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19 5 0 As Portrayed In THE D A R D A TBEVECCA NAZAKENE COLLEGE Nashville Tennessee J If r e live through Students Arriving A GOOD Y E A It Resting in room At Class Top: Registration Above: Dr. Mackey interviews new student DEDICATION A GOOD TEACHER IS ONE WHO SO THOROUGHLY ENJOYS HER WORK THAT SHE MAKES IT EASY FOR HER STUDENTS TO LEARN. OUR OWN DR. STUNECK IS AN EXAMPLE OF THIS. SHE FINDS PLEASURE AND SATISFACTION IN DOING THINGS FOR OTHERS. BECAUSE OF HER SELF-SACRIFICE, HER DEVOTION TO DUTY, AND HER LOVE FOR THE MASTER THE FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY DEDICATE THE 1950 DARDA TO iPr. Mttudt Allen Stuneeh Dr. Stuneck in her classroom Forward March Knowledge Is Power DR. AND MRS. MACKEY Man ' s knowledge of physical laws has resulted in harnessing and using water, steam, electric, and atomic power. Man ' s knowledge of the laws of health has resulted in the control of many dis- eases which has added years to the average life span. Man ' s knowledge of human relations has re- sulted in the power to increase the efficiency of educational methods and to broaden political and religious influences in the world. The power resulting from knowledge of law may be for good or for evil. The same power of an automobile that can take a doctor to save a life may drive the auto- mobile into a telephone post and take a life. A knowledge of spiritual laws, both good and evil, results in spiritual power as definitely as the knowledge of physical and social laws results in physical and social power. The educational world, no doubt, is majoring in acquiring knowledge of a physi- cal world and in producing physical power. The great need for knowledge is in the spiritual world. Trevecca College is among the few institutions that the world is depending upon to acquire the knowledge and produce the spiritual power which is the major limiting factor in supplying the world ' s greatest need. The President ' s home Our Buildings E Administration Building McClurkan Year by year, Trevecca moves ever nearer to the two-fold goal — once almost an idle dream — " a four-year college and a million dollar campus. " In this mid-century year, there leave these halls near fifty graduates with the degree Bachelor of Arts. We are a four-year college. The other half of the story: College Hill is topped by buildings valued in the second half of that million dollars. Ill III III i J: - wrwir iipf] Memorial Hall The dreaming has not stopped. We already look beyond the first goal posts and see " to the South- ern Association of Colleges and a Building for every Department. " Hail Hardy Hall .... Dry Cleaning Agency We as students are grateful for the opportunities that are ours. Trevecca offers us a chance for im- provement physically, intellectually, and spiritually. With the instruction we receive our lives are made more useful. Right, top: Industrious students Bottom: Santa visits Dr. Mackey Christian Workers Prayermeeting J i— ■ L I ' I 1 Mi—HH 1 i s s | ■■™«SSB : IS is! ' JSrfTE ' • _ . . . study The college mind operates in a cloistered sphere. It is, in its most receptive state, shut away from the pressures of a bargain- ing world outside it. Within its chamber- ed nautilus there grow in quiet the facul- ties and powers that one day must brave the tumult of more mundane existence. What is the force which builds in silence the strata of fortitude, character, and learning that will stand life ' s tests? It is Study. Left, top to bottom: Chemistry Lab., Speech lesson; In the Library Bacteriology Class . . . friends Genuine and enduring friendships are formed af Trevecca. Here is the proving ground on which the seeds of good- will, faithfulness, and charity toward all can grow and multiply. A spirit of Christian love radiates from the students, which seems to permeate the surroundings at Trevecca. Left top to bottom: I ' ll think about it! Junior-Senior Party, Greek Made Easy. Thanksgiving Banquet work Working man Dinner is being prepared Trevecca affords work opportunities for those students who need assis- tance in making their financial arrangements. There are numerous jobs w hich are carried on by the boys and girls on the campus. I won ' t hurt you Lorena at work P MHO 4ST ' twr These students have learned that even the most menial task when com- pleted gives a sense of work well done. At Trevecca there are workmen " that needeth not to be ashamed. " Cleaning the auditorium The school barber ADMINISTRATION 25 AMY L PERSON MA. Registrar, Englkh, Bible CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY A.B., Th.B., B.D. Church History A C I L T Y . . . ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD M.A. Mathematics M. E. REDFORD M.A., B.D. Biblical Language 28 KOY W. PHILLIPS B.S.. Th.B., B.D. Biblical Literature ADRON HOLLINS PHILLIPS MA. English ADMINISTRATION H. F. HAMMOND B.S.. M A, Piano, Voice, Music Theory RUTH HARRIS BENNETT B.Mus. Piano, Voice 29 A. K. BRACKEN M.A., D.D. Dean of Religion, Theology, Philosophy MATTIE GREEN BRACKEN MA. Education, Biological Science, Psychology . . FACULTY AND IRENE OLSON HARDY WILLIAM H. HOWICK B.Mus. Th.B. ice, Piano, Director of Choral Music Music, Director of Instrumental Music 30 ADMINISTRATION 31 ...FACUITY AND ELIZABETH THOMPSON SPRUILL A.B. Principal of Demonstration School V. NEIL RICHARDSON A.B., Th.B. Financial Secretary 32 CLIFFORD E. KEYS Field Representative CLARA SHEARRER Bookkeeper ADMINISTRATION ROSE SIMPSON NAOMI NABORS MORGAN MARTHA WHITE SPENCER Nurse Bookstore Office 33 CLASSES 35 _____ persH+ence and Wv . MU give — i [ r , ( er e miss III » — _ III III III , T her a nr in in in in hi in in in m in nr in hi in JOHN HAMBY TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA A.B. Religion Thoughtful, sincere, a good preacher. I— Member T Sc| enc e [mm r . . , a W eq e u til mr w fir nr hi it in in CAROLINE HANEV ., . 50 devoted G { Student Counal, 50. Secretary ° rl mil in ml CHARLES HANEY FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA A.B. Biological Science Ready to be of service, makes friends easily, good sport. -4 111 111 HI , , Senl0 r Class. A ve Mi m ° sincere. Ill III , affairs, energe III III i IIWTlf firm Hlfc CARL PRATT Nashville Tennessee Religion President, Senior Cla« i ' Co»e ge Ho„ or S J y " Tre «- ' ,UR CE R HODEN m n of Chr ' +• Dest ' n service as am " • f ° ' 9 ' v « dS ' ssionary. BER THA R GHTHOUSE S CUSE. 0H ,0 Slr »plidiy of n y 9 H ° nor Soclery rtjtfTON E. SMITH V ORCHtSTER, ReV,g, ° n d WeHeaual ■ mora principle and has proved Ws worth a, Oayron has p in JAMB STEELE A 8. Rel»q« on A y wrt which enao.«» b es sss :ss HTHf JOVCE STOCKS JASPER ALABAMA A B . Biological Science EHicient Home .maker -and prea cher s v fe. 0 l r ways sm :|. " ' ' on ' O nd Ben e« h her A.B - una 9 ' or, ill ill lit ... W ftf !JT ill II 111 III WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES » Icva (j Cil J Croats Kentucky-born; Treveccan, primer through college; DARDA Editor, ' 50; quietly capable; faithful wife and student. ll ' L Leads because he learned to fol- low; Student Body President, ' 50. 53 LILLIAN CHR.STENSEN GEORGE COCOWS Capa Possessor o( , fac,-f.r. T " «3 m ' " TOMMVE JUNE COX GEORGE CRAVENS Active m Christian work. CA for rt- OA A Sales Ma " 6 ' - -, Ar C ass- President, Faces HA ft c es 1 RR SOH w rtV» courage. Reserve HUDSON PAUL McGRADY College Honor Soc.ety President, Trevecca Colleg CLINTON MARTIN Persevering yet peasant. A m SAMUEL MARTIN Well-rounded (in several ways). WALTER MOORE • intereste d in serv.ce. Keniuckian LOWE P£NNr CUFF . L0Tr ' E PH U P S enf of fh ( Speech Club. Poised but acff GEORGE P RlVEn ° unc ' ' . ' 49, ' 50. iv e . TERRELL SANDERS 4 ured; honor student. Tactful good na+ured, LUNELLE SHELBY Strong character, U ■ " x HERMAN SLONECKER Genuine JOYCE SMITH smile, e to ideals. First Row: EDSEL EUGENE ADAMS Ft. Lauderdale Fla. WILLIAM HOWARD ANDERSON Nashville, Tenn. VERLIN WAYNE ARCHER Brazil, Ind. Second Row: JANET BAKER Spencer, W. Va. LOLA BOONE Greerwille, Tenn. LENA RUTH BURNETT Monticello, Ky. OFFICERS y WILLIAM H. ANDERSON .... President VERLIE P. CAMPBELL . . . Vice-President BETTY NELSON Secretary J ™ CHAMP TRAYLOR Treasurer RUTH O. SAXON Student Council Rep. MISS COONER Sponsor T H E 64 First Row: JOSEPH DAVID BYERS Mi. Union, Penna. JUNE ROSALINE CAMPBELL High Point, N. C. VERLIE PHILLIPS CAMPBELL Rossville, Ga. Second Row: GLADYS RUTH CARPENTER White Pine, Tenn. LaVERNE CASE Magnolia, Miss. JOHN H. CHANDLER Indianapolis, Ind. SOPHOMORES First Row: WILSON GIBBON COLE Portview, Penna. HOWARD GLENN ESTERLINE Bernie, Mo. MARTHA ANN GORE Fulton, Ky. JACOUELINE WILDENE GRAYSON Jacksonville, Fl a . VELMA LORENE GREEN Rossville, Ga. DON MATTHEW HALE Lenoir City, Tenn. First Row: CLARINE HALL Dayton, Ohio LUCILLE CANNON HASSELL Nashville, Tenn. JAMES I. HIGGINS Parrish, Ala. Second Row: TSUNEO HOKADA Honolulu, Hawaii GLENN JACKSON JAKES Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM JENNINGS JAMES Charleston, W. Va. First Row: DELORES LOBB Wurtland, Ky. WILMA LOBB Wurtland, K,. COLIEN DANIEL LONG Roxboro, N. C. Second Row: LEON MILLED Charlotte, N. C. E. E. MORRELL Montgomery, Ala. JACK MYERS Sumter, S. C. SOPHOMORES First Row: BETTY JOYCE NELSON Miami, Fla . HAYES OLIVER NDdges, Ala. WILLIE ELIZABETH PERDUE Cedar Hill, Tern. Second Row: CHARLES C. REAGAN Nashville, Tenn. RUTH ORA SAXON Sprin gfi jld, Tcnn. VIRGINIA DORLESE SHELLEY Surr.mersvi . I e, Ky. 67 First Row: ROSE SIMPSON Carthage, Mo. JAMES HAROLD SITES Onego, W. Va. CATHERINE LOU SMITHSON Dunbar, W. Va. Second Row: TERRY W. SOLES Adrian, Ga. EARLE L. SPAHR Chattanooga, Tenn. BILLY SAMUEL STONE Clarksville, Tenn. .HE SOPHOMORES First Row: JULIA ANN SULLIVAN Nashville, Tenn. JUNE SWINFORD Covington, Ky. JAMES DAVID TAYLOR Akron, Ohio Second Row: CHAMP TRAYLOR Blountstown, Fla. WILLIAM EDWARD WHITED Madison, Tenn. PATRICIA ANN WILLEY Fulton, Ky. 68 FRESHMEN OFFICERS MARVIN E. APPLEBY President PAUL BARNES Vice-President LORA DELL ADAMS Secretary HAROLD BOYD GRAVES Treasurer MURIEL HOWARD Reporter MRS. COX Sponsor First Row: MELVIN GENE ABNEY Holeman, Ky, LORA DELL ADAMS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MARVIN E. APPLEBY Nashville. Tenn. MARY FRANCES ATKINSON Ardmore, Okla. JOSEPH E. BANNISTER Nashville. Tenn PAUL BARNES Titusville, Fla. Second Row: BETTY ELLEN BARNETT Memphis. Tenn. JIMMY R. BENTLEY Clarksville. Tenn. LEONA MAE BOODY Detroit, Mich KENNETH BOYETTE Hahira, Ga. JOANN BRADLEY Crutchfield, Ky. BARBARA LEE BROWN Dayton, Ohio Third Row: MARY KATHRYN BROWN Dayton, Ohio GRANT BROWNING Logan, W. Va ALLEN CARPENTER Nashville Tenn. PAUL A COLE Old Hickory, Tenn. JIM CRIDER Evansville, Ind. MARTHA CRIDER Evansville, Ind. - -Ml Fourth Row: ALFORD BRUCE CROSBY Moultrie. Ga. HOWARD K. CROSSMAN Erin, Tenn. CHARLES C DAVIDSON Catlettsburg, Ky. MARTHA NELL DERRYBERRY Chattanooga, Tenn. ROY DeSHA Lake City, Fla. PAUL JACOB EBY Ft. Lauderdale. Fla Fifth Row: CHARLES E. EVERETT Nashville, Tenn. MARION FALKENHAGEN Fairview Mont. LOWEL FOSTER West Ponit, Ga. PEGGY JOYCE FRANKLIN Clarksdale. Miss. f irst Row: HUSTON GEARNER Nashville, Tenn HAROLD BOYD GRAVES Nashville, Tenn. MARIE GUMM Elkins, W. Va. BILL HARBISON Nashville, Tenn. BOBBY JOE HARPER Steele, Mo. EDWIN HARRINGTON Holland, Mich. Third Row: BOBBY HOOTS Columbia. Ky. MURIEL HOWARD Clarksville, Tenn. LEONARD EUGENE HUDSON Madison, Tenn. ERNEST HUFFMAN Wray, Colo. L. LAVONNE JERNIGAN Nashville. Tenn. MARTHA JEAN JORDICK Bellaire, Ohio Second Row: WILLIAM WEAVER HARRIS Sulphur Springs, Texas BARBARA JEAN HEATH Fayetteville, Tenn TOMMY HEMMERLY Nashville, Tenn PAUL E. HESS Roanoke, Va DALE E. HILKERT Lewisburg, Tenn FRANKLIN K. HOLBROOK Ecorse. Mich [cdrth Row: GRACE VIRGINIA KERCHER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. HELEN M. KILLGORE Nashville, Tenn. ALVIN D. KIMBRELL Nashville, Tenn. CARSON KNOWLES Nashville, Tenn. BILLY GRISCO LAMBERT Blytheville, Ark. ROBERT LEE LEWTER Louisville, Ky. FR ESHMEN 70 F R E S H M E N First Row: MARIAN LILES Erlanger, Ky. JACKIE LOGAN Steem, Miss ROBERT A. McCLAIN Cookeville. Tenn. BONNIE PEARL McKINLEY Uniontown Ala. ROBERT E, MANER Savannah. Ga. THOMAS A. MARTIN Chattanooga, Tenn. Third Row: BETTY ANN NICHOLAS Sikeston, Mo ROY T. N IX Tuscaloosa, Ala REVA MAE OFFUTT Fairmont, W. Va ODIE L. PAGE Bradenton, Fla PAUL L PAPPAS Wheeling, W, Va ROY W, PHILEMON Charlotte, N. C Spcond Row: GENEVA MAYS Frankfort. Ky. JOHN MEADORS Cincinnati. Ohio ANN MEADOWS Nashville, Tenn ELIZABETH A. MEGGS Nashville, Tenn. DONALD E. MORROW St. Louis. Mo. GARY NANCE Ardmore, Okla. f ourth Row: HARVEY C. PORTER Charlotte. N. C. SHIRLEY ANN PRUETT Mitchell. Ind. ALICE L. PULLIN Florence, S. C. BILLIE JEAN REEDY Arlington. Va. MARJOKIE RHODABARGER Akron. Ohio JEANETTE RHODEN Nashville, Tenn. ft o, First Row: ELAINE RICHARDSON Jasper, Tenn. NANCY ROZZELL Spencer, Tenn. DONNA S. SAMSON Nashville Tenn REGINA SANDERS McComb. Miss. ANNA M. SCHROPE Olive Hill Ky. VIRGINIA M. SCOTT Rock Hill. S. C Second Row: PAUL R. SHIELDS Albany, Ky NADINE SHORTRIDGE Derby Colo DONAL E. SIMPSON Concord, N. C JOHN SMITH Nashville, Tenn MARTHA L. SMITH Hickory, Va OSCAR M SMITH Logan, W. Va Fifth Row: WALTER N. WHITT .... LEO WILLIAMS . . . MARILYN WILLIAMS RAYBURN YORK Third Row: MARILYN SOUTH Moundsville, W. Va. BEN L. SPEER Nashville, Tenn. CARNELL H. SPRINGER Lexington, Ala. EARL E. STOREY Aurora, Ind. NOAH SULLIVAN Baton Rouge, La. NELL SUTTON Old Hickory, Tenn. Fourth Row: HAROLD SWISHER Tampa, Fla. FRANCES E. TAfLOR Nashville, Tenn MELVIN L. TAYLOR Bennettsille S. C. MALCOLM VARNER Fishersville Va. BARBARA J WALL Raleigh N. C. WILLIAM C WELLS Nashville, Tenn. Sandy Hook, Ky. Plant City, Fla. . Cowan, Tenn. . . . Marion, Va. FRESHMEN 72 JUNIOR TH EOLOGICAL OFFICERS JESSE RIGNEY President ARCHIE BRITT Treasurer ROBERT GORE Secretary First Row: GLENN MILES BAUN Jackson Center, Penn. THOMAS LLOYD BLAXTON Nashville. Tenn. ARCHIE T. BRITT Floyd, Va. FRANK CANADA Bedford, Ind, RAYMOND C. CARPENTER Nashville, Tenn EARNEST HILL CARTER Wrightsville. Ga. Second Row: IRVIN WILSON CHILDERS Valley Station, Ky. PAUL LAMOYNE CLARK Weirton W. Va. JAMES O. DEAL Lakeland, Fla. RALPH JAMES EVANS Chester, W. Va. LESTER ALBERT FAHRINGER Hellan, Pa. HERMAN EUGENE FARMER Nashville. Tenn. Third Row: ERNEST GATES Hawley, Texas GEORGE T GIBBS Evansville, Ind. ROBERT TAYLOR GORE Arcadia, Fla HERBERT O. GRIMM Sistersville, W. Va. DUANE J. GROVER Carrington, N. D. GRADY CARL HAYES Chattanooga, Tenn. Fourth Row: LOUIE HARRELL Moultrie, Ga. ROBERT NORMAN H IGG I NBOTTOM . . . . Forest Cottage. Ky. BEN N I E GARLAND HULETT Catlettsburg. Ky. EARL DEAN HYATT Nashville, Tenn. JAMES JOHNSON Manchester. Tenn. JAMES STATEN JOHNSON Fort Myers, Fla Tin 1 fS % mmM 4 ) 1 - W Q . .. ifl - - ' „ f j ,Ui ■ j Mm It ' 1 o o rs © i JL JB tm Mm ml sit 4.. v, !}-• ferfr A. • 4 Am mim • £ : 1 M mm MmM » »• L J. fJL i f dm n ' 1 First Row: T hird Row: RAYMOND LESLEY JONES JOHN BYRD RHEUARK Louis, S. C. PIERCE DOUGLAS REID Rossville Ga. ERNEST KIGHT .... Tullahoma, Tenn. JESSE BARKLEY RIGNEY ARTHUR LEROY KIMMERY ROBERT GENE SCHULTZ JOSEPH V. LEWELLEN CHARLES LEWIS SIMPSON HARSON FRANK SMITH Second Row: Fourth Row: WILLARD DAYTON LOCKARD . . . Charleston, W, Va VOLA ELIZABETH TOUCHTON RAYMOND L. MERRIMAN Nashville Tenn. ARTHUR THOMAS UNDERWOOD. . . . Basham Va. BYRON SPENCER MURPHY Peoria III. JIMMIE REECE VAUGHAN . . . . Nashville, Tenn. SIDNEY PATRICK Belton, Texas PAUL TURNER VICKERS Paris Ky. WILLIAM H. PATRICK . . . Charleston W. Va. EDWARD ARNOLD WELLS CHARLES STANLEY PATTON ROBERT LUTHER WELLS Dayton. Ohio JUNIOR THEOLOGICAL 74 HIGH SCHOOL 75 I I OFFICERS GARTH KLEP ER President BILL SLONECKER .... Vice-President JOANN RICHARDSON . . Secretary ARDEN HADDIX Treasurer THE SENIOR CLASS First Row: HAROLD EUGENE BREWER St. Louis Mo WILLIAM H. BRIDGES Miami. Fla JOYCE ELLEN CAIN Big Clifty. Ky MILDRED J. CAMPBELL High Point, N. C DONALD R. CORK Tuscaloosa, Ala JERRY G. COSTA Nashville, Tenn Second Row: BILLY D CRANE Paris, Tenn. BILL DILLON South Charleston, W. Va, CHARLES W. DUCKETT Franklin. Tenn HAROLD E. FORMAN Magnolia, Miss. PAUL M. FITCH Chester, W. Va. BETTY GRAVES Nashville, Tenn. life Mm 7 ' mW IT v-4 IBB 76 HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS First Row: DONALD C. GREEN Ardmore, Okla JEANETTE GRIGGS Bennettsville, S. C ARDEN HADDIX Elkins, W. Va E CANNON HA5SELL Nashville, Tenn JAMES CARL KETTERM AN Nashville, Tenn GARTH KLEPFER Indianapolis, Ind Second Row: HOWARD MARKS Miami, Fla ARLINE MIDDENDORF St. Louis, Mo JANRIS McMANUS Nashville, Tenn THOMAS J NAPIER Lebanon, Ky JARVIS C. OATES Nashville, Tenn JOAN OATES Nashville, Tenn Third Row: SIBYLE F. OLIVE Nashville. Tenn. LUCY M. PENNINGTON Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM LOUIS PRICE Louisville. Ky. ARTHUR PICKETT Miami, Fla. JOHN B. RICE Olive Hill, Ky. STELLA F ROBERTSON Erin Tenn. Fourth Row: CAROLYN C. SHANKS Limestone, Tenn. WAYNE D. SHELTON Nashville. Tenn. BONNIE J. SIMMONS Miami, Fla. BILL SLONECKER Nashville, Tenn. D ft A i - 3 4 T 11 h 77 First Row: Betty Gay Bias, Faye Lay field , Ruth Thrasher, Margaret Mc- Gee, Betty Goode, Mary Frances Owens, Lina Lee Spiker, Jackie Knowles. Second Row: Frances Myers, Becky Grayson, Beverly Howard, Rhea Smithson, Ruby Geiger, Barbara Price, Jean Overstreet, Christine Dra- per. Third Row: Mary Lou Patterson, Glenn Keys, Charles Matthews, Tom Collier, Gerald Brinson, Louis Price, James Miller, Ray Ihrig, Mary Sue Shaffer. Fourth Row: Harold Bridges, Paul A. Taylor, Bob Middendorf, Harvey Lolley, Lloyd Grahl, Paul Fenske. HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS 78 HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES First Row: Brentson Spruill, Eunice Wachtel, Peggy Jean Siler, Lois Rans- dell, Britta Lou Rice, Mary Stephenson, Grade McDonough, Mariam Len- hart, Howard Spruill. Second Row: Hilton Gillespie, Daniel Maxwell, Helen West, Billie Ann Apperson, Peggy Holt, Billie Toney, Clifford Brewer, Charles Halliburton. Third Row: Calvin Privett, Ben Shearrer, Newton Loth. mi, Gordon New- comer, James Parker, Arthur Decado, Claude King, Jimmy Smith, Jackie Damron. First Row: Esther Ray Rodgers, Edra Ann Hammond, Mary Berry, Jo Ann Spiker, Clarice Spruill, Betty Streight. Second Row: Eugene Fields, James Coley, James Ragsdale, Eugene Tar- ter, William Frank Malone. Third Row: Norman McFall, Howard Tripp, Merle Beatty. HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN 80 DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL First Row: Harmon King, Wesley Cheek, Danny Kay Gresham, Arnold S p ru ill, Robby Gore, Roger Costa, Robert Childers. Second Row: Loren P. Gresham, Louis Hassell, Marita Sue Slifer, Danny Shaffer, Harry Haley. Third Row: Phillip Rodgers, Jon Hassell, Edith Shaffer, Mattie Pearl Vaughn, Wavne Sullivan. Fourth Row: Mrs. Vera Hammond, Mr. Carl Smithson, Assistant Teachers; Mrs. M. E. Spruill, Teacher. Q, 1 ' €7 SPECIAL STUD First Row LAURA CATHERINE BEARD Sharon, S. C. JOHN WILSON DOUGLAS MARTHA EVELYNE COCKRELL Ensley, Ala. MELVA EVANS JAMES E. CROSSMAN Erin, Tenn. GEORGE FERGUSON. . . . Second Row HELEN VIRGINIA GOBER Pontlac, Mich. MARGARET JEAN HULETT CHARLES B HORNE Moultrie, Ga. WALTON LEE HURT WILLIAM H. HOWICK Woodstock Ontario Canada LOLA M ERR I MAN ANNA E. SLATCHER Pontiac, Mich. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville Tenn. Catlettsburg, Ky. . Nashville. Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. WINTER QUARTER STUDENTS First Row LORENE BROWN, College Freshman High Point, N. C. HALLIE FENDER, Special Valdosta, Ga. HAROLD ELZEY Jr Theoloqical . New Smyrna Beach, Fla. DOUGLAS HENDON, Jr. Theological Florence, Ala. GEORGE A. FENDER, Jr. Theological Valdosta, Ga. WILLODENE HYCHE, College Freshman Cordova, Ala. Second Row ARTHUR JACKSON. College Freshman Ashland, Ky. MARJORIE STOCKDALE, College Freshman MILTON McCASKELL, College Senior Vicksburg, Miss. Cumberland Furnace. Tenn. JUNE SMITH College Freshman Calvert, Ala. ROBERT J. STROUPE, College Freshman Raleigh, N . C. ROBERT P. WENDELL College Freshman. . . . Nashville, Tenn. EUGENE WILLIAMS College Freshman Nashville, Tenn. 82 ORGANIZATIONS 83 TENNESSEE CLUB • KENTUCKY CLUB 84 ! NORTH CAROLINA • SOUTH CAROLINA GEORGIA CLUB • ALABAMA CLUB 86 FLORIDA CLUB • MISSISSIPPI CLIB RAMBLERS CLIB • TOWN CLUB 88 WEST VIRGINIA • VIRGINIA Evangelaires King ' s Messengers Melodyettes Harmony-Four QUARTETS AND TRIOS Missionaires THE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS DON BALLARD President SAM UEL MARTIN . . . . ... Vice-President BERTHA RIGHTHOUSE Secretary LOTTIE PHILLIPS Treasurer HOWARD ESTERLINE ' Reporter The purpose of the Ministerial Association is to promote a spiritual atmosphere in the college. The members of this organization are student ministers, missionaries, song evangelists, teachers and all those preparing for definite Christian work. Among the activities of the Association during the current year have been the sponsorship of chapel services for one week of each guarter and ihe promotion of campaigns for missionary offerings at Thanksgiving and Easter. 9- I THE CHRISTIAN WORKERS OFFICERS hORD BOONE Presided ANN PLESSI NGER Secretary A. D. BOONE .... Treasurer The Christian Workers ' Association is com- posed of those students who are engaged weekly to go to the hospitals, jails, workhouses, juvenile courts and street meetings. All students who wish to take part in these services are members of this organization. Each Monday evening this association holds a service in which prayer is made for those visited on Sunday. This work gives to each student practical ex- perience and to those who hear an opportunity to receive " Our King. " 92 STUDENT WIVES THE 1950 DARDA NEVA GAY COATS Editor HAROLD H. COATS Business Manager The DARDA, " The Pearl of Wisdom, " is published annually by the students of Trevecca Nazarene College. The editor and business man- ager are elected in the spring quarter. The staff is made up of students representing different organizations of the school. ■ t Standing: Dr. L. P. Gresham, sponsor; Alvina Friederich, typist; Glenn Ellen Cassell, Assoc. Editor; Julia Ann Sullivan, typist; Carl Haddix, Assoc. Bus. Manager. Seated: Carl Gray, Sales Manager; Neva Gay Coats, Editor; Harold Coats, Business Manager. It is the responsibility of the staff to see that pictures are made, ads are received, snapshots collected, and manuscript written. The purpose of the DARDA is to portray the school life at Trevecca. Seated: Patricia Willey, Mrs. A. B Mackey. First Row: Glenn Kevs, Ruth Thrasher, Nancy Rozzell, Martha Jordick, Barbara Heath, James Miller. Second Row: Verlin Archer, Eugene Williams, M. H. Stocks, Bill Slonecker, C. E. Smith. TREV-ECHOES OFFICERS PATRICIA WILLEY Editor VERLIN ARCHER .... Business Manager MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor " Trev-Echoes, " a bi-monthly paper, was first published under the sponsorship of the sophomore class of 1944-45. It is now published under the auspices of the Student Advisory Council. It reflects the current life of the college. 96 Seated: Frank Tuggle, Caroline Haney. Standing: George Privett, Charles Duckett, Betty Meggs, Dr. L. P Gresham, Ruth Saxon, Garth Klepfer, Bennie Hulett. STUDENT COUNCIL President Tuggle and Secretary Alvina The Student Advisory Council is an or- ganization whose duty it is to promote a better understanding among the students. It also serves as a bond between the fac- ulty and students. The president and sec- retary are elected at an annual spring election; other members, representing various classes and departments, are elected in the fall quarters. 97 HONOR SOCIETY Paul McGrady, President; Donald Ballard, Vice-President; Julia Ann Sullivan, Secretary; Rob Staples, Treasurer; Betty Nelson, Reporter; Miss Person, Sponsor. The Nazarene colleges in the United States maintain a national scholastic hon- or society for college graduates known as Phi Delta Lambda. The Zeta Chapter of this society fosters among Trevecca stu- dents high standards of scholarship by sponsoring both the college and high school honor societies. Membership in these organizations is based on yearly scholarship of 2.5 guality points. 98 G.I. CLUB MEMBERS Melvin G. Abney Lester A. Fahringer David W. Lewis Carl C. Piatt Edsel E. Adams Herman E. Farmer Robert Lewter Calvin C. Privett Marvin E. Appleby Hugh V. Ferguson Luke M. Light George W. Privett Billy T. Ball Carey L. Foster Ralph E. Lithgow Pierce D. Reid Donald K. Ballard Alvina Friederich Harvey O. Lolley John B. Rheuark Paul E. Barnes George T. Gibbs James O. McCaskell Maurice Rhoden Glenn M. Baun Robert T. Gore Malcolm E. McNeer Jessie B. Rigney Jimmie R. Bentley Duane Grover Daniel McNutt Terrell C. Sanders William E. Berninqer Haroid B. Graves Raymond Merriman Robert O. Schultz Thomas L. Blaxton Carl Haddix Clinton F. Martin Charles L. Simpson Alfred D. Boone John K. Hamby Samuel Martin James H. Sites Archie T. Britt Bobby J. Harper Thomas A. Martin Clayton E. Smith Andiew W. Campbell Grady C. Hayes William Martin Oscur M. Smith Verlie P. Campbell James T. Higgins John E. Meadors Terry W. Soles Allen Carpenter Norman Higginbottom Leon Miller Earl L. Spahr Raymond C. Carpenter Franklin K. Holbrook Walter E. Moore Brock Speer Ernest H. Carter Tsuneo Hokada E. E. Morrell James Steele LaVerne H. Case Earl D. Hyatt Owen W. Morris Morris H. Stocks John H. Chandler Glenn J. Jakes Donald E. Morrow Earl E. Storey Robert G. Cheek William James Byron S. Murphy James D. Taylor Irwin W. Childers Alton N. Jenkins Jarvis O. Oates T. O. Terry Harold H. Coats Jules D. Jerniqan Hayes Oliver Walter W. Thompson George J. Cocoris James Johnson A : dred Parker Frank D. Tuggle Wilson G. Cole James S. Johnson Sidney Patrick Arthur Underwood James E. Coley Raymond L. Jones William H. Patrick Ma ' colm O. Varner Geoige E. Cravens Curtis G. Ketterman Charles Patton Paul T. Vickers Charles C. Davidson Helen M. Killgore Paul L. Pappas Robert L. Wells James O. Deal Alvin D. Kimbell Clay M. Peeples William L. Wells Wilson Douglas Arthur Kimmery Atwell G. Pitzer Robert P. Wendell Howard Esterline Jessie H. King Grafton Poage Wm. Edward Whited Joseph V. Lewellen Harvey C. Porter 99 SPEECH CLUB OFFICERS LOTTIE PHILLIPS President JACK MYERS Vice-President GEORGE PRIVETT Secretary-Treasurer BOBBY HOOTS Reporter MISS COONER Sponsor OFFICERS JANRIS McMANUS President LUCY PENNINGTON Vice-President PEGGY JEAN SILER Secretary CHARLES DUCKETT Treasurer MRS. COX Sponsor PROF. SPENCER Sponsor FORESENIC CLUB 100 MUSIC CLUB OFFICERS ROSALYN APPLEBY President BILL STONE Vice-President BILLIE JEAN REEDY Secretary MARTHA COCKRELL Treasurer ROY PHILEMON Membership Chairman PROF. HOWICK Sponsor OFFICERS GIENN ELLEN CASSELL President BILLY JARED Vice-President LILLIAN CHRISTENSEN Secretary RUTH SAXON Treasurer MRS. GRESHAM Sponsor SCIENCE CLUB 101 BAND 4 r The band is a rather new, but welcome organization on the campus. Its members have participated in several occasions including an en- tertaining band concert. Prof. William H. Howick is the capable conductor of this group. Under the skillful direction of Prof. William H. Howick the Trevecca Orchestra has had a successful year. The orchestra has added much to the music of our chapel serv- ices, and on several occa- sions it has supplied music for programs in the city. ORCHESTRA 102 CHOI R The T r e v e c c a College Choir is composed of a se- lect group who are interested in giving to the world a song which will live through the days to come. The highlight of their achievements this year was a tour to various churches in the Southeastern Zone. Mrs. E. K. Hardy is the capable director of the choir. 3 OFFICERS GEORGE PRIVETT President WALTER MOORE Vice-President BETTY HAM BY Secretary-Treasurer SHIRLEY PRUETT Reporter MISSIONARY PRAYER RAND 103 Summer School Siudenis and Faculiy SUMMER SCHOOL Summer School Faculty GEORGIA DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD H. J. EASON J. F. CHILTON BRUCE B. HALL G. L. THOMPSON OFFICERS W. LEE GANN Secretary BRUCE B. HALL Treasurer Boosting a Greater T. N. C. DEPARTMENT HEADS R. W. HURN . . . Chairman Church School Board MRS. IRVIN KENNEDY . . . President W. F. M. S. HUGH R. MINCEY President N.Y.P.S. REV. MACK ANDERSON District Superintendent CAMP MEETING July 20-30, Adrian, Georgia District Parsonage COLLEGE HILL CHURCH DR. L. P. GRESHAM . . . . MRS. V. NEIL RICHARDSON MRS. A. K. BRACKEN . . . Sunday School Superintendent N.Y.P.S. President W.F.M.S. President A Vital Interest in Every Interest of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE 0t% Bp REV. D. K. WACHTEL Superintendent TENNESSEE DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. A. K. BRACKEN, D.D. JOHN F. BENSON, JR. REV. J. E. BECKUM L P. GRESHAM OFFICERS REV. C. T. DUCKETT JAMES A. PATE MRS. D. K. WACHTEL President W.F.M.S. EVERY Secretary Treasurer 1 DEPARTMENT REV. M. E. REDFORD Chairman Church Schools ALL OUT IN THE REV. B. G. WIGGS President N.Y.P.S. MID CENTURY CRUSADE FOR SOULS " A Church Where You Are Never A Stranger " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE SCOTT DUNNING . . . . Sunday School Superintendent JERRY SLACK N.Y.P.S. President MRS. H. S. PASCHALL W.F.M.S. President W. M. GREATHOUSE Minister FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE McMINNVILLE, TENN. EARLE L. SPAHR Pastor COMER C. MARTIN Sunday School Superintendent W. M. M. T. Saturday, 9:45 a.m. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA C. W. ELKINS, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1601 N. 21st Street Richmond. Virginia A. D. HOLT Pastor SERVICES Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Preaching I I :00 A.M. and 7:45 P.M. N.Y.P.S 7:00 P.M. Prayer Service . Wednesday,, 8:00 P.M. W.F.M.S. CONVENTION AND DISTRICT ASSEMBLY July 5 8, 1950 PREACHERS MEETING Nov. 14-16, 1950 WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Trevecca Trustees EDWARD C. ONEY H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT C. GLENN BOWLING RALPH SHURMAN JOHN R. BROWNING DENNIS E. WYRICK Advisory Board T. HOWARD WARWICK RALPH SHURMAN R. A. SISSON CLYDE M. PRITT EDWARD C. ONEY District Superintendent JOHN R. BROWNING ■ • District Secretary C. GLENN BOWLING District Treasurer MRS. EDWARD C. ONEY ■ • . W.F.M.S. President GILES M. GRAHAM N.Y.P.S. President CAMP MEETING N.Y.P.S. Summersvi He, W. Va. District Institute July 7-16 August 21-25 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Aspen Avenue at North St. RICHMOND, KENTUCKY REV. ASA H. SPARKS .... Minister HARRY RAMSEY . . S. S. Superintendent MRS. O REAR WH ITAKER . W.F.M.S. President GLADYS REAMS N.Y.P.S. President " RICHMOND ' S DOWNTOWN EVANGELISTIC CENTER " Reaching Richmond for Christ New parsonage 516 North Street When driving the Dixie Highway stop at Richmond COMPLIMENTS OF CAMP TAYLOR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY OLIVER HUFF, Pastor FRANKLIN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE REV. C. T. DUCKETT ... _ Pastor T. T. KING Sunday School Superintendent HAROLD GRAVES N.Y.P.S. President MRS. C. T. DUCKETT W.F.M.S. President CENTENARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE E. E. MORRELL, Pastor WOODBINE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2710 Nolensville Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE HAROLD TINGLE Pastor MRS. TOM ROSSER . . NYPS President C. C. RHYNE S. S. Supt. MRS. J. L. APPERSON . . . WFMS Pres. The Church with a Welcome to Trevecca College FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Main At Willow Street CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE L. B. HICKS Pastor " Always Supporting and Standing By Trevecca College With Prayers, Students, and Money " A VOICE FOR HOLINESS IN THE SOUTHLAND LAWRENCE B. HICKS, Pastor Phono 4-7064 Our Radio Ministry — Monday through Sunday on WDOD-fm. 96.5 on FM Dial FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodland Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE E. K. HARDY Minister HOBSON L. BYARS Sunday School Superintendent MAURICE E. GRIGGS, JR N.Y.P.S. President Jreuecca Students Ire - Ifwaiid f J Jelcome to — (i Our Services The Church With A Heart Interest In Humanity C on ratuiationA to Jreuecca • ADMINISTRATION • FACULTY • STUDENTS Unitedly We Shall Go Forward in This Great MID-CENTURY CRUSADE FOR SOULS! SUWANNEE CAMP MEETING July 3 I -Aug. 6, 1950 DISTRICT ASSEMBLY October 18-19 JOHN L KNIGHT District Supt. DR. ORVAL J. NEESE General Supt. MR. T. J. EBY District Treasurer REV. G. S. ROGERS Chairman Church Schools REV. C. R. MOORE N.Y.P.S. President MRS. JULIA EBY W.F.M.S. President MRS. LUCILE MOORE Junior Director MRS. BEN MARLIN Junior Director FLORIDA DISTRICT IMMANUAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3315 Charlotte Avenue NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE " To Know Him end To Make Him Known " Fitzgerald Nazarenes Love and Appreciate TREVECCA FITZGERALD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FITZGERALD, GEORGIA " We specialize in friendliness " MR. J. D. DEESE Sunday School Superintendent MRS. L. E. STREETMAN W.F.M.S. President MR. W. Y. COOK N.Y.P.S. President J JOHN O. TAYLOR Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MAN, WEST VIRGINIA JOHN R. BROWNING Pastor D. D. " BILL " ROBINSON . . . . S. S. Superintendent JAMES PELFREY . . N.Y.P.S. President ORPHA BROWNING W.F.M.S. President We have the following former T. N. C. students worshipping with us: Juanita Farley, Lou Ouida Carlton, Josephine Shippey, Martha Jones, Lana Teter, Alexine Muse, Mary Lila Pegram, Phyllis Browning Robinson, D. D. " Bill " Robinson, John R. Browning, Jr., Mrs. John R. Browning, Sr., and John R. Browning, Sr. BELLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BELLE, WEST VIRGINIA H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT EDWARD C. ONEY . . . District Superitendent H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT Pastor EUGENE SANDFORD . . S. S. Superintendent EVERETT J. MILEY .... N.Y.P.S. President CATHERINE BOOTH . . . W.F.M.S. President (Pastor and Sunday School Superintendent, Former TNC Students) We ' re For Trevecca! REV. R. L- IHRIG H. B. DEAN Chairman Church Schools N.Y.P.S. President WE STAND BACK OF OUR SCHOOL CHARLESTON FIRST CHURCH Extends Congratulations to the Class of ' 50 and the DARDA Staff Architects drawing of the new church of the Nazarene which is now nearing completion at the corner of Park and Grant Sts., Charleston, W. Va. ent REV. and MRS. A. F. HAYES INGLEWOOD CHURCH J. G. WELLS, Pastor Gallatin Road and Sunnymeade Drive Nashville, Tennessee TREVECCA ' S AMBASSADOR TO THE NATION ' S CAPITAL TEST OUR WELCOME - GLEBE ROAD — CHURCH s 1ZARE1 ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA REV. FRED W. GIBSON Minister DAVIS CREEK CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA " The Largest Rural Church in America " Extends Warmest Congratulations to the Class of ' 50 " May this attainment be the incentive to Higher Goals in Your Life of Service. " REV. DENNIS WYRICK Minister COMPLIMENTS OF DONELSON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DONELSON, TENNESSEE KENNETH SLIFER Pastor JOHN KELLAMS . S. S. Superintendent CAREY FOSTER . . . N.Y.P.S. President MRS. KENNETH SLIFER W.F.M.S. President CLASS OF 1950 GREETINGS FROM CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE OLD HICKORY, TENNESSEE REV. GEO. O. COLE Pastor " Through Christ VICTORY IN OLD HICKORY " ALAMO PLAZA HOTEL COURTS Highways 70-S and 41 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Congratulations to the 1950 DARDA Staff lAJiied — Jdood ANYTHING NYTIME NYWHERE 6-5383 STEVE E. HOOD 27 Arcade— Nashville 3, Ter Official Photographer for DARDA ST. BERNARD " WASHED COAL " More Heat — Lower Prices Phone your order to ST. BERNARD COAL COMPANY " Since 1870 " JAMES R. LOVE Manager Offices: Arcade Phone 6-3101 NASHVILLE ' S MOST COMPLETE BOOK STORE Fiction, Non-fiction, Business and Technical, Religious, Devotional, Bibles, Gifts, Sta- tionery and Novelties. THE METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE Telephone 6-2641 810 Broadway OTT AND SISK HARDWARE AND SEED CO. Murfreesboro Road WHITEHEAD ' S COLLEGE GRILL Restaurant and Drive In 351 Murfreesboro Rd. Tel. 5-9528 COMPLIMENTS OF PURITY DAIRIES, Incorporated Nashville ' s Finest Milk COMPLIMENTS OF RAINBOW LAUNDRY Compliments of PAUL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 145 Lafayette Phone 5-9911 G. C. THOMPSON LUMBER Rough and Dressed Lumber 400 Murfreesboro Rd. Tel. 6-1261 COMPLIMENTS OF ALABAMA DISTRICT MRS. R. L. ANDERSON W.F.M.S. President REV. C. L. CHILTON N.Y.P.S. President REV. A. J. GUNTER .... Chairman Church Schools REV. J. C. KELLEY Junior Director MR. TRAVIS H. JOHNSON Treasurer REV. M. C. GARRISON Secretary REV. OTTO STUCKI District Superintendent COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NEWPORT, KENTUCKY Seventh St., at Putnam REV. R. L IHRIG Pastor Parsonage — 36 S. Grand Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky. Phone HE-8480 As Close As Your Nearest Mailbox mnarm mmm tstsm «rea w m in in bib in ill in ill 9 Select (letufd uA, BooAi and Su Lfdl i Nazarene Publishing House 2923 Troost Ave., Box 527 1592 Bloor St.. West 102 East Colorado Kansas City 10. Mo Toronto, Ontario Pasadena 1, California COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT REV. C. M. KELLY District Superintendent NAJAR ' S RESTAURANT AND CURB SERVICE " Mother ' s Only Competitor " SALEM J. NAJAR 610 Murfreesboro Rd. Phone 5-9418 RURAL HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLES HORNE, Pastor JOELTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WILSON G. COLE, Pastor BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 Trinity Lane NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE B. G. WIGGS Pastor B. C. ADAMS S. S. Superintendent A. D. BOONE N.Y.P.S. President MRS. B. C. ADAMS .... W.F.M.S. President MISS CHRISTINE ADAMS . . Secretary-Treasurer " Th e Student ' s ' Home Church ' while in Nashville " 1950 OUR CHURCH A. J. FRANK Pastor CARL WHITLOW Sunday School Superintendent RAY REDMON N.Y.P.S. President RUBY LEE WHITLOW W.F.M.S. President " The Gateway to the South " A. J. FRANK FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Twenty-Fourth and Howard Streets, (Two blocks south of Broadway) Louisville 10, Ky. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 748 Benson Avenue FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY REV. WILLIAM P. WILHOYTE Pastor CLARENCE WILEY Sunday School Superintendent EDWARD COINS N.Y.P.S. President MRS. W. P. WILHOYTE . . W.F.M.S. President " Frankfort Will Always Stand By Trevecca " The Gospel in SERMON • SONG • ART EVANGELIST CLYDE B. RODGERS 505 Lester Avenue Nashville 4, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA Corner — Tryon Catawba Telephone 29588 MR. IRA POUNDS S. S. Superintendent MR. T. C. CONNELL N. Y. P. S. President MRS. ELIZABETH CLOER W. F. M. S. President MR. MRS. V. V. SHUMPERT Secretary Treasurer f j • T 1 111 -; RAY CLOER Pastor THE CHURCH THAT IS ON THE MOVE FOR SOULS FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE So. Broad Maryland MOBILE, ALABAMA " God Bless T. N. C. " CLAUDE L. CHILTON Pastor BAPTIST BOOK STORE 125 9th Ave., North NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Headquarters for BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS BIBLES VISUAL AIDS STATIONERY C. GLENN BOWLING Fastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FAIRMONT, WEST VA. M. W. HANEY Sunday School Superintendent JUDITH MYERS N. Y. P. S. President MRS. F. F. McGIRR W. F. M. S. President BOOSTERS FOR T. N. C. ft i i j J; I . U — i -ilJ j I %v i m { H 1 . Us 5 D° If " The Friendly Church in the Friendly City " THE EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT STANDS FAITHFULLY DEHIND TREVECCA COLLEGE ALL OUR DEPARTMENT HEADS ARE PRAYING FOR GOD ' S RICHEST BLESSINGS ON OUR ZONE COLLEGE REV. VICTOR E. GRAY District Superintendent W. L. ELKINS Church Schools DIRECTORY Abbott, Robert F. 807 Stoc kell St. Nashville, Tenn. Abney, Melvin Holeman, Ky. Adams, Edsel Eugene 60 Nance Lane Nashville. Tenn. Alston, Richard Woodbine, Rt. 4 Nashville, Tenn. Anderson, Billy H., Jr. 2425 Inga Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Apperson, Billie Ann 416 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, Tenn. Appleby, Marvin E. Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Appleby, Mrs. M. E. Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Archer, Verlin Wayne RR 5 Brazil, Ind. Atkinson, Mary Frances RR 2 Ardmore, Okla. Baker, Janet Box 310 Spencer, W. Va. Ball, Billy Thomas 307 35th Street Catlettsburg, Ky. Ballard, Don K. Norton Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Bannister, Joseph E. Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Bardwell, Ervin RR I, Box 136 Poncnatoula, La. Barnes, Paul Titusville, Fla. Barnett, Betty Ellen 1367 Pea body Memphis, Tenn. Baun, Glenn M. RR 2 Jackson Center, Penn. Beard, Laura Catherine Sharon, S. C. Beatty, Marial 62; S. Floyd Louisville, Ky. Belling, E. Richard 217 Bine St. Columbiana, O. Benson, Mrs. Andy 3524 Golf St. Nashville, Tenn. Benson, Joseph Dox 218 Princeton, Fla. Bentley, Jimmy R. 932 Charlotte St. Clarksville, Tenn. Berninger William 2014 E. 14 St. Chattanooga, Tenn. Berry, Mary Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Bess, Aaron G. 581 Reid Ave. Huntington, W. Va. Bias, Betty Gay 5738 Victory Ave. Charleston, W. Va. Blaxton, Thomas Lloyd Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Blackburn, Lottie 75 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Boody, Leona Mae 11 48 Wyoming Ave. Detroit, Mich. Boone, A. D. Jayess, Miss. Boone, Mrs. A. D. Jayess, Miss. Boone, Ford Lee Jayess, Miss. Bottles, Keith Corydon, Ind. Bradley, Joann k R I Crutchfield, Ky. Brewer, Harold 2727 St. Vincent St. Louis, Mo. Bridges, Harold Lee Rt. 4, Box 102 C Miami, Fla. Bridges, William H. 108 Jennings Bennettsville, S. C. Brinson, Gerald Gordon Rt. 3, Box 522 Miami, Fla. Britt, Archie T. Box 205 Floyd, Va. Brown, Barbara Lee 103 Pleasant Ave. Dayton, Ohio Brown Laverne 1219 E. Green St. High Point, N. C. Brown, Lorene 1219 E. Green St. High Point, N. C. Brown, Mary Kathryn 103 Pleasant Ave. Dayton, Ohio Browning, Grant Logan, W. Va. Buckner, Leland Samuel Hillsboro, Tenn. Burnett, Lena Ruth Monticello, Ky. Byers, Joseph D. RR I Huntington, Penn. Cain, Joyce Ellen Big Cliffy, Ky. Cain, Marcella Big Cliffy, Ky. Campbell, Andrew Wesley 1145 Kirkland Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Campbell, June Rosaline 1113 Anderson St. High Point, N. C. Campbell, Mildred 1113 Anderson St. High Point, N. C. Campbell, Verlie P. RR 4 Rossville, Ga. Canada, Frank Bedford, Ind. Carlson, Paul Robert Jacksonville, Fla. Carlton, Lou Ouida 115 Colton Ave. Thomasville, Ga. Carpenter, Allen Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Carpenter, Ben Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Carpenter, Gladys Ruth Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Carpenter, Raymond D. 80 Nance Lane Nashville, Tenn. Carter, Earnest W r ightsvi I le, Ga. Carter, Rachel 405 Hart Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Case LaVerne H. 515 South Cla;k Ave. Magnolia, Miss. Cassell, Glenn Ellen 1 1 45 N. W. 8th Ave. Miami, Fla. Chandler, John H. 408-C Center Nashville, Tenn. Chastain, Claude Jr. 320 W. Baker St. Mitchell, Ind. Cheek, Robert G. 302 Berry Field Homes Nashville, Tenn. Cheek, Wesley Baxter Graham, N. C. Cheek, William Hoyt RR. 2 Graham, N. C. Cnilders, Irvin Valley Station. Ky. Christensen, Lillian 261 N. E. 78th St. Miami, Fla. Clark, Paul Weirton. W. Va. Coats, Harold H. Bethany, Okla. Coafs, Neva Gay 74 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Cockrell, Martha Evelyne 2429 Ave. T. Ensley, Ala. Cocoris, George J. 422 W. DeSoto St. Pensacola, Fla. Cole, Paul A. 7C0 Jones St. Old Hickory, Tenn. Cole, Wilson G. Joelton, Tenn. Coley, James E. Gallatin, Tenn. Collins, George Rutland, Ohio Collins, Tom 511 Eleventh St. Clarksville, Tenn. Conrad, Don E. 1922 Brice St. Greensboro, N. C. Copeland, Jean 2603 A Park St. Louis, Mo. Cork, Donald Rt. 2 Tuscaloosa, Ala. Costa, Jerry G. Trevecca Col ' ege Nashville, Tenn. Costa, Jerry G. RR I Valley Stafion, Ky. Cox, Tommy June Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Crane, Billy David 1 10 South College Paris, Tenn. Cravens, George E. hartville, Mo. Crider, Jim 1057 E. Riverside Dr. Evansville, Ind. Crider, Martha 1057 E. Riverside Dr. Evansville, Ind. Crosby, Alford Bruce 615 3rd St. S. E. Moultrie, Ga. Crossman, Howard K. Erin, Tenn. Crossman, James E. Erin, Tenn. Damson, James Clifford 2722 Broad St. Bristol, Tenn. Davidson, Charles C. I 51 h St. Catlettsburg, Ky. Deal, James O. Lakeland, Fla. Dennis, William Wesley Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. DeCato, Doran Arthur 29 Harriet St. Norwalk, Conn. Derrick, Peggy Evansville, Ind. Derryberry, Martha Nell 1804 Mulberry St. Chattanooga, Tenn. DeSha, Roy Rt, 4, Box 102 Lake City, Fla. Dickson, Ann 613 Hamilton Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. Dillon, Bill 4810 Floyd St. South Charleston, W. Va. Douglas, John Wilson 1 revecca College Nashville. Tenn. Draper Christine Old Hickory, Tenn. Duckett, Charles W. 318 Margin St. Franklin, Tenn. Eby, Paul. Jr. 833 N. E. 16 PI. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Elzey, Harold New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Esterline, Howard Glenn Bernie, Mo. Evans, Mrs Melva 1510 Spence Circle Nashville, Tenn. Evans, Ralph J. Rt. 30 Box 103 Chester. W. Va. Everett, Charles E. 1323 Stainback Nashville, Tenn. Fahringer Lester R. F. D. I, Box 97 Hellone. Penn. Falkenhagen, Marion Fairview, Mont. Farmer. Herman E. 410 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Fendor, George A. Rt. 3 Valdosta, Ga. Fendor, Hallie Rt. 3 Valdosta, Ga. Fenske, Paul Joseph 3905 Adam St. Weirton, W. Va. Ferguson, George D. 115 Chapel Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Ferguson, Hugh Jefferson, N. C. Fields, Kenneth Eugene box 433 Catlettsburg, Ky. DIRECTORY Fightmaster, William F. Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Fitch, Paul Matthew Jr. 1 43 Virginia Ave. Chester. W. Va. Flora, Clifford 4005 9th St. East Tuscaloosa, Ala. Forman, Harold Rt. I Magnolia, Miss. Foster, Carey L. 58 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Foster, Lowel Rt. 2 West Point, Ga. Franklin, Peggy Joyce 529 Spruce St. Clarksdale, Miss. Frazier, Douglas 1403 Huffine St. Nashville, Tenn. Friederich. Alvina Tripp, South Dakota Garrison, John Robert Spring City, Tenn. Gates, Ernest Hawley, Texas Gearner, Huston 42 Rutledge Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Geiger, Ruby Rt. 3, Box 652A Jacksonville, Fla. Gentry, Ruth 506 Main St. Nashville, Tenn. Gibbs, George T. 416 2nd Ave. Evansville, Ind. Gillespie, Hilton Cairo, Ga. Glendenning Guy M. Paden City, W. Va. Gober, Helen Virginia 94 Lafayette St. Pontiac, Mich. Goode, Betty 1534 Morning Side St., S. E. Roanoke, Va. Gore, Martha Ann Box 84, Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Gore, Robert T. Jr. Arcadia Fla. Gore, Robert T. Sr. Arcadia. Fla. Grahl, Lloyd Donald Rt. I Newport, Tenn. Graves, Betty 51 Nance Lane Nashville. Tenn. Graves, Harold Boyd 51 Nance Lane Nashville, Tenn. Graves Margaret Anne 332 3rd Ave., South Franklin, Tenn. Gray, Carl W., Jr. Glasgow, W. Va. Grayson, Bette Ann 124 Jesse St. Daytona Beach, Fla. Grayson Jacquelyn 124 Jesse St. Daytona Beach, Fla. Green, Donald C. 216 N. W. " D " St. Ardmore. Okla. Green, V. Lorena 613 Flegal Ave. Rossville, Ga. Gresham, Daniel Kay 90 Nance Lane Nashville, Tenn. Gresham, Loren Paul 90 Nance Lane Nashville, Tenn. Griggs, Jeanette Rt. 4 Bennettsville, S. C. Grimm, Herbert O. Sisterville, W. Va. Grover, Duane J. Carrington, N. Dak. Gumm, Marie R1. 2 Elkins. W. Va. Haddix, Arden 64 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Haddix, Lora Dell 64 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Haddix, Carl B. 51 I Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Hjle Don M. Box 244 Lenoir City, Tenn. Haley, Harry Parker 428 Trinity Lane Nashville, Tenn. hall, Clarine RR. 8, Box 393 Dayton, Ohio Halliburton, Charles Ma ' nsville, Tenn. Hamby, Betty Sue Tuscumbia, Ala. Hamby, John K. Tuscumbia, Ala. Hammond, Edra Ann 515 E. Madison St. Durand, Wis. Hammond, Mrs. Vera B. 516 E. Madison St. Durand, Wis. Haney, Caroline Rt. 4, Box 2I8 Fairmont, W. Va. Haney, Charles E. Rt. 4, Box 2I8 Fairmont, W. Va. Harbison, Bill 307 50th Ave., N. Nashville, Tenn. Hare, Elva Rhea 37 North Green St. Henderson, Ky. Harper, Bobby Joe Box 29I Steele, Mo. Harrell Louie L. 2I8 First Ave., N. W. Moultrie, Ga. Harrington, Ed. 89 E. 37th St. Holland, Mich. Harris, William W. Sulphur Springs, Texas Harrison, Lloyd B. Rt. 4, Box 60 Norfolk, Va. Hassell, E. Cannon 86 Hart St. Nashville, Tenn. Hassell, Ethel Jane b6 Hart St. Nashville, Tenn. Hassell, Jon Ragan 86 Hart St. Nashville, Tenn. Hassell, Lewis Edwin 86 Hart St. Nashville, Tenn. Hassell, Mrs. Lucille C. 86 Hart St. Nashville, Tenn. Hayes, Grady Carl 1 700 Beech St. Chattanooga, Tenn. Heath, Barbara Fayetteville, Tenn. Hemmerly, Tommy I445 McGavock Pk. Nashville, Tenn. Hendon, Douglas W. I20I East Limestone St. Florence, Ala. Hess, Paul E. 408 Elm Ave., S. E. Roanoke, Va. Higginbottom, Norman R. Forrest Cottage, Ky. Higgins, James T. 602 Cannon St. Parrish, Ala. Hilkert. Dale E. R. D. 3 Lewisburg, Penn. Hokada, Tsuneo 21 19 Waiola St. Honolulu, T. H. Holbrook, F ' anklin K., Jr. I80 Southfield Rd. Ecorse 29, Mich. Holley, Agnes SI I W. Douglas Nashville, Tenn. Holt, Betty Jean II5 N. O ' Neal St. Florence, Ala. Holt, Peggy Joyce II5 N. O ' Neal St. Florence, Ala. Hoots, Bobby Columbia, Ky. Home, Charles B. 430 7th St., S. W. Moultrie, Ga. Howard, Beverly 4I7 N. E. 2nd St. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. F oward, Muriel 303 Home Ave, Clarksville, Tenn. Howick, William H. 85 Park Row Woodstock, Ontario, Canada Hudson, Eugene L. 747 Florence Ave. Madison, Tenn. Hudson, Iva 4I3 Pine St. Pascagoula, Miss. Hudson, William R. Rt. 5, Box 279 Jasper, Ala. Huffman, Ernest Wray, Colo. Hulett, Bennie Garland Rt. I Catlettsburg, Ky. Hulett, Margaret Jean R. I Catlettsburg, Ky. Hurt, Walton Lee 75 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Hyatt, Earl Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Hyche, Willodene Rt. I Cordova, Ala. Ihrig, Ray 36 S. Grand Ave. Fort Thomas, Ky. Jackson, Arthur L. 2204 Central Ave. Ashland, Ky. Jakes, Glenn Jackson, Jr. 46I2 Idaho Ave. Nashville, Tenn. James, William J. Box 5I46 Capitol Sta. Cnarleston, W. Va. Jared, Billy Knowles 2429 Brasher Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Jenkins, Alton N. Rt. I Cleveland, Miss. Jenkins, Gordon Halbert Rt. I Cleveland, Miss. Jernigan, Jules Donald R. 3, Box 407 Pensacola, Fla. Jernigan, Lavonne L. I3I5 Gallatin Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Johnson, James Manchester, Tenn. Johnson, James S. Fort Myers, Fla. Jones, Raymond 3I6 Bayne St. Orangeburg, S. C. Jordick, Martha Jean Second Ave., West Bellaire, Ohio Keeling, Clemmie McGavock Lane, Rt. I Nashville, Tenn. Kelly, Brentson Dale 33I Whaley St. Columbia, S. C. Kercher, Grace Virginia 3I4 S. C. 6th St. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Ketterman, Curtis I27 Centre St. Frostburg, Md. Ketterman, James 80 Nance Lane Nashville, Tenn. Ketterman, Leroy 94 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Keys, Glenn I243 Maxey Lane Nashville, Tenn. Kight. Ernest, Jr. T.ullahoma, Tenn. Killgore, Helen M. 9I5 Kipling Dr. Nashville, Tenn. Killgore, Joseph 9I5 Kipling Dr. Nashville, Tenn. Kimbrell, Alvin D. Trevecca College, Box I8E Nashville, Tenn. Kimmery, Arthur L. R. I Mt. Morris, Mich. King, J. H. I7I4 Alabama Ave. Selma, Ala. King, Harmon A. Selma, Ala. King, William C. 4I5 N. 32nd St. Nashville, Tenn. Klepfer Garth I448 N. King Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. Knowles, Carson 353 24th Ave., N. Nashville, Tenn. Lambert, Billy Grisco F. O. Box 47 Blytheville, Ark. DIRECTORY Lancaster, Edith Fulton, Ky. Layfield, Faye 517 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Layne, Rosemary 64 Hart St. Nashville, Tenn. Lenhert, Miriam 3d McAllister St. Hanover, Penn. Leonard, Lillie Mae 712 North Daniel St. Arlington, Va. Lewellen, J. V. 219 Berry Field Nashville, Tenn. Lewis, David William Greenfield, Ohio Lewis, Johnnie Box 165 Ropesville, Texas Lewter, Robert Lee, Jr. 340 S. Shelby St. Louisville 2, Ky. Light, Luke M. Rt. I Jonestown, Penn. Liles, Marian R. R. 4 Erlanger, Ky. Lindsey, James Emory R. F. D. 2 Wrightsville, Ga. Lithgow, Ralph Edwin 132 Mound St. Fair Oaks, Penn. Lobb, Delores G. Wurtland, Ky. Lobb, Wilma Earle Wurtland, Ky. Lockard Willard Dayton R. 2, Box 257 Charleston, W. Va. Logan, Jackie Steems, Miss. Lolley Harvey O ' Neal Box 392 Uniontown, Ala. Long, Colien R. I Koxboro, N. C. McCaskell, James O. 86 Hart St. Nashville, Tenn. McCaskell, Milton L. 2434 Oak St. Vicksburg, Miss. McClain, Robert A., Jr. 311 William St. Cookeville, Tenn. McDonough, Grade Mae 4014 Fagan Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. McFall, Norman 627 South Louisville, Ky. McGee, Margaret 132 Princeton Ave. San Antonio, Texas McKinley, Bonnie Pearl Box 311 Uniontown, Ala. McGrady, Paul 59 Lester Ave. Nashville. Tenn. McManus, Janris 3903 Baxter Ave. Nashville, Tenn. McNeer, Malcolm Eugene Durant, Miss. McNutt, Daniel 421 Russell St. Nashville, Tenn. Mackey, Eva Faye 74 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Malone, Jim 3314 Park Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Malone, William F. 3314 Park Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Maner, Robert E. Jr. 1944 E. Liberty St. Savannah, Ga. Marks, Howard 5885 S. W. 19th St. Miami, Fla. Martin, Clinton F. Hurricane, W. Va. Martin, Helen Hurricane, W. Va. Martin, Samuel 15th, S. 14th Colorado Springs, Colo. Martin, Thomas A. 511 Lindsay St., Apt. I Chattanoga, Tenn. Martin, William A. Rt. I, Box 175 Columbia, S. C. Matlock, Joe 1244 Wales St. Loudon, Tenn. Matthews, Charles 10 W. 4th St. Augusta, Ky. Mattingly, Ralph 405 Ky. Ave. Loogootee, Ind. Maxwell, Everett Daniel 119 West 14th St. San Angelo, Texas Mays, Geneva Versailles Rd. Frankfort, Ky. Meadows, Ann I 109 Gartland Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Meadors, John 2121 Gilbert Cincinnati, Ohio Meggs, Betty 1005 Iverson Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Merriman, R. L. Box 23, Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Merriman, R. L. Mrs. Box 23, Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Middendorf, Arline 2815 St. Vincent St. Louis, Mo. Middendorf, Bob 2815 St. Vincent Si. Louis, Mo. Miller, James Emery Box 171 Monterey, Tenn. Miller, Leon C. 120 Pinoca St. Charlotte, N. C. Moore, Ben J. Jr. Frank, W. Va. Moore, Walter E., Jr. 2402 Main St. Ashland, Ky. Morrell. E. E. Box 54, Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Morrell, Selma Box 54, Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Morrow, Donald E. 1622 Texas St. St. Louis, Mo. Morris, Owen W. Rt. I Nettleton, Miss. Murphy, Ben Woodard Ave. Athens, Tenn. Murphy, Byron S. Peoria. III. Myers, Frances 321 S. Salem Ave. Sumter, S. C. Myers, Jack M. 321 S. Salem Sumter, S. C. Nance, Edwin Box 71 Lake Mary, Fla. Nance, Gary Ardmore, Okla. Napier, Tommy R.R. I Lebanon, Ky. Neat, Claude 80 Nance Lane Nashville, Tenn. Nelson, Betty 1760 N. W. 20th St. Miami, Fla. Newcomer, Glen Gorden Rt. 2, Box 398 Charleston, W. Va. Nicholas, Betty Ann 646 E. Gladys Sikeston, Mo. Nix, Lawrence E. 918 Shelby St. Nashville, Tenn. Nix, Roy T. 1428 I Ith Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Oates, Jarvis C. 301 Marshall Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Oates, Joan 301 Marshall Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Offutt, Reva Mae Rt. 3 Fairmont, W. Va. Olive, Sibyle 919 Carolyn Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Oliver, Hayes Hodges, Ala. Overstreet. Jean 912 Strouse Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Owens, Mary F. 1401 4th N. E. Ardmore, Okla. Palmer, Edward 408 43rd Ave., North Nashville, Tenn. Page, Odie L. 520 20th St. E. Bradenton, Fla. Pappas, Paul L. 404 S. Broadway Wheeling, W. Va. Parker, Aldred Care Procter Patrick Rt. 4 Lexington, Ky. J ! - . A. Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Patrick, Sidney Belton, Texas Patrick, William H. Rt. 2, Box 250 Charleston. W. Va. Patten. David 83 Nance Lane Nashville, Tenn. Patton, Charles Palmer, Tenn. Peeples, Clay Morris 950 Strouse Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Pennington, G. Lewis Rt. I Forest Park, Ga. Pennington, Lucy Mae 1704 Grand Nashville, Tenn. Pennycuff, Lovie Albany, Ky. Perdue Elizabeth Rt. I Cedar Hill, Tenn. Philemon, Roy W. Jr. 904 Pecan Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Phillips, Lottie 1804 26th Ave. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Phipps, Charles Hubert Box 73 Doyle, Tenn. Phipps, Marthalena W. Box 73 Doyle, Tenn. Pickett Arthur B. 1028 N. W. 31st St. Miami, Fla. Pitts, Robert W. 1 1 72 76th Ave. Oakland, Calif. Pitzer, A. George Fairmont, W. Va. Plessinger, Ann Philadelphia, Penn. Poage, Grafton F. Box 75, Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Porter. Harvey C. 1322 Allen St. Charlotte. N. C. Pratt, Carl C. 402 Mclver St. Nashville, Tenn. Price, John 1332 S. 22nd Louisville, Ky. Price, Barbara Jean 303 N. Locust Florence, Ala. Price, Louis 1332 S. 22nd St. Louisville, Ky. Privett. Calvin C. 454 Palmetto St. Mobile. Ala. Privett, George W. 454 Palmetto St. Mobile, Ala. Pruett, Shirley Ann R R 3 Mitchell, Ind. Pullin, Alice L. 414 W. Pine Florence, S. C. Ragsdale James Dwight Rt. 10 Cullman, Ala. Renfroe, Delores Rt. 2 Ashland, Ky. Randsdell, Lois E. 1741 Greenup Ave. Ashland, Ky. Reagan, Charles C. 827 Woodland Nashville, Tenn. Reedy, Billie Jean 2900 S. Lang St. Arlington, Va. Reid, Douglas 613 Flegal Ave. Rossville, Ga. Rheuark, John B. Rt. 4 Loris, S. C. Rhodabarger, Marjorie 230 Viers Ct. Akron, Ohio DIRECTORY Rhoden, Jeanette Box 148, Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Rhoden, Maurice Box 148, Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Rice, Britta Lou Olive Hill, Ky. Rice. Dorothy Olive Hill. Ky. Rice, Johnny Olive Hill, Ky. Richardson. Elaine Rt. 2, Box 135 Jasper, Ala. Right-house, Bertha E. Syracuse, Ohio Rigney, Jesse B. Rt. 3, Box 58 Fayette, Ala. Roberts. James C. R.R. I Richmond, Ky. Robertson Stella Rt. I Erin, Tenn. Robinson, Bill 3532 Robinson Circle Charlotte, N. C. Rodgers, Esther Ray 505 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Rodgers, Philip 505 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Ross, J. W. Barnesville, Ga. Rozzell, Nancy Rt. I Spencer, Tenn. Rushing, Ruth 100 E. Dempster Memphis, Tenn. Samson, Donna S. 409 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville. Tenn. Sanders, Regina McComb. Miss. Sanders, Terrell C. 401 Atlanta St. Barnesville, Ga. Saul, Harry Ed, Jr. Box 436, Gallatin Rd. Madison, Tenn. Saxon, Ruth O. R. F. D. 6 Springfield, Tenn. Schultz Robert G. 2654A Park Ave. St. Louis, Mo. Schrope Anna Marguerite Olive Hill. Ky. Scott, Mary Frances 342 Richmond Memphis, Tenn. Scott, Virginia M. 329 Walnut St. Rock Hill, S. C. Shaffer, Daniel 409 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Shaffer, Edith 409 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Shaffer, Mary Sue 409 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Shanks, Carolyn C. Limestone. Tenn. Shearrer, Ben W. Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Shelby, Lunelle Rt. 3 Parsons, Tenn. Shelley, Dorlese Albany, Ky. Shelton, Wayne Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Shields, Paul R. Albany. Ky. Shortridge Nadine Box 563 Derby, Colo. Siler, Peggie J. 921 W. Cahal Ave. Nashville Tenn. Simmons, Bonnie J. Rt. 3. Box 224 Miami, Fla. Simpson, Charles L. 114 Mathew S. Dexter, Mo. Simpson, Donal E. 66 Robinson St. Concord, N. C. Simpson, Rose L. 306 Walnut St. Carterville, Mo. Sites, James H. Onego, W. Va. Slatcher, Anna E. 94 Lafayette Pontiac. Mich. Slifer Kenneth B. Rt. I, Elm Hill Rd. Nashville. Tenn. Slifer, Marita S. Elm Hill Rd., Rt. I Nashville, Tenn. Slonecker, Bill 923, Fairwin Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Slonecker, Herman 923 Fairwin Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Smith. Clayton E. 64 , 2 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Smith, Harson 718 South 3rd Ave. Louisville, Ky. Smith, Jimmie 327 Coahoma Ave. Clarksdale. Miss. Smith, John 1044 3rd Ave., South Nashville, Tenn. Smith, Joyce P. O. Box 3161 Orlando. Fla. Smith, Martha Rt. I Hickory, Va. Smith. Mary June Calvert, Ala. Smith, Oscar M. I 14 Elm St. Logan, W. Va. Smithson, Carl W. Franklin, Tenn. Smithson, Catherine Dunbar. W. Va. Smithson, Rhea Care Vaughan Prtg. Office Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Soles, Terry W. Scott, Ga. South Marilyn 1610 Second St. Moundsville, W. Va. Spahr Earle 509 Smithville St. McMinnville Tenn. Speer, Ben L . 920 Sutton Hill Rd. Nashville. Tenn. Speer, Brock 920 Sutton Hill Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Spiker, Jo Ann 201 Midland Trail Hurricane, W. Va. Spiker, Lina L. 201 Midland Trail Hurricane, W. Va. Springer, Carnell H. Rt. 2. Lexington, Ala. Spruill, Arnold Trevecca Nazarene College Nashville, Tenn. Spruill, Brentson Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Spruill, Clarice Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Spruill, Howard Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Staples, Rob Kirksey, Ky. Steele, James 156 Boscobel Nashville, Tenn. Stephenson Mary Rt. I Rush, Ky. Stockdale, Mariorie Rt. 2 Cumberland Furnace. Tenn. Stocks M. H. Box 477 Parrish, Ala. Stocks Joyce Box 621 Jasper, Ala. Stone, Ray 615 54th Ave. Meridian, Miss. Stone, William S. 534 Greenwood Ave. Clarksville, Tenn. Storey, Earl E. Aurora, Ind. Stovall, Mary Highway Ky. Streight, Betty Charleston, W. Va. Strode Billie L. 1416 Norvel Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Stroupe Robert J. 308 Dupont Circle Raleigh, N. C. Sullivan, Julia A. 2106 Dayton Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Sullivan. Noah Baton Rouge, La. Sullivan, Wayne 927 Carolyn Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Sutton. Nell 1200 8th St. Old Hickory, Tenn. Swinford, June 4505 Church St. Covington, Ky. Tarter, Eugene Faubush, Ky. Taylor Frances 923 Gallatin Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Taylor, James 569 Schiller Ave. Akron, Ohio Taylor, Janie Lee 121 Jennings St. Bennettsville, S. C. Taylor, Melvin L. 121 Jennings St. Bennettsville, S. C. Taylor, A. Paul 569 Schiller Ave. Akron. Ohio Terry, T. O. Cordova, Ala. Thompson Walter W. 551 N. W. 7th St. Miami, Fla. Thrasher, Ruth 715 W. Main St. Richmond, Ind. Toney, Billie 78 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Toney, Harry E. 78 Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Touchton, Vola P. O. Box 81 Titusville, Fla. Traylor. Champ Blountstown. Fla. Tripp, Howard M. Box 113 Titusville. Fla. Tuggle Frank D. Rt. 4, Box 392 Miami, Fla. Underwood. Arthur Basham, Va. Varner, Malcolm Fishersville, Va. Vaughan, J. R. Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Vaughan, Mattie P. Trevecca College Nashville. Tenn. Vickers Paul T. Paris, Ky. Wachtel, Eunice L. 1306 Shelton Ave. Nashville Tenn. Wall, Barbara J. Box 462 Raleigh, N. C. Wallace, Ruth 1008 Boylan Dr. Nashville, Tenn, Watson, Jean Cullman, Ala. West, Helen 510 32nd Ct. Nashville, Te.nn. Wells. Edward Sanbury, Conn. Wells, Robert L. 320 Henry St. Dayton, Ohio Wells. William C. Box 42, Trevecca College Nashville, Tenn. Wendell, Robert P. 51 I Lester Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Whited, William E. 809 Delaware Ave. Madison, Tenn. Whitt, Walter N. Sandy Hook, Ky. Willey. Patricia Rt. 4 Fulton, Ky. Williams, Eugene 945 McClurkan Nashville, Tenn. Williams, Lee Rt. 4. Box 13 Plant City, Fla. Williams, Marilyn Cowan, Tenn. Williamson, Harold D. 416 S. W. 16th St. York, Rayburn 17 First Ave. Marion, Va. THIS BOOK DESIGNED AND PRINTED BY BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE

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