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TREVECCA NAZARENE Business Manager hill stands old We will honor and we ' ll love her Always carry hi h her banner m mt mi m 1 - 5 Fellow students J let us honor her e • • • I II Sons and daughters she ' ll be proud ofn ear old T. N. C. DR. A. B. MACKEY A.B., M.A., IX.D. 1936— PRESIDENT... PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Trevecca is loratetl on a hill faciiiii; a major thuioii hlaie that leads to the heart of Nashville. No college has a more beautiful view of the city of Nashville, especially at ni i;ht when the lighted streets and the neon signs make it possilde to recognize from a vantage point at Tre- vecca the Stale Capitol Building, each oi the downtown hotels, the new Federal Building, U. S. Post Office, and the glow of the lights coloring the sky above the Parthenon. Moie than from a physical point of view, Trevecca College should be ' ' as a light that is set on a hill that cannot be hid. " Her teachings should em])hasize the niountaintop spiritual life and should clearly indicate the highwav of holiness. Various students are going out to " carry high her banner " of scholarship, business ethics, and Christian ideals. I have lived in the day when it was the common opinion that a Nazarene college was low in scholarship l)e- cause too much time was spent in praving and preaching, but I have also observed the i-hange that is taking place in the concensus of edu- cational leaders who are now seeing that prayer and faith are outstand- ing factors in the development of high scholarship. They have been a little slow to recognize the truth of wha t inspired writers of the Bible said thousands of years ago: " The fear of the Loi d is the begimiing of wisdom. " If Trevecca College contimies in the direction she has been going she will train and inspire thousands of young people to climb to the mountain peaks of fame, honor, and happiness. On a AW stands old Tre vecca . . . i FACULTY A. B. MACKEY M.A., LL.I). I ' lcsidi ' nl . Psychology, Education, Economics The faculty and administrative staff members of Trevecca Nazarene College are among the finest Christian ladies and gentlemen to be found anywhere. Hold- ing degrees from some of the nation ' s leading colleges and universities, they are adequately equipped to instill within the minds of our young people a thirst for knowledge along with a deeper love for Christ and the church. HOMER J. ADAMS WILLIAM M. GREATHOUSE CHARLES L. CHILDERS A.I!.. M.A., PH.D. A.B., TH.B., M.A. A.B., B.D.. M.A. Deitn oj lite Col!ri;e Dean of Religion. Theology, High School Principal History, Physical Education Hiblical Literature K. W. PHILLIPS V. NEIL RICHARDSON AMY L PERSON th.b., b.s.. b.d., m.a. a.b., th.b. A.B., M.A. Dean oj Students, Business Manager Registrar. English Hiblical Literature High School Mathematics C. E. KEYS A. II., IH.B. Field Repi csenttitivc EULA JEAN STEPHAN A. II. liookkeepiT. Hiiih School Biolofiy I II 1 . 1 ACKKY .M.A., n. . in L.s. Lil niriiin . Library Science, French ' • ADRON H. PHILLIPS A. 15.. M.A. En i I ish , J on rn ill ism IZABKI II I. A .1;. Pnncipul uj Dcnionstriition School Rend in f: I mproienicnl - ALTA LINDSAY REDKOKI) 11. -S., M.A. Miithcnmlics, Rioloi:ical Science FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION CHARLES W. DUCKETT A.E., M.A. Biolofficul Science TH() L S J. HEMMERLY A. 11.. M.A. Bioloyicul Science, Cheniislry C. T. DUCKETT KIJll H K. LANCASTER A. :.A., A. II.. M.A. .n.. M.A. Bookstore Maniiiirr. Hiiili Schotil Assi lnnl Librarian. Hijih School dorii nuTCC. Eniilisli Ci ' ni ' ral Malliemalics FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION MAUDE ALLEN STUNECK A.B.. M.A.. PH.D. Lan aa cs, Biblical Litcralurt_ Tlicolopy - HAROLD F. HAMMOND li.S.. M.A. Piana. Orfnin, Music Theory M. E. BEDFORD WILLIAM H. HOWICK B.S.. TH.l!., B.D., M.A. A.B., TH.B., M.A., M.ED. Biblical Literature. Greek Philosophy, Psychology, Education FERNE D. SHELTON RUTH H. BENNETT B.s. B.MUS. Public School .4rt Piano, Voice MRS. ERM.sri-NK KICHAHDSON General Office, Postmistress MRS. MABEL ORNDOFF Head Resident. McKay Hall VIRGINIA BIM. A.B., R.N. Nurse MRS. O. C. MINGLEDORFF Head Resident. Hardy Hall FRED W. PARSONS Dietician WALTER WHITE Head Resident, Tidnell Hall FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION MABEL RUTH COONER A.B.. M.A. Speech RAMON UNRUH A.n. I oiee. Music Education The personnel services at Trevecca College are a purposeful expression of interest in the personal needs and aspirations of the individual student. Even the regular classroom educative processes take on the warmth of Christian love and interest to the extent that counseling relationships come naturally into heing l)etween faculty and student. The goal is to provide guidance in accordance with student needs, the program including group and personal counseling for college freshmen, special jjersonnel services for all students, and a student counselor program for the Residence Halls. K. W. PhilHps, Dean of Siiideiil . counsels willi u new stuilenl. PERSONNEL SERVICES Dr. Homer J. Adams Military and Recreations Guidance Professor V. Neii, Richardson Employment Guidance and Veterans Problems Mrs. a. B. Mackey Social J ' oise and Etiquette Problems Miss Virgimia Benedict. R. N Health Counseling Professor and Mrs. K. W. Piiu.lii ' s Marriage Counseling Mrs. M. E. Spri ill Reading Improvement Service Professor W. H. Howick V ocational Guidance Miss Mabel Cooner Speech Improvement Service Seat.d; lal..-l Cu.Hier. r . A. B. Markry. Mrs. M. E. Spruill. Slandliif;: Dr. Ilnnicr Ailam-. Pr..ff " ..r ' . X.-ii Ricli- aiii.nn, Fr..l. ami Mi-. K. W . Pliilli|... Professor Howick discusses vocational iilaii with a senior. FRESHMAN COUNSELORS First Row: Professor and Mrs. K. W. Phil- lips. Second Row: Professor M. E. Red- ford. Professor C. T. Duckett. Professor Thomas Hemmerly. Professor V. Neil Richardson. HEALTH COUNSELING Miss Benedict treats a patient. WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS COUNSELORS Sarah .lones. Doris Scott. Mozelle Part- ridge, .leaiuiette Cirifhn. Violet Coulter. MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS COUNSELORS First Row: Cecil Vaughn. Ralph Lee, .lames Ralph. Second Row: Mickey Smith. Lee Ebv. 25 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Alabama C. E. Sluimake. Clordon Wincliester. R. L. Ander.son. R. F. Biimpiis. East Kkntucky W. W Willu.yte. D. S. Someivillf. L. B. Hicks East Tennessee Victor E. (hay. Roy A. Bettcher. A. M. Gihbs Florida Dr. John L. Knijiht. C. M. Kellv. Don Irwiii. Cliarles Ifle. Geokgia Jolin 0. Taylor. Mack Anderson. Bruce B. Hall Kentucky I. ( ' .. Roberts. Dennis Wyrick. Ralph Ahlemann. D. D. Lewis. MiSSTSSIPPI Dr. Otto Stucki. B. W. Downing North Carolina Dr. Lloyd B. Byron. Doyle C. Smith, Howard T. Wall SoLTH Carolina D. W. Thaxton. W. Boyd Welch. Leon S. Cook Tennessee D. K. Wachtel. J. E. Beckum. Edward F. Cox. Paul McGrady. Ralph Sciiunnan. Virginia V. W. Littrell. E. M. Fox West Virginia Edward C. Oney. C. Glenn Bowline. H. Harvey Hen- dershot. Roy T. McKinney. Hadley Hall. John R. Browning. Sr. OFFICERS OF Dr. .)()Hn L. Chuirmau Dr. Edward C. Oney Vice-Cluiirmaii Rev. Claude Gallow ay Treasurer Dr. Otto Stutki Secretary THE BOARD Rev. a. M. Gibes Member Rev. C. E. Shumakk Member Dr. Lloyd B. Byron Member Dr. a. B. Mackey Ex-Officio 26 LIFE SERVICE The primary purpose of tlie Life Service group at Trevecoa is to interest young people of the Southeastern Zoiie to attend our college. Members from the district groups write to juniors and sen- iors in high school and keep in contact with them throughout the year. Through the influence ol last year ' s Life Service workers, many new stu- dents came to Trevecca this year. Recruiting stu- dents to attend Trevecca is only one of the many tasks executed by our field representative. C. E. Keys. Through the expansion program, the field work involves visiting the various churches in the zone to secure financial means for building pur- poses. The field representative is also in charge of advertising and editing the Messenger. Top: C. E. Keys, Field Representative ottom: Inez Jackson. Marita (:;reer, Jean Dodd. Mary Ju Bowling LIFE SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES First Row (seated): Joan Barry, East Tennessee; Mary Jo Bowling. West Virginia; Emily Hamilton. East Kentucky: Bonnie Williams. Tennessee; Bar- bara Mooney. North Carolina. Skcond Row : Bill Kerns. Virginia: Doris Decker. Florida: Jeannette Griffin. Georgia: Roberta Griffin. South Carolina: Field Rejiresentative C. E. Keys; Mary Ann Evans. Alabama: Libijy Stucki. Mississijipi ; Ralph Lee. Kentucky. DISTRICT CLUB PRESIDENTS First Row. (seated) : Charles Hartsell, East Ten- nessee: Asa Sparks. East Kentucky; Norma Jean Peters. Virginia: Mickie Smith. Mississippi; Lyle Parker. South Carolina: Jimmy Errickson. Florida. Skcond Row: Cary Neal Duckett. Tennessee: Don Pyles. West Virginia; Dan tiodby. Kentucky: Harry Evans, Georgia. I ' loidi-iil ()tlicc . arali .)(inc . eciflar ' Dean of Students " Office — Bobbie Seyniore. as- sistant; Bytliella Tlieiis. secretary. STUDENT Fine Arts — Huljy I ' otter: Freda Jobiison, secre- tary to Dean C ' .reathouse; Barbara Mooney. Registrar s Office — Kuth Joliiison. secretary Dean ' s Office — Janey Little, secretary Library Staff: Violet Coulter. Betty Cummings, Mavis Sharpton. Miss Lancaster. Assistant; Mrs. Mackey, Lii)rarian; Beatrice Cottle. Pat Losey. Roberta Griffin. L I B R A R Classification follows the Dewey decimal system. All filing in the card catalog con- forms to American Library Association regulations. 1 o LL ' il " 1 I i r Total number of volumes is now L5.500. Emphasi s has been on new material in all fields. Audio-visual materials include records, film strij) i roiector and film strips for instructional use in class rooms. FACILITIES Tlie library workroom has lieen redecorated and rearranged, with additional iieating facilities and new shelving and storage space installed. Tlie staff, witii the exieption of the !ii)ra- rian and assistant librarian, is made yi entirely of students wlio have had training in the freshman Library .Science course. Our library reading room lias adecjuate seating capacity for normal student use. Up-to-date reference material and periodicals are constantly being achled. 1 i I 33 OFFICERS Casol Anne Asbury President Paul Schurman Vice-President Lillian Fklker Secretary SENIOR Ruby Potter Treasurer Harry Evans Reporter Wendell Williams Student Council Rep. Prof. Richardson Sponsor Harry Evans. Paul Schurman. Ruby Potter. Lillian Felker. Wendell Williams. Prof, and Mrs. Richardson. Carol Asbury. 34 CLASS Glancing back into tlie " minor of memories, " a procession of vivid mental pictures pass i)efore us. The hayride in the park; " Sliine On Hai " vest Moon " ; the successful production of " Little Women " when we were juniors, and tlie 1955 Val- entine Ban(juet. The highlight of our active junior year was the Junior-Senior banquet — " Moonlight and Roses. " This year, despite our hectic senior schedule, we sponsored the most successful Thanks- giving banquet in T. N. C. s history. And now comprehensives are over, our days at Trevecca have drawn to an end, and with fond regrets mingled with eager anticipa- tion, we close another chapter in our lives and step into an unknown tomorrow — better equipped for having spent four wonderful years at " dear old T. N. C. " CAROL ANXE GENE .1 AV , Luilldw. Kv. Carol Annf, Asbiiry A.B. Sprrrl, Liti-rarv Cluli 1. 2, 3, Serrctury 2. Vioe-Prc i(lent 3; Speeoli Clul) 1. 2. 3. 1. Vil■l■-Pre irlfnt 2, 3; Vlusir Cluh 2. 4, Reporter 2: Missionary Prayer Ban i 4: Christian Workers 1. 2, 3, 4. Reporter 2; GAA 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 4; Kentueky Club 1, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Seeretary 2: Cheerleader 3. 4; Secretary Sophomore Class: President Junior Class; President Senior Class: Trcv-Echoes Staff 2, 4, Feature Editor 4: Dard Literary Editor 2: Directed Cluh and Class Plays 2, 3, 4; Speech Recital 3, 4: Who ' s Who AmoUfj Students in American ( pllt ' ;i»-v and Lniver itie 4. A vrrsaiil.- Kentucky lass. Carol Ann fullills the ada e, " If you want a job done well, ask a busy person to do it. " Called to the mission field this year, with her talent and determination -he will be a suicc— fid andia ' -ador for Cod " s Kingdom. Ei GKNT BKR(;gi iM lamestowii. N.Y. A.B. Biological Science Science Club 2. 3. Pre-idenl 3: Club 2, 3: Junior ( ' la-s ' rrea-urer. Gene s (dear blue eyes take on an added s|)arkle when he talks, whether he is discussing biology, his wife Joyce, or his two young sons, Timmy and Steve. A devout Christian gentle- man and an earnest sclndar, he has a burning call to the ministry and the ability to answer it. Transferring to Trevecca from Chautauqua Bible Institute in New York two years ago, (iene has made a lasting ccmlribulion with his steady life and winning ways. .Iay C. BviiKK Monticello, Ky. A.B. Religion Ministerial Association 1. 2. 3. 4: lu-ic Club 1. 2. 3. 4: West Virginia (!!ub. Behind Jay ' s winning -mile, one lind- a cimscientious. quiet, witty personality. Happily married to one (d th e musical Rush- ings. Jay is himself a good singer. His talents and con.secra- tinn a--U[c him -ucces- in the ministry. s E N I R S MILDRED HEiNRY BEATRICE s E N I 0 Mildred Forman Chambers Magnolia. Miss. A.B. Biological Science Hciniir Siicietv ' I: Wlm ' s Wlio AniDnir StU(lent in AiiifricaTi C()llf};e and I lniver itie ' I. " Hiddt-n depths that ht-aiitify the lift-. " Mildroil ha- inlidlt-cl. p)ersonality, and dependability. Making tnp grades tliniughuul her college days, she is a wonder when it comes to carrying a heavy load of respnnsihilities effectively. Her life and teachings liave been an inspiraiic.n to her class of freshmen at Gdlege Hill Sunday Schoipl. We know that she will be a blessing as she pursues her chosen teaching field. Henry Paul Cooper Madison. Tenn. A.B. Religion Ministerial Assuciatiiin . ' 5. 4. Pastor of Madison Church of the Nazarene and proud father of a three-year-old son. Rev. C!ooper is serving his church, family and calling well. His consistency, coupled with a heart- felt desire to win souls, will assure his success in the ministry. He ' s congenial, sympathetic, understanding, and has a keen sense of humor. R S Beatrice Shakpton Cottle Logan, Ala. A.B. Educalion-Psychology Alabama Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Clio Society 3. 4; Christian Workers " Association 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Library Assistant 3, 4. Quiet and unobtrusive, Beatrice is a capable student, ardent worker, and devoted wife. Just married last summer, she is already skilled in the arts of homemaking, preparing tasty meals for husband James. Christian work as a preacher ' s wife is her goal, and the Darda wishes her " " God bless you " in this noble calling. .1 AMES lOLE I ' Itll I, James Cottle Kenbridge, Va. A.B. History Cliri lian Worker ' s As; Clin Sucielv ? . 1: (iciatiim 1, 2; Virt;iiiia Cliil) 1, 2, 3; Ministerial Ass(ieiati(in 1. 2. ' ' . 4. A yiiunj; man with many interests, James is an exemplary Christian gentleman with high ideals. Orderly and quiet in his work and quirk to turn a helping hand, he has (he tendeney to go through life mihlK and moflerately. We are sure he will lie a suicess as lie enters till ' ministry. ViOLKT Coi I.TKR Lilltoll. I lul. A.B. Psychol vgy- Ed II cation (Miristian Workers Assoeiation 2, 3, t: Ramblers Club 1, 2. 3: Ministerial Assoeiation .H, 4: Residence Hall Counselor 3, 4; Library Student Assistant 3, 4. Our eongratulations to you, Violet, for your perseverance and your consistent life, which have made your college years suc- cessful ones. Already having had some exjierience in evangel- istic work, Vi(det plans to teach awhile beftire returning to that field. Painting and music are her main interests. Billy Daviu Crane Little Rock. Ark. A.B. History Band 1; Choir 1, 2. 3; Chorus 1, 2; Music Club 1, 2; Speech Club 1. 2; MAA 3: President Freshman Class: President Sopho- more Class; Vice-President Clio Society 2; College Quartet 1, 2. A " high point " in Bill ' s life came when he married a charm- ing young Trevecca student from High Point. North Carolina. He thi roughly enjoys music, preaching, and tinkering with lars. Presently engaged in home mission work at Hartsville, Tennessee, Bill plans to attend the seminary after graduation. BETTY FRANKIE Bktty Cummings Carthage. Mo. A.B. English Lilerary (Hiil) 1, 2, ' A. i. Treasurer 1; Cliri tian Workers As- siM-iatimi 1. 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Associatiiin 1. 2, ' !. 1: Library Student Assistant 4. One iif our faithful library assistants, Betty has won a place in the hearts of Treverca students with her steady influence, sense I ' f hunmr, and friendliness. Always willinf; to do her part and perhaps just a liii nion-. Belly will find that her experience in summer acalinn Bilde Si hoid wurk with chil- dren will lie an asset lo her on the mission field. Fkankie Edwards Mayfield, Ky. A.B. Religion Ministerial Association 1. 2. 3. 4: Christian Workers Associa- tion 1. 2, 3. 4; Science Club 3. Secretary 3; Clio Society 2, .3. 4. Secretary 3: Speech Club 3. 4; Choir 2, 3: All .School Play 2: Junior Play; Assistant l)AKr)4 Editor 3: T rrv-Echne.s staff .3, 4, Editor 4. " They also serve who only stand and wail. " In her tender and dramatic portrayal of the spirit of Hope in the Christmas program, Frankie revealed that side of her life which is the deepest and mcjst lovable — her sincere desire to point sinners to the Cross. Clear thinkinj;. efliciency, helpfulness, and under- standing characterize the personality we know as Frankii ' Edwards. May God bless her as she enters full-time Christian service. James Errickson Clearwater, Fla. A.B. Religion Ministerial . ssociati(m 2. 3, 4; Florida Club 2, 3. 4. Chairman 4: Science Club 1. 2. A good example of willinf;ness and devotion, Jimmy is happily married and living in a modern new trailer in Trevecca ' s own trailer court, where he acts as " mayor. " His interesting and [jroti table hobbies are photography and leathercraft. His future I)lans inilude the seminary, then full-time pastoral work. LILLIAN SETH Harry Evans Atlanta, Ga. A.B. Religion Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2; Science Club 2: MAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2: Christian Workers Association 1. 2, 3, 4: Georgia Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 1, President 2. Secretary 3, Chairman 4: Senior Class Reporter; T rev-Echoes Sports Editor 2: I) r[)a staff 2; All-Star Sports 1, 2, 3: MAA Play 2: Junior Play; Ba-kctball Captain ■!. Zealous as a leader. Harry is a good team-nian and an authority in the world of sports, his favorite hobby. A prince among men — steady, sturdy, studious — whose devehipnient spir- itually, socially and scholastically since his Freshman days we ail admire. Enrcdlment in the seminary is just over tlie horizon, llii ' ii a full time pa -torat ' for him and Gerry. l.ii.LiAN ' Felkkh Nashville. Teiiii. A.B. Music Education Kentucky Club 1. Treasurer 1: Tcnne -ee Club 3. 1; Choir 1. 2; Secretary Senior Clas ; Junior Play. Possesviir of a ouiei. vwcci (!hriviian personality, with a smile fur everyone. Lillian is a ciinfjenial person and a good student. II T musical lalcoi and extraordinary ability assure her of success. She should make an excellent teacher. Seth Garrington Sumter, S.C. A.B. History Clio Society 3; South Carolina Club 1, 2, 3, 4. President 2; Ministerial Association 1. 2. Funster, punster, Seth is always ready (or a good laugh. Sociable and an earnest worker, his main hobbies are outdoor sports and reading. After doing graduate work at Peabody Col- lege next year, Seth ' s long-range future plans include teaching historv and entering the ministry. OMEK (;k()Iu;k Omek Hamilton Irvine. Ky. 4.B. Kiligion A quiet, unassuming individual. Onicr faithfully iliscliarges his two-fold duties as a student and as a responsible family man. Dedicated to God ' s purpose, his life will hi ' a hlessin;; as he enters into full-time (Christian ministry. Our hest wishes for the future go with him and Mary. Seldom has Trevecca ' s enrollment ineluded an individual with such musical genius as George possesses. Faculty and students alike will long remember his daily chapel piano playing and his melodious tenor voice. With a ready sense of humor, George should succeed in whatever fiidd lie chooses, whether it be teaching or musical evangelism. ,|oE Jones Si rajiton, .S.C. Ministerial Association 1, 2, -3, President 3: Speech Club 1. 2. 3, 4, Treasurer .3: Missionary Prayer Band 1, 2. ' ■ ' . Although South Carolina born and bred, Joe shows a decided preference for Floridians, especially one young lady with a winsome, flashing smile. Generous and dependable, his life speaks volumes which words cannot express. In addition to his active participation in Christian work, which includes a pas- torate in East Tennessee, Joe enjoys spurts, and we understand he is quite an angler. Gk()K(,i; K. Houston, ,|k Raleigh, N.C. A.B. I ' iauo Pilgrim Bible College I, 2: Music Club 1. A.B. Religion I FUKREST HUGH MRS. MINGLEUORFF Forrest McCulloi (,h Memphis. Tenn. A.B. Religion Hoiiiir Society 2, 3; Mist ionary Prayer Band 2, President 2: ( ' liii Society 3, 4; Ministerial Association 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities 4. Ex))erience(i preacher, lover of the Word, and father of a l)lue-eyed baby girl. Forrest has won our admiration and friend- iiip. His spiritual leadershij and ulTablc presence on the campus will l)e missed. l)ut we know lie will succeed as he goes about the Master ' s business. David Hi gh Martin Berea. Ky. A.B. Religion Keiiluckv Club 3. Scho(d Maintenance Man. Whenever anything goi wrong on campus, whether it is a leaky biuntaiu. a broken chair, or a faulty light fixture, we usually send for Mr. Martin. He receives encouragement and assistance from his wife, Clara, and his daughter, Barbara, the " brain " of THS. His plans for awhile are to stay on his post of duty at Trevecca, and this, combined with his Christian work at Waverly Place Church of the Nazarene, is true service to h fellow man and his Master. . Douglas. Ga. Mrs. 0. C. MiiN(;lki)orkk A.B. Religion Mrs. Mingledorff canu ' to us three years ago to become head resident of Hardy Hall while she finished her education begun at Asbury Cidlege some years previous. During those years she has been busy, first as a missionary in Korea, then as a minister ' s wife. Although most of her own children are grown anil married. Mrs. Mingledorff still has a tremendous family resDonsibility as she watches after her house full of Hardy Hall girls. s E N I a R s ROEL JAMES RoEL Nabors Grenada. Miss. A.B. Religion Ministerial AssDcialiim 1, 2, 3, 4; Clio Society 2, 3; Missis- sippi Club 1, 2, 3. 4. President 2, 3. Rod ' s silence denotes character and slrent;th of mind. Form- erly Mississippi District NYPS president, his experience will aid him much in his future pastorates after graduation from the seminary. Manager of the Drake Hotel Court on Murfree - horo Road for twc» years, he is married and has a small s(in to follow in his fociisicps. Our hesl wishes gn with this loyal son of Trevecca. Jamks O ' Dell Greenville. Ohio Piloting a plane is Mr. O ' Dell s unusual hobby, and jierhaps while he is soaring " through the wild blue yonder " he receives inspiration to teach his Bible Class at Benscm Memorial. A good student and a loyal frienil. he is stable in his actions and a true hsherman for (Jirist as he labors in the ministry. A tiny curly haired, blue-eyed miss named Karissa has wound her little fingers around his heart strings, and his family responsi- bilities spur him on to succeed in life. We jiredici a great future for the O ' Dells. Honor Society 2, 4, Secretary 2, President 4: Music (dub I. 2. 3, 4, Secretary 4; Literary Club 1, 2, 3: Tennessee Club 1, 2. 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Trev-Echoes Staff 2, 4, Typist 2, Circulation Editor 4; Dahda Clubs Editor 3: Senior Class Treasurer: Junior Play. Vivacious, likable, poised, charming, with an ability to do things. Ruby has won her way into our hearts. Whether play- ing the organ, typing stencils for the Music Department, or just walking across the campus, her greeting is always the same. We predict a great future for Ruby in the field of Music Education. A.B. Religion Ruby Potter Nashville. Teiiii. A.B. Music Education JIMMIE ACK Calvin Privett Mobile. Ala. A.B. Ri ' lifiion Ahihania CIiiIj 1, 2, . ' k i : Cliri-lian W..l k(•r A " (M i.ili..ii 1. 2. 1. I.uugliter-liivinn and j;cmiiI luilurfd, Calvin lia a ;;eiiiu for friends-hip. He lul fintten a jj;reat deal out iif ciillege: tlie best cif all is Lorena. Already makinf; a sueeess in the ministry, (lalvin has his heart set on a f.Tca life ' s work, and we feel snre that he will make a fjo of it. ,Iami:s E. RoBKiiis Fitzgerahl. Ga. A.B. English 1AA 1. Christian Workers Association 1; Literary Club 3: Clio .Society 4: Georfjia Club 3, 4, President 3: University of Genrf;ia 2. 4 ' lii« Irii-ndly blue-eyed ehap from down Georgia-way has won for himself a plaie at TNC during his three years here. v ith his congeniality and quietness of manner. Transferring to ihc I ' niversity of Georgia for his sophomore year, but return- ing to Us last year, .limmie i- still somewhat undecided about his future plan . Ihe Uvkda Staff wishes for him the best in whatever be chooses as a vocation, and wc feci he i- bound to succeed. K. C.; Lexiiifiton. Ky. A.B. Religion Spee(4i Club 1, 2, 3; Ministerial .Association 1. 2. 3. 4: MAA 1, 2. 3, 4, President 3; CMio Society I; Kentucky Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 1, President 3: Stuilent Council 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Achievement Award in General Ac- tivities 3; History Assistant 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. Seen frequently about the campus this year fulfilling his official duties, our Student Council President has been a busv per.son. A brilliant student, E. C, is also a capable leader and a good athlete. We are sure that he will excel in liis pl.ins for the ministry. PALL I A IS PAl I, s E N I 0 R S Paiu, ScHi RMAN Nasliville. TeiHi. A.B. Religion Science Clul) 1. 2: Music Club 1. 2, Vice-President 2: HHn..r Siiciety 2, 4; Tennessee Club 1, 2. 4, President 2: MAA 1. 2, 4. Secretary 2; Choir 1, 2, 4. Treasurer 1: Eastern Nazarene Col- lege 3: Treasurer Sciplmmnre Class; Vice-President Senior Class; Ministerial A—dcialion i: Alldelic AwardN 1. 2: Frc-li- man Sch ' dar -liip, Life in a Nazarene |iarMina;;c liav liccn a liel|il ' iil lai lor in niiddin i Paul ' s ijuicl, earnest disposition. While travelinj; in the ENC quartet last summer, Paul answered a call to the ministry, and is already well on his way to success, as evidenced in an inspirational chapel message this year. An excellent -tii- dent, he niakln;; diligent preparation for hi life ' - wi rk. Mavis .Sharpton Cullman. Ala. A.B. Ktl iiciition-l ' sych ol ogy Chri-.|ian Workers A-snciation 1. 2, .S. 4: Alabama Club 1. 2. ' . ' k 1: Clio Society 3, 4. Secretary 4, Literary Socii lv 1: Student Library Assistant 3. 4. Huiel anil | lea-ant. hi-lpful and sincere. Mavis i- always faithfuUv at her po-i lA dutv in the library. She has alreadv had a year ' s experience of elementary school teaching, which she plans to continue for a time after graduation, then she plans to study for u Master ' s degree. Best wishes. Mavis. Pai!L Albany. Ky. A.B. Religion MAA 1; Kenluckv Club L 2. 3, 1; Ministerial Association L 2. 3. 4. Measuring a full six feet and hve inches and tipping the scales at twd-hundred and ten, Paul ' s physical capacity is in keeping with his greatness of heart. Congenial and sporting a sense of humor. Paul is a firm, steady Christian looking for- ward to full-time Christian service. MICKIE NORMA JASPER MicKiE G. Smith Lyman, Miss. A.B. Religion Mississippi Southern College 1. 2; Ministerial Associatiim . ' 5. K Viee-President 4; Speech Club 4: Missionary Prayer Band 4, President: Mississippi Club 3, 4, Chairman 4: Junior Play: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and I ' ni- versilies 4. Sincere, welMikeil, and possessor of a pleasing personality, Mickie ' s Christian influence will live on long after he leaves Trevecca campus and enters the full-time ministry. A little dark- haired, black-eyed South Carolina miss with a pleasant south- ern drawl seems to have smiled her way into his heart. We predict a bright, promising future for this consistent young man. ,| kh Whitk Nashville. Tenn. A.B. History Ministerial Association 4: Tennessee Club .S. 4: Clio Society 2. i: Basketball 2, 3. Assuming new responsibilities when he took to himself a wife two years ago, Jasper has proven himself e(|ual to the task of being a good student and a devoted hu-band. Already filling a pastorate in Union City, Tennessee, Jasper is a successful minister ot the Word. NoHMA Rowland Whitf; Nashville, Tenn. A.B. English Ramlilers Club 1. 2, Reporter 2; Music Club 2, 3; Tennessee Club 3. 4: Literary Society 1, 2. 3, 4: Trev-Echoes Stall 4. Fun-loving and good-natured. ISorma spreads sunshine wher- ever she goes. Her consistent Christian life is ime that reaches out to help others. Planning to leach along with helping Jasper in the pastorate, she has already shown her ability to successfully mix marriage with a career. s E N I 0 R i ALENE WENDELL Alene Whitmon Mobile. Ala. A.B. Edu cdtion-l ' sychoU Alabama Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Soience Club Music Club 1. 2. .S; Christian Workers Aj-socialion 1, 2, 3, 4: Specih Club 1, 2. 3: Missionary Prayer Band 1, 2; Music Recitals; Cboir 3, t. Returning to us after a two year ' s absence, durinf; wliicb slit- taught in elementary school, Alenes calm, sweet spirit lias added a bright spot to the campus. After graduation Alene plans to resume teaching, and we predict a successful career in this field. MAA 3: Clio Society 2. 3; Tennessee Club 1. 2. 3. 1: Choir 2. 4. Treasurer 2; College Quartet 3; Darda Staff 2: Vice- President Sophomore Class; Secretary Junior Class; 7V ' i- Echoes Business Manager 3; Student Council Treasurer 4; Junior Play. Ijiyal, encouraging, and naturally friendly. Wendell stands high in the regard of his fellow students, with his cheery countenance and exemplary Christian life. His willingness to serve is exemplified by the faithful and efficient manner in which he teaches his class of primary boys and girls at College Hill. These merits will strengthen him when he sees the fulfill- ment of his vision of teaching on the mission field. Right-band man to Mr. Richardson, Wendell ' s place will be hard to hll. Wendell Williams Nashville, Tenn. A.B. History 47 OFFICERS Larry Finger President Allen Hollis Vice-President Norma Jean Peters Secretary K. T. Kendali Treasurer Doris Allen Reporter Gary Duckett Student Council Rep. Prof. (;reathoiise Sponsor JUNIOR FiRsT Row: l arry Finger. Allen Hollis. Prof. Greathoiise. Second Row: Gary Neal Duckett. Doris Allen. Norma Jean Peters, R. T. Kendall. 48 CLASS Last Septemlter we Itoasted. ' ' Uppei- classmen at last! ' Situe then new lespoii- sil)ilities have made us a wiser group in nianv ways. We not only look to the futui e as seniors, hut at times our minds remi- nisce of the good old freshman and soph- omore days. Th at first year was the most difficult, hut finally we settled down to routine, solving the cake code and pre- senting a seventy-five dollar gift to the school. As sophomores our days were full as we played our " hig brother and sister " role and prepared a stickler cake code. Memories this year include a get- acquainted social in the fall, the scary Halloween party, and the hectic, topsy- turvy week inaugurating leap year. For months now the hancpiet conmiittee has heen M-orking diligently on the traditional Junior-Senior hancfuet. Our " " jolly-jun- ior " " days have ended and with God ' s guidance, we expect our senior year to he the best ever. ARLO ALDERMAN 1V1 ARLINGTON. W.VA. Higli slaiulards . . . want a friend? . . . gocid studenl. SAMMIE BELL SHEFFIELD, ALA. Sweet disposition . . . studi- ous . . . calm. JUNIOR EDWARD BULLOCK LAUREL. MISS. A word for all . . . rather girl shy . . . dependable. GERRY CLAY BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Good-natured . . . neat in dress . . . petite. DORIS BYERS ALLEN BUMPASS. VA. Friendly . . . devoted wife . . . Virginia drawl. MARY JO BOWLING CHARLESTON, W.VA. Vivacious . . . talented . . Good .Samaritan. CI ASS BILL CALKIN GREENEVILLE. TENN. Jovial Joel . . . steady a Colgate smile. CHARLES CORK TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Magnetic personality . . . capacious leader . . . en- thusiastic. 5C ii DORIS J. GROSSMAN NASHVII.LK. TKNN. ' Mrs. " . . . light-hearted humor . . . hard worker. GARY NEAL DUGKETT NA.SH II.I.K, TKN N . Amiable . . . man of lew words . . . gentleman. LARRY FINGER JOHNSON CITY, TImNN. Athletic . . . tenor . . . plea.- ant smile. JUNIOR DAN GODBY LOlilSVTLLK. KV. Gliampion team man . , reserved . . . just " Danny. CLASS WINIFRED HALSTEAD CHARLESTON. W.VA. Efficient . . . song evangelist . . . loquacious. EMILY HAMILTON HIVINK, KY. Lively . . . unpredictal)le , likeable. DENZIL HUFF LUDLOW. KY. Spiritual . . . friendly loyal. TED INNIS BATAVIA, OHIO Eagerheaver . . . devoted . . . ready testimony. JUNIOR RUTH JOHNSON SPARTA. TENN. Versatile . . . competent Darda editor . . . " quiet wa- ters run deep. " BILL KERNS NORFOLK, VA. Good-looking . . . ladies ' man . . . Christian worker. HAROLD HUGHES COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. Congenial . . . pleasing characteristics . . . helpful. BILL JERNIGAN NASHVILLE. TENN. Leader . . . reliahle . agreeable. CLASS R. T. KENDALL ASHLAND. KY. Businesslike . . . ambitious . . . aspires " perfect girl. " GERALD LAING LANSING, MICH. Family man . . . consistent . . . good evangelist. 52 TALMA DGE LANE NASHVILLE, TKNN. Diligent worker . . . traii- tliiil disposition . . . Iriend- ly. RALPH LEE OKI ' OY, KY. Devout Cliristian leader . . . eiise of humor . . . sterlin i character. WILMA JEAN LEWIS JACKSON, MISS. Sincere . . . hard worker . . quiet dignity. JUNIOR JAMES MATTHEWS CHARLKSTON, W.VA. .Iinimy . . noogaiis likes Chatta- . . witty. ROBERT E. MANER. JR. SAVANNAH, GA. " ■.Statistician " . . . success- ful minister . . . hails from Peach .State. CLASS JOHN C. MEAUORS NASHVILLE, TENN. huiuisitive . . . communica- tive . . . nice fellow. DONALD PEAL MARMET, W.VA. Quiet . . . trustworthy " auto doc. " NORMA JEAN PETERS ROANOKE, VA. A true friend . . . full-o-pep . . . progressive. 53 CAROL POLINC; CHARLESTON, W.VA. Wiiisonie . . . poised flashing smile. ROBERT ROEPER NASHVII.I.K, TKNN. Artist . . . reserved . . proud |)a|)a. JUNIOR WM. .1. SIRICKI. AM) INASHVU.LIi. TKIN . Industrious . . . Christian depth . . . conscientious. JAMES RALPH LOUISVILLE, KY. ' Tickler of the ivories. " . . unique . . . humorous. OWEN J. SMITH LANSING, MICH. Ouiet . . . married . . . fu- ture missionary. CLASS CECIL VAUGHN CLARKSVILLE, TENN. 0])timist . . . true Christian experience . . . interesting conversationalist. pr the bi7j. , I ' ' flu ' , ited . ' " any " - ' ' " tr i OFFICERS Moody Guntkr Presidml Don Pyles Vice-President Jkannettk Griiiin Secretary Shirley Bi(;(;s Treasurer Bonnie Williams Reporter Asa Sparks Stmlent Council Rep. Dr. Adams Sponsor SOPHOMORE Bonnie Williams. Shirley Biggs. Asa Sparks. Moody (lunter. Don Pyles. Jean- nette (Jrittin. Dr. Adams. 56 CLASS College days were here with all their activities and studies, and we plunged into the midst of them soon alter our ar- rival in tlie fall of 1954. Our freshman year was filled to the hrim with class out- ings, han(|uets, programs, revivals, and general activities, the only sad event in our enthusiastic lives l)eing the unsolved cake code! As sophomores we have con- tinued eagerly in the way, sponsoring the Valentine Banquet ( Staimays To The Stars), which was a huge success, liaving the largest attendance in many years, set forth a cake code which was a brain-teaser for the freshmen, and presented our suc- cessful class play, " " Your Town and Mine. " Now we are juniors, hut the past two years will never he forgotten in oui- memory book of college days. First l{( MAKVrN AsKI W MAi:(IN, (.K(IK(.I Frank Baldwin liETHA Y, OKLAHOM Joan Barry CHATTANOOGA, TENNKSSKK Scroiul Rnic Tonya Beals I. NSIM., MI HK.AN Shirlky Biggs » ASHV1LI,K. TENNKSSKK Wal ' ion Brown NASHVILLK, TKNNK.SSKE SOPHOMORES Thiril Rote: Carol Bryant I,OI IsVII.I.K, TKNNKssKK Earl Campbkll NKWl ' OH 1 . IKN NEssKE Lloyd CAMrBicLL HU.II POINT. NORTH CAUOl.lNA Fourth Row: 1 YLE CaMI ' BKLL N A s H V H. L K . 1 K N N K s s K K Jean Clayton COLl MlilA. SOUTH CAKOKINA Edwin Leroy Cloi d. Jr. TMVll ' A, KLOKIIM Fifth Riiir: Frankie Crabtree ,1 A M K S T ( ) W N . T K N N KS s K E Doris Decker si. VNDUKWS. FLOHIDV Paul Dell WAYCKOS.S, (;Eom.lA 58 First R( Jkan Uouu HAKI.KMON, WF.M VIIi(,INIA Milton Durbin h AIKMONT, WKST VIRGINIA Lee Eby MIAMI, FLORIDA Second Roir Tillman Eby IKIWIIKK. ALABAMA Wesley Eby HOAN ' DKK. ALABAMA Hazel Edmonds UUTTDN, ALABAMA SOPHOMORES ThinI Roiv: Nelzene Edmonds DUTTOM. ALABAM A Mary Ann Evans I t ' l.LM AN. ALABAM k Robert E. Field KIM, wool). WK.ST VIRf.INIA Fourth Roiv: Leroy Garber .lOHN.SOlM CITY, TKNi iES KK Tommy .Joe Garner TLSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Jeannette Griffin W WIROSS, (.KORf.IA Fijth Row: Roberta Anne Griffin CHARLESTON HEIGHTS, SOUTH CAROLINA Nina Griggs BENNETTSVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Moody Gunter WINNSLOW, SOUTH CAROLINA 59 First Row Charlks Hartskll NEWPORT. TENNKSSEK Robert Hedgepath NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE Rex Houston BOONE. IOWA Second Roiv: Francis Ti cker Howick ( MAREOTTE. NORTH i:AROLIN Elaine Hi ei BREWTON. ALABAMA Inez Jackson ELAT ROCK, NORTH CAROLINA SOPHOMORES Third Row: Willakd .Johnson DEIKOIT, MI( MK.AS Sarah Jones S(,RANTON, SOITH C ROLIN Charles Klinstiver, Sr. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Fourth Row: DuJUANA McCoHMlCK WEST MONROE, LOl James Martin EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO Ronald Martin ONEONTA, ALABAMA Fifth Row: Merle Mead ST. PETERSBtlRC, H.ORIIIA (iLENN Miller MOI NDSVILLE, WEST VIRCIM V Maryanne Miller DI NBAR. W EST VIR(.IM 60 First Roie: Bahbara Ann Moonkv HU.H POINT, NORTFl ( KOI.IV Jack Mumaw N A S H V I L I, F. . T K N N E s s K K Ida Parson M ( P M K I . I , K . T K N N t S S K K St ' rorul Roir: MOZELLK PaRTRIDGF. MARK.OLl), MlsMS .]ri ' l Gwendolyn Pearson H01 -TON, MlSSISSIPl ' l Jan Penix RANK. WI- T VIR(;lMA SOPHOMORES Third Row: Leslie Ci rtis Porter JOHNSON Cl l V. TtNNKSSKK Donald W. Pyles ( OLLIERS, WEST VIR(.IN1A Donald Reddick INI Y, ILLINOIS Fourth Roic: Beulah Kiddle ALBANY. kEN II KY Billy H. King OAK HILL. W EST IHI.IM Elmer Rogers IIOONVILLE. INDIANA Fijih Row: Arnold RoLA D WON PARK. FLORIIIA j rsTiNE Rushing ( I ARKSVILLE. TENNESSEE Doris Scott (UK HILL. WEST VIR(.IN| V 61 First Roir BoBiiiF, Jean Seymore lU i l lir.VILLE. ARKANSAS Asa Howard Sparks KOIll 1 HdMAv. KKNTI I KY William E. Spi ' Rlock t KIIMHI K. M II H II. N Sfcoiul Row: Minnie Stearns ALIiANY. KKNTUCKY Elizabeth Stucki JAI KSON. MISSISSIPI ' I William S. Taliaferro IMJKI ' KMDKM K, KK 1I I KV SOPHOMORES Third Hoic: Roy Taylor NORTH TANTON. OHIO GUERRY TeEPLE MONTEREY. TENNESSEE Bythella Theus SHUEVEI ' OHT. l.oriSUNA Fourth Hdiv: Wilbur Tremain NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Bonnie Fay Williams NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE Dewey Wise NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE Fifth Row: RoiiERT WOMACK I ASHVILLE. TENNESSEE 62 OFFICERS DoNMK Smith Prrsident DowLi) l5ii()WNiN(; ] ' ice-President lo Ann Hknnigan Secretarv BoUBY BVHNHILI T FRESHMAN r en surer Roy Miller Reporter Lucille Smith Student Council Rep. Prok. Charles Di cketi Sponsor Donnie Smith. Jo Ann Hennigan. Roy Mil- ler. Prof. Duckett. Don Brctwning. Bob Barnliiil. Lucille .Smith. 64 .m ' f f f CLASS What a hilarious week! Initiation, a crowning point in our new days at col- lege. M ' as just one of the hig events hrij ht- ening our lives. We were novices in learn- ing the " do ' s " and " don ts " at Trevecca. hut hy the winter ([uarter we were feeling like veterans. With enthusiasm the class swung into the spirit of social occasions, the first he- ing the very enlightening tour of Nash- ville. Any talent scouts in the house the night of the Freshman Talent Program would surely have found their pick. An- other feather in our cap was the ainuial Christmas Party — a hig success. Proudly we have reached our goal set at the he- ginning of the year — to he the most co- operative and active class in the college. Humbly we held high the banner of Christ and we all grew immensely in our Christian experiences. It has been a mem- orable year! First How: JOYCE JEAN ADKINS Brandiland, W. Va. THEODORE ALLEN Los Angeles, Calif. JO LYNN ARMSTRONG Mt. Sterling, Ohio CAROLYN ARNOLD Nashville. Tenn. Second Roiv: CHARLES AYLOK. JK Orlando. Fla. BOBUY BAKNHILl Norfolk, Va. RICHARD BOONE M Co,nl). Mis . ELBERT F. BROWN IlilMmr... Irn,,. Tliird Row: VERNON BROWN SanforJ. Ela. DONALD RAY BROWNING Man. W. Va. ODELL CALDWELL Atlanta. Ga. CLYDE RAY CALHOUN Union, Mo. Fourth Roir: EUGENE CAMPBELL Plymouth. N.C. DELMAR INEZ CARTER Houlka, Miss. HARLEY CASH White Owl, S.D. ARNETTA CHILDERS Logan. W. Va. FRESHMAN Fifth Row: DOROTHY COLEMAN Madison , Tenn. WALTER E. COTTREl.L Nashville, Tenn. ROY CRUM Gloster, Miss. FRED DANZEY Selma. Ala. Sixth Row: PATRICIA DECKER Nashville, Tenn. ALBERTA JEAN DENSFORD Cincinnati, Ohio WILLIAM H. DENSFORD Cincinnati, Ohio OTTIS DONEGAN Di, k-on. Tenn. Seventh Row: VIARGIE DOVER Fori Mill, S.C. KATHLEEN EANNOTTIE Weirion, W. Va. NANCY EARNHART Pineville, N.C. FRANK EBY Vlimai, Fla. Eighth Row: JAMES ROY FULLER Elba, Ala. ROBERT FULWOOD Gainesville, Fla. RAYMOND GILL Norwood, Mass. IRENE GODBY Louisville. Ky. First Roiv: TALMADGE GODWIN Kclbourne, La. ELEANOR GOODE Roanoke, Va. PHILLIP GOODE Roanoke, Va. JOHN WAYNE GOODWIN Jackson, Ga. Second Row: MARITA GREER Clinton, Miss. J. CLINTON GRIFFIN Nashville, Tenn. LLOYD H. GRIFFIN Nashville, Tenn. HILLY RO.SE GROSS 01,1 Hickory. T. nn. Third Row : IKMGARD HAKRR Miami, Fla. JAMES PALL HALI Jacksonville, Fla. THOMAS HARDAWAY Elkton, Ky. JON HASSELL Nashville, Tenn. Fourth Row: HARRY HEMMERLY Nashville, Tenn. JO ANN HENNIGAN Miami, Fla. RUTH HIGH Shelby, Miss. GEORGE HODGES Marmet, W. Va. CLASS Fifth Row: CHARLES INGRAM Nashville, Tenn. WILMA FAYE INGRAM Newport, Ky. CLARENCE EDWARD IRWIN ... .Chattanooga, Tenn. LeJEUNE IRWIN Orlando. Fla. Sixth Row: DOTTIS JACKSON Mapnolia, Miss. RICHARD LEE JACKSON Linton, Ind. FREDA JOHNSON Roanoke, Va. DAVID KENNEDY Quick. W. Va. Seventh Row: ROBERTA KING Orlando, Fla. HERMAN C. LAWRENCE Tamms, III. GARNER LAWSON McCrory, Ark. THELMA FAY LKK R, nnctt-ville. S.C. Eighth Row: JOYCE LEWIS Nashville, Tenn. ANITA LILES Newport, Ky. JANEY LITTLE Ludlow, Ky. PATRICIA I.OSEY Bu rlin " ton. Iowa 0 f% t " 0S First Row: CKRALI) T. McCOMMON Chattanooga, Tenn. la i.A G. McNEECE Clark.ville, Tenn. SHIRLEY MAHONEY Nt-w Alhany , In,l. I.AVERNE MANCRUM Evan-vill,-. In.l, Srcoiiil Row: JAMES E. MILLER Tuscaloosa. Ala. ROY EDWARD MILLER Barrett. W.Va. MARLENE MINIX Eitzf eral.l. Ga. MARY JIM MOON Rnannk.-, Ala. Third Row: JOYCE R. MOORE Staunton. Va. AVELENE MORRIS Racoland. Ky. WAYNE MURPHY Na livill,-. Tenn. MARY EVELYN NELSON Dnvrr. T,-nn. Foil nil Row: HOY OLIVER NORRIS Astaliula. Oliio DLLMA REE O ' KELLEY Nashville. Tenn. W. BYRON OSBORN. JU Hial. ali. Fla. FRANK PARKER Jackson, Miss. FRESHMAN Fifth Row: EARL PARRISIl Brunswick, Ga. MILDRKI) A. PEARSON Hou-ton. Miss. ROBER I ' PERRY Nashville, Tenn. JACKSON PHILLIPS Chattanoo-a, Tenn. .S .X 1 Ron : THELMA PRE.STON CcccHa. Ky. TILLMAN PRUIETT Piedmont. Ala. MARY RAY Tullahoma. Tenn. GENE REYNOLDS :..hiMiliia. S.C. Seventh Row: JESSE RICHARDS Belle. W. Va. KATHLEEN RICHARDS Miami. W. Va. PHILIP RILEY Canton. III. JAMES ROE Rockporl. Inil. FAiihth Row: HELEN ROOD Proclorville. Ohio 1IR1 M RLSHTON Jacksonville. Fla. EDWARD RAY SAVAGE Ouchcck. Tenn. LAWRENCE SCHULZ. JR Arlin(;ion. Va. First Row: DWIGHT SCOTT Fln ,l. a. NANCY SHKKIDAN Cliattanunfja. Tcnn. PHILIP SHOMO Harri unl,ur . a. KRLENE SHUTTLESWORTH James-mwn. T. nn. Second Row: MARTHA ANN SLOAN ali. Ky. DOLLY SMITH Hif;li Pumt. N.C. DONNIE J. SMITH Maylield, Ky. LARRY SMITH NashviUf , Tt-nn. Third Roic: LUCILLE SMITH Hirkciy.Va. SAM SOUTHERLAND Cliattannnt;a. T,-nii. ROBERTA GLENN STOGNER Ncrwund. N.C. lAMES LOWELL STRAW Clirisman, IIL Fourth Hdii : WOODKOft STl BliS " . S.C. HESSIE SUBLETT l),-rh, T,L Tt-nn. BI ' RTON THOMPSON Versailles, III. FREU THURMAN Lemay. Mo. CLASS Fifth Row: MARY CATHERYN TROTTER Pari-. Temi. STANLEY TUCKER We t Palm B.-a. li, Fla. HELEN TURNER Rnssville, Ga. MARJORIE TURNER Moultrie. Ga. Sixth Row: NADA ULM Sparks. Ga. MARY WATKINS I.akrlan.l. Fla. EDWARD WHITTINGTON Charie-inn, W A a. ALICE WILLIAMS Flint. Ih 1,. Sfvcnih Roir: AKTHLK W. WILLIAMS la, k-..nvillr. Fla. DEWEY JOE WILLIAMS Hnli, Ala. WILLIAM T. WILLIAMS Eli .al.ethin,,, Tenn. BARBARA .IE N WILSON Parker-I,in-. W. V a. Eighth Ron : DAVID LEE WOFFORD Cnhmibia, S.C. DORRIS POWELL WYATT Clarksville, Tenn. DELORES YOUNG Nashville. Tenn. SUMMER SCflaOl T. N. C. ' s campus takes on a verdant new family as they work, study, and relax to- loveliness in tlie sunmiertime, with her mag- gether. Suiumer school offers an oppor- nolia shaded walks, green foliage, and tunity for students to get in extra hours for sloping grassy lawn. Students, faculty, and graduation, or to take courses which cannot oliice force all seem to he one hig, happy be worked in during the regular school term. SPECIAL STUDENTS First Row: ROBERT AGNER ..n, Fl..rMa ALICE GALILT Milwaukee, Wisconsin EDRA HAMMOND Nashville, Tennessee MATTIE PEARL JONES Jaekson, Mississippi CHARLES KENNEDY Pryarslnir . Keniu. kv Second Row: EKED PARSONS Ha{;eist..» ... kn ylan.l DONIS STEPHENS Lak.- Wcrih. MARTHA STRICKLAND Nashville, Tennessee HAZEL TREMAIN Na llvill,■. Tennessee ARLENE UNRUH Spi in-s Ccih.radi. WINTER QUARTER STUDENTS First Row: RICHARD BELLAMY Xshland, Kentueky DELORUS BROWN High Point, N.irlh Can.lina GRADY CAMPBELL Hunlsville. Alal.ama REX COSBY Calvert City, Kenlueky Second Row: BETTY FITCH Parnpa. Texa- JOHN GIBSON Bowling Green. Kenlueky MARY HAMILTON Louisville, Tennesse, PAUL JACKSON Clay City. Indiana Third Row: RICHARD LAUSON Sliehn g.m. W i-. ..,,-in DORIS MeCLAI N ( a.tler. ( tin.. MARY LOU MeCORMICK Owenshoro. Kentu, kv OTHA MUSE Waynesboro. Kentucky Fourtli Row: JOHN SYKES St. Louis, Missouri FRED WATTS St. Louis, Missouri Jot- Sti irklai ' ark.-r. Walter Mallanl. I ' n.f. Grt-a ' ,s7 Ron : KOiiKKT I KWIS BLKO.SOK I,afayi-tlc. Grui-ia M AS(), DAWSON W Inl. ' lilun. T.-nnr-scc LAWKKNCK LKKPEK K nuxvillc. Tcnn. " . ' . ' WALTKR MAI.LAHI) Bainl.ridnr. Ge„rf;ia JUNIOR THEOLOGICAL STUDENTS OFFICERS Lyle Parkkr President Joe Strickland Vice-President Walter Mallard Secretary Joe Strickland . . .Student Council Representative Professor Greathouse Sponsor Second Row: I ' OK I KK C. NKAI Crossville. Tennessee LYLE PARKER Nashville, Tennessee jOE STRICKLAND Mrm|iliis. Tennessee 72 WHO ' S Sludeiil Body Prexy . . . Interested in pol- itics . . . Student Council . . . M.A.A. . . . Speech Club . . . Kentucky Club . . . Minis- terial Association . . . Clio Society . . . Active . . . Future jjlans include teaching, pastoring. Talented . . . President of senior class . . . Active leader in other capacities . . . Music Club . . . Directs plays . . . Speech Club . . . Cheerleader . . . G. A. A. . . . T rev-Echoes Feature Edi- tor ... A Capella choir . . . Major in Speech . . . Called to mission field. Trevecca ' s Honor Society represents a cross- section of student leaders, both in scholarship and in extracurricular activities. Membership is based upon a vearK average standing of 2.5. During conimencenient week outstanding seniors Iroin this organization are elected to lile inend)ership in the Zeta Chapter of the National Nazarene So- ciety of Phi Delta T andxla. Ki i;y poTTKii n I,. I ' irMilcnl .S; HONOR First Row: Bobby Barnhill. Phillip Goode. Mil- dred Chandlers. Gwendolyn Pearson. Ruth John- son. Frankie Edwards. SOCIETY Second Row: Asa Sparks. Lee Eby. Wesley Eby. William Strickland. James Martin. Domiie Smith. 77 HIGH SCHOOL From the tops of their short crew cuts to the soles of their scuffed-up loafers, they are typical American high school stu- dents with the usual fads and fancies. However, there is one outstanding distinction — they are Christian hoys and girls, grow- ing " in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. " We give special tribute to our high school faculty and student hody for the part they have played in making Trevecca the type of institution she is. • • « U±rmf x niw Jcihii Grant, Hmlv .liine , Armilil Spruill, Kiilli Burns. Joyrf WcmkI. Ann Havn --. a T Gib im, Pnifessor ( liildt-r-. |iiinMir. St-cond Rii« ( lanilin;;) Sunny Pnpe. prej-idenl. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL A big step in the direction of more inde- pendence in high school was the establish- ment this year of the High School Student Council. Frequently on the agenda for the i)i-weekly business meetings was the blue- print for formation of high school clul)s. Under the capable leadership of president Sonny Pope, the council has laid a founda- tion for the future success of these organiza- tions. The council presented a trophy to the class of the year, which purports to be an annual high school tradition. Scholastically. sipirtually, and socially, this has been one of the best years in the history of T. H. S. 81 HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS First Row: David Allison High Springs. Fla. Lloyd T. Allison . . . .High Springs. Fla. Jack Houston Cruse ... .Richmond, Ky. Second Roiv: Elvin Duncan Kehoe, Ky. J. Douglas Foster . ..New EUenton, S.C. Bill Galloway Nashville, Tenn. Third Row: Bennie Joe Career . .Johnson City, Tenn. Wayne Gibson Bowling Green, Ky. Betty Jane Groves Brooksville, Fla. Fourth Row: Clifton Hale Columbia, Ky. Linda Lee Hampton . .. . Nashville. Tenn. Winston John Hatcliff . .Cherokee, N.C. 82 First Row: Anne E. Hayes Charleston. W.Va. Betty Gail Helms Bainbridge. Ga. Bruce Kelly Jacksonville, Fla. Second Row: Charles Klinstiver, Jr.. .Nashville. Tenn. Patsy Louise Kohn. . . .High Spring, Fla. Larry Kolar Nashville, Tenn. Third Row: Mavis Lawson McCrory, Ark. Meelan Eloise Lindsey Lanett, Ala. Jesse Luster Ludlow, Ky. Fourth Row: Barbara Martin Nashville, Tenn. William Pope Cartersville, Ga. Norma Jean Ringer . . Masontown, W. Va. HIGH S C H 0 0 I SENIORS HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS First Row: Ruby Rushinc, Clarksville. Tenn. Waltkr B. Smith Savannah. Ga. Earl L. Sf ' rowls Homestead. Pa. Second Roiv: O ' Hara Sturgkll. Jr. . .West Palm Beach. Fla. Nancy Carol Thorpk Norfolk. Va. Harry Evans Tonky . .. .Nashville. Tenn. Third Row: Edith Mary Tremain .. .Nashville. Tenn. James Isaac Tripp Clearwater, Fla. Dale Viars Columbus. Ohio Fun rill Row: Melra Jean Vickers Lakeland, Fla. Julia Ann Wallace . .Charleston. W. Va. JiiLicE Lee Whit.son . .Cross Plains. Tenn. Fiith Row: Thomas Edwaro Willis . .East Liverpool. Ohio Joyce Wood Devonia. Tenn. MOST STI DIOUS BEST ALL-AROUND Ba[!p ra Martin Sonny Pope Wayne Gibson Joyce Wood SENIOR I MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jesse Luster Nancy Tiioiii ' K SUPERLATIVES MOST ATHLETIC WITTIEST KermitHidson Patsy Kohn Jack Crise Lindski HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS 86 SOPHOMORES . FRESHMEN Firs! Row: Rtitli Burns Carol Craig Janice Faye Cleaves James Hampton Second Row: Wendle Harris Harold Jarratt Judy Johnson Jack Kerns Third Row: Linda Kolar Wanda Lyon Tommy Moore Sylvia Moss Fourth Row: Arnold Spruill James Spruill Carolyn Spry Judy Weaver Freshmen : Cecil Adams Raymond Miller Mary Elizabetii Richardson 87 DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL First Row: Yiivonda Campbell Esther Costa Second Row: Donna Davis Fred Allen Davis Third Row: (Charles Ray Comer Jimmv Comer Fourth Ron : Jane E. Hassell Betsy Lue Heflin Fifth Row: Lois Ann Kolar Donis Marie Lackey Sixth Row: Royce Redford Mark Rodgers Scvrnth Row: Carl Spruill Linda Spruill Fight h Row: Karen LInruli Charles Vaughan A ' inth Row: Ronald Williams Roger Costa David Davis Tommy Davis Jack Calloway Ferrell Comer Joe Hampton Cayla Sue Heflin Ruthann Klinstiver Charles Parsons Sara Ellen Phillii)s Martha Rodgers Mae Spruill Allen Tremain David LInruli Dale Viars Joe Watson V ictor Richardson n i- ' i f 4 Ml TEACHER TRAINING Accredited Ijy the State of Tennessee as a four-year teacher training institution, Tre- vecca offers her graduates the prospect of going into public schools as teachers, with an equal opportunity to receive the same salary and consideration as that of gradu- ates from the finest teacher training colleges in the country. Practice teaching is available on our own campus. Education and Psy- chology classes are among the largest ones in the college. Introduction to Eduration class, which gives prospective teachers a good back- ground in fundamentals of education. Training in Public School Art. 89 90 Always carry hi h her banner . . . SPIRITUAL LIFE 91 This has been a good year at T. N. C. With the opening of the fall revival under the consecrated ministry of Rev. C. William Ellwanger, pastor of Roanoke, Virginia First Church, a revival spirit seemed to catch fire on our campus, con- tinuing to manifest itself throughout the year — even during the sometimes mo- notonous routine of everyday life. We have been fortunate in having some of the Lest preachers, missionaries, and lay workers in our movement to speak to us in the daily chapel services. Truly, God has blessed Trevecca during 1955-56. REV. C. W. ELLWANGER MISS DOROTHY UAVIS REV. and MRS. RAY MILLI piiator missioniirt .MRS. IRENE HANDLEY missionaries Roanoke First Church Swaziland, Soulli Africa converted Jewish missionary Formosa 92 REVIVALS AND LECTURES DR. J()H CHI RCU KK . ( :H Alil KS II. STKICKLWI ' Henson l.t ' i liirtr Stmlfnr (.DitUf il Li ' i tiniT The Benson Lectures are sponsored annually by John T. Benson, Jr.. in memory of his father, the late John T. Benson. Sr. This year Dr. John Church, well-known Methodist evangelist, brought a series of instructive Jiiessages. challenging the overflow audiences to a life of dee]jer consecra- tion. His series of eight sermons made a deep impression upon the hearts of facultv and stu- dents alike. Another annual lecture series at T.N.C. are the Student Council Lectures, the speaker being chos- en and sponsored b Trevecca ' s Student Council. Rev. Charles Strickland. Superintendent of the white work in South Africa, brought a series of messages about the economic, social, and spiritual prolilems our missionaries face in this needy field. DR. JOHN L. KNIGHT. .SR. MAJOR L. CASEY RFA. REEFOKI) CllANEY . R. MACKEY Florida District Miami ESTHER AM) BARBARA DR. A. K. BRACKEN resilient Speaks Superintendent Florida First Church M issivniirii ' s. Hiiniiii Furmer Dean oj Religion 93 CHOIR Socials, daily practices, plenty of lung exercises, and patient perseverance mark the day by day progress of the a capella choir, truly a sterling representative of " dear old T. N. C. " Besides making various public appearances throughout the year, the choir made a two week tour in April to the deep South, traveling as far as Miami. Florida. The spiritual quality of the group will long be retained in the hearts of the Nazarene people. CHOIR MEMBERS Sopranos Elaine Huff Lejeune Irwin Joyce Lewis Anita Liles Barbara Martin Carol Asi)iiry Roberta King Carol Poling Ruby Potter Dolly Smith Eula McNeece Altermite La Verne Mangruni AltcriKili ' Altos Sammie Bell Patsy Decker Arnetta Cliilders Jan Penix Helen Rood Mary Jo Bowling Delorus Brown Emily Hamilton Janey Little Alene Whitmon Martha Sloan Alternate Alice Williams Alternate Tenors Charles Cork Jack Cruse Larry Finger Pliilip Shomo Rex Houston Bill Taliaferro David Wofford Wendell Williams Emerson Peach Alternate Bass Eddie Irwin Wesley Eby Asa Sparks Edward Whittington Dan Godhy Jesse Luster Philip Riley (jene Reynolds Donnie Smith Guerry Teeple 94 Pliil Slioinu. Jack Cruse, Ed Wliittiiigton, Eddie Irwin. OUARTETTES AND TRIOS Thousands of Nazarene young people over the Southeastern Eckicational Zone first come into contact with our college through the musical groups which are sent out under the direction of Rev. C. E. Keys, field representative. During the montli of February two ladies ' trios traveled through the state of Florida. Others went out at vari- ous times during the year for weekend trips representing the college. Five groups will go out this summer, and one selected quartet will represent Trevecca at the General As- sembly. Jo Ann Hennigan. Bythella Tlieiis. Bobbie Jean SeviiKire. Nancy Sheridan. Frances Howick. Wiiiitre l Hal- stead. 95 OFFICERS RALPH I.KE President GKRALD LAING f ice-Presi,lenl SARAH JONES Srrrrl„rv REX HOUSTON Treasurer CECIL VALGHN Reiwrter PROFESSOR PHILLIPS Sponsor The Cliristian Workers Association of Trevecca is as old as the college. It was instituted hy Rev. ,]. 0. McClurkan with the chief piir])ose of teaching others how to win souls. One of the most active groups in the sciiool. the organization s|)onsors services weekly at the county and city workhouses, county jail, ju- venile court, one rest home, and various other places. Two nigiits a week street services are held in down- town Nashville. Continual reports of victory this past year sliow how God has richly hlessed the Christian work with the greatest results recorded for many years. CHRISTIAN WORKERS ASSOCIATION FiKST Row: Cecil Vaughn, Rex Hi u?ton, Sarah Jones, Ralph Lee, Prof. Phillips, Prof. Greathouse. Second Row: Joan Barry, Margie Dover, Nina Griggs. Thelma Lee. Lejeune Irwin, Winifred Halslead, Nanry Sheridan, Nada Ulm, Mary Nelson, Marlene Minix. Norma Peters, Emily Hamiltim. Wilma Lewi-. Jan Penix. Elaine Huff. Alene Whitmon. Sammie Bell, Dujuana MeCormiek, Janey Little, Nanry Thorpe. Lucille Smith, Alice Williams. Third Row: Jeanette Griffin, Betty Helms, Anita Liles, Barbara Mooney, Mary Ray, Jipyce Moore. Mavis Sharpton. Avelene M irris. Eula McNeece. Carol Ashury. Irmgard Haerr, Helen Rood, Arnetta Childers, Mary Watson, Barbara Wilson. Fourth Row: Doris Allen, Marjorie Turner, Edith Mingled irff, Bill Williams, Joyce Lewis, Delores Young, Bobbie Seymore, Kathy Eannottie, Alice Gault, Jo Ann Hennigan. Gwen Pearson, Vicdct Coulter. Beulah Riddle, Zarilla McVay, Wilma Ingram. Joy e Adkins, Pat Losey, Betty Greene, Ruth Burn-. James Raljdi. Gene Shelton. Fifth Row: Ted Allen, Bud Alli- son. Jesse Richard-. Don Pyle-, Emerson Peach. Garner Law-on. IWII Ki-rns. Donnie Smith, Betty Cummings, Erlene Shuttlesworth, Meelan Lindsey. Patsy Kcdin, Shirley Mahoney, Laverne Mangrum. Wanda Lyon, Joyce Turner, Harry Evans. Sixth Row: Winston Hatcliff. Roy Fuller, Leslie Porter, Bill Taliaferro, Moody Gunter, Bill Ring, Earl Sprowls, Jack Kerns, Asa Sparks, R. T. Kendall, Bcd Barnhill. Lee Eby. Eddie Cloud. Powell Wyatt. Talmadge Godwin. Lowell Straw. StVENTH Row: Ed Irwin, Elmer Rogers, Ed- die Sowder. David Wofford. Mickie Smith, Jim Mathews, M. K. Weaver. Earl Parrish. Toby Williams, Roy Miller, Don Browning, Cecil Ailams. Robert Hedgepatli, Charles Hartsell, Dwight Scott, Paul Shields, Tillman Pruiett. Merle Mead, Lloyd Allison, Dewey William-. Rav Sava ' c. BilK Gro— . I cw i- Blcd-oc. Hcrm m Lawrence. R. E. Maner. Frank Baldwin. mion Brown. Pr(d ' . Phillips. Cecil auglin. R - Housti ' U. Sarah Jones. Gerald Laing. Ralph Lee. OFFICERS FORREST McCl LLOL ' GH I ' rrsident MICKIE SMITH Vice-President DON PYLES Secretary BILL KERNS Treasurer BILL JERNIGAN Reporter PROFESSOR GREATHOLSE Sponsor The Ministerial Association is an organization composed of ail the students who are preparing for the ministry, any other students preparing for full time Christian service, and several members of the faculty. The organization promoted the annual Thanksgiving missionary offering, carefully selected student preachers as Chapel speakers, and various luncheons and banquets with guest s|)eakers through- out the year. Dun Pyles, Fdrri- t Mr( aili..u;;li. Prof. GreatlKJUX-. Mirkic Sniitli. BilU Ji-rnijiiiii. Bill Kern -. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Kill Krrns Zarilla lr a . Mi. ki,- .Ninilli. I ' l..!. Cliil.l. ,-, C,-, ,! auglin. OFFICERS MICKIK SMiril Prfsitlvnt CECIL AliGHN I ic-Pri ' sidnii ZARILLA M. VAY S,-rrrl,iry liILL KERNS T rettsiircr LARRY SMITH Reporter HROEESSUR CHILDERS Sponsor This groiij) of Trevecca students consecrated to God ' s service are taking the verse " pray without ceasing " to heart. Witli a iiiirninii vision of the har- vest field ever hefore tlieni. tiiey meet weekly for meetings of |)rayer and fasting. Mmhership in this organization includes students preparing for the mission field and all those interested in home and foreign missions. MISSIONARY PRAYER BAND ■■i ii I II i ■81 I i II P ■ Oi r 1 1 99 Hdil to the purple and white . . . First Row: Dr. Adams. Walter Smith. Harry Timey. Larry Kular. Bill Galldway. Jim Hampli n, James Spruill. Arncild Spruill, Bennie Garber. Ski.omu Row: Tciliy Williams. Karl Parrish. Ted Allen, Rieliard Bcuine. Thomas Hardaway, Dnnnie Smith. Jaek Phillips. Roy Miller. Kmersun Peaeh. Third Row: Asa Sparks. Rubert Wimiaek. Glenn Miller, Ed Whittingtcm. Waltim Brown, Harry Hemmerly, Robert Hcdgepath. D(m Pyles. FotiRTH Row: Billy Striikland. Harry Evans. Harold Hughes. Gene Slielton, Dan Gudby, E. C. Rose, Gary Duckelt. Dwiglil Preston. Jo • Finger. Bol) Bleds( e. Larry Finger. M. A. A. Larrv Finger. Asa .Sparks. HaniM Hughe jo,- Finger. Dan Godb . OFFICERS Harolo Hughks President Larry Finger Vice-President Dan Godby Secretary Asa Sparks Reporter Dr. Adams Sponsor Proving that students who pray together can play together, the M.A.A. had a successful year in 1955-56 under the capable leadership of President Harold Hughes. The M.A.A. sponsored the first ping-pong tour- nament in Trevecca ' s history this winter, which was lauded as a big success. Leroy Garber and Judy Wallace captured the singles championships, and the Calkin- Garber team took the doubles. Track season made its debut at T. N. C.. and got underway in full style third quarter. The Men ' s Athletic Association, fifty strong, is one of the vital parts of Christian fellowship and education at Trevecca. 102 OFFICERS Nina Griggs Firsidcnt Mary Jo Bowling Vicf-Prcsident Shirley Biggs Secretary Carol Asbury Treasurer LiBBY Stucki Reporter Miss Stephan Sponsor Earl morning hikes, volley ball games, a freshman dominated basketball season, and exciting Softball games combined to give the Girls ' Athletic Association a good year for 1955-S6. lender the direction of Presi- dent Nina Griggs, the G.A.A. membership grew to thirty-five. Sponsored by Miss Eula Jean Stephan. the girls took an active part in athletics. First rinv: Mary } ' IJ nliiij;, Njii.i (jmj; ;-, Shirley Bipgs. Sercind row: Canil Asbury, Lib- by Stucki, Miss Stephan. G. A. A. First Row: Meelan Lindsey. Jean Uodd. Fmilv Hamiltim. Jn Arin-tnin);. Linda Hampton. Mary Beth Richardson. Beverly Fornian, Elaine Huff, Jan Penix. Seco.m) Row: Murv Jo Bowling ' , Norma Peters, Wilma Lewis. Carol Asliurv. Sarah Jones. Joan Barry. Pat Losey. Lucille Smith. Thiru Row: Bonnu- William-. Dclore- Young. Martha Sloan. Irene Godbv. W ilma Ingram. Joyce Moore. Betty Helms, Roberta Stogner, Hessie Sublett. Foiiirn Kuw: Dolly Smitli. Kathy Kannottie. Jeanette Crilhn. Miriam Rowland, Ruth Burns, Edith Mingledorff. ( arol Bryant, Joyce Turner, Betty Greenr. nil;i Liles. P FOOTBALL Close games added to the excitement of Trevecca ' s 1955 football season. The teamwork, unity, and co- operative spirit of the powerful Sophomore team this year gave them the Trevecca College football champion- ship, as well as an undefeated season. Moody Gunter. captain of the Sophomores, led all scoring with 117 points. Larry Finger. Upperclassman star, followed close behind with 115. The Sophomores set a new record by swamping the All-Stars 56-7. thus compiling the highest score ever in the T-Bow l game. Ed Whittington made four touchdowns and an extra point on passes from Moody Gunter to rack up ahiKJst half the score. The other touchdowns came by way of Pyles, Hartsell, and Gunter. High Schf)oler Bruce Kelly hit Upperclass- man Larry Finger on the goal for the only All-Star touchdown. STANDINGS W Sophs 9 UPC 5 Frosh 3 H. S 1 f.eft. Toj) lo Boltoin: SOPHOMORE TEAM FiRs ' i Row: Ed Whittington. Moody Gunter. Walton Brown. Skcond Row: Don Pyles. Wayne Murphy. Robert Hedgepath. UPPERCLASSMAN TEAM First Row : Gary Duckett. Larry Finger. Dan (; )di)y. .Stc- ONI) Row: Eugene Shelton. E. C. Rose. Tom Gox. FRESHMAN TEAM First Row: Donnie Smith. Ray Gill. Skcond Row: Roy Miller. Earl Parrish. Boh Fulwood. HIGH SCHOOL TEAM First Row: Kermit Hudson, Arnold Spruill. ,lim Hamp- ton. Second Row: Jack Cruse, .lames Spruill. Bill Gallo- way, Bruce Kelly. GIRLS ' B A S K E T B A L I The Freshman girls " team won the 1955-56 Bas- ketl)all Cliampionship. trouncing the All-Stars with a score of forty-four to twenty-five. Martha Sloan, star player for the freshman team, averaged almost twenty points per game. Jeannette (;riflin topped the All-Stars scoring in that game hy netting nineteen points. Top ten players for the season were: Martha Slnan, F 99 Betty Greene, H.S 76 Beverly Fiirinan, H.S 42 Irene Gmlliv, F 35 Juily Wallace. H.S. 22 Jeannette Griffin. U.C 21 Helen Rood, F 12 Joyce Turner, H.S H Delores Younj;, F 10 Carol Bryant, U.C 9 UPPERCLASSMEN First Row (kneelinti): Joan Barry. Joan Westmore- land Jeannette Griffin, Mary Jo Bowling, Bonnie Williams, Fmily Hamilton. Second Row (standin;;): Jan Penix, Shirley BiRRS, Nina Gripfis, Fla Huff. FRESHMEN First Row (kneeling;): Marita Greer Irene G.Hlhy, |„ I.vnn Armstrong, Kathy F.annottie, Delores Young, Martha Sloan. Se,on,l Row (standing): Lucille Smith. Helen Rood. Roherta Stogner. HIGH SCH001 First Row (kneeling): Betty Fitch Joy.e Turner Judy Wallace. Betty Greene, Meelan l.indsey. .Second Row (standing) : Shirlcv Anspaugli Uarhara Mai- tin Beverly Forman, Mary Beth Richardson. in— n HIGH SCHOOL Fir t Riiw (knet ' lins): Jack Cru (•. Bruce Kelly. Kerniit Iliid- Miri. Hurry Toney, EmerMin Peacli. Secciiuli Row ( stand ni ; ) : Walter Smith, James Spruill, Jim Hampton, ArnukI Spruill. UPPERCLASSMEIV First K.iw (kneeliiif;) Billy Stricklanil. Larry Fiiifier. SecuncI liow ( sianilin;; ) : llamlcl Hu;;lies. Harry Kvan , Paul Scliurniaii. Dan Gixlljy. BOYS ' BASKETBALL STANDINGS W L W L Upperclassmen 10 2 Freshmen S 7 Sophomores 9 3 High School 0 12 The 1955-56 Basketball Season saw the Upper- Harry Evans, U.C 157 ... , Fcl Whittinpton. S 152 classmen rack up ten wins and two losses to take „ . ,, , ,, „ ' Billy Strickland. U.C l. ( the regular season championship. The previously Larry Finger, U.C 127 , , . James Spruill. H.S 127 wmless high school team upset the sophomores in Dan Giidby. U.C 110 the semi-finals of the annual tournament, and were Mondy Gunter. S 106 defeated bv the Upperclassmen in the finals. The top Walt(m Bmwn. S 9.} ' ' Paul Scliurman, U.C 92 ten scorers (not including tournament points) were: Rny Crum. F 89 SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN First Row (kneeling) : Asa Sparks, Ed Whittington, Moody Gunter. Second Row (standing) : Don Pyles, Walton Brown. First Row (kneeling): Rav Gill. Paul Hall, Tom Hardawav. Rov Crum. Tidiv William-. Don Browning. Second Row (stand- ing) : Phil Riley. IS.ih Fiilw I, Eugene Camiiliell. Sonny C, I- win. Jim Roe. 0 f rs F), ' Fl ' -F) kk 110 Fellow students, let us honor her . . . ACTIVITIES 111 E. C. Rose Frcsideiil STUDENT COUNCIL Regular l)i-wfekly business meeting in the College Cafeteria. WENDELL WILLIAMS T rensii rtr Sfn ior Ri ' in ' vsi ' it nilii c GARY E L DLCKETT Junior Hi ' itri-seitlafn e ASA HUWARl) SPARKS LUCILLE SMITH Soj ' lnninirt ' Rcpri ' sen Ifitii ' t F resit riuiri R( ' i}n ' sfntitln : 112 Lee Eby Secretary Dr. Homer J. Adams FacultY Advisor An active goveriinieiital organization of our college is the Student Council. Its ])riniar tluties include the direction of periodic organization of student clubs, co-ordination of student activities of the year, assisting in planning Friday night programs, and acting as the chief agency of liai- son between facult) and students. This year marks the beginning of the CounciTs participation as a member of the Tennessee Association of Colle- giate Student Governments. In place of State Clubs the Council this year organized District Clubs to better serve our ex- panding Southeastern Educational Zone. Because of increased automobile traffic on the campus, a system of faculty and student parking was insti- gated. The student organizations partici|)ated in the CounciFs general project of sujjph ing the li- brary with necessary reference materials and film strips. In these and man other wa s the Student Council has endeavored to foster and maintain the aims, ideals and standards of Trevecca Nazarene College. RANKIE EDWARDS ' T rev-Echoes " Editor RUTH JOHNSON Darda Editor JOE STRICKLAND Junior Tlu ' olo icdl Rrprt ' sen tii ivi- JOYCE WOOD Hifih School Rcprcscn SONNY POPE lli, h School Heiirc.sentotire 113 STAFF FRANKIK F.UWAKDS Editor JAN PENIX Acl ' inii Editor, Sprinf: Qimrtrr BILL JERNIGAN Biiainess Mandfirr T(). YA BKALS ,s (((i t Editor LIB STUCKI Assistitnt Editor Fiisl iiiw: (seated) Lib Stucki Tonya Beals. Second row: (slandiny) Frankie Edwards, Mrs. Phillips. Frankie Edwards Editor THE T R E V - " A nose for news " could well be the i)y- woid of the staff of Trevecca ' s bi-monthly publication, Trev-Echoes. Since 1945 this iii)-to-date newspaper, with its loyal and hardworking staff has been the mirror of campus life. Through the years its editors have striven for better and more inviting publications, and 1956 has seen some of the best efforts. Assigning articles, proofread- ing, taking ads, drawing up the dummy, try- ing to get a review of all the news are some Carol A,my. Gwen Pears,,n. Fd Bul|o, k First row: (seated) Lib Sturki. Mrs. Phillips. Second row: (standin ;) Doris Allen. ,Ian Penix, Ed Bullock. Tonya Beals, Clinton Griffin, Fred Parsons, Charles Cork, Norma While. STAFF CAROL ASBUKY I ' t ' fitiirc Editor RIBY PUTTER Circulation Editor ED BULLOCK Sports Editor GWEN PEARSON Typist Professor Richardson. Business Ad- visor, and Rillv Jernigan. Billy Jernigan Biisinrss Manager ECHOES of the tasks l)ehind the scenes. The editorial advisor, Mrs. K. W. Phillips, puts the final touches on the publication before it goes to press. With a circulation of over five hun- dred, Trev-Echoes is not only in demand on the campus, but it is also regularly received by district superintendents of the Southeast- ern Educational Zone and the families and friends of Trevecca. Truly, it is the " Echoes of Trevecca. " If ' ' Trev-Echoes is out! " Frankie Edwards. Beverly Formaii. Ruhv Potter, and Edith Mingledorff. Jan Penix efficiently slc|)|icd into tiie vacancy caused hv the ilhic s ol tlie editor-in-chief. 1 9 5 6 D A R D A The long-awaited niotiient finally aiiived when we packed off the last ijit of manusciipt and excitedly exclaimed, " The Darda has gone to press! " This was the culmination of many months of hard work, long hours, and hrain- racking plans, hut all that has heen forgotten as we present to you, the students and faculty of T. N. C, our 1956 Darda with a sincere prayer that in it we have captured cherished memories of this year at Trevecca. In our theme we have tried to enhance the lines of our school song in order to give them a deeper meaning and we shall feel that all our work has heen profitalde if we have successfully accom- plished this purpose. Ruth Johnson Editor-in-Chief STAFF Ruth Johnson Editor-in-Chief Cecil Vaughn Business Manager Norma Jean Petehs Assistant Editur Eddie Cloud Assistant Business Manager Roberta King Literary Editor Wesley Eby Stuj] Artist Cary Neal Duckett Staff Artist Ch ARLES Cork Feature Editor Bill Galloway High School Editor Jan Penix Sports Editor Elaine Hi ke Typist Barbara Martin Typist Roy Taylor Staff Photographer Harley Cash Staff Photog rapher Mrs. K. W. Piiii.lii-. Faculty Advisor V. Neil Richardson Business Advisor Cecil Vai gh n Busitiess Manager l-ulu I I r.MiL KI.N. I ' rnt. Iliirk. ii. li . Krilliiiil. . i.inia Jran Pi-ti-i-. Kalliy Eaniinllli-. OFFICERS (ll.KNN MiLLKK Presidi ' iit Frank Eby Vice-President ()RMA Jkan Picters Secretary }}()B FuLWOOi) Treasurer Kathy Eannottie Reporter Mrs. Reuforu. Proe. Di f KExr Co-Sponsors SCIENCE CLIIB Microscopes, test lubes, animal phyla, electrons, and plants; these are sui)jects of coniinon interest to the budding young scientists of Trevecca. Menibershij) in Trevecca ' s Sci- ence Club is open to those who are interested in one or more ol the various fields of science. FiKsi Row: Mrs. Redfnrd. Ruth Johnson. Norma Joan Peters. Jean Docld. SECo n Row: Tillman Eby, Ida Parson. Bob Fulwood. C ary Neal Duckett, Dan Godby, Harold Hughes, Don Reddick. 118 y First Row : Dciris Decker, Mavis Sharpti n. Beatrice Cuttle. Dr. Adams. Skcond Row : Carol Bry- ant, Fcirrest McCullougli, James Cdttle. Third Row : Wesley Eby, Bill Calkin, Wayne Murphy. Foi RTH Row: Lee Eby, Jim Mar- tin, Talmadge Godwin. Fifth Row: Bill Jernigan, Bill Crane. Sixth Row: Milton Durbin, Don- nie Smith, Tommy Hardaway. Tlie Clio Society has always l)een one of Trevecca ' s most active organizations, consisting of students from the History Depa rtment. One of the year ' s highlights was a lecture hy Tim- othy Smith, associate professor of History at E. N. C, giving the summary chapter of his dissertation which is now awaiting ])ublication as a hook. They also sponsored Friday night films of historical interest. CLIO SOCIETY OFFICERS Allen Mollis President Bill Crane Vice-President Mavis Sharpton Secretary DoNNiE Smith Treasurer Tommy Hardaway Reporter Dr. Homer J. Adams Sponsor Dr. Adams, Thomas Hardawav, Bill Crane, Mavis Sharp- Ion. DoMni.- Sniitli. Allen Hollis. r V. r Y4 Kill W illiam-, lii ' lly ( !iiiiiiniTiy-. Sai.ih Jdiii-s. Tmiya Bfal . Lucille Sniilli. Mi -. Pfrs-iin. OFFICERS Sahah Jones President Bill Willl ms I ire-President I.LCILLE Smlih Secretary Bktty Cummings Treasurer Tonya Beals Reporter Miss Amy L. Person Sponsor LITERARY ClUR " ' Reading niaketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man ' This quotation from Bacon reflects the aims of Trevecca ' s literary department. Miss Person, Chair- man of the Division of Languages, Literature, and Fine Arts is instrumental in promoting an interest in literary classics. The Cliil) consists mainly of English majors and minors. FiKsT Row (seated): Lucilli- Smith, Miss Persnn. Sarah Jones. Second Row (standing) : Nada Uliti, H. C. Lawrence. Roherta Stogner. Lib Stucki. Tonya Beals, Mary Richards, Leslie Porter, Betty Cummings, Cecil Vaughn, Hulh .lohn-on. 120 FiK r Kow ( i-atfil): Rt-v Himi-- t(in. Llnyil Griffin. Kdilir Cloud. R. T. Kendall. Carol A lniry. He!- ie Sulilctt. Jant-y Little, Jan Penix, Merle Mead, Ray Savage. Leslie Porter. Skcom) Row (stand- ins;) : Roliert Hedfiepath. Sam Soiitherland. Joe Jones. Zarilla MeVav. Aliee Gault. Edra Ham- mond. ' Helen Rood, Robert Wo- maek. f ' .nla MeNeeee. Mirkie Stnitli. A a S|iark-. Ii Cooner. Sponsoring the annual school play; presenting the dramatic " Story of Hope " at Christmas time; promoting interest in the organization with lively dehate sessions on the (picstion, " Shonid llie non-agricidtnral industries guarantee their em- ployees an amuial wage? " ; these and other speech activities have been the main lunclions of the clul) this year. 1 SPEECH CLU B OFFICERS R. T. Kknoall President Eddik Clocd Vice-President Janky Littlk Serreturv Jim Mathkws Treasurer Rkx Hocston Reporter Miss Mabel Coonf.r Sponsor Janev Little. Juine-. Iathev . K. Ki iidall. Kr llou- lon. Kd.lie CI. .lid. li " (:....„.T. KuK Pi ' lttT. Bui) Blcil ' oe. LfJcLine Irwin. Jfannettc Crilim. Kililic Irwin. I ' mfpssor Unruli. OFFICERS Boii Blkosoe President LkJeune Irwin Vice-President Ruby Potter Secretary Eddie Irwin Treasurer Jeannette Griffin Reporter Prof. LInrhh Sponsor MUSIC CLUB Working in conjunction with Trevecca ' s music department, tliisi organization ' s main purpose has lieen to further apprecia- tion of the fine arts among the students. Sponsoring Friday night talent |)r()grams, helping with recital arrangements, and providing dinner music in the college cafeteria have heen some of the cluh ' s projects. Membership consists of music majors and minors. FiiisT Row : P. Decker. B. Moo- nev. C. .Ashury. J. Barrv, J. Grif- fin, S. Bell. A. Wliilman, M. Do- ver, M. Minnix. W. Halstead, E. Huff. E. Hamilton. L. Irwin, A. Williams, M. Nelson. Second Row: M. Ray, B. Helms, E. Min lctlorff, A. Lyles. R. Potter, J. Lewis. D. Younfi. A. Cliilders, F. Ingram, D. MrCormiek. W. Lewis, M. Bowling, R. King, L. Mangrum, B. Wilson. F. Howick. Thiru Row: B. Seymore, B. Theus, P. Goode. B. Bledsoe. L. Finger, E. Wliittington. J. Cruse. E. Irwin, G. Houston. P. Sliomo. R. Norris. I). Wofford. Professor I nruli. J. Adkins. 122 JUNIOR-SENIOR RECITALISTS Carol Anne Asbury. Senior Speech Recilalist. presenting a dramatic interpretation of A Man Called Peter. CI i OFFICERS NORMA BYBEE President MAXINE SPURLOCK Vice-President HAZEL TREMAIN Secretary MARY HAMILTON Trensmer MISS AMY PERSON Sponsor Gathering eacli Tluirsday evening in the College Cafeteria, these wives of Trevecca students meet primarily for the purpose of preparing to become better preachers ' wives. This year they have been using as a study guide a book entitled The Shep- herdess. The organization also gives them oppor- ] tunity to develop socially as they take time out from j tiieir busy schedules for an evening of fellowship. 1 STUDENT Maxine Spurlock, Norma Bybee, Miss Person, Mary Hamihon, Hazel Tremain. WIVES one mind • • you and your Publishing House are in the world ' s greatest business — that of winning souls to Christ. We are yokemates in disseminating the full gospel to the whole world by the printed page. With one mind in beliefs and objectives and loyalty to our church, we can do much for the Kingdom. Let ' s keep strong ties within our church family. Nozorene PUBLISHING HOUSE ► PASADENA ► KANSAS CITY ► TORONTO 140 COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pastor REV. CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY Sunday School Supt. CARL SMITHSON N.Y.S. President MRS. L. R. MURRAY N.F.M.S. President MRS. C. W. GALLOWAY REV. CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY Pastor Out ' C oliege ( liurcli lyprcciatci fcuecca A Vital Concern for Every Interest of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE 141 ALABAMA DISTRICT greetings to Dr euec c a — and tlic C iaiS 56 ADVISORY BOARD REV, GORDON WINCHESTER MR. R. L. ANDERSON REV. DONALD K. BALLARD MR. B. F. BUMPUS TREVECCA TRUSTEES C.E. SHUMAKE R.L.ANDERSON GORDON WINCHESTER R. F. BUMPUS District Secretary REV. JOHN E. COMPTON District Treasurer TRAVIS JOHNSON District N.Y.P.S. President REV. C. W. ELKINS District N.F.M.S. President MRS. PEARL CLABORN District Church School Board Chairman REV. L. WAYNE SEARS growing t)isti ' ict ( oiicjraliiicites DISTRICT ASSEMBLY MILL PORT, ALABAMA Date July 3-4 DR, G, B, WILLIAMSON General Superintendent BOY ' S AND GIRL ' S CAMP MILL PORT, ALABAMA Date July 16-20 YOUTH INSTITUTE MILL PORT, ALABAMA Date July 23-27 REV, PAUL MARTIN Guest Speaker C. E. SHUMAKE District Superintendent 142 1956 EASTERN RENTDCRY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DEPARTMENTAL LEADERS Reading from left to right REV. D. S. SOMERVILLE District Superintendent REV. L. B. HICKS Chairman, Church School Board REV. OVAL LEE STONE District N.Y.P.S. President MRS. D. S. SOMERVILLE District N.F.M.S. President DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. L. B. HICKS MR. LAWRENCE WILEY REV. ASA H. SPARKS MR. E. H. (BOB) STEENBERGEN WE PROVIDE STUDENTS AND USE STUDENTS OF T. N. C. 143 Tffi EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT STANDS FAITHFULLY DEHIND TREVECCA COLLEGE ALL OUR DEPARTMENT HEADS ARE PRAYING FOR GOD ' S RICHEST BLESSINGS ON OUR ZONE COLLEGE RAY DUNNING N Y P S MRS. McCAMMON N.F.M S. VICTOR E. GRAY District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS SETTLE K .. SHAW Secretary LESTER D. GRANT I reasurer DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD ROY A. BETTCHER A. A. FORSYTHE W. L. ELKINS OSCAR WHEATON W. L. ELKINS Church Schools 144 PLANNING TO CONTINUE OUR SUPPORT OF TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE WHILE WE BUILD JOHN L. KNIGHT, D.D. District Superintendent A GREATER FLORIDA DISTRICT WITH $100,000 REVOLVING HOME MISSION FUND Write JOHN L KNIGHT. Superintendent Florida District Church of the Nazarene Lakeland P. O. Box 464 Florida 145 THE GEORGIA DISTRICT Congratulates Dr. Mackey and the Class of 1956 MACK ANDERSON District Superintendent ADVISORY BOARD MACK ANDERSON H. J. EASON J. F, CHILTON L. E. MARTIN BRUCE B. HALL DISTRICT OFFICERS REV. MELVIN K. SHROUT Secretary REV. BRUCE B. HALL Treasurer DEPARTMENTAL OFFICERS MRS. MACK ANDERSON N.F.M.S. President REV. H. W. MINGLEDORFF N.Y.P.S. President REV. W. Q. SHERIDAN Church School Chairman MRS. JACK DELL Junior Director 146 THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1956 DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV DENNIS WYRICK REV. OREN D. THRASHER CLARENCE WILEY HERMAN RAMSEY District Secretary REV. RALPH AHLEMANN District Treasurer REV. OREN D. THRASHER District Chairman Church School Board REV. A. J. FRANK District N.F.M.S. President MRS. HUGH CLARK District N.Y.P.S. President REV, BOBBY HOOTS REV. D. D. LEWIS District Superintendent 2230 Alta Avenue Louisville, Ky. REV. D. D. LEWIS COLLEGE TRUSTEES DEV. J. C. ROBERTS REV. DENNIS WYRICK REV. RALPH AHLEMANN The Kentucky District is proud of Trevecca Nazarene College and its President, Dr. A. B. Mackey. 147 MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT DICK MOORE . . M. L. McCASKELL TREVECCA TRUSTEES B. W. DOWNING OTTO STUCKl YOUTH CAMP July 9-13 Near Jackson Secretary Treasurer ADVISORY BOARD J. B. ROSE M. L. TURNEY W. Y .COOK ERNEST SHERRILL ASSEMBLY AND CAMPMEETING August 27-Sept. 2 Near Jackson OTTO STUCKl, D.D. District Superintendent DISTRICT DEPARTMENT HEADS MRS. EUNICE PHILLIPS Junior Director MRS. OTTO STUCKl N.F.M.S. President B. W. DOWNING N.Y.P.S. President M L TURNEY Church Schools Chairman M C GARRISON Managing Editor, Mississippi Nazarene 148 NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1956 ADVISORY BOARD WILLIAM L. GANN DOYLE C. SMITH EARL FREEMAN J. S. WOOD, JR. TREVECCA TRUSTEES LLOYD B. BYRON DOYLE C. SMITH LLOYD B. BYRON District Superintendent JAMES H. EADES Chairman Church School Board DOYLE C. SMITH President Nazarene Young People ' s Society MRS. LLOYD B. BYRON President Nazarene Foreign Missionary Society MRS. A. O. LOEBER Junior Director N.Y.P.S. CONVENTION Camp Wesley September 8, 1956 N.F.M.S. CONVENTION Mrs. Louise Chapman, Speaker September 18, 1956 DISTRICT ASSEMBLY — SEPTEMBER 19 AND 20. 1956 149 SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Trevecca Trustees D. W. THAXTON W. BOYD WELCH LEON COOK District Advisory Board L. L. JENKINS RAYMOND DeSHON V. V. SHUMPERT W. H. THOMPSON D. W. THAXTON District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS LEON COOK District Secretary L. L. JENKINS District Treasurer HAROLD LINER N.Y.P.S, President MRS. A. E. KELLY N.F.M.S. President HARRY HUFF Chairman, Church School Board MRS. H. H. HAYNES Junior Supervisor CAMP-MEETING, JULY 2 THROUGH 8TH Batesburg, South Carolina WORKERS DR. LAWRENCE HICKS REV. HAROLD DANIELS REV. AND MRS. HARRY HUFF REV. AND MRS. LEON COOK 150 DISTRICT OFFICERS REV. C. T. DUCKETT Secretary MR. JAMES A. PATE Treasurer REV. M. E. REDFORD . . REV. ROBERT GRAY MRS. D. K. WACHTEL Chairman Church School Board District N.Y.P.S. President District N.F.M.S. President MRS. D. K. WACHTEL HOME OF TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE 151 VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1956 TREVECCA TRUSTEES V. W. LITTRELL E. M. EOX DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD T. T. LIDDELL W. J. BLACKMON G. H. JONES W. H. HUNT V. W. LITTRELL District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS GILES M. GRAHAM Secretary G. H. JONES Treasurer W. J. BLACKMON Chairman. Church School Board C. WILLIAM ELLWANGER District N.Y.P.S. President MRS. V. W. LITTRELL District N.F.M.S. President Coming o the " Old Dominion State? " " TEST OUR WELCOME " 152 WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT JOHN R. BROWNING, SR District Secretary C. GLENN BOWLING District Treasurer MRS. EDWARD C. ONEY N.F.M.S. President H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT N.Y.p.s. President 153 BIRMINGHAM FIRST CHURCH Its Pastor and People m ) on n t n 111 LCI IP l lmi: K r Trevecca Nazarene College President Mackey The Faculty The Students The Darda Staff L. WAYNE SEAR Pastor " We believe in you and your program of Christian Education " { rJLove and -y ppreciaic 7? ' rcvecca FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1700 West Jackson Street PENSACOLA. FLORIDA Our Cjoal is ov Soiiis 7? GORDON WINCHESTER Pastor 154 CONGRATULATIONS TO TREVECCA STUDENTS OF 1955-56 BEULAH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LOGAN, ALABAMA C. L. VEST, Pastor CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 5900 Wilson Boulevard ARLINGTON 5, VIRGINIA T. THOMAS LIDDELL Minister Sunday Services Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Youth Groups 6:00 P.M. Morning Worship 10:45 A.M. Evangelistic Service 7:00 P.M. Midweek Service . Wednesday, 8:00 P.M. Representing Christ, the Nazarene Church and Trevecca in the Nation ' s Capitol RICHLAND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE S. S. Supt MR. HOWARD OATS N.Y.P.S. Pres. . . MISS DOROTHY HEFLIN N.F.M.S. Pres. . . MRS. HOWARD OATS JOHN A. KNIGHT Pastor BORDEAUX CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " Where Trevecca Students Feel at Home " REV. DOYLE SMITH Pastor County Hopital Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 155 CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MIAMI, FLORIDA C on grain id tionS to reuecca R. B. KELLY. Pastor NONA OWENSBY R. A. KLEEPINGER N.Y.P.S WILLIAM MYRL ELLIS N P .M MRS RFIJI AH GRFFNF " America ' s Largest Rural Church " DAVIS CREEK CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLESTON. WEST VIRGINIA DALLAS BAGGETT Pastor JIM VAN HOOSE N.Y.P.S. MRS. MILDRED JOHNSON N.F.M.S. CHARLES MORTON S. S. Superintendent 156 HADLEY HALL MRS. LAURA PITTMAN Pastor N.Y.P.S. President BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 FROM THE SOUTHEAST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA MR. S. M. PITTMAN MRS. JACK REESE Sunday School Superintendent N.F.M.S. President 157 Compliments of Ravenna Church of the Nazarene Sixth and Main Street RAVENNA, KENTUCKY RAYMOND M. HAYSE Pastor Henderson Church of the Nazarene HENDERSON, KENTUCKY ROBERT ATTMAN " Congratulations T.N.C. — Class of 1956 " 158 LEON G. COOK Pastor Calvary Church of the Nazarene LANGLEY, SOUTH CAROLINA Himesville Church of the Nazarene REV. E. B. MOSS 102 Germantown Road SHELBYVILLE, TENNESSEE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2700 Hatch Boulevard SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA BOOSTERS FOR TREVECCA Our Student — Sammie Bell WALLACE BELL Pastor HERMAhJ LATCHEM Sunday School Superintendent CLARENCE VAUGHN N.Y.P.S. President MRS. WALLACE BELL N.F.M.S, President BOOSTERS FOR T.N.C. 1956 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE I 9th Street at Pearcy Ave. PARKERSBURG. W.VA. H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT Pastor GLENN HARPER Sunday School Superintendent MARY BOLE N.F.M.S. President OKEY CUNNINGHAM N.Y.P.S. President GRACE SWAIN Junior Supervisor 159 SOMEONE KNOCKED ON MY DOOR Someone knocked on my door; it was a dreary, rainy day. I did not know the man, so I had but little to say, I don ' t remember how he came; it matters net very much — I guess. But he found a heart so hungry, for my life was in a mess. hie smiled — I could see he was happy, and I stood wondering shy, " We just stopped by to see you as we were passing by. Won ' t you come to the home mission campaign? Won ' t you come and help us sing. " I was glad for the invitation; I told him others I would bring. As he turned away from my door, I wanted the man of God to talk some more. I saw he had the Master ' s love, trying to win a soul for heaven above. I made up my mind I would go overthat night. When we got there they were singing — my, my what a sight! Some were crying, some were shouting out loud; I did not like it much — I was too stinking proud. The man of God preached as only A. E. Kelly can He talked of Heaven, then of Hell until I almost ran. Then I saw them hit the altar one by one Most of the people prayed until the job was done. They found peace and joy for their troubled hearts. I said " That ' s what I want, " but I didn ' t know how to make the start. But I hit the altar — 1 went there to stay Pulled the shoes off my feet — they were hurting that day. I thought the meaner you were, the more you ' ll have to pray. I started to tell the Lord I would stay there all day. About that time the Lord from Heaven above, Gave me peace and joy and filled my heart with love. I found the Saviour so dear to all; The One who can keep us and never let us fall. Praise God today and forever more For sending a man to knock at my door. It meant but little for him to knock it — stranger ' s door. But it meant Heaven for Old Wakefield and the peace of God forevermore. A. C. WAKEFIELD 16C l Ue are j or rcueccci CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MAN. WEST VIRGINIA JOHN R. BROWNING, SR. Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BURLINGTON, N.C. W. LEE GANN, Pastor FIRST CHURCH MEMPHIS 704 S. Parkway E. Invites ALL to ALL the services J. E. BECKUM, Pastor ' Come Thou With Us, And We Will Do Thee Good ' Numbers 10:20 C oiiCfratiiicitionS to tin 56 COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY Pastor J. CARTER ROBERTS FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WENDELL WELLMAN Pastor 123 Moreland Ave., S.E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA ALWAYS A FRIENDLY PLACE TO WORSHIP See and Hear Our Pastor Daily— 8:30 A.M. (WLW-A) Channel I I EAST RIDGE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 5821 Ringgold Rd., Hwy. 41 So. CHATTANOOGA i I, TENNESSEE Extends Congratulations to TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE JOE GLYN CORDELL Pastor JOHN GRANT T.N.C. Student Formerly the " 41 Club " But Where Sin Abounded, Grace Did Much More Abound. " (Romans 5:20) " We continue to believe in and support Trevecca Nazarene College with our means, our prayers, our young people, and our influence. " C on g ra t u fa ion J , en iors ! May your way of life be smooth, free of ob- stacles and ever ascending to the Mount of the Lord — to which you raise your eyes. A FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PALMER, TENNESSEE R. T. KENDALL, Pastor Church of the Nazarene I 18 Depot Street WAYNESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA DON E. CONRAD, Pastor ' At the Eastern Entrance to the Great Snnoky Mountains National Park. " COMPLIMENTS OF G. STUART McWHIRTER Pastor-Evangelist CORDOVA, ALABAMA 613 Franklin Blvd. GREENSBORO, N.C. Phone 2-3133 A. D. HOLT Pastor Northside Church of the Nazarene Summit Avenue, Extension GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Congratulations, Class of " 56 From the N.Y.P.S. at FOREST HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pine Tree Road Clayton Street When in North CaroNna, Visit Winston-Salem. When in Winston-Salem, Visit and Worship the Lord with Us. S. R. THOMPSON, Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF NORFOLK FIRST CHURCH N.Y.P.S. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -s to ilu 1956 BRADENTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner 16th Ave.- 1 3th St. BRADENTON, FLORIDA " They say we ' re friendly — and spiritual too! " CHALRES D. IDE Pastor WE BELIEVE IN TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE tJati on 3 to iL Clan of 1956 CHESTER CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Third Street and Virginia Avenue CHESTER, WEST VIRGINIA LEWIS LEGG, Minister 56 Thank God for Trevecca College, our beloved president, Dr. A. B. Mackey, The Staff, Teachers, and every student. our reuecca Cod. 4 ARTHUR O. LITTLE Minister New bulding near completion will provide sanctuary with ca- ' " • ' ' f ' ! pacify above five hundred and adequate church school fa- pRj ' fa fc ' Mg CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Parsonage, 425 Highway Avenue " Where Everybody is Welcome " O. S. PERRINE Secretary of Board HENRY JONES N.Y.P.S. President WILLIAM LYNCH S. S. Superintendent MRS. O. S. PERRINE N.F.M.S. President WESLEY PHELPS Treasurer OUR STUDENTS AT TREVECCA DENZIL HUFF JANEY SUE LITTLE JESSE LUSTER FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE CHATTANOOGA. TENN. Main and Willow ALWAYS SUPPORTING AND STANDING BY TREVECCA COLLEGE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ASHLAND, KENTUCKY Bath at 22nd THE STAFF REV. D. S. SOMERVILLE . District Superintendent LAWRENCE B. HICKS, D.D Pastor BILLY BALL Youth Director MRS. HERMAN PARRISH Secretary ALONZO EDMONDS Sexton DEPARTMENT HEADS JAMES SIMPSON . Sunday School Superintendent RONALD BAKER N.Y.P.S. President MRS. BENNETT MADDY . . . N.F.M.S. President EDWIN TAYLOR Treasurer WAYNE KENDALL Secretary BOB STEENBERGEN Music LAWRENCE B. HICKS, D.D. Pastor AS ALWAYS. SUPPORTING TREVECCA WITH PRAYERS. STUDENTS AND MONEY. The church with missions in its heart and its heart in missions. C on m tu la t i on A FACULTY, STUDENTS, AND GRADUATES from FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " Christian Corner " Park Ave. at Grant St. " Charleston ' s Singing Church " A WARM AND SINCERE WELCOME ALWAYS AWAITS AT ALL THESE SERVICES: 9:45 A.M. Sunday School 10:45 A.M. Morning Gospel Hour 6:30 P.M. Youth Services 7:30 P.M. Evening Gospel hHour WE BELIEVE IN AND SUPPORT TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE. WILLIAM O. BLUE Minister " Preaching The Heartfelt Gospel in the Heart of West Virginia. " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Kentucky Walnut St. SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.VA. TREVECCA STUDENTS MARY JO BOWLING JAMES MATTHEWS REV. C. GLENN BOWLING Pastor r Proposed Church EVERETTE THOMAS S. S. Superintendent CLARENCE MATTHEWS Junior Supervisor FAYE HUDSON N.Y.P.S. President EDWARD YOUNG Secretary BONITA THOMAS N.F.M.S. President CECIL COX Treasurer FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLARKSVILLE, TENN. § § P 111 " A Welcome Always Awaits You " EDGAR POWERS S. S. Superintendent NORA OLDHAM N.Y.P.S. President MRS. ROY WRIGHT N.F.M.S. President MRS. OLIVER SHELTON Church Secretary REV. FRED REEDY Pastor Congratulations to Trevecca College for Another Successful Year Under the Blessing of the Lord. First Church of the Nazarene FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA VEN F. MARLIN, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE North Taft 2 I st Street ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA REV. GILES M. GRAHAM Pastor WARREN MATEER S. S. Superintendent MRS. ALICE LILLY N.Y.P.S President MISS MAUDE MINTZELL . . . N.F.M.S. President A TREVECCA BOOSTER REV. HUGH SLATER Evangelist-Song Leader 12 Years Pastoral Experience " A Young Man with an old Message " Post Office Box 527 KANSAS CITY 41, MISSOURI Congratulations to Class of 1956 " Once d Student — Forever a Booster " JOHN R. BROWNING, JR. Pastor Church of the Nazarene QUICK, W.VA. Central Church of the Nazarene Adams Avenue at Nth Street HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA A J. C. WALLACE Pastor JOHN PHIPPS S. S. Superintendent BETTY ESTEP N.F.M.S. President ALBEN DuVALL N.Y.P.S. President First Church of the Nazarene 1601 North 21st Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA A WALTER F. MASTERS Pastor FRANK MILAM S. S. Superintendent MRS. ELTA PERRY N.Y.P.S. President MISS ELIZABETH DERR . . . W.F.M.S. President Connpliments of N.Y.P.S. " To Know Him and to make Him Known! " Mobile First Church Is Backing Trevecca With C. W. ELKINS Pastor • Prayer • An Open Door to • Finance Trevecca • Students Representative • Goodwill NASHVILLE FIRST CHURCH 510 Woodland Street " A Friendly Church with a place to serve " " A Church That Believes in Trevecca " JOHN T. BENSON .... Music Director WALTER MOORE, JR. . Sunday School Supt. HERBERT L BROWN . . N.Y.P.S, President MISS BERTHA BRUCE . . N.F.M.S. President FIRST CHURCH on the Air Sunday 8-8:30— WLAC " ON THE MARCH FOR GOD " CECIL D. EV ELL, Pastor D.D. WISE MEMORIAL BIBLE CLASS OF NASHVILLE FIRST CHURCH 510 Woodland Street C on m tiilat ion J to Ureveccci DR. CECIL D. EWELL Teacher J. L. BOWER President E. D. WILBURN Vice President W. E. MARTIN Secretary W. A. ALLEN Treasurer R. M. GUNN Musical Director MRS. H. L. SLONECKER Pianist N. Y. P. S. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HERBERT L. BROWN HOWARD SPRUILL Vice President MRS. DORTHY MAY . . . . Secretary TOM PATE . . . . Treasurer NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE C onoratuiati ' otiJ TO TREVECCA ' S FACULTY AND EARNEST w. McDowell STUDENT BODY earl freeman Pastor Sunday School Superintendent FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1825 Cleveland Avenue CHARLOTTE. NORTH CAROLINA I FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ROANOKE, VA. Our Students PHILLIP GOODE NORMA JEAN PETERb FREDA JOHNSON BETTY GREENE ELEANOR GOODE C. WILLIAM ELLWANGER Pastor BILL DALTON N.Y.P.S. President C. H. MOSES Sunday School Superintendent " A Spiritual Church in the Heart of the Star City " RALPH SCHURMAN Pastor MARVIN SMOTHERMAN S. S. Superintendent MRS. GENEVIEVE LISH MRS. S. A. JOHNSON N. F. M. S. President CongratJaiions . . . GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road, Nashville, Tenn. " Where You Are Always Welcome " NORTH SIDE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2213 Washington St. W. CHARLESTON, W. VA. C. F. BECKETT M inister Best Wishes Class of ' 56 McCLURKAN MEMORIAL Church of the Nazarene 49th and Alabama Nashville, Tenn. 1 EDWARD F. COX Pastor IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3315 Charlotte Avenue NASHVILLE, TENN. J. H. DEAL, Pastor " To Know Him and to Make HHim Known " The Gospel in SERMON ★ SONG ART EVANGELIST CLYDE B. RODGERS 505 Lester Avenue Nashville 10, Tennessee LOOKING TOWARDS TREVECCA Kenwick Youth Chorus When in the Blue Grass Worship Where Young People Meet KENWICK CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Dusley and Menifee, Lexington, Ky. MISS LOUISE CRAWLEY, N.Y.P.S. President RALPH AHLEMANN, Pastor C on fa tiiia tion 3 Senior Class, T.N.C. CAROL ASBURY President RUBY POTTER Treasurer PAUL SCHURMAN Vice-President HARRY EVANS Reporter LILIAN FELKER Secretary WENDELL WILLIAMS . Student Council Rep. V. NEIL RICHARDSON Sponsor 177 r C on cj ra tuiati ion 6, Stiidetils, acuiti y an J 1956! FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA JAMES A. HAMILTON, Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF N.Y.P.S. CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA PHOEBE LUSK President RALPH WHIKEHART Vice President CAROL BRUCK Secretary MARION SCHENKE Treasurer T. T. LIDDELL Pastor CONGRATULATIONS OF O. C. MINGLEDORFF Evangelist P.O. Box 43 DOUGLAS, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SPRINGFIELD, TENNESSEE K. B. SLIFER, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner of Greensboro Ave. and 15th St. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA PAUL R. HOLT, Minister PHILADELPHIA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Route 4, Chucltey, Tennessee Mrs. Glenn Garber, Pastor Phone 2498-J Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of EVANGELIST PAUL MARTIN CONGRATULATIONS TREVECCA From the N.Y.P.S. of the church of the Nazarene NASHVILLE, GEORGIA KENNY DREW FULLER Pastor MISS ALMA YARBOUGH Treasurer MISS MARLENE TAYLOR . . . N.Y.P.S. President J. O. FULLER S. S. Superintendent 178 GREER ' S RESTAURANT One of Many Good Places to Eat INTOXICATING BEVERAGES PROHIBITED 407 MURFREESBORO ROAD Adjacent To MERCURY COURT Nashville ' s Newest and Finest 5 Minutes from Downtown Area on Highways 41 — 70S 179 A COMPLETE SERVICE IN FINE FOODS FOR INSTITUTIONAL USERS ♦ TABLE TEST BRANDS EGGS — POULTRY — MEATS ALLOWAY BROS. COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE DRAKE HOT EL COURTS 60 ROOMS 1 00% Air Conditioned Phone AL 6-8177 AAA 420 Murfreesboro Rd. AAA 180 GREYHOUND LUNCH 213 5th Avenue South NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Plenty of Free Parking " ONCE YOU EAT WITH JACK YOU ' LL BE BACK " We Specialize in Home Made Pies and Fried Chicken. ei to 1956 McCULLOUGH ' S PAN AM Murfreesboro and Nance Lane CH 2-9556 CH 2-5735 Fas+ Friendly Service B. W. CAFETERIA " Food for the Whole Family " 222 6th Avenue, North PRIVATE DINING ROOM CONGRATULATIONS TO T.N.C. STUDENTS FROM THE COTTAGE RESTAURANT 623 Murfreesboro Road CH 2-9210 181 WEE-WASH-IT 628 Murfreesboro Road Quick Service Laundry 60-Minute Service 30-Minute Wash-Dry Folded Damp Wash LIBERTY PHARMACY S. R. LUSTER. Prop. 127 Lafayette Street Nashville 10, Tennessee Phone AL 5- GRAHAM SHELL SERVICE STATION 627 Murfreesboro Road NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE Phone 5-9881 COMPLIMENTS OF NEWMAN ' S TEXACO SERVICE STATION 337 Murfreesboro Road NASHVILLE 10, TENNESSEE PHONE CH 2-9402 COMPLIMENTS OF MARTIN ' S RESTAURANT 1804 West End Ave. 610 Murfreesboro Rd. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE IRVIN ' S 5 10 STORE 147 Lafayette NASHVILLE 10, TENNESSEE ' Your Closest Neighborhood 5 10 Store ' PREACHERS TEACHERS STUDENTS For All Who Must Have Facts At Their Fingertips MEMORY-O-MATIC A Memory Outside Your Mind CHARLES KUSZMAUL S. E. Divisional Director NEWPORT, TENNESSEE Phone 1-2775 182 ALAMO PLAZA HOTEL COURTS Highway 41— 70S 100% Air Conditioned — TV in Every Room Swimnning Pool Howard Johnson Restaurant Adjoining Court LESTER ' S PHARMACY 614 Murfreesboro Road Phone AL 6-1278 G. C. THOMPSON LUMBER Co. AL 6-1261 Lumber Hardware 6-82 I 8 400 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF MOTHER HAGAN SANDWICH SHOP Grade A 191 I 8th Ave. So. AM 9-9586 SMITTY ' S GULF SERVICE 633 Murfreesboro Road Tires, Batteries and Accessories AL 5-5030 AL 5-9346 MODERN CLEANERS No extra charge for one day service Murfreesboro Road Nashville, Tennessee Special — one hour service Compliments of BLAIR ' S PAN-AM SERVICE STATION 609 Murfreesboro Road 183 FREDERICKS 304 Church Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE " The Friendly Studio " PORTRAITS EXPERT COLOR ARTIST GLOSSY PRINTS SCHOOL WORK WEDDINGS ' People go where they are Invited and stay where they are treated best. " lonS to Some tlie inest j- eo yie MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM COMPLIMENTS OF O ' DONNILEY ' S RESTAURANT Murfreesboro Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Compliments of SCOTT BOLT and SCREW CO. 3 I 4 Murfreesboro CH 2-6359 JACOBS SHEARIN ' S BARBER SHOP HOWARD JOHNSON RESTAURANTS NASHVILLE I 506 Dlckerson Road 51 I Murfreesboro Road Landmark for Hungry Americans PAUL ' S DEPT. STORES 2 LOCATIONS 145 Lafayette St. and 1084 Murfreesboro Road AL 6-0879 AL 6-9448 LINEBAUGH ' S RESTAURANT Open Continuously Day and Night 405 Broad St. Nashville, Tenn. 184 PAUL McGRADY Pastor J. B. SAWYER, JR. S. S. Supt. HOMER BENSON N.Y.P.S. President MARGARET RAMSEY N.F.M.S. President HOMER BENSON Choir Director INGLEWOOD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Gallatin Road and Sunnymeade Drive NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE CONGRATULATES The Faculty and Student Body of 1956 A HEARTY WELCOME AWAITS YOU AT INGLEWOOD RIDGEVALE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MILLERSVILLE, TENNESSEE Appreciates Trevecca S .W. STRICKLAND Pastor BILLY STRICKLAND Ass ' t Pastor WALLACE CARPENTER S. S. Supt. JEANETTE WILLIS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. RUBY STRICKLAND . . . N.F.M.S. President CONGRATULATION. Seniors! The Bible Proclaims: ' 1n all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. " Seniors, Make Christ: The example of your life The Pattern of your life The Doctrine of your life FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BUPRViLLE, TENNESSEE EDDIE CLOUD, Pastor 185 Sincere C ongratiilationS to Senior C ia fr THE CHURCH WITH A HEART In the Heart of Clearwater, Florida HOWARD HILL, Pastor BARBARA CAMPBELL, N.Y.P.S. President FATHERLAND STREET CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1601 Fcitherland Street NASHVILLE 6, TENNESSEE Proposed Church MARVIN NASH S. S. Superintendent MRS. BEATRICE BARTHOLOMEW N.F.M.S. President BILLY LAW N.Y.P.S. President D. R. O ' KELLEY Pastor 186 JOHN LAWWILL Pastor BELLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Ninth and Riverview Drive BELLE, WEST VIRGINIA Believing in Trevecca Colh students, we congratulate of 1956. JESSIE RICHARDS Our Student i lOl 5 to TREVECCA STUDENTS FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARINE N. Y. P. S. FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA C oticjratufa lonS to THE CALSS OF ' 56 from THE CLASS OF ' 57 LARRY FINGER President NORMA JEAN PETERS Secretary GARY N. DUCKETT . . Student Council Rep. WM. M. GREATHOUSE ALLEN MOLLIS Vice President R. T. KENDALL Treasurer DORIS ALLEN Reporter Sponsor 187 CONGRATULATIONS to Senior Class of 1 956 CHURCH OF THE NAZARINE NEW PORT NEWS, VA. PASTOR, MRS, S. B. SMITH TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE CO. 396 Murfreesboro Rd. Phone AL 5-8303 Drink «tt U.S, PAI Off. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE In Bot+les FIRST CHURCH of the Nazarene High and Tenth BOB RElD COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE Pastor NASHVILLE DISTRIBUTORS COMPANY INSTITUTIONAL. INDUSTRIAL AND AUTOMOTIVE CLEANERS AND SUPPLIES J. W. SMITH 514 5th Ave., So. Phone AL 5-4186 188 CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Third Avenue, South and Ash Street NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE " Where God and Man Meet " REV. M. E. REDFORD Pastor REV JAMES D. CRAIG S.S. Superintendent MRS. EDNA KIRKLIN N.F.M.S. President MISS VIRGINIA BENEDICT N.Y.P.S. President We ' re for Trevecca 100 per cent " WHEN IN NASHVILLE WORSHIP WITH US! — C ot ' Jiai lAJefcome -y waiid l ou! 189 COMPLIMENTS OF FRESHMAN CLASS DONNIE SMITH President DON BROWNING Vice President JO ANN HENNIGAN Secretary BOBBY BARNHILL Treasurer ROY MILLER Reporter LUCILLE SMITH Student Council CHARLES DUCKETT Sponsor COMPLIMENTS FROM RAGLAND, POTTER CO. Incorporated WHOLESALE GROCERS Distributors of Libby ' s Foods 400 1st Avenue South Nashville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF WOODBINE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. L H. ROEBUCK Pastor 111 " lit 190 Compliments of NAZARENE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 1700 East Myer Boulevard KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI LEWIS T. CORLETT, President MENDELL TAYLOR, Dean Serving the South THE STUDENT COUNCIL IlREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE E. C. ROSE President LEE EBY Secretary DR. ADAMS Sponsor WENDELL WILLIAMS GARY DUCKETT ASA SPARKS LUCILLE SMITH RUTH JOHNSON JOE STRICKLAND SONNY POPE JOYCE WOOD LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP ACTIVITIES 191 BOOSTERS CLUB This year as in the past your staff has endeavored to provide students, faculty and friends of T.N.C. with a true representation of life as we have lived it a ' Trevecca in 1955-56. Although the persons whose names appear below did not sit in classes attend chapel, eat in the cafeteria nor witness our athletic events, they did contribute to the success and happiness of us who enjoyed these opportunities. They are BOOSTERS OF THE YEAR FOR T.N.C. Rev. and Mrs. Wallace Bell, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wyatt k J 1 k J n 7 A 1 Mr. and Mrs. R. Z. Asbury Miss Blanche Collins Mr. and Mrs. U. r. bmith Mrs. Elizabeth Taliaferro Mr. and Mrs. bdd McNeece Mrs. Ottis Donegan Mr. and Mrs. C. hi. Moore Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. C t?. taarber Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Julius r. Riley Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Eby i J 1 1, i 1 1 A 1 1 1 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Ulm Rev. and Mrs. R. P. hiennigan Rev. and Mrs. E. N. Gunter Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mooney Mr. and Mrs. Urville n. Uodd Mrs. Lena MInix Rev. and Mrs. E. B. Moss Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Rood Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Smith Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Theus Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Dover Rev. and Mrs. Arthur O. Little Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Griggs, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James S. Martin Mr. and Mrs. William Ingram Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Rose Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Peters Mr. E. O. Cart Miss Lucy A. Fulwood Rev. and Mrs. W. B. Welch Rev. and Mrs. C. T. Duckett Rev. and Mrs. W. D. Gleaves Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Peach Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Miller Mrs. Elizabeth Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Charles Decker fam ly Belle Church of the Nazarene Weirton Church of the Nazarene Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Tomberlin Mrs. Anqeline Eannottie Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Dell, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sharpton FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LEE EBY imraiM ttRsntiK mini n mm BtS WKKm. iBwW fi i i II n — ' — -I..— 1 1 . ,w ....jJimOBB8BBHI 3MBWBMB|H8B| • - m MIAMI 35, FLORIDA BERT DANIELS, Pastor STUDENTS ATTENDING TREVECCA 1955-56 FRANK EBY This Book Designed and Printed by BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE, rEtllJESSEE 192

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