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3 LOOK TO THIS DAY, FOR IT IS THE VERY LIFE OF LIFE IN ITS BRIEF COURSE LIE ALL THE VERITIES AND REALITIES OF YOUR EXISTENCE MB ■ 5 7 FOR YESTERDAY IS BUT A DREAM AND TOMORROW IS ONLY A VISION; 8 BUT TO PAY WELL LIVED MAKES EVER Y YESTERDAY A DREAM OF HAPPINESS, AND EVERY TOMORROW A VISION OF HOPE. 1 1 13 You simply give to others a bit of yourself - a thoughtful act, a helpful idea, a word of appreciation, a lift over a rough spot, a sense of understanding, a timely suggestion. You take something out of your mind, garnished in kindness out of your heart, and put it into another fellow ' s mind and heart. 15 IN MEMORIAM ALTA LINPSAy REPFORP 1907-1969 HILLS I NEVER LOVED YOUR PLAINS!- YOUR GENTLE VALLEYS, YOUR DROWSY COUNTRY LANES AND PLEACHED ALLEYS. I WANT MY HILLS! - THE TRAIL THAT SCORNS THE HOLLOW. UP, UP THE RAGGED SHALE WHERE FEW WILL FOLLOW. UP, OVER WOODED CREST AND MOSSY BOWLDER WITH STRONG THIGH, HEAVING CHEST, AND SWINGING SHOULDER. SO LET ME HOLD MY WAY , BY NOTHING HALTED, UNTIL, AT CLOSE OF DAY, I STAND, EXALTED. HIGH ON MY HILLS OF DREAM- DEAR HILLS THAT KNOW ME! AND THEN, HOW FAIR WILL SEEM THE LANDS BELOW ME HOW PURE, AT VESPER - TIME, THE FAIR BELLS CHIMING! GOD, GIVE ME HILLS TO CLIMB, AND STRENGTH FOR CLIMBING. STANLEY COLLIER 1946-1969 VCADKMICS lit SECTION EDITOR: SUSIE UEESE ORG VNIZATIONS SECTION EDITORS: CAROLYN HILL SHARON MAZE 56 CLASSES SECTION EDITORS: JAN LOVELY ESTHER CAREY EDITH REECE SI K KU 96 ATHLETICS 132 SECTION EDITORS: TERRI NEAL WANDA TESTERMAN HONORS 182 SECTION EDITOR: LYNDA TAYLOR STUDENT LIFE 206 SECTION EDITORS: LINDA SARTIN JOHNNY MORROW ADVERTISEMENTS 272 SECTION EDITORS: MARY BOSWELL TERRI NEAL TABLE OF CONTENTS TYPIST: BECKY BRIDGES LINDA CAMPBELL ANNA SMITH ART AND LAYOUT: ROBERT GARBER PHOTOGRAPHER: RAY Col KV iii ACADEMICS DR. AND MRS. MARK R. MOORE, President and wife 2 1 DR. WILLIAM J. STRICKLAND Dean of Student Affairs DR. STANTON P. PARRY Dean of the College ADMINISTRATION 23 JUDITH E. PAYNE, B.S., M.B.A., Ph. D. (CPA.) Controller 24 WILLIAM T. DOUGHARTY, A.B., Director of Development and Public Relations CLAUD DIEHL, A.B. Assistant Director of Development PUBLIC RELATIONS JAMES D. VANHOOK, A.B., M.M.E. Assistant Director of Public Relations 26 ALABAMA: Reeford Chaney, Lee Davis, Ralph Marlowe, J. W. Spiva. EAST TENNESSEE: John Andrus, Victor Gray, Oscar Wheaton. FLORIDA: C. B. Nixon, Frank Scott, Milton Smith, Samuel Vann. GEORGIA: Mack Anderson, J. G. Foskey, Bruce Hall, W. E. McCumber. KENTUCKY: Robert Allen, Dallas Baggett, Oliver Huff, Richard Thompson. MISSISSIPPI: W. M. Lynch, J. C. Tousley. NORTH CAROLINA: Odie Page, T. C. Sanders, Dennis Wyrick. SOUTH CAROLINA: J. S. Lee, Carl Pratt, Otto Stucki. TENNESSEE: John Benson, Leon Guill, T. E. Martin, C. E. Shumake. ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES: Claude Galloway, Lloyd Griffin. L.L.D. President Emeritus. 27 REV. AND MRS. JAMES WEEKS, Tennessee Hall MIKE, BECKY, AND MICHELLE SEXTON, TidwelJ Hall BIOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES JOHN W. DIX, A.B., M.A. Departmental Head JERRY COSTA, A.B., M.A. Botany and Health BEVERLY NANCY DILLARD, B.S., M.A.T. Chemistry 30 DR. WILLIAM E. MARTINDALE, A.B., M.Sc, Ph. D. Organic Chemistry 31 HOME ECONOMICS VIRGINIA KING, B.S., M.A. DR. C. B. SMITH, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus 33 GERALD D. SKINNER, B.S., M.S., C.P.A. Departmental Head ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CAROLYN COLLIER, B.S., M.S. Typing and Shorthand 34 DR. LUCIEN DALE, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Business Law DR. PAUL CLECKNER, A.R., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Speech and Radio Broadcasting 38 LARRY L. FINGER, A.B., M.A., Ed.S. Literature and Freshman English ENGLISH AND SPEECH NANCY C. HAYNES, A.B., M.S. English Grammar and Usage PAULETTE JANAWAY, A.B. Art and Painting BARBARA McCLAIN, A.B., B.Mus., M.Mus. MR. BAERG, B.A., B.M.E. Music and History and Applied Piano Private Voice, Part Time 40 MARILYN MUND, B.S., M.S. Private Piano, Part Time WILLIAM 0. GREEN, B.A., M.A. Departmental Head JANICE REID, B.S. Assistant in Intramurals 42 WILLIAM T. SLONECKER, A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Health Education 43 EDWIN LEJEUNE, A.B., M.A. History 44 DR. WILLIAM STRICKLAND, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. History E. DRELL ALLEN, Th.B., B.D. History 45 DR. H. RAY DUNNING, A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Philosophy and Church Administration KOY WRIGHT PHILLIPS, Th.B., B.S., B.D., M.S. Christian Education and Geography DR. MILDRED WYNKOOP, A.B., Th.B., M.S., Th.D. Vpting Head of the Department CHARLES E. BALDWIN, A.B., Th.B., B.D., M.S. New Testament Greek and Christian Doctrine 47 JOHN S. LOWN, B.A., M.A., B.D. French, Latin, and Philosophy DALE L. SIEVERS, Th.B., A.B., M.A. Acting Head of the Department FOREIGN LANGUAGES 48 " 7 I " - " ' ■ tg mini a »i »««.», , , ■ 1 ; • 1 4 1 STAFF CHARLOTTE BEALS GR CK BENTLA WESLEY BENTLY LINDA Dl KES VIRGINIA JENSEN BKENDA M ( K I NOVICE MORRIS KEN PRICE JANICE SMITH CHRISTINE SOYARS MYRA STEPHENS GERRI TETER RAY THRASHER BETH VARIAN HELEN VENNUM 49 A VISION OF HOPE- COME TRUE December 3, 1969 At 2:37 the news came Students gathered from everywhere Bells rang, switchboard jammed People cheered, some cried Long line of cars Horns blew People stared Pompons waved A plane A president A dean A victory We will always look to this day. ■Hp! mWlem 1 •■ ' . ' UV ml ORGANIZATIONS KAREN ENGLAND, Secretary DENNIS MOORE, Trev-Echoes Editor JOANNE FLILWOOD, Darda Editor 59 CLASS REPRESENTATIVES 60 JUNIORS: John Teter, Phil Bowles T.A.A. PRESIDENT, Jim Quiggins; C.W.A. PRESIDENT, Ron Shingleton ROBERT GARBER, Art and Layout JOHNNY MORROW, Student Life SUSIE DEESE, Faculty Editor DARDA STAFF TERRI NEAL, Boys Sports WANDA TESTERMAN, Girls Sports Freshman Class JAN LOVELY Senior Class SUE KAY Sophomore Class EDITH REECE Junior Class ESTHER CAREY Student Life LINDA SARTIN Organizations CAROLYN HILL SHARON MAZE Typist ANNA SMITH LINDA CAMPBELL BECKY BRIDGES It takes a cooperative, dependable, and good photographer to make a yearbook successful. One who is willing to get up at 5:30 in the morning to catch a sunrise. Even if it means getting up three mornings in order to do it. One who is willing to spend 11 hours in the dark room, three days in a row, in order to meet that deadline. One who is willing to move all his equipment to another location, when the electricity went off. All of these things Ray has done and much more in order to help us make this yearbook possible. In appreciation, we dedicate this page to RAY COUEY, photographer. 65 4 t GORDON BRUCK News NORMA BRUMBELOE News ESTHER CAREY Copy RAY COUEY Photographer DAVID DODGE Editorial MARK DOUGHARTY News CAROLYN FOX News RODONNA GUY Features CLAUDIA HANSON Investigation BEVERLY HARMON Copy LOIS HENSON Women ' s Sports COLLEEN JONES Secretary FIRST ROW: Teresa Johnson, Wanda Testerman, Paulette Johnson, Sharon Cronise. SECOND ROW: Connie Farwell, Linda Sartin, John Baird, Joy McClelland, Mary Underwood. TREV-ECHOES JORDAN Manager DALE KILLINGSWORTH Layout Editor HOWARD WALL Sponsor tommy le ; ; Investigation ROBBIE LITTLE Features JANE McCLELLAN Copy SANDRA MASTERS Features SHARON MASTERS Features MARIE RHODEN News FRANK RUCKMAN Men ' s Sports BARBARA SARTIN Features MARTHA SARTIN Cartoonist DEBBIE SCHAFFER Copy BECKY SMITH Secretary LINDA WHITLOW Features SECOND ROW: Loretta Holloway, Treasurer; Sue Kay, Secretary; Becky Bridges, Reporter; Carolyn Hill, Vice President; John Baird, Public Relations; Linda Sartin, President. TUTORING UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN 70 71 L. to R. George Butler, Treasurer; Lois Hill, Secretary; Judy Hill, President; Marshall Duke, V. President. FIRST ROW. L. to R. Debbie Rice, Kathy Ricky, Judy Hill, Carolyn Hill, Lois Hill. SECOND ROW, Mike Estep, Johnny Morrow, Olive Crisp, Debbie Schaffer. THIRD ROW, David Dodge, Marshal Duke, Glen Baird, Jack Myers, Bobby Ruck. FOURTH ROW, Charles Appleby, Danny Jones, Terry Channell, Phil Marklin, Dickie Pinner, Barbara Sartin, Eddie Johnson, Gordon Bruck. 72 r ' FIRST ROW: Debbie Schaffer, JaneUe Whetstone. Janet Hall, SECOND ROW: Thomas Thornton. Janice Snow, Sandra Malone, Becky Buchanan. Melba Stewart, Nevin AUingham. ELCIRCULO ESPA WOL President: Janet Hall; Vice President: Becky Buchanan; Sec. -Treasurer: Janice Show: Sponsor: Mr. Dale Sievers. 73 Ted Hill, President; David Rainwater, Treasurer; Frank Wilcox, V. President; Rachel Tucker, Secretary TOP ROW, L. TO R. Steve Binkley, Robert Croft, Mike Berkner, Lamar Bradley, Henry Glenn, Gary Parrish, David Rainwater, Robert Garber, Ted Hill, Jim Chambers, Donnie Kent, Wanda McGee, Bob Bishop, Joe Laxton, Rachel Tucker, Dave Edwards, Frank Wilcox. 74 Tim Bess President Bill Chambers Vice Pres. Janet Hall Secretary Anna Smith Treasurer Lydia Sheridan Publicity Mardell Young Reporter TREVECCA MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP Dan Benson Sally Cole Randy Cook Claudine Cox Jackie Frye Carolyn Hill Donald Hoagland Richard Holcutt Ann Hughey Phil Jones Sandra Lane Cindy Lowry Sandra Malone Sandra Masters Kelicia Patterson Paul Prye Edith Beece Marie Rhoden Carol Stearns Francis Talkington Rita Thaxton Janellc Whetstone 75 76 77 78 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Charles Benton Marguerite Bowden Secretary Joe Bullock Bobby Burge Bill Chambers David Denson Mike Estep Dennis Fink President Ernest Hinson Reporter Fred Huff Dan Hummer James Johnson Richard Kinzler Ernest Lewis Ted Lovelace Steve Niece Preston Ponce William Reid Chip Rudin Ron Shingleton Mike Smith Randy Smith John Staples V. President Gary Stephens John Teter Ken Turner Michael Whitely Sammy Wood LINE, SHAPE, COLOR, FORM-FOR GREAT President: Phil Jones; V. President: David Porter; Treasurer: Pat White; Secretary : Sarah Morrow; Reporter: Dennis Marks; Sponsor: Pauletta Janaway. 80 Becky Bowers, Secretary; Larry Thompson, President; Mike Perry, Vice President; Doug McClure, Treasurer FIRST ROW: Brenda Murphree, Sharon Russell, Doris Himes, Mary Fish, Becky Boswell, JoAnne Fulwood, Teresa Lindsley. SECOND ROW: Becky Bowers, Barbara Self, Mary Boswell, Marilyn Fahl, Linda Whitlow, Becky Bridges. THIRD ROW: Jordan Conger, Bill Chambers, Johnny Morrow, Steve McCoy, Mike Estep, Herbert McMillian. MUSIC CLUB President Herbert McMillan Vice-President Mary Boswell Secretary Becky Boswell Treasurer Becky Bridges Sponsor Miss Barbara McClain CHORALE F irst Row: Sharon Russell, Tim Braselton, Johnny Morrow, Jane McClelland, Sandra Masters, Anna Smith, Patti Cook. Second Row: Dian Booth, Maxine Reitanio, Judy Young, Gary Parrish, Dwight Modesitt, Carroll Wilson, Ann Smithson, Mary Fish. Third Row: Naomi Suggs, Marilyn Fahl, Lori Speer, Steve McCoy, Jim Chambers, Judy Tousley, Barbara Self, Clara Harvey. Fourth Row: Becky Bowers, Ruth Worley, Roger Hosmer, David Smith, Richard Damon, Dan Spivey, Richard Yardumian, Connie Farwell, Becky Bridges, Beverly Carter. FIRST ROW, L. TO R. Dianne Murphree, Diana Ross, Bobbie Little, Peggy Downing, Becky Boswell, Carmel Robinson. SECOND ROW: JoAmie Fulwood, Teresa Linsley, Claudia Hansen, Wanda McGee, Susan Harrison, Linda Lewis. THIRD ROW: Ernie Lewis, Kick Lord. Mike Perry, Bob Brower, Carl Archer, Dale Taylor, Darrell Breedon, Bill Garrison. FOURTH ROW: Ray Couey, Joe Lanham, Carl Prat I . Steve P.erck. Bill Chambers, Roger Sweeney, David Pangle. CHORA LAIRES SEATED, L. TO R. Becky Boswell. Secretary; Robbie Little. Robe Chairman. STANDING: Ernie Lewis, V. President; Bob Brower. Chaplain: Bill Chambers, President. 83 FIRST ROW: James Brown, Judy Smith, Betty Smith, Nelson Ridley. Waymond Odom, Mickey Johnson. SECOND ROW: Dr. I lleckner, Lair) London, William HasseU, Leroy DaUas, Al Boatman, Charles Torain. 85 ¥ , 1 A YOUNG REPUBLICAN FIRST ROW: Carol Powers, Treasurer; Sue Kay, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Wayne Oldham, President; Dr. Lee, Sponsor; Connie Farwell, Secretary. FIRST ROW: Vicki Warren, Carol Powers. SECOND ROW: Joanne Strada, Sandra Hinkle, Karen Parker, Sue Kay, Marilyn Fahl, Connie Karwell, Donna Dillinger. THIRD ROW: Dr. Lee, Ruthie Butler, Darrell Breeden, Rick Soloky, Mary Ann Booher. KOI K i ll ROW: Jim Quiggins, Dale Kill infjsworth, Phil Bowles, Wayne Oldham. 86 bVMNASIUM RESERVED EVERY WED Afternoon at 400 PM For Women s Volleyball STARTS MARCH 4 " HE WEEK IIANUBILL UUUULLt, APRIL 4 SIGN UP DEADLINE QUI6 SHARON JENN ' 1- FRA UR MIND BLANK GIRLS BASKETBA ME ONE COME ALL JOIN SATURDAY FEBRUARY JENNIE LUNSFORD, Secretary, SHARON CRONISE, V. President; JIM QUIGGINS, President. Not Pictured: FRANK Rl CKM AN. Treasurer. T.A.A. PROMOTES INTRAMURAL SPORTS 87 CIVINETTES... SERVICE TO CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY Teresa Johnson, Vice President; Sue Kay, Chaplain; Karen England, Treasurer; Wanda Testerman, President; Joy McClelland, Secretary. Mar I5i.ll.- Becky Bosw i ll Faith Bradley Sharon Cronise ( !arol n Decs. ' Karen England Connie Farwell JoAnne Fulwood Sandra Greer Lois Henson Loretta Hollow a Paulette Johnson Teresa Johnson Sue Kay Sharon Maze Linda Muecke Jane McClelland Joy McClelland Dianne Murphree Margaret Kagan Carmel Robinson Linda Sartin Barbara Self Debbie Schaffer Anna Smith Lj nda Taylor Wanda Testerman 89 90 FIRST ROW: Dale Killingsworth, Treasurer; Leroy Pepper, President; John Baird, V. President. SECOND ROW: Mark Goodwin, Secretary; Richard Bowden, Chaplain. SPONSOR: Dr. Smith. BUILDERS OF GOOD CITIZENSHIP Bob Brower Byron Bush Charles Chambers Jordan Conger Randy Dillard Jerome Hancock Eric Kesselring Dennis Moore Bob Salser Mike Sexton Clyde Spencer Alan Thompson CIRCLE K . . .A CHANNEL FOR CREATIVE WORK 92 93 95 mi BILL CHAMBERS Stuco Representative DALE KILLINGSWORTH Vice President TERESA JOHNSON President WANDA TESTERMAN Secretary JOHN BAIRD Stuco Representative 1970 SENIORS MILTON AKEY Iowa A.B. 98 FRANCES ABSTON Kentucky B.S. ELMER ALFORD Mississippi A.B. 1970 SENIORS PAT CALDWELL Ohio A.B. LINDA CAMPBELL Virginia B.S. BILL CHAMBERS Florida A.B. 1970 SENIORS 102 1970 SENIORS 104 1970 SENIORS 106 1970 SENIORS DAVID OLTMAN Indiana A.B. BONNIE PEACH Tennessee B.S. PHILIP PENNINGTON Tennessee B.S. LEROY PEPPER Florida A.B. SUSAN PERRY West Virginia B.S. PRESTON PONCE South Carolina B.S. 1970 SENIORS 110 1970 SENIORS JEFFREY SWINK LYNDA TAYLOR WANDA TESTERMAN DAVID VARIAN Illinois Tennessee Virginia Ohio B.S. A.B. B.S. A.B. JUNIORS JOHN TETER Stuco Representative BRENDA SMITH Treasurer PAULETTE JOHNSON Secretary PHIL BOWLES Stuco Representative LARRY DENNIS Vice President JOHN BUTLER President MARSHALL ALLEN BILL AMMANS JANICE BAKER RONALD BAKER JANETTE BEAM 1970 JUNIORS MIKE BIGGS BOB BISHOP PHIL BOWLES FAITH BRADLEY KAY BROWNING GORDON BRUCK NORMA BRUMBELOE JOE BULLOCK BOBBY BURGE GEORGE BUTLER JOHN BUTLER RUTHIE BUTLER LINDA CAB U MYRLE CLEMENTS SALLY COLE JORDAN CONGER RANDY COOK NEAL COOPEPv ROBERT CROFT SHARON CBONISE WAYNE CBOWDEB LABRY DENNIS RANDY DILLARD DAVID DODGE 1970 JUNIORS 115 1970 JUNIORS PEGGY DOWNING DAVID EDWARDS TOM GRAY JEROME HANCOCK BEVERLY HARMON BARBARA HASTY BRENDA HENDERSON DONALD HENDERSON CECIL HOLT PAULETTE JOHNSON SHARON JORDAN DON KENT DICK KINZLER LARRY LADD S m LANE SAUNDRA LITTLE TED LOVELACE ri in i vnu.s herb McMillan elaine meredith melba michael DENNIS MOORE DI ANNE MURPHREE JAMES D. PANGLE 1970 JUNIORS 117 1970 JUNIORS JAMES G. QUIGGINS DAVID RAINWATER ROBERTA RAWLINGS WAYNE RHOTON DIANA ROSS BRYAN RUSSELL, JR. PHIL RITLEDGE BOBBIE SELF MICKEY SHAFFER RON SHINGLETON BRENDA SMITH DENNIS SNODGRASS 118 DAN SPIVEY SH VRON TAYLOR JOHN TETER JUDITH TOUSLEY FRANCES TURNER DELMA JEAN TU KNOCK DONNA WESLEY PATRICIA WHITE MARILYN WRIGHT 1970 JUNIORS 119 SOPHOMORES ALAN THOMPSON President BOB BROWER Stuco Representative BYRON BUSH Stuco Representative SANDRA MASTERS Secretary KEN DAVIS Vice President . EDITH REECE Treasurer JANIE ANDREWS WAYNE ANGLIN GLEN BAIRD BETH BALOF DAN BENSON CHARLES BENTON MICHAEL BERKNER STEPHEN BINKLEY JOYCE BITTERLING DAVID BLUE 120 1970 SOPHOMORES Mll. ' l Wl BOHLE R BECKY BOSWELL MARGl E I ' 1 1 1 B WD] N BOB BROWER JOl BROW1N in i; hi sh DENNIS CAPPS ESTHER CARE DIANE CARLSON BEVERLY CAR! ER KAREN CAR! ER CHARLES CHAMBERS DON CHESN1 TT JEBin CLU Dl .NE COLLINS CLA1 Dl COX JANE DAVIS DOUG DE DAVID DENSON SANDRA DILYARD M VRTII KI) lOM) MICHAEL ESTEP KAREN FOLTZ JACKIE FRYE ROBERT GAR.BER 121 REGINA GOMER KATHY HAGE CLAUDIA HANSON MARGARET HEAD RICK JAMES HICKS SUZIE HICKS RUDY HILDERBRAD LOIS HILL DORIS HIMES ERNIE HINSON MILTON HOLLADAY GARY HOLT KATHY HUGHES FRED HUFF DAN HUMMER CONNIE JOHNSON BONNIE JONES CAROL JOWERS ERIC KESSELRING ERNEST LEWIS LINDA LEWIS TERESA LINDSLEY ROBBIE LITTLE CINDY LOWRY JENNIE LUNSFORD 1970 SOPHOMORES 122 1970 SOPHOMORES RICCl I W STEVE McCOY pat Mcdonald |) M.OI I vitaa McMillan LEE M V k marti i marrs vvaaa i i:ti SANDI! M Wl ERS DAVID M WW ELL SHARON M l ROBERT MILLER SAR II MORROW BRENDA Ml RIM IKK JACK h ERS STEVE NIECE W KM H I NIXl i W U NE I H Dll Wl JOYOWENSB1 J WICK I ' WOKK l) II) P T ' I KRSON SUSAN PATTON ANN PHILLIPS JIM I ' ONCI SANDR i; U 123 EDITH REECE MARIE RHODEN DEBBIE RICE KATHY RICKEY DANIEL RIEDER CARMEL ROBINSON FRANCES RUCKMAN TERRELL SANDERS BARBARA SARTIN DEBBIE SCHAFFER ANNA SMITH BETTY SMITH ELAINE SMITH JUDY SMITH MIKE SMITH RONNIE SMITH JANICE SNOW RICK SOLOKY LINDA SPARKS CLYDE SPENCER CAROL STEARNS MELBA STEWART STEVE STEWART BEVERLY STOCKS RITA THAXTON 1970 SOPHOMORES 124 1970 SOPHOMORES pi If ? ' TISH THOMAS ALAN I I [I 1PS0N RACHEL Tl CKER KEN TURNER DORIS TWO! IIG REVA WARHURST VICKI WARREN RONNIE WELKER LINDA WHITE LIND A WHIT ED MIKE WHITE EE MARSHA WOOD SAMMY WOOD WINTER QUARTER DALE DENEEN PATRICIA PENNINGTON SHARON PETRY CAROL PYLES DELORES SENEFF JO ELLEN SH RPES LOWELL SH V.RPES 125 FRESHMEN BRENDA HAMLIN Treasurer CARL ARCHER Stuco Representative LOIS HENSON Secretary TOMMY LEGG Stuco Representative DON NEWELL President MARTHA SARTIN Vice President PAT ALEXANDER CHARLES APPLEBY BUTCH BAKER RANDALL BEASLEY LINDA BECK GARY BEDWELL JIMMY BENNETT STEVE BERCK BOBBY BLACK HOPE BLANE BILL BOES DIAN BOOTH BILL BO WEN BECKY BOWERS CAROL BRANDENBURG 126 IVMAK BRADLEY tim i:r, SELTO JAMES BROWN MIK1 BROWN BECIO Bl CH WW Jl in Bl TTR M JIM CHAMBERS JI CHAMB1 RS PATTY COOK R U COUEY JOHNNY COX BEV COPE JIM CREEKBAUM EMM lol CRISP MARK DAI GHARTY DEBBIE DA IS DONNA DILLINGER MARILl N EAHL ANDY FARRISH C K()IA E() BILL GARRISON JERRY GLASS HENRY GLENN BRENT GODBEY LAWRENCE GOLDEN SANDRA GRK I R DON GUESMAN RADONNA GUY NANCY HANCOCK 1} NN II KKISON 1970 FRESHMEN 1970 FRESHMEN SUSAN HARRISON STEVE HEADRICK SUSAN HECKATHORN LOIS HENSON RONALD HOAGLAND RICHARD HOCUTT JIMMIE HOLCOMB JONITA HOLLADAY STEVE HOLLEY KYOKA HOMMA ROGER HOSMER MARSHALL HOWELL BYRON HUFF ANN HUGHEY RACHEL JACOBS BARRY JETER LYNN JEWELL COLLEEN JONES PHIL JONES TOM JONES LINDA JORDAN RICHARD JORDAN TIM KEMP LINDA LAMB BRENDA LANE SYLITA LANE GARY LANGSTON JAMES LANHAM TOMMY LEGG JOHN LIGHTY 1 W rr . 1 KICK LORD JAN LOVELY JOYCE LUNSFOKI) VICKIE LI THER JANE McCLEI LAND DDI (i M LI III MIKE McGl [RE NANCY MACKEY SANDK V MALON1 DENNIS MAH KS SHARON MASTERS JACKIE MAI RICE CAROLYN MAY BILI ME DOR JACK Ml I I ' LL SANDY MILLS DELORES MITCHELL D WIGHT MODESITT LAURA MERRITT LINDA MUECKE LA RIO NEWMAN NEIL NEWTON VICHIT Mil NGKORN DEBBIE NIXON TRICIA NOLEN G K PARRISH FELICIA PATTERSON MACK PATTERSON KEN PEERCY KATIh PI I 1 I II 1970 FRESHMEN 1970 FRESHMEN DICKEY PINNER ROBERT PHIPPS DIANE POE DAVE PORTER FRED POSEY CARL PRATT FRED PRESLEY PAUL PRYE DAVID REED MAXINE REITANO RICHARD ROBERTS DONNA ROBINSON LAVETTA ROBINSON VICKY ROWLAND SHARON RUSSELL RUTHIE RUTTAN BOBBY SANDERS MARTHA SARTIN DANNY SEYBT BASIL SHAW TIM SHERRILL BECKY SMITH DAVID SMITH NANCY SMITH PEGGY SMITH PEGGY ANN SMITH LORAINE SPEER MENDELL SPRUILL EUNICE STOREY FRANCIS STOUT 130 WW til 4 11 NAOMI SUGG FRANCES TALKINGTON LAWRENCE TAYLOR KICK T U LOR CHARLES THOMPSON LA RIO THOMPSON MARK T0RBER1 LARRY TUCKER JUD1 EN VBLE FRED VRREN JANELLE WHETSTONT LINDA WHITLOW JOHN Wil l i WIS LARRY WILLIAMS CARROLL WILSON CURTIS WILSON MIKE WINRUSH GARY WOOD RUTH WO RLE Y RICHARD l!l)( Ml JACK YEAGER JUDY YOUNG 1970 FRESHMEN ALPHAS FIRST ROW: Eddie Johnson, BUI Amnions, Steve Ritchie, Curtis Wilson, Bobby Black. SECOND ROW: Wendel Nixon, Ricci Lynn, Bob Brower, Al Boatman. 134 ' irst Row: Mike Estep, Don Newell, Jimmy Marklin, Allen Massingale, Mendell Spmill, Carl Pratt, Larry Ladd, David Digby. Second Row: Coach Dale Stevenson, Al ' oung, Ernie Lewis, Terry Neal, Bill Breeden, Chuck Chambers, Steve Holly, Steve Owensby, Bob Newton, Bryon Bush, Trainer, Doug Dean, Head Coach, Richard leitano. 136 FIRST ROW: Ernie Hinson, Allen Thompson, Mike Winbush. SECOND ROW: Jack Meneffe, Dennie Snodgrass, Bill Meador, Tommy Legg. 137 Al Boatman Alpha Halfback Sophomore Chuck Chambers Beta Tackle Sophomore Ken Davis Mpha Guard Sophomore 1 ■ 1 Steve Holly Beta End— Offense Freshman Fred Huff Gamma Linebacker Sophomore ALL STARS 139 Ricci Lynn Alpha Linebacker Sophomore Allen Massingale Beta Halfback Freshman Steve Mills Delta Tackle Freshman ALL STARS 1 • Terry Neal Beta Center Senior Dickie Pinner Delta End Sophomore 140 Dennis Snodgrass Gamma Middle Guard Junior ALL STARS Alan Thompson Gamma Halfback Sophomore Al Young Beta Halfback Freshman 141 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Ricci Lynn, Ken Davis, Steve Soloky, Bobby Black. SECOND ROW: Charlie Hare, Jordy Conger, Al Hardy, Tommy Gray. FIRST ROW: Bob Salser, Ronald Baker, Mike Winbush, Ron Smith, Larry Thompson. SECOND ROW: Dennis Snodgrass, Jerome Hancock, Bill Meador, Glenn Cunningham, Jack Meneffe. " How many times have I told you. . .? " Trevecca is indeed fortunate to have the services of the talented and versatile Bill Boner as their basketball coach. As a small token of appreciation, these pages are in tribute to Bill Boner. After a few wins maybe they ' ll buy him a desk. 148 " No, I ' m sorry, but we can ' t play Vandy this year. " " I hope they don ' t do that in a real game. " " I ' ll be President some day. ' 149 " Who said Penn State could beat Kansas ' " 150 " She ' s my private number. " " The Old Red Dog Smile, " shines on. Our first graduating, varsity basketball player: first most valuable player. Mike Sexton. Mike gets on it. 1ST ROW: Richard Roberts, Charles Torain, Tim Kemp, Nelson Ridley, Mickey Johnson, William Hassell, Gary Bedwell. 2ND ROW: Coach Bill Boner Frank Ruckman, Bill Amnions, Mike Sexton, Butch Baker, John Williams, Clyde Spencer, Brent Godbey, Al Hardy, Coach Bill Green, Steve Powers. TROJAN VARSITy 153 GARY BEDWELL Forward BUTCH BAKER Forward 154 161 163 164 166 167 169 172 CHEERLEADERS BOOST SCHOOL SPIRIT I 179 GAMMA CHEERLEADERS Judy Grossman Joyce Lunsford Carol Jowers Ruth Ruttan WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES FIRST ROW: Linda Caraway, Jane Davis. SECOND ROW: huleta Sweeney, Lynda Taylor, Joy McClelland, Connie Farwell, Esther Carey, Marie Rhoden. THIRD ROW: Rrenda Smith, MelLa Stewart, Janice Baker, Sharon Cronise, Nancy Jones. FOURTH ROW; Charles Davis. John Teter, Leroy Pepper, Phil Bowles. HONOR SOCIETY EXCELS IN CHARACTER LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SERVICE HOMECOMING CANDIDATES AND COURT MARY BOSWELL, Sophomore 198 WANDA TESTERMAN, Senior HOMECOMING QUEEN TERESA JOHNSON 199 RUTHIE BUTLER JUNIOR VALENTINE CANDIDATES MARGARET HEADRICk J I MOR 201 SUSAN PATTON JUNIOR 202 CARMEL ROBINSON SOPHOMORE CHARLOTTE TROGDEN Jl NIOR 203 VALENTINE COURT 204 HI VALENTINE QUEEN MARGARET HEAPRICK 209 213 215 219 222 223 225 227 231 233 Mrs. Dan Hummer, Nurse 1st Row: Mildred Morgan, Lorene Roberts, Catherine Belefant. 2nd Row: Larry Westerman, Manager, Vance Stephenson, Leo Hargis. STUDENT SERVICES BOOKSTORE Mrs. Morris, Manager; Judy Smith, Terri Channell, Jim Chambers, Vickie Luther, Joyce Bitterling 240 FOOP ERVICE IT U K f l 0 D • Lynda la y ,or ' Marguerite Bowdoin, Debbie Schaffer, Becky Sexton-Head Operator, Felicia OWllvn D U 8 l 1 ' Patterson, Jane McClelland, Marilyn Fahl. POST OFFICE John Butler. Carol Jowers, Phyllis Penticuff. Carniel Robinson. Sharon Masters, Carl Pratt. Sharon Maze. 241 MUSIC DEPARTMENT PRESENTS... AMAH L AND THE NIGHT VISITORS FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS CHRISTMAS PARTY A TIME FOR OS JUNIORS SPONSOR HALLOWEEN PARTY 252 OLD-FASHIONED THANKSGIVING 256 259 261 263 264 265 267 HOLINESS IN LLLE ndLE ARNINC On Monday, February 9, Revival came to Trevecca. Friends were made, disagreements were settled, souls were won. . . There were all night prayer meetings, early morning victories, witness teams traveling thoughout the country. . . There have been many revivals in the history of Trevecca, bu t this revival we will never forget. For in it we have found the very Life of life. We have caught a glimpse of tomorrow. A vision of hope has come true. Yes, we will look back and remember, this year, and this day. 271 274 Diane Collins 0 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 340 Lee Street Bowling Green, Kentucky Pastor: William L. Rhoades Minister of Music: Mrs. Lottie Buster Student Attending: Diane Collins BAPTIST BOOK STORE THE ALAMO PLAZA COURTS 450 Murfreesboro Etd. Nashville. Tennessee Service with a Christian Distinction Coast to Coast 1010 Broadway in Nashville 275 CONGRATULATIONS TREVECCA ON ACCREDITATION EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT DR. VICTOR E. GRAY, DIST. SUPT. BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1970 CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 160] N. Highland We. CLEARWATER, FLORIDA K 13-446-7259 Margaret Gould Min. ol Music Jack Taylor Sunday School Superintendent Joy Clements N.F.M.S. President Betty Myriek N.Y.P.S. President Paul Park Trustee Chairman Mervyn Hassell Steward Chairman CHURCH MOTTO A stranger once— a friend always. THE EVANGELISTIC- SINGING PASTOR: ARTHUR W.GOULD . CHURCH KEN TAYLOR, SR. Complete Insurance Service Life— Health— Casuality General Insurance Underwriters 2311 Elliston Place Office:291-0723 Res: 262-0898 Nashville, Tennessee 37202 ZEPHYRHILLS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE L804 L2th St. Zephyrhills, Fla. PASTOR: LESLIE C. POE 277 i MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT R E V E C C A INSEPARABLE REV. W. M. LYNCH, DIST. SUPT. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 70! SERVING THE INTERNATIONAL CITY OF THE SOUTH FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA PAUL E. BARNES, PASTOR STUDENTS: Kill Amnions Rin Creekbottom CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 70 WHEN IN LOUISVILLE, KY. BE SURE TO VISIT THE FARMDALE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Located on the Outer Loop at Smyrna Rd. Oliver C. Huff, Pastor 4506 Lambert Ave. Louisville, Ky. 40219 Congratulations to the Class of 70 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA D. PAUL RAY PASTOR SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT. NWMS PRESIDENT NYPS PRESIDENT TREVECCA STUDENT WALTER PHILLIPS W.E. SLAYMAKER BILL ROWAN 2 7c, GARY PARRISH TENNESSEE DISTRICT DR. C.E. SHUMAKE, DIST. SUPT. ADVISORY BOARD Dr. C. E. Shumake, Chairman Dr. T. E.Martin Rev. Edward Cox Mr. John T. Benson, jr. Mr. Marvin Nash Mr. Wendell Poole Mr. Leon Guill DISTRICT OFFICERS Rev. C.T. Duckett District Secretary Mr. James A. Pate District Treasurer Rev. George Pitzer Chairman Dist. Church Schools Rev. Jesse C. Middendorf District N.Y.P.S. President Mrs. C.E. Shumake District N.W.M.S. President A CHURCH THAT SUPPORTS ITS SCHOOLS A SCHOOL THAT SUPPORTS ITS CHURCH CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1970 280 CONGRATULATIONS TREVECCA ON ACCREDITATION SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT OTTO STUCKI, DIST. SUPT. TRUSTEES: OTTO STUCKI B. W. DOWNING J. S. LEE BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1970 281 GRACE CHURCH t °he NAZARENE JOHN W. MAY, PASTOR MIKE ESTEP, MINISTER OF YOUTH BUD JOHNSTON, MINISTER OF MUSIC 2518 Gallatin Road Nashville, Tennessee 37216 WHERE STUDENTS MEET, WORSHIP, AND SERVE THE BAR - B.- CUTIE DRIVE IN FINEST OF BAR-B-CUE 282 THE TOWERS BEAUTY SALON TREVECCA TOWERS-60 LESTER AVENUE THE GEORGIA DISTRICT GET GEORGIA ON YOUR MIND STORE LOCATIONS Where to go when the whole family ' s hungry: RED BARN Eat it here, take it home Hamburger Pure U.S.D.A. inspected beef Cheeseburger- they ' re delicious Big Barney cheese, lettuce, pickle ai Chicken - Red Barn ' s Ne w Fried Chicken is so good we guarantee it — you must be satisfied or your money back SNACK - 2 pieces chicken, french fries ■ double-deck hamburger with cheese, lettuce, pickle and our own sauce 234 274 494 DINNER - 3 pieces chicken, potatoes, roll, cole slaw. 794 $ 1.29 BARNFUL - 9 pieces, serves 3 or 4 people .Z. 39 BUCKET - 15 pieces, serves 5 to 7 people 3.95 BARREL - 21 pieces, serves 8 to 10 people 5.25 Fish Sandwich a real taste delight! 494 Also french fries, cole slaw, potatoes, shakes and soft drinks Where it ' s fun to eat VANCE ' S BAKERY HOME OF: 35 PURE OLE FASHIONED PIES 12 PURE OLE FASHIONED SWEET BREADS 6 PURE OLE FASHIONED SWEET MUFFINS EVERY ITEM MUST PLEASE PHONE: 292-8992 284 3303 WEST END NASHVILLE, TENN. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 237 AVENUE F, S.W. WINTER HAVEN, FLA. ■ 1M STUDENT: CHARLES DAVIS ■J CHATTANOOGA FIRST CHURCH SALUTES THESE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS AND DEDICATED CHRISTIANS WERE AMONG 2,159 INDIVIDUALS, SCHOOLS, ORGANIZATIONS, AND BUSINESSES CHOSEN IN NATIONAL COMPETITION TO RECEIVE FREEDOMS FOUNDATION AWARD. THE AWARDS WHICH WERE ANNOUNCED [N 1969 WERE IN RECOGNI- TION OF PROMOTING " A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE " DURING 1968. REVEREND ANDRUS WAS CITED FOR A SERMON HE DELIVERED JULY3, 1968 ENTITLED " I BELIEVE IN AMERICA. " MISS HEADRICK WAS SELECTED FOR AN ESSAY ENTITLED " UNITEI ) E STAND. " AS A RESULT OF THE AWARD REVEREND AND MRS. ANDRUS WORSHIPED WITH PRESIDENT AND MRS. NIXON AT THE WHITE HOUSE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1969. 285 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1 970 THE ALABAMA DISTRICT SUPPORTS TREVECCA REV. REEFORD CHANEY, DIST. SUPT. TRUSTEES: REV. REEFORD CHANEY REV. BARNEY BRUMBELOE MR. RALPH MARLOWE MR. J. W. SPIVA 286 H ■ ■ ■ ■ THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT. . . - WHERE TNC PROSPECTS ARE (I ROWING! - WHERE TNC ALUMNI ARE COI i ! 287 TALK UP TREVECCA WE DO FLORIDA DISTRICT A. MILTON SMITH, DIST. SUPT. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 849 BRYAN AVENUE LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 40505 GAINESVILLE FIRST SUPPORTS T.N.C. 302 S. E. 1st Ave. Gainesville, Fla. PASTOR: H.P. COOPER 289 Atlanta First Church Supports T.N.C. C.S. Cowles, Pastor Congratulations Class of 1970 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE JACKSON AT K STREET PENSACOLA, FLORIDA 32505 TELEPHONE: 432-7071 FORD BOONE, PASTOR RIVERSIDE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ATLANTA, GEORG1 REV. THEO CARTER, PASTOR WE SUPPORT THE WHOLE PROGRAM OF T.N.C. PRAISE GOD FOR TNC ACCREDITATION . ..AND WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION FOR PRESIDENT MOORE, THE ADMINIS- TRATION, THE FACULTY, AND A GREAT TREVECCA STUDENT BODY. . . .IT IS OUR JOY TO PAY THE TNC BUDGET IN FULL AND SUPPORT TNC WITH OUR PRAYERS. Wendel Nixon Dennis Marks CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MIAMI, FLORIDA CLIFTON B. NIXON, PASTOR 291 FLORIDA DISTRICT N.Y.P.S. ALIVE UNTO GOD CONGRATULATIONS T.N.C. PRINCETON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PASTOR: REV. GENE WILLIAMS 292 PRINCETON, FLORIDA BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 EAST TRINITY LANE NASHVILLE, TENN. BOH MADISON, PASTOR A FRIENDLY CHURCH WITH A WARM WELCOME 293 A Church That Cares About YOUTH DR. T. E. MARTIN, PASTOR Minister of Education REV. DON L. NEWELL Minister of Music GENE SMITH Calling Minister REV. L. B. MATHEWS Sunday School Supt. HOWARD SPRUILL N.Y.P.S. President JAMES PATE, JR. N.W.M.S. President MRS. ROBERT HARDIN REV. BOB COOK Minister to Youth FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 WOODLAND STREET NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 294 " There is hope for every troubled person in the world! It matters not about your past, nor how dark your present, nor how terrifying the thoughts of your future! There is hope through Jesus Christ, our Lord. " OFFICIAL DIRECTORY OF STUDENTS A15f E . RRON. ' . ill Linden. Newport, Kv. VBS ION. FRANCES. Albany. Kv. VKEY, Mil rON, 815 Y 9lh. Burlington, Iowa ALEXANDER, PATRICI I I N,947 Par Ave. Memphis, Tn. ALFORD, ELMOER, 2112 Openwood, Vicks- burg. Miss. ALLEN, DONALD, 2706 Glenrose, Nashville, Tn. ALLINGHAM, NEVIN, 124A Holt Rd., Aliquip- pa, Penn. AMMONS, HILL, 4300 Franklin Rd., Nashville, Tn. ANDREWS, fANE, Plainfield, hid. ANGLIN, WAYNE, Rt. 1, Dover, Tn. APPLEBY, DAVID, Rt. 3, Greensboro. Kt. ARCHER, CARL, 10216 Newport Cir., Tampa, Fla. ARNOLD, VERNICE, P.O. Box 13, Antioch, Tn. BAIRD, GLEN, 6916 Clovis Rd., Jacksonville. Fla. BAIRD, JOHN, 6916 Clovis Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. BAKER, ALAN, 107 Ridge St., Bishopville, S.C. BAKER, BUTCH, 3686 Allesio Rd., Whites Creek. Tn. BAKER. FAYE, Rt. 1, Box 104, Boggstown, hid. BAKER, LYNN, Rt. 1, Tell City, Ind. BALW1N, JOHN, 4013 Keeley Dr., Antioch, Tn. BALOF, BETH, Bear Run Rd., Russell, Kt. BARROW, JAN, 1018 E. DeSota, Pensacola, Fla. BEAM, MADGE, 415 E. 2nd, Cameron, Missouri BEASLEY, RANDY, 426 South 4th, Nashville, Tn. BECK, LINDA, 3415 W. End, Nashville, Tn. BEDWELL, GARY, Rt. 6, Springfield, Tn. BENNETT, JIM, Rt. 4, Franklin, Tn. BENSON, DAN, 205 S. Commerce, Sebring. Fla. BENTON, CHARLES, 3213 Panorama, Bor- deaux. Tn. BERCK, STEVE, 1730 Loch Lomond, Atlanta. Ga. BERKNER, MIKE, 1615 Woodrow, Macon, Ga. BERRY, TAUL, 2820 Main St., Ashland, Kt. BESS, TIM, 1000 Holmes Ave., Lima, Ohio BIDLE, MARY, 7651 14th St. N. St., Peters- burg. Fla. BEWLEY. TIM, Glasgow, Ky. BIGGS. MIKE, 422 Highland, Lewisburg. Tn. BINKLEY, STEVE, 304 Polk Ave., Nashville. Tn. BISHOP, MAR1ELLA, 1214 Shelton, Ave., Nashville, Tn. BISHOP, BOB, 203 N. Elm, Monterey, Tn. BITTERLING, JOYCE, Caro, Mich. BLACK, BOB, 18 Northwood Dr.. Wilmington, N.C. BLANE, KATHY, Rt. 1, Indian Mound. Tn. BLUE, DAVID, 9 Middlesex Dr., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla. BOATMAN, AL, 34461 Ivey Ct., Orlando, Fla. BOES, BILL, Rt. 1, Lewis, Ind. BOHLER, MIRIAM, Rt. 2. Blairsville. Ga. BOLEMAN, JEAN, Green Hill Cr., Gainesville. Ga. BOOHER, MARY, Jamestown, Tn. BOOTH, PAT. 1289 S.VV. 21st St., Gainesville. Fla. BOSWELL, MARY, 418 Beech Ave., Charleston, W.Va. BOSWELL, BECKY, 418 Beech Ave., Charles- ton, W. Va. BOWDEN, CAROLYN, 1902 Boscobel St., Nashville. Tn. BOWDEN, RICHARD, 1902 Boscobel St., Nash- ville. Tn. BOWDOIN, MURRIEL, 6 Dale St.. Pensacola. Fla. BOWEN. BILLY, 1404 Antioch Pk.. Nashville, Tn. BOWERS, FOE, 701 N. Buchanan, Little Rock, Ark. BOWERS, MARY, Box 118, Mabelvale, Ark. BOWERS, BECKY, 701 N. Buchanan, Little Rock, Ark. BOWLES. PHIL, 834 Evelyn Ave., Louisville. Ky. W) KT ' I ' , EUGENE, 702 Pendergast, Waycross, Ga. BRADLEY, DWIGHT, 2600 Lakeshore Dr., Old Hickory, Tn. BHADLEY, FAITH, 337 S. 18th Ave., Hope- well, Va. BRANDENBURG, BRENDA, Rt. 7, Lexington, Ohio lilt I)ENBURG, SUE, Rt. 7, Lexington, Ohio BRANNON, CHERYL, Rt. 1, Powder Springs, Ga. BRASELTON, JIM, Box 307, Owensville, Ind. BKKEDEN, DARRELL, Rt. 2, Odon, Ind. BREEDEN, BILL, Rt. 2, Odon, Ind. BRIDGES, BECKY, Rt. 1, Vinemont, Ala. BROOKS, WAYNE, 1509 Lillian, Nashville, Tn. BROWER, BOB, 1232 Woodland, Lakeland, Fla. BROWN, GLENN, Box 112, Camden, Tn. BROWN, JOY, Signal Mtn., Tn. BROWN, GERALD. Signal Mtn., Tn. BROWN, JACKIE 7th St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. BROWN, JAMES, 4024 Hoeker Rd., Nashville, Tn. BROWN, MIKE. Mackey, hid. BROWNING, KAY, 634 Vinson Vill., Dublin, Ga. BRUGK, GORDON, 1939 Beaver La., McLean, Va. BRUMBELOE, NORMA, 815 N. Broadway, Sylaacauga, Ala. BRUMFIELD, BILL, 85 Lester Ave., Nashville. Tn. BRYANT. RHEDA, Box 314, Whitesprings, Fla. BR1 NT, RHODA, Box 314, Whitesprings, Fla. BUCHANAN, BECKY, 401 E. Oak, Crothers- ville, Ind. BUCKLEY, BARBER, 2205 Pinewood, Nash- ville, Tn. BULLOCK, JOE, 1808 Max St., Moss Pt., Miss. BURGE, BOB, 6129 Shadow Wood Ct., Orlan- do, Fla. BUSH, BYRON, 6129 Shadow Wood Ct., Orlando, Fla. BUTLER, RUTH, 4376 E. Durham Cr., Stone Mtn., Ga. BUTTRAM, KAY, Monterey, Tn. BUTTREY, BILL, Rt. 2. Fairview, Tn. CALDWELL, BOB, Box 119, Oakman, Ala. CALDWELL, PAT, 500 Ohio Pk., Cincinnati. Ohio CALE, JEAN, 339 Elk Place, Romney, W.Va. CAMPBELL, LINDA, Rt. 8, Roanoke, Va. CAPPS, DENNIS, Rt. 2, McEwen, Tn. CARAWAY, LINDA, 1302 Winthorne Dr.. Nashville, Tn. CAREY, ESTHER, 812 Parrigen La., Man- chester, Tn. CARLSON, DIANE, 1837 Bankhead Pkwy., Hanisville, Ala. CARTER, BEVERLY, 207 W. 11th St., Til ton. Ga. CARTER, KAREN, 3430 Morgan. Ashland. k . CARTER, KELLY, 4312 Maryville Dr.. Louis- ville, Ky. CAWLEY, DEE. 7001 Sunhury Rd.. Westerville. Ohio CHAMBERS, CHUCK. 14203 S.W. 260 St.. Naranja, Fla. CHAMBERS, LYNN, 4th Ave., Homestead. Fla. CHAMBERS, JUDY, 4th Ave., Homestead, Fla. CHAMBERS, BILL, 4th Ave.. Homestead, Fla. CHANG, CHING MING. 612 2nd Ave. S., Nashville, Tn. CHANNELL, TERRI, 1910 W. Belmont, Pensa- cola, Florida CHESNUTT, DONNA, Rt. 6, Columbus, Miss. CHRISTENBI Rl , SUE, Charlotte, N.C. CHURCH, FRED, Welch, W. Va. CLAY, GERALD, 4429 Baton Rouge. Nashville, Tn. CLEMENTS, JEAN, Box 23, Scott, Ga. COLE, SALLY, 129 Branlord St., Manchester, Conn. COLLINS, DIANE, 1205 Lealand, Bowbng Green, Ky. CONGER, JORDY. 206 N. Central, Tifton. Ga. COOK, RANDY, 1010 5th Ave., Decatur, Ga. Cook. I ' M. Banddock Rd.. Centerville, Va. COOPER, NEAL, 615 S.E. Wenona, Ocala, Fla. COOPRIDER. FAYE, 360 S. Central, Richland City, Wis. COPE, ANN. 1529 Candyee St.. Lakeland. Fla. COUEY, KEN, Munger Dr.. Livonia, Mich. COUEY, RAY, Munger Dr., Livonia, Mich. COVERT, DON, 2354 University Blvd., Jack- sonville, Fla. COWART, ESTHER, Rt. 6. Parkersburg, W. Va. COWART, MIKE, Rt. 6, Augusta. Ga. COX, ELAINE, 600 Ridge, Rockwood, Tn. COX, GLENDA, 105 McCrorj St., Cordova, Ala. COX, JOHN, 6815 Fleetwood Dr.. Nashville, Tn. CREEKBAUM, JIM, 1300 Franklin Rd.. Nash- ville, Tn. CRISP, EMMA, Tomahawk, Ky. CRISP, OLIVE, Tomahawk. Ky. CROFT, ROBERT, [nverneis, Fla. CRONISE, SHARON, 627 Murray Ave., Roanoke, Va. CROSSMAN, JUDY, 389 Wimpolc Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. CROWDER, WAYNE, 1715 Claire St., Charles- ton, W. Va. CUNNINGHAM, GLENN, 5705 Kohertson Rd., Nashville, Tn. DALLAS, LEROY. Rt. 7, Orlando. Fla. DAMON, RICK, Rt. 2, Council Bluffs, Iowa DARULLA, DAN, 2220 Main St., Wellsburg, W. Va. DAVIS, CHARLES, 2150 Ave. D.. Winter Haven, Fla. DAVIS, ANN, 2706 Rosalee Dr.. Hampton, Va. DAVIS, JANE, 7121 St. Joe Centr. Rd., Rt. Wayne, Ind. DAVIS, KEN. Box 85, Langle . S. DEAN, DOUG, 7925 Wainwright, lacksonvUle. Fla. DEAN, THOMAS, 3704 Westbrook Dr.. Nash- ville, Tn. DEESE, CAROLYN. 73 Pari- ve.. Nashville, Tn. DENNIS, ANN. L219 Mineview, We., Norfolk, Va. DENSON, DAVID, Box 6. Gardendale. Ala. DEVANE, JIM. 7(11 N. Toombs, aldosta,Ga. DEW, DAWN, 3433 Marlborough Ave.. Nash- ville, Tn. DIGBY. CAROL, 2554 Skylark Dr., Marietta. Ga. DIGBY, DAVE, 1192 Sue La. Ct., Vtlanta, Ga. DILLARD. RANDY, Rt. I. Rock Springs, Georgia DILLINCI K. ( ROL. Hon 204. Sehring, Fla. DILLINGER, JEAN, Box 294, Sebring. Fla. DILYARD. KAY, Rt. 1, Archbold, Ohio DODGE, DAVE, 2044 Little John Rd., Kan Gallic. Fla. DOUGH ARTY, MARK, 2520 Stones River Ct, Nashville, Tn. DOWNING, PEGGY, 408 W. Central, Fitzgerald, Ga. DUKE, MARSHALL. 1704 Neal Terrace. Nash- ville, Tn. EAGLESTON, BILL, 808 Grant Ave., Cam- bridge, Ohio EATON, TERRI. 3521 Tyrone Dr., LouisvUle. Ky. EDENS, STEVE, 9 Monongalia St.. Charleston. W. Va. EDMONDS. M R 1 11 N. Dutton, Ua. 295 EDWARDS, JOE, 3816 Kingswood Ave., Nash- ville, Tn. EDWARDS, DAVID, 4936 Holland Dr.. Mid- land, Ga. EGNOR, RICK, 97 Gobby.St., Logan, W. Va. EKBUNDIT, WANCHAI, 80 Hart St., Nashville. Tn. ELAM, BETTY, 740 Buffalo St., Wylam, Ala. ENGLAND, KAREN, 3832 Forest, Jacksonville, Fla. ESTEP, MIKE, 2235 Beech, Ashland, Ky. FABRIZIO, BEATRICE, N. Main Rd., Newfield, N.J. FAHL. RUTH, 4004 Ivy Dr., Nashville, Tn. FAIRBANKS, LARRY, 40 E. 42nd St., Hialeah, Fla. FARISH, ANTHONY, 631 Spruce, Clarksdale, Miss. FARWELL, CONNIE, 4538 Oxford St., West Palm Beach, Fla. FETTERS, DAVID, 1980 W. Centerville Rd., Dayton. Ohio FETTERS, RANDY, 1980 W. Centerville Rd., Dayton, Ohio FINK, DENNIS, 3811 Sheridan, Denver, Co. FISCHER, NORBERT, 2023 Hutton Dr., Nashville, Tn. FISH, MARY, Box 323, Zephyrhills, Fla. FISHER, WALTER, 8421 S.W., 184 Terrace, Miami, Fla. FOLTZ, KAREN, Rt. 3, Morresville, N.C. FOSKEY, KEN. Adrian, Ga. FOSTER, SARAH, 1417 Oakland Acres, Madi- son, Tn. FOX, CAROLYN, Victoria, Va. FREY, PAUL, 6180 Eaton Creek, Rd., Nasvhille, Tn. FRY, NANCY, 705 River Hts., Tampa, Fla. FRYE, JACKIE, 358 Ft. Evans Dr., Leesburg, Va. FULWOOD, JO ANNE, 625 N.E. 6th St.. Gainesville, Fla. GADD, DIANNE, 176 Apache St., Miami Springs, Fla. GARBER, ROBERT, 4800 Maple St., Wilming- ton, N.C. GARRISON, BILL, 1310 Garrison Dr., Williams- burg, Va. GIVANS, SHIRLEY, 5409 Jessamine La., Louis- ville, Ky. GLASS, TOM, 2252 Lou Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. GLENN, HENRY, 5703 Morrow Rd., Nashville, Tn. GODBEY, BRENT, Rt. 1, Eubank, Ky. GOLDEN, LAWRENCE, 406 Farway Ave., Charlottesville, Va. GOMER, REGINA, Rt. 7, Charleston, W. Va. GOODWIN, MARK, Rt. 1, Woodbury, Ga. GRAY, BILL, Spencer St., Signal Mtn., Tn. GREER, SANDRA, Rt. 2, Old Charlotte Rd., Nashville, Tn. GREGORY, JOE, 3917 Devonshire Dr., Nash- ville. Tn. GRIGGS. BECKY, 1903 Pinehurst Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. GRIGGS, BILL, 1903 Pinehurst Dr., Nashville, Tn. GRLIBB, JOYCE, 307 W. Central Ave., Albany, Ky. GRUBB, PAUL, 1416 S. 11th St., Ironton, Ohio GUESMAN, DON, 8032 Fair, Strongsville, Ohio GUMM, JOHN, 953 Wilder Ave., Elynia, Ohio GUNN, DONNA, 410 118th St., Tampa, Fla. GUY, RODONNA, 2425 Yates Dr.. Augusta, Ga. HAGE, KATHY, 714 N.W. 33rd St., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla. HALE, DAVID, 800 Shade, Sarasota, Fla. HALL, JANET, 745 Eaton St., Elizabeth, N.J. HAMBRICK, PAUL, Joelton, Tn. HAMLIN, BRENDA, Rt. 2, Ashville, N.C. HANCOCK, JEROME, 155 Scenic Rd., Weirton, W.Va. HAND, DAVID, 935-C Fartherland St., Nash- ville, Tn. HAND, MARY, 935-C Fatherland St., Nashville, Tn. HANSON, GAIL, 1560 Linda Lou Dr., West Palm Beach, Fla. HARBOLD, DONNA. 1601 Saxon St., Cincin- nati, Ohio 296 HARDEN, JAMES, TNC Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tn. HARDER, LINDA, 303 Halls La., Nashville, Tn. HARDIN, NAOMI, Rt. 2, Goodlettsville, Tn. HARDY, AL, 118 Roberts Ave., Haddenfield, N.J. HARMON, BEVERLY, 711 Farnsworth St., Pascagouia, Miss. HARPER, CONNIE, 443 W. DueWest Ave., Nashville, Tn. HARRIS, DON, 1501 Preston, Nashville, Tn. HARRIS, STEVE, 3034 Merwyn Ave., Pitts, Pa. HARRISON, BILLY, Loudon, Tn. HARRISON, LYNN, 9522 Hemlock Dr., Hunts- ville, Ala. , HARRISON, SUSAN, 4896 Kalamath Rd., Vir- ginia Beach, Va. HARVEY, CLARA, Box 76, West Chester, Pa. HASSELL, BILL, 931 Largo Dr., Nashville, Tn. HASTY, BARBARA, 282 Silverdeen Dr., Nash- ville, Tn. HAWK1NS,BILL, 1009 Dew St., Nashville, Tn. HAYES, MARYLYN, 1325 Cheyenne Blvd., Madison, Tn. HAYNES, JIM, McKay Hall, Nashville, Tn. HEADRICK, MARGARET, 517 Randall St., Dixon Tn. HEADRICK, STEVE, 517 Randall St., Dixon, Tn. HECKATHORN, JIM, Rt. 3, Bridge, N.J. HECKATHORN, SUE, Rt. 2, Bridgeton, N.J. HENDERSON, BRENDA, Rt. 1, Winchester, Tn. HENDERSON. DON, 1100 Oldham Ave., Knox- ville, Tn. HENSON, SUSAN, 299 Ada Dell Ave., Hurri- cane, W.Va. HENSON, LOIS, 297 Ada Dell Ave., Hurricane, W.Va. HICKS, JAMES, 1018 Stafford, Clarksville, Tn. HICKS, SUSIE, 2932 Lucille, Ashland, Ky. HILDERBRAND, RUDY, 185 E. Hampton, Staunton, Va. HILL, BARBARA, Rt. 1, Green Bank, W. Va. HILL, BRENDA, Rt. 2, Hendersonville, N.C. HILL, CAROLYN, Box 366, Newberry, Fla. HILL, JUDY, Box 366, Newberry, Fla. HILL, LOIS, Green Bank, W. Va. HILL, TED, Rt. 4, S. Hollywood Dr., East Liverpool, Ohio HIMES, DORIS, 1444 Cliff Ave., Eustis, Fla. HINKLE, SANDRA, Cissna Park, Illinois HINSON, ERNEST, Rt. 3, Nashville, Ga. HOAGLAND, CRAIG, 93 Nance La., Nashville, Tn. HOCUTT, RICHARD, Rt. 1, AdamsviUe, Fla. HOLCOMB, JIM, 292 St., Leisure City, Fla. HOLLADAY, JAMES, 125 Senic Dr., Oak Ridge, Tn. HOLLADAY, JONETA, 1355 Poplar, Grenada, Miss. HOLLEY, STEVE, 462 Morgan, Lexington, Ky. HOLLOWAY, LORETTA, 1403 Cannon Blvd., Shelbyville, Tn. HOLT, CECIL, 530 S. 6th St., Nashville, Tn. HOLT, GARY, 2550 Timberly Dr., Marietta, Ga. HOMMA, KYOKO, Box 229, Lawrenceville, Ga. HOOD, REBA, 1050 Robertson St., Kingsport, Tn. HOSMER, ROGER, 232 S. Ann Arbor St., Saline, Mich. HOUSTON, WES, Huxley, Iowa HOWELL, MARSHALL, Rt 5, Concord, N.C. HUDSON, JAMES, Rt. 4, Seymour, Ind. HUFF, FRED, 100 W. Oak St., Rossville, Ga. HUFF, JOE, 1292 Farmdale Ave., Louisville, Ky. HUGHES, MARY, 1900 Main, Benton, Ky. HUGHEY, ANN, Rt. 1, Chickamauga, Ga. HUMMER, DAN, Rt. 7, Lafayette, Ind. JACOBS, RACHEL, Summerfield, Fla. JETER. BARRY, 1146 N.W. 19 Ct., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla. JEWELL, LYNN, 248 Wilowen Dr., Nashville, Tn. JOHNSON, CAROL, Rt. 3, Four Oaks, N.C. JOHNSON, CONNIE, 3932 Lynda Lane, Kings- port, Tn. JOHNSON, DAVID, Rt. 1, Franklin, Tn. JOHNSON, EDDIE, 1916 N. Belle Ct., Mobile, Ala JOHNSON, BILL, 80 Lester, Nashville, Tn. JOHNSON, PAULETTE, 9385 Haitian Dr., Miami, Fla. JOHNSON, TERESA, 9385 Haitian Dr., Miami, Fla. JOHNSON, KEITH, Zephyrhills, Fla. JONES, ADRIAN, 918 Patricia Dr., Nashville, Tn. JONES, BONNIE, 3312 Knight Rd., Nashville, Tn. JONES, RENEE, Rt. 1, Soddy, Tn. JONES, DAN, 1374 Willow Dr., Louisville, Ky. JONES, NANCY, 204 Thomas Dr., Sumpter, S.C. JONES, PHIL, 2325 Shelby St., New Albany, Ind. JORDAN, FRANCES S., Rt. 1, Hanover, Ind. JORDAN, LINDA MARLENE, 744 Oakdell, Madison, Tenn. JORDAN, RICHARD, 1002 N. Ridge Ave., Madison, Tenn. JOWERS, CAROL ANN, 3005 54th St., S. Tampa, Fla. KAY, SAUNDRA SUE, Rt. 4, Box 190, Wheel- ing, W. Va. KELLER, GREGORY, P. O. Box 84, TNC, Nashville, Tenn. KEMP, TIM, Allen Rd., Goodletsville, Tenn. KENT, CAROLYN, 446 Broadmoor Dr., Nash- ville, Tenn. KENT, DONALD, 446 Broadmoor Dr., Nashville, Tenn. KESSELRING, ERIC, 722 ' 2 7th St., Marietta, Ohio KETTERMAN, KEITH, 1905 S. 4th St., Terre Haute, Ind. KILGO, FRANCES, Rt. 1, Logan, Ala. KILLINGSWORTH, DALE, 110 Harker Rd., Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. KING, DAVID C, 628 Vernon Ave., Nashville, Tenn. KINNIMON, GARY, 5008 W. Ct., Flint, Mich. KINZLER, DICK, 8244 Riley, Overland Park, Kansas LADD, LARRY, 796 Novarese, Memphis, Tenn. LAMB, LINDA, Rt. 4, Griffin, Ga. LANE, BRENDA, 681 Monroe Dr, Grenada, Miss. LANE, SANDRA, 3853 Rockdale Dr., Colum- bus, Ga. LANE, SYLITA, 2155 Larkmoor, Lorain, Ohio LANGFORD, BRENDA, 95 Lake Hunter Dr., Lakeland, Fla. LANGSTON, GARY, 5019 Cardenas St., New Orleans, La. LANHAM, JEAN, Bentonville, Ohio LANHAM, JIM, 14 Shaler, Covington, Ky. LANHAM, JOE, Rt. 2, Leesburg Va. LATHAM, GLEN, TNC Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tn. LATIMER, DORIS, Box 1026, Arcadia, Fla. LAXTON, JOSEPH, Route 2, Brighton, Tenn. LEGG, THOMAS, 14260 S.W. 240th St., Home- stead, Fla. LESLIE, LYNN, Box 485, Lake City, Fla. LESLIE, ROBERT, Box 206, Xalera, Ala. LESLIE, ROY, Box 206, Calera. Alax LEWIS, ERNEST, 9102 49 Ave., College Park, Maryland. LEWIS, LINDA, 613 Philadelphia Ave., Takoma Park, Maryland LEWIS, WANDA, 83 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. LIGHTY, JOHN, 1201 35th St., Phenix, City, Ala. LINDSLEY, TERESA, 415 Nixon, Lebanon, Tenn. LINGLE, SHARON, P.O. Box 185, Palm Bay, Fla. LITTLE, ROBBIE, 412 S. George, Petal, Miss. LITTLE, SAUNDRA, 332 Barnard Ave., Ashe- boro, LIVENGOOD, SANDRA, 425 Highway, Lud- low, Ky. LOCKHART, DON, 1039 Lexington, Akron. Ohio LONDON, LARRY, 315 McMillian, Nashville, Tenn. LONG ACKK. RLENF. 5021 S.W. Si. Terrace. Miami. Fla. LORD, JAMKS. 1402 Wichita St.. Pasadena, Texas LOVELACE, TED, Route I L, Lebanon, Tenn. LOVELY, JAN, 303 No. E. 2nd Ave., Gaines- ville. Fla. LOVESTEAD. LESLIE, 1023 N.E. 5th St., Ocala, Fla. LOWRY, CYNTHIA, 324 Bonair Ave. llatboro, Pennsylvania LUNSFORD, JENNIE, 3220 . Flogler St., Miami. Fla. LUNSFORD, JOYCE, 3220 W. Flogler St., Miami. Fla. LUTHER. VICKIE. 102 Reeves, Dickson, Tenn. n . Tlil ) . 2400 PafTord Drue. Nashville. Tenn. McBRIDE, |OYCE, Houte 1, Rossville. ( ' .a. McCLELLAN, JOSEPH, 1917 Moran, Nashville, Tenn. McCLELLAND, JANE, Ro. 2, Box 448-A, Tampa. Fla. McCLELLAND, JOY, Rt. 2, Box 448-A, Tampa Fla. McCLURE, DOUGLAS, 1924 Bentley Place, Charlotte, N.C. McCOY, STEPHEN. 218 Trevor. Covington, Ky. Mcdonald, Patricia, 609 s. 9 st. Apt. 3, Nashville. Tenn. Mcdonald, Robert, 609 s. 9 st. Apt. 3, Nashville. Tenn. McFARLAND, SAMMY, Rt. 1, Box 367, Nash- ville, Tenn. McGEE, WANDA, 1414 W. Chalenor Dr., 141nd Rapids, N.C. McGUIRE, JAMES, 408 Bonita Dr., Nashville, Term. McMillan, Herbert, 3521 Tyrone Dr.. Louisville, Ky. McMILLAN, PEGGY, 3521 Tyrone Dr., Louis- ville, Ky. McWHORTER, MARTHA, 2819 Clolnial Circle, Donelson. Tenn. MACKEY, LEE, 1905 Dickerson Rd. No. 17, Nashville. Tenn. MACKEY, NANCY, Mt. View Rd., Antioch, Tenn. MALONE, SANDRA, 1160 Bay Ave., Mobile, Ala. MARKLIN, BRENDA, 403 Cumberland Ave., Tullahoma. Tenn. MARKS, DENNIS, 3706 W. 6th Ave., Hialeah. Fla. MARKLIN, JIMMY, 711 Perkins Ave., Clarks- ville, Tenn. MARKLIN. PHILLIP, 711 Perkins Ave., Clarks- ville, Tenn. MARRIS, MARTHA, Mt. Hermon, Ky. MARTIN, PEGGY, 23 Robbit St., Newcastle, Penn. MASSINGILLE, ALLEN, 10023 Market, New Albany, Indiana MASTERS, SANDRA, Springhill, La. SHARON, MASTERS, 503 Center Park Dr., Springhill, La. MATHIS, RUTH, Box 131, Princeton. Fla. MAURICE, JACQUELINE, 707 N. Birch St., Summerville. S.C. MAXWELL, DAVID. 50 Widrig St., Newport, Ky. MAY, MARY, 431 Cluhview Dr., Jackson, Miss. MAYS, STEVEN, 122 Tapawingo Rd., Vienna. Va. MAYS, MARGARET, 337 S. 18th Ave., Hope- well, Va. MAZE, SHARON, 3906 9th Ave., Parkersburg. W. Va. MEADOR, BILLY, Rt. 1, Box 458, Hardy,-Va. MEDLIN, ROGER, 608 Topeka Dr., Nashville, Tenn. MENEFEE, CLAUDE, 5823 Cherrywood Lane, Greenbell, Mary land MEREDITH, ELAINE, 680 Trrill. Lapeer, Michigan MERRITT, LAURA, Rt. 1. PinevUle. N.C. MFRRYMAN, JAMES S., Naahville; 60 Lester Avenue, Apt. 309, Phone: 255-5094 MICHAEL, MELBA ANN, 804 Appleby Street. Iluntsville, Alabama, Nashville: Lester Avenue 511 MILBI UN. MARGARET .. 1215 W. V ine S treet. Kissamnice, Florida, Georgia Mall. Ext. 353 MILLER, ROBERT AMELING, Nashville: 1300 Old Hickory Blvd. Phone: 865-1316 MILLS, ALAN WAYNE, 2168 Elinwood Drive, Eastpoint, Georgia, Wise Hall. Ext. 375 MILLS, GERALDINE, Inez. ky. MILLS, HAROLD STE EN MILLS, SANDRA F., 2168 Elmwood, East Point, Georgia MIMBS. BOBBY. IU. I drian, Ga. I I kk ANA, MINGMAUNC MINNIX, DANNY, 1009 Valley Ave., Roanoke, Va. MITCHELL, MEDDIE, 2800 Magnolia, Colum- bia, SC MODESITT. DWIGHT, I ' D Box 17. Deekard. Tn. MOOBE, DENNIS, N. C St. Lake Worth, Fla. MOORE, KATHY MOORE, LARRY, Country Club Terr, Win- chester, Va. MORRIS, JEAN, Rt. 2, Temple, Ga. MORROW, JOHNNY R., 511 Greenfield Dr., Rossville, Ga. MORROW, SARAH, 4006 Mt. Ter., Memphis. Tn. MOYE, ALFRED, 115 Louise Dr., Dickson. Tn. MUECKE, LINDA, 3520 Cresthill Ave.. Macon, Ga. MULLINS, DANNY, 485 VA Ave., W elch,W V. MURPHREE, SUSAN, Star Rt., Crane Hill, Ala. MURRAY, WILLIAM, W. 768 Rd., Glensfrk, Ky. MYERS, JACK, PO Bx 209, Lenoir City, Tn. NEAL, TERENCE, Bx 75, Alquippa, Pa. NELSON, LAWRENCE, Bx 67, Berry, Ala. NEWELL, DON, 2322 Dennywood, Nashville NEWMAN, LARRY, Rt. 1, Georgetown. Ky. NEWTON, ) ANET, 420 1st St., Magnoha, MP. NEWTON, NEIL, 2513 S. Edgewater Dr., Fayetteville, NC NEWTON, BOB, 2513 S. Edgewater Dr.. Fayetteville, NC NIECE, REBECCA, Rt. I, Bx 229, Cairo, Ga. NIECE, STEPHEN, 1012 Prairie St., Elkhart, In. NITUNGKORN, VICHIT, Bangkok, Thialand NIXON, MARGARET, Monterey. I n. NIXON, WENDEL, 182 N.E., 122 St., N. Miami. El NOLEN, PATRICI A. Bx 392, Carthage, In. NORMAN, DANNY, Rt. 3, Moultrie. Ga. ODOM, WAYMOND, 426 Hart Av., Nash OLDHAM, RONALD. 314 Kimbrough, Clarks- ville, Tn. OLTMAN, DAVID OWENSBY, JOY, 2415 PaiTord, Nashville OWENSBY, STEPHEN. 2415 Pafford, Nashville OZBURN, TERESA. Rt. I. Bloomingdale, In. PACK, STANLEY, Bx 2, Jumping Branch, WV. PAGE, JAMES, 4415 Laed Lawne, Orlando. I I. P ANGLE. DAVID, 2925 Westerwood Dr., Charlotte, NC P NCLE, JANICE, Oneonta, Ua. PARKER, ALLAN, 5601 Haines Rd.. St. Peters- burg, IT. PARKER, KAREN, 5850 Crane Rd., Orlando. Fl. PARRISH, DAVID, 932 Crescent Hill. Nashville PARRISH, THOMAS, 1720 Pepper Drive, Tal- lahassee, Fl. PATTERSON, DAVID, Drj Vallej Rd., Ross- ville, Ga. PATTERSON, FELICIA, Dry Valley Rd.. Ross- ville, Ga. PATTERSON, MACK, Rt. I, Vlbertsville, Ala. PATTON, SUSAN, Bx. 1010, Maryville, I n. PEACH, BONNIE, 1502 Rosebank Nashville PEERCY, KENNETH, Rt. 5, Franklin. Tn. PEFFER, KATHRYN, Grayson. Kj PENNINGTON, PHILIP. 1930A l aunch Rd.. Nashville PENNINGTON, RONALD, 7047 Bonnavenl Dr.. Hermitage PENTICUFF, PHYLLIS, Rt. I, Jamestown, Tn. PEPPER, LEROY, 601 Orange Blossom We., Sebring, Fl. PERRY, MICHAEL, B3I3 Albert St., Colum- bus, Ga. PERRY. SUSAN, 413 Park Ave., S. Charleston, W. Va. PETERSON, KENNETH, 500 Fcsslers Lane, Nashville, Tenn. PHffPS, ROBERT, 4361 Edgin Ave.. Louisville, Ky. PHIPPS. SAMl EL. 1217 Kermit Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. PHILLIPS. FRANCES, 329 Dinwiddie, Madison, Tenn. PIIORNKUNPHRA, V1ROJ, 2116 Farifax Ave., Nashville, Tenn. PINNER, RICHARD, P.O. Box 791, George- town, S.C. POE, DIANE, 2921 Ave. E., Birmingham, Ala. POLSON, WAYNE, Florence, S.C. PONCE, JAMES, 1722 B. Ave., W. Columbia. S.C. PONCE, PRESTON, 1922 B. Ave., W. Columbia, S.C. PORTER, DAVID, 5101 Dolphin Lane. Char- lotte, N.C. POSEY, WAYNE, P.O. Box 2352. Rome, Ga. POWERS, CAROL, 691 Kinsey, Madison, Tenn. PRATT, CARL, 209 Lesesne Dr., Sumter, S.C. PRESLEY, FREDDIE, 934 Richbee, Longwood, Fla. PRYE, PAUL, Box 204, Bentonville, Ohio PUGH, CHARLES, Rt. I, Box 356, Chester. W. Va. 01 ICk. LINDA. Rt. I. Bennettsville, S.I QUIGGINS, I VMES, 8275 W all ... I ouisville, Ky. RAGSDALE, PEGGY, 1257 Lucas Ave., Louis- ville, Ky. RAINWATER, DAVID, 217 Linden St, I lordova. Ala. RAMIREZ, JAMES. 2220 Bruce We., Colum- bus, Ga. RAVEY, DONNA. 5375 Balsam We., Mel- bourne, Fla. RAWLINGS, ROBERTA. 257 W. Patrick, Frede- rick. Md. RAY, SANDRA, 354 Bell Road. Nashville, Tenn. REECE. EDITH, 2586 Peyton Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. REED, DAVID, Star Route, Smithland, Ky. REID, WILLI W1. 830 Pestalozzi St, Tell I itj . Indiana Ki l l VNO, M VXINE, 9102 19th Vve., CoUege Park, Man land. REITANO, RICHARD, 515 South 5th St., Nashville, Tenn. RHODEN, MARIE. 9-45 Hannyugi Dazaifu, Fukuoka Ken. japan RHOTON, WAYNE, Lynchburg, Tenn. RICE. DEBORAH, Richland Dr.. E. Liverpool. Ohio RICHEY, KATHLEEN, 3008 Lake Vve., Chcverly, Maryland RIDLEY, NELSON, 2929 Glen Meade, Nash- ville. Tenn. RIEDER, DANIEL, Box 75, Irvine, Penn. RITCHIE, STEPHEN, Louisville, Ky. ROBERTS. RICHARD. 519 Patterson St.. Nash- ville, Tenn. ROBINSON. LAVETTA. 9 1 7 Savannah, Lake- land. Fla. ROBINSON. CARMEL, 95 Ott St.. Logan, W. Va. ROBINSON, DONNA, Rt. 2. Lenoir City, Tenn. ROBINSON, JOHN, 725 Dnimmond Dr., Nash- ville, Tenn. ROBINSON, JUDY. Rt. 2, Kirksey, Ky. ROBISON, SANDRA, Box 56, Magnolia. Ohio ROGERS, KATHY, Rt I, Box 150G, Cleveland. Mi». ROGERS, ROY, Rt. 2, Box 225, Calera, Ala. ROSS, DIANA, Rt 4. Box 314, Gainesville. Fla. ROWLAND, VICKIE. 623 Murray Rd.. Fort Valley, Ga ROWLING. DEANNA. 208 Thomas St.. Way- cross, Ga. RUCK, ROBERT. 212 W alker Terrace. Madison. Tenn. RUCKER, JOZETTA. 721 W. Spring, New Albany. Indiana 297 RUCKMAN, FRANCES, 709 Long Ave., Port St. Joe, Fla. RUCKMAN, FRANKLIN, 709 Long Ave., Port St. Joe, Fla. RUDD, KATHRYN, Rt. 2, Rox 210, Byron, Georgia RUDIN, ALBERT, Rt. 1, Owego, New York RUSSELL, BRYAN, 17020 N.W. 82 Ave., Miami, Fla. RUSSELL, SHARON, 504 S.E. 11th St., Ocala, Fla. RUTLEDGE, PHILLIP, 103 Cederama Dr.. Huntsville, Ala. RUTTAN, RUTHMARIE, 7103 Oakney Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. SALSER, ROBERT, 300 Washington St., Newell, W. Va. SANDERS, BOBBY, Northport, Ala. SANDERS, TERRELL, 7609 Linda Lake Dr., Charlotte, N.C. SARTIN, BARBARA, 2408 Commonwealth, Charlottesville, Va. SARTIN, LINDA, 2408 Commonwealth, Charlottesville, Va. SARTIN, MARY MARTHA, 2408 Common- wealth, Va. SAUNDERS, BERNICE, 3118 Meadoside Lane, Nashville SCHAFFER, DEBORAH, 203 Westbrook Ct., Burlington, NC SCHORTINGHOUSE, BYRON, Rt. 1, Burns- ville, NC SCHORTINGHOUSE, JOHN, 500 Fesslers lane B-7 SELF, BARBARA, Rt. 2, Cherryville, NC SENEFF, DELORES, Rt. 2, Bx 205, Dale. In. SEXTON, PHILLIP, Ashland, Ky. SEYBT, DANIEL, 315 Highland Dr., West Columbia, SC SHAFFER, MICHALE, Rt. 6, Box 290A, Charleston, W. Va. SHANDS, WAYNE, Rt. 2, Hodges, S.C. SHANNON, DEBRA, 142 S.E. 5th St., Delray Beach, Fla. SHARPES, fO ELLEN, Rt. 2, Box 205. Dale, Va. SHARPES, LOWELL, Rt. 3, Broadway, Va. SHAW, BASIL, Rt. 1, Fountain City, Ind. SHERIDAN, LYDIA, Rt. 2, Box 18, Rising Faun, Ga. SHERRILL, TIMOTHY, Goodlettsville, Tenn. SHINGLETON, RONALD, Rt. 3, Box 42, Romney, W. Va. SIDDONS, VALERIE, Box 123, Emenence, Ind. SIMPSON, MARY, 1615 May, Louisville. Ky. SINCLAIR, KAY, Rt. 3, Chester, S.C. SLATON, ROBERT, 2901 Glyn St., Orlando, Fla. SMITH, BETTY, Rt. 7, Box 178 McCovdy St., Orlando, Fla. SMITH, BRENDA, 209 Comer Dr., Dublin, Ga. SMITH, DAVID, 3309 Teton Dr., Huntsville, Ala. SMITH, ELAINE, 13609 Duval Rd., Jackson- ville, Fla. SMITH, GLENN, 2579 Easthill Dr., Jackson- ville, Fla. SMITH, JUDY, Rt. 7, Box 178, Orlando, Fla. SMITH, KARIN, 1006 Jackson Blvd., Birming- ham, Ala. SMITH, MARIANNA, 2201 Bacon Park, Savan- nah, Ga. SMITH, MICHAEL, Rt. 2, Box 382, Corydon, Ind. SMITH, NANCY, 1006 Jackson Blvd., Tarrant, Ala. SMITH, PATRICIA, 301 JarreU St., Shelbyville, Tenn. SMITH, PEGGY ANN, 103 Deering St., Laurens, S.C. SMITH, PEGGY ELAINE, Hwy 109, Nashville, Tenn. SMITH, REBECCA, 2801 Ardsley Dr., Orlando, Fla. SMITH, RUTH, 565 Joy Land. Kankakee, 111. 3MITHSON, ANN, Rt. 1, Franklin, Tenn. SMOTHERMAN, CYNTHIA, 2711 Meadow Rose Park, Nashville, Tenn. SNODGRASS, DENNIS, 100 Valley Dr Ripley W. Va. 298 SNOW, JANICE, 3224 Jurney Ave., Statesville, N.C. SOLES, DANA, Box 912, Gainesville, Ga. SOLOKY, RICHARD, Yardrnore St., Blantree, Mass. SOWARD, LORETTA, 515 Lester Ave., Nash- ville, Tenn. SOYSAKUL, DHITI, 1315 16th Ave., S. Nash- ville, Tenn. SPARKS, LINDA, Bayard, Fla. SPEER, LORAINE, 2615 Pardee, Taylor. Mich. SPENCER, CLYDE, 6431 Adahi Dr., Independ- ence, Ky. SPIVEY, DAN, Box 9292, Nashville, Tenn. SPRUILL, MENDELL, Nashville, Tenn. STAPLES, JOHN, 1903 Karen Dr., Nashville, Term. STEARNS, CAROL, 1141 16th Ave., S. Birmingham, Ala. STEPHENS, GARY, Box 215, TNC STEWART, JOHN, Rt. 3, Thomaston, Ga. STEWART, MELBA, 5313 Sanford Rd., Lexing- ton, Ky. STOCKS, BEVERLY, 405 McKenna Court, Lexington, Ky. STOREY, EUNICE, 14689 Rex, Sylmar, Calif. STOUT, FRANCES, Brownstown, Ind. STRADA, JOANNE, Jacksonville, Fla. STREET, DOROTHY, Ebensburg, Perm. STROMAN, BRENDA, 1843 Kirkwood Dr., Macon, Ga. SUGG, NAOMI, 740 Kleeman Dr., Clarksville, Term. SUPPHIPAT, PHONGEHAI, 202 Patricia Dr., Nashville, Term. SWEENEY, EULETA, Sharon Grove, Ky. SWEENEY, ROGER, Rt. 2, Greenville, Ky. SWINK, JEFFERY, Rt. 1, E. Carondelet, 111. TAL KINGTON, FRANCES, Rt. 1, Birch Rd., E. Liverpool, Ohio TAYLOR, DALE, 219 Broadway, Durham, N.C. TAYLOR, LAWRENCE, Rt. 5, Lewisburg, Term. TAYLOR, LYNDA, 2503 Barclay Dr., Nashville, Term. TAYLOR, RICHARD, 509 Hickory St., Cross- ville, Tenn. TAYLOR, SHARON, 102 Ditto St., Archibald, Ohio TESTERMAN, WANDA, 1517 Kenwood, Roan- oke, Va. TETER, JOHN, 122 Holland, N. Fort Myers, Fla. THAXTON, RITA, 413 Crestwood Rd., Charles- ton, W. Va. THOMAS, LYLIAS, 4811 Cedar View Rd.. Orlando, Fla. THOMAS, PATRICIA, P.O. Box 71, White- springs, Fla. THOMAS, PATRICIA, 4811 Cedar View Road Orlando, Fla. THOMPSON, LARRY, 5209 Eugene Way, Louisville, Ky. THOMPSON, LOWELL, 122 Dupree, Sherman, Texas THOMPSON, WATER, 506 Bradley, St., Perry, Ga. THORNTON, THOMAS, 4213 17th Ave., Co- lumbus, Ga. TORAIN, CHARLES, 2115 Cleveland, Hopkins- ville, Ky. TOR BERT, MARY, 533 Greenwood St., Barnes- ville, Ga. TOUSLEY, JUDITH, Rt. 5, Box 25, Cloumbus, Mill. TUCKER, LARRY, 1205 Oak, Kenova, W. Va TROGDON, CHARLOTTE, 2979 Ramble Lane, Decatur, Ga. TUCKER, RACHEL, Rt. 2, Mayfield, Ky. TURNER, KENNETH, Rt. 5. Fayette, Ala. TURNOCK, JOHN, 73 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. TYREE, CHARLES, 1114 Campbell St., Nash- ville, Tenn. UAANANTA, PAITOON, 2123 Pierce Ave., Nashville, Tenn. UNDERWOOD, MARY, No. 113, Princeton, Fla. VANCANNEYT, JUDY, 4583 Applegate, Mem- phis, Tenn. VAN KUIKEN, MARGARET, Rt. 1, Jackson, Ky. VARIAN, DAVID, 218 High Street, Leetonia, Ohio VENABLE, JUDI, 1620 W. Parker, Lakeland, Fla. VINCENT, BETTY, 2211 June Drive, Nashville, Tenn. VOLLMER, JOAN, 4112 Crestridge Dr., Nash- ville, Term. VONGCHANKIT, KEMCHAT, A202 Patricia Dr., Nashville, Tenn. WAITS, STEPHEN, Rt. 2, Box 118, Lincolnton, No.C. WALLACE, CHARLES, 1405 Trevecca Towers, Nashville, Term. WARD, CECELIA, 312 Cherry St., Madison, Tenn. WARHURST, REVA, 5900 O ' Brian, Nashville, Tenn. WARREN, FRED, 412 Olympia, Ponta Gorda, Fla. WARREN, VICKI, 720 S. 13th St., Nashville, Tenn. 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Suggestions in the Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) collection:

Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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