Foltz, David Charles; 127 E. Wilson Ave., Mooresville, North Carolina 28115 Fortenberry, Sara; Box 127, Merigold, Ms. 38759 Fowler, Vivian Mary; 4200 Gentry Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27407 Fox, Jeff D.; 23130 S.W. 162 Ave., Homestead, Florida 33030 Foxworthy, Shelly Kay; Rt. 1, Box 444, Callahan, Florida 32011 Framptor, Jeffrey D.; 832 NeUie Street, Greenfield, Ohio 45123 French, Doug D.; 2015 DaUas, Cincin- nati, Ohio 45239 French, Peggy Aliene; 2015 Dallas Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 Fridley, Ricky Carlyle; Augusta Springs, Virginia 24411 Funderburk, Richard Lee; 55 N.W. 64 Ct., Miami, Florida 33126 Gabriel, Diane Linda; 95 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Gallup, Gregory Mark; TNC, Box 165, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 GaUup, Wayne G.; TNC, Box 165, NashvUle, Tenn. 37210 Garcia, Cynthia Cuervo; 1630 Hunting- ton, Lakeland, Florida 33801 Garcia, Janice Cuervo; 1630 Hunt- ington, Lakeland, Florida 33801 Garner, Beth; 4490 Helene Rd., Mem- phis, Teim. 38117 Garrett, Giles Dennis; Spring Grove Rd., Rt. 1, Bethel, Ohio 45106 Gase, Charles Robert; 998 Hicks Blvd., Fairfield, Ohio 45014 Gassie, Robert Ramsey, HHC SPTRPS (ODLSCOMPT), HQ Tas- conieur, APO New York 09058 Gaunce, Paula Jean; 1724 Sterling, Cincinnati, Ohio 45234 Geasley, Cynthia Jane; 407 S. Figuers Drive, Franklin, Tenn. 37064 Gentry, Sherri Paulette, 2520 Sheritan Road, NashvUle, Tenn. 37206 Gerard, Pamela Sue; 1601 Idle Drive, Clearwater, Florida 33516 Gerard, Paul Steven; 1601 Idle Drive, Clearwater, Florida 33516 Gifford, Arthur, Rt. 1, Flora, Tenn. 37328 Gillespie, John Graton, 3513 Mt. Vernon, Augusta, Ga. 30906 Godbey, Pleas Thomas, 425 Arlington Ave., Lockland, Ohio 45215 Corner, Martha Glady; 210 Amherst Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37214 Grady, Dennis Patrick, 5971 NE 5th Terr., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33308 Graham, Benita Gail, 1505 Bluegrass Ave., Louisville, Kentucky 40215 Graham, Mark; 512 West Church, Lewisburg, Tenn. 37091 Graham, Mike, 512 West Church, Lewisburg, Tenn. 37091 Graham, Sandra Kay; 503 Arlington Ave., Tenn. Grant, Melba D.; 422 Avondale Ave., Georgetown, Kentucky 40324 Graves, Diane Nell, 1564 Girvin Rd., Jacksonville, Florida 32225 Graves, Tami Katheryn; Box 883, Gallatin, Teim. 37066 Gray, Charles David; 3418 Morgan Ave., Ashland, Kentucky 41101 Gray, Paul Edward; 3418 Morgan Ave., Ashland, Kentucky 41101 Greathouse, Beth; 9724 Juniper Lane, Overiand Park, Ks. 66207 Green, Dan Paul, 2620 Pennington, Nashville, Tenn. Green, Kathy Renea; 5314 Ridgecrest Ave., Jacksonville, Florida 32207 Green, Linda Christine; Box 243, Spencer, Indiana 47460 Greeson, Janice Lee; 1002 Carroll Rd., Henderson, North Carolina 27536 Gregory, Joseph Martin, 3917 Devon- shire Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37207 Griffey, Larry A.; 2418 Branch Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37206 Griggs, Carol Sue; 208 Oliver St., West Columbia, South CaroHna 29169 Grimm, Esther Louise; 820 Wells St., Sistersville, West Va. 26175 Griner, Gregory Scott; 3319 NW 12th St., Gainesville, Florida 32601 Griner, Laura Su; 3319 NW 12th St., Gainesville, Florida 32601 Griner, Michael W.; Rt. 2, Box 21 A, Quitiman, Ga. 31643 Grissom, Joseph Terry; 2941 McGavock Pk., Nashville, Tennessee 37214 Grogan, Richard Lee; 1714 Denton Ave., Cockeville, Tenn. 38501 Gunna, William D.; 601 Medina Street, Charleston, West Va. 25302 Hack, Deborah Jane; 7017 Heege Rd., St. Louis, Missouri 63123 Hack, Judy S.; 7017 Heege Rd., St. Louis, Missouri 63123 Haddix, Barbara Ellen, 305 SW 25 Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 Hadley, Carolyn Dabney; 114 Maple- mere Drive, Clarksville, TeniL 37040 Hage, Linda Susan; 714 N.W. 33 St., Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 Hagemeier, Jan K.; 4892 Elben, LaPalma, California Hale, Ronald Steven; 526 Lexington Dr., Glasgow, Kentucky Hall, Alice Marie; 1435 Jasmine Way, Clearwater, Fla. 33576 Hall, Carl Nelson; 1435 Jasmine Way, Qearwater, Fla. 33576 Hall, Honathan Mark; 50294 Stage Coach Rd., East Liverpool, Ohio 43926 Hall, William Edward, 2201 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, Kentucky 46210 Hambrick, Jimmy Ronald, Wilkerson Rd., Joelton, Tenn. 37080 Hamptom, Merry Frances; 1760 Hallum Ave., Titusvill, Florida 32780 Hancock, Gary Eugene; 4446 Wood- lark Lane, Charlotte, North Carolina 28211 Haney. Sharon Louise; 13955 Zaremba Drive, Brookpark, Ohio 44142 Hanks, Debra Ann; 1343 Florence St., Ashland, Kentucky 41101 Hare, Charlene Frances; 136 Brown Ave., Lexingtoti, Kentucky 40505 Harlan, James Edward; 503 Lester Ave., Nashville, Temi. 37210 Harper, Robert M., Box 284, Selma, Alabama 36701 Harris, Donald Bruce; 1501 Preston Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37206 Harris, Hayden John, Box 153, Peters- burg, Pa. 16669 Harris, Joel S., 6505 Firestone Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 37209 Harrison, Cheryl Lyrm, 4896 Klamath Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 Harrison, Linda Sue, Rt. 4, Box 207, Westmoreland, Termessee 37186 Hartsfield, Everett Timothy, 7767 Leafwood Dr., Norfolk, Va. 23518 Hatfield, Larry Wayne, 401 Cumber- land, Kentucky 42602 Hathcock, Barry Dwight, 4623 Scotts- dale Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 38118 Hathcock, James Derwood; 4623 Scottsdale Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 38118 Hautler, Dale Everett; Rt. 3, Box 517, Gainesville. Florida 32601 Havener, Thomas Allen; 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Hawkins, Bert T.; Sunset Drive, Black- sburg, South Carolina 29702 Hawkins, Betty Lou; Rt. 2, Box 120, Payneville, Kentucky 40137 Hawkins, Cynthia Lee, 411 Terry Place, Hermitage, Tenn. 37076 Hawthorn, George Howell; Rt. 1, Box 441, Brewton, Alabama 36426 Hayes, Constance Ann; 811 Turley Ave., Flatwoods, Kentucky 41139 Haynes, Linda Kaye; 227 Sunvalley Drive, St. Albans, West Va., 25177 Hayse, Sharon; Rt. 3, Joliet, Illinois 60436 Heatherly, Brenda Jean; 5900 Jasmine Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45449 Heatherly, Jerry W. ; 5900 Jasmine Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45449 Hendon, Mark; P.O. 1010, Jasper, Alabama 35501 Hendricks, Raymond Joe; 7619 4th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Florida 33710 Henninger, Bonnie; Box 1014, Home- land, Cahfomia 92348 Henninger, Robert; Box 1014, Home- land, California 92348 271 ii. r:ri.:ks. Earl Lee; 55 Hart St. Apt. 9, Niishv-iUe, Tenn. 37210 Hf;nri ks, Sally Jean, 55 Hart St. Apt. 9, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Kerl ert. Kaye; 1613 Reed, Eldorado, 111. 62930 Hemdon, Kathy Susan; 3501 Santa Fe Trail, Doraville, Ga. 30340 Herring, Beverly Anne; Rd. 1, Oaktree Rd., Kennett Sq., Pa. 19348 Herring, Helen; Rd. 1, Oaktree Rd., Kennett Sq., Pa. 19348 Hiatt, James Thomas; 2804 Meadow Rose Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37206 Hickman, Elizabeth; 246 S. Witch Duck Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 Higgiubatham, Kenneth Ray; 4807 Floyd St., So. Charleston, West Va. 25309 Hightower, Eddie, 704 Berry Rd., c-3, McComb, Miss. 39648 Hightower, Freda, 704 Berry Rd., c-3, McComb, Miss. 39648 Hilen. Daniel Lee; 5810 Kevin Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45432 Hill, David; 3713 Premium Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn. 37415 Hillman, Sharon Leigh, Rt. 3, Box 488, North Augusta, South Carolina 29841 Hindman, Beverly Kaye; Box 1667, Statesville, North CaroHna 28677 Hinton, John Joseph; Box 148 C, Rt. 2, Wrightsville, Ga. 31096 Hoagland Sr., Ronald Craig; 7 Trapes St., Naples, Florida Hobbs, Joseph Daniel, Jr.; 2713 Meadow Rose Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37206 Hobbs, Teresa; 114 Fairway Dr., Nash- viUe, Tenn. 37206 Hodge, James; Rt. 1, Fort Mill, South Carolina Hodges, Arnetta; Rt. 7, Box 169, Orlando, Florida 32815 Holt, Peggy Gail, 311 Smyrna Powder Springs Rd., Smyrna, Georgia 30080 Hood, Donna Kaye; 161 Park Wilson Drive, Athens, Term. Hood, Ron Lewis, 3226 Marlies Circle, Macon, Ga. 37206 Hood, Steve; 3226 Marlies Circle, Macon, Ga. 37206 Hooter, Diane; 18205 South California Ave., Homewood, Illinois 60430 Howell, Mary; 6880 S.W. 90 St., Miami, Florida 33156 Hudgins, Thomas WiUiam, III; 1106 M. Beddingfield Dr., Macon, Ga. 31206 Hudson, Melissa Ann; 2919 Honey- brook Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37214 Huff, Patricia Ruth; Box 492, Ross- ville, Georgia 30741 Hughes, Lyrm; 2702 A Eastland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37206 Hulett, Joy Elaine, Rt. 1, Box 97-0, Catlettsburg, Kentucky 41129 Hunt, Susan, 3540 Spring Valley Rd., Decatur, Ga. 30032 Hunt, Ernest Buddy; 4911 Halifax Dr., Tampa, Florida 33615 Hurst, David Bradley, 9460 N. Dixie Highway, Franklin, Ohio 45005 Ingram, WiUiam; Rt. 13, Box 330 A, Greenville, Tenn. 37747 Ireland, Robert, Jr.; 723 Cherokee Tr., RossviUe, Ga. 30741 Irwin, Charles, 810 Ridge Ave., Sharps- ville, Penn. 16150 Isner, Raymond, Box 2081, Braden- ton, Florida 33505 Jackson, Cathy; 219 Sheppard Road, Jackson, Miss. 39206 Jamison, Anneile; 4746 A Trenton Dr., Hermitage, Tenn. 37076 Janes, Zebra, 1308 McArthur, Man- chester, Tenn. 37355 Jared, Jerry, 1251 Dickerson Rd., GoodlettsviUe, Tenn. 37072 272 Jenkins, Carolyn Sue; 420 First Street, Mag»iolia, Miss. 39652 Jenkins, Michael Wayne; 702 Oakland Heights. Plant City, Florida 33566 Jenkins, Randall; Rt. 1, Bellville, Ohio Jensen, Matthew: 5152 102 St. N., St. Petersburg, Fla. Jerles. Bob; Saturn Apt. A-23, Nash- ville, Tennessee 37210 Jerles, Karen; Saturn Apt. A-23, Nash- ville, Teiui. 37210 Jewell, Terry; 2650 Glenoaks Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Johnson, Connie, 1142 Bershire Rd., Daytona Beach, Fla. 32017 Johnson, Dale; 11 Edinbarough Ave., Chickasaw, Alabama Johnson, Eddie; 455 Gilman Cir., Orlando, Fla. 32805 Johnson, Michael David; 108 McBratney Dr., Hendersonville, Tenn. 37075 Johnston, Robert; 1923 9th Street, Marysville, Washington King, Brent; 4327 Garand Lane, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406 Kingery, Janie, 22830 Old Dixie Hw., Goulds, Florida 33170 Kintner, Don; 9350 Franlin Pkwy, Munster, Ind. 46321 Kirkland, Kenneth; Box 667, Flounts- town, Florida 32424 Kisner, Dianne; Rd. No. 2, Box 248, WeUsburg, West Va. 26070 Kitchen, Ronald; 108 N. 10th St., Tonkawa, Oklahoma Klepfer, Garth Jeffrey; Rt. 1, Box 496 A, -Shelbyville, Indiana 46176 Knight, BUI; 1593 Walter, Memphis, Tenn. 38108 Knight, Debbie; Rt. 1, Box 140, Glen Easton, West Va. 26039 Knight, Donita; Box 144, Zirconia, North Carolina 28790 Knight, Miriam; 1593 Walter, Mem- phis, Tenn. 38108 Kolp, Charles; 606 Hallam Ave., Erlanger, Kentucky Jones, Cathy; 5432 Coppedse Ave., Jacksonville, Florida 32211 Jones, David, 2550 Dare St., Burling- ton, North Carolina 27215 Jones, Thomas Garfield; 2003 Carmack Blvd., Columbia, Tenn. 38401 Kaney, Donna, 211 Cannon Ave., Albany, Ga. 3 1705 Keener, Alan Duane; 69 Cranford Rd., Asheville, North Carolina 28806 Kemp, Helen; 602 Colfax Drive, Nash- ville, Tenn. 37214 Kendall, Dale; 234 Castlewood Dr., Lexington, Kentucky 40505 Keyes, Thomas; 630 Elizabeth, Colum- bus, Ohio 43213 Kiddy, Debra; 1009 Pine Drive, Apt. 4, Pomona, Florida 33060 Kidwell, Jermifer Lee; 415 Bourbon St., Georgetovm, Kentucky 40324 Kimmery, Richard; P.O. Drawer Y, Robertsdale, Alabama 36567 Kindall, Gloria Jean; 213 Ash Street, Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614 Kraft, Nancy Helen; 2791 Crest Ct., Tucker, Ga. 30084 Laing, James Dewaine, 3432 Grand Ledge Hwy., Grand Ledge, Mi. 48837 Landis, Barry, 55 Hart Street, Apt. 4, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Landis, Larry, 3730 Orders Rd., Grove City, Ohio 43123 Lane, David Michael; 4362 Cimmaron Cove, Memphis, Tenn. 38109 Langford, William Berry; 95 Lake Hunter Drive, Lakeland, Fla. 33803 Langston, Howard; Rt. 1, Box 468, Brewton, Alabama 36426 Lanham, Linda Sue; Rt. 2, Box 20, Leesburg, Virginia 22075 Lansford, Betty; 3870 N.W. 64 Ave., Miami, Fla. 33166 Lansford, Doug, 3870 N.W. 64 Ave., Miami, Fla. 33166 Latham, Harold Denton, Jr.; 5117 GreenLeaf Dr., Apt. 4, Tenn. Latham, Ken; 2938 Anderson Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 37217 Launius, Debra Lee; 708 Pine, Sikeston, Mo. 63801 Lay, Kathy Ruth; 10211 FaUing Tree Way, Louisville, Kentucky 40223 Laymon, Kemieth; 405 McKenna Ct., Lexington, Kentucky 40505 Lee, Vicky Darlene; Route 1, Dickson, Tenn. 37055 Leffel, Patty Anne, 210 Dexter Ave., Hilliard, Ohio 43026 Legg, Patricia; 1217 Northview St., Raleigh, North Carolina 27610 Leonard, Larry; Rt. 2, Box 259-D, McComb, Mississippi 39048 Lesney, John; 2606 Mt. View Dr., St. Albans, West Va. 25177 Lewis, Frederick Mac; Rt. 2, Princeton, Indiana 47170 Libick, Charles F.; 4601 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 Liles, Ronda; Rt. 2, Hines Valley Road, Lenoir City, Tenn. 37771 Linder, Barbara; Rt. 5, Box 965, Phenix City, Alabama 36867 Livingston, Lyla Fay; 211 Overly Dr., Antioch, Tenn. 37013 Locke, David, 1104 Pennock, Nash- vUle, Tenn. 37207 Love, Donald; 405 Safford View Dr.. Antioch, Tenn. Love, James; 2249 Mason Drive. Savannah, Ga. 31404 Love, Linda Carol; 2249 Mason Drive, Savannah, Ga. 31404 Lovell, Kathleen Kay; Box 300, ShUoh Rd., Hazel Green, Alabama 35750 Lovell, Rebecca Ann; Box 300, Shiloh Rd., Hazel Green, Alabama 35750 Lovell, Rhonda; Rt. 2, Box 125, Can- ton, Miss. 39046 Lynch, Gay; 516 Heatherwood, Jack- son, Miss. 37210 McBride, Judith Ann; 200 Haywood Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37211 ' McClure, Douglas, 93 Nance Lane, Apl C-1 7, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 McCollum, Gary Lynn; 512 Edwii Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37207 McCormick, Ron; Country Estates, Rt 7, AlbertviUe, Ala. 35950 McCrary, Donald; 315 McKennell Dr. Nashville, Tenn. 37206 McCuUough, Carol; 19 Union Ave Pgh., Pa. 15205 McCullough, Paul; 19 Union Ave Pittsburgh, Pa. 15205 j McCullough, Wilbur; 19 Union Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15205 McDonald, Susan; Rt. 4, Douglas Dr., Charlotte, North CaroUna 28208 McGee, Coriis Ann; 1414 W. Chalone Drive, Roanoke Rapids, North Caro- [jjuj lina 27870 McGuire, Brian; 7412 El Monte, Prairi|ltp|iv Village, Kansas 66209 McKinley, Julia Marie; RFD Pataskala, Ohio 43062 McKinney, Mary Cliristene; 2544 Vai derberg Rd., Columbus, Ohio 4320 McKinney, William, 146 Dickert Or Lexington, South Carohna 29072 McLaren, Robby; 3216 Sutton Driv Orland, Fla. 32810 McLemore, Donna; 1735 Gibralfc Drive, Jackson, Miss. 39204 McNeill, George; Rt. 1, Troy, Tenn McNichols, Joan; 221 Circle Driv Hilliard, Ohio 43026 McPh erson, Peggy, 212 RiverwMBjj Drive, Hendersonville, Tenn. [ ' Mackey, Linda; 1413 Preston Dri Nashville, Tenn. 37206 Mackey, Nancy; 1413 Preston Dri Nashville, Teim. 37206 Maish, David; 406 West 10th Av West Va. 25701 lint,! ion dskvill ki li,Te lei , I Mallette, Lane S.; 1704 Wood Haver Dr., Brandon, Fla. 33571 Mann, Brent Allan; 306 N. Green, Swainsboro, Ga. 30401 Marklin, Jimmy Donald, 140 West Park Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040 Marsliall, James, 1703 Skinner Street, Lakeland, Fla. 33801 Mathews, Marcia Jean; 4252 Florida Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45223 Mathews, Nancy S., 4252 Florida Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45223 Mathis, Retlia; Rt. 6, Fayettville, Tenn. 37334 Matlock, Melinda; Rt. 1, Lenoir City, Tenn. 37771 Maxwell, Carla; 730 Marble St., Char- lotte, North Carolina 28208 Menefee, Martha Pennington; Tidwell Hall, Nashville, Temi. 37210 [Merchant, Rebecca, 917 Johnson Ave., Lakeland, Fla. 33803 Middendorf, Ben; 825 Kenny, Gallitan, Tenn. I Middendorf, Debbie Kay; 614 Hunt- ington Pkwy., Nashville, Tenn. 37211 Midgett, David; Shaw Rd., Rt. 2, Goodlettsville, Temi. 37072 Miller, Jo Renee; Rt. 1, Retreat No. 6, I Pendleton, South Carolina MiUer, Judith, 1016 29th, Ashland, Kentucky 41101 Miller, Pamela; 1544 So. Betty Lane, Clearwater, Fla. 33516 Millraney, Edward Michael; 503 Cam- . den Drive, Nash, Tenn. 37211 MitcheU, Edward; 835 78th St. So., I Birmingham, Alabama 35206 Mobley, Jerry, 4515 Ritchey Drive. Jackson, Miss. 39209 Modesitt, Dwight, Box 17, Decherd, Tenn. 37324 Moore, Paul; 525 No. C St., Lake- ; worth, Fla. 33460 Moorehead, Alline; 15370 Lincoln Drive, Leisure City, Fla. 33030 Montague, Barbara Carol; Box 6, . Moscow, Tenn. 38057 Montague, Gary; Box 6; Moscow, Tenn. 38057 Worgan, Carol; Rt. 12, Central Village, Conn. 06332 Vlorgan, Victor; 95 Lester Ave., Nash- ville, Tenn. 37210 Viort, Michael; 3228 Crestview Ave., Warren, Ohio 44484 Vlorton, Randall; 513 RoUinswood Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35235 Vioses, Kenny; 329 Market Street, Salem, Va. 24153 Vlosley, Kathym; Box 102, Arcadia, Florida 33821 Mullinax, Gary; Box 144, Zirconia, North Carolina 28790 Murphy, Larry; Rt. 3, Box 375, Fair- mont, West Va. 28554 Vlyers, Cynthia Ann; 1107 Cedar Ave,, South Pittsburgh, Tenn. 37380 Nabors, Jonathan; 1053 Ellis Ave., Jackson, Miss. NaU, D ' Ann; 1200 Foster Avenue, Nashville, Tenn. 37211 Neeley, Brian; 407 Linda Lane, Nash- viUe, Tenn. 37115 Neeley, Gary; 407 Linda Lane, Nash- viUe, Tenn. 37115 Neeley, Norman; 407 Linda Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37115 Nekon, Darryl; 618 Galaxie Dr., Nash- ville, Tenn. Melson, Gerladine; Rt. 1, Box 148-A, Brighton, Tenn. 38011 Vesbitt, Carlotta; 415 N. 7th Ave., HopeweU, Va. 23860 Vewby, Randall; 1600 Mabbette, Kissimmee, Fla. 32741 ewman, Evelyn; Rt. 6, Franklin, Ken- tucky 42134 Nihart, Jimmy; 60 Nance Lane, Nash- vUle, Temi. 37210 Nitungkom, Vichit; 23 Soidistmark, Mahasak Rd., Bangkok, Thailand Nix, John, IV; 500 Fesslers Lane, NashvUle, Tenn. 37210 Nix, Joy; 240 5th Ave., Pleasant Grove, Alabama 35127 OUver, Cassandra; 1801 Darid Dr., CuUman, Ala. 35055 Orslon, James; Box 37, Belle Glade, Fla. 33430 Painter, Willard Eugene, Jr.; 311 Prince Charies St., Charlotte, North Caro- lina 28213 Parham, Roxroy; 75 Lester Ave., NashvUle, Tenn. 37210 Parrish, Charles; Rt. 7, Glasgow, Ken- tucky 42141 Patterson, Brenda; 302 Sunnyside Lane, Columbia, Tenn. 38401 Patterson, Cheryl; 1661 N.W. 2 Terr., Pompano Beach, Fla. 33060 Pauley, Elva; 612 98th St., Marmet, West Va. 25315 Pauley, Mary; 612 98th St., Marmet, West Va. 25315 Payne, Robert; 310 Westchester, Madi- son, Tenn. 37115 Payne, Zoe; 660 Woodsmill Rd., Gainesville, Ga. 30501 Pay ton, Karl; Rt. 2, Box 53- A, Caney- ville, Kentucky 42721 Peeden, Kathryn; 2423 Huntsville Rd., Florence, Alabama 35630 Pence, Rick Alan; 118 W. Ankeney Mill Road, Xenia, Ohio 45385 Pemiington, David Gary; 1549 N. Con- cord Ave., Ghatta, Temi. Pennington, Mary Lou; 514 McDonald Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37217 Perry, Joseph; 1703 Glen Echurd Rd., Tenn. 37215 Perry man, Raymond; 712 Clematis Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37205 Petry, Sharon; Rt. 1, Box 97-A, Crowley, La. 70526 Phelan, John Edward Jr.; 7534 Char- lotte, NashvUle, Tenn. 37209 PhUeman, MarUyn; 442 Brighton Ave., Orange Park, Fla. 32073 PhUlips, Donna; 4926 Determine Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40216 PhUlips, Lyla Kathleen; 319 Wimpole Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37211 PhUlips, Pamela Anne, 3360 Okla. Ave., Titusville, Fla. 32780 Phillips, Pamela Roselan; 1280 Gordon Street, Ga. 30310 Poe, Diane; 2921 Avenue E., Birming- ham, Ala. 35218 Poe, Sara; 1202 Second Ave., Charles- ton, West Va., 25302 PoUuk, David; 55 Hart Street, Nash- vUle, Tenn. 37210 Patecte, Andrew; 4812 Humber,. Nash- vUle, Tenn. 37211 Potter, Rachel; 1658 Kylemore Drive, Xenia, Ohio 45385 Powell, Mitchell; Box 366, Ridgeland, Miss. 39157 Powers, Deimis; 171 Robinhood Circle, HendersonvUle, Temi. 37075 Powers, Elbert, 1919 Lyrmwood, Columbia, Tenn. Powers, Janna; 1919 Lynnwood, Co- lumbia, Tenn. Powers, Robert, Jr.; 544 Norton Ave. Tenn. Pratt, Carl; 207 Lesesne Drive, Sumter, South CaroUna 29150 Pratt, Linda; 207 Lesesne Drive, Sum- ter, South Carolina 29150 Preston, Jeanne; Box 119, Gordons- vUle, Tenn. 38567 Price, Jeanette; Rt. 3, Box 182, Syla- cauga, Alabama 35150 Priest, Guy; 2059 Prospect St., Jack- sonvUle, Fla. 32205 Prindle, MarUyn; 1925 Monarch Ave., Owensboro, Kentucky 42301 Prisament, Eva; 992 Old MUl Lane, Spring Hill, Fla. Prouse, Timothy; 420 W. Penn St., Bedford, Pa. 15522 Provance, Mike Eugene; 1415 Win- thorne Drive, NashvUle, Tennessee 37210 Pusey, Timothy; Box 314, Ft. Knox, Kentucky 40121 Oueveda, Stanley Robert; 2620 Long St., Tampa, Fla. 32605 Rainwater, Paul; 217 Linden Street, Cordova, Ala. 35550 Randall, Toni; 2800 Renee Drive, NashvUle, Tenn. 37214 Ravey, Donna; 5375 Balsam Ave., Mel- bourne, Fla. 32901 Ray, Cathy; 711 Maple Ave., Burhng- ton. North Carolina 27215 Redmen, Edward; 5122 Patterson Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40219 Reed, Comiie; 606 Long Ave., Cor- dova, Ala. 35550 Reynolds, Larry; 877 Furlong Drive; Lexington, Ky. 40504 Richey, Edward; 1475 N. Hamilton Rd., Gahanna, Ohio 43234 Rickey, Michael; 6300 Kimbark Ave., Seabrook, Md. 20801 Rickey, Stephen; 9300 Kimbark Ave., Seabrook, Md. 20801 Ridley, Nelson; 2929 Glen Meade Dr., NashvUle, Tenn. 37216 Rob bins, Felicia; 6668 Manchester Rd., Middletown, Ohio 45042 Robertson, Jerry; 217 Truetland St., NashvUle, Tenn. 37207 Robinson, Timotliy; 47 Patton Drive, Brunswick, Ga. 31520 Robinson, Victor; Lenoir City, Temi. 37771 Robinson, Walter; 47 Patton Drive, Brunswick, Ga. 31520 Robinson, Yvonne; 550 Eidron Drive, Miami Springs, Fla. 33166 Rodgers, Melany GaU; 5004 Warm Spgs Rd., Col. Ga. 31904 Roeper, Ralph; 707 Burbesville Rd., Albany, Ky. 42602 Rogers, Linda; 55 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Rogers, Michael; Redford Apt. 33, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Rohmann, Barbara; 1129 Ceda St., Grenada, Miss. 38901 Rohmann, Gary; 137 Lakeside Park Drive, HendersonvUle, Term. Rone, Vickie; 3839 Hawthorne, Owensboro, Kentucky 42301 Rone, Zebbra Ann; 3839 Mowthorne, Owensboro, Kentucky 42301 Roscoe, David; 12 Poplar St., N. Vernon, Ind. 47265 Rosdhal, Eddie; 3070 High Point Rd., Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27107 Ross, Melinda; 210 N. Main St., Owensville, Ind. 47665 Rosser, Gregory; Rt. 2, Box 532, Mays- vUle, Kentucky 41056 Rowland, Peggie; Rumbley, Donald; Rt. 1, Box69;Clav City, Ind. 37206 Runyan, Harold Douglas; 1218 EUen Drive, Charleston, West Va. 25303 Rushing, Janet; 7876 Gregory Dr., Jax, Florida 32210 Rutherford, Robert; 2014 Stames St., Augusta, Ga. 30904 Ruttan, Ruth; 7103 Dakney Rd., Jax, Florida Ryun, Nora; 4154 Cay wood Cir., Orlando, Florida 32810 Sal.tkUl, Dale; 81 Nance Lane, Nash- vUle, Tenn. 37210 Sanderson, Kathy; 4642-28 Ave., St. Petersburg, Florida 33713 Sandifer, Constance; 219 Momingside Loop, Valrico, Florida 33.594 Sartin, Mark; 504 W. HUlside, Spencer, Ind. 47460 Say, Joy; Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America Schroek, Dannv, 1118 Harold Drive, NashvUle, Tenn. 37217 Scott, Debbie; 72 Grant St., Newark, Ohio 43055 Sealy, Linda; 917 Madison St., Clarks- vUle, Temi. Seaney, Cathy; 550 Rural HUl Rd., NashvUle, Tenn. 37217 Seay, Nancy; 407 Circle Drive, Clarks- vUle, Temi. 37040 Seitter, Coleen; Box 2026, Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 Seitter, Mark; Box 2026, 600 W. Grant Ct., SateUite Beach, Florida 32937 Sellers, Barr ' ; 1972 Taylor Ave., East Point, Ga. 30344 Selman, Catherine; 608 Branton, Columbia, Miss. 39429 Serefli, Eser; Kale ONU No. 50, Kay- seri, Turkey Seyby, Daniel; 315 Higliland Drive, W. Cola, South Carolina 29169 Shaum, Johnny Jay; 39012 L ' Anse Creuse, Mt. Clemens, Mich. 48043 Shao, HsUo; 100 Shenj Ching Rd., Kugn Tu Li Peiton, Taipe, Taiwan R.O.C. Shaw, David; 203 Unake St., Green- vUle, Temi. 37743 Shearer, Beverly; 117 Lynnwood Drive, Lancaster, Kentucky 40444 Shelley, Jerry; Rt. 2, Albany, Ken- tucky 42602 Shelton, Delores, Rt. 1, Zion Rd., Columbia, Tenn. 38401 SherrUl, Frieda; Sewanee, Tenn. 37215 Shields, Ronald Paul; 297 Clovernook Drive, NashvUle, Tenn. 3,7210 Shields, Suzanne; Rt. 3, Box 69, Hickory Flat Rd., Alpharetta, Ga. 30201 Shirley, Michael; 461 8th Ave., Pleasant Grove, Alabama 35127 Shomo, Stephen; 75 Carlton St., Harrisburg, Va. 22801 Siewnarine, Kasso; 739 Moormans Arms Road, NashvUle, Tenn. 37202 Singleton, Norma; 2813 - B N. Ashley St., Valdosta, Ga. 31601 Sirichaiyawat, Kanchana; 29 dod. Fai Rd., Thailand Shem, Steve; 403 Gordy St., Pendy, Ga. 31064 Skolinsky, Rae; 5515 2nd Ave. Dr., W. Bradenton, Fla. Slappey, 2130 Walden Rd., Macon, Ga. 31206 Slone, Jana; 1130 Elmwood Ave., Ash- land, Kentucky 41101 Smith, Bobbie; Rt. 7, Box 178 McVey St., Orlanda, Florida 32805 Smith, Charles, 3269 Lake Crest Rd., Va. Beach, Va. 23452 Smith, Randy; 55 Hart Street, Apt. 34, NashvUle, Teimessee 37210 Smith, Dorma; Smith, Ernest; 704 Nottingham St., Thomaston, Ga. 30286 Smith, Joseph; 2120 E. 59th St., Savannah, Ga. 31404 Smith, Mary; 132 Elnola Drive, Hendersonville, Tenn. 37075 Smith, Roger; Rt. 7, Box 178, McCovey St., Orlando, Fla. 32805 Smith, Wyndell, Jr.; 3800 Belhaven Drive, Greensboro, North Carolina 27407 Smotherman, Karen, 4302 Glynda Drive, Nash ilJe, Tenn. 37216 Snodgrass, Dennis, 55 Hart St., Nash- ville, Tenn. 37210 Snodgrass, Sherry; 100 Valley Drive, Ripley, West Va. 25271 273 Soles, Debra, 11031 I02nd Ave. N., . ' minole, Fla. 33540 Spariing, Ste eii; 441 Coconut Isle, Fort Lnuderdale, Fla. 33301 Spauiding, Henry, .55 Hart St., Nash, Teiiii. 37210 Spaur, Ernest; Rl. 2, Box 145 A, Louisa, Va. 23093 Spear, C; 55 Hart St., Na.shville, Tenn. 37210 Spear, Jim; 55 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Speece, Linda; Box 224, Greensboro, Pa. 15338 Specr, Faye; 5318 Ancharoyn Drive, Spencer, Elizabeth; 6431 Adaki Dr., Independence, Kentucky 41051 Spencer, John; 55 Hart Street, Nasli- ville, Tenn. 37210 Spencer, Michael; 55 Hart Street, Nash- vUle. Tenn. 37210 Spoon, Ann; 11955 S.W. 217 St., Goulds, Fla. 33170 Sprang, Lester; 5427 25th St. W., Bradenton, Florida 33507 Spruill, Joy; 1701 Lawncrest Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Steele, Kenneth; 719 Lausanne, Valdosta, Ga. Steele, Robert; 55 Hart St., Nashville. Tenn. 37210 Steele, Starlett; Box 182, Fountain City, Ind. 47341 Stephens, Jackie; 5 Polk Lane, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. 30741 Stewart, Debbie; 975 Norway Ave., Huntington, West Va. 25705 Stewart, Sanford Jr.; 3516 Brailsford Ave., Brunswick, Ga. Stewart, John; 55 Hart Street, Nasli- vUle, Temi. 37210 Stocks, Angela; 4809 Nabors Lane, Huntsville, Ala. 35810 Stocks, Morris; 4809 Nabors Lane, Huntsville, Ala. 35810 Stone, Brenda; Rt. 4, S. Hollywood Dr., East Liverpool, Ohio 43920 Storer, Ronald; 55 Hart Street, Nash- ville, Temi. 37210 Stout, Dermis; Rt. 1, Brownstown, Ind. 47220 Stover, Janet; 416 Glade Rd., Annuston, Ala. 36201 Stover, Larry; 4936 Saks Rd., Annis- ton, Ala. 36201 Stover, Linda; 12 Academy Place Stover, Rodney; 1501 Preston Dr. Strickland; William; 471 Broadwell Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37220 Stroman, Elizabeth; 6422 So. Fresno. Ft. Smith, Ark. 72901 Stroud, Daniel; 1001 Justice St., Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739 Sudduth, Jerry; 518 30th Ave., East, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 35401 Sullivan, Wendell, 1021 Westhaven Blvd., Jackson, Miss. 39209 Sutch, Andrew; Rt. 3, Areanum, Ohio 45303 Sutherland, Layton; 511 Lester Ave., Nashville, Temi. Suttles, Donna; 152 Woodmont Blvd. Swallows, Ralph; 1319 South Second. Louisville, Kentucky Swasshelm, Cindy Jane, Rt. 2, Box 1 97, New Richmond, Ohio 45157 Skyes, Michael; 504 Pineridge TrI., Marietta, Ga. 30062 Sly vis, Mark; 111 June Drive, Dickson, Tenn. 37055 Talkington, Frances Lee; 14064 Birch Rd., East Liverpool, Ohio 43920 Taruier, Kenneth. Jr.; 1130 Lee Circle, West Columbia, South Carolina 29169 Tarter, Larry; 100 Poplar, Oak Ridge, Tenn. 37830 Taylor, Janet; Ht. 5, Box 413, Harts- viUe, South Carolina 29550 274 Taylor, Jo Anne, Rt. 1, AUen, Hender- sonville, Tenn. 37075 Taylor, Susan, Rt. 1, Box 259, Valrico, Fla. 33594 Thatcher, Charles; 359 Brandtson Ave., Elgvia, Ohio 44035 Thavornyo, Kitti; 75 Lester Ave., NashvUle, Tenn. 37210 Theall, Marcia Ann; 6900 Stillmore Drive, Englewood, Ohio 45322 Thomas, Cathy; 55 Hart St., Nash., Tenn. 37210 Thomas, Debra; 14245 Yacht Club Blvd., Seminole, Fla. 33542 Thomas, Wayne; 55 Hart St., Nash., Tenn. 37210 Thompson. Frieda; Rt. 3, Joelton, Temi. 37080 Thompson, Melvin; 37 Midway Court, Hammond, Ind. 46324 Thompson, Roy; Rt. 3, Box 300, JoU- ton, Tenn. 37280 Thompson, Sharon; 5209 Eugene Way; Louisville, Kentucky 40216 Todd, Crystal; 93-B Lester Ave., Nash., Tenn. Todd, James; 93-B Lester Ave., Nash- vUle, Tenn. 37210 Todd. Thomas; 424 N.W. 60th Ave., Miami, Fla. 33126 Toomey, James; Louisville, Tenn. 46216 Tootoo, Pomar Kori; 2805 Morgan St., Wilmington, North Carolina 28401 Troutman, Deryl, 209 LucUle St., Lakecharley, La. 70601 Tubbs, Larry; Turner, Joyce; Box 6337, AshevUle, North Carolina 28806 Turner, Kenneth; 74 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Turner, Terry; 1705 E. 28th St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 37407 Twining, Anne; 55 Hart St., Nash., Tenn. 37210 Twining, Donald; 55 Hart St., Nash., Tenn. 37210 Underwood, Richard; 22995 SW 163 Ave., Homestead, Fla. 33030 Upton, Patti; 7735 Tara Blvd., Jones- boro, Ga. 30236 VanAUen, Richard; 503 William Ave., Raceland, Kentucky 41169 Vaughn, James; 1010 25th Ave. East Tusenliuosa, Ala. 35401 Vaught, Darryle, 2304 Union St. South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 33712 Veigl, Judy; 1803 David Dr., CuUmaii, Ala. 35055 Vertrees, Mark; 12 Lealand Drive, Clarksville, Temi. 37040 Vinecke, Debbie; 4921 Granview Drive, Owensboro, Kentucky 42301 Vinston, John; 1320 58th Ave., HoUy- wood, Fla. 33021 Vos, Valerie; 306 North 6 St., Mar- shalltown, Iowa 50158 Wad dell. Charity; Rt. 1, Box 39, Woodbury, Ga. 30293 Wagoner, Richard; 121 Willow Lane, FoUansbee, West Va. 26037 Walker, Grace; 3102 Chestershire, Pasa- dena, Texas 77503 Walker, Shirley, Rt. 1, Box 73, Doyle, Tenn. 38559 WaU, Karen; Rt. 3, Box 379, St. AugusHne, Fla. 30084 WaUace, John; Rt. 4, Box 450, George- town, South Carolina 29440 Walls, Ritzy Diamie; 700 Woodsmith Rd., Gainesville, Ga. 30501 Ward, Alfonzio; 4289 Cepedan St., Orlando, Fla. 32805 Ward, Jimmy; 305 E. River Dr., McMinnville, Tenn. 37140 Ward, Jimmy; 305 E. River Dr., McMinnville, Tenn. 37140 Warren, Brenda; Rt. 1, Box 255; Ring- gold, Ga. 30736 Water.s, Cynthia, 19343 Keymar Way, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20760 Watkiiis, William; 621 Sunset Drive, Brandon, Fla. 33511 Watson, Anthony; 1200 Foster Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37211 Watson, Carol; 250 Woolpor, Cincin- nati, Ohio 45220 Watson, Cheryl; Carondelet PI., Bret- wood, Tenn. 37027 Watson, Debra; 1776 N.W. 32 St., Miami, Fla. 33142 Watson, Ralph; Rt. 2, Old RR Bed Rd., Mt. Tubet, Tenn. 37122 Weaver, Adrian Louis III; 1319 School Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37217 Weaver, Patricia; Winnebago, Ma. 56098 Webb, Johnnie; Rt. 8, Panarama Est., Spartanburg, South Carolina 29303 WeUs, Jamia; 1830 W. Govan St., Grenada, Ms. 38901 Wells, Martha; Rt. 3, Lewisburg, Tenn. 37091 Wetzel, Ronda; 1897 Rosemont Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43223 Wheelbarger, Bonnie; 210 Perlen Drive; Nashville, Tenn. Wheeler, Doyce; 308 Fieldstown Rd., Gamedale, Ala. 35201 Wlieeler, Janet; 324 Maryland Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45404 Whetstone, Daniel; 1709 Highland Ave., Dublin, Ga. 31021 Whipple, Becky; Rt. 1, Box 61 A; Grandridge, 111. 61325 Wliipple, Vicki; Rt. 1, Box 61 A, Grandridge, lU. 61325 White, EUzabeth; 1905 7th Ave., Bradenton, Fla. 33505 Wliite, Kathy; Rt. 5, Box 3, Bluefield, West Va. 24701 Whitehead, Steve ; 7524 Bloxham Ave., JacksonvUle, Fla. 32208 Whitener, Wesley; 1607 Avondale Drive, Durham, North CaroUna 27701 Whiting, Steve; 3353 Stonehaven Drive, Charleston, South Carolina 27405 Wicks, Richard; 663 E. Wheeling St., Lancaster, Ohio 43130 Widick, Richard; 307 Liberty, Franklin, Ky. WUcox, Kathy; 1309 Oriole Drive, Thomasville, Ga. 31792 Wilkinson, Cindy Lee; 630 Doverdale Drive, Monroe, Ohio 45050 Wilkinson, Glenn; 6128 38th Ave. No., St. Petersburg, Fla. 33710 WiUiams, Daniel; 1409 San Juan Ct., Clearwater, Fla. 33516 Williams, Dena; 1409 San Juan Ct., Clearwater, Fla. 33516 Williams, George; 2511 Woodberry Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37214 Williams, Howard; 3355 GaUows Rd., Falls Church, Va. 22042 William.s, Martha; Rt. 5, Scottsville, Kentucky 42164 Williams, Ronnie; Box 443, Wrens, Ga. 38833 Williams, Sharon; 301 E. Leasure Ave., New Castle, Pa. 16101 Williams, Thomas; 977 Ott St., Orange- burg, South Carolina 29115 Wilson, Curtis; 1026 Cypress St., Apt 3, Orlando, Fla. 32805 WUson, Glen; 1636 S.W. 2nd Ave,, Ocala, Fla. 32670 Wilson, Janet; Wilson, John; 647 W. Washington, Kirkwood, Mo. 63122 WUson, Susan, 631 4-C Old PineviUe Rd., Charlotte, North Carolina 28210 WUson, Timothy, Rt. 4, Box 125, Munice, Ind. 47302 Winsinger, Paul, Box 267, Davao City, Mindanao, PhUippines WirushsUpa, Somwhung, Mr. P. Surasit 41 8 soi Sungton, Bangkhen, Bangkok ThaUand Wise, Steve; 55 Hart St., NashvUle, Tenn. 37210 Wonders, Pamela; 645 Lemont Drive. NashvUle, Tenn. 37216 Wonders, Vickie; 645 Lemont Drive, NashvUle, Tenn. 37216 Wood, Janet; Box 55, Campbellsburg, In. Wood, Patricia; 893 Perry Drive, Macon, Ga. 31201 Wood, Robert; 5023 Bonnavista Drive. Tenn. WoodaU, Gwen; Rt. 1, Box 190, Pitts- view, Ala. 36875 Wooten, John; 715 Lebanon Rd., Lakeland, Fla. 33801 Wright, Cindy Dawn; 510 Mendel Terrace, Graham, North Carolina 27253 Wright, Glenda; 506 Porchett St., Fair- banks, Ak. 99701 Wright, Paula; 4913 So. Fern Creek Drive, Orlando, Fla. 32806 Wright, Ruth; 3336 Orders Road, Grove City, Ohio 43123 Wuloneh, Algansh; 55 Hart St., Nash- vUle, Tenn. 37210 York, D. R.; Galloway, Ohio 1 BAR-B-CUTIE Home of Outstanding Bar-B-Cue 423 Murfreesboro Rd. 275 GAINSViLLE FIRST CHURCH Our Students Laura Griner Dale Haufler Yvonne Booth 5020 N.W. 23rd Ave. Gainsville, Florida Congratulations Class of ' 74 CLEVELAND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cleveland, Mississippi McCLURKAN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 332 54th Avenue N. Nashville, Tenn. Edward F. Cox, Pastor 832-3456 • BANQUETS • CONVENTIONS • OF NASHVILLE z o 3 SI Decorators for major events at Trevecca z j ad na lax fimUi ( satc ! DON SUMNER DON SUMNER, JR. 277 TKere has to be a song. There are too man}; dark nights, too many troublesome days, and too man}? wearisome miles, there has to be a song. To make our burdens bearable, to make our hopes believable, to transform our successes into praise. Somewhere, down deep in a forgotten corner of each man ' s heart there has to be a song. Like a cool, clear drink of water there has to be a song. The John T. Benson Publishing Company Publishing the best in religious music since 1902. Because there has to be a song. 11025-131st St. N. Seminole, Fla. Roy M. Vaughn, Pastor GOD ' S BEST FOR THE CLASS OF 1974 279 TENNESSEE DISTRICT Trevecca . . . We Believe In You! H. H. HENDERSHOT, District Superintendent JOE ADKISSON, N.Y.P.S. President TREVECCA TOWERS, INC A Christian Retirement Center Rev. T. E. Jones, Executive Director BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. E. H. Whittington, Pres. Mr. Leroy Wallace, Vice Pres. Dr. G. L. Pennington, Sec. Mr. D. M. Hatfield, Treas. Dr. Homer J. Adams Dr. Victor E. Scherer Mr. Don Elliott Towers I OUR MINISTRY TO THE ELDERLY IS Providing Retirement Living in Comfort, Security and Dignity— at a Cost Retirees Can Afford. For Information- Write: Trevecca Towers, Inc. 60 Lester Avenue Nashville, Tn. 37210 Call: 615-254-6654 242-1586 Rev. George M. Lake Pastor 283 Congratulations, Class of ' 74 Trevecca, We Love You Rev. Robert H. Spear Southern Florida District CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE P.O. BOXN BOCA RATON, FLORIDA 33432 PHONE 305 392-6373 DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT Rev. Robert H. Spear DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD Rev. W.O. Blue Rev. Joseph D. Benson Russell Kleppinger Allen Underwood DISTRICT TREASURER Warren Whiting 303 S.W. 21 Ct. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33312 DISTRICT SECRETARY Rev. Jerry Lambert East Point Church of the Nazarene West Cleveland at Cheney St. East Point, Georgia Our Students P. PhUips, C. SeUers, R. Benefield, C. Hunt 284 THE GEORGIA DISTRICT Congratulations to the Class of " 74 ' ONE KenQVON!! aisoiiics TH£V£CCA OREN THRASHER - COOLIDGE GRANT rei ecccb rusUes mmms 286 SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT T.N.C We ' re Boosting You Our Students Joy Pratt Carol Griggs Carey Behrenat Skye Allison Brian Allison Carl Pratt John Wallace Sharon Hillman Herb Agee Mike Mort Tim Ferguson Mike Courtney DR. OTTO STUKI, District Superintendent GARY F. POWELL, N. Y. P. S. President 288 COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF THErT AZARENE NASHV IUE. TENNESSEE 7 14 ' ' -M • ' • Rev. Ed Nash Pastor SPIRITUAL OUTREACH OAY CARE CENTER KINOERGARTEN YOUTH ACTIVITIES RETIREMENT MINISTRY NAZARENE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 1700 East Meyer Blvd. Kansas City, Missouri International School of Theology Church of the Nazarene William M. Greathouse, President TRINITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Vultee Avenue Nashville, Tennessee Norman E. Ritchie Pastor Miami Central 1300 N.W. 95th St. Miami, Florida Rev. Jerry P. Lambert Pastor Stephen E. Gunnerson Minister of Youth Our Students Grace Christensen Barbara Duke Douglas Lansford Roger Farmer Betty Lansford Beardsiee Our Fiftieth Year Celebrating The Holy Spirit 290 The C hurch and the College Workers together with Him East Tennessee District Church of the Nazarene Dr. Glen Jones, Superintendent 291 NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT " WITH CAROLINIANS IN TREVECCA AND TREVECCA IN NORTH CAROLINA. " Rev. T. C. (Jack) Sanders District Superintendent 292 BiU Carter Keith Isner Peggy McKerlie FLORIDA ' S LARGEST Elizabeth Skohnsky Ann Spear Jim Spear NAZARENE CHURCH Joy Spear Les Sprang Beth White Come Visit Us Congratulations Class of ' 74 YE OLDE BOOK STORE Mr. Mrs. Claud Galloway Managers Your Donations Are Appreciated MACKEY LIBRARY J. J. WHEELBARGER Director of Learning Resources 293 FLORIDA DISTRICT Salutes and Congratulates Trevecca Nazarene College For Accomplishments of the PAST and for Prospects of the FUTURE A. MILTON SMITH, District Superintendent MERTON H. WILSON, Church Schools Chairman - ■ ' BILL DODD, N. Y. P. S. President , = FIRST CHURCH 800 E. Clinton Ave. Huntsville, Alabama Henry L. Mills, Pastor 294 FIRST NAZARENE 5902 N. Himes Ave. Tampa, Florida Clifton B. Nixon, Pastor Congratulations Class of ' 74 297 H© . . . we still do 5i0 ' W y» aa»td XchmOL ' Hi(U. Ifout PoAton, ( 6- oi MtoK, CiUlUficUc Vi%cct4 n, 75 Years of Service To The Community And College % It has been a year of gas rationing, meat- less Mondays, and Watergate. There were floods in the Mississippi Valley, earthquakes in Chile, and continued fighting in the Mid- dle East. We, on the " hill, " have not been un- aware of these happenings. We have not been as involved as most Americans, yet we have faced the problems with a sincere concern and anxiety for our country. However, we at Trevecca have an " edge " on most of the country in facing our problems. Not only do we have a love for our brothers, but we have the guidance and love of God. " Now that we have the light we need, let us work together, for are we not all reaching for the same star? " Editor: Sara Fortenberry Business Manager: Randy Jenkins Sports: Glenn English Eddie Johnson Nancy Matthews Mary Lou Pennington Classes: Rose Burky Cathy Sanderson Gloria Kindall Marcia Matthews Faculty: Gayla Anderson Index: Sara Poe Cindy Wilkerson Organizations: Ruth Ruttan Photography: R. S. Jenkins Bob Henninger Jim Laing Color by: Warren Buss A special thanks to Cathy Selman and Pan Phillips for their encouragement and ideas Published by: Henington Publishing Co Wolfe City, Tex. mUM

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