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L I I I Some people were born to be great in the eyes of men; some were born to be great in the eyes of God. So it was with Mrs. J. O. McClurkan, the wife of the founder of Trevecca. To many of us she is not personally known; yet we have not been without her sacrificial influence. Motherly love and watchfulness seem to gather round about her. A great portion of the love of God en- compasses her. Her gentle firmness causes her to swear to her own hurt and change not. Her fortitude of faith proves to her that tried truths are best. Her spiritual strength is as a tower ever looking upward. Life to her is hope and love and peace in the Son of God. The past holds lovely memories; the future, great possibilities. To be in her presence is to be in the presence of a rose unfolding its hidden beauty and rare fragrance. She has been our instigator, our anchor, our mother throughout the years. Her meekness caused her to grow in favor with God and man. Her sweetness won to her friends of every class. Her serenity makes her stand out as one who is enjoying life to the full. Surely she is a saint of God. To many students she is counselor and guide. Discouragement is an unknown element in her fruitful life. Words of grief come from her lips as poetry. " Even the clouds weep with us today, " she said at the funeral of a beloved friend. Such calmness of mind, such fervency of soul, such tenderness of heart can only be found in a person such as Mother McClurkan. We love you for what you are, and admire you for your accomplishments. To you, Mother McClurkan, we dedicate the 1947 DARDA. 03- i n::uoits am MARIBA EWING MACKEY Born September 9, 1866, died February 13, 1947; Christian, mother, teacher; embodiment of solid virtues, exponent of faith unwavering. Her memory gives us strength in hard places, and we, like her, thank God for them. 8 I ll IOI(l % l R. L MURPHY Born November 8, 1898; died April 3, 1947. He walked with us those months a man — yes, one busy, diligent, and efficient — but, first of all, a Christian. 9 When you ' re a senior and can snatch the time between comprehensive nightmares to reminisce (and seniors do reminisce at this milestone), you ' ll think of the September day a few years back when you appeared on the campus as the greenest of green freshmen, and inquired about working your way through college. You ' ll remember your firsl impressions of the president and the deans and then think of your revised opinions; you ' ll recall the lonci hours spent in " working your way " ; you ' ll remember the favorite classes and quotations from the faculty; you ' ll relive valuable chapel hours; and then your thoughts will pull you back to the present and the dreams of class pins, invitations, Skip Day, and graduation, and you ' ll conclude that your four years at Trevecca have been the happiest years of your life so far, giving to you countless friends, happy memories, and a big boost into the future. 10 FHEVECCA NAZARENE LDLLEGI 0ear frlrndt : uo ted too -I.rnor.nce la Ml «■• " —« 8t t ff e " t 1 I Les ' or ' Bom. other tyj It out of -hat -ifht U « " e 2il " ld tc ply u!S r , , _ i. _ _ _ — jnhn Stewart M _ tm li t „■ he hefl 1 Mil »•« tec Mid in la fal.e. Kr. Roark to ll»«f to know 1 of the 1... of £f » Be £ lc .. Igner.r and liMt. an indl V idu l ' f po--ib I " O oBent of certain IMS ay relieve a person ' . Bind Tor " bereavement J . " old ultimately 1.« J to accident • nri , d ,, Xa „ and truth false etsteirert and e« that wisdem 1» couef I would like B. MACKEY, M.A., LL.D. .. ' dent, Psychology, Economics L. P. GRESHAM, M.A.. Ph.D. Dean of College, History M. E. REDFORD, MA, ID Biblical Languages AMY L. PERSON, M A. Registrar, English, Bible 23 FACULTY ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE Dr. A. B. Mackey, chairman; Dr. A. K. Bracken, vice-chairman; Dr. L P. Gresham, Miss Amy L. Person, Mrs. A. K. Bracken, Mr. D. H. Spencer. A. K. BRACKEN, M.A., D.D. D;an of Religion, Theology, Philosophy LILA THRASHER MACKEY M.A., B S. in L.S. L brarian, L ' brary Science, Modern Languages SADIT AGNEW JOHNSON, M A. Mathematics, Theology J. D. IRWIN, M A. Music Theory, Voice MARTHA DEWITT GRESHAM, M.A Biological Science MATTIE E. BRACKEN, M.A. Education, Biological Science, Psychology W. M. GREATHOUSE, A.B., Th B. Theology Mary Joyce Hanson, Morris Peeples, and Rosaleen Adkins " down the walk ' BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE FACULTY ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Mr. V. Neil Richardson, chairman; Mrs. Feme Shelton, Mr. M. E. Redford, Mrs. L. P. Gresham. Mrs. L. P. Gresham, chairman; Miss Madelyn Paschal Mrs. M. E. Redford, Mr. J. D. Irwin. CALENDAR AND PROGRAMS COMMITTEE Mrs. Ruth Harris Bennett, chairman; Mr. H. F. Hammond, vice-chairman; Mrs. Myrtle Hooper, Miss Amy L. Person. ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE Dr. L. P. Gresham, chairman; Mrs. A. B. Mackey, Mrs. A. K. Bracken, Miss Madelyn Paschall. MYRTLE V HOOPER, M A. Speech H F. HAMMOND. B.S. Music Theory, Voice. Piano 30 D. H. SPENCER, A.B. High School Principal FACULTY PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Miss Amy L. Person, chairman; Mrs. A. B. Mackey, Mr. V. Nei Richardson, Dr. L. P. Gresham. RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE Dr. A. K. Braclcen, chairman; Mr. M. E. Redford, Mr. W. M. Great- house, Mrs. Sadie Agnew Johnson. RUTH HARRIS BENNETT. B. Mus. Piano. Voice. Director of Choral Music H. H. WISE Bible, Pastoral Theology MADELYN L PASCHALL, M.A. Music Theory, Piano, High Scnool EVERETT G LEMERON High School Commercial FERNE DOGETT SH ELTON . B S. Art, High School ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD, M A. High School 31 FACULTY SOCIAL LIFE AND DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE Deans of Men and Women, chairmen; Dr. L. P. Gresham, Dr. A. K. Bracken, Mr. D. H. Spencer. V. NEIL RICHARDSON, A.B., Th.B. Business Manager EMMA BEAUGARD MURPHY Dean ot Women R. L. MURPHY Chef LESPER HEFLIN. R. N. Nurse DORIS FORBES Assistant Nurse CLARA BOHLER Bookkeeper DENNIS PEACOCK Dean of Men 33 rn n F I ri 1 J j EtOII 1. Leppie and Danny Cook 2. " Hello " 3. Transportation shortage 4. " Come and get it! " 5. Come on, ' Fessor, give him an 6. Looking for a streetcar? 7. " Come to see me again " 8. Remember — eighteen inches 9. Efficient bookkeeper 10. From the family album I I. That ' s fine. Thank you 12. " Well, let me see now " SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HOWARD WALL President HOMER ADAMS Vice-President IRIS HARRIS Secretary FLORENCE EDEN MORRIS Treasurer MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor On Saturday, November 2, the seniors laid aside worries for an enjoyable day through Mammoth Cave. SENIOR CLASS FRANK ABSTON NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE A.B., History The man with the big smile . . . wavy hair . . . pleasing personality . . . married Eleanor Callihan . . . ex-G.I. . . . French is one of his worries . . . likes psychology . . . spends his spare time at Vultee or at home amusing their two children. HOMER ADAMS FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA A.B., History Served three years in the Navy gaining the rank of Lieutenant (jg) . . . married Beatrice Brakefield, former Trevecca student from Birmingham . . . second tenor in men ' s quartet . . . preached and practiced " more courtesy for Tre- vecca " . . . reads much in all fields . . . quick-witted, forever provoking a smile with his unthinkable vocabulary . . . vice-president of the senior class ... a gentleman of the finest quality . . . athletic. WW CLASS ANNA BARROW NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Th.B., A.B., History Turban and satchel . . . twinkling brown eyes and ready smile hiding a bit of mischief . . . recites history like the alphabet . . . linotypist for the College Printing Company . . . wife of professor at Free Will Baptist College . . . mother of a boy and a girl . . . has Th.B. and A.B. degrees and an ambition for a Ph.D. perhaps . . . only a matter of a few years, that ' s all it takes for Mrs. Barrow. ADA BLACKBURN ROBERTSDALE, ALABAMA A.B., History The lady with the soft blonde waves . . . school dietician, ' 42- ' 46 . . . poetry fan and also likes to memorize Scripture . . . her daily prayer includes the first line of the poem, " Barefoot Boy " . . . loves books, flowers, and the wide open spaces . . . her sense of humor masters every situation . . . What ' s in her future? You never can tell about Ada, but if she doesn ' t watch out she might get Hurt. NIOl CLASS PAUL BLACKMON NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Th.B., Religion Pastor with the preacher voice and personality . . . likes history as John Lord writes it . . . married Beatrice Bradley in 1944 . . . Kroger boy after classes . . . staunch supporter of the Democrats — until prices are lowered, that is. CLARA BOHLER WEST POINT. GEORGIA A.B., Mathematics Hails from Alabama ' s " deep south " . . . her dark brown curls and slow smile do not hint of her business turn of mind . . . Trevecca bookkeeper . . . treasurer of College Hill Church . . . president of the Berean Sunday School class . . . the wee hours of the night are not surprised to find her still busy at her never-ending tasks . . . never seems to tire physically or spiritually . . . " Blessed are the faithful . , . " SENIOR CUSS MARIAN EDWARDS MIAMI. FLORIDA A.B., English Carefree air like the artist that she is . . . when valuable things are done quietly and well we always know that Marian has been at work . . . the per- sonality that wins every heart . . . the mischievous type that learns to mimic to a humorous advantage the faculty members and students . . . plays the clarinet . . . was president of her class ' 44- ' 45 and ' 45- ' 46 . . . sings, paints, reads, and draws . . . the all round girl — that ' s Marian. IRIS HARRIS DICKSON. TENNESSEE A.B., English Winning personality . . . dark hair . . . brown eyes . . . loves Trevecca . . . has high (or tall) ambitions . . . teaches in the demonstration school . . . likes to do things to please other people . . . assistant in the library . . . deep ap- preciation for music . . . likes history . . . plays the violin . . . sings in a trio. Oil CLASS LESPER HEFLIN HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI R.N., A.B., Religion Heals all our aches and pains . . . mis- sionary under appointment to India . . . simplicity of dress, manner, and speech; a real lady . . . her faith is an inspiration and blessing . . . president of the stu- dent body and Student Council . . . member of the Phi Delta Lambda Honor Society . . . sings, plays an accordion. PAUL HOCUTT ADAMSVILLE. ALABAMA A.B., Religion Hard and willing worker . . . likes Florida lassies . . . worked a year and a half for Greyhound Lines . . . good preacher and Christian worker . . . amateur violin- ist ... . likes concerts . . . steady, deliberate, always ready to help . . . member of the Athletic Association, taking an active part in sports . . . plans to enter the Seminary after graduation . . . There are riches unbounded for those who follow God ' s plan. SENIOR CLASS JEAN LOVE ORLANDO, FLORIDA A.B., English Little, dainty, brunette . . . her brown eyes sparkle as she talks constantly . . . seldom walks but flits around like a butterfly . . . plans to teach in Florida Grades . . . collects cuddly dolls . . . contralto voice . . . plays piano . . . never worries about a thing rrore than five minutes. RUBY McCURLEY MOBILE. ALABAMA A.B., English Secretary to Mrs. Mackey, and assistant librarian . . . member of DARDA staff, ' 45- ' 46 . . . walks with a spring in her heel . . . short brown curls and blue eyes . . . likes to wear sandals . . . can see the funny side of every situation . . . aspires to post graduate work in library science. SENIOR CLASS CHRISTEEN MILLER BROOKSBURG, INDIANA Th.B., A.B., History Preacher girl from Indiana . . . straight shoulders and confident step that can carry burdens well . . . always a Christian worker and a soul winner . . . optimistic spirit and a desire to do something . . . brown curls and blue eyes . . . Th.B. in ' 46 and president of her class . . . loves music intensely, plays the violin. LADELL MORGAN NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Th.B., A.B., History One of our " G.I. " boys . . . served many months in the European theater . . . married Naomi Nabors, a former stu- dent from Alabama . . . built a home on Lester Avenue . . . president of the Athletic Association . . . brother-in-law to the financial secretary . . . has answered a call to preach and is making progress in that direction. WWW { FLORENCE EDEN MORRIS EVANSVILLE, INDIANA A.B., English The girl with the dark brown waves . . . Evansville hoosier . . . plays violin well . . . instructor in the music department . . . treasurer of senior class . . . thor- oughly enjoys psychology and education courses . . . has a profound sense of humor that stays hidden some of the time . . . one of the biggest thrills of her life was playing in the All-City Orchestra . . . has high moral standards and sti;ks to them. KATHRYN PASCHALL CLARKSVI LLE, TENNESSEE A.B., Mathematics, English Came over from Austin Peay to be one of us . . . brought her laugh along too . . . one of the few girls who likes math . . . has a major in both English and math . . . enjoys vacationing in Colorado . . . soprano singer for Mixed Chorus and Girls ' Glee Club. SENIOR CLASS BERNICE ROEDEL BOONVILLE, INDIANA Th.B., Religion Missionary to India . . . good preacher . . . contagious sense of humor . . . teaches a class of young people at Bethel Sunday School . . . plays ac- cordion . . . editor of Trev-Echoes . . . motto, " more than one pebble on the beach " . . . the Christ-centered per- sonality . . . leader of the Missionary Prayer Band . . . member of Phi Delta Lambda Honor Society . . . secretary of Student Council. ELIZABETH SPRUILL NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A.B., English Teacher of the Demonstration School . . . fills the position of three normal people — home-builder, student, and teacher . . . loves her work intensely and puts her life into it . . . mother of four children . . . teaches Ambassadors Class at College Hill . . . humble in spirit, a blessing to those about her . . . likes to dream of a Ph.D. and does not think it impossible at all, and neither do those who watch her study and work. SEMII CLASS ALMA TEEPLE MONTEREY. TENNESSEE A.B., History A little Tennessean from Monterey . . . came over from T. P. I. . . . always has her hands into something for class or club or school . . . makes friends readily . . . taught grade school for two years . . . carries a jolly, enthusiastic air about her that is infectious . . . called to the mission field ... an unconscious leader . . . member of Trev-Echoes staff . . . where there is a need for workers Alma is ready to go . . . her bobbing dark bangs (sometimes), the tilt of her chin, and her persistent smile portray her pure enjoyment of life. JAMES THRASHER ALBANY. KENTUCKY A.B.. History Ex-Army Air Corps captain . . . tall . . . tenor voice for men ' s quartet . . . brother-in-law to Dr. Mackey ... a gentleman of few words and many thoughts . . . active in the Athletic Association . . . married a nurse, Valeria Hudson . . . has a knack for making A ' s. Hill CLASS f HOWARD WALL RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA A.B., Religion Won the admiration of every student and faculty member . . . president of senior class, Carolina Club, Officers Club . . . loves horses and collects them (inanimate ones) . . . small, blond, love- able . . . always thinking up new and valuable ideas and seeing them through . . . " Father of Trev-Echoes " . . . licensed to preach by the Carolina District . . . uses his left hand because it gets around faster than his right one . . . loves the Lord with all his heart and Trevecca as himself . . . will begin post graduate work at the Seminary soon. ) Robert Gray, Marie Peery, Ed Phillips, Annabell Ward, Sarah Spruill, Jean Love, and Paul Hocutt ready for the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. 47 OFFICERS ED PHILLIPS President MARIE PEERY Vice-President ANNABELL WARD Secretary ROBERT GRAY Treasurer MISS MYRTLE HOOPER Sponsor B CLASS RUBY BLACKBURN Robertsdale, Alabama CHARLES BROWN Nashville, Tennessee JOHN CHAMBERS Princeton, Florida 48 Jill II CLASS BERNICE DERR Highland Springs, Virginia ELIZABETH DERR Highland Springs, Virginia RAY DUNNING Clarksville, Tennessee DORIS FORBES Roanoke, Virginia ROBERT GRAY Winchester, Tennessee CLASS JUNIOR CLASS JOHN MAURICE Miami, Florida HELEN NEISLER Butler, Georgia DENNIS PEACOCK Columbia, South Carolina MARIE PEERY Paris, Ter SARAH SPRUILL Nashville, Te 51 OFFICERS RALPH HOWE President CLAYTON LANGFORD Vice-President ROSALYN HENDERSHOT Secretary CLARENCE BARROWS Treasurer THELMA STREET Reporter DR. L P. GRESHAM Sponsor PHOMQRES OUIDA ALFORD Portsmouth, Virginia CLARENCE BARROWS Canton. Ohio FREEDA BROWN Dayton, Ohio PHYLLIS BROWNING Logan. West Virginia LOU OUIDA CARLTON. . . . Thomasville. Georgia MABEL CARR Somerset, Kentucky EDWARD COX Nashville, Tennessee IDA LOUISE DIGBY Gainesville, Florida MElVIN GILL Erin, Tennessee GUY GLENDENNING Nashville, Tennessee FRANKIE GREEN Rossville, Georgia VERA HAMMOND Nashville Tennessee simv ROSAIYN HENDERSHOT . . . Batesville, Mississippi RALPH HOWE Nashville, Tennessee W. A. JORDAN Nashville, Tennessee BECKY LANGFORD Nashville, Tennessee CLAYTON LANGFORD .... Nashville, Tennessee ORMAN MARSH Nashville, Tennessee JOYCE MERCHANT Jasper. Alabama CYRILL PALMER Showhegan, Maine LEWIS PENNINGTON Forest Park, Georgi a ED PHILLIPS Tuscaloosa, Alabama LUCILLE RIGGS Anniston, Missouri WILLENE ROSA Nashville, Tennessee JOSEPHINE SHIPPEY Dumas, Mississippi RICHARD STEELE Monroe, North Carolina WILSON STRASBAUGH Fort M V ers. Florida THELMA STREET Nashville. Tennessee WALTER THOMPSON Miami, Florida MILTON TURNEY Hattiesburg. Mississippi ANNABELL WARD .... Charleston, West Virginia FDRELL WHITMON Mobile, Alabama DOROTHY WILLIAMS Cowan Tennessee OFFICERS CRAIG AYERS President FAYE IHRIG Vice-President PAULINE BUMPUS Secretary A. D BOONE Treasurer JEAN SPRUILL Reporter MRS L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor 1 RESHMAN CUSS MARY SUE ABERNATHY Jackson, Tennessee LAWRENCE ADAMS Delmer, Kentucky ROSALEEN ADKINS Midkiff, West Virginia LILLIE MAE ARNOLD Selma, Alabama CRAIG AYERS Nashville, Tennessee HUBERT BAN KSTON Jasper, Alabama ERVIN BARDWFLL Ponchatoula, Louisiana LEON BARNES Tampa, Florida JOSEPH BATES Nashville. Tennessee FL AVIA BENBOW Spring Valley. Ohio HOMER BENSON Aliceville, Alabama JOE BENSON Princeton, Florida f H f w ■» mm I 1 IS I II I i CLASS AARON BESS Huntington, West Virginia MARY LOUISE BEVIL Dalton, Georgia A D BOONE Jayess, Mississippi MARSHALL BOWES Nashville, Tennessee BASTIEN BRADSHAW Nashville, Tennessee HERBERT BROWN Nashville, Tennessee BOB BUCHANAN Campbellsville. Kentucky PAULINE BUMPUS Birmingham, Alabama JEAN BURNS Nashville, Tennessee LOIS CALKINS Arlington, Virginia POLLY CAMPBELL Newport, Tennessee WESLEY CAMPBELL Guthrie, Kentucky GLENN ELLEN CASSELL Miami, Florida ROBERT CHEEK Nashville, Tennessee WILLIAM CHEEK Graham. North Carolina CHESTER CHESS Alabama City, Alabama JOHN CHILDS Clarksville, Tennessee LILLIAN CHRISTENSEN Miami, Florida HAROLD COATS Yukon. Oklahoma DON CONRAD Greensboro, North Carolina TROY COOK Columbus, Mississippi GREER COURSEY Lau rel, Mississippi RUTH DANZEY Selma, Alabama BURLE DEBORD Boise Idaho 55 CLASS JOHN DIX Dover, Tennessee CARMELLA EANNOTTIE . . . . Hollidays Cove, West Virginia GRACE EBY Miami. Florida BILLIE EDWARDS Miami, Florida JANICE FNGLE Richmond, Indiana MARY ENGLISH Fort Valley, Georgia JIMMY ERRICKSON Clearwater, Florida WAYNE FARMER Miami, Florida WILLIAM FIGHTMASTER Cynthiana, Kentucky ROSEMARY FRASIER Maplewood, Missouri CHRISTELLE GAINOUS Thomasville. Georgia CLARENCE GAY Nashville. Tennessee PAUL GOMER Nashville, Tennessee VIRGINIA GRIGGS Bennettsville, South Carolina DON HALE Hernando, Florida BETTY HALL Dayton, Ohio CAROLINE HALL Columbus, Georgia CLARINE HALL Dayton, Ohio JOHN HAMBY Tuscumbia, Alabama CHARLES HANEY Fairmont, West Virginia MARY JOYCE HANSON Macon, Georgia CLARABELLE HARDESTY Conesville, Ohio TOMMY HARDIN Julliette, Georgia THELMA HAUFLER Gainesville Florida mil tins ROSCOE HEND;RSON Nashville, Tennessee JACK HINTON Mobile, Alabama AGNES HOLLEY Nashville, Tennessee CHARLES HORNE Moultrie. Georgia MADELINE HOWE Nashville, Tennessee IVA HUDSON Pascagoula, Mississippi FAYE IHRIG Ft. Thomas, Kentucky GLENN JACKSON JAKES Nashville, Tennessee LESLIE JETER Miami, Florida LUCILE JETER Miami, Florida BUFORD JEWELL Nashville, Tennessee HARVEY JOHNSON Shawmut Alabama ELZEDA JONES Greenville, Kentucky NOVETTA JONES Bowling Green, Kentucky THOMAS JONES Bowling Green, Kentucky CLEVELAND KING Hazlehurst. Mississippi MILTON McCASKELL Magnolia, Mississippi JOSEPHINE McKEEHAN Orlando, Florida JUAN ITA McPHERSON Vicksburg, Mississippi EVA FAY MACKEY Nashville, Tennessee NEVA GAY MACKEY Nashville, Tennessee CHARLES MATLOCK Maryville, Tennessee RALPH MATTINGLY Loogootee, Indiana JOE MESSER Clearwater, Florida -4% IS r H 57 i R H II II AN CLASS LEON MILLER Charlotte, North Carolina RUTH MORSCH Knoxville, Tennessee FLORENCE NAIL Macon, Georgia DAISY NELSON Punta Gorda, Florida ROY NIX Tuscaloosa, Alabama ELVERDA NORTHCUTT Tuscaloosa, Alabama JOYCE OLIVER Catlettsburg, Kentucky BETTY SUE PATTON Ashland, Kentucky LOIS PEACOCK Columbia, South Carolina MORRIS PEEPLES Nashville, Tennessee PEGGY PERRY Greensboro, North Carolina ROSANNA PERRY Evansville, Indiana CHARLES PHIPPS Springfield, Tennessee PAUL PIERCE Clinchport, Virginia ANN PLESSINGER Macon, North Carolina CARL PRATT Nashville, Tennessee RAMOND RAINWATER Cordova, Alabama LOIS REESE Newport, Tennessee NORMAN RICKEY Nashville, Tennessee BERTHA RIGHTHOUSE Syracuse, Ohio CARTER ROBERTS Richmond, Kentucky ANNE ROGERS Manassas, Georgia ADRIAN ROSA Nashville, Tennessee VERNETTE ROUSE Daytona Beach. Florida - m . ' -21 m mm- 58 FRESHMAN [ins WILLIAM SEYMORE Blytheville Arkansas IRENE SUTTON Old Hickory Tennessee ROBERT SHOCKLEY Tennessee JAMES TATE Nashville, Tennessee KENNETH SLIFER Troy Ohio JANIE LEE TAYLOR . . . . Bennettsville, South Carolina CLAYTON SMITH PAULINE TAYLOR .... Akron, Ohio DOROTHY SMITH Macon, Georgia lunDy THOMPSON . . . Augusta, Georgia EDNA EARL SMITH , Florida J C TOUSLEY Vermont JOYCE SMITH Georgia FRANK TUGGLE Florida CARL SMITHSON Tennessee J. C WAGNER California BROCK SPEER Nashville Tennessee GERALD WHALEN . . . . Kentucky JEAN SPRUILL Nashville, Tennessee VERA WHITE Kentucky MARY STOVALL Highway, Kentucky IDA ZIMMERMAN .... Yale Virginia DONALD SUMNER Miam Florida 59 STUDENTS RUTH DERR Highland Springs, Virginia J. D. IRWIN Nashville, Tennessee ! 41 511 in DOROTHY CHILDS Clarksville, Tennessee DONALD FOUSE Hagerstown, Indiana WALTON HURT Mount Hope. West Virginia NAOMI MORGAN Nashville, Tennessee EVELYN NABORS Cleveland, Mississippi VIOLA PAUGH Beverly, West Virginia MARY LEE SAXON Springfield, Tennessee t imt, .. ■. F M 1 1 i 1 1 1 . " ' 60 DON ANDERSON Rocks, Indiana MARIE BANKSTON Lucedale. Mississippi JOHN CHANDLER Indianapolis, Indiana CHARLES DAVIDSON Chicago, Illinois HENkY COOPER White Springs. Florida WILSON DOUGLAS Parish, Alabama BILL ELKINS Knoxville, Tennessee HOSEA MAE FORSYTHE Rock Hill, S outh Carolina MARION FORSYTHE Rock Hill, South Carolina LRN EST GATES Hawley, Texas DORA HANEY Magnolia, Mississippi CECIL ISHlE. SR. Boysprings, Mississippi ALBERT LEPLEY Cumberland, Maryland DANIEL McNUTT Valley Station, Kentucky FRANK MOREFIELD Dayton, Ohio OWEN W. MORRIS Plantersville. Mississippi CARL NOFFSINGER Nashville, Tennessee EDWARD PALMER Augusta, Georgia SIDNEY PATRICK Belton, Texas LOTTIE PHILLIPS Tuscaloosa, Alabama WADE ROBERTS Nashville, Tennessee VIRGIL RUSSELL Chicago, Illinois WILLIAM SARANTHUS Selma, Alabama WOODROW SHOWS Mobile, Alabama EDWARD STC-DMAN Davenport, Iowa J. R. VAUGHAN Nashville, Tennessee FELIX VELA Saredo. Texas 1 I • Am m ■ V 1 pt in 1 : f EyH A A w f J , ¥i V 1 . " ' f ■ issr Uf 1 OFFICERS MARY RUTH McNARON President ROB STAPLES Vice-President MARCELLA CAIN Secretary CLARA McCLAIN Treasurer OLIVE STOKES Reporter HIGH BARBARA BALDWIN .... Charleston, South Carolina Rightfully respectable, successfully smart. MILDRED BROCKMAN Lexington, Kentucky Especially enthusiastic, lively. MARCELLA CAIN Big Cliffy, Kentucky Engaging eyes, few freckles. LILLIE MAE CALKINS Arlington, Virginia Utterly unigue, merry, chit-chat chatter. LaVERNE CASE Magnolia, Mississippi Happy-hearted, accommodating. CATHERINE COCORIS Pensacola, Florida Vranguil and trustworthy, friendly. JAMES CROSSMAN Memphis, Tennessee Mully Jimmy, magic mathematician. JO DeSHA Miami, Florida Carefree, pleasant personality. JOLINE EDMONDSON Valdosta, Georgia Naturally neat, pleasing voice. SMITTY FERGUSON Nauvoo, Alabama Calm and conscientious, bashful Smitty. 1 J l n i B S JOHNNIE MARIE GRAGG Old Hickory, Tennessee Utterly unsol..s!i, affable, dependable. CATHERINE GREEN Little Rock, Arkansas Methodical, capable. DAVID HAIL Chilyan, West Virginia Forever friendly, thoughtful and thorough. BEN N I E HUGHES Nashville, Tennessee Likeable lassie, always cheerful. LOUIE JETER Miami, Florida Athlelic. industrious and independent. DORIS JEWCLL ... Nashville, Tennessee Reserved, generous and genial. DOUGLAS KENT Nashville, Tennessee Quite guiet, easy-going. BARBARA KIDD Laurel. Mississippi Small but smcoih, constant shadow, tiny-tot. LUKE LIGHT Jonestown, Pennsylvania " Luke in the Lime Light " , genial guy. OLLIE McCASKELL Magnolia, Mississippi Jocose and jolly, witty and wise. CLARA McCLAIN Cookevllle, Tennessee Spontaneous smile, gracious and gentle, cordial. MARY RUTH McNARON Gadsden. Alabama Near and nifty, politeness personified. CHARLES MILLER . . Dalton. Georgia Cautious and calm, kind. PAUL PAPPAS Wheeling, West Virginia Mischievous mister, justly judicious. ONEITA PETTY Nashville, Georgia Willing worker, dependable. SHIRLEY PHIPPS _ .... Arlington. Virginia Kindly, congenial, acutely alert. BILL ROBINSON . . Birmingham, Alabama " Big Bill " , lover of sports. JAMES SPRUILL ... Nashville, Tennessee Invaluable friend, full of fun. ROB STAPLES Kirksey, Kentucky Dependable, staunch and stable. OLIVE STOKES ..... Chillicothe, Ohio Radiantly reflective, precisely prim. JUNE SWINFORD Covington, Kentucky Innocent smile, mirthful and merry. MINTA ZELL AKERS Charleston. West Virginia BILL ANDERSON Nashville, Tennessee ANDY BENSON Princeton, Florida BOB BENSON Nashville. Tennessee EUGENE CAiN Clarkson, Kentucky JUANITA EBY Ft. Lauderdale, Florida EVELYN FITZWATER Charleston. West Virginia GLADYS RUTH LANE White Pine, Tennessee INELLE LAYFIELD Nashville, Tennessee DELORES LOBB Summersville, Kentucky WILMA LOBB Summersville. Kentucky BETTELU MCALLISTER Miami, Florida BOB McCLAIN Cookeville. Tennessee SARAH McCLAIN Cookeville, Tennessee WTlLA DEAN McPHERSON Vicksburg, Mississippi GERALDINE PETERSON Nashville, Tennessee JOHN SHEARER Irvine, Kentucky FRAN Kl E SMITH Nashville. Tennessee JEAN E SMITH Nashville, Tennessee PAUL STANLEY Albans, West Virginia NELL SUTTON Old Hickory, Tennessee BLAIR TOLBARD Fairmont, West Virginia BERN ICE WELSH Arlington, Virginia JACK WILLIAMS Jacksonville, Florida ROBERT YATES Nashville Tennessee JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JACK WILLIAMS President BOB McCLAIN Vice-President SARAH McCLAIN Secretary-Treasurer BILL ANDERSON Reporter MISS MADELYN PASCHALL Sponsor JOHN ALLEN Perrine. Florida MELBA JEAN BIGGS Lewisburg, Tennessee KATHRYN BOONE Jayess, Mississippi CAROL HACRING Evansville. Indiana PORTER MCALLISTER Miami, Florida GLADYS PAUGH Beverly, West Virginia WANDA PI N A I RE Ramsey, Indiana CAROL RUBLE Arlington. Virginia OTTIS SMITH Nashville, Tennessee RAMEY SMITH Nashville, Tennessee BEN SPEER Nashville, Tennessee PAUL TAYLOR Chillicothe, Ohio LEONA WELSH Arlington, Virginia SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS WANDA PINAIRE President GLADYS PAUGH Vice-President M ELBA JEAN BIGGS Secretary-Treasurer BEN SPEER Reporter OFFICERS GRANT BROWNING President MARY LAURA BENSON Vice-President JANRIS McMANUS Secretary-Treasurer WAYNE SHELTON Reporter MARY LAURA BENSON Nashville Tennessee ETHELENE BIGGS Lewisburq ' Tennessee GRANT BROWNING Logan West Virginia PHILIP CALLIS Nashville, Tennessee SUE CAMPBELL Newport Tennessee MARY LOUISE FLEMING Arlington Virginia J FRESHMEN ALVINA FRIEDERICH Tripp Souih Dakota KAY GULLETT Mt Vernon Ohio CANNON HASSELL Brentwood, Tennessee CARL HAYES Rossville Georgia MILDRED LEVERETTE Nashville ' Tennessee PAULINE McCOSH Athens ' Tennessee LUCINA McCOY Port St. Joe Florida JANRIS McMANUS Nashville, Tennessee EDWIN NANCE Shelbyville, Tennessee SIBYLE OLIVE Nashville Tennessee WILLIAM PEACH Norfolk Virginia GWEN REDFORD Nashville Tennessee JOAN RICHARDSON Nashville Tennessee GEOrtGE SCHNITZLER California Kentucky WAYNE SHELTON Nashville ' Tennessee DOROTHY SIMMONS Lexington Kentucky JOHN L. SMITH Dover Tennessee GERALDINE VITATOE Nashville, Tennessee GLENN WALLACE Russellville Alabama JOSEPH WALLER Opelika, Alabama RUTH LAVILLA ANDERSON BILLIE ANN APPERSON JAMES BEDSOLE GERALD BUCHAN CHARLES COLOUETTE HERBERT A COPELAND PATTY DAVIS TILLMAN EBY WESLEY EBY NANNIE BELLE FOSTER LOREN GRESHAM HARRY HALEY EDRA ANN HAMMOND DONNA MAE HOWARD MERIDITH HOWARD RAYMOND HOWARD PATSY JONES FAYE LAYFIELD NANCY JOE LISANBY LUVLNNA MURPHY JOHN NOFFSINGER ELLEN PENICK ESTHER RAY RODGERS PHILIP ROGERS HOWARD SPRUILL JOAN VITATOE ADDISON WARREN CLAUDIA WARREN RAYMOND WILLIAMS PEGGY WILSON D ASSISTANTS MRS. M. E. SPRUILL HELEN NEISLER MRS ROBERT SHOCKLEY JEAN LOVE RUTH DERR 1 OUARTER STUDENTS lONA TETER, j Onega, West Virginia FLETCHER DIGBY, s Nashville, Tennessee LAURA NELL WILLIAMS, s Sciotoville Ohio ELDO LANG, s Corydon, Indiana ROBERT ALLEN, f Delmer Kentucky FORD BOONE, f Jayess Mississippi HARRY CARPENTER, f Fairmont West Virginia CHRISTINE CARTER, f Titusville Florida AVORY COOK, f Flint, Michigan VANESSIA DAVIS, f Buchanan Michigan TSUNEO HOKADA, f Honolulu, T. H GLYNN MANN f Albany Kentucky HAROLD MILLS f Rossville Georgia FRED MOORE, f Hanceville ' Alabarra IVA PALMER, f Skowhegan, Maine GEORGE PITZER, f Fairmont, West Virginia PIERCE REID, f Biloxi Mississippi MAURICE RHODEN, f Finsmore Florida JUNE SHIRLEY f Buchanan Michigan JAMES SITES, f Onega West Virginia CHARLES SLUSHER f Lincoln Arkansas JAMES STEELE, f Miami, Florida PAUL SUMMERS, f Pinch. West Virginia ONEIDA ALLEN, sp Jayess Mississippi REBECCA TOUSLEY, f Columbus Mississippi MARGARET COOK sp Nashville, Tennessee HORACE DUKE sp Nashville Tennessee SCOTT HOWARD ith Nashville ' Tennessee LEON A REED jth Nitro, West Virginia HERMAN FARMER jth Dothan, Alabama OMER HAMILTON, hs| Irvin. Kentucky GENE MOORE, hss Culfport, Mississippi JOE TYSON hss Lexington Kentucky MARVIN APPLEBY hsf Seminary Kentucky CECIL CONARD. hsf Spencer West Virginia CLARENCE CRADDOCK. hsf Spencer, West Virginia LEONARD PRICE nsf Columbia, Tennessee JEAN WOOD, hsf Miami Florida ..... dki A OFFICERS FRANCES HAMILTON President DANIEL McNUTT Vice-President JOYCE OLIVER Secretary-Treasurer BETTY SUE PATTON Reporter MISS MYRTLE HOOPER Sponsor OFFICERS JUANITA McPHERSON President A. D. BOONE Vice-President CHRISTINE JENKINS Secretary ROSALYN HENDERSHOT Treasurer BARBARA KIDD Reporter PROFESSOR H. F. HAMMOND Sponsor MISSISSIPPI U, II II n i n i « s OFFICERS LUCILLE RIGGS President BERNICE ROEDEL V,ce President PAULINE TAYLOR Secretary CLARENCE BARROWS Treasurer MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor OFFICERS RAY DUNNING President MARIE PEERY Vice-President WILLENE ROSA Secretary SARAH SPRUILL Treasurer ALMA TEEPLE Reporter MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor TENNESSEE CLUB Hi! tnn mm OFFICERS LILLIE MAE CALKINS President SHIRLEY PHIPPS Vice-President LOIS CALKINS Secretary-Treasurer OUIDA ALFORD Reporter M. E. REDFORD Sponsor OFFICERS DAVID HAIL President CHARLES HANEY Vice-President ANNABELL WARD Secretary MADELINE HOWE Treasurer CARMELLA EANNOTTIE Reporter DENNIS PEACOCK Sponsor WEST VIRGINIA CLUB j (Fall and Winter Querlcrs) Frank H. Abston Edward F. Cox Douglas Kent Maurice M. Rhoden, J Homer J. Adams Clarence E. Craddock Cleveland King Norman V. Rickey Lawrence Adams James E. Crossman Clayton Langford James C. Roberts John L. Allen, Jr. Charles J. Davidson Eldo H. Lang Doyle D. Robinson, Jr. Don Anderson John W. Dix Albert Lester Lepley Adrian H. Rosa Marvin E. Appleby Wilson Douglas Luke M. Light Virgil Russell Joseph C. Ayers A. Wayne Farmer James Oliver McCaskell William A. Saranthus Hubert E. Bankston Herman E. Farmer Milton Lee McCaskell William J. Seym ore Leon D. Barnes William F. Fightmaster Daniel S. McNutt John Edward Shearer Joseph A. Bates Marion T. Forsythe Orman Marsh Robert O. Shockley Homer Earl Benson, Jr. Donald Fouse Ralph H. Mattingly James H. Sites Joseph D. Benson Alvina Friederich Joe Ed Messer Charles O. Slusher Aaron G. Bess Melvin P.. Gill Leon C. Miller Clayton E. Smith Alfred D. Boone Guy M . Glendenning Harold Mills Carl William Smithson Ford L. Boone Paul E. Gomer Eugene Paul Moore Brock Speer Marshall Bowes Ray Gullett Woodrow F. Moore James Steele Herbert L. Brown John K. Hamby Frank B. Morefield Leon W. Strasbaugh Andrew Wesley Campbell Grady C. Hayes Ladell H. Morgan Paul G. Summers LaVerne H. Case Roscoe Henderson Owen W. Morris Donald P. Sumner John H. Chandler Tsuneo Hokada Edward Palmer James W. Tate Robert G. Cheek Ralph E. Howe Sidney Patrick Lundy S. Thompson William Hoyt Cheek Walton Lee Hurt J. Dennis Peacock Walter W. Thompson Chester Robert Chess John D. Irwin Clay M. Peeples James D. Thrasher John T. Childs Cecil L. Ishee Charles H. Phipps Jasper C. Tousley, Jr. Harold H. Coats Harry L. Jeter Atwell G. Pitzer Frank D. Tuggle, Jr. Cecil E. Conard Buford M. Jewell Carl C. Pratt Milton Lloyd Turney Don E. Conrad Harvey L. Johnson, Jr. Leonard S. Price Felix Vela Avory C. Cook Thomas E. Jones Raymond V. Rainwater Jack C. Wagner Troy F. Cook W. A. Jordan Pierce D. Reid Joseph R. Waller Herbert A. Copeland | 77 1 .1 mm; its miens OFFICERS PEGGY PERRY President CLAYTON LANGFORD Vice-President RICHARD STEELE Secretary OFFICERS HOWARD WALL ED PHILLIPS . . Chairman Secretary MINISTERIAL ASS unio The Ministerial Association is composed of those who have a definite call to Christian service. It is the purpose of this group to pro- mote fellowship and spiritual life among the members of the association. The organization has had a successful and beneficial career, contributing much to the elevation of spiritual life here on the campus. Each quarter members of this group speak in chapel services during one week. An annual lecture is sponsored by the Association. From time to time luncheons are given, at which time outstanding ministers of the church speak on topics which are beneficial to students of the ministry. JOHN CHANDLER President 79 RISTIAN WORKERS ASSOCIATION Hundreds of souls are reached each week by members of the Christian Workers Association. The young people who hold membership in this organization are those who actively take part in carrying the gospel to the needy people of Nashville. Services are held each week in the jails, county and city workhouses, city hospital, and juvenile court by enthusiastic workers of the Associa- tion. Members of this group have accepted the challenge to preach the gospel to all people. MISSIONARY PRAYER RAND OFFICERS BERNICE ROEDEL President LUCILLE RIGGS Vice-President CHRISTINE JENKINS Secretary ERVIN BARDWELL Reporter These young people meet once a week to pray for missionaries and the cause of spreading the gospel around the world. LIBRARIAN AND ASSISTANTS MRS. A. B. MACKEY RUBY McCURLEY IRIS HARRIS RUBY BLACKBURN EDRELL WHITMON BERNICE DERR HOWARD WALL In the past he has done it, at the present he is doing it, and 1 suppose it will continue to be done in tli future. Yes, Kenneth Slifer has and tower:: ' :; received the gTeen cup saucer every morning ' kfast and are the lucky one your name will be this article. So get to and lassies. I need help to " unrave. is " hemmed " every morning. 5 rof. J. D. Irwin ' s hair is really a kn c« Tl th lays it is so curly, it makes everyone elst pxst make him color blind, for in HymnoK !e said that a red book was real dark pink. | Someone needs to inform Marian Edwar [ ' hen she steps on a dog or a cat it will llease do this for she is a rare " Jewell " . . David Hail needs someone to help him fho to express sympathy to! ! ! ! j Doris Forbes and Clara Bohler should be Jul how they spend their Friday evenings, (rank so much coffee last Friday evening, liey couldn ' t sleep. I wonder if they are all jy now! ! ! 1 Has anyone seen Joe Bates walking around ' fringing his hands since the washers came! ! ! i Would someone awaken the dog at the foot of he hill? ? ? ? ? ? t Rob Staples is trying his best to get couples ogether. He was asking all the fellows to buy ickets for their girlfriend ' s for the Student-Faculty Hnner. Dr. and Mrs. Bracken broke a heart together rhen they walked through the Valentine Heart at he Junior-Senior Party the other night. Jo McKeean entered Dr. Bracken ' s classroom he other day and stated, " from the frying pan to he fire. " Whj Mrs. Braci he Junior-Set or about fiv 35 Ye ' ft e C o As the Facult What are some of the advantages of be-l ing situated on a hill ? I Namely :The beauty of| the surrounding land-l scape ; of the glory sun; pher horiz st; the inspiration! rising sun; the! f the evening! a purer atmos-| a broadened! eretorel great- 1 ieaven-| an say! ind th e ft 1 -stA cilice m iere are many f gh opportunity to be busy excellent opportunity for christiar to be most thankful. Still, we can be so occupied life that the more necessary th studies and activities in the ne so absorbing that we idamental purposes of or It isn ' t hard to get a nic. It isn ' t hard to gf the highway for a " C act in such a manner on the minds of s .itimate things ha 1 ay that I wonder v» ? underlying principles of °. 3 Youth wants a challenge! Here tn the dormi- [ ; s much and a larger view er vision of t ly bodies. W with the psalmist- Dav id, " The heavens de clare the glory of God His handiwork " . Trevecca has these advants location but we are more conce ual environment. There is that wonderful Chri the finest young people comi ne-half of the states of Blessed be the tie that binds love " . " Behold how good is for brethren to dwell toget ' r The daily chapel services in deavors to reach higher heif ideals are proclaimed from Tn is strengthened, hope is renew " finer things of life are ei " of our living resurci upbuilding of ,f ion. Iva Palmer touglas, sure va, especially is). Do you sf r Cyril took Say, could you tell me if George Pitzer ani " rene Sutton have started going together, yet!! ' toward Wall started to separate them in the Lib. ary, when Irene exclaimed, " We ' re not going to ether. " I guess I can leave things as they are until nex me, for Frances Hamilton has gotten her cerea Cyril) for breakfast and everything is going swell Farewell to you all! ! — Ed Phillip SPICE of LIFE that Wv • in for a moit " ' " . •aver all over the camp° ' %e s ' Organization a greater the city. Let us use our i. Let us make our lives forces. Let us be about -Kenneth Slifer. will C V - These are - egg our student body, J p PEAKS iring and uplifting; and • dailv life of most Tre- Someone has said that troubi s only opportunity dressed in vork clothes. We may feel inclined 0 take issue with this statement, )ut we cannot deny that oppor- unity always accompanies trouble. While some trouble is of such nat- ire that we cannot welcome it, Marie Feery — Business Manager l0 s jt in the rear of the pel hour prepare assign- „. ,.vw, — v. Jfr— r books, or worse yet; visit with friends. of the meaning of life ai. sibilities through Christ, givi nj tion of attainment as they asce to Him who rules on the high whom emanates the light that brighter until it is blended wit! of God in the eternal light of " Seek ye first the kingdot righteousness and all these th; unto you " . Young people of Tr be lost in the will of God and vision of true greatness until I in your hearts and the beaut Jesus is seen in your lives to needy world. — Ss They not only disturb some that may be near and would like to hear the chapel message; but make a bad impression on visitors coming into our chapel services. Something ought to be done. 4k y Sees It Clubs and Classes ' Twas Ihe night before Valentine And all through the lodge the college Seniors and Junio were running about like — well, lil only Seniors and Juniors can ri about, because a party v nt, in n gress — a Valentine ' s party. It toe place at the Riverwood Ridir Academy lodge ' way out som ught that Dr. ry a tune? Ve also played Jj Poor old Ed — a lgnor- e firmament showeth iges in her physical irned about he spirit- stian fellowship with ng from more than our beloved nation, our hearts in Chris- and how pleasant it ter in unity " , spire to greater en- fhts as the highest •vecca ' s pulpit. Faith ed, love is deepened, nphasized, the glory •ected, Christ is pro- Christian character, tot the worldly jazz Music that pre- • blessing, - of th of rais. -its, and t! •eat men, Li pator took c t. There fac ion. The d ided upon 1 address, Li . to his poli a kindly fe le also deni i and declar ffice requir serve, prot n. was one believed th Phillips, and Howard Wall wer singing " Old- MacDonald Had Farm, " and Robert, goose that h nd cream — thanks tc irn, Alma Teeple, an and anvl Ad was, was just agoing quack, quack her finger in re and everywhere. But they quit And to eve: «• when they got attention j know how to get rid of prolonged ' her, but had to sue- company just ask Howard and ■»us sighing of I Marion. They know how it ' s done. bracken, 1 Thanks to you, Seniors, for the ---jbest time we ever had. — Reported Genevieve McMackin. ;asily as believed th loval eleme " ught be mai war. of April 14, (j y of the surre Washington, he was shot by a crazed fanatic, John Wilkes Boot He died early the next mornin of I, ' oot of and died in 1 Of Washin; is little to be is the story received a lol by historians of these was When Was i ' s early life the I. Although the] he cherry tree, publicity built Tim ;st heights ana °« shines brighter and i the shekinah glory everlasting life, n of God and His ings shall be added evecca, let your will He will enlarge your lis image is templed y and sweetness of bless a sin-sick and die Agnew Johnson. most notab left school 1 rnon with as his guar acquaintam iward Verno Vernon rumor that i officer. DRINKS Downing DOR UTV " iVING OUR SCHOOL Special Rates To All Students half brother who ian. Washington ' s with an Admiral E for whom Mount named, caused a was to be made a In January of 1 Martha Dandridge vid Parke Curtis. During his two dent he traveled and south to pro among the colonies After serving hi fuily as president for eight yet he retired to his home, Mount Vi non, Virginia. Washington was child is said that he was fat country and didn ' t hav To these great men w country faitj ind f ot chil COLLEGE HONOR SOCIETY Genevieve McMackin, President; Neva Gay Mackey, Secretary; Eva Fay Mackey. Bernice Roedel, Vera Hammond, Lesper Heflln. Ml DELTA LAMBDA HIGH SCHOOL HONOR SOCIETY Roy Staples, President; Marcella Cain, Smitty Ferguson, Barbara Baldwin. The Zeta (Trevecca) Chapter of Phi Delta Lambda, scholastic honor society of the colleges of the Church of the Naz- arene, is sponsor of an undergraduate chapter, with, membership based on yearly scholarship known as the Trevecca College Honor Society. The Zeta Chapter also sponsors for Trevecca High School the Trevecca High School Honor Society, with similar aims in the encouragement of scholarship. " The honest quest for worthwhile knowl- edge — oh, it builds strong stays to the Christian faith. " is -o s5i V V Hl.|kr. VWlov To Deliver ' , xV ,,v« B „a - !ot 4 ' ■■ lectures at Trevecca " v " ' .v,, u . , " ' ' kalif., will deliver a series of S pe-(u- „ 9 " ' U ° nWv u-t • 7 pickets 1 »-isJ]cial lectures at Trevecca Nazarene On 1 1 ° „ iVO V n« vv ..»a P s ,. „„,,lCollege beginning tonight at 7:30 A, ( « « ,U Ut . x( . u ' U . Irea " lo ' clock and continuing through Fn- ' ' V - , n Vv4 V 4 u uV » for . dav night. The public is invited. i;n ,n . u , . u ' .. i.rti. • « YWldfert s, ' io„ A 11 o ' clock each morning, Dr.; „ s » e«U l ' . ,V " ' . 3 a 4 " 1, tC- «tr ny.ilr,., ' u ' i!cial -. College o ' clock a On A cotrt ' HOWARD T. WALL, Director ' 11 was Jr Per cent ia, d !|! 0,n i- MRS. A. B. MACKEY, Advisor ' X ' u " s. t2l and «e Pre ; evea m ease s ed „ ».«. member », ft S ; 5 ,V n . TV. MARIAN EDWARDS Secretary CotL News Agency • , ' — — e r — - 2 .1 chiet here trt i»n flfe III Hi 3 LESPER HEFLIN President BERNICE ROEDEL Secretary LESPER HEFLIN Senior Class Representative BERNICE ROEDEL Senior Class Representative ROBERT GRAY Junior Class Representative RICHARD STEELE .Sophomore Class Representative ADRIAN ROSA Freshman Class Representative SMITTY FERGUSON High School Representative ROB STAPLES High School Representative JOHN CHANDLER Junior Theological Representative F h i n R8 I. " One nickel ' s all you pay. " 2. Sugar is con- sidered a staple, isn ' t it? 3. This combination has lasted a long time. 4. Herb and the Southern belle. 5. Hey! I ' m all mixed up. 6. After so long a time. 7. Lou and Bobbie. 8. The long and the short of it. 9. When did this happen? 10. Library pests, says Howard. II. " Long, Long Ago. " 12. McNutt ' s Lane. 13. Where are the other seniors? 14. Ninety Day (-) Wonder. 15.... and on Independence Day too. 16. The Tysons of Kentucky. 17. Pastors of Millersville First. 18. Be- fore. 19. After. 20. Moore and Moore happy. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Glendenning and daughter. r ' Jem fate CJeaflier JZ 4 Quarter May- Senior Cam pre Aens ves 3o-F ti aJL nnuau( cX nior- e.nrtrr ' These students were selected by the student body and faculty as being outstanding in the junior and senior classes, using the standards of the publication, WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COL- LEGES, as a basis for judging. HOMER ADAMS is from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and is the president who keeps his state club on the map. He sang in the quartet before and after his enlistment in the Navy, and was president of the Glee Club in 1943. " Hector " is a versatile senior who has done a little of everything at Trevecca, from working several years on the DARDA staff to playing volley ball. This year he is advertising manager for the staff. SARAH ELIZABETH SPRUILL of Nashville, Tennessee, is a junior. She has been active both in the school room and on the campus, serving as secretary of her class during their sophomore year and filling her place in the Tennessee Club and the Speech Club. She is now with the Mixed Chorus for the third year. To make her activities well-rounded, she participates in the athletic program of the school. " Leppie " has been our nurse for three years; next fall LESPER HEFLIN, R.N., will take care of Indians. She has gained the approval of Trevecca through her scholastic achievements and extra-curricular work as Student Council president, and active participant in the chorus, Phi Delta Lambda, Missionary Prayer Band, Mississippi Club, and Christian work. We feel that she will be as good a missionary as she has been a student. ROBERT GRAY is from Winchester, Tennessee. During the year ' 44- ' 45 he was president of the Christian Workers Association, and ' 45- ' 46 saw him as president of the student body. He is a member of the Ten- nessee Club and served as vice-president of that organization last year. Now he is treasurer of his junior class and associate editor of Trev-Echoes. The Tennessee District gave him his license to preach and he has held a student pastorate in Kirksey, Kentucky. Many improvements at Trevecca College have been due to HOWARD WALL ' S suggestions and his ability to carry out these plans. He is now president of the senior class, director of the News Agency, chairman of the Officers ' Club, and co-editor of the DARDA. He was treasurer of his sophomore class, vice-president during his junior year, " beginner " and first editor of Trev-Echoes. a member of the Mixed Chorus for three years, and is now president of the Carolina Club for the third year. He hails from Raleigh, North Carolina, and for three years has held a license to preach from the Carolina District. MARIAN EDWARDS was president of her class and worked on the DARDA staff and Trev-Echoes staff d uring her sophomore and junior years. She is secre- tary of the News Agency for the school, sang in the College Hill Trio for two years, and was member of the Mixed Chorus for four years. She comes from Miami and is a member of the Florida Club. During her senior year Marian has been editor of the DARDA. I. Haney, meet Hail. 2. " Eh? What say? " 3. Bad news from home? 4. Four little roommates. 5. If looks kill we ' re dead. 6. High-minded. 7. He ' s a ringer. 8. Beautyrest. 9. Wall kicks the bucket. 10. The McClains. II. Noon break. 12. Trio without music. 13. Eby on the wall. 14. She left him at the church. 15. Like father, like son. 16. " Work for the night is coming. " 17. Annual " free " meal. 18. ' Bama food. 19. Try using a towel. 20. " Can I send some home? " 21. Brother and sister on peace terms. 22. A firm foundation. 23. Caldonia — what makes your big head so hard! 24. We recommend Brother Hicks. MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The athletic program at Trevecca during the year has been confined to intramural activities in football, basketball, and softball. An athletic association was formed in Septem- ber consisting of the following five groups, each of which sponsored a team: College Upperclass- men, College Dormitory Freshmen, College Non- Dormitory Freshmen, I — I ig h School Seniors and Sophomores, and High School Juniors and Fresh- men. The football season was marked by heated competition and good sportsmanship through- out. The league championship was not deter- mined until the very last game of the season, which found the College Non-Dormitory Fresh- men defeating the High School Seniors and Sophomores for the title. The members of the winning team were entertained by the members of the losing teams at a luncheon following the close of the season. No official champion of the basketball league was named; however, the College Non-Dormi- tory Freshmen appeared to have the edge in basketball also. League competition in softball began in April. The College Upper-classmen appeared to be the team to watch as softball season got under way. At the close of the school year trophies are being presented to the winners in each sport by the Florida Club. The aim of the Men ' s Athletic Association is to develop physical fitness and Christian charac- ter through a spirit of wholesome competition and fair play. College Upperclassmen: H. Adams, Chambers, Cox, Dunning, Gill, Glendenning, Hocutt, Howe, Lang, Langford, Morgan, Tate, Thrasher. College Dormitory Freshmen: A. Boone, F. Boone, Carpenter, Errickson Haney, Hinton, B. McCaskell, Mills, Nix, Pitzer, Sites, Tuggle. College Non - Dormitory Freshmen: Ayers, Bankston, Brown, W. Cheek, T. Cook, H. L. Jeter, Jewell, Pratt, Rickey, Rosa, Smithson. High School Seniors-Sophomores: J. Allen, A. Benson, Cooper, Crossman, L. Jeter, O. Mc- Caskell, Robinson, Spruill. High School Juniors-Freshmen: B. Anderson, B. Benson, Browning, Nance, Shearer, Stanley. 95 GUIS ' 111 F m 1 ASSOCIATION At Trevecca girls have the privilege of taking part in various types of athletics with Christian participants. We feel that this type of activity is helpful in developing sportsmanship among the students as well as in de- veloping them physically. We desire that our students grow physically and socially as well as mentally and spirit- ually for the glory of God. With the high school there was competition in basket- ball and in softball. Also the college and high school competed in Softball. BASKETBALL Seniors and Sophomores Juniors and Freshmen Barbara Kidd Doris Jewell Mary Laura Benson Juanita Eby Wanda Pinaire Jo DeSha Gwen Redford Minta Zell Akers Mae Calkins Mary Ruth McNaron Janris McManus Wilma Lobb SOFTBALL Mae Calkins Shirley Phipps Wanda Pinaire Gwen Redford Sarah McClain High School Janris McManus Barbara Kidd Olive Stokes Mary Ruth McNaron Minta Zell Akers Billie Edwards Janice Engle Marian Edwards Marie Peery Ouida Alford College Sarah Spruill Mary Stovall Vera White Eva Fay Mackey Neva Gay Mackey 96 I I E I CHORUS Over one-third of Trevecca ' s student body is taking work in the music depar tment. Many of these students also sing in the chorus, our out- standing musical organization. Under the direc- tion of Mrs. Bennett the chorus this year pre- sented Stults ' " The World ' s True Light, " Christ- mas cantata, and Dubois ' The Seven Last Words of Christ, " Easter cantata. These singers have also furnished music for outstanding schoo ' occasions. The Girls ' Glee Club, too, has con tributed to school programs during the year, under the direction of Miss Paschall. MI ' S GLEE CLUB Love, Nelson, S. Spruill, Haering, Hendershot, Kidd, Edmondson, Swinford, M. Paschall, G. Eby, K. Paschall, ' M. Calkins, J. Eby 98 Bob Buchanan, Harry Carpenter, George Pitzer Caroline Hall in piano recital The orchestra and brass trio have added much trio has supplied special music for public church to the musical aspect of our chapel services and services in the city. Music students are pre- special revival efforts. On several occasions the sented in recitals at the school during the year. Morris, Merchant, M Paschall, Pinaire, Harris, Shelton, Pi tier, A Benson, Carpenter. McCoy, Chambers, Buchanan COLLEGE QUARTET James Thrasher, Homer Adams, Craig Ayers, John Maurice HIGH SCHOOL QUARTET Louie Jeter, Bob Benson, Bill Anderson, Bob McClain hi 5 41 TRIOS There are several vocal trios and quartets at Trevecca which not only participate in the services at school but also are called upon to sing in our churches in and around Nashville and to take part in services at hospitals, jails, and workhouses. FIRST CHURCH TRIO Vernette Rouse, Frances Hamilton, Faye Ihriq COLLEGE HILL TRIO Florence Eden Morris, Iris Harris, Ouida Alford GLAD TIDINGS TRIO Marie Peery, Annabell Ward, Pauline Taylor VIOLIN ENSEMBLE Shelton, Harris, Hardin, Merchant, Morris, Pinaire We look forward to our recitals pre- sented quarterly, and especially do we anticipate our graduate recitals and Fine Arts Program. Students of ability and accomplishment have opportunity to perform before an appreciative audi- ence " while yet in the training period. WE PREPARE . . . Josephine McKeehan receives voice lesson from Professor Irwin in the studio. Rosalyn Hendershot is presented in voice recital. 1 J Jimmy Tate speaks as Miss Hooper operates the new wire recorder, probably the only one of its kind in the state. Fifty students are enrolled for laboratory speech and have ac- cess to the recorder. It is also used in private speech lessons and the large elementary speech class, where speech defects are spotted and corrected. In the interpretations class, too, we ' hear ourselves as others hear us. " Herbert Brown speaks before a sympathetic audience — the speech class. Before the year is half over, however, the student who used to be timid boldly walks to the front and tells the class what is on his mind, exhibiting good posture, clear tones, and poise, thanks to Miss Hooper. SPEECH CLUB The Speech Club was organized this year to promote activities that will build the speech department. Interest has been aroused and support given in a financial way that has strengthened the department and helped it to make a sizeable contribution to the school, mainly in response to the appeals made by the leader of the group, Milton Turney. Members of the speech classes and those studying speech privately are presented in programs and recitals throughout the year. BETWEEN CLASSES I. " From the Tower " 2. " Special privileges " 3. Bull session 4. " Tootsie " for short 5. Second floor trio 6. On the way to class 7. Shave? " Not this year " 8. Mr. Warren 9. " Way down upon the Swannee River " 10. Romeo and Juliet II. Eighteen inches! 12. The Rosa family 13. Something between them? 14. The night- watchman in daylight 15. The flagpole arrives 16. Pull 17. Pull, pull 18. Fillerup 19. Old Glory waves 104 is an institution of the church. It is controlled by the church. It is operated for the sole purpose of serving the church as a denominational press and supply house and to assist the church in its program of giving the full gospel to the whole world. Its particular part of that program is of course the ministry of the printed page. To give you an idea of the part the Nazarene Publishing House is privi- leged to have in the work of the church we give you the following facts: THE NAZARENE PUBLISHING HOUSE —has assets totaling more than one million dollars — every dollar dedicated to the task of spreading the gospel over the entire world. —is literally " girdling the globe with salvation. " If the periodicals pub- lished since 1912 were placed end to end they would completely encircle the earth and cover more than 20,000 miles on the second circuit. More than 23,500,000 periodicals are now being published annually. —is filling a vital place in the field of religious book publishing. During the calendar year closing December 31, 1946 more than ' 156,400 books and booklets have been printed. — is a substantial contributor to the general interests of the church. Since L9 10, more than $174,000 has been given to various departments of general church activity. —is equipped and ready to fill orders for anything in the religious field needed for personal, Sunday school or church use. Your patronage is urged for any and all items of a religious nature needed by yourself, your church or your Sunday school. NAZARENE PUBLISHING HOUSE 2923 Troost Avenue, Box 527 Kansas City 10, Mo. WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. EDWARD C. ONEY District Superintendent JOHN R. BROWNING District Secretary R. E. DOBIE District Treasurer D. E. WYRICK Chairman, District Church School Board MRS. EDWARD C. ONEY .... District W. F. M. S. President JOHN R. DONLEY District N. Y. P. S. President WE ARE FOR TREVECCA COLLEGE 100 PER CENT JOHN L. KNIGHT Superintendent A GROWING DISTRICT SUPPORTING A GROWING COLLEGE FLORIDA DISTRICT COMPLIMENTS OF BUD ROBINSON MEMORIAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA S.E. 6th St., Opposite Court House Sunday School 9:45 Morning Service ... 10:45 N. Y. P. S 6:45 Evening Service . . 7:30 GEORGE BRINKMAN, Pastor " HOLINESS BECOMETH THINE HOUSE O LORD FOREVER " INGLEWOOD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Gallatin Road at Sunnymeade Drive °- K ' p HTEL NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 1306 Shelton Avenue Music Director HUMAN BARNARD Sunday School Superintendent MR. W. B. APPLE Orchestra Director MISS JOHNNY JERNIGAN W. F. M. S. President MRS. N. E. CANNON N. Y. P. S. President MR. ORION RAMSEY We welcome any opportunity to serve TREVECCA, her faculty, and her student body SOUTHSIDE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Third Avenue South and Ash Street NASHVILLE 10, TENNESSEE " The Church With a Heart Interest in Humanity " We Appreciate Trevecca and Her Students WHEN YOU ARE IN NASHVILLE, WE WANT YOU TO WORSHIP WITH US A Warm Welcome Awaits You! " A Live Church With a Living Message " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2501 Northwest Seventh Street MIAMI (35), FLORIDA CHESTER A. SMITH, Pastor 727 N.W, 26th Avenue Telephone 48-3 I 14 COMPLIMENTS FROM THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 748 Benson Avenue FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY REV. C. T. DUCKETT, Pastor IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 33 I 5 Charlotte Ave. NASHVILLE 9, TENNESSEE J. D. HEM BY Sunday School Superintendent FORREST SARTAIN N. Y. P. S. President MRS. A. F. SOYARS W. F. M. S. President W. M. GREATHOUSE Minister 2151 Belcourt Ave. Phone 7-3867 SERVICES Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Preaching I 0:50 A.M. 7:30 P.M. N. Y. P. S.— Juniors 6:45 WHEN IN NASHVILLE WORSHIP WITH US The best books and Bibles of all publishers always found on our shelves and display tables. You are cordially invited to come in at any time. BAPTIST BOOK STORE MISS CHRISTINE LITTLE Manager 127 Ninth Ave., N. Phone 6-2131 DAVID JACKSON SON TEXACO PRODUCTS 337 Murfreesboro Road Ph. 5-8636 COMPLIMENTS OF LEHMAN BROTHERS GROCERY FANCY MEATS— VEGETABLES GROCERIES Murfreesboro Pike Phone 5-7761 McCORD OPTOMETRIST 315 Fifth Avenue, North NASHVILLE, TENN. EYES SCIENTIFICALLY EXAMINED FRAMES CORRECTLY FITTED If not able to come to tho Office, Phone 6-0304 Terms if Desired Member Nashville Academy of Optometry L. G. McCORD J. W. McCORD J. T. McCORD COMPLIMENTS OF COLLEGE HILL CHURCH A. K. BRACKEN Pastor Lester at Hart St. Nashville 4, Tenn. GREETINGS TO TREVECCA FROM ALABAMA ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS W. R. Piatt W. G. Jackson Otto Stucki Joe Frost W. A. PECK District N. Y. P. S. , A. J. GUNTER . . Chdiiman District Churcl MRS. R. L. ANDERSON . . District W. F. M. S. TRAVIS JOHNSON District OTTO STUCKI District ! KENTUCKY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. L. T. WELLS District Superintendent . :■ . • REV. G. A. GOUGH Chairman Church School Board MRS. L. T. WELLS W. F. M. S. President REV. KLINE DICKERSON N. Y. P. S. President EARLE W. VENNUM Pastor CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZAREHE MIAMI, FLORIDA " The Happy, Friendly Singing Church " ALAMO PLAZA HOTEL COURTS Jlie JJitffiwap 5 finest Highways 70-S and 4 I NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE G. C. THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Rough and Dressed Lumber ROOFING • PAINTS • INSULATION BOARD 400 Murfreesboro Road Telephone 6-1261 Compliments Of NICKS-228 4TH AVENUE Stop here and get your hat blocked, your suit pressed, your shoes fixed, and shined THOROUGH PROGRESSIVE DEPEN DABLE NASHVILLE, BUSINESS COLLEGE APPEALING TO THOSE WHO WANT THE BEST Y. M. C. A. Building NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE M. E. DERRYBERRY AND SPOT CASH COMPANY Wholesale Grocers NASHVILLE, TENN. COMPLIMENTS OF THE GEORGIA DISTRICT Attend the Campmeeting at ADRIAN, GEORGIA July 25— August 4 Workers REV. RAY HANCE REV AND MRS. E. D. SIMPSON REV. RAY DAVIS ■ W. H. DAVIS District Superintendent BRUCE B. HALL District Treasurer L. B. FRIEND District N. Y. P. S. MRS. MATTYE KENNEDY District N. Y. P. S. K. S. WHITE Chairman of Church School Board Virginia District— Building for the Future THIS YEAR— 1947 Pioneering in New Fields Supports Trevecca Annual Campmeeting August 15-24 Dillwain, W. Va. ppw ■ | REV. C. E. KEYS District Superintendent MRS. C. E. KEYS .... District W. M. S. President REV. J. H. GARRISON S. S. Ch airman REV. JOHN COMPTON . . . . N. Y. P. S. President When In Chattanooga Visit The EAST LAKE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE N. Y. P. S. i ' itz(;kk. i i , oa. COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NEWPORT, KENTUCKY Seventh St., at Putnam REV. R. L IHRIG Pastor Parsonage — -36 S. Grand Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky. Phone HE 4146 BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 Trinity Lane jflLAi M. E. PERKINS CLAUDE ADAMS P dSfor NASHVILLE 7, TENNESSEE s s s„ P t Preaching Services I I :00 A.M. and 7:30 P.M. Prayer Meeting Thursday 7:30 P.M. Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Young People ' s Service 6:30 P.M. To all who may be visiting in Nashville, or who may be locating in our community, we extend an invitation to worship with us. Parsonage 432 Trinity Lane Phone 2-2929 MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DISTRICT DECADE OF PROGRESS 1937—1947 Forty New Churches Organized . . . 400 ' , Increase in Membership REV. CECIL KNIPPERS . . . District Superintendent REV. L. C. MILLER . Chairman District Church Schools REV. J. B. COOK . President District N. Y. P S. MRS. THELMA THARPE President District W. F. M. S. FORWARD WITH TREVECCA TREVECCA OFFERS CHRISTIAN EDUCATION With liberal arts and theological degrees CULTURAL OPPORTUNITIES In Music, Voice and Speech CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Through Christian Service FALL QUARTER BEGINS SEPTEMBER 23, 1947 We Are Happy to Serve Trevecca Students TREVECCA STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THIRD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1622 I Oth Avenue, North NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Sunday School 9:30 Morning Service 10:45 Choir Practice 5:00 N. Y. P. S. Prayer Meeting 6:00 N. Y. P. S 6:30 Mid-Week Service — Wednesday 7:30 LIGE WEAVER, Pastor MILTON L. TURNEY, Asst. Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodland Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE H. H. WISE Minister The present pastor is closing his twenty-fifth year as pastor of this church. • TREVECCA STUDENTS ARE WELCOME The Church with a heart interest in humanity. THE PROPOSED NEW CHURCH Congratulations to the 1947 DARDA Staff NYTHING NYTIME NYWHERE 6-5383 STEVE E. HOOD 27 Arcade — Nashville 3, Ter Official Photographer for DARDA Compliments of CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BORDEAUX R. L. SUMNER, Pastor PALACE CAFE 611 MURFREESBORO ROAD Southern Fried Chicken, Steaks and Country Ham 6:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. 611 Murfreesboro Road PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ===== Special 15950 LD 5356 .T75 Wf OR c. 2 TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE TITLE Special 15950 LD 5356 .T75 1947 c. 2 Trevecca Nazarene College The Darda

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