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GLADYS OWEN • EDITOR REYNDAL RUSSELL • MANAGER ROBERT MOORE • SALES MANAGER ri I L [ i UR homes, our schools, our churches, and the streets of our towns and cities are not the same. Our boys are gone. Boys are scattered the world over. On the land, in caves and fox-holes, upon the seas, underneath the seas, and in the air — on more than sixty battle-fields. They fight for us that we may have our homes, schools, and churches, our freedom to worship God, our freedom of press and speech, our free dom of individual initiative and achievement. Some of our girls have gone to serve their country. God bless our boys and our girls. That they may know that we pray for them, that we have not forgotten them, we dedicate to them our 1944 " Darda. " ION IN ALL WE WERE 250 STUDENTS GAT As this year of 1943-44 flashes across our memory we shall desire to live again through our happy days which were spent at Tre- vecca. We can think of the times when we have studied, worked, and played together; and shared each others ' joys and dis- appointments. If in the future the material which is here col- lected is the means of recalling these precious memories our pur- pose will then have been accom- plished and our aim attained. t I LLI O ERED TOGETHER u_ TREVECCA We are proud of our college on the hill, Dear old Trevecca that makes our hearts to thrill; Of her Christian standard we will sing, While going in the service of our King. (Chorus) Blessing to the nations we will be, Telling of salvation full and free; Honor to our College we will bring, In loyal service to our Saviour King. Ours are teachers loyal, kind, and true, Serving the Lord in ev ' rything they do; To them trying problems we may bring For guidance in the service of our King. Christian fellowship we have each day, Serving God in the blessed holy way; Bible school we find is just the thing, It helps us in the service of our King. We are building for a future day, When the Nation ' s eyes will turn our way; Stone and mortar are a minor thing, We ' re building for the service of our King. — Rupert Cravens. DOCTOR A. B. MACKEY, M.A., L L. D. ji wu f % om il PRESIDENT The battlefield is a market place where the usual market values are compared to those values which are not bought with money. A soldier is not concerned about the fifty dollars a month that he is paid for risking his life. In fact, in many cases fifty thousand dollars would not be ac- ceptable. There are probably two outstanding classes of soldiers in a world war — one who is facing realities with his eyes open, and another who goes blindly into the conflict, rendering about as much service in dying for the cause as he does in living for it, because when he lives for it his life is not vital. When he dies for it someone else is directing his action and he is in no position to do anything about the results. Among those who go to the battlefield to face realities are those who are pre- pared and those who are unprepared, and those who are prepared will do the better fighing and will be in the better position to conserve the results of the victory when the war is over. Those who are not prepared, as a rule, are cowardly and fail to be good soldiers, and cer- tainly are in no position to profit by the victory or defeat. Those who are prepared are those who have been taught the real values of those things found in the market places of life. Food, clothing, and social approval have not been the important commodities to them. Therefore, they are victorious re- gardless of how the war goes. Their nation may lose in the war but they do not lose because the important thing in their lives is not power or official posi- tion. They have been investing in Chris- tian character. It has never changed in value since the beginning of time. Banks may fail and nations may fall, but those boys and girls at Trevecca College — who have been here before, who are here now, and who will come later — investing their time for the building of character which wins in peace, in war, in life, in death, are wise. The storehouse from which they get their goods does not require ration points, and the bank in which they keep their deposits will never fail. cla MSI THINKS FIRST A man ' s success in his pursuits is con- ditioned upon his applying himself most seriously to the " firsts " among his tasks. Such an emphasis recognizes the primary of the prime, the majority of the major. It does not preclude, albeit, the existence of secondary factors, which, though they may not be determinants of success and failure, are nevertheless essential to the full attainment of one ' s highest goals. To him who gives first attention to the firsts in his work, success is the looked-for prize; him whose strivings encompass both prime and tributary matters in his realm of en- deavor two-fold success awaits. Where the task of the workman is to fashion mind and spirit, " clean hands and pure heart " ( " the Kingdom of God " ) are the firsts he must seek. The person who has passed through these prime crises of experience has met the highest challenge and filled the deepest need of human ex- istence. He is prepared for death and for eternity. If thereupon his mind be quickened and his spirit enriched through discipline and cultivation, to him are added life ' s most vital auxiliary endow- ments. He is prepared for life and for service. God First, Others Second, Self Last. The future success of our democracy depends on the intelligence of its people and the discretion with which they exercise its political, social, economic, and Christian principles and ideals. Education 3 or Cjr eater ri J Teaching weaves a strong and intertwining thread into the characters of mortals. It com- mences at the mother ' s knee and consists of every word spoken within the hearing of the individual, every sentence read by him, and every attitude displayed before him throughout his life ' s duration. But if teaching be so ever- present with us and if it be thus inescapable, there rests upon mankind the constant obliga- tion of willful choice of teachers. Daily each learner must choose over his course of study and weave a segment of the character he is to bear eternally. The daily woven piece in life ' s broad pattern portrays unerringly the image the weaver has of the distant whole while the final pattern will reflect unfailingly the daily fabrications that went into its fashioning. In schools and colleges rules should be learned for discharging wisely each day ' s responsibilities, principles apprehended for planning with broad vision life ' s whole design and habits formed for fitting the principles logically to each particular circumstance in life ' s detailed skein. The char- acter shaped after this threefold motif of in- struction rewards in rich bounty the efforts of teacher and pupil and widens its compass multifold in service at teaching others. Christian education en- ables us to better serve man and God. We appreciate the opportunity which is afforded us to obtain an education in a spiritual atmosphere. If 4 ' V t ill Hi hi in Iff TT IT TT HI II 111 III FIT ::i ::i i " i .-I .J I A Mi t( i t i III II III 111 111 in in in in m mil On Tuesday, February 8, 1944, students, faculty, and friends of Tre- vecca assembled in the Alumni Auditorium of the McClurkan Me- morial Building for the dedication of the new building. The building was named in mem- ory of the Reverend J. O. Mc- Clurkan, the founder and first presi- dent of the college. Rev. Mc- Clurkan put intensive labor, fervency of spirit, achieving faith, and ef- fective prayer into the founding and advancement of the school. The construction of the building was begun in the Spring of 1941 and was completed at an approximate cost of fifty thousand dollars. The main auditorium, known as the Alumni Auditorium, is capable of seating comfortably one thou- sand persons. Besides the main au- ditorium, there are three offices, a library reading room and an extra stack room, and eleven classrooms. The McClurkan Memorial Build- ing has been dedicated unto God that it might serve the same high purpose for which Rev. J. O. Mc- Clurkan gave himself to establish Trevecca Nazarene College. The completion of the McClurkan Memorial Building has added greatly to the appearance of the campus. Its tall stately columns give the sur- roundings an atmosphere of southern aristocratic life. S3 The Trevecca College Chorus, during the current year 1943-44 under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Bennett and Miss Margaret Doggett, assistant, made many inspiring and highly en- tertaining appearances throughout the city of Nashville. These appearances were accom- panied by quartets, trios, all-girls ' chorus, solos, whistling and instrumental numbers, and special music by the Trevecca College Orchestra. The above picture was taken at First Church of the Nazarene. j„ 5t kjl Of dl FINER ARTS " No work of art is worth the bones of a Pomeranian Grenadier " was the ac- cented pronouncement of a Prussian mili- tarist. Past mouths have witnessed elo- quently to the tragic issuance of this philosophy. From such a conception of values men have thought it right to dis- regard truth, astute to convince by night, pious to confound by stealth, and manly to exhibit brute nature. The melancholy consequences are hatred, world chaos, and war. He who would multiply sorrow to himself and others may drink of this rank cup of false creed to its foulest dregs. By contrast, Christian thinking sees in the f iner arts a creator ' s priceless bene- faction, a token of man ' s relation to God. In accordance with this high postulate art remains to humanity a sublime medium for speaking truth, a mouthpiece for ut- tering wisdom; by this premise " art is power " ; after this judgment nature itself is the " art of God. " Greed, strife, and dissention congeal to stiff inactivity in awe of this divine cunning which man shares with deity. He who would serve God and man in truth, wisdom, piety, and power may drink deeply at the fountain of reverence for the arts. The joy of being friends is just; a simple code of faith and trust. FRIENDSHIPS 9 We are constantly making new friends and when we depart from the halls of Trevecca we may be inclined to forget the old friends of our school days. But we should always re- member that old friends are gold, new friends are silver; and friendships that have stood the test of time and change are surely best. Among the satisfying sentiments that are common to humanity none is more constant and abiding than friendships. Respect, liking, ad- miration, infatuation — all pleasant in the feeling — have roots that are easily plucked up. These are the beginnings, the starter-growth, for the great prime mover that connotes a friend. They lengthen their reach in sunshine but may shrink and be lost in minuteness when shadows hover in prolong. They make brighter the lucen skies of prosperity but may lose their radiance in the darkness of misfortune and transmute into their antipodes. True friendships form through patient growth. Th ey are nurtured ofttimes on the shocks of adversity. They persevere in constancy " with- out either flower or veil. " Nature and reli- gion are their binding cords, nobility and mag- nanimity their great endearments. They only reach full flower when animated by divine fer- tilization, but thus quickened they radiate splen- did beauty in those who share them and time- less service for the doubting on-looker who aghast contemplates their silent precepts. m III! Trevecca College is advantageously situated in one of the leading educational centers of the South. Nashville has been called the " Athens of the South " because of its numerous col- leges, universities, and other educational insti- tutions. Chief among these is the recently constructed Joint University Library which af- fords unusual opportunity for advanced college students interested in research. Other library facilities include the libraries of Peabody Col- lege and Vanderbilt University, and the State and Carnegie libraries. Nashville has played an important role in the history of the South. Many points of historical interest may be visited by students of Trevecca. Points of major interest are the following: battlefields of the Civil War; Ft. Negley, a replica of a confederate fort; the homes of Andrew Jackson and Sam Davis; and Ft. Nashborough, a replica of the first settle- ment in the vicinitv of Nashville. The Maxwell House, dating from pre-Civil War days, is still an attraction to visitors of the city. Being lo- cated in the capital city of the state, Trevecca offers students the opportunity of visiting the state legislature and learning in a practical way how law-making bodies and state governments are operated. The city of Nashville has many industrial plants which may be of help to the students who must do outside work in order to attend college. The city also has one of the best air- ports in the South, located approximately four miles from the Trevecca campus. Nashville is a city of churches. Some of these date back to the early frontier days when only a small settlement represented what is now a metropolis. There are eighteen Naza- rene churches in and around the city giving ample opportunity for religious activities. Our students attend most of these churches and render assistance in carrying on the work. Friendship is the foundation for a comradeship that stays. SCIENTISTS OF THE FUTURE NETTIE NORWOOD Dean of Women H. H. WISE Chairman of Board of Trustees Bible We are glad to present a faculty that we have many reasons to love and appreciate. Their scholastic attain- ments are of high standing. All of them have taught for many years in holiness schools and they have developed outstanding skills in teaching and dealing with young people. Th is year we are honored by having an instructor who received a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in Decem- ber. Dr. Gresham received his Bachelor ' s degree from Bethany and Mas ter ' s degree from Oklahoma State Uni- versity. He is a member of the Phi Delta Lambda. A number of our other faculty members have Master ' s degrees and some have worked on their Doctor ' s degrees. We feel that young people of the South who are desirous of an education will find no better instructors anywhere. A. K. BRACKEN M.A.. D.D. Dean of College (College Pastor) M. E. REDFORD B.S., M.A., B.D. Dean of School of Religion BEING TESTED AND TRIED— AMERICAN HISTORY We appreciate our faculty for not only scholastic at- tainments, but for a remarkable insight into the needs of a rapidly growing institution and a devoted love for training Christian men and women. Their beautiful characters and lives so inspire and encourage us, that any attempt in words to give an adeguate appreciation of them is futile. With- out their consecrated lives and untiring efforts our college could not push forward. To us they have been teachers, friends, counsellors, and have given of their time, talents, and abilities to the form- ing of our characters and the upbuilding of our Alma Mater. We thank God for their labor with us and under their wise supervision we anticipate greater things for the stu- dents of Trevecca in the future. L. P. SRESHAM M.A.. Ph.D. Head of History Department Principal of High School SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS GLADYS OWEN President DOYLE RAE JETER Vice-President LUCY MAE FARIS Secretary EVA BLACKBURN Treasurer EUEL FOX Reporter MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor FAREWELL Seniors! For three all too-short years we had pa- tiently waited to be called by that name. Now that we are Seniors, how anxious, yet how reluctant, we are to leave T. N. C. As we bid farewell we wish to thank our Alma Mater for her blessings and kindnesses. EVA B. BLACKBURN Robertsdale, Alabama A.B. in English " Her gentle manner, her affable disposition, her willingness to serve has won for her a place in the hearts of her classmates. " Alabama Club Reporter, ' 44; Senior Class Treasurer, ' 44; Secretary of Christian Workers, ' 44; Alabama Club, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44. BOYD W. DAVIS . . . . Th. " Frank and open-minded; Assistant Business Manager, tion, ' 42, ' 43, Cumberland, Maryland . Religion he is trustful and trustworthy. " " Darda, " ' 44; Ministerial Associa- Christian Workers Club, ' 43, ' 44. ' 42. ' 43, ' 44; Alabama B WADE DOWNING Th.B. Religion " A will to learn has made him a good student; a will to serve has made him a zealous Christian. " President, Holiness League, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; President, Missis- sippi Club ' 43; Christian Workers, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Ministerial Association, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Phi Delta Lambda, ' 43. LUCY MAE FARIS Victoria, Virginia A.B. English " A truer, nobler, trustier heart, more loving or more loved never beat within human heart. " Vice-President Virginia Club, ' 42; Vice-President, Christian Workers, ' 42; Ladies ' Glee Club. ' 41. ' 42; President, Big Sister Club. ' 42, ' 43; Secretary, Senior Class. ' 44. EU EL FOX Miami, Florida Th.B. Religion " True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes. " President Christian Workers Association, ' 43, ' 44; President, Virginia Club ' 42 ' 43 ' 44; Ministerial Association, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44. DOYLE RAE JETER Hernando, Florida A.B. English " Her silence denotes character and strength of mind; combine this with her Christian consistency and you get a life admired by all. " Florida Club ' 41 ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Phi Delta Lambda, ' 42, ' 43. SENIORS SHIRLEY LEE Brewton, Alabama A.B. History " Patient in toil; serene amidst alarms; inflexible in faith. " Class Secretary, ' 41; Class Treasurer, ' 42, ' 43; President, Ala- bama Club. ' 44; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; President, Ministerial Association, ' 44; President, Big Sisters, " 44; Assistant, Sales Manager, " Darda, " ' 44; Alabama Club, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Ministerial Association, ' 4 1 - ' 44. HUBERT MEREDITH Owensboro. Kentucky A.B. History " His aims are high, his motives wholesome, his conduct that of a gentleman. " Th B. Trevecca. ' 43. FREDA NESBITT Paris, Tennessee A.B. English " Excellent in scholarship, faithful in duty, reserved in dispo- sition, unaffected and kind in manner. " Class Vice-President, ' 43; Tennessee Club, ' 41 ' 42 ' 43 ' 44- Phi Delta Lambda, ' 42, ' 43. ' 44. GLADYS OWEN Mt. Sterling, Kentucky A.B. History " Like the blue of her eyes is her character — deep. She has a real purpose in life and the ability to accomplish it. " Class Vice-President, ' 42; Class President, ' 43 ' 44; Phi Delta Lambda, ' 42, ' 44; Ramblers ' Club, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 41, 42, ' 43, ' 44; Ministerial Association ' 41, ' 42. ' 43. ' 44. CLARENCE PATTON Bloomington, Indiana Th.B. Diploma " A consistent Christian with a burning desire to answer His call to the ministry. " Ramblers ' Club; Ministerial Association, ' 43, ' 44; Christian Workers, ' 43, ' 44. JACKLYN E. WELCH Lake Wales, Florida Th.B. Religion " Good name in man or woman is the immediate jewel of their souls. " Class President, ' 42; Secretary, Ministerial Association, ' 44; Treasurer, Big Sister Club, ' 44; Treasurer, Florida Club, ' 44; Phi Delta Lambda, ' 41; Ministerial Association ' 41 ' 42 ' 44- Christian Workers, ' 41, ' 42 ' 44. N I D It S £ H N } H H H NH n i H 1 L Li L OFFICERS BOB MOOR E President FLORA CANTERBURY Treasurer LEOTA COOK Secretary PATRICIA CARTE Vice-President I 35 ] i ii b n s BEATRICE BRADLEY Milford Del. FLORA CANTERBURY .... Logan. W. Va. PATRICIA CARTE Charleston, W. Va. VERNON CHANDLER Scottsville, Ky. LEOTA COOK Benton, RUTH DERR Highland Springs. Va. CLARA PARIS Victoria. Va. BOB HEDRICK Charleston. W. Va. PAUL HOCUTT Adamsville, Ala. MARIE LINDSEY Nashville, Tenn. BOB MOORE Hattiesburg, Miss. ARWOLD PRICE Wrightsville. Ga. EVELYN RAMSEY Richmond, Ky. LOUISE CRAVENS . Winston-Salem, N. C. DOYLE SMITH Nashville, Tenn. RUBY STOVALL Highway, Ky. f ] H HH H H H 1— OFFICERS LUCENE KIRKLAND President FLETCHER DIGBY Vice-President CHARLOTTE HAMPTON Secretary ALLEN WOOLUMS Treasurer TILLIE WARE Reporter MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor ' 47 Onward Bound striving for the best, Heights supreme will be our ground when we ' ve met the test. We ' re for greater tasks ahead crowned with Victory — With zeal and zest we ' ll do our best for T. N. C. I 37 ) 1 i! i ' ni i MARILYN ALSTOTT Corydon. Ind. LORA LEE BARWICK Adrian. Ga. PAUL BLACKM AN Wesson, Miss. SUE BOONE Nashville, Tenn. DORIS BRIDGES MARY CARTER Bradenton, Fla. Lexington, Ky. LENNICE MARION CONNER Victoria, Va. MABEL RUTH COONER Jasper, Ala. MARY CRAUSWELL Princeton. Fla. LOUISE CRAWFORD Olive Hill, Ky. MAXINE DAFFORN Fort Wayne, Ind. MAXINE DAVIDSON Baltimore, Md. MARGARET E DENNY Clarksville, Tenn. BERN ICE DERR Highland Springs, Va. ELIZABETH DERR Highland Springs, Va. FLETCHER DIGBY Atlanta. Ga. JULIA PORTER DINSMORE Lexington, Ky. MARGARET DOGGETT Ames, Iowa ..A RUBY DOGGETT Ames. Iowa MIRIAM EDWARDS Miami, Fla. BETTY JEAN EVERSOLE Dayton. Ohio LILA LEE FISHER Paden City, W. Va. DORIS FORBES Roanoke, Va. PEGGY FOUNTAIN Lakeland, Fla. JUANITA P. GOINS CoMondale, Ala. LAVENDER GOINS Cottondale. Ala. WILMA HALL Newport, Tenn. CL-- FRANCES ROSE HAMILTON Lexington. Ky. CHARLOTTE HAMPTON Atlanta, Ga. FRAZIER HANCOCK Thomasville. Ga. NOVICE VALORA HARRISON Oakland Park, Fla. BERNITA HESTER Winston-Salem, N. C. CHRISTINE JENKINS Cleveland Miss. JASPER JENKINS Cleveland, Mi LUCENE KIRKLAND CHARLES LAWHORN Donalsonville, Ga. Waycross. Ga. I 39 | m i ii m n DOROTHY LING Bartow, Fla. MADELINE MARSHALL Lakeland, Fla. LOIS McCAULL DesMoines, la. DOROTHY McCOMAS JOHN T. MAURICE FRAN MILLER Miami. Fla. Meridian, Miss. FLORENCE EDEN MORRIS Evansville. Ind. FAYE O ' BANNON St. Louis. Mo. MARY RAYE PAYNE Mt. Sterling, Ky. LORRAINE RAY Lancaster, Ky. M. JOSEPHINE RIDGEWAY Mariatee, Fla. CARRIE MAE RODGERS Columbus, Ga. WILTSE ROYSTER Nahunta, Ga. MONTI NE RUSHING Jasper, Ala. MARY LEE SAXON Springfield, Tenn. HOWARD T. WALL. JR Raleigh, N. C. TILLIE WARE Columbus, Ga. EMMA FRANCES WIGGS Gainesville. Fla. ALLEN WOOLUMS Lexington, Ky. PEGGY WRIGHT Cherryville, N. C. MJ K Bk ... Bk ■ ML HBwtKS i . ' Bh r5 r V ■ ! • [ .fry if i! i 1 1 • dm M I MIAL AN D SPE CI AL SIM m CLAUDE W. GALLOWAY Nashville, Tenn. ALPHA HODGE Cincinnati, Ohio JEAN McGRADY Nashville, Tenn. SPECIAL OR UNCLASSIFIED HELEN THOMPSON Jasper. Ala. ERMA TOMS Norwood. Ohio MRS. M. E. SPRUILL Nashville. Tenn. NO PICTURE DOROTHY FOX Nashville, Tenn. MAVIS ROSS Nashville Tenn. MINISTERIAL EVELYN EPLIN Marmet, W. Va. JAMES MacLELLAN Nashville. Tenn. CHARLES McCAULL Des Moines. Iowa MAE McLENDON Winsboro. S. C. PAUL McGRADY Colora, Md PAUL RIDENHOUR Nashville. Tenn. NO PICTURE ARMOND CALVERT Nashville, Tenn. INEZ MacLELLAN Nashville, Tenn. BILLY CROWDER Rock Mills, Ala. M. E. PERKINS Cowan, Tenn. FERRIS DUNLAP Nashville, Tenn. LINDON SCALES Tuscaloosa. Ala. ARVIN RAY ELSEY Bluefield, W. Va. GLADYS STEWART Nashville, Tenn. ! 41 ) u i 1 1 ii i i i i i m±m OFFICERS WILLARD BROWN President JACK DELL Vice-President LOIS WIGGINTON Secretary LUCILLE RIGGS Treasurer SARAH SPRUILL Reporter CI ass Motto: " In ourselves our future lies. " The days we have spent here have been short and the time is now history. In the future we must strive to put into practice the lessons we have learned here. Our desire is to be of service to God and man; to be true representatives of Trevecca. DOROTHY ADAMS LEWIS J. ASHLEY Charleston. W. Va. Look! He ' s winding up his watch of wit; Listen! and you ' ll hear it tick. West Virginia Club. ' 44; Baseball, ' 44; Chorus, ' 44; Press Athletic Association, ' 44; Journalism ' 41. EVELYN LOUISE BOTTENS Oxley. Mo. They accomplish most who faithfully and diligently toil. Scholarship, ' 41; Chorus. ' 42; Ramblers ' Club, ' 43, ' 44. EVA VIRGINIA FRIEND Huntington, W. Va. To hurry and worry is not her creed; things will happen, Honor Roll, ' 42- ' 43; vhat ' s the need? West Virginia Club Club. ' 44. Little Sisters ' LELAND RAY GOODMAN Glasgow, He has the courteous manner and modest demeanor mark him to all as a true gentleman. Kentucky Club, ' 44; Band. Ky •hich WILLARD BAXTER Either praise me BROWN . . Alexandria, cannot stand to Va be President, Junior Class. Literary Society, ' 43; expose me. overlooked. ' 43; President Senior Class, ' 44; Octavian Virginia Club. ' 43, ' 44; Chorus. ' 44. JACK DELL Waycross, Ga. Never too careless, nor too sad, Never too studious; always glad. President of Class, ' 41; Secretary of Class, ' 42; Voted Most Popular Boy ' 42; President of Junior Class, ' 43- Vice-President of Class. ' 44. ROBERT GRAY True to his word, his works and his friends. ESTHER JANE IHRIG California, Ky. It is the steady, quiet, plodding ones who win the life-long race Volley Ball, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Kentucky Club, ' 44. SARAH HOLT LIMBO Fayetteville, Tenn. Of sunny disposition, she attracts and keeps her friends. Tennessee Club ' 44. MARTHA JANE ERRICKSON .... Clearwater. Her ways are ways of pleasantness. And all her paths are peace. Glee Club. ' 41, ' 42; Florida Club, ' 43, ' 44. Fla. JACK L. MOORE Maryville, Tenn. The man that loves and laughs must sure do well. EVA JEAN FARMER Nashville, Tenn. While some aspire to two or three, Jean is content with one degree — Mrs. Basketball, ' 44; Tennessee Club, ' 44; Chorus, ' 43. LEWIS PENNINGTON Atlanta, Ga. Through the medium of prayer he climbs from daily doubts to heaven ' s heights, and brings a blessing down. [ 43 ] r EUGENE POWELL Lexington, Ky. He is a volume if you know how to read him. Basketball, ' 41, ' 42; Softball. ' 42; Football, ' 43; Baseball ' 44 Chorus, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; Quartet, ' 44; Kentucky Club, ' 44 Athletic Association, ' 44; President, Sophomore Class, ' 42 Vice-President Junior Class, ' 43. BEATRICE PRUITT NELLIE LUCILLE RAIN BOLT New Albany, Ind. Silence was but one of her many virtues. Ramblers ' Club, ' 44; LUCILLE MAE RIGGS Anniston, Mo. Come what may, her virtues will shine through the roughest day. Class Treasurer, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Ramblers ' Club, ' 40, 41. ' 42, ' 43, 44. SARAH ELIZABETH SPRUILL Nashville, Tenn. JUANITA VIRGINIA ROBERTS Roanoke, Va The world is brighter where she resides; Its trouble never troubles her. Martha Washington Literary Society, ' 42; Virginia Club, ' 44; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 42; Preachers ' Kids ' Club, ' 44; A Capella Choir, ' 43; Chorus, ' 44; Pep Club President, ' 43. LULU IRENE SAMPLES Bomont, W. Va. Like the lily of the valley in her honesty and worth. Vice-President, Freshman Class, ' 42; Treasurer of West Virginia Club, ' 44; West Virginia Club, ' 42. ' 43. ' 44. NORMA LEE SHARPLING Pascagoula, Miss Fun-loving, talented, and of a friendly disposition. Basketball, ' 42. ' 43; Mississippi State Club. ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; High School Chorus, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; Glee Club, ' 40, ' 41; Literary Society, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43. Inner sunshine warms not only the heart of the owner, but all who come in contact with it. Basketball, ' 41, ' 42; Vice-President of Class, ' 44; Reporter of Senior Class, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Tennessee Club. DONALD PAUL SUMNER Miami, Fla. Never a worry, never a care; He has a good time everywhere. Florida Club ' 44; Athletic Association, ' 41 ' 42, ' 43. WILLIAM KINDRED THOMAS Laurinburg, N. C. It is not only necessary to have something to say; it is also necessary to know how to say it. President, Freshman Class, ' 42; Vice-President, Christian Workers ' Association, ' 44; Reporter, Ministerial Association, ' 44; Chorus, ' 44; Octavian Literary Society, ' 42, ' 43; Florida Club, ' 42 ' 43, ' 44. LOIS WIGGINTON Frankfort, Ky. Nof too serious, not too gay; Always happy on her way. Secretary, Senior Class, ' 44; Chorus, ' 44; Big Sisters ' Club, ' 44; Kentucky Club, " 43, ' 44. JUANITA DAVIS Bristol. Va. She ' s a good worker, never a shirker, a friend true blue, loyal through and through. Virginia Club, ' 43, ' 44. [ 44 | 4 l j T DORIS ATKINS Tampa. Fla. LOUISE BRAKEFIELD Birmingham. Ala. DOROTHY BRUCE JEAN BURNS BETTY GENNARO Nashville. Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. St. Louis. Mo. KENNETH HAWKINS New Albany, Ind. VONCILLE HAWKINS New Albany, Ind. TENNYSON HOWARD Erlanger, Ky. MARIE MASTERS Richmond, Ky. ELECE McDANIEL Natchez, Miss. VERA MAURICE Miami, Fla. RUTH MOORE Dickson, Tenn. VERNETTE ROUSE Daytona Beach, Fla. GERALDINE SMITH Nashville, Tenn. DOROTHEA STEPHENSON Newport. Ky. No Pictures C. B. SMITH Nashville. Tenn. JEWELINE SMITH Nashville. Tenn. DORIS STAFFORD Newport, Ky. en mm nnntnn MARTHA EVA BOBBITT Nashville, Tenn. ROY DANIEL BUTTS Shawmut, Ala. MARION GAYLE CARTWRIGHT Elkton. Ky. BEATRIE CURL Savannah, Ga. JAMES ERRICKSON Clearwater, Fla. DOROTHY FRANZ Ashland, Ky. KENNETH GOODMAN Glasgow. Ky. VIVIAN GRAVES Nashville, Tenn. VERNA GROVES Albright, W. Va. MARGARET HENDERSON Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS HORN Nashville, Tenn. JULIA HOWARD Ravenna, Ky. FAYE IHRIG Fort Thomas. Ky. PAUL LUMPKIN Fairfax. Ala. EVA FAY MACKEY Nashville. Tenn. NEVA GAY MACKEY Nashville. Tenn. BOB PINKERTON Sarasota, Fla WILLODENE NICKENS Lexington, Ky WILLIAM PATRICK Charleston, W. Va BONNIE PENN Sadieville, Ky DOROTHY PITTS Wilmore, Ky ROBERTA RUDDLE Fulton, Ky FRANCES SHIRLEY Double Springs, Ala CHARLENE SMITH Shawmut. Ala JEAN SPRUILL Nashville, Tenn IRENE SUTTON Old Hickory, Tenn ELIZABETH TAYLOR Nashville. Tenn VERA WHITE Frankfort, Ky BETTY TOMLINSON Nashville, Tenn DOUGLAS WALKER Nashville, Tenn RALPH YOUNG Winchester, Tenn IVA MAE GRANT Gallatin, Tenn CARROLL APPLEWHITE Jackson. Miss. NINA BAKER Nashville. Tenn. BARBARA BALDWIN South Carolina EDWIN BALDWIN South Ca rolina ARLENE BELL Jackson, Miss. LORRAINE BRIDGES Bradenton, Fla. MARGARET CUTRELL Nashville. Tenn. GLENN GARNER Nashville, Tenn. IRIS GATES Evansville. Ind. MEREDITH GORE B tesville, Miss. CARL WALKER HALL Charlotte. N C. JOHNNIE HOFFMAN Dunbar, W. Va. DORIS JEWELL Nashville, Tenn. JOHN WILLIAM HOWARD Ravenna. Ky. JAMES HERBERT LAMB Arcadia. Fla. CLARA McCLAIN Cookeville, Tenn. EARL MARTIN Glasgow, Ky. ENGLISH REDFORD Nashville. Tenn. JAMES SPRUILL Nashville. Tenn. DOROTHY YOUNG Winchester, Tenn. FRANCES TUCKER Charlotte, N. C I 47 ] GRAMMAR GRADES EMMA BLAND Terre Haute, Ind. PHILLIP CALLIS Nashville. Tenn. ELMER FAULK Terre Haute, Ind. MARGARET JONES Richmond, Va. GEORGE McLAIN Nashville. Tenn. EUNICE MacLELLAN Nashville, Tenn. DAVID MAURICE Miami, Fla. LORENE MIMS Nashville, Tenn. LELA PATTON Nashville, Tenn. GWENDOLYN REDFORD Nashville, Tenn. DOROTHY REID Louisville, Ky. JO ANN RICHARDSON Nashville, Tenn. ESTHER RAY RODGERS Nashville. Tenn. PHILLIP RODGERS Nashville. Tenn. GEORGE W. SCHN ITZLER California, Ky. WAYNE SHELTON Nashville. Tenn. HOWARD SPRUILL Nashville, Tenn. DAVID STEWART Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES SAMMY STONER Nashville, Tenn. JAMES RANDALL TURNER Nashville. Tenn. ERNESTINE VEST Falls City, Ala. GERALDINE VITATOE Nashville, Tenn. JOE ANN VITATOE Nashville. Tenn. [ 48 1 ACTIVITIES ALABAMA [ L C OFFICERS SHIRLEY LEE President PAUL HOCUTT Vice-President JEAN McGRADY Secretary LOUISE BRAKEFIELD Treasurer EVA BLACKBURN Reporter DR. AND MRS. A. K. BRACKEN Sponsors State Motto: Here we rest. State Flower: Goldenrod. State Bird: Yellowhammer. Club Watchword — Loyalty to God, State and College. ALABAMA Brave thy men and true thy women, Better this than corn and wine; Keep us worthy, God in heaven, Of this goodly land of thine. Hearts are open as our doorways, Liberal hands and spirit free; Alabe Alabc We will aye be true to thee! Little, little can I give thee, Alabama mother mine! But that little heart, little brain, spirit — All I have and am are thine. Take, oh, take the gift and giver, Take and serve thyself with me; Alabama, Alabama! We will aye be true to thee. I 50] OFFICERS FRAZIER HANCOCK President FLETCHER DIGBY Vice-President CHARLOTTE HAMPTON Secretary LUCENE Kl RKLAN D Treasurer M. E. REDFORD Sponsor Motto: " Wisdom, Justice, Moderation. Flower: Cherokee Rose. Bird: Brown Thrush. MEMBERS Lucene Kirkland Carrie Mae Rodgers Lora Lee Barwick Beatrice Curl Charlotte Hampton Tillie Ware Wiltsie Royster Lewis Pennington Jack Dell Frazier Hancock Fletcher Digby Ruth Newhouse Arnold Price Charles Lawhorn Doyle Smith Edwin Baldwin Jack Moore Ml! MISSISSIPPI OFFICERS BOB MOORE President B WADE DOWNING Vice-President FRAN MILLER Secretary FRAN MILLER Treasurer MRS. M. E. REDFORD Sponsor REYNDAL RUSSELL Reporter EDWARD JORDAN Jackson, Mississippi PAUL BLACKMAN Jackson, Mississippi B. WADE DOWNING Laurel, Mississippi REYNDALL RUSSELL McComb, Mississippi BOB MOORE Hattiesburg, Mississippi FRAN MILLER Meridian, Mississippi MAX GORE Batesville, Mississippi DORIS ATKINS Natchez, Mississippi CARROLL APPLEWHITE Jackson, Mississippi ELECE McDANIEL Natchez, Mississippi ARLENE BELL Jackson, Mississippi CHRISTINE JENKINS Cleveland, Mississippi JASPER JENKINS Cleveland, Mississippi I 52 1 i i l i ii 1 . 1 i an MEMBERS HOWARD T. WALL .... Raleigh, North FRANCES TUCKER Charlotte, North CARL HALL Charlotte, North MR. PAUL RIDENHOUR . . Charlotte, North MRS. PAUL RIDENHOUR . . Charlotte, North BERNITA HESTER . . . Winston-Salem, North MR. RUPERT CRAVENS . Winston-Salem, North MRS. RUPERT CRAVENS . Winston-Salem, North DORRIS MABE Morganton, North CONNIE KELLY Columbia, South WILMA HALL Statesville, North PEGGY WRIGHT .... Cherryville, North MAE McLENDON Winnsboro, South Carolina Carolina Ca rolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina L •» r 1 1 na Ca rol ina C a i olina Carolina Carolina Carolina I 53 ] OFFICERS CONNIE KELLY President HOWARD WALL Vice-President PEGGY WRIGHT Secretary BERNITA HESTER Treasurer FRANCES TUCKER Reporter MISS AMY PERSON Sponsor ii r 1 OFFICERS PATRICIA CARTE President BOB HEDRICK Vice-President LULU SAMPLES Secretary-Treasurer LILA LEE FISHER Reporter MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor MEMBERS Lewis Ashley Bob Hedrick Pat Carte Eva Friend Verna Groves Lulu Samples Aria Mae Amos Lila Lee Fisher Joe Songer Johnnie Hoffman Phyllis Browning WEST VIRGINIA HILLS O! the West Virginia hills, How majestic and how grand With its summits bathed in glory Like the prince of Emamel ' s land. Is it any wonder then, That my heart with rapture thrills As I stand once more and day dream Of the West Virginia hills. [ 54 1 VIRGINIA CLUB MEMBERS Euel Fox Lucy Mae Faris Bernice Deer Juanita Davis Lennice Conner Hubert Meredith Doris Forbes Ruth Deer Willard Brown Juanita Roberts Elizabeth Deer Clara Faris OFFICERS EUEL FOX President DORIS FORBES Vice-President RUTH DEER Secretary RUTH DEER Treasurer LENNICE CONNER Reporter Sponsor The Virginia Club was organized in 1941 with ten charter members. Our goal is to have an increase in membership each year and to apply ourselves in such a way that we will be prepared to be of service to God and man. One of our members, J. E. Fox, is in the service of our country. We feel he has taker with him the Christian principles instilled ir him here. [ 55 ] I II I I I I I 1 I I M l OFFICERS BOB SUMNER President NOVICE HARRISON Vice-President EMMA FRANCES WIGGS Secretary JACKLYN E. WELCH Treasurer MARIAN EDWARDS Reporter KOY W. PHILLIPS Sponsor MEMBERS Bob Sumner Bob Pinkerton Pegqy Fountain Naomi Fountain Martha Errickson Jimmie Errickson Novice Harrison Jacklyn Welch Delia Shaw Emma Frances Wigqs Mary Crauswell Doris Bridges Nona Edwards Marian Edwards Dorothy Ling Bill Thomas Don Sumner Josephine Ridgway Lorraine Bridges We are the gang from old Florida. F-L-O-R-l-D-A Where the boys are the squarest The girls are the fairest Of any old state down our way. We are the gang from old Florida Down where the old ' gaters play. In any old weather we ' ll all stick together In F-L-O-R-l-D-A. [ 56 1 State Colors: Yellow and Purple. State Flower: Goldenrod. State Motto: United we stand, united we fall. OFFICERS ALLEN WOOLUMS President LOUISE CRAWFORD Vice-President MARY RAYE PAYNE Secretary JANE IHRIG Treasurer MARIE MASTERS Reporter MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home, ' T i s summer, the darkies are gay, The corntops ripe and the meadows in the bloom While the birds make music all the day. Weep no more my lady, Oh, weep no more today, We ' ll sing one song for the old Kentucky Home, For my old Kentucky home far away. I 57 J TENNESSEE [III OFFICERS EWIN WHITE President JEAN BURNS Vice-President VIVIAN GRAVES Secretary IRENE SUTTON Treasurer VICTORY Victory for the Allies must be So many volunteers from Tennessee. They are scattered here and there; Their only trust is in God and prayer. We are loyal to our state and country, And in Christ we trust for Victory. Tennessee is the volunteer state; When war is declared we don ' t hesitate. But we volunteer so glad and free — Glad to give our all for Victory. So we at home will play our part, Carry our soldier boys on our hearts. To the throne of God we carry them and say, " Heavenly Father, protect our boys today. " On the land, in the air, on the sea, Tennesseans fight for Victory. — Ewin White. ! 58 1 I I Ml l i I . Mi !i CLUB OFFICERS PAUL McGRADY President LEOTA COOK Vice-President LOIS DONSON Secretary ADA M I DDLETON Treasurer We are a group of thirty-five students who have rambled in from the various states of the union outside of the Southeastern School Zone. We have sailed forth on the Sea of Knowledge from ports of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, Maryland, Delaware, Penn- sylvania, and Texas to Trevecca, seeking to explore new fields in education, religion, and society. I 59 J lh=S 1=4 The Music Department of Trevecca College participated in many activities during 1943-44. This department fur- shed music for the dedication service of the McClurkan Memorial Building, chapel and vesper services throughout the year, programs in the churches of Nashville, and the Easter cantata, " Oli- vet to Calvary. " The Music Department sponsored programs during the year, some of hich ar e " A Sermon in Song " by Reverend T. T. Lid d el I , several studio recitals, and one large recital during the Spring quarter. Offerings of appreciation, which amounted to over one hundred dollars, were received during the year, and went toward the advancement of the rr u i tns Christian work in its simplest form is the presen- tation of Jesus Christ to a sin-diseased humanity as the only panacea for that disease. It is the persuasion of men that there is a hell to shun, a heaven to gain, and a life worth living. (Chris- tian work is the pleading with men to accept the way of scriptural salvation and biblical living.) Trevecca College trains its students to better work for Christ by affording them opportunities for practical Christian work. This training is re- ceived by conducting services in churches, mis- sions, at street services, and in public institutions such as the jail, an orphanage, workhouses, and hospitals. Through the means of songs, prayers, testi- monies, Scripture readings, and sermons each year hundreds of needy persons are saved, reclaimed, sanctified, comforted, and encouraged in their preparation for eternity. I 61 S T E D 5 C L D B The membership of the Big Sisters ' Club is composed of those girls who have spent at least one year in Trevecca. The purpose of this organization is to help orientate the new dormitory girls and mate them feel at home. In the beginning of the year each big sister is given a little sister to whom she is to give guidance during the entire year Part of the yearly program is an outing or social given by the big sisters to aid in getting acquainted. After the little sisters have been sufficiently instructed in laws and regulations, they entertain their big sisters appreciation for their helpfulness. I 62] n i 1 n i P H r i H 1 1 1 n i 1 N N n i N U HARDY HALL CALL MEETING 20 YEARS HENCE Come hither, Cap Sisters, as in days of yore. Is the band all together? Call the roll as before. May, Emma and Ada; yes, Alph and Bea, There ' s Dottie and Ruby, Mrs. Shelton and me. There ' s Novis and Sarah — here ' s Margaret and " Lu. " Now let us recall an instance or two. I ' m sure we remember those long tangled strings; Ruby ' s follow-for-treasures was the funniest thing. May ' s midnight party — the gift — a white cat. ' The Christmas tree party — we had fun at that. Oh, the house coat party we had in the hall For Mrs. Shelton, our sponsor (she was sleepiest of all), The twin celebration for Clara and " Lu " — Such ice cream and cookies — the sur- prise they went through. But ever so often left around with a note Were goodies unthought of or pranks by a ghost. But of all of the fun we had through the year, Of the smiles we created of our deeds of good cheer Was the dummy for Ada and Alpha that day Dressed up in the corner while they were away. So on through the years of our lives that we live Strive ever for others cheer and sun- shine to give. —MAVIS N. ROSS CAMPUS LEADERS EVELYN RAMSEY VERNON CHANDLER Theological Theological SARAH SPRUILL High School These students were chosen by a faculty- student committee as recognition of the high quality work that they have already done. They have been examples scholastically ; have made contributions to the social life of our school; and have lived consistant Christian lives. EVA BLACKBURN College RUPERT CRAVENS College SARAH SPRUILL High School WILLARD BROWN High School B A B H A STAFF TROUBLES Getting out this Annual is no picnic. If we print jokes, people say we are silly; If we don ' t, they say we are too serious. If we clip things from magazines We are too lazy to write them ourselves; If we don ' t we are stuck on our stuff. If we stick too close to the job all day We ought to be out hustling up news; If we do get out and try to hustle We ought to be on the job in school. If we don ' t print contributions We don ' t appreciate true genius; And if we print them The annual is filled with junk. Now like as not some guy will say We swiped this from some other book. WE DID. The editor, business manager, and sales man- ager wish to thank the staff and sponsors for their willing cooperation. We are likewise in- debted to Mr. John T. Benson of Benson Print- ing Company. If you in the future leaf through these pages and enjoy the memories they bring back to you, and are inspired to be of service to God and man, we will feel we have accomplished our aim. THLVECCA MUM ASSOCIATION The membership of this organization is com- posed of those who have a definite call to the ministry, who believe the doctrines of the Church of the Nazarene, and who endeavor to live ac- cording to its teachings. The members are classified as pastors, evangelists, teachers, mission- aries, and song evangelists. The object of this association is fivefold: 1. To create greater interest in the Ministerial Department of Trevecca 2. To perfect man in Christ Jesus 3. To create deeper spirituality in the school 4. To promote Christian service 5. To increase ministerial effi ciency The officers are the following: President .... SHIRLEY LEE Evangelist Vice-President . . B. WADE DOWNING . . . Pastor Secretary-Treasurer, JACKLYN E. WELCH . . Evangelist Sponsor REV. M. E. REDFORD, Dean of Theology I. Not a brain in the crowd. 2. " Hoosier " posing for? 3. Guess what ' s on her mind. We can ' t. 4. Mis- sissippi Belle?? 5. Sweet hour of Prayer. 6. What? Two Yankies and a Georgian? 7. Roommates. ... 8. Cap sisters. 9. It ' s a habit here. SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS I. Sweethearts forever. 2. And maybe, too. 3. " Takin ' it easy . . . while I can. " 4. Here goes the Navy. 5. " Carry me back to old Virginia. " 6. Keeping up the morale? 7. The last time together. 8. Imagine, Homer alone! 9. A Perfect Day. 10. Is this the Army, Private Brown? II. Has Johnny Doughboy found a Rose in Ireland? I. There ain ' t no justice. 2. Gangway, for a big time. 3. No cooking in the rooms, remember? 4. True love never did run smooth. 5. Swing High. 6. Is this legal? 7. Victory gardeners. 8. Peep-eye! 9. No green car- pets? 10. Swing low. SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS 1. The way to a man ' s heart is through his stomach. 2. Take it easy, the bell hasn ' t rung. 3. " My brother and I. " 4. Look at the Birdie!! 5. Loren " or " Danny? 6. Hang-out for the Literary minded. 7. Down by the old fish pond. 8. Smiles a plenty! 9. um-m, and the preacher. Where ' s Margaret? 10. Reunion. I. Morning Paper! 2. No room here. 3. Fun a couple. 4. Yes, you ' re getting back to civilization, so — 5. " Hello, beautiful. " 6. Here today, gone tomorrow. 7. He ' ll be alonq in a minute. 8. Is there a man shortage? 9. Juniors onlyl 10. Say, a-h-h!! SNAPSHOTS eruice f ,o Curtis Albro Hollis Joines Herbert Jared Elmer Alford Horace Jocelyn Joe Parish i n n Ann p Thomas King Floyd Hail Rill Avprc Dili t ycr 3 Curtis Kirkland Eudon Latham Hubert Bankston Shural Knippers J. D. Irwin a r 1 1 n Bass Roy Kruse Arnold Price Joe Bates Clayton Langford Herbert Brown Arthur B6tson J. B. Lindsley Frank Abston John Benson Campbell Mackey Lee Gibson ( n r 1 a c R L=i r L " h i i r n Jesse Mackey Bill Belcher Frcink Blackburn Everett Mackey John Mims Bob Blanchard Eugene Mackey Harry Huff A D Boone Charles May John Hackett Clyde Boone Jack Miller Lena McHargue Alhprt Rn tirk Bug Mims Clyde Owensby Floyd Bo w it) a n Fred Moore James Harrison Carroll Bradley La Del 1 Morgan Leslie Jeter John 1 Brown Max Morgan Jimmie Stewart Preston Burnett Sherman Nash Norwood Painter Dudley Burrow Maurice O ' Bannon Raymond Bridges Hobson Byars Floyd Peele J. C. Simpson Willie Clem Charles Pegram Jimmie Tate Troy Cook Orion Ramsey Frank Tate Don Croft Adrian Rosa Bob Crawford Chester Davis Dee Rushing Chauncey Ellis Curtis Davis Floyd Shafer Richard Gray Charles Dodd C. B. Smith Edward Lawhorn Glenn Eby Nell Sue Truelone James Bland, Jr. Carl Fannin Josh Spooner Roscoe Henderson Joe Foreman Glenn btovall Buster Blanchard J. E. Fox James btovall P n tt Pelton l U53 1 CI 1 vll Earle Friend Wilson btrasbaugn I— l rnlrJ (-7 1 P n n Melvin Gill r A Cl ' II „ A 1 t b. W. btnckland, Jr. l rs in A prc idly » yci b Henry Gregory James Sullivan 1 .-i U n (1 nnnn JOnn _ uailliuii Wallace Lee d i c . 1 1 . -. « K. J. bulhvan Ronnie Crews Marvin Haliburton John Summerlin L. R. McClain John Hamby Kenneth Taylor Roy Williams Paul Harris Jack 1 nomas 1 p r rv M ri V Wilford Hawkins Jimmie Thomas Jimmie Gregory Marion Hawkins George Thomason James Ca rg i le Frank Helm Jimmie Thrasher Vance Luten Hayden Hicks Sam V a n n Buford Jewell Alton Hodge hwell Watson Robert Bla n ton C. D. Holly Bob Wendell Bill Castlen Edward Howard Ralph White Vester Daffron Ralph Howe Bob Wiggs Max Sloan Ralph Hudson Willard Wilsey A. P. O ' Bannon Walton Hurt Homer Adams Homer Benson Claude Jamison Jack Walling Joel Storie Ronald Johnson Roger Robinson SNODDY CHAPEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Route Three REV. PEARL CLABORN Pastor Motto: Holiness Unto the Lord. Jasper, Alabama % ■ ; - — -j i S f - „ _ w t vaM SNODDY S CHAPEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARLNr OUR STUDENTS, PAST AND PRESENT Rev. Horace Duke Emma Lee Brown Lawrence Brown Rev. Hubert Banlcston Mable Cooner Bert Richardson Elzora Cooner Paul Roy Brown Wilburn Hudson Ralph Hudson SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND " I want to thank all who made it possible for this page to be dedicated to the memory of my only brother ' Ked ' who gave his life in the service, somewhere in Italy that churches and schools might carry on. " A Pupil and Booster of T. N. C. kedrick Hudson RALPH HUDSON ™ s % : J_ MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. CECIL C. KNIPPERS MRS. CECIL KNIPPERS . REV. L. C. MILLER . . . REV. L. S. POLK . . . . REV. DICK MOORE . . . . . . District Superintendent District W. F. M. S. President Chairman Church School Board . District N. Y. P. S. President . . District Secretary-Treasurer " Mississippi is backing Trevecca in her March of Progress " COMPLIMENTS OF COLLEGE HILL CHURCH A. K. BRACKEN Pastor Lester at Hart St. Nashville 4, Tenn. WAYCROSS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WAYCROSS, GEORGIA REV. LEE GANN Pastor O. C. DELL, SR S. S. Superintendent V. W. STRICKLAND . . N. Y. P. S. President MRS. O. C. DELL, SR., . W. F. M. S. President MRS. R. C. PELTON, SR Secretary ' A Sincere Welcome Awaits You at Our Church. " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 31st Street at I Oth Avenue COLUMBUS, GEORGIA A Militant Church in a Military City BRUCE B. HALL, Pastor PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS PASCAGOULA MISSISSIPPI CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Extends to All of You T N C ERS a cordial welcome to worship here on the wind-blown shores of the Gulf of Mexico " We ' re back of you " Rev. L. S. Polk, Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 123 Moreland Ave., S. E. ATLANTA. GEORGIA " The Church With a Heart Interest in Humanity " REV. G. B. BREESE Pastor OUR STUDENTS THIS YEAR Charlotte Hampton, Fletcher Digby and Lewis Pennington. send prayers, students and money to Trevecca. When in Atlanta, we wanl you to worship with us. THE ALABAMA DISTRICT We are Whole Heartedly Supporting Dr. Mackey and Trevecca Nazarene College. REV. E. D. SIMPSON District Superintendent DISTRICT N. Y. P. S. OFFICERS LEON CHAMBERS President JOHNNIE RUTH JACKSON Secretary JEANETTE TAYLOR Treasurer NEWPORT, KENTUCKY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Is Whole-heartedly Supporting Trevecca and Its Program. R. L. IHRIG, Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MURFREESBORO, TENN. KOY W. PHILLIPS Pastor WE BELIEVE IN TREVECCA ' S FUTURE COMPLIMENTS OF NETTIE A. MILLER Nationally-Known Evangelist and Loyal Supporter of Trevecca. Visit the EAST POINT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 102 South Cheney Street IRVIN KENNEDY, Pastor " A Stranger but Once. " Phone CA. 8366. McCORD OPTOMETRIST 3 I 5 Fifth Avenue, North NASHVILLE, TENN. EYES SCIENTIFICALLY EXAMINED FRAMES CORRECTLY FITTED If not able to come to the Office, Phone 6-0304 Terms if Desired Member Nashville Academy of Optometry L. G. McCORD J. W. McCORD J. T. McCORD M. E. DERRYBERRY COMPANY AND SPOT CASH COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Nashville, Tenn. See White and You ' ll See Right DR. J. H. WHITE DR. CALLIE MAE WHITE 501 Hitchcock Building Over Liggett ' s Drug Store Phone 6-5970 CAMPUS GRILL Where T. N. C. Students Meet JOHN R. MAURICE, Proprietor COMPLIMENTS OF BEASLEY AND SONS CO. The Best in Building Supplies 147 3rd Ave., N. Nashville Compliments of THE FLORIDA DISTRICT A loyal supporter of Trevecca REV. CHAS. H. STRICKLAND, Dist. Supt. Compliments of FIRST CHURCH OF NAZARENE CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE VICTOR E. GRAY, Pastor THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodland Street H. H. WISE Pastor SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 Each Sunday A Department and Class for All. The Students are Welcome Here W. E. O ' FERRELL, Superintendent Morning Worship 10:45 Each Sunday N. Y. P. S 6:30 Each Sunday " Where the Students are Always Welcome " JAMES A. PATE, President Hi-N. Y 6:30 Each Sunda y Jr. Hi-N. Y 6:30 Each Sunday Evening Service 7:30 Each Sunday MIAMI CENTRAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 420 N. W. 40th Street MIAMI 38, FLORIDA REV. EARLE W. VENNUM Pastor THE CHURCH WHERE YOU ARE NEVER A STRANGER MAKE US PROVE IT GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road NASHVILLE (6) TENNESSEE I know of a church at the edge of the town Where heaven and earth seem to blend; For within the wide door waits the Christ we adore With a blessing for all who attend. They come to the church at the edge of the town And join with the worshiping throng, And tomorrow you ' ll face with a confident grace And a faith that is steadfast and strong. REV. S. W. STRICKLAND Pastor JAMES W. STEWART Music Director MRS. S. W. STRICKLAND Pres. W. F. M. S. CROCKETT SMITH S. S. Supt. MRS. RUTH BYRD Pres. Esther Carsons Winans MRS. OLIVIA TAYLOR Pres. Y. W. M. S. MISS RUBY HUGHES Pres. N. Y. P. S. A. D. HAWKINS Pres. Hi-N. Y. " The Friendly Church at the Edge of Town " REV. C. E. McCRACKEM Pastor K E N W I C K N AZARENE CHURCH A Progressive Church Supporting a Progressive Church School Phone Shelby 3069 215 Owsley Avenue Lexington, Kentucky REV. A. F. HADDEN REV. A. F. HADDEN ENTERING EVANGELISTIC FIELD Brother Hadden is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene and has had both pastoral and evan- gelistic experience. He is an earn- est, whole-hearted, uncompromising preacher of the gospel of full salva- tion. We recommend him for prayer- ful consideration to any pastor de- siring a good, Spirit-filled evangelist. MIAMI FIRST CHURCH Is Eagerly Watching the Growth of TREVECCA CHURCH OF THE NAZRENE THOMASVILLE, GA. LONNIE FRIEND Pastor The Church With an Every-Day Gospel for the Deep South. ' Services Sundays and Wednesdays Station WPAX Daily (Week Days: I I a. m., Sundays, 9 a. m.) " One Hundred Per Cent for Trevecca Nazarene College. " McCLURKAN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. W. I. COLLIER Pastor 49th and Alabama Ave. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE McCOMB, MISSISSIPPI CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. J. A. RUSSELL, Pastor MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. L. C. MILLER, Pastor ST. PETERSBURG CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 921, 90th St., North ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA REV. C. A. CONDON Pastor BETTIE WEST S. S. Supt. CATHERENE BROWN . . . Pres. N. Y. P. S. MRS. C. A. CONDON . . . Pres. W. F. M. S. BEST WISHES AND PRAYERS FROM CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. R. E. ELZEY, Pastor 2 3 6 S. E. 6th St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Charleston, S. C. HAROLD MONGERSON, Pastor Located on Helm Avenue, north of LeGare Homes in the Navy Yard Section. Victory Through Christ and Evangelism REV. W. WADE JERNIGAN Evangelist I I 14 Straightway Ave., Nashville 6, Tenn. GRACE CHAPEL, ALABAMA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. J. C. RUSHING, Pastor BRADENTON, FLORIDA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. R. V. BRIDGES, Pastor BEST WISHES TO TREVECCA FROM SHAWMUT, ALABAMA CHURCH OFTHE NAZARENE In the Heart of the Cotton Belt MRS. T. J. COX, Pastor P. O. Box 303 Shawmut, Ala. CLEARWATER COMPLIMENTS OF THE CAROLINA DISTRICT CHURCH OF NAZARENE REV. R. BROWNING District Superintendent 512 W. Main St. BennettsvMle. S. C. The Carolina District invites Trevecca students to labor in this field of abounding opportunity that promises greatest returns for service rendered. REV. JOSEPH BIERCE District N. Y. P. S. President 186 Jennings St., Bennettsville, S. C. THIRD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1622 I Oth Ave., North NASHVILLE 8, TENN. LIGE WEAVER Pastoi 1512 10th Ave., No. Sunday School 9:30 A. M. Morning Worship I I :00 A. M. N. Y. P. S 6:30 P. M. Evening Worship 7:30 P. M. Mid-Week Prayer Service Wednesday, 7:30 P. M. " A Warm Welcome to Everyone " TENNESSEE DISTRICT N. Y. P. S. REV. J. E. COOK REV. J. E. COOK President OFFICERS REV. VICTOR GRAY Vice-President MRS. R. M. GUNN . . . Hi-N. Y. Supervisor MISS RUBY HUGHES Junior Supervisor MRS. GRACE CAPLEY Secretary MR. CURTIS GALLOWAY Treasurer Spiritual, Educational, Missionary " Let no man despise thy youth " FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE South Broad and Maryland Streets MOBILE, ALABAMA Compliments of S HHl ' jjiH THE N.Y. P. S. MRS. R L ANDERSON President MISS GERTRUDE DUNNAM Vice-President MISS STELLA McCURLEY Secretary-Treasurer Worship with us when you visit Mobile. REV. OTTO STUCKI, Pastor CENTRAL CHURCH OF NAZARENE Harmon at Anderson SAVANNAH, GEORGIA CONGRATULATIONS Trevecca College and the Darda Staff. Our Prayers and Finances are behind you. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Central Avenue at Florida Street CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Our Motto: " Purity and Power " " The Church Where You are Never a Stranger " p a i n t i n o c o in p a n y n a s h v i i l t n

Suggestions in the Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) collection:

Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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