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TREVECCA. COUt ALLEGE ARCHIVES J± J p. ' J± J± JS- P J± MY p ' A p . ' A k. w A. A. .A. . Fifty years have passed over a school of God ' s plant- ing — years of faith in and work for an Ideal. The Ideal was born in the fire and fervor of holiness evangelism, and it embraced the training of young evangelicals as bearers of the Light. The Light must be shed aloft and afar over a world whose visage was Night and whose movement followed no compass. It would carry for Life ' s pilgrim a noonday vision and an unfailing sense of direc- tion. Ofttimes the Light was dimmed that radiated from Trevecca Lighthouse. Low ceilings of adversity constrict- ed the outreach of the Ideal that sent forth the Light. But ever and again have clear skies reappeared, and always the Light shines because the Ideal lives. THROUGH WISDOM IS A HOUSE BU1LDED . Proverbs 24:3 19 11 Where TnUcca ttte4 Trevecca, first called the Missionary and Bible Training School, opened its initial sessions in the former Hynes School Building, located in Nashville at Summer Street (now Fifth Avenue) and Jo John- ston Street, in the year 1901. The building was commodious, but time had weakened its ante-bel- lum walls and made it necessary that the school seek a new location. In 1905, faculty and students opened classes at 125 Fourth Avenue, North, in a building that had been used by the Pentecostal Publishing (now John T. Benson) Company. The same building housed the Pentecostal Mission where gathered holiness folk from the city and surrounding territory for services that were spirit-filled and evangelistic. At the Fourth Avenue site, the Bible school was expanded to collegiate level and the institution was named Trevecca College. By 1914, the enrollment had outgrown the facili- ties, even though the building had been enlarged and an adjoining one purchased for school use. The college was then moved to a beautiful site on Gallatin Road which was the estate of Percy War- ner. The Warner home was used as the adminis- tration building for the next eighteen years. In the early I920 ' s a brick dormitory was attached to the building, and an auditorium, with laboratories and classrooms below, was constructed. The depression of the early ' thirties provided the impetus for a move from Gallatin Road, first to a campus on White ' s Creek Pike where the college remained two years and then to buildings at First Church of the Nazarene on Woodland Street. In 1935, the present campus on Murfreesboro Road was occupied and " Nazarene " was inserted into the name. The red brick administration and classroom building had been an exquisite ante- bellum plantation home. After it burned in 1943 the present Administration Building was constructed on its site. Hardy and McKay halls were then the main housing units for both students and faculty. New buildings erected at this site other than Adminis- tration Hall, have been the President ' s Home (1938), Faculty Apartment House (1940), McClur- kan Memorial Hall (1942), and Tidwell Hall (1948). The plant expansion reflects the progress being made in all phases of the college program during recent years. 19 4 1 (j (tided i D YOUR LIFE IS HID Colossians To each servant of God and humanity who has filled the office of presidency of Trevecca College, we, on this Fiftieth Anniversary, pay tribute. We, the students of 1951, behold with joy and admiration their wisdom and the steadfastness of their faith in Christ! JOHN T. BENSON 1925-1926 A. O. HEADRICKS 1926-1928 A. B. MACKEY 1937- WORSHIP . . . An hour in thy courts is better than a thousand — Every day we work — and every day we worship. And it is the worship that makes our work worthwhile. To lay aside our lessons, our duties, and our cares for one sacred hour each day, to assemble ourselves to- gether in chapel, to sing together the praises of our Creator, to lift up our hearts in devotion and unload all our worries and fears, to feel our soul ' s aspiration met by God ' s revelation, to worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness — this is the life at Trevecca — this is life abundant and eternal. I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord. Ps. 122.1 Altna tftater On a hill stands old Trevecca Lined against the sky, Standing proud a Christian College As the years go by. We will honor and will love her, We will stand for right; Always carry high her banner, Hail to the purple and the white! Fellow students let us honor Her, May we always be Sons and daughters she ' ll be proud of Dear old T. N. CJ DR. AND MRS. A. B. MACKEY DR. A. B. MACKEY tji e J J a e . . . The fifty years that Trevecca College has lived seems a long period of time to those who knew it in its beginnings. In fact, it is an old school, even to me, yet I have been living on its campus slightly more than one-half its life-time. If Trevecca lives to be 300 years old those who may write the history will think of our fifty years as being short as compared to the total life of the college. During this 50th Anniversary celebration I trust that we will have some hopes, ambitions, and dreams about the future of our college. And I trust that we will picture the Trevecca of tomorrow to be great enough and to be wonderful enough to inspire the young people of today to help to make Trevecca the college that will be even greater than our fondest dreams. Trevecca is larger than Harvard University was when it was 150 years old. Should Trevecca con- tinue to grow in its size relationship to Harvard, it should have 25,000 students 250 years from now. However, growth in Christian influence is more important than growth in numbers. But, those num- bers with a growth in Christian influence should be our ambition for Trevecca. The feeling that Trevecca cannot grow in both size and spiritual strength is not well founded. I be- lieve that God is able to help his people to keep Trevecca College growing both in size and in de- votion to Christ of whom it was said that he " increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. " PreAentA the 1951 JULIA ANN SULLIVAN • EDITOR HERMAN SLONECKER, JR. • BUS. MGR. DR. A. B. MACKEY Through his inestimable service to the College and to each individual student, Dr. A. B. Mackey has won the respect and admiration of the students and the faculty of Trevecca. By his kindly, humble spirit and his unprejudiced devotion to truth he has guided us to serious thought and the desire to attain great ideals and better living. How well we will remember his enthusiasm, his versatility, and his logical thinking. It is with sincere appreciation of his service and profound admiration of his zeal for right- eousness that the students and faculty dedicate to him this Golden Anniversary issue of the DARDA. DEDICATION 18 A splendid architect he was — and Trevecca is his masterpiece. His careful hands were skilled as he laid the foundations and his heart was filled with a vision of the splendid edifice which was to rise above them. We owe a debt of everlasting gratitude to the life and work of our founder, Rev. J. O. McClurkan, who, with deep personal piety and loyalty to truth, gave to Trevecca his " last full measure of devotion. " Mother McClurkan is still with us, and how fortunate we are. Trevecca is her child — and we feel truly she is our mother. Her devotion to our work, her daily prayers for our welfare, and her vision challenge us to go forward. Yes, together they built and planned. And together we, the students of ' 51, pledge ourselves to realize more fully the vision they had for us. They brought us up in the way we should go and we shall never depart from it. 19 BOARD OF TRUSTEE DR. L. T. WELLS Chairman REV. J. L. KNIGHT Vice Chairman REV. OTTO STUCKI Secretary REV. R. L. IHRIG Treasurer KENTUCKY DISTRICT Dr. L. T. Wells Rev. H. B. Dean Rev. R. L. Ihrig Rev. Oren D. Thrasher Rev. D. D. Lewis Dr. A. B. Mackey Rev. D. S. Somerville TENNESSEE DISTRICT Rev. D. K. Wachtel Rev. J. E. Beckum Mr. John T. Benson Rev. E. K. Hardy Mr. James A. Pate MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT Rev. J. D. Saxon Rev. W. J. Blackmon Rev. J. W. Ellis Rev. J. B. Cook VIRGINIA DISTRICT Rev. V. W. Littrell Rev. L. B. Smith WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT Rev. Edward C. Oney Rev. Glenn C. Bowling Rev. Dennis E. Wyrick Rev. Harvey Hendershot Rev. Ralph Schurman ALABAMA DISTRICT Rev. Otto Stucki Rev. Dallas Baggett Rev. Wallace Bell Rev. C. L. Chilton Rev. W. A. Peck ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES Rev. John R. Browning Mr. Aris W. McManus Rev. Jesse A. Middendorf NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT Rev. C. E. Shumake Rev. Reeford L. Chaney SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT Rev. C. M. Kelley Rev. E. N. Gunter Rev. Boyd Welch EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT Rev. Victor Gray Rev. L. B. Hicks Mr. A. M. Gibbs Rev. W. M. Tidwell GEORGIA DISTRICT Rev. Mack Anderson Rev. H. J. Eason Rev. Bruce B. Hall Rev. Raymond W. Hum FLORIDA DISTRICT Rev. John L. Knight Rev. Don Irwin Rev. Aubrey Ponce Rev. Granville Rogers For the giving of your time, money, and influence so unstintingly, we salute you — Our Board of Trustees. 20 ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATORS D Left: A N MATTIE KENNEDY Dean of Women IRVIN KENNEDY Dean of Men PRINCIPALS Right: ELIZABETH THOMPSON SPRUILL, A.B. Principal of Demonstration School D. H. SPENCER, A.B., M.A. High School Principal FIELD REPRESENTATIVE BUSINESS MANAGER Left: CLIFFORD E. KEYS Field Representative V. NEIL RICHARDSON, A.B., Th.B. Financial Secretary 22 LI LA THRASHER MACKEY, M.A., B.S. in L.S. Librarian, Library Science, Modern Language RELIGION First Row: A. K. BRACKEN, M.A., D.D. Dean of Religion, Theology, Philosophy W. M. GREATHOUSE, M.A. Theology Second Row: CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY, A.B., Th.B., B.D. Church History KOY W. PHILLIPS, B.S., Th.B., B.D. Biblical Literature LANGUAGES MAUDE ALLEN STUNECK, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Languages M. E. REDFORD, M.A., B.D. Biblical Language 23 M U First Row: IRENE OLSON HARDY, B.Mus. Director of Choral Music H. F. HAMMOND, B.S., M.A. Piano, Voice, Music Theory Second Row: WILLIAM H. HOWICK, Th.B., A.B. Director of Instrumental Music RUTH HARRIS BENNETT, B.Mus. Piano, Voice SPEECH AND ENGLISH MABEL RUTH COONER, A.B. Speech AMY L. PERSON, M.A. Registrar, English, Bible ADRON HOLLINS PHILLIPS, M.A. English 24 SCIENCE First Row: MARTHA DeWITT GRESHAM, M.A. Biological Science ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD, M.A. Mathematics Second Row: EDWARD F. COX, A.B. Mathematics, High School FERNE DOGGETT SHELTON, B.S. Bible, Art, High School SOCIAL STUDIES L P. GRFSHAM, M.A., Ph.D. Dean of College, History HOMER J. ADAMS, A.B., M.A Social Science, High School A. B. MACKEY, M.A., LL.D. President, Psychology, Economics 25 EDUCATION - PSYCHOLOGY MATTIE GREEN BRACKEN, M.A. Education, Biological Science, Psychology ADMINISTRATION STAFF C. T. DUCKETT, M.A. Commercial Subjects, Bookstore NAOMI NABORS MORGAN Bookstore CLARA SHEARRER Bookkeeper ROSE SIMPSON Nurse 26 CLASSES SENIORS ROB STAPLES .... President LOTTIE PHILLIPS . . Vice-President MARCELLA CAIN . . . Secretary CARL HADDIX .... Treasurer LOVIE PENNYCUFF . . . Reporter JUNIORS BILL ANDERSON . . . President VERLIN ARCHER . . Vice-President JUNE CAMPBELL . . . Secretary BILLIE JEAN REEDY . . . Treasurer CLARINE HALL .... Reporter SOPHOMORES DONN MORROW . . . President MELVIN TAYLOR . . Vice-President LEONA BOODY .... Secretary LOWEL FOSTER .... Treasurer ClaAA 2 8 FRESHMEN GRANT BROWNING . . President JACK ARCHER . . Vice-President PEGGY STOKER .... Secretary MARGARET BARNETT . . Treasurer JUNIOR THEOLOGICAL FRANK CANADA . . . President THOMAS BLAXTON . Vice-President JAMES O. DEAL .... Secretary GEORGE FENDER . . . Reporter I Each class organization at Trevecca is interested in producing a genu- ine " school spirit " based on eternal truth that underlies T.N.C. as a Holi- ness College. OjfjficerJ 29 I SENIORS ROBERT G. BENSON NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion Bob is a talented fellow with a knowledge of mu ' sic and a will to preach. He has a friendly disposition, good humor, sense, and many souls he will reach. KEITH BOTTLES CORYDON, INDIANA A.B. Religion Helpful, capable, and friendly, Keith comes to us from the Hoosier State. May Sod ' s best be his as Christ and right he endeavors to extricate. LELAND BUCKNER HILLSBORO, TENNESSEE A.B. Religion A fellow more mischievous and fun-loving one could never know. With his good nature and Christian character to his goals Leland will surely go. MARCELLA CAIN BIG CLIFTY, KENTUCKY A.B. Mathematics Marcella is consistently Christian radiating faith, hope, and love. She will make both a suc- cessful teacher and preacher ' s wife, because her strength comes from above. ROBERT CHEEK NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE A.B. Religion Robert has accumulated much knowledge dur- ing his years at TNC. An amiable fellow, good preacher, too; a great soul-winner we predict he ' ll be. LILLIAN CHRISTENSEN MIAMI, FLORIDA A.B. Biological Science Lillian is a memorable person, efficient, con- secrated, and true. The noblest and best things of life she always will ensue. 1951 30 SENIORS GEORGE COCORIS PENSACOLA, FLORIDA A.B. Religion A devoted and conscientious Christian with a jolly good personality describes " Our Greek. " As God ' s minister fallen men George will surely seek. GEORGE CRAVENS HART VILLE, MISSOURI A.B. Religion George is a diligent worker and attentive stu- dent who is always ready, willing and able. He is an active Christian worker and his beliefs are grounded and stable. HOWARD ESTERLINE BERNIE, MISSOURI A.B. Religion As an apt student and worker Howard has achieved much. Through his ministry as a capa- ble minister many will feel God ' s call and touch. HUGH FERGUSON JEFFERSON, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Religion Hugh is a dependable Christian, preparing his call to fulfill. With his skill and appreciation of Christian values Christ he is sure to reveal. CAREY FOSTER GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. History Carey is a likable and obliging fellow with in- tent sincere. Much worthwhile skills and knowl- edge he has obtained in his stay here. ALVINA FRIEDERICH TRIPP. SOUTH DAKOTA A.B. English A quiet, studious, and dutiful person describes " Freddie. " She is a conscientious Christian and to do the Master ' s will she is always ready. 1951 3? SENIORS MARGARET GRAVES FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE A.B. Mathematics Margaret, a joy to know, is friendly, energetic, and kind. She is active in athletics and has an alert and versatile mind. CARL GRAY GLASGOW, WEST VIRGINIA A.B. Religion Carl is a frank, good-natured, and sincere friend. Through his ministry a helping hand to lost men he will lend. CARL HADDIX ELKINS. WEST VIRGINIA A.B. Religion Carl is a willing worker, stalwart and true. With his gay manner and Christian character much happiness he ' ll find as life he ensues. IVA HUDSON PASCAGOULA, MISSISSIPPI A.B. Biological Science Iva is quiet, studious and sweet with character strong. Wit h her determination and resolve she ' ll always stand for right and never go wrong. ALTON JENKINS CLEVELAND, MISSISSIPPI A.B. History Alton is noted for his ability in history and for telling jokes too. He is always good-natured and as a friend, is true. DON JERNIGAN PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Th.B. Religion Don is a zealous soul-winner with beliefs well grounded and stable. He is a diligent pastor, attentive student, always ready and willing, and able. 1951 34 SENIORS COLIEN LONG ROXOBORO. NORTH CAROLINA A.B. English A diligent and competent worker describes Colien. She is Miss Person ' s secretary and is neat, quiet, and serene. CLINTON MARTIN HARRISON, WEST VIRGINIA Th.B. Religion Clinton is rather quiet with sober intent. He is a fervent Christian and for Christ is determ- ined and vigilant. SAMMIE MARTIN COLORADO SPRINGS. COLORADO A.B. Religion Sammie is, shall we say, magnanimous and clever! He is a good preacher and will aid fallen man by helping chains of sin to sever. JACK M. MYERS SUMTER. SOUTH CAROLINA A.B. Religion Jack is an optimistic fellow with heart sincere. To the voice of God he will always adhere. MALCOLM NORTH MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE Th.B. Religion " Brother North, " Murfreesboro pastor, has been in school attaining much skill. As a zealous preacher and worker he will surely fill the bill. HAYES OLIVER HODGES. ALABAMA A.B. Religion An obliging and sincere friend describes Hayes. He is ever as cheerful and kind as the sunniest of days. 1951 36 SENIORS LOVIE PENNYCUFF ALBANY. KENTUCKY A.B. Music Lovie has strength of character and a sunny disposition. With her variety and resolve we pre- dict for her a useful life in some good rating position. LOTTIE PHILLIPS TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA A.B. Religion Lottie is an expert speaker, literate, and re- fined. In her field of the ministry much joy and happiness we predict she will find. GEORGE PRIVETT MOBILE, ALABAMA A.B. Religion George comes to us a good leader, with new ideas, lofty ideals, and ambition. He is a dili- gent student and will gam much with his new skills and inventions. TERRELL SANDERS ROME, GEORGIA A.B. Religion " Jack " is trusty and true, a diligent student and preacher too. In the Master ' s service he will God ' s best seek to ensue. JAMES H. SITES ONEGA. WEST VIRGINIA A.B. History A quiet, friendly fellow who good sportsman- ship radiates. A good and worthwhile life for Jimmy we anticipate. HERMAN SLONECKER NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE A.B. Mathematics Herman is a fellow greatly admired with tal- ents in every direction. He is a capable leader, athlete, and friend with the noblest ideas and intentions. 1951 38 SENIORS JOYCE SMITH FITZGERALD, GEORGIA A.B. Biological Science Joyce is an exemplary Christian with charac- ter noble and strong. With her abilities she will never give up nor go wrong. OSCAR SMITH LOGAN. WEST VIRGINIA A.B. Religion He ' s a jolly good fellow always radiating good cheer. Oscar has been preparing to fulfill God ' s call to preach during his stay here. ROB STAPLES KIRKSEY, KENTUCKY A.B. Religion Rob is a profound thinker, a good speaker and a captivating personality. He is eminent for subtle wit, leadership, and lots of originality. M. H. STOCKS JASPER, ALABAMA A.B. Religion M. H. is a man of vim, vigor, and vitality. He is a natural athlete and looks optimistically at life and its reality. JAMES TAYLOR AKRON, OHIO A.B. Religion " Buddy ' ' is a likeable fellow, good tempered and true. We know that he and Virginia in the Master ' s service much good will do. MILTON TURNEY NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE Th.B. Religion " Brother Turney " is an efficient pastor. We anticipate for him a worthwhile life and fruitful ministry in the service of the Master. 1951 40 WHO ' S WHO LOTTIE PHILLIPS Alabamian; Senior; Honor Society, Vice-Presi- dent, 50; Ministerial Association, Secretary, ' 50; Speech Club, President, ' 50; Senior Class, Vice- President, ' 51. Speech Recitalist, ' 50; Assistant Dean, ' 49- ' 50; Snack Shop Manager, ' 51. GEORGE W. PRIVETT Alabamian; Senior; Honor Society, ' 50- ' 51; Cer- tificate of Excellence in Citizenship, ' 49; Certifi- cate of Excellence in Leadership, 50; Christian Workers Association, Treasurer, ' 48; Junior Class, Treasurer, 49- ' 50; Speech Club, Secretary, ' 48; Member of Student Council, ' 49- ' 50; President of Student Council, ' 51; Ministerial Association; Science Club. 42 IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ROB L STAPLES JULIA ANN SULLIVAN Kentuckian; Senior; Vice-President, Freshman, ' 48; Business Manager, " Trev-Echoes, " ' 49; Vice- President, Junior, ' 50; Honor Society, 48- 5 1 , Treasurer, ' 50; Science Club; Ministerial Asso- ciation; DARDA Staff, ' 51; President, Senior, ' 51. Tennessean; Junior; Honor Society, ' 50- 51, Sec- retary, ' 50; Music Club, ' 49- 5 1 ; Choir, ' 50- ' 5l; Chorus, 50; " Trev-Echoes " Staff; DARDA Staff, ' 50; Scholastic Certificate, 50; DARDA Ed- itor, ' 51. 1951 43 MELVIN ABNEY He had rather be kind than rich. LAWRENCE ADAMS An excellent student and a friend to all. WILLIAM HOWARD ANDERSON MARVIN APPLEBY A leader in all things. His wit and good humor keep us all happy. JUNIORS 44 JUNIORS ROSALYN APPLEBY VERLIN ARCHER Thy voice is like the golden tone of Israfel ' s harp. Still to new heights his restless wishes tower. JOSEPH E. BANNISTER JAMES BOUTWELL One who never turned back but marched He is a fellow of great respect, forward. RUTH BURNETT She puts her heart in all she does. JUNE CAMPBELL She is quiet, sincere, and friendly. VERLIE CAMPBELL ERMA CHENOWETH A man of hope and a forward looking mind. In her quiet way she accomplishes great things. JUNIORS 46 JUNIORS MARTHA COCKRELL WILSON COLE She has words of kindness for everyone. He loves truth and honor, freedom and courtesy. MARTHA ANN EBY CLARINE HALL Short and sweet and worthy of praise. Happiness she brings as she goes her merry way. LUCILLE HASSELL RALPH HUDSON To be busy is to be happy. God wrought splendidly and gave to earth gentleman. HALBERT JENKINS SAMUEL JONES goes steadily on time and does his duty well. A soul that balances happiness and study. UNIORS 48 JUNIORS EDITH LANCASTER DELORES LOBB Ever loyal, ever true to the task she has to do. She is as merry as the day is long. WILMA LOBB Willing and capable in all she does. E. E. MORRELL A man of courage and full of faith. ELIZABETH PERDUE Her heart is kind and true. CHARLES REAGAN He is a friend and a scholar BILLIE JEAN REEDY ROSE SIMPSON A voice sweet and soft as the moon mist. Kind and generous to all she knows. JUNIORS 50 TREVECCA COLLEGE ARCHIVES JUNIORS BILLY SAMUEL STONE JULIA ANN SULLIVAN He aims high and shoots straight. Efficiency is the keynote to her character. VIRGINIA TAYLOR air, her manner — all who saw her admired. CHAMP TRAYLOR He is smart, alert, does his best to win. MALCOLM VARNER PATRICIA WILLEY He is truly the symbol of courtesy and There is sunshine wherever she goes, helpfulness. WILLIAM WHITED A scholar and an honorable citizen. UNIORS 52 First Row: PAUL BARNES Americus, Ga. BETTY BARNETT .Memphis, Tenn. Second Row: JIM R. BENTLEY Pedro, Ohio LEONA MAE BOODY Detroit, Mich. Third Row: KENNETH BOYETTE Hahira, Ga. GRACE LORENE BROWN . . . High Point, N. C. Fourth Row: BRUCE CROSBY Moultrie, Ga. CHARLES C. DAVIDSON .... Catlettsburg, Ky. Fifth Row: MARTHA NELL DERRYBERRY . . Chattanooga, Tenn. LOWEL DEAN FOSTER West Point, Ga. Sixth Row: GERALDINE GARRISON Cullman, Ala. HAROLD GRAVES Franklin, Tenn. SOPHOMORES WILLIAM WEAVER HARRIS . Sulphur Springs, Texas First Row: JAMES E. McCORMICK . . . Charleston, W. Va. BONNIE McKINLEY Uniontown, Ala. Second Row: THOMAS A. MARTIN .... Chattanooga, Tenn. JOHN C. MEADORS Cincinnati, Ohio Third Row: ELIZABETH ALLISON MEGGS . . . Nashville, Tenn. DONALD EUGENE MORROW ... St. Louis, Mo. Fourth Row: LAWRENCE E. NIX Northport, Ala. ROY T. NIX Tuscaloosa, Ala. Fifth Row: ELVERDA NORTHCUTT Tuscaloosa, Ala. HARVEY CECIL PORTER .... Charlotte, N. C. Sixth Row: VELMA LORENA PRIVETT ELAINE RICHARDSON . Rossville, Ga. Jasper, Ala. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES First Row: NORMAN VINTON RICKEY DONNA SYLVIA SAMSON . Bethany, Pa. Nashville, Tenn. Second Row: ANNA M. SCHROPE Olive Hill, Ky. DONALD EUGENE SIMPSON . . . Concord, N. C. Third Row: JOHN SMITH Nashvil le, Tenn. MARTHA SMITH Hickory, Va. Fourth Row; BEN L. SPEER Nashville, Tenn. MARJORIE STOCKDALE . . Cumberland Falls, Tenn. Fifth Row: EARL STOREY Aurora, Ind. FRANCES TAYLOR Nashville. Tenn. Sixth Row: MELVIN TAYLOR Blueville, S. C. BEVERLY VINNING Jackso nville, Fla. 4 i 58 First Row: CAROLYN SUE ADAMS Gainesville, Fla. JOHN DEAN ADAMS Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. JASPER ALSBROOKS Sumter, S. C. ROBERT J ANDRESS .... Monongan, W. Va. LaVERA APPLEGATE Jamestown. Tenn. JACK RICHARD ARCHER Brazil. Ind. Second Row: ROWENA ATKINS Green Bay, Va. BETTY LOU BARKER Clendenin. W. Va. ADRIAN CHARLES BARNES .... Waynesfield. Ohio MARGARET BARNETT . . .... Memphis, Tenn. MONA YVONNE BENNETT .... Charleston, W. Va. ETHELENE BIGGS Lewisburg, Tenn. Third Row: JOAN HELEN BIRD Belle, W. Va. LOIS GAIL BLANTON Mauvoo. Ala. NANCY JANE BOWEN Owensboro. Ky. ROBERT H BREEDLOVE Hamilton, Ga. WILLIAM H. BRIDGES Chattanooga, Tenn. GEORGE WILLARD BRINKMAN . Jacksonville, Fla. FRESHMEN Fourth Row: GRANT BROWNING Logan, W. Va MILDRED CAMPBELL High Point, N. C EARL CHILDERS Louisville, Ky IRVIN CHILDERS Louisville, Ky RAYMOND CHILDERS Louisville, Ky MARY JOAN CLARK Spencerville, Ohio Fifth Row: KENNETH CLEMENTS Wrightsville, Ga. NORMAN CLEVENGER Cowgill, Mo. MARGARET JANE COE Tampa. Fla. JOYCE COLEMAN Tunnell Hill. Ga. DONALD RAY CORK Tuscaloosa, Ala. BILLY DAVID CRANE Paris. Tenn. 1 59 First Row: FRANCES AUDREY CRAWFORD. High Springs, Fla MONRIE CROSS Albany, Ky BETTY L. CUMMINGS Carthage, Mo VIRGINIA RUTH CURL .... Chattanooga, Tenn FRANCES EVELYN CYPERT Florence, Ala DOROTHY ANN DARNELL Harrisburg, III Second Row: ELDRED M. DAVIS Loudon, Tenn HORACE FREEMAN DAVIS Ajito, N. Mex BARBARA ANN DILLARD Thomasville, Ga WILLIAM RAY DILLON Charleston, W. Va LOIS GENEVA DOBSON Clearwater, Fla MIRIAM EVELYN DONSON Muncie, Ind FRESHMEN Third Row: MARVIN DONALDSON CHARLES DUCKETT . CHRISTINA MAE ELK INS DOROTHY HELEN ESTES . RUTH MARIE EVANS . JOHN EDWARD FARMER Fourth Row: LILLIAN FELKER PAUL MATTHEW FITCH . FRANCES ANN FOSTER . ALMA DELL FOX . LLOYD JOE GRAHAM . Lima, Ohio Franklin, Tenn Wurtland, Ky Richmond, Ky Cullman, Ala Miami, Fla Louisville, Ky. Chester, W. Va Nashville. Tenn. Miami, Fla. Princeton, Ind. DON GREEN Ardmore, Okla. Fifth Row: GENEVA HAMILTON GLENN WASHINGTON HARRELL LILA RUTH HARRIS . EDGAR CANNON HASSELL . Ashland, Ky. Sumter, S. C. Miami, Fla. Nashville, Tenn. ELMER HERBERT HEABERLIN Wurtland, Ky. BARBARA JEAN HEATH Fayetteville, Tenn. 60 First Row: DOUGLAS WESLEY HENDON Florence, Ala. WANDA LEA HENSLEY Charleston, W. Va. SYLVIA JEAN HENSON Charleston. W. Va. RUTH ELAINE HIEFTJE Muskegon, Mich. WILLIAM GENE HILL Vincent, Ohio DOY CONWAY HINSON Natchez, Miss. Second Row: MARCELLE HORNE Orlando, Fla. BILLY RAY HUDSON Jasper, Ala. LEE ROY HUNTER Nashville, Tenn. ARTHUR L. JACKSON Ashland, Ky. GLORIA FAYE JOHNSON Leiington, Ky. MADELINE JONES JACKSON .... Walton. W. Va. Third Row: FIRL LOUISE JORDICK Bellaire, Ohio MARTHA GENE JORDICK Bellaire, Ohio JAMES WILLIAM KIMBRELL ... Underwood, Ala. GARTH KLEPFER Indianapolis, Ind MARY NELL KNIGHT Birmingham. Ala. SHERMAN WESLEY LEONARD .... Arlington, Va. FRESHMEN Fourth Row: HARVEY O ' NEAL LOLLEY Uniontown, Ala RICHARD LORD Sanford, Fla JERRY LYON Rockford, Tenn ROBERT McCLAIN Cookeville, Tenn JANRIS McMANUS Nashville, Tenn ROBERT ELLISON MANER Savannah. Ga Fifth Row: VIVIAN JUNE MASON Clearwater, Fla MARY ROSE MERCHANT Jasper, Ala ARLINE MIDDENDORF St. Louis. Mo JUNE MILLER Albany. Ky MIRIAM RUTH MOORE Lewisburg. Pa RAY FRANCIS MORROW St. Louis. Mo 61 First Row: CLARENCE MOSER Chattanooga, Tenn BETTY WYNDAL MURRAY Richmond, Ky. LAURIE RAY MURRAY Jacksonville. Fla FAITH CONSTANCE NICHOL ... Ft. Lauderdale, Fla FRANCES JEAN NICHOLS Uniontown, Ala MARY FAITH NICHOLS Nauvoo, Ala Second Row: CHARLES P. PATTON Greenville, Miss. THELMA PATTON Greenville, Miss. LEILA FAYE PHARR Waycross, Ga. ROY WILLIAM PHILEMON Charlotte, N. C. EVELYN LOUISE PHILLIPS Selma, Ala. MARJORIE PINCHBECK Kenbridge, Va. FRESHMEN Third Row: YVONNE PLATT Mobile, Ala. MARTHA ELIZABETH POWER Jackson, Ga. JOHN C. PRICE Louisville, Ky. MERLIN EUGENE PROVANCE .... Belleville, W. Va. RICHARD B. RANSBOTTOM Sanford, Fla. MARGIE RHODABARGER Akron, Ohio Fourth Row: JOHN RICE Olive Hill, Ky. JESSE BARKLEY RIGNEY Fayette, Ala. BILL THOMAS ROBINSON Nashville, Tenn. CLARA JEAN RUSSELL Cabot, Ark. MILDRED LOUISE SALLEE Richmond, Ky. LaRHEA SAMPLES Rand, W. Va. Fifth Row: SARA ELIZABETH SAXON .... Fruitland Park, Miss. WAYNE DURELL SHELTON Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT SHERRILL Miami, Fla. WILLIAM THOMAS SLONECKER .... Nashville, Tenn. BOBBIE WYNELLE SMITH Steele, Ala. MARY ANN SPENCER Tuscaloosa, Ala. 62 First Row: RONALD SPENCER Harrod, Ohio CURTIS SPRAKER Falls Mills, V d . EULA JEAN STEPHAN Louisville. Ky. WILLIAM ANDERSON STEWART .... Antioch. Tenn. PEGGY JO STOKER Paducah, Ky NELL JEAN STONE Liiemore. W. Va. Second Row: JOHN GUY STOVALL Highway. Ky. EDNA MAY SWISHER Tampa, Fla. MARTHA JEAN TAYLOR Akron, Ohio LEON THOMPSON Scott, Ga. ROY L THOMPSON Adrian. Ga. NILA JEAN TOLBERT Oneonta. Ala. Third Row: DOROTHY L. TRIPP Titusville, Fla. PEGGY ANN TRUNDLE Ringgold, Ga CHARLES VAN GUNDY Jacksonville. Fla. SHIRLEY VAN GUNDY Jacksonville, Fla. FRESHMEN CHARLES LEE WALLACE Charleston, W. Va. DONALD RAY WARD Charleston, W Va. Fourth Row: JAMES RAY WELLS Nashville. Tenn ROBERT WELLS . Dayton. Ohio ARNOLD WHISNANT Gastonia, N C. ANNA RUTH WHITE Pine Grove, Ky. ALENE WHITMAN Mobile, Ala. THOMAS EDWARD WIGHT Jacksonville. Fla. Fifth Row: LEO EDWIN WILLIAMS Plant City, Fla. JAMES LLOYD WOOLUMS Lexington, Ky. t ft Mfc« 63 mm JSP. First Row: THOMAS BLAXTON Selma, Ala. JOHN BOBO Jasper, Ala. TH ELM A CALE West Virginia FRANK CANADA Bedford, Ind. ALLEN CARPENTER Bean Station. Tenn. RAYMOND CARPENTER Nashville, Tenn. Second Row: ERNEST CARTER Wrightsville, Ga. LEONARD DAWS Trimble, Ky. JAMES DEAL Lakeland, Fla. L. P. DENNIS Sumter, S. C. CHARLES DOWDY Dover. Tenn. SOLON DRAKE Chattanooga, Tenn. Third Row: GEORGE FENDER Valdosta, Ga. GEORGE GIBBS Henderson. Ky. WINFRED GLEAVES Nashville, Tenn. GRADY HAYES Niota, Tenn. WILLIAM HOGAN Birmingham, Ala. NORMAN H I GGI NBOTHAM .... Forest Cottage, Ky. Fourth Row: ERNEST HUFFMAN Wray, Colo. EARL HYATT Pulaski, Tenn. CECIL ISHEE Boysprings, Miss. JAMES S. JOHNSON Ft. Myers, Fla. BOBBY KEA Adrian, Ga. DANIEL KENNEDY Nashville, Tenn. _J U N I O R 64 frit O „ if : ' t • k m f rj f!! First Row: ARTHUR KIMMERY Mt. Morris, Mich. JOSEPH LEWELLEN Nashville. Tenn. JAMES LUCIUS Houlka, Miss. JESSE LUSTER Covington. Ky. INMAN McMAHON Agwess, Miss. HUGH MARTIN Berea, Ky. Second Row: R. L. MERRIMAN . BYRON MURPHY . WILLIAM PATRICK CHARLES PATTON Nashville. Tenn. . Pescia. III. Charleston, W. Va. Palmer, Tenn. JOE POWELL Portland, Ky. JOHN PRAY Mobile, Ala. Third Row: JOHN RHEUARK Loris. S. C. JOHN ROBINSON Huntington, W. Va. JAMES OLIVER SEARCY Portland, Tenn. JAMES SHERON Lancaster, Ky. H F. SMITH Louisville, Ky. ARTHUR UNDERWOOD Basham, Va. Fourth Row: PAUL VICKERS Paris, Ky. EDWARD WATSON New Smyrna Beach, Fla. JACK WATSON New Smyrna Beach, Fla. EUGENE WEAKLEY Nashville, Tenn. RAYMOND JONES Orangeburg, S. C. THEOLOGICALS 6b ■■m 1 ■■ dt Ik SPECIAL STUDENTS First Row: GLENN BAUN Jackson Center. Pa. VIRGINIA BENEDICT Hastings. Mich. LOU OUIDA CARLTON (Post Graduate) . Thomasville, Ga. MAURICE EVANS North Carolina HALLIE FENDER Valdosta, Ga. HELEN GOBER Pohtiac, Mich. TSUNEO HOKADA Honolulu Hawaii Second Row: CHARLES HORNE . KATHERINE KEA . HELEN KILLGORE CARSON KNOWLES RUBYE LEWIS . ETHYL POWELL . ANNA SLATCHER . Moultrie, Ga. Adrian, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Tallahassee, Fla. Clarksville, Tenn. Des Moines, Iowa Pontiac, Mich. ■ A (: _ mmm i mmmmm First Row: CECIL CARMONY Morristown, Ind. JERRY COSTA Nashville, Tenn. HERBERT FOXWORTHY Richmond, Ind. MARY JIM FULLER Ft. Valley, Ga. CLAYTON GILMER Cartersville, Ga. CLINDEL V. HARBISON Cordova, Ala. ROBERT EUGENE JONES Lake City, S. C. ROSEMARY LAYNE Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT LEWTER Louisville. Ky. mmmmm Second Row: JOYCE RAE LITTON Charleston, W. Va LAVEDA MARTIN Lake Wales. Fla CARLOS RENFRO LeVan. W. Va HERBERT ROZZELL Nashville. Tenn IVAN SHARP Summerset. Ky NADINE SHORTRIDGE Denver, Colo PATSY SPEAR Miami, Fla DONALD TOOLE Decatur, III WALTER WARPOOL Nashville, Tenn WINTER QUARTER STUDENTS 66 Summer School Enrollment SUMMER SCHOOL Summer School Faculty 67 HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS First Row: BILLIE ANN APPERSON Nashville, Tenn. NORMA JO BEVARS Louisville, Ky. AUSTIN LEE BROGAN .... Charleston, W. Va. Second Row: JOHN R. BROWNING Man, W. Va. WILLIAM RICHARD BYRD .... Nashville, Tenn. BETTY JEAN CARTER .... St. Augustine, Fla. Third Row: WILLIAM THOMAS COLLIER . . Clarksville, Tenn. TALMADGE LEE DAVIS Nashville, Tenn. WILBUR DAVIS Bradenton, Fla. Fourth Row: CHRISTINE DRAPER Old Hickory, Tenn. PAUL FENSKE Weirton, W. Va. RUBY MAE GEIGER Jacksonville, Fla. OFFICERS BOB MIDDENDORF President RAY IRHIG Vice-President EUNICE WACHTEL Secretary GLENN KEYS Treasurer PEGGY SILER Reporter 70 First Row: ROBERT GILLILAND Belle, W. Va. SYBIL EDNA GINN White Springs, Fid. GLORIA JEAN GRAHAM .... Greenville, Miss. HOMER B. GRAHAM .... Charleston, W. V a . CHARLES W. HODGE Memphis, Tenn. BEVERLY JOYCE HOWARD . . . Nashville, Tenn. RAY IHRIG Ft. Thomas. Ky. Second Row: GLENN KEYS Nashville, Tenn. MARY KATHRYN KIRBY .... Coolceville, Tenn. FAYE LAYFIELD Nashville. Tenn. DOUGLAS RAY MEREDITH Miami, Fla. WILLIAM REECE METZGER . . . Livdrith, N. Me.. BOB MIDDENDORF St. Louis, Mo. JAMES EMERY MILLER Selma, Ala. Third Row: ROEL NABORS Magnolia, Miss. GORDON G. NEWCOMER . . Charleston, W. Va. JARVIS OATES Nashville, Tenn. THELMA JEAN OVERSTREET . . . Nashville, Tenn. BARBARA JEAN PRICE Florence, Ala. RAYMOND HOWARD ROGERS . . . Ormand, Fla. RACHEL RUSHING Oak Hill, W. Va. Fourth Row: HARRY E. SAUL Madison, Tenn. BENJAMIN SHEARRER Nashville, Tenn. GENE SHELTON Nash ville, Tenn. PEGGIE SILER Nashville, Tenn. PAUL TAYLOR Akron, Ohio RUTH THRASHER Richmond, Ind. BILLIE TONEY N ashville, Tenn. EUNICE LOVE WACHTEL .... Nashville, Tenn. 71 JUNIORS First Row: PAUL ACHAMMER SUE BAIN DONNA SUE BIAS SHIRLEY BRINSON LOIS LAVERNE BROWN Second Row: BARBARA COLE JAMES COLEY WILLIAM COVERDALE JAMES DARNELL BOBBY DAVIS Third Row: HILTON GILLESPIE ALBERT GREEN JEANNIE GRIGGS CHARLES HALLIBURTON REGITA HARGIS Fourth Row: DUANE HARRELL E. D. HELTON PEGGY HOLT DANIEL MAXWELL GRACIE McDONOUGH Fifth Row: JOHN POPE CLAVIN PRIVETT MARY SUE SHAFFER JIMMIE SMITH BRENTSON SPRUILL Sixth Row: HOWARD SPRUILL WILLIAM STEPHENS CLARA SUGGS JOYCE SUMMERS ROBERT TURNER RETHA THRASHER ♦ 1 1 L J if 74 SOPHOMORES A fit n J - - i First Row: MARY BERRY JOYCE CARLTON JEAN COPELAND LYNN CASSEDY LILY DORTON Second Row: MARILYN ELSEA BOBBIE FRANK ROBERT HALE EDRA HAMMOND WINIFRED HALSTEAD Third Row: JIMMIE JACKSON LEONA DELL LONG WILLIAM F. MALONE FORREST McCULLOUGH DWIGHT RAGSDALE Fourth Row: HAROLD G. SANDERS GLADYS SHAFFER CLARICE SPRUILL BETTY STREIGHT J. C. SUMMERLIN Fifth Row: BETTY TAYS SYLVIA WALLACE 75 FRESHMEN MARIAL BEATTY SANFORD BROWN BEN CARPENTER PAUL CARPENTER NORMA JEAN CARVER ANNA COLE BUDDY CRANE VERNON DRAPER CARY NEAL DUCKETT NILES HADDOCK JON HASSELL VIRGINIA HEADRICK RAY HEDGEPATH BILLY HUGHES J. B. McCRARY LYNN POPPELL HARRY SCHULTZ EDITH SHAFFER ALVIN SHOCKLEY BARBARA SMITH MYRA SMITH WAYNE SULLIVAN MATTIE PEARL VAUGHAN 76 DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL 1 - 3-- 1 -Jr , , • ft % ' I JAMES ADAMS JERRY CANADA ROGER COSTA JERRY DEAL FRANCIS DRAKE GRACE DRAKE CECIL FELKER VONNIE FERDON DANNY GRESHAM LOREN GRESHAM WAYNE GAMBLE HARRY HALEY LEWIS HASSELL NANCY HENDERSON CAROL HOWELL DAVID JONES JIMMY LEWELLEN JIM MALONE BARBARA MARTIN TEDDY MILLER ROYCE REDFORD GEORGE RUCK GENE SILKETT JANET SLICK LINDA KAY HOLBROOK RONNIE SLICK ARNOLD SPRUILL J. W. KENNEDY SPIRITUAL LIFE 80 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS HOWARD ESTERLINE President DOUGLAS HENDON Vice-President MARJORIE STOCKDALE Secretary PAUL HESS Treasurer ROB STAPLES Reporter The Ministerial Association is an organization composed of those students who are preparing for definite Christian service. Their purpose is to promote a spiritual atmosphere in the college. Among the activities of the Association during the current year have been the sponsorship of chapel services for one week of each quarter and the promotion of campaigns for the Thanksgiv- ing and Easter missionary offerings. 81 CHRISTIAN WORKERS OFFICERS DALE HILKERT President CARL GRAY Vice-President COLIEN LONG Secretary GEORGE CRAVENS Treasurer VERLIE CAMPBELL Reporter This association is composed of the students who wish to take part in Christian work. They are engaged weekly in services at the hospitals, jails, workhouses, juvenile court, on the street, and in the homes of those who need spiritual help. It affords experience for those participat- ing, and helps spread the Gospel of Salvation to those in darkness. 62 E N T WIVES OFFICERS MRS. FRANK HOLBROOK President MRS. ALLEN CARPENTER .... Vice-President MRS. FRANK CANADA .... Secretary-Treasurer MRS. CHARLES HORN Song Leader The purpose of the Student Wives Association is to develop the spiritual, intellectual, and social life of the wives of Trevecca students. This or- ganization has been in existence for three years and the attendance and interest has been in- creasing with each year. The Student Wives are given instructions in the spiritual, intel- lectual, and ' Social phases of life. Most of these women are wives of " preachers in training. " They feel it is a necessity to know how to be both spiritually and socially com- petent as the wives of ministers. It is wi th these ideas in mind that they study Biblical literature and effective ' soul-winning. Sec- ondly, they learn how to be more efficient home makers and enter- tainers by study of etiquette and home making. There are a number of Student Wives who are also enrolled in college work. Their main empha- sis in most instances is to become equipped musically to aid their minister husbands. In the studies guided by Miss Person the women of the Student Wives Association have been helped to more useful lives as well as evenings of enjoyment in the associating and intermingling of ideas with the members of the organization. Top: The Holbrooks at home Middle: John Meadors and Family Bottom: Virginia and Buddy study The Missionary Pra er Band meets each Friday after chapel for one hour of prayer for the missionaries around the world. In these services the Spirit of God comes down like a sweet refreshing shower, and it is proved from these meetings that " more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. " MISSIONARY PRAYER BAND 86 DR. R. V. DeLONG Showers of Blessing Revival BOB AND MADGE KILLION Showers of Blessing Revival THE CHAPEL REV. HAROLD DANIELS DR. HUGH C. BENNER Orientation Week Seminary Speaker The brightest hour of the day on T.N.C. campus is when the students gather for chapel service. The moments of worship together inspire us to live more effective Christian lives. The ultimate goal of Trevecca College is not just to have young people filled with facts, but that these young people shall make a contribution to the saving of men and women from sin and to help- ing them into the experience of holiness of life. DR. Z. T. JOHNSON Benson Lecturer SPEAKERS, 1950-51 The Evangelaires Quartet QUARTETS AND TRIOS The Athenian Quartet The College Hill Quartet The Girls ' 90 TENNESSEE CLUB OFFICERS FRANCES TAYLOR President BETTY BARNETT Vice-President JANRIS McMANUS Secretary BILLY CRANE Treasurer CANNON HASSELL Reporter OFFICERS ARTHUR JACKSON President RUTH BURNETT Vice- President LILLIAN FELKER Secretary -Treasurer DELORES LOBB Reporter KENTUCKY CLUB 92 NORTH CAROLINA OFFICERS BARBARA WALL President JIM BENTLEY Vice- President COLIEN LONG Secretary EUGENE SIMPSON Treasurer LORENE BROWN Reporter OFFICERS MELVIN TAYLOR President G. W. HARRELL Vice-President JASPER ALSBROOK Secretary -Treasurer SAMUEL JONES Reporter SOUTH CAROLINA 93 GEORGIA CLUB OFFICERS VERLIE CAMPBELL President BOB MANER Vice- President KENNETH BOYETTE Secretary-Treasurer BRUCE CROSBY Reporter OFFICERS HALBERT JENKINS President JEAN GRAHAM Vice-President ROEL NABORS Secretary-Treasurer DOY HINSON Reporter MISSISSIPPI CLUB 94 ALABAMA CLUB OFFICERS LOWELL FOSTER President GERALDINE GARRISON Vice-President ROSE MERCHANT Secretary DONALD CORK Treasurer BILLY RAY HUDSON Reporter OFFICERS GEORGE COCORIS President LILLIAN CHRISTENSEN Secretary TED WIGHT Treasurer JACK FARMER Reporter FLORIDA CLUB 95 RAMBLERS CLUB OFFICERS VERLIN ARCHER President CLARINE HALL Vice-President ALVINA FRIEDERICH Secretary BOB MIDDENDORF Treasurer GARTH KLEPFER Reporter TOWN CLUB 96 VIRGINIA CLUB l --- - in ■ ' W-fl] d ut " OFFICERS PAUL HESS President MALCOLM VARNER Vice-President BILLIE JEAN REEDY Secretary -Treasurer MARTHA SMITH Reporter OFFICERS JAMES DARNELL President GRANT BROWNING Vice-President BETTY STREIGHT Secretary MERLIN PROVANCE Treasurer ERMA CHENOWETH Reporter WEST VIRGINIA CLUB 97 OFFICERS BETTY BARNETT President FRANCES TAYLOR .... Vice-President JANRIS McMANUS Secretary BARBARA WALL Reporter MISS PERSON Sponsor Phi Delta Lambda is the national scholastic honor society for college graduates of the Nazarene colleges in the United States. The Zeta Chap- ter of this society fosters high stan- dards of scholarship among Trevecca students. To be a member of this or- ganization a student must have a yearly scholarship of 2.5 quality points. ONOR SOCIETY 98 G.I. C L U B MEMBERS Melvin Abney Solon Drake Robert Lewter I | n 1 -1 John Kneuark Jasper Alsbrooks Howard Esterline LJ III Harvey Lolley Norman Rickey Lawrence Adams George Fender James Lucius Jesse Rigney Robert Andress Hugh Ferguson James McCormick Ivan onarp Marvin Appleby George Gibbs Inman McMahon James Sheron Jim Bentley Wintred Gleaves Robert Maner Uscar bmitn Thomas Blaxton Harold Graves Clinton Martin William btewart John Bobo Bcbby Harper David Martin C 1 C 1 barl Morey Robert Breedlove Grady Hayes Thomas Martin James laylor Verlie Campbell Douglas Hendon John Meadors l_l J T Howard Iripp Allen Carpenter Norman Higginbotham Raymond Merriman Arthur Underwood Raymond Carpenter A " II ' 1 | William Mogar. t. t. Morreli Charles Van Gundy Ernest Carter Franklin Holbrook Donald Morrow Malcolm Varner Robert Cheek Ralph Hudson Clarence Moser Paul Vickers Earl Childers Roy Hunter Byron Murphy Charles Wallace Irvin W. Childers Earl Hyatt Jack Myers Edward Watson Raymond Childers Alton Jenkins Lawrence Nix Jack Watson George Cocoris James Johnson Hayes Oliver Eugene Weakley Wilson Cole Raymond Jones William Patrick Robert Wells George Cravens Daniel Kennedy Charles Patton William Wells James Crossman Helen Killgore Harvey Porter Robert Wendell Leonard Daws Alvin Kimbrell Joe Powell William Whited James Deal James Kimbrell George Privett Thomas Wight L. P. Dennis Joseph Lewellen Carlos Renfro Alvina Friederich ' L i, - if ■■Jii " y - .v. SPEECH CLUB VERLIN ARCHER President BILL HARRIS Vice-President MARGARET BARNETT Secretary GRACE KERCHER Treasurer DONN MORROW Reporter MISS MABLE COONER Sponsor Those students who are enrolled in either private or classes of speech may become members of the Speech Club. This organi- zation is active in the presentation of recitals, dramas, and other activities relating to speech. OHie 100 SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS The members of the Science Club are Lillian christensen President those students who are enrolled in Science keith bottles Vice-President courses and others who are interested in LUCILLE HASSELL Secretary Hjgh | ign + S Q f +his year ' s BC- MARTHA ANN EBY Treasurer , iLI I L J tivities have been a monthly luncheon and LaRHEA SAMPLES Reporter MRS. GRESHAM Sponsor a scientific trip. OFFICERS ROSALYN APPLEBY President BILL STONE Vice-President MARTHA COCKRELL Secretary RUTH THRASHER Treasurer BILL BRIDGES Reporter MRS. HARDY Sponsor Anyone who is interested in music may be- come a member of the Music Club, although it is composed primarily of the members of the choral and instrumental organizations of the school. This society seeks to create among the students a deeper appreciation for the aesthetic. A musical discussion with the sponsor, Mrs. Hardy PHYSICAL EDUCATION i The Girls ' Athletic Association is composed of those girls who are in- terested in physical education. They engage in such activities as Softball, basketball, and volleyball. 1C6 FINE ARTS .... - H«-.-t ; !5i ' i. COLLEGE CHOIR The College Choir, composed of forty select voices, is directed by Mrs. Edward K. Hardy. In addition to local appear- ances the choir toured this year several districts of the school zone. Music pre- sented with the anointing of God ' s bless- ing is the desire of the Choir. 108 CHORUS The chorus includes both boys and girls who wish to sing to promote the Kingdom of God. Under the efficient leadership of Mrs. Edward K. Hardy the chorus has been highlighted in a Christmas program and a Spring Music Festival. Many of its members use the knowledge and ex- perience gained in the organization as a stepping-stone toward gualifying for the choir. The choral societies of Trevecca aim to do more than just to sing well; they endeavor to interpret music in a spirit of worship to God. 109 CONCERT ORCHESTRA The orchestra, under the direction of Prof. William H. Howick, has had a suc- cessful year. In addition to their annual fall concert they were featured on several other occasions. The orchestra has added much to the music in our chapel services and it has also provided music on a num- ber of occasions for services in the city. 110 CONCERT BAND What can give more zest and more impetus to school spirit than the school band! The Trevecca College Band was organized only a year ago, but it has al- ready become an integral part of our campus life. The programs presented by the or- ganization are always a source of real en- joyment to the listening audience. This year the musicians have been presented on several occasions, the feature perfor- mance being a band concert at which time selections were played from several phases of music literature and as addi- tional features various vocal and instru- mental solos were presented. Professor William H. Howick is the capable conductor of this group. 111 RECITALISTS BILLIE JEAN REEDY Soprano JULIA ANN SULLIVAN Contralto CHARLES DAVIDSON Tenor BETTY MEGGS Violinist VERLIN ARCHER Speech The Fine Arts Department presents each spring quarter recitals given by Jun- iors and Seniors who are majoring in ap- plied fields of music and speech. This year ' s performances showed talent, dili- VERLIN ARCHER gent study, and excellent instruction. These programs prove to be not only an asset to those participating, but have been of great cultural value to the listen- ing audience as well. CHARLES DAVIDSON ACTIVITIES 115 Seated: Frances Taylor, George Privett. Standing: Charles Duckett, Calvin Privett, Rosalyn Appleby, Ruby Geiger, Dr. Gresham, Charles Patton. STUDENT COUNCIL President Privett and Secretary Taylor The Student Council promotes the best interests of the students and the college in general providing a link between the students and the faculty. The council seeks to maintain good citizenship in all phases of school life. It is composed of seven members representing the differ- ent classes; the president and secretary are elected at an annual spring election. 116 Trev - Echoes VOLUME IV No. 5 TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE NOVEMBER 20. 1950 DARDA STAFF LAUNCHES ITS " TEN PER CENT SALES CAMPAIGN " WIFE, DAUGHTER AND GRANDSON PAY TRIBUTE TO FOUNDER TREVECCA MOURNS DEATH OF DR. NEASE Orval J. Nease was born Nashville, Michigan, on Decent 25, 1891, and was called , eternal reward at 6:30 p. • day November 7, 1 1 50. A age he was converted- ' sanctified wh divine call to try and c pref FILL HOLIDAYS Wr SALES TALK PICTURE ON P ' " Pearl of Wr is the true r Darda and t pecjalli f OFFICERS PATRICIA WILLEY Editor CHAMP TRAYLOR Business Manager MRS. A. E. MACKEY Faculty Advisor MRS. KOY W. PHILLIPS Journalism Instructor Champ Traylor and Patricia Willey 118 Seated: Champ Traylor, Patricia Willey; First Row: Billie Jean Reedy, Betty Barnett, Mrs. A. 8. Mackey, Barbara Wall. Donn Morrow; Second Row: Eugene Williams, Julia Sullivan, Rob Staples, Rosalyn Appleby, Harvey Porter, Herman Slonecker, Frances Taylor. TREV-ECHOES, the official bi-monthly news publication, operating under the auspices of the college journalism class, constitutes a vital part of campus life. Under the sponsorship of the sophomore class of 1944-45 it was organized for the purpose of reflecting the current life of the college. The efficient guidance of the faculty advisor and instructor has inspired many improvements and with even more in mind, TREV-ECHOES is taking its place among renowned college papers as a truly adequate expression of its students ' activities and ideas. Mrs. Phi 1 1 1 ips explains new journalistic ideas Reporters discuss news with the editor 1951 DARDA The DARDA, " The Pearl of Wisdom, " is the annual portraying the life of Trevecca Naza- rene College. This fiftieth anniversary issue has also presented some of the historical develop- ment of the college. Left, Top to Bottom: JULIA ANN SULLIVAN Editor HERMAN SLONECKER Business Manager Below, Left: MRS. MACKEY Sponsor ROSALYN APPLEBY Assistant Editor Below, Right: JUNE CAMPBELL Typist OSCAR SMITH Assistant Business Manager 120 Top: Seated: Julia Ann Sullivan, Mrs. Mackey, Herman Slonecker. Standing: Oscar Smith, Rosalyn Appleby Verlie Campbell, June Campbell, Rob Staples. It is the responsibility of the staff to see that pictures are taken, ads received, snaps collected, and manuscript written. Below: VERLIE CAMPBELL Sales Manager ROB STAPLES Assistant Sales Manager The staff hopes that this issue will bring many pleasant memories of the days spent at T.N.C. Below: BOB BENSON Staff Photographer TO TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE ON THE GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY FROM THE 1951 DARDA STAFF ALABAMA DISTRICT (J3oo5 tin Ji ' revecca DISTRICT OFFICERS M. C. GARRISON Secretary TRAVIS H. JOHNSON Treasurer ADVISORY BOARD W. R. PLATT GORDON WINCHESTER JOE FROST R. L. ANDERSON TREVECCA TRUSTEES OTTO STUCKI DALLAS BAGGETT W. A. PECK WALLACE BELL C. L. CHILTON OTTO STUCKI District Superintendent DISTRICT DEPARTMENT HEADS MRS. R. L. ANDERSON W. F. M. S. President A. J. GUNTER Church Schools, Chairman C. L. CHILTON N. Y. P. S. President L. L. SCALES Junior Director ASSEMBLY AND CONVENTIONS July 10-13, 1951 District Center Millport, Alabama CAMPMFETING July 13-10, 1951 District Center N.Y.P.S. INSTITUTE August 13-15, 1951 District Center THE EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT STANDS FAITHFULLY BEHIND TREVECCA COLLEGE ALL OUR DEPARTMENT HEADS ARE PRAYING FOR GOD ' S RICHEST BLESSINGS ON OUR ZONE COLLEGE VICTOR E. GRAY District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS SETTLE M. SHAW Secretary W. L ELKINS Treasurer DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD L. B. HICKS SETTLE M. SHAW W. L. ELKINS T. N. ROBINSON W. L. ELKINS Church Schools REV. G. S. ROGERS District Church School Chairman WE CONGRATULATE TREVECCA FOR FIFTY YEARS OF PROGRESS! And — The end is not yet! Thanks to the — • Administration • Faculty • Students MRS. BEN MARLIN Junior Director Youth Camp Suwannee Campgrounds June 25-29 Assembly May 16-17, 1951 Campmeeting Suwannee Campgrounds July 30-August 5, 1951 JOHN L. KNIGHT Superintendent GROWING DISTRICT SUPPORTING A GROWING COLLEGE REV. C. R. MOORE President N.Y.P.S. FLORIDA DISTRICT MRS. JULIA EBY President W.F.M.S. GEORGIA DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD H. J. EASON J. F. CHILTON BRUCE B. HALL F. E. WATKINS OFFICERS L. E. HUMRICH Secretary BRUCE B. HALL Treasurer BOOSTING A GREATER TNC DEPARTMENT HEADS R. W. HURN .... Chairman Church School Board MRS. BRUCE B. HALL President W.F.M.S. H. W. M I NGLEDORFF President N.Y.P.S. REV. MACK ANDERSON District Superintendent CAMP MEETING July 19-29, Adrian, Georgia District Parsonage District Assembly Lexington, Ky. August 8-10 Camp meeting Summerville, Ky. August 21-30 THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE C ongratuiatei Ji revecca on Iter (jolclcn -Anniversary ADVISORY BOARD D. S. SOMERVILLE HAROLD DANIELS CLARENCE WILEY HERMAN RAMSEY TREVECCA TRUSTEES L. T. WELLS A. B. MACKEY HAROLD DANIELS D. S. SOMERVILLE R. L. IHRIG H. B. DEAN OREN D. THRASHER DR. L. T. WELLS District Superintendent H. B. DEAN District Secretary D. S. SOMERVILLE District Treasurer MRS. L. T. WELLS W.F.M.S. President OREN D. THRASHER N.Y.P.S. President R. L. IHRIG Sunday School Chairman MRS. RUTH HUFF Junior Society Director (f3oodting Jrevecca C oileae " 1.M REV. D. K. WACHTEL Superintendent TENNESSEE DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. A. K. BRACKEN, D.D. JOHN T. BENSON, JR. REV. J. E. BECKUM L. P. GRESHAM, Ph.D. OFFICERS REV. C. T. DUCKETT Secretary JAMES A. PATE . . . . treasurer MRS. D. K. WACHTEL President W.F.M.S. EVERY DEPARTMENT REV. M. E. REDFORD Chairman Church Schools ALL OUT IN THE REV. B. G. WIGGS President N.Y.P.S. MID CENTURY CRUSADE FOR SOULS VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. V. W. LITTRELL . . REV. ROBERT RAPALJ E . MR. G. H. JONES . . . MRS. V. W. LITTRELL . REV. JOHN E. COMPTON REV. CHARLIE HARRISON . District Superintendent District Secretary District Treasurer . . District W.F.M.S. President . . . District N.Y.P.S. President . Chairman, Church School Board DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. V. W. LITTRELL REV. C. E. WINSLOW, Secretary rev. e. w. Mcdowell DR. ROBERT WILFONG MR. G. H. JONES We are whole-heartedly supporting Trevecca College and Cordially invite it through its touring groups to ' TEST OUR WELCOME ' W.F.M.S. CONVENTION AND DISTRICT ASSEMBLY July 5-8, 1951 PREACHERS MEETING Nov. 14-16, 1951 WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Trevecca Trustees EDWARD C. ONEY H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT C. GLENN BOWLING RALPH SHURMAN JOHN R. BROWNING DENNIS E. WYRICK RAY T. McKENNEY Q. F. HAYES Adv isory Board T. HOWARD WARWICK RALPH SHURMAN R. A. SISSON CLYDE M. PRITT EDWARD C. ONEY District Superintendent JOHN R. BROWNING District Secretary C. GLENN BOWLING ... District Treasurer MRS. EDWARD C. ONEY W.F.M.S. President GILES M. GRAHAM N.Y.P.S. President CAMP MEETING N.Y.P.S. Summersville, W. Va. District Institute July 7-16 August 21-25 REV. C. E. SHUMAKE District Superintendent 608 Lyon Street Charlotte, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT " A Growing District with a Growing Interest in Trevecca " DISTRICT OFFICERS C. E. SHUMAKE District Superintendent REV. C. W. ELK I N S . . District N.Y.P.S. President MRS. C. E. SHUMAKE . District W.F.M.S. President VERNON JONES District Treasurer REV. REEFORD CHANEY .... District Secretary REV. H. C. THOMAS .... District Church School Board Chairman CONGRATULATIONS TO TREVECCA ON HER GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY— AND GREATER VICTORIES FOR THE FUTURE ! I COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MISSISSIPPI DISTRCT REV. J. D. SAXON District SuDerintendent FRANKLIN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FRANKLIN. TENNESSEE REV. C. T. DUCKETT Pastor T. T. KING . Sunday School Superintendent CHARLES W. DUCKETT .... N.Y.P.S. President MRS. C. T. DUCKETT W.F.M.S. President WAVERLY PLACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. RAYMOND L. MERRIMAN, Pastor 2210 12th Ave., S. Tel. 9-8195 CLARKSVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Congratulates Trevecca on Her Golden Anniversary REV. W. M. GREATHOUSE Pastor COLLEGE HILL CHURCH DR. A. K. BRACKEN Pastor DR. L. P. GRESHAM Sunday School Superintendent PAUL J. EBY N.Y.P.S. President MRS. A. K. BRACKEN W.F.M.S. President A Vital Interest in Every Interest of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Main At Willow Street CHATTANOOGA. TENNESSEE L. B. HICKS Pastor ' Always Supporting and Standing By Trevecca College With Prayers, Students, and Money " VOICE FOR HOLINESS IN THE SOUTHLAND LAWRENCE B. HICKS, Pastor Phone 4-7064 Our Radio Ministry— Sun. 1 :00 p.m. WDOD and WDOD-fm— I 3 1 0 on Dial Sun. 6:30 p.m. WDOD-fm — 96.5 on FM Dial FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodland Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE EDWARD K. HARDY Pastor HOBSON L. BYARS Sunday School Superintendent MAURICE E. GRIGGS, JR N.Y.P.S. President MRS. JOHN T. BENSON. JR W.F.M.S. President " A CHURCH WITH A HEART INTEREST IN THE HEART OF NASHVILLE " WOODBINE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2710 Nolensville Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE HAROLD TINGLE Pastor HARVEY BAGWELL . N.Y.P.S. President C. C. RHYNE S. S. Supt. MRS. J. L. APPERSON . . . WFMS Pres. The Church with a Welcome to Trevecca College C on cjratula Hon 5 ! TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE FOR - FIFTY YEARS OF ■fckJhfll FAITHFUL SERVICE H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT Minister BELLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 9th St. and Riverview Drive BELLE, WEST VIRGINIA EUGENE SANFORD S. S. Supt. VADA BELCHER N.Y.P.S. Pres. CATHERINE BOOTH W.F.M.S. Pres. " Every Member a Booster for T.N.C. " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FLORENCE. ALABAMA A Church That Supports with Prayer, Students and Money. Five Students in Trevecca This Year. W. A. PECK Pastor FACULTY AND STUDENTS INVITED ! ! REV. FRED W. GIBSON Minister OUR CHURCH IS TREVECCA ' S AMBASSADOR TO THE NATION ' S CAPITAL 680 GLEBE ROAD NORTH OF THE ARLINGTON. VIRGINIA " HOLDING FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1601 N. 21st Street RICHMOND. VIRGINIA PAUL R. HOLT. Pastor SERVICES Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Preaching I 1 :00 A.M. and 7:45 P.M. N.Y.P.S 7:00 P.M. Prayer Service . Wednesday,, 8:00 P.M. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 748 Benson Avenue FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY REV. WILLIAM P. WILHOYTE Pastor CLARENCE WILEY. Sunday School Superintendent EDWARD COINS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. W. P. WILHOYTE . . W.F.M.S. President " Frankfort Will Always Stand By Trevecca " LOUISVILLE (Loncjratulated C iaAi 1951 OUR CHURCH A. J. FRANK Pastor CARL WHITLOW Sunday School Superintendent WALTER DAVIS N.Y.P.S. Piesident RUBY LEE WHITLOW W.F.M.S. President " The Gateway to the South ' FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Twenty-Fourth and Howard Streets, (Two blocks south of Broadway) Louisville 10, Ky. c onara tuiationd to Jreuecca FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE I23 Moreland Ave. S.E. ATLANTA, GA. Raymond W. Hum Pastor GRACE CHURCH sr the NAZARENE GRACE CHURCH BOARD VISITATION WORKERS Front Row, Left to Right — Lavonne Jernigan, Ruby Potter, Barbara Halliburton, E. E. Hughes V. B. Hassell, Mrs. F. F. Hemmerly, Mrs. S. W. Strickland, Rev. S. W. Strickland, F. F. Hem merly, H. G. Woods, and W. R. Page. Back Row, Left to Right— M. C. Peeples, E. H. Hughes B. M. Smotherman, Mrs. H. G. Woods, Margaret Dunkum, Mrs. P. E. Burris, Mrs. S. A. John son, H. D. Halliburton, F. B. Potter, Rubye Shelton, M. F. Gentry, J. Z Taylor. Mrs. J. Z Taylor, and Billy Strickland. MRS. S. A. JOHNSON W.F.M.S. President GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 25! 8 Gallatin Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone— 2-3621 MRS H. G. WOODS N.Y.P.S. President CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FAIRMONT, WEST VA. M. W. HANEY Sunday School Superintendent GERALDINE BEAVANS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. F. F. McGIRR W. F. M. S. President C. GLENN BOWLING BOOSTERS FOR T. N. C. Fastor " The Friendly Church in the Friendly City " C oncjratulationA . . . A Welcome Awaits You At INGLEWOOD CHURCH J. G. WELLS, Pastor Gallatin Road and Sunnymeade Drive Nashville, Tennessee | „ J; £s8fi GEO. O. COLE W Pastor Yours for Victory IMnHWHHHIIHHM OLD OLD HICKORY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE " Earnestly contending tor the taith once delivered unto the saints " A. L. COPELIN Sunday School Superintendent W. ED WHITED N.Y.P.S. President MRS. JAS. RUDD . ' . . W.F.M.S. President Jreveccci We Are With You! CHARLESTON SOUTHEAST CHURCH McCorlcle at 5 1st St., S.E. CHARLESTON, W. VIRGINIA REV. and MRS. RALPH SCHURMAN Pastor come CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MAN, WEST VIRGINIA JOHN R. BROWNING Pastor D. D. " BILL " ROBINSON . . . . S. S. Superintendent JAMES PELFREY . . N.Y.P.S. President ORPHA BROWNING. W.F.M.S. President We have the following former T. N. C. students worshipping with us: Juanita Farley Griggs, Martha Jones, Lona Teter, Alexine Muse, Mary Lila Peg- ram Miller, Phyllis Browning Robinson, D. D. " Bill " Robinson, John R. Browning, Jr., Mrs. John R. Browning, Sr., John R. Browning, Sr., and Miss. Doris Forbes. FIRST CHURCH OFTHE NAZARENE BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA C. W. ELKINS, Pastor Congratulations to Trevecca Nazarene College on your Fiftieth Anniversary WEST MAIN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 832 W. Main St. ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA REV. MISS VIVIAN HINSON, Pastor CHARLESTON FIRST CHURCH Extends Congratulations to the Class of ' 51 and the Darda Staff REV. and MRS. A. F. HAYES OUR STAFF MR. DAN ARMSTRONG .... Minister of Music MRS. RALPH HOWE N.Y.P.S. President MRS. JOHN LYNCH W.F.M.S. President MR. GEO. O. ARMSTRONG . . . . S. S. Supt. " First Church Is Proud Of Her Trevecca Students " WE HAVE A VITAL INTEREST IN EVERY INTEREST OF T.N.C. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO TREVECCA on Her 50th Anniversary N.Y. P. S. WURTLAND, KENTUCKY Best WidkeA BORDEAUX CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE EDWARD F. COX, Pastor IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3315 Charlotte Ave. NASHVILLE, TENN. " TO KNOW HIM AND TO MAKE HIM KNOWN " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE I 700 W. Jackson Street PENSACOLA, FLORIDA L. L. MATHIS, Pastor Phone 8-3781 Mailing Address Box 245 Congratulations from CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner of South Orange and Downing NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA CHARLES F. CRAUSWELL, Pastor COMPLIMENTS First CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1217 E. Green St. High Point, North Carolina C. C. BROWN, Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SPENCER, W. VA. A. GEORGE PITZER, Pastor WE SUPPORT TREVECCA COLLEGE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ASHLAND, KENTUCKY HAROLD DANIELS, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS TO TREVECCA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NEWPORT, KENTUCKY 830 York St. R. L. IHRIG Minister Phone HI. 8480 Parsonage — 36 S. Grand Ave. Ft. Thomas, Ky. ' — Appreciate Jreuecca d Support ft THE NAZARENE YOUNG PEOPLE ' S SOCIETY FIRST CHURCH NASHVILLE 510 WOODLAND STREET MAURICE E. GRIGGS, JR. . HERMAN L. SLONECKER, JR. JIMMY PATE, JR PEGGIE JEAN SILER . . . . . President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary MATTIE BARKER Corresponding Secretary TREVECCA Congratulations on Your Fiftieth Anniversary • BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE B. C. ADAMS S. S. Superintendent A. D. BOONE N.Y.P.S. President MRS. B. C. ADAMS W.F.M.S. President CHRISTINE ADAMS Secretary-Treasurer B. G. WIGGS Pastor " The Students ' home ' church while in Nashville " THIRD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1622 lOrh Ave., North NASHVILLE, TENN. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 10:45 A.M. IN.T.r.o O.jL!. Evening Worship 7:30 P.M. Mid-Week Prayer Service . Wednesday 7:30 P.M. " A Warm Welcome to Everyone " M. L. TURNEY Pastor 1618 10th Ave., North To Trevecca Students " A CHURCH HOME AWAY FROM HOME " C on grata la Hon A and Sincere CjreetincjA to Jrevecca C olleae First Church of the Nazarene ' t J McCOMB, MISSISSIPPI C. B. CARLETON Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corbin, Kentucky DONALD K. BALLARD Pastor (Former Trevecca Student) LAWRENCE HENDERLIGHT S. S. Superintendent MRS. VIRGINIA PREWITT . . N.Y.P.S. President MRS. GILBERT CHAPPELL . W.F.M.S. President MRS. DONALD K. BALLARD . . Junior Director ' We Are Boosting Trevecca " C on cjratula tiond 1951 " Trevecca ' s Golden Anniversary " MADISON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Lanier Drive at Neely ' s Bend Road MADISON, TENN. DON JERNIGAN, Pastor ' You Are Always Welcome " Fitzgerald Nazarenes Love and Appreciate TREVECCA FITZGERALD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FITZGERALD, GEORGIA " We specialize in friendliness " MR. J. D. DEESE Sunday School Superintendent MRS. L. E. STREETMAN W.F.M.S. President MR. W. Y. COOK N.Y.P.S. President JOHN O. TAYLOR Pastor LAN EH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE I I Jennings Street LANETT, ALABAMA GORDON WINCHESTER, Pastor DOWNTOWN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 800 First Avenue COLUMBUS, GEORGIA ★ BYRON E. LeJEUNE, Paslor P. O. Box 1335 " We Believe in Treveccj " RIDGEVALE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE fvlillersville, Tennessee D. H. SPENCER, Pastor Clarkson Church of the Nazarene CLARKSON, KY. BRUCE FOLEY .... Pastor D. T. CAIN S. S. Supt. MRS. A. BALES W.F.M.S. Pre ' ,. EUGENE CAIN . N.Y.P.S. Pres. COMPLIMENTS OF McCLURKAN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WEST NASHVILLE W. F. COLLIER, Pastor ' The Church With a Welcome ' COMPLIMENTS F DONELSON CHURCH of the NAZARENE ★ DONELSON. TENNESSEE KENNETH SLIFER, Pastor The Gospel in SERMON SONG ART EVANGELIST CLYDE B. ROGERS 505 Lester Avenue Nashville 10, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS TO TREVECCA ON HER FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY Faye, Alumna; Mrs. G. T. Speer; Mary Tom; Brock, Alumnus; Mr. G. T. Speer; Ben, Stu- dent. THE SPEER FAMILY Gospel Singers and Musicians Radio and Recording Artists 920 Sutton Hill Road Nashville, Tenn. Compliments of " THE MUSICAL MICKELS " Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Mickel and Sons: Ronald and Hubert Preacher — Singers — Musicians Boy Chalk Artist The boys play clarinet and flute duets, also piano, vibraharp and marimba. They travel with their parents from June I to Aug. 31. Mrs. Mickel plays the piano, accordion and vibraharp. Write them at Alum Bank, Pa., for revivals, tent meetings, camp meetings, or Home Mission Campaigns. Compliments of WILLIAM ELKINS, JR. 708 Highland Drive Knoxville 18, Tenn. I LOVE TREVECCA COLLEGE Evangelist and a former Trevecca Student COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND REV. AND MRS. L. B. MATHEWS Evangelist and Singer 2208 18th Ave., So. Nashville 4, Ter Weddings Babies PHOTOGRAPHS by F. A. JONES 5 1 7 Lester Avenue Portraits Phone 5-0879 TREV-ECHOES " Voice of T.N.C. " College Newspaper • Staff I950- ' 5I PATRICIA ANN WILLEY Editor CHAMP TRAYLOR Business Manager MRS. A. B. MACKEY Faculty Advisor MRS. K. W. PHILLIPS Faculty Advisor R. D. NICKS SERVICE STATION Gas — Oil — Grease GOOD GULF PRODUCTS REAL SERVICE Phone 2512 Springfield Highway COMPLIMENTS HERMITAGE BRAND FOOD Good Wishes SAIN LUMBER CO. 619 MURFREESBORO RD. Distributors of GRADE A FOOD PRODUCTS ANDERSON FISH OYSTER CO. Post Office Box 187 412-414 Broad St. Nashville 2, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF M. P. BROTHERS CO. Wholesale Grocers C oncjratulcitioni to the 1951 r5383 PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! STEVE E. HOOD Official Photographer for DARDA 27 Arcade Nashville 3, Tennessee ALAMO PLAZA HOTEL COURTS THE HIGHWAY ' S FINEST Highways 70-S and 41 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE NASHVILLE ' S MOST COMPLETE BOOK STORE Fiction, Non-Fiction, Business and Technical, Re- ligious, Devotional, Bibles, Gifts, Stationery and Novelties. THE METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE Telephone 42-162 1 810 Broadway COMPLIMENTS OF PURITY DAIRIES Incorporated Nashville ' s Finest Milk BAR-B-CU-TIE DRIVE IN (Don ' t drive by) Bar-B-Q — Pork-Chicken-Ribs BLUE RIBBON SHOE SHOP Umbrellas and Zippers Repaired 311 5TH AVENUE, N. COMPLIMENTS OF WHITEHEAD ' S COLLEGE GRILL RESTAURANT AND DRIVE IN 351 Murfreesboro Rd. Tel. 5-9528 COMPLIMENTS FROM COLLEGE PRINTING COMPANY A COMPLETE SERVICE IN FINE FOODS IN INSTITUTIONAL USERS ALLOWAY BROS. CO. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE C -om p litn en td of MAPLEWOOD COAL CO, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE " It Pays to Look Well " COLLEGE BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP W. H. ANDERSON OTT AND SISK HARDWARE AND SEED CO. MURFREESBORO ROAD HARVEYS HAS IT yjasliuiiie s rjCur edt S i ore G. C. THOMPSON LUMBER Rough and Dressed Lumber 400 Murfreesboro Road Tel. 6-1261 COMPLIMENTS MOTHER HAGAN SANDWICH SHOP Grade A 191 I 8th Ave., So. 9-9586 Cain-Sloan Co. Nashville ' s Own Department Store Since 1903 AS CLOSE AS yOUR I1EAREST HlfilLBOX VOUR PUBLISHinG HOUSE HRS THE BEST in RELIGIOUS BOOKS nno SUPPLIES Craig Shoffner Hardware Co. 3 13 Second Ave., North Nashville 3, Tennessee " Everything in Hardware " Lucas House Paint Enamels Ruberoid Roofing Roof Coating Congratulations FIFTY Times KEEP THE GOOD WORK GOING CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CALVERT, ALABAMA W. W. THOMPSON, Pastor Clean, Modern, and Efficient Prescription Service OWEN DRUG COMPANY Phone 6-2447 113 Lafayette St. Nashville, Tenn. DODGE CLEANERS AND DYERS 304 Glenrose Ave. 620 Murfreesboro Rd. Main Office and Plant Branch Office 6-1892 AMERICAN LAUNDRY CLEANERS " The American Way Is the Best Way! " LIBERTY PHARMACY S. R. LUSTER, Prop. Phone 5-8489 149 Lafayette St. Nashville, Tenn. Save at SANDERSON ' S 5c and 10c Store Lafayette at Wharf Your " Original 10c Store " Compliments of PAUL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 145 Lafayette Phone 5-9918 IT S GOOD IF MADE BY PHILLIPS Enjoy Phillips — Potato Chips — Pop Corn — Peanuts — Cakes Cookies — Cracklings Made in Nashville PHILLIPS FOOD PRODUCTS CO. 1630 Church St. •3 MOBILE FIRST CHURCH 111 H!!R! »■« »« ::::s:; " " III! . — " A Beacon Light for Holiness on the Gulf Coast " So. Broad and Maryland Sts. Mobile, Alabama Tel. 3-3793 Congratulates Trevecca on Golden Anniversary! JOHN H. OWENS Sunday School Superintendent MRS. PAUL STUCKI N.Y.P.S. President MRS. GEORGE SLYE W.F.M.S. President C. L. CHILTON Pastor Where God and Man Meet REGULAR SERVICES When in Nashville Worship With Us A Cordial Welcome Awaits REV. M. E. REDFORD, Pastor CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Third Avenue, South, and Ash Street NASHVILLE ALUMNI SUPPLEMENT REGISTER OF SENIOR CLASSES, 1907-1950 1907 ACADEMY Mabel C. Dickey 1908 ACADEMY Eula W. Mcintosh Maud Beshear THEOLOGICAL O. B. Newton 1909 THEOLOGICAL Mamie Tribble Bessie Moody George Minter Blanche Coker H. Homer Cummings M. S. Hollinshead W. H. White J. F. Penn John Todd 1910 THEOLOGICAL Emily Gustafson Jessie Basford Minnie Stratton J. A. Clark Mrs. J. A. Clark H. C. Wait W. C. Wait 191 1 THEOLOGICAL M. V. Hall Olive Rife Mai McClurkan Laura Perry Olive D. Graham Mattie M. Buckner E. M. Elder K. A. Early H. H. Wise A. Ross Pittman 1913 COLLEGE Sarah M. Cox, B. L. Florence Cargil, B. L. ACADEMY Effie Bley Louisa Codding ? Bussey THEOLOGICAL Sallie Cox Myrtle Dykes Hattie M. Arnold J. S. Sharp E. O. Heath A. L. Parrott 1914 ACADEMY Naomi Shipley Hattie Weisgerber H. W. Cole L. L. Bilbrey Clint Brann W. E. Ewers THEOLOGICAL Lillie Swinnea Isa Crouse Guy Wilkinson 1915 COLLEGE R. A. French, A. B. Will French, A. B. Richard Low, A. B. S, W. Strickland, A. B. E. L. McClurkan, B. S. Eva Coy, B. L. ACADEMY K. A. Ea y THEOLOGICAL Frances French R. A. French Will French Richard Low Maud Varnedoe 1916 COLLEGE Gertrude Privat, B. L. Nannie Stratton, A. B. ACADEMY A. L. Dickerson C. C. Perkins Sue Rawls Mildred Dickey 1917 COLLEGE Gladys Avery, A. B. W. G. Ewers, A.B . ACADEMY Anna Hess Herman Dill Eleanor Ball Edith Avery THEOLOGICAL Bertie Karns B. F. Tipps J. S. Jones H. A. Hamby 1918 ACADEMY Sidney Ball Ruth Ball Mary Swift J, B. Burns Marjorie Towsley THEOLOGICAL Ruth Ball Marjorie Towsley 1919 COLLEGE A. L. Snell, B. S. ACADEMY Gladys Beavin Ivy Coleman Velma Damron Ed Dickson Perkins Elizabeth Rogers THEOLOGICAL W. W. Sieber 1920 ACADEMY Loraine Boone Eunice Damron THEOLOGICAL Pearl Alford Luther S. Huff J. A. McCammon 1921 ACADEMY Thelma Hines L. C. Parsons THEOLOGICAL G. C. Hesson E. H. Stout 1922 COLLEGE A, L, Parrott, B. D. A. L. Snell, Ph. B. E. P. Ellyson, Ph. B. FINE ARTS Olive E. Patmore ACADEMY Bertha Bruce Jewell Cannon Bernice Davis Joseph Ellyson Zola Knight Aris McManus Tennie McGhee Florence Nelson Lela Pomeroy C. B. Smith Rubye Scott Louise Sarver Beatrice Van Husen THEOLOGICAL C. B. Smith A. L. Roach H. G. Moser Hester McDonald Addie Slonecker Grace Ker 1923 COLLEGE Olive E. Patmore, A. B. Sadie M. Agnew, A. B. FINE ARTS E. Claudyne Watson ALUMNI SUPPLEMENT Grace Gattis J. C. Hatcher Rena D. Kannard Robbie Lee Leggett Eunice McAnnally Lucile Pennington Charles B. Smith THEOLOGICAL Ministerial Certificate: Cornie Caudle Ruby Walker FINE ARTS Piano: Elizabeth Brcv Leonora Bratt Linus Jackson Opal Glenn R Voice: Vashti Burnett Expression: Justice Bruce Naomi Wisler ACADEMY M. Leone Cobbs Farra G. Denning Lucy M. Denning Evelyn H. Hayes Garnet Hines Orpha L. Howell Luther S. Huff Merle I. Hutcheson Rena D. Kannard Ruth E. McGhee Maude A. Naylor Lyster A. Neal Thomas A. Pruitt Jimma L. Roote L. Durell Shelton Hurst W. Shelton Morris E. Spruill M. Elizabeth Thompson DeWitt Weems THEOLOGICAL Mrs. Z. B. Whitehurst Millicent Klee Mrs. Dixie Little R. B. Rawls Katherine Ward 1924 COLLEGE L. C. Huff Elizabeth Rogers W. F. Wiggs JUNIOR COLLEGE Beryle King Katherine Ward FINE ARTS L. D. Shelton Irene Holland Elizabeth Rogers Bernio Lea Godbold Mrs. C. E. Hardy Elizabeth Hawkins Mattie Fae Leckie Mrs. Henry McLain Laura B. Smith ACADEMY John T. Benson, Jr. Lucille Cannon Frances Davis Irene Holland Linus Jackson Haskell London Holland London Lacie McLain Hollis Randolph John Saxon Oline Shelton Carlyess Smith Laura Smith Ivin Smith Samuel Hammond Ida Rye 1925 JUNIOR COLLEGE Pliny F. Newton Florence Nelson Margie Thompson THEOLOGICAL Oscar Davis Myrtle C. Davis B. A. Duvall E. D. Eshmael Chester A. Wilkerson J. T. Williams FINE ARTS Claudyne Watson Glenn McLain Garnett Hines Bernie Lea Godbold Laura Smith HIGH SCHOOL Homer H. Austin Roy Brown Lou Willie Boyd J. W. Crossman Beatrice Gentry Miriam Gentry Francis Hemerly Virginia Hines Paul Martin John McKay Glenn McLain Paul Parker James Pate Henrietta Smith Russell Smith Ruby Shelton 1926 JUNIOR COLLEGE Walter M. Basford John T. Benson, Jr. Lou Willie Boyd FINE ARTS Jessie Mae Cashdollar Elizabeth Hardy H. H. Austin Lou Willie Boyd Roy Brown Vashti Burnette HIGH SCHOOL Hazel Boone Vashti Burnette Clarice Cornwell Claude Galloway Elizabeth Hardy Edward Hardy Zethra McAnnally Esther Mercer Mary Elizabeth Park Robert B. Rawls Sara Robinson Elizabeth Roby Charlyne Simpson Elizabeth Slonecker Louis Spruill Etta Swiney 1927 JUNIOR COLLEGE H. H. Austin Elizabeth Brewster Roy Paul Brown Hobson Byars Deroy Givens Delpho Hackney Allie Huffman Paul Martin Esther Mercer Mary Elizabeth Parks Opal Rife Oline Shelton Rubye Shelton Freeman Spruill Etta Swiney Beatrice Van Husen Gladys Walker vster n ifo re Chester Wilkerson THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: J. D. Saxon L. C. Parsons Allie Huffman Theological High School Diploma: Charles F. Pegram C. A. Wilkerson William M. Tabb Barbara Harrington HIGH SCHOOL Clyde Akins Evans Burnette Robert Carr Gladys Damron Lucille Frost Amanda Gunn Bertha Gunn Mrs. Maude Johnson Rebecca Mackey George McGhee Martha McGhee Vinnie Lee McManus Jesse Edger Meggs Clyde Morris Charles F. Pegram H. R. Pierce Houston C. Ramsay Lillie Sue Redfcrd Clarence Smith Frances Thompson Imogene Thrasher Chester Wilkerscn 1928 JUNIOR COLLEGE Mrs. Maude Bridges Carter Helen Cassell Mrs. P. A. Hawthorne Claude Galloway ALUMNI SUPPLEMENT Mabel Coleman Garnet Hines Augie Holland Bertie Karns A. W. McManus Elizabeth Slonecker Leah Taylor Beulah S. Thomas Lila Thrasher HIGH SCHOOL Emma Beaugard Ruth Cornwell Corrine English Maggie Lou English Mamie Ruth Hale Margaret Hatcher Juanita Jamerson Johanna Koenen Buena McManus Rubye Shaw Pe r ry Smith Gladys Spruill Irene Young FINE ARTS Piano: Amanda Gunn Margaret Hatcher Elizabeth Slonecker Expression: Leah Taylor THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Augie Holland Ministerial Certificate: Claude Kennedy G. L. Scott 1929 JUNIOR COLLEGE Genevieve Boughton Beatrice Denslow Gainer Foskey Lucille Frost Edward Hardy Elizabeth Hardy Virginia Hines Linus Jackson Charles F. Pegram H. R. Pierce L. C. Poe Lillie Sue Redford Sarah Robinson Elizabeth Roby THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Beryl King Doris Lalonde Charles F. Pegram Ministerial Certificate: Roy Sheehy H. S. Theological Certificate: Robert Carr HIGH SCHOOL Jewell Brooks Mack C. Caldwell Ethel Cannon Lois Floyd Mamie Foskey Lois Houston Arnold Kiehn Mary Kilgore Christine McLain Lois McManus Lina Parsons Lottie Pierce Amos Smith J. D. Thrasher Jane Porta Turner Susie Fife Turner Marguerite Weaver 1930 THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Lillie Sue Redford Ministerial Certificate: Thomas Garrett JUNIOR COLLEGE Clyde Akin Susie Allen Arabella Mae Ba Ma Emma Lee Brown Laura E. Brown Lawrence Brown Lorinne Bunting Cranford Burns Ellie Burns Alma W. Compton Erma Duvall Maggie Lou English Martha Vera Felker Lillian Floyd Ethel Glancy Sue Bess Jones Curtis H. Pearson Rubye Lee Shaw Durell Shelton Perry E. Smith Imogene Thrasher Earl Vennum HIGH SCHOOL Cordell Albertson Zelma Baber Kathryn Collier Mazelle Copeland Percy Dean Thomas Dean Marjorie Fite Willie Flatt Curtis Galloway Mortimer Garrett Morris Gentry Ezra Hendley Clifton Irwin Beleta Meggs Victor Parker Susan H. Penn Willie Mae Redford Estelle Thetford Catherine Walling FINE ARTS Expression: Cora Estelle Thetford 1931 JUNIOR COLLEGE Pauline Alexander Ruby Lee Dees Mrs. Mamie Foskey Opha Harris Mary Kilgore Jewell Nicholson Bert Richardson Leula Mae Smith Lewis Shingler Gertrude Thetford Pochaontas Wofford Mary Wright THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Mrs. M. S. Dunkum Otis Lee Curtis Pearson Ministerial Certificate: Elbert Atkinson James Earl Fox Raymond Grayson Wm. Wade Jernigan HIGH SCHOOL Luc ; !le Chenaulf Lyndell Cornwell Mary Ruth Dees Joseph Dixon Robert Drake Annie Pearl Lentz Ruby Maxey Ivah Ramsey Donald Sitts Myrtle Slonecker Jeanette Taylor Olive Wordsworth Robert Yates 1932 JUNIOR COLLEGE Nick Allen Charles Brown Mrs. Ralph H. Dodson Elaine Harrison Theodore Hudson Hilda Johnson Willie Mae Redford Avice Spooner Dorothy Whitman THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: M. E. Redford Ministerial Certificate J. E. Beckum James E. Bixby O. O. Mills Dotson Waller HIGH SCHOOL J. B. Cantrell Grace Cooper Lois Hardy Theodore Hudson Ruth Huffines Stockley Merritt Wallace Siler Zarah Teaney 1933 JUNIOR COLLEGE Marjorie Batson J. C. Booth Robert C. Drake Garlon Hays Clyde Rather Russell Smith ALUMNI SUPPLEMENT Olive Wordsworth HIGH SCHOOL Elizabeth Anderson Hugh Benson Dean Josephine Finney A. E. Kelly R. Brentson Kelly E. H. Hendrix Esta Graham Cims Rose Sell W. R. Thompson W. B. Williams Pauline Wilson THEOLOGICAL Ministerial Certificate: Mrs. Alice H. Eakin 1934 JUNIOR COLLEGE Catherine Anderson Richard Bingham Eleanor Butler Lee Gibson Lois Hardy Ernestine Hays Opaline Hays Helen HendricVson Naomi Hodge William Howard Jarrett J. A. Lawson Mrs. M. A. Mackey Gladys Spruill Jeanette Taylor Newby Taylor Charles Royster Thrasher HIGH SCHOOL Will Henry Atkins Blanron Cook Thomas Garrett Paul Grose Ladell Morgan R. Earl Seal Max Sloan THEOLOGICAL Ministerial Certificate: Beulah Sliger 1935 THEOLOGICAL Edward K. Hardy (4th year) Ministerial Certificate: Howard Wayne Hill JUNIOR COLLEGE Ethel Mae Beavers William Frank Blackb urn Albert Bostick LaNelle Gibson Mildred Gibson Aline Griffin Richard Jones Mavis McGee Bertha Pettit George Eugene Mackey Delia Seal R. Earl Seal Lucien Smith Wilton Spruill Howard Stocks Dolores Swinney W. B. Williams HIGH SCHOOL Louise Ayers Louise Ballard Gaius Breese Aylene Christian John Compton Sarah Duggan Mattye Foster Edward Glover Reba Hollins Mary McManus Miriam Mims George Smith FINE ARTS Piano: Dorthula Moore Willie Mae Redford Delia Seal Expression: LaNelle Gibson 1936 JUNIOR COLLEGE Elsie B. Biggers Ada Lee Blackburn Reeford Lowell Chaney Young Cook Mary Reatis Johnson Archis Murriel Lindsay Lois Missoura Martin Henry Ladell Morgan Eva Gertrude Padgett Mary Ellen Sims Cora Alta Slabaugh William R. Thompson Annie Lois Thrower Valando Taylor HIGH SCHOOL Martha Ruth Duggan Harold Warner Glenn Clarence Neville Haisten Margaret O. Lawson THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Francis Marion Bowman Ministerial Certificate: Cora Alta Slabaugh Asa Hill Sparks 1937 JUNIOR COLLEGE Virginia Ayers Edna Booth Roy Bohler Esfe ' la Davis Harold L. Davis Mattye J. Foster Ernest Wendell Hall Arnita Harrison Dicy Reba Hollins V. Neil Richardson THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: William R. Thompson W. B. Williams Theological Diploma: Glenn H. Madison Nettie Ammett Miller S. Frank Moss Ministerial Certificate: Dicy Reba Hollins HIGH SCHOOL Dellmae Everman Eleanor Hardy Margaret Hatcher Adron E. Hollins Ernestine Morgan Cleon Propps 1938 JUNIOR COLLEGE Lois Blackburn Walter H. Boswell Mabel Cole Flossie Curtis Carl Fannin Lonnie Friend Harold Warner Glenn Sylvia Holcomb Koy Wright Phillips Catherine Strickland James Todd THEOLOGICAL Theological Diploma: Hubert Meredith HIGH SCHOOL Muriel Cook Vorees Cormney J. D. Irwin Zenith Jordan Ruth Langston Lucy Mae Lindsley Willard E. Luten Jesse Middendorf Virginia Mims Vada Murphy Helen Shippey Beulah Sliger Margaret Thompson 1939 THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: William Hiram Boswell Harold L. Davis Glenn H. Madison Nettie Ammet Miller Henry Ladell Morgan Koy Wright Phillips V. Neil Richardson Theological Diploma: Marie Cashdollar Clarence Neville Haisten J. P. Jernigan Robbie Johnson H. R. Ward Ministerial Certificate: Erban B. Moss JUNIOR COLLEGE Marion Elmer Alford Katherine Biggers Vivian Blackburn Clara Bohler Julius Curtis Mary Fleck Nora Dean Gilliam Wilma Bernice Gold ALUMNI SUPPLEMENT Eleanor Major Hardy Mavis Heaberlin Adron E. Hollins Wilbur Eudon Latham Mary Frances Lord Lena McHargue Mary Imogene Mackey Nettie Ammett Miller Omie Marie ive Lillian Kathaleen Peach Charles B. Radford Nellie Sue Smithson James Denton Thrasher rlIGH SCHOOL Lena Mildred Ayers Lelia Grace Brewer Sadie Cavender Leon G. Cook H. Harvey Hendershot Donald Earnest Johnson Geneva B. Johnson Juanita Helen Lamb Vance Luten Mary Margaret Sprowls Levi Sullivan Jollie J. Voss Dorothy Jewell Walker FINE ARTS Voice: Virginia Mims Nabors 1940 JUNIOR COLLEGE Frank Abston Minnie Bray Elzora Cooner Nellie Curtis Orine Cypert Pauline Cypert Owen Dillender Reba Garnto Louise Gibbs Aline McDaniel Harold Maish Earnestine Morgan Lorene Ross Virginia Taylor Samuel Vann THEOLOGICAL Theological Diploma: Irene Meador Ministerial Certificate: James A. Hale HIGH SCHOOL Homer Adams Bernice Brakefield Ruby Doggett Mary Hoover John Lawwill Shirley Lee Dorothy Ling Leon Miller Maurice O ' Bannon Gladys Owen Henrietta Pickler Mrs. H. R. Ward Louise Weaver 1941 JUNIOR COLLEGE Eloise Dickinson Lucy May Faris Mildred Faris Ruth Johnson Alma Kent Willie Belle Kent Montine Mayhan A. P. O ' Bannon Carrie Pearson Helen Shippey Paul King Jesse Middendorf David Patten Chester Speck Jacklyn Welch Settle Shaw THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Vera Felker Robbie Johnson Ma r y Frances Lord Ministerial Certificate: Reba Burrow HIGH SCHOOL John R. Browning Glenn Cass Marjorie Grubbs Hollis Joines Archie C. Madison Jesse Mai Mercer Maxine Moore Roger Robinson Carl Ross Mary Dee Spears Ralph White Willard Wilsey FINE ARTS Voice: Geneve Cunningham 1942 LIBERAL, ARTS A. B. degree: Pauline Cypert Mary Fleck Nora Dean Gilliam Adron Evans Hollins Myrtle V. Hooper Ruby Lee Neely Clyde Raymond Owensby V. Neil Richardson Jeanette Elizabeth Taylor Samuel Paul Vann THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Doyle Rae Thomas Jeter Irene Meador Theological Diploma: Gerald Everist Connie Lena Kelly Esther Ruth Nossett Delia Wilson Shaw Ministerial Certificate: A. F. Hadden HIGH SCHOOL Edsel Eugene Adams Fay Brooks Marion D. Hawkins Jonn Maurice Wilma Moore John Raymond Parker Edith Pugh Viola Paugh J. B. Rose Jack Walling 1943 LIBERAL ARTS A. B. Degree: Lottie Blackburn Mary Frances Lord Cass THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Claude W. Galloway W. M. Greathouse E. W. McDowell Hubert Meredith Theological Diploma: John R. Browning Robert Bush Glenn Cass Rosa Croson Boyd W. Davis Billy Wade Downing Clarence Patton Ewin White Ministerial Certificate Malcolm J. North HIGH SCHOOL Willene Agee Paul Blackmon Herbert L. Brown Carl Crosby Doris Forbes Peggy Fountain Novice Harrison Martha Bell Kingery Eula Mae Lindsey J. C. Markham Fran Miller Gloria McDowell Adrian Rosa Margie Snodgrass Anne Troutt Claude Stewart Ethel Venable Emma Frances Wiggs 1944 LIBERAL ARTS A. B. degree: Eva Blackburn Lucy Mae Faris Shirley Lee Hubert Meredith Freda Nesbitt Gladys Owen THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: B. Wade Downing Euel Fox Clarence Patton Jacklyn Welch Theological Diploma: Vernon Chandler HIGH SCHOOL Dorothy Adams Ida Marie Ayers Louise Bottens ALUMNI SUPPLEMENT Doris Bridges Willard Brown Juanita Davis Jack Dell Martha J. Errickson Eva Joan Farmer Eva Virginia Friend Leland Goodman Robert Gray Sarah Limbo Jack Moore Lewis Pennington Lucille Riggs Juanita Roberts Lulu Samples Sarah Spruill Martha White Lois Wigginton 1945 LIBERAL ARTS A. B. degree: Bernice Bradley Rupert Cravens B. Wade Downing Nona Edwards Irlene Stovall THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Glenn Cass Leon Chambers Connie Kelly Delia Wilson Shaw Robert L. Sumner Ewin White Ministerial Certificate: Erma Toms HIGH SCHOOL Doris Arnold Bastien Bradshaw Louise Brakefield Phyllis Browning Dorothy Bruce Jean Burns Harold Gilliam Alma Hickey Vonciile Hawkins Gertrude Lindsey Zula Muse Billy Martin Ruth Moore Nellie Rainbolt Betty Jane Robinson Vernette Rouse Geraldine Smith Doris Stafford William K. Thomas Milton Turney 1946 LIBERAL ARTS A. B. degree: Elaine Battles William Glenn Cass Ruth Derr Ada Middleton Leila Dell Miller Evelyn M. Ramsey D. H. Spencer THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Mrs. Anna Barrow Boyd W. Davis Christeen Miller HIGH SCHOOL Ruth Agee Joseph Bates Alfred D. Boone Lois Virginia Calkins Troy F. Cook Patricia Draper Carmella Eannottie James Errickson Daphine Floyd Vivian Graves Roscoe Henderson Cecil Huff Catherine Hiorns Marcella Faye Ihrig Harvey L. Johnson Rena Pearl Jordan Lela Christine McCutchen Robert Merle McNaron Juanita McPherson Eva Fay Mackey Neva Gay Mackey Campbell Mackey Jesse Mackey Mary Lila Pegram English Redford Cecil Sharpling Frances Shirley Robert Shockley Jean Shelton Spruill Dorothea Stephenson Irene Sutton James W. Tate Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Thomas Vera Juanita White 1947 LIBERAL ARTS A. B. degree: Frank H. Abston Homer J. Adams Mrs. Anna Barrow Clara B. Bohler Ada L. Blackburn Marian Edwards Iris E. Harris Genevieve Love Ruby McCurley Christeen Miller Ladell H. Morgan Florence E. Morris Kathryn Paschall Elizabeth T. Spruill Alma L. Teeple James D. Thrasher THEOLOGICAL Paul D. Blackmon, Th. B. Lesper Heflin, A. B. Paul M. Hocutf, A. B. Bernice L. Roedel, Th. B. Howard T. Wall, A. B. HIGH SCHOOL Marcella Cain Lillie Mae Calkins LaVerne Case Catherine Cocoris James Crossman Josephine DeSha Smitty Ferguson Alvina Friederich David Hail John Hamby Louie Jeter Doris Jewell Barbara Kidd Luke Light Oliver McCaskell Clara McClain Mary Ruth McNaron Lottie Phillips Shirley Lee Phipps Doyle D. Robinson Mildred Shearer Rob Staples Olive Jean Stokes June Swinford IV48 LIBERAL ARTS A. B. degree: Ruby Blackburn Paul D. Blackburn John H. Chambers Edward F. Cox Bernice C. Derr Elizabeth Derr Ray Dunning Thelma Doris Forbes Robert H. Giay David Jasper Jenkins Genevieve McMackin John R. Maurice Alexine A. Muse Helen Neisler Homer D. Paschall James Dennis Peacock Julia Marie Perry Edward E. Phillips Lucille Riggs Mary Lee Saxon Leon W. Strasbaugh Sarah Elizabeth Spruill Annabell Ward Bob Gene Wiggs Dorothy A. Williams THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree: Ruth Thelma Derr George Lewis Pennington iheological Diploma: Clarabelle Hardorty HIGH SCHOOL Marvin E. Applf by Minta Zell Akors William H. Anderson, Jr. Robert Green Benson Eugene Grady Brooks Eugene Thomas Cain John H. Chandler Juanita Eby Carey L. Foster Ray E. Gullett Delores Geraldine Lobb Wilma Earle Lobb Robert A. McClain, Jr. Daniel S. McNutt Hayes Oliver CI ; nton F. Martin Odie L. Page Leonard Price ALUMNI SUPPLEMENT Frankie Foust Smith Paul Samuel Stanley Edith Nell Sutton Robert R. Taylor 1949 LIBERAL ARTS A. B. degree: Hubert E. Bankston Ervin Bardwell Aaron G. Bess Samuel R. Brown Lou Ouida Carlton Don Edwin Conrad John Willard Dix Guy Morgan Glendenning Nelson C. Goodlett Wilford Chester Hawkins, Jr. Roscoe C. Henderson Christine Jenkins W. A. Jordan Eldo Harold Lang Ralph Mattingly Carl E. Powers Corlas M. Roby James Carter Roberts Adrian Wayne Rosa Anna Willene Rosa Edrell Sanders Josephine Shippey James W. Tate Wallace Daniel Thompson Thomas E. Jones THEOLOGICAL Th. B. degree Guy Morgan Glendenning Theological Diploma: Marie Bankston Erma Grace Chenoweth J. D. Jernigan Luke M. Light Walter W. Thompson Jr. Theological Certi- ficate: John H. Chandler Henry Cooper Scott Howard Edward Palmer William A. Saranthus Gilbert Woodrow Shows HIGH SCHOOL Melvin G. Abney Lora Dell Adams Carrie Mae Agee Mary Frances Atkinson Joseph Edward Bannister Mary Laura Benson Kathryn Ada Boone Dwain Odell Bradshaw Grace Lorene Brown Joseph D. Byers Allen Carpenter James Edward Crider Roy Clarence DeSha Paul J. Eby, Jr. Peggy Joyce Franklin Helen Virginia Gober James A. Hall Omer D. Hamilton Edwin Louis Harrington Bobby Franklin Hoots Gladys Muriel Howard Ray Glenn Klinger Geneva Ruth Mays Elizabeth Allison Meggs Roy Wiley Philemon Alice Leigh, Pullin Gwendolyn Redford J. W. Ross Evelyn Smith John L. Smith Oscar Michael Smith Ben Lacy Speer Earl E. Storey Dorothy Ruth Williams Leo Edwin Williams 1950 LIBERAL ARTS A. B. degree Donald Ballard Joseph Benson A. D. Boone Ford L. Boone Wesley Campbell Glen Ellen Cassell Wm, Hoyt Cheek Harold H. Coats Neva Gay Coats Mable Ruth Gentry Betty Hamby John Hamby Vera F. Hammond Charles Haney Agnes Holley Billy K. Jared Clemmie Keeling Luke Light James Oliver McCaskell Milton McCaskell Malcolm McNeer Daniel McNutt Eva Faye Mackey William Martin Owen Morris Aldred Parker Clay Peeples George Pennington George Pitzer Ann Plessinger Grafton Poage Carl Pratt Maurice Rhoden Bertha Righthouse Kenneth Slifer Clayton Smith Carl Smithson Brock Speer James Steele Joyce Merchant Stocks Janie Lee Taylor Frank D. Tuggle Th. B. degree William Berninger S. Frank Moss David Patten Ralph Lithgow Walter Thompson D. D. degree Lewis Thomas Wells Raymond Browning Theological Diploma: Joseph Byers Harmon King David Lewis HIGH SCHOOL Glenn Baun Harold E. Brewer Wm. Howard Bridges Archie Britt Grant Browning Joyce Cain Mildred Campbell Irvin Childers Donald Cork Jerry Costa Billy Crane William Dillon Wilson Douglas Charles Duckett Lillian Felker Paul Fitch Harold Forman Robert Gore Bettie Graves Don Clyde Green Jeanette Griggs Duane Grover Arden Haddix Cannon Hassell Barbara Heath James Ketterman Joseph Killgore Garth Klepfer Joseph Lewellen Harvey Lolley Wm. H. Marks Janris McManus Ben Moore Thomas Napier Sibyle Olive John Price Lucy Pennington John Rice Mildred Sallee Carolyn Shanks Wayne Shelton Bonnie Simmons Wm. T. Slonecker Robert Wells Jr. Theological Glenn Baun Archie Britt Wilson Douglas Lester Fahringer Robert Gore Duane Grover Bennie Hulett Curtis Ketterman Sidney Patrick Douglas Reid Anna Slatcher J. R. Vaughan TRtVECCA COLLEGE ARCHIVES trevhcca eUu i MSilm

Suggestions in the Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) collection:

Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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