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XYJN Dpi ., Dx. W x '37 , jr cfm! ff . N ff 52' -J -A, 3 X'?" Ls-'59 X' . 'xdggl wX7" ' ?xlXQV .gr Vow- f' WM X3 xjyex -gc X 1' .fn AQ XYJO,j,-J' J Arn J ,J-iQix.r"!'k fr I my xrlxy ,Y x 'I' if N , 7 vw KITS E32-ff 5 fi xi JOfCj5Qf QQXQJ X Qwgfghv 6 ggi! 35 H.-Q X325 Q iga,m If W5 IQ-' X 41 C46 iff df-QQ 5 KH wf 43 'J .Ji,f,ciC,9QQ?G f QXU2 LQKCXQKKIQ Q 1k!..Q , ,S 1 c 4, QQ, Cu x-lj!1XCfX ,Q,-gmfhmf 15 Qi AQ WMU vbqlf Qfgyykuk L wg, D Lf Q41 L Qhldf LQGLCV' Q6 CV. wg? '-E f 4 f as 5 f QQ qdffl fn Qt LQ Nfhiyqgxx C ' O flzgjoffq WQUQCNQ 11 Q E A 520 'ff cWcf'?aP i Q f , jg I Q C V QQ v ' ,, gm mm QQ 5 Kimi Kf5Qgm5gL fQG1Qn1QHQ' Q ffl QQ QM iojci W: 531 Gi I5 Q 59' QQQJYQL LQ, 1 ff'MQCfcz5CQ 'QW -QQ' wig S 5 R gum 3 jg gg 4 ,tg QL 5, D- 'TS Q Si' A 3 21 3 x. 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Muni I Ma 1 4 i... i 4.. -,i. -.. ..... ...- W , ., . I TIGERS AW' P TRENTON, ISD Box 5 TRENTQN, TX 7 5490 ENROLLMENT 305 It seems like only yesterday, we were walking the halls of the OLD building. But now, we're "moving right along" in the halls of the new building. 'R' .QQ ,i,,. , ,,,,s . s,,,.,,i,Vs is .,.,,:,,,,,.id T 4 -" ,I ' Throughout our annual this year, "Moving Ri ht Along" will be seen frequently. This theme was chosen because we really are "moving right along." From the old building to the new, from the old gym to the new, and from the old elementary and high school libraries to the all new media cen- tEI'. Near the end of the last year and at the be inning this year, we all had thou its of "moving right along." "When we get into the new building," was a commonly heard expression of teachers and students alike. The administra- tion got into the "move of things" also. Every Monday morning we got an updated report on the ro- gress of the new building andp the possible "movin " date. The par- ents and the whole community got involved. We would all like to thank ev- eryone who helped get us "mov- ing"! A BIG "thank you" to Mr. Robert Moore for all his special care and concern for our new building. A group of visiting friends sit on the bleachers and reminisce about old times. The Homecom- ing was a great success this year, as in years past. Mr. Eddie Derr, Superinten- dentg Mr. David Foerch, Former Superintendentp Mr. Roger Hin- kle, Former Board Presidentg and Pete Patterson, State representa- tive proudly stand by the new plaque that will be displayed at the entrance of the new building. High school Principal, Dan jones leads the Pledge of Alli- gence at the ceremonies April 11. Dr. James Clark, assistant to the Commissioner-Texas Educa- tional Association was present at the ceremonies to commend us on our "beautiful new building". DEDICATED PCLLCD ERS You look great havent changed a bit' those words were heard at the Dedicatronfl-Iome coming ceremony on April 11 People came from miles around to see their old friends and our new burldincg They are just as prou of it as we are As everyone remi msced there was talk of the old building and the good times that were had there. Not only were Trenton folks present but also State Representatives Kiwanis Directors and Directors of the Texas Association of Communi- ty Schools Our visitors bragged and beamed as others did Although there were countless comments made we recorded a few Mr Eddie Derr Supt of School I am if proud of the Trenton Community for this ac complishment We ve always had first rate stu dents now we have a first rate building for them. Mr. Dan Jones Princi- pal of the High School - I m glad we were able to have the Homecoming and the Dedication to- gether. Mr. David Foerch, For- mer Supt. - "The people of Trenton have a school they can be really proud o Mr R D Butler Presi dent Homeocming Com mittee I have been President of the commit tee for over 20 years I must say it was a great day Mr Eddie Derr and the entire staff were all more than cooperative Although it was not the biggest crowd ever it was the best! The new gym and school were the per- fect place to have it - - ' eryone was impressed with all the new facili- ies . A general overview of the crowd at the ceremonies. Al- though the crowd was large, ev- Z OPENING eryone seemed to know one an- other. Alice Kiaser Woens represented the Kiaser family when she don- ated a state flag of Texas. The flag flew over the state Capitol Febru- ary 3, 1986. It will proudly hang in the new school. joe Seals, Executive Director of The Texas Association of Com- munity Schools gave tremendous praise to the new building. President of the School Board, jimmy Anderson and Construc- tion Manager, Robert Moore stand proudly at the Dedication. wr., ..,,. ..,,.., , mann rf .nge 4 .NW Rumi!!! ID' 3 l!7F?L7"' ' l JY Ili' I MOVING?? MCDVI G WI-IERE?? RIGHT ALC . . . Where do we put all this new furniture? In the new building is where! During the long, cold winter days, lwithout heatl or the smolder- ing heat fwithout air conditioningl, everyone dreamed of having a new school. The day we actually moved in was a day of mixed emotions. Thrillin because after watching the buildin go up, brick by brick, board by board, we were really moving in! 3, because after all the years the big old building had opened it's doors to countless num- bers of kids, it was closing it's Not only the Seniors unloaded the furniture so did Mr. Jones, the high school principal. 4 OPENING doors to us for the last time. Although we will miss the old building, the new "luxuries" we ac- quired compensate for the loss. For exam le, the "tones" fbellsj scared us all3 to death the first time we heard them. And we all nearly tripped when we walked across the carpet for the first time. Miss Rounsaville's new "L-shaped" desks and the new Cannon type- writers were a welcomed adjust- ment for all the typing students. Moving where? Right along is where! Where do we put all this new furniture? We put it in OUR new building! Help! this was a commonly heard phrase when the Seniors unloaded the new furni- ture for the new school. , . f t,... g XXWNWW. M35 .AR Q .W L m ' m-., t fi? A A ' "i-' . . ..,. M. . .,..,r. . 1 Above: As the workers worked, it seemed like our new school would never become reality, but here it is at last - the finished product. Sherry Timko, Alicia Stapleton, and the rest of the seniors do their part on moving day. President of the School Board, Mr. Hinkle, and Superintendent, Mr. Derr, try out the entrance to the new school as they discuss 1 t 1 problems. Senior Ken Connelly and junior, Brad Con- nelly do their part in the "Moving" process. Although they tried to be careful with the OPENING 5 copy machine, they had a small accident ska Cl.-I,-ll MHOHVH I UNNGN . I THE THINGS WE DO to Remember when you were young and you didn't have to con- centrate on learning at all because you were learning all of the time? Then, as you became older, you had to work at learning. It requires mo- tivation from someone else to learn as we get older, or it has to be some- thing that we really want to know. Studying is just gg of the things we have to do to continue to learn. Once a student enters high school, it becomes a MUST for you to study if you want to be an honor student. There are always those students who are not interested in grades or in preparing for their fu- tureg and other students who per- haps put too much emphasis on grades. But there must be a middle point for each of us to help us to continue to learn every day. Sometimes your classes may seem to drag on forever if you are having to listen to a big lecture. This year in order to make learning a little less of a chore, field trips have been scheduled. The new fa- cilities have certainly been a boost to morale too. Whether it is interesting or bor- ingg we are all familiar with the "things we do to learn". Chances are pretty good that we will keep on doing them to keep learning a little more. IMG lllkllwllflltilllll HGHSI Government class - a group of happy Sen- rs - made a field trip to Bonham to the ourt House to see due process in action. is The seventh and eighth grade boys have he class got together for a picture before just finished some last rninute studying eeing the judge'. during their break. it I ,Do 'youfreriieinlfer X fliers were eaenipiivnsaffiffsef mesrer gexagnw ifA1ih1iiggffrhe e39Q51l915Fi?Y?Y?l3?PrW?t?99l5?d ifiqrwardgfiaziegxam?js1ay:Qf9L1lxtif:2 E i Semester'eX5Iiit4if3iega'fcl15?3sifoiiifi i theitriaverageiinfany Class. All of us who were hoping to be exempt now battle our way through tests llurgicsr Derek Riley is deep in thought as he takes his History exam . U ,. MV, K5 lf. , ', , ' :ws 1 52153: Fi? viii STE? ,W ' :asa 'ifiifi' Si:i?f?iZl?fT2ESfi4W?Wfifffnftif junior jeffrey Brumrnett got all ready for another day of work in Ag shop. By the time jeffrey got ready, everyone else had already finished and gone. "Can you explain this one more time?" asks Freshman Mary Stuf- .flebeme as Math teacher Mr. Rob- erts tries to explain an equation in Pre-Algebra class. ..!QW Trying to catch up on some need- ed sleep, Senior Duane Marks takes a quick nap in Mr. Roberts' room. Prom the looks here, Duane is counting sheep instead of num- bers. ...W-fn junior Scottie Copeland sits pa- tienly while waiting for the bell to ring to end third period. Scottie always seems to be waiting for the next class. B ACADEMICS "How many can you jump?" asks several Elementary kids as they keep the jumprope going while they count the number of times it goes around. 'lm 14 Who is counting? Counting is a process that takes place every day. People count for many different reasons. where from five to thirty minutes staring at the alarm clock counting the minutes until they just ml-Q to get up. The students in Mr. Roberts class have a habit of counting too. They count for almost an hour which includes numbers and variables WI-I0 S CGU TI that supposedly equal to an answer. This year w s a memorable one in the Math department. This year for teaching here and it looks like he was loaded down. Mr. Rob- erts taught everything from Computer Science to Pre-Algebra. If some- one walked in the room towards the end of the class the students wouldnt be the only ones glancing at the clock every few minutes to see when the bell was ringing. If you look around counting is used by ev- now-a-days is to own as many Swatch watches as your wrist will hold. Of course we all know that no one can tell what time it is on t ose watches. Those people must live in a time all by themselves. Who does count? Peo- ple of all sizes shapes and professions count things all the time. But one thing we all have in common when- ever we re bored tired give in we all start counting something - it may be the minutes on a clock the tiles on the wall or even the number of rings a per- son has on their hand but its always some- thing!!! B T ' o o 0 . a Some people spend any- year is Mr. Roberts' last eryone. The big fad or just plain ready to ' h ,sa - K5 , 1 i, fa - s tt, Q, K .,...-5 Q .,r. . we .z 'fjlf 1 skffg gg . w tl x 5 iitis'i it issl t r"ii sz :sg .A-' 1 f,'1 - NS a 's rii- . "" 'W - -. ': If , , ,wi L Everyone counted the days until we moved into the new school. Sophomores Kirk Smith and John Bodden are counting the seconds as Kirk holds Mr. Roberts' room clock. High School girl's coach, Jarrett Tucker tries to keep time to the beat as he walks his way down the halls to attend his next class. Freshman julie Penning, Math teacher Mr. Roberts, and Sopho- more Melanie Davis try to hurry up discussion about how hard the math class tests seem to be get- ting. From the looks of Mr. Rob- erts, he doe-sn't agree. WHO'S COUNTING 9 PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT U IL AND ONE ACT PLAY I SPEAK MY OWN SINS I CANNOT JUDGE ANOTHER I HAVE NO TONGUE EOR IT' These words spoken by John Proctor Gerry Coulstonl from the Area Qualifying One Act Play The Crucible mg of the play These words could also be put to use in everyday life since ev eryone of us is unique and has our own 1nd1 vidual unique character istics From UIL to One Act Play and any other competition ev eryone does their best to compete And no matter if you win or lose the experience gained is al cause a person does not bring home the gold medal his or her peers automatically seem to wonder what went wrong with the person never considering the idea that the person gave it all he or she had but just did not win Instead of trying to find what IS wrong with someone by comparing clothes hairstyles time could be spent practicing courtesy and friendliness toward oth ers and more time find ing good personality traits in everyone Thus with practice everything would be more perfect ll I ll I . ' I . . - - . . I . H1 - 1 1 or seem' to climax the feel- ways beneficial. Just be- likes and dislikes, more . . J . . - . I . - . . . - - . I . . t Above: State Qualifier in U.I.l.. Accounting Lori Derr sits waiting for the results in Austin. Right: Cast of "The Crucible", Sylvia Taylor, jeania Trusty, jerry Keeton, 10 ACADEMICS jerry Coulston, Duane Marks, Melanie Davis, Lori Smithson, john Bodden, Amy Park, Kristy Butler, Melissa Austin, and Director Mrs. Peterson. To the left: During the U.l.L. One-Act-Play practice these members of the cast, Reverend Parris Uerry Keetonj, Betty Parris tjeania Trustyj, Mercy Lewis iMe- lissa Austinj, Abigail Williams tAmy Parkl, Reverend Hale Uohn Boddenl and judge Danford, tDuane Marksl, are all affected as Mary Warren tKristy Butlerl, tries to make her point to them. i '1 res, x .-.:-it -an . ,c ,N-we .--. t. t- .. -. - .fs- Shown below are district partici- pants in U.l.l.. held at Grayson County junior College, on March 24, 1987. ln Spelling are Melissa Austin, and jeffrey Brummett. ln Ready Writing are L'Cena Weems, Tony Brasher, and Mi- chelle Smiley. . ,,,, ,,,, Tiff: 2.1 raw: .f ::'i5.e . r: if 1 J it . N .L Q ggegmu: , . r sa- - . -f - tx.: fq:f...iV 1,5 N t r. tug: X X S lat T e T nun, in Legg we X ga Q M 'Y Hs K r x . tan. Bit if B Q 3 15K as wt if K S ' W es' , it ,iq Q we Ss' N - 2 X . X 1 ss J it it X .. .5 5 X -india ' t,z!iQsQ.5e . L f . i ' ff5'E,.rf 7. .ttt . ,MW R if x 5 t i, was t Xi X t ' .:. is " i t-P 5 it if if W me ,QL " X N X l SQ, 3 at M t sg c A. zifitiif' ,Sf .V 5 .Q -.Q .. 'cf,s:'5r, 11.3 Z' f , -f .wt -2 . ,, 4 .:,, SS .5 . ,:.'4Qsat.. . r 5 .Q .tk .W,.g:z Q, ,. sk 2 tg, tl tg -Mm , MLQM my J ' 9 ,rf ew., W 'X , 6 5 2 t -1 , ,V y Shown above are the Regional Qualifiers in U.I.L. From left to right are Lori Derr Accounting jeffrey Brummett Spelling Jen- Holmes-Poetry Lori Smithson-Calculator Applications. nifer Brock-Accounting, Tonly Brasher-Ready Writingi jill Shown below are District participants of U I L held March 24 1987 at Grayson Lori Smithson fCalculator Applicationsl and jill Holmes QPoetryJ , 1 .l ,t, ff ra ir- 'v if ., s. .4 fm 5399? att ifififyt ft' A7 "4 l ' , 'W Pictured above are Lori Derr, ,len- nifer Brock, and Kristy Butler who participated at Grayson Co. junior College on March 24, 1987 in Accounting. Lori Derr also par- ticipated in Number-Sense on the same day. UIL 11 FUN AN G MES - I-IEADACHES AND PAINS just like students', teachers' lives are filled with fun and games AND headaches and pains. Every day has its share of both. 6:00 A.M. - GET OUT OF BED!!! 7:42 A.M. - Drive down the road thinking that check in time is supposed to be 7:45. 8:00 A.M. - Made it! The class is rushing in telling each other about the weekend's gossip while the search for the attendance sheet be- gins. 12:15 P.M. - A little over half of the day is through and lunch is a few minutes away. This is one of the good points of the day. b 2:00 P.M. -- Yes! The day is nearly through. It is almost time for the next bell. 3:00 P.M. - Just a few more minutes and the last bell will ring. Keep hanging in. 3:45 P.M. - Finally out!!! Next day 5:55 A.M. - The alarm sounds. Another day. Mrs. Chaloupka, History teacher, looks on as Mr. Orozco, Special Education teacher gets into the fun of things by being a clown Science teacher Mr. Cameron lends an ear to Mrs Moore Elementary Secretary takes a one of his Physical Science students. The break from her work to put on a smile for assignment on the blackboard is a key to the camera Paperwork is part of the head what the student is discussing. ache that she endures each day 12 ACADEMICS Miss Rounsaville, Typing teacher, is having a little fun of her own as she is surrounded by balloons at the Halloween Carnival. Mr. Bohannon, Agriculture teacher, grades a few homework papers to see how his stu- dents are doing in class. s -,fb ttf. K 9 -. . f - .... t ac... se . Q , MW , V .,.,. Math teacher Mr, Roberts is preparing for Algebra class in the old building. When ev- eryone takes their place, he can take the roll. He may need to give them a little homework to quiet them down. l Coach Tucker, Physical Education teacher, gets clown to business as he lectures to the students about good behavior and sore los- ers. Coach Hamilton tries to keep a few oth- ers in line also. S . I Superintendent Mr. Derr and English teach- er Mrs. Garcia take a rest from a hectic day at school. Mrs. Garcia tells a very interesting story while Mr. Derr listens and smiles at the camera. STAFF 13 Kenny Williams Eighth Grade Valedictorian Lori Hensley Eighth Grade Salutatorian THE PRESENT A B FUTURE As Semors and E1hth graders graduate from then- class many clecisxons approach them The Eighth graders look forward to being in high school in the near future while the Semors look forward to LIFE They mav be looking for yobs or fzmgurmg out winch college to attend Present decisions may affect the fu ture of thse people Meanwhile many parents are thinking about the present Much thought goes into choosmg that spe C13l'7'S1ffjfQ1' .them5q11Qn0red4fch1idrenff fQ134CfU3t9gfl'E31f'1i4 fTfHSfYiieC?f1Yfd?91if???ffiT31fif?f?9i?i. A565 of hererfhosbeffej1f?fi6?YiniBi1Af1Ef 2??8ff4F1iiiif5?ffiffPf2f5f Cf?iY?d7ae G'4'f?fTP?if59f if5eff535fe1f thatQ1sfSQguniqixefabO34flE119T'PiiSIhOf Q S9CkS4if5'f1i?fj?t1i2Y little:diplomaie11Q1f:4hafgfQrrf,fi1eH1-A.They faaiseggrfiieyfiriieif' Ssadualfifml Def: ereceiiffideiplehky ,gfdde .n.e sredQ1weffa4sM'efF receivedlasez2ei12Pff21?9QfS' f0FeiS1?4Uiafi9!13ffHi811 car gould help gnghepizirgneportatxpni ite iQo1l98?10rgf i2??S?TiWief1ififY1f iffiefid? 4545? prfff'-ielfikfffeeandih2fEpvt14F?2??fe2fWeUeT110HS11ff9ffW136fif?EiCFEE f 14 ACADEMICS EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATES - Back Row QLeft to Rightj S. Smith, G. Lozano, R. Pollen, M. Cowan, M. Trusty, K. Williams, C. Hopper, H. Green, R, Anderson, Middle Row - CSeatedJ J. Weatherford, S. With- row, C. Compton, L. Freeman, T. Burns, M. Minor, P. Lopez, Front Row - T. Compton, L. Hensley, C. Brasher 'W mf' X ' . ' f Q, 7 1 V- . Mgw,--f-fi,-'g,..g,i4 af- ,..f-,g5,1f' ,-Q Hwy' ,A ,, 1 1 1 +. H 1' f f, ,V , -f . V . - ., J 3 q 1, i ' , ., - 1 l Alicia Stapleton High School Salutatorian Senior Kristy Butler thumbs through the old senior pictures. ln a few days her picture, along with the other graduates, will be displayed in the frames for others to see. fa if .W Lori Derr High School Valedictorian GRADUATION 15 junior, Scottie Copeland and PHA members Jenni Pennrng Sophomores, jill Holmes and Anissa Todd Delynda Todd and Brent Dancer clown around while jennifer Brock get here early to trying to drag jill on the bus - attend a meeting dedicated she's late! members The juniors prepare for the Prom. They all got up at 4:30 in the morning to decorate - it was well worth it, for it was a spectacular event. The Beta Club worked long, hard hours on their skit that was to be performed at the Convention in Ft. Worth. Here they perform it for the student body. Above: Melissa Austin, Junior, worked diligently on the lines of the One Act Play. The hours were long and hard, but well worth it. 16 ACADEMICS Center: Charlotte Turner, junior, woke up too late to apply make- up - so study hall doubles as her bathroom. The One Act Play cast jokes around after returning from the district competition as winners. 9:15 PM was too late for some to be up! BETTER L TE THAN EARLY "But Mr. Jones, I just couldn't get myself in gear this morning! I won't let it happen again!" Does this sound familiar to anyone? Come on, admit it! Ei- ther you or someone you know has gone through this at one time or another. The excuses for tardiness range from "My car just wouldn't start", to "This is only my first offense!" They seem to go down hill from there - so far down hill that - well, let's just say down hill. Although some kids do arrive to school late, some think it's more ap- propriate to get here at 7:30 A.M. Getting here EARLY is more impor- tant to some than sleep- ing. To others, sleeping is the most important thing in their lives. The students who are involved in various ac- tivities and organiza- tions put in long hard ffunj hours. The One Act Play and the Annual Staff put in countless Freshman, Larry Anderson panics as he realizes that his alarm didn't go off - what will his excuse be? numbers of hours per- fecting what they think is important. Sacrific- ing, holidays, weekends and late hours is "just part of the game." The teachers also are ones who fall into the category of getting here early and staying here late. Some of the teach- ers get here as early as 7:15 and stay as late as 6:30-7:00 at night. From grading papers to pre- paring bulletin boards, they all have their rea- sons. Some come early and some stay late - and some feel it to be "better late than early!" Late! Early 17 Senior Angela McGrew gets 'all wrapped up' in decorating the Christmas tree as jenni Penning, Senior, wonders why she acts this way. Mlgrlvlifwiwlusi A few Kindergartners take advantage of a little free time to color, or socialize, or just to sit and think. The After School SPECIAL RING!!! It's 3:14 and school is out! Kids race to their lockers and scramble to find their books. Some- one yells, "What homework do we have?" in an attempt to speed up their mission, destination? any- where! Often you can see a line of cars headed straight for Skinner's Quick Stop, refueling on cokes, chips, and candy bars can be vital to a teen's health. Everyone then cruises town before going home to crash in front of the T.V. set. If you're a dedicated athlete or organization member you might not get to leave immediately. All through the year there are practices for sports and various meetings to attend. This may cramp some peo- ple's style while it gives others something to do. Let's not forget about the work- ing class, who often go straight to work from school. They may miss out on the cruising, snacking, and napping their friends enjoy, they are earning some money. Most of the elementary kids do the same thing after school - ride the bus home. This provides extra time to visit with their friends or just forget about their homework for awhile. Whether it's work or play, every- one has something "special" they do school. I5 I!1flI!ll1lIDl!ElINl!T! MEI e SSX Sophomore Melanie Davis supervises with X N ,XQQW an approving eye as Sophomore Tony Brasher helps Mr. Roberts move in a new bookshelf. 4 i tunes i Kfiswtrlfuteffnakessesufei af Semen Ken Cqfmeiiy dfxesnwa 15611 dffiislxesaisgtfs eeirnkey tier? are F-Qfriihimeiflgi fl 5 E l Even though the tardy bell is about to ring, Senior jason Kyle doesnft dare enter class until he finishes his Coke. A few of the elementary kids gather around their Valentines boxes and show us their smiling faces after their Valentines party. junior Rodney Alexander trys to fix something semi-nutritious for lunch. it seems that we all have been faced with this problem at one time or another. Junior Jeffrey Brummett takes time out of his "busy" day to kick his feet up and relax, That is one of the things we all enjoy the most about summer - just relax- ing. EVERYBQDY HAS 'EM . . . OBODY WANTS 'EM . . . SUMMER BUMMERS SCHOOL IS OUT! You now have three whole months to do just what you want to doll!!! Sleeping late and cruis- ing around until the wee hours of the night seem to be the things that top most of the kids lists. To some kids, getting a job in order to have some extra spend- ing money is something summer is good for. Although summer is just wonderful, there are some things that do put a damp- er on the fun. For example, on the day you and all of your friends have a fun day at the lake planned, there is a precious little note on the refrigerator door saying, "Please clean the bath- room, run the vacuum, and fold the clothes. Oh, and by the way, have a good time at the lake! Love, Mom." Have a good time at the lake!!!!! Does she really expect you to have a good time when you are com- pletely exhausted? Moms don't seem to realize that 20 STUDENT LIFE g44u,,6Q:..f,zf4, M01 Auf- Q2 I7 fd., ,af-17,.AAfo ,Af Zi.,-ofa' - --ff""'J J you just can't have a good time after all of that. On the days that you don't go to the lake, you have to find something to eat on your own. The Campbell Soup Company and most students become close friends over the sum- mer. We all become con- noisseurs of TV dinners telling our friends which ones are the best. It seems as though all of us have gone to a summer camp at one point in our life too. Whether it be one that we wanted with all our hearts to attend, or one that our parents thought would be 'beneficial' to us. The types of camps we have at- tended range from boy- scout and blue birds, to basketball and annual staff camps. Anyone who has had a car knows that it is really great to have one - until it breaks down. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a car that won't run. Although we try to take good care of it, it seems that all cars break down sooner or later. Just sitting around the house is fun at the first of the summer. Watching your favorite soap opera or game show, or your favor- ite team playing ball soon gets to be boring. Summer is a time for you to just "veg-out". Sometimes "cruisin"' can be exciting - and some- times it can be a bore! Not many people cruise around on Sunday afternoon as Duane Marks can see. Even though everyone is "bummed" out at some point during the summer - it is more fun to be a SUM- MER BUMMER than to face the daily grind of school. Senior Angela McGrew keeps herself busy by cleaning the bath- room - a dreaded chore to all of us. Even though it is not a fun job, Angela seems to have it under control. Junior Michelle Smiley works di- ligently to design the sports divi- sion page at the annual staff camp in Denton during the summer. junior Brad Connelly makes sure that his little white truck is in top shape before taking it out for a ride arond town. The next stop will be the gas station, and after that it will be all fun. Senior Sherry Timko rushes to complete her chores which must be finished before she can begin to "have fun." "Don't parents know that summers aren't for do- ing chores??? "Where did everyone go?" Senior Duane Marks asks this question as he sits on Trenton square on a Sunday afternoon. If Duane waits long enough someone will drive by. BUMMERS 21 PINTSIZED PRI ILEGES If you are in the sixth grade or lower, you've probably thought about how you can't wait until you get to be in high school and get the privileges of changing classes, get- ting to play sports, and being a cheerleader. But, have you ever thought about the privileges in ele- mentarythat you won't be able to enjoy in high school? For exam- ple, not having class for part of the day and getting to have a Valen- tine's day partyg Or getting a field trip just for being good in class. Let's face it, being in elementary does have its advantages. And, the privileges don't stop at school. Surely there are some of you in elementary who have older brothers and sisters. You've prob- ably gd being younger to your advantage either by getting more attention when you got hurt, or by getting your brother or sister in trouble for being mean to you. But remember, you're probably going First grader Grant Savage looks undecided about whether he wants to get off the bus. Can we blame him? First grader Arthur Smith enjoys one of the privi- leges of being in elementary-playing at recess. 22 STUDENT LIFE to be in their place one of these days. Just think, homework every night of the week, no money for losing your teeth because you will have lost them all, and you'll have to take on the responsibilities of a young adult. However, you do have responsibilities in elementary. There's always homework feven though there is a bit more in high schoolj. While at home you may have to either keep your room clean, wash the dishes, dust the liv- ing room, or do all of these chores put together. Or, maybe you have a little brother or sister to look after. In all grades K-12 you will have responsibilities and privileges. And this is the way it will be the rest of your life. For now though, you are probably just concerned with making it through the day without any of the dreaded respon- sibilities, and a whole lot of the pint-sized privileges of elementary. This group of first graders line up after their field trip to the high school's new Ag build- ing. This group of third graders is ready to start their Valentine's Day party-but then third graders are always ready for fun. You could say that sixth grader Jeffrey Jones is privileged. Anyoie who receives so many valen- tines has to be privileged! fins 3 Q ,. NF l 'lm' -:'ft1':'-a:::..,, xy M - X 2- X., Q-mms N Q. e-382.4 Fourth graders jason jones and Joe Sanez Garrett Dancer looks as if he's enjoying color- play at recess with a basketball and soccer- ing-one of the many things that students are ball that are pint-sized. doing in kindergarten today. PRIVILEGES Z3 N THE EDGE or DRE .--4 all Saturday, April 18, 1987, at 7:00 p.m. was the begin- ning ofa dream. This years prom was indeed titled properly. The Juniors worked long and hard on the decora- tions. Starting at 7:00 that morning, they carried all the decorations and the whole Junior class to Com- I merce to begin putting things together for the Mrs. Chaloupka tells Junior Jeff Brummett how to place the flowers, while Juniors Lynne Graves and Angela Maples work hard behind them. Junior Rodney Alexander puts up the ferris wheel while Junior Lesa Hamons and Freshman Alton Hopper work on the other decorations. 24 STUDENT LIFE night. Their efforts paid off and everyone enjoyed the products of their labor that night when the festivi- ties began. A few people took time to share their thoughts about the evening: Senior, Duane Marks said, "I feel very fortunate to have had a class such as the class of '88 to put together such a great prom for my class- mates and I." Junior, Syl- via Taylor thought, "I had a really great time. I thought we Juniors did a terrific job. The wills from the Seniors were wild!!" The night was definitely 'On the Edge of a Dream' and it will surely hold a special place in the memo ries of everyone attending Thank ygu, Juniors, for a Seniors Cary Yother and Steve feat evenin I I-Iardeman Sophomore Melanie g g' Davis and Junior Steve I-Iarris juniors Derek Riley and Melissa The Senior class gathers to pose Austin make a good team. Now for one last group picture before they only have 900 streamers to the evening begins, and the year go. ends. The junior pose for their most unforgettable picture ever. Showing off their outfits really 'suits' them. junior Brad Connelly concentrates on what he is doing while he fixes part of the ferris wheel decoration. PROM 25 Seniois Angela McGrew, Sherry Tinko, and jenni Penning sup- port their favorite candidate at the state Beta Convention in Fort Worth. High School Favorites- Top Pic- ture, Angela McCrew - Best Dressedp Duane Marks - Most In- telligentg Steve Hardeman - Most Likely to Succeed, Alecia Staple- ton - Most Intelligent, Alan Bur- rows - Most Handsome, Wittiestg Ken Connelly - Most Outstand- ing Leader, Best Dressedg Kristy Butler - Most Likely to Succeed, Most Outstanding Leader, Best All-Around, Best Personality, Most School Spirit, Chatterbox. Bottom Picture: Rodney Alex- ander - Chatterbox, Sylvia Taylor - Most Beautiful, Friendliest, Brad Connelly - Most Athletic, Most School Spirit, Chris Massey - Friendliestp jeffrey Brummett - Best All-Around, Best Personal- ity, Melanie Davis - Most Athle- ticg Amy Park - Wittiest. Sophomore john Bodden catches next class As it appears, his lock a glimpse of his favorite rock er is well organized because stars as he gets his books for his everything did not fall out. 26 STUDENT LIFE ToP or THIS L1 I-IEADLINERS . . are events that make your head spin and your mind wan- der. At first thought, you might have felt that this school year passed from 8:00 A.M. to 3:13 P.M. without any exciting events occuring. While it is true that nothing literally headspinning has happened, there have been a few headline events that have taken place. There were those memories that the Beta Club members remembered from their hectic weekend cam- paigning to get Jeffrey Brum- mett elected as the next State Beta Vice-President. Although jeffrey didn't win, the thoughts going back to that weekend are something else. Even through the hard work, there still was time for fun. The "funn ranged from order- ing-in pizza to dancing on the roof top to several tapes of journey. And, if those memories wer- en't enough to bring a smile to someones faceg everyone can remember tuning into Chan- nel 8 to catch a glimpse of "Moonlighting" stars Maddie Hayes and David Addison duke it out. Coming back to school on Wednesday and dis- cussing the latest episode can be heard throughout the halls. There were also academic endeavores that captured our attention as well. Who can for- get the unforgettable dress re- hearsal the cast for the Ull. one-act play performed just before going to District? The reactions from everyone when they heard that the play "The Crucible" had won first place at District were headlines as well. Minor headlines that caught a few of us happened every- day. With all of the students in Mr. Roberts room, some classes had the privilege of wearing headphones during class so he could work with those who needed help. An- other minor headline included everyone big or small. That was having two lockers. What can you fit into both lockers? Needless to say, it really didn't matter if something was in them or not, just the idea of having two lockers thrilled us all. Yes, it's true, little things like these can become big headliners in the future. Head- liners make up everyone's day. With all of these things going on, it's hard to imagine the school day being boring! "Caught again!" exclaims Sopho- more Melanie Davis as an Annual Staffer catches her in probably ev- eryones least favorite thing to do.-studying. Sophomore Shannon Rule, ju- Holmes proudly display their fa- niors jeffrey Brummett, Brad vorite new letter jackets while Connelly, Sylvia Taylor, Lori having a break at the old school. Smithson, and Sophomore jill FAVORITES 27 just swinging around seems to be our favorite thing to do at lunch- time as junior jerry Keeton shows as he hangs upside down trying to make someone laugh. junior Brad Connelly and math teacher Mr. Roberts try to knock each other off of the beam at the pillow fighting booth during the Halloween Carnival. TOP OP THE LI TOP THOUGHTS . . . "Read the next para- graph please." A shock of horror runs through you as you realize that the teacher was calling on YOU! You feel your face begin to turn red as the whole class starts to laugh because you have no idea what page the class is on, much less the paragraph! At times, it is easy to drift off into "left field" during class. Especially when that special some- one spoke to you in the hall, or when Friday's plans have been changed. Some teachers don't seem to realize that the big game to- night has edged out Shakespeare or the 28 STUDENT LIFE study of some foreign creature. Even next per- iod's English test could steal your concentration from the Math equation Mr. Roberts has just put on the board. Thinking about what you'll be talking about on the phone to your latest love is also very common for a distraction. Everyone has their own reasons for drifting off into "left field" dur- ing class. "My biggest distraction during class is wanting to get home and talk to Brent. It seems like the last two hours of school go on forever," says Junior Michelle Smiley. Senior 3 .iii Jeania Trusty also states that, "I like to think about going home and calling all my friends when I'm supposed to be doing my Econom- ics," while Junior Jef- frey Brummett adds, "Trying to get all my as- signments in on time so I can have a social life sometimes is impossible because I'm always thinking of my social life." Classes are boring sometimes, it's true, even to the best of us. It's not anyones fault. It's just that all of us, at one time or another, has been caught out in "left field." "Oh, Miss Rounsavilleln Annual Staffers Jennifer Brock, jeffrey Brummett, leania Trusty, Kristy Butler, Michelle Smiley, Diane Lake and Lana Glasscock try to stiffle the giggles as they take a tour of the new school. Seniors Angela McGrew and shake as they smile for the cam- Alan Burrows give us all a hand- era at the Halloween Carnival. I I - A... attntttvwmmk CLASS FAVORITES: Top Pic- ture: Freshman Diane Lake, lu- niors Derek Riley and Sylvia Taylor, Sophomore Chris Mas- sey, Senior Ken Connelly, Soph- omore Kristy Rule, Freshman Tommy Smiley, Senior Jenni Penning. Middle Picture: Sev- enth and Eighth Grade Favorites Amy Connelly, Steve Durrett and Robert Anderson. Bottom Picture: Elem. Favorites ftop rowl: jeff Skinner, Angel Park, james Blevins, Mandy Griffen, Melissa McGinley, Garrett Dancer, Robin Rice, jeffrey Jones, jennifer Skinner, Dana Roberts, Cocly Derr, jennifer Trusty, Dona Smith, Matt Stuf- flebeme, Roman Roberts, FAVORITES 29 efore someone else comes long. Move over! l'm coming hrough!" says Senior Ken onnelly, as he tries to snatch seat on the new school van Seniors Larry Skinner, Sherry Timko, Jenni Penning, Angela McGrew and Jeania Trusty, part of Mrs. Snow's Child Development and Child Care class et ready to head to Sherman to loci at the new woman's center at Texoma Medical Plaza. 30 STUDENT LIFE Sox-mv "Now, wasn't this a good idea?" asks Senior Kristy But- ler as she gets an ice cream cone from the Braum's in Bon- ham while Seniors Angela McCrew and jennifer Brock look on. W W wa s . Q 'v SAME FACES, DIFPERE T PLACES NO CLASSES TO- DAY!! The thought alone excites even the most boring in all of us. Take a moment to think of the times during the school year when your class got out of school to g on a field rrp Whether it was an entrre day or a part of a day it was treasured time to all of us With your classmates you went from conven trons to museums from the local courthouse to the nearest pizza parlor with the same thought on everyones mind We re out of school' The time spent out of the of us. It is a way to for- get about all of the hus- tle and bustle of school. Going different places with your friends can make you forget the hassle of homework, of waiting for the bell to ring or the simple musts of every day The purpose for all of these Get aways f course is to learn some thing educational That IS what Science teacher Mr Cameron had mind when he took his Physrology class to the State Farr museums and then to eat at Shakys Przza It was certain from the look on the faces of the students and Mr. Cameron that ev- eryone had a great time. Government class also had a day off from school one day when they went to the Bon- ham courthouse to watch criminal proceed ings The fun part came later when they went to Pizza Hut to buy all of the pizza they could eat It seems like everyone has been on at least one field trip durrng the school year With all of the activities going on on campus going differ ent places is still a whole lot of fun But it is even more fun going places with the same familiar faces classroom is a Joy to all Hwhere am Hr, asks Kindergar- Beta gtudentg Amy Park, Angela campaign headquarters trying to tener Frank Howell as he wanders Mccrew' Sherry Timkol Derek look convincing to Passersby as through the new Ag shop. This RileYf Kirk Smith, Jenni Penning they vote for jeffrey Brummett at and Lori Derr all stand around the , the C0nVenti0n. was one of those days when the water was cut off at Elementary. SNAPS 31 junior Tammy Brown is in the media center working on putting the final touch to her report. junior Lesa Hamons is busy tak- ing notes at ETSU for her report. From the way it looks, she has a lot of work ahead of her. "Who said this was easy?" junior Senior Lori Derr is in the typing Angela Maples asks as she looks room, using the new computer to puzzled because of the empty help her do her report. screen in the ETSU library. 32 STUDENT LIFE E E it DO WH T?? DUE I-IEN?? What's one more deadline? When you wait until the last min- ute to solve all the prob- lems it takes more pa- tience than most of us can get together. Just ask any Annual staffer - there is always just one more deadline, and there is never any rush until that very last day. That is just the way an- nuals are put to ether - around here at Teast. It's very exas erating for all concerned? For ex- ample - "Just how long can it take to writgha term a er an way? e wonfardad allyihat stuff, just fill up the necessary pages, and that is all you 1 ave to do. There is Seniors Krsity Butler, Steve Har- deman, Larry Skinner, and Cary Yother along with junior Brad Connelly take their turn at using the magazine index at ETSU. NOTHING to doing a term paper." These were some of the things heard during the last minutes before the papers were due. This year, just like last year, there were some students who were faced with another pa- per. Although it was as- signed at least 6 weeks in advance, there are many of us who like to procrastinate. We all enjoyed a field trip with Mrs. Peterson to ETSU to use their li- brary. That tri seemed to be the highlight of our term papers - we got to eat pizza that day. We had that opportuni- ty to gather informa- tion, and we later had i class time to work on our papers. But, there were so many things that need- ed to be done at the same time. We were fac- ing semester exams, playing basketball, cheering, and all the usual school stuff. Our BETA students were trying to get ready to go to the convention too. Plus, we all have to maintain our social life. After it was over with though, when the smoke had cleared and some of the tempers had cooled down, some of our students will admit to having learned from their efforts. H gwgw at VS W at it ' ' -Q N' " ..: :Q Fitf1's: a " :?fn'ff-1 .: -- it . .is Q ga t 2555? 1, if i E Q ifgsg- fs leftist asc -' s i ft , kt .ggi if Eg K1 -,wivqli .'-343 :S I " Al,.. ,,.. t if :. .'f:EE,.f,15.,E:E,-Q '1j1g.::-1 4, , " ff,-A junior Lynne Graves is working in the typing room, trying to get her report turned in on time. DEADLINES HEAD or THE TIMES The look this year was varied from the bow-da- cious look shown here by Jeania Trusty, to the "statements" we make with ripped jeans, faded denim 'ackets, and "out of the ordinary" haircuts. In the years past, we've al- ways followed some kind of "look", Fluorescent col- ors, parachute pants, and bandanas are things we used to wear to achieve our "looks". Even though some of these styles linger, oth- ers are not even considered being worn now. They are just "behind the times". We asked some students what they thought was "behind the times" and "ahead of the times". Mar- ian Bodden said that "The Angela McGrew, Senior, gives us a "fashion flash" of the latest styles and fashions. 34 STUDENT LIFE western look of faded jeans and fringed outfits is awe- some, but I would die if I had to wear parachute pants in public!" Mary Stufflebeme remarked, "I think silver jewelry is defi- nitely in, but bandanas are just unthought of." Jill Holmes stated, "I think swatches and decorating your sweatshirt is cool, but wearing Mickey Mouse stuff is old." Kristy Harde- man thought, "Reebok Hi- tops are in right now, but wearing camoflauge is old." Sylvia Taylor said, "bows, long shirts, and big belts are neat, but perms in guys hair is out." Each year we return with a new "look". And even though it's hard to believe, by next year, the things we wear now will be "behind the times". Mary Stufflebeme, Freshman, doesn't need a spot remover with this shirt, she is right in style. Diane Lake, Freshman, sports this fashionable long coat, and design- er purse. .59 ,pf This group of students is right in lg.. step with their white fringe boots, Julie Penning, Freshman, stops bandana sweatshirts, bows, and and shows us how she "jams" in other fashions. the hallways. ,. I7 J A . .. w- , .f "' . Q - 'lyk M . -,,,f, V , 1 M "Qf'r "tif ' P' W 5. Sylvia Taylor, junior, and Me- Delynda Todd, Sophomore, is a lanie Davis, Sophomore "bare real "stud" while she stud-ies in arms" to show us their sports this blue studded shirt. watches. PADS 35 THE UPS ANL5 DCSWNS- "Having a boyfriend or a girQfriend can be the most fulfilling part of a person's life - until there's a disagree- ment." JEFFREY BRUMMETT Then it becomes quite the opposite. Suddenly the hearts, roses, and love change into, "I don't care!" or "I don't understand." But no- body's perfect, Every re- lationship can have it's up's and down's. Any- one who has had an in- fatuation with someone from afar can remember the let down of seeing him or her not notice you or pass you by with- out a glance. Suddenly your whole day, it seems, has been thrown away. The smile is gone and to everyone else, it down side of a relation- ship. The down side doesn't mean so much when you think of all the good times you've had with that special person. Thinking of those memories brings a warm thought to mind and a slow smile to your face. Holding hands as you're on your way to a basketball game, you can just imagine the looks and thoughts that cross everyone's mind. But what does it matter? So the whole class is staring your way as you receive a dozen red roses relationship can make you feel special, make you feel wanted and happy. When a relation- shi is on the "up" side of tlhings, nothing could be better. The "up" side of a relationship could be holding hands with one another, knowing that the other is there for you to talk to, or that special person just be- ing there to listen. Many a relationship has it's up's and down's with hard times as well as those glorious good times. A relationship is all of these things com- seems as if you'll never return to "normal" And eventually you will. It just all takes time. But enough of the bined and it can make from that perfect, spe- you feel really special. cial guy? Even if you are em- barassed for a while, wasn't it all worth it? A "I think that what is so special about a relationship is that there are happy times, sad times, and serious times. Having someone who is there is neat. KRISTY BUTLER With Sixth grader jeffrey jones escorting Crystal Smith to the Homecoming dance, it makes us realize that not all relationships occur from the teens' on up. 36 STUDENT LIFE Even with the up's and down's of a relationship, Senior Ken Con- nelly must be doing something right as the smile from Freshman Diane Lake indicates. EU? Eiki if -gpg gg HE? P "Can I carry your books?" Sopho- more Kirk Smith asks Freshman Mary Stuffelbeme that familiar question as she gets ready for home. DATING 37 CCDURT DECISIO The 1987 Homecoming court presented at half- Connelly,Jeania Trusty escorted by Ken Connelly time of the guys game. Sylvia Taylor escorted by and Jennifer Brock escorted by Tony Brasher stand Scottie Copeland, Kristy Butler escorted by Brad anxiously awaiting the decision. I-ICMECOMING IGI-IT This is the night we have all been waiting for! The Homecoming game, and all the other halftime festivities. Which one will it be? Her, her, or maybe even her? It is a hard decision for everyone. The Queen candidates are nominated by the Varsi- ty and Junior Varsity boys. The entire student body then chooses the lucky one. Each candi- date has her choice of anyone on the ball team to escort her on the "Big Night". It was also a big night for our varsity guys. The game was sched- uled with Celeste, our biggest rival. Not only was the team "fired- 38 STUDENT LIFE up", the entire town was behind them one hundred percent. It was especially wonderful when we won by the small margin of only five points. The big night con- tinued with Queen Sylvia Taylor and her escort Scottie Cope- land dancing the first dance. Entertainment was provided by Brent Green Enter- tainment, Inc. from Austin. There were lots of lights, speakers, and fog. It was a night to remember, not only for Sylvia, the candidates, 8: the ball team, but for everyone who attended. Sylvia Taylor - i'lt's great to be nominated and also a great honor. I wish everyone could get it, but only one can!" x... Miha, w,,,,- 'f r B, ff junior, Sylvia Taylor, escorted by Junior Scottie Copeland, is being given the roses, sash and crown by 1986 Home- coming Queen Shannon Riley during the varsity game. mmewammw Me:mwwmasmswzwawwafssvrNmmwaww Good job Chris! Chris Massey, Sopho- more, gets the tip-off at the beginning of the game against Celeste. This win clinched second place in district. Kristy Butler - "It's neat to know that the guys were thinking about me when they nominated. I'm such good friends with the other candidates, that I'll be excited for whomever wins! S.. ij .,,,w Jeania Trusty - "It's great to be nominated- jennifer Brock - "It's an honor that the team even ifsl don't win! nominated me. Being a candidate will al- ways be a special memory to me. HOMECOMING 39 CIRCLE WHO KEN CONNELLY JEFFREY BRUMMETT CHRIS MASSEY JONATHAN BRUMMETT STEVE SMITH STEVEN DURRETT JEFFREY JONES COREY BRUNS JASON CONNELLY EVERETT ALEXANDER STEVEN DURRETT SHERRY TIMKO AMY CONNELLY SYLVIA TAYLOR ANISSA TODD MARY STUFFLEBEME MIKAEL MINOR AMY CONNELLY CRYSTAL SMITH ALECHIA ANDERSON DONA SMITH GINGER RULE CIRCLE WHO? TES, TMS, fONATI-IAN BRUMMETT MARY STUFPLEBEME 40 STUDENT LIFE CHRIS MASSEY KEN CONNELLY ANISSA TODD SHERRY TIMKO AND THS CANDID TES EVERETT COREY BURNS JASON CONNELLY ALEXANDER ALECHIA ANDERSON DONA SMITH GINGER RULE THE RIGHT CHOICE Decisions, decisions - everyone has to make them. They are one little part of what makes the world go 'round. Sometimes they don't seem so small. Even choosing what clothes to wear can often feel like a life-or-death situation. Maybe there is a great looking guy or gal that you want to impress - that makes it seem even worse. Every- one wants to make the right deci- sions. Many decisions are made every day in our community as well as in the rest of the world. One such de- cision made in our school recently was the choice for Mr. and Miss Trenton Elementary, Middle, and High School. Much time and thought was spent on selecting the candidates. Each person put in a vote and the results were "tallied up". The candidates were excited and felt very honored to be chosen. Everyone has many decisions to face. Decisions we make now will affect those we make in the future. For example, the graduates of Tren- ton are moving up and will have even bigger decisions to make in the "real world." Where to go to college, and whether or not to move away from home are just a couple of decisions they may be making. Younger students also have many decisions to make. For exam- ple, who to like today, whether or not to get a job, what kind of car to want and someday buy, whether or not to play basketball, and whether or not to do homework. Sometimes Mom or Dad may even help to make decisions - especially the ones about doing homework and what kind of car to buy. Everyone can remember their parents sup- posedly helping them make impor- tant decisions at least once. Have you said or thought any of these things? Michelle Smiley: "My dad helps me make decisions about cleaning my room. It's usually the kind where I either do it or I don't get the car." Diane Lake: "When it comes to shopping, my mother doesn't real- ize that quality costs." It takes a great deal of time, ef- fort, and even sometimes help to make the right decisions. We feel proud to acknowledge our candi- date choices, and the couple chosen to represent each of our schools. Being chosen as a candidate makes each person a winner. CANDIDATES 41 TES . .rngrrnay JONES 4 g cons! BURNS ALECHIA ANDERSON JASON CONNELLY DONA SMITH EVERETT ALEXANDER GINGER RULE I THE ENVELOPE PLEASE With the class bell ring- ing, a student overhears another student exclaim, "but there has to be a win- ner!" Even though we don't know the reason for this statement it could be ap- plied to every day situa- tions. There has to be a winner in a lot of things that go on every day. For example, there is always a winner in a basketball game, a literary contest and even in a guessing ame played between frienfs. Out of the 20 candidates for THS, TMS, and TES there also have to be win- ners. There have to be peo- ple who have that certain ability to take on the re- sponsibility of represent- ing their school. With every winner of a title such as this there are always thoughts and com- ments. Some of the candi- dates remarks were: Junior, Sylvia Taylor, stated "I wish there could be more Miss THS candi- dates because it's really a great honor." Junior, Jeffrey Brum- mett, said, "Out of all the honors a student can re- ceive from his or her peers, this is the best in hi h school." All .of the cangi- ' dates are winners. MR Sr MISS TES Above: The THS and TMS candidates are: Standing, Amy Connelly, Steve Durrett, Jeff Brummett, Chris Massey, Ken Connelly, Jon Brummett, Steve Smith and Mikael Minor. Sitting, Sylvia Taylor, Anissa Todd, Sherry Timko, and Mary Stufflebeme. JEFFREY JONES CRYSTAL SMITH 42 STUDENT LIFE TMS TI-IS STEVEN DURfRE'I'T AMY CONNBLLY xx-:N coNNsLLy g susan! 'rmxo QQIKAEQ' MINOR? CIEFFREY BRUMMETIT-D fsygylx TAYLDRD CES misss! ANISSA 'room at JONATHAN Bnunm-:TT MARY s'rurrLEsr-:ME STEVE SMITH MIKAEL MINOR Q Below: The TES candidates are: Standing, Ginger Rule, Everett Alexander, jason Connelly, jeffrey Jones, Corey Burns, and Alechia Anderson, Sitting are: Dona Smith, and Crystal Smith. QW MR Sz MISS Tl-IS JEFFREY SYLVIA BRUMMETT TAYLOR MR 8: MISS X Busdriver OJ, Savage entertains Matthew Brouer and Crystal Smith before the bus ride home. After school they're moving right along. josten's representative jerry Seay, shows ju- niors Brad Connelly, Charlotte Turner, Lynne Graves, and Michelle Smiley Senior rings i l dwg Jumar Radaey Alexander that as aibaar days gone by as he Hips ri:-iraagh. same older annuals THAT WAS THEN When the high school re opened in March teas there were 10? teafih are and administrators Theta were 1525156933235 seniors The Scimaai system had iw bases stuart 193-4 Prior its its opening in 1931 classes were held in various bud tags, in cladm the upstairs at the resent day harmacy, and ch ferent churches in town THIS ES N W As we bet-some a part of the new buiitclsrtg we have 32. teachers and administrators We naw have five buses and me 'stan Htiwevar, 56 years later: there is the same num her of graduatingmeati ts Friar as entering the riew huildatigf stu dents had attended the same high school building for twat 55 years iff i ssitaazfziazgsrw is Q2 saifazasgggagfgwmts sa asia: ggsswym v a fwgstww ,sa , , s ge3gsW as . t ra rast ats t f kifwtw wfassa ,,,r. watawidw 35553 SZSSZSQNS' Maw MM: assi? mwwi-fats 'asisazsleztafrszwws ,Zvi :Mi 1: Q.: i"Wfw?5'Z2a:2x7: its at irfrfiassaaamt satassssszz rrziiztzme - ia: :wt gggfw ws, -wa..,5i,twigQQkas.a.t,.gt,,,,,,g0-gy , ....alt.wsiszsfsvfetesmmi 1 325,33 gamma. are .3 wma. I 5,554 . i., . , .si r..i....,,,Sv , ag ,, , WJ, mm: gk . ,t gazitrt wi lwh ijiiigfiazwfsmsiif 6552355 smear' 'YW' wif 'Wt' 1235 'Q wi '?ii"iW9'Z5E'ft'S' 1 0' ii?-as 5 2 P , A . 'Q Q' Q waz f fr' 1, f ITIS' ZQFQQ 35W'TF' - wwgasrwfi, -,wiht .' , , Us as . . ,W ,. 7 M ' easii wwf' sffwifiiw Neff 'wbkimm 'Q Wmami,-ai3Ftg'?F"9'."i'W?'t3"MP We 02vwYM i5ZisZ?iiif""1Qi'P 535233 ggggtlmzti rm... .aww mini agss55?.am..rgfggggufvfpw sf 1 Maw. qs.,:'2..Q:gtsMwa 72901 'sewn it i ,fe-is :Q .' :W sf zz , K i .iii :Pwr ei MN- f 35' , .. 'W' ri.. V ' H r. 53' at Ja - he l ' :fa 2 Q W' 5. 5 if :sims e . i :fl ' M333 .azzriizw s5.Wt5ix,.:g53.5s ,MittfgggfgEyiirfiikiwziiiiiiggg5ggsagzggwgggfl W gg-iw ggiiggggp if . . ,t. ,fa,.a,s9,.,gggggifggwswargrfg atm Steam: if z YV y 2 f SUM sw: i.sWa.q.a.sags:tQa warms ' w wav was M? '!fm"t:ifpmiswaaig- :U ' 553251: sfaiwmiw w.s,.it..5w ami..,ffftfbgiyfmw.W.aa5i-sri' Ezlzewtwar-miie hawwgyiiifpfigiggiQfgvfmgwaagggtg Q " flggaffywijsagl 233-3'2ziZZ'f?2,'.fZfWA'gif .3 N 2 .1 .5 T3 2- A. i.:iaV.s.1t, 3 fiL5Sg5Es?:s?g rg35fZls4,EEW, tgifliiifjgiffiifi '????54QSZi?Sf?3i3SiZii3. xiii? WM Misa. 7.151 f . Ms . 4: . , t cr. TZFWVM W Wm Nas aa wWW.asa.a..a sffiilt' . w Ziff Q.-75ffr:Ja?Za.s 'H .X Q Lassen . . WSH: tiewffbtffsiis2252242552::Miz-Wwwmiiiwsirgsztzf'gszrffr N ' " E225 ' ffiti V7 7 ww ' " ' f elim Haiti? We ww,-3 --irszsfff g zfzwaf-gt mist s.a::f452:2ztx.tsseffi-:qw V fx gt z 'i Msg. ag r tar 3 - ,asa ' Y , f 4 , ' . r 4 , if W ' minima 'N ' zz. 1' 'F H ' ' -N' Wwsfztfw..t,1at.Q,g.Zz.,... we -5. ana.. fu F :ist m,s.W.aa:9, 'F :ss i5SZ??i2iia.t...' -- H mfg iii mai. r .Q 7 7 iiifififs. ifffzwwfh sma:i51Sfsai2gea sz U. if it f , st f Q ' i , ii i Mulgfwvlwivltffsu PROM TOTS T0 L TEENS If you compare your thumb- print with that of your best friend ou will see that they are different. hey're both round but it's the de- Y T tails that make them unique. The same holds true for us. We're all people, but it's the details that make us unique. Teens aren't always typical. From "rockers" to "ropers", we've got it all. While some sing along with "Alabama", others move to the beat of "Boston". Plus, some kids are really in to school. You find students involved in may many activities and loving it. Oth- ers just do what they absolutely have to. Tots aren't always alike either. Some grade schoolers dream about growing up, yet others concentrate on cartoons to watch after school. Little boys often are interested in girls but still some are fascinated by bugs. Little girls like to chase little boys, but some would rather chase a baseball. While some are rushing to school others are rushing home. In the midst of it all, we each do our own thing. ' IIEIIGIIPIIILII I Michelle Smiley looks at the camera while Dean Withrow looks through one at the an- nual P.F.A. Stock Show. Paparazzi seems to be popular. The Class of '87 poses by the truck from which they unloaded furniture all morning. The new building has new tables and chairs and the Seniors are glad it's over. Jennifer Sue Brock Brian Alan Burrows Kristy Betina Butler 46 PEOPLE Lori Catherine Derr Stephen Eric I-Iarcleman Jason Lorin Kyle L. Duane Marks Tammie Denise Angela Ruth McGrew Mdsarland Jennifer Lynn Penning Larry J. Skinner Alicia Annette Stapleton Sherry Ivonne Timko Ieania Lynn Trusty Carey Clinton Yother SENICRS 47 We finally made it Seniors! At times it felt like we would never make it, but here we are at last. The times have been both happy and sad, good and bad. Being called a "parenthetical phrase" by Mrs. Peterson at the end of our junior year got our senior year off to an enthusiastic start. Every senior can remember those special happen- ings. Early in the year we began look- ing forward to getting our protrait proofs back from the photogra- pher. If only Mr. Quin could help us to look even better than usual, we would all be happy. We all know that no one could HAPPY AN SA , GGGD AN have moved into the new building without our help. Everyone thought that we were being good samaritans when we unloaded the new furniture, but all we really wanted was to miss class. When Mr. Derr rewarded us with free cokes and food and arranged for the money to be donated to the An- nual staff for our efforts we were really glad that we had pitched in. All of us have some talent, but when Duane's artistic talent was recognized by the Dallas Morning News the entire Government class was proud of him. Choosing and decorating the Christmas tree is an annual Senior jennifer Brock, Treasurer Alan Burrows, Reporter i Kristy Butler, President privilege we greatly enjoyedg but the most special event of all was probably the day we got our class rings. Although the good times far outweigh the bad, there have been some challenging moments. For ex- ample, our preparing for the prom our junior year was the most tiring, happy, and maddening experience. However, a great evening was worth all the effort. During our senior year, we be- came closer friends, small in num- ber but large in expectations and dreams. -f .,.. 7, im, -- K -' "'t W t --""'t tt me X 'ii' i'ii A X S A ' N T535 -'-' --IQ ,, t , , P . Ken Connelly A M Q Lori Derr i s 5 2 57 . Steve Hardeman 12 V ' W ,--. I f "i' f P A-1 f as-ff . . -as-Q , - egg? -:. : :t?EK'fs:"2E5'1N -F" f K 2112 .- sm-I a t . k X Q 3 .siiisv T 'iksif .J ' - -' 153Qf3:3:: .. X - i.,s A - ,... , -' t E xx X ti se W: Y , , Tammie nd E - 5 Angela McGrew , . PEOPLE ttt M9 Cowling I - . - l Skmners 'v my HT v V Am, I Quick Stop X :I i 4 gt: if in ' iiiziff ,,.., 7-5 Kwik. 'sw5gSefifi 3s ire wr-U, We i i . X, K' ,Sgt i ri 2 xi 'X' ct t I .- ,':,Zs1:i.'fE'-?:: -'lf so A J vases f -we Duane Marks Jenni Penning, Secretary Larry Skinner Alicia Stapleton Sherry Timko, Vice President Jeania Trusty Cary Yother Eddie Derr, Superintendent Dan Jones, Principal Gary Bohannon, Sponsor Karen Garcia, Sponsor Linda Peterson, Sponsor Seniors 49 w SNNM sew SEQ M XXX Pm Sr aw mfs www X i Q Y A bw ww 3 1 X -' -1. Q A ww K 'L - ,X.:,iz:-fi egg ' A M9 ' Q Q 1 x iiigsi i. . X If X --1 ' X x -ww - -M ,ALW - M Q W Wm 1 - , , ,- -ginarf , Q X X W'gQ X . . , I QE QQ Elf i f' . QE W w 'X F22 , Q X K Q f-5 33 . S S 5-,. sgjkiigx K - .Q . . " - ' . f 1+ Q i -45 5 PA A fx S ? X V .Q 2 ggi 'mb f :Sir : 1:9-.: . . X 'Q , W A ' f A ' ' : " t ,,,:.,,Q X ,f k .ng Q. X3 P' ww Xxx W me NRG X Q wx QQ? W W, sem g. ,. V--M , :'?iglsi9Xfw, . 1. N Q ,. Eg ., Q X . ' . A ' Ni ik 1 g Y .W N s E X iff'IfTTgf'51??i3ffi335?j?il?5?i1lXf?3'i' tggraiiefreAndersonf5fzse+Rrs'eed20i1 if i. r fi?is3fSZQSti??fSefifiiCi?vf1rirf1iw ' QffgT?aresa Comptfan ,Eg 55 I3Mat-I-Cdwana T ,gL??Yi'3fH?5m3fP s is eait A' 3ifrr',RQr1r1i2YHaff 41ila'LbriLHwS1eyfsReporter i s A fChiigfiQopQr5g 4 ,gsigf ftg 4gg.ief512arso1n5 4513-ailiii Wlfin e r W a, ,i Ys?7ifi?Mik?fj5Feiff'2H iissfigiriilfli' Smifhiss 7 QiQ'ifiYf-.2 7fPf?9i59Ffi fi- . .'.. Q , fgmi ':'i' j 1 '::.E' f1YlOfV YQSW L i555533Kfifif1YLwfuiamiffi ' Aq' N Ynf'Q:4iff'f3Sgf'irt,x'ff lsfgii f ' .SS " The seventh graders "broaden their horizons" during reading class. At least some of the stu- dents are working hard, others are hardly working. 52 PEOPLE X if 5 :IQ X X N S 2 ESR x 35:52 Y :rv gf A x N 5 Q F st Q, is ex 2 X X Etgxwgxx if sr f, . in ,ri 35 , lp: :wg X 1 X. 'XE if 'HA V 355 iii we R 5 -A 1 x K wr XX 5 juniors Lori Smithson Lesa Hammons WHY Amy Park, and Debbie gmith are really en: I Q I 2 Y ? 7 - 0 joying their lunches at the annual Christ mas luncheon. ffm g . E w x S 'F . , N its 1 r : s :i ass.: 5 Nx 1 xx A 3' I N 3 . i N gig . gtg N Q t it N i t Q i Q S it ' x if . X: X 4 is so Ne. , - X. W 3 . li X z t 'W' N 3 X E X N gl... s A .,.. i 1 X ir. 3. 2. 1. RIIINC1!!! Those four words are the thoughts and sounds for which al- most every student holds their breath. Why? What exactly is so exciting and wonderful about those four little words? Take a look around at 12:20 and you can see dozens of kids pushing and shov- ing and running to be first in line at the cafeteria. It's usually the older and larger ones who get there first, they are the ones who have had all the practice. The cafeteria holds everyone who is hungry for both the "wonderful" food and the latest gossip. After all that is done, everyone goes back to the easy so- cial sway of school. But, we all know that at one certain time of day, we all go into hectic frenzy. Do you wonder why? Amy Connelly Cheryl Culley Chris Daniels Victor Davis Jason Day Damon Derr iff ,:-.. i Eric Dockery -. 1: ..r Steve Durett, President Te resa Lawrence f r .r-- Shawn Martin, Vice-President Kristy Moore, Treasurer Kyle Potts, Reporter Billy Rogers Sarah Stanick William Shatte - john Taylor i X V, Cindy Thompson r " yt Mary Thompson, Secretary Jennifer Trusty , Shelly Weems Linda Zimmer r Raymond Zimmer Richard Zimmer JUNIOR HIGH 53 jason Connelly Deann Durrett Larry Holt Jeffrey jones Bobby Kemp Carol Kuykendall Sarah Penning Sheila Phillips Ginger Rule Mark Schultz Crystal Smith Dona Smith jeremy Vinsonhaler Kathleen Willoughby Billy Wilson Not pictured: Jenny Faunce Jerry Perales Toby Taylor Everett Alexander Alechia Anderson Darrell Bullock Corey Burns fziiieiiilgi ' I rw, M i ea. ,.., 4. 3: x X --'m'fI:SfEE:'4:"-iii' ,rf , r swf is iii rt, E F' n ew l Ye W s s an -f L 's fr ' - .sM,.eseQ UNHE TED AFP IR! Brrrrrrrr "It's 1-!" That was a commonly heard expression in the old building, due to the fact that we had no heat this year. But as we were settling into the new building this year, we were sadly informed that "in order for the gas to be installed, we would not have heat for another week". After all that time of waiting and hoping for warmth, it slipped through our fin- gers! The sounds of moans and groans and teeth chattering could be heard everywhere! Everyone conformed to this situation rather well because we were all used to layering our clothes and huddeling in the sunshine just to keep warm. So we were able to "sweat it out". The week finally came to an end and the sub-zero temperatures were broken, a comfortable 800 was fi- nally attained. PEOPLE Fifth raders Ashley Ammerman BauseTl, Sherry Latimer, and Teresa enjoy some "free ice-cream" while down from taking the TEAMS tests t t ia 2 N l F X X Us tk 25: Q., .s- ei. - gg. BM to 2 ag r iss S E ,. :ages 'aa 1 sr- 'aL':::EE15 5 tt , -53? L I ii 31 'W-1 .,,-- 5 st .i H -A nuininungw ir' I " 'Z 1i:5i-iw., 1' Q . t R , .L ,sae S i f 2 F .4 L its ' Tiff , -,.5H 5. as ' e ,pa 51.22 ' '-" I , t V f x as . H 1 Ein? gg i I.: ,it-2' A: ,f I X I su :A ,,.,-s-"- ig! A - , ., Ashley Ammerman Brian Ball Shawnna Bausell Bucky Britton Shaneika Burns Kevi ,I usti Tim J enn n Day n Henderson Hensley Brian Himelright Teresa Hyatt ifer Kemp ard Knight Sherry Latimer Angel Park ' 1 ,, . I K. L gg X.. .. st , X 1 X we r ' K' Q . . - .et-'.:+ ',,- an -- - -fi:-H ' - ' . -. 'M F , . . 133 it s -et X ' fgg,,u,itgXQ.Xf ,Q ,J - . , 3 5 It ' 1 s 5 t f f ,et . "f- . 1 1 Rf " :Q Liv- ' in 12 . f'- , J' .. P. P A 1 1 2525? ' 5 -4 L.. 2 X 5 I . N gifs, 'v X Wg 1 S ' g E Q.: 'F - - 1 - 5 x X ff-fsrr,,s it gs " - .5 S ,.,t,,J,:2 of , ,gn . K X3 3 Lorrin Patterson LaShusta Phillips Glenn Prater Leah Price Misty Rice David Rule Stacey Stewart Melody West Crystal Worley Not pictured: Laura Stewart , HY, l.. , , I, , , ,...,, , Q15 V ,. 'QTL -f X a' A . 'RA nm, Amber Alexander Marla Bullock Dwayne Douglas James Douglas Amy Freeman Stacy Glasscock Jason jones Todd Magers Crystal Martin Angela McCarley Chad Pasley jennifer Pearce Deborah Schatte Lydia Schatte Jenifer Skinner B B' .,:.. QQN: . t 'L F N ,Z-,E 'SEV .: I ""' at it is sir E T uk john Smithson Nqbb Matt Stufflebeme ' A ' , " Randy weems 2 , W Amy Vinsonhaler . Not pictured: ccs L , - El f gm 4 A Jesica more 1 joe Sanez I ELEMENTARY 55 Michelle Davis Jenny Day Shane' Dockery Jennifer Evans Cassie Gooden Chris Haden Tyrone Hart Jason Hensley Bruce Himelright Stephanie Latimer rr ra 'r"' fri . i ' , A A V' . - gig 1 1: -W gg? 8 ' 'Elgar were-at 5 - gg? .- iam :- ,, me 5 sgslfaggsg rr - K Y 9553 gggsfr: .1-145, , 553 l WW sv-aff2f,'faa: gjliigaiiisr 1 M f feiisisgisgi 2 3 I I Q, f 1 . - ' 5 , A e'-r rr "3 "i9iffl5i5' fit 154 4554 ZH safe ,. 'ffl f l U, .V ., , 7 wr, , gr . if , .5 , ,.,. M We if T-1 1 fr Q76 , -ff gg? its ay A , 32 ir, L, A nz l 1 iv . fer. 3,45 , ya' , , may . 1, , ' 4, tw rr ,- f f QW .1 ' f el L at . , 5 - .4 Me 'fm' , LSE . Q ilwfiiffrs -V ' as yfr - .. f. 45 H , V hw N fi- I 7 , a fl H 4,, .,,.,, sg. .Z. L awww ' at rm- sa . ,,: zr in "rr zsfma . ' rr at lsfaizfs me . ar wr Y 523 Q .,:- -, -- ,X H in an l W ,..., Vi , ? , r , Y M mf 5 2 W ara is if fi S if 5 1 M77 ' sf M. , 1 ,f iii? .Q X , 2 as 2 Kelley Landers . V .A,, . V,,, 'rw haf 4 -f T"z71:, :Leia it . fi fx? M42 W f , Ramona Lopez i -. 3 -"sr,1',o- Zin., Q-. r be "" S r,ii l T 'r'a-'V l . 't Daniel Magers V i t ' Y i 'W-:Q .27 gli: ,.:.. . 5 ffm: 2 D 'd M ,,' 3 'f 1 , If-2 ' 512' ML:-Z 5 avi agus 5 . t ' f 1 1 Dana Roberts l 3? Roman Roberts A 2 e y Misty Rogers ,ya .fx V L 1 A L- y . 1 as 1,1 .r 'jf ,, , . N., s at - - A 5 . jennifer Savage et' Mt, H Q K, , K -- 1 'Z L in W' U ilu" Z5 U "2 V WH ., ,.., ,.., " if 554 1 Q 'H H1 5 'P .QI Matt Skinner f , 3 , , . - y - ' . W at f, y egtifge f Charlle Smlth 't Q W e - is a aa J 1 Q it . are ef . . We .f , v ga 1 ' S sf. - f a s V - April Stuteville Z I g Jlllle TfUSty Q -I f K' I 'L if. f ' M tw gs fit: 1 5 lil? - James Vincent he ' 521 rl' ' 1, an ti ' is V ' l Debbie Worley ,L V , M Marsha Zimmer 4 " :V ff? 6 Matt Zimmer , -f 5 E Not Pictured: ,Z ral ,5rig, t Rh l fr f 2 Ona F Ynn ia '1- ,f ' in Duane Halbardrer N in 3 Jennifer Parales Et... .ig ts, 'Q 'CW V l . . 4, 't 4, - 1 t leanise Smith '1l'f"k'f'i Whitby, J r' ,num ..,. 'L 5' '-fa?i'4,j.3iQ's1?jg51.1 XJ, WHE I GROW UP After years of being in high school remember the first time you went into an elementary classroom again? The size of everything seemed to have shrunkp you were amazed at how small the desks and chairs really were. Today they are filled with kids who can't wait to be the ones remembering. To little kids in grade school, high school seems like a lifetime away. Each one has a different idea bout what high school is really like. They just can't wait to grow up and find out for themselves. The boys dream about being on the basketball and baseball teams and the day they finally get their car and get to take their girlfriend on a gag date. Many of the little 56 PEOPLE kids look up to some of the high school athletes and already trying to be grown-up in sports. The little ladies of elementary are just that. Some are wearing make- up and all are looking at the boys just like the girls in high school do. Most are well aware of the latest fads and they wear them well. They practice cheers so when the times comes for them to tryout, they will be ready. Their dreams of being a cheerleader are not so far away. They all just keep on dreaming about being grown-up. None of them know it will be here before they know it. Soon they will be grown-up and maybe their dreams Q come true. Kindergarteners Darrell Roberts and Capps can't wait until they grow-up - as matter of fact, they are already getting used the Ag shop. Not only the "big" boys think they are "macho", Matt Stuffelbeme, Brian Ball, Shane Dockery, and David Rule also think they are "big guys." The second graders give a round of applause to the other kids who received candy at the HalloweenfPerfect Attendance party. t 1. Il- 3 ,,, s,, ' ':'r 7 f V ff W!" ff! W J f we , "L z , gy I if , 4, , A2 W cf Q AZ? gt i 9:42, 38 7 x A A t f 1 xi, 'A I - ,, Ht 9,1-in 3 l'ti ff f fx W , MQ, f WM 4 wt if em f M 4.4. f ,jf if f a f A' 4 :W - 2 " fe , ' :'1 ,nfs , - . ft fmig l A 4 f Not Pictured: joe Cofer Armando Nunez Sherri Stewart 52 5 ' 4 at-fix? V- 315525 ' Z,-1 21' I l s I .? N We M f Y H N ,,v, ,W V .MW -P .ww m W Ada. wmiilw' - ' ' Ah Ali' hm .ra A me., 'W' " f ,K "Sw Y f' ' 7 1f7lf'f1e 7 WZMMLI, W, +11- yf ' . We 'Q ' .- 1 , f 1 , ff ,- A ,. , .4 aa f f 1 f We -. -ff' ' f 1 . . , 5 f f -'sets-wwf N "MJ ' ,521 , , ,wma A We if Hfigfg A f If ,f ga E 5, V, , ,H 4 Wa ..i, ,, . tt,,,, . ,,t, . .V H ,. ,Ms W we' mwfzgg .. fy C ff-, ' , if-f , V ftfmt-Qs time wi ,, W my t 'K 6 A 1 f 'ed - ' e f , 2 ' Wu, . 2 , ,- --HP A. ' Z 4' mf' f , N ' . 'F' L4 ,A V 59' " t, 11 " ' " " " We iff? . fx , ,it , , t U V v , ' 't,g',5y::t5 l t,l'tX'llll,l. Y Z 5 y f. , , ' ' 1, Q- fm . ' , it Q james Douglas Renee Hamm Jason Bausell Bo Brown Dustin Burns Angie Childers Candice Connelly Angela Copeland Cody Derr Mary Henderson Desiray Holt Dianna Hutchinson Vicki Knight Amanda McCollum Kevin Moore Sabrina Pasley Nathan Noller Dacia Roberts Lori Trusty V ELEMENTARY S7 Mekael Bolz Chad Compton Michael Douglas Taneshia Harris Ray joyce johnson Shannon Kimball Melissa McGinley Brandy Patterson Jeff Skinner Arthur Smith . Michael Summers - David Ulmer f V feast.. , -:,. V.1ii 1 V Q, l iis Larry Zimmer Not pictured Mandy Stewart 2... Even though using a fat pencil isn't required in the elementary anymore, some kids, like First grader Michael Summers, get their 58 PEOPLE -Q E E class assiglnments done with a pencil like the ones t e kids in the high school used to use when they were in the first grade. PENCIL THIN Hurry Mother! We have to get to the store before they run out of lslupplies! But where s the list? Oh ere it is : 2 boxes facial tissue 1 box crayons 4 bottles glue 12 -iz qegcils 1 sc oo ox Kids starting school today have a lot different list than the kids in high school did. Remember? You d go to the local store with your mom or dad and get the perfect pencil It probably was a Husky and red blue or green. The main difference etween todays kids pencils and those pencils is that those were hu e! So big and fat, ahd very hard to gold. But with the excitement of school starting, you didn't notice Then all of a sudden, during the middle of the year, you were wish ing that you had one of those slim, pretty, pencils that the older kids used. just because we were just starting school, did that mean we had to use the big pencils? "Wait just a little longer," we all heard when we asked to use a thin encil Now kids starting to Kindergar ten use thin encils. Kids in high school use afmost anything that will mark. Everytime someone who used to use a big encil sees one, they are remindedp of when they were little, and having to wait until they were big enough to use a thin pencil. 5 ,W ,. 5 ,M fa A -t fee-L an , . I ,,ff vw x Tm' 3 l "'i 2 2552211 . . E.. ,. ,11 . - M 247 ' - . i v, ' , .L I , fl EA iii gf In V'V' ., "t..',..iL 1" W' 'W 1, I I ll 1 II ll I I b I XX X X X -ws QXX XX X. X XX -X2 if X XX X XX XM NSR X te war XA? s .wwf X N X XX XS X Q X X X55 X X X XX X4 Xnxx i X Xxx X ESNQI-X R5 .X-ww: X X., X -Xe X X QQ 'N Q RX W3 X X XX XM X XXX- aa Q -.--sf' X XX .2 'X-'Sk X 1 LX X X XX X W L as XX nX"'t Semi Lgiibw XX-rii L-XX P Xi X tr X If 'W Nikki Taylor Jimmy Ulmer Not pictured Jeremiah Cayten 1.- 5 tg- XX X X XXX Nd xi? QM 1? 3 A vs? sa 5 as LX:-XX 3 MQ X 5 3 Sastepgl X WX 1525 ir tlft-X Q- X Xe J is :X P Le XX X Qi v X X X if X in ,,...a-X-v-'w""' uni' is is X ,X MN X Xxx XL XX XXX 5 X XX Xatggwgw X N, W2 V M-fywm 5 s X NX law Ja .-ffl . . V fggggix 1 'C' 34. L22 X. -Q was .of Q 6 X X N Y SN X 3? is X-.1 sm W . S . . K L D i n S: L Qzf- X f W mm QXQXIQ X 1 W at XX sewn X Q gg 'X XRZX QXAX X :def SSX QW Xt m'Xw'mX-X -L Sim BX Nq- , .aw Q IQLLL-Xxx. f L .-X532 F- gg? Q s X X5132iT5XkXiQ: :LE X .... . XXXQS .5 sg EE ..- l , ,f"s'13 ge: James Blevins Brian Capps Serena Howell John McGinley Dylan Medley Billy Nelson joey Noller Robin Rice Grant Savage Daniel Skinner Brandon Stapleton Erin Stuftlebeme ' Q X -f f L, .nl as - as-g,.:a:...: 1 V .,, 'L s Li Fs::E?f:sXf2:.X -fggr L Q-1 X 's 5 Qi t JN' L X s: se -. -- E' Q3 U7 Q 22 Vi Sheila Starnbaugh Me Da No lva lissa Taylor vid Watson t pictured: n Nunex L at X . 355' L 3 fL Blake Ammerman Matthew Brouer John Burnside Kim Capps Garrett Dancer Matt Grier Mandy Griffin Russell Hopper Frank Howell Raymond Littrell Bobbie Jean Medley Lucas Nelson Holly Pasley Christy Patterson Miranda Rice Darrell Roberts Darrin Roberts mm as X -f - - ..--Q-sway. First graders Brandon Stapleton Billy Nel son and Joey Noeller enjoy the new media CCHQQT. ELEMENTARY 59 ,,,. , saLL-may X CC H' L ' - L Lf' T1lLL:5'Q 'X , as 'XX .,,. , 1 'L f X L' L 1 X - -. E . -:X . Xi S --any . , 2 'L L .- wi M it L- L Xtgti X is 5 ,N rt as Q -ii--t Lg L L -- L ,,,,, K X KX f i X i .an t i X fr . t. -,---- f X B 3 tw E1-get X5 firms. A- -- Xstf sv- ,. .... X' is XE .alll H Xiggki - -+' , B L . L " ' ... X5 Ii " 1 L X X. X X f -1 X im Us X X +1-22? . . YZ.. Xfifiii-9TigfL9L ELL-. 'diffs Y 12555-5L,fiEiLf- f e X wx L L BX ri, WX sits if -"t- Q . is . L if Xi . ,K ,X Bl X QX my . eg. -L - - .:gk-:i,:-,::i- --satin, , .Q-s. .5 : L fs : - .3 W . .ss s is-XL r M .- . fL.55i1L'.i,5:-V' :5::. ' e i5LL.3i?iQ'? 5125 QQ ie . ' . Q i L ,J-4 i- iv'-f-Lift 1 . I. 1-X1-'55 V L in ', , 4 S::l': ifsrifsr, ,' .zz . .. . L ' X N N 11: ' 2, ig? f-f X f X if X 551 . - F N . ... .Q S? , EN X , l . 'L f l xg, in , L S355 3 L , ii S M jason B evins Li X X -sl f L X wi- X- .. , ,. - - EL-is ., . :X S P YN f K X X 35 ,, ss- - - 2-5 -e,Xsew:- - Sag SX Q5 325 ff' f a Q3 L K L 3? J 2 at 'L ff XX '-'- "-'- L 2 'L LL rs QL as , . Q. f' 3 ' 2 X ' Y 5 ' ' K 2 -EX fy L L W L S X as L - 1 ' X it r SX E X E XL S LW I X355 r- fsewsi L ' 2 S fi li gg ig X mil -L X -- ft L X L- 2 L- .g Lf -, Si 21, . "' .a V i ' E55 rLassgaQ1XLssX V 3 - gigs Wg, f: .. .L , Tg?lQgEfi'5i- T LW' X 1,- L: .1 5- -ff' XXX 2 5 S N LBS it X? R ,.... ,. . X . - V .. .. ,sw X .X Q, X X XX, X, 5 L e X BXXQ XX X Q t E DX S L , X xl :El i Q Q X 3 R SEQ N .- C Vi' ' 5- C gas 5-i N P t v X is QW . sf-X LL st- N ' Q X X X f i ...emit L:L X 2 st it X rig Xue? ' ....,,, ., J X Q X X- it 5' ,..,. 'NN X 13 Sitges N' Nt of L... L - 2 .- We X X-:gig ,X :Qu X -,L X L my s L Q 3 X X L -E A L A 3 sift- e til S'e g EXFQS E L fi 1- Sig X Q gn Q, X QL ,355 A 1. ' if if if i - M S XX 1 S- W 1 -XX . sg X X B we gf X- . QE LL C Xt t X ss X Assets-sais-we . gps ,egg-,X V, XXX X f 3 s S ,g .-L: .XLS W it it ' 5 X fe X L 5' X X Q .,, it X ff"lJfk It AX iii l Q ' X "N ll S t,.tt .t,, ,.t,ti it ttt . , Efwfw--XX ---- lf: Q fses,f?L . s at-.signer - .. tLXgQsf5x-Lstfeisgii L55-iff' j ,-.. Sf? 9 X A ,- L 5 XX X ' ,- A 5 fat --..--. .- e was V Ak'- if kzlli-Liifii Xr:.,.1 . L if tt' L M L f L L LF X5 Q V L ,f '..Li-. fi-ki' ---1, if we X Q fits 1 L L 1 .--- i - -Q L Xi , Hug? LL gf-LQ-j ' LLL' .... ' K L X3 Y-X 1. X N 1,1511 . XS .X ,, L A E N -- , - , -- W H in iiul M , , lf ff Z 1 Freshmen Lana Glasscock and W S Seventh grade boys need frlendg Drane Lake are frxends buddxes they can lean on too' These and P315 'HWY know HWY have boys have found those Special a Choice a fnend a buddle or a M33 WWW, W frrends they need to lean on Pal to lean On "Y Wyvmersfwfw ' ' f of . f f 'M "" 4" ,,,, , . ' I I 'W' , 'fwffwlwffsvlv ,wlfnfwwwwfsfmmmt 5 - , K ,,,. ,- e fwfwwwev 7 :L fe . I - ft ,f 1 - ' Ig Q , , ' , f. , 4 , , . , if . f 3 1 J ,gt 4 X if , ,,,, ffm tj ,ft ,,::, t v,:- T. K ,5,,r:, , ,f .1 f Q- ! .. ,.,,, V ,, MM ,, Anhh enn, T T ' V We ,, .,,,, - .- Zig! z,.Wy,W!mXw ,.,, ., ,, .,,, f ,, , ., 'izefffe-a,2wa14fM,' A ' - M - 'UW X Sophomores Kristy Rule and Sophomore, Tony Brasher, and Anissa Todd, Senior Steve Anissa Todd can lean on each Freshman julie Penning, Hardeman, and Sophomore 60 PEOPLE other any day. Sophomores Delynda Todd Melanie DaViS- ff ' ,,. 'W ZW J fx... . Q ' ,, it if ' .fv.ff,1,1f,-me-, ff ,. 'A LEAN 0 ME . "When you're not strong, I'll be your friend. I'll help you carry on." Remember the commer- cial? Remember the song? Everywhere you turn it seems like some- one is saying 'lean on me'. Having a special friend that you know you can lean on is something that we all need. That special person whom you choose to be your rock, will al- ways be willing to listen to your problems, even if they've heard it all before, they will always bail you out when you're in hot water, and will usually go the extra mile, just for you. We, in turn, do the same for them - always willing to do whatever it takes to straighten things out. Some of the people at school have reflected their thoughts on having friends to lean on. Sopho- more, Kirk Smith said, "I feel that having friends to count on when you need them is important be- cause there are tough times when you really need someone to help pick you up." Senior, Steve Hardeman thinks that, "One of the basic necessities of getting through high school is having close friends that you can always lean on in time of need. I don't think you can make it through high school without them." Sopho- more, Anissa Todd said, "They are always there when you need them, they don't judge you for something and they al- ways understandf' Fresh- man, Diane Lake said, "They are always there for you to talk to and help you through the rough times." , Friends whom we can lean on are definitely something we all need and high school is one of the best places to find and make special friends. I Ill' I lean on each other a while as they wait for the Homecoming dance to start. A few high school kids occupy the monkey bars during lunch. Senior Lori Derr, Sophomore Kirk Smith, juniors Amy Park, Lori Smithson, and Sylvia Taylor, Senior Duane Marks, and juniors Michelle Smiley and Melissa Austin have all found someone they can lean on when they monkey around. SNAPS 61 ,,., ,.,,, ..,,,,.. .,.,,.,. . .,.. "" 'S S .. "'i' Q .,,,i i .,., ,.,,,,.. .,'.i Q .,,,.,,.,,. M "" H VI ,,,., E ,..,.,,..,, E ' E A ..,, .,,.,,.,,.,,,.,,.,.,,, ,,,,,...,,,.,.,,.,,.,,.....,,.,., .,.......,....,.,,.,,.,..,.,,., ,,.,,,.,.,.,....,.,,.,.....,,...,....,,.,...,.,.,,.,......,t.,.,. ,.,,..,,,,,,.,..,,.,,,. ...,,,,.,..,,,..,,.,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,,.,...,.,. . a ' Ill PHL jimmy Wayne Anderson, School Board , N f""' Nancy Bell, Special Education ' f aQ'g:..j5gg','f .-',, I -' 5 Gary Bohannon, Vocational ,:'k I in ,I Agriculture zqz X Dawn Bohannon, Aide I Brenda Brummett, Special Education 4 Z, L Y Aide if 3 uq k Irl Q- l if Alelf f W X Don Cameron, Science S Q E 4 ".i U Q Linda Chaloupka, History X X ' . - A Ann Dancer, First Grade i ::-V K A ' Eddie Derr, Superintendent , t,? flfj , E Ginger Derr, Librarian wbk 5 H A Donna Dockery, Fifth Grade " i t E ' Karen Garcia, English fi st ':" 5 - 5 K : ',,' ,k S .:,' N ,'.:.-, : ,:,': g g lig s A l Sa' Donna Glasscock, School Board V.P. K Q ,',..t.,,, , K 'E ii,g, S , ' "',, Ray Hamilton, Coach W , Roger Hinkle, School Board Pres. lis jo Nell Holmes, Third Grade q ' ezi A ---' gi' t Pam Howell, Cafeteria Worker ' " 'R ,,,,-- Marie Howell, Cafeteria Worker X .--..1- llel W HDI 'V 'fly al ff fir it W M. .. .. Y . Slim Howell, Bus Driver Dan jones, Principal Kaye jones, Second Grade V? 5. t as X X W' X X S a t , Q X N tc X N A - - ss S S Kiss K 55' Q S . f.-2, fs'..f.f 1- t:.s1::sf,:- ff1rgsf.f W .MV - .tems f..-, A :- is E 5- L, W- f5 , . S , F: it s A X c Xl Y Q X Ss be it at e X' WW Q it scsi N Wi KWQX ., 3 H55 ts A X 3 SE Q, S it 1 - fi Y 5 , i 3 ,S ig. 0 t Sl xi X X xXx fs, as X A :-. '. i S ' . S 4 if X gs is glibc Q Y 5 , -x X x 4 Q -' 5. .35 ' S ill N ss, at f -s ,,,, like tc. ,-- V , is its ' 53 X se 1 E W , -- 1 1 Q . :-, 4 -Qf fc XXL. , Q' N aa 9 1 X at we X Y' x t- s -af Q wk NA k ts 2 R sf it x S. r 'lf t 3 'Y titf .sw H ,.... Q A R gg E si X is gc at X cs to Mrs Reagan Elementary Principal waits eagerly to sample the Food that has been prepared for the Faculty Christmas Party There was no individual picture of Mrs Reagan She also teaches Fourth Dan jones our high school principal wants to know which color of purse goes best with his en semble Actually these purses were borrowed from a couple of girls Which color do you like777 Grade. V . 62 PEOPLE rftexffrc. 'f Q ',-"i E .sj?El:,s5'Z -.,: L Q QL' 3 fs - s fifi ' .z f' , ..., . 5 73 uf" :.f,.Z' '. 5 Fifi' by .,,, ' i we lx .,:.::.., .ft , its Mike Magers, School Board Norma Moore, Elementary Secretary joe Murrell, Bus Driver John Orozco, Special Education Sherry Penning, Physical Education Linda Peterson, English joe Roberts, Math Norma jean Robinson, School Nurse Dortha Rounsaville, Business Patsy Shew, First Grade Randy Skinner, School Board Donald Smithson, School Board jan Snow, Homemaking Regina Stewart, Kindergarten Peggy Todd, Aide Lewis Allen Trusty, School Board Sec. Jarrett Tucker, Coach Norma Walden, School Secretary Charles West, Sixth Grade Pat Withrow, Office Assistant AN APPLE FOR THE TEACHER Some of our teachers got more than a piece of fruit this year to show that they are appreciated. They got a computer instead. An Apple Computer to be exact. These machines are a blessing in disguise. At first, even a teacher has trouble with learning how to work a com- puter. But after they have mastered the skill of working it, they will use it all of the time - for grades, files, and just about everything. Through the years the burdens put upon teachers seem to have dou- bled - especially in the teachers' point of view. The computers can, in some ways, ease these burdens. These computers may help cut the teachers' paperwork, but they are no help when it comes to their greatest problem of all - disciplin- ing the students. These computers are available for all faculty mem- bers to use. A group of students and teachers, including Mr. Derr, Mr. Orozco, and Coach Tucker, watch the game to see who will make the next point. They look as though they are remembering their basketball days. STAE F 63 Sue Savage, Cafeteria Worker, takes a break from preparing the daily meal to put on a flashy smile for the camera. She does a big part to keep the students moving through lunch, Q S . This year Mrs. Cullar, our school counselor, is proud to share an office with our speech therapist. Having an office here is a first for her and she is especially pleased about it. 64 PEOPLE Mrs. Sarah Knight, Mr. Cleve Brown, and Mrs. Juanita Bartlett are the people who keep our school clean. We really appreciate their hard work, but it isn't often that we remember to let them know how we feel. These people do a good job for us. Mr. Paul Knight, our new Alternate Class- room Instructor, has recently been added to our staff. Mr. Knight has helped to ready our area for those students who are unable to behave themselves and stayin the regular classroom. f S-M... ....... ,. .C ,Q News-or 'fgfiffmifiklitf .. Robert Moore takes a rest from his hectic day as foreman. He has played a big role behind the scenes this year. He has made sure that everything moved along smoothly in construction. OJ. Savage, Bus Driver, is another of our "behind the scenes" workers. He is the one who drives the big yellow rig to help take the children to and from school each day. Mrs. Reagan, Elementary Principal, and Cleve Brown, Custodian and Maintenance igeneral flunkyj, try to find the problem with the record player. BEI-II D TI-IE SCENES LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! These three words have a lot to do with - believe it or not - the people who work behind the scenes to keep our school running smoothly. Who can you think of that comes to school at 7:00 A.M. and leaves at 6:30 P.M.? Certainly no one is crazy enough to do that - 8:00 A.M. to 3:15 P.M. is bad enough. Yes, there are people who do this. Cleve Brown, our school custodian, is one example. He is at school from the minute the lights are turned on until the minute they are shut off - making sure things are ready for the next school day. Many people overlook the "Be- hind the Scenes" workers. These people were unable to have individ- ual school pictures made, therefore, we decided to take our own pic- tures. Mrs. Cullar, our school coun- selor, is one example. She works behind the scenes of most every- one's life, helping to sort out their problems and figure out what to do. It is a surprise to them when they look up from their work and see a camera staring them in the face. They just touch up their hair, put on a big smile, and go busily back to work. Action is also a part of their daily routine. Cooking, cleaning, and bus driving are just a few of the tasks that these people do. Sue Sav- age, a school cafeteria worker, makes sure a nutritious meal is pre- pared every day for the students. Joe Murrell is one of the bus dri- vers who helps get many children to school and back home each day. These workers go home at late hours and get ready for another hard day behind the scenes. STAFF 65 Coach Tucker, players, Julie Penning, Lori Derr, Michelle Smiley, and jill Holmes watch from the sidelines as the rest of the girls team play a tough ball game on Homecoming night. Tigers, Tony Brasher and Chris Massey hustle For a rebound as Brad Connelly shoots the ball hoping For two more points in a close game against the Pan- nindale Falcons. f 11, 1,1 ' V SPORTI AFPAIR Whrch of the frve major sports at Trenton do you love? Basketball baseball tennrs track or spectat mg? Everybody loves to do at least one Those who share the love for basketball can be found practrcrng rn and S0met1m6S out of season They are dedrcated and hard work rng and we love to watch them play When the weather begrns to warm up there 1S more than one change of seasons Most of the baseball lovers turn 1nto baseball players After months of berng ln doors cheerrng your team rt 1S srde lts just too bad the season barely gets rnto full swmg when rt has to draw to a close Two other outdoor events 1n whrch qurte a few partlclpate are tennrs and track All of our junror hrgh and hrgh school track stars worked hard and competed well th1s year The tennrs players too have done exceptronally well thrs year and advancrng every t1me they play We all have our lrttle love affarrs w1th drfferent sports some love to 1ust watch Whether you re rn the stands or rn the game everybody rs domg what they love the most NIR!! l Mllflll ll ' llNllG togaggi , l5llIPll l I TRENTON TIGERS BASEBALL TEAM fleft to right, back fowl: Coach Ray Hamilton, T. Smiley, K. Smith, I. Coulston, S. Hardeman, S. Harris, Coach John Orozco. Front Row: T. Brasher, L. Ander- son, B. Connelly, D. Riley. The baseball team this year showed a lot of skill and hard work in their regular season games. Although the season was not one of the best seasons the team has had, this year has had several good points about lt. While playing the Bland Tigers at Bland, the Tiger team showed great deter- mination and coura e. ln this picture here, Prescliman Larry Anderson gets into full motion as he prepares to hit a pitch by a Bland pitcher. Hopefully, the hit went as a run to help the Tigers overcome the op- posing team. j .,-,,.. ,I I . 4, . . . , l V.g5j,,V.V:,5j?:,i. f ,J my f ig. . , t A H W - 4 rrll . f "t' Ji r. ' " .if ' 1 W' Wilmcbu-.,,,MfM5 li' MAJOR MOVES What do you consider a major move? Some thoughts that may cross your mind could be a change of schools or a change of a friend. But whatever the thoughts that crossed most everyone's mind, there were some whose thoughts of' major moves were totally dif- ferent. Sophomore Melanie Davis has been running for over four years now and not always in the gym or on a track. "I like running because it's like running a race against yourself," she says. The work certain- ly has paid off. This year in the district meet, Melanie captured two blue ribbons in the 800 and 1600 meter run. Several people, Shan- non Rule, Marion Bod- den, Mary Stuffelbeme, 68 SPORTS Jeffrey Brummett, Kristy Hardeman and William Thompson also placed in the top three places in their events. Michelle Smiley, who placed second in sin- gles' tennis, had a dif- ferent thought as to what major moves are. "My idea of major moves is trying to move my racket and my feet at the same time," she states jokingly. Serious- ly, tennis is not to be taken lightly. The play- ers this year have worked to put together moves to capture a place in the district meet. The boys' doubles Brad Connelly and Derek Ri- ley placed first and the girls' doubles Amy Park and Lesa Hamons, Anissa Todd and Julie Penning placed first and second. Also show- -Z 1: . rw f.'. if My-W-z,.,... ,, MW. f fs- K.. . f. -, Q 1':':,g,:f 2 , Q... ,V ,,,,g,,., fi. , J, ,A K I . . W fe Mwafrfsq ing in district was Brent Dancer-first in boys' singles and Tammy Brown-third in girls' singles. If all of those moves weren't enough, the baseball team had some of their own. Although this season wasn't the best, the players seem optimistic. "We'll get 'em next time!" says Rodney Alexander. Even if none of these sports are for you, may- be now you can under- stand the moves these players make for the game. Track star Melanie Davis rounds "Are we all ready to go?" the corner of the racetrack as she heads for the finish line in the regional meet. Melanie placed first in this run, the 1600 at dis- trict. asks Sophomore M. Davis, Freshman M. Stuffelbeme, Sophomore S. Rule and Freshman M. Bodden as they head for the regional meet. Q L.. - fa ' . E Q f aacc Q., . . ee.e,1 I . as .. -eq A2 v 7'."s . f Wai' Eg xii ' ra,r i if ti 'S ii. . rrr: 112 0 I it, r,,r I t-.Sf A ate .s .Sgr . gk . f mg - R Q. 3 A 21 L' I . M. daft as A-pr .AL5 ,"' it if I TRENTON TIGER TRACK TEAM lleft to right, above pic- ture,J J. Brummett, Coach Jarrett Tucker, T. Brasher. Not pictured: J. Coulston and W. Thompson. TRENTON TIGER TRACK TEAM ffrom left to right, bottom picture,J: D. Todd, M. Davis, Coach Jarrett Tucker, S. Rule, M. Stuffelbeme, K. I-Iardeman, M. Bodden. TRENTON TIGER TENNIS TEAM fleft to right, above pic- tureJ: T. Brasher, J. Bodden, B. Connelly, D. Riley, R. Alexander, Coach Jarrett Tucker, B. Dancer, L. Anderson. TRENTON TIGER TEN' NIS TEAM fleft to right, bottom picturelz Coach Jar- rett Tucker, A. Park, J. Penning, L. Hamons, A. Todd, M. Smiley. Not Pic- tured: T. Brown. uper Sideline pirit "Why is everyone so excited? Good Grief, look at these people! There are guys running down the halls with Ti- ger paws on their faces, hands, and probably feet, if I could see them. Walking down the halls, I see construction paper Cutouts of the letter T with words of encour- agement written on them. Oh!!! Now I un- derstand! Just taking one look at those girls with the little uniforms on, holding black and white pom poms and wearing the biggest grin I've ever seen, it must I mean game day." This could very well be the impression a - stranger would get as he entered the doors on a basketball game day. Everyone knows the feeling. How many ' times can YOU remem- ber going to a basketball game against our big- gest rivals and hearing the old familiar yelling for the home team? Anyone who has ever gone to any kind of sport event knows the feeling. Walking in, hearing the motions of the game, seeing the crowd look on with an- ticipation and listening to the chants and cheers of the cheerleaders, brings about a certain excitement that makes you want to jump right in. This year's high school cheerleaders Kristy, Jeania, Sylvia, Anissa, and Mary all have that certain spunk for getting those fans into the game. Remem- ber hearing junior Rod- ney Alexander bellow out from the crowd a "STOMP!" or "TWO?" Sometimes you could hear it before you reached the door. And after walking in every- one can remember see- ing those Sophomore girls doing the wave! Our fans are not only limited to the basketball gym. Many people root the home baseball, track, and tennis teams. Baseball games are something most people can get into. Go to a baseball game and you'll see some G.I. Joe's right out of the army - alias Juniors L'Cena Weems, Michelle Smiley, and Senior Lori Derr - sit- ting in our cheering sec- tion rooting our guys on. We feel like one of the reasons we have such good athletic programs is because we have the best fans and cheer- leaders around. It doesn't take much to be- come a real fan. Just put on your reddest red shirt, your biggest big smile, and start YELL- INC-!!!l!!!!! "Aren't we great?!?" From the look on these Seniors faces, they must really believe it. Senior jen- nifer Brock gives a smile for the camera along with Seniors Duane Marks, Lori Derr, Alan Burrows, and Angela McCrew at the cheer- leaders' pep rally. 70 SPORTS High School Cheerleaders - Mary Stufflebeme, Sylvia Taylor, An- issa Todd, Kristy Butler, and jeania Trusty. These girls always have a big smile for everyone. ww Wm, junior-High Cheerleaders Pris- cella Lopez 'and Shelly Weems root the home team on to victory during the basketball season. "We did it!" Each high school cheerleader is thinking this same thought as they mount up for the home fans during halftime of the Westminister - Trenton game. High School cheerleader Anissa Todd looks on anxiously as she watches a home basketball game. ,,, junior High Cheerleaders - Amy Connelly, Priscella Lopez, Mikael Minor, Shelly Weems. Through long work and hard practice, these girls make cheerleading look easy. Sophomore Kirk Smith really shows how he loves the Tigers by dressing up for this year's Hal- loween Carnival. As one of the Tigers biggest fans, he can always be seen at a game. SPIRIT '71 Q 3 f Q21 ' iii V I D0 BLE Who is your favorite team? Ask anyone who lives around here and the answer you get I won't be the Boston Celtics or the Globetrotters. It will be the "Tigers", of course. Who else? I What makes our ballgames so exciting? The main reason for I the thrill of a basketball game is that the teams are something to be proud of. There are several I things that make those athletes play up to par. Anyone can walk into the gymnasium and find a team working out or the future athletes watching, learning all they can. It could be that all they do is practice, practice, practice! land more practicellll But all of I this hard work pays off. If you've ever played or watched a basketball game, you TRENTON TIGERS Cleft to rrghtj Coach Ray Hamilton L Anderson B Dancer I Brummett J West S Copeland C Massey K Smtth K Connelly T Brasher B Con nelly Coach John Orozco The Tigers pulled off a remarkable season with a record of 21 7 Those being given District awards were Brad Connelly lst Team All District Chris Massey Newcomer ofthe Year Tony Brasher Honorable Mention The team games were the highlight of the week espe cially when they made it to the B1 District playoffs Although they did not advance far ther just going to Bi District and winning Dxstrict is an accomplishment in itself Turner S Rule A Park I Penmng L Derr L Hamons D Todd M Smiley K Harde man L Sxmthson Coach Jarrett Tucker tlineelmgj M Davis J Holmes The Tiger ettes ended the 1986 87 season wxth a record of 9 17 Although the season was not a great one it had several good points Those win ning district honors were Melanie Davis 2nd Team All District Michelle Smiley Honorable Mention Lesa Hamons Honor able Mention DRIBBLE can remember seeing one of those men with the black-and- white uniforms whistling and calling out one of those well- known phrases such as "double- dribbling, walking, or 3-seconds in the lane." lt's hard to be able to Q be called for any of these things, but our teams seem to have done really well. Our guys captured Znd place in district and went on to Bi-District play- ing a tough game but losing to Roxton by the score of 74-48. Whether you yourself play basketball or just enjoy watch- ing, you can be assured that there will always be someone asking, 'lwho is your favorite team?" But of course, we all know the answer to that ques- tion. Trying to get the ball, Chris Massey fights for a position underneath the goal in a home game against the Fannindel Falcons. Despite Chris' efforts, the Tigers fell to the Falcons by a score of 69-42. TRENTON TIC-ERETTES Cleft to rightlz Cy 72 SPORTS Jayson West shoots for two while Brent Dancer and Larry Anderson follow in for the rebound during the junior Varsity Tour- nament in Savoy. Although it was a close game, the j.V. Tigers lost 38-36. Brad Connelly gets the ball stripped from his hands as he goes up for a lay-up in an important game against the Fannindel Fal- cons. Varsity player Michelle Smiley gets off the floor after she attempts a shot and is fouled by the other team. Point guard Melanie Davis drives down to the goal as the Fannindel players play tough defense. Although the Tigerettes played hard, they ended up losing by the score of 72-38. TIGERETTES GFP O THE Think back to when you were in the seventh or eighth grade Remember go tions of getting off on the right step with all of the teachers stu dents and friends? Going through this stage of school can be very complicated It seems like the junior High basketball and track teams got off to a jumpin start at the beginning of this year. The basketball teams got plenty of recognition in this season s tournaments and games It IS easy to see them on their way to high school The track team also favored well In the instance of the new kid in town Louis Verde he showed us all what it means to run and run QQ The track team as a whole competed well. Hopefully the teams of 86-87 will keep stepping in the right track as they get older and move up into high school. RIGHT TRACK Sixth grader Alechia Anderson walks away from the play as the Tigerettes hosted the Fannindel Falconettes. Although the girls' played tough, the Falconettes won by a score of 33-25. 74 SPORTS I r 3 ii Ma E is ' A - Q tfm'T"i- xi S Stk Eighth grader Lori Hensley Con- Seventh graders Kyle Potts centrates on an important free- and Eric Dockery wait for throw in a basketball game in the the ball to be put into play old gymnasium, against the Blue Ridge Ti- . gers here at home. JUNIOR HIGH 75 .reggae junior Michelle Smiley, Sophomore jill Holmes, and Freshmen Lana Classcock and Diane Lake go over what they've learned at Annual Staff camp. fwwwffeeMSWSQJWbffxwiz 2 fv1lit'w3.'iSwi?!?:,f?f3iiwS1dWvi?EE3S?g 2555 gage EMS 55255 l an l The Trenton Betas sit in the lobby of the Ft Worth Hilton displaying their campaign T shirts as they wait for the keys to their rooms. The campaign got off to a good start .l 1 E During the Region III PHA meeting n March at Tyler junior College the john Tyler High School ROTC unit displayed the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance Murgvulvfllafwama PU - ORGANIZED Everyone hates to have to come to school early, stay late, or spend break having a dreadful meeting. Time is valuable to a teen and it just can't be spent doing something that is not considered fun. Though the meetings can't al- ways be fun, their products often are. All of the related activities we enjoy couldn't be pulled off with- out them. Beta Club meets to plan for the annual convention. This year's campaigning projects doubled the work, yet tripled the fun. FHA often has executive council meetings, but their projects planned involve the whole group. SADD does not meet much but still does a good job keeping us in- formed on the dangers of drinking and driving. In September FFA meets to dis- cuss the annual show, in April they meet to discuss the banquet. Of course they stay busy throughout the remaining months. Student council is another hard working organization. Their meet- ings are lead by the students to plan things for the students. Finally, the Annual Staff, which meets daily. We may seem a bit unorganized but we get the job done and have fun doing it. J l0HRHGHAlIM1HlIlI2HMlI1THUIIOIINIW lt 1 w 1 i E Freshman Lana Glasscock displays her first place ribbon she received in the job Appli- cation and Interview junior Division, at the Region Ill FHA meeting. Sophomores, Melanie Davis and Anissa Todd, take a little time off from campaigning, at the State Beta Club meeting, to goof around in front of the camera. The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center's sign helps to welcome FHA members from all over the state. Freshman julie Penning walks away with a smile after receiving the FFA award for vegetable pro- duction, FHA: Front Row-tLeft to Rightj D. Todd Press K. Butler V.P. of Programs- I. Brock V.P. of Public Relations- J. Trusty V.P. of Projects: A. Stapleton Treas.- j. Holmes V.P. of Recreation- I. Pennin Sar eant at Arms- D. Lake Freshman Representative- Snow Spon: 3rd Row-S. Hardeman j. Keeton A. Todd K. Rule D. Smith W. Howell M. Bodden- 4th Row-S. Harris K. Connel- ly A. McGrew B. Burrows J. Kyle R. Morgan J. West- Not Pictured-S. Timko gf S I 1 , 2nd Row-M. Smiley, A. Bailey, S. Rule, L. Cilasscock, M. Davis, I. Freshman Kristy Harde- man thinks about those words as she goes to re- ceive her award in FFA. "And the winner is 78 ORGANIZATIONS FFA: Front Row-tLeft to Rightj jeffrey Brummett Presm S. Harris V.P.- D. Riley Sec: B. Connell Treas.- S. Copeland Rep.- R. Alexander Sentinel- 1. Keeton Student Advisor- 2nd Row-S. Y l Hardeman T. Smiley Ci. Bohannon Spon.- 3rd Row-J. Coulston R. Davis 1. McCarley D. Withrow S. Hardeman D. Roberts S. Faulkner- 4th Row- D. Marks K. Welch 1. Bodden T. Brasher K. Smith D. Kuykendall. , , , , , , , f , f , , , , Ta lor, . Brummett, L. Anderson, M. Stufflebeme, J. Penning, K. , f , , , , , , , , , , , , , f Seniors jennifer Brock and Sophomore Delynda Todd prepare for the airline trip home ,leania Trusty, along with junior Brad Connelly takes a glance at the food on the table that he can't wait to sink his teeth into at the FFA banquet. Dawn Bohannon and FFA Sweetheart junior Sylvia ment to hear who will re- ceive the next award. Sophomore Delynda Todd and Freshman Lana Glass- cock pose for a quick snap- shot while waiting for the Tram to take them to their terminal. Taylor anticipate the mo- I ITIAL IMPRESSIONS Most of the time when you think of organizations like FHA, FFA, or Beta Club, you automatically think of the fun trips that the members of the organi- zations have, or the many times they get to skip class just to "help out" their or- ganization. Well, this is not what goes on every day. Organizations involve hard work and recognition. The SADD Chapter did many things to help out the students and commu- nity. Films and slides were shown to inform students about drinking and driv- ing. At Christmas time many students tied red bows on their cars to signi- fy that they would not drink and drive over the holidays. One big part of the hard work is the rectangular green bills we call MON- EY. The Annual Staff de- pends greatly on sponsors who give money for adver- tisements and people who buy pictures. An annual could not be put out each year without this. Many organizations send their members to compete in an event, or of- ten have competition for recognition here in Tren- ton. One organization, FFA holds an annual awards banquet to recog- nize and commend some of its members for hard work done for the organization and for themselves. This year the Beta Club ran one of its members jeffrey Brummett for the office of State Vice President. Much time and effort was put into campaigning for jef- frey. The FHA sent Lana Glasscock to compete in regional and state competi- tion in STAR events. As you see organizations can help you work for goals and recognition. SADD Front Row K Butler Pres I Brummett V P Jeania Trusty Sec J Brock Treas M Davis Rep j Snow Spon 2nd Row D Riley B Connelly J Keeton A Bailey S Harris W Howell, 3rd Row-J. Kyle, A. Stapleton, A. Park, L. Weems, S. Withrow, D. Smith, 4th Row-L. Derr, L. Smithson, S. Taylor, J. Penning, S. Weems, S. Stanick, 4th Row-A. Todd, K. Rule, J. Holmes, S. Rule, A. Connelly, j. Trusty, K. Moore GROUPS 79 HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL: Front Row-K. Butler Pres: B. Connelly V.P.' M. Smiley Secu M. Davis Rep: A. McCrew Treasx Znd Row-I. Orozco Spons C. Brasher I. Trusty M. Minor, D. Derr, S. Weemsg 3rd Row-B. Dancer, L. Anderson, I. Brummett, D. Todd, L. Hammonsp 4th Row-M. Trusty, S. Harris, K. Connelly, R. Alexander, Not Pictured - S. Timko BETA CLUB: Front Row-A. McCIrew Secs J. Brummett Pres: K Butler V.P.' L. Smithson Treas.- 2nd Row-J. Roberts Spon: A Stapleton, L. Derr, I. Brock, M. Smiley, 3rd Row-J. Penning, A. :,. H, Todd, M. Davis, A. Park, J. Holmes, 4th Row-L. Graves, D. Riley, K. Smith, j. Bodden A if 80 ORGANIZATIONS , a vw? Mr Seniors jennifer Brock and Kristy Butler are merely spectators as the rest of the Texas Beta members dance the night away at the Beta Club Convention Dance at Fort Worth. The members had a ball! Seniors Jenni Penning and Angela McGrew juinior Derek Riley and So ho- more john Bodden take a rest, and a laugh, in the room at the Fort Worth Hilton while at the Beta Club Convention. Some- thing sure was funny! new . M4-..f4fl .E , Senior Lori Derr and Ju- niors Derek Riley, Lori Smithson, and Lynne Graves say "Dadgummit! Vote For Brummett! jeania Trusty put on their innocent angel faces to hide their mischief. Seniors Kristy Butler and 1 If ELEMENTARY STUDENT COUNCIL: Front Row - Left to West Sponn Znd Row - I. jones S. Glasscock J. Connelly B. Britton A. Park- 3rd Row - R. Roberts K. Landers R, Rice C. Connelly C. Derr- Not Pictured - S. Latimer Pres: A. Ammer- man V.P. and Sec. Right - B. Patterson, A. Smith, B. Stapleton, D. Smith, Charles 'r I rt A Elementary Principal Mrs Reagan shows off a cake that some lucky person will win in the cake walk at the Elementary Student Council booth at the Hal- loween Carnival. ANNUAL STAFF Left to Right M Smiley I Trusty L Cllasscock, I. Brummett, K. Butler, j. Brock, D. Lakep Not Pic- tured - Dortha Rounsaville, Sponsor. junior jeffrey Brummett State Vice President of Beta Club. This year he went to the State Beta Club Con- vention in Fort Worth and ran for that office and re- ceived runner up. practices his speech for HIGH-FLYING FUN One part of being a member of an organization is the fun. This year, four FHA members and their sponsor had quite an ex- perience. The State FHA meeting was held in San Antonio, Texas. Therefore, to get to San Antonio, the members had the chance to fly on an airplane, and that's just what they did. Flying was a first time ex- perience for the members, which was well noticeable the minute they walked into the airplane. Seat belts were fastened and hands were grasped tightly to as- sure safety was present. "They were off!" The flight was a scenic and peaceful one, but the members were still cautious of maybe "a man with an army green jacket with Iraq embroi- dered on it" or a voice say- ing, "We are just exper- iencing turbulent weath- er." They arrived "in one piece" at the San Antonio airport and all was calm again. GROUPS 81 Corky Skinner, owner of our local conve- nience store - Skinner's Quick Stop - awaits the crowd of hungry kids who usual- ly raid the store each afternoon. Thanks Corky! N ' - . item, 3, .ss r N we ta ,. ri rd, Q1 11 .1111 5 frrim .. sQa1ffs1va1wam,- r 411+ .C -,eggs-?N?1'fE'f?1'f.i1lS3"?Hi2-:5EG1' 1312. .. - t a1-Qwxfmeaet111,gm,1.M.t.1Q v,f?i1i, . ,Q tafraitfl -1 ef or-1ff 'M-.--ref iw1x,J',-'lm fl-4ar1:,,:5,. iy-X 1 7 X- .. vw: P1 1- we il- ' iiz ,r.., .1 , 1 c 1 w,?'?,1.r1,1f,s-:N MW! P ,. 1 1 , ,, 1 'mi'i":"f?-3',.5'f' . : ' I . ' J 5 , . as 'Php .,1'1z13'ENj1j,111,1,j:' ' - j ? I -34 to ,j.:'r1i5s:. K -L f " C -as K . :, 1-,wig 11: " 11 ,- 'e152 s'ss1---NM. .. E ' xx a ' 11 i.-, 1 ,ii, ,Q ,R ww ef,-me X 5 fcafiwnfgy i , K mfs Wk M31 1 2 fb fc Wy? 1 , 1 x ig? K 1 1 N , 3 1 E41 ' 2.52 M' rs 1 . .- . 1 I .1 , ,... .,,.. , Agzc 5 , E 5 1 + -I - -1 I 7 f f 1 X 4 , a W NN P Q is wr A Y HF Mg X 5 , as 1 a NSW 1 11 . , ,. , '11 A ' 1 5-1.1 We A . 1 f Y wa - - f-112-1111-1,m .f111 '? f1. 0 r-1 ---- ,., W ,, sig ix Xa: 5 3 ag S Y X ,s Q a W am N P: , - X Jw 1 .1 xx r Q Y ra w Rx J N Q 1 S1 11 r mx Y?5Yi!fxJtgw.lER H 6 X 11 N my X, gT1,,k41maa x 3 11 1 1 X W .1 1, as .Hag Wie 11 11 11 11 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 Q1 ,1 ,1 11 11 W1 11 ,1 1 ll 1 11 11 11 11 11 ll ll ll ll 11 21: 5 Wonder who is in the picture? Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Motley Crue, or Poison? Sopho- more, Tony Brasher takes time to flip through one of his favorite rock magazines in Mager's Food Store. Pauline Mager's arranges some pineapples the produce section of the grocery store. in Mager's Food Store and it's employees have been friends to us all. THAT WAS TTHEN In 19949, Traum a, had me as it 3 first pharmacaesa owned by yer Bmtlwers Tn 1335 if gamed some competxtroiiz when another harmac -1 fewneg by and 37:1 W ng -1 was dis agreed up in xeriton The Glefilan For a. dwg store Izontmued in the years that F-Qlibwed. and Q phnafmafeif has almost aiw ya been pxeaenl in Trenton rx y rn recent 'years has ramen been Without me butt at was destined to change THIS IS N W The new ldarmac ca erred run Trenton walflun the yang maple of years The eatabli shltlwnt of Atlus tw Business has been a success rem the begrnnxng It 5 provided an added convenience of havnnga doctors Office with it New when the local resxcieiitsi o to the doctor they an get t err PYQSCTIPBGR Ellie us rent ameviabuya 1511, dam a coke, and war wrt a few of the townspe Q lm C 5111-M ," .. 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WEQ 15,5 13211315 Q f .f 1 Q: 1 we 11.,:a44-1 25.20 511 1 :size 5155 Ffziiiilfffi iisfwrsi 555:11 1 js 1' Hs fc ,gg ig' 4 2 wr -H5 ' 5 mg Sw f my 4 1 ,f H Zig' 1 , ,sig M41 1 r 1553? gk ' MIIOHVII I HNHGX BUSINESS IS BCDGMI G This year the annual staff was successful in sharply increasing the amount of income we nor- mally receive from the sale of our Ads. Many thanks to our veteran supporters. Those who faithful- ly purchase an ad every year make up a large portion of our Ads section. This year we approached sev- eral businesses who had lacked the opportunity of advertising in our yearbook in the past. We were successful in gaining their support and it is greatly appreci- ated. Our latest sales pitch went to organizations here at the school. Although this is something new, we feel it is good for these groups to obtain a little extra recognition and we hope they agree. I Some of our other new adver- tisers in this year's book are those businesses associated with the building of the new school. A few responded positively to our request for their advertise- ment. Baby Ads are popular again this year. These are really special to the Seniors and their parents. Most would agree these ads are well worth the money! Thanks again to all of our supporters! You've helped to make our yearbook a "booming" success. I Richard P. Agan, President Richard K. Agan, V. Pre and General Manager AGAN MACHINE PRODUCTS CO NC po ct 8 1 11 P O B 6 TRENTON TEXAS 75490 214 989 2257 989 2258 D ll Ph 214 238 7224 1 ng, AVVAFIDS LJNLIIVIITED B S l214l BSE 2202 'ISEO Hwy 75 N PQ Bo 1231 she me S 75090 Claude and .Joy I-looks JIMMY ANDERSON TRUCKING Off1CC 989 2.283 Trenton, TX H : 1 I I I L .rjhlhsfll - gg :QQ ual 0091 A8113 CUSTOM MFG CO INC SpEC12lI1Z1I1g In Toohng For The PIast1c Industry Box es HWY 69 soum y A1 TRENTON TX 75490 ,I h I7 Cl 214 989 2232 'I I 3 . am a burn ' U - " on am, Screw machine r du , Special assembli s, - - X , Owners: La he and Mi work r' ru, Taxa John Baker' uc a er, A Stan Baker . . ox6 Phones - - , - 1 a as one - - I . ox w ren on, 49 I Jll I 1F'4!L'3-1593-5-'551!'-9F:'S'-?i.'?E-?.5E'i?E?5'.EZ:?:'E-?.-S5 g I1 2 1 , ' ' " " - Cr. I i , . fxu q ,t....1- , .x.... 6 5 o ---'-'-"-"" O O I I I hen omes to Haircuts We're Number Owners: . Cl de mond Phone: . , o n loy - - 84 ADS BAKER TIRE COMPANY 51 W S R y B I1 TX 75418 214 583 4616 BthBk BANDY S TRUCK STOP Rt 1 B 200 H y 121 T t TX 75 O 214 989 2412 T e BARBER S CHAIR W It C 214 989 2709 Owner Karen Stogsd1ll B Sz B FOOD STORE Hwy 69 Leonard Texas 214 587 3523 Owners Arvls And Garvle Buchanan ilk? WAN av, X W' CONGRATULATI 0 NS JENNIFER Always keep your sxghts set hrgh Stay as sweet and lovmg as you are here We love you Mother 8: Daddy BRIDES By Betty BETTY NASH OWNER 12149 ses 2156 1632 Hrghway 75 North Bus At Loy Lake Road Sherman TX 75090 BONHAM BONHAM OFFICE SUPPLY COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS North Slde Square Clovls Alexander Bonham TX 75418 12141583 8601 BONI-IAM STATE BANK 502 N Center St Bonham TX 75418 Member FDIC BUTLER MOBILE DAILY FAVORITE POWER WASH SERVING FANNIN COUNTY AREA P O BOX 550 TELEPHONE Bobby Butler Route 1 Box 64 12142 989 8601 Trenton TX 75490 Bonham TX 75418 12143 sas 2124 Congfafulaflons Sen1ors , - - " 7 L 1, if 2. I V A - . - 24511411,:.r:gzff1. fr1:-,g,:1,- ev Q, ,. - fe . 'r , J fs' 1 Irrsizfri -. -, if '41 - '-'- , ' ,-"N" 5"nw-1 ' ::' if4i1f-s5: 1'iifiiir2'f:? ., . -- J -wfiiggfi . 1 1 ' ,EZ .31 ffz: ggfmg-gatvmf, --me 745251 can '1 .. tgwzz5tge1 . fi.-1152 2 ' " 51591 1 iff , , 2 . 1.1. -- . ,,,,aN4 M , 1 K-Iv I f Q55 - - . f cis? 1 W ill :fi ie Q E? fg,2g5ff,srE2?g, A ,, ,, M. gggif?'2f25if14fjjZf L"Ef?'!ffQ P ' - ' 'T w 2 Q. , 3ffn'fvff.Hg4EJif5Jf, ' - - , . , .Q,.1, . - 2 ff gf S-'Vit 't:.,:?f55f?f-fs , .Q ' Q'i?E2It5!5f5-7555555 ' ' If - ggg,gf.yQz,f1 4' gsj. ' ' 5 2 v 1 , - fs-14.5, ' -I A - f' w2'Q.Qf41Q?i ' " A-B Wm 333333333 I WWW II NES S? TU E3 Q4 WDP 25 Elma M43 C Q NGRATULATI 9 NS KRISTY CCDLE TITLE CGMPANY North Srde Square Bonham, TX 75418 P O Box szo Always have that big smile LEONARD TX 75452 You wzll always be our httle darlmg ' We love you Mother, Daddy and Family DAVID WELCH Owner 12141 587 2361 WHITE WRIGHT CAMPBELL CARE NURSING HOME DAIRY QUEEN T W Bowen P O Box 725 Admmxstrator Whltewnght, TX 75491 86 ADS f7,f1',lf71ll,.ff 7QQIQ.f.f.QQf nf' al ' D' M 'ff 5 , W , I - I gi? if f"f,L'1p- -3fwL2f4f,y, pl K 253 if, W Msg ,zifzisf -1- , 515 N ' f ' 1314-ffwif' . . 'fi W - I - , A ' N A - ' 2 "" ' X Q ' I , ,, , E, p 1P11fL1'?1f?:2', 15 f13ifQI'i'i wifi rf ff I " l ' 3 3 'I' If Q' J' fizizfnbif ' 3 ' Q - il- ,of - ' ' 5 -ff -, - 1' 'f' Lffpaif ,I ' S - , fl ' " I W I ' I ' ' ' ' 1 Q V D ' I R, S5235 fjih-'fwigfjg 'ij' --f:g2ZQ,',7Pf4 - 7 Q' ,151 3 , gill, , X - bigger. 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We ll Floor You' ...Ll Carpet ' Vmyl ' T1le 0 Parquet Wallpapers ' M1111 Blmds Pamt Hours: Sales Sz Service C2.14j 989 2796 Mon.-Sat 9 AM - 5 PM EDC NC EDWARD S CHEVROLET Box 578 Wh1tewr1ght T 42145 364 2229 12145 364 2227 ESTES AIR CDNDITIDNING 602 E Brockett Sherman TX 75090 12.145 892. 3545 EMORY MASDNRY INC PO Box 203 Sherman TX 75090 EARNI-IEART FUNERAL HOME Box 698 White-wright, TX 75491 12145 989 2225 42145 364 2215 D . 1 X P.O. Box 828 75491 WERZiFf3ZE2df 4 WAYNE! FIRST NATIGNAL BAN Mr Lew1s Donaghey Presrdent MMh Trenton TX 75490 Member FDIC 12145 989 2235 ' 1 Behind the counter: Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Kidwell, Mrs. Brock, and rs. a ana Kidwell I 90 ADS FIRST NATIQNAL BANK Whitewright TX Box 368 Wh1tewr1ght TX Member FDIC 12.141 364 2115 f I Behind the desk: Kim Anderson and Jana Layman. ' K I PI-IA At the Reg1on III Leadershxp Meetmg m Tyler TX Lana Glasscock D1ane Lake De lynda Todd Jenmfer Brock and Jerry Kee ton take trme out to have a l1ttle fun These teenagers and Judy Woodruff news com mentator are all actlve 1n FI-IA as llwrlllwrrtssxgw VM as Im W s sy TRW we ,355 w w Wlmgafw Qtr will 'llxlll M rpm as N W ,Q x E tw My tm W Q 4 W3-.xlwk rg 'wk 1 we Km K What Do These Teenagers and Network Televlslon Commentator ludy Woodruff Have ln Common? Enthusrasm about lrfe Interest In the world around them Belief ln family values Leadership rn their communities Desire to be the best they can be And luke Judy Woodruff when she was a teenager, all are members of Future Homemakers of America Thats where they are learning these Important ' skulls for lrfe And you can tool Get Involved today Contact the Future Homemakers of Ameruca chapter rn your school. You ll develop skulls that can change your life. And you'll have fun. 056' or nv'-neg, '6 9 Future Homemakers of America Inc. I '5' FHAXHERO Chapters 0 19 44005111 H095 , I I I I - I I - I - - vc n A -fel- ' d a: l'iQ'4a,. I fill?" P' '- ' -I 2 vw., M ,,,t ..,,,, .,. M I rl I 1 Q A 1 Y42'1'.....-V W . "ni 2:1-it 'I mia, 'Q SJM W TAIY I - . , f12r:1f,,.,Lf':e F' 'V I I 2-15ES:'E5'i'f' :2e:1,'slr'w1Met,il1: ,I K Y Eff I fzyllllll Qgig, V1 F 1' I , Q ' ,ml -Srlllllllltrll 'Qt-rlrrralrerr , . t pppg.g.g,g.l.:,sg.g.g rl.: .'-glgrg me I Aressllelafrfefatsarsflallse llallleslsalf 5 ,Q rQvlila2lsltrrez2tg'4ll liilglllilllltrs. ,fiift ' ' SWE Wlllalgllliliiliiglralgtri' 325255 E2lll1i1?f51i2mK W gm : ftsiwggfisgl:sfs:s:2E2E5ggg - ' : xr: ":G:T:f:1:l: z lair v 'i'S:'r"'21r:r.W,. 1..1- r 1, ellfgillzfrlel'l'h2:h2:EtW Irllllllh- f 4 -waaw lager?-1:4l:,:r:-Wal::rm Marg -ag 14:4 W-wait, Wliilfhllllf Wllliilfiisia, :W El: 3142 - "fr -.xx -1 lr K. Mx, vo. 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ADS HAIR DOCTCDR F All Ag 42149 587 2332 Hggd 306 H y 69 N 75452 JELLY S Women s Apparel Bonham TX 75418 42149 583 9130 42149 587 3363 IN DECO SALES John Mays Thanks Seniors' KATHY S FLOWERS 36 PRILLS 86 Bridal Reg1stry Bus 42149 364 5511 Res 42149 364 2586 LEUNARD PHARMACY R Ph O Th Sq N gh 42149 587 2044 d TX 7545 2 JACK S WHOLESALE MEATS South Pearl St Trenton TX 75490 42149 989 2293 UE LEWTER FGRD Box 608 Whitewright TX 75491 42149 364 2163 LEONARD LUMBER sf SUPPLY P O Box 219 Leonard TX 75452 42149 537 3301 I Unisex or es Sharon a . Nancy S f d ll ' L A TX ' - ff - I I 111 S. Center Florist, Gifts I . . . I O I - O C gene Kegans, . . " - ts - L LAUDENE S BEAUTY SHOP Trenton TX 75490 42149 939 2224 LEONARD GRAPHIC Leonard TX 75452 OUR PRICES WILL FLOOR YOU QUALITY 0 FASHION 0 SERVICE STYLE NoIen's Furniture Sz Carpet WHERE QUALITY IS NOT LEATHERWOOD MENS WEAR Doss Clark Owner 403 North Mam Street Ph 4214, 583 2815 Bonham TX 75418 Tuxedo Rental Headquarters M Sz T ROOFING Owner Tom Smrley Ph 42145 364 2393 NORTHLAND CABLE T.V. 48005 441 4214 42145 364 5322 EXPENSIVE BOX 10 P O DRAWER U LEONARD TEXAS 75452 Wh1tewr1ght TX OH NOLEN OWNER Be 5 WW we ms., 244-im, Congratulatrons Angela We Love You TA! MOTHER DADDY AND DEVON E THE L orncs ' PLACE Ph 4214, 537 3300 Howe Savoy Van Alstyne 42142 455 8771 I ,, 1 rf 34--514-ra. - , ' A ' ' , 5: 9 f X lf.f-'Y-Ssiff I 5 :Tfg-765' ' f fl , ' . -Lf.. C . -. 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Billy Joe Nelms After Hours Associate Director PARTY MAGIC INC. ll One Stop Party Shop' 42141 868-2517 1628 Bus. Hwy. 75 N. Sherman, TX 75090 Rena Hudspeth Telephone 42143 893 1236 42145 989 2215 42149 893 7511 42147 989 2216 TRENTON FAMILY CLINIC! PHARMACY Dr PS Man1 MD General Pract1ce 8a General Surgery Off1C6 Hours 8 00 am To 5 pm 4Mon Pnl Dr R Manr MD DN Consult Ped1atr1cs Sn Neonatology Jertmfer Keep Smrlxngi We Love You MOM DAB SARAH Sn JULIE Box 518 Trenton TX 75490 PETTIT S GROC STORE Box 127 Wh1tewr1ght TX 75491 42141 364 2244 . . . . ' - . . . , . . I ijQflj-f1Qi12fQQ1?f45jiifT'flii1,g3if5Qaf4f1i!l T' 11111521 Tig! 121fgsT37,'ifyx if Q trly Lie: 4?1'4if2i1zs4f srrl I fflhllf QIII I i-tg-'iljgpj-.gli 1 fflff 'fi4ei',l ' Qjji' lftliktrif-gf iji13lQ1i1ygQg,'i-gl Ifvlw' ihffiiillf 4 :ff f 1 i, .rra A 'YHQ ii:1r?isi'igjc22 af i ,gffii r,ss I Ip fy fli g , i5g:ii f ",- h-' ,-t. - fflfil-jfffllf gsikfiijfgflg 531122 gp ig jig iiflillfi A 147434 it Si - - 33:32 Hifi.filizlifL9fff'355,i.spif if '422 I 1 S151 1 I ,Nm:M,wM3?JV V 4. gf: ,Qinf:1:jQ,j!Lu,g2-gV',,rf ,ij fljilyjg -431,5 V5.5 fr f Q U w 'J '. - -' V V 98 ADS l P L SERVICE CO INC e d P tts P Off e 817 9394 2144 214 989 2769 76201 RED S BODY SHOP Sz GLASS Red Littrell Owner Shop 583 7053 Home 583 2756 2232 N Center I Bonham TX 75418 BELINDA RICHARDSON I RPI OFFICE SUPPLY I I I I I 23 Arapaho Village 116 West Collins I Arapaho at Westshore North S d of ' Sq are Richardson, Texas 75080 Leonard, T xas I 75452 12141 234 6685 12.141 557 2372 Quin Studzo O90 CO U RONNY S INTERIOR WOODWORK 989 2428 Ronny Weems Trenton TX Box 337 RED RIVER LAND TITLE 42149 583 8772 12145 583 9213 WM E IBILLI FLOYD Manager 518 N Main Bonham TX 75418 SHERMAN DEMOCRAT Sherman TX Bert Chapman 893 8181 Business Manager 603 5- Sam Advertising Manager Rayburn Fwy 94 I2 I8 3-o 9 W. NIULEER I RTRAITS-COMMERCIAL-WED 1 SHERMAN. TEXAS 75 C : I L lan o resident . I ic - I Office 1-800-772-5907 P.O. Box J . S S I PI-I I Home - - Denton, Q - L Texas I I , . . . I - I ' , . y . I f ' I I I I I I I O PRESENTS The 1986 87 school year was a busy one for the high school Student there was the job of try ing to break in Mr John Orozco lwho has been a Student Council Presi- dent in his dayj as the new sponsor. Mr. Joe Roberts became the Beta Club sponsor and Mr. Orozco got the honor of becoming the new spon- sor. The Student Council sponsored its annual events this year such as the Halloween carnival homecoming festivities and dance They also sold school jackets and assisted the Kiwanis Club in picking up trash along the highway. At the beginning of the year there was mon- ey in their account saved from previous years. So the first thing they vot- ed to do was to purchase a marquee for the school On Thursday May Council sponsored Dan I ones Day n honor of Mr Jones who has been at Trenton High School for the past ten years. Mr. jones will be leaving Trenton High School this year to be the Superintendent at Slidell. Council, First gf all and parade, and the 28, 1987 the Student 1 n . - . ll ll i K Shown here are Mr. Dan Jones Principal of Trenton High School and wife Kaye display- ing a cake purchased by the student body, for "Dan jones Day" on May 28, 1987. ADS Q sf? S Student Council president Kristy Butler is standing in Front of the marquee with High School Principal Dan jones. Mr. jones is receiving the brief case which the entire student body purchased for his new position as Superin- tendent at Slidell. soUTHwE5T SUMMER PUMP HOUSE Bonham TX 75418 Leonard TX 75452 583 3134 Q214J 587 2.212 Proud to Support Gur Commumty Your nerghbors at Texas New Mexrco Power Company are proud to be a part of the herltage of our great communrty Texas NevvMex1Co Power Company Nghb lyPf gY T B I7 Ahcla You Are The Daughter Most Parents Wished They Could Have Stay Sweet L VE M M 8: AD TRENTEX CCDRP Robert Moore Pres Fern Moore V Pres Trenton TX 75490 O2 Cham S -Il Sh arpeni g T' I E BELTS 8: HOSES FILTERS And BUSINESS Acoustical Co. INC. AUTO SUPPLY SPECIAL ORDERS PUMPS Box 822 PARIS' TX 75460 Randy Anderson, Owner BOX 2377 12.14, 785-5340 Open 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. - Monday- S d y I F 'd SHERMAN' TX 75490 8:00 a.rn.-5:02 atur a Q214j 892-2144 O Th Sq 121 989 5521 C 9 NGRATULATI 9 NS If you handle the future wxth the same dxhgence you have handled the past the world 15 at your feet Love Mom and ad I1 TRENTON TRIBUNE TRENTON TX 75490 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' from WELLS BROS MELISSA TX 75071 COMPLIMENTS TRENTON GRAIN ELEVATOR T t TX75 90 WHITEWRIGHT INSURANCE AGENCY B 2 36 2 20 ghT 75491 llafe - 4- - N B k T T ren on, 4 7k,f V,Vk4V 'L,v- gfiiirggfgfjti, Phone 1 - - 2 ',1' ' Whifewfi I ADS o-c'Cnf.5l!:. SPOKHNGGOOD or Pride And joy Is Graf stating And We Are 'T Freud f You We Love You Ieamaf MAMA 9 9 Y S Q IENNIFER. AN EULIE Ziiad. igffwlf55,5253733255133152f'SfgiS3f35537553:35i3gifQW52 E.25wg:mgreiggtagigggfmgzn giwtewggigfszgzifizzflssislzU . mm, ri--,...r,s,.f.rtgs. . 4 ,, Friggix ig yy 55555353igagggaisgtggigqggif3:43gg.ggi:3531532,Ll:S'4sfif5airL?15iQl:i2?2t izitrz . ,,, iilzf V fifiisflfii'iii:ii-ZE5EE?TE2SQ'f2i:Ei 4 ' 1 ' " 'ii I S::?1: fifiisir11731553isiggtgggggigzfliggggggegg44,,ggigg4:gg.pggair QTLLQZQl4.'ZagZts:ii4sfi' ' ' -5 ?T1'.gif,ati525Z5Z5tstis5ZwsaSei2Ss?3hggizifg'iii..grgfiizfifrsfziafiifczgfsiiisrzisefz I 1 - wy-isiwf-wgMgfew'zzeiszfqrffazizivf is :Llrf:'Tii:iI.5 t3'f2ff:fsi. I"35'237 zffikiu-7 5335? iii' 3956 elif t:a9tQ.2Z'..4f?'.'-155. W 9 I ' if We I , smrswggngfywgsgiqggggzgg 5 "2 .Q .,:: tr . r ar,a.eri:taWsM.iw assist 3:2222.:::,.z4,rst.igr.s3a, an A .A me T' 9 NM. I ' nfwfg. iigfr 5 9 re I 5 K - - is 1.3 .Ml ri .Q 'fi "' essmwwwemwefewer 'isvgiej I.-gf.'.t3ir.f,,s,: Zi?22255Llifiiliiswffiizfgi. wil-fi -rs.: Qffl1't:5?v:lZ2g:zL:Sa:s:aEf:'5:':2S ' A eezifsfizatszysxszzgmzrzizirssliieivfixfifir like nag-megzieefrvfz tmmwfef,vyyfrwm'?'1WfWtffWWmm msffggggyg 5 we rt Q, Q -1 5 'Tiff W I '. iw, tr 2 revive-fw, swf M ,...a,.. .M It I if we A - ,, Vrwewzrl XZQSQZLS, h ., irwrigrzwfekif milkLizgxzfkaifiszflisfisiiaiaizi i4:ez2s3:tf-i.f:gfg..g:tig:?nf:Lfisii 52 Zsxzffiizsiizszszzfzzrtigfzzlfiigimii ifLif???Z2+2E5:te5:emitter.zzzfztgiQimssitrztsssii - warggjggiisgggizggftgsemi'LTI:mgizlzii4ziiozx.Qi2:1iii:Qigggfgegwgqzgqgggggy-fgigpg Eii3552':rzvggM:szfyLuizQ5'sit31Qf11lLZi':iZQgiZ2gs5,zfs:?i'is5fV"isgrrelgggfefgaigggeeg ' Ag I AgH Ag Ill Ag IV Pre-Voc Food 8: NutritionfCons Ed Child Deve Fam Living Pre-Voc Art Theatre Arts Sociology Psychology A. Hist W. Hist W. Geo Gov Eco US Hist T. Hist Health Life Sci Eng IV Eng III Eng ll Eng I CLA 8th Lang Art 7th Lang Art Spanish 8th Science Phys Sci Biol I Physio Physics 7th Math sth Math EOM I Pre-Alg AW RDS Larry Anderson Kirk Smith Derek Riley Duane Marks Kyle Potts Delynda Todd Sherry Timko Alicia Stapleton Priscella Lopez Derek Riley Kristy Butler, Duan Lori Smithson jonathan Brummett Lori Smithson Tony Brasher Angie Maples jennifer Brock Alicia Stapleton Kenny Williams Damon Derr Larry Anderson Chris Daniels Alicia Stapleton Melissa Austin john Bodden Lana Glasscock Nikki Tabor Lori Hensley Kyle Potts Lori Smithson Mikael Minor Brandon Burns john Bodden Michelle Smiley Sherry Timko Shelly Weems, Kyle Potts Kenny Williams Tommy Smiley Mary Stufflebeme Alg I Geom Inf. Geom AQH Corn Lit Com Sci I Com Sci ll Typ I Typ II Typ 8 e Marks Acct Annual Outstanding Sr. Beta Daniel B. Deupree Scholarships Henry and Elizabeth Donaghey Foundation Lori Derr Mildred Evans Scholarship Koinoia-United Methodist Women Scholarship Dorthel Robinson Citizen Award jH Citizenship jH Outstanding Leadership HS Outstanding Leadership Best all Around jH Boy Max Trusty jH Girl Lori Hensley HS Boy Derek Riley HS Girl Kristy Butler Z6 N Plaza Paris, TX 75460 785 3333 785 7080 Lana Glasscock john Bodden Tony Brasher Lori Smithson Kenny Williams Sherry Timko Alicia Stapleton, Lo Alicia Stapleton Lynn Graves Max Trusty LoriDerr Kristy Butler Kristy Butler jennifer Brock Angela McGrew Tammy McFarland Steve Hardeman Lori Derr Kristy Butler Alicia Stapleton jeania Trusty Kristy Butler jennifer Brock Alicia Stapleton Mikael Minor Kristy Moore jeffrey Brummett ri Derr T-W 103 Senior Tammy McFarland helps to put the finishing touches on the new Trenton Tigers trash cans. These new red and black trash cans help us to keep the school grounds clean and are eye- catching in our school colors. juniors Lori Smithson, Amy Park, Sylvia Taylor, and Melissa Austin put on the necessary make-up for a production by the Theater Arts class. Mrs. Peterson and her class really did some fun things this year. The elementary students were in the right place for this production. THE RIGPIEIT PLACE THE RIGHT TIME After nine months of moving, arranging, and rearranging, everyone in the high school is in the right place at the right time. It seemed as if our move to the new school would never come. The wait seemed even longer on the days we had to wear three pairs of socks and ear muffs to stay warm. But the move did come, and not a day too soon. Adjusting to the new school was difficult at first. The location of the next class was sometimes a mind puzzler. The reality of finally getting to move 104 CLOSING was a shock to all. This new building al- ready holds many memo- ries for everyone - either special events or everyday things are favorite memo- ries. Junior Lesa Hamons says, "Our first game in the new gym is my favorite memory." Freshman jonathan Brummett says, "Finally getting to move into the new building is my favorite memory." Although each of us may have our own special memories, thg year at Qs school has certainly been THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. ,Wm Junior Derek Riley was in the really working this time, even right place to help Mr. Bohannon though that smile looks like he in the Ag Department. Derek is may be up to something besides hard work. Senior jason Kyle was certainly in the right place for the joke he just heard - or told. He may just be overcome with excitement be- cause he is a graduating senior. Superintendent Eddie Derr is try- ing to get his point across to Miss Rounsaville and Mrs. Garcia. This is another time when some- one is in trouble and explanations are needed for better understand- ing of the situation. Mr. Bohannon and his Ag stu- dents had a really bad problem with crickets at the beginning of the school year. juniors Brad Connelly and Dean Withrow helped out by sweeping them up and cleaning both inside and out- side of the shop area. These eighth grade girls were in the right place to make the Christ- mas cookies in Homemaking this year. They are having fun too. Te- resa Compton and Christie Compton have it all under control for now. Coach Tucker and his elementary PE students had fun with this parachute during the program presented for parents and friends. The program was also involving Mr. Orozco and some of his stu- dents. It was a good program which the students really did en- iw. CLOSING 105 6 MCDVIN "The end is here!" "The 1986-87 year is over!" This is what every- one is thinking about when the first of June comes around. Every- one can hardly wait to sit in the sun and relax. The Seniors fto say the leastl are esctatic about finish- ing school. After it is all said and done though, it's kind of a jolt to think about what's coming next. "What classes am I going to take next year? What s it going to be like having a new principal? and I that math class as hard as every- one says? are some of the things that come to mind as we move on to the next year. Sometimes moving is a gradual process that isnt realized until it has already happened. When ev- eryone comes back to school next year they ll see for themselves that they must be moving on be- cause of the position of their lock- er moving up the hallway. And, they won't remember their home- work being so hard three months ago. These are both indicators that everyone has to move on, like it or not. Moving on is quite often looked forward to. Freshman Mary Stufflebeme says, "My fa- vorite memory of the 1986-87 school year was when we finally got to move to the new school. This is a point that everyone in school can agree on - that this move to the new school was a definite plus to make this year special. The end Q here for the 1986-87 school year and we hope that we have captured it for you. As you move right along from one year to another we hope that this one year will be special in your mind. Cirl's basketball coach Jarrett Tucker will be looking forward to a full time job of taking care of his daughter Mika this sum- mer. CLOSING Even though this school held all of the THS student body and faculty for more than half a year, you would never know from the des- olate hallways and empty lockers of the summer. After nine months of faithful service, these Wave goodbye as they go on to flnd then' buses will stand stilland empty forthe sum- mer months. Senior Kristy Butler's car bears the marks of the 1988 graduating class wishing her good luck. We are all sure that seventh grader Chris Daniels was happy about the move over to the new building - reason being not having to share a locker with anyone anymore. CLOSING 107 SENIOR I DEX Jennifer Brock: Class Officer 2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Officer 45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 UIL Accounting fDistrict Sr Regionalj 45 Homecoming Queen Candidate 45 American History Award 35 English Award 25 Home Economics Award 25 Who's Who 3,45 Government Award 45 Annual Award 45 UIL Scholar Award 45 Koinonia Scholarship 45 Deupree Scholarship 4. Kristy Butler: FFA Sweetheart 15 Basketball 1,25 Class Officer 1,2,3,45 Student Council 1,2,3,45 Officer 3,45 FHA 2,3,45 Officer 3,45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Officer 3,45 Homecoming Queen Candidate 2,3,45 Class Favorite 35 Annual Staff 2,3,45 UIL One-Act Play 2,3,45 Best Actress 35 All Star Cast 45 Honorable Mention 45 Who's Who 2,3,45 Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3,4. Lori Derr: Pep Club Band 15 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Lion's Club Student of the Week 15 Science Club and Team 15 Academic All American Dogie Staff 15 National Honor Society 2,35 Marching Band 2,35 Key Warettes 2,35 UIL Solo 8: Ensemble Contest 2,35 Basketball 45 Beta Club 45 UIL Accounting 8: Number Sense 45 SADD 45 Who's Who 45 Valedictorian 4. Steve Hardeman: FFA 1,2,3,45 Officer 35 Agriculture II Award 25 Agriculture III 35 STAR Chapter Farmer 35 Outstanding Member 45 FHA Beau 45 Baseball 1,2,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 15 Who's Who 35 Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,4. Jason Kyle: FFA 1,2,35 FHA 45 Basketball 3,45 Track 15 Baseball 25 SADD 45 Jr. Usher 35 UIL One-Act Play 2. Duane Marks5 Football 15 Weightlifting Team 15 Class Officer 1,2,35 FFA 1,2,3,45 Proficiency in Ag-Mechanics 3,45 Ag-Electrification 3,45 Distric UIL One-Act Play 45 Best Actor 45 First in Dallas Morning News Advertising 4. Angela McGrew: FHA 1,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Officer 35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Officer 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. Jennifer Lynn Penning: FHA 1,2,3,45 Officer 45 Art I Award 35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Class Favorite 45 Miss THS Candidate 25 Cheerleader 2,3. Alicia Annette Stapleton: FHA 1,3,45 Officer 45 Who's Who 3,45 World Geography Award 25 English III Award 25 Computer Science I Award5 Perfect Attendance 35 Beta Club 45 Honor Roll 1,3,45 SADD 3,45 Most Intelligent 45 Class Officer 1,35 Salutatorian 4. Sherry Ivonne Timko5 Beta Club 2,3,45 Officer 35 Class Officer 1,2,45 Student Council 45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Officer 2,3,45 Class Favorite 25 Who's Who 35 Society of Distinguished American High School Students 35 Miss THS Candidate 45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Algebra II Award 35 Chemistry Award 3. Jeania Lynn Trusty: Cheerleader 45 Annual Staff 3,45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Officer 2,3,45 SADD 45 Officer 45 Miss THS Candidate 45 Homecoming Queen Candidate 45 UIL One-Act Play 45 All Star Cast 45 Who's Who 45 Honor Roll 45 Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,4. Cary Yother: Basketball 2,35 Baseball 2,3. 108 Closing 1 .N V 5-fy Q59 02 30 WL W Sy gjmwgigiii Wifi? 52 W gm wb QQWQMEQ5 50? Sfyfwjw 335 if 3 x1'BYxwxsua,o,, , up LSL -SLNf.u:V:-X-X'Yx.QJl- vQ-1uX,wxJfQ.fvNO.-.6fNC3-5: 5.100232 Q89-X559 W. xjxgkf , , DVNCwxOYXX N N., 'N YfW5 F R A - . xi 4 QDWUTWW gms? 5 od www X Q WW QW 331, Wil f? p ' 2" Rl1 IYYJETF, ' R if W QM' MM Y' U9 OL mv7xgXxi WP , GTD QQQ5 WW MW mimi N wk bwwmw ff?i,fi9O?ff4fw N ixzexojvglki- S ty' 'NAQVJ gt .,., ' 5 e -isp If r v ! x 9 Wjvr'XJffVy?JNm,V I X, fy ,. ' Avqxlmmml JJ U QE' QLWJQ. C? X13 jr K ,hm 'X - 'Q I- LA-Ad?"iQ'fX'Q Xl Xf'3fqJq,,4l3J v , ' X- 1 ' J Y X Mf+1:lXl2fl Q xff-up Aff A ACM- CDJVJLJXEQ fD,G2f,9'x-QJQVDQCIQALXQJW we Q .1 UMJ k ,104 K N , I X K MYTQ ' ff 0'Z'2'KfQ:Z , X V YJ-jf N l V V If. mg t X QQUMM-fvfiw? V 'mAf5" . W C, X QA 4 1 1 'f LW X., NJ' , C9 77 df , j CEETYWM5 , 4Vt,,b 'V M AJ Q V llqlb A E DW QQ ' 'N 5 1, 3 ' QiT5+ME.'7 -NX ., SF-9 3 S2wwQEQSi4Y5w fw5Q X' X X- ts X Q, 'Xi 'x 5 QW! Sw Ein 5 N1 Q f5JQ -f"QqbiTAi Q . iw334'5mgS4SiQibQQ2. -.Q f 'S x,X N.,XTVxg,1m-Q ! Wg 3 355525 3 45 45 Q uf XJ 0 K 3 ' Lug? I 'Q FWQMWQV? qf5?91f2G WO XNJQ 2 ij bin m NAmMWNWwmwmwMMK gf, b3,ipWMqQmwmWWmmwwHGWwQi l Q2 J? 4552, QQ QW? MW qw MMF IT X 5 D C60 117 lffxjgw NW . ' ' -Q - , - 1'-i.,-,. .....-.... ,-,,,, u--1 --.-..-... - -..--., .....-Q... , ,, -FVUa,Kg,xgl 3 YY-LW , X Q f R ' UZ? gun Q dx EKJKKX w Ylui Gfxyx QLQCMQ vm, SQ f y QQ 5 Xivxxgnt J 9 QQQMKQX XNQN UK SLVXSVLQX Lpgfkgfwx LJLYQLK Yfwx UQNXQQJT L,LJ-5vNC3f5 vNSjY Q, dc, LKGMUHX dcfbvwfxc Lf Q ' GXVLSLLA, X dx GUXJQVK LW kxssrosk SUD CMG Qbmmsjw Qpg Lbwk. CC M fisusfk QQ t,gk IM Jbfcv WXQNL XLOJYXAJ 6X,,mQJ9bOXL XO MAJ DMA LJCMLLGMML wif LQJX ,M WMU OPI '91 C0 cwljfx GI C5dk4ff'lf'V N GQXDX JXAJ r A, X C57 ' J -V O' 1 . N r X J J MQ ' ,' X I Q y 1 L , X , My 'N 4 0 QYGTN Lf' 9-' 1 ' - 0? da C A C , R .:H's-F C- ' n KQV. fu 0 'iff' fi U , .QTU wcmgfx' L "ily X MI! M x- QQ L ' A, J A P odgk I CIP. J, ,1'NxfM' QQfM bg lf JX ,W W AMG! f x. JI JQQX 4' ' ,HV ,Q f x f af mf r'Xx

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