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K .Y , :Nj J AQ q'w5L ,X Wm Q Q Q31 1 kai Q J A fl aff' if J 4 TRENTON CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL TRENTON - NEW JERSEY Order of Book EXPERIENCED FELLOWSHIP ..... Faculty ACHIEVEMENT THROUGH FELLOWSHIP . Projects A GOODLY FELLOWSHIP. . . . Seniors FELLOWSHIP IN SPORTS ...... Athletics WHEN GOOD FELLOWS GET TOGETHER . . Clubs 'A' 'ir if ir fl' HP M Eg ' Q me Nw, in 1 .,S'-,. 1 ,ij-:2 , - V iv .z,.., k D .--: Q, A J! ig .aw ' ,., ' ww zswi A 1 ' Wsig w k. . . -me ' if ' I ' X if sf gg Mr. , f , H. .wry w 'ifilvzfilr-2 i 1. VA, X .. , . Zkx, :'31ssW4gf'5ff Q , I' rm W 95 f, 5 , iw ,swiss T THIS time When various Euro- pean peoples are held together by the power of fear, hatred or despair, the happy unity of America stands as a bril- liant foil against World conliict and per- secution. Trenton Central High School with its forty-two hundred pupils is truly illustrative of the happy Ameri- can spirit of fellowship. Within this school, as in other schools of the nation, the heartening spectacle of worthy achievement through democratic and peaceful cooperation may still be ob- served. In Trenton High, the students do not consciously follow any inflexible plan or theme as they seek truth, reconcile differences, and Work for a better life. There has been, instead, a unifying sen- timent-a happy, industrious spirit of camaraderie - which underlies every phase of student activity. Consequently, in its attempt to mirror realistically the events of the past year, members of the Bobashela staff find that this sentiment inexorably presents itself for use as a theme which, they feel, may best be described as American Fellow- ship. I tit E51 In Recognition of His Cifvic Virtue and Helpful, Inspiring Fellowship R a period of twelve years, Dr. Charles P. Messick has served as a member of the Trenton Board of Education. His record of service during this period has been inspiring and con- structive. When he Hrst accepted his place on the board, Dr. Messick brought to the position the benefits of his experience as a teacher, a business man, and a community leader. As a result he has always been able to offer mature counsel and sympathetic understanding to the diverse problems of public instruction. Since his sustained service is a Worthy goal toward which the American layman may strive in the cause of education, We .ftfppreciatioely DEDICATE THE 1941 BOBASHELA to CHARLES P. MESSICK l6l CHARLES P. NIESSICK Ph.D., Ed.D. E71 Views of Beauty Old, Yet Efver New IN YEARS to come the memory of certain events Which transpired in 1940-41 will arouse anew a feeling of nostalgia for old, familiar places. The facade of Trenton High School, bril- liantly illuminated at night, is one scene with many happy associations. Arriving at school to Witness an operetta, a basket- ball game, or to spend the evening at a carefree dance, many students have seen the impressive architectural beauty of Trenton High at night. Q , L,4w.Nf, .,,..., Z ' ' Q 25235, , ggfggw fifi, f:e5Q'xis::.7 wwzszsifizia 'i ,f f ff!! fi. IM,,f-" A Y -, vip ,J , ,. Af" 1 h rf' ,wfligsrff ag v Mza4"'.4'Wlffflfifiiw' 4 A hw ww, Qiazfsi ff? Y f' W4 il " fit? ' aliiii. V sms: ,, I '34 J" xr" J 52:31, ' ,J Q 'wzizif' V A -L, V44 V, 2 45,151 ,nfl 7 Wm' Stiff? " wiv S , v,, u-,5 Qu, fy 'Z 9' f ff V . A IKE a symbol to our hopes and ambi- tions, the towering edifice of the school building has assumed to many students a significant place among the memories of friendly scenes. Viewed from afar its lofty timepiece has often cautioned some late student arrivals that: fflt is much later than you think." Looking at the environs of the school from the tower, we have seen a panorama of life and beauty which characterizes Trenton High. Together these scenes hold many happy remembrances for all of us. F v WTQQX, J D f uhm FT?" Trenton High School Has Its Own Wintersetggfii I 11 I OMETIMES a most unpretentious fix- ture becomes a landmark. Perhaps the future Will decree that status upon the lamp posts in front of the school. On cold Winter nights its Warm light brightens many a tired spirit as Well as illuminates the steps to the entrance of "WF V5.2-ff the school. In spring, when the Weather invites the student to tarry outside of the school building, the lamp post, for no good reason whatsoever, becomes a mecca for Trenton High youth. We picture the lamp post here as a rallying point for future reminiscences. :F . es ' 'im ...V K' ,N xwwm 71- Q :f x wb' at .L-ffwmh L'-was-w 'GQ' For Retrospect-Friends and A Lamp Post 13 Dr. Edward Jennings I ' Louis Marciante William R. Thorne James T. Knotts l Robert C. Belleville James Dwyer I. Herbert Levy Winfield S. Fell Mrs. James Ballantine Dr. Charles P. Messick Cooperation in Its Most BOARD OF EDUCATION WHEN cooperation has reached its highest A and most admirable form, it may truly be described as fellowship. Such an epithet must be used in describing the relationship which ex- ists between the Trenton Board of Education and the superintendent. lvlotivated by sincere interest in the welfare of youth, the board and llr. Loser have worked incessantly for the maintenance of a school system which would insruct its charges in the American way of life. Although the material facilities of education which they have provided are conducive to such a good, free way of life, a more potent factor in achieving this goal has been their example of democratic fellowship. L .wmwable Form Hlul Loser, M. A. As the leader of the Trenton school system, hir. Paul Loser has consistently demonstrated a happy combination of visionary educational philosophy and real business acumen. Under his guid- ance the progress of the Trenton public schools has been wisely directed according to the tenets of the best progressive thought and sound financial policies. Consequently, this guidance has meant un- interrupted achievement for our schools and has established the reputation of Mr. Loser for sound pedagogy and skillful adminis- tration. Thus, today as a result of his leadership, our schools are functioning efficiently and are gaining the Well-deserved plaudits of laity and educators alike. fl5 Experienced Fellowship Paul R. Spencer, Ph.D. EVER responsive to the changing World and its implications for education, Dr. Paul R. Spencer, as principal of Trenton Central High School, continues to make the educa- tional program substantial and progressive. Vocational, classic, and social learnings have all been modihed to make them timely and effective. Despite onerous detail of adminis- trative tasks, Dr. Spencer has always been found to be hospitable and helpful to all who have sought his counsel and assistance, To him the pupils ascribe all the attributes of a good fellow. Reading from left to right: Dr. Paul R. Spencer, Edward G Leefeldt , Miss barah C Christie William J. 0'Brien fzvigjijidjzlq V VICE-PTIHCIPGIS THE enriched program of education at Trenton Central High School is dependent upon the efficient clearance of administrative detail. Under these three vice-principals this work is done by dividing the huge administrative task into the followng three sections: Edward G. Leefeldt, details of equipment and schedulingg William J. O'Brien, attendance and guidanceg and Miss Sarah C. Christie, activities. During the school year of 1940-1941, the administrative needs of 4-,ZOO pupils were handled efficiently and consider- ately by this corps of school executives. As a result, the stu- dent body Was able to initiate with facility many new projects and carry them to completion in true democratic manner. Il7 English Department Q f . , ' ..s. I Friar! Rau' ileft to rightj-Misses .Xcltlie XVeber, lflizzibetli Bodine, Barbara Liirlwig. Vereua Lusclier, Julia Barata. Mrs. lflsie Saile. Misses Betty Dillon. lfleanoi' Ingoldsby. Scfmnl Razr'-Mrs. .X. Duff, Bliss Alice llunboxv, Del Roy VVhite, lflmer Johnson, Artliur llzmcnck, Morris Saivlfonl. Keimetli Murpliey. Bliss Martha Collier, Miss Olive Brown. Herman Foss, Ffilllli Clark. Tliird Rfmtflfrasmo Ciccollela, George Rolge, liernarnl Forer. llarry Miclielsoii, Tliomas Peoples. fllorris Nlicll-riff, Charles A. Tlogzm, .flZJ.vw11CU- Mr. Matliewscn. INCE a modern, progressive school must train its pupils to be efficient and effective in many types of language activities, the English department of the Trenton Central High School offers a Wide range of interesting experiences in Writing, speaking, and reading. For sophomores there is a series of lectures about different phases of literature. Eli- gible sophomores may take a special course in creative Writing. The Laureate I, Spectator I classes are composed of those juniors Who show ability in cre- ative Writing Speech classes a r e designed to suit the needs and interests Arthur S. Hanock of those students possessing oratorical talent, drama classes are open to pupils who desire to learn the fundamentals of acting, business correspondence is se- lected by the junior business students, While all others take the regular English course llEa and llEb. The Press and Bobashela classes, Spec- tator II, and Drama II are offered to senior honor students. Those preparing for college-entrance examinations re- ceive aid from the College Board classes. The remaining students study contempo- rary literature and survey. In both of these classes the students study American and English literature, but the survey course emphasizes historical background, and the contemporary literature stresses the study of modern Works only. Commercial Department O Fiizrt Row Cleft to riglitjflllisses Eleanor R. Duruan, Bella Kaplan, Mrs. Nl. l'e-itzman, Bliss Catherine A i l'i'lx Cale, llliss Lucy Ciricolo, Mr. Don Deal, Misses Laura ll. Fell, Catherine Read, Nellie H. Terry, Mrs. A. M. l ll fliihott. Stwoizif Rott'-Messrs. A. lf. Sclioeuer, K. N. Gralizim, H. I, lYhite, Scott hlosovich, Charles li. l U llillegass, A. G. Sexton, NVzard B. Gedney. Walter Crouse, Frank Crouse, Allen B. Dakin, Miss Mary Lapin. HOSE students who Wish to take part in business activities after gradua- tion may prepare themselves in high school by taking any of the four major curricula offered by the commercial de- partment. The accounting course, de- signed for pupils who desire to become accountants or bookkeepers, is open only to those pupils Who, as sophomores, maintain consistently good averages in bookkeeping. Likewise, students who earn marks that are average or better in the Hrst year of their high school Work may take the secretarial curriculum, and get proitable experience by acting as secreatries for leaders of organizations, department heads, and advisers of the school. The course offered in selling involves theoretical salesmanship, practical sales- manship, and marketing. Students who take this course operate the school store and Work in Trenton department stores at bi-Weekly intervals. For those pupils who are desirous of obtaining a position not requiring a knowledge of bookeeping or stenogra- phy, the school offers the general busi- ness course. ln this course pupils study the Hling of correspondence and other records, the use of calculating and du- plicating machines. During the past year the students en- rolled in consumer education cl a s s e s presented an exhibit of the work, using th e theme, llWhat E v e r y Spender of Money Should Know." Don T. Deal William J. O,Brien Foreign Language Department First Rau' fleft to rightl-vlfarl Ste1l'y,.Miss Irene Ernst, John lxirkpatrlck. Second Row-Frank Borgia, M. La lfountam, John lxelsey, Dr, Yiktor Saliary. INCE American democracy is com- posed of many peoples, the knowl- edge of foreign languages is conducive to unity and fellowship in our com- munity. Therefore, five foreign lan- guages, considered of great cultural value, are offered by the language depart- ment. These include: Latin, French, Ital- ian, Spanish, and German. Latin, a good basis for the study of modern languages, is offered for four years while French, the most popular language, is studied for a period of three years. In this study emphasis is placed on reading and con- versation. German is also offered for three years. In this course the best literature of Germanic writers is read. Newspapers and magazines in the German tongue are also utilized in the instruction. Since the present "Good Neighbor" policy of our government toward the South American republics portends a great demand for a knowledge of Span- ish, this subject has grown in popularity among the students. At present Spanish is a two-year subject. The first year is de- voted to study of grammar and vocabu- laryg the second year to Spanish conver- sation and literary classics. A newcomer to the language Held is Italian, which may be studied for a per- iod of three years. The course has many interesting learning activities which in- clude the reading of current Italian newspapers, magaines and books. Science Department v Fz'r.vf Rage' lleft to iiglitl-Sylvia Simon. Iames G. Manzer, Mrs. Florence S. Congle. Second Rott'- " Nl Y ' ' ' 'vit 'eis ei' 'izirz fn" la wh i' "at r. L iirray W estover, llr. XX estley Cl. Atkins, Harold S. Jones, Da l Xl IJ g, ll i I .til li -. Lil l- well, Albert llntterer, Constantine Nl. Diztniontl. Alzxvfriccsflleleit Evans. Evelyn johnson, exchange teacher in place of George M. Krall. NE desideratum for intelligent com- munity life is the knowledge of sci- entific principles. The science depart- ment is organized to meet the needs for scientific knowledge in the home, in in- dustry, and in college. Biology classes are open to sopho- mores. One course is designed for college- preparatory students, and the other for those who desire a general, rather than an intensive, course. Physics is primarily a junior course. Students planning to go to college take llSl. Less intensive work may be done by pupils who do not plan to go to col- lege. Courses llS2 and llS3 are offered to those who seek a knowledge of every- day science. Senior students may elect college- preparatory chemistry, l2Sl, if it suits their needs. Boys not planning to go to college may take l2S2, and girls inter- ested in nursing may take l2S3. In this course practical household problems are solved, and the principles governing the solving of them are learned. The course is useful to girls as a preparation for nursing or Haousekeep- ing. This year, lNliss Evelyn Johnson, an exchange teacher from Hawaii, taught in this department. Mr. George Krall assumed Miss John- sonls teaching task in Hawaii. As a re- sult of this system, many students have a more vitalized un- derstanding of the flora and fauna of a remote area. John Manzer Social Studies Department 1 !'l7'Sl !C0':t' tleft to riglitj-Frances Pulleu, Frances C.liriStie. lxtlitli Atkinson, Clara Braymer. Lois St. john Smith. Elizabeth lwihrmaim, Ruth. Scott. .SCt'0l'll17 Rott'-John rown, Frank lfpifauio, Julian B. B Honeycutt. L. I. Bartlett, William L. Baxter, I. Howell Kane, VVilliam R. Weaver, 15. Y. Raetzer. EALIZING both the need and value of World fellowship and understand- ing between all groups, the social science department has given its students a var- ied program of current events and World history. This department offers an inter- esting, experience-curriculum in a Wide variety of courses. Sophomores are offered a course in Economic Geography, a study of World populations and commodities. They also have a choice of early European History or a general course in World History. Juniors may take Modern European History, which covers histor- ical events from the I. Howell Kane time of the French Revolution to the present time. Seniors may select the So- cial-Problems course, in which they study problems of contemporary life, the Economics course, or American History and Problems of Democracy. Recently the students enrolled in the course in Problems in Democracy have been going into the community to inves- tigate the various activities of the Com- munity Chest Drive. By direct methods the students have gained information about the problems which confront the Community Chest, and have learned how the Community Chest solves these problems. In addition to visiting the Community Chest agencies, the seniors have also visited the various municipal departments of government. Classroom discussion following these tours were de- signed to develop constructive thought. Qklfflfll Dvnrifdhc nnhnvfvnnmf LVLDUUIDLIIILQUPLO Llcfllllfl lflllfffllflv I7ir.r15 Row tleft to riglxtj-I. NVhiti1ey Colliton, Thomas Murphy, Nlary K. Fredericks. Second Kow- 1fl'flCl'SOI'l llurcliek, lfValter Crouse. Third Rmt'4Cl21rence Lowileu, Fred Drews, Albert Vtfeuzel 7 if X OMPLEX, modern life requires the ser- vices of some who possess expert knowledge of mathematics and its ac- companying attribute - precision. To meet such a need, the mathematics de- partment offers two programs, the col- lege preparatory courses and industrial courses. There is enough variety in the courses for the students to select work which is best suited to their abilities, needs, and desires. The sophomores have a choice of first year algebra or plane geometry. A very select group is taught the fundamen- tals of trigonometry. In the junior year the students may take intermediate al- gebra. Pupils in fast moving classes in this subject are taught trigonometry. Sen- iors may enroll in classes in solid geom- etry or trigonometry. In addition to these college prepara- tory classes, there is a large group of stu- dents, most of whom are boys, who fol- low the well-planned series of courses in industrial mathematics through their sophomore, junior, and senior years. These courses are carefully and specifi- cally planned to be of practical assistance to the students in obtaining positions in industry. The value of this type of math- ematics has recently been enhanced by the needs of the na- tional defense. Because of special classes, which cover more than the re- quired courses, many honor students have been able to omit the first-half year of college mathematics. J. Whitney Colliton Physical Education Department 'irs an e t o 1"g1t i rs. 1 rm lri 1 is Ieanor C 1' 1 R ti ll f t 1 l J-'VI K 4 fftl , ltl l Qfing, llaruet VV1cand, Margaret Smoek, Mrs. Isabelle Quick. SC'L'011Lf RuwvAlbert Clemens, Alfred Ne haefer, Edward Murphey, Peter Morgan, LeRoy Smith, Q. roster, June. Q OOD mental hygiene and vigorous physical health are the two worthy goals which stimulate the pupils in Trenton High School to participate ac- tively in the program of the health de- partment. This department has done a commendable job in developing fellow- ship through its programs. Those stu- dents who have certified doctorls excuses are excused from more strenuous physi- c al exercises. A ll other students, how- ever, devote fo r t y minutes a day to wi s e, supervised physical activity. Suitable s p o r t s are provided in ac- cordance with the season of the year. During the fall the Leroy Smith girls' classes participate in speedball and hockey. When bad weather forces the girls to remain indoors, basketball, service ball, and swimming are found to be the most popular activities. After the Christ- mas vacation, the girls begin to make preparations for Sports Nite. This affair enables every girl within the school to have an active part in the work of this department. In this yearls exhibition, two thousand girls participated in the three-night demonstration. Boys may try to qualify for the var- sity football and basketball teams. Dur- ing the indoor season they participate chiefly in boxing, wrestling, and basket- ball. Tennis, track, and baseball are spring activities. Since the welfare of the student is of the greatest importance, this department makes every attempt to achieve this end. .X 7 .J ,l nik X-. XL Q-, Kkif K3 L .- -. -.59 , nxt, .N X V. i., '1 Ofce Staff Q First Row Cleft to rightj-Misses Dorothy Ross, llelen Mclntire, Grace Bullock, Kathryn Golclenbzium, ix Lucille Barlow. Second Ifozvfllisses Margaret Cook, Bette Menk, Barbara Newton, Esther Tripp. so ,J P NY school seeking to give its pupils the maximum educational beneits with minimum effort must utilize the best ability available to handle clerical de- tails of administration. The forty-two hundred pupils of Trenton Central High School have had at their disposal the re- sources of nine well-trained, efficient sec- retaries. This staff has won the admira- tion of the entire student body because of its consistent aid and pleasant spirit. They are doing a big task with unusual success. Misses Margaret Cook and Esther Tripp keep attendance and punctuality records of all students. Private secre- taries to the school administrators in- clude Miss Barbara Newton, secretary to Dr. Spencerg Miss Dorothy Ross and Miss Helen Mclntire, secretaries to Vlilliam 0lBrien and Miss Sarah C. Christie, vice-principals, respectively. Miss Bette Menk handles the admin- istrative details in the ofiice of Samuel Eberly, placement director. Miss Lucille Barlow has charge of mimeographing. The central office, which serves as a clearing house for all school activities, has the clerical assistance of Misses Grace Bullock and Katharine Golden- baum, two competent secretaries. In addition to the m a n y responsibili- Grace Bullock ties efficiently han- dled by these secre- taries, the clerical force also served as an educative factor in permitting cer- tain commercial stu- dents to assist them at times in the office. Home Arts Department Lett to 1'lgl1t-LlHl'3. hllswortli, Xiola Moss, llziuua Foster. Maude Yau Natta. Lois I,L'l5l1llJlll'j'. Helen Brzidsliaw. OMEMAKING will never become a lost art for the girls of Trenton High School. Practical experience in sewing and cooking are offered to those who take the home-arts course. While enrolled in the sewing course the girls have the op- portunity to contribute their valuable services for various dramatic produc- tions and social works by making and re- modeling costumes. In addition to learn- ing how to make their own clothing, these students also discuss various prob- lems in homemaking and receive timely advice about how to solve them. There is also a three-year cooking course which these girls may select, pro- viding they are interested in cooking, either as an occupation or for practical home use. The preparation of food, the study of diet, its scientific basis, care for silverware and dishes, and the use of l26l table etiquette are some of the main top- ics of discussion in this specific course. For those boys interested in cooking as an occupation, there are special courses in short-order cooking. Many of these boys were permitted to serve mem- bers of the faculty at noontime. The boys have prepared the food served at several school functions, thereby gaining invalu- able experience in the technique of tak- ing orders for food and serving it prop- erly. The preparation of foods, however, is the main objective of study in this course. The biggest project of the department was the annual Fashion Show, presented on June 4 before the public and the stu- dent body alike. Sport and afternoon dresses, made and modeled by the stu- dents, were featured by the girls enrolled in the various domestic-art courses. Irtdttstrtttl Arts Department V First Row tleft to rightj-Noble Cochran, John VVhormliy, Harry Burslem, Joseph Ilills. Francis Mack. ,Sctoud Roni-Douglas Coodale, Walter Macllonough, Carl Daiinerth, Harry Friuger, Harry Lesslic. F a student Wishes to study one of the practical arts, let him come to Tren- ton High. Numerous courses are offered, in which a variety of Work is accom- plished. Not only is the theoretical back- ground learned, but these future crafts- men have practical experiences that will aid them later in their chosen life-vvork. Practical pieces of furniture for the home are made by boys in the Wood-shop classes. Although the school derives spe- cial benefit from the Work which these young craftsmen do in constructing nu- merous properties for student produc- tions, the boys themselves gain valuable trade-practice. The print shop provides its students with a detailed program in preparation for their apprenticeships in the printing business. In the electrical shops many useful electrical appliances are made, including the construction of the radio. Thoughtful students who expect to en- ter a mechanical field after graduation make certain that they enter either the auto or the machine shop, the former, if they intend to specialize in the workings of this important product, or the latter, if they expect to master the intricacies of all types of machines. And last, there is the course in me- chanical drawing, W h i c h appeals to boys who are plan- ning to become draftsmen or to be architects. In th i s activity the students learn the skills neces- sary for exact plans. Harry Burslem Fine Arts Department h Left to right-Rogene L. Borgen, I. P. Russell, Dapliine Koenig, Iohn R. Slavik, Friebis Siegfried. LTHOUGH the twentieth century had made the modern school change its curriculum in many ways in order to sat- isfy the technical demands of the ma- chine age, Trenton High School still of- fers its pupils the cultural values of Work in fine arts and music. The line-arts course offers instruction in appreciation of the basic principles of stagecraft, de- signing, and drawing. For pupils who are interested in art as an occupation rather than as a hobby there is offered a three-year course in commercial arts. This course offers in- struction in making posters, show cards, linoleum cuts, and soap carvings, and in trimming store Windows and store fronts. Work upon the school's dramatic pro- ductions provides many of the fine arts students with opportunities to put their abilities into real creative Work. Their consistent good Work has Won the ap- probation of the most critical spectators. f23l The design and development of art Work in school publications is also executed by the fine-arts department. The music curriculum provides an opportunity for those interested in music to secure three or more years of training. Pupils taking this course may obtain six credits for instruction given outside of school under approved instructors. The creative Work of the music de- partment Won special citation by the Evaluative Committee in its examina- tion of the school this year. Under the guiding baton of J. P. Russell, the or- chestra has not only learned to perform with perfection but has been encouraged to compose. The band, under R. Rogene Borgen, has also carved an invidious niche for itself at football games and at other athletic activities. The spirited playing of this group reveals the pains- taking effort of the sponsor to develop professional calibre in his students. Guidance Department Left to right--L. lg. Lhristian, Mrs. Florence Cougle, S. W. Eherly, VVm. L. Baxter, Mary li. Meagher. N addition to sixteen advisers who give counsel to assigned groups of stu- dents, there is also a special department consisting of Samuel Eberly, director of student placement, who has done an un- precedented job in securing employment for graduates of Central High School, Miss Mary E. Meagher and Mrs. Flor- ence Cougle, who handle special guid- ance and counseling problems pertaining to girls, Clarence E. Christian and Wil- liam L. Baxter, who advise junior and sophomore boys about social and scholas- tic questions. This guidance staff meets the students of Trenton High during assigned periods throughout the week. At this time the vocational aspects of guidance are em- phasized. Studies are made of economic opportunities found in Trenton. Pupils are taught how to recognize and to grasp the type of work for which they are best suited. Prospective college students receive the special services of Mr. Eberly. His oflice is frequently the scene of meetings between college representatives and stu- dents who are inquisitive about the mer- its of a particular college. Mr. Eberly's oflice also keeps complete records of all alumni. In this manner his oilice serves not only as a ready clearing house for de- tails of student and alumni employment but also as a source of information to pupils and graduates as they seek busi- ness, scholastic or professional advance- ment. With the impetus given to employ- ment by the national defense program there has been a growing demand for student Workers during the summer months and after school. The student placement bureau is handling this new responsibility efficiently. At the present time many Trenton High pupils have se- cured employment through this channel. L29 Achievement Through Fellowship -'Some Activities will he Remembered for their Eminent Success and Fellowship N the following section of this book. we depict those activities which will be remembered both for eminent suc- cess and happy fellowship. Since these events taught us to preserve and strengthen the ways in which men live to- gether and work together fruitfully, we feel that they are best described as Achievements Through Fellowship. Below is pictured a group of Forum Club boys conducting a 'fModel Con- gressfl This activity resulted from their study of state and national governments. The nature of this project is typical of an extensive program offered by the school to every pupil wherein he is urged to participate within the classroom and without in the creative leadership which is now giving form to the future. Specifically, this program has been car- ried on through a series of visits by the pupils into the immediate community. ' On these trips they have made first- hand observations of the various agen- cies which help human beings to handle themselves as individuals and as mem- bers of societyg they recognized facts, however unpleasant, and then were re- sponsible for some course of constructive action, such as the group discussions pic- tured on these two pages. These Forum Club' boys are enacting a bill into a law. After having observed several sessions of the State legislative body, this group returned to Trenton High to conduct a model con- gress. Activities of this type typify those experiments in fellowship which are carried on extensively throughout the school. These experiments will be remembered not only for their eminent success but also for their constructive thought and action. 5 5 K s s. wa .- :L U K x S 6 -4 Mx Y xr 5 IQ i f-.' Q X f X ,.. Y i S , 5 .. ,Q , .Q f.-V, fy-vis 'I 'gs- , - 4- . .fa ,Q , it M M U Wi.. if -HHKSWQ swi- Q QE S wg, 1' Q K Q A NWS im Q22 2 3: A M - Q X si 3 ii. ei 92 FXS gs. -V-A V- A ' . 1 .M 1 Q E :'1'f.3 "ff L.: .- .' 1 1:14 A , hes M w s W X2 ' . , 3, 4,,.,.Ny Q xf , X 'if' ' Q A V2 sf Av' 3 W e Qi N , 1 1 f ,fi 'ff 'ff af' F nf sf I pn , Lf E, Q Q 4 2 Af , E J ' 'Xi f 1 3 A 4 1' Q f A Q , fp ff-F 64 V y 2 " zz fm' W. N ?,.,A. meaning more thanj seniors congregated Senior Class Takes Trip Un Cl Three-day Sojowrn XXZHEN the two hundred forty odd Quoddl' in the 'LPennsy" station and then pushed Qwe do mean pushed, onto the VVashington-bound special train, the first of three full days and nights had begun. The train4a thumb-worn copy of Esquire- lunches-the Mason-Dixon line-more lunches -VVashington! The class of '41 plus a battalion of chaperones had arrived Everyone then had his picture taken en masse on the capitol steps and the nice photographer who was taking the picture had his picture taken by someone who was having his picture taken fEd. Note: The Bobashela offered 35 cents for it, but the offer was refused.j The fish commission - G-Men - Supreme Court justices. As Bobbie Lewis brightly re- marked, HOh, we went from the fish commission to the Supreme Court-like from the 'sub-lime' to the 'ridiculous' " At last the hotel, with its coffee room and house detectives! We under- stand that the bathtubs in a great many rooms on the second and third floors were immedi- ately Hlled with water, bed slats, and Raymond De Vito. QUbiquitous fellow, Ray.j Craig Rivals dndrew Sisters All the seniors in Washington went to see the film, "Knute Rocknef' Wit'h the accent on the 'AKM Cmeaning that it was deinitely O. KJ '4Beat Me Daddy,l' '4Rum Boogie," and 'Terryboat Serenade," when harmonized by the Andrew sisters, did not meet with half so much success as Jimmy Craig's crooning '4On Blueberry Hillf' By the way, jimmy, what DID you do with those two tickets you won? The hotel-smoke-filled bedrooms-rumors that ER Cnot a stammer-those are initialsj was being sued by the hotel house detectives. VVashington fpuff, puffy Monument-muse- ums-libraries, and after lunch, Annapolis! ln- teresting fact-more cameras clicked-more To Our ational Capital of Thrills and Learning film was used that afternoon than on the entire trip. The-uhf-scenery was so much more-uh -beautiful there. Bud Cook, Georgie YVhite, and Tom Wfarner said: 'fln our opinion, the only thing that impresses Women is sailor suits. No wonder we were such successes at the age of three." At Arlington Cemetery, Dick Cvrifiiths shak- ing off the gay atmosphere of the trip, delivered a memorable oration at the tomb of the Un- known Soldier. When Nettie Hornyak and jimmy Mitchell placed the wreath on the tomb, Eileen Cooney giggled. Yes, maybe that VVAS lipstick on jimmy's sleeve. Our whole afternoon schedule was delayed because Eileen Sietz was riding up and down on the hotel elevators. The elevator boy was so-o-o-o cute! Bobashela Stajj' Kept Records Furtive figures jotting down things in little black books began to be noticed by the wander- ing seniors. Worried lines and wrinkled fore- heads were evidenced until the furtive figures revealed themselves. It was the erstwhile Boba- shela staff making notes on 'ffwho was doing what." Chester Anthony went down into the little black book-but, sorry, this is no gossip sheet. A latent talent was noted as Len Mal- mud, delicatessen runner, broke through the blockade with sauerkraut a dozen times. The Smithsonian Institute-a last look at Washington-the train! We all wished that green peas were square and cream of tomato soup solid because eating on a train-well-that was no lipstick on my shirt, that was just part of the Pullman's dessert. Trenton High's Washington delegation re- turned with heavy eyelids, heavy bags Cno heav- ier, Mr. Hoover, than when we started, thank you,j but not with heavy hearts. Said Newton Ale, expressing the sentiments of all of us at the 'fjourney's end," f'One reason why I want to grow up to be President is so that I kin go to WVashington again." E 5 ,ag or ui .M wg W g' 'ag in if-' '92 Q I' 2-my 1 'Wwvsqpvwfv , 1 , kv 7' E s F1 5 Qs. .b , -M . z '- Q' x v-1 A 1 I 133-V W! 45 -A Liga 1 Q ,W ggi? JY A .gy h 1. My A 3 1 Nw 4.3 X gf , ,:, 5 an W 2 ,,., q , Hard Worki and New Successes Put Senior Editors in Limelight FULL of creative urges and many novel ideas, the Bobashela staff of 194-l met for the Hrst time in September. After making plans for the present volume of the Bobashela, the class elected Shirley Green as its editor-in-chief. The theme, '4American Fellowship," was readily agreed upon. In executing the various details attendant to the publication of a yearbook, the editor was assisted by Ted Rogers, Quentin Petersen, Dan- iel Gafgen and Rose Pauline, associate editors. Helen Siegle successfully filled the berth of pic- ture editor. The Photography Club did much to make the book a more graphic record through the contribution of many excellent photographs. Mr. Siegfried's art classes assisted with various art assignments. Richard Mele and Frank Andrews covered boys, sports, while Doris Lantz and Jeanne Watts reported upon girls' athletic activities. Since every yearbook must have its funny angle, Lenora Panaro, as humor editor, had a hilarious time figuring out new ways of agitat- ing the risibilities of dead-pan critics. The contribution made by eflicient typists to this yearbook cannot be underestimated. Anna Gatti, Mary Siminowics, Doris Reed, Mary Sedoruk, Dorothy Pinto and Catherine Mech- eda did a painstaking job in typing the volumi- nous copy. The responsibility of preparing the senior pictures for the local press was efliciently and quietly handled by Dorothy Herbert and Clara VVeiss. Shirley Green Editor-in-Chief Quentin Petersen Associate Editor Rose Pauline Assistant Editor Jerome Urken Sfvertufor Editor Ted Rogers Associate Editor Daniel Gufgen Associate Editor Helen Seigle Picture Editor Press Class Editor Chocolate Soldier lnfvades Trenton With His Charms and Lilting Songs N early May, Trenton High vvas con- quered by a one-man invasion, and the Whole school succumbed to the charms of HThe Chocolate Soldier." Light and romantically gay, Oscar Strauss, operetta Was a distinct triumph. The plot featured Dave Urban as Lieutenant Bumerli, the candy-consum- ing commissariat. Dave gave the title role a subtle and real interpretation which highlighted the entire perform- ance. Gussie Giet, as Aurilia, gave an excellent characterization of the comical, peasant mother. In the female lead, Pa- tricia O'Neil fNadinaj Was both charm- ing and beautiful. Also included in the cast were Boris Semasko QGeneral Pop- offj, Peggy Dovvdell QMaschaQ, Rich- ard Green QlVlajor Alexius Spirodoffj, Alvin Krasne CCaptain Masaskroffj, lvfarian Naples QLaukaj, and Bill Vir- gin CStephanj. The direction, by Miss Olive Brown, was very ably done with considerable Disguisecl by grease paint are the Ulcacls' from "The Chocolate Solclicrf' Dick Green, Pat O'Ncil, Gussie Siet, Boris Semasko, Bill Virgin, Marion Naples, Alvin Krasne, Dave Urban and Peggy Dowdell. The scene in the above picture is one which will be remembered by all who witnessed that splendid performance. Of foremost importance was the setting which created the proper Bulgarian atmosphere. ln an opcretta, the necessity for a chorus cannot he overestimated. Clad as gay peasants and clashing officers, the chorus from "The Chocolate Soldierm played their part with a pro- fessional touch. imagination. Parker Russell, who con- ducted the orchestra, gave a spirited per- formance to the score. Outstanding musi- cal numbers were UNL' Hero," HThat Would Lovely Be," and several numbers by the female trio. Enhancing the plot Were several out- standing specialty numbers. In the danc- ing routines, solos by Marion Kerr and Jack Habegger received the plaudits of the audience for their fine execution. Another novel act was the excellent group pantomime, while the vocal chorus gave a melodious background to the en- tire performance. The sets, in the quaint Bulgarian peas- ant decor, were artistically created by Friebis Siegfried and his stage-craft corps. They also handled the lighting in the indoor scenes very effectively. l41l Seventh Annual Girls' Sport-Nite Program Won Plaucltts For Its Skill And Pageantry I-JOOMING its pretty head and putting its dainty foot forward, Sport Nite, the personification of Trenton Highls femininity, charmingly made its annual appearance on April 26, 27, and 28. Brains and beauty Were combined as the girls in- tellectually executed the Sports Nite theme, t'BetWeen the Bookends." Leading all the girls of the high school was Mistress of Ceremonies, Kitty Hurd. She was as- sisted by Malla Brooks and Faye Briscoe, cap- tains of the Black and Red teams, respectively. "Miss dmerz'ca" Opens Show The program began with a spectacular opening, in which "Miss America," alone With the color bearers, Was presented to the audience. Sur- rounded by ingenious decorations, the Black team girls strode forth as UPuss in Boots," While the Red team "Pinocchiosl' marched in with elongated noses. Among the outstand- ing features of the pro- gram Were the Red teamls snappy cheers and the breath-taking Black origi- nality. The non-competi- tive skating number, al- ways something to be an- ticipated, Was more precise and daring this year than ever before. Clad as bold pirates, the girls rolled through intricate routines With surprising ease. Tickets Were sold on a competitive basis. The suc- cess of the plan could have been measured by the ca- pacity audiences for all three performances. Teams Have Leaders Red t e a m committee 'lheadsn were V i r g i n i a Unangst, marching, Marie Thompson, tap, Elsie Clugston, rhythmics, Cyn- thia VVolcott, decoratings, Y i n a VVah, originality, Gertrude James, songs and cheers, Alice Schweider, skating, M a rio n Kerr, prelude, E v e l y n Thompson, ballet, Anna Cracker, music, Jerry Gotthardt, properties, Nancy Prendergast, publicity, Jeannette Palma, novelties, J u d y Bendel, games, E V e ly n Strohecker, costumes. Leading the Black team were Evelyn Birch- enough, marching, Julia D'Arcy, tap, Lee Breeden, rhythmics, Wilma Ross, decorations, Norma Lanzi, originality, Virginia Cooper, songs and cheers, Rowan McCrae, ballet, Peggy Vlil- ley, music, Fralia Hancock, properties, Pat OlNeil, publicity, Edna Falcey, novelty, Jean Burtis, games, Claire Johnson, costumes. This affair was directed by the physical educa- tion department. From very modest beginnings seven years ago, this annual affair has grown in popularity until today it is a community event. 43 V??,,,. M? Q A 'V ir Q' . f xi X an Q. Wi " -aw . ff Mix, Ml I i e 'fb ,Mew U . . ..... i , e 'E :E ':: Epi: s:5 - S 1 , 6? - .,,. ii? we Q' g A W MW Q A , ma: .:. :V ,,' V11 , gy 9? ips., :E , , Nw v ae QQ 5 we ,I i 4 If v ,: Q ww 1' . .5 V W ws-. ff .1 M -S: Y ,L Qi Y.. Wife! "2 'ZW Q99 'X W H' Q' M', ii' Q -if 3' 6 ig, 1' an 5' Q ,Q Llxibliiifk A , , A Ain LQ. f'iZYi59"1Wilf3Tv, ilEi93??l?lPYUEihikiNwixifFH-39.mlifirt ...Q z-LUQQN-W A Nw 46 I X Xfjx wx X F . 497' X Y Q f ' N V X. 57 R5 'Kd K Wi, . Nw P 7 Y X5 FRANK ANDREWS Vice-President A Goodly Senior Class . f Xp' f zj' U'x ,f 1 - u . A . t ' J , fy 1' 1 , G!! f i nf, 'lf,,J' ..J. JAMES CRAIG President Fellowship of 1941 WILLIAM HOGAN Treasurer GERALDINE MARUSKA Secretary L47 .V 'l"s..'l-l A- ,J-. lj..- 1 48 Top Rott'- AARONSON, ELINOR A., Blmzdirg Gen. Bus.-G. A. A. AARONSON, NV1LL1AM, Bill, Acad,-H. R. Sec., Band, Manager, Boys' Science, Service T. Amsorrs, JOHN, fACK,' Acacl.hFootball, Honor Medal. ABRAMCZYK, IRENE XV., Remy' Gen. Bus.-Americana, JABRAMSON, RUTH, R1lflllL',' Sec.-Aniericanag Hall Patrol. JAXCOLIA, GEo1:tsE R., .4ct1d.-Service Corps, Hall Patrol, French, Attendance Award, Current Events. B0H0n1R0w- AFXCOLIA, M11.1.1c'1-:N1'g .UiIlIv.' Acad.-Girls' Science. FXCQUAYIYA, Oxoiuog .415 Acaflwj. Y. Football, Minor T. AQUFF, MA1cs11.xL1., Sczrjg Acad.-Track, Soplt. Football. ADAM, FLORIENKE H., ACClI.+AlllCI'lCZll12lQ Handicraft, Bowling, G. A. A. ADAMS, Jos121'11 I., foe, Intl. Arts-Band, Hi-Y, Service T. ADA us, KATHERIN1-3, Home Econ.-Skating. T011 Row- " .AGABITL LOLA 5 Lil La, Acad.-Glee ,- Italian Club, Vice-Pres. Home Room, Americana, Music Appreciation, Spectator Literary Staff, Boba- shelag Honor Medal. AAGABITI, RAYMONDQ Ray, Acad.-Shop Safety Council, Americana. AAGOSTINELLI, LOUISE, Lon, Sec.-Pet, Ainanu- ensis. A B0fffJ1l'ZR07U- ALBY, HELENQ Scattyg Sec.-Girls' Chorus, Amanuensis, Pet, Inter-Club Council, Press, Spectator Business. ALE, NEWTONQ GZ'7Lg6I',' Acad.-Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Forum, Pres., Nat'l Honor Soc., Pres. Council, Jr. Historical, Quill and Scroll, Philosophy, Mgr. Soccer Team. .A.LLEN, GEORGE, Alton, Acad.-Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Pres. Council, Boys' Science, Nat'l Honor, Pres., Philosophy, Discussion. Top Row- ALLSOP, NVINIFRED A., IfV'ini,- Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y. ALMOND, WALTER L., Walt, Ind. Arts-H. R. Pres., Hall Patrol, Pres. Council, Shop Safety Council, Minor T. , ALPHONSE, SAMUEL P., Gen. Bus.-Baseball. AMENTA, ELVIRA M., Vera, Sec.-Amanuensis, Glee, G. A. A., Honor Medal. ANDREW, FRANKQ Gen. Bus.--Class Vice-Pres, Shop Safety Council, Vice-Pres., Pres, Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Inter-Club Council, Bobashela. ANDREWS, PAUL C., Acad.-Euclidean, Philatelic, Boys' Science, Chess and Checker, Band, Honor Medals, Service T, Nat'l Honor. Bottom Row- ANGELINI, MARY C., Angel, Sec,-Pet, Amanuensis. X ANTHONY, CATHERINE E., Kay, Gen. Bus.-Social Dance, Treas. i .ANTHONY, CHEST!-IRQ Chet, Acad.-Band, Social Dance, Special Ser. Corps, Swimming. ,, - APOSTOLERES, EVELYNQ Sec.-Glee Club. XM AUG. JAMES WARREN, Red, Ind. Arts A-H. R. Pres., Airplane. AYRES, JEANNE ELAINE, Sec. I,-7' Top Row- AZZIN,ARO, RIILDRED GRACE, Millie, Gen. Bus.- ' Radio Appreciation, Sec'y, Americana. BAcso, JACK 5 Acad.-Band, Asst. Cond., Orches- tra, Student Cond., French. BAIN, BIARY LOUISE, TlI7'Ch'j',' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-Pres., Hall Patrol, Polish. B0ft01nR0w- BAKER, ADA DOROTHEAQ Bake, Gen. Bus.-Skat- ing Club. BALDERSTQN, MAHLON- EARE, Baldy, Acad.-Ov - chestra, Music Appreciation, Hi Y, Musical Cast, Service T. BALLANTINE, JAMES XVILLIAM, Jim, Acad.- Service Corps: Photography, Forum, Spec- tator, Library, Service T. l49l 50 Q Tifytqfuagfqj ff".115-. 7 op Row- I BARBOUR, DORISQ Daring Acad.-Garden Clubg .Americana Club. BARDUANI, JOSEPHINE 1.3 Jog Sec.-Amanuensis, Vice-Pres.g Honor Medals. BARLQER, KARL P.g Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrol. BARRA, BETTE A.g Befteg Sec.-Naturalistg G. A. A.g Balletg Girls' Swimming Mgr.g Spectatorg Minor T. BATES, -IEANNE M.g Sec.-Artg Hall Patrolg G. A. A.g Swimming. BATES, MILDRED E.g Micky: Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrolg Garden, Pres.g Americanag Girls' Bowlingg Press Class, Reporter. Bottom Row- BATES, ROIJNEY J.g Acad. BEAR, GEORGEQ Acad.-Hall Patrol. BEAR, MARGARET E.g Margicg Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.g Skatersg Drama and Radio. BEGLEY, EMMA 1.5 Sec.-G. A, A. BEGLEY, MABEL M.g Sec.-G. A. A. BEHRMANN, DOROTHY A.g Dottieg Gen. Bus.-Personalityg Gardeng Americanag Press Class. Top Row- BENCIVENGO, ALBERT S.g .-1l,' Gen. Bus.-Soccerg J. V. Socccrg J. V. Baseball. BENCH. EDNA Mg Bt'11rk1'f,' Acad.-Modern Skatingg Art BENDER. NIARY C.: Dilfyf Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice- Pres.g Sec.g Hall Patrol Bottom Roto- BENDER, lX'lII.DRED R.g .llickfyq Gen. Bus.-Amen icana: Handicraft. BENNER, MARJQRIE C.: ,llatrjoritvg Acad.5Hall Patrolg Scrvicc Corpsg Executive Councilg ern Danccg Scnior Play Com. BENNETT, NIARGARET lllj .lIH7'g1-e?,' Gen. Bus.- Hall Patrol. Radio and Drama: junior Historical: Mod- Top Row- BERMAN, ELEANORQ Elkie: Gen. Bus.-Americana. BERMAN, JULIAQ Julie: Sec.-Hall Patrolg Amanuensis. BERNSTEIN, BLOSSOM A. g,' Acad.-G. A. A.g Leaders' Corpsg French: Modern Dance: H. R. Vice-Pres.: Honor Medal. BILLINGHAM, ARTHUR E.g Bink: Acad. Hall Patrol. BILLUPS, ELIZA M.g Gen. Bus.-4Skating. BILLUPS, VVILLIAM O.g Billy Ind. Arts A. Bottom Roca'- BINGHAM, ROBERT VV.: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y-Treasg Dramaticsg j. V. Football. BISSETT, MY'RTLE V.: Myrfg Gen. Bus. BLACKMAN, WILLIAM g Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g Forum, Sec'yg Junior Historicalg Service Corpsg Hall Patrol, Captg Spectator, Bus. Staffg Service Ts. BLACKWELL, EARLQ Gen. Bus. School Store. BOBIK, JOZEF Y.: Babsg Acad.-H. R. Pr-es,g Vice-Pres.g Band, Asst. Sec'yg Asst. Prop- erty Man: Chairman of Standg Ariationg Bandg Assistant Field Marshalg Senior Play Cast: Att. Award Nat'l Honor. RODNAR, MARLIARET E.g Marge: Acad.-Spanish, Treas. V .5 Top Row- ROGAD, MILTONQ Clziefg Acad.-Boys' Scicnceg Radio and Dramag Service T's. BOGAGE, CAROLYN X.g Carol: Acad.-Drama and Radiog Arty Girls Glee: Sullivaniang Music Appreciationg Philology. BOLOGNESE, ETHEL L.g Rvdq Acad.-Gleeg Art. BUff071IROZQ'- BONANNI, .ANN 1.5 Dim.pIc.r,' Gen. Bus. BossMAIgI,, JoHNg Acct.-Stock Roomg Trackr Y Capt. BOWDEN, CATHERINE M4 1x'ufh3',' Gen. Bus.- Gleeg Americana, Sl ISZJ Top Row- BOWERS, RUTH H.g Sec.-Apparatusg G. A. A.g Americana. BOYLE, CHARLES L.g Com.-H. R. Pres.g Hall Patrol. BRADLEY, FLORENCE A.g Flossg Sec.--Cheerleadersg Vice-Pres.g G. A. A.g Radio Apprecia- tion. BRADLEY, ROBERT C.g Gen. Bus. BRADY, LENORE L.g Leeg Acad.-Frenchg jr. Red Cross Chapterg Americanag G. A. A.g Bowling 5 Jr. Spectator. BRALYNSK1, PAULINE 1.5 Patsyg Sec.-H. R. Pres.g H. R. Vice-PreS.g Skatingg Ameri- canag G. A. A.g Pres. Council. Bottom Row- BRANDT, FRANK A.g Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g Philosophyg Spectatorg Honor Medal. BREIMAYER, MARIE T.g Sec.-Skatingg Pet Club. BREITENBACK, GRETTAQ Acad.-Library. BRENNER, PEARL M.g Penny: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Treas.g Modern Dance. BRIGGS, MARIE E.g Weeg Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas.g Modern Dance Club. BRIGI-IAM, LEVANNERQ Lannicg Home Econ.g-Girls Reserves. Top Row- BRISCOE, FAYE M.g Gen. Bus.-Leaders' Corps: G. A. A.g Cheerleaclersg Skatingg Capt. of Gym Classg Red Team Capt. BROOKS, IWALLA D.g Du.rty,' Acad.-H. R. Vice- PreS.g Hall Patrolg G, A. A.g Clioniang jr. Historical: Leaders' Corpsg Cervice Corpsg Swimming Capt.g Tennisg Service Tg Black Team Capt. BROSKEY, FRANK P.g Intl. Arts B-VVoodcraft. Bottom Row- BRUCCOLIER, MARION 1.5 .llarg Gen. Bus. BRUSCHI, ALBERT A.g .4l,' Ind. Arts A. Bucci, LUCY H.g 1.141115 Gen. Bus.-Americanag Let's Danceg Skating. T012 Kow- BUCKLEY, NICHOLAS A.g Bucky Gen. Bus.-H. R. Treas. BULLOCK, GEORGEQ Ch1tb,'ACad.-Forum. BUONANNO, ELX'ERA 1.3 filly Gen. Bus.-Americana. BURNETT, CHARLOTTE G.g Corlsyf See.--Skatingg G. A. A. BURROUCHS, KATHERINE E.g Kateg Gen. Bus.-Girls' Reserves , Treasg Radio Appreciation. BUTLER, BEULAH A.g Billg Acad.-Glee Clubg Dramatics. Bottom Row- BYRNES, DOROTHY E.g Dottyg Acad.-Public Speakingg Hall Patrolg G. A. A.: Leaders' Corpsg Radio and Dramag Senior Play Cast. 4 BYSTRYCKI, LILI.lAN R.g Lili: Gen. Bus.-Americanag Let's Dance. CACCIATORE, MARX'r,' Gen. Bus. CAIRO, ELLEN 1.3 Gen. Bus.-Ainericauag Skating. CALLEN, ALICE M.g Gen. Bus. CAPODICI, THERESIX D.: Terryg Fine Arts-H. R. SeC'y. Top Raw- CAPUT1, .ANGEL M.g I-111315 Gen. Bus. CARMACNA, NANCY A.g Sec.fAmeriCanag Radio Appreciation. C.-XRMICHAEL, HERBERT 1.5 Aead.-Dramaticsg Vice-Pres.g Hall Patrolg Service Corpsg Service T. Bottom Row- CARROLL, DANIEL B.g Hickcyg Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Clioniang 1r. Historicalg Radio and Dramag Tennisg Senior Playg Musicaleg Honor Medalg Service T. CARTER, HELEN M.g Acct.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g School Store. CARTON, ELEANOR D.g Corkyg Acad.-H. R. Treas.g Hall Patrolg Leaders' Corpsg G. A. A.g Philologyg Spec. Businessg Service T. e,.,,,f frifyv, 5 fhffrf. 53 54 Top Row- CAR'rxsi,. GEOTFGE F., Lefty, Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Philatelicg Safety Councilg , mor . CARUso, ANTHONY B.g Tony, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres.g H. R. Vice-Pres. CASE, C. W1LLARDg Bill, Acad.-Service Corps, Hall Patrolg Forumg Ptolemian, Vice- Pres.g Service T. CASERTA, MARTHA, Marty Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrol, Needlecraftg Philology. CASTER, FRANK A.g Bud, Acad.-Table Tennisg Musicale Castg Service T. CASTRANOVA, .ANNA M., Shortyg Gen. Bus. Bottom Row- CESARIO, JOSEPH G., Caesar, Ind. Arts B.-H. R. Pres. CHEESEMAN, PHILLIP R.g Chissclg Acad.-Radio Vice-Pres.g Inter Clubg Hall Patrolg 'Wirelessg Service Corps. CHESTER, VERONICA-K A.g Wana, Gen. Bus.--Polish Club, Treas.g Glee Club. CHIANESE, HELEN M., Gen. Bus.-Americana. CHOPKO, JOSEPH A.g Diggcrg Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrol, French Clubg Spectator. CIAFRE1. LUCY M., Long Gen. Bus.-Philologyg Apparatus, Girls' Swimming, Mgr.g Service T. Top R010- CICCARELLO, ALFRED O.g Aly Incl. Arts B. CIMINISI, ANGELO C., Gen. Bus.-Aviation. CINRAY, .AGNES J'.g Aggie, Fine Arts-H. R. Pres.g Philologyg Needlecraft. Bottom Row- CITRON, MORTON S.g rlfortiej Acad.-Euclideang Pythagorcang Chess and 'Checkersg Hall Pa- trolg Petg Laureate. CLARK, CARRIE V.g Kid, Home Econ.-H. R. Sec'yg H. R. Treas. CLARK, MAE E.: Gen. Bus.-Girl Reserveg Amer- icanag Radio Appreciation. Top Row- CLONEY, LORETTA H., Reita, Home Econ. CLOSE, CAROLINE, Gen. Bus.-Cheerleader, Skating: Americana. CLYBURN, R0sA, Ro.ranae,' Acad. COGGINS, ELEANOR M., El, Home Econ. COHEN, FLORENCEQ Fagie, Sec. COLATI, DOINIINICK A., Chick, Ind. Arts A-Minor T. Bottom Row- COLACELLI, FRANCIS J., Chick, Acad.-Naturalists, Band, Press. COLEMAN, ELIZABETH D., Betsy, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y, H. R. Treas., Service Corps, Hall Patrol, G. A. A., Pythagorean, Red Cross, Minor T, Philosophy, Honor Medal., COLLARD, FRANK J., B'uck,' Acad.-Philatelic, H. R. Pres., H. R. Treas., Naturalists. COLLETTI, VINCENT T., Vince, Acad.-H, R. Sec. COLLINS, ANN P., Petzmia, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres., Vice-Prcs., G. A. A., Pres. Council. COLLINS, CHRISTINE, CIzris,' Gen. Bus.-Skating, Book and Travel. Top Rott+ COXLOGUE, HELEN A., Sandy, Sec.-Skating, Inter-Club, Social Dance. COMPAGNUCCI, NELLo B., Ind. Arts A- CoNovER, RUTH E., Ruthie, Acad.-Inter-Club, Spanish, Sec., Euclidean, Jr. Red Cross, Leaders' Corps, Modern Dance, Pres. Bottom Row- I COXRY, NIARTINQ Illortyg Ind. Arts A. CONTI, ALDA, Gen. Bus.-Pres. Conncil. CooK, GRANVILLE A., Bud, Acad.-H. R. Vice- Pres., Service Corps, Capt., Hall Patrol, Mgr. B Bldg., Forum, jr. Historical, Spec- tator Business Staff, Honor Medals, Serv- ice T. 55 l56l Top Row- Coolc, KATHERINE M., Cookie, Gen. Bus.-G. A. A., Skating. Co0K, MARY F., Daisy, Gen. Bus.-Skating, Tap, Glee Club, Ballet, Leaders' Corps, Hall Patrol. COOPER, VIRGINIA A., Gin, Sec.-Cheerleaders' Corps, Pres., Radio Appreciation, Pres., Swimming Team, G. A. A., First Squad Cheerleader, Asst. Captain, Minor T. COOPER, WILLIAM H., Coop, Music-Band, Sec., Orchestra, Honor Medal. CooPT, MARION P., Acad.-Orchestra, Italian Club, Americana, Service T. COPE, LOUISE M., Copryg Acad.-Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Skating, G. A. A., Star Club. Bottom Row- CALHOUN, MARJORIEQ Marge: Acad.-Glee Club, Music Appreciation. CoRvo, PHILIP J., Profe.s'.s,' Gen. Bus. CRAFT, ETHEL M., Red, Gen, Bus.-Americana, Hall Patrol. CRAIG, JAMES E., Jimmy, Acad.--H. R. Pres., Forum, Treas., Inter-Club Council, Vice- Pres., Nat'l Honor, Vice-Pres., Orchestra, Operetta, Pres. Council, Vice-Pres., Hall Patrol, Spectator, Page Editor and Circulation Mgr., Service T, Senior Class Pres. CRANSTOUN, LEROY B., Shadow, Ind. Arts. CROUSE, VIRGINIA P., Ginntyg Sec.-H. R. Sec'y-Treasurer, G. A. A., Naturalists, Specta- tor, Jr. Asst., Bobashela Statistics Staff, Musicale Cast, Minor T. Top Row- CRUSE, ELEANOR J., Turkey, Home Econ. CUBBERLY, BRUCE, Scott, Acad.-Football. CUIULE, FANNIE M., Fay, Gen. Bus.-Dance Club. Boltom Row- CUIULE, NlARY A., Gen. Bus.-Dance Club. CURTIN, MYRTLE E., Hefty' Gen. Bus.-Natural- ist, Inter-Club Council, Hall Patrol, G. A. A., Skating, Star, Minor T, Major T, Operetta. CUTTINO, ARTHUR J., Art, Gen. Bus.-Service Corps, Service T. DYANNUNZIO, LILLIAN T.g Sis, Acad.-Hall Patrol, G. A. A., Girls, Science, Skatingg Top Row- DANER, ESSIEQ Es, Sec. Tapg Music Appreciation. D'ARcY, JULIA W., Julie, Sec.-H. R. Sec., Radio' Appreciation, Tapg Ballet, Inter-Club Council 3 Operetta. DAVIS, EDITH A.g Edieg Acad.-Vice-Pres., Personality, Honors Medalg Service T. DAVIS, GLADYS H.g Pinkeyg Home Econ.-Glee Clubg Americana. DAVIS, LEDDENQ Acad.-Boys' Science. Bolt0mRowL- DAVY, DOROTHY E.g Acad.-Personality, Hall Patrol, Modern Dance, Correspondence. DAWSON, MARY E.g Sec.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g! Hall Patrolg Personality, Skating. DEARDEN, FRED S.g Fine Arts-H. R. Vice-Pres.: Social Dance. DE CARA, JOSEPHINE A., Jog Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g H. R. Sec'yg Apparatus, Tap, G. A. A. DE FORTE, CONCETTA 1.5 Connie, Sec.-Americana. DE LORENZO, 101-IN H.g Johnny, Teachers' Prep.-Band, Orchestrag Italian Club, Serv- ice T. Tof1R0w- DEZNIBEK, BETTY G., Gen. Bus.-Skatingg Ameri cana. DEINIBINSKI, HELEN B., S'zwetIzom't,' Acct.-G. A. A.g Social Danceg Bowling, Varsity Ten- nisg H. R. Sec. DENI, NIATILDAQ Tilg Sec.- B0ft01nR0w- DENT, JOHN L.g Barbccg Intl. Arts B--Trackg Election Board. DE QIJINZIO, RALPH J., Acct.-H. R. Treas.g Service Corpsg Hall Patrol. DEUTCHMAN, ELVA S., Dutch, Sec.--H. R. Sec.g H. R. Pres, Pres. Councilg G. A. A.g Aman- uensisg Bowlingg Press Classg Honor Medal Spectator, Jr. Asst. mat E92 3 7 L57 58 Top Row- MIM, 2' DI C0s'rANzo, LIARY S., DN: Gen. Bus.-Social Dance: Americana Club. IURINGUS, JULIA I., Judy: Gen. Bus.-Americana, Hall Patrolg Skating. DI GUISEPPE, ANGELO 1.3 Aug: Ind. Arts B. DI MATTIIN, JOSEPH L., Gen. Bus.-Social Danceg Band. DI NOLA, EMILIA B., Slzrimfw: Acad. DI PIETRO, ROSE: Sue: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g Philologyg Apparatusg Pliotographyg Pet Clubg Hall Patrol. Bottom Row- DE VITO, RAYMOND A.: DM: Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g Glee Club, Tennis Managerg Ath- letic Stockroomg Student Manzlerg Minor T. DOLTON, GRACE F.g G-racing Acad.-Costume, Treas.g Philatelic, Pres.: Modern Dance, Glee Clubg Archeryg Chess and Checkerg Tennisg Bobashelag G. A. A. DOOLAN, MILDREIJ H.g Millie: Acad.-Library. DOOLITT'LE, GWENDOLYN M.: 1700-M11cl1.' Gen. Bus.-Art Club. DORETX', REGINA P.g fCLI1Hl'lt',' Acad.-Glee Clubg Libraryg Laureateg Pressg Attendance Award. DOSCIIER, RUTH E.g Slcippf'1',' Acad.-Glee Club, Musicale Cast. T011 Row- DOWDELI., ATARGARET E.g Peggy Acad.-Glee Club, Chess and Checkerg Radio and Dramag Spec. Reporter, Musicals Castg Philosophy. DOWLING, JEAN M.g Pres: Gen. Bus.-Aviationg Correspondence, Swimming Varsity C0-Cap- tain, Major T. DRABB, THOMA: VV.g Tommyq Comm.-H. R. Pres.3 Boys Chorusg Rifle. Hnffonz Rom'- DRAKE, MARVIN Eg Snow lfV1zifc,' Acad.-Ptol0- mean, PreS.g Naturalist, Pres.g Jr. Historical, V ice-Pres. DRIVER, VVARREN R.g Rusty: Music-Band. DROPLA, FRANK J., Drop: Gen. Bus.-Cheer- leader, Lieutenantg Correspondence, Vice- Pres.g Garden Club. Top Row- DUMONT, IRMAQ Racket: Gen. Bus.-Americana Club: Photography. DUNCAN, STELLA V.g Gen. Bus. DUTKO, FRANCIS J.: Duke: Gen. Bus.-Stamp Club: Photography: Spectator Page Editor, DYININIVKI, JOSEPH J.: Hank: Gen. Bus. DYNOWSKI, FRANCIS E.: Gen. Bus.-Americana Club: Skating. EARDLEY, VIOLAQ Vi: Gen. Bus. Bottom Row- EGE, BETTY A.: Sec.-Jr. Red Cross: Laureate. EHAS, HELEN R.: Gen. Bus.-Americana Club: Skatersg Modern Dancing. ELIAS, PHYLLIS B.: Phil: Acad.-H. R. Pres.: French Club, Pres.: Americana Club: Golfg Spectator: Honor Medal: Nat'l Honor. ELMER, WINIFRED A.: Acad.-Hall Patrol. ENGERMAN, EDWARD F.: Ind. Arts-Stagercaft, Vice-Pres.: Sec'y-Treas.g Service Corpsg Hall Patrol: Service T, ENOCH, DORIS J.: Daft: Home Econ.-Skating. Top Row- ENT, MARION: Sec.--Cervice Corps: G. A. A.: Laureate. ERTIIE. Joi-IN S.: Acad. ESBRANDT, RICHARD F.: Dick ,' Acad. BOHIPTII R010- ESPOSTI, DoRoTIIY L.: Dfvfg Acad.-H. R. Treas.: Italian Clubg Service Corpsg Inter-Club Council, Sec.: Leaders' Corp: G. A. A.: M0d- ern Dance, Pres.: jr. Hist.: Hall Patrol, Bobashela, Technical Editor. EVAUL, ELINOR I.: Ellie: Acad.-Pytliagorean, Jr. Red Cross: Riding: G. A. A.: Skating: Laureate: Bobashela. FACTOR, HARRIET R.: Har: Gen. Bus.-H, R. Pres.: Hall Patrol Pres. Council: Leaders' Corps: G. A. A. 59 60 Top Kow- FALCEY, EDNA V.g EIL' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres.g Social Dance. FALK, ELAINE A.: Dollyg Com. College Prep.-Skating Club. FARINO, ELIZABI-:THQ Sec. FARRAR, CATHERINE M.g Kittyg Sec.-Hall Patrol. FASANELLA, MARY F.g Pfllllyj Gen. Bus.-Libraryg Americanag Service T5 Pres. FEDOR, JOHN A.g folm .-1.4: Acad. Bottom Row- FEIIER, DFJRIS F.g Acad.-G. A. A.g El Siglio Futurog Girls' Scienceg Balletg Ridingg Girls' BONVll11gQ Operettag Modern Dancingg Archery. FEII., DORIS A.g State Teachers Com.-H. R. Pres.g Personality, Pres. and TreaS.g Girls' Bowling. FEILER, EDITH M.: 1.ivz'mz,c1',' Gen. Bus.--Sec'y, Girls' Reservesg G. A, A.g Americana. FEILI-LR, ESTIIER M.: Li11z'nnvr,' Gen. Bus.-Girls' Rescrvesg G. A. A.g Americana. FENZI., NIARY M.g Hlondicg Gen. Bus. FERRI, JOHN R.g I'i1lUj',' Gen. Bus.- Tofv Row- FESKO, EDNA M.: liddyq Home EcOn.-PhotOg- raphyg Americanag G. A. A.g Bowlingg Hall Patrol. FESTA, JERRY A.: !rr'f'3'.' Gen. Bus.-Pres. Coun- cilg Bandg Music Appreciationg Service T. FIELD, DONQ Fong Acad.-H. R. Vice-Presg Ra- diog Spanish: Photography: Hall Patrolg Service Corpsg Honor Medalg Service Tg Attendance Award. Bottom Row- FIORELLA, JOE M.g I"u1'y,' Acad.-H. R. Treas.g H. R. Sec'y. FIRMAN, BRUCE R.g Acct.--Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Commerceg Service T. FISCHER, RICHARDQ Piclcg Sell.-Belles Lettresg Radio Appreciationg Hall Patrolg Book Room. Top Row- FISH, KENNET1-Ig 1f111dy.,' Acad.-fPres., Clioniang Chess and Checkerg Service Corps: Plnlosophyg Jr. Historicalg Radio and Dramag Hall Patrolg Debateg Orchestra. FISHER, BERNICE C.g Fine Arts-Hall Patrolg Skating Club. FONTIGNELILO, CONCETTA R.g Canning Sec.-Amanuensisg Skating Clubg G. A. A.g Honor e a s. FORD, EVELYN Eg Ewy-Fordyg Gen. Bus.-Glee Clubg Chorusg Member of Musicale Cast. FORTUNATI, L1No R.g Lseg Ind. Arts. FOSKY, PETER L.g Gen. Bus.-Philologyg Printg Philology Tattler, Ed.-in-Chief. Bottom Row- FOWLER, BETTY ANNEQ Sec.-Skating Club. FOWLER, MARJORIE E.g Margicg Gen. Bus.-Skating Club. FRANCIONE, .ANNE V.g Cookie: Home Econ.-Hall Patrol. FRASCELLA, CATHERINE 1.5 Dollyg Gen. Bus.-Let's Dance Treas. FRENCH, BETTY L.g Frenchy: Home Econ.-Skatingg Minor Tg G. A. A.g Gardeng H. R. Sedyg Service T3 Attendance Girl. FREY, EDWARD C.g Eddicg Ind. Arts-H. R. Vice-Pres. Tofu Row- FREY, ETHEL Dig Toby: Gen. Bus.--Riding: Americanag Tapg Modern Danceg Service T. FRIEDMAN. XII-ZRVINI Acad.-Public Speakingg Hall Patrolg Radio Appreciationg Press. FRITZ, RosE MARvg Sprart: Gen, Bus.-Ameri- canag Photograpliyg Bowling. Foz'fo11zRou'- FULD. LOUISE R.g Loup Acad.-Pythagoreang Euclicleang Service Corps: Hall Patrolg Nat'l Honorg jr. Red Crossg Inter-Club Conncilg Attendance Girl. FYFFE, ISABELLAQ Is: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y3 Girls' Swimming. FYFFE, XVILLT.-xMENAg Annq Fine Arts-H. R. Pres.g Pres.g Councilg Girls' Swimming: Service T. 6 .4 ,V L , ffz l lj A! E621 YY fr lfmr- FYSZ, ATARY A.: Slmrfy: Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.: Apparatus: Skating: Americana: Swim- ming. G.'XFGEX, D.xx1EL K.: I7amzy,' Selling-Service Corps: Hall Patrol: Ptolemean, Treas.: Stagecrait: Inter-Club Council: Bobasliela, Associatc Editor. GAGE, BRUQE L.: Acacl,kRiding Club, CYAGLIARDI, LUCY T.: Lou 5 Gen. Bus.-Americana: Bowling: Skating: Track. GALICKI, IRENE T.: Red: Sec.-Skating: G. A. A.: Americana. GALLO, PTARRY J.: Pal ,' Ind. Arts. Bottom Row- GAMU, EILEEN A.: Sec.-Pres. Council: Pres.: Treas.: Amanuensis: Pet Club: G. A. A.: Press, Co-Editor. G.xRB.xRszYK. REGINA C.: Virgrq Sec.-Americana: Laureate. GARNICH, ATARY E.: ilfarcy: Sec. CEARZIO, Louis F.: Chiflr 5 Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrol. GASKILL, H.NRLEY G.: Acct.-Orchestra: Boolcroom: Honor Medal: Service T. GASPARRE, ROSANNI-: L.: Acad.-Attendance Girl: Americana. Top Kow- GATTI, ANNE M.: Sec.-Commerce Club, Sec'y '40, '-ll: Leaders' Corps: Bobasliela. Gazsr, OLGA. R.: Anggic: Home Econ.-H. R. Treas.: Corresponding Club. GENNELL0: LLLLIAN F.: Lil: Gen. Bus.-Person- ality: Tap. Bottom R0u+ GIJXLLELLA, SABASTIAN R.: Somiyq Acad.-Print.: Soccer: Basketball, Capt.: Service T. Gisus, ATILDRED2 Port1'a,' Home Econ. ice Corps: Costume: Glee Club. l l GILLEO, VLIOLA E.: Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrol: Serv- 1 iw X. Q Top lion- QQLAPPA, THEODORE M., Ted, Acad.-Service Corps, Asst. Bldg., Hall Patrol. Capt. GLOVER, ROY, Acad.-Cheerleaders' Corps, Capt., Treas., Service T, Correspondence. GOITEN, GLORIA, Selling-Photography, School Store Mgr. GOLDBERG, EDWIN A., Pete, Acad.-Philosophy, School Dance Orchestra, J. V. Swimming. GOODWIN, RUTH G., Goody, Gen. Bus.-Skating. Philatelic, Foil and Mask, Nat'l Honor, Honor Medal. Bottom Row- GORRASI, GABRIEL E., Galvin, Ind. Arts-Safety Council, Inter-Club Council, Americana GREEN, JOAN M., Acad.-Radio Appreciation, Philatelic, Radio and Drama, Hall Patrol, Senior Play Com., Jr. Dance Ticket Com., Bobashela, Service T. GREEN, SHIRLEY, Slzirlf Acad.-Pythagorean, Nat'l Honor, Jr. Red Cross, Hall Patrol, G. A. A., Laureate, Bobashela, Editor-in-Chief, Honor Medal, Quill and Scroll. GREENBERG, JEROME H., ferry, Acad.-Belles Lettres, Band, Quill Sz Scroll, Senior Play, Honor Medal,Nat'l Thespian, Nat'l Honor. GRIFF1rIIs, RICHARD WILLIALI BRUCE, Grijfq Acad.-H. R. Pres., Class Pres., Exec Com. Forum Jr., Hist., Exec. Council, Pres. Council, Rhetoricians. GRIFONE, FERNANDQ 1frca',' Gen. Bus.-School Store. Top Row- GRECO, CONNIE M., .l'm',' Home Econ. GROH, ELIZABETH J., Bcity, Gen. l3us.-Natural- ist, Sec'y. GRUBER, ELIZABETH K., l,iIIby,' Acad.-Belles Lettres, Vice-Pres., Hall Patrol, Service Corps, Jr. Red Cross, Quill and Scroll, Jr. Historical, Philosophy, Foil and Masque, Thalieuterpian, Spectator, Press. B0H011zR0u'- GRUCHOVVSKI, FELIXQ Plzilcog lnd. Arts. GRIJNTOSKI, XvIRGINlA L., VcI'g,' SCC.-'.AIll211llP QHSIS, GUNTHER, CHARLES J., Chic, Incl. Arts A. GORDON, PHILIP D., Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres., Hall Patrol, Euclidian, Pythagorean, 63 WM E641 Twp R074- HACRNEY, JEAN, Hafk: Acad.-Leaders' Corpsg G. A. A., Apparatusg Inter-Club Council! Starg Minor and Major T. HAGEMAN, RICHARD F.g Dickg Ind. Arts. HAGERMAN, DORIS M.g Bwmyg Sec.-Girls' Cliorusg Press Classg Musical Castg Attend- ance Award. HAHN, BETTY 1.5 Batg Gen. Bus.-Modern Dance. HALKO, NELLIE G.g Nelly Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-PreS.g Leaders' Corpsg Glee Clubg Skating. HALL, JAMES XY.g CI1i'llI,' Ind. Arts. Bottom, Row- HAMPTON', JOHN E.g Jarl: Gen. Bus.-Naturalist, HAMPSON, MARIE P.g Gen. Bus.-Tapg G. A. A. Ballet. HANCE, EVELYN A.g Etfp Gen. Bus.-Radio and Dramag Senior Playg Attendance Award HANEY, GEORGE H.g PrI'.v.,' Ind. Arts. A-H. R. Pres.g H. R. Vice-Pres.g Service Corpg Hall Patrolg Pres. Councilg Service Tg Commerce. HIXNSEN, FI.oRENcEg Acad.-G. A. A.g Girls' Scienceg Vice-Pres.g Ridingg Hall Patrolg Correspondenceg Minor T. HARGREAVES, LEWIS Eg Hardyg Com.-Sec'y, Correspondence Club. Top Rows- J HINIKKER, RALPII K.g lfVl1ifey,' Acad. HAIiRIS, ELEAXOR L. g Ely Sec.-Drama and Radio Treas.g Euclideang Senior Play. HIXRRIS, GRACEQ Ckn. Bus. Bottom Row- HAIQIIISON, NAOMI L.g Acad.-Costumeg Pet Club Laureateg Operetta. HARRISON, RICHARD T.g Acad.-Belles Lettres Stock Room, Store. W'irelessg Electricg H. R. Sec'y-Treas. HARTZ, VVARREN F.g Sv1'ycazzf,' Ind. Arts A- Top Kow- HASTY', Rox' A.g Porkyg Acad.-Hall Patrolg J. V. Football. HAWKY'ARD, AARON F.g Hawk: Acad.-H. R. Pres.g Naturalistg Debate Team: Press. Haws, JOH N L.g .l'olmny,' Ind. Arts-H. R. Sec'y. HAYES.. RUBY G.g Jackie: Acad.-Dramaticg H. R. Pres.g Drama and Radiog Tap. HEHN, CATHERINE 1.3 Catlzyg Sec.-Americanag Gardeng Bowling Press. HEIL, CHARLOTTE Eg Clzurry: Acad.--Glee Club. Bottom Row- HEJNA, HELEN F.g Sec.-H. R. P1'es.g Pres. Couneilg Polish Clubg Pressg Inter-Club Councilg Leaders' Corpsg Social Dance: Skating: Bowlingg Bobashela. HELLUS, ELSIE R.g Elseg Acad.-Costunieg Pressg Attendance Award. HELTON, FLORENCEQ Aunt Edith ,A Acad.-Costume. HENCKEN, RU'l'H R.g Sadie: Sec.-H. R. Sec'y and TreaS.g G. A. A.: Modern Dance: Archeryg Correspondence. HENNE, RICHIXRDQ Ro.ric,' Gen.-H. R. Sedyg Hall Patrol. HENNEY', V1Ru1N1A H.g G'i1'L7Ly,' Acad.-Pythagoreang Jr. Red Crossg Ridingg G. A. Aj Leaders' Corpsg Softballg Areheryg Tennisg Minor T'sg Hockey, Top Row- HEXRY, BI,A1Rg Kcdg Gen. Bus.-Radio Apprecia- tiong Hi Yg Amerieanag Gleeg Operetta. HERBP2R'f, DQWROTHX' M.g Dottiog See.-Commerce Clubg Glee Clubg Bobashela. HERBERT. JOSEPH A.g Ottg Ind. Arts. Bottom Rott- HERRON, THOMAS NV.g Tomy Acad. f HERSHKOWITZ, MYRNA JOAN? Ming Home Econ. HERTZMAN, HAROLDQ Acad.-H. R. Pres. t65l 1 l Top Row- HIGGINS, SAM R.g Acct. HIE1., CHARLES Mfg Ind. Arts-H. R. See'y, Www HII.LER, VVALTER j.g Hiilcrg Ind. Arts B-Hall Patrolg Woodcraft. HIRSCH, EDWARDQ Edg Acad.-Orchestrag Service T. HIRSCH, MYRTLE E.g Mitg Gen. Bus.-Skating. HIRSCH, WILLIAM A.g Billy Fine Arts-H. R. Pres.g Senior Ex-Com.g Art, Drama and Radio, Pres.g Natyl Thespians, Pres.g Senior Play Castg Honor! Soc. Bottom Row- HOGIAN, WILLIAM K.g Spotlessgf Acad.-H. R. Presg Pres Councilg Trackg Minor T. HOLCOLIBE, RICHARD K.g Dickg Ind. Arts-Aviation Vice-Pres. HOLLENDONNER, FRANK 1.5 Ind. Arts A-Rifle. HOLLENDONNER, HERMINEQ Hcrby Sec.-Hall Patrolg Arnanuensis. HOLLINGSWORTH, MARION M.g Marg Sec.-H. R. Treas.g Personalityg Bowlingg G. A. A. HOLZER, DOROTHY MAEg Dntg Acad.-Naturalistsg Leaders' Corpsg G. A. A.g Councilg Archeryg .L....'.x l66l Top Row- HONEYCUTT, JULIAN B.g Honeyg Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrol, Capt.g Clioniang Honor Medalg Service T. HORNICK, THOMAS A.g Tomg Gen, Bus.-H. R. Presg Band Field Marshalg Honor Medalg Service T. HORNVAK, ,ANNETTE E.g Acad.-H. R. Sec'yg Spectator, Page Editorg Service Corps, Secyy and TreaS.g Service Tg Clionian: Quill and Scrollg Jr, Historicalg Nat'l Honorg jr. Red Cross, Vice-PreS.g Leaders' Corps: G. A. A. Councilg Hall Patrol. Bnifom Kow- HOIQNYAK, JANETTAQ Spvedyg Acad.-H. R. Sec.g Girls Scienceg Spectatorg Hall Patrolg Lab. ASSt.g Chess and Checkerg Nat'l Honorg Pliilosophyg Honor Medalg Service T. HOSE, MARIE B.g Zlli111zie,' Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.g Hall Patrol. HOUSKY, RUTH M.g Acad.-Euclideang Costumeg Correspondenceg Balletg Modern Danceg Skatingg Spectator. l L l .!.l .1 Top Row- PIOWARI3, ROBEIIT V., Bob: Acad.-Hall Patrol. HUART, JANE M., fd1l'i6,' Gen. Bus.-Library, Americana. HUEF, CLARA BELLE, Belle, Gen. Bus.--Girl Reserve, Pres., Radio Appreciation, Ameri- cana, Bobasliela. HUGHES, KELLY? Acad.-Band, Librarian, Clionian, Service T. HUNT, JACK, Mike, Acad.-Hall Patrol, Belles Lettres, Football, Track. HURD, KiX'f1-lIiRINE, Kitty, Acad.-Euclidean, Vice-Pres., Pythagorean, Vice-Pres., Jr. Red Cross, Pres., Girls' Leaders' Corps, Pres., Mistress of Ceremonies, Nat'l Honor Society, Jr. Historical, Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Inter-Club Council, Girls' Basket- ball, Capt., Spectator, Page Editor, Honor Medal, Minor T. Bottom Row- HUSTON, RUTH M., Sis, Gen. Bus. ICKER, JEAN M., Icleic, Sec.-G. A. A., Hall Patrol, Costume, Pet, Riding. INLBALZANO, JOSEPHINE R., Josie: Gen. Bus.+Americana. JACKSON, JOHN H., facie, Incl. Arts-Woodcraft, Pres., Inter-Club COu11cil, J. V. Foot- ball. JACOBS, ROSE, Jake: Gen. Bus.-Skating, Tap, Americana, Garden, Towel Service. JACYNA, ANNE J., Annie, Sec.-Social Dance. Top Kow- JAMIEsON, ROBERT R., Bob: Acad.-H. R. Vice- Pres., Football, XYrestling. JANNEY, TXIARY Jog Jo: Gen. Bus.-Apparatus, Treas., G. A. A., Golf, Swimming Team, Diver. JASIEXSKI, HELEN V., Val: Sec.-Hall Patrol, Leaders' Corps, G. A. A., Polish, Amanu- ensis, Drama and Radio. Bottom Rom'- JASKOWSKI, DOROTHY T., fussy: Sec.-Skaters, G. A. A. JEFFERIES, BETTY E.: Jcjfff Gen. Bus.-H. R. ' Pres., H. R. Vice-Pres., Hall Patrol, G. A. A., Personality Club, Bowling, Pres. Coun- cil JEFFERIES, FLORENCE M., Snorleyq Gen. Bus.- Americana, Skating: Bowling, Spectator, Jr. Asst., Bobashela. 67 68 Top Row- JENNE, DOROTHY E.g D0t,' Gen. Bus.-Clioniang Social Dance. JOHNSON, DORIS H.g Sec.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g H. R, Sec'y-Treas.g Hall Patrolg G. A. A.g Laureate. JOHNSON, HAROLD P.g Rerferendg Gen. Bus.-Hi-Y. JOHNSON, MINNIE E.g Min,,' Home Econ. JOHNSON, WALLACE B.g Shorty: Home Econ. JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.g Billg Ind. Arts A-Woodcraitg Swimming. Bottom Row- JONES, NTIVIAN R.g J0nesic.,' Acad.-Glee Club. JAPSON, GURNAL D.g Generalq Gen. Bus.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g Glee Club. KACHDORIAN, VIRGINIA Eg Acad.-Costumeg Correspondenceg Modern Danceg Spectator. KAIN, WILLIAM C.g Billg Acad.-H. R. Pres.g Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Pres. Councilg Inter-Club Councilg Pythagoreang Honor Medal. KALAPOS, JOHN C.g Whitey: Acad.-H. R. Pres.g Pres Councilg Boys' Scienceg Vice- PreS.g Varsity Swimmingg Minor T. KALENCK1, EUGENIA C.g Jean ,' Acad.-Frenchg Euclidean Societyg G. A. A.g Music Ap- preciation: Spectator: Bobashclag Minor T3 Bowling. Top Row- KALISH. LEONARD Q.g Lmzf Acad.-Boys' Sci- enceg Ptolemiang Chess and Checkerg Treasg'l Honor Societyg Service Corpsg Hall Patrol: Honor Medals. KALSTON, IRVIN: Cnog Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g J. V. Footballg Intra-Muralg Basketball, Capt.g Service T'Sg Minor T's. K.ANICKI. PHYLLIS L.: Kanirlf: Acad.-H. R. Sec'y-Trcas.g Glee Clubg Girls' Scienceg Mu- sic Cast. 130110111 Row- IQAROLKIEVVICZ. IADARI F.: Odds: Sec.-Varsity Swimmingg J. V. Footballg Baskethallg lntra-Mural. IQATIN, ROBERT M.: B011 5 Acad.-Boy's Scienceg Chess and Checker: Euclideang Hall Patrolg Spectatorg Honor Medal. IQAYLOR, GLENN S.: Acad.-Varsity Trackg Serv- ice T's. fy , : , X" Y T . ,X xx 'I X Top Roue- KELTY. Al,-XRIORIE E.: .Uau'gie,' Gen. Bus.-Cheerleaders: Accordion: Modern Dance Cor- respondence: Honor Medal. KENNEDY, M.ARJORIE A.: lllargic: Acad.-Girls' Science: Jr. Red Cross. KENNEY, MYRTLE E.: Ken: Acad.-Pres. Council: Spanish. KERR, MARION E.: Smzppyg Acad.-Modern Dance: Vice-Pres.: Inter-Club Council: Skat- ing: Costume: Ballet. KERR, ROBERT T.: Bob: Ind. Arts A-H. R. Sec'y. KEllSEY', ELIZABETH L.: Batty: Acad.-H. R. Pres., Vice-Pres.: Art: Pet: Glee: Corre- spondence. Bottom Row- PALUMEO, IDA,' Gen. Bus. KLEIN, HARRY A.: liatlzcr' Acad.-Hall Patrol: Chess and Checker: Pythagorean: Lab. Asst. ICE.-XTING, JANE A.: .1am't'.' Acad.-Glee Club: G. A. A.: Social Dance: Sec'y. KLEIN, HARRY' A.: Slipper: Music-H. R. Pres.: Glee Club: Pres. Council: Member Senior Play Cast. KLIWINSKI, XXICTOR J.: Pickles: Gen. Bus. KLOCRE, GEORGE: Gen. Bus.-Ping Pong: Print. Top Row- KLOTZ, PHILIP: 1"i.vl1ic,' Sec.-Orchestra: Serv- ice T's. KNOPF, PAULINE G.: Patsy: Gen. Bus.-G. A. A. KOCZAK, RICHARD: Dirk: Ind. Arts A.-Print: S. P. C. A. ' Boffom Roto- KOLLER, ALBERT NV.: Bud: Acad. KOLSKY, CLAIRE N.: Kay: Acad.-Pythagorean: Euclidean: G. A. A.: Hall Patrol: Ir. Red Cross: Bowling: Riding Club: Music AppFi- ciation: Bobashela: Spectator: Drama Com. Room. KQINDOR, PEARL P.: Gen. Bus.-Glee Club: Amer- icana. 69 Top Row- I T Dfvfvlf 'Q Kon, FLORENCE L.g Flag Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.g Photograph. KOVACS, HELEN B.g Acad.-Americanag G. A. A.g Skatingg Basketball. KOWALCZYK, MARTIN P.g Ind. Arts A-Woodcraftg Vice-Pres. KRAMMER, ELAINE R.g Redg Acad.-Drama and Radio. KRASNlE, .ALVINQ Potsyj Acad.-Radio and Drama, Vice-Pres.g Music Appreciation, Pres.g Orchestrag Chairman Senior Playg Service T. KRAsNovsKY, VVILLIAM M.g Tnbbyq Ind. Arts A. Bottom Row- KROL, ELEANOR T.g Ellieg Sec.-Skatingg G. A. A. KRzvzANosK1, LEON D.g Lacy Ind. Arts A. KUBIAK, VVALTER D.g Wailitg Gen. Bus.-Glee Club, Sec'y-Treas.g Photography. KURDX'NA, CLEMENTINE C.g Clcmyg Acad.-Hall Patrolg G. A. A.g Skating Clubg Music Appreciationg Bobashelag Minor Tg Bowling. KURLANDER, GLADYSQ Curlygl Sec.-G. A. A.: Service Corps. Ge B s.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g Naturalistg Philatelic. KUZMlX,ROBERTjBOI7,' n. u 70 Top Row- KYTE, JOAN E.g Chit-kirq Gen. LA COUR, DOUGLASQ La Cnurg Acad.-Service Corpsg Philosophy Discussion Groupg Bandg Pressg Photography Editorg Service T. LACZKO, MARY MAE? Mmm' Acad.-Spectator, gopy Editorg Attendance Awardg Quill and croll. 1il7fff?IIIR0TL4 LA FRANCO, XYITO F.g Squmk: Sec.-Orchestra, Concert Mastcrg Senior Playg Operettag Honor Medalg Service T g Attendance Award. LARVE, SHIRLEY B.g S1l1'1'I,' Gen. Bus.-Philologyg Philatelic Society. LANTZ, Dokls Mg Dotq Acad.--Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Clionian Societyg Ir. Red Crossg Junior Historical: Quill and Scrollg Mask and Foilg G. A. A.g Leaders' Corpsg Girls' Tennis Capt.: Baskctballg Hockeyg Boba- shelag Minor T3 Spectator, junior Asst. T011 Korc- LASEKA, ATARY H.g Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.g Skating Clubg Bowlingg Polish Clubg H. R. Scc'yg G, A. A. Starg Minor T. LATHAM, BETTY M.: Bcttyg Acad.-Tap Clubg Girls' Scicnceg Balletg Skating Club. LAUDENBACK, CATHERINEQ Kayg Gen. Bus.-Tap Clubg Modern Danceg Americana Club' Let's Dance Club. LAURENTI, FRANK P.g Frunrcs: Ind. Arts A. LAURENTI, TWARIO 1.5 1407111111-7'di,' Acad.-Soccer. LAURETI, BETTE O.g 51100711-llkC7',' Gen. Bus.-Arncricanag Attendance Award. x B0fff71lIR0'ZK'1 LAURIA, TALFONSE S.g Fimsyg Gen. Bus. LAUROESCH, FRIEDA A.g Acad.-Honor Medalg Handicraft. LAVINE, IVLNS N.g Flashg Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Quill and Scroll: Spectator. LEBAIR, ETHEL R.g Acad.-G. A. A.g Hall Patrolg Euclidean Societyg Jr. Red Cross' Spectatorg Honor Medalg French Club. LEBAIR, MARGARET L., Peggy: Acad.8zHal'l Patrolg French Clubg Euclidean Society' 1 v G. A. A. LEBER, BARBARA H.g Bobbyg Acad.-Euclideang Hall Patrolg Girls' Athleticg Skating Club' Music Appreciationg Bobashclag G. A. A. Starg Minor Tg Hockeyg Bowling. 1 Top Rau'- LENGENFELDER, BETTY M.g Home Econ. LEONARD, EDNA M.g Edg Gen. Bus.-Americana. LEVVANDOVVSKI, EDVVIN J.: Ed: Ind. Arts A- Safety Conncilg I. V. Trackg Minor T. Bottom Rott'- LEVENSTEIN, JEAN: Tobyq Acarl.-Pytbagoreair Ir. Red Cross: Libraryg G, A. A.g Leaders' Corpsg Quill and Scrollg Honor Mcdalg Serv- ice T. LEVINE, BENJAMINQ B011 ,' Acad.-Euclidcang Pytliagoreang Boys' Scienccg Service Corpsg H Hall Patrol: J. V. Debate. LEVINE, HELPZNQ Tllmmifq Acad,-Hall Patrolg Euclidean Societyg Spanish: Girls' Scienceg Girls' Bowlingg Girls' Skatingg Attendance Girlg Music Appreciationg Spectator, Bus.g Bobashelag Spectator Reporter. E711 , jf ix Top Row- LEWIS, BARBARA M.g Bobbvg Acad.-H. R. Pres.g Executive Committeeg Belles Lettresg Nat'l Honorg Quill and Scrollg Hall Patrolg Junior Historicalg G. A. A.g Spectator, Managing Editorg Honor Medal. LEXVIS, CHARLES R.g Scoopg Selling-H. R. Pres.g Spectator, Page Editorg Americana. LINDLEY, SHIRLEY E.g Rippy-Gen. Bus.-Skating. LINDSAY, DOROTHYQ Dotg Home 5con. LIPINSKI, HENRY S.g Lipg Acad.-A viationg Footballg Track. LIPNICK, HELEN C.g Lippyg Acad.--Polish Club. Bottom Row- LIPPINCOTT HARRY' D.' Lipfzyg Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrolg Pres. Councilg H. R. Pres. LISTER, FREDERICK M.g,Fred,' Acad.-H. R. Pres.g Bandg Orchestrag Pres. Councilg Nat'l Honorg Swimmingg Major T. LITTY, FRANKQ Butcherg Acad.-Minor T. LocKE MAUREEN B.g Snapq Gen. Bu S.-Skatingg Americana. LOCKER, ELIZABETH F.g Betty: Acad.-H. R. Sedyg Euclideang jr. Red Cross, Treas.g Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Pythagoreang Leaders' Corpsg G. A. A.g Nat'l Honor. LUCAS, JOSEPHINE G.g Gen. Bus. l72l Top Row- LUCIDI, CLARA A.g Acad.-Euclideang jr. Red Crossg G. A. A.g Spectator, jr. ASSt.g French Clubg G. A. A. Star. LUDEKE, AI.IaERTg .4145 Acad.-Glee Club. LUDWIG, EVELYN V.g E115 Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.: Skaters. Boflnm Rott'- LUPARIELLO, JOHN M.g Lupyg Acct.-Orchestrag Bandg Forumg Music Appreciationg Book Room Mgr.g Musicalg Service Corps. LUTERIO, RICHARD X.g Dickg Home Econ.-Serw ice Corpsg Art: Correspondence. LYNCH, CHARLES R.g Fine Arts-Band. l Top Row- LYONS, BETTY F.g Bettesg Gen. Bus. BIABEY, EVELYN M.g Pcrlmps,' Acad.-Apparatusg Hall Patrolg Skating. MACHEDA, CATHERINE A.g Hay: Gen. Bus.-Americana, Radio Appreciationg Bobashela. MACKENZIE, RUTH S.g Macg Acad. IMAJESKI, JOSEPH EDWARDQ Joeg Acad. MAJOESKY, FRANK J.g Luckyg Ind. Arts A. Bottom Row- Top Hoi! MAKOHUS, HELEN C.g Gen. Bus. MAI.LIUD, LEONARDQ L0'vc'r,' Acad.--Treas. Sophomore Classg Pythagorean Soc.g Quill and Scrollg Chess and Checkersg Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Spectator, Humor Editor. Service Tg Inter-Club Councilg Pres. Council. MALONE!', HAROLDQ Patg Acad.-French Clubg Correspondence. MANCINO, JOSEPHINE 1.3 fog Gen. Bus. MANDELBAUM, FLORENCE R.g Manziyg Sec.-Hall Patrolg Girls' Scienceg Libraryg G. A. A.g Modern Dance, Sec'yg Leaders' Corpsg Spectator Reporterg Bobashela, Asst. Editorg Honor Medalsg Inter-Club Council. MANN, LOUISE? Loug Sec. Row- MANZOR, JEAN M.: Slzorfyj Sec.-H, R. Vice- Pres.g Americana. TVIARCHETTI, INTATTALINA Mg Nfllicj Gen. Bus.- Americana. TVIARCZAK, Tiiolxms S.g Y . J.,' Acad. 0111 Rott- MAREINO, .ANTHONY J.g Toney Ind. Arts-Class Basketball Championship Team. MARKoW1Tz, ALBERT A.: Mad Russian ,' Acad.- Sliop Safety Councilg Footballg lNrestlingg Track. MARREN, ELDREDA M.g EIll1l'FdI1,' Acad.-Varsitv Swimmingg Major T. 73 E .r S. 74 TOP Koic- NIARTIN, JOSEPH J.: ROT'l'1',,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. MARTONICK, NIARGARETQ Sec.-Anianuensis. fxLxRUc.x, AXGELINE G., .-lzzgieq Acad.-Cinematography, Treas., Quill and Scroll, Sec'y, Hall Patrol, Nat'l Honor, Page Editor of Spectator, Honor Medal. lVLx1:UsKA, GPIRALDINE C., Gcrryf Acad.-H. R. Sec'y, Class Sec'y, Hall Patrol, Leaders' Corps. Sec'y, G. A. A., Sec'y, Pres. Council, Clionian, Bobaslmela. xlASIXE, AIAPLE K.: Kay, Gen. Bus.-Americana. MASSAROTTI, MARY C., S!l0'1'fy,' Gen. Bus.-Italian Club, Orchestra, Hall Patrol, Music. Botlom Ron'- KIATIIER, HOWAXRIJ A., Mu, Acad.-Forum, Vice-Pres., Jr. Historical, Sec'yg Quill and Scroll, Inter-Club Council, Nat'l Honor, Service Corps Bldg., Mgr., Hall Patrol Bldg., Capt., Foil and Mask, Spectator, Rus. Mgr., Honor Medal, Service T. NIATIUZVVS, IJOROTHYQ Dot, Sec.-Cheerleader. IVIATHIS, AUSTIN G., Rczbbiy Ind. Arts B. ' MATTIA, ANNA M., Clzusy: Gen. Bus.-Let's Dance Club. MAYER, JOHN J., l?zzddy,' Ind. Arts A-Americana, Senior Play. NIAZUCK, ANNE? Rickey: Acad.-H, R. Sec'y, G. A. A., Garden Club, Americana. Top Row- MAZZILLI, MARIE, .lfvssirg Sell.-Costumeg Hall Patrol, School Store. BICCANN, JEAN K., Gen. Bus.-Skaters, Tap Club. MCCAY, THOMAS E.g Lzmlayg Gen. Bus.-Drama and Radio, Commerce Club, Senior Play. Boffonz Rau'- AICCORBIICK, xl.-XRIAN P., Acad.-Skaters, Amer- icana Club. AICIJONOUGH, HELEN E., Jlirlcirq Acad.-Girls' Chorus, Press, Musical Cast, Attendance Award. lWiCCJiUCKIN, DOROTHY E., Dorf, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y, H. R. Vice-Pres., Glee Club, Bowling. Z TOP ROTC- BICILLVAINE, BIARIANNEQ Pam-I1 ,' Acad.-G. A. A.g Chess and Checkerg Thalieuterpiansg Belles Lettresg jr. Red Crossg Laureateg Philologyg Poetry. RICILLVAINE, WILLIAM 1.5 Marg Acad.-Photography, Sec'y. MCKELVEY, DOROTHY S.g Doittivq Sec.-Libraryg Amanuensisg Hall Patrol. MCRAE, LEMUEL C.g Ll'H1,071,' Ind. Arts B-Service Corpsg Hall Patrol. BTELE, RICHARD F.g Dickj Acad.-Service Corps: Hall Patrolg Forumg Spectatorg Boba- shela, Jr. Asst. MEI.L.AN, ELIZABETH: Belfyg Gen. Bus.-'Hall Patrol. BoH0111R0w- MELLOR, DOLORES D.g Drag Sec.-Orchestrag Costumeg Inter-Club Council. TMENDREY, DOIQOTHY M.g Dolficg Sec.-Social Dance, Pres.g Leaders' Corpsg Gleeg Oper- ettag Senior Play. BTERLIN, VIRGINI.A B.g BlHCk01ll,' Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.g Gleeg Social Dance. I MESSANKO, DOROTHY P.g Doriieg Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.g Foil and Mask SOc.g Varsity Swimmingg Minor T. MESSINEO, CHRISTOPHER? Shvrijfg Ind. Arts B. MILACKI, CLARA P.g flfC'l'11lllld,' Gen. Bus.-Cinematographyg Varsity Swimmingg Film Fareg Circulation Com.g Varsity T. Top Row- RTICAI, LINO M.g .M1'rlcy,' Ind. Arts A. AIICHALIS, KENNETH A.g Illikzvfq Ind. Arts A- Stanipg Basketballg Ping Pong. llICIiIEVVICZ, HELEN B.: .lIz'rkry,' Sec.-H. R. Treas.g G. A. A.g's Dance Club, Seoy. Bottom Raw- RTICKLEVVRIGHT, ROBERT C.g .llirkfyg Acacl.-Fw rumg Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Spectator Businressg Honor Medalg Service T. , RTIGLIACCI, DTXNIEL 1,3 Haz'z'cy,,- Ind. Arts A- Band,Drum Major. lMIKf7I.AjCZYK, RTICHAEI. T.g Sniyfg Gen. Bus. 75 Q J fs .Jd 2 " " ,Jw ,Nw Oi Top Bott R ow- ATILINOWICZ. ESTELLE B., Babsg Sec.-G. A. A., ATILLER, EDVVARDJ ACad.-H. R. Vice-Pres., Boys' Science, Sec'y, MILLER, HELEN M., Rad, Sec. MILLER, WALTER, Wallf,' Acct.-H. R. Pres., Commerce, Treas., Pres. Council, Book- keeper, Auditor, Honor Medals, Minor T. MINSCIIWANER, BETTY M., But, Gen. Bus.-G. A. A., Skating, Bowling. MISKELL, EARLEQ Acad. ll, 45,5147 , Honor Medal. Patrol. 0111 Row- BIITCI-IELL, JAMES D., f1'1n,' Acct.-Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Inter-Club Council, Pres., Jr. Historical Soc., Commerce, Pres., Bookroom. NTITCHELL, JOSEPHINE J., fog Gen. Bus.-Leaders' Corps, Capt., Hall Patrol, Cheerleader. NIODZELEWSKI, EDWARD R., Acad.-Baud, Aviation. NIOELLER, CARI., Jlluellerg Ind. Orts B. THOLDAVAN, ANNE I., Teachers College Prep.-H. R. Pres., Sec'y-Treas., Americana. AIONTOOTH, MARY E, Marv: Acad.-H. R. Sec'y, Cliouiau, Treas., Riding, G. A. A., Bobashela. l76l Twp lx'u-w- NTOONEY, ELEANOR C., Dimplesg Gen. Bus. AIOORE. HAROLD ALFRED, Ike: Gen. Bus.-Print Club. TXIOORE, SHELDON L., Slzvllg Acad. 1fC7ff0lII-RtIZi.+ XIORICONI, LOUISE M., Lisa, Sec. NTORRIS, NIANTON E., Ed: Acad.-Forum, Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Press. NTOSOVICH, JONAS I., Joey Fine Arts-Art Club, Vice-Pres., Drama and Radio, Boys' Glee, Var. Football, Sec'y, Musical Cast, Minor T, Stagecraft. Top Boll Top Hoff Raw- MOSQUERA, ELSIE C.g Acad. MUEI.LER, CHARLOTTE E.g Acad.-Music Apprcciationg Glee Club: Euclidean: Belles Let- trcsg Senior Play, Prop. Com.g Operettag Drama and Radio, Sec'yg Nat'l Thespiau. MUHA, MICHAEI.Q Mikeq Acad. MULE, GRAYCE V.g Boots: Acad.-H. R. Seclyg Costumeg Social Danceg Clionian. MULTOI', WILLIAM H.g Bill ,' Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrolg H. R. Pres.g Pres. Council. IWURPHY, CDETTE Eg ,Vu1'pl1,' Acad.-H. R. VicePres.g Girls' Glecg El Siglo Futuro Operetta. om Row- MURPHY, VIVIAN L.g Skinny Vivg Gen. Bus. BIUSZYNSKI, STANLEY E.: Sta.rl2,' Gen. Bus. NABUTOVSKY, AIJCEQ Allie: Gen. Bus. NALBoNE, JIM 1.5 Nalbyg Ind. Arts B. NALEPA, HENRY 1.5 Acad.-Euclideang French, Treas.g Cinematographyg Hall Patrol Honor Medal. NAPLES, SAMUEL P.g Napg Acad.-Print Club. ROIL+ NAPOLEON, YALBERT j.g Nufvy: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Scc'y, Trans.: Letls Dance, Vice-Pres. NAPo1.itoN, NIARY R.g Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.: Skaters: Italian: Amcricanag Cliccrlcadcrs. Minor T. NAPoLEoN, TERESA R.g Acad.-H. R. Pres.g Frenchg Americanag Golf. 0111 Row-- NEMETH, jUL1Usg Jzilig Acad.-Opcrcttag Wres- tlingg Print Club. NEMETH, RlARYQ S.: Sec.-Amanuensis. NEwBoN, NORBLANQ .Vrzilwg Acad. 77 RW- Cf-"""""" I ' NICKLES. GEORGE M., Nick, Gen. Bus.-Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Forum, Football. NINE, XYILLIAAI D. S., Bill, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres., Pres. Council, Social Dance. NVIX, HARRIET ANN., fiyger, Acad.-Executive Committee, Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Inter-Club Council, Treas., G. A. A., Spanish, Vice-Pres., Pres., Jr. Historical, Quill and Scroll, Spectator, Page Editor, Service T, Attendance Award. NOBILI, HELEN JOHANNAQ Acad.-Personality, Inter-Club Council, Pet Club. N01'lXRO, JAMES, Joni, Infl. Arts. NovAI4, BIADELINE LIARYQ Gen. Bus.-Americana, Garden, G. A. A. Bottom Row- NUcAso, FAY, Fine Arts. NUIT, CHARLES, Ifllvdflf Fine Arts-H. R. Sec., Soph. and J. V. Football. OLMSTEAD, LELIAQ Ii1'a1zcis,' Acad.-Personality, Honor Medal, Service T. O,NEILI., CLAIRE, Patricia, Dot: Acad.-Pres. Council, Cinematography, Glee Club, Radio and Drama, Mask and Foil Society, Musical Cast. ONOP'RI, LoUIs, ,Pl1l7LOCh'l0,' Acad.-H. R. Sec., Americana, Print, Inter-Club. PAGE, JANE R., Acad.-Ir. Red Cross, Sec'y, Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Garden, Lead- ers' Corps, G. A. A., Riding Club. Top Row- PAGE, RICHARD XY., Dick, Acad.-Cheerleaders' Corps, Soph., I. V. Basketball. PAGNOTTA, PATSY, IlIaj01',' Acad,-Varsity Foot- ball, Track. PALINSKY, RITA B., Sec.-Photography, Serv- ice T. Bottom Roub- PALMA, JEANETTE A., Slzorfy, Acad.-Library, Radio, Archery, Pres., G. A, A. PALMERE, PHYLLIS M., Phil, Acad.-Italian Club. PALUMBO, RUTH M., Acad.-Leaders' Corps, Cheerleaders, Photography, Mask and Foil Society, Bobashela. X Top Row- PANERIO, LENORAQ Lacy Acad.-Glee Club, Italian Clubg Spectatorg Bobashela, Humor 1tOr. PANCOAST, DAVID L.g Dave, Gen. Bus.-Trackg Cross Country. PAPENDICK, JOHN, Gen. Bus.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrol. PARKER, SYLVIAQ Molly,' Silg Sec.- Girls' Scienceg Hall Patrolg Spectator, Bus. Staffg Honor Medal. PARKERsoN, CONSTANCE E., Parkyg Gen. Bus.-Bowling, G. A. A. PARKINSON, ELSIE MAYg Parkieg Gen. Bus.--Personality Club. Bottom Row- PATEE, GEORGE F.g Wolff Acad.-Euclidean, Photography, Radio Appreciation, Sulli- vanian Society, Laureate. PATERRA, RAMLQ Ind. Arts. PATYKULA, EMILY T., Patg iVIi1mie,' Acct. PAULINE, RosE MARIEg Gen. Bus.-School Storey Bobashelag Special Features Editor. PEACOCK, ROBERT K., Acad.-Forumg Nat'1 Honor, Jr. Historical, Philosophyg Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Foil and Maskg Golfg Honor Medalg Service Tg Minor T PELLITTERO, JEAN M.g Jeannie, Gen. Bus.-H. R. Treas.g Letys Dance. Tofw Row- PERLINGIERO, LOUIS L.: RUITITTILI Sec.-Orchestra, Italian Clubg Musical Castg Service T. PERLMAN, SAMUELA C3 SFIf'17'1111y,' Acad.-Girls' Scienceg Rowlingg Spectator. PERSI, JOHN C.g fa.r0u,' Gen. Bus. Boifom Rott'- PERSONZLORENA E.g Rmzag Home Econ.-Dra- matic. PESSOLAXO, :XNNI-l,L.I Acad.-Girls Gleeng Radio Appreciationg Club Editor, Bobaslielag Musi- cal Cast. PETERS, JOSEPH F. g Flop, Gen. Bus.-Football. 79 80 Top Row- PETERSEN, QUENTIN R.g Pctv: Acad.-Hall Patrolg Philatelic. Vice-Pres.g Philology Hobashela. Assoc. Editor: Pet Club: Opcretta: Philosophy. PETTINICHIO, ROSE A.: Frcrklvsf Sec.-H. R. Treasg Amanuensis. Treas.: Hall Patrol ' Honor Medal. PETTIT, VVANIJA M.g Pvt: Acad.-Accordion. PIc3c'o1..x, AI.1NDA M.g Cookie: Acad.-Americana. Bowling. PII-ZLTHOTA, HENRY A.: HF!!-BlillIf,' Ind. Arts-Print: Pres. Councilg H. R. Pres.: Serv- ice T. PTNTO. IJOROTIIY L.g 120-fp Gen. Bus.-Americana, Treasg Radio Appreciationg Bobashela Bottom Row- PIPINO. DoM1N1c'J.3 l'vf.v,' Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrol. P1PP1'1T, THUMAS H.g Pipg Incl. Arts-H. R. Seoy-Treasg Hall Patrolg Aviation, Vice- Pres.g Treas., Inter-Club Councilg Cross Countryg Minor T3 Americana-3 Commerce P1ToNY.xK, EDWARD: Pip: Incl. ArtsA-Band. PON!-2. MARIE C.: Rev: Gen. Bus.-Personality. PONTURIERO, IQATHERINE P.g Kufirp Sec.-H. R. Vice-Pres.g Honor Medal: Amanuensis Sec'y. Poo1.E, ROBEIQ1' L.: Bot: Incl. Arts. Top 160-10- Garclen, Yice-Pres. POTTER, EUNICE Y,g Ezzuivq Gen, Rus.-Glue Club Bvffmn Row-- cilg Soph. Football: Spectator. ish Club. POTTS, VVALTER G.: Gen. Bus. Povro, VINCENT L.g Slnzrlcg Gun. Bus.-Accoiw dion. POTAPA, CECILIN L.: BIm1fz'z1',' .AC3.Cl,4.'XlllCI'lCZ11l21Q POWNALL, 1051-'PH D.g fury' Acad,-Safety Coun- POTTS, ROBERT: Aeacl.-Swimming Team: Span- Q . GW Top Row- PRENDERGAST, NANCY: Did: Acad.-H. R, Vice-Pres.g Hall Patrol' G. A. A.' Swimminv Teamg Teuuisg Major T. i i U PREZNANSKY, STEPHAXQ Sfcveg Music-Accordiong Americana. PRETO, CARL F.g Acct. PROCACCINO, MICHAEL I.g Proc: Ind. Arts. PRoc'roR. NTADALINE M.g Gifigvzg' G. A. A.g Bowling. PROKOP, JOHN? Prog Gen. Bus.-Philatelicg Bowling Team, Capt. Bottom Rau'- PRUSSK, NTARY AGNES? Gen. Bus.-Public Speaking: Polish Clubg U. S. Travel Bookg Hall atrol. PULHALSKI, LORRAINEQ LllvI'I'j',' Sec.-G. A. A.g Balletg Accordioug Skatiugg Spectatorg Minor T. PUKACZ, EUGENE T.g Tzmcyg Ind. Arts. PURCELL, JOHXQ Jacky Acad.-Quill and Scrollg Executive Committeeg Cliouiang Junior Historical: Spectator, Bus. Mgr.g Junior Asst. Press Class Editorg Picture Eclitorg Service T5 Service Corpsg Hall Patrol. QUALLIS, GERARD E.g Acad.-Band, Asst. Librariaug Music Appreciatioug Service T. QUATTRONI. EMILIOQ illillsq Acad.-H. R. Pres.g Pres. Councilg Honor Medal. Top Row- RAINBOW, EUGENE A.g Honkg Incl. Arts-H. R. Vice-Pres. RAGO, UMILE F.g U-U5 Acacl.-Italiau Club. RANDALL, BTARIE A.g Ind. Arts. Boffom Row-- RANIERI, FREDQ Music-Bauclg Orcliestrag Danceg Honor Medalg Servicfg T. RATICO, TVTARIANQ P.: lVQz.ri4',' Gen. Bus. RAUGHLEY, ROBERT L.g Baby Fine Arts-Service Corpsg Forum Clubg Operetta Castg Hall Pa- trol. 81 Top Row- READ, MAHLON M.g Wliimpyg Acad.-Shop Safety Council, Treas.g Tennis. REDD, URSULAQ Red: Acad.--Girl Reserveg Dramatics. REED, DORIS M.g Darg Gen Bus.-Girl Reserveg Americana Clubg Radio Appreciation: Bobashela. REED, ELLA L.g Red: Sec.-Skaters. REED, GARRETQ Geryg Acad.-Track. REED, SYLVIA C.g Acad.-Dramatics. Bottom Row- REEDER, AUDREY M.g Audg Fine Arts-Costurneg G. A. A.g Skatersg Correspondenceg Modern Dance REESE, lM1RIAM E. g'Min Sec,-H. R. Treas.3 H. R. Sec.g G. A. A.g Arnanuensisg Skatersg Honor Medal. REIKOSKY, JANE A.g Acad.-jr. Red Crossg Music Appreciation. RENELT, FRANK E.g Cr: Acad.-Americanag Woodcraftg Hall Patrol. RENN, STEPHEN VV.g Pcitej Gen. Bus. RHOADS, HOPE M.g Hopieg Gen. Bus. 1f.x E821 1? Top Row- RICATTO, ANTHONY V.g Ricky Gen. BuS.-Base- ball. RICHARDSON, LOTTIER V.g Acad.-Dramatics. RIGELQN, FRANK D.g Dnfg Ind. Arts A. Bottom Kon'- RINKUS, jour! XY.g Kinky Gen. Bus.-Service Corps. RKBBERTS, IYTARCIAQ Mar'cialCc,' Music-French Clubg G. A. A.: Modern Dance: Operetta Class: Orchestra: Concert Masterg Cheer- leaders' Reserve Corpsg Sullivanian Society. ROBERTS, SYLVIAQ Syl: Fine Arts-Art Club. Top Rau'- ROBERTSON, LOTTIE 31.5 Lot. Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrolg Bobaslielag Spectator. ROCH. NY1LL1AM D.g Acad. ROCH1'ORD, RUTH B.g Poofg Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pre5.g Clioniang Hall Patrol. ROGEIQS, EDWARD R.g Ted. Acad.-Hall Patrolg Forumg Spectatorg Bobashela, Asst. Editor: Operetta. V ROMAN, JOHN N.g Gen. Bus. ROPPIQLT, RICH,ARD H.g Piulsgg' Acad.-Hall Patrolg Clionion. Bottom Row- ROSLONSKI, DOROTHY T.g LDOILQ Scc.-Cinematography, Sec'yg Film Fareg Drama and Radio. Ross, VIRGINIA M.g Gi1zm'c,' Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Belles Lettresg Ir. His- toricalg Ir. Red Cross. ROUND1'REE, SYLVESTERQ Jakvg Gen. Bus.-J. V. Football. ROUZI2, BERNARDQ Beruieg Acad.-Hall Patrolg Electric Club. ROY'ER, RICHARD L.g Diclcg Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrol Capt.g Mask and Foilg Forurng Jr. Historicalg Service T's. RUBINO, LENA N.g l.r'c,' Gen. Bus.-Arnericanag Let's Danceg Skating Club. T017 Kow- RUsso, JOSEPH A.: Joey. Gen. Bus.-Trackg Footballg Boxing. Rosso, JOSEPHINE 1.3 Jog Gen. Bus.-Radio Ap- preciationg Americana. RL'BRIl91iT, L.XURA E.: Lm'ky,' Acad.-Euclidean Societyg Natnralistsg Press Club. Bottom Rom'- RYAN, CHARLES J.g Bang Gen. Bus.-Glec Clubg AlI16I'lC3.113.Q Music Appreciationg Senior Plays, Musical Prod. RxiAN, EDWARD S,g Jacoby Acad.-H. R. Treas.g Forumg Presidents' Councilg Service Corps: Spectator. RYAN, SENSOR A.g Acad.-Service Corpsg Or- cliestrag Forunig Chess and Clieckerg Nat'l Honorg Hall Patrolg Honor Medal. l83l .D-XL-XXIAXDRA HARRX L Gen Bus Service Corps, Vice-Pres.g Hall Patrolg Forumg Junior Historical Society Service T. SALVANTE ROSELLA E Snow Acad Naturalistsg Americanag Italian, Sec'y. SALNANT1 BENJANUN P Ben Intl Arts B-Track Team. SMIDFRS BETH Samix Sec blee Clubg Musical. SANDHOH- PEARL D .Sandi Sec Bobashela Staffg Laureate. SANIAXIELLO BFLLA A Gen Bus Skating. SANTARSIERO Jol-1NJ John Silver Ind Arts A.-Let's Dance Club, Pres. SASS RITA 'Xl .Sltzpfn Sec Spanish Hall Patrol. SAWLHA1x VK ALTFR G Acad Serwicc Corps Hall Patrolg Laboratory Asst.g Euclidean: Boys Science Ptolemean Society Honor Medalg Nat'1 Honor. SLACCFTTI jmx A Scam Acad Italian. SCARI A1 A PALMIRA Palm Sec Orchestra g Service T. 10pRow- SCERBA, BERTHA R.: Bent: Gen. Bus.-Tap, Americanag H. R. Secly. SCHEINER, BERNICEQ Acad.-Spanishg Skating. SCHoRNER, TDOROTHY j.g D015 Acad.-Glee Clubg Les lntiniesg Skating. om Rozy- SCHIFFMAN. FLORENCE 11.5 1'-llj'L',' Acad.-Em clideang El Siglo Futuro: Skatingg Attend- ance Girlg Spectator Reporterg Service T Music Appreciation. SCHIJCHER. LORRAINI-3 F.g Pete: Acad--H. R Vice-Prcs.g G. A. A.g Hall Patrolg Pres Council: Clioniang Modern Dance. SUIAFI-'ER, LEONARD F.g Lmz : Acad.--VVoodcraft Radio Appreciationg Swimmingg Minor '1. y Xl 1 vu ,aqua-f'-Nvlrf ' I-53,7111 Top Row- " SCHAZ, JOSEPHINE M.g Joeg Gen. Bus.-School Store. SCHNI-LLL. RUTH 3 Stinkyg Acad.-Clioniang G. A. A. SCHUSTER, VVILLIAM T.g Bcllg Gen. Bus.-Service Corps, Hall Patrolg Accordiong Ameri- canag Service T. SCHRUM, NORMA M.g Sec.-Skating. SCHWARTZ, KARL F.g Speclcsg Fine Arts-Art. SCHWARTZ, LILLIAN D.g Lily Sec. Bottom Row- SCOTT, NORMA 1.3 5'c0tty,' Sec.-Petg G. A. A.g H. R. Vice-Pres. SCULLY, DoLoREs K.g Dellyg Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.g Skating. SEABRIDGE, VVILLIAM F.g Billy Acad.-Hall Patrol. SEAVEY, CHARLOTTE S.g Gen. Bus.-'Americana SECOR, RUTH C.g Acad.-Skatingg Laureate. SEDORIEK, MARX' A.g Gen. Bus.-Glee Club: Hall Patrolg Modern Danceg School Store: Musicaleg Bobashelag Music Appreciation. TopRo1u- SE11-'1-LRT, HENRX' Hg Bzzrtg Acad.-Banclg Boys' Scienceg Service T. SEITZ, EILEEN M.g Seo: Acad.-Hall Patrolg Nat- uralistg Drama: Radio. SELTER, ERNEST Wfg Acad.-Service Corpsg Or- chestrag Chess and Checkerg Pythagorean' 1 Ptolomean Society, Sec'yg Foil and Maskg Nat'1 Honorg Press Classg Honor Medal' Attendance Awardg Service T. 1 Bottom Rota- SEMASKO, BoR1s P.g Acad.-Glee Clubg Boys Scienceg Philosophical Societyg Musicaleg .L Honor Medalg Sullivaniang Music Apprecia- tiong Rhetorician. SERBACK, IDAg Sec.-Girls' Scienceg Modern Dance. Sl-ERUBY, NICHOLAS A.g Nicky Rus.-Bandg Serr- ice T. U35 x 1 'VAU ' l86l T017 Row- ' 1.3.13 ' " SHORE, ITELEN B15 SI10rty,' Music. SHARE, EDYTHE F.g Edicg Gen. Bus.-Glee Club. SIIAW, VIRGINIA L.g Ginny: Acad.-French Club, Sec'yg Tapg Swimmingg Press Club, Sports Editorg Quill and Scroll. SHEEGER, IRENE Lg Sugarg Gen. Bus.-Philology Tattler. SHERMAN, JACK: Shc'1'm,' Acad.--Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Chess and Checkersg Shop Safctyg Press Club, Co-Editorg Spectatorg H. R. Treas. SHERMAN, PHYLLIS F.g PI1iI,' Fine Arts--Radio!and Dramag Glee Clubg G. A. A.g Senior Castg Musicale Cast. Bottom Row- SHINTAY, ANNE: Sec.-Balletg G. A. A., Scc'y. SHIPPER, HARvEYg Slzipg Acad.-Forumg Jr. Historicalg Nat'l Honorg Chess and Check- ers: Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Tennis, Mgr.g Service T'sg Minor T. SIEGLE, HELEN H.g Gen. Bus.-Pres. Councilg H. R. Pres.g G. A. A.g Hall Patrolg School Storeg Leaders' Corpsg Bobashela, Picture Editorg Service T5 Attendance Girl. SIKORSKI, CASIMIRQ T. Rasj Gen. Bus. SIKORSKI, SOPHIA J.g Sophg Sec.-H. R. Sec'y. SIKSAY, OLGA M.g Acad.-Naturalist, Treas.g Spectator, Ir. Assistant. ,L 'IWW Kurt'- SILCOX, CLARA M.g Dirky: Sec.-Hall Patrolg Pres. Councilg H. R. Presg Americanag Ballet. SILVERS, ELIZABETIIQ Bflsyq Gen. Bus.-Social Danceg Swimming Team. SIMINOWICS, ATARY K.: Sim: Sec.-Commerce: Hall Patrolg Bobashela, Literary Staffg Honor Medal. I?0flm1zR0u'-- SIMKO. AIARY A.: Slzortyg Sec. SIMLA, STEPHEN J.g Stcjfq Acad.-H. R. Sec'yg Polish Clubg Hall Patrol. SISTI, DIXNIEI. R.g Shiclricg Acad.-Baseballg Basketball Capt. R nJ SISTI. NICHOLAS G.g Nirlg' Gen. Bus. SISOLAK. AIARGARET M,g Marge: Sec.-Amanuensisz Steno-Memo. Co-editor Top Rou- SIMPSON, GERALDINE M.g Gvr1'y,' Sec.-H. R. Vice-PreS.g Personalityg G. A.. A.: Golfg Pres. Council. SLOVER, RUTH P.g Rutlziey Gen. Bus.-H. R. PreS.g G, A. A.g Modern Danceg Minor T. SLOVES, ELAINE 1.3 Slzorfyf Gen. Bus.-Americana. SMAZIL, FRANK? Zllinleg Acct.-Radio Appreciation. Boff011zR0w- SMITH, CHARLES VV.g Smifiy: Acct.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Service T5 Debate. SMITH, DONALD C.g Barony Incl. Arts B. HAROLIJQ C01mt,'Acacl.-Bandg OfCll6StFHQ Trackg Cross Countryg Service T. SMITH SMITH, ilxlAR1OR1E E.g M'1dgv,' Sec.-H. R. Sec'yg Aviationg G. A. A. SMITH, NIXTALIE D.g Nat: Gen. Bus.-Bowling. SMITH, NORMAN S.g Smitty: Ind. Arts. Top Rim'- SNEAD, ELSIE L.g Slzortyg Sec. SOLINSKA, EDN,-x R.g Gen. Bus.-Skating. SPOT0, ANTHOM' R.g Tonyg Music-H. R. Treas.g Band: Orchestrag Print Clubg Music Appreciation. Boflmn Rott'- SOLLAMI, JAMES 1.5 S0115 Gen. BuS.g-Service Corpsg Varsity Football: Hall' Patrol. ' SOMERS, DOROTHX' M.g Dorf Music-Riding Club. SOWA, STEPHANIE 1.5 Simflx' Gen. BuS.-A1neri- Cana. I87I 88 Top Kow- SPICER, FEED J., Spice, Acad,-H. R. Pres., H. R. Treas, Hall Patrol, Belles Lettres, Cinematography, Pres. Council, Varsity Track, Intra-Mural Championship, Film Fare, Writer. SPINELLI, .ANGELINA L., Angie, Acad.-Girls' Chorus, Cinematography, Sec'y, Inter-Club, Nat'l Honor, Quill and Scroll, Spectator, Page Editor, Feature Editor, Film Fare, Co-Editor, Honor Medal. SPRINGSTEEN, WYARREN VV., Difiersg Ind. Arts- SPYCH, EDWARD J., .S'pike,' Ind. Arts. STANKIEWICZ, REGINA, Ginny, Sec.-G. A. A., Ballet, Tap, Skating. STANLEY, JOHN J., Acad.-Hall Patrol, Woodcraft. Bottom RUZLP STANZIALE, THOMAS A., 1: Gen. Bus. STEEL, CHARLES D., Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres, STELLA, PETER R., Gen. Bus. STEEANOWIQZ, Lucy A., Lug Gen. Bus.-Americana. STILES, HAROLIT R., Stinleiv: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres., H. R. Vice-Pres., Pres. Council. STILLANO, FIFIQ Fee, Gen. Bus. Tofv Row- STINES, MIRIAM R., Mim, Acad.-Art, Member of Musicale Cast. STRAUB, DAISY M., Sec. STRAVA, VIRGINIA B., Sec.-Aviation. Bottom Row- STROHECKER, EVELYN J., Ezvicj Ballet, Spanish, Modernistic. A.A. SURO, FERDINAND R., Toofsg Ind. Arts-Safety Council, Treas., Service T. SULLIVAN, RUTH E., Gen. Bus.-Skating, G. Top Row- SUSSMAN, EsTHERg S,' Sec.-H. R. Pres.g Presidenfs Councilg Amanuensisg Spectator, Business Staffg Press. SUSZKO, SOPHIEQ Gen. Bus.-School Storeg Modern Dance. SUTHERLAND, MARTHA L.g Dutchg Home Econ.-Humane Clubg Art, Sec'yg Petg Corre- spondenceg Hall Patrol. SUTTERLIN, CARL D.g Suftg Ind. Arts-J. V. Swimmingg Attendance Awardg Minor T. SUVRG, VIOLET E.g Vig Sec.-Costume Clubg Petg Skating. SWEENEY, CONSTANCE M.g Connie ,' Acad.-H. R. Pres.g Aviationg Girls' Scienceg Execu- tive Committecg Pres. Councilg Foreign Correspondenccg Hall Patrolg Attendance Girlg Ridingg Bowlingg Service T. Bottom Row- SYLVESTER, EDWARD F.g Edg Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrolg Varsity Baseball. SYMoNow1cz, HIPOLIT W.g Hipg Gen. Bus. SZBANZ, HELENQ Hijig Home Econ. SZWEDO, EDWARD P. g Shikesg Ind. Arts B. SZKLANNY, PAULINE A.g Acad.-Girl's Scienceg Hall Patrolg Costumeg Honor Meclalg .Attendance Award. TAFT, SAMUEL T.g Ind. Arts A. Top Row- TAFT, XYILLIAM 1.5 Hillg Ind. Arts A-VVoocl-- craft Club. TALLON, DoN,' Gen. Bus.-Hi Y Club. TALLON, ROBERTQ Pafg Incl. Arts B-Hall Patrol. Botiom Rott'- TANKE1., LILLIAN S.g Lily Gen. Bus.fG. A. A. TARNOSKE, ELEANOR S.g Booisg Acad.-Amer? canag Necdlecraft. A TARTAGLIA, BEATRICE Mg Beag Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'yrTreas. 89 amlliifw 90 Tap Kow- TAYLOR, JEAN, Tail .' Acad.-Pythagorean, Junior Red Cross, Riding, G. A. A., Inter- Club Council, Leader's Corps, Minor T's, Hockey, Tennis. TAYLOR, PRISCILLA J., Paitg Gen. Bus.-G. A. A., Publication-Press Class, Position, Reporter. 'N' TAYLOR, WILBIA J., Billie, Gen. Bus.-Modern Dance. TELFER, CATHERINE, Kary, Home Econ.-G. A. A., Leaders' Corps, Apparatus, Cheer- leaders' Corps, Skating, Varsity Team, Tennis Minor T. TEMPLE, BEATRICE H., Bea, Gen. Bus.-G. A. A,, Skating. TEMPLE, LENORE A., Lani, Home Econ.-Art, G. A. A., Coresponderice. Bottom Row- TEMPLE, TNTARTIN VV., Fine Arts. TTENNANT, MARGARET R., Sa-ndy, Sec.-H. R. Sec'y, Modern Dance, G. A. A., Varsity Team, Tennis, Correspondence Club. TERRELL, MARJORIE V., illargog Sec.-Modern Dance, Honor Medal, Typing Pin. TERRY, LEE, Terry, Acad.-Hi Y Club, Patrol, Football. THACKRAY, JOHN Y., Ind. Arts A. THTEL, JOE E., Ind. Arts B.-Service Corps, Art, Stamp and Coin Club, Varsity Track, Asst. Tennis Mgr., Minor Ts. Top Roue- THOMAS, ARTHUR L., Doc, Music-H. R. Vice- Pres., Band, Music, Music Certificate. THOMAS, BETTY D., B. T., Fine Arts-Hall Pa- trol, Pres. Council, Art, G. A. A. THOMAS, NTABELQ I,0z'i0,' Home Econ. l90ll0111R0'w- THOMPSON, IXIARIE L., Dolly ,' Acad.-Social Dance. ' THOMS, DONALD C., Acad.-Cross Country, Cap- tain. THORNTON, HARRY, Binyg Gen. Bus.-Glee Club, Vice-Pres. fy! , vfjfli I J fwff T'-Qff Top Row- TIFFENBACH, FRANK J.g Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Service T. TILLERY, ANITA L.g Nitag Gen. Bus. TOFT, WILLIAM L.g Tubz'as,' Gen. Bus.QCinematographyg Hall Patrolg Quill and Serollg Thalieuterpeang Bobashelag Laureateg Film Fareg Sullivanian Society, Pres. TOMASULO, MICHAEL 1.3 Mikey Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres.g Americanag Garden Clubg Pres. Councilg Inter-Club Council. TOMASULO, PHILOMENA D.g Philg Sec.-H. R. Treas.g Commerce Club. TOMASZEVVSKI, CHESTER R.g Chetg Ind. Arts A-Print Club. Bottom Row- I TOME, DONALD 1.3 Dong Acad.-H. R. Treas.g Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Pres. Councilg Clionian, Vice-Pres.g Cross Countryg Tennisg Press Classg Service T. TONTI, LENA P.g Gen. Bus.--Americana. TORRENS, KENNETH C.g Kang Acad.-Photography Club. TOTH, ERNEST 1.3 Ernieg Acad.-H. R. Pres.g Hall Patrolg Pres. Councilg Correspondence Club. , TOTH, STEPHEN 1.5 Tothyg Acad.-Clioniang Pres. Councilg Soph. Footballg Soph. Swim- mingg J. V. Footballg J. V. Swimmingg Varsity Football and Swimmingg Spectatorg Minor T. TRAPANI, JOSEPHINE F.g Pipj Gen. Bus.-Let's Danceg Modern Dance. Top Row- TLMMA. EDITH R.g Clzarlicq Acad.-Americanag Skaters. , TULIZNEWSKI, STANLEY 1.3 Stung lnd. Arts A. TURANO EAN M. ' Jmuic ' Sec.-Commerce Club' -J V . . Vice-Pres.g G. A. A.g Tennisg Honor Medal. Bottom 16020- TURENER, ISABEL V.g Pcggyq Home Econ. ' TURNER, JOHN E.g J0l1n1'zy,' Acad. TURNER, LIITHERQ foo: Ind. Arts B. 91 92 T011 161171- Tuzzoto, josEI-IIIXE 11.5 Jog Gen, Bus.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrol. ULLA, GREGORY N.g Gen. Bus.-H. R. Sec'y. UNANGST, VIRGINIA L.g Gimwf Gen. Bus.-AH. R. Pres., H. R, Vice-Pres., Leaders' Corpsg G. A. A.g Drama and Radio, Bowling. UNGAR, SADIEQ Selling. UNGARO, VITA C., Vcc, Acad.-El Siglo Futuro. URBAN, DAVID, Acad.-Belles Lettres: Glee Clubg H. R. Vice-Pres. B0tl011zR0w- UIQICH, RICHARD A., Pre: Acad.-Glee Clubg Treas.g Radio and Drama, Cinematog- raphy, Film Fare, Senior Play. URKI-JN, JEROME A.g Jerry, Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrol Capt.g Foruing jr. His- toricalg Quill and Scroll, Pres., Chess and Checkcrsg Spectator, Editor-in-Cliiefg Honor Medalg Service T. VAHGHAN, VERNAL A.g Red: Ind. Arts A. VALPINTINE, Roy M.g Cuddlcsg Acad.-Americana, Dance Club, Footballg Baseballg H. R. Pres. VALERI, MAMIE F., Sec.-Pet Club. VALEYKA, PEARL P.g Blondie, Gen. Bus. Top Row- XYAN BUSKIRK, XVESLEY H.g Gen. Bus.-Natural- ist Clubg Hall Patrol. X7AN HORN, EARL C.g Tinnyg Incl. Arts A-H. R. Sec'yg H. R. Treas.g Aviation Club. XCAN NESS. AGNES Mg. Aggie: Sec.-Skating Club, Modern Danceg Lct's Dance. B0ff0111R0w- XIANNOZZI, EDWARD D.g Eddie, Gen. Bus.-A1ner- icana. YYELTRE, HELEN E., Slzortyg Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.g Tap Clubg Balletg Glee Club. vVEREEN, FRED A.g Counteyg Acad.-Service Corps 3 Constitutional Committee. Top Row- VERRO, CLARENCE, Gen. Bus.-Radio Appreciation, Naturalist Club. VIG, ERNEST F.g Snalccg Gen. Bus.-H. R. Treas. VINE, IRWIN, Tang Acad.-Public Speaking: Belles Lettresg Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Quill and Scroll, Spectator, Honor Medal. V1RuIN, WILLIAM P.g Bill, Acad.-Forum, Inter-Club Councilg Service Corps, Jr. His- toricalg Glee Clubg Chess and Checker, Spectator, Business Staffg Service T. VOCATURO, SANTINA B.g Sandyg Acad.-Italian Club VOLPE, PHILOMENA M.g Shortyg Gen. Bus.-Americana Bottom Row- WAH, YINAQ Ying, Acad.-Hall Patrolg Leaders' Corpsg Frenchg G. A. A., Bowling, Riding Club, Pres. XNALCOFF, H.ARRYQ Sox, Acad.4Cinematograpl1y3 Varsity Swimming, Manager, Serv- ice T. VVALLACE, ANDREW A., Andy, Acad.-Drama, Musicale. NVALKER, MARGARET, Acad. VVALLER, LUCY Kg Home Econ. XVALTER, WILLIAM E.g Bill ,' Acad.-Orchcstrag Senior Play Committee, Glee Clubg Drama and Radio, Music Appreciationg Musicaleg Service T. Top Row- VVARDELL, ATARGARFT 1.5 ,llrzrgiug Gen. Bus.- Skating Club: G. A, A. VVARNER, H.AROLD L. g !-0f'cr,' Acad.-Clionian So- ciety, Hall Patrolg Cheerleaders' Corp, VVARNER, THOMAS, Tzmzg Fats, Acad.-H. R. Pres., Varsity Swimming. Bottom Row- XVARREN, :AUDREY BIAEQ .-lifts: Sec.-H. R, Sec'y , Girls' Science, Pres., Girls, Tennis Mgr. XVASCOE, FERDINANDQ 1"z'rd,' Acad.-Boys' Sci- enceg Nat'l Honor Society: J. V. Track. VVATTS, JEANNE A. g Sfvfvci ,' Acad.-Service Corps: Hall Patrol: Clionian, Scc'yg jr. Historical Societyg Foil and Mask, Jr. Red Cross, Glec Clubg G. A. A., Leaders' Corpsg Quill and Scrollg Girls' Varsity Tennis, Asst. Capt.g Girls' Basketballg Bobashela, Co-Girls' Sports l Editor, Spectatorg Service Tis. i ,,f ,- -- flA,l0f9 rho-Q L 93 Top Roug- XVEIS, CLARA A., Acad -Pythagorean, Jr. Red Cross, Chess and Checker, Sec., G. A. A., Euclidean, Laureate, Bobashelag Honor Medal, Lab. Asst., Nat'l Honor. WEIss, ALTON,' Acad.-Hall Patrol, Woodcraft. VVELQH, JON J., Crash, Acad.-Hall Patrol, Woodcraft. VVEST, EVAN R., Westie,' Acad.-H. R. Pres, Pres. Council, Hall Patrol, Bldg. Capt., Porsm, jr. Historical, Orchestra, Philosophy, I. V. Debating, Honor Medal, Serv- ice . VVIIARTENBY, DORIS M., Squeelesy Sec.-Modern Dance. VVHEELER, BI-:ATRICE E., Bea, Acad.-Costume, Philatelic, G. A. A., Naturalists, Hall Patrol, Archery, Bobashela, Spectator. Bottom Row- WHITE, GEORGE G., Ll1'7'7'j',' Acad.-Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Clionian, Chess and Checker, Nat'1 Honor Society, I. V. Basketball, Spectator, Bus. Staff and Circula- tion, Honor Medal. VVHITE, RICHARD S., Dick, Acad.-Hall Patrol, Clionian, Nat'l Honor Society, Treas., Honor Medal. VVHITE, ROBERT C., Bob, Acad.-Cheerleaders, Asst. Capt., Hall Patrol, Belles Lettres, Foil and Mask. WHYTE, GEORGE P., Pat, Acad.-H. R. Pres., H. R. Vice-Pres., Varsity VVrestling. VVIEDMANN, VIRGINIA R., Ginny, Gen. Bus.-Americana, Skating. WVILDONGER, PEGGY I., Peg, Gen. Bus.-School Store Clerk. Top Rome- W'ILI.IvI-:R, CLAIRE, Red, Gen. Bus. VVILLEY, MARGARET, Peggy, Acad.4H. R. Vice- Pres., Belles Lettres, Sec'y, Nat'l Honor, Glee Club, Pres., Jr. Red Cross, G. A. A., Ho1IOr Medal. VVILLIAMSON, JEAN N., Sec.-Pet Club. B'oH011z Row- NVILLIS, HTAUDE V., Acad.-Drama Club. VVILSON, ADELE P., Ad, Acad.-G. A. A., Ir. Red Cross, Glee Club, Drama and Radio, French, Thalieuterpeans, Natll Thespians, Creative Writiiig, Music Appreciation, Boba- shela, Senior Play Cast, Musicale Cast. VVILSON. EDWARD L., Knottyq Acad.-H. R. Treas.g Varsity Basketball, J. V. Soccer, i Service T, Minor T. 941 T017 Row- VVILSON, EVELYN M.g Evieg Gen. Bus,-Bowling. WILSON, JAMESg Jimmicvg Gen. Bus.. WILSON, MADELYN E.g Lottieg Sec. WISMER, EDWARD H.: Edg Gen. Bus.-Service Corpsg Hall Patrol. WOJCIK, ROSE MARIE A.g Sec.-Americanag Garden Club, Sec'yg Bobashela. WOOD, GIARFIELD A.g Woodieg Sec.-Bandg Service T. Bottom Row- WOODMAN, LEWIS S.g Lm Woodigg Ind. Arts-Service Corpsg Asst. Capt.g Hall Patrolg Service T. WOLFF, LISELOTTQ Leaf Acad.-Glee Clubg Apparatusg Americanag Varsity Swimmingg Musicale Cast. WOLFINGER, HARRY P.g Killer Wolff Gen, Bus.-Service Corps. NVOOLVERTON, WILLIAM Eg Weep Ind. Arts. WORTHINGTON, JEAN? Ettag Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrolg Costume Clubg Americana. WNUK, STELLA: Sec.-H. R. Sec'y-Treasg G. A. A.g Letls Dance Club. T017 Row- VVRIGHT, .ALCAIDQ .415 lncl. Arts-Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Safety Councilg Varsity Track. XYUHASE, ROSE M.vxRc:AIeEI'g Rosicg Acad.-Girls' Athletic Association: Glee Clubg Italian Clubg Balletg Operettag Music Appreciation. YUHASZ, ETHEL4,' Sec.-Americana Club Garden Club. Boifonz Rott'- " YOUNG, H0wARDg Gen. Bus. ' XvUNCZA, FLORENCE HEI.ENQ Flussicg Gen. Bus. ZAISIONSKI, EVELYN S.g Iiwg Sec. IQSI V-WXLY Vw' f pw Y tif Trrrzu- Q! A2 5' LANE. ELIZABETH E.: Bcity: Acad. Service Corpsg Hall Patrol: Swimming Team. ZARLENGA, MARYg C10IIHl1I71'G4,' Gen. Bus.-Americana Club. ZBOYOVSKY, ATARGARET F.: Kit: Gen. Bus.-G. A. A.3 Personalityg Americana Clubg Skating Clubg Bowling Team. ZEYACK, GEORGE A.: Zeke: Ind. Arts-Football. ZICKWOLF, DORIS M.g Duty Acad.-Naturalistg Americanag Ir. Red Cross. ZLMBA, LORETTAQ Loflirf Gen. Busf- Modern Dance Club. Bottom Row- ZIIXIMER, FREUERICK 1.5 lf1'cd,' Ind. Artsg Soccer Team. ZUCKERNIAN, ORX'II.I.2 Ozzie: Gen. Aviation-XYood Shop Club. ZUDNIAK. SOPHIA E.: Suiilvsg Sec.-H. R. Pres.g Amanuensisg Americanag Inter-Club Council: Hall Patrolg Spectator: Special Service Corps. ZWVI-SIG, RUTHQ Rnflzivf Fine Arts-Drama and Radio: Art: Inter-Club Council: Glee Clubg Operettag Senior Playg National Tliespian Society. BENCH, LEROYQ Roy: Incl. Arts A. BIRCHENOUGH, EVELYNg Acad. 96 Top Rott'- CASTRANOVA, ANNA M.: Gen. Bus.AItalian Club CEZUS, AALICEQ Gen, Bus. CLARK, ToMg Porleq Gen. Bus,-Varsity Basket- ballg Baseballg H. R, Pres. Bottom Roto- TJANESE, HEI.ENEQ Dau: Gen. Bus.-Hall Patrol Americana Club. DURITT, EVELYN 9 EW ,' Fine Arts-Costume Club Skatiugg Modern Danccg G. A. A.g'Cl1eer leadersg Correspondence. ETZ, SAMUEL 1.3 Acad.-Service Corpsg Hall Pa trolg Americana Clubg National Honor So cietyg Honor Medalg Baseball Mgr. .M , ' ,!f.i,'l1liZ IF Q , V ,fb '- Tap Row-- G1.m1l:EL1.UcA, Jos!-LPHQ Joe: Acad.-Varsity Football. Americana Club, Prssq Forumg J. V. Baskctballg Baseballg Soph. Class Pres. GORDON, EARL H.g Flaslzg Ind. Arts-VVooclcraftg Inter-Club Council. KROSNICK, ABE: Gen. Bus. IQROSNICK, BENQ Gen. Bus. ATANOLAKIS, ETHELQ Home Econ.-Glce Club. AIARTIN, KA'rH1i2EN A.g Kiffyg Acad.-El Siglo Fuiurog Radio and Dramag Moclcrn Dauceg G. A. A. Bnflom Row- NAPOLEON, LALPHONSEQ .fllficg Gen. Bus. PI-LRLAIAN, SAMUELAQ Acad.-Girls' Science Club. PRISLAK, Hlsbwlcsg Hvddyg Gen. Bus.-H. R. P1'cs.g Americana Club. Roiviiu, VVEr.DONg Acad. SMITH, DORIS L.g Dollifq Gen. Bus.-H, R. P1'cs.g Glce Clubg Bowliugg Pres. Couiicilg Musicals. VVEB1-zk, EDNA MAE,' Acad. l97l Fellowship In Sports 5 Varsity Wrestlers in Action Stellar Quintet TONI KRENCHICKI was another set-shot artist whose smooth-floor playing was a key link in the Trenton attack. He made many underhand shots to sink goals. This year he finished his second straight season of varsity competition. I O O FRANK FRASCELLA led the Trenton High scoring parade with 225 points. He is probably the best set-shot artist in the state. Frank made the Hrst All-State team on every newspaper. Only one of two players to receive the honor in the entire state, he scored 23 points in two games at New Brunswick and Perth Amboy. O 0 O Rising from the ranks of a junior varsity regular, HREDN BLUMENTHAL climbed the ladder to his greatest height as Trenton's Hunsung hero,,' be- ing named as captain of the Red and Black quin- tet for the Big Six play-offs with New Brunswick. TOlN1 CLARK was a key man in Trenton's unsuccessful drive for the state crown which was won by Asbury Park. Tom played Hne defensive ball and kept the opponents checked with every move of his agile body. BGB CARLTON, lanky center, rose from no- where to replace Jack Smith at the pivot post. Bob's six feet, two inches enabled him to retrieve many rebounds off the backboards, and he tapped in numerous goals. HE Trenton High basketeers opened their inter-high school basketball season at home with a brilliant 46-4 win over the New York School of Arts. Pro- tecting an early lead, Frank Frascella, Tommy Clark, and Tommy Krenchicki, last year's outstanding players, account- ing for most of the points, coasted to an easy victory. Rounding out the basketball team were red-haired Klarv Blumenthal and Bob Carlton, two inexperienced players, playing their first year at the varsity berths.-The team, through the expert guidance of "Red" Smith proved to be one of the best-balanced teams in the State. After a poor start, the team made a clean sweep in the second half of the HBig Six" Conference to make them eli- gible for the "play-offsf' Although beaten by New Brunswick, 39-26, Tren- ton High extended their foe all the way. Playing a brilliant game in which they exhibited all of their offensive and de- Basketball Team fensive power. Trenton High dropped a close game to Camden High in the semi- finals of the South Jersey Finals in the Group 4 competition. Although the Red and Black team did not win the championship trophy, they nevertheless completed another good season, compiling a record of 15 victories in 23 encounters. Captain Frank Fras- cella led the team in individual scoring with 225. Krenchicki finished with 113, with Carlton, Clark and Blumenthal fol- lowing in that order. The basketball .-Xllentown, away, New York, home, seherhile for the past season: N r-xx York School of Arts, home, -16--1, Rahway, away. 25-31 D ' f 1 71 7' XV,-ef 28-273 . rince.on. nome, 2,1--ng .. 28-363 Morrisville, home, -10-1-lg New Brunswick, away, 31-46, Perth Amboy, home, 29 21 Trenton Catholic, away, 42-21, Morristown, home, 40 171 Asbury Park, away, 37-22, Allentown CPa.j, 23-20 Princeton Frcshn New Brunswick, ten, home. 31-353 Camden, home. 26-21 home 35-33: Perth Amboy, away. 37 313 'l're.nton Catholic, home, 25-23, Morristown, awax 42-271 Asbury Park, home, 16-22. A Salute To Mermen Upper: JOE HORNYAK, co-captain of this year's swimming team, gets set for a back dive. Hornyak has a brilliant record as a diver. He has held the State and the Interscholastic National div- ing titles. Cenler: Two free stylers, BILL MACKEY, left, and JOE GNANDT, right, climb from the pool after a stiff practice. Mackey swam the 100- yard event, While Gnandt carried the Red and Black hopes in the 50-yard sprint. Lower: NAT SUTNICK, co-captain and high scorer, climbs from the pool after completing his specialty, the 100-yard backstroke. Sutnick was beaten only by John Gibson, a Rutgers freshman, in dual competition. Nat has also formed the nucleus for the 150-yard medley relay Which had an unusually successful record this year. ITH the ever-increasing keenness in scholastic swimming competition, the Crimson and Black natators had no easy time in defending their state title. lt was only by sheer effort that the Neu- schaefer boys nosed out Columbia High School of South Grange by only one point in order to retain the state crown for the eighth consecutive year. It was in l93Z that Trenton High School entered its Hrst New Jersey state championship swimming meet, scoring a sum total of one point. The next year, Coach Al Neuschaefer and his mermen flashed better form, losing the state meet by only two points. The Trenton swimmers hit their stride in l934l- and captured the state title. Ever since that time, the state title has re- mained in the possession of Trenton High. ln addition to this honor the team has held the national title for the past two years. This year the team placed second First Ratt' tleft to riglitj-Joseph Cnamlt, Jack Q'Shet1. Xyil- l'll'I1 omson on 'o s oe xa ner oe om ac 'o 21021111 lf ,ll. ,llllllwj llt .-I ll ylfi-ku! J Nat Sutnick tCo-Caitziinj, Vic Kolzer, llicg "Vte-. holin Ball 1 l Vlly I , VVz1lter Stocklas, VVilliam VVy5oclii. ,S'1'i'z1i1rl Row--Vincent Fer- Sfwimming Team in the national meet. The "Redsl' placed third in the Rutgers scholastic championship, a meet attended by the most outstanding prep and high schools in the East. Following its regular schedule of meets, the T. H. S. mermen defeated every high school team they encountered. In addition they scored victories over Bucknell Junior College, Peddie Insti- tute, Hun School, and Lawrenceville Prep. This year's squad closed its season by breaking the T. H. S. medley record held by the l937 squad. lwembers of this squad were Nat Sutnick, Vic Kolzer and Joe Crnandt. As this book went ot press, word was received by Coach Neuschaefer that Joe Hornyak, Nat Sutnick of the medley- relay and the free-style had won posi- tions on the All-American swimming team. This team is picked from an area which includes the United States and its possessions. raro Glanagerj, Hal XVQ-lsli, Vincent S. Caciubourla. Bill Baxter, Peter Sapio, Fran Slieeiiaiiujaelc Pollock. Peter Karaffa, Louis Suta, Michael Kovacs, Francis, llfarciaute tManagerD. Al top: JACK HUNT PAT PAGNUTTA JACK XVEISSMAN To lefz I JACK ABBQTTS DAN DEANG13m UMPLETING its Hrst season under the tutelage of Tom Murphy, new foot- ball mentor, the Trenton High football squad won three games and suffered six losses. Although its record was not im- pressive, the team, composed largely of new material, showed great possibilities for future development. The schedule for l940-4l was not an easy one. Commencing the football sea- son, Trenton High met La Salle High School in a nocturnal game at Dunn Field. The Philadelphians, a more ex- perienced team, pushed over two touch- downs to Win by l3-0. hiorrisville, the next opponent, was easily subdued by the Red and Black Tornadoes. Fumbles at crucial moments made Allentown a victor to the tune of l5-6. A brilliant 70-yard run by Dan De- Angelo, ace of T. H. S. ball carriers, was the highlight of a 6-6 standstill with Camden High. The Tornadoes knew victory again when they achieved a clean-cut victory over Woodrow Wilson High by a score of 12-6. Front Rare' tleft to riglitj-Edmoiul Vernam, Kenneth Bev erage, Eugene Solimofla, George Nickles, Frznik Kleinhauf, VVal ter Lee. kny Valentine 4CCo-Captainjg. Dan D'Angelo, Joe llipp joe Cfianiliellnczi. Joe ltruscione, .Second Ron'-Maury lome George Zeznziclc, Joe Peters, Lee Terry, Bill Frantz, Bruce Cub berly, Bob ,lZ1HliCSOIl, Jim Soloman, Jack Abbotts, Henry Lipinski Varsity Football Team The next four games saw the Red and Black ball carriers on the short end of the score. In certain instances, however, if Lady Luck had been kind, losses would have been converted into victories. New Brunswick, one of the grid powers of the state, dealt the red-clad Trentonians a 40-7 defeat. Woodrow VVilson took ad- vantage of two scoring opportunities to win l2-0, Collingswood made a gallant goal line stand to preserve a 7-Z lead, Atlantic City pushed over the only score of a hotly-contested game, winning 6-0. The T. H. S. standard bearers completed the season by defeating Trenton Cath- olic 13-0 at the annual Thanksgiving game. With the major part of this team re- turning next year, Coach Tom Murphy has the nucleus for a squad that will bring football laurels of the Hrst degree to Trenton High. To insure such a vic- torious goal a number of the boys will devote many hours of their summer va- cation in practice and study of the game. Next fall they will be ready for action. Third Row-'lom Nfurphy Clleud Coaclij, lid lXIurpl1y Cliack ie Coachj, Frank Piscopo. jack XVeismann. Vince Bartolone, .Ol llunt, Albert Markowitz, lfrnie Risto, Pat PI'ZlgHOtfZ1. ,loc Plunkett Alfred Butterer tLine Coaclij. .-ll1.wi1Ict'sfBill Dislirow 1Co- Captainj, llill Davies. ' l flld lln Varsity Soccer INCE 1930, Coach Dave Weisburg has rolled up an especially brilliant rec- ord as mentor of Trenton High's soccer squad. In this eleven-year period his teams have played ninety-nine games. The record shows eighty-seven victories and four defeats. Eight games were tied. The soccer season of l94l marked the first time in eight years that Trenton High lost a game to the scrappers of Hamilton. With the exception of this game, Coach Weisburg would have pro- duced another undefeated soccer team. Up until the team sustained this defeat, Trenton High's soccer record showed a total of 59 consecutive victories. Among the honors which were award- ed to the team were the South jersey Group Four soccer title by the New Jer- sey State Interscholastic Athletic Asso- ciation. All-State honor for skilled play- ing was given to Ralph Bates. Berths on the All-City eleven were awarded to Pat Petrino, Eddie Lada, Fred Zimmer, Bob Carlton and Ralph Bates. ln past years a large number of Tren- ton High soccer players have won na- tional honors. Some have even been ad- judged worthy for competition in the in- ternational Olympics as a result of their training on the high school team. The record of the 1940 soccer sched- ule is as follows: October ll, Northwest Catholic tPhiladelphiaj, lg Trenton, 2. October 2l, Rutgers Freshmen, Og Tren- ton, 6. October 23, Trenton Catholic, Og Trenton, 3. October 24, Chathma, lg Trenton, 3. October 29, Hamilton High, Og Trenton, 2. November 19, Kearny, Og Trenton, l. November 22, Princeton Freshmen, O, Trenton, l. November 28, Hamilton High, 2, Trenton, 0. . . 1 . V. , A - - First Rott' tleft to riglitDfl"ranlq Simancik, John Prezinka, Petrino tko-Qaptzunl. Bob Carlton, Tony laxrliclcxrwls. joe tfrocli, Fred Zimmer. l'iI'1l!lli,R2llllC9, Ralph Bates. TerltlvXYz1i1eI'. Mario lftlwarrl Lncln Clareiict- lid Christian l.XSSlSTlllll t'o:ncI15. all'- l.onrenti, Sebastian fiiallela. Set-ond No-zvfllavirl XYeisbnrg .rcntccs from flu' f'l,t'f1tl'L'fl'l61JS21l'C tCo-Captninl. I., l'roccano. joe tkfoaclil, .Xllmert Patty tkssistant Managerd, Newton .Xle tllan- Ceasrio. agerj, Dan llllgilillltfl, Teddy Novak, Larry tiinmbelluea, Pat Hi ' " 'inn' F1'l'.Yf Ro-rt' Cleft to riglitl--Eelviso, Hoffman. Mattlicws, Kay- lor. Tlioms, Tliiut, Hossniaiiii. Tiiclqcr. Spicer. lielli, llill. Ncwlin tMzu1agcrQ, .Siwoizil Rota-llogaii, Salvatiiii, Harden, Ogden. Farrington, Holmes. Thonias. Pippitl, Bingham. Billups, Strick- land, Kiegel, Campopiaiio. Tliirtl Ron'-Kinney, XYright, Kocku- HENEVER the expression, Hlworganls Trenton Boysn is mentioned in track circles about the State, opponents of the Red and Black breath silent prayers of obtaining a victory. Leaving a trail of enviable records, the Tornadoes have gained a notable reputation on the cinders by listing so few defeats. Last year Peter Morgan produced the greatest track squad ever to be turned out at Trenton High. The boys registered Wins in every meet, brought home the South Jersey Championship, defeated VVest Catholic, Philadelphia's National f'Champs," and finally hung up their Hspikesn by taking over the State lyleet at Nlontclair, a feat never before accom- plished by a South Jersey team. At the beginning of this year's track season the Tornadoes' outlook was very hinslti, Franklin. VVascoe. Brown, Moloney, Pancoast, Ulrich, Pollock. Fonrtli R010-llolins lfdwards, llonoliue, lirowii, Thiel NYilson, Murray, De Angelo, Markowitz. Koller, Tern, Fifth Roni fllews, Gross, South. Stadnyk. Cortina. Westover, Bishop, Yi- teritto, Huber, Fischer, Bossmaun. Richarilson. Varsity Track optimistic, since the history of the pre- vious year promised to repeat itself. Gaining a decisive victory in a triangular meet With Camden and Vineland, the Red and Black proceeded to capture the George School Invitation Meet for the fifth time in nine years. There was 'ftough going" all the Way down the schedule, since the home team had to face such notables as iWon'tclair, Hun School, West Catholic of Philadelphia, VVest Side of Newark and Asbury Park, all of Whom boasted mighty squads. Nevertheless, the running of the varsity-track men justihed all the rose- colored hopes held for them. In all en- counters they emerged With added pres- tige as track men. Next year this squad holds every promise of bringing cham- pionship honors to Trenton Central High School. fiom Girls' Swimming Team LD Neptune is learning that mer- maids may vie with men when it comes to a decision as to who is theruler in the realm of aquatic sports. Perhaps no sport has the possibilities as swim- ming does in providing equal basis for competition between boys and girls. Rec- ognizing this fact, Trenton High organ- ized its first Girls' Swimming Team two years ago. During its first year of exist- ence the team won three out of five meets. This year the aquabelles sported quite an impressive record. They garnered three victories in four meets and entered some of the stellar swimmers in the Times A. A. Meet. The records of the meets for the past year are as follows: Asbury Park, l7g Trenton, 38. Bucknell Junior College, l5, Trenton, l5. Penn Hall, 36, Trenton, 30. Abington, 27, Trenton, 36. The mer- maids were captained this year by lNlalla Brooks, who was assisted by jean Dowl- If1'r.rt Row tleft to rightj-Peggy Toth, Audrey Fell, Ruth Critchlow, Nancy Prenflergast, Malla Brooks, Jean Dowling. Gertrude James, "Red" Tilton. Second Ratt'-Mrs. Ami Grif- ing, a competent, helpful co-captain. In addition to competitive meets, the Girls' Swimming Team participated in an aquacade at junior Number Two. Their exhibitions consisted of rhythmic formations and drill swimmings For the future, the team is planning an elaborate water carnival to be held at T. H. S. The team was coached this year by Mrs. Anne Griffiths and Alfred Neu- schaefer, instructors' in the physical edu- cation department. With the advent of the third year, the girls' swimming team looks toward the future with enthusiasm. In its brief life- span, this team has won no mean honors, and it is more than eager to show its worth as a part of the athletic program of Trenton High. Each year this activity attracts more aspirants, and conse- quently, there is a greater degree of se- lectivity and better championship ma- terial. fiths, lllary Goodrich, Clara lNlil11clii, Eldretla Marten, Carol lllohr, Virginia Shaw. Nucleus of Girls' Team JEAN DOWLING, MALLA BROOKS and GERTRUDE JAMES, ace performers all, poise for a start in the picture above. These three stel- lar swimmers did much to make the Trenton High girls' swimming team a formidable organization of aquabelles. Above, right, is RUTH CRITCHLOW, who capably assumed the major part of the diving assignments all season. She is pictured just before taking off for a swan dive. Az the right, NANCY PRENDERGAST con- gratulates VIRGINIA SI-IAVV on a breaststrokc victory, as CLARA MILACKI looks on. In the breaststroke evenis these girls made a worthy and invidious record. Varsity Coach AL NEUSCI-IAEFER imparts some expert advice to one of his prize female proteges. Mrs. Anne Grifiiths coached the team, and Coach Neuschaefer offered his experienced guidance on many occasions. Consequently, this embryonic team had sufficient and competent di- rection. 4 First Rmb tleft to riglitilfllfii'-iorie Kelty. Fay Brisco, Emma Navarro CLieutenaiit, Second Sqtiaclj, Gloria Soriero, ICT' Tlli ZIITICS. OV I OV Y, ' 017311 C THC C ', 'll' Illliil. Y g L ole ftlel Rffle ll clllly Cooper. Scraiiii Rau'-Frank Dropla, Blary R. Nap ou, Cheerleaders VITHUUT the cheer leaders, a picture of Trenton High's athletic activi- ties Would be incomplete .This lively group of rooters has established a feeling of good-will and fellowship even at the most competitive frays. Garbed in red and black, the school colors, they have cheered their Way into the hearts of all Trenton sport fans. Not only have they been especially suc- cessful in a vocal Way, but they have mer- ited through their animated and precise military marching the sincere admira- tion of all. The success of their cheers and their leadership have been due to their faithful practice and attendance at weekly meetings. Under the guiding 51101 'atherine Telfer, joseph Dutko. hand of Miss Margaret Smock, the corps has composed numerous cheers which have met with immediate acceptance by the students. In addition to their heavy responsibili- ties this organization has undertaken the sale of trophies and other mementos at the games. The cheerleaders of l94l-l will be re- membered as a group which participated in one of the most spectacular demonstra- tions on our football field. At the initial game as sky rockets glared, the entire corps marched in full regalia across the Held and led the spectators in the singing of the national anthem while a flag com- posed of fireworks sparkled in the sky. AVING been victorious in the Hrst three games of a twenty-game schedule, the Trenton High baseball nine bids fair to recapture the Big Six championship which was won by lasr years team. Tom Murphy, new head coach, has the entire infield of last year, which includes Joe Plunkett, All-State irst baseman, smooth Helder Nick Regan, at the keysione sack, dependable Pat Petrino, at the hot corner, and Cap- tain Joe Giambelluca, at shortstop. The backstopping department is ably Hlled by Frank Piscopo, Trenton High's lead- ing hitter of last year, and Eddie Wilson, veteran second stringer. The pitching staff, headed by Tony Ricatto, fastball pitcher, and supported by Tom Kren- chicki, Bob Carlton and John Perry, I"1'r.rf Ruiz' tlcft to 1'igl1t7fl,, ,XverSano. Pat Petrino fgrml basej, Joe Plunkett fist basej. Larry Giambelluea Coutfieltll, Joe Ciamhelluca Csliort stopj, lizlnny Sisti fpitcherj, joe Ccsario Coutlielflb, Ralpt Hates Coutlielflj. Sccolzd Ron'-.Xl VVeiSs fMan- agerk, lid NYil5o11, Bob XYilliams, Tony Ricatto, John Perry, Ed Varsity Baseball seems certain to rank with the best in the Big Six. The outfield posts remain at present the only problem because of the departure of all of last year's varsity stars. At this time, however, Ralph Bates, Joe Cesario and Bob Carlton seem to be the best candidates for these po- sitions. Leading the reserves are Sam Alphonse and Larry Giambelluca. ln the season's opener, the Reds emerged victorious by defeating a scrappy Carteret nine, 8-l, at Carteret. Behind the excellent four-hit pitching of Tony Ricatto, the T. H. S. batsmen de- feated B. M. I. in a loosely played game, ll-8. By virture of Bob Carlton's home run with two men on the base-paths, the Reds took their third in a row, 5-4, over the Princeton Junior Varsity. Svlvester, Nick Regan. Frank Piscopo, Bob Bullock Cllanagerb, Tfll'7'lI' Rott'-Kalish tAssistant Nlanagerj, Tom Murphy. tCoaChj, VValsli, Carleton, Howard Wlierleiiliofer, Rerlnor, Krosnick tMan- agerl. , lllll Girls' Tennis PRING fever is not the most prevalent sign of spring at Trenton High, it's the sound of the tennis racquet as the Girls' Tennis Team begins its season of practicing. Nleeting daily after school hours, the team was drilled on correct placement and form by Coach Eleanor J. Keating, instructor in the physical education department. Believing that all applicants were varsity material, Miss Keating found it necessary to conduct an intra-team ladder tournament until the best players were revealed. These girls were then selected to form the varsity. Tennis as a girl's sport made its first appearance in Trenton High in l939. At that time Laura VVolf, a city champion in the junior division, captained the team. Because the activity proved to be successful and popular, it has been con- tinued by the physical education depart- ment as a regular activity. firv rm' e' o rifi f- cnc at K ai' inte . Mar ar 'Fen- 1.fR.tl1t1 1,1138 it Itlll get nant. lloris Lantz tfaptainl, Jeanne Vl'atts tkssistzint Captainj Nlzillzi Brooks, Uot llcngli, hlolre Cook, Carol Miller. Secgfzitf Ratt Last year's season Was a short one, with three matches on the team's schedule. The Hnal tallying of these tilts showed one vvin, one loss, and one postponement. Because of Weather conditions no other matches were arranged. The team of l94l, led by Doris Lantz, captain, ended the season victoriously. Especially brilliant playing enabled the team to out-volley the Princeton team With an easy score in the first encounter. At the end ofthe season the Girls' Ten- nis Team had a brilliant record. The Hnal scores were especially signiicant. Doris Lantz flashed a score of 6-Z, 6-33 Ruth CritchloW's score was 6-3, 6-43 Margaret Tennant's Hnal tally was l-6, l-6g Jean VVatts, 6-O, 6-l. The two doubles matches, later in the season, were won by the Princeton Girls, Tennis Team after many hard-fought volleys on the part of the Trenton High court girls. Fllzl Riegel. Marianne Macllvaine, Carol Fultl. 51121 Tlinth Lritchlow, Lorkv Sweeney. Lee llelen llrcetlen, .Xniie 4-Shel, Carol Mohr, Virginia Henney, Betty Loeltey. jean Taylor, 1' appeared at first that graduation had deprived the Trenton High tennis team of its most valuable players last June. With misgivings, the current ten- nis team began its season, but it was not very long before such dependable var- sity men as Paul Napolitano, Don Tome, jack Irwin, John Morrison, Adrian lyloore, Jim Egan and Ed Richardson alleviated Coach Forer's pains by Hash- ing through with stirring triumphs. The racqueteers continued to play another year of excellent tennis by leaving behind them, in defeat, several highly-rated teams. The team Hnished its season with a won-and-lost percentage of which Trenton High can be well proud. Among the teams that fell before the whip-like serves and volleys of the Trenton High School team are Asbury Park, Trenton Catholic and the Bordentown Military First Row Cleft to rightj-Sylvan Raphael, Harry thin, Franklyn Spiezle, Joe Delate, Malilon Read, Paul Napolitano, "Ace" Moore, Ed Richardson, Jim Egan. Second Row-K. Mur- phy, Iule Di Louie, Harrison Termey CManagerJ, Raymond De Vito Cllaxiagerj, Dan Carroll, Donald Tome, Bill VVolfe, Mat ., , Boys enms Academy tennis squads, respectively. Not limiting their competition to in- terscholastic matches, Trenton High was ably represented by several varsity men, Paul Napolitano, Don Tome, Adrian Moore and Joe Delate, who were entered in the Princeton Interskcholastic hleet. Throughout the winter months the Red and Black tennis team met top-ranking interscholastic opponents before large crowds in both New York and Phila- delphia. The highest honor should be placed on every member of this year's varsity ten- nis team for his excellent showmanship and keen exhibition on the courts. The tennis schedule for l94l included Lawrenceville, Asbury Park, Trenton Catholic, Upper Darby, B. M. I., Mor- ristown, Trenton Catholic, New Bruns- wick, Camden and Perth Amboy. Schon, Ii. Forer CCoachJ Morton Nusblatt. Third Row-William Short CManagerJ, Edward Benjamin, Boris Semaska, Lamson Henry, Stan Simon, George Napolitano. Absvntees-Jack Mor- rison, Frank Litty. 51131 J. V. Basketball First Row Cleft to rightJ4,Toe Giambelluca, George VVhite, Joe Plunkett, William Baxter, Bill Costigan, V. Frescella, G. Was- ko, D. Nugent. Second Row-Dominick Mattincci, Samuel Etz, Hail to the Junior Varsityls basketball team. This year's array of players turned in one of the finest records a second team has produced in many years. Trenton sport fans were thrilled by their successful ball passing at the preliminary games preceding each main event during the basketball Cross Countr With a nucleus of four-letter men Coach Pete Morgan organized a fieet-footed cross country team this year. The record of the team attests to its power. Sweeping away opposition with brutal pace and powerhouse finish, they did not meet defeat un- til they encountered the Kearney track men who won First Row Cleft to rightl-Irving Nolan, Don Tome, Ed Czartorski, Dan Petreeca, Edward Birt, Harold Donohue. Don 'Fhoms CCaptainJ, Benny Salvating, Harold Logan, Julius Davis, Thomas Kinney, George Maloneyl Second R0w4Pete Morgan Carl Light, Martin Isaacson, Leon VVarach, Bill Liggett, Lou Norato, Al Weiss. season of school year l940-l94l. According to Bill Baxter, J. V. mentor, next yearls varsity should be greatly aided by a host of promising reserve material which he guided this year. Under Coach Baxter's tutelage a number of potential varsity men were brought to the fore. by one point. Later in the season the T. H. S. boys bowed to a powerful Peddie team. At the time Coach Morgan came to Trenton High the cross country team ran seventh in the state meet. One year later they captured fourth place and this year in face of stiff opposition, second place. CCoachj, Lew Hardin, Billy Edwards, David Horner, Ferdinand Fisher, Albert Smith, John Spranga, Bill Hogan, Ferdinand VVascoe, Jack Brown, Albert Koller, George Franklyn, James Brown, Richard Rutlcowslii. I 51141 Varsity Wrestling First Ron' Cleft to rightj-Clarence Morris, Joseph Genovario. Stutzer, Sam Gurney, Melvyn Rosenberg Cxlanagerj, A. lf. Clemens, Russel Humphrey, VVilliam Mulholland, Raymond Holm- son, Clarence Mullen. Serond Row-John Pecci, Allan Cross. Trenton High's wrestling team hit a new peak of activity this year. Under the tutelage of Pat Clem- ens, the embryonic bone crushers and the more ex- perienced grapplers were given a rigid training pe- riod and were instructed about many of the scien- tific aspects of the sport. According to Coach Clemens the 'ifat weights" If any sophomore boy has the inclination or abil- ity to play football, he will find an opportunity to do so early in his school career at Trenton High. Under the coaching of Pat Clemens, sophomores undergo intensive training and instruction in the playing of the game. In this manner Trenton High is not only able Alphonse, Aiello, Black, Buckley, Cooney, Courtney, Eldridge, Farrell, Grogan, Jones, Kent, Lord, Mershron. Mills, Morris, Jewitt, Moskowitz, Ottohre, Rupell, Short, Simon, Stutzer, Vaughn, XValters. Sowa, Potkay, Shack, Folwell, Botos, Clark, .Xlex Zabronak, Joe D'Annunzio Cllanagerl, George Hooper, Mitchell Carter, Eugene Szeker, George Nickles, Thomas Coeeia. Tliird Row-Julius Nemetli, Sam B, Cortina, Bill Frantz, Al Markowitz, Pat VVliyte, Bob Jamieson. competed against many of the nearby high schools, including Peddie, Somerville, and Admiral Farra- gut. ln all, the wrestling teams of seven high schools were on the Trenton High School schedule for 1941. All meets had not been held as the Bobashela went to press. Pat Clemens has even greater hopes for his l942 team since many veterans will be back again. Sophomore Football to uncover much new and latent ability for the varsity but also to provide its sophomore boys with a real athletic program at the beginning of high school life. This year the team had unusually diffi- cult program but the team made an excellent show- ing with several promising players. Tom Murphy always Watches this squad for varsity material. De Angelis, Domboski, Fabrizio. Hayling, Moorhand, Nelson, Pecci, Pownall, Rossi, Rosen, Yaliarnik, Costello, McChesney, Iiurkins, Stokes. Gromes, Gross, Iluiltly. If1l5j When Good Fellows Get Together B0'lU!l.7ig in a Social Club l S L 0 ,sw JwiwvsfwH,1f:N,f+3wM-ew' ww,www'fwsaveemwussrmxxsawwy. .- Kms-w 'ffsmwawrrw :. .xvummxww-awww Jefwelry Makz'ng in a Craft Club Clubs-Organizations F orum Club First Row fleft to rightj-Mather, Cook QVice-Presiclentj Virgin fSecretz1ryj, Ale fPresiflentj, Kleinfelter CSponsorD, Crifl fiths fPresidentD E an QTr r rj Bl lt S M - , g easu e , ac 'man f ecretaryj, or rison, Green. Sccmzd Row-Craig, D'Annunzio, Light, Thompson Friedmarm, Gans, Tome, Haigh, Szczepkowski, Crockett, Palermo Hafitz, Micklewright. Third Row-Ryan, Nickles, Giambelluca Mislan, Michael, Viteritto, Taylor, Lupariello. Short, Garrity. Fourtlz Row-Cella, Rogers, Petito, Hirsch, Belli, Royer. Fifth Row-Moore, Ludecke, Case, Peacock, Matthews, Irwin, Bullock, Urken, Etz, Dudley. Sixth Row-Rice, Ballantine, Sutnick, O'Sliea, West, Morris. Absentee-Mele. IRILE manhood possessing the attributes of civic consciousness and broad learn- ing is the worthy goal of the members of the Forum Club. Under the veteran guidance of Claude B. Kleinfelter, instructor of history, I. Howell Kane and Ern- est Raetzer, honorary faculty advisers, the boys of Forum Club have enjoyed an- other profitable year. Especially successful were the Father and Son banquet held at Fisherls Tea Room in February, and the formal reunion held at the Country Club in June. In addition to its active social program, the Forum Club has conducted many educational activities per- taining to politics and government. Having an alum- nus as a member of the New Jersey Legislature, the club was able to have realistic direction in conducting a model congress. Officers of the club presided over the sessions in which a bill was proposed and enacted into a law. Many of the boys also traveled to Temple University to witness an inaugural program which was a replica of the proceedings held at Washington, D. C. Throughout the school year the club sponsored sev- eral public-speaking programs. The best speakers were entered in the state-wide American Legion contest. In retrospect the name Forum has had associated with it many happy and outstanding memories. In looking forward to the future, the club promises greater achievement as its members reach the goal set for them. Forum Develops Statesmen For Our Democracy 51181 Clionian Society First Row tleft to rightj-Hunt, Falk, Maruska. VVatts tSec- Jenue, Schlicker. Third Rott'-Farrell, Smith, NVhite. Houeycutt retaryj, Fish CPresiclent5, Miss Meagher, Brooks fVice-Presidentb, Jr., Roppclt, Richardson, VYarner, Roumauis, Hughes. Fourth Montooth QT:-easurerj, Hornyak,Rocl1fortl. Second Roz:--Hirsch, Row-Carroll, Kroeseu, llornyak. J. Purcell, M. Purcell, Tome, I. Smith, K. Smith, Lantz, Sweeney, Tilton, Hough, Fish, Schnell, Roumanis, White. UNE, 1941, finds the Clionian Society completing its twenty-fourth year of ser- vice. Under the able direction of Miss Mary E. Meagher, vocational guidance instructor, the society holds an enviable position in the extra-curricular program of Trenton High School. When the Junior Historical Society Was organized in 1934, the Clionian So- ciety, which up to that time had been a history club, felt that there was consider- able overlapping of interests. Since many of its mem- bers also claimed membership in the Historical So- ciety, it became necessary for the Clionian Society to have a new purpose, that of studying problems of cur- rent interest. With this purpose as a goal, the society has functioned effectively ever since. Membership in the Clionian Society is limited to fifty students, twenty-five of which are boys and an equal number, girls. Diversified social events, as Well as club discussions, aided Clionian members in developing poise. The so- cial calendar included a picnic at Sullivanls Grove, a Hallowelen social in the Community Room, a rollick- ing roller-skating party held at Skateland, a Christmas formal at the Trenton Country Club, a spring dance at the Crescent Temple, and the unforgettable glorious all-day picnic at Seaside Heights. Officers of the club Were Kenneth Fish, president, Malla Brooks, vice-president, Jeanne Watts, secre- tary, and Mary Montooth, treasurer. 1 Clionians Keep Ahead Of Tomorrow's Headlines f119j Drama and Radio Club Firsl Row tleft to rightj-Dowdell, Wilson. Mueller CSecre- taryj, Krasne fVice'PresidentJ, Hirsch CPresidentJ, Dillon Cspon' sorj, Harris ftreasurerj, Zweig, Bogage, Roslanski. Second Row iSherman, Piggin, Hayes, Conover, Navarro, Di Pastina, Aranoff, Meltzer. Rednor, Kramer, Andrew, Kessler. Third Row-Gram niss, Bear, Benner, Martin, Seitz, Hart, Critchlow, Hancock, Bulitt, Yuhase, Byrnes. Fourth Row-Mandl, McPherson, Ston- aker, Rosenfeld, Rosenthal, Hance, Van Luppen. Green, Grad. Fifth Row-Bogad, Bobik, La Franco, Segal, Dudley, Rosenberg, Tashlik, Urich. Row Six-Walter, Mosovich, McCay, Kenneth Fish, Newcombe, Levine. EAR YE! Hear ye! All Thespians, both affirmed and aspiring. Be it here con- firmed that the members of the Drama and Radio Club are the most energetic group of actors and actresses ever to trip daintily across a stage, to bite their finger nails nervously in the wings while waiting for a cue, to ad lib equally as well be- fore a "mike" or an audience: Uto-to-to be or not to be." How did Shakespeare creep in? He made his auspicious entrance oia the local air-lanes, ably and mag- nihcently accompanied by several of this groupls most I Wanted to Act On Stage and Radio - radio. talented members. Romeo ana' Juliet and Macbeth are only two of the numerous offerings given over the A stupendous review, composed of Uluscious danc- ing girls," and frolicking funmakers, was one of the club's projects. A trip to 'tArsenic and Old Lacef' a play current on the New York stage, was the high point of the year's activities, when, on April 30, the club took its excursion to New York. This organization, which is considered as a minor club, may, in the very near future, on account of its rapid development, become one of the most important and active clubs in the school. The oH'icers include Bill Hirsch, president, Alvin Krasne, vice-president, Charlotte Mueller, secretary, and Eleanore Harris, treasurer. With these officers the club completed a profitable year. H201 , 6 C ational Honor Society First Rott'-Cleft to rightj-Fuld, Lewis, Lockey, Hurd, XVas- coe, Gordon, Spinelli, Allen, J. B. Honeycutt CSponsorj, Mar- ucci, Honeycutt, Ale, Hornyak, White. Second Row-Soyko Naples, Cooney, Saidt, Chianese, Davis, Olmstead, Meltzeri Rosenfeld, Van Lupen, Alexander, Cranmer, Cook, James, Alby Di Prima. Third Row-Katin, Egan, Morrison, Deodata, Raph ael, Crockett. Harrison, VVeis, Coleman, Warren, Elias, Camo, Reese, Nix. Fourth Row-Cohen, Urken. Mather, Ryan, Hirsch Aaronson, Lavine, Benjamin, Haigh, Short, Andrews, Brandt? Vine, Carroll, Bossman, White. Fifth Row-Bobik, Shipper, Etz, West, Kearns, Cook, Fish, Semasko, Sawchak, Lister, Com- popiano, Kalish, Greenberg. N 1926, the National Council of Secondary School Principals granted charter 523 to the National Honor Society. Since that time over eight hundred brilliant young men and women of Trenton High. School have been elected to membership by the faculty committee. Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest attainment that a pupil can obtain during his high school life. The gold key, emblematic of mem- bership, designates its wearer as a person who has char- acter, ability, and leadership happily blended. A special committee, consisting of Miss Sarah "Honor to Whom Honor Is Due" Christie and Miss Addie Weber, J. Whitney Colliton, john F. Kelsey, James G. Manzer, Leroy Smith, and Julian B. Honeycutt, chairman, receives nominations from the faculty and, after examining the record of extra-curricular activities of the nominees, elect new members in a special program before the student body. Programs and socials are held during school hours and in the evenings. hlembers of the group have ap- peared in the high schools of Princeton, Perth Am- boy, Bordentown, Moorestown and Morrisville to en- courage the organizing of chapters. During the last three years a state convention has been conducted in Trenton High School, at which time large delegations discussed the work of Honor Societies. Plans were for- mulated for organizing a State Association of National Honor Societies. fl2ll . Girls' Chorus First Row Cleft to rightb-Cook, Sherman, Calhoun, Harker, Corti, Kneeshaw, Davis, J. P. Russell CSponsnrj, Willey, Bow- den, Glennon, Finton, Anselmi, Petrino, Shoff. Second Row- Granniss, Rednor, Mahey, Burla, Melieever, VVilson, DePaolo, MacCoil, Mercurio, Kondor, Alby, Vanderpool, Hancock, Halko, Rickenholf, Kutz. Third Rowe-Parham. Cappaccio, DiBa1si Tu- VanLu1mpen, llflrazik, Valentine. Smirer, Phillips, Wolff, Law- rence, Cumpston. Arcarese, Butler, O'Neill, Kanicki, Fifth Row -Hillman. O'Brien, Logan, Manolakis, Apostoleres, Bolognese, Gilleo, Roth, Rosenfeld, Sipos, Lockett. Sixth Row-Murphy, Sinclair, Kennedy, Mendrey, Hartman, VanHorn, Brinkuhoff, Sedoruk, lVIcGuckin. Smfenth Row-Hagerman, Compte, Lvdon, 1'3I10,. Zwieg, Blaifley WYCl10ff, Foster, Henderson, Morris, Mur- Runowicz. Pieehota, Holtzberg, Lisiecki, Mendrey. Mcfray, Cram- h K 'l S l r M' nk Y las Sdith Coleman. Fourth mer, Dowdell, NVeber. p y, eevi, ante s, isa o, ui e, , Row--Schmelz, Doscher, D1 Franco, LaBella, Rodgers, Sandow, NE of the underlying philosophies of the Girls' Chorus is to give a greater num- ber of girls a liner appreciation of music. Under the sponsorship of J. Parker Russell, music mentor, meetings are held three times a Week in preparation for vari- ous programs. Since the chorus is a musical organization, the chief qualifications for member- ship is the desire to sing and some musical ability. Upon being admitted to the choral group, the girls are tested for quality of voice and placed in the proper division of first or second so- prano, or first or second alto. Two Sunday afternoon programs were presented to the public during the past year. Before the Christmas holidays an impressive program of carols was rendered to the student body. Many members of the chorus also played prominent parts in the operetta, HThe Choco- late Soldier." The group has also gained recognition throughout the city for its ability in its numerous per- formances before different civic groups. The chorus and soloists have also sung at meetings of the Rotary, the Kiwanis, and the Lions Clubs. The program of the past year was directed by the fol- lowing student leaders: president, Peggy Willey, and secretary, Rose Yuhase. At the end of the year the club was called upon to present a program of music at the baccalaureate. There's a Song in Their Heart- fl22l Americana Club Firrzf Row Cleft 'to rightj-Pautou, Constantini, Volpe. Kon- tlor, Bowden. Silcox Csecrctaryb, Pinto tTreaSurerJ, Bliss Bray mer lSpousorj, Giambelluca tPresizlentJ, Haney tVice-President? D'.NV't -ff' B'brHkd,S JR' , avis, a son., ,lc eries, ai ou , avv yar econ ou- llomasulo, Galicki. Potapa, Sloves, Gagliardi, Reed, Burroughs, Russo, Azzinaro, Machida. Piccola. Huff, Clark, Agabiti, Napo leon, Sisti, Rinkus. Third Rou'fVVojcik, Mazuch. Wolff, Lucas Marchetti, Hehn, lmbalzamo, Coopt, Cairo, Tonti, De Forte Manzor. Fourth Rowilfritz, Behrmann, Yuhasz, Jacobs, Man cino, Trimmer, Vllalton, Vlfortllington, VValker, Huart, Craft, Ko- vacs, Driugus, Carmagna, Gorrasi. Andrew. Fifilz Row4Fesk0, Bates, Adamczyk. Sowa, Stefanowicz, Tarnoske, Bender, Danese, Leonard, Fenzl, Dymowski, Masine. .S'i.rl1t RawfZickwolf, Falk, Brady, Dumont, Bowers, Dembek, Close, Bralynski, Wiedmanri, Elias, Moriconi. Sezientlz Raw-Mayer, Schuster, Berman, Buo- nanni, Laureti, Feiler, Feiler, Novak, Scerba, Chianese, Seavey, Zarlinga, Frey. Eighth Row-Colacelli, Compagnucci, Jackson, Onofri, Markowitz, Brook, Barclay, Sutterling, Pippitt, Agabiti. LTHOUGH America has been explored and settled, there is still a great deal to be learned about the Hhome of the bravefl In order to help students to experience the thrill of rediscovering the United States, the Americana Club was organized by Miss Clara Braymer, instructor of history. The guiding purpose of the Americana Club is to help the seniors to learn as much as possible about our nation. This club is open to all seniors and the member- ship is unlimited. Between one hundred to one hun- dred twenty-tive pupils have applied for membership since the beginning of the club season. For the beneht of the seniors who had already joined a major club, the Americana Club has been kept as a minor group. Frequently during Weekly meetings, club members en- tertain each other with pre-arranged programs dealing with American customs. This year's outstanding project Was an exhibit on political parties. In producing this project, the 1940 presidential election was the motivating force. De- spite the fact that Washingtonls birthday Was in Feb- ruary, a program and a tea in his honor were under- taken in March. During the school year the Ameri- cana Club members visited sections of the community which illustrated problems of American life. Young Americans Discover America of Today H231 Boys' Chorus l First Rom' flegt to rightj-Homa jr., Purcell, Blackwell, Nio- Tliira' RI7Tl'4,1lU1'llSl'. Urban, Carter, Semasko, Tliortou tVicm. tas. j. P. Russell Cslmonsorj, Payne, Virgin. Iapsou. Second Row Presidentj, Preznansky. -Lynch, Kubiak, Mosovich, Eutwisle, Millner. Green, Oliver. TARTING with the presentation of songs ranging from an amusing arrangement of Beethoven's To Maetze! to The Lordiv Prayer, and climaxed by laudable participation in our operetta, The Chocolate Soldier, the program of the Boys' Glee Club has not only been varied and unusual, but also extremely serviceable. This musical group of males has not kept its activities solely on a stag basis, but has given programs in conjunction with the Girls' Glee Club and the orchestra. These programs have instilled greater interest in fine music on the part of the student body. "They Aff? fhe Makers Under the instruction of J. Parker Russell, music of Music-U instructor, the club meets during the third period on Tuesday and Thursday, and jointly with the Girls' Glee Club on Friday. At these sessions voices are tested and assignments are made according to types of voices. After periods of careful practice, the club annually presents its talents at a Sunday program in December. Closely affiliated with the Boys' Glee Club is a quar- tet vvhich has been favorably accepted by the school for their excellent rendition of four-part harmony in a variety of songs. With Samuel Kirkham as Hrst tenor, Harry Thornton as second tenor, Dave Urban as first bass, and Boris Semasko as second bass, the quartet has participated in many of the Glee Club programs. The school year of 1940-4l will be remembered for the musical achievement of this group. They gave us the joy of a Substantial esprit de corps. fl24j Pythagorean Society First Row fleft to rightj-Evaul. Fuld, Lockey CSecretarYl, Citron, Garb. Third Row-Bexgsjamin, Walton, Corn, Taylor, Gordon fPresidentJ, J. W. Colliton CS onsorj, Hurd CVice-Presi- Green, James, Miller, Coleman. mirth Row-Klein, Brian, Peter' rlentb. Malmud Vllreasurerj, Kolsky, green. Second Row-Hem son, Kain, Egan, Harvey, C. Young, Wilson. ney, VVeis, Alexander, Levenstein, Cammerzell, Stonaker, Mark, LAIMING the distinction of being the first major club of the school, the Pytha- gorean Society is also one of the most active and popular. Organized twenty7 six years ago by J. Whitney Colliton, head of the mathematics department, the so- ciety iirmly believes, after putting it to various tests, that figures never lie. Students interested in mathematics are eager to join the Pythagorean Society, whose sole purpose is to conduct a thorough study of mathematical operations and trick problems. Members of the Pythag possess a sin- cere appreciation of the mathematical science, and Figufw Never Lie Pythagorean meetings give them a chance to exercise -0' Almost Neve' their surplus energy in this fascinating subject. The month of May found club members busy con- ducting the contest for the Sidney Goldmann prize. The contest consisted of an examination composed of all types of mathematical problems. The winner of the contest was awarded Hve dollars and an inscribed medal donated by Mr. Goldmann, a former member of the society. Success in college mathematics is per- haps the greatest award each club member receives. Official reports show that members of this club invari- ably do honor work in higher mathematics. S The society held outside meetings every month at the homes of its members. These meetings were de- voted to mathematical programs of problems, talks, and speakers. l I 1251 Costume Club b Firxi Row Cleft to rightl-McKeen CVice-Presidentb, Reeder Housky, Hose, Icker, Harrison, Clapperton. Third Row-Zenzer, CSecretaryj, Duritt CPresidentJ, Miss Hanna Foster fSponsorJ, Farrar, Gilleo, Kateusz, Mellor, Kondor. Dolton fTreasurerJ, Foy, VVheeler. Second Row-Helton, Kerr, ASHION is dehnitely not spinach to the chic, young ladies of the Costume Club. Under the skillful hand of Miss Hannah L. Foster, this club has been wield- ing a potent influence in all school affairs where the need of costumes and other appropriate clothing plays a paramount part. Established in 1934, the club has consistently followed its avowed aim of creating an interest in costuming for the- atrical productions and in designing for fashion shows. To fulfill this aim the club holds an annual fashion Whf' Said: "Fa-'hi0'1 show in the auditorium. Not only the feminine sector Is Spinach?" of the student body looks forward to this affair but also a large number of the boys. The best-looking creations made in the sewing classes during the school year are modeled at this exhibition The sewing teachers who make this possibl.e are Misses Viola Moss, Hannah Foster and Clara Ellsworth. Miss Margaret F. Smock, gymnasium instructor, coaches the girls -in posture and carriage for the show. Among its varied activities the members of the Cos- tume Club make costumes for two school productionsg namely, the senior play and the operetta. They also help with costumes and gowns for other school affairs. Under the leadership of an efficient corps of work- ers many interesting meetings were held. One group of meetings was devoted to the study of colors and the part they play in the style of clothes. L1261 Chess and Checker Club First Row fleft to rightj-Radnor, Molnar, Kalish CTreas- key. Second Row-Fried, Cammerzell, VVhite, Green, Levenson, urerj, Ryan QPresidentj, Albert C.Wenze1 CSponsorJ, VVeis Spiezle, DiFilippo, Katin, Dowdell, Romeo. Third Row-Citron, CSecretaryJ, Andrews QVice-Presidentj, Malmud, Hornyak, Las- Lavine, Urken, Epstein, Fish, Virgin, Weinstein, Sherman. NYONE walking in the direction of Albert C. YVenzel's homeroom on a Tues- day after the regular hours would probably see a group of club members sit- ting at their places, studiously bent over checker boards. Nine years ago, under the leadership of J. Whitney Colliton of the mathematics department, the Chess and Checker Club was organized. A year later the club was under the guiding hand of Albert C. Wenzel of the mathematics department. It has become one of the leading clubs of the school since the time of its organi- Zatignl Ifs "Chess" all At the beginning of the year the members who Checke' Board knew how to play gave instructions to those members who had not previously learned the game. In addition to this instruction, the inexperienced club members re- ceived added instruction from their sponsor, who taught them how to improve their plays. Annually the club sponsors a chess and checker contest for the members of the group. In addition, there is an inter-school tournament The Winners are determined by the process of elimination. . This year. theclub has been fortunate in having another interested group with whom to compete. The ofiicers of the club are as follows: Sensor Ryan, president, Paul Andrews, vice-president, Clara Weis, secretary, and Leonard Kalish, treasurer. The club has thirty-two members. If1271 Junior Red Cross First Rott' Cleft to riglitJiVVilson. Nix, Martinclell. Fulcl, Cooncy, Hurd fPresiclentJ. Miss Atkinson CSponsorJ, Hornyak CVice-Presidentb, Page CSecretaryj, Lockey QTreasurerD, Cole- man, Cook, Chianese. Second Razz'-Brooks, Gross, Kennedy, Burtis. Conover, Fuld, Green. Green. Kolsky, Leslie, Ritchie. hlillner, Gerslienfeld. Third Rozcighlatera, Fried, Biiller, Van- derpool. Lebair, Corn, Lantz. Levenstein, Brady, Macllvaine, Alexander. Stonaker. Fonrili Ron--Cammerzell, Cook. Hilli- gass, Prassas, Rogers, Jackson, Zickwolf, Lncidi, VVeis, VVool- ston. VVilley. Fifth Row-Reikosky. Evaul, llenuey, Taylor, Matliewsnn. Dodds, Tilton, VVatts, Conover. LVVAYSwSC1'Ving the poor, distressed, and helpless, the Junior Red Cross Club, sponsored by Miss Edith M. Atkinson, teacher of social studies, gives a graphic example of the benevolent fellowship which is so sorely needed in the World today. This group of public-spirited young ladies renders valuable services to both the school and the community. During times of catastrophes, such as floods and earthquakes, this club assumes active leadership in soliciting funds to be sent to the distressed areas. The members also assist in the annual Red Cross drive for funds by canvassing every homeroom in the school. The weekly meetings of this club are devoted to activites which seek to relieve suffering of less fortu- nate human beings. A visitor to any of the Weekly ses- sions would find the girls knitting various articles of clothing for the destitute both abroad and in our own country. Chapters all over the country send representatives each year to the National Red Cross convention at Washington, D. C. The Trenton High School chapter gave definite manifestation of its interest in the Work of the Red Cross by sending representatives to partici- pate in the meetings at the convention. Qiiicers of the club include Kitty Hurd, president, Annette Hornyak, vice-president, Jane Page, secre- tary, Betty Lockey, treasurer. Generous Damsels Help Those in Distress 51283 Pet Club First Ro-zz' tleft to right?-Di Prima. Iaconv, Schuly, Manze tSeCreta1'yJ, Davis CPresidentj, Mrs. Cougle fSllOHS0l'D. Engler, Connelly, hlaxwell. Palazza. Santana' Row-Hejna., Kateusz, Fut- per. Dayton. Barber, Mann, Hrailove, Goodman, Mobile, MC- Nicliol. Tl:-frd Ratt'-Kersey, Di Martino, Milinowich. Breimayer. Alby, Camo, Scott, Icker, Harrison. Faurflz Rotiifhloore, Light- ner, Agostinelli. Suveg, XYilliamson, Angelini. Ciccarella. Ran- dall, Domhrowski, Lawrence. Fifth Iiaiutfiiliaty, Gage, Di Pietro, Fried, Steiner, Allen. Chamberlain, Plxilhower, Pullen. Sixth. Ra1uiKelley. Frie. Sutherland, Lavinthal, D'Aununzio. Valeri, liellanca. Kibble, Meyer. N animal has been called the best friend of man. He shares the home of his master, his joys, his sorrows, he is his close companion. To show the qualities of loyalty and devotion found in pets, the Pet Club was organized under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Florence Cougle, teacher of biology. The club meets every second homeroom period on the Hrst and third Mondays of each month and performs many invaluable services in behalf of homeless animals. Qualifications for students seeking admission into this club include a genuine interest in animals and a manifest interest in their care. The club publishes a pamphlet, Our Pets, on their 'fpetl' subjects. This publication gives hints about ani- mal Welfare and contains interesting anecdotes about household pets. Seventy-three pupils, interested in animals and "A Dog Is Man's Best Friend-" their care, comprise the present membership. Under their direction a successful drive was made to enroll the student body as members of the junior S. P. C. A. At the club meeting there have been lectures about the types of care that should be given to pets. Visits to dog shows have also been undertaken by the members. The student officers elected for the year were Vir- ginia Davis, president, Richard Engler, vice-presi- dent, Phyllis hlanzc, secretary, Dorothy Connolly, treasurer, Cortez Kibble, inter-club representative. fl29j Commerce Club Firsi Row Cleft to rigl1tJ-Siminowics, Tomasulo, Lyons -Germani, Tietbohl, Nix, Meltzer, Pippitt, McCay, Firman, CViee-Presidentj, Gatti CSecretaryj, Mitchell 1PresidentJ, Miller Aranoff, Hutchinson, Haney. Cllreasurerj, Herbert, Turano, Martelloni, Glennon. Second Row USINESS is the hub of the modern World. The students Who belong to the Com- merce Club are very close to that hub. Under the guidance of Don T. Deal, head of the commercial department, the club has established the tradition of hold- ing several types of contests and competitive activities which include different branches of commercial study, such as typing, shorthand, and speed calculating. The reward for Winning one of these Conte sts is usually a gold, silver or bronze medal. Besides fostering this interest in these vital com- Whafs New in Business? mercial activities, the Commerce Club, in its Weekly -Ask Them meetings, attempts to help each member to discover 5 T just what will be his position in business and society f after he leaves school. The club also conducts a modi- fied vocational guidance study covering all types of problems which the young graduate may meet in his search for employment after leaving high school. A highlight of this year's program was a reunion l of old and present members at a dinner-dance at Fisher's Tea Room. At this affair many of the promi- nent people in Trenton's professional and business life were in attendance. Listed among the guests of civic importance Were several alumni of the Commerce Club. Oflicers of the club during the past year were James Mitchell, president, Jack Lyons, vice-president, Anne Gatti, secretary, and Walter Miller, treasurer. f130j Euclidean Society First Row Cl. to rigl1tjhFuld CInter-Club Councilj, Raser Rauf-Davids, Groh, Merz, Ferrari, Rein, Berkowitz, Drobnik, CVice-Presidentj, Petrino CPresidentJ, Mr. Burdick CSponsorJ, Davids, Third Row-Kachdorian, Henderson, Moskowitz, Brooks, Massaro CSecretaryj, Worley Ufreasurerj, Lavinthal. Second Palay, Bahr. OT so long ago a poet said, "Euclid alone has looked on beauty." Euclid, it seems, had found an abstract beauty in geometric Hgures. Membership of the Euclidean Society consists primarily of those students who have found some arresting element in the study of geometry. In order to investigate some problem or to get additional help in this phase of mathematical study, these students, or- ganized as the Euclidean Society, Work under the direction of Emerson Burdick, instructor of mathematics. A candidate seeking admission into the club must There is a.Bequfy have superior ratings in geometry. In addition to this, in Ge0"'ef"C SU-"'S he must have a pleasing personality and ability in the exposition of difficult problems. At the Weekly club meetings, the members devote their time to a program of mathematical puzzles to be solved by club Wizards. Part of each meeting is also set aside for coaching. Members Who do the coaching try to ascertain the specific Weaknesses of the pupil Whom they coach. After this is done the pupil is drilled until he has mastered the mathematical principle in- volved. In this manner the club members learn not only geometry but also an invaluable lesson in fellowship. The ofiicers of this club who directed the activities for the year are Petrino, president, Ed Raser, vice- presidentg Pasquale Massaro, secretary, and Bob Worley, treasurer. I:13lj Social Dance Club First Row Cleft to rightj-Falcey, Estrella, Anthony Navarro, M. Thompson. Third Row-Lavinthal, Falk, Sandy, CTreasurerj, Mendrey CPresidentD, Bella Kaplan, Keating Maher, Abromovitz, Shanberg, Cavlanelli, Nine, Agabiti, Her- CSecretaryJ, Dearden CVice-Presidentj, Remiszewski, Dem- mann, Milaclii. Faiwtlz Row-Watkin, Reading, Zowadzki, binski, Nash. Second Row-E, Thompson, Blicharz, Rosenthal, Szeher, Laden, Morris, Weiss, Kovacs, Repass, Pancoast. Iacyna, Conlogue, Di Pastina, Hart, Monty, Miliriowicz, Bier, H OMB and trip it as you go, on the light fantastic toe," advised john Milton. Carrying out the precept of this famous poet, Miss Bella Kaplan organized the Social Dance Club. Today, this organization is, without doubt, one of the most active and popular clubs in Trenton High School. All its members receive instruction in elementary ballroom dancing. As the school year progresses the club members learn the more intricate steps. In addi- tion to becoming better dancers, the pupils enrolled in From Minuet to Jive this club also have an invaluable opporunity for de- Dfwving IS 1411 Aff veloping poise and social grace. Not only are club meetings devoted to dancing techniques, but also to discussions of correct deportment at dances. During the past school year the club had an active social calendar. Highlighting the social program was a dinner-dance held at the Country Club on Febru- ary l4. This affair was arranged with the Girls' Science Club. Over eighty people Were in attendance. Throughout the Winter months the club served as host to a number of homerooms which met after school for social dancing. Noontime dancing was also handled by these club members. Assisting Miss Kaplan were the following club members who were elected early in the school year: Dorothy Mendray, president, Fred Dearden, vice- president, Jane Keating, secretary. H321 Philatelic Society First Row Cleft to riglitb-Wheeler, Collard C'l'rcasurerJ, DolA Raser, Worley flnter-Club Council Representativej, Kuzma, Pro- ton CPresidentJ, Dr. Victor Sabary fSponsor7, Peters CVice- kup, Moskowitz, Searingg Seigle. Third Row-Douglas, Poyda, Presidentj, Larve fSercetaryJ, Purcell. Second Row-Marciante, Gordon, Thiel, Dublin, Andrews. NE of the oldest and most popular clubs in the school, the Philatelic Society, is under the competent direction of Dr. Victor Sabary, language instructor. The purpose of the club is to encourage philatelists and coin collectorsg to help them to gain more knowledge about valuable stamps and coinsg and to teach its members how to organize their collections. The agenda for the past year listed the initiiation of new members into the club. The event took place at the home of Dr. Sabary. Vari- ous members of the club also entered a city-wide con- "A Stamp if Nvf JMS! test sponsored by the Trenton and Capitol Stamp P0-'ff'-2-'ei Clubs. Representatives of the club participated in several quiz programs from which they usually emerged vic- torious. The brilliant display of general information exhibited on the radio by the members of the club won acclaim for Trenton High and for Philatelic. Mem- bers of the Hquizl' team included Beatrice Wheeler, Grace Dolton, Carl Peters, and Paul Andrews. At the close of the year the club sponsored its an- ' nual stamp and coin contest. Prizes were awarded and the entries were exhibited in the school library. In directing the program of the club, Dr. Sabary had the assistance of the following oflicers: Grace Dol- ton, presidentg Carl Peters, vice-presidentg Shirley Larve, secretaryg and Frank Collard, treasurer. H0331 Spectator Literary Staff First Row tleft to rightj-Spinelli, Maruca, Urken Editor-in- Katin, Levenstein, Hurd. Third Row--Craig, Dutko, Ballantine, Chiefj, Morris B. Sanford tSp0nS0rJ, Lewis CManaging Editorl, Malmud, Micklewright. Hornyak, Cooney. Second Row-Laczko, Vine, Mitchell, Lavine, NCE the smell of printer's ink gets into a cub reporter's nostrils, he knows that he can never look upon a newspaper again with passive interest. The journal- istic success of the l94l Spectator is ample evidence of the active interest and abil- ity of its scribes. Writing the news for this bi-weekly newspaper is the responsibility of four junior classes and one senior group. Besides their reportorial work, these classes sandwich a regular English literature course between Printers' Devils Really issues. can Be Good? It is from the senior class that the staff is chosen. The only prerequisite for enrollment in this class is completion of a junior Spectator course. As the year progresses the best juniors are assigned positions, under the editors whose jobs they fill the following year. The Spectator annually enters the National Scho- Q lastic and Columbia Scholastic Press Associations' judging contests. Again this year the paper was awarded the highest C. S. P. A. rank, 'fMedalist," and the 'fAll Americanw rating of the N. S. P. A. The successes of this paper are due primarily to the excel- lent training of Morris B. Sanford, senior adviser. Other members of the advisory staff include A. C. Wenzel, business, Del Roy White, Angell Mathew- son, Charles A. Hogan, and George Bolge, teachers of junior classes in journalism. f134j Spectator Business Staff First Row Cleft to rightl-Mayer, J. Purcell fAssistant Busi- ant Circulation Managerb, Saidt, Manning. Second Row-llorim ness Managerj, Mather CBusiuessAManagerJ, Albert C. Wfenzel yak. Compte, Virgin. Ale, Carton, M. Purcell, Blackman, Han- CI'aculty Advisorj, Craig fCirculation lllauagerj, Harvey CAssiSt- cock, Hirsch, Micklewright. O be free, a press must be financially viable. Publication every two weeks of the Spectator requires the assistance of a capable and energetic business staff. Without their prudent financial guidance, the Spectator, as we know it, could not eXist. Our student editors have been able to effect innovations and timely changes because they have not been hampered by the lack of financial resources. Conse- quently, the success of the Spectator in student journalistic circles has been due in no small part to the monetary support of the business Staff. - sr as In addition to soliciting advertisements, the staff lzygegyufgriifnafcii and writes the necessary Had" copy and directs the distribu- tion of the paper every other Friday. The efficient functioning of this staff was a result of the well-qualified guidance given by A. C. Wenzel, faculty adviser. James Craig, as circulation manager, and Howard Mather, as business manager, performed their respective tasks with quiet efficiency. These two members of the business staff had John C. Purcell and William Harvey as assistants. Other members of the business staff were Helen Ann Alby, Newton Ale, Bill Blackman, Eleanor Carton, Gran- ville Cook, Essie Daner, Gloria Fried, Helen Galya, Janetta Hornyak, Claire Kolsky, Louise LeCompte, Helen Levine, Robert Micklewright, Jack Morrison, Peggy Nicholas, Sylvia Parker, and Esther Sussman. H351 Quill and Scroll Society First Row Cleft to rightl-Bodmer, Cooney, Craig CVice' Spinelli, Laczo, Piggin, Nix. Third Row-Leverlsteiri, Gruber, Prcsidentj. Uurken tPresidentj, Mathewson CAdvisorj, Maruca Hurd, Watts, Short, Gordon, Morris, Freidman, Karin, Lavine, fSecretaryb, Malmud CTreasurerD, Mather, Hornyak, Ale. Sec- Raphael. Fmwth Row-DiFilippo, Purcell, Mitchell, Spiezle, and Rott'-Cohen, Burtis, Lewis, Green, Cohen, Shaw, Lantz, Vine, Mattueca, Allen, Sutnick Toft, Greenberg, Tome. WO years ago, several literary-minded students organized a new chapter of the International Quill and Scroll Society in Trenton Central High School. Stu- dents elected into the society must rank in the upper third of the class, scholasti- cally, and have evidence of some literary work printed in a school publication. This year, initiation exercises of the society were held in the auditorium before a sophomore assembly in order to acquaint the new high school students with the Work of this honorary society. Barbara Lewis Wrote Thisnfs 0 Hallmark the initiation ceremony. Dr. William Wetzel, former of Lnemry Worth principal of Trenton High School, was the guest speaker at the affair. Angell Mathewson, instructor in the English de- partment, served as the active sponsor of the society, aided by an advisory board of Del Roy White, Charles A. Hogan, Morris B. Sanford, Albert C. Wenzel, john F. Slavik, and George R. Bolge. One of the most effective projects of this society was a handbook for the incoming sophomores. At club meetings throughout the year, prominent journalists spoke to the society to encourage the hopeful, young journalists within the group. The social functions con- sisted of a beach party at Mr. MatheWson's cabin at Seaside and a tea-dance during the school term. Oflicers of the club aided Mr. Mathewson in the successful execution of the active program. f136j Art Club First Row Cleft to 1'lglll.'G61iSllC1lf6ld, Brailove, Zweig, Stines Temple. VVeber, Caris, Mciloogan. Daggett, Vocatura, Benck, fliecorcliiig Secretaryj, Sutherland CCorresponding Secretaryj, Silvers, Kersey. Third Row-Ranto, Fox, Di Falco, Schrum, Mc- D. ll. Koenig CSponsorJ, llirsch CI'residentD, Mosovich CVice- Nicol, Thiel, Schnier, Luterio, Kalston, Schwartz, Bugbee, Rob- Presiclentj, Lavine, Cook C'l'reasurerj. Second Row-Doolittle, erts. OR the purpose of developing a more intensive interest in art, the Art Club was organized early in 1933. Under the stimulating guidance of Miss Daphne Koenig, art idlstructor, the club has increased in popularity until now it is one of the foremost clubs of the school. The club members are interested in all phases of art. Commercially-minded artists study advertising copy and posters in order to get a picture of what the com- mercial artist must accomplish. Of course fashion is also represented. Some of the young "Adfians'l have Here' Aff afld Sefvive planned wardrobes that would delight the heart of any Blend Happdiv fashion-loving lady. Another popular 3phase of 'art work included by the club members is the crafts. Met- als, beads, and cork are the favorite materials from which they fashion rings, necklaces and bracelets. Members of the Art Club have not only taken visits to local exhibitions to see outstanding works of famous artists, but they have also given exhibitions of their own. A visitor entering the school just before the pres- entation of one of the school plays would see in the corridors several attractive posters and pictures adver- tising the event. The officers of the club are as follows: VVilliam Hirsch, president, Jonas Mosovich, vice-presidentg Miriam Stines and Martha Sutherland, secretaries, Joyce Cook, treasurer, and Audrey Lavine, historian. H371 Boys' Science Club K i First Row Cleft to rightb-Cohen, Honover, Katin, Miller Seiffert, Kalish, Lavine, Aaronson. Third Row-Hotz, Andrews, CSecretaryJ, Gregory CPresidentJ, Mr. Diamond CSponsorj, Kala- Hughes, Arthur, Semasko Lavine, Wascoe, Sawchak, Segal, V P 'd tj All CT el W ' t '1 R hael BO- Davis. pos C ice- resi eu , en -reasur r , eins eil , ap ,I gad. Second Row-Bellan, Millner, Prekielniak, Miller, Kahsh. T would not be an exaggeration to state that some of the future scientists of this country are now members of the Boys' Science Club of the Trenton Central High School. To have an exact knowledge of elementary science is the goal of the club. The ambitious young men who comprise this hard-Working group are guided in their activities by Constantine M. Diamond of the science department, who has been sponsor of the club for the past five years. The boys meet each Tuesday in room C225 and a A Test Tube Holds portion of each meeting is set aside for a definite pro- a World of Mystery gram. The programs are of Wide variety. Each mem- ber is responsible for taking part in one of the pro- grams throughout the course of the year. Demonstra- tions, talks, exhibitions involving pure science, and scientific Wizardry make up the bulk of the activities of the club. One of the most outstanding auditorium programs of the year is the presentation of the annual science show. This year the club found time to visit some of the junior schools Where they also presented a science show. For many years it has been the custom of the club to join with the Girls' Science Club in preparing Christmas baskets to be given to needy families of the community. In this manner the club has combined sci- ence and humanitarianism. fl38j it Q P ' Fl L Front Row Cleft to rightj-Hedy Bodmer, Olga Mayer, Davis, Ed Kerns, Jerry Garb, Harry Klien, Kalman Epstein, Leatrice Lipshutz, Norma Clancy, Dorothy Ronslonski, Robert Richard Urich, Harry Walcoff, Harry Higgins, Rose Monte- Levin, Angeline Maruca, Angelina Spinelli, Shirley Mann, Judy verda. Bullitt, Jean Van Horn. Second Row-Edwin Soyka, Manual EALIZING that the motion picture is a force for good or evil in the lives of high school students, the Cinematography Club had dedicated its program to the improvement of student standards in evaluating current films. To accomplish this high goal the club issues a bi-weekly newspaper, Filmfare, which contains not only interesting and revealing reviews of motion pictures, but also anecdotal facts about the players. In recent years the club has enlarged its program. In addition to the reviewing of films for the benefit Theyive PW H0l1Nw00d of the student body, the club has undertaken the pro- duction of a motion picture every year. In December of 1939, a film called, Watchdog was the Cinematog- raphy Clubls first film venture. This film was pre- viewed at a holiday tea and it was proclaimed "a hit." Last year the film was Education in a Democracy, a historical review of our school. This year's produc- tion was lllelodrama, with the well-known hero, hero- ine, and villain. . Miss Eleanor Ingoldsby has served as sponsor of the club since it was organized in 1938. During the past year Miss Ingoldsby has had the assistance of the following ollicers: president, Robert Levin, vice-presi- dent, Angelina Spinelli, treasurer, Angeline hlarucag secretary, Olga Mayer. on the Spot- fl39j Stage Craft Club First Row Cleft to right?-Charles Dow, Bill Hirsch. Dan -Bill Bernard, Jonas Mosovich, John De Angelus, Fred Lloyd, Gafgan, F. Siegfried iSponsorJ, Richard Rutkowski, .S'ct'omf Row Howard Feiler. ARAPHRASING Mr. Shakespeare, the Stage Craft boys proclaim: "The World may be a stage, but to us the Trenton High stage is our World." Throughout the school year the boys in this organization devote not only their club periods but also many hours after school to the construction of scenery for many school produc- tions. Under the guiding hand of Friebis Siegfried, instructor of art, these boys have given their energetic and helpful labor to innumerable They Light and Set minor dramatic activities which take place in the Com- fhe Sf02e-- munity Room, as Well as to the major dramatic offer- ings in the main auditorium, such as the '4Torch Bear- ers" and "The Chocolate Soldier." The impressive dec- orations of the Sport Nite exhibitions were due in part to the able assistance of these boys. In return for their services to the school, the mem- bers of this organization have received competent in- struction in the techniques of scenery construction and in the operation of stage lights as a complement to background effects on the stage. Alumni members of this club have been successful in securing employment as craft men in New York theatres. Other members of the club have received profitable employment While students by Working with amateur theatrical goups in the production of their plays. Despite its heavy pro- gram the club has had time for social activities. II4-01 Photography Club First Row Cleft to riglitj-Dumont, Burtis, Matteuci, Di bury, Field. Third Row-Haveson, Entwistle, Newton, Kra- Fillippo, John Slavik CSponsorj, Landwehr, Mcllvaine, Di vet, Torrens, Walcott. Pietro. Second Row-Fisko, Goodman, Martin, Dutko. Brad' ANY centuries ago, a sage philosopher of China said: "One picture is worth a thousand words." Judging the Photography Club upon this basis, Trenton High would need to indulge in wordy accolade to attest to the value of this or- ganization. Under John Slavik, instructor of art, the members of this club have been encouraged to make photography an art. Not only have the club members learned the techniques and theories of artistic photography, but they have also been given ample opportunity to put their instruction to the acid testg namely, by taking pictures and completely developing them in the school's dark room. As the year progressed and the pictorial requirements of the yearbook began to be known, these amateur photographers were eager to contribute both their ser- vices and pictures to the publication. The table-top pictures in the club section were handled by Joseph Leopold and Larry Kravet. Two alumni of the club, Joseph Danely and Edward Schumm, contributed sev- eral of the Sports-Nite pictures. Community-wide interest was provoked by this club when it held its annual photography exhibit in the corrective gymnasium this year. Many prints of professional calibre were on display and they elicited laudatory comments. The work of Joseph Di Filippo and Dominic Matteuci was especially meritorious. Other club members who did outstanding work were Kenneth Torrens, Don Field, elseif Haveson, Billy Valys, Robert Entwhistle, Francis Dutko. These members spent many after-school hours working upon prints and learning more about great vocational and avocational values of photography. They Left Us a Legacy of Memories 51411 Les I ntimes First Ron' Cleft to riglxtl-Kessler. XVilson, YYah, lilias CPresidcntj, John F, Kelsey QSponsorj, Shaw CSecretaryj, Neary, Cook, Steiner. ,S'ero1nI R0iiliSCl1OSl1E1', Van llorn, Daniels, Lucidi, Lebair, llernstein, Roberts, Napoleon, Brady, Les Intimes when translated means the Friends, which is an excellent name for the French club. This group has as its members, pupils who have a common interest in the literature and customs, as well as in the mechanics of the lan- guage, of the French people. The sponsor of this group is John F. Kelsey, instructor of French. Girls' Science Club To provide and extra-curricular activity for girls who are interested in science, Sylvia Simon, laboratory assistant of the science department, of- fers an enriched program for the members of the Girls' Science Club. The club devotes its time to the study of all scientific matters of interest to the group such as First Rom' fleft to rigl1tJfLevine, Kanicki C'l'reasurcrD, Warren CPresidentJ, Miss Simon, Hansen CVice-Presidentj, Perlman fSecretaryJ, Mandelbaum. Second Rau'-Feher, Mar- tin. Parker, Latham, Kennedy, Dobos, Fell, Romeo, jean- 3ICDO1'lfJLlgll. Tfllifli Rott'-Acolia, Pnliti, Bacso. Lebair, Jack- son, Glover, Larrabee. Fozzrflz. Run'-Isaacson, Clmpko, Persanti, Lockwood, Nalcpa, Moloney. Among the variety of club activities there have been lectures, a skating party and a trip to New York, which was one of the big events of the school year. This club provides its members a chance to learn more French and an opportunity for social growth through its program constructed about various language activities in French. the making of various types of cosmetics. Social and educational functions including a reunion in the form of a dinner-dance and trips to New York are a few of the many activities in which the club participated. This year the club members made a special trip to New Jersey Col- lege for Women to study exhibits. nette. Third Row Cleft to riglitj-Ilornyak, Sipos. Marorino, Dempsey, Matera. Acolia, Gross. Fourth Row-D'Annunzio, Yos, Szklanney, Sweeney, Ida Serliack, Kravitz, Mohr. f142l eedlecraft Club Ififzvt Raw fleft to rightj-Moore, XVilliams, Cinlqay, Ca- serta t'l'reaSurerb, Major CVice-Presidentj, Moore fljresi- df-ntl, Cointe fSccretaryj, Bagley. Second Rozcf'l'arnoski, Although no boys belong to the Needlecraft Club, the membership rules do not forbid male members. During the past year the club func- tioned successfully in carrying out a program of skilled needlework. Under the direction of Miss Frances B. Chris- tie, sponsor, the girls learned many new techniques 'lBack to Nature" say the members of the Naturalists' Club. These nature-loving students, under the guidance of Harold Jones, science in- structor, aim to become better acquainted with plant, bird, and animal life. Whenever the 'weather permits, the group goes on hikes into the country surrounding Trenton. On these trips the members gather information First Row fleft to rightj-Phillips. Randall, Buntla, Truch, Siksay CTreasurerJ, Donohue CVice-Presidentj, Harold S. jones ISponsorj, Drake tPresidentD, Groh CSecretaryj, Max- well, Schulz, Wriglit. Second Rare!-Hawkyarfl, Ziekwolf, Davis, Simko. liencler, Fraczlciemicz. Victor, Losque, Brennan. Third Rott'-Davis, VYormley, Adam, Iuipp, Szewcuw. in sewing and embroidering. An exhibition was given to show the various articles made by the club. A needle exhibition at Wanamaker's store in Philadelphia was also visited by the members of the club, acompanied by their sponsor. The club members also had social programs at the weekly club meetings. atumlists' Club and materials for the club projects. The club has demonstrated the values of co- operation and fellowship by sponsoring annual ex- hibits. The specimens in these displays are con- tributed by members of the club. The many visi- tors who have seen these exhibitions are always enthusiastic about them and the opportunities for learning scientific data. Van Buskirk, llolzer, Compopiano, Curtin, Kuzma, YYelsl1, Crouse. Learing, Rnhright, Leahy. Third R02v4Colacelli. Stadnyk, Compagnucci. joseplxson, Fourth RMU-Plapenger, Purcell, Hurst, Collard, Kuslmir, Hampton, Birchenougli. 51431 i l l Garden Club First Rota' fleft to rightp-Barbour, Novak. Mazuli, Bates tapo QYiceAPresidentD. Second Row - Ihhs, jacobs, Rlinn. QPresideutD. WYojcik tSccretaryD, Yuhasz fTl'S3.Slll'El'J, Po- Gardening in a large industrial city like Tren- ton is not a lost art. With a group of enthusiastic gardeners, Lester Bartlett, history instructor, has conducted a successful and enjoyable club pro- gram during the past year. Not only were the various phases of horticulture closely studied, but real, practical application of gardening skill was made possible. School environs and the homes of Amcmuensis Club Highlighting this year with a reunion at the Corner House, the Amanuensis Club has com- pleted its eleventh successful year of organization. Under the direction of Miss Mary Lapin, in- structor of commercial subjects, the club has en- deavored to further the interest of the prospective secretary in commercial Work. Each spring, the Fin! Row Cleft to rightj-Amenta, Gruntaski, Reese, Camo, Ponteriero, Rarrluani, Alby, Pettenichio, Deutchman, Hollendonner, M. Sisolak, Angelline. Second Row-Kellet, Pesik, Smeltz, Otto, Strava. Martonick, A. Sisolak, Breimeyer, Smith, Dropla, C. Sandow, E. Samlow, Rodgers, Hehn. the club members were beautihed by Well-arranged Hower beds. Weekly' meetings were held for the exchange of ideas about gardening. Officers of the club dur- ing the past year were: Mildred Bates, presidentg Cecelia Potopka, vice-president, Rose M. Wojiclc, secretary, Ethel Yuhasz, treasurer, Norma Blen, Inter-Club Council. club sponsors a contest to determine the student who is the most qualified, after a year's training, for her chosen life-work. A gold medal is the re- ward for the student who can take dictation at one hundred words per minute. The alumnae of this club hold responsible positions in Trenton's business life. Fontanello, Coiante, Mercurio. Tlzim' Rota'-Agostinelli, Mc- Kelvey, Nemieth, Kern, Kasher, Zudniak, Abramson, Suss- man, Herman. Lewandowski. f144l Philology Club First Rau' Cleft to riglitj-Larve, Davis, Soprovy, Pochyla, Harry R. Michelson CSponsorj, Steward, Bowden, Rogage, Olinsky, TVicKeever, Serimirl Rowflloltzherg, She-egf-1', Fried, Harry R. llflichelson organized the Philology Club for students who Wanted to become effective speakers and conversationalists. During the year the club enlarged its program to include the study of derivations, meanings, and pronunciations ot essential words. They also issued the Philology Tazftler and sponsored the annual spelling bee to determine the best speller in the sophomore, the Because there has been an increase in the num- ber of activities requiring services of ushers, a spe- cial service corps has been organized this year. The members of this group not only give its serv- ices as ushers, but also help to maintain discipline in the school corridors. Although the students who Firxf Rota Cleft to rightjaTuozzolo, Friedman, Plapinger, Ile-lli qfaptainl, Heller, Horner, Breeds-n. Jones. Secnnii Row Gerahart, Giordana, Harovan, Palepa, VanLnppen, Brooks, Levy, Ilozzel. Third Row-Glazebrook, Shumake, Gardner, Greeglxerg, junior, and the senior classes. The winners were David Mulchay, seniorg Louis Lavine, junior, and Lloyd Ritter, sopho- more. The winners were awarded a trip to New York with the club. In May the members held a successful picnic which was so enjoyable that even these philologists were unable to express their pleasure. Special Service Corps compose this organization are not enrolled in any one homeroom, they perform all the duties of the original service corps. With the aid of this group the administration of school traflic direction dur- ing the past year has been carried on efficiently, despite their late organization as a corps. Ellis. llomas. 'I'l11'1'f1 Row-Holcome, Conner, Breza, Bole. Blumenthal, Dudley, Carter, Dornstancler. fDorsey, Barlion, Cuttino, Epstein, Dilouic, Green, Adler, H1451 Woodcraft Club First Row Cleft to l'lglltJi,XZH'Ol1SOl1, Bogdan, Jackson CPre5identJ, VV. T. McDonough QSponsorj, Kowalczlqy QYice- Presidentj, Tural: CSeeretary-Treasurerj, Taylor. Mowicki. Answering the call for more mechanical skill in the world, Trenton High School come forward with a group of young men who call themselves members of the YVoodcraft Club. Under the guid- ance of their sponsor, Walter lX'IacDonough, teacher of industrial arts, they have not only Presidents' Council Composed of senior, junior, and sophomore homeroom presidents the Presidents, Council met each Wednesday' under the guidance of Miss Sarah Christie, vice-principal. This council pondered over the problems of sanitation and order within the school building. First Row Cleft to rightJ-Mirando, Estrella, Starski, Cit- kowski, Deutchman. Maruslca CSecretaryj, Craig CVice-Presi- denth, Ilirsh flkeesidentj, Yenny, Simpson, Game, Bodmer, Kurpas, DePastina, .Sicrmzzi Rorvglieslalc, Kateiisz. Heina, Mazzilli, Conti. llarninann, Davison, Olinsky, Lanclolh, Pon- toriero, Sclioeuer. Kenney, Bleltzer, Hornor. Thirrl Forw- Surback, Cella, Dralili, Malmurl, Tomasulo, Multnp. Poytla, D'.'Xngelo. VanLnppen. James. Ferrara. Siegel, Renrlel. Fourtlz Second Ron'-Timm, Hiller, Maul, Gordon, Stanley, Taft, Renelt, Friedman. gained knowledge about making useful household articles but also information about the construc- tion of scenery for various school productions such as the operetta, senior play, and girls' sports night. In the spring the club held its annual exhibition which attracted many visitors. The fact that the President's Council was com- posed of homeroom presidents, who could easily obtain the opinions of the students during home- room period, made the council invaluable. The council consisted of one hundred and four class presidents from the three classes. Row-Travis, Coley, Schoenhaas, Chiarello, Braytenbah, Al- mond, Armitage, Josephson, Garb, Nine. Zavaglia. Fifilz Row -Read, Pounall, Mraw. Hammond, South. Light, DiLouie, llolcomb, Fischer, Ale, Tome, Fortunato. Sixtlz Ron'-Im Verso, Klein, Spranza, Hanev, Alphonse, Steel, Krenehicki, Kavlor, Piechota, Danbury. Germani, Daggett. Serienfli Row -Pupsak. Kroesen, Toth. Giambclluea, Taylor, Astore, Stock- las, Kalapos, Matthews, Kandebo, Harris. f146l Radio Appreciation Club First Rott' fleft to riglitb-llurroughs l'l'reasurerj, Azzi- naro fSecretaryj, Rall fI'residcntJ, IC. C. Ciccolella lSpone Sori. Lockett tVice-Presirlentj, Keevil. Clark. Huff. Second Ron'-Ziereis. Levine, Russo, Carmagna, Pinto, hlachecla, In order to answer the demand for more in- telligent use of the radio, the Radio Appreciation Club was reorganized this year under the guid- ance of Erasmo Ciccolella, instructor of English. To help students of Trenton High School to be- come more critical listeners of radio programs is the chief purpose of the club. This club is open Interested in public speaking as an extra curric- ular activity, a group of talented pupils organized themselves as a public-speaking organization un- der the direction of Thomas Peoples, teacher of English. Selecting the appelation of Rhetoricians as the name of their organization, the members of the club have studied the secrets of swaying an audience, and the mechanics of clearer, forceful 1'4l'l'Sf Rott' tleft to right-Plapinger. Donahue. Chianese tYict'-Pre:-iilcntl. fl'homas C. Peoples fSponsnrj. Egan 1l'reSi- ilentj. Newton KSecl'ctaryJ, Tenney. Stvrolid Rnti'fSoyka, Lovett, Reed, Zimmer, Goodrich. Third Rowfliaiser, Bleyer, Zavaglia. Henry, Spodinski, Levin, De Vito. F01H'!liR01t'- Sutterlin. Frietlmann, Angeline, Rini-115. to all pupils of the school, including post-gradu- ates. During weekly meetings, club members often listen to carefully selected radio programs. The club frequently travels to broadcasting stations in Trenton and New York in order to get a more intimate view of the source of programs and prob- lcms of broadcasting. Rhetoricians speech for public and conversational use. At their weekly meetings each member was given an opportunity to develop his oratorical skill by delivering a prepared speech. Officers of the club during the past year were as follows: John Egan, president, Carolyn Chianese, vice-presi- dent, and David Newton, secretary. Officers for next year were elected in June, l9-l-l. Ryan. Mather, Green, Mulcahy. llaigh, Tlzirrl Rott'-Light, Garrity. Smith, Semasko. XYoorlman, llrifliths, Morrison. 51471 Senior Service Corps Firxl Rota' tlcft to rightjflisposti. Nix, Broks, Fulfl, Coo- ney, .Xle CPresirlentD, Pleinfelter Csfponsorj, Hornyak CVice- Presiclentj. Gillco, Manlz. Huril. Zane, Cope. Srrorzd Row! .Xcolia. .Xndrew. Sherman. Gruber, Ross. Johnson. VVatts. Page. Coleman, Lockcy, Mieklcwriglit. l'7eQuinzio, Rinkus. Tliirrl' Roraiflbircell, Malmutl, Blackman. Nickles, VVollinger. Clap- pa, Smith, Tiffenhach, Virgin, Lavine, Ryan. Fourlli Row- "Clan you show me the Way to the "D" build- ing?', "VVhy can't l go down these stairs?" These are just a few of the many queries which confront a member of the Service Corps. Members of this organization are those students whom you see Allen, Vercen, Carmichael. XYis'mer, lillliill. Lyons. Tome, Mele, lietz, Salamanflra. Fifth Row-Sntnick, Rain, Cafgen, Carty, Wlootlman. VVright, Firman, Mather. Papenrliclc. ,S'i.i'fl1 Rorvflilorris, Mitchell. Vine, Levine. Rogers. l'i'ken, Choppo, Peacock Shuster. Scrvutlz Korn-Case. Honeycutt, Ballan- tine, VVhite, Engerman, Solomon, Kranch, Sawehak, McRae, Thiel, Fish. posted throughout the school with the small black and white badges. They are usually seen directing traffic and maintaining order in the corridors. ln- evitably, you will find these students rendering their services at the most prominent school affairs Junior, Sophomore Corps Sophomore and junior students are eligible for membership on the Service Corps after they have been duly recommended by their homeroom teach- ers. These lower-class students form a unit known as the Sophomore and Junior Service Corps which Fira! Rott' tleft to rightb-'l'ilton, Mathewson. Doilrls, xlkilllfll, Smith. .Xle 1Genc-ral Managerb. Claude ll. lileinfclter Kibponsorj, Ilornyak, Cook, Commeczell, Saiclt, Chianesc, Sereni. Second Rort'fRntkowski, Edwards, Iantos. Short, Raphael, Cohen, Napolitana, Nlnlhollancl, Nancr, Crockett, lfeiler, Taftz. Chisik, Rcers. Tliirri' Ro1r'fSchonrthalu. Mor- ris, Thompson, l"riedman, Szczepkowski, Xveinstein, Spiczle, Morrison, Egan, Donahue. Cohen, Starlnyk. Fnzrrtli Row! Viteritto, Cohen, Benjamin, Lavine, Solivodo, llclllollo, Snr- learns the responsibilities of the staff and in time fills the vacancies left by the seniors through grad- uation. The facility with which they take over these positions attests to the value of this group. tees, SCl'l0ll, Rossi, Mislan. YYalter, Reynolds. Simonowitz. lfzfili Rortifllongli, Cahill, Hill, Rice, Yereen, l,erry. Reich. Ray, Campopiano. Carter, 1'ontoriero, Projetti, Scliroirler, .S'i,rtl1 lfortifjrnin, Michael, Logan, Kaplan, Goldstein, l?'An- nunzio, XVilson, Pice, Pitcher, Cohen. Garrety. Smith. Srrfiiili Roivfliloking, Lord. Kelty, jones, Miller. Peter:-ou. Iirian, Lntlecke, Costigan. Moore, Newton. liiglzilz k'orUfMariani, llollenilonner, litzcowitz. 51481 O Personality Club FI'l'Jf Ram' Qleft to riglitjfllakohtis, Davy isocial Chair- manj. Carnell fSecretaryJ. Feil fljresirlentl. Miss Cirocoia, Bliss Brown fSponsorJ, Davis CVice-Prcsiilentl, Burla, Park- en:-on, Ilymensky, Noliili. Second Ron'-D'Angelo, Ricehi, Habits, appearances, and general deportment undergo marked improvement as the Personality Club carries out its yearly program. Not only clu.b members benefit but the student body at large receives instructions through the publication of regular bulletins telling what is correct, social be- havior. Meeting on the roof of the school to study the constellation, the Ptolemean Club provides its members with interesting and vivid learning sit- uations. ln order to get a more professional look at the stars, the group has made frequent trips to plane- tariums where the use of expensive equipment was at their disposal. Thus under the direction of 151-l'.Yf Ron' Alcfl In r1'g1llfGortlon, Drake CPresi1lentD. Miss Evans LSponsorj, Case CVicc-Presiflentj, flafgen 1'I'reasurerJ, Allen, Tcnney. ,Sit'L'0llLl' Row-Lavine, D. Simcoe, Petito, Johnson. Simpson. Zhovovsky, lluff, llnlmes, Foster, Ulm- flead. Third Rott'-llollingswortli, Raymond. Dawson, Behr! mann, XYanpenny, Post, lierwick, Coleman. The club has had the guidance of liliss Olive Brown, under whose tutelage the girls were active in both social and academic projects. As a result of this, the student body looks upon this organiza- tion as one of the basic ones in the school because it not only sets a high goal for itself each year but invariably achieves it in admirable form. Ptolemean Club Miss Helen Evans of the Science department, the club has completed another very successful year. Rfliss Evans was assisted in the work of the club by an efficient group of ofhcers consisting of lwar- vin Drake, presidentg VVillard Case, vice-presi- dentg Ernest Selter, secretary, and Daniel Gaf- gen, treasurer. This year marked the fifth anni- versary of the clubys organization. Garrity, liain, llatitz. Third Rfm'fCainpopiano, D'.-Xnnunzio, Stadnyk. Sawchak, Carter. 51491 G. A. A. First Razz' ilcft to righti-Nix. Dobos, Lockey CCorresponcl- ing Secretaryj. Brooks CYice-Presideutl. Mrs. Gulick fSpon- sorj. Hurd tPresidcntj, Maruska tSccretaryj, Dempsey Each year the G. A. A. Council, the executive group of the Girls' Athletic Association, enter- tains outstanding ninth-grade pupils from the junior high sihools at a Play Day to acquaint them with the Trenton High School athletic program for girls. This council is organized under the guidance of llflrs. Isabella Quick, gymnasium instructor. Riding Club Pounding hoofs sound over the hills of Prince- ton as the Riding Club makes its way on one of its enjoyable leisure-time trips. Sponsored by lllrs. lsabelle Quick of the Physical Education department, the group travels every other week to Robersonls Riding Academy. This club provides instruction for beginners Ifirri Raft' fleft to rightb----lfineburg, llobos. Bfartinvlell, XYolcott llsccrctarvj, VVah lI'reSidentJ, Hansen C'llrcasnrcrj, Marclietti, lxomrad. 50601111 KozrifMillncr, Gt-rslicnfelsl, Rey- f'I'rt-asureri, Pone, Second lfzm'-Beriielrci. Bree-den. llrisco, Simpson. Clugston. Corn, Uiirtis, XYah, Palma. Tliiril Row-- llolzer, C-rad, Ross, Mohr, Schlicher, Henncy, Taylor. The G. A. A. is composed of girls who head various sports covered by the associationys pro- grams. Un membership cards, the head of the various sport activities records the number ot points earned by each member for the specific recreation in which she participates. ln this way special athletic abilities of incoming sophomores are revealed. and improves the technique of more experienced equestriennes. lwembership is open to any girl interested in horseback riding. For live consecu- tive years this club has offered an active and profitable program. A straw ride and picnic closed the social activi- ties of the club for 19-Pl. lWrs. Quick was as- sisted by an able corps of club ofhcers. iiolrls. Fischer. .Xcolia, Frank. Tliird Rott'-flflreedeii. llavtoii. Cdowski, Strauss, licher, boriero. I"ouf'H1 Rott'-Icker, l'rey, Sweeney, Mathewson, Berrun, Somers. H501 Leaders' Corps First Row Cleft to rightj-Broome, Greenberg, Wvolcott, NVah, Maruska CSecretaryJ, Briscoe CVice-President3, Mrs. I. Quick QSponsorJ, Hurd tI'residentj, Falcey fTreasurerj, Dick, Esposti. Soprony. Unangst, Second Rowe-Liptack, Blakeslee, Rrush, Strauss, Dil'astina, Dougherty, Carll, Clug- Shrill Whistles blow and the word Hsquadsl' echoes throughout the girls' gymnasium. At such times the work of the girls in the leaders' corps may be witnessed. Some members inspect lockers, while others read aloud the weekly bulletins which state the various sport events of the week. VVith the help of Miss Isabelle Quick, the corps For the protection of wood-Working students, a safety council has been organized with wood- shop instructor, Frank Mack, as sponsor. A stu- dent representative from each of his classes com- prises the membership of the council. The aim of this group is to enforce all precau- tion necessary to prevent accidents in the use of First Row fleft to right-Alexander, Sherman, Corrasi, Suro, Andrew, Read, Joseph P. l-lill, VVright, Tur- ek. Second Row Cleft to rightb-lVIacDeal, Barata, Lewan- ston, Brooks, Hershacselc, Cassan, Acolia. Third Roaialfr- rickson, Page, Dempsey, Bendel, Mendrey, Smith, Steiner, Past, Gdowski, Staiski, Berkowitz. Racz. Fourth Roni--Crupp, Tilton, lklatliewson, Nlitchell, Birclienougli, Lockey, Smith, Ross, Reclnor, Bickel, Durchuck, Conover, Fell. handles routine details in the various gym classes. They also aid in teaching the various activities to any of the girls who are in need of extra instruc- tion. ln this manner they create good sportsman- ship and unity throughout all the girls' classes in physical education. ln time this feeling of fellow- ship also permeates throughout the school. Shop Safety Council saws and other power-driven machines. The council is one of three such organizations in the school Whose members wear distinguishing buttons. The record of safety in the shops is not only ample proof of the effectiveness of this coun- cil, but a demonstration of helpful fellowship in education. tlowslci, Van Sant, Sclmorbus, Connell, Pomiall, David. Tliiril Row-Vicler, llillman, Almond, Markowitz, Vereen. YVilliams, Kelley. H511 Il Circolo Italiano First Ron' ileft to riglmtbv-Coopt. Scaccetti, lisposti Clnter- Clnh Council Representativel, .Xgalnti CVice-Presidentg Mr. Frank Borgia fxsponsorj. Gnarnieri C'l'reasurerJ, Salvanto QSec1'etaryj, Castranova, Paolo. Second IfU'ii"N3IllCS, Voca- To foster interest in Italian art and culture is the principal aim of Il Circolo Italiano. This group, under the leadership of Frank Borgia, in- structor in Italian, participates in a wide variety of social affairs. The year's social activities began with a suc- cessful skating party. Later in the year the club Correspondence Club Ever important to all literate persons is the art of writing letters. In order to develop that ability in all pupils who deserve it, the Correspondence Club was formed. Under the guidance of Miss Elizabeth Fuhrmann, teacher of social studies, the correspondence group has learned how to inject their personality into their letters. Lively corre- Firsf Ron' lleft to riglitj-Ilenclcen. Tennant, Dowling, Ilargreaves iSecri'taryJ, Lnterior fl'resiilentJ, Miss Fuhrf mann lsponsorj, Ilropla tVice-I'resiclentJ, Glover t'l'reas- tnrog Panarog Ferrarog De Pastinaq Napoleon, Palmere, Bal- ilassari. Third Rwu+Lorenzo, Venanzi, Lamaclna, Bussiglieri, Rago, Troclo. conducted a theatre party. During the weekly club meetings much time was given to discussion of outstanding Italian operas. The club also visited the Nletropolitan Opera House in New York to see La Boheme. A picnic to one of the shore resorts in June terminated the activities for the year. spondences were established between the mem- bers of the club and their respective "pen palsf, To be "letter perfect" was the clubls motto and as it practiced composing business letters, thank you notes, etc., the Correspondence Club fulfilled its purpose in making its members, correspond- ence more interesting and correct. nrerb, VVhartenl1y, Le Compte. 50001111 Rim'-Collins, Hager- man. Gazsi, Temple, Maloney, Toth, Kelty, Mathews, Na- poleon. IISZI Library Club First Ron' tleft to rightb-Doolan, Fortunato. Palma, llr. Minkel, lfasunclla, Romeo, Manclclbamn, Second Row-- "Bookworml' is hardly the term one uses to describe a member of Lester lwinklels Libraryl Club. The students who hold membership in this organization have little time to read the books which they check, sort, and repair each day. Aside from assisting hir. lVlinkle, however, these boys and girls have an intermittant social program. ln the spring, these assistant librarians are "All the names we're able to print," might well be used as the motto of the print club sponsored by Joseph VV. Hills, instructor of printing. Print- ing membership cards for the various clubs of the Trenton Central High School is the duty of this club. They print the cards for a fee of one cent for each card. First Kofi' fleft to rightJf.Xngeline, Rickles, Onofri, Jo- seph XY. llills tS11onsorj, Chaty, Stawinski, XYerner. 506111141 Matera, Scerba, Ilnart, Greitenback, Dorety, Zayaros. Tlzirii Rott'-YYah, Furari, Melielvey, Levenstcin, Morton, Ludwig. guests at their sponsorls home for a picnic. Mem- bers of the club receive recognition for their serv- ices in June when awards are made. lVlany of these club members have been active as student librarions since junior high school days. To many pupils this work has suggested a profitable voca- tional lield. To the pupils it has meant a more pleasant library service during the year. Print Club hflaking a book, which is given to members, is another of the club's activities. Extremely valu- able to the school in general are the services ren- dered by these boys in printing various forms used in daily routine such as attendance slips, lunch- excuse passes, and efficiency cards. Row-Spoto. Cohen, lilotz. Fosky, Belets, llomboski. Tlzird 1fa7ufCiallello, lilocke, Naples, Rosenberg, Perry, f153l Accordion Club First Rott' Cleft to riglitlglnarion Fenton QS-ecretary5, Michael Margitan, ,X. B. llalqin, lfleanor Hejna, Vincent L. Povio. Serroizd Rate'-NYanrla Pettit, Stanley Sikorski, James With a common interest in the accordion as a source of beautiful music, several Trenton High School students organized the Accordion Club. Under the guiding hand of Allen Dakin, instruc- tor of commercial subjects, the club has had a very active and profitable year in developing both musi- cal appreciation and skill. Belles Lettres To develop an appreciation of literature is the aim of the Belles Lettres Society. One of its activi- ties, predicated upon this aim, is a short-story con- test which is open to all students. Since diligence deserves its reward, five dollars is given to the winner. Through the guidance of its sponsor, Frank First Ron' fleft to rightJfCramer, Rednor, Critchlow, Han- cock, Greenberg l'llreasurerj, Mr. Frank Clark tSponsorg Ogden fl'residentD, Gruber tVice-Presirlenth, VVilley tSecre- taryp, Lewis, Saidt. Scfoiiil Rott'fVanderpool, Prassas, Parsons. fllzxcut-lla1'ry Taxnlrordozzi CP1'eSiilentD, Stephen Presnansky QVICC-1,l'6SlCl6llIC. At the annual student concert presented by the Girls' Chorus, a member of the club rendered selections which won the hearty approbation of the audience. At the Weekly meetings techniques of accordion playing were discussed and construc- tive criticism offered by the club members of one another's playing on these occasions. Clark, teacher of English, the club has under- taken many social activities including a combined ice-skating party and hay-ride, a dance, a roller- skating party, a trip to Philadelphia to see an outstanding dance band, an excursion to New York on a sightseeing tour, and a spring dance held during the Easter vacation. llillegass, Nlathewson, Dodds, Ross, lllueller, Rosenfeld, Muc- llvaine, Grannis. Tliird Rott'-Vllhite, Harrison, Reese, Karti- mer, Farrington. Vine, Urban, Klempert. Deoilata. Iiourtli Row-Norlen, Tashlik, Hunt, Fischer, Spicer. l54l InterfClub Council F1'r.:tRmv Cleft to rightj-Van Luppen, Zuhn, Feild, Craig CViee-Presiileutl, Mitchell fPresiclcntj, Esposti fSec1'etaryl, Nix, Blamlelhaum, T4-lfer. Sermiil Rats'-Lavine, Mazueh, jackson, Zweig, Fultl. Spinelli, Fenton, Burla. Tliird Run'- To aid clubs and the administrators of the school to communicate with one another is the aim of the Inter-Club Council. Memlwership con- sists of a representative from every club through- out the school. Meeting after school, the group, sponsored hy llliss Sarah Christie, studies prob- lems pertaining to the efhcient and harmonious Witll an honor grade in Spanish, membership in El Siglo Futuro may then become a reality. This club, whose activities are based upon projects dealing with Spanish literature and history, is open to those students who have made honor grades in the study of Spanish. The club empha- sizes the well-known adage, Hlfiwr ex zzprendrrl' First Row fleft to riglitb-Slrolieclcer, Ungaro, Berger fVice-Presirlcutb, Nix tl'rcsidentl, lfarl NV. Sletly CSponsorj, Hoilnar Qlreasiirerl, Miller, Elkins, Strauss. ,SlL'L'01Ifl Raw- Malmucl, Shanherg, VVest, Virgin, Kain, Gorrasi, Zuflniak. flflllflll Raft'-Nlallier, Gordon, liuslmer, Newton, Onofri, Rou- mzinis. Kihhle. functioning of the extensive club program. Providing recreation for the many clubs, the council has organized a series of inter-club de- bates, worked on the round-rohin method, inter- club bowling and inter-club basketball. This yeai the council was responsible for the initiation ol many social programs, El Siglo F uturo -'lTo live is to learnf, Under the sponsorship of Earl Steffy, teacher of Spanish, the club sponsored a contest in which all students of Spanish were invited to write a theme in that language and enter it in competition for awards. This activity has been an excellent device in learning the language functionally. Berkowitz, Pi-tchelt, Martin,V Koch, Schiffman, llreeclan, Flarlcr Scheiner. Tl11'rdRota'-Gage, Santie, Larason, Krasne, Murphy. H551 Capablancan Society Fiixrl Row Cleft to right!-Connelly, Pettit. 'l'enney, Cuci- ,blt't'011tf Rmw--t'ol1en. Mattencci. Cohen, Jackson, .Xrthur, Har- natta, Mrs. Smith, Moore, Uroclqett, Raphael. Uurtis, Miller. ney, Simon. Rite, Ilarvey, Ii1':ulbe1'1'y. Mrs. Lois St. John Smith's newly-formed chess and checker club was named the Capablancan So- ciety in honor of a famous chess player. The club was organized under the leadership of Robert Crokett as the president. The other ofiicers are Sylvan Raphael, vice-presidentg Carol lliller, sec- retary, and Donald Rice, treasurer. There were two tournaments in progress to de- termine the best player for the munber one position. Sullifvcmian Societ blost great things originate from small begin- nings. This organization is still in the embryonic stages, but the enthusiasm of its members for its future possibilities is boundless. All types of creative writing including essays, plays, and poetry, are submitted at each weekly meeting throughout the school year by its ambi- tious and literary-minded members for critical dis- FI'I'.Yl.lftlTt' tleft to rightDfLevine, Nash. MacTlvaine tYice- Presideiitj, Toft tl'resirlentj, Patcc, Ilorlmer, Eilvers. llogage. These tournaments were in the form of a ladder, if., any person ranking lower than another chal- lenged his superior to a set. If he won, he took his opponent's place, but if he lost there was no change. This process continued until the best were found. Then these members tried to show Albert C. VVen- Zells club the fundamentals of the Ugamel' when they met them for competition. cussion, unbiased criticism or welcomed ap- proval. The officers are Bill Tott, presidentg lllarianne llfacllvaine, vice-presidentg Carol llohr, secre- taryg Elizabeth Gruber, treasurer. Mitas Addie Welder serves as sponsor for the group. The name of the club is a memorial to the late Edward Sul- livan, beloved teacher of English. S'ci'omI Ron'-Rolmcrts, Falls, lf, Falk, Citron, Cohen. Ed- wards. Balir, Schneider, WVl1ite. ffa4i.iStlfl.a.a. H561 Junior Historical Society First Ron' tleft to rightj-Ross, Espisti, Nix, Cook f'I'reas- urerj, Craig fljresidentj, Ernest Y. Raetzer tSponsorj, Drake tVice-Presirlentj, Mather CSecrr-taryj. Virgin tlnter-Cluh Rep- resentativej, Broks. Seward Row-Iilacknian, Purcell, Gru- Under the direction of Ernest Y. Raetzer, his- tory instructor, the Junior Historical Society has enjoyed another active year. The club is open to all students who are interested in history and who have honor ratings in all subjects. The history of Trenton and its vicinity is stud- ied in detail by the group who use this informa- ber, Lockey, Cooney, Hornyak, Lewis, Lantz, Hurd, VVatts. Third Row-Peacock. Etz, Griffiths, Mitchell, Urken, Royer, Ale Ka.n, Hirsch, Petito. tion as a basis for all its projects. Their study is supplemented by frequent visits to places of his- toric importance. Various members have given talks on places of local interest. They also have had several guest speakers Whose talks added to the learning of the club members. International Relations Club One of the latest undertakings at Trenton High School is the International Relations Club. Spon- sored by the Carnegie Endowment for Interna- tional Peace, these clubs can be established all over the world. Organized by J. B. Honeycutt, history instruc- tor, the club has proved interesting to those stu- Fizxv! Ron' fleft to rightj-Norma Williamson, Anne Cahel, Marji Johnson, Lucille lloneycutt. George Acolia tVice-Presi- clentj, Jozef Bobik 1Pre-siilentj, J. H. lloneycutt Jr. C'l'reas- nrerj. Regina Garharczyl: tSecretaryJ, Julianne Crouse, Elea- nore llarris. Florence Schiffman. Scrvnd Rort'fM. Smger, lieverly Cook, Naomi Alexander. Lewis XYoodman, VVilliam dents who want to do something about world affairs. The purpose of the group here is i'To gain culture through reviewing the current affairs of the day.', Under the leadership of President Joseph Bo- bik, the club has had some moving discussions about our foreign policy at this time. Hogan, Carmin Liccardo, Joseph Chopko, Herbert Blumen- thal, George G. VVhite, Dot Holzer, Phyllis lianicki, J. B. Honeycult tsponsorj., Third Row-Marion Stephens, Mar- garet Coleman, Jerry Adler, Sam Gurney, George Allen, Harry Klan. Herman Fuchs. Ralph Di Quinzio, George Deodata, Mary Raymond. 11571 l l Class History 193 8-1939-Blissful sophomores Overcome with pseudo-importance, we bustled into Trenton High'School in the dim ages of the past. After riding in the HD" building elevator and coming in contact with oHice-boy Leefeldt, we discovered to our own amazement that we were nothing but ignorant "soph- moronsf' Conscientiously, we cast ballots for our class ofiicers. The majority of them bore the names of Giambelluca, Andrews, Martiska and Malmud. A whirling 'fSoph Hop" was the shin- ing social activity of that year. 1939-1940-Adolescent Juniors With studied nonchalance we strolled back to school, pleased with the idea of having someone 'fbeneathm us. Easily get- ting into the swing of things, we organ- ized the junior class early by electing our ofiicers, Griffiths, Andrews, Maruska, and Sivo. Our social activities grew as we did. Crowning the social calendar was a spec- tacular junior Dance, where we did crown honey-haired lNlalla Brooks and warbling jimmy Craig as our queen and king. This was the year that the first original operetta, f'Across the Dela- ware," was presented. Its tunes and script brought many a talent scout to Trenton to see the show. Again our publications came off with top-notch honors. With re- gret, we said adieu to this, our junior year. H581 1940-1941-'Blase Seniors Trying to be bored and blase about the routine matter of coming to school, we began our final year with a definite bang. We packed our bag, baggage, and father's tie and scampered off to Wash- ington for three memorable days and nights. On December S, 6, and 7, our play was presented. No other school performance could have held a candle to our senior production, "The Torchbearersfl A close class election revealed that our senior ofiicers were James Craig, "Third- Termitesl' Andrews and Maruska, and Bill Hogan. Ambitious and resourceful the class of '41 decided that in order to have a Unamell band for the senior prom it would hold a stupendous money-making skating party. After that momentous event, we stood with expanded chests as we proudly reported that our skating party was a huge success. Keeping pace with the national defense movement, T. H. S. chose and musically executed f'The Chocolate Soldier." The months flew. Our quintile ratings were revealed. Our Bobashela pictures were placed on the family piano or in the cellar-as the case may have been. At last, the senior prom, with its swishy gowns and tight collars. Then the final week of exercises. We were graduated, draped in caps and gowns. Sadly we bade good-bye as we lost our treasured status as Hseniors and senior-itasl' of Trenton Central High School. Camera-Shy Seniors 51591 f16OJ Camera-Shy Seniors ABRAMS, RICHARD J., Gen Bus. ALITO, ANTHONY A., Goose, Acad. ALLEN, DORIS L., Com. ANTHEIL, FRED W., Ind. Arts A. ARUNDALE, ANN D., Ann-Dot, Gen. Bus.- Tap Club. BACKES, RICHARD J., Tiney, Gen. Bus.- Hall Patrol, Musicale, Minor T. BALL, EARLE, Hank, Acad. BANGHAM, CLIFFORD F., Clif, Acad.-Serv. Corps, Hall Patrol. BARATA, DONALD G., Don, Acad.-Hall Pa- trol, Safety Council, Chess and Checker. BARCLAY, HENRY R., Ind. Arts B. BARNARD, WILLIAM H., Ace, Fine Arts- Stagecraft, Vice-Pres., Service T's, At- tendance Award. BARTOLONE, VINCE P., Bubbles, Ind. Arts. BELL, JANET M., Jan, Acad., Personality. BELLINGER, ROBERT, Bob, Ind. Arts. BENCK, ROY C., Ace, Ind. Arts A. BENESTA, DANIEL J., Gen. Bus. BERKOWITZ, NATALIE R., Nate, Acad.-Hall Patrol, Spanish Club. BICKEL, FRANK P., Chub, Acad.-Soph. J. V., and Var. Football. BINGHAM, LERANNER, Lfannie, Home Econ. BLOCK, BETTY, Blackie, Acad.-Hall Patrol, G. A. A., Drama and Radio. BOGNAR, JOHN, Ind. Arts B. BOWES, DANIEL A., Major, Ind. Arts A. BOWMAN, RICHARD Y., Curly, Music-Band, J. V. Football. BREEDEN, LEE H., Acad.-G. A. A., Appa ratus Club, Leaders' Corps, Spanish Club, Hockey Team, Capt., Basketball, Capt., Girls' Bowling, Archery, Mail Tournament, Minor T's. BROOK, JOHN, Jessie 1a1ne.r,' Ind. Arts A. BRUNI, ARTHUR L., Peppers, Ind. Arts A- Let's Dance Club. BUSHNELL, ELLSWORTH C., Bnshy, Acad.- Shop Safety Council, Sec. BYER, FRED, Ike, Acad.-Naturalist Club, Treas. , Vars. Tennis, Vars. Cross Coun- try, Vars. Track. BYRA, KATHERINE, Sec.-G. A. A., Skating Club, Americana Club. CARLTON, BOB K., Slinz, Ind. Arts B-Soc- cer, Service T'S, Basketball. CARR, CHARLES, Puppy, Ind. Arts, Public Address System, Service T. CARNALL, MARGARET R., Peggy: Acad.- Personality Club, Bulletins, Service T. CHAPMAN, NIORTONQ Fine Arts-Band, 3 yrs., Music Award. CHATY, JOSEPH F., Sonny, Acad.-Print Club, Service T. CHIARELLO, CATHERINE, Kay, Selling- School Store. CLARK, THOINIAS J., P0rk,' Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres., 2 yrs., Basketball, Minor T. COHEN, JULIUS B., Ynd, Accounting-H. R. Pres., Hall Patrol, Aviation Club. CONTI, ALDA I., Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres. COONEY, EILEEN E., Gooney, Acad.-Serv. Corps, Hall Patrol, Jr. Historical, Jr. Red Cross, Natl. Honor, Spec. Staff, Honor Medal, Minor T. COSTANTINI, ERNEST, Ernie, Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. Cox, JAMES E., Acad.-H. R. Pres., Pres. Council. COXON, GEORGE F., Ike, Ind. Arts-Ameri- Cana Club. CUBBERLY, DOH'LE P., Cueball, Gen. Bus. CUTTING, CLARISSA C., Kitty, Home Econ.- Dramatics Club. CZAPLICKI, RAYMOND A., C1l1'f?S,' Ind. Arts. DANA, NEWTON, Newt, Acad.-Swimming Team, MIHOY T. DYANGELO, DANIEL, Duggan in Boots: Gen. Bus.-Football, Basketball, Track. D,ASCENZO. Samuel J., Fnllbark, Acad.- Accordian Club. DEWAR, LLOYD G., Sandy, Ind. Arts B. DICOLO, VICTOR, Guido, Acad.-Dance Club, Ping-Pong Club. DIDUN, ANDREW, Andy, Gen. Bus. DI FRANCISCO, DANIEL J., Ind. Arts B-Var- sity Baseball. DI GUISEPPE, IDA P., Dec, Gen. Bus.-Social Dance Club. DITTRICH, FRANCIS G., Adolph, Ind. Arts A. DRINGRUS, JULIA I., Judy, Gen. Bus.- Americana Club, Skating Club. DUCKWORTH, JAMES C., Ducky, Gen Bus. ELLIS, ALBERT L., Al, Ind. Arts. FARRINGTON, JOHN T., Jack, Acad.-Belles Lettres, Track. FASKE, DONALD S., Gen. Bus.-H. R Pres., H. R. Secy-Treas., Soph. and J. V. Foot- ball. FISHER, DOROTHY M., Dot, Gen. Bus.-G. A. A., Skating Club, Americana Club. FITZMEYER, ROY L., Fits, Acad. FRANTZ, BILL T., Baron, Fine Arts-Foot- ball. FRASCELLA, FRANK J., Fish, Acad.-Soccer, Basketball. FRUSCIONE, JOSEPH J.: Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres., Pres. Council, Football, Base- ball, Basketball. GASKILL, HARLEY G., Sec.-H. R. Vice- Pres., Orchestra, Honor Medal, Serv. T's GASPER, JOHN L., Gen. Bus. GERBER, ROBERTQ Music-Orchestra. GERDING, WILLIAM F., Bill, Gen. Bus.- WootlcI'aft Club. GIVENS, MATTHEW J., Give, Music-Band. GNANDT, JOSEPH R., Joe, Fine Arts-Hall Patrol, Vars. Smimming Team. GOODWIN, WILLIAM, Brad, Gen. Bus. GRAVER, JOHN H., Acad.-Naturalists Club. GREGORY, ALFRED C. , Al, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y- Treas., Boys' Science, Pres.: Glee Club, Lib., Natl Honor, Honor Medal. GUARNIERI, BRUNO R., Gulch, Acad.-Ital- ian Club, Treas. GULGEN, STEVEN, Stew. HALLIDAY, ANN. HANSEN, ROBERT C., Swede-Hanse,' Gen.- Print Club, Philatelic Club. HARRIS, DAVE A. HARTONCZYK, ANTHONY T., Hart, 81 Tony, Fine Arts- J. V. Soccer. HARTWELL, OLIVER W., Ollie. HARVEY, JACK D., Acad.-Service' Corps, Forum, Hall Patrol. HAVRANKO, ALBERT, Bo, Ind. Arts. HEATH, VVALTER J., Heater, Gen. Bus. HENEBY, FRANK A., Gen. Bus.-H. R. Pres, H. R. Vice-Pres., H. R. Sec'y-Treas., Clionian, Spec. Sr. Ass'. HERXlEY, HORACE J., Are, Ind. Arts A- Hall Patrol, VVireless Club, Electric Club. HILL, WILLIALI E., Bimlcerj Acad.-Track' Team. HIRST, DONALD A., Don, Acad.-Naturalist Club, Swimming. HOFFMAN, JOHN H., Speed, Ind Arts B- Vars. Track, Intra-Mural Champ. Track Team. HOLLENBERGER, LEOPOLD D., Hollis , Ind. Arts B-Safety Council. HORNYAK, JOSEPH, Grcck, Acad.-Swim- ming Capt, Track, Golf, Minor T. HUTCHINSON, PETER B., Pele, Gen. Bus.- Chorus, Hall Patrol. ' IVINS, HEI.EN C., Sis, Gen. Bus. JANUKOWICZ, ANTHONY T., Sam, Ind. Arts A-Woodcraft Club, J. V. Soccer. JOHNSON, CLAIRE ELLA, Nirley, Acad.-H. R. Vice-Pres. Service Corps, Hall Pa- trol, Chair. Costumes Sports Nite, Bobashela Class. ICACZAROYVSKI, FRANK, Clzesr, Ind. Arts A-Chess 8z Checker, Photography. KALAFUT, PAUL, Pcelecy, Ind, Arts B- Americana Club, H. R. Vice-Pres. KAPLAN, MARCELLEQ Marley, Acad. KARWASKI, PETER S., Red, Gen. Bus.-Glee Club. KEEPHART, WILLIAM K., Will, Gen. Bus.- Track. KEDIBLE, DELPHINA D., Dcllie, Fine Arts. KERR, EDWARD B., Ed: Acad.-Band, Drum Major, Service T's. KING, THOMAS A., Tom, Music-Band, Minor T. KOLZER, VICTOR, Vic, Acad.-Varsity Swim- ming, Capt., Minor T, Major T. KOVACS, HELEN B., Acad.-G. A. A., Skat- ers' Club, Minor T. KRASIEW'SKI, ALOIS P., Ind. Arts A-H. R. Sec., Treas. LASKY, EDWARD L., Ed, Ind. Arts B. LAVIS, STANLEY, Stan, Acad.-Press, Lau- reate, Correspondence Club. LE COMPTE, LOUISE, Pete, Home Econ., Correspondence, Glee, Philology, Lau- reate. LEGGETT, WILLIAM O, Sec. LLOYD, FRED W., Butch, Fine Arts-Stage- craft, Pres., Service Corps, Correspond- ence Club. LOGAN, HAROI.D G., B1z.1',' Acad.-Service Corps, Hall Patrol, Cross Country, Band, Soph. Football, Minor T. AIEZZETTI, PETER A., Acad. NzKC2Y, STEPHEN, Ind. Arts B. NAPOLITANO, PAUL A., Acad.-Tennie, Bas- ketball, Minor T. N1-:wcOMB, HAROLD W., Rc.:-,' Acad.-Drama 81 Radio. NEWLIN, IRVING L., Cap, Acad.-Dramatic Club, Track Mgr., Minor T. L 161 11621 NICKOLAS, MARGUERITE S.3 Peggyg Acad.- H. R. Vice-Pres., Leaders' COrps3 G. A. A.3 CliOnian3 Ballet3 Spec. Bus.3 Musi- cale. O,GOAMAN, WILLIAM 1.3 Bill: Gen. Bus.- H. R. Vice-PreS.3 H. R. TreaS.3 Minor T. PALFY, ALBERT L.3 Gooseg Gen. Bus.-1. V. Soccer Mgr. A PANTON, ARMAND 1.3 Arc, Gen. Bus.- Americana. PAPP, CHARLES W., Gen. Bus. PARSON, HELEN 1.3 Gen. Bus.-Orchestrag Ballet3 Tap Club3 Vice-Pres.3 Cheer- leadersg Honor Medal. PASELA, JOSEPH C.3 Jong Ind. Arts A- H. R. Vice-Pres. PAWLUKEWICH, TONYQ Pawlukeg Ind. Arts -H. R. PreS.3 Let's Danceg Pres. Coun- cil3 Hall PatrOl3 Soccer, Capt.3 Swim- ming. PETRINO, PAT D.3 Teachers Prep. PIEPSAK, JOE E.3 Rody Ind. Arts-H. R. Pres.3 Let's Danceg Hall Patrolg Pres. Council3 Soccer Capt.3 Swimming. PIscAPo, FRANK N.3 Ma111my,' Ind. Arts.- F00tballQ Baseball. POWER, VVILLIAINI K.3 Rcdg Acad. READING, FRANK T.3 Bzzdg Ind. Arts-Hall Patrolg Aviationg Dance Clubg Varsity Track3 Footballg BaSketball3 Minor T. REDNOR, CHARLES F.3 Chucky Acad.-Social DZll1C6Q Belles Lettrcs3 Philosophyg H. R. PreS.3 Pres. COuncil3 Service Corpsg Hall Patrol3 Soph. Footballg Swim- ming3 1. V. Tennisg Table Tennis3 Film FHYCQ Cinematography3 Service T3 Mi- nor T. REIN, GEORGEQ Juttg Gen. Bus.-Hall PatrO13 PlIilolOgy3 Philology Tattler. REPASS, GEORGE E., Hodgcg Ind. Arts- Let's Dance. ROGALNY, HELEN C.3 H0113 Sec.-Hall Pa- trol3 G. A. A.3 Skating, Vice-Pres.3 Bowlingg Modern Dancing3 Minor T. ROSENTHAL, DAVID S.3 Ind. Arts. ROSENTHAL, LOTTIE S.3 E103 Gen. Bus.- G. A. A. SAUBER, ROBERT C.3 Bob, Acad.-Art Club. SCHNELL, GEORGE R.3 Hoolecyg Ind. Arts B- Golf Team Mgr. SCULLY, NTARGARET 1.3 Peggy, Home Econ. SHEPHERD, ALTON 1.3 Tony. SIVO, PETER P.3 Peteg Music-Class Treas. '39, ,403 Forum3 Glee Club, Let's Danceg Service Corps3 Service T. SMALLWOOD, HELEN L.3 Mickeyg H. R. Treas. SMITH. JUNE K.3 .S'mitty,' Gen. Bus. ' SMITH, LEON H.3 Smithyg Ind. Arts- 1. V. Football. STOVER, DONALD E3 Smolecyg Acad.-H. R. Pres3 Pres. Councilg Clinoian. STRAKER, ANTHONY C.3 Chuckg Touyq Acad. SUTNICK, NATHANIEL T.3 Nfaitg Acad.- Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Forumg Quill 81 Scroll Spec. Bus.3 Varsity Swimmingg Press3 Service T3 Minor T. SUYDAM, 1OHN E.3 Red, Ind. Arts. SZYMANSKI, MICHAEL F.3 Mickey, Gen. Bus. -Amerlcanag Musicale. TALLMAN, 1AIxIEs H., Ind. Arts A-Cross Country. TALLON, RUTH A.3 Skating. THORN, ESTHER F.3 Essicg' Gen. Bus. TOME. MAURICE U.3 A1'i.:0na,' Gen. Bus.- Hall Patrolg Varsity Football. TROTTO, GABRIEL 1.3 Chippy, Ind. Arts B- Let's Danceg 1. V. Swimming. URBAN, PHILIP W., Acad.-Musicale. VERNAM, EDMUND B.3 Edg Acad.-Track3 Cross COuntry3 Football. WALKER, MARGARET F.3 Zllaggieg Acad.- Costume 3 Americana. WALSH, WILLIAM P.3 Billq Acad.-H. R. Treas.3 Varsity Footballg Basketball. WALTAN, RUTH H., Fine Arts-Leaders' COrps3 Skating3 Americana. WATSON, BETTY N.3 Belfry' Gen. Bus.- PhllOlOgj'Q Americana, Ed.-in-Chief 3 Philology Tattler. WEAVER, MARIE 1.3 Home Econ,-Glee Club3 Skating. WHITEHEAD, SAMUEL C.3 Whifyg Gen. Bus. -Social Dance. WIEDENHOEER, PAUL A.3 Lefty, Gen. Bus.- Radio AppreciatiOn3 Naturalists. WIEGER, WILLIAM3 Wig, Acad.-Social Dance3 1. V. Swimmingg Soph. Swim- Hllligj Spec. Bl1S.j Minor Staff. VVILLIAMS, EULA MAE3 Home Econ. WILLIAM, VVILLIEQ Winkg Acad.-HiY. WOLEE, VVILLIAM R.3 Baldyg Acad. WOODS, DONALD L.3 Pompg Ind. Arts. WRIGHT, ALCIAD, 1R.3 A13 Ind. Arts-Service Corpsg Hall Patrolg Safety Council. ZILKOWSKI, SOPHIE M.3 Pcggyg Gen. Bus. ZIMMER, GEORGE 1.3 Acc't. ZADWORNA, ANN,' Gen. Bus.-G. A. A., Leader COrps3 Skatingg Tennis, Arch- ery3 Music Apprec.3 Minor T. WMM awww. 'WWWQS1 ww mask Ag wk 'Y 'Q I wi , 9' 4 'S Q 3 ., 3 ,K .,,, ii? 5 H ' iii 55525 ,H .- ,N . 3 if , .M 'gf S2 . fr ah ? B1 Sponsor: Miss BARATA President, JEAN DlANGELO Vice-President, GILDA DI PASTINA Sec'y-Treasurer, NANCY BARBALACE Virginia Allen, Nazarene Angelini, Richard Applegate, Barbara Aranoff, Arthur Argenti, Ruth Banham, Muriel Bayliss, William Baxter, Anna Blaner, Raymond Betz, Alfred Bird, Robert Butcher, Seretta Cannon, Virginia Ciccarello, Gloria Conti, Grace Corti, Ethel Cox, Frank Cuiule, Rose Di Franco, Marion Dill, Marion Dizler, Bessie Harris, Elizabeth Howlroyd, Jeanette Hymensky, Margie In- gram, William Jesenky, Joseph Kodytek, Joseph Melton, Helen Meyer, Herbert Tomlinson, William Wysocki, Ed- ward Zamonski. B2 Sponsor: Miss BIRD President, CARMEN LICCARDO Vice-President, RICHARD HAMMOND Secretary, DOROTHY FELTHAN Treasurer, SHIRLE FRIZZELL Irma Mason, Catherine Mayjak, Kenneth B3 Sponsor: MISS BODINE President, EDITH WILSON Vice-President, Boa VERNAM Secretary, MARGARET ToTI-I Stanley Abrams, Angela Dzickanowski, Jeanette Federkiewicz, Jean Fench, Carmela Fiorentino, Ruth Foy, Virginia Frank, Marion Fra- scella, Herman Fuchs, Leroy Ganges, Mary Goldberg, Fred Golden- baum, Joseph Gordon, John Griscom, Samuel Gurney, Paul Guyer, Maella Hall, Bride Hampson, June Hart, Vera Hawkins, Donald Hibbs, Paul Holcombe, Lois Holmes, Betty Langcasky, Doris Logan, Edward Ludwig, Patricia Lydon, Marion Maloney, Louis Mascherin, Moore, Philys Perrine, Elizabeth Zupko. Marie McGan1I, Madeline Muccie, Katherine Nakoney, Leon Okupski, Irene Ozga, Marion Pelletteri, Yolanda Pichini, Helen Piechota, Cath- erine Pondekas, Edmund Price, Ruth Rackowski, Bertha Remphrey. Josephine Repole, Lucy Ricciardo, Oscar Riegel, Alvin Rosetty, Olga Runowicz, Louis Russo, Luella Ruth, Richard Ryan, Sylvia Sarapan, Grace Scandura, Margaret Schino, Samuel Scriven, Harvey Seigle, Julia Sherman, Frances Solimando, Eleanor Stott, Richard Symanowicz, Walter Tamburini, Calvin Taylor, Evelyn Ann Troyanovich, Gloria Valentine, John Virok, Wolff Franklin. B4 Sponsor: MR. VVENZEL President, ANDREW N. CELLA Vice-President, BILL GRAFF Secretary, MARGARET BALLA Treasurer, AUDREY FELL Gershenfeld, Mary Goodrich, John Gorse, Jack O'Shea, Robert Westover. BS Sponsor: MR. LOWDEN President, GERTRUDE JAMES Vice-President, WILLIAM HUBER See'y-Treasurer, CLAIRE KLEIN Jerry Adler, Naomi Alexander, Joyce Allen, Mildred Andrew, Gloria Berry, Frank Bialopiotrowicz, Herbert Blumenthal, Edward Bradbury, Joe Breza, Marie Bryant, Robert Bullock, David Burk, Jeanne Burtis, Robert B. Carter, Leonard Cohen, Evelyn Combs, Beverly Cook, David Crawford, Florence Cumpston, Allene Daniels, George Deodato,Rose DiPrima, Julius Dornstauder, Charles Dow, Kalman Epstein, John Fischer, Adele Frank, Gloria Fried, Fred Gans, Leon Gates, Helene Eleanor Miller, Stockton Newlin, VVilson Noden, Beatrict O'Brien, Daniel Binder, Lester Botoff, Gloria Clark, Henry Haigh, George Hall, Fralia Hancock, William Harvey, Gloria Heitzman, Beatryce E. Henry, Carolyn Hillegass, Robert Hopewell, Mary Howell, Charles Hunt, Erwin Kartzmer, Edward Kearne, Cortez Kibble, Thomas Kin- ney, Alma Kopczynski, Leonard Kralik, Phyllis Kroschwitz, Richard A. Kulk, Jean Lanning. Edward Landwehr, Shirley Laskey, Seymour Lavine, Warren Layden, Dorothy Linder, Margaret Lockett, Alfred Lynch, Rose Matcra, Dominick Matteucci, Olga Mayer, Harold Thomas McNicol, Robert Meyer, Richard Mikovsky, Evelyn Millner B6 Sponsor: MR. PEOPLES President, ANTOINETTE FI-:RRARD Vice-President, SEYMOUR SCHNUR S ecretary, ALICE ROISENFELD Treasurer, SIDNEY SCI-INUR William Vernam, Quallis Vickers, If 164 J Joseph Delate, Hugh Forman, Gertrude Green, Vivian Green, Arthur Hartzell, Harry Moore, Olga Morosco, Helen Nalepa, Marion Naples, Jessie Pone, Marie Pone, Elaine Prassas, Gladys Quinty, Ruth Red- nor,Julia Rice, William Rodgers, Charles M. Schonian, Albert Segal, Daniel Shapiro, Margaret Sipos, Mervin Silverstein, Eleanor Smires, Louis Solomon, Edwin Soyka, Ida May Steiner, Esther Sutland, Adolph R. Tankle, Herman Tashlik, Morris Traver, Jean Van Horn, AnthonyVocolo, Clarence Walton, Edith Williams, Margaret Williams. B7 Sponsor: MISS BRAYMER Presidfnf, HEDWIG BODMER Vice-President, JOHN BOCZANY Seiy-Treasm'm', RICHARD ENGLER Donald Bellan, Elaine Berger, Louis Botlinger, Earl Brommer, NValter Brzezinski, Mary Bugbee, Judith Bulitt, Bernice Cannon, Francis Cen- tomaine, John Chady, Elsie Clugston. Melvin Cochran, Elaine Cohen, George Collins, Dorothy Connelly, David Curbishley, Mary Davis Virginia Davis, Lamina Dial, Joseph Di Fillippa, Carol Miller, Theo- dore Sinclair, Janice Smith, Mary Smith, James Stephan, Henry Frank Tisauro, Steven Turek, Edward Trumpore. Szczephanski, Olga Szewcuw, Judy Tattler, B8 Sponsor: MR. BUTTERER President, MARY FORTUNATO Vz'cc-President, WALT LEE Sec'y-Tmasnrer, AUDREY GREENBI-:RG Jane Bernhart, Joseph Falcone, Vivian Ferguson, Bernice Fineberg, Alfred Fink, Conrad Fitzpatrick, John Gallo, Cecelia Cdowski, Edna Gernhart, Ethel Goulding, Loantha Grady, Rosalyn Gross, Rudolph Gyenge, Jack Habegger, John Hansuka, Grace Hefty, Margaret Hicks, David Horner, Robert Huges, Joseph Hunt, Edward Kalston, Vlfalt Kaminski, Theodore Klapinski, Milton Klempert, John Kotz, Frank Kowalski, Edgar Lanzoni, Donald Layden, Edward Marhefka, Lawrence Markley, Dorothy Matalena, Leon Miscausage, Ric ard 'ee y, tep Ten iatas. Doris Sibley, John Simancik, Reatha Tripp, Adele Zaparyniuk. B9 Sponsor: MR. CALDWELL P1'US1.dL'1lf, ALICE HARVEY Vice-President, RICHARD WATKIN Secrebary, CYNTHIA WoLcoTT Samuel Lenox, Florence Lisiecki, Edward Luterio, Tony Marcattilio, h N l S l N' Edward Bogdan, Betty Butkosky, Elsie Carwale, Earl Catanese, Eliza- beth Chorba, Edward Cole, Milford Cruse, Gladys Kellet, Dorothy Mattson, Rowene MeCray, Lois McGowan, George Moore, Vlfilired Moore, Raymond Mosquera, Raymond Miplinski, Sam Nalbone, Jack Newman, John Perry, Elizabeth Phillips, Lorraine Phillips, Catherine Providence, Herman Pulyer, John Ranto, David Rein, Ernest Ristow, Constantine Sacharczuk, George Sailey, Pete Traynor, George Vogler, Cecilia Walukiewicz, Rodney Ward, Andrew Wasco, James Whitaker, Robert Wilson. B10 Sp0n,r01': MISS LAPIN President, KLINE KROESEN Vice-President, RICHARD SI-IUNK Srdy-Treasurer, RosE MONTEVERDE mond Olszewski Veronica Opacka, James Wyzga. Bll Sponsor: MR. FORER President, JEAN RINZI Vice-President, RUssEL Dl MAGGIO Sec'y-Trea'sm'ez', VIRGINIA TILTON Tallone, Florence Terlecki, Julia A. B12 Sponsor: MISS COLLIER President, BENNY GERMANI Vice-President, BETTY GLENNOR Sccffetary, GERTRUDE DRAKE Tin Walter Aaronson, Helen Amato, John Bialota, Hazel Bland, Harry Coles. Charles David, Jennie DeMarco, Elmira Grosse, John Hollen- donner, Margaret Hudik, Clara Jones, Dorothy Kichinko, Paul Kur- isko, Pauline Leitch, Vinnie Lewandowski, Harry Lombardozzi, Helen Ivmer, Lena Martelloni, Elizabeth Mason, Ralph Mastranglo, Regina McGann, Catherine Miller, Magdalene Mrazik, Robert Myernick, Ray- Pascoe, Beverley Trought, Jennie Turano, Mary Turonis, Gabriel Beatrice Coleman, Lillian Dombroski, Harry Dropla, Mary Dzurisin, Edna Fechter, Howard Feiler, Blanche Frallicciardi, Benjamin Gen- dusi, Immaculate Mercurio, Catherine Ott, Edna Perry, Jean Pfleger, Ruth Pierce, Ida Rago, VVilliam Randall, Nick Rector, Michael Reeves, Dorothy Reister, Peter Sapio, Carl Schloenbach, Alice Sweder, Joseph Scott, William J. Searles, Belle Rae Siegle, Wesley Skworzec, Marian dik, James Tramontana, John A. Vallace, Helen Wert. Mary Clancy, Charles Conde, Virginia Costanza, Ada Crutchley, Ruth Dennie Eugenia Di Guiseppe, Rose Di Via, Adele Domanski, Dorothy Doolan, Laura, Dziak, James Edwards, Jean Ellis, Anna Eversole. Mary Falzini, Marion Fenton, Charles Ferrara, Grace Fink, Rita. Foy, Joan Gesicki, Evelyn Gibbs, Dorothy Graham, Norma Grant, Moherlie Greene, Virginia Hamer, John Homa, Mary Hritz, Harold Hubsck, Helen Ingram, Agnes Jeannette Frank Jedrzejczyk, Murray Kessler, Helen Krause, Frances Vaccaro. f165J B13 Sponsor: Miss GALE President, LARRY GIAMBELLUCCA Vice-President, GEORGE MAYER S ec'y-Treasurer, THERESA MORETTI Petrone, Leonard Pokalsky, Margaret Helen Saunders, Margaret Schmeftz. B14 ' Sponsor: Miss TERRY President, JEAN VAN LUPPEN Vice-President, EVELYN THOMPSON Secretary, ANNA SISOLAK Loretta Augustyniak, Blanche Bennett, Richard Keating, Jean Keefe, Harriet Lavine, Irving Lavinthal, Evelyn Lawrence, Edna Levine, Nan Logan, Roberta Longs, Anna Lucas, Anntoinctte Marsilio, Joseph Martus, Doris McKeen, Margaret Molnar, Stewart Monk, Shirley Monty, Emma Navarro, Rose Nemetz, Lillian Nix, Agnes Norman, Donald Nugent, Rose Pauline, Frances Pellitteri, Mary Pesek, Lillian Rodgers, Florence Rogalna,Freda Salup, Edith Sandow, Rudolph Sante, Ruth Arendt, Helen Fausey, Martha Hawks, Helen Klwinski, Lena Scaborozi, 'Clare Siniko, Raymond Simmons, Kathryn Smith, Laura Stella, Thomas Steward, John Szilagyi, Frances Szyrwel, Josephine Tallone, Shirley Tankle, Betty Tidd, Margaret Tilger, Janet Titus, Dorothy Tompkins, Cornelia Tucker, May Tyrrell, Rose Ungaro, Florence Updike, Doris Van Ness, Mamie VVYHilQ1', George Wasko, Eleanor Weber, Helen Welsh, Margaret Welsh, Esther VVendrzycki, Gloria VVilson, Evelyn Wolniewicz, Alice Wright, Sophie Zabitowslci, Evelyn Zelena B15 Sponsor: Miss F. CHRISTIE President WALTER STOCKLAS Vice-President, JOYCE CARLTON Secretary, ELDON BRECHT Treasurer, JOHN FINNEGAN Grochocla, Eleanor Hezna, Jane B16 Sponsor: MR. KELSEY President, BTARCY MELTZER Vice-President, JOAN iMURPHY See'y-Treasurer, DOROTHY ICERN Hoffman, k, Juliet Zenzer, Eileen Ziereis, Anna Zimmer, Alice Zuba. Sadie Amico, Angelina Angelico, Caroline Arendt, Morris Aronowitz, Alan Ball, Luella Barcroff, Mildred Bender, Anna Brennar, Charles Carey, Lawrence Carmel, Rose Carr, Michael Commini, Irma Carante, Joseph Ssaji, Charles Di Falco, Thomas Ellis. Joseph Ettenger. VValter Evans, Marion Marion Fabuzio, Raymond Feinberg, Enzo Filipponi, Helen Fraekiewicz, John Fitzpatrick, Frank Ford, Margaret Gallo- gher, Joseph Genovario, Ralph Gervasio, Florence Grad, Francis Lucille Shack, Phi1lipToweel. John Dombroski, Marie Forrest, Marjory Gardner, Anna Hreha, Mil- dred Jantz, Stanley Janusz, Bernedette Jezewska, Marie Jones, Doris Joslin, Stella Kaminsky, John Karch, Claire Kasher, Edward Kennedy, Elizabeth Kerecman, Florence Kicinski, Darwin, Kieffer, Evelyn King, Michael Kovacs, Alvin Kuchn, William, Kuhn, Robert Laden, Paul Lagana, Rachel Leonard, Jean Lippincott, Mary Lucas, Louise Ma- Jews 1, loa ajewsci, Ty IS anze, uti Mayer, Shirley Meals, Miriam Miles, Viola Miller, Clara Nicolai, Palmeri, Pcarline Panniell, Vlfilliam Workman. ' k' V'l M' l' Pl ll' M R l John Orendac, Edwin Pajnowski, Michael B17 Sponsor: MR. CLEMENS President, JUDY BENDAL Vice-President, JACK POLLOCK Sec'y-Troasnrer, CLARA SIEILANO Edward Andrejewski, Stanley Andrusiewiez, Walter Arkus, Ralph Bates, Pauline Brodowicz, Lucille Czajkowski, Lillian Dublas, Dorothy Dymnicki, Regina Kowalik, Hattie Lipnick, Florence Mulrine, Marlin Rancani, Dorothy Raymond, Lucy Lecchi, Thomas Regan, Mabel Re pass, Leon Rosenberg, Bertha Seibek, Richard Seibel, Donald Shep- herd, Gussie Siet, Henry Sigafoos, Doris Smith, Lillian Snoak, Ed- ward Sohl, Evelyn Solarsky, Emilius Stella, Jack Stewert, Annie Sumners, Zoltan Suveg, Madeline Tobie, George VValsh, Willie Mae Williams, Louis parelli. B18 Sponsor: MR. SCHOENER President, EDWARD MATTHEWS Vice-President, CLARENCE DRESCHLER S ec'y-Treasurer, LORRAINE BANNERMAN Dempsey, George Dick. Blanche Dobos, Ro Shirley Mann, Robert Rissman, fieei e Wilson, Mildred Wintermute, Dorothy Wolniewicz, Rinaldo Zam- Carmela Acquisto, Eleanor Angeline, Vincent Angeline, Lawrence An- gelini, Guy Armstrong, Roy Atkinson,-John Ball, Merrill Beyer, Blanche Bigley, John Bishop, Doris Blackwell, Edith Brailove, Jane Brinkerhoff, Frank Funda, Mary Bussiglieri, Mary Campopiano, Cath- erine Cardacio-tto,Dorothy Carll, Doris Carter, Walter Chady, Joseph Clark, John Contcnto, William Coker, Delores Cooperstein, Catherine bert Dubler, Paul Dzurisi James Egan, Phoebe Elkins, John Kush, B19 Sponsor: MIss INGOLDSBY President, GERALD GART Vice-President, HOWARD WEIss Secretary, REGINA WROTNY Treasurer, ELVIN YOUNG Thomas Zawadzki, Dorothy Zayaros. B20 Sponsor: MISS DURNAN President, RICHARD POYDA Viee-President, JosEPH PUsKAs Secretary, ELIZABETH MCMINN Treasurer, CONRAD HIRsT Dorothy Fish, Edith French, Harry Gart, John Gearren, Wilfred Glazebrook, Helen Golya, Dorothy Gottschalk, Robert Green, Angeline Guagliardo, John Harrison, Janet Hartman, Joseph Harvey, Herman Haywood, Harry Higgins, Lee Hogan, Ann Hunt, Donald Huston, Henry Jachimski, Ida Jones, Peter Karaffa, George Kovacs, Florence Krashovsky, Harold Kuslovitz, Muriel MacDonald, Harold Welsh, Robert VVhitly, Richard VVhyte, Charlotte Wood, Dikren Yazujien, Katherine Beuttel, Helen Bier, Veronica Blickarz, Helen Brodowski, Milton Burd, Blanche Burdman, Dorothy Burnett, Muriel Callahan, Mary Campana, Virginia Malone, Helen Maloney, Elizabeth Marini, Joseph Marino, William Marsh, Helen Mazurek, James Mazzarelli, Lillian McKeever, William McMinn, Casimir Miller, Alba Modestini, Edith Molnar, George Moloney, Charlotte Moore, Rose Moore, Elsie Muehlhausen, James Nevius, Joseph Notarian, Margaret Papp, Earl Pack, Annette Phillips, Donald Pierini, Mildred Pinelli, Wallace Plapinger, Jennie Prezioso, James Read- ing, Mary Rooks. B21 Sponsor: MIss LUDWIG President, NIAGDALENE SIMCOE Vice-President, ROBERT TEDDER Secretary, VIRGINIA NTAIONE Treasurer, DAVID STRAUSS anzi, James Vereen, Viola Victor May B22 Sponsor: Miss SMocR President, MARIE DOMBROWSKI Vice-President, JOSEPH AVERSANO Secretory-Treasurer, BETTY CAHILL Attendance O-giCCI',JULIANA BRANZELLI Eugene Modzelewski, Charles Nelson, Neil B23 Sponsor: MR. Foss President, ROBERT DANBURY Vice-President, GERALDINE GOTTHART See'y-Treasurer, NATHALIE DAVIDOWSKI Peter Immordino, Margaret Jackson, Charles Howard Levenson, Leon Lynch. B24 Sponsor: MRS. DUFF Vice-President, CARL SPALINISKI Secretary, WANDA MACKIEWICZ Treasurer, HELEN MATUSKA Dorothy Madden, Annette Maiorino, James Mealey, Melvyn ,Rosen- berg, Wilma Ross, Socrates Roumanis, George Ryan, Sidney Sagot- sky, Gerald Schwartz, Richard Searing, Andrew Serenelli, Ethel Shot- ton, Morgan Shumake, Dorothy Smith, Gloria Soriero, Samuel South, Jeanne St. John, Adele Strauss, Margaret Such, Robert Surtees, Gloria Sweeney, Bernice Taylor, Harvey Taylor, Marie Thorn, Helen Tkach, Loderick Troilo, Lillian Tunnicliffe, Anthony Vannozzi, Mildred Ven- Wah, Carmel Walker, Kenneth VVarren. Carlton Akroyd, Dominic Arone, Leomae Bagley, Dena Baldassari, Joseph Belets, Roy Bearden, Doris Bobera, Louise Caputi, William Carter, Dick Chamberlain, Margaret Chaty, Helen Chmielewski. Helen Ciskos, Jack Clickner, Frances Clyburn, Elinor Cole, Charlotte Collins, Wilma Conover, Virginia Crammer, Ruth Critchlow, Morton Crowell, Francis Curlis, Leon Czarnecki, Julius David, Tony Federico. Caro- lina Ferrina, Cora Lee Finney, Herman Finkle, Carmela Fiorello, Rickard, Jack Solon. Betty Clapp-erton, Claire DeGactano, Palmer Denny, Joan De Paolo, Paul De Umberto, Peter Di Guiseppe, Theresa Di Sylvester, Evelyn Dolbey, Gertrude Donner, Carmela Fallara, Casper Fantauzzo, Jane Fessler, Lillian Fisher, Margaret Fitzgerald, Robert Gerotsky, Ruth Granniss, Doris Harker, Marie Harvey, John Hasson, June Heisler, Lamson Henry, David Hopkins, Dorothy Hough, Frank Hutchinson, Jenkins, Victoria Klama, Julia Kovacs, Shirley Kutz, Dolores Lang, Mildred Gaw, Elmer Kremper, Wallace Larrabee, Audrey Lavine, Emily Leckowicz, Janet Leslie, Sarah Levy, Augustine Lombardo. Rose Marollo, Victoria Maruca, Norton Millner, Bertha Molis, Adrian Moore, William Nabinger, James Nalbone, William Orlowski, Stephen Packlaian, Arthur Panella, Helen Parker, Irene Sikorska, Judy Sissel- man, Mabel Smith, Philip Smith, Ernest Soltes. If167J B25 Sponsor: DR. SABARY President, SHIRLEY SIEGEL Vice-Prc.rz'dcnf, BERNICE RYAN Scri'fItary, ELEANOR REOAN Ylcaszirer, GRAYCE G. ROSENTHAL B26 Sponsor: MRs PEITZMAN Presidcnt, PASQUALE ASTORE Vice-President, JOSEPH CIOSEK Scc'y-Treasurer, MARJORIE NEWBON B27 Sponsor: MR. GRAHAM President, EDWARD KANJEBO Vice-Prcr1'df'nt, THELMA HERTZMAN Secretary, DOROTHY WILLIAMS Treasurer, CATHERINE KELLY B28 Sponsor: MR, MACDONOUGH President, JOHN JOHNSON Vicv-Presidwif, EDWARD NOMEJRO Src'y-Trearzirer, WILLIAM VALYS B29 Sponsor: MIss Moss President, JESSIE YENNY Vice-President, ANNA MAY DEVINE Secretory, PATRICIA BELARDO Treasurer, EVA Dnnn B30 Sponsor: Miss DUSINBURY Presidrn-t, DORIS ESTRELLA Vice-President, ANNA GRUPI' Secretary, AUDREY BLANKENHORN riesj Anthony Anderer, Catherine Pellegrino, Lawrence Pellegrino, Albert Pinelli, Laura Potocki, Philomena Rancani, Angeline Repole, Charles Ridgway, Jean Ritchie, Albert Rittmann, Marie Russo, Joseph Santo, Jenny Santorsiearo, Richard Schnorbus, Anna Schumacher, Catherine Schumacher, Robert Semon, Alma Stefller, Vincent Szemis, Rosalie E. Szivos, Robert Tantum, Harrison Tenney, Peter Torretta, Stella Truch, Beryl Mina Vanderpool, Ethel VanHorn, Ruth Voorhees, Richard Worob, Marian E. Yos, Bernard Zdanowicz. John Anderson, George Banker, Walter Baranowski, Peter Barbon. Jerry Belviso, Earle Brown, Ernest Brown. VVilliam Callan, Robert Chadwick, Samuel DeGasperis, Mardella Fisher, Vincent Frascella. John Friedman, Donald Galloway, Joseph Ganie, John Gorski, William Graham, Charles Hampton, Harry Hampton, Fred Hiel, William Hill- man, Dorothy Midura, Marilyn Myer, Jack Newcomb, James Oliver, Pauline Palmieri, Anthony Stirpe. Esther Davis, Vera Forker, Joseph Hipp, George Hoffman, Leroy Howard. Bob Icker, John Iwan, Joseph Kaltner, Walter Kaspazak, Irving Kelly, William Kenner, Jean Kent, Walter Kraszewski, Her- man Kraun, William Lacomchek, Donald Large, Alex Lawrence, Marie Major, Joseph Swistak, Casimir Tataranowicz, Joseph Toleno, John Ungrady, Andrew Viglione, Stephen Werner, Joseph VVojnarowicz, Michael Zilembo, Edward Zoldz. Leonard Alvino, Vasilios Apostolos, John Bethea, Warren Bishop, David Clark, Hampton Hanable, Louis Harden, William Holbert, James Jeavons, Alfred Matera, Joseph Messino, Robert Miller, Edward Nowicki, LeRoy Parent, Nickolas Peronni. Dick Perry, VVilliam Quinn, Ernest Ricci, William Sapp, Henry Scaccetti, Terrence Shel- don, Stanley Sikorski, Herman Strickland, Anthony Tozzi, Joseph Tucker, George VVatson. Irene Applegate. Mary Arcarese, Irene Barnacz, Mary Bozzo, Dorothy Bristow, Hazel Caldwell. Iovlyn, Clark, Janice Cochran. Rose Conglis, Jennie Daneski. Mayme De Lozier Alice Dougherty. Helen Dura, Ger- aldine Lauer, Meriam Levine, Constance Ludwig, Fermina Marchetti, Hope Martin. Marilyn Miller, Elizabeth Patrick, Betty Petschett, June Rehrer. Pauline Rusanowicz, Margaret Saltmer. Eleanor Silvers, Rhoda Smallwood, Eva Solomon, Jean Soriers, Florence Wormby, Catherine Zaiss. Joyce Best, Norma Blinn, Rose Borrello, Marie Brackel, VVinifred Coan, Emma Czartoryski, Virginia Danbury, Catherine D'Angelo, Dorothy Daires, Audrey De Saw, Edith Edwards, Mary Jane Guenther, Kathryn Haas, Marjorie Hendreckson, Lucille Hopkins, Etta Huff, Yvonne Hutchinson, Muriel Johnson, Irene Kawalski, Emily Krush, Cecelia Lydon, Jean Lorett, Josephine Memdola, Charlotte Modica, Jennie Qlanick, Mary Paller, Helen Patricella, Dorothy Rayer. B31 Sffonsorz Miss BRADSHAW Prcsz'dent, FLORENCE KATEUSZ Vice-President, HELEN TOPLEY Secretary, ETHYL BURLA T1-easxarcr, THELMA STILLWELL B32 Sponsor: MR. HOGAN Pre.n'dcnf, JOE ZAVAGLIA V1'ce-Piuzvidmzf, ED SCHNOERING Secretary, CHARLES LORE Treasurer, RAY VVALUKIEWICZ B33 Sponsor: MR. GOODALE President, AUGUST MAYER Vice-President, JOSEPH DU'rKo Secretary, CHARLES FINLEY Josephine Apostolos, Reba Balderston, Jessie Barber, Novella Bree- den, Mary Cheston, Dorothy Johnson, Carmela Julian, Dorothy Knee- shaw, Marie Kuestner, Mary La Bella, Norma Lanzi, Dorothy Pfeifer. Virginia Post, Dorothy Roth, Veronica Sebok, Fannie Segretario, Con- stance Severino, Mary Soriero, Betty Spindler, Marion Stoop, Ada Stryker, Betty Sutter, Ruth Tietbohl, Marie Trotto, Lillian Trusiak, Garlene Turner, Dorothy Vaughn, Margaret Warner, Catherine White- head, Adele VVigley, Claudia Vlfimpenny, Valerie Zambrosk. Carl Abromovitz, Stanley Alexander, Peter Belza, Henry Cetkowski, Edward Czartorsky, Robert Davis, Conrad Gulden, Edward Kazior, Harry Kessler, John Kondash, Louis Kopee, Andrew Margicin, Elwood Matlack, Donald Mauer, Albert Mascione, Samuel Nalbone, Lewis Norato, Carl Peters, Alphonse Petrangeli, Dan Petrecea, Maurice Rob- inson, Edward Schnoering, Anthony Sikorski, John Skirzynski, Clovis Spyra, Russel Suppers, Eugene Szeker, Harry Timm. Barvis Douglas, Joseph Bencivengo, Edward Buckley, Robert Cark- huff, Andrew Chepega, Eugene Cornell, John Czarnecki, Stephen Demko, Vincent Ferrara, Irving Gollob, Frank Hollendonner, George Hooper, Walter Jacobs, Henry Jaskulski, Frank Kleinkauf, John Kul- baka, John Kulegoski Jr., Alex Marineas, Theodore Muck, Thaddeus Nowak, John Pietras, John Santini, Joseph Saproni, Donald Smith, Edward Stec, Bernard Tabarini, Frances Thoman. ll Honor Medalists GROUP I Mrs. Lois Smith Edward Benjamin John Bossman Carmen Campopiano Jean D'AngelO Peter Fosky Eileen Gamo Samuel Gurney Stella Milinowicz Madeline Mucci Miriam Reese Louis Russo Margaret Sisolak Sophie Zudniak GROUP II W. J. O'Brien lVIary Blazakis John Goodale GROUP III E. G. Leefeldt Edna Mandl Rose Matera Olga Mayer Richard Mikovsky Evelyn Millner Jack Morrison Marion Naples Jack O'shea John Peterson Marie Pone Sylvan Raphael Ruth Rednor Leon Ricklis Alice Rosenfeld Elizabeth Saidt William Short Edwin Soyka Betty Lockey Clara Lucidi Angeline Maruca Louis lWOnneletO Henry Nalepa Robert Peacock Laura Rubright Arthur Ryan Walter Sawchak l170J Ernest Selter Boris Semasko Harvey Shipper Olga Siksay Jean Turano Jerome Urken Ferdinand Wascoe Clara Weis Evan West Richard White Naomi Alexander Herbert Blumenthal John Brian Carolyn Chianese Melvin Cohen George Deodato Antoinette Ferraro John Fisher Gloria Fried Helene Gershenfield Vivian Green Henry Haigh Fralia Hancock Jean Lanning Louis Lavine William Aaronson George Acolia Newton Ale George Allen Paul Andrews Blossom Bernstein Frank Brandt Daniel Carroll Joseph Chopko Dorothy Coleman Granville Cook Eileen Cooney Ledden Davis Francis Dutko Phyllis Elias Samuel Etz Shirley Green Jerome Greenberg Alfred Gregory Doris Hagerman Julian Honeycutt Annette Hornyak Katherine Hurd Leonard Kalish Robert Katin Ethel Lebair Jean Levenstein Barbara Lewis Fred Lister GROUP IV E. W. Johnson Mary Fortunato Philip Gordon Robert Hughes Henry Lipinski Pauline Szklanny GROUP V Miss Addie L. Weber Mary Dzurisin Raymond Lord Dorothy McKelvey Sylvia Parker Rose Pettinichio Catherine Pontoriero Carl Schloenbach GROUP VI Miss Sarah Chri Moirris Aronowitz Agnes Jeannette Walter lwiller Sabina Modzelwski Margaret Molnar lVIary Peszek Mary Simonwicz Francis Szyrwel Jean Van Luppen GROUP VII I. H. Kain lklary Angeline Charles Di Falco William Kuhn ThOmasMcCay lVIa1cy lVIeltzer Rose Marie Wojcik GROUP VIII S. W. Eberly Lola Agabiti Joyce Cook Edith Davis John Egan stie VVilfred Glazebrook Eleanor Harris Marjorie Kennedy Frieda Lauroesch Leila Olmstead Emilia Quattroni George White GROUP IX Miss I. K. Ernst Louise Caputi Virginia Cranmer Robert Crockett Marie Combroski Mary Jane Fessler Janetta Hornyak Margaret Jackson Julia Kovacs Audrey Lavine Shirley Siegal Jean Taylor Edna Weber Margaret YVilley GROUP X W. C. Atkins John Pietras GROUP XI Miss H. Evans Mardell Fisher Florence Mandelbaum Lucy Stefanowicz Ruth Tietbohl GROUP XII Miss Alice Benbow Anna May Devine GROUP XIII C. E. Christian Robert Kuzma Bernard Rouse ,V" f V L. L 3 4,,,,,,X ,sqm V , V A Sophomore Classes M' C1 Sponsor: MISS P1-midruf, RoSE CALYANELLI Vice-P1'r's1'den1', ELIZABETII Fox Troo.nn'Mf, CLAIRE BERNABEI Ball, Dolores Bennett, Roy Binder, Ethel Bourne, Doris Brown, Lillian Cartlidge, June Chepiga, VVilliam Chrniel, Clara Cinner, Margaret Curbishley, Audrey Denson, Wilbur DiBalsi, Ida DiLissio, Anthony DiPaola, Lena Ellis, Lucille Faley, Fred Farina, Alberta C2 Presidvn f, TEDDY INvERSo Farrar, Lucy Fell, Doris Finney, Lela Fiore, Christine Forniew, Katherine Galbero, Frances Garofolo, Angelina Gazich, Margaret Gelak, Irene Geter, Robert Gibbs, Jonathan Glover, Joseph Kleber, Margaret Levendosky, Wanda Smith, Ruth Wilczyliska, Evelyn Sponsor : MR. DAKIN Vlcc'-Presz'de1zIt, ROBERT LORD Secrctafry-Treasurer, SHIRLEY MARSHALL Chmiel, Vanda Greco, Helen Hastings, Agnes Hiller, Theresa Hoagland, Bettie Holmes. Marvin Homan, Fred Hort, Audrey Jarkiewicz, Ruth Jennings, Hazel Johnon, Abram Johnson, James Kemler, Helen Kerwick, Margaret Kocubinski, Francis Kramer, Joan Kriegner, Florence C3 President, FERD FISHER Krisanda, Rose Krzywonoa, Josephine Kuhl, Edward Lucas, Dick Manning, Jane McDonough, Ruth Mellor, Ada Meltzer, Florence Miller, Evelyn Mines, Gloria Molinari, Louise Nickles, Jean Palmer, Flora Pinto, Margaret Prassas, Daphne Zilkowski, Genevieve Sponsor: MISS SCOTT Vice-P1'osirIc11f, ANNE GABEI. Secretary, CLAIRE E. AHRENDT Troosure1', TOM BROOKS Abramsohn, Arthur Arthur, Roland Barlow, Gloria Bazzel, Betty Birchenough, Ernest Bogdan, Ann Bunda, Mercedes Carter, Vera Cliver, Betty Coleman, Margaret Colvin, Louise Davids, Irving Davids, Joseph Dempsey, Selma Dowdell. Ralph Everly. NVilliam Fuld, Carol l172J Fulper, Joyce Funari, Robert Gardner, Robert Giordano, Lucille Henderson. Phyllis Henry, William Holtzberg, Caroline Raymond, Mary Riegcl, Ella Roberts, Lois Stephens. Marion Taylor, Marjorie Urick, Jeanne VanSant, Dorothy Wiaczek, Martin VVilliamson, Norma CIRICOLO C4 Sponsor: MR. BURDLCK Pl'I''L'l1f, CARL LIGHT Vice-Presidfnf BERTHA L. LASTER Sfrfvfary. RUTH E. WRIGHT C4 Brizell, Jean Jannal, Eleanor A. Kelty, George A. Kravet, Laurence S. Linley, Margaret L. Loser, Paul D. Ludwig, Doris M. Mark, Robert B. Marquette, Audrey M Martin, Lillian Maxwell, Inez E. McfCandliss, Donald H. McKeever, Jessie B. Merz, Phyliss A, Migliori, Jenny M. Mohr, Carol Nelson, Robert XV. Nitzberg, Bernice E. Palay, Estelle L. Palazzo, Rose M. Petrino, Lucy Randall, Anna May Rappaport, Sylvia Ring, Susan F. Roche, Harry J. Rogoff, Joseph Romeo, Catherine D. Rounds, Joan W. Sinclair, Nana Z. Small, Norman C. Sumners, Charles Taylor, VV. Scott Tolive, Grace L. Truch. Sophie Turner, Juanita Warner, Grace H. Weinstein, Irwin H Whortenberry, Gloria Williams, Rosa M. Willets, Carol J. Wimberly, Catherine Wishnevsky, Allyce VVorley, Robert D. Sponsors MR. BORGIA Prcsidczzi, ARTHUR JOSEPHSON Vice-President, DAVE HUGHES Secretory-Trea.vnrcr, AGNES SCHNORBUS C5 Barnard, Charles Bickel, Dorothy Brown, Leslie Buckely, Robert Clark, Robert Coccia, Thomas Compton, Lee Cooperstein, Don Dill, Richard Eagle, Joseph Elmer, Myrtle Gelli, Mary Goodman, Harry Gordon, Benjamin Greenberg, Gordon Herbacsek, Rose Herzog, Dick Iorio, John Kay, Jerry President, ROBERT SOUTH Klinkowstein, Irving Kikowski, Joseph Kurtain, Daniel Levin, Art Levin, Leonard Mastrodomenico, Rose Matin, Richard Miller, Evelyn Oliver, Barney Olzewski, Eleanore Palumbo, Russell Patterson, Zillah Payne, Aaron Piersanti, Silvio Pochart, Fred' Potkay, Stanley Prunetti, Sam Puliti, James Tindall, Thomas Sponyor: MISS DILLON V1'cv-Prcsin'c'nI, GRACE ANGLE Sfrrnlary-T1'oasu1'cr, EDITH CORROFF Acquindo, Mary Backes, Joan Alum, Catherine Barry, Marion Begley, Marion Berrien, Ella Bodine, Evelyn Buhnert, Margaret Bradbury, Verna Carcuff, Natalie Conry, Margaret Crozz, Clair Depastina, Florence Didun, Rita Diehl, Violet Dziekanowski, Helen Ferguson, Betty Ferth, Josephine Kilpack, Genevieve Richardson, Benjamin Richner, Dorothy Ringkamp, Michael Rogers, Earleen Romanis, Arthur Roming, Shirley Roperiok, Bernard Rossi, Jerry Rubright, Euniqo C7 Prcsilvnt, CLAIRE HORNOR Ryba, Raymond Sallie, David Scnuchardt, Violet Slack, Arthur Shorz, Howard Sullivan, William Toliver, Waldon Tyler, Lunmie VVoodrufI, George Sponsor 1 MIss KAPLAN Vice-Prc'sz'dcnf, and Secretary, Helen MCCLASKEY Filipek, Evelyn Garbarczyk, Pauline Goldman, Rena Groves, Doris Guglicci, Josephine Hansen, Geraldine Hartpence, Stanley Harvey, Amy Hill, Mamine Hillman, Constance Hillpot, Doris Hobson, Raymond Hutchinson, SaralI Ann Iacone, Claire Jacobsen, Marguerite Jeavons, Marjorie Kopczynski, Dorothy C8 Pl'C.V1'C1U7lf Vice-President Secretary-Treasnrer Alexander, Virginia Bartholomew, Helen Murphy, William Panko, Eleanore Pasun, Irene Payne, Elizabeth Person, Dorothy Plate, Jean Prince, Margaret Pucciarelli, Ida Radin, Annabelle Papiciewicz, Stella Ray, Essie Riley, Agnes Roche, Richard Salter, Hattie Schulman, Gladys Krajcsovics, Ethel Lee, Estelle Lightner, Gladys Lischer, Emily Malone, Anna Manzak, Evelyn Manning, Kathleen Mason, Doris Miller, Margaret Minschwaner, Jean Morris, Rebecca Morton, Harry Murray James Musterel, Helen Novak, Erma Obremski, Thersa Olinsky, Robert Prusek, Regina Sponsor: MR. MOSOVICH Scott, Mable Scymahski, Catherine Smith, Robert Sondey, Eleanore Starkey, Dorothy Stout, Jack Stults, Margaret Szul, Helen Thomas, Calvin Valyo, Florence Vereen, Edward F. Verro, Norman Volpe, Nicholas Washington, William Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Miriam VVood, Margaret Schwarzwalder, 4 Dorothy C9 Sponsor: MR. H. WHITE Prasidenl, HELEN CITKOWSKA Vice-Presidmni CHESTER GROOMES Secretary-Trcnsurrr, IYTARTIN BULAVCSAK Abramczyk, Yvonne Almisea, Helen Angelini, Dante Barber, Anthony Barnard, Anna Battala, Dominic Bernstein, Irene Bolina, Mildred Cole, Helen Crosby, Earl Cubberly, ,lean DeAngelis, Bernard DeGraw, Irene DeSantis, Gladys DeVia, Catherine Dobay, Irene Duboski, Edna Eldridge, Fred Franklin, George Frascella, Cecelia Gacki, Frank Galati, Victoria Golden, Olivia Golebiewska, Josephine Gordon, Douglass Gray, James Hall, John Helton, Anna Jenkins, Edith C10 Sponsor: Miss ATKINSON Prcsidunr, ROBERTA POWNALL Vice-President, CHARLES KESSLER Serrefary, GLORIA LUTERIO Treasurer, LORRAINE KAMRAD Chase, Rita Jones, Leroy Kelsey, Samuel Kirby, Ruth Kreiser, Charles Lang, Erma Leysath, Thomas Mancine, Philomena Marynowski, Charlotte Masalska, Irene Mathews, Doris Mathess, William Mathess, William McMillian, Elizabeth Merrick, Wanda Miller, Dorothy Minotti, Philonlena Plumeri, Peter Pullen, Dorothy Ranfone, Helen Romanowsky, Olga Rossos, Alice Rownan, Margaret Ryba, Bernice Sapia, Victoria Schumacher, Mary Sealace, Dorothy Senko, Vera Sentek, Ida Skurla, Andrew Surro, Jennie Micai, Alma Swiniuchowski, Miller, Doris Mae Charl0'CtC Miller, Doris Nell Turano, Lewis C11 Sponsor: MR. MATHEWSON President, MARION DAVISON Vire-President, WILLIAM CONLOGUE Secretary-Treasurer, RALPH D'AMBROSIO C11 Abrams, Althea Androli, Emilia Baker, Betty Bevilacqua, Leon Bianchi, Mary Boline, Catherine Boor, Betty Botos, Paul Botteri, Dominic Brodt, Gladys Brovak, Francis Brown, Rose Bruni, Grace Bruno, Joseph Busho, Irene Cacciabausog Vincent Cappuccio, Josephine Chamberlain, Edith Cohen, David Colavita, Lucy Conti, Lucy Corvg, Mary Csanyi, Helen Cunningham, Leonard De Stefano, Yolanda Drum, Mary Durchuk, Lillian Dzurisin, Michael Erick, Doris Mitchell, VVillie Van Horn, Jean Walklet, Mary f173J C12 Sponsor: MR. E. MURPHY President, ANNA KURPAS Vice-President, JEAN GERVASI Secretary-Treasurer, JOSEPHINE MARAZZO Dennis, Albert Erickson, Betty Fiasco, Anthony Fugill, Dorothy Goodwin, Margaret Grosse, Arthur Helsel, Robert Hornick, Stephan Humphrey, Russell Inverso, Patrick Jackson, Emma Jackson, Mary Elizabeth Jackson, Marjorie Jaworski, Mildred Jewitt, Russell Johnson, Ruth Annie Johnson, Emma Jones, Magdalena Jopson, Stanley C13 President, JOH N PRIHODA Jordon, Thelma Kalisch, Thomas Kaszyc, Helen Kemler, Doris Kinsey, Jennie Kish, Karl Kmiec, Casimir Kosobzicka, Irene Kramarz, Frederick Kruse, Jack Lamonica, Jeanette Limato, Maurice Maden Helen Maruca, Joseph Menghini, Mary Minnella, Bridget Mihalyi, Julia Moscarello, Thomas Potkay, Bernard Sponsor : Miss KOENIG Vim-President, LoU1s AVERSANO Sefretary, LILLIAN RACZ Treasurer, PEARL WHITE Anderson, Lottie Bindi, Clementine Bishop, William Bohnert, Beatrice Nevius, Marie Notaro, Rose Orloski, Jeanette Palmeri, Frank Parno, Lucy Parrey, Ernest Pecci, John Pelliteri, Samuel Petratta, Ernestine Pinto, Theresa Pochyla, Olga Pocino, Vincent Pontani, Toby Posluzny, John Prickett, Daniel Pronesti, Angeline Rossos, Alex Russo, Marie Schwartz Eugene Sealtiel, Leonard Sebestyen, Paul Stewart, Adda Sunkiska, John Sullivan, Helen, Tafrow, Stephen Taft, Mary Taylor, Jean Thiel, Edward Wylie, Lillian Zimmer, Angela Zubricky, Andrew C14 Sponsor: Miss FUHRMANN President, OLIVI.A DEPASTINA Vice-President, JOHN STOKES Sec:-ofa:-y, GERTRDE ITzcOwITz Brawer, Ruth Breimayer, Kathryn Dorsey, Samuel Dowling, Harry Fosgue, Floy Foster, Grace Garnett, Cora Hanaver, William Hunt, Elizabeth Kachdorian, Gloria Kizupalski, Mary Little, Willie May Maffei, Sidney Martindale, Benetta Massara, Pasquale Michalcik, Mildred f174J Morrison, Fanny Nevius, Betty Palermo, Alphonse Perry, Lucille Philhower, Mary Plunket, Eleanor Rein, George Reynolds, Helen Ryan, John Sly, Gladys Soprony, Valery Tallman, Anna Vaughn, Louis Ward, Thomas VVatsOn, Reid C15 S ponsor: MR. HILLEGIASS President, ANDREW BRAYTENBOH Vice-President, JACK CAIIIL1. Secretrnry-Treasurer, ALICE ADAMS Albright, James Apoldite, Yolanda Barlow, Mary Jane Barnes, Joseph Birch, Wyette Bitner, Margaret Blaine, Mary Alice Blakeslee, Virginia Bodine, NVilliam Bolsguese, Dorothy Bowene, Natalie Brindley, Allan Broome, Claire Bucchino, Nancy Campbell, Ulysses Camuse, Bety Ciccarello, Mary Cioban, Bertha Clemens, Roberta Coleman, Doris Colvey, Mary Cracker, Anna Cray, George Czop, Joseph Dayton, Catherine Dombrowski, Adele Driver Earl Dyer, Kenneth Edwards, Phyllis Edwards, William Lawrence, Claire Sell, Rae Yorbrough, Lillian Yatskowitz, Anna Zelansky, Pauline C16 Sponsor: Miss FREDERICK President, PHIL HOLCOMBE Vire-President, JOSEPH FEBO Secretory-Treasurer, JANICE FALK C16 Bell, Robert Dworak, Edward Fagelman, Harriet Fell, Anne Finney, lfVilliam Fisher, William Fitzpatrick, Anna Floyd, Daisy Fortson, Wilbur Gasper, Veronica Gaudette, Charles Gerstnicker, Marion Geter, Lonnie Glenn, Elinor Groh, May Hamm, Mary Jane Hartnett, Joyce Hartpence, VValter Hayling, Hartley Havens, Polly Higginson, Marion Hilton, Florence Hirst, Norbert Hornyak, John Howard Franklin Iero, Anthony Jackson, Theodore Johnson, Vivian Jones, Julian Kinney, Lorraine Kohn, Jack Krecicka, Veronica Lewandowski, Stanley Mariaino, Richard McNicOl, Helen Mershon, Fred Miller, Robert C17 Sponsor: MR, LA FOUNTAIN Prcsidrnf, BETTY GLINSKY Vice-President, THEODORE PoNE Secretary, FRANCIS SHEENAN Treasurer, ALICE RYBA Bellanca, Philip Mineher, Marie Mooney, Helen Moore, Dorothy Moore, Edith Murphy, Evelyn Neary, Roberta Orloski, Frank Pagnotta, Danny Parham, Catherine Pietkiewicz, VValter Piekielniak. Zenon Plaag, Jean Pone, Theodore Redd, Theda Rossi, Margaret Schmidt, Ruth Schwarzwalder, Wliliam Simon, Elaine Singer, Marjorie Smolinka, Viola Sorrentino, Joseph Sparks, Harold Stead, Theresa Stoul, George Sullivan, Marie Temple, Norma Timco, Anne Urbanik, Harriet Vitez, Bela Walklet, Richard Weaver, Marie Weiner, Charlotte Wnuk, Frances Wnuk, Rose Tenney, Gladys C18 Sponsor: MR. JONES President, GEORGE DARGAY Vice-Prmidciil, CHARLES BROWN Secretary, THER1-:SA BONAFAZIA Treasurer, RONALD DAVIS Fennelli, Betty Agins, Joseph Anselmi, Doris Baksany, Michael Barlow, Marie Basile, Mary Beres, William Berish, Albert Bialopiotrowicz, Victor Bonifazi, Edward Burnett, Louise Bynum, Dorothy Canter, Leonard Chambers, Bertha Chrysanouski, Henry Clark, Lillian Clyburn, Loretta Comfort, Warren Conner, Morton Constant, Edward Corante, Gloria Cortina, Samuel Cruse, Elsie David, Hazel Davis, Dorothy De Quinzio, Carmella Dews, George Dews, Raymond C19 Sponsor: MR. MANZER President, JULE DILOUIE , Vice-President ANTHONY DIQUINZIO Secrotary-Treasurer, ANN EVANKO Dietrich, Joseph Dovicsak, James Eckenrode, Loretta Ehas, John Farrell, Robert Ferko, Ethel Ferrari, Fernando Garzio, Maurice Giancarlo, Angelo Goodman, Rita Graziano, Elizabeth Hann, James Heil, John Heller, Kenneth ' Hollins, Edwin Horner, Raymond Jez, Sophia Kadar, William Kelly, Edwin Kiniry, Florence Klewicki, Joseph Kotla, Victor Krzewinska, Dorothy Krzyzanowska, Amelia Lada, Edward Longo, Albert Lukowicz, Sophie McCormack, Robert McCullough, Virginia Muehliesen, Joseph Nolan, George Ramutkowisk, John Jamieson, Glenn C20 Sponsor: MR. JOHNSON President, WILLIAM HARRIS Vice-President, THERESA YANNACIO Secretary, PHYLLIS RADICE Treasurer, MARION PETRINO Ambrose, Grace Amici, Beatrice Anderon, Althia Arnold, Jean Autry, Dorothy Bahr, Sadie Badstudner, Margaret Bertoline, Marion Boreheady, Edward Brooks, Victoria Butler, Ula Byer, Edith Goodwin, Edwin Jaskulski, Richard Oberding, Elizabeth Oberzydowski, Edward Ocheltree. John Orosz, Elizabeth Papo, Theresa Patelski, Robert Petrone, William Phelps, Edward Ransom, James C21 Sapp, Dock Schimpf, Frank Sheppard, Gwendolyn Silverman, Thomas Silvestro, Phillip Smiegocka, Eleanor Stutzer, Leonard Szeker, Ernest Taylor, Betty Topley, Harry Sponsor: MRS QUICK Prc.v1'a'ent, ANTHONY CAPRIOTTI Vice-Prafidenf, PATRICIA CASSAN' Secretary, Rosa FIORE Cavella, Marie Chiapetti, Lena Cieslikowski, Adele Clark, Helen Deizt, Eleanor DiMartino, Josephine Frie, George Gage, Geraldine Garfula, Josephine Garnich, Simone Genevario, Benedict Golden, Helen Goolsby, Sarah Graham, Gloria Green, sabel C22 Pre.ridrnf, ,WILLIAM T OME Gross, Allan Hale, Betty Hancock, Ezear Havran, Lillian Hayes, Mayetta Hemslev, Patricia Hirch, Sue Hmelar, Margaret Holbert, Elizabeth Holcombe, Carl Holmes, Ruby Huddy Charles Ingram, Iona Jackson, Edith Johnson, Marjorie Kearns, Janet. Sponsor: MRS. QUICK Vice-Prcsidcnl, EDWARD KLENK Secrafmry, JULIUS SABo Treasurer, FRI-:DA SCHREIBER Kennedy, Mary Klatzkin, Leatrice Klatz, Leon Kravitz, Helen Lareg, Gloria Leventhal, Eileen Lipincott, Charlotte Lymer, Ruth Maisto, Desdemona Majoros, Rebecca Mendrey, Eleanor Millner, Elaine Pachuta, John Pessolino, Rosario Preston, George Pullen, 'Catherine Radice, Philomena Reed, William Reich, Edwin Rogers, Jean Rojek, Janet Rosser, Millicent Rouba, Edward Sachs, Gloria Salvatore, Rosella Schipski, Harry Schultz, William Sheppherd, Marjorie Simmons, Leola Stafford, Hattie Suta, Louis Talbone, Beatrice Tucker, Maude l175J Adams, Clifford Byra, Joseph Latham, Dorothy Mule, Eleanor C23 Sponsor: Miss KEA'1'ING Presidrnf, JOHN ALPHONSE Vice-I'1't'sidmzf, EVERETT Woon Secretary, STEPHANIE WSZOLEIC Allen, Harvey Allen, John Gagley, Samuel Bain, Frances Bain, John Bates, Henrietta Backer, Albert Biddlecome, Dorothy Billups, LeRoy Bingham, Earl Black, James Bleasdale, Harry Brzeynski, Claire Burchell, Roland C24 Calabrese, Vincent Caputi, Carmela Caracciolo, Viola Carter, Kirby Casciani, Leonora Case, Marjorie Chimera, Charles Ifoccia, Olga Volpe, Gloria Wood, Everett VVyckotT, Margaret Yotskowitz, Ida Zaboronak, Alex Sponsor: MR. CLARK P1 esident, LILLIAN HARTMANN Vue-President, INEZ CRISTOFARO Secretary, SYBILLA 'GROVER 17'f'!lSIlI'F7', AGNES CONSTANCE Aillo, Victor De Lozier, Lucy Dick, Pauline Domboski, William Errickson, Virginia Fiore, Elizabeth Fucello, Frank Galli, Gino Giquinto, Viola Gould, Harold Grasselli, Filomena 25 Groch, Julian Higgens, Jeanne Hindley, Joyce Hora, Ethel Hutton, Albert Klim, Peter Knowles, Mary Kolodziej, Henry Kresge, Gloria Kwoka, VValter Sponsirz MR. STE1-'Ev Piesidcnf, VITA LICCIARDELLO V168-Pl'FSid61lf, LEATRICE. LIPSHUTZ S rcrefary, NATALIE LEVIE T1 L't1S'1l7'C'1', MARGARET MIHAl.CHIIC Lucidie, Ida Maddalena, John Malkin, William Mastrogiovanni, Frank Mattes, Evalin Mellan, Margaret Messineo, Pauline Mihalik, Karl L Mondello, Jennie Morris, Eleanor f176J Nardone, Joseph Nedzbala, Margaret Nutt, George Ostrowski, Joseph Pagels, Naomi Pallotte, Angeline Partyka, Andrew Pasdan, John Pekala, Natalie Potts, Norman C26 Sponsor: MR. NEUSCHAEFER Prrs1'a'cnf, ANASRASIA STARSKI Vice-Prcszlfmf, WILLIAM STocIcLEv Secretary, MURIEI. WIIITE T'1'L'l1.S'1ll'Ull', EDNA STEPHENS Dougherty, Virginia Durra, Joseph Hartnett, Eugene Kelly, Patrick Modzeliwski, Edward Smolka, Irene Stein, Joseph Stia, Sam Stiles, Isaac Stoop, Gladys Stygar, Edmond Szaky, Rita Szeliga, Blanche Szyl, Leonard Thomas, Beulah Thompson, Dora C27 Prvsidfuf, GUY CHIARELLO Urbank, Edward Velivis, Bernard Vickers, Carl Vrano, Emil VValker, Margaret Walters, George Weiss, Shirley Whitehead, Florence Wiater, Teddy Wildonger, VVilliam W'illiams, Annie VVilliams, Annabelle VVilliams, Doris Wilson, Jean Wozniak, Ziegfried Zuccarrella, Joseph Spomor: MR. MURPHY Vice-President, Sosslo CAPASSO Secreta1'y-Treanzrfr, KETURAH DILTS Abramovitch, Joseph Acolia, Albert Adams, Eunice Backus, Russell Bellan, Edward Biondi, Paul Borokowski, Robert Borromeo, Edward Bozany, William Bowman, Azzalee Bridgewater, Lee Chambers, Paul Chrambanis, Peter Coombs, Charlotte Cily, Robert Costello, Joseph Cronce, William Cumpston, Barbara Davis, Manuel DiDonato, Nicholas Drobnek, Michael Forman, Jack Fysz, Henry Brooks, Ruby Cammarata, Joseph Canter, Milton Zavetoski, VValter C28 S ponsor: MR. CICCOLOLLA Presidentf, JEAN LANDOLFI Vice-President, JEAN TVIORLEY Secretary, MILDRED INEANTINI Treasznwr, RICHARD GREEN Madola, Stephen Marchetti, Frank Martelloni, Anthony Martindell, Milton Gage, Roberta Glenn, Ogden Gogolia, Harold Guenther, Guy Habas, Roberta Hamilton, Bertram Hermann, Fred Horner, John Howarth, Charles Jablonski, Thomas Kolbecki, Joseph Kraemer, Vincent Leopold, Joseph Lipinski, Zygmunt Maul, Joseph Melheisen, agdalen Mikita, John Milacko, Chester Mills, Julius Moore, Edward Moreland, Melvin Moskowitz, Benjamin Mulino, Frank C29 Sponsor: MISS BROWN President, VVILLIAM NEMETH Vzrc-President, THOMAS SCHOENHAAR Secretary, JEAN SNOOK Treasurer, ETHEL SENTAK Bartosiewicz, Stella Nalbone, Joseph J. Nalbone, Joseph M. Nolan, Edna Nolan, Willard Nusblatt, Morton Oldenberg, William Paslowsky, Edward Peters, Ralph Petrangelli, Daniel Petrecca, Emil Petty, Andrew Popovich, John Prynoski, Leon Puliti, Jack C30 P1 esideil, ROBERT TAYLOR Race, Virginia Rector, Edward Remiszewska, Stella Riccardi, Elio Riccitello, Nicholas Richles, Henry Ritter, Lloyd Salvanti, Barbara Sarnecki, Thomas Scanlan, Edward Shipp, Earl Siddall, Marilyn Sommons, Richard Sondej, John Sponsor: MR. BAXTER Vzcc-President, EDWARD VVISHIEVVSKI Secretory, MARION WASIIINOTON Abanowskif Frank Becker, Donald Rosina, Frank Schindler, Fred Seagrave, Arthur Stannard, Thelma Starvinski, Anthony Stellatano, Frank Szolmayer, Stephen Szuter, Bernard Tams, Arlene Tanzone, Joseph C31 President, JOSEPH SUszKo Tkae, VVilliam Tresanky, Thomas Tully, Jean Turczyn, Irene Vinch, Mary Wah, William Ward, Don White, Chastine Willets, Catherine Williams, Robert Yaczko, Edward Zupko, Nicholas Sponsor: MR. MORGAN Lice-President, CLAIRE DOOLING Secretary, AMELIA FRANKENFIELD T1 easzrrcr, LTARY GRIFONE Di Eugenio, Joseph Falzone, Vincent Farber, Joseph Fasanell, Daniel Fell, Daniel Fenari, Frank Ferrazza, Anthony Fishell, Richard Faley, Richard Fox, Leo Faller, Kenneth Funair, Santino Gendusi, Joseph Giacobbi, Robert Giammanio, Matthew Gortein, Teddy Grogan, William Hamm, Joseph Graya, Henry Hart, Walter Perr, Sam Gatrak, Fred Szabo, Michael Suszko, Joseph Ditmare, June Dooling, Claire Elden, Doris Fell, Helen Fierabend, Verna Fortunati, Frieda Frankenfield, Amelia Frascella, Lucy Friday, Catherine Gapenski, Sophie Grifone, Mary Ghainiere, Mary Hadmark, Ruth Syki, Anna Sponsor : MR. BOLGE C32 President, GLORIA TRAVIS Vice-President, PHILOMENA ZOOK Secretary, DOROTHY ZELENAK Treasurer, JOSEPHINE ZANCA C Bock, Helen Courtney, Richard Seitz, Jack Szasz, Margaret Szozukowski, Helen Tantum, Raymond Toter, Norma Turco, Rose Uhaze, Regina Unerzagt, Doris Urbane, Theresa Vadon, John Valentine, Margaret Van Aken, Louise Volpe, Margaret 33 Walker, Corrine Wargo, Agnes VVeber, Marion Wierszyla, Stella Wisnewski, Irene VVishnow, Norman VVoitowicz, Theodore VVyckoFf, Lula Yuhaze, John Yuncza, Helen Yurcho, Peter, Yuzwa, Olga Zak, Bertha Zeyak, Barbara Zindle, Catherine Sponsor: MR. LESSLIE President, ALBERT SMITH Vice-President, JOSEPH SENMAN Secretary, LOUIs MAOGI Holub, Edward Imbalsano, Joseph Jackson, Stephen Jacobs, Joseph Jaccobs, Joseph Jaruszewski, Joseph Kadar, Edward Kent, Richard Kirby, Brazilla Kohler, Frank Kondor, Theodore Kopec, Edward Kostyo, Julius Kuntz, Frank La Bella, Chester Lambert, Earl Lambert, Wilford Lamonica, Anthony MacNeal, Walter C34 President, STELLA SERBACK Vice-President, IRENE HOFFMAN S acrvtary, MADELYN SCOTT Trrasurer, IOLA SANTILLI Halpin, June Harle, Ruth Janousky, Elsie Jenne, Cynthia Kamer, Celia Koslrewa, Evelyn Kuginska, Clara La Porta, Antoinette Liptak, Malvina Lloyd, June Maahsen, Katheryn Maglione. Carmela Sackin, Pauline Quinto, Felix Radice, Frank Sabo, Michael Sa Franko, Peter Sagget, Robert Sallender, Joseph Saproni, William Savage, Richard Shearer, Ralph Shinkle, Lewis Sikus, Eugene Silver, Irving Sowa, George Springsteem, Richard Steinmetz, Donald Stillano, Alex Stout, Harry Strats, George Sponsor: MISS FOSTER Savko, Eleanor Scully, Mary Seamen, Jennie Sevis, Vera Shanlevg, Ruth Shaw, Relilah Shipp, Marion Sinwich, Anna Smith, Ruth Stout, Madeline Sullivan, Betty Sullivan, Margaret rim C35 Sponsor: MISS VAN NATTA President, ANTOINETTE MAZZILLI Vice-President, CATHERINE MORABITO Secretary, PAULINE MELE C37 Sponsor: MR. FRINGER President, JOHN ARMITAGE ' Vice-President, ANTHONY MELE Secretary-Treasnlfer, CARMEN CARUSO Bagley, Rose Marie Bakaty, Priscilla Barber, Mae Battista, Anna Bench, Doris Berner, Anna Bezek, Ann Brown, Mary Jane Cestra, Santina Ciesielska, Betsy Compton, Doris Conti, Antoinette Cosentino, Vienna Costantini, Louise Delpi, Kathryn D'Errico, Philomena Dill, Dorothy Martucci, Lucy Meighan, Nora Mihalik, Theresa Mitchell, Alice Morabito, Catherine Moriconi, Rose Muscente, Mary Nash, Della Norton, Doris Olinsky, Rosaline Orlandi, Lydia Orsi, Marie Pelszac, Anne Phillips, Dorothy Pieslak, Theresa Pregg, Yolanda Alexander, Charles Aloise, Edward Antonish, Nicholas Bozsalyak, Nicholas Cooney, Leo Degli Umberto, John Di Larenzo, Patsy Drozdowicz, Henry Gizzi, Samuel Mangus, Andrew McChes1Iey, Graham Micklas, John Spezzano, Samuel Spovannini, Albert C38 Sponsor: MR. MACK President, JOHN SPRANZA Vice-President, JOSEPH SUAREZ Secretary, JOSEPH PAGANO Ottobre, Julius Pauline, Rose Argust, Thomas Bleakley, Kenneth Chiaradia, Peter De George, Joseph Fell, Sylvan Getz, Warren Lippincott, Robert Mikula, Francis Prazenka, Stephen Rupell, Wesley Schenkel, George Seabridge, Richard Sickles, Fred Tesarch, Fred C36 Sponsor: MR. COCHRAN President, FRANK BERNATI-I Azzaro, Dominick Hover, Richard Vice-President, CHARLES COLEY Secretary, WESLEY ALEXANDER Treasurer, DONALD PERKINS Allen, Winfield Armstrong, John Babuschak, Robert Bialezak, Francis Birkhead, Kenneth Bodine, Harry Bodmer, Fritz Bole, Charles Bananni, Raymond Bossmann, Donald Burkins, Edward Canto, John Capik, Michael Cary, Robert Chambers, Ernest Chmielewski, Richard Clark, John Craft, Horace f178J Cucinotta, Joseph Deblasic, Pasquale Difilippo, Daniel Margitan, Michael Maruizi, Nello Melone, Gino Moore, Vreeland Muccieli, John Muscento, Louis Pachuta, Robert Pacera, Jack Parsons, James Perlitch, Arthur Pingitor, John Pontain, Raymond Popkin, Alfred Pratt, Carlton Van Sant, Leon Williams, Rene Wojcik, Roman Morello, Frank Muhs, Norman Mullen, Clarence Mutchiga, Charles C39 Sponsor: MR. COLLITON President, PATRICI DAGGETT Vice-President, VIRGINIA WOoLsToN Treasurer, CAROL HERLIAN Berkowitz, Janice Blackford, Edith Bernhardt, Mary Campopiano, Vincent Cappiello, Frank Cline, Betty Deorocki, John Douglass, John Dugan, Raymona Faber, Robert Fischer, Ellis Fischer, Elias Green, Phyllis Harney, Edward Holmes, Robert Isaacson, Martin Kalish, Stanton Kramer, Gerson Kurylo, William Kushensky, Mildred Kushmir, George Leahy, LeRoy Mars, David McGOogan, Molly Millner, Leonard Moskowitz, Philip Raser, Edward Rogers, Fred Schultz, Mary Ellen Sturgis, Henry ddfuisers CHARLES A. HOGAN FRIEBIS SIEGFRIED JOHN SLAVIK Fm-: SMITH Pnsss TRENTON. N. J.

Suggestions in the Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) collection:

Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Central High School - Bobashela Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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