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abye Shaw dditor-in-Qhief L. C D. Shelton Business SManager ' A nd it came to pass after three days they found him in the temple — in the midst of doctors, both hearing them and asking them questions, and all were astonished at his understanding and answers. " THE DARDA • • • « VOLUME VI « • NINETEEN HUNDRED THIRTY 9 PUBLISHED BY b STUDENTS OF 6 TMEVECCA COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE MACKEY LIBRARY NAZAR£N£ COLLEGE ' Behold there came wise men to Jerw salem saying: Where is He that is born King of the Jens, for we hare seen His star in the east and when . . . Herod . . . de- manded . . . where Christ should be born They said unto him: In Bethlehem of Judea: for thus it is written . . . " FORE WORD To present within this book a theme that is local in color and symbolical of the spirit of the stu- dents of Trevecca college: to build a memorial not for the present but for the future — one that will keep bright and clear each sweet and tender memory of our college life, has been the a:m of The 1930 Varda. " And it came to pass . . . that God . . . said unto him, Abraham: . . . take now thy son and offer him, and Abraham bound Isaac and laid him on the altar . . . an J took the knife to slay his son. " DEDIC ATION It is with thankful hearts that we, the Darda Staff of 1930, dedicate this sixth volume of the Darda to our Parents. In doing this we feel that too much cannot be said or done to show our appreciation to these loved ones who have sac rifced willingly to help us through life thus far and to ever keep before us a high standard of Christian ideals. THE CLASSES Book III SCHOOL OF KELIGION Book IV ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES Wisdom is better than strength. . . . The nords of wise men are heard quite more than th? c -y o h m that ruleth among fools. Wisdom is better than weap- ons . . . Wisdom is profitable to direct. " Book I THE COLLEGE Jllma d%Cater Soon again, dear Alma Mater, Will thy halls in silence lay; Youthful footsteps will cease falling, Those kind voices will cease calling, Which we ' ve heard from day to day. We are parting from thy hallways, Some perhaps to ne ' er return; But glad mem ' ries of days spent here. Of kind friends and ones we love dear In our hearts will ever burn. Some will travel, through life ' s journey, Over mountain, plain and sea. To the nations in great darkness. Telling them of Jesus ' brightness. So they, too, may happy be. May thy blessings. Alma Mater, With thy students ever be: Till life ' s work on earth is ended. Till our hopes and joys are blended. And we ' ve crossed the crystal sea. Perry Sr THE 1930 DAB DA President ' s Message 1 is said that when Livingston ' s anxious friends found him in the heart of Africa they insisted that he return with them. His remark was " Anywhere just so it is forward. " In locking over this i929- ' 3 Darda I am convinced it, too, is keeping up with all other things at Trevecca College — going forward. This school year is in considerahle advance to that of the previous years. Evidently the Darda staff has caught the inspiration and has taken a step forward. This edition is quite an improvement over that of last year. By your labor and zeal you have demonstrated that you are directly interested in this beautifully bound book, but remember that this book is not made up of paper and ink alone. Tha t which makes up the Darda are the sayings, happenings, and activities of the faculty and stu- dent body. The every-day events are recorded in here. How this should remind us that our daily acts are being recorded in another great volume and what a pleasure it will be when, if we have lived noble lives, we hear our records read from the beautiful volume of the " Hook of Life. " This issue should not be the closing history of this student body ' s strenuous efforts to obtain knowledge and build real Christian per- sonality. Let it be the history of the beginning so when coming gen- erations read these pages it will inspire them to greater and nobler things of life that they will be ready to follow on after your example because they find you are continually saying to pleading voices of friends and clarion notes of prosperity and pleasure " anywhere just so it is forward. " C. E. Hardy, President. THE 1930 DARDA Faculty R. J. Kelly j B.S., M.A. Vice-President, Financial Director A. B. Mackev. A.B., M.A. Dean of College, French, English Clarence Shlte, A.B., B.O., M.A. Psychology , Education, Public Speaking Miss Sadie Agnew, A.B., M.A. Mathematics, Church History H. G. Stuneck, A.B. History Mrs. Maude Allen Stuneck, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Modern languages, Philosophy of Religion Mrs. Minnie . Ellinwood, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Greek, Latin, Theology Mrs. C. H. Hurd, B.A., M.A. Chemistry, Biology Miss Ada B. Carroll, B.Mus. Voice, Expression Miss Johnnie Jernigan Piano, Violin, Musical Science H. H. Wise • Bible Miss Florence Nelson, A.B. Spanish 12 I-- I-I-H- THE 1930 DARDA Fred Floyd, A.B., S.E. Principal High School, History, Economics Mrs. Hazel Mitchum Ross, 13. L. Latin, Science, Home Economics E. D. Cornish, A.B., B.S. Mathematics, Dean of Men Mattie Aurelia Crowe, A.B. Frem h Mrs. E. I). Cornish, A.B. English J. D. Thrasher Principal Grammar School Mrs. Anne G. Jones Primary Department Mother Martha Odell Dean of Women Mrs. Susan H. Penn School Nurse Eu la Lovelace Assistant Nurse Mrs. Compton Wind Instruments Mr. M kck Caldwell (Picture Missing) Grammar Department Lillie Sue Redford (Picture missing) Assistant Librarian 13 Board of Trustees Officers H. H. Wise, President Nashville, Tenn. C. E. Hardy, Vice-President G. W. Fulcher, Secretary Nashville Xentl Gallatin Road at Petway Nashville, Tenn. Tim H. Moore, Treasurer 403% Union Street Nash ville, Tenn. Members L. T. Wells Box 132, Science Hill, Ky. W. M. Tidwell . . Sixteenth and Williams Sts., Chattanooga, Tenn. J. E. Gaar Trevecca College, Nashville, Tenn. J. A. McDaniei Hartselle, Ala. M. E. Redford Trevecca College, Nashville, Tenn. C. M. Harrison " .... 1724 Spring Garden St., Greensboro, N. C. R. H. M. WATSON College Heights, Meridian, Miss. Oscar Hudson " ■ . • . . . 125 Moreland Ave., S. E. Atlanta, Ga. Howard Eckf.i 5 3 5 N. W. Eighth Ave., Miami, Fla. J. L. Roby 4.21 N. W. Fiftieth St., Miami, Fla. t). L. MAISH 1 8 1 1 Cleveland Ave., Charlotte, N. C. L. S. Huff 1000 Thirty-first St., Columbus, Ga. F. P. Kfrst 914 S. Twenty-eighth St., Louisville, Ky. 1+ jf 3» ,AvJv : : ' S • mm « c w h IMF INTERIOR ' IEWS — Chapel, Students ' Room, Laboratory, Library, Dining Hall And when he was come into his own country, he taught them in their synagogues, insomuch that they were astonished. " THE CLASSES Ellis Burns Cullman, Alabama Senior Class President, 1929- " 30; Varsity Basketball; Athletic Association; Ala- bama Club; Papthenian Literary Society. Ellis came to us as a freshman with all those qualities that mark a freshman. Now he has risen to that honorable position of Senior ( lass President. That, within itself, tells what Kllis is. Other than his college work, Kllis takes great interest in the social side of life, especially the feminine sex. After all, Ellis is a friend in time oi need and every inch a gentleman. Rubye Lee Shaw McComb, Mississippi Vice-President Senior Class, 1929- ' 30; Editor-in-Chief " Darda " , 1929- ' 30; Parthe- nian Literary Society: (Christian Workers ' Association. Rubve Lee needs no introduction because she has made an unusually fine collegian editor. She has proven her unusual ability both as an executive ami as a scholar. This plus her winsome smiles and pleasing personality have won for her the love and admiration of every student as well as every member of the faculty. We all wonder in what direction her life ' s work will take her. 2 3 College Seniors Arabella Mae Balla Ashtubula, Ohio Secretary of Senior Class; Parthenian Literary Society; Christian Workers ' Association; Student Volunteers ' Assoriation ; Missionary Society. Main thanks t the state of Ohio for sending us such a wonderful girl as Arahella. With a definite purpose in life, she has set herself to the task of preparation. No student has heen more diligent or faithful. Her bright Mniles, brown eyes and dark hair speak for themselves of charm and attractiveness. We love her. Ethei. Burner Frank, West Virginia Christian Workers ' Assoriation; Parthenian Literary Society. Ethel is of such a type that she becomes a pleasant change from the modern type of her sex. Although an attitude of reserve veils her from most of us, those who have passed that veil have found a charming and hospitable nature. Ethel seeks achievements of true worth. THE 1930 DAKDA Emma Lee Brown Jasper, Alabama Athletic Association; Alabama Club; Parthenian Literary Society; Fords; Librarian of Girls ' Glee Club. A ray of sunshine on a rainy day. She is witty, mirthful and altogether entertaining. She possesses the biggest and happiest heart of any girl in school, a heart ever ready to sympathize with all your joys and sorrows. We hate to see her leave, but our best wishes and love will go with her always. Susie Allex Huntsville, Alabama Parthenian Literary Society; " Darda " Staff; School of Religion. " Still water runs deep, " we often hear. Well that is Susie ' s type — quiet, reserved, not talking to hear herself talk, but when she does speak it is well to listen and to heed thereto. She is a deep thinker, kind, capable, a lover of beauty and possesses unusual ability as a writer. We wish her all kinds of success in her future work. as College Seniors Lawernce Brown . ' Jasper, Alabama Athletic Association; Varsity Basketball. Lawernce will be remembered as one who persevered until he accomplished what he desired to do. An innate optimism lends to Lawernce an air of being at peace with the world which makes him admired by those who know him. Alabama should be proud of this boy who knows no discouragement nor defeat. Lorinne Bunting Jacksonville, Florida Parthenian Literary Society; christian Workers ' Association; Secretary of Georgia Club; Secretary of Girls ' Glee Club. Lorinne is one girl who gives us a good first impression and a better second one. She is an attractive girl who will make good at most anything she tries. Some day when Lorinne has become " Professor of Rhetoric " at Vanderbilt we hope that she won ' t forget the little T. C. Seniors she knew in 1930. 26 THE 1930 DARDA it h. - hit-- Y.fcY j -fcKV - v v - t,o.y --t; ' u,y - M.Y.r- M-frlt— M.frfr— i. kVt . - M-AX - tv?Tg College Seniors Imogens Thrasher Albany, Kentucky Girls ' Glee Club; Parthenian Literary Society. Possibly no traits of human character are more universally admired than simply love and kindness, and yet these are not the only virtues Imogene possesses. Her talents are many and she has excellent possibilities. She is happy and carefree by nature and a jolly good sport; moreover she ' s very attractive. Trevecca will surely be the poorer for her hiss after she graduates, but the wide, wide world will be the richer. Earl Vennum Miami, Florida " Big Four " ; Secretary Christian Workers ' Association; Parthenian Literary Society; Academy Freshman Sponsor. Who is this man? By what mistake of nature has he strayed among ordinary people? He has proven his ability as an executive by successfully filling the position of assistant dean of men. All the boys just love Earl — and girls, too. He also possesses unusual ability as a speaker and scholar. His good talks are an inspiration to all lovers of the Christian cause. 27 College Seniors Alma W. Compton Nashville, Tennessee Faculty; Orchestra. We are glad t have Mrs. Compton in our class, for she is one who never shirks her known duty. She has an unassuming manner, hack of which is talent and training. If a hand director is needed Mrs. Compton is the one we would call for. But from the height of this accomplish- ment she humbly pursues her task as a student. Maggie Lot English Barney, Georgia Girls ' Glee Club; Girls ' Quartette; Parthenian Literary Society. Maggie Lou is one of those few girls who entered the class in ' 26 when we were Juniors in high school. She has stayed with us through all the struggles with term papers and occasions great and small in the history of the class. She is a jolly, good-natured sort of person and we see nothing less than a hright future in store for her. 28 College Seniors Ruth Lillian Cornwell Gainesboro, Tennessee Pafthenian Literary Society; Athletic Association ; Chevrolet; Girls ' Glee Club. A sweet disposition may be said to be the chief characteristic of Ruth. She never seems to get vexed and tired of living, and she always has a merry smile ready to greet you wherever she meets you. During her eight years at Trevecca, Ruth has smiled miles and miles of smiles and has made just that many friends. Cranford Burns Cullman, Alabama Parthenian Literary Society; Alabama Club; Athletic Association; College Bas- ketball Team; Assistant Editor of " Darda " of 1930. Cranford is a genial good friend, a gentleman through and through. It is not often that one finds a man like him. He entered with the class in ' 28 and has been a good worker for the class, playing on our college basketball team and always playing the game fair and hard. If you play the game of life with the same spirit, old boy, we are sure you will come out on top with a grin. 29 THE 1930 DARDA 3 i □ Coll J cge Seniors Erma Duvali Canfield, ( )hio Christian Workers ' Association; Parthenian Literary Society; Fords; Girls ' Glee Club. A conscientious worker, a far-sighted thinker, Erma is one of our finest sills. Everything she does is of her best, whether it is doing class work or just being a good friend. She is the kind of girl who stands up for what is fine and good in everything. She has been true to her college, true to her class, and true to the best ideals. She will do her be t in ever thing. Ethel Glancy Highland, Michigan Parthenian Literary Society; Chevrolets. Ethel is so quiet that perhaps we would never know she was busy if her achievements did not speak so well of her. A ' s in history and biology are not so easy to get and she has got A ' s in both. Besides this, Ethel is a bundle of sweetness and charm, possessing a sunny smile and a most agreeable disposition. A veritable God-send, no matter what the situation is, " when a fellow needs a friend. " 30 College Seniors Perry Elizabeth Smith Alexander City, Alabama Parthenian Literary Society; Girls ' Glee Club; Vice-President Alabama Club. Perry is sincere, earnest and quiet. She has proven that she is capable and persevering by hav- ing the courage to Ming to the winds those difficulties facing her and by working hard in order to finish her school work here. High ideals and practical common sense are linked to- gether in Perry and wherein could she fail ? Success and happiness will be hers in whatever she chooses to do because Perry ' s the kind who can make bright the dark corners of life. Durell Shelton Milford, Alabama Business Manager ot 1 ;»::«! " Darda " ; Christian Workers ' Association; Parthenian Literary Society; Mixed Quartette; Hoys ' Glee Club. " A merry heart, a jolly laugh; I good triu- friend, and that ' s not half. " Durell is a good student, having that steady quality of honesty. If a man is an honest student, he cannot t ail in life. Purell ' s life has been an inspiration to many voting people to be true to Christ above everything else. His singing has gone deep and awakened in hearts the desire to be all that Christ would have them be. 51 Cl k l is H. Pearson Chattanooga, Tennessee christian Workers ' Association; Parthenian Literary Society; School of Religion. " We doubt ' ml that for one so true There must be a noble work In do. " Curtis is a boj who has heard the call of God and in spite of all opposing forces is training himself to fulfill the mission to which he has been called, lie will be remembered as one who persevered until he accomplished what he desired to do. Laura E. Brown Highway, Kentucky Parthenian Literary Society. " Not too sober, not too ( ay, but a good, true girl in every way. " Although she has not been with us all the year, Laura has come to fit in nicely as one of our classmates. She is true blue and seeks achievement of true worth. She is one who is ever striving upward toward higher things — one always true to herself and to others. ?2 College Seniors Lillian Floyd Elza, Georgia Parthenian Literary Society; Fords; Sponsor of Academy Sophomores. Mrs. Floyd is of gentle speech. Eternity alone can tell the good and the joy her words have brought just when they were needed most. Courage and endurance have characterized this lite. She has allowed no obstacle to keep her from finishing at Trevecca. Furthermore she makes for Professor Floyd a good wife. Martha Vf.ra Fklkar Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Parthenian Literary Society; Fords; Christian Workers ' Association; Girls ' Glee Club. What can we do better than to live truly? This we are convinced Vera does — true to her class, to her college, and to her God. She always does her best in everything. She is pleasant to all, but to those of the inner circle of friends, she is gracious. 33 miv 111 THE 1930 DAHDA 33 5EET3 ege Seniors Otis Lee Shivers, Mississippi Christian Workers ' Association; School of Religion; Parthenian Literary Society. Dry humor and deep sincerity are the words that describe Lee. He has been with us during our college days, and during this time he has been an ideal classmate. He is a boy that has ri en, not because he was driven or by accident, but by his own initiative and his desire to serve God and his fellowman. Sue Bess Jones Irwinton, Georgia Secretary Parthenian Literary Society; Athletic Association; Christian Workers ' Associaion; Girls ' Glre » ' lul ; Georgia Club. Originality and pep stand out in glaring headlines in the character of Sue Bess. But the most striking thing about her is that everybody likes her. She is practical in thought, straight- forward in purpose, ever faithful to her books, even more so to her friends. She is a girl of upright character, ready for fun or ready for work, ever loyal to ole T. C. Clyde Akins Nashville, Tennessee (Picture missing) Missionary Society; Christian Workers ' Association; Student Volunteer. If sincere and earnest effort count for much, Clyde will attain. She signifies all that is conscientious, loyal and true. She is characteristically a friend to all, ready to help in what- ever way she can. She has high ideals and works for their attainment. Junior Class Officers Arnold Khun, Class President Pasadena, California Amos Smith, Vice-President Maylene Naroks, Secretary of Class Nashville, Tennessee McComb, Mississippi Frank Leggett, Treasurer of Class Meridian, Mississippi Gertrude Thetford UNION CHURCH. MISSISSIPPI 36 THE 1930 DAEDA Junior Class John PARIS, TENNESSEE Lin a Parsons NEW MARTINVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Wilbur Hudson JASPER, ALABAMA Alma Yarrough (Picture missing) T1I0MASVILLE, GEORGIA Kellev D. Thetford UNION CHURCH, MISSISSIPPI Ruby Lee Dees BETHANY, OKLAHOMA Opha Harris DOVER, TENNESSEE 57 EEC Junior Class Mamie Foskey nashville, tennessee Archev Carney NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Mary Wright CASS CITY, MICHIGAN Mack Caldwell NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE J. D. Thrasher ALBANY, KENTUCKY Pauline Alexander HARTSVILLE, ALABAMA 38 THE 1930 DAfiDA nr j ESErr=a: T. - ... r g.j.x. m.«v. — 33353$; Junior Class Lewis Shingler D0NALS0NVILLE, GEORGIA Mary Kilgore NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Ll la Mae Smith ALEXANDER CI I V, ALABAMA Olaf Hesson (Picture Missing) GORDONSVILLE, TENNESSEE Dr. E. Francis Buyer Emma Beaugard GRANITE CITY, ILLINOIS Fred Graves NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 59 THE 1930 DAKDA jgjgE t i-t gSEE M-frA n-ZTJjj FVTCK =—I.kl.l - H.FiQi — -(Tw-ugHj, Trevecca Academy UR president has said that if the college department or the high school and grades would have to be given up he would rather let the college go than the lower departments, for it is the early training that, to a great extent, determines what a boy or girl will be in later life. When we as high school students think of this truth it makes us appreciate more the advantages we enjoy in ole Tre- vecca High School. We feel deeply indebted to our teachers who have labored so patiently with us, imparting tc us of their knowledge day after day, faithfully yet cautiously, lest our heads become too full and pop. We appreciate their untiring efforts and have tried to manifest our gratitude by opening the gates of our intellects to the folds of learn- ing that they have turned our way. Sometime in the dim future when the cares of life so beset us like a besieging army we will remember the merry school days of old and rise above the threatening cares to float on the wings of our imagina- tions back into the old school room and look, half smiling, at ourselves as we wrestle with stubborn algebra problems, as we try to get Words- worth and Longfellow untwisted and put in their respective places, and as we fight anew the Civil War in history class. Now I am a freshman pert and green, Stretching my neck at anything to be seen. Noiu I am a sophomore lively and gay, Studying hard every hour of the day. Noiv I am a junior with lots to do, Wondering when I will ever get through. Now I am a senior with a dignified air. No I ' m not, here I sit in this chair, And thus ends a pleasant dream. Paul Milugan. 41 Academy Seniors Percy E. Dean President of Senior Class; President of Athe- naeum Literary Society; President of Pro and Con Debating Club; Secretary of Boys ' Glee Club. " He ' s brilliant, clever, of a rare turn of mind. You ' ll have to look far for one of lis kind. " Marjorie Kith Vice-President of Senior Class; Athenaeum Literary Society ; Ford. " Her cheery disposition makes beauty attrac- tive, knowledge delightful, and ivit good hu- mored. " ESTELLE THETFORD Secretary Senior Class; Athenaeum Literary Society; Girls ' Glee Club; Debating Club; Girls ' College Quartette; Ford. ' Steady, sincere, sweet — the three S ' . make a friend like Estelle. " that 42 THE 1930 DAEDA Academy Seniors Thomas Dean Treasurer; President of Pro and Con Debat- ing Club; President of Mnemosyne Literary Society; Boys ' Glee Club; Ford. " Give me the joy of living and some { real ivork to Jo. " Beleta Meggs Mnemosyne Literary Society; Ford; Alabama Club. " She ivas just the quiet kind whose natures never vary. " Willie Mae Redford Critic of Mnemosyne Literary Society; Secre- tary of Pro and Con Debating Club; Girls ' Glee Club ; Chevrolet. " She is always beholding the bright coun- tenanee of truth in the quiet and still air of delightful studies. " 13 THE 1930 DAEDA Academy Seniors Katherine Collier Mnemosyne Literary Society; Ford; Athletic Association ; Orchestra. " And large brown eyes that flash on you a volley of rays that say a thousand things at once. " Clifton Irwin Basketball Captain of High School Team; Debating Club; Vice-President of Athenaeum Society; Glee Club; President of Rambler ' s Club. " Not too serious, not too gay, but always a jolly good fellow. " Willie Dale Flatt Athenaeum Literary Society; Debating Club; Darda Staff; Secretary Athletic Association; Ford. " Cheerful at morn she wakes from sweet re- pose, Smiles and laughs, and carols as she goes. " 44 Academy Seniors Mortimer Garrett Corresponding Secretary Senior Class; Treas- urer of Athenaeum Society; Georgia Club; Ford; Athletic Association; Girls ' Glee Club. " When life is bright Mortimer smiles, but ! when it ' s gloomy she laughs out loud. " Mazelle Copeland Mnemosyne Literary Society; Ford; Athletic- Association. " Try being happy in the present moment, I nd put not off being so to a time to come. " Harry Sail Debating Club; Athenaeum Literary Society; Athletic Association ; Ford. " True courtesy shoivs itself to the least as nell as to the greatest. " 45 em THE 1930 DA EDA Academy Seniors Curtis Galloway Athenaeum Literary Society; Athletic Asso- ciation; Orchestra; Ford. " My heart is whole, my fancy free; run along, little iris, don ' t bother me. " Catharine Walling Athenaeum Literary Society; Parliamenta- rian of Pro and Con Debating Club; Secre- tary School of Religion; Girls ' Quartette; Fords ; Athletic Association ; Girls ' Glee Club. " A jolly, unselfish personality is the greatest gift of all. " Morris Gentry Mnemosyne Literary Society; Boys ' Glee Club; Athletic Association; Ford. " A fellow who seems of cheerful yesterdays, and confident tomorrows. " 4 6 Academy Seniors Ezra Hendly Athenaeum Literary Society; Pro and Con Debating Club; Roys ' Glee Club; Athletic Association ; Ford. " Either praise me or expose me; I cannot stand to be overlooked. " Zelma Baber Mnemosyne Literary Society; Rambler ' s Club; Christian Workers; Ford. " Life is what you make it. " Victor Parker Athenaeum Literary Society. ' If it be a gentleman and a friend you seek, you have found him. " Mrs. Susan Penn (Picture Missing) College Nurse; Mnemosyne Literary Society; Missionary to Africa. " Good actions crown themselves with ever- lasting days, Who deserves well, needs not another ' s praise. ' ' 47 THE 1930 DAEDA 33Z -_y.y.M 3H33 Senior Class Poem Long years, my friends, we have striven To reach this blissful goal. We have come to be numbered with others, We have come now to the threshold. These years of much pleasure together Have now come to a close. They are written on pages of history, They have found their evening repose. Sweet memories each year bring to us Of our classmates, teachers and bell, But still in the mood of our sadness Remember r He doeth all things wellT As we separate one from another And go on life ' s journey so long, May we praise our gracious Redeemer Who lightens our burdens with song. Praise God for the four years passed through; Thank God for friends we have met; May we live to meet in heaven When life ' s evening sun is set. By Beleta Meggs. Academy Juniors Officers Billye Rogers President Ivah Ramsey Vice-President Anne Pearl Lentz Secretary James Moore Treasurer Members Robert Yates Olive Wordsworth Lyndell Cornwell Curtis Bragan Chester Hardy Theodore Hudson- Mary Ruth Dees Jack Walker Pall Milligan Earlie Jordan 1 M RILE Slonecker 49 THE 1930 DAMDA Academy Sophomores Officers Vaughn E. Bunting President Lois Hardv Vice-President Robbie Bates Secretary A. E. Kelley Treasurer Mem hers Brenson Kelley Joe B. Cantrell Marvin Hodge Floyd McKissack Elbert McKissack Arvad McKissack A. A. Roberson Lottie Cockran Ruth Huffines Alice Milligan Ralph Halliburton R. J. Sullivan Clifton Galloway Zarah Teaney Est a Mims Bresse Martin- s ' ' HE THE 1930 DARDA Academy Freshmen Officers Sam Collier President W. R. Thompson Vice-President Edna Mai Harvey Secretary Eula Lovelace Treasurer Earl Vennum Sponsor Members Pall Gritton J. B. GlBSON Paul Thomas J. B. Roberts Luella Waller Hugh Benson Dean Pearl Stemm Clyde Bates Dudly Burrows hobert hendrix Grace Thomas Grace Boswell Paul Brown Elizabeth Anderson Catharine Anderson Thelma Irvin Si Grades amd Primairy Departments These words I am using are not original hut very appropriate. They are the words of a great statesman, Daniel Wehster: " If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work upon brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal souls, if we imbue them with principles with the fear of God and love of fellow- man, we engrave on those tablets something which brightens old eternity. " These are the aims of the grammar school: 1. To give children a practical, useful education. 2. To train them for efficient citizenship in our democracy. 3. To promote their health and maintain their physical strength. 4. To train them to deal justly with their fellowmen. 5. To promote their happiness through their right use of leisure. 6. To give right direction to the best methods of earning a living. 7. Above all, to lead them to God while they are young and easily influenced. I am convinced more and more as the days go by that our greatest opportunity for reaching them is while they are in the primary and grammar grades. If we let them pass through these and fail to establish a good foundation to build on when they reach high school and college, we have lost our greatest opportunity, especially for establishing them in the Chris- tian faith. T „ J. D. Thrasher, Principal Grammar Grades. 52 tETX " And Paul said: as I passed by, and beheld your devotions I found an altar with this inscription: To the Unknown God, whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, Him I declare unto you. " SCHOOL OF RELIGION THE 1930 DARDA Theological Graduates A 1 1 n isterial Graduates Ezra Hendly " Fear thou not for 1 am with thee; he not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee, yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. " Isa. 41 :io. Thomas Garrett " Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth. " 2 Tim. 2:15. Joseph A. Dixon " Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us; we pray you in Christ ' s stead, be ye reconciled unto God. " II Cor. 5:20. Tn.B. Graduate Lily Sue Redford Nashville, Tennessee tssistant Librarian " To know Lily Sue is to like her, and to like her brings the realization that you have a real friend. As actions speak louder than words, the honor roll speaks well for her subjects. " " And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to 1 1 is purpose. " Romans 8:28. M.T.T I-I-M 115.-1 iJlege Theological Undergraduates Susie Allen Vera Felkar durelle shelton Arnold Kiehn Rubv Lee Dees Mary I. Wright Frank Lecgett Otis Lee Virginia Saul ( )l l 111 NMI Reece Metzger Earl Vennum Ruby Lee Dees I. mm Hi xugard Jewel Nicholson Mack M. Caldwell Arabella Balla Clyde A kins Opha Harris Ernest F. Boyer Ethel Burner Fred Sommers Sara Morrison Erma Duvall Gertrude Thetford Luella Waller Raymond G. Grayson 56 Ministerial Urn d crgraduates Donald Sitts Brenson Kelley Wade Jernigan- Ella Lovelace A. E. Kelley Vaughn Bunting Ruth Huffines Roy Shehy Elbert McKissack. Zelma Baber Dodson Waller Susan H. Penn . " red sommers Horace Howell Arvad McKissack James Moore Katharine Walling W. R. Thompson 57 THE 1930 DARDA Hi feiJ |REVECCA COLLEGE lives today because its school of reli- gion lives. It is dominated by the lofty teachings of the school of religion, and it is guided by the pure principles of the in- spired Bible. In the infinite mind of the Creator the plan for such existence lay dormant until full time for it to unfold into reality. The years have hastened in their march and have brought changes in the co urse of events. In this enlightened twentieth century there has been ushered in a new spirit of criticism. Scepticism controls the actions and infidelity permeates the thoughts. The generation that is to suc- ceed the passing one needs training in Christian principles. Who can doubt that Trevecca College came into being for such a purpose as this. The purpose of the school has been to train and mold young lives in the pattern of Christianity. It not only reaches sons and daughters of our fair Southland, but it sheds a beckoning light to those of the nation and of foreign countries. The remote sections of the earth catch the gleam of its torch and all races harken to the echo of its voice. Hon- orable students have left the sacred halls of Trevecca to spread the news of experimental salvation to the distant climes and continents. The instruction is of such character that it will not shake the faith of the weakest, nor fail to give stimulus to the strongest. All are wel- comed to find a heaven for wholesome Christian ' s growth and for prep- aration, not only as a special worker, but as a Christian citizen. Those who have the responsibility of maturing the young folk of Trevecca are fully capable. They are equipped through experience and training to lead young lives through the channels of learning. Their lives are living examples. Trevecca lifts high its standards and bids fair to become a greater blessing. Its banner waves above the sneers of sceptics and the re- proach of critics. Long may it steer clear of that which would bring reproach on the principles of the Master Architect. Susie Allen. 5 Girls ' Gle© Club ( )fficers Jewel Nicholson- President Lorine Bunting Secretary Emma Lee Brown Librarian Members Emma Lee Brown- Jewel Brooks Bertha Bruce Lor ink Bunting Jewel Cannon Lucile Cooper Frances Cooper Ruby Lee Dees Mari Ruth Dees Erma Duvall Maggie Lou English Vera Felker Bertha Gunn Amanda Gunk Mortimer Garrette Opha Harris Ruth Hi funi s Quartette Harris Nicholson English Bunting 62 Memb i-:rs Eleanora Hollister Mary Kii.gore Irma Matthews Beleta Meggs Maylene Nabors Jewel Nicholson Ivah Ramsey Willie Mae Redford Virginia Saul Perry Smith Lula Mae Smith Estelle Thetford Gertrude Thetford Lila Thrasher Luella Waller K a eherine Walling Boys ' (Glee Club Officers Floyd McKissack President Percy Dean Secretary L. D. Shelton Vice-President Reece Metzger Librarian Members E. H. Hover Vaughn Bunting Samuel Collier Thomas Dean Percy Pi w Joseph Dixon Morris Gentry hobert hendrix Ezra Hendly Clifton Irwin Brentson Kelley Howard Lane Frank Legcett Members Bresse Martin Arvard McKissack Floyd McKissack Elbert McKissack Reece Metzger Leslie Poe Burt Richardson A. A. Roberson L. D. Shelton Louis Shingler Amos Smith Kelley Thetford W. R. Thompson Quartette McKissack McKissack McKissack Roberson 63 em t — r " Musii religious heat inspires, It wakes the soul and lifts it high And wings il with sublime desires And jits il to bespeak the Deity. " What Addison said of music might be applied to the orchestra of our college. Soine of the best talent in Trevecca will probably he found in it. We believe that our orchestra is consecrated to the work of God and is in harmony with the ideaK of our school. The members have ren- dered great service in gospel work, such as play- ing at the jail, at street services, and various other places. It has also appeared in two pub- lic recitals at the college, as well as playing reg- ularly at the chapel services. Some interesting radio programs are also rendered each year as part of the orchestra ' s varied activities. Under the splendid leadership of the director, Miss Johnnie Jernigan, we can predict only the greatest success for this orchestra. Thetford Nadoks Thetford Walling 64 Parthcnian Literary Society Officers Bert Richardson President Reece U. Metzger Vice-President Sue Bess Jones Secretary Leslie C. Poe Chaplain Jewel Nicholson Chorist Arnold Kiehn Sergeant-at-Arms John Mims . . Sergeant-at-Arms A. B. Mackey Critu and Parliamentarian Pauline Alexander Ethel Burner Emma Beaugard Dr. Boyer Archie Carney Mack Caldw i i l Erma Duvall Mamie Foskey Fred Graves Opha Harris Mary Kii.core Olaf Hesson Otis Lek Frank Leggett John Mims Sara Morrison Maylene Narors Members Lina Parsons Byron Pennington Lula Mae Smith Virginia Saul Amos Smith Louis Shingler Clyde Akins Arabella Balla Gertrude Thetford Kelly Thetford J. D. Thrasher Mary Wright Alma Yarbough Wilbur Hudson Ruby Lee Dees Ellis Burns Cranford Burns Lorine Bunting Ruby Shaw Laura Brown Emma Lee Brown Earl Vennum Vera Felker Maxey Brown durell shelton Brown Susie Allen Alma W. Compton Curtis Pearson Imogene Thrasher Perry Smith Maggie Lou English Lillian Floyd Russel Smith Ruth Cornwell Athenaeum Literary Society Officers Percy Dean President Sam Collier Vice-President Marjorie File Secretary Pall Mii.lican Treasurer Zarah Teeny Sertjeant-at-Arms Members Willie Flatt Lois Hardy F.LENORA HOLLISTER Elbert McKissack ESTELLE THETFORD Mr. Roberson Cathrine Walling Mr. Thompson- Olive Wordsworth Mr. Dixon Mortimer Garrett Theodore Hudson Clifton Irwin Vaughn Bunting Curtis Gallaway Ruth Kilgore Clyde Bates R. J. Sullivan Robbie Bates Ezra Hendley Mattie Mae Blancett Edna Mae Harvey Thelma Irvin J. B. Roberts Gretchen Williamson Mr. Sommers Grace Boswell Mary Ruth Dees Myrtle Slonecker J. B. Gibson Lou Ella Waller Jack Walker 66 syne Literary lety Officers; Brenison Kelly Pre Floyd McKissack Vice-President Ivah Ramsey Recording Secretary Rogers Corresponding Secretary Bel e ta Mecgs Treasurer Mrs. E. D. Cornish Sponsor drill cordell albertson Catherine Anderson 1 Elizabeth Anderson Zelma Baber Curtis Bragan Pall Brown J. B. Cantrell Lottie Cochran Katheryn Collier Mazelle Copeland Lyndell Cornwell Hugh Benson Dean Members Morris Gentry Thomas Dean Paul Gritton Ralph Halliburton Hobert Hendrix Jeanette Sprinkle Marvin Hodce Ruth Huffines Earlie Jordan Everett Kelly Annie Pearl Lent , Ella Lovelace Bresse Martin Ruby Maxey Arvard McKissack Alice Milligan Est a Mims James Moore Susan Penn Wilie Mae Redford Roy Shehi Pearle Stemm G retch e n Williamson THE 1930 BAPTOA To the members of the Trevecca Improvement League who have spared neither time, money nor sacrifice in order that our Alma Mater might be improved, we leave this page of our annual as a token of our gratitude and appre- ciation. i Mrs. C. E. Hardy President Mrs. R. B. Dunbar Vice-President Mrs. T. E. Hale Corresponding Secretary Mrs. W. L. SMITH Recording Secretary Mrs. Tim H. Moore Treasurer Mrs. N. W. Moore (J hair nan of If ays and Means Committee 69 Pro and Con Debating Club Officers Thomas Dean President Ezra Hendley Vice-President Wii.ue Mae Redford Secretary Paul Milligan Treasurer The Pro and Con Debating Club was organized by a group of Trevecca High School students with the aid of the High School prin- cipal during the school year of i928- ' 29. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in public speaking and debating, to cultivate ability in these subjects, to foster school pride in intellectual pursuits, and to promote fellowship and good sportsman- ship among its members. The members of the club drew up a con- stitution by which the club was to be governed. This club is composed of a select number (20) of high school stu- dents of Trevecca College who are able to comply with the entrance requirements and who shall be elected by two-thirds vote of the mem- bers voting at any regular meeting. This club has already enrolled its limited number of members, and thev have put on a number of interesting debates this year. We feel that the club is on the road to success and with the help of our able sponsor we expect to accomplish much through the debating club in the future. ESTELLE ThETFORD. 70 THE 1930 DARDA Trevecca Athletic Association Officers Sam Collier President Clifton Irwin Vice-President Catherine Collier Treasurer Willie Dale Flatt Secretary Fred Floyd Sponsor Frank Leggett Kelly Thetford Arnold Kiehn Sam Collier Billy Irwin Ellis Burns Cranford Burns Harry Saul 1 ' i i Martin Members Catherine Walling Mazelle Copeland Fred Sommers Ralph Halliburton Maylene Nabors John Mims Elenora Hollister Lois Hardy Howard Lane Esta Mims Morris Gentry Clyde Bates J. B. Gibson Bresse Martin Wesley Kutch Theodore Hudson Ezra Hendly ' Clifton Gallaway The Trevecca Athletic Association has been organized si m e 1927 and lias been very suc- cessful in its many activities. Its members have set their aim to promote wholesome recreation for the boys and girls of Trevecca College, to have sports and games that will be in harmony with the spirit and ideas of the school. Good fellowship, sportsmanship, clean thoughts and habits are maintained by its members at all times. This year the association is backing two excellent basket ball teams — the high school and the college teams. Both teams — the high school and college — have played well thus far and are looking forward to one of their best seasons. Tennis is another of the principal sports encouraged by the school and association. Our tennis club is made up of a very enthusiastic bunch of " racketeers. " The club is planning sev- eral tennis tournaments in the early spring to take place on our own courts. As yet track has not played a very important part in our athletic activities, but in the future it is hoped that we can encourage and boost our sprinters. We have some good mate- rial and if developed we could display a crack track team. The association is greatly encouraged by the growing enthusiasm of our student body. We believe that the Trevecca Athletic Association is not only an organization to be enjoyed by a few, but one in which every student ma) have a part. Clifton Irwin. 7 ' 72 THE 1930 DAKDA l.H.I Hit . Y.Y.V.T.- T. L. A. BAUMAN AND SON Men ' s Wear That Men Wear 2905 Broad Streel h.i Hickory , Tenn. 117-1K Churcli Srec( R. L. Patton Son 2313 GALLATIN ROAD Phone 3-4171-M The PI ace for G ood Shoe Repairing All Work Guaranteed Goods Called For and Delivered COOLEY ' S BOOK SHOP We Buy and Sell Second Hand Books 185 Eighth Ave., N. Compliments of NASHVILLE COAL COMPANY Banner Barber Shop C. D. ANDERSON, Prop. Ezra Hendly — " What is wrong. Robert? " Robert Yates — " I burned my band in this hot water. " Ezra Hendly — " Serves you right, you simp. Why didn ' t you feel the water before you put our hand into it ? " Mr. Shelly — " I ' d face death for you, dear! " Zelma Ba1 er — ••Why didn ' t you face thai bulldog yesterday? " Mr. Shehy— " He wasn ' t (lend. " Klip, it McKissac]; — " I ' ve added these figures up ten times. " Professor Cornish — " Fine! Fine! " Elbert — " And here are the ten answers. " Maylene Xabors — " What would you give for a voice like mine? " Mazelle t ' opeland — " Chloroform ! " Clifton Irwin — " This is absolutely the worst recitation I ever heard. I ' ve recited at least two-thirds of it myself. " Sam Collier — " Will you shave one side of my lace lor a dime? " Barber — " Certainly, which side shall I shave ? " Sam Collier — " The outside. " Frank Leggett — " How long can a person live without brains? " Professor Shute — " I don ' t know. How old are you? " • Otis Lee (dreamily) — " Spring is the time for love. " Arnold Kiehn — ' Will, it s not so bad during the other seasons either. " Mr. Metzger — " If your light, door or window is out of order, hang it on my file. " Bert Richardson — " Why is it. Emma Lee, that all fat people are so good-natured? " Emma Let — " Probably because it takes them so long to get mad clear through. " Mr. Sitts — " Is there any danger in dyeing one ' s hair? " Theodore Hudson — " I should say there Is. My uncle in Walker county did that once and within three months he was married to a widow with ten children. " • • » Professor Floyd — " Mary Ruth, why are you late? " Mary Ruth Dees — " Class started before I got there. " THE 1930 DAKDA i.v.y.v We pay cash for houses and lots in all parts of the city, either business or resi- dence property. We also buy Real Estate Notes. See us if you wish to buy, sell, or trade. Quick, efficient, and courteous service guaranteed. BRANSFORD REALTY CO., Inc. LARGEST REAL ESTATE OPERATORS IN THE CITY Capital, 1,700,000.00 Telephone 6-5131 ENDICOTT- JOHNSON SHOE STORE Collegiate F oottuear at Popular Prices 608 CHURCH STREET NASHVILLE NASHVILLE RAILWAY AND LIGHT COMPANY Where 1,200 employes are striving diligently to render Faithful, Efficient and Courteous Public Service in fulfillment of our pledge to you. DR. ERNEST F. BOYER PALMER GRADUATE CHIROPRACTOR " The Science That Gets You Well " Call 3-3249-M 942 Strouse Avenue THE 1930 DAKDA LOU C05T L F£ INSURANCE A. W. McMANUS 618 Fourth and First National Bank Building The P rudentia 1 I nsurance Co. of America Home Office, NEWARK, N. J. Compliments of First Nazarene Churc b 510 Woodland Street Rkv. H. H. Wise, Pastor Sunday School 9 :3o A M. Preaching 10:45 A - M - and 7:30 p M. N. Y. P. S 6:30 p M. Prayer Meeting.... Wednes day, 7 130 P M. Compliments of Robert Orr Co. Distributors of HERMITAGE BRAND FOOD PRODUCTS Compliments OF NASHVILLE BANNER FULCHER BROS. Electric Work 113 Fourth Avenue, North BANNER DRY CLEANERS L. C. ANDERSON, Proprietor Ladies ' Work a Specialty Press While You Wait EAGAN BROTHERS HOME OF FRESH MEATS, GROCERIES, SANDWICHES AND COLD DRINKS PHONE 3-0868 1508 GALLATIN PIKE THE 1930 BABOA , 1 111 sa aa J. W. McCord Optical and Jewelry Co. CORNER FIFTH AVENUE and DEADERICK ST. NASHVILLE, TENN. Eyes Scientifically Examined Frames Correctly Fitted J. W. McCORD 25 Years Experience L. G. McCORD J. T. McCORD If not able to come to the Office, Telephone 6-0304 Oculist Prescriptions Filled Terms If Desired Member Nashville Academy of Optometry WE OFFER THOROUGH, STANDARD COURSES IN SHORTHAND, BOOKKEEPING, TYPEWRITING, BUSI- NESS SPELLING, SECRETARIAL WORK, ETC. NASHVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE 225 Capitol Boulevard NASHVILLE, TENN. QUALITY EAT MORE PURITY PRODUCTS NASHVILLE PURE MILK CO. SAFETY SERVICE GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2518 Gallatin Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A Church of Prayer and Vision You are invited to attend our services. A hearty welcome awaits you. Preaching: 10:45 A.M. and 7:30 P.M. Midweek Prayer Meeting Wed. 7:30 P.M. Jno. 3:7 — Marvel not that I said unto thee. Ye must be born again. 1st Pet. 1:15-16 — But as He nhich hatli called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Be- cause it is writ en, Be ye holy; for I am holy. REV. J. E. GAAR Pastor W. F. M. S. OUR OBJECTIVE: More prayer for a lost world — more information about our mission fields — more funds for their evangelization. SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 A.M. And these words, which I command thee, shall be in thine hea t: And thou shall teach them diligently unto thy children. — Deut. 6:6-7. K- Y- v. s. ALWAYS A WELCOME FOR TREVECCA STUDENTS kJOO usic Spiritual Programs " Nashville ' s Own Department Store " STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT COMPLIMENTS OF SWEENEY FUNERAL HOME J. H. SWEENEY, President MORTICIANS AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 3-0079 321 Woodland Street MAYTAG ALUMINUM WASHER " Doesn ' t Sell Itself, Don ' t Keep It " PHONE FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATION DIXIE MAYTAG CO. Phone 6-6231 193 Eighth Avenue, North MAPLEWOOD COAL CO. KENTUCKY, TENNESSEE, AND JELLICO COAL Right Noiv Service H. L. SLONECKER, Manager A. W. SLONECKER, Sec.-Treas. Phone 3-3203 WOOD DRUG CO. Prescription Specialist Where Sjiality and Service Prevail Prompt Delivery Curb Service Phones: 3-0910 and 3-9127 2513 GALLATIN ROAD Tim H. Moore Co. Fire, Automobile and Life INSURANCE Phone 6-4812, 3-0371 Where a definite policy guar- antees you the Lowest Price in the city and quality maintained at the highest level at all times. Phone 6-0879 We Save You Money Beesley Furniture Company FURNITURE, STOVES, RANGES RUGS Everything for the Home Would Be Glad to Open An Account With You 821-223 Broadwaj Nashville, Teiui. " MATRIX " SHOES Are worn by thousands of students and teachers everywhere. Unequaled for style, comfort and quality. BELL ' S BOOTERIES 504 Church Street M If d i h k i 4 ziM i«1 : i ' . H i V„ I KA Quality Wearing Apparel At Lower Prices It H. ALLEN A. L. W 1 1 ITFI K f.I Allen-Whitneld Paint and Glass Co. Pratt and Lambert ' s Varnish and Stains Lowe Bros. ' Products Phone 6-6211 407 Church St. Nashville, Tenn. H enry McL am General Merchandise We Appreciate Your Patronage Phone 3-4171-M 2315 Gallatin Pike NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE THE 1930 BAROA W. G. THUSS Photographer Origina 1 ' THUSS " Studio Established 1873 217 Fifth Ave., N. Nashville, Tennessee EAST NASHVILLE DRY CLEANERS Plant: 2404 Gallatin Road Office: 9 South Fifth Street Phone 3-2896 Phone 3-0251 GAS- The Cleanest, Most Reliable and Efficient Source o f Heat f o? Refrigeration, Cookery, w ater H eating, jpace H eating, Washing, Drying and Ironing Cloth es Recent inventions and scientific developments in the manufacture of appliances for the utilization of gas in the service of the home now make gas just as up-to-date as radio in the many new services it performs in the household. Gas is now the most modern agent for refrigerating food, cooking, and disposing of garbage, providing instant hot water, insuring comfortable house temperature at all seasons, and for washing, drying, and ironing clothes under home conditions of maximum cleanliness. NASHVILLE GAS HEATING CO. THE 1930 DAKDA Compliments of N Y. P. S. FIRST CHURC H OF THE NAZARENE Our aim is to know Him and make Him known. We Appreciate the Students Worship- ing With Us SMART APPAREL EXQUISITE LINENS ELEGANT GIFTS LUNCHEONETTE jfeivman Dnyci islcilfilxium inc. 61! -fi ' U Church Street Phone 6-0502 New Home WEST PRINTING CO. 117 Fifth Avenue, North Always Glad to Show You JOHNSON . JOHNSON Men ' s and Boys ' Outfitters A. L. GOLDBERG SON LUMBER 139 FIFTH AVENUE, SOUTH Phone 6-1685 WHITE TRUNK 8c BAG COMPANY 609 Church St. 21 Arcade Compliments of Bradford Furniture Mfg. Co. Known in Nashville Over 40 Years 168-170 Third Avenue, North Maxwell House Shoe Co. Established 1S69 " The Nettleton Shop ' FINK FOOT WEAR Nashville. Tennessee Compliments of Smothermon Drug Co. Seymour and Gallatin Pike IN APPRECIATION OF BUSINESS SENT TO US McEwen s Laundry " Dependable for 49 Years " THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ENSOtsI PRINTING CO. NASHVILLE, COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS 766SJ 5556 .T75 1$3£L yT@OR ■PftWBCCA TJA7.AT .W. COLLEGE TITLE TTWo T)a-rcia_ Special LD 5356 • T75 1930 c. 2 Trevecca Nazarene College The Darda

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