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the dawning of a new age . new vistas . , . i know . . . brotherhood . . . torerance . . . spirit of co-operation . . . harmony and understand- . . liberation . . . abounding trust . . . Iden visions . . . explosive history . . . happiness . . . accomplishment . . . dawn of awareness . . . friends . , . truth . . . distillation of wisdom from knowledge . . . independence . . . orb of influence . . . advancement . . . i know , . . new vistas. 1971 darda volume xlvii published by associated student body trevecca nazarene college nashville, tennessee Ml 2 . . . live the dawning ... a mystic crystal revelation live ... 3 4 . . .live a new age ... a longing for truth it is a simple task, a simple dedication. live ... 7 8 . . . live 10 . . . live 12 . . . live all seek commitments . . . co-operation. 1 live ... 13 you speak of tolerance an honest role? live ... 19 1 we are all alike my friend . . . we play our parts well. 20 . . . live live 21 24 . . . live four . . . four hundred or four thousand, four thousand dreams will decay into dust that covers earth. live ... 25 every soul that touches yours be it the slightest contact - gets therefrom some good; some little grace; one kindly thought; one aspiration yet unfelt; one bit of courage for the darkening sky; one gleam of faith to brave the thickening ills of life; one glimpse of brighter skies - to make this life worthwhile and heaven a surer heritage, these you have given me and a thousand others, it is to you, " mom " peery, that we dedicate the 1971 darda 32 . . . live live ... 33 the making of an age the dav ning of the age 1 life in a new age student life 36 organizations 84 athletics 132 the makers of the age adnrinistration 180 honors 204 students 214 the advertisers 260 indices 296 acknowledgements 302 in memoriam 303 I things we see, but don ' t always notice student life ... 37 if you ever think the magic of growing up may be over for you some day, don ' t worry . . . if you keep w atching the world around you grow . . . if you dream and search and grow a little inside every day . . . the magic of growing up will stay in your heart forever, —dean walley 40 . . . student life » 1 I 42 . . . student life happiness is possible only when one is busy, the body must toil, the mind must be occupied, and the heart must be satisfied, those who do good as opportunity offers are sowing seed all the time, and they need not doubt the harvest. student life ... 43 halloween 1970 nice way to spend an evening. i guess we can learn from Ins mistake. 4ii . . . halloween tliaiiksgiving ... 49 1970 Christmas if you worked as hard as they did, you ' d be tired too. 50 . . . Christmas if we till our hours willi n-frrcls ovit the failun ' s of yesleiday , and willi worries over the problems of lomor- rovv, vc have no lodav in uliicli to he ihankfui. climh the mountains and ret their glad tidings, nature ' s ppaee will How to you as the sunshine Hows into the trees, the winds blow their own fresh- ness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares drop away from you like the leaves of autumn. student life 54 . . . student life homecoming provides excitement for students and alumni 56 . . . homecoming display contest . . . floats . . . mcclurkan memorial services . . . motorcade . . . founders day chapel ... dr. mackey . . . alumni guests . . . hats-oif contest . . . cheer- leaders . . . pep rally . . . snake dance . . . cheers . . . bonfire . . . blaze of glory . . . alumni council . . . homecoming day . . . mums . . . pom-poms . . . homecoming game . . . chargers vs. trojans . . . alumni vs. junior varsity . . . preachers vs. trojans . . . halftime . . . encounters . . . trev-a-dores . . . homecoming court . . . crowning of queen . . . cheers . . . excitement . . . smiles . . . victory!!! . . . trev-a-dores provide half-time entertainment at homecoming game. education is a companion which no misfortune can de- crease, no crime destroy, no enemy alienate, no despotism enslave; at home a friend, abroad an introduction, in soli- tude a solace, in society an ornament, it chastens vice, guides virtue, and gives grace and government to genius, ed- ucation may cost financial sacrifice and mental pain, but in both money and life values it will repay every cost one hundred fold. 60 . . . student life revival speakers rev. paul martin and rev. w. t. purkiser life left to God will bring a greater yield of golden harvest and of ripen field than all the weary plannings of thy soul, can force to be, or strength of will control; oh trust a power that must bring good from all, and leave thy life to God! 62 . . . revival speakers 1 1971 valentine 68 . . . valentine pageant court pam strictland dinah lee tammy marshal I junior miss congeniality junior freshman valentine ... 69 76 . . . student life 1 1 I boll pirlirr. darda idilor stuco opens year with leadership retreat " (•oiiimiinifalion. llic galewa lo imdcr- slaiHling ' . . . scplcmber 25-27 . . . fstaljlisli- iiioiil of a student director of reli ;ious alfairs . . . vogues concert . . . " born free " . . . cal- endar of events published and sold lo stu- dents . . . Iiorneeoining mums . . . formal presentation of college center to school . . . all school project, equipment for wnaz . . . trevecca beautification day, sophomore champs . . . student council lecture scries . . . festival of ideas . . . " coffeehouse " .... organizations . . . {{. " i horizontal series right: ed redmon, freshman representative; jane Jordan, freshman repre- sentative; terrell sanders, junior repre sentative; lawrence golden, sophomore repre- sentative, ernie lewis, taa president. horizontal series right: lois henson, sophomore represen tative; fred huff, junior representative; ron shingleton, student director of religious affairs. trev-echoes operates in black taking bids ... a helpful printer . . . following leads . . . writing stories . . . rewriting stories . . . deadlines ... all night " sit-ins " . . . layouts and paste-ups . . . sports coverage . . . delays— weather, equipment breakdowns . . . more copy . . . pictures . . . proofreading . . . pick up paper from print- ers . . . distribute to students ... begin again . . . 1. p. Johnson 2. r. little 3. g. wood 4. d. york 5. f. bradley, business 6. c. fox 7. V. rowland 8. d. foltz 9. m. whiteley 10. m. estep iger 11. 1. curry 12. j. teter, editor 13. V. warren 88 . . . organization, organizations ... 89 90 . . . organizations 1. s. patton 2. k. kesselring 3. r. butler 4. f. huff 5. m. price 6. d. lockhart 7. j. teter 8. j. mains 9. 1. jewel 10. t. bovvden 1 1 . p. bucliaiiaii 12. d. ritter 13. m. biggs 14. t. sberrill 15. j. conger 16. k. hagc m. dougharty ] 8. j. quiggins 19. I. golden 20. m. undenvood 21. a. rutledge 17. suddatli 92. . .organizations encounters tour florida over spring break |trini; iiudilions . . . physical coiidilion- iii}; . . . nnuiiii}; a rniU- . . . I I .siii r( ' r . . . H inslnimentalisls . . . new )ini(! (•(|iiip- tnent . . . fail rotrcal .... n-cortling sessions . . . " (IK :()unl(Ts ijaillitT slyle " ailmiti . . . diristinas lour . . . liaii(]U( ' l . . shopping ccnlcTs . . . tminiripjc audi- toriums . . . church concerts . . . radio . . . inr. van hook . . . pMldi( relations ... a witness for Ood .... organizations . . . ' ). ' { 0 94 . . . organizations s.t.e.a. sponsors scholarship after opening the year with the largest membership drive in the chib ' s history, s.t.e.a. attended the middle tennessee education association in nashville where they displayed a trevecca college booth, through regular meetings on campus s.t.e.a. tried to acquaint its members with the teaching profession by having its member student teachers participate in an open forum discussion, the club also attended the student tennessee ed- ucation association meeting in murfrees- boro, tennessee. the organization had a leading role in the program planning section of these lectures, also during the year s.t.e.a. presented one of its mem- bers who had contributed the most to the club that year a scholarship. 1. p. smith 2. 1. merritt 3. j. tousley, publicity 4. b. garber 5. j. bullock 6. c. fox, secretary 7. s. masters 8. r. beasley 9. k. Carlson 10. m. stanistreet U.S. beasley 12. s. maze 13. c. cox 14. s. malone 15. J. butler, president 16. e. reece 17. c. trogdon 18. s. christeabury 19. a. hughey 20. f. maxwell organizations mm afro-american society the afro-american society has a two- fold purpose— to maintain a black cultural identity and create under- standing between blacks and whites at trevecca nazarene college, their activi- ties this year have included various service projects, —black history week events, entertainment and fellowship activities which feature black talent, culture and contributions, and the spring soul-food picnic. 1. g. nelson 2. b. smith, president 3. p. thomas 4. J. smith 5. o. boks, secretary 6. c. wilson 7. s. hall 8. w. odum 9. 1. daUas, vice-president 10. j. pratt, treasurer 11. j. brown 12. j. hull, sponsor 98 . . . organizations Spanish club lilt ' s[uiiiisli club strives lo givf a Ix llt r uiiderslandinu; of the Spanish ciilturt ' and lanu afje. llic club en- courages the student body to put the language to practical and conver- sational use. 1. j. snow 2. c. cox 3. b. buchanan 4. t. t}iorton 5. r. yarduinian 6. s. maJone 7. d. sievers, sponsor 100 .. . organizations science club in our liifjlily Itchnical af e it is necessary lo have a basic utuI Tslari(liiiji of ihc constant changes in the lichJ of science, the science club seeks to relate science to the campus life and sponsors field trips to enlighten stud(;nts. organizations . . . 101 honor society the honor society exists to honor stu- dents who, after their first year, show a consistent high level of academic achievement, a goal of the organization is to stimulate a scholarly attitude and atmosphere among students, although its primary purpose is not service, this year ' s society has worked with the academic dean and department heads on four-year schedules in the various major subject areas, during final examination w «k, as well, this society provided ex.ra proctors for library study area, each member of the society endeavors to be informed on academic require- ments for the purpose of assisting stu- dents in planning their academic sched- ules upon request. 1. d. nixon 7. I. muecke. vice-president 2. j.maurice 8. p. smith 3. j. teter 9. p. bowles, president 4. s. cronise 10. 1. caraway 5. b. smith, secretary 11. 1. merritt 6. 1, henson 102 . . . organizations christian workers association the cwa is an organization of students interested in christian service and wanting a chance to actively engage in practical religious activities from week to week. 1. d. hummer, vice-president 2. a. hughey, secretary 3. c. baidwin, sponsor 4. c. lowery, treasurer 5. s. masters, social chairman 6. r. shingleton, president trevecca missionary fellowship trevecca missionary fellowship comprises of those students who are called to be foreign or home missionaries or those who are vitally concerned in the activities of this group, they provide fellowship to all interested persons and inform them on the general requirements of the church of the nazarene. the fellowship sponsors and promotes the annual missionary conference. 1. ni. rhoden, president 4. s. malone, treasurer 2. j. carey 5. c. lowery 3. c. cox 104 . . . organizations the ministerial association the ministerial association is made of ministerial students and fatuity, its purpose is to lurllier the preparation ol students lor the christian ministry, to provide guest speakers, to share in conferences at the college, and to assist the students in scheduling preaching appointments, the association promotes and finances the aiuniai relifjion retreat. art club the art club is composed of art majors and minors and all interested persons, it seeks to promote interest and a further appreciation of art among the students, the club sponsors art exhibits and workshops for the students enjoy- ment and a sidewalk art festival in the spring. 1 06 . . . organizations 1. c. powell 5. t. moye, vice-president 2. s. morrow 6. g. wood 3. c. shipman 7. p. white, president 4. b. stocks 1. d. jackson 2. m. mort 3. m. bowdoin 4. j. brown 5. r. yardutnian 6. r. dillard 7. w. nixon 8. j. suddath 9. k. smith 10. b. murphree 11. j. bullock youth ministers the youth ministry is a newly organized endeavor and is the first of its type within the entire denomination, it is an exciting new organization that seeks to promote fellowship and give experience to those who are interested in youth ministry and christian education, they work directly with the tennessee youth center and are paving the way for a new field of service. organizations ... 1 07 guild the guild is a club composed of those students interested in drama, creative writing, and poetry, the guild will sponsor a play in the spring, and will also edit a book of creative writing, poetry, etc., in the spring. 1. k. smith 2. r. holladay 3. t. moye, president 4. g. Wright 5. b. files 6. t. marshal! 108 . . . organization 1. c. agee 2. b. miirphree, treasurer 3. b. self, president 4. c. hanson, secretary 5. d. jackson 6. s. fox 7. k. smitli 8. p. gerard 9. r. unruh 10. s. mckoy 11. m. fannin 12. j. mains 13. f. shoal ter 14. m. fahl 15. r. yardumain 16. c. shipman 17. 1, shaw 18. d. deneen 1 9. 1. patterson, sponsor music club the purpose of the music club is to provide a conveniel atmosphere for musically inclined students, it strives to bring its members to a greater realization of the beauty of music, the music club, made up of primarily music majors and minors, works toward bringing the best in music to our campus. organizations . . . 109 110 . . . organizations concert choir tlir iM ' lodioiis voices of llic cDiucrl choir have hroiifihl messages ol hope, love, joy, and rcdcinplion to hiess and hft their Ns- teners. ihc choir wvnl on a fall rdreal. practice began in the fall and ( ultiiinated in a tour of Kentucky during the spring hrcak. during the year the choir performed in many churches in the nashvilie area, truly, this choir has been an instrument of God in the winning of many souls. 1. p. gerard 2. d. pangle 3. c. collins 4. w. thomas 5. m. pennington 6. t. marshall 7. r. gullett 8. m. drury 9. 1. curry 10. c. shipman 11. m. mort 12. d. booth 1 3. j. laiiham 14. d. shannon 15. J. mcclelland 1 6. d. jackson I 7. I. shaw IB. I. IcwLs 19. r. unruh 20. b. self 21. d. kcndaU 22. j. bullock 23. c. hanson 24. b. brewer 25. a. .sayes 26. b. boswell 27. k. curry 28. 1. Crawford 29. r. yardumian . ' 50. e. lewis organizations . . . Ill circle k circle k, according lo kiwaiiis tradition, continues to relate lo the needb on campus and in the community, this year ' s international organization is em- phasizing the community objectives of the club in the areas of environmental control, race relations and drug abuse, in keeping with these club goals is the theme of 1970-71— " answers through action. " in the fall circle k greeted the upcoming freshmen with letters of wel- come and an offer of transportation from any nashville terminal to the cam- pus, as the year ' s activities began, circle k ' ers were seen ushering at the " vogues " concert and selling halloween insurance, in October, officers of the club attended the annual training conference at m.t.s.u., meeting district leaders and learning effective principles and meth- ods of club action, circle k brought the important and needful subject of drug use and abuse before the student body in October through sponsoring a student assembly program with guest speakers, and in early december the project was food, gifts, and entertainment for the preschool class at mcneilly day home, the men stepped out in february to usher for the trustees ' section at the basketball game, then later in the month, " door to door " was the descrip- tion of circle k service in cooperation with the heart fund, the club provided across-town transportation for senior citizens, thus making it possible for these people to attend adult education and recreation classes. organizations ... 113 choral union composed of seventy-five members drawn from ihe nazarenc chiirclies in the nasliville area, the clioral union presented arthur honegger ' s " king da- vid " on Sunday, may 2, the culmination of many evenings spent in practice, " king david " will long be remembered for its modern sound. officers: larn mason . . paiil ( ' by barhara alien . . mrs. mike estep miriam bolJer . pail I wiggs .... . . . president vice-president . . . .seeretary .... treasurer .... librarian . . . .publicity organization ... I 1 .5 trevecca athletic association the taa is one of the largest organizations on campus, it sponsors four intramural societies- alpha, beta, delta, gamma— with competitive games throughout the year, competition be- tween the societies was full of fun and excite- ment this year, the members participated in a great way. competition was always at a maxi- mum. 116 .. . organizations 1. c. hare 5. d. lore 2. e. lewis, president 6. s. croriise 3. a. thompson, vice-president - donoho, sponsor 4. j. ponce organizations. . .lli civinettes i am a collegiate civinette i stand for good citizenship in my home, my school and my community, i believe in my school, its faculty, its standards of scholarship, athletics and conduct, believing ' in them, i pledge myself to promote good fellow- ship and high scholarship, i believe in the government of my country and my community, and pledge myself at all times to be a loyal citizen and respect the law. i believe in the destiny of my country and knowing that the future of this nation is depend- ent upon the strength and courage of her people, i pledge myself to a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship. i believe that true friendship is the greatest asset any person can possess, and i pledge myself to develop the spirit of service for the improvement of all human relationships, activities for the club this year included thanksgiving baskets, singing valentines, march of dimes drive, usherettes at vogue concert, and halloween bake sale. 118 . . . organizations 1. s. daviis l.i. r. jackson 2. m. marrs I ' l-. d. lorr 3. c. l o ( on I • ' . (1. dciiccii 4. j. mcclelland 16. c. caroy 5. s. ma c, treasurer 1 7. Wright 6. t. bradlcy I «. r. luillcr 7. 1. rnarshall 19. b. boswell, secretary 8. s. cromse, president 20. d. rubinson 9. c. robinson, vice-president 21. s. masters 10. 1. };ilmorc 22. e. reece 11. j. mauritc 2.3. c. fox 1 2. s. p-eer 24. s. morrow civitans i believe that the success of any organization is dependent upon the efforts of its members and that the members in turn are benefited in proportion to their interest and efforts, therefore, i accept my membership as an opportunity for leadership training and serv- ice on the campus and in the community, act ivities for the club this year included the blood drive in the fall and spring, heart fund drive, and cerebral palsy drive. 1. m. whiteley 2. j. ponce, vice-president 3. f. huff 4. t. Sanders 5. b. garber 6. g. holt, treasurer 7. j. teter 8. b. meador 9. 1. dennis, president organizations . . . 121 1. j. quiggins 2. 1. white 3. r. billow 4. 1. duvall 5. d. marks 6. 1. whitner 7. j. morrow 8. r. lord 9. h. agee 10. m. wells wnaz we at trevecca are most fortunate to possess our own campus radio station, wnaz has for the past four years pre- sented an excellent program of music and public enhghtenment. programs of religious and classical music are added for an all-round great sound. 122. . . organizations home economics club the home economics club is made up pri- marily of home economic majors and minors and those interested in the field of eco- nomics, cooking, sewing, and other interest- ing arts are some of the things the girls enjoy doing. 1. g. mosshart 7. j. brown, secretary 2. d. schaffer, vice-president 8. k. Stewart 3. c. Collins 9. d. tabors 4. i. curry 10. v. king, sponsor 5. d. robinson, president 11. p. smith 6. b. smith, treasurer organizations . . . 123 varsity pep club enthusiasm and support lor liic ' s alhlelic Icani were given by the spirited pep club, their active membership expressed the interest of the entire student body for our athletic depart- ment, their team support was shown by their participation at basketball games, the jx p ( lub band was a great asset to the club and produced much enjoyment for cvcrNonc. the pep club helped a great deal in increasing school spirit. 1. p. Strickland 2. j. ponce, vice-president 3. p. gerard 4. b. duke 5. j. mosley 6. b. Sanders 7. d. gordon 8. m. matthews 9. w. nixon 10. d. Jackson 1 ] . m. rickey 12. c. ray 13. b. smith, president 14. 1, mcrritt 15. c. rickey 16. g. Wright 17. 1, harrison, treasurer 18. b. stocks fJr ' Y m organizations . . . 123 mondrian layout. . .lower case letters. . .run- ning picture sequence. . .die cut half page . . .fitted copy. . .three deadUnes, december 1, January 15, march 1. . .many head- aches. . . sleepless nights. . .twenty-one staff members. . .selling ads. . .last minute rush . . .a dedicated photographer. . .and then it is done — oh happy day. . .judging in June. . . . darda staff changes format. JP " " 126. . .organization it ► la horizontal series right: above right, mr. howard wall, sponsor; below right, miriam bohler and david foltz, typists; bob garber, editor; gary wood, art; keith tanner, layout; sandra masters, organizations; brenda stroman and johnny morrow, student life; phil jones, art horizontal series right: sharon maze, business manager; joe bullock, business: judy taylor, fresh- man class; becky smith, sophomore class; edith reece, junior class; ann hughey, senior class: sharon cronise and ernie lewis, sports 128. . .organizations athletics weak, strong ... all belong . . . big deltas no. 1 2nd row— k. beard, r. mace, d. woods, b. dolbare, in. I ' underburk. m. shirley. r. welker, ni. doneley. 1st row— d. ernest, r. dillard, d. taylor, j. ponce, t. lovelace, t. bowden, d. smith, w. odom. fighting gammas no. 2 spirited alphas no. 3 row 2— f. evaiis, p. marklin, t. gray, j. spear, c. wilson. row 1— h. spaulding, r. hood, c. hare, s. vanallen. Wilson leads alpha ground attack 134. . .football battling betas no. 4 row 2— r. gibson, d. tligby, d. .s(arl)r )ugh, b. .stricklaiid, s. allord, j. glass, c. piatl, in. diuiy, b. stiltnaii, s. owensby. row 1— c. coussaiis, c. motl, r. berkner, a. young, e. lewis, w. tliomas, I. ladd, b. breeden, in. spruill. beta defense ready tor action football. . .135 football. . .137 138. . .football t.a.a. basketball gammas, the champs 142. . .basketball deltas - 1969-70 alphas - 1969-70 144. . .I.ask. ' tl.ull betas 146. . .basketball t.a.a. basketball all-stars coach boner, b. black, g. holt, c. chambers, j. quiggins, j. clay, m. estep, t. gray trojan golfers have winning season 1969-70 season record tnc lost david lipscomb win tnc lost martin win tnc win lee lost tnc win peabody lost tnc win lee lost tnc lost david lipscomb win tnc lost belmont win tnc win bethel lost tnc lost belmont win tnc tie martin tie tnc win peabody lost 150. . .golf team t. a. a. Softball trojans finish season with 16-8 record assistant coach, bill bandy season record tnc 107 Johnson bible 66 tnc 124 atlanta christian 86 tnc 107 piedmont 63 tnc 74 belmonl 111 tnc 87 br an 86 tnc 98 grand rapids 75 tnc 79 tennessee temple 89 tnc 88 br an 97 tnc 127 kentucky christian 79 tnc 91 mvnc 78 tnc 86 mvnc 69 tnc 65 covenant 55 tnc 71 bryan 72 tnc 89 toccoa falls 56 tnc 88 atlanta christian 72 tnc 99 covenant 86 tnc 82 milligan 94 tnc 79 mckendree 83 tnc 113 southeastern 59 tnc 94 Johnson bible 64 tnc 94 tennessee temple 77 tnc 85 aquinas 52 tnc 78 belmont 104 tnc 68 tennessee temple 80 basketball. . .155 158. . .basketball beverly amburgy. captain, jane Jordan, denise gordon, gale ellis, cindy ray. j. V. cheerleaders boost j. V. team ' s morale junior varsity cheerleaders . . . 165 beverly harman captain senior team to victory sarah morrow brenda stroman j " " ' " " " sophomore 170...voUeybaU girl ' s basketball above left: deltas— gail ellis, colleen ross, margaret mcnutt, debbie lore, tnary lou pennington. sara fortenberry. above right: mary lou pennington blocking the pass, bottom: gammas— ruthe jackson, terri channell, ann mosley, cathy simmons, esther carey, geraldine nelson, odessa boks, karen hummer. ' ivy 174 .. . basketball girl ' s Softball 176 .. . Softball administration the distillation of wisdom from knowledj • a i am — life f. dr. mark r. moore, president dr. and mr. ' i. mark r. moore, president and wife apollo 13 on its return to farlli was oil coiirse. a correction had to be made by tiring its retro-rockets, a firiti " : period too long or loo short would have meant certain disaster, the intricate workings of the computer systems performed perfectly and the retro-rockets fired precisely to split second timing, the crippled siiip returned safely, the cotnputer age is upon us. william hedgepeth writing in the jainiary 12, 1971 issue of look said, " a computer designed to duplicate all the intricacies and inner-connections of one man ' s ten billion cell brain would have to be nearly as large as the earth itself. " the creation ol man was pur[) )selul. man is significant and is wonderfully and marvel- ously made, there are those who say man accidentally evolved from nothing, but it is much easier to believe that computers evolved or accidentally fell into place than to believe this, we believe that God by Christ was the wise creator of man — - of life, it was he who said, " I am the Way, the Truth, and the L ife. " administration . . . 181 business department david minnix, b.s. controller Howard wall, a.b., b.d. director of student aid 184 . . . administration ramon richards business manager public relations james d. van hook, a.b., m.m.e. assistant director of public relations claud diehl, a.b. assistant director of development w. d. mcgraw, d.d. , . . J. r 1 . , ,. . administration . . . 185 director oi development and public relations director of admissions and registrar e. drell alien, th.b., b.d. director of admissions and registrar james a. weeks, a.b. th.b. b.d. dean of men evangeUne bolton dean of women dean of students board of trustees a. b. mackoy, a.b., m.a., I.l.d. president emeritus adminiritration ... I H7 head residents jeanette beam, bud robinson hall joy Williams, bud robinson hall merle elements, Johnson hall 188 phil bowles, wise hall joe bullock, tennessee hall randy dillard, tidwell hall administration melba Stewart, matkay hall paillette johnson, mackay hall marie peery, georgia hall staff amburn, shirley beals, charlotte bentley, grace bentley, wesley gore, rohert hummer, lincJa jensen, Virginia mackey, brenda minnix, sharon pallerson, denise shinglelon, bonnie smith, janice soyars, crj stine teter, gerri vennum, helen weeks, violet m nkoop, ralph staff. . . 189 wynkoop, niildred, a.b., th.b. b.d., m.s., th.d. h a l of missions dunning, ray, a.b., m.a., b.d., ph.d. religion, missions, and philosophy Strickland, williani, a.b., b.d., ph.d. baldwin, charles, a.b., th.b., b.d. head of religion beals, paul w., a.h., b.d., ni.a. Inill, jerry, l».u., rn.a. tlix, joliii w., a.b., in. a. head of science department nyssen, gerard a., a.b., ph.d. 194 . . . faculty costa, jerry, a.b., m.a. ed.s. dillard, beverly n., b.s., m.a.t. biological and physical sciences and home economics dillard, waiter 1., b.s., m.a., ed.d. king, Virginia, b.s., ni.s. martindale, wiliiam, a.b.,, ph.d. health and physical J education donoho, lora h., a.b., m.s. pli.d. boner, williarii li., h.a., m.s. bandv. william. a.b. slonecker, william t., a.b., m.d. green, william o., b.a., m.a. head of physical education faeullv . . . 199 mackey library mackey, lyla t. a.b., m.a., b.s. in l.s. head librarian thrasher, e. ray, a.b., m.l.s. creekbaum, Hnda, a.b. %1 IH IH I I f H " flF joe l iillock . -Wfflf- ■ ifp • | i 8ft » p r «i ' ' S i flfti it . . ruUi butler . .■. ' ' ' ( ' ) ' ! ty 8MH| pHI Hft margaret heaMck in asun r t l tmm phil liovvles . Ms li . . Jf. . ; sliico rep. conger I -hi ' o r p.H I .1 ■ mwM seniors 1971 carter, Ix vcrK carter, karcii chapman, jerry elements, myrle seniors 1971 croft, robert cronise, sharon crowder, wayne denegly, dwight dennis, Frances dennis, larr} digby, david dillard, randy 218 .. . students seniors 1971 Hancock, jerome harder, linda harmon, beverly hasty, barbara seniors 1971 martin, peggy mathis, ruth mays, peggy meredith, elaine michael, melba moore, dennis moss, sharon moye, torn 222 . . . students seniors 1971 turticr, Frances Iwohig, doris van kuikcn, margaret varian, david Wallace, torn vvesley, donna white, patricia williatnson. david students ... 221 ken davis president dale taylor vice-president esther carey secretary becky boswel! treasurer fred hiii ' f stuco rep. ten-el! aaiidcrs stuco rep. juniors Iwlol, l)ayes, hetsy lii-niiclt, william hciiloti. diaries . roll binkley sieve bishop, wanda blue, (lavid boes, bill bobler, fiiiriam boswell, bccky bridges, connie brower, bob brown, joy burke, sharon bush, byron buttrey. william eapps, deiinis carcy, esther clay, jerry clay, Hilda copeii, don cox, claudine crisp, olive (lallas, leroy davis, Sandra den son, david dilyard, sandra students . . .229 juniors eaton, peggy edmonds, marthanan edwards, curtis eli, linda estep, mike garber, bob gillman, rodney hambrick, patricia hand, david Hanson, claudia harbach, vicki henson, susan hicks, james hicks, suzi hill, lois himes, doris hughes, kathy hughy, ann jackson, dan jackson, ruthe jones, bonnie jones, nancy jr 1 t 1 4 Hi 230. . .students juniors k()(Jsotiil)ul. [jylly lewis, ernie lewis, litida lilllc, roLbie lore, debbie iowrv , cynthia lunsford, jeniiie mccoy, Steve mcdonald, pat mcnamara, harry mcruitt, margarct inacdermaid, martha mackey, lee marker. John marklin, phiilip rnarrs, martha juniors marshall, tammy masters, sandra maxwell, dave maze, sharon morrow, sarah mosshart, glenda murphree, brenda myers, jack nelson, lawrence niece, steve pangle, janice parker, allan ponce, Jim pride, joye pride, richard pugh, diaries ray, sandra reece, edith rhoden, marie rieder, dan 232. . .students juniors snow, janice stanistreet, martlia Stewart, steve stocks, beverly stone, cheryl taylor, dale thomas, patricia thompson, alan tucker, rachel turner, ken underwood, mary vanderpool, sandy warren, vicki wheeler, b. j. white, Hnda whiteley, mike wood, sammy wright, nancy yoakam, wendell zingery, ken i iKf iS If , " sophomores alcxandcr. |)al alien, hill alliiifrliaiii. iicviii ajiplolty, cliarlfs baker, butch beasley, randy bedvvfll, gary berck, steve benson, dan booth, dian bowdoin, marguerite bowen. bill bowers, becky bradley, lamar braselton, liin brown, mike buchanan, becky chambers, jim chambers, judy chapman, dianne christenbury, suzie Collins, luthcr cook, patty cope, kathy couey, ray cox, John crisp, emrna lou crossman, judv studeiit . sophomores desha, roy dillinger, donna donnelly, John dougharty, mark eagelson, bill fabrizio, beatrice fahl, marilyn farish, andy foltz, karen foster, kathy fox, Carolyn glass, jerry glenn, henry godbey, brent godbey, sherrie widen, lawrance goodwin, paul greer, sandra griggs, bill gullett, ray Harrison, lynn harrison, susan 238 . . . students sophomores Hawkins, bill headrit-k, sieve lu ' iison, lois liinklo, sandy hocutt. richard holley, sieve hosmer, roger luidson, emilv hunsberger, deborah Jacobs, rachel jones, colleen jones, phil Jordan, linda Jordan, richard lane, brenda lane, sylita students . . .239 sophomores langford, brenda lanham, jim latimer, mike lighty, john liner, mark lord, rick luther, vicki mccelland, jane mcclure, doug mcguire, mike mackey, nancy malone, sandy marks, dennis maurice, jackie maxwell, flossie meador, billy sophomores menefee, jack merritt, laura modesitt, dwight muccke, linda nixori, dchbie page, jim [), gary (»alterson, felicia peercy, ken poe, diane poer, mike porter, david pralt, carl presley, fred reed, dave rice, debbie rickey, kathy riller, marilyn roberts, richard robinson, donna ruck, bob russell, sharon ruttan, ruth Sanders, bobby seybt, danny shaiuion, debbie sharpes, jo ellen sheley, torn sludeni sophomores sherrili, tim sisler, jane smith, becky smith, david smith, duane smith, nancy smith, peggy smith, ronnie spruill, mendell stroman, brenda talkington, frances tanner, keith 242. . .students sophomores thorn ton, torn tu( kcr, larry warren, fretl welker, ron whitlow, linda wood, gary worley, ruth yardumian, richard young, judy student; freshmen a ;(!e, carole a cc, licrlj alford, Steve alien, (loltie amburgy, beverly am burn, marioii aiulerson, gay la aiiderson, randy arc;her, carl baker, danny barber, lim ballon, ramona bayes, kay beard, kevin beasley, sandra benson, daryle benson, steve berkner, randy berry, sheila blackmon, nancy boks, odessa bond, debbie boone, danny brantley, laniar bridges, debra brigman, joe brown, r nthia bucbanan, dale students. . .245 freshmen buchanan, paul buss, warren carey, john carlan, sam Carlson, karen castels, vivian chambers, donna dark, robert demons, david coUins, cheryl Collins, paul cope, bev corndoff, susie couchman, david coussons, Curtis Crawford, lindy croft, irma crum, lynn Cunningham, laurie currie, keith 246. . .students freshmen foltz, david fortenberry, sara fox, Sandra fox, vicki freudenberg, ed frierson, lynn fyles, barbara gay, marshall gerard, pam gibbs, adrian gibbs, leland gilbert, debbie gillenwater, bruce goodwin, debbie gordon, denise graham, benita graham, sandra gray, paul grimes, dennis gregory, david gritton, lois gumm, John 248. . .students freshmen Iiaine8, leresa liarris, cydncy liarris, don liayes, marylyn henninger, bonnie herring, Helen Hoffman, dah- holladay, rita Hood, ronnie Hooter, diane Hurst, dave ensen, matt oHnson, pam ones, lee jones, sHerry Jordan, jane kellcy, maurice kcndall. dale kilpatrick, glen kitcHens. joe knigHt, bill knight, debbie students. . .249 freshmen mellish, don mills, janice ininshall, darlene rnitchell, dolores morgan, reba morrow, gary mort, mike morton, alice mosley, ann mosley, jan nelson, geraldine new by, rick newman, larry new ton, eva new ton, janet nies, judy noel, pam norman, danny ocobock, taleah parente, kathy parham, roxroy patrick, linda students. . .251 freshmen payne, robert payne, steve pennington, niarty pennington, mary lou plummer, Howard ponce, torn poteete, andy potter, kathy powell, kathy powers, Steve price, mike ragland, paul ray, cindy ray, jody redmon, eddie rickey, niike rowland, vickie roberts, deborah ross, elizabeth russell, evelyn rutledge, anne sandbere, marcella 252. . .students PI ' " il pi 1 M 1 freshmen say, joy scarbrough, don seitter, coleen selman, cathy sharpes, lowell shaw, lynn shelley, j rry shields, becky shipman, connie shirley, mike shelter, freda sievers, debbie simons, cathy Sinclair, kay students . . . 253 254 . . . students II Ik- A mi 0 freshmen stout, morris street, kennv Strickland, buddy Strickland, pam stuckey, patricia sudduth, jerry sweat, buddy sweat, susan tabers, debbie taylor, judy thaxton, cathy thomas, kay thomas, wayne torberl, mar y tousley, roger Vaughn, jim venable, judi viola, gary Warner, debbie wells, marvin students . . . 255 freshmen | i white, don | | whitener, lanny whitt, sadie Williams, danny Williams, johnny Williams, sharon winsell, carl winsinger, david wishall, joe wood, james woodall, sissie woods, david wright, david Wright, glenda wright, mary wubreh, techmarian york, don young, john 256 . . . students idvcrli.scrnenls J. 3 Mississippi District Church of the Nazarene [ W. M. LYNCH, Superinlciulfiit V Hi EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT Rev. John R. Andrus Trustee 262 . . . advertisements THE GEORGIA DISTRICT GET GEORGIA ON YOUR MIND JOINS XPR£SS A G- OUH jj: i £- T C r TAIK NG- UP i ilL N THe Victory C fi l CrA 264 . . . adverlisenients KENTUCKY DISTRICT Church of the Nazarene Dr. and Mrs. Dean Baldwin District Superintendent ADVISORY BOARD Oren Thrasher E. J.Milby Roy Wells Kenneth Rice DISTRICT SECRETARY Marvin Appleby DISTRICT TREASURER W. Eudell Milby DEPARTMENT HEADS Mrs. Dean Baldwin, N.W..M.S. Dewey Williams, N.Y.P.S. Lawrence Adams, Church Schools 265 . . . advertisements SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT BOOSTING TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE DISTRICT OFFICERS AND DEPARTMENTS MARION PRESSLEY Secretary OSCAR B. PULLEN Treasurer MRS. J. S.LOVE, JR Editor MRS. NINA GUNTER N.W.M.S. President N. J. LEWIS Church Schools Chairman D. MOODY GUNTER N.Y.P.S. President ADVISORY BOARD Otto Stucki J. B. Hucks B. W. Downing Carl C. Pratt Clarence I. ColemaiT TREVECCA TRUSTEES Otto Stucki B. W. Downing J. S. Lee Dr. Otto Stucki District Superintendent SALUTE TO OUR PALMETTO STUDENTS Carole Agee Barnwell Herbert Agee Barnwell Walter Alford Greenville Gayla Anderson Fort Hill Alan Baker Bishopville Ken Davis Langley Deborah Gilbert Beaufort Bonnie Henninger Ash Laurel Bay Nancy Jones Sumter Jackie Maurice Summerville Meddie Mitchell Columbia Mike Mori Beaufort Jack Myers Sumter Stanley Parker Charleston Jim Ponce Columbia Carl Pratt Sumter Sheila Riley Hartsville Danny Seybt Columbia Cathy Simmons Gloverville Kay Sinclair Chester Peggy Smith Laurens Judy Taylor Bath Thomas WiUiams Orangeburg CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1971 266 . . . advertisements N.C. is pulling with you, T.N.C. Terrell C. Sanders. Jr., Di-strict Superintendent Mrs. T. C. Sanders, N.W.M.S. Rev. Larr Dale Smith, N.Y.P.S. Rev. Asa H. Sparks, Church School 268 . . . advertisements t GOD ' S BLESSINGS CLASS of 1971 Your Fr lends - FIRST CHURCH OF THE nazarene t CHRISTIAN ACRES t 2300 S.W. 15 AVE. FT. LAUDERDALE, FLA. 33315 WILLIAM 0. BLUE, PASTOR GEORGE KELLY, S,S. SUP ' T. DENNIS HA6E, DIR.ofMUSIC LOIS BLUE, PRES.-N.W.M.a JIM ACKERSON, PRrN.YR8. CHURCH OF THE . NAZARENE Pineville, No. Carolina WALTER R. MINGLEDORFF Pastor COME GROW WITH US as we share the gospel on the GROWING Edge of Charlotte, North Carolina FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rossville, Georgia Robert Huff, Pastor Our students: Eva Newton, John Morron, Jerry Chapman, Fred Huff We support Trevecca with our students, money and prayers. Bob Madison Pastor Doug Bamett linister of Youth and Music BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 E. Trinity Lane 270 . . . advertisements Nashville, Tennessee Mark Dougharty TNC Studtnt Marty Drun ' TNC Student Carl Windrel TNC Student FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 916 N.E. 4th St. P.ompano Beach, Florida our churchsupportstnc tnc supports our church W. T. DougJiarK , 1 ' a.slor Staff l H)7- ' 70 1 Ken Walker. Y outh Director TNC Class of J 966 Bill Wells, Music Director TNC Class of 1969 advertisements ... 271 f 1 CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HIGH POINT, N.C. When in High Point, visit the Friendly Church with the Gospel Message. Ralph A. Mattingly, pastor 272 . . . advertisements FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1302 Beverly Lane Columbus, Mississippi Fred Ferraez, Pastor SUPPORT OUR CHURCH ES THEY SUPPORT US FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Wilmington, N.C. 4025 Wilshire Blvd. Rev. Paul Pearson, Pastor SOUTHWEST SHEFFIELD Our Students: Bobby Black Church of the Nazarene 1408 Southwest 8th Street Sheffield, Alabama VirgU L. Tittle. Pastor Bob Garber advertisements . . . 273 NASHVILLE ' S FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodlawn 73U. Vi " TROJAN COUNTRY " COME CATCH THE SPIRIT PASTORAL STAFF J. V. Morsch, Senior Pastor J. L. Sankey, Education Pastor Lee Woolery, Youth Pastor L. B. Mathews, Visitation Pastor Adrian Jones, Outreach U. Gene Smith, Music Serving With Students Across The Street And Around the World 274 . . . advertisements DONELSON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 208 Donelson Pike Nashville, Tennessee Phone: 889-2860 Rev. Everett C. Robertson, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 611 Gardenia Avenue Fort Pierce, Florida John V. (Chambers, Pastor EAST POINT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE East Point. Georgia A. Wayne Mills, Pastor advertisements . . . 275 God ' s Best to the Class of VI CHARLOTTE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cleveland at E. Worthington Charlotte, N.C. William A. Benson, Pastor Best Wishes from BURLINGTON FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Chapel Hill Rd. at Elderly Way Burlington, N.C. ! 1 It 1 mm If Our students. David Hand, Debbie Schaffer, Linda Whitlow Loren E. Schaffer, Pastor Congratulations to the Class of 1971 RADNOR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 276 . . . advertisements 4] 1 Veritas St. Nashville, Tennessee Charles E. Baldwin, Pastor FULL SUPPORT AND SERVICE TO TNC In iWemoriam CHAITMOOGA NEWS-FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1970 Editorial William Moses Tidwell He was an amazing man. He might be in the pulpit of a church which he nurtured from nothing. The next thing his friends knew, he m i g h t be on a downtown street comer with his simple message of salvation. He might be off to a tent, where he held meetings d-ix- ing the warm months. He might be visiting prisoners in jail. He just might be waiting in the freight yards to give some hobo nourishment of food and Scriptures. William Moses Tidwell, who died here Monday at the age of 91, didn ' t plan to become a Chattanoogan. He was merely following orders of the Pentecostal Mission Bible School (now Trevecca College) president in Nash- ville and setting up a two-week revival in a vacant building. However, he felt directed by the Lord to move to Chat- tanooga and continue his work. That was in 1906. He stayed on and saw that work eventually result in the First Church of the Nazarene we know today and from which some 12 other churches were organized. Even after he " retired " at age 69 in 1948 as First Nazarene ' s pastor of 42 years, " Brother " Tidwell remained " on fire " for his Lord. He traveled throughout the country some eight years, speaking at camp meetings and in revivals. When he came back, he founded the Fundamental Tabernacle which today is the First Bible Mission- ary Church and of which he was co- pastor until his death. Not once in all his 75 y e a r s as a minister, 64 of them spent in Chatta- nooga, was he impressed with money — except to use it to build churches, help the needy and serve foreign missions. It is said he never took more than $50 a week salary, and often he shared that with the less fortunate. He counted as " gain " only that which would serve his Christ, for Whom he could never do enough. W. M. Tidwell For a free booklet entitled, " W. M. Tidwell, His Conversion and Sanctification, " Write: First Church of the Nazarene, Main and Willow Streets, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404. advertisements . . . 277 Congratulations; Jfirsit Cfturcf) of tfje ajar ' ene 800 Clinton Ave. East Phone: 534-5364 Huntsville, Alabama of 1971 tubent2( from pvmntly enroUeb at i)e t i;imesi (iob Is; hh First Church of the Nazarene Lanett, Alabama 278 . . . advertisements Gerald Woods, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pensacola Florida 1700 West Jackson Street Ford Boone, Pastor McCLURKAN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 332 54th Avenue N. Nashville, Tenn. Edward F. Cox, Pastor Our students: John Cox Johnathan Eby Paul J. Eby, Minister of Music Glenn Cunningham Sandy Hinkle WE SALUTE TREVECCA AND OUR STUDENTS Congratulations to the Seniors of 1971 from the 1971 Darda Staff ORLANDO CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Orlando, Florida Congratulations Graduates When Planning for Your Future, Think of Orlando Wilbur W. Brannon, Pastor advertisements . . . 279 11 ■ll ■1 CHURCH OF THEcyVAZARENE T.E.JONES MINISTER FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rev. M. H. Stocks Phones: 299-8578 252-6989 Our Students: 849 BRYAN AVENUE LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 40505 A 4ft M m S S 2 mm mm m I i I I I I i f Dale Kendall Steve Holley Pam Noel Beverly Stocks FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1030 West Kaley Avenue Orlando, Florida Aggressive Biblical Evangelical Friendly Merton H. Wilson Paul Kendall Ben Bixby Minister Minister of Music Minister of Visitation WE GLADLY SUPPORT TREVECCA 282 . . . advertisements FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 12th Ave. and 4th St., S.E. Moultrie, Georgia Doyle C. Smith, Pastor George W. Beasley, Sr., S.S. Southwest Georgia ' s leading (Wesleyan) Holiness Church PRINCETON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Princeton. Florida Gene Williams, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE I 600 East Main Street Glasgow, Kentucky Weslev Delk, Minister IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Route 9— Lover ' s Lane Bowling Green, Kentucky Robert Snodgrass, Pastor " A Growing Church for a Growing Cit ' . " advertisements . . . 283 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 111 N. Greenwood Ave., Clearwater, Florida TRINITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Vultee Ave. Nashville, Tennessee 284. Our Students Attending Trevecca Bob McClanahan Ron Hoagland Warren Smith Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Lewis Marie Rhoden Kyoko Homma Doug Earnest Steve Ritchie M. H. Amburn Bryan Russell Alvin Young . advertisements Congratulations to the Class of 1971 from FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 601 Miceosukee Rd. Tallahassee, Florida Our Students Jane McClelland Karen Stewart Gary Parrish Flossie Maxwell D. Paul Ray, Pastor DIRECTOR OF MUSIC WHERE STUDENTS MEET, WORSHIP, AND SERVE Nazarene Theologicat Seminary 1700 East Meyer Boulevard Kansas City, Missouri International School of Theolog)VChurch of the Nazarene William M. Greathouse, President advertisements . . . 285 YOUR COLLEGE BOOK STORE Paul W. Reals Manager 286 . . . advertisements e t s AWAJ D WJA AJ NG C $EAT V£ COlO e PO $rRA TS iVeddln- • ' 0 ' r 5 •Children 3P£ClBLfZ N tN ONS STCf S=H-33ia advertisements . . . 287 AIRIA ' SLATER SCHOOL ©COLLEGE SERVICES SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT TREVECCA Cherished privilege Remember, only your classmates and you are entitled to wear your especially designed class ring from Balfour. Wear it proudly, as a cherished privilege. Congratulations and best wishes from IRVING HARRIS — BOB GILBREATH TOM YOKLEY — JOHN HARRIS P.O. Box 966 Jackson, Tennessee 38301 288 . . . advertisements WOODLAWN... Nashville ' s ONLY " All-Service Memorial Center FUNERAL HOME . MAUSOLEUM MEMORIAL GARDENS . CREMATORY Everyone needs to know all the facts about the important matters that will eventually confront them. Why not let us give you an educational tour of Woodlawn? You will appreciate the beauty of the surroundings and be benefitted by the experience. You will leave, as many others have done, wondering just how such service can be provided at so much less cost than would be expected. mMaum MEMORIAL PARK FUNERAL HOME Thompson Lane Phone 291 -4754 advertisement . . . 289 Store Locations 389 Murfreesboro Rd. Hermitage Hills Shopping Center 3537 Nolansville Rd. 5511 Charlotte Ave. Where to go when the whole family ' s hungry: Eat it here, take it home. Hamburger S .23 Cheeseburger 27 Big Barney 55 Chicken Snack 79 Dinner 1.29 Barnful 2.39 Bucket 3.95 Barrel 5.25 Fish Sandwich 49 Barnbuster 65 Fish Chips 89 Also French fries, cole slaw, potatxies, shakes, and soft drinks. Where it ' s fun to eat 290 . . . advertisements NASHVILLE BOLT SCREW ' Everything Headed or Threaded " Compliments of Quality Motel Mercury 411 Murfrecsboro Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Phone: 224-3540 advertisements ... 291 Patronize Our Advertisers 8AR8 Cu TlE , , , - a ■ a " J I a ' " ® ' CATERING Bar-B-Cutie 432 Murfreesboro Road " Finest of Bar-B-Cue " advt t tiL-ements Vance ' s Bakery advertising printing Home of 100% Pure Pastry art direction Summer Specials finished art Vinegar Pie Blueberry Muffins layout design 35 Pure ole fashioned pies creative album design 12 Pure ole fashioned sweetbreads 7 Pure ole fashioned muffins LET K S PRESS PRESENT YOU TO YOUR CUSTOMERS BY THE PRINTED PAGE. Phone: 3303 West End 292-8992 Nashville, Tenn. 211 FESSLERS LANE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37210 1 242-3474 advertisements . . . 293 Special Thanks To Mr. Howard Wall For His Contributions To This Section Eat, drink and be meny Your Dairy Queen, Brazier thanks the Trevecca students for making its arrival on Murfreesboro Road so enjoyable. Visit often for fine Brazier foods and Dairy Queen treats! It ' s the real thing. Coke, Trade-mark @ Bottled Under the Authority of the Coca-Cola Company by: Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Nashville 294 . . . advertisements student directory abney, aaron r., 85 lester ave., nash- ville, tn. agee, betty, 1803 colonial dr., bam- well, s.c. agee, Herbert, 1803 colonial, barnwell, s.c. alexander, jean, 68 nance In., nash- viUe, tn. alexander, pat, 974 par ave., memphis, tn. alford, Stephen, 113 winthrop, greenville, s.c. alien, dorothy, rt. 1 box 7066, appling, ga. alien, marshall, 2706 glenrose, nash- ville, tn. alien, ' Adlliam, 93 nance In., nashville, tn. allinham, nevin, monaca, pa. amburgey, beverly, 430 s. queen, mt. sterling, ky. ambum, marion, 1208 satum dr., nashviUe, tn. ammons, leonard, 103 nottingham, Warner robins, ga. anderson, gay la, 202 Harris St., fort mill, s.c. anderson, randall, 109 kalberer, ramey a.f.b., puerto rico appleby, charles, 1633 liberty, lexington, ky. archer, carl, 10218 newport cl., tampa, fla. amold, linda. p.o. box 13, antiocH, tn. ash, david, miami, fla. ashburn, judy, 415 bridle la., dayton, ohio baker, alan, 89 lester ave., nashville, tn. baker, danny, rr. 1, box 329a, teU city, in. baker, ehner, 3686 allessio, whites creek, tn. baker, janice, r. 1 box 81a, fairland, ind. baker, ronald, box 11, tnc, nashville, tn. ballard, Sylvester balof, beth, bear run rd., russell, ky. barber, tim, wurtland, ky. barnett, derenda batton, ramona, rt. 1, fitzgerald, ga. bayn, deborah, 27 harpersviUe, new- port news, va. bayes, betsy, rt. 1, orient, ohi o bayes, sandra, rt. 1, orient, ohio beam, jannette, 216 e. prospect, canieron, ohio beard, kevin, 333 murfreesboro, nash- ville, tn. beasley, randall, 426 s. 4th St., nash- ville, tn. beasley, sandra, 296 main st., n. middletown, ohio bedweU, gary, rt. 6, springfield, tn. bennett, wiUiam, 908 mcmahon, ingle- wood benson, dan, rt. 4, lebanon, tn. benson, darule, 1816 anderson, nash- ville, tn. benson, Stephen, 1831 cedarrest, birmingham, ala. benson, robert, bayshore dr., hender- sonvUle, tn. benton, charles, college grove berck, Stephen, 1730 loch lomond, atlanta, ga. berkner, randall, woodrow rd., macon, ga. biggs, mike, natchez ct. apt. e-7, nash- vUle, tn. billow, ronald, spiegal gr., fremont, ohio binkley, Stephen, 304 polk ave., nash- viUe, tn. bishop, wanda, 73 paris ave., nashville, tn. blackmon, nancy, 150 32nd ave. e., tuscaloosa, ala. blue, david, 9 middlesex dr., ft. lauderdale, fla. boutman, alforia, 4434 ivey cr. boes, William, rr. 1, lev is, ind. bohler, miriam, rt. 2, box 236a, blairs- viUe, ga. boks, Odessa, rt. 2, box 45c, lake butler, fla. booher, mary, albany, ky. boone, danny, 1135 locust, mccomb booth, Patricia, 1289 s. w. 21st., gainsville, fla. bosweU, rebecca, 418 beech ave., Charleston, w. va. bowden, terry, 507 alma dr., brandon, fla. bowdoin, marguerite, 6 dale st., pensa- cola, fla. bowen, biUy, 1404 antioch pk., nash- viUe, tn. bowers, rebecca, 701 n. buchanan bowles, philip, 834 evelyn ave., louis- ville, ky. bradley, dwight, 2600 lakeshore dr., old hickory, tn. bradley, faith, 337s. 18th ave., hope- well, va. brantley, lamar, 25840 s.w. 134th, homestead, fla. braselton, timothy, owensviUe, Indiana. breeden, vnLUiam, 79 nance In., nash- ville, tn. bridges, connie, rt. 1, maysville, ky. bridges, debra, 8965 w. 120st., miami, fla. brigman, joe, 1200 Cheshire ave., charlotte, brower, robert, 1232 woodland, lake- land, fla. brown, cynthia, 633 connon st. brown, gerald, rt. 2, box 187, signal, mt., tn. brown, joy, signal, mt., tn. brown, james, 4024 hooker, nashville, tn. brown, michael, mackey, Indiana browning, kay, 634 vinson vlge., dubUn, ga. bruck, gordon, box 35, tnc bryant, rheda, box 214, tn. bryant, rhoda, box 214 buchanan, dale, 12826 girard, akron, ohio buchanan, paul, crothersviUe, ind. buchanan, rebecca, crothersville, ind. bullock, joseph, 1808 mac st., moss pt., miss. burke, sharon, 577 perry st., kent, ohio bush, byron, 6129 shadow wood ct., Orlando, fla. buss, warren, 404 tuckahoe dr., madison, tn. butler, george, cowan, tn. butler, john, cowan, tn. butler, ruth, 4376 e. durham, stone mt., ga. buttrey, wiUiam, rt. 2 box 318, fairview, tn. capps, dennis, rt. 2, mcewen, tn. carey, esther, 812 perrigen In., man- chester, tn. carey, john, manchester, tn. carlan, samuel, 9756 orr ct.s, Jacksonville, fla. caraway, linda, 1302 winthome dr., nashville, tn. Carlson, karen, 1837 bankhead, hunts- ville, ala. carter, beverly, p.o. box 315, tifton, ga. carter, karen, 3430 morgan, ashland, ky. carter, keUy, e-14 1508 dickerson, nashville, tn. castels, Vivian, 3750 nw21 ct., miami, fla. chambers, donna, 507 gardenia, ft. pierce, fla. chambers, james, box 1382, home- stead, fla. chambers, judith, homestead, fla. chang, ching, 887 carter st., nashviUe, tn. channeU, terri, 1910 w. belmint, pensacola, fla. chapman, jerry, 80 lester ave., nash- viUe, tn. chapman, dianne, 80 lester ave., nashviUe, tn. christenbury, suzanne, 2721 palm ave., charlotte, n.c. dark, Howard, rt. 4 box 428, sparta, tn. dark, robert, rt. 4, sparta, tn. clarke, robert, 650 iroquois St., mobile, al a. clay, gerald, 4429 batton, rouge clay, linda, p.o. box 186, mil ton, w. va. elements, murle, box 23, scott, ga. elements, sara, 121 wray St., thomasvUle, ga. demons, david, 3604 mimsa dr. cole, saUy, manchester, conn. Collins, cheryl, 1586 idle dr., Clearwater, fla. coUins, lois, 3714 s. pk. rd., louisviUe, ky. coUins, luther, 3714 s. park, louisviUe, ky. coUins, paul, louisviUe, ky. conger, jordon, 206 n. cent, ave., tifton, ga. cook, Carlos, 95 lester ave., nashviUe, tn. cook, patricia, 14625 braddock, centrevUle, va. cooper, neal, 223 w. 4th St., van wert, ohio cope, beverly, 1529 candyce St., lakeland, fla. cope, kathy, 3514 gUlespie ave., nashviUe, tn. copen, donald, 108 elm st., logan, w. va. couchman, david, 2139 maney dr., jacksonvUle, fla. couey, ray, 34318 munger dr., livonia, mich. coussons, barney, 1972 taylor, east p oint, ga. cox, claudine, 600 ridge ave., rock wood, tn. cox, john, 6815 fleetwood dr., nashviUe, tn. Crawford, radonna, atlanta, ga. creekbaum, jim 93 nance In., nash- viUe, tn. crisp, emma, inez, ky. crisp, oUve, inez, ky. croft, irma, Inverness, fla. croft, robert, Inverness, fla. cronise, sharon, 627 murray, se roanoke, va. crossman, judy, 389 wimpole dr., nashviUe, tn; crowder, wayne, box 92, kempton, Ul. crum, laura, rt. 3, jackson, ga. cundiff, susan, 4041 harbor city, eaugalhe, fla. Cunningham, glenn, 5705 robertson, nashviUe, tn. Cunningham, laurie, 5111 shirley, jacksonvUle, fla. currie, keith, daleview circle, Columbia, tn. curry, linda, 1731 4th ave. n., lake- worth, fla. daggett, deborah, 3411 ladue, mem- phis, tn. daUas, leroy, orlando, fla. daruUa, daniel, 2014 button, nashvUle, tn. davis, debbie, rt. 1 box 226, carrolton, va. davis, emily, 100 s. 16th st., nashviUe, tn. davis, kenneth, 100 s. 16th st., nash- vUle, tn. davis, randolf, 405 Veritas St., nash- vUle, tn. davis, sandra, rt. 2, box 150, southing- ton, ohio dean, douglas, 7925 wainwright, jacksonviUe, fla. deneen, dayle, 614 elwood, cumberlan, md. denegly, dwight, 81 nance In., nash- vUle, tn. denning, valeric, 176 apache St., florid a dennis, francis, norfolk, va. dennis, larry, saturn apts. b3, nash- viUe, tn. denson, david, 60 nance In., nashvUle, tn. desha, roy, 5289 dare, memphis, tn. devane, james, 701 n. toombs, valdosta, ga. devane, raymond, valdosta, ga. dew, dawn, 818 camelot apts., nashvUle, tn. digby, carol, 75 lester ave., nashviUe, tn. digby, david, 75 lester ave., nashville, tn. dUlard, randy, rock springs, ga. diUinger, donna, po box 294, sebring, fla. diUon, linda, 509 n. market, lisbon, ohio dUyard, sandra, archbold, ohio dolbare, bobby, alabama donneUy, john, 1002 revUla In., rock- ledge, fla. dougharty, mark, 732 ne 4th St., pompano beach, fla. downing, peggy, 408 w. central, fitzgerald, ga. drury, martin, 5800 seton dr., pompano beach, fla. duke, barbara, 71 ne 163 st., miami, fla. dunlap, david, box 145, tnc, nashviUe, tn. dunn, michael, 605 bay ave., new jersey duvaU, leslie, 3544 western reserve, canfield, ohio eagleson, wUliam, 817 elm hUl pike, nashviUe, tn. eaton, peggy, 89 lester ave., nashvUle, tn. 296 . . . student directory eatoM. Icrri. !$ ' ) lester ave., nashviUc, til. eby, johnathan, 1905 omohundro ct., nashviUe, tn. cdmonds, jodell, 89 lester ave., nash- villc, tn. cdmond.s, marlhaiiaii, iiasliville, tn. edward.s, curtis, kuigswood ave., iiashvillc, tn. edwards. david, 4736 Holland dr., mid- land, j;i. edwards, juanila, 2300 nw 88 th St., fla. eli, Imda, 1435 mcgavock pike, nash- ville, tn. elliott, bonita, 85 nance In. apt 3, nashville, tn. ellis, William, 721 se 3rd pi., hialeah, fla. ellis, linda, rt. 1, rossville, ga. ervin, beverlee, 917 preston dr., nash- ville, tn. ernest, douf las, 613 phila ave., tako- ma park, tnd. estep, michael, 80 lester ave., nash- viUe, tn. evans, frank, 1304 mercury dr., nash- viUe. tn. fabrizio, beatrice, 119 n. main rd., newfield, n.j. fahl, marilyn, 4004 ivy dr., nashviUe, tn. fannin, meta, 204 e. carroll st., cherry- ville, n.c. farish, hayward, clarkesdale, miss. felker, mary, 4425 westlawn dr., nash- viUe, tn. files, barbara, 1129 cedar granada, miss. fish, mary. nashviUe, tn. foltz, david, 127 e. wilson, moores- viUe, n.c. foltz, karen, 127 e. wilson, moores- ville, n.c. forehanc, fred, 1001 shadow In., nashviUe, tn. fortenbury, sara, box 127, merigold, miss. foster, katherine, 2714 shadow In., nashviUe, tn. fox, Carolyn, Virginia fox, Sandra, 2033 fairhope rd., roanoke, va. fox, vicki, 23130 sw 162 ave., home- stead, fla. freudenberg, james, 100 rainbow, Chattanooga, tn. frierson, nancy, 3800 castlerock, charlotte, n.c. funderburk, michael, 55 nw 64 ct., miami, fla. garber, robert, 2211 princes pi., Wilmington, n.c. gay, marshall, 1436 e. 42nd st., savan- nah, ga. gerard, pam, 1601 idle dr., clearwater, fla. gerbig, hiida, apt. d2 westlawn, nash- viUe, tn. gibbs, adrian, 1360-b plaza dr., mobUc, ala. gibbs, leland, mobile, ala. gtbson, robert, 871 sw 10th st, pompano, fla. gilbert, deborah, 2403 lawton rd.. bearfort, s.c. gilienwater, bruce, 335 fielding, charlotte, n.c. giUman, rodney, 405 n. fulton ave., viUa park, ill. gilmore, linda, 915 9th box 949, Portsmouth, ohio givans, shLrley, 5409 jessamine, louis- ville, ky. glass, thomas, 2252 lou dr., jaekson, fla. glenii, henry, 5703 morrow rd., nash- vUle, tn. godbey, brent, 1260 mcgavock pk., nashviUe, tn. godbey, sherrie, nashviUe, tn. golden, lawrencc, 406 fairway, Char- lottesville, va. goodwill, debora, 3811 sw 95 ave., miami, fla. goodwin, paul, 1037 hurst st., Chat- tanooga, tn. gordon, evelyn, 110 middlesex dr., va. gore, laurence, 52 paris ave., nashviUe, tn. graham, benita, 11300 sw 43 st., fla. graham, sandra, rt. 4, bountviUe, tn. gray, paul, 3418 morgan, a.shland, ky. gray, wiUiam, spencer st., signal mt., tn. greer, sandra, rt. 2 old charlotte rd., nashville, tn. gregory, david, ridgecrest, rt. 3, good- lettsviUe, tn. gregory, Joseph, 3917 devonshire, nashviUe, tn. griffey, larry, 1815 cahal, nashviUe, tn. griggs, wiUiam 1903 pinehurst, nash- ville, tn. grimes, dennis, 1046 sharon dr., fla. gritton, lois, 11885 sw 188 St., fla. gullett, ray, 634 n. semoran b ' .vd., winter park, fla. gumm, John, 2338 murfreesboro rd., nashville, tn. guy, rodonna hage, kathy, 714 nw 33rd st., ft. lauderdale, fla. haines, teresa, 2489 littlejohn, marietta, ga. hall, Stanley, fla. hambrick, patricia, 7430 Wilkinson, joelton, tn. hancock, John, 85 lester ave., nash- viUe, tn. hancock, nancy, 429 green acres, franklin, tn. hand, david, 93 lester ave., nashviUe, tn. hanson, claudia, 1560 linda lou, lake worth, fla. harbach, vicki, 3500 beatrice, frankUn, ohio harder, linda, 303 haU ' s In., nashville, tn. hare, charles, lester ave., nashville, Iti. hare, jonita, lester ave., nashville, tn. harmon, beverly, 1110 tamsworth, pascagoula, miss. Harris, cydney, 3034 merveyn, Pitts- burgh, pa. Harris, donald, 1501 preston dr., nash- viUe, tn. Harrison, lynn, 9522 hemlock dr., HuntsviUe, ala. Harrison, susan, 4896 kalamath, va. beach, va. hart, loren, rrt. 7, ky. HasseU, wUJiam 931 silverdeen, nash- viUe, tn. Hastings, earl, tenn. hasty, barbara, 282 largo dr., nash- viUe, tn. haufler, dale, rL 3 box 217 h, fla. Hayes, marylyn, 1325 cHeyenne blvd., nashville, tn. Hawkins, wiUiam, 222 melmack dr., nashville, tn. Henderson, brenda, rt. 1, wdnchester, tn. Henderson, donald, rt. 5, dickson, tn. Head rick, margaret, 517 randaU, Hixson, tn. headrick, steven, 517 randall st., hixson. tn. henninger, bonnie, 343 ash, lawn bay, s.c. hensen, alice, 299 ada dell ave., hurri- cane, w. va. henson, lois, 297 ada deU ave., hurri- cane, w. va. herring, Helen, 2332 vaUeyside, decatur, ga. hicks, james, 900 oak sU, clarkesviUe, tn. Hicks, susan, 2932 lucUle st., ashland, ky. hUderbrand, nidy, 115 e. Hampton, Staunton, va. hiU, lots, green bank, w. va. himes, doris, 85 lester ave., nashviUe, tn. hinkle, sandra, cissna park, Ul. Hinson, emest, 513 lester ave., nash- viUe, tn. hoagland, carol, 93 nance In., nash- viUe, tn. hoagland, ronald, 93 nance In., nash- viUe, tn. hocutt, richard, rt. 1, adamsvUle, ala. hoUaday, rita, 1355 poplar, grenada, miss. HoUey, Steven, 462 morgan, lexington, ky. holt, Cecil, 5854 lake underhUl rd. apt. 3, Orlando, fla. holt, gary, 3379 shadowridge dr., marietta, ga. Homma, kyoko, 1,181 shimofuda, chofu, tokyo Hood, reba, 1050 robertson st., kuigs- port, tn. Hood, ronnie, 3226 marlies cir., macon, ga. Hooter, diane, 3641 rockbridge rd., stone mt., ga. Hoskins, ted, 1908 hoUy st., nashviUe, tn. Hosmer, roger, 232 s. ann arbor st., saline, mich. Hudson, emily, grand bay, ala. Huff, frederick, 100 w. oak st, ross- viUe, ga. Hughes, mary, rt. 8, box 11, benton, ky. Hughey, gloria, rt. 1, chickamauga, ga. hummer, daniel, trevecca eoUege, nashviUe, tn. hummer, karen, rr. 7, lafayett, ind hunsberger, deborah, 6660 kerns rd., va. Hurst, dave, 9322 n. dixie hwy., frankhn, ohio jaekson, dan, 240 Washington ave,, cincinatti, ohio jaekson, ruthe, rd. 2, Columbiana, ohio jacobs, rachel, rt 1, box 299, summer- field, ohio jensen, matthew, 60 lester ave., nash- viUe, tn. jewwU, lynn, 2650 glenoaks dr., nasH- vUle, tn. johnson, david, 79 lester ave., nash- viUe, tn. johnson, edv in, mobUe, ala. johnson, pam, 1395 e. 9th ave., lake worth, fla. johnson, paulette, 9385 Haitian dr., miami, fla. jones, bonnie, 3312 knight rd.. nashviUe, tn. jones, coUeen, may rd., rt 1, lenn. jones, nancy, executive House, apt. k-22, nashville, tn. jones, gary, 50 paris ave., nashviUe, tn. jones, saundra, glenview apts., nash- viUe, tn. jones, phiUip, 2325 .shelby st, indiana jones, shirlyn, 235 miU grove dr., audubon , pa. jordon, carol, 1 30 mayo, brenton, ala. jordon, linda, 5900 o ' brien ave., nash- viUe, tn. jordon, richard, 5900 o ' brien, nash- viUe, tn. kane, Christopher, 232 viUard, tn. kcUey, james, memphis, tn. kendaU, dale, 234 castle wood, lexing- ton, ky. kendaU, robert, 1801 belmont rd., apt 2, nashviUe, tn. kesselring, eric, 1217 kermit dr., nash- viUe, tn. kesselring, karl, 722 ' 2 7th, marietta, ohio kilboum, phyUis, box 332, elkton, mich. kilpatrick, robert, 618 sunset, boaz, ala. king, david, 628 vemon ave., nashviUe, tn. king, dennis, box 97, mt. vemon, ind. king, ross, 641 des moines dr., hermi- tage, tn. knight, deborah, rt 2, moundsviUe, w. va. knight, William, 1393 waiter, memphis, tn. kinzler, richard, 71 pariss ave., nash- ville, tn. kopsombut, prapasri, 6000 sherwood, na.shviUe, tn. kitchens, joseph, roanoke, ala. ladd, larn,-, nashviUe, tn. ladd, norma, nashviUe, tn. lane, brenda, nashviUe, tn. lane, sandra, 3853 rockdale, Colum- bus, ga. lane, .sylila, 2155 larkmoor st., lorain, ohio langford, bnmda, 95 lake hunter, lake- land, fla. lanham, james, 513 lester ave., nash- viUe, tn. lanham, joseph, rt. 2, box 20, lees- burg, va. lanham, .sherry, 14 shaler st, coving- ton, ky. latimer, charles, 229 beveriy dr., madi- son, tn. laxton, joseph, brighton, tn. lay, kathy, 2111 bridlewood dr., louis- ville, ky. lee, sharon, 2063 deUwood ave., Jacksonville, fla. lee, dinah, 2726 kings park circle, decatur, ga. legg, thomas, 14260 s.w. 240th home- stead, fla. leonard, larry, mccomb, miss. lewis, emest, 513 s. 5th, nashville, tn. lewis, linda, 513 s. 5tH. nashviUe, tn. lightner, richard, newport news, va. lighty, John, 1345 n.w. 95tH st miami, fla. Ugnon, raymond, box 9292, nashviUe, tn. liner, mark, shelbyviUe, tn. little, david, 425 Highway ave.. ludlow, ky. Uttle, robbie, 712 so. george, petal, miss. livingston, lyla, 211 overby drive. antioch, tn. lockhart, don, nashviUe, tn. london, larr -, 1715 patterson, nash- vUIe. tn. lore, deborah, 846 greendale dr., Charleston, w. va. student directon . . . 297 lord, james, p.o. box 457 lamarque, texas. love, donald, 409 Harwell dr., hermitage, tn. lovelace, ted, 80 nance In., nashville, tn. loury, cynthia, 323 bonair ave., hatboro, pa. lunsford, jennie, 3100 w. flagler St., miami, fla. hither, vickie, dickson, tn. macdermaid, martha, huntsville, ala. mcclanalian, carolyn, 4659 riverdale rd., college pk., s.c. mcclanahan, John, 4659 riverdale rd., college park, s.c. mcclelland, jane, 2916 harwood dr., tailahassee, fla. mcclure, norman, 1924 bentley place, charlotte, n.c. mcclure, james, 4425 westlawn drive, tenn. mccormick, ronnie, rt. 7, albertville, ala. mccoy, Stephen, 218 trevor, Covington, ky. mcdonald, patricia, 2945 berry hiUs dr., nashville, tn. mcguire, michael, 1110 carpenter, titusville, fla. mcgraw, janice, 161 e. 38th st., hialeah, fla. mclemore. donna, 1735 gibraltar dr., jackson, miss, mcmillan, Herbert, 3521 tyrone dr., louisville, ky. mcnamara, harry, 517 lester ave., nasHvUle, tn. mcnutt, margaret, 708 woodland, wooster, oHio mace, roger, 4602 george rd., tampa, fla. mackey, lee, box 126 tnc, nashville, tenn. mackey, nancy, 1413 preston dr., nashville, tenn. mains, james, 1421 richmond, lakelajid, fla. malone, sandra, 1160 bay ave., alabama. maner, bormie, 229 Wallace rd., nasHvUle, tn. marklin. phiUip, 75 lester ave., nashville, tn. marks, dennis, 3700 w. 6th ave., fla. marshall, tammy, 4101 doney St., Columbus, ohio marker, john, oHio. marrs, martha, mt. hermon, ky. martin, peggy, 23 rabbit st„ new castle, pa. masters, sandra, 502 center park dr., springhUl, la. mathis, ruth, box 131, princeton, fla. matlock, paul, ft. 1, lenoir city, tn. mathews, marcia, 4252 florida ave., Cincinnati, ohio. maurice, jacquelme, 107 birch st., summerville, s.c. maxwell, david, 50 widrig, newport, ky. maxwell, flossie, rt. 2, baxter, tn. mays, carl, 122 tapawingo rd., vienna, va. mays, margaret, 73 paris ave., nashville, tn. maze, sharon, 3906 9th ave., parke ' rs- burg, w. va. meador, billy, rt. 1, hardy, va. medlin, roger, 608 topeka dr., nashviUe, tn. mellish, donald, 2234 bowers, lapeer, mich. menefee, claude, 5823 cherrywood In., greenbell, md. meredith, judith, 680 turrUl ave., lapeer. mich. merritt, laura, rt. 1, pinevUle, n.c. michael, melba, 804 appleby st., huntsville, ala. mills, Steve, 3141 al cannon, ft. worth, texas mills, janice, 3141 al cannon, ft. worth, texas minshall, darlene, 751 4th ave., largo, fla. mitchell, meddie, 3112 Cornwall rd., Colu mbia, s.c. modesitt, d wight, box 17, deckard, tn. moore, dennis, 525 n. " C " St., lake worth, fla. morgan, reba, memphis, tn. morrow, gary, 4006 mt. terr, memphis, tn. morrow, john, 511 greenfield, rossvUle, ga. morrow, sarah, 4006 mt. terrace, memphis J tn. mort, michael, 604 center dr. e., beaufort, s.c. morton, alice, 2502 w. brandon blvd., fla. morton, kenneth, 5800 mardina ave., nashville, tn. morton, randaU, 513 rollingwood rd., biriningham, ala. mosley, brenda, 2013 cricket In., valrico, fla. mosley, cynthia, 2013 cricket In., valrico, fla. moss, frances, 860 murfreesboro rd., nashville, tn. mosshart, glenda, rt. 3, dover, ohio. mott, hUton, florida moye, alfred, 115 louise dr., dickson, tn. muecke, linda, 3520 cresthUl ave., macon, ga. mullins, danny, 741 nance In., nash- ville, tn. murphree, brenda, 109 marion St., st. warrior, ala. musser, janice. rt. 3, grayson, ky. myers, jack, p.o. box 1405, sumter, s.c. neal, jacqualin, 4018 fagan St., nashville, tn. nelson, geraldtne, rt. 1 box 148-a, brighton, tn. nelson, lawrence, 6050 panama dr., hermitage, tn. nettles, john, 1811 greenway dr., jackson, miss, newby, rick, 936 riviera, venice, tla. newell, don, 190 s. clain, nashville, tn. newman, larry, rt. 1, nicholasville, ky. newton, eva, 2013 burma rd., rossville, ga. newton, neil, 2513 edgewater dr., n.c. newton, janet, 420 1st St., miss, newton, robert, 2513 s. edgewater dr., fayetteviUe, n.c. niece, Stephen, p.o. box 145 tnc, nashville, tn. nies, judith, 2131 main St., rothsville, pa. nixon, margaret, monterey, tn. nixon, wendeU, 712 n.e. 39th ct., ocala, fla. noel, pamela, 402 northside dr., lexington, ky. nolen, patricia, box 392, carthage, ind. norman, danny, rt. 3, moultrie, ga. ocobock, taleah, 505 cypress, kansas city, mo. odom, waymond, 426 hart st.. nashville, tn. owensby, joy, 2415 pafford dr., nashville, tn. owensby, Stephen, 765 mcmurray, nashville, tn. pack, Stanley, box 152 tnc, nashvUle, tn. page, james, 81 nance In., nashville, tn. pangle, james, 211 jacksonian dr., hermitage, tn. pangle, janice, 211 jacksonian dr., hermitage, tn. parente, kathy, 4319 s. 35th St., ft. lauderdale, fla. parham, harold, toledo, br. Honduras, parker, allan, 5601 Haines rd., st. Petersburg, fla. parker, karen, 5850 crane place, orlandd, fla. parker, Stanley, 853 savage rd., Charleston, s.c. parrish, david, 932 crescent hill, nashville, tn. parrish, thomas, 1720 pepper dr., tailahassee, fla. Patrick, linda, 332 n. dixie freeway, new Smyrna beach, fla. Patterson, felicia, dry valley rd., rossville, ga. patton, Susan, box 1010, maryville, tn. payne, Stephen, 1714 anthony dr., castonia, n.c. payne, robert, box 94, madison, tn. peercy, ken, rt. 5., franklin, tn. peffer, kathryn, grayson, ky. pennington, martha, p.o. box 175, new richmond, ohio. pennington, mary, 514 mcdonald dr., nashville, tn. pennington, ronald, 7047 bonnavent dr., hermitage, tn. perry, michael, 3313 albert st., Columbus, ga. perry, ronald, sherman, w. va. perry, susan, 413 park ave. s., Charleston, w. va. phillips, frances, 329 dinwiddie dr., nashville, tn. phillips, pamela, corJey, ga. pickel, larry, 1214 ordway, nashville, tn. plummer, Howard, 5501 rockwood rd., charlotte, n.c. poe, diane, 2921 ave., e., birmingham, ala. poer, michael, 429 s. main., ky. ponce, james, 1722 b. ave., Columbia, s.c. ponce, thomas, 6845 golfrier St., jacksonville, fla. porter, david, 5101 dolphbi In., charlotte, n.c. poteete, andrew, 4812 Humbee dr., nasHvUle, tn. potter, kathy, 3602 tacamarue, Chattanooga, tn. powell, kathy, 130 inner ct. cr., new lenox, iU. powers, Stephen, 641 kinsey, m adison, tn. powers, carol, 641 kinsey, madison, tn. pratt, carl, 209 lesene dr., sumter, s.c. pratt, john, 337 flora maxwell ave., nashville, tn. presley, fred, 934 richbee, longwood, fla. price, michael, p.o. box 195. williston, fla. pride, joye, hamersville, ohio. pride, richard, hamersviUe, o. pugh, charles, p.o. box 166 tnc, nashville, tn. quiggins, james, 8275 walker, louisville, ky. ragland, paul, rt. 2 box 243b, roanoke, va. rainwater, raymond, 72 nance In., nashville, tn. raich, faith, 6370 dax rd., ohio. ramirez, james, 2220 bruce ave., Columbus, ga. ravey, donna, 5375 balsam ave., melbourne, fla. rawlings, roberta, 257 w. patrick st., frederick, md. ray, cynthia, 11869 pippin rd., Cincinnati, ohio. ray, joseph, 11869 pippin rd., Cincinnati, ohio ray, sandra, 354 bell rd., nashville, tn. redmon, edward, 5122 patterson dr., louisville, ky. reece, edith, 2586 peyton rd., atlanta, ga- reed, david, 800 henry St., franklin, ky. rhodabarger, robert, box 182 tnc, nashville, tn. rhoden, marie, 9-45 hamiyugi dazaifu, fukuoka ken, japan, rhoton, wayne, lynchburg, tn. rice, deborah, r.d. 2, east liverpool, ohio. rickey, kathleen, 3008 lake ave., cheverly, md. rickey, michael, 3009 lake ave., cheverly, md. ridley, nelson, 2929 glenmeade, nashville, tn. rieder, daniel, r.d. 1, youngsville, pa. riley, sheila, 407 mill st., hartsville, s.c. rishel, joseph, 3002 old pass rd., long beach, miss, ritchie, Stephen, 505 owendale, nashville, tn. ritter, dana, 310 cypress, kansas city, mo. ritter, marilyn, 104 crestview dr., russell, ky. roberts, deborah, 1325 cheyenne blvd., nashville, tn. roberts, richard, 519 patterson st., nashville, tn. robinson, carmel, 95 ott st., logan, w. va. robinson, donna, lenoir city, tn. rogers, roy, 500 fesslers la, nashville, tn. rogers, william, 1204 mcchesney, nashvUle, tn. rohmann, gary, r.r. 1 box 194, Portland, tn. ross, elizabeth, rt. 2, brucelon mills, w. va. ross, diana, scarritt college, nashville, tn. rowland, vickie, 623 murry rd., ft. valley, ga. rowling, deanna, 208 thomas st., waycross, ga. royall, michael, 1900 longview, winston-salem, n.c. ruckman, frances, 709 long ave., port St. joe, fla. ruck, robert, 212 welker tr., madison, tn. russell, evelyn, rt. 1, rockford, tn. russell, bryan, tnc trailer ct., box 194, nashvUle, tn. russell, sharon, 504 se 11th St., ocala, fla. rutledge, anne, 103 cedarama dr.. 298 . . . student directory huntsville, ala. rutled ;e, phillip, 103 cedarama, hunstsvillf, ala. ruttan, ruth. 7103 oakney ave., jacktioiiville, fla. sali.sbury, juiie, 2531 glcnrosc, apt. a-30. na.shville, tn. sandberj;. marccUa, 3110 havfiii, St., aufiiistine, fla. Sanders, bobby, ala. Sanders, william, 7609 litida lake, charlotte, n.c. say, joy, neuquen 2059, biienos aires, argentina sayes, archie, 71 paris ave., nashvUle, tn. scarbrough, william, 24500 sw, 167 ave., homestead, fla. schaal, donald, 942 woodland St., nashville, tn. schaffer, deborah, burlington, n.c. scheithauer, karen, 630 eJizabeth, Columbus, ohio schiesz, karen, 9787 donila dr., birmingham, ala. schortinghouse, byron, 69 paris, nashville, tn. seitter, colleen, box 2026, satellite beach, fla. self, barbara, rt. 2, cherryville, n.c. selman, Catherine, 608 branton, Columbia, miss, selman, robert, 4666 niayfair rd., n. canton, ohio seneff, delores, dale, ind. seybt, daniel, 315 highland dr., west Columbia, s.c. shaffer, michele, rt. 6, box 290a, Charleston, w. va. shannon, debra, 142 se 5th ave., delray, fla. sharpes, jo ellen, tnc, nashville, tn. sharpes, loweU, tnc, nashville, tn. shaw, Patricia, 1217 north view, raleigh, n.c. sheley, thomas, 309 e. Washington, sabrina, ohio shelley, jerry, 83 nance In., nashviUe, tn. sherrill, timothy, goodlettsviUe, tn. shields, rebecca, 297 clovernook, nashville, tn. shingleton, ronald, 60 nance In., nashville. tn. shipman, connie, 734 burns ct., bourbonnais, iU. shirah, joseph, 93 nance In., nashville, tn. Shirley, michael, 461 8th ave., birmingham, ala. sholter, freda, 18870 sw 311 St., homestead, fla. sievers, debra, 207 overcrest dr., nashville, tn. siewnarine, kasso, 739 moormans arms rd., nashvUle, tn. Simmons, Catherine, po box 201, gloverville, s.c. Simmons, larry, 1224 shawnee rd., madison, tn. Sinclair, deana, rt. 3, Chester, s.c. sisler, mary, 1619 mcminn, pa. slay ton, william, 924 3rd ave., n. columbus, miss, sloan, barbara, 214 w. second, anderson, ind. smith, betty, rL 7, box 178, mccovey St., fla. smith, brenda, burrville, tn. smith, brenda, 209 comer dr., dubUn, ga. smith, david, 1313 Oakland rd., ala. smith, clarence, 2801 ard.sley dr., fla. smith, dale, 2579 eastill dr., jackson- vUle, fla. smith, judy, rt. 7, box 178, mccovey, fla. smitli, kenneth, box 117, orwell, ohio smith, michael, tnc box 197, nashville, tn. smith, patricia, 301 jarrell st., shelbyville, tn. smith, patsy, po box 201, munford, tn. smith, peggy, 1310 wichman St., walterboro, s.c. smith, rebecca, 2801 ardsley dr., Orlando, fla. smith, ronald, rt. 2, mt. carmel, ill. ill. smith, thomas, box 201 tnc, na.shville, tn. smith, timothy, tnc trailor ct., nashville, tn. smith, warren, 1325 parry dr., sterling, ill. smitley, nancy, box 209, quincy, ohio smithson, pamela, 2028 franklin, limestone ct., tn. snodgrass, diana, 100 valley dr., ripley, w. va. snodgrass, dennis, ripley, w. va. snow, janice, 3224 jurney ave., statesville, n.c. soy la luel, dhiti, 1203 17th ave. S., nashville, tn. spaulding, henry, 754 cole rd., fla. spear, jim, 1300 17th ave., w., bradenton, fla. speer, loraine, 12615 pardee, taylor, mich. spencer, clyde, 6431 adahi dr., independence, ky. spivy, dan, 80 lester ave., nashville, tn. springer, judith, 5415 anchorage, nashville, tn. spruill, joy, 1701 lawncrest, nashviUe, tn. spruill, mendell, 1701 lawncrest, nashville, tn. stanistreet, martha, 164 walker, hoUyhUl, fla. steams, carol, 1141 16th ave., birmingham, ala. steenbergen, kenneth, rr. 5, scottsville, ky. steppee, Christopher, rt. 2, cumb. city, tn. Stewart, john, thomaston, ga. Stewart, karen, box 116, steinhatchee, fla. Stewart, melba, 5313 sanford rd., knoxvUle, tn. stocks, beverly, 405 mckenna ct., lexington, ky. stone, cheryl, 510 first St., henderson, ky. stout, f ranees, rt. 1, brownstown, ind. stout, morris, tnc, nashville, tn. strada, joanne, 1080 melson ave., jacksonville, fla. street, kenneth, 2921 rich acres, nashville, tn. Strickland, buddy, 2379 betsy dr., fla. Strickland, pamela, 1225 s. " d " st., lakeworth, fla. stroman, brenda, 1843 kirkwood, macon, ga. stuckey, patricia, 4200 haUs ferry rd., vicksburg, miss, sudarsan, kakumanu, nashville, tn. sudduth, jerry, 518 30th ave. e.. tuscaloosa, ala. sweat, linda, 591 e. 48lh st., hialiah, fla. sweat, raymond, 1178 richwine, dr., Williamsburg, va. Sweeney, roger, nance In., nashville, tn. t a hers, deborah, 1404 vine st., murray, ky. talkington, frances, 14064 birch rd., east liverpool, ohio tanner, keith, 524 silas brown st., jackson, miss, taylor, dale, 219 broadway, durham, n.c. taylor, judy, box 333, langley, s.c. taylor, lawrence, rt. 5, lawrenceburg, tn. taylor, sharon, 104 wilutz, archbold, ohio. teter, john, 73 nance In., nashville, tn. thaxton, kalhy, 1131 4th terr w., birmingham, ala. thomas, kay, 4811 cedar view rd., orlando, fla. thomas, patricia, p.o. box 71, white springs, fla. thomas, patricia, 4811 cedar view, Orlando, fla. thomas, wayne, 14245 yacht club blvd., lai o, fla. thompson, larry, 5209 eugene way, louisviUe, ky. thompson, lowell 627 shelby apt. 8, nashville, tn. thornton, thomas, 4213 17th ave., columbus, ga. torain, charles, 211 south Cleveland hopkinsville, ky. torbert, mary, rt. 1, bamesville, ga. tousley, judith, rt. 5 box 25, columbus, miss, tousley, roger, rt. 5 box 25, columbus, miss. trogdon, charlotte, 2979 ramble In., decatur, ga. tucker, larry, kenova, w. va. tucker, rachel, rt. 2, mayfield, ky. turner, frances, 76 nance In., nashville, tn. turner, kenneth, 76 nance In., nashviUe, tn. twohig, doris, 511 lester ave., nashviUe, tn. underwood, mary, p.o. box 113, princeton, fla. unruh, richard, box 517, lagrange, ga. vanaUen, richard, 503 wiUiams, race- land, ky. van kuiken, margaret, box 146, gaUatin, tn. vanderpool, sandra, rt. 1, willard, ohio variaii, david, po box 234, dover, tn. vaugn, james, 1010 25th ave. e. tuscaloosa, ala. venable, judi, 825 lelonan rd., lakeland, fla. viola, gary, 66 nance In., nashviUe, tn. walden, glenda, 21815 sw 154 ave., goulds, fla. waUace, charles, 218 hickory dr., franklin, tn. Warner, debbie, 1105 holman, Covington, ky. warren, fred, 412 e. Olympic, punta gorda, fla. warren, vicki, 720 s. 13th sL, nashviUe, tn. welker, ronald, 1310 19th ave. n., lake worth, fla. wells, marvin, 3015 middale. louisviUe, ky. wesley, donna, 2319 newton, columbus, ind. wheeler, bettv ' jo, 1312 altamonl, Portsmouth, ohio webb, pat, 5003 bonnalynn, hermitage, tn. white, donald, 85 lester ave., nashviUe, tn. white, linda, columbus, ohio white, patricia, 914 winthorne dr., d-3, nashviUe, tn. whited, linda, 2608 colbert dr., nashviUe, tn. whiteley, michael, 2036 niaJten, indianapolis, ind. whitener, wesley, 1607 avondale, n.c. whitiow, lind a, 1007 burch bridge, burlington, n.c. whitt, sadie, inez, ky. wiggs, john, 1021 mitcheU rJ., nashvUle, tn. wUliams, daniel, 1409 san juan, Clearwater, fla. wUliams, eunice, 36 georgetown green, charlottesviUe, va. wiUiams, john, rr. 5, scottsvUle, ky. wUliams, sharon, 301 leasure, new castle, pa. wiUiams, thomas, 80 lester ave., nashvUle, tn. wUliamson, david, 917 71th ave. s., nashviUe, tn. wUson, Curtis, bid. 9 apt. 2, carver ct., orlando, fla. winderl, carl, 1650 ne 46 st., pompano beach, fla. winsell, virgil, po box 601, waynesviUe, n.c. winsinger, david, 526 palmetto st., riviera beach, fla. wood, james, 1219 plant ave., lakeland, fla. wood, gary, 33 grandview, newport, ky. wood, robert, 5023 bonnavista dr.. nashvUle, tn. wood, sammy, nashviUe, tn. woodaU, gwendolyn, rt. 1 box 190, pittsviUe, ala. woods, david, box 283-b, jay, fla. woriey, ruth, 423 sunnybrook, west carroUton, ohio wright, david, 1350 xi lake ave., fla. Wright, glenda, box 702, fairbanks, alaska wright, Mary, rt. 2, mcewen, tn. wright, nancy, 431 lynn dr., nashviUe, tn. wubneh, teclemariam, ethiopia yardumian, richard, 500 3rd st., delaido, nj. yeager, jack. 313 Valeria, nashviUe, tn. yinpraphan, yongyuth, 2130 blackemore ave., nashvUle, tn. yoakam, wendeU, rr. 1, centerburg, ohio york, donald, 625 alton rd., galloway, ohio young, john, 3600 izaak walton rd., kokomo, ind. young, judith, 2007 eagle dr., mobile, ala. young, shelton, 521 s. 5th st., nashviUe, tn. zingery, kenneth, 611 cuyahoga st, kent, ohio zoUinhofer, john, 2021 benjamin st., nashviUe, tn. zoUinhofer, susan, 2021 benjamin st., nashvUle, tn. student director) ' . . . 299 by way of acknowledgement specifications the 1971 edition of the darda was printed by henington pubHshing company, wolfe city, texas. three hundred four pages are printed on one hundred pound linen textured paper, and the introduction on parchkin 5 5-4 art parchment white 55 pound mottled, basic type font is 10 12 astrotype, 8 9 for identi- fications, and 18 24 news gothic in the opening section, all color was hand separated by henington, from transparencies, primarily 4x5 format, cover is holiston " c " grade white blueback with english linen grain, cover was done by universal book-bindery, inc., san antonio, texas. portrait photog- raphy is the work of bing t. gee studios, inc., nashville, tennessee. a short time ago a yearbook was considered merely a collection of snapshots similar to those found in a photo album, it can no longer be dismissed as an accumulation of such, since today ' s world is consumed with drastic change, yesterday ' s yearbook cannot achieve present objectives, the sophistication of today ' s youth demands a realistic and meaningful publication to document its relationship with society, the yearbook has become a form of art captured by enthusiasm and originality; it is a compilation of achievements throughout the year and also serves as a permanent record for students, faculty, and community. the dawning of a new age is an adaptation of the dawning of the age of aquarius presented in the yearbook, el espejo, 1970. much time and energy was spent developing and adding to this basic idea, faculty, administration and students alike were consulted to refine these pages. thanks should be given to . . . ray couey and irving lloyd for the excellent photography throughout the entire book and for chauffering all over nashville to various picture locations. gary benmark of henington for supplying mondrian layout, column rules, general " know how, " and patience. howard wall, our sponsor, whose patience, understanding, and time helped to produce the best darda ever. sharon maze for her invaluable aid as business manager. 302 . . . acknowledgements in memoriam people everywhere here what i have to say- i want to tell you about the love of God that ' s in my heart today that ' s in my heart today, i searched like lots of people, you see to find some meaning in life for me. i tried all the things in which purpose might lie but deep inside i was living a lie. i had no good reason for my life to go on it ' s sad to say but true then Jesus came and spoke to me saying you know I died for you, yes I died for you. jesus became my friend that day he took away my sin. i now have my reason for my life to go on since he became my friend, yes, he is my friend. garold lee kinnamon June 16, 1950-april 1, 1970 in memoriam . . . 303 . . . and the transient dreams of 1970-71 become silent and mo- tionless-unyielding, unchanging in time, as you turn the pages of the darda may you hear again the shouts of accomplishment, the sighs of disappointment, the shrills of laughter in the haU, may you remember the prayers and dedica- tion of God ' s men, may you re- discover ideas and knowledge first heard from the lips of wise pro- fessors; and in remembering may you realize the power trevecca has had in making you— an individual who tackles obstacles and brings them down, an individual who creates ideas and makes them work, one who is rather than seems to be— dreaming dreams, slaying dragons— living. bob garber editor 304 . . . afterward

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