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w U i . kk r xx fl 1 , AI J I ,IA ,. -xv. .1 , ,x ,, gr X, . - . ,V ,q2vw,. ,- f,:,ffav.1.,,, f, 1 ,Q 4 H gg-Q-we 1 , .+V ,,,'bLa, zg,gQy..LA,g,ii?,Q, -- ' W , an "H f' ' ' - iggffxvwi F? A 2 ' .,':1'f32,jf BJ 5 x '05, 3 Q 1 . 1 Q,!g've?v-:n- 1- , .. A Ji: .1 3 . ff f H , . 1 2 .,g ,- I f 'fi ..,f nu -m ,n O.. in 3, ff? Q.. J Ex P T '-3,131-1 1. ,353 ' 'di . ga , J A 'S5541 Q. 1-:W31ff,g:E.f,y"'U,:.5EgU-'I'-'gg 'az-ww -lug, : in ' -4 ' ,521 if 2'--'N -lv-ff "' Q: .WV M 1 2' if:,1a.f+??1'z:. f,1.g'2ff'l.:n.' 5365 I-V K nv, Q. 4 ,, A I Ja 'fi iff. wx ' A' 1' .. Ali - 4 , V 11 'f ' fc xg, L 4 V. ,. , Q. .vi-A,,,,., ,,x i 'A gg , 1: -'.'- . J as 'if , A fraf:-Tlf, ll 'ff 1 'di' -. ., 11 " j'f,g.,, I. .1iff-3f,,11.,.-RMU J-. 1' 1 5 '+L' Y-Na. H? -1 .. - H 'f-..- ww -M5-3-, ,,,.f.1. :pf- -Qiqysi 5 '. 1:1-f,sw'kz,q,g,:,. 3 + .:..y - 4 U4 .1 ,Lf ,AC,,.n:Jg7w., Lv.2JQf.1,,: X V 4 , .:iW,,-p,.,Q' ' ' Q'2L-',.i,l- "I, ' ' 3 v 5j'.L ,1':A:, gf, , . .,. 'I Ml. .r-3 '1 - '1 . I-.-5.4 . '??'...4 ,if W' ' ,I-Q -Q .1 fwf fafx . - , W ,A ,. IU.1 f- ,1',+q I NEW JERSEY ' . 1. I rf' x I x , . 1 I, ' 1 ,,, i Pl ILISIIICIJ VOR Tllli 5'l'l'lJliX'l'S MI xwx Cl-2x'1'1c.x1, HIGH S X4lll'Nlli I8 JLYQIQ, l LIHJUI I l 'I' Ulf the s.ix'.igery wt' wait there hits iirisen .i erx' tin' .1 hetter ties O 1 X sign ut' life. ln respnnse, the tiittilitiiiiiii leaiiiers have enuneiiiteii ti "new writer," whieh is nut finly griiphie .ind definite, i hut, in everx' instiinee, gi ehiillenqe tu denif weraiey. , , . . . lhis dregiti tiiet has thruwn intw re- lief the whwle pieture uf nur seliiml dziys in l'?-H-+2iini1 hzis hruught tw the ture the miie-piniiteti iluestiiin whieh hats unified nur life its students: XYh1it is the tiestinx' wt Anierleii in the exwlv- ing sfweiiil writer? Students nf 'l'rentun High have lung reeiignizeti that .Xinerieii has ii niiini' fest destiny. is "the lgist hwpe 111' eatrthn she must itlwqiys stainti tis ii tliree of grind aigaiinst evil, tif ttvlerauiee against prejudice, and nt' liwe against hate. Therefore, the guiding principle uf the Bnhushehi stuff in ennipiling this tinnuatl hats been to show hfmw 'lf Il. S. IS CUHSLXIULIS 111 its pzlrt in the large palt- tern nt iiaitirmiil destiny. .Ks ai reenrti this wmlume depiets students I'L"t'I'L'LlIil1g theniselves klk'L'HI'Liillg tn their highest denifmeriitie alspirattiuiis ainii therehy saifeguairding the giiuti life tis ii Iegney. XVith hrmid visiun, without petty de' sign, the elaiss nt 42 sees its trite in the wwrds 'if Riehztrd Hfwey, the poet, who wrute: Yvfleft' IQA' fl llllllzf fflflf I7z'll1!,i' Ulll' 1!r't'1l.V To 1711-vrlflfltl' 1i,t'.Yllt'A' flmn -:ne fvff111r1t'1f,' 1'fz:1'f1 mn ffm! fVlAllHIf7llA', mirli llml !,7!f'C,f!j', JI-v roi111Ii'y, .im'1'i'.i' Iii' Jnrlc 1-nri1n1f1m1'. tit X S 5,'gji is K J- . x Fifa K 3 . "We 'want no rn of those patriots who exhaust their patriotism in lauding the pastj but we fwant patriots who 'will do for the future what the past has done for usl7" -HORACE MANN N0 name among the patriots is more worthy of being honored through dedication in the Bobashela than that of I. Howell Kane, late head of the social-studies department. As a patriot, Mr. Kane believed in Amerl ica's future and its manifest destiny in the establishment of the good life for all people. As an educator, he implemented this belief. Under his direction, the instruction in the social-studies department of Trenton High School was based upon the belief that individual devel- opment or growth could take place only in a free society. This being his philosophy, he broadened the old concept thateducation is for democracy, and by the classrgm practices which he encouraged proved that education in its highest form is democracy. . As a patriot, a teacher, and a friend, he built himself into the lives of his studentsp Like the ideals which he championed, he will live asii force for good, because his labors, his sympathy, and hisfaith in America will always be a part of the brighter destiny ahead. In appreciation of aggre-at educator, ' I , i WE DEDICATE THE 1942 BOBASHELA TU I. Howatr KANE . DECEASED, OCTOBEK I7, 1941 . A l7l For Retrospect-Views of Friendly Scenes in tlwiisiimls ul griiilugites ul' rllI'CIlTllll will nut he remlily fiwrgiirteii by any pupil. lligli, the 11rel1iteetLii'ail beauty of the The impressive fiiemle inf the lvuililiiilg selmul will gilwaiys lie in the bziekgiwwiiiiil aiml the lung uwi'riilwi's will he reeiilleil lllr im-mini-ies inf 'lf ll. S. The Iwo scenes whenever' memlvers inf tlie eliiss wt' 'lf pietiireil liere possess stately beauty, clark excliiiiige qineeiliites uf liaippy liiwiirs spent sliguliiws .mil gi spirit nl' lwspitzllity wliieli iiiiiimg gimil lmiiks nnil siiieere friemls. gl .llomwlil of Rex! Hrforr lfii' Rx!! Riiliyff M ,v-ff.. z- fznugwg 5 ,. grail NA sg X N .1.Q,+5 -w. ,- 'K ' , -,:,,f1'3':W . gnrfw "' ml? 1 5 vu- MuHW,,xW, I pblf, . . 'J -- ' S ,Q ., f A K ff ,a 5 A A - . ' J J- A a s. ui- A r , ' - ' -,. A I I 'U We -I' . -. -,..,,,.f-,3j, .. iii? Lil!! na s ii. ,ii 'Sm mn m M . yr 4'f lu 'H P 'Wk I. 4 'JP f 'I' 14 38,3 'I' three thirty the exodus of pupils begins. From various sehool exits, the members of the student body make their way into the community. As they prepare to leave the scene of their scholastic labors, pupils of the high school can be observed in dififerent moods Some are high-spiritedg others, preoccu- pied with the evening's assignment. 'l'o- gether, these pictures capture a familiar every-day emotion of high school days the thrill of a completed task. fl! Tlzrre Tlzfrly the Big l,lU'lII14' Bl'!fI.ll,l' ggi, . . , slullilll N- V"-ss hw Xs,s.4gQ F..- . A ,A Qs - gym wjf v x .si 2 .. if v mf Q Q -N. Ns N lllililfl are certain locations in Trenton lligh School which seem to be in- trinsically friendly and cheerful. The gay, colorful mosaics at the entrance of the building and the alcoves facing Chambers Street are pleasant, conveni- ent places of rendezvous for T. H. S. students throughout the school year. These landmarks have been havens for pupils who have sought momentary re- spite from the routine duties of a busy school-day and the minor trials of learn- ing. Like old friends, these scenes will be long remembered. In the Spring, ilu' ,f1fr'o1'e lgt'l'lHllt' Il let'l11llt'Z7'0ll.t' Y A ' , V ' 2 f, - Q .:-li ME U .wuz W by . lr- J -...:,,,,,-...,X in--MA -L 1' at i t 5.0 X gg QR, ,R XA X N , xg- x 1 4 K ,mx 'lib 5 gT9,,..- s -fa s X5 - vu. "Siu 1. Xfh " SU. Q5 sg- N S - .Q Q aww 'N ...A- ""'2."l" . . lr. lllllffllfll .l1'lIl1fIi'L'x' .lrlfrws l,2C'.1'l'l' Lnuis ,ll1lfl'f!IIIll' Villinm R. Tlmrm' lllHlt'.N' T. Knnllxi rf74'rf C. H4'll4"1'ill1' I. Ilifrlwrl l,i'z'y Winfield S. Fell fllrs. .lam ex Bnlla nlin 1' Dr. f,l,1llflt'S P. lllffssiek Educational Leaders 0 BOARD Uli lfDl'CAil'l0N llli Trenton Board of lftlueation has long recognized that etlucation is the keystone of tleinot'rat'x'. NYith full eognizanee of its responsibility, this t'ix'it'-miniietl group has labored in time of peace to provide 'l'renton with an effective anti enviable srhool system. ln addition to provitling the material fa- cilities of education, this group has alone a greater service to the students. They have given an excellent example of intelligent co- operation and leadership in eommunitv affairs. Totlay, with the crisis of war anal its attenti- ant economy, the eflit'iem'y of the hoard mem, hers is further enhxmceii. XYith unsellish iles votion they have cooperated as inilixitluals and as ll group with all the civilian organi- zations concerneti with national defense as well as with the armed forces. Despite grow- ing responsibilities, they have not swervetl in their service to public eiiueation. They have worked steadfastly anti have given ai simple, modest, and forceful picture of practical patriotism in time of puhlit' need. Trenton Schools PAUL LOSER. Ph. D. S superintendent, Dr. l'aul Loser has revealed unusual acumen in his ad- ministration of the Trenton schools. His visionary philosophy and sound execu- tive policies have kept the Trenton edu- cation system at the highest level of eflicieacy. One of the many manifesta- tions of Dr. I.oser's foresight was the ahility of the schools to offer their ser- vices immediately in programs of train- ing for national defense. At the inception of the present war emergency, the Tren- ton schools were the first in the nation to meet the requirements for training work- ers for vital industrial tasks. llnder Dr. l,oser's leadership Tren- lon's educational system is constantly utilirng to the fullest all the facilities of instruction which will not only insure continued cultural advancement of our community hut also at the same time make a suhstantial contribution to the wa r effort. O 0 I Administrator Int l5ALIL R. sviaxciiie, vh.n. R. l,.Xl'l, R. 5l'liNL'liR is cwntiiiiiing iii cn lzirgc thc hc-lil nl lczirning in lrciitim High su that it cmhrnccs mit willy gicmlcmic tructiim hut ilsii thc siiciil anal imlustrizil ins " 4 5 ' Q " ilcvclripmciit uf cvcry pupil. ,XI thc prcsc is hcinq iimlcrtaikcii in iirclci' that spcciil 4 nttciitimi may hc givcn tw thusc suhliccts iiml courses which will ciiiitrihutc tri thc ilcfcnsi CllfUI'I.'liF1llIllllg in lirstsaiiil niml gici'im1iutics is hciiig riflcrcil tu Tulhll ll nccnl in thc lllllllbllll crisis. Ncw cmpligisis is hciiig pliiccil up ii prfililciiis fit' hui' .-Xiiicricgiii ilciiiiiciucy. lhilci' his lcmlcrsliip thc ciitirc pi'figi'.iiii ul stiulics is hgiscil upiin ii uwstiilil iilmicctixc imiizcly, thc sgifcguciriliiig 111' ywuiig pcfiplc in time uf wiii' niml git thc sgiiiic tiiiic pi'cpiii'i H them tri win :incl maiiiitaiiii thc hciichts 111 i wwrlnl nit pcaicc. timc, iiimlificzitiim of thc prfigiumi of stuilics Vice-principals fl Miss Sarah Christie supcrviscs thc hugc cxtra-curricular pro- grani which is dcsigncd to satisfy thc divcrzac intcrcsts and tastcs of four thou- sand pupils. A task of this cxtcnt is pos- sihlc Jccausc of hcr cflicicnt handling of vast administrativc dctail conncctcd with such a program. :Xs a rcsult of hcr guid- ancc, thc studcnts of '-lf will rcmcmhcr a host of activitics which wcrc cxccutcd plcasantly and cffcctivcly. William J. O'Brien not only fulfills thc position of vicc- principal in chargc of attcndancc records hut is also acting hcad of thc forcign lan- guage dcpartmcnt. Nlr. U'Bricn's skillful counsuling of hoth pupils and parents has givcn hini an unoliicial but, ncvcrtliclcss. a rcal status as a public-rclations man. Edward Ii. Leefeldt as x'icc-principal, has chargc of thc pains! taking responsibility of schcduling all classcr. Uthct' vital phascs of school lifc, such gs thc distrihution of supplics and thc rcpair of school cquipmcnt, arc also undcr his supcrvision. In .iddition to thcsc tunic-consuming tasks, Hr. l,ccfcldt scrvcs in thc capacity of an acadcniic adviscr. u., swat! !'iif li?-.c Ili-tl lo iiglitl lflslc Sailc. .Xila liiilf. ll:ii'lial'a l,ilIluig, Aliilisi l1.ii.iI.i. Xitliiii llniariii-.. Iiliaiioi liigol-lsliy. Iflifxiluili Iloilinc, Selma l'oplci1i. Nlioda l,.lviin', .Xlicc lliiili-iw, Nm--iii Ii' rr Xloiii- Niiit--vil, laoigi liolgc. .X-ldiv XK'clici. lflifiiliclli llilloii, Xilgcll Nlzitlic-wsoii, liliu lliouii. lliilnaii If--ss. Xloiiis Xliilltill, llriiiairl lfmiirl, ll, li, XYlvilc, lflnnv -lolmsoii k'h'iili-s llr-pau. lfvalilc clails. llaiii, Xliilielsoii, lfiasiuo t'iit-ilclla licniii-th Xluipluy. Yr-icilqi l,iisclici. 754+ . - X English Department IQXIJING maketh a full mang confer- ence a ready mang and writing an exact man." Students of Trenton Central lligh School are afforded many oppor- tunities for self-improvement in each of these language activities. .-Xs sophomores, the pupils are intro- duced to various phases of literature through a series of lectures. Playing the "sedulous ape" some of the sophomores take a special course in creative-writing. Imaginations are given a full run in the l,rIlH't'flf1' l and Spcclrllor l classes, which are courses designed for juniors w i th creative-writ- ing ability. Others may elect d r a m a classesg commercial students are offered business correspond- ence courses. The re- maining juniors take the regular I I If a and Illib. To seniors w h o lrflrur S. Hancock are honor students the l'ress, liolmrliclrr, Sfwrlnlor ll and Drama ll classes are offered. 'l'o accommodate college pre- paratory students with a wider scope of linglish and American literature, college board classes are conducted. liither con- temporary literature or a survey of linglish literature is studied by other seniors. 'llhe former course emphasizes modern works, whereas the survey spe- cializes in historical backgrounds. By following such a program the ling- lish department fosters those language talents which may be of use in the busi- ness world and at the same time opens before every student a wide field of cul- tural development. 'l'his year all students taking courses in linglish had the use of the mirrophone, a mechanical device which records and replays the human voice. XYith this ma- chine, as well as with the use of records, students with minor speech impediments were provided a means of analyzing their voices and correcting them. . l"".tl ly'p:4 llt-ft to tight! Nlamie I'eitfm:tn. t':ttlit-riin' Read, Nellie 'll-rip. Vqttltt-i'iiie Hale. l,:tur:t l'ell. ll-in l. lleal. ,Xlire Cahill. Xl: l,1Apln, liall 'in' Srl V 'l , lfleniior llurunn, .Nita nut! Kurt' ll. N. i K ' ' ' l'i tnl Vi nu h ny ieii t nic 1 t.i.tli:ini. llouaitl Hihitc. Scott Xlosoxich, lharles lltllegass. .X. 4-. Fextoii, Haul l.twlney, "J c 't se, ,Kllt-tt llztkiii. Y' 1 Commercial Department o2vil'l,t1xi'i'ii-is of modern society re- quire the services of many who are skilletl in the commercial lield. To meet these needs, the commercial department otters four major courses to students who seek to be employed in the business world after graduation. l'u1iils interested in accounting or bookkeeping may enter the accounting course, providing they earn good marks in the sophomore year. Likewise. students maintaining consistently high averages in the lirst year of their work are permitted In enroll in the secretarial curriculum. Nlemhcrs ol- this course gain valuable ex- perience hv assisting department heads, ' ... rs leaders ol organizations, and advisers in secret trial work. ln the salesmanship course, the pupil may study theoretical selling as well as gain :xperiencc in practical salesman- ship. Students who take this subject ac- quire skill hy operating the school store. lfinally, there is the general business coursc otlered for those students who students ot stenogra- phy were instructed in the use of the dic- taphone. lixperience with equipment of wish to obtain positions not requiring a knowledge of bookkeeping or stenog- raphy. ln this course students learn to operate calculating and duplicating ma- chines and study general salesmanship, . h marketing, advertising, and commercial law. During the Christmas holidays many Trenton High commercial students were employed in department stores, where they received a practical insight of their future work. Students enrolled in various commcre cial courses have advantage of using the the latest types of otlice mach i nes. lfor example, this year HU" T' Mi", this type has been of great aid to the pupils. 'I' Trenton High School modern languages a re of- fered not only for their cultural values but also for their in- I creasingly practical use in a world at war. At the present ti m e live foreign languages are offered by the language department. These i n c l u d e 2 Latin, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Nlost students taking the academic cur- riculum include Latin in their studies. Latin is offered for a period of four years while French, the most popular lan- guage, is offered for three years. Since Ifrench is most difhcult to speak clearly, much emphasis is placed on conversation. As a result of the "Good Neighbor" policy of our government towards the South American republics, Spanish has increased in popularity among the stu- dents. It is now taught for a period of three years in which much discussion is devoted to the lands of the twenty repub- lics. II'illi11m J. U'Brif'n Foreign Language Department Since German is primarily a subject of the sciences, many students who are inter- ested in this field study this language. This course may also be taken for three years. The first year is devoted to the study of grammar and vocabulary, the next two years include reading the best literature of famous German authors. Finally, there is the study of Italian. This course is offered for three years. During this time the students spend much time reading current Italian maga- zines and books. The first year instruction in Italian places emphasis upon the study of gram- mar and reading of elementary books. The second and third year courses in Italian offer instruction in the better- known classics. Teachers of all foreign languages maintain classroom-libraries of current reading matter such as newspapers and magazines. VVith the use of such publi- cations, the instruction of languages is vitalized and made timely. This year short-wave broadcasts have taught the student the value of a foreign language. Iwi! li'o:c llilt to ilulili l'.. ll. 5-tm-IIF3 lrcm' lx. lyriist. .l. liil'ly1v1itl'icl.. .Niim-riff Kurt' lfrxiiilc Iloiuizl i S 1 Xliit-iii l,:i lfouiiitaiiii, ,loliii lf. Ki-lscx, Yicto' .':ilw:l'y. Science Department "l'l'IlOl"l' a doubt science plays an im- portant role both in war and peace. ln order to meet the needs for scientific knowledge during these days of crisis, this department offers a variety of courses to suit the academic and voca- tional needs of students. All courses are divided into two areas: Science l and Science ll. These courses are not based upon the usual sequence of subject matter but are organized upon a psychological basis. The courses of study are adjusted to meet the needs of the pupils and the changing conditions of the community. The department endeavors to give every pupil the scientific knowl- edge he will need to be a more efficient individual and a better citizen. Biology, which is primarily a sopho- more subject, is offered to both academic and non-academic pupils. This subject, along with first year physics, constitutes Science l. The second year of these sub- jects, along with chemistry, make up the Science ll program. Supplementing the work in the class- rooun, the pupils enrolled in science classes also take two periods of labora- tory wo r k each week. During these laboratory periods the students work on experiments which deal with the prin- ciples of science pre- viously ta u g ht in classroom sessions. Girls interested in nursing take course l2S3, commonly known as household chemistry. Practi- cal applications of chemistry in relations to both nursing and household duties are learned in IZS3. The courses of the science department are being constantly modified to keep them timely as well as informative. Under the leadership of john Manzer, head of the department, the teachers of science throughout the state convened at Trenton High this year to discuss meth- ods and procedures of teaching science to pupils of varying needs. The department this year welcomed the return of lNlr. George Nl. Krall who spent one year in Hawaii as an exchange teacher. John fllanzer I-Ari-cvf Hog. ilt-ft In iighii Sylvia Niinou. -lzimcs G, Xlauft-r. lit-:nil of dejiartiui-int: iXlI'r,,l'iliIl'ci1cc S. tliiiglt-, ,N'.'.'riii.f ldisc lf, Xlurray XYcstou-11 Wesley F. Ktlciirs. lllarolrl S, jones. llaviil Weislitig. plltifrl lx'ii:t Ralili 12. Carl-lun-ll. .Xllicil AI. llultt-it-r. Voristzriiiiiit- Nl, lliamonil. .lli.rr'iiI1'r'.f lltltii lzvairs. Mc--rgc l Nl. lsrxlll, lwit' lih H llvtt lt- viglitl l'Al.lll1'l'sl'llYlNllt. Xlzulvlilit' lliitl. lfiilli Stull. li. lilt'iut't'lli'i. lf-lvlli Xtltiiiswh wqfi li lfiil w1llx.l1x. l'liit lli. nxll11'v. .SIM fflr' l lx "fI 1 Wvill v.Alll YY m'.lx n", Iii: nu1n'n- s l'iill 4-:v. Xlillmiii l!.ixI4'l. l. lktillvti, ll vf+x11.m s l' m'-Irr lt'-, l,t-is 5 rwlv th, I: lfxlvtlvt. Vltvliii lltiittii tr d D p r r Social S u ies e ar men Y knuwing thc vnritnus forms tif ftmr- this prtrhlciii-stiviiig tctliiiitiuc tti prtn t'igii gtwcrnmciits :intl hy tictiuiring lcms which will likely tirist' tiftcr tht thiiiiiligwity with pmhlcms tif tlcintit'i'11t'y. airc grzitluaitctl. tht' stutlcnts ut' 'liciituii lligh arc hciiig 'l'hcsc twiurscs zilstw scck tu int'ult'titt- 1 trgiiiictl tu 1it't't'pt thc rcsptmnsihilitics thzit w'litilcstmit' rcspcct fur t'lit1rz1t'tt'i's in .ill will ht' t'iit'twuntci't'tl in thc future. llur- wtilks of lifc who litivt' miitlt- tht' l'iiitttl ing tht- ptist ytuir :ill instruttitm in social Stzitcs what it is Illllkly. l,1istly, thtx Sufi il stutlit-s wits given in light tml' thc prcsctit Stutlics ttmurscs sttivt' ttit't'C1lIt' ai tlcsirt' tti wtirltl twniillitt auitl its iiiiplitwititms fur zittt-pt. rcspctt, tuitl tu imprtwt' tht- ins t'liiuigt's quitl gitlvitistiiiciits ttm hc mgitlt' hy tutitiiis wc ntiw ligivt- iii tiui' gtwt-riiiiit-iit il tlt-iiitvtititit' pt-tvplcs. sti'ut'tui't'. 'l'ht'i't' girt' twti t'uui'st's t1ll't'i't'tl tu all l'fx't'ry ytxii' t'lt1sst's stutlyiiig l'i'trhlt'iiis pupils: Stitigil Stutlics l, whith is tml' lJt'iiitit'iuit',x htixt' tin trppurtunity tt titltipttwl IHs+vplitittiwi't'ill1tl juiiitii' pupils: witiicss tlt-iiitit'i'1it'y iii nittitiii wht-ii tlitx Stitiail Stutlics l l, iiivcstigtitt' Ctimiiiuiiity Chest iit'tix'itits , . , . A gitlxiptctl ttf tht' iit't-tls Hy visiting tht- x'1ii'itius hi'iiiit'lit-s til tht llllllt' lp. Ixft'l11jt'flt'1 - . . . . wt sciiitu' stutlciits. ltvtxil Ctwiiiiiuiiiity lht-st, iuguiy stutltwits il' li t- luiitltuiiciittil twiiit- in tlii't-t't t'ttiit41t't with tht- piwvlwlt-iiis l purptist-s til' t-11 ti h which t'tiiil'i'tmt tht- Q'ht'st tuitl tihstrxt tpurst' is ttf ttxith tht- htww thtw' tirt' stvlvt-tl. pupils htrw ttm livt' Ll .'Xll4llllL'l' iiisti'ut'tix't' t'xpt'i'it'iit't- lui' sth t'tiiuplt'tt' liftg tkitiiig im' liisttiry tiltisscs is tht- city gtwt-rniuc prtwhlciiis ut' living tuur. Un this tittzisitiii liisttmry stutlciits iisthcyprcscntthcm- visit vtirituis muiiitiptil tlt'p.ii'tuit'iits til sclws auitl In apply tht- gtwcriiiiitht. l"1r.vI lx'ti:t tlclit to riglitl ,l. XYliilm-y Vollitoii. lit-:ul of 'It-paitnnnt: llioiiizis lf. Nliiii-lay. Nlai' lx. lfictleiirlv, ,Nt'ti'lltf li'o:r lfnicisoii ll. lliiiilicl XY:iltcr 5. Kroiisc. lliinl lwrt Klart-iicc NX. Louilcn, l'lril :lick llicxxcs. .Xlln-rt ki. Hx-live-l. Mathematics Department l'Z.XI.lZlNt: the need for mathematics in all branches of modern society, this department offers its students an op- portunity to obtain a knowledge of this subject in whatever field it may be re- quired. Courses of mathematics are pre- sent-:d in two programs: One to meet the requirements of college preparatory stu- dents, and the other for the needs of industrial-arts classes. There is enough variety in the courses for the students to select work which is best suited to their abilities, needs, and desires. 'l'he sophomores have a choice of first year algebra or plane geometry. A very select group is taught logarithms and the fundamentals of trigonometry. ln the junior year, the students may take inter- mediate algebra, while the advanced stu- denis are taught both intermediate alge- bra and plane trigonometry. Seniors may enroll in solid geometry, plane trigonom- ctry or advanced algebra classes. ln the senior vear a course in Social lXlarhematics and a course in Consumer Mathematics are given for those who will need a review of arithmetical processes and their applications for future occupa- tions. These are half-year courses. A special half-year course is being planned for those boys who wish to qual- ify for officer-training courses or for bet- ter positions in defense industries. NVith the outbreak of hostilities, the mathematics department revealed itself to be perfectly attuned to the needs of he emergency. Immediately a course in the mathematical phase of aeronautics was formulated and offered to all students who possess the nec- essary qualifications and might wish to enroll later for ser- vice in the air corps of the army or navy. Special courses which cover mo r e th a n the required work are also of- fered to students. J. uyllffllf'-V Col-liton yl,'I'll0l'GIl physi- cal vigor is be- i ng emphasized at present in a nation- wide campaign by the Office of Civil- i an Defense, th e Physical liducation Department has long been eager to have the students keep healthy in both mind and body. l'nder its tutelage, pupils in 'lirenton lligh School are developing sound bodies by participating in care- fully planned activities. Sports in accord- ance with the season of the year are pro- vided for every student. Girls' classes have a choice of hand- ball or hockey in the fall. During the in- door season, basketball, service ball, and swimming are the most popular activi- ties. ln addition to these activities, all the girls begin to make preparations for Sports Nite. ln this affair every girl is enabled to have an active part in the three-night demonstration. 'llhis year the Sports Nite program won the plaudits of educators throughout the state for its suc- l,4'lx'oy Smith . f , . . . Physical Education Department cessful motivation of exercises and activi- ties developing grace and poise. To encourage competition among the boys, varsity teams are cond u c ted throughout the year. ln the fall, the boys may attempt to qualify for the varsity football, soccer and cross-country teams. During the indoor season they partici- pate chiefly in swimming, basketball and wrestling, while tennis, track, and base- ball constitute the spring sports activities. As an outgrowth of these activities, var- sity material has been readily developed for T. H. S. teams, which have garnered several championships in recent years. By promoting mental and physical hy- giene as the goal of the students, this de- partment has done a commendable job in making every student health conscious. Thus, the welfare of the student, which is most important to public morale in time of war and peace, is safeguarded by a group of well-trained, interested teach- ers. Although the program of physical edu- cation department is concerned with physical welfare of the student, there is also due regard for mental health. lift. li .. lltlt to iiglill lmiliiiile lwittllliriiili. Sally Xlolii. l,l4.iiloi lxtatiilie. lalxoy Smith, lsalnl 'll l Xu 4 illul Xlix Nltlii N ul I r Xlli in X, oi .i is, .v . . e, .rio i ion :ei kleinrli X. Xi-liscliactci, lgilvxaiil Nluipiix. I ii Nl ici K lui ll il Xli 1 lSni l 'rn . o -,i , - lv. . zvrl fi' . :lg:Im' .i tics. o y , l Q 1, O y 'Y, A I 1 I A .N w T yi i l-'i-'lic'l'lN'li execution and administra- tion of clerical details attendant to thc functioning of a school with an en- rollnrcnt of fort-v-two hundred pupils re- quire the services of an efficient staff of ollice secretaries. lfortunatcly, the large student body of Trenton Central High School has at its disposal the resources of nine well-trained secretaries. By their consistent helpfulness and their cheerful spirit, this staff has won the admiration of the entire school. The attendance and punctuality rec- ords of all students are kept by Nlisses Margaret Cook and listher Tripp. Pri- vate secretaries to the school administra- tors include: Nliss Barbara Newton, sec- retary to Dr. Spencer, Nliss Dorothy Ross and Nliss llelen Nlclntire, secre- taries, respectively, to XVilliam O'Brien and Nliss Sarah C. Christie, vice-princi- pals. The work of these secretaries can- not be overestimated. XVith their able as- sistarce, the administrative detail of their respective oflices was readily cleared. Nliss Bette Nlenk handles the adminis- trative details in the orlice of Samuel lfberly, placement director. Nliss l,ucille GHice Staff Barlow has charge of inimeographing. The central office, which serves as a clearing house fo r all school activities, i s managed c o m- pletely by two sec- retaries, the Nlisses Grace Bullock and Katharine Goldenbaum. By instructing certain commercial slu- dents in the tasks of office operation, the clerical staff also serves as an educative factor. Girls are permitted to handle the telephone-exchange machine in the otlice in their projects to acquire smiling voices. By utilizing the assistance of this staff, many students have received many use- ful hours of instruction in practical phases of oflice routine. During the last few months of the school year, the clerical work of the school increased because of the influx of new defense activities for schools. De- spite the need for bulletins and special notices, the staff has undertaken these new duties with its usual cheerfulness. Ulvlcff Bullock I . . , . , l,i.i, lv. .i ilitt io iight! Xlis-cs lloioilii lvo--, llc-lcii Xlcliitiic. l.i.ici- liiilloclv. lxatliiyi l.-il-iiiil.i:'iii i - V laiiilli- l-.iiloxx. ,Mi i.: lv,-.i Xli-ses Nlaiuaici look, llttli- Xlciilv. llniliaigt Xixxiou lpllwi liiii, , Il .S'anim'l W. l:'lwrly lui' li' .. Vi-ll io iiuliti lflsii- Sole. lilouiicc lhiuglw, Sim lla-ily. Xlaii Xlcaglwi, N 1 1 im . m I. iiiiisiiao. Xlillion laitwi. Guidance Department IJ meet the demand for employment, and at the same time to help our students to know better how and where to get jobs, the high school, through the guidance department, gives an oppor- tunity lo all students desiring work to file job applications in the otlice of Samuel XY. liberly, director of guidance and placement. 'l'o date many Trenton High pupils and graduates have secured em- ployment through the facilities of this bureau. 'l'he placement otlice was able to fill all calls from employers during the past year. There are sixteen special advisors in the school who give counsel to assigned groups of students. 1 ln addition to this service there is also a separate guidance Fifa , i department consist- ing of Nliss Nlary li. Nleagher, Nlrs. s - 1 - 1 1 ltlsie U. Salle and Nlrs. l'lorence S. Cougle, who conduct guidance classes for girlsg Clarence li. Christian and lVilliam S, Baxter, who advise junior and sophomore boysg and Nlr. lfberly, who not only conducts the placement bureau, but also serves as advisor to the senior boys and as college advisor for all groups in the high school. Students of Trenton lligh School are required to tal-ae an hour of guidance each week for one semester. During this per- iod. sophomore pupils study occupations and economic opportunities in diflerent lieldsg juniors receive instruction in per- sonal guidanceg and seniors take a course in general and educational guidance. During guidance classes this year each senior took a self-analysis test, which en- abled him to recognize the type of work for which he seemed to be best suited. Since the establishment of the college inf formation bureau in Nlr. lfberly's otlice, the number of graduates receiving schol- arships has increased. l- ttf lx..t tlttt to iielvti X-ililc L-wliinii. .lolm XXlioinils5. llnriv Iliivsltm, Al-iscplv llill-. l'i:i1icls Matlv. Mi. ui hw.. Iboiielas fiootlalc. XX.1ltcr Nlwclltiioiixtli. karl llzmmitli. llaily lwivleti. llaiiy lasslic, Industrial Arts Department o help avert a shortage of skilled labor during the national emer- gency, this department is devoting its energy toward instructing as many boys as possible for the defense industries. In collaboration with the government, it is providing courses that will enable its stu- dents to be employed in vital defense plants. After graduation these boys will have a knowledge of the theory and de- sign of machines as well as experience in operating them. Hy making practical pieces of furni- ture for the home, boys in the wood-shop receive valuable carpentry practice. The print shop provides its students with a detailed program in preparation for their apprenticeships in the printing business. Although the school derives special bene- fits from the work which these young craftsmen do in constructing numerous properties for student productions, the boys 'themselves gain much valuable ex- perience. In the electric shop many use- ful electrical appliances are made. Future machinists prepare for their apprenticeships by learning to operate the drill presses, lathes and milling machines. Nlany boys enter the auto shop to prepare for a mechanical career. Although mechanical drawing is usu- ally associated with draftsmen and archi- tects, boys who wish to enter the engineer- ing fields find it wise to acquaint them- selves with this subject. This department has arranged trips for several of its students in mechanical drawing courses to visit sites where new buildings are being erected. There, they studied architectural plans and ma k e preparations for fu r t h e r creative work. ln addition to these vitalizing ex- periences, th e stu- dents of mechanical drawing have th e advice of men in the field. Il arry B u rsl lf m Home Arts Department :iNIliNI.xklNo will never become a lost art for the girls of Trenton lligh School. l'ractical experience in st-wing and cooking are offered to those who take the home arts course. XVhile enrolled in the sewing course, the girls have the opportunity to contribute their valuable services for various dramatic productions and social works by making and remodeling costumes. ln addition to learning how to make their own clothing. these students also discuss various prob- lems in homemaking and receive timely advice about how to solve them. There is also a three-year cooking course which girls may select if they are interested in cooking, either as an occu- pation or for practical home use. The preparation of food, the study of diet, its scientific basis, care for silverware and dishes, and the use of table etiquette are some of the main topics of discussion in this particular course. Nlany of the girls previously enrolled in this course have found the subject matter to be of valu- able use in establishment of their homes. lfor those boys interested in cooking as an occupation, there are special courses in short-order cooking. Xlany boys were permitted to serve members of the fac- ulty at noontime. The boys have prepared the food served at special school func- tions, thereby gaining invaluable experi- ence in the technique of taking orders for food and in serving it properly. The preparation of foods, however, is the main objective of study in this course. As a result of this instruction, several boys have found immediate employment after graduation in restaurants and hotels in Trenton. Others have found use for it on pleasure and camping tours. The biggest project of the department was the annual Fashion Show, presented on Nlay 27 before the public and the stu- dent body alike. Sport and afternoon dresses, made and modeled by the stu- dents, were featured by the girls enrolled in the various domestic courses. A capacity audience, consisting of par- ents and friends of the girls, attended the affair and were most laudatory in their remarks about the work of this departs ment in developing useful, worthwhile skills among the girls of the community. 5 . l,ill io iiiglil Xliss tlxiiii -I. l',llsxxiiilli. Nlise Xiola Nloss, Xlise IIN H 1-.,.o-,- Xliw HUM XM, X l ll l Xl II l l ll l Naiiii, .li-s ,ois iisiiiiiiiv. . iss ctii Zizisiau, N a world of swiftly changing ideals and institutions, Trenton High School still offers its students the opportunity to acquire an appreciation of fine arts, music, and other cultural subjects. Not only rn its teaching of fine arts but in servic-: to the school this department has achieved an important position in the in- structonal program of Trenton High. T h r o u g h the fine-arts curriculum pupil: become acquainted with the basic principles of stagecraft, designing, and drawing. For the students who are con- sidering art as a vocation this depart- ment otfers a three-year course in com- merciil art. This course includes in- struction in store-window tr i mm i n g, poster drawing, and designing. XVhen studert dramatic productions are pre- sented, talents of many fine arts students are utilized as the students execute scenic background for the various s c e n e s. NVhenever art work is necessary in the school publications, it is also contributed by the students enrolled in the fine arts course. Several graduates, who had the advantage of this instruction, entered up- on successful careers in art and adver- tising. Fine Arts Department ln the music curriculum the pupils study the works and lives of the musical masters. The members of the orchestra have not only learned to perform with perfection but have learned to compose. The creative work of this group is evi- denced by the large number of original compositions which are played at as- sembly programs. l'nder the guidance of li. Rogene Borgen, the band has become an integral part of the annual Girls' Sports Nite program and an impressive background at the football and basketball games. The orchestra, under sl. l'. Rus- sell, has also gained a wide audience of devoted, critical listeners. ln conjunction with the chorus which is also under Nlr. Russell's direction, the orchestra pre- sented several concerts and assisted with the operetta. XVhen the high school was evaluated by a staff of school administrators, the work of the music department won spe- cial citation. The lfvaluational Commit- tee especially lauded, not only the oppor- tunities for creative work and composi- tion in music, but also the perfected ren- dition of difhcult selections by the music masters. lwll Ii' llllll lfinlclve l,, ll.-igen, vl. l'. Russell, llapliiiie lint-iiig, ylolm li, Slavilt, lfiii-lns Siugtiii-il, Ventures into Self Realization CA Section Depicting Special Projects and Student Leaders, Student Defense Activities oi '42 Q ZIP' I ld sf , Eighth Annual Sports Nite N' A Pageant of Rhythm QPUUNMNQQ cnmu t L Captain Applejaclc-Rolliclcing Senior Play X - l X' X- s-N-, W - x " - y 'XV l EM T0 guide the education of an: other person puts upon the educator the two:fold obliga: tion: first, he must strive to be sensitive to that person's poten: tialities for day by day growth in living: second, he must be alert to bring within the learn: er's reach the best possible proj: ects for growing. -John Dewey. l.ill I 1 + 4 - 4 4"-Pi y, v. I 0,04 x ' an lb ,L L3 f 9 I ?' w 1 0, .fl iw , -f ,gp ff' I. 1 K WLM, W -X :SH , :..wpm-wfv-4 A ffg2,Q N a world of swiftly changing ideals and institutions, Trenton High School still otfers its students the opportunity to acquire an appreciation of fine arts, music, and other cultural subjects. Not only in its teaching of fine arts but in service to the school this department has achieved an important position in the in- struct onal program of Trenton High. T h ro ugh the line-arts curriculum pupils become acquainted with the basic principles of stagecraft, designing, and drawing. For the students who are con- sideriig art as a vocation this depart- ment offers a three-year course in com- merciil art. This course includes in- structeon in store-window tr i mm i n g, poster drawing, and designing. NVhen student dramatic productions are pre- sented, talents of many fine arts students are utilized as the students execute scenic background for the various s c e n e s. XVhenever art work is necessary in the school publications, it is also contributed by the students enrolled in the line arts coursc. Several graduates, who had the advantage of this instruction, entered up- on successful careers in art and adver- tising. Fine Arts Department ln the music curriculum the pupils study the works and lives of the musical masters. The members of the orchestra have not only learned to perform with perfection but have learned to compose. The creative work of this group is evi- denced by the large number of original compositions which are played at as- sembly programs. linder the guidance of Ii. Rogene Borgen, the band has become an integral part of the annual Girls' Sports Nite program and an impressive background at the football and basketball games. The orchestra, under -I. P. Rus- sell, has also gained a wide audience of devoted, critical listeners. ln conjunction with the chorus which is also under Nlr. Russell's direction, the orchestra pre- sented several concerts and assisted with the operetta. XVhen the high school was evaluated by a staff of school administrators, the work of the music department won spe- cial citation. The lfvaluational Commit- tee especially lauded, not only the oppor- tunities for creative work and composi- tion in music, but also the perfected ren- dition of dithcult selections by the music masters. 'Nfl Ii' llllvl lfuuclvc l.. lloiqcn. nl, l'. Russell, llgipliinc lion-ing, ylohn li. Slavilt. lfxu-luis Sit-igfiit-il, Ventures into Self Realization CA Section Depicting Special Projects and Student Leaciersf V tx' SN Stucient Defense Activities of '42 EF' U I In Eighth Annual Sports Nite K ix f-it ,Q N? w y Q x.Rk x - Ms. We R sw . 's FS? - V, Thx . sf ,.k,. lx - J Y , S , S Q5 ,M N11 Q 3 E W ,Q FK Q Wx: N Qi xxx S Q F I A . f MJWY I 1 or . . .x-, ,. - 'fa xi. xml 5, - , . ,, ,W A at .w,- W - . Q' . x ,Q I J X' 4 flifwa g'54fyf- , - 1' If ' .' +3 A", w Q :G J , 4 Q' 5 :W itpivj, E V Q . 4 if ' il w 111 ' 4' - fn 2 hz 1 .a FW' fa ' 1rf.:'i"'?f Y A 5 lp by 1.11 ' 'N p, 7 V 5: 5x ,ggi vi ' ew! 'QW Q 1 - M Ig, Q 5 I , at 4 ' -S af, f, A A 9 '1- j '. L WL V+ ,Z -.....1.l ,. 'Q'-1:9 Q.. 'I lk, -vJ l --if . S I' l 7 1. '-0 ...-."-than .1-F' N-aa, P'-1'-5 1 nl f -v isp , A LM. , 8 I ,RAM UD ff XX 4 1 M5116 frqef x A-as he .ix Q Ai V g . N - 1 'N ' T i 1 4' 1 :Lv ' 5511. v -Q A Q Yi S i si,yw ,, , f X if F E . S A FX W 5 Nw J X x ' Q 5 K . - - ss S 6. x ' fs x ' P P 1 1 ' 3 K I xg? 3 if 'F' Mr N55 gl' Q X K 5' .,. 1 8 ' X '. I ,E 4 If 1 3 M.. f x v SS' EBI 'Wg n v F1 Q EEL 'S V 14 . ,ni 3 g. 'Q T' A TN 'CZZI3' 5,- 2 Q Q x 5 X l i Washington, A ortex 0 Serves As Gracious Host lllSTl.liS, shrieks, a mail stampede! An air raitl? No. An earthquake? No. A train wreck? :Xlmost -when 300 wide-eyed seniors, embarking for XVashington, hlitzetl the eight-thirty streamlined special on October V, Ill-ll. There was the usual scramble for seats: the last-minute hug from rioting parentsg corsage or 1i,vq111'1'w from the current heart throb. VVith these formalities over, the XVashington- hound seniors were merrily on their way. The journey from historic Trenton to history-making lllashington was a history itself. Bob Tenlcler covered the mileage clown on foot. lq,H.Hm,v My lfortiheil by lunch A' ' llunchesl. C o n Q a lines, magazines, cam- i eras, anal other miscel- 1 laneous junk, the sen- T iors of '-lf alrrivecl at the linion Station at lltlll. lfuture diplo- mats, senators, and a few hunilrcil future presidents purchased souvenirs a ntl com- menced an invasion of the capitol in thc best style. :X mo n g remi- niscences wc recall a pungent whiff f rom th e oltl-time snuff boxes still tlaily fillctl for thc legislators. rm' llfippy Y'aco.m1111'.v I-ll llYfl.Ylll.lI!ff0l1, D. C. History Making Events, EO Senior Class of 1942 Aside from -lanice Smiths decorating Andy Cella with a piece of ice twhich Andy did not relish as it went trick- ling crown his backl and a birthday dong dedicated to Ber- nice lfineberg, whose birthday was months hence, the first meal at the hotel passed with perfect deeorum. 'llie groups were transported in buses. Mr. Bolge's well- behaved group had a crooner guide. Imagine riding the Potomac at night with your favorite heart throb and with strains of melodious music floating through the airl A certain few fellas, among th e m slerry Garb and joe Dutko, announced that it was a relief to cat lunch without h a v i n g the usual tug of war with the ubiquitous locker mice of 'l'. ll. S. lledy Bodner, busy in Trenton with Spec- lnfor copy, was kept in contact with all the news by the several postal cards sent to her by Don Nlatteucci. 'l' li r e e hundred weary but happy Tren- ton lligh School stu- dents returned to the ,f Penn Station, October WW at IZ, lfill, '9 l'. Nl. 3 .'1l1, ll Rex! The .xvllfIl0lI'.V Cnpflof Is lliwzffwl fry St'l1I'0l'.Y A 1211 15115 ijmvf iw' W.. Nm IQ 'uk . wmdx - . , Q if x Wa I E 'Q W .,fs",: ' V- T' ' A 4-2 6 33' P' ',.A'V' D -f-1 w M- A 1 g .- wb 5 'I 4 - , is ff f 1 5 .. gy sg fx f A 1 ff y Q ' , 5 4 W 1' . , ff 5 f gi. 5 I ' V 9 1 5, 1 x M an , nj 5' 4 5 5 I - iq , - i i f 8: bv I 1 X Q Q " X x . .,,. -Q 2, - , fy, , . A 1. ffvb. , 5' '. ,. 1 ' a K. ' O ,ff I V M i x 'il' A r S 5 L? ix g f xp I Kqhi is " f , Q -Q f Y ' 7 Q S? 51,311 gg , R M ' 4 aff Q N P' P- 7 ' x . X kr' ,7 Af ' b W' xv xx f S f 9i'T? YS 5 ' ,-,ty H r , 5, w ex M HP q s gg' 1 JF up :aff 'ip IX ,L 'Q A li 1 R in 2 , If Y - N ss , Q in " Q, 'W 71" gy ' 8 2 tx 3.,"'.,-- ,f rf if xx' If Q . N 'L Four Trenton High Editorial Stclffsi Win Laurels for Outstanding Writing -Xguin the 'VFCIIIOII High .S'f11'1'f1ltr1r wins Nled- "1 seek to make the 1942 15111ms11e111 the hes! 111N1 :111.11'11x." 11111111111111- 1111'111 111-x1'x1111111'1'f. 1111- N1111111 101,11 521111 1,l'1l' S1I111I111i, 1111' 1-111111111111'11111, IIN 111- 11111111 1111111 .111llX1' 1x Ll 11llk'11'l1N 111 1111- s11111 11111111 11i1N 111'1-11 1111-1' 1111- 1'111111.'1111 I'l'1llw 111 Sl'1511'l111Wl'I'. 1'I111l'I' 1,1-11-'N 11-e111111x11111' 1111 11111111111 N111'1'1M1111 1l'!lI' 111 j11111'111111N111' 11':1111'1's11i11, 11t1' N11111 11!lx 11111-11 1111l11g11i1g111111- 111 111'11-11111- 11-111111111g. l'11111'1 NI1l1'1'15 11. SJ1I114l1'11, 1111xis1'1', 1111- 11111 111-11' 1ll'XX 1111g1- 111111111X QIII11 111 111'11111g 111111 111 Q11 Nfwflfffw 1l1lN 111-1'111111- ll 111111111 111111 11ll'N1' k'1'l'Ll11X1' 1111111s. 'f 'YYe'11 publish this in the 1,aureute." YVi1h the ". . . and I read about it on the school page." 111111111111'1'1111-111 111 T11l'Nl' 11111115 1111- 11s11i1'11111 111'i11'1 '111llIN 11111111 Il 111111111 11'11F XX11l'1'l' 111- 11I1N 1111111 N111111- 111111111X 111111 111 11JlN 11l'l'1l x111'1'1'Mf11l 111 his 11Tl'l'I1l'j 1'1:ill1'1'. i1111'1'1-5111111 111111 1111111111111111- 111'111'11- 111111111 1111 1'11i11111'11l 111l1' l.11111'1'11f1', 1111h11N111'11 1111111'1' 1111- s11p1'1'1'is11111 111 11111111 i11s1'1111111, 131111111111 1111' '1411'1111111 1111111 1l1lN1N'l'1l 111'111'g1- R, 11111311 11'111'111'1' 111 1'iIIg11iS1l. is 11111111s111'11 1'111'1'1i11'11 1111111111'11111 1111- 111'1'v 111115. 11111111 I111'11111'1' 111111111111. 111111 111 .1X11g1-11 X1111111-11 11111. 11'111'111'1' 111 1'i11g1iN11. 1411g Senior Editors Take Deserfved Plaudits For Leadership ' I'l'll the odor of printer's ink in their nostrils, the editors of the I9-lZ Bobashela went to work early in Septem- ber lo publish a yearbook which would cover a fast-moving life within its covers. To fulfill this ambitious aim, the staff elected Peter Stadnyk as editor-in-chief. He selected as his assistants, editors Car- men Campopiano, Socrates Roumanis, Ruth Rednor, llagdalene Nlrazik, and Blase Germani. Shirley Mann, as feature editor, did a brilliant job with features, while Andy In journalistic Fields Cella and janet Smith compiled all ath- letic data. The Photography Club, under the di- rection of john Slavik, art teacher, did much to make the book a more graphic record. Hugo Mariano and Bill Baxter, two artists, working under the supervi- sion of Friebis Siegfried, executed all art work in this issue of the Bobashela. The contribution by efiicient typists to this I9-12 Bobashela cannot be underesti- mated. Lena Nlartalloni, as technical editor, supervised all proof reading of typists' copy and printer's galley proofs. :l 1 or-:lr ln' .-.v.nn'1i1l' :r 1 or l'l'f'l'lfN S'l'.XllNYli KHXRMICN U.XMl'Ql'l.XN4l Rl3'l'll RICDNOR IXIHRC.-XX Slll'M.Xlil'f l'it 'tlj l '1 III C11 l'It If 1 llalf Ill It I lfl' p Hill VXI - IH! A'l' t 5 l 1131: i . 1 ii 1 t K, c , , K U . Q iz W ,W t ff' L if .-yt .si Stll'R.Yl'lfS RUMANIS M,M1llAl,lfN MRAZIK lll,.XSl-f GICRMJXNI SYl,Y:XN R.'Xl'lI.Xlfl, .-l.v.u.clul:t lzifitor l'l.'I:lfu lftlllor 4 luxx Ifilitur ,S'p,'.-intro' Ifiillwy l+ll Annual Sports Nite Impressecl Thousands X .1 -1 1,-111' 111' 111s1111-5-111.1k111g 1-11-111s, 1111- Q'l'L'1l1L'1' 111111111L'1.111A 1111i111s 1111S1'1'.11' 1V1l1' 11s 01311111 'HmAU1'l 1-1111 5110115 NWC W115 1-x111111111111s, 1111- 131111-14 11-.1111 11111 11111 S111 1'i1-1-4sI1i1111-11U 11-11111 1111111-11 g1111111l1111' 11111: Y-U. my 11,55 uf WYMML.. 131,111 umm WCM 1.1- .111 1 11-1" ' - - - 'I N. 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G tudeint Operetta on May 13, ZZ, 2 bl1'i11till11ti11g S t ll 1' 5 whiuh wnn thu aipf plnusc nf Ll Cilljllfify 11111Iic11cc for th 1 c c nights 2lI'C pictiircd 111 thc 1111-i111'c11t s 1' c ll c. 'l' h ci 1' c1111s1111111111tc pc1't'111'1111111ccs wcrc thc rcsults of wccks 1114 p11111st11ki11g I'Ci1CLlI'SL1i, llll-iCl' thc 1ii1'ccti1111 111' Nl i s 5 Ulivc Biwiwn. 1i1'1111111tics c1111cI1. Y ' 4' Wfffm u- P o- Thc 1111tix'c B11hc111i- 1111 spirit which was :111 illiptlftilllt p11rt uf C11u11tcss Nlnritza was c11h1111ccd by llllllly wl- nrful da111ccs, Lllllllllg which wus Rl cuptivait- ing gypsy kiL1llCC. 'l'hcy realistically p11rtr11yc1i thc 1111i11111ti1111 which SLlI'I'0LllldS ll Il 11 111 il d people. 1451 Senior Roll-Call of '42 QT. H. S. Graduates Loolc Ahead to A World of Challenge and of Opportunity to Serve, l'f1.' flrfnflnrfw of 'ff l'lfll'1'.t' ll lfvorffl I-I1 .Ymwf of Kfloxufmlfff' fJl"l'l.ll'KIIfl.0lI lx II Ram' Beffwwrz Cntrmfroplzv and EdIll'1IfI-Oil SOME generations are born to be great. To others it is given to do great things. This generation has a rendezvous with destiny. -Franklin D. Roosevelt. I47I ' 1 I ,M 4 x n A 5 1 1 V . 7? 1, 1 I 11311 11171- X1111N, X'11:1,1N1x .X.g 1211111.17 12111. 11115.---Sk11ti11g '-111, '-11 '-1" '1"111 '-141 '-11 X1.x1'x11, 11-11N.x1111 XX'11.11.-1113 I.1115 12111. 1l115.l-.Scryiqc. 1.11111 -ll. r,'.'1'J'r X'-1X1l1,111!1'X V1.3 .115 5111. 4 . XA I 1 111 lx11.1 Xx111111f11x. 1 1.11 I'1XI .-X11111.-N:11111':111N1 '-1113 1'1-n1111a111v '41, '-ll: 1'111 11111 '-11. '-1.23 SKX1Il11ll1Il2 '11t1ill1 '-111, 1 XN11111X11x. A14111X S.: .N'.11fl.1'.' 1111111-12111111 312: Swim- 1111112 1111111 -111. -11. N1-111111. 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'41 '42: S1-r1'11'1' 1'11r114 '42: S111-1'1:1111r '41g 111111114111-1:1 '42 1Z1c'1'111s.1, 1111113 l7'1l,11',' 1-'11111 .'Xr14. 111'11"I"11i1,, 11.1'1111s111w11 1',11'1.1x1-ig 1,'11111111'.' b1'1'.f1'1-1-41111 ll111j' '41, '42. 111111 l1'11:1'4 l"11l11'1l1 l1'1111'- 1!1:1'1':11. N11L111111.1. 1.1cI1111'g 1X11111.-Ii1111-111111-1111-1-1 '41, '42. . . . ,. N, 111.11.111-1111111111'111, 1111.1x11 1. la.: 1111111111: .X1':111.- 11:1ts 111 11111 111-11'1'1"' '411g S111-1'1:1t111' '41, '42, Swing 11111111 '411, '41, '42. 1111-i11. 111i1.1-1Y X1.Xl1l1'.l 111-11, 11111.-11'1-111, 51101111 11111111 41 4' S1'1' 111111 f1'1111'- 1111111-.11. 11.1N11'.1.1 .X1'1l11,----1111111 111111 41, X11-1--1'1'11s. 423 11111! S1'i1'111'11 '41, '423 X'1l1's11j' 1111111111 '1'1'Zl111 '42, 1l1s11111-, ,111llY 111,1111.1-is: .l111'1',' .X1':111.-1-.X1111111111 4113 1'r11j1-1'l1111111'1'11 41. 42: 1211-1'11'11' 411. 131,.11'1111'1i1.1.. ANV111 1111111sg ,1!111,11',' 11111111- 1'11'1111. 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'40. '41, Girls' Varsity Swimming' '40, '41. fill!-1N'1'1 len, 1X1.xlu' JANE R.: l'irklv.v,- Soc.-H. R. Sec'y '41, 42. liomwzx, SAM R., Nm! lflntq Acct.-H, R. Pres. '40 '41, Town Hall '40, '41, NYM-stling' Team '40, '41, Stock Room '40, '41, 1iXlJL'l'1l11L'11tL'1'S '41, '42, Stock Room '42, Honor Medal '40, '41. 7'1H'I't1 Rim'- lllxlxs, 11.'x1uur:1' 1'2l.lZ.X1l1-1'1'11Q .-Xcacl. 1'1A1-WITZ lifrouurt, l'ooa',' Acad.-Forum '40, '41, '42, l'to1 nncan '40, '41, '42, Service Corps '40, '41, '42, S4-rxicc 'l' '40, j. Y. Soccer '40, Varsity Soccer '41, Hall Patrol '41, Lab. Asst. '41, '42. Human, HENRY H., llunk, JXCZK1.-1:OI'llI11 Vice-Pres. '42, Nz1t'1 Honor '41, '42, Nat'l Forensic '41, '42, T. 11. S. Debate Team '41, '42, Asst. Varsity Foot- ball Mgr. '42, Honor Medal, Service Corps, Hall l':1ttol Mgr. 1 ,v f S.. ., . vf .,' ,af ' "',f'.nfl'lY"7 Fourth Row- H.x1.l., filitrliiili S., .SWA-1',' lncl, Arts 15. HAM!-tu. 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R1-11 11114, '41, '42, 1'111 '41, '42, 11111 '41, '42, 1'1'1111., S1'11i111' 1'l111' '42, 1111L'TC111l '41, '42. 1111 l1'1'I1'-- 111I1I'l11'., .X11I111'I4 1Ql'1'1'Q 111'l,' .X1'I1f17,1. Y. '1'1-1111is '41, 1"'1l11111111 '42, 111'-11111, 111111111 11., H1115 .X1'111l.--11. 11, S1'c'y '40, 111111 1':111"1l '42, I'f111'li111-1111 1'1'1'N, '40, 1',1't11:1Q11rc1111 '41, '42, 1fx1-1'11111'1' lJ1'111'1-11 1Qi1'11- '41, K'11p1111111111'11 '41, .X-41. 1'1l'1'111!1l14?11 Mgr., S11111'1111111' 1111s. 812111 '42, '1'1111 SL'1'X1l'1' '1"4 1111- S13l'1'11l1!ll' XX'11r1q '42, Quill 111111 81111111 '1'1111'11 111111. 1111111s, N111:'111,1 1.1ll'151i1 lX1'11,' bw. , . 1"1111r1!1 l1'11t1'- 1l1i1f'1'1', 1111111112 Y., .-X1'11r1.-N1'c:111- L'1'111'1 '40, .-X1'1'11111'111 frgy '42. H1-:1s1.11711, '11'N1i1 .X1,:1rl-11. R. 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'41, 5141111-14 l'11111 '40, '41, '42, S1Q2l1L'I'S' S1161 '47 1' X X '40 '41 '47 -I 1. , . .., 1 1111 1 KJV 11 Y l"1111rl11 l1'1111'- 11111.11 11111-1, X111,111'11 51.11141 11 1ll,' .'X1':111. ll111.1'11r11111c. 1Y11.1f111111 1..g H1'1111.1',' .Xc:111,-1i:11111 '40, '41, 421 1,1':1111'r uf Swing' 11211111 '41, '42, 11l'L'11L'S1I'2l '40, 41, N111si1' .-Xp111'1-1'i:11i1111 '41, L'111fz11'111 Sgt, '40, ll1,1,1,1 3 fN1111xx1:11, .-Xx'1'11x: fllA',1',' 121-11. 11115,-111111111-111i 411, ,1. Y, 1511111111111 '40, '41., S1'1'x'i1'1- Corps '40, '41, '42, S1'1'1'i1'11 'l' '40, '41, '42, H2111 Patrol '40, '41, 11111111-1 .-X1r111z1111- '40, Iffflfl fx'1111'- l111111.1-N1:11NN1s1:, -lozzrq li., 1111.15 11111, Arts 11. l11:1,111:s, 1,1115 ,X., 1,115 G1-11. 1311s,-11, R. Prvs, '40, '41 '42, 1't'1'Slll12l111j' S1'1"j' '40, '41, '42, 1l11x1,.1, A11111x fX111'111x1c1.: !1'l11111i1',' S1-11i11gfH, 11, '1'r1':1s, . 1 - - 1 40, '41, 51:61:11 15111111 '42: S111-1'1'11 Ql'1'V1CL' Corps 1111 L11l11-41 47 1111111141 47 .S'1',1'I11 1 1 'X . -1 1-"C 1 . -. fx1'i1'- 11111-1a,1'11t1,1,, 1Q111:1-'11'1' XX l1,I.I.X 113 :X1':111. 1I111'111xs, 171XX1l1 ,X.: llffffyj l"1111- .'X1'1S-SXX'1l111l1111g '40 11'-Y, '42, 81111111 11111111 '42, .'Xl11t'l'1C2l1li1 '42. 1111 x1.11, 1 .x 41, '-123 0111-1'1'lt:1 '40, 12111 L111111 '40, 111111111111 '41 4. 7 V111 Lf: l111:'1',' .X1'z111.YL'1'1ws-L'1w1111try '40 1 I' Irs! l1'1m'- 1'1lIi13S, 1111N,Xl,I1 17.1 11L11. 11115.-11, N, X'1L'L'f1'1'K'S, '30, '40 11l11'I., F111-111 ,111s1f1'11: ll1'11l,' 11111. Arts. A. 1111z1a1xs, 11.X1111Y 1,1i12s151 l'17lA',1',' .-X1':11l.-L'1111'111z1111gr:11111y '40, '41, '42, Hull 1'z1t1'11I 411, '41, '42, '1'111I1l' RUTH-v b1lI'1ft 144 L'x1'111Yw XYN' 1111111-111-11114 I,1'1t1'1w X'11'1'- Qylgf, '-121 '-111 '1Q1'11' Q'1'1w's, SL'1'1'1k'U K'111'11S, 1- ,l. 1 '41, 1 1'l'11,x1a1,11y11.''1X'1L1.1.x11 l11'111xs11xg H'ill1-,' ,X1':111,-'I'11w11 f 1 1 1 'G 11,!1Uu,,'j,1 1111111111111- '41, '12 111'1-'lfXl.XN. 1i1f11111z1a 1T.x1'111, 1,'11:'1'f'11111',' 11111. .-X114 .X. ' ffm fl1!'1l' RWM'- 11111-111 ANN. -1.XN1i ,XNNQ S1-1'.---011411111111 C11111 '42, 11111114 ing '42, 111lli1XN, 1.IilQI .X1':111, 1111111111111-1, 1'Xl'I, 11,1 .XK'L'1,T1'I1l11111L'1'k'k' '40, '41, 1'1'15. '41, '42, 1' ,.,f.: 1 0 7 57 I . G+ AM.. 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'423 SXX111I1111II2 'I'1-:1111 '40, '41, '42, XX11.11X. X11111 11.2 S111-11. 11. X'11'1'-1'1'1'N. '41l, XX 111 1XX1X. 11111-I I1 X'1111.1x1.1: l:111'1-5 X11111,-5141111-1K '-111 413 1 1':1111:1111' 411, 413 11. .X. .X. 411, 15 if ' 1 S ,,r.-tu-N-A 5 ,yi Rm N R' -13931 , V .u -. '.i': ,j ,., 4 1 'f'1 1'S1 t. X ., '. N l'1'I1I'ffl lX'1V'fk'1 5 XXll.1.1.XN1N. M.x111..x111-71' 1,111'11x1.x: .1l111w1.'g ,X1':111,-1711 111:1ti1' '411, '41: 11, AX. ,X. '411: S14:11u1w '40, XX I1.1.1,XX1S, XX l1.l111f XIX1-1: 11 1l1l,- ,X1'1111. XX'11 Nm, 11111 151-.1 l,1111,' .X1':111, lfifllz l1'11'11'- XX'1I,SllN. R111:1511'1': 13.1115 Xlusir. ' .,,,. .., ,, un XXI1,lN.XIdlXXIll. .11lb1',1 I1 x11411X1-1., 11111. X114 1111, I 1-1 '42. XX'111,1'11'1"1', f'X'N'1'111,X .XNN1-1: f11Il1'X'.' ,Xc:111. 11. IQ, S1-1 '41, '4l: 1f111'1ir1c:111 '411g 11111111-1'f' 1111-114 '41, '4lg M1111 l'I'Il 1J2lllL'4' '41, '4l3 SINSCIIIIKIT' 11114. 511111 '4l1 51111111 '4l3 1f1 S1g111 1711t111'11'421 11. X. .X. 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Z1'.NX1'1I!, -ll'1.11-71' Lf: .l11!1',' 121-11. 1i11S.--fUS111l11L' '41, 'l'1'c:1s. '421 ,X1114-1'irz111z1 '42. N4.1'fll fx'4f'Ix'A- X11-mils, 1'1Il.IiliX l!1'.x'1'1:11'1f3 Gun. 11l1S.-14111110 .X11111'k'k'1Il- 1i1111 '-111 11111111 '42, Siwizxl 111111111 '42: 11. QX, .-X. '421 ' J X111cl1'1'11 Uzniicc 4-. Zll.liM11tl, i11lk'll.X1Ql, .XNl1l41-'XYZ .1l:L'1',' 11111. Arts, 11. Zmxiifzla, Axx L',x'1'111-1141x1411 I'111'11,' Scc.g1.L-11111-rs' Corps '40, Rzuliu .XI1lDI'k'k'1lll1I1l1 '40, '-11: 13111111 '41, '421 S11- rizxl 1J1ll1L'L' '41, '42g ll. X. :X. '40, '42, Klmla-1'11 11:x111'c '41 '4' 'l'l1 l 1121! lx'rm'- XYORUIS. R11'111ue11 .-X.: lPi1'L',' 11141. Arts H. Dyed 'ffl XYx'sm'1ql. XY11.1.1Ax1 -linux: G1-11, Hl1S.iXv1l1'S11j' Swim 1 J ming '40, '41, '4-1 Social 12111100 '41, '4... XKNZITII.-KN. 1DlKRAN1 1'u.:-vp ,-Xcacl.-1'1iu11i:1n '41 47 H ii-Y '41, .S'1'm1:1l Ron'- Yicxxxy jussuc C.: l1'1'd,' Gen. 1311s.f1l. R. S1-c'v '40 11. R. Pros. '41, '42: L'41st11111v '-10: Skating Anicricaima '-12: Hmvliimg '42, G. A, A, '41, Yus, M,-1141.-xx 153 l?rlly,- .-Xczul.-Gi1'Is' Sciciicv ' '42 40. '41 '42, C1100 Club '40, '41, '42, .-Xrvlicry 'll-:1111 '-101 Klirlx Hfmckcy '11K"ll111 '40, Ynrxu, 1i1.x'1x L'11.x111.r:sg 1'tVllIlj!v1',' 1-Xuzul.-1I. R. S1-cs W ' ' ' 2 ' frm 111 41 4' 111111111111 40 '41 40, 41. 4-3 1'yt11z1g1 f: ' ,'-3 C " 'z ' .ff, 4, ' I . irdl1'1m'- K - " Z,x1s1'1'1m's1g1, S111-11111: KIAH117: Soc.-.'X111z11111c11fis '41. '42 ,-Xrcliziculugy '41, '423 1.2l1l1'K'2l1l' '41, '42, Zmss, C.fX'l'II1iRlN1i C.: lx'11l1',' Svc.-1111-15 Skating '42 li. A. .-X. '41, '42, 2.111-xiws. 1Ju1e0'1'11x' lin-i1.x'x: IMI: Svc.-1.i1wr:1rx' 40 '41, '42g Xlinur 1.1-ttur '41. 99 WMU Mia 3' Tliirfl Ihre- 'i YI Nitin'- ' . ' . , t ljonxim, lziwxvxiur ,lUSl-1l'll1 lnrl. Arts .X-llall latrol 40, '-ll. Zvn.-x. .'Xl.ll'l'I kll-Illl.F1 Zzzltirg Sec.-'lirax'cl and llimk Club '40, '41: Member of litter-lfluli Council: Meni- hcr llallct Club: Senior Xoniinating Llinini. Fon xi .x N. k1A'I'lll-IRIX H1 Acad. alqa Yccomz' froze- lmzs, Rlulillj Acacl.-liarrleii '40, '413 Howling '403 Skat- ing '41, '421 Phi Zeta '41, '-425 Urcltcstra '40, '41, '4.2g Anicricaiia '41, '42, jixcons, xx.-Xl.'l'liR Rl.: Jukty' lnrl. .Xrts A-hocct-r 40. Mcliicizx. lloius lxxizg All lieu. lliis,-L'ostiiiiic Club Pm. '41, '41 A "I" J 21.21. 4 , "H: 910-n.hA1 1 t '57 ' I K . sl-by. gy, VL t'7', A zu- t -144,41 073,41 S.-x xiws, llUli0TllY1 Acacl. S.Xl'NIlHltS. lliimix MAH: .Xll Gen, Ru-. The Last Will and Testament E, the class of 1942, of the City of Trenton, County of hrlercer, and State of New jersey, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make and publish this, our Last Wlill and Testament, hereby revoking all for- mer XVills made by us. I"1'r.vl: XVe bequeath to Sue Hirsch the individual charm of June Vllelliver. Svrotnl: Ann Gable is the recipient of Ala- net Leslie's definite personality. Tlzird: A bit of Caroline Chianese's sweetness is left to Molly NlcGoogan. Fourth: Andy Cella leaves his recipe for success to any ambitious junior. l"1'fth: The successful literary achieve- ments of Syl Raphael are hereby be- queathed to Dick Green. 1 mo, Sixth: Rowene MeCray's versatility is bestowed upon Alice Adams. Sefventlz: XVe bequeath Hank Pisanko's shyness, modesty, and discretion to handsome Bill VVelliver. Eighth: The mischievous and cute man- ner of "Corky" Sweeny is bequeathed to Ramona Dugan. Ninth: Carl Light receives ,lack Morri- son's administrative ability. Tenth: Billie Ross' overwhelming viva- ciousness is bequeathed to Carol hlohr. Elewntlz: To any ten members of the Junior Class, we donate jerry Garb's original synthetic wise cracks. Ttcelftlz: To Nlitzie Byer we leave Roz- zie Gross' consideration of others, her sense of panic, and her super smile. Thirteenth: The original humor of Har- rison Tenney is to be used only by Fritz Lamont. Fourteenth: Trudy James' title of "all- around-girl" is left to Jerry Dodds. Fifteenth: Andy Braytenbah receives Ed Matthews' title of "all-around-fella." Sixteenth: The suave manner of Jack Egan is bequeathed to Bill Tome. Seventeenth : We hope that Pat Mazzaro will be as efficient with the treasury books as "Adding-Machine Mat- teucci." Eighteenth: We bequeath the razors of Jos Mislan's feet to jack Horner to do a little rug cutting. Nineteenth: Jean Van Horn's natural blonde hair is bequeathed to Jean Brizell. Twentieth: Benny Germani's "way with the women" is left to Bob McHugh. Twenty-first: We proudly bequeath Lou Lavine's knowledge of the intricacies of chemistry to Arthur Abramson. Twenty-second: We hope that George Napolitano will contribute as many services to the school as Phil Ludecke. :Twenty-third: Morgan Shumake's man- agerial ability is left to Freddy Wil- son. Twenty-fourth: The unique interpreta- tions of "Red,' Donohue are left to Ed Reich. Twenty-fifth: To M e s s r s. Leefeldt, O'Brien, and T. Murphy we be- queath something to keep their hair down-anything will do. Twenty-sixth: We sympathetically leave Mr. Schoener all girls' classes for the years to come. Twenty-seventh: In spirit of economy we bequeath Mr. Charles A. Hogan a general's uniform. Twenty-eight: To Audrey Klein we leave Evelyn Thompson's ability to pierrot. Twenty-ninth: Guy Armstrong's strength to knock down the ten pins is left to Jimmy Fitzcharles. Thirtieth: To Nancy Henry-every- thing that is left. Thirty-hrst: To T. H. S.-another cheer- ing squad and a new cheering section. Thirty-second: Gloria Soriero's clever- ness we hereby bequeath to Phyllis Green. Thirty-third: A very healthy sophomore class and a well deserved rest is left to Nurse Maher. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have here- unto set our hand and seal this 17th day of June in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-two. CLASS OF 1942 Signed, sealed, published and de- clared by the Class of 1942 as and for its Last Will and Testament in our pres- ence and we in its presence and its re- quest, in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as wit- UCSSCS. YVITNESSES 2 1. CHOSEF fls dot you?j Z. YARD BIRD SMITH 3. MORGAN H011 Sports Review oi '42 A Section Depicting time Thrills and Hopes of T. H. S Warriors During An Eventfui Scimooi Year. v - - , ' v .Slllklzlbff ll Imikwl l711r'1l1yfflfm111w gl Con I f nl I U fi FU ,lvllklullff I1 ll11r11'fi' lpllflhllfj ll -llvvl THE spirit of friendly rivalry learned upon the field of sport will pro: duce results which in another day up: on a field of greater struggle will safe: guard the destiny of the American people. -General MacArthur. 1 me First Irma' flefl to riglitj---Ralph l'3'4Xmbrosio fhlaiiagerq, llaigh ihlanagcrl. .loc Ciffelli. l,c:i Terry. lit-urge Yoglcr, Carl Slcve Toth, Robert Buckley, lid Yerman. Clarence Morris, Calanese, Bill llislmmw, Bill Frantz. Rudy Gym-iigv. -loc llilqi, lfrl Xlzirlieflca. Victor Iloriita. George NYalsli. John Jolinson, Hill Roh janiicsoii, Michael liiilllfllilli. Peter Stailnyk, George Nutt, Yr-rin:m, Xlwlixicl Rossi ixillllilgtl' llcrull. ,S'i'roi1fl Rn:a'-lleiiry lien llcverage. llenry Piszmko. .Xl NVQ-iss 4Xl:iii:igvrI. Varsity Football N a thrill-packed season marked by successive surprises and upsets, a hard-fighting Red and Black team closed the I9-ll gridiron campaign with four wins, four losses, and a tie. Although pre- season expectations were none too bright, still, the squad responded quickly to the tutoring of Head Coach Tom Murphy. The Tornadoes displayed their great- est power in the initial game with hior- risville whom they downed, 27-7. If dame fortune had not frowned upon the squad when Wlalt Lee and Roy Valen- tine, stellar backs, suffered major injuries in the next two games, Trenton I-Iigh's record might have been more successful. ln the traditional and hotly contested games with Camden and New Bruns- wick, the local team faced its most dis- i 10+ I astrous setbacks by scores of 36-2 and Z0-0, respectively. VVhen the Trenton team held the Atlantic City team to a l2-l2 score, one of the season's strangest upsets had taken place. Although the shore gridders were highly favored in pre-game predictions, the Red and Black eleven exhibited its best brand of football in gaining a tie. Playing the season's final game against its traditional rival, Tren- ton Catholic, the Tornadoes retained the city title by winning 13-O. Looking ahead, Coach hlurphy fore- sees a successful season for Trenton High's coming football team. Such opti- mism is displayed because of the large and experienced team that will see action next year. Football Schedule for 1941-1942 Season Team Score Team A Score Trenton . . . . . . 27 Morrisville . . . . . . . 7 Trenton . . . . 6 Allentown ..... . . . 14 Trenton . . . . . . 2 Camden ...... . . . . . 36 Trenton ... ... 13 Woodbridge ...... ... 0 Trenton . . . . . . 0 New Brunswick . . . . . . 20 Trenton . . . . . . Z7 Woodrow Wilson . . . . 6 Trenton . . . . 6 Collingswood . . . . . . 7 Trenton . . . . . . 12 Atlantic City .... . . . . 12 Trenton ......... . . . 13 Catholic ........... . . 0 Trenton ftotalsj . . . . . . 106 Opponents Ctotalsj . . . . . . . 102 1. M. COMMINI - . 2. J. HIPP . 3. C. CATANESE 4. B. JAMIESON 5. G. NUTT 6. W. LEE Q 7. B. FRANTZ 8. L. TERRY 9. G. VOGLER 10. P. STADNYK ' ' ' Center: Coach TOM' MURPHY ' f.l0551l i f li ., fltii to iiglitl lianlt l'i.isctll.i, lxciiiimtli Hai iali:.i:., kl.,i- lqvi, Nl.i'x :i IIl':i::t'll ' Xfwtvi Xlo--iw, Xin "' llivlio Xiicllvl. lalloi foiiiues, lllillmiii lxiiliii, Xliixiii .1 X. ktlfi 'Xl .twy X' '-il'l1l" It ii, lt' .r l,w Nov Fiiizlli iliioiclii, l'.i"l Xa Basketball 'NAIILIXIXQQ height, experience and the spirit to play basketball, Coach l.c- Roy' Smith turned out another above- .ivcrage quintet. l'tilizing the experience of Captain Nlarvin Blumenthal and lfrank lfrascella, the height of Ken NVar- ren and Don Nugent and the all-around playing ability of hlohn l'erry, Coach Smith molded a varsity team which at times displayed a brilliant brand of play- ing not seen in Trenton for several years. During the IU-ll-42 schedule, the Red and Black basketeers garnered ll? vic- tories and sustained 5 losses. The Asbury l'ark boys proved to be the most persist- ent opponents. The T. H. S. quintets met the Asbury Park team four times, twice in the regular season, once in the Big Six Conference and once in the State Champion semi-finals. Camden lligh was met in three lively frays. The varsity squad traveled to Gettys- burg, Pennsylvania, to appear in a bas- IIOO, lietball clinic in the afternoong and to play in a preliminary game at night. :Xl- though the highlight of the evening was the contest between Gettysburg College and De l'aw l'niversity, spectators were impressed with the showing that the Red and Black players made as they downed the YVilliam l'enn High School to the tune of 32 to l-l. At the termination of the '42 season, Trenton High had new court honors to add to the impressive list of previous years. Among these honors was a cup em- blematic of the South lersev champion- ship, and the title of the inter-city' cham- pionship, the latter being won by defeat- ing both Trenton Catholic and llamilton High School. Frank lfrascella, star player, ended his high school career with the honor of be- ing high scorer in the Big Six Confer- ence and a member of the all-state team for two consecutive years. Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton F R A 1 b C I1 L L A Falls Township . Pennington Prep VVilliam Penn . . Princeton .... Hamilton High . Memorial .... Morrisville . . . New Brunswick . Perth Amboy . . Camden ..... 20 I4 1-1- 2l 21 3l I0 ISA 2152 Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Catholic . 29 Trenton Nlorristown . . . . 33m Trenton "' llig' Six Lontcrence 'l'Hig bix Lliampionsliip plag iState Tournament play-offs "li Stellar Quintet 253 Asbury Park . . 29g Camden ..... 28g New Brunswick . 36g Perth Amboy . . 505 Trenton Catholic 233 Princeton Frosh . 50g lVlorristown . . . 293 Asbury Park . . 22g Asbury Park . . 28g Atlantic City . . 343 Camden ..... 205 Asbury Park . . X P L Ll M P P. E N T R H R A L Y wif zoif 26249 3353 3I 32 324s 2739 241- 2135 201 281 Coach ffnn Griffillm CAPTURING for the second successive year the title of Interscholastic Swimming Champions, th e Trenton High girls, swimming team splashed its way to victory in every meet of the 1942 season. This enviable record is a result of a long-felt need on the part of T. H. S. girls for competitive swimming with other schools. Three years ago the aqua- belles organized their first team, with Mrs. Anne Griffiths as coach. Under the tutelage of Mrs. Griffiths, who was one- time member of the Temple varsity swimming squad, the team began to make an immediate and impressive showing. This year the Red and Black mermaids met and defeated Asbury Park, Abing- ton, Morristown, and George School. In the inter-scholastic championship con- tests, T. H. S. met twenty-three other high schools and again tasted nothing but suc- IIOSI, Girls' Swimming Team cess. The girls made a score of eighty- seven points. Trenton's closest opponent was Norristown, who tallied forty-nine and one-half points. After the completion of this heavy and successful schedule, the members undertook a thorough course in rhythmic swimming. Under the guidance of Mrs. Griffith and Al Neuschaefer, boys' physical education instructor, the girls gave some impressive and beautiful exhibitions. When not winning aquatic honors, the girls earned money from candy sales to purchase robes. These robes were secured in time to be worn at the national interscholastic meet. Record of 1942 Season Asbury ...... 18, Trenton . . . 34 Abington ..... 263 Trenton . . . 37 Norristown .... 32, Trenton . . . 34 George School . . 34, Trenton . . . 4-l Nationals-Trenton, 875 nearest com- petitor, Norristown, 49W. The schools included in the National Meet were Norristown, Pa., Hershey, Pa., Lower Merion, Pa., Upper Darby, Pa.g Abington, Pa., Little Flower, Pa., West Philadelphia, Pa., Bethlehem, Pa., Bartrum, Pa., Simon Gratz, Philadel- phia, Pa.g Girls' High, Philadelphia, Pa., Collingswood, N. J., George School, Newton, Pa., West Catholic, Philadelphia, Pa., Audubon, N. J., Eddystone, Pa., and Overbrook, Halla- han, Haverford, Roxborough, Frank- ford, Germantown, all high schools from Philadelphia, Pa. Mermaids l'RlNu the inter-scholastic encounter of '42, the individual accomplish- ment of certain members of the team won special plaudits. Peggy 'l'oth came through for her team by winning the twenty-live and fifty-yard freestyle in the senior division. Captain Audrey Fell contributed a second and third place. :Xssistant Cap- tain Gertrude james placed second in the one hundred-yard freestyle. Katherine Kawka and Dorothy Corn- ish proved to he the surprise of the meet when they captured first place honors for fancy diving in the tenth and eleventh with Medals for Scales grade divisions, respectively. Captain Audrey Fell, along with As- sistant Captain Gertrude slames, Peggy Toth, and Nlarion l'etrino, were un- beaten throughout 'I' r en ton lligh Sehool's season in the one hundred-yard freestyle relay and placed second in the national inter-scholastic meet in Phila- delphia. Nlildred Fenton, a sophomore, has shown exceptional ability as a breast- stroke swimmer. Carol Nlohr, a back- stroke star, has been defeated only twice in two years of swimming. Carol is a member of the class of '-ll. 'QR 4 ff w 'kb t Q-N Bo 5' Swimming Team ' l'l'll a banner record, showing I2 victories and one defeat, the Red and Black tankmen ended a triumphant season. The Tornadoes this year captured the national interscholastic championship, which they lost last year after holding it for live consecutive years. They lost the state title to Columbia High of South Orange, however, after winning it for eight years in a row. This year, Neusch's boys have beaten .Xsbury Park twice, Pottstown twice, Fort Nlonmouth, Rutgers Freshmen, Princeton Freshmen, Bucknell klunior College, Peddie, Penn Freshmen, Seton llall and George School. The lone set- back came at the hands of Lawrenceville. l,eading the Red and Black mermen were freestylers Captain Bill Nlackey and lid Brecko, breaststroker -lack Pol- lock and backstrokcr .lack O'Shea. At Pottstown, Pollock set a new record for a 20-yard pool with the excellent time of l:U6.6, breaking the old time of l:l2. Later, bl ack teamed up with Nlackey and O'Shea to break the old record for the medley relay with the time of l 3-lt'p.6. The time for the former record was l:5-l.4, This was beaten only once in dual meet competition. After last year's state and national diving champion -loe llornyak gradu- ated, Coach Neuschaefer was left with only one diver, -loc Kaltner, who drop- ped out of school shortly before the start of the season. Not to be outdone, how- ever, Neusch came up with .loc Flynn, Phil Nlarsala and Bill Baxter, whose combined diving, while not sensational, was good and helped to amass valuable points. 1' to fu-. ii.-it ri. rillll' 5l"+'lXl11s. Wysi---li. Ixavnii, A. v J. mix. o'siai,.. l'i-lloclv, iii!-lair. uma. l'.riril.ul,. ni.--.,.ii lla", Il viii, Xlailciy iK'.lgit.iiliI, Nloisola. Nlzliclanlc. XYJIM-rs, oii, Xlquciaiilc 1Nl:iimc:rr. l..-owl--i. llrtil,--, lliiiclialali, .Nciorml lcon' Xlx. Ncii-rlixlitci, itil' ,-jx. .J , 'A "1 elk L K W . 'W -li A sl? -fe ,M 1 1 Stars of the Water 1 THE record of the Trenton High swimming team is a favorable commentary upon the skillful coaching of A1 Neuschaefer. En- tering their first state swimming meet in 1932, the Red and Black mermen garnered a sum total of one point. The next year his swim- mers Hashed better form, losing the state meet by only two points. In 193-1, the Trenton tankmen captured the state title. For eight consecutive years, the T. H. S. swimmers have kept this honor. This year the T. H. S. boys won the Na- tional Championship for the third straight season. The following schedule of meets for '-11-'-12 reveals that the Neuschaefer boys C ouch "A I" Neuschaefer bowed only to Lawrenceville Prep. Following is the schedule of competitions and results for the past season: SWIMMING SCHEDUI ,E UF '-11-'-12 December 10, 19-11 Asbury Park . . 23, Trenton December 18, 19-11 Asbury Park . . 215 Trenton December 20, 19-11 Pottstown . . 205 Trenton january 9, 19-12. Peddie . . . 26g Trenton january 21, 19-12 . Seton Hall . . 22g Trenton january 2-1, 19-1-2 . Lawrenceville . . . 3-1g Trenton january 27, 19-12 . Fort Monmouth . . 223 Trenton February 9, 19-12 Pottstown .... 26, Trenton February 13, 19-12 Asbury Park . . . 1-13 Trenton March 3,19-12 . Princeton Frosh . . 205 Trenton March 27, 19-1-2 . Bucknell ..... 83 Trenton ST.-xra AND N1XTIllN.-Xl, 1Y1EETS In the State Meet, Trenton placed secondg in the National Meet, the Trenton team took first place honors. ' 11111 I l'it.v' Int:-' tlcll lo llglitl Allalilll. lxolluccltc, lwvcyyilslvi, l,:lml,t-rt. lllilacltc. l'4Ii1tli1lc-milf, iloltlcil- nm. llaiqti-ltn, lzziltoli, tilocli, lltttrllcig Ilafitf IXl2lIIJIgL'I'l. ,Nlwmiilif lfrm' Klr. lllcislicig llltslil Cozxcltl, H' r I I 'V' . ' ' ' 'fs . '. IS. . at oi, - 1110 vi, lates, 'z1c'c7vlv. Ratlicv. Xlintcv. lliitf. lui ll tlmtpcll liftinitiiuli Ilia 'Nl llt Nll flu l llj llltlaiiii. Buss 1Xl:iii.igt1l NI1 Cllri-tiitiit Xwiqfuyt C.-lilly ' l .. , . . . 1.4 . Varsity Soccer NIJING another of many undefeated seasons, Trenton lligh's soccer team copped all South and Central .lersey and State honors for the I9-I2 season. ln an eleven- year period, Coach Dave W'eisberg's powerful Red and Black array accumulated seven state titles, although they would have produced two more if the state award were given out in '39 and '-I-O. In one hundred eleven games over this Il-year stretch the record shows an impressive majority of 96 victories against -I setbacks. Following are the results of a very successful year: Trenton, I, vs. Temple Varsity, I g Trenton, -I-, vs. Trenton Cath- olic, Og Trenton I, vs. Rutgers Fresh, Og Trenton, 6, vs. Hamilton High, Og Trenton, 3, vs. N. E. Catholic, Og Trenton, 3, vs. Princeton Fresh, 3g Trenton, O, vs. Trenton Catholic, Og Trenton, 2, vs. Kearny, Og 1 Trenton, 2, vs. Chatham, Og Trenton, 3, vs. Ham- ilton High, I g Trenton, I, vs. Harrison, O. The total score showed Trenton to be victors 8 times, tied 3, and lost O. The Tornadoes engaged in II ties, 3 of which were con- tested in this year. A deciding factor in the award of the State title was a mem- orable I-I tie with the Temple Var- sity. Trenton High did not cease pouring material on the All-State team. This year's stellar players were Ralph Bates, Bob Carlton. luv! Ivor. llt-li to iight! l',nini:i Xqixairo, Aludy licinlcl. llariis--ii lt-iiucy lcallcih, l,loiu,i boiii-io, l I i-we't-ss .M iw' li'.:t Walter ll:4v'Ipe1u'c. -lulc llil,-iuic. jo..-pl: lliitlvo, Stair ll.iil-tu, Cheerleaders' Corps l'l'llHl"l' the cheerleaders, a picture of Trenton High's athletic activities would be incomplete. This lively group of rooters has established a feeling of good- will and fellowship at the most competitive frays. Garbed in red and black, the ool colors, they have cheered their way into the hearts of all Trenton sport fans. Not only have they been especially successful in a vocal way, but they merited through their animated and precise military marching the sincere adini- ration of all the success of their cheers and their leadership has been due to their faithful practice and attendance at weekly meet- ings. l'nder the guiding hand of Nliss Nlargarct Smock, the corps has composed numerous cheers which have met with immediate acceptance hy the students. ln addition to their heavy responsibilities, this organi- zation has undertaken the sale of trophies and other mementos of the games. lilected in -I une of last year, the otiicers for V742 have been as follows: -loseph Uutko, presidentg tier- trude -lames, vice-presidentg limma Na- varro, secretary, and .ludy Bendel, cap- tain of the first squad. Peggy Toth is second squad captain. l'nder the lead- ership of these officers, the cheer- leaders' corps enjoyed a successful dance and picnic at the end of the school year. Cross Countr I ii. lit-.r tlctt to right! Nloiiisoii. lvicliarilsovi, lxocizlniislci, ll-iiiiti. .Yivolri li'o.t Xlr. Nl-dean, Smith 4Captainelt-ctj, 'I' the time Coach l'eter Nlorgan came to Trenton lligh, the boys of the cross-country team ran seventh yin the state meet. Une year later, they captured fourth place and last year in face of stiff competition, second place. This year the T. ll. S. cross-country squad had an un- defeated season. After winning the initial with Dover, the Nlorgan boys went on in a victorious flash to defeat Thomas klef- ferson, Cniversity of l'ennsylvania lfrosh, and Atlantic City. Cross-country was considered not long ago as being the "baby sport" of Trenton lligh. llnder the direction of Coach l'eter Nlorgan the reputation of this team has grown to such proportions that today rivals look upon the Red and Black har- riers as experienced and formidable op- ponents. This reputation has been based upon real achievement. XVith the close of the '42 season, the cross-country team could boast of garnering the state cham- Tltonls, liinncy, llIll'1llll tCztpt.1inl. pionship and national championship in which schools all over the l'nited States participated. ln addition to capturing these two championships, the Trenton lligh School distant runners had two members of its team rated as fifth and seventh high school cross-country runners in the Cnited States. These two were lion Thoms and -lack Nlorrison, respectively. The success of Nlorrison constitutes a climax to an unusual athletic story. Be- fore the fall of '-ll, klacli did very little running, most of his attention being given to tennis. A companion of his on the cross-country team urged him to try out for the squad. From that time on Mor- rison became an outstanding runner on the team. Credit is due to Coach Peter Nlorgan for the excellent training of every run- ner and the excellent records of the team reflect his coaching. N April l8, "Nlorgan's Trenton Boys" revealed their indomitable spirit by participating at the outdoor track event at Long Branch. Participa- tion in this initial meet meant the over- coming of numerous transportation dif- ficulties. Trenton runners in this event were as follows: in the medley, Lou Har- din, Marvin Holmes, Ferd Fischer and ,lack Morrison, in the mile, Don Thoms, Ben Richardson, Bob NVestover, and john Hoffman, in the half-mile, Melvin Thompson, Calvin Thomas, Carmen Campopiano and joe Tucker. This year's squad suffered the loss of such stellar runners as .lack Hunt, John Bossman, George Ogden, Al Nlarkowitz, Track George Belli, Lee Hirsch, Bill Hill, and Harvey Sallis, all of whom were gradu- ated last year. Up until last year, Coach Morgan's tracksters had a winning streak of I6 consecutive meets, stretching over a per- iod of two years. The following is the season's schedule, tentative, because of transportation difli- culties: April Z-l-ZS, Penn Relays, Phila- delphia, April 29, Camden-Vineland, Camden, May 2, Newark, May 9, Vil- lanova, lN1ay I3, Lawrenceville, lylay l6, South Jersey championships, Collings- wood, lNi1ay 27, New Brunswick Qnightj, away, June 6, State lN1eet, lylontclair. I"1i'.i'l lion' ll:-ft to riglitl Kliirruj, 'l'liomas, llolnin-S, Rivgvl. llolifiiiziii, llivomli, llslcf. Rirlinhlsoii, Tlionis. XXX-stox'ei', Spicer. Nluttlicws. llisliop llzirileii, liiiiiiey. Klorrisoii. ,S'i'r'oini lfow --'I'uL'l4cl'. lk-ws. l'oremlu, Nloloiicy. lYilson, l'riclu-tl, Nnllmoiic, Yan Smit, l'ul?mt-ri, Yitcrilto, llaiywlcii. llavis, XYisnicwslqi, Il,-rlil-gi, 'l'lip'r,i lfogp -Ilelviso llxlilllilgtfl, Stricklaiiil, Spei'1':1lz:i. Przeiiiienieclti, Tiiiistall, llolioliue, llorlicr. South. liisclicr, Tlionipson. lvooilriiff. l,e:il1y, l'olla:iy, Stzuluylc, 1"onl'll1 Norm' -Ziieczircllo llxli1ll2lgl'l'l, Ru!- ltouslti, Nlarlicfka, Llanipopiaiio, Raiser, lreo, Smith, lioculiinski, Stokes Selmestyeii, Ray, l'ollock,' Mr, -liinc. lfifllr lfwzr Pippilt. Steinmctz, lliliiislqy lhlziiizigerl, lloiieliower, l'ui'cell, llraliani, .Xllii'igl1t. Ill5l J. V. Basketball . ,gen M. lffll fb.. lllll t-l ligllll I'-llllllll lxlil vu.u ull. Null, I-.lx mn'f R-lullll IH .nvn.a ull, XM f11f f. I',nlN, lim llll Ilflllllllltlml, llvl, l.4vlll-ll, lxlllu. lfl-lyrl, .Xml-lllf ll'll:l' Xll. ll.uxIm'l 1l'll:lvlll ,llllls jt'2lI"S 2ll'I'Ilj of plzlyc-rs fllI'I1l'll ill mlm' uf tllc JxL'L'llI'Klll1g ru Bill lizlxtcly Al. Y. I1H'IlIllI', rll tim-st lAl'k'1lI'llS Illilf :l sc-mllll YCIIIII llZlS l3l'0llllCCll in lczlr's Y1lI'Slfj sllrrlllll llc- Q,II'l'2lYly :llnlr-ll lll il llust 1 lllnlll XCZIIS. lrvlltflll NINIIT fzllls lvrlec' tllrilled lll Pfllllllilllfl l't'Sl'I'X'l' lIl2lTl'I'l2il llllicll lla' gllllclvll Illls llll'lI' xllvcc-wflll llull pussillgg :lt tllc- Dl'l'lll11ll1IlI'5 leur. Lll1llt'l' Crlzlcll lizlxtvrls fllfK'lllQl', Il l1lllI1l5t'I' ul gzllllzw Dl'l'k't'illl1QIl'1lk'll lllzllll eu-llt Cll1I'll1f,I tlle llzlfket- p1lrc'llrl:ll Y2lI'SlTj lllfll well- llfllllgllll tu Illt' lelrv. X llglll wmllll Ill tllm' scllllul lean' ll?-lfl-IQ-lnf. l'c':ll trllllltc- ls lluc' to -lllllltil' Xvlll'NlU llslwkc-tllull tcallll Cheerleaders llI'jjill1lll'tl lu Xllss Nl:ll'g1zll'c't SlI1llCk flllll' XPZIYS ilgjlb, Illl' L'llc'c'l'lm':lllc-ls' Curlls ls urgzlllllvcl lrltfl two QIYHIPS. lllllf' wmlc llf tlle sc-fullml sqllzlcl is uf vltzll lzllllv ill plwlviclillgl tllv L'llt'1'I'll1Q corps N'll'll :l Sflililj' NTTVXIIII uf skillful cllcvl' lezlmlc-fs. lllls mllvisiull uf tllv fifgllllllllllllll is :mlm m'Hc'ctc'nl lWl'L'illI5l' it lwllllml llc- llll- IV- Ili.. 'Mlm l-- llgllll IH1 lumn' ln Al. Illlllll-. .llllllllv lffll. llu 'IMI 1, f1llxl.l lll- l'.l-lllln. .Nlulflllf lx'll.1 lllzllnllm- l7l:lllv wxx . -. , l-,. - , -v, V. .- llmlullllc im .lll tllm lllllgillk, llcllmllng, lillflilr tw zlppezll' :lr mlm- tlllle. 'l'llc girl lllelllllc-les of tlle crwlls join tllril' Vmwll tlvc' tm-:lllls illlflllxf tllc- Girls' Sport Xitv. 'lillvy Clllll pun' nut mlllll new cllcfelw llllf tllvl :llsll wr tfnllll YlL't1ll'y . lullll-1, ,lulll Fllzul--, I,u xll IQ vm l llltlk .K af -ss UITQIS tu lllllilk' HI H!'tll'!' TU lH'lP llll'Il TUIIIIM HH lil SHI sl ll Junior Football 1" Hurt' ll--fl to iighil Piaitl. l'R-irnrc, Nlnlhollzinil, Mill lui Khlzuizigcrb, XYnl'il. l'i'icltm-Il. ll--rsa-5, ,Ytwoizil lx'u:c liirlclicxul ik iptullb ll lp. ilcins, lluiil lxixc lou-lin lllczul koiu-hr. Floltcs, llclcicl- 1 . ,zu ihzx, 4.1-iss, l',nglci', kooucy. lroslwy. Hlivcr, ,, , ,. . . K ,. . lfvcry boy in 'llrcnton lligh linds :ui opportunity to pliw lootlmll. Boys in the junior clzlss who do not hzwc suflicicnt cxpcricncc to pzxrticipntc on the '. , ' ' 1 V 'z ' ' 'ioys un- Illli L lowdcn ind Wilhuu liiown, tht l dm rgo rigorous titiining. lfvcry yczu' thc- junior sound NYith tht- inclinntion to plziy foothztll, tht- typical wliomorc hoy will find :uuplc opportunity for :ic- tion soon lttct Ins uiix il hcic Lndci tht ing of Put Clcmcns, physicnl cducntion instructor, mhoiuorcs undcrgo intcnsiu- training :uid instruc- tion in rln- plxwing of tht- gjllllw. ln this nuuincr 'lircnton High is not onli :ihlc g g ' -' 4 'g l -' 1 couch- l"i1,v.' Ifozu mln-Iii lu iightj Nlcllt-c. llrihlwiii. K'ouuuini. Russo. lis:1ucll.l. Nlullmli, l,llli1i.iii, lizixlcss. Mizuluinto. Uilliaiiiis, Klcf Niall, lilicci, Klzulilcil, lsostingis 1Nl.iiutgcii, ,Nfiuilti Ix'u:t' liuitr. lxilinowslti, l.:l 1-ilni-lin. Xllighl, llziffcl. l-mllclzl. llcriicn. lcrlo i.iit-111. Klooic, Xislci. XX'.iiuri, Iiiumnvy, Nlnttnln-auto 4Nl:iun x usitx tc un find uuplc oppoitunitx to plu lunioi' lstbllfllllll 'lic-zuu. Undci' the guidzuicc of Cup- - 'J l 1 - ' ' b' zu on the uiztls, S7cltcl'. l7:ti1'cll. .Xlpllousgz llollciilloiiiici, lla-lscl, Rogvis. Lipiuslti. Sym-Iwi, lliooiiisv Ificiiln-lg, -I. XY. lirown lkssiqgmq KiltIlL'lll. . . ,,. , . lzlccs at liczwy schcdulc ol gzuncs. llus ic-zu' s hnc- up was unusuadlx successful in gnrne-ring xictorx' ziftci' victory. As ll result, several pot:-ntizilly good plzxycrs we-rc du'clopcd :uid will hc ready for vzirsity :lction ncxt Scptciuhcr. This tvzuu is of utmost iniportzincc in furnishing the nucleus of the vnrsity squad. Sophomore Football to uncover much ncw :uid lzttcnt ziluhty for the wir- sity hut also to provide its sophomorc hoys with ll rcztl zithlctic progrzun :it thc hcginning of high school life-. This yezu' thc tczuu had :ui unusually diflicult progrzun hut the tczim mztdt- zum cxccllcnt showing with scvcrzil promising pl:1xc'i's. llloni Xluiplix :ll- wzws watches thc squzid for vzirsity m:itc'i'i:1l. gt-rl, 'lilrlrii lx'u:t' ll. lf, l'lci114-11 lkioiichi. lloin-lloi1icv'. linlcnslci, liorliizxr. Ilolltiulonm-i. ilihzic, llzicr. llooliiig, klniiufylt, 511-writ. Ilrouu. Rcyuolils, liivuitlcs, llivlllililsltl. l1ciiili.lid, l,iiIf. Null, Smith lXl:iii:igm-it Schwzirif lXl:ni:igvi 1. 11171 Boys' Tennis Team .XR cast dark shadows over the ten- nis schedule of I9-IZ. llsually, the Trenton High racqueteers commenced the season by going into action against the Rutgers Freshmen and Lawrence- ville. This year the priorities ruling not only affected rubber necessary for the manufacture of tennis balls, but it also seemed to curtail the manpower neces- sary for an offensive team. This year's squad suffered through the loss of several crack players because of graduation. Five veteran players formed the nucleus of the varsity. These included Paul Na- politano, Adrian Moore, Martin fRedj Nusblatt, Syl Raphael, and joe Delate. liarly in the spring this nucleus, along with a number of aspiring candidates, re- ported for frequent practice after school hours. After getting into first class condi- tion and eager for offensive frays, the l":rvf Hoff' lletl to riglitl XIV, Xlurplly lSpoiisoi'l, llil,oiiit-, lit, ii l' N11 lvtlii llnlit ti YI' Iillii Nl it Yu Illtt 3.1. ... no . o. 'Z t'. -, .4 no 1 o, A oo". . Si! . varsity tennis team learned that its newly acquired power would have to be con- fined to inter-mural matches because the shortage of rubber had caused a restric- tion on tiresg and, consequently, bus ser- vice for the transportation of varsity teams was completely eliminated. Some of the contests arranged for inter- mural competition as the Bolmxlzvlfz went to press include the following: Tennis Schedule of '42 .Xpril lll-fillllflbll lligli .. .,.. ... lloiuc .'XpriI 20-ll. Xl. l. ....... Ilona- Nlay I--.Xslmury l'arlq .. ... .Xuai May 5-New llrunswick .. ... .Xuzny May N-I'ci'tIi .Xinlioy ,,.. ., llomt- Nlay I3 -'l'i't-nton Lialliolic . ... Ilona- May l5kl'rinceton ....., ... .Xusly Nlay ltr-XIoi'i'istoxxii .... ., lloniu Xlily ll---li. Xl, l, .,,.,.,..,,. .... .Milly ,7 ,. . . Nlav - -I renton Catholic r ........,,.. ,... .... I I ritllx Several other matches with Admiral Farragut, Lawrenceville, l'pper Darby and Lower Nlcrion are pending. Smvfliif lx'o:.' Sli-sit lNl:iii:tgti I, Scliovl. llciil'-v. Spit-llc. lC.l1ili.u'l. 1-arlu. IIISI Girls' Tennis Team l"i'i.vl limi' tlcfl to right? lioriiisll. Nl. Xliclialcilc. Uritcll- 12, Xliclizilrilc. 'I','i,f1 lx'i:i' Lizllizxllzm. llziiiliciillliii, l,:1x'iliL- Ktllll lou. Miss licaitlilg lK'oncl1J, fools. Nlarlcllolii. lii'c'ci1lrc1'g. im-rycll, lfillfl. Nu onli lx? :i' l"ii1n-In lg, Nlillcr, Mohr. llalmcl, Uolvcy, llcmsly. HICN the Trenton High co-ed dons her tennis garb and grabs her racquet, there is no more infallible sign of spring. VVith the song of the robin and the sound of the tennis ball hitting the racquets, the season begins. lyleeting after school hours the team was drilled on correct placement and form by Coach Eleanor G. Keating, instructor in the physical education department. Believ- ing that all applicants were varsity ma- terial, Miss Keating found it necessary to conduct an intra-team ladder tourna- ment until the best players were revealed. These girls were then selected to form the varsity squad. Tennis, as a girls' sport, made its first appearance in Trenton High in 1939. At that time, Laura VVolf, a city champion in the junior division, captained the team. Because the activity proved to be successful and popular, it has been con- tinued by the physical education depart- ment as a regular activity. Although last years team, under the captaincy of Doris Lantz, had a brilliant and active season, this year's schedule was seriously hampered by the war. Un- der the leadership of Ruth Critchlow, this year's team was confined to playing local opponents. As this book went to press, a tentative schedule of activities Was formulated for the I9-1-Z season. This schedule included meets with Princeton High School, Asbury Park High School, and Miss Fine's School for Girls. Because of the scarcity of trans- portation facilities, it was necessary to develop a more extensive intra-mural pro- gram of tennis for the girls. This program has proved to be a boon to the tennis enthusiasts as it enabled more girls to participate in some real, spirited playing. Next year, it is hoped that the resumption of the regular sched- ule Will be effected and that the intra- mural program will be continued. iiioi Diamond Kings T this time of the year when baseball aspirants turn out vu nm.v.w, the question is frequently raised, "XVhat are former T. H. S. baseball stars doing now?" A brief survey reveals what a few of them are doing on the diamond these fine days. Mario "Red" Pattera of the class of '-ill is trying to obtain a pitcher's berth on the Trenton Senators this year. l.ast year he played his first professional sea- son with St. Petersburg, where he won 9 and lost 6. Illasserini Wins Acclaim Masserini, from the class of '39, has temporarily retired from professional baseball because of the war. XVith But- ler last year as an outfielder, he batted .305 and had 21 home runs. A member of the Schroths in '38, Masserini and his teammates went to American-Legion re- gional play-offs, the neatest achievement since the '33 team went to the finals. A few members from the '33 who went to T. H. S. were George Case, -liggs Car- rodo, and Charles Budd. Giambelluca Seeks Berth Larry Giambelluca and joe Cesario, outlieldersg joe Plunkett, Nick Regan and Pat Petrino, infielders, all from last year's team, are hoping to make their professional appearance this year. Giam- belluca is trying for an outfield position on the Trenton Senators. Cesario will get his try-out with a team in the Piedmont League. St. Petersburg will be the team to which Plunkett will make overtures. Regan and Petrino will try to make good in hiaryland. The teams which Trenton will meet include Pennington Prep, Perth Amboy, Camden, New Brunswick, Hamilton, Princeton, and New Brunswick. The schools carded for two games each are Perth Amboy, Camden, and New Bruns- wick. ' lllli shortage caused the postponement of the initial baseball game of the lf!-lf season against Camden and with that postponement came the realization that the Big Six Conference would likely be discontinued for the duration of the war. Not only did the tire shortage cause Coach Tom Nlurphy anxiety but he was faced with the problems of building up Varsity Baseball Team yakg and outfielders Don Nugent and Vince Angeline. As this book went to press the T. H. S. varsity was faced with the prospect of playing teams in the vicinity of Trenton. The following tentative schedule of games was formulated. Bmwlmll Selzwlule an entire new infield, developing two or three .300 hitters and a catcher. Forming the nucleus of this year's var- sity were veterans Ralph Bates, regular left lielderg pitchers Bob Carlton, john Perry, Ray Helsel, and inlielder VValt llee. Coach Murphy also had the services of two new promising ball players. They were outfielder Bill Kuhn, a former Trenton Schroths player, and Don XVood. The latter pitched in the Trenton lndustrial League last year. This league .Xpril 15-l'cnning1on l'rcp .. . ... lli nn- .Xpri -L'aiiitlcn lligli .,, llonic Klay .Xshurv l'arlt ....., ... ,Xvvay Nlay 'Xt-xv lirunsui l .. ... .Xxvziy Xlziy l'crtl1 .Xinhoy ,,,,A ,,, llizmc May Trenton Catholic .. ... ,Xxvay May orristovvn ..... ... llonie Xlay -llillllllltlll llieli .... .Xvvuy May .Xslniry l':nrlt .,. lloinc Nlay -Princeton l'iI'osll .. ... llonic May New llrunsxv ... ... lloinc Hay Trenton Liatlii lic .. ,.. l Ionic ,lunc -l'erth Knihoy ... .Xvvay ,lunc -llainilton llieh ........,. . . lloine r was considered the best in Trenton. Among other candidates who made favorable impression this year were pitchers Paul Dzurisin, Russell slewitt, and Mil-ze Rossig inlielders Lou Norato and I,ee Howardg catcher john Horn- l'om Nlurphy's hopes are to better last year's recorcl of l-l victories and six losses and to receive another invitation to par- ticipate in the greater Newark tourney at the end of the season. lt appears at this time that he will likely accomplish this goal. liilxl lfnfu llcfl to right! lialish. li. liziiltoil. Nugent. XY:iilt-l'. Xoinlo. l't-rrv, llzitcs. Rossi. l,oi-tloii, .Xvcrsaliiin .Xrrwiifi limi' llfiirlsiil. Hoods. l,ce. ll. knrltoil. lloxvaitl, llough, llelscl, llorityillc. liiilm. n 45 A51 I. 1- 3' F l f 'Tvs' 'Pi-" gf' J 'ualltal rf' nw: -v-s-V sv' 'shift c , .5 , in 1993 ' Extra Curricular Activities CA Section Depicting tlwe Activities of T.l'l.S. Clubs and Organizations During 1941-'42.D Needlecraft and Service Clubs There is Always Real Harmon 5' 'w"V ' I7 ' . -ss - ,f P., YNY" JN" i -fx?" ' .-- +3 .4 , t S 9 N v Q Q rf rn . X ,no . H - 0,0 J ' 5 N , K . wwf- f .Q I M, .Us , . xv' -+- .xx .x I ' u ' 1'-'l , WAI! fi, In ' ll ,, , 'A-9 - +, ff' d"gf"in:"'1.Qf g ,ateffx-41-vie? 4.-ii' 'li-:iswf., M-a "iff fr"1 ,ti 2115: -'X Q ., ' 4s',,, S at W . te n the T.l'l.S. Club Program master of the .VA fi . pf 'J I be,muXiE?t .. XT? ,r f v. . sl, l.fg?ft': 4 . f 1 .sf'H""s- ,Ugg is in K asa.. , J t --Q, ' . as A Qif ST .o -ffifvza ' lla ' ' ' I lp 'WGN Ji' Fw is F an v lv '.'.,,, af ff A. 4 ' t Q L. .. if-'af 'I 'y ' Sl - ', v - ,,, fd, 43' N, ms-JPQ 'X -.0-QQ Sf, X 'S . 'M Q.. 1- X , I fy 5, , .n 1 - - -ft' " t api: ff. of 4 if 'N FJ -J, ?'5'.:5sffwi' NS . . '-- ' ' ' ' in is 'QC'-w A U ,fl 0 gg ' 33? my 'yi' x' in ?t"'e5u1 QP D 3 . N ,. M .I e 191423 g .Q v if. J iwwu Orchestra and Band Concerts art of living draws no line of distinction between his work and play: his education and rec: reation. He simply excellence through He lets those who termine whether playing. pursues a vision of everything he does. observe him to dc: he is working or -l-. P. Jacks. l Ili I r Q Forum Club l"ii.vl li'if:.' th-fi to rightl -Crocltett, fiaiirlclie. llonoliiie. Rossi, Nlislaii. llillegass, Thompson, Klclliigli, Cook, Light, IN-I-ilato. Morrison 1Yici--l'rcsidci1t, First Termb. lfgziii 1l'resi- XY:iters, llafitz. lfoirrlli li'o:i' lsitoro, Taylor, ll'.Xniliiiwi-i, ilelil. First Tciml. lileilifeltci' 1S1ioi1soi'i. Moore- 1l'i'eSiilei1t. Tlioriie, Yitcritlo. Scliociltlizller. Miclmcl. Fischer, l'is:uilto, Sei-owl 'I'i-rmi. Short 1Seci'etai'y, SccomlTcl'n1J, llaigli 1Yicc- llongzh, l'ol'tiii, Celia. lfijlli Ron' llavis. llolton. XY:-st-wel. l'i'i-sith-iii, Si-com! Tcrmb. Rago, l':ilermo. Ifrtel. .Yecoirii Ron' Y lirccii. llarrity. Matthews. l'Iapingci'. Scliimiaii, l.inli-cite, Rice, Xlxithci. rivtlmzui. XYciiisteili. l'cti'ii1-1. l"cs:slcl'. liancl. Stein- .Xlal'l:iiii. . .. ,. . , milf. Alt-nic. liciiihzilwll. Wilson, Xlfitxir-. Rziinhacl. llfrrwf lion' URVNI is a term which stood for enlightened discussion in the days of antiquity. Today in Trenton I-Iigh, the name of Forum is enhanced because of its asso- ciation with projects of civic duty and free discussion. Under the veteran guidance of Claude B. Kleinfelter, the Forum Club was organized to provide a program of social activities and community projects for boys possessing the qualities of civic consciousness, leadership and ability. Mr. Kleinfelter has been assisted in recent Freedom of Speech ls Priceless in Democracy g x-25" -. . -1... U .. A, . J, i 5 :H -3 fe. .113 is . Z, Q Q -Jr, 'Q ' - r, 'Q J .f f UV? li-I" . hm, -..-' - f- i Yin ,Q M" . 'df' 221514 - ' t ' el! ' will . 'NJ tai: ,fb v 1 . .' -is T' 3' I , - lrw-74 li lll-ll P 1 ,Ii . N' .. C,- l, at l 'Q ,is 4 . Q 1 y -f ii i' J 'El' 5 l L N i " X1 x A' A X ' :la 1 P ti 0 JI 0 ,J ' . JL . ,, , ? r years by Ernest Raetzer, honorary faculty adviser. At its weekly meetings the Forum boys discussed present political issues. As its contribution to the de- fense program, the club sponsored a first-aid course for the members. On Saturday mornings, a group col- lected old newspapers, and scrap metal. Again this year the Forum' Club sponsored the an- nual American Iiegion oratorical contest. The club was unusually successful in this activity with one of its members, Harold Donohue, garnering the city and county awards for his excellent orations on the topic of Americanism. The club did not confine itself to serious matters. The annual social was held in the Community Room. Later in the year the traditional Father and Son ban- quet was conducted with added gusto at Fischer's Tea Room. In june a formal reunion at the Country Club completed the social whirl. At this affair many alumni were in attendance. C lionian Societ l"ir.rl Nan' Alcft to riglltr lfgan, Nicllolzls, Harlow, Leslie, Smith, llnrloxs. llirscll, K, Smith. tlnliel. .L Rtltlnmuiis, lYnltcrS, Vl'ootlriill, Nl. l'ur't'ell t'l'rt-nstin-r'l, liisli tYice-l'rcsitl:-ml, Miss Still, Klaumillg. Yiifiijiaiil. -l. lloint-r. Tliirtl Ix'w7r vl. Smith. linllt, Mt-ziglici tSpoiisorl, Ronmanis tl'i'csi1lt't1ll, ll:-iult-l tSccrcIuryl, VYoorl, Sue-envy, Notlcn. Nlohr, lluugli, Toth. Cosligzill, Ren-il, Ilcllcxillc. jxinics, l,nmoiit Nictwritl lx'w:c llorlicr, llill, bl. t'l1ni'lt, Tilton. Smith, lloinyiilt. lllS june the Clionian Society marks the completion of twenty-five successful years of activity. At its inception this organization was purely a history club, but as another society was organized with a similar objective, the Clionians en- larged the scope of their program to include social activities and the study of cur- rent events. Through the years Clionian has gained its present position of prestige as one of the outstanding societies in Trenton High School. The social activities of the Clionian Society have S04-ializing the Sm-ia1Studies gained the reputation of being eminent successes. The list of speakers the club has heard this year ,L3..Q35..:h,-Eggs' included XVilliam O'Brien, vice-principal, who gave an illuminating talk on current topics. In order to give a social aspect to the weekly meet- A iigiiiffiilifiii ' ings, the "Cliomaniac," club newspaper, was read be- if fore the club, much to the amusement of some mem- ii i f bers. - ' Outstanding among the events of the year for the ' Clionian Society was the annual reunion dinner-dance, V V held at the Trenton Country Club on December thir- L M ticth. The annual shore trip, which is usually taken at vq..' .ig fs l' the end of the year, was replaced this year by a trip gzf.-,if '...,, ' to New York, on which all the members had a gala ii" W time. I A The otliccrs of the Clionian Society for 1941-+2 it-Q were Socrates Rouinanis, Dorothy Fish, -ludy Bendel, Mark Purcell. 'M lllil Honor Society l,, "Egg OR the fulhllment of its manifest destiny, our na- , QQ tion needs Citizens with a happy combination of if character, ability and leadership. These traits are fos- ' tered by the National Honor Society, which has gained gif.: an enviable reputation during its existence in Trenton "TQ High School. Membership in this society has come to ig . be considered the hallmark of scholastic achievement. w A A The members must conform to high standards of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The records of nominees for membership are critically evaluated by a committee consisting of Miss Sarah C. Christie, Miss Addie L. VVeber, and Nlrs. I. Nl. Quick, j. VV. Colliton, Don T. Deal, A. S. Hancock, john F. Z Kelsey, james G. Manzer, Nl. B. Sanford, I,eRoy Smith and julian B. Honeycutt, chairman. After being elected by this committee, new members are initiated in an inspiring ritual before the student body. At this time the objectives of the society are explained, and all students are urged to try to become eligible for membership. Though primarily an honor society, the group had an active year. The society also sent representatives to several high schools to encourage the organizing of new chapters. This endeavor was successful in the high schools of Nloorestown, Perth Amboy and Hightstown. As in recent years, the Trenton High School Chapter of the National Honor Society rounded out its activities as host at a state convention. Ifirx! Ix'o:1' Ili-ft to rxglitl Cliiuiit-sc. jiirnes, Rapliael, lieu- Ron' Mzirsziro, Srliomxiii. lfrievlnixm, ll-uiglzls, St-gal, Nmples, 1l.ito, Colivii. Short l'I'i'4-:isi1rvl'l, Morrison Il'resirleiitl, lloiiey- l,nvilie, Siegel, lmviritllal. Corn, Fulil, llonoliilr. Sibley, Silwi. vutt 1Sponsorr, Ifgim 1Yice-l'i'esirleiith, .Xlexumler lSecret:nryl. lYriglit. Luciili. l"oivr!h lfnfi' Gurney. lfgzm, lit-inns, llonvy- Rr-illior, Ili l'rim:i, Mayer, Snitlr. Ilurtis, -lezmiiettv. ,Xitwoml Cult, lfilwxirils, Xlzitern. Sliotton. Nlncllouulil, Cook, Fischer, Noir' lli':iytt-iilmli. Crockett. Kohn, liCl'l'1lIllll. Davids. Rounds. Nlattcucci, Light, Tilton, Nlatlicusoyi, Lziviiie, Ifrflli Ron' Mark, l'vtiilio, IL- l':istiii:i. Yun l,uppt'ii, llret-ii, lferrgiro, Fried, Yun- VX'orlt-y. Caiupopi:iiio. Stzulnyk l3'.Xiinuii7io, Crecil. llcnjiunin, llt-spool. Ci':iiiimvl', Coviovm-Y. llziiicoclt, Roscxifclml. Pest-k, Tlifrwl lirir-rlinzmii. lfisclier. .Xrtliur, Nlzlrinni. llriim. llcrmnim. lllml P- 0 NLIKE other organizations, the Americana Club is ,- Americana Club f f completely reorganized each year. Seniors known ,f" 7 for school-citizenship and originality comprise its f membership. The program of the club commenced this year with a formal initiation. After this affair, the club entered upon an active schedule of activities. First, the mem- bers of the club gave a public performance which they called "America Speaks." This show was an interpre- tation of the building of America from l620-I9-l2. Needless to state, this performance bolstered public morale during days of disquieting war news. Another high spot of this year's activities was the America llnity Dinner to which last year's club mem- bers were invited. The new members entertained the old with an unusual program of music and games. Members of the club realize that in order to under- stand American culture, they must rediscover the part of America which is closest to them. Miss Clara V. Braymer, history instructor and sponsor of the club, took them to the Old Barracks and to the NlcConkey Ferry House. I,ater in the year the club went to New York City to see several historical plays. The fifty members of the Americana Club, demonstrating American generosity, gave five dollars to the American Red Cross. The members of Americana know that their experience in learning American background has made them better citizens. 17:1 tl li'o:t' llcfl lo iiglili Coniiclly, llial. lhlovxslvi. Xlalelcix i, .Io-elm, liccfe, C.u1ipopi:ino. Thi' ii lion' liowalik, Mi-iirlolm, Nowicki 1'l'i'c.isiiri-rl, X'.iii ll:-rpool 1Sccrrl:iI'yJ, Miss llmynier llowell, Smith, liicinslti, liiilill, l':Iniiei'i, llllilii, llmckel, l,yil-in tSponsoil, Nicolai lYlccl'In's1ilt'liIl, 'lf Kinney tl'resideiitb, Ifimrtll froze Kate-nsl, lliitcliinsoi, Connell, Hopkins, liaialla, Yiiiiiv. Siuallvxooil, Nlniclielti. ,Yrinfril Korn' Soltcs, liilliclkow Nugent, Tallon. liilets, llllssiglieii. ski, Nlaiulc, Klzucllonnlll. l,ockn-tt. Kaiser, liolyn, Niollmf. ZK'1l1l"', XIQTI Experimenters' Club 4 , 5 " 9 f KC K' 4g4'k?'!' I lL , ' ,JF - , - i , if. M9945 - ' 49.3. 175, V 7 A 'Wi' ,gs .1 7 . '. ' . Tight. . Ki ,Q " il' I i ' O 12'-if-f: v :. .151 if? " Z , y r., Kfilflfii iii " r as i ' -Ar i f -i I i 1 ' jf' f I ' i ' ' x 'llllivii ll .4 merica'.s' Destiny Lies In lfxperimffntuiion ITH the hope of discovering a ninety-third element or a convenient substitute for rubber, students of chemistry interested in actual laboratory experimen- tation organized the lifxperimenters' Club this year. The twenty-three future Nobel Prize winners who comprised the club IUCI weekly. Under the sponsorship of james G. Nlanzer, head of the science department, they carried out an extensive and varied program of scientific pioneering. In addition to the usual business of a club, the ex- perimenters devised a program whereby a different member was responsible each week for a program of entertainment or a scientific demonstration. Un other occasions the club invited guest speakers to address the group at its weekly meetings about topics of scien- tific exploration. These talks were of inestimable value to the club members who made detailed notes of the lectures. The organization of this club and the successful completion of its first year's program required excel- lent leadership and the utmost cooperation of each member. These two requisites were fully met. The club members elected officers early in the year and wholeheart- edly supported them in all club projects. These officers were: Robert Hughes, presi- dentg William March, vice-presidentg Catherine Dempsey, secretaryg and Charles Schoman, treasurer. In order to insure a successful year for '42-'43, the present club members have formulated a program of social and scientific interest for next year. As a result the ensuing school year finds the experimenters ready to go. Ifirxi Rvzz' ll:-ft lo right! -Gurney, VV:-insteiu. flaw, llnghes Dornstaudcr. Cohen, Fislnr. Friedman. Kent, Senion. Hz-yer, tl'rc-sislentb. Mr, Manzer lSponsorJ. Schoman t'l'reasurerH, Chamberlain. ll:-units:-y 1Se'cret:iryr. I.:-vm-iisoii. Lavine. .Xiwonii Rnu'fArone, lllSl Presidents' Council lfiixi Hors lleft to riulllb Lyiicli, k'riStofnl'o, Nloralrito, Mayer, Sclmnlziclier, k'oiin11cr:ittzA, Stunvizile, Roulnniiis, llerluerl, l,i-iiox, lfiscller, l"crl':n'o lYicel'rcsiilci1tl, Riegel ll'l'csiilclItJ. Scliiliilerwolf, Xluscllerl, liziwlsn, llussiglicri, lhzzc, Zllllillylllllls. liodiiit-1' 151-creliiry I. Yeniiy, lirodimicl. Svc-lm, lllzuikenliorn, lffflli Noir' Reading. llrnytelilmli, l'rick. llezxrden, Kovacs, Glan- l".irm-Il, Iiiirpas, .N'i'i.oiii lx'-irc li--anis, Holmes. XYnyd:u. linima. brook, Morrison, Tucker, Mancino, ,Xhlv:aro, Zavaglia, fella. ljlllllll. Ilamm, llc l'.isIin:i, lfnglisli. Nlartelloni, Nlcngliini. .S'irfli Roch-f-Serofsky, Ristoxx, .Xldi-r. lligzielzmo, Fitzgerald. Siioolc, llnvison, lilgle, llxllli. Tliiixi Rott' llcr1i:llmei, lilverso, lfebo, Pezzicolzl, St-lerniclx. Nonnlc. l'r:llcnk:i, Sclinorlnis. YYood. Ilooliiig, k'11liln'l'l5, IH-iiiu-Ili, Utoo. llcxiiie, Ilriicli. Ycrro, l.Il' W'ojn:irowic7, Kirby. .Nl':'i'rifl1 Kofi' lloilexi, llnlsteinl, l..l vine, NYiiulc, Nlolir, lieriusmi, lfuvvftli lx'o:r' liurts, l4Ulllt'L'lH, xiiitdliil, Specli, Hcrvnsio, NciiScllgu'fel', Topley. URTY-TWU hundred pupils of the Trenton High have an effective agency of self- government in the Presidents' Council. This organization is comprised of a representative from each homeroom who meet to discuss problems of student life and school management. Miss Sarah C. Christie, vice-principal in charge of ac- tivities, serves as adviser to the group. This year the council's membership consisted of one hundred-four class presi- dents who successfully conducted drives to raise funds for the Activity Fund and the Spectator. The Case Studies as a means of encouraging logical thinking Urder ls the First Lau' Of fleaven were also promoted by this group. A A special sanitation campaign for the cafeteria and a general clean-up drive for the entire school were X sponsored with the aim of making everyone conscious fin. 'sf WE of school cleanliness. This project succeeded in giving p l wg sf 5 ,3 ' "" every pupil added pride in the appearance of T. H. S. I X L lx ' T 0 Since this group represented sophomore, junior and T L5 sc l- ' it H senior homerooms, the Council was invaluable in se- Q -T . curing opinions, suggestions and reactions of the entire i . student body. All school-wide projects had the support T of the presidents. ,, P R E Policies pertaining to order within the school were also discussed and formulated by the council members UNCH- at their Friday meetings. These policies then were in Rm li explained by each president to his homeroom. ' -v.Fe25?3i5f:r'g1'.e.cliff: l . l 1201 Photography Club 'ov liixf lihfrl' tltfl to right! llillllllilflx. Yzilys tSecl'et:iI'yl. Xicoliii. llximm. lfvzilliyciiiiclil. Uliiilicl. liufmxi. kiiaiit. tilaitl. Lit-p--lil 1Yicc-l'i't-sirlcntr, Ili Filippo ll'lt-sialciltl. Nlt. Slzivik limi: -li'o:i' Mootlxxiiv, ll-yur, Ncfliioi, Ncxxlou, liiqixct. ll.ixc 451-oiisoir. X'l:itIcmi'i lTrc:i-liicrl. llutl-o, lftlic. Nl, L'zimpo- ron. liormintiiio. lliinilzi, llivwiiliig. Xlwfsuo- it-ut. ,Y utr' lx'f:i' Kish. llusriglicri. liiisli, Xlaufc i ITIZI-ZNS of Trenton have come to look upon the Photography Club as the mecca of amateur photographers. This group Linder john Slavik, instructor in art, has made itself a potent, artistic group in both the school and community. Not only have the club members learned the techniques and theories of artistic pho- tography but they have also had ample opportunity to put their instruction to the acid tcstg namely, by taking pictures and then completely developing them in the well-equipped dark room of the school. Pictorial requirements of the yearbook were readily satisfied by members of this group. The table top pictures, used to introduce the various sections of this volume of the Bolmxlwlfz, were painstakingly arranged and Hn, lflmmgraplzm- ls ll photographed by joseph Leopold and Larry Kravet. 'Vadim Aim, The attractive pictures and school views in the opening section of this Iiohmlivffz were made by joseph Dutko. Others of the club who contributed pictures included joseph Di Filippo and Bert Haveson. Community interest was provoked by this club when it held its annual photography exhibit in the school library this year. Nlany prints of professional calibre were on display. Dutko's portraits and Di Filp- po's ocean scenes elicited many laudatory comments. In addition to extending opportunities for learning both the vocational and avocational aspects of photog- raphy, the club offered its members a social program as well. Officers of the club were joseph Di Filippo, presidentg joseph Leopold, vice-presidentg Bill Valys, secretaryg Dominick Nlatteucci, treasurer: joe Uutko. 1 1.441 i Cinematography Club i l l'ii,rJ lx'o..' tlrtt to iight' Ulipliaiit. liiiipzts. Il. liraliis, li'mt' llotlmt-r, Xlliy. l.i-xiii. laxiiic. llavis. lliggio-. I-fyistv-ii, ,loliiist-iii. Mail: tktri I'it-itliutl. lf. lxcariis tl'it-sitlt-lift. l,ip lfvigltr. llalt-, l,t'vy. ll-iiiltii, -lixitx i'l'u'.i-iiuil. Xlayti tmw' taixl, lfeiviiclli. litilitt. .Vi'.uiii." RQXNIZIQIJ by a group of students interested in movie-making, the Cinematog- raphy Club was founded in V938 by Nliss lileanor lngoldsby, a teacher of lfnglish. Une of the main projects of this club, the reviewing of films for the student body. has been carried on with eminent success. These reviews, printed in a pam-- phlet called "Film Fare," have been the basis of many discussions in Iinglish classes. Three years ago, the club decided to enlarge its initial program for the year by undertaking the production of an original story to be made into a motion picture every year. ln December, IWW, the first film produced was called "XYatchdogs." This first venture of the club was previewed at a holi- day tea given for the faculty, and at that time, it was proclaimed a hit. The next year, "lfdueation in a De- mocracy," an historical review of the school was given 1"i!m. Nor .llurlzlv l.v zln' and was also a great success. This year the members of Allefliwfl 'ff IH1"1U"f1lfffJ' the club have been attempting to produce a film con- cerning the :Xmericanization of an alien who comes to this school. The title of this production is "Listen, Nly Son." .loc llutko served as technical adviser to the group during the time the picture was being produced. Before the close of the year the club members made a trip to New York, where they examined an old- fashioned movie-house and saw a number of old movies. Un this tour they furthered their study of the T' , 1 technique of making motion pictures. jk' Miss lngoldsby was ably assisted this year by a corps of officers, including lfdward Kearns, presidentg X' blerry Garb, vice-presidentg Olga Nlayer, secretary, and l,eatrice l,ipshutz, acting treasurer. 11.411 Junior Red Cross lui' li'f:t ilu-lt lu iiglill kkiirnlsliill. loiiiirlly. til-iss, Xlil lie, I'otIs. Nlulifiliclc. 'lluii Ivor. ll.uvii-iclv. lfiii--l, Xaiiili-vpiiol. li i, Kiiiiiixvt, Ritclm- iSi'i'iel:ii'y 3, Cliiaiii si 1l'v'i-siili-nt I, Nliss lfiilil, lxxicliiloiiaii, llrilwl, l'-ist, tliecii. Cow ii, Nlilli-i, llillvgas., Xil.i- N-iii lFiiiitisiii l, Cook lX'iri- l'i'i-siili-ntl, l'i':iss:is l'I'ic:isf l,:iiiiiiiig. Iiffiufli ffm. Siiiclaii, Sri-:iii-1. ll.iIiiii.iii, I"-sslvi, 'l'il iii:-i i, lliiiiis, Siegel. .Nl-,toil lfogf- Ilrfiil vi Nlillin-i, iii-islicn lou, Cook, -liiclisoii. lloiii-xciiit. l,iici-li. Xli-xauili-i, Xi-.tix l'i:'li'v it-lil, lioiii vie, l'iilpi-i, Ilsiyton, Colt-ivrui, Cmiiuerfvll. llill, l,i-s lx'n:.' Xli-l'..--igaiu. Nl.illu-xxsoii, ll..-lils. R-ig:-is, l, lllS year, more than ever before, the members of the .lunior Red Cross Club have given real service to the country. Cnder the guidance of Nliss lfdith Atkinson, teacher of social studies, the club has solicited much needed funds to be used both here in our community and all over the war-torn world. The members also assisted in the annual Red Cross drive for funds. The Red Cross 1A'lldS the " I "' Canipaign Q. xl ' Nbr .psi is 1 i 11 ' 1 if 4, 1 D A -J.:,..i i .-" ,1'5ff5.5'fgi, -1'..-f-', -1" . A ,,y4,Lg1jf,f- - J. N ., ., f, ., .fy .Ji-f :,,f.:': in ,F i ,4 17 X353- iz? C - P ' , 9 lc' N frf Qi' , ' .yyl A yi , 1 : gs? 'fl 1 TW: C ' ,' f - '53-' .Sify '45 l ' ,, ' xii xiii., X f 1. . gif sf X f w 6. 13 V , .W-, 5 J, , w Q xp I 1 - .A- -' 4 dr ,i . I r A : : L , CQ, . A1 C I IM l lil The meetings of the club, held weekly, were not only for the purpose of planning activities which sought to aid the unfortunate of Trenton, but also for the purpose of actually doing social work. During the times that the club was in session, many of the girls knitted articles of clothing for war-time purposes. This work was not limited to the members of the club. Other students used the club room as a headquarters for obtaining materials. At the annual Red Cross convention held in NVash- ington, U. C., it was learned that the Trenton chapter of the -lunior Red Cross was among the most active in the l'nited States. The successful program of the club this year was not only due to the cooperation of the members, but to the capable leadership of the oflicers. Carolyn Chianese as president, was ambly assisted hy -loycc Cook, vice-president: -lean Ritchie, secretary, and lilaine l'rassas, treasurer. Girls' Glee Club I llliN the Girls' tilee Club presents a musical pro- gram, music lovers of Trenton look forward to a display of tiiiusual musical talents. Under the sponk sorship of sl. Parker Russell, teacher of music, the girls receive intensive training in the fundamentals of music, and this basic training is responsible for the reputation of the club as a musical group. Upon being - adtnitted to the choral group, the girls are tested for quality of voice and placed in the proper division of lirst or second soprano, or tirst or second alto. Nlany a 'llrenton High School girl, who has ' achieved success in the musical world, ascrihes her first interest in music and her initial training to this organi- . zation. For, in addition, to voice placement, the singers have learned invaluable lessons in stage poise. 'fa 31 The Girls' Glee Club gave a well-received Sun- f 1 'gg day afternoon concert. lhe annual operetta depended upon this group as a nucleus for its choruses. NM At the end of the school year, when other organiza- tions were planning to close their activities, the Glee Club had its most busy schedule. At this time they were called upon to present a program of music at the baccalaureate service and at the graduation exercises. These musical programs require hours of painstaking rehearsal. An annual picnic, held in june, completed the program of the club. At this time the club members were rewarded for their year of service. Assisting Mr. Russell this year were Kitty Keevil, general manager, and -lean Van Iruppen, attendance checker. WZ' Could Blake Such Beautiful l1lllSil'.' lfiixl Icon' tl:-tt to right! lf. Yiuiileilioff, VI. Yuiitleilioff, son, Mullen, lfoiivili Nou' litigliee, Iiiiilcelsteiii, Moore, lfiiie, Kioili, t'i.i!'t. Sit-lt.i. llaiit-r. lit-t-til tl'it'sitlt'iill. -I. l'. Russell Swzlrtl. llortleii. Sinclair, k-lll1llISItlll, llniicorlt, Sliitller, Nliiipliy, t5p.iiisorl. .Xll:ii'4l, Hlaiilceiilioiii, 'I'oliie, Santini, Hodges, Iiiiiiii, Fish. Svxern, Knight. lfillli lforc' Up. l,olll'iJl, l'liillips, Kirby, lligimlio. .X'i'.onri It'o:t' Siiixxick, l,5iiil. NlIlj'l'l', llolllberg. .XlIIllJlll. Rosciifeltl, Yuri l,i11vpcii, XYQ-lit-i, 1YIiricii. l,og:iii, Sniitli, l'liu-i, llt-vim-. lit-rim-ll.t. l,1uxi'eiice, linltlrolie. Volt-iiinll. Siel, Rich, Pinto, k'olt-iniui, ,Yivlli lfwft' .Xpostoloy llzirtinzui, Ginn' I'liiIltps. Ili I'ii.ttico, l,:t Iiellxt, gliiiiies, H'litit-ii. Tlriiii Ron' iiiss, liinikzi, -lolinstoii, .Xiirlt-Vsoit, lfilxxxtiwls. llilliimii, VYerl, fairs, Nos, .Xiist-liii, Titiiiko, linsone, l"r:itto, Nliltiin, Yiiiitler- XYilkeiison, NViiiilt-r. .Xmici-, Nlofflx, pool, Stout. Xnizito, Ztlaiioxxicl. liiitf, l,ynier, liawloiv, lleiinleff l liil Boys' Science Club In wp Bo-p This Club Has Produced Robots and iUirnc'l1'.v CIENCE is without doubt one of the most important subjects in determining the destiny of America. To provide extra opportunities for boys to study this important subject, the Boys' Science Club was organ- ized several years ago. Today, under the sponsorship of Constantine Nl. Diamond, this club is cultivating a greater interest in science and is encouraging its pupils to pursue this study beyond the province of the regular courses offered in school. Each week a portion of the regular meeting is set aside for a program consisting of a demonstration or a short talk on some subject pertaining to the field of science. These programs are presented by various club members. The club has also sponsored several guest speakers who appeared at the regular weekly meetings. As it has been the custom for many years now, the club joined with the Girls' Science Club in preparing Christmas baskets of food, toys, and clothing, which were donated to two needy and deserving families. ln the spring the club presented a successful scientific show in the auditorium. Some of the features of this show were a high-frequency machine and a radio broad- cast. The club has also found time during the past two years to visit some of the junior high schools to present scientific demonstrations. During the course of the year the club sponsored a trip to the Franklin Insti- tute and to New York. limi! li'- xi tltlt to viglitl Spievlc. Colin-ii. lliiglit-s l'Iiir-:iw lfvtt' lloliiii, l.tYt'ilsiiiI. lliolmtls. Rolf, I'ii'lticliii.ilt. lxgilisll, :::ii i, l.:ixiiit- il'i'tsiils'iiIi. Nlr. lliuiiioiiil 1911-iiisoi i, llcllzlii l"l1ii:ii'i. Nlillef. liiiiilti. Yffiuf Ii'i-It' lloxulvll. ll.i.ii.iiitl. than l'itsitlt:ill, Nlillilei' lSt'i'IvI:il'yl. Xl, liiilivli, 'l':tiiltltp .Yu fuif ll-.vI', livin. .Xi'tliii1'. l.w-cl. lxtiil, l'liilli1's. llciii-ttiii, Koopti. 41341 Town Hall Societ JUNIJEIJ one year ago by -lulian B. Honeycutt, in- structor in history, the Town Hall Society has be- ii come one of Trenton High's most effective agencies in . .-..'Ji?'l' ' promoting intelligent discussion about world events. 1- The Town Hall Society is sponsored by the Car- if. .1i. negie lindownient for lnternational Peace as an Inter- V national Relations Club, and is also known LlIlQlCI' the xl latter name. w 1. l' Modeled after the Town Meeting of the Air, the .-. N i2l,ffgggQ9, Town Hall Society, at its regular Monday meetings, A lf ' i Tix' vb f . has held some lively discussions concerning the foreign 1 i'Z A . : at policy of the llnited States. i"', f a, Besides the regular club discussions, many well- mg,s3"3':f,'l "W known speakers have been invited to speak to the mem- ' sq. bers and their friends and parents at night meetings. 5.5, NW' Nlany of these night gatherings were attended by ca- Q72-itil " I"fa5 .."f- V J, pacity crowds. f y. H yyli y . sy Nlr. julian lloneycutt, social studies instructor, l y-.- Qi "ti, ' fi ml was responsible for the excellent spirit of these discus- H ' sions. llnder his guidance the students learned invalu- l"u"' HHH I" 'IH' able lessons in parliamentary procedure and the tech' niques of reconciling differences of opinion. One of the projects of the club this year was a program of discussions on cur- rent events in the Community Room. At these meetings, several members of the club gave prepared addresses, after which the audience asked questions of the speakers representing the different points of view. ln this manner, the students gained a broader conception of world events and their significance. HAK'dl' Park of T. 11. S. limi li',,i- ilctx lu iigliiv Xl.iici.iilIt. Nlnyei, lit-.iiiis luv, lliili-cli, lxiislu, lliii-lalo, XXX-liin-xsl.y, Xltiieliviii. llalil. 1'I'ii.u-iiit-i t, II-tm-xciill, Nosniilrlil, Svylta llhcsiilciitl, Klip llavicoclx, .Xlcxziiillcl Tilloli, lf. stills H. :r Nxililcr. ll-tim-ls, lltii lloucyciitl lSpoiis-ill, litiiaio iStcicl.ityl, Yuri l,iip1v:'i1, Ililiilci ilcrsoli, liiciiislti, liriluliiii. Ilnitlclt, lliolv. iiolilcii. .laclt---xi. lfll IXict-l'it-siiltillhl Xilflitig, liiippnpoit. ,N'.'i,fi.i' li'o:c liiisliciislcy, uniils. l,iiciili. liomiiiitfci, Walton. l':f'li lx't:i' Ilaixcx, Xtllci. l'I1Iovic. ,latin-s. Nliiipliy. Nlillivci, Sugsl. llollnlwig, licziiiis. llliilmutlial, NNE-iss. Roe-ts. Siiiiiuiouitf, Rciliiot, ll-uiylailil, Nlilvalxi. Siiigil, lfinil, Nlcltfci. 'l'i'tf.i lx'.i:t' Scliillliiaii, Nlillf Kelty, Ryan. lfiielis. l"oiiii.ii1. iissi Drama and Radio Club lfiiil li'o:i' Ili-ft to iight! Hindi, Salup, Mooney, liiailcy. llartmnil. I,:i Vzirty. l.elioi1. llahi. liliisw, Xliiscliiit, lliixvy, Siixil llviiov--1 i'I'ii-:isiiii-il, lirqiil lYicc l'Vi-si-lciiti. Miss Dillon lSpoii- over, Tliiiil lv'i1:.' ltlcovxitl. lliclscl. lxilplxiii. Volii-ii, Ili-hm, lfii soil, Si-gal 1l'n-siilciill, Yau l,iippc'n 45:-ci'ct:iryl, l,olil'l:A, lin, Fiivfilsky, I"it1gi'i'.ild, l,i-xy, Rosciitlial, Swim tiooniliv, Ui-ilu-i, Nliiily .Yi'ii'rifl Noir Kessler, Rilppaport, l.crl-wx NYUNIC who has ever put on grease paint and bitten his nails nervously in the wings while awaiting a cue, knows the joy and the agony of acting. Once the glare of footlights gets into the eyes, the spirit of the theatre gets in the blood and the result is an aspiring actor or actress. To satisfy high school 'I'hespians and to promote interest in the theatre, Nliss Elizabeth Dillon, teacher of linglish, organ- ized the Drama and Radio Club four years ago. Since its inception, this organiza- tion has fulfilled its objective in many novel ways. lf1'f'f.1' flfffff I-Y -5"'vH'f"H1.v'S To date several of the club members have gained Ilwrn invaluable experience on the local radio network. Others have found self-expression by participating in the production of musical comedies such as the never! to-be-forgotten "Batzin-the-Belfry." The club has also had an attractive social program, many phases of which have been conducive to devel- oping greater interest in the theatre. A climax to the year's activities comes with the annual trip to New York City, where the club members see a Broadway hit. This year the Drama and Radio Club had several programs carried on with unusual ini'fwri'I iii' mrp.v. The excellent attitude and spirit of cooperation were due to the leadership and interest of the ofiicers. These included Albert Segal, president, Florence Grad, vice- president, glean Van I,uppen, secretary, and XVilma Conover, treasurer. Cirayce Rosenthal served as inter- club council representative for this group, and through her efforts the club functioned with other groups. l,ilil Art Club lfirxt Norm' mlm-ft In iiglitl Caris. Silvers, S. Schnur. Miss llolim, liztlsloi-1. Wiill-innls. 7 lzil if Rott' W1-lie-r, Klein. lseiif Koenig lS1r1iIlsu1l, Sclinur, l,.iv1nc, Cook. bpinsller, ,Ximuriil mann, l,ipinslti, McNu-ol. Rcailinx. Alullllsun, Ron' Xniiaryniult, Rl. W1-la-r, Nlclntogxni, Larasoii. Ili Falco, OR the past nine years the Art Club has been one of the hard-working clubs in Trenton High School. Developing a more intensive interest in art under the stimulating guidance of Miss Daphne Koenig, art instructor, the club has steadily increased in popularity. The club members are interested in all phases of art. Commercially-minded artists study advertising copy and posters in order to get a picture of what the com- mercial artist must accomplish. Of course fashion is also represented. Some of the young "Adrians" have planned wardrobes that would delight the heart of any fashion-loving lady. Another popular phase of art A ri Siill Lives in the illodern lVurld work included by the club members is the crafts. , Drawing cartoons for the Spectator has also been one 3 ij " D of the activities of the club which show a happy com- ' H bination of art and service. ..-' I Members of the Art Club have not only taken visits 6 't gps' to local exhibitions to see outstanding works of famous p A V. artists, but they have also given exhibitions of their Q ' f' il T13 own. A visitor attending the annual school play would 1 15' l see in the corridors several attractive posters and pic- yf ' 1 tures advertising the event. il The annual operetta, Countess Nlaritza, was color- If fully announced to the public by pictures and life-like 'il 2:5 stauettes. This publicity was a vital part of the produc- F755 5- tion's success. -5 i 5, 'fgfi The officers of the club were as follows: Seymour Srl ' jp A ' Schnur, presidentg Sidney Schnur, vice-presidentg ff- Nlary Bugbec, recording secretaryg and Eleanor Sil- fin' ,'.,' X if N 'L , iff 1 su i 4 -, - M.. VCFS, fl'C2lSllI'L'l'. i 1.47 1 Social Dance Club HERE may be many surmises about what is the favor- ite pastime of young Americans, but to members of the Social Dance Club there is just one avocation- dancing. Consequently, this organization is, without doubt, one of the most active and popular clubs in Trenton High School. Nliss Helen Bradshaw, the sponsor, gives the mem- bers instructions in elementary ballroom dancing. As the school year progressed, the club members learned a great deal about the more intricate dance steps. In addition to becoming better dancers, the pupils en- rolled in this club also had invaluable opportunity for developing poise and social grace. Not only were club meetings devoted to dancing technique, but also to dis- cussions of correct deportment at dances. This club gave a series of get-acquainted dances every week in the Community Room to help the stu- dents get together and dance with each other. The club gave some successful sports dances outside the school, and climaxed the year with a formal dance at the Stacy-Trent Hotel. Completing its activities for the year, the Social Dance Club journeyed to New York on a pleasure jaunt. Assisting Nliss Bradshaw with the club program were the following club mem- bers, elected early in the school year: Michael Kovacs, presidentg Evelyn Thomp- son, vice-presidentg Gilda Di Pastina, secretaryg Helen Bier, treasurer, and Robert Schroeder, head of publicity. Two Terpxicliorean Artisls l"ir.i' lx't-fl' tl:-ft lo iight! IM- l':tstiii:i, lllicliinrz, Srlirowli-I, ovill, l3il,is:n. 'l'liir'if lx'oiz' -Slelwr, Cohen, lliunzn. Stinuhs, Nash, lil l':istui:i lSt-ci'm't:iryl. Ilici' 4'l'i'1-:isiim-i'l, Miss llwulsliixw 4Spon- XY:-In-r. l,isclwi, Slalom-. l'in-rliola, khllznlixiii, Kicinski. Ifnmili sorr. Koxtirs 1l'i1-siilviitl, 'I'li-unpsoxi fYire-l'resinlenK3. T:AlImc, Ron' llel Hallo. XY:-iss. lloplaiiis. ilnlivlette. Rosciilwrg, liz-In-ts, Nl-an-tri. ficiwis. .Sfioniii lx'u:.' XS':ititiii, XYclsli. Rt-pole, l'iiq:Al'.1. Slorklus, Slinpiro, l"1Hl1 Ruiz- llc -X!Ull'l'M lil'1H'l'0:ll, Sigrnfo-N. Iiviv-loxxslci, l':ii'IIoii, -loin-s, Ziiiiim-V, Ynccnro, Iiroilowicl, .Xlirom- lhxiiipei, Tfilloli. l':-triuito, K'uiuIe, T-1711. west uill and Scroll Society lfiiv lfuzz' lli-lt Io ixgliti NlcCi.iy, lfllviiis, lfriell, Rt-ililoi, Xlvafilc, Moore. Nlcrf, l,:niiil'. l.:ixxr'i-vice. Sai-ll. Klalcia, Collins, l"iieili1i.lli l'l'icasixicil, Nli, Nlatlicxssoil lSpoi1soIl, Sllllfl lvicc- lfolirtli Row l'l'ass:ns, Nlllllt'll4'L'l, l'lclvicliI1:Alv, Rosi-iitclil, llcmp l'il-sill--ull, ll--iliuci mSccrcl.u'yl, lliiitls. Miller, linnilovt-, llco scy, Cohen. Nlzuiei, NYm-iiislcin, Iii lfilvppo, Rapliael. Naples, 4l.lto. .'wli'iwriil Ivor. Slcgcl, Xloliml, lanclriilg, lii'1'sln-lllvclll, 'll:mlvlc, lfiflli lxhm' Spiczlc, Xviiglil, Nliclmlcilv. Tilton, lloilglas. Colin-il, Cliiaiu-si-, llviixianii. ki-1ln,4l eii. lfiilll, Nlilliicr, Tiiriiei. .Yiilli lxhirc' Hr:-ell, Travci, Stapler, lglfltlllllly, Sta-lnxlv, liiiaix, Tliiril li'o.'i l,.iiiioi--clv, Nlallu-xx , Sipos, Friln-ll, NY.lli. l3gan, llznu-5. Roiimain-, lllzlfili years ago, several literary-minded students organized a new chapter of the International Quill and Scroll Society in Trenton Central High School. The requirements for membership, formulated at the headquarters located in Chi- cago, specify that the applicant must rank scholastically in the upper third of his class, have some literary work published, and be recommended by his teacher of linglish as an outstanding pupil of journalism. V a H D Tl x U ft! l i i- it -st i r - i X .Skill llrtlz a Quill me purpose o me some y is oi recognize aneen ,S H Feather in Your Cap courage outstanding talent in the held of journalism. Students from Spectator, Bolmsllela, 1flIIl7't"lIlf',, and Press Classes are eligible for membership. L ,Q The V942 initiation ceremony was held before a T l sophomore assembly in order to stimulate interest in , the literary held and to acquaint the new students with the work of the society. The Qui'll1o1a'Sf-roll, the national magazine of the society, sponsored several news writing contests during the year. Several Trenton High pupils won honors in r these contests and, at present, are eligible for scholar- ships. Angell hlathewson, lfnglish instructor, served as active sponsor of the society, aided by an advisory hoard of Del Roy XVhite, Charles A. Hogan, Morris B. Sanford, Albert C. XVenzel, Alohn F. Slavik, and George ll. Bolge. l i wil Chess and Checker Club Cllool. work may be suflicient challenge to many high-school lads and lassies. but there are some who seek extra mental gymnastics. For those who de- , sire to test their grey-matter in real problems of con- centration, Albert C YVenzel, teacher of mathe- matics, conducted the Chess and Checker Club through another year of tournaments and contests. This club was organized nine years ago by -I. XVhitney Colliton, head of the mathematics department. The following year Nlr. XVenzel assumed the sponsorship of the clubg and, since that time, the group has grown in popular- ity, until today it is one of the leading clubs in the school. At the beginning of the school year, the members who knew how to play gave instructions to those mem- bers who had not previously learned the game. ln ad- dition to this instruction, the inexperienced club mem- bers received added instruction from their sponsor about their plays. Since the club members considered chess playing a real social activity, it was not necessary to have a special social program. Annually the club sponsors a chess and checker contest for its members. There is also an inter-school tournament conducted by this club. The winners are deter- mined by the process of elimination. The officers of this club who revealed themselves to be eflicient club leaders as well as wizard players included I,ouis Lavine, presidentg Ruth Rednor, vicerpresi- dentg Kalman lipstein, secretaryg Gloria Fried, treasurer. lfliess and Clwek nn Inertia lfiul li'i:i' ilmfl to right! l'im-liurg. l'e-trino. Rn-iliior fYicc- misoii. NYc'iiistt-in. luiissais. kinnimtrn-ll, Kloliiqu, Ili l'iim.u. If:-1 l'rcsi4lci1I I, l,:i-key, N1 r, XYL-ilu-l 1Spoiisor I, l,:ivim' ll'rf-sill:-iii P. raro, 'lllnmi Ivan' lfgzui, Nlsirmiii, Slizirlin, .Xrtliiin lfristcii lfriiil l'lilr.i-iiierb. Spit-llc, Xlnrlivi. .S'4'iiiiifl' lfiiri' fzivellil. Lev- 15:-eretnryb. Sinioii. Ruse, Knrtfnii-r. Knlisli. ll2? I Rifle Club l.'l'llol'tiil the Rifle Club of Trenton High School has existed for only two years, it has hit the tar- get of popularity with unerring aim as the number of applicants this year testifies. The lf?-ll membership of 1 eleven has been doubled despite the faet that all but live of the charter members were graduated that year. i The members have gone shooting at least once a i week, weather permitting, at the Trenton Police Pistol Range. Several have earned marksmanship badges from the National Rifle Association with which the club is affiliated. The club has held several matches with nearby high schools and prep sehools and has turned in some excellent scores, considering its lack of experience. At the end of Nlay the club held a picnic for mem- bers and ex-members. Skill in shooting, however, is not the only thing that the club members have gained. liach one has been re- quired to observe a rigid set of safety rules. Non- A4 00011-WUI' CUPS Pfflff'-Y observance of these rules was punishable by fines or expulsion according to the seriousness of the infraction. The club sponsors, Harry R. Lesslie, general shop teacher, and Harry A. Fringer, auto shop teacher, themselves no mean shots, have also acted as range officers. The club officers were Robert VVestover, president, Edward Bradbury, vice-president, Donald Tallon, secretary, and Charles Schoman, treasurer. l"ii.vl lx'i-ac tlilt to iight! Klip lfriiigci iSpoiIaoi 5, Al'oolc. Knit' llnrvey, VN'illi:ims, lllokitipl. Vlistplial. Szlll. Klriik. 71,I1Vll Criieliisi. XYcstovn-i' t l'icsirl1-ntl. lli :ullniry tYicr l'i'esi4leiit J. Ron' llc-lleville. fioitriii. Slireiiziii, U'SIie:i, lfieliri, llulloclx, St-liiiiiiaii l'l'iz-an-iiivl I, Yiiiiiy. Nli, l,t-sslic lSpoiisoi 5, .N'l'roiiiI Ropcils. ll-lll Phi Zeta Ifiitf lcon' 114-ft to right! Palazzo, lli l'rima, Yan llorii, Morley, llayioii. lfiilpt-r. Soo.-lt. Nl.-oi-Q-, liiilitt, llaiiiclc, Nlgiimi, Kioiiiielly. lfiiglei. llclscl, Mrs. foiiglc lSpoiisoi'l, l,'.XllIHlIlZl0, lfonrtli lforc -l,iiclcctt. Holilliizui, Kaiser, liottliarill, Ificiirli, Siiiclaii, llt'Ill,lil'u55,Hl'1lil1hVt',l:I'JlIlli.,h'i'i47ll1flX'01'l'-nl'YkllWlll, Mznize, Mziclloiizilil, Levy, Stoiiaker, llzirlliixiii. Myer, Sissi-l SYIJIIISS. Nlilliier. lin-islieiifeltl, l"iiielrei'g, liooilniaii, Lziviiitlml, mail. Davis, l'l'e1ioso. lfiflh Rott' Nleyel, l,:iviiitli:il, l,iitiiio, XlrXliiiii, liieiillmit-i', Young. l.ipiiiclt, jzlntl, llzigley. Hrmiiss. llloking. liiisli, .Xtkiiis-iii, Kihlilc, illmif li'-irc' lliitcliiiisoii, xloliiisoii, .Xiiilei'soii, Fried, Rilcliie, Roukrlss in civilization can be marked by the way people treat dumb animals. Phi Zeta Society is a club which is organized upon the belief that humane treatment of animals must be fostered if our country is to fulfill its destiny as a great nation. Organized in 1939 under its present sponsor, Mrs. Florence Cougle, teacher of science, this society now consists of seventy-two enthusiastic and loyal members. During the past year this group found homes for four- teen kittens and seventeen stray dogs. ln addition to this, the club accomplished a number of other humane deeds which it does not care to publicize. In charitable drives the club has been a willing contributor. Sums of money were given to the Tren- Ion Ti'me.r' Poor Kiddies' Fund and the S. P. C. Afs drive for funds. Since Phi Zeta is a good-will organization, its mem- bership is opened to all students who are interested in the welfare of needy animals. Nlembers of the organization devote their time to promoting interest in pets among younger boys and girls. 'l'o fulfill this aim, club members visit junior and elementaryschools in the city and give expository talks about care of pets. Ofiicers of Phi Zeta who assisted Nlrs. Cougle in this active program throughout the year included Ray Helsel, presidentg Robert Nleyers, vice-presidentg joe lD'Annunzio, secretaryg Dorothy Connelly, treas- urer: and Rose Palazzo, inter-club council agent. Smurf People Treat Dumb .-lninmls UPI! HQQ Archaeology Club lfnvl lvnrr llefl to riglitl Uziriipzziizt, Repolc, Singer, NYil- Foster, liutz, Lynier, Miiitv. Silvers, S71-xxciixx, 'l'lnrii lx'.i:z'- lixinis, ll.ii1nei1n:iii ll'resitle-ntl, Miss l.iis4'lier 4SpoiisorJ, Dlolin- Rackowski, tl-nilfling. Gm-ly, Stott, Rice. Zalmiionslti, Pinto, son 4Vice-l'resi:lent l. lilakeslee lSeCrCf1ll'yl, liiinis. Levin, Stella. Volpe, Weiner. ,X'i'i'oiiil Roca' Slicrriixin, Monro, Sniires, l,ymer, l,t'Vllll' LTHOUGH archaeology is a study which is primarily concerned with remnants of the far distant past, the Archaeology Club of Trenton Central High School is a very much up-to-date organization. In fact, this club does not suggest antiquity in any way except for the strange, historic mementos it has excavated from Tren- ton'S soil. Organized last year by Marjorie johnson and sponsored by Miss Verna Luscher, teacher of English, this club has opened for the first time an unusual field of avocation to several The Ellfflf HHS Muna' high school students. Throughout the year members 0ldSf'c'f"-' of the club have journeyed to the YVhite City Park l t area, where the earth has been known to be prolific in i yielding specimens of historic interest. A well-planned program of research was carried out on these excava- tion trips. A definite program of study was designed for each trip. ' The club also has a social program as well as its l academic excavations. Une of the outstanding events of the year was a scavenger hunt held at the home of Mar- jorie johnson. The initial organization of the club and the suc- cessful conduct of its first year program have revealed that there was utmost cooperation of all its members with the elected club officers. The officers who led the ? club through a year of pioneering were as follows: president, Lorraine Bannermang vice-president, Klar- jorie blohnsong secretary, Virginia Blakesleeg treas- urer, Anthony Cienello. l my Junior Historical Societe 4 l 4 liimf lfwfr tlrft In riglltl 'lil'l'l'llIHli, Szxitlt. Smith. fella, Plzijvinger, South, Smith. Rmmiziiiis, lloriicr, tirren. Iesslc-1. llc nislvy, liliiniit-se t'I'i't-:xstirt-i' 1. Morrison ll'resitle11t J, Raetzcr Tlliid Rott' -- l'nrct-ll, tlrall, WVSIH a. l'isaiiLo, Light. Tilton, :Su-iikor n, kilugston 4Serrt-tary I. .lzimcs tYice- Vresirleiit 5. llray- Miflxalcik. tr Lliaili. l,Q'hm-rt, lfgzin. linlit l. ,S'rt'mlti Ron' Mayer. Short, RENTUN has a wealth of historical material of interest to students of history. This material was studied in detail by the junior Historical Society, and then used as a basis for all its projects for the past year. In order to help students ex- perience the thrill of rediscovering points of interest in Trenton and vicinity, the junior Historical Society was organized in l934 by Ernest Y. Raetzer, instructor of history. The club is open to senior and junior students who are interested in local history and who have honor ratings in all subjects. As its most important project this year, the club 7'ft'II1071Bf'l'lll71f'Sll Tex: Book prepared a map, indicating Trenton's historic spots. . , , , Copies of this map were later used as guides for visitors .Q .A 3. K A - T who desired to become familiar with historic Trenton. 117, The purpose of the .junior Historical Societyg namely, that of acquainting its members with the his- , toric background of Trenton, was achieved through projects, guest speakers, and visits to places of local interest. st t- . This year, a fateful one in the history of the coun- v-- 1 try, gave an added impetus to the work of this organi- zation. The patriotic history of Trenton served as an excellent stimulus to morale during the days of diffi- culty. Those leaders who were responsible for the suc- cessful completion of this year's club program were as follows: .lack Nlorrison, presidentg Gertrude james, vice-presidentg Elsie Clugston, secretary, and Carolyn Chianese, treasurer. Plans have already been formu- lated which will insure a smooth resumption of activi- ties for next year. 11444 Belles Lettres .xlN'I'.xlNINti its reputation as the outstanding lit- erary club in 'lirenton High School, the Belles l,ettrcs Society has spurted forth under new leader- ship this year, and has initiated two important events which are likely to become traditional. ln an effort to convert funny-book fans to the better types of reading matter, Belles l,ettres for the first time joined the Book-offthe-Nlonth-Club, making acces- sible to club members the finest in current and classi- cal literature. A separate shelf in the school library has been designated as the Belles liettres Bool-1-of-the- Month Shelf, upon which there has accumulated an extensive collection of popular works. l'sing the definitely unliterary phrase, "Two cans and a bag," as a slogan, the Belles liettres Society cast B-T l xg aside its pen, pencil, and reading matter long enough to present a 'l'in-Can llop at Thanksgiving. Held after W school in the gymnasium, the admission was two cans Wh ,Q of food. All receipts were donated to the city's poor and needy. NVith offerings ranging from canned baby food to corn on the cob, somebody's Thanksgiving din- ner, as well as the dance itself, was a huge success. llnder the leadership of George R. Bolge, newly-appointed faculty sponsor, the club's activities have been varied and widespread with the winter program, includ- ing an ice skating party as well as the annual short story contest. Spring featured the initiation of new members, a formal dance at the Country Club, and a picnic com- plete with ants and sunburn. So Belles Leltres .Ll re Truly Letter Perfect lfirxf Iron' Ili-tl to riglifl liiist-iifvlil, N11-rf, liarllniei son, llancoclc, L'li:iniliei'laiii, l'i:issa:s, Iiesslei, llianiiiss. 'l'liir.l f'l're.isiirci'i, llillcgass lYlccfl'im-slilt-iiiI, Nlr. llolgc tSponsoii Row Nlcfsmilliss, lloilils, l'l':nsas, l,evt-nstein, Reese, lilenipeit, 'lfishlilc lI'it-sulciiti. lit--lnoi, Yzinilcrpool, Sicgcl, XYoolstoii fiortlon, foiiiisli. liiifchlow .Yutoriif Ix'w:i' l"il1cli:iil4-Q, llclscl, llcimanil, Rim-gel, Nlallicvvf H451 P thagorecm Society Y'l'll.VXGfJR.-XS is a name that enjoys respect of all scholars, and the Pythagorean Society, like its namesake, is held in great esteem by the students of Trenton High School. Claiming the distinction of be- ing the first major club of the school, l'yflmg has a record of twenty-seven years of active work. Organized by nl. XVhitney Colliton, head of the mathematics de- partment, this society has been the delight of apt stu- ,,f dents of mathematics. ' After putting the theory to various tests, the mem- bers of Pyllmg know that hgures do not lie. They reach this conclusion after a thorough study of mathematical operations and trick problems. Iixposition of ditlicult problems in mathematics forms the basis of many of l',i'rlmgfo-as Ix'm'zci.All1 the weekly club meetings. Because of the interest of flu' ,I mmf-r.v the members, these meetings are fascinating rather than academic. The supreme challenge of the year comes in the form of a contest conducted for the Sidney Goldmann prize. This contest consists of an examination composed of all types of mathematical problems. The winner of the contest is awarded five dollars and an inscribed medal donated by Nlr. Gold- mann, a former member of the society. Success in mathematics is perhaps the great- est award each club members receives. The society holds meetings every month at the homes of its members. These meet- ings, although largely social, are devoted in part to programs of problems, talks and speakers. lflurl Km: llc-ft Io iight! K:icli4lori:m. Corn, l,:1niiiiig, Coil- llrian, XVniik. llciijumin. llarvcy, Koslou. XY4-rlcy. Thrill Koni- mlly. Miuii, Xlillcr. liiiiiis, Harb. lliirlis. lfninions, l'o1ic. Young. l'eti-rsoii, llziiiiu. Xlr. kiollitoii lSp-tiisoll. N'likox'sl.y, .Vririiil Hin klaiiinlerlell. Klckail-. ,'Xlcx:iii4le-r, Rogers, Stoiiakcr. Sliarlin, lfgzin, Simon. Mark, Walton, 1 1401 Euclidean Club RE you interested in "tough" mathematical prob- 4. lems? lf so, join the Euclidean Club. The mem- 7,257 bers not only investigate the most profound problems in geometry, but they also aid those pupils who need 1 , assistance with the regular class Work. ,gi . gf! This club is different from others in the fact that it s-,sw , starts in February instead of September. , "Ht ' A candidate seeking admission into the club must N X .-- i have a superior rating in geometry. He must also have rl. ll- Z a pleasing personality and some ability in the exposi- I tion of difficult problems. i fl ix Emerson Burdick, the sponsor, states that this club, Q U 1- like all other major clubs, has weekly meetings on ah -is A -- K4 Tuesday. At these meetings the regular business affairs of the club are handled. Each club member tries to ascertain the specific Euclid Certainly Knew weakness of the pupil whom he is coaching. After this Whflf X WHS is done, the pupil is drilled until he has thoroughly mastered the mathematical principle in which he needs instruction. By helping one another with the more difficult problems, the pupils not only learn more geometry, but they also learn a lesson in community living-the value of cooperation. Student officers who assisted Mr. Burdick in directing the affairs of the club included: Buell Floyd, presidentg Robert Patricelli, vice-presidentg Ted Schaefer, secretaryg and Annette Alexander, treasurer. lfrrst Row tk-ft to riglitlfflfnisler. Miclialcik, Schaefer Ror:'fRoliiick, l,c-wis, Bogart, Smith, Janos. Harrison, Kozinski, tSccrc-taii'vH, l'atricclli 1Yice-l'rusi1lt-iitV. Mr. Bur:-lick 1SpoiisorJ. Bartlett. Tli1'rti lx'o:i'Ak'on1iiisky. lliggiiiliotliani, MoSovlfll. Floyd tl'residentl. llrailshaw, llolsneck. Lippincott. Svfoizd Stoner, llawksworlh, Levin, Alt-xniitler tlfcaisnrerl. ll47l Costume Club I--til lt'o:. Ili-ft to iight! lim-1-li:til,t.l.ti1t, XY:llto1i,Nlx'li4'cll Nevins, XY-vliiit'xxii'f. litlwlvs. lloftniriii, Xiiiol-l. lloivwi, l'i-llv, 1l': si-li-ntl, Miss liosici iS1ionsoil. Clappeitoii fYicefl'i'i-siilciitI. l'lii. llotitnian !'i'i:ii l'l'ii'.istiir-l'l, lliiiiictt, Yqoiglin, .Siwioriii Non' lloollilg. RGANIZICIJ in W3-l by Nliss Hanna Foster, the Costume Club endeavors to cre- ate an interest in costuming for theatrical production and commercial design' ing. One of its valuable services to the school is the making of beautiful costumes for all the school productions. Nlembership is limited to thirty students, and only those pupils receiving honor grades in sewing are accepted. 'l'he club's annual fashion show is eagerly awaited by almost every girl in school, .wlrrmfd H'ifl1 ll Needle Tlmy Capture Beauty N 'S favs'- i t ...f .9 1 F- ' w 1 Q -D- Ami-gf , - 1 ' 'Q tt 1 ' f . f i' ,x ' ' t f Q". . I Ll I Q, X . .Y : .I ' K ' ' Q . s H fl I 1 X -5 . K W Lai i"' i 1 '- 1 i :f 5 124 -. . J rf 2131 . 1, l .f . Q, 11 V -i,-ns,-'x 5. L' Q: 357' 3- , gilt .t as ip. . :1y3f'QEf-5 Q 1 ' ' x hd. 'fff -f JW"..s'J'fJ' ff: r 2. yi: I--,L I ...,,1i',g,y. ty 1. .- . 1 r,i.i. ,, -1 ,S fn -,if ' F ' ' :fri 2.-'7g3.F'fi5 f ilimg, ' ' ' 'Ei .- ' A :'4,'-1-1514 V 'Wfl5'trf'4-5' 'Q ' A 35:1 sw 'x 'A sbt .. :str. - if t" ' --1 lilly y y . NM I H8 l as well as a large sector of the boys. At this exhibition the sewing classes present their best looking clothes made in the various sewing classes under the gllltl- ance of Misses Viola Nloss, Clara lillsworth, and Hanna Foster. Miss Nlargaret Smock, the gymnasium teacher, coaches the girls in posture and carriage for the show. Une of the club's most valuable services rendered to the school is the supplying of costumes for the senior play and operetta. Costuming is of vital impoitance to the production of these aforementioned shows. This year, with its attendant war-time priorities on clothing, found the student body in urgent need for in- formation rtf the making and the care of clothes. This deeplysfelt desire for knowledge of this type was sut- cessfully offered by the Costume Club. Boys as well as girls have evinced a manifest desire to learn more about proper grooming. Nlany interesting meetings were held throughout the year under the elhcient leadership of its members. One group of meetings was devoted to the study of colors and the part they play in the style of clothes. Commerce Club lil'l.lfZ'l'li with unique and successful activities, the past year was a banner one for the members of the Commerce Club. l'nder the sponsorship of Don T. Deal, head of the commercial education depart- ment, this club graphically fullilled the purpose for which it was organizedg namely, to enable students to learn more of the business world and to promote co- operation and friendship among commercial students. The club this year continued its long tradition of conducting contests to determine the most outstanding boy and girl in the commercial field. This contest in- cluded questions upon bookkeeping, law, economics, typing, science, mathematics, geography, current S .il " . . r 1 . NN events, and business ethics. I he winners were awarded 'A 4 gold and bronze medals. Several manufacturing establishments were visited by club members on study days, and a trip was taken of ,IW I,-mlm, to New York City in the spring. A highlight of this year's program was a reunion of graduate and present members at a dinner-dance at l"ischer's Tea Room. :Xt this reunion many of the prominent people in Trenton's professional and business life, who are alumni of the Commerce Club, were in at- tendance. A small publication, the Coninierrial Il1'glzl1'gl1t.v, was published by the club this year. This paper gave useful data about business affairs and commercial activities in the school. The officers of the club who led the organization through one of its most active years were Ben Germani, presidentg Betty Glennon, vice-presidentg Lillian Nix, secretary, and Beulah Nlains, treasurer. The Typewriler is the Wezipnn limi! lx'o:t' llcfl to iight! Nlenghiiti, .Xm:iilio. lliitcliiiisoii, .N'l'.'.fnil lx":t' llolcomhe, l,iicitli, lboiiglzis, .Xioiioxsitg l,iccnilo. l'u-tholil, Soiieio. Nix 15eci'et.ii'yl, lit-rniziili ll'i't-sitletitl. llleii- NIV. llczil 1Spons-url, Xlaitrlloiii, l,e Conti-le, llculto, noni tYici"l'Iesi4lt'iitl. Slams l'l'n':istii'ei'I, .Xl:inoll, Nleltner. l my Radio Appreciation 'QC l"1i.i'I lx'w1i' lltft to right! lit-litoii. Nzirdoiic. Zzivziglizi. NX'isli- Nexxlioil. ficllimri. .Xiirlt'i's- ll. k'1al'iiiltoxxslty, Roliliviis, 'llirvil iitvsixy. kiiistofziro IYicc-l'l't'si1lei1II. Mr, K'icn'olcll:i fgpoiirsorl. lfofi'-f Mzicltelixic. Vziliill. .Xiigt-lille. l,i-viii, kiornloii. lfmlilcy. Hold- llnll IS:-ri'i'l:il'yl, l'l'isIol':u'o l'l'rcnsiirt'i'I. T:l'l'I'1ll'll. liiiiltle. ldiliilse. Qltlll. Meyer, lil-limp. llxiiiuvlt. ,Nui riff lx'-'ri' Smith, tlrinislizlw, lfilxxzirils, Qiiimy, l,m'lsell. HIRTY-EIGHT on the dial succinctly describes the members of the Radio Appre- ciation Club. Under the guidance of Erasmo C. Ciceolella, teacher of English, this club has completed three years of valuable service to the school. Realizing that there was a growing demand for more intelligent use of the radio, lX1r. Ciccolella organized this group, and since its inception he has consistently endeavored to raise the standard of radio appreciation. The students were noti- Thirry-I:'igh1 on the fied of worthwhile programs by announcements posted Dial on school bulletin boards. These announcements stated the time and network of broadcasts. Another activity successfully executed this year was the traditional trip to New York, where club mem- bers witnessed a program produced in the studios of the National Broadcasting Company. On this trip the club members visited many historic points of interest in New York. Members of this club consist primarily of juniors and sophomores. Organized upon this basis the club is insured of a smooth continuation of its program from year to year because the majority of members have ex- tended expericnce with the duties of the club, despite graduation of its senior members. Club officers who assisted Nlr. Ciccolella were Allan Ball, presidentg Inez Cristofaro, vice-prcsidentg Edith Ball, secretaryg and Irma Cristofaro, treasurer. Temporary ofiicers have already been selected for next year until elections for permanent officers are held. T rogvem 1 isoi aturalistfs Club liiml lcon' llvlil In iighlh Schulz, XXX-Ish, Xlaxwrll t'l'rc:isf . - - r . r iilsi I, ltiiiula lNcri-l.iry i, kzimpopiaiio 1 l icsidcnl It Mr, -loiics 15p-insoi i, 'l'i rich 4X'icc l'icsiilL-lit J. lhal. l'i-trino. lfiorc, l'iior, X 'iiimz ,N'..ouii' Hire lllvitllviv, Xpplcgalc. ,lost-plisoii. Stailnylc. Interest in all types of life is the unifying force which has made the Xaturalists Club an energetic and profitable organization. Composed of nature- loving students under the guidance of Harold tlones, science instructor, the club completed another suc- cessful year this ulune. VVhenever the weather permitted, the group went on hikes in the country surrounding 'lirenton in 'l'oday, when good secretaries are playing an ever increasing part in the war effort, the program of the Amanuensis Club becomes more important as it helps in the training of future stenographers. Under the sponsorship of Miss Mary Lapin, teacher of commercial subjects, the club has car- ried on many activities which will help its members secure better positions in the business world. I "i'i .rt Kofi' Ili-it to right! Kit-hier, Schmelv, Kasher. Kern, Miss I,apin lSpoiisorJ. Sisolaly, l,ewandowski, Mercurio, XYilson, fylaloiicy. Volt, ,N'i'iiiiiii Iy'i-in Tioiiglit. 'I'yrri-ll, lloiucr. Fior- lsiishiiir. l,:i liiiarilia, llohnts, Phillips. XYiigh1. 'I'lin,f ly',g, l.l'2llIj'. Rogcle- jones, Ihlla. Seating. llavis, Randall. llaiiis ii lnoh. order to study bird, plant, and animal life. Une of the main projects of the club is an annual exhibition consisting of specimens gathered on hikes. A large number of visitors who attend the annual exhibitions are always enthusiastic about the displays and all visitors attest that the club offers great op- portunities for the learning of scientific data. Amanuensis C lub The members, consisting of junior and senior girls who have received honor marks in English and shorthand, visit various agencies in order to acquaint themselves with office work. Gold medals are awarded to the winners in the club's annual contest which is held to determine the school's best students of shorthand. 'lihis Ufflilflilile tion edits a publication called Steno fllemu. cnlino, lie Marco, Xluccic, Hamlin. Alamnial. Siyrwel. fahilowslyi, Tlzzrfi Iron' --vr Mohiar. Pesels, Lucas, Utt. Kaiser. llcjua. Rack- owslyi. l'arliuavy, 1ihi'n-iiislyi, Marshall. kilirhisliley. iisii Girls' Athletic Association los' Nor. llnlt In iighll lVllii4'n llrniivsl. l'om- lliiryr - i - ' . V 'vga I-mills ilu-ulingi. Xlolii lliisiiliiitl. lliirli lXin'1-lu'-1 ilfmi. Voio il'-iivwp-iolliig iwlrluixl, lfgim llh-roi-lint.: Suriv If an 'lf ll. S. com-ml shoulcl we-:lr that niuch-sought utter zuloriiiiwiit, il mzijor or minor "T," you can lu- rm-zulily zissurc-tl that she- is zi iiivnilicr of thc- Clirls' .Xtlilc-tic Associzition. Une of the most popus lzir ways for thc girls of 'l'rc-nton High School to olituin rlwir school lvttvrs is lay contributing their si-i'x'it'c's to tht- Girls' Atlilrtic .'xSSUCl1lflIlIl. This orgzlnizzition hm-ld its invctings twice zi month turyl. ,S'i'ionm' lx'o:. ,l-linvs rsxxiininiligl. lliisvh liinvlw, lliih-lv in-on fslxuting.. Tilton imlili- iniiiivsi, liwv Vgwlll. lhviii-fi thvullh liulotsh. llunini mvrlu-ixi. throughout rht- school ye-ur in tht- girls' gym. llus zissocizltion was Ul'glllI1lll'll sm-wi':1l ye-:irs algo to luring mort- girls into spirltcnl pxirtiripzition In thi athletics progrzun, Iiaitli girl is iiiotivzm-ml hy rht qu:-st of :1 lzirgc- or small le-tt:-r. Small lm-tri-is :irm ohcc'i'ml to tltosc' earning lllll points: minor rlns :irc ol'tc'rc'ul to those earning 500 points, zinil l:1:'gc major 'los to those girls c-:iruing lllllll points. Wood Shop Safety Council lfor rho scconil your thc' woodworking students lizlw orgzinizc-tl :l spcrizll woocl-shop szifvty council. llczi-lc-tl hy l'lI'1lI1lC Black, tc':1chc'r of wood-shop, this sxifcty council rc'mlc'rc'ml uscful scrvicf throu fh- powcr-4li'ix'r'n ll12lCl1lIN'S. The council is om- of thrcm such orgsinizutioiis in rhe- school whosc nivnilwrs XVCZIIA nlistinguishing buttons. 'llhc rccorml of szifrty F' in rho shop is not only :unplc proof of tht- 1-ltmwtixx' ullf rlu- yvzir. 'llhc int-nilwrship of the group con- sisrml of tlircc- lI1t'II1llt'I'S from czlch of his classes. ness of this council hut also xx llK'lI1HI1Sfl'Zll'lUIl of hm-lp 'php group had fm. its purmnmlm aim tht. pm, ful fellowship in ccluczition. lhcy hope to continum wntion of zicciilciits in thc usc of saws :incl otltvr this program ot Pl't'X't'HTlllg xicrlmlriits. lwif lx'o:. Ili-It lu iiglill llvstiyrlti, l':uri'isli. Smwlilon, Mr. .Xn1:nlio, Sc-ziltwl. Yun Sfmt. l'liu'h, 'lliiff Nor. 5.uli.ilv1iill Nlmls 151-olisoll. l,:mii-iivv 1l'rm-si-lunll, Xloicllo, Yzinnoni, l'x1c'1ili:nin-rlsi, .Xlle-ii. Rnlnn, k':ii , lluiiis, Rug.. lll'lll'l. .Nwffiril lfffru Rirliriiulson. Uslvi, l'i'n-iliiiuii. Nlilmloll. llij Woodcraft C lub lefty! Ihre th-ti In tighti Xsh. l,.-re, Bogdan, Nlaelhniotigli, Noniclti 1l'u-sitleiitl, l'Aiit-lnixiii tSecielary and 'l're:isi1l'e1't, Mc' Miiiit, Sliaclv, Xlnllm-ii, .YUM nt.: ly't-rr Titnnl. Kohler. Ifvans, Under the direction of Wvalter Xlacllonough, industrial-arts teacher. the memhers of the lvood- craft Llluh have gained yaluahle experience in tnak- ing household articles, scenery for the school play, for Sports Nite, and for other school productions. The work of the hoys was well rewarded at their annual exhihition. Xlany students and guests at- tended their exhihition and viewed the progress of the lVoodcraft Cluh. The I9-T2 exhihition included Under the supervision of Friehis Siegfried, teacher of art, the Stagecraft Club continues its fine work hackstage in thc auditorium. There is tnuch to do in the preparation for the senior play and the operetta, and it is all taken care of hy the club. For example, the scenery nmst he designed and painted: stage lighting must he planned and exe- cutedg and faces must he made up for appearances. lvixt lyme th-tt to iight! Lontnnni, l':-iler tbeeretaryi, lyntf ltowslci ll'it-si-leiitl, Mr. Sit-gfrit-il lSpt-nsoit. lhvw lYice'l'iesi- lianiinslei. Pauline. lilin. Ilnnt, lioytlen. Thiitl ly'f:t' l.:1yvlL'n. .Xaronson tYice'I'lt-silltiilt, Xloltton, fiawfolrl. lf-lx. Haul, Nevins. some defense projects constructed hy this energetic group. The hoys will find thtir experience gained in the XVoodcraft Cluh very valuahle in the immediate future when they take part in the great defense campaign now in progress. This work was accomplished through the inspired leadership of its officers. They were: president, lid- ward Nowickig vicespresident, Bill Mclklinng secretaryrtreasurer, -lohn Friedman. Stagecraft Club These are only some of the many duties performed unselfishly by the club members for the school. Scenes and properties used in Sports Nite are painted and constructed hy these boys. There is never an idle moment. VVhen no special work must he done, the stage is taken care of and kept in good order. tlentl. flark, Smilies. ,Yrtwviti lxhti' Rf Ifeiler. Sclinorlvns, Clit-ck, ,Xcttnaviva, XYilson. lissi French Club Inv Iv- .r ilvlt to iiilill Sliollcii. laislcc.. Slcivci' l'l'i'cas- L. viii-it, Xli lst-lst-v ibpoiisoii, l,:iiialu-c ll'i'esiilciiIl. kiivulv lX'icc- l'ii-siilciiti, Xlaiiiliillc. Iloiclv. .Xllaiil ,Ncrrfriir lv'o:c llxiiiiels. llespite the fact that world altaris tend to dimin- ish interest in lfrench, the French Cluli, Lex Intimrs, continues to study the customs and language of France with more vigor than ever before. lindcr the sponsorship of john lf. Kelsey, instruc- tor in lfrench, the cluh has forged ahead to hc-come one of the most prominent organizations in the Nklhlllll. The 1042 initiation ceremony consisted of a scav- Girls' Science 'l'rue to its name, the Girls' Science Cluh has conducted programs which have heen both feminine and scientilic, The activities of the cluh ranged from the making of cosmetics to a demonstration of the strolwoscope. George Krall, teacher of science, was a guest speaker at one of the meetings. He spoke to the cluh concerning the scientific highlights of lil: recent trip to Hawaii. XVith Sylvia Simon, cluh sponsor, the girls of the cluh held tlteir first lklother Nlaclloiialil. lloiu-yciilt. ,laelts-iii l5i'i'Ii'lIilyl, 4'..iw. lxlisliciislvx, lllllill, kan lloiii. Tlwtf li'o:. Vlioiutoii, lliiiillcv. Slaplci. . . , . N-alles. Siinoiiowitf, lin-isaiiti, Nlimirll. kolvr-5, enger llunt in which new memliers tried to find everything from a hutton with live holes to a pic- ture of a violet. This year the cluh participated in the inter-cluli howling and dehating contests and completed the year with a trip to New York. Ullicers of the clulv are: president, YVallace rahee: vice-president, Beverly Cook: secretary, Klar- garet Jackson, treasurer, Ida Xlay Steiner. and Uaughter hanquet. For this occasion the girls made cosmetics and soap which were sampled hy the mothers. Combining husiness and pleasure this group vis- ited the Philadelphian Planetarium and later saw 'lied Lewis and his orchestra at the lfarle 'l'heatre. Toasted hot dogs and marshmallows completed the vear and delighted all at the linal clulw picnic. lfoti lvl:-' llcit to iightb I". Ili- Filippo, Y, llrt-eu, if viitf. hl, llurlis. R. Nlaiera. ll. liiavitf. X. Nlaioimo, I,. lillil Ili-it1I'N1'3 i'I'i'i-Jisiireii. R. Gross 1Yice-l'rcsi-lentI, Miss Simon fl!l'I"- ll. l"Hl1'lHI"Q- Nl, l'i'll1'. illliiui leon ll. l,ililNXIQ. .X, lliccii 4511-iiisoii, X, licll Il'lm-siulcntl, li, Al, llolvos 1Seci'ct:il'yl, ki. lu-rg, lf. l.:ixinlli:il. 5. lgiiii, Nl. Yun, X, lgiiiiiiiig. .l, Sissi-l lloiiipo, l,. xl,lIll'll. ,Nruoiiil lv'o:.' Xl. llIlll'I, ll, liale. ll, liellco- mzili. S. lll'l11l"l'5. lf. lllailoxe, X, Aluiitiii-lte, is-A Personality Club lfiix! lion' llt-ft to right! Sensi, lly'nu'nslty. llaviilovvslvi. llaiiipsoii. Iiutlxi tl'resinlenll, llolnics lScci'etary'1, Miss llroxvn lS1vu:svil. Rt-relii. lfoster, ll. lxopcfviislti, lxoilvtelt. lxopefynslvi.', .N'.'r.'11rl lv'u:e -lolinson, .Xn-lersoii, Ryan, Yliiiilt-1'liot'i'. XVhat is personality? 'l'his important quality' is ditlicult to define but the girls who are members of the Personality' Club have learned the secret of acquiring pleasing personalities. Under the direc- tion of Miss Ulive Brown, teacher of English, each girl has the opportunity' to acquire experience in worthwhile social activities and at the same time to gain poise and grace. Stars and other astronomical bodies are the chief points of interest and discussion at the meetings of the Ptolomean Society' held each Friday at noon. Under the sponsorship of Kliss Helen Evans, teacher of science, the students learn about celestial phenomena. Trips to planetaria, yvheref expensive equipment is at their disposal, help to make the young astronomers more interested in their work. I im! Ivo.. th-ft to Figllll Cohen. K't'-icltetl, 'l'enney lvicef l're-siilent l, U. lainipopiano ll'l't'wl1lt'iIll, Bliss I-fvans tSponsor1, Staislnylv t'l'l'c:isiii'ei'l, l,:iy'ine l5ecret:li'yb, llafill, lfrtel. ,Xrrrrllil l'iorello, Xainlellioll, llairis. kitlioyvsltl, lloyyaril. llcnilcrson, l'ost. Tlliful Knit' l,:1n1i. Ilohera, Holtliarult, Sailflers. ll'.Xngcl:i, Xficlialcilt, liolenian. llcnnis, Scliiiiileuolf, Voiite. Ili-intel. Voiaiitc. During the year the club gave a tea in honor of the lnterfClub Council. This affair was held in the- school apartment. lt brought together club sponsors and club members and at the same time provided excellent learning situations in the field of conversation and social intercourse. The high- light of the year was a successfully'-ciinducted din- ner party' held in April. Ptolomean Society 'I'hese study'-trips have been supplemented by' eve- ning sessions in school where the members studied constellations of the four seasons. lVIiss Evans was assisted this year by' a corps of eflicient and enthusiastic officers. The oflicers of the club were: president. Carman Campopianog vice- president, Harrison 'l'enny'3 secretary, Louis Levin: and treasurer, Peter Stadnyk. lv'uft' Segal. Miltovslty, Iirian. l'isanlto, Il',Xnnnnrio, Mark, Smith, lialish, lialzel, iissi Boys' Glee Club 1.111 11211. 111-11 11. 1i141111 11.1111-. I.1111'1i11. NMII111-1-. XIIHSIF. QI. I. lx11ss1-ll 451111112-1111. X11w11'lc1, R1'1l11111', lcnny, l,111111111t. N111 1111 l1'1 .1 51-l1111'11tl111l1-1. S1'l111111'l111s. lf1tfg1-1'11l1l. 511111ill1. lt lllll llIIPlN'Il to he 111 1111- Ylfllllfj' of the 11111s1c 11:11111, 11l111x1' tl1e illlilllfbfllllll, during the tl1ird per- iod. lllll llIHl1llll1ll'lllj' will he l'I1Yf'I'fZllf'lt'll witl1 music lw the Boys' Glee Cluh. The cluh is llI'ldi'T the le111l1'rsl1ip of Parkt 1' Russell, l'l'2lCl'1l'I' of music. txrsistiltg Hr. Russell tl1is year is Steve Niatas, j,jl'Ill'l'1ll 111111111111-r of llll' Boys' Glee Club. Ll1lII1lWlHf'il witl1 the n1eml1ers of the Girls' Glee Flora and Fauna Flora Illlll lxllllllil is il l.atin phrase IUC2lI1lI1g plilllt and Iillllllill. This Cllpflilll aptly describes the core 111 ll1ll'1't'SI around which the program of tl1e Flora and lfilllllll Society is 0l'f,IZlIllZl'll. The society invites to lI1l'lNlTK'l'Sl1lP 11ll students interested in natural history. Linder tl1e tutelage of Ur. Yvesley Atkins, 111 the science department, tl1e cluh memhers have made several excursions to ll1llWif1lIS where hirds, 1ll1llI12llS, Jlllll plants were av11ilal1le for study. Arnong l"11,1'l l1'11.'1' ll1-tit 111 1igl1t1 xxllltllx. K1'11vi17. l'll1'i1'l1 1l'resi- 1l11111, ll:11111-x 1Yin-fl'1'1's11le11t1. Hr, .Xtlxins 1Sp1n1s111'1, Mark 1'l'11.1s111'1-11. 'l'11l'111'1' l51'1'l1'I111'y 1. liesslery Ketnler. 5411111111 N'l11y1-11 l,1-vy, li11li1'xIv11wslti. H1111111. l'111'c1'll. l'1sl11-1. Tl. 111 11711 ll11r111'1'. l111'111'1'. I111'1111. l'.11t111. l11ll1111. Nl:11I11111. l'I11yl, lx.111l.111. Cluh, thcse hoys hate preserttcd l1I41gjl'1lll1S which undoubtedly have n11t heen f111'g11tte11 lw 11111111 of the teachers and st11de11ts who have 2lTll'I1tlQ'1l lllt'l11. 'lilll' glee cluhs, coinhined with the 11rcl1estf11, have pref-ented 11111111 favorable Zlllll 1ed11ca.tion11l music PTUQTZIIIIS. These pr11gra111s have previously heen presented i11 the 11111ntl1 uf lJl'C!'ll1l1t'T 1111 Il Sunday. the pl11ces visited we re tl1e liroad Street e11vi1'11ns, Penns AIZIIIUT, and tl1e Pennsylvania canal l'l'1Ll0I1. Un each t1111r definite goals of UlWSl'l'Y1lllllI1 were dranw 11p. Sometimes small llillil hirds were oh- served and studie-dz at other ti111es trees and 11111sses were on the zigenda of study. The society held meetings i11 scl11111l. 'liheir hiff weekly Dl'0gI'1lIT1S consisted of guest speakers illlll movies. l1'11r1' XY1111l1, Ulsuwslti. N11-sL1-11111. Miirplvy, lli1s1'l1. ll11ll1'11 1l1111111r QI lt l'i111111t1111 X1ll 1 V1111l111t -,,111-s.1' 1. IIQ111 Print Club l"n.rl li'n:u tlvll to iight! Xilt-ritio, l,o Ilnr. Xolpc. l,L-wail' -lou slit 131-cl'cl.zi'y I, XXX-1 in-I iYirefl'i'rsiil4'iil I, Xl r, llills lSpon soil liullvi ll'i4-sirlr-nth lit-n-lusi 4'l'Ic:isui't-il, ,Xngr'lini, Scar- lioys who are interesteil in printing as a voca- tion linil kimlreil souls in the Print Clulu. This org.fanifation, uniler the supervision of -loseph XV. llills, teacher of printing, has completed eight years of worthwhile activities. 'l'liis clulw has lu-en noteil for its outstanding work in provirling the school with senior play rick- mts, operetta anml Sports Night programs and printeil :ln increase in the numher of activities l't'klllil'lIlg1 the services of ushers lwrought ahout the heginning of a Special Service Corps. The inenihers of this staff are not in a special homeroom hut they per- forniall the iluties of the original Service Corps, ineluiling ushering, directing traliie and maintaining oriler in the halls. This organization is only two lflixl Nora' lla-ft to riglllb Xlallier, Qlioviws, lieinlxerg tliap- tainl, Rift-, Sfllllllllilll. Nlr, liolgt' l.Xilviser1. -lznnes, Del Mallo. lfunari. llrornlner, Stout. Cuiminglinln, ,Nirrolnl Norm' lontenlo, Purcell. XYalson, Yafiijizxn, l'u-liieliiiak, Santili. llirltliezul, Rola- crtli, ,Nirrninl Noir' Zuvlvlt, l'erry, l'our-ig llalslt-gnll Svilu-l, l'1-wir-oI:i. Scrivr-ii. Russo, August, eafils tor use in various school activities. livery year the Print Clulw has hail an outstanil- ing lwasketlwall team. This year, following the fad in howling, the cluh sponsored a stellar tm-:nn which proved its worth on the alleys ln defeating many opponents. ln addition to this athletic pograni, the elulv hail its social activities which rounilerl out the year's program. Special Serfvice Corps vears old, hut it has already proveil its inefit hy the fine work that it has done in assisting the regular Service Corps. XVithout the assistance of this group the administration of school traH'ic would have been greatly hzunpered. NVirh them the high school traffic prohlern was largely solved. inson, llcrniann tkssistanl Cautainb, Tlioinps-m, 'I'lrorne, liisli, l 'I'lu'nr' lion' Coleinaii, .Xlvin-i, Ile tiasperis. Sapp, Rosviilu-rg, liralinnl, lfntin, lianlvnicr, Iliicln-nougli, Rogers, lI57I Hi-Y Club 1 I-111-1 l1',1g,1 1I1'Il In 111:l1t1 XI1. llillvgzzss 1Spo11so1l, Sloflv visvrl. ,S"'1'1f111! H1111 12-1l1'111l111-11slX1, X-mvvlii, 'I'l1-111111so11, 51.11 his 1'l'11-.1s1111-1'1, 'I'1-11'x' IY11'vfl'11's1vl1-1111, llovlxms 1l'1'1'si1l1'1111, 1'1'Ili, 4l'Sl1s':1, Ili-nil. l!111'Ll1'y, Ylwi l1'1-V. X-1l.111. KU111111-ll. lx111 l . . 'I,1llo11 181-111'l411'yl, H1:ull1111y. l'11'1's:1111i. Hr, No1's1'1'11 lY ,X1l- l:111:lz'1'. l,:1i1"l. ll111fl1-1. lv-Il1'1', lx11l11'fl1-txxslii 'I'l11- 'I'1'1'11to11 L'l'I1Tl'Ill High School Hi-Y is tht- Y. Nl. Ll. .'X. Zlllll thc high svhool into closc-1 :1Tl1liz111-11 uirh thc- Nilflfllllll lli-Y g1'o11p, lf:11'l1 QCIII' lllllflll- tht. mf,m1,t.,-5 im. In-,iw in tht. Almhq Sum. Lexis- lhls XVIII' thc' cluh has t:1k1'11 :111 111'111'1' 111111 111 l:1t1111'. 11'l11'1'1- hoys tzlki' 11111 p:11't of l1'gisl:1to1s z1111l fflU'l'Vll1l' SIWVVS- S1161 515 IWWIIHK llllll l'51fk4'll'illl N1'Il'lflll's l ha- IIN'Il1l5l'l'S llZlX'l' also 1lTT1'111ll'1l s1'11-1':1l so1'1:1l 111110 , . . - . , . . ,. tio11s at tht- Y. H. C. .-X. ll11' 11111111 p111'pos1- ot 1111- ll1-W Lluh IS to CVC- , . . . . .J , , 1 s .. 1:1ss 1s 1' s oi so. 1- 1111 'I' 11'111'111 ' l 'Yl'Il tl11'o11vl1o11r "hool 'mel Lhlrh- Ii H'Hl"l i ill' P 1 Ii uhll UI 'I " mul 'l I' 'lm 4' ll' I V "U 4 NK ' H Hopklns 11':1s K'li'Vl'fill pm-s11l1'11tg lm- li'I'I'l, 1111- 1'o11111111111r1 highsr11111i:11-dsotU1r1st1:1111-l1z11':1utc1'. W.Sidl.m: Dm, 'fzllllmv :md yyzllwl II11- Killlll, 1l1'1l11':114'1l to 1'l1:11':11'tc'1' lllllllllllg, h1'111gs Sym-klglgi U-4-:NH-1-13 Xl1'111h1'1's of thc l,1':1cl1'1's Corps ilo vitzll work xxvlfll the hvlp of Xlrs. ls:1h1'll1- Q11i1'lx. 1l11- 1'o111s 111 Tlll' Qlfllxi 2lBIUl11Nlll11. Sllllll Wl1ISTll"S,l1lf111' :incl l111111ll1's 1'o11ti111' 1lc'r:1ils 111 the 1':11'io11s gym 1'l11ss1's 1111- XWlI'll A'sq11:11ls" 1-1'l1o1's fllI'UlIQ,flIUllf thc' gLll'lSl 'lllwy also :lid i11 t1':11'l1i11g1 thc' 1:11'io11s :11'ti1'iti1's 11+ gg111111:1s111111. .Xt such ti1111's the 11'o1'lc ot the girls i11 z111yoftl1c'gi1'ls wl1o:11'1'i11 11c'1'1l of 1-xtrzi i11s11'111'rio11 thc- l,1-:11l4'1's Klorps 111:11 hi- 11'it111'ssc'1l. So1111- 1110111- ln this 111z111111'1' thi-1 k'l'l'2lfC' gooml SlNiI'TNII11l!lNlIlIT :1111l h1'1s i11sp1'1't lo1'k1'1's, while' otl11'1's rvzul :1lo111l thi' unity TllI'0lIg,fl10llf all 1111- girls' 1'l:1ss1's ill physi1'z1l 111-1-kly lUlllll'TlI1S 11'l111'h st:1t1- thi' v:11'io11s sport 1'x'1'11ts 1-1l11c:1tio11. l11 time- this fl'llll1Q of f1'llo11'sl1ip Zllwll ot thc' 111-vk. p1'r111c:1tc's tl11'o11gho11t thc' school. l'111l !1'- J. 1l1-fl to 1'1gl11l l"111111'll. Xl:11'li11. lI:11111'1', Cross, xl! k'Iiv1-1, ,l:11111's. Ii:11'lwr. ll:11'1111:111. T1'1111.1'l1'1f:1' S1-1l1111'l1, I,:1111l1'11 Nlill-1, ll:-111-Ivy, ll11s1'I1 4Sv1'1'1-1:11'yl, lh'111l1-I ll'1'1's14l1'111l, Ross R1-rI11o1'. Nl-1l11'. llflowskl, If1q:111, llr:11h, I"1111, .X1l.1111s, llv l'.1s 1X111l'11's11I411tl1 Ulsu-xxsln, Ho1l1111'1'. U'fo1111111', kiIiv1'1', UNI' 111111. l,c-11ox. M111-11i1111. 1711111711 !1'1:1' K'l1.1lx. XY1111l1. 51111111 11-11 II111-lo111v1, .Y1'1o111l l1'1fI1' l'o111', lluftis. lillllwsln-1-, l':1l ll11l1'l1i11so11. Kinlwl. llo111,1l11'1Iy, l'h1llil1s, li11111l1. Hvrlwl, Kivln 11111'11, 4'.o11l1111l1. 'I'1fI1l, NY1-II1v1-1g M1-l'1:1y, X'oo1'l11-vs, Malin-. 4lol1l111z111, I7'.X11g1-Io, S1'l11'o1-111-13 lh11t1s, 11581 Sinn' its 1Ilk'K'11f1OI1 this g1'1111p has p1'1111111'1'1l 11111' f 111 th1' 11111st s111'1'1'ss1111 11p1'1'1'ttas 1-V1-11 t11 111- stag1'11 lIll11Il'1'l1 t11 1l1111l11'at1- t111- s111'1'1-ss Ill .-X1'1'11ss thc- Thalieuterpean Society l"11.1I l1'11:1' 111111 111 11141111 511111111-111111. N111 I"11ss1S111111s111'l. l1'11r1' Xl. I'11111' IYin-fl'1'1-si111'11I1. l11'1'1'11. .l11h11s1111. k4111l111s. 'If 1x1-:1111s 1l'111si1l1'1111. 1-11111115 151-1-111.11'yf'I'1'1'11s111'1-1'1. ,S'1'1'11l11l I'11111'. 'l1lll'l'l jt'!lTS 11311 thc' 'l11l2ll'1l'llYL'I'l1C2lI1 511011-ty hy t11is g1'111111. '1111' n111st l1I'1lll11S1Ilg1 Ill t111's1- 1'1'1'atix'1' XYHS OI'g11ll1lZl'1l YH PI'U1lllL'l' UI'IQ,flI11l1 s1'h11111 Hpl'l'f'l'l'2l5. flllitsnvln-S hzlx-L, hvlsn SFI' Hsidc. fin- pl-luiuk-I-iun in Illi- l1t111'1'. 'lihali1'11t111'p11:.111s x1'111'k with thc n111si1' 111- , , . , , . . . p:11't1111-nt. l,y1'i1's 111'1'1-111111-11 111 1111-111111-1's 111 tht- Stl' Ill 111-11t11n l11g111 bflllllll, L'11111'1' th1'g 1111'1-ct111n 111 i Y m Y t . I I . rl I . . . . . 1' 1' 1' '1111 ll 11 11111s1c 11' ' z ss -s 1 1 1- ' an 11l'l'llIZll1 l'11ss, t1-a1'h1-1' 111 l'.l1gllS1l, 11118 g1'1111p has - 1 - fi' 1, ' mtl 1 1'11n1p11s1t11111. ln all aspctcts I l12llIl'llTl'I'l1t'1lI1S 111-111- 171-l:111':11'1'," th1' 1i1'st l1111j1'ct 111 the 'l'hali1'11t1'1'l11':1ns. "'T5U'1lU' Wllllf CVl'21fIW l'11llC2lTlf1I1 li hkc' Ill a 11111114 IJ111'i11g th1- past jiill' Illllllj s1'1'i11ts w1'1'1' lll'Yl'llll1C'4l CHI 1115111 Sflwll. , Pa A Q W'ith Tlll' 1'1'1'111'11it11111 11t t111- 111-1-11 1111' 111-111is1111-1111 1'1'nt 1'vc11ts in 1'c1ati11n t11 116-111is1h1'rc s111i11a1'it1' and .. 1 E A 1 stlllllilflfj, th1' 1111'1-ss1t5 11t cl11s1-1' 1'1'lat111nsh1p U'Ifll glfvfllllwlll 11c'1'1'111p1111'11t. A part 111 thc' c111l1 w111'k 'Xl111'l'1L'1lI1 k'lllll1l'I'1l'S t11 thc' s1111th of thc United wasals11 111-v11t1-11 fllSUC12ll2lCf1VlI'1l'S. The 1r11f1'an1 . - . . . I . L States l11-1'a1111- Illl 11-1A:1t1x'1'. L1I1l1Q'l' thc S1llllSOI'S1ll1 was c11111111ctc-11 llI1dl'I' the 11-11111-1'sh11 111 the 111111111- I 1 111 Xl1ss l'1-1111111-s Q11I'lSflQ', t1'a1'h1'1' 111 s11c1a1 st111111's, mg pupils: p1'11s111r11t, Larul 111111111 x'11'1"111'1's11l1'11t, thc P1111 .-X1111'-1'i1'a11 Qwlllll was Ul'QjZlIl1ZK'll t11 pr1111111tc Anne Galwlg sfc1'1'tar1', xlean Brin-113 t1'1-as111'1'r, 111-tt1-1' lllllll'FSfZlI11l1I1l' of South Anicrican c11lt111'1- Klan' B1lI'111W. 2-N U. . 11111 p1-111111-. RI1ss L1ll'lSfli' IS tnaking plans 1111' 1111- 1'1'111'ga111- :Xt 11'1-111111 1111-1-ti11gs, 111111 111111nl11'1's 11isc11ss1-11 cur- Zilfltlll 111 this 011111 again next j'K'2ll'. I-'1111 1121511 111-fy gnqigllll lliisrh. l11'111'y. l1al11-1 4YiL'1-- N:-11111:111111t, l51:1111's11'1'. l'111ay. l,isi111'l1i, N11111l1'1'1'111:1, X111111hy. l'111si111-1111, 5111111 1l'11wi.l,-1111. l!:11'l11w 1'l'1'1-a1s111'1'1'l. 111171-11 Nltllwctg. T!1ll'1I l1'11i1' N1111'l1l11a11sr1-11. llfaul. Y:1lsl111xxit1, 1'111sr-as, 151-1'1'1'l:11y1, 1l11g1111, IL111111. XY1'i111'1'. ,N'1'1v1n1l lx'11:1' lla1'111'l', Nw-l,R11ss.Il11111sl1-y. I 159 l Girl Reserfves l"ii.vl Iron' th-fl to rightl l'apier. Klaiorino tl'resiilcnlb, lilot-L, Miss Harata lSponsorb, Harris, linnda. l'alamaro tSecre- Organized this year, under the sponsorship of Miss julia liarata, teacher of English, the Girl Reserves of 'l'renton High School have had an ac- tive and enjoyahle year. Comhining social and husiness sessions, the girls have endeavored to develop character and person- ality as well as sportsmanship. 'liheir qualities of trustworthiness, integrity, loy- alty and sense of responsihility have heen fostered hy El Siglo Futura lil Siylu lfulrzrn, the Spanish cluh of 'l'renton High School, is one of the two oldest cluhs in thi school. Under the guiding hand of lfarl XV. Sta-tty, teacher of Spanish. this cluh has estahlished an enviahle record hy its vitalization of the Spanish language: its social activities and its efforts to improve Pan-Ainerican relations. Some of the cluh memhers correspond regularly with native students in l,atin-America. This year's V lint! Affwft' llelil I-:A iight! Q Nlillner, tit-i'slit-litre-lrl. lltllgbl' 1Xn'i l'it-siilt-nth. Mr. Nelly 13p-uisorl, lapiiiclx lSeci'el:ii'yi. lalniii. Xli-gary. XXliorteiilneiiy, Singer, ,Ntruinl Knit' Straiiss, taryl. 5' 1'1'f1 ini Noir Hrsi. l.i1riili. llnssigliui, KI iiii lu-piano KT i'c- asnrerh, Cir-rilano. the activities which they have conducted. 'liime and discussion have also heen allocated to instruction in proper grooming and dressing. 'llhe officers of this cluh are: president, Annette Xlaiorinog vice-president, Clara Nicolaig secretary, Pauline Palmierig treasurer, Mary Llampopiano. Plans have already heen formulated hy this cluh for an active time next year. reeord inemhership reflects the trend toward closer, more amicahle understanding of our southern neighhors. 'lihe cluh has recently initiated a program of tutoring students of Spanish having difficulty with their work. :Xt the end of the year the entire cluh made a visit to the center of Spanish culture in New York City. Nlilliier, llzirliiiziii, Xlh-ii, lishei. Willris. li. l,ynui. lhtsrlirll, ll, l.yincr. llifli Spectator Literary Staff lfrisl lx'o:.' th-ll io right! XYJI1, Ili Filippo ISIJIIT l'holog- llruilovc. Sivgvl. Sllrlcy. Sipos, Sluivflt-. liomlnu-l', Tlnrii lforl' mpln-il. lfin-tllnxm lxvxxs Ifuliloil, Rnlulizu-l ll'fwlitol'fii1-kilucfP. 'I't--hltfr, liiulopiotrowiw, llrzullnlry, l,nui'ot'srl1, I":ull:uiu.v, XY:ll Mr. Sgnil'-ml l.X1lvist-il. lfosvnlt-lil llfn-.llulv lfnlitoll, Klxntvnt-ri Ion. bn-ruling, ISIN-tts Ifililoil, Xlillvi. llutlls, .Yt'.'oriir' Noir l,:u'im'. Kiullrn Si'lll0II1 mlovs :l school nvws 511 wi' zlcllivvc' thc 'our- are' :issi 'ned wositions untlvr thc' 4-clitors whosc iohs . , L . . I nnlistn' succt-ssc-s ot thc lu-nton High bI'l5L"l'.-X'I'0R. they will find the lollowing ji'2ll'. lhls rziw con- 'l'lu- suCt't'ss story of this puhlirntion has hvcn cluc' tingrnt of hucltling -j0lllIl1lllSfS forms tht- mwlvus lgngt-ly to thc- lI1lll'f2ll'lg1llWll' guidance ot Morris of :in annually eflicivnt staff. li. Szinfortl, senior zulvisw. The Sl'iiC'1'A'1'oR yt-an-ly 1-nte-rs thc National Scho- 'l'hc only pi'ci't'qliisitt- for l'HI'UlllI"l'IlT in this l1lSI'lCZlIlll Colinnhizi Scholastic Press .-Xssocizitioifs clziss is tht- coxnplvtion of il junior Sl'IiC'l'.fX'l'0R cont:-sts. Again this yczn' the Sl'lic'1'.-x'1'oR was coins:-. lt is from thc- svnior class that the stzitt :iwurded tlw highest C. S. P. A. rank, "lXlmlalist," is choscn. .-Xs tht- yc':u' progresscs tht' lwst juniors :intl the "All .'xllll'!'lCZlIlH rating of thc' N. S. P ..-X. Sp r c B ' Sr ff 'l'o hc frm- ll pre-ss inust hc linzuicizilly stahl:-. tht- lwusinvss stuff incmlwr is ont of tht- nmin cogs 'l'ln- Sl'lik"I',X'I'0R :is :i student nvwspzlprr is ctfcctiw 'll fllf' PVf'Sf lWlVl1"Wi , I -A ml intt-rc-sting lwczulsc it has the sc-rvic:-s of :1 con' I l"'.Bl''SS mn Ut. tht' 5"'1"tl"'R mh'.ll5 th." . . . . . .. ,. task of writing :nlx'c'1't1sc1m'i1ts :incl producing li' svn-ntious :intl 1-Hun-uit lvusinvss staltt. .-X position on ,- - - . . I l , H , , H , I nzinrvs. Without this priitlviit llllilllflill zutl, the tn Wllsllwss st.1 ot inn p.x'pti is st tom llkllglllflk Sl,M..m.l.0R Us wt, kmm. it mum nm mist- 'HK Mu, 'ls 'in 'ill lIllpHI'I'lI1I twvtoi' in the lll'llIlll'll'll1l'l' of '1 ' ' , 'K ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' cvssvs ol our P2lPl'I' urn' alum' in il l1ll'g.,t' pzirt to tht' Willllllll l'l'l'l1f- lull IS 4llW4U5 "W'V5l'5'll"W4'il lv fact that litc'r:iry work is not l1:unpc'rc'tl lu rlu- luck tht- nioqt- glorious position ot i'c-porting. ln I'l'2llllj of lingmfigtl rm-soiirt'c's. liiwl lin. llrll lo vnqlvli llvv-th. l,rv1oX..l'-.Ill-. lllvlllilllx. Qrmll. lizus-ur. l'nlu'i-ll. lxinnn-y, Sinrlzlii, Xlirliznlrilt, Nlt-lf., Nloliisoo lllnsnnt-ss Xl.uu.lgi'vl. Nlv. Wt-nfvl lwlnnvsorl, ll.uu-x Ilimuiluh Ihiwl- ffwlr' Nurs Nolllnns, Xlnllnr. l,i-xini-. l'l,i1l 1L'ii-'ul.ilion Xlgnmm-ir, k'ln.nv1t-sv. llxl-un-. Xl.ui-i .N'l.o1nf h'.m' ing:-1. lfilsltmh -l. lflltlll- l.1' Wzilion. Sit-gl-I, 2 1 W llbll Senior Serfvice Corps l'ii,tf Hts. lleft ltr iiglill llqtiu'-wltt Rilrliie. lgiiiliivig, l,ug:m. l'ilILll'l. Xl.illeiiewi, lfivwlmzm, Sim-, Rlvluii, Al, l-'lit-tlm..p tlinsilt. Klilit-iv. l!.npli:u-l. Siegel. flilxliivse 151-r1z'l:ni'yl4 Nl-nlisim Stulmi, Snlixxmlgi. kii-nrlwll. Spit-fle, lfifimfli Nm: 'I'lv.-iiipspt., 1l'wsi-liiitl. Xll, XY:-:au-i flluiiwltmiii 'liv:u'lim'l'l. lfldilll lYlV4" l.iulet-let-. linviity, lluglit-st kfliiipiupiziii-1. llill. Flvlwi, -lumix-s. l'if-sul:-lill, ll,tlltf, l'--til, 'IK-iniey. Xliller, Xl:xl'e:llIllin, Stwifiifl llxillm, lleiijzuiiiii, llguglv, lXt'lly. lizxilu, l"1'llli lt'if:.' Rive, Xltil lx'i-.u lli lfllippw. l,-wax, lleml:llf:, Il-mtilim-4 Khlieli. l!ei'u4'l. tllwxxs.liiitlmxxslu. Xexxt-111. llvmm.I'is1tii1e-,,Nl,t.n!t-,ll--ll-'itil-tim.: l,.mi-if-svli. lllllx-g.iss, Klniiillim-l'1vll, llm-jim. SIIIIVHV. Xl-vlnxlr. l'ess- l't-fvrspn, l'pl:4piv1gn-i. Smitli, K'-tsligzm, Xlivlvrwl. S-'lu-iiimii, lei. Xl,m-ll, Yu, 'lfriiil Hurt' lliiiisteiii. Xlislnii, lliliiwlvtlv. "l':mlwi1 me, lwy, is tliis tlle 'li' lmilcling?" tlireet trziflie :mtl mzlintziin urqlei' in tlie eurritlms. "lYliy erupt l go clown tlu-sv steps?" 'llliese are rllllf' stumlents ul tliis fwgzliiilzitimi :ire IllXY2lyS rm just :i few pf tlie many questions asked of mem- tlie alt-rr tu lielp zmyune. ll1t'YlT1ll1ly nm- will lmtl l1r'l's uf tlu- Service Corps. lfzieli member of tlie stzift, tliese pupils i'emlet'ing tlieit' serxiees :it tlie mp-t imleiitilietl lu :1 small lwlnek :intl white lwzulge, lielps tri prominent selirml zittzlirs. ln imler tu lizue :in eflieient Senior Service Crifps ezmeies left lu' tlie setiiurs tlirmigli fjlllllllllllilll. 'lllu tlwrt- is il silpplemelitmy' efirps efimprisecl of junim' memlwers ut tliis stuff li:1x'e lween reewimnemletl liy :tml snplumwre stmli-nts, wliu learn tlie respfmsi- their lifmtm-ruin tezleliers :ts stumleiits ezipallwle uf lezul- liilities of tlit wwgztnizaltimi :tml in time fill the Yll- ing tlie st-luml. INN lip. llmll In iuulill lfilel. lguiizueliizx, llitelslvy.l,:mm1il, XXX-slgvlizll. 'lliiidi' Him lhilwxxitf. rl-tries. llwlwxxinwlei, lin-rlw llitxii, Xli XXv.uw-y 1X:lvisel'I. lsustmns. XYilsmi. liugtt, lllirlf K'-rule. l:V:u'flXim-xxief, lliiplxms, Isitmu. liwxxtilslxi.'uslX:n. liwifv' l-ti. llfvtiiw, l'--welll, .Ntwifipl Hurt' 'l'iiv':liw. l'ux'lis, fnpiiu. Knit' Nlxliivliis, lwlslwy. .Xlleil, livlln-1, Slim-liimli, l'miiiu, lliil liiisst-, Xlmiiiiiuig. llieselizalx, llziiluxx. Smitlv, Nlus-txirli. XX'iel'flvivlxi, lm-ml-milieu, fliztiii. lla-ill, l,t-iimxtl. l lfmfl Philology Club l"1i.vl lion' th-It to riglnl I,uvin, Nlihalyi, Me-llicisvii. .Y 1'.k1f Htl Iron' llardnt-r, lim-L-iilwi'g. llavlan, lfiia-d ilfwlitoil. fX:ilm'p.i 15 1'n'I'm' lzniyb. Sli, Nlicliclson tSpons mvl' l. lilan-lil' -v4w lt Slvwaril, l,inonil7, Kosvnllizil. SL'lltlIlliu'lIt'l. llill, Zrndl, Mus- II'rt'snIt-ntl. I' --4' hyla l'l'u-asnrvrt, Hlinslsy. l5rawrl'. Soprony. lu-will llarri R. Xlicliclson, tcaclicr of English, organ- Philology Cluh lwgan thc composition of a diction- im-d thc- Philology Cluh for studs-nts who wanted ary in which words are addvd each year. This dic- to lwcotm- mort- c-ffc'ctiw spc'akc"rs and convvrsa- tionary will ht- uscd in thc- school lihrary. lr will tionalists. c-xpcditc the studvnt in his study of unusual words. This rluh puhlishvd :1 monthly nvwspapvr, 'l'ln' 'l'hv Philology spelling hot- is an t-vent ht-ld 4-ach 'l'nttlw', whirh was writtvn undvr thc' cditorship of in-ar for thc purpose of Lll'Il'l'IIllI1lI1Q tht' lwst spcll- llloria l"ricd, for tht- lwiiclit of thosc' studvnts who ers in thc! school. 'lihis yvar's winnvrs wvrt- l.ouis nish to study dt'rix'ations, nivziningls. and pronunci- l,avinc-, scnior: Ruth VVrigght, juniorg and Rita ations of csscntial words. In addition to this, thc Altinan, sophomorc. J n' r rv' e or s u lO Ser lC C p Xyith tht- lwmtlit ot ont- yvarls vxpn-i'ici1cc as a inc-nilwrs with tht- purpose of taking orc-r thcsv rc'- UWI Vlflfm "f 'll"f"W'N llltlllv il PUPll 'WU 1lPPlF sponsihilitics whcn thc' svnior yt-ar arrive-s. The for a position on tht- Alunior b4'rx'ict- Lorps. lo hr :turn-pta-tl a pupil must rank high scholastically and I iuord ot st-1'x'1cc writtcn hy this corps in I9-ll will A 4- - . I - I ht one difhcult to surpass, as thvx assisted with must rc'vc':ll personal lllIlllIfll'S ot high Lalihic. I I I I ' I I I I Ona' tht- pupil he-coincs a part ot this organixa- "mm 'll tu' flfllhlmlh ll 'M' UWM tl' N 'W' ll tion, hc- learns tht- dutic-s of tht- svnior scrvicc' corps dctviist' llllIllIll'll'Il'S. lim! lx'o:t slvtl to ilxlitl tirtcn, Corn, liuhl. Ilziyloli, Kash- Killliltlllil- Sltllll- il lfl"fl HWY' -Xll"lPllII' Rnvli Slil1'W.l'lI1"lm' SUV' l.tlt,toI Ilill, XIV, XX 1-.uri 1 Xwlxisvri, llaiwlm-i'. Xln-rf, l,ll1ll'j', laws. lla-llrr. Light, rlllntos, Sliarlill, billion. Kahil-l, lwuflli li'w:t' l'onin.iIl, Xlaliri, .Ntutirrnf It It Xlaiiilii. Napolitano, XYish- Nlztlllvxxson, Xl:icXm:il, Li-flnu, .XVllllll, 4-Iron. ll Xnnitlifio, Kim int x. Ht-insttin. kfiptlioliv, Xlulhollatitl, l,nvinli. llonhls. 'Fill-vii. llvvsr-, llxirncy. l 103 I ational Forensic League flirt IU .1 lllfl lo llgllli Soylul, l,1-llox, llelljzllllill, l.lgl1I ' 4 lll l'11ll1l 1'1l1lI1 fl'lc illclll A l 4X11'1 I11-sllhlll N-1-11 1 - 11" Q' "s ' . N-1'oll1 ltlml, Xll, kl.1l'lt l511.1lls111'l. I',g'1l1 ll'l1-slllelll l'll'-t l1-l'1lll Silence is glllllvll. 'l1lll'Sf' hllYCI'-fUl1Qlll'll llI'2ll'0l'S of lrelltoll lllgll 5L'l14lUl, llflXYC'Yi'l', do not zllloxl' thls ilXllllll to interfere with their illtellsive study of pulwlie spezlkillg illlil llK'l52lllll gl. llilflllll rht- p11st j'l'1ll', the 'l'l'K'I1IlJl1 High School l'illl'lIl5ll' l,e11g11e ll11s spollsolecl ll series of non- 1ll'L'l5l1Hl tll'l11lN'S. lr w11s also through their well- pl2HllIl'tl efforts fllill' pr11etie11ll1' zlll the Ufljllllill and ilollvorigillzll lll'k'lIllIl1lflIlllS, hotll CXICIUPIll'1lllf'UllS Zlllll Inter-Club Council 'l'lle lHfl'I"L'llll3 Council, consisting of one l1lf'lTlA l1l'l' from 1-very eluh lllllbllgllfllll the school, Cl'lIll1lCS the extensive eluh progrzllll to function ellectively illlil ll1lI'lI1lll1lUllSlj. 'lilll' 11i1ll of this group is to sl-l'x'e 11s il L'lHll'll1g house lor the eluhs Zlllll the 11l11li1list1'11tors of the sellool. 'lillfilllgh this coun- 1-il, elulls lllily ll11x'e efleetive 1111-1111s of CUI11ITllll1lC2l- flllll U'lfll one 11llotllel'. xIt'1'IlllQ1 :Liter school each week, this group, llllsl Ilmt llell to rlghll l.1-111 H. lie l'JliIlllJl. Suilll. Xl11ler11 X1 1111111 1X lee l'l1'si1l1'lltl, 'll-11111-y 1l'l'1'-lllxllll X'1l1 11111111111 lS1'111l.111l. R11'1'l1i, lillllls, Illlrlis. I'11l1111o, .N'1'11l111f H1111 l4..1lh.11I. l,s11.1114l1msI1i. XY1-111sl1-111, V1111-111-tl. Polls-11. ll111liels. lhlgtl IQW1-11t1l-I, I,:lx'l111. X11l1p11, Reflllol, 'l'hil'1i l1'o11' .Xl1lo1ll- 1111-1-ll lS1'vl1t1l5. S1-rollll 'll-lllll. lfg.1l1, fools, X11 ull l1'o:1 lll'11ll, Nlilwlslsy, 'l'111lol, X1-11lo11, l'l11p111g1-1. llillkh. 311111111113 llollolllle, I elllley, illlprollltpll, were successfully L'U!1llllUTl'il. lll zultli- flflll to tllis zlctive DI'UQ,Il'2ll1l, 11 llllIUlTl'lA of poetry rezul- lllfl contests were helcl tllroughout the jt'2lY. lllspireml hy the 1ulx'ice of lsfllllk L'l111'k, tezlellel' of l':I11jliSll, they ll1lX'Q' full kilowletlge of the srerets of swaying 1111 IlllQlll'I1Cl'. 11ml the lllffllillllfs of Clearer. more forceful speeell for puhlie 11ll1l co1l1'e1'- s1ltio1l11l use. spollsorecl hy lliss Silfllll Christie, vice-pl'illcip11l, discussed problems Zllill questions of the stutlent life. 'lille ll1I'4'l"L1llll'5 clehzlte SPOI1SUfl'il hy the 'INITIIUIII High School Forensic l,f'Zlf,1llK' C'll1ll3ll'll every HI'- gilllllllfillll to express its views on Sflllbfll policies. :X 1'eere11tion11l program for the elulls ll11s also heell tlevelopecl through the efforts of this group. 'lillis l'e:1r, howling tourllzllllellts llIlYQ' been C0117 tluetecl. ovltl. Nl1'll111l1, If1l1x1ll'1ls, llllsslglll-li. R1-selltllul. Ilzlxls, Splrflr, ,l11el1so11. llolller. X-Ill! 511111. jollllsoll. M1111-l. lfllllrlli Kilim' U1-l'lll11l1l. Sellolllzlll. llel1j11111l11. ll11l'111-5, S1g11l'11os, Il1111gl.1s. l'11111, 1111111. l'11ls1111l1. 1 11145 Italian Club lun! li'u.w ill-I1 In uvglirl l'iuxv4lifm'c, I'.nluf,'u. l"vii,u'u, Ili- ,Ymumi ICM. Xuplrs. 'l'luilu. lin-lii.ilu'v. I,u Nlzurlmiu, SuII'm'utviv.., litmu. Nlii ll.-igm lSluui-uns, Lulrrl--lu. lli l'iuu:x. Nlviim-llzn. Zm'r.u'rlIi, Xlnssuiu. Ili' l'uul-I, qXlrliuugl1 tlu' stuily uf thc ltzllizui lllllglllilgl' :uul cunipusz-rs. 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Qm1'Em" - ' 'rf ' -"N f- .. -we ..x.fw' K , KKK ff , Camera-Shy Seniors LE I 'UQ,!,J-JSYJD' 1. It mal pJn'J 3. ag , gl '. Q . AE J W. ft- in wif 33. 3 2: It . . , S . 5. 5. 15. iw :vis 34 lf l68 I Camera-Shy Seniors ANDRUSIEWICZ, STANLEY TED: J4nd3',' Gen. Bus.-Accordion '40, '41, '42. ANDEIHER, ESORDON A.: Tony: Acad.-Tennis '4 , '4 . BALL, JOHN STEPHEN: Jack: Acad.-Swim- ming '40, '4l, '42: Rifle '42: Service Corus '42: Spectator Business Staff '42: Hall Patrol '42. BARDON, PETER: Pete: Intl. Arts-Special Service Corps '42: Captain '42: Hall Patrol '42. BASTEDO, CLIFFORD CLEVELAND: Clif: Ind. Arts A-Glee '40: Operetta '40. BATFS. RALPH: Gen. Bus.-Varsity Soccer '40, '41, '42: Central Jersey Soccer Award: Referee'S Award for Sports- manship '41: Baseball '41, .42. BI-IRKOWITZ, NATALIE RUTH: Nat: Acad.- El Siglo Futuro '41, BI-:Tz, RAYMOND H.: Ray: Acct. BLUMENTI-IAL, MARVIN: Red: Acad.-Bas- ketball '40, '41, '42. Botrorr, LESTER: Acad. BOWMAN, RICHARD VERNAM: Curly: Acad. -Glee Club '40, '41, '42. BUNDA, FRANK JOSEPH: Acad'.-Photog- raphy '41, '42: Skating '42. CAHILL. BETTY C.: Short Stuff: Gen. Bus. -H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '41, '42. CARLTON, ROBERT KEN: Dumbo: Acad.- Soccer '40, '4l: Basketball '40, '41, '42: Baseball '41. CETKOWSKI, HENRY FRANK: .Abe,' .Ind. Arts B. CIFELLI, JOSEPH J.: Joe: Sec.-Football '41, CLARK, JOSEPH THOMAS: Joe: Acad. CLUI-'I-', EDYVARD LEWIS: Acad.-ArchaeOl- ogy: Band. CLYBURN, FRANCES: Frankie: Acad. COLES, HARRY N.: Ind. Arts-Football '4l. COLLINS, GEORGE WYMON: .Ripy Ind. Arts A. CURBISHLEY, DAVID LOUIS: Zeke: Acad.- Wireless '42: Experimenters '42. CZARTORYSKI, EDWARD J.: Ted: Ind. Arts A-Sec'y-Treas. H. R. '42: Track '40. DANBLYRY, ROBERT JOE: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. '4l. DAX'IS, ROBERT CHARLES: Red: Ind. Arts B. DELATE, JOSEPH JOHN: Joe: Acad.-Tennis '41, '42. DE PAOLO. JOAN M.: Acad.-Italian '40, '41, '42: Glee '40, '41: Spectator '41: Laure- ate '42. DISBROW, BILL EDWARD: Diss: Acad.-Var- sity Football '40, '41, '42. DORNSTAUDER, JULIUS: Kuobbo: Acad.- Capt. Soph Football '40: Experimenters '4l: Service Corps '40: Special Service Corps '40: Hall Patrol '41. ENTWHISTLE, ROBERT JOSEPH: Whistle,- Acad. FABRIZIO, MARION THERESA: Babe: Gen. Bus.-Needlecraft Club '41. FIORELLO, CARMELA PATRICIA: Milly: Gen. Bus.-Personality '42 : Hall Patrol '42. FRANTZ, WILLIAM THOMAS: Baron: Fine Arts-Varsity Football '40, '41: Var- sity VVrestling '42. FRASCELLA, VINCE: l'inuie: Gen. Bus.- Basketball '40, '41, '42. FORREST, MARIE DOLORE: Acad. GALLO, JOHN: Shorty: Ind. Arts. GANIE, JOSEPH U.: Red: Ind. Arts B. GANS, FRED GARRITY, MARTIN HENRY: Hank: Acad.- Hall Patrol Gen. Mgr. '42: Service Corps Mgr. '41, '42: Forum '42: Na- tional Forensic '4O, '41, '42: Chess and Checker '42: Ptolomean '40. '4l: Sen- ior Play '42: Debate: Inter-Club Coun- cil: Swimming. GATES, LEON: Larry ,' Acad.-Phi Zeta '40: Track '40. GOLYA, HELEN: Acad.-Spectator Business Staff '40: Americana '42. GOODWIN, BILL: Brud: Gen. Bus. GORSKI, JOHN JOSEPH: Chink: Ind. Arts B -Treas. H. R. '42. GOTTSCHALK, DOROTHY: Dottie: Acad.- Skaters '42. GRALLELLA, SERASTIAN RICHARD: Sammy: Acad.-Soccer Varsity '40, '41: Print Club '40, '41. GRAZIANO, ROBERT ANTHONY: Bob ,' Acad.- Mgr. Senior Basketball '42. HAMPTON, GEORGE: Gen. Bus. HARVEY, JOHN DEWAR: Jack: Acad.-H. R. Treas. '41, '42: Varsity Basketball '40, '41, '42: Forum '40, '41, '42: Service Corps '40, '4l. HAYWOOD, HERINIAN SHEPARD: Junior- Band '40, '41, HILL, PATTON J.-Wireless Sec'y-Treas. '40, '41: Hall Patrol '40, Capt. '41, '42: Capt Service Corps '40, '41, '42: Ser- vice "T" '40, '41, '42: Bobashela Busi- ness Staff '42. HIPP, JOSEPH LOUIS: Joe: Ind. Arts-Foot- ball '4l. HUFE, ETTA HUNT, ANN CLAIRE: Sec. KING, EVELYN ELIZABETH: E've.,' Acad. LACOMCHEK, BILL JOHN: Hu-nky Jr.: Ind. Arts. LANZONI, EDGAR D.: Eddie: Ind. Arts A. LAUER, GERALDINE M.: Jerry: Gen. Bus.- Handicraft '40. LAVINTHAL, IRVING IRWIN: Oscar: Selling. LAVVRENCE, ALEX: Speedy: Ind. Arts B- Safety Council '39, '40, '41, '42. LEVINI-1, EDNA MARION: Ed,' Selling-Radio Appreciation '40, '41. LINDER, DOROTHY LOUISE: Dot: Sec.-Skat- ing '40, '41, '42. LOGAN, JAMES RUSSELL: Jim: Acad.-Band '40, '41, 42: Sophomore '40: Service Corps '40, '41, '42. LOMBARDOZZI, HARRY R.: Music-Accord- ion '40, '41, '42. LORE, CHARLES TRUITT: Bud: Ind. Arts. -'ln KM 0' LUTERIO. EDWARD A., Blackie, Ind. Arts B-Pet '42, LYNCH, ALFRED JAMES, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '41, '42, Chorus '40, '41, '42: Press '41, '42, Drama and Radio '41, '42, Town Hall Society '41, '42, Operetta '41. MACKEY, BILL KURTZQ Mae, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '38, '41, Soph Football '38, Var- sity Swimming '38, '39, '40, '41, Cap- tain Swimming '41, '42. MARCIANTE, FRANCIS B., Kato, Acad.- Philatelic Club '40, '41, Woodcraft Club '41., V. Football Mgr. '41, V. Swim- ming Mgr. '41, '42. MARCIANTE, LOUIS PAUL, Nose, Acad.- Swimming '40, '42, Shop Safety Coun- cil '40, '41, Service Corps '42. MILUM, JANE, Fine Arts-Glee Club '41, '42, MODZELEWSKI, EUGENE JOHN, Gene, Acad. -Band '41, '42. MOORE, ADRIEN D., Ace, Gen. Bus.-Ten- nis '40, '41, '42 , Basketball '40, '42. Mi0RRIS, Bon KENNETH, Leroy, Music- Social Dance Club '41, '42. MORRIS, WILLIAM HARRY, Bill, Acad.- Soph. Football '38, J. V. Football '39, '40. NALDONE, JAMES C., Acad. NEVIUS, JAMES REEVE,', Acad. NEWLIN, STOCKTON YEWDALLQ Mike, Gen. Bus. NORARIAN, JOSEPH, Acad. NORATO, LEWIS, Ind. Arts B. PACKLAIAN, STEPHEN, Gen. Bus. PAPENDICK, JOHN: Acad. PASETZJF, JAME: J., Ind. Arts-Football '40, PAWLUKEWICK, ANTHONY, Toney, Ind. Arts A-Soccer, Varsity '39, '40, '41, PERRY, JOHN ANTHONY, Acad.-Print '41, '42, Basketball '42, Baseball '4l. PIERINI, DONALD JOSEPH: Acad. PONDEKAS, CATHERINE, Gen. Bus. POWNALL, JOSEPH D., Jve, Acad.-Shop Safety Council '41, Soph. Football '39. REEVES, MICHAEL, Mike, Ind. Arts A- Wireless Pres. '41, '42. RODGERS, MARGARET MARY, Peggy, Selling -Garden Vice-Pres. '42, Glee Club '40, School Store '41, '42, Skating Club '41, RYAN, RICHARD R., Dick, Gen. Bus. SACHARCZUK, CONSTANTINEQ Ind. Arts- Safety Council '41, '42, Soccer Team '40, '41, '42. SANDOW, EDITH CHARLOTTE, Edie, Gen. Bus.-School Store '4l,'Skating Club '40, '42, Garden Club Pres. '42, Garden Club Treas. '40, Glee Club '41, Oper- etta '41. SANTI, RUDOLPHQ Rudy, Industrial Arts A -J. V. Soccer '41, Varsity Soccer '42, J. V. Baseball '41, J. V. Basketball '4l. SCOTT, JOSEPH JOHN, Scotty, Gen. Bus. SEGRETARIO, FANNIE MARION, Faye, Gen. Bus.-Social Dance '49, '41, A F' 9 "'7'a,?i7? '?4.g7W."- "A A " - - , V 1 f-1' ww f..-,-,. ' SIMMONS, VIRGINIA, Ginger, Acad.-Dra- matic '40, '41. SMITH, MABEL M., Acad.-Girls' Varsity Swimming '40, '41, SOLOMON, LOU CARL, Ind. Arts B-Danc- ' ing '42. SOLON, JACK, Trigger, Acad. - Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Archaeology, Pythagorean. STRIKE, ANTHONY, Ind. Arts B. SUPPERS, RUSSELL THOMAS, Prac. Arts- H. R. Sec'y '41, '42. SUTLAND, ESTHERQ Acad.-Aviation '40, G. A. A. '40, Archery '40. SZEMIS, VINCENT J., Nil Ney, Gen. Bus.- H. R. Treas. '42, Table Tennis '40, '41, '42, SZILAGYI, JOHN, JR., Selling. TERRY, YEA EARL, Terry, Acad.-Hall Pa- trol '39, '40, J. V. Football '39, '40, Varsity Football '40, '41, '42, Vice-Pres. Hi-Y Club '41, '42, Treas. Hi-Y Club '40, '41. THOMS, DONALD CAMERON, Acad.-CroSs- Country Capt. '40, '41, Track Capt. '42. TISAURO, FRANK PAT, French, Acad. TOTH, STEPHEN JAME, Rabbit, Acad.- H. R. Pres. '38, '39, '40, '41, H. R. Vice-Pres. '41, J. V. Football and Swimming '38, '39, '40, Clionian SO- ciety Spectator, Minor T, Hall Patrol, Varsity Football. TRUCK, STELLA, Truchy, Gen. Bus.-Cheer- leaders' Corps '41, Leaders' Corps '40M '41, '42, Apparatus '40, G. A. A. '41, TURNER, DONALD V., Don, Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. '40 , Glee Club '40, '41, '42, Baseball Mgr., J. V. '40, '4l. URBAN, DAVID, Davie' Acad.-Vice-Pres. '39, Ballet '40, Glee Club '38, '39, '40 , Operetta '38, '39, '40, VERNAM, WILLIAM SANDFORDQ Bill, Acct.- Football '40, '41. VOORHEES, WILLIAM CORNELIUSQ Bill, Ind. Arts. A. WALLACE, ANDREW ALBERT, Amly, Acad.- Track '38, Football '40, Operetta '38, Dramatic Club '39, '40, '41. WALSH, GHJRGE J., Hawk, Gen. Bus.- Football '41, '42. WATSON, GEORGE LEON, Red, Fine Arts- Sec'y '40, '41. WEISS, HOWARD, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '41, Social Dance '41, '42, Town Hall '42, Soccer Team Mgr. '40, '41, '42, Debate Team '42, Table Tennis Team '41, '42, WILLIABIS, DOROTHY MAE, Daffy, Home Econ.-H. R. Sec'y '41, Needlecraft '41, Tap Dancing '41. WOODS, DONALD, Pomfr: Ind. Arts B-Sec'y H. R. '40, Treas. H. R. '40, '4l. ZAMPARELLI, RENALDO ALPHONSEQ Nardo, Acct.-Bookroom '41, '42, ZUCCHETTI, DIAMOND ANTHONY, Demon, Ind. Arts-Football J. V. and V., Track. 1.6425 040.1 H691 History of the Class of ' 42 AS SOPHOMORES On that fateful September morning of 1939, four thousand members entered Trenton High and did not know the dif- ference between Eddie Leefeldt and the elevator boy. Many worldly wise, so- phisticated seniors of today remember their fruitless search for the third floor of the "D" building. VVith pride the class of 19-12 recalls the successful presenta- tion ofthe first original operetta, "Acres: the Delaware." As sophomores they had a vital part to play in this production. Turk Tashlik and Rowene NIcCray, both sophomores at that time, had the leading roles. ln thatyear we elected as our oli- cers Jerry Moore, Ed. Matthews, Blase Germaniand Peter Aiello. AS JUNIORS . A . The junior year was a successful one in ,many ways. Socially, it was a banner year. The junior Dance Fund was en- riched by the sum of ii-12.20 through the sale of tickets. The- upshot of this was a colorful dance held on May 29 with Dick Averre's orchestra. The class of '42 participated actively in the oper- etta, "The Chocolate Soldierfl In the Junior year the electorate chose Andy Cella as president, Ed. Matthews as vice- A Tribute - AT this hour of graduation, the class of 19-12 remembers two of its class- mates and one beloved faculty member, whose untimely deaths have left a void in the happy circle of friends. Mr. 1. Howell Kane, head of the his- tory departmentg Terrance Sheldon and 11704 president, Blase Germani as secretary, and John Nlorrison as treasurer. AS SENIORS VVith the Seniors' academic develop- ment this year, there also came an in- creasing number of extra-curricular ac- tivities to satisfy the desire to broaden the scope of their high school careers. Earliest of these were the VVashington trip, the operation of the Community Chest drive for a day, and the visits to the various municipal agencies of the city. On these tours they saw what made the wheels of government go around. On January 5, 6 and 7, the Senior play, "Captain Applejackf' won the applause of Trenton theatre-goers. jerry Moore won the local "oscar" for-the best per- formance of the year. After this success, the seniors of '-12 held a late winter dance with Beanie Holcombe's orchestra. Sports Nite, in late Nlarch, was won by the Reds, headed by Trudy james. The year was ended in final glory with a four-star hit, the operetta, "Countess Maritzafl and the best of all senior proms. Ollicers responsible for leader- ship were Andy Cella, Paul Gaudette, john Nlorrison, and Dominick lVlatte- ucci. Doris Estrella, fellow students who were not destined to complete with us the happy experiences of high school because the gift of life was denied to them. The memory of them, however, claims a cher- ished and eternal spot in the affections of the class of 1942. Mi WIUQN 40" qu.-an was sism A , K- . Q' uttvwt x ww Junior Classes New is ww .,..-vw' JM ,,,,p-N .wr B1 President, CLAIRE BERNABEI Vice-President, ETHEL BINDER .S'crretary, BETTY Fox Treasurer, Lows SUTA William Tome. B2 Presidcnt, TEDDY INvERso 1-"ice-President, ROBERT LoRn Sm"y-'I'rc'asurer, SHIRLEY MARSHAI.I. We W4 D I 'e""'I"'-TI f't'I'eIFie2?'fiE?U Dolores Ball, Claire Bernabei, Ethel Binder, Doris Bourne, June Cartledge, Clara Chmiel, Audrey Curbishley, Lucille Ellis, Betty Eure, Alberta Farina, Lucy Farrar, Lela Finney, Katherine Four- nier, Betty Fox, Irene Gelak, Margaret Kleber, Dorothy Le Fever, Wanda Levendowsky, Betty Ryman, Ruth Smith, Beatrice Tallone, Maud Tucker, Roy Bennet, Anthony Di Lissia, Fred Faley, Robert Geter, Jonathan Gibbs, Henry Glover, Frank Kocubinski, Louis Suta, Armistice Ask, Vanda Cmiel, Helen Greco, Theresa Hiller, Bettie Hoagland, Marvin Holmes, Audrey Hort, Teddy Inverso, Hazel Jen- nings, Helen Kemler, Peggy Kerwick, Joan Kramer, Florence Krieg- ner, Rose Krisanda, Robert Lord, Dick Lucas, Jane Manning, Shirley Marshall, Ruth McDonough, Ada Mellor, Florence Meltzer, Gloria Mines, Louise Molinari, Jean Nickles, Flora Palmer, Margaret Pinto, Daphne Prassas, Harry Schipski, Freda Schreier, Marjorie Shepherd, Leola Simmons, Genevieve Zilkowski. B3 President, FERI1 FISCIIER lf'irc'-President, LUCILLE HONEYCUTT Scfy-Treasurer, Tom BROOKS Claire E. Ahrendt, Gloria Barlow, Betty Bazzel, Mercedes Bunda, Vera Carter, Betty Cliver, Jean Cliver, Margaret Coleman, Louise Colvin, Selma Dempsey, Joyce Fulper, Anne Gabel, Lucille Giordano, Phyllis Henderson, Caroline Holtzberg, Lucille Honeycutt, Mary Raymond, Ella Riegel, Marion Stephens, Beatrice Tassone, Marjorie Taylor, Jeanne Urich, Dorothy Van Sant, Norma Williamson, Vir- ginia Woolstoii, Ernest Birchenough, Thomas Brooks, Ralph Dowdell, William Eberly, Ferd Fischer, Robert Funari, Lennert Lmdner, Martin Wiaczek, 'ames Fitzcharles. B4 President CAROL MOHR Vice-President, LUCY PETRINO Sec'y-Trc'a.rurz-r, RUTH WRIGHT Summers, Grace Toliver, Sophie Truch, Rosa Mae Williams, Catherine Wimberly, B5 President, RonERT CLARK Vice-Prcsideni, RICHARD MARTIN .S'vr'y-Treasurer, MYRTLE ELMER Jean Brizell, Sheldon Cohen, Dorothy Cornish, Richard Glatz, Charles Hillegass, Eleanor Jammal, Larry Kravet, Bertha Laster, Doris Lud- wig, Robert Mark, Audrie Marquette, Lillian Martin, Inez Maxwell, Rita McCue, Jessie McKeever. Jenny Migliori, Robert Nelson, Ber- nice Nitzberg, Estelle Palay, Rose Palazzo, Ann Ma-' Randall. Sylvia Rappaport, Harry Roche, Joseph Rogotf, Catherine Romeo, Charles 'uanita Turner, Grace Warner, Gloria Whortenberry, Carol Willets, Robert Worley. Dorothy Bickel, Leslie Brown, Robert Buckley, Robert Clark, Thomas Coccia, Lee Compton, Don Cooperstein, Richard Dill, Joseph Eagle, Myrtle Elmer, Harry Goodman, Benjamin Gordon, Gordon Green- berg. Rose Herbacsek, Richard Herzog, Dave Hughes, Arthur J0- sephson, Irving Klinkowstein, Betty Kocsardy, Joseph Kokowski, Gersqn Kramer, Daniel Kurtain, William Kurylo, Arthur Levin, Leonard Levin, Richard Martin. Rose Mastrodomenico, Evelyn Miller, Leonard Millner, Eleanore Olszyewski, John Piersanti, Brad Pitcher, Stanley Potkav James Puliti. B6 President, ARTIIUR ROUMANIS Vito-President, BERNARD ROPEIK .S'cc'3'-7'rcasIn'rr, BENJAMIN RICHARDSON Mary Acquinto, Grace Angle, John Backes, Marion Begley, Ella Bevin, Evelyn Bodine, Margaret Bohnert, Verna Bradbury, Natalie Carkhuff, Edith Carroll, Margaret Conry, Claire Cratt, Florence Di Pastina, Helen Dziekanowske, Betty Ferguson, Evelyn Felipek, Jo- sephine Firth, Pauline Garbarczyk, Rena Goldman, Doris Groves. Josephine Gugliucci, Stanley Hartpence, Amy Harvey. Constance Hillman, Doris Hillpot, Sarah Ann Hutchinson, Genevieve Kolpack, Rebecca Morris, Harry Morton, Earleen Rogers, Shirley Romig. Violet Schuchardt, Gladys Schulman, Georfff- Wod'rulT. I, 1721 - f :I wg,-. ,r B7 President, NORMAN VERRO Vice-President, STELLA RAPCIEWICZ Secretary, DoLOREs QUINN Assistant Secretary, ANNABELLE RADIN Treasurer, ROBERT OLINSKY Stout, Norman Verro, Nicholas Volpe. B8 President. JOAN CUBBERLY V ice-President, EARL CROSBY See'y-Treasurer, MARTIN BULAYCSAK B9 President, MARY SCHUMACHER Vice-President, CHARLES KI-:ssLER Secretary, RAYMOND HORNER Treasurer. OLGA RAMANOWSKY B10 President, MARION DAVISON Vire-President, WILLIAM CONLOOUI-: Srfy-Treasurer, JOSEPHINE CAPPUCCIO Virginia Alexander, Helen Bartholomew, Patricia Brown, Claire Hornor, Emma Novak, Theresa Obrenski, Regina Prusik, Irene Pasun, Elizabeth Payne, Dorothy Person, Jean Plate, Margaret Prince, Ida Pucciarelli, Dolores Quinn, Annabelle Radin, Stella Rap- ciewcz, Essie Ray, Agnes Riley, Hattie Salter, Ruth Schnoering, Dorothy Schwarswalder, Mabel Scott, Catherine Scymanski, Dorothy Starkey, Margaret Stults, Helen Szul, Elizabeth Wilson, Margaret Wood, Raymond Hobson, Stephen Mraw, Robert Olinsky, Jack D. Angelini, D. Battala, M. Bolino, H. Citkowski, H. Cole, B. De- Angelis, G. De Santis, I. Dobay, F. Gacki, O. Golden, C. Groornes, A. Helton, C. Iacone, M. Jacobson, M. Jeavons, M. Kasony, D. Kopczynski, E. Lee, G. Lightner, E. Lischer, A. Malone, K. Man- ning, H. McClaskey, J. Minchwaner, Germaine Solomon, C. Thomas, F. Troullos. Rita Chase, Betty Graziano, James Hann, Edwin Hollins, Glenn Jamieson, Sophie Jez, William Kadar, Edwin Kelley, Samuel Kelsey, Ruth Kirby, Victor Kotla, Charles Kreiser, Gloria Luterio, Irene Masalska, William Mathess, Doris Mathews, Elizabeth McMillan, Doris Nell Miller, Dorothy Miller, Filomena Minotti, Peter Plumeri, Alice Rossos, Bernice Ryba, Victoria Sapia, Andrew Skurla, Char- lotte Swinuichowski, Lewis Turano, Anna Ziesel, Leona Ziesel. Althea Abrams, Emilia Andreoli, Gldays Brodt, Rose Brown, Grace Bruni, Joseph Bruno, Irene Busho, Vincent Cacciabaudo, Viola Car- acciolo, Marjorie Case, Edith Chamberlain, David Cohen, Lucv Cola- vita, Lucy Conti, Mary Corvo, Helen Csanyi, Leonard Cunningham, Ann Marie Di Marco, Mary Drum, Lillian Durchuck, Michael Dzur- isin, Doris Erick, Leatrice Klatzkin, Gloria Lang, Eileen Lavinthal, Charlotte Lippincott, Willie Mitchell, Gloria Volpe. B11 President, .ANNA KURPAS Vine-President, TOMMY MOscARELLo See'y-Treasurer, RUSSELL JEWITT Anna Kurpas, Jeanette Lamonica, Maurice Martin Abrams, Betty Errickson, Anthony Fiasco, Dorothy Fugill, Jean Gervasi, Margaret Goodwin, Arthur Grosse, Robert Helsel, Stephen Hornick, Russell Humphrey, Patsy Inverso, Eleanor Jackson, Mildred Jaworski, Russell Jewitt, Magdalene Tones, Stanley Jonson, Thelma Jordan. Thomas Kalisch, Helen Kaszyc, Doris Kemler, Karl Kish, Casimir Kmiec, Irene Kosoeuski, Fred Kramarz, Jack Kruse, Li Mato, Helen Madden, Josephine Marazzo, Mary Menghini, Brid- get Mennella, Julia Mihalyi, Thomas Moscarello, James Murray, Bernard Potkay. B12 Presiderxt, DANIEL PRICKETT Vive-President, JOHN PECCI Secretary, PEARL WHITE Treasurer, LILLIAN RAcz Sullivan, John Sunkiskis, Steven Tafrow, John A. Douglas, Marie Nevins, Rose Notaro, Frank Palmeri, Lucy Parno, John Picci, Rosaria Pissolano, Theresa Pinto, Olga Poehyla, Vincent Pacino, John Posluszny, George Preston, Daniel Prickett, John rihoda, Angeline Pronesti, Carol Pullen, Lillian Racz, Philo- mena Radice, William Reed, Edwin Reich, lean Rogers, Janet Rojek, Eidward Rauba, Julia Sabo, Gloria Sachs, Rosella Salvatore, Eugene Schwartz, Leonard Sealtiel, Paul Sebestyn, Adda Steward. Helen Mary Taft, Jean' Taylor, Edward R. Thiel, Pearl White Lillian VVylie, Angela Zimmer, Andrew J. Zubricky. H731 B13 I President. OLIVIA DE PASTINA V ice-President, JOHN STOKES Secretary, ELEANOR PLUNKETT Trcamrer, PAT MASSARO Louis Aversano, Clementine Bindi, William Bishop. Beatrice Boh- nert, Ruth Brawer, Catherine Breimayer, Olivia DePastina, Samuel Dorsey, William Dowling, Joseph Flynn, Grace Foster, Floy Fosgue, William Hanauer, Betty Hunt, Gertrude Itzcowitz, Mary Kizapolski, Sidney Mallfei, Pat Massaro, Mildred Michalcik, Fanny Morrison, Betty Nevins. Alphonse Palermo, Lucille Perry, Mary Philhower, Eleanor Plunkett, George Rein, Thomas Rowden lack Ryan, Robert Schroeder, Gladys Sly. Valery Soprony. John Stokes, Mildred Taylor, Lillian Tunnicliff, Vera Turner, Louis Vaughn, Thomas Ward. B14 I President, ANDY BRAYTENBAH4 Vice-President, MYRTLE BIRCH Scc'y-Treasurer, ALICE ADAMS George Kushnir, Claire Lawrence, Molly brough, Ann Yatskowitz, Pauline Zelansky. B15 President, MARY JANE HAMM Vice-President, ELINOR GLENN Sc'2'y-Trcamrcr. JOHN HORNYAK Iero, Theodore Jackson, Vivian Johnson Megary, Robert Miller, Margie Singer. B16 President, FRANCES WNUK V ice-President, THEODORA PONE Secretary, FRANCIS ST-IEENAN Treasurer, ANNE Tnvtxo Mary Jane Barlow, Janice Berkowitz, Sylvia Belancio, Mary Alice Blaine, Virginia Blakeslee, Dorothy Bolognese, Natalie Bourne, Allan Brindley, Nancy uchino, Jack Cahill, Vincent Campopiano, etty Cam- use, Mary Ciccarello, Roberta Clemens, Doris Coleman, Mary Colvey, Anna Cracker, Adele Dombrowski. Earl Driver, Raymona Dugan, Kenneth Dyer, Phyllis Edwards, Matthew Hogan, Stanton Kalish, McGoogan, Fred Mershon, Edward Raser, Rae Sell, Lillian Yar- Lottie Anderson, Elaine De Sosa, Edward Devorak, Harriet Fagel- man, Joseph Falco, Janice Falk, Joe Febo, Anne Fell, William Fisher, Anna Fitzpatrick, Daisy Floyd, Wilbur Forston, Cora Garnett, Co- rinne Gasparre, Veronica Gasper, Charles Gaudette, Marion Gerst- nicker, May Groh, Joyce Hartnett, Walter Hartpence, Po"'f Havens, Morrison Higginson, Florence Hilton, Philip Holcombe, Anthony , Juliana Jones, Jack Kohn, Richard Maiorino, Helen McNicol, Susan Joseph Barnes, Sigmund Belza, Frank Bloking, William Bodine, Frank Cappiello, Robert Faber. Richard Hover, Martin Isaacson, David Koenitzer, David Mars, Marie Mincher, Helen Mooney, Ethel Moore. Philip Moskowitz, Evelyn Murphy. Roberta Neary, Betty Olinsky, Catherine Parham, Walter Piekielniak, Zenon Pietkiewicz, Jean Plaag, Theodora Pone. Theda Redd, Margaret Rossi, Ruth Schmidt, Francis Sheenan, Elaine Simon, Viola Smolinka Joe Sor- rentino. Harold Sparks. Theresa Stead, Marie Sullivan, Norma Temple, Gladys Tenney, Anne Timlio, Harriet Urbanik. Bill Vitez, Marie Weaver, Charlotte Weiner, Geraldine Winfield, Frances Wnuk, Rose Wnuk. B17 President. JULI-: D1 LOUIE Vice-President, SAMUEL CORTINA Secretary, CARMELA DI QUINZIO Trcamrcr, DORIS, ANSELMI George Nolon, Julius Ottobre. Class B18 Preshieut, HARRY TOPLEY Vig:efPrc.s-idcnt, MARIAN PI-:1'RINo Secretary, PIIYLLIS RAIJICE I Treasurer, WILLIABI I'IARRIS Doris Anselmi, Victor Bialopiotrowicz, Janet Byard, Leonard Can- ter, Bertha Chambers, Louetta Clyburn, Gloria Coianti, Warren Com- fort, Edward Constant, Samuel Cortina, Hazel David, Floyd Davis, Ronald Davis, George Dews, Raymond Dews, Jule Di Louie, Car- mella Di Quinzio, Lorretta Echenrode, John Ehas, Ann Evanlso, Robert Farrell, Sylvan Fell, Ethel Ferko, Maurice Garzio, Warren Getz, Amelia Krzyzanowski, Virginia McCullough, Anthony Mele, Grace Ambrose, Beatrice Amici, Jean Arnold, Margaret Badstuebner, Sadie Bahr, Marion Bertolone, Victoria Brooks, Ula Butler, Charles Cuttino, Edwin Goodwin, William Harris, Carole Hermann, Mil- dred Kushensky, Richard Mason, Elizabeth Oberding, Edmund Ober- dowski, Betty Orosz, Theresa Papa, Marian Petrino, William Pet- rone, Edward Phelps, Phyllis Radice, James Ransom, Mary Scandura, Frank' Schimpf, Mary Ellen Schulz, Thomas Silverman, Eleanore Smiegocka, Alfred Stapler, Leon ze , nes e ery arry op ey, eresa annacio. 0 I1 Yardley. I 174 J ard Stut r Er tSkk H T l Th Y ' Jh H. ,4g. h. B19 President, BETTY FENNELLI V ice-President, JANET KEARNS Sec'y-Treasurer, RQSALIE FIORE Maisto, Rebecca Majoros. Eleanor off, Ida Young, LeRoy Billups. B20 , h President, GINO GALLI Vice-President, INEz CIusrorARo Sec'y-Treasurer, PAT KELLY . V .af , -N' -"H ,, -31, f Q 'ii 3" ,Ml V f.,l-J :'-.fmt 'li' 'f ,gf:'gg-rW,Q3,,,rfY effing. ,,,y,i,.htg,1,,,,,,,a,jgNiffg-fra: I st 1,-var Claire Brzynski, Marie Cavella, Helen Clark, Eleanor Deitz, Joseph- ine Di Martino, George Frie, Geraldine Gage, Simon Garnich, Benedict Genevario, Helen Golden, Gloria Graham, Isabel Green, Betty Hale, Eyear Lee Hancock, Lillian Havran, Patricia Hemsley, Sue Hirch, Margaret Hmelar, Carl Holcombe, Ruby Holmes, Iona Ingram, Edith Jackson, Marjorie Johnson, Ruth Lymer, Desdemona Mendrey, Elaine Milner, Clara Woolf, Stephanie Wszolak, Margaret Wyck- Charles Alexander, Milton Boule, Nick Bozsolyak, Agnes Constance, Inez Cristofaro, Pauline Dick, Virginia Dougherty, Betty Fiore, Frank Fuccello, Gino Galli, John Gavenda, Viola Giquinto, Harold Gould, Filomena Grasselli, Sybilla Grover Lillian Hartman, Eugene ' Harnett, Joyce Hindley, Ethel Hora, Patrick Kelley, Mary Knowles, Gloria Kresge, Walter Kwoka, Norman Muks, Sam Spezzano, An- astasia Starski, William Stockley, Gladys Stoop Fred Tesarch. B21 Sponsor: MR. DEAL President, JOSEPH LEOPOLD Serrctary, RoBEu'rA HAaAs Trea.mrer, JEAN MORLEY Robert Acolia, Eunice Adams, Edward Bellan, William Boczany, Ozalee Bowman, Leo Bridgewater, Milton Canter, Paul R. Cham- bers, Peter Chrambanis, Paul Evans, Roberta Gage, Off"'-- Glenn, Guy Guenther, Roberta Habas, Bert Haveson, Fred Hermann, John Horner, Thomas Jablonski, Joseph Kolbecki, Vincent Kraemer, Jean Landolfi, Joseph Leopold, Robert Lippincott, Steve Madola, Tony Martelloni, Milton H. Martindell, Magdalen Melheison, Edward Moore, Melvin Moreland, Jean Morley, Bennie Moskowitz. " . , , B22 A President. JEAN SNOOK Vice-President, BARBARA ,SALVATINI Secretary, WILLIAM NEMETH Treasurer, RALPH PETERS Stella Bartosiewicz, Natalie Levie, Leatrice Lipshutz, John Madda- lena, Pauline Messino, Margaret Mihalchik, Karl Mihalik, Joe J. Nalbone, Joe' M. Nalbone, VVilliam Nemeth,- Edna. Nolan, Morton Nusblatt, George Nutt, William Oldenburg, Ralph Peters, Emil Petrecca, Andrew Petty, John Popivh, Norman Potts, Dick Pretty- man, Leon Prynoski, Phil Puerling, Jack Puliti, Virginia Race, Ed- ward Rector, Henry Rickles, Lloyd Ritter, Barbara Salvatini, Mari- lyn Siddall, Jean Snook, Fred Stemmer, White Chastine. 4 B23 President, J. ROBINSON TAYLOR Vice-President, KETURAI-I DILTS Siec'y- Treasurer, C HARLOTTE COOMBE Richard Carabelli, Robert Cily, Charlotte Coombe, Leo Cooney, Wil- liam Crona, Barbara Cumpston, Manuel Davis, John De Umberto, Keturah Dilts, Michael Drobnek, Henry Drozdowicz, Elizabeth Fischer, Henry Fysz, Marion Gavenda, Ogden Glen, Robert Holmes, LeRoy Leahy, Harold Lloyd, Graham McChesney, Fred Rogers, Fred Schindler, Thelma Stannard, Arlene Tams, Joseph Tanzone Robin- son Taylor, William Tkas, Thomas Tresansky, M. Jean Tully. Irene Turczyn, Mary Vinch, William Wah, Marion Washington, Catherine Willets, Muriel Williams, Edward Yaczko, Agnes Zuccarelll. B24 President, TEDDY GOITIEN Vice-President, GLORIA TRAVIS Secreldry, ETHEL UYHAZI Treasurer, JOSEPH Si1szKA erine zindl, Philomena zook. Maurice De Vaul, Donald Fell, Frank Ferrari, Richard Fisher, Leo Foxy Robert Giacobbi, Teddy Gaitien, Harry Graf, Henry Graya, Walter Hart, Fred Hatrak, Jack Seitz. Joseph Suszka, Raymond Tantum,ANorma Toter, Gloria Travis, Rose Turca, Sammie Tyler, Regina Uhaze,, Doris Unnerzagat, Theresa Urbana. Ethel Uyhazi, Margaret Valentine, Louise Van Aken, Agnes Wargo, Manon .Weber, Sorman Wishnow, Helen Yuncza, Barbara Zeyack, Cath- I1151 " T' B25 President, FLORENCE WHITEHEAD Vice-President, FRANK RADICE Scc'y-Treasurer, ROBERT H. SAGGAT George'Walker, Shirlev Weiss, Florence Jean Wilson, Joseph Zuccarello. B26 President, CLARE DOOLING Vice-President, MADELYN SCOTT Sec'y-Treasurer, IOLA SANTILLI B27 , President, CATHERINE MoRAmTo Vipc-President, .ANTOINEFFE MAZZILL Sec'y-Treasurer, PRISCILLA BAKATY n . . B28 President, EVERETT Woon lficc-President, JOSEPH CUCINOTTA Secretary, DANIEL D1F1L1PPo Treasurer, ANTHONY BIESIADA Edward Holub, loseph Isenman, Steve Jackson, Joseph Jarusewski, Barzillai Kirby, Theodore Kondor, Edward Kopec, Julius Kostyu, Wilfred Lambert, Anthony Lamonica, Louis Maggi, Felix Quinto, Frank Radice, Robert Saggat, Richard Savage, Ralph Shearer, Lewis Shinkle, Irving Silver, Richard Springsteen, DonaldlStein- metz, Alex Stillano, George Strats, Edward Urbaniak, Teddy Waiter, Whitehead, Muriel Whyte, Annabelle Williams, Doris Williams, June Ditmars, Doris Elder, Verna Fierabend, Mollie Frankenlield, Lucy Frascella, Sophie Gapinski, Mar Grifone, Ruth Hallmark, June Halpin, Elsie Janovsky, Claire Kubinski, June Lloyd, Pauline Sackin, Mary Scully, Jennie Seamon, Stella Serback, Vera Servis, Ruth Shanberg, Delilah Shaw, Marion Shipp, Anna Sinwick, Ruth Smith, Betty Sullivan, Irene Hoffman, Eleanore Savko. Priscilla Bakaty, Doris Beach, Anna Berner, Ann Bezek, Mary Jane Brown, Betsy Ciesielska, Doris Compton, Louise Costantino, Philo- mena D'Errico, Lucy Martucci, Antoinette Mazzill, Nora Meiehan, Alice Mitchell, Catherine Morabito, Rose Moriconi, Della Nash, Rosaline Olinsky, Marie Orsi, Anne Pelczar Dorothy Philips, Ther- esa Pieslak, Yolanda Pregg, Mildred Ranto, Margaret Walsh. Clifford Adams, Wesley Alexander, Winfield Allen, Jack Armstrong, John Bain, Leon Berliacqua, Kenneth Birkhead, James Black, Fritz Bodmer. Donald Bossmann. Roland Burchell, Joseph Byra, Robert Cary, Charles Chimera. John Clark, Charles Coley, Horace Craft, John Deorocki, Leon Klotz, Robert McHugh, Michael Margitan, Gene Melone, Jack Pacera, Donald Perkins, Arthur Perlitch, Alfred Popkin, Henry Sturgis, Alexander Zaborornak, Robert Babuschak, Dominic Botteri, John Canto, Pasquale DeBlasio, John Rura. B29 President, STEVE PRAZENKA Vice-President, CLARENCE MULLEN L Sec'y-Trea,rurer, CHARLES MUTCHIGA B30 Pijesnicnt, DOMINICK AZZARIO V ice-President, GEORGE SowA Secretary, STANLEY LEwANnowsK1 Treasurer, JOSEPH GENDUSI B31 Prasidcnt, CHARLES BROWN Ificc-President, ALBERT SMITH Sqc'y-'Trgasurer, EDWARD KLENK Kenneth Bleakley, Joseph De George, Frank Kohler, Joseph Marl, Frank Marchetti, Julius Mills, Clarence Mullen, Charles Mutchiga, Robert Pachuta, Russell Pauline, Carlton Pratt, Wesley Rupell, George Shinkel, Richard Seabridge, Arthur Shack, Fred Sickels, John Sondy, Leon Vansant, Andrew Voscek, Ware Gordon. John Alphonse, Ray Bonanni, Kenneth Fuller, Julian Groch, Joseph Imbalzano. Earl, Lambert, Barney Oliver, Ernest Parrey,-Andrew Partyka, Toby Pontani, Peter La Franko, Edward Scanlon, Colin Williams, Ted Wortowicz. Samuel Bagley, William Beres, Charles Brown, Richard Chmiel- ewski, Joseph Dietrich, Fernando Ferrari, Santino Funari, John Heil, Norbert Hirst, Edward Janutewicz, Edward Klenk, Andrew Mangus, Frank Mastrogiouanni, .John Mikita, Michael Sabo, Wil- liam Saproni, william Schultz, William Scharzwalder, Albert'Sm1th, ,lack Smith, Joseph Stein, Edmund Stygar, James Toliver, Nich Un- bano, Bernard Velivis, Ed Vereen, Don Ward, Willard Wildonger, Siegfried Wozniak. 11761 X: ,Vg , F fix um ,X X555 sf? f's'l J., 3551 ,US Rig Sophomm e Classes ,E Y A r-1 +"'-ffevfrt' I' I "EW l President, DANIEL COLIICCI Vice-President, ROBERT CLENDENING Secretary, JUNE BULLocIc Treasurer, CONSTANCE FOSTER Augustyn, Catherine Augustyniak, Felice Bastian, Edna Bennett, Donald Black, Jane Brezel, William Bullock, June Burns, Robert Burnett, Elizabeth Cammarata, Sarah Castaldo, Nancy Chetnecky, Irene Chmielewski, Frances Chrzanowski, Eleanor Clendening, Robert Coggins, Olive Collins, Edith Colucci, Daniel Cooper, Emily President, DoNALn GEROFSKY Crawford, Elizabeth Danieski, Cecelia David, Rose Lee Davidowick, Albert Davis, Mary C. Denito, Anthony Doan, XVilliam Donigan, Mary Dzurisin, Margaret Edwards, Marcella Erni, Priscilla Feehan, Mae Ferrio, Emilia Fisher, Allen Foster, Constance Franko, Margaret Gruszloric, John McCormack, Catherine Tazzi, Evelyn Vice-President, JAMES KINNEVY Secretary- Treasurer, FLORENCE LAxoM sm Cruce, Juanita Gerofsky, Donald Grant, Marguerite Gortat, Margaret Gray, Helen Green, Dorothy Grosso, Ann Haviland, Ruth Hawks, Helen Herrera, Frank Hreha, Frances Hritz, Stephen Keepheart, Stewart Kennedy, Dolores Kinnevy, James Krisak, Jean Krol, Helen Lakomski, Florence Lawrence, Viola Levenson, Silvia Lynch, Marjorie President, MORTON SELENICK Vice-President, ARTHUR STOUT Secretary, JENNIE SCIARROTTA Treasurer, 'MARY SAEITINI Rayfalski, Rose Reynolds, Harry Roberts, Florence Russo, Arthur Sands, Gertrude - Santini, Erma Schwarts, Irving H781 , 1 Martin, Pauline Martonick, Mary Martus, Marie Mastalesn, Ann McDade, Alice Miller, Dorothy Mohr, Marjorie Morello, Louis Mule, Catherine Motta, Eleanor Ozga, Henry Poster, Margaret Petix, Josephine Putchat, Carl Reynolds, Betty Repole, Jean Ricciardi, Margaret Romano, Frances Scheurman, Dorothy Shashinka, Mary Sclavi, Frances Scott, Elmer Serbuy. Walter Sessa, Donald Singletary, Olen Smedley. Betty Smith, James Sorce, Mary Sullivan, Dorothy Sutak, Margaret Suverkrop, Margaret Swartz, Jean Tabola, Jennie Tarby. Betty Tarnowski, Helen Thompson, Ethel Tindall, Nelson Tobolski, Alfred Tuccillo, Fred 5 : tv. Tucker, Robert Tunstall, Elmer Turetzly, Mary Uhaze, Norman Vasti, Angelo Waloski, Clara Watson, Irene Werts, Richard Weston, Dolores Yesensky, Mary Zarnotsky, Evelyn Zadanowicz, Ruth C4 President, CARLTON BAZZEL V ice-President, GLORIA GRA1-'R Secretary, CHARLOTTE FOSTER Treasurer, LEON COOPER Acquaviva, Vincent Alby, Magdalene Baldwin, Jean Bate, Dorothy Baus, Elmer Bazzel, Carlton Becker, Marilyn Berkowitz, Harriet Bogart, Grace Brailey, Helen Bruce, Betty' Burtis, Joyce Campbell, Charles Chapman, Hope Clayton, Virginia Cominsky, Charlotte Cooper, Leon Craft, 'Dolores Daisley, Marjorie Dorn, Sondra Emmons, Naomi Erbe, Jane Fessler, James Fine, Eleanor Forster, LeRoy Foster, Charlotte Graff, Gloria Graham, Ruby Grimshaw, Jean Hamm, Regina Hansen, Jane Hartman, Patience Hill, Barbara Hirsch, Martin Holsneck, Catherine Hopkins, Helen James, Allette Johnson. Sarah De Fillipo, Frances Jones, Fredrick Dobin, Joel C5 President, JEAN LENOX Vice-President, ALBERT WRIGHT Secretary, DORIS PULONE Treasurer, DAVID VINE Kasser, Frances Koslow, Harold Kunis, Edith La Carty, June Levin, Bernice Levine, Allen Levine, Ruth Levy, Stanford Lippincott, Marie Louria, Miriam Lynn, Shirley Mayer, Marva Moore, La Verne Murphy, Glenn Naples, Daniel Parham, Ella Mae Petrino, Daniel Purcell, Robert Reeves, Barbara Robbins, Norma Rolnick, Ruth Salun. Madeline Saperstein, Paul Shick, George Siegel, Marcia Simons. Sidney Smith, Evelyn Snydover, Anita Steinmetz, Carl Stephan, Lorraine Stephens. Gloria Virok, Elizabeth Waldron, Mildred Waters, Martin White, Dorothy VVilIiams. Fanny WVilson, Gloria Zuckerman, Samuel ima -f President, CHARLES FITZCHARLES Vice-President, ROBERT F1-:non Secretary, BRUCE ANDREWS Treasurer, ALLEN GILINSKY Andrako, Edward Andrew, Charles Bear, Joseph Beatty, Sarah Behm, John Bernhardt, Norman Billings, Robert Bobko, Eugene Bogage, Joseph Borden, Barbara Bradbury, Ralph Cohn, Lorraine Cole, John Commini, Leonard Cooper, Florence Cox, Joseph Davis, William Denzler, Edwin Prr.vz'dvnt, CAROL MUSCHERT Derrico, John Dolton, Edward Dorety, Mary Durostanti, Nicholas Ehret, Richard' Entin, Robert Epstein, Miriam Fedor, Bob Fletcher, Willie Floyd, Samuel Forman, William Frie, Marjorie Gadecki, Edward Gallena, Paul Gates, Robert Greenberg, Edwin Gross, Muriel Orosz, Anthony Vice-President, HILMAR JENSEN Secretary-Treasurer, RosE MARIE SCHARER Harney, Jean Hendrickson, Marion Hutchinson, Gloria Jensen, Hilmar Klein, Audrey Knight, Peggy Lou Lanning, Annette Le Bair, Walter Levenstein, Jonas Lloyd, Dick Mackenzie, Isabelle Marhafka, George Martin, Rita Mather, Frances McClellan, Kenneth Miliacci, Frank Minotti, Salvatore Mohline, Muriel Morrison, Robert Murphy, Marion Muschert, Carol Muir, VVinifred Motchnik, Walter Novack, Roberta O'Shea, Charles Pettinichio, John Pitcher, Jean Przenieniecki, George Purdy, Joan Radice, Michael . A,- , ,,, . . Q Tallone, Anthony Thomas, Edith Thomas, Juanita Tompson, Melvin Thorne, Charles Thorpe, Ernestine Tindall, Jean Tkac, Henry Ullrick, Joanne Unsworth, Richard Van Horn, Saomi Vrana, Frank President, RAYMOND FEBO Waganowicz, Leon Ward, Eula Mae Warren, Frank Welliver, Bill Wheatly, Barbara Wietecha, John Williams, Anna Williams, Ethel Williams, Ida Mae Williams, Robert Wilson, Mae Vice-Prcshlcnt, ALBERT COCULO Secretary-Trcasiarvr. MARIE BLACKWELL Aaronson, Anna Marie Adams, Mildred Allen, Annie Anderson, Betty Barczewski, Sophie Blackwell, Marie Brozda, Frances Cartlidge, Leon Chiarelli, Josephine Chiarello, Theresa Chorba, James Coculo, Albert Corrigan, Eileen Cracker, Catherine Devey, Robert Domanski, Joseph Dworak, Helen Esposti, Edmond Rhoads, William C10 . Richardson, Elaine President, MILDRED HERBERT Richardson. Rose Marie V ice-President, FRED HANNEL gggliegs' Secretary, MARGARET KRAUN Rosin. 'Irene y Treasurer, HAROLD MUHS Scharer, Rose Marie President, CLEMENTINE SCHINDEWOLF Virc-Praridcn-1, HowARD DAIL Secretary, DGLORES SENSI Treasurer, ROBERT WILLIAMS Eaton, John Miklos, Francis Schwartz, Stanley Shaffer, Janice Sharpe, lane Smith, Elinor Snead, William Steward, Gladys Stewart, Dorothy Stoj, Leon Sutterley. George Sutterley, Jack Swain, Patricia Swern, Doris Arsen, Alice Patalini, Alma Golya, Malvin Goodwin, Kenneth Graboyes, Thelma Guthrie, Henrietta Haferkorn, Charlotte Hannel, Fred Hazinski, Alice Heinrich, Clara Herbert, Mildred Hickey, Alice Hillman. Marie Ialacci, Ida Inaneci, Elizabeth Inman, Ruth Jeanette, Rose Kalencke, Henry Kever, Marion Kato, Josephine Fabbro, Margaret Faley, Olga Fallara, Carl Farina, Marian Farro, Dorothy Febo, Raymond F errare, James Ferraro, Rose Gamane, Frank Giordano, Luke Golembiewski, Henry Goleniecka, Louise Hendricks, Theodore Metcalfe, Allen Pippitt, Raymond Richner, Dorothy, Wilson, Robert ' Klama, Adolph Kraun, Margaret Krzywulak, Bernard La Rendeu, Florence Leo, Marie Leary, Agnes Lechowicz, Florence Leese, Dorothy Levine, Blanche Levitt, Kathleen Luciano, Pasquale MacNeal, Robert Manal, Frank Massiniliano, Dolivia Mattalesno, Alphonse Mays, Helen . Migliccio, Carmela Mizsak, Mary Muhs, Harold' , Nuva, Josephine H791 Perschelli, Fanny Schulthies, Robert C14 4 "' ' ' T nf .-mvgvyrrs Lfffw. J . Y- 1 w. 15 cn ,V Preshient, RICHARD URICH I Vice-President, NORMAN RICKERT 3 Secretary-Treasurer, JOHN SCACCETTI i, Filipowicz, Genevieve Sarrio, William li Pauline, Louise Saccetti, John Pilla, Jeanette Piscopo, Tina - Poole, Edison Olkowski, Thomas Rackowski, Naomi Rainbow, Elaine Rehak, Betty Reid, Patricia M. Resnick, Jules Rickert, Norman Rittman, Charles Roba, Anna Rogaclewski, Elizabeth Rowan, Jack Rubin, Milton Rybeck, Virginia Scibek, Lottie Siciliano, Joan Skrajewski, Francis Stoop, June Stout, Doris Sudol, Cecelia Truch, Helen Urick, Richard Vaughan, Norman Vitella, William Warren, Charles Weinstein, Frances Williams, Melvin Wilson, Ernest ' Wilson, Frances Wormley, Claudius C12 . Presidenl, JOSEPHINE FARNEL1. V ice-President, VINCENT CALADRESE Sfffffdfj'-TVGUSIIVKV, KATHERINE ARONE Agabito, Iola Amato, Helen Antonish, Margaret Arminti, Alfred Arone, Katherine Ayres, Florence Barclay, William Barnes, Irene Barnett, Doris Barneta, James Benedette, Catherine Beveridge, Dorothy Blinn, June Brennan, Doris Brown, Florence Bucher. Maryella Byer, Miriam Calabrese, Vincent Cebula, Florence Cohen, Myrtle Roriell, Mae Covert, Margaret Dauphans, Marie Davis, Katherine Dutch, Eleanor Dignazio, Marie Dillon, Dorothy Doolan, Eleanor Dougherty, Betty Ernest, Jane Farnell, Josephine Federico, Carmella Fell, Betty Frey, Patricia Fritz, Margaret Garson, Martha Caplin, Geraldine Rose, Pasquale Carvale, Helen if I ,4 C13 f President, CATHERINE KAWKA Vive-President, ROBERT LAIRD Q1 Secretary, BEATRICE KowALsKI A' Treasurer, KATHERINE KEUPI-:R A Gennella, Frances Gernhart, Marjorie Grammari, Angeline Giovanetti, Jean Groh, Loretta Harris, Daniel Hellman, Dorothy Hill, Gloria Hills, Grace Holcombe, Richard Holloway, Ernest 11801 Hunt, William Ianni, Flora Inman, June Johnson, Harold Johnson, Lonnie Johnson, Vera Karpinski, Virginia Kelsey, Julius Kemler, Audrey Kerbec, Delores King, Elinor Klein, Charlotte Kohn, Jeanie Kramarz, Helen Kravitz, Eudell Krouse, Betty Larason, Irene President. SANDY POMPEI Secretary, Rov PHELPS Lovett, Betty Malinowski, Helen Mannon, Jean Manze, Marie Marino, Catherine Mattalino, Josephine Treasu-rer, EDITH MOSTRANGELI Bruce, Jerold Menghini, Cesira Mitrocsak, Alma Moore, Verna Morichelli, Norma Morten, Leila Nicolai, Louise O'Donnell, Miriam Opalski, Doris Pagliaro, Lorraine Pasierb, Claire Perlingiere. Tommasina Petschelt, Harriet Phelps. LeRoy Pierce, Margaret Piraino, Josephine Pyentak, Helen Rafferty, Vera C15 Raughley, Kenneth Ronin, Leonard Rosenthal, Gloria Sagorsky, Renee Saylor, Madeline Scully, Anne- Sigafoos, Estella Sokolowski, Wanda Sorrentino, Mary Sortor, Harry Spoto, Mary Stec, Irene Stelle, Clifford Van Ness, Marilyn Weber, Fay Whortenberry, Janet Weinstein, Harold Wolti, Gladys President, BLACEY COMMERATTA Vice-President, GEORGE B01-IONYI Secretary-Treasurer, MARION DENNIS Angelini, Livio Anastasio, Parmena Angelo, Paul Barczewski, Irene Barnes, Miriam Bavol, Margaret Bennett, Betty Bohonyi, George Bojko, Pauline Buckley, Daniel Campbell, Myrtle Canatelli, Helen Capik, Helen Capezzi, Grace Cicchitti, Josephine Clark, Ruth Colocello, Marffaret Commeratta, Blacey Cone, Alice C16 Presidvn t, JACK M ANcINo Cook, Blanche Cook. Charles Dale, Richard Davis, Norman Dennis, Marion Duncan, Violet Eeck, Anna Eggert, Richard Exton, Doris Fabian. Jane Falchi, Rose Ferguson, Mary Fiore. Rose Garzillo, Marie Goodwin, George Gruschow, June Guedotti, Pat Haney. Jean Harris, Gloria Vice-President, VERA KODYTI-:K Secretary-Trfmrurer, SAMUEL LAGANA Hofing, Sylvia Hohmann, Bertha Hopkins, Phyllis Iopson, Jean Kalinowski, Eugene Kellett, Anna Kessler, Ruth Kossakowski, Helen Lanzi, Guy Leammore, Benny Le Compte, Warren Lepkowski, Jeannette Lipitz, Alvin Lipski, Rose Marchetti, Louis Marina, 'Angeline Martine, Ray Mihalow, Stephen Mituri, Anna Muccie, Anthony Nerwinski, Helen Newbon, Vivian Novembre, Louise Paglinca, Lena C17 President, EDWARD STEEFY V ict'-President, BETTY WAYDA Scereiary, NELLIE SPERAZZA Treaszzrcr, ROBERT SWEENEY Denelsbeck, Marian De Sosa, Grace Glatz, Joseph Robinson, Jean Shiarappa, Rocco Spalinski, Margaret Sperazza, Nellie Stanzione, Carmela Starzyk, Helen Steepy, Edward Stranko, Susanne Strava, Anna Sweeney, Robert Tammaro, Pasquale Taylor, Beatrice Terone, Fannie Tramontano, Charles Urbano, Mary Vagnozzi, Elizabeth Van Dorn, Barbara C18 President, IRMA CRISTOFARO Vice-President, JEAN HUNTER Secretary, MARX' CLOSSON Treasurer, DOROTHY HARTLEY Anthony, Carl Bradshaw, Fred Brennan, Jack Bruther, James Carter, Hope Constantini, Albert Corrado, Bridget Council, Elizabeth Cross, Evelyn Dileo, Matthias Druch, Jean Dymowski, Henry Eickhorn, Jeas Embley, William Ernest, Marilyn Freeman, Dorothy Funari, Milton Gennari, Lydia . vamp, ,.,., fe-, Petrangeli, Albert Petro, Eugene Petroni, Mafalda Petty, Virginia Potacki, Lottie Robbins, Elsie Russo, Rose Salentre, Florence Santilli, Mary Sciarrotta, Pete Sclavi. Kathleen Vannozzi, Anna Vasily, John Viglione, Romeo Volk, Margaret Voscek, Anna Walker, Anna Wayda, Betty Weber, Jean Wenczel, Florence Whelan, Eleanor Wicjan, Helen Wiedmann, Carl Wildenhofer, Jean Wilkinson, Virginia Williams, Betty Winder, Shirley Winkler. Verna Wood, Howard Zoltanski, Edward Giallella, Sebastian Gromes, Melvin Gross, Miriam Gusz, Madeline Hancock, Lilly Harrison, Elizabeth Hawksworth, Harrison Higginbotham, Aloysius Hirsh, Shirley Hirshberg, Marvin Hutchinson, Louise Jokiel, Anna Jones, Lewis Kaplan, Adele Knoblaulk, Katherine Korzen, Mary Kramer, Ellen Stemmer, Robert C19 , President, WILLIAM TUCKER Vice-President, MTCHAEL PETRINO Secretary-Treasurer, MARJORIE SMITH La Guardia, Richard Reili, Lawrence Leone, Joseph Lippencott, Donald Lucidi, Rena h Mansure, Eleanor Maruska, Madeline McFarlene, Kenarick Milacci, Fred Montooth, Frank Murphy, Helen Nacel, Bernice Petrino, Michael Nagele, Carl Phillips, Samuel Picolella, Josephine Pone, Dorothy Poreda, Edward Rein, Frank C20 Presidfnl, LILLIAN KUZMA Vice-President, JANET LEw1s Secretary, JEANETTE BELLETT Treasurer, MHIISLAUS Lis Adelstein, Hannah Albano, Marian Ashbeck, Gladys Bajek, Josephine Bella, Joseph Bellett, Jeanette Bowden, Anne Carter, Carolyn Cicchetti, Evelyn Cooper, Dorothy Donohue, Ellen Dow, Laura Frascella, Marian Gordon, Nathan Guhl, Jack Hunt, Margaret Komlosy, Betty Kulicozkowska, Ann Kuzma, Lillian La Bella, Susan C21 President, Rlsrow BRUCE Vice-President, BETTY REID Secretary, DOROTHY BRI-:zA Trea.ru1'er. CAROLINE CHATY Agabiti, Chester Amisson, Leon Angelini, Arthur Annucci, Anthony Baker, Thomas Bayless, Thomas Benetto, John Bernhard. Harry Bodnar, Frances Richardson, Vivien Rinkus, Vincent Ryan, Donald Ryan, Richard Salt, Russell Sanders, - Minnie Saraco, Carmela S'cabarozi, Elsa Scheetz, Samuel Sclesinger, ' Ruth Servis, Helen Sharw, Clarence Smith, Marjorie Sneddon, John Spenanza, Richard Stam, Elmer Teschke, Moe Tucker, William Lee, Hazel Lewis, Janet Light, Melvin Lis, Mecislaus Lyons, Barbara Madden, Blanche Manuguerra, Ann ' Marsiani, Josephine Moore, Thomas Mydlowska, Regina Olbrys, Bernard Pagliaro, Carmine Pagliaro, Margaret Panasowick, Cecilia Patricelli, Robert Pearl, Betty Pitonyak, Helen Pozzi, Ettore Rednor, Barry Syzio, Ladislana Boor, Joh11 Breza, Dorothy Bruni, Albert - Brun, Richard Burd, David Burrough, Wallace Bynum, Dorothy - Camuse, Carter Cappello, Eleanor H811 Hemler, John Carabelli, Peter Carey, Miriam Carnevale, Caroline Carrick, Richard Celinski, John Chaty, Caroline Chech, Albert Conti, Angelo Csogi, Joe C22 President, DAVID ETTINGER V :cc-President, TED SOUDERS Cuccinotta, Samuel Pipino, Josephine Polito, Jennie Probala, Thomas Raga, Thomas Reid, Elizabeth Rich, Samuel Ristow, Bruce .Secretary-Treasurer, GLADYS SEABRIDGE De Angellis, Louise De Marco, Ralph Di Marco, Anthony Doolan, Claire Dooling, William Elias, Georgene Elko, Anna Ettinger, David Engelhardt. Paul Freund, William Getz, Eugene Giaquinto, Tony Gooch, Merle Grantosky, Edward Guadagno, Benny Hahn, Elizabeth Haller, John Hasson, James C23 President, JOHN O'DowD Heim, George Hochrieter, William Jacobs, Edwin Jones, Hannah Jones, Lucille Jones, Rethelee Jones, Virginia Keller, William Kelly, Michael Rutkin, Isadore Scarlata, Charles Schultz, Elizabeth Seabridge, Gladge Shelmet, Frank Sikos, William Solinski, Joseph Souders, Theodore Vice-President, STANLEY MATECKI Sccrdary-Treaszircr, GRACE PINELLI King, Alma Kinsey, Odessa Kirkham, Frank Klein, Jackson La Bella, Amalia Laster. Alfreda Law, Clara Lesczynski, Andrew Lesko, Bernard Longo, John Longs, Althema Martin, Paul Matecki, Stanley Maurio, Thomas Maurio, Vincent McGlone, John Miller, Adolph Moffet, Bob 4 . lresidcnl, RICHARD BARLOW Mullen, Charles Nemchik, Lorraine O'Dowd, John Ononati, Constance Orloski, Doris Palejczyk, Edward Patrick, Catherine Paydan, Walter Pennachio, George Perry, William Petrely, Charles Sperazza. Frank Tarbay, Michael Taylor, Helen Taylor, Lloyd Tiberi, Dora Toleno, Frank Ubuch, Ray Varsalcna, Frances Lice-President, MILTON FEN'roN S'ccrrtary, MADALINE CZARNIKOWSKI Treasurer, EDITH BALI. Adler, Milton Ahlm, John Allen, Gustine I 182 J Anderson, Dolores Barlow, Richard Barsamila, Harry Ball, Edith Banker, Lorraine Belleville, Robert Blumenthal, Bernard Buicy, Helen Butcher, Elizabeth Caputi, Leonard Colati, Julia. Coleman, Dixon Cook, Elizabeth Cortina, John Cottrell, Dorothy Cranston, Lois Croasdale, Doris Czarnikowski, Madaline Dietrich, Helen C25 President, SHIRLEY KIRBY T! if"""Z"lTTf? Ditmars, Ronald Edelman, Fannie Farinella, Paul Finkle, Elliott Floyd, Buell Fosque, Icla ' Frankel, Hervey Frey, Richard Green, Laradeen Harrison, Dolores Menton, Mildred Morse, Charlotte Murphy, Mary Muskewitz, Dolly N ardone, Josephine Vice-President, RICHARD HAa'rs HORN Secretary, BESSIE JOHNSON Treasurer, VIRGINIA Luz.-msxv Hartshorn, Richard Hearns, Dorothy Heath, Virginia Henigan, Argie Henry, Julie Hodges, Dorothea Holbert, Clara Husid, Ivan Ionni, Anna Jedrzejczyk, Walter Johnson, Bessie Johnson, Evelyn Johnson, Margaret Johnston, Marilyn Kelly, Lena Kibble, Frank Kirby. Shirley Kryzanowski, Victoria Landolfi, Caroline Lawton, Garnet C26 President, HELEN SVELTA Linowitz, Naomi Littmann, Johnny Longo, Dominic Losowski, Irene Luzansky, Virginia Martin, Richard Martin, Dolores Matlowski, Virginia McGinley, Elaine McRae, Lerlwood Miller, Douglas Miller, Elsie Moore, Dorothy O'Brien, Irene O'Connor, Tomasina Ostermier, Marie Parrey, Ida Pasawicz, Ethel Phillips, Ann Ratcliffe, Catharine Vice-President, CORNELIE ROCKHILL Sei-refary, JANICE S'roUr Trcasurcr, FRED ZAUNEE Di Rizzio, Frank Funari, Naldo Gensinger Dorothy Parrish, Bill Pietras, John Reilley, Joan Rich, Gloria Richardson, Thelma Robinson, Theodore Rockhill, Cornelie Rorro, Louis Rose, Mary Esther Roth, Frank Ruth, Harold Salz, Louis Schroeder, Catherine Shaffer, Minerva Sikoski, Edward Silver, George ' ILL ,.-l ,J .. l Stockley, Bernice Stout, Janice Svelta, Helen Szaloney, Joseph Thomas, Henry Thompson, Madeline Tomlinson, Mary Toth, Edith Valerie, Sue Viteritto, Anthony Viteritto, Thomas Warner. William Wereski, Paul Wieezkowski. Regina Williams, Pierre Williamson, Nancy Young, Doris bmparelli, Anthony Zauner, Fred M ' 8, ,rr fr 'gif K, .serie-.Riff-f1":fL2'-:E .sw Q C27 C30 President, FLORENCE QUINN President, ANTHONY MONTI Vice-President, MADELINE HENRY Vife'P"C'-fidfllfr EDWARD GALICKI Secretary, JOSEPHINE MITURI Secrdary' LOUIS TOTE Treasurer, WILLIAM TERESKY Treasurer, HELEN PLANK Adams, Lois Applegate, Dorothy Bishop, Elma Blaner, Mary Bradley, Eunice Bristow, Evelyn Finklestein, Pearl Fantauzzo, Marie Hodson, Mildred Jacob, Irma James, Doris Lorretucci, Matilda Maddalin, Angeline Manto, Mary C28 President, E M ILY LISCHER Marsley, Isabel MacArthur, Joyce McLaughlin, Flora Miller, June Mauer, Alice Monnoleto, Carmela Morris, Lillian Paterra, Louise Sabo, Marie Sadowski, Olga Vanderhoff, Ethel Vanderhoff, Janice Vogel, Mary Vice-President, NANCY HENRY Secretary, JOAN EGAN I rcasurer, JoYcE GI-:ARREN Bentivogli, Gloria Bochencki, Bernadette Bodner, Anna Burton, Sally Casole, Mary Collins, Irene Coppola, Mary Cristello, Louise Crutchley, Gladys Durcio, Marie Davey, Anne Davis, Carol Davis, Martha Demko, Lillian Dennis, Mary Dockery, Betty Egan, Joan C79 President, STEPIII-:N ADAM Seeretary- Treasurer THOMAS Adam, Stephen Allen, Samuel - Amadio, John Amico, Cataldo Antheil. Walter Armitage, Harry Astore, Fred J. August, Edward Blomiardo, John Boland, John Boruto, Victor Britton, Eugene Bromer, Harold Brown, Edmund Burd, William Bystrzycki, Raymond Christ, Richard Crosek, Edward Fischer, Emily Gearren, Joyce Gilbert, Gloria Henry, Nancy Kaviewcki, Lillian Klimchewski, Johanna Krolewicz, Vanda Makuch, Virginia Merlo, Mary Miller, Mary Olkowski, Anne Trunko, Betty Sikos, Helen Smythe, Grace Snow, Ethel Waropay, Regina Wolverton, May RYAN Comaty, Joseph E. D'Angelo, Joseph Devlin, Arthur Dickson, Richard Di Gaetno, William Donehower, John Dresner, Louis Dynarski, Alec Faggello, Peter Falconio, Rudolph Federkiewicz, Edward Infanti, Rudy Janeczek, Edwin Janos, William Jasienski, Casimir Perro, Frank Ryan, Thomas Crea, Paul Davis, Willard Di Stefano, Alphonso Dougherty, John Fiscione, Albert Fort, George Frey, Max Funkle, Frank Gallo, Nicholas Galicki, Edward Gatti, Carl Giambrone, James Gibbs, Edward Gorski, Alex Green, Thomas Grillo, Patsy Monti, Anthony Nalbone, John C31 President, GEORGE HALSTEAD Naylor, Howard Niski, Michael Nutt, Warren Ondrushek, Alex Orlowski, Stan Otto, Jack Pelehaty, John Piccollela, Frank Piccone, John Pizzello, Frank Post, Bruce Purdy, John Randolph, Alphonso Robinson, Oscar Russo, Carl Teresky, William Toth, Louis Verdicci, Vincent Vice-President, EARL KAMINSKI Secretary-Treasurer, RALPH INIAIELLO Acquaviva, Biagio Bayless, William Bodeneveisei, Ralph Campo, Fred Caserto, Carl Chopan, Nickael Farley, Walter Halstead, George Hoffman, Mathias Ialacci, Dante Kalinowski, Ray Kamenski, Earl Kasica, John Kasper, Walter Kerbec. Cornelius Kowalik, John C32 Lannutti, Dominick Lesczynski, Edward Lindenthal, Walter Madden, Charles Maiello, Ralph Marino, Sam Marsala, Pilip Medkiff, Paul Sapp, Vincent Schwartz, Howard . Seligman, Fred Spain, John Spencer, Wilbur - Taylor. Charles Tazza, Dominic President, ALPRED NEUSCHAEI-'ER Vice-President, GUY Lo BUE Secretary, VIOLET LANZI Treasurer, MARIE MATELENA Illuminate, Dominick Kowalski, Walter Kozicz, Ernest Kozinski, Genevieve KuliII, John La Bras, Louis Lanzi, Violet Le Bon, Loice Leggio, George Lewandowski, Vitold Lo Bue, Guy Lucas. Leslie Ludecke. Charles Mahan, Fred Margiotti, Viola Matelena, Marie Marue, Frank McGovern, Thomas Meehan, Donald Meyers, James Miccio, Joseph Miceli, Joseph Michalak. Michael Miller, Charles Miller, Gerry Montgomery, Elizabeth Moreland, Daisy Moriton, William Muskewitz, Milton Neuschaefer, Alfred Nicolai, Remo Oleck, Frank Osler, William Overton, Hattie Parker, John Persi, Maurice ll83l C33 President, ANTHONY PEZZICOLA V ace-President, JoHN RICCARDI , -Secretary-Treasurer, VIVIAN STEPHENS F Anderson, Lawrence Bohm, Nicholas Bartlett, Phyllis Becker, William Herron, Joseph Petrangeli, Nestore Petranto, Russell Petruska, Julius Pollick, John Power, William Randak, John Reese, Robert Reily, William Robinson, Leona Sabol, John Salyga, Joseph Samonski, Thomas Santarsiero, Joseph Saunderson, Lillian Sbarro, Vincent Sereni, Leon Shelton, Leon Sibresto, Marco Snedeker, Alberta Soss, John Stevens, Margaret Suozzo, Joseph Sevalsky, Irving Terlecki, Edward Williams, Thomas Wisneuwski, Joseph Yates, Earl Yenny, William Zdanowitz, Stanley Zimmer, Frank Zuczek, Henry Bethea, James Beverly, William Bowden, Frank Boorer, Elsie Broadhus, George Brown, Jean Calderone, Sylvia Cook, Cleve Cox, Patricia Croker, Ruth Daver, Bette Di Nola, Nancy Di Vito, Fred Domanski, Loretta C37 President, ALAIRE LYNCH Vice-President, MARY MARION 34 President, HERMAN ENGLISH l ' Vice-President. CHARLES COLES 5' Secretary, DONALD ALEXANDER Treasurer, BEcKY WEITZENFELD Drach, Harriet Edinger, Beatrice Esposito, Edward Ferenci, Frances Ferri, Mary Flavin, Claire Fratto, Ruth Gage, Lucille Gazzillo, Susie Ginter, Dorothy Glonek, Elaine Gribbin. Claire Gusz, John Gura, Ethel Keens, Shirley Major, Marling Reed, Gerald Seeretary, GEORGIANA MIcHALcIIc Treasuren. 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Suggestions in the Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) collection:

Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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