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ONWABD TO A fOUK-YEAl! COLLEGE AND A MILLION DOLLAR ★ ONWAfeD TO A POUR-YEAR COLLEGE AND A MILLION DOLLAR J-L 1939 D A R D A This book is presented by the student body with the hope that it may convey to the reader something of the scope of the year ' s activities. It is earnestly desired that this yearbook shall fill well its place in the continuous progress of Trevecca, and that it shall serve as a marker from which we may, in future years, measure the progress that has been made. KOY W. PHILLIPS EDITOR V. NEIL RICHARDSON MANAGER TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE PROFESSOR M. E. REDFORD To Professor M. E. Redford the 1939 DARDA is dedicated with sincere gratitude for his unselfish, sacrificial service often rendered under trying handicaps, for his genial companionship, for his thorough, scholarly example, for the earnestness of his message and the genuineness of his Christian life, for his great faith and his constant exaltation of the Bible as the Word of God. Two things are associated with Mr. Redford ' s name, the Bible and the history of the Nazarene Church. He makes the Bible the focal point of all his teachings, and the highest court of appeals on every question. He is the best authority on the history, trends, and dangers of the church; all who know him are aware of the fact that he is an ardent lover of it and a staunch defender of its every interest. We admire his full, systematic mind, we marvel at his perseverance, and we en- deavor to follow his splendid example of keeping vital contact with God and of striv- ing toward a more perfect manifestation of the mind of Christ. etetvel T R I B U T E • • MR. M A C K E y • • Serenity, deliberation, patience, self-control, fortitude, courage, untiring energy, efficiency, inoffensive sternness, unfailing kindness, straightforward sincerity, content- ment, thoughtfulness of others, vision, profundity of knowledge and wisdom — all these and more we see beautifully blended in the harmonious personality of Mr. Mackey. In him we recognize a man with a worthwhile contribution and an extraordinary abil- ity for imparting it to others. Originality, uniqueness, vivid presentation, and dynamic personality make his lectures at once interesting, gripping, stirring, elevating, and refreshing. Mr. Mackey challenges us so forcibly and irresistibly that we feel that nothing is impossible. By his example and teachings the students are inspired to prepare to fit pleasantly, smoothly, contentedly, and successfully into any situation in life; to build a philosophy of life which eliminates unnecessary worry; and to develop attitudes which enable them to take whatever may come and utilize it towards building and living better lives. In the heart of every student are respect, appreciation, admiration, and love for our President. Our common desire is that many more young people may have their lives enriched by contact with Trevecca ' s Mr. Mackey. CAMPUS SCENES Trevecca students take a civic pride in their campus. There is a marked improvement yearly in buildings and landscape. Adjoining city limit, on beautiful hill, our ideal location and surround- ings are conducive to study. BOOKS! BOOKS! AND CLASSES! [6] SCIENTIST IN THE MAKING " The wisdom of God re- ceives small honor from vulgar heads that rudely stare about, and with a gross rusticity admire His works. Those magnify Him whose judicious inquiry into His acts, and deliberate research into His creatures, return the duty of a devout and learned admiration. " D. A. Yarbrough presented Miss Vir- ginia Mims in voice certificate recital April 3, 1939. A PIANO LESSON IN T. N. C. More and more, as the years go by, Trevecca ' s music department is mak- ing itself known. Recently a radio announcer said, " Trevecca Nazarene College is putting out more music than any other college in Nashville. " The strains of our music are being heard not only in Nashville but also in the most remote sections of our educational zone. Long may the melodies of T. N. C. ring out! THE ART OF EXPRESSION " Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pro- nounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue; but if you mouth it, as many players do, I had as lief the town-crier spoke my lines. " Tv nr A n C I I 1 " We c ' are not ° ' ess an our ' 3est I K b W K I I t K J L» L I V l all things, no matter how small, for prog- ress comes in the perfection of little things. " [ 10 ] WARM COMPANIONSHIPS " Without good company, all dainties lose their true relish, and, like painted grapes, are only seen, not tasted. " [ U ] WE EARN OUR WAY o CO o - Modernistic ceiling of dining hall nears completion 0 Q " The heights by great men reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companions slept, Were toiling upward in the night. " The man who expects to be happy must have something to do, something to look forward to, and someone to love. So it is with the man who has a task that is honorable, whether it be before the eyes of the public or in obscurity. If we do the smaller task well today, tomorrow we will have opportunity to do a greater work. " Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate: Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait. " [ 13 o CO MM f O O SPREADING THE GOSPEL To comprehend the constituency and scope of the Christian Workers ' Association is to receive a clearer comprehension of Trevecca Nazarene College. It means a better under- standing of the purpose and desires of the present administrative offi- cers. Each aspect of our college life is maintained because it fills a defi- nite place in an infinitely worthwhile program, the building of durable and useful Christian character and personality, and the effective spread- ing of the gospel. The provision for and encouragement of our extensive Christian work only signify the in- tense desire to provide a thoroughly Christian atmosphere and to aid in the spiritual welfare and develop- ment of every student. The amount of effective Christian work actually done by the students speaks so loudly and clearly of the splendid opportunities for service and train- ing utilized by both prospective lay- men and ministers, that any fair- minded person must take note and be glad, recognizing the service be- inq rendered both to the gospel and to the Church of the Nazarene. To observe Trevecca students ear- nestly engaged in the regular gospel work, to see the motivating love and soul passion in those hearts, should convince anyone of their perfect consecration and their possession of a vital salvation. Here one sees the Scriptural plan of gospel propagation being followed; not only ministers, but all, are witnesses. In other words, em- phasis is placed on providing Christian training for laymen as well as for ministers. It is an inevi table truth that to maintain one ' s spiritual status he must keep busy for Christ. So Tre- vecca ' s gospel work, unusual in qual- ity and extent, is of great value to those participating; its benefits are greater stability, deeper spirituality, and a better development of the soul and its capacities. Again we see that the best way to help self is to help others. It is needless to men- tion the effect on the college, for the general spirituality is dependent upon that of the individuals. The Christian service rendered by the students is of a high caliber, well organized and divinely blessed. That this kind of work is worthwhile is evi- dent from the results. The recipients of these efforts manifest their inter- est and express their appreciation. Even in the face of the immediate good that is being done, no o ne can doubt that the greatest contribution of our Christian work is the prepar- ing of individuals to labor more ef- fectively in the Master ' s service. For this express purpose was Tre- vecca Nazarene College Founded. To that end she is continuing to serve in a very noble manner. One thousand souls for Christ last year — 1,250 converts set as goal for this year — 100 students engaging in Chris- tian service weekly — 32 services con- ducted regularly each week end, besides help in church work — 250 to 300 in one institulion hearing gospel on Sunday morning — 215 in another institution en- joying ministry of Trevecca students. [ 15 ] ACHES AND AILMENTS O — Z 2 Miss Bessie Seay, Trevecca ' s nurse, was formerly a Nazarene missionary to both India and Africa. From the standpoint of qual- ifications for her present position we consider ourselves fortunate. Her pure character and fervent spirit, enriched by years of useful service, sprinkled with varied experiences, constitute a real asset to our college. Miss Seay was a Trevecca student in the early days of the insti- tution. She is one of the fifty-five missionaries who have gone to foreign fields from Trevecca. We are indeed happy that she can make a contribution towards maintaining the missionary spirit which has continually characterized our school. Her jolly companionship is enjoyed as much as some of her medicine is detested. By many of the students she is affection- ately called " Aunt Bessie. " i if- FACULTY JUNIOR COLLEGE SEMINARY HIGH SCHOOL GRADES — - • " %S M A. B. MACKEY A.B., M.A. Those who read these pages should receive added inspiration toward investing in Christian education. No thinking person with the proper information doubts that an investment in Christian education will yield dividends above most other investments. The wealth of the world is dependent upon training. The savage may be hungry and cold in spite of the fertile soil on which he lives or the dense forest through which he wanders or the diamonds in the rough which toughen his bare feet. The wealth of eternity is dependent upon Christian training. The majority of the people carry an awful burden of sin in spite of the provision for abundant pardon; they suffer the results of a carnal nature in spite of a pro- vision in the will of God for its eradication; they suffer the results of bankruptcy and uncertainty of business and take no advantage of the opportunity to Lay up treasures in Heaven where moth and rust doth not corrupt. " May we not underestimate the wealth of the world, but may we invest to our limit in things eternal. 1 1 It A — ton OUR PRESIDENT [ 18] MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY [ 19 3 MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY MRS. M. A. MACKEY HAROLD L. DAVIS NETTIE MILLER Principal of Grade School Bookkeeper, Commercial Speech [ 20 ] MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY J. D. IRWIN Assistant in Voice JESSE MATTHEWS Dean cf Men GERTRUDE PADGETT MATTHEWS Dean of Women [ 21 ] JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES ' There ADRON EVANS HOLLINS Roanoke, Virginia waiting for her. Failure cannot success come to one with so much ability. President Senior Class, ' 39; President Freshman Class, ' 38; Co-Editor DARDA, ' 39; DARDA Staff, ' 38; Vice- President Ramblers ' Club, ' 39; Secretary Ministerial Association, ' 39; President Christian Workers ' Asso- ciation, ' 38; Secretary-Treasurer Chorus, ' 38; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39; Parthenian Literary Society. NORA DEAN GILLIAM Allgood, Tennessee " The world is brighter where she resides; Its troubles never trouble her. " Girls ' Quartet, ' 38, ' 39; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39; Tennessee State Club, ' 38, ' 39; Missionary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Society. ' 38, ' 39; Parthe- nian Literary Society. MABEL FRANCES PHILLIPS S he I by vi 1 1 e , Tennessee " A golden character is her good fortune. " Christian Workers ' Association, ' 38, ' 39; Tennessee State Club. ' 38, ' 39; N. Y. P. S., ' 38; Parthenian Lit- erary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Chorus. ' 38, ' 39; Vice-President Girls ' Glee Club, ' 39. ELMER ALFORD Scanlon, Florida " A man that shows himself friendly and has friends. " Florida Club, ' 38, ' 39; Athletic Club, ' 38, ' 39; Par- thenian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 38, ' 39; Treasurer Senior Class, ' 39. VIVIAN BLACKBURN Robertsdale, Alabama " Come what may. her virtues will shine through the roughest day. " N. Y. P. S., ' 38; Secretary Holiness League, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 38, ' 39; Missionary Society, ' 38. ' 39; Parthenian Literary Society; Ala- bama Club. NELLIE SUE SMITHSON Franklin, Tennessee " A genuinely likable girl. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39; Holiness League, ' 38, ' 39; Tennessee State Club, ' 38, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 38, ' 39. CHARLES RADFORD Floyd, Virginia " Never weary of well-doing. " Ramblers ' Club, ' 38, ' 39; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Associa- tion, ' 38, ' 39. ALDA MAVIS HEABERLIN Wurtland, Kentucky " A woman she seems of cheerful yesterdays, and competent tomorrows. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Ministerial As- sociation, ' 38, ' 39; Kentucky Club, ' 38, ' 39; Christian P. S., ' 38; Cho- Workers ' Associatic ' 38, ' 39; N. rus, ' 39. JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES NETTIE A. MILLER Columbus, Georgia " Her deeds are graven in a place apart On the enduring tablet of a human heart. " Secretary Ministerial Association, ' 38; Secretary The- ological Class, ' 37; Chorus. ' 38, ' 39; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38; DARDA Staff, ' 38, ' 39; Secretary Georgia Club ' 37; President Georgia Club, ' 38, ' 39; Secre- tary N. Y. P. S., 38; Winner Booster Contest, ' 38, ' 39; Vice-President Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37. MARIE OLIVE Florence, Alabama " She is not a self-advertiser, but possesses intellec- tual ability and enthusiasm. " Vice-President Senior Class, ' 39; Girls ' 0 uar ' et . ' 38 ' 39; Pianist Girls ' and Boys ' Glee Clubs; Chorus, ' 38 ' 39; Pianist Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38; Secre tary-Treasurer Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39; Ala bama Club ' 38 ' 39; President Girls ' Glee Club ' 38, ' 39. CLARA BOHLER West Point, Georgia " So mild, so merciful, so strong, so good, So patient, peaceful, loyal, loving, pure. " DARDA Staff, ' 39; Chorus, ' 39; Girls ' Glee Club. ' 39; Vice-President Freshman Class, ' 38; Secretary Chris- tian Workers ' Association, ' 38, ' 39; Secretary-Treas- urer Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38; Vice-President Parthenian Literary Society, ' 39; Secretary-Treasurer Alabama Club, ' 38, ' 39. ALINE McDANIEL McComb, Mississippi " A pleasing personality and genuine friendliness combined with sincerity and studiousness, make Aline a likable person. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Chorus, ' 39; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39; Ramblers ' Club, ' 38, ' 39. JULIUS HARM CURTIS Erin, Tennessee " Of soul sincere, in action faithful, And in honor dear. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37. ' 38, ' 39; Athletic Club, ' 37, ' 38; Tennessee State Club, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39. KATHALEEN PEACH Franklin, Tennessee " Like the lily of the valley In her honesty and worth. " Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39; Tennes- see State Club; Parthenian Literary Society; N. Y. P. S.; Christian Workers ' Association; Holiness League. MARY FRANCES LOSD Sanford, Florida " She is never idle; others may loaf, but she is always on the job. " Florida Club, ' 38, ' 39; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Missionary Society, ' 39; Holiness League, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 38, ' 39; Vice-Presi- dent Chorus, ' 39. MAY FLECK Enfield, Illinois " A girl who will overcome obstacles No matter how high the wall. " Ramblers ' Club, ' 39; Chorus, ' 39; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39. [23 ] JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES ELEANOR MAJOR HARDY Goodlettsville, Tennessee. " A beautiful soul, with modesty and grace, Who is ready to serve in any place. " Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Secretary Ten- nessee Club, ' 38, ' 39; Author Class Prophecy, ' 39, EUDON LATHAM Columbus, Georgia " A rare compound of quality, noble and true, With plenty of good sense and good humor, too. " Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39; Georgia Club. ' 38. ' 39; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Secre- tary Senior Class, ' 39. WILMA BERNICE GOLD Chelyan, West Virginia " What she lacks in stature, she makes up in broad- ness of mind, largeness of heart, depth of character, and length of knowledge. " Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39; Chorus, ' 38. ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association. ' 38, ' 39; Secretary West Vir- ginia Club, ' 38, ' 39; Class Historian; Parthenian Lit- erary Society, ' 38, ' 39. MARY IMOGENE MACKEY Highway, Kentucky " There ' s honesty, womanhood, and good fellowship in her. " Kentucky Club, ' 38, ' 39; Secretary Chorus, ' 39; Vice- President Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38; Class Poet, 39. LENA McHARGUE Boyd, Florida " The way to win happiness is to give it. " Vice-President Missionary Society, ' 38; President Mis- sionary Society, ' 39; Captain Negro Work, ' 37; Su- perintendent Trevecca Mission Sunday School, ' 38; Florida Club; Parthenian Literary Society. PICTURES MISSING KATHERINE BIGGERS Rebecca, Georgia JAMES THRASHER Albany, Kentucky FOLLOW THE GLEAM ' Twas dark and late, and all was still From wood and vale and tree and hill But though I tried I could not sleep, For through my mind began to creep A thousand thoughts from out the day With such peculiar stealth that they Seemed weird; then deathly silence — Through my window shone a light — Mystic — strange — unearthly — bright — Beckoning and calling me To follow it eternally. I rose and followed on, Not knowing what I ' d come upon. Near the road I heard a cry — A sob so weak ' twas more a sigh. Kneeling in the weeds, I found A little child upon the ground. I picked it up and bore it down To a little house at the edge of town Where all the neighbors stood around The weeping mother whose child I ' d found. " My child, " she cried, " my baby child! Thank God, you ' re here! " Her joy was wild. " Father, I thank Thee. " I looked again. The gleam was gone, But in its place there was a crown All set with stars and diamonds rare, And I could feel that God was there. The vision faded then from me. I went to sleep — awoke to see Another day in which to live And work and play and pray and give. Father, I thank Thee. Senior Class, it ' s thrown to us, This holy challenge of the Gleam. Shall we betray this sacred trust, Or shall we follow, follow on — Follow the Gleam? IMOGENE MACKEY, Class Poet. [ 2-1 1 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY As knights in days of old fol- lowed the gleam of the chalice that was the grail, so did a group of us students follow the gleam of the torch thrown to us by the men and women who had climbed the stair- way before us, and enter Trevecca Nazarene College in the fall of 1937. For our Freshman year we chose the following as our leaders: Adron Hollins, president; Clara Bohler, vice-president; Elizabeth Gray, sec- retary and treasurer; and Miss Amy Person, sponsor. The first outstanding event of the year was the reception which the Seniors gave us on October 22 at Centennial Park. In spite of the rain we enjoyed the evening, though while eating we did have to shelter ourselves under the tables. Through the patience and under- standing of our teachers, we passed the first two guarters of school, and then came our preparation for the Freshman-Senior Banguet. We could not give the graduating class the entertainment they deserved, but we did our best to offer them a good time in the imitation garden set-up of the dining room. Through the suggestion of our president, we even had a moon! Examinations brought the close of school and the members of our class scattered over the several states of our s chool zone. On September 19, we again as- sembled at T. N. C. We were sorry to have lost a few of our members, but glad to welcome several new ones. In October we met and elected our officers: Adron Hollins, presi- dent; Marie Olive, vice-president; Orine Cypert, secretary; Elmer Al- ford, treasurer; and Professor A. B. Mackey, sponsor. We were deter- mined " To Do Something Different. " Our first opportunity to do dif- ferently came on October 10, when the Freshmen walked to their recep- tion two and one-half miles from school. Through trials, tribulations, joys, and pleasures we have passed this Senior year and now we leave per- haps not a thrilling history to relate to outsiders, but every part of it is dear to us, and as we leave these halls of learning we shall look for- ward to an alumni career of even greater glory. WILMA GOLD, Historian. And we who would serve the King, And loyally Him obey, In the consecrate silence know That the challenge still holds today: Follow, follow, follow the gleam, Standards of worth o ' er all the earth, Follow, follow, follow the gleam Of the light that shall bring the dawn. " [25 ] j n am mm few J t.M jfc COLLEGE FRESHMEN ELZORA CROOER Jasper, Alabama VADA MURPHY Huntington, West Virginia WILLIAM BELCHER Belle, West Virginia LOUISE GIBBS Chattanooga, Tennessee J. D. IRWIN Nashville, Tennessee GENEVA CUNNINGHAM Murray, Kentucky HAROLD MAISH Louisville, Kentucky PAULINE CYPERT Florence, Alabama CALLIE MAI HAWKINS Carter ' s Creek, Tennessee MYRTLE HOOPER McEwen, Tennessee SAMUEL P. VANN Lake City, Florida NELLIE CURTIS Erin, Tennessee LOIS DONSON Muncie, Indiana LORENE ROSS McEwen, Tennessee T, T. KING Monroe, North Carolina REBA GARNTO Wrightsville, Georgia SAMUEL BREEDON Greensboro, North Carolina ORINE CYPERT Florence, Alabama [ 26] COLLEGE FRESHMEN CHARLES JOHNSON Miami, Florida ALMA KENT Erin, Tennessee MILDRED GARRETT McEwen, Tennessee VIRGINIA TAYLOR Somerset, Kentucky JAMES BROWN Beersheba Springs, Tennessee LOUISE HARKINS Cordova, Alabama RUTH WEEKS M urfreesboro, Tennessee IRENE POUNCEY Calvert, Alabama S. W. STRICKLAND Nashville, Tennessee VIRGINIA MIMS Paris, Tennessee DUDLEY BURROW Goodlettsville, Tennessee RUTH NAOMI PEFFLEY Brookville, Ohio FRANK ABSTON Albany, Kentucky RUBY LEE NEELY Celina, Tennessee HELEN SHIPPEY Calhoun City, Mississippi FLORENCE HILL McDonough, Georgia OWEN DILLENDER Sikeston, Missouri ERNESTINE MORGAN Mobile, Alabama PICTURES MISSING LOTTIE BLACKBURN . Robertsdale, Alabama G. B. BRESE .Nashville, Tennessee ANGELEE COCHRAN . . Huntington, W. Va. CLAUDE JAMISON . . . McEwen, Tennessee ROY TERRY McEwen, Tennessee PATSY WEST Irvine, Kentucky V T , . k} {} i HH HH B p — ' BACHELOR OF THEOLOGY HAROLD L. DAVIS Cumberland, Maryland " Simplicity of character is no hindrance to subtlety of intellect. " President Theological Senior Class, ' 39; President Mis- sionary Society, ' 35- ' 37 ; Study Leader Missionary Society, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association; Holiness League; DARDA Staff, ' 39. NETTIE A. MILLER Columbus, Georgia " Whence has come thy lasting power. " Secretary Ministerial Association, ' 38; Secretary Theolog- ical Class, ' 37; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38 ' DARDA Staff, ' 38, ' 39; Secretary Georgia Club, ' 37; President Georgia Club, ' 38, ' 39; Secretary N. Y. P. S., 38; Winner Booster Contest, ' 38, ' 39; Vice-President Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37. KOY WRIGHT PHILLIPS Shelbyville, Tennessee " His speech is a burning fire, His life is a watch or a vision Between a sleep and a sleep. " Editor DARDA, ' 39; President Ministerial Association, ' 38, ' 39; President Chorus, ' 38, ' 39; College Male Quartet, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Men ' s Glee Club. V. NEIL RICHARDSON Erin, Tennessee " Humble because of knowledge, mighty by sacrifice. " President Junior College Senior Class, ' 37; Editor DAR- DA, ' 38; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39; College Male Quar- tet, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39. GLENN MADISON Jasper, Alabama " I am a man and nothing that concerns a man do I deem a matter of indifference to me. " Ministerial Association, ' 35- ' 39 ; Holiness League, ' 35- ' 39 ; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 35- 1 39 ; Alabama Club, ' 35- ' 39; Vice-President Theological Senior Class, ' 39. LADELL MORGAN Mobile, Alabama " The passionate love of Right, the burning hate of Wrong. " Alabama Club; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 34- ' 39 ; Missionary Society; Holiness League; Ministerial Associa- tion, ' 38, ' 39. WALTER HIRAM BCSWELL Lewisport, Kentucky " Not by years, but by disposition is wisdom acguired. " Kentucky Club, ' 36- ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 36- ' 39 ; Ministerial Association, ' 36- ' 39; Holiness League, ' 36- ' 39; Missionary Society, ' 36- ' 39; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 36- ' 39. [ 28 THIRD YEAR THEOLOGICAL LONNIE BRUCE FRIEND . . Huntington, West Virginia JAMES A. TODD PAULINE GENEVA HAUFLER . . . Gainesville, Florida ROY PAUL GOMER PICTURE MISSING GRAPER RUSSELL Nashville, Tennessee A IT A : " 41b ' ' rs J FIRST YEAR THEOLOGICAL MURIEL G. COOK Bluefield, West Virginia JESSE C. MATTHEWS Van Leer, Tennessee RAYMOND L. RAACH Orlando, Florida IRENE MEADOR Greensboro, North Carolina DOYLE RAE THOMAS Hernando, Florida JESSE MIDDENDORF St. Louis, Missouri CHESTER D. SPECK Tyrone, Pennsylvania ANNA VESTA RICHARDS Pensacola, Florida LA UNA POWERS Clarksville, Tennessee EDWARD COX Lexington, Kentucky AUBREY PONCE Jacksonville, Florida ZENITH JORDON Jackson, Tennessee OSWALD MIMS Sylacauga, Alabama PICTURES MISSING JAMES BLACKBURN Robertsdale, Alabama HOMER NABORS Cascilla, Mississippi [ 30] MINISTERIAL CLASS ERBAN B. MOSS Nashville, Tennessee Ministerial Graduate I c=nncr=o N. M. ISRAELSON Nashville, Tenn. J. B. ROSE Sparta, Tenn. PAUL W. SEYMORE Blytheville, Ark. J. L. JAMISON McEwen, Tenn. J. A. HALE Coburg, Ky. PICTURES MISSING EUGENE COOK Old Hickory, Tenn. ROBERT ELBERT Louisville, Ky. CORDELL HUDSON Nashville, Tenn. JAMES MILLER Nashville, Tenn. E. J. OSBORNE Nashville, Tenn. W. M. PECK Nashville, Tenn. OLA SUMMERS Nashville, Tenn. LILLIAN WILLIAMS Nashville, Tenn. WILLARD WILSEY Lakeland, Fla. HAROLD C. THOMPSON Blytheville, Ark. l n ] CHRISTIAN WORKERS ASS ' N MISSIONARY SOCIETY OFFICERS J. B. ROSE President ADRON HOLLINS Vice-President CLARA BOHLER Secretary ROY GOMER Treasurer OFFICERS LENA McHARGUE President MARY HOOVER Vice-President EDWARD COX Secre tary-Treasurer MRS. H. L. DAVIS Sponsor These officers, with the fifteen captains of the fifteen departments of our Christian work, plus the large group of students engaged weekly as workers, make up the membership of this, the outstanding organization of our college. The Missionary Society endeavors to keep the vision and spirit of missions before the stu- dents. As a result, " The sun never sets on Trevecca students. " Our society is character- ized by enthusiastic interest in both home and foreign missions. [ 32 ] MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION HOLINESS LEAGUE OFFICERS KOY W. PHILLIPS President R. D. BREDHOLT Vice-President ADRON HOLLINS Secretary JESSE MIDDENDORF Treasurer The Ministerial Association is composed of those students who have a definite call to special Christian work. There are fifty-five members this year. The principal purpose of this organization is to increase ministerial ef- ficiency among its members. OFFICERS CARL ROSS President JESSE MIDDENDORF Vice-President VIVIAN BLACKBURN Secretary-Treasurer MISS AMY PERSON Sponsor The Holiness League was organized for the purpose of promoting Bible holiness. Our league is an auxiliary of the National Asso- ciation for the Promotion of Holiness. The members believe in the Bible doctrine of heart purity and the services are conducive to holy living. Hendershot, Ayers, Cook Slier, Luther, Kennedy Johnson, Johnson, Doggett HARVEY H. HENDERSHOT Indianapolis, Indiana " To live as gently as I can; To be, no matter where, a man. " President Senior Class, ' 39; Ministerial Asso- ciation, ' 37- ' 39 ; Octavian Lilerary Society, ■37- 39; Georgia Club, ' 37- ' 39; College Male Quartet, ' 39; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39; DARDA Staff, ' 39. LENA MILD ED AYE .S Lexington, Kentucky " Her music hath charms to soo h the savage breast; To soiten rocks, or bend a knitted oak. " Secretary Senior Class, ' 39; Fianis ' Octavian Lit3rary Society, ' 39; Kentucky Club, ' 39; C iris ' Glee Club, ' 39; Ciorus, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. LEON G. COOK Sulligent, Alabama " To be efficient in a great way, That is my aim throughout the day. " Vice-President Senior Class, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 36- ' 39 ; President Octa- vian Literary Society, ' 39; President Alabama Club, ' 39; College Quartet, ' 37, ' 39; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 37- ' 39; Vice-President Junior Class, ' 38; Senior Play, ' 39. LYDIA NAOMI SILER Nashville, Tennessee " To hurry and worry is not her creed; Things will happen, so what ' s the need. " Christian Workers ' Association, ' 38; Octavian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Ramblers ' Club, ' 38; Tennessee Club, ' 39; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. SIDNEY H. LUTHER Miami, Florida " By you befriended; He ' s ever a friend. " Class Poet, ' 39; Missionary Society. ' 37 ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37- ' 39 ; Octa vian Literary Society, ' 37- ' 39 ; Florida Club. ' 37 ' 39; Chorus, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH KENNEDY Sanderson, West Virginia " She brings with her a Joy divine; All that ' s good and all that ' s kind. " Ministerial Association, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39; Octavian Literary Society, ' 39; Ramblers ' Club, ' 39; Chorus, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. D. ERNEST JOHNSON Grand Rapids, Michigan " He walks and talks just like a youth; Picking up shells from the great ocean of truth. Ministerial Association, Society, ' 39; Ramblers ' rus, ' 39; Holiness League, Club, ' 39; Men ' s Glee ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. ' 39; Missionary Club, ' 39; Cho- GENEVA B. JOHNSON Lexington, Kentucky " To express her joy along life ' s way We hear her singing every day. " Christian Workers ' ' 39; Kentucky Club, Association. ' 39; Octavian Literary Society. ' 39; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 39; Chorus, ' 39; Sen- ior Play, ' 39. RUBY B. DOGSETT Cambridge, Iowa " Here ' s to a girl with a heart and smile, Who makes the bubbles of life worth while. " Ministerial Association, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39; Octavian Literary Society. ' 39; Ramblers ' Club, ' 39; Chorus, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS [ 34 ] HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS LEVI WILLIS SULLIVAN Nashville, Tennessee " Look! He ' s winding up his watch of wit; Listen! And you will hear it tick. " Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37, ' 38; Holiness League, ' 37; Octavian Literary Society, ' 37- 39; Tennessee Club, ' 37- ' 39 ; Ath- letic Club, ' 37- ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. BENJAMIN JERRY McCLAIN Bradenton, Florida " When he makes up his mind; All other thoughts trail behind. " Ministerial Association, ' 38, ' 39; Holiness League, ' 38, ' 39; Chris- tian Workers ' Association, ' 38, ' 39; Octavian Literary Society, ' 38 ' 39; President Florida Club, ' 39; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39; Chorus, ' 38, ' 39; Athletic Club, ' 38, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. JUANITA HELEN LAMB Louisville, Kentucky " Not too serious, not too gay; Always happy on her way. " Ministerial Association, ' 38, ' 39; Missionary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Octavian Literary Society, ' 38, ' 39; Kentucky Club, ' 38, ' 39; Cho- rus, ' 38, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. SADIE G. CAVENDER Nashville, Tennessee " Her speech and gesture, form and face, Showed she was come of gentle race. " Christian Workers ' Association, ' 36 ' 39; Octavian Literary So- ciety, ' 36- ' 39; Tennessee Club, ' 36- ' 39. DOROTHY JEWEL WALKER Calvery, Alabama " A jolly good girl, A priceless pearl. " Class Treasurer, ' 36- ' 39; Class Historian, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 36- ' 39 ; Octa- vian Literary Society, ' 36- ' 39; Alabama Club, 36- 39; Debating Club. ' 36; Senior Play, ' 39. MARY MARGARET SPROWLS Etlan, Virginia " Our minds cannot grasp them; our pen can not spell Her virtues the master alone can tell. " Author Class Will, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 38, ' 39; Holiness League, ' 38, ' 39; Chaplain Octavian Literary Society, ' 39; Ramblers ' Club, ' 38, ' 39; Chorus, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. LEILA GRACE BREWER Miami, Florida " Cheerful at morn she wakes from sweet re- pose, Smiles and laughs and carols as she goes. " Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39; Octavian Literary Society, ' 39; Florida Club, ' 39; Cho- rus, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. VANCE BOLAND LUTEN Quincy, Florida " Ouiet and undisturbed as he moves on his way, A man of noble resolve. " Octavian Literary Society, ' 39; Florida Club, ' 39; Chcrus, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39; Athletic Club, ' 39. JOLLIE JOE VOSS Creensboro, North Carolina " A jolly good girl determined to carry her point; Yet a good sport if she loses. " Ministerial Association, ' 39; Missionary So- ciety, ' 39; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 39; Holiness League, ' 39; Octavian Literary So ciety, ' 39; Ramblers ' Club, ' 39; Senior Play, ' 39. Sullivan, Lamb, McClain Cavendar, Walker, Sprowls 8rewer, Luten, Voss [ 3 " ] SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In reminiscing we turn back the pages of time to the year 1935, when a class of twelve boys and girls entered Trevecca High School. As we launched forth on a four years ' journey we were as green as all other Freshmen, but had many good times. In October we enjoyed a reception given by the Sophomores. As the year closed we looked back to pleasant memories and forward to another year at Trevecca. The next year only two of the former class members returned. This would have been a small class, but thirteen new members were added. As we entered our Junior year we brought only five members from our Sopho- more Class, but again our number was increased by an addition of thirteen new mem- bers. Roy Parsons was elected president of the class. He was a capable leader and helped us to succeed. We had many happy times, but the most outstanding was entertaining the Seniors. We worked faithfully to do our best toward giving them a good time. The days slipped away fast, and school closed once again for vacation. Eight of our class came back to begin our Senior year, and ten new students were added. We elected Harvey Hendershot president. On the 31st of October, we gave the Juniors a Halloween reception. We hope that we have been a blessing to the school this year and that we have left behind pleasant memories. And so, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, we strive to live by our motto, " We Dress toward the mark. " JEWEL WALKER, Class Historian. CLASS POEM I ' ll run the race He wants me to — No matter what the length; I ' ll play the game and do His will — And look to Him for strength. I ' ll say those things which honor Him — And strive to be His own; I ' ll be all that He wants me to, And just keep pressing on. — Sidney Luther. [ 36] HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS JOHN L. LAWWILL Lexington, Kentucky NELLIE BOHLER West Point, Georgia SHIRLEY LEE Brewton, Alabama R. D. BREDHOLT Terrace, Pennsylvania DURANT BENSON Calhoun City, Mississippi GLADYS JACKSON Sylacauga, Alabama GLADYS OWEN Clearwater, Florida CARL ROSS McEwen, Tennessee J ESSE MACKEY Nashville, Tennessee LOUISE WEAVER Nashville, Tennessee VIRGINIA CUMMINGS McComb, Mississippi CAMPBELL MACKEY Nashville, Tennessee MARY HOOVER Hesston, Pennsylvania PICTURES MISSING DOROTHY LING Grand Rapids. Mich. HENRIETTA PICKLER Faxon, Tenn. DURRELL STANFORD Lake Wales, Fla. RAY WHITE Mount Sterling, Ky. 6r i £1 I SOPHOMORE CLASS MELVIN GILL Erin. Tennessee MARJORIE GRUBBS Covington, Kentucky ERNESTINE IRWIN Atlanta, Georgia ROLAND PETROWSKI Pensacola, Florida RAYMOND BRIDGES Paris, Tennessee MARY FARMER Washington, D. C. JACQUELINE HICKS Spring Hill, W. Va. WILLIAM TURNER Greensboro, North Carolina BUFORD JEWEL Nashville, Tenn. OPAL SHELTON Millport, Alabama PICTURES MISSING EUGENE COOK Old Hickory, Tenn. MARGARET LAW Miami, Fla. WILMA MOORE Mjncie, Ind. MARY K. WILLIAMS Ceylan. W. Va. I 38] J. C. SIMPSON MARION BAILEY CRAIG AYERS . ROSA CROSON FRESHMAN CLASS . . . . Monroe, N. C. FRED McCLAIN . . . Miami, Fla. JENNA MAE FRIEND . MARVIN HALLIBURTON Nashville, Tenn. PICTURES MISSING .... Lexington, Ky. ALINE JOHNSON . . .... Teays, W. Va. CLAYTON LANGFORD Bradenfon, Fla. Spencer, W. Va. Nashville, Tenn. Gainesville, Fla. DOLORES GRAVES GRAMMAR GRADES MRS. M. A. MACKEY, Instructor WILLIS GRAVES EVA FAY MACKEY C. E. STEWART JOEL STORIE MARY SUE WHETSTONE NEVA GAY MACKEY [ 39] LADIES ' GLEE CLUB Like the beauty in her face, And the melody in her heart, The Ladies ' Glee Club has a place, And each one is doing her part. " Purer in heart, O God, help me to be, " From the Men ' s Glee Club rings, Character and exuberance of youth you can see In every song we hear them sing. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB [40] CP 0 ' E o CD -!_ 17 (0 0 5 en u • - 0 ° 8 ra £ «+- u o 5 cn o •- • E o (o — CL O 0 •- y to " co =5 =3 o E O 1 CD " 4 ° J) o u § ID -JZ O to U CD CD 3 cr 0 i- -4- I — 3 m o oo o § (0 E - 0 E ve ci » -•- o i_ to CD -+— o _ ■ ate Q_ o LUIX tf o o i_ CL $ CL (D o C 10 0 Q_ to to 3 l — CD o _£Z -t- u to 0 CD -t— _c o o 0 CP i_ 03 Q_ Q_ to (0 ea 0 - c 0 O N 0 i5 h- c O -+- ' C 0 0 0 U E - " O -t- LU to n CL c c 0 0 L- 0 o to U n , i_ ea to 3 E c 3 3 o 3 0 o c CD 0 " o _£Z 0 1— o ■+- (0 _c 0 o 0 0 CP s_ $ _0 6 o o u CP s_ 3 to 0 o t_ 0 0 - _Q _Q c c c PARTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY The Parthenian Literary Society is composed of the college and theological students. It has as its pur- pose the development of talent, a high standard of culture and refinement, and a spirit of cooperation. Its members, like Parthenius, the Greek poet, are in- terested in the aesthetic view of life. OCTAVIAN LITERARY SOCIETY As a high school society, the Octavian Literary So- ciety has progressed toward efficiency in presenting entertaining yet educational programs. In these pro- grams the students find relaxation from class room routine. Its members receive training that will de- velop dormant powers and possibilities. LITERARY SOCIETIES [ 42 ] THE GEORGIA CLUB • ONWARD TO A FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE AND A MILLION-DOLLAR CAMPUS! This statement is being heard constantly among Treveccans. At the close of school in June, 1938, our students left with the de- termination to have a part in making Trevecca a bigger and better college. A booster club, composed of the state clubs, had been organized, and its members went out over our edu- cational zone to spread the news that there is a possibility that Trevecca Nazarene College may become a four-year college and have a million-dollar campus. In the boosters ' contest the members of the Georgia Club were victors, winning the booster trophy and a fifty-dollar scholarship. Make your club the win- ner this year! — D. A. Yarbrough RAMBLERS ' CLUB JESSE MIDDENDORF President ADRON HOLLINS Vice-President RUTH PEFFLEY Secretary SETTLE SHAW Treasurer PROF. AND MRS. L. P, GRESHAM Sponsors FLORIDA CLUB JERRY McCLAIN President GLADYS OWEN Vice-President DOYLE RAE THOMAS Secretary SAM M I E VAN N Treasurer PROF. D. A. YARBROUGH Sponsor KENTUCKY CLUB JOHN LAWWILL President HAROLD MAISH Vice-President GENEVE CUNNINGHAM Secretary-Treasurer PROF. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor STATE CLUBS mi STATE CLUBS ' ' WEST VIRGINIA CLUB LONNIE FRIEND President WILLIAM BELCHER Vice-President WILMA GOLD Secretary VADA MURPHY Treasurer MR. JESSE MATTHEWS Sponsor ALABAMA CLUB LEON COOK President EARNESTINE MORGAN Vice-President CLARA BOHLER Secretary-Treasurer MRS. A. B. MACKEY Sponsor TENNESSEE CLUB J. D. IRWIN President V. NEIL RICHARDSON Vice-President ELEANOR HARDY Secretary HENRIETTA PICKLER Treasurer PROF. M. E. REDFORD Sponsor THE DARDA STAFF A. B. MACKEY Faculty Advisor KOY W. PHILLIPS Editor-in-Chief ADRON E. HOLLINS Co-Editor V. NEIL RICHARDSON Business Manager JESSE MIDDENDORF Assistant Business Manager NETTIE A. MILLER Sales Manager WILLIAM BELCHER Assistant Sales Manager CLARA BOHLER College Representative and Stenographer HAROLD L. DAVIS Theological Representative HARVEY HENDERSHOT High School Representative VADA MURPHY Fine Arts Representative J. B. ROSE Ministerial Representative [ 46 ] WHO ' S WHO BEST STUDENT MARY FRANCES LORD JESSE MIDDENDORF BEST ALL-ROUND ADRON HOLLINS KOY W. PHILLIPS MOST POPULAR EARNESTINE MORGAN LEON COOK FRIENDLIEST NORA DEAN GILLIAM ROY P. GOMEP MOST ATTRACTIVE RUTH PEFFLEY V. NEIL RICHARDSON [47] TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE LOCATED IN THE ATHENS OF THE SOUTH Nashville, with its great Colleges and Universities, such as Peabody and Vanderbilt — Excellent Opportunities tor Industrious People and Students to Make a Living DEEPLY SPIRITUAL Homelike atmosphere, with a self-sacrificing missionary spirit, indicated by 56 missionaries already sent to the for- eign field. " The sun never sets on Trevecca students. " The whole gospel for the whole world. Every member of the Faculty and Board of Trustees an earnest Christian. HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR COLLEGE SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND FINE ARTS SCHOOL OF RELIGION Write for Catalog Today A. B. MACKEY, President The leaves begin to turn the day before exams. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE H. H. WISE, Pastor 510 Woodland Street Nashville, Tennessee The Home of the Visitor and Stranger This Church Furnishes a Gospel Bus for School Use Morning Worship 10:45 A.M. Evening Worship 7:30 P.M. Midweek Prayer Service Wednesday 7:30 P.M. Sunday School, 9:30 A.M. N. Y. P. S., 6:30 P.M. We Believe in CHRISTIAN EDUCATION T. N. C. Students are always welcome D. F. SILER, Sunday School Superintendent MRS. RICHARD GUNN, N. Y. P. S. President Rip Van Winkle slept for twenty years, but his neighbors had no radios. CORRECTLY FITTED GLASSES ENABLE YOU TO ENJOY YOUR STUDY mifiiMiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiii Fitting glasses tor the student body and faculty (a better one never existed) has been our pleasure Hear DR. SYDNEY ALBERT broadcast over WLAC every Sunday, 12:45, on Better Vision DR. SYDNEY ALBERT IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIII 629 Church Street Phone 6-8613 Nashville, Tennessee CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 20— Registration. 29 — D r. H. C. Morrison spoke in chapel. OCTOBER 7 — First campus social. 10 — Senior- Freshman reception. 13 — Organization of the Glee Clubs. 20-21 — The Senior Class from Olivet came to see us. 26 — Staff election. NOVEMBER 2+ — Thanksgiving dinner and a hike to the fort in the after- noon. 29-30 — Pictures were taken for the Darda. DECEMBER 7— Mr. R e d f o r d gave the Church History Class a choice between a test and an outline. 15 — Mr. and Mrs. Mackey moved into the " president ' s new home. " COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MAIN STREET CASH MARKET PAY CASH— PAY LESS Pay This Store a Visit — We Deliver MAURICE GRIGGS Phone 3-1260 9th and Main Sts. CAPITOL CITY MATTRESS CO. OLD MATTRESSES MADE NEW One-Day Service Phone 3-0283 900 Main Street No matter where the leopard hides, he is always spotted. Thorough Progressive Dependable NASHVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Appealing to those who want the best Y. M. C. A. Building NASHVILLE, TENN. " Cheer Up " MODEL LAUNDRY MODEL CLEANERS D. D. CANFIELD, Manager Telephone 5-3114 ST. BERNARD COAL CO. " SINCE 1870 " EDUCED FARES Between All Stations on THE NASHVILLE, CHATTANOOGA ST. LOUIS RAILWAY Also to all points in the South and Southeast are offered daily For Transportation in Air Conditioned, Comfortable, Roomy Coaches I 1-2 Cents N.C. , ST L. ' THE ' DIXIE ■ LINE } Per Mile TRAIN TRAVEL ALWAYS SAFE, COMFORTABLE Free from Strain of Driving N., C. ST. L. Beyond the Alps lies Italy; and, lest ne forget, behind the billboards lies America. J. W. McGord Optical and Jewelry Go, 315 FIFTH AVENUE, N. Eyes Scientifically Examined NASHVILLE, TENN. DR. J. W. McCORD 30 Years Experience Frames Correctly Fitted DR. L. G. McCORD J. T. McCORD J If not able to come to the Office, Phone 0-0304 r TKKMS if ' " : I IIEI I) Member Nashville Academy of Optometry M. E. DERRYBERRY COMPANY and SPOT CASH COMPANY Wholesale Grocers NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE " Cookie " : " There ' s a question I ' ve been want- ing to ask you for weeks. " Marie: " And I ' ve had my answer ready for months. " - Mr. Matthews: " I ' ve been driving this car for years and never had a wreck. " Middendorf: " You mean you ' ve been driving this wreck for years and never had a car. " Professor Gresham: " And now tell me, please, what has chemistry given us? " Belcher: " Most of our blondes. " FOR QUALITY AND FLAVOR Always Buy HOLSUM BREAD AND CAKES AMERICAN BREAD COMPANY Clean living makes the undertaker wait longer for his money. THE ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK Were Made by The South ' s Foremost Annual Engravers CAPITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY 134 FOURTH AVENUE, NORTH NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Professor Gresham: " Why are you late? " Harold Maish: " Class started before I got here. " Geneva Johnson: " I dreamed last night I had a date with the most popular boy in school. " Jerry McCIain: " How did you like me? " COMPLIMENTS OF HAYMARKET MILLS Manufacturers of OLD-FASHIONED STONE-GROUND MEAL McEWEN ' S LAUNDRY Incorporated 701 FIFTH AVENUE, NORTH Established 1881 Phone 6-1 161 LAUNDRY— DRY CLEANING — DYEING 15 ' , Discount on Laundry Brought to Main Plant SUNBURST HOSIERY The Best under the Sun At Your Neighborhood Store Wholesale Distributors NEELY-H ARWELL CO. 324-326 Public Square ICE CREAM For SAFETY, ECONOMY, COMFORT Use GREYHOUND LINES FOR INFORMATION CALL 6-6141 Some bookworms have turned into radio bugs. BIBLES FOR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS An Exceptional Bible Value Burgeois pronouncing type. 60,000 center column reference which point parallel passages through- out the Bible. 244 pages of com- bined concordance. In one alpha- betical list, a new concordance, combined with a subject index and pronouncing dictionary of Scripture proper names. 12 maps beautifully colored. Size of page, 5 3-8x8 1-8 inches. No. 250. King James Version. Leather binding, Morocco grain, overlapping covers, red under gold edges $3.50 No. 750. Same book as No. 250 except in Ameri- can Standard Version. (Not pronouncing ), $3.50 METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE 810 Broadway Nashville, Tennessee PHONE 4-2641 RED ACE Sold Only Where Marks the Spot RED ACE PETROLEUM CO., Inc. Nashville Stations 8th McGavock 12th Grundy 12th Acklen M urfreesboro Road 2410 Charlotte 1st Broad 8th Jefferson 1st Spring X 926 Gallatin Road X 4th Ave., S., McCann (Hill ' s Alley) X 30th West End Other Stations Clarksville Cleveland Columbia Gallatin Lawrenceburg Pulaski Lebanon Dickson Franklin Murfreesboro Louisville Stations X 2520 Bardstown Road at Lakeside X Frankfort Fairlawn GOSPEL TENTS For Sale For Rent Waterproof Truck Covers, Awnings For Every Purpose VENETIAN BLINDS NASHVILLE TENT AND AWNING CO. " Awning Headquarters " See WHITE and you ' ll see RIGHT DR. J. H. WHITE 506 UNION STREET 154 EIGHTH AVE., N. Telephone 6-5970 Telephone 6-4473 Sammy Vann: " I believe this school is haunted. " Frank Abston : " Why? " Sammy: " They are always talking about the school spirit. " Professor Mackey: " I call my economics class the Pullman, because it has two sleepers and one observation section. " J. D. Irwin: " Someone said T. N. C. is like a peanut roaster — turning out nuts. " Mrs. A. B. Mackey: " That ' s about all we can turn out when that ' s all we get. " Nets are made by sewing holes together. PHILLIPS BUTTORFF MANUFACTURING CO. EVERYTHING FOR DINING ROOM, KITCHEN AND NURSERY Eighty Years of Faithful Service 217-223 THIRD AVENUE, NORTH Phone 6-5181 Sister: " If I had been offered a dish with two apples on it, I would have taken the smaller one. " Brother: " Well, you ' ve got it, so what ' s all (In fuss about? " Gomer was asked which he thought were hap- pier — people who were married or people who were not. " Well, I don ' t know, " he replied. " Sometimes 1 think there is as many as is that ain ' t as ain ' t that is. " Professor Gresham: " Name some liquid that won ' t freeze. " El ora Cooners " Hot water. " FACTORY CLOSE-OUT PATTERNS Half Price DAVIS WALLPAPER CO. 411 BROAD STREET NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone 6-011 I KLEISER ' S PHARMACY TELEPHONE 6-9713 47 Lafayette Nashville, Tenn. C. WECHSEL W. T. WASHINGTON, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPH COMPANY Duplicate Prints may be had at Studio 421 1-2 Church Street Phone 6-0430 Paul Revere had stuttered , » here would we be now? LEHMAN BROTHERS QUALITY GROCERIES PHONE 6-5836 Murfreesboro at Elm Hill Road MAPLEWOOD COAL COMPANY Deale High Grade Red Ash and West Kentucky Coal H. L. SLONECKER, Mgr. Phone 3-3203 J. I ' , fernigan: " I enjoy eating salmon because I am told it is good brain food. " Lorene Ross: " Pass Mr. Jernigan the salmon. " C. N. Haisten: " How can I keep a cold from going to my chest ? " Miss Seav (nurse) : " Tie a knot in your neck, child. " POULTRY, EGGS, AND COUNTRY MEATS WOOD PRODUCE COMPANY WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE 319 Demonbreun Street Phone 6-3371 CRUELTIES To have Mrs. Matthews break up Social at 9:15 instead of 9 :3c To have a girl say, " I am sorry ' , but I have other arrangements. " To have a package come without anything in it to eat. To have so much studying to do that you can ' t watch the ball game. To be broke on Friday night. To have a job where you have to work. To have a cornet and cornet player in the same room. To have exams come on Friday, 13th. To have a professor come to class fourteen and three-quarter minutes late. To have someone swipe the extra butter be fore vou notice it. 1,000 EMPLOYEES IN NASHVILLE TO SERVE YOU and at Electric Rates AMONG THE LOWEST in the United States THE TENNESSEE ELECTRIC (feint) POWER CO. The buffaloes that used to roam the prairies are now on our nickels. GEORGIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. P. P. BELEW District Superintendent REV. E. K. HARDY District Chairman Church School Board REV. BYRON E. LEJEUNE District N. Y. P. S. President MISS AURELIA MOORE District W. F. M. S. President 4 " WE ARE TREVECCA BOOSTERS " CALENDAR DECEMBER 28 — School opened after holidays. JANUARY 12 — Dr. C. E. Hardy preached in chapel. The First Church young people gave Mr. and Mrs. Mackey a housewarm- ing. ' 3 -15 — Week-end revival conducted In Rev. C. C. Burton. 16 — Brother Tidwell preached in chapel. 19 — Brother Linsicomb spoke in chapel. 27 — Professor Mackey gave the student body a lecture on courtship and marriage. 30 — High School J u n io r- Senior Banquet. FEBRUARY 1 — Meeting of the Board of Trustees. Fine Arts Recital. 10 — We had a " Bajor Mowles " program and afterwards " open house " in the boys ' dor- mitory. 14 — Fhe Ladies ' Glee Club gave the Men ' s Glee Club a Valen- tine party. 22 — George Birthington ' s Wash- day. IMMANUEL CHURCH of fhe Nazarene 3315 Charlotte Avenue NASHVILLE, TENN. REV. G. B. BREESE Pastor WITH YOUR DRINK EAT-A-SNAX In class Mr. Mackey was illustrating the fac- tory system with the story of Silas Marner and Little Eppie: " . . . and so the little girl began to fill the place that the gold had occupied in the life of the old miser. " At this point, Patsey West, having been drowsing as usual, aroused and abruptly exclaimed: " Oh, I remember that! " Sport is any kind of work that you ' re not paid for. KENTUCKY-WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. L. T. WELLS Superintendent WE BELIEVE IN AND SUPPORT TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE SOUTHSIDE CHURCH Of the Nazarene Corner Carroll and Berrien Streets NASHVILLE, TENN. M. E. REDFORD Pastor IN MRS. JOHNSON ' S CLASS Raymond Raache: " They say that Japan has human torpedoes; that is, a man is in the tor- pedo to guide it into the ship. " Muriel Cook: " In that case the man is killed, is he not ? " Israelson: " What do you think? " Miss Person: " When do we begin a new para- graph ? " J. D. Irwin: " When we end the last one. " Mrs. Matthews: " Another hite like that and you will have to leave the table. " Durant Benson: " Another bite like that and I will be through. " REV. B. W. MURPHY EVANGELIST Ml, ,11111111111 IIIMIIIII I II 1111 III III llll III Mil III lllllll III I II I II In labor of love for lost souls SAYS: ' I love and boost Trevecca Nazarene College. " Love is like an onion: We taste it with delight; But when it ' s all over We wonder what made us bite. GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE I know of a church at the edge of the town Where heaven and earth seem to blend; For within the wide door waits the Christ we adore With a blessing for all who attend. Then come to the church at the edge of the town And join with the worshiping throng, And tomorrow you ' ll face with a confident grace And a faith that is steadfast and strong. REV. S. W. STRICKLAND, M.A., B.D. Pastor In Scotland a dead-end street is a street with a toll bridge at the end of it. TENNESSEE DISTRICT NAZARENE YOUNG PEOPLE ' S SOCIETY REV. EARL W. POWELL, President Dedicated definitely to the task of establishing the Church of the Nazarene in every city, town, and community of our great district. SOUTHEAST ATLANTIC DISTRICT RAYMOND BROWNING Superintendent 9 SAYS: " Our District may seem far away, but we are very near to Trevecca College in our love and loyalty. We intend to do our best for the College. We be- lieve the College will do its best for our young people. We want our young peo- ple to be at their best for God and the Church of the Nazarene. " A grass widow is the wife of a deceased vegetarian. COMPLIMENTS OF NAZARENE CHURCH 123 Moreland Ave., S. E., Atlanta, Georgia EDWARD K. HARDY, Pastor Residence: 125 Moreland Avenue, S. E. CHURCH SERVICES: Morning Worship Evangelistic . . . . . . 10:50 A.M. . . . 7:30 P.M. Midweek Service Thursday . 7:30 P.M. N. Y. P. S 6:30 P.M. Departments: Senior, Hi-Y, and Junior; Sunday School, 9:30 A.M. A CLASS FOR EVERYONE E. L. STARKEY, Sunday School Superintendent HUGH HILL, N. Y. P. S. President A WARM WELCOME TO EVERYONE An old proverb Where there is a will there is a way. Mr. Varbrough " Where there is a Willys there is a way. " Traveler to the ticket agent: " Two to Du- luth. " Ticket Agent : ' Toot toodle de doo, yourself. " Nurse: " J. D., I wish you would apply a poul- tice to that bump on the end of your neck and see if it will come to a head. " COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. W. M. TIDWELL, Pastor Chattanooga, Tennessee QUESTIONNAIRE Would you mend the break of day? Are fishes crazy when they are caught in — sane ? Would you throw a rope to a lemon just to get that lemon aid ? Is a baker broke when he is kneading dough? Is an undertaker ' s business dead? Could a river lose its head? MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. CECIL C. KNIPPERS Superintendent The careless shall inherit the earth in a cemetery. cAutographs oAntographi cAutographs oAntographs •4-

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