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DARDA 1972 volume xlviii Published by Associated Student Body Trevecca Nazarene College TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Table of Contents STUDENT LIFE Page 32 ORGANIZATIONS Page 88 Table of Contents 3 Just a little bit more interest In other folk ' s welfare, Just a little greater showing That really you do care. Just a little more kindness To those you meet each day, And a little greater effort To aid them on their way. Just a little more determined To do the best you can, To help some other fellow And prove a friend to man. Just a little bit more sunshine Along life ' s weary road, Just a little bit more ready To ease another ' s load. Just to work a little harder For other people s good, And to show a bit more friendship— THAT ' S OUR FRIEND, MR. HOWARD WALL The yearbook staff wishes to dedicate this volume of the Darda to you, Mr. Howard T. Wall Dedication .5 Introduction 7 Oh! I have slipped the Surly bonds of earth, And danced the skies on laughter-si Ivered wi ngs; Introduction l ) Sunward I ' ve climbed and joined The tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds- and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of- wheeled and soared and swung High in the sunlit si lence. Hov ' ring there Tve chased the shouting winds along and Flung my craft through footless halls of air. 22 Introduction Up, up the long delirious, burning blue And, while with silent, lifting mind I ' ve trod the high untrespassed sanctity of space, Put out my hand, and touched the face of God. 28 Introduction Introduction 29 As we rise from the brown of the earth and soar into the blue, we break the morning silence with vociferous cries. In this student life section we hope to chart the flight of you the student through the vast unknowns of this year as it has unfolded. Upward and onwar d we glide until this aspect of the flight comes to an end. Our desire is to entertain you with reminiscence of this year s student life. Student Life 35 Student Life 39 TREVECCA fNDERL 22 SjjELEY IM Johnson 12 HASSEL 34 bTdKELL 42 BAKER 30 rTdley 10 GODBEY 2M fORAIN " 52 RUNYAN 32 PRATT MO WATSON 54 PERIOD tofim HOME VISITOR FOULS PLAYER I FOULS BELMONT B PROFFITT 24 J GAINES MM f RUSSELL 42 S PETERS0N34 G GRACE 5 1 L DOYLE 52 N KALKH0FF2I T SMITH 54 B CLARK 22 M EADES 25 .STEWART 33 LCROSS 43 r- Freshman Recognition Week 42 Freshman Recognition Freshman Recognition 43 44 Fall Revival LET THE WIIOI.K WOKI.U KNOW Long hours of hard work and planning by IMF resulted in the unique LOth annual Missions Convocation. Chapel services, luncheons, interviews, periods of interaction, and a pizza smorgas- bord all were opportunities in which students could become better acquainted with these challenging workers. The speakers this year were verj relevant because they helped U8 to see that there is a job to do. It is not necessarily a job on a foreign field, but it may be a job right here at home. " For in Christ new life we found " our job is to share this new life. Franklin (look, son of missionary parents to India, spoke as a representative from the administrative area of missions. He is currently Administrative Assistant to Dr. E. S. Phillips in the World Missions Office. Having served as a nurse in New Guinea, Miss Miriam Mellinger could relate experiences from foreign lands as well as those here at home. Presently, she is emergency nurse at a construction site at the Kansas City International Airport. Rev. Mrs. Howard Hampton now serve as superintendent to I In- Central-Latin American District. They have worked in New York with the Spanish speaking people. These persons not only shared Christ in a far away place, but also they have shared Him at home. " Others need Him, too. " Do we dare to let the world know— the whole world. Missions Convocation 45 V. I. P. Days High school juniors and seniors become the guest of Trevecca students each year as they experience their first weekend of college life. Students from across the educa- tional zone meet to become acquainted with Trevecca. These are busy days as the students visit classrooms and chapel, learn about our college, make new friendships, and share with us in our daily activities. This experience for some will help to make the decision— whether to attend college or not. Trevecca the " something extra " college offers a " something extra " education for those who make the decision to attend. nappy Ci rcle K Pledges Restore To TNC Campus The Spirit Of The Fifties. i THOSE WERE THE DAYS Homecoming and Founder ' s Day combine to create a festive weekend on the school calendar. A bonfire, a pep rally, an open house, the dorm displays, the alumni, the naming of the new apartments, wreath laying ceremony, a basketball game, a concert, and the crowning of the homecoming queen were all highlights of the memorable occasion. Many new faces were seen on campus by TNC students during this weekend. But to those new faces, Trevecca was not new. They were the alumni who had returned to i-it their Alma Mater and to join in with the present TNC generation to honor its founder ,).(). McClurkan and to observe the new look of the Trevecca Campus. For some many changes have occured since their days on campus. An important part of the Founder s Day chapel service was the naming of the new apartments built to house married students. These two apartments were named The T.J. Shingler and The M. E. Redford Apartment-. The Redfords served as outstanding educators at Trevecca for many years. Mr. Shingler was the founder of the South East azarene College which merged with Trevecca in 1918. Trevecca has come a long wav since tho.-e early davs with J. 0. McClurkan. We, as the present generation of the Trevecca family, will attend homecoming in the future. What new buildings and new faces will we see? Without a doubt Trevecca will continue to grow and change and continue its new look. Homecoming 57 HOMECOMING QUEEN MISS SARAH MORROW 60 Homecoming The Homecoming Court: Tammy Marshall, Senior Princess; Judy Smith, First Amburgey, Sophomore Princess, Claudia Baldwin, Freshman Princess, runner-up; Sarah Morrow, Queen; Wendy Witmer, Junior Princess; Beverly Homecoming 61 62 Student Life C ' mon, Eddie, give your body to science; doesn ' t it look like fun? 64 Halloween Party ' Glimpses of life in the year 2525 " was the Junior ass ' s version of the annua! Halloween party. The vhole episode started out wrong when the three ' astrojans " set sail for the moon and ended up slipping hrough a time warp into the year 2525. These are a ew shots of the happy times in that future day as our ' astrojans " probabl) saw them .... Above: " Ron, " she whispered, " is this the nicest (•estaurant you could find? " Right: In 2525 you get to pick your own time to die, but isn ' t taking a number and waiting your own turn going a bit too far? A touch of this and a touch of that uw « am run,,. ,, twitch r Tf KE A MUhriETR PttlSfz-WAlTYfllt An Old- Fashioned Christmas An old-fashioned Christmas was the assignment of the Freshmen Class. The assignment due on December was an evening packed full of fun and exciting entertainment, for such an enjoyable part) I desen e an excellent grade. (College Hill nnex was transformed into a room filled with bright Christmas cheer that made ever) heart feel the glow of the wonderous Christmas season. Santa was therewith hi.- helpers and presents, too— gifts for the deans and the presidents. Even (loach Green received a Christmas tree compliments of the Freshmen (Mass. The Pickerings, Jod Ka . Roy DeSha, and a band all helped with the entertain- ment for the evening. The freshmen although tin- youngest class, provided spirit quite old and enjoyed Ly all. Far Lett (top to bottom): Santa ' s helpers Cindy Hatley and Terry Langford chat until their time to help Santa. The student body and the faculty joined together to present the Moore ' s with a portable television. J ody Ray and Roy DeSha entertain with songs. Students sit around on the floor and enjoy the old-fashion spirit of Christmas. Santa and his helpers, Carol Digby and Gail Dent prepare to do their job for the evening. To the nearer left the Pickerings entertain. Below, Coach Green " expresses his appreciation " for the " Lovely " tree presented to him by David Middendorf. Christmas Party 69 Beverly Amburgey Claudia Baldwin Pam Isley Carol Love 2nd Runner-Up Miss Congeniality 70 Valentine Pageant Linda rage Dana Ritter Queen Anne Rutiedge Diane illis 1st Runner-Up W A Valentine Pageant 71 BOB BROWER Lakeland, Florida English - Speech WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ESTHER CAREY Manchester, Tennessee English 74 Who ' s Who ERNEST LEWIS College Park, Maryland Music DAN JACKSON West Chester, Ohio Church Music DEBBIE LORE Charleston, West Virginia Physical Education TAMMY MARSHALL Columbus, Ohio Speech - English 76 Who ' s Who TERRELL SANDERS Charlotte, N. C Speech, English EDITH REECE Marietta, Georgia English, Elementary Education 78 Who ' s Who Student Life 79 80 Lyceum Series Student Life 83 84 Student Life One of the projects of the Senior Class was to sponsor a basket- hall game with VVKDA F.M. ' s disk jockeys going again.-t the Trevecca faculty members. The game was an amusing one with the score ending in a tie, although WKDA had help from the score table. Other events connected with sports include our intercolle- giate teams in basketball, baseball, and golf. Inlerniural basketball and football provide events in which students may enjoy a time l relaxation. The annual tug-of-war is an annual event with Belmont during half time at one of the games. This year ' s event ended in a broken rope. Many TNG weekends are focused around sports events. Student Life 85 86 Student Life ,ir ' BBUkHHI ORGANIZATIONS TREV-ECHOES STAFF 1. LesDuVal 2. Debbie Daggett 3. Pam Johnson 4. Carl Winderl, Editor 5. Linda Curry 6. Debbie Thomas 7. Carolyn Fox 8. Mark Dougharty 9. Keith Tanner 10. Gary Wood 11. Jan Mosley 12. Robbie Little 13. Barbara Duke 14. Ron McCormick 94 Trev-Echoes Trev-Echoes 95 THE DARDA STAFF 1. Rita Holladay 2. Martha Pennington 3. Anne Rutledge 4. Sharon Maze 5. Becky Lovell 6. Debbie Bolger 7. Kathy Thaxton 8. Debbie McPeak 9. Gayla Anderson 10. Carolyn Fox 11. Kathy Hughes 12. Karen Foltz 13. Ann Hughey, Editor 14. Johnny Morrow 15. Dian Booth 16. Marilyn Fahl 17. Jane McClelland 18. Randy Jenkins Darda Darda 97 THE DARDA STAFF SHARES IDEAS TO CREATE A UNIQUE BOOK Above Left to right: Mr. Howard Wall, sponsor. Sharon Maze, co-business manager; Ann Hughey, Editor. Below left to right: Jane McClelland, copy writer; Karen Foltz and Kathy Thaxton, typist; Marilyn FahJ, proofreader; Dian Booth, typist. Not pictured: Bob Garber, co-business manager and Phil Jones, artist. 1 i 1 4 m THE HONOR SOCIETY 1 . Linda Muecke, President 2. Billy Meador 3. Melba Stewart 4. Marilyn Lah] 5. Peggy Smith 6. Esther Carey 7. Jackie Maurice 8. Laura Merritt 9. Debbie Nixon 10. Judy Springer 11. Steve Niece 12. Linda Runion 13. Penny Welch 14. Marie Rhoden 15. Bill Knight 16. Marty Gregory 17. John Nettles 18. Dr. S. P. Parry, Sponsor 19. Mike Mort 20. Randy Morton 21. Dave Winsinger 22. Lamar Bradley 100 Honor Society TREVECCA ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Ernie Lewis, President; Dr. Lora Donoho, Women ' s Director, Coach Bill Green, Men ' s Director. T.A.A. 101 CHRISTIAN WORKERS ASSOCIATION — m . . , Htm . m 1. Kathy Hughes 2. Cindy Lowry 3. Hank Spaulding 4. Tommy Ponce, President 5. Mr. Koy Phillips, Sponsor CW.A. 107 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION 1. Kathy Hughes 2. Marguerite Bowdoin 3. Mike Coffman 4. John Hinkle 5. Lawrence Golden 6. Don Mellish 7. Joe Smith 8. Brenda Parker 9. Charles Benton 10. Dr. William Strickland, sponsor 11. Mike Mort, President 12. Sky Allison 13. Jim Speer 14. Fred Bruder 15. Jim Page 16. Roger Hosmer 17. John Young 18. Linda Goodman 19. Alton Dunn 20. Sherry Moorehouse 21. Bill Mosher 22. Ron Black 23. Mark Donnelly 24. James Blanton 25. Steve Robertson 26. Eddie Goff 27. Danny Stroud 28. Ralph Meaker 29. Ed Myers 30. Richard Comer 108 M.A. MA. 109 TREVECCA MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP 110 T.M.F. THE YOUTH MINISTERS 5. Keith Currie 6. Carla Maxwell 7. Don York 8. Joan Mathews 9. Johnny Cox 10. Dan Jackson, President Youth Ministers 111 THE CIRCLE K CLUB 1. Doug Dean, President 2. Stephen Archer 3. Curtis Coussons 4. Wayne Thomas 5. Mark Dougharty 6. Jeff Fox 7. Marvin Wells 8. Jim Mains 9. Kevin Beard 10. Dale Kendall 11. Keith Currie 12. Carl Hall 13. Ron Richards 14. Dave Foltz 15. Hal Hatley 16. Larry Reynolds 17. Danny Williams 112 Circle K THE CIVINETTES 1. Sarah Morrow 2. Carolyn Fox 3. Sandy Davis 4. Nancy Smitley 5. Debbie Lore 6. Sharon Burke 7. Carmel Robinson, President 8. Peggy Smith 9. Anne Rutledge 10. Ruthe Jackson 11. Jackie Jefferies 12. Tammy Marshall 13. Martha Marrs 14. Debbie Nixon 15. Sharon Maze 16. Vickie Boone 17. Jackie Maurice 18. Edith Reece 19. Esther Carey 20. Laura Merrih 114 Civinettes Civinettes 115 THE CIVITAN CLUB 116 Civitans •Sk 1 1 1 1 IK ' 1 km i j 1 m 1 J . Gary Wood 2. Tommy Pome ■ t. Hank Spaulding 4. Handy Morion ■ r ). Danny Baker 6. Joe Brigman 7. Mike Shirley 8. Jim Ponce, President 9. Howard Plummer 10. Lamar Brantle J I . Herb Agee 1 2. Billy Meador Civitans 117 1. Carolyn Prioleau 2. Cynthia Brown 3. Amarilla Bailey 4. Eddie Johnson 5. Alfonzo Ward 6. James Brown 7. Sylvester Ballard 8. Bill Allen 9. John Pratt 10. Charles Torrain 11. Larry Griffey 12. Howard Clarke 13. William Hassell 14. Ralph Watson 15. Geraldine Nelson 16. Al Boatman THE AFRO AMERICAN SOCIETY 118 Afro-American Society Above: Phil Jones, President, Gary Wood, Mrs. Pauletta [ana way, Danny Wood. THE ART C LUB Mrs. Sylvia Hyman displayed a ceramic show. 0 Art Club 119 THE GUILD 1. Ann Mosley 2. Gail Wood 3. Barbara Files 4. Esther Carey 5. Miss Glenda Dudney, Sponsor 6. B. J. Wheeler 7. Beth Greathouse 8. Chuck Sinclair 9. Guy Glendenning V . UJJLLJJ V) 1 — 120 Guild History Club 121 TREVECCA HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION 1. Glenda Mosshart 2. Joy Brown 3. Jenny Lee 4. Debbie Schaffer, President 5. Debbie Tabers 6. Miss Virginia King, Sponsor 7. Gwen Newman 8. Sissy Woodall 9. Wendy Whitmer 10. Rita Holladay 11. Betty Ach ley 12. Barbara Files 13. Patsy Smith 14. Diane Hooter 15. Pam Johnson 122 THE A THE MUSIC CLUB Music Club 123 124 Science-Math Club THE YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB STUDENT TENNESSEE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 1. Judy Chambers, President 2. Debbie Schaffer 3. Carolyn Fox 4. Randall Beasley 5. Donna Chambers 6. Glenda Mosshart 7. Dian Booth 8. Wendall Yoakam 9. Patsy Smith 10. Claudine Cox 11. Dr. G. L. Pennington, Sponsor 12. Esther Carey 13. John Marker 14. Bob Garber 15. Joy Donnelly 126 S.T.E.A. THE TREVADORES LOOK FORWARD TO SUMMER TRAVEL 1. Dale Kendall 2. Mike Mort 3. Steve Digby 4. Mark Liner 5. Joe Smith 128 Trevadores THE CONCERT BAND Under the direction of Mr. Patrick McGuffey, the concert band spend Monday and Thursday chapel time in practice. Concert Band 1 29 130 Concert Choir THE CONCERT CHOIR 1. Dana Ritter 2. Diane Hooter 3. Carole Agee 4. Linda Lewis 5. Karen Fletcher 6. Debbie Downing 7. Linda Page 8. Bobbie Self 9. Beth Greathouse 10. Cheryl Collins 11. Pam Gerard 12. Claudia Hanson 13. Marilyn Payne 14. Judy Young 15. Lindy Crawford 16. Sandra Fox 17. Jane McClelland 18. Martha Penning ton 19. Lynn Shaw 20. Meta Fannin 21. Dian Booth 22. Judy Gunter 23. Rowena Rushing 24. Ron Black 25. Dale Kendall 26. Sandy Patterson 27. Rick L ' nruh 28. Angela Stocks 29. Jana Wells 30. Linda Stover 31 . Steve Archer 32. Dan Jackson 33. J oe Smith 34. Les Sprang 35. Mark Yertrees 36. Victor Robinson 37. Bob Brower 38. Steve Digby 39. Johnny Morrow 40. Wayne Thomas 41. Walter Robinon 42. Larrv Tubbs 43. Mike Mort Concert Choir 131 132 Choral Society THE CHORAL SOCIETY Choral Society 133 134 Encounters 1 . Anne Rut ledge 2. Marvin Wells 3. Pam Gerard 4. Jonathan Nabors 5. Ken Steele 6. Claudia Hanson 7. Mark Vertrees 8. Lynn Jewell 9. Tammy Marshall 10. Ray Gullett 11. Dana Ritter 12. Terry Langford 13. Les DuVal 14. Carl Hall 15. Carl Archer 16. Keith Currie 17. Steve Archer 18. Mike Mort 19. Dale Kendall 20. Sam Bowers 21. Paul Gray 22. Gary Neeley 23. Judy Gunter Encounters 135 THE NON-RESIDENTS STUDENT SERVICE ASSOCIATION Above: Steve Niece, Public Relations; Kathy Cope, Secretary; and Richard Jordan, President. 136 Non-Residents Student Service Assoc. T C TNC 90 Atlanta Christian 47 88 Belmont 119 91 Bryan College 73 66 Lee College 61 Tenn Temple Tournament 77 Tenn. Temple 115 73 Baptist Christian 102 81 Covenant 70 TNC Tournament 87 Mid America 72 85 Eastern Nazarene 82 91 Covenant 75 98 Aquinas 75 104 Kentucky Christian 64 70 Belmont 88 99 Tenn. Temple 84 85 Bryan College 75 99 Covenant 76 77 Atlanta Baptist 76 Tenn. Temple 77 Milligan 91 103 Aquinas 77 71 Lee College g S. C. A. C. Tournamenty " 99 Covenant 93 88 Bryan College I 75 70 Lee College 81 , iXCCAA Tournament 1 6? s » a rjtist Christian " " " O AzusaPSftfii » 4 ¥72 Eastern Nazarene Baseball Schedule Martin Jr. away Marion home Olivet home Bryan away U. of South away Covenant home Cumberland home Belmont home Lipscomb away Martin home Tenn. Temple home Belmont away U. of South home Cumberland away Lipscomb home Tenn. Temple away Bryan home N Sports 143 HONORS SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 5 WINS 1 LOSS in S.C.A.C. S.C.A.C. ' S " COACH OF THE YEAR " S.C.A.C. AWARDS FIRST TEAM Charles Torain SECOND TEAM Butch Baker Gary Bedwell Nelson Ridley S.CA.C s Most Valuable Player Charles Torain S.C.A.C. Tournament FIRST TEAM Charles Torain SECOND TEAM Gary Bedwell Nelson Ridley TROJAN AWARDS Most Valuable Player Charles Torain Best Defensive Player Mick Johnson Best Percentage Freethrow Shooter Tom Sheley Best Rebounder Charles Torain TNC ' S TOURNAMENT Most Valuable Player Charles Torain T-CLUB ' S MR. HUSTLE AWARD Nelson Ridley TENNESSEAN ' S ALL-CITY COLLEGE TEAM Nelson Ridley Sports 153 Coach Chet Foraker led the Trojans to a conference title in his first year at TNC. His ability to spur the team to victory is deeply appreciated. Not only is the team great but he ' s great too! This is evident in his new title, " Coach of the Year 1971-1972, " which was bestowed upon him by the Southern Christian Ath- letic Conference. Sports J 63 BETAS GAMMAS 172 Sports OUR PRESIDENT Yesterday my plane lifted off the rain- drenched runway. It bounced through the gray fog-filled skies, then broke into the dazzling splendor of a bright sunlit world to glide smoothly above the soft fleecy clouds below. How like life! During college days the dreary pressures often crowd in and life can be too much with us. The storms of life can cause the strong to become discouraged despondent— cynical -and ultimatley defeated. Jesus foretold a time when, " Men ' s courage will fail completely as they realize what is threatening the world. " Yet, He promises a way out. " When these things begin to come to pass . . . look up and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. " If during these years in Trevecca together we have learned that the rain-drenched run- ways of life can be difficult; but through and beyond the gray fog-filled skies— there is God— that He is very much with us— then college with all its costs, has been worth it. I think I have learned more about life and God. I believe you have too. I trust you will always allow Him to be to you all you need. God is always near whether in sunshine or storm. It is up to each of us to continually recognize His presence. MRM Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Moore 178 Administration DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Emily Reeves John Donoho, A.B., M.S., Ed.S. ASSISTANT DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS HEAD RESIDENTS Bob Brower Wise Hall Diane Walton Tennessee Hall Beulah Willwerth Georgia Hall Jerry Clay Bud Robinson Hall Joanne Fulwood Johnson Hall John Teter Shingler Apts. 180 Administration Administration 18] 182 Fiscal Affairs PUBLIC RELATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT Director of Development and Public Relations W.D. McGraw, D.D. Assistant Director of Public Relations Assistant Director of Development Harold Latham, A.B. Claude Diehl, A.B. 184 Row 1 L. to R: Dr. Bruce Hall, Dr. Otto Stucki, Dr. Mark Moore, Mr. Otis Page, Dr. Milton Smith. Row 2: Rev. Terrell C. Sanders, Mr. J. C. Tousley, Rev I Hivei Huff, Dr. John Benson, Mr. E. J. Milby, Rev. Jack Lee. Row 3: Mr. A. Frank Scott, Mr. Oscar Wheaton, Mr. George Privett. Rev. Lee Davis, Rev. B. W. Downing. Row 4: Mr. J. W. Spiva, Dr. Robert Allen, Dr. John L. Knight, Dr. Homer Adams, Mr. Claude Galloway, Mr. Wendell Poole. Row 5: Rev. J. S. I.e. ' . Rev. I: Nixon, Mr. J. G. Foskey, Dr. Harvey Hendershot, Rev. W. M. Lynch. Row 6: Mr. Leon Guill, Mr. Ralph W. Marlowe, Rev. Reel ' ord Chaney. Rev. John Andrus, Rev. Dean Baldwin, Dr. Victor Gray. BOARD OF TRU STEES Administration 185 COLLEGE CHAPLAIN Neil B. Wiseman, Th.B., M.Div. L .„, T 3 Jerry Costa, A.B., M.A., Ed.S. Mrs. Shannon Fuqua, A.B., M.A., Ed.S. Gerard A. Nyssen, A.B., Ph.D. BIOLOGY AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE AND HOME ECONOMICS 188 Physical Science Physical Science Home Kconomics 189 EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY Wayne D. Lee, B.S., M.T., Ed.D. Kenneth B. Slifer, A.B., B.D., M.A., Ed.D. 190 Education Psychology 192 Fine Arts Barbara McClain, A.B., B. Mus., M. Mus. Pauletta H. Janaway, B.A., M.A. Carolyn Jarrett, B.S., M.S. Fine Arts 193 William 0. Green, B.A., M.A. Lora H . Donoho, A.B., M.S. Educ, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Chester G. Foraker, B.S., M.Ed. 194 Health Physical Education HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE ENGLISH AND SPEECH C.B. Smith, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. MATHEMATICS Clifton M. Taylor, B.S., M.S. Charles F. Baldwin, A.B., Th.B., B.D. RELIGION H. Ray Dunning, A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. William J. Strickland, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. 198 Religion Jerry D. Hull, B.A., B.D., M.A. Paul W. Beals, A.B., B.D., M.A. Mildred Wynkoop, A.B., Th.B., B.D., M.S., Th.D. Missions 199 Gerald D. Skinner, B.S., M.S., C.P.A. Rebecca Niece, B.S. Stanton Parry, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS Lucien Dale, B.S., J.D. John Teter, B.S. 200 Economics Business Library 201 Wendell Nixon President Dale Taylor Vice President B.J. Wheeler Secretary Martha Marrs Treasurer Sarah Morrow STUCO Rep. Bob Garber STUCO Rep. 202 Seniors Balof, Linda Beasley, Randall Benson, Dan Benton, Charles And our Flight begins Billow, Ron Binkley. Stephen Seniors 203 Seniors 205 206 Seniors I )«A. u| . | )wight Dean, Doug Denson, David Donnelly, Mark Duffy, Kathryn 208 Seniors Gomer, Regina Gullett, Ray Hicks, Susan Hill, Lois Hood, Reba Huff, Fred Hughes, Kathy Hughey, Ann Jackson, Ruthe Jones, Phillip Kilbourn, Phyllis Kopsombut, Prapasri Latimer, Mike Legg, Betsy Lewis, Linda Seniors 209 Little, Robbie I ,ore. I (ehltie Lowry, Cynthia McGee, J err) M Millian, Miriam McNamar, Harry Mackey, Lee Marker, John Marrs, Martha Marshall, Tammy Masters, Sandra Maxwell, David Morrow, Sarah Mosshart, Glenda Mullins, Danny Seniors 211 Mnrphree, Brenda Myers, Ed Nelson, Lawrence Niece, Stephen Pande, Dave Pangle, Janice Ponce, Jim Pride, Jove Reece, Edith Rhoden, Marie Rice, Debbie Runion, Linda Sanders, Terrell Flag, previously flown over United States Capitol, was presented to TNC by Mr. Dewey Steele in a flag raising ceremony. 212 Seniors Seniors 213 Schaal, Don Schaffer, I )ebbie Scheithaver, Karen Si ll. Barbara Sheley, Thomas Smith, Betty Smith, Judy Smith, Kenneth Smith. Michael Smith, Ronald Smith, Timothy Smitley, Nancy Snow. Janice Stanistreet. Martha Stewart, Melba Seniors 215 Beverly Stocks Dale Taylor Patricia Thomas Alan Thompson Sandra Vanderpool Fred Warren Patricia Webb Ronnie Welker B.J.Wheeler Carl Windrel Marthanan Wood Sammy Wood Wendell Yoakam Ken Zingery Lukkana Ming Maung Special Student 216 Seniors Seniors 217 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Billy Meador Vice President Lamar Brantley Secretary Lynn Harrison Treasurer Laura Merritt STUCO Representatives Linda Muecke David Smith Advisor Dr. H. Ray Dunning 218 Juniors Betty Allen William Allen Nevin Allingham Charles Appleby Betty Arkley Gary Bedwell Dian Booth Bill Bowen Becky Bowers Lamar Bradley Lamar Brantley Tim Braselton Bill Breeden Mike Brown Becky Buchanan Judy Chambers Suzanne Christenbury Patty Cook Donna Couey Ray Couey Judy Grossman Melvin Covetta Johnny Cox Sandra Cox 220 Juniors Bonnie Crawford Radonna I Irawford Donna Dillinger Mark Donaldson Marilyn Falil Anthony Farish Carolyn Fox Diane Gabriel Judy Gilford Jerry Glass Brent Godbey Lawrence Golden William Gunno Radonna Guy Johnny Hankins Lynn Harrison Bill Hawkins Steve Headrick Earl Hendricks Ernest Hinson Ronald Hoagland Richard Hocutt Kyoko Homma Roger Hosmer J ud i Morion MUt Howell Jackie Jcfferies Pam Johnson Linda Jordan Joyce Lail Brenda Langford Becky Lieser Halloween in the year 2525 sponsored by the Junior Class gave us an insight to future styles. Linda Muecke models the new " Antipol " look. Do you think it will be a new style in a couple of centuries? John Lighty Mark Liner Lyla Livingston Rick Lord Vickie Luther Stephen McCoy Jane McClelland Mike McGuire Julia McKinley Jackie Maurice Flossie Maxwell Billy Meador 224 Juniors Roger Medliti Ralph Meeker Jack Menefee Laura Meritt Darlene Minshall Delores Mitchell Dwight Modesitt Sherry Moorehead Johnny Morrow Linda Muecke Jimmy Nihart Debbie Nixon Jim Page Allan Parker Long cafeteria lines provide a time to chat with friends. Linda Patterson Ken Peercy Andrew Poteete Richard Pride Ruth Prough Sandra Ray 226 Juniors (linger Reynolds Kathleen Ricke) i ki Rowland Michael Runyan Sharon Russell Bobby Sanders Daniel Seybt Debbie Shannon Tim Sherrill Dale Smith David Smith Peggy Smith Juniors 227 Pat Spencer Mendell Spruill Pam Strickland Donna Suttles Keith Tanner Frances Talkington Peggy Terry Nougnoi Thavornyu Sally Thompson Mary Torbert Rick Unruh Phyllis Vanderpool Juniors 229 CLASS OF ' 74 OFFICERS President Danny Boone Vice-President Kevin Beard Secretary Pam Gerard Treasurer Cheryl Collins STUCO Representative Wayne Thomas STUCO Representative David Foltz 230 Sophomores Carole Agee Herb gee Dottie Ilen Beverly Amburge) Marion Amburn Gayla Anderson Randy Anderson Danny Baker S) l ester Ballard Ramona Batton I V - 1 I i - I laim Kevin Beard Bob Benson Daryle Benson Randy Berkner Nancy Blaekmon Odessa Boks Danny Boone vonne Booth Paul Buchanan Sophomores 231 Warren Buss Margie Butler Sam Carlan Vivian Castels Donna Chambers David Clemons Sara Clements Mike Coffman Cheryl Collins Curtis Cussons Susan Cundiff Laurie Cunningham 232 Sophomores Keith Currie Linda Curry Debbie Daggett Dayle Deneen Valerie Denning lt I eSha Barbara Duke David Dunlap Juanite Edwards Bill Ellis Gail Ellis Meta Fannin David Foltz Sara Fortenberrv Sandra Fox Barbara Files Sophomores 233 Barry Gay Ron Gabriel Pam Gerard Hi m r ( iillenwater Benita Graham Sandra Graham Paul Gra i )i ' iii r ( lordon Richard Gullev Dale Haufler Helen Herring Rita Hollada 234 Sophomores Hon Hood Diane Ho ter Karen Hummer Dale Kendall Bill Knight Debbie Knight Dinah Lee Jenni Lee Sharon Lee Larry Leonard Pat Lightner Carol Love Nancy Mackey Jim Mains Jimmy Marklin Marcia Matthews Dale Mellish Janice Mills Mike Mort Bill Mosher Ann Mosley Eddie Mott Geraldine Nelson Pam Noel Taleah Ocobock Janis Parks Linda Patrick Kathy Peeden Martha Pennington Mary Lou Pennington 236 Sophomores Pain Phillips Howard Plumiiier Tommy Ponce Kathv Potter Steve Powers Paul Ragland Cindi Ray Eddie Kednioti Michael Rickey Dana Ritter Mike Rogers Anne Rutledge Marcella Sandberg Joy Say Sophomores 237 Coleen Seitter Cathy Selman Mike Shirley Freda Sholter Debi Seivers Cathy Simmons Barbara Sloan Patsy Smith Pam Smithson Hank Spaulding Jim Spear Judy Springer Karen Stewart Sanford Stewart Kenneth Street Buddy Strickland 238 Sophomores Jerry Sudduth Debbie I abor Glen Thaxton Wa mc Thomas Debbie Warner Marvin Wells Bonnie Wheelbarger Lanny Whitener Damn Williams Carl Winsell Sissie Woodall Cindy Wright Glendu W right Don York John Young Sophomores 239 CLASS OF ' 75 Standing: Walter Robinson, chaplain; Dennis Foltz, v.p.; David Middendorf, pres.; Rick Cham- pion, STUCO rep. Sitting: Dr. Larry Patterson, sponsor, Linda Page, STUCO rep.; Twila Tryan, treas.; Karen Dzebulevicz, sec. 240 Freshmen Janet Adcock Skye Alison Jam- ndcrson Stephen Archer Michael Arwood Claudia Baldwin Julie Baldwin Derenda Barnett Debbie Barrett Joe Bean Dale Beardslee Beverly Bishop Danny Bishop Ronald Black Larry Boes Lana Bogie Vicki Boone Sam Bowers Cindi Box Tom Brower Freshmen 241 Debbie Brown Randall Brown Joey Brumett Debbie Bulger Hazel Calboun Janice Campbell Karen Campbell Doris Cantrell Marcia Carr Esther Chaney Rick Champion Marilyn Clark Mike Cole Michael Courtney Donald Darsey Gayle Dent Georgia DeVane Darlene Digby Steve Digby Mary Dillard 242 Freshmen 244 Freshmen Judy Gunter Carl Hall Jimmy Hambrick ill lam I land Vlikr Harper Hayden Harris Cheryl Harrison Toni Hayes Jerry Heatherly Debbie Herman David Hill Curtis Holluns Ronnie Hunter Bracken Ingram Pam Isley Beverly Jackson Danny Jelton Carolyn Jenkins Randall Jenkins Freshmen 245 Eddie Johnson La Donna Jones Janice Kennedy Priscilla Kilpatrick Mark McClelland Cathy MeGee Deborah McPeak Linda Mackey Joan Mathis Carla Maxwell Al Mercer Joe Metcalf 246 Freshmen David Middenderf Larry Montague Vlline Moorehead Kirn Mores Jonathon Nabors Gary Neeley Carlotta Nesbitt Owen Newman Sandy Oliver Linda Page Brenda Parker Sunny Parish Marilyn Payne Ron da Peery Elizabeth Perry Judy Perrv de opportunity of hearing speakers like General jperintendent Coulter and former missionary nurse Miriam Mellinger resulted in many changed lives. Freshmen 247 Dwayne Pickering Max Pickering Terry Powers Clay Price Carolyn Prioleau Linda Pugh Cheryl Pyle Laura Radford Paul Rainwater Sonia Ralston flag raising ceremony. Slaves anxiously await their new owners during " ' All right, gentlemen, who ' ll give ten Slave Auction. dollars for this slave? " 248 Freshmen — Stephen Rhoden Ted Rishel Paula Robinson Victor Robinson Walter Robinson Yvonne Robinson Zcbbra Rone Rhonda Rose Rowena Rushing Jeannie Saul Jim Shannon Becky Shirley Thomas Shown Buddy Stinson Ken Steele Joyce Steele Phyllis Stafford Lester Sprong Twila Spraker Joe Smith Freshmen 249 Angela Stocks Larry Stover Linda Stover Elizabeth Stroman f mm Danny Stroud Don Sumner Larry Tarter Sherry Taylor Tony Tharpe Beverly Thomas Debra Thomas Paul Thompson Roy Thompson Patricia Truelove Twila Tryan Terry Turner Don Twining Sylvia Tyson Elizabeth Vaughn Mark Vertrees 250 Freshmen James Williams Rick Williams Diane Willis Janna Wells Vicki Wonders Danny Wood Gail Wood Rebecca Wright Kathy Yarborough ' Would you believe this is going to be a birthday cake for TNC! Freshmen 251 Becky Boswell SENIORS Bill Breeden Kathy Cope Jim Creekbaum James Hicks Mark Donnelly Joseph Edwards Dianne Chapman WINTER QUARTER STUDENTS Dan Jackson Nancy Jones Ernie Le Pat McDonald 252 Winter Quarter Phillip Marklin Sharon Maze r Faculty vs. WKDA in one of the most " exciting games " of the season. The D.J. ' s of WKDA, the faculty of Trevecca, the Teen Angels, and the " groovy " senior class cheerleaders provided an evening of fun and laughter. Due to a delay in mailing by the photographer many of the pictures in the Winter Quarter section did not arrive in time to be placed in their proper class section. Please accept our apologies. Believe it or not ... it wasn ' t our fault! Jack Myers John Nettles Robert Ruck Marshall Singletary Clyde Spencer Joy Williams Winter Quarter 253 Betty Arkley Butch Baker Faye Bragg Mark Dougharty JUNIORS Marilyn Fahl Claudia Hanson Richard Jordan Derenda Barrett SOPHOMORES Robert Clarke Adrian Gibbs Leland Gibbs Debbie Goodwin 254 Winter Quarter Becky Shields Linda Smith Brenda Stone Buddy Strickland Kathy Thaxton Cindy Hatley Vickie Boone Miriam Berry FRESHMEN John Nix Mark Seitter Debra Douglas (Hen Wilson Teclemarian Webnech Winter Quarter 255 SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT BOOSTING TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE DISTRICT OFFICERS AND DEPARTMENTS MARION PRESSLEY Secretary OSCAR B. PULLEN . lreasurer MRS.J.S.LOVEJR Editor MRS. NINA GUNTER N.W.M.S. President N. J. LEWIS Church Schools Chairman D. MOODY GUNTER N.Y.P.S. President ADVISORY BOARD Otto Stucki J. B. Hucks B. W. Downing J. L. Power Clarence I. Coleman TREVECCA TRUSTEES Otto Stucki B. W. Downing J.S.Lee Rev. J. S. Lee, Dr. Otto Stuck, Rev. B. W. Downing SALUTE TO OUR PALMETTO STUDENTS Agee, Carole Mort, Mike Agee, Herb Myers, Jack Alison, Syke Nixon, Judy Anderson, Gayla _ Sheila, Riley Beardslee, Dale — — — _ ___»_______ ____„ Seybt, Danny Courtney, Mike Cathy Downing, n ht Sinclair, Bruce Downing, Mike « _ ___ ___» _ __ ™, Sinclair, Kay Griffin, Jenny - Smith, Peggy Jones, Nancy Webb, Johrinit Maurice, Jackie Williams, J° " " Mitchell, Delores 258 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1972 THE FLORIDA DISTRICT in llie ' " Sunshine Slalf " appreciates and salutes TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE and supports it with: Students Finances Prayers Dr. A. Milton Smith District Superintendent Advertisements 261 » The Church and the College Workers together with Him East Tennessee District Church of the Nazarene Dr. Victor E. Gray, Superintendent THE GEORGIA DISTRICT Fred Huff Gail Ellis John Morrow Ann Hughey • Linda Smith Students From All Over • J ud Perr V Edith Reece Diane Hooter Bre " da Park " am Phillips Margaret Butler Curtis Coussons • Helen Herring Radonna Crawford Jennifer Lee • Darlene Digby Brenda Stroman Dinah Lee . Debbie Gill , Laura Crum Mary Torbert Ronald Hood Linda Muecke Dotti Allen Radonna Guy Georgia Randy Berkner Gail Wood Vickie Rowling Steve Digby Thomas Thortor. Learning About Joe Smith • Hazil Calh Carol Love » Ramona Batton The Church Deanna Rawling All Over The World Twila Try an Sara Clements • Kathy Wilcox Mary Dillard Georgia DeVane Ken Steele Congratulations To The Class of " 72 " GET GEORGIA ON YOUR MIND Advertisements 263 KENTUCKY DISTRICT Dean Baldwin . . Lawrence Adams Dewey Williams . Gloria Baldwin . .Superintendent Church Schools . . . . NYPS Pres. . . . NWMS Pres. Board Members: Dr. Dean Baldwin, Dr. Robert Allen, Rev. Oliver Huff, E. J. Milby. 264 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OE SE KNTY- 1 WO ' ■ Gordon V. Woods Minister ' Your ATTITUDE toward your APTITUDE will determine your ALTITl 1 1 )E through life. " PARK AVENUE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3647 Park Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38111 MARIETTA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Marietta, Ga. Edward S. Barton, Pastor Robert E. Milburn, S.S. Supt. Mrs. Kay Campbell, N.W.M.S. Pres. Julian Deal, N.Y.P.S. Pres. WE BELIEVE IN AND SUPPORT TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE 100%! CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 72 Advertisements 267 TAMPA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE P.O. Box 7056 Tampa, Florida Pat L. Wright Pastor All Roads Are Leading To: FIRST CHURCH t OF THE NAZARENE IMMANUEL CHURCH Manchester, Georgia OF THE NAZARENE Nashville, Tenn. Present location: 3315 Charlotte Avenue (take exit 49 going west or east on 1-40) Future location: 7125 Charlotte Avenue (take exit 201 going west on 1-40 or exit 201 B going east on 1-40.) Eugene H. Wiseman, pastor Robert 0. Osborne, pastor 48 YEARS SER INC TNC FACULTY AND STUDENTS John A. Knight, Ph.D. Pastor NASHVILLE GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road James Hicks— Assistant Minister Prof. Larry Patterson— Min. of Music David Reed— Young Adult Coordinator Marilyn Hicks— Children Coordinator Novice Morris— Church Secretary Congratulations to the Class of 72 from the FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Main and Willow St. Chattanooga, Tennessee Mr. Latelle A. Browning Sunday School Superintendent Mr. Mark Trundle NYPS President Mrs. Hudson Hogan NWMS President Mr. John Herschel Irwin Music Director 270 Advertisements PREACHING FULL SALVATION SINCE 1906! 11025131st. St. N. Seminole, Fla. Roy M. Vaughn, Pastor Lowell Brown, Minister of Music GOD ' S BEST FOR THE CLASS OF 1972 ZEPHYRHILLS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ■■■HI - James H. Errickson, Minister 1809 No. 12th St. Zephyrhills, Fla. Advertisements 271 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 111 N. Greenwood Ave., Clearwater, Fla. Carl N. Hall, pastor ftl A VI- ' V Our Students: Kevin Beard, Cheryl Collins, Pam Gerard, Carl Hall, Wayne Thomas, Danny Williams. ROGERS CHAPEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Serving Our Community Rev. and Mrs. William Allen 1212 1st Ave., South . Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Phone 242-5095 272 Advertisements FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Burlington, N.C. Chapel Hill Rd. at Elderway Loren E. Schaffer, Pastor A. B. Henley, S.S. Supt. Danny Todd, N.Y.P.S. Pres. Mrs. Roger Scott, N.W.M.S. Pres. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 303 Southeast 1st Ave. HENRY COOPER, pastor Paul Cooper Yvonne Booth Dian Booth Dale Hautler Charles Courtney, pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 4th Ave. N. and Myrtle St. Myrtle Beach, S.C. Four Blocks from the Beautiful Atlantic Spend Your Vacation in MYR TLE BEACH Mike Courtney Student FORT MYERS, FLA. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BROADWAY at HOPPLE ST. Robert L. Skipper, pastor Advertisements 273 - II FARMDALE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Louisville, Kentucky Oliver C. Huff Pastor Good Tidings From: CONCORD FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Wilson at Hoover, Northeast Concord, North Carolina Our Students: Jim Eudy Cindy Hatley Hal Hatley George W. Privett, Jr., Pastor C. C. Moore, Sunday School Supt. TRINITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Vultee Avenue Nashville, Tennessee Norman E. Ritchie Pastor 274 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from Florida ' s largest Nazarene church FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1300 17th Ave. W. Bradenton, Fla. 33505 Located on the growing Sun Coast - A great place to live serve Staff Present T. N. C. Students REV. ROBERT H. SPEAR, JR.-PASTOR HERB McMILLIAN, JR.-YOUTH ED. HARRY SOWARD-MINISTER OF MUSIC MRS. RUBY JONES-OFFICE SECRETARY JACK BOGLE-CARETAKER SHELLY FOXWORTHY JOE METCALF JIM SPEAR LES SPRANG Nazarenes, When en route to General Assembly, worship with us SUNDAYS 10 a.m.— Sunday School 11 a.m.— Morning Worship 6 p.m. Youth Choir Rehearsals 7 p.m.— Evening Service 8:15 p.m.-Youth Adult Fellowship WEDNESDAYS 6 p.m.— Young Adult Ensemble 7 p.m.— Prayer and Praise Service —Distinctively Youth —Caravan 8:15 p.m.— Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal Bradenton Miami Advertisements 275 — 1 { 1 1 ! 1 l 1 ■ 1 ' ,1 | || l J 1 1 , ( v • CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HIGH POINT, N.C. . When in High Point, visit the Friendly Church with the Gospel Message. Ralph H. Mattingly, pastor Lexington, Kentucky Rev. Riley Laymon, pastor r % Sumter, S. C. Plant City, Fla Clifton Mains, Pastor Monroe Donegon Leon Guill Lawrence Golden Pastor District Advisory Board Youth Director Larry lubbs Choir Director Gallatin Church of the Nazarene Gallatin, Tennessee Peggy Terry Teacher-Student Doris Cantrell Organist-Student Frances Golden Teacher-Student Special Thanks To Mr. Howard Wall For His Contributions To This Section FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rossville, Georgia Robert Huff, Pastor Our Students Fred Huff Johnny Morrow 278 Advertisements We support Trevecca with our students, money and prayers. ( longratulations to the ( ilass of I ' ' 72 RADNOR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 411 Veritas St. Nashville, Tennessee Charles E. Baldwin, Pastor FULL SUPPORT AND SERVICE TO TNC LANCASTER CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Lancaster, Kentucky Earl D. Frye, Pastor Our Student: Lancaster Chuch of the Nazarene is proud that Debbie Barrett can be a part of Trevecca College. Pastor Wilbur W. Brannon ORLANDO CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " The Action People " Becky Smith " Our Student " Assoc. Pastor Larry V. Wright When at Disney World on Week days Visit " Central " On Sundays! Advertisements 279 Congratulations Class of 72 Henry L. Mills Pastor Lynn Harrison Ronnie McCormick Anne Rutledge David Smith Tim Smith Don Twining FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 800 Clinton Ave. East Huntsville, Alabama FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 12th Ave. and 4th St., S.E. Moultrie, Georgia Doyle C. Smith, Pastor George W. Beasley, Sr., S.S. 282 Advertisements Southwest Georgia ' s leading (Wesleyan) Holiness Church FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Brooksville, Fla. " . . . in the rolling hills of central Florida. " 1 V- Richard E. Humston Pastor I 300 £.1 15™- AM ■ Vnl o. Blue V ! -i tQ»-- Geo. feuy, Supi EJS9GB_ Our Students: David Blue, Kathy Parente, Tom and Becky Gritton o£ tie H $ swH e 510 WomUcuU (Zanttal CHURCH of the NAZARENE JERRY 0 LAMBERT MINISTER WORSHIP 9 30 10 45 7 00 NYPS 6 00 I MIAMI CENTRAL SUPPORTS TNC RIGHT ON! 1300 N.W. 95th St. Miami. Florida Jerry D. Lambert Pastor Our Students: Barbara Duke Bill Ellis Sue Gumm Betty Lansford Kathy Lansford James A. Knear Minister of Ed. Jfrapsier Cfmrcf) of tfje Jla arene 2723 Steele Memphis, Tennessee Rev. John R. Williamson Pastor Advertisements 285 Bob Madison Doug Barnett Pastor Minister of Youth and Music BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 E. Trinity Lane Nashville, Tennessee 286 Advertisements COLUMBIA GRACE CHURCH OF THE I A f U COIVI Mil 1 C " DtAPUrC JALrlvoUIN VILLt btAtnto NAZARENE ai m r r i ■ r r tut CHURCH Or THE NAZARENE Jacksonville Beach, Florida William E. Shelton, Pastor NAZARENE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 1700 East Meyer Blvd. Kansas City, Missouri International School of Theology Church of the Nazarene William M. Greathouse, President Advertisements 287 creativity It isaflair, a feeling, a matter of taste. It is a willingness to reject the first take or the tenth, to ask for another sketch, or to reshoot a photograph. It is understanding what the artist is trying to say and how an album can best express it. It is a conviction that a sacred album deserves careful attention from selection of the songs to final remixingand editing. It is atouch of extravagance in selecting materials and suppliers. It is a way of life at Benson. Heart Warming impact tempo A Division of John T. Benson Publishing Co. 136 Fourth Ave. N. Nashville, Tennessee 37219 288 Advertisements -J i I NAZARENE PUBLISHING HOUSE KANSAS CITY Pasadena •Toronto PRESS, INC. The PRINTER who sells YOU to OTHERS by the Printed Page. Brochures Stationery Booklets Wedding Formal Announcements 211 Fesslers Lane • Nashville, Tennessee 37210 • Phone [615] 242-3474 Advertisements 289 BAR-B-CUTIE 423 Murfreesboro Rd. " Finest of Bar-B-Cue. " poofe H tore YOUR COLLEGE BOOK STORE Paul W. Beals Edson E. Myers I 5 T l Assistant Manager LeCll S tlOWeTS 120 20th Avenue North Nashville, Tenn. 37203 Phone (615) 329-3654 ' f Your Nazarene Florist " STUDENT POTRAIT ' S BY PIZZA HUT ® PIZZA HUT Three Locations in Nashville HARVEY ' S PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO 3116 Dickerson Road 227-6073 888 Murfreesboro Road 255-7194 4031 Nolensville Road 834-1129 Dine in or carry out COAST TO COAST 292 Advertisements ( lompliments oi Quality Motel Mercury 411 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, Term. Area Code 615 Phone: 224-3540 NASHVILLE BOLT SCREW 323 Murfreesboro Road Phone: 244-4284 " Everything Headed or Threaded ' It ' s the real thing. Coke. Trademark® Bottled Under the Authority of the Coca-Cola Company by: Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Nashv ille Advertisements 293 STUDENT DIRECTOR Y Adcock, Janet P. Route 1, Box 501, Adamsville, Ala. Agee, Carole, 1803 Colonial Dr., Barnwell, S.C. Agee, Herbert, 1803 Colonial Dr.. Barnwell, S.C. Alison, Skye, P.O. Box 6162, N. Augusta, S.C. Allen, Betty, Box 686, Zolfo Springs, Tenn. Allen, William, 91 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. AUingham, Nevin. 318 E. Moury Rd., Monaca, Pa. Amburgey, Beverly, Mt. Sterling, Ky. Amburn, Marion H., 1208 Saturn Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Anderson, Gavla, 202 Harris St., Ft. Mill, S.C. Anderson, Jane, 1404 Miami Circle, Birmingham, Ala. Anderson, Randall, 109 Kalberer Appleby, Charles, 1633 Liberty Rd., Lexington, Ky. Archer, David Carl, 10218 Newport Circle, Tampa, Fla. Archer, Stephen, 610 Fairmont Ave., Albertville, Ala. Arkley, Betty, 409 Mclver St., Nashville, Tenn. Audain, Wilma, P.O. Box 841, Csted, St. Croix Bailey, Ammorelle, P.O. Box 1973, Fisted St. Croix Baker, Danny D., R.R. 1, Box 329-A, Tell City, Ind. Baker, Elmer E., 3686 Allessio Bd., White ' s Creek, Tenn. Antioch, Tenn. Ballard, Sylvester, Route 1, Box 157, Flora, Ms. Balof, Linda Beth, Bear Run Rd., Russell, Ky. 294 Student index Barrett, Debbie, 320 Danville St., Lancaster, Ky. Batton, Bamona, Rt. 1, Fitzgerald, Ga. Baun, Deborah, 27 Harpersville Bd., Newport News, Va. Bean, Joe, Star Route, Monteagle, Tenn. Beard, Kevin, 1070 Mary Jane Lane, Dunedin, Fla. Beardslee, Dale, 1108 Mississippi Ave., Charleston, S.C. Beasley, Randall E., 426 South Fourth St., Nashville, Tenn. Bedwell, Gary, 80 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Benson, Dan P., Lebanon, Tenn. Benson, Daryle G., 1816 Anderson St., Charlotte, N.C. Benson, Deborah, 55 Hart St., Apt. 39, Nashville, Tenn. Benson, Robert, 55 Hart St., Apt. 39, Nashville, Tenn. Benton, Charles, Route 1, College Grove, Tenn. Berck, Stephen, 55 Hart St., Apt. 33, Nashville, Tenn. Berkner, David, 1618 Woodrow PI., Macon, Ga. Berry, Miriam, Rt. 3, 4100 Lakeview Dr., Charlotte, N.C. Billow, Ron, Fremont, Ohio Binkley, Stephen, 304 Polk Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Bishop, Danny, Rt. 3, Monterey, Tenn. Bishop, Wanda, 300 Pine St., Memphis, Term. Black, Ronald, 14612 Loomis, Harvey, 111. Blanton, James, 81 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Blue, David, 9 Middlesex Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Boatman, Alforia, 513 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Bogie, Lana, 55 Hart St., Apt. 38, Nashville, Tenn. Boone, Danny, 113 S. Locust, McComb, Miss. Boone, Vickie, 113 S. Locust, McComb, Miss. Booth, Kay, 29102 Newcastle, Howard, Ohio Booth, Patricia, 1289 S.W. 21st Ave., Gainsville, Fla. Booth, S. Yvonne, 1289 S.W. 21 Ave., Gainsville, Fla. Boswell, Rebecca, 418 Beech Ave., Charleston, W. Va. Bowden, Terry, 507 Alma Dr., Brandon. Fla. Bowdoin, M. Marguerite, 6 Dale St., Pensacola, Fla. Bowen, Billy, 1404 Antioch Pike, Nashville, Tenn. Bowers, Rebecca, 701 N. Buchanan, Little Rock, Arkansas Bowers, Samuel, 701 N. Buchanan, Little Rock, Arkansas Box, Cynthia, R.R. 2, Floyds Knob, Ind. Bradley, Dwight, Box 24, Trevecca College Tr. Park Bragg, B. Faye, Rd. No. 1, Sullivan, Ohio Brantley, W. Lamar, 25840 S.W. 134 Ave., Naranja, Fla. Braselton, J. Timothy, Owensville, Ind. Breeden, William, Box 47, TNC, Nashville, Tn. Bridges, Connie, Rt. 1, Maysville, Ky. Brigman, Joe, 1200 Cheshire Ave., Charlotte, N.C. Brower, Bobert 1232 Woodland Ave., Lakeland, Fla. Brower, Thomas, 1232 Woodland Ave., Lakeland, Fla. Brown, Cynthia, 633 Cannon St., Nashville, Tenn. Brown, Donald, 1019 Patricia Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Brown, Gerald, 79 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Brown, James, 4024 Hooker Bd., Chattanooga, Tenn. Brown, Michael, Mackey, Ind. Brown, Randall, R.R. 2, Brandenburg, Ky. Brown, Sheila, Rt. 3, Royal Oaks Bruder, Jr. Vernon, 1641 Whitewood Dr., Clearwater, Fla. Brummett, Donald Joey, 313 Vine St., Monticello, Ky. Buchanan, Dale, 1281 Girard St., Akron, Ohio Buchanan, Paul, 512 19th St., Bedford, Ind. Buchanan, Bebecca, 512 19th St., Bedford, Ind. Bulger, Debra, 14520 SW 289th St., Leisure City, Fla. Burke, Sharon, 577 Perry St., Kent, Ohio Bush, Byron, 6129 Shadow Wood Ct., Orlando, Fla. Buss, Warren, 904 Tuckahoe Dr., Madison, Tenn. Butler, Margaret, 4376 E. Durham Cir., Stone Mtn., Ga. Butler, Melba, Waynesboro, Tenn. Calhoun, Hazel, 14 Malibou Circle, Savannah, Ga. Campbell, Janice, Rt. 2, Elkton, Ky. Campbell, Juanita, Coalmonl. Tenn. Campbell, Karen, 1101 Pleasantdale, Col. Hghts., Va. Cantrell, Doris, Rt. 1, Gallatin, Tenn. Carey, Esther, 812 Perrign Lane, Manchester, Tenn. Carr, Marcia, Roanoke, Va. Carter, Kelly, E-14 1508 Dickerson Rd., Nashville, Tenn. Castels, Vivian, 3750 NW 21 Ct., Miami, Fla. Cavender, Vickie, 817 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, Tenn. Chadwick, June, Dover, Tenn. Chambers, Donna, 1788 NW 8th Terr., Homestead, Fla. Chambers, Judith, P.O. Box 1382, Homestead, Fla. Chaney, Esther, Bt. 1, Box 393, Helena, Ala. Channell, Terri, 1910 W. Belmont, Pensacola, F ' la. Chapman, Dianne, 75 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Chapman, Jerry, 75 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Clark, Howard, R. 4, Box 428, Sparta, Tenn. Clark, Marilyn, 230 52nd St., Newport News, Va. Clark, Robert D., R. 4, Box 428, Sparta, Tenn. Clark, Bobert F., 365 Iroquois St., Chickasaw, Ala. Clay, Gerald, 4429 Baton Bouge Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Cleckner, Susan, 334 Glen Park Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Clements, Sara, 121 Wrars St., Thomasville, Fla. demons, David, 3604 Mimosa Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. Cobb, Rodney, 983 Carneai Rd., Lexington, Ky. Coffman, Michael, 384 Albemarle Ave., Roanoke, Va. Cole, Michael, Hendersonville, N.C. Collins, Cheryl, 431 S. Bresee Ave., Bourbonnais, Dl. Collins, Luther, 3714 S. Park, Louisville, Ky. Comer, Bichard, 75 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Cook, Patricia, 14625 Braddock Bd., Centreville, Va. Cooper, Henry Paul, 706 NE 5th Ave., Gainesville, Fla. Cope, Beverly, 1529 Candy ce St., Lakeland, Fla. Cope, Kathy, 3514 Gillespie Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Copen, Donald, 108 Elm St., Logan, W. Va. Cornwall, Ronald, 1704 Carvell Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Couey, Donna, 55 Hart St., Apt. 23, Nashville, Tenn. Couey, Bavmond, 55 Hart St., Apt. 23, NashvUle, Tenn. Courtney, Charles M., P.O. Box 1861, Myrtle Beach, S.C. Coussons, B. Curtis, 1972 Taylor Ave., Eastpoint, Ga. Covetta, Melvyn, 1231 Washington Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio Cowger, Jane, 561 S. Eagle St., Geneva, Ohio Cox, Claudine, 600 S. Ridge Ave., Rockwood, Tenn. Cox, John, 55 Hart St., Apt. 43, Nashville, Tenn. Cox, Sandra, 55 Hart St., Apt. 43, Nashville, Tenn. Crawford, Bonnie, Barrett, W. Va. Crawford, Badonna, 700 Abberly Way No. 3, Stone Mt., Ga. Creekbaum, Jim, 74 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Crossman, Judy, 389 Wimpole Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Cram, L. Lynn, Rt. 3, Jackson, Ga. Cundiff, Susan, 2312 S. Patrick Dr., Satellite Beach, Fla. Cunningham, Laurie, 5111 Shirley Ave., J ax, Fla. Currie, Keith, 109 Daleview Circle, Columbia, Tenn. Curry, Linda, 1731 4th Ave. No., Lake Worth, Fla. Daggett, Barbara, 3411 Ladve, Memphis, Tenn. Daggett, Deborah, 3411 Ladve, Memphis, Tenn. Damson, Franklin, Route 2 Box 114, Plant City, Fla. Davis, Sandra, Boute 2 Box 150, South ington, Ohio Dean, Douglas, 7925 Wainwright Jacksonville, Fla. Delong, Oliver, Tamahawk, Ky. DeNegly, Dwight, Wrens, Ga. Denson, Geo. David, 60 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Dent, Alfreda Gayle, 310 Avlt Rd., Signal Mt., Tenn. Desha, Roy, 633 Hidden Acres, Madison, Tenn. Devane, Georgia, 1726 Valdosta, Ga. Dew, Dawn K., Marietta, Ohio Digby, Carol, 55 Hart St., Apt. 26. Nashville, Tenn. l)i jbv , Dariene, Route 1, Covington, Ga. Digby, Steve, 3008 10th Ave., Columbus, Ga. Dillard, Mary, 802 N. Spair St., Thomasville, Ga. Dillinger, Donna, P.O. Box 294, Se bring, Fla. Dillon, William, 509 N. Maekid, Lisbon, Ohio Donaldson, Mark, 1309 Summit St., Findlay, 111. Donnelly, Joy, 79 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Donnelly. Mark, 79 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Dorsey, Russell, 519 Durson, Boonville, Ind. Dougharty, Mark, 732 N.E. 4th St., I ' ompano, Fla. Downing, Deborah, 107 Harris St., Fort Mill, S.C. Downing, Michael, 2 3 38 Murphreesboro . R d . , Murphreesbofo, Tn. Drury, Martin, 301 Main Street, Springfield, Tenn. Duffy, Kathryn, 730 116 Ave., Treasure Is., Fla. Duke, Barbara, 71 N.E. 163 St., Miami, Fla. Dunlap, David, Box 229, Route 1, Cairo, Ga. Duvall, Leslie, 3544 Western Reserve, Canficld, Ohio Dzedulevicz, Karen, 9518 Indiana St., Jax, Fla. Eagleson, William, 808 Frank Ave., Cambridge, Ohio Easter, Pamela, 201 Shamrock Road, Charlottesville, Va. Eaton, Peggy, 800 Henry St., Franklin, Ky. Eby, Jonathan, 1905 Omohundro, Nashville, Tenn. Edwards, Cathy, 2307 Westhaven Dr. Edwards, Curtis, 2406 Oakland Ave., Apt. 1, Nashville, Term. Edwards, Juanita, 2300 N.W. 88th St., Miami, Fla. Ekis, Claire, 712 Cameo Dr., Nash- ville, Tenn. Eli, Linda, 4820 Lindell St., Nashville, Tenn. Ellis, Linda, Route 1, Rossville, Ga. Ellis, William, 721 S.E. 3rd PL, Hialeah, Fla. English, Darryl, 1003 Oakhurst, Chas., W. Va. Erwin, Kathryn, Vanlve, Ohio Etterling, Dwain, 6325-57th Ave. N., St., Petersburg, Fla. Essary, James, 18 Englewood, Tuscaloosa, Fla. Eudy, James, 43 Wilson, N.E. Concord, N.C. Fabrizio, Beatrice, 119 N. Main Rd., Newfield, N.J. Fahl, Marilyn, 4004 Ivy Dr., Nash- ville, Tenn. Fannin, Beverly, 204 E. Carroll St., Cherryville, N.C. Fannin, Meta, 204 E. Carroll St., Cherryville, N.C. Farish, Hay ward, 631 Spruce, Clarks- dale, Miss. Fetner, E. Mickey, 208 Wellington St., Fairfax, Ala. Files, Barbara, 1129 Cedar, Grenada, Miss. Fletcher, Karen, Rt. No. 1, Stephen- son, Va. Floyd, Dave, 10115 S.W. 85 Terr., Miami Beach, Fla. Foltz, David, 127 E. Wilson Ave., Mooresville, N.C. Foltz, Dennis, 127 K. Wilson Ave., Mooresville, N.C. Foltz, Karen, 127 E. Wilson Ave., Mooresville, N.C. Fortenberry, Sara, Merigold, Miss. Foster, Kathcrine, 2714 Shadow Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Fox, Carolyn, Victoria, Va. Fox, Jeff, 23130 S.W. 162 Ave., Princeton, Fla. Fox, Sandra, 6737 McKinney St., N.E., Roanoke, Va. Foxworthy, Shelley, Executive Douse, Apt. P27, Nashville, Tn. Gabriel, Diane, 80 Lester Ave., Nash- ville, Tn. Gabriel, Ronald, 80 lister Ave., Nashville, Tn. Gambie, Horace, 306 West Adams Fla. Garber, Robert, 2211 Princess Place Dr., Wilmington, N.C. Gay, Marshall, 615 Poindexter Street, Charlotte, N.C. Gerard, Pamela, 1601 Idle Drive, Clearwater, Fla. Gibbs, Leland, 1360-13 Plaza Drive, Mobile, Ala. Gill, Debbie, Manchester, Ga. Gillian, Michael, Monteagle, Tenn. Gill man, Rodney, 405 North Fulton Glaso, Thomas, 2252 Lou Drive West, Jacksonville, Fla. Gl endennjng, Guy, 300 Washington, Newell, W. Va. Glenn, Henry, 5703 Morrow Road, Nashville, Tenn. Godbey, Brent, Route 1, Eubank, Ky. Goff, Charles, Mt. Juliet Golden, Frances, 65 Paris Ave., Nash- ville, Tenn. Godwin, Janes, 4101 Colebrook Road, Charlotte, N.C. Golden, Lawrence, 65 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Gomer, Regina, 2215 Larimore, Donelson, Tenn. Goodwin, Debbie, 3811 S.W. 95 Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Goodwin, Linda, Route 2, Box 141, Hop, Ark. Gordon, Denise, 110 Middlesex Drive, Charlottesville, Va. Gore, Lawrence, 5016 Bonnatneade, Hermitage, Tenn. Graham, Benita, 1505 Bluegrass Ave., Louisville, Ky. Graham, Sandra, Blountville. Tenn. Gray, Paul, 3418 Morgan, Ashland, Ky. Graybill, Leslie, 4425 Nancy Lee Drive, Louisville, Ky. Grealhouse, Beth. 9724 Juniper, Overland Park, K.S. Gregory, Martin, 3917 Devonshire Drive, Nashville. Tenn. Gregory, Julia, 3917 Devonshire Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Gress, David, 55 Hart Street, Nash- ville, Tenn. Griffey, Larry, 1815 Cahal Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Griffin, Jenny, 19 Camellia Road, Sumter, South Carolina Griggs, William, 3903 Baxter Ave.. Nashville, Tenn. Grilton, Thomas, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tenn. Gullett, Ray, Orlando, Fla. Gulley, Richard, Post Office Box 352, Decherd, Tenn. Gunno, William, 601 Medina Street, Charlesville, W. Va. Gunter, Judith, 81 I Martin Street, Pascagoula, Miss. Gupton, Marsha, 2723 Mailan, Nash- ville, Tenn. Guy, Bodonna, 2425 Yates Drive, Augusta, Ga. Hall, Carl. 1435 Jasmine Way, Clear- water, Florida Hambrick, Jimmy, GoodletsviUe, Tenn. Hankins, John, 1012 Standsfer, Monroe, La. Hanson, Claudia, 1560 Linda Lou Drive, Wesl Palm Beach, Fla. Harper, Robert, Post Office Box 284, Selma, Ala. Harris, Donald, 1501 Preston, Nash- ville, Tennessee Harris, Hayden, 3034 Merwyn, Pittsbury, Pa. Harrison, Cheryl, 4896 Klamath Road, Va. Beach, Va. Harrison, Lynn, 9522 Hemlock, Huntsville, Ala. Hatley, Cynthia, 67 Wilson, Concord, N.C. Hatley. Hal, 37 Oak Drive, Concord, N.C. Haulier, Dale, Route 3, Box 217, Gainesville, Fla. Hawkins, Williams, 300 Polk Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Hayes, Toni, 1212 East Club Blvd.. Durham, N.C. Headrick, Steven, 517 Randall St., Hixton, Tenn. Heatherly, Jerry, 5900 Jassmine, Dayton, Ohio Henninger, Bonnie, Box 54, Yermo, Calif. Herbert, Kaye, 1613 Reed Street, Eldorado, 01. Henricks, Earl, 1007 Conentry, Akron, Ohio Herman, Debra, 7765 71st North, Pinellas Park, Florida Herring, Helen, 2332 Valleyside Drive, Decatur, Ga. Hicks, James, 1018 Stafford Street, Clarksville, Tenn. Hicks, Susan, 2421 Division, Ashland, Ky. Hill, David, 3713 Prernuem Drive, Chatt., Tenn. Hill, Lois, Green Bank, W. Va. Hinkle, John, 1204 Bloomficld, Cape Girarden, Mo. Hinson, Ernest, 513 Lester, Nashville, Tennessee Hoagland, Ronald, 2600 Ennis Road. Nashville, Tenn. Hocutt, Richard, Route L, Box 140, Adamsville, Ala. Hodge, Jennifer, 1581 Glen Parker, Cincinnati, Ohio Hodgkins, Rugby, 1005 Preston Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Holladay, Rita, 55 Hill Lane, Little Rock, Ark. Momma. Kyoko, 181 Shimofuda Machi, Chofu-ski, Tokyo, Japan Hood. Reba, 1050 Robertson Street, Kinsport, Tenn. Hood, Ron, 3226 Marlics Circle, Macon, Ga. Hooter, Diane, 3641 Rocklidge Road, Stone Mtn., Ga. Home, Judith, Sam Davis Apt. No. 5, Smyna, Tenn. Hosmer, Roger, 4065 East University, Mesa, Arizona Howe, Susan, 302 North Roundtree Drive, Cocoa, Fla. Howell, Milton, 1205 Preston Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Hudson, James, 432 [Cast Trinity Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Huff, Fred, 100 West Oak Street, Rossville, Ga. Hughes, Mary, 1900 Main, Benton, Ky. Hughey, Ann, Route 1, Chickamauga, Ga. Hunter, Ronnie, 700 Jones Street, Old Hickory, Tenn. Hurst, David, 9322 North Dixie, Franklin, Ohio Ingram, William, 723 Dover Road. Nashville, Tenn. Isley, Pamela, 81 1 Plaid Street, N.C. Jackson, Beverly, 2823 Kingswood Ave., Jackson, Miss. Jackson, Daniel, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tenn. Jackson, Ruth, RD No. 2, Columbiana, Ohio Jefferics, Jacqueline, W. Va. Jenkins. Miriam, Post Office Box 291, Ala. Jenkins, Randall, 126 Glcnwood. Syracuse, N.Y. Jenson, Matliew, 60 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Jewell, Lynn, 2650 Glenoaks Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Johnson, Eddie, 455 Gilma Cir., Orlando, Florida Johnson, Mickey, 93 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Johnson, Pam, 110 S. 9th Ave., Boynlon Bch., Fla. Jones, Bonnie, 3312 Knight Road. Nashville, Tenn. Jones, Nancy, 204 Thomas Drive, Sumter, S.C. Jones, Phillip, 2325 Shelby Street, New Albany, Indiana Jordan, Linda, 5900 O ' Krien Ave., Nashville. Tenn. Jordan, Richard, 5900 O ' Krien Ave., Nashville. Tenn. Karr, Bemice, 6129 Jocelyn Hollow Road. Nashville, Tenn. Kendall, Dale, 234 Castlewood, Lexington, Ky. Kennedy, Janice, 308 Winton Ave., Easton, Ky. r Kilpatrick, Pnscilla, 618 Sunset, Albertville, Ala. King, Dennis, 1116 East 4th, Mt. Vernon, Ind. Kinzler, Richard, 500 Fesslers Lane, Nashville, Term. Klausner, Wesley, 3301 Hydes Terry Road, Nashville, Tenn. Knight, Debbie, Route 1, Box 140, Glen Easton, W. Va. Knight, Bill, 1593 Walter Cove, Memphis, Tenn. Kopsombut, Prapasri, 70 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Lail, Joyce, R.R. No. 1, Moscow, Ohio Lane, David, 4362 Cimmaron Langford, William, Lakeland, Fla. Langford, Brenda, 95 Lake Hunter Drive, Lakeland, Fla. Lanhan, Carolyn, Bentonville, Ohio Lanham, James, 145 Lalor Street, Covington, Ky. Langford, Betty, 3870 N.W. 64 Ave., Miami Springs, Fla. Latham, Harold, 2938 Anderson Road, Nashville, Tenn. Latham, Ken, 2938 Anderson Road, Nashville, Tenn. Latimer, Charles, 229 Beverly Drive, Madison, Term. Lee, David, 1232 Neeley ' s Bend, Madison, Tenn. Lee, Dinah, 3612 Calumet, Decatur, Ga. Lee, Jennifer, 3612 Calumet, Decatur, Ga. Legg, Betsy, 55 Hart Street, Nash- ville, Tenn. Legg, Michael, 55 Hart Street, Nash- ville, Tenn. Legg, Thomas, 14260 S.W. 240th Street, Homestead, Fla. Leonard, Larry, Route 2, Box 259-D, McComb, Miss. Lewis, Ernest, McKay Hall, TNC Lewis, Linda, McKay Hall, TNC Libick, Charles, 4601 Princess Ann Road, Va. Beach, Va. Lighty, John, 1518 Gill Street, Columont, Miss. Liner, Mark, Shelbyville, Tenn. Little, Robbie, 712 So. George, Petal, Miss. Livingston, Lyla, 211 Overby Drive, Antioch, Tenn. Lord, Richard, Post Office A57 La Marque, Texas Lore, Deborah, 846 Greendale Drive, Charleston, S.C. Love, Donald, 586 Hillsdale Drive, Jackson, Miss. Love, Carol, 22449 Mason Drive, Savannah, Ga. Lovell, Rebecca, Route 1, Hazel Green, Ala. Lowry, Cynthia, 323 Bonair Ave., Hatsboro, Pa. Luther, Vickie, 102 Reeves Street, Dickson, Tenn. Lynch, Gay, Box 8 426, Jackson, Miss. McAdoo, Veronica, 1326 West 8th, ElDorado, Ark. Mc Bride, Judith, 200 Haywood Drive, Tenn. McClelland, Jane, 2916 Harwood, Tallahassee, Fla. McCormick, Ronnie, Route 7, Albertville, Ala. McCrary, Donald, 315 McKennell Drive, Nashville, Tenn. McDonald, Patricia, 4411 A Owendale Drive, Tn. McGee, Cathy, 2434 Millbrook, Memphis, Tenn. 296 Student Directory McGee, Jerry, Box 146, TNC, Nash- ville, Tn. McGuire, Michael, 1110 Carpenter Rd., Titusville, Fla. McKinley, Julia, Route 2, Pataskala, Ohio McLemore, Donna, 1735 Gilbralter Drive, Jackson, Miss. McNamara, Harry, 517 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. McNutt, Margaret, 708 Woodland, Wooster, Ohio McPeak, Debojah, Route 1, Burlison, Tenn. Mackey, Lee, Route 1, Pegram Tenn. Medlin, Roger, Route 1, La Vergne, Tenn. Meeker, Ralph, Redford Apts., 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tenn. Mellish, Donald, 2234 Bowers, Lapeer, Mich. Menefee, Jack, Box 281, Punta Gorda, Fla. Merritt, Laura, Route 1, Pineville. N.C. Metcalf, Joe, Box 126, Palmetto, Okla. Mercer, Al, Route 2, Dubler, Ga. Middendorf, David, Huntington Pkwy., Nashville, Tenn. Mackey, Linda, 1413 Preston Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Mackey, Nancy, 1413 Preston Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Mains, James, 3041 Carlisle, Lake- land, Fla. Mallette, Lane, 1704 Wood Hanes, Brandon, Florida Marklin, Jimmy,, 140 West Park Drive, Clarksville, Tenn. Marklin, Phillip, 604 Blackstone Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Marker, John, 339 Alphal, Akron, Ohio Marrs, Martha, Mt. Herman, Ky. Marshall, Tammy, 4101 Doney, Columbus, Ohio Martin, Evangeline, 8513 Spartan Road, Fairfax, Va. Masters, Sandra, Springhill, La. Mathis, Retha, Route 6, Fayetteville, Tenn. Mathews, Marcia, 4252 Florida Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Mathews, Nancy, 4252 Florida Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Maurice, Jacqueline, 107 Birch Street, Summerville, S.C. Maxwell, Carla, 730 Marble Street, Charlotte, N.C. Maxwell, Flossie, Route 2, Baxter, Tenn. Maxwell, David, 50 Widrig, Newport, Ky. Maze, Sharon, 3906 9th Ave., Parkersburg, W. Va. Meador, Billy, Route 1, Box 460, Hardy, Va. Miller, Elizabeth, Box 12, Spencer- ville, Ohio Mills, Janice, Horseshee Drive, Shelbyville, Tenn. Mingmaung, Lukkana, 95 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Minshall, Darlene, 751 4th Ave. South, Largo, Fla. Mitchell, Delores, 3112 Cornwall Road, Columbia, S.C. Modesitt, Dwight, Decherd, Tenn. Montgomery, Martha, 112 Hunt Ave., Charleston, W. Va. Moorehead, Alline, 15370 Lincoln Drive, Homestead, Fla. Morehead, Sharon, 581 Lincoln, Backerton, Ohio Morrow, John, 51 1 Greenfield Drive, Rossville, S.C. Mort, Michael, 604 Center Drive East, Beaufort, S.C. Morton, Ken, TNC Trailer Park Morton, Randall, 51 3 Rallingwood Road, Birmingham, Ala. Mosher, BUI, Route 5, Delaware, Ohio Mosley, Jan, 2013 Cricket Lane, Valrico, Fla. Mosley, Ann, 2013 Cricket Lane, Valrico, Fla. Muecke, Linda, 3520 Cresthill Ave., Macon, Ga. Mullins, Danny, 74 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Murphree, Brenda, 109 Marion Street, Warron, Ala. Musscr, Janice 78 Nance Lane, Nash- ville, Tenn. Myers, Edson, Route 3, Mt. Sterling, Ohio Myers, Jack, 85 Lester Ave., Nash- ville, Tenn. Neeley, Gary, 407 Linda Lane, Madison, Tenn. Nelson, Geraldine, Route 1, Brighton, Tenn. Nelson, Lawrence, 6050 Panama Drive, Hermitage, Tenn. Nesbitt, Carlotta, 415 North 7th Ave., Hopeville, Va. Nettles, John, 1811 Greenway Drive, Jackson, Miss. Newman, Gwen, Route 6, Franklin Ky. Newton, Neil, 2513 South Edge- water, Fayetteville, N.C. Newton, Patricia, 55 Hart Street, Apt No. 28, Nashville, Tenn. Newton, Robert, 2513 Edgewater, Fayetteville, N.C. Newton, Vicki, Route 6, Mt. Vernon, Ohio Niece, Stephen, TNC Trailer Court Nihart, Jimmy, 60 Nance Lane, Nash- ville, Tenn. Nix IV, John, 1426 21st Ave. E, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Nixon, Judy, 55 Heart, Apt. 49, Nashville, Tenn. Nixon, Margaret, Monterey, Tennessee Nixon, Wendel, 55 Hart St. Apt. 49, Nashville, Tenn. Ocobock, Taleah, 505 Cypress, Kan- sas City, Mo. Odom, Waymond, 426 Hart Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Oliver, Cassandra, Cullman, Ala. Oliver, John, 93 A Lester Ave., Nash- ville, Tenn. Ostrander, Bonnie, 22640 New Castle Rd., Gamhier, Ohio Owensby, Stephen, 141 McCall, Nashville, Tenn. Page, James, 81 Nance Lane, Nash- ville, Tenn. Page, Linda, 1200 Weststou Dr., Charlotte, N.C. Pangle, Janice, 5008 Monnalyan, Hermitage, Tenn. Parks, Janice, 1681 Greenlea, Clear- water, Fla. Parker, Brenda, Rt. 2, Box 68A, Stone Mountain, Ga. Parrish, Brenda, 1720 Pepper Dr., Tallahesse, Fla. Patrick, Linda, 332 N. Dixie Free- way, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Patterson, Linda, Rt. 2, Box 84, Alderson, W. Va. Patterson, Ralph, 2435 S. 9th, Tronton, Ohio Payne, Marilyn, 704 Mobile St., Greensboro, N.C. Payne, Kevin, 605 Thompson, Bessier City, La. Payne, Robert, Box 94, Madison, Tenn. Peercy, Ken, Route 5, Franklin, Tenn. Peery, Ronda, 1319 East Wood, Paris, Tenn. Pennington, John, Methodist Parsonage, Holland, Tenn. Pennington, Martha, Box 175, New Richmond, Ohio Pennington, Mary Lou, 514 McDonald Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Pennington, William, 914 Winthorne Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Perry, Elizabeth, 2105 Vestridge Drive, Birmingham, Ala. p 3 Perry, Judy, 625 Burbank Drive, Smyrna, Ga. Philan, John, 7530 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, Term. Phillips, Pam, Post Office II 101, Allanla, Ga. Picket, Larry , 100 Grimes, Dalton, Ga. Pickering, Dwayne, 1205 Saturn Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Pigg, Clara, Route 2, Callinwood, Tenn. Plummer, Howard, 5501 Rockwood Road, Charlotte, N.C. Poe, Diane, 2921 Ave East, Birmingham, Ala. Poeppelmeyer, Darrell. 1064 Pen- field, Columbus, Ohio Ponce, Thomas, 6845 Golfview Street, J ackson, Fla. Ponce, James, 55 Hart Street, Nash- ville, Tenn. Poteete, Andrew, 9812 Humber Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Potter, Kathy, 3605 Tacoma Ave., Chatt., Tenn. Powers, Terry, 3426 De Arcy Ave., Louisville, Ky. Pratt, John, 311 Natchey Court, Nashville, Tenn. Presley, Sandra, 77 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Price, Linda, 71 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Price, Mary Beth, 2704 South 12th Street, Tronton, Ohio Pride, Joye, Route 1, Hamersville, Ohio Pride, Richard, 511 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Prioleau, Carolyn, 4039 Gaznell Court Prough, Ruth Kaye, Lakeland, Fla. Pugh, Linda, 2007 Helms Ave., Leesburg, Fla. Pugh, Raymond, 245 Lickton PL, Goodlettesville, Tn. Quevedo, Standly, 2620 Long Street, Tampa, Florida Racker, Barbara Louise, 2841 Kenway, Nashville, Tenn. Rainwater, Paul, 217 Linden St., Cordova, Ala. Ralston, Sonia Jay, 2903 Emogene St., Mobile, Ala. Ray, Jody, 11869 Pippin Rd., Cincinatti, Ohio Redmon, Edward, 5122 Patterson, Louisville, Ky. Reece, Edith, Lot 11, 1230 S. Cobb Dr., Marietta, Ga. Reed, David, 55 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. Reynolds, Ginger, Rt. 2, Box 76, Jamestown, Tenn. Reynolds, Larry, 877 Furlong Dr., Lexington, Ky. Rhoden, Horace, Japan Rhoden, Marie, Japn Rice, Deborah, R.D. 2, Highland Dr., East Liverpool, Ohio Richards, Nadene, 917 Mitchell Rd., Nashville, Tenn. Richards, Ronald, Rt. 3, Ironton, Ohio Rickey, Kathleen, 3404 55th Ave., Cheverly, Md. Rickey, Michael, 3404 55th Ave., Cheverly, Md. Rickey, Terrance, 55th Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. Ridley, Nelson, 2929 Glenmeade Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Riley, Sheila, 407 Mill St., Hartsville, S.C. Kishel, Theodore. 300 W. Old Pass Rd., Lory Beach, Miss. Robertson, Jerry, 801 Cherokee, Nashville. Tenn. Robey, Nanc) , Spcncerville, Ohio Robinson, Carmel, 950 Street, Logan, V. Va. Robinson, Victor, 108 Bussell Ferry Rd., Lenior Citj . Tenn. Robinson, Waller, 47 Patton Dr., Brunswick. Ga. Robinson, Yvonne, 769 Curtiss Parkway, Miami Springs, Fla. Rogers. Michael, 19655 S.W., 304 St., Homestead, Fla. Rohmann, Gary, 137 Lakeside Park Dr., HendersonviUe, Tenn. Rone, Zebbra, 3839 Hawthorne Dr., Owenshoro, Ky. Rose, Rhonda, 2095 Preston, Crothersville, hid. Rowland, Vickie, Fort Valley, Ga. Rowling, Deanna, 208 Thomas St., Waycross, Ga. Ruck, Robert E., 212 Walker Terrace, Madison, Tenn. Rumbley, Donald, RR No. 1, Box 19, Clay City, Ind. Runion, Linda, P.O. Box 186, Milton, W. Va. Runyan, Paul, 303 Monroe St., Charleston, W. Va. Rushing, Rowena, 508 Albert St., Albertville, Ala. Russell, Sharon, 504 S.E. 11th St., Ocala, Fla. Rutledge, Anne, 103 Cedarama Dr., Huntsville, Ala. Ruttan, Ruth, 7103 Oakney Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Sandberg, Marcella, 232 Pringle Circle, Green Cove Springs, Fla. Sanders, Bobby, Rt. 3, Box 7, New- port, Ala. Sanders, Suzanne, 55 Hart St., Nash- ville, Tenn. Sanders, Win. T., 55 Hart St., Nash- ville, Tenn. Saul, Margaret, 1826 10th St., N.W., Roanoke, Va. Say, Joy, 645 Hillcrest, Orlando, Fla. Schaal, Donald, Rd. No. 1, Columbiana, Ohio Schaffer, Deborah, 203 Westbrook Ct., Burlington, N.C. Scheithauer, Karen, 630 Elizabeth. Col., Ohio. Schiesz, Karen, 2987 Donita Dr., Birmingham, Ala. Seitter, Mark, 2026 Satellite Beach, Fla. Seitter, Coleen, Box 2026, Satellite Beach, Fla. Self, Barbara, Rt. 2, Cherryville, N.C. Selman, Catherine, 608 Branton Ave., Columbia, Miss. Seybt, Daniel, 315 Highland Dr., West Columbia, S.C. Shannon, Debra, 142 S.E., 5th Ave., Delray, Fla. Shannon, Jim, 13840, N.W. 5th Ct., Miami, Florida Shaw, Patricia, 1217 North view St., Raleigh, N.C. Sheley, Thomas, 305 E. Washington St., Sabina, Ohio Shelley, Charlene, 84 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Shelley, Jerry, 84, Lester Ave., Nash- ville, Tenn. Sherrill, Timothy, 854 Springfield Hwy., Goodletlsville, Tenn. Shields, Rebecca, 297 Clovemook Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Shinn, Patti, Hurricane, W. Va. Shirer, Shela, l it! Hindman Lane, Weirton, W. Va. Shirley, Becky, 1217 Eleanor Dr., Decator, Ala. Shirley , Michael, Birmingham, Ala. Sholler, Freda., 18820 S.W. 311 St., I [omestead, Fla. Shown, Thomas, 1302 Tophill Rd., Fairdale, Ky. Siewmailine, Kasso, Trinidad Simmons, Catherine, Box 201, Gloverville, S.C. Sinclair, Bruce, Rt. 3, Box 37, Chester, S.C. Singletary, Marshall, 417-B Mona Dr., Hermitage, Tenn. Sloan, Barbara, 214 W. Second, Anderson, Ind. Smith, Becky, 2801 Ardsley Dr., Orlando, Fla. Smith, David, 1313 Oakwood Ave., Huntsville, Fla. Smith, Dale, Jay, Fla. Smith, Joseph, 5907 Fairview, Savannah, Ga. Smith, Judy, Rt. 7, Box 178, Orlanda, Fla. Smith, Kenneth, Box 117, Orwell, Ohio Smith, Linda, Rt. 2, Lakeland Rd., Dalton, Ga. Smith, Marvin, 3081 Mirimar St., Dayton, Ohio Smith, Michael, Rt. No., Box 397, Cordon, Ind. Smith, Patsy, P.O. Box 201, Munford, Term. Smith, Peggy, P.O. Box 885, Lawrence, S.C. Smith, Ronald, Rt. 2, Mt. Carmel, 111. Smith, Timothy, TNC Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Smitley, Nancy, Quincy, Ohio Smithson, Pamela, Franklin- Limestone Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Snodgrass, Dennis, 55 Hart St., Nash- ville, Tenn. Snow, Janice, Statesville, N.C. Sparks, Steve, 115, Primrose Place, Spcncerville, Ohio Spaulding, Henry, 754 Cole Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Spear, James, 1300 17th Ave. West, Bradenlon, Fla. Spencer, Clyde, 903 North 12th Street, Covington, Kentucky Spencer, Patricia, R.R. I., Mt Blanchard, Ohio Spraker, Twila, 5409 Princess Anne Road, VA Beach VW Sprang, Lester, 5427 25th Street West Bradenton. Florida Springer, Judith, 5415 Anchorage Drive. Nashville, Tenn. Spruill, Mendell, 1701 Lawncrest Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Stanistreet, Martha, 164 Walker Street, Holly Hill, Florida Steele, Joyce, 410 N.W. 195 Sterrace, Miami. Florida Steele, Kenneth, 719 lx asanne Drive, Valdosta, Ga. Slecnbergen, Kenneth, Scotlsville. Ky. Stewart, Karen, Steinhatchee, Fla. Stewart, Melba, 5313 Sanl ' ord Road. Knoxville. Tenn. Stewart, Sanford, 3516 Brailsl ' ord Ave., Brunswick, Ga. Slinson, William, Box 8, Cottontown Tn. Slocks. Beverly. 105 McKenna Court, Lexington, Ky. Stocks, Angela, 405 McKenna Court, Lexington, Kentucky Stone. Brenda, 908 Edgewood, Chas. WV Stout, Morris, RR 1, Brownstown, Ind. Stover, Linda, 1420 Chapman Drive, Aknn, Ohio Stover, Larry, 41936 Saks Road, Anniston, Ala. Street. Kenneth, 2921 Richacres, Nashville, Tenn. Strickland, Ira, 4616 Alpha, Nash- ville, Tenn. Stroman, Brenda. 2500 Amalfi Drive, Lithonia, Ga. Stroman, Elizabeth, Box 1043, Russcllville, Ark. Slroiid, Millen, 1001 Justice Street, HendersonviUe, NC Sudduth. Jerry, 518 30th Ave., Tusca Summer, Don Jr., 3225 Crowe Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Suttles, Donna, Olive Hill, Ky. Tabers, Debbie, 1404 Vine, Murray, Ky. Talkington, Frances, 14064 Birch Road, East Liverpool, Ohio Tanner, Keith, 524 West Silas Brown, Jackson, Miss. Tarter, Larry, 100 Poplar Road, Oak- ridge, Tenn. Taylor, David. Route 2, Box 259, Valrico, Florida Taylor, Enoch, 219 Broad Way Street, Durham, N.C. Taylor, Lawrence, Route 5, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Taylor, Mary, Post Office, Box 113, Princeton, Fla. Tharpe, Anthony, 2862 Tara Drive, Nashville. Tenn. Thaxton, Glen, Chas. WV Thaxton, Kathy, 2215 West Raybum Court Thomas. Beverly, Route 2, Evans- ville, WV Thomas, Debra, 14245 Yacht Club Blvd., Seminole, Fla. Thomas. Patricia, White Springs, Fla. Thomas, Wayne, 14245 Yacht Club Bird., Largo, Florida Thompson, Larry, 5309 Eugene Way, l,ouisville, Ky. Thompson, Lowell, 13 Plarrid Place, Crawfordsville, Ind. Thompson, Rov, 3225 Whites Crk. Pk., Nashville, Tenn. Thompson. Sally, 2027 Lexington, Lorain, Ohio Student Directory 297 Thornton, Thomas, 4213 17th Ave., Columbus, Ga. Thrash, Jon, Sylacauga, Ala. Torbert, Mary, Route 1, Barnsville, Ga. Torbert, Mary, Route 1, Bainesville Tripp, Howard, 4304 Bulv., Tampa, Fla. Truelove, Patricia, 608 - 21st Street East, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Tryan, Twila, 1201 East Washington, Thomasville, Ga. Tubbs, Larry, Route 4, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee Turner, Kenneth, 76 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Turner, Terry, 1705 East 28th Street, Nashville, Tenn. Twining, Donald, 4000 Creighton, Huntsville, Ala. Unruh, Richard, 106 Shadow Lane, Hendersonville, Tenn. Vanderpool, Phyl Ann, Route 1, Willard, Ohio Vanderpool, Sandra, Route 1, Willard, Ohio Vaughn, Elizabeth, 1010 25th Ave., East, Tuscalooso, Ala. Vaughn, James, 1010 25th Ave., East, Tuscaloosa, Ala. V enable, Judi, 725 Lebannon Road, Lakeland, Fla. Vertrees, Mark, 12 Lealand Drive, Clarksville, Tn. Viola, Gary, 66 Nance Lane, Nash- ville, Tenn. Walker, Sharon, 1415 Malverne Ave., Jax, Fla. Walker, Shirley, Route 1, Box 73, Doyle, Tenn. Walls, Kenny, Route 1, Dechend, Tenn. Walton, Dianne, 250 Main Street, Cumbgeland, Maine Walton, Glenn, 5603 Oakland Drive, Kalamazoo, Mich. Ward, Alfonzio, 4289 Zepeda Street, Nashville, Tenn. Warner, Debra, 1105 Ave., Cov., Ky. Warren, Fred, 417 Cooper Street, Punto, Ga. Watkins, Charles, 55 Hart Street, Nashville, Tenn. Watson, Ralph. 1519 Compton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Weaver; Adrian, 1319 School Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Webb, Johnnie, Post Office Box 86, Wallace, S.C. Webb, Pat, 5003 Bonnalynn Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Welch, Penny, 137 Dee ' s Drive, Brunswick, Ga. Welker, Ronald, 1310 19th Ave. North, Lake Worth, Fla. Wells, Janna, 1355 Poplar Street, Grenada, Miss. Wells, Marvin, 324 Maryland Ave., Dayton, Ohio Wheelbarger, Bonnie, 210 Perlen Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Wheeler, Betty, 1312 Altamont, Portsmouth, Ohio Wheeler, Doyce, 74 Paris Ave., Nash- ville, Tenn. White, Donald, 326 Park Ave., Spencer, bid. Whitehead, Stephen, 7524 Bloxham Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Whitener, Welsey, 1607 Avondale Drive, Durham, N.C. 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Wood, Robert, 5023 Bonnavista Drive, Nashville, Tenn. Wood, Sammy, 415 Tusculum Road, Apt. F-l, Nashville, Tenn. Woodall, Gwendolyn, Route 1, Box 190, Seek, Ala. Worley, Ruth, 423 Sunnybrook Drive, West Carrollton, Ohio Wright, Cindy, 510 Mendel Terrace, Graham, N.C. Wright, Glenda, Box 702 Fairbanks, Alaska Wright, Rebecca, 265 Lee Drive, Orange Park, Fla. Wright, Sharon, 2411 Eastland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Wubneh, Teclemariam Yeager, Jack, 722 South Rembrandt, Royal Oak, Michigan Yoakam, Wendell, Centerburg, Ohio York, Don, 625 Alton Road, Galloway, Ohio Young, John, 3600 Izaak Walton Road, Kukomo, Ind. Young, Judith, 2007 Eagle Drive, Mobile, Ala. Zingery, Ken, Kent, Ohio 298 Student Directory DARDA STAFF EDITOR ANN HUGHEY CO-BUSINESS MANAGERS BOB GARBER SHARON MAZE ADVISOR MR HOWARD WALL CLASSES Becky Lovell Anne Rutledge Kathy Hughes Carolyn Fox STUDENT LIFE Johnny Morrow Linda Whitlow Vicki Rowland Gayla Anderson Debbie Bolger SPORTS Randy Jenkins Ernie Lewis FACULTY ADMINISTRA TION Martha Pennington ORGANIZATIONS Richard Hocutt Debbie McPeak ART Phil Jones TYPISTS INDEX Karen Foltz Dian Booth Rita Holladay Kathy Thaxton Reba Hood PHOTOGRAPHY Ray Couey Conclusion 299 THE LAST WORD We have landed. This flight has ended with memories that will never be forgotten and dreams which can not die. We can now only look to the future flights and keep these dreams burning brightly as we press onward and forward to our highest goals. The DARDA has recorded permanently as many memories of this high flight as possible. But treasure your memories as an abundance of intangible resources that have helped you through this journey of life and that will help you in your travels down life ' s road. IN APPRECIA TION These words of appreciation are a token of gratitude for you who have helped to make this 48th volume of the DARDA possible. We the DARDA staff express our thanks to: The mother of the late John Gillespie Magee, Jr. and W.C.C. Publishing Co., Inc. for permission to use the poem " High Flight " by Pilot-officer John Gillespie Magee, Jr., RCAF. Mr. Don Alsop and Eastern Airlines for furnishing us with pictures used in this book. Mrs. Paulette Janaway for her ideas and assistance with the cover design. Ray Couey for his many long hours and excellent photo- graphy. Mr. Howard Wall, sponsor, for his assistance and advice. Sharon Maze and Bob Garber who have served as co-business managers. The author of the poem " Brotherhood " used on the dedication page. We were unable to learn his name. To all the DARDA staff a special word should be given. They have given of their time and talents to complete the 1972 DARDA. Thank you staff for an excellent job. 1 300 Conclusion SO PUT OUT YOUR HAND NOT ONLY TO GOD BUT ALSO TO OTHERS 302 Conclusion PUBLISHING COMPANY I

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