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1W THE DARDA 1927 VOLUME 111 H. H. Austin Edilor- ' .n-Chkf P. R. Brown Business Manager PUBLISHED BV THE STUDENTS OF TREVECCA COLLEGE NASHVILLE, TENN. E, cannot linger forever on the campus of Trevecca and look into the great beyond. The future is only a matter of speculation, but our past years in the old school remain inde- structible in our minds. Soon we shall leave these sacred walls to fight in that great arena toward which we are now looking. And if in fifteen or twenty years from now, when memories have been dimmed and remembrance has faded, you should think of the days that are past and gone; and if you should remove this volume from the shelf and slowly turn the pages and live in your college days again, then the staff of ' 27 will not feel that their work has been in vain. And if, perchance, you should pull little Junior to your side and carefully show him what Dad or Mother did in their youth and so create in him a desire to live in reality those mem- ories which these pages recall, then the joy of service will have been ours. DEDICATION TO REV. H. H. WISE ONE WHO HAS BEEN UNTIRING IN HIS EFFORTS TOWARD THE UPBUILDING OF OUR ALMA MATER THROUGHOUT THE MANY YEARS THAT HE HAS SERVED IT; ONE TO WHOM IT IS OUR PLEASURE TO DEDICATE THIS VOLUME, BECAUSE HE IS A RIGHTEOUS MAN AND LOVES COD AND TRUTH ABOVE ALL THINGS. HE HAS SET FOR US A MOST WORTHY EXAMPLE IN THE PRESENCE OF COD; THEREFORE WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO TRAVEL IN HIS FOOTSTEPS THROUGH- OUT LIFE ' S JOURNEY. REV. H. H. WISE OAY breaks and the shadows flee away, can truly be said of Trevecca College. With the helm held in a steady, experienced hand, a hand that has guided other institutions through the crucial hour, Trevecca College is being successfully headed by none other than Reverend A. O. Henricks, who came to us as a nationally known evangelist, and the former President of Pasadena College, Pasadena, California. Dr. Henricks has ever been successful in all his under- takings. The secret lies in three things: He is a scholar, a financier, and a man who knows God. As President of Tre- vecca College, he has never been so busy that he could not put aside his work for a few minutes to encourage some dis- heartened boy or girl, and never has a student gone from his presence without feeling that he or she has been in the pres- ence of a great man. The day has dawned upon a more brilliant future than Trevecca has ever before known. The shadows of inefficient equipment, unmodernized buildings, unstandardization and un- recognition from the educational world have flown from her, and the shadow of debt is fast be:ng chased away by the rapidly rising sun of co-operation from the entire zone of the Southeastern District. Dr. Henricks has spent all the time that he could away from college working in the field unceasingly, getting Trevecca College before the public. And with a leader of his powerful personality, the people have foreseen and the coming years can only realize, that which can be described in one word — SUC- CESS. Mabel Catherine Coleman. A. o. HENRICK.S HE business management of Trevecca is in the hands of Mr. T. C. Young, an old Trevecca student. Mr. Young has proved his capability of filling the place by the efficiency with which the work is being carried on. Dr. Henricks says that in all of his school work he has never had his superior in the position. Mr. Young is a prominent business man of Nashville, being business manager of the Southwestern Coal Company. Tre- vecca is glad to claim such a successful man on its executive staff. — Esther Mercer. THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Faculty A. L. SNELL B.S., Ph.B., M.A. Dean of Junior College; Psychology ; Education COUNTESS MITCHUM HURD B.A., M.A. Biology, Bacteriology MAI DE BRIDGES CARTER M.A., B.Mus. Piano S. V. STRICKLAND A.B., B.S., B.D. Theology, Bible, History SADIE M. AGNEW M.E.L., A.B. Mathematics, Science JESSIE BASFORD L.L. English, History B. W. SAMPSON A.B. History, Science HAZEL ROSS B.L. Language, Science t 2 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Faculty A. B. MACKEY A.B., M.A. Science, Languages, Mathematics KATE REESE G.C.D., B.S. Expression, Public Speakin j RUTH HARRIS Voice C. H. HURD B.L., M.A. History, Social Science YERINE O. SMITH A.B., A.M. En (j lis h J. D. THRASHER Principal Model School MRS. J. O. McCLURKAN Matron of Girls COLEMAN HENDRICKS Violin ' 3 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY -SEVEN DARDA SENIORS Let s Go, Seniors! the Class of ' 27, are leaving dear Ole T. C , yet we wander about the W I campus and through the halls casting lingering glances here and there, tr ini V M J to recall every detail of our years spent in Trevecca. We think of the first days of our sojourn in the City of Learning. How we were unacquainted and felt out of everything. We think of the hard lessons, long assignments, and tears of exam- inations; of hardships, disappointments, sorrows, and misunderstandings. Hut with these com other memories — memories of the fun, socials, friendships and blessings that have been ours. We would like to begin at the bottom again, but we cannot do so, as the field is already white unto harvest and the laborers are few. We must hasten on ! There are representatives in the Class of ' 27 for every walk of life. Out in the world there are neglected children who need to be taught; there are court rooms that need Godly lawyers; there are fevered brows waiting for a nurse ' s gentle touch; there are bodies bleeding and mangled who need the knife of an experienced surgeon ; there are those beyond the sea who have never heard the story of Life; there are those in the homeland who need the ministry of Christ. We, by the Grace of Him who called us, will be faithful to the trust that He has committed unto us. We will go to the little red schoolhouse; we will plead the cases of those less fortunate than we; the fevered brows will be tenderly bathed by those of our number; we will don tin- surgeon ' s gown and rubber gloves, and, with a hand guided by the Great Physician, will do our best to relieve suffering humanity; we will go to those in heathen darkness; we will stand behind the sacred desk and break the Bread of Life. Come on, Seniors. Let ' s Go! 1 5 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA is Senior CI ass HOMER H. AUSTIN CULI.EOKA, TEN ' N. President of Senior Class Editor-in-Chief of Darda Parthenian Literary Society Students Council Gentlemen ' s Club FREEMAN SPRUILL NETTLETON, MISS. Parthenian Literary Society Gentlemen ' s Club Vice-President of Class Basketball Team. Boys ' Glee Club 1 6 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA oenior CI ass PAI L R. BROWN JASPER, ALA. Business Manager of Darda Parthenian Literary Society Treasurer for Class Gentlemen ' s Club President of Fine Arts Chili General Booster Boys ' Glee Club Rl ' BV SHELTON NASHVILLE, TENN. Secretary for Class Parthenian Literary Society Girls ' Glee Club Fine Arts Club ' 7 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Senior Class OLINE SHELTON NASHVILLE,, TENS ' . Pnrthenlan Literary Society Fine Arts Club Librarian IIOBSON BYARS MILLPORT, ALA. Parthenian Literary Society Basketball Team Gentlemen ' s Club Boys ' Glee Club Fine Arts Club Member of Quartette THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA 1 ►enior CI ass PAI L MARTIN NAUVOO, Al.A. Parthenian Literary Society Basketball Team Gentlemen ' s Club Fine Arts Club RUBY WALKER CLARKSVILLEj TENN. Fine Arts Club Girls ' Glee Club Chorus •9 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA tenior CI ass DELPHO HACKNEY GREENBRIER, TENN. Basketball Team Gentlemen ' s Club Parthenian Literary Society GLADYS WALKER CLARKSVILLE, TENN. Leader of Blues Member of Student Council Parthenian Literal) ' Society 20 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA ►enior CI ass ETTIE VERA SWEENEY N ASHVILLE, TEN N. Parthenian Literary Society Class Poet ( old Lunch Club ESTHER LITTLETON MERCER NASHVILLE, TENN. Parthenian Literary Society Cold Lunch Club Class Historian 21 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA lenior CI ass ELIZABETH BREWSTER NASHVILLE,, TENN. P:« rthenian Literary Society Fine Arts Club Cold Lunch Club BEATRICE VAN HI ' SEN PONTIAC, MICH. Parthenian Literary Society Girls ' CJlee Club Chorus Fine Arts Club Darda Stenographer 11 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA I. Senior CI ass MARY ELIZABETH PARKS COLLEGE GROVE, TENN. Basketball Team Tennis Club Parthenian Literary Society Captain of Reds Hard a Staff OPAL GLENN RIFE JACKSONVILLE, FI.A. Girls ' Glee Club Fine Arts Club Orchestra 23 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Class History ON the twenty-second day of September in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred twenty-five, there entered into these Halls of Learning nineteen seekers. Some of them came up from Trevecca Academic regions, while others journeyed from Foreign Countries. They were all with one accord in search of a treasure called Knowledge, which, when found, would give them a richer, fuller and more useful life. To make their work more effective they organized and chose as their leader Mr. Francis Hemmerly, and called themselves the Junior Class of Twenty-six. Their search led them into fields of Mathematics, Science, Language and History. These new lands held many dangers, the most powerful being the danger of Flunking, but this was victoriously overcome by midnight oil and ambition. From time to time other young searchers were added to their band while others dropped out to go to other states, and two anchored on the Fsle of Matrimony. At the beginning of the second year there were sixteen continuing their search. They reorganized and elected as their president, Mr. Homer Austin, and with pride changed their names to the Senior Class of Twenty-seven, and took for their motto, Labor conquers all things. Their colors were blue and white, and their Mower the for- get-me-not. This journey was not all through places of hard work and discouragement, but happened upon pleasant ways and they enjoyed together wiener roasts, outings, and many other good times. Twice they engaged in memorable contests between the Reds and Blues, which waxed warm and interesting. They journeyed on until now they have reached th; Gates of Graduation, whence they will part their ways each to continue his search alone in different fields. May they continue on until one by one they shall be decorated with the medal of Success. — FsTHFU MliRCER. 24 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA CLASS POEM T o live J To feel the earth ' s pulsating heart against your own; To share your life with others, to realize you ' re not (done. To tower high o ' er Chance and Fate, and grapple hands uitlt Life, To stand up anil to he a man and win thy gallant fight. To work! To set your goal, to have an ana. then always forge ahead. To KNOW your work, and push and pull, to he ALIVE not DEAD. To he alert, fear not tin pace, hut make yourself drive you ; I ' hi battle ' s not always to the Wrong hut to a faithful fur. To learn! To choose the best and make it yours, to master over late. To he useful and to knoiv They a so serve who only stand and wait. To let Time leave no bitternerSj anil with the wings f fancy free. May the joys of learning he only begun in the minds of you and me. To live, to work, to learn, to love, to rise above our selves to higher things. To struggle means to fall perhaps, hut he that rises wins. To keep before us the star of love — the fountain light of all our day; Oh, let our elass of ' 2J awake , oh Clod, or let us sleep alway! — Ettie S V EEN EY. 2 5 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA J unior Class Roll Jons A. Oliver CLARKSVILLE, TENN. President Lora Linus Jackson . . . Vice-President JASPER, ALA. Alice E. Slonecker . . Secretary-Treasurer NASHVILLE, TENN. Ovella Allison watertown, tenn. Carrie Louise Benz nashville, tenn. D. Vashti Burnett lake charles, la. Helen Marguerite Cassell miami, fla. Mabrey B. Downey humboldt, tenn. Claude Galloway nashville, tenn. Elizabeth Hale nashville, tenn, Ella Leona Holly miami, fla. Pall McElroi greenbrier, tenn. Aris W. McManus NASHVILLE, TENN. Houston C. Ramsey saucier, miss. Laura Brimm Smith gordonsville, tenn. Margie Lois Spruill nettle i on, miss. Carrie Hestella Stubblefield bear springs, tenn. Matiie Leah Taylor calvert, ala. Beulah Seay Thomas gordonsville, tenn. Mabel Catherine Coleman greenville, ky. Francis Hemmerly tennessee city, tenn. Leslie Claude Poe cleveland, miss. Ethel Walker clarksville, tenn. THE NINETEEN TWENTY -SEVEN DARDA a. 28 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Acad cademy oeniors Robert Carr NASHVILLE, TENN. President Seni ir Class Octavian Literary Society Gentlemen ' s Club Glee Club Ilis life is gentle and the element so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world, This is a man. Reed Pierce NASHVILLE, TENN. Vice-President Senior Class Glee Club Gentlemen ' s Club Octavian Literary Society Mark the perfret man and behold the upright. 3° THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Acad cademy oeniors Bertha Gunn NASHVILLE, TENS ' . Girls ' Glee Club Chorus Fine Arts Club Octavian Literary Society slept and dreamed that life ivas beauty; I woke and found that life ivas duty. Gladys A. Damron MARTIN, TENN. Chorus Fine Arts Club Octavian Literary Society Darda Staff the passing of When she had passed it seemed lik exquisite music. Martha McGee NASHVILLE, TENN. Octavian Lilerarv Society Cold Lunch Club think nature hath lost the mould taker e she her shape did take; or else 1 doubt if nature could so fait a creature make. Frances Thompson NASHVILLE, TENS ' . Chorus Octavian Literary Society Basketball Team. Girls ' Glee Club. Nobody ought to have been able to resist her coaxing manner; and nobody had any business to try. Yet she never seemed to knou; it ivas her manner at all. That ivas the best of it. Charles F. Pecram SCIENCE HILL, KY. Class Chaplain. Octavian Literary Society Dean of Men Chaplain Octavian Literary Society. Class Song Composer Celebrant of Mass over Corps of Red fie speaks as one ivho is fed on poetry. J ' THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Acad caaemy oeniors Li lie Sue Redford NASHVILLE, TENN. Octavian Literary Society Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter. George McGhee NASHVILLE, TENN. Basketball Team. Tennis Club Octavian Literary Society The kindest man. the best conditional and unwearied spirit in dointj courtesies. Rebeecca Mackey NASHVILLE, TENN. Octavian Literary Society Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. Jesse Edgar Meggs TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Tennis CI nb Gentlemen ' s Club Octavian Literary Society He was a man lake him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like ayain. Imogene Thrasher NASHVILLE, TENN. Octavian Literary Society (iirls ' Glee Club Chorus Basketball Team. Tennis Club. Cold Lunch Club. Of all the girls that e ' er was seen, There ' s none so fine as Imogene. r- THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Acad cademy seniors Clyde Morris LYONS, GA. Tennis Club Octavian Literary Society am Sir Oracle and when I open my lips, let no tint bark. Lucile Frost MONTEVALLO, ALA. Girls ' Glee Club Octavian Literary Society Endurance is the crowning t iuilily and patience all the passion of great hearts Clarence Lee Smith HOGAN, GA Basketball Team Octavian Literary Society T In- mildest manner with the bravest mind. Amanda Gunn NASHVILLE, TENN. Octavian Literary Society Cold Lunch Club Cirls ' Glee Club Chorus Fine Arts Club Music is well said to be the speech of angels. Evans Burnett LAKE CHARLES, LA. Boys ' Glee Club Fine Arts Club Basketball Team Chorus Octavian Literary Society But all the tunc that he could play ivas Over the lulls and far anay. 33 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Colors: White and C old Flowers: Yellow and White Rosebuds Motto: The elevator to Success is not running take the stairs. Seniors Rest Seniors, rest, thy school days o ' er, Take the rest that knows no breaking; Dream of teachers ' frown no more, Books and classrooms all forsaking. For in our dorm ' s enchanted hall, Things unseen your way is strewing; On the breeze your music falls, Every sense in slumber dewing. Seniors, rest, thy school days o ' er, Dream of teachers ' frown no more ; Take the rest that knows no ending, Now you are through with all pretending. No loud bell shall reach thine ear, Teachers ' voice or student champing; No summons to the office hear, Nor to the Physics class go tramping, Since your senior year rolled round. No more theorems to expound — At this thought beat loud our drum, And say farewell to classes hum. Written rules shall none be near, Deans ' nor matrons ' challenge hear. Now no boss shall have us routing, And no test shall have us stamping. Seniors, rest, thy journey ' s done. While thy joyous spells assail ye, Work not with the rising sun. Hells here shall not sound reveille. Rest! Our books are in their den; Rest! Our toils are by us lying; Rest! Don ' t dream in yonder ' s glen, How thy exams kept thee sighing. Seniors, rest! Thy race is run. Think not of thy rising sun, And the burdens that assail ye. Here no hells shall sound reveille. — Lucille Frost. 34 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Class History HESE are the names of the children of Promise which came up out of the land of Ignorance: Bertha and Amanda of the tribe of Gunn, Evans of the tribe of Burnett, Gladys of the tribe of Damron, Frances of the tribe of Thompson, Martha anil George of the tribe of Mc(ihee and Vinnie Eee of the tribe of McManus. And the number of the children of Promise was seven. Now these children were exceedingh ambitious and increased daily in the desire for knowledge and the land was filled with them. But there was set over them taskmasters to afflict them with burdens. But the more the) afflicted them the more they desired to increase in knowledge. The taskmasters of the land of Ignorance made them to serve with rigor. And made their lives bitter with hard bondage. And it came to pass in those days that there was raised up a deliverer. Now this deliverer kept his flocks in the coast country. And there appeared unto him a messenger saying: You have surely seen the afflictions of your brethren who are in the Southland and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters. Will you not come down and deliver them out of the land of Ignorance, and bring them up out of this land, into a land of Knowledge, Wisdom, Power and Prosperity? And the deliverer said unto the messenger, Who am I that I should go unto the great king of Ignorance, and that I should bring forth the children of Promise out of his land? Then the messenger said unto him. Go, and gather together all the elders of the church, and members of the board, and say unto them that their messenger who appeared unto you has promised help and support if all work together. And it came to pass that the deliverer took his wife and two sons, and journeyed to the Southland. He went unto the king of Ignorance and said, Eet my people go, that they max feast in the fields of learning, and drink at the fountain of knowledge. But the king said, Who are you that I should obey your voice, and let the children of Promise go? Behold the people of the land of Ignorance are now many and you make them rest from their burdens. And he said, Let there be more work laid upon them. But it came to pass that the king let the children go out of the land of bondage. And when the king saw what he had done, he pursued the children with all his hosts and overtook them camping by the sea of Difficult). Through faith and courage the waters rolled back and the children of Promise walked through on dry land. The king in close pursuit entered into the sea and was destroyed when the mighty waters rushed together. It came to pass when the children of Promise were gone out of the land of Ignorance, the same day came they unto the wilderness of Training. Others joining them were Lillie Sue ol the tribe of Redford, Lucille of the tribe of Frost, Rebecca of the tribe of Mackey, Clyde of the tribe of Aiken, Clarence of the tribe of Smith, Jesse of the tribe of Meggs, Clyde of the tribe of Morris, Reed of the tribe of Pierce, Chester of the tribe of Wilkerson, Beverh and Earl of the tribe of Vennum, Imogene of the tribe of Thrasher, Charles of the tribe of Pegram, and Robert of the tribe of Carr. Then the deliverer went unto the elders commanding the children of Promise not to come near unto the meeting. And when he came out he spoke unto the children, saving: Thou shalt not leave the campus. Thou shalt not speak to those of opposite sex. Thou slmlt no t speak in study hall. Thou shalt attend chapel. Thou shalt not deface school property. Thou 35 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA shalt not use a double socket in your room. Boys shall not enter girls ' parlors. Thou shalt extinguish all lights at 10 p.m. Thou shalt rise at 6 a.m. Girls shall not appear in public with- out middies and skirts. And when he had finished he said, Now these are the commandments which the hoard gave me to set before you, saying that it you keep these commandments you will surely see the land of Knowledge. And it came to pass that they kept the commandments set before them and journeyed on toward the long-looked-for land of Knowledge. But when they came to the walls of the land there was the river of Opposition. Remembering the experience at the sea of Difficulty they had faith and courage. The waters divided, and the children of Promise walked over into the land of Knowledge and started their new life — never to forget to give thanks to their deliverer and appreciate the many things he had done for them. — Martha McGhee. SNAP OF COLLEGE ORCHESTRA 3« THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA High School Juniors Hugo Macgard President Maggie English Vice-President NASHVILLE, TENN. BARNEY, GA. Mamie Ruth Hale Treasurer NASHVILLE, TENN. Cooper Rouse saucier, miss. Jessie Cooper nashville, tenn. Edith Irene Young nashville, tenn. Margaret Hatcher college grove, tenn. Rubye Shaw mccomb, miss. Ruth Cornwell nashville, tenn. Earl W. Vennum miami, fla. Emmett Aylor monteagle, tenn. Emma Baugard granite city, ill. Gainer Foskey adrian, ga. Gladys Spruill netti.eton, miss. William Marian Tabb JACKSON, miss. Charles Blackburn nashville, ten n. SNAP OF T.IRI.S I? ASKETR U.I. TEAM 39 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA High School Sophomores Jane Porter Turner President NASHVILLE, TEW. Eleanor Anderson Thomas B. Dean Christine McLain manassas, ga. nashville, tenn. nashville, tenn. Margaret Boon Percy Edward Dean Joseph McDaniel nashville, tenn. nashville, tenn. hartselle, ala. Jewell Brooks Mildred Higginbotham Reece Metzger NASHVILLE, TENN. GRAND CROSSING, FLA. OlNEV, ILL. Mary Kilgore mcminnvillf, ten n. David Mackey nashville, tenn. SNAP OF ROYS ' BASKETBALL SQUAD 4 ' 42 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA High Schc Willie Fla n President ISHVILLE, TENN. Marguerite Weaver . . . Vice-President NASHVILLE, TENN. 1 Freshmen Elenora Holister Secretary UNION C1TV, TENN. FRED Sommers Treasurer MIAMI, FLA. Fred Allen hickox, ga. Clyde Brooks nashville, tenn. Ruth Brown nashville, tenn. Walter Burns nashville, tenn. Mary Hollis Carter lafayette, tenn. Kathryn Collier nashville, tenn. Joseph Dixon madison, s. i). Lucile Cooper nashville, tenn. Vashti Fanny Richmond, Va. Mamie Foskey soperton, ca. Ezra Hendley sabula, mo. Jamks Jones florence, ala. Mary Jones richmond, va. SONTOSH KELKAR I NDIA Johnni Keller hopkinsville, Arlease King orange, texas Jesse Landrum florence, ala. Jamks A. Moore n. chattanooga, tenn. Willie Mai Redfokd nashville, tenn. Mklvin Shelton millport, ala. Donald Sh is detroit, mich. Alvin Smiiii nashvi lle, ' tenn. Amos Smith nashville, tenn. Mildred Smiiii miami, fla. Myrtle Stack pkgram station, tenn. Margaret Wright tampa, fla. THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY -SEVEN DARDA Trevecca Sckool of Religion JHROUGH this department in Trevecca College, various types ■ C A of workers in the church revive their training for efficient serv- ice. Efficiency and economy are the two big principles which underlie the present organization of curricula in the School of Religion. The following courses of study are offered: The Ministerial Course, the Theological High School Course, and th° Theological College Course. Graduation from the Ministerial Course of three years meets all the educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. This is offered those who for various reasons do not care to pursue their education further. The Theological High School Course of four years enables a student to graduate from the regular accredited four year High School Course and the Ministerial Course at the same time. The Theological College Course of three years enables the stu- dent to graduate from the accredited Junior College and get the Theo- logical degree (Th.H.) at the same time. This plan, of course, offers a great economy in time and money to the ministerial and missionary students. Money and at least from one to two years in time is saved to the student in taking these courses. Only persons definitely called to church work can register in this department. The instructors in this department are keenly conscious of their great responsibility to the church and their ripe scholarship, experience as teachers, and the Baptism w ith the Holy Ghost, added to an impassioned spirit of evangelism and soul- winning, assures this department of continued blessing and achievement in training for the church a fire-baptised ministry. Rev. Charles Pegram, 5 THE NINETEEN TWENTY -SEVEN DARDA Special Graduates Vashti Burnett Lake Charles, I. a. Graduate Piano Amanda Gunn Nashville, Tenn. Graduate Piano F.i.fnora Hratan Gallatin, Tenn. Graduate Piano OPAI. Rim Jacksonville, Fla. Graduate Piano Charles Pecram Science Hill, K . School of Relii ion Elizabeth Brewster ■ Nashville, Tenn. Graduate Piano THE NINETEEN TWENTY -SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA girl ' s glee club and gentlemen ' s clli? THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY -SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA CHORUS FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA The Sun Never Sets on Trevecca Students HI ' , greatest and most lasting impressions of Trevecca is her spirit of missions and missionary work on the foreign field. She has sent more missionaries to the foreign field than any other school of our movement. The fact that this department is the outstanding feature and the nucleus around which the school was founded should make our hearts rejoice over the growth each year. We feel greatly blessed and highly honored in having in our school and as mem- bers of our faculty four returned missionaries. This year is the best year Trevecca has ever known. There are more missionaries in training than there has been in any year previous. We have eight preparing to labor in Africa, two in China,, and two in India. When we toss a small pebble into the great sea we can never tell what the waves may bring to shore. Just so we are never able to tell what a life that answers the call of God to a Foreign mission will bring forth or the love, light, life and joy a soul that is given up to God may impart to a benighted heathen domain. Trevecca, like a blacksmith ' s anvil sending out sparks into the dark, sends out the light of the Gospel to the dark lands beyond the deep. There will be many souls redeemed through the effort of Trevecca ' s own laborers. And as the light of the Gospel is spread into heathendom, and some precious soul there picks up the thread of the message and carries it on to others it makes a strong band around the world that will touch lives that never would have been touched and reached if some one of Trevecca ' s own students had not answered the call. No other school in the world could have done the work that Trevecca has in this line, for it was created for this purpose and to this end has it stood. We all have a place to fill in this big old world of ours even if it is very small and nothing or anyone can fill it for us. Jane Porter Turner. 55 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA (Enmtm aup flat? Edited in the Steam Pressure Cooker McManus, who is proud of Ins Ha by Overland: Motorcycle Cop: Here, you, pull over. McManus: What ' s the mat- ter? Cop: You were doing fifty. McManus: Will you write that down and sign it so I can show it to my friends? A gentleman called nie hand- some yesterday, said Jane Porter Turner to Dr. Henricks. Do you think it is sinful for me to feel a little hit proud of the compli- ment ? Not at all, Miss Turner, re- plied the Doctor. It ' s the gentle- man who is the sinner, not you. Hugo Maggard: Don ' t you think that the letters of the alpha- bet should be rearranged? Vinnie Lee: Why, no! Why? Hugo: Because I think that U and I should he together. Mr. Sampson, who had bought a country house, awoke one night to find his watch stopped. Where- upon he called to the butler, What time is it, Henry? The clucks have all stopped, sir. Well, go out and look at the sundial. It ' s dark out there, sir. Well, can ' t you get a lantern. What is Gladys Walker ' s fav e color? Brown, of course. Mr. Wilkerson: You have a wonderful cook. She has taken such pains with everything. I could never get a cook like that. His wife: It ' s the one I dis- charged last week, dearie. I told her you were lunching with me to- day. Frances Thompson (as 1.00 o ' clock hell rang): haw! I ' ve got to study my Psychology! Wanted: In Psychology Class — HELP? HELP? HELP? HELP? FRANCES THOMPSON. Ruby: W hich do you think makes the best music, a bass drum or a snare drum ? Elenora: Neither, a Land- drum. Mabrey Dow ney wrote a theme on Our Family. His start was like this: There are three in mj familj -my mother, my father and myself. 1 am the youngest. Educator has accomplished a new achievement. He has finally on lor himself a beautiful maid- en And guess who that maiden might he. It is the late beauti- ful Miss Opal Glen Kile of his own beloved state of Georgia. Noted lor its peaches and ted ripe wat- ermelons. Mr. Hurd: Where was the Declaration of Independence signed ? Ettie Sweeney: At the bot- tom. Mi. Spell: I take pleasure in giving you 80 in Psychology. Francis: Aw. make it a hun- dred and enjoy yourself. one night Mr. Dean ' s house caught on tire. In the excitement Hobson called out: Mr. Dean, ha ve you called the Police De- partment yet ? Prof. Shell: So you are the sole survivor of a shipwreck! Tell me how you came to be saved. Mi ' , Dixon: Well, you see, 1 missed the boat. Barber: Will you have a hail cut? Buena: Gee, no, cut all ..f them. Mrs. Hurd: Have you ever had chemistry before? Florence Nelson: No, Just measles and chicken pox. There is only one tiling I don ' t know, is Willie Flatt or a slow leak? Mrs. McClurkan: You must not whistle at the table. Morris: I wasn ' t whistling ai the table. I was whistling at Hemmerly. Sunday morning: Brown: Mr. Pegram. may 1 go to West Nashville for Sunday school ? Mr. Pegram: Yes, you may, but lie sure when you start home, that you take the Inglewood ear, instead of the Meridian Street Frances Thompson went to visit her country friend for a few weeks. While there, she accom- panied her friend to the barnyard to watch her milk the cow. Fran- ces stood and looked on in open- mouthedness during the process. When the friend had finished, Frances, in her usual way, clapped her hands and said: Oh, pour it back and do it again. The Senior si 1 on the street ear track, The car was coming fast: The ear quickly apologized And let the Senior pass. THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Quickest and Best Delivery Service in East Nashville Jellico, Phoenix, and Black Diamond COAL Right Now Right Now Ser-Oice j Ser-Oice Year-Round Delivery == = Phone 3-3203 === = = Maplevvtood Coal Ice Co. INGLEWOOD OKI MASONIC ROAD H. L. SLONECKER, Mgr. A. W. SLONECKER. Sec ' -TW THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA J.W. McCord Optical and Jewelry Co. WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY SOLD AND REPAIRED EYES SCIENTIFICALLY EXAMINED BROKEN LENSES DUPLICATED TELEPHONE 6-0304 Send Us Your Repair Work By Mail TIMOTHY ' S SILKS TIMOTHY ' S CARPETS TIMOTHY ' S DRESSES, SUITS AND COATS Are Entitled to Careful Inspection When You Want Honest, Reliable and Fashionable Merchandise WE SOLICIT THE TRADE OF THE STUDENTS AND FRIENDS OF TREVECCA THE NINETEEN TWENTY -SEVEN DARDA AMERICAN DRY CLEANERS C. P. WELCH, Proprietor ODORLESS DRY CLEANING One Day Work a Specialty Main Plant, 606 Main St. Phones 3-2600 and 3-2601 Branch Office Opposite Trevecca Campus 2511 Gallatin Road PHONE 3-0069 FOR SERVICE Fisher and Dunn VARIED LINES Not Only Dealers in Tires, New and Used, but also Tubes, Accessories, Gasoline, Oils, Batteries, Etc. A Battery Service Station and Re- pair Department for Automo- biles and Trucks also op- perated. Road Service Our Specialty Patronage of the School is highly appreciated. All who try us are convinced and pleased. Fisher and Dunn L. R. Collingsworth, Mgr. 25 1 9 Gallatin Rd. Phone 3-9 1 89 YES STYLES THAT LEAD Hats, Coats, Gowns, an d Ho siery PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA ALWAYS PLEASED TO SHOW YOU Clothiers Furnishers 619-621 CHURCH STREET CERTAINTEED FLOORTEX RUGS AND YARD GOODS Aslf Your Dealers H. A. FRENCH Dealer in SHEET MUSIC MUSIC BOOKS AND ALL KINDS OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Catalogs Mailed Free 710 Church St. MU. ICAL INSTRUMENTS REPAIRED ( Al A Kk ' T BROS. rilnTlH ' .kWrilrKS Compliments cf Sweeney Funeral Home J. H. Sweeney, president MORTICIANS Ambulance Service 321 Woodland St. Phone 3-0079 Compliments of Southwestern Fuel Company Burn Blacl( Diamond Coal T. C. Young. Res. Mgr. L. A. BAUMAN SON MEN ' S WEAR THAT MEN WEAR Campus Shop 2005 Broad St. Mam Store and College Shop 417-19 Church Street old hickory, tenn. THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Always Lovely FLOWERS Church Street and Sixth Avenue ORRCO Food Products SOLD AND GUARANTEED BY All Good Grocers Dobson-Cannon Co. distributors Nashville ' s Leading Clothiers Since 1 843 SPORTING GOODS RADIO 7 Photo. Stud o 230 4™AVEN. Nashville, Tenn. 38 Ye ars Service 230d Fourth Ave., N. (Opposite Arcade) THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Save the Difference TRADE AT ON THE SQU ARE sag - gzisCT gSiSs j SINCE I872 R. L. PATTON 23 1 3 Gallatin Road Phone 3-2920-M lie Place for Good Shoe Repairing All Wor Guaranteed Goods Called For and Delivered PHOTOGRAPHER ORIGINAL J lUSy STUDIO SI7 FIFTH AVE. N TEL MAIN 1039 eSriSLiSiEO IS ' S NASHVILLE. TENN. EGAN BROTHERS Home of GOOD THINGS TO EAT Groceries and Fresh Meats I 50S Gallatin Road m. c. JENSEN J. H. JECK C. N. ROLEE W. W. BENZ Jensen j eck Company tlversmiths, Jewelers and Diamond Merchants Artistic High Grade Photos in Sepias — Hand Colored Work Carbons at Moderate Prices J. FRANK WEST 304 ' 2 Union Street When in Need of Anything From a Drug Store THINK OF US Cook-Smothermon Drug Co. ocymour and Gall atm Koad Phones 3-0147 and 3-9103 FREE DELIVERY GEORGE ' S PLACE HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED SUITS CLEANED AND PRESSED WHILE YOU WAIT Ladies and Gents ' Shoes Shined and Repaired W irl( Received Through Mail bib Church St. Phone 6-2352 216 Fourth Ave., N. Phone 6-1526 THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA The Church with a Welcome We Are Always Glad to Have Our Students Worship With Us First Church of Nazarene Rev. H. H. Wise, pastor God Bless Our Students Compliments of West Nashville Naza- rene Young Peoples Society ERON BOYETT, President 4905 Tennessee Avenue PUBLIC INVITED AGENTS WANTED LIBERAL DISCOUNTS ALLOWED We Publish Religious Literature Write for Catalogs and Terms Pentecosta 1M ission ru blish ing Co. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Tim H. Moore Company Fire, Automobile, and Kir died INSURANCE Phone 6-2369 Compliments of North Nashville Nazarene Church Rev. Lige Weaver, Pastor 1622 Tenth Avenue, North PUBLIC INVITED Compliments of the Grace Church of the Nazarene The Church Tvith a Purpose Rev. W. F. Collier, Pastor To Students and Visitors a Special Invitation is Extended FULCHER BROS. Electricians FIXTURES, WIRING, AND RADIOS We Invite You to Come and See Our Store 149 FOURTH AVE., NORTH Compliments of B. W. Graves Co. Good Clothes on Easy Payments 407 UNION STREET THE NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN DARDA Troy Laundry Co. Service COMPLIMENTS OF Nashville Coal Co. Quality Service Price Griffin s Campus Barber Shop 2511 Gallatin Road PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRY CUMBERLAND ICE AND COAL CO. Wholesale and Retail ICE TENN. AND KY. COAL Delivered to All Parts of City and Suburbs 1416 Adams St. Phone 6-8184 R. H. ALLEN A. L. WHITFIELD Allen-Whitfield Paint and Glass Co. Wholesale Distributors Pratt Lambert ' s Varnish and Stains Lowe Bros ' . Products Phone 6-621 I 407 Church St. NASHVILLE, TENN. KURTZMANN PIANO Elliott-Rittenberry Piano Co. White Trunk Bag Company 609 Church St. 21 Arcade Compliments of The Plumbing and Heating Supply Co. FIRST AND MAIN STREET East Nashville Dry Cleaners PLANT: 2404 Gallatin Road — Phone 3-2896 OFFICE: 9 South Fifth St. — Phone 3-0251 FLORIST S I 617 Church Street NASHVILLE, TENN. Nashville ' s Own Department Store THE NINETEEN TWENTY -SEVEN DARDA TreVecca College NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Will Satisfy the Most Exacting Student HIGH SCHOOL Department Rated as First-Class High School by Stale of Tennessee JUNIOR COLLEGE Member of Tennessee College Association and also American Association ■ ! Junior Colleges SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND FINE ARTS Vocal and Instrumental Music and Public Speaking SCHOOL OF RELIGION With Strong Bible Courses, Leading to Theological Degree Th.B. Fully Accredited, with State Recognition and Up-to-Date Equipment Located in the Athens of the South An Anti-Evolution State, with its great Colleges and Universities such as Peabody and V anderbill SITUATED On a park-like, gently roll- ing eminence, sloping grad- ually in all directions, well sodded in bluegrass and cov- ered with magnificent oaki, maples and oiher virgin growth, which furnish an ideal location for a college home. A real second-blessing Holi- ness school with the Naza- rene swing. DEEPLY SPIRITUAL Home-like atmosphere with a self-sacrificing missionary spirit, indicated by 56 mis- sionaries already sent to the foreign field. The sun never sets on Trevecca stu- dents. The whole gospel for the whole world. Every member of the Fac- ulty and Board of Trustees an earnest Christian. Excellent Opportunities for Working People and Students to Make a Living Experienced Successful President and Faculty Ocnoo 1 Oi ens September 19 A. O. Hendricks, M.A., B.D., D.D. Write for Catalog Today President THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON

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