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• DARDA STAFF EDITOR FAYE BRAGG ASSISTANT EDITOR Joyce lail BUSINESS MAN AGERS richard pride BILL DILLON ADVISOR HOWARD WALL ACADEMICS BRENDA DILLON CAMPUS LIFE CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS JUDY PERRY LYNN CRUM DONNA WALTON GAYLA ANDERSON RUTH RUTTAN SUSAN CLECKNER BETTY ALLEN LYNN CRUM SARA POE JUDY PERRY SHARON BROTHERTON CORLIS McGEE ATHLETICS PHOTOGRAPHERS NANCY MATHEWS RAY COUEY MARY LOU PENNINGTON FRANK DAMERON GLENN ENGLISH JIM MARKLIN DALE SMITH BOB HENNINGER LAYOUT ART SARA FORTENBERRY CATHY RAY CHARITY WADDELL CHUCK SINCLAIR GARY WOOD 2 Staff 83 119 Table of Contents cademics Campus Life : Cla sses 173 Organizations Athletics Advertisement Dedication Oh, th» ' comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away. . . . Dinah Craik Dr. Mildred Wynkoop, you have enriched our lives. 4 Dedication 1S $ classrooms 6 Introduction benches InlrniliK lion chapel 10 Introduction or the entrance Introduction I I . . . grades or class schedules No-books and buildings, classrooms and labs, dorm rooms and schedules are NOT Trevecca. These are merely symbols of a college . . . 12 Introduction 14 introduction Introduction 15 16 Introduction Introduction IT 18 Introduction Introduction 2) 22 introduction Introduction 25 26 Introduction 30 Introduction Office Of President LIFE ' S RELATIONSHIPS Modern man is being buffeted by many divisive forces. In a densely populated society he is being isolated. As the world becomes a smaller unit, society becomes highly fragmented. More and more individuals are becoming anonymous. This lack of personal identity brings loneliness, a loss of ; elf- esteem and frustration. In part, the solution is for the individual to have meaningful relationships with other people. Robert S. Weiss, working in a community study with his associates in the Department of Psychiatry of the Harvard Medical School, came to the con- clusion that there are five kinds of relationships essential to man. One was the opportunity of parents to nurture children. This procreation fulfills a Divine purpose and is essential to the ongoing of the human race. Another relationship is knowing people with whom man can cerns. This meets man ' s social need for acceptance. ;ha re his ton- Knowing and having people upon whom we can depend is a relationship which provides us with " the needed function of assistance. 11 The assurance that someone is there if needed gives poise and confidence. The warm and intimate personal relationship of having close friends with whom man can express himself freely is vital to well-being. Without it there is an emotional void and a feeling of loneliness. The last relationship mentioned by Weiss is that of knowing people who respect our competence. We need the reassurance of personal worth which comes from people understanding us for what we are and what we do. Man ' s search for such relationships ends when he comes into a personal redeeming relationship with God through Christ. In that moment man is adopted into the " family of God " and in the family there is opportunity for the gratification of human relationships as well as Divine ones. Although man can and may live a life without God, he will never be deeply and fully satisfied until he finds fulfillment in God through Christ. My personal hope and prayer is that EACH OF YOU will know the fulfilling relationship with God -- now and always. February 22, 1973 Ma rk R. Moo re Dr. Mark K. Moore Mrs. Helen Vennum, Secretary to the President 34 Academies Academics . ' {5 Board Of Trustees Front Row: Dr. Mark R. Moore, Dr. Otto Stucki, Mr. J. W. Spiva, Rev. Oliver C. Huff, Mr. Charles Cagle, Dr. John T. Benson, Jr., Rev. Jack H. Lee. Second Row: Mr. J. C. Foskey, Mr. Clifford Hampton. Rev. Lee Davis, Rev. D. Moody Gunter, Rev. Claude V. Calloway, Rev. A. Frank Scott, Mr. E. J. Milby. Third Row: Dr. Milton Smith, Dr. Glen Jones, Rev. John Price ' , Mr. Wendall Poole, Rev. J. S. Lee, Dr. Robert Allen. Fourth Row: Mr. J. C. Tousley, Dr. H. Harvey Hendershot, Rev. Dean Baldwin, Dr. Bruce B. Hall, Rev. George W. Privett, Jr., Mr. Odie Page. Fifth Row: Mr. Icon Guill, Rev. W. M. Lynch, Mr. Ralph W. Marlowe, Dr. Reeford L. Chancy, Rev. Henry P. Cooper, Rev. John Andrus, Dr. Homer J. Adams. Not pictured: Rev. T. C. Sanders, Jr. 36 Academics The Office Of The Dean Of The College Mrs. Phyllis Flannery, Vssistanl Dean i (li - College cademics . ' 57 ADMISSIONS AND REGISTRAR Mrs. Beverly Knight, Registrar Secretary 38 Academies Teacher Education George Lewis Pennington. Director of Teacher Education TH.IL. .IL. M. .. ED.D. Summer Workshop Program 1. The Management of Pupil Misbehavior Education or Ps chologA 158 June I l ir,. 1973 2. Game Acti ities lor leaching Mathematics Mathematics or Kducation 120a June 11-15, 1973 3. Use of Phonics for Primary and Upper Elementary tirades Education H 5 or II 50 June L8-22, 197.3 4. Evaluating and Developing Instructional Materials for Elementary School Education 109 June 18-22. 1973 5. Aerospace Science Workshop v ieni e or I dui ation 132 June 25-29. I 973 h. Supervision of Student Teaching Education 1 1 7 June 25-29. L973 7. I —i t ilt rt in the School Instructional Program rt or Education 101 June 25-29. 1973 8. Developing Pupil learning Commitment through Communication Skills Speech or Education 454 June 25-29, 197.3 9. Civic Education: Liberty and The Law Social Studies or Education 157 July 9-13, 1973 10. Materials and Methods of Pre -School and K indergarten Education Education 44 1 July 16-20, 1973 I I . I ' sitig Education Media lor Effective Learning Education 136 Jul) L6-20, L973 12. Workshop for Teachers of " New English English or Education 153a fid) 16-20, 1973 13. Language VrtsforSlow Learners Language Arts or Education 135 Jul) 23-27. 1973 I I. Environmental Science: Marine Biolog) Science or Education 131a Jul) 23-27. 1973 L 5. Music Vctivities for Elemental " ) Schools Education 151 July 30- ugust 3. 1973 16. Innovative Physical Education Practices lor Elementary School Phy sical Education or Education 100 ugust 0-10. 1973 1 7. Corrective and Remedial Reading in I lementary School Reading or Education 135 or 136 ugust 0-10. 1973 INTERN mON l TR W EL TOURS 18. Seminar Tour of India Social Studies or Education 465 June I I -July 2. 1973 I 9. Seminar Tour of Europe Social Studies or Education H i June I 2 June 26, 1973 _ ' il Seminar Tour of Hawaii Soc ial Studies or Education 462 June 16 June 29, 197.3 21 . Seminar Tour of Mexico Social Studies. Spanish or Education 16] July 7 July L6, 1973 22. Seminar Tour of the British Isles Social Studies, English or Education 463 July 23- ugust 0. 197.3 23. Seminar Tour of the Scandanavian ( lountries Social Studies or Education 100 June 12-June 20. 1973 Academics 39 Mrs. Sharon Bowles, Assistant I lean of Student ffairs Veadcmics H Ik Claud.- Diehl, A.K. Academic.-, l-i Student Mrs. Peggy Latham, Switchboard Academics 45 Library And Learning Resources 46 Academics Academics 47 Wesley Bentley, Student Employment 48 Academics Mrs. Shirlc mhiirn. Hookkeeper Mrs. Mar (lucss. Cashier Neil Wiseman, Th.B., M. Div. William J. Strickland, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. Chairman 50 Academics Vcademics . " ! Biological- Physical Sciences And Home Economics am y I Gerard A. Nyssen, A.B., Ph.D. Science Dep artment cademics Economics, Business Education, Rebecca Niece, B.S., MA. 1 1. Stanton P. Parry, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 54 Academics Accounting, And Business Administration Education And Wayne D. Lee, B.S., M.T., Ed.D., Chairman Kenneth B. Sliter, A.B., M.A., 56 Academies ychology |i lmn |. Wh.rlbarger. .H., M.Ed., Ed.D. Academics 57 Fine Kred Mund, B.S., M.S. 58 Academics Academics . ' ) Health And 60 Academics sical Education Carolv n Smith, B.S., M. . Debbie Lore. B.S. History And Political Sciencd Mrs. Judy Hasty, A.B., M.A. Toby Williams, A.B., B.D., M.A.T. Kay W. Phillips, Th.B., B.S., B.D., M.S. 62 Academics Language, Literature, And Speech G. Gary Coulter, M.A. Paul Cleckn. r. V.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Mathematics C. B. Smith, B.S., MS., Ph.D. 66 Academics issions, Anthropology, And Sociology Paul W. Beals, A.M., M.Div., M.A. Mildred Wynkoop, A.B., Th.B.. B.I)., M.S.. Th.I).. Chainnai Jem I). Hull, B.A., B.D.. M.A. ca demies 07 Academics 69 IK-. " Religion DEBORAH NIXON Business Administration, Mathematics LINDA PATTERSON Elementary Education .. 100 UTTLES Missions, Behavioral Sciences 82 Campus Life A Class Finishes Campus Life 85 Campus Life !$7 Junior Class Presents an Old-Fashioned " Country Carnival ii!t ' iampus Life Campus Life Entertainment for the VJ.P. ' s was provided by a talent show sponsored by the Music Club. 90 Campus Life Ill II Seniors Sponsor THE TONIGHT SHOW Ron Richards is M.C. for the evening ol entertainnient. Jane C.owger and Shcla Shiver sin ; on the program. Campus Life 01 72 Election Causes Stir on Campus impus Life Circle K Presents Campus Entertainment i Larry Norman, Gospel Rock singer, comes to campus. Gene Cotton, Gospel Folk singer, visits our campus. 94 Campus Life Campus Life 95 96 Campus Life ' iampus Life 07 Candidates For Homecoming Court Muki Patton, Fr. Princess; Karen Dzedulevicz, Soph. Princess: l!e Vmburgey. Jr. Princess: Wendy Witmer, Lynn Harrison, Ruth Worley, Candidates for Queen. Bev Amburgey, Jr. Princess, escorted by David Foltz. Lynn Harrison, crowned Homecoming Queen for I 972. Campus Life 99 I 00 Campus Life Treveccas First Homecoming Parade Campus Life 101 1 02 Campus Life Campus Life 103 104 Campus Life Can Stacking Contest Sponsored by the Civinettes The cutis of food were to needy families in the urea. (lam pus Life IOf The Freshman class sponsored the annual Christmas party. Santa Claus paid a visit. There was a beautiful tree. li ' Iilll I ' oulter. Knurr for the Pageant Valentine Pageant s Theme " Portrait of My Love " Shelly FoXWOrthy sings. Heth Greathouse performs on the flute. Valentine Pageant I ] I Candidate Debbie Hanks 112 Valentine Pageant Valentine Banquet 113 MM iampus Life Mike Runyan President PI „ C Patty Cook Viee President VJ Idhb Ul Jackie Runyan Secretary Frances Talkington Treasurer Linda Patterson STUCO Rep. Kathy Ervin STUCO Rep. Dr. Ray Dunning Advisor 73 J I 6 Seniors Bett) nn Mien B.S. Elementar) Ed. I lorida William C. Mini B.S. Elementar) Ed. I ennessee i in J. lllingham V.B. Histor) Pennsv Ivania Bonnie (). Bennett Charles Benton (iarr Black B.S. I lementan I d. VB. Religion B.S. Business Vd. Ohio Tennessee Illinois Seniors I I Vlforia Boatman B.S. Physical Ed. Behavioral Sc., Tenn. illiain l! B.S. Elementary Ed. Tennessee Kay Booth B.S. Physical Ed. ( )hio Faye Bragg Tim Braselton Michael L. Brown English A.B. English-Speech B.S. Physical Ed. Ohio Indiana Indiana I 1 !! Seniors Rebecca Buchanan B.S. Behavioral Science I ndiana Jud) Cla) .|!. SjMTcIl ( « • 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I ennessee Michael E. ioffman Religion irginia |olm Edward B.S. Music Education fennessee Sandra .| ' ;iu ( lox A.B. English Illinois Bonnie Crawford B.S. Behavioral Science esl Y irjnnia Frank I )amron B.S. Physical I Florida Mark I (oughart) A..B. Interpersonal Comm. 1 " lorida Carol Digby B.S. Elementary Ed. Tennessee I )onna J can I )illinger B.S. Elementary Ed. Florida I atli Erwin I l.S. Elementary Ed. Ohio Beatrice Fabrizio B.S. Elementary Ed. New Jersey 1 LMI Seniors IVnnessoe West Virginia Georgia Seniors 121 Claudia Hanson B.S. Elementary Ed. Florida Ernest I linson .B. Religion Tennessee Linda Jeter B.S. Behavioral Science North ( larolina 1 22 Seniors La nn Harrison B.S. S,„ ial Welfare Alabama Kyoko Homma B.S. Mathematics Japan Lynn Jewel I U.S. Business Ad. Tennessee Steve 1 leadrick B.S. Business Admin. Tennessee Roger Hosmer A.B. Religion Michigan Linda Jordan B.S. Elementary Ed. North ( larolina John Li zht Mark Liner Richard l ord B.S. Business Ad. V.B. Religion U3. Religion Mississippi Tennessee Texas Seniors 1 2. ' l Judith Lord B.S. Music Education Alabama Michael McGuire B.S. Biolog) Florida Billy Meador B.S. Mathematics V ir iiriia I 24 Seniors Vickie Luther B.S. Behavioral Science Tennessee Jackie Maurice B.S. Business Ad. South ( Carolina Roger Medlin U.S. Behavioral Science Tennessee Jane McClelland A.B. Speech— English Florida Flossie Maxwell B.S. Elementary Ed. Florida Ralph Meeker A.B. Religion Tennessee Gary Parrish B.S. Biology Florida Kenneth Peerc) B.S. Biolog) Tennessee Linda Patterson B.S. Elementary Ed. West Virginia Joseph Perry Music ialilornia Sandy Patterson B.S. Behavioral Science Youth Ministry Ohio I )iane I ' oe B.S. Elementary Ed. Mahama Andrew Poteete Sandra Preslej Richard Pride A.B. History B.S. Behavioral Science A.B. English Tennessee Tennessee Ohio 126 Seniors |{utli Prough B.S. Elementar) Ed. Florida I )ranna How liiiL r B.S. Behavioral Science Georgia Sharon Russell .B. Engli h Florida I las id Reed Religion K« ■ 1 1 1 ut-k Jacqueline Run) an .B. English esl irginia Ruth Rut tan B.S. Elem. Ed. |- 1 ' iriihi ( linger Re) nolds B.S. Ps) cholog) Bus. I ■ 1 1 i 1 1 I ennessee Michael Run) an B.S. Business Kd. est Virginia Bob Sanders B.S. Behavioral Science Alabama Seniors 1 2 t Deljra Lee Shannon B.S. Business l. Florida Tim Sherrill B.S. Biology Tennessee Shela Shirer A.B. English West Virginia Pat Spencer B.S. Psj chology Ohio Mendel] Spruill B.S. Business Ad. Tennessee Donna Suttles B.S. Missions Behavioral Sc., Kentucky 121! Seniors Curtis W ilson David Winsinger Wend) Witmer B.S. Hiolo " v B.S. Matli Chom. B.S. Home Economics Florida Florida Florida Seniors J 2 ' ) ( larv W ood .B. Speech Kentucky Ruth Worle) B.S. Elementary Ed. ( Ihio Jack Y eager B.S. Behavioral Science Michigan Late Pictures Judy Horton B.S. Home Ec. ( Georgia Stephen Berck B.S. History ( Georgia Time is not measured by the passing of the years, but by what one docs, what one feels, and what one achieves. lawaharlal Nehru Howard Plummer President Class of ' 74 Gail Ellis Secretary Mary Lou Pennington Treasurer David Foltz STUCO Rep. Wayne Thomas STUCO Rep. Professor William Green Sponsor 132 Jr. Class Juniors L33 ( Iherj I Brannon ( ' nthia Brown Warren Buss Margie Butler Sam Carlan Karfii ( larlson Vivian Castills ! )oiiiia ( lliambers Lynn ( !lapp Larr) (look Lynn ( ' nun Susan lundiff 1 34 J uniors Juniors 135 L36 Juniors Juniors 1 . ' {7 I. ' ?!! Juniors ! 10 J unions juniors I 1 1 142 Juniors ( !oleen Scittcr Curtis Sellers ( ' illi Selman ( iharlene Shelle) Jerry Shelley Freda Sholter ( lathy Simmons Beek Shields I ' iiin Smiths m I Idiik Spaulding Juniors J 43 Laura Speer Les Sprang Sharon Starkey Sanford Stewart Jana Slone K nl Sto er Kenneth Street Jerry Sudduth Wendall Sullivan Kitti Thavarnyu Katliy Thaxton Thomas Wayne 1 44 Juniors Juniors L45 Gwen Woodall ( !indy Wright ( llenda Wright Mary Ann Wright 146 Juniors Hill Bowen I amar Brantley Beverly Cope B.S. I ' sycliolop -I li.-t r A.B. Speech B.S. Elementary Ed. Tennessee Florida Florida Late Pictures J 47 Dwight Modesitt Tennessee Senior Late Pictures lion Richards Ohio I )ale Smith B.S. Physical Education Florida Phyllis Vanderpool B.S. Physical Education Ohio I,a(c Pictures 149 1 50 Laic Pictures I 52 Late Pictures Class of ' 75 Sam Bowers President Tom Brower Vice President Karen Dzedulevicz Secretary I !( Treasurer Beth Greathouse STUCO Rep. Vickie Boone STUCO Rep. Terry Turner Chaplain 154 Sophomores Sophomores 1 i r Sophomores 1 57 ] 58 Sophomores Mike ( lamble Adrian ( iil l .- Guj Glendenning 1 i i r i i ( mmIh in Beth Ireathouse Julia Gregory Jenny Griffin Thomas Gril ton ( ItlllliT Marsha Gupton Judy I lack Carl Hall ■ ■ Mike I [arper I lay (leu Harris ( Iherj I I [arrison ( !indy I [atley David Mill Urai kru I ii-i .iiii Pam Isley Miriam Jenkins Sophomores 1 59 Sue Jenkins Thomas Jones Priscilla Kilpatrick Richard Kurlz David Lane Betty Lansford I )enny I ,atham Ken Latham Fred Lewis Charles Libick Beck) Lovell Gay Lynch I )onna McLemore Linda Mackey 160 Sophomores Uline Moorehead Terri Morrow Bill Mosher Jonathan Nabors Carlotta Nesbitt I i w en Newman Jackie Nix Sand lliver Sophomores 161 Linda Page Roxroy Parham Brenda Parker Judy Perry 162 Sophomores Sophomores 1 63 Roger Farmer President C 1 9. S S Of Andy Batton Viee President 76 Joy Pratt Secretary John Wallace Treasurer Karen Byrd STUCO Rep. Mike Blankenship STUCO Rep. Nathan Bake Chaplain 166 Freshmen Freshmen 161 Shannah Farr Rose Feasel Debi Ferguson ( iharles Fountain Linda Frady Doug French Rick Fridley Beth ( rarner Charles ( rase ( lynthia Geasley Tom Geist Sherri Gentry Marilyn Gibson Martha Gomer Dennis Grady ( lharlie Grav Janis ' rreen Carol Griggs Michael Griner Alice Hall 170 Freshmen Freshmen 171 Jimmy I Matt Marsha Hillstrom Jack Hinton Arnetta Hodges Sue Holstein Peggy Holt Donna Hood Harold Horton Melissa Hudson Marilyn Hull ( leleste Hunt I )ebbie Janes Jerry Jared Dale Johnson Cathy Jones Robin Jones Donna Kaney Alan Kenner Richard Kimmery Don Kintner 1 72 Freshmen Middendorf I )on Milliron Libb) Miller Pam Miller Kathy Mosley Gary Mullinax Brian Neeley Darryl ' Ison Joy Nix Jim )rsborn ( lharles Parrish Mickie Patton w 7- Mike Patton Karl Pay ton I )ebra Piercey Kathy Phillips David Phipps Don Phipps 1 7 I Freshmen i Ivoln lt Slal« ' Jackie Stephens I )eborah Stock) I tennis Slont Ralph Swallow i I )ebbie Sykes Michael S kes Susan Ta lor Frieda Thompson Mel Thompson Thomas Todd I )arn lr Vaughl Judy Veigh I )ebbie inecke Charit) Waddell Join. Wallace Robert W aller Dianne Wall- I )onna W alter Cind Waters Freshmen 177 Presenting the Downings in Concert Student Government Lawrence Golden, STUCO President Pegg) Smith. STUCO Treasurer Danny Boone, STUCO Vice-President 182 STUCO Kayc Bragg, Darda Editor ST I CO IH.5 Jim Spear, TAA President I HI STUCO Keth Greathouse. Sophomore Representative Mike Hlankenship. Freshmen Represrnlatixe Vicki Boone, Sophomore Representative Karen Byrd, Freshmen Representative STUCO L85 Trev-Echoes Staff Hill ( !unno, Editor Darrell Poeppelmeyer Linda ( Iramer Chuck Sinclair Brian McGuire Mark Liner Robin Jones Susan Hall Eddie Johnson Ruth Ruttan David Taylor Janice Carmack Karen Disbro Carla Maxwell ( larolyn Fox Glenda Wright Jane McClelland Donita Mullinax ( lliris McKinny Becky Merchant Dale Smith Don Kintner Paul Winsinger Karen Carlison Patti Shinn Glenn English Gary Ray Lynn Frenny Cathy Ray Vickie Wonders ( lindy Greasley Paul Rainwater Bill Dillon Karen Deas Debbie Thomas Dr. Wayne D. Lee, Advisor 186 Trev-Echoes rout row : Fast ' lir.iiin. Kditor, buth Rut tan. Sarah Fartenbern . Gayla nderson. iecond row: Nanc Mathews. Mary Lou Pennington, Kathy Sanderson, hird row: bill Dillon, Hob Henninger, Cath) bay. •taff not pictured | o ee Fail, brenda Dillon, Susan Cleckner, betty Allen, Lynn Crum, Sara Poe, Judy Perry, Sharon brotherton, Corlis flcGee, Donna Walton. Frank Dameron, Glenn English, Jim Marklin, Dale Smith, Kay Covey, Charity Waddell, Chuck Sinclair, Cary V ood. Darda Staff 187 TRUMPET PIANO Jon Eby 1 )ebbie Downing Matt Jensen Karen Deas Gar) Hancock Judy Hark GUITAR Steve Archer Roy DeSha Richard ( lulley TROMBONE Ken Steele ELECTRIC BASS Ray Gullett J. B. Brown Paul Gerard Les Sprang DRUMS ( !arl ( Irapo Louis Weaver Terry Langford SAXOPHONE Bill Knight Becky Buchanan Don Pliipps Terry Turner Billy Meador 1H» Pep Hand Trevecca Athletic Association Jim Spear, President Jane ( lowger Dale Smith, ice President Hal Hatley Gayle Dent, Secretary ane Mackej David Foltz I )onna McLemore ( lathy Simmons ( loach Mill ( rreen, Ad is r TAA I H«» Members: Beverlj mburgej ivian ( lastells Barbara Duke Debbie Du all Kathy Erwin Pam Gerard IVth (Iroatliouse I )eiiisr ( lordon Jan I laj£em» ' v»T Bnncla Landlord iin Moselj Donita Mullinax I )ana I f i 1 1 ■ i- katli S-linaii K-etU;s J 91 [tinerarj )ci. 27 and 21) Morehead State University, Kentucky Nov. 17 and H Morris Harvey College, Charleston, West Virginia Jan. 12 and 13 Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas Jan. 2( and 27 Tennessee Tech, Cookeville, Tennessee Feb. 9 and 10 Tennessee Intercollegiate Forensic Association Tournament, Tullahoma, Tennessee pril () .mil 7 Somerset Community College, Somerset, Kentucky l )2 !) l)ale Team The Honor Society Officers: Billy Meador. President Kevin Beard, Vice-President Glenda Wright, Secretary -Treasurer Members: Ronald J. Black I ,aiia ( i . Bogie Danny L. Boone Vickie L. Boone I). Lamar Bradley Keith . ( lurrie [Catherine I ' . Foster Iarv E. Greathouse Joseph M. Gregon Jenn) M. Griffin illiam L. Knight MariK n J . I. ail Ga) L. L) nch Jacqueline M. Maurice I. aura A. Merrill Michael E. Mori Randall T. Morton Margaret I ). Nixon I .inda ( ' .. I ' a e I inda S. Pugh M. iiin- Rutledge Pegg) . Smith Roj I .. Thompson Jack I ,. Yeager Honor Society 193 The Ministerial Association President Marion Amburn ice President Joe Smith Secretarj Sherry Masher Treasurer Mill Mosiicr Publicity Steve Roberts I 04 Ministerial Assot . The Ministerial Association sponsors the daily prayer meetings at 6:1 ■ ■ rcrrrr pn 1 1 r r i — i Trevecca Missionary Fellowship Officers: Glenda Wright I )onna Suttles Paul Buchannan fane ( lovvger Members: Janet Adcock Bryan Allison Dale Beardsley Janie Blanton Sam Bowers Faye Bragg Tim Braselton Charles Brakehill l cky Buchannan Cristel Burns 1 [azel ( lalhoun Beverly ( lassick Donna Chambers Patty Cook Debbie Debord Bill Dillon Brenda I )illon Joan Fellers Mike G raham Richard Grogan Terri Grogan Madonna Guy ( Iharlene I (are Jerry I [eatherly Beth 1 1 ickman Rohbie Jacobs I )alc Johnson Gloria Kindall Don Kintner Vickie I ;ee ( larol I iOve Man ia Matthews Nancy Matthews Laura Merrill Mike Mori Cathy Moslev Pam Nod Gary Parrish Linda Patterson Sharon Petry Diane Poe I ,inda Pugh Shelia Richards Patti Shinn Eunice Slappey Peggy Smith Ron Smith Michael Spencer Linda Stover Jerry Sudduth Michael Sykes Frances Talkington Roger Trent Paul Troutman Becky Whipple Vickie Whipple Paul Winsinger ( iar Wood John Woolen Mary Ann Wright lev. Maurice Hall and Miss Jean Williams were special speakers for the Missions Convocation this past fall. TMF 19. Members Beverly Amburgey Sharon Brotherton Vivian Castel Kathy Erwin David Foltz Karen Foltz Debbie Janes Brenda Langford Jim Mains Jackie Nix Jim Orsburn Linda Patterson Tim Prouse Melinda Ross Colleen Seitter Larry Tarter Danny Williams Wendy Witmer Gary Wood ! ' )( liicyclr Club Science Club Officers: Michael h Juire, Presidenl I ,amar Bradle) . V -President ( larj Parrish, Secretary Kin Pierce . Treasurer Members: I )avid Winsinger Paul Winsinger Ron Richards ( iarol I (alton Prof. John Dix, Sponsor Science Club I ' ' 7 Civitans Officers: Gary Wood, Presidenl Lamar Brantley, Vic - President Howard Pliimiiicr, Stvn-tary-Treasurer Members: Merit .gee Daryle Benson Sam Bowers Joe Brigman Tom Brower Bill Dillon Tom Legg Billy Meador Randy Morion Gary Parrisli Carl Pratt Mike Shirley Paul Winsinger 198 Civitans Civinettes Officers: Pegg) Smith Vickie Boone Jane McClelland Glenda Wright I )ebbie Nixon Anne l utledge Mis Met !lain, Sponsor Members: Cindy Box Patty Cook Karen Dzedulevicz Carolyn Pox Shelly Fox worthy Jenny Griffin Martha Menefee Laura Merrill Linda Page Brenda Parker Linda Patterson Joy Pratt Jackie Runyan Angela Slocks Susan Taylor Civinettes sponsored a can-stacking contest to provide food for need) families. Civinettes L99 Circle icers: Jim Mains, President David Foltz, Vice President I tale Smith, Secretary Hal llatley, Treasurer Members: Steve Archer Kevin Beard Randy Berkner Mike Biankenship Les DuVal Jeff Fox Paul Gerard Carl Hall Mark Hendon Buddy Hunt Dale Kendall Terry Langford David Middendorff Rick Quevado Larry Reynolds Ron Richards Doug Runyan Curtis Sellers Jim Spear Ralph Swallows Les Spring Wayne Thomas Mel Thompson Louie Weaver Danny Williams Rick Williams Honorary Members: Dan Boone Marvin Wells 200 Circle K. Circle K sponsored a Talent Kxrhangc with Olivet Nazarene (College Circle K 201 Home Economics Club V Officers: Miss Kinp, Sponsor Patsy Smith Sissy Woodall Diane Hooter Wendy Witmer, Vice-President Gwen Newman Betty Arkley, President Members: B tty Allen Beck) Buchannan Rose Burky Karen Deas Betty Hawkins Arnetta Hodges Sue Holstein Nancy Kraft Susan McDonald Nora Ryun Pam Smithson Ann Spoon Charity Waddell Donna Walton Pat Weaver Becky Whipple Trevecca ' s Home Economics Association produced a Student Directory which was a great service to the campus this year. 202 Home Economics Phi S i g m a Zeta Officers: I )ebbie i n. President Lamar Bradley, V. President Diana Gabriel, Treas.-Sec. John l)i , Sponsor Members: Billy Meador Paul Winsinger I )a ill insinirrr K ' in Beard Randal Morion Bill Knight Gary Parrish Beth Greathouse Linda Stover Marts ( ln _ ' oi Sigma Zeta is a national honorary science and mathematics society Alpha Phi is the chapter name for Trevecca. The purpose of Upha Phi Sigma Zeta is to promote interest in science and mathematics. Faculty Members: Dr. C. B. Smith Mr. Clifton Taylor Mr. Jerrv ( ' a »ta Mrs. nii I uqua Dr. Gerard Nyssen Sigma Zeta 20.5 Afro- American Society Members: Prof. Jerry I lull, Adv isor Bill Ulen Ammorelle Bailey Sylvester Ballard James Brown Marian ( Ihopfield I [oward ' Hark Robert Clark Amelia Hodges Stanley Hall Eddie Johnson Franklin Lee Geraldine Nelson Waymond Odom Carolyn Prioleau Nelson Ridley Ann Spoon Shirley Taylor Charles Torain Al Ward James Williams Nathan Baker Ain ' t it a shame? 204 Afro- American YOUNG. GIFTED, and BLACK was the theme of Black History Week. The Afro-American Club sponsored and provided speakers for these days. Among the speakers who spoke to us in Chapel was the young, gifted and black Congresswoman for this District. Young Officers: Sam ( larlan Janis Godwin Roy DeSha Members: Members: Faye Bragg Phyllis Carter Rick Champion I )ebbie Davis Bracken Ingram Barry Kulp Richard Kurtz Johnny Morrow Mickey Patton Pam Phillips David Phipps Don Phipps Jack Powers Cathy Simmons Sharon Starkey Debbie Warner Bill Welch Rick Wicks r 3i t s 206 Young Democrats Student Tennessee Education Association Officers: I onna ( lhambers Billy Meador Dian Booth Yvonne Booth Peggy Smith Laura Merritl SI K held .1 Teacher ppreciation banquet this ear. Members: Betty Allen Brenda 1 iangford William Allen Betty Lansford ( Iharles A ppleby Judy Lord Hetty rkle Flossie Maxwell Bonnie Bennett Tommie Manning Kay Booth Jack Menefee 1 ,amar Bradley Darlene Minshall James Braselton Sharon Mosher Faye Bragg Kathryn Mosley Sharon Brotherton Donita Vlullinax Karen ( larlson Pat Newton J ud ( ;ia Vieki New ton 1 )onna ( louev Pamela Neel John ( !ox Janis Park Sandra ( lox Linda Patterson Melvyn ( lovetta Marylou Pennington Frank 1 )amron Lyla Phillips ( larol 1 )igbj Diane Poe 1 )onna 1 )illinger Richard Pride Terry 1 )onahny Yvonne Robinson Kit Duff) Jacqueline Runyan Peggy Eaton Ruth Ruttan Kathy Erwin Marcella Sandberg Bea Fabrizio Shela Shirer ( larolyn Fox Linda Smith ( llaudia 1 [anson Ronald Smith Linda 1 larrison 1 )ennis Snodgress 1 lelen 1 [erring Peggy Terry Melissa Hudson Judi enable Robbie Jacobs Frances Woldrop 1 jnda Jordan Ruth Worley Richard Jordan Ruth Wright Joy ee 1 .ail lim 1 ains STEA 207 The Trevadores Bob Dodd Lei and Gibbs Ken Latham Mark Liner Curtis Sellers ITINERARY ALABAMA Birmingham Forestdale Birmingham I luffman Decatur First East Gadsden Gardendale I lueytown Huntsville First Jasper First Lanett Selma First Sheffield First Tuscaloosa Alberta Tuscaloosa I loll GEORGIA Athens August a ( !olumbus First Dublin East Point First Gainesville First FLORIDA Orlando District Teen Day Orlando Colonial KENTUCKY Albany Louisville First Louisville Southside Owensboro MISSISSIPPI ( Cleveland First Jackson Grace NORTH CAROLINA Gastonia First Pineville SOUTH CAROLINA TENNESSEE Donelson Gallatin Goodlettsville Madison Memphis Calvary Memphis Park Avenue Nashville College Hill Nashville First Nashville Grace Nashville Whispering Hills Radnor Trinity Tullahoma First Shelby ville Smyrna Dupont High School Lawrcnceburg Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet Middle Tennessee State University West Columbia ( lentral 208 Trevadores Concert Choir Members: Officers: Ronald Black 1 )on Kintner 1 .ana 1 togic Terr) Knight Michael ( lol 1 man Kick Lord President: Patricia ( look Judy 1 onl 1 ,arr Tubbs Keith ( lurrie Jane McClelland V ice Presiden 1 ! 1 )ebbie 1 )owning Michael Met luirc 1 )a • ' Miilili iiiK il l Karen 1 zedulevicz Cathy Ra) Seerelar : Mela Fannin Ted Rishel Debbie Downing Karen Fletcher 1 ana Ritter treasure : Shelly Foxworthy ictor Robinson JinK Gunter Sherri Gentry Walter Robinson ( ihaplain : Pam ( erard Yvonne Robinson Y ictor Robinson Martha ( lomer mm Shaw 1 .ihrarian : Mike ( rraham 1 ' .nice Sinclair 1 ana Ritter Beth G reathouse 1 ,es Sprang Rohc ( lustodian : 1 1 1 1 1 V ( ■ 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 " ngela S tocks Jane McClelland Judy Hack Paid Troulman DIRECTOR: Alic e Mall 1 ,arry Tubbs 1 ,awrence Patterson William Hall John Wallace ACCOMPANIST: Ray 1 lendricks Cynthia Waters Miss Barbara McClain 1 )iane 1 looter Janna Wells ( lathy Jones Vickie Wonders Dale Kendall Concert Choir 200 Youth Ministers Officers: Herb Agee, President Curtis Sellers, V-President Don York, Treasurer Becky Lovell, Secretary Les DuVall, Publicity Members: Jeanine Cheshire Dane Hooter Don Love Chris McKinny Carla Maxwell Terri Morrow Donna Walton Danny Williams 210 Youlli Ministers Music Club Martha ( innirr Vlice Hall Robert Hal] Dale Kendal] I eresa knight Carol Mel iullough Wilbur McCullough i Koliin.-oii The Music Club Sponsored a Talent Show during .I.P. Days and Student Recitals in ( lhapel. Music Club 21 I WNAZ Station Manager: John Morrow Staff: Cristel Hums 1 )onna ( !ole |{ov I )eSha Robin I )yi ' Ron Gabriel Delbert Glenn Mark ' raham Bobbj! Suzi Hall Gary Hancock I )ale Johnson I )on Kitner Patti Leffel ( rarj Mi ( !allum Joan VlcNichols Linda Macke) Karl Payton Jackie Stephens Muddy Slinson Terry Turner 212 VVNA Trevecca Broadcaster ' s Association Officers: Don Kintner Karl Payton Robin Dye Gary Hancock Joan Mc Nichols Members: Ron Black Mitcht-l Booth Faye Bragg ( Ihristel I turnes I )( »nna I ! »le I 1 1 ( labriel Delberl Glenn Tom Godbej Murk ( i raham Hoi, Hull Susie Hall Roger I [osmer Matt Jensen I )al - Johnson Patt) I effel Linda Macke) lar McCollum J hn Morrow- Paul Rainw ater Buddy Stinson ,|i-rr Sinhluth Roger Trent Paul Troutman Terry Turner Mark V ertrees Rich Wuironer Robert Waller Phil Welch Jl I I | I M 1 t I ' | | Johnn) Morrow talks with .| ak - ll » on Mr. Ilcss ' s noon (lospcl Show. TBA 213 The Trevettes ( lathy Selman Deliliie Daggett Helen Helen Ramona Hatton 21 1 Trevettes Concert Band Concert Band 21 " Krilli Currir. Tenor Encounters 217 Campus Life 21 9 222 Campus Life ' Far bolter it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though check- ered with failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in that grey twight that knows not victory nor defeat. " Theodore Roosevelt Nancy Mackey, Beta Hall of Fame Front row: Kose Burkey, Cathy Simmons, Denise Gordon, Faye Bragg, Second row: Gail Ellis, Don Brewer, Mary Lou Pennington, Donna McLemore, Jane Cowger. 224 Outstanding Athletes Girls Intramural 225 Standings VOLLEYBALL Second Place BASKETBALL Won-3 Lost-3 Play-Off March 5 SOFTBALL Played in the spring ALL-STARS Donna Brewer Patti Shinn Donna McLemore ALL-STARS Donna McLemore Patti Shinn 2ft Alpha Society Beta Society Katliy Peeden, Nelda INoxtive, Nancy Mackey, Moe Moorehead, Cindy Wright, Darlene Digby VOLLEYBALL First Place ALL-STARS Nancy Mackey Miriam Jenkins Moe Moorehead Standings BASKETBALL Won-3 Lost-3 Play-Off March 5 ALL-STARS Nancy Mackey Darlene Digby SOFTBALL Played in the spring 28 Beta Society Beta Society 229 Delta Society Gail Ellis, Mary Lou Pennington, Joan Mathis, 2nd How: Barbara Duke, Karen Koltz, Jane Cowger, Charity Waddell, 3rd Row Faye Bragg VOLLEYBALL Fourth Place Standings BASKETBALL Won-1 Lost-5 Fourth Place SOFTBALL Played in the Spring ALL-STARS Bea Fabrizio Jane Cowger Mary Lou Pennington ALL-STARS Jane Cowger Mary Lou Pennington 230 Helta Society Delta Society 2. ' 51 Gamma Society Cheryl Brannon, Cathy Simmons, Geraldine Nelson, Ammorelle Bailey, Kay Booth, Rose Burkey VOLLEYBALL Third Place ALL-STARS Cathy Simmons Alice Hall Debbie Bishop Standings BASKETBALL Won-5 Lost-1 First Place ALL-STARS Geraldine Nelson Rose Burky SOFTBALL Played in the Spring 2.V2 Camma Society Gamma Society 2 2 ' M Girls Intramurals (iirls [ntramurals 2. ' $ ) T A A ' 2.% Athletics Sports Athletics 2. ' $7 Kneeling: B. Alison, R. Fridley, D. Taylor, K. Wagoner, T. Godbey, D. Milliton, J. Thrash. Standing: S. Hedrick, A. Batton, K. Wood , P. Gray, J. Spear, T. Ferguson, D. Blue, K. Hendricks, B. Darnell, R. Swallows, C. Gray, T. Prouse. Paul Gray, Offensive Guard, Defensive Alpha readies for goal line stand against the Middle Guard Beta Machine. 2. ' ia Athletics Alpha 240 Athletics Beta Men 1st Place (t Wins, 0 Losses Kneeling M. Sykes, R. Berkner,J. Wallace, E. Johnson, R. McKnight, G. Mullinax, L. Reynolds, D. Amburn. Standiii " S. Mison, M. Mankensliip. R. Ouevado, V. Rohinson. J. Marklin. I). Foil ,. V. Damron. Football All Stars thirties 241 Team: Kneeling -Eddie Johnson, Jerry Glass, Jonathan Nabors, Standing- Mike Syke.s, Carey Dunning, Larry Reynolds, Gary Wood, Kick Quevedo, 1 lames Williams. David Foltz, Sandy Patterson Robinson 242 thletics Kc nolil ( !ii;ird I lanm Ni Athletics 243 Delta Men Kneeling: W. Odum, J. Jared, B. Mosher, M. Booth. J. Simpson, J. Ward. Standing: D. Smith, D. Hill, T. Bowden, D. Bagland, H. Hatley, C. Archer, D. Twining Waymond Odum tackled 244 Athletics after pass. Delta I )elta on defense Delta team Delta vs. Gamma I )i ll. i I! I .c aL ' iic. No. I I telta If I .eague, No. _ ' Athletics 245 Gamma Gamma scores 246 Alhleli.s neelinii Done l.ansl ' ord. Hill Mall. Jack Minion, Jack Powers landing Phillip Welch. Paul Cerard. Steve Leonard, Tim Brasselton. Paul Martin. Marvin Wells. Mike 1 1 at ' illiams. K on Shields. Mike Harper kicks oil Uhletics 217 ? 72 Trojan Baseball Team Left to Right: Mike Harper, Hal Hatley, Don Mellish, Larry Reynolds, Butch Ekis, Hayden Harris, Dale Smith; 2nd row: Danny Baker, Jerry Glass, Brent Godbe Ken Latham, Rod Stover. Waymond Odum, Terry Bowden; 3rd row: Riek Quevado, Billy Meador, Charles Torain, Al Boatman, Buddy Strickland, Willie Hasse Eddie Redmon, Frank Damron, Oscar Gamble, Vic Robinson, Coach Green: John Thrash not pictured. 21» Athletics Record Wins-14 Losses-1 2 Individual Baseball Records B I I ING AVERAGES G WW EAR Frank Damron I for I Frank Damron 100 I0ST HITS Frank Damron I Frank D amron 34 [OSTR.B.I. ' s Don Mellish, John Thrash, Mike Gamble I Frank Damron 23 [OST RUNS SCORED Frank Damron, Don Mellish 3 Frank Damron 23 [OST H( 1MB RUNS I ti.-H I each Jon Thrash I OSI |OT | l: SKS John Thrash, William Hassel (» Frank Damron 51 OSI I IMKS ON BASK Frank Damron I .1 " " Thrash 17 OST STOLEN 15 ASKS Dale Smith 2 Dale Smith 10 [TSIN O INSECI TIVE G KMES Frank Damron I I OST PITCHING WINS Rod Stover I 0STSTRIKE01 rS (Atcher) Jerry Glass, Larry Reynolds 0 Jerry Glass, Larry Reynolds 22 EST E.R.A. Rod Stover 2.89 OST S( 01 1 I I S INNINGS Don Mellish, Rod Stover, Larry Reynolds 7 Rod Stover 13 ' 72 AWARD WINNERS Rod Stover Best Pitcher Frank Damron Best Hitter B. A. 400 Most Valuable Player E.R.A. 2.89 Uhletics 249 250 Athletics Jon Thrash, Outfielder Kddir Redmon, Shortstop Mike Harper, Shortstop Uhlrtics 2. ' ) I Dale Smith turns double play at the Covenant game. 251 thleties Vthletics 2 . " 256 Athletics Mike Gamble rounds first base after hit in Covenant Game Athletics 2 " 1973 Baseball Schedule March 13 20 21 23 24 26 28 30 April 2-7 11 14 16 19 21 23 26-28 30 May 4 5 9 11 12 Aquinas (2) Covenant (2) Belmont (1) Tennessee Temple ( 1) Tennessee Temple (2) Bryan (2) Martin (2) Olivet (2) King College Tournament Martin (2) University of the South (2) Lambuth (1) Taylor University (2) Belmont (1) Lispscomb (1) Tennessee Temple Tournament Bryan (2) University of the South (2) Lambuth (1) Lipscomb (1) Tennessee Temple (1) Tennessee, Temple (2) Home Lookout Mountain, Georgi; Home Home Home Home Home Home Boca Raton, Florida Pulaski, Tennessee Sewanee, Tennessee Jackson, Tennessee Home Nashville, Tennessee Home Chattanooga, Tenn. Dayton, Tennessee Home Home Nashville, Tennessee Chattanooga, Tennessee Chattanooga, Tennessee Kneeling: Gary Reynolds, Larry Cook, Charles Tyler, Mayden Harris, Carey Dunning. Larry Reynolds, Dale Smith. Standing: David Brinegar, Trainer; Hod Stover, Jerry Glass, Jon Thrash, Eddie Redmon, Mike Grmer, Randy Fletcher, Jim Laing, Bob Payne, Hal Hatley, Frank Damron, Mike Harper, Billy Mead or. Mgr.; Coach Bill Green. Women ' s Lann Whitrrnr at Rick Qucvedo t hie tics 259 I The End Of An Era . . . Basketball tm w$ Introduced before their last home game, these five senior Trojans have captured some impressive wins and honors since they were first introduced for the purple and white four short years ago. The hustle, desire, and competiti spirit of Charles Torain, Mickey Johnson, Brent Godbey, Gary Bedwell, and Butch Baker will remain long after they are gone. _»( (• Sports . . . The Beginning Of A New One. Richard Haynes in his first year as Director of Athletics and baskethall coach at TNC has brought with him some outstanding credentials and a great deal of enthusiasm. ront Row: Can Bedwell. Brent Godbey. Boh Jerles. Nelson Ridley, Mickey Johnson. Saul Jenkins, Randy Fletcher. Mike Griner. Sam Davis. tending: Coach Richard Haynes, SID -Glenn Knglish. Statistician Doug Runyan. Butch Baker. Ralph Watson. Charles Torain. Managers Carev Dunning and Andy atton. Trainer-Dave Brinegar and Manager Tim Sherrill. Sports 26] Tough Schedule Many Miles=l 1-15 Season TROJANS 86 Mount Vernon Invitational Tournament Redskin lnvilal f " rrri eJ inJS Mount Vernon , Ohio Bethany, Okla lotna Oklahoma TROJANS 80 Tiffin U. Ohio (J. 95 63 68 Christian Pasadena 84 88 (Zanesville Branch) 1 1 ( - niprif . 1 1 i.k i iii ' ' i ' ti JO Mid- A rnerica 79 Nazarene 77 92 Nazarene 77 Mid- America 60 Belmont 78 ] overtime 94 Nazarene 92 62 Belmont 67 86 78 Lee (SCAC) Covenant (SCAC) 81 67 i k Tourname nl, M impliis, Tenn. 86 Stillrnan 93 Southwestern 73 Bryan (SCAC) 67 70 University 78 Tennessee 77 Belhaven 79 . 70 Temple 79 75 Covenant (SCAC) 64 63 Lee (SCAC) 1 09 76 Stillman 99 Lee (SCAC) 73 Huntington 92 69 ( Championship) 101 8] Vquinas Birmingham 68 Southern Christian Athle tic Conference Tournament 74 Southern 78 63 Bryan 80 ' 3 overtimes 88 Milligan 89 ] overtime 81 Covenant 80 81 Br) an (SCAC) 79 83 Lee 96 72 1 ennessee Temple 82 HONORS Southern Christian Athletic Conference 2nd place 5 wins 2 hisses SCAC I st Team SCAC 2nd Team SCAC Scoring Charles Torain Butch Baker Charles Torain 20.2 points per game Trojan Awards Most Valuable Player Charles Torain Scoring ( lharles Torain Best Percentage Free Throw Shooter Butch Baker Best Rebounder ( iharles Torain 262 tlilctn ill ify;::: j MM US p: tt . . . Many Things- Welcome to Trevecca Coach Haynes Uhlctics 263 Gary Bedwell and Butch Baker hustle against Covenant. Trojans get up for a tip in against MUligan. 201 Athletics Senior guard Brent (Jodbry drives downeourt. Athletics 2(). " enior Tri-( ' aptain (Iar hVdivell captures a crucial carom against Belmont. Frosh guard Mike (Iririer " ' sets a pick " for hard-driving Mickey Johnson. Rebounding can be rough . . . 1 5 M Senior tri-eaptain Mickey Johnson starts the Trojan Machine moving on a fast break mm Butch Baker passes off to R alph Watson underneath for two points and an assist. Senior manager Tim Shcrrill gives instructions to manager Carey Dunning and Dave Brinegar before a game. 268 Athletics Coach BUI Green relays statistics during game from Sid Glenn English Coach Haynes. " Ml Vboard the First Lady! " Athletics 2fi0 1 [I V i Sin : IE ' Hi, f I m $0 ,V| ... i S S " fWien f u one (Weat Scorer comes To mark against your name, He writes— not that you iron or lost- But lion you played the game. — Grantland Rice— IBM .♦.WAV, -1 v J8 ' 5 " Machine, " " Po p, " Mickey, " To, " " Elmer, " " Pete, " " Scorpio, " " Fletch, " Bob Mike 270 Athletics STUDENT DIRECTORY Aaron, Teresa J., Albany, Ky. Adrork. Janet P., Rt. I, Box 501, Adamsville, Ala. Adkina, William K., 2026 Waikiki Way, Tampa, Fla. Agec, Herbert T„ L803 Colonial Dr., Damwell, S.C. Alexander, Bertha Jean, 974 Par Ave., Memphis, Tn. Alison, Bryan H.. P.O. Box 6102. IN. Augusta, S.C. Alison, Skye W., P.O. Box 61o2, IN. Augusta, S.C. Allen. Betrv A., itox 686, Zolfo Springs, Fla. Allen, Larry T., Mowrystown, Ohio Allen, William C, 91 I-ester Ave., Nashville, Tn. Allingham, Nevin J., 55 Hart St., Nashville, Tn. Amburgey, Beverlv S.. Mt. Sterling, Ky Amburn, Marion H., 1208 Saturn Dr., Nashville. Tn. Amburn, William D., 020 Crove St.. Loudon, Tn. Anderson. Gavla I... 202 Harris St.. Ft. Mills, S.C. Appleby, Charles D., 1554 + Deerwood. Memphis, Tn. Archer, David Carl, 102IH Newport (Circle, Tampa, Kla. Archer. Stephen V.. 610 Pairmonl Ave., Albertsnllc. Ala Arkley. Betty J . 2713 Mashbum Dr.. Nashville, Tn. Armstrong, Howard W., 1000 Golf Club l.ane. Clarksville, Tn. Arwood, Michael L., 3807 Marydale Ct., Nashville, Tn. Vsmelash. Alganesh, Ethopia Bailey. Ammorelle, P.O. Box 1973. Fredriksted. St. Croix, Virgin Islands Baker. Danny D„ Rt. 1, Box 329A, Tell Citv. Ind. Baker, Elmer E., 3( 8t) Allession Rd., White Creek, Tn. Baker, Nathan E.. Rt. 2, Osgood, Ind. Bajrd. Paul R., Rt. 2, Matthews, NX. Baldwin. Cheryl D„ 3699 Robindale Ct., Deratur, Ca. Baldwin, Claudia S., 4013 Keeley Dr., Antioch, Tn. Ballard, Sylvester, Rt. I. Box 157, Klora. Miss. Batton. Anthony I). Box 594, Hillsborough, N.C. Bayes, Sandra K., 93 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. Beard, Kevin I) . 1070 Mary Jane Lane, Dunedin, Ela. Beardslee. Dale W.. 1108 Mississippi Ave., Charleston. S.C. Beaty. Carolyn 1.., 4701 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville, Tn. Bedwell, Garv W.. Rt. 6, Springfield, Tn. Beeler. Mi linda E.. 1 1 i Bussell Eerry Rd., Lenoir City, Tn. Behrendt. Carey L., 228 Naylor Ave., S.C. Bennett, Bonnie 0., 1005 Hickory Hill Lane, Hermitage. Tn. Benson. Darvl G., 18I(i Anderson. N.C. Benton. Charles R., Rt. 1, College Grove, Tn. Berck, Stephen H„ 1730 Lock Lemead Tr., Atlcote. Ga. Berkner, D Randall, 1018 Woodrow Rd.. Macon, Ga. Bickel, Joyce E.. 2122 S. Clinton Ave., Trenton, N.J. Bishop, Deborah A., h222 Maney Dr.. Jacksonville, Ela. Black, Gam W„ Rt. 5, Box 56, Brewton. Ala. Black, Ronald J , 14612 Loomis, Harvey, HI. Bradley, D. Lamar, Box 24, T.N.C., Nashvdle, Tn. Bragg, B. Eayc, 718 W. 1 8th St., Ashland, Ohio Brakebill, Charles, 5 11 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. Brannon, Cheryl L., Ga. Brantley. W. Lamar. 55 Hart St.. Nashville, Tn. Congratulations to the Class of ' 73 from the LAUDERDALE MANOR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE D. Paul Ray, pastor t» - ■I Gary Ray, Student Fort Lauderdale, Florida GAINESVILLE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Gainesville, Florida Congratulations To Our Students Diane Booth Yvonne Booth Dale llaufler Robin (ones H. P. Cooper, pastor 272 Advertisements 1 TAMPA FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE 7Mi)2 Y Ilini.-s vc Tampa, Florida Pal Wright, pastor Our Students: Carl Archer Jan Moseley Ann Moseley Rick Quevedo Buddy Hunt ' He shall be called a Nazarene " Matthew 2:23 MOULTRIE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 12th Ave. and 4th St., S. E. Moultrie. Georgia Doyle C. Smith, pastor Southwest Georgia ' s Leading (W eslev an) Holiness Church B rase lion, J. Timothy, lit 2, i Iwensville, [nd Braselton, Paul G., Rt. 2. Owensville, Ind Brrvirr. I) (inn a S . If I I . Brownstown, InH. Brewington, William I . 3054 Kdgemont, Nashville, ' I ' ll. Brigman, Joe A„ 1200 Cheshire Ave., Charlotte, N C. Bnnegar. P. David. 351 1 R.E. Lee Pl„ Alexander, Va. Brodien I aura . 131 N.E. 59th Ct., Pt. Lauderdale, Fla. Brotherton, Sharon I).. .120 Cook St., MooresviUe, N.C. Hrower. Thomas W.. 1232 Woodland, ! akeland. h la Brown, Cynthia F... 2531 Allenwood Dr.. NashvUle, Tn. Brown. Donald I. . 10 15 Thompson PI.. Nashville. Tn. Brown, Gerald II , Box IH7, Rt. 2. Signal Mt.. Tn. Brown. James M.. 4024 Hooker Kd., Chattanooga, Tn. Brown. Michael I... Mackcy. Ind Brown. Sheila A.. Santa Ke, Tn. Brown. Terry B.. 1564 Wigwam. Xenia, ' Ono Brown. Van A., 18011 Hillside Ave . Nashville, Tn. Bnider. Vinion Kred. Jr., 55 Hart St.. Nashville. Tn. Brummett, D. |oc.. 313 Vine. Monti- cello, Kv. Buchanan. Paul. 512 14th. Bedford. Ind. Buchanan. Rebecca L., 512 1 0th. Bedford. Ind. Burke. Diane W„ 550 Harding PI.. Nashville, Tn. Burky, Rose VI.. Box 326. Berlin Outer. Ohio Bumes, Chris tal J.. 61 1 Crocus Ave., Alius, klahoma Buss, Warren II.. 200 Royal Palm Way. Belle Glade. Fla. Butler, Margaret I) , 4370 K. Durham Circle, Stone Mt., Ga. Bvrd, Karen V., Ill Thompson St., Ala. Caldwell, Garry I).. Dechrrd. Tn. Caldwell. Kalph G.. 3692 Kohin-Dale Ct., Atlanta. Ga. Calhoun. Hazel Kit Malibou Ct„ Savannah. ( ia. Cantrell, KayeJ., 1202 Poppen Cove, Memphis, Tn. Capps. Charies D.. 77 Nance l.n.. Nashville, Tn. Carlan. Samuel A.. 0750 ()rr Ct.. S. Jacksonville. Fla Carlson. Karen I ... Rt. (,. Lake Hill I jr.. Lewisburg, Tn Carmack, Janice M . Box 572. Brandenburg, Kv Can - . Marcia G., Roanoke, Va, Camn. Clifford. I 1210 Lake Child ' s Ct.. Miami, 1 ' la Carter, Phyllis. 3430 Morgan Ave., Vshland, K Carter, William C . 2507 Proctor Kd.. Sarasota. Ha. Cass. Glenda C . 2132 Beech Vve„ Macon. Ga. Cassick. Beverlv K. 1300 St. Andrews Blvd., Kustis. Fla. Castels. V ivian I. . 3750 N.W. 21 Ct., Miami. Fla. Chambers, Donna R„ Homestead, Fla. Champion, M. Kick. Bt. 3. Sweet- water. Tn. Cheshire. P. Jeanme. 1530 Theo St., Jacksonville, F ' la. Chopfjcld. Marian I... 3515 Edgewood Ive., Richmond, Va. I3ark. Dehorah L., 30695 Stratford I r.. I.argo. I la Clark. Marilyn A.. 230 52nd St., Newport News, Va. Clay. Judy C. 4982 Kdmondson Dr., Nashville. Tn. Cleckni r. Sussan J.. 230 Bell Rd., Nashville. Tn. Clyburn, J. Michael, 3445 S. Orange Blossom Trl.. Kissimmee, Fla. Coffman, Michael. 3K4 Ahcmarle Ave.. Roanoke. Va. Cole. Donna M . 033 N Sewannee ve ., ( rvstal l ake. Fla Cole. R. Diane. 033 N. Sewannee Ave.. Crystal Lake. Fla. I olhns ! iitlier I I7IIS Pari Bd Louisville. Ky. Comer, Richard J., 75 Lestet Ave., Nashville, Tn. Conrad, Dennis I... 702 Bragg St.. Srhaffield Barracks. Hawaii. Advertisements 27. ' $ Cook. Alice M., 14625 Braddock ltd.. Centerville, Va. Cook, Larrv .. lit. 1. Ml. GUead, Ohio Cook. I ' alriria l .. 11625 Braddock Rd., Centerville. Va. Cope, Beverly A., 1529 Candyce St., Lakeland, Kb. Comwell, Ronald !).. 1704 Carvrll Dr.. Brodoreus. Tn. Couey, Donna M.. 55 Hart St.. Na.bvdlc, Tn. Couev, Kavinond I... 55 Mart St.. Nashville. Tn. Courtney, C. Michael. South Carolina Courtncv. M Kav, Rt. I, Box 586A, Cola. S.C. Covetla. Melvin D., 12:11 Washington, Cleveland. Ohio Cowger, lane .. 5(i I S. ' Kagle St.. Geneva. Ulio Cox. John K . 55 Hart St., Nashville, I ' ll. Cox, Sandra j.. 55 Hart St., Nashville, Tn. Cramer, Linda S.. 551)11 Mae Ct. Louisville. Ky. Crapo. Carl li.. 250. ' t Hargrove Ave.. Nashville, Tn. Crawford, Bonnie K.. Barrett, W. Va. t ' rum, L. Lynn. Kt. 3. Jackson, Ga. Cundiff, Susan M., 2313 Patrick Dr., Satellite Beech, Kla. Currie, Keith W. 109 Daleview Cir., Columbia. Tn. Curtiss. David L... Box 47. Nashville, Tn. Daggett, Deborah A.. 3359 Stella Dr., Memphis. Tn. DaJton. Carol S., 201 1 Gar st land Dr., Roanoke, Va. Dainron. Krank D„ Rt. 5. Box III. Plant City, Kla Darnell. Byron. 811 Brookfield. Murfreesboro. Tn. Davidson, Hetty J.. Kt 4. River Road. Nashville, Tn. Davis, Samuel M., 1905 Scott. Nash- ville. Tn. Deas, David A„ 1403 5th St., Live Oak. Kla. Deas. Karen L., 1301 35th Si W., nradenton, Kla. Debord, Deborah J., I Shelby St., Ft. Oglethorpe, Ky. Debord. Ko mary D.. 2914 Madge St., Ashland, Ky. Dent. A. Gavle, Trenton, Ga. DeSha, R05 ' ..Jr.. 633 Hidden Acres, Madison, Tn. DeVane, Georgia ., 1019 Johnson St.. Valdosta, Ga. Digby, Carol S., 5515 Country Dr.. Nashville. Tn. Digby, Darlene M.. 3512 Hidlstone Ct.. Atlanta. Ga. Digby. Steve H., 3008 10th ve . Columbus. Ga. Dillard, Mary F„ 802 N. Spair St., Thoma vil!e, Ga. DiUinger. Donna J.. P.O. Box 294. Sebring, Kla Dillman, Stephen W.. 420 Francis Dr., Henderson. Ky. Dillon. Rrenda S., 509 N. Market St., Lisbon. Ohio Dillon. William. It.. 509 N Market St.. Lisbon. Ohio Disbro. Karen S.. K.D. I. Rising Sun, Ind. Dodd. Robert R., 2863 Plaza Terrace. Kla. Donahay, Terry A.. 562 W. 56th Place, Hialeah. Kla. Donaldson, Mark 11., 283 April Lane. Nashville, Tn. Dorsey. Russell G., Division St., Roonesville, Ind. Dough arty, Mark L„ 732 N.E. 4th St.. Pompana Beach, Kla. Downing. Deborah A.. 107 Harris St.. Kort Mill, S.C. Downing, Michael W., 2338 Murfrees- boro Rd.. Nashville. Tn. Drury, Martv R. Ill Walnut St., Springfield. Tn. Drury. Ruth K.. 4510 Wonder, W inter Haven. Kla. Duffy, Kathryn S., 730116th Ave . Treasure Island. Kla. Duke. Barbara J.. 71 N.E.. 163 St., Miami, Kla. Dunlap, David R., Rt. 1. Box 229, Cairo. Ga. Dunn, Sheila P., 106 Woodall, Albert- ville. Ala. Dunning, William C, 419 Southwood Dr., Nashville, Tn. DuVall, Deborah A., 27 Harpersville Rd., Newport News, Va. Compliments of SUPERIOR MOTORS, INC. " All The Name Implies " 630 Mufreesboro Rd. Nashville, Tenn. 37210 VW Sales— Service— Parts— Body Shop Phone: 615-254-5641 Compliments of SUMTER FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE QUALITY MOTEL MERCURY Carl C. Pratt, pastor Our Students Jenny Griffen James Williams 411 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Area Code 615 Phone: 224-3540 Carl Pratt, Jr. Joy Pratt 305 W. Oakland Ave., Sumter, S.C. 274 Advertisements Serving the people of the Great Chattachoochee Valley LANETT FIRST CHURCH of the I NAZA RENE ( ;.-ral(l Woods. Pastor Lanett, Alabama Departmenl I leads Rodnej alker S.S. Supt. Pear] Herring-N.W.M.S. Pres. Linda Bechan-N.Y.P.S. Pres. Phillip Welch, Our Student GULFPORT FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Gullport. Mississippi Willis J. Harbison, pastor SI PPi (KTINC TKK EC( : DuVall, Us I).. 3544 Western He- serve, Canfield, ( lm Dye, Robin V .. 5012 E. Fountain, Alabama Dyer, Daniel I... 7141 llighw.iv 70 South. Nashville, in. Dyer, Freddy J.. 1243 maros ve., Irlando, K!a. Dzeclulevirz, Karen J.. 95IH Indiana St.. Jacksonville, Fla. Easter, Teresa I).. 201 Shamrock Rd., Charlottesville, Va. Katon. Pcggv 1„ 4341 Morganford St., Louisville, Ky. Ebv. Jonathan P., I ' ll) " ) Omohundro Ct., NashviUe. Tn. Ebv, Susan C, 1905 Omohundro Ct., Nashville, Tn. Edwards, Cathy A.. 2307 Westhaven Dr., North Carolina Edwards. Juanita L., 2300 N.W., 88th St.. Miami. Ela. Ellis, L. Gail. Kt. I . RossviUe, (la Ellison, Deborah E., Dublin. Ga. English. I). Glenn, 1003 Oakhurst Dr., Charleston, W. Va. Erwin, kathy. Kl. 1. Vanlue. Ohio Evans, Deitra K„ 4032 Nebraska. St. Loins Mo. FabriziO, Bealnre G., II ' ) N. Main Rd., Newfield, N.J. Eahl, Marilyn R.. 4004 Ivy Dr.. Nash- ville, Tn. Fannin, Beverly J., 204 E. Carroll St., Cherryville. N.C. ■• ' annin. Mela L., 204 E. Carrol St.. Cherryville, N.C. Parish. Wayward A.. Clarksdale. Miss. Farmer. Roger L.. 617 E. 20 St., Ilialeah. Ela. Earr, Shannah V., Rl. 3, Box dOA, Jackson, Miss. Earns. Mark E.. South Highway 27 Somerset, Ky. Feasel, Rose M., 2809 Cry stal Lake Ave.. Orlando. Ela. Fellers. Joan 1... 159B Thomas Dr.. F ' remont. Ohio Ferguson, Debi. 31b Wadsworth. Lynchburg. Va. Ferguson. Timothy K.. 439 Audubon Circle, llelvedere, S.C. Fetters, Randy P.. 2461 llellsl.urg Dr., Dayton. Ohio Fletcher, Karen D„ Rt. I, Hox 39. Stephenson. Va. Fletcher. Randall S . Rt I. Box 39, Stephenson, Va. Foil . David C, 127 E. Wilson. Mooresville. N.C. Foltz. Karen R., 127 F. Wilson. Mooresville, N.C. Fountain, Charles V. I ' D. Hox 443. I it cgerald 1 la Fox. Carolyn S., Victoria, Va. Fox. Jeff i)., 23130 S.W. 162 Ave.. Homestead. Fla. Foxworthv. Shellv K.. Rt. I. Box 4441. Callahan. Fla. Fradv. Linda If.. 207 Washington St., New Richmond, Ohio Freeman. Karen S., 6531 Roosevelt Ave.. Charleston. W. Va. Freem, William 1... 19.!. ' , Trent. S.|. French, Doug I).. 2015 Dallas Ave. Cincinnati. ' Ihio Fndlev. Rick C, Augusta Springs. Va. Fortenberry, Sara A., Merigold, Miss. Funderburk, Richard I... 55 N.W. 6th Ct., Miami. Fla. Gabriel. Diane L.. 95 Lester Ave.. Nashville. Tn. Gabriel, Ronald I... 95 Lester Uc. Nashville. Tn. (iambic. Mike. 1 1970 Manclan, Fla. Garner. Beth ().. 4190 Helen,-. Memphis, Tn. Gase, Charles R„ 998 Hicks Blvd., Fairfield. Ohio Gay, Marshall I... 61 I Poindexter Dr.. Charlotte, N.C. Geasley, Cynthia J.. 40 75 Figuers. Nashville, In. Gentry. Shem P., 2520 Sheridan. Nashville. Tn. Gerard. Pamela S., 1601 Idle Dr.. Clearwater, Fla. Gerard, Paul S.. 1601 Idle Dr.. Clear- water. Fla. Gibbs. Adrian C, 1360-13 Pla a Dr.. Mobile. Ala. Gibbs. I.eland D.. 1 360- 1 3 Plaza Dr.. Mobile, Ala. Gibson. Marilyn D.. B7I S.W. 10th St.. Pompana Reach. Fla. Glass. Thomas G.. 40511 Ferrarra St.. Jacksonville. F ' la. Glendenning, Guy L. 300 Washing- ton. Newell, W. Va. Glenn. Henry I)., 5703 Morrow Rd., Nashville. Tn. Advertisements 275 GREETINGS TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE And, congratulations to the class of 1973 from the FLORIDA DISTRICT We are happy to support Trevecca - its high academic standards and spiritual atmosphere - with our . . . Youth Prayers Finances Dr. A. Milton Smith District Superintendent Trevecca Trustees Mr. Clifford Hampton Mr. A. Frank Scott Rev. H.P. Cooper Dr. A. Milton Smith 276 Advertisements Young Adult Discussion Outlines Just for the Love ot It ' the department of youth church of the nazarene . . . we ' re in the business of helping young people become fully functioning members of the body of Christ. (iodhev. Hirnt , Itt I, Ewhank. K Godbey, Pleas I., 125 Arlington. Loekland. Ohiu Godwin, Jams J , Hill Colebrook Kit.. Charlotte, N.C. Goff, Charles E., Mt. Juliet, Tn. Golden, I awrence W., 65 Pan Vve., Nashvil le, Tn. Gomer, Martha (. ' .., 21(1 Vmlierst Dr.. Nashville. In. Gordon, E. Denise, I III Middlesex Dr.. Charlottesville, a. (ir.nK. Dennis P.. 5971 N.E. Sth Ter- raee. I t. I .iinli r.l.ilr Ha Graham, Benila G., 1505 Blue grass Ave., Louisville, ky. Graham, Mark. 512 West Church, ( lolumbia, Tn. Graham, M«k.-, 512 West Church, Columbia, I n. (iraham, Sandra k , 503 rllliglon ve., Nashville, I n Crav. Charles D . 3Ult Morii.ui Ave., Vshland, K Gray, Paul I . 3418 Morgan Vve . UilanH, K Greathouse, Beth, 9724 Juniper Ln., ( Iverland Park. Kansas Green, Janis M., Rt. 4, Mayfield, K Gregory, J Martin. 3917 Devonshire Dr., Nashville, I n. Gregory, Julia I... It ' ll 7 Devonshire Dr.. Nashville. Tn. Cress, David L., 109 Spru.e St., FoUettsville, ft ., (Iril ' t ' ev, l.arrv. Nashville, in. Griffin, Jenny M„ 19 Camellia Rd„ Sumter, S.C Crisis. ' anil S., 20H Oliver St., W. Cola. S.C. Griner, Michael W., Rt I Box 21 A, Quitman, 1 la. (inllon. Thomas . I IKB5 S U lltlt St., Miami, Ha. Grogan, Richard I .. 171 t Denton ve., Cookeville In Gullett, Ra E., dill N. Siweren Blvd.. Winter Park. Ha t.ullev. Riehard. P.O. Box 352. Decherd, I n Ouiiiio. William D., ( (ll Medina Cl . Charleston, W. Va. Gunter, Jud K. 1307 Willow. Gautier, Miss. (iupton. Marsha E., 2723 Mailan, Nashville, Tn. Guy, Radonna C, (ia. Hack, Jud) S. 7(117 Heege Rd., Affton, Mo. Hadley, Carolyn D, 111 Maplemere Dr., Clarksville, Tn. Hagemeir, Jan K., 8467 Los mores, Buena Park, Calif. Male, Ronald S . 526 Lexington Dr.. Glasglow, k Hall. Mice M.. 1 435 Jasmine Way, Clearwater, I ' la Hall. ( arl Y. I (35 Jasmin. Wav. ( llear water, I ' la Hall, Kraiieis I... Kl. I . Charlotte , I n Hall, Jonathan M.. 538 Elizabeth St., Ka t Liverpool, Huo Hall. Robert I . Portsmouth, Ohio Hall, Susan M . New Port Ridley, Fla. Hall, ttdliam E., 22(11 Dixie Hw . I ouisville, Ky. Hall William M., 202 E. Price Vve., Nashville, Tn. Itamhriek, Jimrm It., 201 White Ridge Rd., Nashville, Tn Hammond, Debbie G., 157 Stewart St., Welch, W. Va. Hampton. Mern E., 305 Browning Rd., Titusville, Ela. Hancock, (iarx E., 4446 Woodland Ln., Charl :, N.C. Hankins, Jan A., 22(11 S. P.ilm. Pasadena. Texas Hanks, Del.r.i A., 1343 Florence St., Ashland. Ky, Hanson. Claudia G., 1560 Linda Lou Dr.. West Palm Beach. Ha Hare. Charlene F., I ltd Brown Ave.. Lexington, Ky. Harlan, lames E., 503 Lester Ave . Nashville, I n. Harmon, Michael E., 1710 Floyd St., South Charleston. W. Va. Harper, Bohert M., P.O. Box 2K4, Selma, Ala. Hams, Donald B., 1501 Preston, Nashville, Tn. Harris, HaydenJ., Petersburg, Pa. Harrison, Linda, Westmoreland. Tn. Ilarnson, Lynn A., Huntsvule. Ala Hartsfield, E. Timothy, 77( 7 Leaf- wood Dr.. NorfoUv. Va. We Believe In Christian Fdueation e Support Trevecca Graham Church of the Nazarene Bowling Green Immanuel Church of the Nazarene ( iraham. N.C. I ' a-tur l vron K. I .ejeune S .S . Sunt. I arr 1 e- Y .M.S. Pit.. Mi--. I ,to Wn.hl N.Y.P.S. Pres. Charl,- Sea We Salute ( )ttr Student ( amh ri ht Route 9 Lover ' s Lane Howling (ireeti, K . Robert, Pastor " ( I rowing Church For (« rowing ( ' it Advertisement 277 Hathcock, Barry I).. 462:1 Scottsdale, Memphis, Tn. Hathcock, lames I)., 4-623 Scotts- dale, Memphis. Ti». Hatley. Cynthia L., 67 Wilson St., Concord, NX. Hatley, (Hal) Krank. 37 Oak Dr., Coneonl. N.C. Haulier. Dale K , Rt. 3. Box 21711, Gainesville, Kla, Havener, Thomas A., 55 Hart St.. Apt. 1 . Nashville-. To. Hawkins. Hettv I... Box 120, Paynes- ville. Ky. Ilavrs. Constance A., 811 Turley Ave., Klatwood. Ky. Hayes. Toni C, N.C. Headrick, Steven I.., 517 Randall St., Hixson, Tn. Heatherly, Jerry W„ 5000 Jassmine, l)a Ion, Ohio Hendon, Mark II., Box 1010, Jasper, Ala. Hendricks, Raymond J., St. Peters- burg, Kla. Henninger, Bonnie E., Bo 51, Vermo. ( ' all f . Henninger, Kohert I ,.. 35705 Kree- mont. Newbeirv, Calif. Henricks, Earl L., 1007 Coventry, Akron, Ohio Henricks, Sally J., 2027 Lexington, Lorain. Ohio Herbert, K. Kavc, 1613 Keed. El- dorado, IU. Herring. Helen J„ 2332 VaUeyside Dr., Decatur, Ga. Hiatt, James T.. 2801 Meadow Rosr Dr., Nashville. Tn. Hickman. Elizabeth C, 246 S. Witch Duck Kd.. Va. Beach, Va. High tower, Eddie 1... 1102 Pearl Kiver Ave.. McComb. Miss. Hill, David R.. 3713 Premium Dr., ( lhattanooga, Tn. Hillman. Sharon L., Rt. 3, Box 488. N. Augusta. S.C. Hdlstrom, Marsha S , Old Fern Ave., Cocoa, Kla. Hinson, Ernest A., 513 Lester St.. Nashville, Tn. Hinton. John J., 2000 Kammeger Ln., Chamhlee, Ga. Hoagland, Ronald C. Sr., 7 Trapize Dr., Napals, Kla. Hobbs, Joseph D., 2713 Meadow Rose Dr., Nashvdle, Tn. Hodges, metta, Rt. 7, Box 160, Orlanda. Kla Holstein, Susan, 3030 Revere it, Columbus, Ind. Holt. Peggv G., 311 Smy. Sp. Rd„ Ga. Homma, Kyoko. 75 Lester Ave., Nashville. Tn. Hood, Donna K., 101 Park Wilson Dr., Athens. Tn. Hood. Ron L„ 3226 Marlies Ct., Ga. Hooter, S. Diane, 3641 Rockbridge Rd.. Stone Ml., Ga. Horfon, Harold E.. 483 Rural Hill Rd., Nashville, Tn. Hosmer, Roger L., 3375 E. Mica Ave , YpsUanti, Mich. Howell. Mdton D., 715 Sycamore, Celjna, Ohio Hudson, Melissa A., 2010 Honey- brook Dr., Nashville, Tn. Hull Marilyn A., Star Rt., Allardt, Tn. Hunt, Ernest H., 4011 Halalax St., Tampa. Kla. Hunt, Celeste, 3540 Spring Valley Rd., East Point, Ga. Hurst, David B., Kranklin, Ohio Ingram, W. Bracken. 447 Bernard Huce St., Greeneville, Tn. Isley. Pamela J , 811 Plaid St., Bur- lington, N.C. Jackson, Beverly J., 2823 Kmgswood Ave.. Jackson, Miss. Jacobs. Robbie K., Rt. 7. McMinn- ville, Tn. James, David B., 2-C-Ave., Chicopee, Ga. Janes, Debra G.. 1308 McArthur, Manchester, Tn. Jared, Jerry R., 1251 Dickerson Rd., Nashville, Tn. Jenkins. Carolyn S., 535 Russell. E! Dorado, Ark. Jensen, Matthew M., 60 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. Jerles, Robert L., New Philadelphia. Ohio Jeter. Linda G., 1007 Burcb Bridge Rd., Burlington. N.C. Jewell, Lynn M., 2650 Glenoaks Dr., Nashville, Tn. Johnson. Mickey M., Executive Apts.. Nashville, Tn. Johnson, Eddie L., 455 Gdma Cir., Orlando, Kla. Columbia First Church of the Nazarene Gary Powell Pastor 3120 Kay Street Columbia, S.C. Congratulations to the Graduates of 1 973 MEMPHIS PARK AVENUE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3647 Park Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 381 1 I Michael Ray Estep, Pastor 278 Advertisement iiii advertising printing art direction finished art layouts design creative album design LET K S PRESS PRESENT YOU TO YOUR CUSTOMERS BY THE PRINTED PAGE. 211 FESSLERS LANE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37210 242 3474 MUSIC CITY DODCE, INC. 7 IO Murfreesboro Rd., Nashville, Tn. 244-6666 ' Where Volume Sales and Good Service Make I )ifference. Student Portraits By CAIN SLOAN PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO Johnson, H. Dale, Mobile, Ala. J onr», Catherine A., .1432 Coppedge, Jacksonville. Kla. Jones, Koberta C, Gainesville, r la. Jones. Thomas C, 20(13 Carmack Blvd., Columbia, Tn. Jordan. Linda M„ lit. I, Davidson. NX. Jordan. Richard I... 5900 O ' Krien Ave.. Nashville, Tn. kancv Donna J., 211 Cannon Ave., Albany. ».i- Keener. Alan L).. 69 Cranford lid . Asheville, N.C. Kendall. Dale E., 234 Castlewood, Lexington. k . Kimmery, Richard A., Dr. V. Kohertsdale, Ma Kindall lilona I _ ' ! I J, -I I anal Fulton, I lno King, Dennis E.. Box ' )7, lt. Vernon Ind. Kintner, Don K... 93.10 Franklin Pkwy., Munster. Ind. Knight, Deborah V. Kt I, Colen taston. W. Va. Knight, Miriam I.. 1593 Walter. Memphis, Tn. Knight. Kill L., 1193 Walter. Memphis. Tn. Kolp. Charles B., 606 Hallam Ave.. Cincinnati. Ohio Kraft. Nancy IL, 2791 Crest Ct., Tucker. Ga. I.all, M. Joyce, Rt. I, Moscow, Ohio Laing. James D., Kt. I. liox 12, (trand I. edge, Mich. Lane, David M., 4362 Cimmaron. Memphis. Tn. Langford, Rrcnda J.. 9.1 Lake Hunter Dr.. Lakeland. Kla Langford, William It.. 131 ' ) School Lane. Nashville. Tn. Lansford, Hetty K.. 3870 N.W. 64 Ave., Miami. Fla. Lansford. Doug II.. 3870 N.W. 64 Ave., Miami. Fla. Latham. II. Denton, Jr., .11 Marl St.. Nashville. I ' ll. Latham. Krn V„ 2938 Anderson Rd.. Nashville. Tn. Lay. Kathy R., Ky. Lee. Franklyn C. J.F.K. Terrace, Christianstcd, St. Croix. Virgin Is] amis Lee, Victoria A.. 2904 2nd St.. Beaufort, S.C. Leffel, Fatty A.. 210 Dexter Ave., Hilliard, i Ihio Legg, Michael W , .1.1 Hart St.. Apt. .10, Nashville. Tn, Legg, Patricia L., 1217 Northview, Raleigh, N.C, Legg, Thomas G., 14260 S.W. 240th St., Homestead, Kla. Leonard. Larry W., McComb. Miss Lewis, Frederick M., Kt. 2, Prince ton, Ind Libick, Charles K., 4601 Pnncess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. Lightner, Richard P., Ill Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. Lightly, John D., Rt. I. Kox 279. von Park. Kla. Liner, Mark A , Kox 979, S.C. Livingston. Lyla F., 211 Dverby Dr . Antioch, Tn. Lord. J. Richard. 93 A, Lester Ave., Nashville, In. Urd. Judy Y„ 93-A Lester Ave . Nashville. Tn. I ove, Donald K.. Nashville. I n. Love, Linda C, Nashville. Tn. Lovell, Rebecca A . Kox 300. Hazel Green, Ala. Luther, Vickie I) , 102 Keens St., Dickson, Tn. Lynch. Cav I... Box 8426, Jackson. Miss McKride. Judith A.. 200 Haywood I n.. Nashville. Tn. McClelland. Jane W., 2016 Chowkecbm NeNe, Tallahassee. Kla. McCollum, Garv L., .112 Edwin, Nashville. Tn. McCormick, Ron W., Kt. 7. Country Estates, Albertsville, Ala. McCrary, Donald A., 311 McKennell Dr.. Nashville. Tn. McCuUough. Carol J., 19 Union Ave., Pittsburg, Pa McCuUough, Wilbur, 19 Union Ave., Pittsburg. Pa. McDonald. Susan G.. Kl. 4, Douglas Dr., Charlotte. N.C. McGee. Corhs A.. 1414 Chaloncr. Roanoke Rapids, N.C. McGuire, Knan W . 7412 Kl Monte. Prairie V illage. Kansas McGuire. Michael K . 10121 Parking- ton Ct., Manassas. Va. Advertisements 279 McKinley, Julia M.. Ht. 2., Ohio McKinney, M. Christene, 2755 High- land St., Grove City, Ohio McLemore, Donna M., Belvedere Manor pis., Jackson, Miss. McNeill, George M., Id. I, Troy. Tenn. McNichols, Joan I.., 221 Circle, Mil- liard, Ohio McNichols. Joyce ., 221 Circ le. Mil hanl, Ohio Mackey, I inda S , 1413 Preston Dr., Nashville. I n. Mackcv. Nancy I.., I Hit Preston Dr., Nashville, Tn. Mams. Jamc. A., 4031 Carlisle Rd., Lakeland, Pla. Malletic Lane S., 1704 Wood Haven, Brandon. Fla. Manning, Tommic C. P 02 CahaJ Ave. Nashville, in Marklin, Jimmy D„ 140 W. Park Dr., Clarksville, Tn. Marshall, James T . 1703 Skinner. Lakeland. Fla. Martin, Paid J., 835 Mississippi Ave, Nashville, Tn. Mathews. Marcia J.. 4252 Florida, Cincinnati, 1 Mno Mathews. Nancy S., 4252 Florida, Cincinnati. Ohio Matins, Retha J.. Kt. 6, Fayetteville, Tn. Maurice, Jacqueline M„ 107 Birch, SummerviUe, S.C. Maxwell. Caj-la L., 730 Markle St.. Charlotte. N.C. Maxwell, Flossie M„ Kt. 2, Nashville. Tn. Meador, Bdly W„ Kt. 1, Hardy, Va. Medlin, Roger D.. Kt. I. LaVe ngnc, Tn. Meeker, Kalph W., 1211-16 ' ! St., Bettendorf, Ind. Melhsh. Donald L.. 2234 Bowers Rd.. Lapeer. Mich. Menefee, C. Jackson. 55 Hart St.. Apt IB. Nashville, Tn. Menefee. Martha, 55 Hart St.. Apt. 18, Nashville, Tn. Merchant, Rebecca C, 1724 Mock- ingbird, Lakeland, Fla. Memtt, Laura A., Kt. 1, Pineville, N.C. Middendorf, David A.. 614 Hunting- ton Parkway, Nashville, Tn. Miller. Elizabeth M., Spencerville, Ohio Miller, Judith D., 1016 29th St., Ash- land. Ky. Miller. Pamela L., 1544 South Betty Lane, Clearwater, Fla. Milliron, Don R., Walkers Dam. I.imexa, Va. MiUraney, Edward M., 503 Camden, Nashville, Tn. Mingmaung, Lukkana, Thailand Minshall, Darlene M„ 751 4th Ave. S.W., Largo, Fla. Mitchell. M. Delores, 3112 Cornwall Rd.. Columbia, S.C. Modesitt, Dwight, Decherd, Tenn, Moody. Bonnie K.. 200 Lynnbrook Dr.. Orlando. Fla. Moorehead, Mime A.. 15370 Lincoln Dr., Fla. Morrow, John R., 511 Greenfield Dr., Rossvillc, Ca. Morrow, Tern L., 51 1 Greenfield Dr.. Rossvillc, Ga. Mort, Michael E . , 60 1 center Dr., Beaufort, N.C. Morton, Kenneth P., 446 Parker Rd., Charleston, W. Va. Morton. Randall T., 513 Rolling wood Rd., Birmingham, Ala. Mosher, Sharon A.. 581 Lincoln Ave., Barberton, Ohio Mosher, WUIiam N„ Kt. 5. St. Kt. 521, Delaware, Ohio Mosley, Brenda J.. 1423 W. Paul, Fresno. Calif. Mosley. Ann. 1423 W. Paul, Fresno, Calif. Mosley, kathryii E„ P.O. Box 102, Arcadia, Fla. Mullinax, Donita J., P.O. Box 144, Zirconia, N.C. Mullinax. Gary B.. P.O. Box 144, Zirconia, N.C. Murphy, Larry E., Rt. 3. Box 375, Fairmont. W. Va. Myers, Larry L., 73 Pans Ave., Nash- ville, Tn. Nahors, Jonathan R.. Mississippi Naily, Cheryl 1)., 5341 St., Hender- son. Ky. Neeley, Bnan M., 407 Linda Lane, Madison, Tn. Neeley, Gary W., 407 Linda Lane, Madison, Tn. Nelson, Darryl F., 618 GaJaxie Dr., Nashville, Tn. TALLANT ' S BODY SHOP Prompt Service Paint Jobs A Specialty Bear Frame and Front End Service William Tallant Highway 41-70S j Murf reesboro, Tn. BAR-B-CUTIE 6i 423 Murfreesboro Kd. Finest of Bar-B-Cue 2K0 Advertisement together m can mak thin happen at Trevecca fernvessGe district churcY) otibe Da areioe Advertisements 281 John I Benson Publishing Co. 1625 BROADWAY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 57202 Supplyinq Music City And The World With The Best Recordee! Printed Christian Music. Since 1902 Vkt-rtiscments 283 Nelson, Geraldine, Kt. 1. Box 148-A, Brighton, Tn. Ncsbitt. Carlotta. 415 N. 7th Ave, Hopewell, Va. Newman, Evelyn G., Itl. 6. Franklin, Ky. Newton, Neil C, 55 Marl St.. Nash- ville, Tn. Newton, Patricia L.. 55 Hart St., Nashville, Tn. Newton. Vicki E., Rt. 6. Ml. Vernon, Ohio Nicks, Darnel C.. 3143 Mardell Dr.. Jacksonville. Kla. Nihart, Jimmy E„ 00 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tn. Nix. John C. IV, 14-26 2lsl Ave. E, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Nix, Joy N., 240 5th Ave., Pleas. Gr„ Birmingham, Ala. Nixon, Margaret D., Monterey, Tn. Noel, Pamela J., 402 Northside Dr.. Lexington. Ky. Noxtine, Melda K., 7806 Gamson St., Tampa, Kla. Odom, Waymond C., 426 Neal Ave.. Nashville, Tn. Oliver, Sandy A., 180! David Dr., Cullman, Ala. Orsbon, James, Box 37. Belle Glade, Fla. Owensby, Timothy G., 2415 Pafford Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Page, James F., 4415 Lake Lawne, Orlando, Fla. Page, Linda C., 1200 Weststone, Charlotte, N.C. Parham, H. Koyroy. Bntish Honduras Park, Janis E., 168 Greenlea. Clear- water, Fla. Parker. Brenda N., Colonial VUla Apts., 260 Pelham Rd., Green- viUe, S.C. Pamsh. Charles D.. Rt. 7, Glasglow. Ky. Pamsh, Thomas G.. 1720 Pepper Dr., Tallahassee, Fla. Patterson, Linda N., Rt. 2, Alderson, W. Va. Patterson, Ralph D., lronton, Ohio Pauley, Elva S., 612 98th St., Marmet, W. Va. Payne, Robert E., 310 Westchester, Box 94, Madison, Tn. Payton, Karl E., Rt. 2, Box 53-A, Caneyville, Ky. Peeden, Kathryn J.. 2423 Huntsville ltd.. Florence, Ala. Peercy, Ken M.. Rt. 5, Franklin, Tn. Peninriglon. Mary Lou, 514 McDon- ald Dr., NashvUle, Tn. Perry, Joseph W., USOM OPS, APO, San Francisco, Calif. Petry, Sharon, Rt. I. Box 97-A, Crowley, La. Phdhps, Lyla K , 319 Wimpolc Dr., Nashville, Tn. Phdhps, Pamela A., 3360 Oklahoma. Titusville. Fla. Phillips, Pamela R, Box 11101. Atlanta, Ga. Phipps. David L., 6124 Cougar Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Phipps, Donald. 6124 Cougar Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Piercey, Debra L-, 112 Castaway Ct.. Nashville, Tn. Plummer, Howard L., 5501 Rock- wood Rd., Charlotte, N.C. Poe, Diane R., 2921 Ave. E., Birmingham, Ala. Poe, Sara L., 1202 Second Ave., Charleston, W. Virginia Poeppelnieyer. Darrell R., 55 Hart St., Saturn Apt. No. 40, Nashville, Tn. Popp, Patrick D , R.R. 3, Shelbyvdle, Ky. Poteete, Andrew C. Ill, 9812 Humber Dr., Nashville, Tn. Powell, Mitchell L., P.O. Box 366, Ridgeland. Miss. Powers, Elbert J., 641 Kinsey, Madison, Tn. Powers. Robert R., 709 Ronnie Rd., Madison, Tn. Powers, Steven C, 641 Kinsey, Madison, Tn. Pratt, Carl C, 209 Lesesne Dr., Sumter, S.C. Pratt, Linda J., 209 Lesesne Dr., Sumter, S.C. Presley, Sandra J., 76 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tn. Price, Jeanette L., Rt. 3, Box 291C, Sylaoauga. Ala. Pnde, Richard E. II, Box MA70, Hamersville, Ohio Prioleau, Carolyn, 4039 Gaynell Ct., Orlando, Fla. Prough. Rutii K., 4510 Wonder Valley. Decatur, Ga. ALBERT PICK MOTEL 820 Murrreesboro Road Nashville, Tennessee 615-242-5424 Spence ( Miver, Owner Pensacola First Church of the Nazarene 1700 West Jackson Pensacola, Florida l)e Olde Book Stove Ijouv College Bookstore Gison . Myers, Manager J.K. Warrick, Pastor 284 Advertisements SOI I II ( VKOL1N A [ST1 Boosting TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE DISTRICT OFFICERS Marion Pressley Secretary Oscar B. Pullen Treasurer Mrs. John S. Love, Jr Editor Mrs. D. Moody Gunter N. W. M. S. President N. J. Lewis Church School Chairman Gary F. Powell N. Y. P. S. President Advisory Board )tto Stucki I. Moody Gunter . L. Power . B. Hicks w I. Coleman Y I r. Itto Stucki I Hstrict Superintendent Trevecca Trustees Otto Stucki D. Moody Gunter J. S. Lee SALUTE TO OUR PALMETTO STUDENTS Jackie Maurice Jenny ( rriffin Jo) I ' nit I Carol Griggs ( !an ' I ' .■ In ' Johnny ehh k - Mlison Brian Ulison Dale Beardsley ickie I ,ee Boh I [enninger Chuck Sinclair James Williams Carl Trail .(olinnv Wallace Sharon Hillman Herb gee Peggy Smith Mike ( lourtney Mike Mori Delores Mitchell Tim Ferguson CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1973 (lvcrtiscincnls 2!!. " ), Timothy R., 420 W. Penn Si. Pugh. Linda S., ' 2007 Helms Ave., Leesburg, FSa. Queveda, Stanley It., 2620 Long St., Tampa, Fla. Rsgland, David F., 7435 Puliation Rd., Roanoke, Va. Rainwater, Paul F., 217 Linden St., Cordova, Ua. Ralston, Soma J., 054 Wilshire Rd., Mobile, Ala. Randolph, Deborah J., Rt. 3, Murfrecaboro, Tn. Ray, Cathy D., 711 Maple Ave., Burlington, N C. Ra . Can P., 11 « N.W. " Hi Ct., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Redma.i Edward K.. 5122 Patterson Dr., Louisville, Ky. Reed. Connie A.. 606 Lcng Ave., Cordova. Aia. Reed, David D., 55 Hart St., Apt 44. Nashville. Tn. Reynolds, Ginger F., Rt. 2, Bo 76, Jamestown, Tn. Reynolds, Larry W.. 877 Furlong Dr., Lexington, Ky. Richards, Ronald L., Box 108-A,Rt. 3, Ironton, Ohio Richards, Sheila J., 416 Sanousky St., Columbia, Ky. Richardson, Lam ' N., 306 Church St. Dixon Tn Ridley, Nelson, 202 " Glenmeade Dr , Nashville, Tn. Riggins, Cynthia L., Ill Chnstopler St., Cahokia, IU. Rishel, Theodore J„ 300 W. Old Pass Rd., Miss. Ritter. Dana L.. 408 Trenton, Okla. Roberts. Timothy R., 1050 W. Main, Franklin, Ohio Robertson, Jerry S., 217 Truetland St., Robinson, Victor L.. 108 Bussell Ferry Rd., Lenoir City, E. Tn. Robinson, Walter L.. 47 Patton Dr., Brunswick, Ga. Robinson. Yvonne L., 550 Eldron Dr., Miami Springs. Fla. Rogers, Michael D., Homestead, Fla. 33030 Rohmann, Gary R., 137 Lakeside Pk. Rd., Hendorsonville, Tenn. Rone, Zebra A., 3039 Hawthorne, Ky. Roiidhal, Eddie G., 3070 High Point Rd., Rose, Rhonda K., 209 S. Preston, Crothersville, Ind. Ross, Melinda L„ 210 N. Main, Owensville, Ind. Rowland. Vickie S , 623 Murray Rd.. Fort Valley. Ga. Rowling, Deanna L , 200 Thomas St., Waycross. Ga. Ruggles, Linda K , 11065 Green, Glasgow, Ky. Runyan, Harold D., 1218 Ellen Dr., Charleston, W. Va. Runvan, Jacqueline B.. 55 Hart St., Apt. 30. Nashville. Tn. Runyan, Paul M., 55 Halt St., Apt. 30, Nashville, Tn. Russell, Sharon R., 504 S.E. 11 St., Ocala. Fla. Rutledge, M. Anne, 103 Cederama Dr., Huntsville, Ala. Ruttan, Ruth M., 7103 Oakney, Jacksonville, Fla. Ryun, Nora A., 4154 Cay wood Circle, Orlando, Fla. Saltkill, Dale D., Ky. Sandberg, Marcella D., 232 C Pringle Circle, Green Cove Springs, Fla. Sanders, Bob J., Rt. 3, Box 7, Newport, Ala. Sanders, Suzanne, 55 Hart St., Apt. 27, Nashville, Tn. Sanderson, Kathy Rochelle, 4642 28 Ave. No., St. Petersburg. Fla. 33713 Say, Joy L„ 2824 Page, Schrock. Danny R„ 1118 Harold Dr.. Nashville, Tn. Scott, Deborah S., 72 Grant, Newark, Ohio Seitter, Coleen D.. Box 2026, SateUite Beach, Fla. Seitter, Mark R., Box 2026, Satellite Beach, Fla. Selman, Catherine R., Columbia. Miss. Shannon, Debra L„ 142 S.E. 5 Ave., Delray, Fla. Sharpe, Linda S., 2714 N. Woods Dr., Macon, Ga. Shaw, Patricia L., 24 Redford Apt., Nashville. Tn. Shaw, Vivian A., 1217 Northview A., Raleigh, N.C. ARA-SLATER SCHOOL ©COLLEGE SERVICES headquarters at Ifs the real thing. Coke, k uJ r Trademark @ Bottled Under the Authority of the Coca-Cola Company by: Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Nashville 286 Advertisement;; McCOMB FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ( reorge . I ,ake, Pastor Vickie Boone, Sophomore Larry Leonard. Junior W - Welterman St. le( iomli. Mi— issippi Congratulations To The Class of ' 73 iivcrtisetncnls 287 Greetings From The All-American City! South Florida Heights Church of the Nazarene OUR STUDENTS Tom Brower Brenda Langford Terry Langford Jim Mains Ted Marshall Paul Martin Becky Merchant Ruth Prough Drury Wendy Wi truer John Wooten Rev. Paul Bickes Rev. Kerry Lumley 28H Advertisements CHATTANOOGA FIRST CHURCH Danny Fleagle John Bilbra, Jr. .l ' .S. Pn-r.irl.-nl M»si«- Din-, lor Advertisements 289 j(minc£ c fMridb Oliver g ff 290 Advertisement. ' - I he i Church and the College Workers together with Him East Tennessee District Church of the Nazarene Dr. Glen Jones, Superintendent TO THE CLAS5 OF l m The North Carolina Districh CHURCH Of THE NAZARENE OFFERS TREVtCCA A omnia for ouccvss . 5 [ amcjork. + voviYi cwdim ivtvcccd movent c ((e$ej ViftSbn T. Matcliff MPS Prescient Rev. Terfeil C. SarvVrs, 3r Mrs. T.C. Sand« s, Or. NW«3 Preside - Rev. Asa. H. SpurW» Cv«irmon f Church Schools 292 Advertisements BURLINGTON FIRST CHURCH OF THE im»i sr NAZARENE I I 11) Elder Wax Burlington, N.C. 1 ,oren E. Schaffer Pastor Mrs. Linda Jeter. Senior ( !athy Kay, Freshman DONELSON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 208 Donelson Pike Nashville, Tennessee Phone: 889-2860 Rev. I a mi ( iassich the friendly church where you are never a visitor Roll Madison Pastor Doug Barrel I Minister of Youth and Music NASHVILLE BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 E. Trinity Lane Nashville Tennessee Advertisement 293 MARIETTA Edward S. Barton, l ' astor WE BELIEVE IN AND SUPPORT TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE 100%! EAST POINT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE East Point, Georgia A. Wayne Mills, Pastor 294 Advertisements en uppor s eruice 5) acrc-fice p(T(f 4 Duesf merrfe prayers | vnpacf MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT Church £th ayirS-ne, W M. Lyrvth, Superintendent McCLURKAN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 332 5 Mi Wenue N. Nashville, I Ynn. Edward I I " . Pastor Congratulations to the Class of 7;{ MARYVILLE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Maryville, Tennessee Charles Patton, Pastor POMPANO BEACH FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE OK. N.E. ltli Street Pompano Beach. Florida Hev. W.T. Doughartv, Pastor Marilyn Gibson I, aura I ' rodien Advertisements 297 SERV QUIK CLEANERS 350 Murfreesboro Rd. ' Serving Trevecca lroni the bottom of the hi DODGE CLEANERS 350 Murfreesboro Rd. I 208 Advertisements CLEARWATER FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1 87. " Nurserj Road ( llearwater, Florida Carl N. Hall, pastor Congratulations to our students: Kevin Beard Paul Gerard Debbie Thomas Fred Binder Alice Hall Wayne Thomas Dehhie Clark Carl Hall, Jr. Danny Williams Pam Gerard Pain Miller Dena Williams ROSSVILLE, GEORGIA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Kol.rn F. Hull. Pastor Our Students: John Morrow Terrie Morrow Jackie Ste ens We support Trevecca with our students, money, and prayer. Flowers — the music of the heart. Cecil ' s Flowers 120 20th Avenue North Nashville. Term. 37203 Phone (01. " )) 329-365 I Your Nazarene Florist 99 Advertisement 209 r BRADENTON FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pastor Roli.Tt II. Spear, Jr. 1.5(H) I 7th We. W. Bradenton, Florida ( longratulations Seniors From Florida V Largest Nazarene Church VK TOO I1AVT. " SIIAKKD HIS SPIKIT " ! ( ur Student.-: Bill Carter Les Sprang I )ehhie Svkes Jim Spear V— i m . Pastor Herb McMillian, Ji I loner tor the time she -hall be near, nd srive thank- lot iod lor preparing that year! rtisi in ' ni- :U)I 302 Conclusion Spruill, Mendcll L., H ) Lester Ave., Nashville, I n. Stalcv. Robert H , Ellcttsville, I ml Starkcv. Sharon Elaine, Friendly, W. Va. Steele, Joyce E., 1406 West Palm Beach. Ha. Steele, Kenneth Alan, 719 Lausainmes Dr., VaJdosta. Ga. Stephens, Jacquelyn J., 5 Polk l ane. Ft Ogleth, Ga. Stmson. William . I(t I. Box. I lottontown, Tn. Stewart, Sanford G. Jr., 55 Hart St. Apt. 42, Nashville, Tn. Stockel, Debra J.. 27641 1 ibcrtv l r . Warren. Mich, Stocks, J. Angela, 303 Lux Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Stone. Brenda G., Kt. 4. So. II,, IK mooiI Dr.. I J-t I ivi r; Ii Ohio Stout. Dennis J., Rt. I. Browntown, Ind. Stout, Moms Lee. Campus Trailer Ct., Box 207. Nashville. Tn. Stover, Larry Paul, 4936 Saks Rd., Viuuston. la Stover, Linda Lou. 4936 Saks Rd., niuston. Ala. Stover. Rodney Lee. Blulord. III. Street, Kenneth E., 2712 Dickerson Rd., Nashville, Tn. Stroman. Elizabeth S . 6422 So. Fresno, Ft. Smith. Ark Stroud. Milieu D . 1001 Justics St.. Hendersonville. N.C Suddath, Jerry Lee, 518 30 Ave., I list aloosa, Ala. Sullivan. Wendell l ane. 1021 West Haven Blvd.. Jackson. Miss. Sumner, Don Paul. 5014 Marvel Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. Suttles, Donna Sue. Box 316, Olive Hill, Kv Swallows. Ralph E . 3014 St. Dennis Ave., Louisville. Ky. Sykes, Debbie Lou, 2318-7 Ave. W.. Bradenton, Fla. Svkes. Michael Ray. 504 Pineridge Trail, Marietta, Ga. ralkington, Frances Lee, East Liverpool. Ohio Tarter, Larrv W., 100 Poplar Rd.. Oak Ridge. Tn. Taylor, David. C-10 93 Nance, Nashville. Tn. Taylor. David L.. Rt. 1. Box 2590. Brandon. Kla. Taylor. Shirley A.. 1918 Attucks Ave.. Fla. Taylor, Susan V., Rt. 1. Box 2S90, Brandon. Ha. Terrv Douglas W., 74 Nance Lane Apt. 4. NashvUle.T... Terry . Peggy . 74 Nance Lane. Apt. 4, Nashville, Tn. Thavorny u. Kitti, 51 1 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tn. Thavorny u, Nongnoi, 511 Lester Ave., Nashville. Tn. Thaxton. Kathy A., 2215 No. Raybum Ct.. Pasadena. Texas Thomas, Debra Marcene, 14245 Yacht Club Blvd.. Seminole, Fla. Thomas, Wayne Monroe, 14245 Yacht Club Blvd.. Seminole, Ela. Thompson, Erieda Jo, 3225 Whites Creek Pike. Nashville, In Thompson, Larry E., 5209 Eugene Way. Louisville. Ky. Thompson, Melvin B., 13 Pland Place, CrawfordsvilJe. Ind Thompson, Roy Lee, 3225 Whites Creek Pike, Nashville. I n Thornton, Thomas B , Columbus, Ga. Thrash. Jon D.. Rt. I. Box 1025. Alexander Cll . Vis Todd. Thomas W„ 424N.W. till Vvc . Ela. Torain, Charles M. 211 So. Cleveland. Hopkinsville. K . Trent, Roger II.. 517 Lester vc . Nashville. I n Troutman, Den I Paul. JO ' i Lucille St., Lake Charles, 1 . Tubbs. Larry V. 93 I ester We., Nashville, Tn. Turner, Kenneth, 7t Nance Lane, Nashville, Tn. Turner, Icrrv Wavne. 1705 T 28 St . Chattanooga, 1 n. Twining, Donald I , 1000 Creighton 4ve„ Huntsville, Ma Unruh, R. Richard. 55 Hart St., pl l " , Nashville. I n Van Mien. Richard S„ 503 Williams ve,. Raceland, Ky . Vanderpool, Phyllis inn. 1018 Newark Rd.. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Vanderpool, Sandra Ka . 1018 Newark Kd.. Mt. Vernon. Ohio Vankuiken, Claudia J.. 71 Paris Ave.. Nashville, Tn. Vaught, Darryle Lee, 2301 I nionSt. So., St. Petersburg. Ela. Vaughn, lames Oren, 1010-25 Ave. E., Tuscaloosa, la Veigl, Judith I . 1803 David Rd.. Cullman, Ma. Venable, Judi Ann. 5119 Auroua Dr., Ventura, Calif. Vertrees, Mark S.. 12 Leland Dr.. Clarksville, Tenn Vinecke, Devorah Sue. 4921 Grand- iew Dr. . I Iwenshoro, K y. Viola, Gary Lee, ( ( Nance l ane. Nashville. Tn. Waddell, Chanty E . Rt. I. Box 39, Woodbury , Ga. Wagoner, Richard I)., 121 Willow I ane. Kollanhee, W . ' .i. Walker. Sharon Sue. 1415 Malvenne Ave., laeksouvllle, Ela. Walker. Shirley A.. Rt. I. Box 73, Dayle, I n. Wallace, John W„ lit I, B " l " 0. Georgetown, S.C. Waller, Robert Keith, 2894 Waters Rd.. Atlanta. Ga. Walls. B. Dianne, 700 Woodsmill Rd., Gainesville. Ga. Walton. Donna K., Columbiana, Ala. Ward. Allonzio, Orlando. Ela. Ward. Jim W„ 305 E. Boer Dr., MrMlllimlle. I n Warner. Debra J.. 1105 Holmon, Covington. Kv. Waters, Cynthia Renae, 19343 Kevmar Way, Gaithersburg, Md. Watkins. Charles IL. 55 Hart St. Apt. 12 Nashville Tn. Watkins. Brenda J„ 55 Hart St. Apt. 32. Nashville. Tn. Watson. Ralph C. Rt. 2. Old RR Bed Rd., Mt. luhet. Tn. Weaver. Adrian L. III. 1319 School Lane, Nashville. Tn. Weaver. Patricia I).. Winnebago, Minn. Webb. Burrell E„ 525 E. Maple St.. Kenton. Ky. Webb. Johnnie E. Jr., Spartanburg. S.C. Welch. George P.. fill So. 1 Ave. Lanett, Ala WelLs. Janna Vee. 1830 W Govan. Grenada. Miss. Wells. Marvin Roy. 321 Marx land Ave., Dayton. Ohio Wheelbarger, Bonnie Mac. 210 Perlen Dr., Nashville, Tn. Wheeler, Doyce It., 74 Paris Ave, Nash ille, I n. Whipple, Becky F„ Rt. I. Grand Ridge. Ill Whipple. Vicki Sue. Rt. I. Grand Ridge, 111. Whitehead, Stephen S , Jacksonville, I la Whitener, Weslej I .. It 07 vondale Dr., Durham. N.C. Whitmore, Brenda Gail, 660 Woods Mill Rd., Gainesville, Ga, Wicks, Richard K.. 003 T . Wheeling St., I ancaster, Ohio Widick, Richard Lee, 383 Haywood, Nashville, Tenn. Wilcox, Kath Vim. 311 I Monroe St., Thomasville, tla. Wilhoit, Wanda Joy, 2485 Windage Dr.. Eairfield. Ohio Williams, Daniel A . 1409 San Juan Ct.. Clearwater. Ela. Williams. Dens Sue, 1409 San Juan Ct., Clearwater. Ela. Williams, lame, I .. 19200 Mendola, Williams. Dura E . 213 Tropic Isle. Vntioch. Tenn Williams, lames M . 107 Bon iew Dr.. Sumter. S.C. Williams. Jeannie L., (Glasgow. Ky. Williams. Richard E . 1209 N.. Armour. Wichita, Kansas Williams. Sharon Lee, 301 T Leasore, New t!a tle. Pa. Williams. Thomas I... Lebanon. Tn. Wilson. Curtis. 313 Lester ve . Nashville, Tn. Wilson. Susan C, 6314-C Old Pineville Rd., Charlotte. N.C Wilson. Vicki Ann, Clarkston, Ga. Wmsinger, Dave li., 52( Palmetto, West Palm Beach. Ela. Winsinger, Paul W . 52li Palmetto. West Palm Beach. Ela. Witmer, Wend) B„ 1250 E. Parker St., l akeland. Ela. Wolf, Kay E. 609 Elaine Dr.. Nashville, Tn. Wonders, Vickie Lee. 645 Lemont I r .. Nashville. Tn. W I. Gary S., 33 Grandview, Newport. Ky. Wood. Patricia G„ 893 Perry Dr., Macon, I «a. Woodall, Gwendolyn, Seale, Ala. Woodcock. Richard J„ Rt. I, Box 129. Long Beach. Miss. Woolen. |ohn Robert. 715 Lebonon Rd.. Lakeland. Ela. Worlev, Ruth E . 423 Sunnybrook Dr. Wright. Glenda Kay. Box 702, Fair- banks. laska. Wnght. Cindy 1).. 510 Mendel Terrace. Graham, Ga. Wright. Mary Ann. Rt. 2, Box 134. MeEwen, Tn. Wright. Paula Jean. 4913 S. Eern Creek Dr.. Orlando. Ela. Wright, Ruth E., 336 Orders Rd.. Grove City. Ohio W ubreh. Tech. Ethiopia Y eager. Jack Lee. 313 Valeria St.. Nashville. Tn, York. Donald Ray. 625 Alton Rd.. Grove City, Ohio Conclusion MM IN APPRECIATION: I may never have a chance to thank all of you personally for your valuable assistance, therefore I will use this opportunity to express my appreciation to: -Mr. Howard Wall, our sponsor, for his patience and guidance. -Co-Business Managers, Richard Pride and Bill Dillon. -Ray Couey and Bob Henninger for long hours of work and willingness to go the extra mile. -Cathy Ray and the art staff for help with artwork. -A special thanks to all the DARDA Staff who helped bring this DARDA into existence The End 304 FROM THE EDITOR ... So passes the year 1972-73. The days have gone, but the memories linger. It is my wish that this book will serve as a memory bank that will bring pleasure for years to come. The theme of the 1973 DARDA is expressed in one simple yet complex word-People. I have tried to document the fact that without people Trevecca Nazarene College would not be. A college is not buildings, books, or a campus- what makes a college is the PEOPLE. We the PEOPLE . . . make Trevecca. Let ' s seek to make it the very best school possible. In Memoriam Melda Noxtine June 10, 1953-March 12, 1973

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