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' J flKVSCCA COLLEGE ARCHIVES EDITOR • FRANCES FOSTER BUS. MGR. • LAURIE MURRAY LEAD US Leading us so their influence forever encircles our lives, we keenly feel led by faculty and student leaders to higher realms of truth. SEND US o J world Bless us, O Lord! and light the lamps of our souls that we may go out and biess others to brighten a dark BLESS US 9 REV. CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY Professor and Pastor DEDICATION LEADING US in classes as professor he has shown us higher truths and has spoken the challenging word that will SEND US forth to do the will of the Lord in whatever way it may be, BLESSING US by his ministry and urging us to let the Lord USE US as He will for service to God and to our fellowman, We, the annual staff and student body dedicate the 1954 volume of The DARDA to our professor, pastor and friend, REV. CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY The Galloway Family Friendship exemplified LEAD US " Lead me where Thou wilt; Clothe me in any dress Thou chooseth. " PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE see .art of? of pp ' ,de? s etao IB! to - oVj ? to to t0 _ u to x y r cl _ n d V°V e d CY oM vo u - as 0 u to ;1 -yo l d 0 °« do do •vjO ta V 0 1 ,ut God v v f 0 t e o 0 i. e s ' .ro se ToS 6 as ver s ert e t e t e av. 2 t n te ' _ 0 d ol oe oi a d : to u ADMINISTRATION First Row: ARCHIE K. BRACKEN, M.A., D.D Dean of Religion, Theology, Philosophy K. W. PHILLIPS, M.A., B. D Dean of Students, Biblical Literature, Geography HOMER J. ADAMS, M.A., Ph.D Principal of High School, History C. E. KEYS, A.B., Th.B Field Representative Second Row: AMY L. PERSON, M.A Registrar, English LILA T. MACKEY, B.S., M.A Librarian, Library Science V. NEIL RICHARDSON, A.B., Th.B Business Manager CLARA SHEARER, A.B Bookkeeper 19 T H E FACULTY First Row: RUTH H. BENNETT, B.Mus. Piano, Voice MATTIE GREEN BRACKEN, M.A Education, Biological Science, Psychology MABEL RUTH COONER, A.B Speech C. T. DUCKETT, A.C.A., M.A. Commerce, English, Speech, Bookstore Manager Second Row: CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY, A.B., B.D Theology, Speech WILLIAM M. GREATHOUSE, M.A Theology MARTHA D. GRESHAM, M.A., M.Ed Biological Science H. F. HAMMOND, M.A Voice, Piano, Music Theory 20 T H E FACULTY First Row: WILLIAM H. HOWICK, Th.B., M.A. Music, Philosophy LOIS KEYS, A.R.C.T. Voice, Piano, Music Education ADRON H. PHILLIPS, M.A. English, Journalism Second Row: ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD, M.A. Mathematics M. E. REDFORD, M.A., B.D. Biblical Literature FERNE D. SHELTON, B.S. Bible, Art, High School Third Row: ELIZABETH T. SPRUILL, A.B. Principal of Demonstration School MAUDE ALLEN STUNECK, M.A., B.D., Ph.D. Languages VIRGINIA BENEDICT, A.B., R.N. Nurse Fourth Row: WILLIAM HILL Head Resident, Tidwell Hall HARRY LEE HASTY Head Resident, Basement, Tidwell Hal MRS. GERTRUDE HASTY Assistant Head Resident, Hardy Hall Fifth Row: MRS. O. C MINGLEDORFF Head Resident, Hardy Hall MRS. MABEL ORNDOFF Head Resident, McKay Hall CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Dietitian 21 Left: Rev. K. W. Phillips, Dean of Students, Director of Personnel Services. Right: John Price Miss Mabel Cooner, Speech Improvement Counselor Left: Robert Aqner, Secretarial Assistant Right: Prof. W. H. Howick, Vocational Guidance. STUDENT GUIDANCE Trevecca ' s Counseling Program is now in its second year under the direction of the Dean of Students. It represents an ef- fort of the college to meet the individual needs of the students. This presentation cannot fully depict the counseling that is done in a Christian College such as ours. In the words of Dr. Samuel Young, " Our counseling is more than a system of a pro- fession; it is a love that is born at the worth of a soul. " An outline of our program would in- clude Freshman Counseling (personal and group), counselors for special areas and Dormitory Counselors, and of course our regular administration continues to make a most vital contribution in the realm of personal guidance. Left: Doris Byers. Right: Mrs. A. B. Mackey, Social Life and Problems in Etiquette Left: Mrs. John C. Price. Right: Mrs. K. W. Phillips, Marriage Counseling. Left: Mrs. M. E. Spruill gives personal guidance in Reading Clinic 22 Left: Thelma Poole. Right: Prof. V. N. Rich- Mrs. A. K. Bracken, Health Problems. Left: Lynn Casseday. Right: Dr. H. J. Adams, ardson, Employment Guidance and Veteran ' s Military Guidance and Recreational Director. Problems. AND PERSONNEL SERVICES Top: Mrs. E. Spruill, Director of Reading Improvement Top: Dormitory Counselors Services in a group session. Bottom: Freshman Counselors Bottom: Prof. V. N. Richardson helps solve problems. CHARLES W. DUCKETT President During the opening Convoca- tion week we found ourselves in the beginning of a grand year under the outstanding leadership of our Student Council president, Charles Duckett. With long and genuine interest in the activities of the Council and leadership and example among his highest qualities, and under the in- fluence and guidance of Dr. L. P. Gresham, the council again proved the success of student govern- ment. STUDENT Sammy Phipps and Dolly Smith, High School Representa- tives Interesting Friday night pro- grams, the publication of a revised student handbook, sponsorship of the Student Council Lectures with a well-known speaker, initiation of class projects and a well-working point system are all marks left by this year ' s council, pointing to the accomplishment of the goal to up- hold and maintain the ideals and standards which have long vailed at Trevecca. pre- ADVISORY COUNCIL IT CTOI EGE §k HI 1 131 ft i li f i ' ni_ 1901 f 2£ IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES TREV-ECHOES Making assignments . . . adju sting col- umn length . . . finding descriptive, sum- marizing headlines . . . corrections . . . rush to the printer . . . are but a few duties of our loyal editor of Trev-Echoes, Juanita Orndoff. News of elections, chapel and program reviews, revival forecasts, sportscope, global glimpses of world happenings, events of local interest were all used in painting an editorial picture of life at T. N. C. In the end we heard the resounding words, " . . . we will honor and we ' ll love her, we will stand for right . . . " truly the ECHO of Trevecca. R. T. Kendall Rose Merchant, Carol Asbury, and Mrs. K. W. Phillips 28 1954 STAFF JUANITA ORNDOFF Editor RICHARD SHOMO Business Manager ROSE MERCHANT Assistant Editor VIRGINIA HILL Circulation Edilor GALE ALLBERT Repo.ter CAROL ASBURY Reporter JOYCE BLACKMON Reporter HARRY EVANS Reporter R. T. KENDALL Reporter TOMMY McCLAIN Reporter ROY PHILEMON Reporter BILL ROBINSON Reporter JOYCE BLACKMON Typist RUBY POTTER Typist MRS. K. W. PHILLIPS Editorial Advisor MR. V. N. RICHARDSON Business Advisor Students view the news Joyce Blackmon, Bill Robinson, Mr. V N. Richardson and Harry Evans Ruby Potter, Virginia Hill. Tommy McClai 29 FRANCES FOSTER Editor LAURIE MURRAY Business Manager 19 5 4 D A R D Unmet picture appointments . . . changes in " dummy " . . . sleepless nights think- ing of new unposed poses . . . pictureless deadline ... ad chasing and layout . . . tired fingers and headaches all fade away from thought as we see the completion of an attempt to bring you campus life as we have seen it. If in each picture half forgotten memories are revived and once again the excitement and feeling comes back as you walked along to classes, were encouraged in chapel, participated in sports, ate in the dining hall or expressed yourself in the unbroken circle of fellow- ship of the young, we will then consider our job well done. The 1954 DARDA . . . ambassador to lands unseen ahead and to trodden paths which lay behind. It took the faithful efforts of the entire staff to produce the 1954 DARDA. To Virginia, our assistant, " thanks " for standing by in its earliest development. We admire Carol Anne, literary editor, for becoming " right-hand-man, " listening to prob- lems with a sympathetic ear, writing manuscript that was " different, " and doing count- less other odd jobs when you had a million other things to do in your remarkable Wayne Sharpes, Anna Stucki Dave Erickson. Louis Johnson and Rose Merchant, Bill Galloway, Willard Brinkman and June Shirley Laurie Murray extra-curricular life. Appreciation goes to Wendell for fulfilling the title of club editor, sending pleas to prexys to turn in information. To Anna and June we are indeed grateful for the hours spent interpreting illegible, handwritten copy and letters and typing them up in good style and to Rose for adding that " artistic touch. " Bill, you deserve a mighty " thanks " for taking care of the high school section. Wayne and Dave, you did a fine job. Without you, Lou and Willard, we just couldn ' t have made it. Our appreciation and thanks go to Mrs. K. W. Phillips for her kindly advice and to Mr. V. N. Richardson for his money-saving techniques. Our empty chairs, cluttered, glue streaked desk and well-used Royal go to next year ' s editor and business manager. We are looking forward to the grea test yet. LAURIE AND FRAN 31 TREVECCA MESSENGER Published quarterly by Trevecca Nazarene College, this publication carries news of progress to the various districts of the Southeastern Edu- cational Zone; reports of outstanding speakers and messages presented in the college chapel, a message by our president, Dr. A. B. Mackey, and information concerning field work. Copies are sent to every member of the zone whose name can be secured. Rev. C. E. Keys, editor, G. Corey, N. Carpenter, and P. Dodd. CATALOGUE Annual publication of Trevecca College listing general and financial information, scholastic reg- ulations, description of courses and a register of present students. Dr. L P. Gresham and Miss Amy Person ALUMNI NEWS This review of the life of the alumni is published quarterly and edited by the president of the A I umni Association. This publication has a mailing list of about 8C0 and makes no charge for the issues. An outstanding part of the paper is the column ' Alum-Notes " which gives interesting ac- counts of the alumni. Mr. J. A. Pate, Mrs. A. B. Mackey, Dr. H. J. Adams, president and editor, Mr, V. N. Richardson and Mrs. K. W. Phillips ft CAMPUS ASSISTANTS There are many jobs on the cam- pus open for student employment. Represented here are a few of the opportunities which students willingly fulfill. Laundry ar ' s Office Libra r y Top: Bookstore Bottom: General Office SEND US " Master, go on, and I will follow Thee, To the last gasp, with truth and loyalty. " 34 SE NIOR CLASS OF 1954 JOHN DEAN ADAMS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. A.B. Religion Florida Club I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club I, 2, 3, 4; Christian Workers I. 2, 3, 4. ROBERT HENRY BREEDLOVE Hamilton, Ga. A.B. Religion Georqia Club I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club I, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 2, 3, 4, President 3; Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Christian Workers Association I, 2, 3, 4; Student Council Secretary 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. SENIORS WILLIAM BRIDGES Oak Ridge, Tenn. A.B. Religion Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Christian Workers Association 1,2, 3, 4; Cap- tain I, 2, 3; Men ' s Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3; Science Club 2; Choir 2, 3. 4; Quartet 3; Orchestra I; Band I. WILLARD BRINKMAN St. Augustine, Fla. A.B. Religion Florida Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Music Club 3, 4; Chorus 2, Choir 3, 4; Student Field Representative I ; Quartet 3; DARDA Staff 3, 4; Assistant Chapel Organist and Pianist 2, 3, 4; Christian Workers 1,2,3, 4. 37 SENIORS GRANT BROWNING Logan, W. Va. A.B. History West Virginia Club I, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Class President; Junior Class President; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Christian Workers I, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Association 1,2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Clio Society 3, 4, Parliamen- tarian 3; Sportsmanship Award 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. EARL CUMMINS CHILDERS Louisville, Ky. A.B. Biological Science Kentucky Club I, 2, 3, 4; Science Club I, 2, 3, 4; G. I. Club I, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND WEST CHILDERS Louisville, Ky. A.B. His tory Kentucky Club I, 2, 3, 4; Clio Society 3, 4; G. I. Club I, 2, 3, 4. JERRY G. COSTA Nashville, Tenn. A.B. Religion Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4. 38 BRUCE ALFRED CROSBY Moultrie, Ga. A.B. Religion Georgia Club I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, President 3; Reporter Junior Class; Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Asso- ciation I, 2, 3, 4; Christian Workers I, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES WHITFIELD DUCKETT Franklin, Tenn. A.B. Biological Science Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Scholarship, Christian Workers I; Speech Club I, 2; Band I; Orchestra I, 4; Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, President 4; Honor Society I, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3, 4; Junior Marshal; Music Club I, 2, 4; Science Club I, 2, 3, 4; Achievement Award in Chemistry I; Certificate of Excellence in General Activities 3, Attitudes I, Sports- manship 2, Leadership 3. CHRISTINA MAE ELKINS Wurtland, Ky. A.B. Music Kentucky Club I, 2, 3, 4; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4; Christian Workers I, 2, 3, 4; Choir 3. FEGGY JO FITCH Fulton, Ky. A.B. English Kentucky Club 1,2, 3, 4; Freshman Class Treasurer; Literary Club 3, 4; Senior Class Reporter. 39 FRANCES ANN FOSTER Nashville, Tenn. A.B. Biological Science Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club I; Christian Workers 3; Science Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Girls ' Athletic Association 3; Junior Mar- shal; Trev-Echoes Staff 3; DARDA Staff 3, 4; Assistant Editor 3; Editor 4. ROBERT LEE GILLILAND Belle, W. Va. A.B. Biological Science West Virginia Club I, 2, 3, 4; Science Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Music Club I, 2; Honor Society I, 2; Trev-Echoes Staff 3; Library Assistant 3; Chemistry Lab Assistant 2, 3, 4; Biology Lab Assistant 4; Orchestra I, Soloist I . SENIORS HARRY LEE HASTY Shelbyville, Tenn. A.B. Religion Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Junior Class Reporter, Senior Class Vice-Presi- dent; Athletic Association 3, 4; Clio Society 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Min- isterial Association I, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Christian Workers 4; Head Resident 4. ELMER H. HEABERLIN, JR Wurtland, Ky. A.B. Religion Kentucky Club I, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4. 40 PAUL E. HESS Roanoke, Va. A.B. Religion Virqinia Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 2; Quartet I, 2; Ministerial Associa- tion 1 , 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. RUTH ELAINE HIEFTJE Muskegon, Mich. Th.B. Ramblers Club I, 2, 3, 4, Preside nt 3. 4; Christian Workers I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 3. WILLIAM GENE HILL Vincent, Ohio A.B. History West Virqinia Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Mayor of Trailorville 1, 2; Head Resident 3, 4; Vice-President Junior Class; Ministerial Asso- ciation I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Clio Society 2, 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4. JUNE C. HOLMES High Point, N. C. A.B. Music North Carolina Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Student Council Repre- sentative 2, 3; Sophomore Class Secretary; Choir I, 2, 3; School Trio 2; DARDA Staff 2; Music Club I, 2. 41 LAVONNE JERNIGAN Nashville, Tenn. A.B. Speech Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4; Speech Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 3, 4; Secretary Junior Class. MARTHA GENE JORDICK Bellaire, Ohio A.B. History Ramblers Club I, 2, 3, 4, lreasurer I; Speech Club I; Girls Athletic Association I; Clio Society 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4 Trev-Echoes I. SENIORS VIRGIL KENNETH MAZE Parlcersburg, W. Va. A.B. Religion West Virqinia Club I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Chris- tian Workers I, 2; Clio Society 2, 3, 4. JAMES A. MILLARD Chattanooga, Tenn. A.B. Religion Tennessee Club 4; President Senior Class. 4 2 LAURIE R. MURRAY Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. History Florida Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 2; Men ' s Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Reporter 3; Christian Workers I, 2; Missionary Prayer Band I; Trev-Echoes Staff 2, 3: DARDA Staff 3, 4, Assistant Busi- ness Manager 3, Business Manager 4; Clio Society 2, 3, 4, President 2, 3; Science- Club I; Assistant to Dean of College 3, 4; Activity Award 3; Leadership Award 2; Florida District Scholarship 4; Junior Class Treasurer. WILLIAM CHARLES O ' DELL Weston, Ohio A.B. Religion Ramblers Club 4. ROY WILLIAM PHILEMON, JR Charlotte, N. C. A.B. Music North Carolina Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 4; Choir I, 2; Orchestra I. JOh C. PRICE Louisville, Ky. A.B. Religion Kentucky Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Speech Club I , 2, 3, 4; Student Pastor 3, 4. 43 BILL THOMAS ROBINSON Charlotte, N. C. A.B. Religion North Carolina Club I, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Tennessee Club 2; Music Club I, 2; Speech Club 2; Band I, 2; Orchestra I, 2; Choir 3, 4; Science Club 2. WAYNE DURELL SHELTON Nashville, Tenn. A.B. Biological Science Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Music Club I, 2, 3, 4; Choir I. 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3; Orchestra I; Science Club I, 2, 3, 4. SENIORS JUNE SHIRLEY Buchanan, Mich. A.B. English Olivet Nazarene College I, 2; Ramblers Club 3, 4; Speech Club 3, 4; Literary Club 3, 4, President 4; Girls ' Athletic Association 4; Senior Class Secretary; DARDA Staff 4. RICHARD SHOMO Harrisburg, Va. A.B. Religion Pilgrim Bible College I, 2; Virginia Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Speech Club 3, 4; Music Club 3; Trev-Echoes Staff 4, Busi- ness Manager 4; Choir 3; Christian Workers 3; Missionary Prayer Bano 3, 4. 44 C. HAROLD SMITH Clendenin, W. Va. A.B. Religion West Virqinia Club I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 4; Christian Workers 3. BEN LACY SPEER Nashville, Tenn. A.B. Religion Tennessee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 3. FULA JEAN STEPHAN . . Louisville, Ky. A.B. Mathematics Kentucky Club I, 2, 3. 4; Senior Class Treasurer. CHARLES L. WALLACE Charleston, W. Va. Th.B West Virqinia Club I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT LUTHER WELLS Dayton, Ohio A.B. Religion Ramblers Club I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, 4; G. I. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Missionary Prayer Band I, 2, 3; Speech Club 4. THOMAS EDWARD WIGHT Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. Religion Florida Club I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer I, President 3, 4; Science Club I; G. I. Club I, 2, 3, 4; Missionary Prayer Band I, 2; Speech Club 4, Treasurer 4; Christian Workers I, 2, 3, 4; DARDA Staff 3. 45 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT AGNER President EARL ROWAN Vice-President BETTY JEWELL Secretary NORMA CARPENTER Treasurer FRANCES WINDER Reporter MARY DRISKELL Student Council Representative Seated: R. Agner, B. Jewell. Standing: F. Winder, N. Carpenter, E. Rowan, and M. Driskell. W4 PROF. C. W. GALLOWAY Sponsor J U N I 0 R CLASS ROBERT AGNER Madison, Florida MAXWELL BENNETT Nashville, Tennessee NORMA JEAN CARPENTER Chester, West Virginia DONALD CORK Tuscaloosa, Alabama MILDRED CRANE N ashville, Tennessee CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Jacksonville, Florida VIRGINIA CURL Chattanooga, Tennessee PEGGY LOU DODD Charleston, West Virginia MARY DRISKELL Atlanta, Georgia NADINE EVANS Atlanta, Georgia 47 CANNON HASSELL CHARLES HODGE . GEORGE HOUSTON ROBERT INGRAM BETTY JEWELL . . . . . . Arlington, Virginia . . Memphis, Tennessee Raleigh, North Carolina Sumter, South Carolina . . Columbia, Tennessee 4 8 J U N I 0 R C I A S S THOMAS McCLAIN Cutler, Ohio DAVID MARTIN Nashville, Tennessee ROSE MERCHANT New Orleans, Louisiana VERBON MURPHREE Trade, Alabama MARION PRESSLEY .... Rock Hill, South Carolina CHARLES RHYNE Nashville, Tennessee DALTON ROBERTS [ ARL ROWAN . . BOBBIE SMITH . DONALD TOOLE EUNICE WACHTEL Chattanooga, Tennessee . . Lake City, Florida . . . Steele, Alabama . . . Decatur, Illinois Nashville, Tennessee FRANCES WINDER Chester, West Virginia JUNIORS NOT PICTURED PAUL ACHAMMER . . . Bellaire, Ohio OMER HAMILTON Irvine, Kentucky KENNETH CLEMENTS Wrighlsville, Georgia GLENN KEYS Nashville, Tennessee A 9 SOPHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS HOWARD SPRUILL President WENDELL WILLIAMS Vice-President CAROL ANNE ASBURY Secretary PAUL SCHURMAN Treasurer JOYCE BLACKMON Reporter MARGARET BARNETT Student Council Representative P. Schurman, W. Williams, H. Spruill, J. Blackmon, M. Barnett, C. Asbury MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: JAY BYBEE Oak Hill, West Virginia VIRGINIA ARNOLD .... HENRY COOPER . . . . Madison, Tennessee CAROL ANNE ASBURY . . . Ludlow, Kentucky JAM2S COTTLE . . . . . . . Nashville, Tennessee 1 A M CT 0 A 1 C D JAN b 1 DAKbK Spencer, West Virginia Third Row: MARGARET BARNETT . . Memphis, Tennessee BETTY CUMMINGS . . . . Carthage, Missouri NETTIE BELVIN . . Richmond, Virginia SARAH CYPERT . . . Second Row: HARRY EVANS . . Atlanta, Georgia JOYCE BLACKMON . . . . . . Norfolk, Virginia LILLIAN FELKER . . . . . . . Evansville, Indiana JOHN R. BROWNING, JR. . . Man, West Virginia GENEVA FRANZ . . . .... Ashland, Kentucky 52 First Row: BILLGADD Wellsburg, West Virginia SETH GARRINGTON .... Sumter, South Carolina WINIFRED HALSTEAD . . Charleston, West Virginia OMAR HAMILTON Irvine, Kentucky NINA HART Bomont, West Virginia Second Row: PAUL HENDON Birmingham, Alabama ALLAN HOLLIS Lanett, Alabama _ BILLY HOOF . . . Jackson, Mississippi DICK LANDGRAVE M iami, Florida BOB LOEHR . . . Daytona Beach, Florida Third Row: HAROLD McCUE Belle, West Virginia FOREST McCULLOUGH .... Memphis, Tennessee JEAN MONEY Corbin, Kentucky WAN DA NAFF Floyd, Virginia JAUNITA ORNDOFF Nashville, Te nnessee tinl 53 SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: WILENE PERKINS Alabama City, Alabama CAROL POLING Charleston, West Virginia KATHLEEN POPE Cartersville, Georgia RUBY POTTER Nashville, Tennessee DWIGHT RAGSDALE Oilman, Alabama ELEANOR RICHARDSON Jasper, Alabama Second Row: HOWARD ROGERS EDMUND CHARLES ROSE Ravenna, Kentucky NORMA ROWLAND Nashville, Tennesse PAUL SCHURMAN Nashville, Tennessee VELVA SHARPES Harrisonburg, Virginic WAYNE SHARPES Harrisonburg, Virginia Third Row: HOWARD SPRUILL Nashville, Tennessee ANNA STUCKI Jackson, Mississippi HARRY ULMER Pocahontas, Illinois DOUGLAS VAUGHAN Jasper, Alabama WENDELL WILLIAMS Paducah, Kentucky EDWARD YORK Jamestown, Tennessee NOT PICTURED JAMES EDWARD CROSSMAN . Nashville, Tennessee WILLARD DRAKE Chattanooga, Tennessee RUTH EVANS Cullman, Alabama SHERMAN LEONARD Arlington, Virginia JERALD OGG Madison, Tennessee WYGELIA PEARSON Huntsville, Alabama 54 FRESHMAN CLASS ■HIIIHHHBkJ ■ ! P P m IP ' i MJI WW First Row: ARLO ALDERMAN Marlinton, West Virginia BOBBIE ARNOLD Buchanan, Michigan MARVIN ASKEW Macon, Georgia PHILIP BALTHROP McEwen. Tennessee Second Row: SALLY BAUM Quincy, Illinois GORDON BECKETT Charleston, West Virginia VIVIAN BENNETT Marmet, West Virginia JAMES BIGGS Na:.hville, Tennessee Third Row: BOB BLEDSOE Kirkwood, Missouri MARY JO BOWLING Fairmonr, West Virginia BOBBIE JEAN BROWN Millry, Alabama LLOYD BYBEE Albany, Kentucky Fourth Row: DORIS BYERS Bumpass, Virginia WILLIAM CALKIN Greenevi lie, Tennessee GRACE CALKINS Arlington, Virginia MARY CHRISTINE CAMPBELL Raphine, Virginia Fifth Row: JOEL CASSADY Pensacola , Florida LfNN CASSEDAY Masontown, Wesl ' Virginia MARY ANN CHAPPIN Rossv i lie, Georgia GERRY CLAY Birmingham, Alabama Sixth Row : GLORIA COREY Parkersburg, West Virginia CHARLES CORK Tuscaloosa, Alabama ViOLET COULTER Linton. Indiana THOMAS COX Nashville, Tennessee Seventh Row: FRED DANZEY Selma, Alabama WILLIAM DEWEES Nitro, West Virginia DORIS JEAN DODD Charleston, West Virginia CARY NEAL DUCKETT Franklin, Tennessee First Row: RALPH DUNMIRE Howard, Ohio TILLMAN EBY Brewton, Alabama FRANKIE EDWARDS Mayfield, Kentucky DAVID ERICKSON Ocala, Florida Second Row: JAMES ERRICKSON Clearwater, Florida JOE FINGER Winchester, Tennessee LARRY FINGER Winchester, Tennessee GAIL FITZWATER Nashville, Tennessee Third Row: HILLIARD FULWOOD, JR. Gainesville, Florida ROBERT FURNISS Clarksdale, Mississippi ROBERT GARBER Skowkegan, Maine WILLIAM GEASLEY Franklin, Tennessee Fourth Row: DANNY GODBY Louisville, Kentucky RALPH GOODWIN Jackson, Georgia EMILY HAMILTON Irvine, Kentucky ROBERT HAMILTON Norfolk, Virginia Fifth Row: EDRA ANN HAMMOND Nashville, Tennessee MELVINA HARLOW Cory, Indiana PETTY JUNE HARRIS Jackson, Tennessee PEGGY LOU HEDGECOCK High Point, North Carolina Sixth Row: JIMMY HERNDON Jacksonville, Florida VIRGINIA HILL Louisville, Kentucky LESLIE HOLCOMBE Sanford, Florida VIVIAN HOTT Rldgeway, West Virginia Seventh Row: JAMES R. HOWARD Lancing , Tennessee HAROLD DEAN HUGHES Colorado Springs, Colorado EUGENE HUMPHRIES Jacksonville, Florida MARY LOU HUTCHINS Eliza bet h town, Tennessee FRESHMAN CLASS ! - ft H i n y V7 I 7 II- - ISP First Row: TED J. INNIS Batavia, Ohio BILLY JERNIGAN Nashville, Tennessee LOUIS JOHNSON Nashville, Tennessee RUTH JOHNSON Sparta, Tennessee Second Row: JOE JONES Scranton, South Carolina SARAH JONES Scranton, South Carolina R. T. KENDALL Ashland, Kentucky DON KIRBY Chester, West Virginia Third Row: DYRIS KNIGHT Buchanan, Michigan GERALD LAING Lansing, Michigan JAYNE LEDFORD Tullahoma, Tennessee RALPH LEE Depoy, Kentucky Fourth Row: WILMA JEAN LEWIS Jackson, Mississippi LELON McBRYANT Fitzgerald, Georgia GERALDINE McCALL Fitzgerald, Georgia BETTYE MAHLER Cookeville, Tennessee Fifth Row: WILLIAM FRANK M ALONE Nashville, Tennessee DALE MARTIN Ashland, Kentucky VIVIAN MASON Dunedin, Florida HERMAN MEEKS Jacksonville, Florida Sixth Row: MARY VIRGINIA MILLER Moundsville, West Virginia HENRY MILLS Alma, Georgia BARBARA MOONEY High Point, North Carolina MAXINE MOORE Richmond, Kentucky Seventh Row: JACK M U M AW Nashville, Tennessee BYRON MURPHY Dover, Tennessee JEAN NABORS Quincy, Illinois JOHN OCHILTREE Newberry, South Carolina First Row: TOM PATE Nashville, Tennessee DON PEAL Marmet, West Virginia PAUL PEEPLES Nashville, Tennessee JOHN PEDIGO Nashville, Tennessee Second Row: NORMA JEAN PETERS Roanoke, Virginia YVONNE PHILLIPS Chattanooga, Tennessee WANDA PHILLIPS Chattanooga, Tennessee SAM PICKEN PAUGH Morgantown, West Virginia Third Row: REGINA POMEROY Arlington, Virginia DWIGHT PRESSON St. Louis, Missouri BARBARA PRICE Florence, Alabama CALVIN PRIVETT Nashville, Tennessee Fourth Row: BONNIE PROPST Mt. Solon, Virginia JAMES RALPH Louisville, Kentucky ARNOLD ROLAND Avon Park, Florida B ' LLY ROWAN Lake City, Florida Fifth Row: ROSS SANDERS Miami, Florida SAMUEL SAXON Fruitland Park, Mississippi GAIL SESSIONS Decatur, Alabama CAROLYN SHANKS Limestone, Tennessee Sixth Row: GENE SHELTON Nashville, Tennessee WYOMA SISSOM Nashville, Tennessee LOEIDA SMITH Memphis, Tennessee DON SPOTLOE Huntington, West Virginia Seventh Row: BRENTSON SPRUILL Nashville, Tennessee CLARICE SPRUILL Nashville, Tennessee DONIS STEPHENS Lake Worth, Florida JOSEPH SUMMERLIN Norfolk, Virginia FRESHMAN C L A First Row: AUDREY SWEENEY Floyd, Virginia PAT THOMPSON Nlles, Michigan ORVILLE TOY Nashville, Tennessee JOYCE TRAYLOR Lakeland, Florida Second Row: WILBUR TREMAIN Nashville, Tennessee CECIL VAUGHN Clarksvil le, Tennessee M. K. WEAVER Pavo, Georgia HERRY WELCH Charleston Heights, West Virginia Third Row: VIRGINIA WELLS Lancaster, Kentucky JOAN WESTMORELAND Memphis, Tennessee GERALDINE WILLIAMS Portsmouth, Virginia LEE YARBROUGH Thomasville, Georgia FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED STELLA ALBERT Nashville, Tennessee WILMA INGLAND Charleroi, Pennsylvania LLOYD CAMPBELL High Point, North Carolina JANEMASER Bellaire, Ohio PAULEBY Nashville, Tennessee JAMES MATHEWS Charleston, West Virginia JOHN H. FITE Monford, Tennessee LEROY RODGERS Homestead, Florida Way to go, Joe! Freshmen recognized in chapel JUNIOR THEOLOGICAL CLASS OFFICERS WALTER WHITE President MARSHALL COPEN Vice-President THEO CARTER Secretary EUGENE CAMPBELL Treasurer TROY SLAY Reporter MELVIN JARRETT Student Council Representative VV. White. T. Carter. M. Copen. E Campbell and T. Slav PROF. K. W. PHILLIPS Sponsor First Row: EARL CAMPBELL Newport, Tennessee THEO CARTER Langley, South Carolina HUBERT CHAMBERS Troy, Alabama MEREDITH CLINE Concord, North Carolina MARSHALL COPEN Charleston, West Virginia JAMES CRAIG Nashville, Tennessee R. B. DOWD Monroe, Louisiana Second Row: SARAH HUDSON Madison, Tennessee MELVIN JARRATT Blytheville, Arkansas CHARLES LYBRAND St. Petersburg, Florida OTHA MUSE Somerset, Kentucky EARL PIERCE Pineville, Kentucky CARLOS RENFRO Madison, West Virginia FRANK RYALL Chattanooga, Tennessee 1 t id- ii T I I Third Row: GENE SILKETT Lakeland, Florida TROY SLAY Nashville, Tennessee EUGENE STRIBLIN Langdale, Alabama JOE STRICKLAND Nashville, Tennessee JAMES SULLIVAN Baton Rouge, Louisiana WALTER WHITE Nashville, Tennessee WILLIAM COLLEY NOT PICTURED JAMES LUCIUS ORMOND THOMAS HERBERT THOMPSON SPECIAL STUDENTS First Row: EUGENE BERGQUIST . . . . Jamestown, N. Y. RUTH BARKLEY Richmond O. RUTH FAYE BURK . . West Point, Ga. JOAN DUNMIRE Ironton O. Second Row: BILLIE KIRKUS . . . WILLIAM STEWART . MRS. HAZEL TREMAIN Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. WINTER QUARTER STUDENTS First Row: BOB BARKER Ashland, Ky. HAROLD BIBLE Corbin, Ky. HOWARD CLARK Sumter, S. C. FREEMAN DAVIS Ojito, N. M. Second Row: DAVID DENTON Ethridge, Tenn. GEORGE HOBBS Louisville, Ky. PHYLLIS HOWES Ashland, Ky. MATTIE PEARL JONES . . . Jackson. Miss. Third Row: BILL LANCASTER .... Fort Valley, Ga. KENNETH PICKETT Fl ora, Indiana THELMA POOLE Tippecanoe, O. ROBERT ROEPER Cincinnati, O. Fourth Row: PAUL SHIELDS Albany, Ky. WILLIAM SPURLOCK . . . Birmingham, Mich. 64 P. Decker, L. Morrow, B. Williams, D. Hemmerly B. Newbill First Row: NINA GRIGGS Bennettsville, South Carolina EVERETT HARPER Lakeworth, Florida JON HASSELL Nashville, Tennessee DALE HEMMERLY Nashville, Tennessee ELDRIDGE HUDGINS Arlington, Virginia BARBARA JORDON .... Charleston, West Virginia Second Row: DAVID MILLER Tuscaloosa, Alabama LONA MILLER Dayton, Ohio LOIS MORROW St. Louis, Missouri WAYNE MURPHY Nashville, Tennessee BERKLEY NEWBILL Roanoke, Virginia PATRICIA OWEN Nashville, Tennessee Third Row: JOYCE PERRY Nashville, Te nnessee SAMMY PHIPPS Huntington, West Virginia THELMA PORTER Fayetteville, Te nnessee BELOW First Row: DELORES BROWN ... High Point, North Carolina VERNON BROWN Sanford, Florida LATELLE BROWNING .... Logan, West Virginia WELDON CHAFFIN Birmingham, Alabama Second Row: BETTY DAVIS Lanett, Alabama PATSY DECKER Nashville, Tennessee MARTHA ELKINS Knoxville, Tennessee SAMUEL GARBER Johnson City, Tennessee JOYCE PRICE Louisville, Kentucky GERALDINE PULLEN Oakland Park, Florida SHIRLEY ROBERTS Nashville, Tennessee Fourth Row: PHILIP RODGERS Nashville, Tennessee BILLY RUTLEDGE Clarksdale, Mississippi SHIRLEY SHERMAN ... . Columbus, Georgia DOLLY SMITH High Point, North Carolina JUNE SMITH Falls Church, Virginia MYRA SMITH Nashville, Tennessee Fifth Row: JAMES SULLIVAN Manchester, Tennessee CONNIE WELCH . Charleston Heights, South Carolina RUBY WESTON Richmond, Kentucky PAUL WIGGS Jonesboro, Arkansas BONNIE FAYE WILLIAMS . . Nashville, Tennessee ALICE WILLIAMS Flushing, Michigan HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS 66 HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS First Row: BOB ARCHER KENNETH BELANGIA MARY BLOUNT DOROTHY BOREN EUGENE CAMPBELL LONNIE CHITWOOD FRANCES COLLIER Second Row: CONNIE EARLES PHILLIP GOODE CLIFTON HALE GERALD JACKSON PHYLLIS JONES WALTER MASTERS DORIS MOBLEY Third Row: EULA GARDNER McNEECE FAR R IS NABORS EDMUND PERRY WAYNE RODGERS JENNIE RUSHING RONALD SCHAERER DONNIE SMITH Fourth Row: LARRY SMITH JEANETTE YORK 69 H I G S 0 P H SCHOOL H 0 M 0 R E S First Row: JUNE BANTON CAROLYN BENSON ROBERT DAVIS CAROLYN FAULKNER BILL GALLOWAY LINDA HAMPTON LEWIS HASSELL Third Row: NANCY HENDERSON VICKI HOWARD AGNES JONES BARBARA MARTIN DAVID POOLE EDYTHE SHAFFER ELVIN STEPHENSON PATTY STEWARD Fifth Row: NANCY THORPE EDITH TREMAIN DONNA WILBURN 70 H I G H F SCHOOL R E S H M E N DEMON- STRATION SCHOOL First Row: YUVONDA CAMPBELL RONALD CARO BILLIE JEAN CLINE ROGER COSTA Second Row: ESTHER COSTA DAVID DAVIS FRED ALAN DAVIS TOMMY DAVIS Third Row: EDITH FITCH JACK GALLOWAY JANICE GLEAVES DANNY KAY GRESHAM Fourth Row: LOREN GRESHAM JIM HAMPTON JOE HAMPTON DWIGHT HASTY Fifth Row: STEPHEN MARTIN BARBARA MAZE DONNA MOORE MARTHA MOORE Sixth Row: SANDRA MURPHREE ELLEN PHILLIPS ROYCE REDFORD JAMES MARK ROGERS Seventh Row: SYLVIA SCHNITZLER ARNOLD SPRUILL LINDA SPRUILL MARILYN STINEBUCK Eighth Row: ALLEN TREMAIN CHARLES VAUGHAN CHRISTINE VAUGHAN GERALD YORK BLESS US " Not in rewards, but in the strength to strive, The blessing lies. " 74 REV. EVERETT HOWARD Missionary REV. JIM COOK Pastor REV. L. B. HICKS Pastor REV. ROY BETTCHER Pastor DR. A. B. MACKEY T. N. C. President CHAPEL SPEAKERS Chapel time at T. N. C. has proved a time of great blessing and worth to the soul. Here we may hear the voices of God ' s annointed ringing out for Him. A great variety of personalities end their messages have shown us that we need not all be alike but in God ' s kingdom there is a place for each of us. When the bells ring out at I I :00 o ' clock each morning we make our way to the chapel, knowing something inspiring awaits us. Chapel is a part of each student ' s life and the students are a part of chapel. When the Holy Spirit comes upon the scene, students are given the opportunity to give vent to their feelings. Testimo- nies are always welcome and the altar is open for those desiring spiritual help. MR. J. T. BENSON, JR. MRS. A. B. MACKEY GRANT BROWNING REV. K. W. PHILLIPS REV. CECIL D. EWELL 77 CHRISTIAN WORKERS ' ASSOCIATION When one loves God with all his heart a desire to win others is implanted in his soul. To win others for Christ is the theme of this organization. T. N. C. students receive the opportunity to get some practical experience in Christian service. Services are held at the jail, city and county workhouses, the juvenile court, street services, rest homes and the Salvation Army social center. A special prayer meeting in the interest of Christian Work is held each Monday evening. H. Ulmer, W. Sharpes, J. Blackmon, E. Rowan, C. Asbury OFFICERS HARRY ULMER President WAYNE SHARPES Vice-President VELVA SHARPES Secretary EARL ROWAN Treasurer CAROL ASBURY Reporter PROF. K. W. PHILLIPS Sponsor First Row: Nina Griggs, Connie Earles, Phyllis Jones, Ginny Arnold, Peggy Hedgecock, Barbara Mooney, Dyris Knight, Delores B ' own, Ruth Johnson, Wilma Jean Lewis, Vivian Hott, Vivian Bennett, Vicky Howard, Ruby Weston, Iris Gunther, Gloria Corey, Penny Mason, Joyce Blackmon, Mary Lou Hutchins. Second Row: (seated) Robert Agner, Joyce Price, Ruth Heiftje, Frankie Edwards, Nina Hart, Barbara Arnold Veiva Sharpes, Emily Hamilton, Sarah Jones, R. T. Kendall, Alice Williams, Willene Perkins, Bobbie Smith, June Shirley. Third Row: (seated) Earl Rowan, Bob Breedlove. John Ochiltree, Sonny Fulwood. Bill DeWees, Denzil Huff, Arlo Alderman, Gail Sessions. Betty Davis, Barbara Martin, Grace Calkin, Carol Anne Asbury, Joe Jones, Margaret Barnett, Charles Hodge. Fourth Row: Ruth Barkley, Thelma Porter, Virginia Hil l, Audrey Sweeney, Wanda Naff, Marie Flannery, Geraldine McCall, Dale Martin, Richard Shomo, Bill Bridges, Dwight Ragsdale, Roy Thompson, J. C. Sommerlin, Bob Hamilton, Fred Danzey, Bill Galloway, John Pedigo, Sam Saxon, Eugene Bergquist, Sammy Phipps. Fifth Row: Joan Westmoreland, Loeida Smith, Virginia Calkin, Doris Mobiey, Dolly Smith, Mary Virginia Miller, Wayne Sharpes, Larry Smith, William Colley, James Cottie, Walter White. Harry Welch, John R. Browning, Tommy Cox, Harry Hasty. Sixth Row: Betty June Harris, Max- ine Moore, Donis Stephens, Betty Mahler, Jennie Rushing, Dave Erickson, Ted Innis. Seventh Row: Bob Furnis, Harold Smith, John Adams, Herman Meeks, Donnie Smith. 78 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION W. Sharpes, F McCullouqh, H. Hasty, W. Hil The ministers of T.N.C. have joined to- gether in this organization to do their best in keeping Trevecca ' s spiritual values high. They have done the job well as they spon- sor noon-day prayer meetings and the Thanksgiving and Easter Missionary offer- ings. Also this group sponsors for one week each quarter a series of chapel addresses by members of the organization. OFFICERS HARRY HASTY President WILLIAM H. HILL Vice-President FORREST McCULLOUGH Secretary WAYNE SHARPES Treasurer DR. A. K. BRACKEN Sponsor First Row: (kneeling) Dale Martin, Dave Erickson, Harry Hasty, Joe Jones, Nina Griggs, Larry Smith, Forrest McCullouqh. Danny Godby, Bill Bridges, Robert Wells. Second Row (standing) Harry Evans, Jimmy Errickson, Wayne Sharpes, Dwight Presson, William Hill James Millard, Harold Smith, Earnest Gates, John Pedigo, Elmer Heaberlin. Third Row: (standing) Tommy Cox, Ted Innis, Gerald Laing, Walter White, Harold Hughes, Paul Hess, Harry Ulmer, Sam Saxon, John R. Browning. 79 T H E MISSIONARY PRAYER BAND " Reach Your Arms Around the World (or Jesus! " This is the theme of the mis- sionary-minded organization. Those who are divinely calied to be missionaries and those who are willing to stay on the home front boosting and praying make up the membership. This organization partici- pates in a weekly prayer and fasting pro- gram. S. Saxon, W. Naff, J. Ledford, F. McCullough OFFICERS FORREST McCULLOUGH President SAM SAXON Vice-President WANDA NAFF Secretary-Treasurer JAYNE LEDFORD Reporter First Row (seated) Ruby Weston, Joyce Traylor, Alice Williams, Bobbie Smith. Second Row: (kneeling) Connie Welch, Sarah Jones, Wanda Naff, Velva Sharpes, Ruth Johnson, Vickie Howard, Connie Earles, Phyllis Jones, Nina Griggs. Third Row: (standinq) Herman Meeks, Peggy Hedgecock, Mary Virginia Miller, Wyoma Sissom, Larry Smith, John Pedigo, Joe Jones, Jayne Ledford, Forrest McCullough, Maxine Moore. Fourth Row: (standing) Earl Rowan, Richard Shomo. Walter White, Wayne Sharpes, Sam Saxon. YEOMEN L. Finqer, P. Schurman, G. Keys Our quartets and trios under the super- vision of Rev. C. E. Keys, Sr. and Mrs. C. E. Keys, Jr. make a vital contribution toward the representation of our college. It is largely through Their efforts that many on the Southeastern Zone make a direct con- tact with Trevecca. In addition There is request for these groups for week-end revivals and special meetings from the various churches. Much work is carried on during the sum- mer months also for there is representa- tion to all the states on the zone. Top: Mixed Trio, K. Pope, D. Martin, P. Decker. Middle: Mixed Puartet, M. L. Hutchins, L. Miller, P. Goode, B. Bledsoe. Bottom: Ladies Quartet, K. Pope, P. Decker, N. Evans, S. Corey. QUARTETS AND TRIOS 82 To present beautiful music in a Christ- like spirit is the desire of the choir of Tre- vecca. The group composed of selected voices engages in various activities dur- ing the year. These consist of several con- certs and an annual tour of the different districts of the Southeastern Educational Zone. First Row: 0. Martin, L. Morrow, L Finger. Second Row: B. Rowan, K. Pope, L. Rodgers. Third Row: B. Bridges, W. Lewis, G. Keys. Fourth Row: C. Vaughan, P. Oecker, B. DeWees. Fifth Row: B. Bledsoe, E. Richardson, C. Cork. Sixth Row: B. Arnold, H. Fulwood, N. Carpenter, M. Hutchins. Seventh Row: D. Brown, B. Mooney, W. Shelton, V. Wells, B. Robinson, B. Jewell, L. Miller. Eighth Row: G. McCall, F. Ed- wards, G. Franz, C. Asbury, W. Brinkman, N. Evans, D. Hutf, Mrs. C. E. Keys, Jr., R. Merchant, R, Potter, A. Stucki. Ninth Row: D. Hem- merly, G. Corey, D. Godby. Tenth Row: P. Wiggs, D. Spotloe, T. Eby. B3 ■ f USE IS " Dare to look up to God and say, ' Use me hence- forward as Thou wilt; I am of one mind with Thee; 1 am Thine . . . ' " ALABAMA CLUB OFFICERS CHARLES CORK President TILLMAN EBY Vice-President GAIL SESSIONS Secretary BOBBIE SMITH Treasurer FRED DANZEY Reporter MISS MABEL COONER Sponsor GEORGIA CLUB OFFICERS HARRY EVANS President NADINE EVANS Vice-President GERALDINE McCALL Secretary SONNY MILLS Treasurer LEE YARBROUGH Reporter MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor WEST VIRGINIA CLUB OFFICERS HAROLD McCUE President WILLIAM HILL Vice-President GLORIA COREY Secretary JOHN R. BROWNING, JR Treasurer MARY JO BOWLING Reporter MR. C. E. KEYS. SR Sponsor SOUTH CAROLINA CLUB OFFICERS SETH GAR R I NGTON President HARRY WELCH Vice-President NINA GRIGGS Secretary-Treasurer JOE JONES Reporter PROF. K. W. PHILLIPS Sponsor VIRGINIA CLUB OFFICFRS WAYNE SHARPES President WANDA NAFF Vice-President REGINA POMEROY Secretary J. C. SUMMERLIN Treasurei NORMA JEAN PETERS Reporter MRS. K. W. PHILLIPS Sponsor KENTUCKY CLUB OFFICERS IRIS GUNTHER President R. T. KENDALL Vice-President VIRGINIA HILL Secretary E. C ROSE Treasurer DALE MARTIN Reporter DR. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor TENNESSEE CLUB OFFICERS PAUL SCHURMAN President MARGARET BARNETT Vice-President BETTY JEWELL Secretary TOM PATE Treasurer LAVONNE GRAY Reporter DR. H. J. ADAMS Sponsor TOWN CLUB MISSISSIPPI CLUB OFFICERS SAM SAXON President FAR R IS NABORS Vice-President WILMA JEAN LEWIS Secretary JENNIE V. RUSHING Treasurer NORTH CAROLINA CLUB OFFICERS JUNE HOLMES . . . . President BARBARA MOONEY V ice-President DELORES BROWN Secretary ROY PHILEMON Treasurer DOLLY SMITH Reporter MR. V. N. RICHARDSON Sp onsor SEASONS • • • 0 If R WHILE SHEPHERDS WATCHED nit WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS HONOR SOCIETY C. Cunningham, A. Hollis, R Potter, C. Duckeit, and Mi;s Person OFFICERS CHARLES CUNNINGHAM President ALLEN HOLLIS Vi ce-President RUBY POTTER Secretary-Treasurer CAR Y NEAL DUCKETT Reporter MISS AMY PERSON Sponsor This society is not made up just of the " brains " of the college, but of those who have worked hard and had a desire to excel. A yearly average of 2.5 quality points is the requirement to be met for membership in T.N.C. ' s Honor Society. Upon graduation members of this organization may be elected to the Zeta Chapter of the National Nararene SocieN of Phi Delta Lambda. First Row: Cary Neal Duckett, Linda Hampton. Second Row: Miss Person, Paul Schurman, Juanita Orndoff, Ruby Potter, Richard Shomo. Robert Agner, Barbara Martin. Third Row: Charles Duckett, Wayne Murphy, Jon Hassell, Bob Breedlove. 94 CLIO SOCIETY Seated: W. Hill. Standing: F. Winder, D. Cork, H. Hasty, M. Jordick OFFICERS BILL HILL President HARRY HASTY Vice-President FRANCES WINDER Secretary DON CORK Treasurer MART JORDICK Reporter DR. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor The Clio Society has filled the year with out- standing accomplishments. Representatives were sent to the Southern Historical Association meet- ing at Jacksonville, Florida. Monthly meetings and luncheons are held at which outside speakers bring interesting talks on subjects devoted to historical value. At one of these meetings Dr. Homer J. Adams, a member of the staff, who received his Ph.D. degree in June, 1953, gave a summary of his Doctorial dissertation. First Row: Joyce Traylor, Ruth Evans, Martha Jordick, Frances Winder. Second Row: Don Kirby, Cannon Hassell, James CotMe, Harry Has!y, Wayne Sharpes. Third Row: Brentson Spruill, Billy Jernigan, Bill Hill, Ted Innis, J. C. Summerlin. Fourth Row: Dr. Gresham, Laurie Murray, Raymond Childers. OS SCIENCE CLUB R. Gilliland, A. Stucki, H. McCue, C. Duckett, B. Jewell OFFICERS ROBERT GILLILAND Presidenl HAROLD McCUE Vice-President ANNA STUCKI Secretary BETTY JEWELL Treasurer CARY DUCKETT Reporter DR. and MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsors The " future Einsteins " of T. N. C. not only mix in test tubes but also further their scientific knowledge by field trips to important points of interest as the Oak Ridge Atomic Plant and Nor- ris Dam. Regular monthly meetings are held and special dinners at which subjects of scientific in- terest are discussed. First Row (seated) Dr. Gresham. Ross Sanders, Eleanor Richardson. Mrs. Gresham, Eunice Wachtel. Betty Jewell, Barbara Martin, Frances Foster, Betty Fitch, Edra Ann Hammond, Anna Stucki, Geraldine Williams, Virginia Wells, Geneva Franz, Danny Godby, Peggy Dodd, Lona Miller, Mary Driskell. Second Row: (kneeling) Iris Gunther, Earl Rowan. JoAnn Westmoreland, Betty June Harris, Betty Mah ' er, Ruth John- son, Mary Virginia Miller, Glenn Keys, Bob Bledsoe, Harry Evans. Third Row: (standing) Robert Gilliand, Eugene Bergquist, Charles Duck- ett, Gene Shelton, William Stewart, James Errickson, Phillip Balthrop, William Geasley, Dwight Presson, Marvin Askew. Don Peal, Douglas Vaughn, Paul Schurman, Tom Pate, Elmer Heaberlin, Howard Spruill, Cary Duckett, John R. Browning, Bill Gadd. 96 f 0 SPEECH CLUB C. Asbury, V. Arnold, B. Bridges, L. Gray OFFICERS LAVONNE GRAY President CAROL ANNE ASBURY Vice-President VIRGINIA ARNOLD Secretary TED WIGHT Treasurer BILL BRIDGES Reporter MISS MABEL COONER Sponsor ' •|_ e f the words of my mouth be acceptable unto thee, O God. " This is the cry of those in terested primarily in the field of speech. Present- ing the annual school play; a dramatic presenta- tion at Christmas time; recitals; and other varied speech presentations make up the activities of this ]roup. Glenn Keys. E. C. Rose, Denzil Huff, Cecil Vaughn, Bill Calkins, Arlo Alderman. Smith, John R Browning, OFFICERS ROSE MERCHANT President PAUL SCHURMAN . . . . Vice-President GLORIA COREY Secretary CHARLES CORK Treasurer CAROL ANNE ASBURY Reporter MRS. C. E. KEYS, JR Sponsor Students of Trevecca College appreciate the finer things of life and this organization promotes that appreciation through the field of mu.sic. Monthly meetings, concert tours in groups, talent programs, outside speakers discussing musical problems and composers and various special par- ties are planned for the year. Virginia Curl, Velva Sharpes, Joyce Blackmon, Pat Owen, Mary Lou Hutchins, Gloria Corey, Penny Mason, Don Spotloe, Betty Davis, Mary Driskell, Paul Schurman, Bob Bledsoe, Lona Miller, Virginia Calkin, Kitty Pope, Dolly Smith, Donis Stephens, Christine Elkins, Barbara Mooney, Edra Ann Hammond, Bobbie Brown, Jjanita Orndoff, Gail Sessions, Jean Nabors, James Ralph, Fred Danzy, Sam Saxon, Can- non Hassell, Willard Brinkman, Lee Yarbrough, Charles Cork, Dick Landgrave, Loeida Smith, Rose Merchant, Sonny Fulwood, Tiilman Eby, Larry Finger, Ann Chappin, Glenn Keys, Peggy Dodd, Norma Rowland, Wyoma Sissom, Robert Agner, Leland McBryant, Emily Hamilton, ' Mary Jo Bowling, Nancy Thorpe, Marie Flannery, Carolyn Shanks, Grace Calkins, Regina Pomeroy Delores Brown Dale Martin Geraldine McCall, Bill DeWees, Charles Duckett, Ruby Potter, Bill Bridges, Wanda Naff. LITERARY CLUB J. Shirley. C Asbury, V. Curl, N. Evans OFFICERS JUNE SHIRLEY President BOBBIE SMITH Vice-Presiden t CAROL ANNE ASBURY Secretary VIRGINIA CURL Treasurer NADINE EVANS Reporter MISS AMY PERSON Sponsor Views of the pa st have become alive to mem- bers of the literary club as they pored over manuscripts, listened to records of famous plays, and saw Shakespeare productions. During the lighter moment: at breakfasts and luncheons, pro- moting the reading and enjoyment of literature was the central purpose of the club. STUDENT WIVES Miss A. L. Person, J. Smith, P Childers, L. Cunningham, J. Lolley and M. White. Trevecca wives want to excel in their field of OFFICERS being Christian Workers and so they have an MRS. PEGGY CHILDERS President MRS. LOUISE CUNNINGHAM Vice-President organization in which they seek to develop spiri- MRS JO LOLLEY Recording Secretary I, . , ii I, i . I, -ri . i MRS. MARGIE WHITE .... Corresponding Secretary tually, intellectually and socially. Th,s group has MRS. MARGUERITE INGRAM Corresponding Secretary regular meetings each month in which they learn MRS. JEAN SMITH Treasurer MRS. LEILA JOHNSON Reporter the " best " way to be the " best " wives. MISS AMY PERSON Sponsor First Row: Mrs. H. L. Hasty Mrs Chas, Cunningham, Mrs. Raymond Childers, Mrs. Eugene Campbell, Mrs. H. Meeks, Mrs. Harold Smith. Second Row: Miss Amy Person, Mrs. Jerry Costa, Mrs. E. Childres, Mrs. Jay Bybee, Mrs. H. Lolley, Mrs. R. Hamilton, Mrs. Ted Wright. Third Row: Mrs. Walter White, Mrs. Walter Tremain, Mrs. C. Hampton, Mrs. L. Bybee, Mrs. C. Wallace, Mrs. Gerald Laing, Mrs. H. Thompson, Mrs. B. Latham, Mrs. L. Johnson, Mrs. Harry Ulmer. T. Pate, E. Heaberlin, H. Evans, B. Breedlove, Dr. H. J. Adams, P. Schurman An important part of any educational program is the phase known as physical education. The Men ' s Athletic Association is an organization so designed as to promote this part of college life. Although T. N. C. does not participate in inter- collegiate sports we do have a well organized intramural program. Under the guidance of the M.A.A. the sports program at Trevecca this year has been successful. Emphasis has always been on good sportsmanship and Christian attitudes. OFFICERS ELMER HEABERLIN, JR President ROBERT BREEDLOVE Vice-President PAUL SCHURMAN Secretary TOM PATE Treasurer HARRY EVANS Reporter DR. HOMER J. ADAMS Sponsor First Row: (seated) Laurie Murray, Bobby Hodges. Sonny Fulwood, Billy Rowan, Don Peal. Jimmy Herndon, Dave Pool, Leroy Garber, Latelle Browning, Phillip Rodgers. Second Row: Wayne Rodgers, Dale Martin, Eugene Campbell, Tommy Traylor. Third Row: Wayne Murphy, Kenneth Belengia. Bill Galloway, Danny Godby, " Heab " Heaberlin, Pete Malone, Dale Hemmerly, P. J. Fitch. E. C. Rose, Bob Breedlove, Jimmy Sullivan, Berkley Newbill, Eldridge Hudgins. Fourth Row: Bob Archer, Paul Wiggs, Don Spotloe, Bill Gadd, Howard Spruil!, Tom Pate, Dr. Adams. Brentson Spruill, Haro ' d McCue, Allen Hollis, Paul Schurman, Harry Evans. FOOTBALL Few will soon forget the I 953 " pig- skin " season et T.N.C. The teams were well organized and well balanced. No place other than first place in the standings was decided until the final game. One team came through unde- feated, the Sophomore Lions, but their record was marred by a 0-0 tie by the Freshmen. The season was climaxed by the All- Star game Nov. 24th. The champion- ship team plays a team composed of stars from the other teams. The game was played on a muddy field and fumbles were numerous. The game ended in a tie. Sophomores 8, All- Stars 8. A thrilling game and a per- fect ending for T.N.C. ' s best season. RESULTS Team W L T Sophomore 8 0 I Upperclassmen ... 3 5 I Freshmen 2 5 2 High School 2 5 2 RIGHT: UPPERCLASSMEN Front Row: D. Cork, L. Gresham, B. Breedlove, J. R. Brown- ing, E. Heaberlln, B. Crosby. M. Holmes. SOPHOMORES Front Row: H. Evans. B. Spruill, P. Schurman, B. Gadd, A Hollis. Back Row: J. Herndon, H. Spruill, H. McCue. FRESHMEN Front Row: T. Pate, B Biggs, B. Rowan, J. Mafthews S Fulwood. Back Row: J. Pedigo, D. Godby, J. Cassidy, ' D. Spotloe, D. Martin. HIGH SCHOOL Front Row: L. Browning, P. Wiggs, B. Hodges D Poole D. Hemmerly, L. Smith, B. Newbill. Back Row ' - B Gallo- way, E. Campbell, B. Rutledge, T. Traylor. BASKETBALL This has been the most successful basketball season in Trevecca ' s his- tory. The evenly matched teams and the enthusiastic support of the stu- dents are reasons given for this color- ful, high-spirited season. Each team had at least one outstanding player and all the games were close ones. Several were decided by one or two points and two games went into over- time. The Sophomore " Lions " finished with the best record and were crowned champions. The League Championship was not decided, how- ever, until after the regular season as the freshman " Green-Wave " in the last season game moved into a first place tie with the sophomores. In the play-off game the sophomores won 48 to 38 to climax T.N.C. ' s best bas- ketball season. FINAL STANDINGS Team W L Sophomores 7 3 Freshmen 6 4 Upperclassmen 3 6 High School 3 6 LEFT: UPPERCLASSMEN First Row: D. Cork, L. Gresham, B. Breedlove. Second Row: J. R. Browning, E. Heaberlin, B. Crosby, M. Holmes. SOPHOMORES First Row: E. C. Rose, P. Schurman, J. Herndon. Second Row: H. Spruill, H. Evans, H. McCue. FRESHMEN First Row: D. Godby, J. Pedigo, H. Fulwood, D. Kirby. Second Row: H. Bible, T. Pate, J. Finger, D. Spotloe. HIGH SCHOOL First Row: E. Campbell, R. Rodgers, B Archer, D. Poole, T Traylor. Second Row: E. Perry, W. Murphy, W. Rodgers, P. Wiggs. N. Evans, G. Franz, F. Winder, Y. Phillips, B. Jordan Organized to promote girls ' athletics at Tre- vecca the Girls ' Athletic Association plays an important part in the school ' s extra-curricular ac- tivities. They have organized teams in volleyball, basketball and softball. The girls ' sports program is so arranged as to play its part in school life in helping to train those who will be the leaders of tomorrow. OFFICERS NADINE EVANS President FRANCES WINDER Vice-President GENEVA FRANZ Secretary BARBARA JORDAN Treasurer YVONNE PHILLIPS Reporter MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor Virginia Arnold, Ruby Weston, Peggy Hedgecock, Frances Winder, J une Shirley, Bonnie Williams, Peggy Dodd, Carol Asbury, Joyce Blackmon, Barb Jordan, Sarah Cypert, Anna Stucki, Norma Carpenter, Nick Evans, Emily Hamilton, Wyoma Sissom, Carolyn Faulkner, Mary Lou Hutchins, Eula Gardner McNease, Edith Mingledorff, Linda Hampton, Clarice Spruill, Yvonne Phillips, Jean Dodd, Wilma Lewis, Geneva Franz, Betty Jewell, Patsy Decker, Jayne Ledford. Dale " Donna " Hemmerly, Lois Morrow. GIRLS ' BASRETBALl The I 953- ' 54 basketball season at T. N. C. has been one of many thrill- ing games and will be remembered as a milestone in girls ' basketball here. This has been the first season they have completed their full schedule. This year also marks the first time the girls have scheduled and completed a tournament. The officers of the G. A. A. are to be congratulated in their successful promotion of girls ' basketball. Mrs. L. P. Gresham ' s loyal support was an- other factor in the success of this season in basketball. RIGHT: HIGH SCHOOL First Row: L. Hampton, B. Jordan, L. Morrow, N. Griggs. Second Row: J. Perry, B. Williams, P. Owen, T. Porter. FRESHMEN First Row: E. Hamilton, Y. Phillips, C. Spruill, M. Bowling. Second Row: G. Corey, J. Westmoreland, V. Wells, D. Stephens. UPPERCLASSMEN First Row: E. Richardson, F. Winder, V. Hill. Second Row: A. Sweeney, N. Carpenter, M. Driskell, N. Evans. CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: F. Winder, A. Stucki, C. Spruill, V. Howard, L. Morrow, B. Jordan, Y. Phillips, E. Richardson, P. Dodd. BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS OF THE BOARD DR. L. T. WELLS Chairman MR. A. M. GIBBS Member DR. EDWARD C. ONEY Vice Chairman REV. BRUCE B. HALL Member REV. OTTO STUCKI Secretary REV. JOHN L. KNIGHT Member MR. ARIS W. McMANUS Treasurer DR. A. B. MACKEY Ex Officio Alabama Rev. C. E. Shumalce Rev. Wallace Bell Rev. M. E. Perkins East Tennessee Rev. Victor E. Gray Mr. W. L. Elkins Mr. A. M. Gibbs Eastern Kentucky Rev. D. S. Summerville Rev. L. B. Hicks Rev. Asa Sparks Florida Rev. John L. Kniqht Rev. Don Irwin Georgia Rev. Mack Anderson Rev. H. J. Eason Rev. Bruce B. Hall Kentucky Dr L.T.Wells Rev. Ralph Ahlemann Rev. Jerry McClain Mississippi Rev. Otto Stuck! Rev. B. W. Downinq North Carolina Dr. Lloyd Byron Rev. Doyle Smith South Carolina Rev. D. W. Thaxton Rev. E. N. Gunter Rev. C. M. Kelly Rev. W. Boyd Welch Tennessee Rev. D. K. Wachtel Rev. J. E. Beckum Mr. John T. Benson Rev. E. K. Hardy Mr. James A. Pate Virginia Rev. V. W. Littrell Rev. E. M . Fox West Virginia Dr. Edward C. Oney Rev. C. Glenn Bowlinq Rev. Giies Graham Rev. H. Harvey Hendershot Rev. Dennis, E. Wyrick Alumni Representatives Rev. John R. Browninq Mr. Aris W. McManus Rev. Howard T. Wall, Jr. 123 BIBLES and TESTAMENTS BOOKS BULLETIN BOARDS COMMUNION WARE DUPLICATORS FOLDING CHAIRS GREETING CARDS HYMNBOOKS MANUALS and RECORDS MAPS PENS and PENCILS PLAQUES ' PICTURES SEASONAL PROGRAMS SIGNS SPECIAL SONGBOOKS Publishing Houses • 2923 Troost Ave., Box 527, Kansas City 41, Mo. Washington at Bresee, Pasadena 7, California 1592 Bloor Street, West, Toronto 9, Ontario • 37,000,000 periodicals published last year • A present book list of 292 titles • 120 hymnbooks, special songbooks, and seasonal program books • 157 tracts • $2,012,327.75 total sales last year • Materials and supplies for churches and Sunday schools • Full line of Christian merchandise COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pastor REV. CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY Sunday School Supt. DR. L. P. GRESHAM N.Y.P.S. President PAUL EBY N.F.M.S. President MRS. A. K. BRACKEN A Vital Interest in Every Interest of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE 125 ALABAMA DISTRICT (Congratulates (Class 54 District Secretary M. C. GARRISON District Treasurer TRAVIS JOHNSON District N.Y.P.S. President T. A. SHIRLEY District N.F.M.S. President MRS. PEARL CLABORN District Office: I 1 02 4th Court W. Birmingham, Alabama 126 Greetings, GHass 34 EASTERN KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE July 28-29 ADVISORY BOARD ASSEMBLY t " rev. r. l IHRIG REV. L. B. HICKS MR. LAWRENCE WILEY MR. E. H. STEENBERSEN REV. D. S. SOMERVILLE District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS REV. D. S. SUM M ERVI LLE District Superintendent MISS MATTIE BELLE JONES District Secretary REV. ASA SPARKS District Treasurer REV. OVAL LEE STOVE N.Y.P.S. President MRS. D. S. SUMMERVILLE , N.F.M.S. President REV. R. L. IHRIG Chairman Church School Board WE PROVIDE STUDENTS AND USE STUDENTS OF T. N. C. 127 THE EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT STANDS FAITHFULLY BEHIND TREVECCA COLLEGE ALL OUR DEPARTMENT HEADS ARE PRAYING FOR GOD ' S RICHEST BLESSINGS ON OUR ZONE COLLEGE JOHN LAWWILL N Y PS MRS. McCAMMON N.F.M.S. VICTOR E. GRAY District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS SETTLE M. SHAW Secretary W. L. ELKINS Treasurer DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD ROY A. BETTCHER JOE M. TYSON W. L. ELKINS OSCAR WHEATON W. L. ELKINS Church Schools 128 C oncjra I u fa t ions to TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE ON HER CONTINUAL RAPID MARCH OF PROGRESS! JOHN L. KNIGHT District Superintendent A. B. MACKEY, LLD. President T.N.C. FLORIDA DISTRICT CRUSADING FOR SOULS NOW! GEORGIA DISTRICT W. Q. SHERIDAN . . . . MRS. HERMAN E. WARD H. W. MINGLEDORFF . . YOUTH CAMP and INSTITUTE July 19-23 at Adrian, Georgia Chairman Church School Board President Nazarene Foreign Missionary Society . . President Nazarene Young People ' s Society DISTRICT CAMP MEETING DISTRICT ASSEMBLY July 23, August I, Adrian, Geor gia September 29, 30 to • A GREAT COLLEGE • A GREAT COLLEGE PRESIDENT A GREAT CLASS OF 1954 FROM THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT Advisory Board D. D. LEWIS RALPH AHLEMANN CLARENCE WILEY HERMAN RAMSEY District Secretary CHARLES CHILDERS District Treasurer EUDELL MILBEY Chairman Church School Board D. D. LEWIS N.F.M.S. President MRS. L. T. WELLS N.Y.P.S. President OREN D. THRASHER DR. L. T. WELLS District Superintendent " THE DISTRICT WITH AN UPWARD LOOK AND FORWARD MARCH " TRUSTEES TREVECCA COLLEGE CHARLES S. CHILDERS DR. L. T. WELLS RALPH AHLEMANN D.D.LEWIS " We are for Trevecca College 100%, while she is building a bridge to a better world for the youth of our land. " Boy ' s and Girl ' s Camp . . .... .... June 28-July 2 N.Y.P.S. Camp and Institute July 2 I -Aug. I 6 District Assembly August 4-5 Campmeeting August 2-8 THE R NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT E A V Z CONGRATULATES E A 0 C R L C E L A N E E G E PRESIDENT MACKEY and the CLASS OF 1954 DR. LLOYD B. BYRON District Superintendent REV. JAMES H. EADES Chairman Church Schools REV. OTTIS E. SMITH President N.Y.P.S. MRS. J. W. BURCH President N.F.M.S. SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT is proud of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE Trevecca Trustees D. W. THAXTON E. N. GUNTER W. BOYD WELCH District Advisory Board L. L. JENKINS RAYMOND DeSHON GEORGE B. GUNTER V. V. SHUMPERT D. W. THAXTON District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS MRS. MYRTIE C. BRADHAM District Secretary L. L. JENKINS District Treasurer O. T. KING District Church School Board Chairman MRS. A. E. KELLY N.F.M.S. President MOODY FRIERSON N.Y.P.S. President MRS. GLADYS WALKER Junior Society Director REV. D. K. WACHTEL Superintendent TENNESSEE DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. A. K. BRACKEN, D.D. REV. J. E. BECKUM JOHN r. BENSON, JR. L. P. GRESHAM, Ph.D. OFFICERS REV. C. T. DUCKETT Secretary JAMES A. PATE Treasurer MRS. D. K. WACHTEL President N.F.M S EVERY DEPARTMENT COOPERATING FULLY WITH EVERY REV. M. E. REDFORD Chairman Church Schools REV. ROBERT GRAY N.Y.P.S. President GENERAL AND DISTRICT PROJECT W. F. M. S. CONVENTION AND DISTRICT ASSEMBLY August 10-12, 1954 SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVENTION August 13, 1954 VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Trevecca Trustees V. W. LITTRELL E. M. FOX Advisory Board M. RICHARD JONES e. w. Mcdowell G. H. JONES W. H. HUNT REV. V. W. LITTRELL District Superintendent ROBERT RAPALJE District Secretary G. H. JONES Distri ct Treasurer MRS. V. W. LITTRELL N.F.M.S. President H. W. MEADOWS N.Y.P.S. President M. RICHARD JONES Chairman Church School Board CAMP MEETING Dillwyn, Virginia August 13-22, 1954 N. Y. P. S. District Institute July 5-9, 1954 N.F.M.S. CONVENTION AND DISTRICT ASSEMBLY June 30 to July 3, 1954 PREACHERS MEETING November 9-11, 1954 WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Trevecca Trustees EDWARD C. ONEY C. GLENN BOWLING H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT GILES GRAHAM ROY T. McKENNEY Advisory Board T. HOWARD WARWICK C. WAYNE JONES R. A. SISSON CLYDE M. PRITT DR. EDWARD C. ONEY District Superintendent JOHN R. BROWNING, SR District Secretary C. GLENN BOWLING District Treasurer MRS. EDWARD C. ONEY N.F.M.S. President H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT N.Y.P.S. President CAMP MEETING Summersville, West Va. July 2-11, 1954 N.Y.P.S. DISTRICT INSTITUTE August 23-27, 1954 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Main at Willow St. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. WAYNE SMITH N Y. P S. Leader ROY A. BETTCHER Pastor " Nazarene Hour " (Sponsored by Church) Radio Station WDOD 1:00 p. m. Sunday A L W A Y S B A C K I N G T N C 1 1 . . 0 Hi 1 u V o I c E F O R HOLINESS " CHALLENGE TO YOUTH " — Radio Station WDOD— AM FM 10:30 p. m. Sunday This is a delayed broadcast of regular Young People ' s Service. NASHVILLE FIRST CHURCH 510 Woodland Street " A Friendly Church with a place to serve " " A Church That Believes in Trevecca " JOHN T. BENSON, JR. . . Music Director HOBSON L. BYARS . Sunday School Supt. HENRY C. HILL, JR. . . N.Y.P.S. President MRS. CECIL D. EWELL . N.F.M.S. President " ON THE MARCH FOR GOD " CECIL D. EWELL, D.D. Pastor NASHVILLE FIRST CHURCH NAZARENE YOUNG PEOPLE ' S SOCIETY 510 WOODLAND STREET HENRY HILL, JR President HERMAN L. SLONECKER, JR Vice-President JIMMY PATE, JR Treasurer BARBARA HAWKINS Recording Secretary MATTIE BROWN Corresponding Secretary y p predate Jrevecca J Support WISE MEMORIAL CLASS NASHVILLE FIRST CHURCH DR. C. E. HARDY Teacher DR CECIL EWELL Assistant Teacher J. L. BOWER President EWELL POLLARD Vice-President W. E. MARTIN Secretary WILLIAM A. REED Treasurer ELLIS HINTON Musical Director MRS. H. L. SLONECKER Pianist Congratulations to the Class of 1954! CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MAN. WEST VIRGINIA JOHN R. BROWNING, SR. Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ASHLAND, KENTUCKY Bata at 22nd Phone 2484 THE STAFF DR. G. B. WILLIAMSON General Superintendent REV. D. S. SOMMERVILLE District Secretary REV. LAWRENCE B. HICKS Pastor BILLY BALL Youth Director MRS. LEWIS EDWARDS Secretary ALONZO EDMONDS Sexton DEPARTMENT HEADS JAMES SIMPSON Sunday School Superintendent STANLEY CARTER N.Y.P.S. President MRS. HERMAN PARRISH N.F.M.S. President EDWIN TAYLOR Treasurer WAYNE KENNDALL Secretary BOB STEENBERGEN Music Sunday School 9:45 Morning Sermon II :00 NYPS 6:30 Evening Revival 7:30 Midweek Prayer Meeting — Wednesday 7:30 Men ' s Prayer Meeting — Saturday 7:30 - liwctij5 Supports Jreuecca lAJit t J- rauerS, Students ncl l Yloneu CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FAIRMONT, WEST VA. R. F. HANEY Sunday School Superintendem MARABELLE FORD N.Y.P.S. President MRS. LAURA ANSEL N. F. M. S. President BOOSTERS FOR T. N. C. " The Friendly Church in the Friendly City " C onaratufa cjralulalioi S DR. AND MRS. MACKEY, FACULTY, STUDENTS AND CLASS OF ' 54 Our New Church Home Charleston, W. VA., First Church of the Nazarene " Christian Corner " Park Ave. at Grand St. RICHARD A. WARD Sunday School Superintendent FRANK ANDERSON N. Y. P. S. President GEORGIA HAMMOND N.F.M.S. President TREVECCA STUDENTS WINNIFRED HOLSTEAD PEGGY DODD CAROL POLING JEAN DODD BARBARA JORDAN " Charleston ' s Singing Church " WILLIAM O. BLUE M inister INGLEWOOD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Gallatin Road and Sunnymeade Drive NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE CONGRATULATES The Faculty and Student Body of 1 954 J. DON JERNIGAN Pastor DELMER GUINN S.S. Supt. WILBORN D. STRODE N.Y.P.S. Pres. MRS. ORION RAMSEY N.F.M.S. Pres. A HEARTY WELCOME AWAITS YOU AT INGLEWOOD IV CHURCH OF THC Y 7,AKC i: □ H Lem Turner Rd. and Palm St. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA T H S I H C W. W. DEESE . . . MRS. RUBY MURRAY ' Supporting Trevecca with prayer, finances and our Young People " S.S. Supt. N.F.M.S. Pres. JOHNNY RAY CRAUSWELL N.Y.P.S. Pres. CHARLES F. CRAUSWELL Pastor MRS. T. S. GEIGER Jr. Society 923 Graymont L WAYNE SEARS, Pastor BIRMINGHAM FIRST CHURCH Salutes Ji revecca CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Ninth and Riverview Drive BELLE, WEST VIRGINIA i Believing in Trevecca College, its Faculty and Students, we Congrat- ulate the Class and Staff of 1954 FLOYD P. SMITH Pastor Our Students HAROLD McCUE ROBERT GILILAND McCLURKAN MEMORIAL Church of the Nazarene 49th and Alabama Nashville, Tenn. SET v »l- A 4 Ml, 1 pv v EDWARD F. COX Pastor ■ h f Our Church is Trevecca ' s Ambassador to the Nation ' s Capital The Calvary Nazarene Church 680 N. Glebe Road ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA T. T. LIDDELL, Pastor 1523 N. Utah St. ' Holding Forth the Word of Life " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Bryan Avenue at Glenn Place, Lexington, Ky. D. D. LEWIS, Pastor 525 Shelby St. " We Love Trevecca College. Trevecca Is Our Choice " Louisville First Congratulates Class of 1954 " SING WITH DON " The Feature That Has Louisville Talking. Broadcasting From the Evangelistic Service 7:00 to 7:30 Sunday Nights Over WGRC, 790 W. M. ENLOW Sunday School Superintendent WALTER DAVIS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. CARL WHITLOW N.F.M.S. President " Always a Good Service at LOUISVILLE, FIRST CHURCH " DON RATLIFF Minister of Music A. J. FRANK M inister Twenty-fourth and Howard Sts. (Two Blocks South of Broadway) FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2700 Hatch Boulevard SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA tes Trevecca and the Class of 1954 WALLACE BELL Pastor FRANK FERRELL Sunday School Superintendent BETTY JANE GIST N.Y.P.S. President MRS. WALLACE BELL N.F.M.S. President TREVECCA STUDENTS ALWAYS WELCOME! HOLTEN HEIGHTS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA DONALD K. BALLARD Pastor " We Are Boosting Trevecca " CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 54 TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE WAVERLY PLACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE N.Y.P.S. " All Out for Trevecca " REV. L. B. MATHEWS Evangelist 2105 Natchez Trace Nashville 12, Tennessee Madison Church of the Nazarene Lanier and Blankston 10 Miles from T.N.C. A Church with a Friendly Welcome H. P. COOPER Pastor CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1954 COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE I 9th St. and Pearcy Ave. PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT Minister A Good Place to Worship JOELTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE COMPLIMENTS JOELTON N.Y.P.S. REV. PAUL ACHHAMMER Pastor CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Adams Ave. at I Ith Street HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA " Watch Our Church Grow " J. C. WALLACE Pastor A HEARTY WELCOME TO IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3315 Charlotte Ave. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE J. H. DEAL, Pastor Our Purpose: To know him and to make him known FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ROANOKE, VA. Our Students BERKLEY NEWBILL PHILLIP GOODE NORMA JEAN PETERS C. WILLIAM ELLWANGER Pastor RAYMOND CARR N.Y.P.S. President C. H. MOSES Sunday School Superintendent " A Spiritual Church in the Heart of the Star City " CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " On Markham St. " BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA " The Church with a Reputation for Friendliness " W. Lee Gann, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS TO TREVECCA FIRST CHURCH OF THE MIAMI NEWPORT, KENTUCKY 830 York St. R. L IHRIG Minister Phone Ju. 0668 R. L. IHRIG Pastor Parsonage — 36 S. Grand Avenue Ft. Thomas, Ky. WORSHIP GOD IN THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS When in Nashville Worship With Us REV. M. E. REDFORD, Pastor 800 Third Avenue, South NASHVILLE, TENN. CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " A Church Where Everyone Is Welcome " COMPLIMENTS OF REVENNA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Students E. C. ROSE, EMILY HAMILTON JUETT COX REV. AND MRS. W. H. LOBB Pastor The Gospel in SERMON ★ SONG ART EVANGELIST CLYDE B. RODGERS 505 Lester Avenue Nashville 10, Tennessee RALPH SCHURMAN Pastor MARVIN SMOTHERMAN S. S. Superintendent MRS. JUANITA WOODS N. Y. P. S. President MRS. S. A. JOHNSON N. F. M. S. President r ion5 GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road, Nashville, Tenn. " Where You Are Always Welcome " CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 1601 North Twenty-first Street E. M. FOX Minister LARKIN L. BURCH Sunday School Superintendent ELIZABETH DERR . . President Missionary Society RUTH DERR President N.Y.P.S. THIRD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " A Soul Winning Church " PAUL McGRADY Minister Congratulations to Trevecca and the Class of 1954 CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 721-25 Hogan St. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA REV. C. M. KELLEY, Pastor BORDEAUX CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " The Church with a Warm Welcome for Trevecca Students " WALTER B. THOMPSON, Pastor Best Wishes Class of ' 54 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 661 South Broad St. MOBILE, ALABAMA C. W. ELKINS Pastor Mobile First Boosts T.N.C. THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE 1954 COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS 11 ?I Senior Class Officers Congratulates the high school grad- uating classes of the Southeastern Educational Zone. We recommend that you spend your college days at T.N.C. LET TREVECCA Lead You Send You Bless You Use You W. J. BLACKMON Pastor ED MIDGETTE . . . S.S. Supt. MRS. RUBY PAGE N.F.M.S. Pres. MRS. HELEN BARNES N.Y.P.S. Pres. CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 419 West 29th Street NORFOLK, VIRGINIA CHARLESTON, W. VA. SOUTHEAST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Celebrates l+s Silver Anniversary and Reports 25 Years of Wonderful Progress STATISTICS Sunday School Enrollment 625 Record Attendance 813 Record Monthly Attendance 564 Average Attendance Last Year 350 Church Membership 300 Paid General Budget Last Year $ 4,150 Paid for All Purposes $30,564 jBiiiiilillli .jiliii HADLEY HALL Pastor Parsonage 5106 McCorlde Ave., S.E. For 25 years Southeast has supported Trevecca College. We shall continue to do so in the future, even in a greater way as we become stronger, and grow both numerically and financially. Our Sincere (f est I UisheS to the dtciS5 oj 54 Toward a Greater Trevecca We Pledge Our Prayers and Support FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 123 Moreland Ave., S.E , ATLANTA, GA. WENDELL WELLMAN Pastor J. F. CHILTON S.S. Supt. BOB BLANCHARD N.Y.P.S. Pres. MRS. J. F. BEAVERS W.F.M.S. Pres. Atlanta First Church is Growing with our Growing City TREVECCA Congratulations to DARDA Staff and Class of 1954 THE STUDENTS " HOME " CHURCH WHILE IN NASHVILLE BETHEL A. C. Rowland, Pastor and Family PROF. A. D. BOONE Minister of Music (full time W. H. DOUGLAS S.S. Superintendent ORVAL TURNER N.Y.P.S. President AGNES BROWN N.F.M.S. President CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Sunday Services A. M. Sunday School 9:45 Worship Service 10:50 Evening Services Juniors, Hi-Ny, N.Y.P.S. 6:30 Evangelistic Service 7:30 Week Night Services Prayer Meeting Wed. 7:30 Lamplighters League Thurs. 7:30 Radio Broadcasts WTAN Wednesday P. M. 8:30 to 9:00 Homelike Church for Everybody Opposite the High School CLEARWATER, FLORIDA Congratulations to Trevecca for — Open doors to our Youth Meeting a great need Rendering a great service Investing for eternal divi- dends Providing future Christian leaders Pledging continuous service Fighting a good fight Keeping the course Teaching the " Faith once delivered to the saint " BEN F. MARLIN, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE S. High at Tenth St. COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE " The Friendly Church " WALTER JEWELL Sunday School Superintendent SARA HARRIS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. W. B. JEWELL .... N.F.M.S. Presidenr MRS. J. CAPPS Church Secretary CARL POWERS, Pastor " We ' re Proud of Our Trevecca Students " COMPLIMENTS OF GALLATIN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HAROLD B. GRAVES, Pastor Gallatin, Tennessee REV. FLOYD N. BRADLEY Evangelist 2 Dale Ave. So. Merchantville, NEW JERSEY Cooperating with the Crusade for Souls %JT CLEAN — HOT — ECONOMICAL ST. BERNARD COAL COMPANY PHONE 6-3101 Compliments of MURFREESBORO ROAD MARKET Grade A Meats and Fancy Groceries Compliments of THOMPSON LUMBER CO. MURFREESBORO ROAD Compliments of OLIPHANT BROS. SERVICENTER 313 MURFREESBORO ROAD NICHOLSON HATTERS Dry Cleaning — Shoe Repairing 228 4th Ave., No. (Opposite Arcade.) NASHVILLE DISTRIBUTORS COMPANY INSTITUTIONAL, INDUSTRIAL AND AUTOMOTIVE CLEANERS AND SUPPLIES J. W. SMITH 514 5th Ave., So. Phone 5-4186 muc JUVo The finest flowers in Town Phone 6-4144 6th and Church Nashville, Tenn. Geo. P. Linebaugh A. C. (Gus) Linebaugh GEORGE AND GUS RESTAURANT Open continuously day and night 405 Broad St. Nashville, Tenn. SAVE AT SANDERSON ' S 5c AND 10c STORE Lafayette and Wharf Your " Original 1 0c Store " COMPLIMENTS FROM COLLEGE PRINTING COMPANY C om p dim ails B W CAFETERIA " Food for the Whole Family " 222 6th Avenue, North PRIVATE PARTIES WELCOME (C on grata lei tion.s to the 1954 2baJa Staff axnything Vlnywhere r5383 HVNYTimE PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! STEVE E. HOOD Official Photographer for DARDA 27 Arcade Nashville 3, Tennessee (Co i g rat illation 5 to Some of the finest f- eople WJe J aue J(nown HIGHS ICE CREAM COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE BURROUGHS FLORIST " Say It With Flowers " 4708 Charlotte 97-5155 A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS FROM RAGLAND, POTTER CO. Incorporated WHOLESALE GROCERS Distributors of Libby ' s Foods 400 I st Avenue South Nashville. Tenn. DOC WALLACE MOTOR CO. AUTOMOBILES Bought and Sold 302 MURFREESBORO ROAD 384 MURFREESBORO ROAD WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS KRISPY KREME DONUTS mm: ii r 4 m « i r a ' douqhnuts Special Prices for Parties 2724 West End Ave. Ph. 7-5951 COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT ORR AND CO. Distributors of Hermitage Fine Foods and Coffee A COMPLETE SERVICE IN FINE FOODS IN INSTITUTIONAL USERS ♦ TABLE TEST BRANDS EGGS — POULTRY — MEATS ALLOWAY BROS. COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF MOTHER HAAGAAN SANDWICH SHOP Grade A 191 I 8ih Ave. So. 9-9586 COMPLIMENTS GORDON FOOD COMPANY 507 MERIDIAN COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND BENSON PRINTING COMPANY Printers GREER ' S RESTAURANT " You Will Never Get a Bum Steer Here " INTOXICATING BEVERAGES PROHIBITED 407 MURFREESBORO ROAD MERCURY COURT Nashville ' s Newest and Finest 5 Minutes from Downtown Area on Highways 41 — 70S BOOSTERS This year as in the past your staff has endeavored to provide students, faculty, and friends of T.N.C. with a true representation of life as we have lived it at Trevecca in 1953-54. Although the persons whose names appear below did not sit in classes, attend chapel, eat in the cafeteria nor witness our athletic events, they did contribute to the success and happiness of us who enjoyed these opportunities. They are BOOST- ERS OF THE YEAR FOR T.N.C. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Agee Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. R. Z. Asbury Mr. and Mrs. Duke Banton Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Baum Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Bible Rev. and Mrs. J. S. Brannon Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Breedlove Rev. and Mrs. George Brinkman Mr. and Mrs. Lee Calkin Mrs. J. J. Chafin Mrs. Allie Clay Mr. and Mrs. Bill Collier Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Corey, Sr. Rev. and Mrs. W. T. El k ins Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Errickson Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fagg Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Finger Mrs. M. Foster Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Fulwood, Sr. Lucie A. Fulwood Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gadd Rev. and Mrs. Claude W. Galloway Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Garber Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Garvin Mrs. Mae Gunther Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Harrow Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hieftje Mr. and Mrs. William Hill Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Howard Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Innis Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Johns Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jordick W. E. Kendall Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Kirby Rev. John Lawwill Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lee Rev. and Mrs. H. W. Lobb Mr. and Mrs. B. I. McCullough Mr. and Mrs. George McCue Mr. and Mrs. Edd McNeece Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Miller Mrs. Delores Lobb Murray Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Murray Rev. and Mrs. Willard Nabors Mrs. Mabel Orndoff Panama City Church of the Nazarene Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Duncan Phillips, Sr. Mrs. Gertie Lee Ralph Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Rose Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rose Mrs. J. O. Saxon Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Sessions Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Sharpes Mrs. Mary Shirley Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stewart Rev. and Mrs. Otto Stucki Mrs. N. D. Weston Mr. and Mrs. John Williams Mr. and Mrs. Dorman Winder COLLEGE ARCHIVE,

Suggestions in the Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) collection:

Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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