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1 V f) A itu.n i 11 I I r it K T II K It K THE 1952 FRANCES TAYLOR, Editor CHAMP TRAYLOR, Business Manager NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE if f i .v s i o ft it r i o s • M r t a v it t r s • S a c i tt I W © f A © r s • E v angelists • T o u c it t v s LILA THRASHER MACKEY As one who walks among us guiding us ever to truth and right by her exemplary life day by day, she is never too busy to give a cheerful word of greeting, or help in whatever need we may have, whether it be books, a friendly chat or advice in a very important problem. Her Christian character, her friendliness, her gracious manner, and her efficiency as librarian and teacher make us appreciate, love and es- teem her. With deep admiration we, the faculty and students, wish to dedicate this annual to our own Mrs. Mackey. The look to the fields that are white unto harvest, the hungry souls who stand wait- inq, the call of the Master result in a family goinq forth to proclaim the glad tidings of the Prince of Peace among those who stand in such need of salvation. That is the way the Spencers left us. We were sad at their leaving for they were members of our school family. Professor Spencer as princi- pal and friend left many students who will always remember him for his kindly guid- ance, understanding heart and knowledge of youth ' s problems. Mrs. Spencer, Glaph- re and Nancy Lee helped gladen our way by their sweet spirits and friendly ways. But our hearts are rejoicing too, for D. H. SPENCER Missionary to Africa we could not have seen such Christian devotion and absolute consecration to the will of God if they had not obeyed His call. " Go ye into all the world " still rings in our ears an d we must accept the challenge for this is the hope of the world. TREVECCA ' S 51 ST YEAR lint a MitivM On a hill stands old Trevecca Lined against the sky, Standing proud a Christian College As the years go by. We will honor and we ' ll love her, We will stand for right; Always carry high her banner, Hail to the purple and the white! Fellow students let us honor her, May we always be Sons and daughters she ' ll be proud of Dear old T.N.C.! Trevecca College is located at the southeast edge of the city of Nashville. The beautiful en- trance gate leading from Murfreesboro Road in- troduces one to a spacious campus of fifty acres with abundant shade trees, situated on one of the many hills which overlook the city. McKay Hall, women ' s dormitory, is a brick structure of three stories with forty rooms. The Administration Building is of limestone construc- tion. The administrative offices and the high school classrooms are located in this building. Hardy Hall, one of the dormitories for men, is a large concrete block building of three stories. Tidwell Hall, dormitory for men, is a three-story building of native stone, located across Lester Avenue from Hardy Hall. The President ' s home is located on Hart Street facing these other three buildings. The McClurkan Memorial Hall houses the library, the main auditorium, and several spacious class- rooms. The Elementary Training School, a frame building, is located on the south campus. An Apartment house of stone construction is located on the oval drive which surrounds the Administra- tion Building. The College Hill Church has erected a church building at the intersection of Hart Street and Lester Avenue. The Fine Arts Building is under construction and it is the thrill of every student to watch daily its progress. The students, faculty and alumni are looking for a greater T.N.C. campus in future years. The Board of Trustees has approved a plan whereby a continuous program of improvements can be made. Tidwell Hall, Men ' s Dormitory resident Trevecca ' s past and present are foundations upon which to build its future. The records show that Trevecca College has sent out seventy missionaries, which indicates that Trevecca College has been inspiring and training students for the mission field. Today, Trevecca has first place among Nazarene Colleges in the percent- age of students planning to go into full-time Christian work. The major goal of Trevecca College in the future should be to serve the Church of the Nazarene, And that service depends upon three major qualities, namely: size, scholarship, and spirituality. To the extent that a college can grow in size and continue to hold high the standards of scholarship and spirituality, its service can be in- creased. Therefore, the future of Trevecca College should be that it shall grow larger and larger. As to scholarship, in the future we should feel the responsibility to raise the standards of scholarship as the years go on. Young people who have clean minds and pure hearts should honor God by convincing the world that those who go to a Holiness college are better prepared to make intellectual advancement than those who go to other colleges. Last, but not least, spirituality should increase in Trevecca College as the years come and go. We can grow in size and increase in scholarship, but unless we grow in spiritual power, we will fail to be able to render the service the Church of the Nazarene really expects of us. Dr. and Mrs. Mackey at home The President ' s home PRESIDENT OF TREVECCA COLLEGE His visions reach far into the future; he sees us as we will be teachers, leaders, Christian workers and citizens of our country and the upmost desire of his heart is that he may prepare us to fulfill our places in life. oard of w rustee8 DR. L. T. WELLS Chairman DR. E. C. ONEY Vice-Chairman REV. OTTO STUCKI Secretary MR. A. W. McMANUS Treasurer ALABAMA DISTRICT KENTUCKY DISTRICT TENNESSEE DISTRICT Rev. Otto Stuck! Dr. L. T. Wells Rev ' D " K Wachtel Rev. Dallas Baggett Rev. D. D. Lewis ReV " J " L Beckum Rev. Wallace Bell Dr. A. B. Mackey Mr " John L BenSon D ii C d l- R ev - E. K. Hardy Rev. M. E. Perkins EASJ KENTUCKY DISTRICT M . A p . Mr. James A. Pate EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT Rev. R. L. Ihrig D ... . - VIRGINIA DISTRICT Rev. V lc tor E. Gray Rev . D s. Somerville „ k , VA . CIL . Rev. V. W. Littrell Mr. W. L. Elk.ns Rey John B Rice ,, . . . Rev. C. t. Winslow Mr. A. M. Gibbs Rev. Roy Bettcher MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT Rev. J. D. Saxon Dr. Edward C. Oney FLORIDA DISTRICT B D ... _ . B c _ u . Rev. B. W. Downing Rev. E. E. Hale Rev. John L. Knight _ _ . _ ... . . , IA ... . _ , _ _ , , . Rev. Dennis E. Wynck Rev. Don Irwin NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT 1 Rev. Harvey Hendershot Rev. Granville Rogers Rev. C. E. Shumake . Rev. Glenn Bowling Dr. Raymond Browning GEORGIA DISTRICT ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES Rev. Mack Anderson SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT Rev . John R Browning. Sr. Rev. H. J. Eason Rev. C. M. Kelly Mr. Aris McManus Rev. Bruce B. Hall Rev. D. W. Thaxton Rev. Jesse A. Middendorf Ground breaking services for new Fine Arts Building A. B. MACKEY, M.A., LLD. President, Psychology, Economics Administration AND FACULTY First Row Second Row AMY L. PERSON, M.A. Registrar, English LILA THRASHER MACKEY, M.A., B.S. in LS. Librarian, Library Science V. NEIL RICHARDSON, A.B., Th.B. Business Manager IRVIN KENNEDY Dean of Men C. E. KEYS, A.B., Th.B. Fi«ld Representative MATTIE FOSTER KENNEDY Dean of Women 21 RELIGION WILLIAM M. GREATHOUSE, M.A. KOY WRIGHT PHILLIPS, M.A., B.D. CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY, A.B., B.D. Theology Biblical Literature Theology MARTHA DEWITT GRESHAM, M.A., M.Ed. ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD, M.A. FERNE DOGGETT SHELTON, B.S. Biological Science Mathematics Bible, Art, High School Si I E i 4 E 2 2 EA NGUA GES MAUDE ALLEN STUNECK, M.A., Ph.D. M. E. REDFORD, M.A., B.D. Languages Biblical Languages EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY MATTIE GREEN BRACKEN, M.A. Education, Biological Science, Psychology A DMIJMiS TRA TiON STAFF C. T. DUCKETT, A.C.A., M.A. CLARA SHEARRER, A.B. VIRGINIA BENEDICT Commercial Subjects, Bookstore Bookkeeper Nurse 24 SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS JULIA ANN SULLIVAN President PATRICIA WILLEY Vice-President fcRMA CHENOWETH Secretary DELORES LOBB Treasurer SAM JONES Reporter BILLY ANDERSON Student Council Representative DR. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor Senior Class Night MELVIN ABNEY HALDEMAN, KENTUCKY A.B. Religion " He who would rise to higher usefulness is wise if he cherishes the loving yet seeming trifles of daily living. " It is in the constant, day by day life of Melvin that we see Christ working. WILLIAM H. ANDERSON, JR. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion " He who has looked for the best in others and given the best he had. " A leader among us proving his worth as scholar and speaker, starting on the path that will lead upward. LAWRENCE ADAMS NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion " I ' d rather see a sermon than hear one any day; I ' d rather one should walk with me than merely show the way. " His kindly ways and righteous living will long be remembered, for truly he has lived a noble life among us. MARVIN E. APPLEBY SEMINARY. KENTUCKY A.B. Religion If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God. " Through his stay at school he has showed an intense interest in spiritual things along with his deep devotion for the truth. 27 VERLIN ARCHER VERLIE P. CAMPBELL BRAZIL, INDIANA ROSSVILLE, GEORGIA A.B. Religion A.B. Religion " Thou hast put an upward reach into the heart " Christ is not valued at all, unless He is valued of man. " above all. " Through his songs he has cheered many a per- A true gentleman very successful in his studies, son and has given them a vision of greater things. ERMA CHENOWETH ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA A.B. Religion " It is only through labor and prayerful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things. " A quietness that tells one she receives her strength from above. HAROLD GRAVES FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion " Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends for it is one of God ' s best gifts. " His witty remarks keep you laughing but through it all there is a seriousness very deep. CLASS mTJl _ k ■ law LUCILLE C. HASSELL NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A.B. History " All that we send into t he lives of others comes back into our own. " In her home and school, constantly serving and trying to be a great help in all things. FRANKLIN K. HOLBROOK, JR. ESCORE. MICHIGAN A.B. Religion " None but God can satisfy the longing of the immortal soul; as the heart was made for Him, He only can fill it. " Faithful to do those duties which are right and elevating. WILMA LOBB HEABERLIN WURTLAND, KENTUCKY A.B. Mathematics " But always fronting onward toward the right, always and always facing toward the light. " Friendly, energetic and kind with a deep ap- preciation for Christian values. WILLIAM RALPH HUDSON JASPER, ALABAMA A.B. History " But it is wonderful how many delights fall to the lot of him who is led by God. " One who enjoys his studies and delights in learn- ing. 29 SAMUEL JONES SCRANTON, SOUTH CAROLINA A.B. Religion " His little nameless, unremembered acts of kind- ness an d of love. " He walked among us worthy of our praise. HALBERT JENKINS CLEVELAND. MISSISSIPPI A.B. Religion " Any good thing that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow human being let me do it now. " He has rung the bell for us and has done all his work well. EDITH LANCASTER FULTON, KENTUCKY A. B. Mathematics " Faith laughs at impossibilities, and says " It shall be done. ' She has made a good librarian and still higher do her sights tower. DELORES LOBB WURTLAND, KENTUCKY A.B. Mathematics " And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. " A joy to know in school and with her willingness to be a blessing she will be successful. 19 5 2 JAMES E. McCORMICK NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion " I would be true, for there are those that trust me; I would be brave for there is much to dare. " Good-natured and a willing worker. ROY T. NIX TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA A.B. History " But your religion must be part of you, something you feel in your heart and practice in your life. " Not only to learn facts but to find the underly- ing meaning of those truths. E. E. MORRELL NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion " The true calling of a Christian is not to do extra- ordinary things, but to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. " A quiet, dutiful person and conscientious Christian. NORMAN RICKEY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion " Let us have the testimony of one who has tried it and who out of his personal experience can say: I know Whom I have believed. " Strength of character with lofty ideals and intentions. 31 OSCAR M. SMITH LOGAN, WEST VIRGINIA A.B. Religion It is Christ in us, the hope of glory. It is not what we say, but what we are. " His ideas are excellent and his disposition like- able. WILLIAM S. STONE CLARKSVI LLE, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion " I would rather have a wooden church with a splendid parson than a splendid church with a wooden parson. " Singing and preaching characterizes Bill in his untiring efforts to be of service. JULIA ANN SULLIVAN NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE A.B. Music " When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. " Her work through these years has shown a very versatile person indeed. FRANCES TAYLOR NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion " To do my best from dawn of day till night and answer when He calls — This is my task. " Her aim is to be of service to others and smile along life ' s way. CLASS i a 5 2 JAMES D. TAYLOR AKRON, OHIO A.B. Religion " Cheerfulness in a man is that which when people meet him makes them happy. " He has an encouraging word and leaves you laughing with it. THOMAS CHAMPION TRAYLOR BLOUNTSTOWN, FLORIDA A.B. Religion " You want to put yourself into people; they touch other people; these others still, and so you go on working forever. " For intellectual things he seeks, to gain knowl- edge and with it understanding. MALCOLM VARNER FISHERSVILLE, VIRGINIA A.B. Religion " The world is blessed most by men who do things, and not by those who merely talk about them. " He can be depended upon to do what is needed. PATRICIA WILLEY FULTON, KENTUCKY A.B. History " To work, love, pray, and -serve daily, to aspire greatly, labor cheerfully and take God at His word. " Cheerfully she works in the library and makes you feel glad that you are her friend. 33 WILLIAM H. ANDERSON, JR. FRANCES TAYLOR THOMAS CHAMPION TRAYLOR WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES WILLIAM H. ANDERSON, JR. Tennessean; Senior; Sophomore Class, President, ' 50; Junior Class, President, ' 5 I ; Honor Society, ' 50- 5 I ; Athletic Association, ' 49- 52 ; Tennessee Club, ' 49- ' 52 ; Choir, ' 50- 52; Speech Club, ' 49- ' 52; Ministerial Association, ' 49- ' 52; Evangelaires Quartet, ' 50- ' 52; Music Club, ' 50- 52; Student Council President, ' 52. FRANCES TAYLOR Tennessean; Senior; Tennessee Club, President, ' 51; Honor Society, ' 5 I - ' 52, Vice-President, ' 51; " Trev- Echoes " Staff, ' 51, Associate Editor; Student Council, ' 51, Secretary; Certificate of Excellence in Citi- zenship, ' 51 ; Missionary Prayer Band, ' 50; DARDA Editor, ' 52. THOMAS CHAMPION TRAYLOR Floridian; Senior; Sophomore Class, Treasurer, ' 50; ' Trev-Echoes " Business Manager, ' 50; Honor So- ciety, ' 49- ' 52, Vice-President, ' 52; Scholastic Award, ' 50- ' 5 I ; Speech Club, ' 49; Ministerial Association, ' 5l- ' 52; Alabama Club, ' 49; Florida Club, ' 50- ' 52; Athletic Association, ' 49- ' 50; Christian Workers, ' 50- ' 52, Co-Captain, ' 51 ; DARDA Business Manager ' 52. 34 JUNIORS I « " CLASS OFFICERS LOWEL FOSTER President JAMES ROBINSON Vice-President BETTY BARNETT Secretary ELAINE RICHARDSON Treasurer BRUCE CROSBY Reporter MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor Junior-Senior Banquet BETTY BARNETT Talent and faith combined you meet If Betty Barnett you chance to greet. JIM R. BENTLEY A nod and a smile always from Jim, In Christian work you can depend on him. VIRGINIA BENEDICT Kind and patient, faithful and steady In times of need she is always ready. JAMES BOUTWELL Polite and intellectual and in his own way He will make his mark in the world someday. JUNIORS 36 LORENE BROWN Sweet and quiet is Lorene Brown But things are pleasant when she is around. JUNE CAMPBELL When loyal June is anywhere near Song and laughter somehow appear. ALBERT CAREY His logical thinking is true and rare When we are near its joys we share. BRUCE CROSBY Bruce is like a hidden stream But underneath, oh! he is a scream. Ciass 1 9 5 3 37 JUNIORS MARTHA NELL DERRYBERRY LOWEL FOSTER Faith for the future as Martha can see With his firm tread and the Savior ' s great grace A fine missionary we know she will be. Our Lowel will find his rank and place. MARIE GUMM Consistent in service and kind as can be Watch Marie and wonders we will see. BILL HARBISON His beautiful song brings joy to the heart His sunny laugh makes gloom depart. da$5 of 1 9 5 3 BOBBY HARPER A true Christian, generous, kind Always a friend in him you will find. TOMMY HEMMERLY Quietly he works with his aim in mind; Someday we know that goal he will find. ARTHUR JACKSON With ambitions high and his bim " to be ' Only time can tell what we will see. LAVONNE JERNIGAN A soft voice that tells a story Of Jesus Christ and all His glory. ' LJSLJ It HI H II 11 I. - 11 li THOMAS MARTIN Perseverance to attain his goals Thomas Martin will win many souls. SARAH McCONNELL A meelc spirit, calm and serene In Sarah ' s life Christ is supreme. JOHN MEADORS Laughs and fun when John you meet A sense of humor that can ' t be beat. ELIZABETH ALLISON MEGGS Like music that drifts from a distant land The violin sings at Betty ' s hand. JUNIORS 40 DONN MORROW A natural gift for salesmanship, A consecrated life toward service bent. LORENA PRIVETT A word of cheer that always rings Faith triumphant is the note Lorena brings. CHARLES PHIPPS A devout Christian prepares to preach; Many souls we pray he will reach. ELAINE RICHARDSON Purpose, and yet there is always cheer Not a sad moment when she is near. das of 1 9 5 3 41 JUNIORS J. B. RIGNEY Alert and always full of His word; There is food for the soul when he is heard. MARGUERITE SCHROPE Through joy and sorrow, led by His hand She will work for Him in a distant land. JAMES ROBINSON A humble spirit, a faithful gem, God ' s great blessings will guide ind k eep NADINE SHORTRIDGE Likeable, enjoyable with plenty of fun The piano sings when her touch is won. JOHN SMITH MARJORIE STOCKDALE A trustworthy servant John Smith has made Diligent and constant to God and His work He will follow the plan that God has laid. Her duty in life she will never shirk. MARILYN WILLIAMS In Marilyn ' s life many seeds does she sow, Of kindness and love wherever she goes. EUGENE WILLIAMS Untiring services to God and all good For the Master has called and Gene understood. JUNIORS College Hill Church Under Construction SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS BILLY CRANE President YVONNE BENNETT Vice-President NELL KNIGHT Secretary JOHNNY PRICE Treasurer FRANCES NICHOLS Reporter PROF. CLAUDE GALLOWAY Sponsor Sophomores preparing code for the traditional Cake Contest First Row: JOHN D. ADAMS Fort Lauderdale, Fla. JASPER ALSBROOKS Sumter, S. C. ROBERT J. ANDRESS Nashville, Tenn. LaVERA APPLEGATE Jamestown, Tenn. Second Row: JACK ARCHER Brazil, Ind. YVONNE BENNETT Marmet, W. Va. ETHELENE BIGGS Lewisburg, Tenn. KENNETH BOYETTE Hahira, Ga. Third Row: ROBERT BREEDLOVE Hamilton, Ga. BILL BRIDGES Chattanooga, Tenn. GRANT BROWNING Logan, W. Va. MILDRED CAMPBELL High Point. N. C. SOPHDMDRES 46 FT " First Row: EARL CHILDERS Louisville, Ky. RAYMOND CHILDERS Louisville, Ky. KENNETH CLEMENTS Wrightsville, Ga. DONALD CORK Tuscaloosa, Ala. Second Row: JERRY COSTA N ashville, Tenn. BILLY CRANE Gallatin, Tenn. LOUISE CRAVENS Lawrenceburg, Tenn. JAMES CROSSMAN Nashville, Tenn. Third Row: FRANCES CYPERT Florence, Ala. ELDRED DAVIS London, Tenn. CHARLES DUCKETT Franklin, Tenn. CHRISTINA ELKINS Wurtland, Ky. _ C?fci43 oj? 19 5 4 47 First Row: JOHN FARMER Miami, Fla. FRANCES FOSTER Nashville, Tenn. HERBERT H. FOXWORTHY, JR Richmond, Ind. WILLARD FROST Scottsville, Ky. Second Row: CLAYTON GILMER Cartersville, Ga. HELEN GOBER Pontiac, Mich. GENEVA HAMILTON Ashland, Ky. BILL HARRIS Sulphur Spr ings, Tex. Third Row: ELMER HEABERLIN Wurtland, Ky. DOUGLAS HENDON Florence, Ala. RUTH HIEFTJE Muskegon, Mich. WILLIAM HILL Vincent, Ohio SOPHOMORES 48 First Row: MARTHA JORDICK Bellaire, Ohio ARTHUR L. KIMMERY Nashville, Tenn. NELL KNIGHT Birmingham, Ala. SHERMAN LEONARD Arlington, Va. Second Row: JOSEPH V. LEWELLEN Nashville, Tenn. HARVEY LOLLEY Uniontown, Ala. R. E. MANER Savannah, Ga. JANRIS McMANUS Nashville, Tenn. Third Row: MARY ROSE MERCHANT Jasper, Ala. VERBON E. MURPHREE Trade, Ala. LAURIE MURRAY Jacksonville, Fla. FRANCES NICHOLS Uniontown, Ala. diaSd 19 5 4 49 First Row: BILL ROBINSON BETY SUE PATTON M. H. ROZZELL ROY PHILEMON LOUISE PHILLIPS Third Row: YVONNE PLATT LaRHEA SAMPLES Frank, W. Va. Second Row: WAYNE SHELTON JOHN PRICE ROBERT SHERRILL MERLIN PROVANCE .... .... Belleville, W. Va. BILL SLONECKER SOPHOMORES - 50 First Row: BEN SPEER Nashville, Tenn. EULA JEAN STEPHAN Louisville, Ky. WILLIAM STEWART Nashville, Tenn. PEGGY STOKER Fulton, Ky. Second Row: NELL STONE Lizemore, W. Va. EARL STOREY Aurora, Ind. PEGGY TRUNDLE Ringgold, Ga. C. F. VAN GUNDY Jacksonville, Fla. Third Row: CHARLES WALLACE Nashville, Tenn. ALENE WHITMAN Mobile, Ala. THOMAS E. WIGHT Jacksonville, Fla. _ CLu. o 19 54 51 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS CHARLES HODGE President RACHEL RUSHING Vice-President RUBY MURRELL Secretary BEN SHEARRER Treasurer ANNA STUCKI Reporter MISS MABEL COONER Charles Hodge received Cake Code from Billy Crane a J J o First Row: PAUL ACHHAMMER Steubenville, Ohio FRANK ADKINS Birmingham, Ala. ROBERT AGNER Madison, Fla. SHIRLEY BASH Kenova, W. Va. SAMMIE BELL Sheffield, Ala. NETTIE BELVIN Richmond, Va. Second Row: PEGGY BENSON Nashville, Tenn. NORMA BEVARS Louisville, Ky. RAY BOWLING Wheelersburg, Ohio WILLARD BRINKMAN Jacksonville, Fla. GERALD BRINSON Miami, Fla. JOHN R. BROWNING Man, W. Va. Third Row: DOROTHY BURKE Lake Mary, Fla. WILLIAM R. BYRD Nashville, Tenn. VIRGINIA CALKIN Greeneville, Tenn. BEVERLY CARPENTER Flint, Mich. NORMA CARPENTER Chester, W. Va. MARTHA CHAPPELL Corbin, Ky. Fourth Row: WALTER E. COTTRELL Nashville, Tenn. EUNICE COURTS Cincinnati, Ohio RUTH CRAVENS Hartville, Mo. FREEMAN DAVIS Oiito, N. Mex. WILBUR DAVIS Bradenton, Fla. EDWIN DEESE Jacksonville, Fla. Fifth Row: PEGGY DODD Charleston, W. Va. MARVIN DONALDSON Lima, Ohio WILLARD DRAKE Chattanooga, Tenn. MARY DRISKELL Atlanta, Ga. W. R. DUNCAN Mobile, Ala. NADINE EVANS Brookhaven, Ga. FRESHMEN First Row: RUTH EVANS Cullman, Ala. DALE EVERSOLE Dayton, Ohio PAUL FITCH Bluefield, W. Va. MARY ETHEL FOSTER Lanett, Ala. JOAN FREED Elkhart, Ind. WESLEY GARR Louisville, Ky. Second Row: JOYCE GARRISON Cullman, Ala HAROLD GENTRY Nashville. Tenn ROBERT GILLILAND Belle. W. Va HOMER GRAHAM Charleston. W. Va IRIS JANE GUNTHER Frankfort, Ky RAY HADDIX Elkins, W. Va Third Row: OMER HAMILTON Maryville, Tenn. EARLINE HARDEN Miami, Fla. EDITH HARRIS Jasper, Ala. HARRY LEE HASTY Shelbyville, Tenn. MARY HENDERSON Wierton, W. Va. CHARLES HODGE Memphis, Tenn. Fourth Row: JACK HOLLAND Miami, Fla. PHYLLIS HUDSON Charleston, W. Va. RAY IHRIG Fort Thomas, Ky. ROBERT INGRAM Sumter, S. C. BETTY JEWELL Columbia, Tenn. LEILA JONES Richmond, Ky. Fifth Row: M. R. KENOYER Jacksonville, Fla. GLENN KEYS Nashville, Tenn. BELVA KILLIAN De Soto, Mo. JAMES KIMBRELL Birmingham, Ala. JOE KIRKUS Barnesville, Ga. GARTH KLEPFER Indianapolis, Ind. - " ■ - First Row: FAYE LAYFIELD Nashville, Tenn NATHALENE LOWERY Houston, Miss. THOMAS McCLAIN Cultcr, Ohio DAVID MARTIN Berea, Ky. ALICE MAURICE Miami, Fla. GENEVA MAYS Nashville, Tennessee Second Row: KENNETH MAZE Parkersburg, W. Va. HERMAN M EEKS Jacksonville, Fla. DOUGLAS MEREDITH Miami, Fla. ARLINE MIDDENDORF St. Louis, Mo. BOB MIDDENDORF St. Louis, Mo. INEZ MILLER Winchester, Va. Third Rrow: JEAN MONEY So. Corbin, Ky. RUBY MURRELL Caruthersville, Mo. ROEL NABORS Grenada, Miss. MARY O ' BRIEN Blytheville, Ark. PATRICIA O ' NEAL Louisville, Ky. HENRY OSBORN Lanett, Ala. Fourth Row: GEL PEARSON Huntsville, Ala. SAM PICKENPAUGH Morgantown, W. Va KATHLEEN POPE Cartersville, Ga. MARION PRESSLEY Fort Mill, S. C. PATRICIA PRIBBLE Fort Lauderdale, Fla. JOAN PROFFER Cape Girardeau, Mo. Fifth Row: RICHARD RANSBOTTOM Sanford, Fla. CHARLES RHYNE Nashville, Tenn. ROY ROBERTS Chattanooga, Tenn. MATTIE ROBINSON Lockland. Ohio RAYMOND HOWARD ROGERS Daytona Beach, Fla. THOMAS ROWAN Lake City, Fla. d FRESHMEN First Row: NORMA ROWLAND Nashville, Tenn. RACHEL RUSHING Oak Hill, W. Va. BEN SHEARRER Nashville, Tenn. JAMES SHERON Lancaster. Ky. BETTY SMALLWOOD Lanett, Ala. HAROLD SMITH Falling Rock, W. Va. Second Row: RUTH SONES St. Louis, Mo. ANNA STUCKI Birmingham, Ala. WALTER TABOR Bluelfied. W. V a . GLORIA TAYLOR Gainesville, Ga. ROY THOMPSON Adrian, Ga. BILLIE TONEY Nashville, Tenn. Third Row: DON TOOLE Decatur, III ORVILLE TOY Louisville, Ky ROBERT TURNER Jacksonville, Fla GLENNA VARNEY Logan, W. Va EUNICE WACHTEL Nashville, Tenn DONALD WARD Charleston, W. Va Fourth Row: ROBERT WELLS Dayton, Ohio CATHERINE WHITEHEAD Rockledge, Ga. FRANCES WINDER Chester, W. Va. MYRENE WOOD Waycross, Ga. BETSY YORK Wolf River, Tenn. JUNIOR THEOLOGICAL CLASS OFFICERS GEORGE A. FENDER President JAMES LUCIUS Vice-President JOHN ROBINSON Secretary-Treasurer RAYMOND JONES Reporter PROF. KOY PHILLIPS Sponsor Prof. Phillips as-.isting some students in registration J U N I D R First Row: OWEN DEAN ALEXANDER Belpre, Ohio LADDIE R. BIRKHIMER Wierton, W. Va. MARTHA L. BIRKHIMER Wierton, W. Va. RAYMOND C. CARPENTER . . Point Pleasant, W. Va. GEORGE E. DAVIS Rock Mills, Ala. LEONARD JAMES DAWS Dayton, Ohio Second Row: R .B. DOWD Monroe, La. GEORGE FENDER Valdosta, Ga. EDWARD GANT Newell, W. Va. GEORGE T. GIBBS Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM L. GILBO Nashville, Tenn. WINFRED GLEAVES Nashville, Tenn. Third Row: JOHN W. HERRALD St. Albans, W. Va. NORMAN B. HIGGINBOTHOM . . Forest Cottage, Ky. WILLIAM HOGAN Birmingham, Ala. EUGENE HUMPHRIES Nashville, Tenn. EARL D. HYATT Nashville, Tenn. MELVIN JARRATT Blytheville, Ark. Fourth Row: RAYMOND LESLEY JONES Orangeburg, S. C. BOBBY KEA Adrian, Ga. JAMES LUCIUS Houlka, Miss. LEWIS McCONNELL Nashville, Tenn. INMAN McMAHON Melbourne, Fla. RAYMOND MERRIMAN Chattanooga, Tenn. THEOLOGICAL First Row: JOHN OSBORNE Lanett, Ala. WILLIAM PATRICK Charleston, W. Va. CHARLES S. PATTON Palmer, Tenn. EARL W. PIERCE Pineville, Ky. JOE POWELL Portland, Tenn. JOSEPH E. RAUCH Columbia, S. C. Second Row: ART RENFRO Madison, W. Va. CARLOS RENFRO Madison, W. Va. BRADY OTIS RIFFLE Nashville, Tenn. JOHN ROBINSON Huntington, W. V a . FRANK RYALL Chattanooga, Tenn. EDWARD SMALLWOOD Lanett, Ala. Third Row: H. F. SMITH Louisville, Ky. EUGENE TARTER Lagro, Ind. HERBERT THOMPSON Lanett, Ala. HOWARD TRIPP Paholtee, Fla. EDWARD WATSON New Smyrna Beach, Fla. JACK CARL WATSON New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Fourth Row: EUGENE WEAKLEY Nashville, Tenn. WALTER WHITE London, Ohio J First Row: MAURICE EVANS Nashville, Tenn. HALLIE F. FENDER Valdosta. Ga. HELEN KILLGORE Nashvifle, Tenn. Second Row: JOSEPH L KILLGORE Nashville, Tenn. ELSIE KOLAR Boulder, Colo. ARLIE CLARE MARTIN Berea, Ky. Third Row: LOLA MERRIMAN Chattanooga, Tenn. GLADYS REED Boulder, Colo. IVA JANE WALLACE Charleston, W. Va. SPECIAL STUDENTS WINTER QUARTER STUDENTS First Row: CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Jacksonville, Fla. LILLIAN FELKER ... Louisville, Ky. GEORGE FERGUSON . . Nashville, Tenn. DALE HILKERT Lewisburg, Pa. DORIS HILKERT Lewisburg, Pa. ESTHER HILKERT Lewisburg Pa. Second Row: WARREN HILKERT ... Lewisburg, Pa EDWARD KELLEY . . . . Owensboro, Ky LAVEDA MARTIN Lake Wales, Fla SAMUEL MARTIN Colorado Springs. Colo Sumter, S. C Huntsvilie, Ala BOBBY MITCHELL LULA ANN MOON Third Row: GLEN MURRELL CHARLES RICHARDS BEATRICE SHARPTON MAVIS SHARPTON . EUGENE SIMPSON HAROLD SPENCER North Manchester Ind. Fourth Row: MARY ANN SPENCE1 SHIRLEY VAN GUNDV DONNA SAMSON CURTIS SPRAKER . . HAROLD WETMORE Clarksville, Tenn. Cincinnati, Ohio . Cullman, Ala. Cullman, Ala. Concord, N. C. Tuscaloosa, Ala Jacksonville, Fla Nashville, Tenn Bluefield, W. Va Jacksonville, Fla GEORGE EDWARD YORK Jamestown Tenn ( i ■ . A , SUMMER SCHOOL, 1951 Summer School Students Chapel time, as refreshing as an oasis to summer school students SUMMER SCHOOL The Summer School session is twelve weeks. Everyone should have the pleasure of taking a course straight through the week for it gives a more lasting impression of the sub- ject. TOP RIGHT: Archaeology students view ancient tablets LOWER RIGHT: Lessons out on the lawn First Row: VIRGINIA ARNOLD Raceland, Ky. MARY BERRY Columbus, Ga. LAVERNE BROWN High Point, N. C PHYLLIS BURKHART Winslow, Ind. BARBARA COLE Rossville, Ga. Third Row: HILTON GILLESPIE Cairo, Ga. ALBERT GREEN Sanford, Fla. LOUISE HALL Dayton, Ohio CHARLES HALLIBURTON Monoville, Ga. KENNETH HOCKIN Alvin, Texas Second Row: JAMES COLEY Gallatin, Tenn. SUE CORK Fredericktown, Mo. BILL COVERDILL Jacksonville, Fla. DON DIXON Ashland, Ky. GENEVA FRANZ Ashland, Ky. Fourth Row: PEGGY HOLT Florence, Ala. JAMES HOWARD Lancing, Tenn. DANIEL MAXWELL San Angelo, Tenn. MABEL MAY Ashland, Ky. CAROLYN RUTH MINTON Kirksey, Ky. 64 SENIORS First Row: JUANITA ORNDOFF Nashville, Tenn. IRIS PHILEMON Nashville, Tenn. CALVIN PRIVETT Mobile, Ala. GERALDINE ROGERS Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES SEWELL Covington. Ky. Second Row: JIMMIE SMITH Nashville, Tenn. WYNDELL SMITH Osierfield, Ga. BRENTSON SPRUILL Nashville, Tenn. HOWARD SPRUILL Nashville, Tenn. PAUL TAYLOR Akron, Ohio Third Row: RETHA THRASHER Florence, Ala. SYLVIA WALLACE Chattanooga, Tenn. ELNORA WILLIAMS Jacksonville, Fla. OFFICERS HOWARD SPRUILL President SUE CORK Vice-President VIRGINIA ARNOLD Secretary RETHA THRASHER Treasurer First Row: MARIAN ADAMS LYNN CASSEDAY WILLIAM FRANK CONGER GILBERT TERRY CRAIG PHYLLIS GRACE EVERSOLE PEGGY FANNIN Second Row: ROBERT HALE WINIFRED HALSTEAD EDRA HAMMOND JOHN LANCASTER FORREST McCULLOUGH MARTHA ANN McKAMEY Third Row: WILLIAM FRANK MALONE WILLIS DALE MARTIN HERMAN METZGAR NEVADA MUSSER ESTHER NAHUMOVICH JAMES RAGSDALE Fourth Row: ESTHER RAY RODGERS GLENN RUBLE HAROLD SANDERS CLARICE SPRUILL JOSEPH WAYNE SUMMERLIN J U N I D 67 R S First Row: BUDDY CRANE JOYCE MARIE DAVIS PATRICIA DECKER VERNON DRAPER CARY NEAL DUCKETT DAVIE EDMONDSON Second Row: MARILYN ELSEA CHARLES FOUNTAIN JACK GREEN JON HASSELL MARTHA HAWKS DALE HEMMERLY Third Row: WARNER McPHERSON, JR. LONA ELLEN MILLER JIMMIE PICKLESIMER PHILIP RODGERS REBECCA JEAN RODGERS HARRY SCHULTZ Fourth Row: EDITH SHAFFER ROBERT LEE SKIPPER MYRA GAIL SMITH WAYNE SULLIVAN MATTIE PEARL VAUGHAN JAMES H. VICKERS JIMMY WHITE SDPHDMDRES 68 FRESHMEN DOROTHY BOREN JERRY BROWN LONNIE CHITWOOD EARL COTTRELL PEARL HESTER COBB CURTIS RICE GALLOWAY JERRY SOBER HARRY HALEY EMMA J. LEVERETTE JAMES DAVID LEWELLEN LARRY DALE SMITH MELVIN EUGENE SMITH CHARLES THIBAUT TOMMY TRAYLOR REBECCA WACHTEL WALTER LEE WARPOOL BONNIE WILLIAMS First Row: JAMES E. ADAMS ROGER COSTA DAVID W. DAVIS TOMMY DAVIS BILLY GALLOWAY JACK GALLOWAY DANNY SHAFFER Second Row: DAVID E. GIVENS DANNY K. GRESHAM LOREN P. GRESHAM JANE HASSELL LEWIS HASSELL NANCY HENDERSON Third Row: J. W. KENNEDY LARRY R. KOLAR LINDA KOLAR BOB LEWELLEN JIM MALONE Fifth Row SYLVIA JEAN SCHNITZLER CLYDE TONEY ARNOLD SPRUILL CHARLES DAVID VAUGHAN Fourth Row: BARBARA JOAN MARTIN SANDRA MURPHREE ROYCE REDFORD MARK RODGERS MIRIAM ROWLAND GEORGE RUCK JIMMIE SUE VAUGHAN DEMDNSTRATIDN SCHOOL 70 The High School Forensic Club OUR OWN T.N. C. H.S. TOP RIGHT: Students gather for singing before class LOWER RIGHT: Grade School busy at work Trevecca High School is inspirational as well as educational for it teaches boys and girls Christian principles. Professor Adams has guided the high school through a successful year. The out- ings and class meetings have shown school spirit and cooperation among the stu- dents. The Forensic Club has gained much experience in speaking by its competition with other schools. It will mean so much to the students in future years to look back on their schooldays that were spent in a Christian influence under Christian teachers and be thankful for the rich experiences. ry animations 73 QUARTETS AND TRIO EVANGELAIRES QUARTET Jimmie Smith, Paul Fitch, Billy Anderson, Billy Crane 1A pi ritual ife 4 tt i n i: l s §» t: i a t: a s Spiritual food is spread in our chapel services. The warmth and glow of the Divine in our midst makes it the most elevating hour of the day. The one whose heart is burdened receives a lift from his heavy load. Students find purpose in their life by answering His call. We sit at the Master ' s feet, and truly new fervor and peace fills our soul. The messages chal- lenge us to higher heights in attaining our goal in life. As we pray " Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, " we pray, too, that our path may lead in the way of holiness for this is where our feet should tread. In years to come we will think back over the moments we spent in chapel and re- member the times as priceless. We will not be able to keep the services but the spirit of them will live in us, working and enabling us to reach others for Christ. The truths and knowledge of faith and love will be stored in our minds and hearts to someday blossom as a rose upon some desert air. The fellowship and the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love are never broken even though we depart at the end of the year going north, east, south and west. We carry from the spiritual storehouse of Trevecca power to be a blessing to others. DR. BASIL MILLER John T. Benson Lecturer MRS. RALPH EARLE Revival Week DR. EDWARD S. MANN Student Council Lecturer 76 REV. C. E. KEYS Orienta ' ion Week DR. T. W. WILLINGHAM Messages on Prayer " Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. " Psalms 29:2. 1951-195 2 DR. A. B. MACKEY President ' s Week DR. ROY H. CANTRELL Baccalaureate Sermon DR. W. T. PURKISER Commencement Speaker 77 OFFICERS J. B. RIGNEY President DOUGLAS HENDON Vice-President MARJORIE STOCKDALE Secretary MALCOLM VARNER Treasurer LOWEL FOSTER Reporter DR. MAUDE ST U NECK Sponsor The Ministerial Association is an organization composed of ministerial members of the faculty, ministerial students and those students who are preparing for different types of Christian serv- ice. The purpose of its members is to foster high spiritual standards in the college and wherever their influence might reach. For one week each quarter members of the association furnish the chapel addresses. These are among the finest chapel talks given and the students receive a rich blessing from them. Among their activities this current year has been the promotion of campaigns for the Thanksgiv- ing and Easter missionary offerings. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION STUDENT W I V E S The wives of Trevecca students meet to have fellowship and receive instructions how to be the most efficient minister ' s wife. The group has accomplished much in the meetings this year under the able leadership of their sponsor. They feel that they are better gualified to carry on their duties in the home and church life. OFFICERS GOLDIE HOLBROOK President LOLA MERRIMAN Vice-President PEGGY CHILDERS Secretary BETTY SUE PATTON Treasurer MISS AMY L. PERSON Sponsor Offic CHRISTIAN WORKERS " . . . Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto Me. " Matt. 25:40. Christian Workers Association is com- posed of those students who take an ac- tive part in Christian work. Weekly they are enqaqed in services at the hospitals, jails, juvenile courts and workhouses. A new work at the Tennessee Industrial School has been started. This gives them the privilege of reaching three hundred and fifty boys and girls for Christ. They are given opportunity of occasional serv- ices at the Tennessee Reform School. At the County Workhouse permission is granted to pray with the men. OFFICERS DALE HILKERT President MELVIN TAYLOR Vice-President ARLINE MIDDENDORF Secretary DOUGLAS HENDON Treasurer MARGUERITE SCHROPE Reporter PROF. K. W. PHILLIPS Sponsor The captains make plans at cabinet meeting The Association reports that at all the institutions they are giving attention and responding better than ever betore. The students are showing a greater interest and are carrying a heavy burden for the lost. Each Monday niqht a prayer-meeting is held in the Auditorium. A special speaker each time inspires the workers with new zeal and determination. There has been a spirit of love and willing- ness to be of the greatest help. The prayer- meetings have been constantly visited by the presence of the One who said, " Come unto Me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden. " Christian Workers Prayer meeting Group gives out literature Students who are preparing for the mis- sion field and those who are interested in the activity of missions meet each Friday after chapel to spend an hour in prayer. Reports are given of the progress of the work in various fields. Perhaps some day from this very group several missionaries will go forth to proclaim the glad tidings. Trevecca already can say that the " sun never sets on Trevecca students, " for they are representing her on many fields. 82 OFFICERS DOUGLAS HENDON President ARTHUR JACKSON Vice-President MARJORIE STOCKDALE Secretary-Treasurer MARTHA NELL DERRYBERRY Reporter MISSIONARY JPRA YER RAMP ALABAMA CLUB OFFICERS JAMES ROBINSON President NELL KNIGHT Vice-President ELAINE RICHARDSON Secretary ALENE WHITMAN Treasurer FRANCES CYPERT Reporter OFFICERS LAURIE MURRAY President CHARLES VAN GUNDY Vice-President ELNORA WILLIAMS Secretary JACK FARMER Treasurer ROBERT SHERRILL Reporter F L 0 fl I DA CLUB 84 G E D H G I A CLUB OFFICERS BRUCE CROSBY President KENNETH BOYETTE Vice-President PEGGY TRUNDLE Secretary MARY D R I SK ELL Treasurer R. E. MANER Reporter OFFICERS ARTHUR JACKSON President PEGGY STOKER Vice-President LEiLA JONES Secretary-Treasurer PATRICIA O ' NEAL Reporter KENTUCKY CLUB 85 MISSISSIPPI CLUB OFFICERS HALBERT JENKINS President ROEL NABORS Vice-President NATHALENE LOWERY Secretary-Treasurer OFFICERS BETTY BARNETT President BILL BRIDGES Vice-President BETSY YORK Secretary ETHELENE BIGGS Treasurer BETTY JEWELL Reporter TENNESSEE CLUB 86 NORTH CAROLINA CLUB OFFICERS JUNE CAMPBELL President LORENE BROWN Vice-President LAVERNE BROWN Secretary IRIS PHILEMON Treasurer ROY PHILEMON Reporter OFFICERS MELVIN TAYLOR President ROBERT INGRAM Vice-President JASPER ALSBROOKS Secretary-Treasurer SAM JONES Reporter SOUTH CAROLINA CLUB 87 VIRGINIA CLUB OFFICERS MALCOLM VARNER President INEZ MILLER Vice-President NETTIE BELVIN Secretary-Treasurer J. C. SUMMERLIN Reporter OFFICERS MERLIN PROVANCE President WALTER TABOR Vice-President RACHEL RUSHING Secretary ROBERT GILLILAND Treasurer NORMA CARPENTER Reporter WEST VIRGINIA CLUB 88 RAMBLERS CLUB OFFICERS DON N MORROW President JACK ARCHER Vice-President ARLINE MIDDENDORF Secretary FREEMAN DAVIS Treasurer This club is composed of those students who re- side within the city. They feel that it is a privilege to have Trevecca in Nash- TOWN CLUB 89 1 The Music Club is composed of those members of the choral and instrumental groups in the school as well as those who are interested in music. The society wishes to promote a deepr interest in the highest realm of music. Officers OFFICERS BETTY BARN ETT President YVONNE PLATT Vice-President NELL KNIGHT Secretary MALCOLM VARNER Treasurer NADINE SHORTRIDGE Reporter MRS. E. K. HARDY Sponsor PROF. H. F. HAMMOND Sponsor MUSIC CLUB SPEECH CLUB OFFICERS VERLIN ARCHER President JACK ARCHER Vice-President LAVONNE JERNIGAN Secretary BETTY MEGGS Treasurer JANRIS McMANUS Reporter MISS MABEL COONER Sponsor PROF. CLAUDE GALLOWAY Sponsor Off; Students who are enrolled as private speech students, and those who have a major or minor in speech are mem- bers of the Speech Club. This organization promotes more interest in public speaking, recitals, and dramas. A play is presented by the students in the spring quarter under the direction of Miss Cooner. Readings are given by speech students in chapel at different times through the year. The Fine Arts Department sponsored the chapel pro- grams for a week this year. During that week a presentation of a radio church service was given by members of the club, also a program centered around the theme, " At the Cross. " The activities of the club have been numerous as most of the members are regularly engaged in speech work. As the old adage goes, " Practice makes perfect. " The speech students take notice and heed the sound advice. 91 OFFICERS TOMMY HEMMERLY Presideni ELAINE RICHARDSON Vice-President LaRHEA SAMPLES Secretary-Treasurer RALPH HUDSON Reporter MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor A group of students who are interested in this particular subject. Their idea is to make the world a better place to live by acquainting themselves with science. One of the highlights of the club is the luncheon served each month for the members. SCIENCE CLUB Science Club Trip to New Orleans THE V E C C A ' S G. I. ' S Melvin G. Abney Lawrence Adams Owen D. Alexander Jasper Alsbrooks Robert J. Andress Marvin E. Appleby Jimmy R. Bentley Robert H. Breedlove Laddie R. Birkhimer Verlie P. Campbell Albert Frank Carey Raymond C. Carpenter Earl C. Childers Raymond W. Childers James E. Coley Walter E. Cottrell James Edward Crossman Charles E. Cunningham Leonard J. Daws R. B. Dowd Maurice E. Evans George A. Fender George T. Gibbs Winfred D. Gleaves Harold B. Graves Bobby J. Harper Harry L. Hasty Douglas W. Hendon John W. Herrald Norman Higginbothom William J. Hogan Franklin Holbrook William R. Hudson James Eugene Humphries Earl Dean Hyatt Robeit Lawton Ingram Melvin B. Jarratt Myron Roy Kenoyer Helen M. Killgore James William Kimbrell Arthur L. Kimmery Joseph V. Lewellen Harvey O. Lolley Howell W. Lowery James E. Lucius Robert E. Maner, Jr. David H. Martin Thomas A. Martin Virgil K. Maze John C. Meadors, Jr. Raymond L. Merriman Lewis D. McConnell, Jr. James E. McCormick Inman G. McMahon Eldon E. Morrell Verbon Earl Murphree John W. Osborn Charles S. Patton William H. Patrick Charles H. Phipps Earl W. Pierce Joe M. Powell Marion Pressley Calvin C. Privett Joseph E. Rauch Art Andrew Renfro Carlos J. Renfro Norman Rickey Brady O. Riffle Jessie B. Rigney James William Robinson Frank L. Ryall James W. Sheron Edward L. Smallwood Oscar M. Smith William A. Stewart Earl E. Storey Walter H. Tabor Clarence J. Tarkington John W. Taylor Howard M. Tripp Charles F. Van Gundy Malcolm O. Varner Charles L. Wallace Edward P. Watson Jack Carl Watson Eugene Weakley Robert Luther Wells Thomas E. Wight OFFICERS FRANCES NICHOLS President CHAMP TRAYLOR Vice-President LaVERA APPLEGATE Secretary JON HASSELL Treasurer CLARICE SPRUILL Reporter MISS AMY L. PERSON Sponsor The Trevecca Honor Society is the Zeta chapter of the National Nazarene Society of Phi Delta Lambda. Membership is de- termined on the basis of a year ' s work. To become a member one must have a yearly standing of 2.5 quality points. The college graduate may obtain membership for life with this average at graduation. Offi HONOR SOCIETY hysicat Education .0 1 OFFICERS BILL HARRIS President HOWARD SPRUILL Vice-President LAURIE MURRAY Secretary-Treasurer BILL SLONECKER Reporter PROF. HOMER ADAMS Sponsor The M.A.A. is composed of those who are interested in physical education. They promote activities in intramural sports such as football, basketball and softball. They carry with them in play the spirit of fairness. Offic MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION This organization is composed of those girls who endeavor to make their life well- rounded by taking part in physical educa- tion. Officers OFFICERS CLARICE SPRUILL President PEGGY HOLT Vice-President PEGGY FANNIN Secretary RETHA THRASHER Treasurer JANRIS McMANUS Reporter REBECCA WACHTEL Historian MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor GIRLS 9 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The choir under the capable direction of Mrs. Hardy has placed itself high in the field of religious music. This year the choir completed its third tour to Nazarene Mrs. E. K. Hardy, Director churches in the Southeastern Educational Zone. The choir is composed of select voices that are chosen at the beginning of the school year. Any student may well aspire to be a choir member for it is an honor indeed. God ' s richest blessings rest with the choir. COLLEGE CHOIR C H O R US The highlight of this year ' s activity was the presentation of the Christmas story in scripture and song. The chorus is composed of those who love to sing and who sing well. Verlin Archer, Reader at the Christmas Program choir members. It is valuable experience for those who are majors or minors in Many members of the chorus are future music. 101 RECITALISTS LAVONNE JERNIGAN Speech BETTY MEGGS Speech WILLIAM H. ANDERSON, JR Speech NADINE SHORTRIDGE Piano JULIA ANN SULLIVAN Contralto NADINE SHORTRIDGE JULIA ANN SULLIVAN The Fine Arts Department presents each year recitals by Juniors and Seniors who are majorinq in applied fields of music and speech shown performances. The recitals this year have careful study and excellent 102 WILLIAM H. ANDERSON, JR. President Senior Representative CHARLES DUCKETT Secretary Sophomore Representative JUNE CAMPBELL Junior Representative s r i n i: r i i s on v " They brought hope with them and forward-looking thoughts. " DR. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor The Student Council is composed of seven students whose duty is to promote the best interest of the college. It serves as a bond between the students and fac- ulty. The Friday night literary programs are the result of much planning on the part of the Council. This year a new point system has been inauguratd, in order to have a basis for selecting the awards and honors at the end of the school year. Each year you can see many improvements that this group initiates for it has proved in the past to be a successful student advisory body. p RACHEL RUSHING Freshman Representative RAYMOND JONES Junior Theological Representative LYNN CASSEDY High School Representative CALVIN PRIVETT High School Representative COUNCIL The president and secretary for the council are elected by the students with faculty approval at an annual spring elec- tion; other members, representing the various classes and departments, are elected early in the fall quarter. President Anderson presiding over a meeting First Row: Eunice Wachtel, Betty Meggs, Mrs. K. W. Phillips, Frances Nichols, Janris McManus Second Row: M. H. Roizell, Laurie Murray, Bill Harris, Bill Slonecker, Charles Van Gundy T U E I REV-ECHO E S OFFICERS BETTY MEGGS Editor BILL SLONECKER Business Manager MRS. K. W. PHILLIPS Sponsor MR. V. NEIL RICHARDSON Financial Advisor Reporters prepare copy for press TREV-ECHOES is the official bi-month- ly news publication, published under the auspices of the college Journalism class. It reflects the current life and thought of the college. Many improvements have been made in the make-up of the paper this year. The future holds bright possibilities for the reporters who gain much experi- ence by being members of the staff. Trev - Echoes D. H. SPENCER LEAVES FOR AFRICA rrevecca Group Mrs. Mabel Earle Is Honored IsEMORS PLAY HOSTS Goes To California State Department . al Clubs Begin Organization w mm by th Trevecca president, Dr. A. B. Vlackey, the dean of the College, Dr. L. P. Gresham, and the busi- less manager, Mr. V. Neil Ri - ardsoti. with 1W — I TO JUNIORSyj l n ss ge of | i,, have t On Tuesday, October 9, Bill An twoderson, student council presidem pa.--- announced that the state clufof Th ere Is Success WELL NEWS or CHRISTIAN WORK | Ry Margaret Schrope the busiest and happiest I ions on the campus this I le Christian Worker ' s As- ] This group, under the I ., wil1 be a hint „ -P of Melvin Taylor, is| t ' .Hi- .V " t m : ,; %.r :..,-.v;,rd in the most! our students could 1 lo ])erform — that ofi th the gospel the in- 6 s jails, workhouses and! •iitions in the city. 1 of the organization I ' ling during the sum- a , and Clod blessed the I old-fashioned altar witnessed at both r ■ «. uid the county! M anie [former the camPV mother io i l Smith- Bot " v I busy SENIOR CLASS ELECTS OFFICERS m on cov RT Iwith WW " school- at Scho So yho mot o CO) es sc :hoo FreS hroen 1 sop motes VS. vs. vs. vs. vs. CT res The ry v eV€ Scho o W ThutS ' ro «nciJrr,en e o. - The C ° urt c asS UpP er Fresh day. eve FACULTY HAS RETREAT Upp High , rc assvnen flf the workers to conduct of the ser- mch prayer and heart- offered in behalf of to whom we minister, rho minister, day evening the work- o hear re- ami to re- EtECTs M4vn» ie requests 1 Ui id some ex- i both the and it body, and v ' Occa » ' iivreasintr rmeeting. If He both for Tre Scho o fC ass - res vs. vs. jpP erC Uppers The Faculty Retreat was held atfa;, s . ° ' s ' ter , T ' VUee ,. - 0 i Montgomery Bell Park near Dick-f,-. JbJ n ' w om er ' G 8 Kdith - ?V.Hson, Tennessee, to discuss and pj. ' • r otvn,„ " a ' la ' n a ?( j - (ri- ' plan for a greater year in ' 51- ' 52. ,- a - v nigfa af g at tend en(fj Committee meetings were held t°: , 0 1 UD Per „ ( r H»e TTianJts ' " arrange chapel programs, Timely ° r e cJagg ' e tert ft, " FteS ent alTopics for Treveccans, dormitory . si,Q e« R ded eir JPP erC " avs to MHfe and stud.ent activities in every an a f 0ffn ' 2at; 0n k h PERSONALITY -J . ' J ' Rained make this year an j b» m P ct " f ' r u v.; Vatet. ON PARADE ear for the stu- took THE 1952 The DARDA STAFF of 1952 brings you this edition of the DARDA, " The Pearl of Wisdom, " with the desire that as you turn t hrough the pages of this book you will relive the memories of this school year that you cherish so dearly. D A R n A It is the responsibility of the staff to see that pictures are taken, ads received, snap- shots collected and manuscript written. The editor and business manager are elected in the spring quarter. Right DONN MORROW Assistant Business Manager PROF. V. NEIL RICHARDSON .... Financial Advisor EDITORIAL STAFF The pictures and writing tell a story of life at Trevecca. The staff has tried to keep those important happenings in mind and put them in such a vivid way that you will not forget them as you leave the school this year. This group sees to the mounting of the pictures, typing of the manu- script copy and reading of the proofs. From the making of the preliminary outline early in the year to the final result of the yearbook the staff is busily engaged in work. Let us take heed to our theme of Holiness and live it every day of our lives. BUSINESS STAFF With the cooperation of the churches and the business friends of the school the staff has been able to present in this section varied advertisements from many churches and business places with the hope that you will not stop at the end of the literary section but will go farther and read the ads. This group works behind the scenes but yet it is consistent work needing attention of those concerned all through the year. They make it possible, too, for the DARDA to be sold to those who are not students, along with taking care of all the financial business of the yearbook. BILLY CRANE HERBERT FOXWORTHY Photographer 111 Freshman Entrance Examinations Dean Gresharm and Secretary Hassel Student-Faculty Reception All-School Halloween Party Junior-Senior Party Seniors prepare food for social 113 Bookkeeper ' s office Prof. Duckett manages the Bookstore Mr. McCormick at work in the Barber Shop Bill Bridges in Dry Cleaning and Laundry Office In the Post Office Maintenance Workers 114 These are the best years of our lives. The Christian fellowship of the students, the guidance of a noble faculty and the pur- suit of our studies will not easily be for- gotten in the future. It will linger with us and will be remembered in happy memo- ries. Our friendships will be lasting; the planning of our life ' s work will be perma- nent and our task will be beckoning us as we leave the gates of Trevecca. " How manifold are thy blessings and Thy ways past finding out. " Dean of Women gives counsel Room in Hardy Hall Room in McKay Hall Nurse Benedict on duty 1T5 j Yvonne and Edith in the Stacks Room Chemistry Students in the Lab " Reading maketh a full man; conference obtain a well-rounded college education, a ready man; writing an exact man, " says The classes are opened with prayer and Bacon. In the labs, library, music rooms and the spirit of a search for the truth prevails classes much earnest study is exercised to always. Founder ' s Day Speakers Prof. Redford ' s Greek Class In the Serving Line Snaclc Shop, delight of the students Many of the students find ways in which they can work part time. This gives them a variety in their schedule and enables them to be efficient business people. The enjoyment of the students as they gather for meals is a pleasure to see. After a guarter it gives the student the feeling of being a part of something that is larger than himself and his own circle of friends. Former students come back to visit and most of them stay to be with friends at dinner time. BOUND FOR THE MISSION FIELD FACULTY DINNER IN HONOR OF MR. AND MRS. SPENCER » MRS. m COLLtuc FOR. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - AK CLEAR AND s ' Milium fRtSHMAN KINO AND ' OLD GLORY " FLIES OVER T.N.C. CAMPUS QR - WJ ' ■fe? A r MA awn WATCH OUT, YOU ' LL FALL 1 cut eteetttiaC tca — 2923 Troosl Ave.. Box 527. Kansas City 10. Missouri Washington at Bresee. Pasadena 7. California 1592 Bloor St., W.. Toronto 9. Ontario GEORGIA DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD H. J. EASON BRUCE B. HALL J. F. CHILTON LARK MARTIN OFFICERS L. E. HUMRICH Secretary BRUCE B. HALL Treasurer REV. MACK ANDERSON District Superintendent III Moreland Ave., S.E. Atlanta, Georgia BOOSTING A GREATER TNC DEPARTMENT HEADS W. 0. SHERIDAN Chairman Church School Board MRS. BRUCE B. HALL President W.F.M S. H. W. MINGLEDORFF President NY PS YOUTH CAMP INSTITUTE July 21-25, Adrian, Ga. CAMP MEETING July 25-August 3, Adrian, Georgia District Parsonage W.F.M.S. CONVENTION PREACHERS MEETING AND DISTRICT ASSEMBLY November 11-13, 1952 July 2-5, 1952 WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Trevecca Trustees EDWARD C. ONEY C. GLENN BOWLING H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT E. E. HALE DENNIS WYRICK Advisory Board EDWARD C. ONEY HOWARD WARWICK C. WAYNE JONES R. A. SISSON CLYDE M. PRITT DR. EDWARD C. ONEY District Superintendent JOHN R. BROWNING, SR District Secretary C. GLENN BOWLING District Treasurer MRS. EDWARD C. ONEY W.F.M.S. President GILES M. GRAHAM N.Y.P.S. President CAMP MEETING Summersville, W. Va. July 3-13 N.Y.P.S. District Institute August 25-29 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 52 FLORIDA DISTRICT SUPPORTING TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Advisory Board H. M. LINER Langley, S. C. D. W. THAXTON Sumter, S. C. V. V. SHUMPERT Columbia, S. C. W. B. WIDENER Langley, S. C. hairman Church Schools E. N. GUNTER Winnsboro, S. C. District Treasurer H. M. LINER District Secretary MRS. MYRTIE BRADHAM Sumter, S. C. W.F.M.S. President MRS. A. E. KELLY Columbia, S. C. N.Y.P.S. President MOODY FRIERSON Charleston, S. C. W. R. CLOER District Superintendent (Lonc ratulationS to a Jine C li Sent a 33 en lord and a d a Cjreat School. " Come to a District that is sticking to the old paths. " ( oncjrci tu let t ions to • A GREAT COLLEGE • A GREAT COLLEGE PRESIDENT • A GREAT CLASS 1952 FROM THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ADVISORY BOARD D. D. LEWIS A. J. FRANK CLARENCE WILEY H. C. ADKISSON TREVECCA TRUSTEES DR. L. T. WELLS REV. D. D. LEWIS DR. A. B. MACKEY DR. L. T. WELLS District Superintendent H. B. DEAN District Secretary W. P. WILHOYTE District Treasurer MRS. L. T. WELLS W.F.M.S. President OREN D. THRASHER N.Y.P.S. President D. D. LEWIS Ch airman Church School Board ZJlie £)istrict f AJitli Upward rjCooli and a Z orward Vlfjarcli (Lonc ratulationS to C faSS 1952 FROM ALABAMA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ADVISORY BOARD M. E. PERKINS GORDON WINCHESTER JOE FROST R. L. ANDERSON TREVECCA TRUSTEES OTTO STUCKI C. L. CHILTON WALLACE BELL M. E. PERKINS OTTO STUCKI District Superintendent MRS. PEARL CLABORN. DALLAS BAGGETT GORDON WINCHESTER LINDON L. SCALES TRAVIS H. JOHNSON. . . M. C. GARRISON W.F.M.S. President Chairman Church Schools N.Y.P.S. President Junior Drector District Treasurer District Secretary REV. D. K. WACHTEL Superintendent EVERY MRS. D. K. WACHTEL President W.F.M.S. DEPARTMENT TENNESSEE DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. A. K. BRACKEN, D.D. JOHN T. BENSON, JR. REV. J. E. BECKUM L. P. GRESHAM, Ph.D. OFFICERS REV. C. T. DUCKETT Secretary JAMES A. PATE Treasurer REV. M. E. REDFORD Chairman Church Schools ALL OUT IN THE REV. B. G. WIGGS President N.Y.P.S. MID CENTURY CRUSADE FOR SOULS " THE EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT STANDS FAITHFULLY BEHIND TREVECCA COLLEGE ALL OUR DEPARTMENT HEADS ARE PRAYING FOR GOD ' S RICHEST BLESSINGS ON OUR ZONE COLLEGE VICTOR E. GRAY District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS SETTLE M. SHAW Secretary W. L. ELKINS Treasurer DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD SETTLE M. SHAW LEON COOK W. L. ELKINS OSCAR WHEATON W. L. ELKINS Church Schools VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE We cordially invite Trevecca through its touring groups to " Test our welcome " DISTRICT OFFICERS REV. V. W. LITTRELL District Superintendent REV. ROBERT RAPALJE Secretary MR. G. H. JONES Treasurer MRS. V. W. LITTRELL W.F.M.S. President REV. JOHN E. COMPTON N.Y.P.S. President REV. FRED W. GIBSON Church School Board Chairman TREVECCA TRUSTEES DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. V. W. LITTRELL REV. C. E. WINSLOW MR. G. H. JONES REV. C. E. WINSLOW REV. E. W. Mr DOWELL MR. W. H. HUNT WE ASSURE YOU OUR PRAYERS, FAITH AND SUPPORT cjCoue an J s rpprecia revecca ( o liege WE ARE STAUNCH SUPPORTERS OF TREVECCA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DARDA STAFF AND CLASS OF 1952 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FLORENCE, ALABAMA CARL M. BROWN, Pastor NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT s4- Cj rowing l£)istritt l Jilli a .j rowing in Jrcvccca olleg c TREVECCA TRUSTEES C. E. SHUMAKE RAYMOND BROWNING ADVISORY BOARD C. E. SHUMAKE REEFORD CHANEY C. W. ELKINS VERNON JONES W. B. WHITEHEAD REV. C. E. SHUMAKE District Superintendent REEFORD CHANEY District Secretary VERNON JONES District Treasurer C. W. ELKINS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. C. E. SHUMAKE W.F.M.S. President NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT IS BACKING TREVECCA COLLEGE WITH PERSONNEL WITH PRAYERS WITH DOLLARS WITH OPPORTUNITIES " We Are Boosters For Trevecca Nazarene College " Dallas baggett Pastor EASTERN KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DISTRICT OFFICERS REV. D. K. BALLARD District Secretary REV. ASA SPARKS District Treasurer REV. ROBERT ALTMAN N. Y. P. S. President MRS. D. S. SOMERVILLE W.F.M.S. President REV. R. L. IHRIG Church Schools Chairman " The Southeastern Z one ' s Newest District Is 100% Back of Trevecca ' s Faculty and Student Body. " REV. D. S. SOMERVILLE District Superintendent M ... FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLARKSVILLE, TENN. " A Welcome Always Awaits You " MISS MARIE PEERY Youth Director EDGAR POWERS JR Sunday School Superintendent EDGAR POWERS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. PAULINE COLLIER W.F.M.S. President MRS. NORA OLDHAM C.M.S. President REV. W. M. GREATHOUSE Pastor EAST POINT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 102 South Cheney Street EAST POINT, GEORGIA BRUCE B. HALL Pastor E. L. WILKERSON S. S. Superintendent CHARLES E. HANEY N.Y.P.S. President MISS FRANCES FREENEY W.F.M.S. President We Believe in Trevecca Nazarene College FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1601 N. 21st Street RICHMOND. VIRGINIA PAUL R. HOLT. Pastor SERVICES Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Preaching I 1 :00 A.M. and 7:45 P.M. N.Y.P.S 7:00 P.M. Prayer Service . Wednesday,, 8:00 P.M. COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY DR. L. P. GRESHAM . . Sunday School Superintendent PAUL J. EBY N.Y.P.S. President MRS. A. K. BRACKEN W.F.M.S. President A Vital Interest in Every Interest of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Bath Ave. and 22nd Street ASHLAND, KENTUCKY —Phones 2484 and 170— dlmrcli UJit i lflf]issions in its J4eart and its J4eart in Tf ji. fissions STAFF Pastor. . . LAWRENCE B. HICKS S. S. Super JAMES SIMPSON Sec. of Board WAYNE KENDALL W.F.M.S Pres. . SYBIL MARTIN Y.W.-W.F.M.S. RUTH WILLIS N.Y.P.S. ... BURGESS STEWART NI-NIY Directors MR. MRS. JIM SARGENT Juniors AGNES WETTSTEIN Choir Director , BOB STEEBERGEN SERVICES Sunday School . . 9:45 A.M. Worship I I :00 A.M. N.Y.P.S 6:30 P.M. Hi-N.Y 6:30 P.M. Juniors 6:30 P.M. " One Night " Revival 7:30 P.M. LAWRENCE B. HICKS Pastor MORNING WORSHIP BROADCAST OVER WCMI FIRST CHORCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodland Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE HOBSON L. BYARS Sunday School Superintendent MAURICE E. GRIGGS, JR N.Y.P.S. President MRS. E. K. HARDY W.F.M.S. President " A CHURCH WITH A HEART INTEREST IN THE HEART OF NASHVILLE " CHARLESTON FIRST CHURCH " We Support, ■ ' ZpPK ' - the Service " The Church With a Future " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE JAMES HUDSON, Minister North Beach near Madison DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF THE CALVARY CHURCH OFTHE NAZARENE 3630 Jackson Avenue MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE " Where you will find a hearty wel- come and enjoy a spiritual feast. " REV. T. EVERETTE HOLCOMB Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF PORTLAND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WILLIAM S. STONE, Pastor CHURCH OFTHE NAZARENE FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE REV. C. T. DUCKETT Pastor T. T. KING S. S. Superintendent CHARLES DUCKETT N. Y. P. S. President MRS. C. T. DUCKETT W. F. M. S. President Congratulations from CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE corner of South Orange and Downing NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA CHARLES F. CRAUSWELL, Pastor REV. WALLACE BELL FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA REV. WALLACE BELL Pastor MR. FRANK FERRELL S. S. Supt. MR. JAMES COX N.Y.P.S. President MRS. WALLACE BELL W.F.M.S. President Four blocks off sfate highway 43 72 Congratulations to Trevecca College from Blountstown, Florida W. A. SARANTHUS Pastor " The Friendly Church in the Friendly City " CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MAN, WEST VIRGINIA " Once a Student Always a Booster " JOHN R. BROWNING, SR. Pastor D. D. " BILL " ROBINSON S. S. Supt. JAMES PELFREY N.Y.P.S. P.esident ORPHA BROWNING W.F.M.S. President ROY A. BETTCHER Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Main At Willow Street CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE RADIO CHOIR J. HERSCHEL IRWIN Director CLIFFORD DALE CURL Organist Sunday— I :00 P.M. WDOD A VOICE FOR HOLINESS IN THE SOUTHLAND ROY A. BETTCHER, Pastor C. GLENN BOWLING Fastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FAIRMONT, WEST VA. R. F. HANEY Sunday School Superintended GERALDINE BEAVANS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. LAURA ANSEL W. F. M. S. President BOOSTERS FOR T. N. C. i - ?. 1 1 i n i ' T I av LL- • U.J •til r Si j£ • ■ ' ' pi i li t . BS- r Li 1 : It li I AN It mm t J-ll rlhlF«M Av C A] t- J 1 L " The Friendly Church in the Friendly City " DAVIS CREEK CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA " The Largest Rural Church in America " Extends Warmest Congratulations to the Class of ' 52 REV. DENNIS WYRICK Minister " HOLINESS, OUR WATCHWORD AND SONG " We Believe in Trevecca " CHURCH OFTHE NAZARENE Cedar Avenue SOUTH PITTSBURG. TENNESSEE V. P. CAMPBELL, Pastor Compliments to the Class of 1952 PAULINE McKINLEY Song Evangelist Indianapolis District P.O. Box 1204 Muncie, Indiana Compliments from FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE REV. J. H. DEAL, Pastor " Congratulations, Darda Staff " COTTAGE HILL, ALA. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. J. D. STAFFORD, Pastor TREV-ECHOES " Voice of T.N.C. " College Newspaper Staff 1951-52 BETTY MEGGS Editor BILL SLONECKER Business Manager MRS. K. W. PHILLIPS Faculty Advisor MR. V. NEIL RICHARDSON Faculty Advisor The Gospel in SERMON SONG ART EVANGELIST CLYDE B. RODGERS 505 Lester Avenue Nashville 10, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS TO TREVECCA AND CLASS OF 1952 Faye, Alumna; Mrs. G. T. Speer; Mary Tom; Brock, Alumnus; Mr. G. T. Speer; Ben, Stu- THE SPEER FAMILY Gospel Singers and Musicians Radio and Recording Artists 920 Sutton Hill Road Nashville. Tenn. SOUTHEAST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA " A Friendly and Spiritual Church " Congratulations to Trevecca and the Class of 1952 Supporting the school where our young men are preparing for the ministry. REV. HADLEY HALL Pastor lAJe -Appreciate Jrevecca d Support THE NAZARENE YOUNG PEOPLE ' S SOCIETY FIRST CHURCH NASHVILLE 510 WOODLAND STREET MAURICE E. GRIGGS, JR President HERMAN L. SLONECKER, JR Vice-President JIMMY PATE, JR Treasurer JOAN HAWKINS Recording Secretary CONNIE JARRETT Corresponding Secretary LOUISVILLE ConaratJate C(a55 of 1952 A. J. FRANK Pastor CARL WHITLOW Sunday School Superintendent WALTER DAVIS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. CARL WHITLOW W.F.M.S. President OUR CHURCH " The Gateway to the South " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Twenty-Fourth and Howard Streets, (Two blocks south of Broadway) Louisville 1 0, Ky. IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " A Sanctuary of Hope and Praise " 3315 Charlotte Ave. NASHVILLE, TENN. " HOLDING FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE " CONGRATULATIONS TO TREVECCA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NEWPORT, KENTUCKY 830 York St. R. L IHRIG Minister Phone Ju. 0668 Parsonage — 36 S. Grand Avenue Ft. Thomas, Ky. Fitzgerald Nazarenes Love and Appreciate Trevecca FITZGERALD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FITZGERALD, GEORGIA " We Specialize in Friendliness " JOHN O. TAYLOR Pastor MRS. W. C. COBB Sunday School Superintendent MRS. E. 0- DOWNING, JR W.F.M.S. President MR. JIMMIE ROBERTS N.Y.P.S. President I 736 W. Baxter Avenue KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE WILLIAM ELKINS, JR. Pastor 708 Highland Drive Phone 6-2597 to O, revecca ' WE ARE BEHIND YOU 100% " lAJefcome Jrevecca Students JOHNNY T. CHILDS S. S. Superintendent ELMER KENT N. Y. P. S. President CHURCH OF THE «F1 J. G. WELLS, Pastor Gallatin Road and Sunnymead Drive Nashville, Tennessee REV. FRED W. GIBSON Minister OUR CHURCH IS TREVECCA ' S AMBASSADOR TO THE NATION ' S CAPITAL 680 GLEBE ROAD NORTH OF THE ARLINGTON. VIRGINIA " HOLDING FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE " WORSHIP GOD IN THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS When in Nashville Worship With Us REV. M. E. REDFORD, Pastor 800 Third Avenue, South NASHVILLE, TENN. CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " A Church Where Everyone Is Welcome " REV. RALPH SCHURMAN Pastor MARVIN SMOTHERMAN S. S. Superintendent MORRIS PEOPLES N. Y. P. S President MRS. S. A. JOHNSON W. F. M. S. President Confutations . . . GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road, Nashville, Tenn. " Where You Are Always Welcome " TREVECCA Congratulations to Darda Staff and Class of 1952 BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A. D. BOONE Minister of Music W. H. DOUGLAS S. S. Superintendent AGNES BROWN N.Y.P.S. President MRS. J. E. YEARGIN W.F.M.S. President B G ; IGGS Pastor " The Students ' home ' church while in Nashville " COMPLIMENTS FROM COLLEGE PRINTING COMPANY ALAMO PLAZA HOTEL COURTS THE HIGHWAY ' S FINEST Highways 70-S and 41 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF DONELSON CHURCH of the NAZARENE ★ DONELSON, TENNESSEE K. B. SLIFER, Pastor C onqratuiat ion 3 Class of 1952 and Darda Staff LANGDALE NAZARENE N.Y.P.S. LANGDALE, ALABAMA L. L. SCALES Pastor MRS. THOMAS COOKSEY N.Y.P.S. President " We Are Boosting Trevecca with Prayer and Money " TARPLEY, ALABAMA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. MRS. BEULAH DAVIES, Pastor J. P. LYLES, N.Y.P.S President Asphalt and Rubber Tile CARTER FLOORING COMPANY Hardwood floor sanded and finished Aluminum Wall Tile Phone 6-3643 127 Lafayette St. Nashville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 5 (jood IF MADE BY PHILLIPS ENJOY Phillips Potato Chips Pop Corn Peanuts Cakes Cookies Cracklings Made in Nashville PHILLIPS FOOD PRODUCTS CO. 1630 Church St. C on ratuiationd to the 1952 r5383 c ERE fflE PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! STEVE E. HOOD Official Photographer for DARDA 27 Arcade Nashville 3, Tennessee DOC WALLACE MOTOR CO. AUTOMOBILES bought and sold 302 MURFREESBORO ROAD 3RD AND LAFAYETTE STS. 725 GALLATIN ROAD 1400 DICKERSON ROAD RUBEN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods Ready-to-Wear Phone 6-2536 125 Lafayette St. SAVE AT SANDERSON ' S 5c and 1 0c Store Lafayette and Wharf YOUR " ORIGINAL 10c STORE " Clean, Modern, and Efficient Prescription Service OWEN DRUG COMPANY Phone 6-2447 113 Lafayette Street Nashville, Tenn. BIENERS SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY WASHING AND FLUFF DRYING I 15 Murfreesboro Phone 5-7678 Bernard lAJad ied C oai CLEAN — HOT — ECONOMICAL ST. BERNARD COAL COMPANY 23 ARCADE PHONE 6-3101 COMPLIMENTS OF PURITY DAIRIES Incorporated Nashville ' s Finest Milk Distributors of GRADE A FOOD PRODUCTS ANDERSON FISH OYSTER CO. Post Office Box 187 412-414 Broad St. Nashville 2, Term. Compliments of PAUL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 145 Lafayette Phone 5-9918 G«o. P. Linibaugh A. C. (Gus) Linebauqh GEORGE AND GUS RESTAURANT Open continuously day and night 405 Broad St. Nashville, Tenn. SODAS DRUGS LESTER ' S PHARMACY Phone 6-1278 614 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, Term. NASHVILLE ' S MOST COMPLETE BOOK STORE Fiction, Non-Fiction, Business and Technical, Religious, Devotional, Bibles, Gifts, Stationery and Novelties THE METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE Telephone 42- 1 62 I 810 Broadway Nashville, Tennessee The T TinesT Tiowers in Town Phone 6-4144 6th and Church Nashville, Tenn. • , Ml Mm in ilim hi COLONIAL y COFFEE COLONIAL • COFFE COMPLIMENTS FROM RAGLAND, POTTER CO. Incorporated WHOLESALE GROCERS 400 1st Avenue South Nashville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS FROM HARRISON FLORIST 2020 W. End Ave, Nashville, Tenn. Wheel Alignment Wheels Balanced Brake Service DRA PER TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE " Your Auto Service Store " Corner First Woodland Sts. Phone 5- 1 95 I tit onS . . . CLASS OF ' 52 from the FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 123 Moreland Ave., S.E., ATLANTA, GA. WENDELL WELLMAN, Minister Atlanta First Church Is " Sold " on Trevecca Nazarene College FIRST CHURCH OFTHE NAZARENE 661 S. Broad St. MOBILE, ALABAMA H. C. THOMAS, Pastor ' Warm greetings to Trevecca from the deep South " WAVERLY PLACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. R. L. MERRIMAN, Pastor 2210 12th Ave., S. Tel. 9-8I9S OTT AND SISK HARDWARE AND SEED CO. MURFREESBORO ROAD Compliments of REV. EDDIE AND ANN BURNEM Evangelists 2801 Carter Avenue Ashland, Kentuclcv CRAIG SHOFFNER HARDWARE CO. " Everything in Hardware " Lucas House Paint Enamels Ruberoid Roofing Roof Coating 313 Second Ave., North Nashville 3, Tenn. AMERICAN LAUNDRY CLEANERS ' The Amercan Way is the Best Way! " COMPLIMENTS MOTHER HAGAN SANDWICH SHOP Grade A 191 I 8th Ave., So. 9-9586 For The Best In Foods THE COTTAGE RESTAURANT 621 MURFREESBORO ROAD Compliments of MURFREESBORO ROAD MARKET Grade A Meats and Fancy Groceries THE SOUTH ' S NEWEST AND .FINEST Phone 6-8177 The DRAKE HOTEL COURTS Beautyrest Mattresses • Tile Baths • Carpeting Electric Heat • Circulating Ice Water • Radio Telephone in each room in a class by itself Four Minutes South of Nashville on Highway 4 1 -70S 420 Murfreesboro Road • Nashville, Tenn. " It Pays to Look Well " COLLEGE BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP W. H. ANDERSON Compliments of SERVICE SHOE REPAIR SHOP I 1 1 Lafayette Avenue A COMPLETE SERVICE IN FINE FOODS IN INSTITUTIONAL USERS ♦ ALLOWAY BROS. COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE REV. HOMER NABORS Pastor WE CONGRATULATE OUR STUDENTS PEGGY STOKER PATRICIA WILLEY EDITH LANCASTER FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner of College and Green FULTON, KENTUCKY FIRST CHURCH OFTHE NAZARENE 704 South Parkway, Memphis, Tennessee REV. J. E. BECKUM, Pastor " We are working for a greater Trevecca " DESIGNED AND PRINTED BY BENSON PRINTING CO. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE

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