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I I E 'Rolf I i I I F, M. L1 is ,M 1. Q ff , u 2 ' W A gf' ,. " ' Q- 4511-L ' ,V " I .. .eff 7' .M 1 , 4 1 V Q vi X 'K it 5 W Kfw 'A' ' an Lf 5:89 i 'Fir 5 0 1 X 5' a THE BCDBASHEL Trenton Central High School Trenton, New Jersey Order of the Book Dedication ............................. --- 2 Prologue - --- 4 Views --- -..- 5 Faculty .... - - - 1 1 Seniors - - ..... 2 7 Clubs .... ..... 9 9 Activities - - ..... 1 3 3 Sports ....... ..... 1 47 Sport Night .... .-..- 1 63 Epilogue ..... ..... 1 76 Volume 28 June l952 A Dedication.. SINCE 1945 Mr. Harry J. Bodine has been a member of the Trenton Board of Education. For two of these years Mr. Bodine served faithfully and conscientiously as President. Under his capable leadership the public schools of the city of Trenton have continued to serve the children of this communi- ty. His Wise counsel and his sympathetic understanding of the problems of public education have made him an invaluable mem- ber of that lay body which vigilantly guards the educational wel- fare of young Americans. Because of his unselfish devotion to the cause of American education in the city of Trenton, we, the members of the senior class of nineteen hundred Fifty-two, respectfully dedicate this issue of the Bolmsloelzz 110 Mr. Harry J. Bodine. 2 . I REQ if firm P' .......- Mr. Harry J. Bodine 3 .,.., F , W N N , Y Prologue .. Dear Reader: In the Bobaslaelfr, our treasure chest of memories, you will be a Witness to the highlights of the many different phases of our high school life. You will be in the audience listening to one of our exceptional- ly fine musical concerts. You will participate vicariously in one of our thrilling basketball games. You will relive your club ac- tivities and friendships. You will be a spectator at the Sport Nite show and realize Why a girl cries her heart out when her team loses. All of these activities reflect life at T.I-I.S. But which ones are the most important? Which ones really represent the SPIRIT OF T.I-I.S? We have pondered that question all year. Our answer will be found at the end of this volume. A GUR l I I 3 .Tu:..N-........, ing' ' """ l --.. 'zzz-'N ? 1 B' u my it 25" sn X E- fx 'S -1 'E x , t E I , 1 'lt 'K' WM Our hearts, our hopes, are all with thee, Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears, Our faith triumphant oler our fears, Are all with thee,-Are all with thee! 6 Longfellow Afffwfr N if 1 H, 'V ' C ',,,, 1 M, Ok" Qt, lx' A thing of beauty is 21 joy forever: Its lovelincss iucreasesg it will never Pass into nothingness. 7 w 'f .V L A'.Vf Tig Wt K ,fr 1 ,lm Q- Fiilflilh ' 5 ..-W., M NX fm 4, , ff e All experience is an arch, to build upon. Adams All are architects of fate, Wo1'lcing in these Walls of time. Longfellow any Go Where glory Waits thee! But While fame elates Oh, still remember rn thee, el Moore ln the still air the music lies unheardgln the rough marble beautv lies unseen. Bonar Our The The She Joy, 2' c,.. ,, ,, . ,,.,, E gy lifc is closed. our life begins, hung. long 11ucho1'nQ'C WC ICQWC ship is Clear at last, She leaps! swiftly Courses from the shore, shipmate, joy. 10 VVhirmau IS IT OUR FACULTY I ig if Jw, I 'x Mrs. Eric: Mackey Frank H. Wfimberley Daniel Spair Rupert Jahn Harry J. Bodine Board of Education I. Herbert Levy C. Harold Saidt FK Robert C. B . 5 Kami SeC1'et elvllle Dr. H. S. Urbaniak PXOY - -ident 3 . V 063555 ly Presxdent N X PAUL LOSER A. B., M.A., Litt. D. Muhlenberg, Columbia SUPILRINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS 13 PAUL R. SPENCER B.A., M.A., Ph. D. Wisconsin, Columbia PRINCIPAL I4 it f 1' A C ,if ,, A , l WILLIAM D. WALKER SARAH C. CHRISTIE A.B., M.A. B.A., M.A. Lafayette, Princeton, St. 1oscph's College, Columbia Columbia, Rutgers VICE-PRINCIPAL VICE-PRINCIPAL ALBERT C. WENZEL A.B. Pennsylvania, Rutgers VICE-PRINCIPAL l 5 l '41 wpsurf 'Wm AIADIQLINE BIRD HA. Maine, London CEnglandJ SOCIAL STUDIES ATTILIA F, BIXLER B.A., M.A. Wilson, N. Y. U. English, Latin Y-AISUUIIA' Club ROBERT H. BLOOM B.S., M.A. Ilrenton State Teachers, Columbia ENGLISH Shari Smry Club GEORG E R. BOLGE B.S., M.A. Trenton State Teachers, Rutgers ENGLISH FRANKLIN B. BOOTHERSTONE B.S. Trenton State Teachers, Rutgers Pennsylvania Union, G. E. Research Lab. SCIENCE L. ROGENE BORGEN HA., .lVIA. Kansas VVesleyan, Columbia, Northwestern MUSIC BIIIIFI .wav tibia I -fn.. Indy, I6 SAMUEL A. ALITO B.S., M.A. Trenton State Teachers, Rutgers SOCIAL STUDIES f.'I1fcfe1'il1 Corps' ANNA A. BARATA BS. N. J. College for NVomen SCIENCE LABORATORY Girls' SCIGIICL' Club JULIE, BARATA B.A.,AfI.A. N. 1. College for XVomen, Columbia ENGLISH, READING CLINIC LUCILLE A. BARLOW SECRETARY LESTER BARTLETT B.A. Bucknell, Rutgers, Columbia SOCIAL STUDIES VVILLIAAI L. BAXTER B.A., M.A. YVooster, Rutgers, McGill GUIDANCE, SOCIAL STUDIES Baskerlmll Cond: F3 FRANK BORGIA B.A. Rutgers, Columbia ITALIAN, SPANISH Italian Club MARION BOWYER Germantown Hospital, CPhila.D, Seton Hall NURSE HELEN M. BRADSHAW B.S. Columbia, Drexel, Rutgers HOME ECONOMICS JOHN VV. BROWVN Ph.B., Ed.M. Muhlenberg, Rutgers SOCIAL STUDIES Golf Coaob, Asst. Soply. Football Coach GRACE M. BULLOCK SECRETARY EMERSON H. BURDICK B.A. Syracuse, Rutgers, Columbia MATHEMATICS t'5l., M FRANK A. BUTCHER B.S., M.S. Rutgers, Trenton State Teachers, Temple COMMERCIAL ' Commerce Club l C. EDWARD CHRISTIAN B.A., Ed.M. Penn State, Rutgers f GUIDANCE, SOCIAL STUDIES FRANCES B. CHRISTIE B.A., M.A. Wilson, Pennsylvania, Maine ENGLISH, LIBRARY ERASMO S. CICCOLELLA B.A., M.A. Pennsylvania ENGLISH Spectator FRANK H. CLARK B.S., M.A. Rutgers, Cornell, Pennsylvania ENGLISH Debate, Nat'l Foremic Society ALBERT F. CLEMENS B.A., M.Ed. Albright, Rutgers PHYSICAL EDUCATION l . " Q . -ag, .. .. I 5 :2 ' . U ,. ,. f' 'Y1 : ' img! R w f 5 rf? 3 .35 . WILLIAM T. CREASY B.S., M.Ed. Bloomsburg State Teachers, Temple Trenton State Teachers, Rutgers SCIENCE Naruralists Club FRANK CROUSE BS. Columbia, Temple, Pennsylvania COMMERCIAL JOHN T. CCNNINGHAM B.S., M.Ed. Trenton State Teachers, Rutgers GENERAL SHOP YVALTER M. CYVVINSKI Columbia, Penn State U.S. Army Univ. Ex. Cltalyj, Pennsylvania ENGLISH Press, Quill and Scroll Society ALLEN B. DAKIN B.S., M.Ed. Rutgers COMMERCIAL Orgaizists CARL DANNERTI-I Penn State, Pennsylvania, Temple ELECTRIC SHOP Radio Club Q1-te? BERNICE E. CLEVELAND B.S. Temple PHYSICAL EDUCATION Girls' Sfwimrizirzg Coach PEARL CLIVER SECRETARY NOBLE O. COCHRAN B.S., M.A. Rutgers MECHANICAL DRAWING WALTER J. COLENDER B.S., M.A. N.Y.U. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Asst. Basketball Coach MARTHA S. COLLIER B.A. Wilson, Trenton State Teachers, Columbia ENGLISH FLORENCE S. COUGLE B.A., M.S. Ursinus, Pennsylvania, Columbia Rutgers, N. Y. U. GUIDANCE, SCIENCE I8 RICHARD I. DAVIS B. P. E. Springfield, N.Y.C., Rutgers HEALTH Cross Country Coacb EUGENE R. DELONG B.S., M.Ed. Muhlenberg, Rutgers SCIENCE CONSTANTINE M. DIAMOND B.S. N.Y.U., Trenton State Teachers, Pennsylvania SCIENCE Boys' Science Club MARGARET S. DICKINSON B.S. Rutgers PHYSICAL EDUCATION Personality Club, Uslaers Corps ANNA L. DIEHL B. Ed. in Com. Rider, Pennsylvania COMMERCIAL LEONARD S. DILEO B.S., NI. Ed. Trenton State Teachers, Temple PHYSICAL EDUCATION Boys' Leaders Corps, Asst. Football Coacla 'fi 1 ELIZABETH DILLON B. Litt. N. J. College for Women, Milton School of Theatre Isobel Merson School of Theatre Dietion ENGLISH Senior Play, Drama and Radio Club, Trenton Tlaespians VVILLIAM DOOLAN Rutgers, Trenton State Teachers MACHINE SHOP Asst. Soccer Coach FREDRICK WV. DREWES B.S., M. Ed. Muhlenberg Pennsylvania Rutgers MATHEMATICS ELEANOR R. DURAN B. C. S., B.S., M. Ed. Rider, Rutgers COMMERCIAL LOIS M. DUSINBURY B.S. Cornell, Columbia HOME ECONOMICS SAMUEL W. EBERLY B.A., A.M. Hlooster, Columbia HEAD OF GUIDANCE AND PLACEMENT DEPT. SHELDON VV. EI-IRINGER B.S., M.Ed. Millersville State Teachers, Temple, Penn State MATHEMATICS Football, Track Conch HELEN EVANS B.S., M.A. Rutgers, Smith, Columbia, Maine GUIDANCE, SCIENCE LAURA H. FELL Pennsylvania, Columbia, Simmons COMMERCIAL ELEANOR I. FLOOD B.A., M.A. Penn State, Columbia ENGLISH BERNARD F ORER B.A., M.A. Rutgers, Pennsylvania, N.Y.U. PHOTOGRAPHY Photography Club, Projection Crew HERMAN M. FOSS A.B., M.A. Hamilton, Columbia ENGLISH Laureate 5. , 3. 5 31 2 H :' 3 'f,-, 1: - . H ,K 5.7-,gt ' K' 22 N 'Z af . o I sa A IN' I f ,--. 1 an I T.. ' A :3.e',a, I . . Q, , . fi-F f Q, V-,Q x fjayf. 1 5 5 I My L + S-. , X Q X an xx ,,,f,-Q l 'J F3314 . K , ..'. , . N . , X . qe,...aHg A llel if DR. HARRY A. F RINGER B.S., M.A., Ed. D. Stout Institute, Columbia, Rutgers HEAD OF INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPT. ELIZABETH M. FUHRMANN B.S. in Ed. N.Y.U., Columbia, Boston SOCIAL STUDIES Parr-Arllericnrr Club CATHERINE R. GALE B.S., M.A. N.Y.U., Columbia, Rutgers COMMERCIAL WARD B. GEDNEY B.S., M.A. Columbia COMMERCIAL School Store B. BARRY GORDON B.S., M.A. Rutgers, N.Y.U., Pratt Institute INDUSTRIAL ARTS Cafeteria Corps HELEN GROOM R.N., B.S. Jersey City Med. Center, jersey City State Teachers HEALTH mg J kg X- ,Eg 52 15" Hi 'Q' 3 I5 .A-5 X 5 HZ I , . Q f.- . I ' , Y ve 4 x z. , A , , 5 f g J X A . V GEORGE JABLON B.S., M.B.A. American Int'l College, Pennsylvania Penn State, lVestern State Teachers, Rutgers, Trenton State Teachers, Temple COMMERCIAL WARREN A. JOCHEM B.S., M.A. Trenton State Teachers, Rutgers VVOOD SHOP Activities Club HAROLD S. JONES B.S., M.A. Lincoln, Columbia, Wlest Chester State Teachers, Rutgers GUIDANCE, SCIENCE C. FOSTER JUNE B.S. Temple, Rutgers, Trenton State Teachers DRIVING EDUCATION VIRGINIA KACHDORIAN SECRETARY ELEANOR M. KEATING B.S. Temple, School of American Ballet PHYSICAL EDUCATION YF 21 DANIEL L. HAGGERTY B.S. Villanova, Rutgers, Pennsylvania SCIENCE HAROLD B. HALLNIAN B.S., KLA. Gettysburg, Columbia HEAD OF MATHEMATICS DEPT. Pythagorean Society BESSIE N. HILL A.B. Howard, Columbia, Indiana, Rutgers, Montclair State Teachers GUIDANCE, ENGLISH CHARLES E. HILLEGASS A.B. Princeton, Columbia, Pennsylvania MATHEMATICS DR. JOSEPH HOFFMAN B.A., Ph.D. Buffalo, Yale, Sorbonne CParisD, Madrid, Mexico, Rutgers, Rider HEAD OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPT. Philatelic Club DR. CHARLES HOGAN B.S., M. Ed., M.A., Ed.D. Trenton State Teachers, Rutgers, Columbia, Pennsylvania, N.Y.U. ENGLISH Sigma Epsilon Tkettl t,si H--M oe.. ,J .-2. F "" ft - sitl was .tss ' f v .emgii lQQMa mm 53 ...ll .Sir J M.D. LA FOUNTAIN A.B., M.A. Middlebury, Pennsylvania Trenton State Teachers, Rutgers GUIDANCE, LATIN Latin Club JOSEPH R. LANZI American School, QChicagoD School of Swedish Massage and Physical Therapy Dr. Bilik's School for Trainers Penn State BOYS' LOCKER ROOM MARY LAPIN B.S. Temple, Rider COMMERCIAL Arnanueusis Club JOSEPH LO BUE B.S., M.A. Temple, Pennsylvania ENGLISH Bobusbela THELMA E. LOMAX B.S. Cheyney State College, Temple, Rutgers HOME ECONOMICS Costume Club C. W. LOWDEN Ph.B. Lafayette, Columbia, Temple MATHEMATICS Soplo. Football Coach JOHN F. KELSEY A.B., M.A. Syracuse, Sorbonne CParisD, Rochester FRENCH F reuclo Club RUSSELL E. KLINGER A.B., M.A. Susquehanna, Bucknell, Penn State Rutgers, Michigan State HEAD OF SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT Forum Club DAPHNE L. KOENIG B.A., M.A. Alberta CCanadaD, Columbia, Barlow Theater Studies Parsons School of Design, Internat'l School of Art CMexic0D ART Art Club WILLIAM P. KOSTAR B.A., M.A. Trenton State Teachers, Columbia SOCIAL STUDIES Specmzor Business IRENE D. KOZMA SECRETARY WALTER P. KRICHLING B.S. Pennsylvania PHYSICAL EDUCATION Asst. Football Couch, Leaders Corps BARBARA D. LUDWIG A.B., M.A. Georgian Court, Columbia, Boston, Rutgers, Trenton State Teachers ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN VERENA L. LUSCHER A.B., A.M. Cornell ENGLISH Phi Zeta Club WALTER T. MACDONOUGH B.S. Rutgers, N.Y.U. MECHANICAL DRANVING Woodcraft Club J. GORDON MANZER B.A., M.A. Acadia CNova Scotiab, Columbia HEAD OF SCIENCE DEPT. Experimenrem' Club BEATRICE E. MAROTTE B.S., M.A. Trenton State Teacher, Rutgers Pennsylvania ENGLISH Belles Letrres Society ANGELL MATHEWSON B.A., M.A. Hamilton, Pittsburgh, Rutgers HEAD OF ENGLISH DEPT. l 23 HARRIET N. MATHIS SECRETARY MARY E. MEAGHER Ph.B., M.A. Chicago, Columbia, N.Y.U., Rutgers GUIDANCE, SOCIAL STUDIES Clioiziau Society DOROTHY N. MENDREY SECRETARY HARRY R. MICHELSON A.B., M.A. N.Y.U., Rutgers ENGLISH Pbilology Club MORRIS E. MIDKIFF B.S. Colgate, Rutgers, Columbia ENGLISH LESTER M. MINKEL B.A., M.Di., B.S. Iowa State Teachers, Iowa, Columbia School of Library Service LIBRARIAN If 5 wE7'f?r"' H "Liner: 195151: H ls Q as fe x li it 'ik ALFRED NEUSCHAEFER A.B., A.M. Rutgers, Columbia HEALTH S'7.Ul77Z7lZl7Zg Coach MAMIE L. PEITZMAN B.S. Rutgers, Rider COMMERCIAL ISABELLE M. QUICK B.S. Bridgewater State Teachers CMa Harvard, N.Y.U. PHYSICAL EDUCATION GAA., Girls' Leaders Corps ERNEST Y. RAETZER B.S., M.A. Ursinus, Pennsylvania SOCIAL STUDIES Forum Club CATHERINE B. READ B.S., M.A. Columbia MATHEMATICS ELSIE O. SAILE B.S., M.A. Pennsylvania ENGLISH i , , S SCOTT MOSOVICH B.Ed. Rider, Rutgers, VVashington and Lee COMMERCIAL VIOLA H. MOSS B.S. Rutgers HOME ECONOMICS HARRY A. MULDER B.S. Trenton State Teachers MUSIC Clooir, Cloorux, Male Glee Club KENNETH T. MURPHEY A.B., M.A. Bucknell ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS Tennis Coach EDWARD G. MURPHY B.S., B.P.E., M.Ed. Rutgers, Notre Dame, N.Y.U. American College Physical Ed. HEAD OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPT. THOA4AS E. MURPHY B.S., M.A. Bucknell MATHEMATICS Baseball Coach KATHERINE B. SCHEICH B.S., M.A. Trenton State Teachers, Columbia COMMERCIAL Commerce Club ALFRED E. SCHIELKE B.S. Trenton State Teachers, Rutgers AUTO SHOP ARTHUR E. SCHOENER B.S.C. Temple, Pennsylvania HEAD OE COMMERCIAL DEPT. School Treasurer Principal of Eeerzirzg High DOROTHY M. SCHWEDER SECRETARY BORIS P. SEMASKO B.S., M.A. Rutgers, Columbia ENGLISH Operetta ANDREW G. SEXTON A.B. Columbia COMMERCIAL l Q V: ITN Helix- f as , ww J . is , S f new as 2' Q 5 ME WT mpg: 25 FRIEBIS G. SIEGFRIED B.S., M.A. Columbia, Pennsylvania ART Art Club JOHN L. SLAVIK B.S. Columbia, Rutgers, N.Y. School of Fine and Applied Arts, Tony Sarg's Studio, University School of Handicrafts, Tren- ton School of Industrial Arts, Temple ART LOIS S. SMITH B.A., M.A. Grinnell, Columbia, Iowa, Rutgers GUIDANCE, SOCIAL STUDIES EDITHA M. STARKEY SECRETARY EARL W. STEFFY Ph.B., M.A. Muhlenberg, N.Y.U., Mexico, Sorbonne CQParisD, Columbia GERMAN, SPANISH German Club ERMA G. STRAUSS A.B. Swarthmore, Yale, Rutgers, Trenton State Teachers SOCIAL STUDIES . .., ' 1,- REYNIOLD L. STRUNK if W 3 , In 1 - Kutztown Teachers College, Temple W ""'-If Q N . .. ART Smgecraft . . . A,lll ., NELLIE H. TERRY My Coiumbia, Chicago, N.Y.U. Trenton State Teachers, Pennsylvania, .. Rutgers vi I , COMMERCIAL Ei A School Banking I CATHERINE E. UMBERGER SECRETARY NIAUD VAN NATTA BS. Cornell, Columbia HOME ECONOMICS WILLARD VROOM B.S., M.A. Middlesex Co. Vocational School 5 V Rutgers P I 3 PRINT SHOP I H ANE A. WALSP' ALBERT W. WASSELL y . A . , J RN B S M A 3. L , . ., . ., . . B'A" M'A' jersey City Med. Center, Pennsylvania Colby, Tufts, N.Y.U., Boston, Colorado, an Columbia Mozarteum Conservatory CSalzburg, Ng., HEALTH Austrial MUSIC 1 h H I' Owberrwr ,,,,, DAVID WEISBERG WILLIAM R. WEAVER ,,,, ,,I, B-5- AB. Rutgers, Pennsylvania Franklin and Marshall, ASSISTAQT EUOSMRZ VIZEMEL Millersville Normal, Clarld Rutgers SAI V 806687 OM ' ewwe MP5 GUIDANCE, SOCIAL STUDIES Director of Intramurals F. MURRAY WESTOVER Syracuse, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Rutgers. SCIENCE D. R. WHITE Albright ENGLISH, LIBRARY HOWARD I. WHITE B.S., M.A. Syracuse, Columbia COMMERCIAL LLOYD L. WILLIAMS Trenton State Teachers, Columbia, N.Y.U. SOCIAL STUDIES World F edemlists, I.V. Football Coach 26 J NTS 'P Harlan Peterson Personality plus! That's Kathie Barwis who held the office of secretary of the class of 1952. Kathie was well known by her classmates as a very capable person for this job. She held many other offices, such as president of the Red Cross Club, Vice-president of Quill and Scroll Society, secretary of Clionian Society, and many others. She was Mistress of Cere- monies during Sport Nite. Whatever her plans for the future, we are sure Kathie will fulfill them. n -V Known among his classmates as "Tinker," Harlan was selected as our junior class presi- dent, and as a reward for the splendid work he did, he was elected president of the senior class of 1952. A member of the LV. and Var- sity Basketball squads, he displayed his great versatility in sports. His other extracurricular activities included membership in the Forum Club and the Presidents' Council. We are sure that his success as the president of the class of 1952 will help him to be a success in the future. S e n i o Kathryn Barwis To assist the president in leading the senior class, the seniors elected Donald Henderson, better known as 'LDon,', and known around the school as a wonderful guy. Don was a star diver on the T.H.S. swimming team. He was also a member in good standing, of the Forum Club and Sigma Epsilon Theta. The position of vice-president was nicely filled by Don, who worked at his best, along with the other officers, to make the class of 1952 one of the best ever. Jfflcers Dolores Brienza Donald Henderson Dolores Brienza, better known as "Dee", was elected treasurer of the class of 1952. Dee's attractive personality also helped her win other honors, such as secretary of the Quill and Scroll Society, vice-president of the Pan-American Club, head of the Black Team's songs and cheers for Sport Nite, and many others. Dee hopes to enter State Teachers College and begin an elementary school teaching ca- reer. We wish her well. AARONSON, HOVVARD, Ind. Arts A - Stagecraft '51,'52. AARCNSON, SHIR- LEY, Sl9i1'l,' Gen. Bus. AARONSON, VVILLIAM, Willy, Fine Arts. ADAMS, GERALD, Gerry, Acad. - H.R. Pres. '51. ADAMS, RICHARD, Dick, Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'51, Pres. '52, Rhetoricians '50, Treas. '51, Spectator Bus. '51, Layout Ed. '52, Nat'l Tliespians '51, '52, Experiinenters '52, Quill and Scroll '52, State Finalist, American Legion Oratorical Contest '51, Boys State'51, Poetry Reading Contest '51, Operetta '50, Senior Play '51, '52. ADAMS, ZENOLIA, Zin, Gen. Bus. - Black Props '52, FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Q ' I am the Spirit of the Q r n "lv "gg Nw... AIKENS, EDVVARD, Tefzbrzllg Ind. Arts B -j.V. Basketball '50, Vars. Basketball '51, ADKINS, RICHARD, Sczzmp, Ind. Arts B. ALBANEZI, GEORGE, Logan, Ind. Arts A. ALLAIRE, RICHARD, Dick, Acad. - Naturalists '50, French '51,'52. ALLEN BARBARA, Bobbie, Gen. Bus. - Natur- alists '52, Inter-Club Council 152. ALLEN, LAXVRENCE, LnH'y,' Ind. Arts A - Stage- craft '50,'51,'52. ,xx Aix -lv Q -f'3',.ffif' 1, if :L L .mv iv, i 1' .ar M X if A 1 ' -.E . -1- si 541 : ' ist, 'ii A sa ALLER, JOAN, Acad. - Latin '50, Art '50, Belles Lettres ,50,'51, Orchestra '5O,,51, '52, Pan-American '51,'52, Spectator '51, '52, Red Cross '52, Black Music '51,'52g Black Costumes '52, Black Publicity '52, Quill and Scroll '52. ALVINO, ANNA- MAE, Home Ec. AMICO, SAMUEL, Ind. Arts B. ANDERSON, MARY JANE, Tiny, Gen Bus. ANGELINI, ANN, Sec. - Arn- anuensis '51,'52. APAI, JOHN, Fine Arts - Stagecraft '50,'51,'52, Photography '51, '52, Spectator Photography '51,'52, Bob- ashela Photography '51,'52. BUILDINGS A, B, C, and D. XVhich was which? YVe wandered around, and by the time we found the, right room, we had missed ten or fifteen minutes of the class. So, in September, 1949, we began three of the best years of our lives, in the Best School in the World. APPLE, ROBERT, F mit, Acad. - French '5l,'52, H. R. Sec. '51. ARBOLINO, CONNIE, Cookie, Gen Bus. ARING, VVILLIAM, Bill, Aacd. ARMITAGE, THOMAS, Tommy, Ind. Arts B - Projection '5O,'51,'52. ARM- STRONG, ORA MAE, Fine Arts - Cafe- teria corps 152. ASH, BARBARA, Baby, Gen. Bus. - H. R. Treas. 752. A A - if , gf' S. S A 5.15 rf v , . . . 5 f Q. , 'iff .V " . H 'M 'fx A Il i' .A A55 ii , 'KH' ,s if fy k , EEL ' kg. U , ':i?i?ig .-A - iff- .. 5 . ' ,L iff :mx vif.'. iiillilx I-'w3f ,' 1a, "e ' in - ...'. ,.'. .4 -E ..,.,.,.. f...., 1 ...,-. -. . figs. ' ' ' ' .f'. ff' Eizsfwzz " 31 Mis 'V -- W 'iq'- nw A USTIN, ALICE, Al, Gen. Bus. - Photog- raphy '50,'51,'52, Skating '51,'52j Sec. for Teacher '52, Bobashela, Sr. Typist '52. AZAROWICZ, DORIS, Sec. - Y-Teens Ainanuensis 752, Art '52, Red Cross '52, H. R. Sec. '51. BABECKI, WESLEY, Wes, Acad. - Clionian '51 '52, H.R. Pres. '50,'51,752. BAHR, HAROLD, Hvzwyg Acad.- Stage- craft l50,'51,'52, Nat'l Forensic League '51, Lighting for Sport Night, Operetta, Senior Play '50,'51,'52. BAILEY, WILLIAM, Ind. Arts B - Activities '52, BAIR, LU- CILLE, Lou, Sec. - Y-Teens '50, Cafeteria Corps '51. 'Q' I am the Spirit of the BALL, THOMAS, Tommy, Acad. - Boys' Science '50, Vice-Pres. ,51,'52, Experi- menters ,52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50, H.R. Pres. '51. BANNISTER, LORRAINE, Gen. Bus. BARAN, DOROTHY, Dot, Gen. Bus, - Phi Zeta '52. BARBER, MICHAEL, Ind. Arts A. BARBUTO, MARY ANN, Mare, Gen. Bus. - H.R. Vice-Pres. '50, H.R. Pres. '51. BARLOVV, THOMAS, B0-Bo, Acad. - Clionian '50,'51,,52, Boys' Leaders Corps '51,'52, Asst. Director, Intramural Program '52, j.V. Baseball '50, '51, Soph. Basketball '50, H.R. Pres. '50. -Q. DRAMA. .nf wr , X ., ia 1, Q: 1 .:f,i1fi,i"":' W, I 4: 'Q 3 1, gk M me ,I -as BARTOLOMEI, MICHAEL, Mickey, Ind. Arts. B. BARTUS, LORETTA, Lorrie, Acad. - Latin '51, Pan-American '52, Black Games '50, Black Character '51,'52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51, Usher Corps, Sec'y-Treas. '52 Spectator '52. BARWIS, KATH- RYN, Kathie, Acad. - Red Cross '5O,51, Pres. '52, Chorus '50, Treas. '51, Sec. '52, Clionian '51, Sec. '52, Quill and Scroll, Vice- Pres. '52, Vice-Pres. City-wide junior Red Cross Council '52, Mistress of Ceremonies '52, jr. Executive Comm. '51, Spectator '51, Co-Copy Ed. '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52, Op- eretta '50,51,'52, Sec. Senior Class '52, BATE, FAYE, Skeeter, Sec. - Commerce '51,'52, Inter-Club Council 752, Red Publi- city '51, Red Usher '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52, Sec. to Teacher '5 2. BATTISTE, CECE- LIA, Cele. Gen. Bus. - Personality '51,'52, Red Character '50,'51,'52, Ballet, Prelude '50,'51,'52, Inter-Club Council '52, Operetta '50,'51,'52. BATTISTE, JOSEPH, Bucky, Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '51, H.R. Vice- Pres. '52. ON December 9 and 10, 1949, the drama and music students presented the operetta, THE MERRY WIDOW, by Sigmund Romberg. Stella Fruscione and George Courtney had the leading roles. As usual an appreciative audience packed the auditorium each night. BEATTY, HENRY, Cofwpoke, Ind. Arts B. BECKER ,SONYA, Sonny, Sec. - German '50, Vice-Pres. '51, Sec. '52, French '51, Red Gaines '5O,'51,52. BEHN, GENEVIEVE, Gen, Sec. - Personality '50,'51,'52, Leaders Corps '50,'51,'52, 1st. Lieut. Gym '51, Black Character '50,'51, Chairman Black Character '52, H.R. Treas. '50,'52, Managing Ed. Bob- ashela '52. BENEDETTI, CARLO, Chuck, Acad. - Forum '50,'51,'52, Italian '51, Pres. '52, H.R. Sec. '52. BENSON, JOAN, Acad. BER- GER, SONDRA, Acad. - Drama and Ra- dio '50,'51,'52, Rhetoricians '50,'51,'52 Philology '50,'51,'52, Quill and Scroll '52, Spectator Jr. Asst. '51, Spectator Bus. '52. BERNSTEIN, jERRY, Bewzius, Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'51,'52, Pythagorean '51,'52, H. R. Pres. '50, Senior Play '51, BERRIEN, ALFRED, Al, Acad. - Pytha- gorean '51, Pres. '52, Boys' Science '51,'52. BERTLES DORIS, Dee, Selling - Leaders Corps '50,'51,'52, Photography '52, G.A.A. '50,'51,'52, Costume Committee '51, Chair- man Red Props. '52, School Store '52. BERTONI, JOSEPH, foe, Gen. Bus. BETHEA, ROBERT, Woodevz Legg Gen Bus. - Radio Club '51, j.V. Football '50, Vars. Track '50,'51,'52, H.R. Vive-Pres.'52. BINGHAM, ALBERT, Bingo, Ind. Arts A - Vars. Track '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51. I am the splrlt of BIRKS, NANCY, N ance, Acad. - Clionian '50,'51,'52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Red Cross '51,'52, Usher Corps '51,'52, Specta- tor jr. Asst. '51, Sr. Asst. '52, Black Color Guard '5 2. BISHOP, BEATRICE, Bea, Gen. Bus. BLUMGOLD, HILDA, Acad. - Cafeteria Corps '50, Spectator Bus. '50, Christmas Play '50, Repertory Theatre '50, Rhetoricians '51, Italian '51,'52, Naturalists '52, Italian Award '51, Poetry Contest, School and City, 2nd Place '52, Debate '50, '51,'52, National Forensic League '50,'51,'52, Humorous Declamation, State Finals '51, Picture Ed. Spectator '52, Discussion Group '52, Student Director of Operetta '52, Usher Corps '51,'52, Quill and Scroll '52. BOAZ, WILLIAM, Bozo, Acad. - Mixed Chorus '50, Choir '51,'52, Male Glee Club '50,'51,'52, Operetta '50,'51,'52, German '51, '52. BOBIK, EMIL, Bob, Acad. - Chor- us '50,'51,'52, Choir '50,'51,'52, Forum '51, '52, Band '50, Orchestra '50 Operetta '5O,'51, '52, Soph. Football '50. BODENSTEIN, JOAN, Sl901'ty,' Gen. Bus. - Honor Roll '50. M ,I .,, if .Elf M ,Q ff, x 5 i BODNAR, IRENE, I, Gen. Bus. - Orches- tra '50,'51,'52, Skating '52, Sec. Orchestra '52. BODNAR, JOAN, Ioavlieg Acad. - Spanish '51, Operetta Prop Com. '51,'52, Costume '52, Inter-Club Council '51, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50, H.R. Treas. '51, H.R. Sec. '52, Honor Roll, '50,'51,'52. BONIFAZI, MARY ANN, Tootsie, Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '50, BOOR, JULIA, Indy, Gen. Bus. - Coper- nican '51. BOOZ, MARTIN, Marty, Gen. Bus. BORKOWSKI, TERESA, Terry, Gen. Bus. On November 11, 1949, the football season came to an end. The T.H.S. Torna- does won tive out of eight games, but were defeated by a score of 7 to 6 by the fighting Trenton Catholic eleven in the final game of the season. i QB' 5 ,, . . if Q 35 BOYD, ELIZABETH, Betty, Acad. - Choir '50,'51,'52, Chorus '50,'52, Operetta Chorus '50,'51,'52. BRAY, SYLVIA, Sandy, Fine Arts - Honor Roll '51. BRECHTEL, MABEL, May, Gen. Bus. - Leaders Corps '51,'52, Y-Teens '51,'52. Red Flag Bearer. BRENNA, DANIEL, Damzy, Acad. BRIENZA, DOLORES, Dee, Acad. - Personality '51,'52, Pan-American '51, Vice- Pres. '52, jr. Executive Com. '51, Quill and Scroll '51, Sec. '52, Red Cross '52, Sr. Execu- tive Comm. '52, Black Character '50, Black Cheerleader '51, Chairman '52, Sr. Asst. Bobashela '52, jr. Spectator '51, H.R. Treas. '52, Sr. Class Treas. '52, BRIGGS, RA- CHEL, Victoriag Fine Arts. 'R . , ,M .fm f- .JW W fa 41 I i hun' Wm. wth. 1' . so Qi' i N .g ma A Bi 6 .. - ' may BRILLANTINE, VIRGILg Acad. - H.R Pres. '52. BRODOWSKI, ARTI-IURQ Ski Gen. Bus. BRONNER, LILLIAN3 Lili Acad. - Spectator '52. BROWN, ALBERTg Ind. Arts B. BROWN, DAVIDg Bubbieg Ind. Arts B.- H.R. Treas. '51. BROWN, MARLENE, Marg Acad. I am the spirit of 'S- Q 'L W fa...-f af"i 1 we K LZ 1 . an A Y 'Q hx OUTSTANDING STUDENTS. BROWNLEE, DENNIS5 Denny g Gen. Bus. BROZENA, HELEN5 Acad. - H.R. Sec. '51. BUCHER, COLIN5 Butchg Acad. - Activities '51g j.V. Swimming '505 Vars. Swimming '51, 7525 Vars. Track '51g Clion- ian ,52. BUCKLEY, BERT5 Buckyg Acad. - Exec- utive Committee '50g Service Corps '51, Mgr. '52g j.V. Soccer '50g J.V. Football '51. BULAVCSAK, DOROTI-IYg Dotg Sec. - Cafeteria Corps '50,751 BULLOCK SHIRLEYg Slairtg' Home EC. 7 BUNN, GLORIA, Bmmyg Gen. Bus. - Photography '52, BURGESS, DEPRES- SA, Dee, Acad. - Phi Zeta '52. BURKE ESTELLE, Stelleg Acad. - Latin '50, Treas. '51,'52, Belles Lettres '50,'51, Spectator Bus. '51,'52, Girls' Science '51,'52, Foreign Lan- guage Librarian '50,'51,'52, Debate '52, BURNS, MARTHA, Gen. Bus. BUR- TON, RICHARD, Dicle, Ind. Arts B. BYRD, VIRGINIA, Bi1f'die,Ac1m'.- United World Federalists '50,'51, Phi Zeta '51, Skating '52, Cafeteria Corps '52, ON October 29, 1949, a few students of the art department took honors 1n the annual Kiwanis Hallowe'en Window painting contest BYRNES, NANCY, Nance, Acad. G.A.A. '5O,'51, Swimming Team '50, H.R. Vice- Pres. '50,'51, Literary Ed. Laureate '51, As- sociate Ed. Bobashela '52, Honor Guard '52. CAIN, ELAINE, Kitten, Acad. - Natur- alists '5 1, Sec'y-Treas. '52, World Federalists '51, Speech '50, Press '51, CALABRESE, EUGENE, Breezy, Ind. Arts B-Social Dance '50,'51 '52, Band '50, Orchestra '50, Noon Time Dancing '51,'52. CALDERONE, CARMEN: Gmzzi, Ind. Arts B. CALTAGIRONE, ROSALIE, Roe, Gen. Bus.-Naturalists '50, Italian '50 '51,'52, Choir '50,'51,52, H.R. Treas. '50,'51, '52, CAMPBELL, LILLIE, Peggy, Home Ec. CAMPO, RALPH, Raffeg Ind. Arts B - Vars. Basketball '51,'52. CANNULI, PHILOMENA, Mena, Gen. Bus. - Lead- ers Corps 752. CANULI, THERESA Terry, Gen. Bus. CAPONE, NICHOLAS, N icky Ind. Arts A CAPPA, NANCY, Nmfzt, Gen. Bus. CAPPLE, SALLY ANN, Susie, Acad. -Y- Teens '50,'51,'52. To 8 X.. gt E I am the spirit of STUDENT ADMINISTRATION. 38 CARATELLA, ROSALIE, Ro, Gen. Bus. CARLIN, PHYLLIS, Pbylg Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '50. CARLISLE, PHILIP, Phil, Acad - Forum '50,'51,'52g Glee Club '50,'51, Chorus '50,,51, Stagecraft '51,'52, Sigma Epsilon Theta I51,'52. CARNEVALE, CLODAGH, Clog Acad.- Latin '50, Drama and Radio '50, Personality '5l,'52, Pan American '51, Treas. '52, Red Cross 752, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51, Leaders Corps '52. CARROW, MARY, Sec. -- Amanuensis '51,'52, Feature Ed. Steno Memo '52. CARTER, JOSEPH, foe, Acad. CARUSO, JOAN, 10, Gen. Bus. CAR- VER, BEVERLY, Sandy, Gen. Bus. - Copernican '51, Costume '51, '52, G.A.A. '51,'52, Usher Corps '52, Y-Teens '52, Bowling '52. CASCONE, PETER, Satclo, Acad. - Photography '52. CASE, GARNETT, Tink, Selling - Lead- , .. '.."e.-. A 4 n l wa 1 wr -Y Q1 - 521f""" 3, if 1 i . ers Corps '50,'515 G.A.A. '50,'51,'52, Pho- ' gm tography '52, School Store '51, Asst. Man. '52. CASTALDO, DONALD, D071 ' 7 Gen. Bus. - Stagecraft '51,'52, H.R. Vice- Pres. '50,'51. CASTELIZE, JEANETTE, Muyclesg Home EC. - Art '52. , "Q, , 4 f ., V' . ,, r , ,f iff. wait. ' f THE sophomore homeroom presidents under the direction of Miss Sarah Christie, Vice-principal, formed a constitutional committee. This committee drew up the governing laws of the sophomore class. 9-'Y so 5 A, W ag: 'f K e 1 r 3"'zf'f-K Qi x Emi gm: 39 CASTGR, ALBERT, SliWz,' Acad. - Italian '51,'52, Band '50,'51, Mgr. '52, Orchestra '50, '5 1,'5 2. CASTRANOVA, CAROLYN5 Sec. - Commerce '52, H.R. Treas. '50,'51. CELLINI, ROSEMARY, Ro, Sec. - Co- pernican '50, Y-Teens '50,'51,'52, Person- ality '52, Red Cross '52, Black Character '51, '52, H.R. Sec. '5O,'51, Inter-Club Council '51,'52. CERVONE, DOLORES, Dee, Acad. - Art '5 0,'5 1,'5 2. CESARO, ANTOI- NETTE, Toni, Sec. - Amanuensis '51,'52g Commerce '5 2. CETKOWSKI, RICH- ARD, Red, Ind. Arts B - j.V. Soccer '50, '51, Vars. Soccer '52. X X f , CHIANESE, FRANCESQ Framzieg Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '51. CHRISTIE, BARBARA5 Babsg Home Ec. CIABAT- TONI, ALGERg Alg Acad. - Forum '50, '51,'52g Chorus '50,'51,'525 Italian '515 Vice- Pres. '52g Choir '51,'52. CIAFREI, DOMINICKQ Burmig Ind. Arts B-Operetta Props '51,'52. CIANFRANO, BENJAMIN5 B6'7Z7'ly,' Ind. Arts A-H.R. Pres. '50,'51,'52. CIARKA, JOSEPHQ joey Gen. Bus. ,, "Um fw- 4910-1 CHARLIP, SANDRAg Sang Gen. Bus. CHARNICK, DOLORES3 Deeg Gen. Bus School Store '51, Asst. Mgr. '52. CHELL DANIEL5 Dingleg Acad. - Clionian '5O,'51 '52, CHENKUS, FLORENCE5 Flag Gen. Bus CHEPEGA, jOSEPHg j0e,' Gen. Bus. CHIACCHIO, ANNEg Cbicog Sec. - Spec- tator Bus. '50,'51,'529 Quill and Scroll '51 '52g Commerce '51, Sec. '52g H.R. Sec. '51 H.R. Vice-Pres. '52. I am the spirit of BASKETBALL. H 5 5 11 f s rw, an-5 Nw . I-,. ? ,gg Q Y 7 CICCARELLO, JOSEPHQ j'0e,' Ind. Arts B. CLARICI, LORETTAg Loretg Sec. -Chor- us 'Sly Amanuensis '525 Red Tap '51,525 H.R. Treas. l50,'51,'52g Operetta '51g Spring Concert '51. CLAYTON, PATRICIAQ Pattig Sec. - Usher Corps '5O,'51,'525 Aman- uensis '52g Skating '50, Co-Capt. '51,'52. CLEARY, JOSEPH5 I0e,' Acad. CLY- BURN, GENEg SlJ01'ty,' Gen. Bus. COHEN, .IANETg jmzg Acad. - Latin '50g Drama and Radio '50g Philology '51,'52g Rhetoricians '51,'52g Cafeteria Corps 'Sly Spectator Bus. '51,'52g National Forensic League ,5l,l52g Debating '51,'52. AFTER a seven-game winning streak at the beginning of the season, the T. H. S. courtsters went into a slum , and wound u with ten losses of the ei hteen P Pu Q n 1 v gl s games played. Coach Baxter expressed great praise for the fighting spirit of his charges. COLLIGAN, jACQUELINEg Iackieg Acad. - Y-Teens '50,'51, Treas. '525 Li- brary '505 Naturalists '52, G.A.A. '51,'52, Sr. Asst. Bobashela '52g Bowling '52, COLVIN, HOWARDg Hofwieg Acad. - Service Corps '50,'51g Male Glee Club '50, '52g Discussion Group '51g French '52g Phil- ology '52g Tennis '51g Cross Country '50g Track '5O,'51,'52g Bowling '52g Mario Volpe Oratorical Award 3rd. '51g COMISKY, ALBERTg Alg Ind. Arts A. CONOVER, CAROL5 Gen. Bus. - Red Color Guard. CONOVER, LOUISg Acad. - Service Corps '515 Photography '525 Photographer for Bobashela, Press Class, Spectator '523 Photography Ed. Bobashela 752. CONSTANCE, DELORES5 Del,- Gen. Bus. - Costume '51, Treas. '52g H.R. Treas. '51. will 15 Txff 1 T' . imc. ya, , ,O ,Q ' A Q CONTI, CARMELA, Tootsie, Gen. Bus. COOK, GRACE, Cookie, Gen. Bus. - Pro- perty Comm. '52. COOK, ROBERT, Cookie, Ind. Arts B. COPELAND, HAROLD, Cope, Ind. Arts B. COPELAND, JAMES, Cope, Ind. Arts B. COPPER, WALTER, Walt, Acad. - Experimenters '52, Naturalists '52. R S I am the spirit of sf K 'fi-if .. W oe ., 1 I I M , ,W SPORT NITE. CORTINA, BENJAMIN, Cort, Gen. Bus. COSTANZO, ROSARIO, Tvfiz, Ind. Arts B. COTTRELL, RUSSELL, Russ, Ind. Arts A - Activities '50,'51,'52, H.R. Vice- Pres. '52. COUNTS, DAVID, Stmg, Fine Arts. COWELL, DANIEL, Skip, Acad. -Band '5O,'51,'52, German, Pres. '51,'52, Natural- ists '52, Track '51, H.R. Sec. '50. COX, VIRGINIA, Gimzy, Acad. - Latin '50, French '51,'52, National Forensic League '51, Debate '51, Girls' Science '51,'52, H.R. Sec. '50,'51, Pres. '52. 'wWagr..- ,K R sm, , ar V so ,I r zgigggi-:H 1 f 'R , is J ,-as: .. at ,, -Mx J x r f ""5n'i fx' CRANMER, PAUL, Gen. Bus. - Soph. Football '50, Press '52, School Store '52. CRAY, RONALD, Lefty, Ind. Arts B. CRESCENZI, JULIUS, jule, Ind. Arts A- Activities '51,'52. CRIBBS, MARTHA, Sister, Acad.-World F ederalists '51,'5 2, Service Corps ,5 2, Skat- ing '52. CRIVELLI, FRANK, Red, Acad. - Leaders Corps. '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51,'52. cRossEY, WILLIAM, Bill, Acad. - Boys' Science '52, Woodcraft '52. IN the sixteenth annual girls' Sport Nite, jane Poinsett led the Red Team to victory against the Blacks' Sally Yeager. The theme of the annual extravaganza, held on March 20-24, 1950, was FLIGHT SIXTEEN. CROSSLAND, JOAN, Home Ec. CRO- WELL, FREDERICK, Freddy, Acad. - j. V. Basketball '5O. CRUCIANI, EVE- LYN, Eve, Sec. CRUMMEY, HELEN, jazz, Home Ec. CSERCSEVITS, SHIRLEY, Sbirlg Gen. Bus. - Costume '50,'51, Pres. '52, Spectator Bus. '50,'51,'52, Quill and Scroll ,51,'52, Spring Concert '50, Window Painting '52, G.A.A. '51,'52. CSOGI, CLARA, Gen. Bus. CURRIE, ROBERT5 Bobg Ind. Arts B. CZIGLER, ROBERT5 Zeleeg Ind. Arts A- Band '5O,'51,'52. CZYZEWSKI, LOR- RAINEg Rai1zy,' Gen. Bus. - Costume '505 Red Cross '5l,'52g Personality '51,'52g Pan- American '525 H.R. Sec. '51. D'ABRONZO, LORRAlNEg Sec. - Red Tap '51. D'AGOSTINO, JOSEPHINE5 Clazzbbyg Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '50,'51g H.R. Pres. '50, '515 jr. Executive Comm. '51g Sr. Executive Comm. '52. DAMMAN, HELEN5 Acad. - Y-Teens '50,'51, Pres. '52g German ,51, '52g G.A.A. '51,'52g Bowling '52g Copy Ed. Bobashela '5Z. TC' X. kg 1 I tl x...., E D'ARTIGLIO, ANTHONY5 Tonyg Ind. Arts. B - Activities '52. DAUER, RON- ALDg Iazzg Acad. - J.V. Football '5O,'5l- Vars. Football 7523 LV. Baseball '50,,51. DAUPHARS, JOHN5 Ind. Arts A. 7 DAVIS, JACQUELIN5 jacleieg Gen. Bus.- Leaders Corps '52g Art '525 Hockey '50g Baseball '51g Black Mod. Ex. '51,l52. DAVIS, RANDALLg Rmzdyg Ind. Arts B - Soph. Football ,505 J.V. Football '515 Vars. Track '5l. DAVISON, RICHARD5 Dicleg Ind. Arts B - Activities '5O. +,. . www' am the spirit of DRAMA. AA DEAN, ROBERT, Bob, Acad. DE AN- GELIS, LORRAINE, L01f1'y,' Sec. - Social Dance '50,'51, J.V. Cheerleader '51, Vars. Cheerleader '52, Jr. Executive Comm. '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52. DE ANGELO, WILLIAM, Bill, Acad. DE BLASIO, JOAN, Sec. - H.R. Treas. '50,'51,'52. DE CORE, ELIDA, Sec. So- cial Dance '50, Treas. '51, J.V. Cheerleader '51, Vars. Cheerleader '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51, Chairman Red Cheers '52, Jr. Executive Comm. '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52. DE FEO, JOHN, Rain Drop, Music - Band '50,'51,'52, Orchestra '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50. 4'f"""' . W ,lg-f on 1 .. i T" A ii i ' TV , . in 'ixziixiffi .,,.., LQ., . ,"- Y-'- 1 , f 1 - ' ON May 19 and 20, 1950, Miss Dillon's drama students presented the annual Senior Play, Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse's LIFE WITH FATHER. Grace Cavalieri and Daniel Levin portrayed the leading roles. DEITZ, CYNTHIA, C.O.D., Acad.-Dra- ma and Radio '50, United World Federalists '50,'51, Belles Lettres '50,'51, Historian '52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Discussion Group '51,'52, Short Story, Sec. '52, Honorable Mention Poetry Contest '50,'51, Exchange Ed. Spectator '52, Nat. Forensic League '50. DEL BARGO, JANET, Twin, Sec. -H.R. Pres. '50, Sec. for Nurse '52. DEL BAR- GO, JEAN, Twin, Sec. - Amanuensis '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50, Sec. for Nurse '52. DEMSKI, ROBERT, Bob, Gen. Bus. - Service Corps '51. DENITO, JOAN, Gerry, Gen. Bus. - G.A.A. '50,'51,'52, Ita- lian '51. DE PATIVO, CARL, Jake, Fine Arts - Social Dancing '50,'51, Noon Time Dancing '51, Stagecraft '50,'51. Zi ff I W . hm? .iv , - ff' 2 ai, 1 :Y- .. 'i HM. DE VIDO, JOHN, jack, Acad. -- Stage- craft '51,'52, Sigma Epsilon Theta '52, Clio- nian 'S 2. DEVINE, MARIE, Sec.-Com- merce '51,'52, Leaders Corps '51, Amanuen- sis '52, Black Mod. Ex. '51,'52, H.R. Sec. '50 H.R. Vice-Pres. '51,'52. DE VITO GENE, Acad. - Clionian '50,'51,'52. .mf ,,.. l s . 4' 'S- af' 1, Y . e 1 2 91 1 V- R 7 at gf. 7 ali.. ., 'I 1 ii 1 M DEVLIN, JOHN, F1'ia1' john, Acad. - ,fl A,,, .... Forum '50,'51,'52, Sigma Epsilon Theta '51, E' '52, Co-Ed. Sports Bobashela '52, Vars. ' W' 'S 3 W Swimming '50,'51,'52, Vars. Football '51 I Q 'S K Capt. '52, Vars. Track '51,'52, H.R. Vice- ff Pres. '5O,'51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, - q.,' gl-glgip pi' 1s' Q DEVLIN, PHILIP, Pudgeg Fine Arts. y.7, 5 1 DEWSNAP, GRACE, Home Ec. - Natur- ' a alists '51, 2 I am the spirit of ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS. fa-af 1' M 5 A fe 'ax' F - . . 5- A i ... ti' ' "' 'el i ' 52 ' K ,.: . ,gr ,,. A F f , 11. 1-.1 a int-if . ..,,. . lr 1 aft' la -' A6 DI BELLA, ROSE MARIE, Ro, Acad. - Choir '50,'51,'52, Short Story '51, Pres. '52, Italian '51, '52, Operetta '51,'52, All-State Chorus '52. DICKEY, SYLV IA, Fine Arts - Art '51, Vice-Pres. '52, G.A.A. '51, '52, H.R. Vice Pres. '51, Inter-Club Coun- cil '51. DIEI-IL, HARRIET, Let, Gen. Bus. - Black Tap '51, DI GIORGIO, LEON, Lippy, Acad. DIKSA, MARGARET, Peggy, Acad. - Girls' Science '50,'51,'52, Pan-American '52, H.R. Treas. '50, H.R. Sec. '52, Usher Corps '51,'52, Leaders Corps '52, G.A.A. '51,'52. DILEO, MARIE, Gen Bus. - Locker Sgt. '50,'51, Leaders Corps '50,'51,'52, Capt. Gym Class '52, H.R. Pres. '50,'51,'52, Clio- nian '52, Soph., jr., Sr. Executive Comm. '50,'51,'52, Black Mod. Ex. '50,'51. ,. To it " an c Et -uf' ,,. 1' 'X 559 A f B, F. 2 Q f .Q . mf, DILL, WILLIAMg Billg Gen. Bus. - Com- merce '52g H.R. Pres. '50, DILTS, RICH- ARD3 Dickg Ind. Arts B - H.R. Treas. '52. DI MARCO, GLORIA5 Glory Gen. Bus. - Spectator Bus. '50, Mailing Ed. '51,'52g Leaders Corps '51,l52g Costume '52. DI MARTINO, PHYLLIS5 Dzzcloessg Sec. - Orchestra '50,'51,'52g Italian '50,'51,'52g Amanuensis '515 Steno Memo ,SIQ Art '525 Y-Teens '52g Skating '52. DI PAOLO, ANN5 Nicleig Gen. Bus. - Sec. to teacher '52. DI VIA, RICHARD. Dickg Acad. THE Keene High School Choir, from Keene, New Hampshire, visited our school on April 25, 1950. We were all thrilled by their singing. DIX, LYNETTEg Ly1z1'z,' Acad. - Ed. Laur- eate 751g jr. Executive '51g Clionian '525 Red Cross '52g Pan-American ,525 Red Color Guard '52g H.R. Sec. '52. DOMANSKI, MARLENEg Butclag Sec. - Y-Teens ,5O,'51 '52g G.A.A. '50,'51,'52g Copernican '51g Am- anuensis '52g Skating 7529 Bowling '50,'51,752. DORN, MARTINg .Ma1'ty,' Acad. - French '50,'51,'52g Vars. Swimming '51,'52g Vars. Tennis '52. DORSETT, PATRICIAg Pntg Acad. - La- tin '50g Y-Teens '51,'523 H.R. Pres. '51g Laureate '515 Inter-Club Council '50, DRABB, EDWARD3 Edg Ind. Arts B. DRAKE, ALLANQ Acad. - Art ,51,'52g H.R. Treas. '51,'52g Laureate '51g Press '52. r, . :i, iii' 1' . M Fx 'QW is at rw? ,ga har - ar. 'Ar if 1' is 47 in -al Q 5 Q-1, I I r ,, ..?- . DRIVER, VVILLIAM, Willieg Acad. - Ser- vice Corps '51, j.V. Swimming '50,'51 DUFFEY, DONALD, Duffy, Gen. Bus. DUFFY, JOYCE, Duff, Gen. Bus.-G.A.A. '50,'51,'52g Y-Teens '51, Red Cross '52, Art '52, Spectator Bus. '50. DUMAS, ALBERTA, Bert, Acad. - Art '52, Y-Teens '52, Skating '50,'52. DU- PLESSIS, LORRAINE, L01'1'y,' Gen. Bus. - Glee Club '5O,'51 Belles Lettres 52. DYKSTRA, BARBARA, Babs, Gen. Bus. -0 Q' f I am the spirit of J DYKSTRA, NANCY 3 Nmzg Gen. Bus. EDDY, ROBERTA, Bobbie, Acad. - Co- pernican '50, '51, G.A.A. '50, Vice-Pres. '51g Leaders Corps '50,51,52, Pan American '52, Red Cross '52, Var. Swimming '51,'52. EDVVARDS, JANICE, Img Acad. - Art '50, Naturalists '51, Pres. '52, World Fed- eralists '51, Usher Corps '52. EITZER, EVELYN, Ev, Sec. - Commerce '52. ELGES, INGRID, Gen. Bus. ELIAS, ELMER, jack, Acad. -Band '51, '52, Orchestra '51,'52, Red Band '51,'52, Swing Band '51,'52, Soph. Football '50. BASEBALL. ELLIOTT, ANNE, Acad. - Naturalists '52, Red Decorations '52, Art Ed. Bobashela '52. ELLISON, JUDITH, Indy, Fine Arts - Art '50,'51,'52, G.A.A. '50,'51,'52, Chorus '50,'51, Leaders Corps '50,'51,'52, Service Corps"50,'51, Black Props. '51, H.R. Treas. '50,'51,52. ELSINGER, BARBA- RA, Bzzrbg Gen. Bus. - H.R. Treas. '51. ERKOBONI, RALPH, Ind. Arts B. ERNEST, MAR-IORIE, Midge, Acad. - German '51.'52. ESCULISH, DORO- THY, Dot, Gen. Bus. - H.R. Sec. '50, M ,- he WV if? - if, E ii. f "5v s Q , I 'mini THE 1950 T. H. S. team had a very successful season, under the direction of Mr. Tom Murphy. Our boys brought in ten victories of the thirteen games played. ESTOK, ROSE MARIE, Rosie, Gen. Bus. - Coin, Treas. '50, Sec. '51, Costume '52, H.R. Sec. '52. EVERETT, JOAN, jog Gen. Bus. - Usher Corps '5O,'51,'52, Chorus '51, Costume '51, Skating '52. FALCEY, GERRY, Gerry, Acad. - j.V. Swimming '50,'5l. FALZONE, MARY, Babe, Gen. Bus.-Pho- tography '51, Red Costume '51, Red Usher '52, Sec. for Teacher '52. FARBER, LOUIS, Red, Acad. - Service Corps '51, Experimenters '52. FARROXV, DALE, A1,Acad.- Choir '5O,'51,52, Chorus '50,'51, '52, Glee Club '50,'51,'52, Operetta '52, Vars. Soccer '51. FEASTER, WILLIAM, Cokey Bill, Ind. Arts A. - Activities '5 2. FEEHAN, ALICE, Al, Acad. - Clionian '51,'52, G.A.A. '51, Quill and Scroll '51, Treas. '52, Discussion Group '51, Jr. Asst. Spectator '51, jr. Executive Comm. '51, Red Cross '52, Spectator Page Ed. '52, Sr. Exec. Comm. '52, Chairman Red Marching '52, H.R. Pres. '50, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52, T.H.S. Dele- gate to Citizenship Institute '5 2. FEEHAN, DORIS, D01',' Gen. Bus. FENNELLI, JAMES, Big jzm, Acad. - JK". Basketball '51, Yars. Basketball '52, Vars. Soccer '52. FERGUSON, RO- BERT, Fcrgie, Ind. Arts B - j.Y. Track '51, Vars. Track '52. FERRY, MAR- GARET, Peggy, Sec. - Copernican '51, Amanuensis '51,'52, H.R. Sec. '50, FILGTEI, ANN,Fl0t, Sec. - G.A.A. '50, '51, H.R. Sec. '51,'52. FIORI, JOAN, Gen. Bus. - Leaders Corps '50,'51,'52, So- cial Dance '50,'51, Spectator Bus. '50, Art '52, Copy Ed. Bobashela '52, Red Cheers '50,'51,'52, Vars. Cheers '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52, 1st.Lieut. Gym '52. FITZGEORGE, MARILYN, Acad.-Pyth- agorean '51, Sec. '52, Bowling '51,'52. FLEMING, CATHERINE, Cathy, Acad. - Latin '50, Girls' Science '50,'51,'52, Usher Corps '50,'51, Skating '51, '52, Red Publicity Comm. '52, Debate '51. FLEMING, MARILYN, Acad. - World Federalists '50, Y-Teens '52. FLYNN, EDWARD, Ed, Acad. ab ,lbw gf 'ia . ' . usiaf 'Q' lc' 451 am the spirit of the FIRST DAY GF SCHOOL . ' 'ii' A , W , AVI . Fw , tb", ti 't F g,3,.,,' ' B' we v a iu ff , 50 , if it , ,S ., A ...1 K ' W 3 ' a WHY' :si 'fmszig 'f.f3+,,gg:lssi ai -E, K., it , ,',V 5.5: kk ,am - v - swf. ...A- FODOR, HAROLD, Hap, Ind. Arts A - Choir l5O,751,752, Glee Club '50,'51,'52. FORD, BETHENE, Home EC. FORD, VVAYNE, Ozzie, Ind. Arts A-Band '52. FORMAROLI, ANTOINETTH Dolly,- Sec. FORRESTER, JANE, Acad. - Pythagorean '51,52.- FORT,LEONARD, LC71lIy,' Ind. Arts B-Chorus 750,'51, Glee Club '50,'51,'52. ON September 11, 1950, we returned to T. H. S. as juniors. We could find our Way around the building a little better and faster this year, so we thought. , . . , 'W -2. vi , lW?"aa A 91 2 FOWLER, VVILLIAM, Adolph, Acad. FOY, BEATRICEQ Bea, Gen. Bus.-G.A.A. '52, H.R. Treas. '51. FRANCKOWIAK, THERESA, Terry, Sec. - G.A.A. '50,'51, Leaders Corps '50, Spectator Bus. '50, Red Cross '51,'52, Y-Teens '51, Art '52, Arnan- uensis '52, FRANKLIN, DORIS, Dag Acad. - World Federalists '50, Y-Teens '52. FRANTZ, I-IERMAN, Doc, Ind. Arts B - H.R. Pres. '50,'51. FRANTZ, RUTH, Gen. Bus. ills. i -uv sm FRASCELLA, WILLIAM, Bill, Acad. FREEMAN, JOYCE, joy, Sec. - Person- ality '50,'51,'52, Amanuensis '52, H.R. Sec '51, FRENCH, JOAN, Pemzy, Gen. Bus. -Commerce '50,'51,'52, Coin, Sec. '50, Pres. '51. FRENCH, VIRGINIA, Gimzie, Acad. - Personality '50,'51, Pres. '52, Red Cross '50, '51, Sec. '52, Latin '50, Quill and Scroll '51 7 Pres. '52, Chairman Black Music '52, Or- chestra '50,'51, Pres. '52, jr. Class Treas. '51, Literary E. Spectator '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50, H.R. Pres. '51, All State Orchestra '50, '51,'52. FUCCELLO, ANTHONY, Tony, Acct.-Commerce '50,'51, Service Corps '50,'51,'52, Art '50,'51, Sport Nite Props. '50,'51,'52, Honor Roll, '51, F UCCELLO, ROBERT, Sub, Ind. Arts B. - Activities '50,'51. I am the spirit of DRAMA. F UESSEL, JUNE, Maggie, Gen. Bus. - G.A.A. '50,'51,'52, Costume '52, H.R. Sec. '5 2. GALLETTI, DOLORES, Galletti, Gen. Bus. -- Prelude '50,'51,'52, Ballet '50, '51,'52, Red Tap '50,'51,'52, Operetta '51, GALLO, PASQUALE, Pat, Gen. Bus. GAMBINO, JAMES, jim, Acct. - Stage- craft '50,'51, H.R. Pres. '50. GANTI- OSA, JAMES, Dinker, Ind. Arts B. GARDNER, MARTIN, Acad. - Band '50, '51,'52, Red Band '50,51, Swing Band '51, Asst. Leader Swing Band '52, Asst. Field Marshall Band '51, Drum Major Band '51, '52, Debate '51, Naturalists '52. GARRETT, BARBARA, Bag, Sec. - Pho- tography '52, Ballet '50,'51,'52, Prelude '50, '51,'52, Black Tap '51,,52, Operetta '51, GARSKY, THOMAS, juan, Acad. - Boys' Science '51,'52, Forum '5O. GASKINS, ELLA, Slim, Gen. Bus. GAUCK, BARBARA, -Barb, Acad. - Red Cross '50,'51,'52, Chorus '50, Operetta '50, Choir '51, Spectator '51, Quill and Scroll '51,,52, Pan-American ,52, Clionian '52, Asst. Managing Ed. Bobashela '52, Sr. Exec- utive '52, Miss America '52, H.R. Sec. '50, '51,'52. GAUGES, JOSEPH, joe, Ind. Arts B. GENNELLO, DOMINIC, Dom, Acad. - Italian '51,'52, H.R. Treas. '51,'52. NAUGHTY MARIETTA was given on December 8 and 9, 1950. Stella F ruscione and George Courtney again played the leading roles. GERMAN, JEAN, Sbortpants, Sec. - H.R. Pres. '52. GERNHARDT, VVILLIAM, Sixty, Ind. Arts B-Photography '5O,'51,'52. GIBSON, HELEN, Pete, Home EC.-H.R. Sec. 751. GIBSON, MARY, Home Ec. - H.R. Pres. '51. GIDUSKO, DOROTHY, Acad. - Phi Zeta '51, Pres. '52. GILCHRIST, JAMES, ji1m1zie,' Ind. Arts B H.R. - Vice- Pres. '52, Chorus '52. fa. sq-...N 1. 4 'Q ..,,,.. l a.. If Q" 'lk as A ' A -2.5-fisg L 9 3ig5 1. 61514 if " ek 45 5 hi' 1 3. K K t R f 1 . . F? 53 - ,.,,.- .Q 7 1-. 'L'- s., 'li-li'--T , L4 fi A . . rf, GILLESPIE, RICHARD5 Gen. Bus. - H.R. Treas. '52, GINSBURG, MARA LYN5 Giilseyg Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'51, '52g Philology '50y Spectator Bus. '51,'52g French '525 Prelude '515 Latin Awardg Di- rector Repertory Theatre '51, GINTER, KIARILYN5 Lymzg Gen. Bus. - Spectator Costume '52. r 'V lf: 'f -f1i'i2'z.Lggb ' -if Bus. '50g Leaders Corps '50,'51,'52g Prelude I p,,, , , H M. '515 Ballet '515 Red Rhythmlcs '52, 'A 2 i A..l.." 'ill ' l.," ' :' 5 GlORDANO,PATRlCl.-X3Sec.-Costume ' "" 'K p to 5 '51, Sec. '52. GIUDICI, ERNEST5 Gun- ' vzerg Acad. - J.V. Soccer '5O,'51. GIY- ' F' N ENS, BEATRICEQ PCZf7l7IifllI Gen. Bus. - Rpzyy 5 N EEH .': p p or r 0 l .fl Q 3 11,1'19g-w V , , .. J 4 Wi l ' 1 f--.1.:t::f" .z . , mf iff lr . I am the spirit of FOOTBALL. 1 B --,Jr-af tx K rx' 3 511 i' ft GLOYLR, HERBERT9 Acad. GOLD- BILRG, BARBARA9 Bolzbyg See. - G.A.A '52. GGLDEN, JOYCRQ Goldieg Gen Bus. - Y-Teens '50,'51,'525 Costume '52 Operetta Props. '5l,'52. GOLDSTEIN, NARA LYN5 Pi7'!1iCf Acad - Rhetoricians '50g Cafeteria Corps '50,'51 National Forensic League '5lg Costume '52 H.R. Sec. '52g Usher Corps '52, GOOLS- BY, BARBARA5 W'cc-lVcc,' Home Ee. GOSS, LEROY3 l311bbIc5,' lnd. Arts B.- Glee Club '5o,'51,'s2. GRAF, AGNES, Aggie, Sec. - Amanuen- sis '51,'52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50, H.R. Sec. '51, H.R.'Treas. '52. GRAF JOSEPH, Wflaiteyg Ind. Arts A. GRASER, JOYCE, Gen. Bus. - Pan-American '50,'51,'52, Leaders Corps '5O,'51, Swimming '50,'51, Red Mod. '5O,'51, j.V. Cheerleader '51, Varsity Cheerleader '52, Red Songs and Cheers '52, Sec. '50,'51. GRASSMYER, WILLIAM, Grass, Acad. - Woodcraft '50,'51, Boys' Science '52, Ex- perimenters '52, Soph. Football '50, Vars. Football '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52. GRECO, JOAN, Acad. - Drama and Radio '50, Red Cross '51, Treas. '52, Personality '51, Sec. '52, Leaders Corps, Vice-Pres. '52, Black Character '50,'51, Black Team Capt. '52, H.R. Pres. '50,'51,'52, Sec. jr. Class '51, lst Lieut. Gym Class, Co-Ed. Girls' Sports, Bobashela, 52. GREENE, EUGENIA, jean, Home Ec. - G.A.A. '50, Cafeteria Corps' 52. in wif-T., 'X a t fi' TRENTON CATHOLIC defeated T. H. S. by a score of 33 to 0. At: the end of the 1950 season, the Tornadoes had won three and tied one of the seven games played. 'Pm if . . .. GREENLEY, ALAN, Al, Acad. - Forum '51,'52, French '51,'52. GREER, JAMES, jim, Acad. GROGAN, GERALDINE, Gerry, Sec. - Commerce '5O,'51, Pres. '52, Spectator Bus. '50, Pan-American '51,'52, Red Mod. Ex. '50,'51. Chairman '52, Swim- ming '50, Leaders Corps '51,'52, Floor Sgt. '51, 1st Lieut. Gym '52, J.V. Cheerleader '51, Vars. Cheerleader '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51, Pres. '52, GROH, CELIA, Ceil, Gen. Bus. - Choir '50,'51, School Store '52. GROSS, SHIR- LEY, Red, Gen. Bus. - Costume '50,'51,'52. GROUSER, CHARLES, Buzzie, Gen. Bus. 4 ll-, 'Amin i XM HALLMARK, ANN3 Amiieg Acad. - Latin '5Og Phi Zeta ,50,751, Vice-Pres. 'S2g Usher Corps '5O,'i1,'523 Leaders Corps '51,,529 Floor S t. ,51,'5Z9 Skating '5O,'51, Red Capt g . '52. HALTMEYER, THOMASg Spiderg Acad. - Photography '51,'52g H.R. Vice- Pres. '52. HANCOCK, HELEN5 Gen. Bus. - G.A.A. '52g Red Props '52. HANKINS, JANET5 Gen. Bus. - Art '51 '52. HARBOURT, PATRICIA5 Pazg Sec - Short Story '505 Photography 751,'5Z H.R. Pres. '505 Official Family '52, HARRIS, HLRBILRT5 Herbg Gen. Bus. - in 7 fa H GUFFICK, WILLIAM, Bill,' Acad. GUGLIELMO, DONALDg Acct. GU- THRIE, PATRICIA5 Patg Sec. - Cafeteria Corps 7515 Leaders Corps '51,'52g Costume '51,'52. HAACKER, LEE5 Leog Acad. - Stagecraft '50,'51,752g Experimenters '52. HALL, DOLORES5 Focalxg Acad. - Latin '50g Cos- tume '51,'525 H.R. Treas. 'S1,'525 Sr. Asst. Bobashela '52. HALL, ROBERTg Gen. Bus. - Band '5O,'51,'52g Orchestra '51,52. I am the spirit of OUTSTAN DING STU DENTS. gg, V3 fl t , t 56 A . M . K , V lv v f f. X 4+ ' A 3 'R 'sw HARRIS, KATHERINE, D0zfty,' Home Ee. HARRISON, MARGARET, Mar- gie, Sec. - Red Cross '52, Black Cheerleader '51,'52. HATCHER, ELLA, El, Gen. Bus.. HAYWARD, JOANNE, 10, Acad.-Usher Corps '51,'52, Leaders Corps '52, Swim- ming '50, Vars. Swimming '51, Co-Captain Girls' Swimming '52, Head Locker Sgt., Leaders 752, Vars. Cheerleader '52. HEARNS, ELIZABETH, Libby, Home Ee. HEATH, KATHRYN, Kay, Acad. - Dra- ma and Radio '50,'5l,'52, Leaders Corps '50, '51, Red Cross '51,'52, Inter-club Council '52, Layout Ed. Spectator Bus. '51,'52, Belles Lettres '52, Chairman Black Costumes '52. GENEVIEVE BEHN, a member of the class of '52, was selected Campus Queen by the Scholastic Roto Magazine. This was an honor for both Genevieve and Trenton High School. HECK, JEAN, Acad. - Latin '50, Y-Teens '51, String Ensemble '5O,'51, Vice Pres. Or- chestra '5 2, Concert Mistress '5 2. HEN DERSON, DONALD, Don, Acad. - For um '50,'51,'52, Vars. Swimming '50,'51,'52 Vice Pres. Senior Class '5 2. HEN- DRICKSON, ANNA, Bette, Acad. - Red Mod. EX. '51, Chairman Publicity '52, Hon- or Roll '50, ,X HENLEY, IRENE, Renie, Home Ec. ..', Q gg., ff 5 , 5, HENNIGAN, MONROE, Ind. Arts B. ' "" r. , HESS,FRANCES,Betty,Acad.-Coin'50, I I fav- "5 I Copernican '50,'51, German '51,'52, G.A.A. '50,'51,'52, Girls' Science '52, Vars. Swim- if: 4 ming '50,'51,'52, Life Saving '51, Press '52. HIGGINS, DIANE, Taffy, Acad. - Chor- . I p, M 3 us '5O,'51, Personality '51,'52, Leaders Corps . ' '5O,'51,'52, Girls' Science '50, Red Cross '52, 'I X W 2 "li"'!b' Y-I, Pan-American '52, Usher Corps '52, Floor Sgt. '50, 1st Lieut. '51, Head Locker Sgt. '52, H.R. Sec. '50,'52. HIGGINS, GALE, Gay, Acad. - Girls' Science '50,'51g G.A.A. '50,'51,'52, Chorus '5O,'51, Usher Corps '51, , '52, Spring Concert '51, Art '52, Sr. Asst. I 'M Bobashela '52, Red Cross '52. HILL, i at HELEN, Gen. Bus. ' - I HINES, LAURA, Cindy, Gen. Bus. - H G.A.A. '50. HIRTELEN, SHIRLEY, Gen. Bus. - H.R. Treas. '51, H.R. Sec. '52. HOBSON, AUDREY, Ami, Gen. Bus. 3 may 5 I am the spirit of STUDENT ADMINISTRATION. X gun- '- HODANISH, MICHAEL, Mickeyg Gen. Bus. - Photography '5O,'51,'52, H.R. Treas. '50. HOFING, SIDNEY, Sid, Acad. HOHL, -IANIS, jmzg Gen. Bus. HOLL, JEAN, Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '50,'51, Pan-American '51,52, H.R. Sec. '50, '51. HOLLOWAY, SHIRLEY, Gen. Bus. HOLZMAN, BARBARA, Babsg Acad. - French '50,'51,'52, Cafeteria Corps '51, '52, Spectator Bus. '50,'51,'52g Red Character '50, Hon-Mention Window Painting '51, 58 " .5 '- ' , ' f- .. ,. sw Q ml 2 if... ,,,, , A -- - - i A 1 . M fi A L, . .1 k',,- K ,nl . .V S f . E . - 1, f " if -. . ' -' - V LL,.L " " .i N , .. HOPKINS, MARIE, Pinky, Home Ec. HOUSEL, DOLORES, Dee, Fine Arts HOWELL, MARVIN, Hofwelyg Acct HULIHAN, GEORGE, Acad. - Experi- HUNT, DONNA MARIE, Donna, Sec. menters '52, Naturalists '52, H.R. Pres. '50 Spectator Bus. '50,'51,'52, G.A.A. '50,'51 752, World Federalists '51, Naturalists '51 Red Cross '52, H.R. Treas. '50, H.R. Sec '52. HUNT, MARGARETTA, Acad. - Phi Zeta '5O,'51, Cafeteria Corps '51, Sr Asst. Bobashela '52. THE class of 1952 selected Harlan CTinkerj Peterson as president of the Vear. Other officers were Gerald Stockman, vice president, Joan Greco, secretarvg and Virginia French, treasurer. i HUNT, SALLY ANN, Sal, Gen. Bus. - Leaders Corps '5O,'51,'52, Commerce '51,l52' Costume Comm. '50,'51, H.R. Treas. '50, H.R. Sec. '51,752. HUSOSKY, AL- BERT, Al, Ind. Arts A. - Radio '52. HUTCHINSON, LAURA, Gen. Bus, HVIZDOCK, MARY ANN, Viz, Acad. - Black Character '51,'52, H.R. Sec. '50. IIVIMORDINO, ANTHONY, Tony, Gen. Bus. - H.R. Pres. '50. INFANTI, RON- AID, Ron, Acad. 7 INGBER, JACOB, jack, Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'51,'52, T.H.S. Representative to Boys' State '51. INNOCENZI, PAUL, Ind. Arts B. - Service Corps '5O,'51,'52. INNOCENZI, RICHARD, Race Twfckg Acct. - Commerce '51, Vice-Pres. '52. JAHOS, THALIA, Acad. - Leaders Corps '50,,51,'52, G.A.A. ,51,,525 Pan-American '51, Sec. '52, Clionian '52, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, Yars. Swimming '5O,'51,'525 Red Mod. EX. '51,,52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50,l52. JAKUBOWSKI, RICHARD, jake, Ind. Arts A. - Photography '52, Vars. Soccer 152. JANNOTTI, JOAN, Sec. - Red Cheers 151. X I li JANTZ, CHARLES, Max, Gen. Bus. JENEI, RONALD, Romzieg Acad. - Male Glce Club '50,'51,'52, Chorus ,5O,'51,'52, Choir '50,751,'525 Operetta 750,'51,'52. JEZ, STANLEY, Ind. Arts A. JOHNSON, MARGARET, Peg, Acad. - Clionian 750,751,525 Usher Corps '51,'52. -IOHNSON, SUSIE, Sue, Gen. Bus. - Caf- eteria Corps '52. JOHNSON, VAL, Val, Acad. - German '51, Treas. '52, Naturalists '52, Quill and Schroll ,51,52, H.R. Pres. '50, 751, I-LR. Vice-Pres. ,525 Laureate '51, Ed. in-Chief Bobashela '52. am the spirit of BASKETBALL. ,. .. I ' 'Rf 7 wx, -xi- 60 -IOHNSTON, JEAN, feamzeg Gen. Bus. JONES, THOMASENA, Town, Home Ec. - Personality '50,'51,'52, Y-Teens '50,'51, G.A.A. '50,'51,'52, Costume '50. JOPKO, GEORGE, Ind. Arts B. KALE, DONALD, Fine Arts. KALMES, GRACE, Doll, Sec. - H.R. Sec'y-Treas. '52, Sec. for teacher '51,'52. KAME- NICKY, MARIE, Gen. Bus. - H.R. Treas. '50, 1 agfghx u - H xt W., - A T. M tr O . 5 , Hn, 'R 5 if Gsrt 5 iff -.....,O ""' ,,. ,sb Q fa Xmmm ' . ""' "Y . "5 -.- l LO "Y . sf ."""' I 'V J 1 .5 a O ,ws 2 O ALTHOUGH the 1951 quintet won only eight games of the twenty-one played, the spirit and teamwork proved to be excellent, and the J. V. squad looked like good varsity material for the next season. KANE, JOAN, Sec. - Clionian '5O,'51,'52, Pan-American '51,'52', Leaders Corps '51, Vars. Swimming '50, Black Cheerleader '50, '51, J.V. Cheerleader '51, Vars. Cheerleader '52, G.A.A. '50. KAPLAN, IRWIN, Izzy, Acad. - Service Corps '51,'52, Usher Corps 'S 1. KAPLAN, RUTH, Rik, Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'51,'52, Rhetoricians '5O,'51,'52, Cafeteria Corps '51, '52, Spectator Bus. '52, KASSONI, VIRGINIA, Gimzyg Gen. Bus. KEENHOLD, RONALD, Ronnie, Acad. - Forum '51, Vice-Pres. '52, Sigma Epsilon Theta, Vice-Pres. '52, Vars. Swimming '50, '51, Co-Capt. '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51, Pres. '52, Pres. Presidents' Council '52, Sr. Execu- tive Comm. '52. KELLY, EDWARD, Ed, Ind. Arts A - Vars. Baseball '50,'51. wi, Mow' K O...O. .....OO. xx iii 61 1l""ifu-ml 7' -L , M, I w i. who 13,5 it KEl..l.,Y,FR:XNClS5l11Cl. Arts B. REM- H LER, XVALTER9 Waltg ind. Arts A - SR Activities ,51,l5 2. KENNEDY, MARI- 5 R 3 " ii C i ONQ Acad' L LL ,l L ".'Q' "' g ii ig LL,h A"2 Q KERSMAN, BARBARA5 Smzffyg Gen. Bus. KEUPER, THOMAS5 Ind. Arts A KILLINGSWORTH, PATRICIA5 Pm? Home Ec. - Art '52. Gw Q 'Fai sf tttt A L i ARALR i . W-350, 7 , f Q it Q. is my-.11 uw gf. l I am the spirit of T' SPORT NITE. KINCAID, LORRAINEQ Duckfzzceg Acad. KING, DAVID5 Gen. Bus. KLUZNER, EDWARD5 Cloubg Gen. Bus. KNAPP, RICHARDg Kid Kmzppg Ind. Arts B - H.R. Vice-Pres. '52, KNEE- SHAW, JGAN5 Sec. - Belles Lettres '51, ,523 Commerce '51,'52. KNOWLES, NANCY5 Dizg Sec. - G.A.A. '50g Chorus '515 Choir ,525 Amanuensis ,51,,52g Quill and Scroll '51,'525 Inter-Club Council '525 Bowling ,525 H.R. Pres. '51,'52. KOMPANIK, MARION, Sec. - G.A.A. '50,'51, Amanuensis '52, Art '52, Red Cross '52, KOVACS, JOSEPH, Gen. Bus. KOVAL, MARTHA, Marty, Sec. - Sec. for teacher. KRAFT, DOLORES, Dee, Sec. - Com- merce '50,'51,'52, Leaders Corps '52, Black Cheerleader '51,'52, H.R. Sec. '50,'51. KRAMER, BERNARD, Bewzie, Gen. Bus. KRAMER, NORMAN, N Wm, Ind. Arts A. THE T. H. S. girl's Sport Nite was held for the seventeenth year, from March 12 to 16, 1951. Under the able leadership of Marjorie Saville, the Blacks defeated the Reds led by Janet Briggs. The theme was IMAGINE THAT. KRAML, JOHN, Ind. Arts A - H.R. Vice- Pres. '52. KRECICKI, JOAN, 10, Gen. Bus. - Photography '51, Pres. '52, Chairman Red Costumes '52. KREIDLER, JOAN, Bubbles, Acad. - Latin '50,'51,'52, Foreign Language librarian '52, G.A.A. '50,'51,'52, Marching Committee, '52 Co-Ed. Girls' Sports, Bobashela '52, KRISANDA, RONALD, Ronnie, Ind. Arts A - Band '50,'51,'52, Black Band '50,'51,'52, Uniform Co-Sergeant '5 2. KROEH- LING, FRANCIS, Ind. Arts B - Activities '51,'52, Woodcraft '52, KROSNICK, RHEA, Acad. - Latin '50, Spectator Bus. '50,'51,'52, Orchestra '50, String Ensemble '50, Pythagorean '51,'52, Honor Guard '52. ff X. xy Q x..-.1 Y LAFKAS, JAMES, Gus, Acad. - Drama and Radio '52, H.R. Treas. '50, '51, H.R. Pres. '52. LAIRD, BRUCE, Acad. LANG, LEONE, Lollyg Acad. - Rhetori- cians '50, French '50, Vice-Pres. '51,'52, Red Character '51,'52, Cafeteria Corps, '51,'52. LARKIN, STEVE, Acad. - H.R. Pres. '50, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52, Forum '50,'51,'52, jr. Executive Comm. '51, Prince of junior Prom '51, Vars. Swimming '50,'51,'52. LARSON, EDWARD, Ed, Acad. - Chorus '50, Glee club '50, Choir '50, Band '51,'52, Latin '50,'51. LASHUTKA, PAUL, Ind. Arts B - H.R. Pres. '52, Vars. Baseball '51, '52. KUHL, SHIRLEY, jeff. Gen. Bus. KUNKELY, CHRISTINE, Chris, Acad.- - Phi Zeta '51,'52, Chorus '50,'51,'52, Choir '50,751,'52, Red Decorations '50,'51,'52, Red Publicity '52, Spectator '51, Bobashela '52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52. KURTZ, STANLEY, Stan, Acad. - J. V. Football '5o,'51, Asst. Mgr. Swimming '50, Mgr. '51, '52, Chorus '50, Male Chorus '50, Operetta '52. KUSEK, ARTHUR, Art, Ind. Arts A. KUSHNER, NICHOLAS, Skip, Ind. Art A. KUSNIRIK, MICHAEL, Mickey, Forum '52, J. V. Baseball '51, Vars. Baseball '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '5O,'51, Pres. Leaders Corps '51,'52. I am the spirit of DRAMA. LASKEY, lRXlAg Leeg Acad. - Chorus '5O. LATIMER, MARYINQ Lfztyg Ind. Arts B - Leaders Corps '51,l525 j.V. Basketball '50. LATOOF, THELMA5 Smileyg Sec. - Or- chestra 75O,'51, Sec. '52g String Ensemble '5O,'51,'525 Y-Teens 7525 Glee Club, Sec. '52. LAVINE, FLORENCE5 LAYINE, HERBERTQ Boys' Science '5O,'51, Sec l5O, Vice-Pres. '51, Pres. eralists '51g j.V. Tennis 751,523 Debate '5O,7515 Flag Gen. Bus. Herbg Acad. - '525 Belles Lettres '525 World Fed- 5Og Vars. Tennis H.R. Pres. '52, LAYINTHAL, ARTHUR5 A1'tie,' Acct. - Projection Crew ,5O,'51,l525 Radio '52, p- Q .1 I' if it 1 -.hal 1 108 5 THE 1951 Senior Play was presented on May 25 and 26, 1951. The drama students selected SEVENTH HEAVEN by Austin Strong and starred Marilyn Pitasky and George Courtney. I f J A151 af. Simi ' 5 LAYVRENCE, ROBERT5 Baby Acad. - Boys' Science 75O,'51,'525 Experiinenters '52. LAYDEN, FLORENCE5 F105 Acad. - Leaders Corps '52. LEE, HARRY3 Pin Hei1d,' lnd. Arts B. LEES, DORIS3 D01'e,' Sec. - Amanuensis '51, Vice-Pres. '52, LEFKOXVITZ, RONALDQ Lcflcog Acad. LEFTXVICH, PHYLLISQ Pbylg Acad. - Philolgy '5Og Spanish'51g Leaders Corps '52, Black Gaines '525 Bank Clerk '52, LEFTWICH, RICHARD, Bzzbby, Ind. Arts A - Glee Club '50, j.V. Basketball '50,'51, Soph. Football '50, j.V. Football '51, LEKKA, JOHN, Reb, Acct. - Commerce '51,'52. LENART, THOM- AS, Tom, Ind. Arts B. LEONARD, HERBERT, H61-ly, Gen. Bus. Band '50,'51,'52. LEONI, RICHARD, Ind. Arts A. LESTER, ELIZABETH' Betty, Gen. Bus. I LEVY, SANDRA, Smzdi, Acad. - Leaders Corps '50, Service Corps '5O,'51,'52, Usher Corps '50,'51, Spectator Bus. '50, Bus. Man- ager '51,'52, Discussion Group '51,'52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Stagecraft '52, Red Dec- orations '51,'52. LEWIS, JOAN, Acad. - Latin '50, Girls' Science '50, Treas. '51, '52, French '51, Belles Lettres '51,'52, H.R. Treas. '51,'52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Ed. in-Chief Spectator '52, 1st Place Short Story Contest '51, Delegate, NJ. Girls' State '51, Black Publicity '51, Chairman '52. LEW- IS, MINNIE, Mzzmcla, Home EC. - Girls' Baseball '51, LEVVIS, PATRICIA, Pat, Acad. - Chorus '50, Latin '50, Leaders Corps '50,'51,'52, Belles Lettres '51, Sec. '52, Spectator Bus. '51,'52, H.R. Sec. '50, H.R. Treas. '51,'52. LICCARDO, JOHN, johnny, Acad. - Forum '50,'51,'52, Glee Club '50,'51,'52, Chorus '50,'51,52, Choir '5l,'52, Operetta '51,'52. LINK, MARY ANNE, Gen. Bus. - Costume '5l,'52, G.A.A. '52, Red Costumes '52. I am the spirit of ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS LOUIS, MARTIN, Acad. - Rhetoricans '50,'51, Pythagorean '51, Treas. '52, Drama and Radio '50, World Federalists '50,'51,'52, Forum '52, Nat'l Forensic League, Degree of Distinction, '5 2. LOWE, ALBERT, Al, Acad. LUBIN, STUART, Skippy, Acad. - Latin '50,'51,'52, Experimenters '52, H.R. Sec. '52. LUPO, JOYCE, Sec. - Personality '51,'52, H.R. Pres. '50,'51. LUSTIG, WAYNE, Lzzs, Acad. - Philatelic '50,'51, Pres. '52, Drama and Radio '50, Repertory Theatre '50, Rhetoricans 50,'51, World Federalists '51,'52, Form '52, Nat'l Forensic League '50, '51, Inter-Club Council '51,'52, Black Props. '51,'52, J. V. Track '50, j.V. Soccer, Mgr. '50,'51, Vars. Soccer, Mgr. '52, Vars. Ten- nis '52, 2nd Place, N. F. L. District Debate Tournament. MACCARONI, MARION, Sec. - Social Dance '50,'51, Jr. Executive Comm. '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, Red Costumes '51,'52, H.R. Pres. '5O. TRENTON HIGH SCHOOL was honored by being one of the schools visited by educational leaders of Saudi Arabia and Korea. These men were studying the school systems of America. MACK, SARA, Smurf, Acad.-Y-Teens '50, '51,'52, G.A.A. '51'52, Foreign Language Library '51, Latin '52, World Federalists '52, H.R. Treas. '52, H.R. Banking Officer '52, MADOLE, HARRY, Mole, Acad. - Band '50, Asst. Manager '51, Student Di- rector '52, Orchestra '50,'51,'52, Swing Band '50,'51,'52. MAGEE, AUDREY, Mickey, Gen. Bus. - Library Asst. '51,'52, H.R. Pres. '51. MAGILL, VVILLIAM, Sax, Ind. Arts B. MALDERA, JENNIE, Iwi, Sec. - Costume '51, Anianuensis '51, Pres. '52, Black Cos- tumes '51, Black Marching '52, H.R. Sec. '52. MALLOY, THOMAS, Tom, Acad. Z2 all MANCINE, OLYMPIA, Dolly, Sec. - Leaders Corps ,5o,'51,'52, Personality '52, Black Cheers '50,'51,'52, j.V. Cheerleaders '51, Vars. Cheerleaders '52, Capt. 1st Period Gym. MANZER, MARGARET, Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'51, Corresponding Sec. '52, World Federalists '50, Sec'y-Treas. '51, Pres. '52, Orchestra '50,'51,'52, Choir '51, Belles Lettres '51, Program Chairman '52, Red Props. '51. MARA, RUTH, Acad. - Latin '50,'51, Belles Lettres '5O,'51, '52, Leaders Corps '50,'51,'52, Debate '50, '51, Honor Roll '51. MARCUS, ROSELYN, Ros, Acad. - Dra- ma and Radio '5O,'51,'52, Accompanist for Male Glee Club, Chorus, and Choir '50,'51, '52, Christmas Concert '5 0,'51,'5 2, Spring Concert '50,'51,'52, Chairman Red Music '51,'5 2. MARFINO, JOAN, Peanut,- Gen. Bus. - Library Asst. '51,'52. MAR- FINO, JOSEPH, joe, Acct. I am the spirit of OUTSTANDING STUDENTS. MARKULEC, JOAN, I0a1'mie,.Sec. - Amanuensis '51,'52. MARLOW, SU- ZANNE, Sue, Sec. - Clionian '50,'51,52, Red Cross '5O,'51, Black Marching '51, Black Flag Bearer '52. MAROCCO, MARY ANNE, Mare, Sec. - Photography '50,'51, Sec. '52. MARTELLONI, LOUISE, Lou, Gen. Bus. MARTIN, MARGARET, Peggy, Acad. - Red Cross '50,'51, Choir '50,'51,'52, Oper- etta '50,'51,'52, Chairman Black Theme Song '52. MASON, MARILYN, Mace, Sec. - G.A,A. '50,'51,'52, Amanuensis '51, '52, Spectator Bus. '50, Commerce '52, Red Marching '52, I-l.R. Pres. '52. 3 MASON, MARYQ Babyg Gen. Bus. MASTROSIMONE, -IOHNg Acad. - Pho- tography '5O,'51,'S2g Photography Award '51. MATHIS, DONALD5 Donnieg Ind. Arts B. if 3 L it QP' L MAURIZI, ELIZABETH. Bettyg Sec. - Amanuensis '51g Red Cheers '5l,'52g H.R. Treas. '51. MCDONALD, EDWARD5 Mickeyg Acad. MCDONOUGH, PAT- RICK5 Patg Gen. Bus. J' fw THE T. H. S. Choir was given a plaque by the radio and television personality, Paul Whiteman. This plaque showed Mr. Whiteman's appreciation of Trenton High School, for being one of the school choirs appearing on his T. V. Teen- Club Show. a Sis 5 MCGINNIS, GRACEg Mamieg Gen. Bus. 5'-F MCGUIGAN, KAYg Deeg Acad. - Belles w Lettres '50,'51g Latin '50g Art '50g Pan- . ...iir L American '51,'52g Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Naturalists '52. MCMILLIAN, AN- l . DORAg Anneg Home Ec. MCMILLIAN, GLORIAg Sloortyg Gen Bus. - Cafeteria Corps '51. MENGONI JACQUELINEQ Iacleieg Acad. - Latin '50 '51,'52g Quill and Scroll '5l,'52g Ballet ,SO MESSINEO, jOSEPHg Ind. Arts A - j.V. 'Y Track '51g Vars. Track '52. .pau 69 'Q METZ, GAIL, Acad. - Latin '50, Spanish '51, G.A.A. '51,'52, 6th Period Dancing '50, '51,'52, Red Rhythmics '50,'51, Chairman '52, Ballet and Prelude '50,'51,'52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50,'51,'52. MEYER, HELEN, Gen. Bus. MIKUTOVVICZ, GEORGE, Acad. - Philatelic '51, Sec. '52, Boys' Sci- ence '52. MILES, BARBARA, Bobby, Gen. Bus. MILLER, EDMUND, Ed, Acad. - Foot- ball '50, J.V. Basketball '51, Vars. Basket- ball 75 2. MILLER, MARIAN, Mill, Gen. Bus. - Cw.A.A. '50,'51, Spectator Bus. '50, Mailing Ed. '51, Commerce '51,'52, H.R. Treas. '50, School Store Bookeeper '51,'52. is F 1 K - I am the spirit of the fa' JuNloR PRQM. Q, .Q xv Q- 5 1' 'iff ' V 5 .2 F? MILLER, MARY, Red, Gen. Bus. - School Store '51. MILLER, SONDRA, Saizdee, Acad. - Debate '50, Drama and Radio '50, '51,'52, Rhetoricans '50, Sec. '51, Treas. '52, Red Character '51,'52, H.R. Treas. '51,'52, Service Corps '5 1,'5 2. MILLER, WILL- IAM, Bill, Ind. Arts A - H.R. Pres. '50,'51, '52, MINISTERO, RUSSELL, Miiiie, Gen. Bus. - Chorus '52, MITCHELL, DIANE, Dee Dee, Gen. Bus. - G.A.A. '52, Skating '50,'51,'52, Red Modern Ex. '52. MIT- CHELL, JAMES, Mitch, Ind. Arts A. MOCHNALY, JOAN, Acad. - Phi Zeta '52. MODICA, JOSEPHINE, Io, Sec. - Commerce '52, Amanuensis '5 2, j.V. Cheer- leaders '51, Vars. Cheerleaders '52, Black Cheerleaders '51,'52. MONDELLO, LENA, Sec. - Choir '50,'51,'52, H.R. Sec. '52. MOODY, CHARLES, Bill, Ind. Arts B - Clionian '5O,'51, Vice-Pres. '52, Football Mgr. '50, Track Mgr. '50,'51, H.R. Pres. '51,'52. MOONEY, JEAN, Acad. - Pan- American '51,'52, Social Dance '51, j.V. Cheerleaders, Mgr. '51, Vars. Cheerleaders, Mgr. '52, H.R. Sec. '5O,'51. MOORE, MARY ANN, Sec. - Y-Teens '51, Sec. '52, Commerce '52, Amanuensis '52, Red Tap '5O,'51,'52, Leaders Corps '52, H.R. Treas. '50, ON May 19, 1951, the class of nineteen hundred fifty-two held its junior prom. Steve Larkin and Nancy Birks were crowned King and Queen of the prom. MORREALE, CHARLES, Ind. Arts B. MORRIS, RUTH, Boots, Gen. Bus. - H.R. Vice-Pres. '50,'51. MORRISON, EDITH, Edie, Home Ec. - Cafeteria Corps '52, MORTON, JOAN, Shorty, Gen. Bus. MOSKOWITZ, GILBERT, Gil, Acad. - Chorus '50,'51, Pres. '52, Male Glee Club '50,'51, Pres. '52, Choir '5O,'51, Pres. '52, Student Director of Chorus, Choir, Male Glee Club '52, Drama and Radio '5O,'51,'52, Operetta '50,'51,'52, Sigma Epsilon Theta '51, Pres. '52, Senior Play '51, Repertory Theatre '51, Spring Concert '50,'51,'52, School Quartet '52, All-State Chorus '52. MOUNT, ANNA, Ami, Sec. - Italian '51, '52. ff' IA' ZA is .3 f ff J 'K 5, xl' -sz sf' , I tl M . ef- , x ,,- 1 5 Q 'M l rv R- : 5 l fl' s 7 I MUSCIENTE, ANTHONYg Tonyg Acad. - Wood 'SOQ Band '51,'52g Orchestra '51,l52g j.V. Baseball '51g Vars. Baseball '51,'52g Vars. Football '5Og H.R. Vice-Pres. '50. MYERS, jANETg lang Gen. Bus. - Chorus '50g Art 'Sig Naturalists '52. MYSLIN- SKA, STEPHANIE5 Mickeyg Gen. Bus. - H.R. Treas. '51,'52. NABINGER, JOYg Iimcg Gen. Bus. - Cafe- teria Corps 'Slg Photography '52. NA- BINGER, RICI-IARDg Nabbyg Ind. Arts A - Activities '52. NANNIE, IRENEg Reneg Gen. Bus. - Cafeteria Corps '5O,'51. ,E 1 A , ::,, .l- v. ,K , r W, ,V 'Mn . 1 vii, MOVSOVICH, LIBBY ANN5 Libbyg Sec. MRAV, MARY ANNg Gen. Bus. MUELLER, DORIS5 Gen. Bus. - Leaders Corps '51. MURDZA, RONALD9 Rambmzesg Ind. Arts B. MURPHY, JACQUELINE3 Iacleieg Home Ec. - Glee Club '52. MURPHY, ROBERTg Murplog Ind. Arts A. I am the spirit of the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. ,C 72 "sw, ,.-9 , 5 we Y 3 , 5 ,Z ii iti' - mi M a sr 1 I 3 at .. :ana ,tr ,f.. - my f--f 1 'H Wil' ian' p, . NAPOLEON, EMILIOg Lee, Ind. Arts B. NAVARRO, JOSEPH, Nazfbyg Ind. Arts B - Social Dance '50, Band '52, J. V. Bas- ketball '50. NAYLOR, JOAN, Sec. - Lead- ers Corps '50,'51,'52, Amanuensis '52, Red Character '51, Chairman '52, Capt. Gym Class '51, NEAVE, VVANDAg Wen, Gen. Bus. - Photography '52. NEELY, GEORGE, Son, Acad. - Naturalists '50, Experimenters '52, H.R. Pres. '52, NEISE, MADELINEg Maddieg Acad. - Costume '52, Black Tap '50,'51, Chairman '52, Ballet '50,'51,'52. ON September 10, 1951, we entered these cherished portals for our last and best year at Trenton High School. The day we had looked forward to for three years had finally come. We were seniors at last. NELSON, ELSIE5 N elg Acad. - World Federalists '50,'51, Cafeteria Corps '50,'51, '52, Red Games '50,'51,'52, Chorus '50, Op- eretta '51, Spring Concert 15 1. NEMETH, ELMER, P1f0fersor,' Gen. Bus. - Male Glee Club '51,'52, Choir '52. NEULS, SHIR- LEY, Sbirlg Acad. - Leaders Corps '50,'51, Pres. '52, Chorus '50,'51, jr. Executive Comm. '51, Operetta '51, Red Cross '51,'52g Clionian '51, Treas. '52, Red Modern Ex. '51, G.A.A. '51, Spectator '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, Red Team Capt. '52, H.R. Sec. '50, H.R. Pres. '51,'52. NOSNITSKY, JEAN, Acad. - Latin '50, Chorus '50,'51, Choir '51,'52, Italian '51, Operetta '51,'52, G.A.A. '51, Leaders Corps '52. NOTARIAN, PATRICIA Patti, Acad. - Art '50, Treas. '51, Choir '50,'51, '525 Chorus '50,'51,'52g Drama and Radio '51, Operetta '50, Lead '51, Lead '52, Bob- NOTO, SALVA- ashela Sr. Asst. '52. TORE, Somzyg Acad. - Clionian '50,'51,'52g H.R. Treas. '50, H.R. Sec. '51, Cafeteria Corps '52. t jj ' I . 3 4 NOTTE, CAROL, C01'ley,' Gen. Bus. - Art '51, Naturalists '5 2. NUTT, SHIR- LEY ANN, Lee, Sec. - Ushers Corps '50, '51,'52, G.A.A. '51,'52, Costume '52, Red Decorations '52, OLDENBURG, THOMAS, Tom, Acad. - Art '51,'52. OLIVER, RICHARD, Dick, Ind. Arts B- Activities '50,'51,'52. OSTROFF, BEV- ERLY, Bev, Acad. - Philology '5O,'51,'52, Spectator Bus. '51,'52, Press '52, Red Music '52. O'TOOLE, MARIAN, Mickey, Sec. - Leaders Corps '5O,'51,'52, G.A.A. '51,'52 Amanuensis '52, Costume '52, Black Tap '51,'52, Head Locker Sgt. '52, H.R. Pres. '50, H.R. Sec. '52. I am the spirit of OUTSTANDING STUDENTS. OWENS, JOHN, Ind. Arts A - Activities '5O,'5l,'52, Vars. Soccer '50,'51, H.R. Pres. '51. PACK, SAMUEL, Ind. Arts B. PAGE, WILLIAM, Bill, Acad. - Forum '51,'52, Sigma Epsilon Theta '52, Vars. Soc- cer '5l,'52, Vars. Baseball '51,'52, jr. EX- ecutive Comm. '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, PALAZZO, DOLORES, Dee, Acad. - La- tin '5O, Italian '5l,'52, Spectator '52. PAOLINE, RUSSELL, Rusty, Ind. Arts A - Service Corps, Treas. '52, Leaders Corps '52. PAPIER, DOROTHY, Dottyg Acad. - Stagccraft '51,'52. 5- . ,Ma E . W. . ,,,,..f..., . . . W-A .. g A U5 3 f PARTLOW, ROBERTA, Bobby, Gen. Bus. - School Store '51, Student Manager '52, PAYTON, RUDOLPH, Rudy, Ind. Arts B. PEAK, AUDREY, Azad, Acad. PEARCE, AUDREY, Audie, Sec. - Phi Zeta '50, Costume '51,'52, G.A.A. '51,'52. PEET, ROBERT, Bob, Acad. PEN- DARVIS, JULIUS, Lee, Ind. Arts B. EARLX in the school year Mr. Ciccolella announced that joan Lewis would be editor in chief of the school paper, The Spectator. vp as-.. . PERONI, GERALDINE, Gerry, Sec. - Social Dance '50, Vice-Pres. '51, Jr. Execu- tive Comm. '51, j.V. Cheerleaders Capt. '51, Vars. Cheerleaders, Capt. '52, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, H.R. Treas. '51, H.R. Vice-- Pres. '52. PERONI, ROSE MARIE, Bubbles, Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '5O,'51, Jr. Executive Comm. '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, H.R. Treas. '51. PESARINI, LUCY, Lu Lug Sec. - School Store '52. PETERS, CYNTHIA, Acad. - French '51, Sec. '52, Leaders Corps '52. PETERS, JAMES, Pete, Ind. Arts B. PETERS, STRATOS3 Peteg Acct. PETERSON, HARLANQ Ti12ke1f,' Acad. - Forum 750,'52, Treas. '51g j.V. Basketball '50g Vars. Basketball '5l,'52g jr. Class Pres. '51g Sr. Class Pres.,'52g H.R. Pres. '50,'51,'S2. PETERSCN, JOAN3 jomzieg Acad.-Girls' Science '50g French '51,'52g Choir '51,'52g Chorus '51,,52g Cperetta '52g Short Story '52. PETITO, MARIE5 Cloicleg Gen. Bus. - Black Tap '5O,'51. PETRONI, BENJAMIN5 Ind. Arts A. PI-IARES, KENNETH5 Acad. - Soph. Football '5O. PIERCE, .IAMES9 jimg Acad. fl' L PIESLAK, FRANK5 Acad. - H.R. Vice- Pres. '51,'52. PINGITOR, JEAN3 Skip- pyg Sec. - H.R. Sec. 7515 Stagecraft '52, PINTINALLI, MILDRED5 Millieg Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '51. PINTO, JACKQ Vic Damoneg Music - H. R. Sec. '52. PIOTROWSKI, JOAN5 Slimg Secg Sec. - H.R. Vice-Pres. '51,'52. PlRATZKY, HELENQ Sec. - Black Tap '515 H.R. Vice-Pres. '50. P was X is if 'Q' G2 as 'S fm M . ,nv Q., QF' fr -M' x I am the spirit of DRAMA. Q? ' RRRR Rr.ei e A PITASKY, JUDITH, judyg Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'51, Sec. '52, Rhetori- cians '5O,'51, Thespian Theatre of the Air '50,'51,'52, Nat'l Thespians '51,'52, French '51 Pres. '52, Cafeteria Corps '51, Discussion Group '52, Honor Roll '5O,'51,'52, Senior Play '51, Stage Manager '52. PITT, ELENA, Lennie, Acad. - Phi Zeta '50, La- tin '50, Chorus and Choir '5O,'51, German '51,'52, Girls' Science '51, Sec. '52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Spectator, jr. Asst. '51, Assistant Ed. '52, H.R. Pres. '51, Black Pub- licity '52. POLIZZI, ROSALIE, R05 Acad- Latin '50, Italian '51,'52, Chorus '50, Choir '51,'52, H.R. Pres. '52, PONE, ALPHONSE, AZ, Acad. - Forum '52, J.V. Baseball '51, I-I.R. P1'6S. '50,'5l,'52, Jr. Executive Comm. '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '5 2. POPKIN, JEROME, Acad. - Photography '50, Philatelic '50,'51, Treas. '52, Boys' Science '51, Pres. '52, Male Glee Club '52, Vars. Tennis '51,'52. POS- LUSZNY, DANIEL, Dmz, Ind. Arts B - Vars. Soccer '5O,'51, Co-Capt. '52, 1' .sw at ai .Wx rf elf me .V , -ga -ii., A ' rw... my A 6 V at W , 3 .Inf R' .ta X . ON December 7 and 8, 1951, the Senior Class presented Sigmund Roniberg's BLOSSOM TIME. Warren Raymond, Toba Lefkowitz, and Gerald Moseley l played the leading roles. POWELL, BERTHA, Bert, Gen. Bus. POWELL, JOYCE, Sec. - Costume '51, PRALL, JUDITH, Indy, Acad. - Specta- tor '52. PRICE, BETTE, Bet, Acad. - Drama and Radio '50, Cafeteria Corps '50,'51, Service Corps '50,'51,'52, Leaders Corps '50, Spec- tator Bus. '51,'52, Rhetoricans '51,'52, I-LR. Treas. '52, Black Modern Ex. '50, Black Decorations '51,'52. PUCCIOTTI, SAM- UEL, - Sam, Ind. Arts B - j.V. Baseball '51, PUGLIESE, MICHAEL, MCGIBIQ, Acad. - Chorus '50, H.R. Pres. '50. .. .""1r? T a wi i , ew 1 is if 3 - uf f .,f its cr rr. ...JE S have W-:rv-' win. PUTNAM, ROBERTg Bobg Ind. Arts A- H.R. Vice-Pres. '51. QUACKENBOSS, WILLIAM3 Qurzckg Acad. - Boys' Science '50,'51,'52g H.R. Pres '51. QUINN, FRANCES5 FTlZ7Z,' Gen. Bus. - Y-Teens '50g Black Modern Ex. '51, QUINN, ROBERT3 Bobg Acad. - H.R. Sec. '52. RACKISON, HELEN5 Iiggsg Gen. Bus. - Photography '523 H.R. Vice- Pres. '5O,'52g H.R. Pres. '51, RACKOW- SKI, PRISCILLAg Prisg Gen. Bus. - Leaders Corps '51,'525 H.R. Asst. Sec. '50. P rf, . 1 1 A PM Q57- if 'WMM-9 My f -we I am the spirit of FOOTBALL. RACKY, .IOHN5 Rackg Acad. RAF- FERTY, SHIRLEY3 Rafflesg Sec. - Lead- ers Corps '50,'515 Cafeteria Corps 'SO5 Am- anuensis '52. RAMUS, ADELE5 Mozzsieg Gen. Bus. - Photography '52. RANSON, WILLIAMg Billy Acad. RAYMOND, WARRENg Music - Band '50, Choir '51,'52g Operetta '51,'52. REDNOR, MARILYNg Lymzg Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'51,'52g Spectator Bus. '51g Cafeteria Corps '51,'52g Black Rhyth- emics '5O,'515 Girls' Swimming '50g H.R. Pres. '50. REESE, ELINORE5 Gen. Bus. - Skating '52. REGAN, JEAN, Reggie, Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '50, Sec. '51, REIN, RICHARD, Dick, Acad. RELLES, DONNA, Red, Acad. - Latin '50, Philolgy '50,'51,'52g Spectator Bus. '50, '51,'52, Careteria Corps '51,'52. RENZI, GUY, Acad. RESPRESS, CHRY- STENE5 Home EC. ALTHOUGH they played and fought until their hearts could burst, the gallant T. H. S. Tornadoes did not win a game in the schedule. However, they won the admiration and respect of the entire student body. REVAK, GEORGE, Iut, Ind. Arts A. RHOADS, ROBERT, Bobg Acad. - De- bate '50,'51, German '51,'525 Pythagorean '51,'52, Naturalists '52, Experimenters '52, Nat'l. Forensic League '50,'51. RICA- SOLI, VERNAg Vern, Gen. Bus. - Ballet and Prelude '50,'51,'52, Black Rhythmics '51, Chairman '52, H.R. Treas. '51, Leaders Corps '52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Oper- etta '50,'51,'52, Capt. 6th Period Dancing '52. RICH, ELAINE, Lzzyvzeg Gen. Bus. - Cos- tume Comm. '51, H.R. Treas. '5O,'51. RINGLEY, WALTER, Red, Gen. Bus. RISTOW, ARLENE5 Acad. - Latin '50, '51,'52, Chorus '50, Girls' Science '52, H.R. Pres. '50,'51,'52, Debate '51,'52, Nat'l. For- ensic League '51,'525 jr. Executive Comm. '51, 2,5 , 9x Nr- W. il' Y 3 ff 4, 1- mi. 1 - , f,..f -.rf . . V if iw' W'-sr -lam 'Him A an I, ' h isis' ROCHESTIE, HELEN, Acad. - Girls' Science '50,'51, Pres. '52, Rhetoricans '50, '51, Vice-Pres. '52, Chorus '50, Inter-Club Council '51, Debate '51,'52, Nat'l Forensic League '51,'52, Cafeteria Corps '51, Spec- tator Bus. '52, Lab. Asst. '52, Discussion Group '52, Won N. j. Forensic League Or- orical Contest '52, ROGOFF, DORIS, Dorieg Gen. Bus. - Cafeteria Corps '50, 2nd Lieut. '51, Capt. '52, Copy Ed. Bobashela '52, Sec. for Advisor '51,'52. ROLLINGS, CLARENCE, Ind. Arts B. RORRO, JOHN, Acad. - Orchestra '50,'51 '52, Band '50,'51, Co-Librarian '52, Red Band '50,'51, Italian '51,'52, Circulation Mgr. Bobashela '52. ROSEN, LEWIS, Lew, Acad. - Latin '50, Band '50, Asst. Instru- ment Sgt. '51, Instrument Sgt. '52, Debate, '50, jr. Asst. Spectator '51, Sigma Epsilon Theta '52, Black Band '50, Librarian '51, ROSEN, MARVIN, Mevzdyg Acad. - Dra- ma and Radio '50,'5l, Service Corps '5O,'51, '52, Rhctoricans '51, Spectator Bus. '51, Nat'l Thespian '5I,'52, Windoxv Painting '51,'52, Scenic Design for Operetta '52. . ? 5' RISTOW, EDWARD, Ed, Acad. - Pro- jection Crew '50,'51, Co-Capt. '52, Radio, Pres. '52, Cross Country '50, Inter-Club Council '52. RITTER, THOMAS, Rit, Acad. - Wood '5O,'51, Clionian '52, EX- perimenters 152, Vars. Swimming '50,'51, Co-Capt. '52, RITTMANN, EMILY, Lee, Sec. - Choir '50,'51,'52, H.R. Sec. '51. ROBBINS, RICHARD, Acad. - Boys' Sci- ence, '50,'51, Sec. '52, Spectator Bus. '50, Circulation Mgr. '5 1,'5 2, Inter-Club Council '51, Personality '52, 6th Period Dancing '50, '51,'52, Red Tap '50,'51 Chairman '52, Bal- let and Prelude '50,'51,'52, G.A.A. '51,'52, Operetta '51, Leaders Corps '52, H.R. Sec. '50,'51,'52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Debate '51,'52, Nat'l Forensic League '51,'52. ROBERTS, ALICE, Al, Acad. - Girls Sci- ence '52, Sigma Epsilon Theta '52, Vars. Tennis '51,'52, H.R. Pres. '52. ROBI- BERO, ANTHONY, Tony, Fine Arts - Social Dance '51, Photography '52, H.R. Treas. '50, am the spirit of STUDENT ADMINISTRATION. Qi 'I"'f" .I Aw .. if W 1 a ,,.-. T'-v' 80 ROSENTHAL MARILYN, Rosie, Acad. - Pythagorean '51, Vice-Pres. '52, German '51, World Federalists '51, Treas. '52, Nat'l Forensic League 151, Girls' Science '52, ROSENTHAL, RODELLE, Roe, Sec. - Cafeteria Corps '5l,'52. ROS- ENTHAL, SHIRLEE, Acad. - Social Dance '5O,'51,'52, Philology '50,'51. ROSSI, ELAINE, Gen. Bus. - Y-Teens '50, Commerce '50,'51. ROTHAMEL, BETTY, Bet. Acad. - Girls' Science '50, Chorus '50,'51,'52, Choir '52, French '51, '52, Inter-Club Council '52, Chairman Red Theme Song '52, H.R. Sec. '51, H.R. Treas. '52, Bobashela, Club Ed. '52, Honor Roll '50,'51,'52. ROTONDO, MARY, Marie, Sec. - Italian '50,'51, Treas. '52, .- . Q.. .1 ky 5 I WHEN the votes were counted in the senior elections, Harlan Peterson emerged as the victor in the presidential contest. Other officers elected were Don Hen- derson, vice-president, Kathie Barwis, secretary, and Delores Brienza, treasurer. an -1: -H a R X. if V, .W ' EK. fa: - '.vvq 4 f-as ra, 53. ! Sl ROUPINIAN, ALICE, jet, Gen. Bus. - H. R. Vice-Pres. '51. ROUZE, MYRNA, Fine Arts - Art '51, Costume '51,'52, G. A. A. '5l,'52. ROYAL, BOYER, Babe, Acad. - Forum '51,'52, Sigma Epsilon Theta '52, Bobashela, Co-Ed. Sports '52, Vars. Swim- ming '5l,'52, Vars. Football '52, Vars. Track '52, RUBIN, FRANCES, Fray, Gen. Bus. RUDERMAN, JOSEPH, joe, Acad. Cli- onian '50,'51, Pres. '52, Rhetoricians '50, Sec. '51, VVorld F ederalists '50, Service Corps '5O,'51, Mgr. '52, jr. Executive Comm. '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Spectator '51, Sigma Epsilon Theta, Sec. '52, Inter-Club Council '51, Vars. Ten- nis '51,'52, RUDOLPH, RONALD, Rudy, lnd. Arts B - H.R. Treas. '52, Vars. Cross Country '50. RUSSO, RITA, Sec. - Choir '50,'51, Arna- nuensis '51,'52, H.R. Treas. '5o,,s1,'52, Steno Memo Ed., '52. RYMKIEWICZ, DOROTHY, Dot, Gen. Bus. - Chorus '50, '51, Costume '52. SABIK, DOROTHY, Gen. Bus. - Naturalists '51, Skating '51, SABO, ROBERT, Bob, Ind. Arts A - Black Props. '5O. SADICK, DELORES, Dee Dee, Gen. Bus. - Spectator Bus. '50, '51,'52, Cafeteria Corps '50,'51, Service Corps '52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, H.R. Sec. '52. SALERNO, FIORE, Buddy, Ind. Arts B - Life Savings '51, Band '51,'52. SALT, ALMA, Gen. Bus. SALTER, LEON, Salt, Ind. Arts B - Leaders Corps, Vice-Pres. '51, SALVATINI, SALVA- TORE, Sal, Ind. Arts A. SAMS, CHARLES, Clozzckg Acad. - Caf- eteria Corps '50,'51,'52, Forum '51,'52, Sig- ma Epsilon Theta '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, H.R. Pres. '5O. SANDFORD EDITH, Sandy, Gen. Bus. - Personality '50,'51, Vice-Pres. '52, Leaders Corps '50, '51, Sec. '52, Pan-American '52, Bowling Capt. '5O,'51,'52, Black Games '51, Chair- man '52, H.R. Treas. '51, H.R. Pres. '52, 5th Period Gym Capt. '52, SAND- FORD, RICHARD, Dick, Gen. Bus. 7 ' ,.,. . , ' ' imwli ' 3 2 at ' . . K 'VH 'v Y I 'U I I Q' 0 Q. '- psp , , we ,ky . ,T Q- '- Sv Nl' K k Hu. sf " vw I am the spirit of OUTSTANDING ACTIVITIES ,XR SANTITORO, FRANCESg Fwmg Gen. Bus. - Choir '505 Chorus ,525 Service Corps '5O. SAPP, ELLA5 Iinxg Sec. - Leaders Corps '51,l525 H.R. Vice-Pres. '51. SA- VADGE, ROBERT3 Bobg Music - Band '5O,,51,'525 Black Band '50,'51,'52. SAVILLE, EDITH5 Edieg Sec. - Choir '50,,52g Operetta '51,'52. SCANLAN, ROBERTg Bobg Ind. Arts B. SCAN- NELLA, ESTELLEg Stelleg Gen. Bus. - Italian '50,'51,'525 Inter-Club Council '51, '525 Red Modern Ex. '52. TRENTON HIGH SCHOOL was again honored by Paul Whiteman. On No- vember 24, 1951, the Male Glee Club was given a plaque after appearing on The T.V. Teen-Club Show. SCARBOROUGH, HARRYQ Ind. Arts A - Projection Crew '50,,51,'52. SCHENCK, EDWARDg Edg Gen. Bus. - Band '50,'51,'52. SCHIFFMAN, MAR- IONQ Acad. - Latin '51,'52g German '51g G.A.A. '52. SCHINDEWOLF, LE ROYg Docg Gen. Bus. - Chorus '5O,'51,'52g Art '50,'51,,525 Choir '52g J.V. Tennis '50g Vars. Tennis '515 j.V. Football '51. SCHMELZ, GEORGEg Scienceg Acad. - Soph. Football '5O. SCHNORBUS, JOI-INg facleieg Ind. Arts A - Activities '52. mfs, 5 , 32 1- 1-lidiee .-3 A.,, i S 3 --,.. x it SCI-ION, CATHRYN, Cathy, Gen Bus. - 6th Period Dancing '5O,'51, Lieut. '52, Operetta '50,'51,'52, Leaders Corps '52, Ballet and Prelude r5o,'51,'52, H.R. Sec. 50. SCHUCK, HERBERT, Acct. - Choir '50, '51,'52, Commerce '51,'52. SCI-IULTZ, ANNA, Alfmie, Sec. SCHWARTZ, FRANCES, Fran, Acad. - Naturalists '50,'51,'52, Belles Lettres '51,'52, Red Character '51. SCI-IWARTZMAN, SANDRA, Sandy, Acad. - Rhetoricans '50,'51, Drama and Radio '50,'51, Vice-Pres. '52, Chorus '51, Experimenters '52, Spec- tator Bus. '52, Nat'l Forensic League '52, Nat'l Thespians '52, Senior Play '51,'52, Poetry Reading Contest, Ist Place '51. SCIARROTTA, VINCENT, Vince, Gen. Bus. - Italian '52, Soph. Football '50, Vars. Football '51, Co-Capt. '5 2, Vars. Track '51, '52, I am the spirit of g , ,,.. K V, I ki M, at I ' - ' We 1:91 1 5- ., . L, ,V .... V 3 , V A ,, k E . A L.s '- iiiisezf... . i as ' 4 Qfiffltg, ' -plfzfa: .. . ..,i Q.-2. Qgriii :wEk"::'5?i7 s5EE,E2?a5,i':fffi-i wifi' ,l 'fl'fr55 1 ,IW ' ::IIr:'ef' 'if ' ' - - J " K4-ll-NY" .... ,. . . .1 g.,-va-,S- -,fi , .- .- 'gm Q1 fm' .., 84 BASKETBALL. SCOTT, GLORIA ANN, Boots, Gen. Bus. - Cafeteria Corps '52, SEAMAN, BAR- BARA, Bobbie, Gen. Bus. SEAS, WILL- IAM, Bill, Acad. - H.R. Sec. '51. SENOFF, HERBERT, Slim, Acad. - Latin '50, Service Corps '50,'51,'52, Drama and Radio '51, Forum '51,'52, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, Experimenters '52, Soph. Foot- ball '50, j.V. Football '51,'52, Vars. Track '51, H.R. Pres. '52. SEWELL, WILL- IAM, Acad. - Philology '5 2. SHAPIRO, ROBERT, Bob, Acad. - Band '50, Asst. Sec. '51, Sec. '52, Orchestra '51,'52, Libra- rian, '50, Quill and Scroll '51,'5 2, Philatelic '50, Spectator '51, Sigma Epsilon Theta '52, Red Band '5o,'51,'5z. SHARPLEY, RONALD, Doc, Ind. Arts A. SHAYS, RONALD, Ron, Acad. - French '50,'51,'52, Service Corps '50,'51,'52. SHERRATT, RICHARD, Dick, Acad. SHUSTER, VIVIAN, Vi, Gen. Bus. - H. R. Treas. '51, SIKORSKI, FRANK, Smiley, Ind. Arts A - Photography '52. SILAGY, ELSIE, EZ, Gen. Bus. - Social Dance '51, Red Props. '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51, Spectator Bus. '51. f .. sg f A 1 . 'ef 4 , 5 -1 X 1 A THE T.H.S. Basketball team showed good promise in a practice game with Princeton High School on Dec. 5, a few days before the season opened. The entire school attended, and cheered Mr. BaXter's boys to a 40 to 35 Victory. SILVESTRO, VINCENT, Hot Lips, Gen. Bus. - Band '50,'51,'52, Black Band '50,'51, Chairman '52. SIMS, SHIRLEY, Gen. Bus. - Cafeteria Corps '51, SINGER, BARBARA, Bobbie, Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'51,'52, Rhetoricans '50,'51,'52, Red Music '51,'52, Cafeteria Corps '51,'52. SINGER, WILLIAM, Bill, Ind. Arts A - Soph. Football '50, j.V. Football '51, Vars. Football '52. SINWICH, RAYMOND, Ray, Acad. - .I.V. Soccer '51, Vars. Soccer '52. SISTA, TONE, Duke, Fine Arts- Laureate, Art Ed. '51, Choir and Chorus '51,'52, Glee Club '51,'52, H.R. Treas. '50, '52, H.R. Pres. '51, Bobashela, Sr. Typist 152 z I lf ,5 , I ' fi" f in A A .1 ' -ff? V an -im If f-vs mf SKWARA, DOROTHY, Squirts, Gen. Bus. - Art '50, Sec. '51, Pres. '52, Ameri- cana '52. SLOVJAK, MICHAEL, Mickey, Gen. Bus. SMALLEY, REEVES, Ind. Arts B. SMITH, CARLYLE, Carl, Acct. SMITH, GEORGE, Smitty, Acct. - Bob- ashela, Co Ed. '52. SMITH, JER PY ' OME, ferry, Ind. Arts B - Coin, Treas. '51, Vars. Track '51. ff? --' ' ' W 'iw - f ' : I 1 Q 1 'C A 2 .11 lil 5 " .ts'!f1.-if J -ff 1 2i'1.sf141i1i2 .ggi '.5'f-ig. ,lf ,lirijri , 1:'iii:Qi1: - ttst , L or ' if BBBB 1:4 . . Eli? .a at 1 I am the spirit of the OUTSTANDING ACTIVITIES. SMITH, MARYLOU, Lu, Acad. - Dra- ma and Radio '50,'51,'52, Leaders Corps '50,'51,'52, Nat'l. Thespians '50,'51,'52, Chorus and Choir '5O,'51, Experimenters '52, Vars. Swimming '52, Operetta '51, Lead '52, Senior Play '51, Lead '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52, Honor Roll '50,'51,'52. SMITH, SYLVIA, Bugs Bunny, Gen. Bus. - Cafeteria Corps '51,'52. SNEATH, MARIANNE, Sneez, Acad. - Phi Zeta '50, Naturalists '51, Vice-Pres. '52, Skat- ing '50,'51,'52, Black Props. '50,'51,'52, Capt. Bowling '52, Spectator '51, Quill and Scroll '51,'5 2, Bobashela, Executive Ed. '52. SNYDER, DARILYN, Dawfyg Acad. - Personality '50,'51, Treas. '52, Red Cross '51,'52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Black Color Guard '52, H.R. Pres. '51, Vice-Pres. '52, Chairman, Ushers Corps '52, Spectator, Page Ed. '5 2. SOBON, STANLEY, Stoleeyg Ind. Arts B - j.V. Soccer '50, Vars. Soccer '51,'52. SOLTES, ALLAN, H wb, Ind. Arts B - Window Painting '50, '51, SORDONI, VICTORIA, Vicky, Gen. Bus. - Costume '52. SORIERO, JO- SEPH, foe, Ind. Arts A - Activities '51, Pres. '52. SPERA, ALBERT, Speed, Ind. Arts B - Band '5O,'51,'52, Swing Band '5O,'51,'52, Orchestra '51,'52. STEEPY, DAVID, Dave, Ind. Arts B. STEMMER, MARION, Gen. Bus. STERN, CARL, Bzztterballg Acad. - Ser- vice Corps '50,'51, Clionian '51,'52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Inter-Club Council '51, Sigma Epsilon Theta '52, J.V. Football, Mgr. '50, Vars. Football, Mgr. '51, Spec- tator, jr. Asst. '51, Sports Ed. '52. THE Trenton High School Choir sang Fred Waring's arrangement of the Christ- mas Story, on the Paul Whiteman Christmas Eve Show. This program was broadcast all over the country and also overseas by means of short wave. 'HX' 87 STIEFBOLD, BARBARA, Kit, Acad. - Latin, Sec. '50, Pres. '51,'52, Belles Lettres '50,'51,'52, Girls' Science '51, Vice Pres. '52, Debate '51, Spectator Bus. '51,'52, Black Usherettes, Chairman '51, Foreign Language Library '50,'51,'52. STOCK- XIAN, GERALD, fe1'1'y,' Acad. - Forum '5O,'51, Pres. '52, Pythagorean '51,'52, Quill and Scroll '52, j.V. Basketball '51, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52, Vice-Pres. Jr. Class '51, Laureate, Asst, Ed. in-Chief '51. STOKES, MARY, Stokes, Home EC. - Cafeteria Corps '51,'52. STONE, JOHN, Stoney, Acad. - Service Corps '51,'52. STOOP, RICHARD, Kid Swap, Ind. Arts B - Cafeteria Corps '52. STOUT, JOAN, Slim, Sec. - Red Cross '5O,'51,'52, Choir and Chorus '50,'51,'52, Clionian '51,'52, Amanuensis '52, Operetta '5O,'51,'52, H.R. Sec. '51,'52, Oflicial '52. f gms H, . M TALLEY, DONALD, Don, Acad. - Boys' Science '50,'51, Treas. '52, Vars. Tennis '51, '52, Vars. Football '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52. TAYLOR, CATHERINE, Cfztloyg Fine Arts - Art '52. TAYLOR, CLAR- ICE, Gen. Bus. TAYLOR, EDWARD, Somzieg Gen Bus. ' TAYLOR, JAMES, F00ts,' Gen. Bus. TEGZES, JOHN, Tex, Ind. Arts B. STRANO, JEAN, jef1111zie,' Sec. STRY- KER, BARBARA, Sec. -- Chorus '51, Y- Teens '52, Girls' Swimming, Asst. Mgr. '51. SYKES, BARBARA, Gen. Bus. - Cafeteria Corps '51,'52, Black Tap '51,'52. SYKES, LESTER, Les, Acad.-Boys' Lead- ers Corps '51, Clionian '52, j.V. Baseball '50, Vars. Baseball '51,'52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51. SYMONOWICZ, CHARLOTTE, Tootsg Sec. - Amanuensis '51, Treas. '52. TAKASH, NANCY, Nan, Gen. Bus. - Y- Teens '50,'51. I am the spirit of the ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS. 9 if if 1 . W1 i a as, . 4, I I . 2 ,V ' ' LL , 'Sf f ' " I " ew, f rll , 1 its I time Q., 1 , :"Q 1 THOMAS, ALEXANDER, Al, Acad. THOMAS, CHARLES, Doctor Dadyog Ind. Arts B - Male Glee Club '51,'52, Chorus '5I,'52, Choir '52. THOMAS, DELLA, Del, Gen. Bus, - Ushers Corps '52, THOMAS, JOANNE, Ioclyg Sec. THOMAS, LORRAINE, Larry, Sec. - Skating '52, THOMAS, SHIRLEY MAE, Dirnples, Acct. - Commerce '51, Treas. '52, Bus Ticket Saleswoman '51,'52. BERTRAM SHURTLEFF, Wrestler, author, and English teacher, presented a highly entertaining program in the school auditorium. He proved to us that athletics and scholarship can blend very effectively. THOMPSON, JEAN, Sweets, Gen. Bus. - Cafeteria Corps '51,'52, Costume '52, Red Games '51,'52. THOMPSON, WILL- IAM, Bill, Acad. - Experimenters '52. TIGUE, JOSEPH, let, Selling - Chorus '50, Noontiine Dancing '51,'52, Social Dance '52, Ushers Corps '52. TILGHMAN, EMORY, Acct. - Com- merce '52. TILLI, DORA, Dee, Gen. Bus. - H.R. Sec. '52, TIMMS, CHAR- LOTTE, Timmy, Sec. - Amanuensis '52, Chairman Red Games '52, H.R. Sec. '51, H.R. Pres. '52. TOLENO, SYLVIA, Sec. - Italian '5O,'51, Sec. 7525 Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Red Cross 752, 6th Period Ballet 750, Red Modern Ex. '51, Red Decorations, Chairman '52, Lead- ers Corps '52, H.R. Pres. '50,'51,,52, jr. Executive Comm. 751, Sr. Executive Comm. '52. TOLKASH, IRENE, Pinky, Gen. Bus. - Cafeteria Corps '50,'51. TOM- ENCHOK, JOHN, jack, Ind. Arts A. TOMLINSON, KENNETH, Kenny, Ind. Arts A - H.R. Treas. '51. TOTH, CLARA, Sandy, Gen. Bus. - Glee Club '50, j.V. Cheerleaders '51, Vars. Cheer- leaders '52. TOTH, JOHN, jack, Acad. - j.Y. Football '51, Cafeteria Corps '52. O O I am the spirit of SPORT NIGHT. TROTMAN, THERESA, Terry, Acad. Cafeteria Corps 752. TROTTA, LOR- ETTA, Sec. - Amanuensis, Sec. '52, Com- merce l52. TRUCH, PATRICIA, PflZ',' Acad. - Swimming, Mgr. '51,'52, H.R. Vice-Pres. 75O,'52. TURNER, THOMAS, Stork, Ind. Arts B - Wood '5O,'51,'52g Activities '52, j.V. Football 750,'51, Vars. Football '52, Vars. Baseball 751,'52. UDRIS, JURIS, Acad. - World Federalists '51,'52, Glee Club '52, Vars. Tennis '5l,'52. UNGAR, LOR- RAINE, Acad. - Drama and Radio '5O,'51, 752, Philology '5O,,51,'52, H.R. sec. '50,'51. UPDIKE, RICHARD, Dick, Acad. - Or- chestra '50,'51,'52. URBANO, FRED, Ind. Arts A - Wood '5O,'51,'52, Activities '51.'52. URBANSKI. TOHN, Cuddlesq Ind. Arts B - Service Corps '51, j.V. Base- ball '50,'51, Vars. Baseball '52. URKEN, RONALD, Big Ron, Acad. - Service Corps '50,'51,'52, Sigma Epsilon Theta '52, Soph. Basketball '50, UZLE- BER, RICHARD, Richie, Ind. Arts B - Service Corps '51. VAGOTT, AN- DREW, Rebel, Gen. Bus. - Basketball and Baseball, Mgr. '51, TWO very popular girls in Trenton High School joan Greco, and Shirley Neuls, were selected by the girls as captains of the Black and Red Teams respectively. The theme for the annual show was Round About Town." VALENTINE, DOROTHY, Dottyg Sec. - Chorus '51,'52, H.R. Treas. '50,'51,'52. VAN EK, ELISSA, Lee, Acad. - Photog- raphy '50,'51,'52, Belles Lettres '52, Y-Teens '52, Red Cross '52, Inter-Club Council '51, Latin Contest, 2nd Prize '51. VANELLI, JUNO, Acct. - Stagecraft Lighting Crew '50,'5 l,'52. VARGA, RICHARD, Gen. Bus. VAR- RA, JOSEPH, Gen. Bus. - Art '52, H.R. Vice-Pres. '51. VARTAS, HELEN, Hel, Gen. Bus. - Leaders Corps '52. VEGOTSKY, ESTELLE5 Gen. Bus. - Philology '50,'51g School Store '51,'525 Sec. for Nurse l50,'51,'52. VERDI, PETERg Pereg Ind. Arts A. VERRELLI, JAMESg jimg Acad. - Band '50,,51,,52g Red Band ,50,,51'525 Italian '51,'52. VIRMALO, LlLLlg Acad. - German '52. V IZZONI, CARL5 Acad. VOACOLO, MICHAELQ Mileeg Ind. Arts A. VOSCEK, BARBARA3 Bzzrbg Sec. - Spec- tator Bus. '50,'51g Social Dance 'Sly Jr. Ex- ecutive Comm. '51g Inter-Club Council '515 Black Publicity '5l5 Costume '525 Sr. Nom- inating Comm. '52g School Store '525 Sr Executive Comm. '52g Cheering Section '523 Sec. for Advisor 752. WAGNER, CHARLES5 Ind. Arts A. WALL, CHARLES5 Clafwlieg Ind. Arts A. VVALSH, VINCENT5 Vinceg Acad. - Drama and Radio '50,'515 Treas. 7525 Rhe- toricans '519 Experimenters ,525 Spectator Bus. '51,7525 Nat'l Thespians '51,'52g Senior Play 'Sl,'52g Operetta '51. WALTERS, JEANQ Sloottyg Gen. Bus. - Photography '5l,l52. WANTNER, HELENg Acad. - Chorus '5Og Choir '51,'52g Drama and Radio '50,'515 Art '515 Laureate '515 Oper- etta '525 Bobashela, Sr. Asst. '525 H.R. Treas. '50. WARNIAN, JEAN, Sec. - School Store '52 WARNER, ROBERT, Bob, Ind. Arts B - Boys' Science '51,'52, WAR- REN, EVE, N may, Sec. - Cafeteria Corps '50,'51,'52, Skating '51,'52, H.R. Treas. '51, '52. WARREN, NORMAN, Fine Arts. VVATKINS, BARBARA, Bobby, Acad. - Cafeteria Corps '50,'52, Leaders Corps '50 j.V. Cheerleaders '51. WATKINS, LAWRENCE, Lfzrry, Ind. Arts B - Soph. Football '50, Vars. Football '51. S. In - -v. 6' ,V K ni- frqp ' S G' f P XY' ' . " " 1 - iffa ,X , Q, K a. a af' . 'S' 1 5, a 'x."4,"'? iii' 'f iff- 2 , M EARLY in May the auditorium was again the scene of another T.H.S. Senior Play. The performers played their parts well, and enjoyed presenting the play as much as the audience enjoyed Watching it. WATKINS, RUTH, Ruthie, Acad. - Rhetoricans '50,'51, Drama and Radio '50, '51,'52, Experimenters '52, Operetta '50,'51, '52, Discussion Group '52, H.R. Sec. '50, Senior Play '50,'51,'52, Spring Concert '50, 6th Period Dancing '50,'51, Ballet '50,'51, Chairman '52, Prelude '50,'51,'52, Nat'l Thespians '50,'51,'52, Black Rhythmics '51, Repertory Theatre '51, 3rd and 4th Year Latin Contest, 1st Prize '51. WATSON, jOANNE, fo, Acad. - Photography '50, '51, Philatelic '50, Orchestra '50,'51,'52, Belles Lettres '51, Treas. '52, H.R. Treas. '50. WEBBER, EMMA, Gen. Bus.-Red Cross '52. WEBER, RICHARD, Acad. - H.R. Treas. '52. WEINTROB, ALEXANDER, Al, Acad. - World Federalists '51, Rhetoricans '51, Forum '51'52, Pythagorean '51,'52, Male Glee Club '52, Vars. Tennis '51,'52, Debate '52, Nat'l Forensic League '52. WEISLING, MARJORIE, Mmfgie, Acad. - Girls' Science '51,'52, Inter-Club Coun- cil '52, World Federalists '51, Bobashela, Associate Ed. '52. K ' st ' ,. at ,, ,,,.3 ,nw 43, qgvl -,g,,g,g,f,f : Q., 4:25 f 7 R WEISS, SHIRLEY, Skirl, Sec. - Philology '50,'51, Drama and Radio '5O,'51,'52. WEMMER, ROBERT, Bob, Acct. WENZEL, ELYSE, Acad. - Red Cross '5O,'51, Vice-Pres. '52, Chorus '50, Choir '51, Operetta '51, Clionian '51,'52, Leaders Corps '51, Spectator '51, Copy Ed. '52, Quill and Scroll '51,'52, Pan-American '52, Black Marching '51, Chairman '52, H.R. Treas. '50,'51,'52, jr. Executive Comm. '51. WHEELER, RAYMOND, Acad. - Clion- ian '52, Cross Country '50,'51,'52, LV. Swimming '52, H.R. Pres. '51,'52. VVHEELER, SARAH, Sis, Home Ec. WHITEHEAD, ROBERT, Curly, Acad. Experimenters '52, H.R. Pres. '51,'52, Vars. Baseball '51,'52. I am the spirit of the CU SENIOR PROM. VVIEDMANN, PAUL, Baron, Acad. - Art '50,'51, 11th grade Window Painting 2nd Prize '51, 12th grade Window Paint- ing, lst Prize 75 2. WIEGER, DONALD Fine Arts. VVILKES, SHIRLEY, Gen Bus. WILKINSON, MARY, Gen. Bus. WILLIAMS, LUCILLE, Ceil, Home Ec - Art '52. WILLIAMS, ROBERT, Ski Ind. Arts A - Male Glee Club '5O,'52 Chorus '51, Choir 752. 7 7 is 'mo' ww! 8 M1 WILLIAMSON, JOYCE, Ioycie, Sec. - Personality '51, Corres. Sec. '52, Leaders Corps '51, Treas. '52, Pan-American '52, Red Cross '52, jr. Executive Comm. '51, Sr. Executive Comm. '52, Capt. 5th Period Gym '52, G.A.A. '50, Vice-Pres. '52, Miss Trenton High School '52, H.R. Pres. '51. WILSON, DAVID, Tammy, Music - Band '52, Orchestra '52, Swing Band '52. WILSON, WILLIAM, Bill, Ind. Arts A - Forum '50,'51, Sec. '52, Activities '51, '52, Vars. Cross Country '51, Capt. '52, H. R. Vice-Pres. '52. WINEBERG, MYRON, Mickey, Acad. Philatelic '50,'51,'52, Service Corps '50,'51, '5 2, H.R. Pres. '50. WINKLER, GEORGE, jr. Acad. WISMER, DORIS, Wizz, Acad. - Red Cross '50,'51, Pan-American '51, Pres. '5 2, Personality '52, Leaders Corps '50,'51, Head Locker Sgt. '52, Vars. Swimming '50,'51, Co-Capt. '52, Black Modern Ex. '51, Chairman '52, Vars. Cheer- leaders '52, H.R. Pres. '50,'52, H.R. Treas. '51, ONE of the last big events of the year finally came. This was the night that we had awaited for three years! Will we ever forget the music, the decorations, the punch, the teachers all decked in their best? 3: 55 " WITTICH, JUNE, Gen. Bus. - com- ' merce '51, '5 2. WITTENBORN, WILLIAM, Acad. - Boys' Science '50, Sec. '51, Vice-Pres. '52, Experimenters '52, Soph. Football '50, T.H.S. Bowling League '51,'52. WITTLIF, RICHARD, Dick' Ind. Arts B - Soph. Football '50. 7 WNUK, ELSIE, Bet, Gen. Bus. WOODARD, LILLIE, Gwmdmom,' Gen. Bus. WOODHEAD, EARL, Woody, Acct. f ' 95 gif ff.: I Q11 fi? " . . 1.-3 1, teisi 1- fsff -,isa ..m:.tgs.pz12.212-.iii I. '.. :H - fr. 1 .vim :L :SZ 59151 sfxfxi fi' 5l5'i5'fsi'is? 1. .1 ff ,yi .-,.1,,q,, sy.. -gas.. M. 11-Mwss ti.:'Lff's':.?il -fc .:. Az fini. .: .2 -: 33" f 1 .f:?f2?i'?i7' fs' .. me ,We gs -awww- X ,K iii- an .H WP :HW 'SH-v 'ir H. W, ,, . . ,,, ,W 1 , ..,, ,. . . gk. M ffigitw a Sim: .. sgiisggwi ,rf is fig. S??liS?rs?i?iiiSQ1 " fk. .4-1 E X. YESENSKY, STEPHEN, Steve, Gen. Bus. - Commerce '52, YOUNG, HER- BERT, Herb, Acad. - Service Corps '51, '52, Experimenters '52. YOUNG, MAR- IAN, Acad. - Naturalists '52, School Store '5 1. YOUSKO, HELENA, Honey, Gen. Bus. - Naturalists '51,'52. YOUSKO, RALPH, Tex, Acct. - Commerce '52. ZAMONSKI, ROBERT, Baba, Ind. Arts B -Activities '52. WOODING, WAVERLY, Woody, Acad. - Stagecraft '5O,'51, H.R. Vice-Pres. '50, '51, Pres. '52. WOODWARD, DOUG- LAS, Acad. - Philology '52, j.V. Track '5O,'51, j.V. Football '51. WOOLVER- TON, JACOB, jake, Ind. Arts A. YANNUZZIELLO, MARY ANN, Sec. - Chorus '50, Spanish '51, Italian '52, I-I.R. Sec. '50,'51,'52. YAROS, ANTHONY, Gen. Bus. - j.V. Soccer '50, Vars. Soccer '51,'52, H.R. Sec. '51, H.R. Vice-Pres. '52. YAROS, JOSEPH, foe, Gen. Bus. - Band '50 I am the spirit of the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. i 4 5 V sf is 5 o"' Q-, if K.: 'Q Y . ii ' 51 .:Lz:':. "I-5 if f -" i ii .. n .Q 1. .sflf 'W--I.. - f I ii . T - . ' ' ' 'll -. - 5 Q 1L"."-'Tl-1.1i.f 7 555 21. ----- .- 1111 1-mm aw- 1- - .v..f..f.11.15,g.g " - ' xi Q , ZAMPARELLI, MARY 3 Gen Bus. -Italian '50,'51,,52g Costume '52g Red Games '52. ZAVETOSKI, VINCENT5 Ind. Arts A. ZEIGLER, ALBERTg Alg Acad. - French '50,'51,'52g Service Corps '50,'51,'525 Bowl- ing '52, ZICKWOLF, ELMER5 Zeleeg Ind. Arts A. ZUCCARELLO, JEAN5 Zooleieg Gen. Bus. ZULLO, jOHNg Zaccerg Ind. Arts B. At last it had come! Graduation Day! june 17, 1952. This was the day we had looked forward to, all our lives. We were glad to be marching in our caps and gowns, and yet a little sorry to be leaving T.H.S. But we knew the spirit which the senior classes of Trenton High School had left behind would be carried on. ZWEIGLE, CHARLESg Buddyg Ind. Arts A - Activities '52. I-IEBERLING, RUTHQ Rzztloieg Gen. Bus. - Art '5O,'513 Cafeteria Corps '5O,'51, Vice-Pres. '525 Ushers Corps '50,'5l,752g G.A.A. ,5O,'51,,52g Skating '5l,'525 H.R. Treas. '50. BURKEQ THOMAS9 Berleelg Acad. - -I.V. Track 503 Vars. Track '5l,'52g Soph. Foot- ball '50. FRANK, JOAN5 Fravrzkieg Gen. Bus. - Glee Club '5O,'513 Choir '525 Vars. Tennis l50,'51,l52g Vars. Hockey '5O,'5l,'525 Vars. Basketball '50,'5l,'52g N. j. State Athletic Award '51. Lens Fugitives ALBERTSON, CLARENCE, Acct. ALLEN, BERT, Skin, Ind. Arts. A-Service Corps '50, '51, Capt. '52, J. V. Football '50, '51, J. V. Track'50. BALINT, JOAN, Red, Gen. Bus.-School Store Mgr. 51. . BRANDT, DANIEL, Ind. Arts A. CARTER, HOWELL, Pety, Acad.-Quill and Scroll '52, H. R. Sec. '52. CARVILL, RONALD, Acad.-Vars. Soccer '50, '51, '52. CICCARELLO, LOUIS, Chick, Acct.-Commerce '52. CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM, Red, Acad.-Forum '50, '51, '52, J. V. Football '50, Vars. Football '51, J. V. Track '50, Vars. Track '52. DAVID, LORRAINE, Rainy, Acad.-Accompanist for Social Dance Club '50, '51, DAVIS, RICHARD, Dick, Ind. Arts A. DI BIANCO, ROBERT, Dib, Ind. Arts B. DI NATALE, PERRY, Deen, Ind. Arts B. ELDRIDGE, JAMES, fini, Acad.-Forum '50, '51, '52, Soph. Football '50, J. V. Football '51, Vars. Football '52, H. R. Treas. '52. FEDAK, JULIUS, Jule, Ind. Arts. A-Wood '52. GANDY, ROYDEN, Windy, Music-Band 150, '51, '52, Orchestra '52. HAYWARD, ROBERT, Bucky, Acad.-Philatelic, Pres. '50, Operetta Props. '51, Phi Zeta '51, Cli- onian '5 2, Sigma Epsilon Theta '5 2, J. V. Track '50, '51, Vars. Track '52, Vars. Swimming '50, '51, 352, Vars. Football '51, '52, H. R. Vice- Pres. '52. HENDERSON, ROBERT, Bob, Gen. Bus.-Vars. Swimming '50, '51, '52. HILL, HERBERT, Gen. Bus. KNAPP, JOHN, Monk, Ind. Arts. A. LAWRENCE, CORNELIUS, Ind. Arts. B. MANGUS, DELORES, Doe, Gen. Bus. MORRIS, JAMES, Careless, Gen. Bus. NEBLETT, JOHN, Rebel, Ind. Arts A. NOVITZ, SHELDON, Acad.-Experimenters '5 2. ORENDAS, NICHOLAS, The Greek, Ind. Arts A -Vars. Golf '50, '51, '52. PERNA, LOUIS, Lou, Gen. Bus. PERONI, LAWRENCE, Sbieky, Gen. Bus. PRITCHARD, EDWARD, Ed, Ind. Arts A. PYONTEK, RAYMOND, Ind. Arts A-Activities '5 2. SANTITORO, GERALD, F uzzy, Ind. Arts B. SAPIO, NICHOLAS, Nick, Acct.-Bobashela, Sr. Typist '5 1. SILVERS, ROBERT, ji, Ind. Arts B. SIMMONS, RICHARD, Dick, Ind. Arts B. SOKOLOWSKI, EDWARD, Red, Acad.-Vars. Soccer '50, '51, 52. STEPHAN, MARY, Tiny, Home Ec. STRYCHARZ, JOHN, Wimpy, ind. Arts A.- Vars. Soccer '50, '51, '52, J. V. Baseball '51, STUMPP, JOHN, Stunippy, Ind. Arts A.-J. V. Track '5 1. TEEL, CHARLES, Acad.-Soph. Football '50. TURETZKY, BARNEY, Ind. Arts B. VAN DE WATER, RICHARD, Dick, Ind. Arts A-Vars. Soccer '51. Vw 6 Q0 ff: ORGANIZATIONS Bottom Row: M. Maurio, G. Case, A. Guidotti, J. Rorro, R. Hall, V. Silvestro, M. Gardner, A. Castor, Mr. Borgen advisor, H. Madole, J. Elias, L. Rosen, R. Shapiro, J. Lauter, A. Glennon. Second Row: A. Forer, j. Cheled- nik, N. Sherer, E. Schenck, K. Sindora, D. Cowell, L. Contardo, A. Nemeth, S. Kowal, C. Scozzaro, J. Tor- retto, R. Preston, R. Stenlhagen, F. Salerno, S. O'Donnell, Band As one of the most vital organizations in the school, the band carried on many activities throughout the year, with Mr. Borgen as their advisor. All the football games were pepped up by the martial music and by the marching rou- tines which the smartly-clad band members exe- cuted on the Held during half time. Not only did they play at all football games, but they also played at all the home basketball games. Sport Nite is always one of the main perform- ances for the band organization. For this occa- sion the T. H. S. Band was divided into two separate bands-the Red and Black Bands. The entire band got together to vote for the two band leaders and then these two decided whom they were going to have in their respective bands. This year these boys worked very hard for Sport Nite. They had to learn all the music for the main and specialty numbers as well as their own numbers. The Spring Concert was another one of their many activities. At this traditional program the band contributed its share of the musical enter- tainment for the evening. 1. Nicolini, R. Petito. Third Row: E. Larson, A. Voor- hees, A. Musciente. XV. Ford, L. Mandl, C. Cranmer, E. Goldenbaum, T. Brecko, A. Britton, A. Spera, M. Gandolfo, V. Panarisi, Navarro, E. Hewitt. Fourth Row: J. Tramontana, HI Hecht, 1. Parziale, L. Tuccillo, C. Haas, J. Nawak, D. Pettit, R. Krisanda, R. Savadge, 1. De Feo, L. Fink, A. Gibilisco, J. Smith, R. Czigler. Officers Librarian .... Librarian ...... Field Marshal . . . Drum Major .... Manager , ,.,... . Student Director . . Uniform Sergeant . Instrument Sergeant Secretary .....,.,. Conductor ....,.,. . . . . , john Rorro . . . . . Robert Hall , . . Vincent Silvestro . . . Martin Gardner . . . Albert Castor . . . Harry Madole . . . , . . Elmer Elias Lewis Rosen Robert Shapiro . . . . Mr. L. Rogene Borgen tg, Bottom Row: B. Rothamel, C. Adams, L. Mondello, M. Balbresky, C. Kunkely, M. Martin, R. Holford, L Denny, S. Larkin, Mr. Mulder, advisor, G. Moskowitz, K. Barwis, R. Marcus, R. Di Bella, J. Nosnitsky, P Notarian, M. Staudenmayer, S. Craig, R. Caltagirone Second Rofw: E. Boyd, M. Applegate, H. Wantner, E. Saville, A. Mount, S. Wilson, A. Evans, N. Knowles M. Sholin, E. Couch, J. Plumeri, J. Heck, R. Polizzi: E. Nochumson, B. Cohen, E. Rittmann, A. Silverstein, Choir The choir is one of our school's most experi- enced musical organizations. This group, under the direction of Mr. Mulder, has received much recognition not only in the school, city and state, but also throughout the nation. At Christmas time they gave a Christmas Con- cert at school and at the City Hall. Christmas Eve they sang at the Majestic Theater in New York. There the program was broadcast nation- wide over the W A B C network. In the spring the big program was the Spring Concert in which they combined with the T. H. S. Chorus to make a very large and mag- nificent musical group. Graduation and the bac- calaureate ceremonies were two other very im- portant events in which the choir had a large part. They also visited the junior schools to give them a preview of what the T. H. S. Choir can do. All in all, the members of the choir worked very hard this year in fulfilling their very inter- esting schedule. J. Peterson, J. Doray, V. Sampson, A. Gering, J. Kendall Third Row: D. Harper, A. Ciabattoni, J. Constance F. Budden, F. Sommers, J. Liccardo, W. Dowd, W Funkhouser, M. Rose, T. Sista, S. Harhigh, H. Foder D. Nahoun, R. Corbin. Fourth Row: J. Schmidt, S Battista, D. Smith, C. Klabbatz, R. Jenei, J. Udris, R Rauba, G. Bronner, R. Ritter, W. Boaz, W. Edwards C. Perfater, F. Argese. Officers President .,,... . . . Gilbert Moskowitz Vice President , . ,,..., Steve Larkin Secretary .,., . . . Kathryn Barwxs Treasurer ..,. .,.,,.. L ynn Denny Advisor . , . , , , Mr. Harry Mulder i 1 Chorus One of the largest organizations in the school is the T. H. S. Chorus. Sponsored by Mr. Mulder, the members strive toward a better understand- ing and experience in the field of music, not only for group participation but also for per- sonal pleasure. At Christmas time the chorus participated in the Christmas Concert held here in the school. Their Spring activity was the annual Spring Con- cert in which the choir, band, and orchestra all had a part. Two years ago the chorus was reorganized and divided into two groups: the choir, chiefly com- posed of upperclassmen and the more exper1- enced singers, and the chorus, mostly inexperi- enced but willing members. In effect, the chorus has become the training organization for the choir. This setup gives more students opportunity to train and use their voices. Many afternoons after 3:30 and several Satur- days throughout the year the members of the chorus rehearsed with Mr. Mulder. It was not hard work because they loved music and they were very fond of their dynamic leader. Bottom Row: E. Shaffer, S. Cain, M. Lesson, A. Duboski, J. Patykula, Kahn, S. Schnitzer, J. Medoff, A. Moglia, K. Lanning, C. Grove, S. Selfridge, F. Santitoro, J. Cooper, 1. Black, D. Probst, L. Callahan, B. Kelly. Second Row: B. Rothamel, C. Adams, L. Mondello, M. Bal- bresky, C. Kunkely, M. Martin, R. Holford, S. Larkin, L. Denny, Mr. Mulder, advisor, K. Barwis, G. Mosko- witz, R. Marcus, R. Di Bella, Nosnitsky, P. Notarian, M. Staudenmayer, S. Craig, R. Caltagirone. Third Row: F. Stoop, D. Ewanis, H. XVantner, E. Saville, A. Mount, S. Wilson, A. Evans, N. Knowles, M. Sholin, E. Couch, J. Plumeri, J. Heck, R. Polizzi, E. Nochumson, B. Cohen, Officers President ,... . . . Gilbert Moskowitz Vice-President ..,.. Steve Larkin Secretary ..,. . . , Kathryn Barwis Treasurer . . .,,... Lynn Denny Advisor . . . . . . Mr. Harry Mulder E. Rittmann, A. Silverstein, Peterson, Doray, V. Sampson, A. Gering. Fourth Row: E. Boyd, M. Apple- gate, J. Constance, F. Budden, F. Summers, J. Liccardo, VV. Dowd, M. Rose, YV. Funkhouser, H. Foder, S. Har- high, T. Sista, J. Kendall, D. Edwards. Fifth Row: Eppolito, S. Battista, D. Smith, C. Klabbatz, R. Jenei, J. Udris, G. Bronner, F. Rauba, R. Ritter, W. Boaz, NV. Edwards, C. Perfater, A. Cala, F. Argese. Sixth Row: J. Schmidt, A. Ciabattoni, D. Kelley, R. Rue, W. Merritt, P. Schatzberg, M. Stenger, F. Federico, XV. Bloomberg, R. Embley, M. Cohen, N. Di Guiseppe, J. Smith, D. Nahoun, R. Corbin, W. Raymond. Male Glee Club As its name implies, the Male Glee Club of T. H. S. consists of boys interested in learning to appreciate choral literature and enjoying the training and pleasure of singing. This was one of the busiest groups in the school this year. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Mulder, they participated in many activities in the school, some of which included the annual operetta, the Christmas Concert, the baccalau- reate services and the graduation exercises. They also performed in several auditorium programs throughout the year. Twice they were featured as guests on Paul Whiteman's T. V. Teen-club. Each time they received plaques attesting to their excellence in choral interpretation. As you can see by their various activities the members of the Male Glee Club had quite a full schedule and were kept very busy training and improving their voices. This group offered great opportunity to many students interested in enlarging their musical background, especially those who found it im- possible to take private lessons or those who were not able to take the music course, but were desirous of some musical training Bottom Rofwz M. Rose, J. Smith, H. Foder, L. Fort, W. Green, R. Williams, S. Larkin, G. Moskowitz, Mr Mulder, advisor, R. Marcus, E. Bobik, D. Nahoun R. Embley, J. Liccardo, M. Stenger, F. Federico, R Corbin. Second Rofwz N. Di Guiseppe, R. Radice, R Ministero, V. Silvestro, F. Argese, A. Popkin, F. Som- mers, R. Stemhagen, F. Budden, VV. Dowd, D. Relles A. Weisberg, Eppolito, VV. Merritt, T. Sista, S. Har- Officers Student Director .... . . . Gilbert Moskowitz Advisor ........ Mr. Harry Mulder F S 'x J 5.- 1 high, R. Ritter, F. Rauba. Third Row: W. Funkhouser, A. Ciabattoni, j. Mosley, VV. Edwards, J. Constance R. Van Sant, G. Bronner, A. Cala, P. Schatzberg, W Bloomberg, R. Belinsky, W. Raymond, M. Cohen, K Gravatt. Fourth Rofw: C. Perfater, J. Schmidt, S. Bat- tista, D. Smith, C. Klabbatz, R. jenei, D. Breece, J. Udris, H. Trauger, A. Kreslins, G. Sampson, D. Kelley, E Nemeth, L. Kerrigan, W. Boaz. 103 Bottom Row: D. Mitchell, A. Gering, E. Soprony, M. Conover, M. Brazina, P. Di Martino, A. Musciente, J. Heck, Mr. Wassell, advisor, V. French, T. Latoof, A. Bodnar, B. Silverman, H. Goldstein, R. Caine, D. Man- ners, M. Hence, E. Bate. Second Rofw: J. Watson, H. Hecht, J. Aller, D. Majofsky, L. Alper, H. Trauger, C. Pestcoe, T. Jarzyk, H. Janiszewski, E. Ulivieri, C. Cunningham, J. Bohlinger, C. Holman, MacNeil, Orchestra How many of us while sitting in auditorium listening to the orchestra actually realized and appreciated its importance? Probably very few. Most of us took it for granted as something all high schools have. But that is not true. Every high school does not have the kind of orchestra we had. Our T. H. S. orchestra was rated as one of the best in the state. That is a reputation that made Trenton High students mighty proud. Sponsored by Mr. Wassell, the participated in many school activities. A special group was picked from the orchestra to play in the operetta and also for graduation. The orchestra played an important part in the annual Spring Concert. The Christmas Concert was another important musical event. A few of our orchestra members made the All-State group which consists of pupils from all over the state of New Jersey. This is the greatest honor given to any high school music student. Latoof, C. Di Martino, V. VVhenry. Third Rofw: R. Preston, R. Shapiro, A. Popkin, M. Manzer, S. Capple, J. Lauter, S. O'Donnell, N. Scherer, W. Sokol, K. Sin- dora, G. Nemeth, A. Castor, M. Gandolfo, A. Guidotti. Fourth Rofw: A. Forer, E. Elias, R. Knott, E. Golden- baum, H. Madole, C. Haas, J. De Feo, R. Updike, J. Nowak, T. Robinson, J. Rorro, H. Wahl, L. Fink, V. Panarisi, R. Hall. Officers President ...... . , . Virginia French Vice-President . , , .,,.,., Jean Heck Secretary ...... .... T helma Latoof Secretary , . . ..,.,..., Irene Bodnar Treasurer , . . . . , Anthony Musciente Conductor . . .... Mr. Albert Wassell -5 0,9 v 3' f 104 13064 Bottom Row: R, Damiano, J. Owens, J. Soriero, Mr. Jochern, advisor, J. Varga, F. Urbano. Second Row: VV. Turner, R. Oliver, H. Danbury, J. Fell, J. Shargo. Activities T0 CONSTRUCT scenery for various school activities. Officers President ..,.,......,.....,.. Jennie Maldera V ice-President . . . ...,...... Doris Lees Secretary ....., ..,.,.,. L oretta Trotta Treasurer .. .. Charlotte Symonowicz Advisor . . . ..., Miss Mary Lapin Bottom Row: L. Trotta, D. Lees, Miss Lapin, advisor, J. Maldera, C. Symonowicz. Second Rofw: N. Knowles, C. Timms, A. Cesaro, A. Angelini, R. Russo, Modica, M. Carnevale. Third Rofw: D. Azarowicz, J. Naylor, S. Rafferty, M. Moore, M. Devine, M. Kompanik, T. fr. Third Row: XV. Bailey, A. Di Artiglio, D. Brandt, R. Nabinger, F. Laske, D. Funk, F. Kroehling. Officers President ...... .. Joseph Soriero Vice-President .,.., .... J ulius Crescenzi Secretary-Treasurer ............ Fred Urbano Advisor ............ . . Mr. Warren Jochem Amanuensis TO FURTHER each girl's knowledge of stenographic skills. Franckowiak. Fourth Row: J. Markulec, J. Freeman, J. Del Bargo, B. Maurizi, P. Clayton, L. Clarici, M. Ferry. Fifth Row: M. Domanski, A. Graf, M. O'Toole, M. Mason. 5 Bottom Rofw: M. Di Falco, J. Castelize, J. Leese, J. Zaparyniuk, Miss Koenig, advisor, A. Waterhouse, M. Fine, B. Kaczanowski, P. Di Martino. Second Row: j. Branham, D. Cervone, F. Vaughn, K. Taylor, M. Art TO INCREASE art skill, become acquainted with various types of art mediums, develop art appreciation, and act as a service club to the school. Officers President ................... Dorothy Skwara Vice-President , . 1 ..... Sylvia Dickey Secretary .,....,,. ..,, J anet Heymann Assistant Secretary . . . , Edward Lupper Treasurer ,...,. 1 ,.,..... Janet Hankins Advisor . , . . . Mr. Friebis Siegfried Bottom Row: B. Longo, J. Hankins, S. Dickey, Mr. Siegfried, advisor, D. Skwara, E. Lupper, H. Janiszew- ski. Second Row: J. Kupcsky, R. Leona, G. Cacciatore, Brown, M. Cross, A. Livingston. Third Rofw: Evans, A. Drake, E. Guhr, R. Waller, M. Rose, H. Sharp, D. Meyerson. Officers President ........ ,.., K enneth Henry Vice-President ...,... . . . Albert Waterhouse Recording Secretary .....,..,,,... jane Leese Corresponding Secretary ...,,.. Marjorie Fine Treasurer ......,,,,.,,..... Joan Zaparyniuk Advisor . . . . , . Miss Daphne Koenig Art TO EXPLORE the numerous fields and phases of art other than painting. J. Weisling, A. Dumas, P. Killingsworth, L. Williams. Third Rofw: Davis, E. Pope, D. Azarowicz, B. Cham- berlain, P. Sargiotto, C. Hallmark, E. Byrnes, J. Varra. 106 Bottom Row: B. Stiefbold,-J. Watson, H. Lavine, Miss Marotte, advisor, M. Manzer, R. Mara, P. Lewis, C. Deitz. Second Row: E. Van Ek, J. Kneeshaw, L. Du- plessis, E. Bate, S. Shain, K. Heath, Zaparyniuk, F. Belles Lettres TO PROMOTE an interest in the study and appreciation of good literature Officers President ,,.,............,. Barbara Stiefbold Vice-President .,.., . , . . Olga Marateo Recording Secretary ,.... ...,, J ean Wood Corresponding Secretary ....... Marcia Savko Treasurer ....,...,,........ . , Estelle Burke Advisor . . . . . . , . Mr. M. D. La Fountain Bottom Row: M. Bushnell, M. Savko, J. Wood, O. Marateo, Mr. La Fountain, advisor, B. Stiefbold, C. Gasco, E. Burke, R. De Bonis, R. Corvo, A. Wilson. Second Row: M. Schiffman, B. Phillips, C. Van Hise, Shmukler, P. Solomon, J. Lewis. Third Row: H. Simons, R. Lieberman, M. Heath, D. Goodstein, R. Rudlin, B. Levy, F. Schwartz, A. Popkin, T. Robinson. Cfficers President ....,,,..,..,,..... Herbert Lavine Vice-President ., ..... Ruth Mara Secretary ..... .. Patricia Lewis Treasurer .... ,...,,.. J oanne Watson Advisor .. Miss Beatrice Marotte Latin TO FOSTER an interest in Latin, the Romans, and the Latin civilization in general. J. Kreidler, J. Elliott, B. Owens, A. Moglia, B. Silver- man, C. Salvatore, J. Jenkins, R. Bouboulis. Third Row: S. Lubin, L. Albert, M. Edwards, M. Lesson, F. Mow- der, N. lzatt, M. Sholin, Sedia, A. Ristow, D. Mitchell. Bottom Row: A. Berrien, R. XVarner, G. Mikutowicz, K. Laino, E. Savko, R. Robbins, M. Andrew, R. Parishy, I. Byer. Second Row: R. Saks, D. Talley, VV. VVitten- born. Popkin, Mr. Diamond, advisor, H. Lavine, VV. Boy's Science TO PROMOTE the interests of boys who enjoy working in the field of science. Officers President ......, . . . . joseph Ruderman Vice-President . , . ..,,. Gene DeVito Secretary ......, . . . Kathryn Barwis Treasurer . . . , . . , . Shirley Neuls Advisor ....... , . . Miss Mary Meagher Bottom Rofw: L. Rasimowicz, C. Bucher, M. Providence, VV. Moody, Ruderman, Miss Meagher, advisory K. Barwiss, S. Neuls, N. Birks, G. Newcomb, R. Holford Second Rofw: S. Benck, V. Necld, N. Clark, S. Faherty, L. Denny, L. Dix, C. Stern, L. Ellis, S. Kramer, E Wenzel, A. Feehan. Third Row: N. Korsak, T. Ritter, Quackenboss, T. Garsky, VV. Grassmyer. Third Row: H. Gildea, N. Di Guiseppi, R. Lanning, H. Brody, J. Hutchins, R. Harris, VV. Crossey, YV. Guthrie, R. Lawrence, D. Nolan, T. Ball, R. Greenfield. Officers President ,..... ..,......... j erorne Popkin Vice-President . , . . . . William Wittenborn Secretary ...... ...... H erbert Lavine Treasurer . . . ........,.. Donald Talley Advisor . . . . . Mr. Constantine Diamond Ciionian TO DEVELOP an active interest in this community. R. Wheeler, R. Embley, C. Sutterly, T. Barlow, T. Jahos, B. Gauck, B. Hutchinson, Cartlidge, M. John- son. Fourtb Rofw: Rogie, R. Hayward, E. Breece, R. Norton, L. Sykes, 1. Burke, J. DeVido, T. Robinson VV. Cook, D. Bookholdt, XV. Babecki, G. DeVito, Di Smith. Bottom Rofw: D. Ewanis, J. Kneeshavv, S. Hunt, R. lnnocenzi, A. Chiacchio, Miss Scheich, Mr. Butcher, advisors, G. Grogan, S. Thomas, H. Elko, J. Modica, E. Umberger. Second Row: M. Devine, J. French, M. Miller, M. Moore, N. Pontrella, C. McEwan, j. Fonta- nazzi, A. Cesaro, A. Serben, P. Butcher, V. Hetz. Third Commerce TO PROMOTE an interest in the business world and to encourage a social spirit among commercial students. Officers President ,,,........,.,,, Shirley Csercsevits Vice-President ,... ,.,.. B everly Carver Secretary ..... . . . Patricia Giordano Treasurer . . . ...,. Delores Constance Advisor ......., ..... M iss Thelma Lomax Bottom Row: E. Reggie, C. Sikorski, S. Gross, P. Gior- dano, Miss Lomax, advisor, S. Csercsevits, F.. Sell, M. Link, G. De Marco. Second Row: F. Ward, Stevens, S. jable, Fuessel, M. Neise, S. Nutt, M. Maksin, B. Row: G. Bezek, J. Griggs, N. Rich, M. Mason, E. Eitzer, M. Remphrey, G. Kish, L. Bodnar, E. Dancsak, C. Castranova, F. Bate. Fourth Row: E. Kluzner, S. Popo- vich, T. Zola, L. Ciccarello, VV. Dill, S. Yesensky, H. Schuck, E. Tilghman, R. Yousko, J. Lekka, Peri- coloso. Officers President .,....,.......... Geraldine Grogan Vice-President . . . . . . Richard Innocenzi Secretary .... ........ A nne Chiacchio Advisor . . . , . . Miss Katherine Scheich Advisor .... Mr. Frank Butcher Costume TO CREATE an interest in costuming and the fundamentals of' sewing. Givens. Third Row: A. Fuccello, M. O,Toole, A. Pearce, M. Zamparelli, B. Voscek, Thompson, J. Bodnar, P. Guthrie. Bottom Row: J. Kaplow, B. Singer, V. XValsh, R. Adams, Miss Dillon, advisor, Schwartzman, M. Manzer, R. VVat- kins, A. lVilson. Seoorzd Row: R. Kaplan, M. Smith, R. Marcus, H. Medoff, C. Adams, S. Schnitzer, K. Lan- ning, K. Heath, XV. XVeener, C. Smith, M. Stenger. Tbird Row: M. Ginsburg, M. Rednor, L. Ungar, R. Drama and Radio TO PROMOTE interest in the study of drama and radio broadcasting in the high school, and create opportunities for the students to put their creative ef- forts to positive use. Planning Committee William Grassmyer George Neely Thomas Ball Mr. T. Gordon Manzer, advisor Bottom Row: S. Schwartzman, R. VVatkins, M. Smith, Mr. Manzer, advisor, VV. Copper, T. Ritter, L. Haacker. Second Row: S. Novitz, YV. Babecki, T. Ball, G. Huli- Albert, Nochumson, R. Rubin, M. Bruno, C. Gasco, A. Mount, Bernstein. Fourth Row: S. Rosen, F. Kleiner, M. Ruderrnan, French, S. Myers, G. Lafkas, J, lngber, G. Moskowitz, S. VVeiss, L. Hutchinson, P. Schatzburg. Officers President ,,... . ...... Richard Adams Vice-President . . . , . Sandra Schwartzman Secretary ..... . . , Margaret Manzer Treasurer . . . .... Vincent VValsh Advisor . . . . . . Miss Elizabeth Dillon Experimenters TO PERFORM various chemistry experiments under helpful supervision. him, H- Young, V. XValsh, L. Farber. Third Row: H. Senoff, R. YVhitehcad, XV. Grassmyer, G. Neely, XV. YVittenborn, R. Lawrence, YV. Thompson. J Bottom Row: B. Schragger, W. WVilson, R. Keenhold, Mr. Raetzer, advisor, G. Stockman, Mr. Klinger, ad- visor, A. Huddy. Second Rofw: P. Vitella, M. Feldman, F. Federico, E. Bobik, J. Liccardo, P. Bardos, J. Smith, C. Scozzaro, R. Seidel, A. Pone, W. Page, D. Pluta, F. Panzitta, A. VVeisberg, D. Relles, D. Hutchinson, R. Preston, S. Myers. Third Row: T. Byrnes, D. Devlin, R. McMillan, S. Larkin, K. Gravatt, A. Ciabattoni, C. Forun1 TO DEBATE and discuss world affairs. Officers President ,.......,,.,,....... Judith Pitaskv Vice-President . . . . . , Mary jane Shiclc Secretary ,..,.., .... C ynthia Peters Treasurer . . . ,.,,. Robert Apple Advisor ,..,.........,..,.. Mr. john Kelsey Bottom Row: L. Lang, R. Apple, J. Pitasky, Mr. Kelsey, advisor, M. Shick, C. Peters, S. Schnitzer, J. Kahn, V. Cox. Second Row: S. Osterstuck, J. Turk, R. Leven- thal, I. Diamond, B. Holzman, S. Richard, R. Szasz, 2 . Q Pertater, S. Wolinsky, P. Landauer, M. Wascoe, W. Lustig. Fourth Row: C. Sams, J. Devlin, D. Henderson, S. Boston, A. Weintrob, R. Stoner, C. Benedetti, R. Friedman, B. Epstein, W. Bohus, R. Sweeney, H. Senoff. Fifth Row: M. Louis, W. Noble, A. Greenley, D. Breece, G. Ege, B. Royal, F. Gmitter, H. Peterson, J. Eldridge, Glickman. Officers President ....,...,........ Gerald Stockman Vice-President , , . . . . Ronald Keenhold Secretary ..,,.. . . William Wilson Treasurer . . ....,.. Albert Huddy Advisor . . , .... Mr. Russell Klinger Advisor . . . . Mr. Ernest Raetzer French TO PROMOTE better understanding of the French language, literature, and cus- f0f1'lS. C. Stern, Kaplow, M. Staudenmayer. Third Rofwz A. Greenley, M. Dorn, A. Ziegler, R. Allaire, M. Apple- gate, J. MacNeil, M. Ginsburg, J. Peterson, R. Shays, W. Cook, Glickman. German TO PROMOTE an interest in the German language and cus- toms. Officers President ,....... . . . Daniel Cowell Vice-President ,...... William Boaz Secretary ......,. . . . Sonya Becker Treasurer A... .... V al johnson Advisor ..., . . , ,Mr. Earl Steffy l Bottom Row: D. Cowell, S. Becker, Mr. Steffy, Advisor, E. Pitt, VV. Boaz. Second Row: R. Rawlings, H. Damman, M. Ernest, L. Virmalo, F. Hess, V. Johnson. Third Rofw: R. Rhoads, C. Sloin, M. Alexanderwicz, H. Tomor. G' I ' S ' ' II' S CIEDCB Officers TO FOSTER friendship and fellowship among President ..... . . . Helen Rochestie girls who are interested in science. Bottom Row: V. Cox, E. Pitt, J. Lewis, B. Stiefbold, Miss Anna Barata, advisorg H. Rochestie, A. Roberts, C. Fleming. Second Rofwz Elliott, A. Moglia, M. VVeisling, D. Zimskind, B. Barlow, C. Stern, L. Green- . . . Barbara Stiefbold ...... Elena Pitt Vice-President ..,..,. Recording Secretary ..... Corresponding Secretary . . . . . . Alice Roberts Treasurer ...,....,,,.. . . . L .... joan Lewis Advisor ...,. . . . Miss Anna Barata wald, M. Staudenmayer. Third Row: M. Diksa, M. Kohn, M. Sholin, J. Plumeri, E. Burke, A. Ristow, C. Li Vecchi, V. Sampson. Fourth Row: M. Rosenthal, V. Suntato, F. Hess, D. Kryspin. Inter-Club Council TO UNITE the clubs in Trenton High. Officers President ....., William Wittenborn Vice-President ..i... Wayne Lustig Secretary 4........ Bruce Schragger Advisor ...... Mr. William Walker Bottom Row: E. Van Ek, K. Heath, M. Manzcr, C. Battiste, M. Warner B. Rothamel. Second Row: W. Lustig, VV. VVittenborn, R. Rhoads, A Weintrob, L. I-Iaacker. O ff i ce rs President ,,,,... . . . Carlo Benedetti Vice-President . . . . . Alger Ciabattoni Secretary ..... ,... S ylvia Toleno Treasurer . . . ...... Mary Rotondo Advisor . . . . . . Mr. Frank Borgia Bottom Row: M. Di Falco, M. Providence, J. Di Marco, A. Ciabattoni, S. Toleno, Mr. Borgia. advisor, M. Ro- tondo, C. Benedetti, A. Mount, R. Di Bella, M. Con- tardo. Second Row: M. Yannuzziello, C. Dileo, I-I. Blumgold, M. Borgia, C. Li Vecchi, R. Bruno, S. Fppo- Italian TO FOSTER an interest and appreciation in the Italian language and literature, and the Italian contribution to World cul- ture. lito, P. De Martino, G. Verdi, J. Plumeri. Third Row: V. Sciarrotta, B. Marciante, L. Contardo, R. Petito, D. Commiso, J. Verrelli, M. Zamparelli, R. Polizzi, V. Sun- tato, Rorro. B0rr0111R0'w.' Lf. Pericoloso, L. Ta1nmaro,I. Taglia- J. XValker, F. Sikorski, N. McCray, S. Shaw, W. ferri, Bennett, H. Sharp, D. Recine, XV. Middle- Sikinger, ll. Brown, R. Friedman, L. Page, W. Single- ton, J. XVatson, L. Hanze, G. Mesanko. Second R0-w: ton, F. Gniitter, H. Rawson. 9 , Boys Leaders Corps Officers TO GIVE the boys a voice in the functioning President -, ...... --- Michael Kusnirik of thevphysical education program. Bottom Row: j. Yaszczcmslzi, A. Magee, A. Tonnc, J. Marfino. Second Row: Hcisler, Mr, Minkcl, librariang Miss Ludwig, assistant librariang B. Fleming. H4 Vice-President ...... ..... F red Gmitter Secretary-Treasurer ...... Charles Perfater Advisor ............... Mr. Leonard Dileo Advisor --- --- Mr. Walter Kirchling Libra ry Assistants TO HELP throughout the day in the library by returning the books to the shelves and keeping the library neat and orderly. Bottom Row: L. Greenwald, J. Cohen, R, Leventhal, H. Blumgold, F, Summers, Mr. Clark, advisor, C. Pestcoe, C. Fleming, A. Ristow, A. Roberts, E. Burke, J. Sedia. Second Row: V. Cox, R. Mara, C. Gasco, M. Rosenthal, Trenton Thespians TO DEVELOP the individual to the point of becoming a contributing factor to the Work of the harmonious whole, Officers President ..e............... Richard Adams Vice-President ........ Sandra Schwartzman Recording Secretary ........ Judith Pitasky Treasurer ................ Vincent Walsh Advisor -- -- Miss Elizabeth Dillon H. Roehestie, I. Byer, H, Bahr, L. Orland, M. Manzer, A. Popkin, M, Feldman. Third Row: A. XVeintrob, H. Tomor, J. Silverstein, M. Lewis, R. Rhoads, B. Stiefbold, A. Wfaterhouse, H. Brody, VV. Lustig. National Forensic TO SPONSOR and participate in speech and debate activities. Bottom Row: M. Rosen, Pitasky, M. Smith, R. Wat- kins. Second Row: R. Adams, Miss Dillon, advisor, C. Carrow, Bernstein. f IIS Bottom Rofwg C, Norte, Myers, Edwards, Mr, D. Cowell, B. Allen, A. Elliott, -I. Levy. Third Row Creasy, advisorg E. Cain, M. Young, M. Ribovics. Second W- COPPCI, V- JUIHHSOH, G- Hlllihilll, R- Rl102dS- Row: I. Bender, H. Yousko, 1. Colligan, F. Schwartz, N3tUl'3lIStS Officers TO STUDY nature and the natural habitat of President ,t,.,..... Janice Edwards animals and birds. Vice-President .....,. . . . Marianne Sneath Secretary-Treasurer , . . ...i,.,. Elaine Cain Advisor .....,..... . . . Mr. William Creasy J. Kendall, D. Harper, Mr. Dakin, advisorg Peterson. Organists TO FURTHER each student's knowl- edge of organ music. H6 Bottom Rofw: J. Holl, Mooney, E. Sandford, C. Car- row, D. Brienza, Miss Fuhrmann, advisor, D. XVismer, T. Jahos, L. Czyzcwski, L. Bartus, j. XVilliamson. Second Row: E. Wenzel, J. Graser, Kane, M. VVright, K. McGuigan, R. Eddy, D. Higgins, M. Fine, E. Kelly, L. Rasirnowicz, M. Diksa, B. Gauck. Third Row: L. Dix, L. Ellis, L. Denny, J. Aller, G. Grogan, C. NVool- ston, N. Clark, N. Trott, S. Faherty, J. Cartlidge, S. Benck, L. Hutchinson, J. French. Officers Pan-American President ....... Doris Wigmey 'TO DEVELOP self expression and teamwork Vice-President Dolores Brienza fhrOUgl1 worthwhile Pf0iCCfS WhiCh Secretary ,,,,, ,,,,,, I M Thalia Jahos encourage an interest in our Latin Treasurer , . . ,,......,... Clodagh Carrow AUICHCHI1 U6ighb0fS- Advisor , . . . . , Miss Elizabeth Fuhrmann j30tr011z Row: M. Devine, L. Hopkins, N. Vorbach, S. Carter. Second Row: Mr. YVassell, advisor, A. Harris. H7 String Class TO CREATE string players from be- ginners in order to have them ready to play in the school orchestra hy the beginning of the second semester. is Bottom Row: F. Petrino, J. Companick, G. Mikutowicz, S, Dobron, XV. Lustig, J. Popkin, M. VVineberg, R. Stod- dart, J. Blumbcrg. Second Row: D. Nahoun, H. Schach- Philatelic TO PROVIDE a meeting place for the collectors l i of stamps, have discussions, and hold stamp auctions. .l '95 Bottom Row: B. Ostroff, D. Relles, J. Cohen, S. Berger. Second Row: D. XfVoodvvard, VV. Sewell. .yea ter, A. Cohen, A. Harris, J. Bronner, J. Skwara, A. Kres- lins, P. Miller, L. Millas, R. Graham. President ...... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer - - - Advisor --- ll n O Officers --- Wayne Lustig -- .... .-- Steve Bobron -- -- George Mikutowicz ------- Jerome Popkin Dr. Joseph Hoffman Philology TO DEVELOP the vocabularies of the members N-N. Bottom Rofw: E. Shaffer, J. Yaszczemski, M. Hedin, A. Row: C. Zabitosky, J. Silvers, J. Mochnaly, J. Goeke, Hallmark, V. Whenry, C. Colligan, G. Silvers. Second C. Smith, S. Young, D. Burgess. Officers President ...... .... D orothy Gidusko Vice-President --- --- Anne Hallmark Secretary .... .... V anora Whenry Treasurer --- -- Judith Yaszczemski Advisor -- -- Miss Verna Luscher World Federalists TO WORK for a stronger world government on a central government basis. Officers President ....... --- Margaret Manzer Vice-President -- .... Virginia Byrd Secretary .... --- Leonard Orland Treasurer --- ..... Marilyn Pitasky Advisor --- --- Mr. Lloyd Williams Phi Zeta TO LEARN how to care for Various pets and find homes for stray animals. Bottom Row: R. Entin, V. Byrd, M. Manzer, M. Rosen- thal, M. Cribbs. Second Row: A. Berrien, XV. Lustig, H. Lavinc, J. Udris, M. Lewis, A. XVeintr0b. H9 Projection Crew TO SET up and maintain in opera- tion the public address sys- tem and Elm and Hlm strip equipment used by every department in the school. Officers Co-Captain .,..4. Arthur Lawinthal Co-Captain ......,, Edward Ristow Advisor . . . . . Miss Sarah Christie Advisor . . . , , , Mr. Bernard Forer Bottom Row: H. Scarborough, A. Lavinthal, E. Ristow, T. Armitage Mr. Forer, advisor. Second Rofw: Miss Christie, advisor, Prince, P Landauer, J. Collinson, K. Golden, J. Downing, R. Brenner. Pythagorean Officers TO FURTHER an interest in mathematics. P1'CSidCr1t ...... .. . Alfred Berrien Vice-President . , . . Marilyn Rosenthal Secretary ...,. , , , Marilyn Fitzgeorge Treasurer ..,, ....,... A flartin Louis Advisor . . , . . Mr. Harold Hallman Bottom Row: M. Fitzgeorge, M. Rosenthal, A. Berrien, R. Rhoads, A. XVeintrob, H Gildea, H. Vine, A. Forcr M. Louis, j. Forrester. Second Row: R. Krosnick, j. S.Pestlca,Mr.Halln1ann,advi5Of. Fitzgeorge, R. Rubin, R. Albert, I, Byer. Third Row: 120 Radio TO ENCOURAGE participation in the art of radio communi- cation. Officers President ...... . , . Russell Phipps Vice-President ....i Frank Thoburn Secretary-Treasurer . . . joseph Black Advisor ........ Mr. Carl Dannerth Bottom Row: P. Braccio, R. Bethes. Second Row: j. Black, R. Brenner, F Thoburn, J. Aring. Third Row: Mr. Dannerth, advisor, R. Lenzer, S Conte, R. Phipps. Officers President ...... , . . Katherine Barwis Vice-President . . . . . , Elyse Wenzel Secretary .... .... N 'irginia French Treasurer . . . ,..,...... joan Greco Advisor . . . . , . Mr. William Walker Bottom Row: J. French, J. Traniontana, D. Updike, N. Pullcn, J. Cartlidge, V. Suntato, M. Hvizdock, G. Higgins, J. Bohlinger, J. Aller, S. Benck, S. Faraday, C. Carrow, V. Stout. Second Row: G. Calderone, J. Collins, V. Sampson, D. Snyder, L. Di Giovacchino, M. Staudcnmayer, J. Greco, E. Wenzel, K. Barwis, V. French, N. Birks, J. Stout, R. Cellini, H. Medoif, B. Golob, Greenwald, M. Hayfer. Third Row: V. Neeld, M. Heath, N. Argese, E. Van Ek, J. Kyle, Red Cross TO DO different types of Red Cross work and direct the annual Red Cross Drive for the school. E. Eddy, M. Sclzer, 1. Bailey, E. Sandford, L. Czyzew- ski, J. Williamson, M. Martin, E. Kratzer, A. Darragh, M. Darragh. Fourth Rofw: B. Gauck, M. Wright, C. Li Vecchi, R. Bruno, R. Eddy, L. Brewer, R. Brady, D. Held, E. Kleiner, B. Hutchinson, D. Johnson, J. Davis, M. Sholin, J. MacNeil. Fifth Row: C. Woolston, N. Trott, N. Clark, L. Denny, J. Plumeri, M. Witmer, P. Wilkes, S. Toleno, j. Cooper, D. Higgins, L. Ellis, L. Dix, S. Marlow, D. Brienza, E. Pinto, A. Feehan. I E Bottom Rofw: E. VVoolverton, A. Chepik, S. Thomas, M. Sapp, J. YVarman, R. Peroni, L. Pesarini. Third Rofw: C. Miller, D. Charnick, G. Case, M. Pitasky, E. Vegotsky. Groh, J. Thomas, M. Gedney, advisor, P. Crammer, Second Row: B. Voscek, J. Vaccaro, R. Walachy, E. J. Tigue. School Store TO SERVE the school pupils with a convenient place to buy all their necessary school supplies and to enable the members of their organization to gain worthwhile experience in selling. Officers -- Roberta Partlow ------- Garnett Case --- Dolores Charnick Manager ..... - Asst. Manager .... Asst. Manager .... Bookkeeper -- ........ Marian Miller Advisor .... .... ll lr. Ward Gedney Officers Service Corps President ...... .-.... H erbert Senoif TO AID and serve the school in maintaining Vice-President --- --- Joseph Ruderman order and discipline Secretary .... ..... D elores Sadick Treasurer -- ....... Sondra Miller Advisor --- --- Mr. David Weisberg Bottom Row: M. Viascoe, B. Buckley, B. Allen, M. H. Johnson, I. Kaplan, S. Pestka, J. Stout, R. Shays. Rosen, D. Sadick, Mr, lVeisberg, advisorg S. Miller, J. Third Row: R. Urken, A. Gorden, L. Kramer. Fourth Coleman, L. Manze, A. Fuccello, L. Brummel. Second Row: E. Napoleon, J. Ruderman, H. Young, R. Paoline, Row: H. Senoff, A. Leftwich. G. Silverstein, C. Ballard. A. Zeigler, J. Stone. Bottom Row: C. Battiste, D. Probst, I. Penrose, B. Wil- cox, J. VVilliamson, Sandford, V. French, J. Creco D. Snyder, R. Cellini, L. Czyzewski, M. Fiorello. Seo- ond Row: N. Trott, C. Woolston, P. Robinson, D Higgins, D. VVisrncr, L. Peterson, D. Brienza, E. Pinto, Personality TO HAVE each girl develop a pleasing person- ality and learn the correct behavior for all social affairs. J, Bailey, J. Cooper, P. Turner. Third Row: N. Pullen, J. Smith, G. Behn, J. Bohlinger, J. Knight, V. Stout, J. Freeman, C. Carrow, A. Roberts, J. Tramontana, D. Updike. Off i c e rs President ......,.... r-- Virginia French Vice-President ....... -- Edith Sandford Recording Secretary ............ Joan Greco Corresponding Secretary .... Joyce Williamson Officers Treasurer .................. Darilyn Snyder President ....... -..- Gilbert Moskowitz Advisor ....... --- Mrs. Margaret Dickinson Vice-President .... -- Ronald Keenhold Secretary ....... --- Joseph Ruderman Epsilon Theta Treasurer --- .... Bruce Schragger Advisor --- -- Dr. Charles Hogan T O DEVELOP socially adequate men. Bottom Row: R. Seidel, C. Stern, B. Schragger, R. Keen- zaro, L. Manze, P, Bardos, R. Urken, J. DeVido, R. hold, Dr. Hogan, advisor, G. Moskowitz, Ruderman, Robbins, E. Dobin. C. Sams. Second Row: L. Rosen, K. Gravatt, C. Scoz- Short Story TO DEVELOP the interest and abil- ity of the members in the reading and writing of short stories. Gfficers President ..4i,. Rose Marie Di Bella Vice-President ,4,r4.. joan Peterson Secretary ..,, . . . Cynthia Deitz Treasurer . , ,.,,,.. jean MacNeil Bottom Row: C. Sipler, J. MacNeil, R. Di Bella, J. Peterson, C. Deitz. Second Rofwz -R. Belinsky, B. Silverman, Rivers, M. Hardwick, M. XVhite, Mr. Bloom, advisor, Stagecraft TO CONTRIBUTE to the successful stage presentation of many school activities. Bantam Rofwz M. Rosen, J. Apai, P. Carlisle, J. De Vido E. Kelly, L. Haacker, D. Papier, M. Fine, S. Levy: L. johnson, H. Bahr, A. Lawrence, D. Castaldo, H Aaronson, L. Page. Second Row: J. Vanelli, A. Nina- toski, XV. Spain, L. Santin, K. Dey, R. Alexander, R. Carpenter, 1. Gibson, Mastrosimone, E. Ellis, L Advisor . . . . . Mr. Robert Bloom Officers President . . , , , Harry Bahr Vice-President ..,,. . . . , . . Lee Haacker Secretary-Treasurer ,,......,.. Jack De Vido Advisor ,......,,..., . . . Mr. Reynold Strunk Crivelli, L. Morreale. Third Row: L. Merlin, T. Przy- bylo, R. Hammerstone, S. Rosen, P. Fiori, R. Sine, N. Sanders, T. VVhitley, Csogi, R. Sliwa, P. Regan, F. Thoburn, S. Choromanski, N. Major, O. Brandt, O.Pabers. Stockroon1 and Bookrooni TO DISTRIBUTE books and school supplies to all the teachers and maintain the records of all supplies. Bottom Row: G. Bezek, A. Crea, W. Bowen, M. La Fisca, Martel. Second Row: T. Zola, J. Rogie, N. Korsak. Cfficers SWINQ Band Leader .,.,.,.,,. .,,....,... R obert Hall TO FURNISH dance music during lunch pe- Assistant Leader . ........... Martin Gardner riods and for many of our school Advisor .......,, .... IX lr. L. Rogene Borgen dances. Bottom Row: A. Guidotti, D. Cowell, G. Nemcth, Krisanda, A. Spera, L. Rosen, H. Madole, D. Pettit, M. Gandolfo, R. Hall, M. Gardner, E. Schenck, R. A. Castor, J. Elias. Shapiro. Second Row: V. Silvestro, A. Musciente, R. l25 54' .fl Bottom Row: A. Darragh, M. Darragh, L. Bartus, D. Snyder, D. Probst, N. Birks, S. Toleno, S. Eddy. Second Rofw: N. Clark, S. Nutt, B. Carter, A. Benjamin, Usher Corps TO SERVE as ushers at school activities given in the auditorium. Officers President ...... ...... J oan Krecicki Vice-President --- .............. John Apai --- Mary Anne Marocco -- George Seabridge --- Mr. Bernard Forer Secretary ...... Treasurer - - - Advisor --- Bottom Row: A. Austin, E. Van Ek, P. Harbourt, J. Krecicki, Mr. Forer, advisor, M. Marocco, G. Bunn, D, Bertles. Second Row: A. Robibero, R. Brenner, R. Campo, L. Conover, Apai, D. Apai, T. Esser. H. f c bw lbw. Everett, P. Clayton, M. Diksa, B. Carver. Third Row: L. Hutchinson, N. Pullen, J. Bohlinger, J. Cartlidge, N. Trott, J. Greco. Officers Co-Chairman ..... --- Darilyn Snyder Co-Chairman ....... --- --- Dorothy Probst Secretary-Treasurer .......... Loretta Bartus Advisor -.....-..... Mrs. Margaret Dickinson Photography TO FOSTER interest in all phases of photography. Rackison, J. VVa'lters. Third Row: P. Cascone, R. Jaku- bowski, C. Di Franco, G. Seabridge, T. Haltmeyer, W. Gernhardt, E. Jakubowski. Bottom Row: S. Smith, N. Rich, M. Moore, J. Colligan, H. Damman, E. Carleton, M. Wariier. R. Brady. Second Row: Tramontana, J. Moore, S. Hartshorn, C. Colli- gan, M. Wright, J. Thatcher, L. Brewer, A. Darragh. Y-Teens TO PARTICIPATE in many projects of the Y. W. C. A. Officers Business Manager --- Layout Managers --- --- Sandra Levy ---A Kay Heath, Richard Adams Circulation Managers --- -- Delores Sadick Vincent Walsh Alice Roberts Distributing Managers ...... Barbara Holzman Estelle Burke Barbara Stiefbold Bottom Row: E. Burke, J. Berk, R. Kaplan, J. Cohen, S. Csercsevits, J. Kaploxv, J. Turk, J. Di Marco, J. Greenwald. Second Row: V. VValsh, B. Stiefbold, A. Roberts, G. Di Marco, Mr. Kostar, advisory S. Levy, B. Holzman, D. Sadick, R. Adams, K. Heath. Third Row: li. Di Matteo, M. Ginsburg, I. Diamond, Mac- S. VVilkinson, M. Darragh. Third Rofw: J. Kyle, G. Scoz- zari, VV. D'Ambrosio, D. Smith, E. Ulivieri, E. Van Ek, A. Dumas, B. Carver, F. Layden. Mail Manager --- ........ Gloria Di Marco Advisor ..... --- Mr. VVilliam Kostar Officers President ...... --- Helen Damman Vice-President -- .... Edith Carleton Secretary .... --- Mary Ann Moore Treasurer --- --- Jacqueline Colligan Advisor --- --- ..... Miss Attilia Bixler Spectator Business TO MANAGE all the business activities of The Spectator, our school newspaper. Neil, R. Ziolkowski, R. Lieberman, C. Di Martino, R. Perlingiero, S. Schwartzman, B. Golob, M. Kostinas, A. Moglia. Fourth Row: J. Grundahl, L. Hutchinson, A. Mount, R. Rubin, H. Rochestie, R. Stoddart, I. Byer, D. Harper, J. Glickman, VV. Bloomberg. Bottom Row: E. Nelson, G. Scott, J. Thompson, K Harris, Mr. Alito, advisor, G. Olin, D. Rogoff, Mr Gordon, advisor, R. Kaplan, R. Bernstein, B. Singer 1 J. Greenwald. Second Row: B. Goolsby, S. Johnson, M. Lore, B. Krans, J. Walsh, M. Ziegler, L. Buch, R. Jackson, R. Etin, I. Levin, B. Golob, R. Terry J. Grugi, V. Garrasi. Third Row: D. Relles, R. Rosen- thal, R. Wilson, S. Young, M. Wilson, T. Trotman O. Armstrong, E. Morrison, B. Powell, S. Eppolito R. Di Natale, R. Harker, S. Introligator, E. Bellin. Cafeteria Corps Can you begin to imagine what the cafeteria would have looked like without Mr. Alito, Mr. Gordon, and the members of the Cafeteria Corps? This year a -large group of students interested in maintaining order in the cafeteria give much time for this purpose. They served at scattered posts throughout the cafeteria. Half of the corps was on duty during the first lunch period and the other half served during the second lunch period. One of their duties was seeing that pupils returned their trays and placed their refuse in the receptacles provided. Another important duty was helping to maintain discipline in the cafe- teria. By their presence, the members of the Cafeteria Corps helped each citizen of our school community to remember that good eating habits are essential in order to maintain an orderly estab- lishment of 3000 pupils. Visitors from other schools were often impressed by the orderliness and cleanliness of our cafeteria. Officers Captain ..... .,.. D oris Rogoff Lieutenant .... ....... G ayle Olin Advisor , . . ..... Mr. Samuel Alito Advisor . . , . . . Mr. B. Barry Gordon AA OC -.5 Bottom Row: R. Brady, D. Held, M. Wright, J. Davis, M, Diksa, S. Toleno, H. Damman, E. Sandford, J Williamson, B. Carver, Carleton, P. Philips, R. Ziol- kowski, J. Golden, Mr. Link. Second Rofw: L. Brewer, J. Thatcher, A. Polly, S. Nutt, C. Kennedy, H. Huff- man, J. Bender, P. Harbourt, A. Feehan, C. Dileo, D Girls' Athletic Association The Girls, Athletic Association, sponsored by Mrs. Quick, was organized in 1936. This is an organization composed of girls who are in- terested in leading an active outdoor life. All the members of this club did their work outside of school. The main objective of this club is to have each member earn a letter "TH, The girls Went on hikes, bike rides, and played outdoor sports, individually receiving a certain number of points for each activity. All the points were recorded, and after a girl had received 1000 points, she earned her UT". It usually takes all three years for a member to earn enough points for a letter. This organi- zation has played an important part in encourag- ing the girls to take part in more outdoor Work. Drobnak, P. Kennedy, J. Nosnitsky, J. Geiger. Third Row: B. Goldberg, A. Pierce, B. Hess, B. La Rue, G. Higgins, Colligan, S. Neuls, T. Jahos, M. Schiffman, j. Ellison, G. Rupell, J. Davis, M. Britton, G. Di Luc- chio. Officers President ...... .... E dith Sanford Vice-President --- .... Joyce Williamson Advisor ........ -- Mrs. Isabelle Quick UL- A 5. U L! xl! 'I' 6 The members of the Girls, Leaders Corps, composed of the leaders of the various gym classes, sought mainly to develop sportsmanship and co-operation among themselves and other students. About fifteen years ago the organiza- tion started out with only a very few members. Now, ,under the sponsorship of Mrs. Quick, it is one of the largest groups in the school. They met during homeroom period once a week for the purpose of discussing various pro- blems concerning physical education and mak- ing suggestions for possible improvements of the program. All the girls in this group were trained to be better leaders. Each leader received a cer- tain number of points, based on her ability to lead a group. After reaching a certain high level of leadership, she received a leader's gray gym suit. This distinguished her from all the others, who Wore blue suits. She still had the opportunity to go higher and get stripes and then a letter. After receiving all these honors, a leader really had the right to feel proud of herself. This organization Was very helpful in creat- ing a sense of leadership and developing co-op- eration among the girls, not only in their gym classes, but also outside of school. Bottom Row: S. Drezner, Fiori, D. Bernstein, D. Kraft, C. Schon, M. Dileo, V. Ricasoli, G. Di Marco, P Butcher, J. Greco, S. Neuls, E. Sandford, Williamson, J. Nosnitsky, M. Rotondo, R. Corvo, M. Smith, S. Toleno, D. Maneine, D. Probst. Second Row: H. Vartas M. Brechtel, N. Trott, P. Robinson, S. Faherty, S. Benek, P. Leftwich, M. Moore, G. Spitz, F. Santilli, E. Kleiner, C. Smith, P. Clayton, F. Layden, Cooper, J. Black, B. Cohen, C. Grove, S. Smith, G. Behn, J. Hayward, Girls' Leaders Corps Gfficers President ...-... --- Shirley Neuls Vice-President --- .... ...... J oan Greco Secretary ....... .......... E dith Sandford Treasurer .... - ....... Joyce Williamson Advisor ............. .... M rs. Isabelle Quick A. V J. Griggs. Third Row: V. Stout, S. Burkus, G. Donag- hue, S. Hartshorn, G. Dorsett, V. Ford, D. Tvvarkusky M. VVright, R. Brady, D. Held, M. Hurley, M. Lore, J Davis, P. Rackovvski, L. Bodnar, J. Thatcher, L. Rasi- mowiez, J. Jaeger, D. Bertles. Fourth Row: A. Roberts R. Mara, S. Hunt, Naylor, D. Savko, Cartlidge V. Neeld, G. Grogan, T. Jahos, D. lVismer, C. Carrow D. Roehner, G. Barbiero, J. Ellison, P. Guthrie, B Cohen, E. Noehumson, M. O'Toole, N. Rich. 1 1 Composed of the presidents of every home- room in Trenton Central High School, the Pres- identis Council met to discuss school rulings and the various activities and problems which oc- curred during the course of the school year. Throughout the year this organization was sponsored and guided by Mr. Walker, the vice- principal in charge of extra-curricular activity. The members of this group reported to the stu- dents of each homeroom the results of their dis- cussions. This organization was actually a student pro- ject organized for the purpose of making the school function smoothly and properly. It was very democratic because everyone had the chance to voice his own opinion, whatever it was and through the Council the students expressed themselves in their own personal manner. One very important function of the President's Coun- cil was to try to improve the school spirit of T.H.S. by urging the members to encourage more students to attend the school's athletic events. All in all, the President's Council played a great role in uniting all the homerooms thus promoting more unity among the students, for in union there is strength. Presidents' Council Officers President ....... --- Ronald Keenhold Vice-President --- ..... Alphonse Pone Secretary ...... ....... S hirley Neuls Advisor .... --- Mr. William Walker f la, so Bottom Row: R. Polizzi, B. Cohen, G. Pilla, D. Van- nozi, Sandford, C. Timlns, M. Bossio, M. VVright, A. Solomon, J. Whiteman, R. Di Mattia, S. Toleno, J. Zoda, G. Newcomb, J. German, Petrino, R. Badessa. Second Row: R. Rainer, M. Bruno, I. Tagliafcrri, D. Bookholdt, K. Sindora, P. Capone, N. Knowles, R. Anthony, Marion, A. Danka, E. Auletta, S. Neuls, D. Wismer, J. Greco, V. Cox. Third Row: R. Friedman, R. White- head, R. Stoner, VV. Fuller, F. Pieslak, D. Hutchinson, R. Matte, J. Bennett, N. Di Guiseppe, J. Heymann, R. Lewis, J. Carter, M. Angelini, D. Twarkusky, Fourth Row: R. Wheeler, P. Bardos, A. Huddy, G. Neely, H. Senoff, R. Robbins, C. Ballard, J. Ungarini, P. Lashutka, R. Keenhold. Burrow Row: Klr. Cywinski, advisor, K. Barwis, V. lfrcneh, D. Brienza. Second Row: K. McGuigan, S. To- lcno, A. Chiacchio, J. Cohen, P. Dorsett, M. Kennedy K. llcath, G. Case, M. Sneath, B. Silverman, L. Bronner, L. Bartus, A. Austin, M. lVeisling, S. Csercsevits, D. Snvder, L. Ellis, M. Sholin, D. Sadick. Third Row: L. Dix, J. Aller, C. Dcitz, E. Burke, N. Clark, B. Hess, N. Quill and Scroll This group, founded in 1939, is now spon- sored by Mr. Cywinski. It is a national honorary society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of secondary school journalism and publication. Our chapter is known as the VVilliam YVetzel Chapter. The members of the Quill and Scroll Society did not put in applications to become such. In order for any- one to become a member he must be suggested by his English teacher. The main purpose of the society is to encourage the members to recognize and develop their talents in the field of journal- ism and publication. Trott, J. lVood, O. Marateo, V. Stout, S. Benck, J. Cartlidge, N. Knowles, A. Elliott, J. Mather, M. Gins- burg, A. Roberts. Fourth Row: R. Shapiro, R. Apple, R. Sinwich, R, Stoner, P. Cranmer, P. Bardos, L. Gater, H. Vine, H. Simons, R. Rudlin, H. Gildea, V. johnson, V. XValsh, R. Adams, j. French, B. Gauck, L. Denny. President ....-.. --- Vice-President Secretary ...... .... Treasurer --- Advisor --- 0 ff i c e rs - Virginia French - - - - - - Kathryn Barwis Dolores Brienza ----------- Alice Feehan Walter Cywinski 6 S Q62 Nl! Franz Schubert --- Mitzi Kranz ....... Cast Baron Schober .............. Gerald Mosley Bellabruna, Opera Diva .... Blossom Warren Raymond --- Toba Lefkowitz Audrey Mae Evans Mr. Isranz ............ --- Roger Van Sant Kuppelweiser --- -- Wayne Edwards V on Schwind ..... ..... J ohn Constance Yogl, Opera Singer Kitzi Kranz ..... F ritzi Kranz .... Erkniann --- Binder ...... Mrs. Kranz --- Flower Girl -- Gilbert Moskowitz --- Kathie Barwis --- Edythe Saville --- Emil Bobik ---- Alfred Cala --- Cathy Adams --- Patti Notarian Comzfercloclewise: Mr. Kranz assures Mrs. Kranz that, nQi H ' ' ,7 l everything is under control . . , The Ballet provides the entertainment at Kitzi and Fritzi's wedding . . . Franz screnades Mitzi with 'Tell Me Daisy" . . . Happy ending for all but Schubert. 1 V- ,,.. . ww H118 Sigmund Romberg's "Blossom Time", the story of Franz Schubert's life, was presented at Trenton High's auditorium on December 7 and 8, 1951. Plot Franz falls in love with Mitzi Kranz, but is too shy to make this known to her. Mitzi thinks highly of him, but is turned against him when she mistakenly thinks that the opera diva, Bella- bruna, is talking about Franz when in reality the diva is discussing Baron Von Schober. Mitzi falls in love with Baron Von Schober and then learns the truth about Schubert. She oifers to go back to him, but he refuses, since he knows she really loves Von Schober. Clockwise: A cafe scene . . . Mitzi, one of the three sisters, sings their song, "Mitzi, Kitzi and Fritzi" . . . At the finale the entire cast sings the 'Song of Love". Bottom Row: J. Fiori, B. Rothamel, P. Notarian, M Weisling, D. Hall, C. Kunkely, Kreidler, H. Damman. Second Row: H. Wantner, A. Elliott, D. Rogoff, N Byrnes, J. Colligan, M. Sneath, G. Higgins, B. Gauck, Bobashela The Bobfzshela class is one of the senior English honors classes in Trenton High School. Its members do the regular English work while compiling the yearbook. After the theme was selected, Mr. Lou Bue divided the staff into several groups of spe- cial interests. These committees Worked on the various sections such as faculty, seniors, sports, etc. Their work during the year culminated in the 1952 Bobaslaelrz. Third Raw: G. Behn, T. Sista, L. Conover, B. Royal, J. Rorro, V. johnson, J. Greco, M. Hunt, Mr. Lo Bue, advisor. Editor-in-Chief .... Executive Editor -- Associate Editors -- Chief Copy Editor -- Asst. Managing Editors Girls' Sports Editors - Managing Editor ..... Boys' Sports Editor -- Photogrpahy Editor -- Editors ------..------ Val Johnson --,-- Marianne Sncath --- Marjorie VVeisling Nancy Byrnes ---- Barbara Gauck ----- Helen Darnman -- .... Jacqueline Colligan Genevieve Behn ------ John Devlin Boyer Royal ---- joan Greco Joan Kreidler ---- Louis Conover Bottom Row: E. XVcnzel, A. Fcehan, D. Snyder, H. R0-w: Mr. Ciccolella, advisor, L. Bartus, Prall, D. Blumgold, N. Birks, J. Aller. Second Row: C. Stern, K. Palazzo, L. Bronner. Barwis, V. French, J. Lewis, E. Pitt, C. Deitz. Third Editor-in-Chief .... Asst. Editor .... Literary Editor Sports Editor ..... Exchange Editor Picture Editor tv- Copy Editors -- Page Editors -- Photographers - Editors ---- joan Lewis ------- Elena Pitt Virginia French ---------- Carl Stern Cynthia O. Deitz ---- Hilda. Blumgold --- Kathie Barwis Elyse Wenzel ---- Alice Feehan Darry Snyder ------ John Apai Louis Conover Spectator One of the most important English classes in Trenton High School is the Spectator class. lt has the responsibility of publishing the school newspaper, The Spectator. Under the expert leadership of Mr. Ciccolel- la, the school paper has continued to maintain the All-American title which was first cap- tured in 1945 in the National Scholastic Press Association competition. E . Bottom Row: S. Blundcn, M. NVarner, Mr. Foss, advisorg ing. S. VVilson, J. Smith. Third Row: P. Sargiotto, C. S. Osterstuck, D. Larkin, R. jackson. Second Row: B. Byard, C. Scozzaro, M. Persi, R. Kuniewicz, E. Dobin, Kelly, S. Warner, M. D'Ambrosio, C. Langer, B. Flem- VV. Bohus, C. Hallmark. Laureate Since 1934, with a few exceptions, the Lnzzrente, our magazine for creative Writing, has been published annually. The responsibil- ity for the publication was assumed by a stalf composed of eleventh-grade honors English students under the guidance of Mr Foss The magazine IS composed of the best poems short stories and essays Written by the students of T1 enton H10h and collected and edited by the LflZl76ZZZf6 staff. Top: This committee is at work editing some material they have accepted for the 1952 Laureate. Bottom: These students are scanning Verse in preparation for their evaluation of all the poetry which Was sub mitted to the Laureate. Bottom Row: M. Kennedy, E. Hess, B. Ostroff, J. Elli- T. Garsky, P. Cranmer, A. Drake, W. Quackenboss, R. son, E. Cain, Second Row: B. Holzman, G. Case, P. Uzleber. Lewis, D. Charniek. Third Row: Mr. Cywinski, advisor, 3 F955 The Press staff is an organized twelfth- grade honors English class. It is open to both secretarial and college preparatory students who have an interest in obtaining knowledge and skill in the field of journalism. Under the leadership of Mr. Cywinski, who checked and supervised their stories, the Press staff was responsible for providing news and feature releases for the local press to further interest in our school and its activities. Top: These boys are studying the layout of the front page of the New York Times in order to get some ideas on make-up. Bottom: The girls are busy identifying a picture to be used in a feature release concerning the annual operetta, 'Blossom Time". A few students in one of Mr. Manzer's chem- istry classes are demonstrating some of the Work they do in class. ln these classes the academic stu- dents study the technical and theoretical aspects of chemistry. At least once a week the students go to "lab" where they conduct many experiments under the able direction of their teachers. A group of Miss Christieis students have gathered to look up something in one of the reference works found in the library. At T.H.S. the sophomores have the privilege of taking a half year reading course in the li- brary. ln this course they read poetry, fiction, prose non-fiction, short stories, and plays. They spend a certain amount of time on each unit. This course enables them to get familiar with the kind of literature they will study when they are juniors and seniors. MO Classroom Activities Deep in the recesses of the "C" building many students are at work studying the sciences. Those who study biology find it very interesting and revealing, for it is the study of all living things, from the simplest cell right up to the most com- plicated group of organs, the human body. This picture shows some of Mr. Creasy's stu- dents learning how to use the microscope. Usual- ly this type of activity is followed by the Well- known Creasy discussion period in which the students pool their scientific findings and do some "powerful thinking." The Bobasloela, the T.H.S. yearbook, is cre- ated by a senior English class under the direction of Mr. Lo Bue. Here we see a few of the department heads having a conference in order to plan the next step on the publication time table. All the plan- ning. writing, typing and editing was done by a staff of twenty-eight seniors. Classroom Activities If a blinding flash of light is seen piercing the stillness of the back corridor of the C building, it is coming from the electronics research lab- oratory, run by the popular and youthful science teacher, Mr. Bootherstone. This course has been in existence in Trenton High for only three years, but it has gained in popularity. All serious students of physics try to get this theoretical background in electronics before leaving for college. Can't you smell the ink as you look at this picture? A lot of school Work is done in this shop during the course of a year. All "Sport Nitew, operetta, and senior play programs are printed in Mr. Vroom's shop. Thousands of spe- cial forms for the school and hundreds of posters are created and printed. In addition, Mr. V room's students receive in- structions in all the many phases of commercial printing. He teaches his boys all the tricks of the trade. A new machine has been added to the lan- guage department. It is a wire recorder which has been put to very good use in Mr. Borgia's Italian and Spanish classes. Students recite into the microphone and then the recording is played back. ln this way the student can hear his ovvn voice and improve his pronunciation under the teacher's expert gui- dance. The Wire recorder is also useful for the language club activities. W'hen you sec a hoodles jalopy roaring out into Greenwood Avenue, you can be almost cer- tain it was put together in the Trenton High auto shop. Klr. Schielke teaches his pupils the involved mechanism of the automobile and how to care for it. In many instances the cars that the students work on are owned by the boys themselves. Here we see the boys changing a Model A Ford bat- tery. Mr. Schiellce gives a well-rounded course in the theoretical and practical aspects of automo- tive mechanics. ldl Classroom Activities Handicrafts have their place in T.H.S. Here we find a few students of Mr. Siegfried's class learning how to work with leather. They also work with metals, plastics and create original jewelry pieces. Those students taking the Art curriculum learn the basic principles of designing, architec- ture and drawing and also obtain many hints for future vocational use. Under the supervision of Mr. Doolan, the machine shop students are gaining valuable in- formation and experience in working with all types of industrial machines. All the boys in the machine shop make different kinds of tools and do precision work in machine work. The boys are very fortunate in having for their teacher a highly skilled machinist who has the knack for imparting his knowledge to all who are willing to learn. t 1 This course if offered to the students ot T.H.S. in order to help solve the motor vehicle accident problems of New jersey. Mr. june, the proctor of this course, teaches the students the fundamentals of driving and eX- plains the mistakes of the people who become involved in accidents. His motto is: '4Be careful when driving." When you smell the odors emanating from the corridor near the boys' gym, you know that one of the cooking classes of Miss Van Natta is at work preparing some delicious food. The students learn how to prepare nourishing meals, and the best balanced combinations. They also eat what they cook. And they call that Work! 142 Do you readily go off on a tangent? Are you sometimes at log-gerheads with your mathematics teachers? Can you square a circle, subtend an arc, trisect an angle? Well Mr. Hallman's students can do all of these things. Moreover, they like mathematics, the rigid, logical exercises of the mind. Why? Part of the reason is this: Mr. Hallrnan's person- ality. The health instructional program of our school is one of great importance. Here the stu- dents learn the rules of good health and personal hygiene. They discuss the different organs of the body and their functions. By means of charts, films, and film strips, the health teachers try to impress upon the stu- dents the importance of clean, healthful living. Here we see Miss Groom explaining a chart to a group of students. 1113 Classroom Activities Here We see a group of Hr. Diamond's stu- dents getting ready to perform the classic physics experiments of creating a Vacuum in a bell jar by removing the air with a Vacuum pump. Hr. Diamond is perennially popular because he makes physics vivid and easy to understand. He also has a wonderful sense of humor. Pictured are some of the members of a junior English Spectator class. Here students learn the correct usage of the English language, and en- gage in journalistic research. They are respon- sible for many of the articles published in our school paper, The Spectator. As they grow in experience these students be- come eligible for membership in the senior Spec- tator class which is responsible for the publica- tion of the school paper. AL5M5fN?5'Lf' l ma! Classroom Activities At noontime when everyone is eating lunch and taking it easy, the student salesmen in the school store are at work selling pencils, paper, and all the other materials needed at school. With the supervision of Mr. Gedney, the members of the school store gain worthwhile experience in selling and prepare themselves for future voca- tional opportunities. HI feel sick? Well then, go to the nurse's of- fice and see Miss Bowyer. She will take your temperature, give you an aspirin or let you lie down in her nice soft couch. She has lots of bandaids, bandages and ointments. She also has lots of patients. But once in a while she sends you back to class. That means that you're not so sick as you think. You can't fool Miss Bowyer! Have you ever walked down the hall at 2: 35 , and seen about ten boys and girls standing around one big locker? The girls are probably trying to get their books assorted while their boy friends Walt. You can find everything but the kitchen sink hanging on the doors. You see pictures, mirrors, compacts, gloves, books, newspapers, etc. If this is the way these girls keep house, they may have trouble finding a husband. Du UJDSP Do you understand this? If you do, you must have been a member of Mr. Sex- tonls Hy-speed longhand class. Mr. Sexton is the inventor of this method of longhand and is the author of a text book and companion workbook which are being used in T.H.S. and all the com- mercial high schools of New York City. Hy-speed longhand is a course in the com- mercial curriculum. Students who became pro- ficient can take dictation at the rate of 120 words per minute. MA Classroom Activities If you should happen to run into a room in Trenton High School and find all kinds and shapes of sharp instruments. you will probably be in one of Nlr. Cochran's fourth year mechanical drayv- ing classes. The fourth year students have considerable choice in the problems they attempt. They may give or receive help from other students in these original prolects. Students planning to go to college have an opportunity to improve their reading ability by attending the reading clinic once a week under the instruction of Miss julie Barata. Reading comprehen- sion is considered so important that most college professors would like to see it taught in high schools all over the country. The clinic helps the students immensely in preparing for the college entrance examinations. , - 'Punt K KX, Situated in a corner of the B building is Miss Dillon's drama I Class. A feyv of the students are pictured here rehearsing a radio program called A'Thespians of the Air," on which they are featured over radio station VVBUD once a week. Some of the numerous activities of the drama class include the annual school operetta. the senior play. as well as many performances they give in the Commu- nity Room. If you should find yourself in a room at Trenton High that is full of the cliclc- clack of machines. you yvill probably he in Mrs. Peitzman's business machines class. Many different maltcs of machines can be found run both hand and by electricity. The school yvcelq is divided bv letting one half of the class use the calculating machines txvo days. xvhilc the other half uses the booltlceeping and billing machines. A smell of good things to eat and a inad rush of students lead us to the cafeteria where a great part of our student body buys its lunch from three counters such as this one. The women, under the supervision of a dietitian, serve well- balanced meals to theni everyday. These women are on the job day by day, preparing good food for the students of T.H.S. Classroom lf during your travels around Trenton High you find yourself in a rooin with Hood lights, cameras, and stools, you will be in the photog- raphy laboratory. This "lab" is under the direc- tion of Hr. Forer who is in charge of all pho- tography in Trenton High. ln this room photos are taken that are used to advertise various school activities and for the school paper and the yearbook. Here is a typical scene from Miss Dillon's Drama I Class. We ind a group of her students practicing a scene from a play. Behind the players are various exhibits made during the year. Also in the background are some posters advertising plays of previous years. The students themselves made these posters and projects. Activities This year one of Mrs. lfleanor Floods English classes competed in a nation-wide letter writing contest. These two students, Elsie Nelson, and Pat Schinkel, were lucky enough to win third and fourth prizes respectively. Elsie received S100 for her nne work and Pat received 325. The picture shows the girls as they were interviewed by Mrs. Flood and Harry Alleva, VVBUD news director. 5 YG? 009 '95 FOCTB LL 4U Hmmm Raw: XY. Singer, R. lliiyxvziixl. Y. Seiarrottn, Co- NY. Gmssniyer, XV. Turner, Eldridge, -I. Atkins. Capt. Devlin, Co-Capt. R. Dauer. Suunmi Row: B. Royal, Senior Tornadoes Sophomore back Caesar Harris goes for a short gain in the Senior quarterback Bill Grassniyer is surrounded by a group of Hamilton game. Ron Dauer 6467 eonies in to lend assistance. New Brunswick plavers. 1118 J: ...4 :Q C D Y Q LJ f-f Y D .4 D .fa ... .. 3 ., R. - .. N g, 5 I 5 5 5 -E Football 2 ' Q ,P x z O 1. H- 4 5 2 f 5 -F 'Z E Ei 5 The opening of the football season saw the P QW . ' Ll return of only two varsity lettermen. The lack 54 5 V' Q 7 :L . ' .N - 5 ', of lnterest on the part of the school was shown 5' A 3' fs 5' - .. -Kc . E ' earlv in the season when onlV 34 bovs reported Q E ,Ag 5 ' . . ' ' . 3 ' -I :Q -4 for the first practice 111 September. Coach Fhr- 7- 2 51-X 3 Q . . . . . ' ,N tn L4 lnger started to build the Varsity squad with 5: O +15 these men. F4 Q :L ge. As the season progressed, the team showed 5 + Z . F N 0 j,.- C improved knowledge of the game. The sopho- : Q F Vg xffi. . . ' . we .. X . 9 mores with no previous football experience Q F 5-f 2 - . . , S Q ' gr 5 showed much improvement with the able assist- f' :T SQ 3 .- . . . . , '-5-4 -f 45 ance of Mr. Dileo, Mr. Krlchling, and Mr. Wil- - EQ 3 Q . F' p.: N " hams. These bovs should proved a great asset to C, Q. 5 Q' ' U2 , . e A, E. , 24 D 1-1 next Vear s elub. gg tg- 5 3 5 H ' J- c s. gi Ji 7- The spirit of the eight seniors on the varsitV squad continually boosted the morale of the amgsz 5 . . ' . . . 1: squad. SIX of these seniors were mentioned in the 2? Q . . x- m o 7 Trenton Times all-citv squads. Two of these 5-3 QF Z . ' . . LJ: C . bovs received greater recognition, when john G R Q C, ' - - a T :. Devlin was elected to the all-eountx' team and .,. 5 , cc Q, Y- - ' v ?' ii 4 3 E' X ince Selarrotta was selected to the Group IX 5 Q, :ag as all-state team. The other varsitv seniors on the 5' '3 squad were Bob Havward, Jim Eldridge, Ron Qi FQ . . ' .' up iv -11 ' - Dauer, Bill Singer, Bover Roval, and Bill Grass- 5' g. 3 F y ' ' IT - N :' mver. 5 2 'f Next Vear Coach Ehringer hopes to build his 5 75 my E QE ' . . Q +-4 2 squad around 15 returning' lettermen, with a man C I-I jg ,T 9 - ' Us E ' ' for each position. Q ?'l F Q "A I 5 Q-. :: 5 .2 U? 2 7 ' H ,D F4 4 A :T ef ' 4 0515- 5 71 a 3 L :E H EL f IIT T 3 - l 4 - wo? 52 Q. This sophomore scrimmage shows the quality of varsity ga 5 F, football for the next two years. 5 Lg- ' fa . V- 4, , W ,iii-C 1 - A- s "" .gm I f f'- , : V, ., ' A ' ,X fi . Ve xwele itfl w i-H " 'te 'I" t ' -a I Y 'et ajax, e Q r.,f2"' 41: we , f f1L'w'5a,: we .,, E,-QQ "I s ., 'L Nw.,-f-fu if17'Q:5. :s . ' 7 e2i1i.QfV .ise T "" f,r,. W' , . , T T s .,.tl e ll T ,pp.s " V f . l49 SOCCER Bozzom Row: C. Suttcrlcy, Ii. Sokolowski. S. Sobon, j. Strycharz, Mainzer, XV. Page, F. lidinger. Second R0-w: R. Cetkowski, J. Strycharz, Xl. Xlasicllo, P. XValsh, R. Car- Coach Weisberg as usual had a very successful season. john CWimpyj Strycharz was considered, by Mr. VVeisherg, the most improved player on the club. john was voted to the all-state soccer team by the N.j.S.I..-X. The team recorded a season record of six victories, three defeats, and one tie. Co-Captains john CXVimpy7 Strycharz and Danny Posluszny show splendid form in head- ing a ball. . H . H T. H T. H T.H .H T. H T. H T. H T. H vill, D. Posluszny. Third Row: Coach NVeisberg, F. Turek, S. Chmiel, R. Sinwich, A. Yaros, Fennelli, Ass't. Coach Doolan. Trenton High defeated Trenton Catholic in their two encounters this Vear. Trenton had a fine de- fensive team, shutting out four of its ten opponents. Daniel Poslusznv and Stanlev Chmiel were the out- standing players throughout' the season. Schedule .. . . . , 3 Trenton Catholic . . , O ,..3 Hamilton..,,.,..., ..0 . . . . . . l Princeton U. Frosh, . . . . . 3 I Thomas jefferson , . . 1 .. . 1 Lawrenceville . . 3 . . . . , 6 Pennington , 0 .. . . . . Z Hightstown , , , . . . 0 .. . , . . . 3 Trenton Catholic , , . . 2 ., , . , . 3 Hamilton ..... . . . . . 1 I Kearny. . 4 CROSS CCL! TRY Of the fall sports. cross country proved to be the most successful. Led by Capt. Bill XVilson's fight- ing spirit and the fine coaching' of Klr. Davis. the team tasted defeat but once. The only team to de- feat the Trenton harriers was the exceptionally strong Thomas jefferson team. The outstanding performers of the Trenton squad were LeRoy Goss of the senior classg Klel Rose, Larry Gater. Carl Cranmer of the junior classg and Sandy Robins of the sophomore class. The team placed in the Group IV South jersey champion- ship and third in the "Big Six" conference meet. Dave Breece. Ray XVheeler, and Bob Stark did a fine job by continually pushing the Varsity members. Sehedu Bill XVilson, Mel Rose, and LeRoy Goss are rounding the last turn. le T. H. S. .. . .20 Princeton . ... ...35 T. H. S.. . . . IO Lawrenceville , . . 37 T.H.S.... .22 B.A1.I.., .. .. 33 T. H. S., . . 17 Princeton U. Frosh .,.. 38 T. H. S.. . . . .33 Thomas Jefferson . . . .22 Big Six , 3rd Place South jersey .... 2nd Place Borrow Row: Coach Davis, C. Cranmer, L. Goss, Capt. XV. Row: R. lVheeler, D. Brecce. R. Stark. Wilson, kneeling. M. Rose, L. Gator, S. Robins. Second 151 IIAVV A- ,L . a ' ,. . it Wing .Lu Mmm? df AA V H " -. . t . A ' 'Aql V Qi Vxkr 1 in A V, ,rf ev t A Y Co-Captains Tom Ritter and Ron Trenton High's three All-American divers Keenhold congratulate -each other practice dives before the lfastern Interseholastic after winning the New jersey Cham- Championship Meet. pionship. SWIMMI G Bob Henderson climbs out of the pool after breaking the Trenton High 150-yard individual medley record. if re ,S sw. 1--" Bormwl Row: j. lfalcey, I". lfederico, T. Byrnes, B. Gropp, Keenhold, R, Norton, R. Preston, D. Devlin. Third Row: R. Nlcklillan, R. Saunders, R. XVheeler, R. Lnnning. Second G. Kline, R. Hayward, D. llenderson, M. Dorn, B. Royal, Rofw: Coach Neusehaefer, D. Breece, C. Scozzuro, C. G. ljge, J. Bronner, S. Boston, VV. Driver, R. Henderson. Bucher, D. Hutchinson, Co-Capt. T. Ritter, Co-Capt. R. 152 Swimming Coach Al Neusehaefer completed his 21st year of coaching at Trenton High by compiling another fine record. His team won five of nine dual meets against mostly college competition. This team also successfully defended its Eastern and State Inter- scholastic swimming titles. Trenton High's diving was considered by many the greatest in the school's history. Colin CButchQ Bucher successfully de- fended his Eastern and State crowns. Don Henderson, who won four dual meets, placed second in the Last, and third in the State, he also defeated the Eastern Intercollegiate diving champion in the Trenton Times Invitation dive. Co-Captain Ron Keenhold, who swam in the dual meets, turned to diving in the champion- ships and placed third in the East and came within .3 of a point of defeating Bucher in the State, to place second. Dwight Hutchi- son, a sophomore, rounded out the divers by placing sixth and fourth in the Eastern and State meets respectively. Trenton's All-American relay team of Bob Hayward, Donald Devlin, Dave Breece, and Ron Keenhold won both the Eastern and State Championships. Other standouts on the team were, Bob Henderson, who clipped two seconds off the school record for the individual medley in the Valley Forge meet. Sophomore Charles CRoclcyj Werner showed the other teams that Trenton will have a strong team in the years to come, as he won the State 100-yards back-- stroke championship. Co-Captain Tom Ritter, Gilbert Kline, Steve Boston, Charles Scozzaro, and Bob McMillan also gained places in the State meet. Schedule T.H.S..., ...39 Alumni ......,,.. ,. ....36 T. H. S.. .. ...37 Princeton U. Frosh. . .. ....38 T. H. S.. . . . . .45 W. Philadelphia . . . . . .30 T. H. S.. . . . . .30 Lawrenceville . . . . . .45 T. H. S.. . . .... 46 Rutgers .....,. . . .29 T. H. S.. . . .... 47 Valley Forge ...... . . . 28 T. H. S.. . . . . .45 Pennsylvania Frosh . . . . . .30 T.H.S.... ,..27 Peddie ......,... .. 48 T. H. S. .......... 37 Navy Plebes . . . ,..,. . . .38 Eastern Interscholastie Championships. . . . , . lst Place N. J. State Interscholastic Champion. . . , . .lst Place Tap: Destined to break many scholastic records, sophomore Charles CRockyD VVerner climbs from pool after win- ning the State 100-yard back-stroke title. Middle: Junior Donald Devlin is ready to start his specialty, the 100-yard freestyle, in which he was second in the state. He also swam on the All-American ZOO-yard free- style relay team. Bottom: Juniors Charles Scozzaro, Steve Boston, and Dave Breece congratulate each other after each had won a place in the State meet. l53 Red and Black Cagers f zifiiiff. N' .....s.:.... Harrow Row: Manager Xl. Cohen, R. Fried- Gmittcr. Coach Baxter. Second Row: C. man, Captain j. Fennelli, R. Campo, lf. Hall, V. NVilliams, H. Peterson. Captain .lim Fennelli, the top scorer in the city, drives in juniors Fred Gmitter and Bob Friedman, and sopho- for a lay-up in the first game with Hamilton. more Val XVillinms are controlling the back-board play in the New Brunfwick game. Basketball Trenton High's basketball team completed its season by compiling the best T.H.S. basketball record in recent years. The team won 16 games throughout the year. losing only 6. How- ever, Coach Bill Baxter had trouble all season because he did not have sufiicient reserve material. jim Fennelli led the team in scoring, and he was also the leading scorer in the city. Ralph Campo was also one of the lead- ing scorers in the city. His fighting spirit and defensive work helped win him a place on the all-city team, along with Fennelli. Trentonls sensational sophomore, Val VVilliams, was the leading backboard man on the team as well as a fine scoring jump-shot artist. These talents won him a place on the second all-city team. juniors Bob Friedman and Fred Gmitter rounded out the iron- man starting quintet. Friedman was known more for his ine defensive work than his scoring punch. Gmitter did a fine job on both offensive and defensive. Coach BaXter's reserve list consisted of Harlan CTinkj Pet- erson, Belton Dent, and Charles Hall, all of these boys received high praise from the coach. After losing four of the first nine games, the team put on a sensational streak of eight consecutive wins before losing to Atlantic City. Trenton High surprised everyone as they snapped back from defeats at the hands of Hamilton and Trenton Catholic to win the second encounter with each team. Schedule T. H. S.. . . . . 55 Lawrenceville . . . . .50 T. H. S.. . . . .66 Merchantville . . . . . .55 T.H.S.... ...72 Neptune ...,. .. 62 T. H. S.. . . . . 47 Trenton Catholic . . . . . .48 T.H.S.... ...47 Hamilton ...... .. ....56 T. H. S.. . . , .56 Asbury Park .,,. . . . .54 T. H. S.. , 60 Collingswood ...... . . .58 T. H. S. . 32 Princeton U. Frosh.. , . . . 61 T. H. S.. . . , 37 New Brunswick . . . . . .23 T. H. S.. . . . . .49 Camden ...... . . . . . 62 T. H. S.. . . ..,. 58 Perth Amboy . . . , 53 T. H. S.. . , , . .39 Collingswood . . . . . . . 36 T. H. S.. . . . . . 77 New Brunswick . . . . . .41 T. H. S.. . . , 53 Asbury Park . . . . 34 T. H. S.. . . .52 Atlantic City , . . . .47 T. H. S.. . , . .60 Perth Amboy . , . . .48 T.H.S.... ...72 Camden...... ..,48 T. H. S.. . . ..., 53 Atlantic City . . . . 61 T. H. S.. . . .... 51 Hamilton ....., . . .47 T. H. S.. . . .... 62 Trenton Catholic . 56 Tournaments T. H. S.. . , . . .74 Bridgeton . . , 64 T. H. S.. . . ,.... 54 Camden ..... . , . . 68 Upper right: Captain jim lfennelli, the city's leading scorer. Middle: Ralph Campo, outstanding set shot artist and defensive man. Lower: Val NVilliams, sensational high scoring sophomore. 155 BASEBALL Borrow Row: Coach Tom Murphy, XV. Page, A. Alusciente, Kelly, N. Rutolo, XV. Brown, C. Copeland, J. Gibilisco, j. Maida, Ass't. Coach Doolan. Second Row: R. Czarnecki, Last year Coach Tom Murphy Hnished his most successful season as baseball coach at Trenton High. His team compiled a sensational 13-1 record. In 10 years of coaching at Trenton High, Coach Murphy's teams have had an overall record of 115 victories against 19 losses. The teamls only defeat was in the second game of the year when they lost to Hamilton 8-3. After this loss, the team compiled 12 consecutive victories in- cluding a thrilling 2-1, ten-inning victory over Hamilton in their second encounter. The other highlights of the season were the two hne victories over Trenton Catholic. The team had the honor joe Camarana sets himself for a pitch in the Collingswood game. T T T T T T T T T T T T T -T J. Urbanski, C. XViegand, 1. Easton, P. Lashutka, D. Steel C. Barton, 1. Camarana, L. Sykes. of being South jersey and City Champions. The team was led by John Easton who nnished the season with a .400 batting average. The pitch ing of joe Giblisco, Cecil Barton and joe Maida was another factor in the team's great success. Othei outstanding players on last year's squad were Crosby Copeland, Nick Rutolo, Ed Kelly, and Paul Lashutka. Returning this year to help Coach Murphy build another great team are infielders Bill Page and TonV Musciente. Other boys returning are john Urban ski, and Les Sykes. Schedule . H. S. ,..,. ... 8 Lawrenceville . . , .. . . . H. S. .,.., .,.. 3 Hamilton .,,... , . , . , , . H. S. ...,. ,... 9 Thomas Jefferson ,.., . . . . . H. S. ..... ,.,. 2 Asbury Park ,..,. . , . . , . H. S. ,,.., ..., 3 Trenton Catholic ..,. . . . , . H. S. .,.., ,.., 7 Perth Amboy ,,.,, . , . . . H. S. ,.... .... 1 1 Collingswood . . . . . . . .l'l.S. ,.... 7 Camden. ., . .l'l. ,.... ,.., 1 0 Collingswood , . . , , . . H. S. ..,,. .... 2 Hamilton . . . . , . . H. S. ..... ..,. 1 O Asbury Park ,...,. . , . . . I l. .,.. .... 4 Trenton Catholic .,,. . . . . ll. ..,. ..,. 8 Perth Amboy ..... ..,. . . . . H.S. ..,. ..,.., ..,. 1 3 Camden . , ,.,,, ,...,. . , , . , City Champions South jersey Champions 1 56 TENN s As the Bobaslaela went to press, the tennis team, under Coach K. T. Murphey, who is starting his 23rd year of coaching, was preparing for a long, tough schedule. The team will be led by Herb Layine. who is the probable captain of the squad. Other returning lettermen this sea- son are Marty Louis, Juris Udris, and Donald Talley. Schedules I95I T.H.S. ..,. t,.. S B.M.I. ....4 T. H. S. ..,. .... 4 Asbury Park . , . . . . 5 T. H. S. .... .... O Lawrenceville . . . . . . 9 T. H. S. ..., . . . 5 Perth Amboy . . . . . , 0 T.H.S. ,.., Z Peddie ...,...,.... 7 T. H. S. ,.., . . . 7 Trenton Catholic . . . . . 2 T. H. S. ..., .... 1 Camden ,....... .,,. 4 T.H.S. .... ...4 Perth Amboy... 1 T. H. S. ,,., . . . 1 Camden ........... . . . 4 T. H. S. .... .... 8 Trenton Catholic ...... 1 Bottom Row: M. Louis, L. Schindewolf, H. Lavine, J. Ruderman, Mgr. R. Robbins. Second Row: Coach Murphcy, S. Pestko, H ,fi llerb Lavine is perfecting his forearm swing I952 Apr-il 23 .....,. B. M. 1. .... .April 30 ....... Asbury Park . . . . . . . M ay .X lay A lay ix lay May May May 5 6 , 12 16 21 23 28 . . . . . . . .Lawrenceville . . , .,.. Perth Amboy ......,Peddie ........Caniden .....,..Pennington . ,.......Ca1nden . . , . . . . .Perth Amboy A. Popkin, A. Vedro, J. Glickman, T. Rob- inson, I. Byer, S. Lubin. -F l Away Home Away Home Home Away Away Home Away TRACK ...L Borrow Rau: XY. XVilson, XY. Duhart, J. Devlin. L. Goss, J. Nlessineo. Seward Rota: R. Bethea, NI. Coach Sheldon Ehringer is starting his second year as coach of the T.H.S. "thin clads." Last year the team managed to collect enough points to win the Group IV South jersey Championship. He should have even a better season this year since Co- Captains Herb Turner and Bob Vl'ear and shot putter Sam VVhite are the only losses from last yearls squad. As the Bobfzslaellr went to press the traclqnien were just starting their early workouts. XVillie Sprinter XVillie lluhart and distance runner Bill Vfilson are warming up for their respec- tive races. wiguf' an Rose, C. Stinger, Y. Seiarrotta, K. Gravatt, J, Koval. Duhart and Bob Bethea seemed to be in peak of condition for the sprints. Larry Gater and Chris Stinger were beginning to feel the pace for the quarter-mile race. ln the mile Bill Wfilson. Mel Rose, and LeRoy Goss were hghting it out for lead posi- tion. Ken Gravatt, John Koval, and Vince Sciarrotta will probably hold down the shotput and javelin chores. Returning from last year's squad to do the pole vaulting are jim Ferguson and john Devlin. Schedule 1, l April 23 . . Princeton , Home April 25, 26 Penn. Relays . Away April 30 Asbury Parlc , Away .Xlay S . , . Hamilton , . Home .Xlay 7 . . New Brunswick . Home Xlay 10 Long Branch Relays Away .Xlay 13 . -lr. Chamber of Comm. Home Xlay 21 , . B.M.l. . , , , Away Xlay 23 Palmyra Home Nlay 28 Conference Xleet Away lune 7 . State Meet , . , Rutgers l5S GIRLS' SWIMMI G Borrow Row: D. Manners, L. XVa.gncr, P. Turner, P. Truch, L, Fllis, C. Smith. Second Route: G. Necld, N. Argast, N. Trott, D. XYismer, j. Hayward, Xl. Smith, C. Salio, Coach The Girls' Swimming Team of T.I-LS. had a very successful season, winning 2 out of 3 meets and expecting a fourth victory as thc I?0Imsl1Cli1 went to press. Despite the loss of Co-Captain Joanne Hayward, who moved with her family to japan, Captain Doris Wfismer led her team to victory. Carol Sabo and Carol Smith showed good form capturing the div- ing event each time. The girls were coached this year by Miss Bernice Cleveland. E t -. - l g j Xlii 1" ii.. Cleveland. Third Row: C. Cunningham, lf. lddx A Btn iamin, Nl. Lessen, T. jahos, B. lless, L. llutchinson w T. H. 5. . w T.I-LS., . . T.H.S... .. Schedule , .35 Lower Klerion . , 21 Penn Hall . . . .39 Little Flower Interscholastic Meet Miss Cleveland congratulates Co-Captains Joanne Bettv Hess executes the breaststrolte. Hayward and Doris XVisiner after thc Lower Merion victory. l59 GIRLS' SPCDRTS Hockey One of the most exciting of the fall sports is hockey. This game stirs up much enthusiastic par- ticipation and it ranks as one of the favorites among the girls' sports. This exciting game consists of two teams each trying its best to knock the hockey ball SEN ri Fi through the goal on the opposite side. lysi- Soccer Soccer is a typical sport of the girls' gym classes. Much skill is required in playing the game. To comply with the rules of soccer, no one may put her hands upon the ball with the exception of the goalies. It is a game in which the girls display their good sportsmanship as well as their abilities as soccer players. BasketbaH Comes winter and the girls' gym classes con- centrate much of their time and incidentally, en- ergy, on the all-time favorite, basketball. Basketball entails some fast and furious footwork as well as thinking. The object, of course, is to get the ball through the basket and thus win a point for your team. 160 - , I volley Ball Another favorite spring game at T. H. S. is volley ball. The girls are always ready to partici- pate in this fast moving and exciting game. The two teams on opposite sides of the net try to keep the ball in the air by hitting it over the net to the op-posing side. To start the play, the end girl in the last row serves the ball and when a point is made the scoring team rotates. 9 . ' J . Q... .L s.-f . GIRLS' SPORT Kickpin Kickpin is about' the Il1OSt familiar girl's sport in T. H. S. This game is played much like base- ball. Kickpin is a year round sport because it can be played indoors or out. The object of the game is to keep the opposing team from scoring. The scoring is made by kicking the ball and running around the bases before the opponents can catch the ball and throw it from base to base. Softball The cry of uyouire out" is a well known phrase during soft ball season. The girls of T. H. S. are always ready for a good, fast game of softball. This outdoor sport provides good clean fun and laughs to all those playing or watching it. A lot of the girls are so enthusiastic about softball that they play almost as well as the fellows. 'ra awww GIRL CHEERLE DER wigaem . ff .mtv . He, were-an - u -if , f tu ea' + W . tfillv , ,W , 4 N .v,. if 4 .ings ,,.. TW mv... Bottom Row: Co-Captains G. Grogan, E. De Core, J. Modica, Captain J. Peroni, J. Fiori, Co-Captain J. Graser. Second Row: D. Mancine, D. VVismer, J. Hayward, L. De Angelis, J, Kane, C. Toth. Headed by Co-Captains Joyce Graser and Jerry Grogan, the cheerleaders had something to cheer about this year. Although the football team did not do so well as was expected, the cheerleaders still tried to keep the spirit of our boys high. Then, when basketball season came around, the girls traveled to all the games and our fellows gave the girls something to cheer about. The cheerleaderls purpose is to instill the crowd with enthusiasm, arouse the school spirit, and lead the well-known songs and cheers. During Sport Nite, you will find almost all the girl cheerleaders on Black and Red Cheers. The only differences are the costumes and the songs the girls sing. ln the pictures below, the Black Team Bell- hops go through their "Shrimp Boats" routine. VVhile on the right, the Red Cheerleaders make their grand entrance. Left: Black Cheers - - - Right: Red Cheers OUR SPGRT NITE HISTCDRY CDF SPORT ITE l935-I952 RED CAPTAIN Shirley Neuls 1952 Leaders BLACK CAPTAIN Joan Greco Background Back in 1935 our principal, Dr. Paul R. Spencer, suggested that the girls of our high school should participate in some indoor athletic activity which would give them a chance to display the type of work they were doing in their gym- nasium classes. The purpose of this co-ordinated activity would be to teach good sportsmanship and leadership. Thus was born Sport Nite. On the evening of April 12, 1935 at 8:15 p.m. the first annual Sport Nite was presented in the gym at T. H. S. for the small admission of twenty-five cents. The gym was gaily attired with bright decorations designed and made by various committees of the opposing team. The general chair- man, jean Halliday, was introduced to the audience. Next came the presentation of the captains of each team. At the end of the eveningls performance the Red Team emerged victorious with a 65-60 score. The first year the show was presented to a capacity crowd for one night only. As the years rolled by Sport Nite became bigger and better than ever. In 1936, the show was extended to two nightsg in 1937, three nightsg in 1945, four nights. Since 1949. the show has been presented five nights to capacity audiences. Year Theme YV inning Team 1935 None ,,,,,, ----,------ R ed 1936 None .......,., ---, K .--- Red 1937 None -,---,,,,,--. ---- R ed 1938 East and West ..-.,,,,,, H, Black 1939 Nursery Rhymes and Alice ln TVonderland .... --- Black 1940 Pageant of the Seasons .... --- Black 1941 Between the Book Ends .... --- Black 1942 Songs Old and New ..,.,,,,,,., ,,-, R ed 1943 llighlights of American History --- --- Black I952 Score BLACK -- --- 34 RED -- --- 33 1944 10th Anniversary --- ..... Tie 1945 Famous Paintings --- .... Black 1946 Fairyland Fantasy .... .... B lack 1947 Superstitions ............. --- Red 1948 Sport Nite Vignette ........ --- Red 1949 Through a Shop VVindow .... --- Red 1950 Flight 16 ................... --- Red 1951 'Llmaginc Thati' .......... --- Black 1952 All Around Town --- .... Black 1OfHciaI Mistress of Ceremonies --- Miss America ...... Miss Trenton High --- Fannly --- Kathie Barwis --- Barbara Gauck Joyce Willianison Prelude Mary Providence GEEIID Ballet Ruth Watkins N 5 3 Skating Ann Hallmark T65 Red Cheers Iilida de Core fy jp ' 'UN 31 WM Red Rhythms Gail Metz Z: ,. .. xy 5-""""'!' Black Cheers Dolores Brienza Black Rhythmics Verna Ricasoli Red Modern Exercises Geraldine Grogan Red Character Dance joan Naylor Black Modern Exercises ig 'L Doris XVi5mcr gvfkx Black Character Dance Genevieve Behn Red Tap Dance Alice Roberts Red Games Charlotte Timms Black Tap Dance Madeline Neise 'lrffwls F3 Black Games Edith Sandford Red Band Harry Madolc 4, GL A3354 TKYE Red Marching msn' Alice Fechan Ei' H Black Band Black Marching V,-f' HX Official Family 'R ' 1 E a ri? in L is n Top: Red Color Guard, Rhea Krosniekg Miss America, Barbara Gauekg Black Color Guard Nancy Byrnes. Middle, Left: Mistress of Ceremonies, Kathie Barwis. Middle, Right: Red Captain, Shirley Neulsg Black Captain, Joan Greco. Bottom: Black Captain, joan Grecog Miss America, Barbara Gauckg Miss Trenton High Joyce XfVi11i3H1SO11g Mistress of Ceremonies, Kathie Barwisg Red Captain, Shirley Neuls. 174 Flag Raising Ceremony A 3 N ' A,:V al i xii? 'iii 2 . . ' i On March 24, 1952, the traditional Flag Raising Ceremony marked the end of the Sport Nite rivalry and the victory of the Black Team. 175 Epilogue 'Y Y W 'Y -q 0 We have found it impossible to label any one of our activities as uniquely representative of the spirit of T. H. S. Our beautiful building, our faculty, our organizations, our many curricular ac- tivities, our sports -3 all of these are part of that indefinable force that We call the SPIRIT OF T. H. S. Acknowledgments The editors of the 1952 Bobaslaela wisn to express their sincerest appre- ciation of the time and effort spent by Mr. Bernard Forer in solving the many photography problems that came up during the year. Credit should also be given to Mr. lVillard Vroom for his guidance in our printing difhculties. Finally, the editors wish to acknowledge their great debt to Mr. Friebis Siegfried who so unselfislily gave his time that the Bobasliela might have the best art work possible. l76

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