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TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE RUBY LEE NEELY, Editor HOMER J. ADAMS, Manager DEDICATION Professor L. Paul Gresham is genuinely Christian. His home life affords him a background that is distinctly religious. Most of his educational privileges came through holiness schools. Now, as he would say, " to pay, in a sense, the debt I owe, " he has given time, talent, and his very life to Trevecca. In his work he is outstandingly intellectual, unceasingly energetic, and tirelessly thorough. He moves quietly, with a most unassuming manner, into the lives of us students with a personal interest that chides professionalism. His well-founded convictions usher him along the " noiseless tenor of his way, " never lacking charity toward those of contrasting opinions. Never self-asserting, always faithful in discharging responsibility, he stands among us a MAN, capable of being followed. To him the student body and the annual staff appropriately dedicate the 1942 Darda. We have endeavored to present in these pages a true picture of TREVECCA as it has over- come new difficulties, attained greater heights, and added another glorious year to its store; and we have tried to portray the spirit of our school that makes her to us something more than just a school. 9U-2 ALEXANDER BENJAMIN MACKEY TREVECCA ' S MAN OF THE HOUR Almost if not alto- gether unique in the history of education among holiness col- leges in modern times are the personality and contributions of President A. B. Mackey of our own institution. As a student over a period of years in a number of the foremost universities of America, his chief concern was to seek out knowledge that was most practical and courses of action that were most honorable, whether to do so was popular and conventional or not. His phenom- enal accomplishments as a teacher and admin- istrator have been achieved through the con- scious and consistent observance of the same simple rule of life. With him, fanfare, display and a program of the spectacular have no value in themselves; their sole raison d ' etre is to serve the practical end of increasing his own and his institution ' s usefulness, thereby promoting both right being and efficient doing among all who come under the influence of Trevecca Nazarene College. The result of the operation of a college in accordance with this philosophy is a new, a rehabilitated, Trevecca. We do not believe that present conditions in the institution exhibit a loss in spirituality through the new emphasis on utility. Rather it is our feeling that the recent gains in financial strength, achieved through rigid adherence to a practical economy, have given the college a new prestige in our com- munity, among the people on our educational zone, and throughout the Church of the Naz- arene which has enlarged and intensified the sphere of our spiritual radiance. Some phases in the development of this re- habilitated Trevecca are well known to most of our constituency on J friends. The year 1 94 1 - ' 42 marks the transition of the insti- tution from junior to senior college stand- ing. We take signal pride in the fine class of A.B. and Th.B. grad- uates now going from our halls to emulate the example of our president and thus to perpetuate the ideal of the new Trevecca. Helping to make possible this expansion of our program to the four-year-college level, is the new building, to be entirely completed at least by the opening of school in September, 1942. This building is one of the largest and finest to be found on the campus of any holiness college. In addition, the area of the campus site has been expanded until it is now the largest of the college cam- puses of the Church of the Nazarene. The added acreage is enabling us to develop ade- quate playground facilities as well as to sell lots in appropriate places for the building of homes and the molding together of an ideal college community. This should interest a large group of prospective home builders who are also inter- ested in finding a wholesome, Christian atmos- phere. What Christian parent would not be at- tracted by the opportunities offered for the education of children in this center of Christian faith and workable idealism? What Christian young person will not see here the answer to his queries and the object of his quest for a college with holiness ideals as well as high standards of scholarship and aca- demic attainment? We submit these questions to ministers and laymen, to young and old, throughout our great Southeast. GIRLS ' DORMITORY To us these scenes mean more than mere buildings. Memories of many happy days are connected with them. It is here that we form new friendships which enrich our lives; solve our problems together ; and rejoice with each other over spiritual victories. Fun and laughter is by no means neglected in dormitory life. We live as one big family — to us it is " home. " BOYS ' DORMITORY THE STRENGTH OF FRIENDSHIPS It can ' t be bought. It won ' t be sold. It isn ' t formed in a day or a week. It radiates from hearts who ' re willing to care, and bear, and share. It only comes To those who seek it. It doesn ' t linger where it isn ' t needed; Yet it yields no coolness though not incited by words, and gifts, and flare. It breeds no wars, Nor engenders strife. It ' s the foe eternally of hate and greed. From it men never fear danger in shops, or homes, or air. Love ' s its weapon — " For others, " its creed. Its conquests are never effected en masse; They come through no armies, excited by songs, and drums, and blare. In college years Its ties bind strongest. ' TTs then its warmth should environ us all. For what ' s more noble, when youth meets age, than to dream, and plan, and dare? In sterner life, Too, we must guard it — This something that wealth may not yield, nor fame — It towers e ' en yet a timeless treasure, ' mid storm, and harm, and snare. What is it called? Why, how simple ' tis! It ' s what people have when they know frankly well Who their fellows are — in virtues, follies, faults — yet love, and bear, and care. It ' s our friendship, God ' s gift to us here. — L. PAUL GRESHAM. IN THE REALM OF MUSIC Musical education plays a major part in the life of Trevecca Nazarene College. Through the well-organized program su- pervised by Professor and Mrs. D. A. Yarbrough, all the students learn to love and appreciate the beautiful hymns and classical selections. Individual training is given in voice and piano. He who passes certain rigid tests in either field may be awarded a certificate. Musical organiza- tions of inestimable value are the Ladies ' 3lee Club, Men ' s Glee Club, Orchestra, and Chorus. This year the Chorus, which is composed of almost one hundred mixed voices, presented the cantata, " Ruth, " in several of the Nashville churches. Besides the iarger groups, there are many soloists, trios, quartets, accordionists, pianists, vio- linists, and trumpeters who serve to enrich the campus life. Music eliminated — Tre- vecca College meaningless. Above: Bernice Bradley in voice certificate recital. Below: The Ladies ' Glee Club. OFF FOR CHRISTIAN WORK A CAMPUS PRAYERMEETING RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES The unusual spiritual atmosphere at Trevecca is felt by the visitors as well as by the students who make it possible by their sincere Christian lives. Along with their literary training an hour is devoted to chapel where all meet for worship. It is here they listen to Dr. Mackey ' s stirring messages which help and inspire them in their preparation for Christian work. Twice each week Rev. H. H. Wise, Pastor of the First Church of the Naz- arene, lectures and preaches on practical themes. Each Tuesday night all the students come together to get in touch with God at the regular prayer service. On Wednesday night they hear soul-stirring messages on missions. The Holiness League, an auxiliary of the National As- sociation for the Promotion of Holiness, meets each Thursday night. On Friday and Saturday nights they listen to won- derf ul sermons from the student preach- ers. Too much could not be said about the Christian workers and their ministry in the city and neighboring towns. Each week-end one hundred or more Trevecca students carry the gospel to approxi- mately one thousand persons. THIS MATTER OF BEING EDUCATED An education is the acquired ability to do well the things that need to be done. If a person could know the things that he would need to do, it would not be necessary to learn to do so many that never become necessary to do; however if we could know beforehand what the future holds, a great deal of time could be saved, but since we do not know just what we shall be doing a few years from now, and since we do not know that the skill we acquire today will be necessary with the inven- tions of tomorrow, the best type of education is the building of a broad foundation which en- ables us to do or to learn how to do almost anything. In building this broad foundation we can be sure that to learn how to get along with people is necessary for almost anything in life. Doctors, lawyers, and preachers may be well qualified in their special subjects and yet fail if they cannot make friends. There is probably no better place to get training for life with others than in a boarding school. Economy is something anyone should know because of the problem of living which includes financing home and business; in fact, every per- son has something to do in wealth getting and wealth using. Possibly the training in financing one ' s college education might build a founda- tion for a great business career. It is generally agreed that an education is a great enterprise. If the statement is true a person cannot be educated by shutting himself away from the world and studying books any more than he can become a successful swimmer away from the water. A college education is probably most profitable for a young person in the face of a world crisis like today. People are now tempted to make money rather than go to college, but what money is made, a de- pression may come and take away — stocks and bonds can decrease in value and banks can break and the entire nation can be exploited by an enemy nation, but a trained mind and trained hands will always be in demand. A well- rounded Christian education can win in any emergency of life and even for the life here- after. I believe this thing of being educated is a thrill of a lifetime. A. B. MACKEY. OUR NEW BUILDING The Alumni Building — attractive, sub- stantial, modern, and efficient in design and construction. It contains a chapel, laboratories, a library, and classrooms. The chapel, including balconies, will seat approximately eight hundred persons. The library reading room is 30x80 feet, and will accommodate about one hundred and twenty students at one time. There are two library stack rooms ample for our pur- poses for some time to come. Other facil- ities are in proportion to meet the de- mands of our theological and college de- partments for a student body of four hun- dred. EARNING OUR EXPENSES " They fail, and they alone, who have not striven. " The door of opportunity stands open to those inspired by the burning torch of high aspirations to reach a predeter- mined goal. Trevecca affords many op- portunities for a student +o work his way through school. Most of the work in our library, dining hall, and kitchen and on our campus is carried on by student la- bor. Even in our building program the students play an important part. With willing hearts and willing hands and with a determination to reach our goal, we are able to help our school while help- ing ourselves. The benefits gained by our own efforts may determine the suc- cess of our future. Ready and eagerly waiting to serve to stu- dents the delicious hot food which our cafe- teria affords. HIKING Outdoor exercise is encouraged at Trevecca College, and nothing is more healthful than hiking. With a camera in tow students strike out across the country to Peabody Lodge or old Fort Negley. The exhilaration of the stiff exer- cise in the cool air lifts the spirits of the young people so that they are prepared to face graver matters. Hiking, whether over green fields or through white snow, is one of our favorite forms of recreation. WHEN GOOD FELLOWS GET TOGETHER Every night when some two hundred and fifty young people climb into their re- spective beds, they pull over them the covers of a memory-filled day. In the darkness they ponder with drowsy minds over events that will cause them to re- member Trevecca and its friends forever. Perhaps it was only a friendly chat after lunch, or a group of girls gathered in a chummy conference — it might have been an hour at the Rose Room, or a lesson thoroughly learned. Into the past week- end their thoughts may turn in those last wakeful moments before sleep overtakes weary, relaxed bodies, and the events will gradually fade into peaceful dreams. A CONFERENCE WITH DEAN SNELL For every problem, no matter how large or small, we find interested, sympathetic understanding from Professor Snell, Dean of the College. PRESENTING THE FACULTY AND CLASSES [ 19] -WO- n A. L. SNELL Ph.B., B.S., M.A. Dean of Trevecca Nazarene College Psychology Education L. PAUL GRESHAM A.B., M.A. Principal of High School Chemistry, History AMY L. PERSON A.B., M.A. Registrar English, Bible LILA THRASHER MACKEY A.B., M.A. Modern Languages, History ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD B.S., M.A. High School Science, Mathematics LAVELLE BERRY YARBROUGH A.B. Piano, High School Spanish MARTHA DeWITT GRESHAM A.B., M.A. Biological Science, High School Home Economics M. E. REDFORD B.S., M.A., B.D. Dean of School of Religion History, Theology D. A. YARBROUGH B.S., A.B. Head of Music Department High School History MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY l 20 J MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY FERNE DOGGETT SHELTON B.S. Art, High School English L. D. SHELTON Dean of Men H. H. WISE Chairman Board of Trustees Bible SADIE AGNEW JOHNSON A.B., M.A. Editor of Messenger Mathematics, Theology NINA MAE WELLS Commercial KOY WRIGHT PHILLIPS Th.B., B.S. High School English MILDRED FARIS McDOWELL Bookkeeper ROY P. GOMER Superintendent of Work ADRON E. HOLLINS Dean of Women MRS. M. A. MACKEY Principal of Grade School ELIZABETH THOMPSON SPRUILL Assistant Grade Teacher BESSIE SEAY R.N. N urse [21] CLASS OFFICERS THE COLLEGE COLLEGE SENIORS SAMUEL P. VAN N President NEIL RICHARDSON Vice-President RUBY LEE NEELY Secretary NORA DEAN GILLIAM . ' . Treasurer COLLEGE JUNIORS ELOISE DICKINSON President EUDON LATHAM Vice-President MONTINE MAYHAN Secretary LOTTIE BLACKBURN Treasurer COLLEGE SOPHOMORES HOMER ADAMS President GLADYS OWEN Vice-President SHIRLEY LEE Secretary GLEN STOVALL Treasurer COLLEGE FRESHMEN CARL ROSS President LEON CHAMBERS Vice-President LOUISE SHOAF Secretary JOHN R. BROWNING Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS J. B. ROSE President WILMA MOORE Vice-President EDITH PAUGH Secretary MARION HAWKINS Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS CLARENCE MIDDEN DO aF President JAMES TATE Vice-President RUTH PIC KLER Secretary EDITH WILSON Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES BILL AYERS President SARAH SPRUILL Vice-President HELEN GOBER Secretary LUCILLE RIGGS Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN FAYE DOWNS President LULU SAMPLES Vice-President IRENE SUTTON Secretary-Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL B f First Row SAMUEL P. VANN Lake City, A.B., Economics " His business ability will be proved in the tuture. " President, Senior Class, ' 42; Sales Manager, Darda, ' 42; ident Florida Club, ' 41, ' 42; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 40, ' 41, Parthenian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42. Pres- ' 42; RUBY LEE NEELY Celina, Tenn. A.B., History " Earnestness and faithfulness are the characterizing factors of her life. " Secretary, Tennessee Club, ' 40; President, Tennessee Club, ' 41 Vice-President, Tennessee Club, ' 42; Secretary, Senior Class, ' 42 Treasurer, Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 42; Editor-in-Chief, Darda, ' 42 Honor Society, ' 42; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42. JEANETTE TAYLOR Calvert, Ala. A.B., Psychology and Education " Faithfulness and loyalty are her marks of identity. " President, Alabama Club, ' 42; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 42; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 42; Chorus, ' 42. Second Row ADRON E. HOLLINS Roanoke, Va. A.B., English " Dignity graces her every action. " President. Class, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Secretary, Holiness League, ' 40, ' 41; Sponsor, West Virginia Club, ' 40; Sponsor, S. E. A. Club, ' 41; Sponsor, High School Sophomore Class, ' 40, ' 41. PAULINE CYPERT Florence, Ala. A.B., Economics " Life holds no real problems to one who smiles at trouble. " Alabama Club, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Reporter, Junior Class, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40. MARY FLECK Enfield, III. A.B., Psychology and Education " Conscientiousness is t he keynote of her life. " Chorus, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Ramblers Club, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Missionary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42. COLLEGE SENIORS [24J Firsf Row NORA DEAN GILLIAM Algood, Tenn. A.B., Economics " Her enthusiasm to work encourages others to do likewise. " Ladies ' Quartet, ' 39, ' 39, ' 40; Vice-President, Junior Class, ' 41; Treasurer, Senior Class, ' 42; Co-Editor, Darda, ' 42. NEIL RICHARDSON Springfield, Tenn. A.B., Economics " His contribution to man shall not pass unnoticed. " Editor, Darda, ' 38; Business Manager, Darda, ' 39; Assistant Business Manager, Darda, ' 42; Men ' s Quartet, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, 40. MYRTLE HOOPER McEwen, Tenn. A.B., Economics " When others are fainting she will still be strong. " Tennessee Club, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Vice-President, Tennessee Club, ' 40; Ladies ' Glee Club. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. Second Row CLYDE OWENSBY Miami. Fla. A.B., English " Success awaits the good student. " Transferred from Bethany-Peniel College; Honor Society, ' 41, ' 42; Darda Staff, ' 42; Vice-President, Christian Workers ' Associa- tion, ' 42; Vice-President, Holiness League, ' 42; Treasurer, Florida Club, ' 42; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 42. DOYLE RAE JETER Miami, Fla. Th.B., Religion " Sincerity is the compelling force of her nature. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Florida Club, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Secretary, Florida Club, ' 39; President, Florida Club, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Holiness League, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Missionary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Honor Society, ' 42. COLLEGE SENIORS [25] First Row FRANK ABSTON Albany, Kentucky LUCY MAE FARIS Victoria, Virginia EUDON LATHAM Columbus, Georgia MONTINE MAYHAN Bruce, Mississippi Second Row ELOISE DICKINSON Avon Park, Florida EARNEST McDOWELL Brookville, Pennsylvania ELEANOR CALLIHAN Russell, Kentucky JESSE MIDDENDORF Nashville, Tennessee (Theological) COLLEGE JUNIOR [26] s First Row LOTTIE BLACKBURN Robertsdale, Alabama RUTH JOHNSON Miami, Florida HELEN SHIPPEY Calhoun City, Mississippi CHESTER SPECK Alexandria, Pennsylvania " r (Tneological) Second Floor GUY McLEOD Vermal, Mississippi H. R. WARD Nashville, Tennessee (Theological ) JACKLYN WELCH Washington, D. C. RALPH HUDSON Jasper, Alabama COLLEGE JUNIORS ( 27 J HOMER ADAMS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla GLADYS OWEN Mt. Sterling, Ky RUBY JONES Morrilton, Ark IRLENE STOVALL Highway, Ky BERN ICE BRADLEY Hattiesburg, Miss MRS. M. E. SPRUILL Nashville, Tenn ANNA LLOYD SAXON Springfied, Tenn KATHLYN HOWARD Pineville, Ky GLEN STOVALL Highway, Ky. NORMA MUSE Delmer, Ky. EUEL FOX Victoria, Va. MADELINE McCASKELL Magnolia, Miss. FREDA NESBITT Paris, Tenn. SHIRLEY LEE Brewton, Ala. MARY FRANCES LORD Sanford, Fla. (Picture misplaced, Miss Lord is a junior.) COLLEGE SOPHOMORES 128) COLLEGE SOPHOMORES MATTIE GINTER Irvine, Ky. EVA BLACKBURN Robertsdale, Ala. HELEN HAYNES Manchester, Ga. CONNIE KELLY (Theological) Columbia, S. C. BOYD W. DAVIS (Theological) Cumberland, Md. LOIS DONSON (Theological) Muncie, Ind. ESTHER RUTH NOSSETT (Theological) . . Oakland City, Ind. GERALD W. EVERIST (Theological) Toledo, Iowa PAULINE HOWARD Pineville, Ky. BILLY WADE DOWNING (Theological) Ovett, Miss. NINA MAE WELLS Science Hill, Ky. l S k. ; a k v HSHEflHPiSSflfllHSBHMMHHttM HMII Hfli [29] PAULINE BENTON Ashland, Ky RUPERT CRAVENS Hartville, Mo FRANCES ALLEN Moultrie, Ga ALMA MURRHEE Starke, Fla CARROLL BRADLEY Newport, Ky GLADYS KING Waxhaw, N. C ROBERT SUMNER Miami, Fla VIRGINIA RIGSBEE West Chazy, N. Y. KENNETH TAYLOR Brush Creek, Tenn. CLARA FARIS Victoria, Va. WALTON HURT Mt. Hope, W. Va. LUCILLE GARRELL Lake Mary, Fla. JOHN LAWWILL, JR Lexington, Ky. RENA DUNCAN Greeneville, Tenn. MARIE OVERSTREET Nashville, Tenn. COLLEGE FRESHMEN [30] COLLEGE FRESHMEN CLARA LOU FULLER Magnolia, Miss. ANNE STRICKLAND Nashville, Tenn. JESSIE MAE MERCER Nashville, Tenn. SARA PEARSON Houlka, Miss. NAOMI NABORS Calvert, Ala. ROBERTA SAMPLES Bomont, W. Va. ROMA WELLS Ashland, Ky. ELISABETH RIGSBEE West Chazy, Ne w York MARIE LINDSLEY Nashville. Tenn LORENA SHARPLING McComb, Miss MRS. ELLEN TYRE Gainesville, Fla EWIN WHITE Nashville, Tenn ROSA CROSON (Theological) Hurricane, W. Va J. E. WARREN Nashville, Tenn MRS. J. E. WARREN Nashville, Tenn ROBERT WENDELL (Theological) Johnstown, Penn HI] BEATRICE BRAKEFIELD Birmingham, Ala CHARLES MAY Arqillite, Ky MARGARET McCLAIN Sheffield, Ala RALPH HOWE Frankfort, Ky MARY ELLEN KNIPPERS Florien. La WILFORD C. HAWKINS New Albany, Ind ALENE HOWARD Richmond, Ky ROBERT HEDRICK (Theological) Charleston, W. Va LEILA DELL MILLER Columbus, Ga. J. E. FOX, JR Victoria, Va. GLADYS MILLER Wrightsville, Ga. EDWARD LAWHORN Waycross, Ga. ESTHER DURHAM Moundsville, W. Va. REO MILLER Morenci, Mich. MARY FRANCES BROWN Meridian, Miss. LESLIE JETER Miami, Fla. COLLEGE FRESHMEN [32] COLLEGE FRESHMEN LOUISE SHOAF (Theological) Winston-Salem, N. C. DELIA SHAW (Theological) Orlando, Fla. MRS. H. R. WARD Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT BUSH (Theological) Columbus, Ga. GLENN CASS (Theoogical) Columbus, Ga. ADA MIDDLETON Dayton, Ohio ARCHIE MADISON (Theological) Nashville, Tenn. CLARENCE PATTON (Theological) Bloomington, Ind. LEON CHAMBERS Fairfax, Ala. JEWELL CASE Magnolia, Miss. RUTH WHALEN Cynthiana, Ky. CARL ROSS McEwen, Tenn. JOHN R. BROWNING (Theological) Nashville, Tenn. NONA EDWARDS Miami, Fa. ROBERT WIGGS Benton, III. ' it Jit A 133] Pi mm ■■■■■|HHBB|MB| • jar , — I . w 1 First Row PAUL V. RIDENHOUR Nashville, Tenn. ERM A TOMS Norwood, Ohio ROBERT RUTHERFORD Orlando, Fla. Second Row MALCOLM NORTH Nashville, Tenn. GLADYS STEWART Thomaston, Ga. JOHN DAVID STAFFORD Gainesville. Fla. Third Row COR DELL HUDSON Gordonsville, Tenn. J. DAVID BLACKMON . . . A. F. HADDEN McDonald, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. MINISTERIAL STUDENTS [34] HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS First Row ROBERT CRAWFORD High Springs, Fla. GLEN EBY Ft. Lauderdale, Fia. " If nobody else will do it, call on me. " " My task — balancing my Gold — and budget. " ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Columbus, Ga. WILMA MOORE Muncie, Ind. " Her ' s was a taste for tete-a-tetes. " " ... And the sunshine she spread was colossal, too. " JACK WALLING Charleston, W. Va. " He does not use his smiles sparingly, nor has he a small supply. " Second Row FAYE BROOKS Old Hickory, Tenn. MARION HAWKINS New Albany, Ind. " The waves lie still and gleaming, " Practices — not theory — interested him. " And the lull ' d winds seem dreaming. " „.„.„ iin D v i • -n 1 BEATRICE MILBY Louisville, Ky. EUGENE ADAMS . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. " There is none like her, none. " " Up, up! my friend, and quit your books; or surely you ' ll grow double. " JOHN MAURICE Miami, Fla. " Grow old along with me; The best is yet to be. " Third Row MINNIE ASBURY HOWARD Wilmore, Ky. EDITH PAUGH Beverly, W. Va. " I am not lured with love where nothing lies in the fingers. " VIOLA PAUGH Beverly, W. Va. " Her beauty is in a task well done. " " Silence was but one of her many virtues. " J. RAYMOND PARKER Laurel, Miss. " A silver tongue, A voice of gold. " J. B ROSE Sparta, Tenn. " His praise is this, — he can be praised of none. " a p [35] CLARENCE M I DDEN DORF, St. Louis, Mo. EVA KEYS ... Winston-Salem, N. C. A. D. BOONE gloria Mcdowell adrian rosa . . . jeweline cook . lucille rodgers edith wilson . . . Jayess, Miss. . . Newport, Ky. . . St. Louis, Mo. . Columbus, Miss. Gainesville, Fla. Charleston, W. Va. HIGH S RUTH PICKLER Faxon, Tenn. MARIE TATE Nashville, Tenn. MARGARET KEETON . Ann Arbor, Mich. HERBERT L. BROWN . . Nashville, Tenn. Hazel Lanier Ft. Myers, Fla. MARTHA BELL KINGERY, Cincinnati, O. ANNE TROUTT Camden, Tenn. LOUISE CRAFT Russell, Ky. VIRGINIA HOWARD . . Richmond, Ky. C H O O L J EULA MAE LINDSEY LAVERNE ANDERSON DORIS FORBES . . . MERLE CHAPEK . . WILDA MAE RUFFIN WILLENE AGEE . . . ETHEL VENABLE JOHN M. BROWN Waycross, Ga. Old Hickory, Tenn. . . Roanoke, Va. . . Meridian, Miss. . Columbus, Miss. Old Hickory, Tenn. . . St. Louis, Mo. . Meridian, Miss. U N I O R S [36] HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES WILLIAM AYERS . - Lancaster, Ky DOROTHY ADAMS . . Opdyke, III SARAH SPRUILL . . Nashville, Tenn TENNYSON HOWARD, Wilmore, Ky LUCILLE RIGGS . . . Anniston, Mo LOUISE THOMPSON, Ft. Myers, Fla HELEN GOBER . . . Pontiac, Mich HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN FAYE DOWNS .... Birmingham, Ala. JOE PARRISH Eaton Park, Fla. VERA PLETCHER .... Altoona, Penn. WILLIAM THOMAS .... Miami, Fla. LULU SAMPLES .... Bomont, W. Va. BUSTER BLANCHARD . Jonesboro, Ark. RAYBURN FREY . . . Springfield, Tenn. PHYLLIS BROWNING . Nashville, Tenn. JAMES THOMAS . . . Dunbar, W. Va. IRENE SUTTON ... Old Hickory, Tenn. LEWIS SWOPE .... Selinsgrove, Penn. MARIE C. BROCKM AN Lexington. Ky. JANE OVERSTREET . . Nashville, Tenn. a o o g [37] SPECIAL STUDENTS CLAUDE GALLOWAY . Nashville, Tenn. Religion MRS. A. F. HADDEN . McDonald, Tenn. Piano JOSEPH SLAMP .... Waycross, Ga Voice GRAMMAR SCHOOL MRS. M. A. MACKEY, Principal Joseph Bates Billie Crowder Joe Forman Jessie Lee Helton Randall Kennedy Curtis Kirkland Eva Fay Mackey Neva Gay Mackey Jean Overstreet Lela Patton Jean Spruill Harold Lee Williams Esther Rae Rodgers Don Shelton Joseph Slamp Brentson Spruil! Clarice Spruill Howard Spruill James Spruill Barbara Jean Tate Madge Whited [38] [39] QUARTETS AND TRIOS . y COLLEGE MEN ' S QUARTET COLLEGE LADIES ' TRIO Howe, Adams, Taylor, Stovall Moore, McCaslcell, Donson HIGH SCHOOL BOYS ' QUARTET HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS ' TRIO Walling, Hawkins, Adams, Maurice C.-aft, Thompson, Chapek HO] MEN ' S GLEE CLUB " Faithful practice brings its reward as the Men ' s Glee Club load up for a long trip and a full day of singing. " Saying good-bye isn ' t so bad — for the good eats will compensate. THE MESSENGER QUARTET Young, Lawwill, Hendershot, Boshell ORCHESTRA Our orchestra has grown until we now have a talented group of musicians which would honor any school. PIANO PRACTICE The road to success is no super highway. Practice makes perfect, but it takes a lot of it. HOME ECONOMICS Excellent training — " She can sew a fine seam, but can she bake a cherry pie? " " Yes, she is also a good cook in the making. " TYPING CLASS The " hunt-and-peck " system may be all right. But these students are learning to do less " hunting " and more " pecking. " The Commercial Department is a new and valuable addition to our curriculum. 1 3 ART CLASS There ' s beauty in the world, and these students are learning not only to see it, but to show it to others. Being able to appreciate art is not an ordinary characteris- tic, but something that requires much training. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE A young scientist explores the mysteries of the microscopic world. In the field of learning knowledge creates questions that can only be answered by further knowledge. OCTAVIAN LITERARY SOCIETY The aim of the Octavian Literary Society dur- ing the current year has been to provide a high type of literary and musical entertainment, and to foster an appreciation for such entertain- ment among our student body. WE DEBATE Pro and con — questions of momentous im- portance are discussed and settled as these great minds tangle in warm debate. CHRISTIAN WORKERS ' CALLED MISSIONARIES ASSOCIATION Christian work is the most outstanding feature of Trevecca. It is the spirit and life of the school. Each Sunday groups of happy, spirit- filled young people go out to hold services in the workhouses, hospitals, and jails. This con- tinued Christian work is a blessing, not only to the students and the school, but to the entire city of Nashville. A thousand souls saved in a year is not unusual. COME unto me. TARRY until ye be endued with power from on high. GO ye unto all the world and preach the gospei. Lo I am with you always. These young people have received a definite call to the mission fields of Africa, India, and China. They are now making the necessary preparation and getting the proper training which will fit them for this special service. [16] CAMPUS REFLECTOR THE HONOR SOCIETY " Say, staff! Listen to this one! " The Campus Reflector is a bi-monthly student publication which reflects humor, etiquette, news, and the social life of interest to students and their friends. Jacklyn Welch is editor. Phi Delta Lambda, the honor society of the Nazarene colleges, is re presented by the Zeta Chapter in Trevecca Nazarene College. At present there are three permanent and seven associate members. Best All-Round J. B. ROSE tut 1 I . Tfcz 1 i Bast Student CLYDE OWENSBY WHO ' S Most Popular HOMER ADAMS Most Attractive J. RAYMOND PARKER STATE CLUBS RAMBLERS CLUB " No certain state for all to call our own, but we are a happy group after all. " FLORIDA CLUB " Cold? We guess so, ' cause we aren ' t used to weather like this? " GEORGIA CLUB They call us crackers, but, really, we are peaches. " ALABAMA CLUB Here we rest ' — living up to the meaning of our state name. " MRS H. F. TATE Dietician THE CAFETERIA Something else new in Trevecca! This year our dining room was Transformed into a cafeteria. We like it. It affords us a greater variety of food at more econom- ical prices. THE ROSE ROOM Halfway down the hill is Trevecca ' s own little lunch room. Proof of our enjoyment of this phivilege is shown by our patron- age. OUR LIBRARY Our library has developed into a quiet, well-organized center of book research, recreational reading and study. Students who have been properly trained and are efficient and dependa- ble in this capacity help de- fray their educational ex- penses by acting as libra- rians. Considerina the size of our college, Trevecca ' s library is excellently sup- plied. There is an excep- tional collection of rare old volumes on our shelves, many of which have been donated by friends; on the other hand, current magazines and periodicals are always avail- able. Our library is a pleas- ant and profitable place in which a student may spend his time. IN THE DORMITORIES It happened here that we answered September ' s call and entered into weeks of eternal friendships, filled by hours of experiences with our " lived-together " fellow, and in answer to the study hall, drowsy classes, and our other campus activities. [54] SOCIAL DAZE No, not quite. Just one big family group of two hundred and fifty. From the North, the South, the East, and the West they have come until the campus re- sounds with their busy tread. A Georgia Cracker and a Hoosier might become ac- quainted, and we have heard of such developina into last- ing friendship. Social life at Trevecca is more than just the Friday night visit to the Rose Room, a pleasant con- versation in the reception hall, or a gaze into the fish pond. It is an everyday privilege of associating with other Christian young peo- ple, sharing their joys and helping bear their burdens. TO AND FROM CLASSES Obtaining an education is a serious matter, but there ' s always time for a friendly greeting, a word of cheer, or help in the solution of problems — scho- lastic or personal. f Iter- HERE AND THERE I. Is this natural? Your guess is as good as mine. 2. Radioing — " There ' s music in the air " — making good use of her Christmas present. 3. The bus rattles, but its noise is drowned by the happy voices, as they travel the streets of Nashville. 4. " Jack of all trades, " and good at all of them. 5. " A dream, " at last coming true. 6. Does the sun ever set on Trevecca students? 7. Typewriters click and telephones ring as our office force efficiently discharge their duties. LJ C D f A K| r T I I CDC I. After all, a preacher must practice too. 2. Loren Paul Gresham and Patsy ™ " ™ ' ' " ' ' ' ™ ' ™ Yarbrough. The professors have to be trained too, you know. 3. Of course beauty is only skin deep, but it requires plenty of attention. 4. " You can ' t do wrong and get by, " this boy missed chapel. His loss — the campus ' gain. 5. Don ' t they look happy, what could be the reason? HERE AND THERE I. Just another sideline or should we say wash-line. 2. Here the young theologian expounds his doctrines while his locks are being shorn. 3. So you think snow is light and fluffy? Just ask this boy. 4. Freshmen think they ' re going places and doing things, it seems rather backward to me. 5. It ' s no little job to keep a furnace satisfied. 6. Are her thoughts on that book or else- where? HERE AND THERE I. She does her part for national defense by helping maintain the morale of the army. 2. Five minutes, boys, or you ' ll miss your oatmeal. 3. The ups and downs of a student pastor. 4. It must be a hen party. 5. With mother and dad millions of miles away, the new student needs a big sister in this strange, new world of school. A DARDA STAFF DR. A. B. MACKEY Faculty Advisor RUBY LEE NEELY Editor-in-Chief HOMER J. ADAMS Business Manager SAMUEL P. VANN Sales Ma nager NORA DEAN GILLIAM Assistant Editor V. NEIL RICHARDSON . . Assistant Business Manager LEON CHAMBERS .... Assistant Sales Manager CLYDE OWENSBY College Representative BILLY WADE DOWNING .Theological Representative J. RAYMOND PARKER . . . Fine Arts Representative EDITH PAUGH High School Representative BOB WIGGS, NONA EDWARDS . . . Stenographers [61 ] WILSON STRASBAUGH Bks. 126 Fit. E. 36th School Squadron Chanute Field, III. ARTHUR BATSON 14th Reconn. Squadron Mac Dill Field, Tampa, Fla. CADET JAMES D. THRASHER Air Corps Training Detachment Oxnard. California TROY COOK Hq. Hq. Co., 8th Qm. B.N. Ft. Jackson, S. C. DUDLEY BURROWS Naval Station Panama Canal Zone PRIVATE PAUL S. HARRIS No picture Transferred to Chanute Field, III. Bks. 205 1st S. S. JAMES J. THOMAS No picture " B " -Bat., Nth B.N., 4th Reg. F. A. R. C. Ft. Bragg, N. C. Above are the names and addresses of some of " our boys " in military service. Please put these on your prayer list and send them a card or letter occasionally. McCORD OPTOMETRIST 315 FIFTH AVENUE, N. NASUVIULE, TElNrx. Eyes Scientifically Examined DR. J. W. McCORD 30 Years Experience DR. L. G. McCORD J. T. McCORD Frames Correctly Fitted If not able to come to the Office, Phone 6-0304 ' ti:ii is if Di;siKKi) Member Nashv:!le Academy of Optometry ALABAMA N. Y. P. S. DISTRICT N. Y. P. S. OFFICERS LEON CHAMBERS President REV. LINDEN SEALES First Vice-President REV. J. C. KELLEY Second Vice-President MISS EVA RAMSEY Third Vice-President MISS JOHNNIE RUTH JACKSON Secretary JEANETTE TAYLOR Treasurer COMPLIMENTS OF THE ROSE ROOM LUNCHES — GROCERIES — ICE CREAM J. B. ROSE, Proprietor Operated by Trevecca Students " We Boost Trevecca " Prof. Gresham: Can you tell me anything about the great chemists of the 17th Century? Kenneth Tavlor: Thev are all dead, sir. Prof. Snell: Why did you come to college anyway? You are not studying. Jewell Case: Well, I don ' t know exactly myself. Mother says it is to fit me for the Presidency ; Uncle, to have a good time ; Sis, to get a chum for her to marry; and Pa, to bankrupt the family. Marion: Shall I take this little rug out and beat it ? Sam Vann: Hey, don ' t do that! That ' s John Brown ' s tow el ! Jack: Why didn ' t you shave tfris morning? Chuck: I thought I did but there were six of us using the same mirror this morning, and I must have shaved some other guy. Boyd Davis: I ' ll bet you came from a burg where all the hicks congregate at the post office. Bob: What ' s a post office? John Lawwill (Finishing a letter): I ' d send you that $5 I owe you, but I ' ve already sealed the letter. THE KENTUCKY DISTRICT AND ALL ITS DEPARTMENTS ARE 100 PER CENT FOR TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE REV. L. T. WELLS, District Superintendent REV. ORVILLE MAISH . Chairman S. S. Board MRS. L. T. WELLS President W. F. M. S. REV. JOSEPH PITTS President N. Y. P. S. Our earnest Prayer is that Trevecca will continue her program of building lor earnest Christian Characters. THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodland Street H. H. WISE, Pastor SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 Each Sunday A Department and Class for All. The Students are Welcome Here G. H. CALLIS, Superintendent N. Y. P. S 6:30 Each Sunday " Where the Students are Always Welcome " JAMES A. PATE, President Hi-N. Y Jr. Hi-N. Y 6:30 P.M. 6:30 P.M. NETTIE A. MILLER NATIONALLY KNOWN EVANGELIST AND LOYAL SUPPORTER OF TREVECCA " THE YARD OF FRIENDLY SERVICE " THE CASH CARRY SERVICE LUMBER CO. A. M. GIBBS, Manager M. T. CLAY, Sales Manager LUMBER • MILLWORK SASH • DOORS • PAINT AND ROOFING A Complete Stock of High Grade Lumber Call Us for Estimates We Deliver 1203 S. Greenwood Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. Phone 2-22121 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cleveland and Wort hington Aves. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 3-4984 REV. HAROLD G. GARDNER Pastor WILMA L. BENNICK Church Visitor ' Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly in All Wisdom. Prof. Phillips: Tell me one or two things about John Milton. John Maurice: Well, he got worried and then wrote Paradise Lost. Then his wife died and he wrote Paradise Regained. Madeline: Have you been up before the Dean yet? Mildred Foreman: I don ' t know. What time does she get up? " Did you make the debating team? ' ' " N-n-no. Th-th-they s-s-said I I - 1 w-wasn ' t t-t-tall e-e-enough. " Mrs. Mackey: Students, I ' m dismissing you ten minutes early today. Please go out quiet- ly so as not to wake the other classes. Gloria McDowell: Did you pass your cam ? Kat Howard: Well, it was like this, you Gloria: Shake! Neither did 1 WE HAVE PRESENTED OUR ADVERTISERS IN THESE PAGES. THEY HAVE BEEN DEFINITE FACTORS IN THE PUBLICATION OF THIS ANNUAL AND WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL PATRONIZE THEM LEHMAN BROTHERS QUALITY GROCERIES PHONE 6-5836 Murfreesboro at Elm Hill Road A home without book: is like a house without windows THE METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE 50 Years of Satisfaction COMPLIMENTS OF IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. G. B. BREESE, Pastor Onward, Trevecca! " CHEER UP " MODEL LAUNDRY MODEL CLEANERS D. D. CANFIELD Manager Telephone 5-3 I 1 4 CAPITOL CITY MATTRESS CO. Slumber Queen Inner Spring Mattresses at All Good Dealers. 900 Main St. Phone 3-0283 4 — Dresses, Coats, Suits — $1 FREE DELIVERY 5-3158 TENNESSEE DRY CLEANERS 208 Shelby Avenue Compliments of NEELY, HARWELL CO. Wholesal e Dry Goods and Notions Phone 6-8978 DR. J. M. TASSEY Optometrist 49 Arcade (Upstairs) Nashville, Tenn. SOUTHSIDE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Third and Ash NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE M. E. REDFORD Pastor J. C. BIGGS S. S. Supt. JULIUS CURTIS N. Y. P. S. Pres. MRS. M. E. REDFORD . . . . W. F. M. S. Pres. WHERE YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME • Our Support Is for Trevecca FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NEWPORT, KENTUCKY R. L. IHRIG, Pastor 225 Newman Ave. Ft. Thomas, Ky. COMPLIMENTS CLENDENIN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Clendenin, W. Va. REV. L. D. SMITH, Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 123 Moreland Ave., S. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHARLES H. STRICKLAND, Pastor JOHN F. CHILTON S. S. Supt. HERBERT C. HARVEY .... N. Y. P. S. Pres. MRS. J. B. BEAVERS W. F. M. S. Pres. YOUNG PEOPLE ' S SOCIETY FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 22nd and Bath Avenues ASHLAND, KY. GENE E. PHILLIPS, Pastor M. CRAY, Asst. Pastor Broadcast From Church Over WCMI Sunday Wednesday 11-12 A.M. 8-8:30 P.M. " Onward for Trevecca " Crown Tent and Awning Co. 936 Third Avenue, North Nashville, Tenn. GOSPEL TENTS For Sale or Rent FOLDING CHAIRS For Rent BUDDE WEIS MANUFACTURING CO. JACKSON, TENNESSEE Highest grade pews and pulpit furniture at reasonable prices for over 35 years. Write for catalogue. INGLEWOOD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Gallatin Road and Sunnymeade Drive Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Divine Worship 10:45 A.M. N. Y. P. S 6:45 P.M. Evangelistic 7:30 P.M. Prayer and Praise, Wednesday . . . 7:30 P.M. EVERYBODY WELCOME REV. R. J. SMELTZER, Pastor ARGILLITE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Is Supporting Trevecca MISS DOROTHY MADDY, Pastor Compliments of DALE ' S CHAPEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE GERALD W. EVEREST, Pastor Trevecca We Greet You FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Johnson City, Tennessee REV. and MRS. J. C. MATHEWS, Pastor Compliments of Radebaugh Lane, Optometrists 58 Arcade STROBEL ' S MUSIC SHOP Everything in Music — Musical Instruments 29 Arcade Nashville, Tennessee Hymns of All Churches Each Friday Night, 7:30 Station WSIX DEAN ' S SEWELL SUITS— GENT ' S FURNISHINGS J. H. CASHION, Mgr. Phone 6-9369 217 4th Ave., N. Nashville GOSPEL TENTS Sale or Rent Folding Chairs For Rent 6-2578—6-6323 Expert Workmanship First Quality Fabrics Satisfaction Guaranteed 50 Years Experience NASHVILLE TENT AWNING CO. 309-1 I 1st Ave., No. Nashville, Tennessee BEASLEY AND SONS COMPANY SASH, DOORS, PAINTS, GLASS KIMSUL INSULATION 147 3rd Ave., N. Nashville, Tenn. M. E. DERRYBERRY COMPANY And SPOT CASH COMPANY Wholesale Grocers NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE TOM, DICK, AND HARRY GROCERY FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES A. F. HtMMERLY, Manager See WHITE and You ' ll See RIGHT DR. J. H. WHITE DR. CALLIE MAE WHITE 501 Hitchcock Building Over Liggett ' s Drug Store Telephone 6-5970 DAVIS CREEK REV. FLORENCE WALLING Pastor R. G. MEANS S. S. Superintendent ARNOLD ODELL President N. Y. P. S. MRS. ISABELLE BICULEY President W. F. M. S. THE CHURCH WITH THE TRUE TREVECCA SPIRIT ONE VISIT— CONVINCES This is the school for me, " is the frequent comment of alert young people who visit our school. Come yourself; see and com- pare the spirited tempo of our training, our equipment, and the completeness of our school and courses. " Appealing to Those Who Want the Best " NASHVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Y.M.C.A. Building, 6-5637, Nashville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF RED ACE PETROLEUM COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ICE CREAM rtou«eke Bureau x WOODBINE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE JESSE A. MIDDENDORF, Pastor " A Church With a Heart Interest " SPRINGFIELD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE V. NEIL RICHARDSON, Pastor " We are Boosting Trevecca " MURFREESBORO CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE KOY W. PHILLIPS, Pastor ' The Church With a Trevecca Spirit ' BLAKEMORE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE JOHN R. BROWNING, Pastor " We are Supporting Trevecca " PINE HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 8. S. DOWNING, Pastor The Little Church With the Big Welcome HERMITAGE HER-VITA FEEDS Made in Nashville Sold by Best Dealers Everyw here 3-1983 Phone 5-5061 Compliments of the CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DOYLE, TENNESSEE REV. A. F. HADDEN, Pastor PHILLIPS BUTTORFF MANUFACTURING CO. Everything for Dining Room, Kitchen and Nursery ENTERPRISE STOVES, FURNACES AND STOKERS Established 1858 217-23 3rd Ave., N. Nashville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF PEACH ' S LUNCH ROOM A Clean, Comfortable Place to Eat Your Choice of Well-Cooked Foods Phone 6-9485 405 Broadway Nashville, Tenn. ALLOWAY BROTHERS CO. PROVISIONERS TABLE TEST POULTRY-EGGS-MEAT AT YOUR GROCER ' S DON ' T SAY BREAD SAY cMallum NASHVILLE CHINA AND EQUIPMENT CO. Hotel, Restaurant Supply and Equipment 219 4th Ave., S. Nashville, Tenn. TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE LOCATED IN THE ATHENS OF THE SOUTH The fastest growing school in the Church of the Nazarene with a safe and sound basis and a firm financial foundation. OUR AIM To Be Deeply Spiritual and Build Christian Characters Trevecca is the first line of defense in the Church of the Nazarene in the Southeastern Educational Zone Every member of the Faculty and Board of Trustees an earnest Christian. COLLEGE, A.B. SCHOOL OF RELIGION, TH.B. FINE ARTS HIGH SCHOOL • Write for Catalog Today A. B. MACKEY, President " The Sun Never Sets on Trevecca Students " ALABAMA CLUB JEANETTE TAYLOR President NAOMI NABORS Vice-President BEATRICE BRAKEFIELD Secy.-Treas " We are All T. N. C. Boosters " TENNESSEE CLUB MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor J. B. ROSE President RUBY LEE NEELY Vice-President ANNA LOYD SAXON Secretary FREDA NESBITT Treasurer " Tennesseans Prove Their Love for Trevecca by Their Service " GEORGIA CLUB GLENN CASS President LEILA DELL MILLER Vice -President HELEN HAYNES Secretary ROBERT BUSH Treasurer " Way Down South in Dixie MISSISSIPPI CLUB PROF. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsor MADELINE McCASKELL President RAYMOND PARKER Vice-President MONTI NE MAYHAM Secretary BERNICE BRADLEY Treasurer " The Land of Cotton and Magnolias " KENTUCKY CLUB MATT IE GINTER President GLENN STOVALL Vice -President VIRGINIA HOWARD Secretary n a i 1 1 i k i r ii a a n r PAULINE HOWARD T 1 reasurer " Friendly — Willing — Loyal " FLORIDA CLUB PROF. D. A. YARBROUGH Sponsor SAMUEL P. VANN President HOMER J. ADAMS Vice-President RUTH JOHNSON Secretary CLYDE OWENSBY Treasurer " The State of Sunshine and Flowers " W. VIRGINIA CLUB ROBERTA SAMPLES President JACK WALLING Vice-President JIMMIE THOMAS Treasurer EDITH PAUGH Secretary " The Mountain State " RAMBLER ' S CLUB BOB DAVISSON President WILMA MOORE Vice-President BETTY RIGGSBEE Secy.-Treas. " We are Divided in States but are United to Support Trevecca. " WITH COMPLIMENTS OF MRS. SADIE AGNEW JOHNSON JOHN T. BENSON Teaching her twenty-third year in Trevecca Nashville, Tennessee President John T Benson Publishing C 0 K. U. fc KUbbb REV. JOE E. COOK Dayton, Kentucky D i 1 i. • L L J LI ' 1 rastor, tastest-growing church in Old Hickory, Nazarene lawyer and T. N. C. supporter Ten nessee B. W. MURPHY HOWARD W. SWEETEN Paris, Tennessee Ashley, Illinois First church in Tennessee District to install National Evangelist and Loyal Trevecca fluorescent lighting Supporter G. PRATT P. P. BELEW Nashville, Tennessee Atlanta, Georgia Sunday School Supt., Woodbine Church District Supt., Ga. District and member of Board of Trustees, Trevecca CARL CORDELL PRATT JOSEPH PITTS Nashville, Tennessee Lexington, Kentucky N. Y. P. S. Pres., Woodbine Church Pastor and Trevecca Booster SCHOOL CALENDAR Sept. 1 6 — Registration for Fall Quarter Dec. 18-30 — Christmas Holidays Sept. if)- 1 9 — Services with Uncle Bud Feb. 3 — Trevecca Motorcade Robinson Feb. 4 — Board of Trustees Meeting Sept. 26 — General Social Oct. 3 — Freshman Day Mar. 26 — Registration Spring Quarter Oct. 21-22 — Ky. Karavan May 14 — Voice Recital given by Bernice Bradley Nov. 13 — Founder ' s Day May 26-27 — Final Examinations Nov. 27-28 — Thanksgiving Recess May 24-29 — Commencement Week Dec. 4-5 — Final Examinations Dec. 5 — Registration for Winter Quar- May 24 — Baccalaureate Sermon ter May 29 — Graduation Exercises o i E l i » H ft (A •» w » THI S B 0 OK D E S I C H E D A n D P R I n T E D cAutographs

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