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BETH ANY- PEN I EL COLLEGE LIBRARY PRESENTING THE 1938 DARDA A YEAR BOOK OF TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE— BEING A RECORD OF THE YEAR ' S ACTIV- ITIES IN WORD AND PICTURES. THE STUDENT BODY PRESENTS— Ike 193 8 NEIL RICHARDSON, Editor-in-Chief K O Y W. PHILLIPS, Business Manager DAR DA . . TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE MACKEY LIBRARY Tksvecea Kazareri® University OREWOR NOT TO BOAST OF MARBLE COLUMNS NOR OF BRICK AND STONE IS THE DARDA OF 1938 DESIGNED, BUT TO KINDLE ANEW IN SOME FUTURE YEAR THE TRUE TREVECCA SPIRIT, SLUMBER- ING IN THE BOSOM OF EVERY SON AND DAUGHTER, AND TO CALL FORTH THE PRINCIPLES OF CHRISTIAN MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD WHICH ARE BEING IMPLANTED IN THE LIVES OF STUDENTS BY THE FACULTY OF TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE. OFTEN FILLED WITH OPPOSITION, HAS LEARNED TO PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE HARD PLACES AND TO COUNT THE PRESENT AS THE BEST OF HER DAYS, WE DEDICATE THE DARDA OF 1938 DEDICATION Trevecca Song Many the blessings we hope to he. As thro ' the world we go; Helping each brother whom we may see Burdened with sin and woe. " We do things " is our slogan true, And by this sign we win; Helping the fellow some good thing do. Who would have died in sin. Standing firm by the Bible school, Fighting as soldiers bold; " Young folk, for Christ, " is our working rule, " And to the Church, " the fold. Chorus T-r-e-v-e-c-c-a, Which means a blessing grand, " Young folk may work for young folk, " Thro ' -out this broad, broad land; T-r-e-v-e-c-c-a, So may it ever be Blessings to Church and nation, thro ' all eternity. A. B. MACKEY, A.B., M.A. We learn from history that great civilizations may contain the elements which cause their own downfall. Knowledge is power, but that power may be used for the good or for the evil. Education is one of the three factors of wealth, and the only one which can be increased. But even that may not recommend education, because we believe that the love of money is the root of all evil. Trevecca College is endeavoring to take evil intentions from the power of knowledge, and greed from the wealth of education. We feel that it is better to sacrifice, even to the shedding of our blood, for a Christian education than to receive wealth and fame from an education which does not have as its first principle the fear of the Lord. PRESIDENT [ 8 1 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Amy L. Person A.B., M.A. M. E. Redford B.S., B.D., M.A. Sadie Agnew Johnson A.B., M.A. Mrs. A. B. Mackey A.R., M.A. Paul Gresham A. II., M.A. Mrs. Pai l Gresham A. It., M.A. D. A. Yarbrough U.S., A.B. Elaine Harrison a.b. [9] Mrs. L. D. Shelton, B.S. Nettie Miller J. D. Irwin Jesse Matthews Mrs. M. A. Mackey Mrs. M. E. Redford, B.S. H. H. Wise Harold L. Davis Gertrude Padgett FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION [ 10 ] above: BOYS ' DORMITORY The Boys ' Dormitory is a large, commodious building with reception and guest rooms and a capacity for about seventy students. below: ADMINISTRATION BUILDING The Administration Building houses the offices, library, classrooms, and studios. t yf ! y- - . ■ " ... ' .• ' ' - ' " ' ' above: ADMINISTRATION BUILDING (front view) below: GIRLS ' DORMITORY The Girls ' Dormitory, including the dining room and kitchen, is the most modern of our buildings. The kitchen is equipped with electric stove and frigidaires. OFFICERS OF THE CLASSES JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES Koy W. Phillips President Harold Glenn Vice-President Flossie M. Curtis Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Adron Hollins President Clara Bohler Vice-President Elizabeth Gray Secretary-Treasurer THEOLOGICAL CLASS C. N. Haisten President Robbie Johnson Vice-President Marie Cashdcllar Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES Koy Wright Phillips SHELBYVILLE, TENNESSEE " Steadfast and true, sincere and kind, Here ' s a true friend, and they ' re hard to find. " President Senior Class, ' 38; Business Manager Dar- da, ' 38; President Ministerial Association, ' 38; Pres- ident Chorus, ' 38; College Male Quartet, ' 36- ' 38 ; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 38; Tennessee Club; Parthenian Literary Society. Harold Warner Glenn JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA " To follow knowledge like a sinking star Beyond the bound of human thought. " Valedictorian; President Freshman Class, ' 37; Vice- President Senior Class, ' 38; Sales Manager Darda; Officer Parthenian Literary Society; Florida Club; Athletic Club, ' 37, ' 38. Flossie Marie Curtis CVNTHIANA, KENTUCKY " Good actions crown themselves with lasting days, Who deserves well, needs not another ' s praise. " Darda Staff, ' 37, ' 38; Chorus, ' 37, ' 38; Secretary- Treasurer Senior Class, ' 38; Secretary Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38; Class Poet, ' 38; Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37, ' 38; Kentucky Club, ' 38. James A. Todd BENTON, ILLINOIS " A mind to conceive, a heart to resolve, and a hand to execute. " Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37, ' 38; President Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38; Holiness League; Ministerial Association; Ramblers ' Club; Mission- ary Society ; Darda Staff. Lonnie Bruce Friend HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA " His thoughts have a high aim, though their dwelling be in the vale of a humble heart. " President Parthenian Literary Society, ' 37; Presi- dent N. Y. P. S., ' 37, ' 38; Vice-President Mission- ary Socie ty; Christian Workers ' Association; Holi- ness League; Ministerial Association; Treasurer Freshman Class, ' 37; President West Virginia Club. I 14 ] Walter Hiram Boswell LEWISPORT, KENTUCKY " It Hard Work and Perseverance are not talents, they are mighty good substitutes for them ! " N. Y. P. S. ; Holiness League; Christian Workers ' Association; Parthenian Literary Society; Kentucky Club; Ministerial Association; Class Historian. Pauline Geneva Haufler GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA " She is alike to all, and liked by all. " Secretary Florida Club, ' 37, ' 38; N. V. P. S. ; Par- thenian Literary Society; Christian Workers ' Asso- ciation, ' 37, ' 38; Holiness League. Mabel Clare Cole LAKE PLACID, FLORIDA " We doubt not that for one so true There must be a noble work to do. " Florida Club, ' 37, ' 38; Holiness League, ' 37, ' 38; Christian Workers ' Association; Parthenian Literary Society; Missionary Society, ' 37; President Mission- ary Society, ' 38 ; N. Y. P. S. Catherine D. Strickland NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE " A smile for all, a greeting glad, An amiable, jolly way she had. " Tennessee Club, ' 38; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 38. James D. Thrasher ALBANY, KENTUCKY " To play the game for all there ' s in it; To play the game, and play to win it. " College Male Quartet, ' 3 5- ' 37 ; Kentucky Club; Par- thenian Literary Society; Athletic Club; Chorus; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 38. JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES [15] JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES Julius Harm Curtis ERIN, TENNESSEE " ' Tis something to be willing to commend ; I?u i my best praise is that I am your friend. " Tennessee Club, ' 37, ' 38; Parthenian Literal So- ciety; Athletic Club, ' 37, ' 38; N. Y. P. S.; Chris- tian Workers ' Association; Holiness League. Mary Lois Blackburn ROBERTSDALE, ALABAMA " A loyal worker she is known to be, Whate ' er her task in life may be. " Parthenian Literary Society; Christian Workers ' Association; Alabama Club; N. Y. P. S.; Mission- ary Society; Holiness League. J. T. Thrower ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA " Honor and praise from no position rise; Act well your part — there all the honor lies. " Alabama Club; Christian Workers ' Association; Holiness League; N. Y. P. S. ; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 37, ' 38. Sylvia Irexe Holcomb ROANOKE, VIRGINIA " To say little and perform much show the characteristics of a great mind. " Secretary Holiness League, ' 36- ' 38 ; N. Y. P. S. ; Secretary Christian Workers ' Association; Secre- tary-Treasurer Ramblers ' Club; Chorus, ' 37, ' 38; Parthenian Literary Society; Missionary Society; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38. Carl Edward Fannin WURTLAND, KENTUCKY " The reason firm, the temperate will, Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill. " Kentucky Club, ' 37, ' 38; Parthenian Literary So- ciety; Athletic Club, ' 37, ' 38. PICTURES MISSING Rowland Chinn .... Wurtland, Ky. Thelma Williams .... Joelton, Tenn. L 16 ] THE DARDA SENIOR CLASS HISTORY After " Pushing Back the Horizon " by graduating from high school, a number of young people over the Southeast decided to venture farther by attempting a college career. Thus, they pushed their horizon in a direction different from what it would have been had they chosen other roads. In September, 1936, Trevecca opened with a Freshman Class of forty-four members. The first few weeks were filled with thrilling experiences. In October the Seniors gave the Freshmen a reception at Centennial Park, and all the students became better acquainted. In the same month the class organized with the following officers: Harold Glenn, President; Elizabeth Gray, Vice-President; Angelee Cochran, Secretary; Lonnie Friend, Treasurer; and Professor L. C. Parsons, Sponsor. Much to our regret, before the year was over several of our number had been forced for various reasons to drop out. In the following September, part of our group gathered again at Trevecca to continue their preparation for life. We were sorry that some could not return. As Seniors, we elected Koy Phillips our President and leader for the year. One Friday evening in October we gave the Freshmen a reception at Centennial Park. Soon this year will pass, ami then will come separation, each member going to his special place of service. Although some of us may never again meet in this life, the memories of the years spent in Trevecca will remain with us. While we shall look back at times, yet our main view will be forward; and, " Pushing Back the Horizon, " we shall still strive to reach the de- sired goal. Walter Boswell, Historian. PUSHING BACK THE HORIZON There flashed across the western hills A band of pilgrims, weary but gay, Their faces glowing with cheerful light As they climbed to the top at the close of the day. On reaching the summit they paused to rest, And let their eyes wander back o ' er the track Their feet had trodden since first they set out On the journey from which there was no turning back. Far back on the plain stood the first mile- stone Where happy days ended in the red school And gaily and joyfully they entered the higher, Ever moving on toward another goal. As years passed by they toiled to gain A guerdon deserving their labor well done, Forgetting the struggles and hardships, and hastening Forward to " push back another horizon. " Long years have passed since first they sought To live for others in the God-given plan; And the once laughing girls and boys Are now serious-minded women and men. Ever willing and glad to do their part, Ready and faithful unto the end, Serving the Master with loving and grateful hearts, And finding in Him their dearest friend. Flossie M. Curtis, Class Poet. [171 Adron Hoi. i.ins Roanoke, Va. Elizabeth Gray .... Langdale, Ala. Ci.ara West Point, Ga. Elmer Alford Scanlon, Fla. Wilma Gold Chelyan, W. Va. Vivian Blackburn . . . Robertsdale, Ala. Bernice Radford Floyd, Ya. Nettie Miller Columbus, Ga. Eleanor Hardy . . Goodlettsville, Tenn. Eudon Lathan Columbus, Ga. Mary F. Lord Sanford, Fla. Earnestine Morcan .... Mobile, Ala. Lamar Crawford . High Springs, Fla. Theone Walling . . Charleston, W. Va. Orine Cypert Florence, Ala. Aline McDaniel .... McComb, Miss. Gi enn Madison Grace Olson PICTURES MISSING Nashville, Tenn. Walter Nabors Jamaica, N. Y. Lena McHarcue Cleveland, Miss. . . Boyd, Fla. COLLEGE FRESHMEN r is i Mabel Phillips . . . Shelbyville, Tenn. Mavis .... Wurtland, Ky. Marie Olive Florence, Ala. Nora D. Gilliam .... Algood, Tenn. Nelle Smithson .... Franklin, Tenn. Russell Davis Ridgefarm, 111. Lloyd Foster Georgetown, 111. Cali.ih M. Hawkins . Carter ' s Creek, Tenn. Della P. Harrell . . . Montevallo, Ala. Geneva Cunningham . . . Murray, Ky. Imogene Mackey .... Highway, Ky. Lois Anne Mallorv . . Greenbrier, Tenn. William Belcher . . Hansford, W. Va. Ruth Kilgore . . . Nashville, Tenn. Kathaleen Peach . . . Franklin, Tenn. PICTURES MISSING James Gregory .... Cleveland, Mi-s. L. B. Hicks Fairview, Tenn. Nellie Curtis Erin, Tenn. Ruth Mierly Huntingdon, Pa. COLLEGE Neii. Richardson Erin, Tennessee Ladell Morgan Mobile, Alabama Roy P. Gomer Doniphan, Missouri Jesse Matthews Van Leer, Tennessee Robbie Johnson Nashville, Tennessee C. N. Haisten Macon, Georgia Fi o i) Smith Winter Park, Florida Marie Cashdoi.lar Nashville, Tennessee ( mi si er Speck Tyron, Pennsylvania Pictures Missing James Blackburn Sommerdale, Alabama Paul Cobb Frank, West Virginia Mrs. J. E. Cook Nashville, Tennessee Mattve Foster East Point, Georgia J. P. JERNICAN IVnsniola. Florida David Patten Nashville, Tennessee Settle Shaw Castle Hayne, N. C. Hubert Meredith Owensboro, Kentucky COLLEGE THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT Theology is the oldest study known to man. Adam and Eve were instructed in it by God. He taught them the doctrines of sin, redemption, and eternity. The science of medicine, and philosophy, and the knowledge of literature shall all perish with the world; but man shall in- crease his knowledge of God and spiritual things throughout eternity. The mysteries of theology have challenged poets, philosophers, scientists, and statesmen. They have all sought to find her treasures. Theology has been called by someone, " The Queen of Sciences. " So it is theology that the preacher must know . His knowledge of fine arts, literature, philosophy, and science will not lead a soul to Christ or nurture it in spiritual things or bridge the river of death. The truths of the Bible alone can do that. The physician must know medi- cine; the attorney, law ; the teacher, pedagogv ; and the preacher must be a master of the science of religion. The church of today needs an educated ministry that is filled with the Holy Spirit and has a passion for the salvation of a lost world. The administration of Trevecca Nazarene College is conscious of this fact and has designed the courses in the School of Theology to meet this need. The School of Theology stresses deep spirituality and thorough scholarship. [20] MINISTERIAL DEPARTMENT The Ministerial Department is composed of those students who have not finished high school, hut feel that they are called to the Christian ministry and desire some theological training. The purpose of the department is to qualify those who are enrolled for efficient Christian work. A certificate is given upon the completion of the three-year program outlined to meet the course of study requirements for ordination as set forth in the manual. The ministerial class is doing a creditable Christian work this year in visiting the churches in or near the city and giving programs which are a spiritual uplift to the people. Marcum Hamilton Irvin, Ky. Melba Dick Nashville, Tenn. J. ( ' . Simpson Monroe, N. C. J. B. Rose Sparta, Tenn. Willie B. Baxter ... St. Elmo, Tenn. James Hale Coburg, Ky. Dennis Wyrick .... Teays, W. Va. S. L. Drawdy Macon, Ga. Shirley Kennedy . . Sanderson, W. Va. John Lawwill Lexington, Ky. Curtis Bridges Fairfax, Ala. John Jamison McEwen, Tenn. Rosa Croson Teays, W. Va. Robert Elbert Louisville, Ky. Shirley Lee Brewton, Ala. E. B. Moss Georgetown, Ky. E. J. Osborne .... Nashville, Tenn. Roland Petrowski . . . Nashville, Tenn. Mrs. Roland Petrowski . Nashville, Tenn. Pictures Missing Lillian Williams . . . Nashville, Tenn. J. C. Wood Brewton, Ala. E. R. Warhurst Leoma, Tenn. Dora Esterline Pama, Mo. Cordell Hudson .... Nashville, Tenn. Mu. ' i i : i Watson . Brewton, Ala. Joseph Miller Jamaica, N. Y. 1 21 1 [ 22 ] CHRISTIAN WORKERS ' ASSOCIATION The Christian Workers ' Associa- tion of Trevecca Nazarene College was organized for the purpose of the evangelization of the city of Nashville and surrounding territory, and the preparation of its members for prac- tical Christian service. The members of this organization are those in the institution who have a definite Christian experience and have a desire to participate in Chris- tian service. Captains are chosen for each of the following departments: The County and the City Workhouses, the T. B. Sanitarium, the General Hospital, the Jail, and the Street Services. Each group captain is responsible for all services in his field. Each Sunday morning, before the Gospel Bus leaves for Christian work, a half-hour prayer service is partici- pated in by the workers. Each week the gospel is brought to several hun- dred persons. Last year eight hundred souls were reported saved. Our goal for this year is " One Thousand for Christ. " OFFICERS OF THE HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES SENIORS Willard Luten President Leon Cook Vice-President Vada Murphy Secretary-Treasurer JUNIORS Roy E. Parsons . President Curtis Bridges Vice-President Jewell Walker Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORES Dennis Wyrick President Carl Ross Vice-President Ruth De Ford Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMEN Ruby Daly President Lorraine Ray . . . Vice-President Marjorie Grubbs . . . Secretary Ethel McClain Treasurer HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS WlLLARD E. LUTEN QU1NCV, FLORIDA " Explore the dark recesses of his mind, And you ' ll find a love for all mankind; The wise and simple meat and small. This same grand principle leads in all. " class President. ' 3n- ' 3S; Preside nt Oetavian Lit- erary Society, ' 38; President Florida Club, ' 36- •: ' ,S; Member " Darda " Staff, ' 38. Leon Geo. Cook SULLIGENT, ALABAMA " lie is easy, affable, familiar, friendly; Seaiching to know mankind ' s mysterious ways. But lie trusts the secret of his own soul to none. " Member College Quartette. ' . ' 52- ' 3S ; Vice-Presi- dent S.nior Class. ' .IS; Head Waiter Dining Hall. ' 31, - ' US; Glee Club. ' 38. Vada Virginia Murphy HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA " u sunny disposition, she attracts and keeps her friends. " Class Secretary and Treasurer, ' 36- ' 38; Glee club. ' 38; Secretary and Treasurer Oetavian Literary Society, ' 38; Chorus, ' 38; West Virginia Club. ' 38. Margaret H. Thompson FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY " Admirers soon of every age she gained; Her beauty wen them and her worth retained. Envy could not contempt display, For one and all do love her. " Class Secretary, ' 34- ' 35; Chorus, ' 38; Kentucky club. ' 3N; Oetavian Literary Society, ' 38. Lucv Mae Lindsley NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE " She never studies to lie fairer Than nature made her. Beauty cost her nothing. Her virtues are so rare. " Tennessee Club, ' 38; Oetavian Literary Socie- ty, ' 38. Hi lex Wilsox Bledsoe BROOKSVILLE, MISSISSIPPI " Not too sad — not too gay — But a real grand pal in every way. " Ramblers ' Club. ' 38; Chorus. ' 38; christian Workers ' Association, ' 3.8; Oetavian Literary Society, ' 38. Barbara Ruth Langston CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE " Cheerful, sweet, serene, In anger never seen. " Tennessee Club. ' : ' ,S; chorus, ' 38; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 38. Picture Missing Harvey Hendershot DALTON, GEORGIA [ 24 ] HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS John Duff Irwin CI 1 ATT A NOOGA, TEN N F.SSF.F. " His genius is such We ran scarcely praise it, c )r blame it too much. He. born tor the universe, Longs to serve mankind. " President Octavian Literary Society, ' 35; Presi- dent Chorus, " S7; Glee Club, ' 38; Assistant Cho- rus Director, ' 38; Tennessee Club, ' 38; Octavian Literary Society, ' 38. Jesse Middendorf ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI " Through the medium of prayer He climbs from daily doubts to heaven ' s heights. And brings a blessing down. " Ministerial Association, ' 36- " 38; Christian Work- ers ' Assoc iation, ' 38; Holiness League. -3S; Pres- ident Ramblers ' Club, ' 38; Vice-President Octa- vian Literary Society. ' 37. Muriel Garnette Cook BI.UEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA " With willing fingers and rhythmic melody, She directs us in our song. " Music B; Chorus, ' 38; Glee Dub, ' 38; Girls- Quartette, ' 38; Octavian Literary Society ' 3S. Virginia C. Mims PARIS, ' I ENNESSEE " Like a rainbird singing far off. How tine and c lear. Her plaintive voice comes ringing With rapture to the car. " Class President, ' 35- ' 3C ; Ladies ' Trio. ' 36- ' 37; Chorus, ' 38; Glee Club. ' 38; Tennessee club ' 38; Girls ' Quartette, ' 3S; Octavian Literary Socie- ty, ' 38. Zenith Arlene Jordan- JACKSON " , TENNESSEE " She is ever faithful. Nor foregoes The higher duty which She owes To Christ, her Lord and Saviour dear, By whose side she ' s Ever near. " Tennessee Club, ' 38; Holiness i ' loons, League ' 38 ; ■38; Octavian Literary Society, Lynda le Vorees Cormney lancaster, kentucky " A gentle voice, a heartfelt sigh. A modest manner, a true eye, A ready hand, a loving heart, A sympathy that ' s free from art; Things beautiful and blist. " Chorus, ' 38; Secretary and Treasurer Kentucky Club, ' 38; Octavian Literary Society, ' 38; Chris- tian Workers ' Association, ' 38. Helen Rernice Shippy CALHOUN CITY, MISSISSIPPI " She thinks without confusion, clearly. Loves her fellow man sincerely. Acts from honest motives, purely. " Chorus, ' 38; Ramblers ' Club, ' 38; Octavian Lit- erary Society, ' 38. THE DARDA SENIOR CLASS POEM As sunshine is to water, And as laughter is to love, As winds that blow to bending trees, As clouds to stars above, So thy spirit, old Trevecca, is to us. ' Tis a spirit firm, impelling, Putting purpose in our life, With its motto, " On, on, forever! " Not contented with the strife. As one feels the dawn approaching, Ere one sees the glorious sun, We sense the things that lie beyond Which are worthy to be done — Unseen, half-dreamed, the waiting tasks in store for us. ' Tis then we answer quickly To thy ever-sounding call, And, on answering, bless Trevecca For the urge that moves us all. Zenith Jordan, Class Port. =anc=o CLASS WILL We, the members of the Senior Class, before taking our departure after a stay of many happy days, do wish to make right and due disposal of all our properties, collec- tive and individual. To our dear Alma Mater we leave our gratitude and loyalty throughout the com- ing years. To the faculty we leave our deepest appreciation for their untiring efforts. To L. R. McClain, Jesse Middendorf wills his determination. To Elsie Laverty, Zenith Jordan leaves her willingness to work. To Lorraine Ray, Vorees Cormney wills her blond curls. To Virginia Cummings, Ruth Langston wills her dainty sweetness. Willard Luten wills his romantic inclinations to Campbell Mackey. Helen Bledsoe leaves her f rankness to Ruth DeFord. To Dennis Wyrick, J. D. Irwin wills his ability to teach voice. Helen Shippey wills her studiousness to Levi Sullivan. Lucy Mae Lindsley wills her giggles to Shirley Kennedy. Virginia Mims wills her pep to Margaret Sprowls. Vada Murphy wills her affectionate disposition to Ruby Daly. Muriel Cook wills all her New York experiences to Jewell Walker. [26] THE DARDA JUNIOR CLASS Roy E. Parsons LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Jewell Walker CALVERT, ALABAMA Naomi Siler GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Beulah Sliger ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Duane Murphy BELL, WEST VIRGINIA Margaret Sproyvls ETLAN, VIRGINIA Levi Sullivan NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE [27] JUNIOR CLASS Alma Starbuck SO. CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Elsie Laverty IHREE OAKS, MICHIGAN Virginia Cummings MCCOMB, MISSISSIPPI Nellie Bohler WEST POINT, GEORCIA i li a McClain Draper COOKEVTLLE, TENNESSEE Louise Weaver NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE [erry McClain BRADEN ION, I I OR1DA Pictures Missing Olive Cave Jacksonville, Fla. James Brown . . Beersheba Springs, Tenn. Reginald Meeks Nashville, Tenn. Henrietta Pickler Faxon, Tenn. [ 28 ] i — — -■- — - — THE DARDA • r SOPHOMORES Carl Ross MCEWEN, TENNESSEE Ruth DeFord LOUDON, TENNESSEE Mary L. Lowerv MCCOMB, MISSISSIPPI Campbell Mackey HIGHWAY, KENTUCKY L. R. McClain COOKEVH.I.E, TENNESSEE Mary Hoover HESSTON PENNS1 LVANIA Jesse Mackey HIGHWAY, KENTUCKY Bob Schultz BOWMENONT, W EST VIRGINIA Pictures Missing R. D. Bredhoi.t Terrace, Pa. Eugene Cook Nashville, Tenn. Minnie A. Howard Salvisa, Kv. Edna Moore Nashville, Tenn. [29] THE DARDA FRESHMAN CLASS Ruby Daly . . Lorraine Ray Bui ord Jewell E i mil McCi.ain M RJORIE GRLBBS Chari fs B. Dai Jessie M. Hall Bryant Scon . Lexington, K . Lancaster, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Cookeville, Tenn. . Covington, Ky. Lucille Rodgers . . Marvin Halliburton Opal Shelton . . Roland Petrohski Marion Bailey . . Pictures Missing Charleston, W. Va. . . Sheffield, Ala. Dickson, Tenn. J. M. Hall . . Charles Middi.eton Virginia Gilliam Perry Swift . . . Nashville, Tenn. Gainesville, Fla. Nashville, Tenn. Millport, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. . . Miami, Fla. Cincinnati, O. . Cov ington, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Ada Daly Mrs. M. A. Mackey Mary Frances Ware GRAMMAR GRADES Sandy Luther (Picture missing) Tennyson Howard Neva Gay Mackey Eva Fay Mackey Don Hale [ 30 J PIANO, VOICE, SPEECH FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Someone has said let me write the music of a nation and I will show you the kind of people of which that nation will he composed. No less might be said of a college, for a college may rise or fall according to its ideals set fortli in its music. If the music is of the mediocre type, our products will he of that same type; but on the other hand if our music has a wholesome tone, our young people will be of the same type. It is not the person that can take an audience in the heights of ecstasy or to the depths of sy mpathy, who when they are gone are forgotten ; but the one who can play or sing with an understanding that will cause people to think not momentarily but will remain with them as long as all eternity. Trevecca Nazarene College music department is endeavoring to give the Southeastern Educa- tional Zone something that will not perish with the years, but will brighten as the days go by. J. D. Irwin Sylvia Holcomb Certificate in Voice Certificate in Piano [ 32 ] QUARTETTES The quartettes have done an ex- ceptional piece of work, and have proven some of the most congenial young people on the campus. Not only have they sung their way into the hearts of the Southeastern Educational Zone, but along with their sing- ing they have lived so that the public believes in Trevecca quartettes. Cook. Richardson Phillips Yarbrough Mi ms Starbuck Olive Gilliam ( i()M I K Bridges Law will Shaw [ 33 ] mmmmmmm THE DARDA GLEE CLUBS For the first time in several years, Trevecca has had both the men ' s and women ' s glee clubs. The glee clubs have helped on a number of pro- grams, and have been one of the outstanding attractions. [ 34 j t e J e i t 1 1 n a t it ORGANIZATIONS NAZARENE YOUNG PEOPLE ' S SOCIETY These groups have done a very commendable work during the year. The Young Peo- ple ' s Society has encouraged the practice of, and proclaimed, our general slogan, " Deeper and Farther with Christ. " MISSIONARY SOCIETY The M issionary Society has endeavored to keep aglow the fervent missionary zeal which characterized Trevecca at its beginning. [ 36] THE HOLINESS LEAGUE The Holiness League believes in anil upholds that beautiful doctrine upon which our church was founded. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association consists of those who are called by God into His ministry, and whose hearts ' desire is to spread holiness " over these lands. " [ 37 ] THE DARDA PARTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY The Literary Societies have as their goal higher standards of appreciation in the fields of art, literature, and music. The programs are presented in such a manner as to provide a variety of types of entertainment, such as dramatics, debating, speaking, and instrumental and vocal music. OCTAVIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Another goal of these societies is to help each student develop a well-integrated personality. Since the social aspect of one ' s life is being stressed in this age, these societies are attempting to provide training in this field by having its members to plan and produce programs. [ 38] ATHLETIC CLUB The Athletic Club has proven a source of great enjoyment and healthful recreation its slogan is " always on the job. " WAITRESSES You may wonder what part such a group can play in the making of a Darda. Mr Cook and his force have done their part in an admirable manner by maintaining excel lent standards of dining hall etiquette, cleanliness, and courtesy. [ 39 ] STATE [40] CLUBS t 41 J WHO ' S WHO BEST STUDENTS Harold Glenn Mary Frances Lord BEST ALL-AROUND Koy Phillips Adron Hollins MOST POPULAR Neil Richardson Earnestine Morgan FRIENDLIEST Marcum Hamilton Mary Louise Lowery WITTIEST John D. Irwin Nora Dean Gilliam MOST ATTRACTIVE Curtis Bridges Elizabeth Gray THE DARDA THE DARDA STAFF The Darda Staff this year is composed of a very excellent group of students whose instructors commend them very highly in both deportment and scholarship. Their time spent in the preparation of this volume is without remuneration. Whatever success they may have in the production of this annual is a result of their own ingenuity, ini- tiative, and untiring efforts, rather than by direct aid from the faculty. Faculty Advisor. Mr. A. B. Mackey Faculty Advisor Neil Richardson Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Gray Co-Editor Koy W. Phillips Business Manager Floyd Smith Assistant Business Manager Adron Hollins College Representative Harold Glenn Sales Manager James Todd Assistant Sales Manager Flossie M. Curtis . • Fine .lets Repr. and Stenographer C. N. Haisten Theological Representative Dennis Wyrick Ministerial Representative Wili.ard Luten High School Representative [43 ] QMS MAIL | J CoM vniA i tyPRoSect . 6 Trevecca Nazarene . . College . . WILL SATISFY THE MOST EXACTING STUDENT HIGH SCHOOL Private, approved by State of Tennessee JUNIOR COLLEGE Member of Tennessee College Association and also American Association of Junior Colleges SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND FINE ARTS Vocal and Instrumental Music and Public Speaking SCHOOL OF RELIGION With Strong Bible Courses, Leading to Theological Degree Th.B. Fully Accredited, with State Recognition and Up-to-Date Equipment LOCATED IN THE ATHENS OF THE SOUTH Nashville, with its great Colleges and Universities such as Peabody and Vanderbilt Excellent Opportunities for Working People and Students to Make a Living DEEPLY SPIRITUAL Home-like atmosphere with a self-sacrificing missionary spirit, indicated by 56 missionaries already sent to the foreign held. " The sun never sets on Trevecca students. " The whole gospel for the whole world. Every member of the Faculty and Board of Trustees an earnest Christian. Experienced Successful President and Faculty Write for Catalog Today A. B. MACKEY, President WHAT IT COSTS Matriculation fee (payable once only, each department) .... $ 2 00 100 Library 1 1 1 Medical 150 3 00 Room, Light, Water. Heat per week from 1.00 Tuition. ' S llll Tuition, 22.50 Tuition, 20.00 Tuition, 1 5.00 Tuition, 5.00 and up Tuit ion, 2.00 Tin 1 inn . 10.00 Tn 1 1 i. in 7.50 Tuit inn. Piano or Voice, under Director. 2 lessons a week, each t x iiii Tuition, 12.00 Terms: Cash, paid every three months in advance, or ae, eptable arrangements made with the business manager. Registration will be conditional until such arran gements are made, and credits may not be issued until full payment is made. Ten per cent discount is allowed for cash paid in advance at the beginning of the quarter. DIARY September 21. Sc hool opened today. The students arc better looking this year. September 20. We drew tables for the first time. October 1. Campus social— the quartette sang " Kentucky Babe. " October ft. Mr. Woods went home — cause unknown; Miss Ontie Crawford went home — cause unnecessary. October 8. Treveeca " Booster " program by the state clubs. October 22. The Freshman reception at Centennial Park. Don ' t mind the rain! Mr. Glenn and Miss Gold seem to have something in common. October 2l . Brother Strickland spoke for the Ministerial Association program in prayer meeting tonight. November 10. Edward Hardy brought a fine message in chapel. The chorus had a special supper. November 19. open house in the boys ' dormitory. The quartette sang a silly little song about throw- ing Ethel McClain and other things out the window. November 24. The Missionary Society gave an effective program entitled " The challenge of the Cross. " Compliments of FIRST NAZARENE CHURCH 125 Moreland Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Georgia EDWARD K. HARDY, Pastor Residence, 125 Moreland Ave., S.E. Church Services: Morning Worship . . 10:50 a.m. N. Y. P. S 6:30 p.m. Departments: Evangelistic . . . 7:30 p.m. c t_t v a, t 6 r Senior, Hi-Y Junior Midweek Service Sunday School . . . 9:30 a.m. Thursday .... 7:30 p.m. A Class for Everyone E. L. STARKEY, Sunday School Superintendent H. L. IRWIN, N. Y. P. S. President A WARM WELCOME TO EVERYONE A Blotter is something you spend your time looking for while the ink is drying. C. WECHSEL W. T. WASHINGTON, JR. Photographs by COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPH COMPANY Duplicate Prints may be had at Studio 4lV 2 CHURCH STREET PHONE 6-0430 THE ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK WERE MADE BY The South s F oremost Annual Engravers CAPITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY 134 FOURTH AVENUE, NORTH NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodland St. Nashville, Tennessee H. H. WISE, Pastor The home of the visitor and stranger Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. N.Y.P.S. 6:30 p.m. Evening Service 7:30 p.m. Midweek Prayer Service Wednesday 7:30 p.m. This church fur- nishes the Gospel Bus for School use Don ' t brood over your troubles, they are liable to hatch. DOOKS The best books and Bibles of all publishers always found on our shelves and display tables. You are cordially invited to come in at any time Baptist Book Store MISS CHRISTINE LITTLE Manager 161 Eighth Ave., N. Phone 6-2131 EDITOR ' S NOTE Owing to the fact that these jokes are not printed on tissue paper, some folks may experi- ence a little difficulty in seeing through them. We editors may dig and toil ' Till our finger-tips are sore; But some poor fish is sure to say: " I ' ve heard that joke before. " Mr. Davis: " What ' s the idea cutting that sta- tionery round. You can ' t send out a business letter that looks like a dinner plate. " Flossie Curtis: " But, Mr. Davis, you said you wanted to send some circular letters. " Dennis Wyrick: " Where did you get that bump on your head ? " Lonnie Friend: " Oh, that ' s where a thought struck me. " Koy Phillips: " What was that noise I hearc in your room last night? " Settle Shaw: " That was me falling asleep. " Correctly fitted GLASSES enable you to enjoy your study Fitting glasses for the student body and faculty ( a better one never existed ) has been our pleasure Hear Dr. Sydney Albert Broadcast over WLAC every Sunday, 5:10 P.M. on " Better Vision " o=anc=o DR. SYDNEY ALBERT 629 Church Street Optometrist Phone 6-8613 Nashville, Tennessee When you get in the public eye, don ' t be a cinder. REDUCED FARES BETWEEN ALL STATIONS ON The Nashville, Chattanooga St. L ouis Railway Also to all points in the South and Southeast are offered daily For Transportation in Air Conditioned , Comfortable, Roomy Coaches N. C.4STL 2 Cents niVir Per Mile THE DIXIE LINE . TRAIN TRAVEL ALWAYS SAFE, COMFORTABLE Free from Strain of Driving N., C. ST. L. M. E. DERRYBERRY COMPANY AND SPOT CASH COMPANY Wholesale Grocers NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE THE LATEST! The kitchen that is so small that the conk lias to use condensed milk. The orchestra leader who is so nervous that he has to put on water wings to conduct " Old Man River. " The fellow who parts his hair in the middle me re 1 j - because every block must have an alley. The young man who stays up all night cram- ming tor ,i doctor ' s examination. The farmer who trys to teach his chickens to rotate their crops. The Scotchman who is learning the Braille S3 ••tern so that he can do his evening ' s reading in the dark in order to save on the electric light bill. Red Cap (in bus depot): " May I check your baggage? " Fudon Latham: " No, but you may check my Marcum Hamilton: " Let go my hands, I want to talk. " Miss Padgett: " 1 want a pound of floor wax. " Clerk: " We sell only sealing wax, Lady. " Miss Padgett: " Don ' t be silly, why would any- one want to wax his ceiling? ' ' He who laughs last is usually the dumbest. J. W. McGord Optical and Jewelry Go. 315 FIFTH AVENUE, N. NASHVILLE, TENN. Eyes Scientifically Examined Frames Correctly Fitted L. G. McCORD J. T. McCORD If not able to come to the O ffice, Phone 6-0304 Member Nashville Academy of Optometry TKRNS IF IH Sllil It LEHMAN BROTHERS Quality Groceries Phone 6-5836 Murfreesboro at Elm Hill Road SUNBURST HOSIERY The Best under the Sun At Your Neighborhood Store W holesale Distributors NEELY-HARWELL CO. 324-326 Public Square Ralph Waldo Emerson said ' ' Hitch your wagon to a star. " Prof. A. B. Mackey says " Hitch your wagon to a horse. " Ernestine Morgan (in meat market) : " I ' d like a young chicken, please. " Butcher: " Do you want a poulet? " Ernestine: " Pull it? " Don ' t be silly! I want to carry it. " A word to the wives is insufficient. — Solomon McEWEN ' S LAUNDRY Incorporated 701 FIFTH AVENUE, NORTH Established 1881 Phone 6-1161 We have been serving the People of Nashville with a Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service over Half a Century We specialize in Blocking Knit Suits and Fancy Dyeing RUG CLEANERS FURRIERS Phillips Buttorff Manufacturing Co. EVERYTHING FOR DINING ROOM, KITCHEN, AND NURSERY Eighty Years of Faithful Service 217-223 THIRD AVENUE, NORTH Phone 6-5181 MAPLEWOOD COAL COMPANY Dealers in High Grade Red Ash and West Kentucky Coal H. L. Slonecker, Mgr. Phone 3-3203 Popular Priced Paper Davis Wall Paper Co. 411 Broad Street Nashville, Term. Phone 6-0411 Prof. Redford (i i American history class): " You are always be hiind in your studies, young man. " Levi Sullivan : " V ;s, that gives me a chance to pursue them. " Don ' t take life too seriously — you ' ll never get out of it alive, anyway. GOSPEL TENTS For Sale • For Rent Waterproof Truck Covers, Awnings, For Every Purpose Nashville Tent and Awning Co. " Awning Headquarters " eer MODEL LAUNDRY MODEL CLEANERS D. D. CANFIELD, Manager Telephone 5-3114 COURTESY OF H. C. Walker ' s Vjrocery Fresh Meats and Vegetables A Specialty " Prompt Service with a Smile " South Hill Street Phone 5-9338 THE IDEAL BIBLE FOR STUDENT OR TEACHER King James Version. Bold Type — Self-Pronouncing. Page size, 5x7 3-8 inches. Containing a complete concordance, 60,000 center column references. 64 pages of Bible study aids, an indexed atlas, and 16 pages of maps in full color. No. 153. A good medium priced Bible printed on thin, white Bible paper of finest texture, strength, and opacity. Genuine leather, overlapping covers, red under gold edges, headbands, bookmark $4.00 No. 254X. POPULAR PRICE INDIA PAPER EDITION. Approximately one inch thick. Genuine leather, morocco grain, overlapping covers, linen lined, round corners, red under gold edges, silk headbands, silk bookmark. . $5.00 No. 25IX. INDIA PAPER, genuine morocco leather, over- lapping covers, full leather lined, round corners, red under gold edges, silk headbands and marker . . . $7.00 METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE 810 Broadway Nashville, Tenn. Phone 6-2641 We suggest the manufacture of the following articles for national recovery. A spherical doorstop, a transparent window shade, a pencil with a ruhher on each end, an eight-hour clock, a dictionary with an index. 1 i 1 Ruth DeFord: " That ' s a good story, is it orig- inal? " Alma Starhuck: " No, I made it up. " KLEISER ' S PHARMACY Telephone 6-9713 47 Lafayette Nashville Koy Phillips: " There were two apples in the closet this morning; now, there is only one. How do you account for that? " Neil Richardson: " It was dark in the closet and 1 didn ' t notice the other one. " at first you don ' t succeed, cry, cry again. DEWEY McCLENDON TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE Dependable Lubrication " We Give a no Pedbeivl BAGLEd STAMPS 204 MURFREESBORO ROAD Phone 5-9344 " See Bennett for Better Vision " GLASSES FITTED ONLY WHEN NEEDED Dr. E. Lee Bennett, O. D. Optometrist — Optician 204 Fifth Ave., N. Phone 6-1873 Miss Person: " I take great pleasure in giving you B - in F.nglish Composition. " Nora Dean: " Aw, make it an A and enjoy yourself. " 1 i i Murphy: " What became of that girl you made love to in a hammock? " Thrasher: " We fell out. " Boy: " You used to say there was something about me you liked. " Girl: " Yes, but you spent it all. " 1,000 EMPLOYEES IN NASHVILLE TO SERVE YOU And at Electric Rates AMONG THE LOWEST In the U nite dSt ates The 1 ennessee Electric f||pl Power Co. Courtesy of Capitol City Mattress Co. Compliments of Radebaugh-Lane Opt ical Lo. Optometrists 38 Arcade A school annual is a great invention; The school gets all the fame, The printer gets all the money, And the staff gets all the blame. Thrower: " Will you pay me what I ' m worth ? " H. G. Hill employer : " PI do better than that ; I ' ll give you a small salary to Ma rt ith. " There ' s no time like the pleasant. Th orough Progressive Dependable Nashville Business College Afifieahng to those who want the best Y.M.C.A. Building NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF Judd s Barber Shop HAIR CUTS • SHAVE " Best Prices in Town " 836 Fourth Ave, S. Nashville, Tenn. Gateway Service Station DAVID JACKSON, Manager Battery and Tire Service Murfreesboro Road Phone 6-9698 Laboratory Equipment, Glassware, and Chemicals, Hospital and Physician Supplies NASHVILLE SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY 401 Church Street Nashville, Tennessee December i. Dr. and Mrs. Sloan were with us for chapel. December 3. Two young ladies from town were here for literary society, but where is Mr. Yarbrough? Maybe Helen can find him. December 10. The college put on a Prof. Quiz program in literary society. December 11. Mr. Matthews spoiled a good " elephant walk " on the fourth floor steps during study hours. December 13. Miss Person ' s History Class had a supper of steak, waffles and syrup in her apartment. They ate nearly all of Mr. Phillips ' ribbon cane syrup. December 15. The chorus gave a Christmas cantata at First Church. December 17. Various classes gave presents to their teachers in chapel this morning. We never saw a sweeter chapel program. School was out today for the holidays. December 18-30. Don ' t you students at home think that we who are here at school are not having a good time. We have the prettiest Christmas tree and the best things to eat. January 4, 5. The boys ' and girls ' glee clubs were organized. Miss Bessie Seay spoke in prayer meeting. THIRD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE The Welcome Church 1622 Tenth Avenue, North NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Belcher: " Did you ever make a public speech? " Nabors: " Yes, I asked for a date once over a party line telephone. " i i i FOUND: An appetite between the dining hall and the boys ' dormitory. (See Harold Glenn.) With Your Drink EAT-A-SNAX A tiling of duty is a bore forever. TENNESSEE N.Y.P.S. REV. EARL W. POWELL President Dedicated definitely to the task of establishing the church of the Nazarene in every city, town and community of our great district ICE CREAM Mcl ntyre Floral Company Flowers for all occasions 1502 Broad Street Koy Phillips (contacting a business firm): " How about it, Mister, don ' t you want an ad? " Manager: " No, son, I wanta subtract; I ' ve got my own adding machine. " Compliments FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 30th Street — 4th Avenue HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA REV. EUGENE W. COCHRAN Pastor N. Y. P. S. W. F. M. S. SUNDAY SCHOOL WE ARE BOOSTING T.N.C. See WHITE and you ' ll see RIGHT e DR. J. H. WHITE 506 Union St. 154 Eighth Ave., N. Telephone 6-5970 Telephone 6-4473 ECHOES FROM THE PAST Jonah: " Hope everything comes out all right. " Noah : " Two of .1 kind. " Eve: " I ' ll bite. " Samson: " 1 guess I brought down the house. " St. Vitus: " On with the dance. " Solomon: " The more the merrier. " 1 i i Marjorie Grubhs: " Can a person be punished for something he hasn ' t done ? " Mrs. Redford: " Of course not. " Marjorie: " Well, I haven ' t done my algebra. " A writer says that a man should be master in his own house or know the reason why. Married men usually know the reason why. NEWPORT, KENTUCKY FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner 7th and Putnam Sts. " The Ch urc A With a W elcome REV. R. L. IHRIG, Pastor Phone Hi. 2077-W IMMANUEL CHURCH of the Nazarene 3315 Charlotte Avenue Nashville, Term. Rev. G. B. Breese Pastor Southside Church of the Nazarene 813 Third Ave., S. I SI NASHVILLE, TENN. 1 REV. M. E. REDFORD Pastor GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE know of a church at the edge of the town Where heaven and earth seem to blend; For within the wide door waits the Christ we adore With a blessing for all who attend. Then come to the church at the edge of the town And join with the worshiping throng, And tomorrow you ' ll face with a confident grace A ud a faith that is steadfast and strong. REV. S. W. STRICKLAND M.A., B.D. Pastor Sophomore: " Did you ever take chloroform? " Freshman: " No, who teaches it? " 1 1 1 LITERARILY SPEAKING Muriel Cook: " Did the doctor remove your appendix ? " Marion Bailey: " Feels to me like he removed my whole table of contents. " 111 Miss Person (after she had finished her Eng- lish Literature class a few minutes earlier than the regular time) : " You may go now if you promise you will be quiet and not wake Prof. Redford ' s class in the next room. " Luten: " May I hold your Palmolive? " Olive: " Not on your Lifebuoy, Ivory formed. " Prof. Gresham: " When Sir Walter Raleigh spread his cloak in the mud, he made Queen Elizabeth happy. " Roy Parsons: " Why? Was she a dry cleaner? " 1 1 1 Prof. Redford: " Who crossed the Delaware with a small boat ? " Leon Cook: " I think that it was Luther Bur- bank. " Keep that schoolgirl complexion — out of the rain. Compliments of J. D. SAXON District Superintendent, Tennessee District FLORIDA DISTRICT Church of the Nazarene REV. H. H. McAFEE Superintendent WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA Church of the Nazarene REV. M. H. ROZZEL Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF Kentucky-West Virginia District CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. L. T. WELLS Superintendent WALKER BROS. GARAGE General Repairing and Painting OFFICIAL AAA SERVICE 1812 ' , Twenty-first Avenue, South Phone 7-6605 January 8-14. Gracious revival conducted by Miss Foster. She left for home the four- teenth. We regret her going, but we rejoice at her good fortune. January 12. First edition of the Trevjcca Bourn er. January 13. Circulation farming introduced. January 17-18. Pictures were taken for the DARDA. Mr. Faulk is here showing his pic- tures of the Holy Land. January 19. Who ' s Who election. January 21. Miss Person spoke in chapel on " Mental Furniture, " a subject dealing siih rare things. January 27. Mary Louise Lowers went home?? February 2. Miss Padgett ' s birthday. You should see the boys waiting tables; even Mr. Yarbrough was a waiter. February 7-12. Flu- staff was very busy cutting, pasting, and copying the DARDA material. At last it w as ready to go to the press. February 14. Dr. Bracken, in reply to the seniors ' request, has agreed to deliver the commencement address. February 15. " Cookie " and Miss Padgett were out after ten o ' clock last night. Wonder win " Cookie " has been campused? Every man has his girl, but the iceman has his pick. DORMITORY LIFE The derivation of dormitory is the Latin verb, domire, to sleep. Hut dormitories are any- thing but sleeping places. All that goes on at home, and more too, happens in the dormi- tories; sleeping is a minor event. Some think that dormitory life is fascinating; others dread it as a formidable foe. Dormitory life has many attractive features: deans, radios, bugs, pests, bells, cold water, voice lessons, rules, and borrowers. To the prospective new student dormitory life is alluring; to the graduate it is repugnant. The new student pictures an ideal place: his own room; a cozy retreat; a studious corner; thoughtful neighbors; in fact, a place of comfort and pleasure. The old student, having undergone all the upsets, is eager for a change. A broadening and integrating feature of dormitory life is the prodigious variety of per- sonalities. Opinions from infra-conservatives to ultra-progressives; sermons from narrow- minded cranks and instigations from revolutionists who advocate the abolition of all rules, serve a very influential purpose. Yes, one will leave the dormitory with all kinds of per- verted ideas. It is according to the policy that the dean pursues in dealing with boys whether he is a popular fixture or the synonym for " detective. " Determined footsteps down the hall at 10:15 are apprehended as the approach of the dean; coffee pots, hot plates, and bologna scuttle under the bed; lights go off; a knock brings forth the dull, sleepy reply, " Who is t-h-e-r-e? " Monday night, Tuesday night, no interruptions by the dean; Wednesday night we shall have a feed — but the uninvited policeman raids our room, saying, " Boys, get to your rooms. " Another admirable feature of dormitory life is the innumerable interruptions by the " pest. " Oh, yes, all dormitories have a pest. He bounds into your room at all hours: " Where ' s Hill. ' ' " or " What y ' doin ' ? " or " I wanta ' borrie ' some hair oil. " He disturbs your study- ing, your sleeping, and your eating; he examines everything on your dresser, in your dresser, and under your dresser; he either sets up an inquisition or establishes a bureau of advice! At every knock you learn to answer, " What d ' ya ' want now? " Feeds and radios mix well ; in tact, they make a good " concoction. " The dean, promenad- ing in his pajamas, says, " Umph, I smell somebody ' s goin ' to stay up all night. " True, delicious odors permeate the halls: coffee, sausage, and burnt toast. To the poor outcast w ho " hasn ' t a nickel, " and who has finished his grits and sauerkraut, the arom as bring on despondency. Besides the wrestling above you, radios down the hall, and voice lessons on all sides, you have the singular privilege of being a delegate to the bathroom convention. Here, in high- pitched voices, all controversies over theology, politics, liberalism, radicalism, and pretty girls are reopened, promoted, and settled. Or, if you desire, you may have the rare opportunity of soothing your troubled spirits by means of the melodies from the bathroom quartette. In fact, the components of this rare group themselves present an amusing sight, for how can lather, comb, razor, and toothbrush portray anything but a queer spectacle? Again, the bathroom seems to offer an excellent studio for all voice lessons; maybe it is because of the acoustics, for certainly no amplifiers are needed! Including bells, oafs, and music with the above facts, I have concluded that the name of dormitory should be changed to " Bug House " ! Harold W. Glenn. Autographs Autographs Date Due Special LD 5356 • T75 1938 c. 2 13422 Trevecca Nazarene University The Darda GAYLORO F

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