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' CONCENTRATION N MA NY FIFL OS Trevecca College provides opportunity for study in many fields. It affords a background of general knowledge and a basis for spe- cialized training. The courses of instruction are varied and numerous, constituting a well- rounded program through study, research, and classroom attendance. Spiritual learning is integrated with the school work. It is the privilege of each student to choose his field of study. Counseling and guidance are provided by the administration to meet the needs and desires of the student in all areas of interest. The combined planning of faculty and students trains the students ef- fectively in skills, understanding, and appre- ciation of the areas of society to be served in the practice of their professions. I • CONSECRATION TO CHRISTL+IKENESS • An important and vital part of Trevecca College life is the devotion of the students to daily Christian living and giving. Each day at chapel time the students leave their studies for a time of instruction and reverence of spiritual values. Every class is opened with prayer. More personal spiritual help, coun- seling, and witnessing is possible through the " Saturday night dorm meetings. Opportuni- ties for Christian service are provided by the Christian Workers Association as stu- dents carry the gospel to workhouses, jails, hospitals, juvenile court, and state institu- tions. To be more Christlike is the goal of each student. • 9 COMMENDATION • FOR ACCOMPLISHMENT Accomplishment is reaching the goal which one has set for himself. It is desired by all, and rightly so. From the time of entrance into college many students " set their caps " to attain certain goals. Some reach these, but they do it only by consistently pushing ahead. Nothing is obtained easily, and if it were, it would not be worth the effort. Those who have attained this triumph are to be commended. OOP? RATION It H OTHERS Chatter in the dorm, the laboratories, and the T Room . . . discussions in the theology classes and the cafeteria . . . devotion during chapel and prayer meetings ... all involve cooperation with one another. A challenge is sent to each student to be at his best — to attain a harmony with his environment and fellow classmates which will enable him to develop his personality and increase his pow- ers of communication; thus the fellowship at Trevecca prepares the student to be a bet- ter person for usefulness in the service of God and man. Trevecca ' s three athletic societies — Alpha, Beta, and Delta — offer the basis for the in- tramural program. The intramural athletic program gives many persons a chance to participate in the games. The fine rivalry challenges players and spectators alike to high interest, good sportsmanship and keen perception. These gualities all carry over to make for better living. Dr. and Mrs. Childers at the Valentine Banquet DEDICATION Because you are the kind of person everyone ad- mires, respects, and warmly loves . . . Because of your deep interest in each individual, your deep love for mankind . . . Because of your humility and your example of true Christian living and rare consecration . . . Because of your humor, never sharp, and your great intellect, always keen . . Because of your high ideals and your hard work to achieve those ideals . . . WE DEDICATE THE 1962 DARDA TO YOU, DR. CHARLES L CHILDERS Dr. and Mrs. Childers at home. PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE enn es See Resident d " it ' s wo ! o? to ° a , S ' should! - ng Co ° se vvAo , rnoiJ a nc " for ever . 6e °ct of , a ' a) C0 P ? «, f le ° ' , r e cca c- 9SS » ' ° « «T f«,e fc, Pr ° b ' e " ' s of Pre sident ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES The administrative staff of Trevecca Nazarene College is composed of the Board of Trustees, President, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dean of Religion, Dean of Students, Dean of Admissions, Registrar, Librarian, Business Manager, Field Representative, and High School Principal. These men and women are dedicated to the task of helping students in their concentration, consecra- tion, cooperation and competition. They are to be commended for their exemplary lives. Alabama Rev. L. S. Oliver Rev. M. H. Stocks Rev. R. L. Anderson Rev. Barney Brumbeloe Mr. Ralph Marlowe Eastern Kentucky Dr. D. S. Somerville Rev. Arthur O. Little Rev. Leon Gene Cook Rev. John Howald, Jr. East Tennessee Rev. Victor E. Gray Mr. Oscar Wheaton Dr. Lawrence B. Hicks Florida Dr. John L. Knight Rev. Charles Ide Mr. Frank Scott Mr, Sam Va nn Rev. D. W. Thaxton A. B. MACKEY A.B., M.A., LL.D. President Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Mackey dine with Dr. and Mrs. John L. Knight. Dr. Knight is Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Georgia Dr. Mack Anderson Rev. H. J. Eason Rev. Bruce B. Hall Mr. Sam Knox Kentucky Rev. Oren D. Thrasher Rev. Hadley Hall Rev. Oliver C. Huff Rev. D. D. Lewis Mississippi Rev. W. Charles Oliver Rev. J. C. Tousley North Carolina Dr. Lloyd B. Byron Mrs. Howard T. Wall, Jr. Rev. James Ingalls South Carolina Dr. Otto Stucki Rev. E. N. Gunter Rev. J. H. Eades Tennessee Dr. C. E. Shumake Rev. Edward F. Cox Rev. George Scutt Rev. J. E. Beckum Rev. Claude Galloway (Alumni Association) Mr. John T. Benson, Jr. Virginia Dr. V. W. Littrell Rev. J. E. Fox West Virginia Rev. H. Harvey Hendershot Rev. Roy T. McKinney Rev. J. C. Wallace Rev. Dallas Baggett Rev. John Lawwill Rev. John R. Browning, Sr. (Alumni Association) 20 HOMER J. ADAMS A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Sciences WILLIAM M. GREATHOUSE A.B., Th.B., M.A., D.D. Dean of Religion J. LEON CHAMBERS Th.B., M.A., Ed.S., B.D., D.D. Dean of Students KOY W. PHILLIPS B.S., Th.B., M.A., B.D. Dean of Admissions AMY L. PERSON A.B., M.A. Registrar ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS LILA THRASHER MACKEY A.B., M.A.. B.S. In L.S. Librarian V. NEIL RICHARDSON A.B., TH.B. Business Manager CLIFFORD t. KEYS A.B., Th.B. Field Representative JERRY G. COSTA A.B., M.A. High School Principal 21 CHARLES L. CHILDERS, Chairman A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Bibical Language, Bible, English DIVISION OF LANGUAGES, LITERATURES AND FINE ARTS Learning how to express oneself well and easily through song, speech, and everyday conversation is the value this department of learning emphasizes. This department is one of continuous growth. It realizes the expectations of society from educated youth and prepares the students to meet them. AMY L. PERSON LILA THRASHER MACKEY ADRON HOLLINS PHILLIPS A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A., B.S. in L.S. A.B., M.A. Registrar, English Librarian, Library Science English, French RAMON R. UNRUH B.Mus., M.Mus. Voice, Music Theory BARBARA McCLAIN A.B., B.Mus., M.Mus. Piano, Music Theory HAROLD F. HAMMOND B.S., M.A. Piano, Music Theory, Social Studies MABEL COONER GREENE A.B., M.A. Speech 22 KOY W. PHILLIPS, Chairman B.S., Th.B.. M.A., B.D. Dean of Admissions, Biblical Literature, Theology DIVISION OF PHILOSOPHY RELIGION AND CHRISTIAN EDUCATION An understanding of people, of religion, and the ability to teach others are predominant in this division of learning. These are nec- essary factors and are treated as such in the curriculum planning of the administration. WILLIAM M. GREATHOUSE A.B., Th.B., M.A., D.D. Dean of Religion, Theology J. LEON CHAMBERS F. FRANKLYN WISE Th.B., M.A., Ed.S., B.D., D.D. A.B., M.Ed., Ph.D. Dean of Students, Practical Theology, Director of Vocational Guidance, Educa- Bible, Theology tion, Christian Education, Bible MAUDE ALLEN STUNECK A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Language, Bible MAURY ENGLISH REDFORD B.S., Th.B., M.A., B.D. Biblical Language, Church History 1 v 1 t JOHN ALLAN KNIGHT A.B., M.A., B.D. Church History, Philosophy, Bible 23 ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD, Acting Chairman B.S., M.A. Mathematics, Biology DIVISION OF SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS Along with the rapid growth of interest in science in this the Space Age, this department is expanding to help meet the needs of the present day as well as of the future. JOHN W. DIX A.B., M.A. Biology THOMAS HEMMERLY A.B., M.A. Chemistry, Biology MILDRED FORMAN CHAMBERS A.B., M.A., Ed.S. Biology 24 DIVISION OF SOCIAL STUDIES Training toward the understanding of men, past and present, from both the individual and social points of view, is an objective of this division. It prepares for professional endeavors, especially for social work. I HOMER J. ADAMS, Chairman A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Sciences, History A. B. MACKEY A.B.. M.A., LL.D. President, Economics FACULTY JERRY G. COSTA, A.B., M.A., High School Principal; Bible; High School Biology. CARY T. DUCKETT, A.C.A., A.B., M.A., High School English; Bookstore Manager. EULA JEAN STEPHAN, A.B., Bookkeeper. MARIE PEERY, A.B., High School Algebra, Personal Develop- ment; Head Resident, Hardy Hall. WILLIAM JERNIGAN, A.B., B.D., Assistant Librarian; Library Science. OFFICE ASSISTANTS MILDRED McDOWELL, Office of the President. • LaNELLE COWAN, LINDA MITCHUM, Office of Dean of Arts and Sciences. MARQUITA THOMAS RODDY, Office of the Dean of Religion. SUE HAYES, Office of the Dean of Students. ESTHER BLUME, MARY JO JENKINS, Office of the Dean of Admissions. CAROL FARTHING, Office of the Registrar. CAROLYN MOORE, Office of the Business Manager. Seated: MARITA SLIFER. Left to Right: JUDY FRYE, SARA CASDORPH, WINIFRED DAVIDSON, EDITH HAMILTON, Office of the Field Representative. JOY NELL WARHURST, MARY BETH ELKINS, MARGARET Mcdonald, Barbara Williams, Bookkeeping office. CAROL FILER, CAROLYN MOORE, General Office. STAFF MARGARET LEIDIGH, School Nurse. CLARA BOHLER SHEARRER, Assistant Bookkeeper. MABEL HEZELL ORNDOFF, Head Resident, McKay Hall. JOHN CLAYTON, Head Resident, Tidwell Hall. JUNE WISE, Postmistress. HOWARD MELTON, Cafeteria Manager. MADY LEE SMITH DUCKETT, Assistant Bookstore Manager. HUGH MARTIN, Maintenance Supervisor. CLARA AIRLEY MARTIN, Maintenance Supervisor. PROFESSOR K. W. PHILLIPS Director of Personnel Services Margaret Leidigh, school nurse, gives Duane Houston his " ounce of prevention " • Mrs. Macltey and Jo Ann Spolarich discuss the im- portance of good etiquette and social poise Dr. Adams discusses Lamar Smith ' s Selective Service rating with him Mr. Richardson advises Bearl Gosa about finding a job Dr. Pennington explains the use of the reading machine to Sara Casdorph Jeanette Mitchell harltens to Mrs. Greene ' s advice concerning speech • Mrs. Phillips advises Miriam Goodwin. PERSONNEL SERVICES The personnel services offered by Trevecca Nazarene Col- lege are a vital part of the program. They portray the inter- est shown in each student as an individual. To provide counseling and services in accordance with stu- dent needs and interests is the goal of the Guidance Depart- ment. Freshman Orientation, Freshman Counseling Programs, and Personnel Services are the major divisions of the Guid- ance Department. These are under the direction of Professor K. W. Phillips, Dean and Director of Personnel Services. DR. FRANKLYN WISE Director of Vocational Guidance MISS MARGARET LEIDIGH Health Counseling MRS. MABEL GREENE Speech Improvement Service DR. HOMER J. ADAMS Military and Recreations Guidance PROFESSOR V. NEIL RICHARDSON Employment Guidance and Veterans ' Problems DR. LEWIS PENNINGTON Reading Improvement Service MRS. A. B. MACKEY Social Poise and Etiquette Problems PROFESSOR AND MRS. K. W. PHILLIPS Marriage Counseling Dr. Wise counsels with Charles Savage MRS. A. B. MACKEY A.B., M.A., B.S. in L.S. Librarian THE MACKEY LIBRARY The Mackey Library stands in honorof one who has dedicated his life to Trevecca. This, the newest of our buildings, dedicated June, 1961, is named in honor of President A. B. Mackey who has set goal after goal for our college and then worked hard to reach each goal he has set. The Mackey Library consists of three floors. The ground floor, for the present, will house temporary faculty offices, a large classroom, additional stacks, and an informal room with kitchenette for faculty and faculty groups. The main floor provides space for a large reading room which seats one hundred PROFESSOR WILLIAM JERNIGAN A.B., B.D. Assistant Librarian eleven. There are eleven individual study tables. Be- yond this room is found the stacks area in which are eight study carrels.. The circulation desk, with re- served book section adjoining, is accessible from the lobby. Opposite the stacks at the south end of the building are the staff room, offices for the librar- ians, work area and room with seating space for seventy-eight. There are also rooms for music listen- ing equipment, historical material on Trevecca and the Southeastern Zone, and conferences. Additional stacks area occupies a large portion of this floor. The entire floor area has more than twenty-two thousand square feet of space. Library Staff, left to right: Juanita Geise, James Morgan, Sharon Miller, Winona Flatt, Jeanette Mitchell, Patricia Lawson, Brenda Powers, and Marilyn Foskey. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS DWAYNE L. LITTLE President ROBERT DIXON Vice-President SUE HAYES Secretary MIRIAM GOODWIN Treasurer CAROL FARTHING Reporter DON PITZER Student Council Representative DR. CHARLES CHILDERS Sponsor 29 CHARLES ACHESON A.B., Religion " A man of noble resolve. " PAUL ANDRUS A.B., Religion " His friendliness is noticed by all. " Transfer from K.M.B.I.; Christian Workers Association 3, 4; Missionary Fellowship 3, 4, President 3; Ministerial Association 3, 4, President 4; East Tennessee Club 3, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association 3, 4. BENNY BRYAN A.B., Religion ' Quiet and undisturbed as he moves on his way. " SENIORS EUGENE CAMPBELL A.B. Religion " Steady in purpose. " Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4; Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3; Trevecca Ath- letic Association I, 3. CHLOE COMBS A.B., Education " Small but striving. " Georgia Club I, 2, 3, 4; Science Club I; Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir I, 3; Student Educa- tion Association 2, 3, 4. MARY COMBS A.B., English " Thought is deeper than speech. " Transfer from K.M.B.I.; Christian Work- ers Association 2, 3, 4; Literary Club 4; Music Club 4; Student Education Associa- tion 4; West Virginia Club 2, 3, 4. 30 LOIS CONKEY A.B., Education " Her music hath charm to soothe the savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak. " A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Trio I, 2, 4; Christian Workers Association I, 2; Speech Club I; Alabama Club I; Music Club I, 2; Science Club 3; Student Education Association 4; Trevecca Ath- letic Association I ; Senior Recital. ROBERT COOK A.B., Religion ' Never too careless; nor too sad; never too studious; always glad. " LA NELLE COWAN A.B., English-Speech pre- " Quiet, modest, unassuming, she pared to meet all duties. " Speech Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Liter- ary Club I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter , Vice-Presi- dent 4; Treble Tones I, 2; Christian Work- ers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Trevecca Ath- letic Association I; DARDA Staff 4; Class plays 3, 4; Georgia Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 4; All-School Play 3; Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Dependability Award 3; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities. " SENIORS WILLIAM CLYDE DAVIS Th.B., Rel igion " High ideals mixed with a determined mind. " Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4; Ramblers Club 3; Transfer from Olivet Nazarene College. ROBERT DIXON A.B., Religion " He serves God well. " Christian Workers Association I, 2; Min- isterial Association I, 2, 4; East Kentucky Club I, 2, 4, President 4; Class Vice- President 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities. " MARY BETH RICHARDSON ELKINS A.B., Education " It ' s a friendly heart that hath plenty of friends. " Trevecca High School graduate of 1958; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2; Treble Tones I; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4; Student Education Association 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4; Tennessee Club I, 2; Trio I, 4; Class Reporter 3. 31 MORTON ESTEP A.B., Religion " Only a boy, with his noise and fun, the veriest mystery under the sun; as brimful of mischief and wit, and glee, as ever a frame could be. " Transfer from U.K.; Ministerial Association 3, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association 3, 4; Senior Class Play. CAROL LIGHT FARTHING A.B., English " A life pure, unselfish, humble, gentle, and strong, lived every day will be a channel for a beautiful ministry for God. " Class Secretary 2; Class Reporter 4; Tre- vecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3; Student Education Associa- tion 3, 4; Literary Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, President 4; Music Club I; Treble Tones I, 2, 3; Honor Society 4; DARDA Staff 4, Literary Editor; Sports- manship Award 3; Trevecca Athletic As- sociation 1,2,3. EUGENE FIGGE A.B., Religion " " A will to learn has made him a good student; a will to serve has made him a zealous Christian. " Christian Workers Association I, 2; Min- isterial Association 2, 3, 4; Kentucky Club I, 2, 3, President 2. SENIORS EUGENE FRAME A.B., Religion " He has his own opinions and is ready to stand by them. His head is clever and his hands are capable. " Transfer from K.M.B.I.; Ministerial Asso- ciation 3, 4; East Tennessee Club 3; Ramblers Club 4; Trevecca Athletic As- sociation 3, 4. PATSY FRAME A.B., Christian Education " Success is her goal, and she knows no defeat. " Treble Tones I; Music Club I; Christian Workers I, 2; East Tennessee Club 3; Ramblers Club 4. MIRIAM GOODWIN A.B., Education " A sweet song, a true smile makes this life worthwhile. " Georgia Club I, 2, 3, 4; Music Club I, 2, 3; Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4; Student Education Association 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2: Trio 2, 3; Treble Tones I; A Cappella Choir 2; Residence Hall Council 4, Secretary 4; Class Treasurer 3, 4; Class Play 4. 32 DENNIS HAGE A.B., Music Education " His aims are high, his motives whole- some, his conduct that of a gentleman. ' ' A Cappella Choir I, 2; Trevedores 3, 4; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4; Student Education Association 3, 4; Class Reporter 2; Stu- dent Council, Representative 3, Treas- urer 3, President 4; Evangelaires Quartet 2, 3; Florida Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 2, 3; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2. KENNETH HAMRICK A.B., Religion " I will find a way or make one. " All-School play I; Trevedores; Speech Club; Ministerial Association; Junior Class Play; Trevecca Athletic Association; Christian Workers Association. DEBBY WILLIAMS HATCLIFF A.B., Education-Psychology " Her pleasing ways added to her personality. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3; Tennessee Club I, 2, 3; Music Club I, 2; Missionary Prayer Band I, 2, 3; Ministe- rial Association I, 2, 3; Student Education Association 1,2, 3, 4; Senior Class play. SENIORS MYRA SUE HAYES A.B., Education-Psychology " Her persistency, industry, good nature and common sense will carry her to a lofty place in life. " Alabama Club I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary I, 2, President 3; Treble-Tones; Music Club I, 2, 3, Secretary 2; Speech Club I, 2; Tre- vecca Athletic Association I, 2; All- School Plays I, 2; Class Play 4; DARDA Staff 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Treas- urer 3; Residence Halls Council 4; Stu- dent Education Association 4; Class Sec- retary 3, 4; Literary Club 4. KENNETH HEATON A.B., Religion " That load becomes light which is cheerfully borne. " FREDA HENDERSON A.B., History ' Firm of word, speaking in deeds. " 33 DUANE HOUSTON A.B., History " An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. " Clio Society I, 2, 3, Vice-President 3; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3; Trevedores 3; Christian Workers Associa- tion 3. EUGENE KING A.B., Religion " He is an easy-going and a quiet person. " Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4, Re- porter 4; Clio Society 2; Christian Work- ers Association I, 4; Georgia Club I, 2, 3, 4. LINDA KOLAR A.B., Education-Psychology " She goes steadily and does her work well. " Student Education Association; Trevecca Athletic Association; Science Club; Ten- nessee Club. SENIORS RILEY LAWRENCE A.B., Religion " He is just the quiet kind whose nature never varies. " Christian Workers Association 2; Minis- terial Association 2, 4; Clio Society 4. MARGARET LEIDIGH A.B., Christian Education " Quietly and cheerfully she does the things that count. " Christian Workers Association 4; Missis- sippi Club 3, 4, Secretary 4; Science Club 4; School Nurse 3, 4; Head Resident of Smith Hall 4. DWAYNE LITTLE A.B., Education-Psychology " The answer for tomorrow ' s man. " Class Treasurer I; DARDA Assistant Busi- ness Manager I; " Trev-Echoes " Business Manager 3; Trevecca Nazarene College Publicity Office Assistant; Class President 4; East Kentucky Club; Student Education Association; Clio Society; Trevecca Ath- letic Association; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Uni- versities " ; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Nominee; Literary Club; Honor Society. 34 LORRAINE MURRAY A.B., Education-Psychology " A merry heart goes all the day. " CURTISS PEARSON A.B., Music Education " Happiness is the by-product of work well done. " Alabama Club I, 2, 3, 4; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4; Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Missionary Prayer Band I, 2; Trevedores I, 2; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Student Education Association 4. DON PITZER A.B., Mathematics " Likeable because he is earnest and eager. " A Cappella Choir I, 2; Student Council Representative 2, 4; Treasurer of Student Council 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities " ; DARDA Staff 4; Clio Society 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3; Junior Marshal 3; Class Play 4; Tennessee Club 3, 4; Student Education Association 4. SENIORS BILL PUTNAM A.B., History " Quiet, practical, and pursues his work calmly and steadily. " Clio Society I, 2, 3, 4; Georgia Club I, 2; Student Education Association 4. EVERETT ROBERTSON A.B., Religion " Humility is the trademark of real greatness. " Pastor of Donelson Church of the Naz- arene; Ministerial Association, Secretary 3. MARQUITA THOMAS RODDY A.B., Education-Psychology " Here is a faithful, innately honest, per- fectly sincere and practical person — who, by her quiet actions, shows that she has high ideals. " Music Club I, 2; Science Club I, 2; Georgia Club I; Treble-Tones I; Trio I; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 4; Chris- tian Workers Association 2; Class Secre- tary 3; North Carolina Club 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Education Association 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Col- leges and Universities. " 35 GERALDINE SHARPTON A.B., Education-Psychology " A cheerful disposition is a fund of ready capital. " Alabama Club; Student Education Asso- ciation. JO ANN SMITH A.B., Education-Psychology " Quiet in appearance, but her personality shines in her eyes. " Class Secretary I; Christian Workers As- sociation I ; Trevecca Athletic Associa- tion I; Trio I; " Trev-Echoes " Staff 2; DARDA Staff 2, 3, 4; Class Plays 3, 4; Student Education Association 4. GERALD SPEAR A.B., History " True to his word, his work, and his friends. " Clio Society I, 2, 3, 4; Science Club I, 2; Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2. SENIORS WANDA STALEY A.B., Education-Psychology " Hidden depths that beautify the life. " Clio Society I, 2, 3, Secretary 2, 3; Chris- tian Workers Association I, 2, 3; West Virginia Club I, 2, 3, Secretary 2; Mis- sionary Prayer Band I, 2, 3; Student As- sociation 4. ED STILES A.B., History ' A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. " MARY JANE STILL A.B., English and Mathematics " Her high ideals, alert mind, and capable leadership reach far. " Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2; Christian Workers Associa- tion I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; East Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Literary Club I, 2, 3, 4,- Secretary I, President 2; Math Club I, 4; Speech Club 2, 3, 4; All-School Plays 2, 3; Class Plays 3, 4; Sportsmanship Award 2; General Activities Award 3; " Trev- Echoes " Staff 2; " Trev-Echoes " Editor 3; DARDA Editor 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Uni- versities " ; Treble-Tones I, 3, 4. 36 BILL THOMAS A.B., Religion " Success is his who pays little, hears much and thinks deeply. " DON TURNER A.B., History " Silence denotes character and strength of mind. " Florida Club 2, 3; Clio Society 2, 3, 4, President 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Transfer from Jacksonville University. JOY TURNEY A.B., Education-Psychology " I have a heart with room for every Joy. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Missionary Prayer Band I, 2; Missionary Fellowship 3, 4; Freshman Class Secretary; Christmas Choral Concert I. SENIORS BARBARA WILLIAMS A.B., Education-Psychology " All her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. " Virginia Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary I; Tre- vecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 2; DARDA Staff 3, 4; Chris- tian Workers Association I, 2, 3; Student Education Association 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3; Literary Club 3, 4. GERALD WOODS A.B., Religion " A cheerful friend, abounding in wit. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3; Ministerial Association; Class Plays 3, 4. 37 JUNIOR THEOLOGICAL STUDENTS PARKER NETTLES CARL SMITH ROBERT WILSON Not Pictured: WILLIAM CHANDLER JANICE PERNELL JAMES PICKARD JACK SUITS SPECIAL STUDENTS Not Pictured: THOMAS PICKARD AGNES GOLLIHER TED GOLLIHER 38 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS ED LEJEUNE President KENNETH HEMMERLY Vice-President MARY HELEN LANE Secretary PATSY MERCER Treasurer MARITA SLIFER Reporter JIM STOCKS Student Council Representative PROFESSOR RAMON UNRUH Sponsor 39 JUNIORS BOB BARNHILL JEANNETTE BEEL ESTHER BLUME PHIL BOWLES GRACE BRIGHT RUTH BRIGHT Loquacious, South Carolinian, Resolute Funster, Songstress, Amiable Al ' s, Sweet, Secretary Married, Hard Worker, Preacher " Hoosier, " Modest, Devoted True Friend, Patient, Considerate BEVERLY ADAMS JANICE ADAMS CAROLE ALLEN ED ALLRED WANDA ARKLEY DOUG ASKEW Quiet, Jesse ' s Favorite, Friendly Sedate, Sweet, Likable Sincere, Demure, Faithful Fun-Maker, Genial, Songster Quiet, Determined, Kind Cordial, Steadfast, Loyal ROBERT BRIM Quiet, Contented, Pleasant CAROL BRYANT Gay, Likable, Pleasing Personality JACKIE CARROLL Good-Natured, Faithful, Dependable PEGGY CARSON Reserved, Personable, Gene ' s LOWELL CLYBURN BYRON DOLLAR Future Missionary, Engaged, Consistent Sociable, " Alabamian, " Jovial 40 MAURICE EVANS ELDRIDGE EADES MARILYN FOSKEY TOM FOWLER MARCELLA FRAME GERALDINE FRY HAROLD FURNISS JUANITA GEISE Reserved, Sincere, Preacher Determined, Genuine, Quiet Georgian, Spirited, Prankster Married, Preacher, Pleasant Able, Considerate, Nice Earnest, Cheerful, Courteous Exuberant, Talkative, Ambitious Sweet-Spirited, Unselfish, Gentle BARBARA GOODMAN Warm-H earted, Serene, Reliable BRENDA GOULD Faithful, Dependable, Accordionist TERRILL HADDIX Nice-To-Know, Sincere, Worker JUNIORS JANICE HAY Trim, Soprano, Charles ' Girl KENNETH HEMMERLY Busy, Independent, Mannerly PAUL HETRICK Future Missionary, Persistent, Devoted EVERETT HIGGINBOTHAM Carolyn ' s Choice, Easy-Going, Jovial EDITH HUSSEY TRAVIS JOSLIN HOWARD KELLY Floridian, Frank, Cooperative Steady, Unruffled, Kind Salesman, Cordial, Unassuming JUNIORS MARILYN LITTON EVELYN LOYD BOBBYE McCLESKEY MARGARET McDONALD BETTY McKAY MARGARET McMEANS Studious, Unique, Competent Shy, Pleasing, Christian Witness Soprano, Slender, Agreeable Stylish, Clever, Fun-Loving Tidy, Exact, " Indian " Rambler, Sociable, Jolly MARY HELEN LANE Instructions, " Our " Secretary, Chic DORIS LASLEY Poised, Artist, Nice PATRICIA LAWSON Steady Worker, Pleasant, Contented NANCY LEIGH " T-Room " Worker, Loyal, Thoughtful ED LE JEUNE " Prexy, " Collegiate, Polite GENE LEVINER Witty, Obliging, Spontaneous SHARON MARLIN EARLINE MASON DALE MELTON PATSY MERCER ALLEN MIDCAP Redhead, Irrepressible, Busy-Bee Journalist, Calm, Frank Papa, Scholar, Polished Keeper of Money, Reliable, Stable Intelligent, Peaceful, Agreeable JEANETTE MITCHELL Straightforward, Ted ' s girl, Active 42 CAROLYN MOORE Postmistress, Exact, Lady-Like MILDRED NICKELL Sweet, Studious, Good-Natured SHARRON NORRICK Profs Assistant, Talented, Capable NATHAN PRICE Busi nessman, Home-Loving, Helpful MITCHELL QUICK Happy, Dependable, Natural WILLIAM RHOADES Nice, Casual, Steady JUNIORS CECIL RHODES Married, Zealous, Persistent BILL RODDY Marquita ' s, Winning Smile, Worker EVANGELINE SILVERNAIL Deserving, Thorough, Gentle KEITH SILVERNAIL Firm, Witness, Yankee JESSE SIMS Minister, Sober-Minded, Mild MARITA SLIFER Secretary, Efficie nt, Columnist GENE SMITH JIMMY STOCKS JACK STONE PAT TAYLOR SYLVIA THRASHER MARY LOU TIEMANN Faithful, Musical, Amiable Southerner, Self-Controlled, Skillful Kentuckian, Married, Preacher Talkative, Jolly, Easy-Going Pianist, P.K., Direct Cheerful, Future Missionary, Agreeable 43 JOY NELL WARHURST Meticulous, Pleasant, Feminine DAVID WARREN Humble, Sincere, Quiet WADE WESTBROOK Serious, Distinguished, Dependable JERRY WHEELER Speech Enthusiast, Helper, Witty JUDITH WOODARD Winning Smile, Spontaneous, Petite Juniors Not Pictured: RON DOOLITTLE, DOROTHY FULLER, ORVILLE HALL, BILL NICHOLS, G. J. PRATT, HUGH SMITH, RICHARD SMITH, SANDRA SMITH, JAMES SPRUILL, GERALD TABERS, JOHN TAYLOR, WINSTON THAXTON, ROY THOMPSON, JOHN WORKMAN. 44 I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS MICHAEL GOLDEN President PATSY WOOD Vice-President PAM THOMAS Secretary PHYLLIS BUSS Treasurer BILLY JOE RICHEY Reporter JERRY APPLEBY Student Council Representative PROFESSOR JOHN KNIGHT Sponsor SOPHOMORES First Row: JERRY APPLEBY ELMER BAGGOTT MARY BAGGOTT MARILYN BALDWIN JANESE BAKER Second Row: LYNN BARNES ERBIN BAUMGARDNER WILLIAM BEASLEY MARTIN BENSON LEO BERRY Third Row: PHOEBE BOWNE DANNY BRANHAM DOYLE BRITTAIN LILLIAN BUCKNER PHYLLIS BUSS Fourth Row: EMILY BUTLER BOYD CARTER SHARON CARTER MARGIE CHAMBERS RUTH CHRISTENSEN Fifth Row: JACK CLAYTON FRED COBBS WANDA COBURN CAROLYN COLLINS CAROL CORNELIUS Sixth Row: DONNA CORNELIUS ROGER COSTA MARTHA COX ROBERT CULLEN FRED CUNNINGHAM Seventh Row: WINIFRED DAVIDSON TOMMY DAVIS SYLVIA DONLEY JIMMY EADES JANIE ENGLAND Eighth Row: LeBRON FAIRBANKS JUDY FORTENBERRY JAMES FOSTER LARRY FOSTER WARREN FOXWORTHY SOPHOMORES First Row: MARY LYNN FUSSELL MARTHA GODBY MICHAEL GOLDEN CLAIRE GOODMAN JAN GOSA Second Row: DAVID HALE JOHN HALL EDITH HAMILTON JAMES HANSEN BETTY HARRISON Third Row: DON HENDERSON VERNON HENDERSON CAROLYN HILL THOM HOUSEMAN TOMMIE JEAN HOWARD Fourth Row: RENA HUGGINS CORA INGRAM DON IRWIN ANN JAMES BARBARA JOHNSON Fifth Row: BARBARA JONES SYLVIA KENNINGTON JENNY KEITH RAY KOHSER RACHEL LANIER Sixth Row: MARILYN LILLARD JERRY McCANT MARY ALICE McGILL LARRY McGRANAHAN HOWARD MELTON Seventh Row: SHARON MILLER SHARON MONCER MARY MOORE JOYCE NAVE PHIL NEELY Eighth Row: JERRY PENNINGTON CHARLOTTE PORTER MARY PRATT JANICE PRICE-WILLIAMS RUTH RAGLAND SOPHOMORES First Row: WARREN RAGLAND EDITH RHODES KATHLEEN RHYNE BILLY JO RICHEY SHIRLEY RIDDLE Second Row: BOB ROUSE CHARLES SAVAGE MARY RUTH SHARPTON SHARON SIGLER KAREN SKINNER Third Row: SARA STORY NANCY SWAFFORD ROBERT TAYLOR PAM THOMAS ROBERTA THOMAS Fourth Row: AL TRUESDALE SUZIE WARD RICHARD WATERMAN JAMES WHITT KAY WILLS Fifth Row: MYRON WISE PATSY WOOD CAROL YOUNG MARTHA YOUNG Sophomores Not Pictured: EDNA ARMSTRONG JAMES BARNETT LESLIE BEARDEN JANIE BRUCKNER EMORY GARNER PAT HALL KENNETH IRWIN CATHY JOSLIN JACK KERNS JAMES LASLEY MARY MEIGHAN RAYMOND MURPHY ELIZABETH RUSHTON DARLEEN HALL SHAW JAMES SISSON BOB SMITH DENZIL SMITH GENE WISEMAN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS JOHN SUGG President WAYNE DOLLAR Vice-President REBECCA GREATHOUSE Secretary LUCY WILLIAMS Treasurer SID RILEY Reporter JESS MIDDENDORF Student Council Representative DR. FRANKLYN WISE Sponsor FRESHMEN First Row: MARY ANDREWS JAN I E AUSTIN BARNEY BAGGOTT FRANKIE BAKER SAM BELL RONNIE BENSON BETTY BIRDWELL Second Row: ANNE BOHLER LESTER BYINGTON SARA CASDORPH BARBARA CATES FRANCES CHAMBERS YVONNE CHAPMAN CATHERINE CHILTON Third Row: RONALD COLEMAN CAROLYN CONNOR JERRY COOK RANDOLPH COOPER JANE CRANSHAW JEAN CRANSHAW BILL DAUGHERTY Fourth Row: JO ANN DAVIS LINDA DEASON GEORGE DENBY ANNIE PEARL DILL PAM DINKINS WAYNE DOLLAR BEVERLY DONEGAN FIFTH ROW: FRANCES DONER JOYCE DUNCAN TOM DUNCAN JOHN DYER CHARLOTTE ELLIS JUDY FERRIS CAROL FILER Sixth Row: WINONA FLATT SUSIE FORBES PAM FREUDENTHALER JUDY FRYE JANICE GALFORD FERRELL GOMER MARGARET GORDON Seventh Row: REBECCA GREATHOUSE CONNIE GRIFFITH LINDA GRAVES JOAN GROVES MARY HANSEN MARILYN HARBOLD JOY HARDY Eighth Row: GLENDA HARPER CHARLES HARRIS DALE HATFIELD AL HAYES DIXIE HEINSS JANIE HERSMAN DALLAS HILL 50 tei m i 0. 0 f 4 0 FRESHMEN First Row: JAMES HILL SHIRLEY HOFFMAN JERRY HOLT ALICE HOOD MARTHA LEE JARED FAYE JARRETT MARY JO JENKINS Second Row: CAROL JOHNSON DAVID JONES MARY JONES SY8LE JONES JIM KEEFER JAMES KESTER KATHLEEN KESTER Third Row: KEITH KETTERMAN POLLY KEY SHIRLEY LEONARD RUTH LEWIS POLLY McBRYANT SALLY McCRACKEN LARRY McCUMBER Fourth Row: SUZANNA McMANUS JUNE McOUINEY LLOYD MANNING SUSAN MARLOWE CHARLES MARTIN NANCY MASTIN ROY MEDIATE Fifth Row: JERRY MERSHIMER JESS MIDDENDORF RICHARD MILLER SUE MILLER LINDA MITCHUM JAMES MORGAN STEPHEN MORRIS Sixth Row: JOHNNY MURPHY SANDRA NEELEY WILHELMINA NEISLER JEAN NELSON MURPHY NICHOLSON DENNIS ORNER JANICE OSBORNE Seventh Row: ROBERT OSBORNE NORMAN THOMAS PARK NORMA PARRISH PHOEBE PEARS ARTHUR PICKARD BRENDA PICKENS JOYCE PICKENS Eighth Row: AUBREY PONCE BRENDA POWERS MARIE PRICE ROY RAGSDALE BETTIE LOU RATLIFF BILL REED DON REEVES 51 FRESHMEN First Row: DORIENE REYNOLDS STEVE RIDDLE LARRY RIES SID RILEY FONDA ROBERTS WANDA ROBINSON GORDON ROSS Second Row: MILDRED SALLEE EARL SAMS DONNA SCHOOLCRAFT JAMES SEXTON VONNIE SHAW PAUL SHEARER ETNA SHERIDAN Third Row: LAMAR SMITH LARRY SMITH PEGGY SMITH JO ANN SPOLARICH HENRY STAGGS RICHARD STALEY CHARLOTTE STAMM Fourth Row: FRANKLIN STEPHENS WILMA STERLING JIMMY STEVENS BARBARA STILES KATHY STUDT JOHN SUGG LINDA TAPP Fifth Row: CARL TAYLOR RACHEL TAYLOR CLIFTON TEMPLETON NANCY THAXTON JEANNE THRASHER BARBARA UTSLER ANN VAN HOOK Sixth Row: GENELL VOSS KENNETH WALKER WANDA WALKER JOYCE WALTER JEAN WESLEY DUANE WEST VIRGINIA DELL WILCOX Seventh Row: JUDY WILEY LUCY WILLIAMS MARY JOHN WILLIAMS VENA WILSON VERNELL WILSON SHARON WRIGHT Freshmen Not Pictured: GEORGE ARMSTRONG MILTON BAKER DAVID BECKUM SUE BEELER GEORGE BLOUNT VERLAN BOND JOHN BUNCE PAUL CARPENTER PEGGY CLARK NATALIE CLAYTON PAUL CREW FRANKLIN DE LAPP LA VERNE DEEL GEORGE DENBY WYATT DODD JAMES ELKINS ERNEST FARMER BEARL GOSA ROSEMARY GRUBBS DONALD HALE ROY HELTON VICTOR JOHNSON GARY JONES ROBERT IRELAND DORIS JONES ETHAN KEITH BRADY KENNINGTON CURTISS LEWIS PAUL LEWIS SHIRLEY MERRITT DAVID MOORE DONALD NUTTER MARY LOU ROBERTS BRENDA ROBY ELIZABETH RUSHTON DALE SALTKILL JAMES SHAW RUFUS SLAY PATSY STOCKDALE DAVID STUCKI LLOYD TUCKER CLINTON WALLACE GLENN WHEATON PATRICIA WHITE CHARLES WOODY JAMES YOUNG t i Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Mackey open their home to some freshmen. Roger Costa and Fred Cunningham, sophomores, sell a " Greenie " hat to freshman Keith Ketterman. These helpful sophomores assist the freshmen on their early morning hike. We find some unusual outfits on the freshmen on " Tacky Day. " RECOGNITION Freshmen Orientation activities, under the direc- tion of Professor K. W. Phillips, began officially on Thursday, September 14, 1961. After a brief devotional service, the freshmen re- ported to the library and cafeteria for the College Qualification Test and the Cooperative English Test. A Campus Life Conference was conducted that eve- ning in the Fine Arts Auditorium, with dormitory house meetings after Professor Leon Chambers, Dean of Students, addressed the freshmen. On Friday, September 15, after the usual devo- tional service, the freshmen took the Iowa Silent Reading Test and Kuder Preference Record under the direction of Dr. Lewis Pennington, and the Bible Survey Test under the direction of Dr. Homer J. Adams. Interviews were conducted in the library for educational counseling and guidance on trial sched- ules. Choir and chorus auditions were held in the Fine Arts Building by Professor Ramon Unruh and Miss Barbara McClain. On that evening a faculty reception for the freshmen was given. Education counseling and choir and chorus au- ditions took place on Saturday. The faculty gave the students a picnic supper on Hardy Green. An open- air service, with John Clayton, president of the Christian Workers Association, in charge, was held Saturday night. Dr. W. M. Greathouse, Dean of Religion, brought a message of inspiration. Sunday, September I 7, was a busy day for Chris- tian workers, with the new freshmen taking active part in Christian work. Monday, September 18, was registration day for one hundred seventy-two new freshmen. TREVECCA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Trevecca College has a wonderful group of alumni. This is especially evidenced at reunion time — no matter where or when they meet. Everyone is young when with former classmates. Nobody knows for certain what makes Trevecca reunions so much fun. Whatever it is, it seems to work some kind of magic. A greeting jars memories, and a handshake can whisk you back to another decade. It is this spirit that brings alumni back to the banquet each year, that makes them want to be here. They come back to laugh and talk and remember when. They come back to see how far they have gone away, to see how much they have changed. They come back to see their youth, because a part of it is always here at T.N.C. Rev. T. E. Jones, President of the Alumni Association, presents Dr. Homer J . Adams, Dean of the College, with a portrait of Dr. A. B. Maclcey, President of Trevecca Nazarene College for the last twenty-five years. MRS. CLARA B. SHEARRER Trevecca Alumni Banquet in Nashville, June, 1961. Secretary 54 STUDENT BODY Many students come to college without knowing exactly what their life ' s work will be. However, after a year or two, one soon decides. The next step, after the decision has been reached, is preparation for the chosen field. Our students are preparing for varied positions as you can see from the table at the right. Full Time Christian Workers 217 Ministers of Music 3 Missionaries 59 Song Evangelists 7 Ministers of Music 3 Directors of Christian Education 5 Other Types of Christian Work 5 Teachers 188 Miscellaneous 46 Undecided 83 ■HnHHsnnnnHnnHi HIGH SCHOOL The three-year high school is under the direction of the principal, Professor Jerry Costa. A well-planned curriculum offers all credits required for high school graduation. PROFESSOR JERRY COSTA Principal LOIS CONKEY, Secretary HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL The success of the Student Council this year may be accredited to the fine leader- ship of Aubrey Smith, President, and For- rest Wise, Secretary. This success was achieved only with the cooperation of the class representatives. Professor Jerry Costa has served as the Student Council Sponsor. Throughout the school year he has suggested and guided the Council in its plans. Left to right are Aubrey Smith, President; Janice Warren, Senior Class Representative; Forrest Wise, Secretary; and Johnny Sparks, Sophomore Class Representative. •1 m . m " ■fc " - ■p — Pi M First Row: JOHN COBURN, TOMMY DOWNS, WILLIAM FLY, DANNY FOUNTAINE, FRED FOWLER, Second Row: JACK GALLOWAY, RAY GOMER, JACK HINTON, DAVID JONES, JUDY JONES. Third Row:: WANDA KEY, SONJA LAWSON, VERNON " BUTCH " MINTZ, CAROL RICHARDSON, TERRY ROBERTSON. Fourth Row: BRENDA RYALL, AUBREY SMITH, LORRAINE STALEY, JANICE WARREN, FORREST WISE. HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Senior Class Officers are: Jack Hinton, President; Jack Galloway, Vice- President; Wanda Key, Secretary; Ray Gomer, Reporter; Lorraine Staley, Treasurer; Danny Fountaine, Chaplain. Professor Costa is Senior Class Sponsor. 57 JUNIORS First Row: EUGENE BROACH LEROY CULLEN GENE DALTON DOUGLAS DENNIS Second Row: : SUE GAERTNER LYNN SMITH JERRY STAGGS CLIFTON WOODS SOPHOMORES STEVE BROWN HARRY GRADY JONATHAN SPARKS FRESHMEN ESTHER COSTA DAVID GIVENS MARY VAN ZILE GERALD YORK . r f Not Pictured: GEORGE BLYTHE CECIL FELKER CHARLES PATRICK JOHN STALEY 58 WILLIAM FLY and SONJA LAWSON Most Likely To Succeed HIGH SCHOOL SUPERLATIVES Wanda key CAROL RICHARDSON and JACK GALLOWAY Most Athletic KnrP V A EN and . DANNV FOUNTAIN AUBREY SMITH and CAROL RICHARDSON Most Popular CHAPEL EXERCISES Daily instruction and blessing are our privileges as the truths of the gospel are presented in word and song during the chapel hour. Songs of praise are sung; a spontaneous testimony is given, and others follow; the preached word is anointed and blessed and our hearts are filled. Great leaders of our church and great men of our day instruct us in spiritual values so that we may plan our lives for service for our Savior. These mo- ments of worship together inspire us to be more like Christ. 62 DR. LEON CHAMBERS Dean of Students Trevecca Fall Revival REV. B. V. SEALS District Superintendent of Washington-Pacific District John T. Benson Lecture Series DR. LAWRENCE HICKS Pastor of Chattanooga First Church GUEST SPEAKERS ■i DeVERNE MULLEN Song Evangelist DR. EDWARD LAWLOR Secretary of Evangelism Altar service after preaching of visiting evangelist, Rev. Forrest McCullough. 6 3 CHRISTIAN WORKERS ASSOCIATION " Go ye into all the world and preach the gos- pel . . . " is a challenge accepted and carried out by the Christian Workers Association. The purpose of the Association is to preach the gospel to all the needy whether they be in the hos- pitals, jails, rest homes, juvenile court or on the street corners. This offers valuable training for Christian service. The workers reap both immediate and long- range blessings from this type of service. OFFICERS JOHN CLAYTON ALBERT TRUESDALE DOUGLAS ASKEW ESTHER BLUME SYBLE JONES PATSY WOOD JAMES FOYCE SPRUILL PROFESSOR K. W. PHILLIPS President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Follow-Up Secretary Reporter Visitation Chairman Sponsor MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS PAUL ANDRUS President JAMES SPRUILL Vice-President DALE MELTON Secretary WADE WESTBROOK Treasurer EUGENE KING Reporter DR. LEON CHAMBERS Sponsor MISSIONARY PRAYER BAND The Ministerial Association is composed of students called into full-time Christian service.- Its purpose is to foster the spiritual life of the college. Activities include the sponsoring of senior chapel speakers, noonday prayer meetings, the Thanksgiving offering, a book club, and the college spring revival. The purpose of the Missionary Prayer Band is to enlighten students to the real need of praying and fasting in behalf of our missionaries. The activities include various offerings in answer to mis- sionary requests, box-work, and special help for those who are definitely called to the mission field. The aim is not to lose sight of the need to reap the fields already " white unto harvest. " Paul Andrus is leader of this group, and Marie Peery is sponsor. 66 TREVECCA MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP The TMF is in its second year as an or- ganization. It was formed for the benefit of all students who feel a call to missionary work. Missionaries who visit the campus speak to this group and answer any ques- tions relating to the missionary field and the requirements necessary to be qualified for missionary work. Its main purpose is to de- velop spirit-filled men and women to serve on the foreign fields of our Church of the Nazarene. OFFICERS: Paul Hetrlclt, President; John Clayton, Vice-President; Wini- fred Davidson, Secretary; John Hall, Treasurer; Brenda Gould, Reporter; Professor K. W. Phillips, Sponsor. Treve-Tone Trio: Sharon Norrick, Barbara Stiles, and Suianna McManus. Jubilaires Trio: Mary Beth Ellcins, Lois Conkey, and Lucy Williams. Ambassadors Quartet: Al Hayes, Duane West, Evangelaires Quartet: Jerry Cook, Carl Taylor, John Sid Riley, and Barney Baggott. Sugg, and Jess Middendorf. 67 TRAVEL GROUP The traveling group is one of the most influential contacts made by Trevecca Nazarene College. These represe ntatives give the prospective student a sample of college life at TNC. These groups are under the direc- tion of the field representa- tive, Rev. C. E. Keys. A CAPELLA CHOIR The A Cappela Choir expresses praise and wor- ship to Christ through the medium of song. This desire to honor God is uppermost in the minds of the group. The long hours of practice and time spent in travel are completely balanced by the fun at so- cials and the adventure of meeting different people on tour. The Choir makes a two-week tour of the South- eastern Educational Zone every spring besides other public appearances during the year. The aim of every choir member is to show the spirit of Christ through the songs they sing and the lives they live. PROFESSOR RAMON UNRUH MISS BARBARA McCLAIN TREBLE TONE CHOIR The Treble Tone Choir is under the direc- tion of Miss Barbara McClain. It is a relatively new organization but growing fast. The spe- cial highlight for the choir this year was a one-week tour to Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia with Rev. C. E. Keys, the Field Rep- resentative. They have made other appear- ances in the Nashville area. Miss Barbara Stiles is the accompanist. TREVE-DORES The Treve-Dores is another relatively new singing group under the direction of Profes- sor Ramon Unruh. They have made several public appearances. Ann Van Hook is the accompanist for the group. 69 LA NELLE COWAN Senior Speech Recital LOIS CONKEY Senior Voice Recital A scene from the All-School Play, " A Man Called Peter. " Mrs. Grant (Jeanne Thrasher) and her family visit Peter Marshall (Ronald Coleman ) . A group of young people gather around the piano with Peter at the Sue Hayes, Debby Hatcliff, Gerald Woods, Morton Estep, and Ed Stiles Marshall ' s home. Mrs. Marshall is played by Sharron Marlin. in the Senior Class play, " The Years Ahead. " Lulie (Jo Ann Smith) and Tinie (Mary Jane Still) go through Cousin " The Sisters Macintosh " give Cousin Archie (Don Pitzer) a hard time in Archie ' s possessions in " The Sisters Mcintosh. " this comedy presented by the Senior Class. TREV-ECHOES CHARLOTTE PORTER Editor-in-Chief STAFF CHARLOTTE ANN PORTER MARILYN BALDWIN LYNN BARNES BOB COOK HUGH SMITH DR. CHARLES CHILDERS Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Circulation Manager Business Manager Associate Business Manager Faculty Advisor Under the leadership of Charlotte Porter, Trev- Echoes has taken on a new look this year. It is now printed on regular newsprint paper, and the general form is more attractive. The paper has presented student life in all its different phases. The members of the Journalism Class this year do not serve as reporters for the paper as has been done in the past. Although the Journalism Class and the Class Reporters make frequent contributions to the paper, most of the writing is done by columnists and feature writers. A few of the tasks behind the scenes are assigning articles, proofreading, taking ads, drawing up the dummy and gathering news. We can all say a cheery congratulations for a job well done to the editor, business manager, and all those who make up the staff. BOB COOK Business Manager 74 Al Hayes, photographer, and Patsy Wood, typist, watch Associate Bob Cook and Hugh Smith assist Lynn Barnes in seeing that the papers Editor Marilyn Baldwin to learn what to do. are properly distributed. Columnists Billy Jo Richey (Sports), Marita Slifer ( " Campus Capers " ), and Joe Nell Warhurst (Fashions) work on their stories. 75 Don Pitzer, Assistant Business Manager works with Sharron Marlin, Business Manager. SHARRON MARLIN Business Manager STAFF MARY JANE STILL LA NELLE COWAN PHYLLIS BUSS and CAROL YOUNG BARBARA WILLIAMS, SUE HAYES, and JO ANN SMITH Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Coordinators RICHARD SMITH CAROL FARTHING Class Editors Staff Photographer Literary Editor SHARON CARTER, SHARON MILLER, and FONDA ROBERTS PAM THOMAS SHARRON MARLIN DON PITZER DR. FRANKLYN WISE Typists Sports Editor Business Manager Asssociate Business Manager Faculty Advisor In this modern day what more appropriate theme could be chosen for the 1962 DARDA than that of the Space Age? What better theme for life can Christians choose than that of concentration, conse- cration, cooperation, and competition, for there awaits for us the greatest commendation, a Crown of Life. Though this is a fast-moving, modern age, aiming for the stars, Christian people have a higher aim which goes beyond the stars. So, we, the DARDA staff of 1962, wish to present to you this yearbook, hoping that you will live in this Space Age for " the One . . . Who is above all. " 1962 DARDA MARY JANE STILL Editor-in-Chief Mary Jane brings pictures to Dr. Wise for approval. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the student advisory organization for our school. Its function is the coordination of student ac- tivities with those of the college. The activities at the beginning of the fall term in Septem- ber are under the general supervision of the Student Council. At registration time all cars are registered, and the traffic laws are enforced by an active committee. All campus elections are sponsored by the Student Council. Enthusiasm mounts the highest during the election of the major officers in the spring. The Council has charge of all class and club organizations. The Class and Club of the Year are selected by a joint Faculty-Council Committee. They are selected according to the point system based on projects and money spent . They also select individual awards. These honors are highly coveted. The spiritual aspect is emphasized by their choice of a layman for the annual Student Council Lectures in the spring. This year Paul H. Gray, D.D.S., was the lecturer. Dr. Homer J. Adams, whose advice and assistance are greatly appreciated and needed, is the Student Council Sponsor. DENNIS HAGE President Officers of the Student Council are Denny Hage, President; Don Pitzer, Treasurer; and Dale Melton, Secretary. 78 The Student Council regularly meets in the Banquet Room of the cafeteria: Charlotte Porter, " Trev-Echoes " Editor; Jerry Appleby, Sopho- more Class Representative; Morton Estep (taking Don Pitier ' s place), Senior Class Representative; Jimmy Stocks, Junior Class Representative; Dale Melton, Secretary; Aubrey Smith, High School Representative; Denny Hage, President; Dr. Homer Adams, Faculty Advisor; Forrest Wise, High School Representative; Jack Clayton, CWA President; Jess Middendorf, Freshman Class Representative; Roger Costa, TAA Presi- dent; and Mary Jane Still, DARDA Editor. The Faculty Advisor, Dr. Homer J. Adams, is a great source of help to the Student Council President, Denny Hage. mm HONOR SOCIETY Members of the Honor Society are Don Turner, La Nelle Cowan, Margaret McDonald, Carolyn Moore, Carol Farthing, Martha Cox, Phyllis Buss, Charlotte Porter, Michael Golden, Patsy Wood, Marilyn Baldwin, and Barbara Jones. Sponsor is Miss Amy L. Person. Officers are, seated: Phyllis Buss, Secretary-Treasurer; Carolyn Moore, Reporter. Standing: Don Pitzer, Vice-President; and Don Turner, President. 80 Those students who maintain a 2.5 average for the year are given an invitation to become members of the Honor Society. Graduating seniors from this group receive an in- vitation to become members of the Zeta Chapter of Phi Delta Lambda, the national honor organization of Nazarene Colleges. Some of the qualifications of candidates for " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges " are scholarship, lead- ership, attitudes, activities, and positive Christian influence. Elected to this honor are: Xa JVd c C Hxon 81 ■ ' ■X 5 3 !■ ■ ■ mi ■ ■ ■ r CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS • DISTRICT CLUBS • DORM COUNCI L • DORMITORIES COOPERATION STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OFFICERS CAROLYN MOORE PATSY WOOD SANDRA SMITH RACHEL LANIER JOY NELL WARHURST Presiden I " Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter PROFESSOR WILLIAM HOWICK Sponsor The Student Education Association, formerly the Future Teachers Club, is an organization formed for the benefit of all students who are education majors or minors and any students who plan to teach. By membership in the club, future teachers can show their loyalty and willingness to accept responsibility which will be expected of them later in regard to pro- fessional teachers ' organizations. A main and vital function of the SEA is to furnish the members of the club with needed guidance and information in the field of education today. The Music Club plays a very important role in our school. It is composed primarily of music majors and minors and its purpose is to further the appreciation of music among Tr.evecca students. Outstanding highlights of this year ' s activities were excerpts from " The Messiah, " presented as the annual Christmas program, .an operetta, " Rip Van Winkle, " and the annual spring concert. MUSIC CLUB OFFICERS JANICE HAY LUCY WILLIAMS ANN VAN HOOK SHARON NORRICK CARL TAYLOR MISS BARBARA McCLAIN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sponsor 90 The Science Club continues to be one of the most active clubs on campus. Its regular activities include overnight trips, outings, trips to special points of interest, and campus projects such as care of fish- pond and planting flowers and shrubs. Special trips taken this year were to Montgomery Bell State Park, Mammoth Cave, Fall Creek Falls, and the Great Smokey Mountains. The activities of the Speech Club are directed toward promoting better communication through speech. It is composed mainly of speech majors and minors. The most important activity of the club is the presentation of the all-school play. This year the play, A Man Called Peter, was done exceptionally well. SPEECH CLUB OFFICERS MARTHA COX LEO BERRY LA NELLE COWAN SHARRON MARLIN MRS. MABEL GREENE President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Sponsor 91 LITERARY CLUB OFFICERS CAROL FARTHING LA NELLE COWAN DORIS LASLEY MARY JANE STILL MISS AMY L. PERSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor The purpose of the Literary Club is to promote a further appreciation and enjoyment of literature for prospective English teachers. The activities of the year included sponsorship of a literary contest in four types of writings: essay, poetry, short story and sermon. First, second and third winners were chosen from each group. This created much interest among the student body. Another activity, always enjoyed, was a party at the home of Miss Person. The Clio Society is composed of history majors and minors. The purpose of the club is to create an interest in things, of historical value. The society sponsors various programs and activities pertaining to history. CLIO SOCIETY OFFICERS DON TURNER FREDA HENDERSON MARY JONES ED LE JEUNE JEAN CRANSHAW DR. HOMER J. ADAMS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sponsor 92 ART CLUB OFFICERS PATRICIA WHITE JEAN CRANSHAW EDITH RHODES MARILYN LILLARD HOWARD M ELTON President Secretary Secretary -Treasurer Reporter Sponsor The Art Club is the newest club on campus. All who are interested in art may become members. The main function of the club is to provide other organi- zations and classes with posters and advertisements. We see their work attractively displayed on the bulletin boards and around the campus. The Math Club is composed of mathematics ma- jors and minors. The purpose of the club is to pro- mote appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics. MATH CLUB OFFICERS MARILYN BALDWIN JERRY PENNINGTON EDITH HAMILTON SUSANNA McMANUS KENNETH IRWIN MRS. ALTA REDFORD President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sponsor 93 STUDENT WIVES OFFICERS MILDRED TROXALL ROXANNA HINTON ESTHER FOWLER LENA DAVIS BETTY BRYAN AMY PERSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Devotional Chairman Sponsor This organization was formed to help the student wives develop spiritually, intellectually, and socially. They meet bi-weekly for a period of fellowship and discussion. They constitute one missionary chapter of College Hill Church of the Nazarene and study the missionary course together. Discussing the dif- ferent phases of homemaking is also an important feature of the organization. 94 ALABAMA CLUB Billy Joe Ricfiey, President; Janice Price- Williams, Secretary-Treasurer. EAST KENTUCKY CLUB Bob Dixon, President; Susie Ward, Secre- tary-Treasurer. EAST TENNESSEE CLUB Hugh Smith, President; Patsy Wood, Sec- retary-Treasurer. FLORIDA CLUB Sharron Marlin, President; Barbara Stiles, Secretary-Treasurer. MISSISSIPPI CLUB Fred Cunningham, President; Margaret Leidigh, Secretary-Treasurer. NORTH CAROLINA CLUB Evangeline Silvernail, President; Ann Van Hook, Secretary-Treasurer. ihhimiiiuhu« w - SOUTH CAROLINA CLUB Mitchell Quick, President; Mary Jo Jen- kins, Secretary-Treasurer. TENNESSEE CLUB Ken Hemmerly, President; Marita Silfer, Secretary-Treasurer. VIRGINIA CLUB Gene Leviner, President; Betty Harrison, Secretary-Treasurer. WEST VIRGINIA CLUB Bob Cook, President; Glenda Harper, Secretary-Treasurer. Left to right are: Professor Jerry Costa, Charlotte Porter, Ruth Christen- sen, Douglas Aslcew, Mary Lou Tiemann, Carolyn Collins, Jesse Sims, Miriam Goodwin, Mary Helen Lane, James Van Hook, and Beverly Adams. RESIDENCE HALLS COUNCIL The main function of the Residence Halls Council is to serve as a mediator between the student body and the Dean of Students in matters concerning campus life. The chief responsibility is the sponsorship of the Saturday evening program and social activities. Dr. Leon Chambers is the able sponsor for this group in making suggestions and helping them carry out their plans. Rev. Jerry Costa helps as the new Assistant Dean of Students. PROFESSOR LEON CHAMBERS Sponsor 98 The Smith sisters How do they rate? OFFICERS ROGER COSTA President MARY HELEN LANE Secretary CAROL YOUNG Treasurer JOY NELL WARHURST Reporter BILLY JOE RICHEY Reporter MISS BARBARA McCLAIN Sponsor DR. HOMER J. ADAMS Sponsor Roger Costa has served as president of this organization this year and has done the job well. With the help of the other officers and the advice of the co-sponsors the T.A.A. prexy has made smooth progress. The year began with much enthusiasm and each society wanting to win a championship trophy in basketball, football or softball for itself. It is exciting to watch the societies battle for the trophies each season. The Trevecca Athletic Asssociation also has volleyball, shuffleboard, ping pong, and tennis games for students ath- letically inclined in those areas. The T.A.A. is a well-organized society and offers sports of interest throughout the year. Roger, Joy Nell, and Mary Helen are three of the T.A.A. officers. TREVECCA ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ALPHA SOCIETY Football season opened with special enthusiasm as the Alphas began the fight to regain their position as champions, but all to no avail. The Betas earned that position last year and were de- termined to keep it. BETA SOCIETY The Betas kept the idea in mind to maintain their victories of last year not only in football, but in basketball and softball as well. They were well rewarded for their efforts. DELTA SOCIETY Even though this football season was not the best the Deltas had seen, they did boot the Alphas from second place and moved from third place to take that position for themselves. 107 ALPHA FOOTBALL The Alphas, under the leadership of Bob Cook, worked hard and showed good sportsmanship throughout the football season but could not take the champion- ship for themselves. BETA FOOTBALL With an experienced team along with some excellent newcomers, the Betas be- gan the football season with much excite- ment to maintain their last year ' s cham- pionship. Jimmy Stocks led the team through another ' victorious season. DELTA FOOTBALL Under the leadership of Byron Dollar, captain of the football team, the Delta Society worked hard and was able to take runner-up position for the football trophy. ALL-STARS Elected by the boys who played, the All-Star football team consists of Lester Byington, Captain, and, left to right: Byron Dollar, Roger Costa, Brady Ken- nington, Wayne Dollar, Jimmy Stocks, Morton Estep, Hugh Smith, and Gene Leviner. ALPHA GIRLS The Alpha girls elected Nancy Swaf- ford as their captain and played hard this season in the attempt to remove the Betas from the championship position. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL BETA GIRLS Under the leadership of Mary Jane Still the Betas aimed for the champion- ship again this year. DELTA GIRLS The Delta girls are back this year with Esther Blume as their captain. They hope to move from the lowest to the highest rung on the ladder toward the champion- ship. BOYS ' BASKETBALL ALPHAS The Alpha basketball team, whose reign as cham- pion was ended last year by the Betas, is back to reclaim the trophy this year. With Ed Sisson, a for- mer player and leading scorer, as captain, they will give the Betas and Deltas a tough time. BETAS The Betas are back this year with the " good ole team " that took the championship last year. Under the leadership of Jimmy Stocks they plan to play hard and maintain their title of champions. Losing Roger Costa to appendicitis hurt them, however. DELTAS Although they ended the season a little below par last year, the Deltas promise to be a real threat to the Alphas and Betas this year. Under the leadership of Byron Dollar, captain, and with the aid of Paul Shearer, Keith Ketterman, and Larry McCumber, new members of the Deltas ' team, they plan to make the race for the trophy a close one. 1 9 I Paul Shearer scores for the Deltas on a jump shot. Is this a usual chapel service? 111 Education at T.N.C. is more than the process of acquiring knowledge — more than lectures, books, classrooms, and somber facts. It is a period of growth and development, of building for the time when its generation must accept the leadership of the world. That time — the Space Age — has arrived and the forthgoing students, of today will be the leaders of this age. Let us then accept this leadership with courage and a determination to rocket to the heights! 112 STUDENT INDEX ACHESON, Charles ADAMS, Beverly ADAMS, Janice ALLEN, Carole ALLRED, Ed ANDERSON, Darlene ANDREWS, Mary Alice ANDRUS, Paul C. APPLEBY, Jerry ARKLEY, Wanda ARMSTRONG, Edna ARMSTRONG, George ARRINGTON, Marion ASKEW, Douglas AUSTIN, Janie BAGGETT, Mary BAGGOTT, Barney BAGGOTT, Elmer, Jr. BAKA, Charles BAKER, Frankie BAKER, Janese BAKER, Milton G. BALDWIN, Marilyn BARNES, Carol Lynn BARNETT, James E. BARNHILL, Bob BAUMGARDNER, Erbin BEARDEN, Leslie Ray BEASLEY, George Wm. BECKUM, David BEEL, Jeanette BEELER, Sue Ann BELL, Samuel A. BENSON, David BENSON Martin BERRY, Charles Leo BIRDWELL, Betty BLOUNT, George BLUME, Esther BLYTHE, George BOHLER, Anne BOND, Verlan BOWEN, Gene BOWLES, Beverly BOWLES, Phillip BOWNE, Phoebe BRANHAM, Danny BRIGHT, Grace BRIGHT, Ruth BRITTAIN, Doyle BROACH, Eugene BROWN, Stephen BRUCKNER, Janie BRYAN, Benny John BRYANT, Carol BUCKNER, Lillian BUNCE, John BUSS, Phyllis BYINGTON, Lester CAMPBELL, Eugene CANDLER, William Roy CARPENTER, Paul CARROLL, Jackie CARSON, Margaret CARTER, Boyd CARTER, Sharon CASDORPH, Sara Jean CATES, Barbara Jean CHAMBERS, Frances CHAMBERS, Margie CHAPMAN, Yvonne CHILTON. Catherine CHRISTENSEN, Ruth CLARK, Margaret CLAYTON, John CLAYTON, Natalie CLYBURN, Lowell COBBS, Fred COBURN, John COBURN, Wanda COLEMAN, Ronald Lee Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Box 313, Bamberg, South Carolina Box 313, Bamberg, South Carolina Box 711, Titusville, Florida 812 W. Lee, Greensboro, N. 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Ray KOLAR, Linda LANE, Mary Helen LANIER, Rachel LASLEY, Doris Drake LASLEY, James Lee LAWRENCE, Riley LAWSON, Garner LAWSON, Patricia LAWSON, Sonia LEIDIGH, Margaret LEIGH, Nancy LE JEUNE, Edwin LEONARD, Shirley LEVI NER, Eugene LEWIS, Curtis, Jr. LEWIS, Paul LEWIS, Ruth Ann LILLARD, Marilyn LITTLE, DWAYNE L. LITTON, Marilyn LOYD, Evelyn M. McBRYANT, Pauline McCANT, Jerry McCLESKEY, Bobbye McCRACKEN, Sally McCUMBER, Larry McDONALD, Margaret McGILL, Mary Alice McGRANAHAN, Larry McKAY, Kathleen McMANUS, Suz ' anna Ruth McMEANS, Margaret McOUINEY, June MANNING, Lloyd MARLIN, Sharron MARTIN, Charles R. MARTIN, Patricia MARLOWE, Susan MASON, Earline MASTIN, Nancy Lee MEDIATE, Roy MEIGHAN, Mary MELTON, Dale H. MELTON, Howard MERCER, Patsy Ruth MERRITT, Shirley MERSHIMER, Gerald Loy MIDCAP, Allen MIDDENDORF. Jess MILLER, Sharon MILLER, Richard MILLER, Sue Ann MINTZ, Vernon MITCHELL, Jeanette MITCHUM, Linda MONCER, Sharon MOORE, Carolyn MOORE, David MOORE, Mary MORGAN, James MORRIS, Stephen Rt. I , Box 23, Zephyrhills, Fla. 1124 Kenton, Bowling Green, Ky. 7430 S.W. 30 Terrace, Miami 55, Fla. W. 1915 Kiernan, Spokane, Wash. 204 Hillcrest, Clinton, Tenn. 51 I Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Rt. 2, Lancing, Tenn. 1209 Skyway, Monroe, N. C. Armathwaite, Tenn. 731 Melson Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 70 Woodard, Nashville, Tenn. 72 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. West Somerset, Somerset, Ky. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 964 Morningside Dr., Sumter, S. C. 964 Morningside Dr., Sumter, S. C. 5272 Iowa Ave., Norfolk, Va. Rt. I, Petroleum, W. Va. Rt. I, Petroleum, W. Va. 1057 E. Riverside Dr., Evansville, Ind. Rt. 4, Athens, Tenn. I 1302 Middleground Rd., Savannah, Ga. 501 Greenwood Dr., Portsmouth, Va. 116 10th Ave. So., Ext., Nampa, Idaho 3100 Cromwell, Lorain, Ohio Box 216, Middleburg, Fla. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Box 234, McCrory, Ark. Box 28, Burrville, Tenn. Box 28, Burrville, Tenn. Rt. I, Box 250, Saucier, Miss. Route 4, Box 16, Greenwood, Ind. 3235 Brixton Ct., Charlotte, N. C. 16301 N. E. 2nd Ave., Miami 62, Fla. 540 Beech Dr., Newport News, Va. 54 Meadow Dr., Maysville, Ky. 300 W. Main, Elkton, Ky. 2230 Alta Ave., Louisville 5, Ky. 39 Ash St., Ludlow. Ky. 425 Highway Ave., Ludlow, Ky. 50 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Rt. 2, Box 120 F, Bartow, Fla. Rt. I, Box 99B, Fitzgerald, Ga. Rt. 5, Dublin, Ga. 1376 Crest Ave., Tarrant 7, Ala. 711 Broadway, Martins Ferry, Ohio 2042 Cloverdale Dr., S. E., Atlanta, Ga. 5410 Noyes Ave., Charleston 4, W. Va. Box 482, Fitzgerald, Ga. 606 E. Hendrix St., Brazil, Ind. 3617 Rhoda Ln., Chattanoga 6, Tenn. 202 Cherokee Rd., Hendersonville, Tenn. 588 East Calla Rd., Poland 14, Ohio Rt. I, Box 107, Leavittsburg, Ohio 801 Manchester Rd., Manchester, Mo 1029 W. Kaley Ave., Orlando, Fla. 201 Red Rd., McMinnville, Tenn. 923 Kentucky, St. Louis, Mo. 507 Noblitt St., Albertville, Ala. Maurertown, Va. 1534 N. W. 10th Ave., Ft. Laud., Fla. 685 E. 39th St., Hialeah, Fla. 131 W. 41st St., Hialeah, Fla. 74 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tenn. Trevecca Campus, Nashville, Tenn. 209 Collins Rd., Petal, Miss. 1619 Falcon Dr., Orlando, Fla. Box 203, Harrisville, Pa. Rt. 2, New Martinsville, W. Va. 1421 22nd Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 1278 McNeill Rd., N. Ft. Myers, Fla. 124 Fayett, Xenia, Ohio Trevecca Nazarene College, Nashville, Tenn. Rt. I, Box 516, Hickory, Va. 21 S. Washington, Sumter, S. C. 204 S. 2nd Ave., Lanett, Ala. 1038 Washington Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 4807 Washington Ave., Charleston, W. Va. Rt. 2, Maryville, Tenn. 64 Glover, Eustis, Fla. Rt. I, Flat Rock, N. C. Rt. I, Box 56, Eau Gallie, Fla. 114 MORSE, Joseph W. MURPHY, John MURPHY, Raymond MURRAY, Lorraine NAVE, Joyce NEELEY, Philip NEELY, Sandra NEiSLER, Wilhelmina NELSON, Karen Jean NETTLES, Parker. Jr. NICHOLS, William NICHOLSON, Murphy NICKELL, Mildred NORRICK, Sharon NUTTER, Donald ORNER, Dennis OSBORNE, Janice OSBORNE, Robert PACK, Dorothy Ann PARK, Norman Thomas PARRISH, Norma Jean PATRICK, Charles PEARS, Phoebe Ann PEARSON, Curtiss PENNINGTON, Jerry PERNELL, Janice PICKARD, Arthur PICKENS, Brenda PITZER, Donald PONCE, Aubrey, Jr. PORTER, Charlotte Ann POWERS, Brenda PRATT, G. J. PRATT, Mary PRICE, Marie PRICE, Nathan PRICE-WILLIAMS, Janice PUTNAM, William QUICK, Mitchell RAGLAND, Ruth Woods RAGLAND, Warren RAGSDALE, Roy RATLIFF, Bettie Lou REED, Bill REEVES, James REYNOLDS, Doriene RHOADES, William RHODES, Cecil RHODES, Edith RHYNE, Kathleen RICHARDSON, Carol RICHEY, Billy Joe RIDDLE, Clarence S. RIDDLE, Shirley Anr RIES, Larry W. RILEY, Sidney ROBERTS, Fonda ROBERTS, Mary Lou ROBERTSON, Everett ROBERTSON, Terry Gene ROBINSON, Wanda ROBY, Brenda RODDY, Marquita T. RODDY, William H. ROSS, Gordon ROUSE, Bob RUSHTON, Elizabeth Ann SCHOOLCRAFT, Donna SEXTON, James SHARPTON, Geraldine SHARPTON. Mary Ruth SHAW, James SHAW, Thomas SHAW, Yvonne SHEARER, Paul SHERIDAN, Etna SIGLER, Sharon SILVERNAIL, Evangeline SI LVERNAI L, Keith SIMS, Jess SISSON, James Edward SKINNER, Karen Sue SLAY, Rufus SLIFER, Marita SMITH, Aubrey SMITH, Bob E. 56 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 6031 Oak Ave., N.W., Knoxville, Tenn. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Rt. 3, Box 578, Jacksonville, Fla. 202 ' 2 Williams Ave., Elizabethton, Tenn. 616 Hammett Dr., Decatur, Ga. 1512 Abbott Rd., Cayce, S. C. Rt. 2, Butler, Ga. 1001 Kenny Ct., Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. 809 West Blvd.. Charlotte 3, N. C. Box 602, Uniontown, Ala. Briqhtwood, Va. Helechawa, Ky. I 10 Trusler St., Oakland City, Ind. 908 Hillcrest St., Parkersburq, W. Va. 62-7 Lorimer, Dayton, Ohio 2003 Urban Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 2003 Urban Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 1204 E. 35th St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 1681 Greenlea Dr., Clearwater, Fla. Rt. 4, Box 367-E, Rock Hill, S. C. 1500 28th St., Sheffield, Ala. Rt. 6, Mercer, Pa. 1416 Wells Ave., Huntsville, Ala. Tinnln Rd., Goodlettsville, Tenn. 2714 Valley Pk., Dayton, Ohio 507 Glendale, Lakeland, Fla. 220 Park Dr., Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. 716 Idlewild Dr., Madison, Tenn. 4361 San Juan, Jacksonville, Fla. 100 Popular Road, Oak Ridqe, Tenn. 2015 Edqemont Ave., Newcastle, Ind. 3120 Knobdale Rd., Nashville, Tenn. Victoria, Va. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 1210 Alba St., Mobile, Ala. 185 Jewett St., Lowell, Mass. Rt. 4, Box 252, Bennettsville, S. C. 500 Fessler ' s Ln., Nashville, Tenn. 500 Fessler ' s Ln., Nashville, Tenn. 515 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Box 225, Webster Sprinqs. W. Va. Rt. 2, Jasonville, Ind. Alma, Ga. 4632 Pendleton,. W., Leavittsburq, Ohio 58 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 1307 McAdams, Maryville, Tenn. 1307 McAdams, Maryville, Tenn. 106 East Thompson Ln., Nashville, Tenn. 78 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tenn. Box I 3, Hartselle, Ala. Albany, Ky. Hiqhway, Ky. Box 91 , Allenport, Pa. 2667 Siesta Dr., Sarasota, Fla. 9l7 ' 2 19th St., Orlando, Fla. 2016 Hayden Ave., E. Cleveland, Ohio 212 Donelson Pk., Nashville 14, Tenn. 502 River Rouqe Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Route 3, Box 307, Jasper, Ala. 720 Catalpa St., Clarksdale, Miss. 72 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tenn. 104 Monroe St., Glasqow, Ky. 509 Averit Rd., Greenwood, Ind. 2608 N. E. 9th Ave., Ft. Laud., Fla. 375 N.E. 165 Terrace, N. Miami, Fla. Core Rd., Route 42, Parkersburq, W. Va. Box 152, Dadeville, Ala. Route I , Loqan, Ala. Loqan, Ala. Route I, Grove City, Pa. Route I, Grove City, Pa. Route I, Grove City, Pa I 18 Estill Ave., Irvine, Ky. 203 Unaka, Greeneville, Tenn. Route I, Box 232, Elkins, W. Va. 70 Woodard, Nashville, Tenn. 70 Woodard, Nashville, Tenn. Waynesburq, Ky. Route 2, Box 575, Princeton, W. Va. Route 2, Box 378, Kissimmee, Fla. 301 I Louise Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 200 Oak St., Sprinqfield, Tenn. 432 Trinity Ln., Nashville, Tenn: 2109 Blakemore Ave.. Nashville, Tenn. SMITH, Carl SMITH, Denzil R. SMITH, V. Gene SMITH, Hugh SMITH, Jo Ann SMITH, Lamar SMITH, Larry SMITH, Helen Louise SMITH, Peggy SMITH, Richard SMITH, Sandra Nedrow SPARKS, Jonathan SPEAR, Gerald SPOLARICH, Jo Anne SPRUILL, Carl SPRUILL, James STAGGS, Henry STAGGS, Jerry STALEY, John Howard STALEY, Lorraine STALEY, Richard STALEY, Wanda STAMM, Charlotte STAMPS, Roy D. STEPHEN, Franklin D. STERLING, Wilma Irene STEVENS, Jimmy STILES, Barbara STILES, Edward STILL, Mary Jane STOCKDALE, Patsy STOCKS, Jimmy Wayne STONE, Jack STORY, Sara STUCKI, David STUDT, Kathleen SUGG, John P. SUITS, Jack Lee SWAFFORD, Nancy TABERS, Gerald TAPP, Linda TAYLOR, Carl TAYLOR, John TAYLOR, Pat TAYLOR, Rachel TAYLOR, Robert Lewis TEMPLETON, Clifton THAXTON, Nancy THAXTON, Winston THOMAS, Pamela THOMAS, Roberta THOMAS, William THOMPSON, Roy THRASHER, Jeanne THRASHER, Sylvia TIEMANN, Mary Lou TROXELL, Lawrence TRUESDALE, Albert TUCKER, Lloyd A. TURNER, Don TURNEY, Joy UTSLER, Barbara VAN HOOK, James VAN HOOK, Ann VAN ZILE, Mary VOSS, Genell WALKER, Kenny WALKER, Nancy WALKER, Wanda WALLACE, David WALLS, Emily WALTER, Joyce WARD, Fred Dean WARD, Susie WARHURST, Joy Nell WARREN, David WARREN, Janice WATERMAN, Richard WESLEY, Wilma Jean WEST, Duane WESTBROOK, Wade WHEATON, Glenn WHEELER, Jerry WHITE, Patricia L. WHITT, James, Jr. WIGGS, J. Paul Box 533, Masontown, W. Va. 57 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 723 N. Exeter Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 336 S. Cedar, Cookeville, Tenn. 74 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tenn. I I Woodburry, Shawmut, Ala. Quick, W. Va. 327 South Canal St., Canal Fulton, Ohio Route I , Resaca, Ga. 79 Lester, Nashville, Tenn. 79 Lester, Nashville, Tenn. 68 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 84 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 518 Etna, Russell, Ky. 74 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 74 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 68 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tenn. 68 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tenn. 103 3rd St., Fond Du Lac, Wis. 103 3rd St., Fond Du Lac, Wis. 418, N. Sherman Dr., Indpls., Ind. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 558 N. Tremont, Indpls., Ind. Grimsley, Tenn. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 101 New Alex. Rd., Brilliant, Ohio 321 Clairmont, Jackson, Miss. 1025 W. Kaley, Orlando, Fla. 67 Montgomery Ave., Waynesburg, Pa. 609 Arch St., Kingsport, Tenn. Route 3, Bdx 173 F, Sylacauqa, Ala. Route 3, Sylacauqa, Ala. Larkin Sprinqs Rd., Madison, Tenn. 6200 Moormon Rd., Valley Station, Ky. 750 Shannon St., Mobile, Ala. 15393 Lesure, Detroit 27, Mich. 740 Kleeman Dr., Clarksville, Tenn. Route I, Fairland, Ind. I 177 Share Dr., Dayton, Ohio 1414 Vine, Murray, Ky. 101 Hamilton Ave., Lancaster, Ky. Route 3, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 1813 Neal Terrace, Nashville, Tenn. 1300 Underwood St., Dalton, Ga. 1861 N. W. 82nd St., Miami, Fla. 554 Blaine St., Geneva, Ohio 521 30th St., Huntington, W. Va. 4000 N. W. 5th Ave., Miami, Fla. 4000 N. W. 5th Ave., Miami. Fla. Box 426, Elkin, N. C. 602 W. 33rd St., Covington, Ky. Route I, Box 131, Rhodesdale, Md. 103 Whitsitt Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 31 I W. 7th St., New Albany, Ind. 5058 Southern Pkwy., Louisville 14, Ky 1454 Clanton St., Shreveport, La. 74 Nance Ln., Nashville, Tenn. 627 Blvd. Rd., Sumter, S. C. E-7 Nashville Tr. Pk., Nashville, Tenn. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 151 Bethel St., Hartselle, Ala. 409 N. 21st St., Richmond, Ind. 412 Ridgecrest Dr., High Point, N. C. 412 Ridgecrest Dr., High Point, N. C. Box 122, Leona, Wis. 13621 Sprecher, Cleveland, Ohio 6809 Sylvania, Rt. 6, Louisville, Ky. 6604 Sylvania Rd., Pleasure Ridqe Pk., Ky. 6604 Sylvania Rd., Pleasure Ridge Pk., Ky. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 1215 Bellshire Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 316 W. Oakwood Ave., Ottumwa, Iowa 208 E. Morton, Nashville, Tenn. 3009 Bath Ave., Ashland, Ky. 89 Antioch Pk., Nashville, Tenn. 4502 Cypress Ln., Ft. Myers, Fla. 4502 Cypress Ln., Ft. Myers, Fla. 86 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. 2210 Maple St., Columbus, Ind. 109 Brooklyn Ave., Salisbury, Md. 2028 31st Ave., No., Birmingham 7, Ala. Jamestown, Tenn. Vallonia, Ind. 1427 Akron, Youngstown Rd., Kent, Ohio 108 Audubon Dr., Frankfort, Ky. 205 Dedham Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 115 WILCOX, Virginia WILEY, Judith WILLIAMS, Barbara WILLIAMS, Lucy WILLIAMS, Mary WILLS, Kay WILSON, Robert WILSON, Vena WILSON, Vernell WINEGARDEN, Larry WISE, Forrest WISE, Myron WISEMAN, Gene Rt. 2, Grayson, Ky. Rt. l,Box 506, Vienna, Va. 328 Cavalier Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. 4069 Phillips St., St. Louis, Mo. 101 Greenburg Cir., Fairfax, Ala. Box 32, Sandborn, Ind. Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. 1204 E. 35th St., Chattanooga 7, Tenn. Rt. 32, Lexington, Ala. Rt. 1 , Cayuga, Ind. 4808 Briarwood Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 3858 Franklin, Bellaire, Ohio Park Ave., New Albany, Ind. WOOD, Alfred WOOD, Patricia WOODARD, Judith WOODS, Clifton WOODS, Gerald WOODY, Charles WORKMAN, John WRIGHT, Sharon YORK, Gerald YOUNG, Carol YOUNG, James YOUNG, Martha 79 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Box 57, Wartburg, Tenn. 944, Ott St., Orangeburg, S. C. Box 661, Anchorage, Alaska Rt. 1, Box 690, Birmingham, Ala. 137 Champion Rd . , Rossville, Ga. 2823 64th Ter. S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 249 Mahan ' s Ln., Follansbee, W. Va. 1603 Fatherland, Nashville, Tenn. 1052 Houston St., Mobile, Ala. Rt. 4, Box 205B, Ocala, Fla. 416 Scott Dr., Marietta, Ga. 116 1962 EASTERN KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Boys and Girls Camp July 9- 1 3 District Assembly July 24-26 Youth Institute August 6-I0 District Camp Meeting August I0-I9 DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. HOWARD LOBB REV. DUANE LANDRETH MR. E. H. STEENBERGEN MR. AUDRA ABNEY TREVECCA TRUSTEES DR. D. S. SOMERVILLE A. O. LITTLE LEON G. COOK JOHN HOWALD, JR. DR. D. S. SOMERVILLE District Superintendent DEPARTMENTAL LEADERS LEWIS EDWARDS Chairman, Church School Board WILLIAM HARSIN President, District N.Y.P.S. MRS. D. S. SOMERVILLE President, N. F. M. S. MELVIN ABNEY Junior Supervisor We Provide Students and Use Students of T. N. C. 118 SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT BOOSTING TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE DISTRICT OFFICERS MARION S. PRESSLEY Secretary LUTHER L JENKINS Treasurer J. HARLESTON EADES Editor ADVISORY BOARD RAYMOND DeSHON LUTHER L. JENKINS RAY McKENZIE VERNON V. SHUMPERT TREVECCA TRUSTEES J. HARLESTON EADES E. N. GUNTER DR. OTTO STUCKI DR. OTTO STUCKI District Superintendent DISTRICT DEPARTMENTS MRS. RUTH HUFF N.F.M.S. President N. J. LEWIS Ch urch Schools Chairman D. MOODY SUNTER N.Y.P.S. President 1962 119 REV. L. S. OLIVER Superintendent REV. M. H. STOCKS Church School Chairman ALABAMA DISTRICT MRS. L. S. OLIVER N.F.M.S. President iJ3 aching Jrevecca Do ' reuecca TRUSTEES REV. L. S. OLIVER REV. M. H. STOCKS MR. R. L. ANDERSON MR. RALPH MARLOWE REV. N. V. RICKEY N.Y.P.S. President 120 MAKING EVANGELISM FIRST More EFFECTIVE Through CHRISTIAN TRAINING AT TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE Body 121 GEORGIA DISTRICT ( onc ratuiateA a lAJonderj ui .Scliooi TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE 1962 TREVECCA! With your high academic standards and spiritual atmosphere, we are happy to support you with our prayers, our money, and our youth. DR. MACK ANDERSON District Superintendent ONWARD WITH " EVANGELISM FIRST " College Trustees Dr. Mack Anderson Rev. Bruce B. Hall Rev. H. J. Eason Mr. Sam Knox 122 THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 62 REV. AND MRS. D. D. LEWIS District Advisory Board REV. HADLEY A. HALL REV. OREN D. THRASHER MR. CLARENCE WILEY KENNETH RICE District Secretary REV. SAM R. BROWN District Treasurer REV. OREN D. THRASHER District Chairman of Church School Board REV. HADLEY HALL District N.F.M.S. President MRS. HUGH CLARK District N.Y.P.S. President REV. COOLIDGE GRANT COLLEGE TRUSTEES REV. D. D. LEWIS REV. OLIVER C. HUFF REV. HADLEY HALL REV. SAMUEL R. BROWN The Kentucky District Appreciates Trevecca Nazarene College, its Faculty and its President, Dr. A. B. Mackey 123 TENNESSEE DISTRICT DR C. E. SHUMAKE, Dist. Supt. ADVISORY BOARD DR. WM. GREATHOUSE MR. JOHN T. BENSON, JR. REV. CLAUDE GALLOWAY MR. JAMES AGEE Cj rowing, a i trict Supporti importing DR. C. E. SHUMAKE District Superintendent growing. School DISTRICT OFFICERS REV. C. T. DUCKETT Secretary MR. JAMES PATE Treasurer REV. GEORGE SCUTT Church School Board REV. HAROLD GRAVES Dist. N.Y.P.S. President MRS. GEORGE SCUTT Dist. N.F.M.S. President Congratulations to the Class of 1962 124 VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cordially invites Trevecca through its touring groups to " TEST OUR WELCOME " ' DR. V. W. LITTRELL District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS DR. V. W. LITTRELL District Superintendent REV. G. M. GRAHAM District Secretary REV. E. G. LUSK District Treasurer MRS.V.W. LITTRELL N.F.M.S. President REV. D. S. RADCLIFFE N.Y.P.S. President REV. E. M. FOX Chairman Church School Board TREVECCA TRUSTEES DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD DR. V. W. LITTRELL REV. E. G. LUSK W. H. HUNT REV. E. M. FOX REV. W. F. MASTERS J. E. FOX WE ASSURE TREVECCA OF OUR CONTINUED PRAYERS, FAITH, and SUPPORT 125 Cjreeti AND C onara tuiationd TO 1962 FROM THE NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT DR. LLOYD B. BYRON District Superintendent J. M. WIENECKE Chairman Church Schools MRS. LLOYD B. BYRON President N.F.M.S. WALTER E. LOFTICE President N.Y.P.S. 126 WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT tej u llij a cbn owled cS Ji revecca S con tribu ion to tier Students o todau f uesterdau 7 DISTRICT OFFICERS MRS. E. E. HALE— N.F.M.S. President REV. JACK ARCHER— N.Y.P.S. President REV. DALLAS BAGGETT— Church School Chairman REV. JOHN R. BROWNING— Secretary REV. JOHN W. MAY— Treasurer TRUSTEES REV. H. H. HENDERSHOT REV. DALLAS BAGGETT REV. JOHN LAWWILL REV. ROY T. McKINNEY REV. T. HOWARD WARWICK REV. JOHN R. BROWNING (Alumni ) REV. H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT District Superintendent 1962 127 MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT i3oo5tinfy Jrevecca l Jazatene REV. W. CHARLES OLIVER District Superintendent REV. PAUL BLACKMON District Secretary REV. HALBERT JENKINS District Treasurer ADVISORY BOARD DISTRICT DEPARTMENTS REV. B. W. DOWNING MRS. B. W. DOWNING, N.F.M.S. President REV. FORD BOONE REV. M. L. TURNEY, Church Schools J. C. TOUSLEY REV. MICKEY G. SMITH, N.Y.P.S. President N. E. RUTLEDGE MRS. M. D. SARTIN, N.J.S. Director TREVECCA TRUSTEES REV. W. C.OLIVER MR. J. C. TOUSLEY ( onc ratuiationA to tlie C laM 1962 BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 Trinity Lane NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE STANLEY TAYLOR Minister of Music I k CLIFFORD STALVEY Sunday School Superintendent JSk ■ A. D. BOONE Minister of Visitation MRS. ANN BENSON HUNLEY N. Y. P. S. President REV. DOYLE C. SMITH Pastor MRS. SHERMAN WILBURN N. F. M. S. President BETHEL BELIEVES IN AND SUPPORTS TREVECCA • Regular budgets and special offerings • Our Prayers By • Opening our doors to her representatives • Providing a warm, friendly, spiritual church home for her students while in Nashville • (There are about 50 students attending Bethel this year) When you come to Florida VISIT BRADENTON FIRST CHURCH " The Friendly Church In The Friendly City " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 735 Fayetteville Rd., S.E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA W. E. McCUMBER, Minister C oncjratuialionS to tlie cia55 oj? 62 FROM FIRST J. W. SMITH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NASHVILLE DISTRIBUTORS CO. 335 Murfreesboro Road " A Spiritual Church in the Heart of the Star City " 8th Street and Highland Ave., S.E. POAMPll P VIPfCIMIA IxUAINUKl, VIKvz7llNIA L. E. HUMRICH Pastor GRACE NAZARENE CHURCH RAYMOND A. CARR . . Sunday School Supt. 2624 Lyndon Avenue CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE WILBERT GALLAGHER . . N.Y.P.S. President REV. LYNN CASSEDAY, Pastor MRS. CHARLES B. RADFORD N.F.M.S. President " Our Students " MARY LYNN FUSSELL BETTY McKAY • CONGRATULATIONS FROM FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE C on ratuialionS I9th and Pearcy TO THE CLASS OF 1962 PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 412 1st St., N.W. JOHN W. MAY, Pastor MOULTRIE, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS A. WAYNE MILLS, Pastor OF GEORGE BEASLEY .... Sunday School Supt. MARY SUE HOOD N.Y.P.S. President CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LOUISE NORMAN N.F.M.S. President Springfield, Tennessee REV. K. B. SUFER, Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF FREDERICK ' S STUDIO 304 Church Avenue AL 6-8110 C om p Hint en ti of jersey Farms Milk Co. Inc. 825 8th Ave. S. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF MURFREESB0R0 ROAD CAR WASH 354 Murfreesboro Road ALLOWAY ' S POULTRY MEATS TABLE-TEST EGGS DRAKE motel MEMBER AAA American Express Credit Cards Honored Member of the Diners ' Club CHILDREN FREE AIR CONDITIONED ELECTRIC HEAT FREE TV AND TELEPHONE IN EVERY ROOM TELETYPE NV-266 2 Swimming Pools — 3 Grade A Restaurants Nearby AL 6-8177 DURY ' S 420 UNION Photographic and Art Supplies Gifts and Greeting Cards AL 4-I7I 420 MURFREESBORO ROAD HWY. 70-S — 4 1 Compliments ELM HILL MEAT NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ALAMO PLAZA COURT 100% Air-Conditioned 1 08 Rooms — Free TV Highway 41-705 Set the best . . . get MILK ICE CREAM So Many More People Do! WALDRUM ' S Your Rexall Store " a good drug store " Phone AL 6-2654 616 Murfreesboro Road COMPLIMENTS OF ZUMBRO COFFEE SERVICE, INC. 191 4th Ave., S. MEADOW GOLD PRODUCTS SANITARY DISPOSAL CO., INC. 85 Woodard Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Commercial and Industrial Waste Disposal AL 4-7137 MERCURY COURT 41 I MURFREESBORO ROAD Free T. V. " Nashville ' s Most Beautiful " Swimming Pool Room Phones Dial AL 5-0658 for Reservations Wading Pool GREER ' S RESTAURANT Our charcoal steaks cooked right before your eyes! INTOXICATING BEVERAGES PROHIBITED 407 Murfreesboro Road REV. GEORGE SCUTT Minister GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Rd. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A Church that supports Trevecca with Prayer, Money and Students. U A Warm Welcome Awaits You at Our Church " THIRD CHURCH of The NAZARENE 1253 Vultee Boulevard Nashville, Tennessee GORDON V. WOODS, Pastor ALpine 4-0900 Nazarene Voice in Nashville For Over Forty Years " Our love and our prayers, and our .confidence is extended to you, Trevecca. To faculty and student body and all staff employees. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 849 Bryan Avenue LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Thomas May, Pastor; Powell Whitlock, Youth Leader Howard Martin, Supt.; Emily Blair, Missionary Pres. Mildred Newkirk, Junior Fellowship Doris Lucas, Sec ' y.; Louise McGillvary, Treasurer CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 fro m East Ridge CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE South Highway 4 I CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE HAROLD M. LINER Pastor " Our Appreciation of T.N.C. is Expressed by Our Continued Support by Means of Prayer, Finances, and Students. " dom p lim en td of tlie Ralph Marlowes COMPLIMENTS OF Burger Boy DRIVE-IN 24 Hour Service It ' s delicious to eat there 2 Locations On Murfreesboro Road 51 I MURFREESBORO ROAD AND 950 MURFREESBORO ROAD FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MEMPHIS 6, TENNESSEE A Church Where You Are Never a Stranger If You Are A Christian, Come Help Us If Not, Come Let Us Help You J. E. BECKUM, Pastor H. A.WILKINSON, S. S. Supt. L. E. DRAKE, N.Y.P.S. President MRS. MAX HEIST, N.F.M.S. President COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLASS OF ' 62 from the CLASS OF ' 65 JOHN SUGG, President WAYNE DOLLAR, Vice-President LUCY WILLIAMS, Treasurer BECKY GREATHOUSE, Secretary JESSE MIDDENDORF, Student Council Representative Sponsor— DR. WISE SHONEY ' S BIG BOY DRIVE-INS AND RESTAURANTS Greetings to the Class of ' 62 if Murfreesboro Road •from if Donelson Plaza Shopping Center if Thompson Lane if Madison Square Shopping Center if Harding Road FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MODERN CLEANERS 574 Murfreesboro Road CLARKSVILLE, I Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Owner— TOM HOWARD TENNESSEE I REV. CLAUDE GALLOWAY COMPLIMENTS OF Pastor Elkins Church of the Nazarene REV. A. GEORGE PITZER, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 62 College Hill Church of The Nazarene A Church Home for College Students Away From Home SCHEDULE OF SERVICES Sunday Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship 10:50 a.m. T.P.S. 5:00 p.m. Departmental Services 6:30 p.m. Evangelistic Service 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Mid-week Service 7:30 p.m. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OF YOUR COLLEGE CHURCH WORSHIP — a spiritual program — excellent music. Timely and inspiring gospel messages. Always seeking to bring the sinner to repentance and the believer to holiness. CHRISTIAN SERVICE — character building in Christian education and Christian work. Ministerial counseling and guidance in personal prob- lems. FELLOWSHIP — a warm, friendly atmosphere where God is worshipped in spirit and in truth. Week-day student center, group fellowship, and recreational activities. DEDICATION — to the meeting of your spiritual needs and the building of Christian character in our youth. T. E. Jones, Minister • Willard Brinkman, Sunday School Superintendent Edward Whittington, Minister of Music • William Jernigan, N.Y.P.S. President Mrs. V. Neil Richardson, N.F.M.S. President A CORDIAL INVITATION IS EXTENDED TO STUDENTS AND VISITORS TO WORSHIP WITH US WE WELCOME YOU TO MAKE THE COLLEGE CHURCH YOUR CHURCH HOME 137 1961-62 STUDENT COUNCIL DALE MELTON Secretary DON PITZER Senior Representative JACK CLAYTON C.W.A. Representative k 1 1 FORREST WISE High School Representative DENNY HAGE President JIM STOCKS Junior Representative JERRY APPLEBY Sophomore Representative CHARLOTTE PORTER Trev-Echoes Editor MARY JANE STILL DARDA Editor trluiny to IJpliold llie 3deals oj? drevecca bu Serving llie J ntereits Our effow tudenti DR. ADAMS Sponsor JESSE MIDDENDORF Freshman Representative ROGER COSTA T.A.A. Representative AUBREY SMITH High School Representative CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 62 From Members and Friends of Ashland First Church James R. Bell R. Wayne Sharpes Pastor Minister of Education Central Church of The Nazarene N.W. 5th Ave. and 40th St. MIAMI, FLORIDA D. W. THAXTON, Pastor Visit Us When In Miami First Church of The Nazarene Jones and Donelson Street OLD HICKORY, TENNESSEE A Friendly Welcome To Trevecca Stu dents REV. HAROLD B. GRAVES, Minister FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MASSACHUSETTS AND PEACHTREE LAKELAND, FLORIDA C. GLENN BOLLING, Pastor OTIS STEVENS, S.S. Supt. MYRA SILVER, N.Y.P.S. President JOHNNIE MAE ROGERS, N.F.M.S. President MARGIE REDMON, Junior Supervisor HESTER MOORE, Church Secretary STAN L. SCHARER, Treasurer WE CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1962 NORTHSIDE Church of The Nazarene 1201 PEGRAM STREET CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA BYRON E. LeJEUNE, Pastor H.J. CROASMUM, S. S. Superintendent MRS. BYRON E. LeJEUNE, N.F.M.S. Pres. MISS EMILY GRINDLE, N.Y.P.S. President MRS. GEORGE BLACKWELL, Junior Supervisor MISS KAREN CROASMUM, PAL Presio t WE HAVE FAITH IN TREVECCA Congratulating the Class of 1962 Students Representing Us At Trevecca Carolyn Hill Wade Westbrook Martin Benson Sue Hayes First Chur ch of the Nazarene 923 Graymont Avenue BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA WHEN IN BIRMINGHAM WORSHIP WITH US R. C. JOHNSON, Minister KENNETH MOORE, Minister of Music FORT LAUDERDALE MANOR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE N.W. 1 5th Ave. at N.W. 15th Place FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA Our T.NO. Student Barbara Johnson REV. DALE MARTIN Pastor mmtm, — i«n»— — I ■■— hp FLORIDA N.Y.P.S. j Salutes Trevecca DR. JOHN L. KNIGHT District Superintendent REV. EUGENE WILLIAMS President REV. BILL ANDERSON Vice-President REV. ELMER HEABERLIN Treasurer REV. EUGENE SIMPSON Secretary DALE BLANCHARD and BOB NIXON Teen-Age Members Immanuel mT Church WjF Y f Th Nazarene k A 1 | 3315 Charlotte Ave. hUB NASHVILLE 9, TENN. REV. FRED E. AGEE Pastor Welcome to Our Church PHONE AM 9-0869 Coin-O-Matic Complete Your Entire Cleaning and Laundry in One S+op 359 MURFREESBORO ROAD lAJe lAJefcome tlie Students McCLURKAN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 49th and Alabama Avenue EDWARD F. COX, Pastor CHRISTIAN EDUCATION IS THE BEST Calvary Church of The Nazarene 603 Prospect Street HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA GLEN O. VAN HOOK, Minister " Hail to the Purple and The White " COMPLIMENTS CLASS OF ' 62 from Blakemore Church 2800 Belcourt Avenue NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Macon First Church of the Nazarene 1307 Holt Avenue MACON, GEORGIA Visitors Barrett Whetstone Welcome Minister ' Nazarene Theological Seminary 1700 East Meyer Boulevard KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI LEWIS T. CORLETT MENDELL TAYLOR President Dean NA7ARFNF PUBLISHING HOUSE THE FULL GOSPEL " Leaders in the Church of the Nazarene recognized early the need for strong institutions if the church was to effect far- reaching results for Christ. For this reason substantial centers for education and a capable pub- lishing program followed close- ly the building of churches. You and your families are the key to this story. As we look to- gether into this golden year of the Publishing House, may we thank you for your support and wish you, the class of 1962, suc- cess crowned with God ' s ap- proval throughout your lives. The folks at your Nazarene Publishing House ANNIVERSARY FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE EXTENDING BEST WISHES to TREVECCA ' S FACULTY, Students and CLASS OF 1962 Mid-Florida Indoor Camp Meeting February I 1-17, 1963 In Orlando DR. D. I. VANDERPOOL, Speaker Lifting Up Christ in the " City Beautiful BEN F. MARLIN Pastor Our N. Y. P. S. is also Happy to Have 7 of its Members Attending Trevecca WHEN IN ORLANDO, VISIT OUR CHURCH Congratulations to the Class of ' 62 FIRST CHURCH, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE OFFERS T. N. C. STUDENTS: • Friendly Spiritual Atmosphere • Sunday Morning Worship • Sunday Night Evangelism • College Sunday School Department • College N. Y. P. S. Department • College Fellowship Hour • A Place of Service • Choir • Church Library • Teachers • Recreational Facilities T. N. C. had its beginning in connection with First Church and we believe in her and support her program Sunday School Superintendent N.Y.P.S. President N.F.M.S. President MAURICE GRIGGS, JR. HOWARD SPRUILL BERTHA BRUCE 510 Woodland Street, Nashville, Tennessee 145 C ompiimenti of First Church REV. AND MRS. C. HARRY HUFF of th Nazarene SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Compliments to the Class of 1962 from the CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ARTHUR O. LITTLE Pastor Ludlow, Kentucky U6 visit us when in ludlow COMPLIMENTS OF THE SENIOR CLASS DON PITZER S. C. Representative ROBERT DIXON Vice-President DWAYNE LITTLE President DR. CHARLES CHILDERS Sponsor MIRIAM GOODWIN Treasurer SUE HAYES Secretary CAROL FARTHING Reporter Compliments to the SENIOR CLASS of 1962 From the JUNIOR CLASS of 1962 KEN HEMMERLY JIM STOCKS PROF. UNRUH ED LeJEUNE Vice-President S. C. Representative Sponsor President PAT MERCER Treasurer MARY HELEN LANE Secretary MARITA SLIFER Reporter First Church of The Nazarene S.E. SIXTH STREET AND THIRD AVE. " Christian Corner ' 7 FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA Sunday School Supt. — LAWRENCE ROSS N.F.M.S. President— MRS. BLANE HALL N.Y.P.S. President— MRS. JEFFERS When in South Florida Worship with Us As We " Preach The Heart-Felt Gospel in The Heart This Year ' s Students BOB ROUSE FRED COBBS CAROL CORNELIUS DONNA CORNELIUS of Fort Lauderdale WILLIAM O. BLUE, Minister 148 azarene 916 Northeast 4th Street POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA EUGENE SIMPSON, Pastor EDITH HUSSEY. Student C on ratuiationi to the C (a5A 1962 FROM H Evangelists Singers Rev. Roy and Lilly Anne Norris Tflau tlie riclieit LteASinyi of the lf)f ai ler con tinue to be upon reuecca MR. CECIL QUINN SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT MR. BILL KNOWLES N.Y.P.S. PRESIDENT DR. LAWRENCE B. HICKS Pastor MR. J. HERSCHEL IRWIN MUSIC DIRECTOR MRS. CHARLES CURL N.F.M.S. PRESIDENT y ncl mail site a fa maij Mte always remember tltat (Lhatt anooaa J raider an 3 irdt id behind h d Support! er in First Church of The Nazarene CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Boosters Page As in the past your staff has endeavored to provide everyone with a true representation of life as we have lived it at Trevecca in 1961-62. Although the persons whose names appear below did not sit in classes, attend chapel, eat in the cafeteria nor witness our athletic events, they did contribute to the success and happiness of us who enjoyed these opportunities. They are Boosters of the year for T. N. C. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barnes, Nashville, Tenn. Rev. and Mrs. Frank Bohler, Johnson City, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Buss, Belle Glade, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Chilton, Decatur, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. I. Chris+ensen and Gracie, Miami, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Conner, Belle, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cornelius, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Mrs. Virginia I. Carson, Falls Church, Va. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cranshaw, Brunswick, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil C. Davis, Lexington, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Dinkins, Jacksonville, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lee Foskey, Dublin, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gaertner, Detroit, Mich. Vlr. and Mrs. Paul Z. Geise, Connersville, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Burhl W. Groves, Morgantown, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hardy, Winter Park, Fla. Dr. and Mrs. Floyd B. Hay, Albany, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Johnson, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Rev. and Mrs. D. J. Jones, Monroe, N. Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Hay Keith, Somerset, Kentucky Mr. and Mrs. D. Newton Litton, Hagerstown, Md. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. McDonald, Charleston, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. Ben McBryant, Fitzgerald, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Aris W. McManus, Nashville, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. George McQuiney, Leavittsburg, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Leonard, Miami, Fla. Rev. and Mrs. B. F. Marlin, Orlando, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Martin, St. Louis, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Durward Mercer, Petal, Miss. Mrs. T. W. Mitchell, Sr., Sumter, S. C. Mr. and Mrs. Bert R. Moore, Eustis, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Nelson, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert Norrick, Oakland City, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Pickens, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. Warner Price Williams, Mobile, Ala. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Roberts, Orlando, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Roddy, Glasco, Ky. Mrs. Hazel Sigler, Elkins, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. Gladys Thomas, Elkins, N. Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Rufus A. Skinner, Kissimmee, Fla. Rev. and Mrs. G. O. Van Hook, High Pt., N. C. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wiiliams, Portsmouth, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Tompie Young, Glasco, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Young Jr., Mobile, Ala. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Young, Marietta, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Burtran Lane, Lorain, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Comer Johnson, Fitzgerald, Ga. Rev. and Mrs. L. R. Rushton, Miami, Fla. Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Goodwin, Jackson, Ga. Mrs. Ruby Smith, Cookeville, Tenn. This Book Designed and Printed by BENSON PRINTING COMPANY Nashville, Tennessee EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT WITH 80 CHURCHES SUPPORTING TREVECCA WE ARE PRAYING FOR AND SUPPORTING TREVECCA I , — _ Special 18453 LD 5356 .T75 1962 c. 2 Trevecca Naxarene University The Darda GAYlORD F

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