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ROSE MERCHANT • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF R. T. KENDALL • BUSINESS MANAGER NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE RIGHTEOUSNESS . . . We spend our days at Trevecca Nazarene College. The LIGHT has come to us. May we go forth as LIGHTS to those who sit in darkness. " Ye are the LIGHT of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid . . . Let your LIGHT so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. " FINE ARTS BUILDING McKAY HALL Field Representative I 1 . . . The call of youth on the Southeastern Zone with LIGHT from Trevecca Nazarene College. We, the annual staff and student body dedicate the 1955 volume of The DARDA to our Field Representative who has given so much to make Trevecca a better institution. IN LOVING MEMORY OF MRS. A. K. BRACKEN TEACHER, COUNSELOR, FRIEND 1 GOD CALLED HER NAME She raised her eyes from the roll book In her tender, thoughtful way, And said, as she opened the textbook, " Two are absent today. " Then she whispered with tears in her voice Her words like a wistful prayer, " When the roll is called in heaven I hope no one ' s missing up there. " Day after day as she taught us She often repeated the phrase. Other than " Psych " and Botany, She talked about God and His ways; She seemed to know when a student was down, The touch of her loving hands Gave many a lift to a discouraged heart As she whispered, " God understands. " And God came one day, stood by her side, And whispered, " Child, well done; I ' m adding new names to the roll book of heaven And you are the chosen one. " So she laid her work aside And softly slipped away To dwell among the Chosen Ones In God ' s Eternal Day. We miss her tender counsel, Her words of faith and cheer. The stamp of her life is engraved on our hearts And her voice reechoes here. But her roll book lies unopened, Her desk is guiet and bare; For they called her name in heaven And she was not missing there. I know a man who stands on a hill, With wisdom of life in his face. The lines that time has placed there, Tell a story of strength and of grace. I know a man who stands on a hill, With a vision for youth in his eyes. There are lives to be molded, a task to be done And buildings must climb to the skies. I know a man who invested his life, In a task that could not be done. Yet he is unconquered for God leads him on And smiles on the victory he won. II II II II 14 ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE Dr. Adams, Dr. Bracken, Mrs. Bracken, Dr. Mackey, Miss Person GENERAL OFFICE Mrs. Richardson, Postmistress; Mr. Richard- son, Business Manager; Miss Stephan, Book- keeper. ADMINISTRATION ARCHIE K. BRACKEN M.A.. D.D. Dean of Religion, Theology, Philosophy AMY L. PERSON A.B., M.A. Registrar, English V. NEIL RICHARDSON A.B., Th.B. Business Manager EULA JEAN STEPHAN A.B. Bookkeeper 15 PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Miss Person, Mrs. Macltey, Mrs. Phillips, Miss Lancaster, Mr. Keys HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE Mr. Charles Childers, high school teacher ADMINISTRATION KOY W. PHILLIPS CHARLES L. CHILDERS M.A., B D. M A , B D Dean of Students, Biblical Litera- High School Social Studies, Col- ture, Geography lege Biblical Literature C. E. KEYS A.B., Th.B. Field Representative LILA T. MACKEY B.S.. M.A. Librarian, Library Science, French 16 17 CHAPEL COMMITTEE Dr. Bracken, Dr. Adams, Dr. Mackey, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Galioway, Mr. Redford (not pic- tured ) FACULTY ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Mrs. Spruill, Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. Redford H E FACULTY M. E. REDFORD M.A., B.D. Biblical Literature, Greek ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD MA. Mathematics, Biological Science CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY A.B., B.D. Theology, Speech FERNE D. SHELTON B.S. Bible, Art, High School 18 BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE Mr. Richardson, Dr. Adams, Mrs. Maclcey, Miss Smith ■ ■ n mi i V - SCIENCE LABORATORY Mrs. Bracken, Mr. Hemmerly T H E FACULTY MATTIE GREEN BRACKEN M.A. Education, Biological Science, Psychology JOYCE SMITH A B. Biological Science THOMAS J. HEMMERLY M.A. Biological Science, Chemistry ADRON H. PHILLIPS M.A. English, Journalism 19 ■Hi MB VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE Mr. Howick, Mr. Duckett, Milton Durbin DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL Mrs. Spruill H E F C U T Y WILLIAM H. HOWICK Th.B., M A Music, Philosophy C. T. DUCKETT A C. A , M A. Commerce, English, Speech, Bookstore Manager ELIZABETH T. SPRUILL A.B. Principal of Demonstration School EDITH E. LANCASTER A.B., M A. Assistant Librarian 20 OFFICERS OF DR. EDWARD C. ONEY Chairman DR. OTTO STUCKI Secretary MR. ARIS W. McMANUS Treasurer DR. A. B. MACKEY . . . . THE BOARD MR. A. M. GIBBS Member REV. BRUCE B. HALL Member REV. JOHN L. KNIGHT Member Ex-Officio ALABAMA C. E. Shumate, Gordon Winchester, R. L. Anderson, R. F, Bumpus. EAST TENNESSEE Victor E. Gray, Roy A. Betcher, A. M. Gibbs. EASTERN KENTUCKY D. S. Somerville, T. B. Hicks, Asa H. Sparks. FLORIDA Dr. John L. Knight, C. M. Kelly, Don Erwin, Charles Ide. GEORGIA A. J. Eason, Mark Anderson, Bruce B. Hall. KENTUCKY L. T. Wells, Dennis Wyrick, Ralph Ahl emann, D. D. Lewis. MISSISSIPPI Dr. Otto Stucki, B. W. Downing. NORTH CAROLINA Dr. Floyd B. Bryon, Doyle C. Smith, Howard T. Wall. SOUTH CAROLINA E. N. Gunler, D. W. Thaxton, W. Boyd Welch. TENNESSEE D. K. Wachrel, J. E. Bechum, W. M. Greathouse, Edward F. Cox, Paul McGrady. VIRGINIA Rev. V. W. Littrell. Rev. E. N. Fox. WEST VIRGINIA Edward C. Oney, C. Glenn Bowling, H. Harvey Hendershot, Roy T. McKinney, Hadley Hall. ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES Rev. John R. Browning, Mr. Aris W. McManus, Rev. How- ard T. Wall, Jr. BOARD OF TRUSTEES 22 The Life Service Department was organized this year unde ' the supervision of Clifford E. Keys, Field Representative. A representative from each district has written to high school juniors and seniors to interest them in Christian Education at Trevecca Nazarene College. Representatives include: Sarah Cypert, Alabama Carol Asbury, East Kentucky Ruth Johnson, East Tennessee Bill Rowan, Florida Mary Driskell, Georgia Donnie Smith, Kentucky Wilma Jean Lewis, Mississippi Barbara Mooney, North Carolina Roberta Anne Griffin, South Carolina Ruby Potter, Tennessee Christine Campbell, Virginia Mary Jo Bowling, West Virginia These representatives correspond with the high school jun- iors and seniors throughout the school year answering their guestions concerning T.N.C. C. E. KEYS Field Representative LIFE SERVICE First Row (Seated): C. E. Keys. Mary Jo Bowling. Second Row: Wilma Jean Lewis, Christine Campbell, Sarah Cypert, Barbara Mooney, Roberta Anne Griffin, Ruth Johnson. Third Row: Bill Rowan, Carol As- inq (back), Jean Dodd, C. E. Keys. bury, Ruby Potter. Back: Donnie Smith. 23 STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL WAYNE SHARPES President Some of the more important duties of the Student Council are to act as the chief agency of liaison between the faculty and the Associated Students, to coordinate the efforts and activities of all student organiza- tions, to assist in periodic organization of student organizations, plan the student activities of convocation week, help to plan the programs of stu- dent activities for the current year, and to be the agency to act on sugges- tions for any improvement which might be designed to further the aims, ideals, and standards of Trevecca Nazarene College. This year ' s Council under the direction of the president, Wayne Sharpes, was the first to act under the new Constitution which was inau- gurated by the Council of 1953-54. Also, for the first time in the history of the Student Council of Trevecca an office was provided for the group NORMA CARPENTER Secretary DR. HOMER J. ADAMS Sponsor which is adequate for all its needs. This room, located in the Fine Arts Building, is large enough to provide a meeting place for the entire council. Among the accomplishments of this year ' s Student Council was the sponsoring of a drive for furniture for the new student center; the presenta- tion of John Stockton, general treasurer of the Church of the Nazarene, as the Student Council Lecturer; the revision of the Student Handbook; and steps toward the establishment of a high school council. Left to Right: Bill Galloway, Connie Earles, High School Representatives; Cary Duckett, College Sophomore Repre- sentative; Velva Sharpes, Editor of TREV-ECHOES; Charles Rhyne, College Senior Representative; Norma Carpenter, Secretary; Wayne Sharpes, President; Dr. Homer J. Adams, Sponsor; Lee Eby, College Freshman Representative; E. C. Rose, College Junior Representative; Rose Merchant, Editor of DARDA; Joe Strickland, Jr., Theological Repre- sentative. Each of the eleven members and Dr. Adams, the faculty advisor, has sincerely endeavored to keep the purpose of the Associated Students of Trevecca Nazarene College, as stated in the Constitution, before him. This is " To foster and maintain the aims, ideals and standards of Trevecca Nazarene College and of the Church of the Nazarene. " 25 IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES VI J ' ' . .... -.. , . ROSE MERCHANT CHARLES HODGE NORMA CARPENTER PUBLICATIONS C. E. Keys, Jean Dodd, Gloria Hollis Miss Amy Person, Dr. Homer J. Adams Claude Galloway, Mrs. M. E. Spruill, Dr. Homer J. Adams, V. Neil Richardson, Mrs. A. B. Mackey. TREVECCA MESSENGER The Trevecca Messenger is a quarterly publica- Educational Zone. The issues are not limited and tion edited by Rev. C. E. Keys. The purpose ot copies are sent to many pastors, laymen, and this publication is to carry news of the progress friends over the zone, and activities of the college to the Southeastern CATALOGUE The Trevecca College Catalogue is a publica- tion giving general information concerning scho- lastic regulations, description of courses, financial information, aims and objectives along with a brief history of the institution. This publication is of special value to prospec- tive students in becoming acquainted with the college. ALUMNI NEWS The alumnus of Trevecca College keeps in touch by means of the Alum-News, a quarterly publi- cation, published by selected members of this group. This attractive paper has a mailing list of about eight hundred and there is no charge for the issues. 29 WENDELL WILLIAMS Business Manager H E R E V 1955 STAFF VELVA SHARPES Editor WENDELL WILLIAMS Business Manager VIRGINIA HILL Assistant Editor WANDA NAFF Circulation Editor E. C. ROSE Sports Editor PAUL ACHHAMMER Reporter DELORUS BROWN Reporter NORMA CARPENTER Reporter JEAN DODD Reporter FRANKIE EDWARDS Reporter GENEVA FRANZ Reporter RUTH JOHNSON Reporter BARBARA JORDAN Reporter ROEL NABORS Reporter WAYNE SHARPES Reporter ANNA STUCKI Reporter DON TOOLE Reporter NETTIE BELVIN Typist MRS. K. W. PHILLIPS Editorial Advisor MR. V. N. RICHARDSON Business Manager 30 The voice of the student body echoes on Trevecca campus and the southeastern zone through our bi-monthly publication, Trev-Echoes. It reflects the current life of the campus, includ- ing special events, news of interest and various school activ- ities. It has regular columns of interest to the students on eti- quette, health and the business of the Student Council. Assigning articles, proofreading, drawing up the dummy copy and hurrying it off to press is the work of our Editor and Assistant. The business manager ' s duties include taking care of finances and collecting ads. Reporters, composed of the Journalism class, have cooperated faithfully in making this a successful year for the tenth annual official publication. Mrs. K. W. Phillips, editorial advisor, added the finishing touches to each publication of Trev-Echoes before it went to press. The issues are eagerly anticipated by students, faculty and friends. E C H O E Seated: (Left) E. C. Rose, Virginia Hill, Mrs. K. W. Phillips, Wanda Naff, Nettie Belvin. Standing: (Left) Mr. V. N. Richardson, Wen- dell Williams, Velva Sharpes. Front: Velva Sharpes, Virginia Hill. Seated: (Left) Ruth Johnson, E. C. Rose, Norma Carpenter, Robert Womack, Frankie Edwards, Don " oole. Standing: (Left) Anna Stucki, Charles Cork, Barbara Jordan. 31 Give Me Strength! " Hi! Rose, how is the DARDA moving along? " ... A friendly greeting ... a smile, and the ques- tioner moved on, but the echo remained following me all through the months as we worked to com- plete the 1955 DARDA. " There is a job to be done, a deadline to meet, " came the echo, " and every day counts! " When things got slow and the grind became discouraging, Frankie Edwards, my assistant, was always there with an understanding word. " The important thing is to keep moving, " came the nagging echo as we flew th rough the first quarter, Louis Johnson, our photographer, stayed busy doing both portrait work and infor- mal photography. Second quarter rolled around all too soon. Ruby Potter, Clubs Editor, and Bill Galloway, High School Representative, went scouting for snap- shots. Now came the laughs . . . crazy snaps . . . were a real find. " Remember, the manuscript has to go in, " came the nagging echo . . . " hurry! " The typewriter clicked busily as Ruth Johnson, Lit- erary Editor, carefully and efficiently prepared each page along with Wanda Phillips, Staff Typist. Counseling times with Mrs. K. W. Phillips marked highlights through the year. Her encouragement and understanding gave us a push at the right moments. " It ' s time to finish up now, " came the echo as we rushed to finish last minute details, checking the dummy and consulting with the busi- ness manager. At last the final day came. The printer arrived and took all last minute copy away. The other staff members were in class. The office was still and ' reminisced for a moment. " The year has been a good one, " I thought; " laughter . . . work . . . and even the old grind. I ' ll miss all this next year. " I glanced around the office lovingly. Then the echo came again, " Why not clean up the office now? Just look at the glue on the desk and the overflow- ing wastebaskets. " Resolutely I stood up and threw my books aside. " HI do no such thing! " I fairly screamed to the empty office. " The DARDA has gone to press. It ' s spring outside, and I ' m going for a wa ' k. " Rose ROSE MERCHANT Editor R. T. KENDALL Business Manager 19 5 5 D A R D It has been a pleasure and a unique experience to serve as business manager on tho 1 954-55 DARDA Staff. It has been a privilege to work with Rose Merchant who has edited a beautiful and complete yearbook I am grateful to my assistants, Ralph Lee and Robert Hedgepath, for the help they have given through the year. I enjoyed work- ing wi! " h Lou Johnson, who is responsible for the portraits, and it was equally a joy to deal with Wallace Bell who has efficiently served as staff photographer in the last two quarters. I deeply appreciate the spirit of the pastors on the Zone and the many other boosters of T. N. C. who have had a part in the production of the DARDA. We hope that our readers will not only enjoy looking at the various pictures of the students and their activities but will also observe the ads in the back of the book. Without the financial help of our friends we could not have presented this yearbook to you. May the Lord bless you as your interest and enthusiasm grow for the most wonderful school to be found anywhere. R.T. 33 PAUL LOUIS ACHHAMMER STEUBENVILLE, OHIO A.B. Religion Ministerial Association I; Clio Society 2. Among those students who have successfully com- bined the responsibilities of a home and family with being a full-time student, Paul stands high in our estimation as an all-around Christian gentleman. He enjoys going out for an occasional round of golf for diversion. Another of his hobbies is parakeet raising. A religion major preparing for the minis- try, Paul is also considering the teaching field. We are confident that he and Dorotha will " go places. " SENIORS ;CCRv? TVS! ROBERT QUINCY AGNER MADISON, FLORIDA A.B. Music Florida Club I, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 2, 3, 4, President 4; Vice-President Sophomore Class; President Junior Class. Bob probably has made as fine a record as anyone who was ever graduated from T.N.C. As a student of music and religion, he has excelled in scholarship, as well as being active in social activities. Bob and his wife, Joyce, live in Trevecca ' s Trailer Court, and in their spare time they enjoy playing the piano and singing together. After graduation Bob plans to take graduate- work, after which he is going into the pastorate. A student like Bob will be hard to re- place; our best wishes go with him for success wher- ever he goes. MAXWELL R. BENNETT RICHMOND HILL. NEW YORK A.B. Religion Eastern Nazarene College I, 2; Ministerial Association 4. During the two years since he transferred from East- ern Nazarene College, Max Bennett has efficiently served in the capacity of school maintenance man, always available when needed. He has successfully combined being a good student with providing for a family. Since faithfulness in small things is a major requirement for a good worker, Max should have no trouble performing his chosen task of mission work. We wish the best of everything in life for him as he goes forward for the Master. SENIORS NORMA JEAN CARPENTER CHESTER WEST VIRGINIA A.B. English West Virginia Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; President 4; Christian Workers I. 2, 3, 4; Literary Club 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Junior Class; Choir 3; Junior Marshal; Girls ' Athletic As sociation 3. 4; Vice-President Senior Class; TREV-ECHOES Staff 4; Student Council Secretary 4; Honor Socie ty 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. One of the wonders of Trevecca is how this active West Virginian can do so many things so success- fully. Norma, always cheerful and bustling with en- ergy, is not only an A-grade ' student, but has been a leader in social and religious activities during her four years at Trevecca. We will miss her friendly voice at the switchboard and her witty remarks from the window of the General Office. Norma will sure- ly be a success in the teaching field; we believe in her one hundred per cent. KENNETH BRESSE CLEMENTS WRIGHTSVILLE, GEORGIA A.B. Religion Georgia Club I, 2, 3 4; Ministerial Association 1,2, 3, 4; Speech Club I, 4; Literary Society 2, 3, 4. Ken hails from the deep South, and his friendly ways, genuine smile and faithfulness have made a place for him on Trevecca campus. Keeping busy with classes and a full-time job, he finds few spare mo- ments to pursue his favorite hobbies of reading and " loafing. " Ken plans to attend Nazarene Theological Seminary before he enters into the ministry as a pastor. He has been a weil-rounded student whose ability to adapt himself to each situation will carry him far in the future. SENIORS DONALD RAY CORK TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA A.B. Religion Alabama Club I, 2, Treasurer I; Christian Workers I, 2; Men ' s Athletic Association I. 2, 3, 4; Clio Society 3, Treas- urer; Ministerial Association 4. Our Trailer Court boasts some fine residents, and among ' -he best are Don and Sue Cork and their young son Micheal. Don ' s quiet, consistent life has been an inspiration to his fellow students. He has found time for many extra-curricular activities, and he and his family are active members of College Hill Church. Waiting for the right door to open, Don ' s future plans are undecided, but we are certain that whatever way he chooses, he will be a success. MILDRED JOYCE CAMPBELL CRANE HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Music Education Choir I, 3; North Carolina Club I, 2, 3, 4; Student Council Representative 2. One would never guess that Mildred, quiet and effi- cient secretary to the Dean of Students, was called " Tommie " by her family because she was once some- what a " tomboy. " Besides keeping busy with study- ing and working, Mildred does a wonderful job of keeping house and cooking for husband Bill. She enjoys quiet hobbies like sewing, reading and piano playing. Mildred ' s long range plans include an M.A. degree from Peabody College, then teaching in Kansas City while Bill attends the Seminary. With her determination and ability, she will succeed as a teacher and pastor ' s wife. SENIORS CHARLES E. CUNNINGHAM JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA A.B. Religion Florida Club I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club I, 2, 3; Christian Workers I, 2, 3; Honor Society 3, President 3. Perhaps no other Trevecca student is better known than our dietitian. A versatile person, he fills mul- tiple roles as family man, cafeteria and T-room man- ager, part-time pastor, active student and top- notch scholar. A typicai Floridan, he likes to slip away for a day of fishing every now and then. With his ambition and superior ability, he should succeed as he goes out to pastor full time-. MARY JANE DRISKELL ATLANTA, GEORGIA A.B. English Georgia Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 2; Christian Workers I 2, 3, 4; Literary Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Student Council Representative 3; Secretary Senior Class. This dark-eyed " Georgia peach " has gladdened our hearts with the music of her fingers in chapel during this past year. Called " Mary Lou " by her close friends, she is not only an e-xcellent pianist, but plays the organ and accordion equally well. Mary has been active in all phases of school life, receiving a letter for participation in activities of the Girls ' Athletic Association in 1953-54. Her chosen field is teaching, and we are confident that she will be a good teacher. SENIORS ft V J WrLsow Dam : RUTH MARIE EVANS CULLMAN, ALABAMA A.B. History Clio Society I, 2. When we see " Pixie " sighing over some old, worn volume of love poetry, we ' no longer jump to the conclusion that she has been " smitten, " because now we know that her favorite hobby is collecting poetry. This little southern miss from Alabama way has done an excellent job of assisting Professor Duckett in the bookstore, and Trevecca students are going to miss her radiant smile from across the counter. Another of Ruth ' s hobbies is history books, especially his- torical novels, which will be an asset to her when she starts teaching. Her quiet, consistent life is an inspiration; we wish the best in life for you, Ruth. PAUL MATHEW FITCH, JR. CHESTER, WEST VIRGINIA A.B. Religion Choir I; Speech Club I, 2, 3, 4; West Virginia Club I, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Athletic Association I, 2; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association 3, 4. When Trevecca students go through the- line at the bookkeeper ' s office, they usually come away empty- handed, but P. J. is one who profited from it, be- cause he married one of the- office girls, Peggy, who was a graduate of Trevecca in 1954. One of Paul ' s favorite hobbies is proudly showing off his young daughter, Faye. He is also interested in sports and photography. A good singer, Paul traveled for the school in the Evangelaires Quartet. Contemplat- ing the field of evangelistic music, P. J. will surely succeed in whatever task he chooses. SENIORS IRIS JANE GUNTHER FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY A.B. Biological Science Science Club I, 2, 3, 4; Kentucky Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Library Assistant 2, 3, 4; Biology Lab Assistant A; Treas- urer Senior Class. " Janie, " busy little girl with a reputation for get- ting things done, has heartily and cheerfully entered into school activities. This brown-eyed Kentucky lass with a major in Biological Science is dreaming of the day when she will receive her white nurse ' s cap. Iris, a familiar figure back of the library desk, has also done a fine job as assistant in the biology de- partment this year. In addition to her school activi- ties, she finds time to teach a class of primary Sun- day school children. Her main hobby is collecting salt and pepper shakers. With her energy and per- severence, Iris Jane will be a success at whatever she attempts in life. CLIFFORD BROWN HAMPTON LINVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Religion Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Clio Society I, 2, 3, 4; North Carolina Club I, 2, 3, 4. A familiar figure with a leather briefcase, Cliff Hampton is not only a good student, but is a faith- ful family man, finding time to be a pal to his four children. An enthusiastic Miracle Maid salesman, he has worked full time in this capacity to keep him- self and three children in school. An ardent golf fan, he ' finds time to include sports in his busy life. With his understanding nature and friendly disposi- tion, he will make an excellent pastor. We wish the best of success for him in the ministry. SENIORS CHARLES WESLEY HODGE MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE A.B. History President Freshman Class; Christian Workers I, 2, Treasurer I; Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Clio Society 2, 3, 4, President 4; Trev-Echoes staff 3, Assistant Business Manager 3; Camera Club 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. Trevecca students who are connected in any way with the- history department are familiar with the " Support the Clio Society " motto of President Charles Hodge, which is just one of his many inter- ests; others are photography, music, including ac- cordion and piano, and record collecting. Coming to us from the Cotton Capital, Charles, jokingly known as " Hodgepodge, " is a favorite at Trev cca, a fact proved by his recent election to Who ' s Who. His plans include marriage in August to Margaret Barrett, former Trevecca student, graduation from Nazarene Theological Seminary, and full-time pas- torate. We wish the best for Charles and Margaret. ROBERT L INGRAM SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA A.B. Religion Ministerial Association I; Missionary Prayer Band I; South Carolina Club I, 2, 3, 4. Bob Ingram has won a place for himself at T.N.C. with his faithfulness and good quality work. He has maintained a high scholastic standing even while having to work full time to support his family. A religion major with a vision of a full-time pastorate in the future, Bob has made an excellent start toward success with his " faithfulness over a few things. " We send our best wishes with Bob and Marguerite — they deserve ' them. SENIORS ROBERT THOMAS McCLAIN CUTLER, OHIO A.B. History Ramblers Club I, 2, 3; Clio Society 2, 3. A campus favorite because of his friendliness and easy-going disposition, Tommy is one who has mas- tered the art of doing many things well. A conscien- tious student, he is also a full-time worker for South- eastern Truck lines. His hobbies are reading and col- lecting poetry. After he has earned his Master ' s de- gree, Tommy plans to teach, possibly doing mission- ary work with the American Indians. With his cour- teous ways and consistent life, he should be a suc- cess. We have confidence in you and your ability, Tommy. nnui fir j MARY ROSE MERCHANT NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA A.B. Music Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Soloist I, President 2; Music Club 3, 4, President 3; Trev-Echoes staff 3, Assistant Editor 3; DARDA staff 3, 4, Editor 4; Honor Society 4; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities 4. One of Trevecca ' s most talented students, Rose has a great future in store. This versatile redhead has a knack for just about anything connected with art and music. With her humorous and serious readings, Rose has always been a favorite with the student body. An excellent vocalist, writer, artist and poet, she has a wide field from which to choose her career. We of the DARDA Staff extend our best wishes to our efficient editor; we believe in you, Rose. SENIORS JUANITA DARLENE ORNDOFF MONETT, MISSOURI A.B. Music Music Club I, 7, 3, 4; Honor Society I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary I; Trev-Echoes Editor 2; Phi Delta Lambda Scholarship 2; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. If good students make great lives, Juanita ' s should be one of the best. " Niter, " as her friends call her, is known and loved for her guiet, unassuming dis- position which radiates from her expressive brown eyes. She ' has been active in extra-curricular inter- ests, maintaining one of the highest scholastic standings in the college at the same time. One of Juanita ' s favorite pastimes is her regular evening telephone conversation with Bill. She enjoys collect- ing and filing material for teaching primary chil- dren, which will aid her in her future plans for a teaching career. With her ability to succeed, Juan- ita will make a place for herself in life. MARION STEPHEN PRESSLEY ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA A.B. Religion South Carolina Club I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association I, 2. The only man at Trevecca who can say that his pas- tor is also his wife, Press enjoys telling people that visiting with his pastor is his favorite hobby. This South Carolinian should go far in the ministry with his talent and perseverance. Still a little undecided about the future, Marion plans either to do post- graduate work or enter directly into the evangelistic field next year. Our wishes for a successful ministry go with him. SENIORS CHARLES HOWARD RHYNE McEWEN TENNESSEE A.B. Religion Honor Society I; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Chris- tian Workers 2, 3; Student Council Representative 4. Those who know Charlie best appreciate the quali- ties of genuineness and friendliness which he dis- plays at all time. Another of our busy married stu- dents, Charles still has time to participate in extra- curricular activities and occasionally to indulge in hunting and fishing, his favorite pastimes. Charles, a member of the Pilgrim Holiness Church, is a con- sistent Christian gentleman. After leaving Trevecca. he hopes to do post-graduate work at the Univer- sity of Tennessee, and afterwards to enter into full- time mini sterial work. ROY DALTON RORERTS CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Literary Society 4; Christian Workers 4. In the wee hours of the morning when all is quiei and still at T.N.C., a lone fiqure watches the cam- pus, and late-comers to McKay and Hardy Halls know to call for Dalton when all is locked and barred tor the night. Jokingly known as " Rocky " from Chat- tanooga way, Dalton has been a good student, and is already making a name for himself in East Ten- nessee as a Christian worker. His plans after receiv- ing his degree are to do post-graduate work, after which he will pastor. May his always be a successful and fruitful ministry. SENIORS THOMAS EARL ROWAN LAKE CiTY, FLORIDA A.B. Religion Science Club I, 2. 3. 4; Christian Workers I, 2. 3, 4; Treas- urer 3, 4; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Vice-President Junior Class; Ministerial Association 3, 4, Reporter 4; President Senior Class. Ean, a serious-minded young man from the sunny South, leaves a vacant spot at T.N.C. that will be hard to fill. This well-rounded Floridian has been ac- tive in all phases of school life, always a favorite with his classmates by virtue of his warm smile and friend- ly ways. In addition to his busy school life, Earl finds time to wheel a bicycle for Western Union. His hob- bies include boating, reading and woodwork, a fine specimen of his latter skill being on display at Mc- Kay Hall. Prospects for Earl ' s future are bright as he looks forward to marriage with our Trev-Echoes editor, Velva Sharpes, enrollment in the Seminary and then full-time pastorate. ROLAND WAYNE SHARPES HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA A.B. History Nyack Missionary Institution I; Christian Workers 2, 3, 4; Vice-president 3; Ciio Society 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Men ' s Athletic Association 3, 4; Ministerial Association 3, 4; Treasurer 3; Virginia Club 2, 3, 4; President 3; Assistant Business Manager DARDA 3; Certificate of Excellence in Attitudes 3; Trev-Echoes staff 4; Student Council President 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. Our busy, efficient Student Council president, Wayne is a favorite with his instructors and class- mates. A loyal friend, a consistent Christian, an ex- cellent student; all these and more are the attributes of his character which have made Wayne so popu- lar during his three years at Trevecca. He plans to enroll in Nazarene Theological Seminary next year ana after that to enter into full-time Christian min- istry, where ' he is bound to succeed. SENIORS FRANCES WINDER SPRUILL EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO A.B. History Girls ' Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4, President 4; West Vir- ginia Club I, 2, 3, 4; Clio Society I, 2, 3, Secretary 3. Married in August to Brentson Spruill, Frannie is happily settled in her new brick house on Nance Lane. One of her most pleasing traits is a friendli- ness to everyone, which has made her well liked by her classmates. A good student, Frannie has also been active in social life, especially sports. She and Brentson plan to live in Nashville permanently where she- hopes to teach school. We extend our heartiest wishes for a happy married life and a successful ca- reer. DONALD E. TOOLE DECATUR, ILLINOIS A.B. History Ramblers Ciub I; Ministerial Association I; Christian Work- ers I; Olivet Nazarene College 2; Trev-Echoes staff 4. Already making a name for himself as an outstand- ing Wear-Ever salesman, Don has wha t it takes for a successful business career. Occupying a roomy house ' trailer in Trevecca ' s Trailer Court, Don and his wife and young son are an ideal family. His main interest, aside from his school work and salesman- ship, is home movies. We feel sure that Don will be successful in his chosen career as a Wear-Ever man. SENIORS GEORGE EDWARD YORK JAMESTOWN, TEN N . A.B. Religion Tennessee Club I, 2. 3, 4; Ministerial Association 2, 3. 4. Son of Alvin C. York, famous hero of World War I, Ed has a special place in the hearts of Trevecca be- cause of hio humble Christian spirit and friendly ways. In addition to his school work, Ed keeps busy as pastor of a church in Glasgow, Kentucky. He en- joys collecting antigues of all kinds as a hobby. He and his wife and son, Gerald, are among the best of Trevecca ' s families. With his good speaking abil- ity and consistent life, Ed should make a successful pastor. " teeponr j They measured us ' OFFICERS EARL ROWAN President NORMA CARPENTER Vice-President MARY DRISKELL Secretary IRIS GUNTHER Treas JUANITA ORNDOFF Reporter MRS. MACKEY Sponsor SENIOR CLASS Standing: Earl Rowan, Mrs. Mackey. Seated: Mary Driskell, Iris Gunther, Juanita Orndoff. Front: Norma Carpenter. 50 CAROL ANNE ASBURY Ludlow, Ky. Talent, fun, and dignity mixed together with wisdom. EUGENE T. BERGQUIST Jamestown, N. Y. A will to learn makes him a good student; a will to serve makes him a zealous Christian. NETTIE BELVIN Richmond, Va. All that ' s best of dark and bright meet in the aspect of her eyes. JOHN R. BROWNING, JR Man, W. Va. Frank and open-minded; he- is trustful and trustworthy. JAY C. BYBEE Oak Hill, W. Va. Dependable, good-natured, and a Christian gentleman. HENRY PAUL COOPER Madison, Tenn. A consistent Christian with a burning desire to answer His call to the ministry. JAMES COTTLE Kenbridge, Va. His aims are high, his motives wholesome, his conduct that of a gentleman. LOUISE SHOAF CRAVENS ... Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Her efficiency, industry, good nature and common sense will carry her far as a pastor ' s wife. BETTY CUMMINGS Carthage, Mo. With her ability, sense of humor, and vision, she will make a successful missionary. SARAH RUTH CYPERT Florence, Ala. Two-thirds frolic, one-third fun and the rest just ordinary girl — a friend to everyone. FRANKIE EDWARDS Mayfield, Ky. All that ' s cultural, sensitive and talented — and, for added measure, she ' s loads of fun! JAMES ERRICKSON Clearwater, Fla. Loyal, encouraging, naturally friendly, he stands high in ihe regard of his fellow students. LILLIAN FELKER Evansville, Ind. JOHN SHERMAN GIBSON Highway, Ky. There is a refinement and reserve about her which is most Quiet and practical, pursuing his work with a full-hearfed attractive. smile. SETH GARRINGTON Sumter, S. C. OMER DAVID HAMILTON Irvine, Ky. A laugh is worth a thousand groans in any market. Quietness and persistence are his characteristics; an indi- vidual devofed to his family and his Master. JUNIORS 53 n a ■ r ■ tli kjAC urkin k ■ o ■ • i_ a i PAUL THOMAS HENDON Birmingham, Ala. JOE JONES Scranton, S. C. A good student with the steady qualities of dependability The secret life of prayer, the open life of purity, the active and honesty. life of service — this is the true ' rounded life. ALLEN BUFORD HOLLIS, JR Lanett, Ala. ZARILLA McVAY Alexandria, La. A brilliant student, a likable friend, with a real purpose and Taient. friendliness, sincerity — all in one package. vision in life and the will to accomplish it. FORREST McCULLOUGH Memphis, Tenn. ROEL B. NABORS Magnolia, Miss. Excellent in scholarship, faithfui in duty, with an ardent To say little and perform much shows the characteristics zeal for service. of a great mind. DAVID HUGH MARTIN Berea, Ky. WANDA JUNE NAFF Floyd, Va. In the classroom, with his family, or op the job, he is a Like the blue of her eyes is her character — deep. faithful, consistent Christian. n i inv a 1. 1 k i oatt r n u L ' IL T RUBY ANN POTTER Nashville, Tenn. ELEANOR ANN RICHARDSON Jasper, Ala. A " jewel " of consistency, friendliness and talent; her soul Special tribute to one who has worked faithfully and cheer- escape; through her fingers as she plays the organ. fully; Honey has won a place in our hearts. CALVIN C. PRIVETT Mobile, Ala. EDMUND CHARLES ROSE Ravenna, Ky. With his humor he maintains a sharp discernment of spir- A brilliant student, capable leader and a good athlete. itual values and a firm adherence to what he believes is right. VELVA MARIE SHARPES Harrisonburg, Va. UAWIC CUADDTAkl A 1 . A deep Christian life based on lofty ideals; a Christian Her ways are 1 ways of pleasantness, characterized by a help- lady in the highest sense of the word. ing spirit and genuine friendliness. BEATRICE SHARPTON Cullman, Ala. PAUL SHIELDS Albany, Ky. Quiet in appearance, but her personality shines in her eyes. A congenial fellow with a sense of humor, he is a firm, steady Christian. JUNIORS 55 CATHERINE LOU SMITHSON . . . Dunbar, W. Va. The Great Physician can use her talents well — our smil- ing, capable nurse. ANNA STUCKI Jackson, Miss. There ' s gold in her heart as well as in her hair. NORMA ROWLAND WHITE . . . Nashville, Tenn. A devoted wife, student and servant of God; one who can mix marriage and career. LOREETA JUNE WILSON Versailles, III. Small but striving; steady in purpose. ROSE SIMPSON Carthage, Mo. Neat and capable, a mixture of frien dliness and dependability. JUNIOR CLASS Front Row: Velva Sharpes, Carol Asbury, Anna Stucki, Mrs. Richardson. Back Row: E. C. Rose, Wendell Williams. Mr. Richardson. OFFICERS CAROL ASBURY President VELVA SHARPES Vice-President WENDELL WILLIAMS Secretary E. C. ROSE Treasurer ANNA STUCK! ReDorter PROFESSOR MRS. RICHARDSON Sponsors IB Marlinton, West Virginia . . Buchanan, Michigan . . . Kirlcwood, Missouri Fairmont, West Virginia . . . Laurel, Mississippi Second Row: DORIS JANETTE BYERS . . Bumpass, Virginia CHRISTINE CAMPBELL . . . Raphine-, Virginia LLOYD CAMPBELL High Point, North Carolina MILDRED FORMAN CHAMBERS . . . Magnolia, Mississippi GERRY CLAY Birmingham, Alabama Third Row: CHARLES CORK . Tuscaloosa, Alabama VIOLET COULTER . . . Linton, Indiana DORIS JEAN DODD . . . . Charleston, West Virginia CARY NEAL DUCKETT Nashville, Tennessee TILLMAN EBY SOPHOMORES First Row: ARLO J. ALDERMAN . . . , BARBARA ARNOLD .... CHARLES ROBERT BLEDSOE . MARY JO BOWLING . . . ERNEST EDWARD BULLOCK 58 First Row: DAVID ERICKSON Ocala, Florida LARRY FINGER Winchester, Tennessee OSCAR FITZWATER Nashville, Tennessee RACHEL YVONNE FLOYD Bethany, Oklahoma GENEVA FRANZ Ashland, Kentucky Second Row: HILLIARD W. FULWOOD, JR Gainesville, Florida RALPH GOODWIN, JR Jackson, Georgia EMILY RUTH HAMILTON Irvine, Kentucky STANLEY E. HARRIS Bloomfield, Missouri VIRGINIA N. HILL Louisville, Kentucky Third Row: GEORGE HOBBS Louisville, Kentucky GLORIA JUNE HOLLIS Nashville, Tennessee DENZiL RAY HUFF Ludlow, Kentucky HAROLD HUGHES Colorado Springs, Colorado TED J. INNIS Batavia, Ohio SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES First Row: BILLY JERNIGAN Nashville, Tenne-ssee RUTH JOHNSON Sparta, Tennessee R. T. KENDALL Ashland, Kentucky GERALD D. LAING Lansing, Michigan TALMADGE LANE Nashville, Tennessee Second Row: L. RALPH LEE Depoy, Kentucky WILMA JEAN LEWIS Jackson. Mississippi JANE MASER Bellaire, Ohio JAMES MATHEWS Charleston, West Virginia BARBARA ANN MOONEY High Point, North Carolina Third Row: DONALD VERNON PEAL Marme-t, West Virginia NORMA JEAN PETERS Roanoke, Virginia WANDA PHILLIPS Chattanooga, Tennessee CAROL JOYCE POLING Charleston, West Virginia DWIGHT RAGSDALE Sheffield, Alabama First Row: JAMES NELSON RALPH Louisville, Kentucky JAMES E. ROBERTS Fitzgerald, Georgia ARNOLD ROLAND Avon Park, Florida WILLIAM C. ROWAN Lake City, Florida SAMUEL N. SAXON Fruitland Park, Mississippi Second Row: GAIL SESSIONS Decatur, Alabama LOEIDA SMITH Memphis, Tennessee CLARICE SPRUILL Nashville, Tennessee WILLIAM J. STRICKLAND Nashville, Tennessee AUDREY SWEENEY Floyd, Virginia Third Row: CECIL VAUGHN Clarksville, Tennessee M. K. WEAVER Pavo, Georgia JO ANN WESTMORELAND Memphis. Tennessee EDDIE JASPER WHITE Nashville, Tennessee WENDELL WILLIAMS Nashville, Tennessee SOPHOMORES 61 R T. Kendall, Denzil Huff. Ed- ward Bullock, Barbara Arnold, Norma Jean Peters Mrs. Phil- lips. OFFICERS DENZIL HUFF Presided R. T. KENDALL Vice-President NORMA JEAN PETERS Secretary BOBBIE ARNOLD Treasurer EDWARD BULLOCK Reporter MRS. PHILLIPS Sponsor SOPHOMORE CLASS 62 First Row: MARVIN LAMAR ASKEW Macon, Ga. JAMES BARNETT Cattlesburg, Ky. JOAN BARRY Chattanooga, Tenn. TONYA BEALS Lansing, Mich. ROBERT MORAN BELLEVILLE Louisville, Ky. Second Row: SHIRLEY KATHLENE BIGGS Nashville, Tenn. JOYCE BOERSMA Pasadena, Calif. KATHLEEN JOY BROOKS Covington, Ky. VELMA DELORUS BROWN Hiqh Point, N. C. MARY KATHRYN BROWN Dayton, Ohio Third Row: CAROL JOYCE BRYANT Louisville Tenn. WESLEY WALTER BRYANT Detroit Mich. MARTHA FRANCES BULLOCK Laurel, Miss. WALTON LEE BROWN Nashville, Tenn. LLOYD BYBEE Albany, Ky. FRESHMEN Fourth Row: WILLIAM JOEL CALKIN Greenville. Tenn. EARL CAMPBELL Newport, Tenn. BOBBY CHASON Bainbridge, Ga. JEAN CAROL CLAYTON Charlotte. N. C. FRANKIE GENETTE CRABTREE Jamestown, Tenn. Fifth Row: JOHN WILLIAM DeARMAN Dextor, Mo. DORIS DECKER St. Andrew Fla. PATRICIA LOUISE DECKER Nashville. Tenn. CARL DENNIS Crooksville, Ohio PAUL MORRISON DELL Waycross, Ga. Sixth Row: MILTON EUGENE DURBIN Fairmont, W. Va. CHARLES LEE EBY Miami. Fla. ELAINE JOYCE EBY Ft. Lauderdale Fla. JOSEPH WESLEY EBY Oakman, Alabama. MARY ANN EVANS Cullman, Ala. I, A 1 IS S£: y First Row: ROBERT E. FIELD Kingswood, W. Va. JOE ELLIOTT FINGER Winchester, Tenn. ROBERT EDWARD FURNISS Clarksdale, Miss. SAMUEL LEROY GARBER Johnson City, Tenn. TOMMY JO GARNER Tuscaloosa, Aia. Second Row: ALICE ELIZABETH GAULT Milwaukee Wis. TEVANIA GILBREATH Chattanooga, Tenn. DAN A. GODBY Louisville, Ky. JEANETTE GRIFFIN Waycross, Ga. ROBERTA ANNE GRIFFIN Charleston heights, S. C. Third Row: NINA JEAN GRIGGS Bennettsviile S. C. DWIGHT MOODY GUNTER Winnsboro S. C. DOROTHY MARIE HACKER Dayton, Ohio JOSEPH ELLIS HALSTEAD Panama City, Fla. EDRA ANN HAMMOND Nashvil Tenn. FRESHMEN Fourth Row: EVERETT HARPER Lake Wales. Fla. CHARLES HUGH HARTSELL Newport, Tenn. ROBERT HEDGEPATH Nashville, Tenn. DALE HEMMERLY Nashville, Tenn. HARRY GALE HEMMERLY Nashville, Tenn. Fifth Row: REX N. HOUSTON Madrid. Iowa ELDRIDGE HUDGINS Arlinqton Va . MARIAN ELAINE HUFF Lanett, Aia. MILTON WADE HUNLEY Nashville, Tenn. BERTHA INEZ JACKSON Flatrock, N. C. Sixth Row: WILLIAM A. JACKSON Nauvoo Ala. WILLIAM HOWARD JARRETT Nashville, Tenn. LOUIS S. JOHNSON St. Petersburg, Fla. WILLARD JOHNSON Detroit, Mich. CLIFFORD RAY JONES New Albany, Ind. 65 First Row: MATTIE PEARL JONES Jackson, Miss. BARBARA FRANCES JORDAN Charleston, W. Va. WILMER LEE KERNS Norfolk, Va. RACHEL GARRETTE KINKAID Fountain City, Tenn. CHARLES A. KLINSTIVER, JR. New Albany. Ind. Second Row: JACQUELINE MULLINS LLOYD Man W. Va. LEAH McBRYANT Fitzgerald. Ga. DONALD HUGH McKENZIE Soperton, Ga. JAMES ROBERT MARTIN hast Liverpool, Ohio JIMMIE RUTH MARTIN Chattanooga, Tenn. Third Row: RONALD ERNIE MARTIN Oneonta. Alabama MERLE MYRON MEAD St. Petersburg, Fla. MARY ANNE MILLER Dunbar, West Virginia WILLIAM GLENN MILLER Moundsville. W. Va. SHIRLEY ANNE MONTGOMERY Charlotte, S. C. FRESHMEN Fourth Row: JIMMY MORRIS Rock Hill S. C. LOIS MORROW St. Louis, Mo. JACK WESLEY MUMAW Nashville, Tenn. BEULAH LEE OFFUTT Fairmont, W. Va. IDA MELROSE PARSON Monteagle, Tenn. Fifth Row: MARY MOZELLE PARTRIDGE Merigold, Miss. GWENDOLYN PEARSON Houston, Miss. WILSON RAY PETITT Evarh Ky. SAMMY PHIPPS Huntington, W. Va. EARL WINFRED PIERCE London, Ky. Sixth Row: CURTIS LESLIE PORTER Johnson City, Tenn. THELMA RUTH PORTER Fayetteville, Tenn. DWIGHT E. PRESSON St. Louis, Mo. RUTH ANN PRICE Calamine, Ark. DONALD WILLIAM PYLES Weirton, W. Va. 66 r o 1 4 1 ft 4 fTS C| fA " T First Row: BEULAH LORETA RIDDLE Albany, Ky. BILLY H. RING Oak Hill, W. Va. DONALD OWEN REDDICK Ouincy, III. ROBERT DONALD ROEPER Nashville, Term. ELMER LEROY ROGERS Boonviile, Ind. Second Row: ROBERT T. SADD Chesterland, Ohio HAROLD GLENN SANDERS Liberty. Ky. BEATRICE SAYLOR Tifton, Ga. JOYCE SCHURMAN Nashviile, Tenn. DORIS FAY SCOTT Oak Hill, W. Va. Third Row: HERBERT ARLIN SCOTT Cave-in-Rock, III. JOHN W. SHEARER Irvine, Ky. WILLIAM EUGENE SHELTON Nashville, Tenn. EUGENE R. SMITH Buckhannon, W. Va. MARIAN JUNE SMITH Falls Cnurch, Va. FRESHMEN Fourth Row: OWEN JAMES SMITH Lansing, Mich. ASA HOWARD SPARKS Ft. Thomas, Ky. WILLIAM E. SPURLOCK Nashville Tenn. MINNIE EVA STEARNS Albany, Ky. DONIS VIRGINIA STEPHENS Lake Water, Fla. Fifth Row: GLENN ELTON STORY Oneoma, Ala. ABBIE MIDDLETON STRICKLIN Saltillo, Tenn. LOIS LOUISE STUCKI Jackson, Miss. JOSEPH C. SUMMERLIN Norfolk, Va. WILLIAM S. TALIAFERRO Independence, Kentucky Sixth Row: CHARLES STANLEY TAYLOR Decatur, Ga. LETTIE MARLENE TAYLOR Nashville, Ga. ROY SHERMAN TAYLOR North Canton Ohio. GUERRY SEWELL TEEPLE Monterey, Tenn. PATRICIA ANNETTE THOMAS Gallatin, Tenn. 67 First Row: ELSYE FAYE THOMPSON Versailles. III. HELEN TOLBERT Oneonta, Ala. WILBUR L. TREMAIN Nashville, Tenn. FRANCES TI CKER Charlotte, N. C. JAMES CARROLL VAUGHN Henderson, Ky. Second Row: JO ANN VINEYARD Akron, Ohio HARRY LUTHER WELCH Charleston Heights, S. C. JOY JEANNETTE WELCH Charleston Heights, S. C. WALTER T. WHITE Nashville, Tenn. EDWARD H. WHITTINGTON Charleston, W. Va. Third Row: GERALDINE WILLIAMS Portsmouth. Va. DENZIL WILLIS Lynn, Ind. DALLAS DEWEY WISE Calenlism, South Carolina ROBERT CARROLL WOMACK Nashville, Tenn. i IT. r FRESHMAN CLASS 68 OFFICERS ROBERT HEDGEPATH President STANLEY TAYLOR Vice-President JUNE SMITH Secretary LOIS MORROW Treasurer ASA SPARKS Reporter DR. ADAMS Sponsor FRESHMAN CLASS ' Freshman Week ' Robert Hedgepath, Stanley Taylor, June Smith, Asa Sparks, Lois Morrow, Dr. Adams. 69 Seated: Wayne Sharpes. Standing: (left) Ruth Johnson, Thelma Porter, Frankie Edv Norma Carpenter, Miss Person. Rose Merchant, Juanita Orndoff, Barbara Martin, Ruth Johnson, Barbara Martin, Robert Agner, Miss Person. I in i OFFICERS ROBERT AGNER President RUTH JOHNSON Vice-President BARBARA MARTIN Secretary-Treasurer MISS PERSON Sponsor With a yearly average of 2.5 quality points one may become a member of T. N. C. ' s Honor Society. A member may be elected to the Zeta Chapter of the National Nazarene Society of Phi Delta Lambda if he maintains this average upon gradua- tion. HONOR SOCIETY 70 Front: Walter White, Charles Hodge. First Row: Rachel Floyd, Clarice Spruill, Delorus Sharpton, Beatrice Saylor, Carol Bryant, Violet Coulter, Ruth Evans, Frankie Edwards. Second Row: Wendell Williams, J. C. Summerlin, Eldridge Hudgins, Forrest McCollough, James Cottle, Cecil Vaughan, John Gibson, Clifford Hampton, Wayne Sharpes, Dr. Adams. OFFICERS CHARLES HODGE . WALTER WHITE . . FRANKIE EDWARDS ALLEN HOLLIS . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer BILL JERNIGAN Reporter DR. ADAMS Sponsor Though a comparatively new organization, the Clio Society or History Club is moving forward. Their regular monthly meet- ings are very informative as well as interesting with luncheons, and discussions. A trip to the Mississippi Valley Historical Asso- ciation was a highlight for the 1954-55 members. CLIO SOCIETY Seated: Frankie Edwards, Charles Hodge Standing: Allan Hollis, Dr. Adams, Walter White, Bill Jernigan. 71 Front (left) Eleanor Richardson, Ruth Johnson, Miss Smith, Iris Gunther. Second: Thelma Porter, Elaine Huff, Barbara Jordan, Shirley Biggs, Tillman Eby, Beverly Foreman, Third: Cary Duckett, Barbara Martin, Anold Spruill, Geneva Franz, Danny Godby, Lois Morrow. Fourth: Wesley Eby, Elaine Eby, Gerry Williams. Jackie Lloyd, BeulahOff utt, Beulah Riddle, Violetta Verness, Betty Fitch, James Barnett, Eddie Miller, James Spruill. Back: Mary Ann Evans, Norma Peters, Frankie Edwards, Asa Sparks, Earl Rowan, Velva Sharpes, Glenn Miller, Eugene Berquist, Bill Calkin. Asa Sparks, Frankie Edwards, Ruth Johnson, Elaine Eby, Miss Smith, Eugene Berquist. OFFICERS ENGENE BERQUIST President RUTH JOHNSON Vice-President FRANKiE EDWARDS Secretary ASA SPARKS Treasurer ELAINE EBY Reporter MISS SMITH Sponsor The Science Club endeavors to help members increase their knowledge of science. This year they sponsored the March of Dimes Campaign, the Davidson County X-ray unit and a field trip to Mammoth Cave. Their regular monthly meetings, lunch- eons and other social fundions are of special interest. SCIENCE CLUB 72 Standing: Carol Asbury, First Row: (left) Gerry Teeple, Robert Womack, Joyce Schurman, R. T. Kendall, Barbara Arnold, Second Row: Gerry Clay, Robert Field, Lee Eby, Frankie Edwards, Nina Griggs, Don McKenzie. Third Row: Joe Jones, Leslie Porter, James Matthews, Robert Roeper, Miss Cooner. Fourth Row: Audrey, Sweeney Buddy Shearer, E. C. Rose. Fifth Row: Denzil Huff, Sam Saxon. OFFICERS WANDA PHILLIPS President CAROL ANN ASBURY Vice-President JOYCE SCHURMAN Secretary Wanda Phillips, Carol Asbury, Miss Cooner, Joyce Schurman. JOE JONES Treasurer MISS COONER Sponsor The Speech Club made up of students who are interested in oratory and debate. T. N. C. offers a major and minor degree in this field. Students present individual recitals, plays, and pro- grams. The activities of 1954-55 club included stage decoration for the Annual Christmas Program along wirh a choral group sponsored by the department. SPEECH CLUB 73 Standing: Louise Cravens, Betty Cummings, Tonya Beals, Wanda Neff, Norma Carpenter, Virginia Hill, Jean Westmorland, Audrey Sweeney, Barbara Jordan, Anna Stucki, Carol Asbury, Mary Drlskell. Back Row: Dalton Roberts. Wanda Naff, Miss Person, Virginia Hill, Anna Stucki, Audrey Sweeney, Mary Driskell. OFFICERS MARY DRISKELL President CAROL ANN ASBURY Vice-President AUDREY SWEENEY Secretary VIRGINIA HILL Treasurer ANNA STUCKI Reporter MISS PERSON Sponsor English majors, minors and others interested in the literary field make up this organization. Their main purpose is to promote the reading and enjoyment of literature. LITERARY CLUB 74 OFFICERS BOB BLEDSOE President LARRY FINGER Vice-President MARY JO BOWLING Secretary STANLEY TAYLOR Reporter PROF. UNRUH Sponsor " Nothing great can be expected from a man who is ignorant of music " goes an old Greek proverb. At Trevecca this organi- zation endeavors to develop in every student an appreciation for the best in music. Although music majors and minors are encouraged to hold membership, anyone may become a membe r as he abides by the rules. MUSIC CLUB Seated: Wilma Lewis. Mary Jo Bowling. Stand- ing: Bob Bledsoe, Larry Finger. Prof. Unruh, Stanley Taylor. 75 First Row: Mary Jo Bowling, Beulah Offutt, Frankie Edwards, Delorus Brown, Patsy Decker, Emily Hamilton, Joan Vineyard, Carol Poling, Barbara Jordan, Elaine Huff. Second Row; Anna Stucki, Nettie Belvin, Lois Morrow, Lois Stuck!, Joyce Schurman, Frances Tucker, Rose Merchant, Carol Asbury, Ruby Potter, Eleanor Richardson, Elaine Eby, Wilma Jean Lewis. Third Row: Phillip Goode, Bill Rowan, Bob Boren, Emerson Peach, Eddie Whittington, Stanley Tucker, Tillman Eby, Asa Sparks. Fourth Row: Larry Finger, BUI Taliaferro, Rex Houston, Roy Taylor, Don Pyles, Joe Halstead, H. W. Fulwood, Robert Agner, Professor Unruh. OFFICERS LARRY FINGER President JO ANN VINEYARD Secretary and Treasurer ELAINE HUFF Librarian PHILLIP GOODE Librarian These selected voices eagerly endeavor to present Trevecco as a center of Christ-like activities. Their beautiful music is a beacon to prospective students. The choir ' s activities consists of a number of concerts and an annual choir tour of the various districts on the Southeastern Zone. PROF. UNRUH Director T H E CHOIR 77 I First Row: HUBERT S. CHAMBERS Troy, Alabama WILLIAM E. COLLEY Oak Hill, West Virginia MARSHALL E. COPEN ... Charleston, West Virginia ELDON R. HOTLE Nashville, Tennessee MRS. A. A. HUDSON Madison, Tennesseee OFFICERS Marshall Copen, Hubert Chambers, Ruth Stutts, Joe Strickland, Mr. Phillips. ■35 Second Row: CHARLES R. LYBRAND St. Petersburg, Florida OTHA J. MUSE Waynesburg, Kentucky LAVERNE JOE STRICKLAND . . . . Memphis, Tennessee RUTH F. STUTTS Marksville, Louisiana JAMES H. SULLIVAN Baton Rouge, Louisiana JUNIOR THEOLOGICAL 79 JERRY G. COSTA Nashville, Tennessee ALYCE JAYNE McCULLOUGH . . Tullahoma, Tennessee ROY W. SHIELDS . . . MRS. O. C. MINGLEDORFF JEAN NABORS REDDICK . . . . Nashville. Tennessee Douglas, Georgia . Quincy, Illinois SPECIAL STUDENTS WINTER QUARTER STUDENTS First Row: WALLACE BELL Sheffield, Alabama SHIRLEY CUPIER Linsay, Missouri PAUL EBY Ft. Lauderdale, Florida HARPY EVANS Atlanta, Georgia WINFRED HALSTEAD .... Charleston, West Virginia Second Row: EVELYN LIVINGSTON Shelby, Missouri CHARLES E. INGRAM Muncie, Indiiana RUTH HIGH Norwood, North Carolina LYLE A. PARKER Piketon, Ohio WYGELIA PEARSON Huntsville, Alabama Third Row: WILLIAM POPE . . . MARY DEAN SIMPSON SAMUEL SOUTHERLAND BILL WILLIAMS . . Cartersville, Georgia . . . . Tifton, Georgia Chattanooga, Tennessee . Elizabethton, Tennessee JAMES THOMAS WINGARD . . Langley, South Carolina SENIOR CLASS Phillip Goode, Stanley Tucker, Phyllis Jones, Bob Archer. 8. ' - ' - HI f )Mte ■ r . " 11 IK (I v-, ■ R I I SENIORS First Row: ROBERT ARCHER Brazil, Ind. JOYCE BEINE Tifton, Ga. KENNETH BELANGIA Norfolk, Va. CAROLYN BENSON Nashville, Tenn. DOROTHY BOREN Gallatin, Tenn. Second Row: EUGENE CAMPBELL Plymouth, N. C. LONNIE CHITWOOD Nashville, Tenn. FRANCES COLLIER Clarksville, Tenn. OTTIS DONEGAN Dickson, Tenn. CONNIE EARLES Shawmutt. Ala. Third Row: CURTIS GALLOWAY Nashville, Tenn. PHILLIP GOODE Roanoke, Va. KENNETH HAMMOND Goodlettsville, Tenn. NADINE HUDSON Kansas City, Mo. EARL HYATT Nashville, Tenn. Fourth Row: PHYLLIS JONES Spencer, W. Va. ROBERT KENNEDY Pryorsburg, Ky. EULA GARDNER McNEECE Clarksville, Tenn. EDDIE MILLER Ponce de Leon, Fla. DON N I E SMITH Mayfield, Ky. Fifth Row: LARRY SMITH Nashville, Tenn. JEAN SYDENSTRICKER Dunbar, W. Va. FRED THURMOND Lemoy, Mo. STANLEY TUCKER West Palm Beach, Fla. VIOLETA VERNESS Knoxville, Tenn. CONNIE MAE WELCH Charleston Heights, S. C. 83 JUNIORS First Row: DAN A L FORD DUANE COOK JACK CRUSE BETTY ANN FITCH MORRIS FLY Second Row: PEGGY FORSYTHE BILL GALLOWAY NANCY GASKIN MARY OUINN GRANT LINDA HAMPTON Third Row: WALLACE HARRINGTON ANN HAYNES CHARLES A. KLINSTIVER, JR. CARLENE MANNING BARBARA MARTIN Fourth Row: EMERSON PEACH SUE ROWLAND RUBY NELL RUSHING DELORUS SHARPTON HARRY TONEY Fifth Row: EDITH TREMAIN JAMES TRIPP JOE TUCKER PAT WITCHER JOYCE WOOD Sixth Row: JUNE BANTON FAR L SPROWLS WALTER SMITH jRy 1 ! i Ml mm J J irk 86 SOPHOMORES o w 1 1 W ■Ml in in Mi it First Row: BUD ALLISON ROBERT BARNHILL VILDA COBB NANCY DOGGETT Second Row: NORMA DRAPER CHARLES EVANS ANNETTE COWARD BEVERLY FORMAN Third Row: JAMIE FRANKUM EARNEST GATES RHEA GIBBS ROBERT GODBEE Fourth Row: CHARLES JONES LARRY KOLAR EDITH MINGLEDORFF LOYAL PITTMAN Fifth Row: MIRIAM ROWLAND DONALD POWELL 87 DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL First Row: YUVONDA LEA CAMPBELL ESTHER COSTA ROGER COSTA DAVID WAYNE DAVIS DONNA RUTH DAVIS FRED ALLEN DAVIS THOMAS RAY DAVIS EDITH LENORE FITCH JACK BOONE GALLOWAY CHARLES RAY GOMER 89 First Row: JIMMY GOMER ROY FERREL GOMER JOSEPH LAMBERT HAMPTON RUTHANN KLIN ST I VE R CYNTHIA KAY LATHAM Second Row: DORRIS MARIE LUCKEY CRAIG LYBRAND CHARLES R. MARSHALL APRIL JOAN MOORE SANDRA JEANNEAN MURPHREE Third Row: SARA ELLEN PHILLIPS RUTH PRICKETT JONATHAN ROYCE REDFORD JAMES RODGERS MARTHA ELIZABETH RODGERS DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL Fourth Row: JANICE LEE ROSSER DONNA KAY SANDERS GLORIA JEAN SANDERS CARL DEAN SPRUILL LINDA SPRUILL Fifth Row: MAI SPRUILL ALLEN LEE TREMAIN DAVID WAYNE UNRUH KAREN LOUISE UNRUH Sixth Row: CHARLES VAUGHAN RONALD EUGENE WILLIAMS GERALD EDWARD YORK First Row: Wanda Naff, Barbara Arnold. Second Row: Sam Saxon, Ralph Lee, Earl Rowan. OFFICERS SAMUEL SAXON President RALPH LEE Vice-President WANDA NAFF Secretary EARL ROWAN . . Treasurer BARBARA ARNOLD Reporter PROF. PHILLIPS Sponsor Our Christian Worker graduates have obeyed our Lord ' s command to " go into all mo world and preach the gospel to every creature. " As students at Trevecca these students prepare to fulfill this command by giving a testimony to a Christian experience. Members of this organiza- tiontion participate in a regular Monday evening prayer meeting, services at the jail, city and coun- ty workhouse, juvenile court, street services, rest homes, and the Salvation Army social center. CHRISTIAN WORKERS ASSOCIATION " Christ ' 92 " Go ye info all the world and preach, the gospel to every creature. " This com- mand is realized in the hearts of T.N.C. students as they go out into the city of Nashville and the surrounding area to work in the Kingdom of God. Sunday is an important day for Chris- tian workers. In organized bands stu- dents go out in the morning to the City and County Workhouses and in the eve- ning groups go to the Juvenile Court, County Jail and to various resthomes throughout the city. A service at the Tennessee Industrial School is sponsored each month by this organization. During the week there are two street meetings in various parts of the city. Monday evening the bell rings at 6 o ' clock announcing the weekly Christian worker ' s prayer meeting. Reports are given from the Sunday activities and requests are made for prayer for these works. Many students at T.N.C. are prepar- ing for full time Christian work. These activities offer opportunities for prepa- ration for their future work. Since Jesus gave his disciples this command centu- ries ago His work has prospered throughout the earth where there are willing hearts to take the message. Many victories are won for God in these week- ly services. The bell echoes across T.N.C. campus . . . It ' s eleven o ' clock, chapel time. Time to forget class work, pressing responsibilities and perplexities, time to lift the heart to God in worship. Chapel is an oasis in a busy day end memories of these services will linger long after our days at Trevecca have ended. The 1954-55 services have been well planned, including lec- tures on personality development, student speakers, and pro- grams sponsored by various departments along with wonderful evangelistic speakers. Revival fires have swept the services and campus this year. Our hearts lift in gratitude to God for His blessings and for the LIGHT we have received from every chapel hour. 94 QUARTETS AND TRIOS THE EVANGEL TRIO Joyce Schurman, Patsy Decker, Delorus Brown. Trios and quartets go out regularly from T. N. C. to the districts on the Southeast- ern Educational Zone. Under the direction of Rev. C. E. Keys, Field Representative, organized tours are planned. This year the Evangel Trio along with the Crusaders Quartet toured Florida during February. The summer months are busy ones for these groups traveling to as many of the churches of the zone as possible. Larry Finger, Phillip Goode, Ed Whittington, Sonny Fullwood. 96 First Row: Emerson Peach, Leslie Porter, Clifford Hampton, Robert Agner, J. C. Summerlin, Cecil Vaughn, Dwight Ragsdale, Mr. Phillips, Joe Jones, Clifford Jones, James Barnett, James Ralph, Denzil Huff, William Colley. Second Row: Wesley Bryant, Betty Cummings, M. K. Weaver, Rex Houston, Ted Innis, Arlo Alderman, Robert Roeper, Forrest McCullough, Ralph Lee. Third Row: Joe Martin. Don Reddick, Stanley Harris, William Taliaferro, Elmer Gates, Sam Saxon, Ruth Stutts, Frankie Edwards. Fourth Row: Roel Nabors, Bobby Chason, Tal- madge Lane, James Vaughn, Robert Field, Wayne Sharpes, Earl Rowan, Elmer Rogers, Charles Hodge, Don Pyle, Bill Jackson, Paul Hendon. Fifth Row: Jay Bybee, Edward York, Walter White, Buddy Pittman, Tommy Garner, Halley Sullivan, Buddy Schearer, Charles Rhyne, Paul Fitch, Jack Mumaw, Sammy Phipps. OFFICERS JOE JONES President DWIGHT RAGSDALE Vice-President SAM SAXON Secretary FORREST McCULLOUGH Treasurer EARL ROWAN Reporter PROFESSOR PHILLIPS Sponsor Through the ministerial students this organization endeavors to hold high the spiritual life of the college through the noonday prayer meetings. They also sponsor the Thanksgiving and Easter missionary offerings. Inspiring chapel messages are presented by various members one week each guarter. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION 97 Earl Rowan, Sam Saxon, Forrest McCullough, Joe Jones, Dwight Ragsdale, Mr. Phillips. Front Row: Barbara Arnold, Velva Sharpes, Wilma Jean Lewis, Jerry Williams, Nina Griggs, Beulah Offutt, Frankie Crabtree, Loreeta Wil- son, Ruth Johnson, Barbara Jordan, Joyce Beine. Second Row: Carol B yant, Rex Houston, James Barnett, Ralph Lee, Maxine Moore, Mattie Pearl Jones, Joan Westmoreland, Wanda Naff. Back Row: Cecil Vaug ' in, Don McKenzie, Walter White, R. T. Kendall, William Taliaferro, Bill Galloway, Elmer Rogers, Leslie Porter, Wayne Sharpes, Wendell Williams, Mi. Childers, Sam Saxon. Background: Denzil Huff, Donnie Smith. Mr. Childers, Bill Galloway. Kneeling: Ruth Johnson, Cecil Vaughn, Maxine Moore. OFFICERS SAM SAXON President BILL GALLOWAY Vice-President MAXINc MOORE Secretary RUTH JOHNSON Treasurer PROF. CHILDERS Sponsor " The family that prays together stays together. " This band of consecrated young people boost the family of missionaries who are on the field. Trevecca students preparing to go to the mission fields and those who will be laymen boost together through the weekly hour of prayer and fasting on Friday. MISSIONARY PRAYER BAND 98 THANKSGIVING ' Father we thank Thee, " was the theme of the Thanksgiving season at T. N. C. During this season we were honored to have Rev. J. Sou- therland Logan, of London, Eng- land, to hold a week ' s revival, No- vember I 5-2 I . His inspiring messages made realize God ' s goodness. Our hearts were uplifted in Thanksgiving to Hi m. Saturday night, November 20, the Senior Class sponsored a Thanksgiving Banguet. Dr. Logan r i V climaxed the evening with his Thanksgiving Message to us. First Row: Mrs. Edward York, Mrs. Kenneth Clements, Mrs. Jay Bybe», Mrs. Charles Cunningham, Mrs. Clifford Hampton, Mrs. Marshall Co pen. Second Row: Mrs. Talmadge Lane, Mrs. Omer Hamilton, Mrs. Walter White, Mrs. Louis Johnson, Mrs. Otha Muse, Mrs. L Bybee, Mrs. Robert Roper, Mrs. Wilbur Tremain, Mrs. William Spurlock. Back Row: Mrs. Owen Smith, Mrs. Max Bennett, Mrs. H. P. S van, Mrs. Forrest McCullough, Mrs. Gerald Lalng, Mrs. Billy Strickland, Miss Person. OFFICERS MRS. JAY BYBEE President MRS. CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Vice-President MRS. OTHA MUSE Sceretary MRS. OMER HAMILTON ... Treasurer MRS. LOUIS JOHNSON Reporter MISS AMY L. PERSON Sponsor This group of student wives meet weekly and under the leader- ship of their sponsor prepare for their future work. Through dis- cussion and study they develop spiri tua lly , intellectually and socially. STUDENT WIVES Left: Mrs. Charles Cunningham, Mrs. Omer Hamilton, Miss Person, Mrs. Jay Bybe e, Mrs Louis Johnson. Standing: Mrs. Otha Muse. 117 COUNSELING One of the great advantages of attending a Christian College such as Trevecca, compared w th the I arger secular colleges and universities, is the opportunity for individual counseling. Every student has available numerous opportunities for personal guidance. A purposeful counseling pro- gram plus personal interest on the part of our faculty and special counselors makes our Chris- tian Education here an opportunity in personal growth and adjustment as well as a rich oppor- tunity for an education in a positive Christian atmosphere. K. W. PHILLIPS Dean of Students Director of Personnel Services MILITARY AND RECREATIONS GUIDANCE Dr. Homer J. Adams EMPLOYMENT GUIDANCE AND VETERANS PROBLEMS Professor V. Neil Richardson SOCIAL POISE AND ETIQUETTE PROBLEMS Mrs. A. B. Mackey DORMITORY HEAD RESIDENTS Mrs. O. C. Mingledorff, Mrs. Mable Orndoff, r. Walter White. ■■■■ i ■■■1 mm HEALTH COUNSELING Miss Virginia Benedict, R.N. MARRIAGE COUNSELING Professor and Mrs. K. W, Phillips READING IMPROVEMENT SERVICE Mrs. M. E. Spruill VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE Professor W. H. Howick FRESHMEN COUNSELORS Seated: Miss Joyce Smith Mrs. K. W. Phillips. Stand ng (left): V. Neil Richardson, C. T. Duckett. Charles Childers. M. E. RedfO ' d (not pictured), left) V. Neil Richardson. C. T. Duckett. Charles Childers, M. E. Redford (not pictured). SPEECH IMPROVEMENT SERVICE Miss Mabel Cooner STUDENT COUNSELORS Seated (left): Wanda Naff, Violet Coulter. Ruth Johnson. Standing (left): Wayne Sharpes, Velva Sharpes. Ralph Lee. I First Row: Jack Cruse, Wade Hunley, Bill Rowan, Duane Cook, Forest Spruill, Bill Galloway, Arnold Spruill, Jim Hampton, Stanley Tucker, Phillip Goode, Walter Smith. Second Row: John Shearer, Moody Gunter, Dewey Wise, Don Pyles, Stanley Taylor, Eugene Campbell, Donnie Smith, James Barnett, Cary Duckett, Sonny Fullwood, Robert Sadd, Larry Finger, Sam Saxon, Dwight Presson, Joe Finger, E. C. Rose, Dan Godby. Third Row: Emerson Peach, Edward Bullock, BUI Taliaferro, Ray Petitt, Eldridge Hudgins, Harry Hemmerly, Harry Toney, Fred Thurman. OFFICERS E. C. ROSE President JOE FINGER Vice-President WALTON BROWN Secretary SONNY FULWOOD Treasurer DANNY GODBY Reporter DR. ADAMS Sponsor About mid-afternoon on T. N. C. ' s campus, thoughts turn from classroom to sports and the pathway of many students leads to the athletic field. The M.A.A. is organized to promote this inter- est and encourage physical education by planning the football, basketball and softball seasons. The membership of the M.A.A. has grown from forty members to a membership of over seventy. The increase in interest and membership this year has made 195b the best year for the Men ' s Athletic Association in its history. MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 123 Front: Sonny Fulwood, Joe Finqer. Back: Danny Godby, Walton Brown, Dr. Adams, E. C. Rose. FOOTBALL Contested games and exciting upsets combined this year to make an exciting football season. The Freshmen were crowned football kings. These " gridironers " compiled an 8-1 record, only losing a 7-6 decision to the Sophomores. Things became exciting on December 7 in the annual T-Bowl Game. The Freshmen, league champions, defeated the All-Star 31-16 in the highest scoring game in the T-Bowl ' s history. Results: W L T Freshmen 8 I 0 Sophomores 7 2 0 High School 3 6 0 Upperclass 0 9 0 FRESHMEN Front: Barbara Jordon, Lois Morrow, Elaine Huff. Second: Don Campbell, Bob Bellville, Wade Hunley, Everett Harper. Third: Moody Gunter, Robert Hedqepath, Don Pyles, Eddie Whittington, Walton Brown, Asa Sparks, Bobby Boren. SOPHOMORES Front: Robert Sadd, Dan Godby, Sam Saxon, Sonny Fulwood. Sec- ond: Morris Fly, line official; Bill Rowan, D wight Presson, Bob Bledsoe. ALL-STARS Front: Robert Hedgepath, Eugene Campbell, Joe Halstead, Buddy, Schearer, Dan Godby. Back: Bill Rowan, Sonny Fullwood, E. C. Rose, Sam Saxon, Larry Finger, Moody Gunter, CHEERLEADERS Front: Elaine Huff, Barbara Jordan, Lois Morrow. Back: Eleanor Richardson, Carol Asbury, Mary Jo Bowling, Jean Dodd, Clarice Spruill, Linda Hampton, Connie Earles, Joyce Beine. 124 UPPERCLASSMEN First Row: E. C Rose, Wendell Williams, Wayne Sharpes. Second Row: Howard Spruill, Harry Evans, John R. Browning, Jr., Jasper White SOPHOMORES First Row: Jim Mathews, Bill Rowan. Second Row: Sonny Fullwood, Dan Godby, Larry Finqer, Bill Strickland. The 1954-55 basketball season will long be re- The season was climaxed with the Annual Tour- membered for its success. The Upperclassmen ran nament. An All-Star team of outstanding players their record to a 7-0 count, the longest in the his- wa; chosen frQm +he differen+ +eams . They were: tory of the school, before fallinq in defeat to the . ,, , , , r .,, , , Bill Strickland, Dan Godby, Howard Spruill, Har- Sophomores. The Sophomores ' two defeats came L . r ,, ry Evans, Ray Petitt, Ed Whittington, Bob Bell- at the hands ot the second place Upperclassmen. TU,-, c-i l • -j.L i n - ville, E. C. Rose, Joe Finqer and Larry Finger. I he oophomores were champions with a I U-z 1 1 ' record. RESULTS W L Sophomores 10 2 Upperclassmen 8 4 Freshmen 6 6 High School 0 12 BASKETBALL Front: Mary Driskell, Linda Hampton, Carol Asbury, Joyce Beine. First Row: Nina Griggs, Ida Parsons, Delorus Brown, Patricia Owen, Miss Smirh, Frances Spruill, Eleanor Richardson, Kathleen Brooks, Joan Westmoreland, Frankie Crabtree, Barbara Jordan, Elaine Huff, Lois Mor- row, Joy Welch, Elaine Eby, Shirley Montgomery, Eula Gardner McNeece, Thelma Porter, Quinn Grant, Dorothy Boren, Annette Thomas, Emily Hamilron Norma Peters, Wilma Lewis, Sarah Cypert, Mary Jo Bawling, Gwendolyn Pearson. Back Row: Joyce Schurman, Anna Stucki, Carol Poling, Norma Carpenter, Ruth Evans, Virginia Hill, June Smiih, Clarice Spruill, Delores Sharpton, Jo Vineyard, Geneva Franz, Peg- gy Forsythe, Norma White, Shirley Biggs Front: Frances Spruill. B ck: Pat Owen, Miss Smith, Joyce Schurman. OFFICERS TRANCES SPRUILL .... President THELMA PORTER Vice-President JOYCE SCHURMAN Secretary NINA GRIGGS Treasurer PAT OWEN Reporter MISS JOYCE SMITH . . . Sponsor WALK! WALK! WALK! When everyone else was sleeping soundly, the G.A.A. members were getting their morning exer- cise. Even on rainy days, the teams, captained by Carol Poling and Geneva Franz, rose early and took long walks through Percy Warner Park and other interesting places. The hikes were cli- maxed with hot coffee and donuts supplied by the team acting as host. Among other activities in which the G.A.A. participated were f he weekly volleyball games. The Freshmen team was victorious in this sport. The High School girls were champs in the basket ball games which were played at Lucy Holt Moore gymnasium. The girls kept the softball diamond well occupied during the spring. GIRL ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 126 BASKETBALL This year ' s basketball season was very successful with a continuation of the league organized last year. The High School came out champions with the Up- perclassmen and Freshmen second and third respectively. The games were played at Lucy Holt Moore Gymnasium on Sat- ur day afternoons. Team captains were: Audrey Sweeney, Upperclassmen; Elaine Eby, Freshmen; Linda Hampton, High School. Miss Joyce Smith ' s loyal support as sponsor of the G.A.A. helped to make the basketball season a thrilling one. UPPERCLASSMEN First Row: Clarice Spruill, Jo Ann Westmoreland, Emily Hamilton, Audrey Sweeney, Virginia Hill, Eleanor Richard- son. FRESHMEN Barbara Jordan, Elaine Eby, Shirley Cupler, Shirley Montgomery, Nina Griggs. HIGH SCHOOL First Row: Quinn Grant, Linda Hampron, Violetta Verniss; Back Row: Peggy Forsythe, Delores Sharpton, Betty Fitch, Beverly Forman. COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE A Vital Concern for Every Interest of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE ALABAMA DISTRICT (j reelings to Jrevecca — and C laSS o 33 ADVISORY BOARD REV. GORDON WINCHESTER MR. R. L. ANDERSON REV. DONALD K. BALLARD MR. JOE FROST TREVECCA TRUSTEES C. E. SHUMAKE R. L. ANDERSON GORDON WINCHESTER R. F. BUMPUS District Secretary REV. JOHN E. COMPTON District Treasurer TRAVIS JOHNSON District N.Y.P.S. President REV. C. W. ELKINS District N.F.M.S. President MRS. PEARL CLABORN District Church School Board Chairman REV. L. WAYNE SEARS _ s$ Cj rowing )istrict (Congratulated (growing School C. E. SHUMAKE District Superintendent Greeting) C lass 1955 EASTERN KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DEPARTMENTAL LEADERS Reading from left to right REV. D. S. SOMERVILLE District Superintendent REV. L. B. HICKS Chairman, Church School Board REV. OVAL LEE STONE District N.Y.P.S. President MRS. D. S. SOMERVILLE District N.F.M.S. President DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. L. B. HICKS MR. LAWRENCE WILEY REV. ASA H. SPARKS MR. E. H. (BOB) STEEN BERGEN WE PROVIDE STUDENTS AND USE STUDENTS OF T. N. C THE EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT STANDS FAITHFULLY DEHIND TREVECCA COLLEGE ALL OUR DEPARTMENT HEADS ARE PRAYING FOR GOD ' S RICHEST BLESSINGS ON OUR ZONE COLLEGE MRS. McCAMMON N.F.M.S. VICTOR E. GRAY District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS SETTLE M. SHAW Secretary W. L. ELKINS Treasurer DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD ROY A. BETTCHER JOE M. TYSON W. L. ELKINS OSCAR WHEATON W. L. ELKINS Church Schools C on a ra tu la tionS 9 to TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE ON HER CONTINUAL RAPID MARCH OF PROGRESS JOHN L. KNIGHT District Superintendent A. B. MACKEY, LL.D. President T.N.C. FLORIDA DISTRICT CRUSADING FOR SOULS NOW! THE GEORGIA DISTRICT W. Q. SHERIDAN Chairman Church School Board MRS. MACK ANDERSON N.F.M.S. President H. W. MINGLEDORFF President Nazarene Young People ' s Society YOUTH CAMP and INSTITUTE July 18-22 at Adrian, Georgia DISTRICT CAMP MEETING DISTRICT ASSEMBLY July 22-3 I , Adrian, Georgia Sept. 14-15, Waycross, Georgia THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. D. D. LEWIS District Superintendent We are Pro, J of D. U C. MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT (J3o o5 f in Jrevecca DISTRICT OFFICERS DICK MOORE V. W. SMITH . Secretary Treasurer ADVISORY BOARD MILTON L. TURNEY N. O. NABORS M. K. JONES CLAYTON HEFLIN TREVECCA TRUSTEES B. W. DOWNING OTTO STUCKI OTTO STUCKI District Superintendent DISTRICT DEPARTMENT HEADS MRS. OTTO STUCKI N.F.M.S. President M. L. TURNEY Church Schools Chairman B. W. DOWNING N.Y.P.S. President MRS. EUNICE PHILLIPS Junior Director 1955 from lite NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT DR. LLOYD B. BYRON District Superintendent REV. J. H. EADES Church Schools Board Chairman REV. DOYLE C. SMITH N.Y.P.S. President MRS. LLOYD B. BYRON N.F.M.S. President lf]ortli (Carolina id roucl oj? Ji reveccci OF HER PRESIDENT, DR. A. B. MACKEY OF HER FACULTY OF HER GREAT STUDENT BODY SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DISTRICT OFFICERS AUBREY RONCE District Secretary L. L. JENKINS District Treasurer MOODY ERIERSON District N.Y.P.S. President MRS. A. E. KELLY District N.F.M.S. President CAMP MEETING JULY 4-IOTH Batesburg, South Carolina WORKERS GENE PHILIPS RAY HANCE HARRY HUFF RUTH HUFF DISTRICT OFFICERS REV. C. T. DUCKETT Secretary MR. JAMES A. PATE . REV. M. E. REDFORD . REV. ROBERT GRAY . MRS. D. K. WACHTEL . . Treasurer Chairman Church School Board . District N.Y.P.S. President District N.F.M.S. President MRS. D. K. WACHTEL HOME OF TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. V. W. LITTRELL REV. C. WILLIAM ELLWANGER MR. S. H. JONES MRS. V. W. LITTRELL REV. H. W. MEADOWS .... REV. M. RICHARD JONES . . . . . . . District Superintendent District Secretary District Treasurer . . District N.F.M.S. President . . . District N.Y.P.S. President Chairman Church School Board DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. V. W. LITTRELL REV. M. RICHARD JONES REV. H. W. MEADOWS MR. G. H. JONES MR. W. H. HUNT We are whole-heartedly supporting Trevecca College and cordially invite it through its touring groups to " TEST OUR WELCOME " WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE JOHN R. BROWNING. SR District Secretary C. GLENN BOWLING District Treasurer MRS. EDWARD C. ONEY N.F.M.S. President H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT N.Y.P.S. President HENRY HILL HERMAN SLONECKER TOM PATE Treasurer JUSTINE RUSHING Corresponding Secretary rriMNIF IARRFTT M V D IN. Y. r. c o. FIRST NAZARENE CHURCH NASHVILLE — TENNESSEE WISE MEMORIAL BIBLE CLASS NASHVILLE FIRST CHURCH DR. CECIL D. EWELL . . . Active Teacher J. L. BOWER President J.B.HAWKINS Vice-President W. E. MARTIN Secretary W. A. REED Treasurer RICHARD GUNN . . . . Musical Director MRS. H. L. SLONECKER Pianist C onqra tuiation A to Jrevecca Congratulations, Students and Faculty! Best Wishes From RAY KATHRYN DUNCAN EVANGELISTS Washington, C.H., Ohio " The spiritual atmosphere is Great — God is with us " VaMle Jfot Church 510 Woodland Street " A Friendly Church with a place to serve " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ASHLAND, KENTUCKY Bath at 22nd Phone 2484 I raijcrs J tiidenti and fftfoney STAFF LAWRENCE B. HICKS, Pastor REV. BILLY BALL Youth Director MRS. LEWIS K. EDWARDS Officer Director MRS. SAM STEPHENS Office Assistant MR. LONZO EDMONDS Sexton DEPARTMENTS MR. JAMES SIMPSON Sunday School Superintendent MR. STANLEY CARTER N.Y.P.S. President MRS. DOROTHY MADDY N.F.M.S. President Radio Ministry Each Sunday at I 1 :05 on WCMI FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE A L W A Y S B A C K ! N G T N C Main at Willow St. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ill V O I c E F O R HOLINESS The Church Where You Feel You Have Been to Church Because of the Conscious Presence of God! J. HERSHEL IRWIN Music Director ' NAZARENE HOUR " WDOD — I P.M. Sunday ROY A. BETTCHER Pastor CECIL T. QUINN Supt. S. S. D. WAYNE SMITH N.Y.P.S. ' CHALLENGE TO YOUTH " Radio Sta. WDOD 10:30 P.M. Sunday C on grata let ti ion 3 DR. AND MRS. MACKEY, FACULTY, STUDENTS AND CLASS OF ' 55 Our New Church Home Charleston, W. VA., First Church of the Nazarene " Christian Corner " Park Ave. at Grand St. it i WILLIAM O. BLUE Minister RICHARD A. WARD Sunday School Superintendent NORMA ARMSTRONG N.Y.P.S. President GEORGIA HAMMOND ... N.F.M.S. President TREVECCA STUDENTS CAROL POLING JEAN DODD " Charleston ' s Singing Church " BETHEL church T °H F E nnznREnE TREVECCA Congratulations to DARDA Staff and Class of 1955 THE STUDENTS " HOME " CHURCH WHILE IN NASHVILLE OFFICERS PROF. A. D. BOONE Minister of Music (full time) ORVAL TURNER S.S. Superintendent MELVIN PARKHURST .... N.Y.P.S. President AGNES BROWN N.F.M.S. President CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE THIRD AVENUE, SOUTH AND ASH STREET NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE WL,e QoJ a J Wan Wcct REV. M. E. REDFORD Pastor REV. V. E. MURPHREE S. S. Superintendent MRS. FRANK UNDSLEY . . . . N.F.M.S. President MRS. V. E. MURPHREE N.Y.P.S. President MR. J. D.CRAIG . . N.Y.P.S. Vice-President MRS. J. D. CRAIG . N.Y.P.S. Treasurer MRS. EARL PIERCE N.Y.P.S. Secretary " We ' re for Trevecca I 00 per cent " WHEN IN NASHVILLE WORSHIP WITH US! A Cordial Welcome Awaits You! Jrevecca Cotieae id the Y] eared t Place to J4eauen ctmj folate on £larth I am indebted to T.N.C. for sending the quartet in 1932 for a home mission campaign in West Nash- ville. " WAKIE " SOMEONE KNOCKED ON MY DOOR Someone knocked on my door; it was a dreary, rainy day. I did not know the man, so I had but little to say. I don ' t remember how he came; it matters net very much — I guess. But he found a heart so hungry, for my life was in a mess. He smiled — I could see he was happy, and I stood wondering shy, " We ju st stopped by to see you as we were passing by. Won t you come to the home mission campaign? Won ' t you come and help us sing. " I was glad for the invitation; I told him others I would bring. As he turned away from my door, I wanted the man of God to talk some more. I saw he had the Master ' s love, trying to win a soul for heaven above. I made up my mind I would go overthat night. When we got there they were singing — my, my what a sight! Some were crying, some were shouting out loud; I did not like it much — I was too stinking proud. The man of God preached as only A. E. Kelly can He talked of Heaven, then of Hell until I almost ran. Then I saw them hit the altar one by one Most of the people prayed until the job was done. They found peace and joy for their troubled hearts. I said " That ' s what I want, " but I didn ' t know how to make the start. But I hit the altar — I went there to stay Pulled the shoes off my feet — they were hurting that day. I thought the meaner you were, the more you ' ll have to pray. I started to tell the Lord I would stay there all day. About that time the Lord from Heaven above, Gave me peace and joy and filled my heart with love. I found the Saviour so dear to all; The One who can keep us and never let us fall. Praise God today and forever more For sending a man to knock at my door. It meant but little for him to knock it — stranger ' s door. But it meant Heaven for Old Wakefield and the peace of God forevermore. A. C. WAKEFIELD converted building contractor Song Evangelist Since 1938 A. C. WAKEFIELD C on g ra In ia t i ion A " evecca C. R. MOORE Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA ARNOLD PRICE Sunday School Superintendent MRS. NORMA STRICKLAND N.Y.P.A. President MRS. GRACE TROGDON N.F.M.S. President 123 Moreland Ave., S.E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA WENDELL WELLMAN Minister Preaching Christ . . . • In the Church • By Radio and Television • From House to House A Warm-hearted Church in a warm-hearted city CLoncj ra tn(at iond TO THE CLASS OF 1955 ( omj jfim en Is FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 19th St. and Pearcy Ave. PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA wa I H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT, Minister C ongratuiat RALPH SCHURMAN Pastor MARVIN SMOTHERMAN S. S. Superintendent MRS. GENEVIEVE LISH MRS. S. A. JOHNSON N. F. M. S. President Xon5 . . GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road, Nashville, Tenn. " Where You Are Always Welcome " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE S30 York Street Newport, Kentucky Phone JU 0668 GREETINGS TO TREVECCA We are proud of our School ASA H. SPARKS, M.A. Pastor 36 S. Grand Avenue Fort Thomas, Kentucky HI 8480 Trevecca Administrative officers, faculty members, students, former students are always welcome at our services J. DON JERNIGAN , t i MR. J. B. SAWYER S. S, Supt. MR. HOMER BENSON N.Y.P.S. President MRS. ORLON RAMSEY N.F.M.S. President INGLEWOOD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Gallatin Road and Sunnymeade Drive NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE CONGRATULATES The Faculty and Student Body of 1955 A HEARTY WELCOME AWAITS YOU AT INGLEWOOD FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2700 Hatch Boulevard SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Four blocks off state highway 43 and 72 HERMAN LATCHEM Sunday School Superintendent CLARENCE VAUGHN N.F.M.S. President MRS. WALLACE BELL N.Y.P.S. President BOOSTERS FOR T.N.C. Cloi i g y i ft i (a I ion S and (J3est lAJidli re 5 to lire CLiSS of 1955 Southeast Church of the Nazarene CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA HADLEY HALL Pastor MRS. LAURA PITTMAN N.Y.P.S. President MRS. LILLIAN SMITH Sunday School Superintendent MRS. ANNA JANE WHITTINGTON N.F.M.S. President ■ Mt ii F E J SI p m ii. ■■ " ■flips. 1 " A Welcome Always Awaits You " MISS MARIE PEERY Youth Director OLIVER SHELTON S. S. Superintendent NORA OLDHAM N.Y.P.S. President MRS. ROY WRIGHT N.F.M.S. President FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLARKSVILLE, TENN. REV. W. M. GREATHOUSE Pastor GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE COLUMBIA, TENN. JOHN A. KNIGHT Pastor NORTH SIDE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 22 I 3 Washington St. W. CHARLESTON, W. VA. C. F. BECKETT M inister Best Wishes Class of ' 55 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF ' 55 A. J. FRANK Minister C om plim en j lf . %j. j- . . A. J. FRANK Pastor W. M. ENLOW . . . . Sunday School Supt. MRS. CARL WHITLOW . . . N.F.M.S. Pres. ANTON FRANK, JR. ... . N.Y.P.S. Pres. " A Spiritual Program Geared to Needs of Youth " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2400 Howard Street LOUISVILLE II, KENTUCKY FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2400 Howard Street LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Kentucky Walnut Sts. SOUTH CHARLESTON, W. VA. (Springhill) C. GLENN BOWLING Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE I 4BHB ' - NAZARENE ROANOKE, VA. ■■I Our Students j l| y JpP MHflB I PHILLIP GOODE NORMA JEAN PETERS C. WILLIAM ELLWANGER Pastor RAYMOND CARR N.Y.P.S. President C. H. MOSES Sunday School Superintendent " A Spiritual Church in the Heart of the Star City " Our Church is Trevecca ' s Ambassador to the Nation ' s Capital THE CALVARY NAZARENE CHURCH 5900 Wilson Blvd. ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA T. T. LIDDELL, Pastor 1523 N. Utah St. " Holding Forth the Word of Life " C on a ra hi fa Hon 3 to tke CiadA of ' 55 COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY Pastor EUDELL MILBY FIRST CHURCH MEMPHIS 704 S. Parkway E. Invites ALL to ALL the services J. E. BECKUM, Pastor " Come Thou With Us. And We Will Do Thee Good " Numbers 10:20 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rt. 4, Chuckey, Tenn. MRS. GLENN GARBER Pastor OUR MOTTO " Lord Give Us Souls " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner of Greensboro Ave. and 15th St. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA PAUL R. HOLT, Minister IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3315 Charlotte Avenue NASHVILLE, TENN. J. H. DEAL, Pastor " To Know Him and to Make Him Known " COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Adams Avenue at I Ith St. HUNTINGTON, W. VA. J. C. WALLACE, Pastor REV. WILLIAM M. FARR Box 394 SHAWMUT, ALABAMA EAST RIDGE JOE GLYN CORDELL Pastor CHATTANOOGA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Extends Congratulations to TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE ' We believe in and are supporting Trevecca Nazarene College with our means, our prayers, our young people, and our influence. " » 0 TEVONIA GILBREATH T.N.C. Student Formerly the 41 Club But Where Sin Abounded, Grace Did Much More Abound. ' ' ( Romans 5:20) FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PALMER, TENNESSEE R. T. KENDALL, Pastor A MR. JOHN CREIGHTON Sunday School Superintendent A MISS PATSY CREIGHTON N.Y.P.S. President A " A Church With Its Heart in the Spirit; And Spiritually in its Heart " CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WAVERLY, TENNESSEE REV. LARRY SMITH Pastor MR. EMERSON PEACH .... Minister of Music CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHESTER, WEST VIRGINIA LEWIS LEGG Pastor ( onara filiations, C iaSS oj 55 C onara tuiati on J, Sludentd, Jacuitu, and CLa of 1955! FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA JAMES A. HAMILTON, Pasror COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI REV. M. L. TURNEY, Pastor on a fa tuiati o u, diass o ' 55 WEST SIDE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE West Concord, North Carolina X v ,,:v: : : : . : : : ;. v : : : . fffifSfiSiii i Mi ss of ' 55 RAYMOND M. HAYSE Congratulations T. N. C. Cla FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE E. W. McDOWELL Pastor EARL FREEMAN S.S. Supt. MRS. EARL FREEMAN . . . N.Y.P.S. Pres. MRS. R. R. STILES N.F.M.S. Pres. MRS. ROY PHILEMON, SR. . . Jr. Supv. Cleve ' and Ave. at Worthington CHARLOTTE, N. C. N. Y. P. S. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 2952 Fourth Avenue HUNTINGTON 2, W. VA. The Pastor ' s Friend Evangelist B. W. Murphy N.Y.P.S. CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ARLINGTON, VA. KENNETH DEWEY President RODGER DOLE Vice President MELVA HAND Secretary MARION SCHENKE Treasurer are J or Zsreuecc a CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MAN. WEST VIRGINIA JOHN R. BROWNING, SR. Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SPRINGFIELD, TENNESSEE K. B. SLIFER, Pastor BETHLEHEM CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LAUREL, MISS. HERBERT L. TOOMBS, Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE RUSSELLVILLE, ALABAMA DOUGLAS W. HENDON, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE INVITES YOU First Church of The Nazarene Invites You 849 Bryan Ave., Lexington, Ky, Thomas May, pastor. Phone 2-8370 (At your call for Counsel and Prayer.) Sunday School— Classes for all 9.30 A.M. Sunday Morning Worship — In Spirit and in Truth 10:45 A.M. Youth Services 6:15 P.M. Evangelistic Service, Gospel Preaching 7:00 P.M. Old Fashion Prayer Meeting, Wednesday 7:30 P.M. CONGRATULATIONS TO TREVECCA COLLEGE DARDA STAFF Class of ' 55 When in North Carolina, visit Winston-Salem. When in Winston-Salem, worship the Lord with us. A warm welcome awaits you! FOREST HILLS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner Pinetree Rd. and Clayton St. WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. REV. S. R. THOMPSON, Pastor Best Wishes Class of ' 55 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 661 South Broad St. MOBILE, ALABAMA C. W. ELKINS Pastor Mobile First Boosts T.N.C. " 01, ere is no J (ace in the lAJorld lihe revecca NETTIE A. MILLER Columbus, Georgia ( onc ra tu lei tiond cicuitu and Students Jrevecca f Jcizarene C olleae FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DECATUR, ALABAMA W. R. SESSIONS, Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BURLINGTON, N.C. W. LEE GANN, Pastor N. Y. P. S. of GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE on SCHOOL HOUSE ROAD AND ERVIN ST. COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA " Not to the top, but still climbing " MRS. GLADYS MARTIN, President YOUNG PEOPLE ' S SOCIETY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LAKE CITY, FLORIDA W. A. MARTIN Pastor MRS. WILMA VANN President MRS. LEEDELL GREEN Vice President MR. HOMER WILLIAMS . . . Secretary-Treasurer The Gospel in SERMON SONG ART EVANGELIST CLYDE B. RODGERS 505 Lester Avenue Nashville 10, Tennessee FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MOUNT PLEASANT, TENN. JOHN C. MEADORS, Pastor N. Y. P. S. MONTEREY, TENNESSEE MISS FREIDA BOWMAN, President BORDEAUX CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " A hearty welcome to Trevecca students " REV. WALTER B. THOMPSON Pastor DR. HOMER J. ADAMS Sunday School Superintendent THIRD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " A Soul Winning Church " PAUL McGRADY Minister Congratulations to Trevecca and the Class of 1955 COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE OLD HICKORY, TENNESSEE L. H. ROEBUCK, Pastor " Helping lead Old Hickory to God " McCLURKAN MEMORIAL Church of the Nazarene 49th and Alabama Nashville, Tenn. EDWARD F. COX Pastor Pastor ROBERT H. GRAY S.S. Supt. BILL TURNER CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PARIS, TENNESSEE Located at I 10 S. College St. COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST WOODBINE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE NAZARENE Jli e rien d (ij C li u rcli CARL POWERS REV. J. A. BIGGS Pastor Pastor C -on g ra tulat ion J to Some oj the finest f- eople town MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM inuc JUYO The finest flowers in Town Phone 6-4144 2322 West End Ave. Nashville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF O ' DONNILEY ' S RESTAURANT Murfreesboro Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE NASHVILLE DISTRIBUTORS COMPANY INSTITUTIONAL, INDUSTRIAL AND AUTOMOTIVE CLEANERS AND SUPPLIES J. W. SMITH 514 5th Ave., So. Phone 5-4186 ALAMO PLAZA HOTEL COURTS Highway 41 — 70S 100% Air Conditioned — TV in Every Room ALAMO PLAZA ★COURTS Howard Johnson Restaurant Adjoining Court KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS Special Prices for School Parties 2724 West End Ave. Ph.7-5951 JACOBS AND SHEARER ' S BARBER SHOP Compliments of OLIPHANT BROS. SERVICENTER 313 Murfreesboro Road UNEBAUGH ' S RESTAURANT Open Continuously Day and Night 405 Broad St. Nashville, Tenn. Compliments of FREDRICK ' S STUDIO Phone 6-8110 304 Church Street Nashville, Tenn. TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE CO. C om p lim ents B W CAFETERIA " Food for the Whole Family " 222 6th Avenue, North PRIVATE PARTIES WELCOME HOWARD JOHNSON ' S RESTAURANT A COMPLETE SERVICE IN FINE FOODS IN INSTITUTIONAL USERS TABLE TEST BRANDS EGGS — POULTRY — MEATS ALLOWAY BROS. COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE DRAKE HOTEL COURTS 60 ROOMS 100% Air Conditioned Phone 6-8177 AAA 420 Murfreesboro Rd. AAA COMPLIMENTS FROM RAGLAND, POTTER CO. Incorporated WHOLESALE GROCERS Distributors of Libby ' s Foods 400 1st Ave nue South Nashville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF MOTHER HAGAN SANDWICH SHOP Grade A 191 I 8th Ave. So. 9-9586 PAUL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE " Always Best for Less " 145 Lafayette Nashville, Tenn. IRVIN ' S 5 10c STORE 147 Lafayette St. Nashville, Tenn. GREER ' S RESTAURANT " You Will Never Get a Bum Steer Here " INTOXICATING BEVERAGES PROHIBITED 407 MURFREESBORO ROAD Adjacent From MERCURY COURT Nashville ' s Newest and Finest 5 Minutes from Downtown Area on Highways 41 — 70S C oi i g ra tu la lions, Gas A of 55 COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DALTON, GEORGIA H. W. MINGLEDORFF Pastor DUNN COCHRAN S.S. Supt. KATHERINE COCHRAN N.Y.P.S. Pres. MRS. HELEN HALL N.F.M.S. Pres. COMPLIMENTS OF O. C. MINGLEDORFF P.O. Box 43 DOUGLAS, GEORGIA Congratulations, Class of ' 55! COMPLIMENTS OF R. NEWMAN RAYCROFT Evangelist 109 E. Madison St. GOSHEN, INDIANA MATT. 6:33 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Ninth and Riverview Drive BELLE, WEST VIRGINIA JOHN LAWWILL Pastor Believing in Trevecca College, its faculty and students, we congratulate the class and staff of 1 955. CONGRATULATIONS, T.N.C., CLASS OF " 55! Thank God for Trevecca College, our beloved president, Dr. A. B. Mackey, the staff, teachers and every student. " FORWARD WITH OUR COLLEGE, TREVECCA " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Oak and Davies Streets LUDLOW, KENTUCKY WHERE EVERYBODY ' S WELCOME S. PI PPINi Secretary of Board ARTHUR O. LITTLE Minister WILLIAM K. LYNCH Sunday School Superintendent Parsonage 425 Highway Avenue Phone HE 0278 WESLEY PHELPS Treasurer BROADWAY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 324 East Broadway LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Extends Best Wishes to the class of 1 955 DENNIS E. WYRICK Pastor C ot laratuiationA 55 COMPLIMENTS OF WEST MAIN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA REV. VIVIAN PRESSLEY, Pastor Jest Wis , rom FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MIAMI, FLORIDA REV. BERT DANIELS, Pastor C -on g ra tulal ion J 55! May a million good things fall across your pathway. —P. E. KUYKENDALL, Evangelist " I ' ve been a lot of places — There ' s not much I haven ' t seen; But the best place I ' ve found yet Is the Church of the Nazarene. " Cooperating with the Crusade for Souls NOW! (Compliments JUNIOR CLASS T. N C N. Y. P. S. GEORGIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE H. W. MINGLEDORFF President JACK DELL Vice-President FLETCHER DIGBY Secretary ROBERT HUFF Treasurer CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FITZGERALD, GEORGIA Saluted its Students HARRY EVANS JIMMY ROBERTS BOOSTERS CLUB This year as in the past your staff has endeavored to provide students, faculty, and friends of T.N.C. with a true representation of life as we have lived it at Trevecca in 1954-55. Although the persons whose names appear below did not sit in classes, attend chapel, eat in the cafeteria nor witness our athletic events, they did contribute to the success and happiness of us who enjoyed these opportunities. They are BOOSTERS OF THEYEAR FOR T.N.C. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Archer Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Asbury Mr. and Mrs. Dave Barry Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Beine Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Belvin Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bullock Eddie and Ann Burnem Mr. and Mrs. John Byers E. O.Cart Rev. and Mrs. H. G. Clayton Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Cork Mr. and Mrs. Milton Cruse Rev. and Mrs. Georqe F. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Driskell Rev. and Mrs. C. T. Duckett Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Durbin Rev. and Mrs. Amos T. Eby Sr. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Eby Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Evans Rev. J. C. Finqer Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Foster Mr. James Fowler Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Fulwood Lucie A. Fulwood Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Garber Mr. Lester Grant Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Garvin Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Griggs, Sr. Rev. and Mrs. E. N. Gunter Mrs. Mae Gunther Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hampton Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hart Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Haynes Rev. H. P. Huff Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Holley Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Innis Mrs. Grace Johnson Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Kinkaid Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Kendall Mrs. Emma Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Albert McClain Mr. and Mrs. Edd McNeece Mr. and Mrs. James G. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maser Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mooney Rev. and Mrs. P. D. Montgomery Mrs. Mabel Orndoff Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Pezch Mr. and Mrs. Gus Pearson Mr. and Mrs. William S. Perry Rev. and Mrs. Allen Richardson Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Riddle Mr. J. M. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Rose Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scott Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Sessions Mrs. Emma Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sharpton Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Sercy Mrs. Carrie Smith Mr. Hoke Smith Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Smith Rev. and Mrs. Asa H. Sparks Rev. and Mrs. Sammy Sparks Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Sydenstricker Dr. and Mrs. Otto Stucki Rev. and Mrs. U. N. Tolbert Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Erbv Teeple Alma Teeple Mrs. Elizabeth Talifero Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Tripp Rev. and Mrs. W. B. Welch Mrs. Marjorie White Mary Williams Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Witcher Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Wood Compliments of EVANGELIST PAUL MARTIN This Book Designed and Printed by BENSON PRINTING CO. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE A. B. MACKEY, President NASHVILLE 10, TENNESSEE d L ■ j THE VE CCA NAZARENE COLLEGE A. B. MACKEY, President NASHVILLE 10, TENNESSEE _ V ' it Jflr - 7 s$u to rcipli

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