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MEMORIAM ROLAND C. PETROWSKI, JR. Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Petrowski Born December 31, 1921 Died February 2, 1940 Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell. When I embark; For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crost the bar. —TENNYSON. TH£ DARDA OF f 9 4 O IT IS THE DESIRE OF THE STUDENT BODY IN PRESENTING THIS BOOK THAT ITS READERS MAY CATCH A GREATER VISION OF THE WORTHWHILE WORK WHICH THIS INSTITU- TION IS DOING AND THAT WE, HER STU- DENTS, IN FUTURE YEARS OF SERVICE MAY FIND THE MEMORY CONNECTED WITH THESE PAGES TO BE A FAITHFUL PROMPTER, INSPIR- ING US WITH THE UNFAILING COURAGE AND IDEALISM OF OUR BELOVED TREVECCA. IMOGENE MACKEY EDITOR JESSE A. MIDDENDORF MANAGER TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE REV. H. H. WISE Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Bible Teacha of Trevecca Nazarene College BOARD OF TRUSTEES To these men Trevecca Naiarene College owes much. They have given time and effort to formulate and ap- prove the policies by which the school is run. From all they have done we know that the interests of Trevecca lie close to their hearts. We sincerely appreciate what they are doing toward making Trevecca bigger and better. REV, H. H. WISE (Chairman) Tennessee District REV. W, M. TIDWELL ( Vice-Chairman) .... Tennessee District REV. G. B. BREESE (Secretary) Tennessee District JOHN T. BENSON (Treasurer) Tennessee District REV. P. P. BELEW Georgia District REV C. C. BROWN S. E. Atlantic District REV. RAYMOND BROWNING S. E. Atlantic District REV. W. F. COLLIER Tennessee District REV. H. J. EASON Georgia District REV W. C. JACKSON Alabama District REV. CECIL KNIPPERS Mississippi District REV. H. H. McAFEE Florida District PROF. A. B. MACKEY Kentucky-West Virginia District REV. PAUL PITTS Alabama District REV. J. D. SAXON Tennessee District REV. H. F. TATE Mississippi District REV. EARLE W. VENNUM Florida District REV. L. T. WELLS Kentucky-West Virginia District MR, MACKEY " I was tired, homesick, discouraged, and ready to leave, but Professor Mackey smiled at me and I decided to stay. Now I thank God for what Trevecca has meant to me during these two years, " said one of our preacher boys not long ago. We can all say that President Mackey has helped us make major decisions by his attitude toward life, his beautiful Christian character, and his kind, quiet words of advice. We can never be the same as we were nor meet the problems of life as we did before being asso- ciated with such a man as he. He challenges us so forcibly and irresistibly that we feel that nothing is impossible. Our earnest prayer is that many more young people may be blessed as we have been by coming to know our President, Mr. Mackey. HERE ARE THE TREVECCA DEANS M. E. REDFORD Dean of Theology A teacher, a preacher, and more; he is a man of sterling Christian character with enough determination to stand for all that is right, true, and pure. A. L SNELL Dean-elect of Trevecca College An Irresistible, dynamic personality which calls forth the best in students and gives them courage and faith in God and themselves. AMY L. PERSON Registrar and Acting Dean of Junior College God made her every whit a woman to sympathize, guide, befriend, and in- struct young people in the path of righteousness and holiness. FACULTY M. E. REDFORD B.S., M.A., B.D. Oean of School of Religion and Principal of High School History, Theology A. L. SNELL Ph.B., B.S., M.A. Dean-elect of Trevecca College Psychology AMY L. PERSON A,B., M.A. Registrar and Acting Dean of Junior College English SADIE AGNEW JOHNSON A.B.. M.A. Editor of " Messenger " Mathematics, Theology L P. SRESHAM A.B., M.A, Chemistry, History LILA THRASHER MACKEY A.B.. M.A, Modern Languages MARTHA DeWITT GRESHAM A. B., M.A. biological Science and Dean of Women D. A. YARBROUGH B. S., A.B. Voice Superintendent of Work •m ' MR. MACKEY ' S H O M The president ' s home, which was built last year, is an attractive addition to our campus. The stone for the building came from our own land. This was a project in student labor. Almost all the labor was performed by students who needed part-time work to pay their expenses. I 10] FACULTY L. D. SHELTON Dean of Men BESSIE SEAY R,N. Nurse R. P. GOMER Bookkeeper ALTA LINDSAY REDFORD B.S High School Science and Mathematics LAVELLE BERRY YARBROUGH A.B. Piano J. D. IRWIN Assistant in Voice FERNE DOGGETT SHELTON B-S Art, High School English MRS. M. A. MACKEY Principal of Grade School STUDENT OFFICERS This Is presenting the president of the student body and class officers of five of Trevecca ' s classes. Trevecca Is truly marching onward to bigger and greater things with the students who come here from homes all over the southland. KOY W. PHILLIPS •0 COLLEGE JUNIORS ADRON HOLLINS President KOY W. PHILLIPS Vice-President IMOGENE MACKEY Secretary WILMA GOLD Treasurer COLLEGE SOPHOMORES FRANK ABSTON President HAROLD MAISH Vice-President ALINE McDANIEL Secretary RUBY LEE NEELY Treasurer COLLEGE FRESHMEN HARVEY HENDERSHOT President ROY WILLIAMS Vice-President NANNIE THOMPSON Secretary ZENITH JORDAN Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS GLADYS OWEN President JOHN LAWWILL Vice-President HENRIETTA PICKLER Secretd ry SHIRLEY LEE Treasurer THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT JESSE A. MIDDENDORF President EDWARD COX Vice-President CHESTER SPECK Secretary Firsr Row: Abston, Gibbs, Jamison. Second Row: Cooner, Hooper, Curfis. Third Row: Taylor, Mcrgan, Cypert. Fourth Row: Irwin, Murphy, Strickland. S. W. STRICKLAND, JR. Nashville, Tennessee " Never a worry, never a care; He has a good time everywhere. " Tennessee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Parthenlan Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40. NELLIE JANE CURTIS Erin, Tennessee " A big heart always wishing to do right and to be friends with everybody. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38. ' 39, ' 40; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Tennessee Club, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Workers Association. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. FRANK H. ABSTON Albany, Kentucky " A cheerful disposition is a fund of ready capital. " President Senior Class, ' 40; Co-Editor " Darda, " ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40; Vice-President Art Club, ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40. CLAUDE JAMISON McEwen, Tennessee " The man that loves and laughs must sure do well. " Men ' s Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40; Tennessee Club, ' 39; Treas- urer Tennessee Club, ' 40. JUNIOR ELZORA COONER Jasper, Alabama " By her smile she spreads sunshine; by her song she drives away care. " Ladies ' Quartet, ' 39, ' 40; Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 40; Ala- bama Club, ' 39, ' 40; Chorus; Holiness League; Missionary Society, ' 39, ' 40. MARGARET LOUISE GIBBS Chattanooga, Tennessee " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low; An excellent thing in woman. " Ladies ' Quartet, ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40- Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Asso- ciation, ' 39, ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40; Tennessee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Pianist Ladies ' and Men ' s Glee Clubs; Chorus ' 40. MYRTLE VERNA HOOPER McEwen, Tennessee " Happiness ' s the by-product of work well done. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39 ' 40; Chorus ' 39, ' 40; Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; President Tennessee Club, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Asso- ciation, ' 39, ' 40; Tennessee Club, ' 39 ' 40. VIRGINIA MAE TAYLOR West Somerset, Kentucky " To win in life it takes not luck but pluck; not a wishbone but a backbone. ' Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40; Art Club, ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society ' ' 39 ' 40; Kentucky Club, ' 39, ' 40; Secretary Ken ' tucky Club, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Associa- tion, ' 39, ' 40. EARNESTINE MORGAN Mobile, Alabama " A cheerful temper joined with Innocence makes beauty attractive, knowledge delight- ful, and wit good natured. " Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Chorus, ' 38 ' 39, ' 40; Alabama Club, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; President Alaba ma Club, ' 40; Christian Workers ' As- sociation; Holiness League; Parthenian Lit- erary Society, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. ORINE CYPERT Florence, Alabama " The secret life of prayer, the open lite of purity, the active life of service — this is the true rounded life. " Vice-President Alabama Club, ' 38; Secretary Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38; Secretary Holiness League, ' 39, ' 40; Treasurer Alabama Club, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association; Missionary Society; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. JOHN D. IRWIN Nashville, Tennessee " Friend and student, compounded with mirth and fun and withal a man. " President Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39; President Tennessee Club, ' 39; Vice-President Tennessee Club, ' 40; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 39 ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40. VADA MURPHY Belle, West Virginia " There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful and happy temperament. " Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class, ' 39; " Darda " Staff, ' 39; Secretary Parthenian Lit- erary Society, ' 39; Secretary Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Treasurer West Virginia Club, ' 39; Treasurer Senior Class, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association; Missionary Society; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40. [14] C O L L E G E S E N I O R S SAMUEL P. VANN Lake City, Florida " Be always as merry as ever you can, For no one delights in a sorrowful man. " Florida Club, ' 39, ' 40; Vice-President Par- ttienian Literary Society, ' 40; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 39. ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40. ALINE McDANIEL McComb, Mississippi " Dignity formed a mask for her. But mirth lurked underneath. " Parthenian Literary Society ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' ' ;0; Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 38. ' 39, ' 40; Ramblers ' Club, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; President Parthenian Literary Society. ' 39; Secretary- Treasurer Art Club. ' 40; Secretary, Reporter Senior Class. ' 40; Secretary-Treasurer Ladies ' Glee Club. ' 40; Ladies ' Quartet, ' 40. HARCLD JOSEPH MAISH Louisville, Kentucky " Be noble! And the nobleness that lies in other men, sleeping but never dead, will rise in majesty to meet thine own. " Vice-President Senior Class, ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39; Men ' s Quartet, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 40; Min- isterial Association, ' 39, ' 40; Holiness League, ' 39 ' 40; Chorus; Men ' s Glee Club. ' 39, ' 40; Orchcsira, ' 40; " Darda " Staff. ' 40; President Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39. REPA TERESA GARNTO Wrightsville, Georgia " An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. " Georgia Club, ' 39. ' 40; President Georgia Club. ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society ' 39 ' 40; Chorus. ' 39. ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association. ' 39, ' 40. ALMA KENT Erin, Tennessee " To say little and perform much shows the characteristics of a great mind. " Tennessee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 40; t-foliness League ' 39 ' 40: Chorus. ' 39, ' 40; Senior Class Poet, ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40. ANGELEE COCHRAN Huntington. West Virginia " No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for anyone else. " Ladies ' Glee Club; West Virginia Club; Par- thenian Literary Society; Christian Workers ' Association; Holiress League, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. RUBY LEE NEELY Celina. Tennessee " Small kindnesses, small courtesies, small con- siderations give a greater charm to the character than the display of great talents and accomplishmerts. " Parthenian Literary Society. ' 39, ' 40; Tennessee Club. ' 39, ' 40; Secretary Tennessee Club. ' 40; Treasurer Senior Class, ' 40; Ladies ' Glee Club. ' " 0; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Workers Association, ' 39, ' 0; Holiness League, ' 39. J. DUDLEY BURROW Nashville. Tennessee " He is a volume if you know how to read him. " Parthenian Literary Society. ' 39, ' 40; Tennessee Club. ' 39. ' 40; Men ' s Glee Club ' 39 ' 40; Chorus, ' 39. ' 40. BETTIE LORENE ROSS tvcEwen. Tennessee " That load becomes light which is cheerfully borne. " Parthenian Literary Society. ' 39, ' 40; Tennes- see Club, ' 39. ' 40; Chorus, ' 39. ' 40. PAULINE CYPERT Florence, Alabama " A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. " Parthenian Literary Society. ' 39, ' 40- Alabama Club, ' 39, ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40. MILDRED LaDELLE GARRETT McEwen, Tennessee " Humility is the trademark of real greatness. " Tennessee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society. ' 39, ' 40. ELLEANOR LOUISE CALLIHAN Russell, Kentucky " Small but striving; steady in purpose. " Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 40; Chorus, ' 40; Kentucky Club. Parthenian Literary Society. ' 40; Art Club, ' 40. PICTURES MISSING HAZEL BROWN. . Beersheba Springs. Tenn. MARY EWING Albany, Ky. NORA MAE HOOPER . . West Point, Tenn. EWELL WATSON Monterey, Tenn. Firsi Row: Vann, McDaniel. Maish. Second Row: Ross, Callihan. Kent. Third Row: Cochran, Garrett. Cypert. Fourth Row: Garnto, Burrow, Neely. First Row: Hendershot, Miller, Jordan, Johnson, Smith. Secona F ja ' j-jiden, Pearson, Webb, Donson, Dickinson. Third Row: Rynerson. Thompson, Blackburn, Jones, Fox. Fourth Row: Driskell, Croft. Ginter, O ' Bannon, Gilbert. Fifth Row: Paris, Wilsey, Miller, Cashdoliar, Johnson. THE FRESHMAN [16] ' 1 H. H. HENDERSHOT, JR. . . . Indianapolis, Ind, HELEN MILLER Cordova, Ala. ZENITH JORDAN Jackson, Tenn. ROBBIE JOHNSON Nashville, Tenn. PAULINE SMITH Lyons, Ga. BETTY ANN GOLDEN .... Charleston, W. Va. CARRIE PEARSON Avon Park, Fla. ESTHER WEBB Miami, Fla. LOIS DONSON Muncie, Ind. ELOISE DICKINSON Avon Park, Fla. BONNEAU RYNERSON .... Harrodsburg, Ky. NANNIE D. THOMPSON Jackson, Miss. LOTTIE BLACKBURN Robertsdale, Ala. DOROTHY JONES Fitzgerald, Ga. EUEL FOX Victoria, Va. MILDRED DRISKELL Juliette, Ga. DON CROFT Lake Mary, Fla. MATTIE GINTER Irvine, Ky. A. P. O ' BANNON LaBelle, Fla. NAOMI GILBERT Irvine, Ky. LUCY MAE FARIS Victoria, Va. JUANITA WILSEY Lakeland, Fla. JACK BRADY MILLER Columbus, Ga. MARIE CASHDOLLAR Nashville, Tenn. RUTH JOHNSON Miami, Fla. DOROTHY KNIPPERS Jackson, Miss. WENDELL DAVIDSON Albany, Ky. JOHNNYE MILSAPS Sweetwater, Tenn. MILDRED PELHAM Cairo, Ga. FAYE BUCHANAN Manchester, Ga. H. R. WARD Nashville, Tenn. WILLIE BELLE KENT Erin, Tenn. RALPH HUDSON Jasper, Ala. SADIE CAVENDER Nashville, Tenn. CURTIS DAVIS Cleveland, Miss. lETHA TERRYAH Midland, Mich. GENEVE CUNNINGHAM Murray, Ky. MONTINE MAYHAN Bruce, Miss. T. J. BOSHELL, JR Townley, Ala. HELEN HAYNES Manchester, Ga. HILDA CARLTON Alexander City, Ala. DOROTHY EVELYN SNELL . . Nashville, Tenn. EVA BLACKBURN Robertsdale, Ala. PICTURES MISSING HARMON HODGE . . Beersheba Springs, Tenn. VIVIAN McAULAY Stewart, Tenn. GLADYS RUSTIN Statesboro, Ga. MRS. ELIZABETH SPRUILL . Nashville. Tenn. First Row: Knippers, Davidson, Milsaps. Second Row: Pelham, Buchanan, Ward. Third Row: Kent, Hudson, Cavender. Fourth Row: Davis, Terryah, Cunningham. Fifth Row: Mayhan, Boshell, Haynes. Sixth Row: Carlton, Snell, Blackburn. CLASS •7 Hollins, Phillips, Mackey, Richardson, Strickland Bohler, Blackburn, Dillender, Gold, Thrower " Onward to a four year college . . . " , here Is a step toward that goal. This is the new third year or college junior class that was added this year under the direction of Professor A. L. Snell. ADRON EVANS HOLLINS Roanoke, Va. KOY WRIGHT PHILLIPS Shelbyville, Tenn. MARY IMOGENE MACKEY Highway, Ky. V. NEIL RICHARDSON Erin, Tenn. CATHERINE D. STRICKLAND .... Nashville, Tenn. CLARA BOHLER West Point, Ga, ADA LEE BLACKBURN Robertsdale, Ala OWEN DILLENDER Sikeston, Mo WILMA BERNiCE GOLD Delle. W. Va J. T. THROWER AncJalusia, Ala NORA DEAN GILLIAM PICTURES MISSING Algood, Tenn. TENNIE McGHEE Nashville, Tenn. POST GRADUATES [ 18 J THEOLOGICAL DIPLOMA GRADUATES EDWARD COX Lexington, Kentucky ' " A great soul will be strong to live as well as to think. " Vice-President Theological Class, ' 40: Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40; Kentucky Club, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Work- ers Association, ' 39, ' 40; " Darda " Staff, ' 40; Holiness League, ' 39, ' 40; Student Pastor, ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40. IRENE YVETTE MEADOR Greensboro, North Carolina " To the pure ail things are pure. " Ministerial Association, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Workers Asso- ciation, ' 39, ' 40; Holiness League. ' 39, ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40; S. E. A. Club, ' 40; Missionary Society, ' 39, " 40; Par- thenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40. DOYLE RAE THOMAS Hernando, Florida " She goes steadily — on time — and does her duty welt. " Secretary, Florida Club. ' 39; President Florida Club, ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39, ' 40; Missionary Society; Holiness League; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39, ' 40. CHESTER D. SPECK Alexandria, Pennsylvania " The world awards its prizes to men of firmness and self- reliance. " Vice-President Christian Workers ' Association, ' 40; Treas- urer, Christian Workers ' Association, ' 40; Secretary Theo- logical Class, ' 40; Ramblers ' Club, ' 38- ' 40; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 38- ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38- ' 40; Mi s- sionary Society, ' 38- ' 40; Holiness League, ' 38- ' 40; Chorus, ' 38- ' 40. JESSE A. MIDDENDORF St. Louis. Missouri " God delights in true earnest thinkers. " President Ramblers ' Club, ' 38, ' 39; " Darda " Staff, ' 39, ' 40; Ministerial Association; Honor Roll, Christian Work- ers ' Association; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 39; Parthenian Lit- erary Society; President Theological Class. ' 40; Student Pastor, ' 40. SETTLE SHAW Castle Hayne, North Carolina " Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing. " President Holiness League, ' 40; Ramblers ' Club, ' 37- ' 40; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 37- ' 40; Quartet, ' 37- ' 40; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 37- ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37- ' 40; Missionary Society, ' 38- ' 40: Chorus, ' 37- ' 40. Cox, Meader, Thomas, Middendorf Shaw, Speck [ 19] THIRD YEAR THEOLOGICAL ROBBIE JOHNSON .... Nashville, Tenn. MARIE CASHDOLLAR . MARY FRANCES LORD Sanford, Fla. Nashville, Tenn. PICTURE MISSING GRAPER H. RUSSELL Nashville, Tenn. Huff, R. Welch, Williams Patten, Blakey, King Everist, J. Welch, Painter FIRST YEAR THEOLOGICAL • OLIVER C. HUFF Louisville, Ky. RUTH WELCH .... Monterey, Tenn. ROY WILLIAMS . . . Indianapolis, Ind. DAVID PATTEN Pensacola, Fla. MARGARET BLAKEY .... Miami, Fla. PAUL KING Pittsburg, Penn. GERALD W. EVERIST .... Tama, Iowa JACKLYN E. WELCH . . . Orlando, Fla. NORWOOD PAINTER . . . Calvert, Ala. MINISTERIAL GRADUATES AND STUDENTS JAMES A. HALE Coburg, Kentucky " Abounding in energy, zeal for the Lord, He honors His name, both in work and in word. " Holiness League, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Mis- sionary Society, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Min- isterial Association, ' 38, ' 39. ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 40; Kentucky Club, ' 40. J. L. JAMISON McEwen, Tennessee " You hear that boy laughing, you think he ' s all fun; but the angels laugh, too, at the good he has done. " Tennessee Club, ' 36- ' 40; Holiness League, ' 37- ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 36- ' 40; Ministerial Asso- ciation, ' 36- ' 40; Octavian Literary Society, ■36- ' 40. EARL J. OSBORNE Nashville, Tennessee " His daily prayer far better understood in acts than words, was simply doing good. " Tennessee Club, ' 37- ' 40; Ministerial Association, ' 37- ' 40; Octavian Literary Society, ' 37- ' 40. BERNICE BRAKEFIELD Birmingham, Ala. JOHN R. BROWNING Logan, W. Va. G. R. ALSOBROOKS Erin, Tenn. MALCOLM JAMES NORTH Nashville, Tenn. THURSTON JOHNSON Crest. Ga. JAMES L. THOMAS Dunbar, W. Va. OLA SUMMERS Nashville. Tenn. LOUIE JONES Fitzgerald, Ga. A. L. HADDEN Chattanooga, Tenn. W. M. PECK Nashville, Tenn. MRS. PEARL McHAN Oneonta, Ala. ROY McHAN Oneonta, Ala. HUBERT BANKSTON Jasper, Ala. RAY DAVIS Berea, Ky. PICTURES MISSING M. L. ASHWORTH Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM AYERS Lancaster. Ky. REBA BURROW Fulton, Ky. JOE EUGENE COOK Old Hickory, Tenn. GRATZ M. TERRELL Irvine, Ky. EDWARD DAVIS N. Syracuse, N. Y. K. L. DRAKE Jacksonville, Fla. ROBERT L. ELBERT Louisville, Ky. JAMES F. MILLER Nashville, Tenn. W. W. WARMACK Nashville, Tenn. RALPH YOUNG Winchester, Tenn. ri D ' " " I rakefield, Browning, Alsobrooks, North, Johnson Thomas, Summers Jones, Hadden, Peck, Mcttan, McHan, Bankston, Davis [21 ] JOHN LAWWILL, JR. Lexington, Kentucky " His life is gentle, and the elements so mixed in him that natjre might stand up and say to all the world. ' This is a man. ' " Men ' s Quartet. ' 38. ' 39, ' 40; President Kentucky Club. ' 39, ' 40; Presi- dent Junior Class, ' 39; Vice-President, Senior Class, ' 40; President Octavian Literary Society, ' 40; Ministerial Association. ' 38. ' 39. ' 40; Vice-President Holiness League, ' 39; " Darda " Staff, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association; Chorus; Men ' s Glee Club. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. GLADYS NAOMI OWENS Clearwater, Florida " A life pure, unselfish, humble, gentle, and strong, lived every day will be a channel for a beautiful ministry for God. " Octavian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39. ' 40; Honor Roil, ' 38. ' 39; Presi- dent Senior Class. ' 40; Secretary Junior Class, ' 39; Missionary Society; Christian Workers ' Association; Ministerial Association; Florida Club. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. DOROTHY LING Millington. Michigan " Quiet in appearance, but her personality shines in her eyes. " Octavian Literary Society, ' 39. ' 40; Ramblers ' Club ' 39, ' 40; Ladies ' Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Chorus, ' 39, ' 40. RUBY BERNICE DOGGETT Ames, Iowa. " A sweet song, a true smile Makes this life worthwhile, " Chorus, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association; Ramblers ' Club; Octavian Literary Society. ' 39. ' 40. MARY HENRIETTA PICKLER Faxon, Tennessee " Every noble life leaves the fiber of it interwoven forever in the work of the world. " Octavian Literary Society; Christian Workers ' Association; Holiness League; Missionary Society; Tennessee Club, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Secretary Octavian Literary Society, ' 39; Secretary Senior Class. ' 40. MARY LUELLA HOOVER Hesston, Pennsylvania " Be ever on the lookout for lives God places in your path to inspire, encourage, befriend, and help. " Holiness League; Ministerial Association; Octavian Literary Society, ' 38. ' 39, ' AO; President Missionary Society. ' 40. LEON CLAYTON MILLER Charlotte. North Carolina " My business is not to remake myself, but to make the absolute best of what God made. " Men ' s Glee Club ' - O; Christian Workers ' Association ' 40; Ministerial Association, ' 40; S. E. A. Club, ' 40. HOMER JAMES ADAMS Ft. Lauderdale, Florida " True to his word, his work, and his friends. " Men ' s Glee Club, ' 40; Chorus. ' 40; Octavian Literary Society, ' 40. INEZ TINNEY WARD Nashville. Tennessee " For nature made her what she is And never made another. " Tennessee Club; Octavian Literary Society. EMMA LOUISE WEAVER Nashville, Tennessee " She puts all her troubles down in the bottom of her heart and then sit on the lid and smiles. " Tennessee Club; Octavian Literary Society. SHIRLEY LEE Brewton. Alabama " Quiet, modest, and unassuming. She is prepared to meet all duties. " Honor Roll; Octavian Literary Society. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Alabama Club, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Christian Workers ' Association. ' 38. ' 39, ' 40; Vice- President Junior Class, ' 39; Holiness League, ' 38; Chorus. ' 38. ' 39; Ministerial Association, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; Treasurer Senior Class, ' 40. MAURICE DAVID O ' BANNON LaBelle, Florida " Life Is just whaf we make it, I know; So I ' m making mine happy wherever I go Octavian Literary Society, ' 40; Florida Club, ' 40. RUSSELL DAVID BREDHOLT Terrace. Pennsylvania " He set himself so to live in God as by his life to compel men to think of God. " President Ramblers ' Club, ' 40; Vice-President Ministerial Association. ' 38 ' 39 ' 40- Pastor Southside. Nashville. ' 37; Pastor Mayfield, Ky.. ' 39 ' 40- Honor Roll, ' 37. ' 38, ' 39. PICTURE MISSINC BERNICE BRAKEFIELD 3Irmingham, Ala. HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS WILMA MOORE Muncie, Indiana LUCIl E RODGERS Gainesville, Florida MINNIE ASBURY HOWARD . . Vanceburg, Kentucky CARL ROSS McEwen, Tennessee MAXINE MOORE Charleston, West Virginia EVELYN WILLOUGHBY . . Charlotte, North Carolina LaWAYNE CHAPLIN Miami, Florida BETTY POWERS Louisville, Kentucky WILLARD WILSEY Lakeland Florida MARJORIE ELAINE GRUBBS . . Covington, Kentucky CHESTER DAVIS Roanoke, Virginia ISOBEL REIGHARD Ebensburg, Pennsylvania MARGARET DUNKUM Nashville, Tennessee AUGUSTA BOLEJACK . . Greensboro, North Carolina PICTURE MISSING LUCILE SANDERS Chattanooga, Tennessee Moore, Powers, Rodgers, Wilsey, Howard, Grubbs, Ross Davis, Moore, Reighard, Willoughby, Dunkum, Chaplin, Boleiack [23] Rose, Ellis, Cass, Woodlee, Petrowski, Friend, Henderson HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES J. B. ROSE Sparta, Tenn. EVELYN ELLIS Birmingham, Ala. GLENN CASS Columbus. Ga. FRED HENDERSON, JR. GENEVA WOODLEE ... Beersheba Springs, Tenn. ROLAND C. PETROWSKI, JR Pensacola, Fla. JENNA MAE FRIEND Spencer, W. Va. . . . . Indianapolis, Ind. PICTURES MISSING CRAIG AYERS Lexington, Ky. DAVID AYERS Imperial, Penn. Simpson, Mims, White Callahan, Thomas, Troutt Knippers, Kpeton, Brown Forbes, Hudson. Rowh JOHN STEWART BETTS Decatur, Ga. FRANCES BURROW Fulton, Ky. HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN J. C. SIMPSON Monroe, N. C. MARY PARKS MIMS . . , Paris, Tenn. DUANE WHITE Dunbar, W. Va. LINELLE CALLAHAN Monterey, Tenn. R. N. THOMAS, JR Loudon, Tenn. ANNE TROUTT Camden, Tenn. SHURAL KNIPPERS Jackson, Miss. MARGARET KEETON Ann Arbor, Mich. HERBERT BROWN Lexington, Ky. DORIS FORBES Roanoke, Va. CORDELL HUDSON Nashville, Tenn. HETTIE ROWH Spencer, W. Va. PICTURES MISSING AGNES ALCORN Donelson, Tenn DOROTHY BRADFORD Birmingham, Ala WILLIS GRAVES Uleta, Fla SYLVIA LAWRENCE Murray, Ky DOROTHEA MILLER Franklin, Ky DOROTHY TRUESDALE Bogia, Fla [24] GRAMMAR GRADES MILDRED CAMPBELL JAMES CARGILE JIMMY DOBSON LAWTON DRAKE TENNYSON HOWARD MRS. M. A. MACKEY, Principal MRS. ELIZABETH SPRUILL, Instructor THURSTON JOHNSON EVA FAY MACKEY NEVA GAY MACKEY MAE McLENDON MALCOLM JAMES NORTH HOWARD SPRUILL JAMES SPRUILL JEAN SPRUILL SARAH SPRUILL KATE STONE THOMAS STONE Snow at Trevecca It Is to such places as these that Trevecca ' s Christian workers go to carry the message of love to men and women whose souls are more tightly bound by sin than their phy- sical bodies can ever be bound by bars. Often the students who visit the jails and work houses go away rejoicing over the sol ' Is who have found the Lord as their Saviour. " For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. " —John 3:16. CHRISTIAN WORKERS AT TREVECCA If Trevecca were only an educational Institu- tion it would be worthwhile, but it is more than that. Young men and women can get training at Trevecca which is not possible In everybody ' s college, and while they are getting this training they are doing a work which cannot be valued In dollars and cents. Throughout each week and over the week-ends one hundred or more of these boys and qlrls take part in carrying the gospel to approximately one thousand persons sick in body or soul. These students visit the penal institutions, hospitals, sanitariums, orphan- ages, and individual homes of the city, and hold street services regularly. To observe Trevecca students engaged In this regular Christian work and to see the passion they have for souls would convince anyone of their sincere consecration and possession of a vital experience of salvation. No one can estimate the value of this Chris- tian work to the city and state and nation. To help a criminal find the Christ who changes his life means saving the taxpayers ' money by cut- ting out court bil ls, jail expenses, and damage to public property, besides eliminating the dan- ger to the lives of Innocent people. These Christian workers do a work that ordi- nary Individuals would not do for money; yet they are happy In trying to give to others in part what they have received. At practically every service they see some mother ' s boy or girl profess faith In the Christ who said, " Who- soever will may come and drink of the water of life freely. " Every year they have from one thou- sand to eleven hundred converts. Only the white light of the ludgment can reveal the good Tre- vecca ' s Christian workers have done. A few weeks ago In the hospital a man who seemed to be very near death ' s door said to one of our preacher boys, " I thank God for Trevecca students who take an Interest in carryinq thp nospel of salvation to places which are ordinarily forgotten, for It was in one of their services In the city iail that Christ qot hold of my heart and saved me. I ' m not afraid of death now. " This and other similar statements more than repay Trevecca ' s Christian workers for all they do. The happiness they enjoy over a soul who finds Christ cannot compare with that which Is awaiting them on heaven ' s shore, for there will be many thev heloed to Christ shouting around the throne of God. hJo other power can mean as much toward making our country ' s living conditions better as the love of God in the hearts of Individuals. Nothing, not even education, can cause a per- son to hold his head up, take care of his family, and treat his fellow man honestly and squarely except Christ. Nashville has reason to be proud of what the Christian workers of Trevecca Col- lege are doing. Christian Workers Association RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES ON THE CAMPUS Much has been said of the Christian workers and their work in the city and neighboring towns, but little mention has been made of the religious activities on the campus though it is here in the services that much of the vision of a lost world is realized. Nothing can be more in- spirational and soul-stirring than some of the services which have been held here. The first religious program of the day on the campus is the chapel service where all the stu- dents meet for an hour of worship together. Some of the greatest sermons which have ever come from the lips of man have been heard in our chapel. We have been fortunate this year in having three of the leading preachers in the Nazarene movement give a series of messages during these morning hours of devotion. Dr. J. B. Chapman, General Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene, was with us first; then Dr. C. E. hiardy, former president of Trevecca College; and later Dr. E. P. Ellyson, former Gen- eral Superintendent of the Church of the Naz- arene, and Editor of the Sunday school literature. Such messages as were heard on Christian work- ers ' responsibilities, prophecy, and holiness were enough to give anyone a greater vision and more zeal to go forward in the work of the Lord If nothing else were ever said in chapel, hlowever, this is only a part of the whole. Each morning we receive a blessing from those things we hear and are helped to keep steady. The stirring, in- spirational talks from our president we cannot forget, and besides that twice each week Rev. hH. hi. Wise, pastor of the First Nazarene Church In Nashville, lectures and preaches from his thirty years of experience and study of the Bible. At the close of the day when classes and work are done, the student body assembles for prayer meeting. Nothing can be more beautiful than the spirit of worship which prevails throughout the services. Often a revival spirit breaks out in a regular meeting and shouts of praise ring out from the campus. The prayer services follow a definite program. Wednesday night is called Missionary Night. It is in charge of those who have a special call to foreign and home mission work. Often the speakers are men and women who have spent many years of their lives on mission fields, and their soul-stlrring messages give the student body a greater vision of the work to be done. On Thursday night the Holi- ness League, an auxiliary of the National Asso- ciation for the Promotion of hloliness, gets special speakers from both on and off the campus. Fri- day and Saturday prayer meetings are general, and It Is here that the student preachers get practice for their work in later life. The general prayer meeting is on Tuesday evening, which all students are required to attend. Usually an out- side speaker or a member of the faculty brings the message. Truly prayer meetings are inspira- tional and worthwhile, for the blessings of God are on the services. At least once each quarter and sometimes twice, the Ministerial Association, under the direction of the faculty, sponsors a special re- vival campaign. At the beginning of the third quarter we have already had three series of re- vival services. The special speakers have been Rev. W. M. Tldwell of Chattanooga First Church, Dr. C. E. hiardy, noted evangelist and former president of Trevecca College, and Rev. hH. H. hHooker, well-known evangelist and former district superintendent of the Alabama District. The messages were wonderful and the manifesta- tion of the power of God was upon the services. Trevecca is indeed a spiritual institution. Al- most every hour someone can be heard lifting his voice to God in prayer and thanksgiving. Truly every student of Trevecca College has been blessed by the religious activities on the campus. [29] TREVECCA MALE QUARTET SIMPSON, RICHARDSON HENDERSHOT, PHILLIPS TREVECCA CRUSADERS THRASHER, ADAMS ABSTON, BURROW TREVENNA MOORE, McDANIEL THOMPSON, CASHDOLLAR TREVECCA LADIES ' QUARTET COONER, KNIPPERS DONSON, GIBBS MEISTERSINGERS MAiSH, DAV.DSON LAV WILL, SHAV JUNIOR QUARTET HUFF, HUDSON KNIPPERS, BOSHELL THE QUARTETTE CHORUS The Trevecca College chorus, under the direc- tion of Professor D. A. Yarbrough, deserves much praise. It pos- sesses both quality and quantity, making it a chorus difficult to sur- pass. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The men are doing splendid work this year. They have presented several out-of-town and local programs which have been both inspira- tional and entertaining. li LADIES ' GLEE CLUB The Ladies ' Glee Club contributes much to Trevecca ' s music de- partment, having made many successful ap- pearances this year. Its present is bright; its future is brighter. Can you ii-nagine Trevecca wiHi- ojt music? It would indeed be difficult, for music Is of vital im- portance at Trevecca. It enables us to soar higher, appreciating the finer qualities of life. Music is appropriate in the happiest moments and on the saddest oc- casions. It provides rest for the weary and amusement for those who desire to be entertained. It is inspirational in that it spurs us on to higher heights and deeper thinking. May music ever rule and reign in the halls o Trevecca. MUSIC AT TREVECCA MiSS BESSIE SEAY, Instructor The practical nursing class is very fortunate in having for its teacher, Miss Bessie Seay. She was formerly a Nazarene missionary to both India and Africa, and we feel that she possesses the highest of qualifications for this position. Her Interest in both girls and boys is now being shown by training the young ladies to care for the sick. In our first lessons we learned how to take temperature, count the pulse, and the im- portance of watching the breathing of the patient. Much stress was placed on the at- tractiveness of the room, how to bathe and dress the patient, and how to make the bed We were also taught how to arrange food attractively and how to place various articles on a tray. At the present time our class is learning what to do for cuts, burns, bruises, and wounds, and the correct way to dress a wound. We are also learning the different types of medicine that should be given with varying ailments. The class Is looking forward to the re- maining part of the school year with Miss Seay. Our next study will be under the head- ing of " First Aid " which includes bleeding of cuts or wounds, broken bones, dislocated bones, bites of animals, choking, fainting, drowning, poisons, unconscious persons, shock or collapse, and sprains. We already feel that the knowledge we have gained thus far has been and will be very profitable, not only while we are here In school, where we can practice on the stu- dents, but in our future life as well. We have adopted the slogan; The health of each of us depends on the health of all of us. PRACTICAL NURSING CLASS Pulse and Heartbeats Th rough science — " We behold the world ' s creation . . . And judge of Nature ' s cunning operation, How things she formed of a fornnelesse mas; By knowledge wee do learne our selves to knowe, And what to man, and what to God wee owe. " A student of biology never forgets the day on which he helps to dissect a cat. To see its heart beat and its lungs expand and contract makes an indelible picture on each pupil ' s mind. [34] Debating is a method of testing forensic skill by means Of especial interest to every girl is how to make attrac- of a definite discussion of a specific problem between five and practical clothing. The unit of choosing and two sides. When guided by standard rules, this activity making clothing is probably one of the most helpful in develops accurate thinking and effective speaking ability. the Home Economics course, which also includes the preparation of foods, child care, and home management. [35 3 GEORGIA REBA GARNTO President JACK MILLER Vice-President MILDRED PELHAM Secretary-Treasurer MISS AMY L. PERSON Sponsor WEST VIRGINIA WILMA GOLD President DUANE WHITE Vice-President BETTY GOLDEN Secretary ANGELEE COCHRAN Treasurer MRS. L. D SHELTON Sponsor ALABAMA EARNESTINE MORGAN President JAMES BOSHELL Vice-President CLARA BOHLER Secretary ORINE CYPERT Treasurer MR. L. D. SHELTON Sponsor . STATE CLUBS [36] TENNESSEE MYRTLE HOOPER President J. D. IRWIN Vice-President RUBY LEE NEELY Secretary CLAUDE JAKIISON TreaS ' j rrf PROF. A. L. SNELL Sponsor RAMBLERS R. D. BREDHOLT President JESSE MIDDENDORF Vice-President WILMA MOORE Secretary- 1 reasurer PROF. AND MRS. L. P. GRESHAM Sponsors SOUTHEAST ATLANTIC ADRON HOLLINS President LEON MILLER Vice-President DORIS FORBES Secretary J. C. SIMPSON Treasurer MRS. D. A. YARBROUGH Sponsor STATE CLUBS FLORIDA KENTUCKY This is one of the most rapidly growing state clubs in Trevecca. The background for the picture is one of the new buildings on the campus. DOYLE RAE THOMAS President GLADYS OWEN Vice-President ELOISE DICKINSON Secretary SAMMIE VANN Treasurer PROF. D. A. YARBROUGH Sponsor The Kentucky Club can boast of more faculty members in its organization than any of the other state organiza- tions. This picture was made on the steps of the presi- dent ' s home. JOHN LAWWILL President IMOGENE MACKEY Vice-President VIRGINIA TAYLOR Secretary-Treasurer PROF. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor [38 J MISSIONS The Missionary Society is an organization of which Trevecca can be justly proud. Since No- vember, Life Membership has been conferred upon four of the faculty members. A large part of the money which helped make this possible has come from the mite boxes on the tables in the dining hall. HOLINESS The hHolIness League Is an auxiliary of the Na- tional Association for the Promotion of hlollness. It has been our privilege to have a representa- tive each year at the annual meeting of the association. Our aim is to teach, preach, and live holiness wherever we may be. [39] PARTHENIAN The Parthenian Literary Society Is composed of all students of college standing. Every two wecl s this society presents a program for the entire student body. The purposes of these programs are to elevate, to entertain, and to give the stu- dents an opportunity to use and develop their respective talents. OCTAVIAN The Octavian Literary Society contributes great- ly to the Friday evening programs at Trevecca. Its programs are Interesting, entertaining, and educational. LITERARY SOCIETIES [40] D A R D A STAFF A. B. MACKEY Faculty Advisor M. IMOSENE MACKEY .... Editor-in-Chief JESSE A. MIDDENDORF . . Business Manager H. HARVEY HENDERSHOT, JR. Sales Manager FRANK H. ABSTON Co-Editor HAROLD J. MAISH Assistant Business Manager EDWARD COX .... Assistant Sales Manager CLARA BOHLER College Rep. and Stenographer OLIVER C. HUFF . . Theological Representative JOHN L. LAWWILL High School Representative JAMES A. HALE . . Ministerial Representative DOROTHY KNIPPERS . Fine Arts Representative The duty of the staff is to watch the annual grow from mere blank paper to what finally comes to be called the DARDA, " the pearl of wisdom. " There ' s quite a bit of v. ' ork and a little bit of fun Mixed all in before the book is done. It is the wish of these representatives that all the students of Trevecca College may feel justly proud of their publication and that in years to come it may refresh memories of former days spent in this in- stitution. On the evening of March I, Mr. and M.-s. Mackey entertained the DARDA Staff in the living room of their new home. We had A S A A . i,- 5s A 9« .y ' A , A S S A AFTER-SOCIAL SESSION In the boys ' dormitory where boys will be boys it is not unusual to hear someone raving — " but to- night she was the c-ut— est thing, and so-o , " and those around listen attentively. How well they understand I POSTMAN HERE! It ' s mailtime — letters from home? We-I-I, maybe, but when a girl goes off to school she must keep in touch with things back home. EVERYDAY BUSINESS A bit of laughter, a bit of fun, A bit of food; eating ' s done. PALS True friendship binds hearts to- gether and in no nnatter how small announts it cannot be bought with dollars and cents. THESE FOR THE MAILMAN Of all sad words he penned or spoke, The saddest are these, " Dear Dad, I ' m broke. " A LITTLE GAME All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; so good-bye books until the game is over! HIKING Even the most studious must have a little recreation, and noth- ing is more healthful than hiking. If it be true that " Actions speak louder than words, " this type of physical exercise is very enjoyable. Occasionally at Trevecca someone gets " on the fence, " and from all appearances here, it ' s doubles this time. Maybe, though, this could be called " time out, " for hikers do get tired. SNOW AND SUNSHINE Trevecca students do engage in a bit of fun occasionally, and some jolly good times they have, too. Dur- ing the first big snow of the year the Civil War v as re-enacted in a snow fight between the Florida and Kentucky Clubs, but who won is still a question. When the sun comes out and the grass gets green something gets hold of the students — so off to the tennis court or the shade of a tree they go. Now sandwiched in between these two extremes, this boy is shining his way into the DARDA on Professor Yarbrough ' s shoes. OUT WITH THE TRUCK Hauling a million things — nnany of them bricks — affords jobs for a few. MILKING Where there ' s a will there ' s more than one way for students to work their way through school. PIG WAITER Working his way through college waiting tables in the pig pen.. [48] CLASS POEMS High School Senior Class Poem SAILING ONWARD Out on life ' s ocean deep and wide We each are sailing with the tide, Sailing into depths unknown, Into waters we call our own. We build the boat in which we sail; May we strive to build it well. Staunch, strong, yes, and best That will not waver at distress. The world is our timber yard, May we never grow weary and tired; But always level and ever true To the task we have to do. May we choose the timbers with greatest care; Of all that is unsound beware, For only what is sound and strong To this vessel shall belong. Onward we sail on life ' s sea Amid the storms and strife that be. With our Pilot guiding us We will not doubt, but always trust. May we ever keep in mind We do not build for present time. The timber we use in building today; Through eternity will never decay. HENRIETTA PICKLER, Class Poet Junior College Senior Class Poem THE HIGHER THE CLIMB THE BROADER THE VIEW One twilight some students stood waiting At the foot of Achievement Hill; At a voice in the distance calling They grew silent and deathly still. " Climb higher, " they heard from the hilltop. " Here the view is broader, " — and then They gazed blankly from one to another Till someone said, " Let us begin. " Bitter winds blew into their faces As in darkness they groped their way. But a star of hope rose before ' Ihem To guide them till oncoming day. Oftentimes on the way they stumbled Over rocks of discouragement sore And their feet, pierced by thorns of temptation. Were bleeding ' neath burdens they bore. As they slowly ascended the mountain More arduous and steep grew the track Until some, growing tired and discouraged. Said, " Comrades, now let us turn back. " But when they had almost lost courage, A rose-tinted dawning appeared. And seizing new hope from that promise. They climbed to ' the top with hearts cheered Then turning they looked down the mountain Remembering each struggle they ' d had; And viewing the scene all about them Their hearts were made happy and glad. In praises they lifted their voices To the One who had guided aright By bringing them safe thru the darkness To the morn of His glorious light. ALMA KENT, Class Poet [ 50 ] " R P ! • ' .™ Rev. Orville L. Maish Pastor Res. 2335 Date St. " The Friendly Church " YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT LOUISVILLE FIRST CHURCH Twenty-Fourth and Howard Streets Louisville, Kentucky PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS I know of a church at the edge of the town Where heaven and earth seem to blend; For within the wide door waits the Christ we adore With a blessing for all who attend. Then come to the church at the edge of the town And join with the worshiping throng , And tomorrow you ' ll face with a confident grace And a faith that is steadfast and strong. REV. S. W. STRICKLAND M.A.. B,D. Pastor GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE LEHMAN BROTHERS QUALITY GROCERIES • PHONE 6-5836 Murfreesboro at Elm Hill Road K. A. EARLY TIRE AND COAL CO. HIGH GRADE STOKER AND LUMP COAL Phone 5-1039 404-8 McGavock St. Nashville, Tenn. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of A FRIEND WOODBINE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 220 Valera Street Rev. Jesse A. Middendorf Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cleveland at Worthlngton Charlotte, N. C. " THE FRIENDLY CHURCH " Pastor. REV. C. E. SHUMAKE 3 I I E. Wor+hing+on Sunday School Superintendent MR. J. J. THOMAS N. Y. P. S. President MISS MARY ETTA BRINGMAN W. F. M. S. President MRS. GARDNER W. HARVEY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE GEORGIA DISTRICT Rev, P. P. BELEW, District Superintendent EIGHT YEARS ' ACHIEVEMENT (Net Increases) Church Membership 168% S. S. Membership 28C% N . Y. P. S. Membership 46 1 % W. F. M. S. Membership 348 ' ' Amount Paid For All Purposes .... 267% Property Valuation 191% UNITY— COOPERATION— PROGRESS REV. P. P. BELEW SOUTHSIDE CHURCH of the Nazarene Corner Carroll and Berrien Sts. NASHVILLE, TENN. M. E. REDFORD Pastor BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 409 Trinity Lane Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM PECK, Pastor Telephone 3-3636-J STUDENT AND FACULTY INVITED MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. CECIL C. KNIPPERS Superintendent SANITARY MAT COMPANY Nashville, Tennessee Owned and Operated by Trevecca Students Mats for Church and Building Entrances Made in Colors KENTUCKY-WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT L. T. Wells, District Superintendent OUR PRAYERS, OUR FAITH, OUR HOPE, AND OUR EFFORTS Are Great FOR TREVECCA COLLEGE TENNESSEE DISTRICT J. D. Saxon, District Superintendent TREVECCA Is Our Schooli We Shall Continue to BOOST! " Cheer Up " MODEL LAUNDRY MODEL CLEANERS D. D. CANFIELD, Manager Telephone 5-3 I 14 ST. BERNARD COAL CO. " SINCE 1870 " N. Y. P. S. of the VICTORIA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE J. E. FOX, Pastor VICTORIA, VIRGINIA Crown Tent and Awning Co. 936 Third Avenue, North Nashville, Tenn. GOSPEL TENTS For Sale or Rent FOLDING CHAIRS For Rent THE ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK Were Made by The South ' s Foremost Annual Engravers CAPITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY 134 Fourth Avenue, North Nashville, Tennessee TENNESSEE DISTRICT NAZARENE YOUNG PEOPLE ' S SOCIETY Dedicated definitely to the task of Estab- lishing the Church of the Nazarene in every city, town, and community of our great district. See WHITE and You ' ll See RIGHT DR. J. H. WHITE 506 Union Street 154 Eighth Ave., N. Telephone 6-5970 Telephone 6-4473 FOR QUALITY AND FLAVOR Always Buy HOLSUM BREAD AND CAKES AMERICAN BREAD COMPANY RED ACE Sold Only Where MARKS THE SPOT RED ACE PETROLEUM CO., Inc. 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TIDWELL, Pastor Chattanooga, Tennessee THE YARD OF FRIENDLY SERVICE THE CASH CARRY LUMBER CO. A. M. GIBBS, Manager M. T. CLAY, Sales Manager LUMBER • MILLWORK SASH • DOORS • PAINT AND ROOFING A Complete Stock of HIGH GRADE LUMBER CALL US FOR ESTIMATES WE DELIVER 1203 S. Greenwood Ave. Phone 2-2121 CHATTANOOGA, TENN. COMPLIMENTS of the CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Monterey, Tenn. REV. ERBAN B. MOSS Pastor • A FORMER STUDENT AND A PRESENT BOOSTER M. E. DERRYBERRY COMPANY And SPOT CASH COMPANY Wholesale Grocers NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE SOUTHERN WOODEN WARE CO. 134 Second Avenue, North Nashville, Tennessee Jobbers of QUALITY MERCHANDISE For Over a Quarter of a Century • We Specialize In Paper Goods COMPLIMENTS of the ALABAMA CLUB A Representation of the YOUNG PEOPLE OF THE ALABAMA DISTRICT FIFTY YEARS OF SATISFACTION PHILLIPS BUTTORFF MANUFACTURING CO. • EVERYTHING FOR DINING ROOM, KITCHEN AND NURSERY Eighty-one Years of Faithful Service • 217-223 THIRD AVENUE, NORTH Phone 6-5181 PEACH ' S LUNCH ROOM A Clean, Comfortable Place to Eat Your Choice of Well Cooked Foods 405 Broadway Nasfiville, Tenn, Phone 6-9485 JENNINGS TIRE AND BATTERY CO. COOPER TIRES Guaranteed in Writing 7th Ave. at Commerce Phone 5-1214 THRIFT MARKET COMPLETE FOOD MARKET MAURICE GRIGGS COMPLIMENTS of the Nazarene Young People ' s Society MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT J. RAYMOND PARKER, President COMPLIMENT OF RADEBAUGH LANE OPTICAL CO. OPTOMETRISTS 38 Arcade HAMILTON GROCERY STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS 1404 East 12th St. Chattanooga, Tenn. Telephone 2-6132 KLEISER ' S PHARMACY TELEPHONE 6-9713 47 LaFayette Nashville, Tenn. 4 — Dresses, Coats, Suits — $ I FREE DELIVERY 5-3158 TENNESSEE DRY CLEANERS 208 SHELBY AVE. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Highland and Eighth St., S.E. ROANOKE, VA. C. C. BROWN, Pastor " The Young Church With the Old Gospel " C. WECHSEL W. T. WASHINGTON, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPH COMPANY Duplicate Prints May Be Had at Studio 421 1-2 Church Street Phone 6-0430 J, W. McGord Optical and Jewelry Go. T1 :KMH if ItKKIKFIt Member Nashville Academy of Optometry FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PARIS, TENNESSEE With a Live N. Y. P. S. B. W. MURPHY, Pastor A Friendly Pastor, a Friendly Church OUR YOUNG PEOPLE MEAN TO STAND BY TREVECCA When in Paris Visit With Us CAPITOL CITY MATTRESS CO. OLD MATTRESSES MADE NEW One-Day Service Phone 3-0283 900 Main Street W. F. M. S. of the KENTUCKY-WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT Mrs. L. T. Wells, District President We are boosting for TREVECCA and are helping to stir the people for a greater CARAVAN, NOVEMBER I, 19 0! €3 M MUSIC -ARCADE-. 1 SHVILLE JENNESSEES EVEnYTHING IM MUSIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF N. Y. P. S. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PARIS, TENNESSEE MRS. MEDLEY REEVES President We are ever Trevecca boosters Prof. ' arbrough: " Say, Heiulf rshiit, what ' s the idea of carrying two watches? " Hendershot: " I look at one to tell how slow the other one is. " Ko Phillips (to Mrs. Shelton): " Neil antl 1 are Koing to make some pies. Lo()k for the re- port. " Simpson: " Where, in the obituaries? " Carrie Pearson: " From the looks of y(]U there must have been a famine. " Ed Cox: " From the looks of you, you i.uist h:i e caused it. " Middendorf (to Neil and Koy) : " l?oys, if these mouse-traps don ' t get to work we ' ll lie out of meat ne.xt week. " Mrs. Jolmson: " Cla s, what is a metaph(u ? " Malcolm North: " Vv. keep the cows in. " Mr. Iladtlen (to John I.awwill): " jolin, do you want a hair cut or ju t sour (jil changed. " Prof, arhrough: " Shaw, how long ha e (ui been idle? " Shaw: " Well, ' fessor, I can ' t remendier wheth- er I was born in 191 7 or 191S. " Operator: " Hello, Tievecca Nazarene College? Long distance from Miami. " Rubv Lee Neelv: " It certainh is. Cjoodlne. " M H A U o •« THIS BOOK D E S I G n E D A n D P R I H T E D B X inline c 0 m p A n y n A s H V I 9 TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE LOCATED IN THE ATHENS OF THE SOUTH Nashville, with Its great Colleges and Universities, such as Peabody and Vanderbilt — Excellent Opportunities for Industrious People and Students to Make a Living DEEPLY SPIRITUAL Homelike atmosphere, with a self-sacriflcing missionary spirit, Indicated by 56 missionaries already sent to the for- eign field. " The sun never sets on Trevecca students. " The whole gospel for the whole world. Every member of the Faculty and Board of Trustees an earnest Christian. O HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR COLLEGE SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND FINE ARTS SCHOOL OF RELIGION Write for Catalog Today A. B. MACKEY, President PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE H. H. WISE, Pastor 510 Woodland Street The Home of the Visitor and Stranger Nashville, Tennessee This Church Furnishes a Gospel Bus For School li " t i I 1 i I

Suggestions in the Trevecca Nazarene University - Darda Yearbook (Nashville, TN) collection:

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