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1968 Darda Volume 44 Trevecca Nazarene College Nashville, Tennessee Editor — Donny N. Biggs Business Manager — Sandra Murphree Religion Our college days are filled with searching — a never-ending quest for reality. With each new truth we add a stone to the structure of our lives. As we learn to master the skills of mathematics and meet the goals of physical education, we secure each stone with mortar. However, without a solid foundation our walls will crumble. We find in religion this foun- dation and unity for the whole matter of living. " 1 Academics With a firm foundation we can begin to build the walls, brick by brick. Each brick is made from many substances. Red clay must be dug from the ground, sand scraped from the shore, and water pumped from the river. Mixed with lime and put under strong pressure at a high tempera- ture a brick is formed. With mathematics, history, philosophy, biology, and literature we mold, in the same manner, the bricks of our knowl- edge. Each material alone has little strength, but combined they will stand the ages. Activities Though our foundation is solid and our walls strong, our struc- ture is incomplete without a roof — protection for the structure we have built. As we participate in campus extra-curricular activities we balance our education and keep our structure from gathering dust. Social We have molded each part of our structure yet some- thing remains undone — that which makes our structure unique, our own. With our social lives we add the finishing touches. We do not stop building at graduation, but we continue to add forever the little things which make our lives rich and full. Dedication A builder built a structure That reached into the sky. It stood for beauty, grace and skill. And as the world went by Another built a lifetime That reached to passing men. He stood for strength and faith and love And others followed him. We, the 1968 Darda staff, wish to dedicate these memories to Rev. C. T. Duckett. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Religious Life 14 II. Academics 28 III. Activity 88 IV. Social 132 THIS IS TREVECCA. . . THIS IS YOUR TREVECCA THIS IS OUR TREVECCA J. 0. McClurkan planted the seed: C. E. Hardy, John T. Benson, and others pruned the plant; Dr. A. B. Mackey watered it; but it was God who gave the increase. It might be rightly said that our Trevecca today is here because of God ' s man, Dr. A. B. Mackey, was willing to be led by the hand of destiny. At the retirement of President A. B. Mackey, destiny placed upon the shoulders of Dr. W. M. Greathouse the responsibility of carrying on the task of Chri stian education for the youth of the great southeast. With President Greathouse as our leader, we are confident of the present. With a constant awareness of our purpose to provide quality education in an environment conducive to vital Christianity, we are challenged by the future. Thus we find ourselves in a Decade of Challenge. Challenged by thousands of youth intently searching for meaning to life — restless in tbeir search for a philosophy upon which they can organize their lives into a meaningful pattern — that they might live creatively and redemptively in the community of mankind. Religious Activities Chapel 16 Trevecca Missionary Fellowship 19 Christian Workers Association 20 Big Brother and Scope 22 Religious Club 26 Chapel Speakers Carol Eby Missionary to New Guinea Larry Abbott, President; Richard Reynolds, Vice President; Ellen Phillips, Secretary; Clara Kellison, Treasurer; Martha Dotson, Reporter; Koy Phillips, Sponsor. Trevecca Missionary Fello The TMF includes students whom Christ has chosen to serve on the mission field and other students who are interested. It sponsors an annual Missionary Con- vention in the spring. Keeping informed of all Naz- arene missionary activities and stressing the responsi- bilities and requirements for future service at home or in a foreign country, its members seek to fulfill God ' s command, " Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. " Christian Workers Association The Christian Workers Association enables Trevecca stu- dents to put their religious education into practice while being a source of strength and light to the needy of this city. Conducting services in all areas of Nashville, Christian workers are influential in winning many souls into the kingdom of Christ. There is an area of service for every person in singing, teaching, praying, witnessing, or preach- ing. Mike Ross, President Larry Abbott, Vice President Mary Van Rf.enan, Secretary Waixy Dorn, Treasurer John A. Knight, Sponsor 10 Big Brother David Deese, Chairman Priscilla Warner contemplates new activities for her Little Sister. This year a new project was undertaken by the Christian Workers Association, Big Brother. This project is designed to help the Trevecca students to become personally in- volved with the needs of the world around them. f 4 Dan Litton has accepted the responsibility of being Trevecca ' s first Big Brother. 11 Don Hastings and Charlie Davis devote time with the children at the McNeilly Day Home. Dr. Paul Bassett, Speaker Convocation SUMMER REVIVAL Jerry Bush, President; Bonnie Phillips, Vice President; Grace Loggins, Secretary; Dell Taylor, Treasurer; Mr. Sloan, Sponsor. Christian Education Club The Christian Education Club is composed of students who express a special interest in the Christian education of the church. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Tom Morgan, President; Tom Parks, Vice President; Martha Dotson, Secretary; Wes Houston, Treasurer; Bob Wenger, Re- porter; Dr. Lloyd Byron, Sponsor. Comprised of religion majors and minors, the association sends out teams of evangelists for week-end revivals and visitation. Academics President 30 Board of Trustees 32 Administration 32 Faculty 33 Staff 42 Classes 43 President Trevecca Nazarene College has been called " the classic Wesleyan college in the emerging South. " She exists to provide quality education in the liberal arts on the college level in a climate conducive to both learning and spiritual- ity- This yearbook presents the College as a " building fitly framed together. " Her foundation is Jesus Christ. In Him is seen the perfect disclosure of God and therefore the final revelation of Ultimate Reality. At the heart of the cosmos is the God who is self-expressed in Jesus Christ. This means that the God of redemption is also the God of creation. Truth thus is of one piece; prayer and inquiry therefore go hand in hand. The walls of Trevecca are here academics. Her curricu- lum is being constantly evaluated and revised by the Dean and the Academic Council. New experimental programs are offered each year as the College endeavors to meet the changing demands of her students and the society she serves. The faculty is being upgraded and enlarged annu- ally, with doctorates being added each year. The library continues to grow, with over 40,000 volumes now on the shelves. A new half-million dollar physical education cen- ter and a new $1,100,000 science building are now under construction. The roof of this building is a varied activity program — athletics, a lyceum series, societies and clubs with their diverse activities, religious programs of both worship and service. . . . As you thumb through these pages you will be able to form a mental picture of the edifice we call Trevecca Naz- arene College. We hope you will thrill with the vision. The Greathouse Family Dr. Greathouse, when time permits, is always willing to sit down with students and talk about their many problems. Board of Trustees CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Dr. John L. Knight EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Mr. Ralph Maklowe Dr. Dallas Bagcett Rev. Victor E. Gray Dr. Otto Stucki Rev. Bruce B. Hall Dr. C. E. Siiumake • BOARD OF TRUSTEES Rev. Reeford L. Chaney Rev. 0. C. Huff Rev. Barney Brumbeloe Rev. W. Charles Oliver Mr. J. W. Spiva Rev. Claude W. Calloway Rev. John Andriis Mr. J. C. Tousley Mr. Oscar Wheaton Rev. T. C. Sanders, Jr. Rev. C. B. Nixon Rev. C. M. Kelly Mr. Frank Scott Mr. Odie Pace Mr. Samuel P. Vann Rev. Harold Liner Dr. Mack Anderson Mr. J. S. Lee Mr. J. G. Foskey Mr. John T. Benson Dr. W. E. McCumber Mr. Johnny L. Guill Dr. John G. Green Dr. T. E. Martin Rev. Hadlfy Hall Mr. Lloyd Criffin 3 Administration William M. Greathouse A.B., Th.B., M.A., D.D. President A. B. Mackey A.B., M.A., LL.D. President Emeritus Charles L. Childers A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Instruction Barbara McClain A.B., B.Mus., MM us. Assistant to the Dean E. Drell Allen Th.B., B.D. Dean of Student Life and Director of Admissions K. W. Phillips Th.B., B.S., B.D., M.A. Registrar Don L. Newell Th.B. Business Manager William H. Anderson A.B., B.D., M.A. Director of Development and Public Relations, Director of Student Aid Lloyd B. Byron A.B., D.D. Chaplain Lyla Thrasher Mackey A.B., M.A., B.S. in L.S. Librarian G. Lewis Pennington Th.B., A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Director of Teacher Education Trafton D. Williams A.B., Th.B.. B.D., M.A. Director of Testing and i ui dun i e W. T. Doucharty A.B. Director of Church Relations, Special Endowments Howard Wall A.B., B.D. Director of Alumni Affairs Adrian Jones Controller W. E. Bentley Director of Student Employment English and Literature Charles L. Childers Larry L. Finger Lois Kendall Eades A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. Dean of Instruction; Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor of English Professor of Languages, Literature and Fine Arts Languages Adkon Hollins Phillips A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English and French Dale L. Sievers Th.B., A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish I oh re Cranes, bases, loouoionos, modos adverbiales, etc., van en cl articnlo corrcspondienM a mo d los vocablos do quo « ■ pomponon, jwir cstc ordon do preferencia: substantive o eualquioi udabra usada como tnl, verbo, adjetivo, pronombro y adverbio. Asi, por ejcmplo, ol rcfraa «quicn 10 snbo do abuelo, no sabe de buono» so hallara on ol articulo oorrwpondiento nl subBtantivo Abuclo. trefbrido al verbo Saber, al adjetivo Bucno, al pronombro Qulcn y nl adverbio No; ol modo adver noj «al caor do la hoja» y Ins rXYanes «dcl rico rs rtar rprnpriir, y de ' vlejo, conscjo» y «con otrc ia, llegarcmos a la aldca» estdn rcspectivamonta en los artfoulos Caer, Rico y ;Ea!, verbo el uno. djotivo cl otro e interjeooi6n ol ultimo, que so u.san on oslos casos como subatantivos; el rofraji iqulen cuece y amasa, do todo pasa» com tfl on ol verba Coccr; la oxpresion «nl con mucho», en ol djotivo Muclio; la do «hoy por ti y manana por mi», on TI, forma de ablativo dol pronombre TO, ■ la de «por sf o por no», on el adverbio Sf. Exceptuanse los subatantivoa persona y com cuando no son parte nocesaria c. invariable de la xpresion, y los verbos uaadOB como auxiliares. Asi, por cjcmplp, la frose «tencr que ver Una per- ona o com con otra ae legist i a en el verbo Tenor; y «estar una com en buenas nianos» en el subs- antivo Mano, micntras quo Ins refranea «dc persona booda no Tics tu bolsa» y acosa cumplida. 6lo en la otra vida» se enencntran rospectivamcnto on Ins artfculos Persona y Cosa. Los (Vases haber nacido vno tarde» y «cstar tocada vna cotat corrcspnnden la primora al verbo Nacer, y la sgunda a Tocar, porquc Haber y Estar son aqui meios auxiliares. «No habcr mas quo pcdir» debt uscorsc, por lo contrario, on Haber, y «estar a matar», en Estar. La fiaso cn que concurrcn dos_o mas voces do la misma categoria gramatical ao incluye en cl rticulo correspondent o a la primera de cstas voces, como pnede verse en varies do loa ejemplot riles citados. En cada is do URO V hispanoani En los as las de ci En los an jso orden arlieulo van coloeadas por cste orden las diversas acepciones dc los vocablos: primero ulgar y corriente; despues las anticuadas, las familiares, las figuradas; las provinciates ericanas, las do Germania y, por ultimo, las tccnicas. ocablos quo ticnen acepciones do adjetivo, substantivo y adverbio, se Dalian agrnpa- ida categoria gramatical scgun el orden aqui indicado. bstantivos so posponen las acepciones usadas cxclush imentc on plural a las que pucden icepeioncs propii s dc! vuca adjetivo, con olro substan- slai t;vc , se rcgistran despues •d- i eombinaciOn del substantivo c cualquiera cxprcsion calificativa. i las liases o cxpresiones a cl ooTrespondicntea , diapuestas on rigu i figuran las elipticos dc un sol o vooablo. " Urn, how should I say this? ' Harry Russell B.S. in Ed., M.A. Assistant Professor of Speech (Leave to complete Doctoral studies, 1967-68) John Lown B.A., M.A., B.D. Assistant Professor of Greek and Speech James Knear AB. Graduate Assistant in Speech 35 " AH . . . . " James D. Van Hook David Spenser A.B., M.M.E. B.A., M.M. Assistant Professor of Music Assistant Professor of Music " We whistle a happy tune. " John A. Knight A.B., M.A., B.D., Ph.D. Professor of Biblical Literature and Theology: Chairman, Division of Religion, Philosophy and Christian Education Koy Wright Phillips Th.B., B.S., B.D., M.A. Registrar, Professor of Biblical Literature Mildred Wynkoop A.B., Th.B., B.D., M.S., Th.D. Professor of Theology and Philosophy H. Ray Dunning A.B., B.D., M.A. Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Biblical Literature Religion and Philosophy William Strickland Charles Elbert Baldwin A.B., B.D., Ph.D. A.B., Th.B., B.D. Associate Professor of Instructor in Greek and History and Religion Biblical Literature Lawrence T. Jablecki A.B. Assistant Professor of Philosophy " Is it as clear as mud? Science John W. Dix A.B., M.A. Professor of Biology; Chairman, Division of Mathematics and Science Walter L. Dillard, Jr. B.S., M.A. Professor of Physical Sciences and Science Education Beverly Nancy Dillard B.S., M.A.T. Assistant Professor of Physical Sciences " Is she really a teacher? " William T. Slonecker A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Health Education (Part-time) Jerry Costa A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Biology That ' s what I call a sharp mind! 38 Mathematics Clifton M. Taylor B.S., M.S. Professor of Mathematics and Physics Alta Lindsay Redford BS., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Madelyn Paschall Wall B.S., M.A., M.Ed., Associate Professor ' I know that answer is here somewhere! ' ' Now Ozzie, this is the last time, so watch closely. " Stanton P. Parry B.S.. MS., Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Business; Chairman, Division of Social Science Judith Elaine Payne B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Business Student " Tcher " Lloyd Watrous gives a spelling test. William P. Sloan A.B., M.Ed. Associate Professor of Education Bulletin boards are an integral part of teaching. John Moore A.B., M.Ed. Associate Professor of Education E Ray Kosher Elmer H. Heaberlin, Jr. A.B. A.B., B.D., M.Ed. Cataloging Librarian Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Director of Athletics Psychology Trafton D. Williams Th.B., A.B., B.D., M.A. Director of Testing and Guidance; Associate Professor of Psychology Jimmie Dale Knight A.B., M.A. Instructor in Psychology C. Edwin LeJeune A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science E. Drell Allen Th.B., B.D. Dean of Student Life and Director of Admissions; Associate Professor of Sociology and Biblical Literature " And, Uh! The . . . " History ' It ' s not easy explaining history thru math! ' He is a funny man. Sociology Asa Sparks A.B., M.A. Instructor in Sociology and Geography Staff Earnest Gates, Rufus Sullivan, Kenneth Price, Lowell Clyburn, Maintenance Mrs. Helen Vennum Secretary to the President Mrs. Marie Slay Secretary to the Business Manager Mrs. Ruth Huff Student Aid Counselor Mrs. Grace Bently Secretary to the Dean of Student Life 0k Mrs. Tamara Finger Nurse Mrs. Claudia Sullivan Secretary to the Academic Dean Mrs. Kay McKELLEr Mailing and Duplicati, Mrs. Diana McMillia P.B.X. Operator Mrs. Wanda Hoffman Secretary to Registrar Miss Linda Sparks Secretary of Development and Public Relations Mrs. Becky Jones Secretary to Director of Teacher Education Mrs. Lois Duncan Secretary to the Controller Mrs. Diane Parlin Accountant Mrs. Kathy Daniel Cashier Mrs. Mary Kliem Accountant Mrs. Vircinia Jenson Assistant to the Controller for Government Affairs Mr. Don May Chief Accountant 43 Seated: Annetta Thrasher, Secretary; Ellen Phillips, Stuco Rep- resentative; Tom Cook, President; Janet Lecg, Treasurer; Alice James, Reporter. Standing: Ray Moore, Chaplain; Ken Channell, Vice-President; Prof. Edwin LeJeune, Sponsor. Senior Class Officers 44 y Judy Britton Detroit, Michigan English The 1968 Senior Class Vivian Blackwelder Fort Mill, South Carolina Education Psychology Theresa Bush Albertville, Alabama Education Psychology Robert Carter Columbus, Mississippi Mathematics Robert Bush Orlando, Florida Education Psychology 45 The 1968 Senior Class Kenneth Channell Pensacola, Florida Religion Robert Clark Nashville, Tennessee Religon Cecil Cook Kennesaw, Georgia Education Psychology Troy Childers Logan, West Virginia History Joel C. Daniel Jasper, Alabama Religion Ruth Cook Franklin, Tennessee English Thomas Cook Rossville, Georgia Religion Patricia Danley bourbonnais, illinois Philosophy 46 The 1968 Senior Class Martha Dauchtry Whites Creek, Tennessee History Linda Deason Nashville, Tennessee Education Psychology John Dickey Nashville, Tennessee Business Administration Karen Dean Jacksonville, Florida Education Psychology 47 Charlene Elkins Dayton, Kentucky Education Psychology David Embrey Catlette, Virginia Education Psychology Harville Duncan, Jr. Nashville, Tennessee History Elizabeth Edwards Miami, Florida Business Administration The 1968 Senior Class Kenneth Fox Roanoke, Virginia Mathemat ics Carol Frost Nashville, Michigan Education Psychology Alfred Fields Rich ardsville, Kentucky History Jeannette Forman Gadsden, Alabama Education Psychology 48 Joyce Gumm Harrisonburg, Vircinia Education Psychology Brenda Galford Marlinton, West Virginia Education Psychology William Mark Greathouse Nashville, Tennessee History Ronnie Hall St. Augustine, Florida History The 1968 Senior Class Larry Hall Nashville, Tennessee Religion Esther Hanner Miami, Florida Education Psychology Linda Hardin Indianapolis, Indiana Education Psychology Bobby Hambrick Joelton, Tennessee Mathematics 49 The 1968 Senior Class James Hoffman Cincinnati, Ohio Religion Alice James Chicopee, Georgia Education Psychology Faye Jarrett Nashville, Tennessee Education Psychology Dwayne Hood Kincsport, Tennessee Religion Jean Kennedy Reading, Pennsylvania Education Psychology Carolyn Johnson Arlington, Vircinia Education Psychology Priscilla Jones Burlington, North Carolina Education Psychology Donald King Nashville, Tennessee Mathematics The 1968 Senior Class Ruth King Nashville, Tennessee Mathematics Janet Lecc Huntington, West Virginia History Kenneth Leslie Calera, Alabama History Z. D. Kinc Nashville, Tennessee Mathematics Sue Love Kenbridce, Virginia Education Psychology Carol Little Ludlow, Kentucky Education Psychology Grace Locgins Orlando, Florida Education Psychology Thomas McAdory Orlando, Florida Mathematics Calvin Milam Roanoke, Virginia Religion David Minnix Roanoke, Virginia Business Administration Roger McKellen Nashville, Tennessee Religion Herb McMillian Covington, Kentucky Business Administration Marla Moore Kannapolis, North Carolina English The 1968 Senior Class Roberta Morris Covington, Kentucky Business Administration Fredna Mott Huntsville, Alabama Education Psychology Ray Moore Louisville, Kentucky Religion Marilyn Newell Nashville, Tennessee English Sandra Murphree Decatur, Alabama Biology Charlene Nash Cabin Creek, West Virginia Modern Languages Mary Norris Caney, Ohio Education Psychology The 1968 Senior Class David Nixon Miami, Florida Religion Larry Owsley Nashville, Tennessee Religion Martha Owsley Nashville, Tennessee Education Psychology Barbara Nunm Pleasure Ridge, Kentucky Education Psychology 53 WD Mary Ann Palmer Indianapolis, Indiana Ed u cation Psychology The 1968 Senior Class Milton Parrish Jackson, Mississippi Biology Ellen Phillips Nashville, Tennessee Education Psychology Thomes Park Donedin, Tennessee Religion 54 The 1968 Senior Class Coleman Saylors Fort Mill, South Carolina Business Administration Etna Sheridan gordonsville, tennessee Education Psychology Kenneth Sholter Homestead, Florida English Wiley Sheperd Brewton, Alabama History Carole Stalcup Marietta, Georgia History Bobby Snodgrass Nashville, Tennessee Religion Betty Sparks Bayard, Florida Business Administration The 1968 Senior Class Louis Staubs Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Christian Education John Stark Newport, Kentucky History Donna Stephens Columbia, Kentucky Education Psychology James Stepp Greensburg, Kentucky History Louise Stembridce Dade City, Florida Business Administration 56 Reatha Thomas St. Augustine, Florida English Diana Stewart Orlando, Florida Education Psychology Thomas Stovall Nashville, Tennessee Music Education Annetta Thrasher Ashland, Kentucky Education Psychology The 1968 Senior Class Robert Thompson Jacksonville, Florida Business Administration Mary Ward Waycross, Georgia Education Psychology Lloyd Watrous Preston, West Vircinia Education Psychology Mary VanReenen Marlinton, West Vircinia Education Psychology 57 Jeree Webb Romney, West Virginia Mathematics Nello Woodhouse Akron, Indiana Education Psychology The 1968 Senior Class George Whitten W. Columbia, South Carolina English Judith Williams Lynn Haven, Florida Business Administration Carolyn White Princeton, West Vircinia Education Psychology Kenneth Williams High Point, North Carolina Business Administration Sandra Williams Old Hickory, Tennessee Busin ess A dm in istration Greg Rickey Suitland, Maryland Religion 58 Left to Right: Jerry McCreary, Treasurer; Larry Finger, C as Sponsor; Dan Litton, Vice-President; John Maxwell, President Carol Little, Student Council Representative; Martha Moore Secretary; Timothy Bess, Chaplain. Junior Class Officers The 1968 Junior Class The 1968 Junior Class The 1968 Junior Class The 1968 Junior Class The 1968 Junior Class The 1968 Junior Class Robt. Taylor Stella Taylor Ottis Thompson Priscilla Warner B ill Wells Morris West Janice Whaley Donald Williams Jack Womacks Gerald York Jean Young 65 Karen Encland, Secretary; Randall Smith, President; Marcia Powell, Treasurer; Miss Barbara McClain, Sponsor; Terri Eaton, Vice-President; Leroy Pepper, Stuco Representative. Sophomore Class Officers The 1968 Sophomore Class John Baird Freida Banks Jan Barrow Mary Ann Bidle Patsy Bishop Cathy Booth Richard Bowden Eugene Boyett Darlene Bradley Esther Brown Diana Cain Craic Callihan Linda Camprell Danny Carter Kelly Carter Bill Chambers Linda Cline Mike Cowart Glenda Cox Richard Damon Charles Davis Diane Davis Jean Deese Kit Duffy Terri M. Eaton 6 7 The 1968 Sophomore Class Richard Ecnor Betty Elam Karen England Betty Evans Connie Farwell James Robt. Fettincer Mary Fish Jim Friel Nancy Fry Jo Anne Fulwood Susan Gibbs Brenda Glover Mark Goodwin Phillip Green Paul Grubb Janet Hall Donna Harbold Steve Harris Billie Harrison James Hickathorn Barbara Hill Carolyn Hill Judy Hill Ted Hill Jim Holley 68 The 1968 Sophomore Class The 1968 Sophomore Class The 1968 Sophomore Class Lydia Sheridan Georce Shipp Bob Slaton Randall Smith Cindy Smotherton Mae Spruill mm ■Ah i mA mm m - - wk ijk - mm v 7 Dorothy Street Jeffery Swink Dell Taylor Jimmy Taylor Lynda Taylor Lynnette Terry Wanda Testerman Paul Thornhill Carolyn Thornton Sue Turpin Carolyn Walker Ronald Wells Bobby Wencer Frank Wilcox Sara Williams David Williamson Dntght Wiser Billi Woods 71 Left to Right: Dennis Moore, Student Council Representative: Recina Hudson, Treasurer; Elmer Heaberlin, Class Sponsor: David Dodge, Vice-President; Susan Patton, Secretary ' ; Jerome Hancock, President. Freshman Class Officers Slow " Dear Crossing. " 7 The 1968 Freshman Class 73 The 1968 Freshman Class Paula Butler Ruth Butler Henry Cantrell Linda Carroway Beverly Carter Donna Carter Karen Carter Meldora Carter Boonsie Chahprasert Jerry Chapman Myrle Clements Sally Cole Jordan Conger Connie Connslip Randy Cook It Karen Cooley Ken Cooper Neal Cooper Dee Crawley Robert Croft Becky Davis David Davis Harold Davis Sandra Davis Sara Deason The 1968 Freshman Class Wayne Decker I.ahhy Dennis Mary Francis Dew Randy Dillard Carolyn Dillingek David Dodce Marshall Duke Ruth Eddincs David Edwards Ernie Emerson Jim Essary Larry Fairranks Rev. Thomas Fiala Wimrerly Finciier Norbert Fischer Diane Foster Gary Fletcher Pat Foster Ron Gabrid James Gallancher Judy Gifford E. Dewayne Gill Helen Gordon Tommy Gray Katheryn Grimm David Hand Kathy Hage Ruth Hamilton Sue Hammill Jerome Hancock The 1968 Freshman Class The 1968 Freshman Class The 1968 Freshman Class Kathy E. Meichen Sue Melton Charlotte Meredith Elaine Meredith James Merryman Rita Milby James Miller Den nis Moore Janice Moore Patricia Moyer Terry Neal George Neiciibors Patricia Nolen Wayne Oldham Dave Orner Marjory Outlaw Joy Owensby David Pancle Allen Parker Karen Parker Susan Patton Steve Payne Karen Petry Barbara Petty Jerry Pewitt John A. Phelps Bobby Pinner Richard Pinner Carol Powers Patricia Price The 1968 Freshman Class James Quiccins David Rainwater Donna Ravey Pamela Recillo Duanne Reynolds James Revercomb Ernest Rivers John L. Robinson Larry Robinson Larry Rodcers Jan Rogers Nancy Rollings James Russom Gilda Rutherford Phillip Rutledce Carolyn Rye Barbara Self Barbara Scarboro Madeline Schmierer Pamela Schmidt Leanna Schortingiiouse Dianne Scott Georgia Scouten Glenn Shackelford Michele Shafff.p Charlene Shelley Brenda Smith Elaine Smith Patricia Smith Paul Smith 4m The 1968 Freshman Class The 1968 Freshman Class Judy Weatherford Wam a Webb Janet Weli.s Donna Wesley Anita Wiieatley Linda Wiilied Michael Whitely Rocer Whitley GAYI.E WlLKERSON Shirley Winslow Jim Woody Gail Workman Marilyn Wright Mardelle Young John Zollinhofer Lester Smith Peggy Bradley Honor Society The Honor Society establishes the pattern for academic excellence on campus. Maintaining a grade average of 2.5 or higher, the members strive to inspire greater scholastic interest among their classmates. Activities sponsored by the society are for the purpose of honoring achievement and challenging underachievers. Mrs. Eades, Sponsor 8a i Trevecca ' s first radio station, WNAZ, presents Christian broadcasting at its best. With news and weather reports, " Campus Highlights, " and on the spot activity coverage, WNAZ keeps abreast of current events. Programs of reli- gious and classical music are added for an all-round great sound. David Deese, WNAZ manager, prepares for broadcasting Mr. Harry Russell cuts ribbon at WNAZ dedication Shape up or Shipp out! ! ACTIVITIES Student Government 90 Darda Staff 92 Trev-Echoes Staff 94 Clubs 96 Music Department 98 Freshmen Orientation 107 Senior Day 108 Sports 109 I : Student Government The Student Council, elected annually by the Student Body of Trevecca, meets weekly to discuss and act upon class and club activities and problems. The Stuco functions as the liason between students and faculty. Stuco sponsored the All-School project, was responsible for the Student-Lead- ership Conference, a lecture series, and the town meetings in which both student and faculty opinions could be voiced and discussed. Dave Nixon Vice President Herb McMillian President Ei.len Phillips Karen Dean DonnyBiccs Senior Class John Stark Trei -Echoes Editor Darda Editor Representative T. A. A. President Herb McMillian talks with Bruce Mallard. Peabody Student Council president. The 1968 Darda Staff The Darda is the official yearbook of Trevecca Nazarene College. Its staff members learned the meaning of dedication and sacrifice as they worked to fill pages with the unforgettable events of a year at Trevecca. Donny Bices, Editor 9 Linda Deason, Assistant Business Manager and Faculty Editor; Esther Costa, Assistant Editor. Robert Thompson and JoAnn Fulwood, Sports Editors. Photographers in their darkroom 93 Carol Stalcup, Teresa Johnson, Kay Bhinkman, Marsha Bridges (not pictured). Class Editors. Elaine Lory, Religious Life Editor; Marsha Powell, Literary Editor. Sherry Shears and Jan Barrow, Typists. 94 Barbara Self, Typist; Mary Van Rf.enan, Business Manager. Joy McClellan, Feature Editor; Teressa Johnson, Fea- ture Editor; LlND Sartin, Fashion Editor. Jimmy Hodce, Religion Editor; Dennis Moore, Assoiiatr Editor; Charles Davis, Managing Editor. Trevecca ' s student voice serves as a unique means of com- munication between faculty and students as well as its readers, informing on local and world-wide events. David Dodge, Photographer; Jim Quicgens, Sports Editor; Madelyn Schmierer, Artist. R. Thompson, President; K. Leslie, Vice President; L. Hines, Sec retary-Treasurer; Dr. Payne, Sponsor. This club is for those interested in business activities and who plan to go into the area of business for their careers. Their goal is to bring the business community ' s attention toward Trevecca students who plan to be future business leaders. PHI BETA LAMBDA M. Irizary, President; J. Hall, Vice President; S. Kay, Secretary; B. Wenger, Treasurer. LOS CONQUISTADORES An enthusiastic group makes up the Spanish Club. Through meetings, suppers and an annual Pinata party they learn of the language, culture, and people o f the Spanish-speaking countries. I 96 S. N. E. A. The Student National Education Association, made up of prospective teachers, is the college branch of the National Education Association. The group meets regularly, dis- cussing the latest developments in education. Each member receives literature from the national organization to better prepare them for the responsibilities ahead. L. Deason, President; L. Hardin, Vice President; J. Britton, Sec- retary; A. James, Treasurer; F. Jarrett, Reporter. I I i C. Speer, President; M. Bridges, Vice-President; S. Lane, Secretary; N. Fry, Treasurer. Music plays an important part in campus activities at Tre- vecca. The music club, made up of primarily music majors and minors, works toward bringing the best in music to our campus, encouraging us all to appreciate music of all kinds. MUSIC CLUB 97 ■ Trebletones Trebletones, each determined to make this year the best, spent eleven days in the south giving vibrant testimony in song. The girls made their first full record this year — an- other opportunity to witness for Christ. " Through the hands of such as these God speaks. " — Gibran " Say, Grandma What BIG eyes you got! " Front Row. Left to Right: Hudson, Dew, Lane, Fiilwood, Stephens. Kay, England, Hicks. Second Row: Michael, Howell, Hartsfield Enders, Eli, Lowery, Taylor, McClelland, Meredith. Third Row: Costa, Campbell, Testerman, Muecke, Kellison, Little, Powell, Mur- phree, Dean. Fourth Row: Lory, Ravery, Jordan, Hines. Farwell. Smith, Swina, Bridges, Harboldt. Front Row: Howell, Patton, Brown, Outlaw, Fairbanks, Chambers. Second Row: Quiggins, Conger, Fry, Carter, Jones, Killingsworth. Third Row: Cooper, Speer, Holliman, Hage. Dillard, Moore. Shown: Janice Gray and Beverly Carter. Dr. Del Abeischer Choralaires The Choralaires. TNC ' s newest choir, is a mixed group of twenty young people. Using a variety of songs and arrange- ments, this group traveled through Georgia and North and South Carolina, stirring the hearts of every listener. Front Row, left to right: Stovall, Smith. Zollinhofer, Deason, Tay- lor, Hill. Wallace. Second Row: Bess, Green, Sholter, Cook, Ross Cowart, Belcher, Pangle, Biggs. Third Row: Deese, Egnor, Pepper Bowles, Bowers, Smith, Bishop, Duke. Fourth Row: Hyde, Pewitt West, Thompson, Wells, Hancock, Robinson, Hastings. James Van Hook, Director Men ' s Glee Club Combining voices with brass for a great effect, the men toured throughout Mississippi and Alabama with a dynamic message for seeking teens. MGC was chosen to represent Trevecca at the 1968 General Assembly. Left to Right : Mike Cowart, Ted Hill, Randall Smith, Herb McMillian, William Thompson, pianist. TREV ADORES The Scholarship Quartet, representing our church and Trevecca, spend many weekends of the school year traveling across the states. With dedication and determination, these men never cease to sing His praise. Trevecca ' s three choirs, plus other Trevecca students and members of the Nashville Symphony and Orchestra, presented the oratorio, " Elijah. " 104 FRESHMAN RECOGNITION WEEK There ' s nothing like a good cool place to sit Freshmen rebel and take Sophomore Class President Randall Smith as hostage. Plenty good room. Ill 1L -3%,.-. First Row: D. Schrope, S. Harris, D. Carter, J. Miller, D. Nixon S. McWilliams, F. Church, C. Hare, D. Hodge, B. Brumfield, L. Alpha ' s Pooch Davis finds running room against the Gammas Smith, G. Whitten. Second Row: P. Ponce, P. Vann, L. Money, L. Davis, E. Howard, B. Chambers. Alphas Win Intramural Football Championship Left to Right: C. Johnson, R. Butler. B. Carter, C. Trogden. Not Pictured: S. Deason. ill First Row: C. Travis, L. Dallas, L. Robinson, D. Digby, N. Living- Ruckman, J. Qui ggins, D. Pennington, T. Rickey, J. Essary, D. ston, B. Bishop, T. Neal, L. Ladd, A. Parker, C. Feazel. Second Williams, M. Logan. Row: E. Parrish, R. Killen, B. Pinner, K. Couey, D. Hastings, F. " 3 Deltas — Second Runner Up Deltas sweep around right end for a first down Left to Right: E. Smith, G. Workman, H. Gordon, P. Price, P. Mar- tin. Not Pictured: W. Testerman, captain; D. Reynolds. First Row: T. Lovelace, C. Davis, J. Russom, D. Lockhart, M. Fletcher, R. Dillard, D. Pinner, D. Hess, G. Black. Second Row: G. Smith, D. Jones. R. Stapp, L. Lemmon, D. Cummings, J. Zollin- hoffer, G. Shipp, R. Soloky, J. Friel. 1967 Football All-Stars Name Society Greg Rickey Beta Charles Hare Alpha Lester Smith Alpha Bob McDonald Alpha Sheldon Lanham Delta John Zollinhoffer Delta Bill Brumfield Alpha Gary Black Delta Dennis Hess Delta George Whitten Alpha Fred Church Alpha Bob Duncan Gamma NOT PICTURED Paul Vann Alpha Preston Ponce Alpha; Terry Rickey Beta Lloyd Davis Alpha 118 Left to Right: L. Robinson, L. Ladd, J. Quiggens, B. Marlin, T. Rickey, G. Rickey, A. Baysinger, J. Stark — presenting trophy, B. Lair, B. Pinner, F. Ruckman, B. Bishop, D. Pennington. Betas offense scores again. IIO The Gammas make it look easy against a tough defense. Gammas crowd in to get the rebound. Gam mas wind up 2nd in Tournament. This year was an exciting year for the Gammas. Having a little struggle during regular season play, the Gammas fought and wound up second in the tournament. First Row, left to right: D. Robinson, B. Salser, D. Litton, J. Han- cock, H. Penrod. Second Row: D. Hand, B. Duncan, D. Snodgrass, D. Probst, J. Knight— Coach. Hey, Ref., do you get paid for sleeping on the job? Alphas place third in Tournament Play. During regular season play, the Alphas had a 5-2 record. However, during the tournament the Gammas caught them napping. There is no defense for this shot. Litton ' s shot goes high into the air. ALPHA Bob McDonald Lloyd Davis Fred Church George Whitton John Maxwell Jordy Conger Charles Hare Bill Brumfield Don Schrope ueua in me miast 01 contusion! Deltas finish a strong fourth. The Deltas, although with an unimpressive record, proved to be an aggressive team. Next year looks to be a promising year for the Delias. A Delta comes up with a rebound ! The tip is good for two! DELTA Paul Belcher Dickie Pinner Don Lockhart John Stark Gary Black Sheldon Lanham George Shipp Ken Berck Tim Hanson 1968 Basketball All-Stars 1 Name Society Bill Lair Beta Jerome Hancock Gamma Greg Rickey Beta Dan Litton Gamma Al Baysinger Beta Name Society Terry Rickey Beta Lloyd David Alpha John Stark Delta Dennis Probst Gamma George Whitten Alpha Trojans Win 1967 Trevecca Invitational Softball Tournament First Row, left to right: L. Owsley, D. Dunlap, O. Smith, P. Belch- G. Black, D. Schrope, P. Johnson, R. Thompson, G. Rickey, R. Hall er, D. Litton, R. Smith, H. Penrod. Second Row: D. O ' Mary, P. Coach Heaherlin. Ponce, L. Knight, M. Cowart, T. Rickey, P. Vann. Third Row: The second Trevecca Invitation Tournament found the Trojans competing against Vanderbilt, Peabody, and Bel- mont. The Trojans were triumphant by defeating Vander- bilt in the last game which had to go extra innings. Left to Right: J. Fulwood, J. Stark, President; Coach Heaberlin, S. Taylor, P. Warner, D. Litton. Trevecca Athletic Association Under the direct leadership of Coach Heaberlin, John Stark and the TAA council, we have seen much progress throughout the year. We would like to express our appre- ciation ' to Coach Heaberlin and his staff for the effort put forth to make this year ' s TAA the best. 130 Social Activities Dorm Life 138 Social Events 147 Circle K 152 Trevecca Artist Series 154 Who ' s Who 155 Graduation 167 " It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding. " — Gibran. 134 Now that we found him, we can ' t let him go. ' No more fines for me, I ' m moving to ' B I One of Tidwell ' s upstanding residents. x 39 140 A typical Wise Hall scene. Wise Hall When at table, he was totaly absorbed in the business of the moment: his looks seemed riveted to his plate: nor would he unless when in very high company, say one word, or even pay the least attention to what was said by others, till Thanksgiving Banquet ft The Thanksgiving Banquet is an annual event sponsored by the Senior Class. They Call It America, theme of this year ' s banquet, was most inspiring for those who attended. Tom Cook, Senior Class President, welcomes everyone to the banquet. ? WEY CALL AMERICA H9 " AH The Things You Are " Randall Smith, Sophomore Class President, welcomes everyone to the Valentine Banquet. Moments to remember. Judy Hill and Jean Deese invite everyone to the Valentine Pageant. VALE NT I NE QUE EN PAG E A N T 25 Mc M 8 00 FEB 9 Miss Barbara McClair Sophomore Qass Sponsor, and Howard Wall, emcee the banquet. Valentine Queen For 1968 yVjiSA Sara eadon nxn. ft t»- t gSjnt. n njt wi»-tc r» • The Candidates were, left to right: Karen Hawkins, Stella Taylor. Susan Patton. Carol Little, Saundra Little, Wimherly Fincher, Sara Deason, Mae Spruill, Joy Owensby. Left to Right: Church, C. Cook, T. Cook, Quiggens, Thompson. Ross, Belcher, Schrope, Maxwell, Knight (Sponsor), Dew, Litton, Moore, Stark, Nixon, Salser, McMillian, Deese. Circle K Circle K, an affiliate of Kiwanis International, is dedicated to service both on campus and in the community. Solely a men ' s organization, the Circle K presented the annual " Circle K Kapers, " a variety program presented for the TNC students, faculty, and visiting high school seniors on Trevecca Senior Days. The Stage Band. in, in, ,11.1,1, - , , , Theodore Ulman Concert Pianist Trevecca Artist Series The Trevecca Artist Series is an annual event sponsored by the Student Council. Outstanding artists in various fields are brought to the campus to present programs which broaden the students ' cultural appreciation. Dr. Roland Myers Lecturer on Romance Languages a rcn aLJean Karen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dean of Jacksonville, Florida, will graduate in May with her degree in Education and English. She plans to attend graduate school, majoring in Sociology and Anthropology. ixon Upon graduation, Dave, the son of Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Nixon of Miami, Florida, plans to do graduate work. His major field is Philosophy. With a double major in Elementary Education and English, Ellen plans to teach and to get married in June. She is the daughter of the K. W. Phillips of Nashville, Tennessee. C liariene milli From Gainesville, Florida, Charlene will graduate with a major in Mathe- matics and Education. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brasell of Gainesville, she plans to attend graduate school. J rjCo aide tembridi 9 e Louise, a Business Administration major, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stembridge of Dade City, Florida. Upon graduation she plans to work in Accounting and possibly attend graduate school. radher Annetta is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernal Osenton of Ash- land, Kentucky, and the wife of Mr. Phillip Thrasher. With an Elementary Education major, she plans to teach on the primary level. Howard Wali Executive Secretary Alumni Association Dr. William T. Si.onecker President Wendell Poole Treasurer Mary Beth Elkins Secretary Dear Senior, Congratulations — you have arrived. That is, you are now a member of the TREVECCA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. You can now help us to perpetuate the spiritual ideals of Trevecca. We will help you to create and preserve college friendships through Alumni activities. All of us will co- operate to promote the interests of TNC through loyalty and active support of plans for advancement. Thank you for your support of your organization Your Alumni Association Council Mrs. Christine Soyars Alumni Office Secretary The End of Another Year I was sitting at my desk in the Darda office and began thinking of all the problems that have confronted my staff and me. I thought to myself, " Five photographers! I can ' t believe it. " I didn ' t want to be too hard on them. They could have refused to climb on the roof of Trevecca Towers or stand in the middle of Murfreesboro Road during the morning rush hour. However, they managed to get the un- usual in the darkroom. . .pictures. ' , .cropping. . .balance. . . in three inches, down two. . .no, down one. . .yes, that ' s more like it . . . looks good . . . only 80 more pages to layout . . . layouts . . . words . . . outlines . . . copy . . . ' The absence of activity? ' . . .no, ' The result of activity? ' . . .Where is my dictionary and thesarus? . . . But we need proofs. . .proofs, wet ink. . .uh. . .what! No proofs? I can ' t get the sports proofs because I didn ' t meet the deadline? No, I need them today !.. .that should be Greathouse not Greenhouse. IT ' S FINISHED ... Hey, everything has been turned in. With all the work and some luck the Darda should be good. . . working forty hours and going to classes plus being the editor. . .HELP. . .the book is ready for inspection? Man. it looks ' tough ' . . .hey, staff, would you like to try again next year???? Donny N. Biggs, Editor Sandra Murpkee, Business Manager Esther Costa, Assistant Editor Linda Deason, Assistant Business Manager and Faculty Editor Howard T. Wall, Sponsor Carol Stalcup, Marsha Bridges, Teresa Johnson, Kay Brinkman. Class Editors Marsha Powell, Literary Editor Elaine Lory, Religious Life Editor JoAnn Fulwood, Robert Thompson, Sports Editors Jan Barrow, Sherry Shears, Typists ADVERTISEMENTS 5 S FIRST CHURCH 2 5 OF THE NAZARENE 285 Victory Drive, S.E. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2201 Dixie Highway Louisville, Kentucky Pastor: REV. HADLEY HALL Saluting TNC and our students FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZAREIME 510 WOODLAND STREET NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE 37206 THE NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT Wishes the Class of 1968 HAPPINESS T. C. (Jack) Sanders, District Superintendent Mrs. T. C. Sanders, NWMS President Asa H. Sparks, Church School Chairman Larry Dale Smith, NYPS President Charlie Brown Sanders says " Happiness is pastoring or working in N.C. " Linus Dale Smith Says: " Happiness is blanketing N.C. with youth action. " Schroeder Sparks says: ' Happiness is making beautiful music through Sunday School growth in N.C. " Lucy Sanders says: " Happiness is a five-point N.C. Star Society. " SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT Salutes the Class of ' 68 And our Palmetto Students Johnny Allen Vivian Blaclcwelder Wally Dorn Tom Park Bob Pinner Linda Quick Coleman Saylors Jimmy Taylor Alan Baker Steve Britton J. W. Johnson Dick Pinner John Powell Gerald Quick Mary Ann Spraker George Whitten Supporting Trevecca with our prayers-finance-youth Dr. Otto Stucki District Superintendent John L Knight, Superintendent. Florida District, Church of the Nazarene FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE I 1 1 North Greenwood Avenue Clearwater, Florida Supports Jty]( and Salutes the clc of 1968! aSS PRINCETON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Princeton, Florida Pastor: Rev. Gene Williams First Church of the Nazarene 46 1 8 Florida Avenue Tampa, Florida Pastor: Rev. P. L. Wright CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE West Columbia. South Carolina Pastor: Rev. Harold M. Linen Congratulations to the Class of ' 68. irst Church of the Nazarene 128 North C Street LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA Rev. C. R. Moore, Pastor Supporting Trevecca In Every Way " I Lake Worth Towers 1500 Lucerne Avenue Lake Worth, Florida Lalce Worth Towers is under the direct sponsorship of the First Church of the Nazarene of Lake Worth, Florida. It will be operated for the benefit of all elderly persons, regardless of denomi- national affiliation, but by the same token it will reflect the motives and convictions of the Church of the Naza- rene. W. Arnold Price, Administrator Board of Directors Rev. C. R. Mooe, President Harold Brake, Secretary Fred F. Hawkes, Treasurer Best Wishes to the CLASS OF ' 68 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 310 Gay Street Pineville, North Carolina Rev. L. Shaffer, Pastor AUGUSTA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1629 Hick Street Augusta, Georgia Serving the Sewart Air Force Base area of Smyrna and Lavergne, Tennessee. SMYRNA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Smyrna, Tennessee K. W. Phillips, Pastor Box 33 Information regarding families transferring to this area will be appreciated. First Church of The Nazarene Jones and Donelson Street OLD HICKORY, TENNESSEE A Friendly Welcome to Trevecca Students Rev. Hayes Oliver, Pastor CAYCE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cayce, South Carolina Rev. M. D. Cline Pastor Congratulations to The Class of ' 68 S. S. Supt. V. V. Shumpert NYPS President Mrs. Martha Bolton NFMS President Mrs. M. D. Cline Our vera i?edt widlied to 68 First Church of The Nazarene Burlington, North Carolina Rev. Dennis E. Wyrick, Pastor PENSACOLA FIRST CHURCH 1 700 West Jackson Pensacola, Flori Rev. Ford Boone, Pastor Pledging our support to Trevecca with our Prayers— our finance— our youth. iLABAMA j STRICT Gkuzck 0 the O a azene Reeford L. Chaney District Superintendent Now in its 60th Year SALUTES THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1968 TREVECCA TRUSTEES Reeford L. Chaney Barney Brumbeloe Ralph Marlowe J. W. Spiva DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD Elders Laymen John W. Banks R. L. Anderson Barney Brumbeloe Ralph Marlowe T. A. Shirley J. W. Spiva DISTRICT DEPARTMENT HEADS N.W.M.S. — Mrs. Barbara Chaney Church Schools — T. A. Shirley N.Y.P.S.— Lee Davis DISTRICT SECRETARY— MELVIN K. SHROUT 110 CHURCHES WITH 7259 NAZARENES WISH YOU WELL! TREVECCA TOWERS INCORPORATED A Christian Retirement Center The largest and most beautiful building in the Church of the Nazarnee is a fifteen- story Christian Retirement Center sponsorde by the College Hill Church of the Naza- rene and located on Lester Avenue adjacent to Trevecca Nazarene College. This two and one-half million dollar non-profit corporation is 100% financed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development at 3% interest and operated by a board of directors elected by the sponsoring church that has pledged to show a spiritual and moral concern for our senior citizens. College Hill has prayed and worked hard to see this miracle in Christian ministry become a reality. The underlying motive and philosophy of Trevecca Towers is nothing more nor less than that illustrated in the parabels of the Good Samaritan. So it ' is the responsibility of those whose lives are patterned after the One who " went about doing good " to do what we can to make life worth living for these worthy people who are a neglected and forgotten group, since they are forced to live on small and limited incomes. In addition to the cultural and spiritual emphasis by the church, the management of Trevecca Towers will be responsible for all the maintenance and operation except the housekeeping inside the apartment. Monthly rent will include all costs, such as utilities, taxes, insurance, repairs, decorating, etc. Individually controlled heat and air-condition- ing wall-to-wall carpets, large walk-in closets, stoves and refrigerators are some of the conveniences provided for at Trevecca Towers. The business office, service desk, emergency call system, switchboard, mailboxes, and house phones are conveniently located on the main lobby floor near two large fully automatic elevators. One entire floor will be public area with several lounges, beauty and barber shoppes, commissary, hobby, craft and physical therapy rooms, etc. Opportunities for service of every kind — proximity to the Church for security and atmosphere, and at rents you can afford to pay. The efficiency begins at $65.00 and the larger apartments at $90.00. The sigher the floor there will be a slight increase in the rent. Persons interested in living in this Christian environment may write Trevecca Towers, 60 Lester Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37210. Congratulations Class of ' 68 COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE A Church Home for College Students Away From Home t « Schedule of Services Sunday Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship I 1 :00 a.m. Departmental Services 6:00 p.m. Evangelistic Service 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Mid-week Service 7:30 p.m. T. E. JONES Minister MELVIN WELCH Sunday School Superintendent EDWARD WHITTINGTON Minister of Music BEVERLY KNIGHT N.Y.P.S. President MARIE PEERY N.W.M.S. President A Cordial Invitation is Extended To Students and Visitors to Worship With Us We Welcome You to Make The College Church Your Church Home The Friendliest of Welcomes extended to Trevecca Students by McCLURKEN MEMORIAL CHURCH 332 54+h Avenue, North Nashville, Tennessee Rev. Edward Cox, Pastor BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 East Trinity Lane Nashville, Tennessee A Growing Church Supporting a Growing Co liege PLAZA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Charlotte, North Carolina Rev. Byron E. LeJeune, Pastor Robert E. Fogle, S.S. Supt. Mrs. George Blaclcwell, N.W.M.S. President Miss Susan Jordan, N.Y.P.S. President Plaza Church has faith in Trevecca ' s Future. V complete creative art assistance in planning and designing your book y actual known production performances (by rec- ords) of substantially less than 10 weeks, as required by most yearbook manufacturers. No contract claims, either, of an additional 4 days on delivery for each 1 day any deadline is missed V an association with a firm who has specialized in designing yearbooks perhaps longer than any other company V our insistence of your reading and checking pags proofs to avoid (or at least minimize) possible glaring errors in the completed edition y an all out effort to please you in design, quality, and service at competitive prices What more could you ask? BENSON Nashville PRINTING CO. Tennessee For that sharp, well-pressed look our fellows patronize DODGE CLEANERS Located At the Foot of " The Hill " Robert Stephenson, Manager Before You Buy " Always See Us First " WALTER NIPPER ' S NASHVILLE SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 169 8th Avenue, North Telephone 256-1547—256-7378 Green Hills Store 4105 Hillsboro Road Telephone 297-0774 Salesmen Joe Bingham — Raymond Ellis — Don Chapman K S PRESS For All Trevecca Printing Needs C on a ra tu la lion A to 69! ft, K " No Johnny, no buffalo steaks, " — but the hamburgers are great at the Burger Boy. 51 I Murfreesboro Road Every consideration given TNC students at the College Bookstore Trevecca Towers Radioman, turned painter — for Bozeman ' s renovation- now . . . Trevecca students work and play at Alamo Plaza Motel Courts. Murfreesboro Road Always a smile and courteous attention for our students at JOE ' S QUICK STOP Murfreesboro Road Need a Tux? Want a costume? Try Bittner ' s Costume and Tuxedo rental West End Avenue La Siesta » r Tools for ANY Kind of Work! Albert Pick Motel 320 Murfreesboro Road Nashville Bolt Screw Company 323 Murfreesboro Road We get plenty of milk around here JERSEY FARMS MILK COMPANY r DAY! — " B. B. " finally went to the laundry!!! DAY LAUNDRY 1 700 State Street STUDENT DIRECTORY NAME ADDRESS NAME ADDRESS NAME ADDRESS ABBOT. LARRY. Rt. 1. Guys Mills, Pa. ABNEY. AARON. 530 Linden. Newport, Ky. ADAMS, TOM, 167 N.E. 6th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. AKEY, MILTON. 815 N. 9th. Burl, Iowa AKEY. SHARON. Bellington, West Virginia ALEXANDER. BERTHA, 974 Par Ave., Memphis. Ten n. ALFORD. ELMOER. 1112 Openwood, Vicksburg, Miss. ALLEN. JIMMIE, Rt. 2. Box 267. McComb, Miss. ALLEN. JOHN L.. P.O. Box 401. New Ellenton. S. C. ALLEN, MATTHEW, 4800 Sunlight Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. ANDERSON, ROLAND, 220 Theodore Rd.. Nash- ville, Tenn. ANTONY. .JAMES, 2119 Elliott Ave.. Nashville, ASBURY. JOYCE. 301 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, Tenn. BAILEY, JEAN ANN, 1609 S. Seminole Dr.. Chat- tanooga, Tenn. BAIRD. JOHN, 6916 Clovis Td., Jacksonville, Fla. BAKER. ALAN. 109 Ridge St.. Bishopville. S. C. BAKER. JANICE. Rt. 1, Box 104. Boggstown. Ind. BAKER. RILLA. 4406 Delaware Ave., Nashville. Tenn. BANKS. FRIEDA A.. 1917 Pelham Hgts.. Cottondale. Ala BARROW. JAN. 1018 E. DeSoto, Pensacola. Fla. BATEMAN. ALTHEA. 1205 Winston St.. Norfolk. Va. BATY. WILLIAM, 212 31st Ave., N., Nashville. Tenn. BAWCUM. VIRGINIA. Camden, Tenn. BAYSINGER. ALBERT. 110 Neosho. Emporia, Kan- sas BEAM, MADGE, 623 East 2nd, Cameron. Miss. BEAVERS. JERRY. 318 No. Glenwood, Dalton, Ga. BELCHER, WILLIAM. 470 Cinnamon Dr., Satel- lite Beach. Fla. BERCK. CHERYL. 1730 Loch Lomand Trail, At- lanta, Ga. BERCK. KENNETH. 1730 Loch Lomand Trail. At- lanta. Ga. BERRY. DONNA. 411 W. 29th Place. Hialeah. Fla. BESS. A. TIMOTHY. 652 Columbia Dr.. Lima. Ohio BEYERIE. JOHN. 1217 St. Charles. Alameda Calif. BIDLE. MARY. 7651-14 St. North. St. Petersburg. Fla. BIGGS. BARBARA. 2924 Harlin Drive, Nashville. Tenn. BIGGS, DONNY N.. 2924 Harlin Drive, Nashville. Tenn. BIGGS. PHILLIP, 422 Highland Ave., Lewisburg Tenn. BISHOP, PATSY, 8548 Beechmont Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio BISHOP. ROBERT. 203 N. Elm. Monterey Tenn. BLACK. GARRY. Rt. 5. Box 56, Brewton Ala BLACKWELDER, VIVIAN, Rt. 2. Box 263B Fort Mill. S. C. BOGLE. CAROLYN, 131 Scenic View, Nashville, Tenn. BOOHER MARY, Rt. 2, Jamestown, Tenn. BOOTH, CATHERINE. 1120 E. Riverview, Belle. BOSTICK. JAMES. Wurtland. Ky. BOSTON. LUCY, 1512— 28th Ave., Meridian, Miss. BOWDEN. RICHARD. 9747 Carbondale Dr., Jack- sonville. Fla. BOWERS, JOE. 701 N. Buchanan. Little Rock Ark. BOWERS, MARY ANN. Mabelvale Ark BOWLES. PHILIP D.. 834 Evelyn. Louisville Ky BOYETT. HERMAN E., 702 Pendergest. Waycross. Ga. BRADEN. JAMES. 4409 Honeywood. Nashville Tenn. BRADFORD. KATHLEEN. 2113— 10th Ave., South Nashville. Tenn. BRADLEY. DARLENE. 553 Parker Rd.. Sarver, Penn. BRADLEY. FAITH E.. 337 S. 18th Ave., Hopewell. Va. BRADLEY. JOYCE. 1701 Keeneland Dr., Murray. Ky. BRADLEY. MARGARET, 337 So. 18th Ave.. Hope- well. Va. BRANDENBURG. BRENDA, Route 7, Lexington, Ohio BRANTLEY. RICHARD, 536 Ave. G. S.E.. Winter Haven, Fla. BREEDEN. DARRELL, R.R 2. Odon, Ind. BREEDEN. WILLIAM, R.R. 2, Odom Ind BRIDGES. MARSHA. 2148 S.W. 9th Rd., Ocala Fla. BRIDGES. REBECCA, Rt. 1, Vincmont. Ala. BRIGMAN. KAY. 1200 Cheshire Ave.. Charlotte N. C. BRINKMAN. KAYE. 3735 Taylorsville Road. Louis- ville. Ky. BRITTON. JUDY, 7366 Georgia, Detroit, Mich. BRITTON. WALTER. Rt. 1. He mingway. S. C. BROWN. CHARLES, Box 112, Camden, Tenn. BROWN. JANET. 3800 Central Ave., Nashville Tenn. BROWN. LAURA. Rt. 4. Box 7, Parkersburg, W Va. BROWN, LINDA. 1020 W. Hill St., Kissimee, Fla BROWN. LINDA, Box IH Oneonta, Ala. BROWNING. FRANCES KAY, 634 Vinson Village Dublin. Ga. BRUMBELOE. NORMA, 1219 So. 4th Ave., Lanett Ala. BRUMFIELD. WILLIAM. 2217 Broad St.. Ashland Ky. BRUMMETT. DAVID, 313 Vine St.. Monticello Ky. BRYANT. DEBORAH. 18351 S.W. 107 Ave.. Per- rine, Fla. BRYANT. LILLA. 1921 Branner Rd., Atlanta, Ga. BRYANT. RHEDA. Box 314. White Springs, Fla. BRYANT, RHODA, Box 314, White Springs, Fla. BRYNER, DAUNICE, Rt. 1. Claysville. Penn. BURGE. BOBBY. Rt. 2, Shadyside, Ohio BURKHARDT, DONNA, Trevecca Nazarene Col- lege BURD. RONALD. Apt. A-7, Hillside Manor, Frank- lin. Tenn. BUSH, JERRY. Rt. 5, Tifton, Ga. BUSH. ROBERT. 2213 Kingland Ave.. Orlando, Fla. BUSH. THERESA. 1106 Elm. Albertville, Ala. BUSTLE. LOUIE. Rt. 1. Versailles. Ind. BUTLER. JOHN, Box 372, Cowan, Tenn. BUTLER. JOHN, Box 372. Cowan. Tenn. BUTLER. PAULA. 2820 " Richmond Ave., Mattoon. III. BUTLER. RUTH. 1376 Durham. Stone Mt., Ga. CAIN. DIANA 895 Congress, Glendale, Ohio CALDWELL. BOBBY, Rt. 1, Box 119, Oakman Ala. CALLIHAN, LARRY. 701 Polgrove. Frankfort, Ky. CAMPBELL. JUDY, Rt. 3, Box 119, Jamestown, Ky. CAMPBELL, KENNETH. Rt. 2. Rural Hill Rd., Antioch, Tenn. CAMPBELL. LINDA. Rt. 8. Box 150, Roanoke, Va. CANTRELL. HENRY, 911 E St.. Charleston, W. Va. CARAWAY. LINDA. 1302 Winthorne Dr. CAREY. ALBERT. 812 Perrigin Lane. Manchester. Tenn. CAREY. CAROLYN. 513 Lester Ave.. Nashville. Tenn. CARRICO. MELDORA, 101 Yeoras Cic. Vienna. Va. CARTER, BEVERLY. 207 W. 11th St.. Tifton, Ga. CARTER. DAVID. 83 Nance Lane. Nashville. Tenn. CARTER. DONNA, Rt. 5. Box 117. Columbus, Miss. CARTER. JAMES. Box 821. Lake City, Fla. CARTER. J. ROBERT. 500 Fesslers Lane, Nashville Tenn. CARTER. KAREN 3430 Morgan. Ashland, Ky. CARTER. KELLY 4312 Maryville Dr., Louisville. Ky. CASS, LINDA. Rt. 2. Box 67A, Signal Mtn.. Tenn. CAWLEY. DELILA. Rt. 1. Galena. Ohio CAWLEY. PATRICIA. Rt. 1. Galena. Ohio CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, Homestead. Fla. CHANNELL. KENNETH. 1910 W. Belmont St.. Pensacola. Fla. CHANPRASERT. BOONSRI. 263 Soi Basoon, Din- day Rf.. Banjkok. Thailand CHAPLIN. MERRITT. 205 W. 2nd. Indianola, Iowa CHAPMAN. JERRY. 1207 Logan, Rossville, Ga. CHAPMAN, JOSEPH. 75 Lester Ave.. Nashville. CHASE. PATRICIA, Rt. 1. Lanett. Ala. CHILDERS. A. TROY. 41 Godby St., Logan, W. Va. CLEMENTS, Myrle. Scott. Ga. CHRISLIP. CONNIE, 70 High St., Logan. W. Va. CHURCH. CHARLES. Box 736, Welce. W. Va. CLARK CAROL. Rt. 2. Box 371. Charleston. W. Va. CLARK. ROBERT. Trevecca Nazarene College CLINE, LINDA. Rt. 1. Box 277A. Signal Mtn., Tenn . COLE. SALLY. 129 Branford St.. Manchester. Conn. CONGER. JORDAN. 206 N. Central, Tifton. Ga. COOK. CARLOS. 614 3rd Ave. S.W.. Decatur. Ala. COOK. CECIL, Box 366, Kennesaw, Ga. COOK, RUTH. 318 So. 10th St.. Franklin. Tenn. COOK. THOMAS. 817 Henderson Ave., Rossville. Ga. COOLEY. KAREN. 9216 Leith Dr., Jacksonville Fla. COOPER. KENNETH. 208 Heathen St.. Warner Robbins. Ga. COOPER. NEAL, 707 Wenona, Ocala. Fla. COPLEY. NANCY. Inex, Ky. COSTA. ESTHER. 506 Chesterfield. Nashville. Tenn. COUEY. KENNETH. 34318 Munger Dr., Livonia, Mich. COWART. MYRICK, Rt. 6. Box 433, Kenny Rd., Augusta. Ga. COX. GLENDA. 105 McCrory. Cordova. Ala. CRAIG. JAMES. 5900 O ' Brien Ave. CRANSHAW. MARTHA. 1512 Carpenter St.. Brunswick. Ga. CRANSHAW. NANCY. 1512 Carpenter St.. Bruns- wick. Ga. CROFT. ROBERT. Rt. 2. Inverness, Fla. CROMWELL. BRENDA Burrville, Tenn. CRONISE. SHARON, 627 Murray Ave., S.E., Roa- noke, Va. CROSS. BRENDA. Rt 1. Box 38E. Sanford. Fla. GROSSMAN. WILLIAM, 83 Nance Lane Nashville. Tenn. CROWDER. WAYNE. 1915 Clair St.. Charleston. W. Va. CUMMINGS. DAVID. 35 Merrimont Dr.. Holy- town. Ala. DAIGLE. PENNY. 2443 Virginia Ave.. 27, Cov- ington. Ky. DALLAS. LEROY. Rt. 7. Box 1393. Orlando. Fla. DAMON RICHARD. Rt. 2. Council Bluffs. Iowa DANLEY, PATRICIA 127 N. Bernard. Bourbon- nais. III. DANIEL. JOEL Jasper. Alabama DARSEY. JAMES. Rt. 2. Box 167. Dublin, Ga. DARULLA, DANIEL. 2220 Main St., Wellsburg. W. Va. DAUGHERTY. WILLIAM. 616 Thrush. Murfrees- boro, Tenn. DAUGHTRY. MARTHA. Rt. 2 Whites Creek. DAVIS. CHARLES. 2150 Ave. D. S.W.. Winter Haven, Fla. DAVIS, DAVID. 501 Lester Ave Nashville. Tenn. DAVIS. DONNA, 828 Weymouth Terr.. Hampton, Va. DAVIS, HAROLD. 828 Weymouth Terr.. Hampton. Va. DAVIS. LLOYD Rt. 1. Box 310. Princeton, W. Va. DAVIS. SARAI. 2742— 5th. Hurricane. W. Va. DAVIS, SANDRA, Clermont. Ind. DEAN. KAREN. 7925 Wainwright. Jacksonville. Fla. DEASON, LINDA. 1512 Norvell. Nashville. Tenn. DEASON. SARA. 2109 Basel Dr.. Huntsville. Ala. DECKER WAYNE E.. 2829 McRae St.. Orlando Fla. DEEM. EMERY. 20 N. Sherman Dr.. Indianapolis Ind. DEESE. DAVID. 8773 8th Ave.. Jacksonville, Fla. DEESE. JEAN. 8773 8th Ave,. Jacksonville, Fla. DENNIS. LARRY. 205 W. Roger Dr.. Trenton. Ohio DEVANE. JAMES E.. 701 Toombs. Valdosta. Ga. DEW MACON. 328 Holt St.. Burlington. N. C. DEW MARY. 328 Holt St.. Burlington. N. C. DICKEY. JOHN, 58 ' i Paris Ave., Nashville. Tenn. DICKEY. LORETTA. Trevecca Nazarene College DICKEY SHIRLEY. Trevecca Nazarene College DIGBY. DAVID. 1192 Sue Lane Ct., Decatur, Ga. DILLARD. RANDALL. Rt. 1, Rock Springs, Ga. DILLINGER. CAROLYN, P.O. Box 299, Sebring. Fla. DINKINS. LINDA. 5622 Buffalo Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla. DODGE. DAVID. 2044 Little John Rd.. Eau Gallie. Fla. DODSON. E. LEON. Sanford. Fla. DODSON. KAY. Rt. 2. Sanford. Fla. DONALDSON, SHARON. Rt. 3. Box 406. Merritt Island. Fla. DORN WALLACE. 213 Ware St.. Greenwood. S. C. DOTSON MARTHA. Rt. 5. Tifton. Ga. DUFFY. KATHRYN. 3902 Bay Vista. Tampa. Fla. DUKE. WILLIAM. 1704 Neal Terr.. Nashville. DUNCAN. HAVILLE. 723 Farrwin Ave.. Nashville. Tenn. DUNCAN. MARY JO, Vienna, W. Va. DUNCAN, ROBERT. 2926 Dunmore Dr.. Nashville Tenn . DUNLAP. FLOYD 510 Grove St.. Muscle Shoals. Ala DUNLAP. LARRY. 5224 Lancaster. Charleston. W. Va. DUNLAP REBECCA. Rt. 1. Box 229. Cairo. Ga. DUNSON. STEPHEN Rt 1. Lakeview. Ohio EATON. TERRI 103 Brownlis Rd.. King of Prussia. Pa. EDDINGS. RUTH. Signal Mt.. Tenn. EDDY. LARRY. 617 N. 7th Ave.. Parker City W Va. EDMONDS. JODELL. Rt. 1. Dutton. Ala. EDMONDS. ZANE. Rt. I. Dutton Ala EDWARDS. CHARLES. 3701 Spring Rd.. Hopewell Va. EDWARDS. DAVID. 5842 Morningside Dr. Colum- bus. Ga. EDWARDS. ELIZABETH. 2300 N.W. 88 St., Mi- ami. Fla. EGNOR. RICHARD. 97 Godbv St.. Logan. W Va ELAM. BETTY. 740 Buffalo St.. Wykom. Birming- ham. Ala. ELKINS. CHARLENE Dayton Kentuckv EMBREY. DAVID Catlett. Va. EMERSON ERNEST. 4309 Lazard St.. Chatta- nooga. Tenn. ENDERS. DIANNE. 2620 Louisiana Ave.. St. Louis. Missouri ENGLAND. KAREN. 3832 Forrest. Jacksonville. Fla. 1 9 I STUDENT DIRECTORY NAME ADDRESS ESSARY. JAMES. 21 Gresham Addition. Tuscaloosa. Ala EVANS. BETTY, Cochran, Ga. FAIRBANKS. LARRY, 40 E. 42nd St., Hileah. Fla. FARWELL. CONSTANCE. 4538 Oxford St.. W. Palm Beach, Fla. FEASEL. CARL, 2809 Crystal Lake Ave., Orlando, Fla. FETTINGER. JAMES. Rt. 1, Box 500 M, Panama City, Fla. FIALA. THOMAS, 74 Belford Ave., Bey Shore, New York FIELDS. ALFRED. Richardsville, Ky. FINCHER. WIMBERLY. 2500 Pine Branch Way. Decatur, Ga. FISCHER, NORBERT. 723 Hansford St., St. Al- bans. W. Va. FISH, MARY. Zephyr Hills. Florida. P.O. Box 423 FISHER. CHERYLE. 80 Lester Avenue, Nashville. Tenn. FLATT, HAROLD, 52 Paris Avenue. Nashville. Tenn. FLETCHER. GARY. Rt. 1. Box 29, Stephenson, Virginia FLUHARTY, CARSON. 3300 Overbrook Drive. Weirton. W. Va. FORMAN. JEANNETTE. 220 Padenreich. Gads- den, Alabama FOSTER. PATRICIA DIANE, Route 4, Richmond. Kentucky FOX. KENNETH. 806 Farwin. Nashville. Tenn. FOX. LINDA. 806 Farwin. Nashville. Tenn. FRIEL. JAMES. 844 E. Main Street, Plainfield. In- diana FROST. CAROL. Box 158, Nashville. Michigan FROST. ROBERT. 1124 Batey Dr., Nashville. Tenn. FRY. NANCY. 68 Chestnut. Manchester. Connecti- cut FULWOOD JoANNE. 625 N.W. 6th Street. Gaines- ville, Fla. GABRIEL. RONALD, 2312 Greenup Street, Cov- ington. Kv. GALBREATH. ELIZABETH. 1124 Batey Dr.. Nash- ville, Tenn. GALFORD. BRENDA. Smith Street, Marlinton, W. Va. GALLAGHER. JAMES D.. 626 Bixler. Madison. Tenn. GATES. ERNEST. 1417 Griggs Street. Abilene Texas GIBBS. SUSAN, 802 Riverview Drive. Belle. W. Va. GIFFORD. JUDY, 315 Meridian Street, Nashville. Tenn . GILL. EARL. 95 ' , Lester Avenue. Nashville, Tenn. GLOVER. BRENDA. P.O. Box 251. Gordonsville. Tenn. GOODWIN. MARK. Indian Springs Street, Jackson. Ga. GORDON HELEN, 2112 Buchanan Street. Ali- quippa. Pa. GRAY. JANICE. Route 1. Tifton. Ga. GRAY. WILLIAM THOMAS. Spencer Street. Sig- nal Mt., Tenn. GREATHOUSE. WILLIAM MARK, 333 Murfrees- boro Road, Nashville. Tenn. GREEN. HARDY PHILLIP, Route 2. Maryville. Tenn. GREEN. JOHN. 75 Paris Avenue. Nashville. Tenn. GRIMM KATHERYN. 129 Centre Street. Coal- grove. Ohio GRUBB. PAUL, 1716 South 11th St.. Ironton Ohio GUMM. JOYCE. 1240 South Main Street. Harrison- burg. Va. HAAS. BEVERLY. 21 E. Thompson Lane. Nash- HAGE. KATHY JEAN. 714 N.W. 33rd St., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. HAIL. CHARLES. 430 W. 11th St.. Huntington. W. Va. HAIL. DAVE. 430 W. 11th St.. Huntington, W. Va. HALE. LESTER. 800 S. Shade Avenue, Sarasota. Fla. HALL. DAVID RONALD. 314 N. Whitney St.. Augustine. Fla. HALL. DIANA. 2518 Shanmoor Norwood. Ohio HALL. JANET 925 Sheridan Avenue. Elizabeth. N. J. HALL. LARRY. 817 Elm Hill Road. Nashville. Tenn. HALL. RAYMOND. Route 1. Lynchburg Tenn. HALSEY. JEAN MARIE. Box 623. New Richmond. W. Virginia HAMBRICK BOBBY WAYNE. 2426 Enga Street. Nashville. Tenn. HAMILTON, RUTH, Route 1. Box 52, Pavo, Geor- gia HAMMIEL. LETITA. 121 W. Mulberry, Lebanon. Ohio HANCOCK. BRENDA. 1418 6th Avenue. Ross. Ala- bama HANCOCK. JEROME. 2524 Penno Avenue. Weir- ton. W. Va. HAND. DAVID. 2216 Pinewood Drive. Decatur, Georgia HANNER. ESTHER. 2519-B. Murfreesboro Road, Nashville, Tenn. NAME ADDRESS HANSON, TIMOTHY JAMES. 815 W. Jefferson, Bloomington. 111. HARBOLD. DONNA, 1296 W. Ohio Pike, Amelia. Ohio HARDEN. PATRICIA. 84 Paris Avenue, Nashville. HARDER. LINDA ANN. 303 Hall s Lane, Nash- ville. Tenn. HARDIN, LINDA, 4532 Susy Lane, Indianapolis, Indiana HARDY. ALBERT. JR., 118 Robert Avenue, Had- donfield. Pa. HARE. CHARLES. 136 Brown Avenue, Lexington. Kentucky HARPER, DELBERT. McCrory Creek Road, Nash- ville. Tenn. HARRIS, STEVEN. 2001 Davidson Street. Aliquippa. Pa. HARRISON. BILLY, Loudon. Tennessee HARRISON. RONALD. 109 Rolynn, Nashville. Tenn. HARTSFIELD, BRENDA. 6355 Sedgefield Drive. Norfolk. Va. HASTINGS. DONALD. 902 E. Riverview Dr., Belle. W. Va. HASTY. BARBARA. Route 5. Shelbyville. Tennessee HASTY. CONNIE. Route 6, Shelbyville. Tennessee HAWKINS. KAREN. Route 2, Adrian, Georgia HAYES. PAULA. 1512 Georgia. Tampa, Florida HAYNES. JAMES. 303 Norwan. Huntington, W. Va. HEADRICK. MARGARET. 517 Randall St. Hixon, Tennessee HEANEY, ROSS. Route 2, Box 98. Riversville, W. Va. HECKSTHORN. JAMES. Route 3. Bridgeton, New Jersey HELLER. RONALD. Box 78. Triadelphia. W. Va. HENDERSON. BRENDA. Route 1, Winchester, Tennessee HENDRICKSON. ELIZABETH ANN. 60 Nance Lane. Nashville. Tenn. HENSON, ALICE. 599 Ida Drive. Hurricane, W. Va. HERRIOTT. ETHEL. 1511 Vineland Road. Or- lando. Fla. HESS. DENNIS, 2510 11th Avenue. Parkersburg. W. Va. HICKS. CYRILLA, Route 2, Mt. View Road. An- tioch. Tenn. HICKS. JAMES 1018 Stafford. Clarksville, Tenn. HICKS. PAULA FAYE, 1018 Stafford. Clarksville. Tenn. HILDERBRAND. RUDY. 115 East Hampton. Staun- ton. Va. HILL. BARBARA. Route 1. Box 42, Green Bank. W. Va. HILL. CAROLYN. P.O. Box 366. Newberry, Fla. HILL. JUDY P.O. Box 366. Newberry. Fla. HILL. KERRY 1801 44th Ave., Holt. Ala. HILL TEDDY, 1220 Maine Boulevard. E. Liver- pool. Ohio HINDMAN, PAMELA. 1007 South Bell St., Do- than Ala. HINES LONNITA. Lenoir City. Tenn. HINSON. ERNEST. Route 3. Valdosta. Ga. HODGE. DOUGLAS, 4562 Colonial. Jacksonville. Fla. HODGE. JAMES. Rt. 3. Lenoir City. Tenn. HOFFMAN. JAMES, 33 W. 65th St.. Cincinnati. Ohio HOLLE Y. IAMES. 5651 Overlook Rd.. Mobile, Ala. HOLLIMAN. NORA D Rt. 4. Box 311. Gaines- ville. Fla. HOLLOWAY, LORETTA 1407 Cannon Rd.. Shel- bvville. Tenn. HOLMES. SHARON. 202 W. Cameron Rd.. Falls Church Va. HOLT. CECIL. 201 Grizzard Ave.. Nashville. Tenn. HOLT. GARY 2550 Timberly Dr. Marietta. Ga. HOOD. DWAYNE. 1050 Robertson St.. Kingsport. Tenn. HOOPER. GERALD. McEwen. Tenn HOOPER. LARRY. Rt. 2. McEwen. Tenn. HOUSTON. WESLEY. Huxley. Iowa HOWARD. EDWARD. 2495 Robin Hood Rd.. Ma- con. Ga. HOWELL JANE. 6880 S.W. 90 St. Miami. Fla. HOWES ARTHUR. Cabin Creek. W. Va. HUDSON. NANCY. 1019 N. Broadway. Shelbyville. III. HUDSON. REGINA, Rt. 7. Box 382 S.. Charleston. W. Va. HUMMER DAN. Rt. 7. Lafayette, Ind. HYATT. ELIZABETH. 30 Aster Ave.. Chattanooga. Tenn. HYATT. JEFFREY. 30 Aster Ave.. Chattanooga. Tenn. HYDE. THOMAS. 2008 Medaris. Huntsville. Ala. INGALLS. CHARLES. Rt. 1. Morrison. Tenn. INGRAM. DORIS. 1126 Guinyard. Orlando, Fla. IRRIZARRY MARTHA Lake Worth. Fla. ISHEE. ALFRED. 102 N. Nelson St., Hartselle, Ala. JAMES, ALICE. Box 77. Chicopee. Georgia JARRETT, ALICE, 333 Murfreesboro Rd., Nash- ville, Tenn. NAME ADDRESS JEFFERSON. GARY. T.N.C. Trailer Court, Nash- ville. Tenn. JENSON, MATTHEW. 75 Lester Ave., Nashville, JERNIGAN. DONNA, 3412 Mastin Lake Rd.. Huntsville. Ala. JETER. LIGE. T.N.C. Trailer Court JOHNSON. CAROLYN. 2112 N. Taft, Arlington. Va. JOHNSON, CONNIE, 3932 Lyndalane, Kingsport, Tenn. JOHNSON. GRACIE. Rt. 2, Box 135 C, Bain- bridge. Ga. JOHNSON, JEARLEAN, Box 113, Lawtey, Fla. JOHNSON. JUNIUS, Box 13, Winnsboro, S. C. JOHNSON, PAULETTE, 9385 Haitian Dr., Cutler Ridge, Fla. JOHNSON, TERESA, 9385 Haitian Dr., Cutler Ridge, Fla. JONES, ADRIAN. 918 Patricia Dr.. Nashville, Tenn. JONES. DANIEL, 1374 Willow Dr.. Louisville, Ky. JONES, PRISCILLA. Rt. 1. Elon College, N. C. JONES, SHARON. Grant Line Rd., New Albany. Ind. JORDON. FRANCES, 1501 Bear St., Madison, Ind. JOSLIN. JAMES. 217 Wheeler. Nashville. Tenn. KAY, SAUNDRA SUE. Rt. 4, Wheeling. W. Va. KELLISON. CLARA, Rt. 1. Box 7, Hillsboro, W. Va. KENNEDY. JEAN, 327 Lombard St., Reading, Pa. KENT. DONALD, 446 Broadmoor Dr., Nashville. KERSHNER. MARIELLA. 5183 Big Tyler, Charles- ton, W. Va. KERSTETTER. WILLIAM. 831 Gale Lane, Nash- ville. Tenn. KESSELRING. DAWN. Marietta. Ohio KESTER. JAMES. 1009 Malquin Dr., Nashville. KETTERMAN. KEITH, 318 S. 4th St., Terre Haute, Ind. KILGO. FRANCES. Rt. 1. Logan, Ala. KILLEN. ROBERT, 1713 Electric Ave., Nashville. Tenn. KILLINGS WORTH, KENNETH. 110 Harker Rd.. Ft. Oglethorpe. Ga. KING, DONALD. 1625 Electric Ave., Nashville. Tenn. KING. R. LYNN. 1625 Electric Ave., Nashville. Tenn . KING, RUTH ANN, 85 Lester Ave.. Nashville, Tenn. KING. Z. D.. 85 Lester Ave.. Nashville, Tenn. KINZLER. RICHARD S.. 8244 Riley. Overland Park. Kansas KLIEM. MARY. 4020 Murphy Rd., Nashville, Tenn. KOTESKEY. DONALD. 900 N. C. 4th St., Pom- pana Beach. Fla. KROESE. DARREL. 1435 McGavock Pike. Nash- ville. Tenn. KUBO. SHOSEI. Kochi, Japan KUTALAD. YTRAVEJ. Bangkok. Thailand LADD. LARRY. 796 Novarese. Memphis, Tenn. LAIR. BILLY 2024 W. Lane. Louisville, Ky. LANE. SANDRA, 3853 Rockdale Dr.. Columbus, Ga. LANHAM. JOSEPH, Rt. 2. Box 20. Leesburg, Va. LANHAM, SHELDON, 3317 Cowie Ave.. Erlanger. Ky. LATIMER. DORIS. 223 Bridle Path. Arcadia. Fla. LAXTON, JOE WAYNE, Rt. 2. Box 551, Brighton. LEGG. JANET, 1196 S. Jefferson Dr.. Huntington. W. Va. LEGG. JOYCE. 1196 S. Jefferson Dr.. Huntington. W. Va. LEMMON. LARRY. 317 Prospect, Newton Falls, Ohio LESLIE. KENNETH. Calera. Ala. LESLIE. LYNN SPOONER. 2800 Oakland. Nash- ville. Tenn. LESLIE. ROBERT. Calera. Ala. LESLIE. ROY. Calera. Ala. LEVINER, S. DIANE. Newport News, Va. LEWIS, WANDA. 8028 Delaware Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla. LILES BRUCE. 66 Cromwell. Ft. Thomas. Ky. LINGLE, SHARON. 2123 Warwick Rd.. Eau Gallic. Fla. LITTLE. GARRY. 2nd St., Cockran. Ga. LITTLE. MELBA CAROL. Ludlow, Ky. LITTLE. SAUNDRA LYNN. Ludlow. Ky. LITTON. DANIEL. Hagerstown, Maryland LIVINGSTON. JANET. 1336 Dorothy. Claremore. Okla. LIVINGSTON. WILLIAM. 1336 Dorothy. Clare- more. Okla. LOBB BRENDA. Greensburg. Ky. LOCKHART. Don Wayne, Rt. 2. Box 494 F. Charleston. W. Va. LOGAN. MICHAEL, 213 Gaylane Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. LOGGINS. GRACE. 1443 Pine Hills Rd.. Orlando. Fla. LONG. STANLEY, 616 Lexington Ave.. Newport. Ky. STUDENT DIRECTORY NAME ADDRESS LONGACRE, ARLENE, 1617 N.W. 2nd St., Mi- ami. Fla. LORY. DELORES. Intercession City. Fla. LOVE. CAROL. Krnbridgr, Va. LOVELACE. JENNIE, 81 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. LOVELACE, TED. Rt. 1. Lebanon. Tenn. LOYETT. WALTER, P.O. Box 191. Princeton, Fla. LOWE, GARY. 1406 Fatherland St.. Nashville, Tenn. LOWERY. CAROLYN, Rt. 2, Westchester Heights, Picayune, Miss. LYNCH. LILLIAN. Rt. 2. Marion, Va. LYNN. HENRY. Rt. 2. River Rd., Nashville, Tenn. McADORY, THOMAS, 3516 Hewlett Drive, Nash- ville, Tenn. McBRIDE. JOYCE. Route 1, Rossville, Georgia McCLANAHAN. ROBERT, GO Woodard Avenue, Nashville, Tenn. McCLELLAND, JOY, 609 Orange Lawn, Valrico. Florida McCLELLAND, SUE. 609 Orange Lawn, Valrico. Florida McCOY. KATHERINE. 218 Trevor Street, Coving- ton. Ky. McCREARY. JERRY DALE. 661 N.W. 194 Ter., Miami. Fla. McDONALD, ROBERT. 5410 Noyes Avenue. Beck- ley. W. Va. McGOLDRICK. JAMES, 4631 Bristol St., Lansing. Mich. McGUIRE. JAMES. 408 Benita Drive. Nashville. McINTOSH. FRANCES CAROL, 84 Eustace Place, Ft. Thomas. Ky. McKELLEN. ROGER. 2134 Rosemary Lane. Nash- ville, Tenn. McKENZIE. SARA VIRGINIA, 750 Ninth St.. Winnsboro, S. C. McKINNEY, ELANA, 211 Second Street, St. Al- bans. W. Va. McMILLAN. HERBERT. 3574 Tyrone Dr., Louis- ville. Ky. McMILLIAN. HERB, 7 East 30th St.. Covington. Ky. McMINN, CHARLES. 561 Garrison Ave., Charles- ton, W. Va. McQUATTERS. BRENDA GALE. 1204 Decatur St., Cayer, S. C. McWHORTER. JOHN, 1404 Lebanon Pike, Nash- ville, Tenn. McWILLIAMS. STEPHEN. Route 2. Grafton. W. Va. MACKEY. FLORENCE. 166 Power Avenue, Wheel- ing. W. Va. MARKLIN. PHILLIP, 711 Perkins Avenue, Clarks- ville, Tenn. MALLOW. JOYCE, Star Road, Flintstone, Mary- land MARLIN, ROBERT, R.R. 5. Box 130, Acton, In- diana MARTIN. MARY, 23 Rabbit St., New Castle, Pa. MARTIN. STEVE. 749 Mauldeth Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. MATHIS. RUTH. Box 463, Princeton. Florida MATTHEWS. CAROL. 2554 Skylane Drive, Mari- etta. Georgia MATTINGLY, JANICE CAROL. 412 Ridgecrest Drive, High Point. N. C. MAXWELL. JOHN. 50 Widrig. Newport, Ky. MAYS. CARL. 122 Tapawingo Road S.W.. Vienna, Va. MASDON. NATHAN THOMAS. Route 1. Box 458. Hardy. Va. MEIGHEN. KATHY. 4712 Grizzard, Huntsville. Ala. MELTON. BILLIE JEAN, 2810 Branward Drive, Nashville, Tenn. MELTON. GLENDA SUE, 406 E. Henry St.. Punta Gorda, Fla. MEREDITH, CHARLOTTE. Beaver Dam Medical Arte. Beaver Dam. Ky. MEREDITH. JUDITH. 680 Turpin Lapier. Cooke- ville, Tenn. MERRYMAN. JAMES, 901 N. 12th Street. Nash- ville, Tenn. MICHAEL, MELBA. 804 Appleby Street, Hunts- ville. Ala. MILAM. CALVIN. Box 137. TNC Trailer Court. Nashville. Tenn. MILBURN. MARGARET. 1215 W. Vine Street, Kissimmee. Fla. MILBY. RITA, Greensburg, Ky. MILLER. JAMES. Pageton. W. Va. MILLS. GERALDINE. R.R. 5, Box 34, Inez, Ky. MINNIX. DANNY, 1009 Valley Ave., Roanoke, Va. MINNTX, DAVID. 1009 Valley Ave.. Roanoke, Va. MONEY, LARRY, 130 Brookside Drive. Buchanan, Michigan MOORE. DENNIS 525 No. C, Lake Worth, Fla. MOORE. JANICE, McKinnon Avenue, Kerners- ville. N. C. MOORE. MARLA. 709 West C St., Kannapolis. N. C. MOORE, MARTHA. 64 Glover. Eustis. Fla. MOORE. RAY, 133 Mills, Louisville, Ky. MORGAN, DAGMAR. 1230 E. 3rd St., Nashville, Tenn. NAME ADDRESS MORGAN. THOMAS, 1010 St. Clair Avenue, East Liverpool. Ohio MORRIS. ROBERTA. 2142 Rosemary Lane. Nash- MOr ' tON. CONNIE SUE. South Shore, Ky. MOTT, FREDNA, 2118 Phillips Road. Huntsville. Ala. MOYE. THOMAS. 115 Louise Drive, Dickson, Tenn MOYER. PATRICIA, c o Nazarene Parsonage. La- doga. Indiana MUECKE, CAROLYN. 3590 Cresthill Avenue, Ma- con, Ga. MURPHREE. SANDRA. 806 8th St.. Decatur, Ala. MURPHY, MAX. Box 146. TNC MYERS. DALE LINZETTE, Lenoir City, Tenn. NASH, CHARLENE, 504 Cumberland Avenue, Ma- con, Ga. NEAL. TERENCE. R.D. 1, Box 75, Alquippa, Pa. NEIGHBORS, GEORGE, 45 Utopia Road, Ashe- ville. N. C. NELSON, EDWIN. 1260 Knox Avenue. Monnessen, Pa. NEWELL, MARILYN, 2322 Dennywood, Nashville, NEWTON. JAMES, 428 Cottage Hill Rd., Orlando. Fla. NEWTON. PATSY. 4003 Sherlin Drive, Chatta- nooga. Tenn. NIXON " , DAVID, 1505 Duggar Drive, Nashville. NOLEN. PATRICIA. Box 392. Carthage. Indiana NORRIS. MARY ELLEN, 74 Nance Lane, Nash- ville. Tenn. NORTH. ROSALYN, 252 Blackman Road. Nash- ville. Tenn. NUNN, BARBARA, 7309 S. Ky. Blue Ave., Pleas- ure Ridge, Ky. NUTTER. PATRICIA. Route 2, Box 269. Charles- ton. W. Va. NUTTER, REBECCA. 823 Thunderbird Drive. Charleston, W. Va. OLDHAM. RONALD. Route 8. Excell Road. Clarks- ville. Tenn. ORNER. DAVE, 7175 N. Germany. Dayton. Ohio OSBORN, WALLACE. JR., 4105 Yorkshire Lane, Mobile, Ala. OUTLAW. MARJORY, 1227 24th Street. Orlando. Fla. OVERTON. SANDRA. 1217 Greenfield Ave., Nash- OWENSBY, JOY, 2415 Pafford Drive, Nashville. Tenn. OWSLEY. LARRY, Trevecca Trailer Court, Nash- ville. Tenn. PALMER. MARY ANN. R.R. 6. Box 384-B, Mar- tinsville. Tenn. PANGLE, JAMES, 209 Jacksonian Drive, Hermi- tage. Tenn. PARK, NORMAN THOMAS, 1064 Broadway, Done- din, Tenn. PARKER. ALLEN DALE, 5601 Haines Road, St. Petersburg. Fla. PARKER. DIANE. 120 Grandview. Jackson, Mis- sissippi PARKER, KAREN, 3850 Crane Road. Orlando. Fla. PARLIN, ROGER. 513 Lester Avenue, Nashville, Tenn. PARRISH. DAVID. 211 Imperial Drive. Jackson. Miss. PARRISH. JUDY. 1306 Porte Rd.. Nashville. Tenn. PARRISH. KAREN, 211 Imperial Drive. Jackson. Miss. PARRISH. MILTON, 211 Imperial Drive. Jackson, Miss. PARRISH, WANDA, Route 2, Box 119-F. Bain- bridge. Ga. PARTIN. MARIE. 120 Kentshire, Brunswick, Ga. PATTON. SUSAN, 109 45th Street, Maryville, Tenn. PAYNE. STEPHEN. 1206 Brentwood St., High Point, N. C. PEACOCK. JOHN. JR.. Route 1. Vernon Road, Cochran. Ga. PENNINGTON. PHILIP, 1007 Massman. Nashville. PENNINGTON. RONALD. 1007 Massman. Nash- ville. Tenn. PENNINGTON. WILLIAM DWIGHT. Route 2. Box 234. Charleston. W. Va. PENROD. HERBERT. JR., 1731 Taikton Ct.. Lex- ington, Ky. PENTICUFF, MARION, Route 1, Jamestown, PENTICUFF. PHYLLIS, Route 1, Jamestown, Tenn. PEPPER. LEROY, 601 Orange Blossom. Sebring. Fla. PERRY. DAVID. 16 N. Rose. Richmond. Va. PERRY. DEWEY. Nance Lane, Nashville. Tenn. PERRY. SUSAN. 413 Park Ave.. Charleston. W. Va. PETRY, KAREN. Rt. 1. Box 97-A, Crowley, La. PETTY. BARBARA, 1809 N. Main. Shelby, Tenn. PEWITT, JERRY. 618 West End Circle. Franklin. Tenn. PHELPS. JANETTE. 208 Amherst Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. PHELPS. JOHN, 208 Amherst Dr.. Nashville, Tenn. NAME ADDRESS PHELPS, STANNARD, 208 Amherst Dr., Nashville, Tenn. PHILLIPS. BONITA. 503 Old Annapolis Rd.. Glen Burnie. Md. PHILLIPS, KENNETH, 206 ' , W. St., Monterey, PHILLIPS, LINDA, 4802 S.W. 47th St., Gaines- ville, Fla. PHILLIPS. KATHY. 73 Nance Lane. Nashville. PHILLIPS, SARA ELLEN, 73 Nance Lane, Nash- ville. Tenn. PHIPPS, SAMUEL. 1217 Kermit Drive. Nashville. PICKETT, PATRICIA. 807 Harper St., Durham. N. C. PINNER. JOSEPH. Georgetown, S. C. PINNER, RICHARD, Georgetown, S. C. PITTMAN. DAVID. Rt. 3. Sandyville. W. Va. PITTMAN. PATRICIA. 3669 Spring Fork Dr., Charleston. W. Va. PONCE. THOMAS PRESTON, 219 N. Whitney. St. Augustine. Fla. PORTER. JOHN. Rt. 2. Niota, Tenn. POWELL, JOHN. Box 215. Granitevillc. S. C. POWELL. MARCIA, St. Anthony. Lexington. Ky. POWELL, OLE. 1033 Venalde St., McComb. Miss. POWERS, VIRGINIA. 1219 Merriwether, Cape Gi- radeau. Missouri PRICE, PATRICIA, 7720 Beta Cir., W. Palm Beach. Fla. PRICE. RETA, 3810 Baxter Ave.. Nashville, Tenn. PROBST. DENNIS. Rt. 6. Meadville. Pa. PUGH. CHARLES. Rt. 1, Box 352, Chester. W. Va. QUALES. PEGGY. 814 Lucky St.. Dalton. Ga. OUICK, LINDA. Bennettsville. S. C. QUICK. WILLARD GERALD. Rt. 4, Bennettsville. S C. QUIGGINS. JAMES 8235 Walker, Louisville, Ky. RAINWATER. RAYMOND, 217 Linden St.. Cor- dova. Ala. RAISCH. FAITH. Cincinnati. Ohio RAISCH, WILLIAM. 10730 Emiami Rd., Cinn.. Ohio RANSON. PAULETTE. 123 Dunbar Ave., Dunbar. W. Va. RASNICK. NENA, 1703 Rassick St., Cumberland. Ky. RATLIFF, BETTY. Webster Springs. W. Va. RAVEY, DONNA. 5375 Baisam Ave.. Melbourne. Fla. REGILLO. PAMELA. 809 E. Main. Mannington. W. Va. REHFELDT. ROGER. Hilda. Missouri REID. WILLIAM. 830 Pestalozzi. Tell City, Ind. REIDER. DANIEL. 210 River Rd.. Warren, Pa. RETANO. MAXNE E.. 252 S. 4th St.. Nashville. REITANO. MAXINE E.. 252 S. 4th St., Nashville. Tenn. REVERCOMB. JAMES, 111 E. Hampton St.. Staun- ton. Va. REYNOLDS. GARRI. 7! Justice St.. Logan. W. Va. REYNOLDS, JANE. 408 S. 4th St.. Nashville. Tenn. REYNOLDS. RICHARD. 408 S. 4th St., Nashville. RHOTON. AUBREY. Rt. 2. Lynchburg. Tenn. RICKEY. NORMAN. 5103 Logan St., Suitland. Md. RICKEY. TERRENCE. 5103 Logan St.. Suitland. Md. RIVERS ERNEST. Rt. 3. Box 487. Biloxi. Miss. ROBINSON, DOYLE. 95 Ott Street. Logan. W. Va. ROBINSON. JOHN, 140 112th Ave., Treasure Is- ROBINSON. JUDY. Rt. 2. Kirksey. Ky. ROBINSON. LARRY. 1818 14th Ave.. N.. Nash- ville. Tenn. ROBISON. SANDRA. Box 56. Magnolia. Ohio RODGERS LARRY. 121 S. La Salle Rd.. Oak Ridge. Tenn. RODGERS. LAURA. 321 W. 15th St.. Columbia Tenn. ROGERS. ROY. Rt. 1. Box 255. Colera. Ala. ROLLINGS. NANCY. 2401 S.W. 42 Ave., Ft. Lau- derdale. Fla. ROLMAN BRENDA. 405 Cumberland Ave.. Tulla- homa. Tenn. ROOD MARILYN. 630 30th St.. Huntington. W. Va. ROSE. LINDA. Rt. 3. Rose Road, Ashland, Ky. ROSS. JUDY. 204 Lydia St.. Monroe. N. C. ROSS. MICHAEL. 509 Averitt Rd.. Greenwood. Ind. RUCKER. JOZETTA. 721 W. Spring. New Albany. Ind RUCKMAN. FRANK. 707 Long Ave.. Port St. Joe. Fla. RUSSELL. BYRON. T N C. Trailer Court. Nash- ville. Tenn. RUSSELL. LINDA. 3900 W. Sixth St.. Hialeah. Fla. RUSSOM. JAMES. 4319 Given. Memphis. Tenn. RUTHERFORD. GILDA. Box 412. Welch. W. Va. RUTLEDGE. LINDA. 704 Oak Park Dr.. Hunts- ville. Ala. RUTLEDGE. PHILLIP. 704 Oak Park Dr.. Hunts- ville. Ala. 93 STUDENT DIRECTORY NAME ADDRESS RYE CAROLYN. Rt. 1. Dover. Tenn. SALSER. ROBERT, 3906 9th Ave.. Parkersburg, W. Va. SARTIN. LINDA, 2408 Common Wealth, Charlottes- SAYLORif, COLEMAN, 420 Williamson St., Fort Mill, S. C. SCARBORO. BARBARA. Swainsboro, Ga. SCHMIDT, PAMELA, Box 19, Star Rt., Valher- moso Sp., Ala. SCHMIERER, MADELENE I.. Box 389, Arcadia. Fla. SCHONALS. ROBERTA. 10007 Encino. Orlando. Fla. SCHORTINGHOUSE. ANN, 115 Louise Dr.. Dick- erson, Tenn. SCHORTINGHOUSE, BYRON, Miami, Fla. SCHORTINGHOUSE, JOHN, Miami, Fla. SCHORTINGHOUSE, LEANNA, 1085 N.W. 126 St., Miami, Fla. SCHROPE. DON, 723 Dover Rd., Nashville, Tenn. SCOTT. FRANCES DIANNE. 215 Lassiter Dr., Dub- SCOUTEN, GEORGIA, 14611 S.E. Oak Court, Mil- vvauki. Oregon SELF. BARBARA, Cherryville, N. C. SHACKELFORD. GLENN, 5609 Clemans Rd.. Chattanooga. Tenn. SHA FFER, MICHELE, Rt. 6. Box 290-A, Charles- ton, W. Va. SHEARS. SHARON. Greencastle, Indiana SHELLEY, CHARLENE. Albany, Ky. SHELLEY. JERRY. 81 Nance Lane. Nashville, Tenn. SHELTON. ANNE. Rt. 3. Clarksville. Tenn. SHEPHERD. WILEY. 501 Gillis St.. Brewton. Ala. SHERIDAN. ETNA, Rt. 2, Box 182, Rising Fawn Ga. SHERIDAN. LYDIA F., Rt. 2, Box 182. Rising Fawn. Ga. SHERMAN, LARRY. 1337 46th Ave., N., St. Peters- burg, Fla. SHERMAN. SUSAN. Parsons. W. Va. SHIPP, GEORGE, 8 N.W. 35th Terrace, Gaines- ville, Fla. SHOLTER, KENNETH. 18820 S.W. 311th St.. Homestead, Fla. SIEVERS. ANITA. 207 Overcrest Court. Nashville. Tenn. SIMMONS. DONALD, Rt. 2. Box 272. Northport. Ala SINGLETARY, MARSHALL. Donelsonville, Ga. SIZEMORE, PHILLIP DANIEL. 3124 Westmore- land. Charlotte. N. C. SLATON ROBERT. 2901 Glyn St.. Orlando. Fla. SMITH. BRENDA. 204 Comer Dr.. Dublin, Ga. SMITH. CHARLENE. 2023 N.W. 12th Rd.. Gaines- ville, Fla. SMITH, CHARLENE. 637 Oak Hill, Wooster. Ohio SMITH. DAVID. 3500 Noewich St.. Brunswick. Ga. SMITH, ELAINE. 1031 Pheasant Dr.. Jacksonville. Fla. SMITH. GARY. Goodlettsville. Tenn. SMITH. HAROLD. 4809 Beech Dr.. Louisville, Ky. SMITH. JIMMIE, Box 474. Inez, Ky. SMITH, LESTER, 272 Richneck Rd., Newport News, Va. SMITH, P. CARROL, T.N.C. Trailer Court, Nash- SMITH, e pATRICIA, 301 Jarrell St.. Shelbyville, SMITH. PAUL. Lakeland. Fla. SMITH. RALPH O.. 3500 Noewich St., Brunswick. Ga. SMITH. SUSAN. 1009 N. Beannett Ave.. Colorado Springs. Colo. SMITH. THOMAS. Rt. 2, Box 182, Cottondale, Ala. SMITHSON. MARY ANN. Johnson Hall SMOTHERMAN, CYNTHIA, 2711 Meadow Rose, Xashville, Tenn. SNODGRASS, BOBBY. 1613 East 6th Ave.. Nash- ville, Tenn. SNODGRASS, DENNIS, 100 Valley Dr., Ripley, W. Va. SOLES. DANA MARIE, Box 192, Gainesville, Ga. SOLOKY. RICHARD, 2306 Friends Point, N. C. SPAIN, HERBERT, 312 Shasta Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. SPARKS. BETTY. P.O. Box 101, Bayard, Fla. SPRAKER. LARRY, 5409 Princess Anne Rd., Va. Beach. Va. SPEER. CHRISTINA, 12615 Pamlee, Taylor, Mich. SPRAKER. MARY. 115 Patterson St., Fort Mills. S. C. SPRUILL. ALMA, 1701 Lawncrest Dr., Nashville, Tenn. STALCUP. CAROLE. 652 Saholda Cir.. Marietta. Ga. STAMPS ROGER DENTON. Cleveland, Ohio NAME ADDRESS STAPLES. JOHN. Catlett, Va. STAPP. RAYMOND. Rt. 2. Chickamauga. Ga. STARK JOHN. Newport. Ky. STAUBS. LOUIS. Rt. 2, Harpers Ferry. W. Va. STEARNS. CAROL. 1417 Cleburn Ave., S.W., Bir- mingham, Ala. STEARNS. DANNY, 1417 Cleburn Ave., S.W., Bir- mingham, Ala. STEMBRIDGE. LOUISE. 1502 Fort King Rd., Dade City. Fla. STEPHENS. DONNA. 305 Harvey St., Columbia, Ky. STEPHENS, GARY, Rt. r. Box 79x. Lake City, Fla STEPHENS. SHIRLEY, 2845 Madison St., Coving- ton. Ky. STEPHENSON. ROBERT. Rt. 2, Chesapeake. Ohio STEPP. JAMES. Greensburg. Ky. STEWART. DIANA. 901 W. Kaley Ave., Orlando, Fla. STEWART. MELBA. 5315 Sanford Rd., Knoxville, Tenn . STONE, JUDY, 908 Edgewood Dr., Charleston, W. Va. STOVALL. THOMAS. 500 Fesslers Lane, Nashville. Tenn. STRADA. JEANNE. 1080 Melson Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. STRAIT. CAROLYN. Johnson Hall STREET. DOROTHY. 713 Crawford St., Chens- burg, Pa. SULLIVAN, CLAUDIA, 5221 Larkway Drive, Nash- ville, Tenn. SULLIVAN, RALPH, 1251 Vultee Dr., Nashville. Tenn. SUTTON. DAVID, 3524 Park Ave., Nashville, Tenn. SWANSON KAY. 612 Fatherland, Nashville, Tenn. SWIM. MARY. 1731 S.W. 64th Terr., Pompano Beach. Fla. SWINK. JEFFERY. Rt. 1. Box 399. Dupo, III. SYKES LINDA. 3803 Williamsburg. Huntsville. Ala. TAYLO ' R. JIMMY. 629 James St.. West Gulf. S. C. TAYLOR. LATRELLE. 418 Joyce Ave., Nashville, Ga. TAYLOR. LYNDA, 2503 Barklay Dr.. Nashville. TAYLOR. R. DELL, 2309 7th Ave., Phenix City, Ala TAYLOR, ROBERT L., 1813 Neal Terrace. Nash- ville. Tenn. TAYLOR. STELLA. Rt. 5. Liberty, Tenn. TERRY. CYNTHIA. 1526 Shadylawn Dr., Burling- ton. N. C. TESTERMAN, WANDA, 1208 Tazewell Ave., S.E., Roanoke, Va. THATPHITHAKKUL, SUTIN. Bangka, Thailand THOMAS. NELSON GENE. 1330 Pattison Ave., Sarasota, Fla. THOMAS. PATRICIA. Box 71. White Springs. Fla. THOMAS. PATRICIA MAE. 4811 Cedar View Road Orlando. Fla. THOMAS. REATHA. 16N 3rd St.. St. Augustine. Fla. THOMPSON. OTIS. 506 Bradley St.. Perry, Ga. THOMPSON. ROBERT, 1950 Delray Ave., Jack- sonville. Fla. THOMPSON. WILLIAM RAY. 2816 Paden Dr.. Nashville, Tenn. THORNHILL. PAUL. 12519 Dixie Highway. Valley Sta., Ky. THORNTON. CAROLYN. Rt. 1. Franklin, Ky. THRASHER. ANNETTA L.. 3237 Hackworth. Ash- land. Ky. TODD, JOHN. 570 Hadley Ave., Apt. 4, Kettering. Ohio TOUSLEY. JUDITH. Rt. 5. Box 218, Columbus, Miss. TOWNSELL, CHERRY, 745 Pearl St., Miamisburg, Ohio TRAVIS. CHARLES. 1206 Acre Trail. Madison, Tenn. TROGDON. CHARLOTTE. 2979 Ramble Lane, De- catur. Ga. TUBBS LAWRENCE ALUIN. 8553 Orange, Dow- ney, Calif. TURNER. BARBARA. 2003 RoseclifT Dr., Nash- ville. Tenn. TURNER. JOE. Rt. 4. Berry. Ala. TURPIN. LaDEMA SUE. Lookout Dr.. LaVergne, Tenn. UAANANTA. PAITOON, 12 Klongton Rd., Cooke- ville, Tenn. ULMER. BRENDA. 322 Jacksonian Dr., Hermitage, Tenn. VANN, SAMUEL PAUL. 16 E. Orange, Lake City, NAME ADDRESS Fla. VANREENEN. MARY. Marlinton. W. Va. VARUGHESE. JOSEPH, Kerala, India VICKERY, DENA. 1745 Lochearn, Memphis, Tenn. WADDELL, BRENDA, .814 Richmond St., Bruns- wick, G a - WALKER, CAROLYN, 1415 Malverne Ave., Jack- sonville. Fla. WALKER. LINDA. 4450 Potomac Ave., W. Palm Beach. Fla. WALLACE. CHARLES. 1716 Allison Place, Nash- ville, Tenn. WALLACE. GARY. Rt. 1. Church Hill. Tenn. WALLER. JOSEPH RANDOLPH, Rt. 3. Box 245, South Point, Ohio WALPOLE, BERNIE LEE. 144 Robinhood Cir., Hend rsQrtyille, Tenn. WALWORTH. LINDA RUTH, 2532 Pennington Bend. Nashville. Tenn. WARD. BURL. 52 Paris Avenue. Nashville, Tenn. WARD. MARY. 820 Homer. Waycross. Ga. WARNER. PRISCILLA, 1105 Holman Ave., Cov- ington. Ky. WATROUS. LLOYD. General Delivery. Princeton W. Va. WATTS. CLARA E., Lenoir City. Tenn. WEATHERFORD, JUDITH. 1017 Stainburg Ave., Nashville, Tenn. WEBB. IEREE. Romne, W. Va. WEBB, WANDA, Rt. 1. Adrain, Ga. WELKER. ROBERT, 1310 19th Ave.. N.. Lake Worth. Fla. WELLS. CLAUDE W., 4010 E. Un iv. Ave.. Gaines- ville. Fla. WELLS. JANET. 340 Lee St., Bowling Green, Ky. WELLS. RONALD D.. 66 Nance Lane. Nashville. Tenn. WENGER. BOBBY. Rt. 1, Box 16. Alderson. W. Va. WESLEY. DONNA, 2317 Newton. Columbus, Ind. WEST. MORRIS. St. Petersburg, Fla. WESTBROOK. LARRY. 1601— 31st N., Birming- ham. Fla. WHALEY. ' JANICE, 5517 Pershina St.. St. Peters- burg. Fla. WHEATLEY. ANITA. 6013 Count Tuce. Louisville. Ky. WHITE. CAROLYN. Princeton, W. Va. WHITCHER. JAMES. 6833 Arcolo, Garden City, Mich. WHITED. LINDA. 1402 Hillan St., Nashville. Tenn. WHITELEY. MICHAEL. 2036 Alton Ave., Indian- apolis. Ind. WHITELEY. ROGER. 7490— 40th Terr.. No., St. Petersburg. Fla. WHITTEN. GEORGE A.. West Columbia. S. C. WILSON. FRANK LELAND. Adena Rd.. Wurt- land. Ky. WILKERSON. PATRICIA. 129 N. Clarendom. Avondale Estates. Ga. WILKERSON, ROGER. 129 N. Clarendom, Avon- dale Estates. Ga. WILLIAMS. BRENDA. Rt. 5, Scottsville, Ky. WILLIAMS, DONALD W.. Timberville, Va. WILLIAMS. ELANE, Box 183. Peabody Coll., Nashville. Tenn. WILLIAMS. JUDITH, 215 Carolina, Lynn Haven. Fla. WILLIAMS. KENNETH. 1225 Dorris Ave.. High Point, N. C. WILLIAMS. SANDRA, 1801 Overton. Old Hickory. Tenn. WILLIAMS. SARA. Olive Hill. Ky. WILLIAMSON. DAVID. Tuscaloosa. Ala. WILSON. ARNO. Russell Springs. Ky. WINSLOW. SHIRLEY. 1131 Cecelia Ave.. Coving- ton, Kv. WISER, ORAL. Tullahoma, Tenn. WITMER. WENDY, 1250 E. Parker Street. Lake- land. Fla. WOMACKS. JACK. 1233 W. Pleasant. Springfield, Ohio WOODHOUSE. NELLO. Rt. 1. Akron. Ind. WOODS. BILLY JOE. Longstreet. La. WOODY. JAMES. 550 E. 35th St.. Hialeah, Fla. WORKMAN. GAIL. Racine, W. Va. WRIGHT. MARILYN SUE, 134 Meadow Circle. Clarksville, Tenn. YOUNG, JEAN, Rt. 2, Temple, Ga. YOUNG. MARDELLE, Rt. 2, Holgate. Ohio YORK. GERALD, 1603 Fatherland, Nashville. Tenn. YOUNG, FRANK, 2126 Capers Ave., Nashville, Tenn. ZOLLINHOFER, JOHN, 3721 Kennerly Rd., Jack- sonville, Fla. I 9 4 95 AUTOGRAPHS 196

Suggestions in the Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) collection:

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