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ggi. . 'SQA 'T I , . 'L ,JF .' ' .A 'L -, L, v , , , Y., 19'-, '- fyn "'9? - we . ig: ,F .iff v4 ,ul M .Q EI . f-4 5 +15 -.2 I 4 4 .1 'A 'a Q5 ,J 'ft if n -f V ' 1 , is . '- 1,11 vw- " ', . N ' . 185621 .,,.,... fr -, , I .V , 57' "fn , M. ,V ,, ' --, J ,--,"+'v Q.,-.5 , 4 V .Li 1'-wx' - : ' -, 'F .1 3 4 ,...1 - ,- . ,Q NN.. M, ., ., Y 4 Wag, W, . A f L L,.w,,gN - . .Him .. ., ,W ...Wg V ,., , , K, wg- Wiz, . .. V M , ., , ,-.ral 'SQLLV " ' W' "f5Qf"'f.:.?:",.2-'gf "':,1QfL'??-iif J 7 UNA-CKIGUAIZEW 1 9 5 3 QV EDITORIAL STAFF Class Section J. Herzog Sports Section R. Navarre ' G.A.A. Section M. J. Parsons . Activity Section D. Chiles Underclassmen Section N. Osborn enior Section S. Bonds a es D. Downing :blicity rt Work R. Anderson hotography H. A. Powel Editor-in-Chiex V. Walker Faculty Section R To start you on your wa books about ..... if CCNTENTS Faculty Classes in Session Sports Activities Underclassmen Seniors y here s a small piece of what this t1f:1'f 1 54 ni 2 3 l l C 2l 41 61 77 I , I 5 5 x XX 5 ,ig Y gf K 5 "" A J ' 1 ' B. Cunliffe . cw so N. .:,. . . ,ef A ' 'ww a s ' ' 'jwsr' Q' . I Studios 2 . mn pflz' "f7ff"f'!1'H X ,'WFsF:' ff Jr L M ,4 ' 'V Iu- ,, W PM 2 W Wm, .' ,,. K .M il w ,. ch -ndg 'i , . 1, q. , I PL Wpg zay-w1 'f' ,V ,QW 4f "f1ih ww Y i,"m'wf5f5:,,- M f' .'- . us xg - in 'cfiwgffzlrifiiafh + ' ' f f a- U., - 'Z ',w1'+.'y-J' ' iru mf- N, ' H RM f's+' w :wH:1M?, ' , f...,u N m.m7 5 165455, Contractors Architects Our school board members are the architects, planning for the con- struction and improvement of our educational facilities. Our principal and assistant princi- pal serve as the contractors. They make the policies for us to follow until we become craftsmen. MR. BYER5 kmerican Government, History MR. MALlNOWSKl English MR. MacLOUGHLIN English MRS. BLANCHARD Business Machines, Shorthand MR. LEITER Speech, Dramatics MR. UHL Counselor, Economics FOREMEN MR. BACON English The teachers are our foremen. They supervise and help the students in every possible way through their apprenticeship and through their journey to craftsmanship. MR. CALHOUN English MR. SCHUYLER MRS. BARD Counselor, Mechanical Drawing English 5 MR. REED Print Shop MR. BARTLETT Mechanical Drawing, Woodshop MR. YOUNG Band, Music Appreciation MISS FROBENIUS Library wr,-3 A T f 4, W ? ,, ,sw 1- V, i,i2M . I Q s MISS DUFRESNE Counselor, English MR. JAROCH Gym MR. VOLKER MR. SLONAKER General Science, Biology Commercial Law MR. GRISWOLD Freshmen Home Room Chairman, Bookkeeping, Retail Selling 6 MISS OTTO English, Journalism MR. BEATTIE Driver Education, Conservation MISS TEGELS Latin MR. MURDOCH Orchestra 5.553 li li ff' ff rrsfffwx lei: .,.,. . .. if MR. ADDISQN World Geography story, Business English MR. OESTRIKE Gym fw :' were -' , , ifzzzigf '3 ES . -t-:SI - .Q 3 . 'V v .,., 'f 'ii 7 if. fi' A Qi? 35 ,, v.1:- ,-ig. ff- -V 7 MRS. KERR Secretarial Studies, Typing MISS LONG Sophomore Home Room Chairman, French, Latin MR. HURD MR. BEVIER Vocational Auto Shop, Architectural and industrial Auto Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Related Auto Driver Education MR. HERBENER Junior Home Room Chairman, Chemistry, Physics 7 MR. COCKING Driver Education MR. KAMPSCHOER Commercial Arithmetic, Algebra MR. JOLLY Spanish, German MRS. DAVIS Gym MR. MCINTOSH Algebra, Shop Math MR. PIXLEY Vocal Music MR. HAWN Senior Home Room Chairman, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry MR. MILLER History, Civics MRS. BURT Gym MR. POLYAK MR. MULLER Vocational Metal Shop, Vocational Welding Industrial Machine Shop, Shop, Industrial Weld- Related Machines ing Shop, Related Welding MR. RIGHI MR, MENZI GGOMBYYY Civics, History MR. BRYANT MISS DOW Art MISS LABELLE Home Economics Typing, Shorthand 8 Special Services Mrs. M. Gibbons, Mrs. B. Tucker. We must get there. Left to right: Mary Behry, Julia Jakob, Helen Orlancli, Stella Scheffler, Mary Hendricks. The office staff, bus drivers, cafe- teria workers, and the custodians are our special services. First row: Julia Krauser, Lois Revitzer Irene Szalai, Russ Bracld. Second row Hector LaForest, Keith Brown, Ker Oates, Bud Smith. J 1' r N Q At the game do-re-me You'll have to make up your work! BUILDING CHARACTER Less noise and more study! Our foremen help build character in the student laborers outside of the classroom as well as in it. 31 Z :dk , 1 fly: X- jg YQ 2 A? W fi 'f , ,YW E. f 'wg msl , f wg w.z?ewws,gm:f:: 'FE' ' ONSTRUCTION "Smile when you use those commas!" We challenge anyone to speak a word of German In "We have the latest in Latin-learning equipment!" The classes - languages, mathe- matics, science, commercial, social studies, and shops- "Now I am going to sum up the feelings on both sides of this vital question!" s fwfwww wl in ml ". . . And so, friends, we conclude our im- portant discussion." n We think this is a Spanish dictionary that we're using." "This French is Greek to me! afford the laborers an opportun- ity to build a lasting foundation, one that will aid them "So like!'f this is what a newspaper should look "This is lust about os simple as finding o needle in o hay- stuck!" Oh well, everyone con't be a scientist." e we go for a wild ride ot twenty miles per hour!" in all of their 'QV' undertakings 'ii' "Did you know that one plus one equals three?" throughout their lives. "Reading moketh u full m +ve 11 At least I think it can be done!" 1 ,A Q, "We ore the biggest bunch of loofers here, learning how to live!" "Who said that we need math for shop work?" " , . And then it happened! POW!" 5 lt's obvious to see that we all like conservation." Science gives the laborers their method for reasoning, the most basic of all the accomplishments made on their journey. Mathe- matics supplies them with the ma- terials to reach o desired result in any field of endeavor. By op- "Who says physics is hard? We do!" 16 plying themselves to the study of languages, the workers construct in their minds an understanding of the basic differences between themselves and the many others who live now or who lived cen- turies ago. The social sciences, "We're not professionals, but we try hard!" "How would you like our iob7 - "Has anybody seen my motor lotely?" 'I7 the commercial arts, the shops, and the other areas of achievement furnish the laborers with practical r "Why, oh why, was this guy Washington ever born?" "Don't we look ambitious?" "There's really nothing to bookkeeping! You lust add here, or do you subtract?" "Can it be that the world isn't round 911 MM wwmmm "I wonder if l can pass on twenty words per minute, ten mistakes?" knowledge and experience, which will be extremely val- uable to them after they "Our language isn't English!" :omplete their jo u r n e y 1. Civics, 2. Machine Shop, 3. College English, 4. Biology, 5. Art, 6. Economics. inf, o craftsmanship. 20 O NSTR LC TI 4 FOOTBALL SCORES WE THEY 13 AI.LEN PARK 26 T2 BENTLEY 13 13 BELLEVILLE 7 6 PLYMOUTH 19 26 RIVERVIEW 13 7 MONROE 7 7 WYANDOTTE I9 Resorting to violence Snag 'hu' 5PlfC'l This year's football team made a good showing by winning one, losing three, and tying none of their league games. Ot the three non-league games we won one, lost one, and tied one. The coaches are looking forward to an exciting and eventful season next year when many of this year's reserve squad members go to the varsity squad. FRESHMEN TEAM First row: D. Rushlowp R. Brimmerg J. Norriey S. Fenncrg B. Silverthorng G. Sullivanp J. Ganz: D. Coyleg G. Woods. Second row: D. Schefflerg J. Greenp J, Ganz, D. Lutz, Beerp T. Hurseyy C. Fulmerp D. Loughridgey Coach Menzi. D. Third row: C. Dekeilg W. Messnerg R. Codag R. Droybantg R. Prueitty G Hamerp L. Schultyg Fourth row: D. Headg E. Dryery R. Moore: F. Parsonsg S. Marcumg W. Phillipsg R. Royp A. Buchononp J. Mclscoc. mm' WM mm., . 7 f t tm,-A mmm emma .I wQ.v.s.M. , I . M-vw , W ww.ww-.nm-wwwv.f:mm-fmWwywsMwawwMssMm sw Xsssy W se as Q y wg 91xfIfxx.a,WM ff x gg, I cj 'S e X , A11 , .::,.. gl' -Mm.. ffiegfggi-59 ,gffzg i IN , f W Mg? 74p xxywim ffwl Ny'-: l sim g A, ig, if S M,,,,,,f.W.,,M,.k.,,,,,,,,,i,Z! if Wg Wi? , 3 Q3 tag M ,, A x,24 ggi ,,ky4 5 Aix Vins x ,, SE Ai tif V 551 awww gm W . qt 1 ,, I .id 1 ' U' " ' W1 Q 3 f Q V A 9 , Q 'if "Q :i s ., - -W? f 0 ' ff! -- ' v . '- g, .,.,, my ff , W- sm.e.1:-5:-1 ' 5' H .,,A- ,I k . V , . ,,, . , , . . , .,4,,. , wig, I , , ' " '- ff? V22 - f"I'1,e?ff5 U. 'ei' I 'bw , .5 1 .: ye A 4 ig .N A 'm A g 4 r S , X V. Q gf v -1 'Q' - N,? mf QQ L as 1 -X "' wwv - 55 f W 5 L. W 'Q ?w1M W f - 'f QQ y , f in Y Q A f?1'P7",5g Q ' x ,:: , ,Qu N sf f- 1 f' U .L W N, 'HCMP f V, Q My W X Wrz,j"Rfj'fw-Q ggi 'L 'Q ' ,L I A N ,hy " A ' 'M' Hg www W , M xg.. , 2 , . , 2 Q Nm M 'Tl my L' f 2,4 'N P5 ' X Q 3 W + .Af X Qfgfff? W www' W SK .,3.,5 ,iq fm' 53 A .q v , WAN A 4-1 k Q m 55? mzffi Jimi ,Q 2 W X1 X QM U fwmwkm mf Ai W' ,sf wk? xvmmbih A Q i www ' .Z Qu, , 4,ffx,W 'fl ' f raw 1 f ' W. 44 Ngg. f f . BASKETBALL Make that shot Catch a falling ball Get that iump ball Attendance of the basketball games this year was notably increased. This increase was largely of adults while there was a slighter increase in student attendance. Reasons behind the increase were the team's ability to play an exciting and interesting game. Also this was the first team to have games in the new gymnasium. FRESHMEN TEAM First row: D. Scheffler G. Sullivanp D. Beerg S. Fennerg Bennettp D. Rushlowg K. Gharyf A. Buchanan. W. Second row: J. Norrie, mgr.g D. Lambrixg D. Cayley R. Cadag K. Dahlkag R. Draybant. B. Silverthorng T. Hurseyg D. Lutz: Coach Oestrike. i f ' K sq Q VARSITY TEAM First row: M. Compeoug J. Korlzen G. Chotell, W. Wilsong Second row: J. Beebe mgr.f D. Kemp J. Kaitalop J. Mans: G. Woltersp D. LoFleur. W. Holly R. Voss: L. Wilson: D. Hillf Couch Jcroch. RESERVE TEAM Firsf FOWI R- H'-199: T- FVOINZSF1: R- KOSS: T- Wukvvilsz M- Second row: J. Riley, mgr.g B. Staiichg J. Pearl: W. Fought Stokes: R. Lucidig C. Rogers. W. Daniel: T. Hollenbeckg S. Reno: J. Snyderg Coach Bevier 'M qffpi 'I' ,Af I c 45 ,M.,m...v..,. WQMMNQV iii, x 9 9 6 f .. 'i Q 3 I ,ADV Q' X 553 Y A 5 am The race IS won whoooooops, This year's swimming team did excitingly well in the league and broke many school and pool records. The fascination of being in a new building over- shadowed school spirit for awhile, but the story changed. Swimming is a typical illustration of this. Because many of the swimmers are juniors and sophomores, next year is expected to be equally fateful. TEAM MEMBERS Wm First t'OW: R. Pixleyp R. Browng C. MCndefn0Cl15 R. Egmenierlg J Harden R Henrlk50n R Hendrlckg T Begemgn D J- M- Campbell: F. Glaser: M- MUVTCH-'glti G- DEUYGSJ R- Mans R Ranka Third row Coach Miller E Johnson E Cookman. Second row: A. Loughridgeg J. Greeng R. Greeng Sheril D Pengelly L Caldwell G Mazo D Hickey nlkm-numig1,x,mmww i .mv--1 - v- .NA sl Mmm l .i ig .1 ..l l J. Shaulp L. Caldwellg R. Riederg G. Konowg D. Steinertg C. Cozadg F. Sanderling J. Mazoy D. Hickey. RETURNING LETTERMEN f.,.,i...iy.,.,,.i.M. Tennis, while holding a respectable position in the field of public recreation, is also well noted as a competitive high school sport. This sport offers a boy opportunity for physical development as well as giving him a realization of the value of good com- petitive sportsmanship. l'EAM MEMBERS :irst row: G. Gardnery A. Rudolphg D. Mansg J. Mazop L. 5eC0f1d YOWI T- Be9em0f1i C- ClWPm0f1f R- P5XleY: J- Webi Ialdwellp G. Moore: J. Mcllroyy T. Shumotep R. Hillebrand. ter: R- Green: R- R0f1k0r 5- STOVY: L. G01Cl1er: E- KOl'llef, W. Siemersg T. Leavitt: P. Dabep D. Steinert. 3 1 5 T 2 3 Q 2 T C K Jump broad! the distance races, others are fascinated by the speed of sprint races, still others re ceive pleasure in viewing the skillful muscular coordination used in the field events. RETURNING LETTERMEN First row: B. Jollyg J. Nielseng D. Gyluveszig F. Glaser. M Bartong J. Cunninghamp R. Cline: J. Osbornp M, Cunning- ham. Second row: R. Lancasterg J. Karlzenp S. Chinavaret Track is one of Trenton High Schools best attended sports. While most sports depend on one event to gain the atten- tion ot the spectators, track has many events to attract varying interests of the on- lookers. Some people enloy the exhibition of endurance of A Traian takes the lead. C. Massong D. Kentg D. LaFleurg F. Mentzerp N. Beang L. Hughesg Coach Oestrike. Third row: G. Frabuttg W. Kreu- Qefz E- Gerowp W. Martin: W. Hallp J. Mans: J. Pearly C. Lane: D. Whitwam. -1m M-4 nfxu.- M1- Q WRESTLING Wrestling is among the newer sports added to Trenton Highs athletic agenda. This sport offers opportun- ity for boys to develop their mus- cular ability and co-ordination. From ' H "' its beginning wrestling has been readily accepted and endorsed not only by the faculty but also by the student body as proven bY The large attendance at their meets. Pin him! First row: L. Robertsong L. Ritter: T. Horeng E. Demickp D. Second row: D. Perryg G. Wintersg W. Hageng G. Hoody H Yardley: R. Schmidtp P. Mitchellg G. Stauchg R. Hargerg G. Swartoutg R. Knight: R. Whitey W. Phillips: G. Hamer Winter. Coach Mclntosh. ifwwmff- .wwe W1 - W.. A by --wmv-A 4. Atnmmmmm- -ewe1+wf .- OLF Fore son this spring. Although golf has been an activity here for only two years, it is now ac Mr. Mclntosh coached the golf team through its second sea- credited as a letter sport at Trenton High School. Most of l'EAM MEMBERS dents alike as proven by the annual faculty- student game. last years golfers returned to enioy another season of put- ting in the sun. Golf is en- loyed by our faculty and stu- First row: R. Henriksong D. Mclntyrep H. Blanksg R. Rookerg J. Campbell. Second row: L. Lezotteg J. Rileyp C. Mander- nachg R. Browng M. Beaudrie. Putting straight and true us.. BASEBALL .., Baseball is as popular in high school as It is In the professional field. Being one of the oldest sports of Trenton High School, baseball has had many different coaches over the past years. Although no truly great professional player has come from Trenton, many star high school and college players have been devel- TEAM MEMBERS oped First row: J. Snyder: L. Angeloccig T. Vasherp G. Gardnerg K. Erkfitzg D. Davidson. Second row: G. Deroestp T. Wuko- vitsf R. Dotyg M. Stokesg L. Tertelingg Coach Bevier. Easy grounder! Q ii! wx CAPTAINS FALL L. Wilson und J. Neilsen. WI NTE R F. Gloserg M. Murtczughp J. Kaitcxloy R. Vossg R. Schmidip D. Yardley, S P R I N G i 3 E C ,gi a 'e r R. Clinep J. Karlzenp J. Shaulg K. Erkfitz, G. Wolters, J. M. Campbell 33 MR. MCINTOSH Wrestling, golf and varsity football COACHES MR. JAROCH Varsity basketball and varsity football MR. OESTRIKE Varsity football, freshman basketball and track MR. MENZI Freshman football MR. MALINOWSKI Cross country and tennis MR. BEVIER Baseball, reserve basketball and reserve football MR. MILLER Swimming and freshmen baseball TROJANS IN ACTION MR. VAN RIPER Athletic Director A coach's goal is to produce ath- letes with ability and with a sense of good, clean, competitive sports- manship. OUR NEW GYM One of the largest in Michigan. A builder's ultimate goal is to com- plete a structure as dependable and as beautiful as possible. G.A.A. The Girls Athletic Association is one of the most active organiza- tions in the school. Through the activities, the members . . . l PING-PONG C. Case, Z. Saunders, J. Burroughs, D. lwinski A BASKETBALL MQW KOY HUVSGY These girls were the Champs of '57. Ga 4 fm BASKETBALL First row: R. Byrne, J. Chapman, C. Schenk, C. Scoon. Second raw: M. A. Harris, J. Eichenhofer, C. Clark, J. Matthews, L. Schwartz. Third row: C. Felder, B. Cunliff, L. S. Miller, M. Roias. C. Case, Z. Saunders, J. Burroughs, D. lwinski. The "Rag-A-Ruffins" and "Sassy Seniors", both Senior teams, did very well during the '58 season. 36 f :gi '. A 5 if A ' was Mgr: Susan Roll Mgr: Mary Alice Harris ""'!'349'5Hw H .egg SPEEDBALL First row: J. Quick, C. Zemke, S. Roll, C. Meetze. Second row: K. Hursey, J. Burroughs, J. Buehler, D. Hatto. Third row: C. Jones, E. MQW Cl1ef"Y JONES Mans. The "Short Fat Fannies" were the Champs of '57, . . . develop not only physical skills but also the qualities of good sportsmanship and fair play. Mgr: Joanne Buehler BADMINTON C. Chapman and C. Abbott These girls placed highest in the '57 tournament Mgr: June A , f Burroughs Ll? Z QA-nf P 55 X H rx Wu . 0, X X xx l , lx l Q' Q ' S-I ' L ,203 ofx Almost ev efYOI'1e en SOFTB ioys this tte Collins A L L popular sport. A 9 A A VOLLEYBALL r.lrr"' L' First row: K. Curran. Second Row: S. Sautner, M. R. Bohe Graham, J. Odine, S. Kenworthy. Third row: C chinski, S. Messinger, C. Uthe, The " nna, F. . Chapman C. Letzeisen Up Setter " 6 VICTOFS II1 the 57 season s were th ' ' ' . Mgr: Ellen Mans Wish. . lil-1. if K' I 5. 9, X 5 it L my 5 . If Y S V' l , , .s s fs? . .- few ttf? s ' Mrs. Burt, Mrs. Davis and Carol Felder look ' t gi over the publicity for a qoming event. I f U i NS E Sharon Hewson and Kay Hur- 4 G P A sey plan forthe tennis season. Margaret Munro and Joan Mclsaac plan the swimming program. REFS, SCORERS, TIMERS Only through the efforts of these girls has it been possible to continue the G. A. A. activities. 39 ,,, Q 1 ACTION SHOTS wagggvpj- ' '54 ' I A I '- w ! gl-3 Y p E 3 ...ui 5':5".:. X: 'p wr Us A fm. E . 2 M sl N , 4 3' V 1958 MONGUAGCN EDITORS 2 First row: D. Chiles, V. Walker, B, Cunliffe, and R. Navarre. Second row: S. Bonds, D. Downing, R. Anderson, N. Osborn, M. J. Porsons, ond J. Herzog. Not present: D. Rose. STAFF , , .frm . o 6 -: A , l j. V Advisor: Miss Tegels Editor: V. Walker The co-operation ond dependability of our stuff ltos been responsible for the production of this yearbook. 1958 TROJAN TRUMPET EDITORS J' ' l we 5,1 if "' 'W ef' l 'S Q . , is-'ff wg,-5 i Advisor: Miss Otto 13 'mv w :gf Ed't :K H ey lor GY Urs BACK ROW: B. Klein, L. Gerfh, and A. Helming. FRONT ROW: J. Eichen- hofer, K. Hursey, and N. Osborn. STAFF These iournalists have proven 'fheir abilities by producing a most enjoyable paper. They have also originated The "Trojan Trumpet Junior", a bi-monthly mimeographecl supplement. 43 THESPIANS OFHCERS 3 kv lf. 3 4? ncenes from "The Wonderful Adventures of Don Quixote." P. Ridge, Mr, Leiter, N. Schubring, and R, Cody. The all school play, "The Wonderful Adventures of Don Quixote", was presented in the fall of 1957 with Ron Cody in the title role. MEMBERS The talented actors and actresses in troupe No. 687. 44 OFFICERS MEMBERS K. STUDENT COUNCIL l I ' ' nag. Jig JV A ,ml,,..,.f.f:., , WMV l':'i?l Q 1 J we j3,...Jr..3K K J ig r 1' 'wk "iw:-M1-91" NUS D0Wf1lF'9, Don Kenf, Gnd Viviun Welker. Advisors: Mr. Uhl, Mr. Van Riper and Mr. Schuyler FRONT ROW: J. Liddle, C. Felder, M. Freeman, V. Walker, D. Kent, K. Hursey, E. Mans, M. Harris, R. Navarre, and J. Burroughs. BACK ROW: M. Felder, W. Badger, M. Barton, B. Jaroch, J. Mans, M. M atfhews, D. Downing, R. Bonds, and M. Roias. The student council, our labor leaders, meer. 45 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Standing: C. Felder, G. Konow, J. Shaul, L. Wilson, and J. Chapman. Seated: C. Clark, M. J. Parsons, N. Schubring, and V. Walker. These students were chosen for their outstanding leadership, scholarship, and service to their school. QUILL AND SCROLL B. Klein, K. Hursey, R. Navarre, D. Chiles, S. Bonds, and J. Herzog. Journalistic ability has afforded these people membership in this club. 46 THAC THAC members and officers THAC, the Trenton High School Art Club, was newly organized this year. its purpose is to promote a better appreciation and understanding of art. r iii 'ESE 1 - y .f PHY-CHEM CLUB Phy-Chem Club members and officers Phy-Chem Club is a club which was reconstructed by those students interested in sciences with the aid of Mr.Herbener, the advisor. 47 MAIN OFFICE SPECIAL Where is Tom? MR. VAN RIPER'S OFFICE feesee I Busy as beavers. LIBRARY Quiet, please ! 48 ASSISTANTS HOMEMAKING This work has its reward. TEACHERS Teachers' right arms LABORATORY Proceed with ca uiion. 49 PROJECTIONISTS Lights out, please! CAMERA CLUB Camera bugs FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB Our future foremen. 50 DEBATE TEAM Seaied: 8. Leaf, B. Schang, J. Liddle, R. Navarre, and G. Konow. Standing: Mr. Leiter BOOSTER CLUB Morale builders. 5'I MANAGERS C. Jones, E. Mons, J. Mclsooc, L. Syc, C. Felder, S. Roll, J. Buehler, M. Munro, K. Hursey, and M. Harris. GJLA. 3 PQINT orriceks CLUB B. Cunliffe, Vice President, J. Eichenhofer, Secre1ory-Treos- urerg and L. Gerth, President. MEMBERS Good sportsmanship is their by-word. Mrs. Dovis Advisors Mrs. Burt 52 aw X VARSITY CLUB OFFICERS J. Mons, R. Cline, L. Hughes, J. Korlzen, and D. Kent. M EM B E R S Varsity Club in action These boys proved their skill ond ability in sports, and ore now entitled to wear their school sweaters-o badge of distinction. 53 , ,.,.--f f Wa. R QQ tb X Q m S' ---,L 3? E 'fs .i.. Cheerleaders' Advisor: Mrs. Burt What is CI school without cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS NA' 1 5 ' 'ww' 'f-. ...M t , ,M Q- . S' 32' 1 3' . ' il V ' Mciiorettes' Advisor: Mr. Young Bock row: P. Dierdorf, M. A. Horris, ond C. Meetze. Front to back: R. Byrne, M. Coda, and J. Peabody. MAJORETTES -A- Mcxiorettesz N. Daniels, I. Siork, M, Polozzolo, N. Osborn, ond M. Wulloce. Drum Moior: C. Abbott 54 HOMECOMING 4 ti T ' M-W re' t A A- T Semen: 'www is V .Ml . iw -I-sis.. .2.saa-. We-::i:.:1 ? . , , . gi Q wfswafy., ,Z t ,. LQ, .. , gs ., f if 7 , - I gift - '-5 -- 1: M ' ' ma y 3: A . -I , - " ' A is ' tilts g elf: W ' '- " rr. -" 'tl H W a :: .sv .im :... -, +1 'lf 'Z' . , QW 'iff " I::-' Z" Z. ,,.,, . 7,5 -, . . ,,.,,, ,,,. -.r :g..- ,,,,,,,,, y , 1- M x... M raffwm' 2 i s ' 1 A The senior class float - first prize The steering committee The Senior Class float of the Trojan Horse, the THAC float of the first wheel, and the Phy-Chem Club float of the hrst movie were the trophy winners out of twelve entries in our parade. if V ' 6 The queen and her court: Judy Peabody, Carol Felder, Queen Jackie Matthews, Connie Clark, Marge Wallace. The THAC float-most original. The Phy-Chem Club float-most humorous Building up a new tradition, T. H. S. held its first homecoming this year. There were floats, the football game, sock hop, and to climax the weekend the semi-formal dance. 55 MIXED V This year we have a larger and better mixed chorus than ever GI R L S ' Another vocal group which is swelling in size withoui 56 CHORUS before. This group has many excellent voices. More boys, too! GLEE losing its irodifioncl quality is the Girls' Glee Club. Director: Mr. Pixley SPECIAL GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The members Ncnki Poo Yum Yum Special Glee Club members of this club represent the best girl vocalists of Trenton High School. OPERETTA J T F is f V , ' if -T 1 i . V X 'zffimz .... ' 9 -2' 1 Nf- Et, Q L .1 K 'Q 1 I .cg VN f . ' .... ' -A m gg 1-Gans ", J- 1, , S - t tg J f f sw ,, ' ,.- ',,:1 f5'.-A . .-: ,aw ,, N ,. ,. W ,, . i 3961, V - tp We uw' A it vi .. 1 I 4 i," we ,Vp ,Nur-I -e.,,1w ,, il 1 , W' v1'4"5"" ' 'F if 'L ' sei ff ,,.i.iin,,..-,hv.,,-, c ,tv qJ,,.aan,,,.v L saU'f""""v,,:j ip. -U ..w""n-,," -"V 'I ,ij .MU-asmso1,,,"T It . ,,.,,u-an-.iff z . M . ,wanna-qi,,,s",f -3 - u-sqmn.,.",",, ' ' '- 'mm1wu,..' , -' Fil .' SQQAR ' ' - . in IK ' ix ' A f 5, ,H 'The Mikado" by Gilbert and Sullivan under the direction was presented this year of Mr. Pixley. Chorus of School Girls, Nobles and Coolies. 58 1 u DANCES The Cabaret Dance an 5:,,Qt?Q 'R it K 1 , 5 figgk is -H Teenster Dances The Junior-Senior Prom, "the" big dance of the year, was held on Saturday, April 26 and was well attended. The music was provided by Leonard Stanley and his orchestra 60 .T OU RNEYME N The underclassmcn are iourneymen progressing toward the final goal of becoming craftsmen. They are in the most formative years of their lives and what they do now will de cide, to a great extent, what the future will bring. I dim 2 wir MR. GRISWOLD'S HOMEROO M First row: J. Alger: J. Abboticchiog S. Bemisg K. Beleskeg S. Abercrombieg E. Barror. Second S. Bakery S. Bloomer: K. Beckett: S. Borruschg J. Black: L. Ballg D. Bowers. Third row: P. Ange Beerg R. Algerg G. Begemang D. Boisvenueg L. Adams. Fourth row: W. Bennettp C. Blondel Abbottg B. Bonovitchg N. Bernekey J. Abbaticchio. Not present: J. An l- coclcp C. Baileyg B. Baughman. ge , J. Armstrongg J. 62 lLv-vq....,,. ...U YI. V I IX All ll if IINIIVILYXLLII I First row: J. Chapman: C. Bussell: G. Cank: W. Cardwell: R. Brimmer: M. Coleman: J. Buchko: A Compeau: O. Campbell. Second row: C. Cart: C. Colucci: J. Brimmer: C. Case: B. Brubaker: S Brewster: W. Brockman: J. Chatell. Third row: S. Burke: J. Compeau: R. Cada: D. Brown: C. BUY terwick: A. Buchanan: J. Byrd: W. Burdeff: V. Brockmiller. Not present: R. A. Brown: R. Burch: F Butson: J. Chinavare: J. Combs: K. Compeau. Flu-w-R :irst row: C. Druyor: K. Cornwall: E. Erdman: S. Crider: H. Dorris: J. Dahn: D. Dishneau. Second 'owz W. Cutting: E. Dreyer: G. Cosby: S. Dahl: J. Damp: D. Deleon: M. DeLeon. Third row: O. JuFour: R. Digue: D. Coyle: G. Cozad: J. Daniels: K. Dahlka: R. Drabant. Not present: J. Cope: L Cormach: G. Couch: K. Cowgar: T. Cox: L. Crooks: J. Cunningham: M. Daugherty: T. Davis: I. DeKeiI: K. Demick: R. Dorris: S. Dutton. 63 First row- C Fritz- C Gorman S Ford V G R F . . , . 5 . g . ereng . osterg J. Ernest. Second row: P. Gifford S. Feriancp S. Gerdeeag D. Gardner: W. Forsytheg C. Farley. Third row: J. Fleszarg D. Gahry J. Ganz: L. Erdmang G. Fulmerp R. Griffin. Fourth row: J. Gonyeap G. Gonyeag W. Gilesg H Flannery, J. Green: S. Fenner: G. Hamer. Not present: D. Ervingf J. Evansg E. Farleyg R. Farley M. Forsytheg C. Fretzg R. Fusonp M. Gormleyg D. Gyvlveszig W. Hageng F. Hamg V. Frymeyerg C Hamilton. if iii' psy., MISS OTTO'S HOMEROOM First row- B Hawpe- C Hicks- D Heins G H 'k Y H bb d . . , . , . p . enrl song . u ar 5 C. Hendriclcsg H. Holdren. Second row: L. Hooperp M. Hauseg A. Hertelg D. Hattog R. Haugerg D, Hawkes. E Hill, Third row: E Headg J. Hartleyg D. Horrschg D. Harierg L. Hubbard. Fourth row: R. Henryg D. Head. K. Hil- tony J. Harding D. Holtreyg L. Himes. Not present: P. Harman. D. Harper. S. Hendriclcsg J. Holmesg T. Hurseyg VV. lnmang G. Evansg G. Hassong M. Herman. 64 1 1 I, if ! ' ew BEATTIE'S HOMEROOM MR. First row- K. Kruselig M. Kchng P. Kovolchickg K. Kephortg S. Klineg T. Lobdeiig B. Keyes. Second row: R. Liddleg G. LoPereg M. E. Kossg R. Jollyp A. Loughridgesg R. Lezotteg F. Killiang C. Klein. Third row: J. Jorochg R. Johnsong D. Lambrixg R. Kiionderg C. Kinsleyp M. Liliisg R. Loeffier. Not - K' 5 R. Lc1BeHg J. Lc:Fleurp L. Loveiyg D. Laura. present: R. Jivideng E. Johnsong L. Jones, R. ing BRYANT'S HOMEROOM MR. First row: E. McClonohong C. Mcirciey D. Millerp M. McNobbg N. McNair: R. Minier. Second row: J. Mcirksg B. Mcirshciig F. MocDonold5 E. Mirnnciughg C. Martindoley F. Mczcieiewskig L. Madden. Third row: T. B. Matthews: E. Morting S. Mcircumg W. Messnerg M. Merchant, L. Mons. M. A. Meyersg T. McDonald. Fourth row: J. McPhersong N. McLennong D. Middletong D. Lutzg J. Mclsaczcy ' - R. M xicog G. Montminyg K. Lundgren. H. Loyg T. W. Matthewsg G. Mlchalek. Not present. e 65 MR. COCKlNG'S HOMEROOM First row: M. Persellog V. Pigottg B. Polowslcig K. Phillips. J. Polkg T. Moffett. Second row. F. Now- lcmdg A. Nichilog B. Petersg M. O'Keefep M. Perutisg P. Novolcg M. Poxton. Third row: D. Moong K. Nclysmith- D Muir-J Pore- R Nichilo J Norrie W N th F h , . , . , . g , 5 , erne . ourt row: R Penne-rp W. Phil- lipsg J. Olsong D. Pengellyg R. Mooreg J. Pierce, Not present: P. Moloney L. Oweng F. Pczrsonsg W. Peelcg D. Perryg C. Pickens. J. Porrecog R. Munro MK. LALFIUUINJ Hulvxnmuurvx First row: K. Seals, J. Rushlowg P. Schockg C. Ruminslcig K. Quick. L. Schulte. S. Scott Second .cw- L. Rogers. D. Rushlowg D. Schefflerg B. Rutkowskeg J. Seolg J. Raymond. R. Roberts. Third row: A. POSCTIQ R, Prueittg M. Recxbeg A. Schmitzg R. Robertsg A. Rishelg A. Sanders. Fourth row: J. Roclv- mocherg W. Quednoug L. Robbins. H. Prottg J. Reedp G. Schorboneoup R. Roy. Not present. R. ll Duvc g R. Ricep C. Roberts. L. Robinsong L. Siscog B. Sovoieg B. Stump. 66 i lvm rvuLLcno numcnuulvi First row: E. Snyder: P. Townley: D. Stork: C. Tear: D. Thomas: P. Thon: C. Seeiy: S. Sternci. Sec- ond row: P. Tyler: S. Symons: A. Trusco: R. Templin: J. Smith: G. Stohr: E. Smith: R. Tcylor. Third row: W. Troungo: J. Sullivan: P. Simmons: T. Sperling: G. Shonnick: P. Sheets: B. Silverthorn: L. Shea. Not present: S. Schultz: C. Smith: T. Smith: K. Snyder: E. Stouch: J. Steffes: B. Stockton: F. Tomascik: R. Urbonowski: D, Swouger: E. Shersell: W. Snyder: J. St. Amour: R. R. Taylor. First row: B. Wood: M. Voderno: M. Williams: C. Watson: R. Venier: A. Zolewski: K. Warren: J. VonLoon. Second row: G. Weiss: R. Vorgo: L. Younglove: H. Webster: R. Webb: J. Woods: D. Wood. Third row: J. Zsohor: R. Withey: M. Wier: K. Vaughn: L. Yotti: E. Yoke: M. Westphol: J. Weed. Not present: G. Venier: C. Wertmon: L. Willodeen: G. Winter: R. Winter: C. Wiechart: K. Wiechort. 67 l I l K First row: E. Bardong F. Browng S, Beaulieug N. Boneg L. Berneckerg M, Bolduc. B. Brewer. Second row: M. Bohennag J. Browng C. Ball. B. Adams: N. Blackg L. Broclclehurstg W. Aclcermang M, Beaudrie. Third row: S. Brennang Bowersg A. Browg R. Beebeg K. Beebeg D. Arnog M. Beckettp A. Bastien. Fourth row: T. Begemang R. Allisong V. Armstrongg R. Bondsg J. Brown. R. Browng R. Boismier. Not present: R, Barrorg E. Bondie. i' . MRS. BURT'S HOMEROOM First row. R. Carterg J, Compeaug M. Crippeng P. Davisg G. Carterp L. Cankg K, Burgessg C. Caskey. Second row: D. Carnellag P. Cashg C. Chapmang N. Burgettg C. Courchesneg M. Bunteg B. Costea. J. Dalton, W. Danielg H. Cody. J. Colinap L. Clernonsp R. Claytonp B. Cote. J Cupp- K Curran Not present: J. Broyleng l.. Caldwell. D. Cardwell, G, Clterneyg P. Collier. G. Lousineaup M. Cun ninghamg H. Daddariog J. Daniels. H. Daniels. T. Daniels. 68 3157 MR. JOLLY'S HOMEROOM First row: J. Fryg A. Dodge. K. Denyesg J. Elkinsg Y. DeBu-:kg J, Fullerg G. Evans: N. Evans. Second row: M. Feldery M. Fox, D. Engelg B. Fraleyg P. Feezallg N. Burgettg G. Deroestg I. Starkg M. J Freeman. Third row: R. DuMondg L. Dodgeg W. Estesg M. Stokesg R. Fountaing R. Freemang R. Doty II - D. Eglintong T. Ellisong W. Farrisg K. Floishansg T. Frcnzen W. Fought. Not present: C. Conne y, P. Freemong J. Fullerg S. Stockom, R. Stout. MR. LEITER'S HOMEROOM First row: L. Glasery P. Glaserg K. Heaslipp J. Gillette. M. Gilmorep D. Gilbertg C. Gorman F Graham. Second row: C. Funstong V. Taylorg G. Gumbinog M. Hamp C. Girardinp G. Gilstorf L Wyattg L, Gentz. Third row: C. Grahamg R. Hendricksg R. Haley R. Gufteyp W. Hagen: T. Hallen tz J. Bo etteg J. Fusong R. Georgeg B. Heimp J. Hemingway beckp L. Gotcherg L. Ganz. Not presen y J. Hickman: H. Hicksg L. Howlandp B. Phylllpsg R. Williams. 69 1 MR. McINTOSH'S HOMEROOM First row: M. Kiester, A. B. Ki , , , Jolly. Second row: J. Howeg J. Justin- R King- E Kline M Kniqhf G K lc T H , - , . : . N 5 . ec 5 . erzogp R. Kerns Third row: R. Huffg R. Kossg C. Knight B. Jorochg A. Kmetzg J. Johnston- G Hood- D. Hesburn B. Kormos. Not present: D. Holmesg T Horen- D lwinski- F Joger E Kohler H K . , - , - 1 . 5 . rouserg K Knappg D. Krusellg S. Swcxrtout. MR. MALINOWSKI'S HOMEROOM First row: C. Letzeisenp M. McLean. G. Lynng P. Lomb: J. Liddlep P. Lindberg- V Loginess- N Lombord. Second row: L. Loyg G. Loveless- J. Louzong D. Lilburng J. Lorseng B. Lindenmulhp J. McCollp H. Lobo. Third row: J. Loryg J. Mcllroyg B. Longtong A. Luke- B. McDonoIdg S. Lunkfordg D. MacArthur. Fourih row: R. Lucidig J. Mochery R. LeDucg H. LcBellg G. Lipsccmbg M. Mclenong W. Leaf, W. Lightbody. Not present: C. LeBlc1ncg J. Lyons. 70 ng. L. Kellnerg K. Kenworthyp B. Jividen- P Keller- D. Hesburng B S J? .V f ua. sEvlER's HoMERooM M irst row: S. Messingerg H. Mochinskig E. Mostf C. Millerg D. Montry. Second row: D. Monsg G. Kcxzog J. Morcumg J. Millerg H. Mossy S. Morcum. Third row: R. Manny G. Moore: N. Moriensong . Morkichg M. Moggsp S. Miles. Not present: D. Hutfesg J. Marks: R. Masserontg M. Millerg N. Kinierg P. Miichellg J. Mueggeg J. Murphyg J. Murdochg J. Nupiwockig R. Zube. l.........."""'..3..... ...,. rSf row: B. J. Penlondg J. Poshegobog A. B. Perutisg S. Oliverg J. Nielsen. Second row: S. Poshg Orlondig J. Odineg L. Osfrowskig B. Pierg R. Pennerg S. Nording D. Peschke. Third row: R. Pittsg J. Porrecog S. Reno: R. Pixleyg J. Pecnrlg R. Ronkop D. Paxton: R. Novcarreg G. O'Brien. Not 'esentz J. Nelsong J. Osborn: J. Phillipsg G. Pickens: L. Pinkordg P. Polowskig L. Rohm L. Wonsock. 71 First row: J. Stanigerp Shirmer. Second row G. Seulsg W. Sedlock. L. Ritterp T. Spikery B. R. Sassokg J. Schmidt First row: K. Sutlwerby L Tonkm M Trombley J Wertmon P Wollney P Wrobleskl C L Second row: C. 'Nhntwom S Woods S Voulemenous B Symons D Wlllloms V Trombley VcnWassenhovc. Third row L Weber S Zemke B Work B Stroup P Wnlllams J Wo N. Underwood. Fourth row C Taylor L Tyler R Vellcy J Tyrer T Wukovsts R Whm Worrell. Not present R Stout J Sulllvcn A Thompson S Thurman M J Vick G Walla Y. Yostf D. Yount. JUNIORS WT? JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jackie Quick, Proslds-mtg Dennis L::Flcur, Vice-Prcsidontg Chris Meetze, Treosurerg Margie Coda, Secretory. l...., ,,.,.- ., .-- Fir! w M Codog S Carter- J Beczudrieg J. Amo. R. Berkg P. Block. C. Compbe s ro 1 . . , . - C. Browng S. Bcltesg J. Burroughsg B. Bonkp Second row: D, Bcnidflinp M, Be-oudrieg W. Barrow, ..Beck. Third row- W. Busby: M. Hqrtong W. Badge-rg L. Anqeloccig H. Blonksg R. Ande'soFo, C. G B nnetfg A. Berryg Abbottg R. Briere. Nov present. C. Abbottg D. Abercrornbieg K. Ambrose. . e W. Bousloyg C. Burqerg P. Burns. 73 Ilg J. Buehler, MR. KAMPSCHOER'S HOMEROOM First row: L. Dovisg N. Coluccig S. Dueslerg A. Cunninghcxmg C. Combsg M. Dierdorfp D. Deck. Second row: C. Collins, N. Correllg J. Dennyg D. Donielsg R. Ernesty D. Dovidsong L. Cote. Third row: L. Ervingg C. Chcxpmong G. Frobuttg E. Demickg D. Dcyg R. Cookmong L. Fuller. Fourth row: D. Coscdcyy M. Dierdorffg T. Ellinwoodg G. Chcitellg M. Compeuup F. Compeou. Not present: E. Childers. S. Croclcg K. Dcxvidsong S. Dueslerg A. Foynolcng V. Finnigcing B. Fitzgerczldg M. Flannery. i MRb. BARU'b HUMIIKUUM First row: E. Hessg D. Gormong C. Jonesg D. Juddp K. Kusturop B. Hcirboltp E. Huwpe. Second row: J. Kiestery C. Gcrbovorip S. Hewsonp V. Fulmerg L. Holly S. Kenworthyg K. Hurseyp L. Jenkins. Third row: M. Heodg V. Hall: J. Helmlingg J. Kellnerg G. Hubbordg R. Gordonp R. Johnsong G. Gurdnerp R. Jakob. D. Huttop A. Hurrschg W. Gircxrdp R. Greenp W. Holl. Not present: J. Gillen, D. Gnou: V. Hamilton: R. Henrilxsony D. Henryg D. Hickeyg D. Hill. 74 lv! MR. SLONAKER'S HOMEROOM First row: B. McLecng 5. Liosg L. Lieberg D. Krcmerg R. Kiesterp D. LeDouxg B. Kleing J. Luughmczn. Second row: C. Levackg K. LcFeveg P. Longg J. Kruzmcmowskig V. McCloing J. Laurclinp A. Kofting, L. Lezotte. Third row: B. Knowlesp S. Kleyg G. Loysong T. Leovittg G. LcGuirep K. Kusferg E. Kortierg - ' h ' W. Krueger. R. Lcmcusierg H. Lenckg J. Lucidig D. Mclntyreg D. D. LoFleur. Not present. R. Kmg t, LoBuhn. S TEGELS HOMEROOM MIS ' M cum: P. Peosey J. Priceg C. Newman. First row: N. Oweng J. Pipkensg C. Mafhewsg B. Moloy, C. or - M Phersong S. Modonp J. Neceferp E. Mcnsg O. Mlshler. ' h Second row: B. Prickettg B. Neubecker, M. c Third row: C. Nyczp J. Nielseng J. Mothewsong F. Menfzerg L. Parsons: J. Mossy A. Nneson. Fourt h' L. Moffitfp W. Murphy: J. Penland: W. Mosson. Not row: R. Oweng D. Mowers: C. Mcznderncc , - J. Meyerp V. Mooseg K. Mosierp R. Nuvczrreg R. Piunfi. present: D. Morshallg C. Meetze, 75 '-vm .....11 MK. IUUNG First row: P. Ramsay-J Rowlett D Shimmell J Q ' k , . 5 . : . unc 15. Rollp J. Spindlemang L. Self. P. Seal. Sec ond row: J. A. Regalp G. Smithg C. Rutkowskig A. Rudolphp R. Robertsg A. Snyderg W. Siemers Third row: R. Smith. L. Reabep L. Smith: M. Sanger: C. Snyder: W. Schanag R. Schmidt. Fourth row F. Sanderling J. Sledge: M. Reobeg T. Smith: J. Snyderg R. Richardsong W. Quednau. Not present: H. Quednawg R. Riederg F. Selly S. Shydlowskig P. St. Amourg D. Scott. 1"'7 I hs. VOLKER'S HOMEROOM o l'1ulvu:KuuM MR. First row: G. Walken A. Wursterg P. Stoney N. Truscog D. Waszakp Venierg G. Stauchg N. Weissg C. A. Zemlceg C. A. Vick: N- Watson Wilsony G. Walters. G. Thomas: H. Swartout- L Terteling: 5. Stor I - Y- Stoutp D. Stum 5 C, T l - J. T ' ' ' P. Woodsg B. VanWassehnova. 76 p ay or, urner, T. Vasher, H. Venlerg B, Wardg S. Woods. Second row: T. Third row. W. Tannery W. Not present: 5. Stockong R. M. Weatherlyg G. Weedong PRESIDENT Douglas Yardley HIGH HONORS VICE PRESIDENT James Shaul SECRETARY Rose Mary Byrne SENIOR OFFICERS TREASURER VALEDICTORIAN Kar, Rome, Vivian Walker SALUTATORIAN Judith Herzog SHELVIE APPERSON Her smile is a prescription for drown- ug gloom." irls' Glee, Chorus, Teacher's Assist- utg Senior Choirp G.A.A. JOANNE BADER A good heart is better than all the :ads in the world." may G.A.A.p Senior Choir, Office As- atant. AL BERT ANGELOCCI RONALD ANGELOCCI "The world awaits such people." "There's a lot of cards in the class, but he's the only joker." Band: Teenstersg Teacl1er's Assistant, Hall Moniwn AH-5,o,s. Boys' Glee, Chorus, Operetta, School Playg Thespiansp Camera Club, Mongu- agonp Booster Club, Teensters. JANET BADER "Good nature is one of the greatest gills." Band, G.A.A.g Senior Choir, Office As- sistant. SANDRA BAGGETT "Concealed personality is like buried treasure, ii's real value no man can measure." Girls' Gleep G.A.A.g Teacher's Assistant, Office Assistant, Senior Choir. DENNIS BARBER NORMAN BEAN Hrs fountain of good humor never "He musl be known lo be appreciated." runs dry." School Play, Football, Reserve, Track, Chorus: Teensters. Reserve, Basketball, Reserve, Hall Moni- tor, Proiectionist, Wrestling. JAMES BEEBE IRENE BERKOWSKI "Great things are accomplished by "She'5 sweet in every way," those who do their best." Senior Choir: Teensters: Office Assistant Chorus: Band: Orchestra: Baseball, Re- serve: Basketball, Manager: Varsity Club: Teensters. v RUTH A BLAIR TYRONE BLOCK "A sqft answer turneth away wrath." "When business interferes with pleas ure, cut out the business." Girls' Glee: Chorus: Senior Choir: OPGYBWUJ G-A-A Baseball, Reserve: Swimming, Reserve Football, Reserve: Track, Reserve: Teen sters: Hall Monitor: Proiectionist. SHARRON BONDS ROGER BONNEAU "A good disposition is more valuable "lf fame comes after death, l'm in nc than ggldf' hurry for it." Girls' Glee: Senior Choir: G.A.A.: Tro BOYS' Glee: Chorus: Baseball, Fresh- ian Trumpet: Monguagon, Editor: Cam- man: Swlmmirlg, VOYSHY- era Club: Booster Club: Future Teach ers: THAC7Teensters: Office Assistant Library Assistant: Teacher's Assistant. BONNIE BROWN JERRY BROWN "Kindness is the root of all happiness." "I know a lot, but I can't think of it." , Girls' Glee: Cl1Ol'US: G.A.A.: Senior Hull Monitor, Choir. y 80 MARGARET BURNS "lf words were money, she'd be a millionaire." Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, G.A.A. CARSON BUSSELL "One more good man on earth is bet- ter than an extra angel in heaven." Band, School Play, Thespians, Baseball, Freshman, Football, Reserve, Track, Varsity, Teensters, Teacher's Assistant. uri' 555 user ROSE MARY BYRNE "Enthusiasm is her middle name." Girls' Glee, Special Glee, Chorus, Sen- ior Choir, Operetta, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Booster Club, THAC, Teensters, Office Assistant, Teacher's Assistant, All-Stars, Cheerleader, Junior Class Officer, Secretary, Senior Class Offi- cer, Secretary, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Student Council. EDWARD CAREY "His height measures his good humor." Boys' Glee, Track, Freshman, Basket- ball, Freshman, Reserve, Varsity, Var- sity Club, Teensters, Debate. , 5 ibgre it, . T l .,.: .. ,.,. , ' gf"'l'5l53, s g. ,K A is .7 'Q' i, ,fu 1: .:.,,,:,. ,, M . 5 fi.-:aj '. 4, . ...K .y , Refi? . ff . . JAMES CAMPBELL "Measure not ability by his size." Band, Orchestra, Swimming, Freshman, Reserve, Varsity, Football, Freshman, Golf, Varsity, Varsity Club. WILLIAM CASH "Questions don't bother me, it's the answers." Bays' Glee, Chorus, Operetta, School Play, Troian Trumpet, Baseball, Re- -menn.wmmeww.xwwmm. wwe, We if JUDITH CHAPMAN "Personality is a diamond that scratches every other stone." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, G.A. A., 3 Point Club, Aquacodes, Swim Club, Booster Club, Teensters, Office Assistant, Cheerleader, Student Council, National Honor Society, Homecoming Queen Candidate. DIANE CHILES "The better you know her, the better you like her." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, G.A. A., Monguagon, Editor, THAC, Teen- sters, Teacher's Assistant. serve, Basketball, Reserve. E if RALPH CLINE ou can't keep a good man down." inguagon, Track, Varsity, Co-Cap- n, Basketball, Reserve, Varsity Club, :e President, Teensters. CAROLYN CONANT Ve enioy thoroughly only the pleas- e which we give." rls' Glee, Chorus, Operetta, Senior noir, G.A.A. A SPENCER Cl'llNAVARE "There's always time for lun." Track, Varsity, Cross Country, Reserve, Varsity, Varsity Club. CONSTANCE CLARK "No need of praise, we know her well." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, Oper- etta, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Aquacades, Swim Club, Booster Club, Teensters, Office Assistant, Teacher's Assistant, Maiorette, National Honor Society, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Homecoming Queen Finalist. RONALD CODY "'Play today, work tomorrow lor tomor- row never comes." Boys' Glee, Chorus, Operetta, School Play, Thespians, Vice President, Teen- sters. KENT COX "Why should the devil have all the "Salted with humor, peppered with fun?" Troian Trumpet. SHARLENE COOLEY "Her charming ways ond face makes sunshine in a shady place." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Chair, G. A.A., Booster Club, Teensters, Home- coming Queen Candidate. CHARLES COZAD wif." Boys' Glee, Chorus, Operetta, Orches- tra, School Play, Swimming, Reserve: Tennis, Reserve, Varsity, Varsity Club: Booster Club, Teensters, Football, Man- ager. 82 O0 ' SHARON CROCK 1' If x Teacher's Assistant, Cheerleader. dmc?-A Shy JAMES CUNNINGHAM "Never a frown, never a word, no ill of him was ever heard." Baseball, Freshman, Track, Varsity, Cross Country, Reserve, Varsity, Var- sity Club, Hall Monitor. ELIZABETH CYTERSKI "I don't care how you spell my name, l'll change it someday anyway." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Monguagon, Sen- ior Choir. "A lady of charm and sincerity." Q Chorus, Operetta, G.A.A., Teensters, BONITA CUNLIFFE "Every man's a volume if you lcnow how to read him." Senior Choir, School Play, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Vice President, Aquacades, Swim Club, Monguagon, Editor, Boos- ter Club, Future Teachers, THAC, Teen- sters, Office Assistant, Teacher's Assist- ant, Maiorette, Homecoming Queen Candidate. ROBIN CUSHING "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your girls." Baseball, Freshman, Football, Varsity, Track, Varsity, Basketball, Freshman, Wrestling, Varsity, THAC, Teensters, Teacher's Assistant, Proiectionist. TROY DANIELS "Men, like bullets,go farthest when they are smoothest." Band, Baseball, Freshman, Football, Re. serve: Teensters, Teacher's Assistant, School Play. THOMAS DAVIS GORDEN DENYES "Youth in pleasure should be spent, "A man among men-but mostly age will come, we'll then repent." Um0r19 Women." Teacher's Assistant. Boys' Glee, Chorus, Operetta, Bose- ball, Reserve, Swimming, Reserve, Var- sity, Varsity Club, THAC. DENNIS DOWNING ALICE DUCLQ "Studious in all his work with never a "Quiet, reserved, and always ready ,O thought of shirk." help." Chorus: Operena: Shoo' ploy: Thes- Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, pians, Monguagon, Editor, Basketball, Reserve, Cross Country, Reserve, Ten- nis, Reserve, Booster Club, THAC, Sci- ence Club, Teensters, Hall Monitor, De- G.A.A., Teensters, Teacher's Assistant. bate, Student Council. JAMES EADY A "" KENNETH EDWARDS Don't look for trouble, it will find you "His heart is as true as steel." non enough." Baseball, Freshman, Swimming, Re- ennis, Freshman, Science Club, Teen- serve, Tennis, Reserve, Basketball, Re- ers, Teacher's Assistant, Hall Moni- serve, Proiectionist. nr. JUDITH EICHENHOFER KENNETH ERKFITZ I never met a man I didn't like." " 'Tis a man like me that makes the world go round." Sirls' Glee, Chorus, Operetta, Senior Ihoir, School Play, G.A.A., 3 Point Baseball, Varsity, Football, Reserve, Ilub, Secretary-Treasurer, Aquacades, VUVSHYF Wfesfllngf VCVSUYI VUYSHY iwim Club, Troian Trumpet, Booster Club: Pf0leCfi0nlS'- Zlubg Future Teachers, THAC, Teen- ters, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians. MARGARET EVANS CLARENCE FARBER "Sober, not serious, quiet, not idle." "lf a smile wins, all the world is his." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Cafeteria Assist- ant, Senior Choir. 84 DENNIS FORDHAM CAROL FELDER "Beauty and brains." Girls' Glee, Special Glee, Senior Choir, Chorus, Operetta, School Play, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Aquacades, Swim Club, Booster Club, Science Club, President, Teensters, Office Assistant, Teacher's Assistant, Proiectionist, Maiorette, Stud- ent Council, National Honor Society, Homecoming Queen Finalist. ' LORETTA FLOYD "Quiet, amusing, and likeable." Girls' Glee: G.A.A., Senior Choir, Swim Club. l'd go a long way in this world if I 1ew which way to go." MARJORIE FORSYTHE "Pretty, nice, and friendly." toys' Glee, Teacher's Assistant. RICHARD FOSTER Do not rush through this life, the next ne may be worse." eacher's Assistant. Girls' Glee, G.A.A., Office Assistant Senior Choir. M FRANKLIN GENTZ Ready to lend a helping hand Never let your studies interfer with Cross Country Reserve Teachers BOYS Glee Cl10l'US: Swimming. Re- Assistant DENNIS GENIAC "Always happy, always gay, having fun both night and day." Baseball, Reserve, Swimming, Reserve, Basketball, Reserve, Teensters, Teach- er's Assistant. BERT GEREN serve Football, Reserve, Varsity, Wrestling Reserve, Proiectionist. gil H . 11 1.1 1 I , ' friendl b nature uite a man." our education." 4 f . 7 5 ,.. . N - I ' - I I . - ' , , . Qi, . , - li V ' . T ..,,1 A 85 fiifgswg, we ew . 4 2 it R new sg . ..., W . iv JAMES GILMORE "An individualist with a will to suc- ceed." Band, Proiectionist. ELLA GLASER "Her sweetness is becoming." G.A.A., Booster Club, Teensters, Of- fice Assistant. NORMAN EARL GEROW "He's not a chip off the old bloclr, he's the old block itself." Baseball, Freshman, Football, Reserve, Varsity, Track, Varsity, Basketball, Freshman, Reserve, Varsity, Varsity Club, Teensters, Proiectionist. ll LINDA GERTH A smile for all, o frown for none." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, School Play, Thespians, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, President, Aquacades, Swim Club, Troian Trumpet, Booster Clu b, Future Teachers, Teensters, Teacher's Assistant, Proiectionist, Homecoming Queen Candidate. LOIS GIRARDIN "Laughter exercises all the muscles of the body." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, Operetta, School Play, G.A.A., Teen- sters, Office Assistant, Teacher's Assist- ant, Library Assistant. JO ANN GOMOLL "Practical, sincere, and faithful." Senior Choir, G.A.A., Teensters: Of' Library Assistant. lice Assistant, Teacher's Assistant, Lib- ra ry Assistant. FRED GLASER "A light-hearted, likeable, logical lad.' Varsity, Track, Varsity. ALLEN GONYEA "lt's fun to study, l'll bet." Swimming, Varsity, Football, Reserve, JOSEPH GORMLEY 'fheerful by disposition, f ::ture." ry's Gleey Chorus: Band. CHARLES GRAY find ioy in living and laughing." oss Country, Varsityp Track. Jumm coonwlu "She's earnest and gay in a capable way." Girls' Gleep Senior Choir: G.A.A.g Teacl'Ier's Assistant. "She who High.' Girls' Gleeg Chorusp Senior Choir: G.A.A.p Teenstersp Teacher's Assistant. EARLENE JEAN GORMAN is well liked by a certain guy, also graduated from Trenton I riendly by KIRK HARRINGTON "Humor and talent were born in this man." Boys' Gleep Monguagonp Swimming, Freshmanp THACp Teenstersg Teacher's Assistant. "A cheerleader of Trenton's team: she was always there and on the beam." MARY ALICE HARRIS SANDRA GORRIS "Surrounded by an air of worth and friendliness." Girls' Gleep Chorus: Senior Choir: G.A.A.p 3 Point Club: Swim Club: Booster Clubp Teenstersg Teacher's Assistant: Hall Monitor. REBECCA HARMS "She walks through the halls with a shy smile on her face." Girls' Gleep Chorus: Senior Choirp Or- chestrap G.A.A.g Teenstersp Camera Club. Girls' Gleey Chorusp Senior Choirg Op- erettap Band: G.A.A.g 3 Point Club: Aquacadesp Swim Club: Monguagong Booster Clubp THACp Teenstersp Office Assistant: Library Assistantg All-Starsp Cheerleader: Student Councilp Junior Class Officer, Treasurerp Homecoming Queen Candidate. JUDITH HERZOG "She lives most who thinks Girls' Gleep Senior Choir, G.A.A., Monguagon, Editor, Future Secretary, Teensters, Chorus. LYDIA HORVATH "Nothing is impossible with a willing heart." Girls' Glee: Chorus, Senior C h oir, G.A.A.p Office Assistant, Teacher's As- sisto nt, Library Assistant. BONNIE HAWKES "With affection beaming in one eye, and calculation shining out of the other." Girls' Gleep Senior Choir, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Aquocadesg Swim Clubp Booster Club, Teenstersp Teocher's Assistant, Library Assistant. MARY AUDREY HELMLING "Oceans of pep with a laugh on every wave." Girls' Gleeg Senior Choir, G.A.A.g 3 Point Clubp Aquocodesg Swim Club, Troian Trumpet: Booster Club, Teen- sters. most." Teachers, WILLIAM HOAGLAND "lt is the cleverest thing in the worlt to be merely happy." ALICIA YVONNE HUSSEN 'Sugar ond spice and everything nice. LEO HUGHES "lt isn't what you do, it's what you get away with." School Play, Baseball, Freshman, Football, Varsity, Track, Varsity, Bas- ketball, Reserve, Vorsityp Varsity Club, President: Teenstersp Hall Monitor, Pro- iectionistg All-Stars. BARBARA JACKSON The love bug bit hard, when once Someday soon she will be sprinkled with rice." ' Girls' Gleep Chorus, Senior Choir, G.A.A.p Teensters, Teacher's Assistant. it bit." Girls' Gleep Chorus, Teensters. MARY KADAR 'A nersonality that will never fade." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Library Assistant. ANGELENE KAlMAR "She has a unique affliction, she is a sensible girl." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, Special Glee. -mme JEAN JACKSON "There's a sparkle in her eye, and a smile you couldn't buy." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, Operetta, G.A.A., Booster Club, Teen- sters, Office Assistant, Teacher's As- sistant. "He hasn't much to say, but is friendly LAWRENCE JOHNSON in his way." DON KENT "Athlete, scholar, leader too-is there anything he can't do?" School Play, Baseball, Freshman, Foot- ball, Reserve, Varsity, Track, Varsity, Basketball, Reserve, Varsity, Varsity Club, Treasurer, Teensters, Hall Moni- tor, Student Council, President, Junior Class Officer, President. JACK KAITALA "A true gentleman carries his qualities well." Band, Orchestra, Baseball, Freshman, Track, Varsity, Basketball, Reserve, Var- sity, Cross Country, Reserve, Varsity Club, Teensters. JOHN KARLZEN "Why take life seriously, you never get out of it alive." School Play, Football, Reserve, VU,-. 5llYi TVGCJY, Varsity, Basketball, Re- serve, Varsity, Proiectionist, Varsity Club, Treasurer, Teensters. Cdmerd JAMES KILLIAN Shy l "I take lite as it comes." Q X , Teensters. i . .X so K , N r - LE! ii . ' . - O9 - KENNETH Kll.LlAN J' "So what, you're only young once." Cdimerd. Shy Rosen L.-.neu "l've taken my fun where I found it." LOIS LAMBRIX "Here's a prize in charm and knowl- edge". Senior Choir, Orchestra, G.A.A., Mon- guagon, Boosters Club, Teensters, Teacher's Assistant. GARY KONOW "Friends, wisdom, and popularity are among his many treasures." Boys' Glee, Chorus, Operetta, Band, Orchestra, School Play, Thespians, Baseball, Freshman, Swimming, Fresh- man, Tennis, Reserve, Varsity, Varsity Club, Science Club, Teensters, Teach- er's Assistant, Proiectionist, Debate: All- Stars, Student Co'uncil, National Honor Society. JAMES LQBUHN "lt isn't the size of the man in the fight that counts, it's the size of the fight in the man." Boys' Glee, School Play, Basketball, Manager, Varsity Club, THAC, Teen- sters. LILLIAN LEAS "Small of build, but large of heart, she wins your friendship from the start." Girls' Glee, Special Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, Band, Orchestra, School Play, Future Teachers, Teensters. 1 - ,G-M. -mmf LEONA leDUC DIANE lOKUTA "A merry heart is the best of com- "I meant to do my work today!" pany." Girls' Glee, Library Assistant, Senior Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, G.A.A., 3 Choir, Cafeteria Assistant. Point Club, Aquacarles, Swim Club, Booster Club, Teensters, Office Assist- ant, Teacher's Assistant. JOAN MCISAAC RONALD CLARK LOY DONALD MCCAU. "A fellow that makes a clean game of "l don't read books, they clutter my life." mind." Track, Varsity, Basketball, Reserve, Cross Country, Varsity. Orchestra, School Play, Football, Re- serve, Varsity, Track, Varsity, Basket- ball, Freshman, Varsity Club, THAC, Teensters, Hall Monitor, Student Coun- cil. MURRAY MCMULLEN "We live but once, let life be gay." "TwinkIing eyes and happy laughter, friends are sure to follow after." Boy's Glee, Chorus, Operetta, Teach- er's Assistant. Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Aquacades, Swim Club, Booster Club, Teensters, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians. JAMES McNAIR FRANK MACHER "Always willing to do what he should "A good sort and a good sport." do, and will do what he intends to do." Science Club, Teensters, Office Assist- Ont. Science Club, Vice President, Teen- sters. SHIRLEY MALLOW JOAN MANN "Just smile your troubles away." "Some think she's quiet-others know better!" Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, Operetta, G.A.A., Teensters, Library Assistant, Girls' Glee, Special Glee, Chorus, Sen- Cofeteria Assistant. ior Choir, Operetta, G.A.A., Booster Club, Teensters, Office Assistant, Teach- er's Assistant, Cheerleader. .fwv W www-.1 91 LORETTA MARKS "She shines in all she does." Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, Office Assistant, Teacher's Assistant. GEORGE MARSHALL "Sure, l'll try anything once." Band, Troian Trumpet, Teensters, Teach- er's Assistant, Hall Monitor. Mm- JOHN MANS FRANK MARCUM "Tops in all our sports is he, a guy who "He is himself and that is enough." never lacks in personality." School Play, Football, Reserve, Varsity, Basketball, Reserve, Varsity, Tennis, Reserve, Varsity Club, Secretary, Teen- sters, Student Council, Thespians, Track, Reserve, Varsity. Chorus, Baseball, Freshman, Teensters, Hall Monitor, Boys' Glee. Teensters, JACQUELINE MATTHEWS "Her charming ways we all admire, we also praise her neat attire." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, Oper- etta, School Play, Thespians, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Booster Club, THAC, Vice- President, Office Assistant, Teensters, Library Assistant, Debate, All-Stars, Cheerleader, Student Council, Home- coming Queen. l.OlS MEXICO "Fun is the joy of life." PATRICIA MARKS "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, Booster Club, Teensters, Office Assistant. CLYDE MASSON "Seen but seldom heard." Track, Varsity. Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, G.A.A., Swim Club, Troian Trumpet, Teensters, Office Assistant, Teacher's Assistant, Cafeteria Assistant. MARK MILLER A sense to accomplish, a will to rcceed." -nnis, Reserve, Teensters, Hall Moni- rg Teacl'1er's Assistant. MICHAEL MOON 'here was never a saint rir" all, THACg Teensters. DONNA MIDDLETON "Friendship is a priceless treasure." Girls' Gleep Senior Choir, G.A.A.p Teacher's Assistant. LORETTA SYC MILLER "Her feet are always dancing." Girls' Gleep Chorus, Senior Choir, School Play, G.A.A.p 3 Point Club, Swim Club, Teensters, Teacher's Assistantg Debate. with red MARCIA MULLER "Always ready for a good time." Girls' Gleep Chorus, Senior Choir, Oper- ettag G.A.A.f 3 Point Club, Aquacades, Swim Club, Monguagong Booster Club THAC, Teenstersf Teacher's Assistant. JUDITH MOGYOROS "Give some drivers an inch and shell take a mile." Girls' Gleeg Chorus, Senior Choir, G.A. A., Teenstersp Swim Club, Office Assist- ant, Teacher's Assistant. MARVIN MORRIS "His time is forever, everywhere his place." Football, Reserve, Varsity, Swimming, Freshman. MARGARET MUNRO "Her works are ever the best: with charms unnumbered she is blest." Girls' Gleep Chorus: Senior Choir, School Play, G.A.A.p 3 Point Club, Aqu- acadesy Swim Club, Monguagong Boos- ter Clubg Future Teachers, Teenstersp Teacher's Assistant, Library Assistant, Thespians. "Any excuse will serve the purpose." A RONALD MURDOCK "likes to converse, loves to argue." bate. DAVID NIELSEN ,, . . ,, fxxlg A right good sport as he. I l cf, L Football, Varsity, Hall Monitor. I l w Q Camera. Shy RUSSELL OLSON KARL OWEN "l'Il get there if you give me time." School Play, Troian Trumpet, Baseball, Freshman, Reserve, Football, Freshman, Varsity Club, Booster Club, Teensters, All-Stars, Basketball, Freshman, Reserve, Varsity. Boys' Glee, Swimming, Freshman, Track, Freshman, Teensters, Hall Monitor, De- MICHAEL MURTAGH "We only wish there were more like him." Swimming, Reserve, Varsity, Football, Reserve, Varsity, Varsity Club, Hall Monitor, Proiectionist. JOSEPH O'CLAlRE "To work or not to work, that is the question." NADINE OSBORN "lnitiative hurries her up the ladder of success." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, Oper- etta, School Play, Thespians, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Troian Trumpet, Mongua- gon, Editor, Quill and Scroll, Booster Club, Future Teachers, Teensters, Teacher's Assistant, Library Assistant, Proiectionist, Debate, Maiorette, Home- coming Queen Candidate. MARY PALAZZOLA "She possesses beauty, pep, and poise." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, G.A. A., Teensters, Office Assistant, Hall Monitor, Maiorette. SAMUEL PEER 'Give me a diploma and you give me MARY JANE PARSONS JUDITH PEABODY "She does her part with a willing heart "Clever, cute, and full of pep." d h d ' Il." an se ces" we Girls' Glee: Chorus: Senior Choir: Operetta: Band: G.A.A.: 3 Point Club: Aquacades: Swim Club: Booster Club: Girls' Glee: Special Glee: Chorus: Sen- ior Choir: Operetta: School Play: Thes- pians: G.A.A.: Monguagon: Editor: Teensters: Office Assistant: Teacher's Booster Club: Future Teachers: Teen- Assistant: Cheerleader: Homecoming sters: Library Assistant: Debate: Na- Queen Finalist. tional Honor Society: Homecoming Queen Candidate. DOLORES PENNER "With a smile that cannot be erased.' liberty." U Girls' Glee: Chorus: Senior Choir: Oper ,wimming, Freshman, Reserve: Football, emi' G'A'A' keserve. JUDITH PHILLIPS 'A little lady no bigger than a soft whisper." Ihorus: Senior Choir: G.A.A.: Camera Ilub: THAC: Teensters: Library Assist- ant. NANCY PIER "To friendship every burden's light." Girls' Glee: Chorus: Senior Choir: G.A sistant. JUDITH PRAGERT DOLORES PRICE "She would come out of a hurricane "He, aim, are highhff perfectly laundered." Girls' Glee: Senior Choir: G.A.A.: Teen- Girls' Glee: Chorus: Senior Choir: G.A. sters: Office Assistant: Teacher's As- A.: Swim Club: Teensters: Office Assist- sistant: Library Assistant. ant: Teacher's Assistant. 95 A.: Swim Club: Teensters: Teacher's As- ROBERT REABE CLIFFORD RENAUD "A fellow W0ffl' lUI0Wlf'9-H "Put it off until tomorrow, you've made enough mistakes today." Teacher's Assistant. Boys' Glee, Library Assistant. JAMES TIMOTHY RENO "What no women in heaven! Down please." Boys' Glee, Chorus, Operetta, Mongua- gon, Baseball, Freshman, Track, Re- serve, Basketball, Freshman, Cross Country, Reserve, THAC, President, Teensters, Proiectionist. MARISA ROJAS "A manner as bright as the summer sun, a pleasant word lor everyone." Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, School Play, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Booster Club, THAC, Teensters, Student Council, Thespians. S . H PATRICIA RIDGE "Originality needs no props." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, Oper- etta, School Play, Thespians, President, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Monguagon, Booster Club, Future Teachers, Teens- ters, Debate, All-Stars. KARL ROMMEL "We cannot always oblige, but we can always speak obliginglyf' Tennis, Freshman, Science Club, Teach- er's Assistant, Senior Class Officer, Treasurer. ROBERT ROOKER DORIS ROSE "A smooth line is the shortest disance "Calm and sweet, just grand to meet." between two dates." E i Trojan Trumpet, Football, Reserve, Bas- Chorus, Senior Choir, Monguagon, Edi- ketball, Freshman, Golf, Varsity, Office tor. Assistant. 96 Z Q WAYNE ROUNTREE GEORGE THOMAS SANGER SHARON SCHARBONEAU "There's so much vim, vigor, and vitali- ty about you, there's no living without you." Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Aquacacles, Swim Club, Teensters, Teacher's Assistant, Cheer- leader. CAROL SCHOON "She possesses keen sense, common sense, and just a little nonsense." Girls' Glee, Special Glee, Chorus, Sen- ior Choir, Operetta, Orchestra, G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Aquacades, Swim Club, Booster Club, Science Club, Teensters, Teocher's Assistant. Enyoys taking it easy. "Few words are best, deeds do the '.ll Baseball, Varsity, Camera Club, Science res Club, Camera Club, Teensters, Office Assist- ant. CAROL SCHENK "She likes people, therefore, people lilre her." Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, Band, G.A.A., Troian Trumpet, Office Assistant, Library Assistant. ERNEST DENNIS SCHROEDER "A good cause makes a stout heart and a strong arm." Boys' Glee, School Play, Football, Re- serve, Track, Reserve, Basketball, Re- serve, Wrestling, Teensters, Proiection- ist, Student Council. NANCY SCHUBRING "Distinction with a difference." Girls' Glee, Special Glee, Chorus, Sen- ior Choir, Operetta, School Play, Thes- pians, Secretary, G.A.A., Future Teach- ers, Teensters, Teacher's Assistant, Na- tional Honor Society, Homecoming Queen Candidate. LOIS SCHWARTZ "Behavior is o mirror which reflects one's own image." Senior Choir, G.A.A., Monguagon, Booster Club, THAC, Teensters, LILLIAN SHINAVER A happy-go-lucky gal." Sirls' Glee: Senior Choir: Swim Club: 'HAC: Teacher's Assistant: Cafeteria Xssistant: Hall Monitor. DARRYL STEINERT Mischief and l are good pals." land: Orchestra: School Play: Swim- ning: Reserve: Tennis, Reserve: Camera Ilub: Teensters. TIMOTHY SCOTT "Words are to be used only on special occasions-and with him special occa- sions are rare." Baseball, Reserve: Football, Reserve: Track, Varsity: Basketball, Reserve: Teensters. JAMES SHAUL "A mighty good fellow with a heart as big as his future." School Play: Thespians: Football, Re- serve, Varsity: Tennis, Reserve, Var- Club: Vice Vice sity: Wrestling, Varsity: Varsity Teensters: Junior Class Officer, President: Senior Class Officer, President: Hall Monitor: National Honor Society. ILEEN STARK "Eyes that sparkle diamond blue, full of fun and kindness too." ter Club: Teensters: Maiorette. WILLIAM STRAUSS "He helps his team, he's out to win, always advancing never gives in." Baseball, Freshman: Swimming, Varsity: Football, Varsity: Varsity Club: Teens- ters: Hall Monitor. HOWARD TOWNSEND "Life is one big party." School Play: Baseball, Varsity: Football, Freshman: Track, Manager: Basketball, Freshman: Varsity Club: Booster Club: Teensters: Teacher's Assistant: Library Assistant: Hall Monitor. CAROLYN TROMBLEY "There is no satisfaction in any good without a companion." Girls' Glee: Chorus: Senior Choir: G.A. A.: Booster Club: Library Assistant. Girls' Glee: Chorus: Senior Choir: Oper- etta: Band: G.A.A.: 3 Point Club: Boos- VIVIAN WALKER ROBERT Voss "He who doesn't love wine, women, and song remains a fool his whole life long." Baseball, Varsity: Football, Varsity: Basketball, Captain, Varsity: Teensters: Teocher's Assistant: Hall Monitor: Var- sity Club. SHARON WAGNER "There is no wisdom like lranlrness." Girls' Glee: Special Glee: Chorus: Sen- ior Choir: Operetta: G.A.A.: Swim Club: Booster Club: THAC: Teensters: Office Assistant: Teacher's Assistant. MARGIE WALLACE "The heart to conceive, the understand- ing to direct, and the hand to execute." Girls' Glee: Special Glee: Senior Choir: Orchestra: School Play: Thes- pians: G.A.A.: 3 Point Club: Mongua- gon, Editor-in-Chief: Teensters: Debate: Student Council, Secretary: National Honor Society, Vice President. JACK WEBSTER "A boy with a manner all his own." Tennis, Reserve. "Her smile, her speech, her winning way, will surely steal your heart away." Senior Choir: Teensters: Library Assist- ant: Maiorette: Homecoming Queen Finalist. RICHARD WERTMAN "A contented fellow is easy to get along with." Boys' Glee: School Play: Basketball: Booster Club: Teensters: Teacher's As- sistant. JOYCE WETHERELL JOSEPH DAVID WHITWAM "Nothing is impossible with a willing "A guardian angel over his life pre- hem-Q," siding: doubling his pleasures, his cares dividing." Girls' Glee: Special Glee: Senior Choir: G-A'A-F Te'-'fl'e"'5 Assistant' Band: Orchestra: Baseball, Freshman: Track, Va rsity: Teensters. The craftsmen have finished their extensive training and are ready to begin on their own. They must now penence which they have thus far gathered to make their lives profit- Baseball, Reserve, Track, Reserve, Teen able and worthwhile. JESS WILLIAMS LYLE WILSON "Full of fun and mischief too, doing "An athlete, brilliant and keen." things he shouldn't do." Operetta, Band, Orchestra, School School Play: Baseball, Reserve, Foot- Play, Baseball, Varsity, Football, Cap- bull. Reserve: 50SltetbGll, Reserve, tain, Varsity, Track, Varsity, Basketball, TeeI'lSfeYS: Proiectionist. Varsity, Varsity Club, Teensters, Na- apply all the knowledge and ex- l tional Honor Society, President. JOAN WOODS "School's all right when there isn't anything else to do." Girls' Glee, Senior Choir, Operetta G.A.A., 3 Point Club, Aquacades Swim Club, Monguagon, Teensters Teacher's Assistant. JACK WRIGHT "A little fun never hurt anyone." 1 sters, Student Council. KAREN WROBLESKI "Her face reflects the happiness in her heart." Girls' Glee, Chorus, Senior Choir, G.A. A., 3 Point Club, Swim Club, Booster Club, Teensters, Teacher's Assistant. DOUGLAS YARDLEY "Dark and handsome, Doug's his name, in sports he has made his fame." Boys' Glee, Baseball, Reserve, Swim- ming, Reserve, Football, Reserve, Var- sity, Wrestling, Varsity, Co-Captain, Varsity Club, Teensters, Senior Class Officer, President. 100 3est aersonalities ludith 'eabody less Nilliams Prettiest Eyes Rose Mary Byrne Ralph Cline Best Musicians Lillian Leas Lyle Wilson BIG BRICKS IN 1958 MOST Likely To Succeed Dennis Downing Vivian Walker Most Sincere Sharron Bonds Donald Kent Most Athletic Linda Gerth John Mans Prettiest Hair Dennis Geniac Jean Jackson Class Flirts Bonita Cunliffe John Karlzen Most Attractive Sharlene Cooley Douglas Yardley , 1 TRENTON HIGH SCHOOL ASA SHE PLANS AND The picture is complete. The administration, the students, and their activities each con- tributed a part. A force which we might call school spirit brought them together to re- veal the plans for one of the most beautiful schools in the country. But this is all just on paper. Therefore, we, the editors of the 1958 "Monguagon," wish to dedicate this yearbook to Trenton High's real builders: the students, faculty, administration, and mem- bers of our community who are working daily to make Trenton High School the best possible, not only in architectural construction but in co-operation and spirit. BUILDS FOR HER FUTURE Q 5 Z' F Af Qi wr NK Q fag M N A KM, '22 if ' H , f , 54:55 I 7, Y eww wf.m+- fm-far 3 W X ,M My X M , , . a i m mf V: Q X 'Q' 5, ,Qs 1 , A ff W I'.l'rVVARD5 HRUTIII-IIIS. ll , ,J hmh mm ,mm x1.fhi,.a.. M k . ':.A 1 -if ' -' ' Q. if s L. , S" - . : .51 - , . i uf- 'vfg A V V Ir -,..' JE. F? 4! . Q U 414 ,,. A .A ,.,.

Suggestions in the Trenton High School - Monguagon Yearbook (Trenton, MI) collection:

Trenton High School - Monguagon Yearbook (Trenton, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Trenton High School - Monguagon Yearbook (Trenton, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 93

1958, pg 93

Trenton High School - Monguagon Yearbook (Trenton, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 95

1958, pg 95

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