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i R O L O G U To cherish the Christian standards and ideals of Trevecca azarene College, and to enshrine them in the hearts of every son and daugh- ter, has been the purpose of the DARDA OF 1937 This purpose will have been accom- plished, this dream realized, if in the future years this book shall cause someone to li )e again the days " all chastely golden, with jo s all too fleet; " or lead someone to catch anew the true Trevecca spirit. Presented by E. HOBART HENDRIX, Editor-in-Chief • NEIL RICHARDSON, Business Manager Then said Evangelist pointing . . . Keep that light in your eye and go up directly thereto. " THE 193 7 DARDA PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE yMrs. Sadie Of q new Johnson " Christian before the cross loses his burden. " MRS. SADIE AGNEW JOHNSON Who, as a true Christian woman of high ideals, a teacher of ability, a wise counsellor, a friend of the student, and, above all, one who, by her untiring patience and splendid personality , has gained the lasting respect and admiration of every student, do we, the staff, dedicate The Darda of ic 37. DEDICATION Campus S cenes PROF. A. B. MACKEY A. B., M. A. THE DA R D A , 1937 OUR ADMINISTRATION L. C. Parsons, A.H., Th.B., M.A. Vice-President, Assistant Financial Director Dean of College M. E. Redford, B.S., M.A., B.D. Principal, High School Dean of Theology Amy L. Persox, A.B., M.A., Registrar College English Sadie Agnew Johnson, A.B., M.A. Theology College Mathematics I). A. Yarbrough, A.B., B.S. Supi. nl Work Ton e Mrs. A. B. Mackey, A.B. College and High School French L. P. ( iRESHAM, A.B., M.A. College Chemistry Mrs. L. P. Gresham, A.B. College Biology Rev. H. H. Wise llihle Elaine Harrison, A.B. Piano and Music Theory THE DA R DA, 1937 OUR ADMINISTRATION Mrs. M. E. Redford, B.S. Iln li School Science and Mathematics Katherine McAfee, A.B. llu h School English Mrs. L. I). Shelton, B.S. High Sdiool English Edna Mae Thompson, A.B. High Sihool Economics and Social Science E. H. Hendrix Assistant Dean of Men Gertrude Padgett Dean of If omen J. I). Irwin Assistant in I ' one H. L. Davis Bookkeeper Mrs. M. A. Mackey Principal, Grammar School Lula Alford, R.N. resenting the CLASSES JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES ' He ' V. Neil Richardson ERIN, TENNESSEE brilliant, clever, of a rare turn of mind; ou ' It have to look for one of his kind. " K. I. K., ' 37; President Senior Class, ' 37; Business Manager of the Darda, ' 37; College Male Quartet, ' 36 37. 1 1 OB ERT HENDRIX RIDGEWAY, TEXAS " Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or mis fortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm. " President Theological Class, ' 36; President Rambler ' s Club, ' 37; Vice President Senior Class, ' 37; Editor Darda, ' 37; President Par them an Literary Society , 1 37. Aknita Harrison cynthi an a, kentucky " Success is her goal and she knows no defeat. Treasurer Senior Class, ' 37; Co-Editor Darda, ' 37; Girls ' Quartet, ' 37; K I. K.; Chorus. Harold L. Davis CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND " True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes. " Secretary Senior Class, ' 37; Treasurer Ministerial As- sociation , ' 36 37; President Missionary Society, ' 36- ' 37; Parthenian Literary Society; Christian Workers Association. B RES EE ST0VALL HIGHWAY, KENTUCKY ' worry were the cause of death he would live on forever. ' ' Parthenian Literary Society; Kentucky Club. Edna Booth vvestervtlle, ohio " A smile for all, a greeting glad, A lovable, jolly way she had. " Secretary Parthenian Literary Society, ' 36; Girls Trio. Mary McAfee lakeland, florida " Cheerful at morn, she awakes from sweet repose, Smiles and laughs and carols as she goes. " Darda Staff, 37; K. I. K., ' 37; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 37; Chorus. Ernest Hall la belle, florida ' Without knowledge of fear. He walks and talks just like a youth Puking up shells from the great ocean of truth. Florida Club; Parthenian Literary Society. THE D A R D A , 1937 JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES Matt ye Foster east point, georgia " She is inspired by a hope that listens to the Matter ' s call. " Prendrnt Freshman Class, ' 36; Sponsor Georgia Club, ' 36- ' 37; President Christian Workers ' Association, ' 36-37. Roy R. Bohler WEST POINT, GEORGIA " Not too serious, not too gay, but always a jolly good fellow. " K. I. K., ' 37; College Male Quartet, " 37; Parthenian Literary Society , 37 . James Thrasher albany, kentucky " Only a boy, with his noise and fun. The veriest mystery under the sun; As brimful of mischief and wit, and glee, As ever a frame could be. " College Quartet, " 37; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 37; Kentucky Club, ' 37. Sara Duggan east point, georgia " She is just the quiet kind whose nature never varies. " Georgia Club, ' 37; Parthenian Literary Society, ' 37. Reba Hollins roanoke, virginia Patient of toil , serene amidst alarms, inflexible in faith. " Christian Workers ' Association , ' 37; Holiness League , ' 37; Secretary Ramblers ' Club, ' 36- ' 37. Mary Barnes Harris ml. washington, kentucky " Her music hath charms to sooth the savage breast To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak- " Kentucky Club; Chorus; Parthenian Literary Society. Virginia Ayers lexington, kentucky " A perfect woman, nobly planned. To warn, to comfort, and command . Secretary Parthenian Society, ' 36; Treasurer Freshman Class, ' 36; Secretary Chorus, ' 36; Girls ' Trio, ' 36. PICTURES MISSING Ray Boggs u ' urtland, kentucky Estella Davis st. louis, missouri Bessie Lorene Burt paynes, mississippi I i SENIOR CLASS HISTORY A significant class history is very difficult to write. Inevitably each member of the class of ' 37 will renew his past two years according to his own feelings, recalling vividly certain joyful occasions and completely forgetting others. Still there are some events in our lives at Trevecca which suggest the substructure of that life as a whole. This is the history which we would write. On September 19, 1935, there arrived on the campus of Trevecca twenty-nine distinguished high school graduates, but after going through the bewildering experi- ences of matriculation and arranging of classes, we were transformed into humble green freshmen. How exciting were the first events of college life! First, on October 3, came the faculty reception, at which time we were formally presented to the faculty and upper classmen. After this came many more occasions almost as important. In the same month of October we organized our class with Mattye Foster, President; Neil Richardson, Vice-President; Lois Blackburn, Secretary; Virginia Ayers, Treasurer; and Professor L. C. Parsons, Sponsor. With the regular routine of classes, examinations were here almost before we knew it. A few days before Christmas, 1935, our examinations were finished and we were on our way home for the holidays. By January, 1936, we had begun to regain some of that feeling we had lost so suddenly on the first day we were on the Trevecca hill, for not only had our class been recognized by the seniors, but we had been made to feel that we were really a part of the school. Amid the struggles of the freshmen year only five of our number fell by the way- side. Twenty-four struggled bravely through the year. In September, 1936, we returned to Trevecca with the realization that we were seniors. It soon became our duty to see that the freshmen have the proper reception into our midst. Mr. Neil Richardson, our leader for this year, proved himself capable and efficient. Instead of an initiation, the freshmen were greeted with a general reception at Centennial Park. Two years have passed since we first launched out into the great unknown sea of college life. These years have been filled with many happy experiences mingled with some less happy ones. Today finds us near the close of our college days in Trevecca. However, we do not intend that our educational careers shall close now. We are looking into the future with expectant hopes. The wide world is waiting for us. We are going forth to face it, and while climbing the ladder of success we hope to win a name of which our Alma Mater will be proud. Mattye Foster, Historian. 14 !, ' COLLEGE FRESHMEN Frankie Lee Bailey . Columbia, Tenn. Katherine Biggers .... Rebecca, Ga. Marv Lois Blackburn . Robcrtsdale, Ala. Vivian Blackburn . . . Robertsdale, Ala. Walter Bosuell .... Lewisport, Ky. Berntce Bradley . . . Hattiesbur , Mi s. Charles Calvin .... Bloomington, 111. Rowland C ' hinn .... Wurtland, Ky. Angelee Cochran .... Wurtland, Ky. Mabel Cole Avon Park, Fla. Erlene Curl Blountsville, Ala. Flossie Curtis Cynthiana, Ky. Julius Curtis Erin, Tenn. Marv Dalton [nez, K . Owen Dillender Saxtnn, Mo. Marv Ewing Albany, Ky. Carl Fannin Wurtland, Ky. John Foster Scottsville, Ky. Gerald Franz Wurtland, Ky. Lonnie Friend . . . Huntington, W. Va. Harold Glenn .... Jacksonville, Fla. Elizabeth Grav .... Langsdale, Ala. 15 Bailey , Dillender , Bos well, Todd Thrower, Hodge, Curtis Matthews, McHargue, Blackburn COLLEGE FRESHMEN Earl Guinn Willis Creek, Ky. Margaret Hatcher . . . Detroit, Mich. Pauline Haufler . . . Gainsville, Fla. Alex Henslee . . . Nashville, Tennessee Harmon Hodge . Beersheba Springs, Tenn. Sylvia Holcomb Roanoke, Va. Douglas Jackson . . . Madisonville, Ky. Ruth Jackson Norfolk, Va. Clara Kemp Jackson, Miss. Hardy Ketner Norfolk, Va. Eloise Lawley Millport, Ala. Ira Stocks Parish, Ala. Charles Strickland . . . Waycross, Ga. Herald Taylor .... Tuscaloosa, Ala. Sadie Tinch . . . Cookeville, Tennessee J. T. Thrower Andalusia, Ala. James Todd Benton, 111. Flora Mae Waldrep .... Jasper, Ala. Harris Wiley Frankfort, Ky. THEOLOGICAL James Blackburn . . . Robertsdale, Ala. Lena McHargue Boyd, Fla. Jesse Matthews .... Van Leer, Tenn. V 16 V " Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day. " ± resentLnq ill e School of Theology D A R D A , 19 3 7 THEOLOGICAL GRADUATES William R. Thompson FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY " And when he stood among the people lie was higher than any of the people from his shoulders and upward. " President Theological Class, ' 37; President Ministerial Associa- tion, 37; President Tract Missionary Society, ' 37; Kentucky Club, ' 3 6- ' 3 7 ; Vice-President Christian Workers ' Association, ' 37; Quartet; Sales Manager of the Darda Staff, ' 37. William B. Williams CRAFORD, TEXAS " The best school of nobility is the imitation of Christ. " Vice-President Student Volunteers, ' 34; Vice-President Rambler ' s Club, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Treasurer Christian Workers ' Association, ' 34. ' 35- Nettie A. Miller COLUMBUS, GEORGIA " True is he, as she has proved herself. Her strength of eharaeter is a constant reminder to climb to higher heights. " Secretary Ministerial Association, ' 37; K. I. K., ' 37; Secretary Theological Class, ' 36; Chorus, ' 37; Darda Staff, ' 37; Secretary Georgia Club, ' 36; President Georgia Club, ' 37; Secretary N. Y. P. S., ' 37. Glenn Madison JASPER, ALABAMA " Quiet and undisturbed as he moves on his way — a man of noble resolve. " Alabama Club; Ministerial Association; Holiness League; Chris- tian Workers ' Association. S. Frank Moss MONTICEI.LO, KENTUCKY " •will either find a nay or make one. " He perseveres and accomplishes. Darda Staff, 37; Ministerial Association; Christian Workers ' Association; Holiness League; Missionary Society; Parthenian Literary Society ; K. I. K. 18 Ji- COLLEGE THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT It is the purpose of Trevecca Nazarene College to train and prepare students of every class for service in the various walks of life, but special stress is placed upon the School of Theology. Fifty-seven students have gone out from Trevecca to various mission fields of the world ; several hundred preachers and other Christian workers are now scattered over this country, proclaiming the glad tidings of a full and free salvation. The courses are well planned to meet all the requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. Moreover, a young man or woman who is called to the ministry will derive much greater benefit from this preparation than he would in merely taking the course of study at home. Practical work is engaged in by the students while they are enrolled in the department. The instruction and example of Christian teachers, together with the interchange of ideas and the fellowship of the students, are invaluable in preparation for Christian service. Our theological department is manifesting a steady normal growth which we consider most encouraging. While the college literary work covers but two years, this department has added two years of theological college work, culminating in the Bachelor of Theology degree. At the close of this year the first class will be graduated from the two-year College Theological Diploma Course. May this department ever lift high the banner of holiness, and labor until the King of Kings shall come. Nettie A. Miller. THE D A R D A , 1937 MINISTERIAL CLASS First Row Erban Moss Marcum Hamii.ios Irvin Kennedy Carl Ross William Peck L kb urn " Woods Second Row Joseph Miller Arthur Nagel Johnnie Jamison- Curl is Bridges Dennis Wvrick Olive Cave Third Roiv Sallie Walker Virginia Wilson Melba Dick Baxter Pond N. M. Israelson Dicy Reba Hollins Ministerial Graduate " Discretion, Piety, Charity and Prudence instruct Christian at the Palace Beautiful. " H I resenting {lie GH SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Cleon Propps President DUNBAR, WEST VIRGINIA " Tho ' modest, on Ins clear brow nature has written ' Gentleman ' . " Adron Hollins V it e-President ROANOKE, VIRGINIA " Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye. In every gesture dignity and love. " Mildred Taylor Secretary and Treasurer OWENS, WEST VIRGINIA " Truly, God Himself took tenderness, fail t, loyalty, and kindness, and moulded of them this woman. " Eleanor Major Hardy GOODLETTSVILLE, TENNESSEE " Tall, stately, and demure; noble, steadfast, and so pure. " ] I ERliERT ROZZELL DOYI.E, TENNESSEE " has his own opinions and is ready to stand by them. His head is clever, and his hands are tapable. " Earnestine Morgan MOBILE, ALABAMA " The sunny Southland has bequeathed to her the radiance of her smile. " Dellmae Everman OWENS, WEST VIRGINIA " Rare compound of quality, noble and true, with plenty of sense and good humor, too. " Jean Hardy NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ' Fun-loving, talented, and of a friendly disposition. " CLASS PROPHECY My last patient had just closed the door behind her. I breathed a sigh of relief and hung up my white coat carefully. It was already dark and past dinnertime. I hurried home and after having dinner settled myself in the drawing room for a quiet evening. The firelight sent shadows dancing over the room which made things seem mysterious and weird. I was almost asleep when I heard a noise. I jumped up quickly and there before me stood an old woman. I was too dumbfounded to speak; finally she broke the silence. " I have come to make you happy, " said the old woman hoarsely. " Make one wish. " A million things went through my mind. Finally an idea struck me. " The Fate of my classmates of ' 37! " I cried. " It is granted, " she whispered. " Listen carefully, because I cannot repeat. " " The President of the class, Cleon Propps, is a great evangelist and with the help of his faithful wife is doing a great work. " I started to interrupt, but she hurried on. " Adron Hollins is head nurse at the Municipal Hospital in New York City, but is going to resign her position soon, to keep house for Mr. Compton. " Ah, Rozzell, the genius of the class! He is now Speaker of the House of Repre- sentatives of Tennessee, and watch, my dear, he will be candidate for the President of the United States next term. I imagine Frankie Lee will make a charming ' First Lady. ' " Dellmae Everman, the funny girl, is teaching French in the high school of Owens, West Virginia. " Dear little Earnestine is wielding a rolling-pin and tutoring Richard-sons. " Eleanor Hardy is teaching piano in the Conservatory of Music in Nashville. She is very successful, I am told. " Mildred Taylor is Dean of Women at Trevecca, and is making the girls walk the chalk line. " The old woman was getting ready to leave. I stopped her. " But what has hap- pened to Professor Redford, our sponsor? " " Oh, yes, " she murmured. " He is head of the History Department at Columbia University and has written an American History book that will be adopted for the city schools. " Before I had time to thank her, the old woman was gone. I found myself at home. The fire had gone out. I looked at the clock. Three o ' clock A.M.! I went to bed, still dazed and stunned by the night ' s adventures. — Jean Hardy. 2 3 THE D A R D A , 1937 JUNIOR CLASS WlI.I.ARD Luten President John D. Irwin Vice-President Vada Murphy Secretary Elsie Laverty Treasurer Miss Edna Mai; Thompson Sponsor Virginia Mims Annette Fairc i Levi Sullivan Leon Cook Delmer Gabbard Ruth Lancston Margaret Davies Doroi in Larwood Margaret Thompson Curtiss Bridges Virginia Burtnett Marjorie Hail Harvey Hendershot Hugh Blissitt Zenith Jordan Helen Bledsoe Marie Brown Zella Perry Lucy Mae Lindsley Jesse Middendorf Beui.ah Sliger SOPHOMORE CLASS Ted Wilmoth President Ronald Johnson Vice-President Henrietta Pickler Secretary Jewell Walker Treasurer Mrs. L. P. Gresham Sponsor LULA Al.FORD Max Morgan Louise Weaver Russell Bredholt Virginia Cummings Marcum Ontie Crawford Arthur Nacel E. P . Moss James Brown Margari i e McBRA er THE DA R D A , 1937 FRESHMEN Row 1 , Eugene Cook, Richard Compton , Carl Ross, Irvin Kennedy, Charles Middleton , John R. Jamison Row 2. Leburn Woods, Ruth DeFord, Miss Padgett {Sponsor), Virginia Howard. Edna Moore. Minnie A. Howard, Dennis Wynck. GRAMMAR SCHOOL Row 1. Tennyson Howard, J. M. Hall, Elmer Marshall, Tate South, William Turner, John Edwin Ewing. Row 2. Beatrice Madewell, Ada Humphries, Elizabeth Keppel, Lena Abbott, Mrs. M. A. Mackey. teacher 26 xVl X resenttncj ill e Department of Fine Arts FINE ARTS Art is the soul of the intellect. It is a Divine power which expresses itself in melody, harmony, color, and line. We cultivate two phases of music — voice and piano — in order that we may enrich our lives and render a more abundant service to mankind. As we develop our voices in the chorus, we strive to interpret not only the structural and technical beauty of music, but also to reveal something of the emotion aroused by the music of the soul. The work done in the art department bears out the oft-repeated maxim that work which is interesting becomes almost play, and that knowledge gained pleasantly is retained the longest. Some of the varied activities enjoyed are poster-making, craft work, drawing, and painting. THE D A R D A , 1937 LADIES ' TRIO Virginia Mims Edna Booth Ancelee Cochran MEN ' S QUARTET James Thrasher Neil Richardson Roy Bohler Kov Phillips LADIES ' QUARTET Virginia Howard Mildred Taylor Margaret McBrayer Arnita Harrison ART CLASS 30 " Christian and Hopeful join Company. " ORGANIZATIONS ■SKA CHRISTIAN WORKERS ' ASSOCIATION HOLINESS LEAGUE THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE hear the Gospel every week through the efforts of the students and faculty of Trevecca. The Christian Workers ' Association reports an average of eight hundred conversions yearly. " THE SUN NEVER SETS ON TREVECCA STUDENTS " We have missionary and Christian workers in most of the countries of the world, thereby the sun is shining on some of our students at all times. MISSIONARY GROUP MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION PARTHEN IAN LITERARY SOCIETY OCTAVIAN LITERARY SOCIETY LITE RARY SOCIETIES OTHER CLUBS KAMPUS IMPROVEMENT KLUB An organization composed of members taken from other clubs, not only as the name indicates, to improve the campus, but to build a school spirit and set forth higher social ideals. We are for a bigger and better Trevecca. K. I. K. ATHLETIC CLUB Row 1. Bolonga; feeders; Mattie and Suitcase toter; caught; lovers. Row 2. Feeding the Poor; Prospecting; Calrerts; Don ' t run over the children; The Orange maid; a ringing good couple. Row 3. Pity; Park flowers; ( under) Hall blowing bubbles; Wee Willie; Farmers; Doing his best to sweep her off her feet; Thorns. Row 4. Attention, please; Earl; " Good-night, boys " ; Ringing the Belle; Jim Lee; Bolder going for the Peaches. THE at A a staff E. Hob art Hkndrix Editor A. 15. Mackey Fiu ully Advisor Neil Richardson Business Manager Arnita Harrison Co-Editor William R. Thompson Sales Manager Elizabeth Gray Collet e Representative S. Frank Moss Ass ' t Business Mgr. Kov W. Phillips Ass ' t Sales Manager Cleon Propps High School Repre- sentative Nettie A. Miller Theological Repre- sentative N. M. Israelson Ministerial Repre- sentative Flossie M. Curtis Stenographer Donald Isenberg Art Editor Mary McAfee Fine Iris Representa- tive 4k ft ft Trevecca Nazarene College WILL SATISFY THE MOST EXACTING STUDENT HIGH SCHOOL Private, approved by State of Tennessee JUNIOR COLLEGE Member of Tennessee College Association and also American Association of Junior Colleges SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND FINE ARTS Vocal and Instrumental Music and Public Speaking SCHOOL OF RELIGION With Strong Bible Courses, Leading to Theological Degree Th.B. Fully Accredited, with State Recognition and Up-to-Date Equipment LOCATED IN THE ATHENS OF THE SOUTH Nashville, with its great Colleges and Universities such as Peabody and Vanderbilt. Excellent Opportunities fcr Working People and Students to Make a Living. DEEPLY SPIRITUAL Home-like atmosphere with a self-sacrificing missionary spirit, indicated by 56 missionaries already sent to the foreign field. " The sun never sets on Trevecca students. " The whole gospel fcr the whole world. Every member of the Faculty and Board of Trustees an earnest Ch ristian. Experienced Successful President and Facidty SCHOOL OPENS SEPTEMBER 21 Write for Catalog Today A. B. MACKEY, President Vivian Blackburn without a smile. Harold Glenn after walking a mile. Owen Dillender without a grin. Mattye Foster committing a sin. Hohert Hendrix being at the table on time. Adron Hollins not good and sublime. Ontie Crawford prim and so. Earnestine Morgan without a beau. Max Morgan like a saint. Willard Luten where Olive Cave ain ' t. Frankie Lee Bailey being a grouch. Elizabeth Cray being a slouch. Vada Murphy studying all night. Frank Moss and Bill Thompson in a fijjjit. Herbert Rozzell acting like a quack. Lorene Burt with a crook in her back. Dellmae Everman without an upward look. Elsie Laverty with a book. Mickey Pa vies in her seat. Neil Richardson with his hair combed neat. Hugh Blissitt without a curl. Annette Fairchild not in a whirl. Marie Brown without a si h. Ira Stocks coming to the table with a tie. L. R. McClain big and tall. Lena Abbott playing basketball. Helen Bledsoe without red hair. Dick Compton not offering the girls a chair. Mr. Kenned} eating without something sweet. Tate South getting enough to eat. Ladell Morgan taking a leisurely walk. Clarence Haisten making a five-minute talk. Frank Blackburn being any other way but right. Having dates on every other night. Dorothv Larwood. DIARY Sept. 21-26. Revival held by Rev. L. C. Parsons. Sept. 22. Registration Day. Oct. 2. First general social on campus. Oct. 28. Freshmen reception given by the Seniors. Nov. 24. Dr. Bulgin visited the school. Dec. 1-4. Revival held by Charles Strickland. Jan. 5. Rev. and Mrs. Cold visited school. Jan. 12. Captain Arthur Cundy, an English Far, visited the school. Jan. 13. Miss Bessie Seay spoke. Jan. 15. " Open house " in girls ' dorm. Jan. 22. " Open house " in boys ' dorm. (But my didn ' t it rain!) Jan. 2 5. -Feb. 1. Revival held by Prof. M. E. Redford. Feb. 3-4. Board of Trustees held their meeting at the school. Feb. 17. Rev. S. T. Ludwig and Bro. Hilman Barnard visited the school. Feb. 17. Senior class social. Mar. 16-19. Pictures taken for the Darda. Mar. 22-26. Revival held by Rev. H. H. Wise. May 6. High School Junior-Senior flower hunt. May. 12. Freshman-Senior banquet. May. 19. School outing. 1937. Darda went to press. THE D A R D A , 1937 JOKES Lonnie Friend: " I want to start in a busi- ness where I can start at the top. ' ' Prof. Parsons: " Try well digging. " Prof. Gresham: " We should have a uni- versal solvent. " Dillender: " What is that? " Prof. Gresham: " A liquid that will dissolve anything. " Dillender: " Good, but what will we keep it in ? " Mr. Bridges to his roommate, Mr. Black- burn: " Before I came up here I wished that I could sing, but since I came I have wished that you could sing. " Shaw hangs around the kitchen to get " leaner " and Haisten to get " biggers. " Bradleys " What will cure love at sight. " Parscmss " The second look. " Earnestine (before Christmas) : " Do you reckon Santa can get everything you want into a pair of your hose? " Dorothy Larwood: " No, but he could in Roy Border ' s. " Miss Thompson: " Max, give a more con- crete example. " Max: " A sidewalk factory. " HISTORICAL EVENTS OF 1492 Prof. Redford (to American History class) : " Name some important events near the be- ginning of the Revolutionary War. " Answer (from different members of the class) : Eleanor Hardy: " The Boston Masquerade " (The Boston Massacre). Cleon Propps: " The Non-Important Acts " (The Non-Importation Acts). Herbert Rozzell : " The Perculating Letter " ( Circular ) . Dellmae Everman: " Battle of the Am- bulance " (Alamance). Miss Thompson in Ancient History class: " What does Sussex, Wessex, Essex, Kent, Northrumbia, etc., make up, Max? " Max: " The Terraplane. " Mr. Moss: " What did you preach about last Sunday? " Prof. Parsons: " I preached the Bible. " Mr. Moss: " Why, do vou preach the Bible? " Prof. Parsons: " Yes, sometimes. " Lonnie Friend (when drawing places at table) : " Boys, I ' m afraid I might get em- braced tonight — Oh ! I mean embarrassed. " ■ ♦ Bro. Wise (on exam.) : " How did Paul get to Rome ? " Elsie Laverty: " On horseback. " Prof. Redford (to cop): " Officer, did you say that I could go straight ahead? " Cop: " No! Didn ' t you see me motioning this wa ? What do you think I am? — a Western Union boy? " Ikie: " Do you know how a Trevecca stu- dent carries his purse to avoid being held up ? " Mr. Williams: " Yes, empty. " Middendorf: " J. D., what is your theme song? " J. D. Irwin: " Carry me back to old Vir- ginny. " Miss Alford: " Margaret, what is the matter with your face ? " Margaret Hatcher: " I don ' t have enough ' Chinn ' . " Mother Mackey (on examination) : " Name two great men in history. " Billy Turner and J. M. Hall: " Prof. Mackey and Prof. Yarbrough. " Mr. Hendrix: " What ' s the matter? Why hit me ? " Frank Moss: " We must have something to show for this wreck. " Israelson: " My, this is certainly good meat. Is it beef? " Mrs. Welch: " No, it is boiled ham. " 4: Where available more people use gas than all other fuels combined Today we have the largest number of customers in our history NASHVILLE GAS HEATING CO. THE ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK WERE MADE BY The South s F oremost Annual Engravers CAPITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY 150 FOURTH AVENUE, NORTH NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 Woodland Street H. H. WISE, Pastor -.orrec tly fitted GLASSES enable you to enjoy your study Fitting glasses for the student body and faculty has been our pleasure Hear Dr. Sydney Albert Broadcast over WLAC every Sunday, 12:26 P.M. on " Better Vision " DR. SYDNEY ALBERT 629 Church Street Optometrist Phone 6-8613 Nashville, Tennessee M. E. DERRYBERRY COMPANY AND SPOT CASH COMPANY Wholesale Grocers NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE SHACKLETTS CAFETERIA 411 Church Street 5th Ave, and Church St. (Sept. 1, 1937) Sinclair Service Station DEWEY McCLENDON, Authorized Dealer Battery and Tire Service 204 Lafayette Street Phone 5-9344 White Trunk Bag Co. 609 Church Street REDUCED FARES BETWEEN ALL STATIONS ON The Nashville, Ch attanooga St. Louis Railway Also to all points in the South and Southeast are offered daily For Transportation in Air Conditioned , Comfortable, Roomy Coaches 1 1-2 Cents N. CAST I — . ' THE 1 DIXIE LINE . Per Mile TRAIN TRAVEL ALWAYS SAFE, COMFORTABLE Free from Strain of Driving N.. C. ST. L. books The best books and Bibles of all publishers are always found on our shelves and display tables. You are cordially invited to come in at any time. Baptist Book Store MISS CHRISTINE LITTLE Manager 161 Eighth Ave., N. Phone 6-2131 LEHMAN BROTHERS Quality Groceries Phone 6-5836 Murfreesboro at Elm Hill Road J. W. McGord Optical and Jewelry Go. NASHVILLE, TENN. 315 FIFTH AVENUE, N. Eyes Scientifically Examined Frames Correctly Fitted L. G. McCORD J. T. McCORD If not able to come to the Office, Phone 6-0304 TKRMS IF IM SIICI I) Member Nashville Academy of Optometry " Good Reading Is A Necessity Of Life " THE BEST BOOKS Of all Publishers are available through our store B ography — History — Travel — Adventure — Fiction — Non- Fiction — Classics — Religious Inspirational — Devotional — Juvenile BIBLES— SONG BOOKS— CHURCH SUPPLIES METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE 810 Broadway Tel. 6-2641 Nashville, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Mt. Wesley, Fly, Akins Chapel CHURCHES OF THE NAZARENE Rev. Armond Calvert, Pastor FAIRFAX DRY CLEANERS C. A. LOVELACE, Manager Quality Cleaning and Service Fairfax, Alabama Be Sure to Try COOLEY ' S BOOKSTORE For Secondhand Textbooks Best Books at Best Prices EIGHTH AND CHURCH GOSPEL TENTS FOR SALE • FOR RENT Waterproof Truck Covers, Awnings, For Every Purpose NASHVILLE TENT AND AWNING CO. With V ery Few Exceptions Our Residence Electric Rates Are the Lowest Of Any Company in the United States THE TENNESSEE ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF South-East Atlantic District Rev. Wilbur H. Parker District Superintendent 2024 Floral Avenue CHARLOTTE, N. C. Hail to Trevecca Nazarene College. Our hope for a spiritual and trained ministry in our beloved Southland. Our District Goals: Pay budgets monthly; a 25 per cent increase during the year; the revival spirit in every church; each church get a church; the Herald of Holiness in every home. Th orough • Progressive Dependable Nashville Business College The Best m Commercial Training Y. M. C. A. Building NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE KLEISER ' S PHARMACY Telephone 6-9713 47 Lafayette Nashville WELCOME N. Y. P. S. H. L. IRWIN, President Atlanta, Georgia McEWEN ' S LAUNDRY Incorporated 701 FIFTH AVENUE, NORTH Established 1881 Phone 6-1161 We Have Been Serving the People of Nashville with a Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service over Half a Century We Specialize in Blocking Knit Suits and Fancy Dyeing RUG CLEANERS FURRIERS Phillips Buttorfi Manufacturing Co. EVERYTHING FOR DINING ROOM, KITCHEN, AND NURSERY Seventy-Nine Years of Faithful Service 217-223 THIRD AVENUE, NORTH Phone 6-5181 " See Bennett for Better Vision " GLASSES FITTED ONLY WHEN NEEDED Dr. E. Lee Bennett, O. D. Optometrist — Optician 204 Fifth Ave., N. Phone 6-1873 FRANKLIN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE L. C. PARSONS Pastor FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE A Live Church in a Live Town TENNESSEE N.Y.P.S. REV. EARL W. POWELL President Dedicated definitely to the task of establishing the church of the Nazarene in every city, town, and community of our great district Rev. B. W. Murphy Commissioned Evangelist Church of the Nazarene Terms: Enter- tainment and free will offer- ing T. N. C. Compliments of Radebaugh-Lane Optical Co. OPTOMETRISTS 38 Arcade Duplicates of DAROA photographs may be purchased from LANDRUMS STUDIO Order by name Bo 476 Florence, Alabama GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE know of a church at the edge of the town Where heaven and earth seem to blend; For within the wide door waits the Christ we adore With a blessing for all who attend. Then come to the church at the edge of the town And join with the worshiping throng, And tomorrow you ' ll face with a confident grace And a faith that is steadfast and strong. • REV. S. W. STRICKLAND M.A., B.D. Pastor IMMANUEL CHURCH of the Nazarene 3315 Charlotte Avenue Nashville, Tenn. Rev. G. B. Breese Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF THIRD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1622 Tenth Avenue, North NASHVILLE, TENN. LIGE WEAVER, Pastor Men ' s and Young Men ' s Smartly Styled QUALITY APPAREL At Popular Prices Laboratory Equipment, Glassware, and Chemicals, Hospital and Physician Supplies NASHVILLE SURGICAL SUPPLY CO. 401 Church St. Nashville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 24th and Howard LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY E. HOMER LAND, Pastor KENTUCKY-WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT District Nazarene Young People Society believes in and supports Trevecca Nazarene College REV. R. B. KELLY, President DISTRICT SUNDAY SCHOOL REV. C. D. TAYLOR, District Chairman MISS MATTIE BELL JONES, Secretary For Efficient Teaching Attend Leadership Training Institute — For Higher Religious Education Attend Trevecca College LOCATION AND ADVANTAGES FOR STUDY On a beautiful hill, off the Murfreesboro Highway and four blocks from the car line, the college overlooks from one side the city of Nashville and on the other sides distant hills and trees, small farms, meadows, greenhouses, flower gardens, and newly- built cottages giving evidence of a growing community. Easily accessible, but at the same time out from the city and thus beautifully surrounded, the location of the college presents ideal advantages for study and is especially conducive to good health, whole- some study atmosphere, and the encouragement of high scholarship. BUILDINGS The girl ' s dormitory, a large red brick structure of three stories, is a modern building. The reception room is large, the halls are unusually wide, and the sleeping rooms are conveniently arranged; a number of them have private baths. The dormitory for young men, a modern structure, is a large concrete block building of three stories. It has three roomy verandas, a reception room, student rooms accom- modating two to four each, a bath-room on each floor for teachers, and a large bath- room on each floor for students. The central, or Administration Building, provides offices, classrooms, library, and science laboratories. The buildings are steam heated, lighted by electricity, and provided with other modern conveniences. EXPENSES Matriculation fee (payable once only, each department) $ 2.00 Registration fee, each quarter i-OO Registration fee, late 2.00 Library fee, each quarter (above grade school) 1.50 Medical fee, each quarter 1.50 Hoard, per week 3-°° Room, Light, Water, Heat per week from 1 .00 to 1.50 Tuition, Junior College, each quarter 28.00 Tuition, High School, each quarter 22.50 Tuition, College Theological, each quarter 20.OO Tuition, Ministerial, each quarter 15.00 Tuition, Special Students, each quarter 5.00 and up Tuition, College Part Time, one hour, each quarter 2.00 Tuition, Grammar School, each quarter 10.00 Tuition, Primary School, each quarter 7.50 Tuition, Piano or Voice, under Director, 2 lessons a week, each quarter . . . 18.00 Tuition, Speech, each quarter 12.00 Terms: Cash, paid every three months in advance, or acceptable arrangements made with the business manager. Registration will be conditional until such arrange- ments are made, and credits may not be issued until full payment is made. Ten per cent discount is allowed for cash paid in advance at the beginning of the quarter. I

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