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Ex- LlRRIS me DARDA 193 6 Volume IX Published by the Students of TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE J IAC! [EY LIBRARY Ts s cca Nazarene Univc Foreword If in future years these still-life repre- sentatives serve as a sketch on which your memory will paint in the colors of happy experiences the complete picture of your school life; and if you turn these pages with the fond remembrance of the days many of your hopes and ideals were formed; then The Staff has not failed. Contents ADMINISTRATION COLLEGE THEOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL FINE ARTS ORGANIZATIONS To the memory of Mrs. Mae Tidwell McKay, whose con- secrated life of Christian serv- ice in the fields of India shall go down as an everlasting monument to the school she loved, we humbly dedicate The Darda of 7 93 6 Page Four -Page Five A d ministration Bail ding Campus View Page Six Faculty and Administrative Officers President C. E. HARDY, B.S., M.D. Dean oj Theology Rev. H. H. Wise Rev. V. F. Collier Rev. H. H. McAfee Chairman Board of Trustees, Bible Business Director Field Secretary Page Eight THE DARDA Faculty A. B. Mac kly, A.B., M.A. Amy L. Person, A.B., M.A. M. E. Redford, B.S., B.D., M.A. Vice-President, Dean of College Registrar, Dean of Women, Prim i ml High St hool English, College Assistant Dean of Theology Sadie Acnew Johnson, A.B., M.A. L. D. Parsons, A.B., M.A., Th.B. Perry Smith, B.S. Theology, Mathematics, College History, Philosophy, College Science, College D. A. Yarbrough, A.B., B.S. Voice Elaini; Harrison, A.B. Jissi R. Ckandal, A.B., M.A. Bookkeeper, Com men e -Page Nine- Faculty Edna Mai Thompson, Mrs. A. B. Mackey, A.B. A.B. Mrs. M. E. Redford, B.S. Home Economics, Social French and English, Science and Mathematics, Science, High School L. D. Shi lton Dean of Men High School High School J. A. Lawson Employment Agent Emma K. Smith, R.N. Nn isc Mrs. L. D. Shllton, Mrs. M. A. Mackey B.S. Principal, Grammar English, High School S, hoi, I Page Ten COLLEGE Seniors REEFORD LOWELL CHANEY Loudon, Tennessee " To be efficient in the greatest way, T It a t i s in y a i m throughout the day. " Pri sident Senior ( lass, ' 35; ( lass Prophet; Busi- MAKY SIMS Dyer, Tennessee " Grace ivas in all her steps, heaven in her eye, hi every gesture dig- nity and love. " President F r e s li m a n Class, ' 35; Vice-Presi- dent Senior Class, ' 36; Christian Workers ' As- sociation ; I ' r t- s i d flit Tennessee Club, ' 36; Vice-President Parthe- nian Literary Society, First and Second Quar- ters, ' 36; Co-Editor Darda, ' 36. DANIEL BAIN Erin, Tennessee " A wise old owl sat mi an oak. The more he heard the less he spoke; The less he spoke, the more he heard; And Haiti ' s a fellow like that old bird. " Parthenian Literan So- ciety; Christian Work- ers ' Association; Ten- nessee Club; Athletic Club. ADA LEE BLACK- BURN Robertsdai-E, Alabama " Sweet and stately and with all the graces of womanhood. " Christian Workers ' As- sociation, Secretary First Quarter, ' 36; Vice-Pres- ident Alabama Club, ' 36; Parthenian Literary S o c i e t y ; Holiness League. MARTHA ELIZA- BETH (IRE E X Belleville. 1 1 LINOIS " Not too serious, not too gay. But a true-blue girl in every way. " Parthenian Literary So- ciety; Christian Work- ers ' Association; Ram- blers ' Club; Holiness League. ness Manager Darda, ' 36; Parthenian Literary Society, President Thiril Quarter, ' 34- ' 35, First Quarter, ' 35- ' 36. Critic, Second Quarter, ' 35- ' 36; College Quartet, ' 35 ' 36; Tennessee Club; Ath- letic Club. loSKI ' HIXF IOI1.V S Irvine, Kentucky " A cheerful disposition and a warm heart — These have won her friends. " Vice-President Christian Workers ' Association; Secretary - Treasurer Senior Class; Treasurer Parthenian Literary So- ciety; Kentucky - West Virginia Club; (iirls ' Trio. ELSIE B. BIGGERS Rebecca, Georgia ' To know those who thee not. No word can paint. And those who know thee. Know all words arc faint. " Vice-President Georgia Club, ' 36; Secretary Christian Workers ' As- sociation, Second Third Quarters, Holiness League; thenian Literary cietv; College Debating Club, ' 35. and ' 36; Par- So- YOUNG cook Sulligent, Alabama " To live as gently as I ea u ; To be, no matter where, a man. " President Alabama Club, ' 35- ' 36; Parthenian Lit- erary Society; Christian Workers ' Association. CHRISTINE HOWELL Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi " She is as delicately tuned as the instru- ment. Which her twinkling fingers play. " Parthenian Literary So- ciety, President Second Quarter, ' 36; President Mississippi Club, ' 36; Christian Workers ' As- sociation ; Holiness League. Pu e Tit el i i Seniors MARY RHEATIS JOHNSON I NA, Il I IXOIS " She ' s witty and stcect, good and true. The friendliest friend one ever knew. " Parthenian Literary So- ciety, President First Quarter, ' 35; Christian Workers ' Association; Ramblers ' Club. LADELL Ml RGAN Mobii e, Alabama " Never too eareless, not too sad. Never too studious, al- ways glad. " Parthenian Literary So- ciety ; . Mali; una i ' lub; Ministerial Association ; Christian Workers ' As- sociation. 1 1. LIE MAE SANDERS Hamilton, Mississippi " A jolly good girl, de- termined to convey her point. Yet, a good sport if she loses. " Christian Workers ' As- sociation; Mississippi Club; Holiness League; Parthenian Literary So- ciety. VALANDO BENFA- MIN TAYLOR Somerset, Kentucky " To hurry and worry is not my creed; Things will happen, so what is the need? " Literary Society. ' 35- ' 36; College Debating Club. ' 35; Athletic Club, ' 34- ' 35; Kentucky-West Virginia Club. ARCHIE LINDSEY Perkinston, Missis- sippi " M o d c r a lion is the silken string Running through the pearl chain of all virtues. " Parthenian Literary So- ciety; Mississippi Club. Lois MARTIN Nauvoo. Alabama " One who can make sunsh ue in life ' s shady places. " Alabama Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer, ' 3S- ' 36 ; Parthenian Literary So- ciety; Christian Work- ers ' Association. GERTRUDE PADGETT Fairfax, Alabama " I. ike a river swift ami clear flows her song in every heart. " Parthenian Literary So- ciety; Alabama Club; Christian Winkers ' As sociation ; Holiness League; Ministerial As- sociation. C. ALTA SLABAUGH St. " A Louis, Missouri - o in h i u a t i o n of laughter and serious- A happy l a in pa n io n for those who would frolic; A good companion foi those who would wade Through the must se- rious channels of Dietitian, ' 36; Parthe- nian Literary Society ; Christian Workers As- sociation ; M i n i s te r ial Association ; M isso uri Club. ANNIE LOIS THROWER A N DA I I S I A , A l ABA M A " Her speech and ges- ture, form and face Shoxved she was come of gentle race. " A labama Club ; 1 ' arth 1 ■ nian Literary Society ; Holiness League; Stu- dent Volunteers; Chris- tian Workers ' Associa- WILLIAM R. THOMPSi N Frankfort, Kentul kv " it is a gentleman and friend yon seek, v on hav e found him. " Darda Staff ; President K e n t u c k v • W e s t Virginia Club, ' 35- ' 36; Parthe- nian Literary Society ; Chorister, 36 ; Ministe- rial Association; College Quartet, ' 33- ' 34- ' 35. Page Thirteen THE DARDA Senior Class Poem REMINISCENCE AND BLESSINGS When years have passed, and we at last Approach the setting sun. Our weary eyes behold blue skies Of youth, while life is done; And we forget the trials we ' ve met Along the thorny ways, And live again in thoughtful mien Our happy college Jays. Our deepest praise, our sweetest lays, Our school ice give to thee — Our future aims, our highest fame, We gain because of thee. But still we know the debt we owe Is mori than we can pay. But we will strive to give our lives, ' T s all that we can say! To those we leave our place we give, To hold the standard high, Till all shall see that right must be The victor, or we die! Trevecca, thou must always be Our Alma Mater dear. Our God we pray to bless thy way Throughout each coming year. Lois Thrower. History of the Senior Class • There is nothing greater than the realization that the goal toward which you set is within reach. The senior class of nineteen hundred thirty-six now rests on the top peak of the mountain. As we stand on the summit ready to face the great problems of life, our memory carries us back to the beginning of our life in T. N. C. • In the days of ' 34 a band of brave soldiers marched into the valley of learning. The field was large, and we encountered many difficulties, endured severe hardships; but the light of faith, beaming serenely, helped us in our journey upward. • As we struggled up the narrow path, with the mountains of Wisdom, Freedom, and Dignity looming above our heads, many became tired of the battle and fell out of out- ranks. We who are seniors today persevered to the end. • Under the splendid leadership of Mary Sims we passed through the " University of Hard Knocks " at the hands of the seniors during our freshman year. But a good class cannot be kept down, and we came through without the loss of a soldier. • After a year of traveling, Wisdom Mountain lay beneath and straight ahead lay Freedom Heights. The beauties of Park Educatia, divided into many sections, gave us inspiration and hope for the future. Dr. Hardy and the faculty were always faithful in directing us to the path of Dignity Peak. Reeford Chaney gave evidence of becom- ing a great general by the tactful way he maneuvered our class through the senior year. We became noted for our ability to do things, and if we were not always victorious, we were always good losers. • June finds us securely planted on Dignity Mountain from whose summit we view the world in all its glory. We are proud of our achievement, but realize the danger of looking backward, and we turn our faces toward new opportunities. The class hopes that its departure will be more felt than its arrival, and that the improvement made here will be but an intimation of future success. As we leave forever the halls of Trevecca, we dedicate ourselves anew to the service of God, our Country, and our Col- lege, and renew our determination that, " As long as the sand o ' life shall run our endeavor shall be ' to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. ' Mary R. Johnson, Historian. Then passing time will make sublime These ills which we must bear; What now seems pain will be our gain, And make our lives more fair. Our hearts must need with sorrow bleed At thoughts of parting soon, Our ways must part, but not our hearts, When ne must go in June! Page Fourteen THEOLOGY THE DARDA College Theological A i i a Slabaugh St. Louis, Mo. Th. £ . THIRD YEAR STUDENTS W. R. Thompson Frankfort, Ky. M. Rl( HARD JONI-S Tilden, III. V. B. Williams Graford, Texas The Theological College Department offers courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.). The prescribed work for earning this degree is graduation from Junior College with two additional years of college grade theological work superimposed, or 192 quarter hours in all. Our students of this department are striving to secure the best possible preparation in order to be more efficient in Christian service. In this day of modernism, when false doctrines abound, and when the love of many is waxing cold, we need to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints. But zeal without knowledge is often fatal. God declares, " My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. " A preacher may save himself with little knowledge, but his usefulness to others will be greatly limited. His life ' s work is to win others. There- fore, it is of the utmost importance that he be possessed of a well-balanced conception of truth and an accurate knowledge and sound teaching. We need a ministry baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire to proclaim the word with boldness and with power. It is the aim of this department to produce such ministers; and we trust we are realizing that aim. W. R. Thompson. Page Eighteen THE DARDA College Theological Harold Davis E. H. Hendrix Nettie Miller Koy Phillips Frank Moss Carl Crook Avery Whitehead Herbert Meredith Earl Wallace James A. Todd Pictures missing: Blanton Cook, Walter Bosvcell, Glenn Madison, H. R. Ward Asa Sparks Ministerial Graduate ■Page Nineteen Ministerial Woodrow Showers, Frank Roni v, Earnest Gates, Marcum Hamilton Baxti r Pond, Hi nrv Walters, Arthur Nagel, John W. Webb, William Peck Pictures mhsins! : Jam e s Hamilton, J. L. Jamison, (ol Russell, William Castlen Class Aim We do not live for fame, But each small place to fill; For ' tis our life, our aim, To do the Master ' s will. Each day that dawns we ' ll lend Our lives unto the Lord, That he may make them blend Into a living word. Sometimes the road seems dreary And weighted down with care; Where thorns and thistles grow You ' ll find some roses there. God hath not sealed our fate; But if we stand the test, Though small it be, or great, He ' ll give his very best. Ministerial Class of ' 36. Page Twenty HIGH SCHOOL THE DARDA Seniors m t x k t!Lm ■ - V Martha Duggan, President C. N. Haisten, Vice-President Margaret Lawson, Secretary East Point, Ga. Macon, Ga. Benton, 111. ' A woman she seems of cheerful " He is a rich man who hath God " A perfect woman nobly planned yesterdays and confident to- for his friend. " morrows. " Janette Bryer Harold Glenn, T reasiirer Jacksonville, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. " Patience mil overcome all ' A man of strong intellectual things. " powers, and stalwart charac- ter, given to meditation. " To warn, to comfort, and com- mand, And yet a spirit still and light With something of angelit light. " Charles Calvin Bloomington, III. A soul sincere, in action faith- ful, in honor clear. " Aubrey Garrison (no picture) Shawmut. Ala. ' Indeed true gladness does not always speak. Page Twenty-Two The School of Life We mount the stairs of life: A step we climb each day; Each time we lend a hand, We brighten uj our way. Wc take a book of life; A page we write each day; We bud into full bloom, And then vanish away. We lire, we learn, we die, And wherein do we gain? If we for self have lived ' Tis then we ' ve lived in vain. We meet life ' s bright sunshine We fight its bitter strife; We leave the schools of learning To join the school of life. High School Senior Prophecy • One day as I was sitting in the sun parlor of my bungalow, there suddenly came i rap at the door. Reluctantly answering it, I found our postman, who handed me a special delivery letter which, upon opening, I found contained five thousand dollars willed to me by my wealthy uncle who had recently died. • 1 returned to my knitting, my mind busied with thoughts of a thousand and one methods whereby the money might profitably be used. Finally I turned my radio on to hear an hour of evangelistic music. At the end of the program the announcer stated that the month of August would bring special rates for excursion to Egypt and the Holy Land. It dawned upon me at once that this would be a profitable way to spend the money since it had always been my desire to visit the pyramids. • I sent in my name as a prospective passenger and immediately started my plans for the trip. • On the morning of August 9, 1953, the U. S. S. Washington set out for the great world of the East. All the way over I planned how best to occupy my time. It passed all too soon, for on August 2 8 we pushed into the port of Africa, and soon I found myself in the fascinating land of Egypt. After a short rest I began my adventures. • We soon found a guide, and when he asked us where we would like to go first, we voted for the pyramids. Early one morning we started out for the Gizeh Pyramid to see the Cheops, one of the seven wonders of the world and the largest structure made by man. • After admiring the massive structure standing high in the heavens, we entered a dark, winding entrance which led gradually down for 321 feet to the Chamber of the great Cheops, lined with polished slabs of red granite. It was thought to be his burial place. • While we were inspecting this marvelous room a small voice said, " I tell to man his end. " With screams and shrieks the group rushed out, but before I could join them a door slammed — I stood motionless. Again the voice spoke, but more gently: " What can I do for you? " The first thing that entered my mind was the fate of the Trevecca High School seniors of nineteen hundred thirty-six. I thus informed him, and after offering me a seat he began: " The vice-president, Clarence Haisten, is an English professor at Yale, majoring in nominative absolutes. The secretary, Mrs. Lawson, and her husband are nurse and surgeon in a great hospital in France. The treasurer, Harold Glenn, and his wife, the former Gertrude McClain, live on a ranch in Colorado, where Glenn learns all the history he desires and Gertrude enjoys romantic sunsets and sunrises on the mountain. Mr. Calvin, the bookworm of the senior class, has become a famous lawyer of Boston; Miss Bryer has married a wealthy London mer- chant; but Aubrey Garrison is still cutting wood for Trevecca. " • The voice ceased, and the door opened. Scarcely aware of what I was doing I walked out the door into the dark entrance again. I whistled to the guide, and he escorted me out. How glad I was to be on familiar ground again! Page Twenty-Three — THE DARDA Juniors OFFICERS M. H. Rozzell President Jack Hi arn Vice-President Earnlstine Morgan Secretary Cleon Propps Treasurer Edna Mai Thompson Sponsor MEMBERS Russell Davis Adron Hollins Dellmae Everman Elmer Kent George Finney Gertrude McClain Norman Hail Walter Smithson Eleanor Hardy Warren Gravi s Emogene Rood William Simpson Page Twenty-Four THE DARDA Sophomores OFFICERS Virginia Mims President Dee Rushing Vice-President Pansy Cooper Secretary John D. Irwin Treasurer Perry Smith Sponsor MEMBERS James Bailey Ronald Johnson Joseph Benson Zenith Jordan Marie Brown Lu y Mai Lindsley Olivl Cavi Willard Luitn Margaret Davies Mildri i Mar tin Sarah Fox Walter Nevilx Esther Horne Margaret Thompson Edward Howard Elizabi th Tiighman Charles Ward Page Twenty-Five— THE DARDA Freshmen OFFICERS LlLLIE POWELL Roy Parsons Faith Harrison 1 1 w i [ i Walker Mrs. A. B. Ma ki v President - Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor E. W. Abbott, Jr. [ [azi l Campbell Carl Dennis MEMBERS Earle Friend I or i n a LeGrande Max Morgan Lister Roney Phyllis Woodward Helen Jarrett Billy Jarrett Mary Bi gli y Ada Humphries Emma White Mrs. M. A. Mackey Teat her Grammar Grade Page Twenty-Six FINE ARTS Voice and Piano 1). A. Yarbrough Voice Teacher Elaini Harrison Piano Teacher MEMBERS Christine Campbi i i Eaith Harrison Hazel Smith Pansy Cooper Edna Booth Ada Humphries Lucy Mai Lindsli y Lois Martin Elizabeth Tilghman Margaret Thompson Margaret Daviis Virginia Mims Virginia Ayi ks Alta Slabaugh Hazel Campbell Earnistine Morgan Esther Horne Eleanor Hardy Martha Duggan Emma K. Smith Hazel Brown Sylvia Holcomb Ada Blackburn Phyllis Woodward Mary Harnis Harris Mrs. H. R. Ward Lor etta LeGranih Ernest Hall Li ster Roney Ronald Johnson III NIC Wa I I I RS I ami s Thrasher Neil Richardson Rl 1 FORD Chaney Koy Phillips Harold Davis William Castlen El mi k Kent J. D. Irwin Marcum Hamilton 1)i i Rushing William Thompson Young Cook William Simpson Norman Hail W ' l Mil 1 1 W ' l 1 I MAN Wilton Elliot James Blackburn Mrs. M. E. Redford Pane Twenty-Eight Voice and Piano COLLEGE QUARTET James Thrasher Reeford Chaney Neil Richardson Koy Phillips LADIES ' TRIO MEN ' S TRIO Virginia Ayers Leon Cook Edna Booth N. M. Israi i son Josephine Johnson Ted Wilmoth The quartet and trios have been a great blessing and inspiration to the many audiences before which they have appeared. Each group is planning Christian work for the summer and is preparing to be an asset to their Alma Mater. The Men ' s Quartet bids fair to be one of the best quartets that the college has ever produced. The Ladies ' Trio has soothed the sorrows and lent a helping hand in many funerals throughout the city of Nashville. The Men ' s Trio has been touring our Educational Zone with Rev. H. H. McAfee, field representative. They have proven a great blessing to our constit- uency. Page Twenty-Nine - • Music is of God. Harmony, rhythm, melody, and beauty are laws of God ' s universe. • From the beginning of time the soul of man has received from the Creator a craving for expression through the medium of music. In no more satisfying manner has his sorrow been soothed, his fears quelled, and his hopes renewed than through music. • Not only has the Christian worshiped God through music, but he has been able to render valuable service to his needy fellow man by this means, for " Music hath charms to soothe the sewage breast, To soften rocks or bend the knotted oak. " • Our school seeks to develop character and prepare students for soul-winning. For both purposes the music department is indispensable. In this department we become acquainted with some of the world ' s noblest souls and their productions, both classical and sacred. Moreover, we seek to acquire an acceptable proficiency in the performance of the master works. In the piano and voice studios and in the music classrooms, this year, we have seen progress toward the attainment of our goal. Page Thirty- CAAJJfCKD ORGANIZATIONS Page Thirty-Two Student V oluuteers Holiness League Page Thirty-Three Page Thirty-Four THE DARDA W ho ' s Who in Trevecca Boy Girl Harold Giinn Mary Johnson Ni ii. Richardson Pansy Coopi r R i i for i) Chaney Mary Johnson . Frank Moss Nettie Miller Harold Davis Sylvia Holcomu Roy E. Parsons Mattye Foster Bi.anton Cook Mary Sims Most Literary Reeford Chaney Nettie r Friendliest Ira Stocks Pansy Cooper Wittiest John D. Irwin Emogene Roo: Most Attra ctive Wendell Wellman Sara Duggan Most Popular Richard Jones Earnestini Morgan Best Student Best All-round Most Intellet tual Mo t Aggressive o l Conservative Most Polite Neatest Did Yon Kuoiv I hat one of our students grew up in the woods. Moss? That Trevecca owns a Hall, three flowers, and Gates? That Trevecca has sufficient " Propps " to hold the school up? That we have a Deacon in school? That Daniel Bain and Max Morgan are not the same size? I hat Mr. Hall found a musical instrument. Home? That we heard Reba " Hollin ' " Bowman? That Koy should be a " Fills Up " instead of a Phillips? That Garrison is the Trevecca Eating Cham- pion ? That we have two Cooks in school and one Stove-al I ? That Mary is a " Begger, " and Elsie is the " Biggers? " That Margaret Thompson says, " Th rasher " ? We wonder whom. That we have an Ever-man and a Well-man? That Mr. Moss is supposed to be Frank and Mr. Gates Earnest? That we have an Alto, but no soprano in school ? Professor Redford: " Who were the epistles? " Delimae Everman: " I suppose they were the apostles ' wives. " Dr. Hardy: " Boys, this is leap year; you had better run, surrender, or stay in your rooms. " Mr. Hamilton: " Help us, Lord! " Professor Redford: " Did I not tell you to be prepared with your history lesson? And here you are unable to repeat a word of it. " Miss Ditggau: " I didn ' t think it was necessary, sir. I ' ve always heard that history repeats itself. " Mr. Hemlrix (to a candidate for president of Literary Society): " What do you intend to do if you are elected? " Mr. Chaney: " My goodness! What shall I do it I ' m not elected? " Mr. Boggs: " Miss Cooper, what do you mean by spilling my coffee all over me? " Pansy Cooper: " Never mind, I ' ll get you some more. " Garrison having accidentally broken a pane in a window of a house on Broadway attempted as fast as he could to get out of the way, but he was followed by the proprietor, who exclaimed: " You broke my window, rascal, did you not? " Mr. Garrison: " To be sure, I did, and didn ' t you see me running home for the money to pay you for it? " Mr. Stocks: " If my employer does not take back what he said to me this morning I shall leave his house. " Mr. Haisten: " Why, what did he say? " Mr. Stocks: " He told me I could look for an- other place. " (In Biology Class — a lesson on ventilation) — Mrs. Redford: " J. D. Irwin, probably some- day you ' ll be interested in ventilating your house. Do you know how to adjust the windows to get the best ventilation? " Mr. Irwin: " That doesn ' t bother me. I ' ll have 1 12 pounds of oxy ' Gin ' then. " Page Thirty-Eight TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE JUNIOR COLLEGE SCHOOL OF RELIGION HIGH SCHOOL FINE ARTS GRADE SCHOOL TUITION Junior College $215 College Theological . . 200 High School 200 Ministerial 180 TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE Fully Accredited Write NASHVILLK, TENNESSEE FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE 510 Woodland Street H. H. WISE, Pastor Sunday School— 9:30 A.M. RICHARD GUNN, Superintendent Preaching at 10:30 A.M. and 7:30 P.M. N. Y. P. S.— 6:30 P.M. CLAUD GALLOWAY, President Always a Big Welcome to the 7 . N. C. Students THIRD CHURCH of the NAZARENE 1622 Tenth Avenue, North NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE WELCOMES YOU WHEN IN NASHVILLE TO ITS SERVICES " l was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the bouse of the Lord. " YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED TO ATTEND LIGE WEAVER, Pastor WILLIAM DUNLAP, Sunday School Superintendent REDUCED FARES Between All Stations on The NASHVILLE, CHATTANOOGA ST. LOUIS RAILWAY ALSO TO ALL POINTS IN THE SOUTH AND SOUTHEAST ARE OFFERED DAILY For Transportation in Comfortable, Roomy Coaches 1 1-2 Cents (nxE) Per Mile i LINE J Train Travel Always Safe, Comfortable, Free from Strain of Driving N. C. ST. L. THOROUGH PROGRESSIVE DEPENDABLE NASHVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE The Best in Commercial Training Y. M. C. A. BUILDING Nashville, Tennessee NOVEMBER 2— Professor Crain had a " popcorn poppin " in his studio. Who was there? NOVEMBER 5 — Professor Mackey talked on " Magnetism " at prayer meeting. NOVEMBER 8— State club stunts at the general social, Kentucky and Alabama were the two best. NOVEMBER 11— J. D. Poole left school. We wonder? ? ? NOVEMBER 24 — Brother Weaver- preached at the school tonight. Hughe ' s Girls Trio sang. NOVEMBER 26— Steam heat boys ' dormitory! At last! ! ! the NOVEMBER 28— Thanksgiving. All the clubs had special tables with very special dinner. NOVEMBER 30 — Erank Moss ' s girl friend from Kaintuck took him down town to hear Mel Trotter. J. W. McGord Optical and Jewelry Go 315 FIFTH AVENUE, N. Eyes Scientifically Examined NASHVILLE, TENN. DR. J. W. McCORD 30 Years Experience Frames Correctly Fitted DR. L. G. McCORD J. T. MCCORD If not able to come to the Office, Phone 6-0304 | TERMS IF DKSIKKI) 17 Member Nashville Academy of Optometry The Engravings in This Book Were Made by the . . . South ' s Foremost Annual Engravers CAPITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY 150 Fourth Avenue, North NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE PCS GOSPEL TENTS FOR SALE OR RENT Truck Covers — Canvas Specialties CROWN TENT AWNING CO. 936 Third Avenue, North 6-0485 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Be Sure to Try COOLEY ' S BOOKSTORE For Secondhand Textbooks Best Books at Best Prices I IGHTH AND III K II SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Dewey McClendon, Authorized Dealer TIRE AND SERVICE 204 Lafayette Street A. J. THUSS, PHOTOGRAPHER The Perfect Daylight Studio 1805 West End Avenue Telephone 7-202(1 Turn Off the Heat with Awnings GOSPIT U N I S TARPAULINS £$3 NASHVILLE TENT AWNING CO. Phone 6-2578 312 First Avenue, North Phone for Estimate The . . . Best Books Of All Publishers Can Be Furnished Promptly GIFT BOOKS, FOUNTAIN PENS, PENCILS, LEATHER CASES, CARDS and STATIONERY Methodist Publishing House 810 Broadway Telephone 6-2641 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE DECEMBER 2 — Made contract with publisher to print the annual. DECEMBER 4 — The eventful steak fry in " Red Cross Headquarters " of boys ' dormitory. DECEMBER 6 — Registration for second quarter. Max Morgan and Christine Howell were married. Oh. no. !t was only a farce in the general social. It wasn ' t real. DECEMBER 8— John D. Poole and Ruth Lewis made the great venture into marital life. Eirst Church, 2:30 P.M. Brother Wise officiating. DECEMBER 11— Well, it ' s spreading. Ed Glover and Aylene Christian were quietly joined in matrimony at Spark ' s little church tonight. DECEMBER 15 — Formal opening of the new chapel and dining hall. Brother " Eidwell preached. DECEMBER 20 — Christmas vacation be- gins. DECEMBER 31— Vacation ends. McEWEN ' S LAUNDRY INC. 701 FIFTH AVENUE, NORTH Established 1881 Phone 6-1161 For Fifty-Five Years We Have Been Serving the People of Nashville with a Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service We Specialize in Blocking Knit Suits and Fancy Dyeing RUG CLEANERS FURRIERS IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3315 Charlotte Avenue " The Church with a Welcome " REV. G. B. BREESE, Pastor DeLUXE ICE CREAM 508 Third Avenue, North For All Occasions Phone 6-0967 Compliments of GRAYSON SHOP 219 Fifth Avenue, North Enjoy Our Cooling System Tins Sumr FRANKFORT (Kentucky) CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE R. B. KELLY, Pastor FRANKLIN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE L. C. PARSONS, Pastor FRANKLIN, TENN. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Twenty-Fourth and Howard LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY " A Salvation Center " E. HOMER LAND, Pastor ALBANY (Kentucky) CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. H. A. HALL, Pastor Services Every Sunday Compliments of the N. Y. P. S. OF SPRING HILL, WEST VIRGINIA J. W. CHILDRESS, President Tie Up Your Studies with Worth-while Keaditig BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS Selected — Up-to-date Visit Our Display Tables 161 Eighth Avenue, North Phone 6-2131 Baptist Book Store FOSTER GRIGGS 828 Main Street GROCERIES AND FRESH MEATS Telephone 3-0313 O. H. Foster Maurice Griggs ICE CREAM JANUARY 6-10— Revival with Howard Hill preaching. Wonderful spirit in the school. JANUARY 10 — Trevecca Ministerial As- sociation luncheon. JANUARY 10, 11— Kagawa, Japanese missionary, in town. JANUARY 19— Second big snow. We ' re snowbound today. JANUARY 29-31— Board of Trustees meeting. JANUARY 29— " Problems Confronting the Young Preacher " presented by Dis- trict Superintendents at prayer meeting. FEBRUARY 5— Dr. West spoke in chapel. FEBRUARY 11— Decided to dedicate DARDA to memory of May Tidwell McKay. FEBRUARY 1 i— Valentine Day! FEBRUARY 15— Professor Yarbrough came to teach Voice. FEBRUARY 18 — Brother Tidwell preached in prayer meeting. Illus- trated " Faith, Fact, and Feeling. " FEBRUARY 19— North Pole won in annual contest. ' ' See Bennett for Better Vision " Glasses Fitted Only When Needed DR. E. LEE BENNETT, O.D. OPTOM ETR I ST— OPTI C IAN 202 Fifth Avenue, North Phone 6-1873 One Door from Church Street SOUTHSIDE NAZARENE CHURCH 601 First Avenue COLUMBUS, GEORGIA " We Are Trevecca Boosters " W. G. BLAND 52 LAFAYETTE Shoe Rebuilding of All Kinds CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE TENNESSEE DISTRICT L. B. Mathews, Superintendent 947 McClurkan Avenue NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE • We Lore, Cherish, and Support Our Southeastern Educational Institution PARIS NAZARENE CHURCH EDWARD K. HARDY, Pastor 1 10 South College Street SERVICES Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 10:45 A.M. N. Y. P. S. 6:30 P.M. Evangelistic Service 7:30 P.M. Midweek Prayer Meet- ing, Wednesday 7:30 P.M. The Paris Church is ever behind T. N. C. in her endeavor to provide an efficient educational center cradled in a spiritual en- vironment for the Naza- rene young people of the Southeastern Zone TENNESSEE DISTRICT N. Y. P. S. RUBY LEE DEES, President Education Without Perverted Faith Christian Character Evangelist EACH ONE WIN ONE DICKSON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DICKSON, TENNESSEE Sunday School Supt. Wade Moore W. M. S. President Lydia Nelson N. Y. P. S. President Bryant Scott Church Treasurer Mary Scates Church Secretary Grace Luella Booth REV. J. C. BOOTH NEWPORT (Kentucky) CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Seventh at Putnam Street The Church Where You Are Always Welcome SUNDAY SERVICES 9:30, 10:30 A.M. 6:30, 7:30 P.M. REV. R. L. IHRIG, Pastor Phillips Buttorff Manufacturing Co. Everything for Dining Room, Kitchen, and Nursery SEVENTY-SIX YEARS OE FAITHFUL SERVICE • 217-223 Third Avenue, North Phone 6-5181 ELECTRIC RATES . . . in Nashville Have Been Reduced More Than 42% in the Last Five Years Alone. • What Else Can You Name That Has Been Reduced This Much? LEHMAN BROTHERS Quality Groceries Phone 6-5836 Murfreesboro at Elm Hill Road Telephone 6-5970 DR. J. H. WHITE OP-TOM-E-TRISTS " See White and You ' ll See Right " 504 Union Street Nashville, Tennessee FEBRUARY 19-21 — Preachers ' Meeting at First Church. FEBRUARY 21— Dr. Chapman spoke in chapel. FEBRUARY 23 — Brother Mathews preached here tonight on " Angelic Forces. " FEBRUARY 25-27— Big advertisement campaign. FEBRUARY 26— Dr. Emory Ross spoke in chapel concerning the Ethiopian trouble. FEBRUARY 28— Leap year social. Girls had to ask boys for dates. Did every- body have a good time? THE LOUDON NAZARENE CHURCH Sunday School Superintendent J. H. CHRISTIAN Acting N. Y. P. S. President MARY BELLE YORK Pastor OLIVE RIEE " The Little Church with a Big Welcome " The Year ' s Diary SEPTEMBER 17— Registration. SEPTEMBER 20— First genera! social— out on the lawn. OCTOBER 1— Work begun on new chapel and dining hall. OCTOBER 11— " A Tale of Romancio " presented by Parthenian Literary So- ciety, Wellman, Glover, Ayers, and Jones starring. OCTOBER 19— New chapel opened. Mrs. Law son led first prayer service. OCTOBER 30 — Election of officers for DARDA. Who would have dreamed of what it would all develop into? High School Freshmen initiated by Sophomores. OCTOBER 31— College Seniors gave Ereshmen reception in the dining hall. Broke the old custom of initiating. A real good time. REV. P. P. BELEW CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE GEORGIA DISTRICT Rev. P. P. BELEW, District Superintendent QUADRENNIAL ACHIEVEMENTS 89$ Net Increase in Church Membership 136 ' ' , Net Increase in S. S. Membership 163% Net Increase in N. Y. P. S. Member- ship 181 ' , Net Increase in W. M. S. Member- ship 92 % Net Increase in Finances 28 f f Net Increase in Property Valuation " Come thou with us, atid we will do thee good " KANAWHA CITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE OWENS, WEST VIRGINIA REV. C. D. TAYLOR, Fastor Our Trevecca Students Pansy Cooper Dellmae Everman Ted Wilmoth Leon Cook M. E. DERRYBERRY and SPOT CASH CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SCIENCE HILL, KENTUCKY Rev. John Willingham, Piistor A Lire Church with a Hearty Welcome An Active W. M. S.— A Live N. Y. P. S.— Plain Bible Preaching— Soul-Stirring Singing SERVICES EVERY SUNDAY KENTUCKY— WEST VIRGINIA DISTRICT DISTRICT N. Y. P. S. REV. J. FRANK SIMPSON, President Let ' s Attend, Pray For, and Support Trevecca College I Rev. Simpson DISTRICT SUNDAY SCHOOL REV. C. D. TAYLOR, District Chairman MISS MATT1E BELLE JONES, Secretary For Efficient Teaching Attend Leadership Training Institute — For Higher Religious Education Attend Trevecca College Rev. Taylor Compliments of ELLIOTT and LAWSON PRINTING COMPANY Russell Elliott J. A. Lawson TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE PHONE 6-3894 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE MARCH 2 — Otho Schwab spoke in chapel. MARCH 3 — Group pictures taken. MARCH 10 — Parthenian Literary Society election. MARCH 21 — Annual taken to printer. MARCH 25— Campus Day. APRIL 2y — Freshman-Senior Banquet. MAY 29 — The seniors enter the great school of life. Tears are shed. Goodby, Alma Mater. TREVECCA NAZARENE COLLEGE Is the recognized educational institution of the Church of the Naz- arene, representing the Southeastern Zone. This year finds the school again in a new location. We have three buildings in our present plant: the girls ' dormitory, a large brick building, modern in every respect; the boys ' dormitory, a four-story stone structure, also with modern conveniences; and the administration building which provides adequate rooms for classes, offices, etc. We can truly say that Trevecca is housed in the best buildings she has ever occupied. Last year we leased the present site, renovated it throughout, and have actually transformed the place into a very valuable plant. The new temporary chapel and dining hall were the main additions. We have splendid prospects for another successful term. Much credit is due Brother W. F. Collier, our present business manager, for this year ' s success. He has done remarkably well in getting the school in shape for occupancy. The student body, as a whole, is the best since we came into existence. Trevecca is truly a character-building institution. God has wonder- fully blessed her this year and in past years, and has brought her through every disaster. We believe that our school, in keeping with Nazarene work the world over, is destined to move forward. May God smile upon her future and prosper her efforts to make the world a better place to live in. Compliments of WEST NASHVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE The Church with a Welcome W. F. COLLIER, Pastor Special 18421 LD 5356 .T75 1936 Trevecca Nazarene University The Darda

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