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,. M5312 Q .,- I ,J 1 i ., if f-fu, v fn,-, K ,lf wb, .5 A , 5.3 , A q f fir A . A ,.,' ,-g ,.Q i . .fx 1 , o . 1 , 3 f A 4 X R -1' . :,, ez Q .. .. 1 , . FL! Vw - 51' f ' .531 I-:gi '- NIA! ,Huw ' PV: .Q -.,, 1, 11555 IZ K Q 5.7 , 2 -.- ,.j a f , 571, V ,A . ,L 'ir' fe. . g.. fa! gf, f--1 A We X 5-'gl A .za U , 4, ,.-, N ,. X. in " as " , fi .2 . r ni '?1 Q1 JL 4 ' r , , . -life: L' -x ,.5.Ab.-3 k ,nj ,J-.15 15 .sf ibiiglifad -1. . Q, hefty f V , a-Half . .N Q E 11.4 Q- ,F .ff .15-'-2 ,H Q I, V ,. r 4 ' 11 .F 311--if " :W 'T 1-ggfzi ' s 'x'.L:1.' v"5'.LI1 . , A if . .,.fV 1 r ,QI m. v 1 L 0Tl 1263071 QYZ? 'Pr 'Q Z J, '. R . Q-4 f' K -1' yy, K N I-I H ' ' J- F e H 7824fw2m ,w,fWw-ezfjq aff-wmcwo, ' N .dgfaaiyifflgsji fwganmn 0 1. . 1 - - -1 ' V, ' lv .. . ., . , . .. --m-an-Qv I g gi 'x . P A Y 2 QQ' 1 K L A ORGANIZATIONS Monggungon Staff Back row, left to right: B. Radcliffe, R. Rebandt. R. Roberts, J. Crawford, F. Yost, R. Vogt, W. Mathews, R. Greenup, R. LaFromboise. Fourth row: C. Workman. G. Knopes. A. Smith, S. Fenner, D. Blanks, B. Clark. J. Yagle, B. Sivyer, P. Cousineau, P. Hall. Third row: M. Stevens, J. Ennis, R. Burt, G. Kortfelt, ll. Brown, C. Block, B. Cameron, J. Weedon, W Freels, E. Cullin, R. Smith. Second row: Mr. Hyatt. R. Boughner, E. Rodgers, C. Truax, B. Scott, J. Julian, B.. Powell, M. Tarr, P. Muller. Seated: R. Howlett, B. Cooke, D. Larsen, J. Wilson, J. Stater, L. Powell, P. Timmins, M. Crock, J. Sund- quist, B. Detlor, D. Wollney, MONGUAGON ORGANI ZATION ART Martha Crock, Phyllis Cousineau, Way- netta Freels, Pat Hall. Joe Stater,Bob Boughner,Berkley Cooke, Dick Howlett, Ray Rebandt, Gerald Kort- felt, Jim Crawford. Don Larsen and "The All Stars." A Jim Wilson, Dick Howlett, Ian Frost, Dick Roberts, Paul Muller, Dick Vogt. Joan Sundquist, Joan Weedon, Betty MAKE-UP PUBLIC ITY SA LES SENIOR PICTURES ' Cameron. ' ATHLETIC SECTION Marilyn Tarr, Jim Julian, Richard Burt, UWB Barbara Clark. Barbara Powell, Barbara Clark, Evelyn Cullin, Diane Blanks. C LASSES SECTION 45435, , 7 PHOTOGRAPHY ' TREASURER ' PUBLISHING JUNIOR SECTION :I DEDICATION XA PICTURE PAGES PROPHECY IN OUR OPINION TEENSTERS Editor Lois Powell CHRONOLOGY SNA P SHOT PAGES TEACHERS SECTION SR. INTRODUCTORY STUDENT COUNCIL Peggy Timmins, Diane Blanks. Berkley Cooke, Don Wollney, Russell Smith, Ray Greenup, Ray Rebandt. Bob Detlor. Lois Powell, Carolyn Truax,Corinda Ba- ker, Elizabeth Rodgers, Janet Ennis, Peggy Timmins, Betty Cameron, Mary Stevens. Jim Julian, Ann Smith, Bill Radcliffe, Harris Brown, Ray Rebandt. Bob Boughner. Dick Howlett, Gerald Kortfelt, Bill Radcliffe. Don Wollney, Russell Smith, Ann Smith, Harris Brown, Bill Siegel, Barbara Powell. Bill Gannaway, Jo Petta. Bill Scott. Mary Stevens, Carolyn Truax. Martha Crock. Elizabeth Rodgers. Jessie Marcum. peggb' Timmins Lois Powell. Editor Peggy Timmins Pugp 'Hlref C ' J 1fW E Q-L "N 3 g J p 1 L f 1 A: I Administration BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to Right: MR. STACKHOUSE, MR. WURSTER MR. BLANKSQ' MR. ROPER, MR. BURLEY his W. C. TAYLOR, Superintendent 'mn S illlll me T. F. SUNDQUIST, Principal P..,,.rwf W. D. FARRER, Assistant Principal Back Row: Left to Right: MR. HYATT MR. MacLAUGHLIN MR. SLONAKER MR. LEITER Second Row: MR. EVERSON MR. HAWN MR. UHL MR. RIGHI Seated: Left to Right: MRS. LUDWIG MISS LINDSEY MISS LONG MR. SALAMY Back Row: Left to Righty MR. KAITALA MR. MULLER MR. GRISWOLD MR. NIELSEN Second Row: Left to Right: MISS DOW MRS. KERR MR. SCHUYLER MRS. KRUSELL Seated: Left to Right MR. HURD MR. JOLLY MR. CHAMBER LIN .' Y MR. MALINOWSKI MR. JAROCH MR. PIXLEY MISS BORN 1-.1 5. I I K. MISS PFAFF MISS KNIGHT MRS. GIBBONS STANDING: MR. BATTEN MR. BARDEN MR. SUTHERBY SEATEDC MR. LA BO MR. BARKER MR. KOIILER if "T, Il" 1 f ""'I' --QIUN W... lb 15' ' I t QM A. MISS CHARRON ' .X tk - ' - Q, 1 , -f gf, " , Q K- ,L fi. 4 'flu x:.' K , :Q I 5 B '1'... t' ,Q .am ' ,mfg Efif s N. Mi? . .. w X X, We .U Jgsfiw,--,if -:N-: E .3 . - .W I .A-.5.,,. . fvriw A . u . Mx Q 1. fx at R .1 4 5 . N. 1 . , ,. . K N " w we X' W dx -If 1 J' 4, f ,- X? X5 551355 k if-gg. A A . 155 Q., ,. . 5 .. Q . gg Jw., . 3 J., Q ' m, 'T' Q F 'QE , 4' iw If if' We 5 P e 1 553 JLQ' Y , , , n, . A A --"2-...Q, if mi V gi. Z5 .1 I f-'-N W .w "' I ll .., IIIII 1 1' tm xsw1 r1sw'rww lf' lf, ' It 12 I Q! ...X 'uf 4 "-Vu JIM la- W f' , J. X bv sf' M.. 1. ix' 4 :K 1 ,mms -Q, A - ff , L.g Qi ., , ff 3 I " f :WSJ gffgy A 'M Q X' 'Q 'Qi-ff f X 'Jr ,fl-:NJ ,nuff tJ:?'.f"- Fx-Qi.: A W - I., , A, wwe, -' , A 'WN A' f'X ,. 4 .' . 1- Ge J C: fp . ? 'WWV l 5,11 limmhk, 137 ,,...- ..- G ass A 140 1 Mgr M K5 E T X Wlinif' ti'-an I -fbi w 1, ' 1, iiimfk' Q- 4, A327 aw, , " x Fi!! L ' , 1. . - xx. Mxvff. -il f e' Q' be 'Q , YQ? Senior Officers and Snonsors Russell Smith: President of our class, active in dramatics, and president of Thespians. A fine amateur magician and photographer, a member of the Monguagon staff. Don Wollney: Vice-president of our class, star in football and swimming. Chemistry lab assistant and a Student Council member, also on the Monguagon staff. Lois Powell: Our class secretary for two years, active in Teensters, tennis queen, and editor of the Monguagon. ' Joan Sundquist: Treasurer of the Senior Class, active in Teensters, Glee Club, vice-president of Student Council, she also plays tennis. Member of the Monguagon. CLASS MOTTO "The elevator to success is not CLASS OF "SO" running, take the stairs." CLASS FLOWER Carnation We are Trenton's Class of "50" CLASS COLORS Green and White And we understand at last, That we're one big happy family That has shared a happy past. But after graduation We can hope to meet again, D. And with this anticipation ', 'Q Q21 We're a happy gang again. But the path is branching off We'll go in different ways And only have a memory Of all our High School days. Waynetta Freels SENIOR SPONSORS Mr. Hyatt, Science: Advisor of the Qf Monguagon and director of the Senior LJ activities. Mr. Hawn, Mathematics: Chairman of the Trenton High School Honor Society. Miss Long, Languages: Director of the Christmas play, "Children of the Inn." Mr. MacLaughlin, English: Advisor of the Student Council. Seniors . . an 5 , .M W 3: Page Four teen CORINDA BAKER "She's tops in sports as you can see. Where does she get all her energy?" JOHN BARNES "He wants to own a gas station, Shops prepare him for his vocation." NORMAN BARNSDALE "If there isn't mischief to be had, I'l1 make some." DOROTHY BELL "A world without laughter is a world of woe." CONNIE BLOCK "The mildest manner, and the greatest heart." CHRISTIEN BOISMIER "A fun-loving girl this gal, Chris, She hopes to be a Mrs. instead of a Miss." GEORGE BOSMAN "Doctor Bosman, A mender of machines." BOB BOUGHNER "In all he takes on, he really tries, Sports and studies, an all around guy." SHIRLEY BOURASSA "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse." EDWARD BOYCE "You can tell him by the noise he doesn't make." MARIE BROWN "Open your doors, Mr. Powers, Here's the new 1950 model." BETTY CAMERON "Just the kind of a girl there should be more of. BERKLEY COOKE "To any class he was a booner Because of fun and his humor." DOLORES CORDOVA "I hope to have a prospering business of my own." PHYLLIS COUSINEAU "Which can she handle best, art, horses, or men?" HM CRAWFORD "jolly, goodnatured jim, Good times are had with him." MARTHA C ROC K "A jolly girl, full of fun, and always nice to everyone. BILL CULLIN "Heis crazy about models, tAirplanes - that isl. Seniors 5-fl fic' AV., UK fel Page Fifteen ROBERT DETLOR "Football has always been his one and all. He was co-captain and left-tackle this fall." MARY ALICE DOSSEY "She has always been and always will be the life of the party." MARY ANN DROZDOWSKI "A merry heart doeth good like medicine." CORINNE DURHAM "If silence were golden, I would be a millionaire." PHILLIP ELLIAS "He talks so fast he registers "GO" with his mouth closed." IANET ENNIS "Come on, kids, Let's cheer the team " RICHARD FISHER "His fountain of good humor never runs dry." HELENE FORCIER "She is one who does her own thinking." WAYNETTA FREELS "She is a quiet girl, but quite a girl." IAN FROST "This young man is a fisherman, Fishing and swimming is a lot of fun." JOAN FURLONG "What mischief lies behind those dark brown eyes." CHARLES GABRIELSON "He is friendly, he is shy, There is mischief in his eye." BILL GANNAWAY "Let me just meander along. Life is just a happy song." TOM GARRISON "The rule of my life is to make work a pleasure." GAIL GIBBS "Whistle while you work, And your job you'll never shirk." KENNETH GORNO "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men." MARILYN GRAHAM "Her one ambition in life is to be a house- wife." GLORIA GRATIOT "Gloria is liked by everyone, Her grin is a beam right from the sun." Seniors 'NX . . -. 'ie Ea: .a,, I .. ': ' 'Z ' i !!!llIE .jf ' an ,.. A Q v k., X .3gQ"1?'., A 5 ef 'Vx Pggg Sixteen RAY GREENUP "He' s the guy with an eye for photography." PAT HALL "Likeable and easy-going describes her best." DONNA HASHLEY "She's around, we've all seen her Quiet though, we seldom hear her." ARNOLD HERRMAN "In at ten, up at fiveg on the farm, that's where I thrive." PHIL HORNER "I-Ie's truly a pluggerf' DICK HOWLETT "Speak nowg or forever hold your peace." ROSEMARY HUNTER "Lots of work and lots of fun, whatever she does is well clone." IAYNTE JOHNSON "She's a beautiful rose." IOHN KELLER "I shall try to please the world." JAMES KENYON "Make mme wine, women, and song." RALPH KING "Manager of our basketball teams. A lover of good times it seems." IERRY KORTFELT "Here comes Jerry, one vast substantial smile." BORIS KOSACHEFF "Quiet men are great men." MARLENE LA BO "Here's to the girl with a cheery smile, Who makes the bubble of life worth while." ROBERT La FROMBOISE "He dives from the board with the greatest of ease." DON LARSEN "His fingers fly over the ivories, His ambition is psychology." MILTON LAYSON "Girls, don't you envy that curly hair?" IIM LAWNICHAK "A-hunting I will go, Not only for game, but for dough." Seniors 1 'vs ": L 1 ' , 1 , 5 :A-'Z' If i xg k.,,,:-Q . Page 5 f JAMES LEEDY "The strong silent type With a true sense of humor." TIM LEZOTTE "If you've a plan to get rich quick Here's a chap who'1l make it click," AURELIA LORY "In sports she's quite the girl, A loveable gal seen with Earl." WILBERT LUCAS "A quiet and conscientious worker." ETHEL MAC INTYRE "Water, water everywhere And all for me to swim in." ALBERTA MAC LELLAN "She enjoys sports of most any kind, Now she's engaged and made a good find." LARRY MCCALLA "Seen with JoAnn in the hall, But in sports he prefers football." SHARRON MCCRORY "Her heart is like the moon. There's always a man in it." WALLACE McCUAIG "Wants to travel to far-off places. Likes to diagnose motor-trouble cases." DONNA MAHONEY "To travel here, to travel there, This sprightly lass knows not just where. IESSIE MARCUM "Give me an audience and a stage, I shall dramatize any age." IOAN MARSH "Swimming and happiness Are her two greatest talents." CHET MARTIN "Happy and go-lucky, But in sports he tends to business." VIRGINIA MASZATIC S "Variety is the spice of life, and I'm always doing something different." BILL MATTHEWS "For he's a jolly good fellow Which nobody can deny." DON MEXICOTTE "A blush can be beautiful, But often inconvenient." LILY MILLIGAN "Introducing Katherine Cornell the secondl' DOROTHY MINOR "The harder I try the gooder to be, The worser I become." II 'F' if Seniors p Q? f Pggf Eighteen EDWARD MORGAN "Great men are dying and I don't feel so well myself." PAUL MULLER "Rip VanWinkle slept for 20 years, But just give me time." ROBERT MURDOCK "Men, like bullets, go farthest when they are Une smoothest." PATRICIA MYERS "Pat's suggestion for catching meng If at first you don't succeed, try again." HARRY NELSON "It's Harry Nelson The friendly undertaken" GENA MAE NOLAND "Excitement makes the world go round. I want to keep it spinning." GERALD NOWLAND "Some people come to play, I come to sleep all day." BETTY OUELETTE "The more you know her, The more you like her." DOUGLAS PENN "Life is just one big party." Jo PETTA "Cheerful, smiling, always the same. She inspires the team to win the game." AUDREY PLUSKAT "Listen to her giggle, And we all want to laugh." LOIS POWELL "A pretty face, a charming grin. In whatever she does, she'1l always win." SHIRLEY PRAGERT "Always around but never heard, just as quiet as a little bird." ILENE RADFORD "If silence were golden, I would be broke. ' PATRICIA RAHN "Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag, And smile, smile, smile." ALLEN RAY "I-lis manner is quiet, but don't judge him by it. BARBARA RAY "Her ringing laughter spreads A ray of sunshine, through the halls." CLYDE RICHARDSON "Full of fun and fancy free, That's the way life ought to be." Seniors i Page Nmr tern LORAIN RICHER "For this young Mrs. There's always cooking, cleaning and dishes." DICK ROBERTS "If this is liberty - then give me death." ELIZABETH RODGERS "Conscientious and true blue, She is goodness thru and thru." DENNIS RUDESILL "I would never dare to show all my intell- igence." VIVIAN SCHARBONEAU "How many hearts have you broken?" ANTHONY SCHUSTER "Tony is shy as we all know, But he'll get ahead, just watch him go." BILL SCOTT "A diller, a dollar A topnotch scholar." FERGUS SENESKI "Whizz - the best runner there is." FRANK SMITH "Fun--he's one who can make it. Trouble--he's one who can shake it." IO ANN SMITH "Gaze into her eyes and you'll see an angel Gaze a little longer and you'll see an imp." RUSSELL SMITH "He performs magic tricks well, As class president he is swell." IIM STACKHOUSE "Baseball, football, hockey, and track, A love for sports he doesn't lack." FRANCIS STANIGER "Stylish and neat, She s truly a treat." DARLENE STARK "Why worry? Worry is the interest you pay on trouble before it comes." IOE STATER "The friendly chap, Who can make us laugh." NORMAN STEFFKE "Be silent and safe--silence never betrays you." MARY STEVENS "Is she cute and lively? Oh yes, A familiar gal at T. H. S." JOAN SUNDQUIST ' "Smiling face, twinkling eye, you simply cannot pass her by. ' X .i Eff tl I . n ' Seniors 555474. .451 E., :Il . . ai L nf, its it Page Twfn ty DELORES TESCHENDORF "There's a sparkle in her eye, And a smile you couldn't buy.' MILDRED THOMAS "Homemaking assistant and a good one too She knows all the short cuts, old and new." TOM THOMPSON "Love em all--you might miss a good one." PEGGY TIMMINS "Her gift for chatter is no small matter." CAROLYN TRUAX "She's a true lady, there's no doubt She never acts foolish and never shouts." SHIRLEY UNDERWOOD "A smile on her lips and a look in her eye, Beware fellows! This girl only seems shy.' DON VAN WALLAGHEN "Never do today What you can put off 'till tomorrow." CHARLES VENIER "Though he be but little, He covers a lot of ground." RICHARD VOGT "Life is wonderful, but by teasing others I have no time to enjoy it." JOAN WEEDON "Her di nified manner is her charm." g ALAN WIBER The real problem concerning my leisure is how to keep others from using it." BEVERLY WILD Businessmen: Please take heed! Typing and shorthand she does with speed." if If FRANCIS WILD "The tiny volcano with sudden erruptionsf' JIM WILSON "He'll work hard, he'll find success His labors will bring him happiness." RAY WINTER "A likeable boy with a likeable way." PHOEBE WISEMAN "A high stepping lass Who is liked by the class." IVA WOLFE "Always teasing, But never displeasingf' DON WOLLNEY "An officer of 50's class As a Sportsman, he'l1 more than pass." Seniors JERRY WOOD "Like a torpedo he shoots through the water." CHERIE WORKMAN "Happy am I, from care I am free, Why aren't all as happy as me?" SHIRLEY YAKE "Most people dodge debt collectors But Shirley always welcomes a "Bill". CLASS PROPHECY Here it is 1960, and the class of 1950 is holding its first reunion at the Statler Hotel in Detroit. As I enter the lobby, I already see many familiar faces. Coming out of the lounge is Jessie Marcum, a star of Broadway's latest hit, Let Love Come First. Talking with her is Marie Brown, who models Scratchy Woolens for leading modeling agencies. Hanging from the crystal chandelier, in a precarious position is Ray Greenup, trying to take pictures of the several celebrities. Who are these intelligent looking individuals peering through magnifying glasses? Ah--it's Hawkshaw Stater and Get- Her-Man-Teschendorf, who are detectives. They are examining the footprints on the carpet Goodness! What is this I see? A rabbit, running across the lobby, and there is a man chasing lt. Well, for heaven's sakesl It's Russell Smith, the world famous magician. I guess the rabbit must have jumped out of his hat. Following after Russell are his two gorgeous assistants. This place is getting to be a regular race track. Here come those two notorious bachelors and playboys, Jim Craw- ford and Bob Boughner. No doubt they are chasing the assistants. There is a lot of commotion at the entrance of the hotel. Let's stroll over and see what the trouble is. Isee a big yellow truck out in front, with the sign Workman's Pretty Posies painted on the side. There is Cherie now, she is owner of Detrolt's largest flower shop. Who is the gentleman snif- fing the yellow roses? It's Paul Muller, a noted horticulturist. Never a dull moment, everyone is now gathering in the lounge. No! It cou1dn't be. Those two very distinguished sociologists, Richard Howlett and Phil Ellias are having a fight over the advantages of Communism in upper Afghanistan. Phil just hit Dick over the head with his world atlas and knocked him out. How fortunate Dick is! Here comes Doctor Bill Gannaway and a number of nurses, among whom are Peg Timmins, Mary Stevens, Joan Sundquist, and Ethel Maclntyre. If they don't quit crowd- ing Dick, he will probably suffocate, as they are all trying to examine him at once. He is coming to now with serious threats to sue Phil. A lawyer from the crowd offers his services, and it turns out to be Bob Murdoch. It's about time to go up to the banquet hall. Oh, there is a vacant elevator. What is all the screaming? It's a crowd of women, and I'd better get out of the way. Oh! Oh!--too late, here they come ---- well as I pick myself up, I see why they were hurrying so, force of habit I suppose. They are all secretaries who are used to rushing from offices when the day's work is done. I see several familiar faces. Corinda Baker, Connie Block, Corrine Durham, Aurelia Lory, Pat Rahn, Betty Ouellette, Iva Wolf, Joan Marsh, Beverly Wild, Betty Cameron, and Delores Cordova. I'll have to go to the next elevator, no chance of getting in that one. Another disappointment, this one is filled with men, I suppose Icould squeeze in, but Pd rather not try. It seems these handsome boys have cornered each other to talk over the latest machines, this isn't unusual because they are all machinists by profession. Among them are Jack Barnes, George Bosman, Arnold Hermann, Ralph King, Dennis Rudisell, Norman Steffke, Clyde Richardson, Allen Ray, Jim Lawnichak, and Chuck Gabrielson. I might as well give up trying to take the elevator and take the stairs---Here I am on the fifth floor and only ten more to go. Here's someone sitting on the steps. It looks like Mary Ann Drozdowski and Waynetta Freels, who didn't want to miss the party, but have to finish their book of poetry before the publlsher's deadline. The stairs were the only quiet place they could find. Page Twenty- Seniors Mary Alice Dossey, Audrey Pluskat, Virginia Maszatics, Donna Mahoney, Pat Myers, Gena Mae Noland, Shirley Pragert, Ilene Radford, Barbara Ray, Vivian Scharboneau, Darlene Stark, Mildred Thomas, Shirley Underwood, Phoebe Wiseman, Shirley Yake, Marilyn Graham, Lorraine Richer, Alberta McLellan, Lily Milligan, and Frances Staniger. I'm sorry that I can't give you their present names. Such a buzzing .... every wife has a different idea on how to keep her husband happy. Upward to the banquet hall, only seven more floors. Coming up behind me are two distinguished looking people. One is Don Mexicotte. I can't tell who the other is, as he is hiding behind a beard... oh, now I see who it is. It's Bill Scott, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. I think Don is his private secretary .... Bill is mumbling to him about protons and electrons, and telling him to write it down. Here at last! After climbing fifteen stories, I'm ready for a banquet! Just look at all the familiar faces. They bring back many memories of dear old T. H. S. At our right is the military body .... Jaynte Johnson, a WAC officer. Next to her are Bill Cullin, Phil Horner, and Charles Venier, who are flyers, and Tim Lezotte, who is in the navy. They were lucky enough to get furloughs. Next to them are Milton Layson and Don VanWallaghen who printed the programs. At the present moment they are complimenting each other for doing such a good job. Who is that poor little man over in the corner? He isn't eating a thing. As I get a closer look I see it's Dick Roberts, the famous bacteriologist. He has discovered that food contains too many germs for human consumption and can't understand why the human race has survived as long as it has, so he lives solely on vitamin pills. I hear a familiar voice, sounds like Norm Barnsdale, the must have left Rosie home with the kidsj. He is trying to talk Jim Leedy, Doug Penn, Wilbert Lucas, Boris Kosacheff, and John Keller into buying some stock from an architectural firm in which Berkley Cooke and Alan Wiber are partners. They are trying to design "The Doghouse of Tomorrow", Where the poor hen-pecked husband can crawl in without disturbing the dog. Crash!! The speakers' table has fallen. Bob LaFromboise was trying to repair a shaky table leg. He crawled under to be able to get at it better, when the table fell on him. An excellent carpenter, that boy. Do my eyes deceive me, or is that Chet Martin coming in the door with his lovely wife? Very pretty, Chet! There is quite a threesome over to my left. They are Jo Petta, Dorothy Bell, and Lois Powell. These three are doing a great deal of good in their respective professions. Jo teaches handicapped children, Dorothy, the deaf and blind, and Lois has joined the Salvation Army. Frances Wild seems to have someone cornered near the center table. Whoever it is, he is tearing out his hair and yelling that he can't help her. It's Don Larsen, psychiatrist from New York. Frances has a problem and wants Don to help, but he is having a rather difficult time of it. Taking their places at the back of the room, are three very fashionable young women. They are Phyllis Cousineau, whose illustrations you see in many advertisements, Liz Rodgers, a dress designerg and Carolyn Truax, manager of Saks' Fifth Avenue. Across from them are Dorothy Minor and Jim Wilson, who are teaching school in Trenton. Dorothy teaches early elementary, and Jim has been teaching chemistry. Bob Detlor has joined them...he is dean of Harvard University. Coming in the door are four muscular looking men, who, I imagine, are the athletes of the class. Jim Stackhouse, football-baseball coachg Dick Fisher, tackle for the Detroit Lions, Frank Smith, catcher for the New York Giants, lan Frost, catcher for the Detroit Tigers, and his boss, Jerry Wood, Manager of the Tigers. Behind them are Dick Vogt and Don Wollney. They look as though they were in a daze. I guess it's because they have just come down from northern Canada, where they have been posted as forest rangers. It is the first time they have been in civilization for ten years. I hear music...The program must have started. The orchestra members have taken their places, and among them I see Joan Furlong and Jim Kenyon. Looks like Russell caught his rabbit, because he is preparing to do a few tricks for us. There is Kenny Gorno, well-known comedian of stage, screen, radio, and television. He is on the program to tell a few jokes. We have just finished our sumptuous dinner, and going among the guests with small packages of bicarbonate of soda, are Jerry Kortfelt and Tom Thompson, village pharmacists, trying to drum up a little business. Dear me! I wish they would hurry and come my way. Page Twenty-two Seniors Here comes the manager of the hotel, Tom Garrison, seeing if everyone is enjoying himself. He has come a long way since he took over his father's tourist business. Good grief! What was that noise? It sounded like an come three ragged people. The first two are Ferg Seneski and Larry McCalla, the other is Bill Matthews. Bill is trying to explain to the manager that he is a chemical engineer and was simply trying to show the other fellows his latest experiment. Could he help it if the thing blew up? It's a shame, but there are a few who could not be with us. Joan Weedon, who is doing missionary work in deepest Africa, wired that she could not possibly come. Joanne Smith is in California trying to get rid of her hay fever, and there are rumors that she is going into the movies. Gloria Gratiot is riding in a rodeo and couldn't leave the show. Wallace McCuaig is in the hospital recovering from an accident. Ray Winter, and Ed Morgan, and Gerald Noland have dropped out of sight. They are happily married by now. We couldn't find Harry Nelson, but one of his classmates says he has a fine undertaking business in Chicago. Edward Boyce is on a business trip in San Francisco and couldn't get back for the party. Perhaps we will have another reunion soon. Until then ---- Good-bye and Good Luck! 'I Ihiyf- lwnfy-1'v,-v 2-saw ' Q QPSK K 5 5' J F ,g il' ...W I in l 41 , IL ... N Q ' ,gw w ' K 'Q' Q, EWU i3 ??5 'IQ ww Adu vp, 171 .J Q 1 Mfsf IgA +A! QV' Chg e1-ic, H- I' 5 6 53 ' s A ' A 'F Acfor IINJ A chfe SS xjq Hes .ills O' +0 Q0 -4 glbg epdi I ef' I 45u6 ,pg CL'5s v C0u'YLa ff I' 523, L0041 AQ few gg, Shine, M0-If If-ke Slffcced J- .es 9 Qfgwfia L 1 9 111051 190 was sums Y Friend! Q-,.w,,fxJ nuns. MW X mul 'Q ,Ami B--J Www s i w f . 'Tr X -www n Fa? k Q . 4 X ,,... pl I, gc v' ' YK Qui, E. an bf xr' V x fix f mx I I f V W X. Q fm--f""""'x, Y N' X mf! F W' UE Us-vans 4 A-an 'im vs.. L T f ' ' . X. I I 'ard' my I ' 9"', ' . . yuh-I 'WNW Q f If 'Wx Q f ,K J: ,I-jf 18 1 w fgf Q .- .rf Q ,W + X H. Y t H X 5,-E 1 , , Ku X' ir I gl ' f . x 1 ' ,V ' 3 S ? 2 ,A K Q X f 4 ..,, , A? ,M 'f P 1' 'JJ J A V 5' Msn , Q x L,,A fb ,if kwa 2 f " ' ' K . T " ' ' ff 1. M631 W w ' 5 , , , M K X , x jg, Ba K A .xi 'Y AP' V5 . ,. . ,QA U- . x 4 ' - Juniors 'l Left to right: Dick Gelina President Susie Cunningham Secretary Louis Hawn Treasurer Jim Julian Vice-President From the Athletic Field, the Dramatics Classes, the Speech Department, the P Sz G Staff, the Music Department, and the Monguagon Staff rose the mighty class of "51". We showed we had fine acting talent when we presented the Junior class play, "Take My Advice". The J-Hop, as we see it, will be the most successful in the History of Trenton High School. With a little work and a little hoping we predict many other equally notable events of the year will follow in the path of the J-Hop. Our Junior Class Officers led us victoriously through our Junior year and gave us the motto, "On to the Senior Year and it's privileges and responsibilities triumphant." We wish to thank our sponsors for their encouragement during our Junior Year and may they always be as helpful to all the classes as they have been to us. 1 f v'55'.' .0 x i"l lv ""'f 5 AIAA .i Back Row: Mr. Righi, Mr. Malinowski, Mr. Salamy. Seated: Mr. Uhl, Mr. Leiter. Absent: Mr. Pixley. Pup- Tuirnly-sruevi Juniors Back row: Edward Lemerand, Donald Lampshire, Edward MacLellan, Donald Moen, Doris Maclntyre, Patricia Kortfelt, Marilyn Lemon, Elmer Kovach, Neal Lagersf Second row: Ariel Miller, Leatrice Matthews, Joan Marshall, Paul Ludwig, Jean Leedy, Norma Mann, Betty Messer, Gloria Moose, Mr. Malinowski. Front row: Elaine MacArthur, Darlene Lezotte, Lillian Maszatics, Rose Metzger, Sharon Lory, Mary Jane Lezotte, Dorothy Lawnichak. fDaniel Kornacki, Charles Lafayette, Evelyn Lambrix, Thomas Martin, John Miles, Kenneth Martenson, not present.J 3 'SIC Back row, left to right: Donald Deerfield, Norman Wright, Bryce Graham, Bill Teifer, Joel Swanson, Jack Thibault, Ronald Engel, Fred Yost, Robert Dow. Fourth row: Ronald Delano, Robert Thomas, Donald Daddario, .Tack Welkenbach, Bernard Sylvester, Robert Smith, Harold Ward, Robert Winter, Robert Withey, Lester Turner. Third row: Janice Webster, Naomi Starkey, Barbara DeLeon, Detlor, Mary Staniger, Dennis Dunnigan, Donald Cook, Gerald Downey, Glenn Crock, .Toe Crofts. Second row: Mr. Salamy, JoAnn Crock, Carolyn Durham, Clare Cousineau, Iris Wilcox, Nancy Thornton, Shirley Townsend, Stephanie Fenner, June Van Heusen, Geraldine De Garmore, Rebecca Duncan, Margaret Williams, Mr. Righi. First row: Delores Denno, Marilyn Tarr, Leatha Cross, Ellen Dinoff, Barbara Steiner, Pat Compeau, Mary Lou Taylor, Joan Stackhouse, Della Cunningham, Pat Cook. Absentees: Norman Craanen, Bernard Dussia. l'ugr luvnfy pil Juniors Y 1 Back row, left to right: Alice Butler, Robert Buhl, Jack Bigham, David Bloomer, Robert Brown, Dale Bennett, Melvin Cline, Ronald Angel, Dale Bell. Second row: Barbara Bevis, Gerald Begeman, Harris Brown, James Barnes, Allen Agnew, James Blair, Robert Britton, Dan Ball, Betty Brooks, Mr. Uhl. First row: Vera Baldoni, Jane Butt, Janet Chastain, Gayle Bidleman, Norma Champeon, Gretchen Belky, Patricia Coakley, Joanne Churchill, Ann Batten. Absentees: Alice Adler, Patricia Bastien, Joyce Bishop, David Boyd. lf' Back row, left to right: Andrew Rinna, Don Poet, Durrell Renner, Bill Morrow, Raymond Richardson, Gerald Nagel, Richard Gelina, Jim Julian, William Hamel, Allen Regal, Arthur Knight. Fourth row: Arthur Sayles, Earl Niesen, Wilbert Gibbs, Dale Furlong, Charles Polowski, Wayne Peck, George Haase, Glenn Renaud, Wallace Justin, Ramon Nowland. Third row: Louis Hawn, Robert Goldi, Albert Schoen, Tom Mruzek, William Radcliffe, Harold Price, Arnold Foster, Donald Raymer, Ann Smith, Pat Haining. Second row: Mr. Pixley, Harriet Holmes Barbara Kinde, Betty Messer, Cleda Pockey, Diane Shirmer, Bar- bara Kastura, Mary Lou Kmetz, Wanda Freels,Dorothy Phillips, Barbara Palmer, Lois Riddick, Mr. Leiter. Seated: Nathalie Glaser, Ellen ljames, Ella Mae Jackson, Betty Rhodes, Delores Glanzman, Joan Holden, Joyce Oliver, Carol Freiberg, Mary Isenberg, Joyce Gormley, Carolyn Green. CDel1a Holloway, Dolores Killian, Sam Piunti, Raymond Rebandt, Donald Rowe, not present.l f',,,.i lu,-nvv Take My Advice ,wa l -f if 1 Back row, left to right: F. Yost, R. Smith, R. Greenup, J. Swanson, J. Julian, W. Gammaway. Second row: B. LaFromboise, R. Rebandt, D. Raymer, D. Larsen, J. Stater, G. Renaud. First row: E. MacArthur, G. Belky, B. Kinde, Mr. Leiter, P. Coakley, A. Miller, S. Fenner. Page Thu ly 4 1 56 0199 AHQOLD ON '94 , - n My my Gov-r 14,0 5wxi. fel'.5 -2 A, C3,Qx, Lax , k, xy. s-- . ,XX ' " YR 3 , .R 'Ay fl, 9 'b 6500 X509 ncl nts rams 0 X, hronology Dear Diary, SEPTEMBER Today was the first day of school and as I waited for the familiar bell to ring, I began to think of all the festivities that would be going on during the coming year. The first thing that caught everyone's eye was the new football stadium. As we entered the school there was the smell of freshly-painted rooms and the bright glow of the new lighting system. As school got under way four girls were chosen for cheer leaders. The first home game with Wayne and the dedication of the stadium marked the most outstanding event of the month. Senior class officers were chosen: President, Russell Smith, Vice-Presidentg Donald Wollney, Secretary, Lois Powell, Treasurer, Joan Sundquist. Bill Scott heads the Student Council. The first Teenster dance of the year was a lot of fun. It was called the "Hello Dance." It certainly felt good to get back in the swing of things, especially since I went with Zeke. Dear Diary, OCTOBER The first football games of the month were with Ypsi, Belleville, and Monroe. After these games we had Teenster Dances which were loads of fun. This is the month for ghosts and goblins, and naturally we had a party which was terrific. We went swimming, bobbed for apples in the pool, and had an egg throwing contest. With all the fun there comes sorrow, two high school boys, Ray Bradd and Richard Newman were killed in an automobile accident. None of us will ever forget them. Monguagon gets under way with Timmins and Powell as co-editors. Dear Diary, NOVEMBER This month is just chuck-full of things to be remembered. First, was the famous "Monguagon All Stars" assembly with Don Larsen as director. Next, came the traditional Sadie Hawkins Dance, where the girls try to catch a man. I caught Zeke and he brought me a vegetable corsage. This ends the season of football and cross-country and starts basketball and swimming. To the coaches and men of both these sports we wish success. Junior class officers were elected. President, Dick Gelina, Vice-President, Jim Julian, Secretary, Suzie Cunningham, Treasurer, Louis Hawn. The class has also been practicing for their play, "Take My Advice." Dear Diary, DECEMBER The big events of this month were the first basketball game with Monroe, Lwe won, 30-369 and the swimming meet with Edison Institute. Teensters put on their annual Christmas dance which is more of a home-coming dance for alumni. The biggest and most thrilling events were the Senior Christmas Program and the Christmas Messiah Concert. With these two events we close the year 1949 to enter 1950- graduation year for the Seniors. "Take My Advice" was presented the 8th and 9th and was very good. Congratulations to Mr. Leiter and the juniors. Speaking of the Seniors again, their graduation pictures arrived and disturbed the whole school as usual. leville 6' 9 mers 599 Ss-leded t. t CQECII M e Gam ta rs Chos 'W en PQI- renfon 6 lg. hronolo y Dear Diary, JANUARY I had a wonderful time at the Winter Wonderland dance. No wonder! Iwent with Zeke The juniors ordered rings and hope to get them soon. The Senior Class has worked very hard to make the Prom a big success. The end of the semester and final exams close the first half of the school year. Dear Diary, FEBRUARY The most important event of this month was the annual Teenster Cabaret Show. There was just loads of entertainment presented by various high school students. The decorations were outstanding. Basketball is still going strong and we are keeping our fingers crossed to see if we remain in first place. Valentine's Day - Ah, what does that mean? Maybe a new fellow, or for the fellows a new girl. Spring is on its way and already spring fever has struck many of the kids. , Dear Diary, MARCH Aquacades will be the event of the month. The girls in high school will do a wonderful job with the help of Miss Born and Mr. Malinowski. With the end of basketball and swimming, we can hear the crack of a bat hitting a ball way out in centerfield. Baseball has begun. What have those fellows been running through the halls after school for? I know-training for track. To the coaches and team we wish a very successful season. Graduation announcements are being ordered by the Seniors, it isn't long now. Dear Diary, APRIL We are waiting anxiously for the I-Hop which will feature a well known orchestra. The juniors are waiting just as anxiously for their rings. The operetta "The Pirates of Penzance" which will be conducted by Mr. Pixley will be zuiother of the big events of the month. Easter vacation arrives bringing with it thoughts of graduation and the end of the school year. Dear Diary, MAY The students are waiting anxiously for the arrival of Monguagons, which will live up to the saying, "Better than before." Baseball and track have had a fairly good start now, and weather has been very good. 6B Music Festival will be attended by the musical groups of the 6 schools. Dear Diary, JUNE Only a few weeks left until graduation day. The Seniors don't look very excited, but I czui just imagine how they feel way down inside. Recognition assembly, Senior Skip Day, Baccalaurete, and finally, Graduation Day, end the year. As the Seniors leave, they hope they have made an impression on the classes which are left behind. Clubs Plan Lowe Off Tarr Wm rgss Teenster"Hello" Dance Tom ht ProieC50n'SkS Fo' Il Season H0pe To D This Y 5 -sw- ' 1 my v f M , " K H '35, , :w f fa - ' n Sophmores if? l iv' Back row, left to right: Jim Gearhart, Dick Fauser, Holly Pfaff, Kenneth Schenavar, David Flaishans, Walter Russow, Gerald Reckinger, Gerald Neubecker, Ralph Forsyth, Donald Starkey, Martin Doncouse. Third row: Loretta Renner, Eveyln Cullin, MarvJane Currey. Delores George, Zana Dotson, Ruth Reid, Lyna Schulte, Louise Romrenke. Diane Cummings, Geraldine Reid, Patrick Critchfield. Second row: Mr. Griswold, Marilyn Miller, Janet Mullan, Eleanor Dennis, Ivalu Peters, Barbara Powell. Marjorie Scharboneau, Willine Richards, Geraldine O'Neil, Pat Ross, Janet Moreland, Mrs. Ludwig. Front row: Vivian Druyor, Pat Frost, Frances Parker, Carol Doherty, Connie Fisher, Barbara Moose, Sylvia Richardson, Betty Richards. Katherine Demick. Uohn Morden, James Morgan, Mary Munro, Donald Peer, Rita Schramm, Russell Scarboneau, Walter Russow, Max Richman, Mickey Farrell, Allan Rigley, Diane Rooker. Patricia Ross.l ,V ...f H, gary .YQ1 lv, S-4? L Back row, left to right: Robert Wood, Raymond Smith, Bernard Barrow, Darrel Cooley, Frank Brooks, Ronald Burbo, Herbert Craig, Glenn Shields. Guy Winter, Leo Barton, Loren Shaul, Bill Siegel. Fourth row: Barbara Clark, Beverly Cohoon, Joyce Yagle, Willie Blohm, Kenneth Schulte, Donald Boyce, Pamela Trusco, Betty Sivyer, Peggy Teifer, Mary Buchs, Joyce Wright, Gordon Stanton. Third row: Jim Whited, Dick Smith, Bill Thomas, Ronnie Williams, May Thoma, Melvin Checker. Meivina Welch, Clara Blair, June Boisvenue, Henry Bielec, Bruce Stefike, Ronald Buchs. Second row: Mrs. Kerr, John Balas, Wallace Simmons, Robert Stull Roderick Scott, Bob Bosman, Bob Cousineau, Leland Shabinaw, John Whelan, Bob Teska, Richard Teifer,Richard Burt, Mrs. Krusell. First row: Constance Brickey, Geraldine Cain, Joan Chatell, Joan Antelope. Constance Blazer, Janet Taepke, Dianne Blanks, Barbara Bellmore, Constance Cady, Nancy Begeman. Marie Compeau. CBruce Barrow, not present! l'uiw1 Thu ly- 1 ix Sophmores mack row, left to right: David Howlett, Duane Laginess, Robert Henderson, Marvin Lesperance, Paul Hoyt Jones, Lee Goniea, Gary Lowe, Raymond Martin, Ross Knight, James Masserant. Third row: Bette Houston, Eugenia Lukasik, Wilber Kormos, Charles Kerr, Herbert Marklein, Bruce Carroll, Dale Miles, Wesley Horen, Robert LaVoy, Illa McCuaig. Second row: Mr. Slonaker, Charlene Hogman, Gloria Knopes, Vanda Gildersleeve, Pauline Hardin, Beverly Ijames, Marjorie Smith, Doris McCalla, Dolores Leege, Mr. Everson First row: Wilda Layson, Geraldine Lang, Lois Johnston, Shirley Juby, Kathleen K0!'lf91t, Carol Graham, Mary Ludwig, Irene Long, Elaine Higgins, Phyllis Harris. Absentees: Michael Gorno, Ina Griffin, Marvin Johnson, Mary Ann Klaes, Frances LeSage, Pauline LeSage, Gerald Lezotte. oo Back row, left to right: Melvin Isenhour, Marvin Mathewson, Warren Sanderlin, Joseph Whalen, John Yake, Frederick Vollmerhausen. Daniel Mandernach. Suzanne Vaughn, Mary Helen Hunter, Barbara Walldorf, Ruth Upplegger, Mary Hashley, Ann Thompson, Walter Seal. Third row: Ted Smith, Joseph Walker, James Taylor, Ronald LaPere, Jerry Smith, Russell Utz, Harold Trombley, Larry Liddle, Donald Taylor, Harry Teifer, George Withey, Bill Taylor, Robert Long. Second row: Miss Born, Helen Spence, Mary Muller, Lois MacDonald, Lorraine Staniger, Carol Laginess, Beverly Jackson, Barbara Mathews, Joan Ryalls, Alice Wilson, Mr. Schyler. First row: Elizabeth Vielmo, Jerry Hunter, Fairy Sakai, Dolores Williams, Helen Stover, Lemerand Lillian, Sandra Truitt, Joan LaBeau, Dorothy Housley, Marie Lemerand. CW. C. Johnson, Jack Kortier, James McClure, Anthony Urbanovic, Judy Zonnebelt, not present.l l',.,1.' lhtf rv- wt fn freshmen -if W9 Back row, left to right: Dale Henson, Edward Greiner, Charles Gould, Floyd Hartrick, Bob Ferguson, David Hoeft, Lloyd Hartrick, Rita Ettlich, Jean Gudith. Second row: Kenneth Goldi, John Glazer, James Holden, Herbert Hoffee, Joseph Franzen, Donald Hatto, Houston Fairchild, Miss Dow. First row: Corrine Holmes, Freda Fry, Mary Francis Ford, Rosemary Hall, Nancy Ennis, Peggy Finnigan, Waldena Elliott. . ,X Neff' Back row, left to right: Paul Boyd, Harlo Mork, Edward Briscoe, Raymond Bone, Russell Donham, James McGuire, Bill Appleton, Richard Ostrike, Richard Drozdowski, Edward Downing. Fourth row: Alice Windle, Theresa Ouellete. Janet Munchausen, Alice Miles, Sharleen Begeman, Delores Rypkowski, Donna Bates, Yolanda Nelson, Marian Ellias, Donna Boyd. Third row: George Rocca, Harold Radford, Gary Riley, Tom Neubecker, Jack Doyle, Lawrence Peters, Allen Anderson, Robert Appleton, Hubert Craig, Kenneth Dussia, Edward Deerfield, Jerry Prickett. Second row: Mr. Muller, Judy Brannick, Pat Mentzert, Rosemarie Reynolds, Sharon Cunningham, Pauline Beck, Connie Beer, Sally Bergeron, Pat Mullan, Elaine Meszaros, Mary Kay Dennison, Gloria Pier. Shirley Pryor, Mr. Chamberlin. First row: Martha Mulheisen, lone Cox, Carolyn Barnes, Barbara McCullough, Roberta McQuiston, Mary Radcliffe, Gwen Detlor, Evelyn Redmond. Carolyn Considine, Barbara Dever, Beverly Templeton. CLee Decker, Douglas Bourassa, John Meredith. Stanley LaLone. not presentj flap- Yhxr ty-vi,-1 I gpnstgwxi 'N a Hu freshmen : lv? 'f"'9 he 'il I -Q qi. 'F- QF ,, lv' . Back row: Barbara Reynolds, Elaine Bourassa, Bonnie Schroeder, Shirley Hinze, Kathleen Stewart. Jacqueline Checker. Third row: Alberta Dingman, Joyce Butt, Nancy Cohoon, Dorothy Poublon. Frances Thibault. Marilyn Seitz. Second row: Miss Moore, Beverly Justin, Marilyn Loomis, Elsie Noland, Wilma Ouellette. Front row: Bettie Lezotte, Glady Hineline, Marie Reaume, Sally Schuster, Mary Ann Newsome. fDyvonne Anderson, Patricia Kmetz, not present.l 'T K ,' , rx H ,g .rs 'I 5 X.-N, Back row: Eugene Bosnian, Frank De Leon, Charles Walker, Ronald Beasanski, Charles Summerville, Donald McWilliams. Third row: Freddie Alhart. Sidney Dean, Darryl Begeman, Nelson Gomoll, Donald Morrison, George Hunter. Second row: Dick Dahn, Charles Blair, Bernard Shydlowski. Bill Regal, Mr. Redmond. Front row: Larry Bighani, Franklin Ray, Gerald Gormley, Arletus Fountain. Robert Morris. N U fi xx mms, f. ifi I -5 ,-, . . S . rf- r Nl U gr' 2 x QD A h xw h - -iii?" P' -It 1 ,Q ,.aq: f ' ' ' - f Q X We ' -Q - . mt " 4 H I . L. f , N g Z W i M 'A XR, lu 1 J K , 'L l LY L . , A K W A ,,1V si R ,L fbx -" L ,AY L wi W AEW' ?W,fM gl 4 ,U -bn.- xv-'pun ,S- . ,,.w "1- .. Eff' asf 1- wb! ,s. ' Zv- Q . ..,, 5 w K fe . N 1 if-A 1 459 in 4 l 5' . QV!- A . U1-i .M A ww.. X.. if ,, 1 "Fifa n 5 1 ,Vx 94 E45 ' 015 f fwf"M"""' Q 5 GZSNSZSS Page For ly-our 3 23' 2 Student Council A - ' A G. 1 Back row, left to right: Mr. Slonaker, J. Doyle, H. Mork, D. Wollney, D. Henson, H. Brown. Mr. MacL.aughlin. Sec-ond row: L. Vielmo, L. MacDonald, G. Lang. P. Frost, P. Harris. B. Powell, A. Smith, M Crock. J. Crock. First row: l.. Turner, B. Siegel, J. Julian, W. Scott, J. Sundquist,E. Rodgers, N. Thornton, B. Clark. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council installed its officers for the ensuing term at a school assembly. The officers are: Bill Scott, Presi- dent, Joan Sundquist, Vice-President, Elizabeth Rodgers, Sec- retary, Jim Julian, Treasurer. The Councils first project of the new year was the freshmen initiation prograni which was a great sucess. Also, the super- vising of the football and basketball programs for the games. The greatest success of the year was the "Snake Dance" be-fore the Melvinclale football game. The Council's plans for the future are to help get a score- board for the new football field and to organize a "Booster Club." Imp lfnr ly- rhffr . , -I Y 'i A.. leaf? W,-A. 5,-" 2 x ,Q ng Q ' 2 ' f M fy Purple 84 Gold Staff 9 L .Q.. p L A Back row, left to right: P. Coaldey, J. Webster, M. Finnigan, S. Pryor, S. Begeman. M. Ellias, D. Bates, P. Haining, D. Cummings, B. Sivyer. Third row: E. Higgins, N. Champeon, L. Staniger, B. Jackson, P. Mullan, B. Green, V. Gildersleeve, M. Kastura, S. Townsend, I. Wilcox. B. Steiner, B. DeI..eon. Second row: B. Palmer, D. George, C. Doherty, J. Antelope, E. Vielmo, K. Demick, G. Belkey. J. Moreland, M. Miles, A. Smith. D. Bell. First row: Miss Lindsey, D. Howlett, P. Harris, S. Fenner, B. Radcliffe, R. Rebandt, N. Thornton, B. Clark. Camera Club l I3 - 2 5 Y 9 lvl f -f Standing, left to right: Mr. Righi. P. Boyd, B. Cooke, P. Muller, D. Ball, R. Rebandt. Seated: G. Kortfelt, C. Doherty, D. George, S. Lory, R. Smith. 'Q . i 0 Q - .. ., ' 0' ' sl 9 ' - .. ' 5 "u Q, 5 . W 1' ,, nl, . ' I 'ff 14 4. , -Q s ,,. h' 9. ' X --V .- 'J-YV L-. I 1 " , in A .,1:'Nqx 4 ,,'4k'S- A 4 Thespians Standing, left to right: J. Swanson, R. Greenup, J. Julian, R. Smith, D. Larsen, J. Wilson, Mr. Leiter Seated: L. Milligan, B. Scott, D. Howlett, J. Stater. , I, l ,,,, x Debate Seated, left to right: W. Siegel, P. Jones, F. Yost, D. Larsen, J. Julian, R. Brubaker. Standing: W. Scott, Mr. Leiter. 1-ug., rm fy- an 4 Q .1 ,v . -- L .M QF? lg! af ,S Za if Q 'A N1 M L :I I i r - ,, Q ' x 1 Y ' r Riga 1 1 I ITG!! Ieensters 4.2 Back row, left to right: B. Sivyer, J. Johnson, L. Hawn, D. Cummings, P. Boyd, R. Rebandt, P.Mul1er. B. Houston, D. Detlor, D. Boyd, T. Thompson, B. Cooke, J. Wilson, P. Horner. Fifth row: J. Yagle, S. McCrory, M,Dossey, C. Workman, G. Noland, L. Powell, L. Milligan, A. Batten, B. Bevis, M Staniger, P. Haining. Fourth row: M. Miller, G. Knopes, R. Schramm, I. McCuaig, B. Clark, B, Powell, B. Kastura, B.Walldorf L. Riddick, G. Mullan, E. Lukasik, G. Shields. Third row: D. Cordova, S. Juby, D. George, G. Reid, I. Peters, G. Lang, P. Harris, B. Steiner, P. Coakley J. Webster, L. Turner. Second row: J. Chastain, J. Brannick, B. Moose, S. Richardson, B. Richards, S. Pragert, K. Demick, B Palmer, D. Phillips, L. Cross, V. Maszatics, M. Currey, M. Crock, E. Cullin, J. Ennis, R. Gelina Mr. Malinowski. Seated: J. Crock, C. Doherty, P. Frost, F. Parker, M. Stevens, G. Cain, J. Antelope, N. Champeon, H. Spence C. Cousineau, E. Higgins. TEENSTER 'S EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Joan Antelope Gwen Detlor Shirley Pryor Anne Batten Janet Ennis Marshall Reitnauer Barbara Bevis Ray Greenup Russell Smith Paul Boyd Pat Houston Mary Stevens Norma Champion Gerald Kortfelt Joan Sundquist Martha Crock Jessie Marcum Elizabeth Vielmo Diane Detlor Mary Munro Jim Wilson Lois Powell FACULTY ADVISOR: Mr. Malinowski SPONSORS: Mr. and Mrs. Farrer l'ngf l"nr ly-n mr WW Q 'wfbfgw Q 52,,,, We 'L 449 firfwif' 9 if W Sind y S33 MQ' F, V x W M We. 4. e 1 Sifflfif ww 3 -f f ik A Y y . mi f '5Sv,-ew? A f E ' Y X i'iQiQi'7 1 5 , gskgw X. I D a Droieclionists Q 4 lt N5 S Ii 9- ,- , N J XS. an kilt Standing: P. Boyd, M. Checker, L.. Donham, R. Appleton, G. Shields, D. Howlett, E. Downing, A. Urbanovic. D. Oestrike, E. Briscoe, J. Walker, Mr. Malinowski. Seated: R. Burt, W. Simmons, E. MacLellan, W. Sanderlin, J. Taylor, J. Balas. 'C I f 'ff' .gl :Un 'O U K 4 Standing: Mr. Leiter, M. Miller, C. Kerr, B. Brubaker, P. Harris, F. Yost, D. Larsen, P. Frost. Seated: R. Greenup, R. Howlett, B. Scott, J. Julian, B. Clark, G. Belky, B. De Leon, B. Kinde. l'u,f1' fijlv-nr Special Gloo Club Back row, left to right: E. Cameron. J. Churchill, M. Hashley. J. Yagle. B. Sivyer. P. Hall, P. Kortfelt, D. Bell, C. Workman, A. Lory, J. Sundquist. Second row: J. Petta, B. Clark. M. Hunter, I. Wilcox, J. Webster, B. Green, L. Milligan, S. McCrory, S Cunningham, Mr. Pixley. Firsts row: E. Jackson. M. Tarr, M. Stevens, J. Smith, B. Steiner, B. Templeton, J. Brannick, E. MacArthur . Dennis. Mixed Chorus an W' tl 5 K Back row, left to right: B. Scott, J. Julian, H. Craig. B. LaFromboise. J. Stackhouse, D. Fisher, B. Gannaway W. Peck, P. Muller, P. Jones, R. Burbo. Fifth row: J. Johnson. B. Sivyer, K. Demick, S. McCrory, C. Workman, P. Hall. P. Kortfelt, P. Teifer P- Cousineau, L. Donhang D. Boyce. B. Gibbs. Fourth row: S. Bourassa, U. Rypkowske, M. Hunter, J. Yagle, D. Cummings, E. Cullin. R. Duncan, J Churchill. B. Brooks, M. Hashley, D. McCalla, L. Turner, B. Radcliffe, D. Withey. Third row: G. Bidleman. I. Wilcox, J. Ryalls, S. Underwood, E. Dinoff, S. Yake, J. Leedy, B. Kastura N. Starkey, B. Carroll, D. Dunnigan, G. Kortfelt. Second row: Mr. Pixley, D. Minor, M. Taylor, S. Cunningham, E. Redmond, J. Holden, J. Sundquist, E Dennison, H. Holmes, J. Gormley, L. Liddle. First row: D. Denno, B. Rhodes, E. Jackson. N. Glazer,W. Freels, P. Frost. C. Barnes, B. Templeton D. Glanzman, M. Stevens, G. Reid. :uw f iffy- iw, 1 I Boys GIQQ Club V 'E I Y Buck row: R. Ferguson, H. Craig, R. Burbo, J. Stackhousc, R. Fisher, B. Gannaway, W. Peck. P. Muller, P. Jonos. Sccond row: D. Boycc, L. Donhum. R. La Fromboise, W. Radcliffe, L. Turner, R. Vtithey. W. Gibbs. Mr. Pixlcy. Front row: L. Littlc, G. Withey, H. Radford, R. Tcska, G. Kortfclt, D. Dunnigan, B. Carol. J.Walker,R.Bonc.. Hall Monitors Buck row, lcft to right: H. Nelson, A. Wibcr, B. Siegel, G. Reckingcr. A. Ray, R. Dctlor, R. Angel, W. Lucas, R. Murdock, M. A. Drodowski, D. Ball. Second row: Mr. Slonakcr. R. Bosnian. J. Ticfcr, C. Kerr, M. We1ch,L.Matthews, H. Forcicr, P. Timmins, J. Boisvcnuc, G. DcGz1rmorc, M. Brown, D. Cook. First row: G. Lung, J. Antclopc, D. Lawnichak, M Crock, J. Ennis, B. Bclniorc, G. Knopes. S. Underwood, D. Stark, A. Lory, D. Hashlcy. I'n,w' lwfyy. fl,,,.,, Q 'li f Q 'fl s 0-. y A E L . ia-ff wlw iv " H I Y 1 ' e Q f e 3, "':l7'1bf 'ffl do A an Q. A ev' i v "v" x if ' 1 7' at k 3 xg W? 37 ?' Q ? 3 fir'-fig I 562156 4 9 r Y ' Q Q I ..A ri E . D QP. . . L, .I ,A -, . "kg g' L 194 cliff! ,Q vs' If 1 f 5, QA. M NSY t 1 www-. ,L ,, L,,, QL L ,Mm 4 .f.. M if Nw m.,....., R 3 5 6 I i f, .K 'E 5 n ASL, 3 ' . , 'Q L, .Q J H ost' if 2, I f X 5131 Z' 5,231 5 , 9 if W 1 Z '4 A 4 , 1' a i Q sg 'Tag n V 7 N H E I 4 Q I 'X Aw, L vu? V -fb 5253 .-9 ,. M ,m, ff' ' I W' if nf S W., l iw -..,. sm' 'Q 4 Q' 'S Qu. N-fxsw, N,I x?N15 fx W -A+- ,. iw wah' TL lang. 'v--1' -f Elm N X. P wa 4' 1, f 1 ' ,Ei " V, QS? -V -'sn gap, if i 1 ,, n Q N wx . I I I ,ly 5 YI ,X lin.. Nw 'lbs W1 All 1 ta- ..-v r g. + Q X .cL,....,.. 553628556 5 mggv ,V V . gf Q xg X 'Wi gb v if ,rw ii Tl! 'vm .a'!7 g1 ' i 'L" A E.. ag .. M af' "wig 'x A W H.. Varsity Club . 'D Back row: C. Martin, F. Seneski, C. Gabrielson, A. Ray, J. Crawford, M. Cline, D. Wollney, K. Gorno Third row: B. Morrow, L. Goniea, B. Buhl, L. McCalla, R. Fisher, D. Mexicotte, J. Bigham, R. King R. Goldi. Second row: Mr. Farrer, S. Sayles, M. Layson, B. Thomas, H. Price, J. Kenyon, R. La Fromboise, Mr. Wendt Front row: R. Roberts, R. Boughner, R. Detlor, I. Stackhouse. FOOTBALL SCORES Trenton- Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton 1949 6 . . . Monroe-7 6 . . . Wayne-6 19 . . . Plymouth-31 6 . . . Ypsilanti-21 6 . . . Belleville-20 14 . . . Redford-6 7 . . . Melvindale-37 6 . . . Ecorse-13 TRACK SCORES 1949 66 . . . Wayne-43 29 . . . Ypsilanti-62 68 . . . Redford-40 42 . . . Plymouth-67 67 . . . Belleville-43 6B League Meet Trenton 3rd BASKETBALL SCORES CROSS COUNTRY SCORES 1949-50 1949 Trenton-39 . Monroe-36 Trenton-3 Plymouth-21 Trenton-38 . . . Wayne-23 Trenton-33 Ypsilanti-22 Trenton-38 . Plymouth-29 Trenton-26 Belleville-29 Trenton-32 . Farmington-45 Trenton-42 Redford-17 Trenton-46 . Ecorse-51 Trenton-29 Lincoln Park-26 Trenton-26 . Ypsilanti-23 Trenton-29 Wayne-26 Trenton-36 . Belleville-22 Trenton-28 Wyandotte-27 Trenton-39 . . . Redford Union-40 State Meet Trenton 7th Trenton-27 . . . Wayne-41 6B League Meet Trenton 4th Trenton- . . . Plymouth- Trenton- . . . Ypsilanti- Trenton- . Belleville- Trenton- . . . Redford Union- SWIMMING SC ORES Trenton- Trenton-42 Trenton- Trenton- Trenton Trenton- Trenton Trenton Trenton- Trenton- Trenton Trenton Trenton 12. . 1949-50 .Monroe-59 .River Rouge-44 .Dearborn- .Ypsi Central- .Adrian- .U. High fAnn Arborj .River Rouge- .Ypsi Roosevelt- .Ypsi Central- .Adrian- .U. High 1Ann Arborl .Ypsi Roosevelt- .Birmingham- I fly BASEBALL SCORES Trenton Trenton- Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton 3... 8... 12... 7 5 2 0 9 10... 5 1949 Grosse Ile- 1 Redford Union-4 Grosse Ile- 6 Belleville-2 Wyandotte-6 Plymouth-0 Wayne- 9 Ypsilanti- 5 Ecorse- 5 Wyandotte-4 wf if f . ' X ' v , .1 Mn 5 M .4 ,- -, . 5 I Y -we: ,, Q k f .,.,4.- ,- 'tm ...- ,,-Q-q slS3U:'f,. ..s. 3 ..i"' -QT ' 'wh V , My -. 13, ? 1 jfs ML, fin. X. '-S1 ff ff .W W .Qi X ww x va, W E2 L 4 ?'5N'9'PKJ?v6v" N .. A 4- ' -wG."L,:.f.4 115373, , F ,-r Ma.. A lx 'ill A R 2 . I. . 1:-1 . ag M X x I3 ID Standing, left to right: Ralph King, Bill Gibbs, Dan Ball, Bill Morrow, Dale Bennett, B ,"r,vs -27- ' 1 I K' ll 'Y nl xl Ll Ll x 4 i 4 v 4 ' I , 1: ,- ob Brown, Harold Price, Mr. Wendt. ' ' ' ' F S ski, Dick Roberts. Seated: Gary Lowe, Melvin Cline, Don Mexicotte, Chet Martin, erg ene ." 1- ' u : -I V L fq vs ' ", J' ig M if I , M I X' xx 1 "Sl ' I K . e l 'X 1 I t X , f -'vw ESR f ink ,nn w gt! Ii? 54 K H'! LQQX K E W 'V - xiii. ejti S i.' L ' Ji rri' f. B, ,,- :. 7 f 'wi if '41 Q A r Y I I J, .xv ,i.P,, fl, JV. .. I --- uf. 5, Van., ni Q B I ln: 1 , - -A K ' A I ...T Ti-N--ity: nl X .s., . . R-iw X I X pf, A ,-. . k k ' 4.4.4. .. - Q. i "2" li'3i? : . av 'QM ,I Q lr Er X X I r'q- ,. 533 F135 .' w I .-'i . ' " , ' 4 ' X' ' v'!'5 f Aw 1 lb l Y E-W gg. 1 i A ' 5 I Standing, left to right: Ken Schultz, Ray Martin, Dick Drozdowski, W. C, Johnson, Mr. Jaroch. Seated: Bob Teskzi, Russell Utz, Ron Burbo, Jack Kortier, Bob Henderson, B111 Taylor. Pngr -Yury-one PK Track Back row, left to right: J. Agnew, D. Wollney, J. Leedy, D. Ball, D. Howlett, T. Lezotte, D. Roberts, J. Thibault, L. McCal1a, J. Crawford, R. Thomas, B. LaSage, D. Fisher, N. Wright, R. Richardson, R. Bradd, Mr. Jaroch. Front row: J. Nagel, J. Howlett, L. Dennis, H. Boyd, C. Martin, M. Cline, L. Vaughn, J. Knight, F. Caba, F. Seneski. Cross Country HOW' .a-eww. .I final A00 3665 Back row: P. Ludwig, C. Boyce, D. Bell, E. Boyce, W. Peck, A. Schoen, R. Lafayette, E. Griener, T. Neubecker. Second row: G. Rocca, D. Howlett, R. Roberts, P. Horner, L. Dunham, T. Mruzek, R. LaPere, J. Prickett. First row: Mr. Malinowski, R. Scott, R. Goldi, F. Seneski, C. Venier, D. Renner, D. Ball, R. Bradd, K. Goldig Manager. Page S' Swimming 1' g S X5 . yt , H Back row, left to right: Mr. Malinowski, A. Sayles, R. Buhl, R. Britton, D. Daddario, B. Sylvester, W. Justin, R. Scharboneau, P. Boyd, P. Ludwig, R. Goldi. Front row: R. Withey, T. Knight, R. La Frombois, W. Cullin, D. Wollney, J. Wood, A. Ray, J. Keller, J. Kenyon, R. Dow. Girls Gymn Activities We TENNIS VOLLEY BALL BASEBALL SWIMMING BASKETBALL Page Sixty-three ,fs ,ass is ' . sk. Nr, N L WZ' A 5 'hail' . Q r X., - '-'.L iff? rn -, 1' 1 if K . lim :F ,mm wx , ,AX ,V QL me f Q, W-Q J' xxl L. 'N IK L ww . ' J .1 x Q 4 Q f f L. ,vimitlx 4 .4455 ' lm v.,,,, .I In ,. .K 4, s ad! 'R 1 if-fx 1 6 M A 'ty kv f'mT3'X .1 A-,M ' '71 . f 'K Aih !'fDf .1 icy? UA ,AA + f at Baseball 4 ywmaww. WW 5 ' 336:84 3 QX'! 'Qin Xi KLIWNT ' V' I, 'I ., h . , 3 I fx' H 3' f 01 I 4:w.nro,, -143, WENT V is QA 'L' 5 .g. 'xg -..J I xi . 3 I E H , , -1 W 1 Q 1 I Qi t. , I an lu.-v 1 QXNTO QQENT V170 , , Swv: A 4 ' Q' .. mn-0, WZ, 1 A . B '- In Back row, left to right: Coach Wendt, B. Britton E. Kovach. R. Price, C. Richardson, F. Smith, R. Detlor, D. Parker, H. Price, B. Shea, L. Goniea, D. Henderson, D. Deerfield, D. Cooley, C. Domke, G. Lehman, Manager. Front row: G. Klupacs, A. Reickle, R. Worrick, A. Johnson, R. Teska, K. Oates, D. Withey, F. Ryalls, C. Paige, H. Marklein. Y Tennis .f if',3',gn ,, n ' i t - .f 5 pg- ' .L , . .g PM 1 W vin, H ' 'Q ,X .X XS W ' w 1 'IO "'f"" 1 1 ' 419 Q x 2 .K we j 1 - X ' ' i fi I Clif x g WY.. P H X B W fif,1X-My ,Q Back row, left to right: M. Reitnauer, J. Tiefer, D. Burt, B. Cullin, B. Gibbs, T. Schuster, H. Brown, B. Boughner, L. I-lawn. Front row: G. Kastura, Manager, B. Lilley, R. Monte, J. Shadoan, A. Wiber, P. Turner, G. Cullin, D. Schmidt, Mr. Malinowski. I Nrrfveliw football lm Back row, left to right: B. Gibbs, E. Niesen, J. Thibault, B. Wood, H. Ward, J. Gearhart. Fourth row: N. Lagers, B. Britton, R. Engle, R. Delano, G. Lowe, B. Graham, J. Kortier. Third row: R. Martin, D. Deerfield, B. Thomas, D. Daddario, H. Price, D. Gelina, M. Cline, E. Kovach, Mr. Jaroch. Second row: R. Richardson, L. McCa1la, L. Goniea, C. Martin, J. Leedy, B. Matthews, C. Richardson. First row: K. Gorno, D. Wollney, D. Fisher, R. Detlor, B. Morrow, J. Stackhouse, F. Smith. freshman football .. . mm . we Q 1 W Q3 B5 .SR Back row, left to right: W. Blohm, D. Drozdowski, W. Johnson, G. Winters, T. Neubecker, B. Regal, S. Dean, M. Doncouse. Third row: J. Teifer, F. DeLeon, D. Mandernach, J. Doyle, J. Welkenbach, M. Johnson, F. Volmerhausen, J. Whalen, M. Isenhour. Second row: D. Dan, H. Begeman, B. Lavoy, B. Teska, G. Gormley, W. Horn, E. Tay10I', D. Hoeft, Mr. Wendt. Front row: J. Walker, P. Boyd, B. Taylor, J. Long, H. Craig, A. Fountain, P. Critchfield. l',,,f,- only-mx V1 X 182 A f 45541, ' Y . . 52-JT 1 VII ' www Qi , Q g ,Q 4-M f-.-f L' .-,, 4 , ,Qx xi ,-, Q Q! P we Q ' D ' 's f""-,. -- Ffa O , ., I , g. I 1 X A' f 1 - X f' ' G5 , -Q4 A '59 -, .wws aAx.oPY -,- Wyw 1 C A ' 4 A' 'Q fir- wI :-E., I J "' Y-.1 .1 ,,, --.., ,i--, f - -w.., ..1 Q--Q-Q,- llllif v-nt ....x--f.-- I 1 1431, .t1. 3111 . 9'- . . 121.5 1- Q55 111,114 ,VV !!s x ul. 1 . -1 tl . - 1 . 1 1 1 1 4-1 1 -I . .1 "4 Mari " 13 15,11 I 1 1 1 XE-I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 J. 1 .1 '11 1 1 . '.1 -'1 1 1 .VV ' 1 .K , 1 1 1 1. M 1 1 jx 4 Pr 2 ...A 1 " S. X. .. Y "1-2 T:.'f:,. r -11 f sl 15.15, 'P 1 .11 - ..1 rg: .1 iii' S- 1 . R 1 l ! 4 I 11 'Q1 ". T ' 3. W 1 .,,?,,,.: .. . I 15 ' if :'k-'R f ' L-R Film' .. K, 2 11 1-' 1.512 1 , 3?-1' .1 . .1- , 1 -711 . 1 I , ' 5 1 f-51 . 1 + ' 'L fi, nn' . pr. 1 - 11 , I 1 . " 2 -7- ff' ' ' L ,11- ., .. -.Cl ' 15? us.. 4 41- L1 . s , . "-'1 4 . 4 1 .g.+5,- E 1 'Yrs 31 ' i - . ,,1f5,.. '.-1 - upruus. 111 2211 C 1 H H E

Suggestions in the Trenton High School - Monguagon Yearbook (Trenton, MI) collection:

Trenton High School - Monguagon Yearbook (Trenton, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Trenton High School - Monguagon Yearbook (Trenton, MI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Trenton High School - Monguagon Yearbook (Trenton, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 18

1950, pg 18

Trenton High School - Monguagon Yearbook (Trenton, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 69

1950, pg 69

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