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OF TREVECCA Many come and go through these hallowed halls, but the Spirit of Trevecca lingers with them as they face life, stalwart and God-fearing. THE CLASSES WE ATTEND ARE ENCLOSED BY 5 OUR ACTIVITIES ARE ENCOMPASSED BY WE MEET ENCOURAGE OUR BUILDINGS Administration Building Hardy Hall Officers of the Board of Trustees, front row, left to right: Dr. John L. Knight, Dr. A. B. Mackey, Dr. Otto Stucki. Back row: Dr. V. W. Littrell, Rev. Victor Gray, Dr. Lloyd Byron. THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS OF THE BOARD DR. JOHN L. KNIGHT Chairman DR. OTTO STUCKI Secretary DR. EDWARD C. ONEY Vice-Chairman REV. VICTOR E. GRAY Treasurer Alabama Rev. L. S. Oliver Mr. R. L. Anderson Mr. R. F. Bumpus Rev. Gordon Winchester Eastern Kentucky Rev. D. S. Somervllle Rev. Bennie Hulett Rev. Asa Sparks East Tennessee Rev. Victor E. Gray Rev. L. B. Hicks Florida Dr. John L. Knlqht Mr. H. C. Maupin Rev. C. R. Moore Mr. Arnold Price Rev. T. Howard Warwick Georgia Rev. Mack Anderson Rev. H. J. Eason Rev. Bruce B. Hall Mr. Sam Knox Kentucky Rev. D. D. Lewis Rev. O. C. Huff Rev. Dennis E. Wyrick Rev. Oren D. Thrasher Mississippi Dr. Otto Stuckl Mr. J. C. Towsley North Carolina Dr. Lloyd B. Bryon Mrs. Madelyn Wall South Carolina Rev. Ben F. Marlin Rev. E. N. Gunter Rev. W. Boyd Welch Tennessee Rev. C. E. Shumake Rev. J. E. Beckum Mr. John T. Benson, Jr. Rev. Edward F. Cox Virginia Dr. V. W. Littrell Rev. Ralph Schurman West Virginia Rev. Harvy Hendershot Rev. C. Glenn Bowling Rev. Roy T. McKinney Dr. Edward C. Oney Rev. J. C. Wallace Alumni Representatives Rev. John R. Browning Rev. Claude W. Galloway 14 THE PRESIDENT DR. A. B. MACKEY If the spirit of Trevecca were symbolized by a fruit tree, it would be like the tree mentioned in the Bible — the tree that had twelve kinds of fruit. The evidences of the spirit of Trevecca are expressed in words, in thoughts, and in deeds. The spirit of Trevecca reminds me of the proverb, " A word fitly spoken Is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. " The language of Trevecca Is almost completely the language of courtesy, love, and kindness. Someone asked what lan- guage was spoken in a certain military organization, and the reply was " profane language. " In my thirty-five years of ac- quaintance with Trevecca I have never heard any profanity among our students or faculty. It is difficult to know what kinds of thoughts are in the minds of the personnel of Trevecca, but we have the confi- dence that a high proportion of the thinking Is permeated with love and sympathy and obedience. The Scripture teaches that whatsoever a man thinketh In his heart so he is; a large number of our students evidence a spirit of high thinking. The faculty who work for small salaries; students who give their time for Christian work; the district superintendents, pastors and constituency of the college who give their money to support Trevecca — all illustrate the spirit of devotion to Christian education. —A. B. MACKEY, President The president ' s home The Mackeys and their nephew, Gene Dalton, relax at home IN M E M O R I AM A TRIBUTE TO DONNIE SMITH Some called him honorable, Honorable In the deeds he d id. Sonne called him a master, A master of that which he conquered; One called him a prince, A prince of all princes he numbered. Noble names and words of goodness Are said about him; Yet, beautiful words and flowery phrases seem so very dim — Dim to the fact That his Christian life and testimony Were the things that really counted. For his daily life, which was lived for Jesus, Will continue to shine without a doubt. Yes, we lost a hero, a friend, A leader — one of conscientious mind; But heaven has gained a jewel — A jewel of a rare and precious kind. —RUTH SHANNON 6 PROFESSOR RAMON UNRUH DEDICATION In his life the spirit of Trevecca is portrayed, hie Is a man good character, a Christian gentleman revealed to us by his dally walk with God. To PROFESSOR RAMON UNRUH, who has given himself Ir many ways as an instructor, leader, and friend, we dedicate this, the I960 DARDA. 17 ALEXANDER B. MACKEY A.B.. M.A., L.L.D. President, Economics HOMER JAMES ADAMS A.B., M.A. Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Sriences, History WILLIAM M. GREATHOUSE A.B.. Th B., M.A. D.D. Dean of Religion, Theology ADMINISTRATION KOY WRIGHT PHILLIPS B.S., Th.B., M.A., B.D. Dean of Admissions, Biblical Literature, Theology, Philosophy J. LEON CHAMBERS Th.B., M.A., B.D. Dean of Students, Practical Theology, Bible, Theology 20 V. NEIL RICHARDSON A.B., Th.B. Business Manager, Personal Development The faculty and administrati ve staff of Trevecca Nazarene College consist of highly educated pro- fessors who are dedicated to the cause of Christian education. Their interest In the students brings about a good understanding between the faculty and students. The Spirit of Trevecca is personified in the lives of our professors, and we give our full sup- port to Trevecca and Its excellent faculty and ad- ministration. C. E. KEYS A.B., Th.B. Field Representative AMY L. PERSON A.B., M A. Registrar, English LILA THRASHER MACKEY A.B., M.A., B.S. In L.S. Librarian, Library Science JERRY G. COSTA A.B., M.A. High School Principal, Bible, Biology 2) FACULTY CHARLES L. CHILDERS A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph D. Biblical Languages, Bible, English FRANKLYN WISE A.B., M.Ed., Ph.D. Director of Vocational Guidance, Education, Christian Education, Bible 22 FACULTY LEWIS PENNINGTON Th.B., A B., M.A., Ph.D. Educdt on, Psychology, High School Social Studies BARBARA McCLAIN A.B., B.MUS.. M.MUS. Piano, Music Theory THOMAS HEMMERLY A.B., M.A. Chemistry, Biology JOHN ALLAN KNIGHT B A., M.A., B.D. Church History GARY T. DUCKETT A.C.A.. A.B., M.A. High School English, Book Store Manager MILDRED FORMAN CHAMBERS A.B., M.A. Biology, English ELIZABETH THOMPSON SPRUILL A.B. Principal of Training School, Education and Reading Improvement EULA JEAN STEPHAN A.B. Bookkeeper MARIE PEERY A.B. Personal Development, High School Mathematics, Head Resident of Hardy Hall jfefliUta f- Jj ill ilEii ' Sj H m 23 I ULDINE STEWART, R.N. School Nurse CHARLES KLINSTIVER, SR. Cafeteria Manager WALTER WHITE Head Resident, Tidwell Hall MRS. HUGH MARTIN Maintenance Supervisor THELMA BRUCKNER Head Resident. McKay Hall HUGH MARTIN Maintenance Supervisor ERNESTINE RICHARDSON Postmistress STAFF MILDRED McDowell Office of the President LaNELLE COWAN Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences MARTHA GRAY Office of the Dean of Admissions ESTHER BLUME Office of the Dean of Admissions CAROL LIGHT Office of the Registrar SUE HAYES MARQUITA THOMAS Office of the Dean of Students Office of the Dean of Religio OFFICE ASSISTANTS Seated: Jean Stephan, bookkeeper; Bess Pearson, Barbara Williams, Ruby Spear, Judie Noel, Linda Taylor, assistants in the book- keeper ' s office. JOYCE WOODARD General Office CAROLYN MO ORE Office of the Business Manager Barbara Greer, Marita Sllfer, Earline Mason, Carolyn Kennedy, Office of the Field Repre- sentative. PROFESSOR K. W. PHILLIPS Director of Personnel Services The personnel services offered by Trevecca Nazarene College are of great value to the students as well as to the faculty. It shows the interest shown In each individual stu- dent. The personnel services are under the direction of Profes- sor K. W. Phillips and the vocational guidance director Is Dr. Franklyn Wise. The goal of this organization is to provide guidance In accordance with student needs, the program Including group and personal counseling for freshmen, special personnel services for all other students, and a student counselor pro- gram for the Residence hHalls. PERSONNEL SERVICES PROFESSOR K. W. PHILLIPS Director of Personnel Services MISS ULDINE STEWART, R. N Health Counseling MRS. PAUL GREENE Speech Improvement Service DR. HOMER J. ADAMS Military and Recreations Guidance PROFESSOR V. NEIL RICHARDSON . Employment Guidance and Veterans ' Problems MRS. M. E. SPRUILL Reading Improvement Service MRS. A. B. MACKEY Social Poise and Etiquette Problems PROFESSOR and MRS. K. W. PHILLIPS Marriage Counseling DR. FRANKLYN WISE Director of Vocational Guidance DR. FRANKLYN WISE Director of Vocdtional Guidance 25 The senior officers look af annuals in our president ' s new home SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BRUCE HADDIX President HAROLD DERRYBERRY Vice-President RUBY SPEAR Secretary FAYE STEWART Treasurer JEANETTE WILLIS Student Council Representative BEVERLY WOODS Reporter MRS. MABEL GREENE Sponsor We prepared baskets for the needy at Christ- mas. We dressed like Puritans at the Thanksgiving Banquet. We acted like third graders during Health Week PAUL AGNER B.S., Biological Science " Only a look into the past qives us a true glimpse of the future. " Christian Workers Association I, 2; Missionary Prayer Band I. 2; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Teachers Club 3. 4; Florida Club I, 2. 3, 4. LLOYDETTE BEARD A.B., Education and Psychology ' Politeness is to human what warmth is to wax. " Austin Peay State College. ROBERT BROWN A.B,, History " Our ideals are our better selves. " Christian Workers Association I, 2. Treasurer 2; Music Club I, 2; Clio Society I, 2, 3, 4; Teachers Club 4: Alabanna Club I, 2, 3, 4. SENIORS VIRGINIA BRUCKNER A.B., English " Opportunity is the best captain. " Literary Club 3; Teachers Club 3; Mississippi Club 3, 4; Sunflower Junior College I, 2. SHIRLEY BULA A.B., English " Great thoughts like great deeds need no trumpet. " Literary Club 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 2, 3, 4; Teachers Club 3; Mississippi Club I. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Class President 3; A Cappeila Choir I; Girl ' s Chorus 3. HELEN BURCH A.B., English " The reward of a thing well done is to have done It. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association I. 2. 3. 4; Literary Club 4; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4; A Cappeila Choir I. 2, 3. A; Teachers Club 3; Virginia Club I, 2, 3, 4; " Trev- Echoes " Editor 3; DARDA Editor 4; Student Coun- cil 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 27 ODELL CALDWELL A.B., Religion " He ' s true to God, who ' s true to man. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, A; Ministerial Ass ociation I, 2, 3, 4; Missionarv Prayer Band I, 2; Clio Society 3, ■4. ANN CLAYTON A.B., Biology " Knowledge Is the eye of desire and can become the pilot of the soul. " Christian Workers Association I. 2, 3, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 4; Missionary Prayer Band I, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Science Club I, 2, 3. 4; Achievement Award in Scholarship I; Class Scholarships I. 2, 3, 4; Junior Marshal; DARDA Staff 4; Senior play 4. HAROLD DERRYBERRY A.B., Religion " You can tell the character of every man when you see how he receives praise. " Ministerial Association I. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Philosophy Club 3. 4; Literary Club I, 2; Clio Sosiety 4; Class Vice-President 4. SENIORS BERMA DU BOSE A.B., Christian Education " Music exalts each joy, allays each grief. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3; Trevecca Athletic Association 4; Missionary Prayer Band I; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4; Georgia Club I, 2, 3. 4; A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Trio 3; All-School play I. WILLIAM ELKINS A.B., Education and Psychology " The best of all men are those who live their creed. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3; Music Club 2. 3, 4; East Kentucky Club I, 2. 3. 4; A Cappella Choir 1; Men ' s Chorus 3. 4; Teachers Club 3, 4. MABEL FARRAR A.B., Education and Psychology " Good character is property; it is the noblest of all possessions. " Elementary school teacher, Shelbyville, Tennessee. 28 BETTY FICHTNER A.B., Education and Psychology " To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. " Christian Workers Association 2; Florida Club I, 2, 3, 4. BRUCE HADDIX A.B., Mathematics " hie profits most who serves best. " Christian Workers Association t, 3, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 4; Science Club I; Teachers Club 4; West Virginia Club I, 2. 3. 4; Class President 4. WINSTON HATCLIFF A.B., Religion " A good reputation is more valuable than money. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4, Visitation Chairman 2, 3, President 4; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Missionary Prayer Band I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2; North Carolina Club I, 2. 3, 4. Chairman 3; Class Vice-President 3; Who ' s Who In Amercan Colleges and Universities; Residence Halls Council 2, 3, 4, Chairman 3, 4. SENIORS BETTY HELMS A.B., Education and Psychology ' All experience Is an arch to build on. KEMP HIGGINBOTHAM A.B., English " I shall show that the place does not honor the man, but the man the place. " Christian Workers Association I. 2; Trevecca Ath- letic Association I, 2, 3. 4; Tennessee Club I, 2. 3, 4; Memphis State; Class President I, 2; Student Council Secretary 3; Student Council President 4; A Cappella Choir 1, 2; General Activities Award 3; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Univer- sities; Residence Halls Council 2, 4. FRANCES HOWICK A.B., Education and Psychology " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " Missionary Prayer Band I; Honor Society 4; Music Club 1; Teachers Club 3; North Carolina Club I 2 3, 4; Pasadena City College; A Cappella Choir I, 2, 4; Girls Chorus 3. 29 HAROLD HUGHES A.B., Mathematics " Then on! Then on! Where duty leads, nny course be onward still. " Christian Workers Association I; Trevecca Ath- letic Association I, 2, 3, A, President 2, 3; Sci ence Club I, 2; Ramblers Club I. 2, Chairman I, 2. JOYCE HUGHES A.B., Religion " Genius does what it must, and talent does what It can, " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3. 4; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Speech Club 2, 3, 4; Music Club 2, 3; Residence Halls Council 2, 3; Saturday Evening Program Chairman 3; Olivet Nazarene College. LOUISE IRWIN B.S., Biological Science ' The surest way not to fail is to determins to succeed. " SENIORS PAUL JACKSON A.B., Speech " Speech is the small change of silence. " Christians Workers Association I, 2. 3, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3. 4; Ministerial Asso- ciation 2, 3. 4; Speech Club I. 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Peabody Colleqe; Quartet Travel; A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Who ' s Who. PATSY JONES A.B., English " Beauty Is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2; Literary Club 4; Teachers Club 2, 3, 4; Kentucky Club I, 2, 3. 4. Secretary 3; Class Reporter 2; Class Secretary 3; Student Council 4; " Trev-Echoes " Editor 4. WILLIAM KLAUSNER A.B., Religion " Courage is that virtue which champions the cause of right. " Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Clio Society 4; Miisiss ' ppi Club 3, 4. 30 CHARLES KLINSTIVER. JR. A.B., History " The secret of success is constancy to pur- pose. " Trevecca Athletic Association 3; Clio Society 3, 4; Manager of Trevecca T-Room. ELEANOR KNOTTS A.B., Education and Psychology " Outward poise through inward peace. " Honor Society 3, 4; Clio Society 4; University of Tennessee. GARNER LAWSON A.B., Religion " Great men are they who see that the spirit- ual is stronger than material. " Christian Workers Association; Ministerial Asso- ciation 4; Missionary Prayer Band I. SENIORS JEAN LEDFORD A.B., Education and Psychology " Live truly, and thy life shall be a great noble creed. " Christians Workers Association 1; Trevecca Ath- letic Association I, 4, Reporter 4; Literary Club 4; Music Club I, 2; Teachers Club 3; East Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; A Cappella Choir I, 2; Class Treasurer 2. HELEN LEEPER A.B., Education and Psychology " The mildest manners and gentlest heart. " Christian Workers Association I, 2; Trevecca Ath- letic Association I, 2, 3; Literary Club 3r Speech Club 1; West Virginia Club I, 2, 3; A Cappella Choir 1, 2; Class Reporter 2; " Trev-Echoes " Staff 2; Residence ttalls Council 2: DARDA Feature Editor 3; Student Council Secretary 3; Attitudes Award 2; Citizenship Award 3. ANN McDonald A.B., Education and Psychology " The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good. " Christian Workers Association I; Trevecca Athletic Association 1; Music Club I; Teachers Club 4; West Virginia Club 4; Morris Harvey College. 31 CHARLES MELTON A.B., Religion " I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts. " Christian Workers Association 1; Ministerial Asso- ciation I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Missionary Prayer Band I. 2, 3, 4; Philosophy Club 3, 4, President 4; Speech Club I; West Virginia Club I, 2, 3, 4. PEGGY JO NEAL A.B., Education and Psychology " Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain but what we do. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Missionary Prayer Band 2; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4; Clio Society 4; Teachers Club 4; South Carolina Club I, 2, 3, 4; V inthrop College; A Cappella Choir I, 2. 3, 4. LILLIAN PICKETT A.B., Education and Psychology " God has placed no limit on intellect. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3. 4; Ministerial Association I; Missionary Prayer Band 2; Honor Society I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Speech Club I, 2; Teachers Club 3, 4; Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4. SENIORS GLENDA PUTNAM A.B., Education and Psychology " Friendship redoubleth joys and cutteth griefs In half. " Christian Workers Association I; Missionary Prayer Band I; Literary Club 4; Speech Club I, 3, Secre- tary 3; Teachers Club 4; Georgia Club I. 2, 3, 4, Chairman 2; Class Treasurer 3. BARBARA RALPH B.S., Biological Science " In friendship I early was taught to believe. " Christian Workers Association I, 2; West Virginia Club I, 2, 3; Peabody College. BEULAH RIDDLE A.B., Education and Psychology " Go forth under the open sky and list to Nature ' s teachings. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Mission- ary Prayer Band 4; Science Club I; Kentucky Club 32 FRANCES SHAW DOROTHY SHIELDS PHILIP SHOMO A.B., English " Silence is golden. " Christian Workers Association I, 2. 3; Missionary Prayer Band 2; Literary Club I, 2. 3, 4; Teacliers Club A; Georgia Club I. 2, 3, 4. SENIORS TROY SLAY A.B., Religion " I profess not talking; only this: Let each man do his best. " Missionary Prayer Band I, 2; Mississippi Club 2. A.B., Education and Psychology " Green calm below, blue quietness above. " Christian Workers Association I; Clio Society 4; Ramblers Club I; Mississippi Club 3; Olivet Nazarene College. A.B., Religion " Who rises from prayer a better prayer Is answered. " his RUBY SPEAR A.B., English " The best of blessings, a contented mind. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2; Missionary Prayer Band I; Literary Club I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 3, 4. Secretary 4; Clio Society 2, 3, 4; Teachers Club 4; Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Class Play 4; Class Secretary 4. JIM STAGGS A.B., Religion " As happy a man as any In the world, for the whole world seems to smile upon him. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Missionary Prayer Band 2, 3, 4; East Tennessee Club I, 2, 3 4 Pres ' dent 4; A Cappella Choir 3. 33 FAYE STEWART A.B., Education and Psychology " Society sayeth the text is the spice of life. " Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3; Speech Club I, 2; Music Club 3; Teachers Club 3. A; Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary I; Class Reporter 3; Class Treasurer 4; ' " Trev-Echoes " Staff 2; All- School Play I; Class Play 4. ROBERT TURNER A.B., Religion " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 4; Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2. 4; Ministerial Associa- tion I, 2. 3, 4, Reporter 2, Treasurer 4; Philosophy Club 4, Secretary 4; Speech Club 2; Florida Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2. NADA ULM A.B., Education and Psychology " Virtue is like a rich stone — best sinnply set. " Christian Workers Association I, 2. 3, 4; Mission- ary Prayer Band I, 2, 3; Literary Club I. 2; Teach- ers Club 3, 4; Georgia Club I, 2, 3; Florida Club 4. SENIORS ARLENE UNRUH A.B., Education and Psychology ' Let rne live in a house by the side of the -iH and be a friend to man. " JEANETTE WILLIS A.B., English " To do easily what is difficult for others is a mark of talent. " Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3; Missionary Prayer Band 1; Literary Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Teachers Club 3; Tennessee Club I. 2, 3 4; Student Council Treasurer 4; Residence Halls Council 2, 3 4; Student Council Representative 3, 4 BEVERLY WOOD A.B., Education and Psychology " Virtue and genuine grace in themselves spread what no words can utter. " Trevecca Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 3, Reporter 3; Clio Society 4, Vice-President and Treasurer 4; Teachers Club 3, 4; Mississippi Club I, 2, 3, 4; Class Reporter 4. 34 LUCILLE JONES A.B., English EUGENE SHELTON DAVID WOFFORD Th.B., Religion SPECIAL GRADUATES The moving of the president ' s old home — nanned Smith Hall in memory of Donnie Smith 35 President Melvin Welch gives instructions to his officers JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS MELVIN WELCH President EDITH MINGLEDORFF Vice-President SYLVIA YOUNG Secretary JOYCE WOODARD Treasurer CAROLYN WILEY Student Council Representative LINDA TAYLOR Reporter MISS BARBARA McCLAIN Sponsor We sponsored the Set-Acauainted party The Halloween party gave us scares qalore She " took " me during Twirp Week JUNIORS First Row: CHUCK ACHESON . Promlslnq Future . . Student Hone Tenor Pastor JOE ADKISSON " To know him is to like him ' Student . . . True Friend JIMMY ALLEN Easy Goinq . . . Religion in Practice Cheerful Second Row: RICHARD BELLOMY Questioner . . . Husband . . . Energetic ANN BENSON Talkative . . . Winsome Smile . . . Good- natured BARRIE BRACKEN Devoted Christian . . . Tall . . . Shining Light Third Row: DARLENE CAIN Gaiety . . . Radiating Smile . . . Flashes of Fun LYN CASSEDY Ideal Husband . . . Curls . . . Pastor PAUL CLECKNER Fun-maker . , . Helpfulness Unlimited . . . Coffee Breaks at Greer ' s Fourth Row: MARY COMBS Transferee from K. M.B.I. . . . Reliable SIDNEY COMFORT Song Bird . . . Full-o-pep . . . Misslssipplan MARSHALL COPEN Promising Minister . . . Progressive . . . Chris- tian In Purpose and Motive Fifth Row: NANCY COPLEY " Up " . . . Hard worker . . . Friendly RAYMOND COWAN Clean-cut Gentlemen . . . Determined . . Eligible Bachelor KAREN COX Pleasant . . . Songstress . . . " Ader " Sixth Row: LE ROY DAVIS Texan . . . thoughtful . . . available EUGENE FIGGE Married . . . Printer . . . Deep-thinker GENE FRAME Transferee from K. M.B.I. . . . Student Pastor . . . Likable JUNIORS First Row: OREN FRAIZER Quiet . . . Conscien! ious . . . Genuine ERNEST GATES Willing Worker . . . Man of Few Words . . . Faithful to God FRANKLIN GILLIAN Salvation Army Worker . . . Likes Girls . . . Mischievous Second Row: MARTHA GRAY Christian Worker . . . Sincere . . . Effi cient Secretary BARBARA GREER " Pop ' s " assistant . . . Independent . . . Sports- woman THERESA GUNTER Cheerful . . . Considerate . . . " Tooken " Third Row: ORVILLE HALL Answering a Call . . . Witness . . . Thinker with Christ LEA JOY HARNER Elementary school teacher . , . All smiles . . . Sweet RAYMOND HASSINGER Future missionary . . . Married . . . Ohioian Fourth Row: RONALD HEDGES Ambiiious Student . . . Gentle Firmness . . . Socrates II MARGARET JONES Library Bound . . . New Yorker . . . Steady Worker RUBY JONES Jolly . . . Casual . . . Unselfish Fifth Row: RUDY JONES Steady Job and Steady Girl . . . Handsome . . . Prankster CHARLES KLINSTIVER, SR. Dietician . . . Money Saver . . . Steak Sizzler CHARLENE KNOX Christian Ideals . . . Mary Jane ' s Roommate . . . " Adolf " Sixth Row: GARY KOCH Persistent . . . Humble . . . Ambassador for Christ ORVAL LEJEUNE Business-like . . . Triumphant Smile . . . Capable Leader PHYLLIS LOBB Talented Soprano . . . Likely to Succeed . . . Feminine JUNIORS First Row: ED McDonald Singer . . . Called of God . . . Sponfaneous Lauqhter JUDITH MAGNUSSON " A " Siudent . . . Frank . . . Monitor HERMAN MEEKS Floridian . . . True Christian . . . ' Daddy of Three " second Row EDITH MINGLEDORFF Dependable . . . Exact . . . Studious ROBERT MITCHELL Home Spun Philosopher . . . " Dr. Wise, have a question " . . . Subtle Wit JOE MOSES Photographer . . . Colligiate . . . Witty Third Row: BESS PEARSON Golden-tonqued and Silver-voiced . . . En- qaqed . . . Busy-bee SAMMY PHIPPS Everybody ' s Friend . . . Good Looking . . . Clever WENDELL POOLE P. K. . . . Bass . . . Sense of Humor . . . Yankee Fourth Row: THOMAS REID Capable . . . Consistent Christian . . . Called Missionary YVONNE RHODES Musical . . . Married . . . Sincere Friendliness MELBA ROBBINS Walky-talky . . . Unpredictable . . . Fixed Asset in the T-Room Fifth Row: EVERETT ROBERTSON Se rious . . . Pastor , . . Man Around the House SUE RYLAND Sweet-spirited . . . Lady-like . . . Poised PHYLLIS SARK Shy . . . Unruffled . . . Good-natured Sixth Row: RUTH SHANNON Blonde . . . Unique . . . Talented RUTH SIX Red-head . . . Spirited . . . Practical Service DONALD SMITH Ambitious . . . Understanding . . . Scholar --J 1 JUNIORS First Row: JAMES STALEY Proud Papa . . . Consistent . . . Trumpeter GERALD TABERS Sincere . . . Quiet . . . Dependable LINDA TAYLOR Spoken For . . . Pianist . . . Talented Second Row: RAY THOMPSON Pastor . . . Married . . . Humble Spirit RITA TURNER Quiet . . . Likeable Personality . . . Easy- going IDA VAUGHN Reserved . . . Thoughtful of Others . . . Patient Third Row: MELVIN WELCH Junior Prexy . . . " Accounting Brain " . . . " Wh a-ya-say, huh? " CECIL WELLS Optimist . . . Ideal . . . Reliable WALTER WHITE Dorm Papa . . . Considerate . . . Christian Witness Fourth Row: CAROLYN WILEY Kentuckian . . . Carries Responsibility Well . . . Seamstress JOYCE WOODARD Petite . . . Keeper of the Class Money . . . Happy Co-ed SYLVIA YOUNG " A Tickler of the Ivories " . . . Counselor . . . " Now, Ya ' ll " VALENTINE BANQUET Sophomore officers pose in front of Trevecca ' s new neon sign SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS GENE COOK President WILLIAM RODDY Vice-President CAROL LIGHT Secretary ANN BOHANNON Treasurer DON PITZER Student Council Representative DENNY HAGE Reporter MRS. LEON CHAMBERS Sponsor Dr. and Mrs. Macltey celebrated their twenty- We sp onsored the Freshman-Sophomore fifth wedding anniversary at the Valentine Ban- Banquet. We presenled a skit during Etiquette Week quet. SOPHOMORES Beverly Adams Janice Baker Ann Bohannon Philip Bowles Grace Bright Robert Brim Carol Brown Joan Brown Marlene Brumbleloe Nancy Casto Robert Chasen Wayne Clancy Chloe Combs Lois Conkey MyrI Conley Bob Cook Donna Cook Gene Cook LaNell Cowan Sandra Cox Sarah Culpeper Bob Davis Garnold Dennis Ronald Doolittle Davie Edmondson Don Elder Ann Fleming Marilyn Fosky Thomas Fowler Robert Furniss r n La ftp! 4 4 43 } ' 1 i;i 1 jJ iP% A ' (i — f L ' 1 liil tili V » a k SOPHOMORES Rosalie Gardner Juanita Geise Barbara Goodman Miriam Goodwin June Gray Virginia Gray Terrell Haddix Dennis Hage Kenneth Hamrick Dan Hatfield Sue Hayes Patsy Hayes Kenneth Heaton James Hess Robert Holderby Duane Houston Miriam Hudgins Kermit Hudson Kenneth Irwin Bobbie Jones Gene King Linda Kolar Anna Kolio Robert Lancaster Carol Light Dwayne Little John McCauley Lorraine Murray Mariellan Nelson Bill Nichols Annice Parsons Gail Patrick Curtiss Pearson Linda Pierce Don Pitzer 44 SOPHOMORES Mitchell Quick Esther Provance Cecil Rhodes V Edith Rhodes Mary Beth Richardson William Roddy Joyce Rudd Al Ruschel Nancy Rushing Robert Russum Mary bavage Geraldlne Sharpton Joyce Shaw ctGl Keith Sllvernall Jesse Sims Eddie Sisson Betty Smith Hugh Smith Jo Ann Smith Gerald Spear Glaphre Spencer Richard Stephens Ed Stiles Mary Jane Still - K i Doris Sweeney Charles Thomas Marquita Thomas William Thompson Don Turner Joy Turney n Barbara Williams IDeborah Williams Al Wood Gerald Woods Glenn Woods ■ 0 45 Freshman officers pause for a coke FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS DALE MELTON President SHARRON MARLIN Vice-President MARY HELEN LANE Secretary JAMES VARIAN Treasurer JANICE HAY Student Council Representative PAT TAYLOR Reporter PROFESSOR RAMON UNRUH Sponsor We struggled over entrance exams The sophomores Initiated us We helped Santa present gifts at Christmas FRESHMEN Donnie Adams Janice Adams Lloyd Allison Ed Allred Larry Altman Langdon Ammen Jerry Andrews June Arender Wanda Arkley Douglas Askew Malcolm Babione Helen Barnes Alena Beasey Jeane+te Beel James Bender Randall Biggs Donald Blankenship Esther Blume Myrtle Bolln Rosena Mae Booker Linda Bratton Ruth Bright Dave Brown Esther Burnett David Butler Nancy Butler Walter Butler Jackie Carroll Peggy Carson Kenneth Clack John Clayton Lowell Clyburn Carolyn Collins Carol Cook Norma Cornelius Paul Crew Evangeline Crites Orville Cummings Shirley Daugherty Donna Davis f I 1 1 1 Lis -V- 4 47 f. - f: s (B : . : -»- ■ ' i- • Wf 1 iif|Mi|if|l|||i k Ik i ■ ' 1 ' tot V , j ' MB f 48 FRESHMEN Shirley Davis William Davis Laverne Dee! Darrell Dennis Geraldine Dilly Robert Dixon Byron Dollar Dorothy Jean Downing Doris Drake Donald Eads Kenneth Eady Linda Elkins Eugene Fadelay Jack Farish Ernest Farmer Leslie Farthing Walter Fisher Ruth Frey Geraldine Fry Earl Frye hicirold Furniss Janice Galford Patricia Galloway Emory Garner Martha Godby Brenda Gould David Gray Sue Hayden Anita Hamilton Nancy Haufler Janice Hay Paul Heinss Kenneth Hemmerly Don Henderson Paul Hetrick Everett Higginbothan Donna Holt JoAnn Hood Tressa Howes Edith Hussey FRESHMEN Alfred Hyde Marjorie Jeffcoats Lawrence Jenkins Yvonne Johnson Deirdre Jones Iris Patricia Jones Hilda Kea Jennie Keith Howard Kelly Carolyn Kennedy Ronald Kennedy Joe Kerr Bill Kirby Rae Kohser Lois Kolar Mary Helen Lane Rachel Lanier Paul Lee Nancy Leigh Edwin LeJeune Gene Leviner Marilyn Litton Evelyn Loyd Bobbye Joel McCleskey Margaret McDonald Mary Alice McGlll Larry McGranahan Betty McKay Margaret McMeans Harold McWhorter Sh arron Marlin Earline Mason Barbara Medina Dale Melton Pat Mercer Allen Midcap Travis Middleton llene Miles Judith MIley Jeanette Mitchell 49 it I 1 -V- — f - 1 ft 1 T 1 mm 1 a ■ 7 50 FRESHMEN Clayton Mobley Carolyn Moore John Moore Mary Elizabeth Morrison Margie Muncey Beverly Musgrave Sandra Nedrow Judie Noel Sharon Norrick Joyce Palmer Judith Parrish Jean Partin Eva J. Perdue Aldor Peterson Judy Phillips Marian Powell Mary Pratt Louise Preece Nathan Price Audrey Propst Cecil Pugh Bill Putnam Brenda Reynolds John Rice Shirley Rife Margaret Roe Lucille Rowe David Scutt Mary Ruth Sharpton Marita Sue Slifer Bob E. Smith Linda Smith Richard Smith Marsha Steele Sharon Steele Uldine Stewart Geraldine Tanner Betty Lou Taylor John Taylor Patsy Taylor FRESHMEN Wlns+on Thaxton Roberta Thomas John Thompson Sylvia Thrasher Mary Lou Tiemann Mary Toombs Albert Truesdale Ann Tucker James Van hHook James Varlan Nancy Walker Betty Wallace Eldon Ward Fred Ward Charles Warhurst Joy Nell Warhurst Phyllis Warren Richard Waterman Wade Westbrook Glenn Wheaton Jerry Wheeler Mary Jane Whigham Patricia White Mary John Williams Janet Willis Gene Wiseman Gloria Witherspoon Judy Woodard Billy Jo Wooten Howard Wright Rebecca Young TIT 1} C VP iiifi ■Mi. 1 - -V- ■ IE —tr- 51 WW JUNIOR THEOLOGICAL STUDENTS P Delbert Cain Clifford Cruver Richard hiayes Arthur Leezer Walter Mann William Naille Wendell Rainey Robert Wilson SPECIAL STUDENTS CAROL ALLISON " Character Is simply habit long continued. " Tennessee; Married to Lloyd Allison; Plans to attend college at Trevecca. EDNA RUTH BLACKMON " Music hath charm to soothe a troubled breast. " Tennessee; Treasurer of the Senior Class; Senior Superlative; Plans to pursue a musical career. JOE CARR " A sound mind In a manly body. " Ohio; T.A.A. Member; Plans to attend Olivet and enter the evangelistic field. ROGER COSTA " Vigor, vitality, vim and punch — that ' s pep! " Tennessee; T.A.A. Mem- ber; Senior Class President; Senior Superlative; Attended Trevecca four years; Plans to attend Trevecca and become a teacher or doctor. THE SENIOR CLASS JUDY GIBSON " hiers Is the quiet smile of sincere friendliness. " Kentucky; Senior Repre- sentative to Student Council; Ambition Is to be a singer in the evange- listic field. SHANNON GOINS " A sense of duty marks her actions. " Kentucky; Attended Trevecca Junior and Senior year; Plans to enter the business world. DARLENE HALL " One v ho seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. " Cuba; Plans to enter college at Trevecca and become a missionary nurse. JOHN HALL " He can work, he can play, he can be serious, he can be gay. " Cuba; Senior Superlative; Plans to attend Trevecca and become a missionary doctor. ELAINE EVANS ' Sweet her manner, quiet her way. " Plans to enter Trevecca College. PATRICIA HALL " The sincere alone can recognize sincerity. " Cuba; Senior Superlative; Plans to attend Trevecca and become a missionary nurse. BEVERLY McFILLAN " Frank and open minded; she is trustful and trustworthy. " Louisiana; Plans to attend college at Trevecca; Ambition Is to be a home-maker. BRENDA HIGHLANDER " Modest, undaunted, and true. " West Virginia; Plans to attend college and major In history; Ambition Is to teach. 4 J Senior Officers: Edna Ruth Blackmon, Judy Gibson, Carol Roberson, Roger Costa. GARY JONES " As good an all-around fellow as you have ever seen. " South Carolina; Plans to attend Trevecca and become a minister. RUBY MITCHELL " Wit that can call forth smiles even from mourners. " Florida; Will be getting married in July; Ambition is to be a good housev ife. JUDY MOBLEY " A faithful friend is the medicine of life. " Tennessee; Senior Superla- tive; Plans to work; Ambition is to be a housewife. GLORIA NASH " So patient, peaceful, loyal, loving, pure. " Tennessee; Plans to attend college at Trevecca and go into missionary work. CAROLYN NICHOLS " As merry as the day is long. " Michigan; Senior Superlative; Plans to take a business course; Ambition is to be a housewife. CARLYN GARTH PETTY " There ' s honesty, manhood, and good fellowship In thee " MARIE PRICE " We are charmed by neatness of person. " Plans to attend Trevecca College; Married to Nathan. ROY RAGSDALE " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest of men. " Ala- bama; Plans to attend college at Trevecca. BEVERLY RILEY " Gentle in manner, strong in performance. " Kentucky; Plans to go into nurses training and also be a housewife. CAROL ROBERSON " Two-thirds frolic, one-third fun, and the rest just ordinary girl. " Florida; Senior class Secretary; Senior Superlative; Ambition Is to be a house- wife. MARY ANN SWINK " Courteous, kind, and full of glee. " Indiana; Attended Trevecca Junior and Senior years; Student Council Secretary; Senior Superlative; Ambi- tion is to go Into social service. FRANK WARD " I would far rather be called good than fortunate. " Tennessee; Attended Trevecca Junior and Senior years; Senior Class Vice-President; Will be working for WSIX-TV; Ambition Is to own a new Corvette. SENIORS NOT PICTURED FRANK HAWKS " Not a loud talker but a deep thinker. " Kentucky; Plans to make a career out of the Navy or Army. JAMES LASLEY " A man, a friend, a gentleman, and a [oily good fellow. " Plans to attend college at Trevecca and be a pastor; Senior Superlative. 55 THE UNDERCLASSMEN Top: Lois Conkey, High School Secretary Bottom: Sitting on the stairs, having fun 1 First Row: BAUCOM, EDDINE Freshman BAUER, JOHNNY Junior BEELER, SUE Junior Second Row: CAIN, SUE Sophomore COOK, DUANE Sophomore COTTRELL. FRANCES Junior Third Row: DALTON, GENE Freshman DAVIS, DAVID Junior DENNIS, CAROLYN Sophomore 56 First Row: DONEGAN, BEVERLY Junior DURLAND, ARCHIE Freshman FLY, WILLIAM Special Student GOMER, RAY Sophomore JONES, YVONNE Freshman KELLY, ALMA JEAN Junior McDowell, faye Junior- Second Row: MOBLEY, DONNA Freshman RICHARDSON, CAROL Sophomore RICHARDSON, VICTOR Junior 57 ROBERTSON, TERRY Sophomore RODGERS, MARK Freshman ROUSE, HERMAN Special Student SLAY, RUFUS Junior Third Row: SMITH, AUBREY Freshman SMITH, RALPH Sophomore STAGGS, HENRY Junior STAGGS, JERRY Freshman UNRUH, KAREN Freshman WARD, DAVID J " " ' ° ' " WELLS, LOIS Sophomore JOHN HALL, CAROLYN NICHOLS - " " " ' " Ub CARLYN PETTY, PAT HALL Most Popular ROGER COSTA, EDNA RUTH BLACKMON HIGH SCHOOL SUPERLATIVES Left to right: Judy Gibson, Henry Staggs, Faye McDowell, Lois Wells, Karen Unruh, Professor Jerry Costa. Seated: Mary Ann Swink HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL Henry Staggs has served as a very able president OFFICERS HENRY STAGGS President of the Student Council and Mary Ann SwInk did an mary ann swink Secretary JUDY GIBSON Senior Representative excellent job as secretary. Each homeroom repre- n x. c, , i ■ n ' ' ' FAYE McDowell Jumor Representative II- I J I J r L- I LOIS WELLS Sophomore Representative sentative worked hard tor his class. KAREN UNRUH Freshman Representative They sponsored the annual Christmas party and professor jerry costa Sponsor this proved to be fun for all. Their sponsor, Professor Jerry Costa, assisted to the best of his ability and did his part in improving the government of the school. DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL • J (1 mm f J , My U - f% f o 1 j Pill llllll First Row: Sherry Angle, Esther Costa, Fred Allen Davis, Jonathan Eby, David Givens Second Row: Jimmy Gomer, Carl Grooms, Janet hHall, Barbara Hun- ley, Blacken Ingram Third Row: Gloria Jones, Ray Jones, Dwayne Kirkus, Ruth Ann Klinstiver, Patricia Mann Fourth Row: Mitchell Mann, Ellen Phillips, Joyce Robertson, Martha Rodgers, Pam See Fifth Row: Pat See, Joy Spruill Linda Spruill, Mae Spruill, Mendel Spruill Sixth Row: Mike Sullivan, Roy Thompson, David Unruh, Rickey Unruh, Gerald York 60 SUMMER SCHOOL T.N.C. ' s campus takes on a " new life " in the sum- mertime with her flowers and grassy lawn. The stu- dents and faculty alike all seem to be one big happy family as they work together. Summer school offers an opportunity to take a more concentrated study in less time and in better conditions. Let ' s go to sum- mer school. Why not? Professor Phillips and Dr. Adams cut the watermelons. 4 Some of the faculty relax at a picnic. I I Nancy Walker and Edith Rhodes study despite the temptation In the background. f • ACTIVITIES • ORGANIZATIONS • HONORS 0): STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL ORVAL LeJEUNE Student Council Secretary The student governmental organization of our school is The Student Council. Its duties consist of the direction of periodic organization of student clubs, co-ordination of student activities of the year, assisting in planning Friday evening programs, and acting as the chief agency of liaison between faculty and students. The opening activities In September are under the supervision of the Student Council. At registra- tion time campus cars are registered for efficient traffic law enforcement. All campus elections are held by the Student Council. Also it provides the Spring Quarter Lectures. In these and many other ways the Student Council directs campus affairs. OFFICERS KEMP HIGGINBOTHAM Student Body President ORVAL LeJEUNE Secretary HELEN BURCH DARDA Editor PATSY JONES Trev-Echoes Editor JEANETTE WILLIS Senior Representative-Treasuror CAROLYN WILEY Junior Representative DON PITZER Sophomore Representative JANICE HAY Freshman Representative WINSTON HATCLIFF C.W.A, Representative WENDELL POOLE T.A.A. Representative HENRY STAGGS President of M.S. Student Council MARY ANN 5WINK Secretary of H.S. Student Council DR. HOMER J. ADAMS Sponsor Members of the Student Council at work First Row: Winston Hatcliff, Wendell Poole, Helen Burch, Second Row: Carolyn Wiley, Don Pitzer, Janice Hay, Henry Patsy Jones, Jeanette Willis. Staggs, Mary Ann Swink. 65 HELEN BURCH Editor SAMMY PHIPPS Business Manager THE D A R D A We hope that you have enjoyed reliving the Spirit of Trevecca through these pages. The staff has worked hard this year and has been most co-operative. Carolyn Wiley served as an effi- cient assistant. Bess Pearson is responsible for the literary portion of the book and Sue Hayes, along with Ann Clayton, put the organization section to- gether. Jeanette Mitchell, with the help of Louise Irwin, did an excellent job as sports editor. Ruth Shannon and Sylvia Young have been our very able class editors with the help of JoAnn Smith. Joyce Woodard served as feature editor with the help of Edith Mingledorff and Sharron Marlin was our snap shot photographer. Roger Costa represented the high school department. Joyce Shaw and Norma Cornelius did a good job typing manuscript forthe DARDA. Joe Moses and Wayne Clancy were our very efficient photographers. Sammy Phipps served as business manager with Melvin Welch as his assistant. Thanks again. Staff, for helping us portray the Spirit of Trevecca through these pages. — hielen Burch Helen Burch and Carolyn Wiley look over the dummy 66 STAFF HELEN BURCH Editor SAMMY PHIPPS Business Manager CAROLYN WILEY Assistant Editor MELVIN WELCH Assistant Business Manager BESS PEARSON Literary Editor SUE HAYES Organization Editor RUTH SHANNON Class Editor SYLVIA YOUNG Class Editor JOYCE WOODARD Feature Editor JEANETTE MITCHELL Sports Editor ROGER COSTA High School Editor JOYCE SHAW Typist NORMA CORNELIUS Typist JOE MOSES Photographer WAYNE CLANCY Assistant Photographer SHARRON MARLIN Snap Shot Photographer ANN CLAYTON Associate Worker LOUISE IRWIN Associate Worker EDITH MINGLEDORFF Associate Worker JO ANN SMITH Associate Worker MRS. K. W. PHILLIPS Editorial Advisor MR. V. NEIL RICHARDSON Business Advisor Top Left: Feature Editor, Joyce Woodard, with Sharron Marlln, and Edith Mingledorff work on snapshots. Top Right: Class Editors Ruth Shannon and Sylvia Young compare notes Bottom Left: Bess Pearson. Literary Editor, Instructs Joyce Shaw, Typist, about write-ups. Bottom Right: Sue Hayes goes over the organization section with JoAnn Smith and Ann Clayton. PAT JONES Editor JOE MOSES Business Manager TREV - ECHOES " ' Trev-Echoes Is out, ' " is the excited cry of the students when Trevecca ' s bi-monthly publication comes out. Since 1945 this up-to-date newspaper has been the mirror of campus life. Through the years the Pat and Doris mourn the fact that deadline was yesterday and " no editors have striven for better publications. I960 has been one of the best years. Assigning articles, proofreading, taking ads, drawing up the dummy, and trying to cover all the news are a few of the tasks behind the scenes. 68 69 MUSIC CLUB The Music Club, composed primarily of music majors and minors, has been busily engaged in numerous activities throughout the year. Several luncheon and breakfast meet- ings were held at which outside speakers brought inspiring talks on subjects devoted to musical value. The club was also in charge of playing music from the McClurkan Tower during the Christmas season, and it co- sponsored the Christmas Program, " The Lost Star, " with the Speech Club. The purpose of this club is to further the appreciation of music students at Trevecca College. OFFICERS EDITH MINGLEDORFF President JEANETTE MITCHELL Treasurer SYLVIA YOUNG Vice-President ED LeJEUNE ' Reporter SUE HAYES Secretary PROFESSOR RAMON UN RUH Sponsor The highlight of the year ' s activities was the joint presenta- side speakers presented different phases of speaking, parti- tion of " The Lost Star " in song and drama, given with the cipation In the W.C.T.U. Oratorical Contest, and an extern- Music Club during the Christmas season. poraneous speech contest among our own students. Other activities included luncheon meetings at which out- OFFICERS PAUL JACKSON President JOYCE SHAW Treasurer KENNETH HAMRICK Vice-President JOAN BROWN Reporter RUBY SPEAR Secretary MRS. MABEL GREENE Sponsor LITERARY CLUB The purpose of the Literary Club is to promote a further The activities this year included luncheon meetings, the appreciation and enjoyment of literature for prospective sponsoring of a lecturer, and films, teachers of English. OFFICERS MARY JANE STILL President LaNELLE COWAN Reporter JEANETTE WILLIS Vice-President MISS AMY PERSON Sponsor DORIS DRAKE Secretary-Treasurer The Science Club is an organization which continues to be one of the most active clubs on campus. The activities for this year have included an outing to Percy Warner Park, a trip to Snell Dale, monthly attendance at the audition films and lectures, and a camping trip. The projects include beautifying the campus area east of the cafeteria and refilling the fire extinguishers on campus. The purpose of the club is to help its members, who are science majors and minors, to increase their knowledge of science. OFFICERS DAVIE EDMUNDSON President LOUISE IRWIN Vice-President MIRIAM GOODWIN Secretary WAYNE CLANCY Treasurer ANN BOHANNON Reporter MRS. LEON CHAMBERS Sponsor SCIENCE CLUB STUDENT WIVES The Student Wives organization, under the sponsorship of This was a time of fellowship and discussion of sonne phase Miss Person, enjoyed a year filled with activities. Their of homemaking such as budgeting and floral or fable ar- weekly meetings each Monday evening were varied. For two rangement. A Christmas party with gift exchange was given evenings a month they devoted their time to the study of by one of the girls. The year closed with a picnic at the park " The Shepherdess. " One evening was missionary study. The where all the families enjoyed an evening of fellowship, faculty wives entertained once a month in one of the homes. OFFICERS MRS. ROXANNA HINTON President MRS. EULA WEST . . ' . Treasurer MRS. JEANNINE KOCH Vice-President M ISS AM Y L. PERSON Sponsor MRS. SHELBY GALLOWAY Secretary " The Story of Trevecca, " presented in a series of articles in our school paper, has been one of the outstanding con- tributions of the Clio Society this year. Other activities have included several luncheons with special speakers emphasizing some subject of historic value, a Founders Day Display in the McClurl,an Building, and the planting of new trees on cam- pus. This has been a very interesting and active year for this group. For those especially interested in history, the Clio Society has offered an oportunity for an increased apprecia- tion, as well as for various activities in the field. OFFICERS BOBBY MITCHELL President BEVERLY WOOD Treasurer IDA VAUGHN Secretary DR. HOMER J. ADAMS Sponsor CLIO SOCIETY FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers Club, in its second year as an organ- The main activitiy of the club is to furnish current data on jr • J - 4.jj.r state requirements, and to sponsor lectures with an educa- ized club, IS composed ot ma|or and minor students trom the second largest department at Trevecca, Education-Psy- tional emphasis, chology. OFFICERS JOSEPH ADKISSON President JUDY MILEY Reporter PHYLLIS LOBB Vice-President PROFESSOR WILLIAM HOWICK Sponsor CAROLYN MOORE Secretary-Treasurer The " Philosophy Forum, " which is the name chosen for ties include lectures and discussion of the problems in phi- the Philosophy Club, was organized last year for the pur- losophy. pose of encouraging appreciation of philosophy. The activi- OFFICERS CHARLES MELTON President PROFESSOR LEON CHAMBERS Sponsor ROBERT TURNER Secretary PHILOSOPHY CLUB I ALABAMA CLUB SYLVIA YOUNG Chairman SUE HAYES . Secretary PROFESSOR RAMON UNRUH .... Sponsor EASTERN KENTUCKY CLUB DWAYNE LITTLE Chairman MYRL CONLEY Secretary MRS. PAUL GREENE Sponsor EAST TENNESSEE CLUB HUGH SMITH Chairman JULIA MATTOCK Secretary PROFESSOR K. W. PHILLIPS Sponsor FLORIDA CLUB DENNY HAGE Chairman RACHEL LANIER Secretary MR. V. NEIL RICHARDSON Sponsor GEORGIA CLUB RAY COWAN Chairman CORIA DRAKE Secretary DR. LEWIS PENNINGTON Sponsor KENTUCKY CLUB WILLIAM RODDY Chairman SYLVIA THRASHER Secretary MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor MISSISSIPPI CLUB ROBERT RUSSUM Ch airman PAT MERCER Secretary MRS. M. E. REDFORD Sponsor NORTH CAROLINA CLUB EDITH MINGLEDORFF Ch airman JAMES VAN HOOK Secretary DR. FRANKLYN WISE Sponsor SOUTH CAROLINA CLUB BOB MITCHELL Chairman JOYCE WOODARD Secretary PROFESSOR HAROLD HAMS ND . . Sponsor TENNESSEE CLUB GERALD SPEAR Chairman RUBY SPEAR Secretary PROFESSOR LEON CHAMBERS .... Sponsor VIRGINIA CLUB JOE MOSES Chairman PEGGY CARSON Secretary MRS. K. W. PHI ' LLIPS Sponsor WEST VIRGINIA CLUB BOB COOK Chairman CAROL LIGHT Secretary REV. C. E. KEYS Sponsor STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES WHO ' S WHO 77 HONOR SOCIETY Trevecca ' s Honor Society Is an organization ex- clusively for the " Brains. " Membership Is based upon a yearly average of 2.5. Outstanding seniors of the group are elected to life membership in the Zeta Chapter of the National Nazarene hHonor Society Left to right: Judy Magnusson, Miss Person, Phyllis Lobb, LaNelle Cowan of Phi Delta Lambda. OFFICERS PHYLLIS LOBB President JUDY MAGNUSSON Vice-President LaNELLE COWAN Secretary-Treasurer MISS AMY L. PERSON Sponsor Chapel Time — the brightest hour of a TNC Day! These times of refreshing are an aid In helping us mold, make and pattern our lives after Christ. The goal of the chapel services is to implant in the minds of all who listen a knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to help us make of " the lumber of our life not a tavern but a temple; not a reproach but a song . . . " CHAPEL TIME DR. HUGH BENNER DR. MENDELL TAYLOR MR. BILL CARLE DR. L. T. CORLETT R. T. Williams Memorial Lectures MR. EARL WOLFE A Missionary speaks DR. MACK ANDERSON CHRISTIAN WORKERS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS WINSTON HATCLIFF President JAMES STALEY Vice-President MARY JANE STILL Secretary EDDIE WEST Treasurer MARTHA GRAY Reporter IDA VAUGHN Follow-up Secretary LEROY DAVIS Visitation Secretary PROFESSOR K. W. PHILLIPS Sponsor First Row: Mary Jane Still, Martha Gray, Winston Hatcliff, Ida Vaughn. Second Row: Professor K. W. Phillips, Eddie West, James Staley, LeRoy Davis. All are invited to become effective witnesses and work- ers for Christ by taking an active part in the Christian Workers Associations. The purpose of the association is " to promote the Kingdom of God wherever opportunity is presented " — in the jails, juvenile detention homes, or on the street corners. Many who would not be reached by regular church facilities have the opportunity to learn of Christ and, indeed, to come to Christ. This also affords valuable training for those who are preparing for Christian service either in full-time capacity or as laymen. Christ has given Christians a great challenge — " Ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth " — and the Christian Workers Association is helping to carry this work forward! MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION ffl- 111! The Ministerial Association, composed of all those who are preparing for full-time Christian service, is a very impor- tant factor in the spiritual life of our campus. The association sponsors the student speakers in chapel, the annual Thanks- giving offering, and the daily noon-day prayer meeting. These activities have been a blessing and have rendered the association invaluable in maintaining the high spiritual level on our campus this past year. HAROLD DERRYBERRY President CHARLES MELTON Vice-President JOYCE HUGHES Secretary ROBERT TURNER Treasurer BOB MITCHELL Reporter PROFESSOR LEON CHAMBERS Sponsor The Missionary Prayer Band is dedicated to the cause of missions and to the task of enlightening the students to the need of praying, fasting, and giving. Activities include offer- ings for various missionary needs, box-work, and special meetings for those who have felt God ' s definite call to the mission field. The band meets each Friday noon to fast and pray, realizing the importance of the Master ' s words, " This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting. " THOMAS REID President MARTHA GRAY Secretary-Treasurer MISS MARIE PEERY Sponsor MISSIONARY PRAYER BAND TREBLE TONE CHORUS Front row, left to right: Pat Mercer, Sandy Nedrow, Beverly Musgrave, Brenda Reynolds, Martha Godby, Pat Taylor, Miss Barbara McClain, director. Second row: Sharon Norricic, Ul- dine Stewart, Carol Light, Lois Kolar, Miriam Hudgins, Joy Nell Warhurst, Iris Jones. Third row: Bobbye McCleslcey, Judy Parrish, Janice Hay, Peggy Carson, Sue Ryl and, Betty Lou Taylor, Sylvia Thrasher, Hilda Kea. Fourth row: Ann Fleming, Norma Cornelius, Phyllis Warren, Micky McMeans, Joyce Rudd, Ida Vaughn, Marita Slifer. The Treble Tone Chorus under the direction of Miss Barbara Mc- Clain is ihe ladies ' glee club which was organized two years ago. Their perfornnance has been excellent. The accompanist is Miss Sylvia Thrasher. The Male Chorus, or " Trevadores, " is another new musical group organized two years ago. Professor Ramon Unruh is the directo.-. The men sing in biweekly practice sessions and have had several pub- lic appearances. The accompanist is Mr. Ed Allred. First row: Professor Unruh, director. Second row, left to right: Don Elder, Jimmy Staggs. Third row: Curtiss Pearson, Larry Altman, Bill Elkins. Fourth row: EIridge Eads, Gene Leviner, Leslie Farthing, Eugene Fadeley. MALE CHORUS 90 Front row, left to right: Linda Taylor, Ann Bohannon, Betty Helms, Lois Con Miriam Goodwin. Second row: Mary Beth Richardson, Peggy Jo Neal, Sue Nancy Rushing, Berma DuBose, Helen Burch. Third row: Denny Hage, Wayne Melton, Wendell Poole, Paul Jacltson, Herman Rouse. Fourth row: James Van Wade Westbrook, Orval key, Jean Partin, Linda Pierce, Karen Cox, Phyllis Lobb, Bess Pearson, Hayes, Frances Howick, Sylvia Young, Carolyn Wiley, Edith Mingledorff, Clancy, Everett Higginbotham, Edwin LeJeune, Douglas Askew, Dale Hook, Ed Allred, Don Pitier, Melvin Welch, Gene Cook, Ray mond Cowan, LeJeune, Don Eads. A CAPPELLA CHOIR PROFESSOR RAMON UNRUH Director Socials, daily practices, plenty of lung exercises, and perseverance mark the gradual day-by-day progress of the A Cappeila Choir. Besides making various public appearances throughout the year, the choir made a two-week tour on the Southeastern Educational Zone. The choir plans also to go to Kansas City for the General Assembly this summer. The desire of every choir member is that our Christ might be honored and praised. SUMMER TRAVEL GROUPS Thousands of Nazarene young people over the Southeastern Educational Zone first come into con- tact with our college through the traveling groups sent out under the direction of the field representa- tive, Rev. C. E. Keys. I Left to right: Marquita Thomas, Nancy Rushing, Miriam Goodwin Left to right: Linda Taylor, Mary Beth Richardson, Lois Conkey Left to right: Denny Hage, Dale Melton, Gene Cook, Douglas Askew. 92 PROFESSOR RAMON UNRUH Faculty Recltallst PAUL JACKSON Senior Speech Recital RECITALISTS SYLVIA YOUNG Junior Piano Recital BESS PEARSON Junior Speech Recital JOYCE HUGHES Senior Sn«och Recital PAUL CLECKNER Junior Speech Recital 1 ' 1 The street scene in Damascus David, the J ewish captive, is tormented by the Arabs. CHRISTMAS PLAY 94 Scene from Junior Class play entitled " The Lost Church " SPORTS • DORMITORY AND CAMPUS LIFE T.A.A. officers are, left fo right: Mary Jane Still, Joyce Woodard, Wen- dell Poole, Jeanie Ledford. TREVECCA ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS WENDELL POOLE President JOYCE WOODARD Secretary MARY JANE STILL Treasurer JEAN LEDFORD Reporter Wendell Poole Is the able president of the Tre- vecca Athletic Association. With the help of Jo yce Woodard, secretary, Mary Jane Still, treasurer, and Jean Ledford, reporter, he gets the job done. The co-sponsors. Dr. hHomer J. Adams and Miss Barbara McClaIn, nnake the problems seem smoother as they with the four officers advise to the best of their ability. The T.A.A. is a well-organized society with fun and play for all. Football, basketball, and softball are the three sports which cause the most enthusiasm, but there Is much excitement also at a good ping pong, volleyball or shuffleboard game. With the beginning of a new school year comes the organization of athletic societies. There are three societies — Alpha, Beta, and Delta. Throughout the year students look forward to the different sports, and to the winning societies In each game. 98 ATHLETIC SOCIETIES ALPHA The Alphas elected Bob Cook as society chair- man. Football season opened with special enthusiasm as they began the fight to maintain their victory of last year. They were rewarded for their efforts by the championship game which captured the title for them again. Basketball season began this year at the Salvation Army Community Center In North Nashville. Al- pha expectations ran high with each new victory and with the approach of championship games. With spring came the Alphas ' hope of being able to add Softball victories to their records. BETA With the idea in mind of giving the Alphas and Deltas a rough struggle this year, the Beta Society chose Gene Cook as society chairman. The foot- ball season has been one of the best this year. The Beta boys were the first to give the Delta boys a defeat. The Betas played top-notch basketball and looked forward to a chance to prove themselves in Softball. DELTA Charles Kirby was elected society chairman of the Deltas. With the beginning of football in the fall they were out to take first place. By the end of the season the Deltas had deadlocked the Alphas in a first-place tie. Deltas gave the Alpha team good competition In basketball and looked to the tournament plays as a fighting chance for basketball champs. As prevailing softball champions of last year, the Delta boys viewed softball season with the deter- mination of holding their position. 99 FOOTBALL ALL-STARS WADE WESTBROOK RONALD KENNEDY GLENN WOODS I BOB COOK ELDON WARD CHARLES KIRBY We played hard After him, boys 100 FOOTBALL There ' s the kickoff, and the foo+ball season has officially started on T.N.C. campus. En- thusiasm was good as each society tried to cheer the loudest for Its team. The Alphas found out that competition was going to be rough as the Deltas had a newcomer from E.N.C. — Glenn Woods. Gerald Woods was In there with the Beta team fighting hard. Each team member worked hard and It was good to see that there was victory for all this season — the Betas defeating the Deltas, and the Deltas defeating th Alphas. Al Wood with the Alpha team did a good job of coming out victorous even though by a small margin. STANDINGS W L T Top:Alpha 3 I 2 Center: Beta I 4 0 Bottom: Delta 2 2 2 TOP SIX IN SCORING Glenn Woods Delta Al Wood Alpha Wendell Poole Alpha Gerald Woods Beta Bob Cook Alpha Charles Kirby Delta BASKETBALL T 1 ED SISSON GLENN WOODS DAVID WARD BOB COOK A L L - S T A R S ROGER COSTA A Basket for Woods 102 BOYS BASKETBALL " Who will defeat the Alphas this year? " This was the main question as the basketball season started. Competition was stiff and the Deltas and Betas both determined to be the successors. Eddie Sisson did a good job of keeping the scores up for the Alphas, but Paul Jackson was working hard for the Deltas and the Betas had the help of Duane Houston. There were tense moments at the end of some of the games as it seemed that one of these societies would defeat the undefeated Alphas, but at the end of the season the Alphas could boast once again of being " champs. " TOP SIX SCORERS Ed Sisson Alpha 224 Joe Carr Beta 165 Glenn Woods Delta 144 Dave Ward Delta 136 Roger Costa Beta 133 Dave Brown Alpha .100 Won Lost Alpha 6 0 Delta 3 3 Beta 0 6 TOURNAMENTS Delta over Beta — first round Alpha over Delta — championship Top: Alpha Center: Beta Bottom: Delta GIRLS BASKETBALL DORIS SWEENEY ESTHER BLUME SHARON NORRICK LOUISE IRWIN CAROL LIGHT MARY JANE STILL A L L - S T A R S Carolyn guards fhe ball 104 GIRLS BASKETBALL Amid cheers and laughter, girls basketball was off to an exciting start as the Alphas challenged the Betas in the first game of the season. Alpha girls got " on the ball " and were un- defeated in the regular games of the season. Carol Light did some superb shooting, mak- ing the undefeated record possible. Beta and Delta girls were not to be left completely out of the picture. The excellent shooting of Doris Sweeney and Mary Jane Still gave keen competition, making the games exciting and keeping all the players " on their toes. " The Deltas proved themselves during the tournament games, defeating both the Alphas and the Betas, and coming out as " champs " at the end of the season. TEAM RECORDS Won Lost Alpha 6 0 Delta 2 4 Beta I 5 TOURNAMENT Won Lost Delta 2 0 Alpha 0 I Beta 0 I TOP SCORERS Carol Light 89 Mary Jane Still 86 Joyce Shaw 35 Peggy Carson 25 Doris Sweeney 25 Esther Blume 19 Top: Alpha Center: Beta Bottom: Delta 105 SOFTBALL With spring in the air and everyone ready for a good time, the softball season started. School spirit was high as many appeared at the games, each cheering his side on to victory. Which team was the best was a hard deci- sion for anyone to make, for each team was well-organized and really " on the ball. " You could tell they were, for some hard battles were staged during this season. The Alphas had hlugh Smith to thank for watching over second base and giving many inspiring words to his teammates. Lowell Cly- burn did a good job of hitting homerums for the Betas. The Deltas were very proud of Byron Dollar ' s pitching. The season was very successful and the Del- tas could brag of being " champs. " Top: Alpha Center: Beta Bottom: Delta 106 what ' s the score? A L L - S P O R T S We call the games Wonder what the play is Spectators?? 7 Sweeney tries for two Who ' s got the ball? RESIDENCE HALLS COUNCIL The dormitory counselors have two functions. First, they become counselors to freshmen or other students who would like to discuss their problems with someone on their own level. Second, the mem- bers of the group serve as liaison between the stu- dents and the dean of students in matters concern- ing campus life. The council Is responsible for the Saturday evening programs. In September the counselors are appointed. They meet monthly and discuss problems and projects. Professor Leon Chambers is the sponsor. Representing Tidwell Hall are, left to right: Leroy Davis, Mr. Walter White, Winston Hatcliff, Kemp Higgenbotham, Wendel Poole. Representing McKay Hall are, left to right: Martha Gray, Miss Thelma Bruckner, Sylvia Young, Jeanette Willis. Representing Hardy Hall are, left to right: Anita Hannilton, Betty Dent, Judy Magnusson, Rosalie Gardner. Seated: Miss Marie Perry. 108 MOTHERLY COUNSELING ■■■B hIIIM ON WITH THE WEDDING GIBBS HALL WINTER AT We honor it . . . We love it . . . May it never die Cooperation Friendliness 120 STUDENT INDEX ACHESON, Charles Trevecca Trailer Court, Nashville, Tenn. ADAMS, Beverly Sue P.O. Box 313, Bamberg, S.C. ADAMS, Donnie R.R. 5, Paris, Ky. ADAMS, Janice P.O. Box 313, Bamberg, S.C. ADAMS, Nancy 1316 E. Main, Waverly, Tenn. ADKISSON, Joseph 82 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. AGNER, Paul R.R. 2, Madison, Fla. ALLEN, Matthew Jimmy R.R. I , Box 6 1 , McComb, M iss. ALLISON, Carol 931 Currey Road, Nashville, Tenn. ALLISON, Lloyd 931 Currey Road, Nashville, Tenn. ALLRED, Edward 812 West Lee, Greensboro, N.C. ALTMAN, Larry 40 Clark St., Henderson, Ky. AMMEN, Langdon Kernersville, N.C. ANDREWS, Jerry 3127 Villa Rosa, Tampa I I, Fla. ARCHER, Danny 2520 25th St., Nitro, W.Va. ARENDER, Alice June R.R. t. Box 86, Jackson, Miss. ARKLEY, Wanda 1723 Eldersville Road, Follansbee, W.Va. ASKEW, Douglas 2461 Beech Ave., Macon, Ga. BABIONE, Malcolm Box 58 I I , Midwest City, Okla. BAKER, Janese R.R. I, Box 32, Linville, Va, BAKER, Janice R.R. 2, Box 41, Lewisburg, W.Va. BAKER, Lucille R.R. I, Box 32, Linville, Va. BARNES, Helen 4821 Torbay Dr., Nashville, Tenn. BARNHILL, Bobby Pocalla Springs, Sumter, S.C. BAUCOM, Dean 3219 Meade, Nashville, Tenn. BAUER, Bobby 353 Short St., Lawrenceburg, Ind. BAUER, Johnny 353 Short St., Lawrenceburg, Ind. BEARD, Lloydette Farmers Exchange, Tenn. BEASEY, Alena 4302 Hannah, Louisville, Ky. BEEL, Jeanette 1 760 E. Decatur St., Decatur, III. BEELER, Sue Bussell Ferry Rd., Lenoir City, Tenn. BENDER, James Star Route, Monteagle, Tenn. BENSON, Ann 3524 Golt St., Nashville, Tenn. BEYER, Charles Box 45, Large Branch, Clanton, Pa, BIGGS, Randall 660 Franklin Ave., Lewisbu rg, Tenn. BLACKMON, Edna Ruth 521 Lemont Dr., Nashville, Tenn. BLANKENSHIP, Donald Sumter, S.C. BLUME, Esther Box 24, Cory, Ind. BLYTHE, George 7745 N.W. 4th Ave., Miami, Fla. BOHANNON, Ann IE. Esther, Orlando, Fla. BOLIN, Myrtle P.O. Box 354, Brover, N.C BOOHER, Rosena 12805 N.W. 17th Ave., Miami 68, Fla. BORDELON, Mariana 1455 Mazant St., New Orleans, La. BOWLES, Philip .... 3604 Rumbelbrown Dr., Charleston, W.Va. BRACKEN, Barrie R.R. 2, Box 30, St. Augustine, Fla. BRANNEN, John Star Route, West Louisville, Ky. BRATTON, Linda 3O8I 2 Elm St., Russell, Ky. BRIGHT, Grace 403 S. 22nd St., New Castle, Ind. BRIGHT, Ruth 403 S. 22nd St., New Castle. Ind. BRIM, Robert I 720 E. 8th St., Jeffersonville, Ind. BROWN, Carol R.R. I, Kittannlng, Pa. BROWN, David R.R. I, Kittannlng, Pa. BROWN, Joan R.R. I, Kittannlng, Pa. BROWN, Robert Lee R.R. 3, Graleville, Fla. BRUCKNER, VI rglnla Magnolia, Miss. BRUMBELOE, Marlene 4305 Alabama Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala. BRYAN, John B Trailer Court, Nashville, Tenn. BRYANT, Wesley 68 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. BULA, Shirley R.R. 5, Box 364, Vlcksburg, Miss. BURCH, Helen 401 Masonic Lane, Richmond, Va. BURNETTE, Esther 27l7 ' 2 Flint St., Bristol, Tenn. BUTLER, David 500 Fesslers La., Lot E-7, Nashville, Tenn. BUTLER, Nancy 110 N.W. 7th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale Fla. BUTLER, Walter R.R. I, Box 347, Homestead, Fla. CAIN, Darlene Big Cllfty, Ky. CAIN, Delbert Clarkson, Ky. CAIN, Sue Clarkson, Ky. CALDWELL, Odell 60 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. CAMPBELL, Eugene 75 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. CARR, Joe Robert 2502 Indianola Ave., Columbus, Ohio CARROLL, Jacqueline R.R. |, Trenton, Ga. CARSON, Margaret 219 Monroe St., Falls Church Va. CARSON, Ray 1309 Dermit Rd., Nashville, Tenn. CASSEDAY, Lynn 235 Shattowford Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. CASTO, Nancy 116 W. Renolds Ave., Belle, W.Va. CHASON, Robert Bambridge, Ga. CLACK, Kenneth 2573 Coral Way Daytona Beach Fla. CLANCY, Wayne 221 7 Perth Ct., Louisville, Ky. CLARK, Jerry D R.R. 2, Box 294, Charleston, W.Va. CLAYTON, Ann 718 Todd St., Shawmut, Ala. CLAYTON, John 676 E. High St., Waynesburg, Pa. CLECKNER, Paul 901 McClurkan, Nashville, Tenn. CLYBURN, Lowell Gen. Del., Klsslmmee, Fla. COLLINS, Carolyn Plnevllle, W.Va. COLLINS, Robert P.O. Box 155, Twin Branch, W.Va. COMBS, Chloe 108 Everett St., Chattanooga, Tenn. COMBS, Mary 108 Summers St., Beckley, W.Va. COMFORT, Sidney Mil Noble St., Jackson, Miss. CONKEY, Lois 3274 Taylor Rd,, Barberton, Ohio CONLEY, MyrI R.R. 2, Mud Lick, Ky. COOK, Bob 119 25th, Huntington, W.Va. COOK, Carol 114 N. Osceola, Arcadia, Fla. COOK, Donna 105 Union Rd., St. Louis 23, Mo. COOK, Duane 9822 63rd Dr., Forest Hills, N.Y. COOK, Gene 2603 Greenup St., Covington, Ky. COPEN, Marshall 129 East A Dr., Charleston, W.Va. COPLEY, Nancy Inez, Ky. CORNELIUS, Norma .... 2633 N.E. 6th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. COSTA, Roger 517 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. COTTRELL, Frances 501 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. COWAN, La Nelle 85 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. COWAN, Raymond 85 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. COX, Karen Box 259, Legq Rt., Sissonville, W.Va. COX, Sandra 1743 Rembert Ave., Macon, Ga. CRAIG, James 204 Garwood Dr., Nashville, Tenn. CREW, Paul 2725 River Ave., Camden 5, N.J. CRITES, Evangeline 648 Wllshlre Dr., Concord, N.C. CRUVER, Clifford 511 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. CULPEPPER, Sarah Box 66, Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. CUMMINGS, Orville 2364 Pa., Charleston, W.Va. DALTON, Gene Private Dr., Trevecca Campus DAUGHERTY, Shirley 2815 Dixie Ave., Savannah, Ga. DAVIS, David 501 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. DAVIS, Donna R.R. I, Box 343, Homestead, Fla. DAVIS, Jordan 6 00 N. Lee St., Valdosta, Ga. DAVIS, Leroy 1601 Broadway, Goodland, Kan. DAVIS, Robert 2173 Carson St., Nashville, Tenn. DAVIS, Shirley 1601 Broadway, Goodland, Kan. DAVIS, William C 501 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. DeBOER, John R 164 West 17th St., Holland, Mich. DEEL, Laverne Wainvllle, W.Va. DENNIS, Carl 312 Veritas St., Nashville, Tenn. DENNIS, Carolyn 149 S. Elm St., Hagerstown, Ind. DENNIS, Darrell 85 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. DENNIS, Garnald 149 S. Elm St., Hagerstown, Ind. DENT, Bettyle R.R. 3, Whltwell, Tenn. DERRYBERRY, Harold 1211 Kermlt Dr., Nashville, Tenn. DILLEY, Geraldlne 105 Judge St., Marllnton, W.Va. DISHON, Ralph 65 Woodford Ave., Owensboro, Ky. DIXON, Robert R.R. I, Aashland, Ky. DOLLAR, Byron 107 Alexander Rd., Fairfax, Ala. DONEGAN, Beverly R.R. I, Tennessee City, Tenn. DOOLITTLE, Ronald 1219 Egleston Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. DOWNING, Dorothy R.R. 4, Box 218, Fitzgerald, Ga. DRAKE, Doris 50 S. Henderson Ave., Donaldsonville, Ga. DuBOSE, Berma 403 S. Main St., Fitzgerald, Ga. DuBOSE, Juanlta 403 S. Main St., Fitzgerald, Ga. DURLAND, Archie 492 Lindbergh Ave., Charleston, S.C. EADS, Donald 93 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. EADS, Eldrldge 93 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. EADY, Kenneth 511 Laird Circle, Brookhaven, Miss. ELDER, Donald 1320 Durrett, Louisville, Ky. ELKINS, James Heaberlln Rd., Wurtland, Ky. ELKINS, Mary Katherlne 4228 Curtis Ave., Louisville, Ky. ELKINS, Bill Heaberlln Rd., Wurtland, Ky. EVANS, Mary Elaine 735 Wildview Dr., Nashville, Tenn. EVANS, Maurice Ervin 735 Wildview Dr., Nashville, Tenn. FADELEY, Eugene 3605 West St., Welrton, W.Va. PARISH, John William 9 Sycamore Ave., Somerdale, N.J. FARMER, Ernest Virgil 157 1st Ave. South, Mltro, W.Va. FARTHING, Leslie Box 213, Cabin Creek, W.Va. FICHTNER, Betty 509 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 121 STUDENT INDEX FICHTNER, Edwin 509 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. FIGGE, Eugene 1138 Bryden Rd., Columbus, Ohio FISHIER, Walter 230 N.W. 4th Ave., Homestead, Fla. FLEMING, Ann P.O. Box 34, Dolomite, Ala. FLY, William 3804 Nebraska Ave., Nashville, Tenn. FOSKEY, Marilyn R.R. 6, Box 95, Dublin, Ga. FOWLER, Thomas 3906 9th Ave., Parkersburg, W.Va. FRAME, Eugene R.R. I, Williamsburg, Ind. FRAZIER, Oren 511 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. FREY, Jane R.R. i, Lickton Pike, Whites Creek, Tenn. FREY, Ruth R.R. I, Lickton Pike, Whites Creek, Tenn. FROST, Jack 3233 N.W. lOlst St., Miami, Fla. FRY, Geraldine 4103 E. Commanche Ave., Tampa 10, Fla. FRYE, Earl 9017 Ohio Ave., Marmet, W. Va. FURNISS, Harold 307 Monroe Ave., Clarksdale, Miss. FURNISS, Robert 336 Woodycrest Ave., Nashville, Tenn. GALLOWAY, Bill 74 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. GALLOWAY, Patricia 4215 David Ave., Louisville 16, Ky. GARBER, John 727 Race St., Waynesburg, Pa. GARDNER, Rosalie 207 1st Ave., Glasgow, W.Va. GARNER, Emory P.O. Box 114, Grion, Ga. GATES, Ernest Trevacca Campus, Nashville, Tenn. GEISE, Juanlta ... Box 4 1 , Bentonville, Ind. GIBBS, William 606 Benton W.S., Nashville 4, Tenn. GIBSON, Wayne 313 Wimpole Dr., Nashville, Tenn. GIBSON, Judy 1276 Clay St., Bowling Green, Ky. GILLIAN, Franklin 814 Cauthen St., Rock Hill, S.C. GODBY, Martha 2341 Dorma Ave., Louisville, Ky. GODBY, Paul 75 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. GOINS, Shannon Lou 97 Aspen Ave., Frankfort, Ky. GOODMAN, Barbara ■ R.R. I, Sewanee, Tenn. GOODWIN, Miriam 732 Covington St., Jackson, Ga. GOULD, Brenda 1342 W. State St., Columbus, Ohio GRAY, David 4000 Sunset Ave., Chattanooga I I, Tenn. GRAY, June Route 4, Shelbyville, Tenn. GRAY, Martha R.R. I, Pavo, Ga. GRAY, Virginia 311 Patten Dr.. Ashland, Ky. GREER, Barbara .Box 266, Clinton, Miss. GUNTER, Theresa 15 Columbia Rd., Winnsboro, SC. HADDIX, Bruce R.R. I, Box 229, Elklns, W.Va. HADDIX, Terrill R.R. I, Box 229, Elkins, W.Va. HADEN, Carolyn Sue .... 100 Holmes, Somerset ,Ky. HAGE, Dennis 714 N.W. 33rd St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. HALL, Iris Darleen Santa Clair, Cuba HALL, Nannie Lee 93 Lester Ave., Nashville 10, Tenn. HALL, John Wesley, Jr Santa Clair, Cuba HALL, Orville, Jr 93 Lester Ave., Nashville 10, Tenn. HALL, Patricia A Santa Clair, Cuba HALL, Patricia Ann 113 Brook Dr., Dickson, Tenn. HALL, Patricia I Santa Clair, Cuba HAMILTON, Anita 311 W. 7th St., New Albany, Ind. HAMRICK, Kenneth 856 Mission Rd., Charleston, W.Va. HARMON, Jane R.R. I, Box 87, Adger, Ala. HARNER, Lea I I 3 I 0 Procts Court, Cleveland, Ohio HARRIS, Stanley 293 Browning Rd., Nashville II, Tenn. HASSINGER, Raymond . . . Trevecca Trailer Court, Nashville, Tenn. HATCLIFF, Winston Cherokee N.C. HATFIELD, Daniel 509 Donchester Ave., Middlesboro, Ky. HAUFLER, Nancy R.R. 3, Box 217, G ainesville, Fla. HAWKS, Frank 1113 Highland Park Dr., Lexington Ky HAY Janice Albany, ' Ky. HAYES, Myra Sue R.R. I, Box 32-A, Adamsville Ala. HAYES, Patsy r.r. 2, Bruceville, Ind. HAYES, Richard Trevecca Trailer Court, Nashville, Tenn. HEATON, Kenneth Trevecca Trailer Court, Nashville Tenn HEDGEPATH, Richard 5812 Couch Dr., Nashville ' , Tenn. UnRf. ' " " ' " ' •R- 2, Brooksville, Ky. E NSS, Paul Allardt, Tenn. HELMS, Betty 2029 Harold Ct., Tallahassee, Fla. HEMMERLY, Kenneth .... 1435 McGavock Pike, Nashville Tenn HENDERSON, Donald 1116 W. Aldham, Knoxville Tenn. n ' Jf, " ' ® : 408 Elm Ave. S.E., Roano ' ke, Va. u,rr?Kf,ioTL lK. r Boksburg, Transvaal, South Africa HIGGINBOTHAM, Everett 5029 Wingdale, Memphis Tenn I S. ' .K , ' ' P 5029 Wingdale, Memphis, Tenn. HIGHLANDER, Brenda R.R. 2, Box 16, Alderson W.Va HINTON, Jack 93- A Carroll St., Nashville, Tenn. HOLDERBY, Bob 607 llth St. W., Huntington, W.Va. HOLT, Donna Box 92, Jamestown, Tenn. HOOD, Jo Ann 1307 Myrtle Ave., Sanford, Fla. HORTON, Irvin 80 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. HOUSTON, Duane R.R. I, Boone, Iowa HOWES, Tressa Cabin Creek, W.Va. HOWICK, Frances 1123 N. Alexander St., Charlotte, N.C. HUDGINS, Miriam ... 225 Sleepy Hollow Rd., Falls Church, Va. HUDSON, Kermit R.R. 2, Box 394-A, Charleston, W.Va. HUGHES, Harold 122 E. Bijou, Colorado Springs, Colo. HUGHES, Joyce 8180 Cadillac, Warren, Mich. HURLES, Vernon E Elm Hill Tr. Pk., Nashville, Tenn. HUSSEY, Edith 1649 N.E. 30th Ct., Pompano Beach, Fla. HYDE, Alfred 8000 52nd Lane N., Pinellas Pk., Fla. IRWIN, Ed 72 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. IRWIN, Kenneth 1885 Kingshighway, Clearwater, Fla. IRWIN, Louise 1885 Kingshighway, Clearwater, Fla. JACKSON, Paul R.R. I, Clay City, Ind. JEFFCOATE, Marjorie . . . 475 Hanging Moss Circle, Jackson, Miss. JENKINS, Betty 643 S. 7th St., Clarksburg, W.Va. JENKINS, Lawrence 408 Oak Heights Ave., Plant City, Fla. JOHNSON, Arnold 1007 W. Buryon St., High Point, N.C. JOHNSON, Yvonne 706 E. Oak St., Lakeland, Fla. JONES, Lillle 513 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. JONES, Rudolph Armathwaite, Tenn. JONES, Deldre Piggs Peak, Swaziland, S. Africa JONES, Gary 513 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. JONES, Iris R.R. 5, Box 424-A, Savannah, Ga. JONES, Lucille 811 Kirkwood Lane, Nashville 4, Tenn. JONES, Margaret 515 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. JONES, Patsy Yvonne .76 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. JONES, Ruby 28 Kennedy Homes, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JONES, Yvonne Piggs Peak, Swaziland, S. Africa KOLMES, Robert 9 Lower Ferry Rd., Trenton, N.J. KEA, Hilda S. High St., Waynesboro, Tenn. KEITH, Jennie W. Somerset, Somerset, Ky. KELLY, Alma 3rd St. Lane, Richmond, Ky. KELLY, Howard 3rd St. Lane, Richmond, Ky. KENNEDY, Carolyn I 123 36th Ave. N. St. Petersburg, Fla. KENNEDY, Ronald Quick, W.Va. KERR, Joseph R.R. 4, Box 558, Greensboro, N.C. KING, Eugene .... R.R. 5, Box 302, Savannah, Ga. KIRBY, Billy 511 Rube S., Maryville, Tenn. KIRBY, Charles 3348 Rosita Dr., Memphis, Tenn. KLAUSNER, William 69 Lyie Lane, Nashville, Tenn. KLINSTIVER, Charles, Jr Trevecca College, Nashville, Tenn. KLINSTIVER, Charles, Sr Trevecca College, Nashville, Tenn. KNOTTS, Eleanor 1313 Portview Dr., Nashville, Tenn. KNOX, Charlene Dulaney St., Houston, Miss. KOCH, Gary Trevecca Tr. Ct., Nashville, Tenn. KOHSER, E. Ray 125 Deep Creek Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. KOLAR, Linda 64 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. KOLAR, Lois 64 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. KOLLIO, Anna 1009 Riverside Dr., Nashville, Tenn. LANCASTER, Robert 324 Persons St., Ft. Valley, Ga. LANE, Mary Helen 3100 Cronwell Dr., Lorain, Ohio LANIER, Rachel Box 216, Kenansville, Fla. LASLEY, James 1806 46th, Langdale, Ala. LAWRENCE, Riley 611 Wood St., Maysville, Ky. LAWSON, Franklin Box 234, McCrory, Ark. LAWSON, Mavis R.R. 2, McCrory, Ark. LEDFORD, Norma Jean . . . 104 Woodlawn Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn. LEE, Paul 1316 N.W. 52nd St., Miami, Fla. LEEPER, Helen R.R. 2, Proctorville, Ohio LEEZER, Arthur M 54-B University Ct., Nashville, Tenn. LEIGH, Nancy R.R. 4, Box 32-A, Greenwood, Ind. LeJEUNE, Edwin 1209 Pegram St., Charlotte, N.C. LeJEUNE, Orval 1209 Pegram St., Charlotte, N.C. LEVINER, Eugene 540 Beech Dr. Newport News, Va. LIGHT, Carol Box 128, Cabin Creek, W.Va. LIN, Archie Norrls 1617 N. Dixie, Lake Worth, Fla. LITTLE, Dwayne 425 Highway, Ludlow, Ky. LITTON, Marilyn 50 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 122 STUDENT INDEX LOBB, Phyllis R.R. 3, Box 113, Greensburq, Ky. LOYD, Evelyn R.R. 2, Box MO F, Bartow, Fla. McBRYANT, Pauline R.R. 3, Fitzgerald, Ga. McCAULEY. John R.R. I. Box 226, Elkins, W.Va. McCLESKEY, Bobbye 1376 Crest Ave., Tarrant, Ala. McDonald, Anne R.R. 5, Box 532, Charleston, W.Va. McDonald, Ed 5313 Staunton Ave., Charleston, W.Va. McDonald, Margaret . . 5313 Staunton Ave., Charleston, W.Va. McDowell, Faye 1318 Sweetbrler Ave., Nashville, Tenn. McDowell, Mildred 1318 Sweetbrier Ave., Nashville, Tenn. McFILLEN, Beverly P.O. Box 4163, Alexandria, La. McGILL, Mary Alice 516 W. Jessamine St., Fitzgerald, Ga. McGRANAHAN, Larry 606 E. Hendrix, Brazil, Ind. McKAY, Elizabeth Kodailcanal, S. India McMEANS, Margaret 588 E. Calla Rd., Poland, Ohio McWHORTER, Harold 42 Johns St., St. Augustine, Fla. MAGNUSSON, Judy Green Bay, Va. MANN, Walter C Trevecca Trailer St., Nashville, Tenn. MARLIN, Sharron 635 Glenthorn Rd., Columbia, S.C. MASON, Earline . . Mawrertown, Va. MATLOCK, Charles R.R. I, Lenlor City, Tenn. MATLOCK, Julia R.R. I, Lenior City, Tenn. MEDINA. Barbara 1407 Spring St., Parkersburg, W.Va. MEEKS, Herman A 97-A University Ct., Nashville, Tenn. MEEKS, Jack 2968 S.W. 24th Terrace, Miami, Fla. MELTON, Charles 2221 Foster Ave., Nashville, Tenn. MELTON, Dale 425 W. Imogene St., Arcadia, Fla. MENESS, John, Jr 411 Hall Circle, Gallatin, Tenn. MERCER, Patsy P.O. Box 82, Hattiesburq, Miss. MIDCAP, Allen R.R. 2, New Martinsville, W.Va. MIDDLETON, Travis 645 4th Ave. N., Lewisburg, Tenn. MILES, llene 2189 Hillview, Sarasota, Fla. MILEY, Judy 323 E. 12th St., Belle, W.Va. MINGLEDORFF, Edith 1906 Boulevard, Greensboro, N.C. MITCHELL. Bob 3 I -A Carroll, Nashville, Tenn. MITCHELL, Jeanette 2 1 S. Washington St., Sumter, S.C. MITCHELL, Ruby P.O. Box 372, Sebring, Fla. MOBLEY, Clayton 51 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. MOBLEY, Donna 5 1 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. MOBLEY, Judy .51 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. MOORE, Carolyn .... 4807 Washington Ave., Charleston, W.Va. MOORE, John . . ... 2736 Margan Dr., Dallas 16, Texas MORRISON, Mary Elizabeth . . . 1478 Wolf Ridge Dr., Mobile, Ala. MORSE, Joseph W 66 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. MOSES, Joe 119 Broad St., Salem, Va. MUNSEY, Margie 200 Grand St., Lenoir City, Tenn. MUNSHOWER, Virginia Box 79, Josephine, Pa. MURRAY, Lorraine R.R. 3, Box 578, Jacksonville, Fla. MUSGRAVE, Beverly R.R. I, Box 9, Willow Wood, Ohio MYERS, Robert Carml, III. NAILLE, William II3-B University Ct., Nashville, Tenn. NASH, Gloria 10160 I 14th Terrace, No. Largo Fla. NEAL, Peggy Jo R.R. 4, Box 308, Rock Hill, S.C. NEDROW, Sandra .... 734 Monongalia Ave., Morgantown, W.Va. NELSON, Marlellyn 1 560 S. Murtle, Clearwater, Fla. NICHOLS, Carolyn 18803 Oakland Ave., Detroit 3, Mich. NICHOLS, William Box 602, Unlontown, Ala. NEILSON, Sherrill 35 Arden Rd., Montgomery 9, Ala. NIXON, William 708 E. Amate, Jackson, Miss. NOEL, Judle R.R. I, Box 86, Spencer, Ind. NORRICK, Sharon HO Trusler St., Oakland City, Ind. PALMER, Joyce R.R. 3, Ithaca, Mich. PARRISH, Earl R.R. I , Box 300, Brunswick, Ga. PARRISH, Judith R.R. 4, Box 367-E, Rock Hill, S.C. PARSONS, Annice 181 E. Stevens, Cookevllle, Tenn. PARTIN, Jean 216 E. Monroe, Thomasvllle, Ga. PATRICK, Gail 1630 Winston St., Florence, Ala. PEARSON, Bess 501 Jameson, Houston Miss. PEARSON, Curtlss S 1416 Wells Ave., S.E., Huntsville Ala. PENNINGTON, Rosemary 878 Kipling Dr., Nashville, Tenn. PERDUE, Eva Plneville W.Va. PETERSON, Aldor Box 68, Al melund, Minn. PETTY, Carlyn 79A Gl enrose, Nashville Tenn. PHILLIPS, Jackson 1110 Sunnymeade, Nashville, Tenn. PHILLIPS, Judith R.R. 4, Box 241-B, Gainesville, Fla. PHIPPS, Samuel 43 1 1 2 W- 6th St., Huntington, W.Va. PICKETT, Arthur 2003 Hutton Dr., Nashville, Tenn. PICKETT, Lillian 2003 Hutton Dr., Nashville, Tenn. PIERCE, Linda 505 Columbia Ave., Danville. III. PITZER, Donald 716 Idlewild Dr., Madison, Tenn. POOLE, Wendell 3110 Idlewood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio POWELL, Marian 200 Renter Ave., Clanton, Ala. PRATT, Jackson 3120 Knobdale Rd., Nashville, Tenn. PRATT, Mary R.R. I, Box 73, Victoria, Va. PREECE, Bertha Box 144, Inez, Ky. PRICE, Marie 500 Fessler Ave., D-9, Nashville, Tenn. PRICE, Nathan 500 Fessler Ave., D-9, Nashville, Tenn. PROPST, Audrey Mt. Solon, Va. PROVANCE, Esther Box 14, Follansbee, W.Va. PUGH, Cecil R.R. I, Knightstown, Ind. PUTNAM, Bill 185 Jewett St., Lowell, Mass. PUTNAM, Glenda 933 Gilbert St., Atlanta, Ga. QUICK, Mitchell R.R. 4, Box 214, Bennettsville, S.C. RAGSDALE, James D 4506 Nevada Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. RAGSDALE. Roy R.R. 10, Cullman, Ala. RALPH, Barbara 513 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. RANEY, Wendell 1332 Main, Vlncennes, Ind. REID, Thomas Clearbrook. Va. REYNOLDS, Brenda 3021 Ave. 1, Birmingham, Ala. REYNOLDS, Gene . . 4400 Windemere Rd., Columbia, S.C. RHODES, Carlene Yvonne Riverview Dr., Clarksville, Tenn. RHODES, Cecil .St. Maryville, Tenn. RHODES, Edith 723 PFLance St., Maryville, Tenn. RHODES, William 315 Frayser Ave., Owensboro, Ky. RICE, John 319 Valeria, Nashville, Tenn. RICHARDSON, Carol .... 78 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. RICHARDSON, Mary Beth 78 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. RICHARDSON, Victor 78 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. RIDDLE, Beulah . . Albany, Ky. RIFE, Shirley 1226 N. Tuxedo St., Indianapolis, Ind. RILEY, Beverly R.R. 5, Mayfield, Ky. ROBBINS, Melba Jean .... 1615 Danville Rd. S.W„ Decatur. Ala. ROBERSON, Carol 325 Walker St.. Holly Hill. Fla. ROBERTSON. Everett ... 212 Donelson Pike, Nashville, Tenn. ROBERTSON, Harold Wayne .... 86 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. ROBERTSON, Gene 86 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. RODDY, Bill Hayes 104 Monroe St., Glasgow, Ky. RODGERS, Mark 505 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. ROE, Margaret 9301 W. Washington, Tolleson, Ariz. ROUSE, Herman 2623 Virginia, St. Louis, Mo. ROWE. Lucille 1015 Brooks, Memphis. Tenn. RUDDY, Joyce 52 Lakeshore Dr., Old Hickory, Tenn. RUSCHEL, Albert 119 Ebenzer St., Pomeroy, Ohio RUSCHEL, Barbara C Soldier, Ky. RUSHING. Nancy 2205 Bluefield Ave.. Bluefleld. W. Va. RUSSUM. Robert 919 Montrose. Nashville. Tenn. RUTLEDGE, Donald .... 1124 Rose Gardens, Clarksdale, Miss. RYLAND, Sue 5520 N. Palafaz. Pensacola. Fla. SALYER, John P 1203 17th Ave. S., Nashville. Tenn. SCOTT, Dwight A R.F.D. Box 126, Floyd. Va. SCUTT. David 2601 Highview Dr., Nashville, Tenn. SHANNON, Ruth Box 70. Slstersvllle. W.Va. SHARPTON, Geraldine R.R. I, Logan, Ala. SHARPTON, Mary Ruth R.R. I. Logan, Ala. SHAW, Frances R-R. 3, Thomaston, Ga. SHAW, Joyce L 2547 Forbes St., Jacksonville. Fla. SHELTON. William 570 Blackstone, Madison, Tenn. SHIELDS, Dorothy M R.R. I, Box 463, Terre Haute, Ind. SHIRLEY. Judy 16301 N.E. 2nd Ave.. Miami, Fla. Shirley! Wendell 415 lOth Ave. S.W.. Decatur. A ' a. SHOMO, Philip 514 Southern Turf. Nashville. Tenn. SHUMAN. Jo Anne . . . 229 Wlllowbranch Ave.. Jaclcsonvllle, Fla. SILVERNAIL, Kelih R-R. 2, Vlcksburg, Mich. SIMS Jesse Star Route, Waynesburq, Ky. SISSON, Ed R R- 2, Box 31, Princeton. W.Va. SIX, Ruth R-R. 2. New Cumberland. W.Va. SJOBLOM, Charles Box I . Lake Mary. Fla. SLAY. Rufus PO. Box 314. McComb. Miss. slay! Troy P-O. Box 314. McComb. Miss. SLIFER, Marlta 200 Oak, Springfield, Tenn. 123 STUDENT INDEX SMITH, Aubrey 432 Trinity Lane, Nashville, Tenn. SMITH, Betty Sue Box 321, Monterery, Tenn. SMITH, Bobby A Asheville, N.C. SMITH, Bobby E 1621 Holly St., Nashville, Tenn. SMITH, Donald Davis 95I 2 Lester Ave., Nashville 10, Tenn. SMITH, Donald Edison Madison Ave., East Butler, Pa. SMITH, Hugh 265 S. Willow, Cookeville, Tenn. SMITH, Jo Ann 74 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. SMITH, Linda Lou R.R. 3, Box 96, Elkview, W.Va. SMITH, Ralph Sycamore Ave., Livingston, N.J. SMITH, Thomas, Jr R.R. 2, Antloch, Tenn. SMITHSON, Elzie 2119 Sadler Ct., Nashville, Tenn. SPEAR, Gerald 410 6th St., Lawrenceburq, Tenn. SPEAR, Ruby Louise 410 6th St., Lawrenceburq, Tenn. SPENCER, Glaphre Box 55, Piggs Peak, Swaziland, S. Africa SPIVEY, Marian c o Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Lebanon Rd., Nashville, Tenn. SPRUILL, James 74 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. STAGGS, Henry 68 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. STAGGS, James 68 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. STAGGS, Jerry Lee 68 Hart St., Nashville, Tenn. STALEY, James 103 3rd St., Fond du Lac, Wis. STEELE, Marsha Box 61, Mooreland, Ind. STEELE, Sharon Kaye Box 502, Douglas, Ga. STEPHENS, Richard 228 Cyrpress Rd., Portsmouth, Va. STEWART, Faye 1005 W. Douglas, Nashville, Tenn. STEWART, Uldine 3944 Hanlin Way, Welrton, W.Va. STILES, Edward 67 Montgomery Ave., Waynesburq, Pa. STILL, Mary Jane 609 Arch St., Kingsport, Tenn. STONE, Jackie 504 Buckner, Maysville, Ky. STORY, Carl 212 Burke Rd., Lexington, Ky. STURGELL, O ' Hara R.R. I, White House, Tenn. SUMNER, Donald 5014 Manvel Dr., Nashville, Tenn. SWEENEY, Doris 227 Dalewood Ave., Salem, Va. SWINK, Mary Ann R.R. 2, Ladoga, Ind. TABERS, Gerald 1404 Vine, Murray, Ky. TANNER, Geraldine 842 Valencia St., Jackson, Miss. TAYLOR, Betty L R.R. I, Louisville, Ohio TAYLOR, John 1131 E. Cahal St., Nashville, Tenn. TAYLOR, Linda R.R. I, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. TAYLOR, Pat 2132 Beech Ave., Macon, Ga. TERRANOVA, Jim 314 Duke St., Nashville, Tenn. THAXTON, Winston 4000 N.W. 5th Ave., Miami, Fla. THOMAS, Charles 503 Barclay St., Belpre, Ohio THOMAS, Marqulta Box 426, Elkin, N.C. THOMAS, Roberta 602 W. 33 Rd., Covinqton, Ky. THOMAS, William E R.R. I, Box 131, Rhodesdale, Md. THOMPSON, Flo 85 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. THOMPSON, John Colfax, N.C. THOMPSON, Roy L 50 Nance Lane, Nashville, Tenn. THOMPSON, William R., Jr. . . . 407 E. Archwood Ave., Akron, Ohio THRASHER, Sylvia 5058 Southern Parkway, Louisville, Ky. TIEMANN, Mary Lou 1454 Clanton St., Shreveport, La. TOOMBS, Mary R.R. 5, Laurel, Miss. TRIPP, James 1 560 Veritas St., Nashville, Tenn. TRUESDALE, Albert, Jr Blvd. Rd., Sumter S.C. TUCKER, Ann 84 Ashlyn Ave., Concord S.C. TURNER, Don L 9041 lOth Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. TURNER, Rita 5407 Marlon, Chattanooga, Tenn. TURNER, Robert 9041 lOth Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. TURNER, Joy 151 Bethel Rd., Hartselle, Ala. ULM, Nada R.R. |, Lithia, Fla. UNRUH, Karen 71 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. UNRUH, R. Arlene 71 Paris Ave., Nashville, Tenn. VAN HOOK, James 412 Ridgecrest Dr., High Point, N.C. VARIAN, James 106 Joy St., Caro, Mich. VAUGHN, Ida 132 North St., Cleveland, Miss. VIARS, Dale 1125 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. WALKER, Nancy 6004 Syivania Rd., Pleasure Ridge Pk. Ky. WALLACE, Betty 70 Spring St., St. Auqustine, Fla. WALTER, Vernon 326 Sauge Ave., Essington, Pa. WARD, David Arabia Ave., Opa-Locka, Fla. WARD, Eldon 785 Arabia Ave., Opa-Locka, Fla. WARD, Fred Dean 301 White St., Shelbyville, Tenn. WARD, James Franklin 319 Valeria, Nashville, Tenn. WARD, Jessica 3009 Bath Ave., Ashland, Ky. WARHURST, Charles 724 E. Chester St., Jackson, Tenn. WARHURST, Joy Nell 724 E. Chester St., Jackson, Tenn. WARREN, Phyllis 4502 Cypress Lane, Ft. Myers, Fla. WATERMAN, Richard 13 Carol Rd., Ormond Beach, Fla. WELCH, Melvin 3972 Christopher St., Charleston, S.C. WELLS, Cecil, Jr 115 Highland Ave., Lancaster, Ky. WELLS, Lois Jean 115 Highland Ave., Lancaster, Ky. WEST, Eddie D Weldon, Iowa WESTBROOK, Wade 2028 N. 31st Ave., Birmingham, Ala. WHEATON, Glenn Jamestown, Tenn. WHEELER, Jerry Vallonia, Ind. WHIGHAM, Mary Jane . 315 Rebecca, Hattiesburg, Miss. WHITE, Patricia Ann ... Box 147, Superior, W.Va. WHITE, Walter Trevecca Campus, Nashville, Tenn. WHITTAKER, Lloyd 67 N. Arlington St., Akron S., Ohio WILEY, Carolyn ' .221 Winchester, Mlddlesboro, Ky. WILLIAMS, Barbara 328 Cavalier Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. WILLIAMS, Debby . . ' Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAMS, Mary John 101 Greenberry Circle, Fairfax, Ala. WILLIS, Janet 1518 Waterwitch, Orlanda, Fla. WILLIS, Jeanette IMS Louisville Rd., Goodlettsville, Tenn. WILSON, Robert Tr. Pk., 500 Fessler Lane, Nashville, Tenn. WISEMAN, Gene 2258 Park Ave., New Albany, Ind. WITHERSPOON, Gloria 407 Albert Dr., Sumter, S.C. WOFFORD, David Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. WOFFORD, Nelzene Trevecca Trailer Ct., Nashville, Tenn. WOOD, Alfred R.R. 3, Box 39, Winnsboro, S.C. WOOD, Beverly 455 Second St., Magnolia, Miss. WOODARD, Joyce 944 Ott St., Orangeburg, S.C. WOODARD, Judy 944 Ott St., Orangeburg, S.C. WORKMAN, John .... 2823 64th Terrace S., St. Petersburg, Fla. WOODS, Gerald R.R. I, Box 690, Birmingham, Ala. WOODS, Glenn R.R. 2, Perrerlaw, Ontario, Canada WOOTEN, Billy J Box 203, R.R. 5, Spartanburg, S.C. WRIGHT, Howard R.R. 2, Box 820, Rosedale, Ind. YOUNG, Rebecca Burrville, Tenn. YOUNG, Sylvia 1052 Houston, Mobile, Ala. YOUNG, William H 517 Lester Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 124 TENNESSEE DISTRICT C. E. SHUMAKE, Dist. Supt. ADVISORY BOARD DR. WM. GREATHOUSE MR. JOHN T. BENSON, JR. REV. M. E. REDFORD MR. JAMES AGEE REV. C. E. SHUMAKE District Superintendent growing- l iitnct — growing Scliooi Congratulations To The Class Of 1960 GEORGIA DISTRICT REV. B. D. RADEBAUGH . REV. BRUCE HALL . . . . REV. WENDELL WELLMAN REV. JACK DELL MRS. MACK ANDERSON . DISTRICT OFFICERS Secretary Treasurer Church Schools Chairman . . . N. Y. P. S. President . . N. F. M. S. President MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT ooitin reuecca azarene C oiie e DISTRICT OFFICERS REV. PAUL BLACKMON District Secretary REV. HALBERT JENKINS District Treasurer TREVECCA TRUSTEES i rr jgf ADVISORY BOARD DR. OTTO STUCKI .M fl REV. J. O. BEARDEN MR. J. C. TOUSLEY . j ' ' ' ' DR. OTTO STUCKI District Superintendent DISTRICT DEPARTMENTS MRS. B. W. DOWNING N. F. M. S. President REV. M. L. TURNEY Church Schools Chairman REV. MICKEY G. SMITH N. Y. P. S. President MRS. M. D. SARTIN Junior Director Church School Convention July 29, I960 N. F. M. S. Convention and District Assennbly Aug. 9-10-1 I, I960 VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE TREVECCA TRUSTEES DR. V. W. LITTRELL REV. RALPH SCHURMAN ADVISORY BOARD REV. V. W. LITTRELL REV. E. G. LUSK REV. H. G. COMPTON MR. W. H. HUNT REV. J. E. FOX DR. V. W. LITTRELL District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS REV. G. M. GRAHAM District Secretary REV. E.G. LUSK District Treasurer MRS. V. W. LITTRELL N.F.M.S. President REV. D. S. RADCLIFFE N.Y.P.S. President REV. E. M. FOX Chairman Church School Board Camp Meeting DILLWYN, VA. August 12-21. I960 N. Y. P. S. DISTRICT INSTITUTE July 18-22. I960 THE SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT 1960 TRUSTEES OF TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE REV. BEN F. MARLIN REV. E. N. GUNTER REV. V . B. WELCH DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. E. N. GUNTER REV. W. B. WELCH MR. V. V. SHUMPERT MR. W. H. THOMPSON District Secretary REV. MARION PRESSLEY District Treasurer REV. C. MARSELLE KNIGHT District Chairman Church Schools REV. N. J. LEWIS District N.F.M.S. President MRS. BEN F. MARLIN District N.Y.P.S. President REV. JAMES D. TAYLOR REV. BEN F. MARLIN District Superintendent New South Carolina District Parsonage EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT WITH 80 CHURCHES SUPPORTING TREVECCA WE ARE PRAYING FOR AND SUPPORTING TREVECCA ' tings lo reuecca and ( ongra 1960 EASTERN KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DEPARTMENTAL LEADERS Reading from left to right First Row MRS. D. S. SOMERVILLF District N.F.M.S. President REV. D. S. SOMERVILLE District Superintended Second Row REV. A. O. LITTLE Chairman, Church School Board REV. O. L. STONE District N.Y.P.S. Presidenr DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. A. O. LITTLE MR. LAWRENCE V ILEY REV. O. L. STONE MR. E. H. (BOB) STEENBERGEN We Provide Students for and Use Students of T. N. C. WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT HARVEY H. HENDERSHOT District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS MRS. MARY E. MILLER President N.F.M.S. REV. JOHN HANCOCK .... President N.Y.P.S, REV. J. C. WALLACE . . . Chairman Sunday School REV. JOHN BROWNING Secretary REV. C. GLENN BOWLING Treasurer TRUSTEES DR. EDWARD C. ONEY REV. H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT REV. C. GLENN BOWLING REV. ROY T. McKINNEY REV. J. C, WALLACE REV. JOHN R. BROWNING (Alumni ) " Grateful for Trevecca ' s Past, We Pledge Support to Her Greater Tomorrows " NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT GROWING with new churches . . . with untapped opportunities . . . within each district departnnent . . . Salutes Trevecca Nazarene College GROWING with high-level students . . . with expanding facilities . . . with academic fitness .. . And Congratulates the Class of ' 60 DR. LLOYD B. BRYON District Superintendent REV. C. W. LINDEMAN Church Schools Chairnnan REV. JAMES H. INGALLS N. Y. P. S. President MRS. LLOYD B. BYRON N. F. M. S President LLOYD B. BYRON, D.D. C onara tu iu ti to A Growing College And The Wonderful CLASS OF ' 60 FLORIDA DISTRICT DR. JOHN L. KNIGHT Superintendent Pushing for Growth and Progress ' ' JOHN L. KNIGHT FROM " THE HEART of DIXIE ' ' THE ALABAMA DISTRICT SALUTES TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE AND SUPPORTS WITH: STUDENTS FINANCE PRAYER DR. L S. OLIVER District Superintendent THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 60 District Advisory Board REV. DENNIS E. WYRICK REV. OREN D. THRASHER MR. CLARENCE WILEY MR. KENNETH RICE District Secretary REV. SAM R. BROWN District Treasurer REV. OREN D. THRASHER REV. D. D. LEWIS District Superintendent District Chairman of Church School Board . REV. HADLEY HALL District N.F.M.S. President MRS. HUGH CLARK District N.Y.P.S. Presi dent REV. COOLIDGE GRANT COLLEGE TRUSTEES REV. D. D. LEWIS REV. DENNIS E. WYRICK REV. OLIVER C. HUFF The Kentucky District Appreciates Trevecca Nazarene College, its Faculty and its President, Dr. A. B. Mackey COLLEGE HILL CHURCH REV. T. E. JONES Minister Our C odege ( liiit cli jpfeciatei reuecca Sunday School Supt. MR. WILLARD BRINKMAN N.Y.P.S. President MR. BILL GALLOWAY N.F.M.S. President MRS. V. N. RICHARDSON A Vital Concern for Every Interest of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA REV. WILLIAM O. BLUE Minister Congratulations o m e To o The h e Class h u r h Of f Sixty e r V I c e don ratuiationA to tlie C iaAA of 1960 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE REV. CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY. Pastor NGLEWOOD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Gallatin Road and Sunnymeade Drive NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 60 REV. ORVAL M. STONE, Pastor p DR. WILLIAM GREATHOUSE Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 WOODLAND ST. NASHVILLE. TENN. HEAR FIRST CHURCH ON THE RADIO W. L A. C. SUNDAYS 8:00 TO 8:30 I THE N. Y. P. S. OF FIRST CHURCH— NASHVILLE, TENN. EXTENDS A WARM WELCOME TO ALL STUDENTS SERVICES EACH SUNDAY AT 6:00 P.M. AN AGE GROUP FOR EVERYONE WISE MEMORIAL BIBLE CLASS FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NASHVILLE. TENN. 510 WOODLAND STREET J. L BOWERS, President JOHN T. BENSON, II, Teacher Sunday School 9:30 A.M. C ompiimcnti FIRST CHURCH Of THE NAZARENE Park Avenue at Grant Street CHARLESTON. W. VA. J. C. WALLACE Minister lonA to tlli CLASS OF ' 60 rom tlie CLASS OF ' 61 Birmingham First Church C on gratiiiatei of 60 HOWARD W. HILL THE CHURCH WITH A HEART IN THE HEART OF BIRMINGHAM INVITES YOU TO WORSHIP WITH THEM. TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE HOLDS A DEAR PLACE IN OUR HEARTS AT ROANOKE, VA. FIRST CHURCH REV. RALPH SCHURMAN Pastor RAYMOND CARR Sunday School Superintendent JOAN RADFORD N.F.M.S. President WILBERT GALLAGHER 2400 S.W. 32nd Ave.— Miami 34, Fla. Phone Nl 3-7117 CALVARY Church Of The Nazarene Congratulates the CLASS OF ' 60 Visit Us When in Miami; LOREN E. SCHAFFER, Minister 3330 S.W. 25th Street Phone HI 6-9062 " Proclaiming full salvation in Tropical America " C on ratuiationd to tlie CLASS OF 1960 First Church of the Nazarene CHARLESTON HEIGHTS. S. C. REV. W. B. WELCH, Pastor REV. HUGH SLATER Evangelist P.O. Box 527— Kansas City 41, Mo. Boosting Trevecca and Preaching Christ Member Georgia District COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SPRINGFIELD, TENNESSEE REV. K. B. SLIFER, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner of Greensboro Ave. and 15th St. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA REV. PA UL R. HOLT, Minister TREVECCA FLORIDA N.Y. P. THOMAS REAM. President BILL ANDERSON, Vice-President EUGENE WILLIAMS, Secretary WILLIAM CHAMBERS. Treasurer HENRY COOPER, Teen Age Supervisor DON KNIGHT and LARRY MOORE. Council Members at Large FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Kentucky Walnut Sts. " Thirty Years in Orlando " S. CHARLESTON, W. VA. 1030 West Kaley Ave. ORLANDO, FLA. i ooiterd or C . REV. J. DONALD LARRY L. FINGER, FREESE, Pastor Minister of Music REV. C. S. BOWLING Pastor GRACE CHURCH INEZ, KY. WEE WASH-IT 628 Murf. Road " Nashville ' s Cleanest " REV. PEARL Vv ' ILLIAMS Pastor Supporting T.N.C. 90 Min. Wash. Fluff Dry Folded 30 Min. Damp-Wash Dry Cleaning — Finished Laundry — plus Shirt Service C ompiimen td of A FRIEND CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Adams Avenue at West I Ith Street HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA EXTENDING BEST WISHES TO TREVECCA ' S FACULTY. STUDENTS AND I960 GRADUATES! Our ( Lurcli . . . Spiritual rjCi LtltouAe OUR LEADERS Our Pastor . . MR. JOHN PHIPPS S.S. Superintendent j y JOHN HANCOCK MRS, LUCILLE STALNAKER NFMS President MR, ROBERT S, THOMAS NYPS President " OFFERING CHRIST AND FULL SALVATION IN WEST VIRGINIA ' S LARGEST CITY " ALAMO PLAZA HOTEL COURTS HIGHWAY 41 - 70S I 00% AIRCONDITIONED TV IN EVERY ROOM SWIMMING POOL Howard Johnson Restaurant Adjoining Court GREER ' S RESTAURANT One of Many Good Places to Eat INTOXICATING BEVERAGES PROHIBITED 407 MURFREESBORO ROAD Adjacent To MERCURY COURT 41 I MURFREESBORO ROAD Free T. V. " Nashville ' s Newest and Finest " Swimming Pool Room Phones Dia! AL 5-0658 for Reservation Wading Pool

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Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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