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y 1 J Ri ,K 5, ,X if f ' ,jf . , Aff f . ll - , 1? - 2 rg? Z' ,J ., j' , 1 .1-1' 4 gg. 5' 'sk , J. WHITNEY COLLITON ana' stzll they gazed, and still the wonder grew that one small head slzoula' carry all he knew." -GOLDSMITH. WEBSTER dehnes a teacher simply as "One who gives instruction or lessonsfl In times such as these, however, a teacher must do more than fulfill these easily met conditions. The true educator must awaken the student's intellectual curiosity, andinstill in him a love of learning and study. A 4 Trenton High School has long heen -fortunate in having on its teaching staff such' a man in the person of Colliton, a true edu- catorlin the 'finest sense of the Word. He taught With such sympathy and understanding as is rarely found in any man. . He held his place, too, as a great sportsman and athlete. His in- terest in sports led him to devise the Widely used Colliton System of rating high school football teams. p A The mysteries of higher mathematics serve only to feed the flame of this man's mind. Adept in the handling and solution of the most abstruse problems, he has confidently led us unfalteringly through this intricate maze. To J. Whitney Colliton, an understanding humorist, philosopher, and inspiring teacher, We respectfully dedicate the 1943 Bobashela. "His life 'isl gentle, and the elements y So mixed in him that Nature might stand up And say to all the World, 'This lis' a man' ". l l 1 v i 1 5 A 1 ..-41. 1 ...J V T TRENTQN CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL TRENTCN NEW JERSEY 0!ld2ll nf Bank DEDICATION - VIEWS ADTVIINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS ACTIVITI S ATHLETICS CLUBS PUBLISHED FOR THE STUDENTS BY ' THE BOBASHELA CLASSES W I , 4 ' 4 L71 5 A 5 r Q V W1 L Dr. Edward Jennings T Mrs. James Ballantine Jmnes Dwyer L anis lllareiante Willtani RQ Thorne Bnmd nf fducatrbn N meeting the challenge of the increased, tempo of life inci- dent to the present World conflict, the Board of Education has mani- fested breadth of vision and fidel- ity to the interests of the youth of Trenton. In the serious problem of changing the school program to tit the changing Worldj the Board has done much to maintain the same level of etliciency that has a l W a y s characterized Trenton's schools during times of peace. Recognizing the need for edu- cating the students in wartime problems, the Board has recom- mended the various war courses which are now being offered in the schools. They have worked indus- triously to provide the youth of Trenton those opportunities for the type of education designed to create responsible. and loyal citi- zens: -X B' T Y N ' f. xt I. Herbert Levy Winfield S. Fell Robert C. l10l Clmrles P. Jllessiclz James T. Knotts i T PAUL ELOSER, Php. l Superintendept of Public Schools "The foundation of democracy lies in the eefucaition of its youth." NE might safely say that this is the theme upon' fyvhich Dr. Paul R. Loser, super- intendent of Trenton schools, has based the educational system of our city's schools. T i Dr. Loser's' foresight and ability to adapt the educational system to the present are manifest in the fact that he has asked schools to -stress physical education and shop training. . The key to Dr. Loser's success in the educational field can be found in one of his own observations: HSchools are people, at least as much as they are buildings. The boys and girls, the men and women, count far more than materials. One of the finest phases of the Trenton system is the earnest, conscientious attitude of principals and teachers toward studentsf' i Cooperation and understanding is the keynote of the relationship between student and teacher in Trenton High School. This reflection of Dr. Loser's Words is ample evidence of the completeness and sincerity with which he has executed his job. T iiii PAUL R. SPENCER, Ph.D. Principal TRENTON High School has gone to War! This year, more than ever, the school was ' faced with the problem of making the students realize the seriousness of the pres- ent situation and their importance in the World of today. Dr. Paul R. Spencer, principal, long recognizing the necessity for a more inten- sive training for modern youth, added new courses to the present curricula. These courses were designed not only to prepare the boys for active service in the armed forces, but to equip the girls for Work in defense plants. Nor did he overlook the necessity of vigorous physical training, for the boys, particularly, will long remember their Hrst acquaintance with the obstacle courses. Frequently Dr. Spencer assembled the students, principally the members of the senior class, and urged them not to leave school Without their diplomas, explaining that the need for educated and intelligent citizens Will be greater in the post-War period than it has been at any other. time. Dr. Spencer has again guided Trenton High School through a successful year. Because of his judgment and foresight, our program has been readjusted so that now we are Working on? a smooth-running, up-to-date basis. l12l 5 J EDWARD G. LEEFELDT Vice:Principal As vice-principal in charge of discipline and schedules Mr. Edward G. Leefeldt has a thankless job. VVe realize, however, that in a large school discipline is of prime importance. Mr. Leefeldtls efforts, stern at times but always just, have done much to make our school the well-organized, smoothly-functioning institution of learning that it is today. In a modern school with widely varied curricula, the careful scheduling of courses has a profound effect upon the education of the student body. Here, too, credit must go to Mr. Leefeldtg for there are relatively few cases of wrongly scheduled pupils. In addition to his daytime duties Mr. Leefeldt also ofiiciates as principal of the Accredited Evening High School, a position which he has held since 1926. Mr. Leefeldt came to Trenton in l909 from his hometown, Utica, New York. In his varied career in the field of education he has taught French, U. S. history, short- hand, typing, and shop. Of these, shop is his special interest. He has received de- grees from the University of Pennsylvania, Muhlenberg College and New York Teachers College. I13l WILLIAM J. O'BRIEN Vice:Principal H, Gee! I'm late again! Now to face Mr. O'Brien.'l You have probably heard this said more than once by students of Trenton High. William J. O'Brien supervises the attendance records of both teachers and stu- dents. This job is not so monotonous as it sounds. It offers many amusing experiences because of some of the trivial reasons given for being absent or in seeking an early dis- missal. Mr. O'Brien has seen the number of students of Trenton High increase from seventeen hundred to forty-Hve hundred. Having been associated with Trenton schools for twenty-six years, he feels that he should know everyone in Trenton between the ages of fourteen and forty. Each of us will remember vm as a person who always was willing to help a stu- dent with his curriculum or to give him personal guidance if his work was question- able. Besides his many other duties, Mr. O'Brien found time to take charge of the foreign language department and to be general adviser. l14l V MISS SARAH CHRISTIE Assistant Principal PERH.APS one of the most familiar by-lines of all Trenton High School bulletins is, "They are on sale in Miss Christiels office." The Word they covers everything from tickets to class rings and pins. Few people realize What a really enormous job Miss Sarah Christie, Assistant to the Principal, undertakes when she handles all this Work. The task of bookkeeping, arranging and dispensing tickets, collecting money for any and all undertakings is one which demands special genius. An entirely different phase of her work is being the faculty sponsor for all three classes. This job includes managing graduation details, supervision of class dances, productions, and projects, and anything else Which affects the Welfare of the various groups. All proposed plans and trips of any organizftaion must Hrst receive her official sanction. VVhen in doubt about the wisdom of a ps--:Qposed drive, trip or plan, stu- dents instinctively say, "Let's ask Miss Christiewg and in all these matters she has shown a Willingness to listen and fairness in her decisions. In the enormous number of friends she has made, Miss Christie may consider her- self compensated for all her Work. lil5l f wwf v r cr, 4 ' gleam of Z4 AS SOPHOMORES: Our arrival at Trenton High School was not heralded by a flourish of trumpets. We did not notice any liveried attendants unrolling soft plush carpets before us to protect our delicate feet from the hard, cold floors. The lack of these amenities did not, however, detract from the grandeur of the occasion. As we stood on the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Chambers Street and watched, Hwith gaze of Dull Amazel' the shadowy form of the B building, many miles distant, little did we know of the toils in which we were to become entangled. As we entered the building, we were con- fronted with a maze of emblems, devices, notices, directives and signs of a very con- fusing nature. We were indeed appreciative of the kindly Service Corps and Hall Patrol, who so generously guided us to the elevator in the E building, operated by ULittle Ed." YVe suffered the tribulations of sophomores with commendable fortitude. AS JUNIORS: Once admitted into the lordly ranks of the juniors, we cast off our puerile sopho- moric air of ignorance, emerged as from a chrysalis to bask in the glory of our new- found power and visited upon the sophomores the horrible tyranny of the newly emancipated slave. As juniors we took a more active interest in the affairs of our Alma Mater, and took upon ourselves the fulfillment of our government in electing officers to guide the ship of state. We went to the polls in a high fervor of democratic feeling and, when the ballots were counted, found that we had chosen Andy Brayten- bah, President, Lucy Petrino, Vice-President, Olivia De Pastina, Secretary, and Pat Massaro, Treasurer. For our junior Dance we elected Pat Massaro and Alice Adams king and queen. Slowly but surely we were becoming a part of the school. AS SENIORS: At last--the summit is attained! We have reached the last lap of our educational journey at this institution of learning. As omnipotent and effulgent Seniors, we at last became the aristocracy of T. H. S. with unlimited powers to de-pants sophomores, set fire to buses and to commit numerous high misdemeanors. This year for the first time, we produced our own radio show, which we carried off with great success de- spite technical difficulties. This year we elected Pat Massaro, President, Lucy Pet- rino, Vice-President, Olivia De Pastina, Secretary, Andy Braytenbah, Treasurer. In February the lack of femininity in the classroom was appalling. Girls were con- spicuous by their absence, they were always elsewhere, attired in dungarees, carrying a pail of noxious paint. At last the long awaited day was at hand, our sacrifices were not in vain, Sport Nite had arrived! The magnificence of this spectacle more than made up for the weeks of girlless classrooms. We heralded the victorious Blacks with cheers of tumultuous acclaim. In keeping with our good neighbor policy, this year South America was the key- note of our Senior Prom. Pat Massaro and Olivia De Pastina were chosen Senor and Senorita. And so we pass on into the world, the better for our democratic experiences. f16l T ll7I ' J N 4 W 4 1 1 N 1 1201 21 Those having torches will pass them on to others." -Plato. I n 0 EARED to wartime needs and requirements, the commercial courses have been in- creased to twenty in number. ln previous years eighteen regular courses were offered. The additional war courses were pre-induction training with typewriting and signal corps work with typewriting. During the latter part of November, the "School-Store Cooperative Selling Plan" was inaugurated. The registration and assignment of positions to students in the downtown stores was directed by Don T. Deal, head of the Commercial Department, and Ward B. Gedney, Director of the School Store. The students carried on the work of the depleted sales forces in lS3 different stores, where l,l39 pupils were em- ployed. The Accounting, Secretarial, Cooperative Selling, and General Business Cur- ricula ht students to enter business. During the second semester commercial senior boys and girls having the Don T' Deal proper qualifications were sent to different business D offices to relieve the shortages of employees in secre- tarial, accounting, and clerical Helds. The work was supervised by the teachers who were guided by the sug- gestions of the employers for the students, improve- ment in efficiency. 1 A For the first two weeks the students, after com- pleting three periods in school each morning, reported to various assigned offices throughout the city each day and on Saturday by request. The following two weeks, the students returned to school to resume their studies and others took their places at the oflices. This pro- cedure of alternating between school and ofhce work enabled the students to apply the theory of their studies to actual practice. l23l NGLISH courses in Trenton Central High School are designed to provide three major phases of workispeech, literature, and composition. As sophomores the students are introduced to various fields of literature through a series of lectures. A1- though the sophomores are not eligible for honor courses, they are placed in cali- brated classes on recommendations from their junior high school teachers. juniors and seniors are eligible for honor courses in English, the purpose of which is to encourage outstanding talent in journalism, oratory, and creative writing. . The aim of the English Department this year has been to modernize the English curricula, incorporating these aspects of the world situation which have a legitimate placejin the classroom. The instructors sought to impress upon the students a reali- zation of the fact that upon them will fall the tremen- dous task of writing a lasting peace. The reading of newspapers, magazines, and oral and written compo- -4ffh1'f S- Hancock sitions based on pamphlets released by various federal D agencies, all emphasized the significance of the move- ment to defend and preserve Democracy. By following such a program the English Depart- ment fostered those language talents which, in a world of swiftly changing ideals and institutions, will play so important a role. "For expert men can execute, and perhaps judge of particulars, one by one, but the general counsels, and the plots and marshaling of affairs, come best from those that are learnedf' l24l 5301121411 Qnpazdmmf 'Z ANGUAGES have achieved a new and greater importance since the War began stated YVilliam J. O'Brien, head of the Foreign Language Department A num ber of boys who were students of Trenton Central High School have Written of the opportunities they had to use French, German, Spanish or Italian While stationed in foreign lands. The languages included in our program are: Latin French German Spanish and Italian. Aside from their use in communicating with foreign neighbors these lan guages have a dehnite cultural value. During the advanced years of most of these courses, the pupils read the literary Works of the outstanding authors of the language which they are studying. W'illiam J. O,Brien J Armed Forces. Spanish is rapidly becoming the most popular for ' eign language offered. This popularity is due to our , ever increasing friendly relations with the South and Central American republics and with Mexico In addition to the regular language courses a six weeks' course in French Italian and German was of fered to boys this year. These courses Were taught dur ing homeroom periods to acquaint the boys with phrases Which they Would find helpful if they should be sent to foreign lands after their induction into the . Q 1 INCE the organization of the Guidance Department, the problem of advising the students about their choices of colleges and careers has been an ever increasing one. To this already heavy responsibility, the counseling of the students in matters connected with the war effort has now been placed upon the department. The questions which normally concerniall seniors are either the choice of college or the securing of a position in industry following graduation. Seniors are advised in these matters in the guidance classes, which last a marking period, by hlrs. Flor- ence S. Cougle and Mr. Samuel VV. Eberly. Particular attention was given to the various branches of the armed services and to the war industries. Mrs. Elsie O. Saile and Mr. William Baxter are the junior guidance instructors. Personal guidance is stressed by them. The personal guidance covers the development of personality and the choosing of one's future occupation. Samuel W. Eberly For the sophomores Miss Mary E. Meagher and Mr. Edward Christian conduct classes in which the . pupils study requirements of various vocations. As head of the department, Mr. Eberly also keeps the students informed about scholarships, job oppor- tunities, college entrance requirements, and the like. The function of the Placement Bureau has enabled a pupil to meet a prospective employer. Through the medium of the Placement Bureau students seeking work have been able to interview employers during school hours and in a great many cases have secured profitable employment. li26l 'Hamm ORCED to alter its courses considerably, the Industrial Arts Department did a fine job of revamping its courses to meet present war needs. In several divisions the work already paralleled the Army and Navy requirements, and, as a result, the de- partment experienced little trouble in meeting these military standards. In the practical field these courses have accomplished much. The wood shops have gained great recognition for their ever increasing total of model planes which are urgently needed by the Naval Department. Classes in machine shop processed test dies for guns for the armed forces. Mechanical drawing students turned out a vast number of excellent tracings and blue prints for instruction in building model planes. Subject matter, on the whole, has followed the same general trend but has introduced various courses de- signed to meet government needs. The most outstand- he ing of these is the course given by Mr. Carl Dannerth. This course, 'fThe Fundamentals of Radio," is similar to the one given by the United States Signal Corps at Fort Monmouth. The object of this course was not to cover the field of radio completely, but, as the name implies, to give the students a basic knowledge of the subject. There havealso been classes for girls only in mechanical drawing, blue-print reading, and the use of measuring instruments. This course was requested by the Signal Corps in order that the girls might be trained for their fuure roles as war workers. The successful completion of any of these subjects entitles the student to a Victory Certificate which he will hnd of value in industry or the armed forces. Hrlrry Burslem I27l ' m EARED to meet student needs, the mathematics department, under W. Colliton, completed its second year under present war conditions. Upon entering Trenton High, a sophomore is given every possibility of getting a complete mathematics basis for later military service or peacetime pursuits. The mathematics department prepares students for college entrance and gives courses in shop mathematics for the industrial art students. A sophomore may take Hrst year algebra or plane geometry. A course in special mathematics involving work in loga- rithms and basic trigonometry is open to honor students. In his junior year a student may take intermediate algebra. An honor student may continue in the special mathematics class, which includes intermediate algebra and trigonometry. Three one-half year courses in solid geometry, ad- vanced algebra and trigonometry are offered for sen- iors. Senior industrial arts students may take two half- year courses in social and consumer mathematics. Three war courses were open for student needs this year. An army approved course in aeronautics was open for students who intend to take the air corps test. A half-year course in aerial and nautical navigation trained students for basic army and navy requirements. Pupils who were looking forward to working in war industry were offered a half-year refresher course in mathematics, which included a review of important types of basic mathematics. . J. Whitney Cnlliton l23,l FFICIENCY is the foundation of a well-organized institution. Trenton Central High School is fortunate in that it has at its disposal twelve expert secretaries who, combined, complete this task successfully. s The duties of the office staff, headed by Miss Grace Bullock, are divided into spe- cific branches. Records of attendance and punctuality of all pupils are kept in check by Misses Lucille Barlow and Rose M. Scozzaro. Private secretaries to the school executives include: Miss Barbara Newton, secretary to Dr. Spencer, Miss Dorothy Ross, secretary to William O'Brien, Mrs. Helen Mclntyre Smith, secretary to Bliss Sarah Christie, assistant to the principal. Miss Lucille Barlow, in cooperation with Miss Margaret Cook, had charge of the mimeographing department. Grace Bullock The work of one of the most useful and busy de- partments in the school, the guidance and placement office, was handled by lWiss S. Emily Zudnak, secre- tary to Samuel W. Eberly. The clearing house for all school activities, the central office, is managed by Miss Grace Bullock, assisted by Miss Katherine Goldenbaum. The efficient assistance of the secretaries of Tren- ton Central High to the school executives enabled the school to cope with the obstacles set up by the war emergency. Too much credit cannot be given to our office staff for the many useful services it has performed for the students of Trenton Central High School. organ swf E l29f mm 'n Qnpwdnmnf URING the past decade there has been a noticeable decline in the physical health of the American Youth, probably because of the many modern conveni- ences at their disposal. Statistics show that the progress being made in the schools to improve these conditions is advancing at a satisfactory pace. In accordance with the request of the national government, the Physical Educa- tion Department of Trenton High School, under the supervision of Mr. LeRoy Smith, has developed an extended physical training program. This is one of the main features included in the Victory Corps Program. A step has been taken in the right direction by the erection of an obstacle course on the athletic field. The purpose of this course is to prepare the high school boys for the armed fOrCCS- The main feature that was stressed in the boys' classes was the preliminary military training. The boys participated in outdoor sports, such as track, baseball, football, and soccer. In the required preliminary train- ing every boy must have had periodical contact with ' the newly-consructed obstacle course and a certain amount of drilling. Swimming was also stressed be- cause of its magnihcent conditioning value. As in previous years, Girls' Sports Nite attracted thousands of spectators. During the fall and spring when the girls were not practicing for Sports Nite, they kept in condition by playing hockey, tennis, soft- ball, volleyball, and baseball. Other gymnastic inter- ests included swimming, dancing, and archery. The credit for much of the progress made in this department must go to the interest and perseverence of the instructors. ' LeRoy Smith l30l A ' m NEXV trend was adopted this year by the Science Department. This trend was the education of students in courses Which would aid them upon entering the armed forces. These WVar Training Courses were also offered to girls who planned to enter a defense plant after graduation. The Pre-Flight Course was a preparation for the students Who planned to enter the Air Corps. Under the leadership of lNf1r. Gordon Nlanzer, head of the department, these programs of studies Were introduced at the beginning of the second semester. These subjects have been accepted for admission to almost any college. The stu- dents were able to discontinue any one of their subjects, with the exception of Ameri- can history, English, and physical education, to take one or more of these War Training Courses. The Pre-Flight Training Course Was taught by Niiss Margaret Blackford. In order to enter this i course, a student must have had two years of high T school mathematics and must have furnished the neces- sary physical fitness certihcates. In the electrical course T the emphasis Was placed on those fundamentals re- quired in the signal corps, radio operation, and general electrical Work. As a result of taking these subjects, the students became better acquainted with the subjects which Would help them when they entered the armed forces of our country. ' ' John AIHHZHT !31l 5011211 'Q HE challenge to the students in Trenton High School, to understand a modern world, motivated the work of the Department of Social Studies during the school year 1942-43. To familiarize our youth with the different forms of government and to indoctri- nate them with the American way of life was not enough in such times as these. To know the world even better as we find it today and as it will be tomorrow is the aim. Toward this end the department increased its efforts to teach the geography of the 'fAir Age VVorld," which has grown to be an important factor in the lives of all the nations. The two major courses offered are Social Studies I, adapted to sophomore and junior pupils, and Social Studies II, adapted to the needs of senior pupils. Special courses were provided for those who are preparing to enter colleges and uni- versities where special examination requirements of admission are needed. The department continues to offer those experiences in local, state, and national insti- tutions and problems to prepare the well-rounded citi- zen to meet the needs of the community in which he will take his place. Classes in social studies saw democracy in action when they visited the agencies of the Trenton Com- munity Chest, and other departments of the city and county government. These contacts brought to the pupils the direct challenge that all have a responsi- bility in preserving the American way of life. Claude B. Kleinfelter !32l jbzadntamr IN view of the present international strife, the Fine Arts Department has geared it- self to the responsibilities of such an organization in wartime. The section of the department connected with drawing, painting, designing, and modeling has devoted its time to the activities of the OCD by making air raid signs and posters for use in the high school itself, maps of sectors of Trenton for air raid wardens and other officials, and signs for the draft board located here in the school. These are a few of the many new activities carried on under the direction of Nliss Daphne L. Koenig, lvlr. Friebis Siegfried, and Mr. john Slavik. Besides these wartime jobs, this section of the Fine Arts Department still finds time to carry on its usual tasks. These consist of the making of posters and scenery for the senior play, and the usual types of pen drawings, pencil sketches, dress designs, water color, and cartooning. This work is exhibited in the show cases about the build- ings. bflr. Siegfried's special jewelry classes have again done interesting work in jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, and pins. The musical section of the Fine Arts Department, under the direction of J. Parker Russel and L. Rogene Borgen, got off to a good start with the original Christmas Pageant, composed by Mr. Russell and staged by the orchestra. The audience con- sisted of students of various junior schools of the city. ' The band, supervised by Nlr. Borgen, did its usual good work at the football and basketball games and the girls' annual Sport Nite program. The music classes con- tinued the study of the fundamentals of music and the immortal works of such com- posers as Beethoven and Bach. l33l Zlom.adJzta0i OGD and clothing are two of the most significant topics of concern of human beings. In this war these subjects have become even more important and have demanded more careful consideration than previously. The course of studies, which is offered to boys and girls alike of Trenton Central High, has been changed somewhat to meet present-day needs. ln the cooking department, the future chefs study basic principles of meal plan- ning, nutrition, diet, and family cooking. Moreover, the students practice the actual application of table etiquette when they serve meals. In compliance with govern- ment suggestions, the students are on the lookout for new recipes which contain foods of high nutritive value. Those boys who are interested in cooking as an occupation are offered special co-urses in short order cooking. This year more than ever, the girls of the various sewing classes under the direc- tion of Miss Foster, bliss Moss, bliss Ellsworth, and Bliss Bradshaw, were taught to make use of every piece of old material that had lain idle for years. The Christmas play costumes, which brought favorable comments from the pupils, didn't cost the school anything. Despite the fact that these same costumes had previously been declared useless, the students altered them in such a way that the audiences thought the costumes were all newly made. The annual Fashion Show was held in May as in previous years. At this great event the students modeled their own creations. Prizes were awarded to the winners. I34l AIRS. KXBBOTT, Comm. DR. TATKINS, Scienve Miss TLXTKINSON, Soc. Studies 51155 BAR-ATA, EW- Bliss BARLOW, Offife Smj? MR. BARTLETT, Sor. Studies EIR, B,-XX'1'ER,SCiE111'1f 11155 BENBOXY, Eng. BIISS BIRD, Soc. Sludies 1351 Miss BLACKFORD,SCi617EE MR. BOLGE, Svienre MR- BORCEN, -UMUC g W N , 4 ' MR. BORGIA, 1.-on Lang. Miss BRADSHAVV, Home Er. Miss BRAYMER, Snr. Studies MR. BROVVN, Snr. Studies Miss BROWN, Eng. MR. BURDICK, fllath. 36 2 nf MR- VALDWELU Smnff MR. CHRISTIAN, Guid. Miss CHRISTIE, Soc. Sfudies MR- CICCOLEU-A-M 5119- MR. CLEMENS, P115-S. Ed. MR. COCHRAN, Jlefh. Dr. W 4 M155 COLLIER, EW, Mxss COOK, Office Mas. COUGLE, Science i371 MR. F. CROUSE, Comm. MR. D.AKIN, Comm EIR. IDIAMOND, Science P381 MR. W. CROUSE Jlflath. M155 CUNNINGHAM, EW- MR. DANNERTH, Elec. Shop MR- DE LONG, Sfifllff Miss DILLON, Eng. MR. DOOLAN, Mach. Shop MR, DREWES, lllafh, Mas. DUEF, Eng. Miss DURNAN, Comm. BIISS DUSINBURY Bliss ELLSWORTH, Home Ee. BIISS ERNST, lfor. Lrmy Miss EVANS, Scienfe Miss FELL, Comm. MR. FORER, Eng. 139I DIR. FOSS, -Eng. MISS FOSTER, H07nE Eff. Bliss FREDERICK, Jllath AIR, FRINGER, ,fum Shgp Bliss FUHRMANN, Soc. Szudies MISS GAALE, Comm. MR. GEDNEY, Comm. Miss GOLDENBAUM, Offire RTR- GRAHAM, Comm- I 40 1 Miss GRIFFITHS, Phys. Ed. MR. HILLEG.4SS, Comm. MR- HILLS, Pffllf Shop NIR. HONEYCUTT, Soc. Studies MISS INGOLDSBY, 5119- MR- JOHNSON, 15119- MR. JONES, Srienre MR- JUNE, Pllyf- lid. Rfllss KEATING, Phys. Ed 1411 NIR. KELSEY, For. Lang. RIR. LA FOUNTAIN, For. Lang. MR. LOWDEN, Jlarh. I 43 1 MR. KIRKPATRICK, For. Lang. MISS KOENIG, Af? KIISS LAPIN, Comm. NIR- LE551-IE, Gen- SW? 11155 LUDW1G,Eng, IYIISS LUSCHER, Eng. MR. MACDONOUGH, Jllech. Dr. AIR. BIATHEWSON, Eng. NIR. RIIDKIFF, Eng. MR. MACK, Wood Shop Mnss Rf1AHER,IVZlf.S'6 BIISS MEAGHER, Guid. MR- MICHELSON, EW- MR. NIINKEL, Library MR. BIORGAN, Phys. Ed. 143 MR' MOSOVICHR C""l"l' Miss Moss, Horzze Ee. MR. MURPHEY, Eng. P, 9,,, I MR, E, MURPHY, Phys. Ed' MR. T. NIURPHY, Zllarh. MR. NEUSCHAEFER, Phys. Ed M1ss NEWTON, Offife MRS. PEITZMAN, Comm. MISS PUU-EN, SOC. Sflldiff 1' 44 3 MRS. QUICK, Phys. Ed. MR. R.4E'1'ZER, Soc. Studies Bliss READ, Comm. Y Miss Ross, Office MR. RUSSELL, .Music DR- SABARY, FW- LUN! l MRS. SAILE, Eng. MR. SANFORD, Eng. MISS SCHEICH, Comm. R 45 I MR. SCHOENER, Comm. Miss SCOTT, Son. Studies Mlss SCOZZARO, Office MR. SEXTON, Comm. MR. SIEGFRHID, Aff MISS SIMON, Sfifflff H61 F MR. SLAVIK, Art M155 McIN'1'1RE, Offife MHS,Sx111'H,Sov.Sz111lif,e Mxss SMOCK, Phys. Ed. Nlzss XYAN NATTA, Sor. Studies Ma. XVEISBERG, Scienve MR. STEFFY, For. IANQ. Miss TERRY, Comm. MR. NVEAVER, Soc. Studies Mxss XVEBER, Eng. EIR, XVENZEL, jllgflg, EUR. XVESTOVER, Srffnfe N471 RTR. D. R. YVHITE, Eng. MR. H. XVHITE, Comm. MR. XVHORMBY, flleclz. Dr v Miss ZUDNAK, Offire Miss DELANEY, Eng. 3 ,V ' HSI There is a people mighty in its youth -Shelley. 2 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ,Xiidy Hrayteiilizili, treasurerg Pat Blzxssaro, presideiitg Olivia De Pastiiizi, secretaryg Lucy Petriuo, 'vice iie rc AT NIASSARO, president of the class of l943, successfully guided the seniors through a year in which normal social life was greatly curtailed by abnormal times. Ably assisting Pat were Lucy Petrino, as vice-presidentg Olivia De Pastina, secretaryg and Andy Brayten- bah, treasurer. The planning and direct- ing of the activities for seniors was the specific function of the Executive Com- mittee. Considering the diHiculties and ob- stacles encountered this year, the orhcers and the Executive Committee did a com- mendable job. EXECUTIVE COB1BlI'l'TEE ' Valerie Soproiiy, Joseph D7.A1lllll!lZlU, Alice Adams, Gina Czilli, Catherine Romeo. .-lbscizt: XYalt Ilartpence. Marjcrie Case Anne Kianel, Myrtle Birch H9 l 1 Fmzrfl: RDIQQ ALEXANDER. XSIRGINIAZ Ginizyg Gen. Bus. ALLEN, XYINFIELD, Acad.-Spanish '42. ALOISI, EDWARD P., Edg Ind. Arts B-Stagecrafl '4l, '42, '43. Fifth Row- ANIBROSE, GRACE, G1'afie,' Acad...Natura1i5t '435 Per- feet Attendance Awcl. '41, '42, Modern Dance and Ballet '43. ' ANIICI, BEATRICE, Bl1l!IZlC,' Gen. Bus.-Glee '41, '42 ANDERsoN. ROBERT E.. JR.: Andy, Acad.-Yars. Tennis '42, '43. ,S'i.r!Ii Row- ANDREOLI, EMILIA C., Mz'111i,' Sec.-Americana '43. ANGELINI, DANTE R.: Red: Acct.-H. R. Treas. '41, A Bcokroom Clerk '42, '43, Commerce '42, '43, Stockroom Clerk '43. .ANGLY-I. GRACE L.: Blondie, Sec.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '4O. Pres. '41. '42: Commerce '42, '43: Skaters '41: Com- merce Club Contest Awd., lst place '42, I 501 First Ron'- ADRAMS, IALTHEA P.: Dz'mfvIr5,' Selling-Asst, Mgr. School Store, '-13: Pet '41, Service '1' '43. .ABRAMSH B11-XRTIN NY., ,llar'ty,' Acad.-Philatelic '42, Pythagorean '43, Bobashela Feature Ed. '43, Service Corps '43, Hall Patrol '42, Mgr. '43. ABRANISOHN, ARTHUR M., 1'lIl11lSUj',' Acad.-H. R. Treas. '43, Soph. Football '41 , Band '41, '42, '43, Band Uni- form Sgt. '43, Orch. '41, '42, '43, Decontamination Squad '42, '43, Gym Class Sgt. '43. Second Rota'- IACOLIA. ALBERT A., Red: Acad -Special Service Corps '42, '43. ADAMS. .ALICE E., AI, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, '42, Jr. Executive Comm. '42, Sr. Executive Comm. '43, Leaders' Corps '42, '43, Chairman of Red Rhythmics, '42, Chairman Red Publicity '43, Chair- man of Music for jr. Prom '42, Ballet '41, '42, '43, Glee '41, '42, Operetta '41, Ir. Prom. Queen '42, ADAMS. CLIFFORD A., Red: Ind. Arts B'-Band '41, '42. Tlzird Row- AHRENDT. CLAIRE E., Acad.-H. R, Sec'y '41, Treas. '42: Philology '41, '42, G. A. A. '41, '42, '-13: Skating '41, '42, ALBRIKIHT. JABIFS G.: J1'111,' Acad.-Track '42, '43Z Barbell '42, '43. ALEXANDER. CnARLEs: Sm' J., Gen. Bus.-H. R, Se1:'y '43, Special Service Corps '43, Bond Drive Comm. '43 First Rott'- ANSELMI. DORIS J.: Dmf, Gen, Bus.-H. R. Treas. '41, '42, Sec'y-Treas. '43: Glee '41, '42g Girl Reserves '41g Operetta Cast '42. ARMSTRONG, JOHN L.g Colt, Acad. ARNOLD, JEAN A.: Arn: Acad.-Costume '42, '43: Hori- zon '42, Skaters '41, '423 G. A. A. '41, '43. Second Rota'- Th .iff 1 ARTHUR, G. ROLAND: Ar.: Acad.-Service T '43, Boys' Science '41, '42, Sec'y '-13: Nat'l Honor '42, '43g Chess and Checker '42, '43, Town Hall '43g Lab. Asst. Pres. '4S2 Quill and Scroll '-13: Spectator Jr. Asst. '42g Bcbashela Staff '-13: Honor Medal '42, '-13: Capa- blanca '41: Service Corps '42, Prop. Boy for Sport Night '42. AvERsAxO. LOL'is: Louie lim Lug: Acad.-H. R. Vice- Pres. '41: Baseball Mgr. '41, '42, Spectator '42: Bob- ashela '42: Spanish Treas. '-13: Town Hall '43. AZZARO. DOMINICK P.: Babes: Acct.-H. R. Pres. '42g Social Dance '42, '-43. " Pore'- Bacxes, JOAN A.: Blufkiq- Gen. Bus.-Skating '43. BADSTYEBNFR. 1NlAizcs.xREr R.: Peggy' Gen, Bus.-Glee '41, '42, '43. BAGLEY, SABIUEL Eg Bud, Ind. Arts A. Fourth Rota'- BALL. DOi.OREs M.g rllikrf Gen. Bus.-Skating '413 Per- sonality '-13: Gym Attendance Girl '43, B.-XRLOVV. GLORIA L., Glo.: Acad.-Personality '41, '42, '43g Jr. Red Cross '-13: Laureate '42: Glee '42. BARNES, JOSEPH L.: Jar: Acad.-Hall Patrol '42, French '-13. Fifth Roca'- BARTHOLOMENV, HELEN C.: Bart, Sec.-H. R. Sec'y- Treas. '43: Skating '41, '42, '43, Biuzrosrewrci, STELLA F.g Barry Gen. Bus.-Baseball '42g Hockey '42, '43. BATTALA, DOMINICQ Zlliclecy: Music-Band '41: Swing Band '42, '43: Orchestra '43g Black Band '41: Red Band '42, Si.rtI1 Raise- BAZZEL, BETTY C.: Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '-13: Philology '41: .Archeology '41, Sec'y '42g Spectator Sr. Asst. '43, BEACH. Doms E., Dot: Gen. Bus.-Skating '42. AL-XRION G.: Slzorly: Sec.-H. R. Vice-Pres. BEGLEY. '42: Hall Patrol '41, '42. Mgr. 45. l51l Fourth Row- BEZEK. :ANN I.: Sec.-H. R. Vice Pres. '43, Comm. '42, '43g Lieut. Period, Sports Nite '43. . EIALCZAK, FRANCIS, Ind. Arts A. BIALAPoITRowIL'Z, VICTOR 1,3 Bf1I'!Cj',' Ind. Arts A-Band '43, Orchestra '43g Swing Band '43. Fifth R0u+ BICKEL, DOROTHY M., Dottie: Acad.-Travel and Book '41, Skatng '42g Leaders' Corps '41, '45, '43g Locker Sgt. '42, '43: G. A. A. '42. Vice Pres. '43, Phi Zeta '42, Sec'y '43, Petagerie Bus. Mgr. '42, Radio and Drama '42, Orchestra '42: Copernican '43g Stagecraft '43g Sports Nite Lieut. '43, Senior Play Property Comm. and Publicity '43. BIEsIADA, .ANTHONY Ag Tony: Acad.-H. R. Treas. '42g Laureate '42g French '42, '43. BILANCIO, SYLYIA G.: Jm'ry,' Sec.-Library '41, '42, Pres. '43g Ballet '43: Modern Dance '42, '43: Boba- shela '43, Arts for Youth '42, '43g G. A. A. '42. Sirflz Rou- BINDER, ETHEI- Mg Eff Sec.-H. R. 'Vice-Pres. '41, '42g Social Dance '42, '43. BINIII. CLEMI-:NTINE J., T1'1111,' Gen. Bus.-Radio and Drama '42, '43. BIRCH, MYRTLE L.g J'l'fj'7'I',' Acad.--H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, '42, jr. Executive Comm. '42, Sr. Executive Comm. '43: Ballet Pres. '41, '42, '43: Sports Nite Chairman, Prelude '41, '42, Chairman Rhythmics '433 Operetta '41, '42: Modern Dance '41, '42, '43g G. A. A. Yice- Pres. '41, '42, '43. 1521 First Raw- BELLAN, EDWARD D.g Eddy, Gen. Bus.-Book Room C '42, '43. BENNETT, ROY, Incl. Arts A. Bemis, XYILLIAAI, Ind. Arts A. Second Rott'- BERKOXVITZ, JANICE L.: Bang Acad.-Leaders' Corps '4l: Euclidean '4lg G. A. A. '41: Phi Zeta '41, '42g Special Service Corps '43, Bobashela Club Editor '-13. . BERNABIQI, CLAIRE, Rrzzag Sec.-H. R. Treas. '4l, Pres. '42, Italian '42, '43, G. A. A. Council '4lg Honor Medal '42. BERNATII. FRANK XV.: Bcrlzicg Ind. Arts, H. R. Pres. '4lg Vars. Football '42. Third Row- BERNER, .ANNA B., Skip, Gen. Bus., Hall Patrol '43. BERRII-IN, ELLA E.: .S'ZH1lZj',' Sec.-Riding '-'ily Social Dance '41, '42, Treas. '43g Pet '41, Modern Dance '41, '42. BERTOIIONIZ, NIARION T.g Sec. st Row- lizzzctxrzxctroa, EI:NIzs'r: l'iz'rrl4,' Acad.-Speeial Service Corps '42. '43: Laureate '42, Art '-43. BZZIXEIEAIJ. IQEXXIETH O.: Intl. Arts IXZJ V. Football '41, Capt. '42, Yars. Football '43: Special Service Corps '42. Bzsfioa. XVILLIAM O., Ind. A:-ts-Track '40, '43, Foot- ball '40, -mm' Row.. BLAINE. MAIA' A.: Unllyq Acail.-Glee '41, lT:!..XKESI.EE. X'lRCINIAI C'1zi,' Acad.-Leaders' Corps '41, '-12. '43: Hall Patrol '41, '4-2: G. A. A. '4l: Arche- ology Sec. '42: Pan-American '42, '43: jr. Historical '43g Press '43: Miss Trenton High Sports Nite '-13. BLEAKLEY, KENNETH: IX'CII,' Inrl. Arts A. irff Rau'- BLGKING. FRANKQ Dukvg Acad.-Rifle '42, Soph. Swim- ming Team '41: Phi Zeta '42: Belles Lettres '43. BOCZANY. XY1L1.Ie.nI F.: Bn, Ind. Arts A. BODINE. EVELYN L.: liriv: Acad.-Oneretta '41, '4Zg Hall Patrol '41, '42: Bowling '41, '42, '43. F0'1l7'fI1 Rota'- BODINE. XVILLIAM B.: Daffffrrg Acad. BODRIER, FRITZ A.: Ind. Arts A-Airplane Spotters '43. BOHNERT. BEATRTCE A.g Bea: Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '411 Hall Patrol '43: Operetta '423 jr. Dance Comm. '42. Fifth Rota'- BOIINERT. A1ARGARET K.: PC!!-.flf'rf',' Gen. Bus.-H. R- Sec'y '41, Let's Dance '41: Commerce '-43: Hall Pa- trol '4l, '43, Gym Class Attendance Girl '41, '43, School Store '43g Jr. Dance Comm. '42, ROLE. CIIARI.Es F.g Clzzzckg Ind. Arts A-Service Corps '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, BOLINO. NIILDREDQ Milling Home EC.-Hall Patrol '43, Bowling '41. . Sirtlz Rom'- BoLoGNEsIa. DoIzoTHY Red: Acad.-Hall Patrol '43. BONANNI, RAYMOND P.g Pl'0ff'.f.Y0?',' Gen. Bus.-Social Dance '42, '43. BOULE, 111I1.'l'ON S.g Ind. Arts 1 53 l Fourth Row- BRODT GLADYS M: Gen. Bus.-Personalitf '41 '42 '43' , I .5 , 1 I Cheerleaders' Corps '41, '42, BROOKS, THOMAS, Brooksieg Acad.--H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '42, H. R. Treas. '41, Euclidean '41, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Service Corps '42, '43, Jr. Spectator Asst. '41, '42, Pythagorean '41, '42, Pres. '43. BROOKS, VICTORIA G., lT"7'Fk1'C,' Acad.-Philology '41, '42, .Fifth Laureate '42, Bobashela '43. Row- BROVVN, CHARLES E., Doc, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, '42, Pres. Council '41, '42, VVireless '41, '42, Track '41, Cross-Country '41, '42, BROVVN, BIARY JANE, E'rownie,- Gen. Bus.-G. A A. '41, '42, Hall Patrol '41, Spectator '42, Bobashela '42, '43, Pan-American '42, '43, Black Team Deco- ration Comm. '43, ERUNI, GIZACE B., Gen. Bus. Sixth Row- BRZEYNSKI, CLAIRE, Gen. Bus.-Leaders' Corps '42, '43, Ballet '41, Modern Dance '4l. BUCKLEY, ROBERT T., B1lCkV,' Acad.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, Hi-Y Pres. '43, Soph. Football '41, Vars. Foot- ball '42, '43, Clionian '43. BULAVCSAK, TXIARTIN E., Bull, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y- 154 Treas. '41, '42. l First Row- ' BOURNE, A. TQATALIEQ Nat, Acad.-Americana '43, BOWMAN, OZZALLEE I., Sister, Acad. BQZSOLYAK, IXIICHOLAS F., Nz't'k,' Incl. Arts'-Service Corps '42, '43. Second Raw- BRADBIIRY, X'7ERNA M., T'75l'7Z,' Sec,-H. R. Vice-Pres. '43, Sec'y '42, Personality '43, Hall Patrol '42, Tap '42, Operetta '41, Ballet, Modern Dance '42, '43. BRAWER, RUTH R., Acad.-Philology '41, '42, 43, Phi Zeta '41, '42, '43, Inter-Club Council '42, '43, Ser- vice Corps '42, '43, Art '41, Honor Medalist '41, '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42, G. A. A. '4l. BRAYTENBAH, ANDREW S., G1'l17Zf7,' Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, '42, '43, Soph. Executive Comm. '41, Ir. Class Pres. '42, Senior Class Treas. '43, Boys' Science '42, Clionian '43, Jr. Historical '42, '43, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, I. V. Football '42, Hall Patrol '42, Honor Medal '42, Bobashela '43, Third Rott'- BREIMAYER, KATHRYN E., Kay, Acad.-Skating '41, Zeta '42, Treas. '43, Attendance Awd. '42, BRINDLEY, .ALLAN VV., Abc, Ind Ar'S A. BRIZELI., JEAN, Briss, Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '43, Pan-American Sec'y '43, Per. Lieut. Sports Nite '42, Per. Capt. Sports Nite '43, Clionian '43, Ir. His- torical '43, Pan-American '42, '43. First R010- BUXDA, 111-IRCEDES M., Mer, Acad.-Naturalist '41, '42 Seoy '43, Girl Reserves '41, '42, '43, Skating 42: Bobasliela '43. BUSHO, IRENE C., Curia, Sec. BUTLER, LTLA RIAEQ Acad,-Laureate '42, Skating '42. Second Rott- BYARD, JANET M., I.n1Iif0fi,' Sec. CAHILL, TIMOTHY J.: l"i11z,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. '42, '43, Radio Appreciation Pres. '42, '43, Belles Lettres '42. '43, Service Corps '41, '42, CAMPOPIAXO, ATINCENT N., Vince, Acad.-Laureate Staff '42, Bobashela Statistics Editor '43, Honor Society '42, '43, Ir. Constitution Comm. '42, Honor Awd. '42, Vars. Tennis '42, Boys' Science '43, Euclidean '41. Third Rott'- CANTER, BTILTONQ Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, Band '41, Asst, Sec'y '42, Sec'y '43, Radio Appreciation '41, '42, Pet '41. CANTOR, LEON l., Eddie, Gen. Bus. CAPPIELLO. FRA-'sc .AXTIIONYQ Capjvy, Acad.-Laureate '41, '42, E l 170111111 Roto- CAl'I'Lfl'C1O, ,IosEEHiNE, Ix'ctt'f1'v,' Sec.-H. R. S-ec'y '41, Sec'y-Treas. '42, Glee '41, Hcniasliela '43, Hail Pa- trol '43, CAPRIOTTI, :ANTHONY F., C'c1fpy,' Acad.-H. R. Treas. '41, Italian '41, Treas. '42, Hi-Yy '42, '43, Oper- etta '42. CARACCIOLO. AYIOLA C., 1010, Home Ec.-Ballet '41, '42 Head of Ballet '43, Tap '41, '42, '43. Fifflz Row- CARKHU1-'E, IYATALIE M., .Yatg Sec.-Hall Patrol '41, Personality '42, Attendance Awd. '41. CARPENTER, .AUDREY j., .4zzd,' Gen. Bus.-Music Appre- ciation '42. C.xaRoLi., EDITH H.: E: Sec.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, Personality '43, Operetta '41, Hall Patrol '42. Sirfh Row- CARTER, XYERA C., V, Acad.-Skating '41, '42, G. A. A. '41,4:E, IUNE E., Sec.-H. R. Pres. '43, Trcas, '42, Bowling"41, Radio Appreciation '-43. CASE, NIARJORIE M., Crlsvyq Sec.- Executive Comm. '43, Personality '42, '43, Ixaders' Corps '41, '42. '43, Pallet '42, Capt. Gym Period '43, Black Team Capt. '43, Head of Black Games '42. ' 1 55 1 r Fozzrtlz Row- CITRowsRI. HELEN N.: Corky, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pies. '41: Ncedlecraft '41: Skating '41g Personality Vice- Prcs. '4l, '42, '43: Head of Black Team Costume Comm. '-13. CLARK, HELEN E.: Gen. Bus. CLARK, ,IGIIX A.: Gc1'0111'11m,' Fine Arts-H. R. Vice- Pres. '43::Footl:al1 '41, '43, Stagecraft Sec'y-Tretis. '41, '42, '43. Ififth Roca'- CLARK, RIIRERT F.: Bob, Acad -H. R. Pres. '42, '-13: Treas. Clionian '43, Treas. Hi-Y '43: I. V. Basket- ball '42, Pres. Council '42, '43, Executive Comm. '43. CLUIF, EDWARD L.: Acad.-Band '41, '42, Archeology ' 1, '43. COHEX, DAVID: Dzzddyg Acct.-Philatelic '41, .S'i.rz'h Row- COIIEN, GEORGE: Acad.-Chess and Checker '42, Service Corps '41, '42, '43: Spectator '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42. COHEN, SIIELDON: M1l1'a'0ck,' Acad.-Drama and Radio Vice-Pres. '43: Rhetoricians '41, '42. '43g Senior Play Publicity '43: Service Corps '42g Decontaniinaa tion Squad '42, '43: Vars. Debate Team '42: Sulli- vanian '42, Quill and Scroll '43, Nat'l Forensic '43. COIAXTI-T, GI.0IQ1A M.: .71'Hcz'-Ivzlyn Gen. Bus -H. R, Pres. '41, Vice-Pres. "43: Social Dance '42, '43: G. A. A. '41, 1561 Firsl Rota'- C.XX'EI.I,A, AIARIE I.: C'01'll'y,' Sec.-Chess and Checker '41, '42g Hockey '41, CHAMSIERLAIN, EDITH N., ll'0.' Edin: Sellinw' H.. Sclniol Store '41, '42, '43: Pet '41, '42, '43, Service T '42 CIIAx1BERs. BERTIIA M.: Bcfky' Gen, Bus. Scforzd Rom- CHASE, Rrm J.: Rec, Sec.-Amanuensis '42, '45. CHEPIGA, X'vII.I.IAM ERNEST: .S'quz'1'1'vI,' Sec.-Yire-Pres. Radio Appreciation '43: Belles Lettres '43: Service Corps '41, '42. CHMIEL. CLARA A.: H0115 Gen. Bus.-Social Dance '42, '43. Third Rau'- CICCARELLO, IXIARY M.: Acad.-Pet '42. '43: Italian '42, '43g Attendance Awds '42. CIESIELSK1, ELIZABETH R.: Bctfsg Gen. Bus.-Hall Pa- trol '42, '43. CILY, ROBEIQT XV.: Bob, Prac. Arts-Philatelic '41, '42, '43. Fixx? Row- CCLAVITA. LUCY A., Lou, Gen. Bus.-Leaders' Corps '41, Sports Nite Lieut. '42, Gym Period Floor Sgt. '41, CoLE, HELEN G.: fling, Home Ee.-Skating '41, Bowl- ing '42, Girl Reserves '4l. CoLEMAN, DORIS L., Acad.-Archeology '43, Ballet and Mcdern Dance '43, Accordion '42, Attendance Awtl '42, Fashion Show '42, 5'CCUPifl Roca'- CoLEMAN. IVIARGARET H., 1Uc1rgic,' Acad.-Personality '41, '42, '43, jr. Red Cross '41, '42, '43, Chorus '42, Laureate '42, Nat'l Honor '43. Cor.vEY, KIARY G., Acad.-French '42, '43, Inter-Club Council '43, Period Capt. '43, Girls' Tennis '41, '42, '43, Sports Nite Period Lieut. '42, Leaders Corps '41, '42. COLVIN, LOUISE A., Acad.-Skating '41, '42, G. A. A. '41. T11 ird Razr- Coxterox. DoRrs XY., Cozzzfq Gen. Bus.-Girl Reserves '41, Sec'y '42, CorJLotsL'E. VVILLI.-X51 jx Laffy Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice- Pres. '41, '42, Pres. '43. CoNRY, TXTARGARET M., Bzirzdlvsg Gen. Bus. lwfirfill Rota'- CONSTANCE, AGNES, Cnmzicg Com. Teachers' College Prep.-Italian '41, Ballet '41. CONSTANT, EDXVARDQ Farnicrg Gen. Bus. CONTI, Lucy A., L01i,"G-en. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y '43, So- cial Dance '42, '43. l'ifth Row- CooM1xE, CHARLOTTE C., Chatsie, Acadf-H. R. Sec'y- Treas. '42, Drama and Radio '42, '43, Garden '42, '43. CooNEv, LEo' J., Incl. Arts-Soph. Football '41, J. Y. Football '42, Vars. Football '43. COQPERSTEIN, DO'NiNI.D, Don, Acad.-Band '41, '42, '43, Red Band '43, Bobashcla '43. .S'1.rili Raw- CORN, DORIS C.: Cn-1'11yg Acad.-G. A. A. '42, Sec'y '-13: Pythagorean '41, '42, Chairman '43, Jr. Red Cross '41, '42. '43, G. A. A. Council '41, Asst. Editor Spectator '43, jr. Asst. Spectator '42, Town Hall '43, Honor Medal '42, '43, G. A. A. Awds '41, '42, '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Hall Patrol '42, Black Team Decor. Comm. '42, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Quill and Scroll '42, '43. CoRN1sH, DQRUTHY V.: Dot, Acad.-G. A. A. Health Habits Officer '42, '43, Girls' Vars. Swimming T-:am '42, '43, Gym First Liert '43, Girls' Tennis Team '42, '43, Belles Lettres '42, '43, Skaters '42, Agmeri- cana '43, Glee '42, '43, Christmas Show '43, Operetta '42, Leaders' Corps '43, Nat'l 11th Grade Dfvinfl Champion '42, Special Events Ccmm. for Radio Pro- gram '43. CORTINA, SAMUEL B.: All Slate, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vcc- Pres. '41, '42, VVrestling '41, Track '41. '42, '43: Vars. Treas. '43. Football '43, Bobasltela '43, Commerce Clrb SFI Fourth Raw- l CUMI-sToN, BARBARA C.: Boblvicg Acad.-Drama and Radio '42, Bobashela '43, Spanish '43, CUNNINGHAM. LEONARD R.: Len, Acad.-H. R. Vice- Pres. '43, Operetta '41, '42, CURBISHLEY. AUDREY R., Red, Sec.-H. Amanuensis '43. Fifth Roto- R. Sec'y '42 Z CUTTINO, CHARLES H., Cut, Gen. Bus.-Service Corps '42, '43. Czov, JOSEPH, Acad.-Orchestra '41, '42, D'A:l1BRosIo, RALPH L.: Rafe, Acct.-H. Commerce '43, School Store '42, '43, '42, '43, Ir. Spectator '42, Bobashela '43 R. Treas. '412 Football Mgr. Business Mgr. '43, Quill an'l Scroll '43, Publicity Mgr. Senior Play '43 , Service T. Sixlli Row- D'1A,NNL'NZ1O. ,losEPH C., D. Acad.-H. R. Pres. '43, Executive Comm. '42, '43, Phi Zeta Sec'v '42, Asst. Soccer Mgr, '41. '42. Mgr. '43, Senior' Play '43, Ptolemean Pres. '43, Forum Pres. '43, Nat'l Honor '42, Vice-Pres. '43, XVrestling Asst. Mgr. '41, Spectator Business Staff '41: Service Corps '41, '42, Gen, Mgr. '43, Hall Patrol Mgr. '42, l. V. Debating '42, Service T '42, Honor Medalist '42, '43, Dfxvin, H.AZEl. M., Hasty' Home Ec. DAviDs, IRYINGQ Acad -Euclidean '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '43, Honor Medal l5Sl Orchestra '41, '42, First Kms- Coizvo, KIARY J., Pxzdgy: Gen. Bus.-School Store '42, '43, Modern Dance '41, '42, Tap Dance '41, '42, G. A. A. '42, CoNs'mNT1N1, I-oL'1sE D., Loc, Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrol ' '42, '43. CRAQKER. .ANNA I.: Cr'firkrr'jark,' Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '43, Bobashela '43, Sports Nite Music Chairman '41, '42 '43' Modern Dance '42, '43, Arts For Foutli '42, '43 :'Girl Reserves '42, '43, Spanish '41, '42, Vice- Pres. '43, Social Dance '41, '42, lnter-Club Council '42, '43. Second Row- CRATT. CLAIRE L.: Sic -G. A. A. '42, '43, Americana '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Service Corps '43, First- Airl Squad '43. Ciusror-Ano, INEZ M., Chris: Com. Teachers' Prep. Course-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, '42, Radio Apprecia- tion '42, School Store '42, '43, Caosiiv, E. EARL, Dru'c1'.' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '42, J. V. Football '42, Third Row- CSANYI, HELEN E., Sec.-Commerce '42, '43, Modern Dance '43, Boliasliela '43. f CUBRERLEY. JOAN L., Sec.-H. R. Pres. '42, Personality '42, Sec'y '43. CUCINOTTA, JOSEPH J.: C'1zuIz,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice- Pres. '41, '42, '43, Airplane Spotters '43, Inter-Club Council '43, Barbell '-13. Fust Row- DAvI1:s, IOSPEH, Acad.-Euclidean '41, Nat'l Honor '41, '42, '43, Orchestra '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '43, Honor Medal '42. DArIs. AIANUELQ ,lltlllll-l',' Acad.-Cinematography '41, '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42, '43, Bobasliela '43, jr. Yars. Tennis '41. DAYTON. L. CATIIERINE, Acad.-Riding '41, Phi Zeta '4l. '43, Jr. Red Cross "42, '43, -lr. Historical '43, l-'eiles Iettres '43, Hall Patrol '41, '43, Service Corps '43. S'l't'07Id Rott'- TJEANLEELIS. BERNARD R., Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. '43, Social Dance '41, '42, '43. DE GEORGE, JOSEPH F.: Jnr Doc, Ind. Art-Band '41, '42, Swing Band '41. '42. '43, Orchestra '42, '43. DEITZ. ELEANORQ DCff.CfC,' Sec.-Plii Zeta '41, '42, Mod- ern Dance '41, '42, Ballet '41, '42, Americana '42, '43. .I-,I1'7'!1' Row- DEAIPSEY. SEINIA T.: .S'K'lIlI,' Acad.-Girls' Science '41, '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Girl Reserves '41, '42. Vice-Pres. '43, Leaders Corps '43, Bobashela '43, Skating '42. DEPAsTINA, FLORENCE J., Ffa, Sec -Social Dance '42, Sec'y '43, Red Team Period Capt. '43. DEPASTINA, OLIVIA, Lic'z1:'c,' Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, '42, '43, Sec'y jr. Class '42, Sec'y Sr. Class '43, Cheerleader '41, '42. Pres. '43, Pres. Council '41, '42, '43, InterClub '42, '43, Italian '41, Pres. '42, Girls' Science '43, Red Team Capt. '43, Red Team Cheer- leader '42, Leaders' Corps '42, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Lient,f,Col..-Leaflers"Corps""43, Hoiior Medal '42. vi Ifnzzrtlz Row- DEQUINZIO. CARMT-fI.l.A I., Ca1'm,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Se:'y '42. ITERRICO, PHILOMENA M., Faye, Gen, Bus.-Girl Re- serves '42, '43. DE SOsA. ELAINE M.: Kid., Acad.-Skating '42, Mod'- ern Dance '43, Ballet '43. lfifllz Rota'- DE X7AUL, MAITIQICE L., In:l. Arts. DEWS, RAYMOND P., lrny: Fine Arts-Barbell '43, Cross-Country '42, '43, Track '42, '43. DICK, PAULINE C., Dirk: Home Ec.-Floor Sgt. '41, - Locker Sgt '43, Red Team Period Capt. '43, lead- ers' Corps '41, '42. '43, G. A. A. Ccuncil '43, G. A. A. '41 '42. '43, Costunie '43, Skating '41, '42, Bowling '43, Lost '43. .5'1.rfIz Rm- DIETRICH, Josmin A., Red, Ind. Arts B. DIFILIPPO. TJAXIELQ 1207111-1',' Gen. Bus.-H R. Sec'y '42, Airplane Spotters '43, Hall Patrol '42. DI l.IsA .ANTHONY Lyle., f1lll'I'1',' Cen. Ens.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, Social Dance '42, '43. l5'4! Fourtlz Razz'- DOOLING, CLAIRE M.: Spoof, Gen. Bus- H. R. Vice- Pres. '41, Pres. '42, '43, Red Team Period' Capt. '43, Pres. Council Sec'y '43, Costume '42, Pres. '43, Skat- ing '42, '43, G. A. A. '43. 4 DoRsEY, SAMUEL M., Mitrlzellg Ind. Arts-I. V. Foot- ball '41, '42, Service Corps '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, Naval Certificate, Ensign Rating fbuilt four Navy planesj '42. DoUGLAs, JOHN A., Doug, Acct.-Philatelic '41, '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Quill and Scroll '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Commerce '42, Pres. '43, Nat'l Honor '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Honor Medalist '42, '43, Inter'-Club Council '42, School Store Bookkeeper '42, Auditor '43, Page Edi- tor Spectator '43, Spectator Ir. Asst. '42, Senior Prom Decor. Comm. '43. Rocc- Fifth DOXN'DELT,. RALPH VV., Acad.-Boys' Science '41, '42, '43, Projection Crew Service Awd. '42. '43. DOXX'LING. HARRY' VV., Bill ,' Acad.-Swimming Team '41, Swimming Letter '43. DR1Y'ER, EARL R., Errol Dit'e1',' Eine Arts. Sixtlz Rau'- DROBNEK. MICHAEL A., Miko: Acad-Football '4'2. Vice-Pres. Boys' Sci-ence '43, Capt. Bovs' Science Bowling Team '41, '42, T. H. S. Bowling Comm. '43, Euclidean '4l. DL'GAN, RAYWBNA M., Ray: Acad.4Pan-American '41, '42, '43, Clicnian '42, '43, Ir. Historical '42, '43Z G A. A. '43. DURA, josen M.: for, Ind. Arts A. I60l First froze- DILL, RICHARD J., Dirk, Acad. DI LOUIE, JULE J., .Tav'g,' Gen. Bus.-Bobashela '43, J. V. Tennis '41, '42, '43, Vars. Tennis '41, '42, '43, Cheerleaders '41. '42, '43, Band '42, Clionan '43, Black Band '42, Red Band '43, Pres. Council '41, '-12. DILTS, KETURAH S., Krzy, Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, '42, '43, Ballet '41, '42, '43, Head Black Rhytlnnics '43 5'ecomi Rau'- 1DIlWARCO, ANN M., Slzorfyg Gen. Bus.-Skaters '41, '42, Hall Patrol '42, '43. DIMARTINO, JOSEPHINEQ Jo, Sec.-Phi Zeta '41, DI XTIA, CATHERINE M., Catlzie, Selling-Advertising Mgr. School Store '43, Perfect Attendance Awd, '42. Third Row- DOBAY, IRENR M., Sec. Domus, GERALDINE S., Jerry, Acad.-Service Corps '41, '42, Mgr. '43, Hall Patrol '41. '42, G. A. A. Council '43, Leaders' Corps '43, Chairman Operetta Prop. Comm. '42, Girls' Riding '41, Service T '4', Head Black Victory Exercises '43, Jr. Red Cross '41, '42, Vice-Pres. '43, jr. Historical '42, '43, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Pan-American '43, Belles Lettres '41, '42, Sec'y '43. DoMBRowsK1, ADELE E., Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '43, Phi Zeta '41, '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Honor Medal '42, ' 1 First Row- DURCHUCK, LILLMN RI., Blczrzdzr, Gen. Bus.--Leaders' Corps '41, '42, Skaters '42, 43. DVVORAK, EDWARD H., Dwcxrfg Acad.-Track '42, '43, DYER, KENNETH, Acad.-Boys' Science '41, '42, '43. Second R0zc'+ DZURISIN, ATICHAEL D., Jlilec, Acct.-Gen. Bus.-Stoclv rcom '42, '43, Service T '42, '43. EBERLY, VVILLIAM G., Bill, Hall Patrol '41, Forum '42, '43. ECKENRODE, LORETTA M., Gen. Bus.-Skaters '41, '42, '43, G. A. A. '4l. Third Row- EDYYARDS, LEONARD, Incl. Arts A-Service Corps '41, '42, Mgr. '43. ' EDVVARDS, PHYLLIS, Phylg Acad.-Euclidean '41, Music Appreciation '41, Radio Appreciation '42, Inter-Club Council '42, Laureate '42, Pres. Town Hall '43, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Quill and Scroll '43, Pres. '43, French '43. EHAS, JOHN T., Jughcad, Fine Arts-Stage Craft '42, '43, J. V. Soccer '41, '42, Vars. Soccer '43, Ameri- cana '43. Fourth Rota'- EISELE, VVALTER R., I1f'aIt,' Acad.-Hi-Y '42, '43. ELDRIDGE, ROBERT A., Bob, Acad.-Ir. Historical '43, Clionian '43, Sopli. Football '4l. ERIcK, DORIS E., Sec. Ififtlz Row- ERRTCKSON, BETTN' L., Bri: Selling-Floor Sgt. '41, Skaters '41, '42, School Store '42, '43. TEVANKO, .ANN B., .-lbs, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y '4l. EVANS, PAUL R., Tz11'::iz1,' Incl. Arts A-XVooclcraft '42. .5'1'.1'I1i Row- FABER. ROBERT, Bob, Acacl,-Americana '42, '43, Belles Lettres '42, '43, Service Corps '42. FAGELMAN, HARRIET li., f7'G1',' Acacl.-Modern Dance ' '42, '43, G. A. A. '42, '43, Americana '42, '43, First- Aid Squad '43, Phi Zeta '42, '43, Astronomy '43. FALK. JANICI-I H.: ffm, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, Clionian '41, '42, '43, Reel Team Publicity Chairman '42, Sullivanian '4l. 1611 1'4UIH'Hl- Razz'- FERRARI, FERNANDO: Acad.-EarBell '43. FIERAQAND, Vi-LRNA D.: Buzz: Gen. Bus,-Bowling '4l. FILIPEK. EVELYN C.: Ev: Sec. Fifth Roca'- FINNEY, LELA: Acad.-Giee '42, FIORE. EL1zA3ETi-1 C.: Bcity: Sec. FICRE, ROSALIE R.: Acad.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, '42, '-13: Natnralists '42. '43: Spectator '42: Bobashela '43. Sixflz Roca'- FIRTH. JOSEPHYNE M.: fn: Gen. Bus.-H. R, Pres. '41 Social Dance '43: Yars. Swimming' '43. FISCHER, ELIZABETH A.: Red: Acad.-Riding '41 G. A. A. '41' Skaters '41' O eretta '42' Carden '-421 v Y U i 1 '43: Girls' Astronomy Vice-Pres. '43: Lauerate '42 Bohashela '4-3: Bowling' '42: Inter-Club Council '43 FISCHER. FERT: E: Acad.-H. R. Pres. '4l. '42: Class Executive Comm. '4l. '42g Track Team '4l. '42. '43 Forum '41, '42, '43: Ptolemeati '43: Natl Honor '42. '42 I63l First Rau- F.xLzoNE. XFINCENT D.: Vfrzeeg Selling-H. R. Vice- Prcs. '4l: Social Dance '42. '43: Swing Band '43: Band '41: Field Marshall '42, '43: Leader Black Band '43: Orchestra '41, '42, '43. FARRAR. LUCY: Gen. Bus. FARRELL. ROBERT F.: Bob: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. '41: Sopl1."Football '4l: J. Y. Football '42: Clionian '41, '42, '43: Tcwn Hall '42. '43. Second Rota'- FEBO. JOSEPH T.: fIH1l'0l',' Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41: Forum '43: Soph. Football '41g J. Y. Football '42: Vars. Football '-13: Athletic Stockroom '41, '42: Scr- vice Corps '42, '43g Bobashela '-13: Vl'restlfng '4l. FEILER. CLARENCE L.: Porky, Acad.-Stagecraft '41, '42, '-13: Service Corps '4l. FELL. ANNE Y.: Szrzokcyg Acazlf-Skaters '4l. '42, Third Ron'- FELL, DONALD A.: Foo: Gen. Bus. FENNELLI, BETTY I.: Bet: Sec.-H. R. Pres. '42: Cine- matography, Member Circulation Staff '42, '43, Corresp. Sec'y '43: Service T '42: Attendance Awd. '42: Radio Appreciation '43: Bowling '42: Skaters '4l: Bobashela '43. FEIQKO. ETHEL H.: E.vs,.' Gen. Bus. lfiwf Row- FISHER. E. XY1i,1,I.xM: Fislzg Acad. FTTZCHARLES, JAMES: !z'11z,' Acad.-Forum '43: Ir. His- torical '43: Orchestra '42: Belles Lettres '42: Sen- ior Play '43, FITZPATRTCK, ANNA: Fits: Acad.-Serviee Corps '43: Hall Patrol '43: Pythagorean '43: Chess and Checker '43 Second Row- FLOYD. DAISY A.: Sis: Home Ec.-G, A. A. '41, FLYNN, JOSEPH R.: .7005 Acad.-Yars, Swimming Team '42, '43: French '43: Swing' Band Vocalist '43: 2nd Place in Nat'l Diving Championship '42, Foi,Ey, RICHARD B.: Dick: Acad-H. R. Treas. '42: Table Tennis '41: Band '41, '42, '43g Orchestra '41, '42, '-13: Swing Band '41, '42, '-13: 'N. I. All-State Band '42: Band Librarian Staff '41, Tlzircl !w'ft4'- FOSTER. GRACE M.: Ijaryg Acad.-Personality '41, '42, '43: Jr, Red Cross '41, '42, '43: Choir '41: Quill and Scroll '43: Cheerleaders '42: Skaters '41: Laure- ate '42, Fox, ELIZABETH B.: Gen. Bus,-H. R. Sec'y '41, '42: Art '41, Fox, LEO R.: F0.rie,- Ind. Arts A-H. R. Sec'y '-13: glider Pres, '41, Vice-Pres. '43g XVooilcraft '41, '42, ' 3. 170111111 Row- - FRANKENFIELD. AMELIA M.: Jlfzlg Gen. Bus.-H, R. Sec'y-Treas, '41g Photography '41, '42, '43: G. A. A, '42: Skaters '42: 2nd Prize in Photography Contest '42: G. A. A. 100-Point Awd. '42, FRASCELLA. VINCENT P.: Vinnie: Gen. Bus.-Basketball '41. '42, '43, FUCCELLO, FRANK J.: F005 Acct.-Commerce '4S: Sen-- ior Play '43, lfifflz Rota'- f'.x2o'. I.: f1ccm',-AEuclidea.n '4l: jr. Red Cross . '42, '43: Inter-Club Council '41, '42: Hall Patrol '41, '42: Service Corps '42, '43: Quill and Scroll '42, '43: Na,t'l Honor '42, '43: Tennis Team '41, '42: jr. Asst. Spectator '42g Girls' Sports Editor Specta- tor '43, FULPER, VTOYCE L.: Acad.-Pet '41, '42, '43Z Tr. Red Cross '42, '-13: Belles Lettres '-13: Jr. Historical '43: Hall Patrol '42, FUNART, ROBERT: Bobg Acarl.-Town Hall '42: Boba- sliela '42: Laureate '41: J. Y, Tennis Team '4l3 Library '4lg Honor Medal '42: Special Service Corps '41, FEED, '41 .S'z'.1'tI1 R0z.+ FUNAR1, SANTTNO R.: Sandy: Gen. Bus.-Bar Bell '43, GiXBEI,, ANNE: Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres, '42: Executive Ccnitni. '43: Leaders' Corps '42, '43: Jr. Historical '42, Sec'y '43: Clioninn '42, Vice-Pres. '43: Ir. Red Cross '42, Pres. '43: Black Team Period Capt, '43: Pan-American Vice-Pres, '42, '43: Tennis Team '41, '42, GACKT, FRANK M.: Incl, Arts A. l, 63 1 .1 Fourth Reich- f Gfxsven, Xvl-ZRONIVA M., Rcmzivg Acad. GAVIQETTE. CHA1u.Fs L.: Charlie, Acad.-H. R. Vice- Pres. '42, Pres. '41, Social Dance '41, '42, '43. GELAK, IRENE D., Dinzplcsg Sec. Fifth Row- Treas. '42, Glzxncsr. ,losePH R., Ind. Arts-Print '41, '43, Band '41, '42, '43, Attendance Axvfl. '42. GENo2'ARIo, BEXEDICT: Crue: Acadf-H. R. Trcas. '43' Photography '41, '42, '43, 1 Geasrxrciuau. ATARIUY C.: HFlI7'A'.' Acad.--Soecal Ser- vice Corps '42: Hall Patrol '42, French '43, Roba- shela '43, Spectator I '42, First Aid Squad '43, At- tendance Awd. '42. Sixth Ron'- GERYASI, ,lexx ll., Cofv,l1ic,' Acct.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41: Ccmmerce Vice'Pres. '43, Quill and Scroll '43, Flack Team Cheerleader '42, Nafl Honra' '43. Germ, l.oN:vnt C.: frm: Acad.-Band '41, '42, Service Corps '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42. GIACOBBY. ROBERT L., Hob, Gen. Bus.-Social Dance '42 '43 -, . l64l First Rott- GAGE. GERALDINE M., Acad.--Phi Zeta '41, '42, '43, El Siglo Futuro '41, '42, '43, GAGE, ROBERTAQ lin, Home Ee.-Town Hall '42, '433 Girls' Astronomy '43. G.-.I.LI, GINO G., Gcmw Com.-H. R. Pres. '41, '42, Sr. Executive Comm. '43, J. V. Tennis '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, jr. Dance Comm. '42, Activity Hook Comm. '42, '43, Town Ha.l '42, '43, XVar Stamp Drive Comm. '43, Pres. Council '41, '42. a Second Row- ' - ' -V GAPINSKI, SOPHH-: J., Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-Pres.. '42, '43, Girl Reserves '43, GARHARCZYK, PAULINE E., Porky, Gen. Bus.-Pcrs:n- ality '42, '43. GARDNER, ROBERT D., Boblzglg Acad.-Philology '41, '42, '43, Tliialieuterpean '42, Q:iec'y-Treas. '43, Town Hall '43, Siillivanian '41, Service Corps '42, Mgr. '43, 'Service T '42, Hall Patrol '41, Mgr. '42, Bus. Mgr. Philology Tattler '41, '42, Editor-in-Chi-ef Press Class '43, Gym' Class Sgt. '43, First Aid Squad '43, Quill and Scroll '43, Nat'l Honor '43, Nkfinning Team of Inter-Club Debate '43, Service T 113. Tlzird ICCZC- '- GARNICH, SIMONEQ Sim, Sec. Gfxrazio, MAUR1r'1z J., Raizbitfg Cen. Bus GASPARRE, CCIHNNIZ J., Acad. , First Rott'- GIAMMARIO, AlATTHEW L., 7'oum11y,' Fine Arts-Record Librarian '42, '43, Pres. Orchestra '41, '42, '43, Con- cert Master Orchestra '43, Band '41, '42, '43, All- State Orchestra '41, '42, '43, Asst. Director Black . Band '43, First Place All-State String Quartet Con- test '42. Gnass, JONATHAN C., Jolzuuyg Incl. Arts A-Band '41 '42, '43. GIORDANO, LUCILLE A., Acad.-Philology '41, Girls' Science '41 '47' '4 Girl Rescrxes '41, '42, '43, Spec- ,.-' Y,,. tator '42, 7 " ' Scrond Row- GLATZ, RICHARD L., Dirk: Acad.-H. R. Pres. '43 Photography '42, '43, Qecontamination Squad. '42, '43 1-r . ft- , GLENN. ELINQR F., Acad.-H. R. Vice-Sitges. '41, '42, Laureate '42, GLENN, OGDEN E., Oggic, Acad. T11 ird Row- ' GLOVER, 'osEPII H., Hanley Fine Arts-H. R. Vice- Pres . 2 Track '-115' Shop Safety Council '41, '42 GcITEIN. THEoIzoRE E.: Tai, Incl. Arts-H. R. Pres '41, '42, Rifle '42, Tennis Team '42, Spectator '43. GOLDEN, HELEN L., Sec.-Town Hall '42, '43, Cinema- tography '43, Hall Patrol '42, '43, Bobashcla '43, Americana '43. 1 1 Fmzrflz Rott'- GfEIl.11FN, OLIX'l.A J., Olivia, Ollie, Acad.-Skaters '41, '42, Hall Patrol '42, GOLDBLAN, RENA L., Reg Sec.-Phi Zeta '41, '42, '43, Girls' Leaders' Corps '42, Inter-Club Council '42, GOLDSTEIN, KTORTONQ Acad.-Photography '42, '43, Ser- vice Corps '41, '42, Asst. Mgr. '43, Town Hall '42, '43, Radio Appreciation '41, '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42. Fifth Korne- GOODAIAN, HAARRYQ Acad.-Photography '41, '42, Cli- onian '42, '43, Hall Patrol '42, Senior Play '43. GooImAN, RITA A., Home Ec.-Hall Patrol '41, '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Phi Zeta '42, '43, Fashion Show XVinner '42, Inter-Club Council '42, '43, G. A. A. '41, '42, Nurses' Helper '42. GORDON. BENJAMIN, Prof., Acad.-Band '41, '42, Phil- ology '41, Radio Appreciation '42, Belles Lettres '43, Decontamination Squad '41, '42. Sirllz Rott'- GRAYA, HENRY, Hunk, Ind. Arts-H. R. Vice-Pres. '43, Soccer '41, '42, '43, Airplane Spotters '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, Stagecraft '43. GRAZIANO, ELIZABETH F., Betty Honjvg Gen. Bus.- H. R. Sec'y '41, Skaters '41. GREEN, PHYLLISQ Acad.-Quill and Scroll '42, Sec'y '43, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Jr. Red Cross '41, '42, '43, Town Hall '43, Spectator Jr. Asst. '42, Literary Editor Spectator '43, Honor Medal '42, '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Pythagorean '41, '42, Girls' Science '42, '43. T651 ...-..,,,,s , . 170117711 Rott'- Guoutjccr, JOSli1'11IN1i, Jo, Sec. HABrXS, E. Rom-iR'r.x, Be1'z',' Com.-H. R. Sec'y '42, Cos- tume '42, '43, Inter-Club Council '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, School Store '42, Tennis Team '42, '43, HALE, ELIZABETH E., Betty, Sec.-Cinematography '41, '42, Treas. '43, Film Fare Mgr. '43, Radio Apprecia- tion '43, Bowling '41, Skaters '41, Honor Citation '42, Service T '42. 1 Fifth Row- HALPIN, JUNE R., junio, Gen. Bus.-Skaters '41, '42. HADIBI, IXIARY JANE C., Acad.-H. R. Pres. '42, G. A. A. '42, '43, Ballet '42, '43, Tap '41, '43, Modern Dance '42, '43, Operetta '41, '42, Hall Patrol '42, Spectator Staff '42 HAMMOXI1, XYii,1,IAxi C., A'c'vdIc,' Ind. Arts B-Football '42. S i.rt11. Raza'- - HANAUER, F. XYILLIAMQ Bill, Acad.-Boys' Science '41, '42, '43, Town Hall '42, '43, HANCOCK, EZEAR Lai-2, Skcerez-5 Fine Arts. HANCOCK, FRALIAZ Acad.-Belles Lettres '40, '41, '42. Vice-Pres. '43, Jr. Red Cross '40, '41, '42, '43, Town Hall '41, '42, '43, Nat'l Honor '41, '42, '43, Modern Dance '40, '41, '42, Pres. '43, Service Corps '42, '432 Hall Patrol '40, '41, '42, '43, Girls' Glee '42, Senior Play '42, Operetta '41, '42. '43, Chairman Black Pdop. '41, Chairman Prelude '43, Honor Medalist 7 541 1661 First Rom- GRPIEN. RICHARD A., Dirk, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '43, Exec. Comm. '41, Spect. Editor-in-Chief '43, Pres. Coun. Pres. '43, Vars. Debate '42, '43, Co-Direct. Radio Show '43, All-State Chorus '43, Operetta '41, '42, Sr. Play '43, Nat'l Honor! '42, Pres. '43, Quill and Scroll '42, Pres. '43, Nat'l Forensic '41, '42, '43, Serv. Corps '42, Rh-etoricians '41, Sec'y-Treas. '42, Vice- Pres. '43, Forum '41, '42, '43, Jr. Historical' '42, '43, Honor Medal '42, '43, lst place, Amer. Legion City Oratorical Contest '41, All-State Debating Team '43. GIIEENBERYQ. GORDON, I1'l1nnfs1'v,' Acad.-Philology '41, '42, '43, J. V. Tennis '41, '42, '43, GRIFONI-I, AIARY T., rllarvg Gen. Bus.-Skateers '41, '42, '43: G. A. A. '41, '42, '43: Photography '41, '42, '43, Tap '42, G. A. A. Awd. '42. Svvmzd Row- GROH, 1W.AY D., .lIai.vi0,' Acad.-'Service Corps '42, '43, Bobashela '43, Inter-Club Council '42, '43, G. A. A. '42, '43, Skateres '41, '42, Bowling' '41, '42, Natural- ists '41, '42, '43, Euclidean '41, GROOMES. CHESTER L., Clzrf, Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, Soph. Football '41, Vars. Football '43, Flora and Fauna '42, '43, Track '41, Basketball Asst. Mgr. '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Service Corps '43, j. V. Football '42. GRoss, ALLAN' L., Slzamrorleg Acad.-Football '41, '42, Track '41, VVrestling '41. Third Rott'- GROSSE, ARTHUR J.: Baer, Gen, Bus,-H. R. Pres. '43. GROVES. DORIS A., Dorff, Sec.-Personality '41, '42, '43, GUENTHER, GUY VV.: Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, Band '41, '42, '43, Swing Band '42, '43, Asst. Mgr. Band '43, Red Team Band '43, Program Comm. for Band Show '43, First R010- HARNEY, EDXVARD J., Acad.-Pythagorean '42, '43, Inter- Club Council '43, Flora and Fauna '42, Pres. '43, Capablanca '41, Town Hall '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41. '42, '43, Service T '42, Honor Medalist '42, Nat'l Honor '43. HARRIS, VVILLIAM L., Bill, Ind. Arts A-H. R. Pres. '41, Treas. '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Pet '41, '42, HARTMANN, LILLIAN E., Honey, Teachers' College Prep.-H, R. Pres. '41, Perfect Attendance Awd. '41, '42. Second Razer- HIARTNETT. JOYCE G.: Joy, Acad.-Skaters '41, '42 Softball Team '41, HARTPENCE. STANLEY S., Harfm, lnd. Arts-Model Air- plane '41. HARTPENCE, VVALTER E., LValf,' Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '42, Sec'y-Treas. '43, Senior Executive Comm. '43, Cheer- leaders '41, '42, '43, Print '43, Skatcrs Sec'y '41. v Tlzird Row- HARVEY, AMY, Gen. Bus.-Tap '41. HATRAK, FREDERICK A.: F1'l'fldj',' Music-H. R. Pres. '42, '43, HAY'ESON, BERTRAINIQ Bert, Acad.-Chess and Checker '41, '42, Pres. '43, Photography '41, '42, '43, Tennis '41, '42, Service Corps '42, '43, Special Service Corps '41, '42, Decontamination Squad '41, '42. F 0m'tl1 -Row? ' p HAYI.INCi, VVILLIAM H., Doc, Hank, Acad.-Soph Football '41, J. V. Football '42, J. V. Tennis '42 Orchestra '41, '42, '43, Table Tennis '41, HELLAR, KENNETH: Acad. HELSEL, ROBERT C., Bob, Gen. Bus.--School Store '42 '43, Town Hall '43, Baseball '42. Fifth Row- HELTON, ANNA VV., Amz, Gen. Bus. HELISLEY, PATRICIA M., Pat, Acad.-Beleles Lettres '41, '42, '43, Ir. Historical '41, '42, '43, Leaders' Corps '41, '42, '43, Pan-American '41. '42, Treas. '43, Ten- nis '42, Sec'y '43, Hall Patrol '41. HENDERSON, PHYLLIS E., Phyl, Acad.-Euclidean '41, Town Hall '41, '42, '43, Personality '41, '42, '43, Jr. Red Cross '42, '43, Glee '41, '42, Assoc. Laureate Ed. '42, Skaters '41, G. A. A. '41, Nat'l Honor '43. Sixth Raith- I , HERBACSEIC, RosE H., Dolly, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '41. HERAIANN, CAROL, Acad.--H. R. Treas. '41, Quill and Scroll '42, '43, Page Ed. Spectator '43, Pythagorean '42, '43, Inter-Club Council '43, Special Service Corps '41, '42, HERMANN, FREDERICKQ Fritz, Acad.-Social Dance '41, '42, Skaters '42, Belles Lettres '42, '43, Special Ser- vice Corps '41, Asst. Capt. '42, Capt. '43, -Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Quill and Scroll '43, Town Hall '43, Band '41, '42, '43, Orchestra '43, Hall Patrol '42, Honor Medal '42, Service T '42, Spectator Page Ed. '43. 1671 r 7 Fourth Rott- HIRSCH, SUZANNE E., Suzy Acad.-Cllionian '41, '42, '43, jr. Historical '43, G. .-X. A. '41, '42, '43, Sec'y Leaders' Corps '41, '42, '43, Pan-American '42, '43, Spectator Bus. Staff '41, '42, Black Team Period Capt. '42, Head Marching '43, Co-Mgr. Tennis Team '4Z. HBIELAR. NTARGARET V., ,llaryeg Gen. Bus.-Girl Re- serves '43. HOAGLAND, BETTIE B., Bess, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y- Treas. '42, '43. Fifth Row- HOFFBIAN, IRENE T., Gen. Bus.-H. R.. Sec'y '41, Vice- Pres. '42, Costume '41, '42, '43, Bowling '42, '43, Skaters '41, '43. HoLcoxIBE, CARL NY., llm Holkg Acad.-Clerk Book- room '41, '42, Mgr. '43. HOLC'0B1BE, PHILIP D., Phil, H. R. Pres. '41, Skaters '4l. Sixth Row- HOLLINS, EDWIN L.: Ed: Gen. Bus. HOLRIES, XIARYIN A., Ind, Arts-Track '43, Hall Pa- trol '41: Service Corps '4l. HOLBIES, ROBERT T., Homer, Acad.-Naturalist '42, Sec'y '43, Top Sgt. Gym Class '43, Hall Patrol '42, 1681 First Rozcw HERZOIQ, H. RICHARD, Dirk, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '41, Hall Patrol '41. HIGGIxsoN, KTARION J., Hig, Acad.-Skaters '41, '42. HII,L, MARINE V., Jlarhcy' Sec.-Philology '42, '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Hall Patrol '43. Scfond Row- H1LI,E.G,ASS, CHARLES E.: Clzarlicg Acad.-H. R. Pres, '43, Forum '41, '42, '43, Service Corps '41, Pres. Council '43. HILLER, THERESA E., Ylv-ry,' Sec.-Club '42. HILLMAN, CoNsTANcE A.: Cmm1'f',- Acad.-Skaters '41, '42, '43, Girls' Glee '41, '42, '43, Operetta '41, '42, Special Service Corps '42, '43. Third Row-' HILLPUF, DORIS E., Ducky, Gen. Gus.-Skaters '41, -'42. HILTON, FLORENCE M., Fl0.vsy,' Acad.-Girls' Vars. Swimming '41, '42, Capt. '43: Bobashela Staff '43, Skaters '41, Two Major T's '43, One Minor T '43, Red Team Period Lieut. '43, Three A. A. U. Medals '43, Nat'l Interscholastic Swimming Meets '43. TTINDLEY, JOYCE M., Com. Teachers' Prep.-Skaters '41 , Perfect Attendance Awd. '41, '42, Bowling '47' French '42, Radio Appreciation '43, Amanuensis 'Is' First Kota?- HOLMI-zs, RUBY V.: 5'1I07'l'j',' Fine Arts. HOLTZBEIICL, CAROLINE B.: Rosie .lIm'pl1y,' Acad.-Phil- ology '41, '42: Town Hal '2, '43: Operetta '41: Glee '41, '42g Operetta Publicity Comm. '41, HONEYCfU'l'T, LUCILLE E.: Long Acad.-H, R. Vice-Pres. '41, '42: Euclidean '41: Sec'y Town Hall '41, '42, '43, French '41, '42, '43: Jr. Red Cross '41, '42, '43: Nat'l Honor '42, '43: Chairman Gym Attendance Grls '43: Quill and Scroll '43: Press '43. Second Role'- HORA, ETHEI.: Sec. HORNER, CLAIRE: Sec.-H. R. Pres. '41: Amanueusis '42, Treas. '43. HORNER, JOHN L.: Jack: Acad.-Clionian '41, '42, Pres. '43: Inter-Club Council '42g jr, Historical '42, '43: Band '41, '42: Spectator '42, '43, Third Row- HORNER, RAYLIOND A.: Porky: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y '41, '42g Soph. Football '41: Vars. Football '41, '42, HORNIQ'K, STEPHEN: Petr: Acct.-H. R. Treas. '43: Spectator '42: Photography '43, HORXYAK, JOHN J.: Long John, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y 1 47 Pres '43 Class Executixe Comm '47' Base- '4,'-, ' .-, ball '42: Clionian '41, '42, '43: Honor Medal '42. 1 l Fourth Row- HORT, AL'DREY' B.: And, Sec. HART, VVALTER P.: Incl. Arts A. Q. 'r HOUGH, EDWARD M.: Big Red, Acad.-Hall Patrol '4 Swimming '41, '42, Capt. '43: Yars. Baseball '42, Forum '43: Ir. Historical '43: Service Corps '41, '42g Mgr. I43. Fifth Rota'- HOVER, RICHARD C.: Snzokvyg Acad.-Service Corps '42, '43: Hall Patrol '42, '43: Philatelic '41, '42g Photog- raphy '41, '42, Decontamination Squad '43, HOWARTH, CHARI.Es XY.: Clmrlcg Ind. Arts A-Airplane Ensign's Awd. '42: Airplane Spotters '43. Huonizs, I. DAVID: I2f1'Z'C,' Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '4l. Pres. '42: Pres. Council '42: C.ionian '42, '-43: Hall Patrol '41, Sixth RON- HUNIPIIREY. Russian.: Gen. Bus.-1X'restling '4lg Gar- den '42: Radio Appreciation '43, HUNT, ELIZABKTII A,: Bcity: Sec.-H. R. Sec'y '42, '43: Jr. Executive Comm. '42: Clionian '41, Black Team Cheerleader '43. HcTCHINsoN, SARAH ANN: .Yang Gen. Bus.-Pet '4 Pan-American '42, 69 rl 2. 1 on I Fourflz Row- JAMMA1., ELEANOR A., El, Sec.-Amanuensis '42, '43, G. A. A. '41, '42, '43, Head Bookkeeper '43, Inter- Club Council '43, Quill and Scroll '43, Hockey Team '41, '42, Press '43. JANOYSKY, EI.s1E J., Gen. Bus.-Costume '-13. JANTOS, ADOLF J.: Acad.-Service Corps '41, '42, '43, Fifth Rou- JAwoRsK1, MILDRED M., Sec. J1E.u'oNs. BTARJORIE R., .llrzrgicg Gen. Bus.-Skaters '41, '42, Bowling '41. JENNINGS, HAZEL A., Hats, Sec.-Archeology '42, '43. Sixth Raina JEWITT. RUSSELL L.: Butrlzg Gen. Bus.-H. R. Ssc'y '42, Baseball '41, '-12. JOHNSON, NIARJORIE R., Jlarjig Acad. - Founder Archeology '41, Vice-Pres. '41 '42 Pr ' ' e , . es. 43, Intsr- Club Council '41, '42, Treas. '43, Art '41, '42, '43, Thalieuterpian '41, '42. '43, Town Hall '41, Laureate '41, '42, VVooclstock Summer Art Scholarship '42, Nat'l Honor '43. JOHNSON, VIVIAN L., Slzm'ly,- Home Ec. 1 70 1 First Row- IACONE, CLAIRE A.: Sec.-Pet '41, Girls' Swimming '41 Cheerleaders '41, '-12. IERO, IANTHONY D., Tony, Acad.-Cross-Country '41 Track '41, '42, '-13. IMBALZANO, JOSEPH P., for, Gen. Bus. Second Row- INGRABI, IONA, Dm, Sec.-Commerce '43. ISENMANN, JOSEPH D., Fne Arts-Art '42, '-13: Sopli Football '41, Soph. Track '41. Irzcownz, GERTREDE C.: Angel, Acad.-H. R .Secjy '41 Drama and Radio '41. '42, '43, Swmmmg '42, 43. Third R010- JABLONSKI, Tuoxms J., .1Iad-man, Acad. JACKSON, THEODORE, Thedfc, Ind. Arts. JAMIESON, GLENN, Flip, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-Pres '43 First Roue- JONES, JL'LIANA R.: J. J., Acad.-Social Dance '41, '42, ' Chairman Red Tap '42, '43. JORDAN, THELMA R., Sec.-Skaters '42, Cinematography '43, Radio- Apprecation Treas. '43, JOSEPHSON, ARTI-IUR C., Ol, Fine Arts-H. R. Pres. '41, Naturalists '4l. '42, Belles Lettres '43, Swim- ming '41, '42, '43, Laureate '42, '43, Bobashela '43, Make-Up '42. Scrrrzzri Row- TKACHDORIAN, GLORIA: Ix'aflzy,' Acad.-H. R. Treas. '43, Euclidean '41, Pythagorean '42, Sec'y '43, Laureate '42, Service Corps '42, '43, Hall Patrol '42, Mgr. '43, Jr. Red Cross '42, Sec'y '43, Natll Honor '43. KALISH, STANTONQ Acad.-Minor Letter Baseball '41, Major Letter Baseball '42, Major Letter Football '43, Service T '42, Lab. Asst. '42, Chess and Check- ers '41, '42, '43, Ptolemean '41, '42, '43, Boys' Science Treas. '41, '42, '43. KAPLAN, CARL, Acad.-Radio and Drama '41, '42, '43, Flora and Fauna '42, Operetta '41, '42, '43, Service Corps '41, '42. '43, Service T '42, Operetta Asst. Stage Mgr. '42. Thirzl Row- KASZYC, HELENQ BIoud1'e,' Gen. Bus. KEARNS, JANET: Sec.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, '42, Scr- vice T '41, '42, Filmt Fare Editor '43, Cinematog- raphy '41, '42, Pres. '43, Phi Zeta '41, Town Hall '41, '42, Nat'l Honor '43. KEl.LEY, EDYVIN E.: Ed, Gen. Bus.-Pet '41, '42, Radio Appreciation '43, .S'i.1'tI1, Row- KERILER, HELEN E.: Bids, Sec. KERWICK. RTARGARET H.: Peg, Gen. Bus.-Personality '41, Treas. '42, '43, Cheerleaders '42, Black Team Cheerleader '42, '43. IQINNEY, LORRAINE R.: Rainy, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '41, Pres. '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Spectator Bus. Staff '42, '43, Orchestra. '41. '42, Americana Sec'y '43, Pres. Council '42, Hall Patrol '42, G. A. A, '42, Quill and Scroll '43, Inter-Club Council '43. . Fifth Row- P471 KISH, lf.-XRL J., Prof, Gen. Bus.-Special Service Corps '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42, '43, Stagecraft '42, '43, Photography '42, '43, First Aid Squad '43. INTLATZKIN. 1.EATRIcE, Loc, Sec.-Glee '41. lqLENK, EDWARD H., Ind. Arts A-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, '42. Pres. '43, Pres. Council '43, Rifle '41, '42, '-13. zrflz Rott'- KI.INKowsTEIx, TRYING C., Bud, Acad.-Decontamina- tion Squad '42, '43, Hall Patrol '31, '42. KLOTZ, LEON, Sec. IQINIIEC, CASIMIR G., Lofty, Gen. Bus. 1711 i Fourth Row- KRAMARZ, FRED!-:RICK A.: I3zm!ee1',' Gen. Bus. KRAMER, GERSONQ Acad. KRTABIER, JOAN A.g Bubg Gen. Bus. Fifth Row- . KRiXX'ET, LAXVRENCE S.g L'fvfvcrlijv,' Acad.-Photograplay '41, '42, Treas. '43, Service T '42g Bobasliela '43 Inter-Club Council Vice-Pres. '-13. KRAX'ITZ, HEI.EN1 Acad.-Orchestra '41, '42, '43: Girls Sicnce '41, '42, '43. KREISER, CHARLES J., Clnzrkq Aeronautical -Glec '-133 Barbel '43, Sixth Row- KRIEGNER, FLORENCE E., lflossic: Gen. Bus. KRUSE, JACK: Gen. Bus.-Stagecraft '42, KURPAS, ANNA A., Kurfvg Sec.-H. R. Pres. '41, '42, Cinematography '42, Rec. Sec'y '-133 Radio Apprecia- tion '43g Service T '-12. 1 72 1 First Row- KOCSTXIQDY, ELIZABETH, Balm: Acad.-Bobashela '43. KOENITZPIR, DAVID C.: Acad.-Town Hall '42, Vice-Pres '43, Decontamination Squad '43, Halll Patrol '42. KOHN. JACK A.: Acad.-Nat'l Honor '42, '43: Archeol- ogy '42, Spectator Staff '42, '-13: Lab. Asst. '43. Scfoud Row- KoKowsKI, JOSEPH Z.: Dulecq Acad.-Spectator '42g Lab. Asst. '-13. KOLPIXCK, GENEVTEVE B.: .lvamzivg Acad. KOPCZYNSKT, DOROTHY M.g D015 Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice- Pres. '41, Personality '42, '43Z Cheerleaders '42, '43, Black Team Cheerleader '42, '43, G. A. A. '43. Third Rota'- Kososusxu, IRENE F., Sec. KOTLA. XJICTOR : Acct. KRAEMER, XTINCENT P.: Lvffyg Acad.-H. R. Treas. '43: Tennis '41, '42, '43. I mst Rott'- KL'RT,XlN. DANIEL: Dan, Acad.-BarBell '42, '43. KURYLO, NV1LLIAM, Billy Acad. IQUSHENSKY, TNTILDREDC Acad.-French '41, '42, Town Music Chairman '42, '43, 42. Hall '42, '43, Black Team Hall Patrol '41, Glee '41, Second Rota'- KwoK.x, XVALTER, lltlolvelq Ind. Arts A. LAMBERT. EARL R., Gen. Bus.-Print '43, Soccer Team '42, '43, Vars. Letter '42, '43. LAMBERT, XA'1I.FRED N., Il'1'll,' Ind. Arts A. I I1 Ira' Row-- LAMGNICA, JEANETTE M., Gen. Bus- Orchestra '42. LANDOLFI, JEAN C.: Acad.-H, R. Pres. '41, Travel and Book '41, Girl Reserves '43, Social Dance '42, '43. LASTER, BERTHAQ Bv1't,' Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, Stagecraft '43, G. A. A. '43, Modern Dance '43. x E Fourth Kow- Fif LAVINTHAL. EILEEN R., Acad.-Girls' Science '42, Sec'y '43, Phi Zeta '42, '43, Jr. Red Cross '43, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Euclidean '41, Service Corps '43, Hall Pa- trol '41, '42, Special Service Corps '41, G. A. A. '41, Gym Attendance Girl '42, XVinning Member in Temple's Math Contest '42, Honor Medalist '42, '43. LAVVRENCE, CLAIRE M.: Lazzrieq Acad.-Quill and Scroll '41, '42, '43, Pet '41, Glee '41, '42, '43, Operetta '42, Special Service Corps '42, '43, Press Class '43, LEAHY, LEROY P., Lefty, Acad.-Naturalist '41, '42. '43, Service Corps '43, Philatelic '42, '43, Flora and Fauna '42, '43, First Aid Squad '43, Hall Patrol '42, '43, Service T '43, th Row- LEE, ESTELLE: lVeenic,- Acad.-Dramatic '41, '42 LEFEvER, DOROTHY E., Dot, Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '42, '43. LEOPOLD, JOSEPH B., Loop, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '42, Photography '41, Vice-Pres. '42, Pres. '43, Hall Pa- trcil '41, Bobashela Photographer '41, Service T '42Z Spectator Staff Photographer '43, Bobashef-1 Asst. Ed. '43, Decontamination Squad '42. Sixtlz Rott'- LI-LVENDOSKY, XVANDA M., Polak, Gen. Bus.-Skaters '41, '42. LEv1E, NATAALIE E.: Nafsf Com.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, Senior Play '43, G, A. A. Council '42, Pres. Philology '43, Town Hall '41, '42, '43, Jr. Red Cross '42, '43, Pan-American '43, Operetta '4l. Llevlx, ARTHVR, Bcau.v,' Acad. 1731 4 I Fourth Rott'- LISCHER, EMILY T., Sec.-Social Dance '42, '43. LORD, ROBERT H., Rip, Gen. Bus. LOSER, PAL'L D., Prtc, Acad.-Forum '42, '43, jr. His- torical '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Rhetoricians '42, '43, Boys' Science- '42, Wireless '41, '42, Nat'l Forensic '41, '42, '43, Debate Team '41, '42, Tennis '41, '42, Service Corps '41, '42, Hall Patrol Capt. '42, Americana '43. Fifth Row- LUCIDI, LDA G., Jerry, Com. Teachers' Prep.-Nat'l Honor '42, '43, jr. Red Cross '41, '42, '43, Commerce '42, Sec'y '43, Leaders' Corps '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Halll Patrol '42, '43, Bobashela '43, Inter- Club Council '43, Honor Medalist '42, '43, Sgt. Gym Class '43, Service T '43, G. A. A. '41, '42, '43, Town Hall '41, '42, '43. LUDWIG, DORIS M., Porky, Acad.-Girls' Science '42, Treas. '43, Spectator jr. Asst. '42, Lab. Asst. '43, Library '41. '42, Service T '42. '43, Bobashela '43, Inter-Club Council '42. LYMER, RUTH M., Acad.-Archeology '41, '42, '43, lil Siglo Futuro '41, '42, Sec'y '43. Sixflz. Row-- MACNEAL, XVALTER XY.: llf'ulf,' Ind. Arts A-Service Corps '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Mgr. '43, Safety Council '-41. BTADDEX. HELEN E., Hmzg Gen. Bus.-Cheerleader Corps '42, Personality '43. MAIORINO, RICHARD C., Dick, Ind. Arts A-W'restling '41, Baseball '41, '42, Inter-Club Council '42, Hall Patrol '41: Social Dance '43, Print '42, Spectator '42, Bobashela '43. l74'l 1 First Rott- LEVIN, LEONARD J.: B0l'llF0,' Acad.-Radio Appreciation '41, '42, Photography '43, Town Hall '43, Hall Pa- trol '43. ' Ll-ivy, GILBERT A.: Gil, Acad.-VVircless '41, '42, Ser- vice Corps '42. '43, Hall Patrol '42, Mgr. '43. LEWANDOWSKI, STANLEY K., Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '42, Band '41, '42, '43, Orchestra '41, '42, '43, Bobashela '43, Print '42, '43, Inter-Cllub Council '42, Harflell '43, Red Band '41, '42, Black Band '43. .fmronri Row- LIu1iT, CARL M., Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, Forum '41, '42, '43, Rhetoricians '41. '42, '43, Nat'1 Honor '42, '43, jr. Historical '42, '43, All-State Debater '-42: First Place Forum Oratorical Contest '42, Second Place City Oratorical Contest '42, Senior Play '43, Orchestra '41, '42. '43, Nat'l Forensic '41, '42. '43, First Place State Extemporaneous Contest '43. LINIEY, TATARGARET L., Peggy, Acad.-Service Corps '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, '43, Stagecraft '42, '43, Service T '42, '43. LIPINSKI, ZYGRIUNT J.: Jiggy, Acad.-Soph. Football '41, J. V. Football '42, Vars. Football '43, Art '42, '43. Third Row- LIPPINCOTT, CHARLOTTE F., Cuddlesg Sec.-Skaters '41, '42. LIPPINCOTT, ROBERT: Bob, Ind. Arts A-Shop Safety '41, Airplane Spotters Tech. Clerk '43. LIPsHUTZ, LEATRICE S., Lva-,' Com. Teachers' Prep.- H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, Cinematography '41, Treas. '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Town Hall '41, '42, '43, Travel and Book '42, Pan-American '43, Arts For Youth '43, Operetta '41, Hall Patrol '42, Service Corpg '43, Film Fare Circ. Dept. '43. First Row- ' llAISTO, DESDEBIONIAAQ Dcuiig Acad.-Archeology '41, '42, Girls' Science '42, '43, Girls' Reserves '42, '43. MAJoRos, REBECCA P., Becky, Gen. Bus.-Costume '43. BILALONE, :ANNE M., Gen. Bus.-Skaters '41, '42, '43, Second Rau'- MANGUS, .ANDREXVQ Ind. Arts A. MARAZZO, JOSEPHINE G., Cookie, Sec.-H. R. Sec'y '41, Skaters '42, AIARCHETTI, FRANK C., Ind. Arts B-Airplane Spotters '43. Third Rau'- BIARGITAN, AIICHAEL M., .lIilee,' Music-Accordion '4l. '42, Orchestra '43, Swing Band '43, BTARGOLIES, CHARLES R., Bob, Acad.-Sr. Spectator Staff '43, Photography '43. MARIANI, HUGO, Acad.-Forum '41, '42, '43, Ptolemean '42, Sec'y '43, Chess and Checker '42, '43, Service Corps '41, '42, Mgr. '43, Laureate '41, Art Ed. '42, Bobashela Illustrations '42, Editor-in-Chief '43, Ser- vice T '41, '42, '43, Nat'?l Honor '42, '43, Quill and Scroll '43. lfozzrllz Rott'-4 MARK, ROBERT B, 13011, .-Xcacl.-Pythagorean '41, '42, Treas. '43, Nat'l Honor '41, '42, '43, Ptolemean '41, Treas. '42, '43, Flora and Fauna Treas. '41, '42, '43, Mathematics Awd, lTemple Univ.J '43. BJARQUETTE, IAUDRIE M., .llarlsicg Acad.-French '41, '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Skaters '41, G. A. A. '41. ATARS, D.4X'IDZ Press, Acad.-Ptolomean '41, '42, Pho- tography '4l, Sec'y '42, Press Class Photography Fd. '42, Quill and Scroll '42. '43. l"z'ffl1 Rmt'- ' Al.-XRSHALI.. SHnzl.EY, Slziz-'I,' Acad,-Americana '42, '43, . Amanuensis '42, Sec'y '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41: G. A. A. '43, Modern Dance '43, First Aid Squad '43, Bohashela '43, Astronomy '43. MAR'rELI.oNI, .ANTHONY A., Slzarffyq Incl. Arts B. NIARTIN, LILLIAN, 1,il1',' Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '43, Girls' Science '4l. '42, '43, Chess and Checker '42, '43, Leaders' Corps '42. '43, Girl Reserves '43: Boba- shela '43: Spectator '-12. Sixth Row- ATARTIN, RICIIARD D., Rick, Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, '42, Sec'y-Treas. '43, Photography '41, '42, '43, Hi-Y '42, '43. MAIITIJCCI. Llicv A., C'01l.V.'!l.,' Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrol '42, '43, Italian '42, '43, Service T '40, '42. Mixssnno, PASQIKALE A,, Par, Acad.-H. R. Treas. '41, '42, '43, jr. Class Treas. '42, Sr. Class Pres. '43, Euclidean Sec'y '41, Forum '42, '43, Honor Soc. '42. Treas. '43, Tennis '42, Town Hall '43, Italian '42. 1751 1 Fonrtlz Row- TNICELROY, XYILLIAM J., Mac, Acad. McGooGAN, RTOLLY J., Muggs, Acad.-Art '41, '42, Pres. '43, Jr. Red Cross '41, '42, '43, Tennis '41, '42, '43, Head Black Team Decorations '43, Laureate Edi- torial Staff '42, G. A. A. '41, Bobashela '43, Quill and Scroll '43. NICNICOL, HELEN M., Acad.-Art '41, Phi Zeta '41, '42, '43, Skaters '41, Modern Dance '41, '42. Fifth Rou- 'MlEGARY, SCSAN1 Acad.-Spanish '41, '42, Sec'y '43, Laureate '42, Bobasliela '43, Pan-American '43, Hall Patrol '42, MEIGHAN. NORA A.: Gen. Bus.-Girl Reserves '42, '43. MELE, iANTHONY ,LQ Tony, Ind. Arts A-H. R. Asst. Treas, '41, Social Dance '42. Si.rfl1 Row- MELHEISEN, TXAAIDALEN M., Madgc, Gen. Bus.-Philol- ogy '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Bobashdlia '43, Leaders' Corps '41, '42, '43, Red Team Period Capt. '43. NIELLOR, ADA: .-lm, Gen. Bus. TNIELTZER, FLORENU-2 M., Flossyf Sec.-Amanuensis '42. '43, Gym Attendance Girl '41, '42, Hall Patrol '41, Service Corps '43. 1761 First Row- MASTROGlOY'ANNI, FRANK j., Acad.-Science '42, '43. MAT1lk1NN'SON, MARIE G., ilf1'uz1',' Acad.-Riding '41, G. A. A. '41, '42, '43, Leaders' Corps '41, Belles Lettres '41, '42, '43, Quill and Scroll '42, '43, Nat'1 Honor '42, '43, jr. Red Cross '41, '42, '43, Service Corps '41, '42, Mgr. '43, Girls' Tennis Asst. Mgr. '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42, jr. Asst. Spectator '42, Service T '42, Swimming Team '41, '42, Gym Lieut. '43, G. A. A. '41, '42. MAUPIR. RicuARn R., Dirk, Acad.-Quill and Scroll '42. '43, Forum '43, J. V. Baseball '42, Hall Patrol '42, Spectator Page Ed. '43, Spectator Jr. Asst, '42, Ser- vice Corps '41, '42, Mgr. '43. Seca-nd Roto- - MAUL, JOSEPH I., Az'1'f0il,' Ind. Arts A-VX'oodcraft '41, '42, Pres. '43, Commanding OFF1cer Air Spotters '43, Pres. Glider '43, Airplane '41, '42. MAXXN'ELL, INEZ E., Bcity: Acad.-Naturalist '41, Treas. '42, '43. MAZZILLI, .ANTOINETTEQ Toni, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. '41, Vice-Pres. '42, Girll Reserves '42, '43. Third Roul- MCCLASKEY, HELEN, Dim.fvIer,- Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y '41. M.cCUE, RITA R.: Tink: Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '43, Pytha- gorean '42, '43, Ir, Red Cross '43. MCDONOUGH, RUTH, iliac: Sec.-Skaters '41, G. A. A. '41, Costume '43. E 1 First Row- ATENDREY, IELEANORQ E15 Acad.-Glee '42, Leaders' Corps '43Z Swimming '41. TNIENGHINI, NTARY1 .Uaricg Sec.-H. R. Pres. '43, Com- merce '42, '43, Town H'all '41, '42. '43, Honor Medal '42, Attendance Awd. '42, Head Red Team Costume Comm '42, '43, G. A. A. Awd. '42, Hall Patrol '42, G. A. A. '42. 311-INNELLA, BRIDGET P., Bree, Music, Italian '42, Sec'y '43 Second Row- KTERSHON, FRED H., I-laircutg Acad.-Swimming '41, Vars. Football '42. BTERZ, PHYLLIS A., Phyfl, Acad.-Euclidean '41, G. A. A. '41, Skaters '41, Sullivanian '41, Hall Pa- trol '41: Ballet '41, '42, '43, Quill and Scroll '42, Treas. '43, Belles Lettres '42, '43, Spectator Business Staff '42. '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Americana Treas. '43, Jr. Red Cross '43, Service T '42, '43, Nat'l Honor '43. RIICHALCIK. ATILDREDQ ,lIiIIic,' Acad.-Vars. Tennis '42, '43, Quill and Scrolll '42, '43, jr. Historical '42, '43, Inter-Club Council '43, Personality '42, Pres. '43, jr. Red Cross '43, Amlericana Vice-Pres. '43, Spec- tator Bus. Staff '42, '43, Bobashela '43, Black Team Publicity Chairman Sports Nite '42, G. A. A. '41, '42, Hall Patrol '42, Modern Dance '42, Service T '42, '43. Third R01a+ MIGLIORI, JEAN, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '41. AIIHALCHIK, TNTARGARET I., Gen. Bus. , YI IA Irilz Sec Town Hall '41 '47 '43, AIIHAL , JUL. 5 -.s ,A .- ' , -, Philology '41, '42, 43, Philology Tattler, Co-Editor '42, '43, Tennis '41. '42, '43, Bus Ticket Office VVork- er '42 ,'43, Bobashela '43, Service T '43. Fourth Row- MIRITA, JOHN VV.: Ind. Arts B. MILLER, DORIS N., Shorty, Sec.-H. R. Sec'y '43, Tap '41, '42, '43, Ballet '41, Dramatic '41, '42. NTILLER, ROBERT B., Bob, Acad.-Boys' Science '41, '42, '43 Fifth Rank BTILLNER, ELAINE R.: Gen. Bus.-Town Hall '42, '43, Hall Patrol '42, '43. Nf7II.LNER. LEONARD J.: Bnshyg Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Spectator '42, '43, Band '41, '42, '43, Orchestra '41, '42. '43, Swing Band '41, '42, '43, Quilll and Scroll '42. '43, All-State Orchestra '42, Black Team Band '41, Red Team Band '42, '43. XCTINCHER, MARIE S., .Uiriflig Acad.-French '43. Sixtli Row- RTINES, GLORIA: Glo, Gen. Bus.--Americana '42, '43, G. A. A. '42, '43. NTINSCHWANER, JEAN C., Mizzsclrg Gen. Bus.-Bowling '41. ZXTITCHELL, .ALICE H.: Mifrh, Gen. Bus.-Girl Reserve '43. l77l 1"0Zl7'fIl Rotu- MOOIQE. vvREEl.ANDj Jay: Acad.-Weight Lifting' Bar- Bell '42, '43g Band '41, '42, '43. MoRAB1'ro. CATHERINE, Peggy, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice- Pres. '41, Pres. '42, Treas. '43, Girl Reserves '42, '43, MORLEY, JEAX A.: Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, Treas. '42: Phi Zeta '42, '43: Ir. Red Cross '43: School Operetta '42. Fifth Min+ RIORRIS. REBEIYA C., Becky: Gen. Busi NIORRISON, FANNIE M., Home Ec. MORTON. HARRS' Eg Czzrlvg Sec.-H. R. Sec'v '42- Li- brary '41, '42, Aft '43i ' ' S z':rfl1, R0-11+ NIOSCARELLO. THOMAS F.: Tofzzuzyq Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-Pres, '42, Social Dance '43. BUJSKOXVITZ. PIIILIP I.: Plzilg Acad.-Euclidean '41: Philatelic '4l: Rl-ora and Fauna Pres. '42, '43, Boys' Chorus '41: Senior Play '43: Rhetoricians' Pres. '43, Radio and Drama '433 Nat'1 Forensic '43: Special Service Corps '42, ML'ccIoI,I. JOHN J.: Ind. Arts A. 1 73 l First Razr- BIITCIIELL. lYI1.I.I.xxI C.g Special Service Corps '42, '43 MI0DZP2l.EXX'SKI. EDXVARD H.: Ind. Arts A. MODZPIl.E1X'SKI, ICUGENE J.: Gene: Acad.-Band '40, '41 '42, '43g Machine Shop Bowling '42, '43. .Second Nazi'- MOIIR. CARoI. H.: Cazzsnrfdg Acad,-H. V Vice-Pres. '41: Pan-American Pres. '42, '43: Swim- ming '43g Ballet '41. '42, Pres. '43: G. A. A. Head of Dancing '41, Pres. '42, Leaders' Corps '41, '42, Pres. '43, Head of Ballet for Sports Nite '42g jr: Histori- cal '42. '-13: Laureate '42. R. Pres. '42. NIOLINARI. LoI'Isla M.: Lon, Gen. Bus.-Girl Reserves '42, '43. MOONEY. HELEN: Acad.-Drama and Radio '41, '42. Third Role'- MOORE, DOROTHY E.: Dofiy, Acad.-Orchestra '41, '42, '43: Needlecraft '41: Hall Patrol '42g Special Ser- vice Corps '43, MOORPZ, EDWARD T., Big Ed, Gen. Bus.-Band '41: J. V. Football '42, Americana '42, '43, First Lieut. Gym Class '43g Hall Patrol '41, '42, YMOORE, ETHEI. Xl.g IlI0m'if,' Acad.-Americana '43. 2 I .Fir Ser T11 sf 1901:- ML'Hs, NORMAN H,g ,ll4m,w,' Incl, Arts B-Service Corps '42, '43, h1L'LHOLI..XND, WILLIAAI R.: .-lu',' Sec.-Yars. XK'rest- ling '41: Soph. Footh-all '41, -I. V. '42: Forum '42, Radio Appreciation '43: Service Corps '41, '42, Mgr. '43: Operetta '42, - MURPHY, EVELYN G.: Ez't'y,' Fine Arts-Skaters '41g Tap '41, V :wi Razr- l.TziRR.xY, j.xxiEs l..g Jiunzzivq Fine Arts-J, Y. Track '41: Yars, Track '42, '43: ,I. Y, Cross-Country '41, '42, Yars. '43: Vars, Traclc Letter '42: National and State Cross-Country '43, ML'TcHIGA, CHARLES P.g Clzzztg Ind. Arts B-H, R. Sec'y '41, Sec'y-Treas. '42, Treas, '43: J. Y, Base- ball '42: Plane Spotters '43, NALBONE, IOSEITH M.: C'urrnt,v,' Inzl. Arts 14-Social Dance '43, fra' Rott'- NAPOLITANO, GEORGEQ ,Yafvg Acct,-Yars. Tennis '41, '42, '43: Forum '42, '-13: Service Corps '41, '42, Mgr, '-l3Z Hall Patrol '41, '42g Athletic Stockroom '42, '43: Bolzashela '43: Spectator jr, Asst. '42, XASH, DELL.-X M.: Gen. Bus,-Clionian '45g Sociafl Dance '41, '42: Hall Patrol '41, '42: Spectator '42: Service Corps '43g First Aid Squad '43, DIETARY, RORERTA J.: B0IwI11'v,' .-Xeacl.-Ir. Red Cross '41, '42, '43: French '41, Treas, 42, '43, Fourth Row- NELSON, ROBERT lfV.g Jllonkg Acad.-Rhetoricians '41, '42, '43g Town Hall '42, '43g Boys' Science '42, '433 Lab. Asst. '43g Service Corps '42, '43, NEMETH. VVILLIAM V.: Goose: Ind, Arts B-H, R, Pres. '41, Vice-Pres. '42, Sec'y-Treas. '43: Vars, Football '43: Swimming '41: Operetta '42: Rifle '42: Social Dance '41: Forum '42, NEYIUS, ELIZABETH T.: Bd: Acad,-Costume '42, Treas. '43: Cr. A. A. '43, Fifth Rota'- NEl'IL'S, BI.-XRIE .-X.g .N'ez'c,' Gen, Bus. NICKLES. JEAN: Pmnzy: Home Ec,-Personality '42, '43, N'ITZBERG. BERMCE: Acad,-Pan-.-Xnierican '43Z Town Hall '42: Drama and Radio '42: Inter-Club Council '43: :Xrts For Youth '43: Sencr Play '43, Sirtlz Rott'- NOLfXN, EDXA M.: Eddie: Acad. NOI..-KN. GEORGE XY.: Gen, Bus.-H. R, Yice-Pres, '41: .l, V. Baseball Letter '41: Hi-Yy '41, '42: Riding '42, Commerce '43: Clerk HA" Boolcroom '43, NOTARO. ROSE M., Rozegq Gen. Bus.-Americana '42, l 79 l S1 1' fh Fourth Row- ORLOSKI, FRIANK L., Losleicg Acad.-J. V. Footballl '42, Philology '4l. CRosz, BETTY M., Li.vh,' Gen. Bus.-Glee '41, '42, '43, Girl Reserves '41. ORSI, MARIE M,, Scotty, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. '43, Girl Reserves Pres. '43. F 1 fth Rou- PACERA, JACK I., Jackson, Ind. Arts A. PACHUTA, ROBERT I., Chop-ut, Ind. Arts A-H. R. Sec'y '43, Swimming '41, Plane Spotters '43. PALAY, ESTELLE L., Acad.-Euclidean '41, Chess and Checker '42, '43, Pan-American '42, '43, Spectator '42, Bobashela Picture Ed. '43, Girls' Science '43, G. A. A. '41, Hall Patrol '42, Quill and Scroll '43, Service T '43. R OZEFQ PALAZZO, ROSE M., Rosie, Acad.-Italian '42, Pres. '43, Inter-Club Council: '42, Phi Zeta '41, '42, Pres. '43, Spectator Ir. Asst. '42, Lab. Asst. '43, Service T '43, Bobashela '43, Head Red Theme Song '43, PALERMO, ALPIIOIYSE P., Buss, Acad.-Executive Comm. '42, Inter-Club Pres. '43, Forum '41, '42, '43, Rhetorician '42, '43, Ptoloni-ean '41, '42, Mgr. Football, '42, Senior Play '43, Band '41, '42, Laure- ate Bus. Mgr. '42, Orchestra '41, Swing Band '41, '42. PALISIER, FLORA M., Flo, Sec.-Hall Patrol '41. 801 First Row- NOVAK, ERMA G., Sec.-Travel and? Book '41. OBERDING, ELIZABETH K.: Rod, Gen. Bus. OBRE:xIsKI, THERESA G., Terry, Sec.-Hravel and Book '41, Skaters '41, Amanuensis '42, '43, G. A. A. 42 '43 Second Row- OLDI-ZNBIJRG, VVILLIAM T., Bill, Acct.-"B" Bookroom Clerk '42, Mgr. '43, Hall Patrol '41,t'42, Service T '43 OLINSKY, BETTY R., Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, Sec'y Philology '41, '42, '43, Pres. Council '41, Hall trol '42, '43, Service T. OLINSKX', ROBERT, Zclic, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Treats. '42, Print '41, J. V. Tennis '41, Table Tennis '42, Vars. Basketball '42, '43. Third Row- OLINSKY, ROSALINE L., Ras, Gen. Bus.-G. A. A. '43 OLIVER. BARNIE H., Zombie, Ind. Arts-Print '42, Football '41, Track '41, '42, '43. OLSZENXVSKI, ELEANORE B., Acad.-G. A. A. '42, Leaders' Corps '42, '43, Flora and Fauna '42, Bowling '42, '43. Ifirxt Raza'- PALMER1, FRANK R., Bula, Gen. Bus.-Operetta '43. PAPA, TEREs,x, T6l'I'J',' Gen. Bus. ' PARHAM, CATHERINE, Kitty, Home EC.-Glee '41f"42, '43, G. A. A. '41, '42, '43, Tap '41, '42, '43, Leaders Corps '41 '47 '43' Head Black Team Oriffinalit '47 ' ' "" ' 1 2: y '-v Head Black Team Tap '43, Gperetta '41, '42, Dra' matic '41, Scfmzd Raza- PARNO, LVM' N.: Leu, Gen. Bus.-Americana '42. PARTYKA. ANDREW J.: Spike, Ind. Arts B-H. R. Sec'y- Treas. '41. '42, 43, Print '43, Bowling '42, '43, Cheer- leaders '43. PECCI, JOHN, Acct.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, '42, Specta- tor '41, '42, Vars. VVrestling '41, Bobashela '-13: Vars. Football '42, Soph. Football '4l. Tlzird R010-' PELCZAR, AANNE M., Gen. Rus. PERKINS, DONALD NV., 1Vi1npy,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Treas '41, Garden '42: Plane Spotters '43, Soph. Swimming '41, Hall jatrol '41. PERRY, LUCILLE M., Lu, Acad.-Costume Sec'y '41, '42, '43, Glee '41. Ifourflz Row- PEssA1.ANo, ROSARI.A M., Rav, Acad.-G. A. A. '41, Pan-American '43, PE'rERs, RALPH F., H0agy,' Acad.-H. R. Treas. '41, Philatelic '41, '42, '43, Band '41, '42, '43, Orchestra '42, '43, All-State Band '42, Band Uniform Sgt. '43, PE'rREc'c'.-x, EMU. A., .lfoldyq Gen. Bus.-Ping-Pong '41. liiffh R01za'- PETRINO, LUCY A.: Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '42, Class Vice-Pres. '42, '43, Euclidean Pres. '41, Naturalist '42. '43, Chess and Checker '42, '43, Thalieuterpean '42, Pres. 43, Town Hall '43, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Laureate '42, Press Class '43, Quill and Scroll '43, Academic Awd. '42. PETRINO. BIARIOXQ Sq1m11ky,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Treas. '41, Vice-Pres. '42, Girl Reserves '41, Glee '42, Swimmincg '41, Co-Capt. '42 ,Floor Sgt. '42, Social Dance '43, PETRONE, VVILLIAM F., Pete, Gen. Bus. Sixflz Row- PH1-:1.Ps, EDXVARD L.: Ind. Arts A-H. R. Pres. '43. PHILLIPS. DOROTHY M., Gen. Busf-Girl Reserves '42, '43 PIC.-XSCIA. .ANNA Rl., .'iIIH1C4,' Sec. 'IS11 .Fourth Ron'- 'PocHYL.x. CTLGAI '42, '43, Ballet POCINO, VINCENT, I.ar1'y,' Acct.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, '41, '42, "A" Bookroom '42, '43, Teddt' Acad H R Vice Pres '41 Slzorfyx Sec.-Philology '41, Treas. '42, '43. I. V. Baseball . PONE, THEODORAQ 3, .- . . - .. , ' '42, Pres. '43, Red Team- Marching Head '43, Pytha- . gorean '42, G. A. A. '41, '42, '43: Acad. Awd. '41, ' '42, Pres. Council '43, Leaders' Corps '41, '42, '43, Ballet '42, '43, Thalieuterpean '42, '43Z Girls' Sci- ence '42, '43. Fifth Raza'- PONTANI, TOBIAS I., Acad.--Vars. Soccer '41, '42. POPKIN, ALFRED B., Oussicg Gen. Bus.-J. V. Mgr. Basketballl '42, Asst. Vars. Mgr. '43: Special Service Corps '43, POTKAY. STANLEY E.: Stax, Acad.-Track '42, Sixth Row-- POXVNALL, ROBERT P.: Linkin-H. R. Pres. '41, Hall Patrol Gen. Mgr. '42, Pres. Council '41, Football '41, Service Corps '42, '43. PRAssAs, DAPHNE M., Sec.-Belles Lettres '42, '43, Pan-American '42, '43: G. A. A. Treas. '42, '43, Modern Dance '42, '43, Hall Patrol '42, Skaters '41. PRATT. CARLTON C.: Dagzc'ond,' lnd. Arts A-Swimming '4l: J. Y. Football '42, Skaters Treas. '42: Tennis '-12: Airplane Spotters '43, Airplane Ensig'n's Awd. '42. l32l First Row- PIEKIELNIAK. VVALTER J., Pifkelg Acad.-Boys' Science '41, '42, Pres. '43, Town Hall '43, Quill and Scroll '42, '43, J. V. Football '42, Soph. Football '41, Page Editor Spectator '43, Jr. Asst. Spectator '42, Special Service Corps '42, Hall Patrol '42, '43, Service Corps '43: Service T '41, '43, Chess and Checker '43, Inter- Club Council '41, Athletic Awds. '41, '42. P1ERsANTi, JOHN S., Acad.-French '41, '42, '43, Hi-Y '41, '42, '43, Inter-Club Council '41, '42. P1EsLAK. THEREsA R., Terry, Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrol '42, '43. Second Row- PIETKIEWICZ, ZENON J., Bill, Acad.-Town Hall '43, Hall Patrol '43. PINTO, LIARGARET M., Marge, Sec.-Arnanuensis '43, Archeology '42, '43, VVinner Amanuensis 80 VV.P.M. Contest '42. PINTO, THERESA, Gen. Bus.--Archeology '42, '43, Amer- icana '43: Social Dance '43, Hall Patrol '42, Inter- Club Council '43. Third Row- PITCHER, BRADFORD L., Brad, Acad.-Photography '41, '42, Service Corps '41, '42, '43, PLATE, JEAN, Jeanne, Gen. Bus. PLUNKETT, ELEANOR M., Sis, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '41, '42, Attendance Girl '42, '43, Baseball '41. First Rota'- PRAZENKA, STEPHANQ Peczazm' Acad.-H. R. Pres. '42, '433 J. V. Soccer '4l: Vars. Soccer '43, Hall Patrol '-, Plane Spotters '43. ,49 PREGG, YOLANDA T., Pwzuyg Gen, Bus.-Girl Reserves '42, '43, Black Team Cheerleader '43. PRIHODA, JOHN R., Sc00,'y.- Acct.-H. R. Pres. '41, '4Zg School Stockroom '42. '43, Second Roeth- PRINCE, TVIARGARETQ Margiuq Gen. Bus.-Skaters '41, '42, '43, Personality '-12. '43. PRoNEsTr, ANGELINE L., Augie: Gen. Bus. PUCCIARELLI, IDA B.g B1ll'L'l1V.' Sec.,-Americana '42, '43, Third ROUL- PCLIT1, JACK F., IJIIFIU, Acad.-Forum '42, Rifle '42g Social Dance '41, PUL1rI, JAMES S., 11-1115 Acad.-French '41, '42, '43, H1-Y '42, '43, J. V. Football '41, Vars. Football '42, PULLEN, CAROL M., Home Ec.-4Slcaters '42, '43. Fourth Row- QUINN, C. DELORESQ Qzmzzz-ir2,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y '41, '42, Glee '41, Service Corps '43, Girls' Swim:- ming Mgr. '42. RACE, ELLEN V., Gimzyj Fine Arts-Art '42, '43, Stage- craft '43. RACZ, LILLIAN H.: Lil, Sec.-H. R. Treas. '41, Sec'y '42, Commerce '42, '43, Bobashela '43, Fifth Row- RADICE, PHILOBIENA L., Philq Gen. Bus.-Cheerleaders '41, '42, B-lack Team Cheerleader '41, '42g Social Dance '42, '43g Sport Nite Period Capt. '42, '43g Minor Awd. '42, RADICE, PHYLLIS N., Phil, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y , '42, '43g Glee '41, '42, '43, RADIN, ANXABELLEQ Ami, Sec.-H. R. Asst. Sec'y '41, '42, Hall Patrol '41, Amanuensis '42, Pres. '43: Bobashela Chief Typist '43: Quill and Scroll '43: Service T '43. '41 Sixth Row- RANDALL, ANNA MAY, Amr-of Acad.-Naturalist '4l. '42, '43, Phi Zeta '41, G. A. A. '4l. '42, Skaters '41, '42g Bobashela '43. RANTO, MILDREDQ lllillieg Gen. Bus.-Girls' Costume '43: Attendance Awd. '41, '42, '43. RAPcrE.w1cz, STELLA T.: Stall," Gen. Bus.-H. R. Treas. '41, Vice-Pres. '42: Skaters '41, '42: School Store '42, Mgr. '43: Cheerleader '4l. T831 Fourth R0w+- RICE. L. SANFORD? Sandy, Acad.-Service Corps '42: Boys' Rlfllllg '41, '42, Soph. Swimming ' Hall Patrol '41, '42, '41, '41, RICIINER, DoR01-III' M., Dottie, Gen. Bus. RICKLES, HENRY, Rickvtt, Acad.-Print '41, Hall Pa- trol '41, Laureate '42, Bobashela '43, NVrest1ing '41' Ping-Pong '42, v 1 Fifth Ron'- RIEGEL. ELLA M.: Dub, Sec.-Service Corps '42, '43' Tennis '41, RILEY, AGNES C., 4-lggie, Gen. Bus.-Skaters '41, RITTER, LLOYD M., GIIfl'11'L'IJ,' Acad.-Bobashela Photog- raphy '43, Photography '43, Sixth Row- ROCHE, HARRY J., Hank, Acad. RooERs, EARLEEN, Prnt, Sec.-Dramatic '41, ROGERS. FREDERICK B., Fred, Acad.-Naturalist '41, '42, '43, Philatelic '41, '42, Forum '42, '43, Flora and Fauna '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Mgr. '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Nat'l Honor '43, 1341 First Rott'- RAPPAPORT, SYLVI.-x: Syl: Acad.-Drama and Radio '42, '43, P2111-.'X1'l'lL'1'1C311 '42, '43, Town Hall '42, '43, .-Xrts For Youth '43, Inter-Club Council '43, Quill and Scroll '43, RASER, EDWARD J.: JIu11'0I',' .-Xcad.-Euclidean Vice-Pres. '41, Philatelic '41, '42, Spectator jr, Asst, '42: Span- ish '42, Forum '43, PtolenIean '43, Decontamination Squad '43, Yars. Cross-Country '43, J. V. Track '42, Vars. Track '43, RAY, ESSIEQ lixsn, Home Second Row- RAYAIOND. MARY .-X., ,Unrfg Sec.-Skaters '41, Photog- raphy '42, '43, Tap '41, RECTOR. EDWARD R.: Piuocc-Acad. REED, TIIEDA B., Tlzeddyg Home Ec.--Dramatic '41, Tap '42, '43, Leaders' Corps '43, Third - REEIsFI?,""kl53ERx.aRD M., Pofvsiclrg Gen. Bus.-Belles Let- tres '41, '42. Pres, '43, Service Corps '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Chess aIId Checker '41, '42, '43, Bobashela '43, Service T '41, REICH, EDNVIN E., Tzveesicg Acad.-Radio and Drama '42, '43, Boys' Tennis '41, Service Corps '43, Hall Patrol '42, '43, Special Service Corps '42, REIN, GEORGE C., Smokey, Acad.-Euclidean '41, Boys' Science '42, '43, Inter-Club Council '43, Decontami- nation Squad '43, l'11'sf Row- ROGERS. JEAN E., Sec.-Skaters '42, Bowling '42, G. A. A. '41. Rocorif, JOSEPH, S'ZQ'1'SlI,' Acad,-Photography '41, '42, Science '43, Basketball Mgr, '41, '42, Vars. Basket- ball '43, Head Basketball Mgr. '43: Spectator '42, Nat'l Honor '43. ROJEK, JANET C.: Jan, Gen. Bus.-G. A. A. '41, Skat- ers '41, '42, Social Dance '42, '43, Red Team Cheer- leader '43. .St'L'0IId Rolf'- RoxIANowsRY, OLGA, Home lic.-H. R. Treas. '42, Hall Patrol '43. ROMEO, CATHERINE D., lx'ay,' Acad.-Class Executive Comm. '43, Girls' Science "41, '42, Pres. '43, Chess and Checker '41, '42, '43, Leaders' Corps '43, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Town Hall '43: Library Pres. '42. Vice-Pres. '43, Bflack Cheerleader '42, Softball '41, Spectator '42, Attendance Awd. '42, Acad. Awd. '42, Marching' Co-Capt, '43, Black Team Cheerleader '43. ROMIG, SHIRLEY J., Acad. Third Rota'- ROPEIK, BERNARD H: Burley' Acad.MH. R. Vice-Pres. '41, '42, Philatelic '41, '42, '43: Rifle '42,'Swing Band '42, '43, Band '41, '42, '43, Black Team Band '41, '42, '43. RossI, MARGARET A., Marge, Acad.-Skaters '41, '42, Naturalist '42, '43, Bobasliela '43, G. A. A. '4l. ROSS1, MICHAEL A., Ilfilsc the Illmzsc, Acct.-Forum '41, '42, Sec'y '43, Vars. Baseball '41,' '42, '43, Vars. Football Mgr. '41, '42, '43, Service Corps '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, Capt. '42, '43, Stockroom '41, Mgr. '42, '43, J. V. Baseball '41, '42, Soph. Foot- ball '41, Jr. Spectator Asst. '42, Spectator Sports Ed. '43, I F Fourth Koic- Rossos, ALICE, Home lic. ROUBA, EDWARD J., Acad.-Service Corps '42, '43. ROUBIIANIS, ,ARTHUR A., Artic Slzazcg' Acad,-H. R. Pres. '42, Band '41, Asst. Mgr. '42, '43, Student Con- ductor '43, Olionian '41, '42, '43: Swing Band '41. '42, '43, Red Band Leader '43, N. J. All-State Band '42, Pres. Council '42: Orchestra '-ll. Fifth Rau'- RoUNDs, JOAN XY.: Acad.-Orchestra '41, '42, '43: Town Hall '42, '43, Girls' Science '43, Riding '41, Thaiieu- terpean '42, '43, Sullivanian '41, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Laureate '42, All-State Orchestra. '43, First Place All-State String Quartet Contest '42. RYAN, JOHN C., Beef, Acad. RYDA, :ALICE E., Acad.-H. R. Treas. '41: Girls' Sci- ence '43: Jr. Red Cross '43, Spectator '43, Quill and Scroll '43, Nat'l Honor '43, Sixtlz Row- RYDA. BI-IRNICEQ Selling. RYBA, RAYMOND L.: Nick, Ind. Arts B-Airplane Spot ters '42, Top Sgt. 2nd Platoon '42. RYAIAN. EL1Z.XBE'l'llQ Bz1bbIc.v,' Gen. Bus. . l35l F0'I11'fh Row- SANTORSIERO. ,TENNIE C.: Gen. Bus. SA1?I1.?, VICTORIA P., Vicky, Acad.-Skaters '41, Glee SAPRONI, XYILLYABI , Bill, Ind. Arts A. F ifih Rou- SAPNECKV. THoxIAs J., 7'om,' Ind. Arts A-H. R. Treas. '42, '43. SAYKO, ELEIANOR C., E15 Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. 41, Social Dance '43, Gym Attendance Girl '42. SCANDURA, AIARY J., Gen. Bus.-v'l'ap '42, '43, Sf.1'fh Row- SCANLAN, EDVVARD J., Ed: Ind. Arts A-Boys' Skaters '42, Shop Bowling '42, Barbell '43, SCIIIMPF, FRAXK XY.: Sr'fI1'llIf7fFfV,' Acad. SCHINDLER, FREDERICKQ lfrrdq Incl. Arts A. l86l First Row- SABO, EVELYX, Er-cy: Sec.-Commerce '-13. SABO, JULIA, Sec.-H. R. Sec'y '41, Commerce '43, Glee '41, Service T '42: Defense Stamp Salesman '42, '43. SABO, BEICHAELQ Ind. Arts A. Second Row- . SAcHs, GLORIA G., Goody, Gen. Bus.-Americana '42, '43, Hall Patrol '42, '43, SACKIN, PAULINEQ Sec.-Bowling '41. SALTER, H.ATTIE M., Acad. Third Row- SAI.vAI'INI, BARBARA M.: Bobs, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Italian '43, SALVATORE, RosEI.LA R., Ro, Sec.-Tap '41, '42, '43, Cheerleaders '42, '43, Red Team Cheerleader '43. SANTILLI, IOLAQ IIa, Gen. Bus.--H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, Sec'y '42, Social Dance '42, '43, Special Service Pa- trol '43, Cheerleader '42. First Row- SCHIPSKI, HARRY, Acad. ScH1.o'r'rcNMn2R, THOMAS J., Tonzfnzy Acad.-Forum '42, '43, jr. Historical '42, '43, Christmas Play '42, Sgt. in Military Org. '43, Decontamination Squad '43. SCHMIDT, RUTH M., Srlzmittyg Acad.-French '42, Sec'y '43, Inter-Club Council '42, Hall Patrol '43. Second Row- SCHOENTHALER, JOHN A., Ind. Arts A-Forum '41, '42, '43, Service Corps '41, '42, Mgr. '43, Hall Patrol '41, SCHON, MATHEW, ,llattg Acad.-Vars. Tennis '41, '42, '43, Euclidean '41, Service Corps '41, '42, Mgr. '43, Hall Patrol '4l. '42, Athletic Stockroom '41, '42, Spectator Jr. Asst. '42. SCHREIER, FREDA M., Blovzdieg Acad.-H. R. Treas. '41, Ballet '42, '43, Laureate '42, '43, Astronomy '43. Third Row- SCHROED1-IR, Euvoon G., Chuck, Gen. Bus.-Vars. Foot- ball '42, '43, Stagecraft '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Service Corps '41, '42, '43, Basketball Mgr. '43. SCHROEDER, ROBERT, La ,llontg Acad.-Social Dance Vice-Pres. '42, Pres. '43, Safety Council '42, Inter- Club Council '42, Americana '43. SCHULMAN, GLADYSQ HaNv3',' Sec.-Hall Patrol '41, '42, Special Service Corps '42, Service Corps '43, Town Hall '42, '43. 1 Fourth Row- ScnULz, MAIW ELLEN: Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '43, Naturalist '41, '42, Pres. '43, Spectator '42, Boba- shela '43. SCHIIRIACHER, xl.-XRY A., Sec.-H. R. Pres. '42, Philol ogy '42,'43, Hall Patrol '42, Service Corps '43, Pres. Council '42, Bus Ticket Mgr. '42, '43, Honor Med- alist '42, Bobashela '43, Tennis '43, Co-Ed. Philol- ogy Tattler '42, '43, Service T '43, First Aid Squad '43 SCHVVARZXVALDER, DOROTHY A., Dot, Sec. Fifth Ron- SCHNVARZXYALDER, XVILLIAM H., Bill, Ind. Arts A. SCofrT, BIABELQ Acad. , Bus.-H. R. Sec'y '41, Vice-Pres. '42, Skating '41, '42, Ballet '42, '43, Scorr. XTATJELYN L., Scottie, Gen. Modern Dance '42, '43, Art '42, 43. Sixth Row- Scc1.1.x', xll'XRY A., Sec. SCYMANSKI, CATHERINIQ E., Kay, Gen. Bus. SEABRIDGE, RICHARD S., Dick, Ind. Arts A. l87l Ifozzrth Role'- SICKELS, FREDERICK, P1'0jm'a.vlz,' Ind. Arts A-Model Aviation '41, VVoodshop '42, Treas. '43: Glider '43, Airplane Spotters '43. SIDDALL, MARILYN J., Minnie,' Fine Arts-Stagecraft '43. SILVERMAN, THOMAS, Gen. Bus. Fifth Row- SIMON, ELAINE M., Acad.-Hall Patrol '41, '42, Lead- ers' Corps '41, Jr. Red Cross '41, Girls' Science '43. SIMON, STANLEY R., Acad.-Boys' Science '43, Orches- tra '43: Lab. Asst. '43, Vice-Pres. Chess and Checker '41, '42, '43, Service Corps '41, '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Tennis '41, Decontamination Squad '42, '43, SIMONOVVITZ, ABSALOM, Acad.-Euclidean '41, French '42, '43, Town Hall '42, Treas. '43, Nat'll' Honor '42, '43, Soccer Mgr. '41, '42, '43, Thalieuterpean '42, .Service Corps '41, '42, '43. Sixth Row- SINCLAIR, M.'XNAQ Acad.-Glee '41, '42, '43, Jr. Red Cross '42, '43, Spectator Bus. StatT '42, '43, Special Service Corps '43, Americana '43, Pet '41, '42, Ser- vice T '42, Operetta '41, '42, '43: Ballet '42, Quill and Scroll '43. SINWICK, ANNE H., Com. SIMMoNs, LEo1.A E., Bomzcyg Fine Arts. 1381 First Rott'- SEALTIEL, LEONARD, Fine Arts-Service Corps '42, H311 '43: Operetta '4l. SEABICN, JENNIE P, Jen, Gen. Bus. SERBACK, STELLA, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. '41, Sec'y '42, Pres., Council '41, G. A. A. '41, Leaders' Corps '42, Ballet '42, '43, Modern Dance'Club '42, '43, School Store '42, '-43. .Second Row- SHACK, ARTHUR T., Shack House, Acad.-NVoodcraft '42, '43, Football '41, '43, Hall Patrol '42, Service Corps '43, SHANBERG, RUTH, Gen. Bus.-Social Dance '41, '42, '43, SHARLIN, HAROLD I.: Hal, Aead.+Swimming '42, '43, Pythagorean '42, '43, Spectator Bus. Staff '42, '43, Lab. Asst. '43, Chess and Checker '41, '42, Treas. '43: Euclidean '41, Service Corps '41, '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Service T '41, '42, J. V. Letter '42. Third Row- SHEARER, RALPH E., 114016, Gen. Bus. SHEPHERD, MARJORIE M., Midge, Gen. Bus,.-Person- ality '42, '43: Black Team Cheerleader '41, '42, Dance '41, Capt. Black Team Cheerleaders '43, SHIPP, MARION E., Fine Arts. liirsz' RUIQL SKURLA. .ANDREW G., Ami-v: Selling-H. R. Treas. '43, SMALI., NORRLAN C.: Acacl.-Orchestra '41, '42. '43: Band '42. S3IIEcoI'K.x, ELEANORQ EIC, Gen. Bus.-H. R, Treas. '43, Second lC0zv-- SMITH, .ALBERT E., Al, Ind. Arts. A-H. R. Pres. '41. Vice-Pres. '42, '43, Forum '42. '43, Track '41, '42: Cross-Country '41, Capt. '42. SMITH, JEAN A., S111iHy,' Gen. Bus.-Leaders' Corps '41, '43, Clionian '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrcl '42, '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Pan-American '43. SMITH, JOHN A.: ,S'nzitfy,' Ind. Arts-Band '41, '42, '43, Stagecraft '42, '43, Third Row- SNIITH. RUTH E., Smz'Hy,' Gen. Bus. SMITH, RUTH M., Smitty, Fine Arts-Stage Make-up '42, '43, SRIOLINKA, ATIOLA C., Vy, Acad.-Astronomy '43, Fourth Row- Q SNOOK, JEAN E., ,S'u0okie,' Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '41, Pres. '42, '43, Pres. Council '42, '43, Pet '41, Belles Let- tres '43, Jr. Red Cross '43, Jr. Historical '42, '43, SONDEJ, JOHN J., Ind. Arts B-Plane Spotters '43, So- cial Dance '42, SOPRONY, VJXLERY M., Val, Acad,-Executive Comm. '43, Philology '41, '42, Vice-Pres, '43, Leaders' Corps '41, '42, Vice-Pres. '43, G. A. A. '41, '42, Pres. '43, Town Hall '42, '43, Skaters '41, '42, Phi Zeta '41, '42, Tennis '41, '42, Head Red Games '42, '43, Fifth Row- SORRENTINO. JosEIfII J., Cal, Acad.-Italian '42, '43, SOUTH, ROBERT H., Rabbilq Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, Jr. Historical '42, '43, Vars. Track '42, '43, J, V. Track '41, Band '41, '42. '43, All-State Twirller '42, Inter-Club Council '43, Spectator '41, Pres. .Coun- cil '41, SowA, GEORGE A., Slmrlyg Ind. Arts A-H. R. Vice- Pres. '41, '42, Baseball '42, Print '42, '43, Si,rIh Razr- SPARKS, HAROLD J., Sparky, Ind. Arts A-H. R. Vice- Pres. '42, Skaters '41, '42. SPEZZANO. SAMUEI. R., Tho Illanglvrq Ind. Arts 13- Swimming '41, I STANNARD, THELAIA C.: S110-1'ric,' Acad.-H, R. Sec'y- Treas. '43, Modern Dance '43, 1391 Fourth Row- STOUT, GEORGE J., Acad.-Orchestra '41, '42, '43, Pho- tography '42, Hall Patrol '42, Student Conductor of Orchestra '42. ' Srolgr, HARRY J., Selling-Service Corps '41, '42, Mgr. '43, Hall Patrol '41, Service T '42, STOUT, JOHN F., Scnator, Gen.-Tennis '41, '42, '43, Swimming '4l. Fifth Row- STURGIS, HENRY B., Harry, Fine Arts-Hall Patrol '43, Bobashela '43. SUAREZ, JOSEPH L., Pffvpy, Ind. Arts-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, Band '42, Service Corps '43. SL'1.L1vAN, HELEN Ml., Honey, Gen. Bus.-Americana '42, Pres. '43. Sixilz Row- SLKLLIVAN. :MARIE J.: Sully, Acad.-Astronomy '43, Americana '43, Skaters '41, '42. SUNKISKIS, JOHN T., Ind. Arts A-Football '41, '42, '43. SUPPERS, DONALD L., Acad.-Forum '42, '43. l 90 1 First Row- STAPLER, .ALI-'REDQ Red: Acad.-French '41, '42, Pres. '43, Quill and Scroll '42, '43, Service Corps '43Z Nat'l Honor '43. STARKEY, DOROTHY, Doi, Sec.-Anmanuensis '43. STARSKI. ANASTASIA N., Sfverd, Com. Teachers' Prep.- H. R. Pres. '41, Leaders' Corps '41, '42, '43, Needle- craft '41, Pres. Council '41, Skating '41, Personality '42, '43. Second Row- STEAD, THIZRESA 1.1 Tcrry,' Home lic.-Ballet '41, '42, '43. STEIN, JOSEPH XY.: Jvc, Ind. Arts A. STEINMETZ, DONALI1 D.: Pere: Gen. Bus.-J. Y. Ease- ball '41, '42, Vars. Baseball '43. Third Row- STEMMER, FRED, Snapjvcr, Ind. Arts-Print '41, '42, Operetta '42. STEVYARD, .ADDA B.: Stein, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y '43: Glee '41, Phillology '41, '42, '43, Red Team Period Lieut.' 43. STOKES, JOHN M., Dumb0,- Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, '42, '43, Soph. Football '41, J. V. Football '42, Vars. Football '43, Flora and Fauna '42, Pres. '43, Track '43, Special Service Corps '43. First Row- SURTEES. SAMUEL J.: .S'a1ii.,- Gen. Bus.-Service Corps '42, Service T '41: Hall Patrol '42. SUSSXYEIN, IRYING D.: Acad. SWINLUCHOWSKI, CHARLOTTE I., Clmilyg Home EC.- Skaters '42. Second Rou- SZABELSKI, CLARA D., Com. SZEKER, ERNEST: Zvi-0, Prac. Arts-J. Y. Football '41, Vars. Football '42. TALLONE, BEA'rR1rE ATARIEQ Bra, Gen. Bus. Third Rou- TAMS, .ARLENE K., Y'auzsit',' Acad.-Bowling '41, TANTUM, RAYMOND H., Ray, Gen. Bus. TANZONE, JOSEPH A., foliar, Acad.-Yars. Baseball '43. Fourth Rong TASSONE, BEATRICE F., Bea, Sec.-Americana '42, '43, TAYLOR, JEAN L., Gen. Bus. TAYLo.a, MARJOIQIEZ ,llargieg H. R. Vice-Pres. '43, Amanuensis '43, Archeology '42, '43. Fifth Row- TAYLOR, MILDRED VY.: .llidgcg Home EC.-Skaters '42. 9 TAYLOR, J. ROBINSONQ Bob, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, 42, Soph, Executive Council '41, Forum '41, '42, '43, Jr. Historical '42, Pres. '43, Rhetoricians '42, '43, Tennis '41, '42, Debate '42, Pres. Council '41 '42, Nat'l Forensic '42, '43. TESARCK, FRED, Fritz: Ind, Arts A-Football '42, 1 Sixth Row- THOMAS, CALVIN B.: Cal, Fine Arts-J. V. Track '41, Vars. Track '42, '43. TILTON, EDRIA G., Tillie: Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '43, Cli- onian '41, '42, Sec'y '43, Jr. Red! Cross '41, '42, '43I Town Hall '42, Quill and Scroll '42, '43, Nat'l Honor '42, '43, Halll Patrol '41, '42, G. A. A. '42 ,'43, Council '42, Leaders' Corps '41, Service Corps '41, '42, '43, Jr. Spectator Asst. '42, Service T '41, '42, Riding '41, '42, G. A. A. Awds. '42, Gym Lieut. '43, Honor Medalist '42, '43. TIMKO, .ANNE M., Tiziimyg Acad.-H. R. Treas. '42, '43, Naturalists '42, '45, Phi Zeta '43. T911 First Rim'- TOLIVER. GRACE L.: G1'ClL'Ur,' Acad. '43g Pres. Couucil '41, '42, '43, Philatelic 313. Second Row- ToTER, NORBIA S.: Nornzf Gen. Bus. Vice-Pres. '42. TRESANSKY, T'HOMAS G.g Falsg Ind. Arts A. Third Row- TROULLOS, THEODOREQ Ted, Gen. Bus. Q . Fourth Rott'- TURANO, Lawrsg 1.r'zc,' Selling-H. R. Sec'y '42, Pres. '43 TURCO, Rose P.: Rosie: Gen. Bus.-Social Dance '42, '43, Special Service Patrol '-13. TURCZYN, IRENE: Rirkyg Acad.- Fifth Row- TURNER, JUANITA, Nitag .-Xcad.-Sullivanian '41: Dra- matic '4lg Operetta '41: Hall Patrol '42, '43, Flora and Fauna '42, Sec'y '43: Chorus '42, '433 U. of Pa. Poetry Reading Contest '42, Skaters '42: Christmas Pageant '42: Spectator Page Ed. '43g Spectator Bus. Staff Asst. '43: Service Corps '431 Quill and Scroll '42, '43. TURNER, VERA L.: Vig Gen. Bus. ' UHAZE. REGINA li.: fctm: Gen. Bus. Sixth Razr- URBIANIK, H.KRRIIiT D., Hvdy: Acad. URBANO, NICKOI.fXS B.g Niels, Ind. Arts-Band '4l. URBRXNO, THERRsA M., Tcrryg Gen. Bus. l92l TOLIX'ER, JAMES VY.: Jinzuzyg Ind. Arts-Radio '-ll: Track '41, '42: Barbell '-l3: Service Corps '42, '-13. TOPLEY, HARRY' XV., Tiny: Acct.-H. R. Pres. '-ll. '42, TRAVIS, GLORIA F.: Glory Gen. Bus.-H. R, Pres. '41, TRUCH, SOPHIEQ Acad.-Naturalist '41, '42, Pres. '43. TULLY, NIARY J.: Jackieg Acad.-Hall Patrol '41, '42, '43 Firxl Roto- UYIIAZI, ETIIEL M.: Eff Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y '42, ' URICK. JEANNE K,: Jvarzivg S-ec.-H. R. Sec'y '42, '43g Americana '43: Hall Patrol '42. XY.-XLENTIXE, NI.-XRGARET J., Peafliyg Sec.-Glee '41, '42. .S'cf011a' Nou'- VAN AKEN, LOI'IsE A.g Long '42, '43, Art '42, '43, X'AN SANT. DOROTHY F.: Doi, Sec.-H. R. Treas. '43 Americana '43. VAN SAXT, LEON 1.3 Levy Ind. Arts-Band '41, '42, '43 Stagecraft '43: Shop Safetv Club Council '42g Track '42, 'flz ird Row- RYAN SYCKLE. RICH.-XRD M.: l'nn,' Acad. XTELIVIS. BERNARD: Bang Ind. Arts B. V1-IRNAM, XVILLIAM S.g B'1'Il,' Acct.-Football '40, '41 Co-Capt. '42, 43. Gen. Bus.-Archeology Council '41, '42, Inter- Fourtlz Row- VERRO, NORBIAN T.g .'VOI'lII,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. '42, VYINCH, MARY E., Crumlvq Acad.-Skaters '41, Girls" Swimming '413 Girls' Vars. Swimming '42, '43, Swimming Awd. T '42g G. A. A. '43. VITERITTO, VICTOR J.: .S'r1'afcher,' Ind. Arts A-J. V. Track '41, '42, Football '41: Forum '42, '43, Service Corps '42, '43, Capt. '42, '43, . Fifflz Row- VOLPE, GLORIA A., Acad.-Archeology '41, Vice-Pres. '423 Laureate '413 Bobashela '43, Social Dance '42, '43: Americana '42, '-13. VOSCEK, A,NDREXV J.: .flazdyg Ind. Arts A-H. R. Treas, '41: I. V. Soccer '41. VVAH, WILLIAM: W'i'IIic,' Acct.-Executive Comm. '42, Stagecraft '42, '43 .S'i.1'lh Rott'- VVALKER, MARGARET: Peggy, Home EC. VVALSH. MAIQCEARET A.g Peggy, Home Ec.-Girl Re- serves '42, '43. VVARD, DONALD E.: Bnofsfcg Ind. Arts A. l93l Fourth Row- WIIORTENBllRR!'. Gl.ORIAI B0ofv11!wcm'y,' Acad.--Ballet '41, '42, El Sglo Futuro '42, Stagecraft Make-up '42, '43, Skaters '42, '43, WIIYTE, NIURIEL C., Porlzivg Sec.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, Leaders' Corps '43, Skaters '42, Sullivanian '41. WIArER, THmDoRE J., Blackie, Ind. Arts A-H. R, Vice-Pres. '41, '42, Soccer '41, '42, J, V. Basketball '42, Baseball '42, Soccer Capt. '43. Fifth Razr- WILCZX'NSK,A. EVELYN F.: 5'l101'fy,- Sec.-Laureate '42, '43, WILLETS, CAROL J., lViIIie,' Acad.-El Siglo Futuro '42, Pan-American '42, '43, Belles Lettres '43, Leaders' Corps '43, G. A. A. '41, Black Team Period Capt. '43, Bobashela '43, WILLIAMS, ANNABELLE: Ann Home Eg, Sixth Row- WILLIAMS, COLIN XY., Ind. Arts A-Rifle '41, '42, '43, Barbell '43. WILLIAMs, DoRIs M., Deariv, Home Ec.-Skaters '41, Music '41, Modern Dancing '41, Awds. '4l. WILLIAMs, BIURIEI. L., Home Ec. 1941 First Row-- VVARGO, Ac.xI-Ls: Aggie, Gen. Bus.-Cheerleaders '41, '42, '43, Red Team Cheerleader '42, '43, Skaters '42, Bowling' '43. XVARNER, GIQAACE H., Acad.-Library '42, Asst. '43, VV!-IAYER. BLXRIE A.: .Xcad.-Astronomy Sec'y '43, Second Roreh- - VVEBER, RIARIOX D., Fine Arts-Art Yice-Pres. '43. VVEINER, CHARLOTTE L., SiZF7'I'j',' Acad.-Hall Patrol '42, Radio and Drama '42, '43, Pan-American '42, '43, Archeology '42, '43. WEINSTEIN, IRWIN, Irv, Acad.-Forum '41, '42, '43, Rhetoricians '42, '43, Chess and Checker '41, '42, Sec'y '43, Service Corps '42, Mgr. '-13: I. V. Tennis '41, Service T '42, Hall Patrol '42. Mgr. '43, N'at'l Forensic '42, I. Y. Debating '42, Service Corps Asst. Mgr. '41. Third Row- WEISS, SHIRLEY H.: ,S'1zir'I,' Home Fc.-Skaters '42. XRIESTOVER. ROBERT F.: IVe.vfy,' Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, '42, '43, Yars. Track '41, '42, '43, Co-Capt. Track '43, Rifle Vice-Pres. '41, Pres. '42, Forum '41, '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, jr. Historical '43. VVIIITE. PEARL: Il'llI'1'I'L',' Acct.--H. R. Sec'y '42, Treas. '41, G. A, A. '41, Swimming '42, Skaters '41, Boba- shela '43, Fir if R .1 'zz'- XN'II.sox, FI.Iz.xI-IETII F., Batty: Sec.-Skaters '41, Hall Patrol '43. XYILSOX, RTIRIAMC Sec.-Amanuensis '42, Vice-Pres. '43, NYI5IHERI.x', CATIIERINIQI Kitty: Acad, Sec ond Rota'- XYISIINEVSKY. AI.LYcE: Acad.-H. R. Seca' '42, '43, Orchestra '41, '42, '43, All-State Band '42, All-State Orchestra '43, Town Hall '41, '42, '43, Rhetoricians '43, Hall Patroll '42. XVISHNEVSKY, LIONEL: Barry, Acad.-Soph. Football Mgr. '41: Radio Appreciation '42, Service Corps '41, '42. '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Service T '41, XVNUK, FRANCES H., Giizgvrjq Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, '42, Skaters '41: G. A. A. '4l. '42. '43, Leaders' Corps '41, '42, '43, Flora and Fauna Sec'y '42, '43, Pythagorean '41, '42, Clionian '42, '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42, Bowling '41, '42, '43, Laureate Staff '42, Committee Head Sports Nite '43, Tlzird Razr- XVNUK. D. RosE: RU, Acad.-Skaters '41: G. A. A. '41, Bowling '41, '42, '43, Flora and Fauna '41, '42. '43, Bobashela '43, Laureate '41, '42, Acad. Awd. '41, '42. VA:-OITOXVICZ. THEODORE, Teda'y,' Ind. Arts A. VVoop, EVERETT R., IV00dy,' Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, Pres. '42, Clionian '41, '42, '43, Hi-Y '42, '43, jr. Basketball '42, Vars. Basketball '43, Fozirflz Rom'- VVooD, MARGARET I., Ptvy, Sec.-Skaters '42, Person- ality '43. WOOLF, CLARA C. 3-Gen. Bus.-G. A. A. '41, '42. WooLsToN, VIRGINIA S., Jiunyy Acad.-H. R. Vice- Pres. '41, Belles Lettres '41, '42. Treas. '43, Ir, Red Cross '41, '42, Treas. '43, Jr. Historical '43, Pa1I- American '43, Spectator Staff '42, Spectator Bus. Staff '43, Bobashela '43: Operetta Prop. Comm. '421 G. A. A. '41, '42, Black Team Period Capt. '43, Rid- inc' '41 Fifth Rota'- W'oRLEY, R0lSl'TliT D., Bob: Acad.-Philatelic '41. Treas. '42, '43, Pythagorean '41, '42, Vice-Pres. '43, Inter- Club Council '41, Euclidean Treas. '41: Nat'l Honor '41, '42, '43, Decontamination Squad' '43: Math Team. Temple U. '42, Honor Medal '42. NVRIGHT, RUTH E.: Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '41, Sec'y-Treas. '42, Naturalist '41, '42. '43, Quill and Scrolll '42, '43, Nat'l Honor '42. Sec'y '43: Town Hall '43, Specta- tor Staff '42. '43: Red Cross '43: School Spelling Champion '42, Honor Medal '42, Radio Program Script XVriting' Chairman '43, Hall Patrol '41, '42. WszoLEK, STEPHANIE, Sfrzfitz- Sec.-H. R. Sec'y '41, Red Team Gym Capt. '42, Sl',1'flI Rota'- XN'YCKoIfr. M,xRtsARE'r Y., lfiygicg Sec'-G. A. A, '42. '43, Leaders' Corps '42. '-43. XVYLIE. LILLIAN M.: Lil, Gen. Bus.-Skaters '41, '42. '43 YJXYNINCIO. TIIEREs.x R.: Trac: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Tice- Pres. '41: Girl Reserves '41, 1951 Fourth Row- ZIESEL, LEOXAQ Gen. Bus. ZIMNES, ANGELA, Augie, Gen. Bus.-G. A. A. '41. ZINDL, CATi1E1zINE E., Cathy,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. '43, Philology '42, Sec'y '43, Bowling '41, '42, '43, Phi Zeta '42, '43. Fifth Rau'- Zooic. PHILOMENA F., Zookie, Gen. Bus.-H. Vice- Pres. '41, Treas. '43, Vice-Pres. Cheerleaders '43, Capt. Red Team Cheerleaders '43, Cheerleaders '41, '42, '43, Skaters '41, Bowling '42, '43, Special Ser- vice Corps '42, '43. ZUCCARELLI, :AGNES L., Hon, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '43, Italian '41, '42, '43, Glee '41, Pres. Council '43. ZL'c1'AREL1.o. josEPH D.: Zookg Gen. Bus.-Airplane Spotters '43, Hall Patrol '42, Track '41, '42, '43. SI'.17l'lZ Rong Hiwwoon, HERRIJXX S., Drzrnzmm' Boy, Acad.-Band '40, '41. SINGER, M.-xRJoR1E A., Acad.-Town Hall '41. '42, '43Z Archeology '42, Spectator Staff '43, Spanish '42, Pres '43 Qiecial Serxice Co s '43' Inter-Club .. '. : .1 . f .. rp , Council Sec'y '43, 1961 p 1'1'1xr Rum'- L' L' 'l'I1i Y.xnBRoUG1l, LiL1.1.xx 1., 511111111 ,' Acad.-Home Ee 1Firs't Prizeb '42. Y.-x'rsRow1'rz. ANN, .4nn1'v,' Acad.-Pan-American '41, '42, '43, Drama and Radio '41, '42, Town Hall '42, '43, Music Appreciation '41, Ballet '41, '42, Modern Dance '41, '42, Arts For Youth '43. YOUNG. IDA, Sec.-Americana '43, Phi Zeta '41, '42, Modern Dance '42, Leaders' Corps '43. ond Rotu- Y1'Nc'zA, HELEN S., Gen. Bus. ZA1soRoN,xK, .ALEXANDER F.: ...Acad-Soph. Ffzfntball Mgr. '40, I. V. Football Mgr. '41, Wrestling Asst. Mgr, '4O. Z.'xNc.a. JOSEPHINE A.: Josie, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y- Treas. '40, '41, Girl Reserves '42, '43. rd lx'nfc'- ZAXYADZKI, THox1.xs, Toni, Acad.-Rifle '-ll. ZEYACK, BICRTHAI Gen. Bus. Z1EsE1.. ANNA, Gen. Bus. L' -Shy .Senhm BACKUS, RUssEL, Rus, Acad. BAIN, JOHN E., B'uvle,' Ind. Arts. BAKATY, PRISCILLAQ Peay, Sec.-H. R. '41, Sec.-Treas. '42. BRUNO, JOSEPH F., Ind. Arts. BUCHINO, NANCY, Mary Jane, Acad. BULLOCK, ROBERT E., Bob, Acad. COCCIA, THOMAS G., Star, Acad.-Vars. Vllrestling '41, Track '42, '43, Football '43, lfVt. Lifting and Tumbling '43. CONHXIINI, MICHAEL A., Chzmley, Gen. Bus. -Football, Soph. '40, J. V. '42, '43, Stagecraft '42, '43. IDELATE, JOSEPH J., Bea-r, Acad.-Tennis '41, '42, '43. LRIAL, LAMINA V., Illiny, Acad..-Skating '4l, Naturalist '41, '42, G. A. A. '41, Americana '41, '42. FELL, SYLVAN K., Sonny, Ind. Arts A- Prnt '42, '43. FERRARE, FRANK A., Blackie, Gen. Bus.- Soph. Football '41, J. V. Football '42, Capt. '43, Stagecraft '42, '43. FORREST, BIARIE D., Yllolly, Acad. FORTSON, WILBUR, Will, Acad.-Air Plane Spotters '43, Shop Safety Council '42. HAX'ENS, PAULINEQ Pollly, Acad.-Hall Pa- trol '41, '42, Campus Correspondent, "Design for Living." HGGIAXN, BTATTHEVV J., Acad. ' HOLCOBIBE, S. WILBUR, Will, Acad. INVERSO, PAT, Baldy, Gen. Bus.-J. V. Bas- ketball '42, '43. ISAACSON. lNlARTIN,' Ike, Acad.-French '41, Basketball '41, '42, '43, Tennis '41, Special Service Corps '43. IWAN, JOHN J., Ind. Arts B-Americana '42, KENILER, DORIS, Dorry, Gen. Bus. ICING, EVELYN E., Evic, Acad. KROESEN. KLINE R., Pinelenot, Acad.- H. R. Vice-Pres. '40, Pres. '41, '42, Pres, Council '41, '42, Football '40, '41, '42, '43, Clionian '41, '42, '43. LAVINTHAL. 1RvING.I,: Crum Dffmg Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '40, Sec'y '42, Pet Club '40, '41, '42, LEE, VVALTER A., Walt, Acad.-H. R. Vice- Pres. '39, '40, '41, Jr. Historical '41, '42, Soph. Football '39, Vars. Football '40, '41, '42, Vars. Baseball '40, '41, Hall Patrol '41, '42. LLOYD, HAROLD, Lefty, Incl. Arts A. LOGAN, JAMES R., Russ, Acad.-Band '40, '41, Instrument Sergeant '42, Service Corps '41, '42, Soph. Football '39. MACCOLL, FAITH, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '43, Glee '40, '41, Orchestra '42, Italian '40, Operetta '40, RIADOLA, STEPHEN J., Jlaclola, Ind. Arts B. NIAFFEI, SIDNEY J., Majf, Acad. MCHUGH, ROBERT G., Mac, Acad.-Forum '42, '43, Jr. Historical '43, Tennis '41, '42 B4iCKEEX'ER, JESSIE B., Sec.-Philology '41, '42, School Store '42, '43. MELTON, JOSEPH T., Clziuk, Ind. Arts. NIILLS, JULIUS H.: .'llills,' Ind. Arts A- Football '41, '42, '43, Service Corps '42, '43. MORRIS, MARY E., Music-Glee '40, '41, '42, Jr. Historical '41, '42, Operetta Com, '42. BIOS-KOVVITZ, BENJAMINZ' Bennie, Sales- manship-Football '40, Ping Pong '41, '42, Woodcraft '41, Social Dancing '4l. EVIOSQUERA, RTAYRIONDQ Bobo, Acad. NUSBLATT. MORTON, Rcfl, Acad.-Tennis '41, '4Z. PAULINE, RUSSELL P., Incl. Arts A-Wood- craft '42, Plane Spotters '43. PRETTYMAN, RICHARD, Doctor, Acad.- Sec'y Photography '42, '43, Operetta '42, Hi-Y '42, RADICE, FRANK H., Smokey, Ind. Arts A -Vars. Soccer '41, '42, All-State Soc- cer '42, J. V. Basketball '41, '42. REED, WILLIAM E., Bill, Acad.-Hall Pa- trol Migr. '4', '42, '43, Service Corps '43. SAFRANKO, PETER V,, Kiugy, Ind. Arts A. SCHULTZ, VVILLIARI C., Baron, Acad. SILVER, IRVINGQ Smzslzine, Gen. Bus.-Spe- cial Service Corps '43, J. V. Basketball Mgr. '42, Hall Patrol '41, '42, '43. SOLON, JACK, Trigger, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '43, Service Corps '41, '42, Press Class '41 STRICKLAND, HERHAN F., Stricle, Fine Arts -Track '40, '41, '42. STUTZER, LEONARD, Ind. Arts B-Service Corps '42, '43, Bobashela '43, Football '41, Wrestling '4l. SULLIVAN, BETTY L., Brlff, Gen. Bus.- Skating '41. TANTURI. ROBERT I., Bob, Acad.-Shop Bowling '41, '42, '43. TEMPLE, NORMA, Acad.-Astronomy '43. TOME, VVILLIAM N., Bill, Acad.-Class Pres. '41, Executive Council '42, Treas. Forum '42, Treas. Jr. Historical '43, Nat'l Forensic '43, Debate '42, TYLER, LUN NIE , Music. NVOODRUFF, GEORGE H., Woody, Acad.- H. R. Treas, '42, Cross-Country '41, Track '42, Clionian '41, '42, '43. X'ARDLEY, JOHN H., Jark, Ind. Arts A. ZUPKO, NICIiOI.AS, Nick, Ind. Arts A. XVILLIAIIIS, ROSA NIAEQ Rosa, Acad. T97 Jim :fad will and J WE, the graduating class of 1943 of Trenton Central High School, being of soundf?j mind and body, and about to depart from these cherished halls, do, with malice aforethought, hereby bequeath our unique properties, traits, and what have you to the following and probably ungrateful heirs: To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To lvlr. Leefeldt and Mr. O'Brien: students who won't get into their hair. Miss Christie: worries, worries, worries, and worries. the boys: mirrors in the locker rooms. the junior girls: escorts to next year's prom. Mr. Hancock: a sound effects crew for his oral reading. the varsity football team: ironized yeast. the baseball and tennis teams: schedules. the next year's history classes: the problems in "The Problems of American Democracy." whoever will wear it: Domonic Azzarols zoot-suit. David Vine: a pair of stilts. Coach Tom lWurphy: candy cigarettes: theyire less harmful. Warren Nutt: Freddie Hatrakls nimble fingers. Marion Oliphant: Myrtle Birch's terpsichorean talents. Bert Portin: Carl Light's oratorical skill. Francis Mather: Ralph DlAmbrosio's managerial ability. Janet Lewis: Lucy Petrino's indefatigable industry. all the teachers: new jokes to tell their classes. Ann Adams: Olivia De Pastinals title of 'fall-aroundl' girl. Ray Febo: Andy Braytenbah's title of Hall-around" boy. 'fDoc'l Sabary or Mr. Lesslie: Mr. Cicollellals distinction of being the all "round" teacher. Trenton High School: the relief which it must feel at the thought that this class has gone forever from these portals. IN WITNESS VVHEREOF, we have designated the above as our Last Will and Tes- tament this seventh day of june in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty- three. YVe, the undersigned, having full knowledge of the validity of this document, have, at the request of the Class of 1943, hereunto affixed our nomenclatures. CLASS or 1943. lVilnessesZ 1. AVAILABLE JONES, 2. JOE BPHSPLCK, 3. lWlARGIE Cyou look just likej, 4. J. HOLLIS WOLLIS. l98l All life is activity and joy, the normal accompaniment of that activity. -Feuchtersleben. x 4 v I i lffijvw' Ivfl fleft to rightb-Alphonse Palermo, presi- dent. Inter-Club Council: Olivia De Pastina, secretary, Class of 1135 Dick Green, president, Presidents' Coun- cil: Claire Dooling. secretary, Presidents' Council: Lloyd Ritter, associate editor, Bohashela. Upper right Cleft to rifllith-Janice Falk, mistress of ceremonies, Sports Niteg Hugo Mariani, editor-in-chief, Bobashelag Marjorie Singer, secretary. Inter-Club Coun- cilg Carl Light, Radio Show executive committee. Lower Inf! Cleft to right!-listelle Palay, picture edi- tor, Bobashelag Marjorie Case, Black team captaing Bob VVestover. vice-president, Presidents' Council: Larry Kravet. vice-president, Inter-Club Council. Luzvcr right fleft to rightb-Bob Taylor, president, Forum Club: joe D'Aununzi0, president, Service Corps: Janice Berkowitz, club editor, Bobasliela: Doris Corn, assistant editor, Spectatorg Ralph D'Ambrosio, business manager, Bobasliela. l99l WMM Siu!! To find out what Trenton students are doing one has only to turn to the school page of the Trenton Times. This feature of the paper gives prospective journalists a chance to write for a daily newspaper. The news provides a means of informing the pub- lic of what goes on in Tren- tonis schools. IIOOI Jim mam! 514,24 nge Jwlfm gmfmf Jaya Sclwnl puaazwabm It Keeping the students of Trenton High informed is the job of the Spectator staff and its able senior and junior as- sistants. Publication of the Spectator constitutes one of the school's foremost projects. Each year the work of the staff is crowned by its winning the Nledalist award. Under the supervision of lblr. Mlorris B. Sanford, the Spectator staff members gain valuable experience. c6'nlmAlmla Sid!! XVith the help of his eleven editors Hugo collected, revised and edited the assignments written by the members of the Bobashela classes. Students in the c l a s s e s planned sample page layouts and filled these in with the actual size pictures and write- ups. From this Hdummvy' the entire book was planned and designed. Each member of the class had a certain job to ful- fill. 51011 Jim Wivnn .94 Qnwn Frank Fuccello, Joseph the butler, Al- phonse Palermo, George Correll, the traitor of the conquered people, Ed Reich, Captain Loft, Lionel VVishnev- sky, Captain Bentick, Robinson Tay- lor, Lieutenant Tonder, james Fitz-' charles, Lieutenant Prackcl, Richard Greene, Major Hunter, Fritz Lamont and Wesley Hopkins, soldiers and mem- bers of the Nazi forces, Phil Nloskowitz, Alex Morden, convicted assassin, Rich- ard Prettyman and Will Anders, escap- ing natives, Natalie Levy as lWadam Orden, wife of the Nlayor, Bernice Nitz- berg as Molly Morden, Wife of Alex, and Josephine Di Martino as the pep- pery maid, portrayed these parts con- vincingly. l103j mmm N a year in which many activities were curtailed, Sports Nite was not elimi- nated. Competition was especially keen this year because during the past eight years each team had won Sports Nite four times. The Black team, led by Nlar- jorie Case, emerged victorious over a never-say-die Red team, captained by Olivia De Pastina. The dancing, march- H061 ing, and races vvere prepared under the co-direction of student chairmen, their committees, and the physical education instructors. Costumes and decorations were prepared by girls under the super- vision of art and home economic instruc- tors. The throngs of spectators will long re- member the Black Novelty, 'lLady of Spain", Victory Exercises, "YVacs at Workwg Tap, HStar Spangled Rhythm", and Nlarching Theme, 'lArmy Air Corps", and also the Red's 'independ- ence Day"g Rhythmic Novelty, 4'VVinter VVonderland"g Victory Exercises, "Air Raid Drill", and Niarching Theme, "Stout Hearted Men." Non-competitive features included the Hlndian Legend," l'Americana," and "Armistice Revelryf' Sports Nite, With all its color, zest, ex- citement, and sportsmanship, has really become one of the great traditions of Trenton High School. tion lxlafz ONFRONTED With the fact that many students of Trenton Central High School would enter the armed forces after graduation, the school authorities inaugurated several new courses which will aid the pupils either in the armed services or in War plants. Semester courses in machines, elec- tricity, refresher math, radio code, air and marine navigation, and a full year's course in aeronautics attracted large numbers of students. Girls who were planning to enter War production plants took a semester sched- ule in physics, blue-print reading and drawing, and shop mathematics. A sheet metal course was offered for girls after school hours. S In addition to these school activities, various clubs offered their time in learn- ing first-aid, selling VVar Bonds and Stamps, and sending gifts to the men in the armed forces. H091 Jnuqlwuhq Jifwqfwn 171 flu 51101 Klum 11101 I Qfzwm HIS year the drives conducted in school were aimed to aid the nation's War effort. A purchase of a jeep Was the goal of the 'lB0nd Drive." lNlost gratify- ing was the response when bonds and stamps suflicient for fourteen-not one jeepfwere purchased. Soldiers and sailors of our nation need books for recreation during their free time. YVith this in mind, the Belles Let- tres Society set out to deliver to the armed forces one thousand books which they at- tained after a campaign of several Weeks. lllll K , Play up! Play up! and play the game -Henry Newbolt. SDLCM NDING the season with six yictories and no losses, Coach Dave VVeisherg's soccer team became the undeclared state champions. Led by Captain Teddy VViater and high-scoring George Carlton, the team increased its winning streak to fourteen straight wins. Soccer, like other sports, suffered because of transportation difficulties. The team could not show their skill against its former college and high First Rott' fleft to rightj-Prazencka. Graya, Elias, NViater, TCHQ T. c. H. , Hamilton .. ., 1T.H.5.2'ville Prep. ' Q 5 Kearny ...... , T. H, , . , Hamilton .... 3 T. H. S. o 'TH93 'l'.H. 5. 3 T H 9 ' school rivals. lnstead, rivals within short distance of Trenton furnished the opposition. Over a period of twelve years the team has won 102 games, tied eleven, and lost four. This record is unsurpassed by any other team in the state. This year Teddy Yviater, George Carlton, Earl Lambert, and "Smokey" Radice were named on the first all-state team, while the second team con- sisted of Henry Kollbecki, and "goalie" Toby Pon- tani. Radice, Holford. SFCUIZJ Ran'-hir. VVeisherg, coach, Pic-tras, Palejczyk, Pontani, Lambert, Carlton. A' limi jnanadom 121 Qchbn Img W Firxi Rau' Cleft to rightJ+IJ'.Xmbrosio. manage-rg Febo Remethz Buckley, Duristanti. Birkheafl. C. Groomes, Pennachi Peccl. ,Svrwiri Rott'--Stokes. Gross. H. liroomes. Szelcer, Cor- l owma, Jnnflzalf OUR wins, four losses and one tie was the record 3 y attained by this year's Tornadoes. With but three lettermen returning last fall, the coaches were confront-ed with the problem of molding an entirely new team. Coach Tom Nlurphy, aided by his corps of assistants, Pat Clemens, Ed lwurphy, and Bill Baxter, concentrated on the fundamentals of block- ing, tackling, and teamwork. Trenton opened its season with an impressive victory over the Morrisville eleven. After losing a heart breaker to Norristown the team doubled its efforts in the traditional Camden game and battled to a tie. The Tornadoes lost three games in a row to strong teams from Woodbridge, New Bruns- I l Norristown .. 3 Camden ...... 6 Collingswood 25 VVOod. Wfilson O Tren. Catholic 0 Morrisville O Woodbridge . 8: New Brun'ck.l9: Atlantic City 7- tina. Bernatli. Mcrshou. Rossi, manager. Third ROTL'+COHlmiHi, Domanski. Schroeder, Leili, Drolmeclq. Lipinski, "Tom" llurplley, Coach. wick, and Collingswood. Smashing back, the Tren- ton eleven defeated a fighting Atlantic City team. In the traditional thrilling Turkey Day tussle, Trenton beat Trenton Catholic in a hard-fought game. Trenton's backtield, although light, was the sur- prising spark in the Trenton team. Little Diamond Zuchetti sparked Trenton this year and was par- ticularly outstanding in the Turkey Day tussle. Competing the backfield were VValt Lee, John Pecci, Bill Nemeth, and Larry Leili. Trenton's linemen were always fighting for victory. In the Camden game the inspiring play of Bill Vernam, Ray Lincoln and Sam Cortina could not be over- looked. The work of the entire team, however, gave the fans many a thrill throughout the season. . . . I T. HS. 13 T. H. S. 6 T. H. S. K1 T. H. S. O T. H. S. 0 T. H. 6 T. H. S. ll T, H. S. ll? T. H. S20 I ll5l ship. ESPITE transportation diiiiculties and loss of promising new material, the track team, coached by "Pete" Nlorgan, -enjoyed a successful year. The team notched its first victory at the ex- pense of B. NI. I. Sam Cortina was impressive in taking Hrst place in both the discus and javelin events. In the Penn Relay Trenton had its last chance to win a national relay championship, but did take third place in the two-mile relay. The Red and Black returned to form when Trenton defeated a determined Lawrenceville Prep school team. The trackmen then beat Perth Amboy to win their third meet. Entering the Newark Board of Education meet, Trenton competed against many strong teams First Row tleft to riglitj---VYieger, llolmes, Tliomas, Gill, Thompson, Britton. Porcda, Bruther. Scfolzd Ron'--Osler, Mur- ray, Bishop, F. Fisher. XYootl, Groomes, Carmichael, Ray. 'I'Iii1'd B. lll. I., .235 Trenton, 9-l. Penn Relays: Trenton, third place--National Z-mile relay. Lawrenceville, 27: Trenton, 84. Perth .-Xmboy-Trenton. S t a t L- Relay Championship. Newark CBoard of Educationl, Trenton. Championship. Collingswootl-Trenton. S o u t h jersey Championship. Big Six-Trenton, Champion- but emerged with the championship. Two trackmen, Len Carmichael and Dick lVeiger, were outstand- ing in their running events. Big Al Smithls bril- liant running in the mile gave Trenton another first place. Captain Bob lVestover, leading the Red and Black trackmen this year. continued his brilliant running. Trenton next ran at the South Jersey Group lV meet at Collingswood. Combining excel- lent running and outstanding field events, Trenton brought home another championship. Entering the Big Six meet, Trenton won, having 216 points more than New Brunswick. Breaking the old state record, VValt Anthiel set a new record of 180' 9" to become the new state champ. Rtmefli. Fisher, VVestover. captaing Smith, Cortina, Bannister, Lincoln. Davis. Graham, Ceacli Morgan. 41161 I First Rota' Cleft to rightj-Osler. Poretla, Smith, Iero. Dews. I Secmid R07vfM'. Morgan, coachg Britten. Tnnstal, Rascr, Mui'- ffzou -Lbunflzq ETTING the pace to retain their hold on the State and National Cross-Country Champion- ships, the T. H. S. harriers, led by Captain Al Smith, have successfully closed what may be the last campaign for the duration. Besides golf, cross-country is the only sport in which the low scorer wins. This sport not only de- velops quarter and half-mile runners for its brother sport, track, but also plays an important part in the building of general endurance which every schoolboy will need in the armed forces. Despite an abbreviated campaign, the lllorgan- ites boast an undefeated season, whipping the Princeton V., 16-435 Peddie by the same score .1-.ef , Eaiklizifftlet We 'ffii - 1 T e.g.fa,:Qff5 :3 .55 yr W t f , gf S22-azsslzlwfffsim-'L ' .ww-'R+ f- ., giigzizf Q Q, Pecldie, 15: T. H. S., 40. ' A T f Princeton junior Varsity. 153 fi Lg, 713 T. H. 40. N V 4 ,S 5 State Meet: T. H. S., 38 flstl Nationals: T. H, S.. 68 flstl ray, Znccarello, manager, and, for the second consecutive time, capturing both the State and National Championships. Ed Raser was the first of Pete Morgan's proteges to cross the finish line in the State meet, which Trenton won by the wide margin of 85 points. ln the National event, however, the T. H. S. globe trotters eked out a win over Nott Terrace High of Schenectady by the narrow margin of 12 points. Ben Richard- son wore the laurels as the first Trenton man to complete the ZZ-mile run. This contest, which took place on the Seton Hall College campus on Thanksgiving Day, included a host of 35 teams' or a total of 235 individual run- ners. With the New-ark Star Ledger trophy in the hands of the Tornadoes once more, Coach Morgan again found his boys "the nation's best." Lim out another spirited basketball squad. The lack New Brnnsck 36 Perth Amboy 43 Camden ..... 40 Tr'n Catholic 30 Hamilton .,.. 35 Asbury Park. 31 Camden ..... 18 New Bruns'ck19 Perth Amboy 38 Tr'n Catholic 20 Hamilton . . . 25 Asbury Park. 29 U. of P. Fr'sh 33 Uwwlg a8aalar.t6all HIS year Coach LeRoy f'Red'l Smith turned XV. New Yo'k 30, of height and experience of previous teams handi- capped the Trenton dribblers at first, but working patiently with the team, Coach Smith was able to mould a formidable five. The team was built around the only remaining first stringer from 1942, Captain John Perry. With him Trenton fans found a fa- miliar name. that of forward Vinnie Frascella. Paired with Perry at guard was the capable reserve from last year, Adrian "Accel, lN1oore. In the fore- court was Everett VVood, who set a fast scoring pace in the second half of the season. The impor- tant pivot slot was filled by speedy Nlel Groomes First Row fleft to rightj-Olinsky, YVoofl. Frascella. Perry, Groomes, Moore, Rossi. Scmazd I601vfMr. Smith, coach, Mr. T. H. 24 T. H. 32 T. H. 30 T. H. S. 39 T. H. S. ZZ T. H. S. 29 T. H. S. 41 T. H. S. 38 T. H. S. ZS T, H. S. 36 T.H. S.30 T. H. -11 T. H. S. 33 T. H. S. 33 who, along with VVood, was selected on the N. J. All-State second team. Supporting the first live were such capable reserves as Bob'O1insky, Alf Rossi, and George Carlton. Although beaten by Trenton Catholic, 3022, for the hrst time in three years, Trenton came back in the second tilt to down the Golden VVave, 30-20, for the mythical city crown. Having now' found themselves, the Red and Black came through with impressive victories over Atlantic City and Camden, to win the South Jersey title. The state semiefin-als found a powerful Trenton team crushing a highly- touted Passaic quintet, 56-36, but the Tornadoes lost a heart-breaker to their jinx team, Asbury Park, in a thrilling 38-37 overtime tilt. Baxter. assistant coach, Rarlice, Rogoff, Blumenthal, Crea, Carl- ton. Schroeder. manager, Popkin. 1'1121l1HgC1'. img A Firzvf Rau' fleft to riglitl-Turner. Sullivan, Scott, Homa, l'lynn. Hartshorne, Sanczel, Allen. XYaters, Gordon, Marsala. a5'n4A'5w' f' Jeam ,OMPLETING a very successful season with four victories and two defeats, the Red and Black mermen won their second consecutive National Swimming Championship. Trenton opened the sea- son with a convincing victory over the Alumni, but suffered defeat by the strong Lawrenceville and Princeton V. teams. Returning to the win col- umn, Trenton registered its second victory against Columbia Freshmen, and gained sweet revenge against Lawrenceville in a return engagement. Peddie was next on Trenton's victory list. Captain of the Reds in '43 was HRed" Hough, Alumni . . . .. Lawrenceville 11201 l.awrenceville 34 Princeton j.V. 40 Columbia Fr. 17 Peddie ...... 27 Second Rott'-Gill. Michalik. Cook. Andreas. Neuscliae-fer, Pan- dak, joseplison. Jacobson. Brecko. Dressner. manager. whose brilliant swimming reached its peak when he took second in the 50-yard freestyle in the Na- tionals. Placing second only to All-American De Forrest in the 200 was free-styler Ed Brecko, who shared the free-style honors with Captain Hough. ln the difficult breaststrolce, John Pandak cli- maxed a successful season by swimming on the 200- yard relay team, which placed first in the Nationals. Joe Flynn, star diver, who this year won the natlonal diving championship, was one of the out- standing stars of the team. Backstroker John Allan placed second in the 100- yard backstroke in the Nationals. Coach Neuschafer holds great promise for Allan, who is only a junior. ! T.H.S.-11 T. H. S. 32 T. H. S.25 T. H. S.-19 T. H. S. 45 T.H. S39 Meet : 917rl4'.5w' ' Jmm N your markl "Bangli' And the girls' varsity swimming team splashed off to another vic- torious season under their coach, Mrs. Anne Grifhths. Despite the curtailed schedule, the girls made a fine showing at the National Interscholastic lVIeet held at the Broadwood Athletic Club in Phila- delphia. At that time the team won not only the National title for the third time, with a score of 70 points, but several individual ribbons. Under Captain Florence Hilton and Co-Captain lVIarion Petrino, the girls maintained a strict train- First Razz' fleft to rightl-Yinch, Petrino, Firth. Hilton, Trunko, Cornish, Loring. Schlesinger. Sammi Ron'-Farnell. A. A. U, Junior State Cham- pionship. National Inter-Scholastic Trenton High School 70 George School ...... 53 ing program which consisted of work with flutter boards and tubes to perfect their stroke and timing. Timing is one of the most important items on the training program, as a, meet may be won or lost by just one second. The girls were timed at each after- school practice to see what improvement had been made. Some of the best times of the year were made by Captain Florence Hilton, Co-Captain Marion Pet- rino, Jane Fabian, Dolores Weston, Blary Vinch, Josephine Firth, Gloria Hill, and Molly' Wh5'te, a newcomer to the team. The diving points were well taken care of by our three outstanding divers, Dot Cornish, Kay Kawka, and lVIilidred Regalon. managerg VVeston, Itzcowitz, Farnham, Hill, VVhyte, Sullivan, Richter. ll2lI V First Roto fleft to rightliClark. Doan, Fasanella, Ponto- riero. managerg Francimore, Jones. Giallella, Suro. S!'t"UllI' Keira Mr. Brown, coach, Commini, Ferrare, Lore, W'right, Floyd, Q. IZ Jnntball . The season of '42 found a combination of bl. V. and sophomore football teams. Junior varsity, 'fthe seed of the varsity," proved themselves Well worthy by the advancement of several key players to the varsity team. For the drudgery of constant pra.c- tice, exercise and scrimmage, the Vfs had the satisfaction of a fairly successful season. Lack of transportation caused a curtailment of 3. a awww OACHED by lVilliam Baxter, the Trenton J. Vfs opened their season which, despite transportation difficulties, proved to be highly suc- cessful. The Red and Black quartetlost only one game, that to a strong Trenton Catholic team late in the season. The Trenton High five started the season with 4,Left to rightjw-Linder, Poplcin. Pollaro. Pauline. .Xl'IT!El'lll, Chamlwranis, Jamrnal, "Cap" Lowmlen, coach. Third Roto--Marv shall. Snyder, C. Lee. R. Lee, lialanclcc, Sanford. Blcfoy, Guidici. the scheduled games, and necessitated the playing of local, privately sponsored teams along with the regular games. Backheld coach, 'lCap" Lowden," and line mentor, John Brown, who continually pro- duce excellent varsity material, advanced their boys rapidly into well polished players. Four wins and three losses marked the end of a colorful season. The J. V. football team has devel- oped into varsity material through the experience gained. victories over strong teams from Hamilton, Bond A. A., Trenton Catholic, and Peddie. The Trenton High team again encountered Peddie and Hamilton and emerged victorious. The Vfs played Trenton Catholic away and lost a hard-fought game. Led by Captain Paul Crea, the team's fast break and stellar defense enabled it to compile one of its outstanding records. The 1942-43 J. V.'s developed a number of likely prospects for varsity competition next year. Rickles. l 12271 Club r And a broken laugh, and a thousand memories, and not a single regret. -Edgar Lee Masters. First Rare' fleft to rightj-Merz. Hirst, Ilemslev, Reese, VValton, Lowden, Mathewson, Pedrick, Richards, Dayton, Snoolc. president: Mr. Bolge, sponsorg Dodds, secretaryg VVoolSt-on. T11if'1i1R01a"--P1'aSsas, Gordon. Blokmg, Hermann, C,-ordon, Joseph- treasurerg Lewis. Pulone. SUcoud Rofzi--Fulper, Potts. Cornish, son. buvalsky. Palat, Willets, Silverstein. 6121124 HE honor of being the oldest club in Trenton High School goes to the Belles Lettres Society. It is unique also in the fact that it is the only literary organization in the school. As such, Belles Lettres has always led the way in offering encouragement and inspiration to those of its members and the student body who possess literary talent. In its meetings the members enjoyed discussions and presentations of various types of literature. Despite its full program, the society found time for other activities. The annual dance, known this year as the 'fWar Stamp Stomp," was one of the highlights of the season. Its drive for books for service men was also an outstanding achievement, as a result of which the society 5 N secured 750 volumes from the pupils and faculty. O A hard-Working corps of ofiicers, composed of Bernard Reese, president, Fralia Hancock, vice-presi- dentg Geraldine Dodds, secretary, and Virginia VVool- ston, treasurer, succeeded in leading the Belles Lettres to one of its most profitable years. -Yer 11241 First Row Cleft to riglitb-Cooper, Kohn. Piekielnialc, presi- trogiovauni, Miller, Hawkswortli, Nelson, Hanauer. Tliird Roivf lentg Mr. Diamond, 5110115011 Arthur, secretary, lialish. ireas- Millner, Campopiano, Entiu, Rein, Rogoff, Simon. irerg Lloyd, Dowdell, lilrler. Second Rozv4Sn1itl1, Funari. Mas- - e s Enya' ' Klub RGANIZED in the old Trenton High School building in l9Z2, the Boys' Science Club was founded for the purpose of promoting the interests of boys who enjoyed working in the field of science. From such clubs through- out the nation have come many of our present-day physi- cists and chemists. Recognizing that the world outside school walls is important, the club, sponsored by Constantine M. Dia- mond, participated in a number of worthwhile under- takings. The chief project was the adopting of three wards in the Tilton General Hospital in Fort Dix, New Jersey, in conjunction with the Girls' Science Club. A Christmas party was given for the wounded soldiers from Bataan and the Solomon Islands. Each month a commit- tee went to the hospital with food, cigarettes, and other gifts for the injured men. The highlight of the year was the presentation of the annual Boys' Science Club show. To the list of former accomplishments there was added a feature to this year's show, a demonstration of a self-propelled rocketship, supplemented by an explanation of the boy's theory of rocket flight. The operation of the organ was given again this year. Another attraction was a wind tunnel con- structed by the boys. VVith the aid of the wind tunnel various principles of airplane flight and control were presented. Included in their club activities was a dinner-dance with the Girls' Science Club held in the Community Room. The boys were active in bowling, debating and won the inter-club basketball championship. ll25l First Rozeufleft to rightj-Tliaclcara..Hale,'treasurer, Lip- Coutier, Olmstead, Schwartz, Phillips, Goldstein, Jordan, Callan. shutz, vice-president, Ixearris, president, Pennelli, corresponding Tlzird Rott-Johnston, Lore, Unsworth, Hutchinson, Hunter. secretary, Ixurpas, recording secretary, Alby. Second Rvw- N order to promote an interest in the various phases of the motion picture industry, the Cinematography 'Club was organized in 1938. Under the leadership of lyliss Eleanor M. Ingoldsby, the club enlarged its interests to include the following aims: to acquaint its members, the school, and the gen- eral pu'blic with the many phases of motion pictures and their associated arts, to arouse an interest in the cultural and educational aspects of better films, and to write, pro- duce, and photograph an original play each year. Since the club's organization, a complete history film has been made of its activities. These club history Hlms cover activities such as New York theatre trips, visits to museums and motion picture houses and places of inter- est connected with the motion picture industry in New York, pictures of actual work during club periods, which consisted of publishing Film Fare, the bi-monthly maga- zine, which had a circulation of four thousand subscriptions, the filming of the cast, -on the set, while producing its yearly film, teas given to the faculty and outstanding people connected with the motion picture industry, picnics, and the club initiation. The Columbia Picture Corporation bestowed a distinguished honor on the club. Mr. Hal Hody, vice-president of this corporation, presented to the Cinematography Club the original script of HOur Wives," as an acknowledgment of its splendid work in publishing Film Fare. At that time the Film Fare was awarded first prize at the National Convention of Finer Films Boa rd. l 126 fl First Row fleft to rightj-Dugan, Pryor, Clark, treasurerg Horner, presidentg Miss. Meagher, sponsor, Gabel, vice-presi- dent: Tilton, Rochforrl. Ballard. Second Rau--Smith, james, Tlzirzi Ron'-fNash, Falk, Salz, Eldridge, Braytenbali, Roumanis, YVoodruff, Barlow, Horner. Fazlrflz Ratt'-Goodman, Floyd, W'ood. XXYHTYEXI. Holcombe. Ilornyak, Di Louie, Lamont, Man- Hirsli. Taylor, Reed, Brizell, Mohr. Egan. Davis, Hill, xvllllli. ning. f 'ff f- -' 1 ' - ' 4- .--'--. .. ,Zvi ,." ,-,gy -1-,A A. -1f,xLf:,:1,4i:c Zi.. ,ah , , ,a dv -1 uh, if l ,' A .. - 4. '?3 751441 - . ---...f., 'aft w V '14 'I fr 21. uv-,.yq,v 1' 'Ca sr M' if 15.21 F 110- T,,Zg1'f?'yfii W J A' '21 4, aff! 1 vt Th-l",r"1 .. :Jax ,rfb ,, ,Ls ,rv I All-' 15 A ,,, 122 .Q 1-if f -A javlzdsk . ki, "",-V-fmt -J' '- Sn 'CNYH-'T ng' 'J f' 1' if' f Nvt- . .1 1' 'Ji -i,f:2,4,.,3,'f'f9v?.kfG1eQ,. -3 Y I ,gg I-if-j.-gf.: .-f TJ -s ,A ',5 , 5 .4 - X wftfffrbfi, is " M s , if . , e 'f' ,H "i-ji - r 'Te " 5? 0 ,, gf 'U " a s 7 ,' I, . 1' 1 . Ez' , ui 4 i il in 3 X 4 -4. t . ' J-Lv, I ' ,V fm" l l"' 4 'T-"6" if -ff H-V., 1 l' 1-44-F 13, xr- ' " f. lam , , ta,,,,,,3,' -' -- l ' -f,t'Q.1,, X j I .',f:4,- . , ,U n . 5' T:-31125 3 ,117 ' .-,w:ff:? '14 5. M, Qoo, LLL, HM quota of fun for Clionians. 5 f I O I Immun Scania, NE of the most active clubs in aiding the War effort, the Clionian Society, under the supervision of Miss Mary lyfeagher, interested itself in the Welfare of sol- diers in the Tilton Hospital at Fort Dix. To brighten the lives of these men, the society each month sent packages containing cigarettes, home-made cookies, magazines and puzzles. The society is helping to uphold the morale of former Clionians now in the armed forces by correspond- ing with them. Socially, the Clionian had an excellent season. Skat- ing parties were staged by the members in November and March. Breaking a club tradition because of the present war-situation, the annual reunion held in December, was informal. The 'fCliomaniac," club newspaper, which first ap- peared in 1928 and which since that time has been embar- rassing members with bits of gossip, provided its usual Underlying all this varied activity Was, of course, the purpose of the club--inter est in current affairs and outstanding personalities, and the development of indi- vidual poise. The ollicers for the year 1942-43 were Jack Horner, president, Anne Gabel, vice- president, Edria Tilton, secretary, and Bob Clark, treasurer. ll27l First Rott' Qleft to rightj-Racz, Amadio, Gervasi, vice-presi- Lueidi, Mengliini, Sahatini, Angle, Sabo. Third RvwfFueccll clcntg Douglas, iresidentg Mr Deal smonsor Sh secretai U'-Xmbr sio N011 Xsh I Cox t D ' 1 . , 1 g a 0, - 'yg l o , ad, A : , .e 1711 e, emto. Buzek. Falelii, Csanyi. ,5't'coud R01L'AIIlgf8m, Menghini, Caplan, fn Klub NE of the four oldest clubs of Trenton High School is the Commerce Club. It was organized in 1924 by Don T. Deal, head of the commercial education depart- ment with the assistance of Dr. Paul Loser, then vice- ,f principal, andgM r. VValter O. Lochner, executive secre- tary of the Trenton Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the club is to have an opportunity to learn more about the problems of the business world, and to promote cooperation and friendship among commer- cial students. The members of the club are all honor stu- dents. aaa Several business executives of the alumni of the school spoke to the club members this year concerning the problems of the business World. At several meetings there were also discussions of oflice procedures in the Army, Navy, and Nlarines. The sale of programs at the Thanksgiving Day football game was another successful activity of the club. Annual contests covering the subjects of bookkeeping, law, economics, typing, science, mathematics, geography, current events, and business ethics, are conducted by the club to determine the outstanding boy and girl in this school in the commercial Held. VVar-time conditions did not detract from the spirit or activities of the mem- bers, although they Were forced to forego any plans for trips to places that had pre- viously been visited by the club. I 1281 First Row Cleft to rightj-Hoffman, Cohn, Perry, secretary, VVieczkowska, Ranto. Habas, Matelena, Lewis, Kwoka, Sutak, Dooling, pnesidentg Miss Foster, sponsorg Arnold, vice-president, Patrick, Miller, Amato. Nevius, treasurerg Croasdale, MacDonough. Second Row- ,.:f.fs"j.f 1. if ,,-!g-- ,Q l- . t. t , -xf':' ' - .1 ,nf x 3 g2g.u:'j'1.ff,1f-v .s 5' 3 ,- I 'l ,ib i :rv 1 J ,' ' . ,"'.,,- 3 Q ,':.-'f5'.f,-in ' ,eff . : 25 4 , 2 3 '..'fli" ' .Z 3.21 :"7 ... " ".Jli1f'1'l 1 . l Y b ' A aff" ,q,I'If, ' 1'v-,-f2:'.ll'fi l t 54+ if ' -f-1.3 Clif' 'YM A. ' :fi-':U'C5'f.1. MQL. J .t ,, Yffaa " I '52 E3':iCS3?.?Y 2 -lfigzgiifzi i . my s-f5g'?'fe"- ti, X . 1- 1721-:?-2-1:12. . P. 1 .1 "D13lLf-1'fN:- ' 11 ' "if: 1'-Evffif' 2 - 2. rw- .tr-f 2-'zfettta l' .5-1 -wgfw' . 8 Q - ' ',f,:z'1-.L-1 52 221 ' .7 . isis. ,iff - wg ,14:,s:2fs54.:.' iq. 1, L15 4. '5.g5.g.g.g 1. 32'-. . :,- -V 11-,,-1, x,:.,g.-riyizig F" 1: gg 1:.. . 'xiii-1af','t:. . 5 ', fjfilql ' rggf-1','.. 5 - wr if sf L W 154- r .l e " V ' 22, wig, tl .5 gkr:.v,,f5ifxg,'2i 5 4' ,' " A 1.3 12-,Af 4-.5 4 , 1 5.. 4-f 1, ec? 'hiffffaa - . 9'--' ..:: v. .ar- 1'ii'?3-55 r' Q wp- ' X .l ...-.,1:.',-'--.'-'7'-wit L., - , ., ..,..-. ...U ....... . .. Q, 60 61116 ITHOUT the aid of the Costume Club it would be a very difficult problem to make the costumes for the senior play, Sports, Nite, and auditorium programs. Organized by Miss Hanna Hoster in l934, the Costume Club endeavors to create an interest in costuming for theatrical productions and commercial designing. Membership is limited to thirty students, and only those receiving honor grades in sewing are accepted. Each year the club sponsors a Fashion Show, which is eagerly awaited by every girl in school. At this exhi- bition, the members of the sewing classes present their best looking garments made in the various classes under the supervision. of Misses Viola Moss, Clara Ellsworth, Helen Bradshaw, and Hanna Foster. In preparation for the Fashion Show, the participating students are in- structed about the fundamentals of posture by lNIiss Mar- garet Smock, physical education teacher. In recent years the members have been working on a costume book. Designs of clothing worn in the various countries of the world are added to the book annually. This year, with war-time priorities on clothing, found the students in urgent need of information about the making, altering and caring of clothes. The Costume Club successfully offered this knowledge to anyone that was interested. Social life is no small part of the club's many activities. Luncheons and teas are held on various occasions throughout the year, concluding with a picnic at the sea- shore. 11291 First Ron' Cleft to rightj-Hartman, Davey, treasufefg witz, Cominsky Lavine, Cook, B. Muir, Breunileck, Braily, M. Lenox. presirlentg Miss Dill5n, sponsorg G. Itzcowitz, vice Luria. Third Row-Hughes, Muir, Reich, Fitzgerald, M05. presidlentg La Carty. secretaryg Bincli. Second Rozvgk. Itzco- cowitz, Pluta, Schaeffer, Swain, Solon. OUR years ago Miss Elizabeth Dillon, present sponsor of the Drama and Radio Club, helped to organize this club in order to promoted interest in drama and radio Work. Former members of the club who have begun promising careers both on the stage and in radio point to the achievement of this goal. This year has been a busy one. The club presented community plays and six programs in the auditorium, and sponsored the annual humorous as Well as the dra- matic monologue contests. In addition, members made collections of records, magazines, scrapbooks, and sol- diers' kits. In the creative field they Wrote play scripts for the N. J. State Nurses' Association, and also wrote and enacted radio skits for the T. H. S. radio program. VVith proceeds from a production entitled HBats In the Belfryf' the Drama and Radio Club organized the T. H. S. Speech Clinic. This project now owns a record- ing machine and a large collection of records. The club is closely allied to the National Thespian club's former members are now in this national society. ll30l -2' fffllli Honor Societyg many of the First Kurs' Qleft to rightj-Szasz. Notaro, secretary, Cod- Barner, Perlingiero, Fernicola, NVooge. Rorro, Sabnt. Third eroni, presideutg Mr. Burdick, Sponsorg Dudeck, vice-presiflentg Rou'WLiLlsky, Marcus, Tuesday, Blanzer, XelS0n. Fonrtli Rawh- Dmkins, trcasurerg Ixerekes. Second R0zi'fGrat'f, Sahatucci, Andrews. Moluar. XYriglit, Smith. .Klub S someone inquiring into the origin and mysterious background of the great-grandfather of Trenton High School's up and coming Euclidean Club? Euclid, the high potentate and patron of our modern- day society, worked wonderful marvels with straight, parallel, and intersecting lines. His science, otherwise known as geometry, gave food for thought to many bud- ding mathematicians among us. . lr, Unusual, indeed, is the revelation that the society is ' not organized until the end of the first rating period!-at which time new members are enlisted from the various plane geometry classes of the school. Only those who hold honor ratings in geometry are entitled to become members and thus grow so well acquainted with the sub- ject and its complexities. Guided by Emerson H. Burdick and presided over by President Theresa Cod- eroni, some of the members of the society allot their time to helping rid fellow club- members of weaknesses. The chief aim of the Euclidean Club, however, is to take apart and solve difficult geometrical problems-to which purpose they are most earn- estly devoted. Aiding the president in carrying on the business of the club are Dor- othy Dudeck, vice-president, Antoinette Notaro, secretary, and Antoinette Fernicola, Inter-Club Council member. 11311 A .-1 - ,,.1t., ., . . . , . First Row Cleft to rightj-Palermo, Messerschmidt, Maruca, Ertel,.treasurer, Hough. secretary, Massaro, vice-presidentg Taylor, president, Mr.. Kleinfelter, sponsor, Light, D'Annunzio, Rossi, Vine, Glasco, VVaters.' Second Row:-Levy. Steinmetz, Napolitano, Mauer, Moore, Purcelli. Benner, VVeinstein, R. Walters. Suppers, Proctor, Venanzi, Berrihardt, McHugh. Third Rott'-Bradley, Tome, Hillegass, Petrino, Schlottenmier, XVilson, Schoentlialer, Moore, Sanford, Vitteritto. Fitzcharles. Fourth Row-Dolton, Millstein, Kelly, Iammal, Voorhees, VV. VValters, Davis, Thorne, Mariani. Fifth Row-Meara, Hollendonrier. Mul- holland,.Green, Isitoro, B. Fischer, Greco, Osler, Loser, Raser, Razzel. Siirh Row-Eberly, Fessler, Neuschaefer. Schek, Febo, Portin, Hopkins, Mather, Michael, F. Fischer, Rogers, XYestover. 1 4 JDJULDI Klub t y ,- ., - i A Elf .NOVVING- that every citizen has a duty to perform in x x-Jw A1- I P. such times as these, Forum set outearly in the fall f 'ig Ap,, ef' to fulfill this obligation. As its contribution to the war effort, Forum, working in conjunction with the junior and 'elementary schools, successfully organized and con- ducted the city-wide scrap drive. Through discussions band debates the club kept itself f-l informed of issues either political or national in nature. 'fi ,,.,p The speakers engaged by Forum were: Lieutenant it Colonel Armand E. Salmon, Department Director of jj -,-' the New Jersey Motor Fuel Tax Division, Manior Ed- ward Lewis, Jr., Department Director of the New Jer- sey Selective Service, and Liaison Ofiicer Andrew , ,,, 1 321 Dutch, gunner in the Marine Air Corps. fi'T"W" The American Oratorical Contest was sponsored, as .',' !' E'1lg?f in previous years, by the Forum Club. Carl Light, a member of the club, by means of his outstanding oration on "Youth, Yesterday and Todayfl entered the finals of the State Contest after he had .received the city, county, and sectional awards. In December the formal reunion took place at the Stacy-Trent Hotel. So that the parents of the present members might become better acquainted, the traditional Father and Son Banquet was arranged. The social life of the Forum Club was ter- minated by the informal dance in the Community Room. H321 .First Row Cleft to rightj-McGinley, Clendiuning, Stapler, treasurer: Colvey. Second- Row-Biesieda, Mintz. Minclier, presideiitg illr. Ixelsey. sponsorg Schmidt, secretary, Neary, Potkay, Houeycutt, Marrow, Gertsnicker, Barnegn Jim.-h gm EED an international. language ,be eclipsed just be- cause its country is temporarily under military ag- gression? , Q U , ' UCertainly not," declare the members of the HLes Intimesfl French Club, 'sponsored by'john F. Kelsey. They earnestly-believe that the spirit of France will live forever. ' ' The programs of the club were designed not only to encourage mastery of the language but to acquaint the members with the customs and habits of the people. Speakers who addressed meetings of the club did much it to make the sessionsenjoyable and profitable. In addi- " tion, war Work has helped many clubperiods pajsstpleas- antly and has given them an assurance of aiding inithe united effort. - - . ' 1 T' '-'-""""'Jiii5wi'iii F Those who assisted hir. J. F. Kelsey in keeping the club in the limelight throughout the year were: Alfred Stapler, president, Audrie Marqtiette, vice-presidentg Ruth Schmidt, secretaryg and Roberta Neary, treasurer. " H331 First Raw Cleft to rightj-Di Fillippo, Porte, Ludwig, -Simon, Kravitz, Malcoff, Lynn, Hayes, Green, Kunis, De R 'd M' S' D Pastin S l M ' t TIA d R P la Burtis Berkowitz treasurerg omeo, presi ent, iss imon, sponsorg empsey, a, aup, ais o. xzr ow- a y, V . vice-presidentg Lavmtlial, sc-cretaryg Martin, Byer. .Second Row Lanmng, Arnold, Byer, Borden, Etz. Ryba, Giordano. a14"51ui CHEMICAL reaction took place at every meeting of the Girls' Science Club, sponsored by Miss Sylvia Simon. The girls were in and out of activities, starting their year off with a trip to the Franklin Institute and the Planetarium in Philadelphia. Allied with the Boys' Science Club, the girls provided three Wards, accom- modating ninety soldiers at the Tilton Memorial Hos- pital, Fort Dix, with refreshments, handkerchiefs, shav- ing creams and lotions, writing paper, games, and other small personal items for the recreation halls. This project, started during the Christmas holidays, was car- ried on every month. Besides doing this good deed monthly, the members contributed their share to the War effort by spending at least one hour a Week rolling bandages at the Old Bar- racks. Many of the girls knitted sweaters for the men in the service. On the lighter side during their club meetings, the , . lm 4:f?3i5P.1 V '5tn,,Q'-' ,,, s f22fwiET":x' fg13 4 fl VH .N 9' fiiffiiift - f7,VflT-.VL-Af-Z'i'?4'.' A f tiff' le i".-fy 'K ni: nfiffilif ei?i?If2afhifl2?mapi. lf F Ee? ggjgzan,-,.,,:,53l-KV - ,Y ,:, .1,Va 1ir,j.,?:,::i:r if V,-:Law-. J. ' i"r"e V Qaiaia-5312 - " l" 'ii,rf-get V. .1 1 MIS'-fi??.i'3'. fxbilfff- -aft VJ, 'mf'1,-V-'-.1-"cfm '-1034? V A -i .. Ya L if-'srblu 1 .Vg at-if 5.1 6 V . , 5 ,fE X. V .. 1. af- , , 5 .-...,. ,. 1- M7-'+ .g il at . ' - . 1 gy 1 1. is 2- .A 3 , ' e y 1 -'LEM .? .,a, ,, , SH. Y--i ,- ,.. .. .,-. 3,2 1 4, h . bln, 557,10 RT .3Hi:.a ' " 2- fgggsw if in Via! l"v:: if ,341 az'--rim s , J ,Q V- x ,39 :'i5i3SEV Q wa - . ..t -, ' .V X 1 ,. -" '.' ff- 4 1':,i,a, ' ,ff - ' 'f' 421.5 ff -3 :pcm-M ,V sw W - wr at 1,-'41v5:?'a. 11 F fri Q? "'- 'Aga' 5. L' V-5135, fag, . 1, . an 3, M Y--A ,- 1, ,gg '?'1.." . ya s -A .. V r 5- V ,fr p 1"1-14.3. 1:.,1 .V , -4. -t, - , , , sg ,ffl ,' tgeg .V Cy A 5. -i. aw, .-if-' r.,id.A'3' -5 ' fifgiils' '1f'5f,"' if -.' ...Tm P ip Q 3 43-. V V, 15.34. if-' -5 ,-5 '-an , hi .gig J.-1-e.-af. -f-I ip' agwaff ' A -'pkg' , Zia t- -Q.. V 'gfr E W :af ., zeqifff 19742. v Q- 7' f1:i'i':' '-if , V1 1' .L 'f.,':"X E 337,-iv-'V a:1'1:L.,Z3- it - fu- 4 -'11'-Q"-V:R'-- ' 33 ' 'g'5.ae3 - a1:u.s,.::f-4 v ,,.:V-1. ,F :fax-af. .'V t 'Y"'i"i 51-.Lf4f'1-1 "7"-' ' 5' V'l'ixf. ' 3f"1's1 14 pfsff-' ,L ffA"'t Ht. Sw. " ' PV ' life T:ff'V?'ff:"."i V - A V 'K :Tr-""' Je: .a . J- . -'-'fr1J.e4L ' -, Q ,-,-,g?,7,1-L-- : s. ' my ,N- 14 Q -jeu-.. 29' -42:31 f . ' ii.?i,,,V..,i-sf.-A V so 3 H .,, , --' fff..-,L-H rs- .1.V.,,,fw,., 5 , '45 V V f WL.: --.,:..:.w.-'-:mfdSevHsONl,45 Hscientistsn blew glass, tested materials and dabbled in numerous scientihc affairs. In April, in conjunction with the Boys' Science Club, they sponsored a buffet supper and dance to which each member invited a guest. I 134 I 5 First Raw tleft to riglitjglloneycutt, VYrigl1t, secretary Light, Lucicli. D'.Xnnnnzio, vice-president, Mr. Honeycutt. sponi sorg Green. president, Tilton, Matthexrson. Mzissaro. treasnrei' De Pastina, VVorley, Second Rot:-!RylJa, Coleman, Swain, Ilen derson, Green, Petrino, Romeo, Gervasi, llartmann, Lenox J. Davids, Ertel, Pulone. Lewis, Prior. Vine, Palazzo. Tlrirf RazL'fCabel. Stapler, Davey, XYishnevsl:v. liachtlorian, Metz, Cornish, Cominslcy, Levine, Fischer, llill, Amadio, l.,aCznty, i ,.,. ,. Corn. Lavinthal, Fuld, Mather, Fnzfrtli Roto-Raser. Portin, Taylor, Slippers, Kearns. Bartlett, Lynn, Kohn, Gardner. Egan, Zanarlski. Fiffli R0u'fRraytenbali, Rogers. Rogoff. Loser, Roche, Feiler, Douglas, Edwards, Dodds. Mcfioogan, Pinto, Lanning, Muir. Si.rfl1 Roto-Campopiano. Smith. Hermann, Mariaui, Schlottenmier, Nelson, Lamont, Arthur. Rossi, Fischer. Kal:- owslcy, Funari. Srfriiflz Rifft'fXVestover. liravet, Harney. Sim- onoxritz, Marlz. .Xbrams. W ., HJ.. Et-.L HEN the Trenton Central High School Chapter of the National Honor Society received its charter as wx -,l Nominees selected were this ceremony the nominee the form of printed script. in 1926, there were five hundred chapters in the United States and in the foreign countries. NOW there are more than two thousand chapters with one hundred fifty thou- sand boys and girls of high school age coming under its influence every year. Nlembership in the National Honor Society, the "Phi Beta Kappa" of high schools, represents the highest honor bestowed upon a member of our high school. The applicants are judged on the standard of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Now more than ever our nation needs citizens with ability and leadership. Every member of the faculty and student body is free to make nominations to a special com- mittee, headed by Julian B. Honeycutt, which decides upon the applicants who represent the qualities pre- scribed by the committee. initiated in a ceremony held before the student body. At received a verification of his acceptance in the society in The activities of the society have included installing other chapters in New Jersey, conducting state conventions, meetings during and after school hours and installation programs in the auditorium. H351 'il r Firs! Rott' fleft to rightj-M. Michalcik, Snook, Fulper, Hemsley, Taylor, president, Mr. Raetzer. sponsor, Loser, vice- ICH. Fitzcharles, Light, Thorne, Mohr, Hunter. MathE,"'McHugli R W'1 XV Eldridge. Horner, Barlow. Fourfll U'Zl'i ison, estover Holcombe, Lamont. War president, Gabel, secretaryg G. Michalcik, Davis, NVoolston. Hough, Green, Davis, Schlottenmier. Second Rott'-Hill, Dugan, Tilton. Dodds. Lowden, johnson, Hirsch, Brizell, Blakeslee, Hunt, Dayton. Stetfy. Third Raw- O A 0 0 0 E RGANIZED for the purpose of acquainting its members with the historic background of Trenton, the Junior Historical Society was founded by Ernest Y. Raetzer, instructor of history, in l934. Their aim was achieved through projects, guest speakers, and visits to places of interest. It was discovered that Tre r of If??Q,r5.i-C E"s1iS.i- ' in . :Tiki 5. . V. Di' 1 ll, 14p A -H... ,. lf- 4' fi .- f. '-f-1 :"wT.i51l""'lfi:3T ' R ,., G. . .,.- , -,iv -- fn ' r IQ. Si - .Z.i'tj, fri' .. ,..1,, 1 . 1- l 'xxx historical material, which should be of interest to the students of history. The society studies the information in detail and obtains its ideas for programs from these data. In November, the club gave a program in the audi- torium celebrating the one hundred and fiftieth anniver- sary of the granting of Trenton's charter. A successful dance was given in the community room in March for the members and their friends. The club has had the opportunity to hear many talks by outstanding citizens 1? we ' w gh itx gsalm -aff me J .yeas ri' G15 ,.,,, img, gift 'iz ' 7 ' K .'-I-H .. -'- - ft- 1 4 '-FM? ,fs ,- -'-, 52 'ea . -,S N ' -sf' .1 , ,ik - 1-3, , ,. . wg. x... . . af - 5 E ' A., ff' if . iff wg- 4. 1 . A 'Y-:12'?ii'Pf.f,fiii3Jl. ' fg--fjmfiifaafii 3 yt yin. .?"E::Z 'yl.fl?.+: Ll-':1C'2f'g1"y115:-fx ffbgfr. '51.'-'ffifa-e.:-5ffw.1-:- rf: if 1 .ft-5 ..wj3:'1?i VEQFQFQA pi' -4 ',- gil, ig. gem,-Q-'ze-.7 . -- .w. , ,g,3wg nj., 'q f',"yx- bg-.Q 'Pl ' 5--, , I A 'frl. 'l' f' SS A 'xlcfiw 51" A .-... v , ,-s -, 14, . , -ww . ' ' 4 .. .,5-..,..F3A..4 " I - JJ. ,'4L"fl1f'1.'NX I ' 2., 4' 'Z ' 1' .11 .,. - 'S V ,1Q.fs" -..,. ,, e . . ,.,-vpn.-2, is--,51.n,. 5. S, 4: 5 -. , ,.,.g3q,:5?:3 z xg.-lc--it ii ff4L'71' :fn . at lfiffffii zgxwt' , ' 1.1.1. if by f-'fs-.asf f.. ' wah. '. 21 :QA 2.4.1.-+-'. . 1 ' She-'-if .t-.5-f ' '- '- 'f'f:v.f'f".e.v1,.'. :. ' sW:".f"' :J SL?-!.Qj-5233?-B ht 1'1,2:fZ.b51: EL: 131, as 5,53 3. -1. " -"1-m,,g:'rc - ,gi 'j.i:?J'1f1EfLj-.yj1f"vs ' ' 1" f, r',- U! 2'--ff-113' . ..r.:-1-'gfs-.-wg.-gig - ' ,sf 1. tts'-1k .. 2 ' ssl-sh,'fR-- V .v ez t l- If I Q ,gg-: Hr'-1.:':2"ts-?54if,...- . 1 ' ,,,bv rizw-fr u,, ,gms ww ww of Trenton. They also visited the historic points of Trenton. . Q:,,5,q5jS?'g-.gvgsgzs-'.f, 5-N.-522-2 15- if IQ f The leaders of the society responsible for the successful completion of the club's program this year were: J. Robinson Taylor, president, Anne Gabel, secretaryg Paul D. Loser, vice-president, and William N. Tome, treasurer. ll36l First Ron' Cleft to rightDf4Xlpxander, Barlow, Prior, Kach- dorian, secretary' Gabel, president' Miss Atkinson, sponsor Dodds. vice-president, VVoolston. ireasurerg Shaffer, Lewisl Green. r 1'-M rz ' 'ol G M' h l 'k F l NI - Sc ond Roz e , Xlribit. . ic aci , uper, i or ley, Izmmons, Siegel, Burdman, Donohue, Foster, Henderson 'hgrvfl 5.4 ,lf V 'wifi ".'fi3"v17Zff' .1-'5" " fx--ff' ff' wi- I . N J ,, V -'7J,g:r' g. , . -',.1-:f,.f,-f,121'i,Qg:f" . - ,,fff.M-' J' PKI.. dp. Fuld. Third Ran'-Holsneck. Ryba, Dayton, Snook, Hill, Potts, Swartz, Smith, Davis, Sheehan, Lavinthal, Corn. Fourth Row- M. Michalcik, Cominsky, Muir, McGoogan, Coleman, Kozinsky, Tilton, Seaman. Taylor, Sinclair. Fifth. Rau'-Gribbin, Honey- cutt, McCue, Graff, Lucidi, Mathewson, Richards, 'nfledfftou SEFULNESS is the key word of the Red Cross Club. These girls have their lingers in a dozen pies and Y- un W 2 I X ' M 117697 . AQ CE, , gif AA it . ,' Are C 1 2114 nical jobs. A . iff-iiiiz.E.'if555ii?., ...,3q2:fg"Lif 1-'i '- ,' ,:+.'i" 'W-l:'.Qi' 1.1.x-':'f.-bv , .-,r-...iffy ,. f"Q:L':1" .ff Cf! f":f'C:3:f3,,:6? Jiri' if-4il',"','3' f 3, mas' - f .,:'vgQqg,,g1,ijq:3.4j-ya1,--,3:,.1g''1f..,5-y:Lvtr- 5- 1 1: ' Ms ',ff.:':La:s :..-J'- f'4 . f . 5 5-so . 'f -- L- , 1- T is C ,5,5,,g N, .F ,VZ ,init - x ,.g:,5'j, x.- L- ,f'13i'.1 .gx1'- e- A N 1:'..- S ,Q '-'rf x -5 . f :ff S f. -fl' A i ?5'.Al fi . "iii A iff A ' ., 1 -. H ' f , f',f79,,i'i :vs . f 'A , V gr A+. f 4' .1 A ' '. -. yn ,. . 2 -. -. ' -. rf, 1- i erm . f 3 f f ' L, .4545 ,IL I ",, sl.-FL 2: 1 1 iffy fi'?,:,-.215 A . - ls, 1 :sag 3.5, 'fy ' 11 dj- ' Q if .' ' ..,,: F. , 4, 5... . if Bl 1 ' . ire successful in all of them. The War has greatly in- creased the task of the sixty girls in this club and they have been busy at many different types of Red Cross Work this year. Under the sponsorship of Miss Edith Atkinson, the club has undertaken to be of as much help during this present emergency as possible. By far the most important event in the year is the annual Red Cross drive for funds. This drive is sponsored in Trenton High and makes a good showing when the totals are compiled. Another important activity during the year was the course in Canteen work which was given to any girl inter- ested. This course equipped the volunteers with the neces- sary training to help in the diet kitchens of the hospitals, thus releasing other workers and nurses for more tech- Convalescent soldiers in Tilton Hospital at Fort Dix were another object of the club's attention through the year. Each Sunday a group of girls traveled to the camp, taking cakes and cookies as a treat for the Wounded men. In their "spare" time the girls rolled bandages, knitted, made Scrapbooks and toys for the nurseries in the city, and put up boxes for soldiers at Christmas time. These facts prove that this is really one of the service clubs of Trenton High. 51371 First Row Qleft to riglitj-Howard Garbarczylc. Foster, Cit- ter, Sensi. Starslci, Carrol, Lanzi, Wood, Madden, C. Prince, kowski, vice-president, Michalcik, president, Miss Smock, spon- lirnestyfarkhuff. Third Roztvgliopczyiiski, Coleman, Sanders, sorg Ryan, treasurer, Cubberly, seeretaryg Breece, Barlow, Hen- derson. Sccond ROTl'fNlClilES, M, Prince, Marion. Jacobs, Gin- p.QllAOI'LLlliflj Klub NE of the most popular organizations of the school is the Personality Club, sponsored by Niiss Nlargaret Smock, teacher of physical education. Interest which the girls manifest in this club reflects the importance of the purpose of the organization. The main objective is to have each member develop a pleasing, distinctive, individual personality. From a study of various types of personalities, the girls learn and teach others methods of accenting the best traits in their own make-up. On the lighter side of the club's activities were the programs and teas which the club sponsored. The club Cohen, Groves. Schinclewolf, Case, Ball, Dobay, Kerwick, Levy, Mostrangeli, Koytek. 'H t lf sz- v 1, gr' v HQ-'gig 0, fN Yi. tfrgt ff ,, l s ii Bi 1 f was-A W 1 I harsh- ran' Cara Pe naliT-5 W H mlilmmmlilff 'gmmmrammmn " mlnlilm Hill v at -755 'G 'H fgm is K 'tl -fa fl an 'H V Rf 'bl' 1-, ,X I!! 'S wav, Q, F2 Hiwfa 5"5:,a'Ki'f"'.vM 33 JI 4 . -wav. T ' ' Y XT"'1'i""ffvifl:' A ZA.: 5:,,.hE,1f-.V ,.,..i, , I, ,,,v,,:,Lak. . 9 'gjfff'33,,,?i 1 V mls: if '55-xii-5125-1211 ' f - ! Q f N-Q ' 'ban 1411. Y . si-- , .f'y,f.l- , ,f 1. - ,i,- ,rm -- . -.. -ff., ,V :nf r. I -. av-' - - ' .'dsf.1r -, .t4 n':'-'P J -' fi?- .. "':'aC1', 1.1, ., fy.-., .i , 4 ... , i w.. ,.:E:,,'2f" M-21,741 QV., .N t .,, 1, A , I -12,5432 !- sf - - .S-'Eze se9::fq.1 "4.1, iiuz1' - , . 'Q , mt- 1-5 f-agrgs -,ara-H ,. f- if Flexi' Ye. -f- I' I 2 ' ar 4'.fi3'l,.ffff1 "ff'-" gt.,-53, I-. F W y, qizixli, X . iii-4 .-kr. Q H-'f..i. . f-ff - ..,- ef. f -: rq gs 'VC 3,38 ' 'ff V, ,-J-'. -si fwfr. -- -wg v , tir.:e:1Z5-a-5- ff lf, x : LAN' ini 1' .-F' 5. i ' ' ly'-.'.'-14?-22:-r -' 211.4 , --f'-- . 4 ' "f fi Q.: 2-Wi' ca, 5 .4-f-'mv' . . - 1- " tal,-Q. - - V+- '21 r- X 1- ." afaa, ,f-as f 2 l ' 4 4 4 .tr 5- -.H --.f ,- 2 t -at 5 uiivk t- ivf , 'g"E'd-55 - . ' fl f . f, t,,1.-- - F' - 4-,.. ...L .ff--I -,f.w.f:y fs- .- ma-sf , .. ftrfff-,- E-'.-:F,23F,H..'-1. its-Y ' :.f:f?4,f1-.Ji- 4-.,L. ,. "'f72Ii5."7f7:ff .3-"ii K" 5,12 ' t N igi i 131.7 ,..f-S1'f'.f -'."if'-vt, -, . ., A, in E, E., Jig' ,aff I L' W- ,f-37.9.-Lg,4,,,,. bm .357 I .,,', ,. 1 ,K - 4 'Sl arranged also for prominent guest speakers to address the student body. The yearbook, which includes inter- .-2 views from each of its members, a resume of each club activity, and souvenirs from each of these activities, added one more year's history to its library. ln connection vvith the war effort a drive was sponsored to collect Wooden hangers for soldiers at Fort Dix. A group of girls representing the Personality Club regu- larly visited the soldiers at the Tilton General Hospital. Through the leadership of the oflicers, Mildred Michalcik, president, Helen Cit- kowski, vice-president, joan Cubberly, secretary, Wilma Ryan, treasurer, and the cooperation of the members serving in the various capacities and on different commit- tees, the club once more completed a very successful year. uf' 1, - fs , I If " A , F5i5GPl60NfQ5 H381 First Row Cleft to tiglitjglfrlye. Rednor. Mars. recording ,5lC'L'U7!1I' Rott'-Frankenlielfl, llamm, Lavine. lfmont, Lasky, L0- secretaryg -Leopold. presidentg Mr. Slavik. sponsorg Florentino. gan, Grifone. Raymond. Tliirii Raza'-Kish, Goldstein, Haveson, corresponding secretaryg Prettyman, treasurerg Konizles, Craft. Goodwin. Bezalc. Wwfv4MPfUl KW HE Photography Club, under the capable leadership of John Slavik, photographer and artist, had this year, as always, served both the school and the com- munity. The club strives to promote interest in the att of photography among the youth of the city. Through the Bobashela and other school publications, practical experience in the many branches of the field is offered to the members. The excellently equipped darkroom and studio not only make it possible for the students to re- ceive valuable instruction in portraiture and other branches of studio photography, but provide a Wealth of experience in developing, printing, and enlarging. Photographing the annual Senior Play and Sports Nite gave the boys and girls in this club first hand experi- ence in coping with difficult and widely diversihedtypes of Work, While many pictures taken each year for the school newspaper, the Spectator, provided them with much valuable practice in news photography. The bulk of the photography in this year's Bobashela was handled by Joseph Leopold, Larry Kravet, and Lloyd Ritter, while the press Work was done by Lloyd Ritter, David Mars, Richard Prettyman, and Barry Rednor. The various exhibits sponsored throughout the year by the club have created Wide- spread interest. The annual Photographic Salon, sponsored by the Photography Club, offered to photography club members, as well as to students of neighboring schools and many noted amateur photographers of Trenton, an opportunity of showing their best Work. l139l First Ron'-Uyhazi, Mutchiga, operation officer, Lippincott, Second Raza'-Marchetti, Ryba, Bodmar, Perkins, Sickles, Dym technical clerk, Mr. Mack, sponsor, Maul. commanding ofhcerg owslqi. Sondej. Frie. Third Kota'-Howarth, Sclienkel, VVigley Prazenka, squadron leader, Cu-cinotta, line officer, Zuccarello. Pauline, DeFillippo. Mane .jpnftefm Klub HE Plane Spotters' Club, which was organized atthe beginning of this year, has as its purpose the training of its members to identify various kinds of foreign and native aircraft. Inasmuch as many of the boys have al- ready entered the armed services, and since many of them, as well as boys still in school, will endeavor to become pilots, ground crewmen, or aircraft gunners, this organi- zation is Hlling a definite need. Joseph Maul, commanding officer, Charles Nlutch- iga, line officer, Bob Lippincott, technical clerk, and Steve Prazenka, squadron leader, have demonstrated how to identify aircraft to various air raid Warden groups. In the club meetings the members used charts show- ing silhouettes of the planes, slides, moving pictures, and a device known as a 4'Navy Boxl' .in order to learn how to identify planes quickly. The club was organized by Francis C. black, cabi- .,-. 'r- 19 A-at -. --siv- 1 1 - -Qt ,Q 74 ' f ,Rus ' Pk 5 if frat. : 1-.js-,-w.'r?: r..1qi'Ef w L33 iff Q. -ma xp .1 Wifi? aff i":,:3 "C I- 1 " ara tv 1 4,"ifl', 5' . ,. X, .bn it ,rt ., g with ,V . fu , . ,. it , +r"' . L Q.. -- i z, ' -- .' s ig,'gtf2, t, , ss 51 5'3fgs. f 1 1 "K vs - 'f' .s YH' -' - - 1 -err f-o l ,P . .31 ru g, ,D u' :L U5 lf. 2' '1' .T ' 1 'X f 1 a l l .,f. fi ' li V f 'wi' assay " WP Q' ' .! 5'5'Ltfi.3' 3,5237 . ,.,.-.fw-- 1 X L - -ff,-if mr v av' L. 'fggvxra ,- 45Wf'ff57v4f3Q-53111:-C af ,Q ,V 2 " fp? Q r s 'aglwwkl J .-rf J ,-,mf-3 mhs.3'f4hQg- sz-We s5v:9l,3,ggg..x -, ' . 'F ,x-M-311-1.. 'lf' ,Z new, " ' "' gn-'f.:f.' : 'R nat' + l A, u 3fl'l'5"45vf5g?.2:'A- it -' gh- ' QI-Fkitn tbsvgslsfrre -nv 1J.2tY5t:'?faC feral'-.N-aff:-1 ,,,:.. f I' C- P " W ala- -A-hall I -Q 'B- ee-f.'fL'awff.f5gfJayf "1-'gt an .eww t -:tr- Q . ' - . f- ant,-bf 49: l fx' gisai' "" "+"f-"FQ """ t h. .,.,,f...,,.,a,f net shop instructor, who is supervisor of the newly-formed organization. H401 .,.... . ..Q,g..... -. L .. Q..-,.. if . ,. . . .....,. , -,,, WA.- ,M ,,,,,.,.,...., ---,.,,,, .,, ,,.,,,.,,,-,..,--4 First Row cleft to' rightj-Fitzpatrick, Corn, Kachdorian, Hermann, McCue, Abrams, Simon, Harney, Koslow, Graf, secretarvg Brooks, residentg Mr. Colliton, sponsorg W'orley, Foster. Pyflzaqolman IGURES do not lie! This has been proved by the school's oldest club, the Pythagorean Society. Boasting of a twenty-eight year program of active Work, the Pythagorean Society was organized by J. Whitney Colliton, who is head of the mathematics de- partment. The principal qualification for membership is aptness in academic mathematics. P vice-presxdentg Mark, treasurerg Miller, Emmons. Second Row- Many students are mystined by this organization's N91 name. Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher who lived in the sixth century B. C. Pythagorean is the name that Was given to his system of philosophy. VVeekly club meetings are devoted to difiicult prob- lems, but these meetings are not all work. Programs are arranged for the entertainment of Pythagorean members. Social activities are extended beyond the school doors. Monthly meetings were held regularly at members' homes previously, but because of war restrictions, these meetings have not been so extensive. The highlight of the year is a contest that is conducted on the first Saturday in May. It is an examination composed of all types of mathematical problems. The win- ner is awarded five dollars and a medal donated by Sidney Goldmann, a former mem- ber of the club. ll4ll First Row Cleft to rightj-Becker, Levin, Williams, Merz Green. Mr. Mathewson. sponsorg Douglas, Green. Turner, Ger- vasi, Singer, Second Rou'fKohn, if-ariiner, Lawrence, Foster Rappaport. Wright, Hill, Davis, Robbins, Corn, Hermann Petriuo, Donohue, VVhite. Third RII7C'fFlliii, Shafer, Smith. ui!! and Small Perry, Alhy, Carter, Radin, Jammal, Palay, Ryba, Sinclair, Amadio. Virok. Lewis. Fwirflz Row-Arthur, Piekiclniak, Maur, VVood, Edwards. lloneycntt, Tilton, Stoner, Mathewson, Kinney, McGoogan. Michalcik. Fifth Row-Mars. lioslow. Stapler, Mill- ner, Longo, Cohen. Mai'ia11i, Mather, D'Ambrosio. - , EMBERSHIP in the Quill and Scroll Society, an hon- 5 orary literary society, is the goal toward which all A ambitious young writers in Trenton Central High School . aspire. The present chapter of the Quill and Scroll So- ciety in Trenton Central High School Was organized four years ago. A pupil Who seeks membership in the society must rank scholastically in the upper third of his class, be recommended by his teacher of English, and - have some literary Work published. The purpose of the society is to encourage outstanding talent in the field of journalism. Members of Spectator, Laureate, Bobashela, and Press classes are eligible for membership. In the annual newswriting contest sponsored by Quill and Scroll, the national magazine, Richard Green and Allen Gilinsky Won creative Writing keys for their A stories. In fact, Richard Green was a dual Winner. The Winning of these awards also entitles the Winner to con- sideration for scholarships awarded by the national organization. Angell Mathewson, instructor of English, is aided by an advisory board of Del Roy VVhite, Morris B. Sanford, Albert C. VVenzel, John F. Slavik, and George R. Bolge. ll-l2I First Raza' Cleft to rightj-Raymond, Jordan, treasurer, Vliagner, Hinrlley, Zuckerman. Kurpas, Hirsh, Haples, Nm' Cahill, presidentg Mr. Cieeolella, sponsor, Cliepiga, vice-presi- done. Third Razz'-VVeston, Hale, Fennelli, Ruppell, Mulhol- dentg Funke, Murray. Second Row-Immordina, Cartlidge, land, Carella, Warner, Ilumplirey, Kelly. 0 a 0 6 y 'l PEE? " RGANIZED in l94O, the Radio Appreciation Club, sponsored by Mr. Ciccolella, forsook some of its peace-time purposes and pursuits to add its bit to the War effort. VVhat the organization is doing today, as in the past, is to promote an understanding of radio, and apprecia- tion of the Work involved in the presentation of radio programs. This year the programs Were designed to fur- ther an appreciation of What radio brings to the people, especially in time of War. Guest speakers throughout the year acquainted the group With the Workings of radio both on and off the air. The outstanding War activity was a bond sale in which the club members bought and sold hundreds of dollars Worth of bonds and stamps. ln the latter part of the year, the club presented a motion picture, dealing with pro- cedures behind the "mike" Among the clubls more notable activities was the interest it took in the T. H. S. radio program presented by a group of students over VVTTM. Under the leadership of Timothy Cahill, presidentg VVilliam Chepiga, vice-presi- dentg Edith Ball, secretaryg and Thelma Jordan, treasurer, the club enjoyed a most interesting year. ll43l First Row ileft to rightj-Radice, Rojek, Lischer. Petranto, Falzone, Mele, Morello, Moscarello, Giacobbi, Azzaro, Mancini, presidentg Miss Bradshaw, sponsorg Schroeder, De Pastina, sec- De Lisa. Fourth Row-Navarro, Buonanni, Leammari, Pompei, retaryg Crutchley, Coiante. Second Row-Binder, Conti, Fer' Febo, De Angelis. ' rara, Liptalc, Pinto, Volpe, Zook, Santilli, Firth. Third Romf- ahlmanca Klub EARS ago dancing had no assigned place in the pro- gram of most high school students. Since dancing, however, has become the highlight in all social activities, a group of pupils felt that an organization devoted pri- marily to dancing would solve their problems. In this way, the Social Dance Club, under the guidance of Miss Bradshaw, was organized. Non-dancers were taught to take their first steps on the dance floor, to overcome that awkward feeling and sense of shyness. Experienced dancers were provided opportunities of mastering the newest and modern steps. The program of instruction extended from the old- fashioned waltz to the present-day style of Hjitter-bug- ging," a probable explanation of the large number of 7 'fhep-cats, in T. H. S. Strangely enough, all the affairs sponsored by the club were dances. This year there were several sport dances and a formal dance in the spring. The only non-dancing activity, scheduled for the summer, was the annual picnic. Officers of the club were as follows: Robert Schroeder, president, before enlisting in the Navy, at present, Russell Petrantog Emily Fischer, vice-president, Ella Ber- rian, secretary. ll-4-4l First Row Cleft to riglitj-Lennox, Romeo, Bartlett, Honey- cutt, secretary, Edwards, president, Mr. Honeycutt, sponsor, saro, Lucidi. Yatskowitz, Reclnor, Graff, Swain, Gribbon, Gard- Koenitzer, vice-presitlentg Simonowitz, treasurer, Singer, Nitz- lir H'rtm Se id R0iC'fSfEJl S d I' h lt son, Green, Petrino. La Carty. Third Row-Gali, Funari, Mas- ner, Aversano, Fozwtii Rotvflgiekielxiiak, Blather, Arthur, Por- tin. Harney, Pietkiewicz, Goldstein, Nelson, Cordon. JL g, a an. C01 1- ien, an s, ,ips n z, Mihalyi, Corn, VVrigl1t, Rappaport, VV1sl1nevsky, Ffgan, Hender- , 1 ' . 4' ' 535 'K jawn HE.Town Hall Society was organized in l94l by Julian B. Honeycutt of the Social Studies depart- ment for the purpose of fostering discussions of present- day problems and the .news of the day. The members YM ., take part in the discussions and present their own views on the subjects concerned. nf' 1:75. 1 fi 11 This club is afiiliated with the Carnegie Endowment ' I 'n Q for International Peace as an International Relations Club and is modeled after the HTown Meeting of the ,v,p, Airf' During the current year the club studied, among ,'.l otherisubjects, Indian independence, post-war recon- struction and the Atlantic Charter.. Members of the 'so- 'ih . ciety learned not only to present' their views but to weigh the views of others. In this way they were enabled to fii i "i. reach clearer judgments of the issues involved. V t v,rfffaiQE..ijT 3 ' i " I The cluh was honored this year in having an outside speaker, Jack Harrison of Temple University, who spoke on post-war reconstruction. As a logical climax to its activities, Town Hall won the Inter-Club Debating Contest sponsored by the National Forensic League. The social activities of the club included two dances held'in .Trenton High School. The club rounded out its activities by sponsoring an initiation of the new members recently added to the club. ii-+51 .gnfm-Club fn ' ' n Bnwlzhq ' Vfon Lost Boys' Science .. .. ,23 3 Hi-Y ....... . . ZZ 4 Forum ...... . . 20 4 Clionian .......... . . 20 4 Social Dance ....... . . Z0 4 Radio Appreciation . . . . . Z0 4 Junior Historical .... . . 14 Z Orchestra ........ . . 13 13 Philatelic .......... . . 12 14 Drama and Radio .... . . 12 14 Flora and Fauna .... .. 11 14 aw' awww Photography Swing Band ... .. French ........ . . Girls' Science .... . . Euclidean ..... . . Costume .... Library ..... Naturalists .... . . Girls' Reserve Plane Spotters Won Lost 12 15 11 15 9 15 8 16 7 17 Z 22 1 23 1 23 1 1 Z3 0 Z6 After keen and protracted competition, the Boys' Science Club and the Machine Shop vied for the championship of the Inter-Club Basketball Tournament in the final struggle. Boys' Science emerged the victor by the close score of 33-32. Others who participated in the tournament were: Clionian, Forum, junior Historical, Sophomore Boys, Radio Appreciation, Print Shop, and Hi-Y. gm' amanda In the finals of the Girls' Basketball Tournament, the Personality Club defeated the tennis team for the championship. The others who were in the contest are: Pan- American, Social Dance, Junior Red Cross, Girls' Science, Girls' Swimming Team, G. A. A. Council, Drama and Radio, Euclidean, Jcnior Historical, Leaders' Corps, and Dancing Group. maaafmq c The Town Hall Society and the Forum Club were the finalists of the Debating Contest, with Town Hall emerging the winner. Other competitors were: Radio and Drama, Art Club, Belles Lettres Society, French Club, Philatelic Society, Flora and Fauna, Boys' Science, Cinematography, Spanish, and Pan-American Club. 11461 First Row fleft to rightj-Filipowicz, Bleltzer, Horner, treasurer, VVi1son, vice-president, Miss Lapin, sponsor, Mar- shall, secretaryg Makuch, Taylor, Urick, Second F0-w-Groh, Founded by Miss Sarah Pollock in 1930, the Amanuensis Club has successfully completed its thirteenth year of existence. Adjusting itself to the war-time trend, the mem- bers of the club have partly deviated from the purpose of its founding. In former years, the girls promoted interest in shorthand and typewriting, and in the advancement of the interests of secre taries. This year, under the direction of Miss lNIary Lapin, the girls concentrated on the sale of war Six years ago the students of Miss Clara Bray- mer's history classes asked for the organization of a club devoted to the study of American Democ- racy. With this idea in mind, they organized the Americana Club, with Nliss Braymer as their spon- sor. lwembership was opened to all pupils studying Problems of American Democracy. The memlbers of the club participated in several community activities, besides making their contri- bution to the Red Cross campaign. During the sec- ond semester, such places of interest as the Old .First Row Cleft to rightj-Sachs, Mines. Michalcik, vice- presidentg Kinney, secretary, Miss Braymer, sponsor, Sullivan, president, Merz, treasurer, Dietz, Fagelman. Second Ron'- Curbishly,-Jammal, Kohn, Starkey, Barnes, Olkowski, Blinn, Crase, Wilson, Third Ron'-Kaniewski, Pinto, Rafferty, Fritz, u wb stamp corsages, war stamps, and bonds. Hindley, Sorrentino, W'einstein. As in previous years, the girls edited and pub- lished the Steno Memo, a project written in short- hand by the club members for the stenographic stu- dents. Each year the club sponsors a contest in which both the first and second year shorthand students participate to determine who are the most capable shorthand students. Barracks and the Trent House were visited. Attend- ance at a session of the State Legislature proved both interesting and edlucational. Also included in the activities of this club were a social and two programs at which local citizens were guest speakers. XVith present conditions at such a critical stage, the importance of this club has risen considerably, because it has as its aim the all-important task of keeping our citizens well-educated in the affairs of our country. Anreoli, VanSant, Urick, Young, Marshall. Cornish, Bourne, Notaro, Tassone. Third Row-Sinclair, Horner, Hillegass, Ed. Moore, Cratt, Kalencki, Ethel Moore, Schoenthaler, Schroeder. 11473. First Row Cleft to riglitj-XVeiner, johnson. president, Miss Luscher, sponsor, Lymer, secretary-treasurer, Taylor. Second 10411 ghd This new club, organized two years ago by Mar- jorie Johnson, member of the New Jersey Archaeol- ogy Society, has progressed to become a very popular and intellectual organization. The objective of the club is to inform its members on the subject of archaeology. The highlights of the club range from excavating on the Abbott Farm near Hamilton High to a dog- gie roast at the home of the sponsor, lldiss Verena Luscher. On the trip to the Abbott Farm, the club mem- am got 'youth gm The Arts for Youth Club was formed this year to work as a high school group with the community organization known as the Arts for Youth Council. Here in school this year the organization co- operated with the ballet classes in advertising and attending the dance sponsored by the Arts for Youth Council. The two performances of Eugene Loringls Dance Players were presented in November. The clubls efforts extended to the Trenton Civic and Community Concert Association, when it en- couraged all youth to attend the concerts of Paul First Rim' Lleft to rightj-Xitzherg. Graham. liolizar. L'll rich. Miss Brown. sponsor, Hannon. Louria. Gervasi. Ianni Second Rotu4FoSter, Purdy, Lipshutz. Rappaport, Bentivogli Rott'-Coleman, Cluff, Pinto. bers found pot shards, human bones, remains of charcoal pits, arrowheads, flakes of mica Qnot native to this sectionj, deer and bear bones. Members of the club give oral reports on the native Indians of New Jersey and other eastern sections. Through the leadership of the officers: president, Marjorie Johnson, vice-president, Gloria Volpe, secretary, Ruth Lymerg treasurer, Anthony Viter- ittog Inter-Club Council representative, Theresa Pinto, and the cooperation of the members, the club has enjoyed a successful year. Robeson, Gladys Swarthout, and Alec Templeton. ln the spring the club cooperated with the youth concert sponsored by the Trenton Piano Teachers' Guild. This organization also aided in bringing to the youth of Trenton, "Doodle Dandy of the United States of American at the lVar hdemorial Building. The club is bringing the arts to both the school and community, so that fine music, entertaining dramatizations, and the other arts may be appre- ciated and enjoyed. Urailey, Mintz, Knnis. llernliarrlt. Tliirii Roto-Bliisclieift. liawlqa, Yatslcowitz. Floyd. llollencloimer. lierwick, Thomas. Col- vin. lirtel. j 148 1 First Razz' Cleft to rightb-E. Horner, Hatrak, Petrino, H. Dickson. Ronmanis. Mr, Borgen, Falzone, Guenther, Canter, Keephart, Rabinowitz. Second Ron'-Gusz. Avanzato, R. Dick- son, Klatzkin, Leher, South, Andrews, De George, VVilliamS, Zanner, Gendusi, Cooperstein. Tliim' Rozvgllogage, J. Horner, Inspiring marches, 'fred hot Sports Nite jive,'y and moving concertos once again came forth from the Trenton High School band. Completing one of its most successful years as a major organization, the hand presented a splendid appearance and gave excellent performances, which were a tribute toVlNfIr. Borgen's fine leadership. Organized this year under many handicaps, the band, although somewhat reduced in size, gave ex- cellent performances throughout the year. One of the most recent clubs of Trenton High School, the Bar-Bell Club, has successfully com- pleted its initial year. The club came into being in order that the fellows who were to be inducted into the services might have an opportunity to better their physical condition. The boys met after school three times a week, performed a series of exercises, and engaged in weight lifting and other forms of body building Work. The membership of the Bar-Bell Club totaled First Ron' Cleft to rightJfBanmler, V. Moore, Febo, presi- dentg Mr. June, sponsorg Fenelli. Knrtain, Patricelli. 50001111 Greco, Garrison. Rittmann, Fnnari, Denito, Van Sant. Tuesday, Anthony Modzelewski. Fourth Rozugffoculo, McDonald, Habas, Rhoads, Hermann, D'Angelo, Smith, Sapio, Huehurer, Simon. Fifth Ron'-Higgenbotham, Basile, Tjnsworth, Foley, Buchanan. . , . , Band The band first appeared publicly in the fall when it provided a colorful atmosphere at the football games. Basketball season found them still thrilling the public with their martial spirit. At Sports Nite the band was again brought before the public and favorably received. Providing music for the assembly programs throughout the year and for many other activities with unselfish enthusiasm made it an indispensable part of the school. am-aw gm fifteen boys. They elected Ray Febo as president. Acting as instructors were Dan Kurtain, who also was the principal figure in founding the organiza- tion, and Jay ilioore. Mr. C. F. June acted as fac- ulty adviser and instructor. The Bar-Bell Club engaged the Turner Club in a weight lifting con- test and emerged the victor with a score of 700 pounds to the Turner's 690 pounds. Next fall the members who remain expect to resume the activities of the club. T"owg.Xcller, Albright. Perry, Funari. Kalencki. Brunn, VVareski, Cncinotta. I' 1491 First Row fleft to right!-Salvatore, Radice, Zook, De Pastina, Santilli, Korczynski. Second Row-Di Louie, Barlow 6 ' cWF4 Forty per cent oi a team's victory depends upon the spirit of the fans. The Trenton High Cheer- leaders' Corps, which was organized five years ago by Miss Nlargaret Smock, has since undertaken the task of inspiring the crowd with their songs and cheers. Handicapped by tire and gas rationing, the cheer- leaders' corps, which consisted of eight varsity and eight V. members, were able to attend only the U L'np.c1uucan Hub For the purpose of teaching astronomy to the girls as well as to the boys, the Copernican Club was organized this year. The name Copernican was taken from the great astronomer's name, Coper- nicus. Under the guidance of Miss Helen Evans, sponsor, the members visited State Teachers College in order to learn about celestial phenomena through telescopes. When they were invited to night meet- ings by the Ptolomean Club, the young star gazers First Row Cleft to rightj-Brooks, VViley, Gage, secretaryg Wolcott, president, Miss Evans, sponsorg Fischer, vice-presi- dent, Fagelman, Kennedy, Huston. Second Rnzvfliarsliall. Miss Smack, sponsorg Hartpence, Partyka. home games this year. It is evident when this color- ful squad is on the field that they have worked hard and long to perfect their techniques. Members of the fair sex of the corps join their respective teams during Sports Nite. They not only compose new cheers, but also set team songs to music in order to spur their teams to victory. The cheerleaders enjoyed a successful social year, consisting of a dance and their annual picnic. studied the constellations of the four seasons. During the year members of various clubs throughout the city lectured to them about the paths and legends of the planets. Articles of inter- est were brought up before the club and discussions were held in a town meeting. The highlight of the year was a trip to the Fels Planetarium in Phila- delphia. Race, WVascoe, Hemeon, Ivins, Lang, Barner, Hogan, Hayes. Tliird Row-VVagner, Berger, Bickel, VVooge. Il50l First Raw Cleft to rightj-Dickson, Forster, Harney, treas- llfefj Stokes, presidentg Dr. Atkins, sponsorg Fiorentino, vice- presidentg Furner, secretary: Mark, Silver. Second Row-La. Carty, R. VVnuk, Brennfieck, Kemler, Olszewski, helson Although only in its second year, the Flora and Fauna Club, sponsored by Dr. Atkins, is becoming well known throughout Trenton High School. Evidence of the growing popularity of the club has shown itself in that membership has tripled since the club was first instituted in 1942. Flora and' Fauna are Latin terms, w'hich mean plant and animal. Chief interest of the organization is centered on all things directly connected with nature. Many Good feeling, sportsmanship, and cooperation are the essentials which the Leaders' Corps seeks to develop. This group is composed of the officers from each girls' gymnasium period. They meet during one homeroom period each week in order to dis- cuss various problems concerning physical educa- tion and possible improvements of the program. Keeping the locker room in perfect condition, help- First Row Cleft to, rightj-Dick, Dodds, Soprony, president, Mrs. Quick, sponsor, Bickel, Michalcik, recording secretaryg Pone, corresponding secretary. Second Row-Erbe, Fuld, Hamm, s Stephan, Lang,.Hayes. Third Row-Glendinning, Murphy, Kess- ler, Kravitz, Dittig, Manzer, Fell, Adler, Zanner, Leahy. Fourth Row-Groomes, Hirsch, Hollendonner, Habas, Rogers, Mosko- ,ZIDAH amljauna Club hours were spent on hikes, studying birds, flowers, and trees. Because of transportation difficulties hikes of only short distances were possible. Broad Street Park and the Pennsylvania Canal regions were spots frequently visited during the year. witz, Caputi. Reports by members, exhibits of various speci- mens collected during the year, movies and speakers contributed valuable information to the members and made 1943 the club's most successful year. yuh, ing in Sports Nite activities, drilling the students in marching and helping to teach swimming are only some of the duties which the girls perform. The Leaders, Corps is one of the really indispensable- activities in Trenton High School, since it strength- ens the physical and mental vigor of the girls. -The accomplishments of the corps are dlue to the guid- ance of their sponsor, lVIrs. Isabelle Quick. Pedrick, Banker, Lenox. Third Row-Ivins, Gribbin, Hunter, Davey, Egan. H511 - First Row Cleft to riglitj-Cracker, Cross, Orsi, presidentg Miss Barata, sponsorg Cracker, treasurer, Zanca, secretaryg Papler. Second Row-Malinari, Landolphi, Gapinski, Hmelar, 51321 ,diwmvm The purpose of the Girl Reserves is to develop the character of the members by combining both business and social affairs. Miss Julia Barata, English teacher, sponsors the club. The members strive to develop pleasing per- sonalities, to learn the art of cooperation with others, to make new friends, and to choose work suited to their abilities. The program for the club this year has been the most active of the four years of the organization. 5122 51145 "Where words fail, music speaks." -HANS CHRISTIAN. Despite the irregular rehearsals, the Glee Club completed a successful musical season with a grand exhibition of fine quality music. This year masculine basses and tenors added their voices to form an unusually fine choral group. The Christmas pageant, which was presented in place of the annual operetta by the mixed choral First Row Cleft to rightj-Farina, Svelta, Craft, Mr. Rus- sell, directorg Erbe, Turner, Dignazio. Second Row-Rich, Applegate, Phillips, Cornish, Anderson, president, Pinto, Muir, D'Errico, Cohn. Third Row-Block, Goldstein, VValsh, Mitchell, Phillipps. Pregg. . i An initiation party was held in the fall to-open the year., A "Sweetheart Dance" was held on' Feb- ruary 12, a very successful skating party was, held in March, and a spring formal was held as "finish to a successful program. As this organization is a branch of the Y. W. C. A., the girls automatically become members of the Y. W. C. A. during the year. They are permitted to have meetings there and to use the NYU for other occasions. group, won the applause of a pleased audience. This pageant was written, directed and produced by P. Russell, music instructor. During the remainder of the year numerous auditorium programs were presented and were equally as well received by the students. Besides gaining valuable singing experience, the boys and girls learned some of the fine points of stage poise and acting technique. Lynn, Sinclair, Rose. Third Rau'--Marling, Kreiser, Entin, Jensen, Purdy. Curry. I 152 I First Raw Cleft to rightl-Van Sant, Van Sciver,.Salz, Keller, secretary, Mr. Hillegass, sponsorg Buckley, president, Pippitt, treasurer, Martin, Capriotti. Second Row-M. Thomp- To bring together those boys who are interested in Christian standards for personal living in school and community life is the aim of the Hi-Y, a na- tional organization. To fulfill its ideal this group mobilizes its efforts in behalf of whatever is needed to put the spirit of Christian fellowship into every school and community group. Each year the members are active in the Model State Legislature, where the boys take the parts of Recognizing the fact that a system was needed to unite the clubs in Trenton High and to create good clubi spirit, the Inter-Club Council was organized in 1932. Under the guidance of hflgiss Sarah Christie, assistant to the principal, the council has functioned very smoothly, keeping well informed about the activities of the clubs in the school, and acting as a clearing house for them. Front Row fleft to rightj-Funke, Fulcl, Marion, Johnson, Tazza, Palermo, president, Singer, secretary, Colvey, De Pas- tina, Hermann, Alby. Second Rott'-McDatle, Pregg, Michalcik, son, O'Dowd, Purcell, Unsworth, Denzler, Hunt, D. Thompson, Lee, Laird, Lore. aazfy gm legislators and senators. This year the boys who were chosen to repre- sent Trenton as senators in the Model Legislature Were: Everett,Wood and Robert Buckley. The Hi-Y also takes an active part in inter- club sportsf such as basketball and bowling. They have a few social gatherings at the Y. M. C. A. This organization conducts its weekly meetings under the guidance of Mr. Charles Hillegass. , ww-pw gwwy This year the council sponsored a boxviling league and an inter-club basketball tournament. Another activity in which the council served as clearing house was the inter-club debate tournament spon- sored by the Rhetorician Society. The main aim of the council was to improve clubs and to create club spirit in the school this year. Croh, Richner, Fernicola, Rappaport, Muir, Ulrich, Hill, Kin- ney, jammal. Third Row-Lucidi, Thompson, Febo, Lamont, Rein, Smith, South, Brecko, Gordon, Graf. ll53l l 1 First Row fleft to rightj-Tozza, Lucidi, treasurerg Palazzo, presidentg Mr. Borgia, sponsorg Di Leo, vice-president, Man- afaazm gm To further the cultural knowledge of its mem- bers is the sole purpose of the Italian Club, spon- sored by Mr. Borgia. In fulfilling this aim debates Were held concerning present-day problems and were spoken in Italian. Other discussions held dur- ing the club meetings concerned many famous Italian poets and their literary contributions. The field of music was also explored by this club. Sev- The Literary Club needs no build-up whatsoever, proving its own ability by the work it has done dur- ing the school year. The library has been kept in order and the pupils helped in many ways under the guidance of Lester M. Minkel, school librarian. Mem'bers of the club voluntarily spend one hour of their own time in the library. Outstanding among the events of the year was a First Row .Cleft to rightl-Hindley. XVeisS, secretary- treasurerg Bilancio, presidentg Mr. Minkel, sponsorg Ra.n.eo, 119113, SCCYHHTYZ Cicchetti. Second Row-Pozzi, Ciccarello, Bel'- nabei, Curcio, La Bella, Ialacci. eral recordings of Well-known composers were played. The members climaxed their study of music by seeing the opera, "La Tosca," by Puccini. The trend of social activities was turned toward defense work. A carton of cigarettes, along with other donations, was collected weekly and sent to Fort Dix to boost the morale of the soldiers sta- tioned there. speech by a former president of the club, Roy Den- son. Roy was a survivor of the aircraft carrier, A'Wasp." Members of the Library Club assisted the Belles Lettres Society in the drive for books for the service men in the Tilton General Hospital. Ser- vice T's were awarded this year to the club mem- bers in recognition of their service to the school. Life in the Library Club was not all work. The annual picnic at hir. Minkel's home-was a gala climax to a most active season. vice-presidentg McDade, Hanig. Second Row-Eldridge, Perliu- giero, Manzer, VVarner, Lavine, Bilancro. N541 Firxt Row Lleft to rightj-Petrino, Buncla, Turner, Schulz, president, Mr, Jones, sponsor, Maxwell, treasurer: Leahy, vice- presidentg Wright, Karaffa. Second Row-Truch, Randall, Groh, Each year the Naturalists Club undertakes a spe- cial project in the field of nature. For the present year, the club chose the study of birds. llfr. Harold Jones deserves recognition for his splendid sponsor- ship. He arranged a number of beneficial as well as educational lectures, which were given by well- known bird lovers. A few instructive moving pic- tures on domestic and wild bird life were shown. Club members discovered that the local bird sanc- tuary, Broad Street Park, contained many aspects Bows in position, instruments in place, bodies tense, eyes on Parker Russell, conductor! That is a bird's-eye view of the orchestra. VVhat the orchestra lacked in size it more than made up for in quality. The obvious explanation of that fact is that those pupils wfho stayed on were the ones most interested and willing to sacrifice their free time in order to attend' rehearsals. Moreover, more diffi- cult music was attempted and was played better than in the past. Many outside organizations constantly asked the First Row Cleft to rightj-Muir, Hemion. Hayes, Kravitz, Reid, Mr. J. P. Russell, director, Alby, Pulone. Emmons, Bur- tis, Lanning. Second Row-Taylor, Hatrak, II. Dickson, R. Dickson, Elder, Falzone. I. Davids, I. Davids, Stout, Bullock, Hill, Rounds. Third R0ti'fVVishnevsky, Ferrara, Gordon, Timko, Rossi, Ambrose, Applegate, Cimbala, Fiore. Third Row- Turner, Lanning, Cook, Kleman, Gill, LaGuardia, Schoen- berger. of wild bird life. Bird-feeders and feed for the Winter friends were placed on trees near the homes of the students and about the school. Homes were built and situated in attractive locations for sum- mer bird residents. A dance held in the latter part of March high- lighted a successful social season. Credit for the year's success goes to the leadership of the club's Uzmlmwza orchestra to play at their social functions. Small groups represented the entire organization at these affairs. Besides entertaining at the outsidle-of-school gatherings, the orchestra also played for the Senior Play and presented numerous programs in the as- sembly. officers. The orchestra boasts that ten of its members made the All-State Orchestra, Patsy Reid being named first celloist. Six members belong to the Trenton Symphony, also. Zauner, De George, De Angelo, Adler, Campbell, Giammario, Battala. Frrrtlz Row-Caputi, Petrino, Rednor, Foley, Unsworth, Millner, Bazzel, Herman, Buchanan. Fifth R0:uAAntl1ony, Sap- pio, rlbramsolm, Kirkman, Small, Fessler, Simon, Greco. ll55I First Row Cleft to rightJ4Hirsh, Dugan, VVeiner, Brizell, secretary, Mohr, president, Gabel, Hemsley, Vlfoolston, Brown. Second Raw-Hutchinson, Megary, Pessalano, Nitzberg, Rap- . , Pwr- Friendly relationships among the countries' ofthe Western ,hemisphere are. more necessarypnoyv than ever. Two years agoyunder f,,, the guidance of Miss Frances Christie, teacher of social studies, the Pan- American Club was instituted for the purpose of promoting a better understanding of the South American peoples, their customs, governments, lan- guages, and industries. H ,,,..6,1ub Under the supervision of Dr. Viktor Sabary, the Philatelic Club had one of the most successful years of its existence. One of the major projects of the club was to work on the collection of stamps that had been given to the school by the Philatelic Club a few years ago. This year, under the direction of its president, Robert VVorley, the society added ma- terially to the collection. First Row Cleft to rightb-Femaiola. Cook, treasurer: VVor- ley, president, Dr. Sabary, sponsor, Douglas, vice-president, Gordon, secretaryg Leahy. Second Roo:-Coderoni, Caputi, Rog- paport, Lipsliutz. Fischer, Palay, Stover. Third Rau"-Steffy, VVillets. Prassass, Smith, Lowden, Dodds, Yatskowitz, Reed, Hutchinson, Blakeslee. , ,- . Since the club was organized, the 'group of twenty-five junior and senior girls has sent, a set of books to Colombia ,for use in a school library there, and in return has received a charter from the National Pan-American Headquarters at Miami, Florida. The members of the club this year con- tributed to a scrapbook of "Historical Trenton," Which, when completed, was sent to Ecuador. During the year, Mrs. Elsie Saile was kind enough to give the club many stamp magazines which they could not afford to buy out of its treas- ury. A vote of thanks is also owed Dr. George Sommer, who has for many years past given the club many high-grade stamp magazines and jour- nals. Among the specialties of the club is the collecting of air mail stamps, new issues and plate number blocks of the United States. ers, Rednor, Cily, Papp. Glasgow. '1'ln'rd Rota'-Lamont, Cole- man, Cohen, Gross, Dobin, Hover, Lipitz. ll56I Q l First Row fleft to rightj-Marshall, Brawer, Zindl. secs retaryg Mr. Michelson, spcnsorg Levie, president, Stewart, In 1934, under the guidance of H. R. lkiichel- son, the Philology Club was organized. The main task of the club was the study of meaning of words, their history and pronunciation. A project undertaken each year by the organiza- tion was the publication of the "Tattler." This club newspaper, first started in 1938 as a school publication, enjoyed four very successful years. This year, however, the shortage of essential mate- rials forced the suspension of this familiar paper. Kindness to animals is the keynote of the Phi Zeta society, organized four years ago under the sponsorship of Mrs. Florence Cougle, teacher of science. The members of the club work in coopera- tion with the Trenton S. P. C. A. In order to promote a keener interest in pets among younger boys and girls, members of the group visited elementary schools and addressed the pupils concerning the care of pets. This year five First Fort' fleft to rightjfllolozar. Breimayer, treasurer, Palazzo, presiflentg llrs. Couglc, sponsor, Dombrowski. vice- prlesidentg Bickel, secretary, Timko. Second Rczr'4N1elheisen, Smith. Sammi Rou'4Schxvar'tz, Kohn, Schumacher, Gardner, Mihalyi. Levine, Melheisen, Olinsky. philolngq gm ln its stead, the club worked on a dictionary of words most commonly used by high school students. An added activity to their program this year was the sale of war saving stamps and bonds. Lloyd Ritter, Rita Altman, and John Caltagerone won the honors for their respective senior, junior, and sophomore classes in the Philology Club annual spelling bee. ln the finals, Rita Altman won the distinction of being the school's best speller. VVin- nezs received certificates of merit. Phi 3.efa homeless Cats and fourteen stray dogs taken in by the club became pets of nineteen different families. Each year the club plays Santa by "decorating" a Christmas tree with food for the birds. Learning how to take care of animals during war-time con- ditions was a major project of the group. Since Phi Zeta is a good will organization, its membership is open to all students who are inter- ested in the welfare of animals. Cicarrello, Zinrll, Marshall, T.uilwig, Fagelmxlii. Y'l11'l'iI Rozrg lflz, Mcngheni, Sahatucci. II57l First Row fleft to rightb-Farnell, De Pastina, Palamaro, Carlidge, T. Pone, VVestover, vice-presidentg Green. president, Dooling, secretary, Phillips, Martin. D. Pone, Rochford, Snook. Second Razr'-Gavin, Olmstead, Reading. Zuccarello, Fausti, Chaty, Inman, Brown, Martonick, Banker, Lewis, Matelena, Furano, Kotz. Third Ron'-Hill. Sikorski, Saccatelli. VVatson, Menghini, Zindl, 'Fischer, Bastian, Cominsky, Orsi, Van llorn. O I lr "In union there is strength." Believing in this philosophy, the presidents of every homeroom in Trenton High School assemble in a body known as the Presidents' Council to discuss various hap- penings and school rulings which occur during the course of the school year. The members of this body, under the sponsorship of Miss Sarah Christie, upon having discussed the rulings in full, report to the students of each homeroom their finding. The home- rooms in turn discuss the proposals and the presi- dents then report the action of their respective Mau flaw The Press Class writes news of social and class- room activities at Trenton Central High for the Trenton Times Newspapers. Seniors who have re- ceived honor ,marks in English in their junior year are eligible to enter the class, which affords an opportunity to learn the' basic principles of journal- ism and to cover the regular preparatory type of training in English. Gathering and editing school news is a service First Ron' tleft to right?-Mr. Mathewson. sponsor, Gard- ner, Edwards, VVood, Cohen, Iloiieycutt, Mclilroy, Mars, Sol Suro, Angeleni, Braytenbah, Lore. Fourth Rota'-Jammal, Simon, Chianese, Sessa. Maruca, Febo, Mennella, Solon, Esposito, Phelps, Sullivan, Palmer, Topley, Cahill. O'Dowd, Svacak, Antheil, Kessler, Conlogue, Addesa, Smith. Fosky, Ailey, Avan- zato, Prazenka. DeAngelis. Fifrlz Kon'-Steepy, Fitzgerald, Brad- ley, Kahane, Dinkins, Littman, Hatrak. Lauer. Mudrak, Gill Palumbo. Szlrtli Ron--Hornyak, Tresansky, Carrier. i homerooms to the council. Upon the basis of these combined reports the council then attempts to find solutions to the problems. In addition to its advisory capacity, this year the council wrapped and distributed packages for mem- bers of our armed services. This patriotic gesture was brought about wholly by the council with no outside support. At the head of the council this year was Richard Greene. which the members of this group accomplish, for the most part, outside the class room on their own time. Articles concerning club activities, the twelve separate departments of Trenton High School, the honor roll lists, publicity for Sports Nite and the senior play, senior and junior class activities were published this year. prony. Second Rott'-Foster, Petrino. Lawrence, Dombrowski, Blakeslee, jammal, XVeaver, Rappaport. M581 l First Row Cleft to rightDASowa, Newcamp, president: Csogi, vice-president, Mr. Hills, sponsorg Brecko, Galicki, sec- retaryatreasurerg HoEman. Second Rau'-Hartpence, Pezzicola, The Print Club is one of the few organizations in which work-and plenty of it-rather than so- cial activity is the regular order of the day. ln its ten years of existence, this group, under the su- pervision of Joseph W. Hills, has contributed largely to the success of numerous projects. This year as part of its activity, the club printed tickets for the senior play, Sports Nite programs, and post- ers for various school activities. The Print Club belongs to the National Honor Society of Printing Clubs, an organization made up of outstanding print clubs throughout the United An organization on whom the spotlight rarely fell, but which did ia real service for the school is the projection crew. This group of boys, under the sponsorship of Mr. Carl Dannerth, had charge of all the movies, slides or spotlight apparatus, and amplifying equipment used in school affairs. The crew had a full program, they worked in games, Sports Nite, senior prom, radio show, band show, and the senior play. This year the chief projectionist was Ralph First Row Cleft to rightj-Pillsbury, Mr. Dannertli, Dowell, Fell, Lambert, Oliver, Lewandowski. Halstead, Third Raw- Cendusi, Jones, Benetto, Power, Partyka, Lo Bue. pm gm States. Samples of work are exchanged among the clubs, and a magazine is published. The material in this magazine covers a wide range of information and is very useful to teachers and students of ty- pography. In sports, the club fielded a basketball team in the inter-club tournam-ent. The experience and knowledge these boys acquire through contact with equipment, and through the instruction of lllr. Hills, will be of great use to those members that take up printing as a trade. Jhajcchbn Dowdell, who was assisted by Robert Pillsbury, Carl YVeidman, and Pierre VVilliams. The boys put in seventy-eight hours of extra time, a fact which is in itself an accomplishment. Besides contributing distinct service to the school, these boys have learned much about the technicalities of sound and motion pictures. This knowledge, combined with their prac- tical experience gained in the use of the equipment, the boys count as worth more than the publicity other types of school service afford. Sccofzd Row-WVilliams, NViedman. l H591 i First Row Qleft to rightb-Raser, secretary, Dy,AH1111llZip, president, Miss Evans, sponsor, Smith, vice-president, Marx, Fiolonman One of the youngest and most active clubs in Trenton High School is the Ptolomean Society. The purpose of this society is to bring enjoyment and greater understanding of astronomy to each member. That this aim has been reached is attested to by letters which llfliss Evans, sponsor of the club, has received from former members who are now in the armed services. They found that many a time the stars helped to guide them through the jungle and other places where they had been stationed. The members took several trips to the State Hos- pital, where the mathematics of astronomy was ex- plained to them by Dr. Edward Roland, who has The Radio Class, under the tutelage of Mr. Carl Dannerth, has made very good progress, in this, its first year. This class is one of the many pre- induction courses offered at Trenton High. The class work consists mainly of the study of circuits in radio, and sending and receiving, although no code is used. Repairing and assembling First Rafi' lleft to rightj-fgmith, Schwarzwalder. Albright. lfr. llannerth, adviserg L'l'l321'l0. Dowtlell, Heres. Second Ifotvf treasur,er..Second Row-Ertel, Koslo, Fisher, Schek, Bazzel, Ixahsh, Vine. made astronomy his hobby. The boys studied the subject of aerial navigation, a topic which proved to be very interesting and profitable. At the invi- tation of Doctor Crowell, of State Teachers Col- lege, the students went to see a demonstration of the telescope. The Ptolomean Society is limited to twenty-tive members, all of whom must be boys of high scholas- tic standing. The aifairs of the society were expertly managed by Joseph D'Annunzio, president, Her- bert Smith, vice-presidentg Edward. Raser, secre- tary, Robert Mark, treasurer. delicate parts in the class room, aswell as demon- strations and the working out of problems, made for a very interesting class. llany of the boys in the class will pursue radio upon entering the armed services, and those who do not will still find their training useful in later life. O'IJowrl, Tolliver, Saproni, Funari, Velivis, Pauline. l160l First Rott' Cleft to rightj-Moliline, llnston, Hartmann. secretaryg Moskowitz, president, Mr. Foss, sponsor, Nelson, vice-presidentg Bartlett, treasurerg Brooks, Egan. .'icro11ii Rotu- Under the supervision of Herman M. Foss, the Rhetorician Society of Trenton High School devotes itself to training its members in a great many foren- sic activities. Chief among the accomplishments which the club made this year was the promotion of the Inter-Club Debate Tournament, in which all the clubs in the school participated. The Rhetorician Society intends to open its por- One of the greatest honors bestowed on a student of Trenton Central High School is to be elected into the Service Corps. Each year approximately l75 boys and girls, by giving their time and service, maintain courteously an orderly school. This organi- zation, formed to encourage and preserve order in the school, is headed by Mr. VVeaver. Out of the 175 members, about 100 are senior members. Fifzvl Ron' Cleft to rightj-Schulman, Fitzpatrick. Bruner, Kaehdorian. treasurer, D'.Xnnnnzio, presidentg 1112 XYeavcr, sponsorg Tilton, secretary: Turner. Green, Fnlfl. Goodman. S'c'rurzd Row-Mathewson. Cratt. Lncitli, Schumacher, firoh, Lip- shntz, Marshall, lferz. Gerstniclcer. Nash. Dayton. Lavinthal. Corn. Third Rorciilfflwartls, Rossi, Pielciclniak, Mills, Shack, Lenox, Bradley, Cohen, Moore, Green. Portin, Light, Palermo, VVislmevsky. mmi0"50w1i, tals next year to all those who are interested in the activities of the club. Under a new point system, maintenance of membership in the club will be based on the number of points each earns by par- ticipation in the affairs of the club. Each activity in which the member engages will award him a certain number of points. By this system the club hopes to keep interest alive and provide a richer program. I O J: 52110120 foam Throughout the building there are scattered posts at which the members of the corps are on duty part of their time each day. These students usher at basketball and football games, plays, swimming and track meets and serve at numerous other school activities that occur throughout the year. A service "T" is awarded to those students who have given a certain number of hours of extra service. Ronba, Capriotti. XYishnevslty, Pownall, Garclner. Leahy, NVeinf stein. Fourfli Row-Ibotlds, Stapler, Hover, Rogers, Mulholland, Schoenthaler, Toliver, Mauer, Schon. Napolitano, Bozsolyak. Fifth Ron'-Iantos, Harney. Nelson, Albright, Hough, Reese, Schroeder, Groomes. Reed. .S'i.1'H1 Ratt'-l31'ool:s, Haveson, Mari- ani, Abrams, Simonowitz, MacNeal. 11611 First Row Cleft to riglltj-Prior, Chapman, Sands, Bren- nan, D'Annunzio, president, Mr. VVeaver, sponsor, Tilton, sec- retary, Bella, Lenox, Hartman, Emmons. Second Row-Vanozzi, Lucidi, Kaplan, Sorrentino, Korzen, Halsneck, V. Kuzinski, Graff, Berkowitz, Egan, Miclialcik, P. Bartlett, Swain, Baum- ler. Third Row-Vine, Ertel, Haus. Angebrandt, Silverstein, Q U 1: gimvwz frmpa Those students enrolled in the Junior Service Corps take on the same duties as the senior mem- bers. The aim of this group is to supplement the senior members in their various tasks. The girls have been assigned to the cafeteria squad. The result of their Work has been shown in the fact that a has been cleaner and more orderly than in the past. The boys usher at the different school functions and, along with sen- fl Sala Jutww E1 Siglo Futuro, organized in 1921, is one of the oldest clubs in the school. Directed by Earl Steffy, the club has worked to acquire a speaking knowledge of Spanish by way of conversations and discussions in this tongue. The members have also become better acquainted with Spanish-American culture through talks and songs given by pupils who have lived in South America. The club has also purchased a phonograph and has built up a collec- First Row Cleft to riglitj-Epstein, Alexander, Singer, president: Mr. Steffy, sponsorg De Sosa, Megary, secretaryg Kuzinslfi, G. Bartlett, Buckley, Wilson. LeBair, Levine, Bazzel, Fiorentino. Fozrrfli Row4Porcel1i, Manning, Gordon, Osler, Lamachia, Lipitz. Smith, Blosovich, Koslow, Czafniawski, Schaf- fer, Fifth Ron'-Laskey, Brecko, Stewart, Klatzkin, VVestphal, Ciudici, Eldridge, Mather. Sixth Ron'-Gross, Levenstein, Hol- lendonner, Portin. Beal, Toft, Cameron. iors, have been posted at the doors during the lunch periods. This year, for the first time in three years, the Service Corps sponsored a party and dance for its members as a reward for their eflicient work. The faculty supervisor, Mr. William Weaxier, has trained these students so that they will be ready to become members of the Senior Service Corps next year. tion of Spanish records. Some of the club members correspond regularly with students in Latin America. This correspond- ence is bringing about closer and more amicable re- lations with our South American neighbors. Visits to museums and exhibits in Trenton and other cities to see displays and pictures related to Spanish civili- zation rounded out a full year of activity. Roclcllill. Socomi Rou'7Cumpston. Johnston, VVenczel, Gage. I 162 ,I lf' Y Flizvl Row Cleft to riglitj-Singer, VVl1ortenl1erry, Moore, Sinclair, Kohn, assistant captain. Second Rr17t'wMr. Bolge, sponsorg Csogi, R. VValtci-y XV. VValter, captaing Hermann, ln addition to our regular Service Corps, Tren- ton High School also boasts of a Special Service Cbrps. This corps was organized three years ago by George R. Bolge to relieve the already over- burdened Service Co1'ps. Although the members are not all in a special homeroom, they function as a single group. Their most important duty is to maintain order during the noon-time dancing period. The job of main- 6'An army marches on its stomach." Applying the same principle, one might say that the Spectator survives on its business staff. It is a Well-known fact that a paper cannot run without capital, so to accomplish this task is the duty of the business staff of the Spectator. This is done by selling advertising Ifirxr Raft' fleft to riglitjfliiliilippo, Turner., Siegel, Alby, Pnlone, VVoo1st0n. ,S'0i'f11iii Ram'-Merz, Kasser, lxinney, Mather, llolms. Third Rom'-Greco, lfusliner, Thompson, Birchenougli, Dorsey. C O 521010 6011.04 taining order is not so easy, for it consists not' only in keeping the gym neat and clean but in doing everything possible to make the dancing period more enjoyable for everyone concerned. Besides its regular activities the Corps sponsors various dancing contests during the year. One of the most popular of these is the annual jitterbug contest. All of these activities help to make the noon-time period more enjoyable. B ' space. ln addition, this group collects subscriptions and Sees to it that the publication is distributed. All work is carried on under the able supervision of hir. Albert C. lVenzel, who is the guiding light of this organization. business mauagerg Sinclair. Niiclialcilc, Mr. Vteiizci, sponsor 1163i 1T .14 Wy, , , .t.,.,. .i Firxt Rott' fleft to Ylgl1fi'iliL1l'l1EI', Singer. XYriglit. Corn. C. Hermann. Green. Fuld. Scrond Rott'-liolni, F, llermann. I fl 'fHave you seen the Spectator ?" was the princi- pal question which was heard at the end of every other week. Although students were eager to receive the current news of the school, they seldom gave thought to the people behind the scenes who made the publication possible. ln the three junior Spectator classes, an ele- mentary course was given in writing for the news- paper. Assistants were chosen from these classes who Worked under senior editors. These assistants learned how to assemlble page layouts, to read proof, and to write headlines. Klub Simultaneously with the opening in 1932 of the present high school building, the Stage Craft Club came into being. Sponsored by Mr. Friebis Sieg- fried and organized to render special service to the school, the club has, in no small measure, con- tributed to the successful presentation of assembly programs, senior plays, operettas, band shows, orchestra performances, Christmas plays, and Sports Nite. V Firsl Row Cleft to figlltQ'L35tC1', VVhortenbury. Race, Commini. president: Mr. Siegfried, sponsor, Clark, secretaryg Sidflal. Dignazio. Papier. Campbell. Sccmzil Rott'-Smith, Har- Levy. Greene, Douglas, Piekielniak, Rossi. Under the supervision of Morris B. Sanford, the literary staff worked not only during school hours, but after school as well. The fruit of these long hours was a publication which rated high in the estimation of its readers. In the annual contests sponsored by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the Spectator was awarded the f'lVledalist" award, the highest honor for schools with 2500 to 5000 pupils. As an extra honor the Spectator was named "All Columbian" for excellence in coverage of sports. Specifically, its duties consist of designing and taking care of scenery, manipulation of stage light- ing and effects, and officiating as make-up artists. All these duties are performed unobtrusively but efficiently. The Stage Craft Club benefits not only the school but the individual members as well, for it develops in them initiative, character, cooperation, school citizenship, and originality. vey, Crusade, Ferrare. Pennacchi, Elias, llarris, Bristow. 'I'lzird Rozu-Ilerman, VVood, Burns. Schroeder, Durastanti, Filer, Kish. L16-ll First Row tleft to rightj-De George, Guenther, Roumanis, co-leaclerg Mr. Dakin, sponscrg Hatrak, co-leader, Battala, Fal- Red hot trumpets, driving rhythm and smooth, mellow 'fsaxesn heralded the first appearance of the Swing Band as a school organization. The Swing Band's popularity with the students was shown by their enthusiastic attendance at the various Ujive sessions." , Under the guidance of Mr. Allen Dakin of- the faculty, the Swing Band was organized and directed by co-leaders Art Roumanis, who blows a mean "licorice stick," and Fred Hatrak, 'fivory dusterf' The Swing Band marks one more advancement in the school's musical activities. It offers the stu- Formed four years ago, the comparatively new Thalieuterpean Society is under the sponsorship of Herman Foss. It was organized for boys and' girls who wished to do creative writing. Their best piece of work to date is the operetta, "Across the Dela- ware," successfully staged in the Trenton High School auditorium three years ago. During 1942-43, the Thalieuterpean Club was zone. Second Rott'--Giammario, Ropeik, De Angelo, Unsworth, dents great opportunities to play and work with modern music, which some may follow' as a profes- sion. A Millner, Coculo, Bialopiotrowicz. The program for the year was a busy one. The Swing Band furnished enjoyable music for noon- time dancers every Wednesday andl Thursday. In January they presented a concert of swing in the auditorium and were also featured in Trenton High School's radio shows. The Red and Black Sports' Nite dance marked another appearance of the uswingstersf' Their busy season ended when they furnished music for the Senior Sport Dance. 9 O E under the leadership of the following pupils: Lucy Petrino, president, and Robert Gardiner, secretary- treasurer. The members work with the music de- partment, too. The Thalieuterpeans write the lyrics and the music classes write the music. Lyric writing, however, is not their only accom- plishment. They also write poems and auditorium plays. CLeft to rightj-Gardner, Petrino, president, Mr. Foss, sponsorg Rounds, johnson, secretary-treasurti. Il65l 1 A Fir-si Raft' Cleft to rightjgfhmiel, Cameron. secretary: Maul, presidentg Mr. BT3CDOllOl1gl1, sponsorg Fox. vice-presi- Unndcnalf Klub The YVoodcraft Club was organized when the new high school was opened in l932 and' has been holding its meetings each year since th-en. NVith an enrollment this year of twenty-three boys, the club carried out a varied program in which the members not only constructed useful household articles, but also contributed their services to the war effort. About one-halt of the group was ' 601421 lllemibership of the Leaders, Corps is composed of captains and lieutenants of the gym classes. Shrill Whistles blow and the word, 'ASquadsl" echoes throughout the girls' gymnasium. Some members inspect lockers, while others read aloud the weekly bulletins which state the various sports events of the week. First Rota' Cleft to riglttj-Stoop. Soprony. Hemsley. Adams. Dick, De Pastina, Birch, Fischer. Hirsch. Scuonri Rott'-Nelson, Floyd, Rich, Bflohr, Blakesley. Cornish. VVnuk. Mrs. Quick. dent: Sickles, treasurer, llama.. Ilolsnak. Second Ron--Hall, Braflforrl. Perry. 0'David, Cramer. Shack. Clruzlovic. interested in model airplanes and a number of the boys built small replicas for the Navy. The majority of the boys had a period of wood shop during the day and spent their club time wfork- ing on their regular shop work. Smoking stands, end tables, ash trays, taborets, foot stools, and draft- ing boards are a few of the projects completed dur- ing the year. The corps, with the aid of Mis. Isabelle Quick, conducts the routine details in the various gym classes. Another phase of their work is the teaching of the girls in handling the activities in the gym classes. In this manner they create good sportsmanship and unity throughout all the girls' classes in physi- cal education. Third Rota'-Banker, llutcltinson. Case, llill, Bickel. Dodds, NYillets. Smith. 3 1 166 ,I PAUL CHAMBERS "He1'e rests his head upon the lap of earth, ff youth to fortune and to fame unlenoswn. Fair science frofwned not on his humble birth, find melancholy marked him for her ofzcn. Large was his bounty, and his soul sincere, Heainen did a recompense as largely sendj He gafve to mz's'ry all he had, fl tear, He gained from heaifen ftwas all he fwishedj a friend. "No farther seek his merits to disclose, Or drafw hZ..S'f1'Lll.lfiKA'f1'07'lZ their dread abode, fThere they alike in trembling hope reposej The bosom of his Father and his God." --THOMAS GRAY. Y -4 T l M Sxznwfm William Baxter ' Roy Bennett Harry Bernhard a James Black Frank Bloking Robert Bullock Edward Burkins. John Cahill Carmen Campopiano Richard Chmielewski Leo Joseph Cooney Phillip Corvo Raymond Dews Joseph Dietrich Robert Farrell Lonnie C. Geter 4' WVilbur S. Holcombe, Jr. ,Charles W. Howarth 1 Donald Huston Edward Klenk Kline Kroesen John Kush Walter Lee Leonard Levin Richard Lucas Graham McChesney John Maruska Raymond Morris Raymond Mosquera Norman Muhs Joseph Nalbone Robert J. Pachuta Alphonse Palermo Edward L. Phelps Carlton Pratt Jack Puliti John Ryan George Schenkel Thomas Schoenhaar Robert Schroeder William Schultz Francis Sheenan Richard Shunk Howard j.'Sparks Richard Springsteen William Stockley Robert Tantum ' Frederick Tesarch William Tkacs Lonnie Tyler William Vernam Theodore Wiater Willard Wildoner Siegfried Wozniak Nicholas Zupko QIULIDJM William Burd Charles Cook john Demko Donald Gerofsky George Heim Albert Hutton William Keller Stanley Marek Allan J. Metcalfe John Parker Frank Pizzello .Sophomofzm Charles Falcey Earl Falcey Thomas Flynn Donald Klemmer Andrew Maruska Edward Peters VVilliam Tingo Leroy Topley Thomas Vandegrift "lVofw are we pledged to fwin the rights of many Labor ana' justice now shall have their fway, Ana' in a League of Peace-Goa' grant fwe may- Transform the earth, notbpatch up the old plan." ll68l ma... . pan..-..4,..M, -ROBERT BRIDGES. autoqmplmvfjmdmu a4ff04'ifl'f2f'-4013571410474 Yfra Smith Press 531 Trczzifu Y J 1 , X ...muh aff-xc,-mwm.1 mv..- x, K -- CLLJ- -ui-

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