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u Digitized by tine internet Archive 1 n 2014 https: details darda1949trev Le students » f TREVECCA NAZARENE COllEGE PRESENT 19 4 9 D A R D A I R E V E C C A Because of her unselfish and untiring devotion to duty, her loyalty to Trevecca and its ideals, her interest in the welfare of each student, because she so well exemplifies the spirit and character of the true Christian by her humble life in the service of her Master the nineteen forty-nine DARDA is dedicated with love and appreciation of the student body and faculty to MISS AMY L PERSON. REV. H. H. WISE m o r L u m Rev. H. H. Wise, friend of Trevecca for thirty-eight years, laid down his cross on August 21, 1948. For twenty-five years he taught at Tre- vecca, slipping unobtrusively in and out. No man wasted less tinne than Brother Wise. There were so many interests requiring attention — needy families to look after, prisoners in the jail needing a friend, unhappy backsliders wanting prayer, sick members to be visited, — one man could not do it all. He literally wore himself out serving humanity. A modest, quiet, unassuming man, he was loved by those he served and respected oy the world at large. Servant of God, well done!. . Thy glorious warfare ' s past. The battle ' s fought, the victory won. And thou art crowned at last. TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE l4Je .-Accept tlie C Laiie DR. A. B. MACKEY, M.A.. LLD. President Dr. and Mrs. Mackey OUR... PRESIDENT S Education is a factor of wealth. Dr. P. P. Claxton would say that It is one of the three factors of wealth, the other two factors being native ability and natural resurces. Education is the only one of the three which can be increased by the efforts of man. Solonnon asked God for wisdom and knowledge and the Lord gave him knowledge according to his request, but in addition he gave him honor and wealth. The story of Solomon has been repeated in every Instance In which the individual asked God for wisdom and knowl- edge. It is true today that students of Trevecca Col- lege who ask for wisdom and knowledge and fail to ask for honor and wealth will receive both wealth and honor as a bonus. Education that does not take God into account Is not a producer of permanent wealth. A nation or people may become strong and wealthy and remain so for a while, but the Bible says, " Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord " . Therefore, we must have Christian education to both produce and pre- serve the wealth of the world. There is a type of wealth that does not consist of silver or gold. It is a spiritual wealth, and that wealth Is produced probably by three factors to be found in the spiritual world. Native ability In the physical vorld has oftentimes been described " as what we are born with " therefore, native ability in the spiritual world is what God gives us in the second birth. Also, if the natural resources in the physical world are the things of which we manufacture our food and cloth- ing. It is appropriate to say that the supernatural resources in the spiritual world are the things out of v hlch we feed and clothe the soul. The Word of God Is the bread of life and we may have a robe made of righteousness — not self-rlghteousness, because self- rlghteousness Is like filthy rags. It Is the righteous- ness of God that properly clothes the soul. Again, neither of these two factors in the spiritual world can be produced — they are what God endows us with. Therefore, education as a factor of spiritual wealth Is the only factor that can be increased. One of the maior things in education is study, and the Bible says " Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. " If education is so Important, both In the physical and spiritual world, why are we not more interested in the promotion of education? The United States of America spends nearly twice as much for whiskey as education The Church of the Nazarene In the Southeast is spending about one dollar out of one-hundred dollars on Trevecca College. One of the reasons that we do not have a greater interest in education is that we do not know the value of It. So, let ' s make a part of our educational program the study of the value of education. Back of all the medical science of today are the college laboratories of yesterday. Back of the church of today are the Christian students In the colleges of yesterday. Moses was trained in all the wisdom of Egypt; Daniel went to the University of Babylon; Paul sat at the feet of Gamaliel; Martin Luther went to the University of Wittenberg; John Wesley was an Oxford student. I trust that we will invest more than ever before in Christian education. f Memorial Hall In 1938, Trevecca Nazarene College occupied three buildings, rent-free for Innprovements, on rented land. These were the present McKay and hiardy hialls and the ante-bellum structure, used as the Administration Building, which was de- stroyed by fire In 1943. Now we have on a campus practically debt-free a total of twelve buildings. In- cluding three new major ones here pic- tured: McClurkan Memorial Hall, the Administration Building and the new men ' s dormitory, yet unnamed. The plant Improvements of ten years speak eloquently of progress In the triumphant march of T.N.C. In the course of right and righteousness. 1 9 8 19 4 8 Dormitory McKay Hall . AND lABS OF STUDY— " Experience Is the best teacher " — but the tuition and fees are too heavy and the course too long to attract the prudent to his school. Here we labor, at history to make us wise, at poetry to make us witty, at mathematics to make us " subtile, " at philosophy and science to make us deep, at religion and morals to make our goodness grave and our beliefs firm- rooted, at logic and rhetoric to give us poise and " weight " in the faith wherein we stand. Zoology EXPERIMENTS • MUSIC Thomas Jones at his post In the Biology Lab. Field Trip Chemistry Lab. EXERCISES . EXAMS Hubert Bankston explains Library checking desk S+uden+s with Friend Professor Where We FRIENDSHIPS True friendships form through patient growth, and the college years (more than days, one should note) are the time when the firnnest, most enduring friendships start. Friendships are nurtured oft-times on the shocks of adversity. Yet they perse- vere in constant steadfastness " without either flower or veil. " Nature and re- ligion are their binding cords; nobility and unfailing fair-dealing are the atmos- phere In which they grow. AT TREVECCA are found those shocks and cords and stimuli wherein friend may beget friend. Week All Meet A Male Chorus FINE ARTS Left, top to bo++om: At Class; A Musi- cal Group; Mrs. Cox and Lottie in Private Speech. 1948-49 marks the passing of a cultural milestone In the advance of T.N.C. To the faculty were add- ed this year two speech Instruc- tors, and teachers of voice and both v oodwlnd and brass Instru- ments. Of especial Interest Is the enlargement and organization of the orchestra and band under the able direction of Prof. William hi. Howick. The fine arts — these tokens of man ' s relation to God — afford the media for speaking truth, the mouthpieces for uttering wisdom. They are and must remain a foun- tain at which we shall drink deeply. Called Missionaries I. Brightest Hour of the Day RELIGIOUS ..LIFE This Is our raison d ' etre — our reason for existence. This Is the transforming leaven that gives unity to all of our en- deavors and purpose to all our activities. Without it, education and all the efforts of college life would lack the cement which holds them together In harmony end logical order. This Is no exterior ap- pendage, no cloak to draw at convenience around the surface of our lives, no re- straining shackle to bind youth away from pleasures. It Is the tie of our lives to a better eternity. It Is RELIGION. Noon — Food Work Card Day AND PLAY... " All play and no work makes Jack a lazy of work and play very satisfactory, boy. " Our students find the combination that Hair cut Haddix Boys ' — Laundry and Dry Cleaning Administration 25 LILA THRASHER MACKEY MARTHA DEWITT GRESHAM M.A., B.S. in L S. M A. Librarian, Library Science, Modern Biological Science Language DR. A. B. MACKEY M.A., LL.O, PresicJent, Psychology, Economics - j mi ' ■ ' tg MATTIE GREEN BRACKEN AMY L. PERSON , . I A. MA. Education, Biological Science, Psychology Registrar, English, Bible . . L e ADMINISTRATION Dr. Mackey Chairman Dr. Bracken Miss Person Dr. Gresham Mrs. Bracken K ' lr, Spencer BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS Mr. Richardson Chairman Mrs. Shelton Mr. Redford Mrs. Gresham CALENDAR AND PROGRAM ■ Mrs. Bennett Chairman Mr. Hammond MissCooner Miss Person FACULTY ACTIVITIES Mrs. Gresham Chairman Mrs. Cox Mrs. Redford Mr. Irwin ORGANIZATION Dr. Gresham Chairman Mrs. Mackey Mrs. Bracken Dr. Stuneck PUBLICITY AND PUBLICATION Miss Person Chairman Mrs. Mackey Mr. Richardson Dr. Gresham RELIGIOUS LIFE Dr. Bracken Cha irman Mr. Red ' ord Mr. Greathouse Mr. Duckett SOCIAL LIFE AND DISCIPLINE Deans of Men and Women Chairmen Dr. Gresham Dr. Bracken M. E. REDFORD M.A., B.D. Biblical Language ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD M.A. Mathematics MABEL RUTH COONER A.B. Speech C. T. DUCKETT M.A. English, High School SADIE AGNEW JOHNSON M.A. Mdthemjtics W. M. GREATHOUSE M.A. Theology J. D. IRWIN M.A. Voice. Director of Choral Music MAUDE ALLEN STUNECK A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Ldngudges F A C U I T Y A. K. BRAKEN M.A., D D. Dean of Religion, Theology, Philosophy L. P. GRESHAM M.A., Ph.D. Dean of College, History W. VERA COX Dean of Wonnen, Speech H. F. HAMMOND B.S., M A. Piano, Voice, Mjsic Theory EDWARD F. COX A.B. Social SclsRce RUTH HARRIS BENNETT B. Mus. Piano, Voice HOMER J. ADAMS A.B., M.A. Social Science FERNE DOGGETT SHELTON ELIZABETH THOMPSON SPRUILL FLORENCE EDEN MORRIS B.S Bible, Art, High School Ok A.B. Principal of Demonsli ation School A.B. Violin FACULTY MARY WHITE SPENCER Offies D. H. SPENCER A.B. High School Principal, Dean of Men NAOMI NABORS MORGAN Bookstore V. NEIL RICHARDSON A.B., Th.B. Business Manager MRS. SCOTT HOWARD Dietician CLARA BOHLER, A.I Bookkeeper HUBERT BANKSTON A. B. Religion JASPER, ALABAMA Alabama Club President. Sincere and earnest. His cheerful disposition and willingness to help anyone will always be remembered by those who know him. Conservative, conscientious, consis- tent, he knows how to keep his path straight — straight through what will undoubtedly be a fruit- ful life. ERWIN BARDWELL A. B. Religion PONCHATOULA, LOUISIANA Erwin, good-natured and amiable, is quite a handy man. hHis faithfulness in Christian work has been outstanding. hHis willingness to be help- ful will go a long way in his chosen field of ser- vice as a missionary to India. Erwin is certainly a " workman that needeth not to be ashamed. " Seniors 30 MARSHALL BOWES A. B. Religion COWAN, TENN. He is getting practical experience for the mis- sion field In Africa by serving as pastor while in College. A good husband, a solid friend, a de- voted Christian — the future Is promising. Our prayers go with you and June as you go forth to serve a foreign land. JUNE BOWES A. B. History COWAN, TENN. Versatile, thorough, efficient and likeable. Her dignified Christian character plus her diversified Interests mal e her a good student. She has a sensitive love of music. Her aggressive, ener- getic spirit will make her a good missionary. She served as practice teacher and now holds a position In a public school. Best wishes to you, June. I AARON BESS A. B. Religion HUNTINGTON, W. VA. That winning snnile of Aaron ' s springs from the spirit of fellowship that animates him — a fellow- ship as broad as it Is genuine. Member of A Cappella Choir — sings In Nazarene Messengers ' Quartet — on DARDA staff as Assistant Business Manager. We know his life will be a contribution to all that ' s good. SAMUEL R. BROWN A. B. Religion LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY A diligent, courteous and finest young man is the well-respected Senior President. Sammy came to us from University of Louisville an all-around fellow. There ' s a wholesomeness, a buoyancy about Sammy. May the future years be years of joy and service, Sammy and Lois. S E N I 0 R S 32 LOU OUIDA CARLTON A. B. Religion THOMASVILLE. GEORGIA Lou Oulda serves well in A Cappella and Chorus, Georgia Club President — Co-editor of DARDA Sensitive love of nature. She has good nature engrained in her very being, hier soul escapes through her fingers as she plays the piano. We all love Lou Quida for just being her ov n dear self. DON CONRAD A. B. Religion GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Don shoves the unmistakable sign of v ork v» ' ell done — a man of vision. All who have felt the warmth of friendliness realize that tomorrow com- posed of personalities like Don ' s can but be a better day. A humility of spirit and gentleness of manner are virtues of this talented young man who sings in A Cappella Choir and serves as President of the North Carolina Club. BURLE DE BORD A. B. Religion BOISE, IDAHO Special tribute we would pay to one who has worked so faithfully and cheerfully to secure a college education. Quiet, yet congenial good company, is entirely liked by all. A man of few words as he goes about the campus but is always pleasant. We predict self-sacrificial service and life lived for the Nazarene. JOHN DIX A. B. Science NASHVILLE, TENN. Initiative, thoughtfulness, tenacity of purpose. In- disputable efficiency — these are qualities that make John a good leader. Is renowned as a Pres- ident of the Science Club, member of Student Council and Honor Society. One with such gracious dignity can do nothing but succeed. There is a refinement about him which is most attractive. S E N I 0 34 R S JANICE ENGLE A. B. Speech RICHMOND, INDIANA Quiet, considerate, genuine — these remind you of her. Always willing to give of her services to any worthy cause. A calm attitude toward life gives her a depth of character. Not the type to become unduly excited over small things — travels a smooth, calm, easy path. WILLIAM FIGHTMASTER A. B. Religion DAYTON, OHIO Deeply consecrated to his call to the ministry, hie has faithfully served as pastor at Donelson. When the Lord gave him a very definite call vo the ministry he forsook all and followed the lowly Nazarene. We wish you and your family, of a wife and two sons, the best in life. GUY GLENDENNING A. B. Religion PADEN CITY, WEST VIRGINIA His bubbling personality is a real contribution to his fellow students. Contagious is the word for Suy ' s smile (oerhaps that helped to win his Fijian wife), hlospitality coupled with unselfish- ness and attention to duty will carry him far in his chosen work. Pastors at Dickson. NELSON GOODLETT A. B. Religion WILMORE, KENTUCKY We like Nelson for his good nature and pep. Full of vitality and a possessor of common sense. Nelson has added that sparkle to routine life which makes every day interesting. hHis outer congeniality, contagious in its breadth, coupled with an inner senority, has gained for him a host of true friends. Always a smile — that is Nelson. Plans to go to India as a missionary but not alone. S E N I 0 36 R S WILFORD HAWKINS A. B. History NEW ALBANY, INDIANA Consistent, dependable and above all, sincere. Has a sweet wife and little daughter. His steady nature and dependability has been a help to his classmates. Thoroughgoingly Christian. There ' s no job too big for him to do quietly and efficiently in his unassuming way. ROSCOE HENDERSON A. B. History NASHVILLE, TENN. Plans to teach In order to better the character of youth. He lives off the campus — it ' s our loss that we don ' t know him better. Not the type to become unduly excited over trivialities. Ros- coe is a good student. He has the steady quali- ties of dependability and honesty. CHRISTINE JENKINS A. B. Religion CLEVELAND, MISS. Efficiency, consclentousness, and humility are the keynotes of Christine ' s character. A sense of humor, sympathy, and a love of the " deeper things " combine with loyalty, dependability and intelilgence to win her the respect and admira- tion of all who know her. THOMAS JONES A. B. Religion BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY Genuine, well-balanced, just In all his attitudes, hie is sincere, well-liked and has a fine religious experience which makes him an excellent preacher. Drives to Mayfleld, Kentucky every week-end to pastor. One who is very modest in his abilities-assistant to Dr. Gresham. hias a firm, steady character. We wish the best for you, your wife and daughter, Patsy. Seniors W. A. JORDON A. B. Religion JACKSON, TENN. W. A., his faithful wife and son have lived quietly in our midst. Steady and always natural. His quiet depth of character and ideals will bless his undertakings on the mission field — getting experience by pastoring successfully the church at Gallatin, Tenn. We ' re looking forward to great things for W. A. and Pauline. ELDO LANG A. B. Religion — Science CORYDON, INDIANA President of Junior Class of ' 48 — Vice President of Senior Class of ' 49. Full of fun and laughter underneath his spirit of fun there is a deep seriousness which expresses itself in thoughful- ness to others. Works at the snack-shop. Good preacher. Many friends on the campus have felt the warmth of his unaffected personality. RALPH MATTINGLY A. B. Religion NASHVILLE, TENN. Ralph is a happy, smiling senior whose capability and self-confidence will carry him over the rough spots in life. Flls genuine sense of humor and sunny disposition have won him many friends. His aggressive, energetic spirit will make him a success In his field. MILTON McCASKELL A. B. Religion SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS " Bill " Is one of those quiet intelligent types. A good preacher. Firm and steady disposition. Has high standards and lives up to them. We can see only success in a life such as his. Seniors 40 CARL POWERS A. B. Religion PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Came to Trevecca from a Texas College. Putting himself into his work he has served efficiently on the Trev-Echoes Staff as art editor. Art and Music he finds Interesting. He is getting good experience for the future ministry by serving as Pastor, hlls sparkling wit, genial personality and complete consecration assure him of a successful career. CORLAS ROBY A. B. Religion SALLIS, MISSISSIPPI Upon the first meeting you may think him quiet, but you ' ll later discover that he likes to argue — especially in Philosophy, fde strives to live a clean-cut Christian life and Is succeeding. He has agricultural interests but plans to spend his life in the ministry. WILLENE ROSA A. B. Religion OLD HICKORY, TENN. Possessor of a quiet, sweet Christian personality. Genuineness is the quality that forms the b asis of Willene ' s character. She is steadfast and im- movable in her principles and has made an in- aluable contribution to Trevecca by being Edi- tor of the ' 49 DARDA and just being herse If. She is listed In " Who ' s Who! ' ADRIAN ROSA A. B. Religion ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Steadfastness of purpose made him a zealous President of the Christian Worker ' s Association for three years. Business Manager of ' 49 DARDA and listed among ' Who ' s Who! " Loyalty and dependability combine to win him the respect and admiration of all who know him. Neat, con- sistent — his real knowledge of God will make him an excellent missionary to the Philippines. S E N I 0 R S J. C. ROBERTS A. B. Religion RICHMOND, KENTUCKY Just seems to have a knack for being good-na- tured. Holds his individuahty — assistant Pastor at Calvary — good Greek Teacher substitute, he likes it — Full of vitality and furnishes an abun- dance of cheerfulness. A good preacher. EDRELL SANDERS A. B. Music MOBILE, ALABAMA While possessed of a reserved and serene coun- tenance, which hides the real Edrell from those who do not know her — she is genial and under- standing — Quiet and faithful, willing and depend- able, fvlusic major, hier love of music found expression in chorus and A Cappella Choir. We wish her success as she serves as pastor ' s wife and teacher. WALLACE THOMPSON A. B. Music FITZGERALD, GEORGIA Music has played a vital part in his college life — chorus and A Cappella member, soloist, pianist. Of a strong will, determination and persistence to ach ' eve the goals for which he aims. He has made a great contribution to Trevecca — we know he will continue to share his experience with others. JOSEPHINE SHIPPEY A. B. Mathematics CALHOUN CITY, MISSISSIPPI Quiet and loyal, Josephine has lived among us. She is the kind of girl that is never in the head- lines but does more than her share to keep things moving smoothly. Tenacity of purpose, a firm desire to succeed, and an ability to make the best of things which aid in her success. Seniors JIMMY TATE A. B. Speech . . SARTINVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Quiet and unobtrusive around the campus. He Is a talented speaker. History and music he finds interesting. A calm attitude and a natural re- serve characterize this senior. He is associated with the DARDA as a very efficient sales-mana- ger. He sings in the A Cappella Choir — gave recital. A vision with the ability to do things. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS CARL PRATT President GLENN ELLEN CASSELL . . Vice President CAROLYN HALL Secretary HAROLD COATS Treasurer ANN PLESSINGER Reporter DR. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor • JOSEPH D. BENSON. Industrious, dependable, hard-working, resourceful, are four words tfiat liti describe Joe. His con- sistent Christian life is one that reaches out to lift others. Our prayers and best wishes go with Joe and his family as they face the future. JUNIORS • FORD BOONE. Quiet, tranguil, industrious, and humble; knowina God as his Master, Ford is a person whom we all ad- rr.ire! He has the tendency to go thru life mildly and moderately A good student, and likeable triend, surely he will succeed. • A, D. BOONE, A.D. ' s one word characterization would be " perfect gentleman " . He has more than one merit that stands out to ottract attention — He ' s singer.?, generous, humble, and a true servant of Christ. These qualiiiei plus a keen sense of humor aid him in life. Success in all you attempt. • WESl EY CAMPBELL, 9uiet, efficient— Mr. Campbell goes his way. We are glad he is one of us. He ' s practical — a sound thinker — a good student. Married — the father of a little son. A real Christian In every sense of the word. 46 JUNIORS • GLENN ELLEN CASSELL. Glenn Ellen ' s silence denoies character and strength of mind. She Is a faithful, innately honest, perfectly sincere and practical person who by her quiet actions shows that she has high ideals. • HAROLD COATS. Thii young -ran from Oklahoma took to himself a wife last June — she was the President ' s niece. He is active in Christian work and Co-editor of T rev-Echoes. His firmness of character, earnestness, zeal and friendly disposition have gained Harold many friends and reveal a true Christian life. • WILLIAM CHEEK. Likeable bec- jse he is earnest and eager, William seems serious and quiet, but his friends find him to be witty, mirthful, and yet a real spiritual insplriation. His per- sistency, industry, good-nature and common sense will carry him to a lofty plane in life. • NEVA GAY COATS. Formerly a fused with her twin sister, Eva Faye. Editor of Trev-Echoes. Gracious Ii pleasant side of life and friendly Ii made a real place among us. " Mackey " — Neva Gay con- Member of Honor Society, manner, quick to see the disposition, Neva Gay has • RUTH GENTRY. Our congratulations to you, Ruth, for your perseverance and your consistent life, which are making your col- lege years very successful ones. Her sincerity Is unmistakable. We think of sweetness, overspread with a refreshing comradship and mindfulness to others when describing Ruth. JUNIORS • CAROLYN HALL. President of Music Club. Vice-President of Georgia Club, sings in Chorus and A Cappella. Vivacious, likeable, poised, charming with an ability to do things — that ' s Carolyn. She is a perfect lady with the sweetness of a life lived with Christ. • VIRGINIA TAYLOR. She changed her name from " Griggs " to " Taylor " in February. Likeable end attractive. A lover of music. She carries a beaming smile with a matching disposition. Best v ishes to you and " Buddy " . O BETTY SUE HAMBY. Betty Sue nriay be a bit quiet and shy. yet she has lived a consistent Christian life before us. Her dependability, trustworthiness and ability to take hard knocks with J smile, will serve her well -n tho future as a missionary. 48 JUNIORS • JOHN HAMBY. Married Betty Sue Patten. A neat, reg- ular fellow. Sincere, good-natured and frank witti an alert and open mind. We believe John and Betty will hold the Christian torch high as they serve Hinn on the mission field. • CHARLES HANEY. His handsome looks and suave politeness make him a feminine favorite. Co-editor of ' 48 Darda — active in Junior Class. Chuck is aiwa s willing and helpful, and is really capable. His ever-present friendliness and likeable person- ality will be an asset to his success. • VERA HAMMOND. Wife of a college professor, we admire her devotion, industriousness, character and sincerity. She is chuckful of artistic talent and individuality. Generous and d?- pendable, she is known for her daily walk with Christ. e AGNES HOLLY. We awaken jarly ir the morning to he-ar her playing for the Sullivan Family over the radio. No matter how busy she may be Agnes always has time to be smiling and friendly. Appears to be quiet, practical, and pursues her work calmly and steedily. • WALTON HURT. Orderly and quiet in his work and quick io turn a friendly hand. " Hidden depths lhat beautify the life. " This fitly describes Walton, an apt student, who is friendly, un- assuming — steadfast Christian. May His blessing go with you and Ada. O CLEWMIE KEELING. A good temper makes her agreeable JUNIORS to meet. Quiet and un-assuming, but spirited, joyous, and friendly. She is a Science Major. We believe you ' ll contribute to and enjoy life ' s best, Clemmie. • BUFORD JEWELL. Added a " tvlarion " to his Jewell. Laughter, loving, and good-natured. He has a genius for friendship, and his spirit spreads sunshine wherever he goes. For adc ' ed measure we might say he ' s loads of fun. • EVA FAY MACKEY. Member of Honor Society. Valedic- torian of Senior Class of Trevecca High School ' 45. Secretary of Students Council ' 48- ' 49. Her work on the many committees she has served so well should stand her in good stead one djy. A beaming face and very good-natured. 50 .1 JUNIORS • OLIVER McCASKELL. " Polly and OIlie " just sounds natural. Whethei it be night watching or serving as handy man he car- ries along friendliness. He is an excellent preacher. His faith- fulness today and his winning personality should make his future a success. • OWFN MORRIS. Recognized as an individual devoted to his work and to his Master. Experienced preacher, love of the Word and father of attractive little red head. May His blessings rest upon you and your family as you continue t o serve in the ministry of the gospel. • DANIEL McNUTT. One who possesses a quiet Christian personality with a smile for everyone. Married Nora Dean Gilliam— his Major is Religion — we wish both you and Nora Dean success in your work of presenting the gospel. • CLAY PEOPLES. Clay has intellect, personality, and is one of those persons upon whom one -nay depend. Added to Ihis is his genius for friendship. Dependable, with deep settl id conviction. Mr. Peoples, whose life Is truly " a light that shinelh " , has his heart set on a great life ' s work. O DAVID PATTON. College work interrupted by Uncle Sam. Married and the father of a lovely little daughter. Clean-cut, solid character— liked by all. We predict a bright future for David in chosen field. • CARL PRATT. Carl is one of our most versatile Juniors. JUNIORS President of Junior Class. Theologian, scholar friend, but, best of all Carl is truly a Christian. rie has made a great contri- bution to Trevecca and we knov he v III continue to share his experience with others. • ANN PLESSINGER. Sincerity characterizes Ann along with a beautiful Christian experience which makes her a true servant of God Music adds a thrill to her lite as she sings In Chorus and A Cappella Choir. May God ' s very richest be yours Ann. • MAURICE RHODEN. Maurice -s planning to be a missionary to Japan. Faithful workers in all Christian enterprises we know that Maurice and his wife will be used of God. These sincere servants of Christ with a deep-settUd Christian experience surely will succeed. 52 JUNIORS • BERTHA RIGHTHOUSE (ind strong in character. Bertha is quiet and studious; noble With her verity and resolve she ' ll never give up nor go wrong. She is active in Christian work; member of Honor Socety. Her cjreatest objective and joy in life is Christ ' s Kingdom to expand. • CLAYTON SMITH. Clayton is trusty and true, good tempered and with sober intent. He is a profound thinker and diligent student. His outstanding intellectual ability places him on the honor roll. He and Mrs. Smith seem to find a great joy in tne promotion of Christ ' s Kingdom. Blessings to both of you. • KENNETH SLIFER. A prince among men— steady, sturdy, studious— this is Mr. Slifer, who has developed spiritually, social- ly, and scholastically since his freshman days. We all admire our student body President for his devotion to his task and to his calling. Listed among " Who ' s V ho ' . • JANIE LEE TAYlOR. For three years we ' ve watched the unfolding of the lovely personality we know as Janie. Acme of femininity. Poised and charming. Janie is meek and wholly devoted to her Lord and His work. • CARL SMITHSON. He plans to teach, and as a capable leader will surely rate. Carl, of a mathematical mind and sober intent, has a duty to perform. Always neat and a perfect gentleman. We predict a life of happiness for him and Dorothy. • JAtvlES STEELE. Has a sparkling personality. Devoutly JUNIORS spiritual, living for others. He maintains a sharp discernment of spiritual values and a firm adherence to that which he believes is right. • BROCK SPEER. Brock is a man of many talents. Every week day morning we waken to hear h ' m announcing for the " Speer Family ' over station W.S.I.X. He married a talented young lady — Faye Ihrig. With his determination a fruitful harvest will be the natural conseguence. • JOYCE STOCKS. Behind Joyce ' s vinning smile, one finds her to be conscientious witty, and the possessor of an attractive personality. Characterized by a neiping spirit and a genuine friendliress, a capable preacher ' s wife. May success be yours, Joyce and M. H. 54 JUNIORS • FRANK TUGGLE. Frank Is a friend in need and deed, rran- nerly, attentive, and sincere, Prosidenf of Ministerial Associa- tion, A full-hearted smile. Knowing, teacher, but best living his Biblo — may the Master abundantly bless you and Ruby, e LUNDY THOMPSON. One who possesses a quiet and gentle spirit. We admire his " Stick-to-it-ive-ness. " With his good nature and p?rsev ' ?rance he will succeed in his chosen field. Our wi ,hes for Godspeed go with him. • WALTER THOMPSON, His Chnsrian life filled with love has been an inspiration and blessing to many. He appears to be deeply sincere. May Christ ' s blessing be upon you and your family as you serve Him In the ministry. OFFICERS LILLIE MAE CALKINS .... President CARL HADDIX .... Vice President DORIS JEWELL Secretary FREDDIE SWEENY Treasurer HUGH FERGUSON Reporter MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor First Row JAMES EDWARD AGEE Nashville, Tennessee LILLIE MAE ARNOLD Selma, Alabama DONALD K. BALLARD Nashville, Tennessee NINA MARIE BANKSTON Lucedale, Mississippi Second Row MADGE LEE BELK Mt. Airy, North Carolina FLAVIA ELIZABETH BENBOW Spring Valley, Ohio SAMUEL JAMES BLAKE Naval Base, South Carolina KEITH BOTTLES Corydon, Indiana First Row LELAND SAMUEL BUCKNER Hlllsboro, Tennessee LILLIE MAE CALKINS Arlington, Virginia ROBERT GLENN CHEEK Chot+anooga, Tennessee ERMA GRACE CHENOWETH Elkins, West Virginia Second Row LILLIAN CHRISTENSEN Miami, Florida GEORGE JOHN COCORIS Pensacola, Florida GEORGE G. CRAVENS Hartville, Missouri MAURICE ERVIN EVANS Canton, North Carolina SOPHOMORE CLASS 57 OPHOMORE CIAS First Row CAREY LIVINGSTON FOSTER Greensboro, Norfh Carolina ALVINA OLIVIA FRIEDERICH Tripps, South Dakota HUGH FERGUSON Jefferson, North Carolina MARGARET ANN GRAVES Franklin, Tennessee Second Row CARL V ILLIAM GRAY, JR Glasgow, V est Virginia CARL BRENNIS HADDIX Ellcins, West Virginia DON MATTHEV HALE Lenoir City, Tennessee MARY JOYCE HANSON Byron, Georgia First Row LOYD B. HARRISON Norfolk, Virginia TSUNEO HOKADA Honolulu, Hawaii CHARLES BUTLER HORNE Moultrie. Georgia IDA IVA HUDSON Pascagoula, Mississippi Second Row WILLIAM JENNINGS JAMES Chnrleston, West Virginia BILLY KNOWLES JARED Nashville, Tennessee JULES DONALD JERNIGAN Pensacola, Florida DORIS MAE JEWELL Nashville, Tennessee OPHOMORE CLASS 59 SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row BRENTSON DALE KELLY Columbia, South Carolina EDITH EARLE LANCASTER Fulton, Kentucky LUKE MILES LIGHT Jonestown, Pennsylvania PAUL JUDSON McGRADY Rocks, Maryland Second Row MALCOLM EUGENE McNEER Durant, Mississippi JOSEPH C. MARKHAM Nashville, Tennessee CLINTON MARTIN Hurricane, West Virginia SAMUEL MARTIN Colorrido Springs, Colorado f First Row LOTTIE INEZ PHILLIPS Tuscaloosa, Alabama CHARLES HUBERT PHIPPS Springfield, Tennessee ROBERT WOODROW PiTTS Pasadena, California ATWELL GEORGE PITZER Fairmont. West Virginia Second Row GRAFTON FRANCIS POAGE Nashville, Tennessee GEORGE WILLIAM PRiVcTT, JR Mobile, Alabama TERRELL CARL SANDERS, JR Barnesville, Georgia ESTHER ODESSA SAXON Springfield, Tennessee SOPHOMORE CLASS 61 0 P H 0 FREDDIE MARIE SWEENEY . LUNELLE SHELBY JAMES HAROLD SITES . . . HERMAN LEROY SLONECKER CATHERINE LOU SMITHSON ROB L. STAPLES MORRIS H. STOCKS .... LEWIS EDEN WELLS . . . . MORE First Row Second Row CLASS Floyd, Virginia . . . . Nashville, Tennessee . . . Onego, West Virginia . . . . Nashville, Tennessee . . Dunbar, West Virginia Kirksey, Kentucky . . . . Parish, Alabama . . . Lexington, Kentucky FRESHMAN CLASS First Row WILLIAM HOWARD ANDERSON Nashville, Tenn. VERLIN WAYNE ARCHER Brazil, Ind. ALAN N. APPLE Nashville, Tenn. A. WHITLEY ARWOOD Charlotte, N. C. DALE SMITH BARTEE Nashville, Tenn. Second Row ANDREW NATHANIEL BENSON Princeton Fla. BERNARD AMOS BOYERS Fairmont, West. Va. IRILLA BONTE BLACKWELDER Concord, N. C. MARTHA BREED Roanoke, Ala. TALITHA BREED Roanoke, Ala. Third Row ORVLLE HARMON BRYANT Thayer, West Va. MATTIE PEARL BUR RELL Sallis, Miss. LENA RUTH BURNETT Monticello, Ky. JOSEPH DAVID BYERS Wt. Union Penn. VERLIE PHILLIPS CAMPBELL Rossville, Ga. OFFICERS BRUCE ROBERTS President JACK MYERS Vice President GLADYS RUTH LANE . . . Sec. and Trees. BOB TAYLOR Reporter PROF. HAMMOND Sponsor FRESHMAN ClASS First Row MARCELLA CAIN Clarkson, Ky. HARRY CARPENTER Fairmont, West Va. LAVERNE CASE Magnolia, Miss. MARTHA COCKRELL Birminglidm, Ala. WILSON GIBBON COLE Portview, Penn. Second Row RUTH CONNER Nashville. Tenn. ROBERT CRAWFORD High Springs, Fla. MARY ALICE CRAWFORD Cadiz, ind. MIRIAM ELDORA DEAL Paris, Tenn. MARGARET LOUISE ELLIS Charleston, S. C. Third Row HOWARD GLENN ESTERLINE Bernie, Mo. EARL B. FOLEY Lexington, Ky. MELVA HANSON EVANS Canton, N. C. J. ROBERT GARRISON Spring City, Fla MARTHA ANN GORE Fulton, Ky. First Row JACQUELINE WILDENE GRAYSON Jacksonville, Fla. DAVID F. HAIL Moundsvllle, West Virginia VELMA LORENE GREEN Rossville, Ga, HARVEY NIEL HARRIS Fairview, Mont. MARTHA ELIZABETH HARRISON Hickory, Va. Second Row LUCILLE CANNON HASSELL Nashville, Tenn. REVA JEAN HILBERT Charleston, West Va. JAMES I. HIGGINS Parrish, Ala. MARILYN LEE HILL Hillsboro, Tenn. WILMA JEAN HOWERTON Charleston, S. C. Third Row VILMA RAY JACKSON Sunnter, S. C. LOUIS CHARLES JETER Miami, Fla. ALTON NILES JENKINS Cleveland, Miss. EVERETTE ASHLEY JOHNSON Rayville, Ga. GEORGE CARSON KNOWLES Tallahassee, Fla. FRESHMAN CLASS 65 FRESHMAN ClASS First Row GLADYS RUTH LANE White Pine, Tenn. DAVID WILLIAM LEWIS Greenville, Ohio ROSEMARY LANE Anniston, Ala. ELLA ROSE LEWIS Sumerville, Ky. JAMES EMORY LINDSEY Riqhtsville, Ga. Second Row COLIEN DANIEL LONG Roxboro, N. C. WILLIAM A. MARTIN Columbia, N. C. KENNETH LUTTRELL Lake Wales, Fla. ROBERT A. McCLAIN, JR Cookville, Tenn. JEAN McGRADY Cottondale, Ala. Third Row GEORGE HUGH McRAE St. EIrr.o, Tenn. WALTER ESTIL MOORE Ashland. Ky. LEON MILLER Charlotte, N. C. E E. MORRELL Montgomery, Ala. JO ANN MORRIS Science Hill, Ky. First Row JOHN A. MORSCH Knoxville, Tenn. BETTY JOYCE NELSON Miami, Fla. JACK MYERS Sumter, S. C. CHARLES GENE NORROD Crossville, Tenn. HAYES OLIVER Nodges, Ala. Second Row ANNETTE PARKER Donelsonville, Ga. WILLIE ELIZABETH PERDUE Cedar Hill, Tenn. CORA LOVIE PENNYCUFF Albany, Ky OSCAR C. POOLE New Smyrna Beach, Fla. CHARLES C. REAGAN Nashville, Tenn. Third Row BILLIE JEAN REEDY Arlington, Va. BRUCE LEROY ROBERTS Norfolk, Va. GLYNN B. RICE Crutchfield, Ky. CARLEEN DRUGAN ROBERTSON Paris, Tenn. BARBARA JOY ROOT Summersville, Ky. FRESHMAN CLASS 67 i FRESHMAN CLASS First Row MYRON DOUGLAS SARTIN Jayess. Miss. HELEN LOUISE SEWELL South Charleston, West, Va. RUTH ORA SAXON Springfield, Tenn. LUNELLE SHELBY Nashville. Tenn. VIRGINIA DORLESE SHELLY Summersville, Ky. Second Row WILLIAM CHARLES SHERRILL Miami, Fla. TERRY W. SOLES Adrian, Ga. PAUL R. SHIELDS Albany, Ky. HARRY DOYLE SMITH Clendening, West Va. EARLE L. SPAHR Chattanooga, Tenn. Third Row BILLY SAMUEL STONE Clarksville, Tenn. JUNE ELIZABETH SWINFORD Covington, Ky. JULIA ANN SULLIVAN Nashville, Tenn, HAROLD L, SWISHER Tampa, Fla. BOB RICHARD TAYLOR Ardmore, Okla. CHAMP TRAYLOR Blountstown, Fla. PATRICIA ANN WILLEY Fulton, Ky. WILLIAM EDWARD WHITED Old Hickory. Tenn. JAMES H. WILLIAMS Ft. Myers, Fla. FELTON BILLY WYNN CharloHe. N. C. 70 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES 1 948-49 This year, for the first time, Trevecca Nazarene College has been Invited to nominate students for listing In this widely- known annual publication. In the WHO ' S WHO, some six hundred other colleges and universities throughout the United States have outstanding students listed. In this initial entry for our College, recognition goes to three students of ex- ception talents, character, and achieve- ments. They constitute the advance guard of what should swell Into an im- pressive array of Trevecca student leader- ship during the years which lie ahead. OFFICERS: BENNIE HULETT, President; DOUGLAS REID Vice President; ROBERT GORE, Secretary ARCHIE BRITT Treasurer; HENRY COOPER Reporter DR. A. K. BRACKEN Sponsor. BELOW: First Row: DON ANDERSON Nashviln; Tenn,- MELVIN GENb ABNEY Noldeman. Ky.; GLENN MILES BAUN Mercer Penn.; MARVIN D. BLOSFIELD Diamond, West Va.- ARCHIE THOMAS BRITT, Floyd, Va. Second Row: JOHN H. CHANDLER, Indianapolis, Ind.; HOWARD CLENDENING, Atlanta, Ga.; ELMER C. CLINE Portland Tenn.; HENRY P .UL COOPER, White Sorings Fla.; JERRY C, COSTA, Valley Station Ky. Third Row: WALTER ADAM CRESSWSLL Pottville Penn.- JOHN WILSON DOUGLAS, Jasper, Ala.; LESTER ALBERT FAHRINGER, Hellan Penn.; HERMAN EUGENE FARMER Doyle Tenn. MARION TURNER FORSYTHE, Rock Hill, S C Fourth Row: BETTY VIRGINIA GODSEY Ashland Ky. ' ROBEKI TAYLOR GORE, SR., Arcadia, Fla.- HARRy ' CALVIN GREEN, Lucerne Mines, Penn GRADY CARL HAYS Chattanooga Tenn.- BENNIE GARLAND HULETT, Cattlesburg, Ky ' . OPPOSITE PAGE: First Row: SCOTT HOWARD, Nashville, Tenn.- CURTIS GARFIELD KETTERMAN, St. Frostbry, Md.; MARY KATHRYN KETTERMAN St. Frostbry, Mo ; JOSEPH LYKENS KILLGORE Vincent Ohio- ARTHUR LEROY KIMMERY, Mt. Morris, Mich. Second Row: JESSIE HARMON KING, Selma Ala.- WILLARD DAY- TON LOCKARD, Charleston, West Va - DANIEL EVERETTE MAXWELL San Angelo, Texas; INMAN GOLDEN M;MAHON Meridian Miss.; EARL NORMAN PALMER, Cation, Mo. Third Row: EDWARD PALMER Augusta Ga.; SIDNEY PATRICK, Royal Center Ind.; EDWARD ' lEE OUARLES Indianapolis Ind.; PIERCE DOUGLAS REID, Biloxi, Miss.; JOHN BYRD RHEUARK, Louise, S. C Fourth Row: JESSE BARKLEY RIGNEY Fayette Ala.- WILLIAM ARTHUR SARANTHUS, Selma, Ala.; CHARLES L. SIMPSON Dexter, Mo.; GILBERT WOODROW SHOWS, Nashville Tenn.; ' ANNA ELIZABETH SLATCHER, Pontiac, Mich. Fifth Row: EDWARD WELDON STEDMAN Davenport La - EARL EDGAR STORY, Aurora, Ind - ARTHUR THOMAS UNDERWOOD Basham, Va ; JIMMIE REECE VAUGHN Nashville Tenn LA JUNIOR THEOLOGICAL 73 IRENE OLSON HARDY. B. Mus. WILLIAM H. HOWICK, Th. B. Voice, Piano Mui ' C, Director of Instrumental Music First Row THGIvlAS LLOYD BLAXTON Selma, Alabanna Junior Iheolocjical CLIFFORD CRUVER Miami, Florida Junior Theological FDDIE CUMMINGS Dayton, Ohio Junior Theological JANET GRADY Spencer, West Virginia College Fresnman FRED HARMON Scottsville, Kentucky Junior Theological MADELINE HOWE Charleston, West Virginia College Junioi ' RALPH E. HOWE . . Frankfort, Kentucky College Senior WINTER OUARTER FACULTY AND STUDENTS Second Row HALBERT JENKINS Cleveland, Mississippi College FreshmBn VIRGIL O KELLER Fort Wayne. Indiana Junior Theological EARNEST Tullahoma, Tennessee Junior TheologicrtI JOHN L. LOW McConcllstown, Pennsylvania Junior Theologicdl REVA MAE OFFUTT Fairmont, West Virginia Special GEORGE ONLY, JR Olive Hill, Kentucky FAYE PAINTER Eelinqton. West Virginia College Sophomore Third Rov LEWIS PENNINGTON Atlanta, Georgia Graduate Student ROSE SIMPSON Carthage, Missouri College Freshrn.jn JOYCE SMITH Orlando, Florida College Sophomore MALCOLM VARNER . Fishersville, Virginia College Freshman DORIS WALKER Orlando, Florida College Freshman WALTER V HITT Sandy Hook, Kentucky College Fresnmjn RAYBURN YORK Marion, Virginia College Freshman 74 High School OFFICERS GENEVA MAYS President MARY LAURA BENSON Vice-President PEGGY FRANKLIN Secretary BOBBY HOOTS Treasurer LORA DELL ADAMS Reporter PROF. D. H. SPENCER Sponsor THIS PAGE- First Row LORA DELL ADAMS, Athletic Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. CARRIE MAE AGEE, Lovable Smile Old Hickory. Tenn. SeconcJ Row CHARLES ARMOUR, Ttiougtitful Chattanooga, Tenn. MARY FRANCES ATKINSON, Musical Ardmore, Okla. Third Row ED BANNISTER. Practical Memphis, Tenn. MARY LAURA BENSON, Attractive Nashville, Tenn. Fourth Row KATHERINE BOONE, Cheery Disposition Jayess, Miss. BETTY JUNE BRAGG. Graceful Birmingham, Ala. Fifth Row LORENE BROWN, Sincere High Point, N.C. ALLEN CARPENTER, Quiet Nashville, Tenn. OPPOSITE PAGE: First Row JAMES EDWARD CRIDER, Good Singer Evansville, Ind. ROr DeSHAY, Nice Fellow Miami, Fla. PAUL JACOB EBY, Always a Friend Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. GEORGE FERGUSON, Jolly Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD EUGENE FLEMING, Hoosler Newcastle, Ind. Second Row PEGGY FRANKLIN, Neat Clarksdale, Miss. HELEN G03ER, Studious Pontiac, Mich. OMER HAMILTON, Cliristlike Irvine, Ky. ED HARRINGTON, Good-looking St. Holland. Mich. CECIL HOLLIS Handsome Indianapolis, Ind. Third Row BOBBY HOOTS, Witty Columbia, Ky. LOUIS JOHNSON, Helpful St. Petersburg, Fla. RAY KLiNGER, Seriou ' . Lavelle, Pennsylvania GENEVA MAYS, Friendly Frankfort. Ky. TED McNABNEY, Musical Nashville, Tenn. BETTY MEGGS, Dramatic Nashville, Tenn. Fourth Row BEN MURPHY, Beauti ' ul Eyes Athens, Tenn. ROY PHI1.EMON, Good-natured Charlotte, N.C. CALVIN PRIVETT, Christian Mobile, Ala. ALICE PULlIN, Sweet Richmond, Va. GWENDOLYN REDFORD, Cute Nashville, Tenn. J. W. ROSS, Neat Atlanta, Ga. Fifth Row EVELYN SMITH, Good Christian Nashville, Tenn. JOHN SMITH, Christlike Nashville, Tenn. O. C. SMITH, Consistent Logan, W.Va. BEN SPEER. Clever Nashville, Tenn. DOROTHY WILLIAMS, Kind Columbus, Ga. LEO WILLIAMS, Easy Going Ft. Myers, Fla. i SENIOR CLASS ' Q First Row: Edna Shock, Rebecca Spruce, Bettie Eby, Ramona Burke, Sibyle Olive, Janrls McManus, Mary Ida Jones. Second Row: Jeanette Lathann, Betty Lou Moore, Billy Crane, Edwin Nance, Don Green, Cannon Hassell, Wayne Shelton, Ruth Rushing, Muriel hloward. Third Row: Johnnie hloffman. Bill Dillon, Grant Browning, Tommy Napier, Charles Duckett, Clyde Clanton, Ted Conner. Fourth Row: Louis Johnson, Ted McNabney, Bill Slonecker, Paul Taylor, Talmadge Davis, Lloyd Grahl. JUNIOR CLASS 78 SOPHOMORE ClASS First Row: Juanita Webb, Naomi Mangrum, Daynese Wooten, Laverne Brown, Bettle Ann Grayson, Lucy Pennington, Mary Lou Patterson, Billy Jean Story, Lucy McCoy. Second Row: Faye Layfield, Donna Mae Howard, Arline Middendorf, Rhea Smithson, Betty McPherson, Charllne Polly, Jean Overstreet, Jean Graham, Christine Draper, Edna Walker. First Row: Ruth Anderson, Lois Ransdell, Eunice Wachfel, Peggie Siler, Madeline Phelps. Second Row: Douglas Frazier, hHollis Coleman, Billie Toney, Blllie Ann Apperson, Joan Vitatoe, Wanda Ezell, hloward Spruil. Third Row: Eugene Brandt, Calvin Privett, hiilton Gillespie, Peter Montero, Pies hiampton, Brack Latham, Rafael Montero. ' ' Fourth Row, Sammy hlolland, Rufus Beckum, Esma Williams, Jimmie Smith, Paul Kelly. FRESHMAN CLASS 80 DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL 7TH AND 8TH GRADE STUDENTS Wayne Sullivan Philip Rodgers Jon Hassell Edra Ann Hammond Harold Nance Meridith Howard John McNabney Marilyn Miller Pete Malone Richard Olive Don McNabney Vira Nell Morris Esther Ray Rodgers LOWER GRADES (1ST TO 5TH) Jim Malone Loren Gresham Jackie Simpson Billie Craig Irwin Harry Haley Glaphie Spencer Victor Richardson Danny McNabney Sarah McNabney Raymond Miller Wesley Cheek Jane Hassell Patsy Jones Jerry Cox Harry Tate Carole Boyers Patty Davis Mary Beth Richardson Roger Costa Lewis Hassell Marita Sue Slifer Danny Kay Gresham Charles Simpson Ronald Fightmaster Robbie Gore SPECIAL STUDENTS Mary Berry Betty Streight MRS. SPRUILL Teacher MRS. EVANS Assistant Teacher SPECIAL STUDENTS First Row LEONA MAE BOODY Detroit, Michigan JACKIE CARTER Nashville, Tenn. Second Row IVA GERTRUDE DOUGLAS . Norridgewock, Maine BESSIE B. FIGHTMASTER Dayton, Ohio Third Row JEAN HULETT ....... Cattlesburg, Kentucky RICHARD LORD Sanford, Florida Fourth Row KATHLEEN ROBERTS Palmer, Tenn. Organizations 83 SOUTH CAROLINA • NORTH CAROLINA 84 ALABAMA CIUB-IOWNCIUB GEORGIA CLUB. FLORIDA CLUB 86 KENTUCKY ClUB • MISSISSIPPI ClUB RAMBLERS ClUB • TENNESSEE CLUB 88 VIRGINIACIUB-WEST VIRGINIA CLIB Soulh Carolina Club JACK MYERS CI U B OF THE YEAR The DARDA Subscription Contest proved to be one that created a great deal of interest. The South Carolina Club succeeded In conning out ahead and was awarded a prize of twenty-five dollars. It ' s president, Jack Myers, came out on top of the Individual con- test over the entire student body and was awarded a fifteen dollar prize. " Congratulations South Carolina. " MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS FRANK TUGGLE . . . President GEORGE COCORIS Vice President BERTHER RIGHTHOUSE . . . Secretary C. E. SMITH Treasurer and Reporter The Ministerial Association is an organization composed oF students ministers, missionaries, song evangelists, teachers and all those preparing for definite Christian work, along with the ministerial members of ihe faculty. The duty of this group is to help promote spirituality in the college and assist in and hold services outside ihe school. There are a number of student pastorates within ihe college zone. Many students hold week-end meetings as the evangelist or song evangelist. One week of each quarter the Ministerial Association furnishes chapel speakers from its number. CHRISTIAN WORKERS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS ADRIAN ROSA Presldenf NEVA GAY COATS Secreta GEORGE PRIVETT Treasurer WORK Singing at one of the City Jail cells House +0 House Visitation The Christian Workers ' Association is composed of every student on the campus who wishes to ta ' e part in Chris- tian work. These students engage weekly in services at the hospitals, jails, work- houses, juvenile courts, and on the streets of downtown Nashville; also the homes of those who need help are - ' isited regularly. This work is widely known about the city. It affords wonderful experience for those who take part, and gives opportunity to proclaim salvation to those who are in darkness. OFFICERS STUD E N T WIVES There are Babies to Care For Mrs. Hail lends a hand ASSOCIATION Neva Gay and Harold issue Trev-Echoes I R E V STAFF NEVA GAY COATS Editor ROB STAPLES Business Manager MRS. A. B. MACKEY Faculty Advisor Trev-Echoes a bi-monthly publication, is pub- lished under the auspices of the student council and faculty. Under the sponsorship of the sopho- more class of 1944-45 it was organized and now constitutes a vital part of campus life. The staff is carefully chosen and the eagerness with which the student body awaits each issues proves the good job they are doing. E C H 0 8 First Row: Vera Hammond, Edrell Sanders, Ann Plessinger, Neva Gay Coats, " Plui ' fle " Calkins. Second Row: Hugh Fergu ' or, Carl Pov .;r5 Mrs. A. B. Mackey, Harold Coats, Bob Staples. The aim of the Student Council Is to bring the College as a whole into a bolter understanding of the problems pertaining to the student body. It includes — mem- bers chosen from the different classes and departments. The president and secre- tary are elected during the spring term. The Council encourages the expression of student opinion, and ca ' " efully considers all the questions raised. Through the council a great deal is dene toward main- taining unity and spiritual harmony on the campus. President Slifer and Secretary Eva Fay STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Kenneth Slifer, Eva Macicey. Standing: Walter Moore, Bill Dillon, Grant Browning, Dr. L. P. Gre ham, Henry Cooper, George Privett, John Dix. D A R D A STAFF The DARDA, " The Pearl of Wisdom, " is the annual portraying the life of Trevecca Nazarene Colleqe. The editor and business manager are selected in the spring quarter. The rest of the staff is selected early and begins on the DARDA. " Pictures taken, " " subscription contest, " " ads gathered in, " " snaps collected, " " manu- script written, " all is included in making the DARDA a success. Our hope is that it will bring many pleasant memories of the days spent at T. N. T. standing: Aaron Bess, Asso. Bus. Manager; " Buddy " Taylor, staff photographer; Jimmy Tate, sales manager; Adrian Rosa, business manager; Dr. L. P. Gresham, sponsor. Seated: Talitha Breed, Martha Breed and Glen Ellen Cassell, typist; Lou Ouida Carlton, Asso. Editor; Willene Rosa, Editor. OFFICERS DON JERNIGAN President LOTTIE PHILLIPS Vice President BERTHA RIGHTHOUSE Secretary EVA FAY MACKEY Treasurer ESTHER SAXON Reporter MISS PERSON Sponsor HONOR SOCIETY In 1940, members of the faculties of the six Nazarene colleges in the United States organized at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma a national scholas- tic honor society. The Zeta Chapter of Ihls society, v hich became known as Phi Delta Lambda, was immediately organized at Trevecca Nazarene College. Growing ou| of Phi Delta Lambda, an organiza- tion for college graduates only, there have deve- loped, in addition, undergraduate societies based on year-by-year scholarship. Hence, at Trevecca we maintain, under the sponsorship of the Zeta Chapter, the Trevecca College hlonor Society and the Trevecca hiigh School hlonor Society. Scholarship requirements for membership in these societies include a standing of 2.5 quality points for one year ' s school work. r x 3 OFFICERS JiMMY TATE President LOTTIE PHILLIPS Vice President NEVA GAY COATS Secretary ANN PLESSINGER Treasurer Two new teachers were added to the Speech Depart- ment this year and they have done much In the improve- ment of the speaking ability of students. The Club is made up of all the students with a major or minor in speech, and the private speech students. The Speech Club is an important p--- rt of our school. SPEECH C I U B GLEN ELLEN CASSELL Secretary BILLY JARED Treasurer The Science Club Is a new organization that has done big things. They have been responsible for specia science lectures, special pro- grams, helpful information to the school at large, and trips to points of interest. SCIENCE CLUB LETTER CLUB FORENSIC CLUB CHORUS • CHOIR The Chorus includes both boys and girls who are interested in singing to promote the Kingdom of God. They meet once a week to practice until they are able to sing at any occasion, recitals, special programs, churches in the city, or chapel. The A Cappella Choir includes only the select singers. Th ' s Choir has proved its value many t ' mes in the various programs in which it has been used. Prof. Irwin is the Director and has done well in the choice of singers and the work done. We are glad that the A Cappella Choir was organized. OFFICERS CAROLINE HALL President BILL STONE Vice President MARTHA BREED Secretary MADGE BELK Treasury MIRIAM DEAL Reporter PROF. IRWIN Sponsor MUSIC The Music Club consists of the chorus, choir, orchestra and band and all those interested in music. The aims and objectives of the Club are: (1) To promote interest in a higher type of music C I I B over the campus In general, (2) To bring those who are interested in music together in an organi- zation of their own, (3) To help the music activi- ties on the campus. THE HARMONY FOUR Crider, Hollis, Kelpfer, Archer CHRISTIAN WORKERS ' QUARTET Gray, Sherrill, Case, Shields OUARTETS AND TRIOS THE SUNSHINE QUARTET A GOOD TRIO Byrd. Slonecker, Anderson, Slonecker » Calkins, Grayson, Swinford Largest Summer School Enrollment in History SUMMER SCHOOL, 1948 Summer School Faculty Have you ever tried studying in June, July, and August? LAZY DAZE Summer Meditation SNAPSHOTS FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Main At Willow Street CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE " Always Supporting and Standing By Trevecca College " LAWRENCE B. HICKS, Pastor Phone 4-7064 VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE JOHN E. COMPTON N.Y.P.S. President REV. EARNEST McDOWELL Chairman Church School Board FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZSRENE 510 Woodland Street NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE w E. K. HARDY Minister reuecca Students - re lAJefc come The Church With A Heart Interest In Humanity GEORGIA DISTRIC ADVISORY BOARD H. J. EASON J. F. CHILTON T. A. BURTON G. L. THOMPSON OFFICERS W. LEE GANN Secretary BRUCE B. HALL Treasurer Boosting a Greater T. N. C. DEPARTMENT HEADS DAVID SHARP. . . . Chairman Church School Board MRS. IRVIN KENNEDY . . . President W. F. M. S. T. A. BURTON President N.Y.P.S. REV. MACK ANDERSON District Superintendent CAMP MEETING July 21-31, Adrian, Georgia District Parsonage COMPLIMENTS FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NEWPORT, KENTUCKY Seventh St., at Putnam REV. R. L. IHRIG Pastor Parsonage — -36 S. Grand Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky. Phone HI-8480 REV. OTTO STUCKI District Superintendent OLD HICKORY REV. CARL M. BROWN Pastor CONGRATULATIONS To The President and Faculty for the Great Work for Christ and His Kingdom GREETINGS FROM KENTUCKY CLUB SPONSORS OF NOON DAY PRAYER SERVICE ALABAMA CLUB Our Name Means Here We Rest Our Aim — To Do Our Best COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH CAROLINA CLUB " Tar-Heels " Always Booster COMPLIMENTS OF MISSISSIPPI CLUB CHRISTINE JENKINS President MARIE BANKSTON Sec. and Treas, IVA HUDSON Reporter GREETINGS FROM TENNESSEE CLUB Sponsers of Early Morning Prayer Service ★ COMPLIMENTS s OF RAMBLERS CLUB We are students whose home are outside the south- eastern Zone — But we are BOOSTING TREVECCA COMPLIMENTS OF WEST VIRGINIA CLUB MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. CECIL KNIPPERS District Superintendent REV. W. J. BLACKMON Chairman Church School Board REV. R. A. MORAN District N.Y.P.S. President MRS. THELMA THARPE District W.F.M S. President MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT TREVECCA BOARD MEMBERS REV. CECIL KNIPPERS REV. J. BLANTON COOK REV. CLAUDE V . GALLOWAY Attend the Mississippi District N.Y.P.S. Camp and Institute JUNE 20-24 At Percy Quin State Park Near McComb, Mississippi, Among the Whispering Pines on Lake Tangipahoa Special Workers: REV. R. T. WILLIAMS, JR., and Othert HOHENWALD Church of the Nazarer.e HILTON GILLESPIE, Pastor MOUNT OLIVET Church of the Nazarene CARL POWERS, Pastor Compliments of RURAL HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Bell Road Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES HORNE, Pastor " The New Church With the Old Gospel " FAYETTVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLINTON MARTIN, Pastor Compliments of GRAY ' S CHAPEL LADELL MORGAN, Pastor BLAKEMORE Church of the Nazarene JERRY G. COSTA, Pastor CHATTANOOGA VALLEY Church of the Nazarene GEORGE McRAE, Pastor COWAN Church of the Nazarene MARSHALL BOWES, Pastor VICTORY AND THARPE Church of the Nazarene ROBERT CHEEK, Pastor DICKSON Church of the Nazarene GUY GLENDENING, Pastor PINE HILL Church of the Nazarene MARION FORSYTHE, Pastor CENTENARY Church of the Nazarene W. A. SARANTHUS, Pastor MAYFIELD Church of the Nazarene THOMAS JONES, Pastor Compliments OF THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FAXON, TENNESSEE WILLIAM J. JAMES. Pastor " Th» Small Church With a Large Welcome " COMPLIMENTS OF THIRD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1622 1 0th Ave, North MILTON L TURNEY, Pastor SERVICES Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 10:45 A.M. Prayer Service 6:00 P.M. N.Y.P.S 6:30 P.M. Hi.N.Y 6:30 P.M. Evangelisiic Service 7:30 P.M. Mid-Week Prayer Service 7:30 P. M. Wed. ' A Friendly Church With a Friendly Welcome " WOODBINE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2710 Nolensvllle Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE HAROLD TINGLE Pastor EVERETT LEMERON N.Y.P.S. President LERDY RHYNE Sunda y School Superintendent MRS. J. L. APPERSON W.F.M.S. President The Church with a welcome to Trevecca College COMPLIMENTS OF BORDEAUX Church of the Nazarene EDWARD COX, Pastor CHURCH OF T.HE NAZARENE HARRISBURS, GA. ARCH YORK S. S. S ' jpt. CARYE BRYANT N.Y.P.S. Pres. DOUGLAS REID Pasior TENNESSEE DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD REV. A. K. BRACKEN, D.D. REV. J. E. BECKUM JOHN T. BENSON, JR. REV. D. K. WACHTEL L. P. GRESHAM Superintendent DEPARTMENT HEADS REV. M. E. REDFORD Chairman Church School Board MRS. W. M. LOTT President W.F.M.S. REV. VICTOR E. GRAY President N.Y.P.S. sLb.?;,® re) (69) j rn[ • •c. ' y HF7 Ai u •■■ OFFICERS REV. CARL M. BROV N Secretary JAMES A. PATE Treasurer Cooperating with the " MID CENTURY CRUSADE FOR SOULS ' In Western Tennessee W.F.M.S. CONVENTION p . cHil s MEETING AND DISTRICT ASSEMBLY Nov. 8-10. 1949 July 6-9. 1949 WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Trevecca Trustees EDWARD C. ONEY LLOYD W. HAIL DENNIS E. WYRICK J. GARY CAMPBELL JOHN R. BROWNING Advisory Board T, HOWARD WARWICK C. B. HAIL R. A. SISSON CLYDE M. PRITT EDWARD C. ONEY District Superintendent JOHN R. BROWNING District Secretary C. GLENN BOWLING District Treasurer MRS. EDWARD C. ONEY W.F.M.S. President GILES M. GRAHAM N.Y.P.S. President CAMP MEETING Summersville, W. Va. July 7-17, 1949 N.Y.P.S. District Institute August 22-26 EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT REV. J. D. SAXON District Superintendent DEPARTMENTAL LEADERS MRS. J. A. McCAMMON W.F.M.S. ROY W. STEWART N.Y.P.S. L. J. SCHERRER . . S. S. Chairman ALABAMA DISTRICT N.Y.P.S. LINDON L. SCALES President OTTO STUCKI District Supt. OFFICERS SORDON WINCHESTER Vice-President THELMA CAMPBELL Teen Age Dir. ELZORA COONER Junior Leader AUXFORD MYERS Treasurer Teen Age Council T. A. SHIRLEY Secrete, y JOHNIE DAVIS BOB MYERS " Celebrating Our Silver Anniversary in 1950 ' FIRST congratulates TREVECCA DALLAS BAGGETT Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FAIRMONT WEST VA. LLOYD W. HAIL Pastor RAYMOND F. HANEY Sunday School Supt. BERNARD BOYERS N. Y. P. S. Pres. MRS. F. F. McGIRR W. F. M. S. Pres. Boosters For T. N. C. ! I " A 4 tvT V ' The Friendly Church In The Friendly City " CAROLINA DISTRICT C. E. SHUMAKE District Superintendent GOALS FOR 1948 • 5 New Churches • 25% Increase in Membership • 25% Increase in S. S- Attendance • A Dollar Per Member For Trevecca H. C. THOMAS Church Sch. Chair. MRS. C. E. SHUMAKE . . President, W.F.M.S. VERNON JONES Treasurer REEFORD CHANEY Socrstary C. W. ELKINS COLLEGE HILL CHURCH HAS DR. A. K. BRACKEN Pastor A Vital Interest in Every Interest of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE DR. L. P. GRESHAM Sunday School Supt. HUBERT BANKSTON N.Y.P.S. President DAVIS CREEK CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA " The Largest Rural Church in America " Extends Warnnest Congratulations to the Class of ' 49 " May this attainment be the Incentive to Higher Goals In Your Life of Service. " REV. DENNIS WYRICK Minister WSIX 980 K.C. 8:30 A.M. Sunday BILL SLONECKER PAUL JACOB EBY MRS. H, L. SLONECKER WMAK 1300 K.C. 6:15 A.M. Mon.-Sat. 12:45 P.M. Mon.-Fri. BILLY ANDERSON HERMAN SLONECKER, JR. GOSPEL SINGERS Phone 2-5139 923 Fairwin Ave. Nashville, Tenn. TEST OUR WELCOME AT The Arlington Church of the Nazarene Located At 680 North Glebe Road— In the Heart of Arlington. Va. OUR AIM " Helping Lead Arlington to God. " When visiting greater Washington, D. C, plan to attend one or more of our services. VERNON W. LUTTRELL, Minister GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE S. W. STRICKLAND Pastor B. M. SMOTHERMAN S. S. Supt. JAUNITA WOODS N.Y.P.S. Pres. SADIE A. JOHNSON W.F.M.S. Pres. 2518 Gallatin Road NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE The Gospel in SERMON • SONG ART EVANGELIST CLYDE B. RODSERS Care Trevecca Nazarene College Nashville 4, Tennessee IMMANUAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE " A Friendly Church With a Welcome ' C ong ratuiationd to reueccu • ADMINISTRATION • FACULTY • STUDENTS Unitedly We Shall Go Forward in This Great MID-CENTURY CRUSADE FOR SOULS! SWANNEE CAMP MEETING Aug. 1-7, ' 49 WORKERS REV. GENE PHILLIPS REV. AND MRS. E. D. SIMPSON DISTRICT ASSEMBLY Miami Central October 16-20 DR. HARDY C. POWERS General Supt. JOHN L. f f-h --i i 1 District Superintendent FLORIDA DISTRICT MR. T. J. EBY District Treasurer REV. G. S. ROGERS Chairman Church School REV. C. R. MOORE N.Y.P.S. President MRS. JULIA EBY W.F.M.S. President MRS. LUCILE MOORE Junior Director CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATING SENIORS FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE South Broad at Maryland Mobile, Alabama " Christ — Our Hope The Bible — Our Authority CLAUDE L CHILTON, Pastor Holiness — Our Theme ' INGLEWOOD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner Gallatin Road and Sunnymeade Drive NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE " Holiness Becometh Thine House, O Lord, Forever " REV. J. G. WELLS Pastor MR. W. B. APPLE S. S. Supt. MRS. N. E. CANNON W.F.M.S. Pres. DON JERNISAN N.Y.P.S. Pres. " Trevecca Students Are Always Welcome " mM KENTUCKY DISTRICT REV. R. L. IHRIG Chairman Church Schools REV. KLINE DICKERSON N. Y. P. S. PresIHant Evangelist MISS LEILA DELL MILLER COLUMBUS, GEORGIA CONGRATULATIONS To the Staff and Faculty CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PARIS, TENNESSEE Corner Porter and BIythe Sts. REV. J. H. DEAL Pastor " The Friendly Church " WAVERLY PLACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. C. A. HALL, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Burlington, North Carolina C. W. ELKINS, Pastor BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLAUDE ADAMS . Sunday School Supt. MRS. B. G. WIGGS .... N.Y.P.S. President MRS. J. T. RICHARDSON . W.F.M.S. President REV. B. G. WIGGS Pastor Boosting Our Schools ARUTHUR E. BARKLEY Evangelist Gospel Singer — Chalk 2923 Troost Ave. Kansas City, Mo. " Over 13 Years in the Evangelistic Field " WRITE FOR OPEN DATES FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FULTON, KENTUCKY REV. J. C. MATTHEWS, Pastor FRANKLIN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. C. T. DUCKETT, Pastor WELCOME TO CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Third Ave. S. at Ash Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE M. E. REDFORD, Pastor CHURCH OF THE OF THE NAZARENE FITZGERALD, GEORGIA DAVID L. SHARP Pastor ELMO MOBLEY S.S. Supt. MRS. VV. Y. COOK . . . W. F. M. S. President WILLIAM Y. COOK N.Y.P.S. President " A Church With a Welcome " First Church of the Nazarene SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA REV. L. L. MATHIS Pastor HERMAN LATCHEM S. S. Supt. IRENE HAMBY N.Y.P.S. Pres. MRS. J. P. SMITH V .F.M.S. Pres. Compliments of NAZARENE MESSENGER QUARTET Composed of Don Conrad, Roy Philemon, Aaron Bess, Leon Miller COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF THE SPRINGHILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Kentucky Walnut Sts. SOUTH CHARLESTON, W. VA. WAYNE C. JONES. Pastor A church for all the people, Who love the old time way, Who long for Bible preaching, Where saints get blessed and pray. A church where none are strangers. Where all are made to feel A welcome true, where fellowship. For young and old is real. FRANK KINDER S. S. Superintendent ELMER SCARBERRY N.Y.P.S. President MRS. GEORGIE HAMMOND W.F.M.S. President We ' re Boosters of Trevecca! GLASGOW CHURCH GLASGOW, WEST VIRGINIA i I ' ..i.:...J REV. C. GLENN BOWLING, Pastor CHARLES GARDNER S. S. Supt. JOHN HANCOCK N.Y.P.S. President DOSHA WOLPE W.F.M.S. President ARLA TUCKER Jr. Supervisor " Spirit Riled Singing and Dynamic Preactiing " COMPLIMENTS OF MAN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MAN. W. VA. DOYLE D. " BILL " ROBINSON . . . S. S. Supt. PAULINE ONEY N.Y.P.S. President MRS. ORPHA BROWNING . . W.F.M.S. President " Once a Student Always a Booster " JOHN R. BROWNING. Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MIAMI, FLORIDA " A Live Church With a Living Message " AUBREY PONCE, Pastor WALLACE OSBORN, S. S. Superintendent NASHVILLE ' S MOST COMPLETE BOOK STORE Fiction, Non-fiction, Business ahd Technical, Religious, Devotional, Bibles, Gifts, Sta- tionary and Novelties. THE METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE Telephone 6-2641 810 Broadway COMPLIMENTS FROM THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 748 Benson Avenue FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY REV. W. P. WILHOYTE PASTOR M. E. DERRYBERRY AND SPOT CASH COMPANY Wholesale Grocers NASHVILLE, TENN. CHURCH NAZARENE ' Jj ii 400 N. Water St. • GALLATIN, TENN. V . A. JORDAN Pastor DELBERT DONOHO S. S. Supt. CHARLES CANTRELL N.Y.P.S. Pres. MRS. LOYD BOREN W.F.M.S. Pres. Everybody Welcome CHARLESTON FIRST CHURCH Extends Congratulations to the Class of ' 49 and the Darda Staff Architects drawing of the new church of the Naiarene which is now being erected on the corner of Park and Grant Sts., Charleston, W. Va. A. F. HAYES Pastor " First Church Is Proud of Her Trevecca Students " OUR STAFF MR. DAN ARMSTRONG Minister of Music MRS. CECIL WOOFTER N.Y.P.S. President MRS. K. E. BOWLES W.F.M.S. President MR. E. EARL JORDAN S. S. Superintendent SOUTHSIDE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. MRS. ALICE T. KIRK Pastor 3425 Winchester Ave. Ashland, Ky. 36th St., Cemetary Rd. CATLETTSBURG, KY. We Support Trevecca With Our Prayers, Finance and S+uden+s ERNEST JOHNSON S. S. Supt. MRS. CHARLES JONES N.Y.P.S. Pres. MRS. A. L. NEWSOME WF.M.S. Pres. WE HAVE 8 STUDENTS ATTENDING TREVECCA COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT REV. C. M. KELLY District Superintendent ALAMO PLAZA HOTEL COURTS Highways 70-S and 41 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF PURITY DAIRIES, Incorporated Nashville ' s Finest Milk LOGAN ' S SUPER MARKET Fine Foods, Courteous Service, Fair Prices There is a Logan Super Market Near You. Offices and Warehouse, 312 Jefferson Street 1. 3701 GALLATIN RD. 2. LEBANON RD., DONELSON 3. 363 MURFREESBORO RD. 5. 2608 FRANKLIN RD. 6. 2624 WEST END AVE. 7. 2707 I2TH AVE., SOUTH 9. BELMONT GALE LN. DAVID JACKSOIV A U SOXS TEXACO PRODUCTS 337 Murfreesboro Road Phone 5-8636 Crown Tent and Awning Co. 936 Third Avenue, North Nashville, Tenn. GOSPEL TENTS For Sale or Rent FOLDING CHAIRS For Rent COMPLIMENTS OF OTT AND SISK HARDWARE AND FEED CO. Murfreesboro Road T. H. BISSINGER MOTOR CO. Used Cars Bought and Sold Easy Terms 347 Murfreesboro Road Compliments of BELMONT BARBER SHOP E. A. WEBB NEW AND USED CARS WILSON BROWN Dealer WILSON MOTOR COMPANY BRENTWOOD, TENN. Phone: Business 9-0621 Residence 8-2025 " We Cater to Trevecca Students " YOUNG ' S COLLEGE GRILL Located at the foot of the hill Owned and operated by John W. Young NICHOLSON HATTERS 228 Fourth Ave., N. (Opposite Arcade) Telephone 6-92 I i COMPLIMENTS OF LIBERTY PHARMACY S. R. LUSTER, Prop. Phone 5-8489 149 Murfreesboro Rd. Nashville, Tenn. G. C. THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Rough and Dressed Lumber ROOFING • PAINTS • INSULATION BOARD 400 Murfreesboro Road Telephone 6-1261 CAMPUS DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY CARL HADDIX, Agent Our Goal — Your Satisfaction Compliments of ROSA ' S BARBER SHOP ADRIAN ROSA— Barber Located on College Campus Congratulations to the 1949 DARDA Staff IJUiied — J ood ANYTHING NYTIME NYWHERE 6-5383 STEVE E. HOOD 27 Arcade— Nashville 3, Tenn. Official Photographer for DARDA ST. BERNARD WASHED COAL " More Heat — Lower Price " IDEAL FOR FURNACE, STOVE OR STOKER From Our Own Mines Direct to You Phone Your Order to ST. BERNARD COAL COMPANY " Since 1870 " OFFICES: Arcade Phone 6-3101 JAMES R. LOVE, JR., Manager " To Buy or Sell, Contact Snell " " SNELL REAL ESTATE AGENCY " 4171 2 Church St. Phones 6-1309, 2-2505 It Pays to Look Well " College Barber and Beauty Shop 404 2lst Ave., South Phone 7-1382 FINHOLFS SHELL SERVICE 320 Murfreesboro Road LUBRICATION— OUR SPECIALTY Phone 6-9202 GREENHILLS SER. STATION hiillsboro Road RAYMOND BROWN, Owner SPENCER. WEST VIRGINIA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. RUTH M. REYNOLDS, pastor BEAUTY BAR WILMA TINKER, Proprietor " The World ' s Most Artistic Hair Cuts " HILL BLDG. BARBER SHOP BAPTIST BOOK STORE 125 9th Ave., North NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Headquarters for BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS BIBLES VISUAL AIDS STATIONERY Geo. P. LInebaugh A. C. (Gus) Linebaugh COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE GUS RESTAURANT Open Continuously Day and Night 405 Broad St. Nashville 3, Tenn. CORNWELL MOONEY TOOL CO. MURFREESBORO ROAD V . H. MOONEY L. C. MOONEY PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS NAZARENE PUBLISHING HOUSE 2923 Troost Ave., Box 527, Kansas City, 10, Mo. 102 East Colorado St. Pasadena 1, California 1592 Bloor St., West Toronto, Ontario

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