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» if " . iH I ' -L IP I I Esa P i ■I : i : ■ ; HP! i Hh Bn ' Hi i pan II sk dl I C- r-L-.- ■ ! ,, ! 1 :i| ' i " l| i i 1 m :n i " ii m r.T . i. fa£A i ' ' NiNW u ! ' ir r - " - II iPllill llllllLlilllll [t — THE DARDA Volume V 1929 H. R. Pierce Eililor-in-Chief H. C. Johnson Business Manager Published bx THE STUDENTS OF TREVECCA COLLEGE Nashville, Tennessee M 4 i - r ■ ■ ' " ■«! : 1! i i I § y . 5: ' ? iiitiLliLi:diliL !iilililA-diLLiiL P Jttl MACKEY LIBRARY IREVECCA NAZARENE C0U.E8E HE most interesting things to be found in a school are the personages of which it is com- posed. Since we are interested primarily in per- sons, and only secondarily in what they do, the ma- jor part of this volume consists of the likenesses of persons, both individually and collectively. For the same reason we include herein only a few lit- erary productions that will be able to withstand the " fiery darts " of its critics. We frankly confess that an attempt has been made to tell the whole truth, but beyond this we waive responsibility and admit that there may be some exaggeration in both photographs and language. We now desire to offer a word of thanks to those who so willingly co-operated in compiling this annual. Take it and keep it. But we hope that once in a while you will remove it from the shelf, brush the dust from its covers, and by turning its pages be able to live again the good old days spent at T. C. DEDICATION TO DR. A. O. HENRICKS Who was untiring in his efforts toward the upbuilding of our Alma Mater while serving it in the capacity of president, and who, during that time, held aloft a banner of high ideals and Christian ethics. Darda Staff II. R. Pierce Editor Myrtle Barney -Issistant Editor H. C. Johnson .... Business Manager Doris Lalande . .Issistant Business Manager A. B. Mackev Faculty Councilor Members Earl Vennum Beryle King Elizabeth Robv Willie Flatt Elizabeth Hardy Arnold Kiehn Leonard Rozzell IT FRONT VERANDA INTERIOR VIEWS — Chapel, Students ' Room, Laboratory, Library, Dining Hai.i. President s Message REVECCA COLLEGE is a child of providence, " was a much used ex- pression of the founder of this institution. He often said that he never in- tended to start a college, or a school of any kind, hut that the Lord thrust it upon him. Let us then as members of the faculty, and as a student body, never forget the divine call of the founder of this institution. We should always re- member that we are not dealing with a mere human organization, but with that which God has given to the present generation. Trevecca College has passed through several crises: The first was the loss of its founder just at the time it was making an important change in location. The sec- cud and third were due to the crushing weight of debt made by the purchase of the present location and the erection of the two new brick buildings. From all of these Trevecca has come out safely. Very few if any like institutions are able to point to a better record than that of your school. You have a heritage which is not to be hoarded but is to be given posterity in a better condition than that in which you receive it. The success of the school in the future largely depends upon the present student body; a school is sold to the public by its student body. You are to be samples of its finished product. There are other things however which will help Trevecca to be successful. Its location alone promises great things in the future; it is acknowledged by many that the south-land is the coming section of the United States. With her debts all arranged for, with all departments standardized, and with prospects for a good endowment, it is possible for Trevecca to train her students in such a way that they will be able to compete with students from larger schools. As students you should be thankful for the extraordinary circumstances of your life. Your future success is made possible by the training you are now receiving, but in the midst of success do not lose sight of the vision that your schools has for you. Let nothing turn you from the Holy purpose which was in the mind of God when he inspired the founder to start such an institution. Keep before you the same pur- pose as that which was held by those who have labored, suffered, sacrificed, and toiled in the heat of the day in order that there might be a school which would exalt God before creed, and would place experimental salvation above dogma. Ever keep in mind that posterity is depending on you to be true to the heavenly vision you received while here. Keep an eye single to His glory. He alone is to receive all your strength, all of your thoughts, and all your heart ' s deepest affections. Let skeptics doubt, agnostics question, infidels throw their sarcastic slurs, and modernists make fun of your belief in a personal God, but ever be true to Him who loved you with an unspeakable love. Go through the world in poverty if needs be that you may be rich in the Christian graces. Count your life ' s profits only by the way you have enriched others. Never call your life a success only as it is measured by the souls you have won for Him and by the way you have encouraged God ' s own in the way of life. Remember that the church and faculty have invested their time, talent, and treasure in you and that they look for their dividends only as you invest them in others R. J. Kelly, Vice-President Colonel R. J. Kelly, Vice-President and Financial Director, is also head of the Department of Mathematics. Colonel Kelly holds the B.S. degree from Ruskin-Cave College, the M.A. degree from Vanderbilt University, and has completed most of the work for the Ph.D. degree at Peabody College. Beginning in the public schools of Mississippi when a mere Lad, he climbed, step by step, to a place in the front ranks of school men. For years he was associated with Dr. R. E. Smith in the management of Ruskin-Cave College. Later he was officially connected with some of the leading Methodist schools in the South. He has lilled practically every official position con- nected with a college. And last, but not least, he is entirely free from any taint of " higher criticism " or " evolution. " In marked contrast, his students are established and " built up in their most holy faith. " Under his wise management the financial condition of the college has been much improved. He seems to have the rare ability to make .1 small amount of money go a long way. 16 ' b .?%f f . d 7 DARDA 19 2 9 Faculty H. H. Wise Bible Miss Ruth Harris, B.Mus. Dean of Finr Arts, J ' oice H. G. Stuneck, A.B. Church History Theology Mrs. Maude Allen Stuneck, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Head of Extension Department, Special Lecturer Mrs. Minnie J. Ellinwood, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Greek, Philosophy, Ethics 17 Faculty C. H. Hurd, B.L., M.A. Librarian, History, Social Si nine C. W. Shltf. A.B., B.O., M.A. Psychology , Education A. B. Mack i v. A.B., MA. Dean of College, French, Economics Mrs. C. H. Hurd, B.A., M.A. Chemistry, Biology Mr. Albert Puntney, A.H., M.A. English, E xp rcss i o n 18 Faculty .Mrs. Hazel Mitchi m Ross. I J.I,. Science, Home Economics .Miss Sadie Agnew, A.B. Mathematics Harold Chapman, A.B. Latin, French Miss Jessie Basford, L.I. English, Mathematit s Fred Floyd, A.B., B.L. Principal High School, History, English 19 Faculty Mother Math er ( )dell Dean nf Women Mrs. Annie G. Jones Primary Department Johnny J ernigan Piano, Violin J. I). Thrasher Principal Grammar School Elizab et h Slon el k er Piano 20 (enior CI ass Edward Hardy NASHVILLE, TEW. President Senior Cla Chorus: Glee Club; Athletic Assoi 1 Itl-Il " My wealth is health and perfect ease; My conscience clear my chief defense; I neither seek by bribe to please Nor by deceit to breed offense Thus do I live, tiius nill I die. " Elizabeth Rom MIAMI, FLA. Vice-President Senior Class; Darda Staff; Christian Workers ' Association; Glee Club; Chorus; Gir ' .s ' Quartette; Parthenian Literary Society " She hath a heart to conceive. In understanding to direct, I tongue to persuade, And hands to execute. " 22 emor CI ass ( rAINER FOSKEY ADRIAN , C., . Parthenian Literary Society " (■ is one who will never bow Ins head to adversity but will hush on, unconquer- able to his zenith. " ( irEN EVIEVE BOUGHTON ATLANTA, R A. Secretary Senior Class; Philomathean Lit- erary Societ " Dignity formed a mask for her, hut mirth I urked underneath. " 23 Senior Reed Pierce NASHVILLE, TENN Editor Darda Staff; Glee Club; Chorus; Parthenian Literary Society " A man interested in student affairs; a man iv io is respected by all who know him; one who merits the confidence of all. " Class Elizabeth Hardy NASHVILLE, TEN ' N Philomathean Literary Society; Chorus; Darda ' Staff " Our mm, Is cannot grasp them, our prns lannot spell, Her virtues the master alone ran tell. " 2 oenior CI ass Leslie Poe Myr ru; B uiney CLEVELAND, MISS. SHREVEPORT, LA. Christian Workers Association; Parthenian Secretary to President; Assistant Editor Literary Society; Glee Club; Chorus Darda Staff; Philomathean Literary Socie- ty; Girls ' Quartette; Chorus; Glee Club. " Tho ' modesty on his unembarrassed brow nature has written, ' Gentleman. ' " " Age cannot wither, nor custom stair he) infinite variety. " 25 Senior Class Beatrice Denslow ASHTABULA, Of 1 10 Philomathean Literary Society; Christian Worker Association " Success is ln ' rs iv io says little, hears much, and thinks deeply. " Sarah Robinson DOVER, TENN. Parthenian Literary Society; Christian Workers Association " Of honest worth; truly one on whom you can depend. " 26 (enior CI ass LlLLIE Sl ' F REDFORD NASHVILLE, I ' ENN Philomathean Literary Society; Christian Workers Association; Assistant to Librarian " True, strong, determined; a girl of im- pose destined to bless Immunity. " Lucille Frost MONTEVELLO, ALA. Assistant to Librarian; Philomathean Lit- erals Society; Christian Workers Associa- tion " The secret of success is constancy through purpose. " 27 enior CI ass Linus Jackson JASPER, ALA. College Chorus; Glee Club; Philomathean Literary Society. " A smile for all, a greeting glad, m amiable, jolly way she . " Virginia Hines science hill.. kv Parthenian Literary Society; College Chorus; Glee Club. " If cheerfulness be counted the measure of success, then she is a millionaire. " CI ass Pegram RICH MOM), KV. Philomathean Literary Society; Chairman oi the Labor Hureau. " One who has aeted ixell tin- roles of student, pastor, husband, father, .1 rare achievement. " Clyde Morris LYONS, OA. Clarence Smith HAGAN, C, A. 29 College Juniors Motto ' . He conquers who conquers himself. Officers Ruby Shaw President Russell Smith Vice-President Johanna Koenen Secretary PRESTON Pirtle Treasurer Sue Bess Jones Ethel McGee Pocahontas Wot ford Emma Lee Brown Jessie Lee Taylor Susie Allen- Clyde Akin Mr. Sufi. ids Mr. Ayers Members Ak bella Bai I A Lucille Gibson Ethel Glano K am i a Jamerson Durell Shelton Ellis Burns Cranford Burns Mrs. W. H. Com p i on Miss Bunion- Mr. Ernie Miller Curtis Pearson 1 ' i-rri Smith Earl Vknnum vera i e 1 k i k Mr. Oiis Lee Maggie Lou English Imogene Thrasher Laura Brow n Mr. Willard Legge it H ome What greater word than " Home " could be called to our memory. Our minds fail to compre- hend the greatness, or the sweetness of this word. It has truly been said, " the first sure symptom of a mind in health is rest at heart and pleasure at home. " Thousands have left it determined to forget it, and face life ' s problem ' 3 alone, but a native love has remained to reveal their mistake. How sad it is to part with home and assume the responsibilities o f an individual life. Our homes may have been located on one of nature ' s wonder sports but that is not the thing which made them great. Living there is what made the place great. It was at home that we learned our first lessons of obedience, respect, self-restraint, loyalty, and charity, and when we have failed to give heed to those precepts our characters have been marred. Our mother ' s pray- ers have followed our pathway like our shadows follow us. The moral lessons that we learned while hanging to her apron strings have carried us safely through the struggle while thousands of others have been swept into the tide of sin by the evil influence of their environment. The fact that our homes were places of high morals and ideals, places of co-operation, places of love and Christian teaching made them wonderful places in which to live. Our nation has derived all its powers from the American home. If our homes fail to produce real, true, honest citizens our nation is doomed. Let us, therefore, as an American nation strive with zeal and honest toil to keep our homes on the high plains of American principles and standards. ,, Cranford Burns. College Class Will Preamble : We, the Senior College Class, of the State of Achievement, County of Liberty, and of the Campus of Trevecca, being of sound, disposing, and intellectually trained minds, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by us made, at any time, or any codicil to any Will by us made at any time. Beql ests : First: We give and bequeath to our honored faculty the inalienable right to make, institute, revise, set aside, suspend or otherwise enforce any and all rule ' - and enactments by them deemed necessary for the guidance, protection and disciplining of our successors, assigns, and heirs of training forever. Second: We and each of us severally and jointly do give and bequeath our holdings, personal or class belongings of any nature whatsoever, which we now have or hold, whether by purchase, inheritance, habits of study or borrowing, at the time of our graduation in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred Twenty-nine, and in the sixth month of the aforesaid year, to wit: (a) Reed Pierce does hereby give and bequeath to one Clyde Morris his " Reserved Dis- position. " ( ;) Elizabeth Hardy gives and bequeaths to Emma Lee Brown her queenly poise and elastic step. (c) Edward Hardy gives and bequeaths to Clarence Lee Smith his valued interest in the Philomathean Literary Society. (J) Leslie Claude Poe gives and bequeaths to Russell Smith his sonorous voice, which may be used econ omically, either for high tenor singing or in persuading the Mississippi herd of swine to desist from spending undue time in the Delta at the close of each " mast " day. (e) Sarah Robinson gives and bequeaths to Jessie Taylor her a hi ity to sleep through an entire history class. (f) Genevieve " jinks " Houghton gives and bequeaths to Maggie Lou English her precision and dignity, and as well, the old famil} lipstick, which has been in constant use during her stay at Trevecca. {g) Virginia " Sis " Hines gives and bequeaths to the (ilee Club her ability to " pitch " " M Old Kentucky Home, " and her disposition to deposit with the Lost and Found Department any misplaced article. ( ) Charles F. Pegram gives and bequeaths to Durrell Shelton his " full line " of poetic bombast, and his power to make strangers feel welcome and to see that " everybody ' s looked after. " (i) Beatr ice Denslow gives and bequeaths to Johanna Koenen her ability to be seen and not heard, and her " sight-singing " accomplishments to Lucille Gibson. (;) Mrs. Myrtle Barney gives and bequeaths to Perry Smith her " red-headed disposition. " {k) Lucille Frost gives and bequeaths to Araballa Balla her " bad " heart, " tangled nerves " on examinations and test days, as well as her full and unhampered ability to vamp the boys; all of which would be excess baggage en route to India. ( ) Lillie Sue Redford gives and bequeaths to Juanita Jamerson her " queenly pace, and mournful face. " ( ) Gainor Foskey gives and bequeaths to Preston Pirtle his philosophical turn of mind. ( i) Elizabeth Roby gives and bequeaths to Ruby Shaw her " magnetic personality " and " practical psychology. " (o) Linus Jackson gives and bequeaths to Susie Allen her " million dollar " smile. Executor : We, and each of us, concurring and agreeing, do hereby nominate and appoint Dean Alex- ander Benjamin Mackey, as executor of this our last Will and Testament. All claims for tran- script, caps and gowns (diploma charges included) should be presented to him. Witness our hands and seal this the day of graduation. (Signed) Senior Class, Junior College. Charles F. Pegram, Attorney-in-Fact. 32 Th. B. Graduates Dorris Lalande PASADE N , CAL. Assistant Teacher Parthenian Literary Society; Darda Staff; Christian Workers Association " And we knoiv that all tilings work together for good in them that love (linl, to them who are the called according to Ins purpose. " — Rem. 8:28. Charles Pegram RICHMOND, KY. Philomathean Literary Society; Christian Workers Association " Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needetli not In be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. " — Tim. 2:15. Byrle King Christian Workers Association; Darda Staff; Philomathean Literary Society; Chorus; Glee Club " Trust in the lord with till thine heart; and Iran not unto thine own understanding. " — Proverbs 3 15. 3+ w DARDA 19 2 9 The School of Religion HE School ot Religion is the department in Trevecca College which trains Christian workers, and serves as a theological seminary for the church. Theology comes from two Greek words meaning " God " and " discourse. " It follows then, that theology is a discourse on God and divine things. This science teaches the Evidences, Doctrines, Morals, and Institutions of Christianity. It teaches the existence, character and attributes of God, His laws and government, the doc- trines we are to believe, and the duties we are to practice. It reveals the divine will regarding our actions, present existence and future destiny. In reference to its source: It is distinguished as " natural " and " revealed " theology. The former relating to the knowledge of God from His works by the light of nature and reason; the latter sets forth the doctrines of the Holy Scriptures which were revealed to holy men who were inspired to write them. Our School of Religion seeks to teach the whole extent ot religious science as it is divided into its tour classes, namely: History of Christian doctrine, Interpretation of the Scriptures, a systematic arrangement of the great truths of religion and the practice of its precepts. To this end courses and teachers are pro- vided to meet the needs of our growing church. We offer courses under four divisions, A, B, C, and I). Courses A and I) meet the requirements for ordination. A can he completed with three years of residence work, and D is offered by correspondence. H is a well organized course which re- quires tour years ' residence work, but on completion of this course the students are awarded diplomas of graduation from hoth the accredited High School and the The- ological Department. Course C is also a combination course, but one that requires three years of residence work in advance of the High School graduation, and meets the requirements for graduation from the Junior College and also from the School of Religion with a Bachelor of Theology degree. The advantages of these courses make possible the saving of several hundred dollars and additional years of work to students whose time and means are limited. Professors in this department, by their ripe scholarship, teaching experience and tlie baptism with the Holy Spirit are second to none in training soul-winners for their life ' s work. Our students have gone everywhere preaching the gospel until — " The Sun Never Sets on Trevecca Students. " Rev. Chas. F. Pegram. M lnisteria 1 G raduates Robert Carr NASHVILLE, TEN N. Christian Workers Association: Glc - Club; Chorus; Philomathean Literary Society " Hut s : ek ye firs! ! ■ kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you. " — Mat. 3:33. Reece Metzger OLNEY, ILL. christian Workers Association; M nem osynr Lit rary Society; Glee t ' luli. Chorus " Commit thy works unto the Laid, and thy thoughts shall be established. " — Prov. 10 :13. Roy Sheehy Christian Workers Association; Philomathean Literary Society " There is therefore no condemnation to them w iich are in Christ Jesus, iuho ivalk not alter the flesh, but after the Spirit. " — Rom. 1 :i8. TH EOLOGY I XDERGR ADU ATES 37 i High School Seniors Arnold Kiehm PASADENA, CAI.. President Senior Class; President Athenaeum Literary Society; Darda Staff; olee Club " Friend and student, torn pounded viitJi mirth and fun and nuithal a man. " Lottie Pierce NASHVILLE, TENN. Vice-President Senior Class; Secretary Athenaeum Literary Society; Class Poet " . perfect unman nobly planned To warm, to comfort, and com maud. " 40 High School Seniors Susie Turner NASHVILLE, TENN. Secretarj Senna Class; Glee Club; Athenaeum Literary Society; Chorus; Athletic Association " worry were the whole cause of death, then I should livf forever. " Amos Smith. Jr. NASHVILLE, TENN. " lie offers friendship ami appreciation in all. " Marguerite Weaver NASHVILLE, TENN. Vice-President Athenaeum Literary Society; Secretary Senior Class; Chorus; Gl€ Association. " Her personality shines in her eyes. " 41 High School Seniors Lois Houston ' RUTHERFORD, TENN. Mnemosyne Literary Society " Sincerity is a true mark of success. " Reece Metzer OLNEY, ILL. Mnemosyne Literary Society; Christian Workers Association; Glee Club; chorus " A u:isc old oicl lived in an oak; The more he saiv, the less he spoke; The less he spoke, the more he heard; Why can ' t we he like that old bird? " Mammie Foskey Athenaeum Literary Society " None hut herself can he her equal. " 4-i High School Seniors Christine McLain NASHVILLE, TENN. Mnemosyne Literary Society; Athletic Association. " the eye was made for seeing, T!ien beauty is its own excuse for being. " Ethel Cannon NASHVILLE, TENN. Mnemosyne Literary Society. " She ' ll bring with her a joy divine, .III that ' s oii,l and all that ' s kind. " Jewell Brooks NASHVILLE, TENN. Athenaeum Literary Society; Chorus; Athletic Association. " It is tranquil people who accomplish much. " 43 High School Seniors Lois Floyd CEDAR SPRINGS, GA. Athenaeum Literary Society; Athletic Association. " Sober, quiet, passive and demure, Our of those friends of whom you arc always surf. Lin a Parsons NEW MARTINSVILLE, W. VA. Mnemosyne Literary Society. " A quiet, unassuming girl of sterling worth. " Lois McManus NASHVILLE, TENN. Mnemosyne Literary Society. " Small packages are those most precious. " High School Seniors Mack M. Caldwell NASHVILLE, TENN. Parlimentarian Athenaeum Literary Society. " hi soul sincere, in action faithful, in honor clear. " Jane Porta Turner NASHVILLE, TENN. Club; Athenaeum Literary Society; Chorus; Christian Workers Association; College Nurse. " Here ' s to a girl tuith a heart ami smile Who makes the bubbles of life worthwhile. ' Mary Kilgore NASHVILLE, TENN. Athenaeum Literary Society; chorus; Glee Club. " Quirt in appearance, is.ith motives unknown. " 45 DARDA 19 2 9 Senior Class Poem Dear Senior (J lass of ' 29, W e now four years have anchored been II ithin this harbor so secure, But we today must " Farewell, " say To all we love, and go our way. l is true as on life ' s sea we go, Our vessels frail so oft will meet Both dashing leaves and rushing winds, But these our barques will not beset, If on the goal our eyes are set. So, courage take my dearest friends. If hili rowing o ' er the treach ' ous deep And fear not men nor demons bold For Christ our Risen Lord is near To bless, to comfort, and to cheer. The throbbing pains which we shall feel; The aching heart that we shall know; The binding tears that ' ll dim our eyes; If ill fade away to be no more II hen safe we anchor on that shore. So set your sails, and onward steer, And faithful, loyal, firm, and true Strive through the future years to be. Till in that hav ' n fair we meet. And cast our sheaves at Jesus ' feet. Lottie Pierce 4 ' - DARDA J. M§M r 19 2 9 — L GE — High School Juniors Officers Willie Flatt President Ezra Hendley Vice-President W ii. lie Mae Reihokd Secretary Thomas Dean Treasurer Members Fred Allen Curtis Galloway Beleta Meggs Catherine Collier Elenora Hollister Alvin Smith Percy Dean Arlease Kino Fred Sommers Marjorie Fite Helen Holmes Ruin Taylor — ■ _lf High School Sophomores Officers Leonard Rozzeli President Billy Rogers Vice-President Dan Hardy Secretary and Treasurer Members Lyndell Cornwell Marion Johnson Chester Hardy Una Ramsey Olive Wordsworth Conley Sanders Ivah Ramsey Dan Williams Robert Yates Martha Jones Edwin Patmore Loys Ellyson Grace Clancy Andrew Minton Paul Milligan 48 1| H. S. F reshman Roll Officers Brenson Kelley President Lois Hardv Vice-President A. E. Kelley Secretary Marvin Hodge Treasurer Members Ralph Halliburton Nell Cox George Smith Charles Curl Wanda M. Bennington Barring Morrison R. J. Sullivan Crocket Boston Helen Babcock Clifton Galloway 49 m DARDA 19 2 9 GIRLS GLEE CLUB COLLEGE CHORUS D A R D A 19 2 9 a Poets ' C orner His Will My will, dear Lord, from Thine doth run Too oft a different way; ' Tis hard to say. " Thy will be done, " In every darkened day. My heart grows chill to see Thy will Turn all life ' s gold to gray. My will is set to gather flowers; Thine blights them in my hand; Mine reaches for life ' s sunny hours. Thine leads through shadowland; And all my days go on in ways I cannot understand. Yet more and more this truth doth shin. from failure and from loss. The will that runs transverse from Thine Doth thereby make its cross. Thine upright will cuts straight and still Through pride and dream and dross. But if, in parallel to Thine, My will doth meekly run All things in Heaven and earth are mine; My will is crossed by none, Thou are in inc. and 1 in Thee; Thy will — and mine — are done. Trevecca Out of the happy golden past A whisper entiles to me. ' Tis a voice of Holy Gladness. ' Tis an echo from T. C. O ' er the years that are passed ,md yon, My saddened heart rejoices For in my dreamy reverie I hear familiar voices. They come like the dawn of the morning. And carry me back o ' er the years. Where each shared a part of my gladness. And each sympathized in my tears. No newly friends tho royal Can the memory of these erase, For deep in my heart each student Fills a separate and sacred place. But since I ' m only dreaming My heart breathes out a sigh For the years have come like a robber And broken each sacred tie. Tho each sacred tie is broken And each dear friend is gone. The memory of T. C. lingers To gladden my life along. wtlltf. flatt Little Orphan Annie At Trevecca Mrs. Odell has come to Trevecca to stay. To watch us boys and girls all thru the day. To show us girls just how to dust and sweep And not to leave our clothes all in a heap. And all us kids, when our lessons are done We like to have a little fun; Hut we have to watch to see whose about ' ' ause Mrs. Odell ' ll get you if you don ' t watch out. We musn ' t never run along the hall Or holler or whistle anywhere at all. We must always be so cultured and refined And to our enemies be so sweet and kind. We must bow our head and sing the song i »t else they say we ' re sure to go dead wrong. We sure do be careful and watch what we ' re about. ' Cause Mrs. Odell ' ll get us if we don ' t watch out. We must wear our dress four inches below the knee And he ladies and gentlemen right up to T. We must watch our conversation in the dining room Tlie way in which our food we anxiously con- st! me. On social nights we must be careful of our tun. All dark corners and shady places we must shun ; But we must always be nice and never pout When Mrs. Odell gets us when we didn ' t watch out. Hut with all its petty trials and tests And the many do ' s and dont ' s we so detest. We love T. C. with all our heart and soul And when the last bell sounds so dole There ' ll be many a sad and heavy heart And many eyes with tears will smart. For Mrs. Odell we ' ll give a lively shout If she did get us when we didn ' t watch out. MARION JOHNSON. Trevecca ' s Need Y ea! since the need is great, Leave off that useless weed, What honest heart can follow this, And see Trevecca ' s need? But ere ye fill your pipe, Look up and ask your king. If he would have you sign a pledge. And just how much to bring. Who says ' tis not the best To bore the people so, And press their purse in such a, dearth; " We ' ll let Trevecca go. " Nay! rich and poor be wise, We have a prize at stake, Let all awake from beds of ease, For dear Trevecca ' s sake. By It. U. METZGER 54 LIVE WIRES ! Kl VL [RES 57 1 DARDA 19 2 9 CHEMISTRY CLUB Each, in His Own Tongue A Fire-mirt and a planet, A cry stal and a cell, A jellyfish and a saurian, And cave-- where the cave-men dwell Then a sense of law and beauty, And a face turned from the clod — Some call it evolution, And others call it God. Like tides on a crescent sea-beach, When the moon is new and thin, Into our hearts high yearnings Come welling and surging in — Come from the mystic ocean, Whose rim no foot has trod, Some of us call it longing And others call it God. A haze on the far horizon, The infinite, tender sky, The ripe rich tint of the cornfield, And the wild geese sailing high— And all over upland and lowland, The charm of the golden-rod — Some of us call it Autumn And others call it God A picket frozen on duty, A mother starved for her brood, Socrates drinking the hemlock, And J cmis on the road ; And millions who, humble, and nameless, The straight, hard pathway plod — Some call it consecration, And others call it God. Wii.i.iam Herbert Carruth University of Kansas. 60 Ladies Auxiliary Association " And when ( lady ' s in the case you know all other things give place. " Trevecca teachers and students are ready to acknowledge the truth of the above quotation. In October of this year a group of represen- tative women of the local churches met at the college and organized what they have later called " The Trevecca Improvement League. " Little was thought of it at the time but things began to happen about the place right away. Soon a man was busy in the front hall with ladder, brushes, and other businessdike equipment and shortly the walls were covered with fresh cheerful paper. Next, the old linoleum was taken up and an excellent new battleship linoleum took its (dace; new shades have appeared at the parlor windows, and interest is keen to see what will happen next. We believe that this organization is well named, and with this group of businessdike women in charge of things we feel that the coming months will prove profitable ones for Trevecca. 61 Jok es Can You Imagine — Faculty Dr. Hardy singing :i solo? Colonel Kelly wearing " loud socks " ? Mr. Mackey using slang? Miss Basford in love? Miss Harris getting married? Mr. Shute going through a class period without ta ' king about Sain: Mother Odell leading ,11, Mr. Floyd sitting still live minutes? Brother Wise wearing Hendley ' s shoe? Can You Imagine — Students Educator saying, " 1 don ' t know " ? Sue Redford and Clarence Smith agreeing on women ' s rights? Elizabeth Roby netting to class on time? Pegram without his standing collar.- ' Mr. and Mrs. Foskey having a family row? Lucile Frost vamping the boys? " Jinks " and " Fink " staying in their rooms when rules are suspended? T. C. students having socials twice a week? Prot. Ilurd: " What are you late for? " E.izabeth Rob) (Sleepily): " Er-r-r class 1 suppose. " Prof. Mackey: " Are you taking a Theo- logical course? " Tenny: " No, I ' m studying for the minis- try. " Russell Smith (at a basketball name): " O, Cindy, look at Conley, he will soon be our best man. " Cindy: " O-o-h this is so sudden. " Characteristic Sayings of Faci lty Dr. Hardy: " II you go off and misrepre- sent what 1 said the Buggar Man will get you. " Shute: " You are crazy with the heat. " Mackey : " Take a pencil and paper and make for yourself a grade. " Hurd: " You can ' t pull history out of the air. " Mrs. Hurd: " Hoes that mean anything to you ? " Puntney: " Robert, wake up, you ought not do me that way. " Mr. Floyd: " Read West. " Miss Basford: " Just because it is. " Chapman: " Can ' t you remember that. " Mrs. Ross: " Now girls, you must not make so much noise. " Miss Agnew : " Hew many got all the problems for today. " Bro. Wise: " Well, I ' ll tell you, I ' m iust about all in toda . " Miss Harris: " You ' ll have to give me credit for that. " Miss Jernigan: " Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! " An old colored man was burning dead grass when Ezra stopped and said: You are foolish to do that, Uncle Ed, it will make the field as black as you are. " " Don ' t worry ' bout dat, " replied the old darkey. " Dat grass will grow out in de spring and be as green as you is. " Mr. Stuneck: " Flow are you able to satisfy your wife ' s craving for antiques- ' " Dr. Hardy: " I bought her a nineteen seven model flivver. " Mrs. Johnson: " May we serve yoil an- other helping? " Willie Flatt: " Why, I believe you may. That food seems to be very nutritious, it Fairly teems with pantomines. " Prof. Shute (in education class). " I think some of you girls ought to educate yoursell to be preachers ' wives. " Elizabeth Hardy: " How do we know whose wife we are going to be? " Mrs. Ross (in physics class): " A trans- parent object is one that you can set- through. Now name something that is transparent. " Ruth Taylor: " A doughnut. " Jane Porter: " 1 must s t -f a doctor. " Thomas Dean: " Why, are you sick? " Jane: " I must have insomnia, 1 waked up three times in history yesterday. " Professor Shute (to the Greek class) : " You may go, but go very quietly so you won ' t wake those sleeping in the library. " Customer: " Are those doughnuts fresh? " R. Carr: " I don ' t know, ma ' m, I ' ve only been here a week. " 63 DARDA 19 2 9 AMERICAN DRY CLEANERS G. P. Welch, Proprietor Welch ' s Quality Cleaning Branches in all parts of City. I ' hone 3-2600 Plant: i(Mi Main St. Keith-S immons Co. INCORPORATED 412-414-416 U nion Street HARDWARE Sporting Goods Radios House Furnishings Paint Supplies " Our Hardware Wears " COMPLIMENTS OF GRACE CHURCH N. Y. P. S. Always a Welcome for Trevecca Students Good Muiic Spiritual Programs COMPLIMENTS OF Robert Orr Co. Distributors of Hermitage Brand Food Products COMPLIMENTS OF Tennessee Central Railway Company Nashville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF NASHVILLE PURE MILK CO. Home of PASTEURIZED MILK. Where a definite policy guarantees you the Lowest Price in the city and quality maintained at the high- est level at all times. East Nashville Dry Cle aners PLANT: 2404 Gallatin Road — Phone 3-2896 OFFICE: 9 South Fifth St. — Phone 3-0251 Eagan Brothers HOME OF Groceries and Fresh Meats Sandwiches and Cold Drinks 1 508 Gallatin Pike IN APPRECIATION of Business Sent to Us McEwen s Laundry " Dependable for 48 Years " A. L. GOLDBERG SON LUMBER 129 Fifth Avenue, South Phone 6-4159 R. L. Patton 2313 GALLATIN ROAD Phone 3-2445-M The Place for Good Shoe Repairing All Work (juaranleej Goods Called For and Delivered COMPLIMENTS OF SWEENEY FUNERAL HOME J. H. Sweeney, Pres. MORTICIANS Ambulance Service Phone 3-0079. 321 Woodland Si. COMPLIMENTS OF THE GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE The Church With a Purpose Rev. W. F. Collier, Pastor To Students and Visitors a Special Invitation is Extended H. A. FRENCH Dealer in SHEET MUSIC MUSIC BOOKS AND all kinds of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Catalogs Mailed Free 710 Church St. MUSICAL instruments repaired I ' ll. .ni- 6-3210 He nry McL am General Merchandise We Appreciate Your Patronage Phone 3-2445-M 2315 Gallatin Pike NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE DARDA 19 2 9 Tim H. Moore Co. Fire, Automobile and Life INSURANCE Phone 6-2369 Tv o Stores 617 Church St. 1804 West End B Barber anner Darner onop Banner Dry Cleaners C. D. Anderson, Prop. LADIES ' WORK A SPECIALTY Dry Cleaners That Clean Straightway and Gallatin Road R. H. ALLEN A. L. WHITFIELD Allen-Whitfield Paint and Glass Co. Pratt and Lambert ' s Varnish and Stains Lowe Bros. ' Products Phone 6-621 1 407 Church St. Nashville, Tenn. OUTFITTERS FOR THE FAMILY Quality W earing Apparel At Lotver Prices compliments of rirst INazarene Cfi urcn 510 Woodland Street Rev. H. H. Wise. Pastor Sunday School 9:30 A. M. Preaching __10:45 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. N. Y. P. S.__ __6:30 P. M. Prayer Meeting _ Wednesday 7:30P.M. DARDA 19 2 9 L. A. BAUMAN fir SON Men ' s Wear 77ifl A c;i Wear 2005 Broad Street Old Hickory, Tenn. 417-19 Church Street CAMPUS BARBER SHOP We Will Appreciate Your Business and Influence. Give Us a Call. First class Work. 2515 Gallatin Road T. N. Griffin COMPLIMENTS OF Bradford Furniture Co. Known in Nashville Over 40 Y ' ears 168-170 Third Avenue, North COOLEY ' S BOOK SHOP We Buy and Sell Second Hand Book! 185 Eighth Ave., N. Maxwell House Shoe Co. Established 1SI ' ,9 " The Nettleton Shop FINE FOOT WEAK Nashville. Tennessee White Trunk Bag Co. fill!) hureli St. i I Arcade Compliments of CATO AND STARTUP Fresh Meals City Market COMPLIMENTS OF SMOTHERMON DRUG CO. Seymour and GaUatttl Pike EAT WITH Tonv the Chilli K ing Always Pleased t » show Yon " 619-621 Church Strei A. J. McMACKlIN. Deniht 1108-09 Benin.- Dillon Bldg. Offiee Phone 6-30H5 1 .11 1 h Avenue a 11.1 ' ll 111 . ll SI leet Nashville, Tenn. N. O. Warren ' s Service Station !)11 Gnl latin Road Nashville. Tenn. Always Lovely FLOWERS Church Street at Sixth Avenue AND 325 Union Street Endicott Johnson Shoe Store :: Collegiate F ootwear at Popular Prices 608 Church Street NASHVILLE, TENN. The And rew Jackson Hotel NASHVILLE, TENN. 400 Rooms 400 Baths A Friendly Hotel right in the heart of the city. We make a specialty of our culinary department. E. E. GAMBILL, Manager J. FRANK WEST Photo Artist Artistic High Grade Photos in Se- pias, Carbons, Hand Colored Work at Moderate Prices. I make a Spe- cialty of Copying, Enlarging Post Cards, Photo Novelties and Kodak Work. Telephone 6-1062 304J 2 Union Street NASHVILLE, TENN. THE NASHVILLE, CHATTANOOGA ST. LOUIS RAILWAY Offers Its Patrons the Finest and Most Comprehensive Through 1 rain Service For All Classes of Travel to NEW YORK. CITY via Chattanooga-kncxville-Washington TO MEMPHIS AND THE SOUTHWEST TO FLORIDA OVER The Dixie Flyer — The Dixie Limited TRAVEL BY TRAIN Safe Comfortable Pleasant Economical PHOTOGRAPH EP ORIGINAL JllllS ) STUDIO 9 7 FIFTH AVE. N. TEL.MAJNI031 NASHVILLE. TENN Read Our Ads FOR GOOD COAL AND GOOD SERVICE CALL Maplewood Coal Company West K entucky and Jellico Coals Phone 3-3203 I [. L. Slonecker, Mgr. A. W. Slonecker, Sec-Trcas. WOOD DRUG CO. Prescription Specialist Where Quality and Service Prevail Prompt Delivery Curb Service Phones: 3-0910 and 3-9127 2513 GALLATIN ROAD COMPLIMENTS N. Y. P. S. First Church of the Nazarene Our Aim IS: " To Know Him and Make Him Known. " We Appreciate the Students Working With Us Nashville Railway Light Co. Where 1 ,200 employes are striving diligently to render Faithful, Ef- ficient and Courteous Public Service in ful- fillment of our pledge to you. COMPLIMENTS OF THE Sherwin-Williams Paint Co. 5th Ave. and Union St. NASHVILLE. TENN. ' MATRIX " SHOES are worn by thousands of students and teachers everywhere. Un- equaled for style, comfort and quality. BELL ' S BOOTERIES 504 Church Street Phone 6-0879 We Save You Money Beesley Furniture Company FURNITURE, STOVES, RANGES RUGS Everything for the Home Would Be Glad to Open an Account With You 221-223 Broadway Nashville, Tenn. Patronize Our Ad vertisers D A RD A 19 2 9 J. W. McCord Optical and Jewelry Co. Corner Fifth Avenue and Deaderick St.. NASHVILLE, TENN. Frames Correctly Fitted Eyes Scientifically Examined J. W. McCORD 23 Years Exoerience L. G. McCORD Not Able to Come to the Office, Telephone 6-0304 Oculist Prescriptions Filled Terms if Desired GAS- The Cleanest, JYLost Reliable and Efficient Source o or— Refrigeration, Cookery, w ater Heating, jpace H eating, Washing, Drying and Ironing Clothes Recent inventions and scientific developments in the manufacture of appliances for the utilization of gas in the service of the home now make gas just as up-to-date as radio in the many new services it perfoims in the household. Gas is now the most modern agent for refrigerating food, cooking and disposing of garbage, providing instant hot water, insuring comfortable house temperature at all seasons, and for washing, drying, and ironing clothes under home conditions of maximum cleanliness. Nashville Gas Heating Co. THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON Date Due 766S2 TREVECCA NAZAKEH5 COLLEG TITLE ThP Darda. Special LD 5356 • T75 1929 c. 2 7668; Trevecca Nazarene College The Darda

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