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THE 1941 DUN FOREWORD It is not the desire of the Darda Staff of 1941 to produce an annual that is representative of the dreams of the boy or girl about to enter college, but one that is a well-rounded picture of the actual activities of the school year. May this yearbook be a reminder of the pleasures, scholastic attainments and spiritual blessings which you enjoyed while at Trevecca Nazarene College TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Editor-in-Chief, HARVEY HENDERSHOT, JR. Business Manager, SETTLE SHAW PROFESSOR MACKEY Our President ' s friendliness to every student has been tinged with a deep kindly interest toward each one ' s problems with the result that his liv- ing testimony will leave a profound influence on our lives down through the years. Without his optimistic attitude, unswerving loyalty to Tre- vecca and deepest devotion to God, many of us, no doubt, would have become discouraged and dropped by the wayside. He seems to say with Tennyson, " To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. " He has striven, he has sought, he is still finding and his attitude of not yielding to hindrances in his ultimate purpose, will leave in our hearts a vision and an ideal that will remain as the years go by. PROF. A. B. MACKEY, A.B., M.A. Trevecca ' s own Mr. Mackey on the campus of Mr. Mackey ' s own Trevecca. DEDICATION PROFESSOR A. L SNELL Dedicated in appreciation of his ability to grasp the students ' viewpoint, of being young with us, for his interest in our interests, of his fair play and wit, of his intellectual and spiritual life, and of his untiring efforts for the creation of a better Trevecca. [ 3 ] BOARD OF TRUSTEES REV. H. H. WISE Tennessee District Chairman REV. M. E REDFORD Tennessee District Secretary JOHN T. BENSON Tennessee District REV W. F. COLLIER Tennessee District REV. J. D. SAXON Tennessee District REV. W. M. TIDWELL Tennessee District REV. P. P BELEW Georgia District REV. H. F. EASON Georgia District REV. RAYMOND BROWNING S. E. Atlantic District REV C. C. BROWN S. E. Atlantic District REV. W. F. WIGGS Florida District REV. EARLE W. VENNUM Florida District REV. PAUL PITTS Alabama District REV. J. A. MANASCO Alabama District REV. CECIL KNIPPERS Mississippi District REV H F TATE Mississippi District REV. L T. WELLS Kentucky District PROF. A. B. MACKEY Kentucky Dist.ict REV. C E. ONEY West Virgiina District REV. EARL PENDLETON West Virginia Dist.ict LADIES ' DORMITORY Best known to Trevecca students as the happy scene of social events. CAMPUS VIEWS MEN ' S DORMITORY A modern, well-equipped, fireproof building with a housing capacity of about seventy men. AMY L. PERSON Registrar With words of wisdom measured by an un- compromising standard of morals, she guides and instructs her students, leaving with each the impression of a polished educator who is truly Christian. M. E. REDFORD Dean of Theology It is he who is largely responsible for the train- ing of the evangelists, pastors, and missionaries leaving Trevecca ' s halls. A self-sacrificing, ca- pable, religious leader of student activities. L. P. GRESHAM Principal of High School A combination of youthful vigor, mental bril- liance, sound judgment, and religious principles produce in him a capable figure in Trevecca ' s progress. .HE PROPOSED BUILDIN AUDITORIUM AND OUR INSTITUTION We Treveccans are much elated over the progress which has been made on our new auditorium. The significance of this building in rela- tion to the progress of Trevecca is great. The building movement in progress is one of the great movements in Trevecca his- tory which will make our institution a more desirable and outstanding one. Our aim cannot be altered. With the progressive spirit of accomplishment which our student body possesses, the goal must be attained. In later years we students of today will be able to glance back over the intervening years, gaze fondly at this magnificent edifice, and say, " We helped; we had a part in its construction. " When the time comes for us to leave these sacred halls, which we all love, we shall do so regretfully; yet there is still a bright side. The service we rendered Trevecca will not have ended at this pic- ture; indeed, it will only have begun. We shall then have the opportunity of boost- ing and helping to build a still larger and better Trevecca for the generations of tomorrow. After pledging allegiance to our coun- try and our God, may we forever pledge our undying devotion to our beloved Alma Mater as she weathers the sea of time; bringing a multitude of rich bless- ings to anyone who may sail with her. [7] M. E. REDFORD B.S., M.A., B.D. Dean School of Religion History, Theology D. A. YARBROUGH B.S., A.B. Head of Music Department Superintendent of Work LILA THRASHER MACKEY A.B., M.A. Modern Languages L. P. GRESHAM A.B., M.A. Principal of High School Chemistry, History ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD B.S. High School Science and Mathematics LAVELLE BERRY YARBROUGH A.B. Pia no AMY L. PERSON A.B., M.A. Registrar of Trevecca College English MARTHA DeWITT GRESHAM A.B., M.A. Biological Science I K IN APPRECIATION OF OUR FACULTY The faculty of Trevecca Nazarene College is an endowment which greatly enriches our usefulness as a Christian college. Their scholastic attainments are outstanding. Comparatively speak- ing, our faculty has a higher scholastic standing than many of the better known colleges. All of them have had many years of experience in the in- struction of young people and have become experts in their line of teach- ing. More than two-thirds of them have their Master ' s degrees and some have worked toward their Doctors ' . This in itself is a distinguishing mark of accomplishment. Our young people in the Southeastern Educational Zone will find no better teachers anywhere than those in our own Trevecca. Not our faculty ' s scholastic attain- ments alone make them an important part of our church school; their sancti- fied lives wield an influence on our stu- dents that they can never forget. It is essential in a holiness college like ours, whose purpose is to train young men and women for work in the kingdom of God and the church, to have professors and teachers who possess a high spir- it ual and moral standard as well as a high scholastic standing. Each of our teachers has a clear, definite expe- rience of salvation which is reflected in their teaching and everyday living. Our students feel free to call on their teach- ers in times of spiritual or moral need. Every class is ooened with prayer and it is not an uncommon occurrence for a teacher to help some backslidden or unsaved student to pray through and become established in his experience of salvation. This is indeed a factor for which we may boast, for very few col- leges of today offer such a classroom atmosphere. The self-sacrificing spirit of our teachers and their devotion to the up- building of our school has inspired us to love and uphold the ideals of our alma mater. They have dedicated their lives in loving service to the cause of Christian education; their patient and unselfish spirit endears them to our hearts; their noble and inspirational lives have instilled within us a desire to scale the heights and maintain the lofty ideals and standards which they are teaching us. God bless our Faculty! A. L. SN ELL Ph.B., B.S., M.A. Dean of Trevecca College Psychology M. A. MACKEY Principal of Grade School L. D. SHELTON Dean of Men SADIE AGNEW JOHNSON A. 8., M.A. Editor of " Messenger " Mathematics Theology BESSIE SEAY R. N. N u rse FERNE DOGGETT SHELTON B.S. Art, High School English R. P. GOMER Bookkeeper ADRON HOLLINS Dean of Women [9] CLASS OFFICERS COLLEGE SOPHOMORES CARRIE M PEARSON OLIVER CLYDE HUFF . , . President RALPH HUDSON Secretary Vice-President RUTH JOHNSON Treasurer COLLEGE JUNIORS FRANK ABSTON President NORA DEAN GILLIAM Vice-President RUBY LEE NEELY Secetary and Treasurer COLLEGE FRESHMEN HOMER ADAMS President JOHN LAWWILL Vice-President SHIRLEY LEE Secretary BETTY GOLDEN Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS CARL ROSS President J. R. BROWNING Vice-President MARJORIE GRUBBS Secretary MAXINE MOORE Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS RAYMOND PARKER President GLEN EBY Vice-President VIOLA PAUGH Secretary MARION HAWKINS Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES J. B. ROSE President DAVID AYERS Vice-President RUTH PICKLER Secretary MARY PARKS MIMS Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN THURSTON JOHNSON President BILL AYERS Vice-President KATHERINE HORN Secretary and Treasurer THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT DAVID PATTEN President PAUL KING Vice-President HUBERT BANKSTON Treasurer LOIS DONSON Secretary FRANK ABSTON Albany, Kentucky RUBY LEE NEELY CeMna, Tennessee EARNESTINE MORGAN RICHARDSON Mobile, Alabama V. NEIL RICHARDSON Erin, Tennessee NORA DEAN GILLIAM Rickman, Tennessee PAULINE CYPERT Florence, Alabama MYRTLE HOOPER McEwen, Tennessee SAMUEL VANN Lake City, Florida JAMES THRASHER Albany, Kentucky MARY FLECK Enfield, Illinois COLLEGE JUNIORS [ 12] CARRIE PEARSON Avon Park, Florida " A smile for all, a greeting glad, An amiable, jolly way she had. " President Sophomore Class, ' 41; Treasurer, Ladies ' Glee Club ' 41; Campus Reflector Staff, ' 40, ' 41; Art Club, ' 40; Christian ' Workers ' Association, ' 40, ' 4l;Holiness League, ' 40 ' 41 • Parthenian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41; Florida Club, ' ' 40 ' 4I- Chorus ' 40, ' 41; Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 40, ' 41. DONOVAN CROFT Avon Park, Florida " Freckles, a grin, blue, blue eyes, red hair, A true-hearted sincere funloving friend. " Florida Club Treasurer, ' 41; Chorus, ' 40, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 40, ' 41; Sports Editor, Campus Re- flector, ' 40, ' 41. JOHNNYE MILLSAPS Sweetwater, Tennessee " It ' s a friendly heart that hath plenty of friends. " Secretary, Tennessee Club, ' 40; Secretary, Parthenian Literary Society ' 41; Co-Editor, Campus Reflector, ' 41; Chorus, ' 40, ' 41; Ladies ' ' Glee Club, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 41; Music Club, ' 40. LOTTIE BLACKBURN Summerdale, Alabama " Friendly, modest, clean life and sincere, The rest of her is hard work. " Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Alabama Club, ' 39 ' 40 ' 41- Holiness League, ' 41; Missionary League, ' 40, ' 41; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41. A. P. O BANNON La Belle, Florida " He was frank, fresh, hardy, of joyous mind, and strong. " Florida Club, ' 40, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41. ANNE ROSS McEwen, Tennessee " It is the steady, quiet, plodding ones who win the life- long race. " Tennessee Club, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 41. MILDRED FARIS Victoria, Virginia " Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. " Campus Reflector Staff, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 41; Chorus, ' 41. ZENITH JORDAN Jackson, Tennessee Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40, ' 41; Missionary Society ' 40 ' 41; Chorus, ' 40 ' 41. ELOISE DICKINSON Avon Park, Florida " Inner sunshine warms not only the heart of the owner, but all who come in contact with it. " Darda Staff, ' 41; Secretary, Florida Club, ' 40; Vice-President, Florida Club, ' 41; Secretary of Chorus, ' 41; Secretary, Ladies ' Glee Club ' 41; Secretary, Holiness League, 41; Campus Re- flector Staff, ' 41; Chorus, ' 40, ' 41. EARL BONNEAU RYNERSON ... Harrodsburg, Kentucky " He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one, Exceeding wise, fair spoken and persuading. " Campus Reflector Staff, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 40- ' 4l; Kentucky Club, ' 40, ' 41; Parthenian Literary So- ciety, ' 40- ' 4l. COLLEGE SOPHOMORES f 131 COLLEGE S ALINE McDANIEL Natchez, Mississippi " It ' s the songs she sings and the smiles she wears That mikes the sunshine everywhere. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 ' 41- Chorus ' 39 ' 40, ' 41; Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Ramblers ' Club, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Mississippi Club, ' 41; President, Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39; Secretary-Treasurer, Art Club, ' 40; Secretary, Reporter, Senior Class, ' 40; Secretary-Treasurer, Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 40; Ladies ' Quartet, ' 40; Ladies ' Trio ' 41; Vice-President, Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 41; Co-Editor Darda Staff, ' 41. PATSY WEST Irvine, Kentucky " A speck of humor and a smile Rare hazel eyes, a friend worth while. " Ladies ' Glee Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41; Missionary Society, ' 40, ' 41; Kentucky Club, ' 39, - 40] ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40, ' 41. HARVEY HENDERSHOT Mooresville, Indiana " He has his own opinions and is ready to stand by them, His head is clever and his hands are capable. " Editor-in-Chief, Darda Staff, ' 41; Sales Manager, Darda Staff, ' 40; Vice-President, Christian Workers ' Association, ' 41; Pres- ident, Freshman Class, ' 40. DOROTHY KNIPPERS Lawrenceburg, Tennessee " She ' s a good worker, never a shirker, A friend true blue, loyal through and through. " Darda Staff, ' 40; Editor, Campus Reflector, ' 41; President, Parthenian Literary Society, ' 40; Ladies ' Glee Club ' 40 ' 41; Chorus, ' 40, ' 41; Ladies ' Quartet, ' 40. RUTH JOHNSON Miami, Florida " Gentle and true, simple and kind is she, Noble of mien with gracious speech to all. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41; Chorus, ' 40, ' 41; Stenog- rapher, Darda Staff, ' 41; Secretary, Christian Workers ' Asso- ciation, ' 41; C ampus Reflector Staff, ' 40, ' 41; Treasurer, Soph- omore Class, ' 41; Florida Club, ' 40, ' 41. HELEN SHIPPEY Calhoun City, Mississippi " Helen is faithful and honest too, A cheery worker, a friend true blue. " Mississippi Club, ' 41; Chorus, ' 41; Parthenian Literary So- ciety, ' 41. HILDA CARLTON Alexander City, Alabama " Success is hers who says little, hears much and thinks deeply. " Christian Workers ' Association, ' 40, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40; Secretary, Alabama Club, ' 40; Chorus, ' 40; Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 40; Missionary Society, ' 40, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41. RALPH HUDSON Jasper, Alabama " Never too careless, nor too sad, Never too studious; always glad. " Secretary, Sophomore Class, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Scciety, ' 40, ' 41; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 40, ' 41; Chorus, ' 40, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 41. LUCY MAE FARIS Victoria, Virginia " She is essentially a lady, sympathetic, affectionate, and true to our traditions. " Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 41; Chorus, ' 40, ' 41; Parthenian Lit- erary Society, 40, ' 41; S. E. A. Club, ' 40, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association. MONTINE MAYHAN Bruce, Mississippi " Sober, quiet, passive and demure One of those friends of whom your are always sure. " Darda Staff, ' 41; Chorus, ' 40, ' 41; Mississippi Club, ' 40, ' 41; Christian Workers, ' 40, ' 41; Missionary Society, ' 40. Miss McDaniel, a College Junior appears in this group by mistake. OPHOMORES t 14 J First Row Second Row MILDRED DRISKELL NAOMI NABORS GENEVE CUNNINGHAM RUBY JONES SADIE CAVENDER MADELINE McCASKELL . Magnolia, Mississippi JUANITA WILSEY ELISE MILLER . . . Monterey, Tennessee EVA BLACKBURN MARY FRANCES BROWN . . . Meridian, Mississippi BETTY GOLDEN . . Charleston, West Virginia MARY SHAFFER . . Dawes, West Virginia PICTURES MISSING MAURICE O ' BANNON La Belle, Florida ELIZABETH THOMPSON SPRUILL . . . Nashville, Tennessee NORWOOD PAINTER BEATRICE SHOCKLEY WARREN . . . Memphis, Tennessee JOHN D. SANDERS Hamilton, Mississippi MARION YOUNG . . . McEwen, Tennessee COLLEGE FRESHMEN 1 151 HOMER ADAMS Ft. Lauderdale, Florida LORENE FIELDS Tuscaloosa, Alabama CORNELIA DEAN Plant City, Florida MARGARET McCLAIN Sheffield, Alabama CAROLYN CAMPBELL Princeton, Florida VIVIAN McAULAY Stewart, Tennessee OVIE GARNTO Wriqhtsville, Georgia IRLENE STOVALL Highway, Kentucky ERLENE CURL Blountsville, Alabama LOIS SEXTON Columbia, South Carolina NORMA MUSE Delmer, Kentucky JOSHUA SPOONER Hernando, Florida PICTURES MISSING DOROTHA BIGGERS Rebecca, Georgia VERA MAE BLANTON Nauvoo, Alabama ROBERT BLANTON Nauvoo, Alabama OLIVE ROSE BOSTICK Wurtland, Kentucky JAMES DUDLEY BURROW Goodlettsville, Tennessee WENDELL DAVIDSON Albany, Kentucky COLLEGE First Row GLEN STOVALL Highway, Kentucky SHIRLEY LEE Brewton, Alabama KATHLYN HOWARD Pineville, Kentucky PAULINE HOWARD Pineville, Kentucky ROBERTA SAMPLES Bomont, West Virginia Second Row GLADYS OWEN Ft. Myers, Florida EUEL FOX Victoria, Virginia HELEN HAYNES Manchester, Georgia GOLDIE PLETCHER Altoona, Pennsylvania MARY STEENBERGEN Ashland, Kentucky Third Row ANNA LLOYD SAXON Springfield, Tennessee DOROTHY MEADOR Greensboro, North Carolina GLADYS MILLER Wrightsville, Georgia VALERIA CAMPBELL Princeton, Florida MELVIN GILL Erin, Tennessee PICTURES MISSING PAUL FISHER Flint, Michigan HORACE JOSCELYN Nashville, Tennessee MARGARET FOSTER Fairfield, Alabama EVERETTE MACKEY Albany, Kentucky MARY HOOVER Heaston, Pennsylvania FREDA NESBITT Paris, Tennessee FRESHMEN I 171 THEOLOGICAL DIPLOMA STUDENTS DAVID PATTEN Pensacola, Florida President, Theological Class, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 37, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 37, ' 41; Assistant Salesmanager Darda Staff, ' 41; Treasurer, Christian Workers Association, ' 41. LOIS DONSON Muncie, Indiana Ladies ' Quartet, ' 40, ' 41; Ladies ' Trio, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 41 Holiness League, Ramblers ' Club, ' 39, ' 40; Yankee Club, ' 41; ' 39, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 41; Chorus, ' 39, ' 41. PAUL KING Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Yankee Club, ' 40, ' 41; Vice-President, Yankee Club, ' 41; Vice-President, Theological Class, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Asso- ciation, ' 40, ' 41; Missionary Society, ' 40, ' 41; Darda Staff, The- ological Representaive, ' 41. JACKLYN ELIZABETH WELCH Orlando, Florida Parthenian Literary Society, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40, ' 41; Florida Club, ' 40, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 40, ' 41. JESSE MIDDENDORF St. Louis, Missouri President, Ramblers ' Club, ' 38, ' 39; Tennessee Club, ' 41; Darda Staff, ' 39, ' 40; Ministerial Association; Honor Roll; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 38, ' 39; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 39; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41; President, Theological Class, ' 40; Stu- dent Pastor, ' 40, ' 41. CHESTER D. SECK Alexandria, Pennsylvania Vice-President, Christian Workers ' Association, ' 40; Treasurer, Christian Workers ' Association, ' 40; Secretary, Theological Class, ' 40; Ramblers ' Club, ' 38- ' 40; Yankee Club, ' 41; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 38- ' 4l; Chorus, ' 38- ' 41; Holiness League, ' 38- ' 4l; Missionary So- ciety, ' 38- ' 4 1 ; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38- ' 41. OLIVER CLYDE HUFF Louisville, Kentucky Student Pastor, ' 40, ' 41; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 40, ' 41; Chorus, ' 39 ' 40, ' 41; Theological Representative Darda Staff, ' 40; Salesman ager, Darda Staff, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41 Holiness League, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; President, Kentucky Club, ' 41 Kentucky Club, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Men ' s Quartet, ' 40. GERALD W. EVERIST Tama, Iowa Ramblers ' Club, ' 40; Yankee Club, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Asso- ciaiton, ' 40, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40; Missionary Society, ' 40, ' 41. SETTLE SHAW Castle Hayne, North Carolina President Holiness League, ' 40, ' 41; Ramblers ' Club, ' 37 ' 40 S. E. A. Club, ' 41; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 37- ' 4l; Quartet, ' 37- ' 4l Parthenian Literary Society, ' 37-41; Christian Workers ' Associa tion, ' 37- ' 41; Missionary Society, ' 38- ' 4l; Chorus, ' 37- ' 4 1 ; Business Manager, Darda Staff, ' 41. MARY FRANCES LORD Sanford, Florida Who ' s Who, ' 40, ' 41; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association ' 39 ' 40, ' 41. TH.B. GRADUATES ROBBIE JOHNSON Nashville, Tennessee Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40, Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, VERA FELKER Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Parthenian Literary Society, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 41; Missionary Society, ' 41. [ 18] DOYLE RAE THOMAS Hernando, Florida (A Third Year Theological Student) JOHN LAWWILL Winchester, Kentucky JAMES BOSHELL Jasper, Alabama ESTHER RUTH NOSSETT Oakland City, Indiana CONNIE KELLY Columbia, South Carolina ROBERT WENDELL Johnstown, Pennsylvania BILLY WADE DOWNING Ovett, Mississippi ERMA CRAZE Fiostburg, Maryland DOROTHY MOORE Pineville, North Carolina ROBERT DAVISSON North Vernon, Indiana PAUL JORDAN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WILSON STRASBAUGH Ft. Myers, Florida PICTURES MISSING MARIE CASHDOLLAR Nashville, Tennessee ARTHUR BATSON Avon Park, Florida H WESTON BROWN Owego, New York MRS. RUTH CASHION Tunnel Hill, Georgia VIDA COOK Sulligent, Alabama MELVIN FREEMAN Gadsden, Alabama LESLIE JETER Miami, Florida FRED MOORE Hanceville, Alabama FLOYD SHAFER Dawes, West Virginia DELIA SHAW Orlando, Florida COLLEGE THEOLOGICAL STUDENTS r Irst Row HUBERT BAN KSTON Jasper, Alabama OLA SUMNERS Nashville, Tennessee WILLIAM SNYDER Springdale, Arkansas A. F. HADDEN Chattanooga, Tennessee RAY DAVIS Nashville, Tennessee Second Row REBA BURROW Fulton, Kentucky PAUL V. RIDENHOUR Jacksonville, Flarida J P BLACKM AN Winnsboro, South Carolina JEWELL HALL Jacksonville, Florida MRS. JOHN R BROWNING Logan, West Virginia ETTA B. COLEMAN Jonesboro, Arkansas J. E. COOK Nashville, Tennessee E. H. DAV,S Syracuse, New York K. L. DRAKE Jacksonville, Florida JAMES FERRIS DUNLAP Manchester, Alabama PICTURES MISSING RUBY LEE HARRISON Monroeville, Alabama ALTON HODGE Brookfield, New York ROY O. McHAN Oneonta, Alabama ROBERT RUTHERFORD Orlo Vista, Florida HUGH SLATER Winnsboro, South Carolina RICHARD C. STEPHENS Tampa, Florida MINISTERIAL STUDENTS HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS JOHN R. BROWNING Logan, W. Va. Octavian Literary Society, ' 40 ' 41; President Junior Class, ' 40; Glee Club, ' 40, ' 41; President, West Vir- ginia Club, ' 41; Vice-President, Senior Class, ' 41. ARCHIE CLIFTON MADISON Nashv Me, Tenn. Octa- Assistant Athletics Director; Florida Club, ' 41 vian Literary Society, ' 41. MAXINE MOORE Charleston, W. Va. Chorus, ' 40, ' 41; Reporter, West Virginia Club, ' 41; Treasurer, Senior Class, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40, ' 41. MARJORIE GRUBBS Dayton, Ky Gle Club, ' 38- ' 4 1 ; Octavian Literary Society, ' 38- ' 4l; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 41. ROGER ROBINSON Loudon, Tenn. Tennessee Club, ' 41; Chorus, ' 41; Octavian Literary Society, ' 41. JOHN APPLE Springfield, Tenn. Chorus, ' 41; Tennessee Club, ' 41; Darda Staff, ' 41; Octavian Literary Society, ' 41; Campus Reflector Staff, ' 41. CHESTER DAVIS Roanoke, Va S. E. A. Club, ' 40, ' 41; Octavian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 40. RAYMOND PARKER Jackson, Miss. Octavian Literary Society, ' 41; Christian Workers ' As- sociation, ' 41; Mississippi Club, ' 41. WILMA MOORE Muncie, Ind. President, Ladies ' Ramblers ' Club, Octavian Literary Yankee Club, ' 41; ' 41 Glee Club, ' 40, ' 41; Secretary ' 39; President, Junior Class, ' 40 Society, ' 38- ' 4l- Chorus. ' 38 - ' 41 Ladies ' Quartet, ' 40; Darda Staff Ladies ' Trio, ' 41. MARY DEE SPEARS Phenix City, Ala. Alabama Club, ' 41; Chorus, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 41; Misionary Society, ' 41; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 41; Octavian Literary Society, ' 41. GLENN CASS Columbus, Ga. Georgia Club, 40, ' 41; Chorus, ' 41; Holiness League, ' 40, ' 41; Missionary Society, ' 40, ' 41; President, Soph- omore Class, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Society, ' 40, ' 41; Ministerial Association, ' 41; Octavian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41. HOLLIS JOINES Gainesboro, Tenn CARL ROSS McEwen, Tenn President, Senior Class, ' 41; President, Holiness League, ' 39 ' 40; Piesident, Tennessee Club, ' 40; Glee Club ' 39- ' 4l; Chorus, ' 39- ' 41; Missionary Society, ' 39- ' 4l. WILLARD WILSEY Lakeland, Fla. Glee Club, ' 40; Chorus, ' 40, ' 41; Florida Club, ' 39, ' 40; Yankee Club, ' 41; Holiness League. ' 39, ' 40; Octavian Literary Society, ' 40, ' 41. PICTURES MISSING MARJORIE SNODGRASS Charlotte, N. C JESSIE MAI MERCER Nashville, Tenn. MARION HAWKINS New Albany, Indiana MARIE PARKER Monterey, Tennessee VIOLA PAUGH Beverly, West Virginia GLEN EBY Ft. Lauderdale, Florida CURTIS ALBRO Louisville, Kentucky EDITH PAUGH Beverly, West Virginia LOUISE HARRELSON Immokalee, Florida RALPH WHITE Charleston, West Virginia GENEVA WOODLEE Beersheba Springs, Tennessee PICTURES MISSING BAKER BAILEY Meridian, Mississippi FAYE BROOKS Nashville, Tennessee CARMAL CARROLL Olive Hill, Kentucky JOYCE CHESHIRE Ft. Lauderdale, Florida MARGARET CRAPO Miami, Florida NELLIE RUTH CRAPO Miami, Florida EDNA MADDOCKS Lakeland, Florida CLIFFORD MORRIS Charleston, West Virginia DAN MURRAY Beckley, West Virginia SHERMAN NASH Nashvile, Tennessee FLOYD PEELE Orlando, Florida ELIZABETH REED Monterey, Tennessee LUCILLE RODGERS Gainesville, Florida FRANK TATE Columbus, Mississippi MARIE TATE Columbus, Mississippi HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS [ 22 ] HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES Mary Parks Mims Paris, Tenn. J. B. Rose Sparta, Tenn. John Brown Meridian, Miss. Ileen Ireland Rossville, Ga. Margaret Keeton . . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Ralph Young Winchester, Tenn. Laverne Anderson .... Nashville, Tenn David Ayers Imperial, Pa Oscar Crews Hattiesburg, Miss. Harry Eaton Clinton, Pa. Cordell Hudson . . Gordonsville, Tenn. FIRST ROW Doris Forbes Roanoke, Va. Shural Knippers . . . Lawrenceburg, Tenn. SECOND ROW Duane White Dunbar, W. Va. Edith Wilson Charleston, W. Va. THIRD ROW Margaret Bryant Irvine, Ky. Troy Cook Sulligent, Ala. Betty Reynolds Columbia, S. C. PICTURES MISSING W. A. Jordan Jackson, Tenn. Martha Bell Kingery . , Cincinnati, Ohio Pauline Manns Memphis, Tenn. Gloria McDowell Newport, Ky. Ralph Murray Beckley, W. Va. Linelle Callihan Monterey, Tenn. Herbert Brown Lexington, Ky. James Johnson Nashville, Tenn. Willene Agee .... Old Hickory, Tenn. Eddie Truesdale McDavid, Fla. Juanita Smith Memphis, Tenn. Ruth Pickler Faxon, Tenn. Vonnell Presley Nashville, Tenn. J. C. Simpson Monroe, N. C. Joel Storie Nashvile, Tenn. Anne Trout Camden, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN James Thomas Dunbar, W. Va. Mae McLendon .... Winnsboro, S. C. Gladys Howell Beckley, W. Va. Pat Land Orlando, Fla. Talmadge Agee Nashville, Tenn Harold Anglea Nashville, Tenn William Ayers Shelbyville, Ind Caroyn Beckum Memphis, Tenn Howard Clendening , . Lewisburg, Tenn Margaret Cole Nashville, Tenn FIRST ROW Thurston Johnson .... Thomaston, Ga. Pauline Ellis Liberty, Ky. SECOND ROW Marie Combs Beckley, W. Va. Wallace Grice Brewton, Ala. PICTURES MISSING Virginia Combs Beckley, W. Va Katherine Horn Nashville, Tenn Tennyson Howard .... Wilmore, Ky Josephine Johnson . . . Nashville, Tenn Florence Lane Woodbine, Tenn Charles Fountain Helen Gober . Jessie Nichols Malcolm North Lakeland, Fla. St. Pontiac, Mich. Old Hickory, Tenn. . . . Nashvile, Tenn. Cornelia Leverette . . . Nashville, Tenn. Lucille Riggs Anniston, Mo. Sarah Spruill Nashville, Tenn. John Summerlin Arcadia, Fla. Irene Sutton Nashville, Tenn. Eugene Wells Nashville, Tenn. GRAMMAR GRADES MRS. M. A. MAC KEY Principal MRS. ELIZABETH T. SPRUILL Instructor Joseph Bates Phyllis Lee Browning Emma Julian Coleman Mary Jane Dahlin Eva Fay Mackey Neva Gay Mackey Harry Gibson Raymond Gibson Brentson Spruill Howard Spruill James E. Spruil Jean Spruill NURSING CLASS Receiving practical instruction in caring for the sick, watchful for opportunities thus afforded to administer to the spiritual ills of men. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Harmonizing music and per- sonalities, this group has been active representing Tre- vecca in our city and has visited several Nazarene churches in the Southeastern Educational Zone. ■fv;r n n n r LADIES ' GLEE CLUB Like a refreshing spring shower, the songs of the glee club have added much to musical programs and re- ligious services on the cam- pus and in local churches. Top Left: Thrasher, Adams, Abston, Boshell. Top Right: Cook, Hendershot, Lawwill, Shaw. Left: Moore, McDantel, Donson. QUA TETS AND TRIO Our quartets and our trio are not only proving a blessing here in the school and city, but are beneficial in week-end revivals and helpful in the educational tours of the Southeastern Educational Zone made in the interest of our school. CERTIFICATE IN VOICE [26] Art Class FINE ARTS The Fine Arts Department is one of the most active groups in T. N. C. Not only does it wield an educational and elevating influence, but it affords much pleasure to those who participate in its activities. Private lessons in piano, voice and speech with group work in the glee clubs, chorus and quartets are offered by this depart- ment. Frequent social events in connec- tion with the groups make the work most pleasant and attractive. Voice and Piano Students [27] ACCORDIAN PLAYER PIANO LESSON Pushing music from a squeeze box may not Learning to translate dots on and between lines be good exercise, but it can be most soothing ; nto well-known melodies, to tired, troubled spirits. Mi J I [pi 1 PARTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY All college students are members of the Parthenian Literary Society; all high school students, of the Octavian Literary Society. The duty of these societies is to present an interesting program each Fri- day night. These programs play an im- portant role in the activities of our stu- dents — especially those who date. Tak- ing part in plays, musical numbers, etc., helps develop the talents of the students. OCTAVIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS J. B. ROSE President HARVEY HENDERSHOT Vice-President RUTH JOHNSON Secretary DAVID PATTEN Treasurer CHRISTIAN WORK The Christian Workers ' Association is comprised of students who have led true Christian lives and have a passion for lost souls. Their aim is to carry the message of salvation to the unfortunate of Nash- ville and to prepare themselves for prac- tical Christian service. Each Sunday these young people visit the city and county workhouses, the fail and the General Hos- pital of Nashville. We consider carrying the message of salvation not only a duty but also a pleasure, and feel that we are accomplishing something for the Lord that will be realized only when He shall bestow His eternal rewards. [ 30] Even as ye have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me. ' CHRISTIAN WORKERS ' ASSOCIATION The Christian Workers ' Association has done very effective work throughout the city of Nashville and in surrounding terri- tory. It has no doubt been an inspira- tion and encouragement to more people per person than any other organization in Nashville. The workers speak to an aver- age of three thousand people each week- end. Their reports show that approxi- mately one thousand people have been converted through the efforts of our workers during the school year. With this training our young people will go out to the Church of the Naz- arene and will be a propelling force in shaping the destiny of thousands. Your church will be made better because of this invaluable training. " . . . And ye shall be witnesses. " MISSIONARY SOCIETY Members of our Missionary Society are stu- dents called as missionaries to the foreign fields and all others who are interested in this work. For speakers during the year, the society has se- cured returned missionaries and outstanding mis- sionary leaders. A mite box is kept on each table in the dining hall for student contributions to the cause of missions. HOLINESS LEAGUE It is the purpose of the Holiness League to hold high the standard of holiness and to indoc- trinate our students with ideals that will stand under the severest tests of life. IN MEMORIAM MRS. A. C. MIMS Born March 29, 1877 Died October 24, 1940 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. She is like the merchants ' ships: she bringeth her food from afar. She riseth also while it is yet night and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planted a vineyard. She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengthened her arms. She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night. She layeth her hands to the spindle and her hands hold the distaff. She stretcheth out her hand to the poor: yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy. _p rover bs 31:10-20 I [ 33 I STATE TENNESSEE ALABAMA GEORGIA LIBRARY The library is a very essential part of Trevecca College. It not only meets the needs of the College Department, but also the Theological and high school departments. The reading room is open from seven o ' clock in the morning to nine-thirty o ' clock in the eve- ning. Here the students have the privilege of reading books that are on reserve for special classes. Students are very fortunate because the teachers are able to get books for the reserve shelf from libraries all over the city. There are magazines in the reading room and everyone is allowed to enjoy and study them. The librarians have begun a new project this year which is the rebinding of all mutilated or worn books. By the time we are ready to occupy the new library which will be located in the new building now under construction, we hope to have all books in the best possible condition. COOK AND CHICKENS Despite the proverbial fondness of preachers for chickens, most of these attain a ripe old age. NEW OFFICES Our bookkeeper and busy office staff efficiently care for the business of a rapidly-growing Trevecca. WATTS, VOLTS, OHMS, AMPS Awake at the switch — yes, someone must care for all the little volts and amperes. CLEAN UP Rake a while and lean a while. Yes, the rake is very useful. PLUMBING Pipes and valves and wrenches are no mystery to some Trevecca students. PRINT SHOP (Exterior) This fireproof building is a great improvement over the old wooden print shop. PRINT SHOP ( Interior) From these busy presses come " The Messenger " with news of Trevecca. STIRRING MUD The " Georgia Buggies " roll for the Alumni Building construction, which is well under way. SOURCES OF OATS AND BEANS The most essential part of fhe school? Well, we ' d hate to do without it. SHOVELING COAL Our firemen are kept busy as old King Winter swoops down upon us. GIRLS AND GIRLS Chattering about home and styles and boys, our ladies get together. GIRL ' S MAIL?? Life in the dormitory with all the fellows. There ' s no life like this, no friends like these. THE GREEN CARPET ROOM A counselor in perplexity, a friend in need — this is our dependable Dean. BOYS AND BOYS Problems are settled and plans are made when the men have their session. IT MUST BE FRIDAY Even at school, the femine touch makes each room a home. RINGING SENTIMENTS Progress hath stolen its work, but left its pleasant memories. " SHASTA " Her paint is dull, her motor squeaks and knocks, but she runs- sometimes. BASKETBALL All work and no play makes dull boys. No dull ones here. ROLLING CHILDREN There ' s always some new sport to while the hours and defeat dul monotony. VOLLEY BALL Books and worries are forgotten as we join the exciting games. TRAILER FOLK As pioneers, who sought new land and lived in their rolling homes, so these have come seek- ing knowledge. This interesting group has increased in size for the past few years until we now have a small town. Their in- genuity has enabled them to live comfortably here through the months of school and to make their trailer town a place of true happiness. The lives of these folks re- flect the " do or die " spirit of the oioneers, the spirit that drives Trevecca on. ★ MARY FRANCES LORD .... Best Student PROF. A. B. MACKEY Faculty Advisor H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT Editor-in-Chief ALINE McDANIEL Co-Editor SETTLE SHAW Business Manager JOHN LAWWILL Assistant Business Manager OLIVER C. HUFF Sales Manager DAVID PATTEN Assistant Sales Manager FRANK H. ABSTON College Representative WILMA MOORE High School Representative PAUL KING Theological Representative MONTINE MAYHAN Fine Arts Representative RUTH E. JOHNSON Stenographer The work on the 1941 " Darda " has been pleasantly and efficiently completed by the congenial staff which was elected by our student body. The staff has made vital steps toward a bigger and better annual. This is the first time in the history of the " Darda " that the Trevecca students have made their own pictures for the year- book. The untiring efforts of the staff have made it possible for the Southeastern Educational Zone to become acquainted with the activities of the school. 1941 DARDA STAFF [46] DWECTOHY OF OU NAZA ENE COLLEGES PASADENA COLLEGE PASADENA, CALIFORNIA H. ORTON WILEY, D.D., S.T.D President MARIE H. HUFF Registrar NORTHWEST NAZARENE COLLEGE NAMPA, IDAHO RUSSELL V. DeLONG President BETHANY-PENIEL COLLEGE BETHANY, OKLAHOMA A. K. BRACKEN, M.A., D.D. President WILLIS B. DOBSON Registrar EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE WOLLASTON, MASSACHUSETTS G. B. WILLIAMSON, D.D President OLIVET NAZARENE COLLEGE KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS A. L. PARROTT, M.A., D.D President JACKSON O. RODEFFER Registrar NORTHERN BIBLE COLLEGE RED DEER, ALBERTA, CANADA C. E. THOMPSON President [47] i (pi Photographs taken during the Kentucky-West Virginia and Ten- nessee Motorcades. MOTORCADES The motorcades to Trevecca from the Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee Districts have been a great inspiration to the faculty and students as well as those who participated. The Kentucky and West Virginia Districts brought $1,300.00 and 22 tons of provis- ions. The total amount of $1,- 800.00 and 28,900 lbs. were brought by the Tennessee District. •■a We ARE PRESENTING OUR ADVER- TISERS IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES. THEY HAVE BEEN DEFINITE FACTORS IN THE PUBLICATION OF THIS ANNUAL AND WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL PATRONIZE THEM. McG ORD OPTOMETRISTS If not able to come to the Office, Phone 6-0304 TKRMS IF III Slltl ll Member Nashville Academy of Ootometr-j [49] FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PARIS, TENNESSEE A Soul Saving Station " A Friendly Church " The Church and N. Y. P. S. Appreciates Trevecca MISS MACY ABERNATHY, President A Friendly Young People When in Paris Visit with Us B. W. MURPHY, Pastor REV. ORVILLE L. MAISH Pastor Res., 2335 Date St. n Mi % $ 4 - ' " The Friendly Church " YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT LOUISVILLE FIRST CHURCH Twenty-Fourth and Howard Streets Louisville, Kentucky [50 1 THE ALABAMA DISTRICT Is wholeheartedly behind the program of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE A Group of Young People that Boost and Attend Trevecca Nazarene College PAUL E. PITTS, District Superintendent 1202 W. 4th Terrace Birmingham, Alabama LEON CHAMBERS District N. Y. P. S. President Fairfax, Alabama MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. CECIL C. KNIPPERS Superintendent Yours for a GREATER TREVECCA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLARKSVI LLE, TENNESSEE L. LEE GAINES Pastor 1024 WASHINGTON STREET THE WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT Is 100 ' , back of the program of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE " Onward With Christian Education Is Our Cry " E. C. ONEY District Superintendent CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA [51 1 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE GEORGIA DISTRICT REV. P. P. BELEW District Superintendent REV. H. J. EASON District Chairman C. S. B. REV. B. E. LeJEUNE District President N. Y. P. S. MISS AURELIA MOORE District President W. F. M. S. OUR DISTRICT WELCOMES TREVECCA TRAINED MEN Compliments of Radebaugh Lane, Optometrists 38 Arcade Compliments of NEELY, HARWELL CO. Wholesale Dry Goods and Notions See WHITE and You ' ll See RIGHT DR. J. H. WHITE DR. CALLIE MAE WHITE 501 Hitchcock Building Over Liggett ' s Drug Store Telephone 6-5970 Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments DR. J. M. TASSEY Optometrist Phone 6-8978 49 Arcade (Upstairs) Nashville, Tenn. ST. BERNARD COAL CO. " Since 1870 " PORTER-CABLE MACHINE COMPANY AGENCY Telephone 6-4300 179 2nd Ave., No. Nashville, Tenn. 152] FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA A. J. FRANK Pastor I 140 Central Ave., Charleston, W. Va. GEO. O. ARMSTRONG Sunday School Superintendent 509 Kanawha Turnpike, So. Charleston MISS JEANETTE SHREEVES N. Y. P. S. President Glenwood Ave., Charleston OUR HEARTS, SUPPORT, and PRAYERS are for Trevecca Nazarene College THE WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT YOUNG PEOPLE Are wholeheartedly in favor of CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Our Support is for Our Own TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE GENE COCHRAN District N. Y. P. S. President Huntington, West Virginia A h ome without books is like a house without windows THE METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 Trinity Lane Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM PECK, Pastor Telephone 3-3636-J STUDENTS AND FACULTY INVITED [53] TENNESSEE Nazarene Young G. B. BREESE Tarry Ye — Go Ye— Win Ye— " Let WOODBINE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE New location to be on Nolensville Road " A Church With a Heart Interest " JESSE A. MIDDENDORF Paste Trevecca Nazarene College DISTRICT Peoples Society District Superintendent Salvation Education Service despise thy youth " Miss Hollins (at ten o ' clock): " Who didn ' t hang up their clothes when they went to bed ? " Steen (from under the blankets): " Adam. " Prof. Gresham: " Can any of you tell me what makes the Tower of Pisa lean . Delia Shaw: ' ' I don ' t know or I would take some myself. " I know of a church at the edge of the town Where heaven and earth seem to blend; For within the wide door waits the Christ we adore With a blessing for all who attend. Then come to the church at the edge of the town And join with the worshiping throng, And tomorrow you ' ll face with a confident grace And a faith that is steadfast and strong. REV. S. W. STRICKLAND M.A., B.D. Pastor GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE L 54 ] LEHMAN BROTHERS QUALITY GROCERIES PHONE 6-5836 Murfreesboro at Elm Hill Road CHEER UP " MODEL LAUNDRY MODEL CLEANERS D. D. CANFIELD, Manager Telephone 5-31 14 HAD HELP .Miss Person: (looking over Josh Spooner ' s English composition) : " I don ' t see how it ' s possible for a single person to make so many mistakes. " Josh (proudly): " It isn ' t any single person, teacher. Carrie helped me. " TIME OUT Prof. Redtord : " oung man, how many times have I told you to get to class on time ? " Chester Speck: " I don ' t know. I thought you were keeping score. " M. E. DERRYBERRY COMPANY And SPOT CASH COMPANY Wholesale Grocers NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE THE KENTUCKY CLUB Has only one goal: To see Trevecca go forward and upward Prof. Gresham: " When Sir Walter Ra- leigh spread his cloak in the mud, he made Queen Elizabeth happy. " Harvey H.: " Why? Was she a dr cleaner ? " Compliments of A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS HOLINESS LEAGUE May Trevecca Ever Sail High the Banner of Holiness [55] tr- . Crown Tent and Awning Co. 936 Third Avenue, North Nashville, Tenn. GOSPEL TENTS For Sale or Rent FOLDING CHAIRS For Rent SANITARY MAT COMPANY Nashville, Tennessee Owned and operated by Trevecca Students MATS FOR CHURCH AND BUILDING ENTRANCES Made in Colors SCHOOL CALENDAR Sept. 17 — Registration. Oct. 3 — High School Junior-Senior Reception. Oct. 10 — College Junior-Senior Recep- tion. Nov. 11-15 — Dr. D. Shelby Corlett ' s lectures on Holiness. Nov. 13-14 — Kentucky and West Vir- ginia Motorcade. Nov. 21-22 — Thanksgiving Holidays. Dec. 5-6 — Final Examinations. Dec. 6 — Registration for Winter Quar- ter. Dec. 19-31 — Christmas Holidays. Feb. 4 — Tennessee Motorcade. Hymns of all Churches Each Friday Night 7:30 Over Station WSIX DEAN ' S SWELL SUITS City Club HATS Bona Allen SHOES Furnishings J. H. CASHION, Manager 217 4th Ave., N. Nashville PEACH ' S LUNCH ROOM A Clean, Comfortable Place to Eat Your Choice of Well-Cooked Foods 405 Broadway Nashville, Tenn. Phone 6-9485 HERMITAGE HER-VITA FEEDS Made in Nashville Sold by Best Dealers Everywhere 3-1983 Phone 5-5061 JENNINGS TIRE AND BATTERY CO. COOPER TIRES Guaranteed in Writing 7th Ave., at Commerce Phone 5-1214 [ 56] PHILLIPS BUTTORFF MANUFACTURING CO. Everything for Dining Room, Kitchen and Nursery ENTERPRISE STOVES, FURNACES AND STOKERS Established 1858 217-23 3rd Ave., N. Nashville, Term. ... AN AVIATION CAREER OFFERS YOU A GREAT FUTURE Courses offered: Aircraft Sheet Metal Aircraft Steel Welding Aircraft Army Test Welding NASHVILLE AIRCRAFT SCHOOL Y. M. C. A. Building Nashville, Tennessee THE ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK Were Made by The South ' s Foremost Annual Engravers CAPITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY 1 34 Fourth Avenue, North Nashville, Tennessee THE TENNESSEE CLUB OF TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE Has taken up arms to make their school a four-year college, a million- dollar campus, and a spiritual atmosphere that will be unexcelled. [57] WOOF! WOOF! Doctor (to dog-bitten patient) : ' You have hydrophobia, man. It may prove fatal. " Jim Simpson (patient) : " Then give me a pencil and paper. " Doctor: " For making your will? " Simpson: " Will, nothing; I ' m m aking a list of people I want to bite. " . • Josh Spooner: " Did I get my last shave here ? " Al Hadden: " I doubt it, we ' ve only been in business two years. " 4 — Dresses, Coats, Suits — $1 FREE DELIVERY 5-3 1 58 TENNESSEE DRY CLEANERS 208 Shelby Avenue STROBEL ' S MUSIC SHOP Everything in Music — Musical Instruments 29 Arcade Nashville, Tennessee CALENDAR Mar 5 -6 — Meeting of Board of Trus- tees. Mar 3 14 — Revival with A. E. Kelly. Mai- b -7 — Final Examinations. Mar 7 — Registration for Spring Quar- ter. Apr. 24- — Darda ( Kiting. May 7- — Prof. D. A. Varbrough pre- sented Miss Geneve Cun- ningham in Voice Certificate Recital. Ma) 8- — High School Junior-Senior Banquet. May 23- — Fine Arts Recital. Maj 25- —Baccalaureate Sermon. May 27- 28 — Final Examinations. May 30- —Commencement. [58] AT YOUR GROCER ' S DON ' T SAY BREAD SAY . . . HOLSDM.M! Grace Church of the Nazarene 200 Sweetland Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn. J. H. DEAL, Pastor " The Church That Is a Friend to Everyone " CAPITOL CITY MATTRESS CO. OLD MATTRESSES MADE NEW One-Day Service Phone 3-0283 900 Main Street COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST NAZARENE CHURCH 510 Woodland Street NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE H. H. WISE Pastor Always a Welcome for the Students TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE LOCATED IN THE ATHENS OF THE SOUTH The fastest growing school in the Church of the Nazarene with a safe and sound basis and a firm financial foundation. OUR AIM To be deeply spiritual and to indoctrinate the young people of the Southeastern Educational Zone in the doctrine of the Church of the Nazarene. Trevecca is the first line of defense in the Church of the Nazarene in the Southeastern Educational Zone Every member of the Faculty and Board of Trustees an earnest Christian. • COLLEGE SCHOOL OF RELIGION FINE ARTS HIGH SCHOOL • Write for Catalog Today A. B. MACKEY, President " The Sun Never Sets on Trevecca Students " [59] GOSPEL TENTS Sale or Rent Folding Chairs For Rent Expert Workmanship First Quality Fabrics Satisfaction Guaranteed 50 Years Experience NASHVILLE TENT AWNING CO. 6-2578—6-6323 309-1 I 1st Ave., No. Nashville, Tennessee SUWANEE RIVER CAMP " Way Down Upon the Suwanee River " Held each July by workers that will prove a blessing and uplift to all who attend. A Wholesome and Inspiring Atmosphere for Young People For Information, Write: MRS. A. E. BROWN, Lake City, Fla. C. K. McKAY, President THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE [60]

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